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5 3 5 5 A 3 E 1 S 5 3 E 5 Q 2 I 4 1 I E 5 1 -.-W wr- -.W - I . yg?m0ffL,fmW ji HCLCL , Lmxcd 0 hmm, Q AwfS2,ifQQin25S WQSL1 . ,WD W 33XeL'253T? 32 WW5 f U Had EQQQLQHWSCQQ L5mQ, ' M' if MUG X' 8 6 ,7,, L, xi q-,.f X WMM g-Q Q55 f 2, f.Q wwf is wiffwfzw rf2fN v 1f. sw f51'e52fs gg, 12? -hmmm Dey Q5 'J JV M .fQ,lJ'f 13.51 M .tr r K A'-J Qvfjgilge fm 52164 EE Dfw ? L UYLQUV X Q ' if ff 4 TQ CL gyaracpjv ,.f1Qfz,OJQm. C I hu Q6 Lug! -Qygaam AAJQIA4 V ,plguf H1 lxmrllck XA jllwef JQLCLQQ M Ja 4 3555 506 if ffiiff gy W mwggf W wwfgbfwilf 8 N W gf M M5 f55f5 wi M5fff 1 ffjijv AQ fi? ' A00 - E 76 A XFX cg, dxgfx Q5 0? ,615 Q10 Q 1 fb N AQ JO , XX Q 21 siisg ,gf QQNQOQ cz' 7339 A0 ffifizifsfa, S13 fgifiqlvgb gb .60 ig xc?5'Gf3AE3O Qffxpgf' A 1 2 ?E Q fm Q M WO? gg fi 2 my gg iff Norris District 14160 Firth, Nebraska 68358 1976 - '1977 To those Who laughed with me on Sunshine Days And walked with me through foggy nights. Especially to those Who listened when I talked And when I was silent. Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor ....... ......... Copy Editor ...... Advisor .............. ..........Martha Niemeyer .Tammie Reichwaldt ............Allison Tempero . ........ Teri Diffenderfer A Year OfSunshjne, Love And Laughter After giving 36 years of service to the school systems in this area guidance counselor Mary Kettlehut retired at the end of the school year. Her duties had included teaching vocal and instrumental music, mathematics and Spanish. Since the Norris District was formed in 1966 she headed the guidance department, helping Norris Kim Shea congratulates mid-semester graduate Donna students plan their future. Eggert following her mock graduation ceremony. Norris High School, District 3160 is located four miles south of Hickman. The building was constructed in 1969 with an addition in 1974. The school consolidates several area communities including Cortland, Firth, Hickman, Holland, Panama, Princeton and Roca. Chris Kechely and Iackie Prange examine with interest an assignment in Mr. Weber's biology class. This science course is chosen by many sophomore students. INDEX Secializing Struggles Scholars Societies Stucture Students Page Page page page page page 17 21 47 89 10 9 7 SES Doug Harper gives a big hand for a skit prepared by five girls at the pep rally before the conference basketball tourneys. Sunshine Days Always Come Back Sunshine Days Always come back When I think They are gone forever. Foggy nights Wait above the hills When I plan To watch the stars. Sometimes sunshine days End in foggy nights But foggy nights always End in sunshine days. Itis knowing that That helps. It's the waiting Thats hell. -james Ka vanaugh 'From SUNSHINE DAYS AND FOGGY NIGHTS by Iames Kavanaugh. Copyright lcl 1975 by Iames Kavanaugh. Reprinted by permission of the publishers, E. P. Dutton. ' CPRQL As the band departs for the Harvest of Harmony Parade, Bruce Docter glances over his trumpet and surveys the situation while other band members assemble themselves. -nl Beth Balderson aids teammate Kris Ietton in a moment of tension at the district tournaments. , ir, L i X Phillip Tenl-lulzen, a seventh grade general art student, investigates the texture of the pottery wheel. This aids in the discovery of the grain and nap of a surface. It takes both the sunshine and the rain To make a rainbow. gf' . ,QM There Is Never A Cloud That The Sun Won 't Shine Through When you 'ro lonely I wish you love When you're down I wish you joy When you're troubled I wish you peace When things are Complicated I Wish you simple beauty When things are chaotic I wish you inner silence When things look empty I Wish you hope gf is lm f -,ir W f' f 1, 'wi 761 up ,511 I I ,fd I fl I., f ' MU' "uc I W, , . ' r' fit! W is 'U its f ,. fLL gb Rl If ' 71' 1' LU, dl wt UKBUQ1 I, -yi,,,' I I if it sity , LC g 5 L ,fp 'fri K f u b' C L LL xi lk gk: Af Ll Ljw M Li, ' V L L ' Qt? ,f Lt LL 5 fd' with fl Ugizils a h Q N 1,5 S. 4 I gg 'S Q if Q g 1 F , I n U, xwf ,ff One of the benefits of being a photographer is taking your own picture. Charlie Arnot captures his mood by setting the automatic shutter release. n I no , ttf fltfii New vt 'I WY bww S 0 cializin g 7 Gridders Win Homecoming Game With the discontinuation of the Pep Club the cheerleaders were responsible for preparing the homecoming dance. The day started off with each class decorating their assigned hall for Spirit Day. During the pep rally it was announced that the seniors had won the Spirit Trophy with the theme, "Titans Co for Big Came." The juniors were close behind with the theme, "Titans Put the Vikings in the Funnies." In third place were the sophomores with their theme, "We're Barnstorming for a Victory." Following them were the freshman whose theme was, "We're Fuedin' for a Victory." Adding a highlight to the dance was the fact that the Titans had officially conquered the Vikings with a score of 31-6. The entertainment at the dance was provided by Whale. The royalty was then announced by the 1975-76 senior attendants Brad VanS- chooten and Kerri Schmidt. The crown bearers were Mathew Weber and Iana Schumutte. Homecoming royalty: FRONT ROW- Queen C. Attendants, Chris Kechely, L. Berks: Freshman Boesiger, King S. Hietbrink. BACK ROW- Senior Attendants, Ieralyn Graves, E. Baldersong lunior Attendants, Ianet Graves, B. Gillettg Sophomore Attendants, B. Balderson, R. VanSchooten. v fe li' Xsi " A Decorated by the senior class, the hall winning the spirit trophy vividly expresses their theme, "Titans Go for Big Game." Look out for wild elephants. xi i NN. Enthusiasm shows on the faces of band members playing during the pep rally which Cindy Kunz helps to prepare the multipurpose room preceded the Titan victory at their homecoming game. for the Homecoming dance. X s .pf ' 1. ,.r X Nga . r I X . Y ', V 4 I 's I I N dl. if ,ri f' A -ct X ,G . s' , ' n tt N. f M4 3:2 Y v-Cm Revival Of The A11-School Play "The Death and Life of Sneaky Fitch," a western parody, was cho- sen for the revival of the All-School Play at Norris. The play, directed by Brenda Thies, takes place in Gopher Gulch, an 1890's western town. Gopher Gulch has all the in- gredients for the idealized myth. Everything is perfect-except for one small fly in the ointm- ent-Sneaky Fitch. Sneaky Fitch is the town bum. He is considered to be the most lily-livered, low-down, yellow-clean-through polecat that ever walked the face of the West. The citizens of Gopher Gulch will do anything to rid their quiet little town of the drunken scoundrel. They finally succeed, or do they? The Fall Play begins with Ioe Carter, better known as Charles Grass, becoming another victim of Rackham's gun. So goes the "Code of the West." 5 . - Cast members: FRONT ROW- B. Keel. SECOND ROW- I. Tenl-Iulzen, Vandergriend, A. Tempero, R. VanSchooten, P. Schwaninger, C. Grass, I. Schaepe, K. Huenink, L. Schenkel, D. Bulin, T. Harrah, C. Burt, C. Rice, A. Church, D. Gates. NOT PICTURED: A. Marshall. G.Thummel. BACK ROW- S. Hartman, M. Niemeyer, S. Hietbrink, L. -2 601 4 iwwh fa ' M In '14 f X ,fx-auf-,--W A- . 1 s 1, r .1 1 TRY. nn? ,351-A. -wg Q mi .x Q, wa:-Q. Jr' , v .1 , Q K f x v A 5 1.3 -L.. .2"'g1 , ,VNV . , .AJ F113 .jzgf ECE Y 1.4 ci 111 2 E ..- "B e-B e Birdie" - A Smash Hit For the first time in nine years the high school presented a musical. The try-outs had a tremendous turnout with everyone demonstrating their singing, dancing, and acting ability. After many tedious but well spent hours, opening night finally arrived. The two-act musical had a successful run. "Bye-Bye Birdie" is a story out of the 50's of a rock singer, Conrad Birdie, who is being drafted, much to the dismay of his adoring fans and his manager, Albert Peterson. In order to free Albert of Conrad's debts and make him her husband, his secretary, Rosie Alvarez, devises a scheme to have Conrad give "One Last Kiss" to one last miss on the Ed Sullivan Show. The lucky one is a lovely young gal, Kim MacAfee, who enjoys the whole idea in spite of her all-but-destroyed boyfriend, Hugo Peabody. Finally, Albert convinces his mama that he is a grown man, quite capable of taking care of himself. Hugo wins Kim back, Rosie and Albert are joined in wedlock, and Conrad is off to fight in the war. Kim reassures Hugo, that even though she admires Conrad, Hugo is still the one she loves. Kim MacAfee informs her parents that it is no longer "modern" to refer to them as "mom and dad" but rather, to their disapproval, as "Doris and Harry." Word travels fast in a small town and as soon as everyone heard that Hugo had pinned Kim the telephone lines were kept bush for nearly three-quarters of an hour. "..A- As Conrad arrives at the railroad station in Sweet Apple he is greeted by a crowd of his fans, young and old, who sing their praises to him Meanwhile, the reporter is trying to get all the facts about Conrad and his way of life down on paper. Mrs. Peterson tries to relieve Conrad of his tension by entertaining him with her more mature charms. Er H, .t.,. A Albert Peterson ........ L Rose Alvarez ,...... .. A L Glen Thummel Carey Boesiger Conrad Mae Peterson Hugo Kim Mayor s z in-1 -- - x...-uv Stairway To Heaven I ,lam ., Two shades of blue, white 5 and silver dressed up the multi-purpose room for the annual jr.-Sr. Prom. Couples spent the evening enjoying the wide-ranged music' of "The Elastic Band" with a time out for the traditional reading of the Wills and Prophecy. This year they were read by junior class President Cindy Meints and Vice-president Rod VanSc:hoo- ten. Approximately 200 students attended. Fortunately for junior Randy Steeves fear of heights was no problem. Randy spent a great deal of time carefully rigging the lights for the prom. Crepe paper and foil kept the junior class busy all day preparing for.the prom. 'Q Playing for the first time at Norris the Lincoln-based band, "The Elastic Band," provided the music in varied styles of music for dancers at prom. S I if ft A staircase carrying out the theme of "Stairway to Heaven" rose out of the cloud of balloons in the center of the dance floor. Banquet Honors Exoelljng Athletes The Athletic Banquet was a change from last year's pot luck supper. This year the meal was catered by Pattons. Each Coach was given the chance to outline their seasons and hand out special awards, The outstanding player awards for each sport were: Dave Lueders, Footballg Mike Remmers, wrestlingg Todd Hornung, cross country and track: Steve Cooper, boys' basketballg Kris Ietton, girls' basketballg Kim Drake, volleyball and track. ' mfwrwnd.,..A. ' . X Y " 0 " 1 av s if aff ' Coach Schmutte goes into detail about Norris' successful basketball season. Enjoying their meals of ham, baked potatoes, corn, jello and pie are Mr. Severson, Mr. and Mrs. Kasparek, and Mr. lohnson. .ff 1 'rf inf Kris Ietton receives the outstanding girls' basketball player of the year award from the girls' basketball coach, Mr. VerMaas. mmf 5 .. ,, ' 4 ' T' IB as ct Sophomore servers Becky Spidell and Iulie Gray discuss serving procedures for the evening. Iuniors Del Moormeier and Curt Tiedeman do their part in helping set up tables and chairs for the Ir.-Sr. Banquet. Citron Speaks At The fr.