Norristown Area High School - Spice Yearbook (Norristown, PA)

 - Class of 1935

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Norristown Area High School - Spice Yearbook (Norristown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Cover

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VV YT Cezf I935 l f SPICE 6104 mm jforrisfowzz gfiqk SCL00! lze ass 0 Cresen 5 ze mum ro acfio ID lllllllllllllmlm ml N f 'I X K L. aaucceso Mag 1 b2Pmproqrawmbq mkw canre vaxwrhc bufour haqh school h s drama WV C4 fff ai L. WNNI THE WGRLDS A I H1 OFMQCI of 5errHJn Book b1f1n1Z1pfE?3f95 1051110531 5 W 515111-,XHZ11111111 Onfifv 51UQQO HS mfovm comednes fmqedua Wehawbwmet aracfws andouvdram wah! hiliimll ollihebleasuree madeow lneckooi of iff saw! W: Mfg , Y Y X Y Xin , -Y X X X an X X?YT , LN X X- X Q X X ' ' W 1 fi 1 ' ciufjn ' - Y ' X J i X X 13 1 "S 27' V 7-Vi' V X Y f Y V - ,i"f' .' 'L ,lr 1 Y ' 2 f K 1 if 5, vw f 1 X1 E I f Q X A x fi XX. , , X 71, X XXX XA ,LXQV5 X XF E .27 ' 7' ' 1 ff ' ' , . iff' ' ' 1 :il : X , 1, w f Q! ,Z4- ,1 ,-1 ,ff f ,. 1 : bij' V . ' I!! 1 , ' ' ,ZZ I , , , ' "fi Xjf' : ,J ,. :tw I 'X IrXXX X X 'fu ff!! 1 X ' -1,5 1 ,SV Y --f ' A X ' :,. 17,1 f,,!4 '1 X,1w,X1 , '-aj If X .-f I ' ,'11 1' 1' K, X 'ff X' gf' J XX, f Iii! will : LQ f' 4 ,I 1 X' f '17 fllfhx H gx r-1! fQA".7 5' W " 1 ,lf QU' Y Nw X7 Q W if ' Q11 'V f I A ffiz1M'1'1 W ' - ' - 1 , - f' 1 1 1 , ,f I, ' E ,I . 1 , 11 - ' 1 ' ' EXE? Pi, X 'f 1 X X11 X ' XX! ix 1 X' XX X gift! :' X X X1 X XP 1X1 1 Xl ff, XXXILQQSX f X , R 4 ! ' I 1 X 1'1'?'1fffQ4X3mL , 1: f X! YV fl X A f: I XX x vX' , xl r-FXQ 551. I L: .V V f , , -' , 1 X , . E I FQ: ' H f XX X 'X X L X X ,XX X fl ,,,X,X,7,',r,X1:, - '1,' -:X ' 1 ff , f ' ,V A , W Mg ' ' xg, 1 ,ir +X- X, 'f 1 f , - ' 1, 'X MX f 1 Wgiiwd' ' I 2 ' I , w ,C lf- 1 'X f ' , - fffzoff 1 E , f ?ff,1i7'1 1 ' 1 x f ' ff 'M 1, I1 "j ' 1 i A 1 f'1 2612 'VX ,XX X V I I1 X 1 f 1 if f 1 il -.1v111'1 1 f f 1 1 ' g ' 3' , If " ' ' If f' A , X X1 XXX MXN --1151, , 1 fe 1 - 1 f , 1 5.y'rj1 434+ mf' ' XX 1,11 X, I 31,1 PZ: . ,1 1 W1 , ' LL , X 16? ff 1 f 'V 1' 1' 31' 1 X 5 1 :X , . N 1 X XY X XX ,Xl 1X1 X .1 ffl1'1', K' l I 1 ' !,, ,rl-fff 1,, ,, 1 .XX J L XXX X N xl X I X X 'h ,X , X X Xzgljnhfff fl 1, 1X XX , 1: 1 'X 714 J 1 W1'f,,'1 ' g ,L ' 1 1' 111 LA--W, XX I- 4... , 11 X If, 1 X 7 Q 4X I Y X x onfemfs ADMINISTRATION CI ASSES QQIIIOI Iumox 5 Sophomoles CCA fl cz Gul 1 Lau r CHRONICI E ACTIVITIEQ SPCDRTS LITERARY Stor1eQ PoemQ Book Revlews FEATURES iT G f GLLl'l'iCLL!6U' f ' f lr edicaiimz Ll arqaref 300 cmcm To our class sponsor. to one who has prov- ed a true friend and a Wise counselor, to one who has faithfully kept the interests of our class and the welfare of our school as her chief concerns, to Miss Margaret F. Bookman we, the Seniors of 1935, are happy to dedicate A'Spice". May its dramatic theme recall many pleasant memories of her activity as dramatic coach and advisor. May this, our yearbook, in some small measure, convey our sincere ap- preciation of her devotion and loyalty in our behalf. OLD' SCA00! A. D. Eisenhower l-ligh School "Our lives sholl be the witness of our love For N. I-I. S." Q55 06272 Years ago th1 Hrgh School bulldlng Was the prlde of every townsman How they loved thls tow rxng structure Newest of the new they called lt Heralded was th1s 1nst1tut1on Thru the entlre state they knevx It For 1ts beauty and 1ts splendor Came they from afar to VIQW xt Lalled It the scholast1c model Through the decades thms trad1t1on St1ll cont1nued stxll perslsted To name It as your alma mater Crave one pr1de ln h1 own background For hed recelved flne educatxon He was versed 1n all the phases Of h1s chosen occupatlon Men of merlt took the1r start here Perhaps thelr root IS yet lmplanted Memory s dr1v1ng l1v1ng young ones Stlmulatlng every effort So that they m1ght reach that standard Set by sweat of predecessors Llfe and love d1d see these portals Harbored Joys and woes among them And those longnngs yearnlngs Stl'1V1IlgS That other mmds can comprehend not Let us peer mto the future Whlch unfolds a human drama Whlch IS short but fllled w1th pathos Shows you man 15 l1ke the salmon Llke the red linned lung of flshes He returns when age approaches To the haunts that he frequented To the regxon of h1s boyhood lnborn IS that restless fervor Forexgn ports entlce and beckon Call the vxander lustmg person Calls hlm far from fmend and kmsman Far an ay to make h1s fortune ' J r 7 . v . 7. -4 . . - Y J 7 , v . f. . y l 1 , .. .. r r y , ,- f Y ' 1 v , v 7 - ' 1 , , ' 6L55 06172 But hell lfftlllfl ultlmattly To the scent of clrefree you th d xys And the helrt vnll leap vxlth XIQOI One IS back 1n home surroundxng Faces gleam they are fam1l1ar The mmd reverts to paths of school days But where that venerable structure Casts 1tS lofty tovx er skyvt ard Stands a stranger smlthmg fond thoughts Where are you O schoolboy shelter? Occupy your own foundat1ons7 Can xt be that glant enqxncs Tore your llfe supportlng plllars Demollshecl all the recollectlons Destroyed the scene of youth s amb1t1ons7 He bows h1s aged head 1n angulsh Llke a leaden xxelqht h1s heart IS Naught remaxns of boyhood provtess But ome any famt 1llL1S1OIlS Nat ght remams of cxwc boastmg Of the pr1st1ne 1nst1tut1on Naught remaxns but some traclltxon L1v1ng deep wlthln the schoolmates Never are they sung or spoken But hke the lnttle ch1ld who slumbers Dormant l1e nn the hearts recesses Wherefore does this alien structure LEONARD GERSON africa ar , we W, :if DR. I-I. O. DIETIQICI-I LL106I'ilZf6lZJ6lZf The Foundotion ot every stote is the eclucotion ot its youth. Diogenes That which we ore, we oreg Une equol temper ol: heroic heorts. Mode week by time ond Fate, but strong in will to strive, to seel-2, to Find, ond not to yieIcI. Tennyson - - jarbzcigoaf MISS EMMA E. CHRISTIAN ADDISON I. ALLEN MARY ANDERS ANNA R. BARKER AMANDA BELL DOROTHY E. BERGER ELVA S. BLAKEY MARGARET F. BOOKMAN ESTHER R. BRIGHT WILLIAM E. BUTLER STEPHEN W. CORNELL CARL DANNERTH VIRGINIA DERR BERTHA DUCKERS EDYTHE ESBENSHADE DORIS A. FLANSBURG HARVEY W. FISHBURN MILDRED L. FOX EDNA E. HAGY CARL S. HEDSTROM HARRY S. HERBERT SARAH B. HOFFER ELMER C. HOFFMAN DAMON D. HOLTON HELEN A. BOMBERGER SUSIE HOFF -E SCJ-izcuffy KATHRYN S. HUBERT ANNA HUNSBERGER EDVVIN G. KEPHART XVALTON LANDES LEROY LEWIS SOPHIE MMINTYRE LYNN C. McKEE FRANKLIN E. MELICK CHARLES F. MILLER CHARLES M. POTTER REBECCA VV. PRICE HAROLD E. REINMILLER MARIAN E. ROBINSON LEONARD K, ROTHERMEI HAROLD K. SHEIRER IOHN S. SCHIILER WII.I,IAM I. SPANGLER CHARLES N. SLITPHEN HAROLD E, THOMPSON LEAH V. THORPE MILDRED WIELAND HARRY S. VVOLIT SIIZANNE VVOOD HELEN LINK THELMA SOMMERS 195 SUPERINTENDENT Hars ey O Dietrich Bucknell Unnersity mxtritx af Ntxx lo PRINCIPAL Emma E Christian me City Cole nxt Ptnnw xml: ART DEPARTMENT Anna R Barker Stlmol of Industrial Art ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT Han ey W Frshburn Lebanon Valley Colleqc- Harxarcl Unixersity Doris A Flanshurg Arnold College Leroy Lewis Untxersity of Pennsylxanta Harsard Unncrsiry COIVINIERCIAL DEPARTMENT Stephen W Cornell Unixersitv of Pennsylxama Edythe Esbenshade Susquehanna unix ersity Edna Earl Hagy Cedar Crest Colleqe Elmer C Hoffman Unixersity of Pennsylxanta Marian E Robinson Taylor Sehool Charles N Sutphen Rider College HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Amanda Bell Drexel Institute Columbia Llnixersity Anna Hunsbergcr Pc nn 'ylx ima State Colleqe Sophie Maclntyrc Drexel Institute Suzanne Wood Hood College ages of fha grzcuff ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Addison I Allen Haw rford Colleqe Uniurstty of Pennsylx inn Dorothy E Berger Ursmus Colleqe iulumlua University Elva S Blakey lux 0 nnn'-xlx ml Margaret F Bookman Urwtnus Colleqe Esther R Bright Hood Colleqe Unixersxty of Pennsylxin x Bertha Duckers LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Mary Anders Swarthmore Colleqc Virginia Derr Unixersity of Pennsylxania Sarah B Holler Ursinus College Katherine S Hubert Llnixersttv of Delaware Columbia urnxerslty MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Franklin E Meltck Muhlenberg College Iohn L Schuler Frmklm and Marshall College Unixerstty of Pennsylxanta MUSIC DEPARTMENT Damon D Hol on hlansheld State Teauhers Colleqe Unnxerslty of Pittsburgh Leah Thorpe New York Unixer tty SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Walton E Landes Bluffton folltqr' Leonard Ix Rothcrmcl rmlclm and Mlrslnll Colltqt nnersity I I tnnsylx uni u Harold IK Scherrer 4 km on u Harry S Wtrlf if ayt tre C ollt qe SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Mildred Fox Bucknell University Harry S Herbert Umxersity of Pennsylvania Edwin W Kephart Dickinson College Rebecca Price Ursinus College William I Spangler Albriqht College Columbia University Mildred Wieland Pennsylxann State Colleqe VOCATIONAL DEPARTMENT William E Bu ler Girard Colleqf. Carl Dannerth Pennsylxania State College Carl S Hedstrom Llnlxersity of Pcnnsylxamm Lynn C McKee Duke University Charles F Miller Drexel Institute Franklin Institute Charles M Potter Sprtnq Garden lnstttute Harold E Remmiller Lafayette College Columbia Llnnerstty Harold E Thompson Pennsylxann State College ll 'sjw 'rk 1 l 1 I' ' F 1 ' 1 1 .' 1 I Q ' . .l . N A -' . 'A Ll ' ' o V J 1 '1 Gr ' I j I lge I 4 I I '. ' ll: -rsitv of - fjl '1 . ' . . DI 5 C llrgv ll t-retry I P- 1 .i r 'i L1 1 ' I 'A ' ' 4 KJ' 1 iz ' I U I .Y . f University nf Pennsylvania , i. oarg of Cggucafiorz Vlce Presldent RICHARD I GUTHRIDGL Secretary Treasurer HAROLD B KRA FL IO:-IN WAGNER Members REV R I GOTTSCHALL MABFL A IXRLISEN MARY G LANL M EUGENE SELTZER ISABEL P SHOEMAKER President WILLIAM FVANS li. LANE CRAWFORD WILBUR M. EVANS Kennedy Gram Slater Rees Hunsberger Davenport McArthur lbaugh Calabrese Kershner Marrs Beck Pxckermg Hendricks Owens Bolxg Stemberg OBrien Fxllman Hitchens Garber McCaleb Bartleson Updegrafl Panlco Frey Gutekunst Angstadt elzior ozzqress Motto He Conquers Who Belleves He Can Colors Cherry and Whlte Officers Presldent Walter Updegraff Vice Prcsldent George Bart leson Secretary Florence Panlco Treasurer Kathryn Nlppes Smce September the class under the guldance of the Semor Congress has contlnued to gam Splflf by sellmg hlgh school seals and Chrxstmas cards After the senlor banquet all efforts were launched to make College Day a great success Havxng many representatlves from varlous colleges tell of the educatlonal advantages of each school and havxng confer ences wlth mterested students was most valuable The final work of th1s senlor group was the presentation of the lovely draperxes for the audxtorlum I ' I I I I I Y I I I . I I ' . I . I I l I . I , . P l I . I I I Y I . I I Y ' Sponsor -1 Miss Margaret F. Bookman 11" I . : , ' 1 , ' . LCE 19 5 612 0 CATHERINE ANDERSON Class1cal Home Room l Careful and happy all day long Btggmg oher-1 to ,mn 1n her song 110 1 l'y1 Cleo Club Orc cs Schuw 1l Rner Essay W sen Defntlng French Mask and W1q Senlor Mask and VV1q Pres1dent and Senxor Assemblv Clubs Pre :dent Home Room South ln :mort RUTH ANGSTADT General Home Room 30 A cheerful temper lomed w1th 1n nocence makes beauty attrac we know ledqe dcl1qh ful and w1t good natur Semor Congress H1 Eye Typlst Clee Club Theory F1sh Net N H S Room HARRY ARENA C enerul Home Room A fremd whn helps a fr1end m nec a fncnd Indeed Stlmn Club President llome Room IOHN AUSTERBERRY lndus nal Home Room 16 The l.1d1es call ham sweet mkmq Othttr rressurtr of flume. 1mm IEAN BALDWIN Llss-115.111 Home Room 17 Progress 1s the act1v1y of today and the assurance of tomorrow S utlent C 1111nt1 Sptet Typtnq lrenth Stxenu Sophomore Dramauc 1 r Musk mtl hN1q Clubs Bank 1nq Officer llome Room Prestdent Vue Pre ndmnt un Setretary 1 lt furry 1 GEORGE BARTLESON Cla-meal Home Room I8 A leader among men Student Council President Sentor Conqrcss Orchestra Band Glee Cluh B1ology Club Presldent Home Room Vttc Presndcnt Semor Class South ln Sonora DORIS BEAN Commermal Home Room 30 Be cheerful always as you are lnterclwss Basketball German M ask and W1g N H S Busmess Clubs Sp1cc Representatlve H1 Eye Representatwe Banlung Officer Sec retwry Treasurer of Home Room H1 Eye Typ1st IBAN BBCHTEL General Home Room 5 Not hold nor shy nor short nor uf: a mce mmglmg of them all H1 Eye W C, T U Essay F1sl1 Net Lthriry and Book Clubs Christmas Pwqewnt Home Room L1brar1an EVELYN BECK Ll.-1ss1cal Home Room ll Many lhmqs she attempted All she performed Slud1nt lounul Senlor Qonqress Spne ll1Eye Glec Club Semor As semhlv Cluh Home Room Treasurer South 1n Sonora HARVEY BERGER General Home Room 23 An ounce of mnrth I5 worth a pound or sorrow Cross Country Book and Corrcspon dence Clubs V f sp--1 ll'-2 -t , I 1 11- " fm: 'Ikl 'V " .. 1 .C. 1 . , , , 'l'.ll, E..z,': . ' , , Ir, , N 1 ' 7 . , S: . . ,,,. Busincss Cluhsg Vice President A 1 ' . 1 1 1 ' I4 .1, ' - ll: ' A ' ' H - 1 . If I . . B1 -, Y ' it , . , . jf l R . Q l . l 1. , , W 't 4 l l ": ' ,- Q ., 4l1t.ll:'t'1v Q 3 .E - . -. E 1 A ls' ' . d ' ' 'Hn 11- N V- F nn". -e 1 E .-17... HELEN BERMAN General Home Room J Good taste is the flower nf good sense pier ll: Eye Washlnqttxii Ev iw Contest Sophomore Drimatit Lluh Ilyping C orresponelense Prtsrtltnt md Libr try C lubs Bankinq Officer MILDRED BERND General Home Room 46 A maiden who is you hful light hearted, Social Home Economies Kandy Kor ner Commercial and Fish Net Clubs PAUL BESWICK General Home Room 17 Ac tons speeak louder than words Cross Country Trafht Captain Stamp and Com Club DORIS BEYER General Home Room 30 Her sunny smile and cheerful words Make her a friend to all. Student Council: Basketball: Varsity Track Captain: Washington Essay Contestp Girls U "1 Library Club: Banking Officer: President and Treas- urer of Home Room. CHARLES BIEHL Industrial Home Room 1' 'I have found you an argument but I am not obliged to find you an understanding. ' Vocational Society: Student Council: lnterclass Basketball: Cross-Countryg Track: Stamp and Science Clubs: Vice President f Home Rowing Banking Officer. ,-4 MARIORIE BOLIG Commercial Home Room I5 A light heart lives long Senior Congress Personality and Hiking Clubs Eankinq Officer WALTER BOLTON General Home Room 8 Dont worry it shortens life Spice Representatixe Varsity Ba ketball ayvee Bas:-ball lnterclass Basketball Band Orchestra Science Club Vice President Home Room ARTHUR BONO Industrial Home Room 30 None but himself could be his parallel lnterclass Basketball Industrial Ra dm Minstrel Rexue FRED BOOTH Industrial Home Room 5 Tis something to be willing to commend But our best praise is that he ' our friend". Student Council: Football Manager: oys' "N" u . IUEL BOTSKO General Home Room 40 "Honest and true Ful of fun too Thats our 'Iuel Thru and thru." Student Council: Senior Mask and Wig, Art, and Stage Production Clubs: Vice President Home Room: Banking Officer. f V ,owe I9 5 emors S,'L -.gui .L Qggl - .V Q. Y And con.ented with life's best." H V 7 I ' 'A l 'H ' aa at li' .+ . 4 I - I ' Y , is N B Clb 1 ' ' 'l ,V , lzl IZABETH BOWMAN General Home Room Snlen lrxendly and almost no need Ye she always does her share l la C xmeru and Commtrtl uhs South ln Sonor: IOSEPH BOWMAN Cue-ncral Home Room If My tnnque wx hm my lips l ren lor those who talk mos talk vzun btudcnt Counexl Varslty Baikttball wyxet Bvskctball Band Orchestra Stamp Club Scrub Baseball Crows Country MARGARET BOYNES General Home Room When duty whxspers low You must The youth replnes l can ltrson ulltv Club b trct lrx mtl urnr l'vp1nq lub IOSEPH BRANCA Commerclal Home Room 7 There x5 always room for a man of force bsmor Congreai Baaeball Football N Club Presldent Vice Preildent md betrctary of Home Room IOSEPH BRENNAN General Home Room Speech ns snlver hut silence qolden S mor ionqns tm atb: l lru A lnq ommtrtul an C u s 1 uv on LCE 1 5 EIZLO IJ IEONARD BROWN General Home Room 40 He who laughs last ns a fool for wantmg so long Student Councnl Football Track bwnmmmg lnterclass Bawketball Typ mg Club N Club President and llrrasurer Home Room MARGARET BROWN General Home Room I7 9 you walk softly look sweetly speak wrsely Student Councxl Spree l"llEye Glee Club Sophomore Dramatic and Senior Assemhlv Clubs Presldent of Home Room South xn Sonora FRANCES BRUSCH Commercial Home Room 6 Thmk well hefore you pursue t And when you begun go through It btudent Council Sophomore Drama tm Senxor Mask and Wig Social Dmung Clubs Presldent Commercial llut klcherry Finn DOROTHEA BRUSHER General Home Room 26 A pretty girl an entrancmg smile And lxqht blue eyes you ll linger avwhnle Student Councnl Spnee Hx Eye N Club Vnce Presxdent French Club Secretarv Home Room Huckle herrx Finn IOHN W BURKE Scxentxlic Home Room Q0 A merry heart maketh a cheerful Conn Yflance Band Orch:-:tra Stamp Club 6 A- - .V A un, ,. .,, ul.-f ti.. 1 it . . 1 ---..1 - :Z 1- H - z ' -V 1 K ' Cl .': "4 4 Q". ' 5- U .. . , . . H'0 - ' v . Q ' -' ' . ' ." 7 .' SZ, ln ,K ,.' Q 1 , " g t Z ft 16 " ' i, O Club: "A Table Set For Himselluz 1- . , , lc' t V' 2 'l'rc'as- " - ' ", ' 1 ' ' A C . ' . . H , -' is .. fr f - ' N: F 1 al 1 H t ki l . . ' lllc ., C ' '. . 1 d TI hz ' A ' ' Flu: Prlzt- fur Ev., ' Hn-url". 7 I .-. 1 ..... ANTHONY CALABRESE Scxentllic Home Room 3 Earnes ness endeavor means success Student Counul Semor Conqress 'lenth Ltqnon Iqrench Club ROBERT CAMPBELI Industrlal Home umm. 1 H ,t . ml.. take htm for an an Shan not see has luke agam Vocatmnal bocxety Vxcc President Home Room Radio Minstrel Renew VINCENT CAPACI Semen nlic Home Room 23 Onward he wall strive Student Councl Glee Club Semor Assembly Silence Bxology and Chem xstry Clubs Vice President Home Room IACOB CARACAPPA Lommerclal Home Room 23 Happy wx h lus work but los of 1 ye Iypnsr Football Cuptun Varslty Trask Interclass Basketball blce Club Sophomore Dramitn Club Prcsxdent N ll S Business Club Trea surcr N Club Presldent Home Room Bmlcmq Ofhcer South Sonora Huckleberry Finn IAMFS CASSANO General Home Room I5 He conquers who endures x I C' ec flu lorrr pondentc Club 4 ommercx xl I lub Re portsr Presulent Home Room South ln Sonora LCE 1 5 EIZLOI' 20 AlNTH0lNY H LICCARONE General Home Room I8 By persnstence your reward will be Hxkmq an T pmq Clzbs nt Pre xdent Home Room DAISY MAE COLE General Home Room hes real all through And like her youll find ew uunt Council ll Ryprcstn tauu Glce Club Frcnth l'1sh Nu and Sophomore Dr tm nu Cltbs South In Sonora MILDRED COPENHAFER ommercxal Home Room 5 The laugh er lxcre as swee ly rmgs As m the pal ces of kmgs Strlbblers Personxlnty and Lommer 1111 Clubs Secretary Home Room ANNA MAI: LORLPY General Home Room 4 l'or she gladly helps nn exery way put umor Varsxty Trarlt WL T U Fssiy Personxlxty Corrnspon dence 1nd Semor Mask and Wxq Clubs WILLIAM H CORSON Industrxal Home Room 12 Everybody lnkes and respects self made man rcsndc nt V04 muon nl bmw v u dent Counul 'I melt Prnsldrnt Honu Room R xdlo Mxnstrnl Rulew 1 ' - 1 " 1 in .. , . ,. 1 " ' ..: fi VQ it-2 VCT - ' 7 " e z . , ' in Us I ll, - ' f I" I I , I I I II St le 1 'Z 1-Eye I ' We - lim? fm' PIUY-H I "A girl you won't find every day, H -If T '. 2 ' '1 e' : A' S I C ' ,' I.'5 fiI ,C S"-:I ' A.' .j. RI : 2 ' I l 1 H I in .. I 4.1 U I ' J ' .' ' a lll-lijc Typ st: I rl I h: I 1 S- P , I II - I I I SI I f f ELIZABETH CORY General Home Room So good natured and fnendly s c That It rs a pleasure wrth her to Cimem Fnsh Net 1nd Senlor Mask nd Wlq Clubs Vice Premdent and Secretary Home Room IOHN W COX Clasucal Home Room 5 Such mas er such man PILIUYC Eclltor Splce HI Eve Stall B1nd Oratorlcil Conteet Debatmq Club Vxce President 1nd Prcildent of Home Room Preixdent of Scnence Club IDA CRESSMAN Fommcrcnl Home Room A good head and a good han Sp: c Reprc'-.entatnt Hn Eye Typnst Personallty Axntlon an N H 5 Busnnc-Qs C lubs IOSEPHINE CUSUMANO General Home Room 3 knowledge conquered by labor be comer a possessron property en tnrely your own andy Korner dun Art and NI H S Builnesi Clubs LEONARD DABBENE Generl Home Room 24 Great oaks from lmle acorns grow Bm r Nm C u s PLCE 1 5 EIZLOV5 CAROLYN M DAVENPORT General Home Room 46 Brave youth must rn-lc Each age demands Clear lsralns strong hearts and wnll mg hands Spxcr Hn Eye WC T U hssxy Aswnt nn! Trask Man tqtr lnterelaxs B twkethill N Deh lung Fish Net Le Cxrele Francus Kandy Korner N H S Buirnesi Club B mltlnq Off! ter Secretary 1nd Tn wurer of Homt Room EDWARD N DAVENPORT General Home Room 42 Hold fast' Work hard be strong he true The future keeps a place for you Student Council Scnlor Conqreso Track Crow Country VN C TU E-:say Wrcitlmg and Dcbatnnq I uhi Treasurer md Vxcc Prextdcnl Home Room Orqaru cr of Corrcspon dence Lluh WINIFRED D DAVENPORT General Home Room 45 Who Qtnnds wrth men of honor learns to hold hrs honor dear For rnght ltvlng speaks a language whnclt to every one H clear Typing Editor bpxu Trult lntur Reprricntauve Knndy Korner Deb ating Hiking 'Nl H S Business ub 'md C ommt rut Club Vlce Prtstdent f Correspondence Club artt try Le Cir It Frinf 11'-1 C. u B lnlunq Otheer buretary Home Room ROBERT DAY Colnmercxnl Home Room I2 A perfect boy nobly planned To warn to lead 'md to command Student Countll ferman Club So rl Danflng md Busxneis Clubs MARGARET DELCAMP Cmnmercml Home Room I3 A ltrtl ntuscnsc nnw and then ls relnhed by the wtsest men bpne bummmq Sophomore Dru m me 1 urrtspondrnte Art Senior ul: ml N lq I Mwik md I uh l Huckleberry Ann 'Senretirv rl Home Room South l Sonor! ' ' l l l M 1 l .i U 4 U ' is , .,, ' I ' bc." L gf" h .. ff ' 5 . ' ' ., - , 1 ' , l l- V- : Z..- ' : .'. , I 45 l- l l 'Q V ' . V .1 .. d ' - - ' W: . - 3 V . Are worth gold in any land," floss Basketball: Hi-llyc Typist and ' , ' : ' . ,-L , 'A 'd , CI '. .4 1 V-A1-ll ' , " 3 f 0 T ' 3 Sv 'z 'L' -Q . al ll b: K , L' ' . . ' ci: ' 4, 1 V I" ' l, 1 A , V V. - 1 V , t r. A. 2 lfV'g 1 'md Il 'I I 'l h ' lil S: H1-fyc: " 1 F "1 .Q ' .I , . 'A n ELIZABETH DEL PIZZO General Home Room 3 Those bug brown eyes and pleasant smlles Are lust a few of Betty s wrles Student Councll Senior Congress Plant Camera Sophomore Dramauc Personalxty and Socxal Dancmq Clubs Bankmg Officer South ln Sonora LEOPOLD DENNIS General Home Room 30 Only an artlst appreclates the true beauty ln art Spree Art Stal? Football Art Stamp Clubs First Pnze for Amencan Legion Contest ALICE DETWILER General Home Room Why take llfe seriously We ll never get out of lt ahve Student Councnl Hx Eye lntertl ass Basketball Stage Production C lub Treasurer Correspondence Club Vnct Y dent Home Room Spxcc Represent: txve IAMES DETWILBR Commerclal Home Room Where theres a will theres way tu tnt Cuunul H1 lzyt' lypxst lunlor Mask and Wxg Club bennor Mask and Wxq Club Trafhe Othcer South ln Sonora A Table bet for Himself YN C T U Essay Dcclam1 tion Conte t Huckleberry llnn Senror Radno Broadcast FDITH DEWEES General Home Room 40 Her quxel unassuming way makes You glad to be her fnend Student Council Bird and Hlkmq Clubs L06 19 5 ZIZL ,..f IOHN DIEHL lndustnal Hqmg Roum Above our lnfe We love l steadfast fnend Vocatxonal Society Stamp Club EMMA DI FELICE Home Economncs Home Room 13 A true friend ns forever a frnend Flsh Net and Personahty Clubs VIOLET DITZLER General Home Room 27 Not bold nor shy nor short nor lil Student Counul lnttrclass Basket ball Presldent Scrlbblers Club ct retary Treasurer German Cluh D batxnq Club RODELL DORSEY General Home Room I7 lf a womans ln the case For oher thlngs he has no place umor Varsxty Football bcrrbblers Club PAUL DOUD General Home Room 13 That mlllxon dollar smile Football lnterclass Basketball 5 cral Dancing Club Wrestlmg Club Secretary Hllunq Club President Home Room l I I ,, - , f I ' ' ' 42 ' 1 : and ' 4 . 2l U . - ! . , Z .1 3 I 'Ln Q l Presildent Llbrar, Club: Vice 'Presi- L . : ' J :ICS : ' .' z- - '. 1 r- ' 45 " " ' , 'Q a 'H 1 1 'o- WALTER DRISSEL General Home Room 1 Small and tnvxal ns the past It ns the future whxch ns vast Cross Country Truk Band Q lm era f ub RUTH DUCKWORTH General Home Room Music drxves all cares away Sntce Glee Club Sophomore Dra matte and Semor Mask and Wig Clubs Vxce Prcsxdent Home Room South In Sonora A Table Set For Hlmsell IOHN DWYER General Home Room He IS yolly tn walk wnth And wntty to talk wxth Student Counell Cross Country ln terclass Basketball Hlkmq and Sennor EVELYN EISENHOWER General Home Room 24 The joy we had nn knowmg you Will last our whole hfe through lnterclass Basketball Glu Llub Theory of Music Hlkmg Typing and Sophomore Dramatic Clubs South In Sonora A Table Set For Hxmself ALBERT EISENSTEIN Scxentxlic Home Room 8 In all things nt ts better to hope than despair Spike H1 Eyt raLk mtqcr ee Club Tmtlu and N C u s South ln Sonora LCE 1935 EIZLO 23 NORMAN ELLIS Sclentlic Home Room 7 A man can dxe but once Student Council Blology and Rxflc Clubs Spree Representative FRANCES FARRA Commercnal Home Room 43 Does her best her very best, And does lt everyday H1 Eye W C T U Essay MARGARET FENIMORE General Home Room Personallty ns a gift dnvme None know xt none can tt deine Student Councxl Spice Busmess Stall' H1 Eye V Basketball Glee Club Sophomore Dramatic N and Senior Mask and Wnq Clubs Secre tary Home Room South ln Sonora GENE FILLMAN Classlcal Home Room 40 To seek for greater heights Student Councxl Senxor Congress Iunxor Mask and Wxg Sentor As semblv and Tenth Legxon Clubs Vice Presndent Home Room H1 Eye Repre entatne Handbook Staff CATHERINE FISHER Commercial Home Room 12 The secret of success ns cons ancy of purpose H1 Eve Typist French Kandy Kor ner Personalnty and NH S Business Clubs K.:.i.'