Norris City Omaha Enfield High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Norris City, IL)

 - Class of 1955

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Norris City Omaha Enfield High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Norris City, IL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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9-JH! x d-- ,-- , .439-1 . '95, 'bf A- 1 Q, E"-A. , "f-jf ' . - ff ,f W 1" f, ', 'Q ' 1 xf' 5-3 .fa ' .ii 't ,-,, ' . . - - ' -1. ' 1 Ev: g 'L 4 . K- , Q. ", 1- .gv,:,-.A-yi vi .1 -.r-14 :A - ' -L - QA j V ,, . ,,.V . .. , ,L-J, I , In . X. K , l .gf S I I nk . A K , . , u B I Q U K xl 4 'S A THE H55 0 I NW f,f 7 I., ' 1. . ff: 4' I ' 3- Y D -K ri at i W it . ' ., :hqE-:lei .ir bl - - ' 0 a O I 1 6 ..., ... NORRIS CITY-OMAHA COMMUNIT I bln---W -M .MA 04'-.2H:'. '...' . --.M "S v - -- - jA ,Q QT' Q ' Y , - 4-Q: ' '- -'Rina' . ,- , . Q,-, 31:1 1 .sud 'x 7 - 1 , ' ' ' ': ' ,' " N , -,-F4-Q . 'S 'f':T7':'?3f'v?"5' TYYKS 4' -' "" "'...2"'5'?. M I 4: .L " f'JL'f"'G frm' -j4j.LiL,' 'Q ' 1-xv g' :ri ' - Ar' '.'A 1' '. -' ' - -"A - ' . 'Q . - ". .. - 1. ,,.'2n5.. - 4 . I L' . , N f: -L" -in-Av ' - in - " ' -. ' ef --If as W- .rg-If ff ff Fi 1--:?r.7l?..'Q-milk-'5"W" -l-5,-A.'5'Lw,, ' ' '- , , 1gQi' .: :, , 9- 'ti n - ' , 7f5ef,-ip ' -.5 af-it-iv'9q tv- 41. -.- A : ,Z 'Y NORRIS CITY GRADE SCHOOL THE H55 UNIT HIGH SCHOOL OMAHA GRADE SCHOOL X O SHOW OUR GRATITUDE f o r t h e pleasures a n d cooperatlon whlch we have enjoyed together we the Cardmal Staff of the 1955 Yearbook wlsh to dedlcate our annual th1s year to the entrre student body of the NOIIIS C1ty a n d Omaha Commumty Un1t Schools DEDICATIUN 5 N SEHUUL "An Applc for thc Tl'ilL'llL'l'n ATHLETICS GRADE 5 TABLE UF CUNTENTS "GANGWAY" Travel at your own risk. U efzeg fo flze Uafzclinal and the cWhite,7 .Q I,-11--.. X 72:4 i REGISTRATION fi ,4"",XW 1 4 ,... Lvl! to Right: Larry Bruce, Dmmlcl Buttry, Faye Nlidkiff. 0 V -w,Qw,..v ' Q Q?'g w an-an 41 Q, -Y 1" 4 J ' Q M .ye -I ii. , in . 4 - .'A x ., If : W f 'F f 1' K: .Ii E 53,1 Jr 'P -nf 4 -2 . 'N XM f ' fi. L "R, i is 'neil V i , if ,gg 5 3 Y g Q E mm' "nn 'amz X- -' 1 as--aim.-1 .--M gsaiqwsgxawfwawikfsgsqr if k Q ,MW ff' . J W-un x,+,,,M f L nv " Ldrul may ou? couvage always lu' 5 fam--a fm GIVE Me FIVE Mmutes More 7 I.1'fI fu Rigllllz Sxxun 'l',xxxl.u. tl,xxlm 'if ,..a.'. 51,55 f- WHO'S WHO 's 'E -R -+92-:Qs . ' E ff. T xi 8. x-' X :LQ- ,ob It , .1 I - Q 1 ,M "gg Jn' - , 'rsif-iif . . + V ' ff? T' v -'Ng i f 5 ' , 1.9 f-1-v s-if , X 'Q is ,f ft' T. '!! gf If 1' WE 1 . C I I an 'S ...- V"'Y""Q'0P J Ill '- 'Yagi 2 En, .,-r 5 X vs., Xl L.- 22'-f.. Jbhtbyk. xi' f""T' fijfjifv Sag if ' . . . .Af ggi 4, --.,,j,.L '5 1 ,5- ...-.-- l W Kx u xi- ' 5 . :K 114. .1 Y., Q'- ,,.: I. Dlx A RE. 1 Q ig , ,iq .,,,V.,,g-,fi-A.g,, 5 1 A' 1 5 M ' r ' H fr", 9" Q 3 inks? 3? :IJ ,fit 5 Lb if Www w ' T , 5 ,Pl I 4' sl 'fa ,- ,M -. I I. , 1 v. - D Q Le,- 1- -Q-J me .: XA ic, . L, .W I T 5 - , f '-, 3 . ,, 'v - - Q V, , Q Xl -' FIN- ' 2 - Q +. Q" A 31,-,Q . N f.,.L , Q P V 2 i .go ' .Lib if .3 xg 'J fr rr ik I a 'I . 4 ,W ,. i pw . 'IV qits2,'.?'1 5 9 4- 5,-15 .gy . 3' . wg A. 1 ap, V 'N ,. is Q . 3 , L , M6911 , ,rg , Q :gif A V 1. 1 x -1. Q. Q 7 .. ' ., 2 4' J 5 rtkhin 1 if ', wi. "L: 'Jn v l lk li' U Turin 4- " 'a's,,, f -fi H ' 'Q ' 1. A . ' Mtv: 1, Q ar 25 5-gfff xy " .ri ..- " 'g vi, 'Q x Iv- ..,,,' .. 'fi rg. 'L I -fi "3 1 s if 51 1 1 53' 2 3 'H ff 3.-gi m g ' ry -, if xry Q f K f X Qi? " 7 QA , -f I ffff-SQ ' '- ' ' an ' M: 1: Z, Q . Y VV. " I ' A Ywffig? :X P: .V wg? AFI D ., . 1 fi, wi., -5 R 2 Left to Right: XYarren Gossett, Tedra Moore, Larry Dagley. 