-Sr. Banquet Guest speaker Peter Citron raps with Ardell Paulsen and junior class president Cindy Meints to gather information for his presentation. The junior class took pride in giving the seniors a successful banquet. A change from the past two years, banquet was held the night preceeding prom. The meal of swiss steak, potatoes, corn, rolls and salad was catered by Hobbs' Catering Service of Lincoln. The guest speaker was humorist Peter Citron. Mr. Citron, the radio and television personality, mixed puns and reality together to bring across his message. He spoke on failure and commented, "Failure isn't trying and failing, it's not trying at all." He stressed the need for continual self-improvment. He mentioned that the most important fact was not to get into a "rut" but always to move ahead, never being content as you are. Graduation Day: A Brief Moment One That The graduating class of 1977 was the first class that went through the Norris School system. Tim Conway, valedictorian of the class also received Norris' first 4 year regent's scholarhip to the University of Nebraska. Representing the class as salutatorian was Kyla Walvoord, who spoke about the winding roads which each graduate would encounter. Chosen for the class motto was "Not the briefest moment-yours or mine-will ever come again." Colors were blue and white, the flowers that were carried and worn were carnations. Special music at Baccalaureate and Commencement was provided by: Mrs. Nancy Crabtree, the mixed octet, Ianet Graves, and the Barber Shop quartet. Will Never Come Again Senior sponsor Iudeen Oelling and Principal Rex Pigg direct graduates Tim Conway and Steve Cooper at the morning practice which was held the Friday before commencement. Graduates to be Larry Lucus, Dave Hartman and Bruce Docter talk as they put on their robes in preparation for the commencement exercises. :QVLY L mf- , 1 'Q ' f 32 Effi- --1. Valedictorian and four year regents winner Tim Conway gives his speech at graduation. ' -ff Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, But I can look and see their beauty, Belive in them, and try to follow Where they lead. Louisa May Alcott Terri Weeks and Shirley Schwaninger stand in the reception line after commencement exercises discussing future plans. Life is fortified by many Friend-ships to love and to Be loved is the greatest Happiness of existence. Sydney Smith Looking Forward As Seasons Change Steve Rolfsmeyer shows his true feelings about graduation as he files into the gymnasium where his diploma is waiting. You are richer today than you were yesterday if you have laughed often, given something, forgiven even more, made a new friend, made stepping-stones out of stumbling blocks: if you have thought more in terms of "thyself " than "myself " or if you have managed to he cheerful even if you were Weary. Senior Honor Society members Dean Lesoing and Rick Hartwig leave the ceremonies with relief and determination. 'WU v .1 0 5: I - " 5 c X' T5--our ' xxx Q V ' 1 Struggles VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Norris Opponent 1 Southern 2 2 Wahoo 0 2 Wilbur 1 0 Waverly 2 0 Pius X 2 0 Centennial 2 0 Crete 2 2 Ashland 0 2 Central 0 VARSITY FOOTBALL Norris Opponent 24 Nebraska City 28 6 Platteview 8 16 Gretna 30 31 Waverly 6 22 Southern 0 4 Centennial 7 6 Wahoo 0 8 Ashland 18 6 Crete 32 VARSITY WRESTLING Norris Opponent 24 Seward 24 47 Centennial 14 47 Ashland 13 33 Fairbury 17 44 Southern 16 29 Waverly 28 29 Central 25 25 Beatrice 26 48 Crete 15 23 Pius X 25 19 Wahoo 29 18 Crete 42 RESERVE VOLLEYBALL Norris Opponent 2 Southern 0 2 Wahoo O 2 Wilbur 0 0 Waverly 2 2 Pius X 1 0 Centennial 2 2 Crete 1 2 Ashland 1 2 Syracuse 0 2 Central 0 RESERVE VOLLEYBALL Norris Opponent 14 Crete 8 0 Pius X 20 2 Waverly 16 48 Southern 0 30 Seward 0 RESERVE WRESTLING Norris Opponent 45 Seward 47 54 Centennial 9 36 Ashland 27 45 Fairbury 12 37 Southern 23 17 Waverly 10 47 Central 40 13 Beatrice 9 19 Crete 14 41 Pius X 17 18 Wahoo 18 38 Gretna 21 Adams Tourney-3rd Ashland Tourney-5th Fairbury Fresh-Soph Inv.-1st CROSS COUNTRY Norris Opponent 15 Syracuse 45 10 Raymond Central 26 10 Ashland 26 Triangular-2nd Doane Inv.-3rd Syracuse Inv.-5th Waverly Inv.-9th WCC Tourney-1st Disrict Tourney-4th FRESHMAN VOLLEYBALL Norris Opponent 2 Southern 0 2 Wahoo 0 1 Wilbur 2 0 Waverly 2 1 Pius X 2 0 Centennial 2 1 Crete 2 2 Ashland 1 2 Syracuse 1 1 Central 2 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Norris Opponent 20 Pius X 6 32 Ramond Central 8 16 Waverly 6 21 Wahoo 0 16 Milford 0 FRESHMAN WRESTLING Norris Opponent 41 Pius X 23 VARSITY GOLF Tri-County Inv.-7th Ashland-2nd Auburn Dual-2nd Tri-County Dual-1st Syracuse Dual-2nd Nebraska City Dual-1st Crete Dual-2nd Milford Dual-1st Conference-3rd District-14th VARSITY BOYS' BASKETBALL Norris Opponent 50 Platteview 57 46 Nebraska City 40 36 Seward 45 80 Southern 45 69 Tri-County 47 74 Auburn 70 52 Wahoo 64 77 Ashland 69 58 Crete 54 81 Wilbur 51 63 Centennial 75 93 Falls City 55 58 Pius X 42 55 Waverly 49 72 Central 55 Doane Tourney 40 Arlington 50 63 Boys Town 47 NCC Tourney 55 Gretna 42 District Tourney 53 Crete 51 43 Fairbury 55 FRESHMAN BOYS' BASKETBALL Norris Opponent 47 Centennial 30 49 Syracuse 41 51 Central 33 47 Waverly 53 58 Pius X 42 41 Wahoo 34 51 Fairbury 28 54 Beatrice 55 52 Lincoln Lutheran 46 52 Crete 49 55 Auburn 30 VARSITY GIRLS' BASKETBALL Norris Opponent 32 Wahoo 55 36 Syracuse 39 41 Platteview 56 42 Seward 50 43 Central 30 36 Pius X 62 27 Southern 38 25 Centennial 33 34 Gretna 38 51 Milford 46 56 Crete 59 53 Waverly 49 NCC Tournament 49 Ashland 37 33 Wahoo 47 District Tournament 55 Aubun 47 35 Syracuse 39 FRESHMAN GIRLS' BASKETBALL Norris Opponent 20 Waverly 26 12 Wahoo 10 15 Beatrice 20 13 Lincoln Lutheran 12 16 Pius X 29 NCC Tournament 10 Waverly 20 RESERVE BOYS" BASKETBALL Norris Opponent 39 Platteview 53 31 Nebraska City 55 40 Seward 71 55 Southern 26 50 Tri-County 41 58 Auburn 47 62 Wahoo 60 53 Ashland 36 46 Crete 71 74 Wilber 23 73 Centennial 58 73 Falls City 43 56 Pius X 68 54 Waverly 67 58 Central 61 RESERVE GIRLS' BASKETBALL Norris Opponent 23 Wahoo 15 9 Syracuse 24 26 Platteview 12 21 Seward 23 32 Central 29 28 Pius X 40 22 Southern 10 23 Centennial 21 7 Gretna 22 48 Milford 20 30 Crete 48 24 Waverly 32 GIRLS' TRACK Fairbury Relays-2nd Syracuse Inv.-4th Wahoo Dual-1st Ashland Dual-1st York Inv.-2nd Seward Triangular-2nd Conference-1st District-2nd State-1st BOYS' TRACK Waverly Relays-1st Fairbury Inv.-8th Syracuse-6th Ashland Dual-2nd York Inv.-9th Sertoma Inv.-6th Syracuse Dual-1st Conference-9th District-5th State-13th Kasparek Winds Up orris Coaching Career This year's varsity football team ended its season with a record of three wins and six losses. The team won over the Waverly Vikings 31-6 in the homecoming game. The two senior co-captains, David Lueders and Rocky Maas, represented the team. In Coach Kasparek's career at Norris he compiled a record of 44 wins, 15 losses and 4 ties. The coach had this to say, "Although this year's team ended up with a 3-6 record, the effort of the players was tremendous and they per- formed like winners, nevertheless. Those players elected to the All- Conference team included Dave Hart- man, David Lueders, Rocky Maas, and Steve Rolfsmeyer. Those who received honorable mention were Bill Iacobsen and Ioe Schaepe. The reserve football team ended its season with a record of three wins and two losses. Victories of the season included two shutouts, wins over Wymore Southern, 38-0, and Seward, 30-0. Number 85 Ioe Schaepe catches a pass during the Nebraska City game. 1976 Team Members: FRONT ROW- student manager A. Schriber, S. Essink, G. Drake, R. Keller, D. Hartman, G. Henry, K. Kechely, I. Gray, I. Boyer, R. Iohnson, R. Steeves. SECOND ROW- Student Manager R. Mikkleson, T. Harrah, L. Snyder, B. Bechtal, D. Stueck, C. Arnot, D. Doeschot, C. Pankoke, D. Simmons, K. Bouma, L. Wunderlich. THIRD ROW- Coach Severson, M. Paulsen, M. Schaepe, Rick Hartwig, R. Topp, L. Berks, R. Cramer, M. Ferrill, R. Huenink, B. Iacobsen, Dan Wagner, R. Maas, Coach Kasparek, Coach Schmutte. BACK ROW- R. VanSchooten, G. Mulder, I. Schaepe, D. Gushard, S. Rolfsmeyer, S. Denison, G. Huenink, W. Meints, R. Vandergriend, D. Lueders, M. Remmers. w ' i f5Pi3'lWC53 fs lilam '.2 riff' ,..1L-Away .V-. The thrill of victory is expressed to Coach Schmutte by reserve football players after winning their last game with a score of 30 to 0. Co-captains Rocky Maas and David Lueders inspire school spirit at a pep rally. Freshman Team Gees Undefeated The freshmen football team ended their season undefeated. Their final record was five wins and no losses. A newcomer to Norris, Coach Pool had a very successful season and made this comment, "lt was a most rewarding season for both the players and the coach." 1 I ..' .3 . -i Freshman coach, Dennis Pool, gives some helpful advice and encouragement to player Ed Balderson on the sideline during an intersquad game held at Norris, 3 '-. L N 2 2 A if 1976 Team Members: FRONT ROW- N. Pfeiffer, S. Quinlan, D. Essink, Meyer, David Wagner, M. Lowrey, G. Geer, R. Snyder, D. Buhr, E. T. Snow, A. Paul, M. Gates, C. Nolan, Ron Hartwig. SECOND ROW- Balderson, Coach Manley. BACK ROW- D. Kisling, T. Shoemaker, K. R. VerMaas, Russell Robertson, T. Papke, C. Schell, S. McLeod, C. Spidell, I. Prange, D. Wollenburg, C. Prange, G. Hromas, T. Bowman, Merry, R. Rademaker, P. Iacobsen, T. Snook, I. B. Church, T. Huenink. T. Rettele, L. Hoover, Coach Pool. THIRD ROW- student manager R. Harper, K. Schlake, K. Oltman, G. The varsity girls gather during a time out to discuss strategy with the coaches and to get some pointers for the next half of the game. Volleyball Girls Take Dist1'iots! The volleyball team had a very active season. The varsity's record was 8-5 and the reserve, 9-2. Together they came forth to capture the district trophy and were given the opportunity to compete in the state tournament. At state, the Titanettes faced competition against Ord and won one of the three sets. Senior Kim Drake was chosen for the All-Conference team, and Kris Ietton received honorable men- tion. Kim Drake also received All-State honorable mention. Varsity and reserve players: FRONT ROW- P. Trouba, K. Krieger, K. BACK ROW- Coach Brown, L. Lueders, B. Spidell, I, Phieffer, M. Ietton, K. DeBoer, K. Drake, P. Matthes. SECOND ROW- C. Kunz, B. Schaepe, M. Cramer, C. Bouma, Coach Wayne. Balderson, I. Prange, P. Printz, L. Ietton, D. Biggs, M. Helmink, I. Grey. T eem werk Produces A Winning Season Reserve player Chris Bouma backs up Marie Schaepe as Marie jumps up to block a spike by the Syracuse Rockets. They helped bring the Titanettes a victory. VARSITY egg iw:s?5'MWZ 1 ' as V Senior Karen Krieger shows her experience as she serves the ball. X. E5 W e .3 s- fs :- A N15 :NE ,,.n.:5 ,L sgj wee.-size-:,:.:,...iw --"' " " . .... - Reserve player Monica Cramer strives to return the ball during the Wymore Southern game. Freshman Girls Gain Potential Freshman players: FRONT ROW- S. Liesveld, S. Boesiger, I. Kuster. SECOND ROW- M. Hollar, R. Doctor, S. Gana. BACK ROW- Coach Brown, C. Moats, G. Manske. - W O vi E X, Freshman players stand ready for action, and watch with anticipation while Shelly Liesveld sets up the ball for Iudy Kuster to spike. The freshman girls had an up and down season, ending 5-5. Through the season the girls gained the experience needed for future years and a chance to develop their skills, On the girl's season Coach Brown commented, "I think they have a lot of potential, and with maturity they should develop per- fection in their skills and also gain teamwork." IK! jr- , . .4 Freshman Candace Moats serves the ball with fortitude during the Southern game. Harriers Win The NCC Title The Norris cross country team had a successful season and the boys put forth a lot of effort at every meet. They reached the top of the season when they captured the NCC title. Senior Todd Hornung went on to place first in districts. He then ran in the state cross country meet in Kearney where he placed second. Said Coach McCord of the team, "This was the hardest working group that has ever been out for cross country at Norris. These boys practiced by running before as well as after school every day and never complained. The two-a-day prac- tices really paid off for this year's team." Todd Hornung is all smiles having received second place in the state cross country meet. Competition at the meet consisted of over 100 of the top runners in the state. Cross Country runners: FRONT ROW- T. Conway, Leo Benes, T. Hornung, S. Cooper, K. Conway. BACK ROW- S. Haight, R. Long, S. Hietbrink, B. Docter, E. Benes, S. Mulder. Cross country runner Tim Conway shows intense ability while competing in the two-mile run. A X Q Q-H""" 'gs--Q Coach McCord shows team members Kevin Conway, Steve Cooper and Steve Hietbrink the agenda for the day's events. Warming up for a cross country meet held at Pioneer's Park, the boys survey the course of the race in which they received third place. I+' Q.. Team members Ed Benes and Steve Hietbrink represent the long and short aspects of cross country. Norris senior Todd Hornung gets a good start in his second year of state cross country competition. He placed second in the field of the Class B competition this year, having moved up from 20th place in 1975. Both Teams Post EVent.fu1Seas01i1s "Girls Show Strength, Skill, Spirit" Though they started out against tough competition, the Titans won three of their last five games. High point of the season was the victory over the number one seed of the district tournament, Auburn. Althea DeVries was named to All-Conference first team, while Kris Ietton and Beth Balderson received honorable mention. The reserve team ended their sea- son posting a 6-6 record. Coach Aden commented, "Our freshmen and so- phomores are eagerly anticipating the 1977-78 year." He went on with enthu- siasm, "with continued improvement and a positive approach, the reserves should have an excellent and successful season next year." -1 . . Bambie Kolder and Bev Cooper focus