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 - Class of 1937

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4 1, . . , ", 41 :f Q" 1. -m' ' :V V--,- V' ': -V z-16 .,. .2 i C ...- f fb,-If -' 'if5,'L-"iff 5 ' x 11125 -' xsiflt. 4,. .z VV. V . , . . . .L ' , V ' f 1 .. yu , , . . ' Q ' 5. -1 ,ht . -Q BA". ' 1 + 'A 1 . ...AQ3 . "F ts' .1 Vg: ., V,f an A, ,. ,. 1 , , . ,mf 'Q' .A '4' ' ' if' If! F'gQ?::f f-an HNF, - ' 9 v Q .Nr +99 V..-' 1 ,V ir.. '-w-:'..-,ww 'ff - V , . V ,ns . . A V . .1 , , . gt. VV 7 ,- Y A . .A ., ., ., , .1 V .,-1, . . Q .A ,gm , I 'J V K Val L '.f-- 43' '., Q ,, , , '-K.. , ' '97 Jr. A ' '-Y4., -F' , K -v , a ' r , 1. -s,V .- 3 K I . . . . 3 TV, A U' . , V , 4 M., x, A U Q . 1-- , . . 4. . . - V VV- x"r'.' - " R W 1"v' ""' -.5 V .as -- K V T f'1..f '..,,xL '.fg4.,Q M xx' f- ' . ' sr- ' A -' 'V ' , . ,' ,r '- V. -gg ' Ri nf' V--. , V V. sf -' 'M' n x-V. ,' VV,-:-1-QV:-5.3 g 1' E ' ' 1 , , i ' :Vs :fi -,. ,. -'. ' , 1 f , . . V, 4 V Vw-im: Un 5 ,.' ,, 4 ,V .1 X ,. . . Tx V W V 4.., , . . f ,Q .- ' F- A , 5' . 1 Q f J . .OL , - u . - . .'a, 32 V i M , , ' I 1 ' . .,-P - ' - -VQ'." . ' 'Q 5 A, W ,. ' V r 'L 533, ,V .' . ' - ' ""' ., , ' - 1 1- s ' 3 'Jil' ' ".. V . -"".' if V o V. . V -- , I ,v.V, ,' .1 . . . . , .Ve s.... V. -. , Q, QV. . ,, .V - p Q 4: 'l uv ' . . ' ' ' . " .f . FN Y 5. .A Q. A. l. l i ,b . is A D , - - V, k' V ev, . , .-,.- .J 'K . 3 -,, . . , . ...- ' i 1 l A . ' 1 ,'5- . ,5 , Q A 4' ' " . r I 1 ' '- v' ,A 1 . ' V V , . 'I 4 . 1 Q -1 T V 1 . '- ' 34:5 ,., Q - .8- - V .913 - -, . . Av , , , . , -Q. 4 A Q ' s . Is .. 'V . . . ' ...A Q , 4' " .5 -S , - .r , 4+ N. --1 , 'L ' .V . ,V H l. I 4 'iw' ' K -,M N 'Q W, , . he' . 4... 1 ' ' W A f 1 G 1 ' - - C 4 A., Q ., . - -" , . 7 Q ,, . f A .5 i .W . -'n 4 4 K 1 1 . ' 1: ' ' .1 AV. I . .. N . N 1 'iv R V A, 4, ' 1 . 'Q 1 1 I ' "A -f,3'- f.."f . . . . if , -' . ...V V V 1 .V .-. . 1 . v. . "- Q -ri r ,. V... 5 1" w Huh. 'Tiff .. ..-,gg f .VV4 .rd 1.51: a P: .ln ' -f X- 51. :Ef'j.:, " .V il-,Z ,6 N- , 1-xv v.. 2 9425? . 1" -:uv , 1 . N 'Wh ' 5' 'z . ,.Q'f!5WV v.. 1+ Ng.. 2 . Q . I ,T V . . Q . - q wp, g.. ,,.,,igx?.' . ' 1 --:PVT 331' -14 , .-., , .,,V,.aV.. . ga , Sk ' . V1 V VV E 'J ,nt,,- wi , L ,, .-1V.,v.f,VAVf'.f , M. .Vfz ,Q f Ln. V' ' ' U gy... . 1:3411 +rl "..V ,-,.1msuZf,Q.f4,tu5?' ' " ' Q ' ' 1... h. -1, A . 4,5-V 3,74 A + ,- .. : 'NV . , - 1 .... V . f-4,ri?.- 1 s Ji, f ' x3"+'.' ' ' x ' 3-' -V1.1 4 xp- kgs, 3 -.e-fp.. A. . .' 1 - P' -fl'-' 4. " ' 1 'a x v " ,u iw - if - ,K ,Q . Q- ., .rv , Q , ...q 5. ' 1 I 3. 4 V? -v Q . , a .1 J. o Y' 1 x in I Q Va ng .-'Mr' ' ' av 1, I . 1 ' ,Q . .. 1 ,sa k J "Q, af.'-"w 'pf M '1'!.'f.i. wi-1,1 4 3, . -- V 5, 1. 4 V. , 1 . . V' .,AQ 14 17' 1 v ' 1' 'Ti wg., .tt - e Q. Q-, 1!t"?',l -. Vw' . ' if .IQ .. ., .. . EJ I r Q g '. .V,g 1 V 1 h Q r 1. f, Q . Q . V f ,...g AV-rj. f ' T.4t?u2f3"f.f' 'Q V W' -'lu' ' ""1-vi. ' - "- .. .. , ? , 5 'M-Q Ji " Tx'.. 4 1" 'V Q 5, .- x' .,k.,.,P, V,, fn 1 A .,p .3 rw,-A.. 1 Q, V.,.-5.-V 1, bf . w 1 , V. . - , , ' , V ef' ff ". ' V A . - 4 L ' i NURRISTEIWN I-llI3l-I EECHUUL - NCIRFQIETUWP ENNSYLVANIA l I I I-I I l i F i 1 Edna Eorl I-logy Dorothy Elizabeth Berger 2 is 1 I 1 ! L I K rr !: F l A We l-lonor Miss Dorothy E. Berger and Miss Edno E. l-logy For their interest in our everyday concerns, for their guidance during the three years of our high school existence, for their sacrifice and devotion, as sponsor of our year book, and sponsor of our class, to them, the Class of 1937 respectfully dedicates this, their Spice. l vpn 0+ P It STAFF Roberta L. Evans Ioseph G. Dubuque Edward W. Davis Stanley M. Davis Oliver K. Grimley Mary E. Kuller Kathryn: E. Reifsnyder lane E. Roland Frank A. Shoemaker Ethel L. Stout S Louise I. Yeakel Table ol: Contents BOOK I Administration BOOK II Curricular BOOK III Extra-Curricular -. . .. ....- - Administration MISS EMMA E. CHRISTIAN Principal To the Graduates! My congratulations to you upon this happy occasion! May the ex- periences of high school life help each one to discover the path of wisdom for himself, With the brief introduction to the tools of scholarship which you have received in your course at Eisenhower High School may you conf tinue your studies through the years of a busy life. Une becomes an educated person by virtue of patient study, quiet meditation, intellectual courage, and a life devoted to the discovery and service of truth. Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to work and to play and to look up at the stars. Be satisfied with your possessions but not contented with yourself until you have made the best of them. Such ambition will breed in you temperance, self-control, diligence, strength of will, content, and a hundred other virtues which the idle never know. May you despise nothing in the world except falsehood and meanness, and fear nothing except cowardice. You have my earnest wish for success in your work. Greet each day with reverence for the opportunity it contains and approach the night with the joy that comes from work well done. Sincerely, EMMA E. CHRISTIAN A wgz,,,c,f f:..,,-,fa Q ,Q 5 T L i",gqafg:1jgQii5,ff, jing.-if 7, gc!! . S f,-1 zf"f'J ' ,pi fi , ' ' i ' iilfeizitj t h ' 1 sy' h i ,ge , Qian' - , 'fi' -I :rf ,Sr s. .. f f ,. K , 'L W- K ff 1 f f 3 ' If ' ififfl -L -. Y, .s , - , at 'Z Lara Message to Youth! AWAY BACK IN THE DIM DAWN OF HISTQRY, it Says in the book of Genesis that "Enoch walked with God: and he was not: for God took him." Professor Schneider in his great book, The Puritan Mind, calls attention to the fact that the Puritans were not seeking something for themselves but but were seeking to build the Commonwealth of God. I think we realize that if we get anything founded that shall be remotely like the Commonwealth of God, we shall have to have a sense of righteousness and a sense that we labor not alone in separate futility but in cooperation with God for a better social order and juster human relationships. And so, the hopeful thing I see in the world today is that there is a grow- ing sense in peoples minds of the reality of God as a contemporary. If you want to walk with God, find out where the growing edge of civi- lization is! Find out where the unsolved problems are! Find out where God is trying to get something done for the welfare of humanity. And there, at that point, plunge in and you will know God as Enoch and Micah knew him and as the two on the Emmaus Road knew Him. H, O. DIETRICH. DR. H, O. DIETRICH Superintendent Board of Education Evans Gottschall Krusen Lanz Palmer Seltzer Wismer Wood E. Lane Crawford fpresidentl Mary G. Lanz QVice Presidentl Kratz Wagner Crawford Wilbur M. Evans Robert Gottschall Mabel K. Krusen Esther L. Palmer M. Eugene Seltzer Arthur Wismer H, Walton Wood Harold B. Kratz QS ecre taryj Iohn W. Wagner QTreasurerl Q 3 as , ,- , . L orggrlvvs g t ii ? T?-,:v'L,:.g:k..4r-3 f A x. , if Q. :,- 4-:Mr af . , Y , . . ' T -2 " of of J' ' e9g.:. .-1f V' E H 11""i -1r2g1fff, e :gf-, e,,,,"Q' aj ' ' Q ' . . 121'-,'f'1,a . Je: 444- .,-rv - :. . f ,. ' Q 11 .QL 1 - -' ff' , . Faculty l Allen Anders Ashenfelter Barker Bell Berger Blakey Blew Brecht Bright Brownback Butler Duckers Esbenshade Fishburn Fox Hagy Hedsrrom Henderson Henry Herbert Holfer Hoffman Holzon Addison I. Allen Elinor Brecht Edna E. Hagy English Language Commercial Mary K. Anders Esther R. Bright Carl S. Hedstrom Language English Vocational Nellie M. Ashenfelter Thomas W, Brownback Mary L. Henderson Nliiwir Social Sci--nci' Commercial Anna R. Barker William E. Butler Wayiie F. Henry Art Vocational Vocational Amanda L, Bell Bertha H. Dockers Harry S. Herbert Home Economies English Sotial Science Dorothy E. Berger Edyth Esbenshade Sarah B. Holler English Commercial Language Elva S. Blakey Harvey W. Fishbum Elmer C. Hoffman English Athletic Commercial Marion Blew Mildred L. Fox Damon D. Holton Athletic Social Science Music Faculty Hubert Hunsberger Kephart Kirkland Kuhns Landes Lewis Maclntyre Maneval McKee Melick Miller Pennypacker Potter Price Reinmiller Rincllaub Robinson Rothermel Scheirer Schuler Spangler Sutphen Stern Thompson Wolf Bomberger Summers Kathryn S. Hubert Sophie Maclntyre Rebecca W. Price William I. Spangler Language Home Economics Social Science Social Science Anna Hunsberger Mary M. Maneval Harold E. Reinmiller Charles N. Sutphen Home Economics Social Science Vocational Commercial Edwin G. Kephart Lynn C. McKee Katharine G. Rindlaub Wilma L. Stern Social Science Vocational English English Eleanor V. Kirkland Franklin E. Melick Marian E. Robinson Harold E. Thompson Commercial Mathematics Commercial Vocational Cora M. Kuhns Charles F. Miller Leonard K. Rothermel Harry S. Wolf Social Science Vocational Science Science Walton E, Landes Iohn I. Pennypacker Harold K. Scheirer Helen A. Bomberger Science Commercial Science Library Leroy Lewis Charles M. Potter Iohn L. Schuler Thelma M. Sommers Athletic Vocational Mathematics Secretary 1 , , . N . . - V '- .- M . -. V, , 'f ,-t. 1 E "W, q.-1,:tw tlff i ff, . w e . , :Q - A., eff" 4 -- ' l '?: 151?" X5 Y'f"Y ' bl: T 'A 4 afwf v' 1151" 7 1-ls' . ,S . ica l - 'VLTSY :QW ' 1 ' L' ff' ' riff ini 5? tl - i."' 'T' ' K- "Effie A1 - 'lip' ' ' ' "7 'l 'li nit 'Ri f f' F-i1l?3'f2- 2 .a'3?i!-TTY?" ' I ' - '-EEE? ' " 5-M y -"' .'1,'755Tf'f-Q71 v . .ja L ay 1 ' - 1 4 A ., qv- -37.55-13+ , tm - f ,f . ,.,3M,:,5-Q .1 Y gl., Q I- A V . ,. fmgyggueg- ffm.-. , V ,. .-A. . . . . r ,.2,d.4v " 1, J " ' iwfff 2- 4 " :, L l .Q-...:.i':1...,, . .. " w w -1 1 ' -H- n nu n m--n-n.-.g....,.--.-...-..-.,...,m , V ... Curricular I' mio 'es Se personalitu L A, x 'M -., ,,1,,:.- - -,jam J .ww ' -, ,ps q.,'m.,' ' u 4"','x.15 A ,1 Q? lgsff--LL X:-53352-211 Fflfmzg, qw-- ' f r F A -gg' '.:1.-fx, .- 'J ,Q ..,i '22 f' : ,, " , 1'-Y - W f - K 2 Q. .f - ,f b 51. ,,, .33 , -5 ' ,A 4-1. U 5 V ., lf'?"1W''5?.E-Irv.--"Yf4f'fW'wPG':." 44 'L' ' fmfi U 4 ,if-p'F..'1v,, U .VW 4- ,A iw : 'vw- - ,wifi Q f.. in Y 'q.'?'g?f, 1 -,fp 5-'W 433. 1 ' M Qgmgv ' XML-fx' bfi-142: " e517fl7f'f'Q 'ffm .f?-f:.,::21f.2f1-2231 all-Kzf"S"'Afx' "a, 4 - N f N lg-'5fq1:1,m,JA,Y,1g N, f if" 12 I-'fT,'Z'i,1I'7 132' L23 ' A Message UR CLASS has set forth as its aims the highest and most worthy ambitions. We feel that we have, through con- tinuous work, successfully attained many of these goals, an accomplishment that aids us in realizing the standard of success as our own. Throughout our school life we have made many cherished ties of friendship. We believe that these affiliations will con- tinue to enrich our lives in future years, Since we are the last class graduating from old Eisenhower, it is only fitting that the traditions which have surrounded us here should continue throughout the coming years. As a farewell to one of the happiest chapters in our lives I sincerel tha k ' y n everyone for the cooperation that has aided in making this, the Class of 1937 one that will b , e remembered and honored for years to come in Norristown High School. C. WILLIAM BIASELLE Your President Treasurer President Biaselle Vice-President Secretary Dyson Kuller Huganir Class Cfficers H 33 'iz- :,,j Y - , -3" 1 .s A. 1 LS" iii! .g g fm. . , 1 455 ,""'-'3 :42'F'f1 'fs - ' V -- 1 1 ,Q . if ',142l'5 f , V 3, Sullivan Angelueci Santina Antonini Angelina Arena Paul Bailey Edward Baird Nelson Baird VIOLA ADAMS: Scientific: Home Room 13: Student Council, 31 Mask and VVig, Art. Tatting, and Sports Clubs. LLOYD ALLEBACH: Industrial: Home Room 45: Vocational Society: Home Room Vice President. NANCY ALT: General: Home Room 32. FRANK ANGELINI: Scientific: Home Room 7: Home Room Vice Presi- dent and Treasurer: Senior Congress: Stamp, Biology, and Chemistry Clubs. SULLIVAN ANGELUCCI: Induslrial: Home Room 60: Slide Rule Club. Viola Adams Lloyd Allebacb Nancy Alt Frank Angelini SANTINA ANTONINI: General: Home Room 25: Senior Congress: Hiking Club. ANGELINE ARENA: Academic: Home Room 50: Student Council, 35 Home Room Vice President: Swimming, Sport. and Typing Clubs. PAUL BAILEY: General: Home Room 44: Student Council: Spice: Hi-Eye: Glee Club: Nlovie Club: Football. EDWARD BAIRD: Scien,ific: Home Room 45: Spice: 'The Higher Loy- alty"g Home Room President, Vice President, Secretary. and Treasurer: Senior Congress: Bird. Wrestling, Football, Biology, Mask and Wig, and HN" Clubs: Football. NELSON BAIRD: Indus,rial: Home Room 46: Vocational Society: Camera Club. we , , -,- , ,-.31 - afhlqfig.,-'-fi :A 'w .f SIXTEEN Emily Baldwin Edna Ball Allen Ballard Mildred Ballard Sam Banham Aubrey Bateman Betty Bean Robert Behney lune Benner EMILY BALDWIN: General: Home Room 7: Student Countil, lg Glee Club, l, 2, 3: Art and Interior Decorating Clubs. EDNA BALL: Classical: Home Room 8: Student Council: Spice: Hi-Eye: Essay Contest: Home Room President and Viee President: Senior As- sembly: Sophomore Dramatic Club. ALLEN BALLARD: Scientilic: Home Room 70: Student Council, 21 Home Room Treasurer. MILDRED BALLARD: General: Home Room 26: Student Council, 5: Yarn- cralt, Personality, and Correspondence Clubs. SAM BANHAM: Classical: Home Room 42: Student Council: Spice: Hi-Eye: "The Keeper of the Inn": Home Room President and Vice President' Senior Assembly Viee President: Mask any Wig Club. Iesse Benyish AUBREY BATEMAN: General: Home Room 33: Spice Representative and Staff. l. 2: Ilome Room President: Senior Congress: Stamp. Slide Rule, Ping Pong, .mtl Interior Decorating Clubs. Banking Othwr. BETTY BEAN: Classical: Home Room 50: Student Connell, 5: Spice, 2. S: Hi-Eye, 3: Ilome Room Vice President and Secretary: Senior Senate: Treasurer of Sophomore Dramatic Club: Fish Net and Interior Decorat- ing Clubs, ROBERT BEHNEY: Industrial: Home Room 26: Vocational Society: Home Room Treasurer: "N" Club Baseball. JUNE BENNER: Commercial: Home Room 43: Spire l. 2. ig "South in Sonoran: Home Room Secretary and Treasurer: Senior Congress: Cleo Club l, Z: Interior Decorating Club. Treasurer, Art and Sophomore Dramatic Clubs. IESSE BENYISH: General: Home Room I7: Studt-nt Counts , 2: Ping Pong Club, President: Basketball. 2: Baseball, l. 2. 3. l 1 , fa: ' 1 N-Si' -, " . - Eg' fi. - + ge., fe "'16:"' ' five: - 1 . ' ' K -S ':' ,- Lf: . at I' 'g ,I3i 'j '. M 1: F 15 tx: Q 1 Q - SEVENTEEN 1 if .-1: . 51 r-- La.. ' ' '-...-..:-.": t" I. 'S,.........,,.. . --vw I l l I 1 - I Robert William Biaselle Betty Bocley Leah Bosler Merritt Bosler VVillis Bosler Wilmer Brendlinger ROBERT BERGEY: Commercial: Home Room 24: Home Room Secretary: Senior Congress: "N" Club: Football Club, Serretaryg Football: Foot- ball. lunior Varsity: Basketball, Captain. VIRGINIA BERGEY: Commercial: Home Room 27: Secretary Student Coun- cil: Secretary. Home Room: Senior Congress: Senior Assembly: Senior Senate: "N" Club. Secretary: Basketball Manager: lunior Varsity Basket- ball Manager. BERNARD BERK: General: Home Room 23: Student Counril, 2, '52 Home Room President and Vice President: Ping Pong Club, Treasurer, "N" Club, Trark. lunior Var-itv. l, 2. 3, Cross flountrv. l. 7. HELEN BEYER: General: Home Room 50: Student Counril. lg Spire 1, 2. 3: Hi-Eye, l: Home Room Pre.-idrnt and Secretary. typing. ,mphoniotv Dramatif, Interior Dcforanng and Leather Craft llluos. WILLIAM BIASELLE: Commercial: Home Room 42: National Honor Society: Spice Staff: Home Room President and Vice President: 'lnraflic Officer, 2: Senior Congress, President: Senior Assembly: Photography and Ping Pong Clubs: Rifle Club. President. 4 Bergey Virginia Bergey Bernard Berk Helen Beyer BETTY BODEY: Classical: Home Room 6: "N" and Fishnet Clubs: Swim- ming, Varsity 3: Swimming Squad 2: Home Room Banking Otliirr. LEAH BOSLER: Classical: Home Room 3: Spice: Hi-Eye: Home Room Vice President and Treasurer: President of Ping Pong Club: Serretary ol Correspondence Club. MERRITT BOSLER: Industrial: Home Room 60: Vouaiionxil Society: Spire: Hi-Eye: Senior Congress: Band: Stamp Club. Serrt't:ivy: Slide Ruli Club: Basttball. WILLIS BOSLER: General, Home Room 24: 'I'ratlit'. l, I. S.. Band, i, I Orchestra. 3. VVILIVIER BRENDLINGER: Industrial: Home Room -U. EIGHTEEN Ernest Bright Warren Bright Mary Buckley Walter Cameron ERNEST BRIGHT: Scientific: Home Room 6: Home Room Vice President and Treasurer: Senior Congress: Glee Club: Biology and Chemistry Clubs. WARREN BRIGHT: Scientific: Home Room 25: "South in Sonoran: Home Room Vice President: Glee Club: Band: Band Club. MARY BUCKLEY: Commercial: Home Room 5: Spice Representative, 2: Home Room Secretary: Personality. Business, and Correspondence Clubs. WALTER CAMERON: General: Home Room 15: "N" Club: Football. Iunior Varsity: Baseball, Iunior Varsity. PRESTON CAMPBELL: General: Home Room l: Student Council: Home Room President: "N" Club Vice President, Treasurer: Football, Cap- tain: Track: Basketball, Iunior Varsity: Baseball. Preston Campbell Ion Cantelli Anthony Caramenico Henry Carneavale Dorothy Casey Thomas Cassano ION CANTELLI: General: Home Room ll: "The Higher Loyaltynz Dra- matic Club. ANTHONY CARAMENICO: Classical: Home Room 7: Spice: "The Torch Bearers: Home Room Vice President and Serretaryp Chemistry and Astronomy Clubs: Football, HENRY CARNEAVALE: Industrial: Home Room 17: Vocational Society: Glee Club. DOROTHY CASEY: Commercial Home Room IS: Chief Hi-Eye Typist, 3: Home Room Secretary: President of Business Club: Sophomore Sports Club. THOMAS CASSANO: General: Home Room 25: Ping Pong Club. L ,,,,.s- , .:3.,?w,1:f,, ,ri 1 " f 1 ' v. 1 .ik NINETEEN A 1. 'S I ,j f- iv: :ij f V. b 45 . 'i' . "1 ' --1 ..f?'f' V . . if r- 5,11 ..'.f' Lester Clemens Margaret Clemmer Benjamin Cognato Mary Collins Eleanor Constable Willis Cook MARIE CICCARONE: Classical: Home Room 45: Student Council: Home Room Secretary and Treasurer: President of Swimming Cluh: Hiking, Sports, Personality Clubs. DANIEL CIPOLLINI: General: Home Room 18: GRACE CLARK: Commercial: Home Room 5: Congress: Personality, Correspondence, and ARRIE CLARKE Classical: Home Room 44: C : H Home Economic Clubs. LESTER CLEMENS: General: Home Room 3: Typing Club. Track, Iunior Varsity. Hi-Eye Typist. 3: Senior Business Clubs. Sports, Personality, Movie, Harmonica Club. Prcsidenti TWENTY Marie Ciccarone Daniel Cippollini Grace Clark Carrie Clarke MARGARET CLEMMER: General: Home Room 18: Glee Club, l, 2, 3: "South in Sonora." BENIAMIN COGNATO: General: Home Room 24: Student Council 3. MARY COLLINS: General: Home Room 43: Home Room Secretary: Sopho- more Dramatic. Personality, Swimming, and Hiking Clubs. ELEANOR CONSTABLE: General: Home Room 8: Hi-Eye Typist: Glee Club 2. 3, Home Economics Club, President: Poetry, Yarncraft, Interior Decorating, and Ping Pong Clubs: Home Economics Representative to Pittsburgh, WILLIS COOK: General: Home Room 34: Student Council, 3: Home Room Vice President: Assistant Traflic Chief, 2, 33 Glee Club. lg "The Torch Bearersnz "South in Sonora." 3 ag Helen Covely MaryLouise Crawford Marie Cro-ll William Dager HELEN COVELY: General: Home Room 33: Student Council, l: Hi-Eye Representative, Z: Home Room Secretary and Treasurer: President Per- sonality Clubg Vice President Hiking Club: Yarncratt, Sophomore Dra- matic Clubs. MARYLOUISE CRAWFORD: Classical: Home Room 5: National Honor Society: Student Council, 2: Spice, Z1 Hi-Eye, 2, 3: "The Torch Bearers"g Home Room President: Cheer Leader, 2: "N" Club, President: Sopho- more Dramatic Club: Basketball, 3: Basketball, Iunior Varsity, l. 2: Tennis Squad. l, 2, 3. MA RTE CROLL: General: Home Room 15: Student Council: Spice: Home Room Sccretary. WILLIAM DAGER: Scientific: Home Room 70: National Honor Socletyz Student Council 3: Spice 3: Hi-Eye 3: Handbook: Home Room Vicr President: Orchestra l, 2. 