53 V Q f "AIN'T SHE PRETTY" "THE CANNIBAL QUEEN" Cu-sl: Carrie Cullison, -lujug Edward Oliver, Robert Freomoutg Gerry Edmunds, Allen Kcntg Larry Dagley, Prof. Kentg NVarren Cossett, Bruce Clydeg jane DeB0ard, Eugenia Sher- woodg Carole Harlow, Mary l'l1'L'l'lll0l1tQ Tedra Moore, Alnliag Nancy Crouch, Mildred XVadcg Yvonne Edwards, Martha Craigg Billy Hobbs, Lueiousg Glenda Bryant, Brenda Dayg Shirley Slinkcr, Daisy Mae. xl 3 r "HOW TOUCHINGH WH fff w 1 I k . r ' I - . : 1 1 ' E T ' l 1 J Jxllll Hoskins, NV.1y11c XNl1ipplv CAST: Burk Holt: It'l'l'j' llill. HUlJL'I'l Douglass. Kan' CoH1'y'. lll'1l'!l.lC-111 limlicoii, xIA1I'VlAllI llurris. xxvdylll Xwlipplc, Ann lloskins, Mrs. Tlmm sun. liulimm NIL-Ilroy. l"1'0nI Iimu: l..ll'l'f' lJl'.lill'lll'tl, Uvnyil XIOl'l'lll'ild Ch-ml.1 Cuurson, Sully Bl4lL'kC1', Dalm- Cantrell. Aw! I c ll nn X014 1 GUESTUNIAN PLAY ix-63' 3 'J I.: . xx n P, . . . ,I ' . I , NIA I Imf In Iigllfl Dal' fflllltn-ll, Sally lilalck Bc' 'l .l '-I1-Ml. 4 . u. ,, 41 ,, E ...... V E . xv I ' x f 5' f V F. U J -- ,,- , qs, ', Vs '1-.I U I 1 " I v , . 9 4.5 ,'x 'QNX X 1 X' 5. f-g-. -.V 'wx , - 1,4 I 'ft'Q . 3 55151 . A ggif ' Q 5 L ' r x ' '- I . . . 5,- l' 3 In 3 ,gz- ,515 3 . .,4,. Q, 2, . ,-rm' Ralf' 'f 1 , , Taq QQ. n. J 3 1,?if'Y'ggx THE ALL SIIIIUUL CHRISTMAS PROGRAM MUSIC! MUSIC! MUSIC! "RUDOLPH" the red-nosed reindeer. NIQI If . DENZIL MOREHEAD, Soloist 'K -lll.lllll.l JXXYAIH.'4-ll NlL'C.kl'ilIj . S .1 I ly l5l.u'lw1'. Cc-uxgv 'l'u:11pLinx, PLAY CAST UC' .1407 ofzfzis ifyv W 1,r'fl In Kiglllz lluicl Slum. Shirh-5 Slinlwr. Sully lilnlc-km. Nobody Can Ever Get Any Sleep Around Here ' , I I . '.l . -a' wuqrzcl the Cavrlinal anfl flze cnjlzitcf, Mr. Dejcrrnett "Attention Please f5a if Nz" .mf I 'ACllrly" Allvn .mal I.nms Anal. 2 ak - J 'Heyl Iohn, Werke Up." 31,58 I AMES AUD 4' X Sl W EXAMS LOCKER INSPECTION? AN APPLE EUR THE TEACHER School E A . Q na -4v""'V.+ -Q Q... -.r W BOARD UF EDUCATION Left to right: Clmrlcs Mitchcllg R. Al. Crunkg Dan V. Morehead. L. Il. Buyleyg Earl Iluntg xVi.lltL'l' ML-Ewyn J 1 DeLup5 H. J. Phelps. SUPERINTENDENT MR. H. 1. PHELPS AY YOU APPRECIATE cx 1 1 y o u r opportuinties in life. Th e opportunity to serve others is the most satisfying. if GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT MR. BLACKER ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT MR. DEIARNETT UFFIEE STAFF 'E' DORIS GICRIJICS Left lo Rights Mr. Skelton, Mr. Blurkcr. Mr. Larson. FACULTY 1. 11. COLE Influstriul Arla FRANK DAVIS Com nmrrv IEANINE DAVIS Speech uml Erlglixlz CHARLES DIAL Cnurlz mul Buys, P. E. GEIIALDINE DIAL Girfs P. E. JACQUELINE HARRIS Ilome Ecmnmnics JAMES LAHSON Social Studies ORAL NICILROY Biology mul Scicrwc IACQUELINE NAMIE Music CUSSIE SCOTT English, Algebra, Librarian IIENRY SLINKER Agriculture ERNESTINE TIIOMPSON English E.. CUUKS OMAHA COOK MRS. MEYER HIGH SCHOOL COOKS Left tu right: Mrs. Harper, Mrs. Vcutch, Mrs. Roy GRADE SCHOOL COOKS Lcf! to right: Mrs. Bryant, Mrs. Crccr, Mrs. Henson, Mrs. lluglrcy. Ihgh SdnnJ hndnnw-End Coh hd Crihdm lhnuha hnnhu jmk hhALr JANITUR5 E WISH TO EXPRESS OUR THANKS to the Icrnitors. Cooks, and Bus Drivers for cr job well done. 'Y 3 NVayland Allen, Presidentg Gerry Edmunds, Vice-pre.s'identg Sue NV0od, Sccrvlrzryg Emma Lou Bvaun. Treasurer. CLASS HISTORY Four years ago on August 19, 1951, we entered the Norris City High school as "green" freshmen. As our class officers, we chose: Ierrv Hill, president: Larrv Bruce, Vice-president: Faye Midkiff, Secretary: Clyde McCornmick, Treasurer. Barbara Duley, Buddy Kirk, and "Curly" Allen rep- resented us on the Student Council. By our second year, we had improved a little and had become "silly" Sohpomores. We weren't much better off, but at least we could tease someone else now. We chose for our Student Council members, Ierry Hill: Iudy Moye: and "Curly" Allen. We also chose some very reliable class officers: Nawanna Maxfield, President: Gerry Ed- munds, Vice-president: Sue Wood, Secre- tary: Shirley Logan, Treasurer. We were represented on the basketball team by Clyde McCormick, Paul Williams, Dale Cantrell, Bill Lydick, Larry Bruce, and Iohn Vokes. The "Cardinal" hopes were inspired by our Sophomore cheerleaders, Glenda Bryant, Barbara Duley, and Mary Lou Harris. As Juniors we entered school with our en- rollment decreased, but it did not discour- age us from working for the prom. Our class officers our junior year were: Faye Midkiff, President: "Curly" Allen, Vice-pres- ident: Mary lane Wicker, Secretary: Emma Beam, Treasurer. We were represented on the basketball team by Clyde McCormick, Larry Bruce, Bill Lydick, Dale Cantrell, Iohn Vokes, and Paul Williams. We