their attention on the court while coaches VerMaas and Aden ponder the outcome of the game. Q- fa- wi ' ,i,. Y 5, Q YA 90 sz :V ... Varsity and reserve players: FRONT ROW- C. Merry, L. Ietton, S. Biggs, Ieralyn Graves. BACK ROW- Coach VerMaas, Coach Aden, I. Albrecht, B. Balderson, B. Cooper, K. Ietton, G. VerMaas, L. Lueders, Wood, I. Menard, R. Wiles, P. Vanderbeek, C. Moats, B. Baumfalk, M. C. Watson, B. Kolder. SECOND ROW- S. Boesiger, T. Harrison, I. Hollar, Cindy Schell, student managers C. Walton and K. Swain. Gillett, A. Menard, G. Reed, L. Lemon, V. Hestermann, K. Meyers, D. S, X Q l A 1 l fl i 'f Q i X ,f Cori Merry concentrates on a jump ball during a close contest with an arch rival. ff - f' 1 f' S-ff I , so arf, 42 y- 1. .V ,.... T' wi T' i bw W C 5, '1- E? Bev Cooper plans her strategy as she dribbles the ball down the court. Varsity team member Althea DeVries skillfully shoots for two points while senior Kris letton watches in eager anticipation for the basket to be made official. P' ' nf' Rh. yi Slew x if sf f A 4' " -al , ,W v "' ww,-. -5- - 1--A' VM.. x rw... no f" ' 5 -Qsz?""'1f34 33 Frosh Learn Prjn cj ples, Add Polish "I was particularly pleased with the attitude of the nine girls and their desire to win." stated Coach Aden. He added, "Our defense was excellent all year, as we held all teams played to far below their season averages." ' In- dividual game highlights included Marti Hollar's offensive game against Pius and Candace Moats' aggressive rebounding against Beatrice. Candace Moats glances around the court for a teammate to receive the ball. Freshman players: FRONT ROW- I. Wood, S. Boesiger, L. Lemon, V. Hestermann. SECOND ROW- K. Swain, I. Menard, K. Egger, Ieralyn Graves, C. Walton. BACK ROW- Coach Aden, C. Moats, M. Hollar, K. Reichwaldt. c Vicky Hestermann looks to complete a pass, while being closely guarded. E L,-, S-gtkxw Rick Iohnson starts off the second round of his match in referee's position during one of the last tournaments of his senior year. Senior Ioe Schae e mentall re ares himself for M H tm Pre I1 P Y P D his match as he awaits his opponent. at si ' -gf Varsity wrestlers: FRONT ROW- I. Boyer, R. Fosler, D. Allen. SECOND ROW- Leo Benes, C. Tiedeman, I. Gray, T. Hornung, R. Iohnson, C. Merry. THIRD ROW- K. Rodarmel, I. Schaepe, R. Huenink, R. Cramer, Dan Wagner, Coach Severson. BACK ROW- W. Meints, S. Haight, D. Gushard, M. Remmers, R. Maas, G. Gana. The varsity wrestlers had a successful 1976-1977 season with nine straight wins and a ninth place rating in the state, however, injuries caused the loss of the last three duals. The season highlight was the victory at the Auburn Invitational. During the year, 27 participants wrestled on the varsity team. Lead- ing individuals were David Allen, Russ Fosler, Rocky Maas, and Mike Remmers winning five medals each. Seniors Mike Remmers and Rocky Maas went to state competition. 35 , .. . ...... to iii. .x..L. ,L.L m...L . IL. . . .. -1L. Q L Y ,, i ,I 'iv M ,Ma--1 f if A varsity wrestler from the Titan squad goes for a sure pin using the difficult "grapevine hold" on his opponent. 2-...Mn Senior heavyweight Mike Remmers pins his man. Mike also wrestled in the state tournament and placed second in his category in the Nebraska AAU Tournament at Wesleyan in post-season competition. Iunior Curt Tiedeman dives in quickly to gain a takedown in a match against an opponent from the Ashland squad. Varsity wrestler David Allen listens carefully as coaches Brown and Severson discuss strategy for his match. Reserve wrestler Mark Madison shakes hands with his opponent preparatory to starting his match. 1976-1977 reserve wrestlers: FRONT ROW- S. Quinlan, G. Henry, M. Madison, B. Schmidt, Russ Schoneweis. SECOND ROW- Y. Van Do, D. Doeschot, T. Haight, C. Schell, F. Madison, T. Harlan, Coach Brown. THIRD ROW- 1. B. Church, R. Mikkelson, T. Zimmerman, T. Shoemaker, G. Meyer, G. Gere. BACK ROW- D. Nolan, D. Simmons, C. Pankoke, G. Mulder, T. Bowman, D. Wollenburg, S. Ianousek. Reserve Gra ppl ers End Year Strongly A 4 One of the greatest assets for the reserves this year was the large number of team members. Said Coach Brown "We were stronger in all of the different weight classes than any of the other teams we met, and the size of our team kept individuals interested and motivat- ed them to push themselves in practice. Many of the reserve wrestlers are more than ready for varsity competition next year." The team took the Fairbury Invita- tional and had several medal winners and two champions at the Adams and Ashland Tournaments. H1976-77 T iten B.B. Team BestEve1"' Varsity basketball players: FRONT ROW- T. Elzey, S. Cooper, G. Rettele, E. Moormeier, M. Schaepe. SECOND ROW- Coach Schmutte, D. Lueders, R. Vandergriend, S. Greg Rettele makesa difficult shot overa Fairbury Rolfsmeyer, D. Docter, B. DeVries, student managers E. Wilhelm and L. Reimer. BACK player in the final game of districts. ROW- S. Hietbrink, R. Kramer. jumping between two Fairbury players, Steve Hietbrink concentrates on making his free Ross Vandergriend scores for Norris. throw while the ref reports to the crowd. Reserve basketball players: FRONT ROW- S. Hartman, M. TenHulzen, D. Stueck, Coach Pool, T. Shea, T. Elzey, , M. Mitchell. BACK ROW- M. Schaepe, B. DeVries, M. Ferrill, T. Wicken, D. Harper, D. Docter, E. Shipe, B, lzee Xllll A 'X at gg . Bechtel, L. Berks. Starter Tim Elzey puts two more points on the board with his successful jump shot. , . 1 Mark Schaepe moves on down the court to set up the next play. The varsity boys basketball team ended an extremely successful season with a 17 win lmost wins everl, 6 loss record. Norris came out on top in the Capitol Conference Tournament, winning in the finals over Gretna. Basketball pulled to the surface real Norris pride and spirit. The team had the student body, teachers, and fans backing them all the way to district finals where they led until the final 4 minutes, losing to Fair- bury 52-43. Even after this disap- pointing loss Norris found them- selves rated 9th in the state. First team conference honors were bestowed upon Steve Cooper. Receiving honorable mention were David Lueders and Ross Vander- griend. Cooper also merited All- State Honorable Mention. The reserve team also had a winning season with an 8-7 record. High scorer for the year was Mark Schaepe while David Doctor ranked as high rebounder. Ninth Grade Conference Champs Placing first in the NCC Tour- nament high-lighted the year for a victorious 9th grade basketball team. The squad beat Waverly in the first round of tourney action going on to win over Elkhorn and also over Wahoo in the final game. The team wound up the season with a 12-2 record, having lost only to Class A Beatrice and to Waverly, both in overtime. High scorer was a promis- ing player, Kent Oltman. Leading the defense was a valuable player, Craig Prange, who captured honors as high rebounder. X ,- Russell Robertson fakes out his opponent to secure an open path down the court. Lenny Hoover ignites team morale by com- pleting his shot to bring Norris ahead. Freshman basketball team: FRONT ROW- Student manager R. VerMaas, E. Balderson, L. Hoover, Craig Prange, G. Hromas, K. Oltman, Coach lacobsen. BACK ROW- A. Paul, R. Rademaker, M. Meindl, G. McCown, David Wagner, K. Schlake, T. Rettele, I. Alley, M. Lowrey, I. Prange, P. Iacobsen, Ron Hartwig, l. DeVries. its - -,Q Jw xt r " ' uf - -,Wi'.,,., - t ,. is -- - . ',.,.1.t-... . 1 ' ' 1 33 as ii i it it Ed Balderson shows good form as he strides over a hurdle in the 80-yard highs. Track Teams Show United Effort an fum. J J.. sf. r......f.w.iu5usbt:n.etsMi.miih Ioe Schaepe puts the shot during competition at a York track meet. Ioe is one of the many seniors who contributed his talents to the team throughout the year. Practice after practice led the girls to success when they made an all-time first by placing first in their conference at Elkhorn. Districts proved to be more of a challenge for the girls, who came in second at that competition. Six girls qualified for the state meet at North Platte where they ran the following events: 100-yard dash, 220 dash, 440 dash, 880 run, mile run, 880 relay, and the mile relay. The results were: Althea DeVries 1st 880 lstate record in Class Bl, 3rd mile relay: Kim Drake 2nd 440, 3rd 220, 3rd mile relay: Candice Moats Sth mile run, 3rd mile relayg Kelli Livengood 3rd mile relay. The girls track team was the first team from Norris to ever win a state meet. The boy's track team worked hard this year to achieve many goals, with high scorers at every meet. To end a good season, they placed 4th at the Capitol Conference meet. They went on to Districts to capture 5th place. The Titans took three members to Omaha Burke for state competition: Todd Hornung, Dan Gushard and Gary Huenink. Dan Gushard won the shot for the second time in two years. Girls Capture State Championship Kelli Livengood completes the 440-yard dash and comes in first in her heat. , W' . . - L gm if' M .air .Q FAA Senior track member Ianet Graves does stretching exercises to loosen her muscles for the up-coming relay in which she will participate. .2 K S ... .if . - -K .N . gg'+.+wf?frZ2?ff-3 K Sfgsvg-' - 1 ,. 211. - --ig "' .:'::SM,.s Legy,,1gf..f.e.,:f11Nf'f , 4 , . -.3 9, ,- gm.-,su l i f , .,.i53gefgga,4, t . Q- . V :fig:,ii.f1F- . -6351 X , we ' if "" +Kl5"f9 "'f- '- - if-gr 42 At the conference track meet, sophomore Marie Schaepe endeavors to exceed her previous marks in the long jump. tv: ' . in 1 ,L I A . g in M - f . -- ..L. WW,-,,.Q-Qs' .g'..i-,Q f 1 5 , 3393 is in- Q , A shift 'ls' ,t . .W 'V NM f .. ..,.. e 4-,fi ..:. ,,,Q..,,,-'QTW' H. , .. 1. ,.... M., bf ,gr A . --,. yi ,+V ' K . n .W . .C g. hhhh gf n 5 A A fi ..'. Q .:- ll Cindy Kunz gets off to a good start by clearing easily the first hurdle in the 80-yard hurdle event. Track members who traveled to state: FRONT ROW- K. Drake, P. Matthes, K. Livengood. BACK ROW- A. DeVries, C. Moats, Shirley Schwaninger, student manager D. Gates. The girls placed first in Class B, a first for Norris. Varsity girls' track members: FRONT ROW- Ianet Graves, K. Krieger, K. Drake, K. DeBoer, Shirley Schwaninger, student manager D. Gates. SECOND ROW- Cindy cchell, P. Printz, K. Livengood, P. Matthes, A. DeVries, C. Kunz, Coach Wayne, Coach Etmund. BACK ROW- C. Conway, M. Hollar, M. Schaebe, B. Wissink, C. Merry, C. Moats, C. Shea, D. Biggs, L. Stoddard, S. Liesveld. NOT PICTURED- R. Docter. Mark Schaepe shows great strength as he plants his feet in the sand Todd Hornung, running the mile and two mile at the district track meet, after a successful jump into the pit. finished second in both and qualified for state. Boys' Track Sends Three T 0 State Tim Conway shows tremendous energy while if running the two mile at Syracuse. it 5 rl State qualifier Gary Huenink runs the 180 low hurdles at the district track meet. He qualified after running the finals where he came in third in his heat. Mi N E if . N ' .. gk, S ITAW5 , 1 t iii B ,G E xt-vi-K qi 'K im 'ie ' 5- s Q K in f sl RX sr Q i gig ' L -z 4 r ., if . tt O . . fy-'9 N -. - .' , ie v yzij' - ,KL 1 . f-:k in ' - ' K 'i " Team member Steve Cooper works hard as he goes over the 330 low hurdles striving for the finish line. ..--rfi. Dan Gushard, state qualifier in both shot and discus shows great form as he puts the shot. Dan took first in Class B at the State track meet. L A-. Varsity boys' track members: FRONT ROW- T. Conway, S. Cooper, T. Larry Benes, Coach McCord. BACK ROW- M. Schaepe, T. Bowman, M. Hornung, Leo Benes, I. Schaepe. SECOND ROW- Student manager, C. Paulsen, C. Schell, E. Balderson, M. Capps, B. Livengood, R. VerMaas, Vlasnek, E. Wilhelm, K. Conway, D. Gushard, G. Huenink, G. Drake, Coach Hegler. Team members: FRONT ROW- D. Remmers, Ron Hartwig, D. Stueck, I. Boyer. BACK ROW- Coach Breed, C. Grass, T. Wicken, R. Kramer, B. DeVries, T. Elzey, R. Egger. NOT PICTURED- Rick Hartwig, Dave Lueders, Dan Wagner. Golfers Display Individual Talents The Norris golfers accomplished a first in team history by turning in an all-time low score of 160 in defeating Nebraska City in a dual. Highlighting the season were honors garnered at the Ashland Invitational which included a second place team trophy and a first place medal for sophomore Tim Elzey. Varsity lettermen included seniors Rick Hartwig, Dave Lueders and Dan Wagner. Underclass team members Tim Elzey, Branch DeVries and Rodney Egger also received golf letters. Iunior Charles Grass, a member of the reserve team, contemplates his selection of clubs and chooses the most suitable iron for an upcoming shot. fs' 1 ., q 'F D LF F144 -Q, ,Q HNijWQ4 X 1 I LJ . . 