3: Latin Club Treasurer: Camera Club: String Quartet State Championship 2. HORACE DAVENPORT: Classical: ciety: Student Council: Hi-Eye, Times Herald Oratorical Contest: and Vice President: Debating: H Football: Track, Iunior Varsity. Home Room 16: National llonor So- Sports Editor: Handbook: Norristowrt Essay Contest: Home Room President N", Football. Squad l.eadt-rs Clubs: Horace Davenport Edward Davis Thomas Dearolf Betty Derfler Beatrice Detwiler Katie Detwiler EDWARD DAVIS: Classical: Home Room 70: National Honor Society: SPiC?r Photography Editor: home Room President and Treasurer: Sen- ior Congress: Senior Asscmlly, Biology Club: Rifle Club. President: Camera Club, Vice President. THOMAS DEAROLF: Classical: Home Room 34: Student Council. 2: Home Room Secretary: Secretary of Biology Club. BETTY DERFLER: General: Ht me Room 32: Home Economics and Pct- sonality Clubs. BEATRICE DETWILER: Genera: Home Room 2l: Home Ronin Sm-rt-tary: Hiking and Knitting Clubs. KATIE DETWILER: General: Home Room l Home Room Prix: uit Movie Club, Treasurer: Leathercraft Club . ,zfig I lf' : ' K -L . ister" Q . , 5"'d'? 3 C3B'C 1" "'r,fi'T. 3 ll -,Sf-'ff"f"5i m 1,.w,f"i: rv , . , Q, g'- , t we ww- 1" te" 7w4.Lff5:3 5 i.-I --"2-ev 1 gi 1 X- ' ' A' 3' V 'n ' sf :. "TC '!6,,.-:ggi-r "-ft.1'r2f"j:i f ig ? 51112529 .7 f - y in ri-W in 3, rr v ' ,rom-.tdeggjnew-f-.M,,... - -.sf ' r' -1 me ' ' 'l W TVVENTY-ONE 2: d - . -W1'stf5il" fe , -L Q fi G 2 ,- . e ll , lg Q'ij,l.g-1. ' Ioseph Dubuque Sue Dyson Elizabeth Eagan Sara Eagens Marie Ebersold Ralph Edwards MORRIS DILIBERTO: General: Home Room 27: Cross Country. VIRGINIA DOBBS: Classical: Home Room 13: Glee Club, 2, 3: Sports and Movie Clubs. MARGARET DONLEY: Commercial: Home Room 26: Student Council. 3: Spice Representative, Z, '33 Hi-Eye. '53 Home Room Vice President, President and Secretary, Sports and Needlecratt Clubs. ANNA DOYLE: General: Home Room 5: Entered from private school. where she was outstanding in athletics and a leader in student activities. IOSEPH DUBUQUE: Classical: Home Room 17: National Honor Society, Student Council President 3 Business Manaqcr of Spice 3- Hi Eye 2' 'Nlorristown Times Herild Oritorical Contest Finalist 2 W C T U Essiy Contest Winner Home Room President Vice President Senior Congress Senior Assembly Debatinq Team President Pan .American Mock Conference as President of the U S Athletic Countil Secretary 'I WILNTY TWO Morris Diliberto Virginia Dobbs Margaret Donley Anna Doyle SUE DYSON: Classical: Home Room 45: National Honor Societyg Spice 2. 3: Home Room President. Vice President, and Secretary: Senior Con- gress Treasurer: Hiking, Dancing, and Sophomore Sport Clubs: Swimming. Varsity 3: Swimming Squad 2, 3. ELIZABETH EAGAN: General: Home Room 15: Sports Club. SARA EAGENS: General: Home Room 24: Home Room Presidentg Dancing, Knitting, Sport, and Music Clubs: "The Torch Bearersf' MARIE EBERSOLD: General: Home Room 5: Spice 3: Handbook: Senior Congress: Correspondence Club. Treasurer: Sophomore Dramatic and "N" Clubs: Swimming Squad 2, 3. RALPH EDWARDS: Vocational: Home Room 43: Vocational Society. Se-.- retary- "N" Club' Track lunior Varsity' I Norman Emmert Mildred Epright Roberta Evans Marie Famous NORMAN EMMERT: Scientific: Home Room 18: Home Room Vice Pre-si dent and Treasurer: Vice President of Bee Club: Camera Club. MILDRED EPRIGHT: General: Home Room 27: Home Room Secretary: Yarncraft Club. ROBERTA EVANS: Classical: Home Room 16: National Honor Society: Spice, Editor-in-chief: Hi-Eye. Managing Editor: Norristown Times Herald Oratorical Contest: Home Room President. Vce President, and Secretary: Senior Assembly: Sophomore Dramatic Club. MARIE FAMOUS: General: Home Room 47: Correspondence and Home Economics Clubs. FRANK FAZIO: Industrial: Home Room 44. Frank Fazio Aimilcare Fazzini Thomas Feeney Margaret Finnegan Alice Fisher Claire Fisher AMILCARE FAZZINI: General: Home Room 47: Current History Club. THOMAS FEENEY: General: Home Room 27: Track: Banking Officer. MARGARET FINNEGAN: Commercial: Home Room 50: Spire. 3: HI-Eye. 31 Home Room Treasurer: Forensic Contest: W. C. T. ll. Essay Con- test: Sophomore Dramatic. Business, and Personality Clubs. ALICE FISHER: Home Economics: Home Room 50: Student Council 1, 2: "N" and Personality Clubs: Track, Varsity l, Home Room Banking Officer. CLAIRE FISHER: General: Home Room 24: Fishnet and Ping Pong Clubs: Tennis Squad. 3. b I I 1 it W N t H K I M M 1 l I I 1 M 1 . . . . -2 5 i ' 'i 1 2 1 p :r:n.:.5'1?li'ffijLL,gT ,, , ,Leila Q 2 f".2:'T7-l+f?15f'1"ifiifafi-xiii' tif, -, S-32:-xi ' ' 5 P J f T -V fff' --.-- 'af I M 1 M M - 1 1 M M I l TWENTY-THREE l Dorothy Florey Eleanor Frey William Friedeborn Carl Frisco Dorothy Fry Elmer Fusco IEAN FISHER: General: Home Room 24: Student Council. 3: Home Room Vice President: Sophomore Sports Club, Hiking Club, and Commercial Club, Treasurer. WATSON FISHER: Commercial: Home Room 25: Home Room Banking Officer: Stamp Club, Treasurer. ALBERT FITZGERALD: General: Home Room 21: Student Council 2. DANIEL FLORE: Vocational: Home Room 1: Vocational Society: Football and "N" Clubs: Football, Assistant Manager: Trark, Manager, DOROTHY FLOREY: General: Home Room 42: Student Council: Home Room Vice President: Rifle. Sophomore Dramatic. Interior Decorating Clubs. lean Fisher Watson Fisher Albert Fitzgerald Daniel Flore ELEANOR FREY: General: Home Room 32: Student Council 2: Home Room President: Ping Pong Club, President. WILLIAM FRIEDEBORN: General: Home Room 16: Glen: Club: Band: Orchestra: Football, junior Varsity. CARL FRISCO: General: Home Room 7: Spice Representative. 3: Orches- tra, l, 2, 3: Bird, Current History, and Nlusic Clubs. DOROTHY FRY: General: Home Room 23: Student Council. 2: Hi-Eye, 3: Home Room President and Secretary: Senior Assembly: Business Club, Secretary: Movie Club, Treasurer and Vice President: Personality Club, President. ELMER FUSCO: Classicrl: Home Room 12: Home Room Secretary and Treasurer: Astronomy Club, Vice President: Typing and Camera Clubs. TVVENTY-FOUR Keith Garrett Edna Geiger Arthur Gentile Edward Getty KEITH GARRETT: General: Home Room 27: Biology. Rifle, Movie Clubs: Secretary of German Club. EDNA GEIGER: Classical: Home Room 22: Student Council 2: Home Room President: Senior Congress: "N", Camera, and Sophomore Gymnastic Clubs: Swimming Squad 2. ARTHUR GENTILE: Vocational: Home Room 16: Vocational Society: President of Stamp Club. EDWARD GETTY: Industrial: Home Room B: Vorational Society: Home Room Vice President. MABELLE GLASS: Scientific: Home Room 34: Student Council, Z5 Home Room President: Senior Congress: Sophomore Sport, Art, and Typing Clubs. Mabelle Glass Adeline Goodman Frederic Gordon Neil Granese Ann Greco Charlotte Greene ADELINE GOODMAN: Commercial: Home Room 50: Student Council, 3: Spice Staff and Representative. l, 3: Hi-Eye, 3: Sophomore Dramatic, Yarncraft, Mask and Wig, and Interior Decorating Cluhs: "The Torch Bearers". FREDERIC GORDON: Scientific: Home Room 27: "The Torch Bearersnz Home Room President and Vice President: Rifle and Ping Pong Clubs: Tennis. NEIL GRANESE: General: Home Room 15: Student Council: Home Room Treasurer: Senior Congress: Movie Cluh President, ANN GRECO: General: Home Room 24. CHARLOTTE GREENE: General: Home Room 46: Student Council: Home Room Secretary: Leathercraft Club: Home Economic Club. Treasurer. -u 'e I I W 4 F - 3 m i - I w U , V Y ,V V A vf '. f' 1.1 ' 1 v f :Z iff . V M : 3 ,ini-Q ,. A . ,Lf 1 7 1 TNVENTY-FIVE TP l Eleanor Hallman Helen Hallman Francis Haley Leighton Haney Lorraine Haney Lawrence Hart FRANCES GREENE: General: Home Room 14: Spice 2: Hi-Eye l. Z: "South in Sonoran: Home Room Vice President and Treasurer: Senior Assembly: Glee Club l. 2. 5: Fishnet Club. Vice President: German Club, Trea- surer: "N" Club: Swimming Squad 2. BETTY GROFF: Classical: Home Room 3: Home Room Secretary and Treasurer: Vice President of Art Club: Secretary of Typing Club: Per- sonality and Sculpture Clubs. EDNA GROW: Commercial: Home Room 24: Student Council. 2: Home Room Vice President: Business Club, Hiking Club. Sophomore Sperm Club, Vice President. ANNE HAGNER: General: Home Room 42: Spice: Winner of Latham Foundation Poster Contest, Hi-Eye Poster Contest, and Spice Contest. ELEANOR HALLMAN: Scientific: Home Room 3: Spice: Hi-Eye: Senior Congress: Correspondence Club, Vice President: Rifle, Sports. "N" Clubs: Varsity Tennis, Manager. Frances Greene Betty Groff Edna Grow Anne Hagner HELEN HALLMAN: Commercial: Home Room Q2: Music. Personality, Com- mercial Clubs. FRANCIS HALEY: General: Home Room 32: Home Room Treasurer: Hik. ing Club. LEIGHTON HANEY: Scientific: Home Room 18: National Honor Society: Spice: "The Torch Bearers": Home Room President: Senior Congress: Senior Congress: Senior Assembly: President of German Club: Biology Club: Tennis Squad. LORRAINE HANEY: G9n2l'Hli Home Room 30: Home Room Secretary: Sport Club. LAWRENCE HART: General: Home Room 18: Bee Club. TWENTY-SlX Ruth Hartranft Chester Hassinger Harold Hathaway Georgine Haughton Betty Hay Henry Hayden Richard Hays William Hendrickson Alvin Hemmig Otis Henry HENRY HAYDEN: Vocational: Home Room 14: Vocational Society. Vice President: "The Torch Bearersn: "South in Sonoran: Stage: Bnml: Cross Country, Manager. RUTH HARTRANFT: General: Home Room 43: Bird and Ynrncraft Cluh. RICHARD HAYS: Scientific: Home Room 47 Home Room President. Vice President. Secretary, and Treasurer: "N" Club Treasurer: Football: Swimming Captain. CHESTER HASSINGER: Vocational: Home Room 22: Vocational Society. HAROLD HATHAWAY: Industrial: Home Room 42. WILLIAM HENDRICKSON: Classical: Home Room 5: Spice: Hi-Eye: "The Higher Loyalty" Home Room President and Vice President: Senior Congress: Wrestling. Typing. Mask and Vvllg Clubs: Bnsvltmll. GEORGINE HAUGHTCN: Classical: Home Room 12: Spice: Hi-Eye: Home Room Vice President: Glee Club: President and Secretary of Poetry Clubp Art and Music Lovers Clubs. ALVIN HEMMIGQ General: Home Room 16: Band. BETTY HAY: General: Home Room 27: Hi-Eye: Yarncraft and Business OTIS HENRY: General: Home Room 33: Student Council: Spire: Hi-Eye: Clubs. Boys "N" Cluh: lunior Varsity Basketball, 1 n Cif " - fifff'55', , K, fE??".QQ. .1 -: ' 1' llfufff '1S4f5::t.a., 1Af5Q,,..1 : 73' 'A -Fig' ' 34113. g L , gag , w+.,',.: f L -if s 2 fr . ii A ':, Li. -.i', I:QL.Q.Q.f,i.gQ,',.ZTl" . , TWENTY-SEVEN Peggy Hogan Iames Hohl Dorothy Holt Harry Houpt William l-luganir Delbert Ingram THOMAS HERDMAN: General: Home Room 42: Trarlir: Band. CATHARINE HESS: Classical: Home Room 14: Student Council. 3: Hi-Eye Stalf and Representative, 2. 5: Home Room Banking Ol'l'lrer1 German Club. IANE HICKS: General: Home Room 1: "The Keeper of the lnn": Norris- town Times Herald Oratorical Contest: Secretary of Apollo Club, MILDRED HITNER: General: Home Room 21: Student Council: Home Room Vice President: Personality and Hiking Clubs. PEGGY HOGAN: Classical: Home Room 33: Student Council. 2: Hi-Eye. l: l: Home Room Vice President and Secretary: Rifle Club. Thomas Herdman Catherine Hess lane Hicks Mildred Hitner IAMES HOHL: Industrial: Home Room 14. DOROTHY HOLT: Commercial: Home Room 46: Student Council: "South in Sonoran: Senior Congress: Glcc Club: Girls' Sports Club: Corres- pondence Club. HARRY HOUPT: Vocafional: Home Room 44: National Honor Society: Vocational Society: Student Council: Home Room President. WILLIAM HUGANIR: Classical: Home Room 5: National Honor Society. Vice President: President of Student Council, 3: Spire, 33 Vice President of Senior Congress: Senior Assembly: Tennis Squad. l: SChoolmen's Award '35: Biology and Astronomy Clubs. DELBERT INGRAM: General: Home Room 14: Biology Club. TWENTY-EIGHT Athleen Iacobs Eleanor Ianton Helen larrett Robert Iohnson ATHLEEN IACOBS: Scientiic: Home Room 50: Spice. 3: Handbook: Home Room Treasurer: Senior Congress: Band, 2. 3: Orchestra, I, 3: Sophomore Dramatic and Sophomore Sport Clubs. ELEANOR IANTON: Commercial: Home Room 3: Student Council: Girls' Sports. Hiking, and Business Clubs. HELEN IARRETT: Classical: Home Room lg Student Council: Home Room Secretary: Secretary of Poetry Club: Mask and Wig, Home Economic Clubs, ROBERT IOHNSON: Scientific: Home Room 14: Norrisrown Times Herald Oratorical Contest, 21 Glee Club. 2: Biology Club, Vice President? Chemistry and Aviation Clubs. STANLEY IOHNSONQ General: Home Room 22: Track, lunior Varsity. Stanley Iohnson Louise Jones Virginia Iones Zina Iosephson Alton Keeler Mildred Kennedy LOUISE IONES: General: Home Room 23: Sport and Girls' "N" Clubs: Track, 2, 3: Basketball, Iunior Varsity. 3. VIRGINIA IONES: Geneal: Home Room 15: Student Councilg Girls' Sports Club: Girls HN" Club: Basketball, ZINA IOSEPHSON: General: Home Room 30: Sophomore Dramatic, Sculp- toring, and Mask and Wig Clubs: "The Torch Bearersf' ALTON KEELER: Scientilic: Home Room 16: Hi-Eye Staff: Home Room Vice President and Treasurer: German and Chemistry Clubs: President of Physics Club. MILDRED KENNEDY: General: Home Room 43: Student Council, Z5 Hi- Eye, l: Home Room President and Vice President: Typing Club, Viqg President: Tenth Legion Club. Y W V? Y Y,,,W-- vw- rv -my-,Qu XL - - 1 I , -,J 'r - . ' . K .. '-. , 'TY 'T - S2f'1"'?T!4'+ " G""'f"- 1 " . f " v Y: f A-rf I-.r v - -f. 11- f 1 ' fn'-i--i.f' -f' fi' :uh .vb Q f , ,. ' .fs ' f im-.-. Q" V ,J .. i ' - qu- V. . it . - M. P+ " ' K ' -' 1:5iL+U"fN2W 'I '4' i . 4653 - 3 31 L ff, .5 1 -'P S t 'Ei F rf if f?" " ' ' " X 'A V 'ga 2' 1' - f ,Q W : ',ffe,:,z-r f-we ,, 2 . r . ,-Q . . . 1,-1 , ,- i , - U. . H1 1 W, - .s,.e.. 4- m e V, . svv- .-.J . J. 33, a.,gLif-: x,rg+ri. sf'f1F 1--r,:x!15r, ,a TWENTY-NINE Merrill Knoebel Alberta Knoeller Robert Kratz Sterling Krecker Marian Kriebel Wismer Kriebel LLOYD KERSHNER: Scientific: Home Room 22: Home Room President and Vice President: Rifle and Typing Clubs: Swimming. Varsity. DORIS KETCIIAIVI: General: Home Room 42: Home Room President, Vice President, and Secretary: Hiking. Danring. Interior Decorating Clubs. IOYCE KINGSTON: General: Home Room 30: Spice Representative, 3: Home Room President. Vice President: Cheer Leader, 2, 3: lr. Mask and Wig, Vice President: Sophomore Dramatic. President, BETTE KLOTZBACH: General: Home Room 4: Glee Club, l: President of Fish Net Club: Secretary of Current History Club. MERRILL KNOEBEL: Industrial: Home Room 4: Vocational Society. Lloyd Kershner Doris Ketcham Ioyce Kingston Bette Klotzbach ALBERTA KNOELLER: General: Home Room 42: Home Room Vice P,-egg, dent: Personality, Movie. Commercial Clubs, ROBERT KRATZ: Scien'ific: Home Room 1: Biology, Rifle, Avignon, Typ. ing, and Camera Clubs. STERLING KRECKER: General: Home Room 27: "N" Club. Hiking and glifge Clubs: Track. I, 2, 3: Swimming Squad, 21 Cross Country. 1. MARIAN KRIEBEL: Classical: Home Room 4: Spice, 3: Home Room Pf?Sid9l'lf1 Gl9f-' Club, l. 2, 3: Secretary of Art Club: Camera Club. WISMER KRIEBEL: Industrial: Home Room 8: Vocational Society. THIRTY Walter Kreiger Earl Kuhnley Mary Kuller Harry Kulp WALTER KREIGER: General: Home Room 3: Home Room President: Art Club, President: Biology, Hiking, Fencing, and "N" Clubs: Art Club, Secretary: Swimming. Varsity. EARL KUHNLEY: General: Home Room 21: Student Council: Home Room Vice President: Stamp Cluh: Vice President of Hiking Club. MARY KULLER: Commercial: Home Room 43: National Honor Society, Secretary: Student Council. 2: Spice, Original Editor: Hi-Eye Staif, 2. '53 Home Room President and Secretary: Senior Congress, Secretary: Senior Assembly: "N" Club: Sophomore Dramatic Club, President: Camera Club, Secretary: Tennis: Varsity, l, 2, Captain, 3. HARRY KULP: Industrial: Home Room 33: President of Vocational Society. IUNE KULP: General: Home Room la Student Council l. 2: "The Torch Bearersn: Home Room Vice President and Secretary: Hiking Club: Swimming Captain. Varsity 3: Swimming l, 2. Iune Kulp Ruth Landis Gladys Latch Mabel Leister Walter Lewandowski Dorothy Lightkep RUTH LANDIS: General: Home Room 42: Student Council: Spice: Hand- book: Home Room Secretary: Girls' "N" Club, Treasurer: Business Club: Astronomy Club, Secretary: Track: Basketball. GLADYS LATCH: Commercial: Home Room 1: Student Council: Home Room Secretary: Girls "N" Club Secretary: German Club: Iunior Var- sity Basketball. MABEL LEISTER: Classical: Home Room 44: Student Council: Home Room Vice President and Treasure-r: Senior Congress: Personality Club, Vice President and Treasurer: Yzirncraft Club, WALTER LEWANDOWSKI: Vocational: Home Room 21: Vocational Society. DOROTHY LIGHTKEP: Commercial: Home Room 26: Student Council 35 Hi-Eye 3: Home Room Secr-tary: German, Hiking. and Yarncraft Clubs. W,f.1'f-H -if .1 45 'f'-1'-1:.4Q.',' - 4+ wer ' ,, 1- , - ft A f , r , , ,. - A. , , . . , , , , . ' ,, m -J 1" "',u':'.:a -'V g-If fwfr x .riff , r L . z . xiii, , L "" . f:li5?l2" " ' F 1f't2P.sff-isizv givisfsq 3-ilifx W "f-2339 V , 'io-I ? , ,, - ' I i I I l I I I THIRTY-ONE Ioseph Macao-lini Esther Malmberg Paul March Ann Marino Rose Marino Arlene Markley AMANDA LOOSE: General: Home Room 50: Home Room President and Secretary: Hiking and Dancing Clubs, DORIS LONG: General: Home Room 21: Home Economics and Girls' Athletic Clubs, MABEL LOWRIE: General: Home Room 14: Swimming Club. IOHN MACNAMARA: Commercial: Home Room 43: Student Council, 2: Spice Representative, 3: Band, l-Z-3. IOSEPH MACCOLINI: General: Home Room 8: French. National Geo- graphic, Movie Clubs. Amanda Loose Doris Long Mabel Lowrie Iohn MacNamara ESTHER MALMBERG: Commercial: Home Room 26: Spice: Hi-Eye, 2, 3: "South in Sonoran: Home Room President: Senior Congress: Senior Assembly: Vice President: Glee Club, 1, 2, 3: Hiking, Senior Mask and Wig, and Sophomore Sports Clubs: Tennis Squad. 