were right in there yelling with the help of our cheerleader, Glenda Bryant. Here we are, Seniors at last! Our journey has almost ended with our enrollment de- creased to 41. This year we chose "Cur1y" Allen, President: Gerry Edmunds, Vice-pres- ident: Sue Wood, Secretary: Emma Beam, Treasurer. On the Student Council was Faye Midkiff, Elizabeth Austin, and Dale Cantrell. In this, our Senior year, we are still con- tributing talent to school activities, on the basketball squad, Clyde McCornmick, Paul Williams, Dale Cantrell, Iohn Vokes, Bill Lydick, Bill Hobbs, and Larry Bruce. As Cheerleaders, we have Glenda Bryant and Barbara Duley. The seniors have worked very hard, as they only have this years time to raise the large amount of money that we need. You see, we plan to take a trip, but due to a limited amount of money we may not go on a very extended journey. SENIUR CLASS 'ai' -hxrus BOLEIIJACK Lfumx' BRUCE "New Green Lighf' "This Old Housev CLENIQA BHYANT DONALD BUTTRY Dont Get around I Neerl lou Nou, Much Anymore" VVAYLAND ALLEN ELIZABETH AUSTIN EMMA Lou BEAM "No More" "September Song" "My Re.s1Zs'tance Is Low" Left tn Right: Mary Lou Harris, Larry Bruce, Frank Tidwc-ll, and Barbara Duley. SENIOR Q? Q! x J S MARY LOU HARRIS "Earth Angel" Mr. Phelps, Larry Bruce ANN C,xM1'B15LL DALE CANTIIELL "XVl1ithcr Thou Gocstv "The Naughty Lady Of Shady Lanev 1 ,Fo sn.. CLASS C11-LIIALD linxxoxm. Mosh Enwmms uEl2Cl'lUUi1lg,, "Lonesome Polecat' Fav lsr 1..,4 S-1 . JERRY HILL BILLY 11013145 XYILLIAINI KINSALL "Answer Me My Love" "Sweet Georgia Brown" "Spanish FircIu1ll" Doncrrm' Cuslct YVONNL-3 DOEHNI-311 ROBERT DOUCILAS BARBARA DULEY "Till Then" "Tlzat'.s All I Want From You" "High and the Mighty" "Mn Sandman" SENIUR CLASS NYARNEN COSSET1' EVALENH HARPER GEIQALU IIAIKPEII "I Low Paris" "Pcaclws 6: Cream" A'OlzI Puppy Time" HARD AT NVORK- Glenda Bryant EDWARD LEE Kumi SH1m.m' Lo::AN Basin Street Blues "Touch Mc Tuniglztv 5195? 5 7 ,nJ.:.r4... ., wp. -2,11-.2.g.5.A. , A- mvwlinskhgisi W'w-'4iQ-upvw.- fwmuniluimr :f-'A--hikliexh .,,' L 4-JM, x -.-.r-ik.. .L -,pkg - N.. N. '1 1..m.:,w ,4 wfr-14 4. - - . . ni nz ,. 1 ...a., -wzuwnmnmnks. 'fi' by Wi gg i "..:.' ' ' ' V f' 1ff'iq5' f J l 4 f -Qsgpysff z ' f335,5,L.g , . ff W A 2 A ,S first ..A A 5 ' ' 'I 1 - - , 4 . xf ti if X, xx., 9' 'S I , r' ,: K ' ! i i 5 ' A u , . " K a ffl ' 5 1, 1. 9 ...W It v" .A , 1-I -4, 1- ' .ibm- A52- 4 Mk 2 .1 r- f ,V 5 . ugh... .1 -,Q 'Y . 2 'Mr ' A 1 4 - V -v ,-H l. "WL ,, "Let Mc Go. Lorerv hIIL'lll'f-Y Of Stonev Z Clxm: IXICTCOIKNKIIKIK Rm' NICKENZIE FAYE TNIIIJKII-'lf "Make Love To Men "If You Airft Lovin' "'Sincerf'ly" You Ain't Liuinm .5 E' Lxwus SHATZSALL FRANK TIDWELL JOHN VOKES Coins In The Fountain" "Set Up Two Glasses, Joe" "Skokian" mfr In Righiz Q- in JUDY Mona "Smile', SENIOR CLASS VVarren Gossett, Buddy Kirk, Robert Douglass, and John Vokcs. PHx'1.1.1s XY1Ls0x SUE VVOOU ROBERT DOUGLASS "Speech contestant Winner" SENIUR AWARDS ELIZABETH AUSTIN V D. A. R. Award 5 i Sl HHLEY LOGAN F. II. A, Section 53 X'YfC'!'-Pl'l'SilIUlIl. K CLASS UFFIEERS Lcff fo Rights Lowa-ll ML-Cartlmy. Sl'fTl'CfII7'y Lvnorv Gmvvs, Trea.s'urc'r Cary Anderson, Vif'c'-Presidcrlf Sullv Blau-kcr. President Cary Andcrson Isabelle Aucl .IHIIICS And Juanita Awult R1-lm Burkc-1' Sally Blau-kcr Io Ann Bryant Aubrey Catlin Currie Cullison DCRIII Cullisml C. E. Dale- junc Deliourcl JUNIUR CLASS L. 2 .. ff: X -i 1 X.. "X 1 T. A riff' 21- W 'f '51, ff as ' ,R . g, ll Q . V iii. M. ri ' 'Q Q ' ,y . Q If HU' F14 , . I , sf P? S5?o"' ' gg: A 7 ,., , Q I JUNIUR CLASS ,J 41- li. EE 53: 1: ' , is Us J 5-.. I 1 ' fb.. Y' Sibyl YVils0n CLASS li. 1 1 -. Sz F QL 2: gl. , A1 5427. 4-4 v 'Ll I f 5- 43 .ii N in CLASS UFFIEERS Phyllis jordan, President Sandra Thomas, Vice-President Alma F orrcster, Secretary Leonard Bruce, Treasurer SUPHUMURE CLASS ,p Zvi B-14' 01 E J T Q V I 'T -Z' !""L, Curtis Allcn Sue Ellvn Austin Ray Ccnc Blazicr lcanettc Brooks Donnie Brown Leonard Bruce jesse Campbell Carolyn Campbell Carole Campbell Eugene Casewcll Kay Coffey Glenda Courson Nancy Croucli Donnie Douglas Ronald Downvn Put Duley Sliirln-y Dunixun Yvonnc Etlwarcls llc-lt-n Endicott Alina Iforre-sta 1 xlilllflki' Culvntinc- ,Indy Cnrrctt 'lorry Ciclcunilm Connio llzittoicl Douglas llnrpvr Cary Harpur Louis llurris liiclmrcl lluri is Carroll llcnson Donna I lcnson Rolx-rt llollalncl Ili-lcn lluffstutlmi Sliirli-3 llull lunv lolinson luck lolinson l'l1yllis jortl in Quinton KlllllIIl'l Kan' Knight Loretta L1-onlnng.,1r Ellis lXlk'CillllllllLlx ? It-r 63 1' l 9 fv 1' F? .a', fb -r fs' ,AQ if fu. 