1. 1 ,x,, f' ,, ?,53'a7I""+ H 'l i"?"" 2 Q1 "'?"gQ-1:4klgggf,:l.:'F:r?p-. . I xv -fe-7,iQ' . , r,qx,j,. ,Q-,, dfffsf? l..i ,N - f 1 'T .. ff'-251,51 'f I. lips- 159- ' f '42 ' M-ffvf -..7 I gl I Get B With A Little Help Frem My Friends Friendship warms the heart. A friend gi ves wa rm th understanding time 10 ve himself A friend stands up to my anger my selhshness my shortcomings A friend walks with me works with me cries with me laughs with me A friend will step in, even if the Whole world steps out! Seniors Unite T 0 Win Spirit Prize Senior year is a time for making those memories that will never be forgotten. It is a year when friendships grow deeper, because they know that this may indeed be the last time. Enthusiastic seniors won the spirit trophy for the second time in their high school careers. Many class members contributed to the success of the winning theme, "Titans Co For Big Game." Exciting, memorable times included homecoming, district basketball tour- neys, bike races, prom and, ultimately, graduation. Although the 84 members of the senior class will each go their separate ways in life there will always be a common link that will bind them, "the graduating class of 1977." Leo Benes Carey Boesiger Kim Borowiak Kris Borowiak Kevin Buis Deanna Bulin Corrie Butler Scott Chenoweth Tim Conway Steve Cooper Patty Crabtree six. 'Wide 4? fu 'YC' axyiw...-,W, Randy Cramer Kristie Crawford Karen DeBoer Scott Denison Lynn Dixon Bruce Docter Kim Drake Donna Eggert Ioan Essink Sara Faulder Cindy Forsgren Iudy Cana .P 'f' Senior class officers were elected at beginning of 1976-77 FRONT ROW Secretary Sara Faulder. SECOND ROW- President Carey Boesiger BACK ROW- Treasurer Scott Haight, Vice-president Mike Remmers Harder At Work T hen Ever Before I , " 1. 1' - Q 1 "A all 4 Q , Q as 4 h n be u 4 1 Q a 1 A no n 5 on 1- , 4 to : ., . N , , u H . an uv , N, ,a N n af 39 General art classes consist of wood carving as well as drawing and painting. Dan Paulsen concentrates on creating a "masterpiece" Cindy Watson works at stripping and varnishing a chair as a credited project in home furnishings class. s ' df p r A r ,, . fu 'if - . -- .Q -F'-.' , , 1, .L vi In ,.. 'pf Ni X I Kris Jetton learns the importance of correct makeup Many seniors served as teachers' assistants during their study hall periods application in play production class. Karen DeBoer calculates grades for one of Mrs. Meyer's classes. 'FK N -nissan 1 em on es Lmger Denise Gates Blaine Gillett Nevada Graff Ianet Graves Scott Haight Kelly Harrison Dave Hartman Rick Hartwig Ianelle Hietbrink Steve Hietbrink Todd Hornung Ardie Huenink Randy Huenink Mike Humann Linda lacobsen Kris Ietton Rick Iohnson Cindy Kechely Randy Keller Karen Krieger Dean Lesoing David Lueders Rocky Maas Ianice Madden 1 M 56:1-W 5 . '3 ..! E ,. ,. ,.,-1 l - . 11' KRW'-A U ::fJ!ff3f ' ' ' '- :T ', pr: -- , ' 2255 :::.2:5fif" 5 gs, ' ' 1, H Fez. "1 7511--Q N' 5 lm Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot help but bring it to themselves. ll ' I ' I 37 Lookmg F01' Afternoon Dehght Yvette Martin Lucy Matejka Rick Meints Wayne Meints Diane Mischnick Eldean Moormeier Peggy Mulder Martha Niemeyer Chari Oelling Cindy Olson Kathy Oltman Dan Paulsen Ioyce Price Iodi Reimer Mike Remmers Rick Rohrs Steve Rolfsmeyer Denise Russell Tami Sanford Ioe Schaepe Shirley Schwaninger Kim Shea K 1 X ,Q 1 +0 ,.' 2 , I - .an NX-Nur, I' , X. Z A f X'5?XfitsT51'?X L L' - fk- 1 . .... ' K .Q K K ,T-12 .ff 0 R OWN Weeping may endure for a nightg But joy Cometh in the morning. Psalms 30I15 .5 5 X' -'R s M, 1 f ee X' as I lane Spidell Mike Stoddard Donna Tiedeman Iody Tiedeman Marcia Topp Patty Trouba Tom Vanderbeek The End Is Only Another Be inning 4' A-4 Yet s ddnn 1 t, F X 2 - ,., time-isa. .,,V,, ., Senior interested in business orientated careers often take Office Practice class. Ioyce Price perfects her skill at the electric typewriter during the three-hour long class. Q,,,.f-f 'WEA Q, gm Beginning Ceramics class was a new addition to the art department at Norris this year. Scott Denison works at shaping a clay pitcher on the pottery wheel. no - Y J- Terri Weeks Doug Wieskamp Susan Zimmerman NOT PICTURED: Larry Lucas Dan Wagner Denise Wagner Kyla Walvoord Cindy Watson Isl-,. "Titans Go For Big Game," was the winning theme for seniors on Spirit Day. Posing as a gorilla in the jungle, Kevin Buis bribes big game hunters, Scott Haight and Blaine Gillett with a banana. Spirit Is What Makes Us Greatg We Are The Class Of 1978!!! Being a junior is a very eventful experience. Always to be held and cherished are the varied memories of this special time of a student's life. Important events include receiving class rings and hoping to win the spirit trophy. The juniors fell a mere 17 points short of winning this year. Working in the concession stand was always something to look forward to: even though it meant freezing and walking through crowds yelling, "popcorn, fresh, hot popcorn," all night long. jr.-sr. prom and banquet were the main reasons for working so hard. The juniors were responsible for all finances dealing with these memorable events and this year the class got off to an early start. junior class officers: President Cindy Meints, Vice-president Rod VanSchooten, Secretary Kathi Huenink, Treasurer Becky Pratt. Chris TeKolste and Loree Cook get together to show off one of the most "in" fashions of the year, jumpsuits, which they made themselves. Helping the cheerleaders decorate for Homecoming, Bev Cooper demonstrates her artistic ability for costume design. "Y ,A avi ff'- eve s. , Q 5 ' z eei ie or Q4 Q ' .4 fitfzif 11' Roxie Aden Sarah Albrecht Beth Balderson Lori Barber Vicki Barnhill Ian Becker Ioni Boell Cindy Buss Alice Church Loree Cook Bev Cooper David Cooper Althea DeVries Denis Dixon A ju11i0r's Life Is Full Of Surprises David Docter Deb Docter Kevin Doeschot Tammy Eley Clowning around, Bambie Kolder is caught by surprise wearing Doug Harper's cowboy hat. Lori Lueders, Pam Matthes, Linda Lowery and Ierry Kelly give avid concentration to their Best Seller's book, "The Great Train Robbery." Patsy Flynn Dennis Forsgren Russ Fosler Gene Gana Charles Grass Ieff Gray Bonnie Griffin Dan Gushard Brenda Hanau Doug Harper Tim I-larrah Becky Hartman Steve Hartman Bob Hertzel Cindy Hestermanr Patti Holden Gary Huenink Kathi Huenink Bill Iacobsen Varied Activities Occup The Year Lori Ietton Dan johnson Mark Kapke Kurt Kechely Blayde Keel Cindy Buss, student assistant for science teacher Mr. Weber, calculates and records final quarter grades in his grade book. Lori Ietton and Tammy Eley waitin the guidance office to discuss the results of their Between classes Glen Thummel stops to pose for the camera in his own different way. - 3 N .Q -sg Q - K, , xiii ..s " 'X L ti.i ffl K - E L - . 'IW-Q X- "l'f .-L iss? -' -- 1 s-.Y in .4 . I'- . Qgigg ff' X K K :sss tz,,3, mx o . . M. J' K x K- fi u.ii ' L? Ah-I 04" ffl? 1!'ll2 'C'-.3'7 its ff" apptitude tests with Mrs. Kettlehut. , hr A t S f.A T7 17' 1 is f-Jr' ti! 'UK 'S . I Ierry Kelly Bambie Kolder Cindi Kunz Kristi Lamm Scott Lemon Kelli Livengood Rick Long Linda Lowrey Lori Lueders Andy Marshall Pam Matthes Rick McCloskey Individuelity-Part Of Being A junior Cindy Meints Annette Menard Ray Mikkelson Del Moormeier Steve Mulder Denise Nosal Mary O'Brien Bob Oelschlager David Owens Gigi Paul Ardell Paulsen Becky Pratt After a long hard day of marching, Iulie TenHulzen takes time on the Allison Tempero, copy editor for the annual staff, gets off to an early way home from a band contest to relax andrecuperate. start on her layout for the wrestling section. Larry Vandergriend, Doc in the play "The Death and Life of Sneaky Fitch," listens to the conversa- tion at hand. dim' fl A 9 , f 'la . 9 '53 fi z N. ' ik .M , ' af ff 5,-.I fn! -15 0 34+ X A 'K ' ' N Ev k.,. ff abut' 1 uk if R? X :Q XX Q Pam Printz Tam Printz Robin Pumel Gayle Reed Tammie Reichwalclt Greg Rettele Carol Rice Kelly Rodarmel Cindy Schell Laura Schenkel Patti Schwaninger Randy Steeves Chris TeK0lste Dwight TeKolste Allison Tempero Iulie TenHulzen Keith TenHulzen Sharon TeSelle Darcie Thavanet Glen Thummel Curt Tiedeman Randy Trauernicht Av!" mai juniors T odayg Seniors Tomorrow Larry Vandergriend Nancy Vandergriend Dung Van Do Rod VanSchooten Gail VerMaas Lee Wunderlich NOT PICTURED: Dan Evasco Ernie Shipe Steve Hartman employs someone elses math paper to check the accuracy of his own answers. Sephs Have Style All Their Own Sophomore class officers: FRONT ROW- President leff Boyer, Treasurer Mike Mitchell. BACK ROW- Secretary Monica Cramer, Vice-president Chris Kechely. When you become a sophomore, you learn to acccept greater responsibilitiesg with these come many more difficult classes, new and challenging teachers and a more serious look at future years. Sophomores have earned more starting positions in many sports this year than in other years. The Spirit Day theme, "We're Barn- stormin' For A Victory," received third place during Homecoming festivities. This gave the sophomores the incentive to do better next year. 'digg J. Z. In Cori Merry, a sophomore at Norris High School, demonstrates her athletic ability in her last year of required physical education. The fifth period class practices its basketball skills in the background. Sophs T hjnk About Coming Years Michelle Abele David Allen Charlie Arnot Roxey Babcock Brenda Baumfalk 'B Bryan Bechtel H Lee Berks 5 Ionae Gillett discusses the contents of a Norris volleyball roster with Laurie Boesiger while attending a home match. Denisa Biggs Gay Boesiger Laurie Boesiger Chris Bouma Kent Bouma Ieff Boyer Kim Buchholz Rod Bulin X K '1 Wrestler Lee Snyder demonstrates the proper technique of doing "the claw" as portrayed in the artwork of junior Tim Harrah. f "6-vm IUX Corinna Burt Connie Buss Mark Capps Kevin Conway Monica Cramer Branch DeVries Clark DeVries Arvin Doeschot Beth Doeschot Doug Doeschot Clinton Doolittle Greg Drake Kris Eggers Mary Ely We 're Bamstormjn ' F or A Victory Tim Elzey Scott Enyeart Steve Essink Mitchell Ferrill Katie Flynn Iirn Fuhrman Mike Gana Ionae Gillett Greig Glover Diane Goodman Iulie Gray Todd Haight Todd Harlan Tracy Harrison Kirk Helmink Mary lean Helmink Glen Henry Teresa Hertzel Sheri Hier Sandy Holloman Lori Hornung Diane Iburg Steve Ianousek lim Iones f 10 mfwgawi if " 1.12-545:13 1,2219 x If no a yy ,ry 5 ,,.. , IWW ,.f I 5,5 ,ef are V., i fi 19' no If 'J' ' ,M A , Q - 1 ..,.,. Jw 11,974 A2 is B' S f fr Wg , if at 2 'te 0 L Tracy Harrison looks on as varsity cheerleader Chris Kechely gets energy 1 from a snack in preparation for a big homecoming pep rally. 5 Q, - MJ. v -Q ii Xa 'Wu Chris Kechely Rodney Kramer Teresa Lewis leff Lowrey Linda Maas Fred Madison lohn Marshall Lori McIntosh ,. Y' age f, V - - l .LY :Q r xt' as Sie c. L +1 ' il ,, if V - KI ., K nr .. -1 .Ny .4 . K, ,J . 3.x .,,,a...,,.SJi-1' ,AES 1 s y Q l P. x. x xg in 'W figilli Q - ug. aw' " .N f ig as 'wr Gail Meier Renae Menard Cori Merry Mike Mitchell Scott Moormeier Guy Mulder Kelli Meyers David Nolan See Me And nderstand Me Rhonda Null Ed O'Brien Curt Pankoke Mike Paulsen lanis Pfeiffer Iackie Prange Ianet Price Lonnie Reimer Gary Riffle Diane Saathoff Marie Schaepe Mark Schaepe Brian Schmidt Russell Schoneweis Allen Schriber Shelley Schwaninger Y Reserve football players Steve Essink and Ross Vandergriend relax in the gym, psyching up before a game that night with Gretna. ,af t ,ft .f f-vm, Tom Shea Ieanne Sherman Wendy Shultis David Simmons Lee Snyder Becky Spidell Dave Stueck Kandi Swain S? A ' ' it . rg ,- .Y Q iif Mark Ten Hulzen S it SUS Tiedeman i iiii iiiii Y QE ,V Russell Topp Patti Vanderbeek Steve Ianousek and Doug Doeschot listen attentively as Glen Henry tells a joke, while Todd Haight studies in the background. Improvement Comes With Practice Ross Vandergriend Greg Vlasnik DeAnn Wagner Keri Walvoord Kendall Weber Todd Wicken Kim Wieskamp Chris Wieting Ramona Wiles Eric Wilhelm Becky Wissink Pam Wissink Kim Wolfe Sylvia Yznaga Terry Zimmerman Sue Zweerink NOT PICTURED: Elizabeth Quinlan Q Ieff Wolfe fffffm "They're off and running!" The fifth period P.E. class warms up by running a touchdown drill before participating in regular activities. -shit Connie Walton, with the rest of her English class Doug Wollenburg, Tim Rettele, Iohn Alley, and Norman Pfeiffer burst out the door, eager to leave their 7th period class to go home, tm ,namely Lf, Mrs. Henry. ' ' F1135 h m 3 11 F0113 V911 'TIT ilfk 121,15 . , ami Now in high school privileges availg pep rallies galore and dances by the score. The year one will cherish for- ever-the goofing off, the talking in class and notes from friends that bypass all else. Do not forget the fun, laughing, crying and hoping that the freshmen, for the very first time, will win the Spirit Trophy with their theme, "We're Fuedin' For A Victory." Remember the good things, the sunshine days, when everything went just right. Special, successful, and promising, the freshman dance theme 'mf' from a Langston Hughs poem, "Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is but a broken winged bird that cannot fly," pointed to the future. ers Freshman class officers: FRONT ROW- Secretary Sheryl Parde, President Ieralyn Graves. BACK ROW- Vice-president Tim Rettele, Treasurer Craig Prange. Ideas Suzanne Abele Iohn Alley Tracy Archer Ed Balderson Kelly Barnhill Dion Becker Ed Benes Arlene Berks Darlene Berks Bob Best Troy Block Shirley Boesiger Todd Bowman Duane Buhr I. B. Church Cathy Conway Ieff DeVries Charlene Docter De1i1't Work Tnless We Do Ienny Menard and Kelly Barnhill look on as a classmate finishes the assignment. Karla Hartman and Kevin McNeese help with spirit day as they decorate a trash can for their hall. gi, t 9 Rhonda Docter Deaun Dorssom Kristi Egger Lesa Eley Dennis Essink Dorothy Foster Suzi Gana .