2, 3. PAUL MARCH: Scientific: Home Room 12: Student Council 3: Debating: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Band l, 2, 3: Orchestra 1, 2, 3: Cross Country, Iunior Varsity. ANN MARINO: General: Home Room 33: Home Economics, Correspon- dence. and Sports Clubs. ROSE MARINO: General: Home Room 17: Student Council: Home Room Vice President: Movie Club. ARLENE MARKLEY: General: Home Room 15: Spice: Hi-Eye: Norrislown Times Herald Oratorical Contest: Home Room Secretary: Glee Club: Movie. Personality. Correspondence Clubs. THIRTY-TWO Albert Markowitz Albert Martello Mary Martello Vivian Maxwell ALBERT MARKOWITZ: General: Home Room 17: Band. ALBERT MARTELLO: Classical: Home Room 26: Student Council: "N" Club: Football Manager. MARY MARTELLO: General: Home Room 42: Personality, Commercial, Movie Clubs, VIVIAN MAXWELL: Commercial: Home Room 43: Spice: Glee Club: Yarncraft Club, Secretary. EDWARD MCADOO: General: Home Room 43: Student Council: Home Room President and Vice President: "N" Club Vice President: Stamp and Football Clubs: Football: Basketball: Baseball. Edward McAdoo lean McArthur Adell McConnell Mary McCoy Robert McCracken Mary McCurdy IEAN McARTHUR: General: Home Room 25: Glev Club: Home Economic and Movie Clubs, Forensic Music Contest: Hi-Eye. ADELL MCCONNELL: General: Home Room 25: "The Torch Bearersw, Property: Commercial Club: Girls' "N" Club: Track, Iunior Varsity: Basketball, Captain. MARY Mr:COY: Classical: Home Room ll: Student Council: Home Room President: Personality and Correspondence Clubs. ROBERT MCCRACKEN: General: Home Room 6: Student Council: Hi-Eye, Co-Editor: Home Room President and Vice President: "N" Club Vice President: Football Club: Football Captain: Track. Iuntor Varsity: Basketball. MARY McCURDY: General: Home Room 23: Yarn and Personality Clubs, N' A' " ' ' ' M e ir- "' ' f ' A , f F. v A ,, 1 R + 1 i - THlRTY-THREE Evelyn McNamara Donolcl Miller Raymond Mincarelli Alexander Mocher Margaret Molyneaux William Monahzin ANNA MCGLIIRE: General: Home Room 27: Swimming Club: President of Personality Club. ELIZABETH MCILVVAIN: General: Home Room 14: Movie, Current His- tory. Fishnet, and Correspondence Clubs. THEODORE McKINNEY: Scientific, Home Room 14: National Honor Society: Student Council, Treasurer: Home Room Vice President: Chemistry and Astronomy Clubs: Track. MARY McMIILLIN: Classical: Home Room 17: Student Council 3: Hi-Eyr l, Z: "The Torch Bearersn, "South in Sonoran: Home Room President and Secretary: Glee Club l. 2. 3: Mask and Wig, .md Hiking Clubs: Swimming Squad 2. EVELYN McNAMARA: General: Home Room 30: Frenrh Club: Serretary: Hiking, Art, Home Eronomics, and Social Dancing Clube. Anna McGuire Elizabeth Mcllwain Theodore McKinney Mary McMullin DONALD MILLER: General: Home Room 27: Home Room President: HN' Club: Swimming Varsity. RAYMOND MINCARELLI: General: Home Room '17: Home Room Presi- dent: "N" Club, Football anrl Hiking Clubs: Football: Baseball. ALEXANDER MOCHER: Scientific: Home Room 21: Student Council, 2 Hi-Eye, lp Bee and "N" Clubs: Track, 1, Z, 3,. MARGARET MOLYNEAUX: General: Home Room 50: Sports Club, WILLIAM MONAHAN: General: Home Room 47: Student Council: Spicr l'li-Eye: Home Room Treasurer: President: President, Hi-Eye Club Baseball. THIRTY-FOUR Eileen Morris Elizabeth Murphy Catherine Murray Iaimes Myers EILEEN MORRIS: General: Home Room 50: Home Room Treasurer: Hik- ing Club. ELIZABETH MURPHY: General: Home Room 22: Student Council: Spice. Home Room Secretary and Treasurer: Poetry and Personality Clubs. CATHERINE MURRAY: General: Home Room 23: Senior Congress. IAMES MYERS: General: Home Room 24: Hi-Eye Representative. 3: Home Room Treasurer. DOROTHY NAILE: General: Home Room 24: Student Council, 3: Home Room Secretary. Treasurer: Senior Congress. Swimming. 3: Yarncrafl Secretary. , Dorothy Naile Iames O'Brien Florence O'Connor Robert Oppenlander Isabel Parente Salvatore Paschall IAMES O'BRIEN: General: Home Room 43: Hiking and Typing Clubs. FLORENCE O'CONNOR: General: Home Room 43: Girls' Sport .md Mask and Wig Clubs. ROBERT OPPENLANDER: General: Home Room 27: Vice President of Sculpture Club. ISABEI, PARENTE: Classical: Home Room 25: Hi-Eye Representative: Typing. Personality. German Clubs. SALVATORE PASCHALL: Scientific: Home Room lp Camera Club. - l , , ,+.,.g,e, -up--':" . ..A-:,zww:ig"f:,f 1-sfiggsfgw ,- I. -. .S - V , ., r- -- , Q is-Y -. .. i f., - .. ,,,,, V - . .. 'N f 2: - ee: ,xr r ff iff-fssf :wi '- 1' 14, gg f , .. , . A . ,, , , M ..,. 3 . A , ., . , , M I THIRTY-FIVE 1 Harry Pflaumer Pete Piermarini Pauline Pirches Matthew Ployd Ieannette Posen Doris Povey DOROTHY PATTERSON: Commercial: Home Room 6: "South in Sonora": Home Room Treasurer: Senior Congress: Glee Club: Vice President and Treasurer of Movie Club: Fishnet Club. HAZEL PERNET: General: Home Room 16: Cheer Leader: President, Secretary. Swimming Club: President, Girls' UN" Club: Trark, Captain: Basketball. WILLIAM PERRONE: Industrial: Home Room 27: Vocational Society, 2, 3: Baseball, 3. RAYMOND PETERS: General: Home Room 18: Hiking Club: Football, lunior Varsity: Swimming, Varsity: Swimming Squad. HARRY PFLAUMER: General: Home Room 22: Home Room Vice Presi- dent: President of German Club: Chemistry Club, Dorothy Patterson Hazel Pernet William Perrone Raymond Peters PETE PIERMARINI: General: Home Room l6: Basketball: Baseball. PAULINE PIRCHES: Commercial: Home Room 25: Student Council: "The Torch Bearersu Property: Personality, Cnmmerfial, and Mask and Wig Clubs. MATTHEW PLOYD: General: Home Room 42: Student Council: Spice: Hi-Eye: Handbook: Norristown Times Herald Oratorical Contest: De- bating: Stamp and Harmonica Clubs. IEANETTE POSEN: Commercial: Home Room 43: Spi,:, 3: Hi-Eye, Circu- lation Manager. Representative, 3: Home Room Treasurer: Fish Net. Sophomore Dramatic, lr, Mask and Wig, and Interior Decorating Clubs: Cheer Leader, l. DORIS POVEY: General: Home Room 18: Student Council. 2: Home Room Treasurer: Senior Assembly: Mask and Wig Club, President: Mox'ie Club. Secretary: Fishnet Club. 'l'HIRTYfSIX Iames Radatta Iulia Radatta Antonette Ragano Archie Rambo Ioseph Rambo Bertha Raphaelson Naomi Rapine Francis Raquet Eleanor Ray Mary Ray IAMES RADATTA: Industrial: Home Room 60: Vice President of Slide BERTHA RAPHAELSON: General: Home Room 4: Spice, Hi-Eye. 2, 3. Rule Club: Stamp Club. IULIA RADATTA: Classical: Home Room 42: Banking Officer of Home NAOMI RAPINE: General: Home Room 42: Spice Representative: Senior Room. Congress: Secretary of Hiking Club. ANTONETTE RAGANO: General: Home Room 13. FRANCIS RAQUET: Classical: Home R00m 14: Spice. 3: Hi-Eye. 2: "N" Club: Tennis, 2. 3 ARCHIE RAMBO: Industrial: Home Room 47: Vocational Society, Trea- ELEANOR RAY: Classical: Home Room 21: Student Council, 5: Spine. surer: Hiking Club, Treasurer. 1, 2. 3: Hi-Eye Girls' Sports Editor, 3: Representative, I, 2, 3. Norris- town Times Herald Oratorical Contest: Home Room President, Vicc President. Secretary. Treasurer: "N" Club: Essay Contest: Senior Con- gress: Senior Assembly Secrevary: Tennis Squad, 3: Swimming Varsity Manager. ' IOSEPH RAMBO: General? Home Room 14: Hi-EYES Home Room Presi- MARY RAY: General: Home Room 23: Fishnet and Swimming Clubs, dent, and Vice President: Senior Assembly: President and Treasurer of Hiking Club: "N" Club: Swimming, Varsity. , ' . - .V . k, ., , . - . : . . , , 1 Tef f '- "few-Jesse.. . ' , --.' - 1 "If i s'E1:..? L. JZf':T"' 1 . i. vt 03:9 rift,-L .' u.fmie'f:fr4'-2:Y2,Z a'H-. F ' - 1' ' '- k: Zfe:H:.f ri, J e : ' lf "WT J if" -4-L rfb: Z . : 1' rg amiga" A ' , V- -. 1 , - :if T" L,-1 -g:.,,.- - - 4 it -, ' ' ' - 1.. fi,-,L if- 1' -fij ' , - -. mf. , M-- ., , , , .1 ,,.. Y ..,., .......,,.., --va. N . mar.-....1,...f..m:x::.w-.rr-r ,a,.,,.,4J,,, M4 ,, Mews...-..-.,.,aee vs., 4. --c... .Q , Q - - THIRTY-SEVEN Leo Reynolds Grant Rippman William Rittenhouse Amy Ritter Louise Roberts lane Roland GEORGE REESE: Indusirial: Home Room 11: Track Squad. WILLIAM REESE: General: Home Room 43: Band, 1, 2, 3. PAUL REUMONT: General: Home Room 22: Student Council: Hi-Eye Home Room President: Harmonica Club Vice President and Secretary Swimming. Varsity. IOHN REX: Scien'iBc: Home Room 3: Student Council: Home Room Presi dent: Art, Biology, Bee, and Hiking Clubs: Basketball. Iunior Varsity. LEO REYNOLDS: General: Home Room 18: Rifle Club. George Reese William Reese Paul Reumont Iohn Rex GRANT RIPPMAN: General: Home Room 22: Hiking and Biology Clubs. WILLIAM RITTENHOUSE: Vocational: Home Room 1: Vocational Society. AMY RITTER: General: Home Room 12: Secretary of Rifle Club: Music and Biology Clubs: Banking Officer. LOUISE ROBERTS: Classical: Home Room 7: National Honor Society: Student Council, 3: Home Room President: French, Ping Pong, Per- sonality Clubs: Tennis Squad, 2: Swimming. 3. IANE ROLAND: Classical: Home Room 4: Spice. Senior Editor, 2, 3: Home Room Secretary: Senior Congress: Personality Club. Vice President. THIRTY-EIGHT Antonette Romano Danny Ronca Francis Roncase lane Root ANTONETTE ROMANO: General: Home Room 46: Personality Club. DANNY RONCA: Scientific: Home Room 3: Home Room Vice President: Senior Congress: Harmonica Club, Secretaryz Stamp Club: Football, lunior Varsity: Banking OfIicer. FRANCIS RONCASE: ScienLiHC: Home Room 17: National Honor Society: Student Council: Spice Representative: Home Room President and Sec- retary: Glee Club: "N" Club: Football Club: Track: Iunior Varsity Basketball: Tennis, Varsity. IANE ROOT: General: Home Room l2: Spice: Home Room Secretary and Treasurer: Senior Congress: German. Astronomy, Biology, Poetry. and Correspondence Clubs. DORIS ROTHENBERGER: General: Home Room 32: Glee Club, Z, 3: Band. Doris Rotbenberger William Rumford Emily Ruppe Lester Sablosky Robert Sands Rocco Sanfelice WILLIAM RUIVIFORD: Industrial: Home Room 60: Sliric Ruic Club. EMILY RUPPE: Classical: Home Room 6: National Honor Society: Student Council Treasurer: Hi-Eye: "South in Sonora" Home Room President: Glee Club, President: National Georgraphic and Movie Clubs: State Soprano Solo Winner. LESTER SABLOSKY: Classical: Home Room 1: Student Council: Spice: Hi-Eye Sports Editor: Senior Congress: "N" Club: Basketball: Tennis. Varsity. ROBERT SANDS: Industrial: Home Room 27: Vocational Society. ROCCO SANFELICE: General: Home Room 13: Movie and Geography 2, 3: Orchestra, 2. 31 Swimming Club: Music Club. President: Mask and Clubs. Wig Club. Treasurer: "The Torch Bearersw. -C I - Q ,f arr' :ff-it 'r :V -t V ' . .. .. "' "- I QQ -. FT., " ' -iff, ' - 5 . - - 1. mliff:W335a3'1 3 'T' .ff if A' yifgi 3, 1 , A, A.. ' K ' f ' H , 1. , r f' .,.- v t -g,-:,,, ,, ,.: . -t f - ...,.1.:t12ve , V' . - C. . I ,, . THIRTY-NINE Matthias Saylor Russell Scholl Walton Schlosser Mary lane Schreck Dorothy Setzler Warner Shannon AUGUSTUS SANTANGELO: Classical: Home Room 47: Student Council, 3: Home Room Vice President, 3: Track, lunior Varsity Manager, l, Z. Track Manager, 3: Chemistry, Stamp, and Wrestling Clubs. HARRY SANTANGELO: Vocational: Home Room 34: Vocational Society. MICHAEL SANTANGELO: General: Home Room 34: "South in Sonora Glee Club: Football and "N" Clubs: Football: Track: Basketball. SEDA SANTANGELO: General: Home Room 21: Student Council, 2: Hia Eye, l: Home Room Secretary: Bee Club, Secretary, Z: Basketball, Iunior Varsity, 1. MATTHIAS SAYLOR: Indusirial: Home Room 33: Vocational Society. Augustus Santangelo Harry Santangelo Michael Santangelo Seda Santangelo RUSSELL SCHOLL: General: Home Room 22: Traffic Chief: Band: Baseball, Manager: Baseball, Iunior Varsity: Swimming, Varsity. WALTON SCHLOSSER: General: Home Room 7: Spire Staff, 2: Hi-Eye, 2: Cheer Leader 1, 2, 3. MARY IANE SCHRECK: General: Home Room 42: Bird, Commercial, and Movie Clubs. DOROTHY SETZLER: Scientific: Home Room 4: Home Room President: President of Fishnet Club: Secretary of Girls' "N" Club: Manager of Track: Basketball: Iunior Varsity. WARNER SHANNON: General: Home Room 17: Hi-Eye: "The Higher Loyaltyui "The Torch Bearersn: Home Room President and Secre- tary: President ol Mask and Wig Club: "N" Club: Captain of Tennis Varsity: Cross Country, FORTY Roland Simon Ollie Shaulis Helen Sheldon Ioseph Sheppard ROLAND SIMON: Industrial: Home Room 11: Track: Track. lunior Varsity. OLLIE SHAULIS: Classical: Home Room 18: National llonor Society: Stu- dent Council, Secretary 3: Spice. 3: Hi-Eye, 3: Wyomissing Essay Winner: Home Room Secretary: Glee Club, 3: Ping Pong Cluh, Presi- dent: Sports Club, President: Tennis Squad. 1, HELEN SHELDON: Classical: Home Room 43: Student Council 3: Spice l: "South in Sonoran: Home Room Treasurer: Sculpturing Club, Presi- dent: Current History and Hiking Clubs: Swimming Squad 3. IOSEPH SHEPPARD: Classical: Home Room 13: National Honor Society: Student Council. l, 2: Spice, 3: Home Room President: Biology Cluhi "The Torch Bearersu. ROBERT SMALLWOOD: Industrial: Home Room 60: Student Council, 21 Home Room President. Robert Smallwood Marian Smith MaryLouise Smith Melissa Smith Mildred Smith Ralph Smith MARIAN SMITH: Clnssical: Home Room 30: Student Council, 2:31 Spice Representative. 3: Home Room Vice President and 'llrt-asurer, Senior Congress: Senior Senate: Sophomore Dramatic Club. Tren-zurtr IKIARYLOIIISE SMITH: General: Home Room 33: Studrnr Cnnnt-il, 2, 3. Hi-Eye Stall. Representative, 2: Home Room Secretary and Treasurer Hiking Cluh, Secretary. MELISSA SMITH: General: Home Room 26: Home Ecoiiunncs, Correspon- dence, and German Clubs. MILDRED SMITH: General: Home Room 50: Student Council, 1. Hi-Eye Representative, Stavf 3: Home Room President: Vice President. Secre- tary. Treasurer: Glee Club, l, 2. 33 Yarncraft, President: Sport Club: Swimming 3. RALPH SMITH: General: Home Room 16: Student Council, Hi-Eye: "South in Sonoran: Traflic Chief: Glee Club. President: 'llmckg Finalist in State Music Contest. "HQ-f-"'i . ..y' . -- 3t":T?f'f' 4: 1. ,' f-1' - ',-an-g,,:'ft-" " ' -' . , - A 1-1--: Q' 53 " - 'ETL "CfE,QE"fai.' ' - pn' 7fgi?f1'f5t ti' ' ' IQ : ke. If is-'i:,' ' 11:4-'T 215. ei. ' --'ir ' ,N . ,, H .1 - 3 : . R I 7 14:-' ., .g,,15,, HSL.,-te U , 5 .-.sf -f 1m z,.4,,g,,f. A , 4 . 1 . -vial J Y' 7 H552 --.243-:QS519:1.g 1 tl'- ' V ' " ' ' - J' '11-as L"f1',,,:ifw1Lf FORTY-ONE Theresa Steinberg Marie Steinhilber Elizabeth Stewart Charlette Stroud Ethel Stout Carrie Suber ELEANOR SPEELHOFFER: General: Home Room 70: Student Council, 2: Hi-Eye, 3: German antl Business Club. ELIZABETH SPERRY: General: Home Room 46: Dancing and Hiking Clubs. SARAH SPOHN: General: Home Room l: German, Ping Pong, Girls' UN" Clubsg Track. ANN STEELE: General: Home Room 33: Hi-Eye Typist. 3: Home Room Secretary and Treasurer: Home Economics Club. Vive President. THERESA STEINBERG: Commercial: Home Room 18: Home Room Treas urer: Movie and Fishnet Clubs. VORTY-TWO Eleanor Speelhoffer Elizabeth Sperry Sarah Spohn Ann Steele MARIE STEINHILBER: General: Home Room 47: Student Council. 5: Senior Congress: Hiking and Sophomore Dramatic Clubs. ELIZABETH STEWART: General: Home Room 32: Student Council. 5: Spice Representative, 2, 51 Hi-Eye, Stalf, Representative, 3: Home Room Secretary: Senior Congress: Glee Club, 3: Music Club, Vice President: Leather Craft. Yarncraft, and German Club. CHARLETTE STROUD: General: I'Iome Room 21: Hi-Eye, lg Glee Cluh, l-2: Mask and Wig and Sophomore Dramatic Clubs: "South in Sonora". ETHEL STOUT: Commercial: Home Room 43: Spice, Typing Editor: Home Room Sevrr-tary: Yarncraft Club, President, CARRIE SUBER: General: Home Room 50: Sophomore Sports, Personality Movie, and Home Economics Clubs. Betty Swift Charles Tague Christiana Tancrecli Charles Taormina BETTY SWIFT: Commercial: Home Room 32: Home Room President and Secretary: Personality Club, Business Cluh, Treasurer, CHARLES TAGUE: General: Home Room 70: Captain of Swimming team: Banking Officer. CHRISTIANA TANCREDI: General: Home Room 27: Secretary of Yarn- . Craft Club. CHARLES TAORMINA: General: Home Room 6: Football Captain: Baseball. MILDRED TARNOPOL: General: Home Room 47: Commercial, Movie. and Swimming Clubs. ' ' ' ' 'Jeff Mildred Tarnapol Robert Taylor Richard Templin Iohn Thomas William Thomas I-lelen Todd ROBERT TAYLOR: ScientiHc: Home Room 16: National Honor Society, President: Spire I Editor of Handbook: Senior Congress: Brnid l, 2, .ll Orchestra 3. RICHARD TEMPLIN: General: Home Room 25: Student Council: Spice: Home Room President: Tratli-1 Glrc Cluh: Ping Pong and Hiking Clubs. IOHN THOMAS: Scientific: Home Room 14: National Honor Society: Student Council, l. Vice President 2. 5: Spree Stott: Home Room President and Vice President: Senior Congress: Senior Assembly. President: Biology Cluh. Vice President: Cainvrn Club. President. WILLIAM THOMAS: Industrial: Home Room 21: Voranonal Stwivrv, Honn Room Banking Ofliver. HELEN TODD: Commercial: Student Council 2 Spice Needlework Clubs. Home Room 26: National Honor Society: ig Home Room Virt' President: Sports and x - - ff' . - . 'S' ,Zo .,. '..-if J' fu x-7f.r ' FORTY-THREE Roland Trump Mary Tuasta Frances Turner Hildren Tyson Pearl Van Buskirk Ioseph Venezia IEAN TOPLEY: General: Home Room 44: Home Room Secretary: Cheer Leader 2. 3: Sophomore Dramatics Club, Secretary: Cheerleading Club, Secretary and Treasurer: Swimming. Varsity 3: Swimming Squad 2. 3. WILLIAM TOMPKINS: General: Home Room 44: Tramc: hand: orchestra. BLANCHE TREISBACH: General: Home Room 45: Hi-Eye Representativeg "South in Sonoran: Glee Club: Bird. Yarncraft, Correspondece Clubs. DONALD TREGO: General: Home Room 8: Studenr Council: Spice: Biology Club. ROLAND TRUMP: General: Home Room 17: Stamp and Hiking Clubs: Football- Iunior Varsity, lean Topley William Tompkins Blanche Treisbach Donald Trego MAIg:TbTUASTA: General: Home Room 18: Hi-Eye Typist. 3: Dusinrss u . FRANCES TURNER: General: Home Room 43: Correspondence, Yarncraft, and Poetry Clubs. HILDREN TYSON: General: Home Room 46: Camera Club. PEARL VAN BUSKIRK: General: Home Room 46: Business Club. IOSEPH VENEZIA: General: Home Room 46: Band: Baseball, Iunior Varsity. FORTY-FOUR Frank Vuotto Helen Ward Gene Watt lane Weber FRANK VUOTTO: General Home Room 3: Football and Astronomy Clubs Football, Iunior Varsity. HELEN WARD: General: Home Room ll: Business and Personality Clubs Banking Officer. GENE WATT: Classical: Home Room 30: Student Council 3: Spice 2 "The Torch Bearersng Home Room Secretary. Treasurer: Art, Sopho more Dramatic Clubs: Interior Decoration Secretary: Swimming 3. IANE WEBER: General: Home Room 25: Home Room Secretary, Treasurer: Glee Club: Movie Club Secretary: Hiking and Personality Clubs Chorus Accompanist. LORRAINE WEBER: General: Home Room 25: "The Torch Bearersn property: German, Music Lovers, Home Economic Clubs. Lorraine Weber Roland Wendling Claire Wheeler Charles White Davis Wier Edard Williamso-n ROLAND WENDLING: Industrial: Home Room 44: Vocational Society: Student Council. CLAIRE WHEELER: General: Home Room 46: Yarncraft Club Secretary: Poetry Club Treasurer. CHARLES WHITE: Academic: Home Room 33: Student Council, Vice President: Spice: Hi-Eye: iThc Torch Bearersuz Home Room Pr:-si dent: Senior Senate: Stamp and Biology Clubs: Tennis, Varsity. DAVIS WIER: Indusrial: Home Room 47: Vocational Society: Spice: Senior Assembly: Track. lunior Varsity: Stage: Slide Rule Club: Motion Picture proiections, EDWARD WILLIAMSON: General: Home Room 42: Home Room Presi- dent: "N" Club, Football Club: Baseball, lunior Varsity, ' , , ge, , . L- ',. ,, Q A .:. f ,. :.f,,-.,' f., .lf1f W .--+ ,f':. - 2-4' 1' - ge, . , 2 H . f ' Q , 4 'Y 71 I -'ft 'Pam' , FH ' ' Y 1 1'-. -Jw, -'fi'-,Q 'wh li 4 A' 'F 'f ,1l':n:zf:.f ' 2, -'k5'iiig:L'?Q11fg"43Z "M . , ,I--:,ziTGs:.:z.:L,Lm sl, , dar.-. -,..: , .Noel so 51.1- Sea ef ,.. as , aaii 8 T'-?.Ar1i'F'i T 1 1 i l 1 1 l - l l FORTY-FIVE Virginia Wood Iosephine Woodland Virginia Woodland Mark Wyle Minnie Wylie Edna Yerger WILLIAM WILLS: General: Home Room 43: "N" Club: Football, lunior Varsity: Track. PENRHYN WILSON: Scientific: Home Room 7: Student Council, 2: Hi, Eye, 3: Home Room President, Vice President. and Treasurer: Senior Assembly: Senior Senate: Band, l. MARION VVITMER: Classical: Home Room 13: National Honor Societyi Student Council 3: Spice 2, 5: Hi-Eye Editor in Chief: Norristown Herald Oratorical Contest, Home Room Vice-President, Secretary: Senior Congress: Senior Assembly: Swimming Squad 2. 