-- 2 a': 1 1 .2 - v Z A 1 'I' ll 43 27 , , .2"f. " '- 2l"- A Mask and Wig Clubs: Banking Ofhccr. AZ A ' . . . "3 '- ': T ' M: 1. : I Gl : . 'vi . ll b': 4- A' I - ' V - I f EDNA FITZGERALD General Home Room 14 Silence IS the father of thought Thouqht of knowledge and know ledge of all things German Club ELEANOR FONTAINE General Home Room 1 A good nature 11 one of the rarest gifts Student Council Plant Hnkmg Socnal Dancmg Clubs Presndent f Home Room HELEN FOX General Home Room 24 Charms strike the snght and ment wms the soul Student Councxl Spree H1 Eye Glee Club Book Typing Llbrary and Debattng Clubs Secretary Home Room South ln Sonora ROSE FRASCINO General Home Room 4 They who govern the most make the least norse Student Counul Yennls lnterclass Basketball Hllung Scncnce Lorres pondcnce German Latin and Typm Clubs South ln Sonota RUSSEL FREAS General Home Room 4 What he undertakes to do he does Track Camera and N C, ubs Bankmq Ofhcer Presxdent and Vxce Pr:-sndcnt of Home Room ,.., VIOLA FREY Classxcal Home Room 16 lf ns truth that srlence gxves con sent Then Vrolas qunetness ls not mls spent Semor Congress Glce Club PO SA Essay Camera Hlltmq Lorres pondence and Personallty Clubs WILLIANNE FREY Commercxal Home Room 25 Greatness does not depend on size mme 1 Q t l ss y erxbblers 'lrn el NH S Bnsmt Correspondence an B ok u s Presxdent Seeretarx Treasurer Home Room FRANKLIN FRICR General Home Room 8 He has a monoply on good looks Student Counul Varsxtv Cross Country Varsity Trick Latm Club Vice Prcs1dent and Presldtnt Home Room ROBERT FRYER lndus nal Home Room 40 Speech rs grea But snlence rs greater Vue President Votauonal Socxtty IOSEPHINE GAMBONE General Home Room 2l She never worrxes never fre She ne er seems ought but gay H1 Eve asketbill Manager French Correspondence SoC1alD1ne1nq and Commercial Clubs Homt Room Presx dent 'N C Ss'-1 H'-aye, W, l,'l'1.Ll. ,-.- all A , 'I ' 'and H I. id' '04 C1 : . o - t . I- 5 U ' , ts, ' 2 ' " " 'l 1 '- l 1 -A :I , V I l ,mae 19 5 emors HELEN B GARBER Classtcal Home Room 41 thy face l see the ple ure o honor truth and loyaly St-cretlry Student Conn nl bcnlor Congress bcmor Editor bplne Glee Club Essay Trlbutc To Washtnqton NVCTU Essay Wyomxsstnq l'oun datton Contest Sophomore Drwmitlc umor Mask and Wtq Typmq and Qccretary Senlor Assembly Cluhs bouth l Sonora Huckleberry funn HOWARD GARNER General Hom Room 3 Independence thats he all over Asststant Ttnms Mlntqer Stamp ind Socnl Danclnq Clubs bttrrttry Home Room SARA GAUER Chsstcal Home Room I6 She ne er I5 seen wtthou her smtle She s talkmg laughmg ll e while Student Counul Spree P O 5 A Essay Washtnqton Essay Scncnce Mask and Wtq and Sophomore- Dra mittc Clubs President Home Room IOHN GEHRINGER General Home Room 24 Qunet and shy so poor women good bye Student Lounul Busmus Still Ht Pye Vue President llmu- Room BEATRICE GE SE Classxcal Home Room 42 A qlrl to whom was gnen So much of ear h so much of heaven Student Councll H1 Eve Represen tatne French Qophomore Dramatic and amor Mask and VV1q Clubs Presldint Home Room The Table 1 L06 1 5 ZIZLOI' ..25.. LEONARD GERSON Classnc al Home Room The power of speech ts a gnft t h praised Senior Congress Spxce H1 Eye Varstty Tennis lnterclass Basketball Varsxty Debating Second Pr: e bchuylkxll Rxver Essay Btoloqy Club NV1nner Tlmes Herald Oratorxtal Con test VERGENE GEYER Commercial Home Room 47 Always happy lovmg and gay Enoymg lifes best at as comes her way Stu cnt Conn tl Spxce H1 Ey ft-nms Glec Club Prcsldcnt and Sec retarx Personality Club Secretar Home Room South ln Sonora JOSEPH GIAMBRONE Gtve me Liberty or give me Death Iumot Varsrtv Basketball Basket hall Manaqer Tvptnq Club lqraflie Squad ELSIE GLASS General Home Room 40 Her smtles are fatrer far Than smiles of oher maidens are handy Korner fluh Secret try Tren surtr Commerual Klub becretary l'rea urer Bttd Club CHARLES GOINS General Home Room Happy ns the snlent solttude Track Cro Country Football xmert rtnth an N Cubs r I , I l l mln ' ". f ' 46 Q a ' ' Mg ' ' " ' ' 0 . H: . , , - .V Z 2 V 'U .. n . ,, f . 1 ' ' I L rr , f .. . . , ' . , ' V . 1 'A Kip 2 1 , N d ' rg " g '-' cg ' eh H' : H Y ' ' 'l ' ' A t J 'h, Scientific Home Room 25 S Y . a. t 1 I p A , I. .V ,hi 4 4 Z, I :: , T .. V. 5 ., :H ' f ek H . ,Q cf A F' d '1 .' 3 51, For lllnt-elf," V IOHN GORDON Scientific Home Room 17 A hear y friend and comrade too lf he has faults they are very few Student C ouncil Football Scrub bltrs Soci1lDancmq and N C,lubs Vice President Home Room EDWARD GRAIIN General Home Room 4 Good nature s ronger than tnmahawks Senior Lon ress Baseball Band ing Club COVAL GRATER Classical Home Room 13 lest and he walk hand in hand Student Council Spice Hi Pye C let ub 3 A Essay lrenc bating Curran! History and Senior Literary Clubs Vice President renth Legion Debating Team HAZEL GRATER General Home Room 13 A day for toils' an hour for sport." Spice: Basketball: Track Manager: Sophomore Dramatic Club: President "N" Clubp Secretary and President Home Room, DOROTHY GREENE General Home Room 46 "To sec her is to hear her." Student Council: Swimming: Glec Cllubg French, Sophomore Dra- matic Clubs: Secretary and Vice Presi- dent Home Room: "South ln Sonoran: "l'lu'kln'berry Finn". ELIZABETH GRIMLEY General Home Room 15 A merry heart doth good like medicine Student Council Camera Senior Mask and Wiq Science Treasurer Fish Net Clubs Vice President Home Room Huckleberry Finn EILEEN GUTEIXUNST General Home Room 8 They conquer who endure Senior Conqress Hikinq Club Ger Hcer RICHARD GUTHRIDGE General Home Room 25 A man in earnest finds means ootbill risk Bxoloqy C,lub esldent f R fl Club Arr u Banking Officer ADA HALL neral Home Room I5 To those who know thee . words can paint! And those who know thee all words are taint." Spicei Glee Club: Fish Net Club Secretary: Camera Club. GROVER HALLMAN Scientific Home Room 3 " e never know how high we are till we are called to rise." Stu cnt Council: Spice: Hi- yea Senior Assembly Club. all r 79 5 V C " is ct Orchestra: Brais :Sl:xtCt: Social Dancl man Club: Typing Clnb:lBanking Of- Cl 3 I.OjS. . 2' : I 4 hi bc- F 1 1 'l' 1 ' 1 ' . ' : ' , , v , ' ' Pr.' u ie I z Clb: Ge " no', no W 1 d E 4 IAMES HANEY General Home Room I7 Famt heart ne er won fanr lady Footbill unlor Varslty MAE E HANNA Classxcal Home Room 42 A smxle for all a welcome glad A povral coaxmg way she had Student Council Senlor Congress Hx Eye French Club personality Club Secretary of Home Room ANDREW HARRIS General Home Room 40 Deep rn thought Reserved nn speech Footblll Basebill lntn rel us Bas lntbxll Trathc Assxstmt Chief 1nd Chnf N Club Prcsxdent md Tre1 surcr of Home Room General Home Room 7 Persxstency wnll carry you to un known hexqh s Student Counell Semor Congress Basketball Track Art Club Llub Secretary IOHN HAYDEN General Home Room Hrs sunny smmle and cheerful words make hmm a frnend to all u an! Connell me Cru s Co rv Imp u Presnunv flub Vlcs prcsxdsnt of llwm Room DORIS HEFBNER Gtntfal Home Room 47 Who goes sweetly goes surely Glee Club Personalxty Club Senior Mask and Wig South m Sonora BLANCHE HEIN Classncal Home Room 12 Her mmd s her kmgdom Her wills her law Semor Congress Spnce Sophomore Dramauc unlor Mask and Wng German Club KATHERINE HENDRICKS General Home Room 23 A kmd and gentle heart hath she Semor Congress Personahty Club Secretary and Treasurer Fxsh Net Club Presxdent Treasurer of Home Room ALMEDA HILEMAN Classxcal Home Room ll When you show your face The world becomes a happy place Student Councnl Correspondenee Club Vlce President of Home Room MARIAN HITCHENS Classlcal Home Room 24 Though she pursues a scolarly way Much fun she finds from day to day nnlor Congress bpm: llx ye Band Glee Club Presulcnz of Kmdy Korner Club German Club French Club Vice Presxdent of Home Room Chrxstmas play IDLCE 1935 EIZLOFS 27 K r I . .. ,A X w : 5 , 2 . . 1'- : V 1 :W ' Z l ' W 1 ' 3 GEORGENE HARVEY -A ' I ' 2 ? MN.: I . x. 2 ' 'L 43 S! df f ' :Tri 'kg 1 s,- i una S" 1 .: W ' 'L -E 1 K- : St: ffl lv. l' : "N" 5 4 5 3 1 Q f ' f MILDRED HOLT Classlcal Home Room 22 What ns a stronger breas plate than 1nnocenee7 Student Council Glee Club the-Stra Tenth Leqxon Sur.-nee Club Iypxnq Club Vncr Presndcnt of Homm Room South ln Sonora ROBERT HONEYMAN Chssneal Home Room 21 He wears the rose of youth upon hum Student Counul Vice Presxdent lin Fyc' Stamp Club Current History Club Tenth Legnon Presndrnt D batmq Team Captaln ol Afhrmatlve Team President and Treasurer f Home Room Chrxstmas Paqeant BYRON HUNSBERGER Classxcal Home Room The more you study The more you forget The more you forget The less lou know So why study Semor Congress Hn Eye Footb1ll Baseball Glee Club Bxoloqy Club Traflllc Club Math Club President of Home Room South ln Sonora WILMER HUNSBERGER Indus na Home Room 21 o man was ever wnse by chance Vocatmnal Socncty Srucnce Club resident and Vlcc Presldent ol Home oom Raduo Minstrel Rexue OLIVER HYNES General Home Room 45 ll work mterferes wth pleasure Quit work Student Councxl Football Scxence Club Vlce President of Home Room STANLEY IBAUGH lndus nal Home Room 2l S xllness of person and 5 eadmess of lea ures are stgn l m rks of good breedmg x 1 mal o lely lllstormn en r Con rr Spur Stlence Club lxcxo Mtn trrl Rcxue Schoolmm :ward for unlor Class STEPHEN lNGRAlVl Gener l Hom Room Sm ll bu nugl-ty Honest and true tue tm Q oumnl no oqy b surcr of llomr' Room REBECCA IOHWSON General Home Room 18 Always c we ever talking 1l1 Nrt Klub Business Club Par sonalnty Club lRVlN IONES C neral Home Room 3 Good humor ts one of the best artncles of dress one can wear socxey 'lraclt Cross Country Cimerx Club Senlor Musk and Vlflq Prcsldent f Home Room South ln Sonora FREDERICK IOWETT General Home Room Once bcrun lways Emshed ll mq Cluw 511:-smanshlp Club IOLCE 19 5 ZVZLOFS ,...f l ' : : Or- l -' ? l' : " I V1 .x it 1 S C' . '. 3 S' - ' A W 4 ' ' iur 1 g rss: .' 'r : . K' : J H is l - ' 1 C z 'S y" .' r . .A 2 21 1 lg K 1 'C , :I 6- S l' f " 5 lj l A ' Clu 3 Tren- .: 0 A l ' 45 A I V Fw 1 I . : ' - ,1 ' l l. .Q Q HN . Q '- A ' in P B, , : , 5 l .J-' Ag 1 .2 I 1 R 3 , , 5 Y . . '- H 5 . 0 44 . - . xl! A A lg l. I . J ' l . V f BENEDICT KANE General Home Room l6 Gnve us the lad wnose happy life ls one perpetual smnle Student Councnl Bnoloqy Club President Rlllf: Club Vtcc President Bxrd Club RAYMOND KANE Scxentrlic Home Room 7 It ts the steady quxe plodding ones that wm m the hfe long race Presxdent of Home Room DONALD KEELY Commercial Home Room 8 Seldom sudy never worry H1 Eye lnter class Basketball Band Orchestra Bxoloqy Club Stamp Club Hxkmq Club Typmq Club EDWARD I KELLY General Hom Room 24 What sweet deltght a qtuet ltle ffords Football Hlklnq Club Ar Club IOSEPH KELLY Ggngrl Hom Room 16 Stall water runs deep Footb1ll Truck Art Club Htkmg Club PLCE 1 5 EIZLOFS ARTHUR W KENNEDY Sclentrlic Home Room Ask me no questrons and Ill tell you no libs Student Council Scntor Congress HnEvc Glen' Club DAR Essay Frcnth Club Buoloqy Club Trafht Club Presndcnt Home Room South ln Sonora Sentor Bmquet Commtttct Chaxrman RICHARD KENNEDY Classncal Home Room 40 A man s a man lor a that Student Councxl Sptce Football lntcrclass Basketball Track Typmg Club HENRY KENT Llasstcal Home Room 43 Student Counrrl Band Bxology Club President of Home Room FRED KERN General Home Room 27 Mischief pleny and laughs galore Our httle frrend rs noted for Student Councxl Football Sopho more Dramatxc Club German Club Typtnq Club South ln Sonora MARION KERSHNER Classncal Home Room Fnendshxp at the prow Pleasure at the helm And youh m command Student Council Semor Congress Splce Ht Eye Glee Club Book Club Vnce Prcsndent German Club Senlor Assemblx Club Vxce Presxdent and Tre.-murcr of Home Room Hand Book bhff I I I I I l l ' ' 13 Take 1ife'QasyQ what's the hhrry?" MEMRI. late than nevenff v' I QUILLMAN KERSHNER Sctentrlic Home Room 43 A comrade blrthe and full of glee Who dares to laugh out loud and ree Student Counctl Svummtn Chem Q nstry an Blology C ubs Prcstdent Home Room LOIS KETCHAM General Home Room 23 I have a heart for every joy Sptce Rcprcsentatrve l-ltktng Socxal Dancmg and Ftsh Net Clubs Bank mn Officer ROBERT L KRATZ Classical Home Room 14 There rs no eloquence wrthout a man behmd xt Student Counml Spice Football Latm and r Mask and Wlq Clubs The Table Set For Hlmseld Huc kleberry Ftnn ROBERT KRAIISS General Home Room ll l am the master of my fate Student Counctl Glee Club Corrs:-a pondence Club Treasurer Home Room South ln Sonora GORDON KRECKER Cnmmerctal Home Room 27 The sweetest wtll, the stoutest mtnd Student Councll Sentor Congress Football B1sketball Sophomore Dra m1ttt' Book and Stamp Clubs Vxcc Prcsldcnt Home Room PLCZ 19 5 ZIZL V5 IOHW LACHEXIMAYER lndusr Home Room 43 A merry as the day ts long Votattonal Soctcty Secretary Tratk N mqcr Cross Country N Typ Vtq and Scxcnce Clubs Presndent Home Room CHARLES LAPELLA Commcrcnal Home Room 21 Sn food natured and frtendly ts he I s a pleasure wtth htm to be Football Htktnq and Social Dane tnq Club: Secretary of Home Room IAMBS LAW General Home Room 27 Beneah his mtld ex error Tnere hes a deal of mrscl-uef ll1Evc Trafllc Club Prestdent of Home Room DURRELL LEISTER General Home Room 27 Mtqhy rs the athlete For hard rs hrs play Student Councrl Basketball Track Cro Q Country N Club Vice Presl dcnt ol Home Room LAWRENCE LENZI General Home Room l I ave sudled books rather than WOHIEH Football Sclence Club Btrd Club Spree , l l I r 1 W l A A . ' ' t :tal I ." -. ' ' , . : Q. . li r- Z :I " ' , 'Z ' H ' I- 'V A I 'M H '- : ' 2 ' - tn Q b h H h , ' -30- THOMAS LEVIS Indus nal Home Room I5 Musrc rs among the grfs that God hath sent One of the mont magnricent VOKlfl0H8l Socxety Band Bxoloqv Club VIRGINIA LEWIS General Home Room 18 A sunny nature qrlds the edqe of lrfes darkest cloud Student Louncrl Sensor Conqress Cleft Club Correspondence Club Commercial Club Sophomore Drama trc Club Senror Mask and Wrq See retarv of Home Room Hr Eye South l Sonora The Table Set For Himself I HOWARD LOCKLIN General Hom Room 43 For hes a polly good fellow' l'ootb1ll Bsseblll lnter tltss Bus loqv Club Typing Club St uth l Sonora Furs! Prl e for a school song FRANK LONG General Home Room 18 Quretness and labor denoe know ledge Student Councrl Current Hxstory Club Htl-ung Club Presldent Pres: dent of Home Room Charrman Senror Specral Assembly Commrttee BERNARD LOOS General Home Room 47 An ounce of pluck rs worth a pound of luck Student Countrl Baseball lnterclass Basketball French ll YVrt'stl1nq and Dmtrnq Clubs PAULINE LYNN General Hwme Room I8 Ltfe IS too short to worry Spree Track Glee Sophomore Dra matte I Mask and Wig French Grrls and Senror Assembly Clubs Home Room Secretary Hucltle berry Frnn South rn Sonora IOHN MaclNTYRE Home Room I ln sweet music as much ar Band Orchestra MARY MacFARLAND Commercral Home Room 30 A happy tempered bnnger of the best Htl-:mg Sr Mask and Wxg Commer :nl Clubs Secretary and Banltmg Officer of Home Room GEORGE McARTHUR General Home Room I8 A lntle work a lot of play Student Councrl Sensor Congress Stamp Club President of Current Hrs tory Club EVBLYN McCALEB Classical Home Room 5 Of grggles galore She has plenty rn store Sensor Congress Spree Interelass Basketball Band DAR and WC TU Essays Art Club Secretary Forergn Correspondence nd Kollrgr Prep Laun Clubs Dehalmq team Radro Mmstrel Revue ,DLCZ 1 5 EIZLUFS A ' ' . lr. ' I ' , 4 I I N. . . . . I . 2 3 ' - ,. A . U, n H: H I ' F knballz I Gllcc laluix l "N" Student Councilg Hi-Eye: Scribblt-rs. : ' I : H ' 1 n I h - - ' - ' l A. ' . fl I I -31- IUXTHRYN McCARTHY General Home Room 44 There s something more than non sense Underneath her pretty head F1 h Net Club Presldent and See retary of Home Room WITTIAM Menl VITT II1 steal Home Room 5 Smles jokes md laughter will nuke one a hsornte wnywhere Spine Edntor of llx l'xe Vice Presl dent of Camera Club President and Vlce President l Home Room Huckleberry Finn Hand book stall MARY McGUlRE General Home Room 23 Y pleny of fnends Sophomore Dramatne Club Treasurer ol Fish Net Club IAMES MCREE Classxcal Home Room I6 lt ns better to be small and shane Than large and cast a shadow President and Vlce Presndent of Student Councnl Football Glee Club D AR Essay Presrdent Vice Pres: dent Secretary and Treasurer of B10 ocv Club me Prrsldent f Mask and Wxq Club Vice President of Home Room CALVIN M VAUGH General Home Room ll Where he succeeds The ments all hts own Glee Club Correspondence Ana tlon and Chemistry Clubs Presxclent of Home Room LCE 1 5 ZIZLO 52 IANE I1 MAIRS Cvener l Home Room e I es tn ltgh a to make nur h To bamsh sorrow from the earth cnxor C onqress pl e Hn x As 1 tant Minwqer o Swxmmnnq Art a NI1 lc and Vhq Clubs let resldent and Setremry Home Room Honorable mentlon m Poster Contest DOROTHY MARCH? Sl lenerul Home Room I9 snult the color nc m L weurs And eheerfx lness and loy Pre :dent of H1 unq Club betretarx of Home Room Operetta Commlt ee CHART ES MARINO General Home Room 43 When you thunk you re trouble hx men e 1rd Latxn nd Twpmq Llubs lnterclass Basketball Team IUCY MARINARI General Home Room 25 Nluch wxsdom of en goes wth fewest words lntcrtlass Basketball Txpmq Lor respondence Latin Hlkmq and Ger :nn Llubs Home Room Vue Pres: tltnt Opt-rttta Commnttee RUTH N METZ Generl Home Room 30 She hrmgs a smnltnq vlsage to the class and mee s a smnle Camera Kandy Kor Soenal Danemq and C u Bankmq Oll'lLCl' R F us r Personwlxtx x Y , . C- ' 2: 25 l Y"Sh iv ' t ,Lx nd 5 ' 3 L .. 5 'C 1 - A .'s"Q . . el I ' ' nz 5 7 C' 'nd lr. .fs "K 'g V' ' ' - P . ' . ' of - "H ' 3 E ' ,, ' "A , '- .5 w: h 1 as i fl: J C' , -r. , - , , , 0 Y . Y A h . Y. gg "lt is a lriendl heart that has gauqh 3 mtl? bits, l ' 'tl .V . Y YS L' . B' . ' . 2 I' ' L l t 3 o If Y R A . A Av 'il- Y , I Y Y, Y DNA. . .ssayz Y 1 A - ' - R ' -'S A 11.4, Nt-Q fl ml K V . V f KENNETH MICHENER General Home Room l8 Wrth gracelul steps he strrdes the s reet And smiles at all the mardens sweet Student Councrl H1 Eyc Glee Club YV C T U Essay Sophomore Dramatrc and Sr Mask and Wlq Clubs Presr dent and Vrcc Prcsrdcnt of Home Room RUTH MICHENER Commercral Home Room 24 Good manners are shadows ol vrr tures rf not vrrtues themselves Student Councrl Vrce Prestdent of Kandy Korner Club Secretary of Cor respondcnce Club N H S Commercral Club Vxce Presrdent and Secretary of Home Room THOMAS MIDDLETON Sclentrlic Home Room 15 Mustc hath dreams B1nd Orchestra Glct' Club Presr ora Huckleberry Finn CHESTER MILLER General Home Room 23 From the crown of hrs head the sole of hrs feet he rs all mtrth Varsnty Swrmmmg Track Ulce Club Presndent of Sophomore Dra tue Club Rrflle Typtng Sr and Mask and Wrq Clubs South I Sonora The Table Set For Hm se PHILOMENA MINCARELLI General Home Room 4 Every thought and every act to keep her name mtact Book C lub PLCZ 19 5 ZIZLUF5 SALVATORE MOLESKI General Home Room 42 Tlns great success whrch thrrlls you through Tomorrow may belong to you Cross Country Prcsrd nt or Home Room IOHN MOLYNFAUY General llwme Rohm 46 Never burned Never Burned Never exerted, Never worrred Baseball EARL MOORE lndustnal Home Room 15 Farr gift of frrendshrp TURNER MOREHEAD Industnal Home Room 40 O kmd and gentle heart he has To comfort fnend and foe Stamp Soc1alDanc1ng and Typing Clubs Vice Presrdent of Home Room MARY MOSCARELLA Commercial Home Room I5 Laugh and the world laughs with you Kmdy Korner Pcrsonalrty and Commercial Clubs Assxstant Treasur er of NH S Busxness Club Secretary uf Home Room Y I 1 I l I l dent: Camera Club: "South ln Son: Vocational Society: Football. .. . to . " 2 3 ' . ' , , lr. . ' ' . ' ', : " n : ' ' . . rf". ' .. is In HELEN MOSER Commercial Home Room 45 Her hand dellgh s rn tune and art A lrfe of music IS her part Student Council Band Orchestra Radlo Minstrel Rexue DOROTHY MULHOLLAND Commercxal Home Room 12 She can because she thanks she can Glee Club Penmanshlp Club Com mercxal and N H S Busmess Club CLARA MYERS General Home Room 47 A keeper of sxlence eloquent Y Secretary of Home Room KATHRYN NIPPES Commercial Home Room l2 Wnth such a comrade, such a frrend I fam would walk wxth pourney s end Student Councll Treasurer Senxor Class Handbook Presxdent Scnbblers Club Presxdent Commerelal Club See retary N H S Busxness Club IRA NOLL Industrial Home Room 23 To be or not to he That 15 the queshon Treasurer Vocational Socrety Vo eauonal Basketball Team ,DLCE 19 5 EIZLOFS ,-34-. SIDNEY NOVELL Classical Home Room 22 The woman shall no dnstrac! me Suxcc Football Scxenee Mask and Wxq Chemistry and Traxel Clubs Vlce Presndent Home Room ROSS E OBERHOLTZER lndustnal Home Room 23 A man of hope and forward loox mg mmd Vocatxonal Socnety Sophomore Dra main: Club Shxrt Sleeves South n Sonora Radio Mmstrel Revue The Table Set For Hnmself MARGARET General I lind the world no emor Congress ophomore Dram Mn pondence and Flsh NORMAN Sclenlxhc You know I say O BRIEN Home Room 17 gray but rosy Hn hys Fraek World Corres Net Clubs OLRILS Home Room 25 yust what I mean and nothrng more or less Trad: Bxology and Corrcspondeme Clubs AMY L O NEIL General Home Room 26 Cheerful, gay and full of fun Sensor Congress H1 Eye Typxst Camera and Senxor Mask and Wig Clubs South ln Sonora t , 4 LQM..-. 7 ' MMM U - t - ' 1. 2 . .H I ' : I 1. 1 I ' , lr. ' ' , ' .... ' ,f . 1 'Q A - , Z 3 Fish Net and Personalit Clubs: I ' ' . S ' ' '- ' ': ' ' ' : 5 , . 1 1 ' ,-, Q - ly H Y 9,' MINCHEN OPPERMAN General Home Room 12 Frnendly cheerful and well dressed Student Councnl Spxce Tennxs Cap tam Senxor Assembly Sophomore Dramamc r Mask and Wng Semor Musk and Wlq Club Presndent Sec rctarv Home Room Bankxng Otllcer A Table Set For Hnmself Huckle barry Fmn ANNE OSWALD General Home Room 14 A qxrl that rs liked by everyone Because she rs so chuck full of fun Student Council Spxce Glee Club Sophomore Dramatxc Mask and nor Assembly Clubs Hx Eye Trea surer of Home Room EDITH OWENS general Home Room 6 A wlllmg heart a helpmg hand, Always ready on demand Semor Congress Glee Club Book and Hlkmg Clubs STUART PAINTER General Home Room 42 Laughmg lovxng trouble free Football Track N Club 506161 Dancmq and Hxkxng Clubs IOSEPH PALUMBO lndustrxal Home Room 17 lt ns the man that makes the men Vocatlonal bounty lntcrtlxss Bas kctball Mathlne Shop lootlwlll lcam FLORENCE PANICO Classical Home Room 26 Look up, and laugh, and love and lxve Secretary Senior Class Editor and Assxstant Edrtor of Spnce Captain Varsnty Basketball Varsity Tenms Prcsndent and Lxbrarnan Glee Club Sophomore Dramatnc Club Secretary Socxal Dancmg and Scxcnce Clubs South l Sonora Huckleberry Fmn Presxdent of Home Room ARTHUR T PAUL General Home Room 23 Txs line to do the noble deed 'Irs sweet to reach the goal Student Councll Bxology and I Mask and Wxq Clubs Presxdenr Bot any Club Presxdent Home Room Edxtor Hand Book ROBERT PAUL Industnal Home Room 21 Whats the use of worrylngl It never was worth whxle Vocatxonal Socxety Vnce Presldent Home Room MILDRER PESTER Commercxal Home Room 12 A cheery thought a smxle or two, For shes a good sport thru and lhru Tenms Manager Sophomore Drama tnc Commerclal Senxor Assembly and N C ubs CHRISTINE PFLAUMER Commercial Home Room 46 A man who lnves right and nght has more power nn has sxlence than ano her has by hrs words NVCTU Essay Commercial and German Clubs PLC6 1 5 ZIZLOVS -35.- el I : V ' V 2 H in :H " l ' 1 ' 1 I ': ' , r. A V lfr '. : ' - Wig, Senior Mask and Wig, and Sen- 4 5 ' 5 lt 'vw I ' I I U - H -U . . is X , . f I . PAUL PPLAUMER lndustrlal Home Room 24 Work rs the lrvmg tool of man Vocattonal Souety HELEN PIACITELLI Commerclal Home Room With srmlmg face and eyes Along llfes path she goes Secretary Student Councrl Semor Lonqress H1 Eye Glee Club Sopho more Dramatrc I Mask and W1 Senior Mask and Wlg and Semor Assembly Clubs RUSSELL PIAZZA General Home Room 8 Why worry about tomorrow Today xsnt over yet H1 Eye Football Track Cross Country MARY PICKERING General Home Room 46 ln her rrght hand she carrxes knowledge, But ln her left joy and frexndshrp bemor Congress Stage Productxon boual Dancmg Typrnq and Scrrbb lers Clubs HARRY PICONE Classical Home Room 4 Honor ns purchased by the deeds we do Student Counexl Spree H1 Eye Bxrd Club President and Secretary of La tm Club Treasurer of French Club President of Home Room MARY POTTS eneral Home Room 43 The my of hung bubbl s over rn her lauqhter Studtnt Counul Spur, btxll Sophs more Dramatlu unlor Mask md Wlq and Semor Mask and Wxq Llubs Vxet Presndent of Home Room NEAL PRESSLER Industnal Home Room Zi Love bless hum ny crown ham God speed hrs career Chaplain f Vocational bouetw Trafhc Club Tnqer House Radnu Minstrel Rexue Shrrt Sleexes South In Sonora RUTH PYLE General Home Room ll Krnd words and few are a wo mans ornament Frsh Net Club H1 Eye Representa tnve Secretary of Home Room GEORGE QUINN General Home Room 26 He speaks leas hut knows most A frrend wx hout an rdle boast Student Coun rl Represcntatne PETER RAIMONDI Vocatronal Home Room 2 No hung succeeds like success Vocauonal Souety Scrrbblers Club PLC6 1 5 EIZLOVS ,-f G ll I t 1 Uv 4 - ' , , -1 ' 4 "1 " hi 'Q .' 