'aiyne YVhitesicle Kenneth NVilson Peggy Mears Teilru Moore jumes Moorman Kay Newby Dorothy Patton Donald Phillips Bill Pritchett Dwight Robinson Alec Robinson Kathryn Robinson Porter Rodgers Norma Rush Beatrice Satterfielcl Ethel Male Saltterfield Snzzlnn Shuin Eugenia Smith Larry Staley Vaughn Tznrramt Sandra Thomas Pauline Thompson Shirley Thurman loam VV2lI'I't'll Lulzlbelle NVheeler Gary XVhipple CLASS UFFICERS lionnic Haddock. President Kay Unch-rwood, Vice-Prcsiflent Pat Coffey. Secretary Barbara Mcllroy, Treasurer 2 i W Z.-9 FRESHMAN CLASS Dc mxlllal Acklcy Joyce Allen joc Aud Linda Aud Donna llvaun A k Duylc Blalkm Alma Bryn t y .gl Tlxclllul Brya 111 fv 'Pl' 'I on il? X XQX W , Z X 49 fl XVinniv Cuthcy Dm-lures Chiltmm PiltI'iL'iil Coffey Larry Duglcy il" .- 43 , I-. 174- Clb Larry Dejarnett Ianice Downen .lame-s F rench Paul Garlick Allen Rae Gcrdes Billy Could Iames Griffith Ronald Griffith Ronnie Haddock Indy Harlow Brenda Harper Jane-t Harris Martha Harris Charlotte Holland Lois Ann Hoskins Freddie Inboden Sharon Isaac Billy Johnson lorry johnson Betty Kinsall John Lace-field Louis LaRock Vinia May Frances Masscr Charles Mayberry Barbara Mcllroy Indy Meyer Emma Mills Clyde Miner Delores Moore Beverly Phillips Trella Pierce Sue Pritchett Ervin Ripperdcn Patricia Sawyer Mary Ellen Scott Sammy Tanner Frank Thompkins Bernard Thompson Tony Thompson Kay Underwood .Ierry NVhetsell Edward Walters Margaret XVillis FRESHMAN CLASS Compliments of JOHNSON HARDWARE NORRIS CITY gf, .Q f J 'al "HAIL, HAIL, THE EANG'S ALL HERE Ufzganizations .sf 'N ffm, , HQ. . x. 1 15 .As-If . if ,A V ,Q Q-ix if ,xiii K ny- ' :Q-2.1, 2,1f'4g'?'4:E - 1 .1553-21" .. ,XI x vk. A 4, . W " . v .wgw . . xi- Qf 5 -,w X 3 ,a ff , Ji H , . 2 4 f Q "' mis: W Ei:-w gi ,gf'3F1i 'S ' f H f 0, rg, -"v nag - . "?f"f , 54, 3. if - . ffffzyjg x i- , JR.. 4' , r 5 ,-' ,. f'I fu, 4?--'E 5 F 'ri' Y' 1 . x "r i A- ' 1 e--4-.-' s .' ' f f .14 ' ' , fjviu' ,i f v t v . f ., . . V-f , 3 Q 'ff C , ' 'K 5 ,. , , lmfl lu Right: L 0 u i s lmllrmult, ll il y K u i ig In t, Eclvvzml Ulivvr. Mt-lvin Douglas, lframlc SilNVyl'l'. lc-rry llill, Nl r. D il y i s, llmlmm Dulc-y, Yumm- lJUt'l'lII'I'. Linclzz llnrris, Buclcly Kirk, Bliss llurris, Mrs. Scott. Frrmt Rout Lefl lu Right: S 0 n n y Xl'urtllow, La1rryDvIur- nvtt. xlilfj' jam- NYickvr. Gln-mln Bryant, Shirlvy Logan, Shirls-x' Slinkvr, Curolc- llurluw. Phyllis jordan, and L 0 i s Ann Iloskins. Editor : GLENDA BRYANT Business Manager: MARY JANE WICKEB R ll A . . . I CARDINAL STAFF lirlilnr. tilvmlan liryzuitg liu.sim'.w .l1llHIlgl,'l'. Mary -lame' lYicltc-rg .lfl1'r"1'li.s'i11,Q .l,IllIIl,L'fK.'l', Shirley Logan: Svnior Erlifnrx. Yvmmc- lJOl'l'll0l', li:u'lJz11'z1 Duleyz Iimim' lfrlilnrs, Carole' llurlow. Shirlcy Slinkvr: Snplmnmrc I'f1lilm:s. Phyllis .lm-clam, Kay Cot-feyg Snplumimf' Iiclilulw, Phyllis IO1'Klilll, Kay Coffvyg l'll'l'-SIIIHIIH lfflifnrx, Lois lluslxins, l,lll'lij' lJl'Illl'llCttQ lfiglztlz Grarlz' liflilnrs. Lincln llurris, N11-lvin Doug- lusg Plwlrgqrrlplzy Staff. lorry llill, liclwurcl Oliver: Spurfs Ifllifnrs. Louis l,.:1l'louk, Kay Knightg Ar! Ifrlilnr. lluclcly Kirk: Sprm.wr1'.s'. Hr, Davis, Nlrs. Scott, Miss llurris. Phoroqmphefz IERRY HILL ,411 -6 .- 11 gr! ,W qi , 3 3'-." , Y D" -infra: A Advertising Manager, SHIRLEY LOGAN WE, THE MEMBERS OF THE 1955 CARDINAL STAFF have worked hard trying to produce a bigger and better yearbook this year. We hope that you feel that the additional cost for the year-book this year has been well spent. THE STAFF LVN lu Right: Sponsors: Miss Harris, Mr. Davis, Mrs. Scott CARDINAL STAFF STAFF AT WORK Back Rowg Left to Right: Downeng T. Kirkg D. Morelu-nd, E. Smith, E. ML-Cornmick, I. johnson, P. Rodgers, M. Douglas, B. South. Front Row: Mr. Larson, sponsorg F. Midkiff, E. Austin, D. Cantrell, S. Slinkcr, Mr. Black- cr, sponsor. THE STUDENT COUNCIL is the governing body of the school. 