3. RICHARD WOLF: Scientific: Home Room 4: Spice, l. Z: Home Room Vine President and Treasurer: Traffic, 3: Band, 3: Drum Major. VIRGINIA WOOD: Commercial: Home Room 25: Herne Roofn Vice Presi- dent and Secretary: Yarncraft Club Vive President: Hiking. Interior Decorating, N, H. S. Business Clubs. William Willis Penrhyn Wilson Marion Witmer Richard Wolf IOSEPHINE WOODLAND: General: Home Room 8: Bird, Yarncraft, and Hiking Clubs. VIRGINIA WOODLAND: General: Home Room 43: French. Movie. and Ping Pong Clubs. MARK WYLE: General: Home Room 43: Personality, Correspondence. Pong, Current History, and Biology Clubs. MINNIE WYLIE: General: Home Room 43: Personality, Correspondence, Sport, Business Clubs. EDNA YERGER: Commercial: Home Room 26: Spice 3: Home Room Presi- dent: Personality, Interior Decorating, and Business Clubs. FORTY-SIX Hazel Yerger Harry Yoder Vivian Zeigler Florence Zigouras HAZEL YERGER: General: Home Room 47: Student Council, 2: Home Room Treasurer: Secretary of Poetry Club: Swimming and Yarn Craft Clubs. HARRY YODER: General: Home Room 43: Student Council. 3: Home Room Vice-President: Traffic and German Clubs: Banking Ollicer. VIVIAN ZEIGLER: General: Home Room 23: Fishnet, Personality. and Yarncraft Clubs. FLORENCE ZIGOURAS: Home Room 14: Home Room Sccrvtary: "N" and French Clubs: Basketball, l: Swimming 1, Ioyce Zimmerman Ernest Zollers Elizabeth Zummo Arthur Ginnani IOYCE ZIMMERMAN: Classical: Home Room 25: "Sourh in Sonoran: Home Room President, Secretary, and Treasurer: Glas Club: Per- sonality ancl Movie Clubs. ERNEST ZOLLERS: Industrial: Home Room 45: Vocational Society: Spice. ELIZABETH ZUMNIO: General: Home Room 46: Ping Pong and Hiking Clubs. ARTHUR I. GINANNI: General: Home Room 6: Home Room, Vice Presi- dent: Football, lunior Varsity. l: Baseball, Iunior Varsity, 2. SYN ivwm o.,,., -cis S, yi bm. 1-sa.-'6Jb"a'f.Za3Zi" C -si ef FOR FY SEVEN l .. -was - -av .-," ' ..-- , ,. a - . A . , H- : ,,V, .. , , . ,,. . . 2,31-g., , f.- 'z.:f-565, , -rzf -' ... :ws 1 -fa... . .ful yffff, .,,,,, .-."'ws 1, .':. Q? ,f ,, , ,K M -' , . . o . . ' fy- ,. aim t - ,A .. -,fi , . ' 1 W'-'A-27-' 'f-45. Q-'za g:',:fi?s'f.v1p1 - i 2, J 11410 11 - :W Q9 ' i ' . ' ,mu -f"'f 3.1. :1.Ai"'-ff' ' ' ' v '-:K:.,.:.- " ,-151-jg'-ff ' qs" ,,Q'-120: A aft: , mv-. k .bf-t ,, 3 ...nga , -1- , A , -,Q-, ',,, .-...W 1. , 4 5 -.,a,g- .,g,:y,: -awry. V IL, L,w. .:'T-x W Ideal High School Students Mary Kuller Robert Bergey Most Talkative Doris Povey Bernard Berk Best Artists Anne l-lagner Merritt Bosler Best Personality Eleanor Ray Robert Bergey Most Likely to Succ Marion Witme Ioseph Dubuqt Most Forgetful Doris Povey Walton Schlosser Best Dancers Helen Sheldon Richard Templin Best Looking Margaret Hogan Theodore McKinney Shortest Elizabeth Groff William Dager Tallest Sara Eag Theodore Mc 1 A A V :Vi 124415- 1 1- "f m -1-f' sin an 'Wi tt 'rf V 4 -- . f ' W-, 'T " '. . . f. 5 ffm 4 ','1T't"fwH axe: .M a-aft?fi-'Y'-wht-17:':'-f, . p,-Et-wa,wf:,: 1:1 4, we ' " X 1, 1 . M Q . , ' . 3 M ' ' H x - H . f f . . . .ww zwlaiflt -:T -is ' fi -.fwaiz.i..:Q-Q'm'f.i1e'5.3':a'i..:. 'Jil lL1E9?,'f '35 bf? 5 h V lr V 'f f if FORTY-EIGHT lost Intelligent .ouise Roberts Robert Taylor Best Dressed Marian Smith Theodore McKinney Most Ambitious Roberta Evans Ioseph Dubuque Best Musicians Emily Ruppe Willianl Dager Most Popular Mary Kuller Robert McCracken 3 E44 st Speaking Voice Emily Ruppe loseph Dubuque Wittiest Eleanor Ray Bernard Berk Best Athletes Hazel Pernet Robert McCracken Most Original Eleanor Ray loseph Rambo Best Mannered Dorothy Fry Ioseph Dubuque FORTY-NINE The Class The Class of 1938 appears to be something to anticipate. Each member has plenty of material that a successful group re- quires. The ofHcers were elected and Thomas Whalen, the versa- tile Norristown athlete was elected president. Edgar Emery, already an orator of some reknown was chosen Vice-President, while Doris Benner along with Dorothy Krusen, Secretary and Treasurer respectively. So far the class has made a satisfactory attempt at selling school pennants to the other students, By this time their trea- sury sho-uld be increasing rapidly and we are looking forward to an outstanding Prom and a Senior Banquet that will long be remembered by the teachers and pupils. 1 1' wf--Q - ' V- 5 '- -1' 1' Q -wifi: V' ft' - ' ' wr l,-ta , 1: ,-in . fima -1, W .1 L : f - 1' f 1, f .H .asia 1. 1, V , - 'Y . .yr :iw -4 eq -1,,,,' g gi vu' A , a .- A F4 f 4 -1 -fL:.z5'4,T WQQWM-,. . ' L4' ,,:.:,,,. b o ' ,. f- ' - ' i ' " Y e ' FIFTY o1CIC938 Good luck to you Class of '38 from the Class of '37, Doris Allebach, Elaine Barrett, Ruth Bean, Doris Benner, Beryl Bolton, Francis Rubert, Emilie Winter, Eloise Brinkman, Doris Royer, Oliver Grimley, Frank Booz, Betty Wilson, Ida Mae Finley, Lloyd Blanchard, Erna Hallman, Sarah Hertzler, Dorothy Krusen, Ruth Frey, George Klotzbach, Harriet Greve, Lillian Linsenberg, Beryl Marberger, Iohn Deemer, Warren Sampsell, Eleanor McArthur, Kathleen Nuss, Robert Gates, Ruth Dreby, Betty McKee, Rosalie Mo-lino, Dorothy Keller, Martha Kneis, Rita McCabe, Edna Mullin, Raymond Lawson and Do- lores Povey. E 1, i FIFTY-ONE The Closs 631 certainly is a lucky number, for that is the number of students in the Sophomore class. It is one of distinction in N. H, S. The class is sponsored by the untiring Miss Mary Maneval. The members of the class showed their ambition in the way they handled the Christmas decorations. Ano-ther major project was that of sponsoring the play, "The Ghost Train", a thrilling mystery play presented by the Curtain Club of Ursinus College at Stewart Iunior High School on February 19, 1937. Are these students lovers of sports? Indeed, some of the members already play on varsity and junior varsity teams. The class members of '39 seem like veterans in Eisenhower thus showing that leadership is another of their outstanding features. The Sophomore Congress adds in making its class one of superiority. T: ' Q ' C i f:,,tvaw'::,., i,.- laura., -F 'ri'f- -"M I 'zfwrsf-""-A-' ff f ' f FIFTY-TWO MJ,-V n, ,,:.,y-v, 1:2-ff, ' -fy' lf -4, E- 'Ns-'f e -gi ,.i,,a,:-I 5.1 5.1 4, W :-rfifsifrf fff .g5Xffi27.,.-113,-f:.,f,1 ,gk ., at 2-1 m,!i??:E1::5E..k if .f K VA CDP 1939 The Congress members were: Ann Allebach, Marjorie All- erton, Betty Brendlinger, Margaret Conner. Alverna Campbell, Mildred Clemson, Beatrice Ditzler, Carl Felt. Greda Gross. Virginia Ashenfelter, Virginia Hunsicker, Russell Iohnson Ammon Kershner, Irene Marshall, Dick Martin, Harriet Mor- row, Ioe McCabe, Ruth Owens, Dorothy Pratt, Vernon Pen- nock, Ruth O'Neil, Oliver Reed, Donald Ryan, Veronica Roy- er. Iohn Shupe. Florence Mitsch, Betty Stevenson, Iohn Sylves- ter, William Shellington, David Tyson, Lois Townsend, Clar- ence Wilson, Palma Zorcone, Frances Wolfe, William Butler and Dorothy McClennen. 1' 1552:-33' f ' 'f :g i H IX IHRH Senior personalities ' " S ' ,F , -i-, sw , . A - FIETX FOUR 1 .,..3.....,.,.......,-Q.-,..., Mg.. V Extra Curricular Junior Prom Senior Soiree Junior prom Haunting music, soft lights. rhythmic Hgurcs and excited hearts marked the geniality of the junior Prom held May 2, 1936, Conscious that the affair was the first of high school functions, the juniors attached to it an air of importance and awe. Aided by the impressive and extremely intricate decorations, the chattering, noisy, and friendly group fell into swing immediately. Disguised to a great extent, various corners of the Stewart gym provided means of entertainment for all persons. Ping-pong and cards arrested much of our attentio-n. To break the monotony of contiuous dancing, a delightful floor show was presented. When the evenings entertainment was concluded the juniors reluctantly sauntered out, but with an inner feeling of extreme content and satisfaction with ho-pe for more to come. Last, but not least, we wish to mention that the whole success of this prom was entirely due to our able and beloved sponsor, Miss Edna Earl Hagy. Senior Soiree Weeks of breathless expectancy were culminated on the evening of january 23rd, when the Seniors held their Dance and Banquet at the Valley Forge Hotel. The banquet hall fairly sparkled in the class colors of crimson and silver, and re-echoed with thc laughter and amusing conversation that mark a joyous occasion. As a remembrance of this momen- tous oiccasion. each senior was delighted to receive a tiny charm representing the emblem of our school. The entertainment was furnished by james V. Loughran with Mrs. Ashenfelter leading the group singing. Paul March and His Midshipmen furnished the rippling rhythm for dancing. lt was entirely too soon in the general opinion. that the hands of the clo-ck pointed to eleven- thrifty. marking the end of a grand evening - gone but not forgotten. if ' f ,-l ,,?h,iQi- V V ' ' ..,M,.f,,, -t - FIFTY-SIX Senior Congress Senior Assembly g , .. v ,X Senior Congress Senior Congress, the governing body of the Senior Class. is one of the most important of all our student organizations. Only under its competent direction are all the senior activities carried out suc- cessfully. lts members, which include one senior from every home room, deserve a great deal of credit because the meetings are frequent and lengthy. The oHicers were President-William Biaselle, Vice-President f- William Huganir, Secretary - Mary Kuller. Treasurer-Sue Dyson. The other members were Lester Sablosky, Daniel Ronca, lane Rolanc, Grace Clarke, Dorothy Patterson, Frank Angelini, William Hendrickson. Iohn Cantelli. lane Root, Marion Witmer. Iohn Thomas, Neil Granese, Robert Taylor, Ioseph Dubuque, Leighton Haney, Eleanor Ray, Edna Geiger. Catherine 'Murray, Robert Bergey, Santina Antonina, Esther Malmberg, Virginia Bergey. Marian Smith, Betty Stewart, Aubrey Bateman. Mabelle Glass, Naomi Rapine, Iune Benner, Mabel Leister. Edward Baird, Dorothy Holt, Marie Steinhilber, Athleen Iaccbs, Merritt Bosler, Edward Davis. Senior Assembly The primary purpose of the Senior Assembly is to plan the assembly programs and produce them. Certainly this work has been admirably completed during this past term by that group. The body consists of two committees: one receiving outside performers who are to participate in the prcgram and the other arranging for the publicity of coming events and also the publicity of events that have occurred. The student chairman for each assembly is selected by this club. The organization is com- posed entirely of seniors and is sponsored by Miss Mildred L. Fox. Oflcicers for the year were Iohn Thomas, President: Sam Banham, Vice--President: Esther Malm- berg, Vice-President: Eleanor Ray, Secretary. The members were Marion Witmer, Roberta Evans, William Biaselle, Edna Ball, William Hug- anir, Ioseph Dubuque, Penrhyn Wilson, Ioseph Rambo, Virginia Bergey, Doris Povey, Mary Kuller, Francis Greene. Dorothy Fry, Edward Davis, Leighton Haney, Davis Weir. - 5, 'wi-41131 Hit f' ef f: jf 31 ' -. , , - V ., fri: ., nl ' 94- M - -,. --,'1',i:' 'sv Q"!' Y ' ' .:-- " Q," 19'?f-4' - ff" ,L '12 - J ' if :A-',-' , ?i.- "AJ" 'E FlF'I'Y,SHVEN Gordon, Goodman, Sheppard, Crawford. Eagens, Shannon, Haney, White, McMulliu Cast of Characters jenny Doris Rothenberger Mr. Frederick Ritter Ioseph Sheppard Mrs. Paula Ritter Mary McMullin Mrs. Duro Pampinelli Sara Eagens Mr. Spindler Frederick Gordon Mrs. Nelly Fell Adeline Goodman The Senior Play Certainly George Kelly chose a perfect situation for satirical presenta- tion in the form of a group of amateurs attempting to produce a play with the technique of professional artists. The "Torchbearers", a group of aspiring dramatists, under the voluble direction of Mrs. Duro Pampinelli QSara Eagensj with the utmost serious- ness and sincerity rehearse and produce a play "to extend the Little Theatre Movement in America". It is this seriousness and utter abandonment on the part of the characters themselves that cause the hilarious situations occurring throughout the play. The first act presents the characters, in the home of Frederick Ritter tloseph Sheppardl, rehearsing the play which is to be presented the follow- ing evening. The frequent interruptio-ns throughout the rehearsal by Mrs. Pampinelli and the argument between Mr. Huxley Hossefrosse tlseighton I-laneyl and Miss Florence McCrickett fMary Louise Crawfordl made this scene a favorite with the audience. Despite the fact that the play is prim- arily a comedy, Mr. Kelly has, in a very subtle manner, injected a bit of character study into it. The second act occurs back-stage at the Horticultural Hall, and the cast actually rollicked throughout the entire second scene. The no-vel setting combined with the desperate actions of the cast to make the "play" a success invoked howls of laughter from the three individual audiences. The play was presented three successive evenings, November 26, 27, and 28. The third act, in the main, is a struggle between Mr. and Mrs. Ritter tloseph Sheppard and Mary McMullinl in regard to Mrs. Ritter's future. Of course Mrs. Pampinelli is there admonishing the "cruel husband" in his attempt to- keep Mrs. Ritter off the stage. Mr. Ritter finally consents to his wife's proposed stage career. Mrs. Nelly Fell fAdeline Goodmanl was excellently played. The straight forward opinions which this character extended always brought forth a laugh from the audience. Mr. Spindler fFrederick Gordonl, the indis- pensable man, portrayed Mrs. Pampinellis "yes" man. All characters played their roles in an excellent manner. with no exception. I-ll-EYE, the student weekly, guaranteed the play Uto be the most en- tertaining and most hilarious ever presented upon a Norristown stage." HI-EYES prediction was right. The Senior Class presented the play in a commendable style. There is no doubt in regard to the fact that much of the excellence of the production was due to Miss Rebecca W. Price, the directo-r, and Gene Watt. the student director. FIFTY-EIGHT G00dm8lI1 Kulp, Elgens, McMullin, Rothenbzrger, Caramenico, Sheppard "The Torch Bearersn COMMITTEES Property-Miss Elinor Brecht, Miss Amanda Bell Roberta Evans Adell McConnell Peggy Hogan Pauline Pirches Marion Witmer Aubrey Bateman Paul March Richard Templin Iohn Thomas Lorraine Weber Melissa Smith Eleanor Constable Ann Marino Santina Antonini Theresa Steinberg Dorothy Patterson Zina Iosephson Publicity-Miss Mary M. Maneval Ollie Shaulis Betty Stewart William Hendrickson Ioseph Dubuque House Manager--Mr. Charles N. Sutphen Tickets-Mr. Iohn L. Schuler Sam Banham William Dager Robert McCracken Iesse Benyish Watson Fisher William Monahan Technical Advisor-Mr. Harold E. Thompson Stage Manager-Mr. William E. Butler Harry Houpt Henry Hayden Davis Weir William Woodland William Martin Robert Knobler Charles Bennett Ervin Raudenbush William Butler Ushers-Mr. Walton E. Landes Programs-Miss Edna E. Hagy Harry Yoder Warren Bright Edward Davis Watson Fisher William Huganir Robert johnson Alton Keeler Lloyd Kershner Robert Kratz Sterling Krecker Ted McKinney Matthew Ployd Chester Ruth loseph Smallwood Ralph Smith Richard Templin Penrhyn Wilson Richard Wolf Harry Yoder Cast of Characters Mr. Huxley Hossefrosse Leighton Haney Teddy Spearing Warner Shannon Miss Florence McCrickett Mary Louise Crawford Mr. Ralph Twiller Charles White, Ir. Mrs. Clara Sheppard Iune Kulp Mr. Stage Manager Anthony Caramenico FIFTY-NINE I Taylor, Thomas, McKinney, Haney, Davis, Davenport, Sheppard, Houpt, Huganir, Dubuque, Biaselle, Roncase, Dager OFFICERS President Robert Taylor Vice President William Hugariir Secretary Mary Kuller Sponsor Dorothy E. Berger Shaulis, Todd, Dyson, Evans, Ruppe, Crawford, Kuller, Witmen Roberts National I-lonor Society The highest distinction in Eisenhower is to become a member of the Norristown Chapter of the National Honor Society. Our group belongs to this nation-wide organization, which publicly recognizes student merit. Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service are the four cardinal principles. lt is for these outstanding qualities that the deserving are honored by membership. As a group, the Honor Society performs numerous worthy acts. lt sponsors the Ho-nor Book, in which the most notable seniors of each class are permitted to sign as a reward for exceptional service. In recent years the graduate file has been under the care of the society. This file keeps a record of the past and present status of all graduates of the high school during the last five years. The organization also aids as requested in any school project. On March 5, the members rendered their first duty of this kind by assisting with the College Night pro- gram. ' The following are Honor Society members: William Bia- selle, Mary Louise Crawford, William Dager, Horace Daven- port, Edward Davis, Ioseph Dubuque, Sue Dyson, Roberta Evans, Leighton Haney, Harry Houpt, William Huganir, Mary Kuller, Theodore McKinney, Louise Roberts. Francis Roncase, Emily Ruppe, Ollie Shaulis, Ioseph Sheppard, Robert Taylor, Iohn Thomas, Helen Todd, and Marion Witmer. bl XTY Editor-in-Chief Business Staff Original Staff Senior Stall Sheppard, Dager, White, Haney, Biaselle, Thomas, Raquet, Wier, Crawford, Kirk, Sablosky, Ployd, Martin Markley, Ebersold, Dyson, Hendrickson, Zollers, Huganir. Emery, Putnam, Potts, Todd, Print: Boice, Beyer, lacobs, Oberholtzer, Vink, Hertzler, Kriebel, Hallman, Shaulis, Finnegan, Bauer, Maxwell McKee, Campbell, Witmer, Smith, Ray, Crawford, Ball, Bean, Posen, Benner. Malmberg, Donley Grimley, Shoemaker, Kuller, Stout. Roland, Evans, Dubuque, Reifsnyder, Yeakel, S. Davis, E. IQ37 Spice With the publication of this "Spice" another chapter in Eisenhower histo-ry has been written, A notable chapter it has been for Spices have come and Spices have gone, but this edition has the distinction of being the last to be presented to the student body from this, the old school. Lost to the future classes will be the friendly atmosphere of the building and the mystery of the tower, but theirs will be the opportunity of the new, and greater Eisenhower. Like everything else around N.H.S., Spice is a graduated affair. lt started its career in 1896 as a monthly magazine and it remained so until 1931. It was a seasonal publication, that is, there was a fall issue, a Christ- mas issue, one for graduation, a spring edition, and another graduation issue. The cover was made of co-lored drawing paper, and pictures were indeed scarce. Witness the difference. The 1937 edition of Spice is the biggest and best yet, for the size of the pages has been materially increased, and scores of pictures are telling their own story. Roberta Evans Activities Staff Louise Yeakel Kathryne E. Reifsnyder Edna Ball Helen Beyer Elizabeth Brendlinger Marjorie Campbell Willialm Dager Sue Dyson Arlene Markley Betty McKee Allan Putnam loseph Dubuque Frank Shoemaker Claire Bauer William Biaselle Dorothy Boice Eleanor Hallman Georgine Haughton Sara Hertzler Ammon Kershner Marian Kriebel Elaine Potts Ioseph Sheppard Marian Smith Mary Kuller Marie Ebersold Virginia Knerr loan Maxwell lane Oberholtzer Matthew Ployd Virginia Printz Sports Stall Stanley Davis Mary Louise Crawford William Crawford William Hendrickson T Iane Roland Betty Bean Margaret Finnegan Leighton Haney William Huganir Athleen Iacohs Francis Raquet Eleanor Ray Ollie Shaulis Charles White Marion Witmer Ernest Zollers Davis Editor-infChief Roberta L. Evans