1- . .xl . 1 K ,Q ' 43 . - , .. . A, .. Y U Q ' I . r n It ' V ' 9 ' , 5 .' o ' ' ' " ', r. 'gt - Y 3' 1- - ' ' , 5' H . A' 1 vv 1 7 Q - , Y, , . .. ty Y . .I . H .1 . . 6 H r. . - . -, H . f I IERRY RAMBO lndustrral Home Room 26 The man who wms 15 the man wuo does The man who makes thmgs hum an buzz Vocauonal Soclety Bud Club Trea surer and Vlce President of Home Room THOMAS RAYMOND General Home Room 12 Courage and presence of n-und pro cure success Interclass Basketball Football Typ mq Club WALTER I REES II Classxcal Home Room 22 The world belongs to the energe xc Semor Congress Hr Eye W C T U Essay Tenth Legron French Traffic and Hxstory Clubs lnterclass Basket a CLARENCE REIFSNEIDER Screntxlic Home Room Speech rs great but silence rs greater Trathc Club ANNE IEAN REX Classical Home Room 25 All sxlen ly gazed and sull therr wonder grew That one small head could carry all she knew Space Sratf Orchestra Band Glee Sophomore Dramatxc Senlor Mask and Wlq and Typmg Clubs Sprce and Hx Eye Representatne Treasurer of Hom Room LCE 1 5 6lZL0l' 37-1 I WALTER REi lndustnal Home Room Born for success he scams Wrh grace to wm wah hcar hold Corrcsponclmq Secretary of Voca tlonal Socxety Athletxc Colm ll Sec retarv Bird Traffic and Scnlor A scmbly Clubs President f Home Room Staqe Manager of R14 nu Mm srrcl Revue Tlqer House Shxrt Sleexes South ln Sonora S utlcnt Councll DORIS RICHARD.: General Home Room 23 Here s an all around regular gurl Student Councxl H1 Eye Rcpresen tatxve POSA Essay Art Club DOMINICK RIGG General Home Room 26 True gemus kmdles and faxr fame lusplres Hxkmq N HS Busmess Clubs Sec retary Vrce Presrdent and Treasurer of Home Room ESTHER IANE ROSENrHAL General Home Room 18 Music ns the ecstasy or life Musnc Theory Sophomore Dramnue French Senior Mask and Wlq and Glee Clubs The Table Set For Hrmself South In Sonora MARGARET ROTHENBERGER Classrcal Home Room 6 True worth I5 rn bemg szemmg Orchestra Commercral Typmq and Glee Clubs South xn Sonora I V ' 25 .. . . . 'Z ', '. . ,Q ' d C 'A e. . ' ,Z ' .I A' S sz ' ' : ' : - r 3 ' o ' ' 1 Q .lk '- 4- b11. A' 'L ' ' . ' ' ' ' 47 H MILDRED ROTHBNBERGER General Home Room 30 How her lingers went when they moved by note Through measures line as she march ed them ner The yneldmg planks of the Ivory llnor Student Councnl Spxce Representa tne Varsity Swimming Hlkmg Com mt-rcxal Sncnal Danclng Glrls N and Treasurer of Glen' Clubs South ln Sonora ll-nrt-r leader WILSON M ROYER Generl Home Room 22 Quiet m appearance mlghty nn deed Student Councnl Treasurer of Rlflle Stamp Treasurer of Camera and Glee Clubs Presxdent and Secretary f Home Room South In Sonora Huckleberry Fmn SARA RUGH General Home Room I8 She s all my lane painted her Student Councll Hx Eye Corres pondence and Commcrclal Clubs WILLIAM N RUPPEL IR Scnentllic Home Room 22 Wit now and then struck smartly shows a spark Spncc Representatnve Varslty Swxm ming Track WCTU Essay umor Mask and Wxq Advanced Chemnstry Bxoloqy Typmg Hxkmg and Glee Clubs South l Sonora Vnce Presxclent Secretary and Treasurer of Home Room CATHERINE RUSSELL General Home Room 46 A pleasant smile for all hath she Student Councnl lnterclass Basket ball POSA Essay Tenth Legxon Club PLCZ 19 6lZL0l'5 38- WILLIAM RUSSELL General Home Room 15 Never a worry never a care Baseball Bxology and French Clubs IAMES RUSSO Classncal Home Room 22 Or let my lxght at mxdmgh hour Be seen nn some hugh tower Student Councxl Spice W C TU Essay Tenth Legion and Debating Clubs Presxdent of Home Room EVELYN E RUTTER General Home Room 43 A cheerful lnfe devoid of care H1 Eye Typnst Scrxbblers umor Mask and Wig N H S Business and Senior Assembly Clubs CHARLES SANTANGELO Classical Home Room 21 Tomorrow wats blue sknes are gray I have but to be true today Student Council Bxology Typmg Chemnstry and Glee Clubs South ln Sonora PAUL SCHAIBLEY Industnal Home Room 12 Every meh a man Steward f Vocatxonal boclety Band Orchestra Glee Club Radio Mmstrel Revue l 4 l ' f I 1 V ' ' f .. . . ' . . 9 ' o 1 l' l l l I Q H , Y . .. . . ' . She's lovely, she's divine". A l1aPPY laugh heard 9V9l'YWheff-H .2 ,u : , .- 4. z . I , ' : 1 n . . ' : lv ' H V t 'Z l It I V n uv: . vu. C ': . - o ' ' ' L ,-. E GERALD SCHANTZ General Home Room 24 Small and mighty, Honest and true S utlcnt Council Science Hxklng mtl Social Dancmq Clubs Secretary md Presndent of Home Room ROBERT SCHEID SCIEIIIIEC Home Room 24 Een tho vanqutshed He can argue strll Axtatlon German Bird lumor Mask md Wlq and Glee Clubs Presldent md Chaplain of Home Room Hand Book Staff VIRGINIA SCHOETTLE General Home Room 44 A comrade bltthe and Iull of glee Y P tatnve Wyomtssmq Essay Hrkmg Sennor Mask and Wtq Bxrcl and Kandy Korner Clubs Vlce Presndent of Home Room ELEANOR SCLAFANI General Home Room 21 Such beautlful luxurxant tresses are hers Whose glossy black to shame mxght brmg The plumage of the ravens wing Student Councxl l'l1 Eye Band Surmmtnq lnterclass Basketball H Pu Typnst Staqe Productxon and N Clubs Secretary of Home Room ETHEL SEIPT General Home Room 43 Always happy, never blue Always loyal always true Hlkxnq and Glee Clubs South l Sonora MARTHA SETTLE Classxcal Home Room 26 Dependable as the day rs long Student Counctl Track Typxng La tm and N Cu s IOSEPH SHANNON Scnentmlic Home Room 25 Laugh and the class laughs wnth you Study and you study alone Smce Representatwe Track Cross Country Captarn Swtmmmg Vnce President I Sophomore Dramatic Presxdent of Stamp Iumor Mask and Wxq Typtng N and Treasurer and Vice Prestdent of Sensor Mask and Wtq Clubs Prcsxdcnt Vtce Pres: dent and Secretary of Home Room T e Table Se For Hrmself South I Sonora Huckleberry Finn TODD SHAULIS General Home Room I2 Under cover of a onlent extenor Ines a deep and pensnve mind Student Counctl WCTU and Washmgton Essays Typmg Club CATHERINE SHEEHY General Home Room 21 We meet hzr luke a pleasant thought Student Councnl Camera Lorres pondence and Personalnty Clubs MARIE SHBLLENBBRGER Commercnal Home Room 44 One whom nature has made bnght And of our class a shmmg llght Student Councxl Splce and H1 Eye Typxst NHS Commercial Club Treasurer Kandy Korner Club Hake and Camera Club Preitdent of Home Room IULCE 1 5 6IZLOI'5 ,...4 , x H t. . ,. l 1 I. . A 3 , .. .. I b t .4 . , , , 9 av, ., h t . Us ., n ..: ,, ., . .Y Student Council: Hi-E e Re resen- " ' ' , - U . , . U .. gr 7 ' 1 al - '. . ' .. .. . , , .. ,, . - . .. , . w . . - A ., n .L . ,- I f ..- ALICE SHELTON General Home Room She jokes and teases and has a way That makes us luke her more each day Traek Interelass Basketball Glce Club Kandy Korner Personalnty and Senxor Mask and Wag Clubs Huck leberry Fmn IOHN SHEPPS Indus nal Home Room 46 Success you surely wall attain But you must work with might and mam Vocanonal Society Student Coun ctl Cross Country Track Glee Club Stamp Biology Camera and Clubs Presxdent of Home Room Bank mg Olhcer South In Sonora WILLIAM SHUSTER Smentnlic Home Room He ne er seems ought but gay Treasurer f Student Councxl Svt nmmmg Track Stage Productxon Btology Iunnor Mask and Wnq Chem nstry and N Clubs President of Home Room Huckleberry Fxnn WARREN SIDDALL Sctentnlic Home Room 26 The best way to loaf ns to practice Student Council Track Football Presxdent and Vxce Presndcnt Home Room ELLA M SIEVER General Home Room She as pretty to walk with And witty to talk with And pleasant too, to thunk on Student Councrl Varslty Swlmmmq Hnkmg and Socnal Dancmq Clubs Secretary and Treasurer of Home Room L66 19 5 BIZ 0 L40- IAMES W SLATER Classtcal Home Room 44 Tho.: cans o rule the freedom of my mmd Senior Congress Sports and Fra tures Edxtor of Spice H1 Eye First Prl e of Wvomlssmg Essaw W C TU Essav Presxdent and Treasurer of Le Cercle Francals Vlce Presldcnt of Debatmq and Quaester of Tenth Leqlon Clubs The Doctor s Out Who s Who FRANCIS I SMITH Indus nal Home Room 46 A qune cnnsctence makes one so serene Vocatlonal Socxety Band GEORGE SMITH General Home Room I2 Good manners are mans great asses Studcnt Councll German and Glee Clubs South In Sonora HAYWOOD SMITH Gencrl Home Room 5 Always happy ever gay enloymg the htqhest of ltfe along his way 'Ivpmq and French Clubs HENRY SMITH Indus nal Home Room 42 An all around good sport Votatmnal Soctetx Cross Countrw Football Traek Secrctarh' Ol Club Treasurer Home Room 26 " ' ' n L . i -I I , , --NJ p . . . 46 "He never worries, never frets, 0 .1 t Avv L 8 . Z . . . Az ' v W Z ,'l " UN5 I I MARGARET R SMITH General Home Room Her care was never to olfend And every creature was hcr frrend Senior Mask and Wlg Club Trea surcr of Personality Club Hlkrng Scmor Assembly Kandy Korner and Glce Clubs Radlo Minstrel Revue Huekltberry Flnn IEANETTE SOCKET General Home Room Dance laugh and he merry for tomorrow there rs school Personahty Hrkmg Camera an Socxal Dancxnq Clubs Swxmmmg Team IACK SOMMERS General Home Room 25 By spor s are all hrs care bcgurled Club Presxdent Stamp Club Vice President Boys N Club Vice Presx dent Typmq Club Treasurer Sopho more Dramatlc Club Banking Olficer Treasurer and President of Home Room THELMA E SPANGLER General Home Room 21 Never sorrowful never sad Heres gurl whos always glad lnterelass basketball Glee Club Sophomore Draruatxc Club German Club Personality Club Banking Oth ter South ln Sonora ALBERT STALIANO General Home Room 44 A ready wut and frank replies topped by a parr of rougrsh eyes Football Brsketball Baseball Boys Nl ub LCE 19 5 612 0 -41 THOMAS STALIANO General Home Room Frght smile, and farr play make men for the world today Football Track Baseball Basket ball unlor Varsrty Scmor Con qrtss Prcsrdent Socxal Dancing Club Bovs N Club Home Room prcsr dent Spxre Representative IANE STEINBACH General Home Room 30 lanes lovely charmrng ways Keep all who know her rn a daze Student Councrl Senxor Mask and Wxq Club Secretary German Club President Fxsh Net Club Stage Com mnttee South ln Sonora MAE STEINBACH General Home Room I7 Can she dance can she slug Can she tune a man s heart strung? Student Councnl Sprce Sophomore Dramatxc Club LILLIAN STEINBERG Sclentrfxc Home Room 47 Quiet reserved and studlous rs she Semor Congress lnterclass Basket ball French I Club Senxor Mask and Wm Club Bankmg Oflicer For ensll Contest ESTHER STIBER General Home Room 21 Happy ns she from care she s ree Pcrsonaluty Club Presxclent Fnh Net Club r I , I I 3 42 42 Football: Swimming: Track: Glee U A Y a ' 1, ' v .H .. . 1 . . 'H V A ,,' ,I .I Y 9 I .11 KATHERINE SUBRANNI Home Economics Home Room 24 A good fnend but httle shy You learn to love her by and by Fxrst and Fourth Prize Stage Economxcs Contest Korner Scrxbblers Personality Club Fnsh Net Kandy Clubs Treasurer FRED SWIFT Scxentxlic Home Room 6 Girls' Opportunity knocks but once Student Councxl Baseball Boys N Club Treasurer Home Room Scnentllic Home Room 30 Our youth we can have but today We may always have time to grow 0 Spice Football Baseball Interclass Basketball Glee Club Bxrd Traffic Boys N clubs Tenth Legxon Home Room Presndent Banking Offl cer South In Sonora MARGARET TAGLIOLI Commercial Home Room 30 Whose lxttle body lodg d a mlghty mmd Kandy Korner Commerual Club N H S Busmess Club Vice Presndent FLORENCE TANCREDI General Home Room 4 Florence ns a lnvely lass, And fnendly as can be When e er a helpxng hand you want No betters found than she Scnbblers Hlke Travel and Per sonallty Clubs Spnce Representatne LCE 19 5 612 0 42,.. ANNA TARNOPOL Commercxal Home Room 16 She says lnttle but does much Spice Representatne H Eye R presentatxve German and N H S Busmess Clubs Bankmg Officer ROBERT I TAYLOR Classical Home Room 21 True wut IS nature to advantage dressed Student Councxl Spxce H1Eyc Txmes Herald Oratoncal Contest D A R Contest Scxence Bnology Avnatlon Wrestlnng and Dcbatmg Clubs Bankmg Officer Presxdent and Vice Presndent of Home Room A Day nn Congress and Tribute t Pennsylvania FRED THOMAS General Home Room 24 Ol all the arts, great muslc ns e ar To rnxse the soul above all earthly sorm Glee Club O11 Cnty Contestant Contestant for Temple Hnkmg French ll Typmg and Mask and Wnq Clubs Chaplam Home Room HENRY THOMAS Classxeal Home Room 6 The rxcher lastxng beauty which the world needs ls the beauty of our deeds Student Councll Biology and Fremh l Clubs HAROLD TODD Scxentnlic Home Room 14 Lmle he says, but deeply he thanks Band Orchestra Hnkmq Club l l l I V V r ' l H I' in " 3 ' I ' V 3 i, Q. . uv: 1- , l O LOUIS SYLVESTER - , lr . - ld." t, 0 LEONARD UHRICH Indus nal Home Room 40 As many tn deeds as few m words Notattonal Socncty ootbull rt K 11 WALTER UPDEGRAFF General Home Room 8 A qood worker a hard worker pnlly good fellow 5tudentCounc1l C l'rl1mr md As sotlate Editor Hr Eye Foothill I tcrclass Bassketball Trmcs Herald Oratorrcal Contest Sophomore Dra matxc Club Library Club Presrdcnt Bxrd Club Presxdent I Mask and Wlo Club Prcsldent Dchitmq Club Prcsrdent Home Room Prcsrdent Sen tor Class Trafllc Captam Captarn Varsrty Debatxnq Team ELIZABETH WATSON General Home Room 6 Lrve and the world IIVCWI with you lllklnq Souxl Commcrtrrl and o C rl Dancmq Clubs Vue Prcsldcnt and Secretary of Home Room MARTIN I WEISS Classncal Home Room 44 Oh why should lrfe all labor be7 Srudem Qnuntrl 51-mor Conqrc--, borne Reprcsentwtrxe Treasurer Tenth Lrqron Scrtnte Club ELIZABETH WHITE Classical Home Room 12 Lrttle ln stature but not ln mlnd Gen le lnvmg exceedrngly krnd Fnnlrwh Prrprmtory 'Ivpmq and bophomore Drxmatrt C luhs LCE 19 5 612 ...43 LQIS WHITE Classrcal Home Room 15 Small rn sue but mnghty nn deeds Student Louncrl Senxor Congress I CHARLES WHITMAN Il General Home Room 43 A llaslly wut a bnlllant smile ready hand a chap worth wlnle Treasurer Student Councxl Busmess Manager Space Scrub Football Pres: dent In Mask and Wxg Brology and Scrence Clubs Presrdent and Secrc arv Home Room IAMBS WILDRICK renttic Home Room 43 Wlh a lrttle joke now and then He makes lnfe pleasant for hrs fel Broloqy Adxanced Lhemrstry L tm and Suence Clubs FRANCES WILMER ome Economles Home Room 12 A srlent snr: worker whose words are few but golden Frsh Ntt and Personalny Club ROBERT WOLFINGER General Home Room IS An adept nt the art of blulfmg Student Counul Ht l'yt Track Fennrs Brology Ir Musk and Wrg flu Treasurer Camera Club Bank mq Oflleer I ' ' ' 'J F - 1 A l 7 ' fltl. ' -I V rr K Y Y a ' f . . ' . 5 -' 1 : n- A ' . i.. ' :I .' r. I ., I h 2 ' , - I -- . ' F I A Q K 'I y - - Sc. . Student Council: Senior Congress: lqwmgnf' 1 ' ' v. "1 . ' 'z . z S - it Q A ' , . .1 '- -' - , I ' ' , 3. H ' , A--fx 5 f, .V Atom' ' .': , - .,,-. ' 7 ETH EL YEAIKEL Commercial Home Room A malden never bold and a sprrrt so stall and qulet Camera Frsh Net NHS Busmess 1nd Commercial Clubs Hand Book Statl' PAUL B YORK General Home Room 16 Modesty becomes a young man Cross Country Gym Team Trathc Club Chref ANNETTA ZARCONE General Home Room 24 When nature s happrest touch Heaven lent an angels beauty to her face Student Councrl Personulrty Club Spree Represenratnxe Camera Club Vue President Frsh Net Club IOSFPHINF V LAWISLACR General Home Room 40 In acllon 'mhlul and m honor clear Commercial Club Secrttrry Home Room Bankmq Ofhcer ESTHER ZOLLERS Classical Home Room I3 Brnqht lights always shine u ent Czmmll Spree L ub Chorus Pranlst Fr'-h Nt-t Broloqw Secretary Senior Mask md Wrq Clubs Secretary Home Room South In Sonora Lhrrstmas Paqcant MARIE A ZOLLERS Commerclal Home Room 14 Were I so tall to reach the pole O grasp the ocean wxh my span I must be measured by my soul Student Councrl Senror Congress Qrlee Club Sophomore Drxmitlc lun lor Mask and Wrq Clubs Treasurer lb H S Busnntss ub Yours For The Askmg Now you may go back frrtnd Thus rs not the book or fate For the faces here nnprrnted Are the faces of youth Here age wrll never tread frrend He cannot In truth we he awake so little tune In our normal span of years Hoprnq for a slow easy trend of lrft To analyze faces and peer mto souls These faces vull vyrmkle and fade Souls may transcend Go back frlencl scan depths and retam them rn a secluded corner of your Heart to muse oxer This rs not youth whlch vnent by md vrrll not come agam Twrxt these covers rs eternal youth Yours for the asking ,OLCE 19 5 EIZLOVS ,..44.. ' s .. ., St d 1 1 ' ' 1 Ulm- fl ., .. . . , ' g I could add no mon' ' The m,ind's thc standard of the mah" f I EPZLOV Huckleberry Fmn a comedy for young and old by Roy F Lewls was presented May 10 and 11 at Stewart umor Hugh School Coached by the class sponsor Mxss Bookman the youthful actors and actresses present ed the play nn a masterful manner The plot based on the nmmortal story by Samuel L Clemmens enact ed so well surpassed the expectations of all Smce a dlfferent cast perform ed each nlght rlvalry between the casts made the actors work harder Durmg the play Fred Raymond a bashful lover of Ruth Watson w1shes to propose to hrs fa1r one therefore Huck Fmn who gets most en joyment from playlng pranks gets two books one telllng how to propose to a g1rl the other a cook book Fred bemg nervous over th1s venture reads the cook book while proposmg consequently many humorous words are spoken At another tlme Huck Fmn and Tom Sawyer placed mice ln the church Hucks Aunt Polly who IS so nervous gets frlghtened and stands on her seat l1ft1ng her dress above her knee The mlnlster loved by Aunt Polly sees the latter therefore many humorous mcldents arlse Throughout the ent1re play such blts of comedy prevaxl all bemg well enloyed by the large aud1ences Everyone w1ll remember the followmg senlors m thelr role Saturday Night Ehzabeth Grlmley Dorothea Brusher ames Detwller Robert Kratz Thomas Mlddleton W1ll1am McDev1tt Margaret R Smlth Paul1ne Lynn Dorothy Greene ean Baldwm Margaret Brown Ruth Mlchener Walter Rex Neal Pressler Ross Oberholtzer Aunt Polly Ruth Watson Huck Flnn Tom Sawyer Fred Raymond Melba Mary lane Clara Amy COMMITTEES Frnday Night France Brusch Peggy Delcamp Ioseph Shannon Wllll3m Shuster acob Caracappa Alxce Shelton Florence Panlco Mmchen Opperman Helen Garber PROPERTY Dorothy E Berger Esther Zollers Robert Day George Bartleson Louxs Sylvester STAGE Harold E Thompson Merrlll Abbott Iohn Lourle Iohn Shepps Davis Wler Iames Lynch George Ieifenes Robert Clarke HOUSE Iohn Lachenmeyer Charles Belhl Mary Pntkermg Catherme Anderson Marlon Kershner Eleanor Fontalne Ruth Anqstadt Arthur Paul Iames Lav. Wxllx am Corson PROGRAMS Edwm G Kephart Todd Shauhs Mllder Pester Sara Gauer Maman Hltchens Evelyn Exsenhower Kathryn Nlppes PUBLICITY E Turner Moorehead Howard Locklm Mary Potts 45 USHERS Charles N Sutphen Loxs Ketcham Marjone Bohg Iames Law George Bartleson Gordon Krecker n E Hagy Daxsy Mae Cole Gene Fxllman ' Q71 CL . I ' - I . ' I T t , y . Y . v . . S. . . ' Y Y ' ' , . ' 1 , . . ' ' ' ............ ........................ s 1 ' .....,.......... 11 H ' " .................... H I ' """""1fffff1ohn Finn .......... Qlliffffifiwilson Royer ' ' 'I .......s..., .................. 1 U 1 ' ..........,..v...... ..............,................... -- d a . i . nz N V - ' ..- ... amor Ltper afwes We IC stuck on Ol rselxes we are and why not? Th1rty good reasons vthy me should be are our Sennor Superlatnves Prom Garbos of glamour to Em te1ns of erud1t1on they range But vuth lt all and th1s 1S vxhy we re so fond of theml they are really reg lar fellers and gals Thlrty Q count em J No youd better not count them there are actually only twenty three Thats because some few of our Senlors are so very versatlle that they couldn t posslbly be put off wlth less than two places And Qsmce thx IS a very pleasant story lndeedl they all deserve all thats commg to them and then some There s Florence Pork chop Floss we ve affectxonately dubbed herl Panxco par example who was chosen Most Popular Mot Dependable and Best Ath lete nn the gxrls d1v1s1on She mlght have been voted the all 1ntere ted ln man charmers oh noll Then we have Qatherme Anderson Peg Fenlmore Warren Slddall Ilm Slater md Walt Updegraff all of them vuth tvxo reasons for an mflated cranum flVl1nd you we only say reasons theyre really very modest J One of these days we re expectmg our super sc1nt1llat1ons to bc men and xx omen very much 1n the publlc eye But smce txxenty three superlatnes xn the hand are vsorth two dozen statesmen m the makmg for the present we re doggone happy to have them rlght here vnth u If all thls has aroused your curloslty pray look belovx dear reader and learn thelr names Then glance cn the ODPOSIIQ page and see for yourselves why Elsenhovx erxtes are st1ll s1ng1ng I Saw Stars 'll ' 46 T T " w,-, f ! f , V 1 I v Y ' D . r r ' ' V. . Q . . y . . y . .S . "Best Man-charmer" too, but for the fact that Seniors aren't at ' ' s ' .... 1 , . . 2 Q .... T " ' Y Y Y . . 1 . . . g I V . . WF . 1 , ' ' ' r ' 1 . V. 3. . . . Y . ,- .. EIZLOVS Most Dependable and Shortest Most Orlgmal Most Popular IObI'PHlNI' ZAWIbLAC,K lATHERINF ANDERSON FLORENCE PANILO IObI' PII PALUMBO Most Lourtzous QEORGI: BARTLEbON Tallest ALICE DETVNILER PAUL SCHAIBLEX Mos! Talkatxvc MARY POTTS IAKF CARRACAPPA IAMFS bLATER XNALTER UPDEGRAFF Most Iutrlhgent Most Musxcal IAM ES SLATER THOMAS MIDDLETON Wnttlzst VIARGARET FENIMORE IOSEPI-I SHANNON Best Personalxty MARGARET FENIMORE VNARREN SIDDALL Best Dancers DOROTHEA BRLISHER CATHERINE ANDERSON EDWARD GRAIN CHARLES VVHITMAIN Best Natured Best Dressed DORIS RIK HARD5 VNARRFN SIDDALL Best Athletes ALBERT STALIANO Best Loolung ESTHER ZOLLERS FRANKLIN FRICK 47- I I 1 -IEANQ BALDWIQJ V HELEN CAREER IVIILDRED ROTHENBERGER FLORENCE PANICO D506 BASKILTBAL 500955 N'0EW7l' Ill Df 357009 59165 6f0l?6E STUDENT 3 l'00ElYf JIIIJIYNUIV DAISY OPEDE Tm TU? M 71?9F'FI6' amor fare They know they re good and so That s why we ve honored them Wmth offices that only they Lould execute the proper way So loyal each one to hxs trust That we belleve xts only just Despxte thls homely poetry To thank our stars most heartnly 48 FO0Tb0LL GEN SEIWGP ASENDLY do we you see amor Gfcfwzhes Senror students prerer lrght readrnq for Illtll' unrequared re aelrng lrst rttordrnq to he questronnalre rssued by the S n1or uestronnrrre Commtttee Lotus Sylyester and YV alter Rey yxere eo charrrnen of the commtttee and yyere rsststed by I sther follers and G n ldrll ran The most popular lretton books tndleated yyere Mrll On th Floss by George l'l1ot frroyysrnlth by Leyyrs ane Eyre lay Bronte Anthony Adyers by Allen Prrde and reyudaee by Austen Onyer Tyy1st by Drekens ran e, Lle Lonesome Pane by ox St lllrno by by rns Rrders of the Purple Sag by lane Carey Robrnsoa Crusoe Defoe Tom Sayyyer by Mark fyyun Adnurable Qrrehton l arrre rt a a Srnelur Leyyrs The most popular noyel of 1933 Anthony Adytrse by Feryey Allen yy rs the tan rn nrous ehoree of the Senror Students Anronq the other books rnnnug r tlose steond to M1 Allens rn rsterpteee yyere olrn brlsyyorthy s One More Rtyer rrdge Prlest by Iryrn S Cobb So Red the Rose by Staek Younq Wlrtl Rorn Burns by VVooleott and Doels yyorth by Leyyts Nr Rreh ard H rllrburton the yyrrter of tray l sto tts lr rs proyed to be the most popul rr ruthor Other authors pollrng nrrny yotes rre Srnelur L, yyrs lyl rrk Ivy a1r1 Llrarl s Utelyens Kathleen Norrts Booth lrrkrngton oseph Conrad C og llaot md M Brrrn Seyeral groups of talented performers represented Norrrstovyn Hrgh Sehool through radro broadeasts The Norr1stoyyn I-ltgh Sehool Alumnr Quartet yy rs the feature of the nrst Sentor Class Broadeist oyer statlon VVLI IT Wm Rehrer Wm Knobler Thomas Vladdl ton 'and ames Shaeffer composed the smgrng four and were aeeompanaed at the paano by Clara Heaton The Senaor Radro Talents Commattee Helen Garber ehenrrnan Charles Wlartman Crtherane Anderson and Margaret Deleamp SPRING FESTIVAL of the sehool A Queen Nlrnehen Opperrn rn ehosen by the student body yxrll presrde over the oee rsron The result of the eontest rn short exerets s betvyeerr the boys and qtrls rs some thrrrq for whreh to look foryy ard to BACCALALIREATE t the Grand lhe atre une 16 the S ruor Bree rl aure ate yull be held Rey P Vanrs Sl ayyter pastor of the lrrst Baptrst Chureh yyrll ln the sp rker CLASS DAY Class Day yyrll be held une 18 rt the Norms Th atre tn yxhreh the theme of the pro gram 18 the erttreal perlod rn Ameme rn Htstory Thrs trytnq period ln our htstory yytll be e asrly rnterpreted and understood after the Seruor Class Day nder the drreetron ot our hrstory rrrl soelal serenee tt rehers the serrpt yy as yrrtten lhe Clee Clubs and the Brass Sextet yytll supply appropnrte rnusre or the oeeasxon Wath the ard of the Glee Club and Br rss Seytet the program should be one yyorthy of rnuela prxde COMMLNLEMENT rnrsday e l t ar orrrrrrerreernent yyr rt trt 'Norrrs rer t rrraue ar: rn noted sper er r trrent o uqr sthoo stu ents yu Je t t spe rker rlhe Senror Chorus Croup under Mrss lhorpe s drreetron yyrll srng llorenee Prnreo e retrry o the enror Clrss yull present the key ot knoyxltdq to th unror rss etretary orothy larrdley Mortoytr the e rp yyn dry rr to XV1 rrrn lX aratr er VK alter Updegraff Ushers at Comrneneenrent yyall be rnenrlaers of the unror Cl ass and deeoratreans yyrll also be furnished by the unaors Pl rns for the Senror Commtneernent r strll lernq rn ade and yye yyho 'rre members of e ass O e IHXIOLIS what 1114 1 other e -H r I I I e-' : J Ja ' "Q 'A ' f' ,a ' - 'Q ' Q ' ' K t - Q' ' e' Q ' fa ' ' rl Q I Q a I ' "'- ' 4' ' 1 'aazxtl ' 15 ' 'Q .Q ee '52, "X" ' " A ' 1 'iss r' T' I' L 'az " A ' 5' 1 g 'T' -TQ T p, ' 1. I -., " I. w . K: "Tp .1 1. 