5 T U D E N T Mr. C. G. Blacker and Mr. Iames Larson are the sponsors. There are fifteen members in the council and each year one C U U N C I L active and one apprentice is elected from each class. The next year the apprentice is elected. Thus, each class has three delegates. Sally Blacker, Liz Austin and Denzil Moore- head attended the State Student Council meeting in Peoria this year. Officersg Lcfl to Right: Shirley Slinlcer, Truzls1l1'c1'g lstlyl' Midkiff, Secretary: Dale Cantrell. Vice-Prcsiflzfrlfq Liz Aus- tin, Presidcnfg Sally Lou Blucker, District Pres-iderit. STUDENT COUNCIL MEETING -4, ,4,..,,.Q ?.' 59 1'H1NI limb: lmfl IU RIQIIII M. Xl'lL'li0l', D. c1llSll'. NI. L. llztrris C.. Blflllll. lt. Austin. S. Nluml, D. Dnlm-y, lu. Ili-auii. I". Xliclliilil. Y. Ilovriivr, -I. Nloyc-, S. lallgllll, XI. I,0llSIl1l1'd., P. XYilmn. Sr'r'om1 Hunt: Lvlit to lliglil: I.. Anal, ll. llairpt-r. S. Nlilson. .-X. l"0l'L'SIl'l', C. Courson. P. Douglas. L. Cmve-s. Y. Maw. P. llmlgt-rs. lt. Pmrlwr, P. Cnlicy, ll. liintliuitt. D. lit-uin, Y. Bryant, C. Cullison. Thirrl Ituwg lmfl In ltigllfz Nl. llairris, IS. Phillips. I". XYilsmi, P. llllltw, S. 'l'limims. 'l'. l'it-ru-, S. llull, K. Unclcrwoocl. S. Slmin, Y. l'lrlw.1rcls. li. N1-wlmy, C. Cruiiplu-ll. D. Dixon, Itilt-ji, P. IIQINIIIIPSOIL nl. NYnri'c'ti. Fuurlli limug Left I0 ltigfilz J. Axxnlt. li. Iloskins. lDl'IIOill'tl, S. BILll'Ii4'l'. S. Sliiikm. C. ll.irlmv. I. lla-Imp, C. Xlt-Nlnrty. D. llcnsmi, P. blortlon, C. Cmuuplxt-ll. S. Ilillllflllllll. ll. llinllstlltlt-i', Y. lfloytl. M. Xlillspzuigli. P. Nic-urs. I. Anil, lf. Nliclliiff. ll. Nlillspnugli, P. 'Ilillt-y, Xlrs. Dial. Fifllz Huw: Imfl In Iliglil: lil. Nlills. I. liryamt. -I. Duwnt-n. S. Isaac. -I. Brooks, II, Garrett, A. Ilusltills. N. ltusli, llnrris, nl. Nluycrs, S. Sl'QtQ,'I'LlYt'S, C, IIA,-r,,l1,.q L' Wi,,.,.1,.,, 'lf IXIUUI1-, X. Cl4tJlli'Il, I. Ilurlow. Allrn. Sixth Hou: Lcfl In liiglzlz D. Patton. C. llalliliuul. Xl. S.uttcrl'it-ltl. B. Sntlt-1't'it-ltl, S. Austin, Y. ll.1l'forql, E. Smith. li. Nlcllruy, Nl. Willis, NY. Caltlivy, ll, lxilimlll, D. Ch iltun. D. Nluorv. P. Smith. A. liryauit, B. johnson. THE G. AA. IS SPONSORED by our Physical Education teacher, Mrs. Geraldine Dial. The major activities are to either send two G A A' girls to the state GAA camp, or use the funds to benefit the school ' ' ' and to conduct sports discussions, sports demonstrations and sports recreations. Membership shall be open to all girls and the physical education director shall be a member ex-officio. Upon three suc- cessive absences your membership shall be forfeited. The main objective is to promote interest in girls' physical training in recrea- tion, health and sportsmanship. COME ON GIRLS, LET'S GO' LET'S NOT GET TOO ROUGH First Rowg Left to Right: A. Hoskins, N. Crouch, I. De-Board, Logan, D. Dixo.1, S. Slinker, E. Austin, T. Moore. Second Row: C. Harlow, Y. Edwards, J. XVarren, H. Enlicott, C. Ilafford. T. Pie-rt-c, P. Mears, V. Bryant, A. Bryant, Third Row: C. Harrolle, S. Thomas, J. Garrett, C. Cullison, M. L. Harris, S. NVoocl, 1. Moyv, E. Beam, Y. Docrner, C. Bryant. Fourth Row: E. Hoskins, S. Shain, S. Blacker, Ilollancl, D. Bc-am, QI. Dt-Lap, D. Chilton, D. Moore, B. Phillips, F. WVilson, M. Harris, J. Brooks, ll. lluffstutler, B. Harper, K. Newby, Miss Harris. Fifth Row: M. Scott, V. Floyd, C. Campbell, I. Meyers, L. Aud, E. llarpcr, S. Pritchett, j. Downcn, I. Harris, S. Isaac, S. Dunivan. Sixth Row: W. Cathey, P. Douglas, L. Graves, Vina Mac, B. Mclroy, B. lohnson, B. Kinsall, M. NVillis, K. Underwood, S. Thurman. THE FHA IS SPONSORED by our Home Economics Teacher, Miss F- H I 'A I Iacqueline Harris. The major activities are to send one represen- tative to State FHA camp, sponsor a style show each spring. sponsor a "Hobo Day" and to take part in sectional Activities. The requirements for membership is taking Home Economics for at least one semester. We have the honor of saying that this is the first year in the history of our school that We have had a section officer from here. 