- Q ffl ii. ,E t ii After finishing their homework assignments freshman students, always socialize, take a break before the bell rings. vi Mike Gates Gerald Geer Mitchell Gembala Shari Goering Ieralyn Graves Carol Harrah Stephanie Harrison Karla Hartman I I F' x 'V I. 'lah r!, 'T ready to Lori Hartwig Ron Hartwig Meschelle Havlat Rollin Harper Christy Helmink Vicky Hestermann Gary Hromas Marti Hollar Lennie Hoover Terry Huenink Mike Iburg Paul Iacobsen Iulie Iohns Scott Kapke Freshmen hold in memory the few minutes of free time, with no worries of a test or quiz, as their teacher gets a film ready for the days class. Lesa Eley thinks the best part of a school day is the going home. Years Dale Kisling Carla Krueger Iudy Kuster Lisa Lemon Shelley Liesvelc Bill Livengood Marty Lowery Dana Madison X., ..,,. Mike Meindl jenny Menard Chan Merry Lee Messenger Gary Meyer Darrell Mikkleson Candy Moats Ieanne Moser Chris Nolan Kenten Oelling Kent Oltman Debbie Owens Todd Papke Sheryl Parde Aaron Paul Norman Pfeiffer Warm Thoughts Scott Pianalto Craig Prange Ierry Prange Sean Quinlan Randy Rademaker Kathy Reichwaldt Doug Remmers Tim Rettle Russell Robertson Diane Russell PTR' if tisi " i k'iL as 5 sss ' as 1-2111215 : f g s , tsys i ...r Kraft. vt' 7' 'M Enjoying the benefits of participating in the senior high band, these freshman pep band members exhibit their talent at a pep rally for the Nebraska City basketball game. Clinton Schell Kevin Schlake Darryl Schmale Darrell Schmidt Harlan Schmidt Iackie Seerley Cindy Shea Tim Shoemaker Troy Snook Tony Snow Ralph Snyder Kenny Spidell Lisa Steeves Lori Stoddard Ianie TeSelle Cathy Ullman We 're F uedjn' For A Victory Randy VerMaas Zlgd ddil D g - uzrql David Wagner 1 Doug Wollenburg K Iulie Wood Sheri Yonkey NOT PICTURED: David Eggert Kipp Haight Kathy Iacobsen Carleen Kinney Larry Maler Stan McLeod Kenten Oelling dresses up as a fuedin' farmer with a whiskey iug and a few teeth missing as part of spirit day. D Q -"'v Q Darlene Berks shows her enthusiasm as she works for an 8th grade victory. M qw mx M M A + ,,a Fm" N Y 1 13.11-: H. . . 4... ' I' u ,, if I V' F'- , v ' 1 'si V It VG' ' mf, -,.' 1-. ' 4 bw K- x 1,14 '1 W A l ,f.,.. L, -V ' -. ' .X V L I .f. V'.m,,,..,7ymHw ww....Jwh- 'r,"fhh'uvm,,.N'-Tea .mls f. ,.,,,,Ur. ,M 1. v , ,- 0 vw ! 163' ,.-qw w"'?1U . HQ .Q A H lx A Q . 1 E4tq fU' M ,w J , w , Q'f ww 1 --- K B, .' I ,FW .1 , ,r,,:'.1 A , Nh 1 1 A w W "mn" A , w -w . 1 Q ' H . V , " , .J N I . 1. ,+ Y I -fi v ' V'-."FF"-',q"fuv,-m.v-QL 'NWN'-"'1,, Honor Students Az'i1i1 Reee njtien The Honor Society tapped 17 members during the year. They were selected by the Norris teaching staff on the basis of character, leadership, scholarship and service. Entertainment at the convocations was provided by the East High swing choir and the group "Still Believin'." In an effort to raise money the members sold ice cream after school. Other activities included a supper at Lee's for all members and a brownie bash for the seniors and faculty at the end of the year. XWMM . 4 V Honor Society members: FRONT ROW- C. Rice, K. Livengood, N. Vandergriend, T. Reichwaldt, B. Cooper, B. Pratt, K. Krieger. SECOND ROW- B. Balderson, B. Kolder, Ioyce Price, M. Niemeyer, Rick Hartwig, T. Conway, Kyla Walvoord. THIRD ROW- R. VanSchooten, D. Lesoing, K. Drake, janet Graves, D. Nosal, C. Meints, Denise Russell. BACK ROW- Cindy Buss, K. Huenink, G. Rettele, C. Boesiger, R. Cramer, M. Remmers. Dean Lesoing helps Cindy Meints with the Honor Society ribbon. President Karen Krieger smiles as she taps the much surprised but happy Becky Pratt. All conference football members, Dave Hartman, Rocky Maas, Dave Lueders and Steve Rolfsmeyer receive their certificates from Coach Kasparek at the athletic banquet. Norris "N" Club members were I Q kept busy this year with several money making projects, such as selling activity calenders and cheese. These projects proved successful by bringing the club out of debt, even though they had to buy many new letters and awards during the sports seasons. The group completed the year by sponsoring the athletic banquet. There were approximately 38 new athletes who became eligible for "N" Club membership. I., Athletes Take Pride In " " Club "N" Club members: FRONT ROW- E. Benes, B. Kolder, G. VerMaas, C. Merry, Leo Benes, R, Huenink, K. Buis, W. Meints, R. Maas, B. Docter, S Denison, T. Vanderbeek, Sponsor R. Severson. SECOND ROW- B. Balderston, P. Printz, A. DeVries, Cindy Schell, T. Hornung, S. Cooper, Dan Wagner, I. Schaepe, D. Gushard, D. Doeschot, R. Vandergriend, M. Schaepe, T. Elzey, D. Lueders. THIRD ROW- L. Lueders, P. Matthes, L. Lowery, T. Reichwaldt, Cindy Kechely, Chris Kechely, C. Hestermann, K. Krieger, Ianet Graves, K. Drake, K. DeBoer, ' N - . .. 'fvT'i-i1?'- 'xsses 1 ..s.., K. Ietton, S. Hietbrink, T. Conway. FOURTH ROW- B. Cooper, K. Livengood, T. Printz, S. Albrecht, C. Kunz, L. Ietton, S. Hartman, A. Schrieber, M. Remmers, D. Lesoing, R. Steeves, C. Tiedeman, L. Wunderlich, R. Keller. BACK ROW- R. VanSchooten, L. Vandergriend, R. Mikkleson, G. Rettele, S. Mulder, R. Long, I. Boyer, D. Remmers, K. Conway, S. Haight, R. Cramer, R. Iohnson, B. Iacobsen, E. Moormeier. There were also many members who were not available when this picture was taken. Included The band kept a consistent record by receiving excellent ratings in 4 of the 5 marching contests they competed in. Among the many contests were the Grand Island Harvest of Harmony Parade and field competition and the Pershing marching contest. The pre-contest concert was the testing grounds for District contest. The Spring Ensemble and Solo Recital were also helpful during preparation. District Contest at Wesleyan highlighted the year for the Norris band. The band received the best rating of any band competing with 10 superiors Ill and 2 excellents IIII. Susan Zimmerman received top honors by being chosen for the Nebraska All-State Band and the Hastings Honor Band Ieralyn Graves, Scott Pian if S S Chosen this year as drum majorettes were senior Ianet Graves and junior Sarah Albrecht. In The Sound O Norris i a High School stage band members: FRONT ROW- G. Thummel, L. Vandergriend, S. Faulder, C. Boesiger, S. Zimmerman, K. Crawford, M. Abele. SECOND ROW- B. Bechtel, D. Simmons, M. Helmink, S. Liesveld, C. Merry, S. Parde, Craig Prange. BACK ROW- I. Fuhrman, S. Mulder, alto. At the Pops concert Susan Zimmeman receives her letter for band from Director jeff Klintberg. The spirited Norris fans were aided by the band at the District basketball tournament. v 2' PGP Receiving a superior Ill at District Contest were the Clarinet Quartet members Lori Hornung, Chari Oelling, Kathi Huenink, and Kyla Walvoord. Band On The Run Brass Ensemble: FRONT ROW- I. Gillett, D. Harper, M. Helmink, K. Weber, Keri Walvoord, D. Simmons, C. Krueger. BACK ROW- I. Fuhrman, S. Hietbrink, I. Wood, S. Mulder, D. Nosal. NOT PICTURED-C. Pankoke. After a hard day of marching at Nebraska City in the Apple lack Festival drummer Randy Trauernicht takes it easy while waiting for the ratings. Baton Twirlers icki Barnhill, Patti Holden, Nancy : V Vandergriend. Drummers and basses at Harvest of Harmony show mixed emotions of dedication and determination. We Are The Makers O MUSIC Barbie Essink solos a carol at the Christmas program with the help of the concert choir. kk ri ff: C . V ..t, - 514' ' ,. Director Nancy Crabtree aids accompanist Iim Fuhrman with rhythm in a concert choir score. The Senior High Chorus entertained on many occasions. First semester concert choir members attended the Capital Conference Clinic held at Gretna. Three selected members, Carey Boesiger, Denise Russell and Iulie TenHulzen went to the State Music Clinic in November. Carey Boesiger and Denise Russell shared in the excitement of being Hastings Honor Choir electees. Both choirs also participated in district contest held in Wesleyan in April. The concert choir received a 1, the girls glee earned a 2. Entertaining at various concerts throughout the year were sextet members R Wiles P Vanderbeek, P. Flynn, C. Bouma, M. Helmink, P. Printz !P'4 Voices Blend To Bring Sunshine Mr. Nuss, the student instructor who came to teach the second semester accompanies students who sing along to "Brighten Up My Soul." W f . X.: i 4 Treble Choir members: FRONT ROW- I. Wood, S. Parde. SECOND ROW- Connie Buss, M. Cramer, B. Kolder, C. TeKolste. BACK ROW- I. Gillett, K. Egger, V. Hestermann, C. Hartman, M. Helmink. NOT PICTURED- L. Boesiger. CONCERT CHOIR 9 SOPRANO ALTO . . 4 . F - M 1 1. ' 1 1.4. - - ' , . ' . ft-fglg, , ,Z .11-izlgfif Q - -Sw -- W ' 1,1'P.ff1 '41'm4w-1' it ,A " V., Bulin Cor Butler. t11 , 9 , M . . A 1 . Ax 1 1 - C M- ,p .1 as , ,591-:V V4 . -"WW ,A v .- N ,,'A,,1' ,, .e11r,1, 7 19" .- 11 -M , ., '1 1 A1 'r i' .A , W A ' - '11,1- 4 'g 1 -. QV - '11" s1Xt,1 'A , fp " e1 Y 1. 1' .i,.3i,KQr 1 l YES.. ' 95 5 f' 'Qgnw p 4 9,5 5 5,,,,..f .. , 'Af' si - mf -. 'F "1?':' .W 1 ' 'Lvl' 1, ' . 1 if ' I 1 A ' ' ' ?:":4551' ' T 1 H511 1 n1 5' 40-iw " U. f-,ffm 1 1 ' A 155 1 ff if 11-':'L,z 1 . Q - . -A ' N98 if ' 'fu 1 1 V - ,, um'-'f- W -1: 2 ,311 'yu' ,Ifft . ii E E' 5 11yV'm 1 1 1'3" . 1 ,Q 1 ,ET Il iff L 'i" ii ' ' L+-'T W ' 1 ' 1 s . . H F11 1' . , A 1 -it :OI 1 T 1 1 , T 't r 1 , W 1 , gQ1t,.1,g1 12215 1.992535-Q A' , f- yy- ry., ' , A 5 .05-w'f,1tA ' ig , W-1 . , Z w e 2 ,g1 'vw ' -12. ' "N 5, 1: :gi nt " 1. 'if li . ' 1s 1 . fi' 5 1 . 1. R M ' Q 1 . : . ' 125551 19i1.WiW 'fl 'i ii' iii 1 ' -at in-L1 fix it sw 1 R X1 i . ' 1 4. it f 1 T 1 1 ,1f...,1y 1 2- ' 1 .1 J 1-s11,,,iix3fw..:a -if 2, 1:.- f' ,q. '1 - i isis +i::.m-E-pw 2 f M911 1 ,f-1.1 11 , ,, ,w'.i s -wifi. . if -- , ,z , 1 si, , .1 , ig -U y Q W' M11 1 ' 1' .wf xtmrea 1i,' .w 11i:t 1it:11+t,-:ya 15 Q ,. n i gh 1 -9 A ,1 1 1:11 Q . ,,fW,.+ - iw fw.14,.,x 41 ,, 1 1 f - 11 ,ip eww:-:W 4, w i.:.1vw- .49fn'11 0 -, - . 1 -1 1 -Mitt:iff-2,1g'1..":. ,L 1 gp 1 1 ,t . -we 'bww iii'111w:1w:g1 A fi i 1 . . aw . . ,1 1, 1 F Q p 56 31, v p H -' -ww. ., 1w,1'Q1: ?ifZ1,:f.':reygaixm, W . J ' f' . 'gi ,12 1 11. 11' I l151 Q ,3iQ35iL' ' wi, 1:'....w 'M '11' 1' : 'A ' I " ' wvi.-1" 3- wi. 1. ' .wa .H A ,X 2 5.11" RMK 'ft , '-95" 4'5" r'awfg',1-. 3 15' 1-,V . . K A "' in ' 1. ' wp. kv,-Q-J 5-S gb -A1A ef 'i.,.,,t.11.q1fv'f iAfM'ZEif ' i - gefz'eygX1sw ieliffi M . . 'C , . ' - 1. AH . 1 ' ' A N M '1' V1 1 .1 A x -. L L -,e1p:::??'1'fff-fw11f-ng? " . wr A .M . WOMEN'S CHOIR x 2' . H ' f , Q., . . fam. L Q., SQPRKANO i at-irc ll it . " -lomt-f A,V OG 4 . Bodsi SGP 2 . N . if ww- in Y it . K M .f.,: --,A 'ii fl as , s is at ia K n,,, . ww iy,aff.:3t'l-fl bra- R l, ,V X. :- A,.k, VL ise LL 3 Xw" .N 5 il 'A if "'A , 'A 'i A . Gflffm FIS- G UNH' artmarii ' A S' Ge T Havlar Q r Vai fi' '. ll - 'V 'W 3.5-:ful X2V'k .1 '4,, ,Q ,:i'.f5:QQ , W A ' lpmmz T it 3 .m2Paff1e.H01den it 'T RUSSQH. , 1 Schwanmgee t Matin ' ' l 5 Q , Viii eckyi . 'v ,Mulder ' ' f'-Nr'-fg,' ... I -.--g . .iY1..a.j5Q' , Aw -. 'W :W - H'??.SP1 G f . . -yizl if lex -Paxil 4 - . K R is 'A4 1 - ' R lofll it SC Swinger Wfllfe , , ,A . . .i.i ' . ' K' . .lDGAhn.WHe?gner 1 '-.' "' ,,,KA N A . , . I A ' h ' ft " .. a 0 tv 4. . V. A M K.. I ' W. Wendy Shums RHUIOHH WUGS Swing Choir: FRONT ROW- K. Spidell, D. Harper. SECOND ROW- Denise Russell, C. Oelling, R. Wiles, I. Kuster, C. Boesiger, S. Zimmerman, I. TenHulzen. THIRD ROW- S. Hartman, G. Thummel. FOURTH ROW- L. Vandergriend, K. DeBoer, K. Oltman. BACK ROW- T. Vanderbeek, S. Hietbrink. 