1. , r yy: I-3 . ' 'Q .jf " ' a 1 ' Q c" A' 'QQ r S "1 'A ' .' : 5 by' Q' 'z Q ' f 'Q' : " ' Q M' M ry' Bi ': Qn'l "Br bl it" by' , 2 . r 1, Q, , 1. , 15. ,. Q i, 'va , -' 1 M A ., , I '1 Q . ,.,'.,. .A 'l. "Q Q ' A , 1 Qt- 5 '- - - , Q' 2 , J ' L " '.'l'I1"i' : Q 'neg Q 'ai - 2 ,I Q . : r : L .Q . 2 1 v C A F s s k- s ss s . V Ba - ' - Q ' ' ' . ' ' ' " Q - 'as as A " . 'QQ -r ' . '. '. . a.,' e- , 1 I Q 1 ' ' , 'V' Q " 5 ' Q 1 1 f-' A , . ' . , Q ' X ' Q Q ' . The Spring Festival to be held on Iune 3. is il nsw feature- to he added to the Qretivities . A ,V N' A 'Z ' ' A ' ' T az :I . - 'c' z "QQ -Q - " r . ' '. . Q Q Q. :IQ Q ' " r 5 eQ '. " , i , A. , 4, , .' F , Q -L , .- f , .Q .. - Q' r a Q Q.: .' X 1 x - ' . ' Tl Q '. lun- ZL Qrt IUUU A.M.. th- Se-nit ' C - Q- ' 'll lre- held Q l - Q ' Tl -Q tru SQ -l W. C' ttf , r A -, 1 'W i f l'Ll 5 l 5 dr ,, "ll l - 'ha T '- x X . 1 - -Q . b I 1 rr you 1- . ' K, I J X h 2 .U V Sw, . f SQ- 1 f , -, EL. CI - QLAH5.. .c .V D A' ' Q ' " , ' 'Q and go ' yyill be 'er 'll'Q 'lr l ' Q- by' V s Q 5 H ' H 'a r .r e " Y- K Q - Q . ' ' Q 1 , tha elQ f '35 Qarr Q Qly' Q 'Q't' J tl .' 1 rn-. ... f.. Gkris fmas ay elzior ssenzbfy g One of the most beneficial clubs at N.l'l.S. is the Senior Mask and Wig Club. With the aid of Miss Bright the club sponsor, this group presented several plays, both one act plays and longer ones. The Christmas play was presented in assembly by this group, thus, carrying on the old tradition of having the Yuletide play given by Seniors, The Senior Mask and Wig Club's principles are to learn characterizations, to study plays. to learn the art of make up, and to take part in school dramatics. All these aims have been accomplished by this young group of future Barrymores and Gar- bos. ,-50,-. The Senior Assembly Club is a new feature in our curricula, but under the guidance of Miss Fox, the sponsor, it has accomplished its aims--to have better assembly programs and to get more students participating in the same. Everyone has noticed the improved assembly programs we have been en- joying. The only officers of the Senior Assembly Club are President, Gene Fillman: Secretary. Helen Gar- ber: but "quantity does not mean quality". Outstanding in the event of the Seniors was the Senior Ban- quet held Ianuary 26, at the Valley Forge Hotel--the memory of which will be recalled by all members of 35. During the usual delay, anxiety prevailed, for everyone was wondering who would be his partner at the dinner. And then-- the long expected evening began. Walter Updegraff, President of the Senior Class, put the Seniors in a jocund mood after the dinner and prepared the way for Dr. Wharton Stork. Dr. Stork's well discussed topic, "Some Living American Poets", proved both enjoyable and inspiring. Then the Seniors had a good time dancing to the music of the Clair-Monte Orchestra. playing ping-pong and cards, and listening to the "Three Blue Notes". The Seniors are to be complimented on the friendly spirit at the Banquet. Much credit for the success of this affair goes to Arthur Kennedy, general chairman for the Banquet, Bill Hogan, Robert Kratz, George Bartleson, Charles Whitman, committee chairmen, and their committees. 60268 cuzquef OFFICERS President WILLIAM MARBERGER Vice-President ROBERT MAYFIELD Secretary DOROTHY BRADLEY Luzior ass The social fluster of the season was creat- ed by the class of '36, a group of 471, when they held the prom at Stewart Iunior High School on May 17, 1935. The sponsor, Mr. Wolf, the various committees, and the officers of the class cooperated to successfully present if l I Luzior Glass Members of Iunior Congress: Lillian Beener, Dorothy Bradley, Beatrice Ciccarone, Stanton Felt, lack Fisher, Earl Freas, Paul Geary, Herbert Hedden. Alice Helman, Moe Himelfarb, C. Irwin Horrocks, Stanford Keck, Evelyn Kershaw, Elden Leach. Elizabeth Link, Doris Loos, Dorothy Lutz, Kathryn McCool, Isabel Malrnberg, William Marberger. Robert Mayfield, Gertrude Mid- dleton, Florence Neale, Mary Paxson, Rya Piersol, Russell Raker. Suzanne Reber, Wil- liam Rowan, lean Stead, lane Weber, Carrol Wiedinmeyer, Donald Wolf. S0p!LOI7Z0l"6 655 Upon entering our portals of learning, the class of '37 led by their ever-ready sponsor and untiring advisor, Miss Edna Earl Hagy, proceeded in stamping their names forever in the halls of their Alma Mater. This class will be remembered for its im- mediate grasp of our rules and regulations. The group already has its outstanding leaders, which has been proved by the talent displayed by the members of our new Sophomore Dra- matic Club., Who could help but notice our Christmas decorations -- another proof of the orginality in the Sophomores. ... H... J.. - , -,f4..:wx.......,.l Q' t-it Q ql,,,, M X SOPAOHZOVZ Q55 This year there seemed no distinction be- tween Sophomores and Upper Classmen. Like regular veterans they marched on to take their stand at the head of our school. And, as an investment we have surely reaped huge divi- dends. May we congratulate Rittenhouse, Stewart, and other schools for sending such a fine variety of young students. Such talent as we have here displayed! They can show you anything--actors, singers, artists, dancers, and what have you. What, did I hear someone say that intelligence was lacking? No ooo, that is their outstanding fea- ture! Proof? Iust take a look at the ofllce records--or ask any faculty member! dVf7fS9y E1ght thlrty brlngs us throught the door Then up the ta1rs At last th1rd floor Hello there Pal s'1ys fr1end S1ddall Get ln your homerooms teachers yell So first to Enghsh we must g To hear MISS Blakey s Isnt lt so? We greet our frlends xlong the hall Back and forth we giyly c1ll Everyone me meet IS gay We Lowered Mer1on yesterday Then Mr Kepharts room IS next Then number three MISS Hubert s room Nou lust hoxx do the French say soon 7 Wlth lunch t1n1e comes the tmfhc jim Whlch S3I1ClXX1Cl1 IS best the egg or ham? The bell r1ngs at te nafter one And once more classes hax e beqt n Half of us 1n chorus smg The rest vxalt for the bell to 11ng Study hall IS lots of fun Someone s sure to pull a pun At list vxe go to P of D Where vtays of gox ernment we see Then home we Vxend our carefree way The endlng to a hxely day ALICE K DETWILER 56 A 0 0 o a 5 ' . ' l 1 y C . . 4 . . V O ' ' 2 e 5 c 7 c 1 . VVhere we learn without a text, , . ' at .W .L , ' 7' I s . , . w 7 ' Q Q' . c 7 . ., 7 7 1 g 7 7 Cgxfra Garricufar SEPTEMBER W V E L 'FS JD F SEDT -58.- ll Q Ov fi 'YW E Q GWQ OCT X X V Mice 5 G NOV X V X, :xml has JLQN0 nd, f E G? I'0ql'6LWL .412 O ITLWZCL Well here we are aga1n happy as can be all good fr1ends and jolly good company Free one pencxl and tablet w1th wh1ch we may 1mprove our artls t1c ab1l1t1es Sophomores can perarnbulate about the school w1thout los1ng the1r sense of d1rect1on Fxrst 1ssue of H1 Eye column wr1ters p1om1se to entertaln us The Student Counc1l and 1ts pres1dent ames McKee were lnstalled Our football team overpovx ered the boys from Ph1ladelph1a Thls IS Olney the beg1nn1ng folks Olney the beg1nn1ng' OCTOBER Wxlllam Marberger defeats ack Racquet to become the Champlon Racquet W1elder oyce Howe becomes Queen of the Nets even though Mary Paxson packs onj much peed beh1nd her dr1ve The entlre student body marched to Roosevelt F1eld for a pep meetmg After the meetmq mefreshmg showers were served 1n large drops Wonders ' ' ' Photographer s camera remams mtact after tak1ng p1c tures of the Sophs N HS football team overpoxxers Chester avengmg a four year set back Who says we dont have a good team? A ponsanous Tarantula escaped from the lar vuh1ch held It capt1ve 1h1s caused the g1rls to stop the1r mcessant confabulat1ons wh1le 1n the halls But alas our 'p1der was caught by HBFIHQ 'Em Back AllV6H Sche1rer and now the g1rls chatter as garrulously as before N HS IS endowed w1th several Sophomore artlsts, the most out stand1ng bemg Mar1on Wltmer whose poster was awarded f1rst place ln the W CT U Pennsylvanla Contest N H S Glee Cluba rece1ve honorable pramse for the1r art1st1c work at Temple MISS Thorpe can certamly make her song b1rds warble 92,1 . ef 4' ' 11:2 lm, 499- '.. X 2 1 -ff "'r - ff E 2 E 4 N ifflfv C E 1 Q' 4 N ' .-:flgr-,V 'fl ,2- X X 2 I " X ,. T??.fW? 1 411 - Q 1 , sf ' gf S ' -MW' ' s -'T I' -1 I ll V ru J Y 1,57 , 'L H.. ..,. ,..., . 1. - A ' fi A . l Q7 M 4' V . Y U . . 5, 2 -- ' ' ' - - ' - 14. ' V ' ' ' 21. ' ' '- Q ' 1 ' ' . 21. ' ' ' I , ' . 25. V . . a . , 1. ' ' H - 1 ' 2. 1 ' Q s ' ' . 9. ' H ' 1 - f' ' ' ' - 13. . . . ' Y 1 ' 15' rl . . . A . - . y. 1 I. . . ' lvga WX W5 EX FEE: DEC JDN f' I J LAND 26 Report cards present udgement Day A day of celebratlon for the mdustrxous a day of atonement for the lazy To whlch group do you belong7 NOVEMBER 2 ll Eclucatron Week Dlscover that we the present generatxon are more mtellxgent than our fore fathers Dont ever allow anyone to tell us that we are lncapable of comprehendmg Entertalned by the Norrlstown Alumni Quartet who broadcasted for the flrst txme over statlon W L I T 7 Book Week Wonder lf th1s IS the reason for the mcrease ln popu latxon at the l1brary7 How d1d you enloy The Intlmate Stranger 7 Hedstrom s Harrlers take Hrst live places 1n the lnterscholastlc meet to make a perfect score Who says we aren t makmg h1story7 Tomorrow IS the b1g day Already we are preparlng for our Thanksgxvmg clmner Turkey beware' Thanksglvmg Day Actlon IS greater than words DECEMBER 8 Speakmg of Chrl tmas we are ardently strxvlng to lmprove our scho lastlc standard fLet s hope Santa remembers 15 Boys are becommg poetnc no wonder they re practlsmg thelr rhymes for the Class Poet 21 The last day of the school year 1934 and how slowly the mlnutes seemed to drag along But at last school was d1sm1 sed and were we sorry? HRISTMAS WEEK Broke all records for oversleepmg Shattered prevlous Cl.lgCSt1I'1g abx l1t1es A per1od of general recuperatlon from tlresome school work Too bad Chrxstmas comes only once a year' IANUARY l Awoke xuth a throbbmg headache Resolved No more New Year s Eve part1es 2 Back to school after a short but joyous vacatlon Ah yes our theme song Oh how we hate to get up ln the mornmg 17 Many asprrmg young debaters found thexr hopes shattered rn the try outs for the debatmg team 0 Oo O 5 E Q O 0 A 0 9 l Q . ,. 1 O - - g g r f. x S 0 o 'V I 6 ., s N M xx X 0 O ,A O A fl. , Q '- " ' , 5? O 0 0 . 11 it Z ' o - 4 Q. 'SJ ,, ' at O Wf is ' O I , . 5 , X355 ' . l'Tv"'Qr:.a O F2 F -T BT n- I f . . I ' 1 . I - 4. . n 4 y 11-1 . . ' ' 7 N ' ' ' - 21. ' ' ' 23' , . . . . . . 29. ' " ' . ' t 30. ' - . ' ' ' ' . I M59- i Op 1 , wg, f O S N IAP- 2 2,1 1 fl! ff if Milf Wl '0' uh' W1 4.'L 1l1111l1 Lana School d1sm1ssed ear11e1 today IS the xx 1nd caused the fallmg snow to p11e 1nto dr1fts llt s an 111 xx 1nd that doe nt blovx someone some good 1 N H S halls assume a cheer1er appearance as br1111ant posters of each cand1date for student co11nc11 pres1dent are exh1b1ted Some ar t1sts these boys' W1ll we the graduatmg class ever forget the Senlor Banquet? Danc 1ng s1ng1ng plng pong and cards prouded our enterta1nment The dlnner wa de11c1ous Bartleson becomes pres1dent of student co11nc11 after a close electlon FEBRUARY Sprce p1ctures arr1ve Oh that doesn t look 11ke me 21 22 The Operetta South 1n Sonora xx as presented to the publlc after many ted1o1s hours of d1l1gent rehears1ng Femmme ushers were the featured attractrons 1No wonder so many gay young romeos couldnt find a seat for themselves MARCH March IS com1ng 1n llke 1 lamb 1dea1 summer weather Every g1rl on the N H S Vars1ty Basketball team recelved a ch1cken an edlble onell Last ISSUQ of H1 Eye to day We shall surely m1ss the sports and go sxp columns' 1935 FIISY day of Sprxngl lA word to the xx 1se IS sufhclentl B111 Marberger 1S elected Presldent of the Class of 36 Congratula tlons B111' Te1chers Assembly faculty numbers are pretty good sports after a APRIL Back to school after a long and refreshmg Easter vacat1on MAY 10 31 Huckleberry Fmn return, to hfe brmgmg h1s pal, Tom Sen1or Assembly and Sen1or Glee Club tr1p to Temple Un1vers1ty IUNEM Commencement Day Senxors we shall not say good bye to you for we hope to hear of yovr sp1end1d ach1evements m the future so au revo1r -60.- 5 0 f .7 J .221 7 N Ea 6 0 4 Q f 1 J , Qt ox L ,K , rg ' Q, .ff V ,ff . . Z K A . Q 1 . fr wx . 'K 5 as if 1 -. . N 5 " 1 .,1. 0 - . g ,f 5 2 Q 2 ' -e 9' Q , ,Q . 4 4,1 'W A - -1 ef- il fb , . l . Z Mm 1 . -:Q , , X ,' QI X . Na lr, ! .1 ,Ll ix YW, V l.. f'.fc . 41-'g" g,,,,,,,V 1.11 2' " , ,, 24. . , .' ' ' ' 26. ' ' , ' ' . , ' . - 29. ' ' ' ' . ' ' ' . . .1 4 ' . . 15. . .1 F t L . 26. ' ' ' 1 ' . - 29. 'A 1 " '- x - as ll. 23. ' ' . l ,vice "SPICE" STAFF Editor-in-Chief-FLORENCE C. PANICO SENIOR STAFF Helen Garber, Editor Willianne -Frey, Peggy Delcamp, Peggy Brown. Winifred Davenport, Mary Potts, Ada Hall, Marion Kershner, Ann Oswald, Stanley Ibaugh, Sidney Novell, William Huganir, and Helen Berman. SPORTS STAFF Ioan Pouchot, Editor Marian Hitchens, Stanton Felt, Carolyn Davenport, Richard Wolf, Dorothy Bradley. Iames Russo, and Helen Fox. LITERARY STAFF Harry Picone, Editor Iames Slater, Coval Grater, Blanche Hein, Leonard Gerson, Esther Zollers, and Miss Elva S. Blakey, TYPING STAFF Winifred Davenport, Editor Marie Shellenberger, Carolyn Davenport, Marie Zollers, and Vergene Geyer. ART STAFF Ianet Land, Editor Ellis Law, Iane Mairs, Iean Stead, lune Ben- ner, Muriel Gilbert. Leopold Dennis, and Caroline Gear. PICTURE STAFF Iohn Cox, Editor Dorothy Reifsnyder, George Bartleson, Mr. Rothermel and Camera Club. ACTIVITIES STAFF Dorothy Fisher, Editor Virginia Wood, Iean Palmer, Helen Atkin- son, Dorothy Owens, Leonard Friedman, Coval Grater and Leona Falcone, FEATURE STAFF Iames Slater, Editor Dorothea Brusher, Anne lean Rex, Virginia Tingley, and Evelyn Beck. BUSINESS STAFF Richard Foley, Editor William Rodenbaugh, Pauline Lynn, Moe Himelfarb, Anthony Caramenico, Ioseph Dubu- que, Paul Geary, Merrill Adams, Clara Whit- man. Kenneth Michener, Richard Templin, Anna M. Corley, Violet Ditzler, Ollie Shawlis, Ruth Duckworth, lean Bateman, Peggy Hogan, Peggy Clemmer. Helen Sheldon, Ida Cressman, Lawrence Lenzi, Robert L. Kratz. FACULTY ADVISORS Dorothy E. Berger William Spangler -61- The Student Council is the pupils' representative organization. Through this body our school is able to enjoy many worth while activities and special assemblies. Under the fine leadership of Mr. Iohn Schuler, the sponsor, and our presidents, Iames McKee, and George Bartleson, our school has progressed greatly this year. Among the many projects of Student Council for 1934 and 1935 were: l. a pep meeting before the Lower Merion football game on the north campus of our school, 2. youth day at Roosevelt Field in which our school and all others in Norristown were there in a body, and 3. a school dance for which admission was calculated according to the weight of the person. The officers of Student Council for first semester were: President, Iames Mc- Kee: Vice President, Robert Honeyman: Secretary, Helen Piacitellip Treasurer, Charles Whitman. Oflicers for second semester were: President, George Bartlesong Vice President, Iames McKee: Secretary, Helen Garber, Treasurer, William Shuster. Members of the council were: Merrill Adams, Samuel Banham, Theodore Benz, Doris Beyer, Anthony Borzillo, Ioseph Bowman, Stewart Bright, Dorothea Brusher, Betty Buckley, Anthony Calabrese, Preston Campbell, Vincent Capaci, Albert Clemens, Daisy Mae Cole, Ethel D'Amico, Edward Davenport, Alice Det- wiler, Edith Dewees, Violet Ditzler, Norman Ellis, Alice Fisher, Eleanor Fontaine, Helen Fox, Rose Frascino, Franklin Frick, Ruth Gardner, Dorothy Gary, Sara Gauer, Iohn Gehringer, Beatrice Geise, Vergene Geyer, Coval Grater, Dorothy Greene, Elizabeth Grimley, Mae Hanna, Ethel Hartenstine, Georgene Harvey, Iohn Hay, George Hay, Herbert Hedden, Almeda Hileman, Albert Hill, Moe Himelfarb, Daniel Hoey, Mildred Holt, Robert Honeyman, William Huganir, Oliver Hynes, LeRoy Iohnson, Benedict Kane, Lillian Kennedy, Richard Kennedy, Fred Kern, Evelyn Kershaw, Quillman Kershner, Eleanor Kramer, Martin Kohn, Robert Kratz, Robert Krause, Martha Kurtz, Ruth Landis, Gladys Latch, Ellis Law, Durrell Leister, Frank Long, Doris Loos, Mary MacFarland, William Marberger, Ruth Michener, George Oberholtzer, Dorothy Owens, Arthur Paul, Helen Piacitelli, Harry Picone, George Quinn, Mary Quirk, Susanne Reber, Dorothy Reifsnyder, Walter Rex, Doris Rich- ards, Raymond Rippman, lean Rittenhouse, Betty Rothermel, Sara Rugh, Iames Russo, Eleanor Sclafani, Dorothy Seltzer, Martha Settle, Todd Shaulis, Marie Shel- lenberger, Iohn Shepps, William Shuster, Warren Siddall, Ella Siever, Margaret Smith, Bessie Snyder, lack Sommers, Albert Staliano, Mae Steinbach, Fred Swift, Henry Thomas, Iohn Thomas. William Thomas, Anna Van Fossen, Dorothy Wagon- hurst, Betty Watson, Iames Watson, Leroy Weirman, Martin Weiss, Lois White. Charles Whitman, Donald Wolf, Robert Wolfinger, Esther Zollers. .-.62-. Sfudelzf Gonna Student Gowzci "The Intimate Stranger", a master play by a master playwright, Booth Tar- kington, was presented by the Pollard Players at the Stewart Iunior High School and was sponsored by the Student Council to secure funds to pay for our many special assembly programs. "The Intimate Stranger" was a laugh-provoking three act comedy Iilled with situations entangling the lives of five very human characters. The Ambassadors were a male quartet which offered a program of the Hnest music, both vocal and instrumental. Versatility, harmony, and musical quality were all blended into a program, superior and pleasing. Especially of great interest were beautiful Swiss Bells which they played. Zellner, a wizard at impersonations, brought right before our very eyes the wonderful characters of Romance, History, and the Scriptures. He has spent years in careful research and authoritative study of these great leaders. His program was one of rare educational value. The Uhricks produced a complete spirit senace, showing many weird effects with an explanation of how magicians can duplicate the tricks of fakers, and the use of Black Magic, which was originated by the Ancient Egyptians. Mind reading was performed by Mrs. Uhrick as she gave an uncanny description of articles sub- mitted to her while blindfolded. Major Phillip Martindale, former U. S. Ranger Naturalist, transferred to us some of his knowledge of the Rocky Mountains and wild animal life. He gave to us descriptions of wild animals, especially in Yellowstone National Park, which contained humorous and interesting stories. Kenneth E. Foster, presented in our assembly an unusual program on China. With him he had a display of oriental cloths and art. Also he pointed out the sig- nificance of certain character interpretations which are customary in China, but strange to the Westerner. Frank P. Douglas, adventurer and explorer gave us a thrilling story of the Great Klondike Gold Rush, which in 1932 won first prize of the Adventurers' Club. He told of men who risked their lives as they braved rapids, avalanches, glaciers, and roaring canyons, to find gold. Added interest was the samples of gold dust. snow shoes, parka, and gold pan which formed an unusual exhibit. ASSOCIATE EDITORS gfi-Eye William McDevitt Walter Updegraff SPORTS STAFF Robert McCracken--Editor Lester Sablosky Eleanor Ray Saul Wallack COLUMN EDITORS Alice Detwiler Charlotte Stroud Iames Slater Maureen Wade EXCHANGE EDITORS Marion Kershner lane Mairs Sam Banham Dorothy Bateman Evelyn Beck Horace Davenport Alice Detwiler Albert Eisenstein Stanton Felt Leonard Gerson Coval Grater Tawilla Edna Ball Helen Beyer Leah Bosler Anthony Cicippio Roberta Evans Leona Falcone Dorothy Fisher Ruth Angstudt Doris Bean lacob Caracappa james Cassano Carolyn Davenport Winifred Davenport REPORTORIAL STAFF Frances Greene Grover Hallman Georginc Houghton Peggy Hogan Robert Honeyman Samuel McDowell Mary McMullen Harry Picone Mary Quirk BUSINESS STAFF Emily Ruppe Warner Shannon Iames Slater Iune Steele Charlotte Stroud Harry Sweed Philip Taylor Marion Witmer Virginia Wood Brobst, Bus, Mgr. Alina Iacobs, Adv. Mgr. Caroline Gear Iohn Gehringer Dorothy Herbick Byro-n Hunsberger Sara Keisen Mildred Kennedy TYPING STAFF Iumes Detwiler Helen Fox Iosephine Gambone Vergene Geyer Mary MacFnrlzmd Amy O'Neil FACULTY ADVISORS Alexander Mocher Florence Neale Margaret O'Brien Mary Paxon Seda Santangelo Margaret Woodward Virginia Koons Sara Ruqli Evelyn Rutter Eleanor Sclafani Marie Shellenherger Anna Tarnopol lean Townsend Margaret F. Bookman William I. Spangler ..g,4,. KLIZJ 00 A newer and more complete edition of the Handbook of Norristown High School has been issued this year. Many new features and additions are published in this new edition. The editor, Arthur Paul, wrote a most inspiring foreward while Miss Christian, in a message to the N. H. S. student body, extended her most sincere greetings and encouragement. Along with these introductory messages in the front of the book, Nor- ristown's school board has been listed, and the floor plan of our school has been mapped out. A new feature is the revised list of clubs, arranged in alpha- betical order, and their sponsors. A rewritten Student Council Constitution with Article Ill changed, and a new rule for a fire drill in the auditorium, in- serted in the Study Hall section under rules and regulations, if read carefully by our students, will produce a more smoothly running student government. Two interesting features in the Athletic Section are: Q11 Mr. Fishburn's inspiring message to us concerning sports and 121 A code of sportsmanship which everyone should follow closely. As an addition to the Graduation section, new awards and prizes for seniors with their donors are itemized. Because of the suggestion of many home rooms and many individual students. the book report list has been completely re- vised. lnstead of grade numbers, the books are classified ac- cording to their type. Miss Blakey, the sponsor, and her staff are to be commended on the publication of a newer and superior handbook. HANDBOOK STAFF Daisy Mae Cole. William Dager, Gene Fillman, Marion Kershner, William McDevitt. Kathryn Nippes, lean Palmer, Arthur Paul fEditorl, Robert Scheid and Ethel Yeakle. From a comparatively "green" debating team which began the season, Miss Price, our new coach has produced a fine team. The topic debated during the season was "Resolved that the Federal Government Should Adopt the Policy of Equalizing Educational Opportunities Throughout the Nation by Means of Annual Grants to the Several States for Public Elementary and Secondary Education". Tryouts for the varsity debating team were held january 17, and the judges selected the following for the team: Affirmative: Coval Grater falternatej, Robert Honeyman, Lillian Kennedy. Evelyn McCaleb. Negative: Dorothy Fisher, Doris Loos, Ioan Pouchot. Robert Taylor falternatel. ' Eisenhower's initial debate of the season was held Febru- ary l8 with Lansdale at Norristown. when our affirmative team opposed the Lansdale negative team. The judges decided that the Lansdale team excelled our team. March 21 found our negative team at Lansdale in an in- terscholastic debate at which time the judges unanimously agreed Lansdale the winner. A debate featured the assembly program on March 22. East Greenville's affirmative team was the guest and opponent of Norristown's negative. This time Norristown was the victor. Our affirmative team traveled to East Greenville to oppose their negative team but East Greenville proved too powerful for the N.l-l.S. debators. Spring City was the aflirmative's next opponent but again our team suffered a defeat. The negative team's season ended successfully with a vic- tory over Spring City High School in a home debate. The affirmative closed their season with a hard fought de- bate with North Coventry. The judges agreed the negative team the winner. Although our teams have not won all their debates, much credit is due Miss Price and her two teams for so ably repre- senting Norristown High in forensic activities. .