Business Manager Ioseph G. Dubuque Assistants Edward W. Davis Stanley M. Davis Oliver K. Grimley Mary E. Kuller Kathryne E. Reifsnyder lane E. Roland Frank A. Shoemaker Ethel L. Stout Louise I. Yeakel Sponsors Dorothy E. Berger William I. Spangler Donald Trego George Klrk YPU19 Stan Photography Stan Lester Sablosky Ethel Stout Edward Davis Aff Staff . lane Vmk Vivian Maxwell Esther Malmberg Oliver GYUUICY jeangtrg P05911 Donald Martin ll-me Benner Helen Todd Richard Martin Merritt Boslfr Iohn Thomas Davis Wier SIXTY-ONE I-li-Eye Blanchard, Rambo, Pritchett, Kirk, Dubuque, Hendrickson, Davis, Kane, Iolmson, Naile, Moyer, Rapp, Woodland Contestible, Sensenig, Frisco, DiFerdinando, Bauer, Campbell, Shaulis, Lewis, Fry, Stewart, Oberholtzer, Reese, Kratz Markley, Smith, Aslxenfelter, Nuss, Printz, Bauer, Ray, Evans, Kuller, Woodland, Malmberg, lVlcMullin, Donley, McFadden Casey, Yeakle, Obcrholtzer, Owens, Hill, Reifsnyder, Putnam, VVitmer, Sablosky, Emery, Posen, Bean, Finnegan Editor-infChiel Marion Witmer Associate Editors Kathryne E. Reifsnyder W. Boyd nm Assistant Editors Roberta Evans Edgar Emery Lester Sablosky Allan Putnam William Dager Matthew Ployd Alton Keeler Dorothy Casey Our weekly newspaper HHi-Eye" is the most frequently printed member of the Eisenhower "Triple Ententen of publications. lt announces the hap- penings of the school each week, thus attempting to realize its aims which are: to give an accurate account of school news, to promote and encourage school activities, to unite the school in common interest, and to improve relations between the school and community by providing a common source of information. Since Iune 14, 1928 the newspaper has held an important place in school activities. It offers an excellent opportunity to study and practice journalism and to work with the business world of advertising. Miss Wilma L. Stern is the capable adviser of the literary staff, to which she gives unlimited time and effort. Mr. William Spangler is the sponsor of the business stall of "Hi-Eye" as well as of "Spice", HI-EYE STAFF Editor-infChief-Marion Witmer Associate Editors-Kathryne Elsie Reifsnyder, W. Boyd Hill Literary Staff Managing Editors-Roberta Evans, Edgar Emery Reporters Edna Barnsby, Claire Bauer, Margaret Conner, Elizabeth Contestable, Iosephine Diller- dinando, Ioseph Dubuque, Margaret Finnegan, Dorothy Fry, Adeline Fusco, Georgina Haugh- ton, Harry I-Ioupt, Betty Kratz, Mary Kuller, Helen Lewis, Esther Malmberg, Arlene Markley. Margaret McFadden, Mary McMullin, Esther Oberholtzer, lane Oberholtzer, Virginia Printz, Betty Sensenig, Ollie Shaulis, Mildred Smith, Betty Stewart, and Louise Yeakel. Sports Editor-Lester Sablosky Sports Staff Betty Reese, Stanley Davis, Charles Kane, George Kirk, Stanley Mann, George McCabe, Ioseph Rambo, and Eleanor Ray. Business Staff Manager--Allan Putnam Advertising Manager--William Dager Advertising Stall Elaine Bauer, Betty Bean, Frank Brassington, Marjorie Campbell, Ioseph Cook, Anthony Finiko, Walter Horrocks, and Leslie Shaw. Circulation Manager-Matthew Ployd Circulation Stall Russell Iohnson, Edward Moyer. Iames Naile, Kathleen Nuss, and Ieanette Posen, Publicity Manager-Alton Keeler Publicity Staff Edna Ball, Dorothy Fry, Charles White, and Penrhyn Wilson, Head Typist--Dorothy Casey Typists lean McArthur, Iune Benner, Grace Clarke, Eleanor Contestable, Margaret Donley, Mar- garet, Finnegan, Watson Fisher, Mable Lowrie, Mary Tuasta, Elizabeth Murphy, Eleanor Speelhoffer, Ann Steele, and Mildred Tarnapol. SIXTY-TWO The members c-f the Society include: Brower, Robbins, Campbell, Woodland, Weir, Wetzel, Clews, Houpt, Dribble, Thomas, Baird, Kutz Guie, Raimondi, Zummo, Carneavale, Loughery, Galanti, Bennett, Harris, Pennington, Buckwalter, Herbert Henry, Potter, Foley, Moister, Allehach, Lewandowski, Behney, Bennett, Kingkinger, Sands, Gentile, Shupert, Zol' lers, Hassinger, Knoble, Butler, Thompson Guardino, White, Martin, Saylor, Flore, Hayden, Kulp, Rambo, Perrone, Getty, McAdoo. Hood, Wendling Vocational Society The Norristown Vocational Society is an excellent organization compos- ed of Iuniors and Seniors from the Vocational Department. Each member is elected only after a thorough investigation on the part of the Vocational Teachers and to be elected one must excel in loyalty, leadership, integrity. and industry. The emblem of the so-ciety is a flaming torch mounted on a keystone in whose corners are inscribed the letters L. L. I. l. Super-imposed on the torch are the gear, the draftman's triangle, the carpenters square, and the ball pien hammer. The society aims to make a more friendly feeling between the alumni and the undegraduates and to increase the loyalty and cooperation of its members toward the school. Lloyd Allebach Nelson Baird Robert Behney Charles Bennett George Bennett Merritt Bosler William Bosler Wilmer Brendlinger Harry Brower Charles Buckwalter Elmer Campbell Henry Carneavale Frank Carnein lames Clews Victor DeSante Harry Downey loseph Foley F. AGalanti Arthur Gentile Edward Getty Charles Grisdale Francis Grisdale Antonio- Guardino Herbert Guie Howard Hatch Harold Hathaway Chester Hassinger Lin Herbert Albert Harris Iames Hohl Robert Hood Harry Houpt Clarence Kinkinger Merrill Knoebler William Kutz Raymond Lawson Lawrence Ledger Walter Lewandowski Harold Loughery William Martin Francis McAdoo William McNamee Douglas Moister Giacomo Narini loseph Norwich Walter Pennington William Perrone lames Radatta William Raizmondi William Rittenhouse Kenneth Robbins Robert Sands Edgar Shepard William Showalter Donald Simon William Thomas Roland Wendling Herbert Wetzel Wade White Davis Wier William Woodland Ernest Zollers Arthur Zummo President Harry Kulp Vice President Henry Hayden Secretary Ralph Edwards Treasurer Archie Rambo Steward Daniel Flore Historian lack Saylor iff? zfxgi ",f. :JJ ' ' . ff' " : .'E'3., :,"ff"2."'f T' 1 ' lla i T ' ' ' ' I ' I' 41- - fl, 1- ' ' ' .74 ' we 1 " 1 1 , , .f1fi..fI5g5'f?e:f.::fg . ' " cf " ' - 1' - f ,, A A ., J JI.,,,-N-.g'.'4,-E' 5fQ-'1,-lv ' tf"1"nw ,,.""5"r 1'-Y' Ei' 131' -' I Z.-ra M V3'3" " 14" if TZ- F ' 45: - at o gg!! SIXTY-THREE. Ployd, Dubuque, Schweiker, Galligan Oberholtzer, March, Shaw, Emery, Markley Molino, Garber, Anders, Gilbert, DiFerdinando, McClennen, Stevenson, Ashenfelter Ioseph Dubuque President Members Arlene Markley Paul March Matthew Ployd Peggy Gilbert Edgar Emery lane Oberholtzer Rosalie Molino Malcolm Schweiker, Ir. Iosephine DiFerdinando Robert Galligan Mildred Davenport Leslie Shaw Doris Anders Lorene Ashenfelter Dorothy Moseley Irene Garber Betty Stevenson Dorothy McClennen Debating This year the Debating Club had approximately twenty members. The officers of the club were: President'-Ioseph Dubuque Secretary-Peggy Gilbert This year like last, different team combinations were used throughout the season, enabling a larger group to participate. Twelve inter-scholastic debates were held during the season. Dual debates were with: Doylestown Lansdale North Coventry Olney Ridley Township Spring City The questio-n debated this year throughout the country by all high schools was: Resolved that all .electric utilities should be governmentally owned and operated. During the debating season, the club had guest debaters on two different occasions: Ursinus College QMenl versus Upsala College and Ursinus College lWomenl versus Lebanon Valley College. These debates enabled us to gain certain points of improvement from college debaters. A summary of the season reflects a successful series of debates. Miss Rebecca W. Price is the sponsor. SIXTY-FOUR Oberholtzer, Ploycl, Davenport, Dager, Landes Ebersold, Vink, Taylor, Garber, Iacobs Blue Book The Blue Book, one of the three publications of our high school, will be published annually starting this year. The main purpose of this book is to acquaint the Sophomores and new students with the rules, customs, and activities of the school. One of the main features of the Handbook is the list of suggestions for book reports which every one needs during his three year course. The schoo-1 songs and cheers have been re- vised so that everyone can sing and cheer our team on to victory at the football games. If you haven't already planned your course of study for the coming year or years, the Handbook will give you all the information you need about the subjects you may take, This book is the only place where all the build- ings that comprise our school are gathered together and put into Editor-infChiel Robert Taylor Stall William Dager Horace Davenport Marie Ebersold Irene Garber Athleen Iacobs Ruth Landes lane Oherholtzer Matthew Ployd one place. This remarkable feat is only made possible by a lane Vink plan of the school which is found in the Blue Book. After much hard work by the staff under the sponsorship of Miss Elva Blakey a completely revised issue with many new features was published this year. af . .-W.:....4-....1:.-e.-.:...1iL,4.-.11his7 X' ' 1 ..f, ,.....i,:.-: f1Zi:.LTflf...L.:.l SIXTY-FIVE March, Angelucci, Farrall, Cook, Friedeborn, Thomas, Tompkins, Frost Singleton, Rotlienberger, Iacobs, Clemmer, Taylor, Wasser, Sander, Printz, Todd Paxson, Frisco, Subranni. Dager. Wilkinson, Cinaglia. Puleo, Loughery, Teal, Rickers Altoona Contestants Flute Soloist Athleen Iacobs Piano Soloist Marietta Sanders Soprano Soloist Emily Ruppe Alto Soloist Ioan Maxwell Tenor Soloist Ralph Smith Baritone Soloist Warren Bright Qrchestro The orchestra. under the guiding batc-n of Mr. Damon Holton, has again had a successful year of musical activities. The technique and talent of this musical organization was displayed at the Spring Musical, held March fi. Several representatives of the music department took part in the State Music Contest. held in Altoona. The excellent work of the orchestra has added much cultural prestige to Norristown High Schoo-l. Violins Virginia Baird Betty Baldwin Dominick Cinaglia William Dager Carl Frisco Evelyn Loughery Paul Maguire Ioseph Puleo Herman Rickers Leslie Shaw Frank Subranni Katherine Wilkinson Cello Howard Pax son Bass lra Singleton Flute Athleen Iacobs Clarinets Ioseph Cook Richard Frost Virginia Printz Doris Rothenberger William Thomas Ioseph Todd Tenor Saxophone Warren Farrall Piano Marietta Sanders SIXTY-SIX Trumpets Iames Angelucci Cvreqg Clemmer Paul March Drums Robert Wasser Trombones Robert Taylor Baritone William Friedeborn Tympania William Tompkins il 4: Bright, Hoser, Wolf, Oswald, Ruth Bosler, Rothermel, Markowitz, Freideborn Scholl Giamo, Cinaglia, Blondin, Clemmer, March, Emery, Goldberg, Smallwood Campbell, Felicifmi, Venezia, Zummo, Stemplz, Vaughan, Salamone, Farrall, Herdman, Huber, Goldstein, Ange- lucci, Bos er Giano, loseplison, Todd, Frost, Iowett, Cook, McNamara, Thomas, Hemmig, Singleton, Taylor, Simpson, Slough Constable, Wasser, Quirk, Frost, McCoy, Tompkins Band The honors for bravery and faithfulness go this year to the Eisenhower Band for its suffering during the season of rainy football games. It is an exceptional credit to N. H. S. to be supported by such a fine grc-up. In addition to football games, they also participated in numerous concerts of various types. We congratulate the band for its staunch and excellent work during the school year. Clarinets Vernon Blondin Malcolm Cam bell P Ioseph Cook Ioseph Feliciani Richard Frost Lewis Giamo George Iosephson Ralph Iowett Iohn MacNamara Russell Stemple Ioseph Todd Ioseph Venenzia Anthony Zummo Trumpets Iames Angelucci Willis Bosler Gregg Clemmer Edgar Emery Marvin Goldberg Philip Goldstein Thomas Herdman Christian Huber Paul March Robert Vaughan Horn Dominick Cinaglia Carmen Salamone Trombones Alvin Hemmig Aldus Hertzler Lane Simpson Ira Singleton Eugene Slough Robert Taylor Bass Warren Bright Kenneth Hoser Edward Oswald Chester Ruth Baritone Raymond Bosler William Friedebor William Rothenme Drums Donald McCoy Ioseph Quirk Anthony Santangelo William Tompkins Robert Wasser Saxophones Warren Farrall Michael Giamo Albert Markowitz William Reese Flag Bearers Russell Scholl Ioseph Smallwood Drum Major Richard Wolf n l Altoona Contestants Brass Sextette Iames Angelucci Warren Bright Gregg Clemmer William Friedeborn Ira Singleton Robert Vaughan 1 1 A ffl, Bail sw, Vljzgx -g kg s ,. - .V . , - - , ' .::e:.:'r'a2fe'-,.Za:e4' -fer' - , -1 f .. v ' '-nf' 1-L '-"N . . xzf' - . 9 .. . 11 '-' ' i""'If 1- - f' -" .i" - , , - V . ' I '. Y SIXTY-SEVEN Weber, Kimber, Bright, Friedeborn, Deemer, Irwin, Kerslmer, Knnbler, Grimley, Lee Wilson, Scheid, Vaughan, Martin, Owens, Galligan, Kimmick, Huber, Robinson Roncase, Schook, Krusen, Shoemaker, Brewer, Lindberg, Cook, Eliot, Subranni, Emery, Stemple Shenkle, Smallwood, Ruth, Singleton, March, Gotscl-i, Carneavale, Moser, Genova, Page Boys' Club President Ralph Smith Vice President Ira Singleton Secretary Chester Ruth Director Nellie Ashenfelter Boys' Quartettc Ralph Smith William Friedeborn Ira Singleton Warren Bright Boys' Glee Club No-rristown High is justly proud of its choral groups which constitute an important part of the music department. Under the capable direction of Mrs. Ashenfelter, they have come to form an important feature of school life. The groups include the Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs, the Boys' Quartet, the Girls' Trio and varic-us soloists, They have participated in many events including the Spring Musical, the State Musical Co-ntest, the Spring Festival at Temple, and as something new this year, they sang with the Main Line Symphony Orchestra in a special program. Members of the Boys' Glee Club: First Tenor: Ernest Bright, Alvin Elliott, Robert Galligan, Robert Kimber, Robert Knobler, Paul Moser, Iudge Page, Chester Ruth, Iohn Shupe, Ioseph Small- wood, Ralph Smith, Russell Stemple. Second Tenor: Henry Carneavale, Vtlilliam Friedeborn, Chris Huber, Harry Kimmick. Iames Robinson, Russell Weber, First Bass: Warren Bright, Wesley Clemens, Ioseph Cook, Iohn Deemer, Edgar Emery, Gus Genova, Gliver Grimley, Robert Irvin, David Krusen, Thomas Lee, Paul March, Donald Martin, Francis Roncase, Kenneth Scheid, Walter Schook, Alfred Shenkle, Frank Shoemaker, lra Singleton, Frank Subranni, Richard Templin. Robert Vaughan, Clarence Wilson. Second Bass: Paul Bailey, Iames Brewer, Carmen Dadonna, Io-hn Owens. SIXTY-EIGHT Fisher, Cassel, Smith, Pratt, Reifsnyder, Ray, Campbell, Baldwin, Benton, Allerton, Ditzler, Constable, Patterson, Holt Garis, Garber, Seidel, Walker, Markley, Hallman, Beck, Conner, Winter, Dreby, Marberger, Yeakle, Anders, Anders, Trump Contestible, Teale, Loughery, Lysinger, Rambo, Lisenberg, Oherholtzcr, Townsend, Malniberg, Leach, Maxwell, Kriebal, Hutt, Monastero, Loux V Raudenhush, Oberhnltzcr, Moser, McMullin, Mitchell, Doll, Baird, Boot, Shaulis, Clemmcr, Maxwell, lxulp, Crocker, Kreger Zimmerman, Haughton, Stewart, Rubery, Constable, Greve, Ruppe, McArthur, Weber, Kncrr, Dietrich, Gross McLaughlin, Lewis Sanders, Rothenbergcr, Dobbs, Templeton, Kratz, Greene, Gerson, Goldstein, Kohl, Fritz, Owens, Knoellcr v Girls' Glee Club Members of the Girls' Glee Club: First Soprano: Doris Anders, Dorothy Anders, Emily Baldwin, Virginia Baird, Peggy Clemmer, Margaret Connor, Eleanor Constable, Virginia Crocker, Florence Dietrich, Virginia Dobbs, Pauline Doll, Margaret Gilbert. Beatrice Goldstein, Dorothy Holt, Mary Hutt, Georgine Haughton, Naomi Knoeller, Marian Krie- bel, Grace Kriger, Lillian Linsenberg, Doris McClennen, Ella Ruth Ober- holtzer, Carmella Paretti, Dorothy Patterson. Marie Rainer, Emily Rambo, Doris Rothenberger, Sara Rubrey, Emily Ruppe, Ollie Shaulis, Mary Smith Mary Walker, Emilie Winter, Ioyce Zimmerman. Second Soprano: Marjorie Allerton, Virginia Ashenfelter, Sylvia Beck, Betty Roo-t, Mar- jorie Campbell, Beatrice Ditzler, Ruth Dreby, Anna Fisher, Mildred Garis, Frances Green, Greda Gross, Doris Holland, Betty Kratz, Eleanor Mc- Arthur, Geraldine McLaughlin, Marjorie Mills, Dorothy Pratt, Kathryne Reifsnyder, Marietta Sander, Irma Sidell, Betty Stewart, Lois Townsend. Louise Yeakel. Alto: Dorothy Baldwin, Mavis Benton, Helen Cassel, Ann Constable. Eliza- beth Contestable, Sara Fritz, Irene Garber. Ieannette Gerson, Harriet Greve, Evelyn Hallman, Virginia Knerr, Genevieve Kohl, Betty Leach, Helen Lewis. Evelyn Loughrey, Mary Loux, Marian Lysinger, jean McArthur, Esther Malmberg, Beryl Marberger, Arlene Markley, Ioan Maxwell, Vivian Max- well, Sara Mitchell, Frances Monastero, Edith Moser, Esther Oberholtzer, Ruth Owens, Eunice Raudenbush, jean Ray, Mildred Smith, Peggy Teal, Quth Woodland, Betty Youngblud. Girls' Club President Emily Ruppc Vice President Lillian Linsenbcrg Secretary Eleanor McArthur Accompanist lane Welder Girls' Trio Emily Ruppe lean McArthur Doris Rothenluergcr . . i., 5- rl' , 14.-J ' -.. My ...,,:Z:.fii " ' 23 ,ggi 5, 3- Lmffw. .-., ,1',- , fi , Nay' ,:..e fr K F 1 'gf ff-si 1 r'fff",.JI'-, I G if v SEM A ' - 2 I-, . , -r '-2 , , I .nf f-3' :rg -. .5 ' .,. . ,, . ,, , 'yy-.5,.,,Q,. -V Q, 4 . -ML -. , -- 4 V - g,,.i. -13,5-,fi ,Har-,. V , ,AHL ,Q ,nr -M 2x.4......51eM,--wave 1,-lata: - -K -H- SIXTY-NINE Trego, Wilson, Verna, Woodland, McAdoo, Monahan, Knohler, Gustafson, McCracken, Reumont, Carnein, Gris dl S' L M h G ' l Q' a e, imon, awson, are , rim ey, uinn Berk, Rex, Scanlon, Kuhnley, Owens, Ellis, Sampsell, Klotzbach, Ballard, Granese, Toarmina, Wendling, Catanzaro Dearolf, Baird, Martello, Haring, Hunsherger Iarrett, Smith, Ray, Scheid, Smith, Ray, Hallman, Hoffman, Krusen, Ianton, Bean, Goodman, Stong, Iones, Benner Hess, Neale, Sheldon, McMulIin Lofman, Witmer, Baldwin, Dreby, Winter, Lombard, Huganir, McKinney, Bergey, White, Donlay, Fisher, Speel hoffer, Sadden, McCoy, Fry, Bean, Holt, Glass 1 OFFICERS President Willianm Huganir Vice President Charles White Secretary Virginia Bergey Treasurer Theodore McKinney Sponsor lohn L. Schuler Student Council Our governing body, Student Council, proved indispensable this year because of its many helpful activities. Some of these were conducting 'ipepu meetings, keeping a scrapbook composed of clippings concerning our students, their activities and fun, and cooperating in suburban student council con- ferences. At these conferences, schcols in the suburban district discussed problems for school improvements. The members for first semester were Emily Baldwin, Allen Ballard, Kenneth Baird, Betty Bean, Edna Bean, Doris Benner, Bernard Berk, Vir- ginia Bergey, Frank Carnein, Charles Catanzaro, Margaret Donley, Ruth Dreby, Thomas Dearolf, lean Fisher, Ruth Frey, Mabelle Glass, Adeline Goodman, Neil Granese, Oliver Grimley, Charles Grisdale, Gordon Gustaf- son, Erna Hallman, Catharine Hess, Roy Haring, Dorothy Holt, lean Hoff- man, Harry Hunsberger, Eleanor Ianton, Helen Iarrett, Virginia Iones, Robert Knobler, George Klotzbach, Dorothy Krusen, Earl Kuhnley, Anne Lofman. Rita Lombard, Raymond Lawson, Edward McAdoo, Robert McCracken, Mary McCoy, Theodore McKinney, Mary McMullin, Paul March, Albert: Martello, William Monahan, Dorothea Neale, Iohn Owens, Ioseph Quinn, Ray Quintrell, Eleanor Ray, lean Ray, Paul Reumont, Iohn Rex, Iean Sad- den, Warren Sampsell, Ierry Scanlon. Beatrice Scheid, Helen Sheldon, Donald Simon, Eleanor Speelhcffer, Marian Smith, Mary Louise Smith, Naomi Stong, Charles Taormina, Donald Trego, Vincent Verna, Ronald Wendling, Penrhyn Wilson, Emilie Winter, Marion Witmer, Charles White, William Woodland. SEVENTY Weber, Wentzel, Davenport, Hay, Banham, Yoder, Robinson, Frantz, Guardino, Scanlon, Owens, Sheppard, Monahan, Henry, Roncase, Dager Roberts, Dognata, Lawson, Barnes, Galligan, Knobler, Gordon, Piazza, Sampsell, Crawford, Deemer, Lindberg, D' ' 0 Ca ac' llnln y l Steinhilber, Watt,PNuss, Bergey, Benner, Roberts, Benner, Naile, Adams, McFadden, Marino, Holt, Pirches, Hess, Winter, Ray, Kurtz, Bauer, Lightkep, Smith Ballard, Mullen, Kuller, Simon, Rapp, Arena, Croll, Dubuque, Shaulis, Ruppe, Thomas, Toarmina, Anders, Smith, Fritz, Stewart, Mathers, Phifer, Mulholland , V 5,-ff , , 't'r,7'r2' -Y 'iff it- 1 ' ' , . -V ieifit-'-, -v i?" 4 , 1 s 1 1 " .