'ywg K tw Ml' Barbershop Quartet members: Denise Russell, Carey Boesiger, janet Graves, Susan Zimmerman. A friend hears the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails. FHA - FFA, Both Are Going Strong The F.F.A. started out the school year by attending county and state fairs. Last fall, as their money making project, they successfully sold many boxes of fruit. Several F.F.A. members attended state convention and six members went to national convention in Kansas City. The chapter held their annual Parent-Member Banquet in April. Eldean Moormeier was selected as the Star Chapter Farmer and David Wagner was selected as Star Greenhand. It was another busy year for the Norris F.H.A. chapter: their many activities were directed toward improving the chapter as well as the individual members. Such projects as home tours, cake decorating demonstrations, and the organiza- tion's annual family night kept the members active. The Sweetheart Ball is a joint project between the F.F.A. and F.H.A. Royalty is selected on the basis of voting by each organiza- tion's members. The theme of this year's ball was "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life." Bill Iacobsen, an F.F.A. member, lends a hand to help decorate for the dance. F.H.A. members: FRONT ROW- Historian L. Hornung, District II officer P. Schwaninger, Vice-President janet Price, President L. Iacobsen, Treasurer Karla Hartman, C. johnson, K. Ianousek, V. Moore, C. Harrah, I. Williamson, S. Menard. BACK ROW- Advisor, B. Meyer, T. Eley, P. Crabtree, L. Cook, Keri Walvoord, S. Tiedeman, T. Kness, Advisor Iudeen Price. NOT PICTURED: K. Lamm, C. Meints, P. Mulder, I. Rollins. K .f The 1976-77 Sweetheart royalty: First Attendants Eldean Moormeier and Cindy Meints, Queen Loree Cook, King Dean Lesoing, Second Attendants Kris Lamm and Randy Huenink. 3 , F1 i lu V Qri-R fi . Sponsor Iudeen Price assists parents as they prepare for the family night picnic held in Hickman. A' .. 5 X Ns rf Q. F.F.A. Members: FRONT ROW- Officers D. Moormeier, M. Remmers, S. Haight, Dan Wagner, C. Tiedeman, D. Lesoing, E. Moormeier. SECOND ROW- H. Schmidt, M. Gembala, R. Rademaker, I. Prange, G Meyer, D.Kisling, K. Schlake, K, Crawford, K. Oltman. THIRD ROW- David Wagner, A. Doeschot, C. Doolittle, G. Boesiger, D. Essink, K. 'J Haight, D. Remmers, D. Doeschot, S. Chenoweth, N. Graff, S. Hier. BACK ROW- Sponsor G. Hall, D. Eggert, L. Snyder, S. Rolfsmeyer, R. Cramer, S. Denison, B. Iacobsen, R. Meints, T. Bowman. There were also 18 active school-age members that were not available at the time this picture was taken. As the result of the great interest shown in the theater by students, a drama club was formed. At the first meeting officers were chosen, and the goals of the club were determined by the members. It was also decided that any member who acquired 10 or more points would receive a letter of merit. Points could be obtained by being an officer, working on crews for the fall or spring plays, being in a play, helping with the publicity of a play, and coming to the drama club meetings. The speech contestants were also considered a part of the drama club and through their participation in the contests they gained points toward their letters. An awards night was held in May and all of the members who had earned enought points received their letters. To show Miss Thies their gratitude for all her help and hard work with the plays and speech contests, she was presented a gift of appreciation at the awards night party. Drama officers: FRONT ROW- Vice-president K. Crawford, Points Chairman M. Niemeyer. BACK ROW- Historian C. Rice, President A. Church, Secretary N. Vandergriend. Interested Drama Students Unite ! f gl JJ f , 1, - . ,ii . Drama letter recipient Glenn Thummel looks on as Miss Thies opens a gift presented to her at the awards night party. f is At the awards night party, held at Valentino's, Tammie Reichwaldt and Susie Abele discuss future plans for the Drama Club. ew Horizons Met By Norris Clubs The Future Nurses of America changed the name of their organization to the Norris Health Career Club. This was done to accomodate the members that weren't necessarily interested in becoming nurses but in other health careers. The major activity of the year was a field trip to Omaha where they visited a number of hospitals and learned of different health career opportunities. Creative Arts Club is a new organization in which aspiring writers can learn and experiment with prose and poetry. The members of the club submitted work for review, but also had the chance to review the works of others as well. A booklet containing the works that the group accepted was planned but never published. Members were also encouraged to publish their work commercially if they were interested. f-1. Creative Writing Club sponsor C. Warner distributes work done by various members for others to critique in preparation for the publication of a booklet. Norris Health Career Club members: FRONT ROW- T. Eley, C. Cindy Schell, D. Thavanet, K. Huenink, D. Gates, L. Lueders, C. Kunz, Tekolste, C. Forsgren, C. Olson, Kyla Walvoord, P. Matthes, L. Iacobsen, Denise Wagner, K. DeBoer, Sponsor B. Rakes, K. Harrison, lane! S. TeSelle, L. Lowery, K. Drake, B. Balderson, D. Bulin. BACK ROW- Graves, C. Oelling. it sf. - T 'ff ' Q fl 3 1 This year's FBLA schedule began with an open house for the state officers. This included a tour of the Norris Business Department. Profits from their traditional sale of candy bars sent members to Omaha for the State FBLA Convention. Meriting awards were: Roxie Aden, Typewriting Ig Kyla Walvoord, Business Math: Ioyce Price, Office Procedure. As a FBLA project the members invited the state officers to our school where they entertained them at lunch and throughout the day in the business department. FBLA Girls Attend Con vention The Norris FBLA members: FRONT ROW- President Denise Russell, Secretary Ioyce Price, Treasurer Kyla Walvoord, Vice-president Sara Faulder. BACK ROW- Cindy Kechely, Chris Kechely, M. Topp, Ianet Price, D. Saathoff, V. Barnhill, R. Aden, Sponsor F. Gee, I. Essink. NOT PICTURED- A. Menard, D. Biggs. FBLA President Denise Russell turns to answer a fellow member's question. HS Gets Marquee From Council Student council members: FRONT ROW- Treasurer B. Gillett, Secretary K. Krieger, I. Wood, President D. Lesoing, Connie Buss, Vice-president Rick Hartwig. BACK ROW- R. VanSchooten, B. Kolder, Ieralyn Graves, M. Helmink. The marquee is just one of the many benefits for the student body that the student council has added to Norris in the past few years. Members are kept active changing the letters every time something new comes up. The marquee is decorated with a titan head at the top in the school colors of red, white, and blue. Representatives attended the NASC Convention in November of 1976. They stayed at the Omaha Hilton and went to many meetings. The council held a traditional dance for the eighth graders at the beginning of the year to get things off to a good start. In April, the council planned for a carnival and a variety show to help fund the marquee. Students as well as faculty members participat- ed in the acts. It's Karen's week to change the marquee and she starts by putting up the wrestling schedule. is Carol Rice received a superior rating at District Speech Contest with her oral interpretation of prose. Alice Church and Laura Schenkel were two particpants in oral interpretation of drama. .-L Senior Kristie Crawford received a superior rating at Conference. Speech Contests Prove Rewarding Extensive preparation by the speech contestants and drama coach Brenda Thies brought rewarding results. After many hard hours of work and practice contestants received four superior ratings out of the seven events which were entered at the Capitol Conference speech contest. Outstanding results were bes- towed upon the speech members at the Class A District speech contest. Two superiors and four excellents were merited, students receiving the superiors then went on to state competition at Kearney State College. At the State Forensics contest a superior rating was received by Martha Niemeyer and an excellent by i 5 it is .wwmn-wmwwu ,A .K Q P' .M Carol Rice. - N..-. . ,..: A. k - " K' C . 'N -1 Yp- Speech contestants: FRONT ROW- Coach Thies, M. Niemeyer, C. Rice, A. Tempero. BACK ROW- G. Glover, K. Crawford, A. Church, L. Schenkel, D. Nosal. Cheerleaders Extend En th usiasm R k'Q5fiks,. Wrestling cheerleaders: I. Gray, D. Bulin, D. Mischnick, S. Gana, M. Cramer, I. Kuster. NOT PICTURED: Mascot D. Thavanet. The wrestling and varsity cheerleaders gather together for last minute plans and preparations before the pep rally begins. The wrestling and varsity cheer- leaders were busy promoting pep and spirit throughout the year. The varsity cheerleaders experienced their first year without the support of the pep club behind them. The spirit was maintained from week to week as various grades took turns decorating the school. The wrestling cheerleaders had the active help of the Wrestling Boosters Club. Varsity cheerleaders: FROM TOP- B. Kolder, P. Schwaninger, K. Huenink, I. TenHulzen. NOT PICTURED: Chris Kechely. French Connection Experiences Cultures Studying other cultures and attempting to understand them was the goal of the Norris French Connection this year. Their many activities included a trip to Omaha in the fall and meetings throughout the year. Each monthly meeting focused on a different aspect of culture. Moneymaking projects including bake sales and babysitting helped the club earn money for their annual campout, this year at Crystal Springs. Bake sales held during the year helped raise money for a campout at Crystal Springs. In one French Club moneymaking project Carol Rice babysits during a P.E.G. meeting. mtpoge fysnr, . X .X , French Connection members: FRONT ROW- D. Biggs, S. Boesiger, C. Walton, S. Yonkey, T. Harrison. SECOND ROW- Chris Wieting, K. Swain, K. Egger, D. Foster, Scott Pianalto, T. Reichwaldt, A. Tempero. BACK ROW- I. DeVries, S. McLeod, G. McCown, A. Schrieber, S. Abele, S. Parde, C. Rice, Sponsor M. Peterson. Artists Create With Various Media Art instructor Robert Hegler observes as junior Kelli Livengood demonstrates the fundamentals of throwing a clay pot. This year not just general art Classes were offeredg added in the second semester was a ceramics class. This involved enlarg- ing the art department and buying pottery wheels. In this newly created class students are learning how to make clay plaques, beads, cups, pitchers, vases and bowls. In the general art classes students use their talents for tissue collages, wood carving, ink drawings, print making and oil paintings. Both these classes encouraged a great deal of imagination and creativity. The Norris art classes are becoming more and more varied each year. .. N .ik 1 R I X 3. 'iq ' 'si . . 1 ,ft l X ,nn loe Schaepe shows his own artistic techniques while making a string Ceramics students Donna Eggert and Denise Wagner dip their pottery into painting during an art class. a glaze to give a final touch to their pots. Sunny Days Prevail After Deadline "Sunshine Days," the theme for this year's book, was decided on after much deliberation by staff members. This year the yearbook staff took part in a state journalism clinic in Lincoln. Other activities involved a yearbook clinic at the beginning of the year. The 1976-77 yearbook photograaphers: FRONT ROW- C. Oelling, C. DeVries. SECOND ROW- K. Krieger, L. Cook, C. Grass. BACK ROW- R. VanSchooten. NOT PICTURED- C. Arnot. kt l. ann... l Staff Members: FRONT ROW- M. Niemeyer, D. Simmons, T. Reichwaldt. BACK ROW- I. Spidell, Shirley Schwaninger, A. Tempero, R. VanSchooten, M. O'Brien, A. Church, N. Vandergriend, L. Cook, T. Printz, B. Pratt. Several staff members take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and move their equipment out into the sunshine to work on their pages. ,w W , fWWfWW'WWW,, -S wf' W, W, A 11, ,!,,wWw"W W WW ,VW Www, ,,w?"Tf,N, , "Z:--, , ' - '. -' ' JW w""W . Wf'W""'7 ' 'T ,mf 1 , 'W WW' ,AW ,,,wWW W,W ,WWWWWWWWWWEWW ,,W',w,WW ,,WwW'WW -W' WMWW-WJ. WWFW, ,f,w W, ,,WW' Ww W, ,lr ' W W?W'2,--W7"'WW ,wf' ,J WW,Q:WuWWW WW Ww WWW, , W ',,w WSW, -W-'W ,W'W, W,, Y ,W WWW' WW' ' ' 2,-,,,., ,, ' , , WW WWW ,w 'LJ W WW W x,w W, ,WwWW'WW, ' W ,wW w:W,' W, f, , WWW , W ' , W- ,-, . , ,W W , ,WWW ,W TW WW, ,W W Q W W W, , w,, W W.. WW-W' ,, , V W ,,, ,W , , ,., , , .. W Wi, ' , W ,W W W 1W,WW w -',W W W W ,W W! W WW, ,WW'wW W, ,W W,w W ,WW WW ,W W , iw WWW' W , W W ,W ww ,W , , ,,- ., w , WNW WW w W . ,W W -iw WWW W w WW ,W .WWWNffx..W W W W W ,WW , W W W, , , WW, ,,,W , W, ,W W' W WW ,w, ,W ,W . , , ,,W ,W ,,,W , W, ,, W, ,W,,w - -W w WW WW w , .W W .,,W W ,,. 