'COME AND GET IT" "ATTENTION PLEASE" '76 First Row: ll. ML-Kr-iizic-, A. Catlin. D. Shaw, XV. Kinsall, C. xltflOTllllllCli. D. NVnltt-rs. I". lJocrm'r. C. Short, H. Slinker, zxclvisor. Second Row: R. NVtiltt-rs, C. ltlaiylwrry, C. llurpt-i', -I. Tyler, XV. llolxlxs, D. Brown. 1. Citlcinulm. C, llcnson, B. 'lll10lllDS0ll. Tl1ir1IR0w: B. Could, L. Stailcv. li. Nlolilvy. lt. Criffitli, K. XVilson, ll. litlwtmls. D. Douglas, j. Aud, D. Hurpcr, C. Ilnrpvr. Buck How: L. Brucc, I. Martin. I. Turpin. P. Rodgers, E. Mt-Corninick, C. Mint-r, T. Tliotnpson, J. Kinsall, D. Henson, li. Douglas. THE F. F. A. CLUB is sponsored by our agriculture teacher, Mr. Henry Slinker. Our major activities are to participate in fairs and F F A other contests: provide community services: and recreation. To ' ' ' become a member you must be enrolled in Vocational Agriculture: be of high school age and you must have a saitsfactory farming program. The main objectives are to develop competent, aggres- sive rural and agriculture leadership, and to strengthen the con- fidence of farm boys and young men in themselves and their work and to develop character, train for useful citizenship, foster patriot- ism. As usual, the club sponsored the annual F. H.A. and F.F. A. watermelon social. C. Mt-Cormniclc. l'rc'sicl011fg F. Dm-rner, Secreturyg XY. Kinsull. Trc'11.s-ln'z'1'g D. Sliuw, Vice l'resi1Ientq D. Xvillit'l'S. ItUpm'fv1'g C. Short, Sentinel. AN EXHIBIT -.---1-...-I Strip ...-,iwzfuj Q ?"3"y550nu ivy! IRL? fi First Rows C Hlrrollc. 5 5f.lg1'lV6S 5 XVood, B. Duley, M. L.llurris, Y. Docrnv. C. Bryant, F. VVilson E. Hos- kins Awilt Seaoncl Row Riley S. X'Vilson, L. Graves, C. llurlow, D. Dixon, D. Cusic, E. Begun, M. VVickcr, A Cunplmll R Birker E Hfnrper Nlr. Davis, sponsor. Tlzirzl Row: E. Oliver, L. McCarthy, B. Lydick, M. Eclwlrds H Pleis mt L Bruce P xxlllldllw, XV. XVhipple, j. Slmtzsull, I. And. The F. B. L. A. Club is sponsored by our commercial teacher Mr. Davis. Our major activity is sponsoring the school paper. Requirements for membership is to be a member of at least one commercial class. This club was formed to develop competent, aggressive business leadership: to create more interest and understanding in the intelligent choice of business occupations: to encourage members to improve the home and community: and to improve and establish standards for en- trance into store and office occupations. GO GIRLS GO' 'DIG THAT CRAZY LOWELL" Firsl Rows L. Laltock, j. Laceficlcl, J. Slrutzsall, B. Kirk, L. Delurnctt, I. And, W. Allcn. Second Row: D. Can- trvll, G. Edmunds, R. Douglas, VV. Gossett, L. Dagley, XV. NVl1itcsiLlc, Mr, Dejurnctt. Third Row: D. Buttry, R. Ilucldock, I. IIill, L. Bruce, I. Vokes, S. Tanner, B. Hobbs, A. Cerdes. THE HI-Y CLUB is sponsored by our assistant Superintendent, Mr. Delarnett. Our major activity is operating the check-room during H I - Y basketball games. The club was formed to create, maintain, and extend in the school and community high standards of Christian character. Its platform is "Clean Speech," "Clean Scho1arship," "Clean Athletics," and "Clean Living," and its motto is, "Service Four-Fold Development, and Christian Manhood." Requirements for membership include having good moral character and must be voted in by seven-eighths majority of the membership. VVHAT A WAY TO MAKE A LIVIN' SOME MEETING First Row: L. LaR0ck, K. Knight, II. Aud, B. Kirk, R. Duuglas. C. Edmunds. I. Iolmson, D. Cantrell. Second Rows E. Beam, C. Cullison, K. Newby, C. Campbell, N. Crouch. Y. Edwards. E. Hoskins, I. Awalt. I. Nloyc. L. Graves. Third Row: Mr. Mellroy, S. Blat-kt-r, I. Harlow, A. Forrcstt-r, S. Austin, E. Smith, F. Massc-r, S. NVoud B. Iolmson, I. Allen, Thomas, I. Garrett, P. Douglas. Fuurflz I-Imr: li. Oliwr, M. Edwards, XV, Guest-tt. P. XVil- liams, I.. Daglvy, I. Ilill, I. Vokcs, S. XVardlow, NV. Allen. THE SCIENCE AND CAMERA CLUB is sponsored by Mr. Oral Mcllroy. The major activities are Camera projects and the dark-room and different Science projects. The main objectives are to get better understanding of all things in regard to sci- E A ence: and to develop scientific attitudes and methods. The requirements for membership are those that a student must have at least one year of science, or be taking science at the present time and must have passing grades in their work. DEVELOPING PICTURES QUIT SHOVIN' s VI First Row: Left to Right: C. Cullison, K. X1-why, S. Bluckt-r. C. Caunlmcll. N. Crum-ll. Y. Eclxvurds, T. Moore, P. Coffee, D. Aclcley. Svcmul How: S. XVRIIKIIOW, H. Endicott, P. Rodgers. lf. Smith, I. D1-liourd, Moyc. B. Hobbs. Nlrs. 