-66... ehafinq Somffz gn Sonora The Operetta in three acts, "South in Sonora", was presented by our combined Glee Clubs and the Senior Mask and Wig Club. The two performances were given at Stewart Iunior High School on February twenty first and twenty second. The music in this Operetta was the work of Charles Wakefield Cadman. The cast who worked faithfully under the able leadership of Miss Leah Thorpe and Miss Esther Bright. made the play a great success. CAST OF CHARACTERS Don Ricardo Gomez--Owner of the Rancho Bosque Bonita ..... ........ S tanton Felt Don Ricardo's daughters: Iuanita fa dancerj ......,......................,..............,................... ...,.......... H elen Sheldon Catilina ....................... .,...... C atherine Anderson Paquita ....................... ........ D aisy Mae Cole The Twins'-Lolita .................,..........,.....,.................. ,...... ...................... P a uline Lynn Rosita ...................................................,.............................. Mildred Rothenberger Marie Appache-an old Indian Nurse and Duenna ..............................................,... Emily Ruppe Boyd Rogers-Chief of the Mining Engineers Camp near the ranch ............ George Bartleson Don Richardi-Baydi assistant ....................................................,............................. Tom Middleton U. S. College boys studying practical mining in Mexico .... Carroll Wiedinmeyer. Norman Smith Teddy Grant ..............,....................,...........,........................ , ...........................,.,........... Ralph Smith Alfred Rose .................................,........................ .,..... .............,.. G e orge Smith General Anastaciof-a bandit chief ..........,... ..,............. ,...,..... L 0 uis Sylvester Captain Rodrigo-his right hand man ....... ..................,....... I acob Caracappa Members of the bandit troups .................. ....... I rvin Iones, Albert Clemens Two Mexican Maids .............................,...............................,..........,......... Rita Asko, Helen Garber A Priest ...............................,,...................,..................................................................... Iames Detwiler ln addition to these characters there were several choruses and dancing groups. The boys who formed the Presidents' Guard were most spectacular in their brilliant uniforms and martial steps. The scene of the story opens with a fiesta at the home of Don Ricardo Gomez, a rich Mexican Rancher, in honor of the president. Among the American Guests at the Gomez Rancho is a group of mining engineers and college boys. Don, an engineer, falls in love with Paquita, and who could have resisted this "little peach". Teddy and Alfred, both college boys, love the Twins. Lolita and Rosita, at first sight. Dancing affords the entertainment of the evening. Paquita is very sad because she cannot marry Don until her sister, Catilina, "an old maid" marries. The Twins face the same difficulty. Lolita conceives the wonderful idea of having the Bandit Chief come and marry Catilina. The plan is carried out. and the two are married. ln the meantime a new president assumes charge and sends word he is coming to see Don Ricardo. When he arrives with his guards, great is the surprise of all to find that he is none other than the Bandit Chief, whom Catilina married. Then comes the finale consisting of those rollicking songs, "Say Good-Bye to Trouble", "By the Rio Grande", and "Mexico, My Mexico". -67... PICCOLO-' Salvatore Monastero FLUTES- lean Palmer Anne Iean Rex CLARINETS- Carl Bowman Ioseph MacNamara Ioseph Cook Vincent Maggio Thomas Roberts Francis Smith Ioseph Venezia SAXAPHONES- Warren Farrall Catherine Gritfen La Verne Hallman Albert Markowitz William Reese TRUMPETS- Iames Anqelucci Harry Beck William Boyle Walter Bolton Gregg Clemmer Edward Grain Thomas Herdman Iohn Maclntyre Paul March Helen Moser Amedio Piermarini Iohn Sampsell Carroll Wiedinmeyer ...68...- ALTO HORN- Merrit Bosler Willis Bosler Henry Hayden BARITONESP- William Friedeborn Ira Singleton TROMBONESP- George Bartleson Iohn Burke Alvin Hemmig Henry Kent Clayton Moore Robert Taylor William Webster BASSES- William March Thomas Middleton Edward Oswald Chester Ruth DRUMS- Thomas Levis Paul Saylor George Tompkins Ioseph Verruni FLAG BEARERS- Martin Gotsch Elden Leach DRUM MAIOR- Archibald Irvin DIRECTOR- Damon D. Holton How valuable our orchestra is! Each week, when we go to assembly, we can always hear the orchestra. On Thursday, during chorus period you should hear the music that comes from the music room. Thursday afternoon, you see, is their practising period. This organization certainly helped to make our Operetta a success, for each member worked very hard. Our or- chestra also played for the Senior Play, Class Day, Commencement, and for every school activity. We never could do without our N.H.S. Orchestra, and we appreciate the time and effort that Mr. Damon Holton puts forth in mak- ing a fine organization. VIOLINS- Carmen Branca William Dager Ruth Darmstadter Helen Fitzgerald Leonard Friedman The members consist cf: TRLIMPETS-f Iohn Maclntyre Paul March Helen Moser Carroll Wiedinmeyer FLLITES- lean Palmer Anne Iean Rex Dorothy Seltzer TROMBONES- BASS- - - Clayton Moore gf,fa1S'lH2,k1ey PETg1gm23:1Jf1d1ef0H William Webster Charles Mitchell U - Alfred Peterdozzi Ioseph Ver,-um Crzgillxgixign R' h lblizfgargfexflcslhizbcrger CELLO- Marjory Eastman Milton Shuman Ellen McMurtric Vincent MHQQIO Hurst Toplcy PIANO- Margaret Woodwzird robes fra Mildred Holt .-.69-. Q 66 The Girls' Glee Club participated in all the five events mentioned in the activities of the Boy's Glee Club. The officers for the year were: President, Floss Panico: Secretaries, Dorothy Gary and Catherine Anderson, Treasurer, Mildred Rothenberger: Librarians, Helen Piacitelli and Katherine Schiele. Members of the Club were: Catherine Anderson, Ruth Angstadt, Rita Asko, Helen Atkinson, Emily Baldwin, Dorothy Bateman, Dorothea Bauer, Evelyn Beck, Iune Benner, Claire Bower, Elizabeth Bowman, Peggy Brown, Margaret Clemmer, Daisy Mae Cole, Bertha Dando, Ruth Darmstad- ter, Irma Dreslin, Catherine Dudley, Evelyn Eisenhower, Betty Ellis, Peg Fenimore, Dorothy Fisher, Helen Fox, Alice Freed, Viola Frey, Helen Gar- ber, Dorothy Gary, Vergene Geyer, Beatrice Goldstein, Dorothy Green, Fran- ces Groif, Catherine Griflin, Ada Hall, Doris Heebner, Dorothy Herbick, Naomi Herman, Marian Hitchens, Dorothy Holt, Mildred Holt, Georgina Haughton, Dorothy Ieavons, lney Iohns, Sara Keisen, Vivianne Kendig, Ethel Kern, Virginia Koons, Marion Krieble, Sara Krieble, Ethel Krouse, Ianet Land, Virginia Lewis, Doris Loos, Dorothy Lutz, Pauline Lynn, Esther Malm- berg, Vivian Maxwell, Katherine McCool, Mary McMullin, Ellen McMur- trie, Dorothy Mullholland, lane Q'Neil, Dorothy Owens, Edith Owens, lean Palmer, Floss Panico, Dorothy Patterson, Helen Piacitelli, Eva Pollarine, Sue Reber, Irma Reiff, Anne Iean Rex, lean Rittenhouse, Either lane Rosen- thal, Margaret Rothenberger, Mildred Rothenberger, Betty Rothermel, Emily Ruppe, Isabella Ruskin, Katherine Schiele, Ethel Seipt, Dorothy Seltzer, Helen Shaeff, Alice Shelton, Harriet Simon. Margaret Smith, Bessie Snyder, Thelma Spangler, Helen Steele, Charlotte Stroud, Betty Treisbach, Maureen Wade, lane Weber, Margaret Woodward, Sara Young, Ioyce Zimmerman, Esther Zollers, Marie Zollers. Mm, As usual the Boy's Glee Club had a busy and successful year. On October 19, a special group, consisting of the combined Clubs. presented a musical program at Temple University at the general session of the Second- ary Education Association. Their singing was exceptionally fine and com- mended by many educators present. The operetta was the high light of the season. The Glee Clubs with the Senior Mask and Wig presented it on February 21 and 22. On March 27 another special group of our best singers upheld N.H.S. when they went to Upper Darby for an Assembly program. The fourth activity of the year was the trip to the University of Pennsyl- vania. There in the Irvine Auditorium at the General Session of Schoolmen on April 4, the entire Membership of both Clubs rendered a delightful pro- gram. Last but not least was the Seniors' annual trip to Temple. Miss Leah Thorpe is to be congratulated on the fine results of her efforts. Esther Zollers and Dorothy Owens were the Clubs' accompanists for the year. The following were the clubs oflicers: President, Thomas Middleton: Secretary. Carroll Wiedinmeyer: Treasurer. Robert Scheid: Librarians. Robert Whitesell and Kenneth Wasser. Members of the Club were: George Bartleson, Harry Beck, Robert Beideman, Carmen Branca, Warren Bright, Iake Caracappa, Iames Cassano, Anthony Cicippio, Albert Clemens, Francis Detorie. Alfred Eisenstein, Stan- ton Felt, Leonard Friedman. Coval Grater, Floyd Hileman, Albert Hill, Dun- can Hunsberger, Robert Iones. Arthur Kennedy, Robert Krauss, Howard Locklin, Bill March, Nick Meneses, Thomas Middleton, Chester Miller. Ken- neth Rose, Ioe Rossi, Wilson Royer. Bill Ruppel, Morton Sablosky. Charles Santangelo. Mike Santangelo, Paul Schaibley, Robert Scheid, Iohn Shepps. Clarence Smith. Ralph Smith, Louis Sylvester, Fred Thomas, Ioe Verruni. Kenneth Wasser, Bill Webster, Robert Whitesell, Carroll Wiedinmyer. lee Club ffm' The idea behind the Norristown Vocational Society is three fold in purpose: first, to sell the vocational department to the community, second, to unite into a common bond, the graduate and sub-graduateg third, to unite the department with the industrial powers within the community. In this organization stress is laid upon industry, integrity, loyalty, and labor. The membership of this club is composed of boys desiring to become tradesmen and those who have at least completed the first semester of their Iunior year, in addition to Seniors and Alumni Members. During the year members of the society have participated in school activities and social affairs. The annual Fathers and Sons banquet usually becomes a gala affair. The officers of the Norristown Vocational Society are: President, William Corson, Vice President, Robert Fryer, Correspondence Secretary, Walter Rex: Recording Secretary: Treasurer, Ira Noll: Chaplain, Neal Pres- slerg Steward, Paul Schaibley. The members include: William Gauthier, Stanley lbaugh, Thomas Levis, Robert Campbell, Edward Wentzel, Peter Raimondi, Walter Rex, Ierry Rambo, Wilmer Hunsberger, Leonard Uhrich, Ira Noll, Iohn Lachen- meyer, Ross Oberholtzer, Henry Smith, Paul Schaibley, Neal Pressler, Ioseph Palumbo, Robert Fryer, Iohn Shepps, Robert Paul, William Corson, Howard Rittenhouse, Francis Smith, Diller Robbins, Paul Pflaummer, Wesley Wood- land, Ernest Baumgart, Merrill Abbett, Paul Lachynmyer, Earl Moore, Leroy Wierman, William Rushong, Kenneth Watters, Charles Moleski, Earl lami- son, Ioseph Brady, Charles Kelso, Claude Mayall, C. Irvin Horrocks, Ir., Winfield Van Horn, Ralph McCombs, Daniel Hoey, William Rodebaugh, Charles Biehl, Iohn Diehl, William Rowan. Robert Adams, Milton Shuman. Iames Lynch, Franklin Wood, Paul Angelucci, lack Lowra, Curtis Iones, and William Sheldon. ,-72... ocafiolmf ociefy The Trafiic Squad is a carefully selected group of boys who represent the enforcement division of our student govern- ment. These traffic officers are serious minded students who are serving their school every hour of the school day and every day of the school year, and deserve much credit for their untir- ing efforts in lessening the numerous traffic problems connected with our school. Each member of the squad is instilled with the spirit of cooperation for the best interest of students and faculty. During' the year, the squad has been favored with numerous speakers from our fair city. Various topics of interest have been discussed for the personal edification of all members. Members of the Traffic Squad are as follows: Chiefs: An- drew Harris and Paul York: Assistant Chief: Robert Mayfield: Captains: Paul Beswick, Iames Detwiler, Iames Law, and Louis Sylvesterg Officers: Merle Abbett, Robert Adams, Iohn Basile, Theodore Beadle, Albert Burkus, Iohn Cantello, Anthony Cici- ppio, Willis Cook, Robert Doon, Albert Eisenstein, Archie Er- win, Harry Fillman, Leonard Friedman, Iohn Fryer, Ioseph Gambrone, Paul Geary, Martin Gotsch, Floyd Hileman, William Hogan, Byron Hunsberger, Robert Iones, Arthur Kennedy, Robert Mayfield, Neal Pressler. Russell Raker, Walter Rees. Clarence Reifsnyder, Walter Rex, Vincent Santora, Ioseph Smallwood. Walter Llpdegraff, Carroll Wiedinmeyer, and Fre- derick Wurtz, KITLYQQC ...73 .. 602 CLIZQ OLLIZCL We should be proud of our Blnklng oflrcers xx ho haxe worked so hard each vxeek to qet the students to bank lhe b mkmq report for the week of November 23 xx 'rs exceptronally good rt xr as the hrqhest percentage srttarned by N H S for some trmc Frye rooms h rd 100 per cent These room were 12 19 30 and 43 The tvtrl oi dcp usrtors rn the hrgh school rs 441 trrne gots on we hope th at mort md more people throughout the hrgh school xxrll thrnk of the future incl beqrn to bank ane Austerberrx Samuel Berman Dorrs Beyer Anthony Borzrllo Rose Carne rx wle Wrnrfred Dax enp t Sue Dy on Stanton Felt Edward Predrredo Alrce Helm rn Moe Hrmelf rrb Curtrs ones Lors Ketcham Vrrgrnra Koons Bertram Lutz Wrllram Marberger ohn Rehfus Margaret Raunondr Harrret Srmon Norman Smrth Theresa Sternberg Wrllram Thoma Robert Wm lhnger 14 Edna B111 Helen Berman Helen Beyer ake Caracappa Dorothea Clemmens ohn Dv yer Archre Ervxrn Watson Frsher oseph Grambrone K rtherrne Hess Earl ameson Lrllran Kennedy oyce Krngston Ethel Kulp Flr abeth Lysrnger ohn Racquet rl homas Roberts oe Sheppard Frank Slanker Weston Smrth Robert Taylor ean Werdner osephrne Zavx rslack V V i A 1 'P' ' 7 7 L f ' . ' . a ' t f f . . YK 1 V, b Q I VK. It K . 4 .,.. e . E 2 ' X ei' 1 ' ' ' '. . As " ' 'B a Q' a '. The Banking officers are: E 'c ' ' 2 ' or I ' S ' ' " . 'Z . I . ' , ' , i E ' L-L. 4 ' it 4 I ' . l ' , ' 1 . . V I - . 1 I I ' t N . I I l . .K I S I K .4 . porfs Qaida!! SEASON'S Norristown .,,..... 8 Norristown ........ 0 Norristown ........ 6 Norirstown ........ 18 Norristown ........ 6 Norristown ........ 6 Norristown ........ 0 Norristown .,...... 6 Norristown ........ 20 RESULTS Olney ........... Haverford ..... Chester ......... Easton ........... Upper Darby Conshohocken L. Merion ..... Lansdowne Germantown . Once again Norristown's pigskin carriers turned in another impressive record on the gridiron. Winning five games while losing only two and tying as many con- tests, the Blue and White football squad wound up its season with a .714 percentage. Unleashing a scintillated attack, the Lewismen tallied 70 points as against 20 for their opponents. The spearhead of the Noristown's of- fensive was Preston A'Peppy" Campbell, versatile Iunior, recruited from parochial ranks. A triple-threat man and a stalwart upon the defence, Campbell alone accounted for five of his team's eleven touchdowns. His long broken field running was a feature of every game. Barking sig- nals from the fullback post was Al Staliano, stocky senior whose kicking and plunging were essential parts of Nor- ristown's offense. Bob Whitesell, fleet-focted Iunior and Francis Roncase, Sophomore speed demon, completed the Lewis' shifty backfield. Members of the mighty line who held the enemy scoreless on many occasions were 1 Gustafson and Ken- nedy at the ends: Simon, Mincarelli and Sommers at tackles: Harris and Berardelli at guards, with Captain Iake Caracappa at center, Berardelli and Gustafson lat- er received All-Suburban mention, while Mac Simon, a burly Sophomore. proved to be a thorn in the offense of the opposing teams. -75- Opening with an easy 8-0 victory over Olney High School, Norristown lost its first Suburban Conference contest to a strong Haverford aggregation by a narrow score of 2-0. Probably the most impressive victory of the season was an 18-0 win over Easton High School's powerful Red Raiders. Norristown again lost to its traditional rival, Lower Merion, but this time by the narrow margin of 6-0. Lansdowne and Upper Darby High Schools both surprised Norristown by extending the Lewismen with 6-6 stalemates. The remaining games with Chester, Conshohocken and Germantown were all handy victor- ies for the Blue Eagles. Unleashing all of its potential power, Norristown wound the current campaign with 20-0 victory over Germantown, in a game in which all of its members saw service except the band-members. So closed the season. Five victories, two defeats, two ties. and a good time enjoyed by all--except the opposition. FOOTBALL LINEUP Ends--Gustafson, Kennedy. T. Staliano Tackles-Simon, Mincarelli. Sommers. Guards-Harris. Berardelli, Brennen Kelly. Center-Caracappa. Halfbacks-Whitesell, Campbell, Brown Sylvester. Fullbacks-A Staliano. Quaterbacks-Roncase. 126605 .-77.. 1 December December December Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary February February February February February February March SCHEDULE 14 -Conshohocken ...,.. Home 21 -Haverford .............. Home 28-Alumni .................. Home 8-Upper Darby Away 1 1 -Abington ................ Home 15-Chester .......... Away 19 -Pottstown ...... Away 22 -Cheltenham ............ Home 25 - Lower Merion Away 1 -Haverford ...... Away 8-Upper Darby ........ Home 12 -Abington ........ Away 15-Chester .................. Home 23-Pottstown .............. Home 26-Cheltenham .. Away 1 -Lower Merion ...... Home mfs I askefbaff In the first game which was played with Conshohocken, who is not in the Suburban League, the Lewismen were defeated 18-26. This defeat instead of discouraging the team, encouraged them so much that they defeated the veteran Haverford team 24-18. In the game which was played with the Alumni, we were de- feated 20-26. The next game with Upper Darby also meant a de- feat for Norristown with a score of 18-31. After these two defeats, the team redeemed themselves by overcoming Abington 23-19. On Ianuary 15, Norristown lost to Chester by one point. The score 24-25. The following game which was held at Pottstown was a victory for the Blue and White team with a score of 24-14. On Ianuary 22, we defeated Cheltenham 36-21. The feud at Lower Merion meant a defeat for the Lewismen with a score of 14-27. The two games which were played against Haverford and Upper Darby were defeats for Norristown. The scores: 17-18 and 14-24 respectively. The team again emerged victorious over Abington, with a score of 33-23. They also won the next two games with Chester and Pottstown with scores of 19-17, and 33-24. In the last two games of the season, we were defeated by Cheltenham and Lower Merion. An added feature of the seasons games were the dances which were held after many of the games. A school dance orchestra played for these dances. After the regular season, three games were played by Coach Lewis' prospective 1935-36 Varsity. These games were played with Valley Forge Military Academy, Collegeville, and Upper Merion and were all victories for Norristown. The Varsity players were: Durrel Liester, George Steiner, Har- lan Gustafson, Robert Whitesell. Craig Tyler, Ioseph Bowman, Wal- ter Bolton, Albert Staliano, Anthony Borzillo, Michael Santangelo. and lack Noble. .-78.-. The season began this year with some "peppy" inter-class games. Number 9 Team. made up of Iuniors and under the leadership of our "petite" Margaret Raimondi, came through with flying colors. Our sturdy Captain Florence Panico predicted a season packed full of success. The girls stood by her in this and only one game was lost-to Abington, one tied with Springfield, while we captured live games. Conshohocken sent us some brawny girls who played a speedy game. However, Norristown won. The Chester game was trouble- some, but the substitution of Dorothy Wagenhurst was our stepping stone to victory. Abington defeated us after a hard battle. For some unknown reason, Haverford cancelled the pre-arranged game. Thanks to Ther- esa Vendetti's foul shot, we were able to deadlock Springfield. The next games were victorious for us at the expense of Coatesville, Lans- dale. and Lower Merion, in which the last game was the most inter- esting of the season. Scoring laurels go to Margaret Raimondi, and "Flossie" was our outstanding guard. All the girls deserve a hearty hand-shake, includ- ing our good manager. Iosephine Gambone. Our Coach. Miss Doris Flansburg said. "I am very proud of the girls: we had a good season". The pork chops and chickens given to Miss Flansburg, Miss Christian, and the girls, through the courtesy of Schlosser's Store, were tasty and delicious. The following will receive varsity letters and certificates: Dor- othy Wagenhurst, Theresa Vendetti, Iosephine Iackson, Fern Finley, Kathryn Schiele, Doris Cawthra, Iosephine Gambone. Varsity let- ters go to Margaret Raimondi, Florence Panico, and Marian Dennis. Florence Panico and Iosephine Gambone received the senior awards. Iunior varsity letters went to the following : Hazel Pernet. Mary Louise Crawford, Doris Beyer, Frances Groff. Elizabeth Link, Adele McConnell, Mary Roediger, Gladys Latch, Seda Santangelo, Mar- jory Dewees, and Sara Hallman, assistant manager. ir 5 7 askefdaff Norristown Norristown Norristown Norristown Norristown Norristown Norristown Norristown SCORES Conshohocken Chester Abington Coatesville Lansdale 14 26 24 ,..,....20 Springfield 32 32 13 L. Merion Haverford fPostponedj -79- April April May May May May May May J. I oys I emzis SCHEDULE Coatesville ....... Lower Merion Cheltenham ....... Upper Darby .............,... Radnor ....,.......... Abingto-n ....... Berwyn .......... Lansdowne .... ....,..........Home Away ..,............Home .Away ...........I-Iome .....,.....Home Away Away The annual fall tennis tournament, which was held at the West Main Street courts, lured many tennis en- thusiasts to prove their prowess. From a large group of competitors Bill Marberger and Iack Racquet emer- ged as the finalists. In the linals Marberger, playing brilliantly. defeated Racquet 6-1, 6-3. The doubles' finals found lack Sommers and Racquet pitted against Marberger and lack Noble. Marberger again was cn the winning side, for he and Noble defeat- ed Ssmmers and Racquet 6-3, 7-5. The boy's tennis squad, which was determined by the Fall Tournament, is now getting in form for the spring season. William Marberger, a Iunior, and cham- pion of the Fall tournament, is the captain. lack Rac- quet, the runner up in the tournament. is another out- standing playerg as is lack Noble, a semi-finalist in the tournament, and who, teamed with Marberger, won the doubles' finals. Two promising sophomores are War- ner Shannon and Lester Sablosky. The other members of the squad are: Leonard Gerson, a Senior, Fred Gordon, Leighton Haney, Wil- liam Huganir, all Sophomores: Morton Sablosky, Wil- liam Shinners, and Charles White. .-80.-. An early call brought forth the small but mightly fair sex to troop to the courts with racquets and small white spheres. Ioyce Howe, because of her skillful playing, headed the list of finalists. She had become sole pos- sessor of that once white ball, and also of that singles' championship when she outplayed Mary Paxson 6-3, 6-4. Riding on the crest of victory with Mary Paxson, Ioyce overcame Dorothy Seltzer and Florence Panico in the hard-fought doubles. Although there are not many seasoned players on the squad there are some sophomores and juniors who are forging to the front as good players: foremost of these is Mary Kuller, a Sophomore, who is displaying re- markable skill. Another player is Dorothy Seltzer, a Iunior, who made a very good showing in the Fall Tour- nament. The other members of the squad are: lane O'Neil, Dorothy Wagenhurst, Helen Atkinson, Mildred Moore, Mary Louise Crawford, Ollie Shaulis, Esther Malmberg, Vergene Geyer, and Anne Iean Rex. girfs 7 femzis GIRL'S TENNIS SCHEDULE April May May May May May May 30 3 7 10 14 17 31 Lower Merion Cheltenham ...... ........., ..,..,...,......Home Away Upper Darby .,.....,.,........ Home Radnor .............. ,.... ..... Abington ..... . ........ . Berwyn ...... Lansdowne .... ,-81,-. Away .Away .,........Home ..........Homf: April April April April April May May May May May May Iune I 0y5 I fr 610k SCHEDULE FOR 1935 6-Collingdale-Radnor ............. 