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The 1976-77 school board meets at the lanuary session with new board members who were elected in November. FROM LEFT- President D. Ten!-Iulzen, new board members P. Bentzinger and D. Vandertook. Returning members D. Egger, H. Schwaninger, E. Boesiger. Principal R. Pigg. Assistant Principal W. lohnson x. zz, .lil . . at ffm ff: . 7 m,'k' i LQ 4 7 Ji 7 "'A 'Q-5 4 In ecre tarles C Nass M Rand I Menard S ecre tary D. C-ana. jeanette Retzres After 13 Years This year, as well as the additions to our staff, we also lost a dearly loved secretary. Ieanette DeBoer, a secretary at Norris for 13 years, retired early in the 1976-77 school year. Ieanette is now enjoying a life of home and family. She is doing the things that her work prevented her from doing in the past, like remodeling and spending more time with her family and friends. Ieanette started working at Norris when the school wasn't yet consolidated, She worked in the food service for two years: she then became the principals secretary. In her years at Norris her favorite event was the move to the new building in the 1969-70 school year. On her last day of school leanette left the school a message which read: "Thanks for everything, I'll miss you all." "Good luck Ieannette, we'll miss you too!" Award The guidance staff: M. Kettlehut, I. Slusherg resource staff: E.. Cross, K. E. Graves the school nurse receives her swine flu shot. Boone. ,, , 1 . . 4 1 The aides: I. Hestermann, B. Boesiger. NOT PICTURED: M. johnson. The Norris media specialist A. White. The French teacher M. Peterson. Social studies teacher R. Severson. Social studies teacher R. Brown The English department: FRONT ROW- N. Henry, B. Thies. BACK ROW- I. Ritchie, C. Warner, T. Diffenderfer. Social studies teacher N. Etmund . . M Nuns... ,.,. ' The math department, TOP TO BOTTOM: D. Pool, D. Kuiper, The business department: F. Gee, I. Oelling, K. Kasparek. L- VerMaaS. 0. Kuhl- The science department: D. Pearson, B. Rakes, "Rex", P. Weber, R. Aden. Y Home economics instructor I. Price. Home economics instructor B. Meyer. .1 The music department: L. Coniglio, vocal: I. Klintberg, instrumental: N. Crabtree, vocal. P. E. instructors: N. Wayne, I. Schmutte it fiiiif, Industrial arts instructor D. McCord. The vocational agriculture instructor G. Hall. Instructor of art technique R. Hegler. 116 Industrial arts instructor H. Iacobson. P eww 4 -, I "'-srl X - x IQQXXX 'x'x H ggi xx-X 1 X xx X X nxiilfxux K inuwl Wm Ill' I '. Y- X X ' :T""4 .jf 1 5 . uw, 1 i I, fumor I-hgh Shows M 115105-11 Ablllfy The Iunior High Band had a total of 72 members of this year. They attended a band clinic at Seward where 17 members played in the Honor Band. Concerts were held with the Syracuse Iunior High Band and both winter and spring concerts were given. The stage band also participated in many activities during the year. At the Papillion Contest superior performance awards were given to: 8 individuals, 4 groups and the band itself. Kurt Vandergriend received the direc- tor's award. The chorus activities this year included two concerts at the elementary and two evening performances at the high school. Throughout the year students studied rock, Afro-American music, and constructed African instruments such as drums, masks, and rattles. Iunior high stage band members performed at clinics and concerts: FRONT ROW- R. Auman, T. Kness, S. Elzey, T. Huenink, I. Kolder, Les Dixon. SECOND ROW- M. Kechely, C. Iohnson, T. Barnhill, T. Verhoeff, B. Topp, I. Rademaker, K. Vandergriend. BACK ROW- Director I. Klintberg, A. Schaepe, P. Welch, C. Liesveld, L. Grass. 'w w -f Q 14: J ': 4 A- f Q lb-alll in K .war dm' im 3' V +L- f' R' ' fl , tim? fl M? f of I ' Q I f I l M - 1 'qxy Al ' 2 - PZ. 'i ' af'7'fQ?fn,J ' f ' .M l1ttMq.s2 Q r . .' MQ Abf , M QQ . . to f '. Q , f M . if Q' T tw... 1 fet- '0 A A ' ,.. if t I G Sit x ' 'Q We . w ' Qi. x t N K, J' w t v J if . ,x t X :, l X Q3 Warm! K' Q 'ma . . , 5 . .M .A ..,A . Q. EA W V a Chishol Gr Qi nv a eKalb n Docter at SM E ers W ssmk ' Fo ler 5 W raves f 9 5+ K so R U My 5 'f mf , 3 .tm it-Sz. if vii .9 Q vt t 1. . se -A -qrfff ' Elini ill, ff il t 'B :il S. 3 A t 1 gvvli - - fi E - lj , N' v " ':2-:X k S' , , ,. HUT! D Sch K. 1-A . i nf - on t U. . .A -.sim .ra . X 'W f e ,Q N. A' . S 5 2-w VX- Da d Haslnpl Liz Henry Kim Hier LeAnn Higer Branttlsraelson A 4- 1, J . q i'i'i A flwvii l S at T 'fi' fi wi Sfmt? J' ' X U .L " if V 1 L i in rw", 4 'Q l I f it C erif cwinfld WN in Vivia ,Moore . Sheri lMen'ard . -L.W,f"ijQifl'5 "A , iqsin . Dian fiviulder Bren C Parde 'Q Rhonda Iohnsonf Kurt llgfange Camm,ie johnson Iudy Livingston Missy McCown, evin McLeod ' it :nl "' W .f Lisa Ripeie ry mut -- , . ,.. . 5,.,,gx. tl vhipe Daviilfosec ns Q FW . 4. smut Eifnie Spidellx A K n Swain 3 - B ian TeKolQtet B rig Topp 1 I ry Vande Meek li I Verhoef Ttljdd Verhoblf LiSa Weddirfq it Dxe Wiles 1- ' Qry Wissi lvl' :ggi A' l Small group members: FRONT ROW- M. Auman, B. Topp. SECOND Small group members: FRONT ROW- S. Menard, P. Essink, R. ROW M. Wissink, Karen Hartman, T. Verhoeff, B. Parde, K. McLeod, Hartman, C. lohnson, D. Mulder. BACK ROW- T. Essink, L. Rettele, I Verhoeff. BACK ROW- M. Docter, L. Wedding. R. Auman, L. DeKalb. GIRLS' BASKETBALL Norris A Team 21 Nebraska City 20 20 Waverly 18 17 Wahoo 18 Norris B Team Opponent 16 Nebraska City 18 8 Waverly 19 7 Wahoo 5 junior BOYS' TRACK Syracuse Dual-lst Relays-7th Grade-4th 8th Grade-5th orris Invitational-2nd Nebraska City-3rd 8th Grade Rookies Gain Confidence Coach Breed and team student manager Todd Verhoeff discuss team strategy with Tim Vest and Steve Pianalto before a game. --,-41.-4 A As the 1976-77 football season closed the 8th graders ended up with a 1-3-1 record. A win over Centen- nial spiced the season. The team hadn't gained stardom and recogni- tion but did gain the confidence and experience needed to those who plan to continue their football car- eers. This year's team was made up of 40 rookie 8th grade boys who tried their hardest and in Coach Gale Breed's eyes, . . improved a great deal by the end of the season." Coach Breed looks on as his 8th grade rookies put in their practice time. The boys worked out diligently after school every day. 8th grade football members: FRONT ROW- I. TeKolste, R. Baumfalk, D. Bowen, A. Schaepe, S. Clifton, B. Israelson, M. Kechely, B. TeKolste, Les Dixon, Steve Pianalto, Rob Robertson, D. Goering, student manager T. Verhoeff. SECOND ROW- K. Swain, M. Tiedeman, I. Harrison, Tim Huenink, S. Vanover, G. VerMaas, E. Spidell, I. TenHulzen, G. Tebo, T. Vest, P. Welch, D. Wiles, R. Kisling, G. Schmutte. BACK ROW- I. LaMarsh, D. Krieger, D. Lowery, T. Mattox, T. Misner, I. Ideus, T. Havlat, B. Topp, B. Pankoke, T. Quinlan, D. Eggers, S. Elzey, Coach Breed. junior High Teams Exhibit Ability lunior high basketball team members: FRONT ROW- I. Harrison, M. Tiedeman, D. Eggers, G. Schmutte, S. Elzey, S. Clifton, Rob Robertson, T. Huenink, P. Welch. SECOND ROW- K. Lund, D. Lowrey, Les Dixon, D. Bowen, I. Ideus, B. Israelson, Steve Pianalto, G, Tebo, K. Boyer, M. Kechely. BACK ROW- Student manager B. Topp, Coach Pearson, B. Pankoke, T. Misner, B. TeKolste, K. Swain, G. VerMaas, T. VerHoeff, S. Vanover. A determined junior high boys basketball team and an undefeated girls volleyball team showed promise of becoming valuable assets to the varsity teams in upcoming years. The eighth graders who made up the boys basketball team showed great individual and team talent. They started the season off with a victory over Syracuse and ended with the taking of second place at the Raymond Central Invitational in December. Something new this year in sports was the start of junior high girls volleyball. To prove that the girls were interested with the idea, they responded with enthusiasm and ended the season undefeated. Steve Elzey goes up for an almost sure score after a pass from Tim Huenink. wwf WN Iunior high volleyball team members: FRONT lensen, I. Moormeier, L. Drake, V. Moore. BACK ROW- L. Maler, I. Long, Carmen Schell, C. ROW- Christy Iensen, L. Stueck, L. Graves, K. Dye, johnson. SECOND ROW- A. Graham, Cindy I. Kolder, Coach Etmund. -r "' ' ' 1... ms: . .... - Basketball team members: FRONT ROW- P. Timms, B. Essink, B. Bechtel, S. Menard, L. Henry, T. Barnhill, M. Mitchell. SECOND ROW- S. Trouba, P. Doolittle, C. Albrecht, K. Dye, Pam Essink, A. Graham. THIRD ROW- T. Kness, L. McGlosky, L. Maler, T. Essink, L. Bowers, Christy Iensen. BACK ROW- Student managers L. Fosler and C. Long, I. Moormeier, I. Kolder, Carmen Schell, Cindy Iensen, Coach Weber. NOT PICTURED- L. Drake, K. Hier, K. Sullivan. A and B team members, Christy Iensen and Patty Doolittle, battle for the jump ball at the beginning of the junior high girls' basketball scrimmage. The eighth grade girls' basketball A team had a successful season, winning two games and losing their last by only one point. High scorers were Iodi Kolder, Lisa Drake, Christy Iensen and Cindy Iensen. Leading rebounders were Carmen Schell and Cindy Iensen. The B team had a satisfactory season finishing with a 1-2 overall record. According to Coach Rakes, "The junior high wrestlers, considering their lack of experience, did quite well." Their efforts secured a lst place at the Nebraska City Tournament, 3rd at Gretna Invitational and a 2-1 dual record. 7 . ...,,. Iunior high grappler Ronnie Meyer's hand is raised high to show another victory for the Titans. Ir. high wrestlers: FRONT ROW- P. TenHulzen, T. Bowen, D. Hassenplug, Steve Pianalto, I. LaMarsh, D. Fosler, M. Walton, Cary Prange, M. Docter, I. TeKolste, M. Sanford, D. Flynn. BACK ROW- Coach Rakes, Student Coaches G. Meyer and M. Madison, D. Bowen, D. Kriege, B. Pankoke, T. Quinlan, I. TenHulzen, L. Kness, D. Lowrey, G. Tebo, Larry Benes, I. Arnot, R. Meyer, student manager B. Wieskamp, Student coaches G. Henry and I. Boyer. NOT PICTURED- T. Mattox, T. Sanford. junior High Girls ' In keeping with the traditional spirit of competition, the junior high girls' track team had a demanding season. After several weeks of practice they started the year by winning the Syracuse dual. The team then fell under pressure and was handed two defeats, Crete and Platteview. Wrapping up the season in a tie with Waverly, the team pulled together for a satisfactory season. ZBERZEES' - 'ft Team member Cindy Iensen works to improve her method in the high jump event. Track Expands lodi Moormeier easily clears the high jump bar in practice preceeding a meet. Iunior high girls' track members: FRONT ROW- I. Long, D. Schmidt, S. Cook, C. Liesveld, K. Yonkey, V. Moore, L. Graves, Carmen Schell L. Fosler. SECOND ROW- K. Sullivan, I. Livingston, I. Rademaker, B. Bechtel, R. Snook, L. Drake, R. Hartman, M. Conway, C. Iohnson, L. Bower. BACK ROW- Coach Pearson, M. Auman, B. Topp, R. johnson, , Christy lensen, L. Rettele, I. Moormeier, T. Kness, Cindy Iensen, P. Schenkel, student managers A. Graham, P. Doolittle. ,,,enr- Y' if 5 V r f . ., FU. A Q ,:1. ' 'E A A ' Ni? EE ' 1 " . . . ,A v N5 , . ,. V Huh- W 1 49' .gui + -ig K U I .4-. f , x 5 Todd Bowman warms up before putting the shot in Mark Tiedeman's expression shows the A a dual with Syracuse at Norris. determination which the whole team shared. o c T ra cksters En d Year W1 th PIZZHZZ I . 1 s Seventh and eighth grade track team members: FRONT ROW- K. Swain, E. Printz, D Bowen, Steve Pianalto, B. Israelson, R. Carpenter. SECOND ROW- T. Bowen, I. Arnold, Bob Babcock, L. Kness, I. Hohensee, S. Garay, T. Eskey. THIRD ROW- Larry Benes, R Meyer, D. Fosler, Todd Huenink, M. Walton, L. Hartzell, M. Eisenhauer, Coach Aden, student manager B. Topp. FOURTH ROW- M. Kechely, I. Ideus, T. Caldwell, D. Dudley, M. Tiedeman, A. Schaepe, Tim Huenink, B. TeKolste. BACK ROW- T. Mattox, G Schmutte, D. Eggers, T. Vest, E.. Spidell, D. Wiles, S. Moats, S. Clifton, Les Dixon, K. Boyer, I. Harrison, I. Menard. In a considerably shortened season, approximately 40 seventh and eighth grade boys participated in track. Norris won its only dual with Syracuse. The eighth grade placed fifth out of seven teams at the Syracuse Relays, while the seventh grade placed fourth. Norris also placed third at the Nebraska City Invitational. -an-..s.. ..----S-...ggg l , Les Dixon shows that hard practices pay off as he wins the 100-yard dash. The 8th Graders Are Moving Up The class of '81 has moved up and into the action this year. They, being new and picked on last year, have found their position this year as an older class. The 8th graders keep themselves going and look forward to moving into the senior high next year. In their activities this year they participated in the all- school. skating party and planned their own class dance for their first semester activity. For their second semester in .iw ,-:s ,fu gf, L t K K : in if V' Wk 5, K .. 