'l'l1ompsun. Third Row: K. Knight, A. Ccrdes, B. Kirk, C. Edmunds, L. Duglcy, R. Haddock, R. Douglas, D. Morehead, I. Lucefielrl, L. Dejurnett. THE DRAMATICS CLUB is sponsored by our English I and II D R 'A M A T I E S teacher, Mrs. Ernestine Thompson. Our major activities are plays and readings. Requirements for membership is to have an interest in learning to act. The objectives are to provide E I' U B dramatic training and to provide a better understanding oi dramatics. We try to help members give and take criticism in an objective manner for the good of the group: improve social poise through bodily coordination and voice control: improve speech and to learn the use of various stage props. GOSSIP??? SAYS WHO? nv--ra u- xc? l" Huw: lt. Plcalsamt. Sllaltzull, S. XVAKTCNOW, XV. Cossvtt, D. More-lwzul, Iolmson, XV. Allen. Srwuzll Huw: E. Mublz-y, XV. Kinsall, B. Lydick, B. Hobbs, F. Sawyer, I.D. Cole. Tlzircl Huw: C. Dale, F. Docrncr, P. Rodgers. L. Bruce, R. Garlick, D. Buttry, I. Leonburger. SPURTSMAN CLUB THE SPORTSMAN CLUB is sponsored by our Ind. Arts teacher, Mr. I. D. Cole. The main objectives of the club are to teach sportsmanship, conservation, wildlife, gun and personal safety, cooperation between farmer and sportsman, better and safer ways of hunting, fish and game laws, and anything pertaining to the interest of the sportsman to improve conditions and make better sportsmen in this community. The membership is limited to 20 members which must be approved and voted on each year by the old membership. A few of the major activities are quail liberation, wild life study and reports, visits to state game farms, hunting procedures, safety, demonstrations and discussions, and various activity pertaining to the objectives. OFFICERS AND SPONSOR DON'T SHOOT ME " , as in l.4'jl In liisflzlz lt. l'lm-alsnut, L. Brucv. S. Nllircllow, B. Ilolmlms, I. -Iolmson. l bm r B In Swond Row D Caunlrm-ll. XY. Kinsull, l. Mills, P. Roclgcrs, C, NlL'Clll'llllL'k, P. XYilli:uns. R. D0u1,l lS B lxlrlx Mr ml THE N. C. CLUB is sponsored by our coach, Mr. Charles Dial. Our major activities are: annual all-day outings and fund raising projects, such as Dairy Day stand and selling adver- tisements for the score sheets for ballgames. The boy must be willing to maintain the high ideals of good sportsmanship. fair play and loyalty to school philosophy. He must also have been awarded a varsity letter. H I H Bill Lvclick, I'rc.s'i1ICn1 Llrrx Bruce Vwe Preswlent QUIT WIGGLIN. lhml Williams, Scuatany Truzsurer Loft lu Right: Edward Oliver. Mrs, Scott. Donna Dixon. Patsy Talley. Yumm- l1:dXYlll'dh. Doris Gcrdcs. Ilclcn jcaui Endicott. LIBRARIANS are not selected: it is on a voluntary Il I B R A R I A N S basis. The sponsors are Mrs. Scott, Doris Gerdes. Their able work is recognized each year at Class Day. "DUE IN TWO WEEKS." "LET'S KEEP 'EM STRAIGHT" . - 1. Q.-'1 ln- Lvfl In Right, lfilwt Hows lt. Pleasant, I. Turpin, M. Edwards. L. Nh-.-X1'tl13., E. Caswell, I. Aud, A. Forrester, S. Austin. ll. Douglas. L. Crux cs. Second How: S. Slmin, Y. Dovrnt 11 B. Dull-y, Dc-Board, C. Bryant, S. Logan, M. llnrris, l', 'llilli-y, M. Rlillspnugli, E. Midkiff, C. Cullison. Third Hou: C. Courson, il. Awallt, B. Kinsall, B. MC- llroy. lf. Bcinn, li. Hoskins, D. Dixon, P. Iorclaln. A. Cannplwll, P. Mi-.n's, Nl. NVillis. T. Pierce, XV. Cathy, S. -lllltblllilk, C. Cmnpln-ll. Fcmrlla Row: Mrs. Niunic, J. Garrett, S. XVoml. S. Blnclccr, N. Crouch, C. Hnrrolle, A. lloskin-4, D. Henson, L. XVheeler, I. Moyers, E. Harper, T. Moore, ltilvy. Fifth Row: L. Dejurnctt, B. Hob bs, C. Allen, S. NVurdlow, B. Lydick, 1. Hill, C. NVh.ipple,C. Miner, C. Short, B. Tyler, R. Douglas, F. Sawyer. THE