-,-rica? . -st' 1'-A 4 1 ' ' 'af' H' 12 ,ff :Hue L' 1 - - ' Y' -eff? 31? lil ,f i f' f-fi' 17131:-,I ' M , 1 5 " ' ,K . P .. , -eg. , , N, .-we 1 :rd-f3'ri': , M .-u- r.. ,,,,,,M,,M,,.,, ,. ., ,.. H, ..,. . ,,., .. Student Council The second semester Student Council completed tasks started by the previous Council, and undertook many other projects. Representatives were sent to various Student Council Conferences where "Student Leadership" and other topics relating to student life were discused. The council also aided in the settlement of the traffic question, which was so prevalent during the second semester. Members: William Sheppard, Claire Bauer, Albert Banham. Eva Arena. Robert Knobler, lean Ray, Charles Capaci, Doris Benner, Charles Taormina, Emily Ruppe, Gus Dimino, Louise Roberts, William Crawford, Emilie Winter, Iohn Farntz, Sara Fritz, Robert Galligan, Helen Pifer, George Gordon, Viola Adams, Io-hn Thomas, Catherine Hess, Iames Robinson, Marie Croll, Horace Davenport, Agnes Kuller, Francis Roncase, Rose Marino, Robert Barnes, Ollie Shaulis, Russell Weber, Mary Louise Mulholland, Malcolm Hay, Kathryn Kurtz, Antonio Guardino, Margaret McFadden, Benjamin Cognato-, Dorothy Naile, Iohn Paul, Pauline Pirches, Mildred Ballard, Dorothy Light- kep, Sam Roberts, Virginia Bergey, Iohn Deemer, Gene Watt, Warren Samp- sell, Betty Stewart, Otis Henry, Mary Louise Smith, Wallace Cook, Kath- leen Nuss, Sam Banham, Ruth Simon, Harry Yoder, Iune Benner, George Lindbergh, Mary Mullen, lerry Scanlon, Vera Mathers, Io-hn Owens, Doro- thy Holt, William Monahan, Marie Steinhilber, Marion Rapp, Angeline Arena, Herbert Wetzel, Raymond Lawson, William Dager, Doris Anders. OFFICERS President Ioscph Dubuque Vice President Iohn Thomas Secretary Ollie F. Shaulis Treasurer Emily Ruppc Sponsor lohn L. Schuler SEVENTY-ONE ' Templin, Fillman, Dawson, Carfagno, Irvin, Herdman, Roose, Cook, Sylvester, Santoro, McCabe, Tompkins, Kennedy, Salamone Piccarilli, Bosler, Shoemaker, Paciello, Custer, Sartina, Ramona, Moyer, Rapp, Templeton, Fennelly, Sheppard, Hoff, Carbo, Iacobs, Singleton, lanFrancisco, Crawford, Shaw, Scholl, Sands, Smith, Hoffman, Smallwood, Gotsch, Riccardelli, Keller, Camuso, Pasquale Traffic Chiefs Ralph Smith Russell Scholl Assistant Ioseph Smallwood Captains Thomas Sands George Gotsch Leslie Shaw Anthony Riccardelli Kenneth Keller Secretary Salvatore Ian Francisco -I-roffic Honor, loyalty, and service are the ideals of the Traffic Squad. Cer- tainly during the past year they have fulfilled these by assisting and co- operating with the principal and faculty in maintaining safety and order. The Traffic Squad develops tact in handling crowds and inspires in its offi- cers a sense of duty and character develo-pment. Entertainment as well as service is rendered by the squad. "The Tra- ffic Hour" this year was a variety program. Salvatore Nave, Leslie Shaw, Thomas Herdman, William Tompkins, Willis Bosler, and Ira Singleton play- ed the opening number selection. Other features of the program were: a dance by Ralph Smith and Richard Templin, a skit, an accordion solo by Sullivan Angelucci, and a guitar and banjo duet by Anthony Riccardelli and Ioseph Sortino. All appeared in the finale. The following officers make up the squad: Frank Shoemaker, Richard Fillman, William Crawford, William Sheppard, Salvatore Pasquale, Iohn Brady, Thomas Herdman, William Hopkins, lra Singleton, Richard Templin, Willis Cook, Edward Moyer, Willis Bosler, Harry Custer, Robert Irvin, Ioseph Sortino, Iohn Dawson, Iohn Rees, Thomas Templeton, Anthony Carbo, Charles Carfagno, George McCabe, Daniel Paciello, Carmen Salamone, Harold Rapp, Leo Fennelly, Iohn Hoff, David Kennedy, William Iacobs, Iohn Sylvester, Pasquale Camuso, Edwin Rothroick, Ioseph Romono, Ioseph McCabe, Vincent Verna, and Iohn Gibson. SEVENTY-TWO Scholl, McArthur, Shaulis, Lnns Yount, Walker, Zigouras, Leister, Middleton, Zern. Posen Banking The Banking Officers of the school are to be congratulated for the efforts put forth in their desire to have us practice thrift. Home Ro-om 43, a star in itself, has completed a seventh successive perfect semester: and Home Room 50 has completed its first. Other Home Rooms with exceptionally high ratings are 18, 30, 32, 33, and 44. The Banking Council is composed of a banking officer from each of the thirty-six home rooms and although most of the offi- cers worked enthusiastically, only those whose home room had a Weekly depository average of twenty-five per cent or more were photographed. The banking officers are: Ro-bert Aculf, Daniel Ronca, Betty Boot, Grace Clarke, Betty Bodey, Helen Cassel, Eleanor Con- stable, Helen Betz, Amy Ritter, George Glisson, Elizabeth Mc- Ilwain, Iohn Iarrettg David Krusen, Iames Lloyd, Ollie Shaulis. William Thomas, Angelo Monaco, Rusell Scholl, Howard Frantz, Evelyn Hallmang William Patterson, Albert Loos, Tho- mas, Feeney, Audrey Russell, Ethel Zigouras. Mary Dellose. Robert Gates, Iulia Radatta, Ieanette Posen, George McCabe. Mabel Leister, Anne Boice, Mildred Moore, Helen Middleton Rita McCabe, Eleanor Yount, Dorothy Zern, Herbert Wetzel Charles Tague, Camella Poretti, and Iesse Benyish. BANKING REPORT H. R. Teacher P. C 43 ........ Hagy ........,..... 100 50 ........ Bell ................ 100 33 ........ Price .,..,,........ 84 44 ........ Reinmiller .... 51 18 ......., Berger ............ 44 30 ........ Anders .......... 39 26 ........ Hoffer ............ 30 32 ......., Kuhns ............ 29 46 ......,. Thompson .... 26 22 ........ Rothermel 25 Q -its " "Eff ""?""Ae.'1-.'f-,i-ii? ' . 1' " fi A +- .. J' . " -4 . X ' lx "-U 'T' 3 ' ' - -f-11:91 t A i. A -A ' ' , - -- 'fz1'.f'- r , "E2f.Lyr25,- 51,4-if 'f"'c'2g131" ' ' -, -- f : -213111-L ' .L-rv ' f 'ffl' 1 f " V? -,Min .- ff. ,, , -M ,..,Q-, . z5aw4.?niP.2E4-mg.,-'g-4 t.LpQM5r " 72155--J 4 i"- '. ' I L ?'i'I1'fW'31'ffTf""'- 'ig-' ' - ' ' ii' SEVENTY-THREE Something To Crow About Diory September- 8 Back to the grind again! N. H. S. is bulging with Sophs. 10 Tuto-rs, tutors, tutors in hallways and on the "third and a half floor"! 15 Sophs still walking in a daze. Here's hoping they get their sense of direction soon! October- 6 What a football game! ll Charles White and Betty Tapley become king and queen of the nets. 13 A delight to the students, but a headache to the faculty- Fire Prevention Week. 21 Doesn't my skin look terrible? Heard during the week of the Senior Candy Sale. November- 6 Some pep meeting! 7 Did Lower Merion take it on the chin! The score was 18-7. 17 A dream come true! P.W.A. grant makes new school Sure. December- 10 Everyone stiff and limping-some on their knees counting up to ten. Yes, it's that crazy "Mitzi" game. 24 Our reward for working hard-Christmas Vacation. 29 N.H.S. journalists travel to Hershey to join the press conference. january- 1 Dear Diary-I made no "make em" then "break em" resolutions this year! 6 Preparations start for a gala affair-the Senior Banquet. 22 Norristown is honored by having Ioseph Dubuque por- tray President Roosevelt in Mock Pan-American Con- gress at Temple. 23 A grand time was "had by all" at the Senior Banquet. Thanks to the hard work of the committees. SEVENTY-FOUR February- l2 A belated white Christmas arrived to make it a white Valentine's day. 20 A'Hold that pose f-f just a minute now" -- heard fro-m poor Mr. Bussa! 27 N.H.S. Eaglettes rule the basketball court with the newly acquired championship. March- 2 Our boys' dribbling team succeeded in defeating Lower Merion but failed to pick up the championship. Too bad! Next year's varsity is in tip-top form! 5 Our second college night brought 29 representatives and plenty of prospective students. ll, 12 Surprise -f a queer but lucky routine - teachers go to school and pupils go home! 15 With everyone ready for spring clothes, the winter's first real blizzard arrived! 19 Easter Vacation - Oh boy! have we been waiting for this! April- 1 A day of all fools including students UQ of Norristown's Academy. The famous "artiste", Mr. Allen of Vienna. Prague, Paris, and London conducted the orchestra. 9 Herman still "trucking " up to par with a carload of eagles to hold it down! 17 Senior Class again "shows its stuff" at the spring dance. Had a swell time, diary. May- 6 Home "EC" girls teach us how to get c-ver spring fever and get into the social whirl. 28 Seniors sure know how to put on an assembly program! It was "Tops" we would say. Everyone in the midst of papers and notebooks do-ing some last minute cram- ming before exams! Iune- I3 Baccalaureate at the Norris Theatre. l5 Looking forward to Class Day, our last group activity! 17 It's to be a contrast of old and new forms of art, music dance, and drama. Quite a difference between the minuet and the tap, the old chorale and modern song. "Now our three years' course is ended And we leave our school so dear," The last three years have been glorious. Wonder what our diary will say this time next year. 1 'ga' . Nils? . .- .L .. E' mis.. 'V' ' -If s. , mifz Q5 fgi T5 if 5' "'7ti15-f:'?'3I' - if . 'f ' ' ' 'ffi'f2- -7- 'fr " ' 3 1 -1 'l SEVEN1 Y I-IVIL The Season at a Glanc Norristown ., ...................,.. Olney ......... Norristown ...... Haverford ,... Norristown ...... Pottstown Norristown ...,.. Radnor ........,. Norristown ........., .....,. Upper Darby Norristown .......... ..,.,.. Abington ...... Norristown .......... ....... Lower Merion Norristown ...... Chester .....,.,.. Norristown .......... . Germantown ., ..... e 6 3 33 0 7 0 27 0 34 0 19 O 18 7 0 9 0 6 Burnett, Williamson, Seavey, Curl, Basile, Whalen, Hitchock, Roncase, Mariana, Fishburn Lewis, Payne, Boyer, Kntz, DeSante, Davenport, Quinn, Pennock, Martello Fidler, Baird, Hays, Taormina, McCracken, MCI-Xdoo, Bergey, Scanlon Pootbol l With an aggregation of light, but hard-fighting boys, Coach Lewis produced a winning gridiron machine. Playing heads up football, the Eagles completed a tough schedule of nine games. losing only two. The team won no championship, but through- out the entire season showed the highest degree of sportsmanship and team spirit which was a credit to the school. The Eagles opened the season with a thrilling 6-3 victory over Olney High of Philadelphia, and followed this victory with another, Haverford 0, Norristown 33. On the following Satur- day, Norristown conquered a strong Pottstown team 7-0 in a game that was played on a rain-soaked field. The Eagles then journeyed to Radnor for a Friday afternoon game and emerged victorious, 27-0. Returning home the team continued its victory march by trouncing Upper Darby 34-0. Abington came, saw, but was conquered 19-0. Then in the big game of the year Norristown downed Lower Merion by the decisive score of 18-7. This game was played in Villanova Stadium before a crowd of over 10,000 people. After winning their first seven games. the Eagles met their Waterloo, Chester High. 9-0. In the annual Turkey Day clash with Germantown Norristown lost their seccnd game of the season, the score was 6-0. In winning seven and losing two, the Eagles amassed a total of 144 points while the opposition garnered only 25. SEVENTY-SIX Me I Non-istown and Haverford in action Football Highlights This year the system of having a different captain for each game was inaugurated and met with unamimous approval. At the end of the season Charles Taormina and Robert McCracken were chosen as co-captains. ln addition to this honor, both boys received recognition on All Suburban and All Scholastic teams. Led by Taormina, the center, the Eagles' line proved stal- wart on both offense and defense. Flanking Taormina were Edward Boyer and Edward McAdoo, two hard playing guards. Two of our bigger boys, Ioseph Quinn and Iohn Payne, held the tackle positions. The end positions were capably occupied by Walter Hitchcock and Francis Basile. With Robert McCracken, high scoring fullback, leading the attack the Norristown backfield was a formidable threat to all opposing teams. The halfback posts were manned by Robert Bergey and Charles Fidler and the signal calling was done by Thomas Whalen from the quarterback position. When praises are being given, we cannot forget the plucky scrub eleven which kept the varsity on their toes throughout the season. Our coaches, Lewis and Burnett, are also in order for high praise fo-r their work in developing our Eagles. Positions Ends Walter Hitchcock Francis Basile Tackles Iohn Payne Ioseph Quinn Guards Edward Boyer Edward Md-Xdoo Center Charles Taormina Quarterback ig x Thomas Whalen" Halfbacks Robert Bergey Charles Fidler Fullback Robert McCracken Agfferiell. in ff-. ,, Q . . J ' ' SEVENTY-SEVEN 1 ,,V ..QiP'Z'rvnr.c.r.ii2N Team '37 Robert Bergey Thomas Whalen Edward McAdoo Richard Martin William Seavey Lester Sablosky Robert McCracken Charles Fidler Gordon Gustafson Anthony Venezia Charles Capacci Russel Santangelo Ioseph Quinn Iesse Benyish Pete Piermarini Earl, Santangelo, Quinn, Gustafson, Fidler, Venezia, Capacia, Kirk Seavey, Whalen, Benyish, MeAdoo, Sablosky, Martin Boys' Basketball Not to be daunted by the misfortunes which followed them, 1936-37 basketball men concluded a highly successful season. Their league record of seven wins and seven losses placed them in third position in the suburban league. The Eagles were also undefeated in their three non-league tilts. This year's team was slated to do big things until dame fo-rtune turned her back and allowed old man jinx to enter the ranks of the team. First, Peter Piermarini was lost and then both captains, Robert Bergey and Robert McCracken, were removed from the varsity line up due to injuries. Still this new team, which was green because of lack of experience, managed to defeat every team in the suburban league except Lansdowne at least once. Starting the season badly by losing to Lansdowne 26-15, the team re- deemed themselves in the next four games by defeating Haverford, Alumni, Pottstown, and Cheltenham. They then bowed to Upper Darby, Radnor and Abington bfore beating Pottstown for the second time. Two more de- feats were received by Norristown from Lower Merion and Lansdowne until the Eagles humbled Haverford again, The last loss of the season was to Cheltenham and then to make their season successful the Eagles won their remaining games from Upper Darby, Radnor, Abington, and Lower Merion. Outstanding performers were William Seavey, Guardg Thomas Whalen, forwardg Seavy was third from the top of the leagues high scorers. Whalen was also high in scoring and his floor work on the court was close to per- fection. Others who saw most of the action during the season were: Edward McAdoo-, and Charles Fidler, forwardsg Richard Martin, center, Gordon Gus- tafson and Lester Sablosky, guards. Congratulations to Coach Lawson Earl. SEASONS SUMMARY 'Lansdowne ...... 26 Norristown ,..... l5 'Lower Merion..43 Norristown ...... 15 ' Norristown ...... 20 Haverford ........ 18 ' Lansdowne ...... 31 Norristown ...... 25 Norristown ....,. 33 Alumni ............ 32 'Norristown ...... 32 Haverford .,...... 15 Norristown ...... 32 Pottstown ........ 26 'Cheltenham ...... 38 Norristown ...... 35 'Norristown ...... 24 Cheltenham .,.... 23 'Norristown ...... 22 Upper Darby .... 20 'Upper Darby .... 25 Norristown ...... 18 'Norristown ...... 22 Radnor ............ 16 'Radnor ............ 29 Norristown ...... 20 'Norristown ...... 36 Abington .....,.... 16 'Abington ........ H38 Norristown ...... 36 'Norristown ...... 25 Lower Merion,,24 Norristown ...... 30 Pottstown ........ 27 ' League Games Norristown 440 Opponents 447 SEVENTY-EIGHT Bergey, Shaner, Bingaman, Innes, Pernet, Tapley. Mullineaux, Beswick Fisher, Crawford, McConnell, Beck, Radcliffe, Blew Girls' Basketball For the last two years the girls' basketball teams have missed being champions by one game. However, this year the girls overcame that ob- stacle to become champions by having an undefeated season. Miss Mario-n Blew, the girls' new athletic director, proved a great success with each girl individually and with the school as a whole. ' The season began with the exciting interclass games which were won by the "Scavengers", captained by Betty Tapley, high scoring junior 'varsity forward. The varsity schedule started with the only game in the Gotwals' gym, Chester. Gur girls wc-n by a score of 48-15. The second game began a series of away victories, Abington 33-315 Haverford 50-143 Upper Merion 37-18: Conshohocken 36-18: and Lansdale 40-37. The next home contest was held at the Rittenhouse Iunior High School where the girls met Lower Merion, who administered their only defeat last year. Each girl was de- termined to win and again, after a hard fought game they were successful by 48-29, The following week Miss Blew took her sextet to Spring City to come home with their last but not least victory, 53-29. The Junior Varsity also completed an undefeated season with many large scores. Next year's team looks promising and we hope they will keep up the excellent work under their new Captain, Eleanor Bingaman. Varsity '37 Captain Adele Mc'Connell Team Eleanor Bingamau Mary Louise Crawford Peg Mullineaux Hazel Pernet Dorothy Radcliffe Manager Virginia Bergey jf 4' at zr 2 ,., ,ffl , .P " 's1s,'.' F ,.' 'jr '11-v3,..,a ol srf a s -of Y 'fj ' ". ' Q, 7 'sf' j5"1"4.Qg "fr:-5 1 ' . Q. f ' ,i'f'4't'Q ..fr3Ef'1g:.Jf af. s":73"f SA' Bri - ' Faf?fe'fL+ '-'fi?'I" ,. 1 - ' ' , ."'5.4-4L'..v.sL.' . -I - ,-isa,-.. . .fra 'if--f 7'-sw SEVENTY-NINE 23? if fr. , . gr, ,L Q fi ff o fi it t. M? 1937 Tennis Schedule April 27 Upper Darby .......... Away April 30 Radnor ...................... Home May 4 Abington ..........,....... Home May 7 Berwyn ...... Away May 14 Lansdowne Away May 18 Coatesville ................ Home May 21 Lower Merion Away May 25 Cheltenham ............. .Home Esterly, Cloud, Darmstadtzr, McCabe, Babb Roncase, Sablosky, Shannon, White, Gordon, Huber Campman, Bressler, Whitesell Boys' Tennis Second place--fifteen victories and two defeats. That was the record of our 1936 tennis team. This team, captained by lack Racquet, was not out of the championship picture until the last match was played due to the fact that at the finish they were but one match from first place. Playing on that team were three seniors, lack Racquet, William Marberger and Morton Sab- losky, and three juniors, Lester Sablosky, Warner Shannon and Charles White. This year's tennis started off with Charles White winning the fall championship and Warner Shanno-n being elected to captain the team. Coach Babb started indoor practice at Rit- tenhouse as early as Ianuary, so that by the time the boys got out of doors they were in top form. Besides the three lettermen returning from last year, the team has Fred Gordon and Francis Roncase, two new players and.Chris Huber and Fenton Cloud, two boys from the junior varsity. With these seven boys Coach Babb hopes to annex that long awaited title. Here is the hope that our racket wielders bring home that championship. 