4. 4 as J is ' - iiii 1 - . . . 15522.13 ff, if .. .Kfrff I - S KJ- 5 5.11, g.- + is't . ..v J A M l:". - Ki QNX - ' A1 1-4. 1, . . activity the 8th graders held another rrri exciting dance after the enjoyment of the g first. :A " K iit , f i Y 13 A . sssslisf - ,l . ' -.--M f' ,as . at 55535552 g., is Qifgieeiiii ifffw' 'K, '5seQ2 A t i f mf 5:3 Q F in A m'.W3iie.isie,ot'siiifiiii I ' J t,ii I r a A st pi EQEQTQ E?5,'3M Yes fM?3V1 5 g...V, is gt Vg ssss FIRST ROW- Charleen Albrecht, Ieff -' ,, I Anderson, Robert Babcock, Toni Barn- hill, Ricky Baumfalk, Cathy Berks. . si SECOND ROW- Sheryl Best, Kelly . . . f'i t'i" ,ki. - ' - K . ' - Borowiak, David Bowen, Liz Bowers, S S R , tges .T A Qi K ROW- Robin Carpenter. FOURTH ffi 1 up gggg ROW- Tim Clark, Steve Clifton, Marla g ti K I A Q F' Conway, Randy Deunk. FIFTH ROW- G' ' .gg- r - aw Les Dixon, Patty Doolittle, Lisa Drake, , gppp ,g 'wifiii rtsa fii' g Karen Dye-SIXTT4 RCNN- Dove Es- Q5 . lies 't 6Ksfea i,i fisi ?i3??.ii i ii si, fg f?.f5,sl5 gers. SEVENTH ROW- Steve Elzey, K N 551 I tjw, A - - - - iff' f Ziff 'Kd - I ,'iA " 'T :if '+ fir K Bonita Essink, Pam Essmk, Tam Essmk, gggt g g ,J pgygg K g gg . 1 Danny Fieselman' Ewen Fofsgren' G ,L rg EIGHTH ROW- Leslie Fosler, Gerald Gardener, Doug Goering, Amy Graham, Laura Grass, Linda Graves. NINTH ROW- David Hanau, Iohn Harrison, Karen Hartman, Rachel Hartman, Terry Hartwig, Todd Havlet. TENTH ROW- Liz Henry, Kim Hier, LeeAnn Higer, Tim Huenink, Ieff Ideus, Brant Israel- son. 1. "' 'liii KKf5L iiiii 1 " 9 7 5-I X.f ' '34 " at X ' A f ,., Q ,,,,, . ,ip . MU VL kk SL AWVV ,av I. X? I ,., ,Qi .., . .. . . K : K, Tr k in 1. I E T. . 5 sris K ' KK .ivzizg ' K L ,. fp- s w gg: ,. Ks!!! V1.5 - X' 1 w-, L., ,.,. . da . , W' ff! .kkk is ,,, K ai i N ff? f K K-I-522: X rf. . qi if:'I!fEf"V -ff .. H. '." . A -I Anile tt? 9' in -351 fini 5 , ' itiss ' , iy2swK-,w.Maf a K 'filf .sk t L was - T .T .T , J if 'iii Q6:f:K3Q2i!K5K' if K .'-- - - I . . ' K - I if L I . fx if K -Q rss, , . -K s .N I, , ,hp -- , 1, , .,. 'K ' . A ft . FIRST ROW- Kim Ianousek, Christy Iensen, Cindy Iensen, Sheri Iohns. SECOND ROW- Cammie Iohnson, Kris Iohnson, Mark Kechely, Rod Kisling. THIRD ROW- Tammie Kness, Iodi Kolder, Doug Krieger, Iacques LaMarsh. FOURTH ROW- Teri Lasenieks, Iudy Livingston, Connie Long, Dirk Lowery. FIFTH ROW- Lori Maler, Tim Mattox, Lorrie McCloskey, Cheri McDonald. SIXTH ROW- Sheri Menard, Troy Misner, Marilyn Mitchell, Vivian Moore. SEVENTH ROW- lean Morris, Iodi Moormeier, Roy Mulder, Sheila O'Brien. EIGHTH ROW- Brian Pankoke, Brenda Parde, Steve Pianalto, ViAnne Pratt. NINTH ROW- Tim Quinlan, Mark Rexinger, Donald Rice, Iudie Riffle, Rob Robertson, Ioyce Rollins, Alesia Schaepe, Andy Schaepe, Carmen Schell., TENTH ROW- Patti Schenkel, Gary Schmutte, Rod Schon- eweis, Robin Snook, Mike Spang, Ernie Spidell, Laura Stueck, Kathleen Sullivan, Ken Swain. The 8th grade officers of the '76-'77 year: FRONT ROW- Treasurer Doug Eggers, President Ernie Spidell. BACK ROW- Secretary Leslie Fosler, Vice-president Rob Robertson. FIRST ROW- Gordon Tebo, Brian TeKolste, lerry TeKolste, Ioel TenHul- zen, Mark Tiedeman, Pam Timms. SECOND ROW- Billy Topp, Sharon Trouba, Gary Ullman, Kurt Vander- griend, Scott Vanover, Todd Verhoeff. THIRD ROW- Gary VerMaas, Tim Vest, Valerie Volf, Pat Welch, Kevin Whisman, Cathy Wieting. FOURTH ROW- Dee Wiles, lulie Williams, Scott Wolfe, Sheri Yates, Duane Yonkey, Lori Zimmerman. NOT PICTURED- Beth Bechtel, Kriss Buchholz, Lola Doeschot, Scott Moats. ,tttt by I Vtk- 5 Q- -Q f TT - I it T if -Q' 5 T iii'i Q Ht", 3345, , M ti'i i'i .mt , -C .V ',,. 'ff' 'T ,TE , , T T t it wi' ,, , y a.,,,,, M ttt't A Srtti it R iii i T T il'ii'li G' 'e'ii C T "' T R e R new " l T TT' i Jii GTTT FT ff if TTT :Ti . f TTT, 1 4- t-5 ll QT?" T' - T..: 'IHSSZ5 .if . ig .Tw 2. . . an A-V - it if ,,,,,, it bi -Zia i g A '- i fa ' C' W 1. T W f 'S lil i , , 6 if ttoy ,,,,,,,,,, A L 1 ' 4 , y C -C " I it ,,,, ' , y- a at , , . Q it t 'Ti ,... l'W,, TT .. ,, f ,. T , . T 5 J T , .Q 5 " 4. " R' ' . if A ef!! ' 'J Q ,- S TT Tii.. 'G I. V T Looking Forward To Participation The class of '81 decides what their second semester activity will be. Class meetings were conducted by President Ernie Spidell and sponsored by Mr. Aden. 8th grade secretary, Leslie Fosler, takes suggestions from class members for future plans. 7th Gradeg Into Something ew Nh ,- .us little naw .J Ierry Vanderbeek learns that getting a drink is a good excuse to get out of study hall. The 7th grade class officers of 1976-1977 year: Secretary-treasurer Mike Eisenhauer, Vice-president Ioel Hohensee, President Cindy Liesveld. 7th graders are quick to realize that junior high is a whole new experience with seven classes a day, homework daily, no recesses, and, something new in high school this year-detention. Holding the traditions of 7th graders before them, they held their annual roller skating party in the fall, and, in the spring, they had a pizza party and an all-day picnic. Although they had busy schedules, everyone found time to have fun with their friends. A t . 1 ' X - ,S s 1 . l ' A , -vr.'N1i" X ,plz X ' FIRST ROW- Brenda Arnot, Iimmy Arnot, Marcia Auman. SECOND ROW- Rhonda Auman, Bryan Babcock, Deb Babcock. THIRD ROW- Wendy Battiste, Randy Baumfalk, Christy Behrends. FOURTH ROW- Larry Benes, Holly Bine, Mike Borowiak. Expressing Feelings Thro ugh Words, Actions, And Thoughts FIRST ROW- Tom Bowen, Iulie Chenoweth, Lorinda Chisholm, Sandy Cook. SECOND ROW- Doug Crabtree, Ian Damsteegt, Rick DeBoer, Steve DeBoer. THIRD ROW- Lynn DeKalb, Merlyn Doctor, Patsy Doeschot, Sarah Dorssom. FOURTH ROW- Mike Eisenhauer, Tony Eskey, Patty Essink, Mary Ferrill. FIFTH ROW- Dick Flynn, Donald Fosler, Stuart Garay, Karen Griffin. SIXTH ROW- T. I. Haight, Iulie Halverstadt, Lynn Hartzell, Myron Heusingvelt, Ioel Hohensee, Susie Hromas, Todd Huenink, Robin Iackson, Rhonda Iohnson. SEVENTH ROW- Shauna Iones, Rhonda Kisling, Lanny Kness, Dawn Krueger, Tami Kubik, Mike Lasenieks. EIGHTH ROW- Iudy Long, Cindy Liesveld, Sonya Lundy, Ienny Madden, David Marshall, Missy McCown. NINTH ROW- Karen McCinn, Ieff Menard, Ronnie Meyer, Brian Mulder, Diane Mulder, Diane Owens. 130 Larry Benes participates in a beginning art class, one of the many junior high electives that is offered. me fm 3 - -K , - I L Q.. A IW' ., . - 41 N s ,ga , I' I t., .f :. . e ,W V gg .g,,, 4? I f -TI- 4 A .WWW e v I D: X . - --fs . i,,,.,,?g3 x lt, W- f fi JVE -'X ' 'T x . . , if E , ff." .J"'l I5 JE f if . FIRST ROW- Susan Parde, Bill Perrin, Cary Prange, Kurt Prange, Ed Printz, Amy Quinlan, Iody Rademaker. SECOND ROW- Lisa Rettele, Karen Rodarmel, Shannon Rolfsmeyer, Diane Ruel, Henry Sader, Mike Sanford, Todd Sanford. THIRD ROW- Shelley Schlake, Donita Schmidt, Glen Schmidt, Scott Scholl, Brenda Shea, lean Shipe, Ienny Stempler. FOURTH ROW- Phillip TenHulzen, Bill TerMaat, Deena Timms, Barbara Topp, Mi- chelle Trauernicht, Sara Turner, Ierry Vanderbeek. FIFTH ROW- lim VerHoeff, Mike Walton, Lisa Wedding, Billy Wieskamp, Dorthy Wilhelm, Mary Wissink, Kim Yon- key, Connie Yznaga, Brian Ziemann. NOT PICTURED- Kevin McLeod, David Rosecrans, Aaron Therien. 'Q . . . ' ix Iunior high French Fries: FRONT ROW- C. Albrecht, M. M. Ferrill, L. Wedding. BACK ROW- V. Volf, Cathy Wieting, Heusinkvelt, I. LaMarsh, T. Bowen, S. Turner. SECOND V. Pratt, P. Schenkel, I. Damsteegt, D. Krueger, S. Hromas, ROW- I. Morris, D. Bowen, W. Battiste, I. Williams, S. Garay, Sponsor M. Peterson. 131 All T hat We Love Deeply Becomes A Part Of Us Xi 3 NX G YOU ia, As we leave each year behind a kaleidoscope of images will remain in our memories the goofing off with friends the serious moments in the day and the things that go with Coke from Conrad Birdie and pep rallies to track competition. . . They leave their indelible print on us Martha and Allison Few moments can be found during a track meet for relaxation. When they are 1 available, runners like Mike Paulsen take full advantage of them. Q IQ aria Charlie Arnot, Gay Boesiger and Scott Moormeier express their impressions at the end of another school day. -Q, ,,,,,..J+d Kris Lamm, a student in home furnishings class, develops basic refinishing skills by sanding down a cedar chest. ffl -- ?f5k15?1:'211'iif fl1. 1 2 RC" ' Physiology student Tim Harrah gets carried away while studying the properties of blood and To promote spirit at a pre-game pep rally Sarah exhibits his acting ability in an all-star performance. Albrecht participates in a skit. Will you share my sunshine days? Will you share the days of rain? We can make our memories today, To talk of when we meet again. Our sunshine days, the happy days, I know will never die. Itis up to us to make our past, Together, you and I. My sunshine days are here and now, I in happy, so are you. We 'll be good friends and not regret The things We say and do. Every days a sunshine day, y V Even those wih cloudy skies. 5 Because the sun shines from within, Itis glowing in our eyes. it Allison Varsity cheerleader Kathi Huenink introduces her niece, Iennifer Rollins, to the fascinating sport of basketball during a reserve game at Norris. Things That Are A Part Of Us We Will Treasure Like The Sun A hug from a friend can brighten up any day. Todd Harlan shows his favorite technique lit works, just ask Ieralyn Gravesl. Catch The School days should always be remembered as days of sunshine, including the days when it rains. In spite of the rain, there is always the sunshine radiated by warm friend- ships and happy hours to chase away the clouds. We'd like to thank all of the people who have helped to make the sunshine days, and this yearbook. To catch the sunshine and hold it to be remembered, that has been our purpose in choosing the theme for our book. It's been a year of sunshine days for us. T0 believe is to say farewell to the sun with assurance of golden tomorrows. Sunshine 'Z WALSWORTH 136 Marceline, Mo., U.s.A. .555 ' v Vx Knofeifgrpgoogiixy Lkcxdcxx A W " A + A ,V FEW' 9311 df Q-3569 QM j ,Wu ,YMQVQWZ Www' awww J 42 C54 Glow! KQV- JQND3 OSD Q LL,15?QjSQ Qi YQIUXXQW -QGWQ 'wwgiw NQQSMWQ1, AAS 56, Lk QQOQ 1 , A 1 Q0 bf QQF5jyf!0QQQ!?6Cb2xQfO?i W C0095 Q26 DP lic Q Cb OWU? QJQfwf ZQLQ MQW yLL7LfLRQ gPX-Qfk C0 xgfcf LKL fn X 9713" of W6 O0fyJQOQ3,x b5'QLQ'Qfw 0 JN-ifQ 'MJOPQ bqshlflcpfiqk 2 955 ff. Q qffngjfcwk Oxbqxfifn LLQQD 0 x Jw Q49 Q GNLJO CQ L? X, mg X Wigs QPX' J . fx-fgf,.fVx 4A fx UML-LJ J. ' OQOQ A0 x GQ AG Q Oxoglgx QQ? TQ QQ 3 X ,A k X - QD I ,' N fo KO X' fq J Q xv X Q w dfw A 5 6 Q OX Q Ag Q0 'Q JD Q91 . X 'O Q 'jf QNX? fp,-X b Q Q Jw , Q! I y O J jx Q xx X f O 5 4KQyNQW Q,w QMS' ra 1 3 6x0vlpJ'X7X f Q J L OX X ' A X3 my QQ 92 D93 Q. ww , QP? G59 bp ww, Wf 'MW AWN C? M3 www OWN Offff Wfm CQ .Faux w 09. wafffwffpf A swsfr ' If JB gym fum P fwfff wi cwfu ' fnfrfw, 19? fff2fQ ffD-f, Wvdfowf 5f71F2 75,945 ,OF YUUIZ LfFLf 131 Mawr my 'qw .igyxm JU N img, 5 7 X Q 2 2 3 3 'S . H K 1, s ' 'ffbffn F . X ' g-fy: R 7:13 ., , v , ji, N V 5 'A , 7 . It .YV 4 , e ,S I Q ,I V , K! Q, qw I X Y , gy xi .iw fu ' -1- ' Q, f ip ' 'H , 4 N , -fy ., fm . A lf -.F A A , I f. . ' , ,Dj " ' . ' n V 4 , f V ,gg--, ' U ,, 'MW' 'gg A , ,nga-n "fi',w?4f1f , "' -f-9' , ff 3-v 1-4. 4f"'th55g31',1af,1, -,M . ' HU, -Tj 129' , , ' 4 ' 1 X in ' -wg-Qf"'ifJg39 vggayw A 1 Av -LQ, V '1 if. .,- W f" W ag' 5' K YQ Us vp... P' ,, ' raw.. K ""':i1'5 ,I .fflwg-21-,m.,m52CL44"1.J ', liiiii' " , .i:g,,,4 1 X ' ,gw'y:','i, 5' ' RW ' I f' 1,-W 5 '.M-W-wts,c,,U:g .Yw t:.,.1 '- . 4453 N ,4 1 .wg ft:-, ' 1 . m 12.2-,ugh-f,x 1 ' f K ' 1 ,wi fi: ' W f' wma ? edgy , 'UW Ww:mu: -- 14 ' ' , if 1'5Q'i.'J.i'ig,Q'? . 2' N 4 '- ' ' ' H.. ,-i ,' 2gq,QJlf'Y-1+-fm:-.L,,,u ,jk I ww "U I AQ 'W - an 1 1- , , W , Q .,. . ,A 1 l . Li 1 1 Q N I 5 I I 2 f' 1 .lzq-if".-, 1 x 4,,ag,v hal: v'g',2N1,A:f , ' X. ' ff' ir is, Wy?-PW W ,4v"'w,Qf2::5-Qg'As imtlfj bm ' f fs- ngwfsxrwfwqw4mg'nf.'fV 3j4g.,,'ff- "mph tlfem M , Vt: 1ags,mgi3,M.,x,jQj ,Zq,m,f?1g,5,EE2s1f.gfi+5:,,mf,gf,gf""-K-' jgyasm Q , Q 9.0: MLA, fini 'ig :QCII Q,wg,23,l giggling Sgwww ' www V . 5 . ft . X . s Q +1518 YTW Cope V - Gnd RWL Q5 YS fmj Cc me QL ve, W WC' main? Bm L-:wig 1 j N ML Qlsvl Ox ' rrLgLmQJ1 WW v fx on +nfsjtm 8353? Com Gbmg Qcllgjt L-1JOL.4 klfsl 'fx A we had d rw 'frfjffhfbrq I llrmvergb GQSUKQ' ' all wQ,e+ +1 e DCSPDQII Qmes me we QQLLLL nvxa:-JUL

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