13-Upper Darby .......,..,............ -Haverford ............... ....,..... -George School ........ .......... -27-Penn Relays ......,............. -Lower Menon ..................... -Lafayette Interscholastics .... -Haverford Prep .................. -Villanova Interscholastics .... -District I State Meet .,........ -Lebanon Interscholastics ...... 1-Norristown Interscholastics. .Home .Away .Home Away Away .Home Away Away Away Away Away .Home Starting their new 1935 schedule, the track team, under the guidance of Coach Leroy Lewis, had very little trouble defeating Collingdale and Radnor in a triangular meet, the first competition of the current sea- son. The score: Norristown l9M: Collingdale 203 Radnor 132. Coach Lewis has many veterans from last year's team, around which to form his squad. When asked about the matter of a leader, the boys said they believed there would be greater co-operation and each team-member would have to use his own best judgment if there were no captain. With such an auspicious beginning, it certainly ap- pears that the squad is out to repeat last year's feat in gaining the coveted District One Suburban Champion- ship. ...82.- The call for track issued by Coach Flansburg early in April brought out a group of girls, ready for action and full of pep. I interviewed the Coach, captain and manager while watching the girls limbering up in the Gotwals gym during the first practice. "What do you think of this year's team?" asked the inquiring reporter. "It's going to be grand!" came back enthusiastically from Coach Flansburg. U I think the team is going to be great," the manager, Hazel Grater. said hopefully. "Don't you?" And I certainly agreed with her as I stood looking over the candi- dates and spied many of last year's varsity and junior varsity letter-men. "We have a strong team and they are full of pep,," said Captain Bey- er, "and it looks as though we will have a very successful and cooperative team." Some of the old faces that I noted were Martha Settle, a Senior who has gained two varsity letters and excels in the throwing events: the Captain. Doris Beyer, outstanding in the baseball and basketball throws as well as the standing broad jump: Pauline Lynn and Marion Dennis, two seniors who have gained honors in the dashes and relay: Sara Hallman, another strong- armed thrower. In the high jump we see Iosephine jackson and Alice Fisher, and sev- eral promising Sophomores: Ferne Finley and Sara Spohn, both junior jump- ers: Marjorie Dewees, a runner: and last, but not least the one-and-only Mar- garet Raimondi who stars in so many events that she can't participate in all of them. Is it any wonder then, that N.l'l.S. should gain glories with a team like this? This year's competitors were Upper Darby: Springfield: Collegeville: Mid- dleton: Delaware and Abington. Coach, Miss Flansburg: Captain, Doris Beyer: Manager, Hazel Gratel, Assistant Manager, Virginia Anders. Qirfs I Crack -33- A mba!! BASEBALL Edward Grain ........................ Anthony Borzillo ....... ..... .. Short Stop Second Base Albert Staliano ........... ....,..... L eft Field Preston Campbell ...,... ...... Center Field Iessie Benyish .......... ...... F irst Base Fred Swift .....,..,.......... ............ P itcher Charles Monastero ..... ...,. T hird Base Tom Staliano ..,........ .... lack Molyneaux ..... . Right Field Catcher The only game played in the Blue and White schedule as this goes to press is the Radnor fracas which ended in 5-l victory for N. H. S. A continual downpour of rain through a full length nine inning fracas did not daunt the spirit of the Eagles, Fred Swift, ace pitcher for the Eagles, yielded to the opposing team but few points, two hits and a lone run. At the opening of the game Eddie Grain tripled on the first pitch to him and then tallied on a wild toss. Later in the game Iesse Benyish and Peppy Campbell singled in succession with one man on base and two out. Borzillo went home on a fumble by Gettys, rightflelder of the opposing team. In the last inning, Rose. Eagle pitcher, forced a rival man at home plate and fanned another. Androle, rival pitcher, prevented the blue team from running a bigger score by fanning Gustafson and Tom Staliano. Radnor's team came through with a point in the third, when Cairns singled and DiBlasio doubled. The four letter men on the 1935 team are Edward Grain, short- stopg Fred Swift, pitcher: and two outfield men, Albert Staliano and Tom Staliano. Coach Fishburn finds other valuable material in Har- lan Gustafson, Louis Sylvester, Andrew Harris, Robert Behney, Charles Monastero, Preston Campbell, Iessie Benyish, Iack Moly- neaux, and Robert Whitesell. The manager for the team is Ioseph Giambrone, his assistant, Earl Benz. One of the sports that deserves a lot of credit this year is cross- country. The season started with a turnout of 72 boys. At the end of the long grind of practice sessions and meets, there were still 58 remain- ing. With this group, the coach not only won every meet on the schedule but turned in four perfect scores. This means that in four meets, at least the first Eve men to cross the finish line were Norris- town harrirs. To cap this perfect season, the squad won the Sub- urban lnterscholastics, again by a perfect score. In the national Championship, Ioseph Sannon won a Thirteenth place, giving us fifth place in the meet. Starting off the season with a 24 to 54 win over Olney, the hill-and-dalers brought home four perfect scores over Upper Darby, West Chester, Lansdale, and Chester. In their last two meets. they won from Williamson Trade 19 to 148. and defeated Lower Nlerion 18 to 61. In the suburban championships, the individual honors went to Thomas Fisher who succeeded Edward Otwell as District One Cham- pion. In scoring, Ioe Shannon led the rest with 4 first and four second places giving him a low total of twelve points. Thomas Fisher, the runner-up, hnished with a total of 13 points. In third place was Robert Ressler with 23 points. Those who received sweaters and letters were: Captain Ioseph Shannon, Thomas Fisher, Robert Ressler, Joseph Cotteta, Charles Livingston. Captain-elect George Oberholtzer, Ralph Howells, Franklin Frick, Iohn Shepps, Sterling Krecker, and Amadio Piermarine. Returning next year will be the following letter-men: Captain- elect George Oberholtzer, Robert Ressler, Ioseph Cotteta. Ralph Howells, Charles Livingstone, Sterling Krecker, Amadio Piermarine, and several members of the undefeated "Iayvees" in Raker, Krebs, and Berke. SEASON'S RESULTS Varsity Norristown ........ 24 Olney ..,............. 54 Norristown ........ 15 Upper Darby .... 58 Norristown ........ 15 West Chester ..70 Norristown ........ 15 Lansdale ............ 68 Norristown ........ 15 Chester .............. 74 Norristown ........ 19 Wil'son Trade 148 Norristown ........ 18 Lower Merion .... 61 Totals ........ 121 Totals ........ 533 "Iayvees" Norristown ........ 20 Upper Darby .... 38 Norristown ........ 15 Lower Merion .... 60 SUBURBAN CHAMPIONSHIPS . Fisher-Suburban Champion 1 2. Shannon. 3. Ressler. 31. Cotteta. . Livingstone. ross oulzfry ginfure Sports What wull happen 1n sports xx hen the e famous h1gh school athletxc performers leave thls lI'lbt1fLltlOI'17 ln football xxe haxe Al Stalnano Dxck Kennedy ack Sommers ake Caracappa and other outstandlng characters graduatmg To replace these able members Coach Lexus expects much from Wh1tesell Camp bell Berradelll Gustafson and these new members from the ILIHIOI' hlgh Kelso Daley Fuller and Qumn ln basketball Coach Levy IS has many reasons to expect a champlon comb1nat1on Wmth such mountaln llke lncllvlduals as G1 stafson Santangelo and McCracken how can they go wrong7 Then many polnts w1ll be expected from the vers1t1le Whlte sell Bergey and Ot1s Henrv Flash 1935 36 N H S Basket ball comblnatlon defeated three post season rrvals 1n easy fash 1on Track and Baseball sulfeled deeply through gr xduatxon but able replacements vull be made by mcommg students ln track Thxs track lumlnary vxho runs the 103 yard 1n 10 6 w1ll replace Edward Dav1s Not only does he sprmt but Charles broad jumps ox er 19 feet Fla h Campbell Slmon Stout Sintangclo and Wllls xx 1ll b hc ivy pomt scorers The absence of Lelster Shannon Sxddall and Flsher xx 1ll be greatly mxssed We expect stars from the Rlttenhouse and Stewart track teams xx ho are at present maklng name for themselves to take themr places when they enter N H S 1n the fall In baseball Coach Flshburn has no malor vxorrles The place of Fred Sw1ft and Bemard Loos w1ll be taken by Benylsh and a few other able promxsmg sophomore tvs 1nklers The out helders Al Stalxano and Tom Stallano w1ll llkely be replaced by 1m Lynch and Kenneth Rose Flash Swlmmlng may return to Normstovtn Hlgh School If 1t does watch Henry Mulllneaux 86 y ', , K s 5: , ' ' . ' I ' . 1 ' . ' , f . . 1 . X I Q C . . 1 . 1 - v wi ' . Coach Lewis' dream will be answered by fleet-foot Charles Rose. V I ' 3 ' . 3 ....... , I , , if c x . ' 4 'I Q at ' . ' X " . ' , ' , . V. V . Y Q . r N y r . 3 , ' I c 7 , , . , V . . . V. an-H . 4 Y . V . Lfefqry :,X X , X UWM ful ' x fi 535,16 , 511- "'!5:::::::'f 1 f AE,-"' QM ,W I l'l' ,Q IW f jf? Q ,jig Z' In ,If f ix 4 D Jw ttf W f If if f l'ff 4 'L 'ff f fy If ,J N PJ J E , if Q3 df, X 12 fyw gig, W I4 44 f 'fffyfsfffqaglf ao fl f aff 1 44 7, I bb? nd, IM oh .: 0 QM 6p,,Auv I Z5 x vf l flqfq- .3 . 'fix .'d'-F' 1, :I- AM -' L- if -x 1'.f .I W ' f v dfsk: , "1 1. - '- '. ,f-1 :..1 'f- f 'Q' J., gL,,:y.'. H112 L 'y 1 "fn Va L' I -K,-' 1 .,,1,',,uq ' ILE:---..:-:X -, ' V-. I. ' "'7f::f!5f!'4 1' lwf . !:"'-JF. 'f k A' .::-- 1 1,4-', 11.1--z',..-. ' X .11 vff'Q5x,. ':.f"' ' .-. '-'pf' 1 rf, X il - -S-: ' I . ' ' -' li.-37' .. . fi .lf-V1 i13'3?"'E Y' X l",, f:7j,, .V 11775117 f- , 1 1 '4 'f"'fin.f.5,.v..:" f' W ' 1 f .f 'w f nf' 1 " f I7 f 1 I , E-LAW r ,iff Z " 1'-Lia H"- hff pf 1" fffff Q, - 'Q -',1.f',hr,,f', l:a'17Lw ! 14 fr, , .",'Y7,,Z43 7 fff ' ' f "w 'A I .5722-,. ' f '. ", " ,g'J , 'Q-'rf ' , " 1" 1, 1 '4 3, V- yz' uu:,,.',- I - "Z ,I gl." '-- 'lf4:,'1- 'aff 0 1" M Q i f ffs Mfr - 3,3 f , 7' f-6 r 1 .-10' ff ' 1, - A ll, , ,f. I f' if ! .,9f, A7 , , 4 , , , Y- 'l..' Vu." '-- ' f'5- ' - fl! " -ff H1 ' QE 'ff -4 '4' ll' .. ' ,:.' ? l .mil nf? 'rg U. ,Ir A ,ga ,M - 'CM Q-.-'wifi 1 ' f ' f - 14-"'9.f,f-., 'sf df' " -'Q -fu ' . ' X f cZ"ff','Tf7'.'. ' I "' figvf K' 31' .,f"A".'.2-'5""'L.., l 7 I : r ' " Q Q' 1f,'iv,f77!,' T, , -1 m , Q. f'x. ' o,. A'-' ,-2' ' -P K .L I H! , 1 1 Y - E. y 565 of 660' 661' Hoppmg sk1pp1ng runnmg and fmally slowly walklng I approached the small log building that we called school On the playground wh1ch was almost completely surrounded by tall p1nes were many groups of chlldren of all ages playxng Some had ropes some balls others were play1ng Lxttle Sally Ann The Farmer 1n the Dale and other qames that we all remem ber playmq as grade school puplls My brother and I Jomed m the fray rmmedxately becomnng acquamted vuth those vrho were to be our classmates Qur play hour was soon ended however by the Clmg' Clang' f the class bell not an electrxc buzzer that called us to class wnth a mere push but one of tho e real old fashxoned bells that the schoolmaster or schoolmarm stood on the steps and swung backward and forward to make lt rmg The bu1ld1ng was merely a one room structure of rough boards w1th two doors d1rectly oppos1te each other The monotony of the other two bare vtalls was broken by one wlndovx 1n each In the front of the room vtere the teacher s desk and chalr Near the centre there was a great lron stove Benches of rough wood were the student only desks There were no electrlc lxghts blackboards or free books and penclls Each str dent came equlpped vuth h1s oxxn tablet penclls and books lf he could afford them nf not he dxd the best he could wxth borrovs ed materxal There were elght classes and the ages ranged from five to about elghteen One teacher xx as 1n complete charge and promotd the pup1l she thought best Her job vras to g1ve each class as much t1me as possxble l1s ten to each chxlds plea and try to help each mdnvldually ln wlnter a fire was made 1n the stove by the older boys and kept gomg by wood gathered nn the surround1ng nexghborhood The students were undoubtedly very cold 1n the back and very hot rn front as they crowd ed around the stove try1ng to keep warm as they reclted the1r lessons Such was the school whxch I attended m flrst grade The followmg year l was transferred to another school m a nearby c1ty The contrast was almost as much as between n1ght and day The school was a beautlful blg red brlck buxldmg st rrounded by a large play ground Behxnd It a clear stream rxppled along through the sunshme Many a clear Fr1day afternoon d1d we plcnxc on 1ts sandy banks We vrere admltt ed 1n the mornmg by the rmgnng of a bell and a roll of a drum A tranght lme was formed at each entrance door and we marched 1nto chapel two by 88 1 . . , f v . Y . . , rr . - v v H .. . . v. , 7 - - 1 . r' r r 4. . H , . . O 1 . Ks . J - 7 . . 1 ' v ' t Y . . . S . , . . ' v . . . . V. . Y . --. g . , , v . . Y . , . 7 . , . ' 7 1 S . Y . . . . - f v V P -Y Y . . . . . . . . I - . . I . . . g V . - . . . . F . . o My Sch !G6U'66l' txxo After ch ipel classes began The grades in this school ranged from primary first to tenth Each grade xx 1 in a different room This seemed stmnge to me after a year in the other school Graduation week xxas very effectixe and every student in the school pirticipated either in songs recitations or drills Fortunately or unfortunat Iv xxe xx ere able to share in only one of these glorious occasions for after one and one hllf ve irs in this school ind 1 nint hundred mile motor flip throuqh the heart of vxinter I found myself a member of the third grade in a Pennsyl van1a school xx ith strange companions The beglnning of the next school term found me entering another school xx here I remained one half year Finally February of 1927 landed me xx ithin the walls of Gotwals Gram mar School vxhere I xxas to remain for txvo and a half years before entering upon a three ye'1r course in yunior high 'md last but not least three years xxithin the aged 'Ind antiquated walls of N H S I thought xery Iittle of these mlny change xxh1le they xvere taking place but h1xe thought of them often since I undoubtedly missed a great many things of interest durinq these xxanderings beciuse of my age but there is still a remembr ince that brings me to the thought that maybe my life hasn t been so dull after all CAROLINE M DAVENPORT A MODERN GEOMETRY PROBLEM Given I love you Proxe You love me Proof I love you I am a lover All the xxorld Ioxes a lover You loxe me ANN IEAN REX X0 In 1 c A . I ,. I , . I . . , . 4 L - 2 I 2 5 ' Q 5 . 5 ' 1- W ' X " K the Blue Ridge Motlntains, historic Virginia, and other Southern states in 7' I . 4 . V . 1 . 7. . C 1 Y 7 . V . C . . . . L g V C 'I I c I . . . 1 ' ' 2 L 'S ' ' ' I , c I .'. . I- 4 ' I I I Q I I c , l. 2. 3, , , 4. .... ' . omzef 1 Tm qoocl of xxhn FIIITIL qlxts thexe IS no gueaslng No qentlm hmt no elsull leellnq out Tune makes hxs xx iy alole lt ns 1 bleb 1 q That no xxlse seer can tell xx hat he s about No man IQ qlx en sueh plophttn eyes And see the colour of tomorroxx s slugs l e irn xxhlt nexx SOFIOXXS euth shall eome upon For 1f lt xx ere thit xve Could fwthom tune And man percenxe the lmperceptlble What hould the pxoht be7 Awful cleslqn If man Qhmt stem the ll1CX1fll3lC lest Crmqlng feu mmlxnnd dehlhtate Tlme hldes the future xxxth the untaxn Fate JAMILS SLATER 90 1 1 ' ' 4 'ac z - ' 1 . ' Q ff ' 'z z 1 3 ' 2 7.5 Y Y r , K 3 L A, K h ' f ' ' x -N X f That he can gaze beyond the horizon , a ' 2 ' ' ' '. a ' 5 ' . 4 . . Y Q x K . L I ' ' V I . S . ' ,' . ,LQ . 2 l ' " a . , A K ' a ' Q " S ' ' . ' ' Q x f' 3 ' ' Q' . . 6Lq UFS Really to apprec1ate the word nelghbors and all 1t 1mpl1es one must l1ve ln a suburban or cotntry commumty Our nelghborhood 1S one 1n wh1ch all the famllles have llVCd for many years f'he ch1ldren played together and attended school together The parents exchanged frxendly greetmg talked over thmgs of mutual IU terest such as chools roads and other matters As tlme passed by each fam1ly knew the general ways of every other fam1ly We could almo t 1egulate our clocks by the comlng and gamg of our nelghbors For mstance there IS the ne1ghbor whose motor roars past my bedroom wlndow at four th1rty every morn11g caus1ng me to wake up w1th the bl1ssful thought Ah' Three more hours of sleep Then we have a ne1ghbor who ha great lxterary amb1t1ons Ten years ago she wrote a story wh1ch was accepted by a magaz1ne and ever slnce that tnme she has been burnlng the mldnlght o1l 1n a va1n endeavor to dupllcate that feat Bes1des belng of a l1terary turn of mlnd she IS also a typxcal fadd1st these fads ranglng from food to rel1g1on lt IS only a small matter to change from Bapt1st to Presbyterlan then to Chnstlan Sclence ln a bew1lder1ng merry go round So that when her small son starts out on a Sunday morn1ng we only have to see 1n whxch d1rect1on he IS travelxng and we 1mmed1ately knew whether he IS Baptlst Presbyteman or a Chrnstxan Sc1ent1st for that day Her fads 1n food are also well known thorughout the nexghborhood Beet tops spmach sugarles grapefru1t and all the other abom1nat1ons of ch1ldren are eaten by her small son very dutlfully Yet she IS a great bel1ever ID 1ce cream Many a t1me that same small boy can be seen bearmg home a quart of ICQ cream to the envy of the other chnldren who are merely eatmg small 1ce cream cones No ne1qhborhood however would be complete w1thout the man who th1nks he knows It all In our commun1ty he IS the brldge expert I p pose the only reason he doesnt wrlte a book on contract IS that one small book couldn t poss1bly hold all h1s knowledge Whlle we know many of thexr l1ttle faults and fancles we also rea l1ze how many dependable and helpful qual1t1es our nelghbors pos ess l can remember as a l1ttle g1rl the t1me when my mother caught her fingers 1n the wash1ng mach1ne and how o1r next door nexghbors havlng been at tracted by my screams came to her axd They released mother and applned med1cal a1d unt1l the doctor arrxved It IS only 1n cases such as thls that we fully real1ze the advantage of havlng k1nd ne1ghbors As you know thmgs are not readxly accessxble 1n a small communltv People l1v1ng 1n C1f16S w1th doctors and nurses w1th1n the radnus of a few short blocks drug and grocery stores at every corner and such th1ngs can be more or less self sufHc1ent Here 1n most lnstance ne1ghbors are merely near by people to whom we polltely bow and then promptly forget But to those l1v1ng 1n country d1str1cts such self SUHSICIEHCY xs hardly possnble Here we fmd that good nelghbors are truly a great glft To whom do we call when a sudden acc1dent render us helpless w hen some loxed member of our famlly IS m dxre need of a1d of when un expectmg fr1ends arr1ve and the food supply IS 1n need of replen1sh1ng7 Every out of town dweller can answer these questlons 1n two short words our ne1ghbors ANNE OSWALD 91 , . . 1 . f . . , - F . , -1 . , . , . Y 7 . S - , '1 ' ' --- 1. ,, 3 . 7 Y - , , . 1 , f v v J v t , , . . . . . 0 . . QU - . . .1 H . Y , . . . . . Y - . I . . . . ' - . . A - , , . . , ' , , , . . . . C, . - - , -1, Y , . . Y 1 ' 5 , Y 7 A I ' A - - 7 V .1 . V, 7 . ,.. ,-. U26 gi 0172 Zlzese QIZLPES By Edna St Vlncent Mlllay Wme from These Grapes IQ an 1mportant mllestone 1n the career of sl1m auburn ha1red Vassar bred Edna St V1ncent M1l lay Noth1ng 1S qu1te so staxd as l1terary trad1t1on and cr1t1cs usually thmk more than tw1ce before rat1ng a woman most out stand1ng 1n any l1terary Held Mar1an Evans and Madame Du devant knew thx all too well and they became George El1ot and George Sand But Edna St Vmcent Mlllay d1dn t change her name perhaps she was too proud or had too much fa1th 1n the l1beral1ty of th1s modern age or perhaps she never expected to be preemment 1n the first place Slowly but surely recogn1 t1on has come her may and today e1ghteen years after her Hrst sl1m volume Renascence she 1S ha1led as the greatest Amerl can lyr1c poet and why really exclude the rest of the world7l Thxs wot ld be pra1se enough to turn the heads of a dozen seasoned authors but the scoffer need but to glance at Wme from These Grapes to see the reason why MISS M1llay de erves lt all It IS of matchless beauty pol1shed and perfected but nev er affected A most versat1le lyr1st MISS M1llays style range from what IS clearly vers l1bre to techn1cally perfect Petrarch1an sonnets that are as smooth and pol1shed as Dresden ch1na I pol1sh her poetry dwarf Poe s 1n metaphyslcal depth even Emerson 1S outstr1pped Ch1ldhood ls the Kmgdom Where No body Dxes IS a free verse lyr1c that should make Carl Sandburg look to h1S laurels But because It 15 the work of a woman poet about 1 poetes by favor1te select1on IS Sappho Crosses the Dark P1ver 1nto Hades Harper and Brothers sold s1gned first ed1t1on sets of W1ne from These Grapes at S50 Real conno1sseurs would now pay tvt 1ce as much merely for the la t sect1on of the sl1m volume a sonnet sequence ent1tled Epxtaph for the Race of Man 1AMEs SLATER 92 M I D . c . U I. U I . V ' .S Y . .. 1 , ' ' the successor to Petrarch and Shakespeare. . ' . ' ' 3 ' . ' . n xl A Y 1 7. 3 . . v f"' 11" Goff ara me By Robert P Tristram Coffin ln either h md the hasteninq Angel cluqht Qtr lingering puents 'ind to the eastern q1te led them direct They looking buck all the eastern side beheld Of Paradise so late their hwppy seat Lest plI'ldlSQ is in extremely discrlptixc autobiogrlphy of a boyhood spent on 1 Maine co1 t farm If the reader likes a good plot xxith plenty of action he vxlll Gnd this book a boring disappointment But if he lilxes a story filled to the brim with the zest of hvmq mingled with humor and excellent character por tiayal he xxill find this story both delightful and intriguing It is L lsy re ldmq ind offers 1 good xx ly to fill in odd moments The plot of the story hinges lround Peter and his nostal qic reminiscence of his home while he IS away at school Very little of his school life appears in the story but hc spends most Peter im iqincs himself in P1r1d1se Then he goes xxx ay and his pirents plln to moxe into toxxn hortly hence thc title Lost Piradise Peter IS a thinly disq used Robert Cofhn the author Although one finds that this story is pleisaint re1d1ng and ltaxes little to the imaginati n he cannot but think that tne author becomes a little exuberant at times especially in some of his descriptions He runs xxx Hy xx ith himself md devotes xx hole pages to such triviallties is the clrrymg on the he1d of his bed and the ctt of a boy s trousers the importance of some things is stretched too far Hoxx ex er l recommend this book to those more thoughtful person xx ho enjoy remmiscing and occ l51OI'l'illN tasting of the racy things of life A T PAUL 93 IJ 2 ' f .. . 2 X . 1 Q x l l A E ' ., c K c , . c , ' . , f. 1 " ,. 2 2 ' H " 2 J ' ' ' 2 ' 2 ' 25 , ' . . K' . . C - '2 5 2 ' I 2 5 2 '2 ' ' . X ' 1 i ' 1 f - of his time reliving his adventures on the farm. Cn the farm, f ' 2 K' ' ' 2 2 ' . 2 f ' " 2 : 2 ' ' f 1: 1 , r ' . " . . . C C C . x 2 ' K ' ' 'rx ' 2 ' o . l V .Y c c - . I I ' ' ' . ' 3 2 '2 " ' 2 . ' 1 ' 13. ' 3 ' 'i 1 ' 2 2 " 2 1' 2 ' Qosf orrzwz By Iames Hxlton Lost Horrzon by ames Hlltcn author of Good bye Mr Chlps won the Hawthornden DFIZQ It holds ones attentnon by the odd and thrllllng crrcumstances of the unusual theme and the plcturesque descrxptlons The story concerns four people who were taken from re voltmg Indla to the beautxful mountalnous reglon of Txbet where they were kept 1n a Chlne e monastery contarnlng the latest c nvenrences After bemg held for sometlme Conway a Brr t1sher m the consular servrce was told that they would never be allowed to leave the valley of the Blue Moon The Lamas who were much lnterested nn the study and advencement of learnmg were keeplng the four to brmg new blood 1nto the monastery The Lamas l1ved to a r1pe old age the lngh Lama be1ng two hr ndred and fifty three years old On the mght of hrs death he named Conway head over these people who would nev er see the outslde world agam When the porters came w1th upphes how ever Conway escaped from the valley and mystery of the unheard of Blue Moon where llfe and pleasures were eternal The story IS not the only fascmatlng part of the book The character portrayals are so l1fe l1ke that one seems to see the quxet studlous Lamas and the obese happy Amerxcan Through abnhty to reveal personahtle IS shown by h1s bemg able to brmg out the d1st1nct1ons of three characters The actxons of each of the three were governed by h1s age The young man was very 1mpat1ent and des1rous of actlon Conway the mlddle aged man was not a coward nor was he the kmd to rush 1nto unnecessary danger He was cool and sympathet1c The Lamas were concerned w1th tlme tudy and moderatlon From these three types one sees the wlsdom acqulred by old age ames Hxlton s style of Wf1flHg IS one of um sual s1mpl1c1ty The mcldents are told slmply and to the polnt He uses the vo cabulary of a modern person even 1f the scttlng IS qulte fanta tc The descrxptxon of the valley of the Blue Moon IS typxcally Chmese Nestled at the foot of a grgantlc mounta1n lay the t1ny vxllage warm except for the 1ce cold streams that descend ed from the snow capped mounta1n T1ny lawns and weedless gardens were before the toy l1ke houses The mhabltant were as happy and carefree as any race of people could be Th1s IS only one of the charmrng scenes descrlbed nn th1s unusual book w rntten by one who IS sard to posses the best features of Steven son H G Wells and Krphng MARION KERSHNER 94 r 7 . . 