1936 TENNIS SCORES Norristown ....... ................. 3 Coatesville .......... ..,...... 2 Norristown ....... .......... 3 Lower Merion ...... ......... 2 Norristown ....... .......... 5 Cheltenham ........ ......... 0 Norristown ....... .......... 2 Upper Darby ........ .......... 3 Norristown ,...... .......... 4 Radnor ................ .......... l Norristown ....... .......... 5 Abington ........ .......... 0 Norristown ....... .......... 5 Berwyn ...,... .......... 0 Norristown ....... .......... 4 Lansdale ..... .......... 0 EIGHTY Hallman, Shaulis, Myatt, Condit, Fisher, Huganir Radcliffe, Benner, Crawford, Kuller, Tapley, Malmberg, Ray Girls' Tennis Our feminine tennis aces began their 1937 season with the fall tournaments which were again won by our sopho-more star, Betty Tapley. The team looks promising and practice proceeds, and our coach, Miss Huganir, hopes to continue our brilliant girls' sports record already set by the basketball team. This year there seem to be more girls anxious to participate in matches--the best of luck, girls! The team includes Mary Kuller, Betty Tapley, Esther Malmberg, Dorothy Radcliffe, Elaine Condit, Louise Roberts, Doris Benner, Mary Louise Crawford, Mildred Myatt, Iean Ray, and Ollie Shaulis. Eleanor Hallman is the manager. SCORES Norristown Lower Merion Norristown Cheltenham .........,. ........., Norristown Upper Darby Norristown Radnor ....,......,.... Norristown Abington ..,..... .......... Norristown Berwyn .......,.. .......... Norristown Coatesville ...... .......... Norristown Lansdowne .... .......... EIGHTY-ONE 1937 Tennis Schedule April 27 Upper Dar .Home April 30 Radnor ..... .......... A way May 4 Abington . .......... Away May 7 Q Berwyn ....,. .......... H ome May 14 Lansdowne .Home May 18 Coatesville Away May 21 Lower Merion Y .,...... Home May 25 Cheltenham Away Boys' Track 1936 Track Season Norristown ....,........... 73 Upper Darby ........ 33 Norristown .........,....., 77 173 33 213 Haverford .........,.... Norristown ..... ........ 8 7 2 1 Du Pont ...... ........ Norristown ................ 43 65 Lower Merion .,....,. Ursinus lnterscholastics Norristown-second District I Championships Norristown-second Norristown lnterscholastics Norristown- second Lafayette lnterscholastics Norristown- se cond State Meet Norristown-second Kane, Patterson, Piazza, lackson, Roncase, Licatta, Martin, Feeney, Nuss, Metzger, Levering Daniel Todd Wilson, Welsh Cliristman, Hood, Kimmick, Abbott, Derfler, Boyer, Lacey, Stemple, lowett, Kimber Reese, Glisson, Wasser, Edwards, Iolmson, Wills, McKinney, Payne, Campbell, Kane, Moocher Santangelo, Krecker, MacNamara, Earl, Rose, Booz, McAdoo, McGonigal, Scanlon, Flore The 1936 track season saw Norristown High lose its first dual meet in many years, This meet was lost to Lower Merion: however Norristown won all their other dual meets and placed in the first three in all other meets. Thus the H367 season can be considered a success. This year's team began practice early in Ianuary and those who braved the cold winter winds to come out were rewarded in the annual Winter Track meet. As a beginning for this year's team Coach Lewis has only four lettermen from last year. They are Charles Rose, dash man: Theodore McKinney, high jump: William Wills, middle distance runner: and Ic-hn Payne, javelin thrower. Despite this apparent lack of material, Lewis is expecting to put forth another good team. The reasons for this optimism are the facts that the team has had plenty of prac- tice and that last year's junior varsity men have sufficiently developed since last year to take the places of the track- men who- have graduated. We hope you are right, Coach SCHEDULE April 3 ......... .,.....,... R adnor ..................... ........ H ome April 10 ....... ........... L ower Merion ....... ........ H ome April 14 ....,...... .......... H averford ............... ........... A way April 23-24 ................... Penn Relays ...................... .............. A way May l .............. ........., U rsinus lnterscholastics ..... ........ C ollegeville May 5 .......... .......... P ierre Du Pont ..................... ............... H ome May 8 .......... .......... V illanova lnterscholastics ..... ........... V illanova May 22 ........ .......... D istrict I Championships .............. West Chester May 26 ........ .......... A mbler ................................... ......,.............. A way May 29 ........ .......... S tate Championships ...................... State College Iune 5 ....... .... ..... .Norristown lnterscholastics . .,... ............... H ome EIGHTY-TWO Frisco, Fisher, Flansburg, Hallman, Finley Bean, Dewees, Raimondi, Roediger, Beck Girls' Track Led by captain Margaret Raimondi the 1936 track team finished the season with a record of two meets won and two lost. Hopes of an undefeated season were dashed in the first meet of the year when Norristown was beaten by Bristol. The second successive lo-ss was again at the hands of Bristol, this time in the "N" Club Interscholastics. Although defeated in this meet, Norristown finished ahead cf Schwenksville and Springfield. The Eaglettes fared better in the last two meets of the season. The first victim was Springfield followed in turn by Abington. Members of the squad included Captain, Margaret Raimondi: Catherine Austerberry: Edna Bean: Eleanor Bingaman: Fern Finley: Sara Hallmang Adele McConnell: Dorothy Radcliffe: Mary Roediger: Katherine Schiele: Cornelia Spence: Dorothy Wagenhurstg and Hazel Pernet. The "N" Club Award, given annually to the most valuable member of the team was presented to Dorothy Radcliffe. Track practice for the 1937 season got under way late in April under the direction of Miss Marion Blew. Prospects for the season were Dorothy Radcliffe and Eleanor Bingaman for the high jump, Adele McConnell for the standing broad jump, Co-rnelia Spence in the running broad jump and dashes and Hazel Pernet and Louise Iones who are outstanding in the throwing events. Included among the candidates were a number of sophomores who gave promise of developing into stars of some of the future N. H. S. teams. Schedule for the 1937 track season is: May 19 ........................ Bristol .............. ......... H ome May 26 ...... ........ S pringfield ....... ........ A way -sa M -tr, l 1936 Season Norristown .... ........ 3 1 Bristol .......... ....,........... 5 8 "N" Club lnterscholastics Bristol .......................... 42 Norristown ..............,, H11 Schwenksville .....,...... 6 ' 1 Spr1ngHeld ..,... .,...,.. Norristown ...,.... ...,,... 5 4 Springfield ...... ........ 4 1 Norristown .... ......., 4 6 Abington .... ......., 4 1 - H Q Q - I LT -'.a5g.f.6,. ,un . 2 if' if A IQQ: :Q Ai :ibut 1, h , , , fu r" 'y"e'riffd " ' S it ' ' 1 V' EIGHTY-THREE Captain Richard Hays Team Ioseph Barone William Christman Warreii Farrall Leonard Iohnson Lloyd Kershner Walter Kreiger Donald Miller Raymond Peters joseph Rambo Paul Reumont Martin Robbins Robert Strouse Charles Tague Manager Victor Misciagna Whitesell, Strouse, Peters, Iohnson, Shellington, Ebersold Brownback, Farrall, Kershner, Miller, Clews, Reumont, Misciagna Rambo, Robbins, Abbott, Hays, Christman, Barone, Kreiger Boys' Swimming The Norristown High School swimmers coached by Mr. Thomas Brownback and captained by Richard Hays finished a successful season with six victories and three defeats. Besides accomplishing this, the Mermen took third place in the District Interscholastics finishing behind Coatesville and Upper Darby. The proteges of Brownback opened the season with con- vincing triumphs over Eddystone and Overbrook by identical scores 49-26. Fc-llowing these victories the N.H.S. splashers swamped Radnor in the highest score of the season 54-21. Olney, 1935-36 Public High School Champions came to Norristown to nose out the Eagle contingent 38-37. They vanquished Abington 41-34, only to lose two close ones to Coatesville 32-40 and Upper Darby 36-39. The Mermen closed the season trouncing Haverford 43-32 and Eddystone, a previous victim, 50-25. SUMMARY Norristown ...... .......... E ddystone Norristown ....., ....,..... O verbrook .... Norristown ...... .......... R adnor ..,.....,. Norristown ...... .......... O lney ............ Norristown ...,,, .......... A bington ...... Norristown ...... ........., C oatesville .. Norristown ...... .......... U pper Darby Norristown .......... Haverford Norristown ...,.. .......... E ddysto-ne ..., EIGHTY-FOUR Hoffer, Benner, Bosler, Hoopes, Roberts, Krusen, Kulp, Topley, Sheldon, Dyson, Ebersold, Naile, Ray Bodey, Vink, Wolfe, Hoffman, Myatt, Root, Parke, Watt, Witmer, Smith, Fisher Girls' Swimming The 1937 swimming team, although defeated in half its meets, Hnished the season with a better record than the 1936 team. The girls won three of their meets and lost three. The season was opened at the Norristown Y with Radnor as the oponent. The home team downed the visitors. Next the girls travelled to the Sixty-third Street pool where they defeated Upper Darby by almost the same score. The third meet was at home with Haverford, Norristown went down to its first defeat, lo-sing by seven points. In the next meet Norristown suf- fered its second loss, this time at the hands of Cheltenham. The score was the closest of the season, only two points separating winner and loser. The team's third straight loss came at the hands of a strong Abington team, ulti- mate winner of the Suburban title. Finally, Norristown closed the season by defeating Coatesville in a home meet, making a record of three victories, three losses. High-scoring honors for the season go to jean Topley, freestyle and diving star. She accounted for 58 points. Second highest was Betty Bodey, the mainstay of the form-swimming contingent, with 342. Marion Root, freestyle and backstroke ace comes third with 30. The four varsity members who will graduate are Captain june Kulp. jean Topley, Betty Bodey and Sue Dyson. There are two juniors and one sophomore on the varsity and a number of promising juniors and sophomores on the junior varsity. The recipients of the varsity letter are mentioned in the box while those receiving junior varsity letters are Doris Benner, Marie Ebersold. Dorothy Krusen, Mildred Myatt, Kay Parke, Helen Sheldon, Mildred Smith. jane Vink, Gene Watt, Marian Witmer, Mary jane Wolfe, and Clara Mocher, Iunic-r Manager. Captain Iune Kulp Team Betty Bodey Sue Dyson lean Hoffman Helena 1-loopes Marian Root lean Topley Manager Eleanor Ray SCORES Norristown ........... .45 Radnor ................ 30 Norristown ............ 3616 Cheltenham .... 38Lj Norristown ............ 44 Upper Darby ...... 31 Norristown...J ..,..... 27 Abington .,....... .48 Norristown ............ 34 Haverford ............ 41 Norristown. .. ......... 41M Coatesville ...... 332 1 Q Y U YF- I Y A A Y - 4 - Y,,, ' V g V- -- x W -.ll . Sri' 1 5' " 5 Q - A f f W ' .f fi -5 - EIGHTY-FIVE Tis.if"' gin . ng Captain William McNamee Team Elmer Campbell Ralph Iowett Sterling Krecker Raymond Lawson Alfred Santoro George Werkiser Manager Henry Hayden Hedstrom, Licata, Santoro, Davis, Lawson, Kane, Salamone, Frangiosa, March, Iowett, Hayden Loughery, Robbins, Nuss, Werkiser, McNamee, Campbell, Zummo, Sessa, McAdoo, Wilson Norwich, Bondi, Tyson, Angello, Mageeney, Michener, Lapente, Carbo Cross Country As usual, Norristown High School and Coach Hedstrom produced an impressive cross-country team. They finished third in the Suburban Championships held at Cobbs Creek Golf Course and lost only one dual meet. This defeat came at the hands of Germantown on Thanksgiving by the score of 60 to 76. After a 19-41 win over Olney, Norristown conquered Wil- liamson Trade School. Lansdale, Ridley Township and West Chester. Ambler and Haverford were then defeated in a tri' angular meet. Pottstown was the next victim, and we also avenged last year's only two defeats by beating Lower Merion and Upper Darby by the scores of 25-30 and 19-36 respectively. Individual scoring honors go to Captain William McNamee and Sterling Krecker. Krecker is the only senior on the team: therefore Norristown may be assured a good representation next fall. SEASONS RESULTS Norristown .............. Olney ........................ Norristown .......... Williamson Trade Norristown .......... Lansdale .....,........... Norristown .......... Ridley Township Norristown .......... West Chester ..... Norristown .......... Upper Darby .......... Norristown .......... Lower Merion .......... Norristown ........,. Ambler-55 Haverford Norristown .......... Chester ....................,. Norristown ............................ Germantown ........ SUBURBAN CHAMPIONSHIPS Upper Darby .......................... 53 Abington ............ ............... 5 7 Norristown .... .....,.. 7 0 EIGHTY-SIX Fishhurn, Hendrickson, Hallman, Scholl Marinari, Sheldon, DePetrillo, Piazza, Knobler, Cole Bosler, Seavey, McAdoo, Behney, Benyish Baseball Norristown High Schocl was again well represented on the baseball diamond this year. Coach Harvey Fishburn faced the arduous task of emulating last year's team which was barely beaten by Haverford in a playoff for the crown. As a nucleus for the bat-bearers Mr. Fishburn had fine veterans, namely: Edward McAdoo, robust catcher: Robert Behney, star pitcher: William Seavey, brilliant shortstop, con- verted from a catcher: Raymond Mincarelli, fleet ball hawk and the hard-hitting Iesse Benyish. He also had William Hendrick- son, flashy third-sacker returning and Merritt Bosler, lanky first baseman. Two members of last year's sophomore team filled the right field bill, Leonard Piazza and Theodore Marinari. The baseball team finished last season with a record of ten victories and four defeats, a very remarkable record in view of the losses that the team sustained through injuries and gra- duation. RESULTS OF 1936 Norristown Bridgeport ...,.......... ....... Norristown Upper Darby Norristown Cheltenham ......... ....... Norristown Haverford ........... ....... Norristown Lower Merion ........ ,...... Norristown Lansdowne ......... ..,.... Norristown Abington .......,..... ....... Norristown Upper Darby Norristown Cheltenham .......,.... ....... Norristown Haverford ...,..,.... ....... Norristown Lower Merion Norristown Abington ............. ....... Norristown Lansdowne ..... Norristown Haverford ....,.. ....... Line-Up Catcher Edward lVlcACl0O Pitcher Robert Behney First Base Bosler-Perrone Second Base Hugenin- Brooks Shortstop William Seavey Third Base William Hendrickson Left Field Raymond Mincarelli Center Field Iesse Benyish Right Field Marinari-Piazza EIGHTY-SEVEN F el, Reims new To Seek for Greater Heights The years are rolling swiftly on, Like golden clouds they fade away. Our school days soon will be but mem'rieS, Those treasures dear to us today. Q We cannot live by dreams alone Or visions of our school life past, But face the future with a will For time and youth are going fast. We know the goal we're striving for, It is "To seek for greater heights." This we have chosen as our motto Despite all challenging "ifs" and "mights". We see a forking-road before us: Two- ways of life from which to choose--- The one to the left is a smooth-paved road So easy to travel-how can we refuse? Many have taken this left-hand turn Because there are pleasures along the way, The idlers arnble slowly along With little of work and plenty of play. Off to the right is another road - That is hard to travel: the surface is rough, Yet men plod on by the sweat of their brow For just drifting on is not enough. EIGHTY-EIGHT A aeL1 'fiii2ffiiElS5ritfiaii5i:se W ' A 'i if ima r T is 1, 4: 15 iii V a lf -1:5 -,. 2 ek There are rivers to cross and mountains to climb And the way leads on to an unused trail That is almost hidden by briars and saplings Yet those still plod on who dare not fail. But how should we know as we stand at the fork Which way is better? Which road leads to good? And a wrong turn now may mean sadness forever So let's think a while then go where we should. If we turn back the pages of history Through bygone ages we would find Such names as Franklin, Lincoln and Clay Who with efforts to greater heights had climbed. Although we can't all be presidents great, .,. 1 Lawyers, and doctors, and writers of fame To do the best of whatever we do :le Can surely be called a worthy aim. 5 fl. So if we strive and seek and try Q To set the world and all aright, i Somewhere far on that narrow trail We are sure to reach a greater height. f -Georgine Haughton. . it Y A: ar. fi. 11 . ni M. uf .U iw , 9 . "sa EIGHTY-NINE Une Hundred As the giant new Eisenhower High School becomes, at last, a reality, old N.H.S. reposes on its laurels and settles back to anecdotage. It was in 1870 that wide-eyed scholars came first from the Oak Street structure to the imposing brick De- Kalb Street School. Only half its present size, the building was surrounded by a shady, sturdily fenced lawn, and was dignified by a small belfry. Three rooms easily sufficed for the students of the high school so that the first floor and much of the second housed the grammar grades and the women teachers' room, the superin- tendent's office. In 1884 A. D. Eisenhower became principal and for the first time co-edu- cation was introduced. The two direc- tors served as the faculty and at the end of each term students' marks were published in the newspaper. The McCann Library in rooms twelve and fourteen was open to the school and public cn Tuesday and Friday evenings and Saturday after- noon, and the auditorium, made up of rooms 21 and 23, served for opening exercises and a study hall. Here, at Christmastide, the famed Antigone and other plays were presented. Here, the principal, armed with a great hand bell, proclaimed the change of classes. On the third floor, too, was the combined mice and man lunch room. When the students had finished their meal, the rodents scurried gracefully up the gas pipes and cleaned the crumbs. Since there was no cafeteria, the basement was used for Chemistry. The really flourishing activities of this period lay in the Agassiz Society. the Ciceronian Literary Society, which collected a very fine library of its NINETY Q A ,- dewf- an-,Vg i 'f,1vq'.' V I Yeors ol: Progress kind, and the Friday afternoon Literary Club. Senior events consisted of the Christmas Class Day in which the Girls' Prophecy written by boys and the Boys' Prophecy, by girls were presented, and of a trip around his- toric Philadelphia conducted by Superintendent Gotwals. Football and participation in the Penn Relays began early in the nineties and in 1896 "Spice" was issued for the first time. The turn of the century brought with it an enlargement and complete renovation of the school, and in 1903 the building was remodeled again to its present style. Basketball made its bow at this period and in 1909 the athletic Held was first used. From that time until the present the school has shown magical growth. Student government has developed from a mere puppet to a real controlling body. Forensics, dramatics and minor sports have become essentials of the curricu- lum. The Handbook and Hi-Eye, in 1928, became with Spice, regular pub- lications of the school. The promise of the much longed for new school was realized in 1936, Dur- ing the year plans have been formulat- ed and foundations laid. We, of old Eisenhower, see in the new building not only a great physical growth, but also a broadening of interest in the development of education. NINETY-ONE Life at N. H. S. w.f"" W x! ' V , . ' Nj'-Q , ? 