3 . . 3 . . . . , ' .- V V . I . , . Y . . 7 . 7 ' 7 - . 7 . i . s ' . ' , - V ' J out the book three main types of people are portrayed. Hilton's . . . . S . I . . I . . . . g 7 I . F Y . . . . V S V . b v . I I . S- i t . . . . , . l . Q 7 - - i , t . . 3 v ' r ' ' 3 - ... .. Cgprfaplzs Seek not to ort floxx er from dock Vex not the tenor of th1s graxe D1g not the so1l moxe not 1 rock Here s rest that llfCflITlC nexer gwe Here l1es a man 1n peaceful sleep HIS cares are none h1s dreams are good Seek not to end h1s slumbers deep He would not xx ake noxv 1f he could IAMES SLATER '9'7 '934 After readmg of the attempted Nam Putsch ln Austrla Ah come my lads cheero to xxar agam' And camouflage to tr1ck the aeroplane And blatant bands to sxx eeten Hades breath Bull Run LQIQZIQ Argonne? HISTOFY s no school To teach a man vxhat s xxrong War IS the mother Of a glor1ous race A man s a fool To stay at home because he loxes h1s brother So poxx erful so m1ghtv stronq are xxe So xx onderful the pr1de of Heaven s eyes Come lads lets k1ll off and then There ll be Less fools to quest1on chctates of the xx ISC IAMES SLATER 93 V 5 1 , r ' 7 ' l , ' c I ' z . . , c I lc H . Bring masks and poisoned gas and slugs of death 1 ' ' V ' f , ' ' c , 'W 'V c Y -- -1-1 CLE Q PEI' 5 OIZQ Llfe holds no fears for me Ive faced them all No bold defiances no bravado Can scare me off They one and all must heed th And when I pmch the candle go The bxg mans hearty laugh the cruel man s st1ng And one shall burn and one perhaps wear wmgs And I alone shall know and tell them when Sweet 1S the grave but sweeter l1fe you say Sweet are the roses sweeter though l1fe s breath Come burn yomr candles bmghtly xx h1le you may A flammg 1nv1tat1on for Death IAM ES SLATER 96 e call S I I i,l,i. Tl , 1 l've heard them jibe and curse me time again: v C . v I I V ' -1 Fi li fNo Rismg Earlyj There have been many reasons glven as to why this earth is troubled and tried by the foolish deeds of human beings But so far n ne of them have touched upon the real sore spot the underlying cause of it all Yet it 1S so simple that I marvel that no one has thought of it heretofore It s only natural that on a cold dreary morning it is purgatory itself to draq one s bone from a toast warm bed to the bone chllling dampness of the morn Yet this is an established custom ln Society some people even going so far as to write proverbs upon it ls it any wonder then that peoples tempers are often bad and in a bad temper many do foolish things? England 1 noted for foggy cheerless days It was on a typical Eng lish day that King George was dragged from bed to be told of the horrid and disrespectful doing of those coloni ts ow er in that place called America He peevishly snapped out an order to punish the beastly blighters by a few taxes Besides doing himself no good George brought a lot of trouble to lnnocent people Imagine how his soldiers felt about gettmg up on those winter morns during the Revolutionary War Likewise it was while being summoned from his cosy cot by the blaring notes of a French army bugle and the leather lungs of a French army sergeant that Napoleon vowed some day he would sleep as long as he liked and the whole French Army could go hang Well that IS just about what they did do after he had command of it and a lot of other armies too Now if the French Army had allowed Napoleon and the German army had allowed Hitler and the Italian Army Mussolini as I say if these gentlemen had been allowed a little more sleep they might they have And I have It confidentially that it was on a morning after a night before that Mr Volstead his head buzzing and reelmg as he laboriously rose for a Senate meeting devised his revenge on the merry bottle and that afternoon had written and submitted his now famous or infamors Amend ment The United States is just beginning to get over Mr Volstead s morn ing after Now in conclusion may I point out just how later rising would benefit mankind? Students would have a better love of school would lmblbe more learning and thus grow into better citizens Factory workers would be wider awake and do a better brand of work Bank clerks would not be so d1 contented and dream of what happiness could be theirs if they had a little money Truck drivers would feel more benevolent to their smaller brothers of the iron steed and drivmq would become a pleasure for the average man Traffic policemen wot ld chuckle at a driver passmg a red light and in all ways the world would become one big happy family Murders and kldnapp ings would practically vanish for one doesnt murder or kidnap a person for whom he has only brotherly love Society would be elevated civilization would be glorified mankind would be immortalized Mr Foes xelt along with the Hve day week and the eight hour day lets have the ten o clock factory whistle and eleven o clock chool bell' Your name w1ll go dox n in history SIDNEY NOVELL 97 Q o 80 ' ' ' . c . . . . I i s - - ' ' K. 's . . - ' - . . . , . not have been so ambitious and unloaded the weight of grief into Europe as . V . .3 I . . . . 1 n 1 1 Q Q . I V ' ' ' - 7 . . Y . 7 . . ' So . . e ' , ' ' - ' - v ,... S . Y' V ' ' . 6 V8IZLIZq 61' 01' 17260266 The clock ln the town hall tower had yust struck eleven o clock on a cold clear wlnter nlght A llttle newsboy ragged but w1th a ruddy beaming face walted for the crowd whxch would soon pour from the theatre ln front of hum THXIS busses and shiny prxvate cars drove up and down the popular thoroughfare A flower glrl wxth a box of whxte gardenlas walked up and down m front of the play house She had hopes of selllng a few more of the nowy flowers before re turnlng home At last blue unxformed ushers hurrxed out front and flung open the large glass doors wnth a bang At the l1ttle boy felt ln hls pocket for change he saw the large crowd comlng lexsure ly through the lobby Many of the rlchly dressed sophlstlcates stopped to chat wxth frrend as they hghted fresh clgarettes The men 1n thexr suave black dress suxts and well cut ed wore stunnmg evenmg clothes set off by corsages on thexr shoulders A these theatre goers neared the outslde doors they were approached by the paper boy vxho vxas well rewarded for hxs vtalt Many people htmmed snatches of h1t tunes from the p pular mus1c1l show whlch they had just wxtnessed Others c mplalncd bxtterly about the cold vxeather The doormen 1n blue and gold helped ladxes and gentle men lnto cars vthlch pulled up empty and away full of happy h1gh spxrlted folks who no doubt dnrected the drlvers to drop them off at smart supper clubs The clock an the tower struck eleven fifteen and the lxttle 1agged newsboy stood watchmg the crowd desert the now lonely theatre He was probably wonderlng rf the followmg nxght would be as profitable for hlm The last we saw of hun he was shufflmg off dxsappearmg around a shadowy corner DOROTI-IEA BRLISHER 98 'i-'li 5 A 5 f --l . 5 A . . 3 . . Q overcoats carried shiny, silk hats. The women, perfectly groom- 5 - ' , 1 1 ' V . ' . c ' . ' ' ' . O . . 7 , . I . ' . . . y . . I . . . . :xl 11' 7,1853 Tht qu it xxldv. xxmld IH optn A C noxx uc thml xclaf Q But soon out thoughts xxlll tt rn agam To thmgs that u ed to he books md ptncxls fountuns pgnb Qtudxw ncvgr thmugh slghts 'md sounds of N H S 0 tp xchux wc. thouqht sgoldgd L15 Then thoughts up utxu kncxx Mo t hkelw they xx ere prausmq us. And chcermq for us too Su xxhtn school dns h no come' to end And our mxstxkcs we su Im burc our thouqhts will turn agam To thmqQ that used to he It LLA M SIEVER gt ff fl I Q 56 0 6 ni ' ' ' 4 u' rc': To 2 3 Q' J ' ', To . X ' . To ' c . . ., To friendships that we knew. T -Q ' H fx K 5 i ' 'g fha .gasf nd Kesfamezzf We the Sen1ors of Elsenhower Hugh School NOfflStOXXH Pennsylvanla O O O O 0 O O 0 be1ng abnormal of mmd not so bad to look at eltherl and much too lazy to carry the followxng dlverse burdens further along m l1fe do here by ava1l our elves of the first opportunlty of gettmg r1d of them through th1s our Last Wlll and Testament the ent1re faculty we leave our condolences knowxng full well that they wxll never have another class l1ke ours our much harrassed prmcxpal Mxss Chrlstxan we leave that much wlshed for vacuum cleaner so that delmquent sophomores and amb1t1ous yunlor may be swept out of the office more readlly hereafter Mr Remrnlller we beqx eath a dozen of Masson Hunslcker s more recent Jokes fthose not used before 1860 J Masson hlmself we leave the school buxldmg smce he IS so fond of old thmgs Etymolog1st Edwxn Garlbaldx Kephart vue bequeath a truck load of d1c txonarxes wxth the sxncere hope that he mlght find therem at least one unfamlllar word asslst her ln her search for the lost chord we QIVQ MISS Thorpe the ser v1ce of the Hyde and Seek Detectlve Agency Instructor Walton Lanclxs we leave one gas mask 1n the hope that he at our curly headed coach Pete Lewls one set of curl papers assxst the Traffic Department ln 1ts clear the halls campalgn we leave several No Parkmg IQHS and one tow car the next Student Councll Pres1dent vxe leave a new gawel as the out golng execut1ve has worn the old one out upon the heads of facetxous councnlors any one who IS look1ng for trouble we leave Harry Plcone s capacnty for fmdmg lt any one whom We can stlck wlth It we leave Gerson s oratorl al ab1l1ty the Lmor Class Treasurer we leave our surplus of red mk Detectxve Charle l Mlller we leave a new book of tall er storxes and a cow bell to announce h1s arrxval to sleep1ng Vocatlonals the teachers vxho made up those fmal exams we leave our forglveness the pupxls xx ho must take them next year vue leave our pon1es trustee and sole executor of thls h1ghly 1nvaluable document we appomt that hlghly voluble Chmese Senator Hooey Wong Drawn up by IAMES W SLATER ln wltness thereof GAR DEAN One of the ones boys 00 1- I --ll 6l . . - o Q Q ' . D I- . 1 , To ' , ' To . ' ' 1 ' ' T . . . V . . T . . . . V . F To . . ' . . F To . . least may survive the odors of the Chemistry lab. To , ' , . T . , . . 1 , . , T . . Y V ' I T , . . . .C . . 0 T I 1 ' ' . To ' 3 . ' f Q J ' To ' . ' ' ' . To ' ' ' ' 'A ' AS . . . ' Y . ,--1 ,-1 03710 3 09710 Presentmg folks our ovun who s who Step rxght up and take a look At Exsenhovx er High s Blue Book Ah but they re redbloods never blue These handsome lads and lassxes falr Thmkers and poets at your servlce lngenues and playwrnghts nervous Damsels Coy and fhalfl wxts rare But whoa' Enough of ballyhoo ust gaze below and see Who s Who' mlvl -ofgf 3 Ca 1 Xe YS gt. 15 MHllY6lClrfl? "FE IQQWM Q7 JMU Nl? IPHEILEMJ 14 'P ff JI7lfFE 5 COUYCIL Q -I SLAYEQ Jn :wx 'W' fsnarffax-:ans ny w nd 3 A slams r uv ! ,- kg j sffl ovmfrra DC01, B OPEDE rm Nwamf Q sl Y n mlm -r-moot. ETON :X N Sam. 0.5 SER -IL-J -11.2 Fnoas LNILLIE rf cus ARS ofy I ' v Q xv xz Q v xi Zi- 'l K g eq. 2- " .fl - Xe lf- I V fr k A' - d - -, If W, ,J A A-A A Qi' , 1. A,Dg:sAA ' X.. i I A 6 by 5 l X - ' ' . I' - 5 ""' I. I 'V Q Ll lvarrzfao pp . J 5 3 jx f' i :lux ' hr 'k Al Q' a e X all , Q az , E 'I Q U r f , V 'e f cv- . - " 'ma' 7. 5 ' .2 I s , 3 j W' l 'Il AN u 79 b N453 NRA of LLV65 If Ill 'U CU 2.-E wo o E E E gm s-4 QQ 3-Q mm ws: 53.9 V5 3m on Q5 6 Clt S ?N C1 CI -CI O 1 U C 4-J -,-1 ,-. C1 U E C3 K 3 AK' N 170 K I !1f0b7P0l7 QU: be xx'9"X51 swvxvvixg-1 -45 1 5 EZPGI-J' X.. S2 f Fi'-4 51 xg X, Si.: -.,-,.,r Xi Ki fi Q4 Ai E-4 C39 ,fix ANOEDS F7152 ! f I E X .Vu SOAP 'i 9.5 MMV F G 01 TDHEN ff' M'-:J IC if 3 Q E ares of , 15 pon years cp es C r ears rc y mcan ci k he ears ac y r OJ -C'-..CO..a E-'OE-2-3 wh nger a US SCC NO us , W F ,,t- ' X551-0 fu its . ' Q UH ' Q -X' NA? .Kff '- N fy Q . N . qv F ' 9 ' ' - h . ' oN mv: m , s , ' -" V m X " N155 -S W if X "fyN14s L NH ' H ,tw U., ms L V , , -, sommffzs mfwm wish! IIN I 'QI ' I s fvf I 6 l l li ' X' ,ALLEJV X5 ,,. J 3 I l 1 x I MQ xx . ,A ' W CE-"I L s ' "' , A K - , X L4 f Q My ' ,' , L. A E 54' ,pwfzt P750 CHD 457-NV PR. ' 1 fmckwards the clocks proud cuckoo flies imc ut of min . y u . " yuh!" t f ult li . 4 1 is is not music to th i .J A ' " ' ur humor, Iamcs, is p tt 2 A a y fll have you now we're Asweet sixteen'." But j u'll ' -- j tli ile Our fz1cultv's "gay nineties" style. 6W PQJOEI' BOROUGH DEDICATES NEW SCHOOL SIX THOUSAND WITNESS CEREMONY Norristown P une 10 1952 The Citizens of Norristown officially opened their new high school last mght with a magnificent ceremony in the mammoth auditorium of the huge edifice On the dedicatory program were many of the important and distlngulshed citizenry of this community most of whom are alumnl of the school The Invocation was given by Rev C Theodore Grater D D Miss Esther Zoller st pervisor of music playing the new pipe organ rendered The Lost Chord with all the finesse and charm of her musical art A short address cf welcome was given by Dr Wllllam ennings Spangler Ph D B A xx ho is principal of the school The ninety five piece Student Sym phony under the baton of Dr Damon Holton presented magnihcently the Pre lude to the Third Act of Lohengrin Their efforts were greeted by a large round of applause The Orchestra gave as an encore The Farmer 1n the Dell The mixed glee club of three hundred voices which almo t filled the great stage sang three original compositions of Thomas Middleton 35 They vxere I Wlsh I Were a Young Lad Lying in a Meadow and In th Spring M Masson Hunsicker 39 spoke for several m1nutes on Eisen hower High School Old Things in General and their Historical Slgnifi cance 'Ihe program was clo ed with Mr Walter Updegrai President of the Board of Education officially presenting the keys to the school to Mr Robert Wolfinger the janitor of ohn Schuler for whom the school is named Dr Spangler made a beautiful picture as he stood with his ct rly silver gray locks bared and his long white beard flowing gently in summer breeze The reporter ln a tour of the school was impre sed with its magni ficence There are one hundred and sixteen rooms exclusive of the lava tories music conservatorles Art studios and other special class rooms I covers more than four acre being situated on the site of the old Eisenhower and Gotwals buildings It is a four story building of solid concrete erected at a cost of S3 000 000 to the citizens of this community In each wing of the structure is a gymnasium each fully equipped 1nclud1ng basket ball courts and swimming pools Another new feature 1 the amplification in Wh1Ch the office can communicate with any room in the building by means of ampli hers in each room This in the opinion of the principal is an invaluable time saver All the lighting IS indirect and is SCl6IltlfIC3lly correct to prevent eye strain The entree building throuqh the use of the latest scientific develop ments is thoroughly fire proof The Chemi try and Physics Laboratories are scientifically complete to the most minute detail The entire fourth floor IS devoted to the Mechanical department I this division all branches of industry are taught including at tomotive and Aeronautical engmeerinq The most magnificent part of the school is the auditorium capable of seating 6000 people It is equipped with a plpe organ large orchestra p1t mammoth stage and projection room for the pre entation of moving plctures The Board of Education invites the public to mspect the school durmg the next week I the four years since the school has been under construction the students have been attending classes in the Rittenhouse Stevx art and Blakey Memorial un ior High Schools EXCIUSIVC to the Norrlstown Gazette APJ 104 3 ' , a., I , : 3, t . . ' . . V v I Y . ' . . I . ' ' H V ll Y. 'II AA . . VVYY ,AA 8 1 77' r' I. u V Y . AL I A- . ' Y . . .- . s . , Previous to the dedication, Dr. William Spangler unveiled a Statue . . . ' . . . . . 3 . . .- S' . . . . ' ' ' . n , . . V . I A l F14 ymfjs Qykaf The Secretary-Miss Sommers. Supervisor of Athletics-Mr. Fishburn. Director of Cafeteria-Miss Maclntyre. Director of Music-Miss Thorpe. Industrial Instructors-Mr. McKee, Mr. Butler. Mr. Potter Mr. Miller and Mr. Darmerth. Supervisor of Vocationals-Mr. McKee. Representative of Banking-Mr. Heller. Directors of Utility Department-Mr. and Mrs. Iones. Director of Traffic-Mr. Hoffman. 0602 65 LOIZS LANDES DISCOVERS NEW PROCESS MAKES ACID IN NEW MANNER The r1ght Honorable Walton D Landes once professor of Chemxstry and Physxcs and now country s leadmg scxentlst dxs covers new proces of obtammg sulphurlc acld on hxs nmety seventh bxrthday He named thus the Oscar process after hrs l ng deceased pet whlte rat Oscar The process was accldentally dxscovered vuhlle the ex peda gogue was brewxng some Coffee for lus w1fe and master Whllc puttmg the coffee mto the pot he happened to drop 1n a box of sulphur matches The fire was lxghted under the pot untxl heat ed As he was about to hft the pot from the flre some of the coffee spxlled on the rug but turned It and the floor beneath xt mto a yawnmg hole He tested the hquxd and dlscovered 1t to be Sulphurlc Acxd Thus IS a great trnumph for Landes and Scxence LIONS HOLDS BANQUET The Lxon s Club of Norrlstown 16th Dxstrnct G C held thexr 99th annual banquet on the sutth day of the th1rteenth month of Saturnla The meetmg was called to order by Fred W Kern r Actmg presxdent The presxdent qave a very brxllnant address thankmg those who were not there for not attendmg after whlch the mmutes were read by ane Stembach secretary After thls the table was cleared and the banquet proceeded The menu was as follovts Duck Broth fcondensedl H 2 O and Powdered Evaporated aspavous Black Berrles Peas and Celery Roast of Concentrated Vemson I-l 2 0 and Powdered Glass smoke tubes Coffee E3 Cream Concentrated Bread Pnlls After thls soul satxsfymg meal the presldent presented Mr Charles Potter who spoke on the topxc Petumas m Season How They Should Be Planted The meetmg was adjourned aftervx ards due to the fallmg asleep of all members of the or ganxzatlon durmg the speech 106 I , Mr. Charles Q"Charlie"J Potter is Guest of Honor , ' . I . V I . , verfzsemerzfs L OEQN 5 35 V fx? W 5 . I x ' Th nk' All success IS based on thmkmg You wmt to get ahead to earn a moderate fortune 1f pos lble You have a gold mme w1th1n your self 1n your m1nd D1g out the ore by th1nk1ng Dont forget that th1nk1ng IS of no use unless It IS harnessed to act1on to work To act W1th0Lt thmkmg IS 1 e hrmg a gun wlthout a1m1n If you th1nk you w1ll not cn y advance as a worker but you wlll save D1d you ever know a person who regretted hav1ng saved money? No' But havent you known some who regretted havmg spent the1r money fool 1shly7 Dont be foohsh Th1nk Montgomery Trust Company MAIN STREET Adjommg Pubhc Sq.1a NORRISTOWN PA 108 11.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1:1 1r1:1o1114.1u1 111 1 1 --1111111111 I 0 I o I C Y 3 A 1 1 k , . , . . 1 . . . . . l P , . 1 1 1 1u1u1n1111o1oi4+1 111:11 - 111 1- 1 -,-1,1 1 1 1 ?' p-1 .g U "JOURNEY'S END" rea y on y the begznnzngl l'I1gh School Graduatmon IS merely a port on your voyage of llfe The wlde sea now opens before you Some of you w1ll contlnue your journey through college others wlll 1m1ned1ately enter the workaday world From now on you wxll be more upon your ovsn 1n1t1at1ve Your mterests wlll turn more to the me chanlcs of bu mess organ1zat1on marketlng ac count1ng government the law finance You wxll need a good bankmg connectnon Choose a good bank get acquamted transact busmess through the bank when ever possnble through a Checkmg or Savmgs Account Your School Sav mgs Account transferred mto a regular Saxmgs Account makes an excellent start ThlS bank IS keenly 1ntere ted 1n the graduates of today and yor have our best wxshes and whole hearted support NCUJRRIISTUWN PENN VU f TRUST CCCKDNXIPANY Vine Countys Burger! Bank Q t . . ll U U cc I . - H Il . U U H . . . ! . . . U ' . . . U , N . U . L . S . . . , , - U U . . . 1 U - . M . U ' ' ! . . A 1 U . . V. U ' ' U Q , . . 3 . U ' ' ' ' U . U U U U Q -T252 - L 'Q ! ' .U illff g 1, U I . U II -109- CURRENT HITS I xxcu t Dance Andy Harms P1lsy Walsy Floss Prxmco Lost ln A Fog M1sscn Huns1cke1 I W1sh That You Were Tux 1ns ane and Mae Ste1nbach Dut Ulf That Ole Plano Ruth Duckvyorth Ha cha cha Dot Green Anyth1ng Goes Peg Femmore An Earful Of MUSIC Mlll16 Rothenberger T1ny L1ttle Fmgerprmts Mar1e Zollers Lowely To Look At Bei GQISC Freckle Face oe Shinnon Qld Falthful Walt Updcqx xff Wxth My Eyes W1de Dpcn Im Dreammg Bob Wolhnger I never Had A Chance Reds Bolton S1nny Catherme Anderson Dancmg Lady Dot Br11sher Okay Toots Bob Kratz Stardust ean Baldvt IH Pardon My Southern Accent Al1ce Shelton Breeze Peggy Brown Youve Got To Be A Football Hero Len Brown There s A But of Piree I11 You Mlss Hubert Steppmq Gut Of The P1ct11re MISS Bookman Svueet MUSIC MISS Thorpe You re A Heavenly Th1ng M155 Derr You re The Top M1ss Holfer Merr1ly We Roll Along Mr Kephart and Mr Landes L1ttle Man Youve Had A Busy Day Mr Hoffman Here Comes The Br1t1sh M1 Herbert Flowers For Madame Mus Chr1st1an Smgmg A Happy Song M1ss Berger F re Thee Well Class of 35 Propr1etor of mountam hotel lto newly arr1ved guest Thls IS your room s1r It you xx ant a fine VICW over the moun ta1ns put a n1ckel 1n the slot and the shutters open for five mlnutes LOVQI elop1ng wlth h1s dd01Cdl How much IS the fare7 Tam dr1ver Thats all r1ght sr The young ladys father settled all that' A d1ct1onary of golfmq terms IS to be pubhshed If 1 complete It vs1ll be banned Lxfe IS certa1nly strange You often never know how many fr1ends you haxe unt1l you 1re dead or when your funeral takes place 110 c 1 - f- C 11 H A '-' c. J . f 11 , . H , fl 1 -I 11 , .. f- , J f ,... V 11 M 1 - - ,.. 11 , H , ,-, 11 . 11 . . ,-. 11 . . . . H . ,-. 11 .V . ,-. C 11 .1 L1 K 11 . H , .. -" 1 1. 11 . . . . -1 . . , , 11 1. ,-, ' 1. V. . I '-' 11 . H ,- 11 ff ,-. 11 fy . ,.. 7 11 M . ,-. 11 H ,-, 11 . 1, L ,... 11 1 H . I ,-. 11 . , 11 . A ,-. 1 11 . H . r ,-, 11 - . 1- . ,.., 11 1 H . ,... 11 . 1' 11 . 1 H ,-, ' 11 . . H S -' '. 11 H . . . "4 S. 11 . . ff . L.-. 11 H 1 fl , '-' . . . . . V . . 4 . . 1 . . 1 . , l . K 1 , . ' r . . . x . . ' V 1 I c ,-. ,.. i H Il! fi ? 5 3 l! A Z . 1 i ' U l i Q G U Q E 0 l Q Q H l U i f l L U , , , , , , , , , , , , ,, ,. , , , , Q, u - - - - - - -, M- - M , M , i - 4 H Comphmenmts of BREVVING CU NORRISTQWN PA FUTILITY I cannot rlme hke poets do Say 1n 1amb1c I love you Or 1n trochalc pentameter Vow the world has knovvn none svt eeter I cannot model Petrarch s style In my appraxsal of your smlle But by th1s love Ill e er ablde If Mr Shakespeare had not d1ed You d find hxm rollmg at your feet Calhng you svs eetest of the su eet O SW1 h Woman s Ph1losophy If the shce frts qet the next slze smaller A professor says the 'xx eraqe vxoman has only 800 vxords ln he Yes but thmk of the rapld turnover Medxum Ah' I hear the sp1r1t of your late vxlfe knockmg Wldoxx er Who s she knockmg nom? r vocabulary MISS Pan1co to Mxster Slater Mlster Slater have you ever had a group plcture of yourself taken7 Prof Spangler What x ould happen rf an 1mmoxable obpect were to meet Masson I-Iunsxcker Ncthmg need happen I contend that everythmg could be adjusted by peacefll arbltratlon OUR OWN STRATOSPHERE FLIERS Indrfference Raymond Kane Embarrassment ean Baldwm The I-Ierght of Love 1n Bloom Maman Hltchens Blg Tlme Strff Moe H1melfarb Schnozzles Walter Drlssel Blushmg Charles Whltman Sophs dreams Wah Slddall P0156 Mlnchen Opperman Self Love Leonard Gerson Gettmq In Peoples I-Ia1r Senator S1ll1ness The Sophs Quxetness Hazel Grater Sophlstlcatlon The Senlors Punctualxty 71 ack Dwyer 112 Foley V , , 5 . Y Y . By ..... . 's . . ' K f z ' ' . D V: . . V . V ' . . I .. V . . 7 . an irresistible force?" . 1 . . ,. ,. . . 1 -I . ,, M . , ,. , F , .. H . M . , ,, Fd .. ,. . 'H H ' H t 4 - I Y - .. KEYSTONE ICE CO Ice ana' Coal See our lme of COOLERA1OR REFRIGERATORS WESTINCHCUSE ELECTRIC REFRIGERATCRS MOORE BROS WHOLESALE FRUITS 8 PRODUCE Borough Market CHARMING AND BECOMING HATS or THE SMART WCNIAN Moderately Prnced REMODELING REBLOCKINC1 LADY PAT HAT SHOP -I DeK It Str r WILLIAM G SHOEMAKER CEMENT CONTRACTOR CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1935 l 921 1935 Drugs and Prescrnptxons VINK S PHARMACY 837 DeKalb Street I Cor Iacobyj W K Kneas Lumber Co Inc I Axry and Walnut Streets 80 East Mam Street Phone 2975 113 111,14 1:1 1.