1 .. 'A ef U ,, I ' . 5 jr? Vf,n1,wi: gc, V fy ,,, H b T A 11562 A 'S .iff Q ff 4 .23 1, li Q V. ,, L.- A - 't ' MGH H7 , ara: -'f-.Liu iq -' P' fi Egg" - .4 17' Eiiiiifiv-if:?uZisgS'Kl'fzfs5f.-'E ' ' if-Lffff-ar,5i.1.Q5.F.,1..,-:Z .Q.1Afs'4M4QLee. i.:,wQ,,.f.f,f!f31iI -.mia NINli'1'Y-TWO fr ,aww " we f rl , A ., Books of The Year "The reading of good books is the key that unlocks the great deeds of the race and the the most treasured imaginings of the world." The philosophy of one woman as handed down to the next generation is vividly described in this unusual story of New England. "Mary Peters" This book portrays a typical American family in a simple yet interesting fashion. "The Folks" This group of papers from the "Spectator" which tell of the life of the amusing character, Sir Roger. "Sir Roger de Coverley" Margaret Mitchellls first novel is a sweeping, fascinating book, which will undoubtedly continue to hold its present popu- larity and become a piece of permanent literature. "Gone with the Wind" The delightful and fascinating love story of a knight of the round table in which his fair lady is taken from him by his king. "Tristram" The romantic story of love behind a throne in which the captivating Queen Elizabeth conquers all. "Mary of Scotland" This interesting novel deals with the generals of the Ameri- can Revolution, particularly General Burgoyne. "Gentleman Iohnny Burgoyne" It has all the charm and delight of Dickens. "David Cop- perfield" Qur Books Mary Peters - Roberta Evans. The Folks - Spice Staff. Sir Roger de Coverley -1 Ioseph Dubuque. Gone With the Wind - the seniors. Tristram -1 Edward Davis. Mary of Scotland '- Betty Groff. Gentleman Iohnny Burgoyne -1 Alexander Mocher. David Copperfield - Ioseph Sheppard. Idylls fldolsl of the King fEdward VIIIJ Edna Ball and Mary Kuller. NINETY-THREE L f 55' 1-. , 5 6' 1 if l Ai' 33:1 nu it ,r E ,. 1 The Vlohovvlc Troll How calm, how sweet it is To watch these velvet peaks Roll silently along the miles. Nor pain, nor pleasure Crown their somber heads. They are but dreams That shall in beauty lie until the end. Yet all my soul is screaming For the skies, The rush of wet wind And the beating sun. The Epicurean God has grasped my heart And for one gleaming, glorious day we ride Until the dusk comes and we die. ,., lane Oberholtzer. Dreoms Dreams, like soap-bubbles, come quickly and beautifully to last a short time and suddenly disappear. NINETY-FOUR Helen Cassel. , ef' fi! The Lost Will ond Testament We, the graduating seniors of N.H.S., being slightly Uteched in the haid" lthis is due to o-ur trying to puzzle out this craze of surrealisml, do hereby bequeath to the members of Eisenhower the following items in this our last will and testament:- We leave our deepest sympathies to the Faculty because we realize that there will never be another class like ours. Also to the Faculty we leave a list of radio programs on which the star attractions are comedians. lWe realize it is hard to get new gags, but now that Social Security is in effect, all jokes over sixty-five years of age will be retiredj. To Miss Blakey we leave one gross of mouse traps so that she can de- mouse her farm. To "Curly" Lewis we leave. one bottle of wave-set and a book entitled, "How to marcel the hair in ten easy lessons." To Mr. Miller we leave a chain and padlock so that nothing so tragic may ever again happen to his pet chair. Salmjbo and Rambo leave their most unusual UI skill of writing col- umns to W. Boyd Hill, the wizard of the typewriter, who, as 101 out of 93 people do, use the hunt and punch system. We leave the juniors the old school with the hope that they graduate from our new, super-clossal, gigantic 51,000,000 high school. Unfortunately we have not the wherewithal to supply Mr. Melick with the materials tot build a skyscraper, but, if he ever gets the urge, some time after school he may drive out Markley Street and proceed to observe with great interest the building of his new stamping grounds. To the juniors who are lucky enough to get Miss Blakey next year we leave one carload of aspirin tablets. We have already faced "Hamlet," "Macbeth," and "Paradise Lost." Ralph Smith leaves that lilting tenor voice of his to Edgar Emery. Ro-berta Evans leaves her remarkable factually it's astoundingj literary ability to Kathryne Elsie Reifsnyder. Harry Yoder, Sam Banham, Bill Biaselle, "Reds" Monahan, Bill Hen- drickson, john Thomas, "Gunner"' Gordon, and a few others, leave their titles as "men about town" to any junior or juniors who can stand the pace. Bob McCracken and Hazel Pernet leave their athletic ability and good sportsmanship to Bill Seavey and Dot Radcliffe respectively. june Benner leaves to his sister, Doris, the burden of carrying on the traditions of the Benner family in N.H.S. for one more year. William Huganir leaves his ability to create masterpieces of penman- ship to Bernard Rothman. We also leave the sun, moon, stars, and everything that was nailed down, to the classes that will follow in our foot-steps. We have left just about everything in sight, so we hope the world has left us a few positions not paying under one thousand dollars a week which will not engage our time more than one hour per month. Drawn up my-MATT PLOYD in the presence of "mine enemies." NINETY-FIVE Impressions Harvard Chapel-- Tranquil, hushed, Sincere, just as a church should be, A place, perhaps, where men may meet Their souls, and realize Iust how small they seem. On a Beethoven Symphony The tense, hushed audience, A lifted baton-- Then, the whisper of a violin, A silken thread of melody Weaving into a shining tapestry Of sound: Crashing chords and tender notes, A wild free song, and pulsing sadness Once again, the soaring melody Wandering high--higher-- Into silence. How often letters start with "I" And conversation flows with "my", Perhaps, someday, we'll smile to see What egotists we mortals be! -Louise Yeakel. NINETY-SIX . ,s ' ."' Qin QP Phila !"'r'tA -ff-A"""fi"fi""f ??,, ,. . 1. . . A Alma Meter Be the building old and shabby. And the walls lacking paint, All within are warm and happy, Studying while the lights grofw faint. Windows rattle, floorboards creak, Plaster falls from unseen places, Even while the pipes do leak Wisdom shines from sunny faces. Cheers are raised for Alma Mater By the ones who love her dear, Love for her they ne'er will barter, Though at times she does seem queer. -Sara Hertzler. The Nightingale Let there be seven chambers in my heart: And six shall be of earthly saddened things, Of grey coals dying on a crumbled hearth, Of thunder and a torrid summer noon, Of Bach, and Schumann whispered to the moon, Of foreign hills. The seventh be a blinded nightingale. That locked apart from all the fervid world Doth see but dreams And sings eternally, f-Iane Oberholtzer. The Qood Bathed in pale moonlight, Bordered by Helds of snowy white, Is a road. Crystal grass along the edges, Pearly, patterned frost on all the hedges: Only the drowsy driver softly singing, The sleighbells faintly ringing, Breathe the silent stillness cf the winter night --Marjorie Campbell. NINETY-SEVEN Compliments of 2 F3 CHARLES W. SCHRACK 664 LTQQ' OPTOMETRIST - A - -4 A - - - - - J I ,, oPPERs 2:2-1:51 :.1. :ie .2 ,':'2:'2 -.,,.. 'V':::A1':' is the result of combining selected high and low vola- tile bituminous coals - carefully mixing and pulverizing the combination - charged into hermetically sealed coke ovens -- driving gases and vapors off - leaving a cellular structure - which is crushed and sized - especially adapted for domestic home heating, Rainey-Wood Coke Company Main Oflice: Plant: CONSHOHOCKEN, PA. SWEDELAND, PA. Phone: Norristown 4800 "13QZEL""E35Im3L3' " Fx: 5 v x: BUSINESS TRAINING for the young mon or ,gghe W . womonwhohasgradu- A- , Ye ated from High School. 1 53: Courses ,haf offer REALTOR and INSURANCE thorough preparation ' W for Business- 7 E. AIRY STREET lnzi Summer session of six weeks be- gins July 6. Fall term, Sept. 7. Forinformulionc1ddressRe9istrar PEIRCE SCHOOL 33:5-A' : , Us SL!Q3EfGiv-v-fW2-'3L-.- NINETY-EIGHT Congratulations and best wishes for the Class of '37 W For years you have strug- gled With the problems of basic education. You have enjoyed victories and suffered many defeats, and from them you have had a lesson in discipline, industry or thrift. Extra-curricular interests have been equally important in your training. From now on, your interests will be- come concentrated. Whatever line you may enter, yo-u will meet the mechanics of business . . . organiza- tion, marketing, accounting, finance, law . . . and you will need a good banking connection. This you can mf I' 'E' begin to build up now. Choose a good bank - get acquainted - A jIjllilli'iQjfifQ" transact business through the bank lTffq'1 l?lY i:f:i?f27 NU Q?U m when ever Possible- Your School i1 3Qi??iI1'l 'ElRUS'E' QUMPANY savings account transferred into a .. - can ,E Z nk regular Savings Account will be an ' 'cmmtw 'Ham a excellent beginning. MEMBER In the meantime, the Cfficers and FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE Staff Members of this bank join in CORPORATION wishing you every success. Q.-fff::::f:::::fff:fff: ---,,,,r 4 NINETY-NINE I I 4 F ----v----- as v----'--- - -f-- F -""--'---- ---------- f ' -:- INSURANCE -1- NORRISTOWN PENN TRUST -"Biggest and Best"- ZO4 W. MAIN STREET NORRISTOWN, PA. BUILDING Phone 1795 ALVIN D. BEYER, Inc, 1 l Sanitary Cleaners B Dyers I P SEARS ROEBIUCK S1 CO. ' 227 WEST MAIN STREET NORRISTOWN, PENNA. :E . "Shop at Sears and Save" ' F -v-----v-v-f--vv--- "'--- . LILLIAN E. SMITH IMPORTED LINENS GIFTS -:- CARDS 403 W. MARSHALL STREET NORRISTOWN, PA. Phone 2177-W I l I THE Y. M. C. A. for YOUNG MEN and BOYS Easy Membership Terms l ONE HUNDRED 3. 53. kv ,x.:.n E . r 154 ?! PM '1 fg1 3 ',,gf1gk'f51y,, W r Compliments of Adam Scheidt Brewing Co. orristown, Pa. ,,,A,,,,,,,,,,A,A,A ,,A.,A,AA,A,A, A, AAAAA AAAA,, AAA,A,A,,,A, ,AAAA A A 1 ONE HUNDRED ONE ' ,fx1'If', -J .. ' ' :aie.-,l.':f'r-,'1"-"12:--K ' N - , , , F, - - - "It's Smart to be Thrifty" More STYLE! C 1. f More QUALITY!! Omp'me"ts O More VALUE!!! Fi- at the ,ZF B. EVANS as BRO, NIWYORKSTORE NORMSTOWN' PA' 14-16 E. Main Street, Norristown, Pa. Jfr::::r::::f:::::::::::- :: ::J :::: J F , JAMES LEES Q SONS CO. ' BRIDGEPORT, PENNA. ! Manufacturers WOOLEN AND WORSTED YARNS l -:- also -z- E MINERVA YARNS -:- for -:- ! HAND KNITTING 1::::"' """"' ' ' ' F::::: MOORE BROS. HWHOLESALE- FRUITS and PRODUCE BOROUGH MARKET ' BAILEY FUNERAL CHAPEL 815-17 MARSHALL STREET NORRISTOWN, PA. 1 ONE HUNDRED TWO 1 Vw., ,..-. ...-,.. u 'RESESTENEIIIGEHEEQII Ice and Coal ' -:- See our Line of -3- I COOLERATOR REFRIGERATORS WESTINGHOLISE ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS ------vv----vvvv----vvv----'v' 'f----vvvv---vv--i--vv----v-- The SPORT CASINO 2nd Floor Elston Bldg. 58-60-62 E, MAIN STREET BOWLING, POCKET BILLARDS TABLE TENNIS H. RICKLE 1 WM. G. SHOEMAKER CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1937 I ---v vvv----------vvv i--- '?ii--- --vv-------vv- -:- Insure in The Travellers -:- ELGIN H. LENHARDT District Agent 52 E. PENN STREET NORRISTOWN, PA. -:- NORRIS -:- GRAND -:- GARRICK -:- NEW TOWERS -:- TI-IEATRES Motion Pictures at The Best A. and L. SABLOSKY ELEICICS MONTGOMERY COLINTY'S LARGEST COUNTY STORE 15-21 WEST MAIN STREET NORRISTOWN, PA. ONE HUNDRED THREE WM WMWWWMHHWVWWP Q D. RAE BOYD SUCCESSOR TO H. I. KOGELSCHATZ FUNERAL DIRECTOR Residence and Chapel ' ' 718 d St t Swe e ree NORRISTOWN, PA. -::::::::: -::::::::::::::- J EVANS CONGIER CO. NORRISTOWN - POTTSTOWN -:- COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE -1- Engineering Surveys, Analysis and Loss Adjustments M----------M--A---M---------AA-----A---M--A--A-- 1 W. K. KNEAS LUMBER CQ., Inc. Airy and Walnut Streets 800 Main Street Phone 2975 COAL LUMBER MILLVVORK :::::f: ::::::::::: A::::::::::::,: J G ll l. B IE R T , S 132 W. Main Street f- Norristown THE ONLY STORE THAT SELLS EVERY'THING FOR MEN and BOYS ONE HuNDRED Foun 1 I il a.:1f..m-:ai 'J --I, mmf' v auf I I-. ::::::::::::::::::::- -:::: F.-::: ::::::.1o.t:::::::- HATS for the Graduate! HATS for School Trip!! COMPLIMENTS OF HATS for Vacation Time!!! I A FRIEND Moderately Priced at B M The LADY PAT HAT SHOP I' ' CDEVITT 410 DQKALB STREET 7'9 W' MAIN STREET :::::::::::::::::: -::::J :::: -::::::::::,,::::,,, f:f:: ::: T olzqmfufafiolzs ' Gfass of ' Summew!! Tubing and Compan BRIDGEPORT, PENNA. F------ ---vv -v---v-vvvvvvv-.. - - F ---v-- -----v---- - --v-v----- LOUIS D, MANN ' Norristown Hardware Co 31 MONTGOMERY TRUST ARCADE 133-135 W. MAIN STREET NORRISTOWN, PA. MODEL -I-1 STATIONER and OFFICE AIRPLANE OUTFITTER -:- SUPPLIES ------- -::::Y :::: .I 5, 3 : 11 1, fe . ,1.,1, I , , , I I 1 I , A , ' Shui. ONE HUNDRED FIVE Tir 4: If 2. I 'P 5 fi, 5 ET It :4 3. 'S 5 . mi .IM Ll Fil I fs '10, Q: """"""""'"-'-------- if-is: 3 I HALLMAN and RADCLIFF 517-I9-21 W. Marshall Street LANZ IEWELRY CO., Inc FURNISHINGS FOR THE IEWELERS OF QUALITY Il I FAMILY FOR 58 YEARS NOTIONS -:- NOVELTIES 29 E, MAIN STREET -1- GIFTS -:- NORRISTOWN, PA. V557 v- ' raJuafi01z . . . The all important event of school life. Graduation, is surelyl worth a cap and gown portrait. The personal exchange of these photo- graphs keeps school memories for all time. Bussa Studio and Art Shop 332 DeKALB STREET Qgfzofoqrapfzs of Zlze Beffer ying 'I I II L. Fxfr -'ff fffffffffffff-ff frffxfxffff:fffffff:ff:f 'IF You LIKE NICE THINGS ANNA CATANESE You BELGNG IN A - FLORISTS and SEEDSMEN -- B UIC K 321 DQKALB STREET NORRISTOWN, PA, Chas. W. Mann Motor Co. NORRISTOWN, PA. -::::- ,:,: -:,,,::,,,::,,,- :: 3 ONE HUNDRED SIX For Those Handy People . . . Art needlework is part of our lives! We knit and crochet, tat and weave, hemstitch and do trapunto- work, embroider and cut eylets. And for all those delightful, resultful pastimes, we just have what you need-plus instruction. Have a hobby. D. M. YOST COMPANY NORRISTOWN, PA. I. FRANK BOYER PLUMBING, HEATING and ELECTRICAL CO. Featuring a Complete Line of ..... 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MAIN STREET NORSISTOWN' PA' NORRISTOWN, PA. hone 40994 :::::::::::::::::::v :::::. :III Jil 55:55 5:5 4. , . COATS MODEL LAUNDRY LINEN and NORRISTOWN, PA. APRONS SUPPLIES Ax, ,,,,,,,,,,::,,,,, xx Fxxx,,,,,:,,::::::,:,,,,,,, CONGRATULATIONS NEIMAN HARDWARE CO and BEST WISHES HOUSE FURNISHINGS TO CLASS QF '37 SHEET METAL WORK EISENHOWER HIGH SCHOOL Phone 245 MOTHERS' CLUB MARSHALL and CHAIN STREETS -::::::::::::::::: ::::: :::::::::::- ::::::::::::::v :V ONE HUNDRED NlNE HEEAJH A fwwmwwwwhwh 4 A 111 I I T F:::v ...v.v, ,,,,,, , FREY'S SANDWICH SHOP -1- SANDWICHES THAT SATISFY -z- -FOUNTAIN SERVICE- In 523 WEST MARSHALL STREET 14 WEST MAIN STREET --------------------:::::: -::::::,:::::::::v.,:v :I 1 vf::::::f-::f::ff:::::f- f-of: F-ff:x:f:fff-Tffffffffffxx MAKE OUR STORE YOUR BUILDERS HARDWARE MUSICAL HEADQUARTERS MILL SUPPLIES You WILL FIND OuR PRICES LLOYD H, DALIB VERY MODERATE HARDWARE MCCOYS 106 W. Main St. 130 W. Fourth Sr. Norristown, Pa. Bridgeport, Pa. 408 DeKALB STREET Phone 3390 Phone 4670 .-::.-::::::::::::, :::.-:J ::::::::: :::::,,:J F xxg? I, X Eb I f I S I ' VUZ Ulq 61' VLC6 - - In 4 when in Jifjqcuffy wiflz your Qnrimfing gnrobfems, comuff us. 4 032 maizzfaizz a Qjrirzfinq Orqemizafion of Service ang Quafify : zoo MARKLEY smzzr NORRISTOWM PENNA. 1 I E, Producers of 1937 Spice :E L:,:, 3 P. X1 4. on ONE HUNDRED TEN 11? fl: JU "GATEWAY TO HISTORIC VALLEY FORGE" BANQUETS , file fvaffey gzrqe gfofef S dvorrixfown, gjmnu. SOCIALS fri V I F Phone s. GARWOOD KuLP X 3260 . X f' '49 Resldent Manager T 7, Norris Laundry Company SpeedlfIE Cleaners, Inc. Telephones ESTABLISHED 839 1896 373 uafify Qynrk Gffways WASHINGTON and NOBLE STREETS 203 DeKALB STREET ONE HUNDRED ELEVLN www My Friends v, 4 2, x '1Q?'f , as 31' w vs "v is ,Q ii Wi. 4 ' Us .f H fs y - J J M Classmates Y -1 Q uw X mduafes. M You are to be commended on your Ambition, Effort and Perserverance. Your ability to progress in the future is evi- denced by your present achievement. Young Men and Women I l Whether you continue With y o u r Schooling or enter the Business World, have one objective - "Building for Tomorrow"! When the opportunity arises, the Ofiicers and Direc- tors of this Bank will be glad to give a Word of encour- agement and friendly advice to you-"Men and Wo- men of Tomorrow"-and will try to make it possible for you to profit by their experience. MONTGOMERY TRUST COMPANY NoRRisToWN, PENNA. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION L - -:::::::::::::f:f::::::::::::.-.-.-:::::::::::::A J ONE HUNDRED FOURTEEN ! L H . Q-'S 4 r ,- ' . , I 4-. I r ' m e,. 12, .Qi x , vi -- ,ww ' 'Jw ' 'K-gf t ' -f3.a"'A ' I , 14-.fy AV 'V A' Jia, rs 0 . .-l.-.l 4 , . ,., TV - Ehgravdgl by ' 'P 'A THE PONTIAC fEN GRAv1NG: . 'ELECTROTYPE COMPANY ' Q ,CHICAGCQILLINOIS fl ' I .RlTlblQQ1'4Ph6d by BMSSA STUDIO , NORKISTOBXN, LPENNSYLVANIA . . APrinted by . N0kfs1STOYi14f J -, - wa H1 -Q ' ,T'x' 4- a.,,..+. 4 ' V f 5P9'ES0F454'Q'f12X- 1.'1 1, T' N'ORRISTQWN1 .IjPIGHf AfSCH L'2 . v VNORRISTOXYNE 'F-Er4NsYivAN1A Q: 1- . . D . . 'K I . . 'V' , A I ' - I gg , A 1. . .- . mm lmam f 1. . .1 , '. ' " ., I -, ' It " " - A 'I . '. , ' xx , :NT I ' ,,. . j ,Z , 5 , .. ,Q 'l1. 'N 1 .. ,3 4'--. -ki" 'Z A tvs' A. N J f yi., . .I . 1 .Rx ,V M 'fx V . ,'L'-44-.!. .L,-,2-'4- .... 7-4-4- 7 Y-4'-Yv"'TYv'i"'Iiifiriivvv A L, w.- ,"' ' '. ' o . - A '1 4z. ' P : -A 4-'ev .,., - . ., , , . ' '.:1.' Q, 'vf 1 ,f L, ---iw' F, .H gf. 'hip , - ,- ... Q. ...v I".--Qlflqu. v' 9. .N -3 ' 'bn .U 4s,, -vim I " ' 'FV . . ..fT,-,148 ,- -4595 Q. - . . , ,w 3, ,f, '. U- I-' :"+, ' . +,,. .fx .phi '- -, :Q.1-u-,jk-.Aff "gf-' A+:-V.. Q Y -rx: 2-ya ,Ji is M' , :ul wg 4 04 S kk 1 V . u. .pg ,Z .,,, f"is,,9 Q .. .,, , I .. , -'Q' r .- . -:Xb we I wg! ., in-11 ,. .Q 'fri , fv en Ji ' Tfw K 1-' 'Qu . 2 , , ' '4 A -,. '. r . ,te,, ,- ,J A . . -:Qc 4 5 k.x! -- 2.5 ..,,k.. A 4 f- H. , ,,,, ' '5ff5f A' A'E-.H-W4 Q fi f '5 " 'r J . ,, f, .Q xi Z ' .. T2 lffs-. ,F 3,831 . ' "':-af",?i1Ya . lgxfg 2 . 40. - ., I A' - . 'Xue' X51 ' . . s in, V ,'r-I ,H A-WV. ' 55531 x '- 1 Aa: 1."- HIT 'saiz if ff ' 5' .-f12'QLf:1 -fm, K 'f' . fvsf L ? -44. - , ,V , rm 9" rf: 83 'ia , se Hg ,sq A-ff .4- ,..,, 4,,. 4 11? , Ji- ,Q '. 5-S.

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