-f1::1n:un10qpn1nqmm1u1n1-,101-,1..u 1n1n101:,1-,1- 11,-11.1::1 O ,-. F- 1 r-vw -1,1111 -..1.,101.-1011.1H1111111--1011,1.11-1,1-V-111101--1--1h10101 fi 11 1:1,,1,,1,,1.,11,1,,.,,,:,,::,,::.,:,..,, Q, ,:u101w1v:nnun-V1111.-1--1010111101 I ' ' 0 i i - - - -01011.10-4,..,,1,,1 1.-0:0 v:u1.I1 1 ,1u1n1n1..1..101-1 1:11 131411111111411011-10101,1u1u1I,Q. n:ov..'11?-'li 1 1- lvl 1 I1 110.11-1. i i . ' H 9 IO 21 u ue ' i 1:1101--10111101--11I1.I14,1.,14.14.:. Qs.,-. -1.1. --014.10-01.111, 11-U11 11-111-11-1 111 1.1--11-1U1n1w1.1.1101 1 11 1 11-1-1:1 1 1 ,111 I O Q Q 10141 1-14-1 1 11,1.,1n1f-11,1-11.11-1A-1.,-.1 111.1y1:,1 1 -1,-if ,... 1, SOME TEACHERS MIGHT AT THAT An anxious mother recently wrote her small daughters' teacher as follows: "Dear Teacher: Please excuse Mary because she was late. She fell in a mud puddle on the vxay to school By domg the same you wnll oblxge Slgned Her mother If people are as old as the tune they whlstle comments a reader no further explanatlon ms needed for the present genera tlon The butcher xx as r xther SLlfpI'lS6Cl xx hen a sllm young xx oman entered the shop and asked for 25 pounds of beef All the same he cut off the Ioxnt and put 1t on the scales Wlll you take lt vuth you or shall I send It to your house? he asked Oh she murmured blushmg prettlly l dont want to buy It You see the doctor saxd I had lost 25 pounds and l wanted to see what xt looked llke ln a lump l Want to buy a pettlcoat Yes m1 s Per1od costumes on the thlrd floor Hollywood fPa I On Parade Tarz'1n ack Sommers Za u Pltts anet Gaynor Shadoxx Gmger Rogers ean Harloxx Ann Hardmg Myrna Loy Tom Broun Clark Gable Ellssa Lanclx Alme McMal1on Laurel and Hardy Peggy Delcamp Vlrgmla Lewxs Charles Whltman Dot Brusher Mxlly Rothenberger Ann ean Rex Marxe Baum Bob Kratz QTry and fmd onelj Ann Osvx ald Mary Potts Masson I-lunsxcker e .......4.................................,.................,,.........., I I ..........,.............................,...........,....,.. ' ' ' ' I f ...........,.,.,....,.....,.....,..............,,... ' Toby Wing ....,........,..,,...............,.............................,.,.... Bea Geise ' ........,....,.............,.,.............................. I ' -l 14- Come m to ace our xoeanonal advnsor and learn ol the vaat opporrunny that the field of beauty culture of fcra Marmcllo trained qnrls lieu 15 the solution to your I 1 U UFC SULKCSS Dxy and ex cnmg Llasscs Free mstruments and case co meucs for use nn claus and employment service for ,ix iifiiii 1014 101011 iii 1 'if 11 :ings Curran Arcade 213 Hlgh Street "J O Jim" A word about the Sophomore class Of course they are as green as grass I cant see how they ll ever learn No matter how they twxst and turn The umors are learmng fast They re past the stage of green as grass u t grant to them a brt more space And they ll adopt the Sennor grace And now the most 1llustr1ous class That ever three short years have passed In thls our dear ol Norrlstown I'l1gh Three cheers' The class of 35 Then there s the one and only orator He really IS one grand person I know you thmk Im gomg to ay Slater But No' You re wrong Its really Gerson Say have you ever seen Our really knock out beauty queen7 And now shes gomg on the screen None other than our own Dot Greene Of course we have some class clowns Boy' Thms has cost me many frowns After stumbhng over puddles and ruts McDev1tt and Taylor take the platmum doughnuts If any of you humorrsts Feel your honor should be thls Beheve me I am really humble So Just go on and grm dont grumble Egg peddler Ito wlfel Sufferm snakes Florabel you sold the wrong eggs to that last woman Wlfe How so7 Peddler You sold her some of that lot we dated December 10 and lt s only December 1 now GOOD MANNERS Teacher Do we eat the flesh of the whale Puprl Yes Ma am Teacher And what do we do wlth the bones? Puprl We leave them on the slde of our p ate' 116 v v v F . I ., 1 . . v . . - v . . f . v . c' 0 v r v . , . p v . v ' p . , 1 . . v V u ?vv . u v v 1 . , . u . vv . u . 1 wr ,... ,-I Qovioioioz BIIANIII 'S SPORT CENTER EVERYTHING FOR ALL GAMES AND SPORTS BIG CHOICE BEST PRICES E ry Dollar Q I E'f,f,1"" NORRIS LAUNDRY CO T""' Quahty LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING Serv1ce BLOCK S MONTGOMERY COUNTYS FOREMOST COUNTY STORE 15 21 West Mam Street Norrxstown 117 There goes the only woman I have ever loved commented the doctor who was chattlng wlth the drugstore man Why dont you marry her? the drug man lnqulred I can t afford to whxspered the doctor She s my be t patlent Cxuzen I hear theres a movement on foot to vxeed out the unscrupulous lawyers ln thls town Lawyer An 1nvest1gat1on has already been made and xt wa found that there are no unscrupulous lawyers belong1ng to the bar here Cltlzen Who drd the 1nvest1gat1ng7 Lawyer We lawyers Bobby Say Aunt Sue whats a he1rloom7 Aunt Sue Why 1ts something tnat 1s handed down from father to son Bobby Well thats a funny name to call my pants Are you m favor of women takmg part 1n publ1c alfa1rs7 Blll It s all r1ght lf you really want the affaxrs to be publrc Lord Father The man who marrxes my daughter wxll w1n a prrze Young Man Thats a good ldea I It a cash prxze or just a cup or some th1ng okxng Customer How much are your four dollar shoes? Postal Romance Frxendshlp New York Rmg Arkansas Loxeland Colorado Parson Arlzona Love Vlrgmla Harmony Illlnoxs Kxsslmee Honda Henpeck Indxana Tom I guess Im an Ind1an glver ack What makes you say so7 Tom I gave my g1rl a lxpstlck and I got It back when s e thanked me for lt THE HARDEST GAME Here come someone breaklng through Is that somethlng brown clutched under h1s arm Hurry' It IS hes got xt Novs he started ott around one of them he ducks under the arm of another Can he make xt or w1ll he be stopped? No someone IS ln front of htm now he stumbles hes up and on the go for another ten yards Wxll he make It or IS rt asklng too much of the Gods He hears a pounding of feet 1n back of hxm but he has no t1me to ee how close they are to h1m He hears loud shouts and surges on faster The sound of feet seem to come nearer and nearer and nearer Now he has a clear field as he rushes closer and closer to the goal Hls steps are slower now as he pantmg heavxly throw down the brovvn th1ng from under hrs arm He now struggles back to h1s feet to recelve the crowds prarse He won Again he IS the fxrst person 1n the lunch room BLANCI-IE HEIN 118 . . : . Y I . . . , S lim: ' ' ' ' ' . : . . n S . . . - Smart Salesman: Two dollars a foot. .: . . . . h . ' S . H . ' . . ' , ' ' . 1 ' e . S . ' a . Y , I I v S V - .. HEADQUARTERS FOR NORRISTOWN HIGH SCHOOL RINGS Orders may be placed wnth us dxrect ILANZ IIIEWIELRY CO , Inc 29 East Mam Street HALLMAN 8 RADCLIFF 517 19 21 VV Marshall Street Furnlshmgs For The Famlly NOTIONS NOVELTIES GIFTS Feders A Shop For The MISS and ILINIOR 57 East Mam Street NOFFISIOWH Get The Most of The Best For The Least I H TAGLEIBER Sanitary Markets Hendrlcks Da1r1es WALTER I-IENDRICKS Prop Tuberculm Tested Pasteurlzed M1Ik and Cream Fresh from Daxry to You 'W Sz, I-I RHOADS NORRISTOWN GRAIN ELEVATORS POULTRY SUPPLIES Choppmg Mnlls, Feed Hay Straw and Coal Phone 3331 Cor Elm 8 Astor Streets 119 10111111ll11010101!i0l4ll0l47l0i1Il01llll!10i 1 101 ll 101 1 141 0 o 101 11-1 1,1 1 1 1 1 1010101011101-11.-1 1 1 1 1 1-1 1 1 1-I . 1 14,1011-1H1011-1-,14,:.4.10101,u-14Q. .,a:1:,qpq101-1101-.101u1n1-,104-pn - . i S 9 6 1-I1 1 1 1.1 1011.1--1:,1n1:1:o:o 0:01020:01020201111010101011 1011.101 1 1 1 1 1 1 11:1 , vga:,10-101-I101010-1111111011 . . . i ' , . ' 3 1 1 1 1 111 11.1.0 1:1 111101-w1v1u1n1a.1n1 'Q'10101u1u1n1n1-I1n1n1u1-1-1: -1014.1011.,1,.1f.1-1.11,10101U11.14.11-14.1014.1u1-.1011,101 1 1 1-I . . 1- 1 1 1A1-.1014-14.10111 1--1010121 1:1 1 101--101.-101-I1.-1U101:-101: 1. 1 Rodney after bemg to Sunday schooll Say Dad our les son told about the ev1l sp1r1ts enternng the swme Father Yes my son What do you wish to know7 Rodney Was that the way they got the hrst devxled ham? When youth calls to youth It means nxckles for the tele phone company Maybe the natlon vsould feel a b1t more optrmlstxc lf the gxrl would qet thexr finqer nalls out of the red And then there IS the story of the New enslgn who was not pleased w1th the lelsurely way IH whlch a crew was mam cur1ng the deck Ol en' he called to the boatswaln s mate Have the men scrub down Wlth a l1ttle more rap1d1ty Olsen scratched h1s head for a moment and rephed I bane twenty FIVQ year ln Navy I hear scrub down wxth water scrub down wxth sand but by yump1n y1mm1ny I never hear dot scrub down wxth th1s rapldxtyl A young man who w1shed to get marrxed wrote to h1s father askmg h1s advlce He received the followmg reply My dear Son Your mother and l would lxke to see you happxly marr1ed She tells me to ponnt out the many advantages cosy f1res1de chalr sllppers plpe and so on w1th your darl1ng w1fe beslde you l am proud to know my boy that you have decxded to settle down P S Your mother has just left the room Keep xngle you young 1d10tl Father Hollywoods attltude toward the cleaner pxcture movement IS mdxcated by the fact that the plot of a recent mov1e was la1d 1n a soap factory Mother tat dmnerj ohnnxe I do wlsh you would stop reachmq for thlngs Havent you a tongue? ohnnle Yes but my arm can reach farther 120 . Q - . , , - - , . . 7 S 1 C V lt H . v lt f- .: . , . . . . H U . . . v 1 v . . . . yy ll 1 1 v , ' V Y . yy 1 v . . . ' I ' l . 1 I . . 1 ,.. ,... initliI1101014114111110101-niuiaf, Quin in T--vi ui ui-.1-niulniu 1 01 Q I Y. M. C. A. Restaurant CASPER PUCHE Lzzncheons 20c to 35c REAL ESTATE Dinners 506 Steaks 65C and AMY L FARLEY Mgr INSURANCES Phone 5918 Nor mstown Pa The all xmportance of school hfe Gracluatnon IS surely worth a cap and gown portralt The personal exchange of these photographs keeps school memorles for all tlme L.,. Bossa Studlo and Art Shop 322 DeKalb Street PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE BETTER KIND Phon 3242 Compliment f Expert Locksmlth of Hxgh Reputatxon ICE CREAM PARLOR Buyer of Old Gold E Iewelry for which High prlces are Pald 614 West Marshall Street CANDY SODAS HARRY HILDEBRAND Prop Also an Expert I welry Repaxr Man 249 E Main St Norrxstown Pa 121 . . . Q I g 1 f. , , :f,:.,:.,: -..:. :.,:..::: : .:C:1.g. : 2 : : .-w1.1... -...Q-1010: 1.-Q.-4. -pw-0-.,1.-mglq--..q4.1.1 1 P-..-.ll-i i , , iii... 0 ,.,,- - - -I-1,,,,, - - ,.,-,,,-.---.,- -,: I : 2 ...,----..-,---- -:-U-4,-K,,.- 1 - -4 - - ,-,Z-nz, Z..-.,-..-.,,.,1..-.,twin-01.1 1 0 I 2 - . i l 5 0 A ' ' 3 ' ! g , I I - , : i . . , , : V:,,,,,:,,:,,:c::,:, .:.,:.,:.,-..:..:.,:. ,.. ,-. Mary had a lrttle lamp She filled rt wrth benzrne She went to Irght her lrttle lamp She hasnt srnce benzrne Mabel sard the father your young man stays untrl a very late hour Has not your mother sard somethrng to you about thrs habrt of hrs Yes dad replred Mabel sweetly Mother says men haven t altered a brt Perfect Lady I wouldnt marry yor rf you were the last man on earth I don t want to have nothrng to do wrth you Is that plarn Engl1sh7 H Oh rts plarn but rt rsnt Englrsh Some people say that talk rs cheap But trs not safe to heed em Ive known two srmple word Be mme To cost a man hrs freedom Mrstress Who broke that chrna Jug? Mard The cat mum Mrstress What cat? Mard Why arnt we got one? So your daughter s marrred I hear I expect you found rt very hard to part w1th her Hard' I should thrnk so Between you and me my boy I began to thrnk rt was rmpo srble' ones was a pastmaster of the habrt of carelessness He dropped place was One nrght he rose from bed to get some medrcrne and swallowed hrs collar button rn mrstake for a cough drop Mary sard he to hr wrfe when the awful truth dawned upon hrm I have swallow ed my collar button Thats all rrght responded hrs wrfe rn a tone of evrdent satrsfac tron There s nothrng to worry about Nothrng to worry about7 returned father Do you Thats what I sard rnterrupted lrttle wrfey For once rn your r e you know where you ve put rt The Trnker Ive come to Hx that old tub rn the krtchen I rttle Grrl Oh mommre here s the doctor to see the cook Two hrgh school grrls were engaged rn conversatron on the street Sard the first Tom trred to kr s me last nrght and I wouldnt let hrm Drd rt make hrm angry? her companron asked I should say so He sard he wrshed he had called on you 122 ' I Y 1 ' I ll I !.l o K!! I . I ' ' - things around in any old place and afterward never remembered where that .. , Y V. , . Y. . .. . H V Y . . AA 'V .ii . 1- . ,. .. 132.10102frifvizz-2:'21vi :,-21:-2:n21: 1NsuRE IN THE TRAVELERS ELGIN H. LENHARDT District Agent 52 East Penn Street Norrrstown Pa .g.:2 :2.,-C 2 .,2.,2..2.,2.. Neiman Hardware Co., Inc HOUSE FURNISHINGS SHEET METAL WORK Marshall and Chain Streets Phone 245 SIEARS RUIEIBIUCK Sr CO 227 West Marn Street NORRISTOWN PA Shop at Sears and Save LILLIAN E SMITH 403 West Marshall Street GIFTS LINENS CHILDREN S WEAR all GREETING CARDS Make Our Store Your Musncal Headquarters You Wxll Fund Our Prices Very Moderate McCOYS Muslc and Electrlc 408 DeKalb Street Telephone 2323 123 I-2.24.20-..-.0-.,-I-....-0-..2o2..3 2 2 2 2 2.,2.2..2..-.02 .2 2 2323212 2 2f....,2.212,2,.-0.-02 2:2 212,202 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 . , . .- .- 21,...22s2 2 2,2 2: 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 -1202.,2.,2..2..2.,2..2.,202924.-, . .g..2n2..2..2..2.,2.,2..2.,-..2..2 2 ' ! 2 2 V 'q 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2:'qp4.21-21.21,2f:2.,2-,2.l2-w2e2:.,e 0,I2..21,2021-2020202--202 2 2 2 2 A Frenchman wh1le look1ng at a number of vessels excla1med What a flock of sh1ps' He was told that a flock of sh1ps was called a fleet but that a fleet of sheep was called a flock To asslst h1m 1n masterlng the 1ntr1cac1es of the Enghsh language he was told that a flock of g1rls was called a bevy that a bevy of wholves IS called a pack though a pack of thxeves IS called a g1ng and a gang of angels IS called a host whlle a host POIPOISQS IS called a shoal He was told that a host of offlcers IS termed a herd and a herd of ch1l dren IS called a troop and a troop of partndges IS termed as a covey and a covey of beaut1es 1S called a galaxy and a galaxy of ruff1ans 1 called a horde and a horde of rubb1sh IS called a heap and a heap of bull1cks IS called a drove and a drove of black guards IS called a mob and a mob of whales IS called a school and a school of worshlppers IS called a congrega t1on and a congregat1on of eng1neers IS called a corps a corps of rollers 1 called a band and a band of locusts IS called a cloud and a cloud of gentle folks IS called the el1te The last word being French the scholar understood It and asked no more It was a sleepy sort of day the cla s was about half the usual S122 and the Prof was call1ng the roll 1n a half absent manner To each name some one had answered here unt1l the name Smxth was called S1lence re1gned supreme for a moment only to be broken by the Profs VOICC My word' Hasnt Mr Sm1th any fr1ends here Mother Els1e why are you shoutxng 1n that horr1ble fash1on7 Why can t you be qu1et l1ke W1ll1e7 late and Im you e sa1d wxth flowers we sa1d 1t Wlth looks e sa1d w1th kxsses and hugs and fond looks e sa1d w1th mus1c art beautlful d1ct1on e sa1d w1th truth and we sa1d lt w1th f1ct1on Alas' now we re wed and are tendmg our brood Most of our t1me we lust say It w1th food' Impromptu Howler Teacher W1ll1am construct a sentence us1ng the word Archa1c Wllllam We can t have archa1c and eat lt too No Strmg on H15 Fmger Walter Havent you forgotten some th1ng s1r7 Professor Why I thought I gave you the customary t1p You d1d s1r but you forgot to eat Play1ng Safe My husband wnred me from Parns on my b1rthday ask1ng whether he should buy me a Rembrandt or a T1t1an Now wh1ch would you have? Well as far as that goes most of those French cars are very good 124 . . v . .3 , 3 ' Elsie: "I-Ie's got to be quiet the way we're playing. He's papa, coming home W . it . 1 . . . v W ' it ' ' . W n Q . , V . . 1 ' W . it . , . . . . . . ll VI Westmar Theater THE BIGGEST SHOW VALUE IN THE COUNTY AT THESE PRICES ADULTS Mat Eve C C Norrrstown Pa :nun-1 -XSQON 4 T54 LTU SAY IT WITH FLOWERS Mrs Anna Cataaese Flowers for all Occasions 321 DeKalb Street Phone 223 M We Telegraph Flowers ALVIN D BEYER Inc INSURANCE Norrlstown Penn Trust Bldg FOR QUALITY U58 PENN TREATY BRAND H K MILLER 700 Swede Street Grocerles and Provisions FREY S SANDWICH SHOP FOUNTAIN SERVICE SANDWICHES THAT SATISFY 523 West Marshall Street 14 West Maln Street 125 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I i I I I I I I I G I I I I 0 I I I I ' I I I I I I I FE I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I i I I I I I I Q I I 2 I I I I I I 4' I I ' i I I ' I I I I ., I I G90 I I I I I I I I I I I i I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I H H .gf ,-,.,,.,,,,,,-,,,,,,, . .g.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,-.,-.,.,.f'. N I I I I I I I .-..-.-.,-......-..-.,-.,-.,-. .,. I....-......,...,-..-..-.,-.,,. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I I ' I I I I I I I - I I I I I I I I ' ' I I . I I I I I I ' I I I I i I I I I I - I I ' I I - I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I - I I I I I I ' I I , I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I I ' I I I ,z .g. z, .f. ., - -. Gets em Gomg and Commg Schultz Your openmg sale has c os What now? Schwartz Our closmg sale opens Pants Pressed? Have you ever appeared as a vsltness before? Yes your honor ln what sult? My blue serge There s somethlng to Work For Teacher Hovs many hngers have you? Bobble Ten Teacher Well lf four vxere mxssmq vxhat would you have then? Bobble No musxc lessons Qommg and Gomg ln Montan'1 there 19 1 tovxn named Izurelu Trannmen d1ffer as to the pronuncxatxon of the name Passengers are often stwrtled upon arrlvmg at thus statxon to hear the conductor yell You re a har' You re a har' Then from the brakeman at the other end comes the cry You really are You really are Rattlmg the Skeleton Pup1l falter lesson on creatronl But teacher daddy ays we are descended from monkeys Teacher We cant dxscu s your prlvate famxly affaxrs 1n class Some Speed Too Sllt sklrts are styllsh 1n Parls says fashlon note Now there s our ldea of knee act1on Before It Breaks anet What do you do when you see an unu sually beautlful grrl? Anna I look for a wh1le then l get tlred and lay the mxrror down You Can Start Small Doctor tecstaucallyl S1r yours IS a case wh1ch w1ll enrlch med1cal screncel Patlent Oh dear and I thought I wouldnt have to pay more than hve or ten dollars ust Tossed Them Aslde Ohver was careless about hrs personnal effects When mother saw clothmg scattered about on chalr and floor she 1nqu1red Who dldnt hang up h1s clothes when he went to bed? A muffled vorce from under the blankets murmured Adam The Whole Story ohnny had been the guest of honor at a party the day before and h1s frlend was regardmg h1m envlously How was 1t? Have a good time? he asked Drd I? was the emphatxc answer I amt hungry yet' Young wlfe It says beat the whltes of the eggs t1ll stxff I th1nk they must be done nom Hubby Why are they stxff? Young vxlfe No brt l rn 126 - . . .. . l... .. 1 - d H .. . VV ,... l .. 7 V , .. '11 Y r. .. A. . VV n VV - . .. . -1- ,Tr V ' VV . U VV ,.. . .. . . . VV ,., V x V V . , K, . .. . .V -' x L4 - . . . . . .'-" 4 . r l 1 L. C , K , H V . - . -V .. , V V . VV . . . .. VV S .. V . . . . . VV '-' S . V M- . . V . . .. .,.., ,.. .. . . VV n . . . VV -' , . . n . . .,.. ,.. 1 . . . . . VV . .. V ,... V V . VV I .,.. V V . . .1 . V , VV . .r VV , . n . . VV 1. . VV . .. . V -- Y . , . ll ' ' a . 14,34,101--14.iwzolulfvluqgn -oil,111111inluzuiuluiu in 1:1 1 'CATEWAY TO HISTORIC VALLEY FORGE" THE VALLEY FORGE Notrnstown s Smartest Hotel od K lp M1 NORRISTOWN THE LENI-IAQT PIQESS PIQODJCERS OF Tl-IIS BOOI4 QI7 23 Borbodoes Street Norrlstown Penne D nt F111 To VlSlt EDDIE NEIMAN S REFRESHMENT PARLORS Ol' Delncxous Sundaes Hot Chocolate and Sandwlches Po ell a d Wood Sres SPECIALS EVERYDAY AITFR SCPIOOL 127 7 u Y -. S. Gurwo u , tr, I . :H:I,:..:.,-I,:,,:,.:U:Hz..-Mgt:I.:4,:.::.,:..-:G::.:..:G:.,:..-,:. o z' ' ' Y - f .. Y w n C 2 t ' ' 4 1 I - ,. FANCY WORK FILLS A VACUUM THAT NEITHER BOOK NOR FRIEND NOR HUMAN COMPANY CAN SUPPLACE IN OUR ART NEEDLEWORK AND GIFT SHOP IS AN ACCUMULATION OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND NOVEL D M YOST COMPANY Mann and DeKalb Streets OPPERS W8 w IME ll U ll Yl'l'll0UT1lllS SEAL iliikfifiid 33834531512 th lt f b Koppers Coke gimidfiigh 5132: 3252, txle bltummous coals carefully I'1'l1XlI'1g and pU1V61'lZlI1g the combmatlon charged mto hermetlcally sealed coke ovens drxvmg gases and vapors off leavmg a cellular structure whlch xs crushed and sxzed especlally adapted for domestlc home heatmg Ramey Wood Coke Company Mam Office Plant CONSHOHOCKEN PA SWEDELAND PA PHONE NORRISTOWN 4800 THE MC FOR BOYS OUR AND YouNG MEN 1885 50th Anniversary 1935 Class of 1935 KINDLY REMEMBER ADVERTISERS 128 -1: -.,-..-..-..,-...-U:..-::.:..:.,:.,:.:::,:..-...-..-..,.-:,...,.-..-+..-..,-....-..-.....- - . o o N. I I L , ,,,, Q fb , ,-D E. X1 . I I .::::.-.A:g,-,- 3:-:awe -.-.. MI:-I 1-14 . .I 1- ,:5,:..:1., ,-. ,.. ,.. ,. .., ,.. 0 I 3 ' I ' I : 1 1014101l1l101P101 11111101 11141 11111 1 1 1 1 1 151 -1.-1.-,-W. :.,:..-.::..: : 2 :.2::.g. .g.::3:.,:..g.:.,: 2 : zz: I : : Y. . . A. g g i : ,. ... -..-QQ.. -..:.,-..1-.,:..-.,.c:.,.E-1.1. -12-,,,,:-.Z-.,-,,-,,-,,-:,-: - ,- 2 . ,.. ... 1 1 1. 11 1 1 1 I 1, 11 u OAKLAND FARMS QUALITY MILK BUTTER MILK COTTAGE CHEESE DIRECT FROM FARM TO YOU Phone 1072 Fleck Hardware Co Our Policy ns to Serve and Please RIGHT GOODS' RIGHT SERVICE' RIGHT PRICE' 105 lll East Mam Street Norrlstown Compllments of Charles W Schrack OPTOMETRIST Trelchlers Drug Store THE BEST OF DRUGS all LUNCHES Norrnstown Hardware Co 133 133 W st Mam Street Model Axrplane Supplxes Prmtmg Desks Enqravmg Ch11rs Llthographmg Book Cases LOUIS D MANN Commercial Stauoner and Ollice Outfitter 31 MONTG TRUST ARCADE Loose Leaf Equlpment Systems I'1l1ng Cabmets Safes Phone l976 Norrxstovm 129 I ,1o1m1l111111m:f1 1111 1,1111-101,111 1111111 1 101 1111111111 ,1111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1111111 1111 1 1 1 1 1 1111101 11110:-p1 110101011,-.,11,-..-..11,-.1q.,-1.-4, .ge-Q11 2 : : -. 1 -. 2 : 1-.:1: I E i . l ! o 1111111111115 111- 1 1 1 1011110101111 1 1 11-14.4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1-1 1 I1 11:1 1'u'11ll1 i1 1'4l1'Kl'1 'T1 10101 1'l1ll:l1il1:ll 1 lliolcilhinlllili 1 1014 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 11111111-111111101 1:1 1.111 1 1 1 1: 1:1 1 1 1 1 1--' 2 1 T- --1 1 --1 if. o'o.1e1u1111111-0111111111 11111111 Q Q 1 ' ' ' L 1 , : . , o ' U ' ' . . Q' ' ' ' ' ' 1' v 1 1 1 1-111,111.0 -,Q 11,11:1n11w1111111 1011111110111 1 1 :ici 3 iniuioiuiniui 1:3 -3- NORRIS AGRAND GARRICK NEW TOWERS Theatres Motion Pictures at Their Best A and L SABLOSKY . .gf 1-1: 1.-1.. 1- Q.:...-..-.,:.,-:........2 .-0... ITALIAN CUT-OUT WORK HEMSTITCHING 5c Per Yard Mrs Anna Gambone 228 West Beech Street Nomstown Pa WEDDING SETS HAND EMBROIDERING COATS LAUNDRY LINEN Bn APRONS NORRISTOWN PENNA SUPPLIES BERTHA LONGACRE DRESSES FOR MISSES AND WOMEN SLIPS SKIRTS HOSIERY 50 56 W Marshall Street 130 KINDLY REMEMBER OUR ADVERTISERS Class of 1935 I ! O l ! ' . Q Q E i inioioinzuimnz-141045031-1010-n-.Of aff:-1 -,101 1- 1 ugly:-I1 01011: 1-up in-se 1 PQGQ D101 111 llll1lllu1llQlll 110101 'ill' 101 201014 11101 il lllPQ4lQ n1n14r1o1oi4u1u1o1oi1:i 01014: 11:31:14: 1030111101-11: ininininininizi 1 1:10 in 11111 ol 111' 03011 Div 1010114 vzugoiuiuiuxuif 1 miuiuiuioinif 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 0 3. 1 it-:.--,if-:--V1010101-.,1-.1011 1-.4 0,111.11 -..-..-..-f,-1.,1-.,-1..-01- -H- ,-a ,-1 1.P.1.1l.!ll-cyky There are few Helds where fhe necessufy for progress-fha demand for new Ideas us as pronounced as an fhe producfnon of School Annuals 9 Here In Canfon we ralre pride ln no? only lxeepung pace buf un seihng fhe pace for mnovahons end changes an fhns hnghly progressnve fueld Q When you worlr wl+h Canfon you are hand an hand wn+h experuenced people consianfly on fhe aler+ +o sense fhe wanfs f Annual publushers and qunclr +o change from +he old order and oHer new and unusual sdeas fo progressnve eddors N U , O me cANroN ENGRAVING a. eucrnorvn co., cANroN, ol-no C LIZQZ If we shadows haxe offended Thit vou hive but slumhercu huh Wl11le these VISIO 1 d1d app J' -'H-lf ,A K V V Think but this, and all is nuendcd . 1 ,.,, C I C L ' IS A ear". G?LLf0ql'6L1DLS GZllLL1f0q1'a,z9k5 Gflu foqmph

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