CHORAL CLUB is sponsored by our Music Teacher, Mrs. Iackie Namie. The major activity is singing cmd working together to develop vocal skills. The requirement for mem- bership is being ci student of Norris City-Omaha Community Unit No. 3 High School. Our objectives are to develop music ability: to develop a lasting and continuous love for music: and to develop interest in songs oi different times and types. This past year the Choral Club sponsored the first operetta that had been given in the past several years. EHURAL CLUB CALL THE ROLL CHORAL CLUB OFFICERS I. . f t mnmmlmif' Iligl C HIGH SEHUUL M 0 at Q, BHURUS AND ft, MADRIGALS ' Firxl Rmug Left to R1 his A lorlcstcr S Fhllllllk C Courson C Culhsou E. Smith, N Crouch S AIISUII Burl lime II lrold Skelton Duettm I And B. llohhs, B. Lydick lllll XY V hlpplc P 11011551 rs lx knight L DLI umtt 4 . ...... . g. 2 4 if an Li: A2lPK4"w2rv X5 . Q , ,.f' A , i 1 .. I Fira! Rmug I.c'fl tu Rights I. Downen, S. Wbod, NV. Cathy, M. NVillis, S. Tholmls, Garret, N. Crouch, S. Shnin. K. Nr-why, E. Ilglrpvr. Scf:on1IH0w: Mrs. Namie S. Harrollv. B. Duley, 'l'. Pierce, B. Kinsaill S. Logan, E. B1-um. Y. Doc-rncr, lf. W'ilson, P. Mears, I, Mvyers, A. Campbell, C. Caunphr-ll, P. Jordon. L. NVhvelcr. Third Horus C. Cullison, L. IJL'-lilI'Xlt'tf. C. Conraon, E. Smith, 1. And. C. Allvn. B. lluhha, -I. llill. XV. NVhipplc', L. Craws, P. Douglas, A. Forrester, D. Moore. "CI-XPTIVATING CORA MRS. IACQUELINE NAMIE Director MEMBERS OF THE CHORUS are selected by try- outs. All students desiring to participate in the Chorus make appointments with the music teach- er, Mrs. Iacqueline Namie, for try-outs early in the school year. Credit is given to those who participate in Chorus work each year. Members of the Chorus have been very co-operative in singing between acts of various plays, for the school operettas, and also. for the graduation ceremony. MRS. NAMIE at the piano. Carrie Cullison, and Larry Delarnett NORRIS CITY HIGH SCHOOL BAND Back Rowg Left to Rights C. Campbell, A. For- rester, B. Kirk, G. Bryant, C. Allen, L. Dejur- nett, K. Knight, L. Lalilock, V. Tarrant, G. Harper, S. Thurman, E. Orr, Brooks, P. Duley, D. Dixon, S. Slinker. V. Floyd, L. Graves, E. Harper. Second Row: C. Dills- worth, I.. K. llurris. S. Mayberry, II. XVhetsell, I. Lawn-fic-lcl, S. Thomas, I. Moye, K. Under- wood, J. Morehead, l'. ltoclgcrs, Hill. Tllircl Row: Y. Dot-rrwr. L. Hoskins, E. Austin, C. Courson, Y. Eclwurcls, N. Crouch, K. Newby, D. Tabor, C. Allen, I. Awarlt. Fourth How: S. Blucker, M. L. Harris. E. Hoskins, S. Shain, T. Moort-, K. Nloyu, M. llnrpt-r, A. Gurdon. 1... Dilglcy, XV. Gossett, lt. llaulclock, S. VVz1rcl- low, D. Morehead. The band was started in 1931 by Dr. F. C. Yeck, of Peoria, Ill., and G. C. Blacker. At that time there were 16 players in the group For the first year the band had no uniforms, but during the 2nd year they had cardinal capes, white duck trousers, and bell boy hats. In 1938 the band then bought cardinal coats with white belts and cardinal caps. They were worn with white cot- ton trousers. In 1950 the band bought their pres- ent new uniforms. The band has played all over southern Illinois in the past few years for various occasions. Playing for fairs, horse shows, home- comings, ball games, concerts and various other events. Varsity Majorettes Lvfl Io Right: V i 0 l 0 t If l o y cl, Donna Dixon. Shirley Sliuker, Lenorn Gnu os. Drum-nuzjor. lifzf I ll, V r -AR-7 'fax . fy? 'W"Q NURRI5 CITY HIGH SCHUUL BAND AT EASE Our Director, MR. BLACKER Iunior Varsity Majorettes Lcfi Io Rigflzfs Sllirlcy 'l'hurmzm. Ellllllil Lou Orr. Ivallwttc Brooks, Put Dulc-y. I I R. . 1 5 . I L ,I 'L 1 ia, x XFQJDQ.. "TAKE ME UUT TU THE BALL GAME uqilzlefics .' A 5.7. , . L-,iffilijz I V 952.3-.-?f1' -gf,.,,g,,-,.,,,--8. 2. I . .W s -, ,,,!..1f,.5,.' 7,2 n . gif 543. . ' .f.:-3...f. ' - ' :- 5 1 , HM uh 'N 4 o , if-16 . Y 1.34: 3 -22: 'fx I 'NGK f Y XX ff V24 R l , ' " ., - Q W A "SX: I .7 Aa, Z qv S' , A . 'T-25, ' b 54-LV ,f 1f":vrf-1 1 fl? .rf ,-g.wp'.g.'j - wi A3115 ' 'Q M lfw A 'Y' A ' -Abs in BASKETBALL Williams scores for the Cardinals l"rnnl Ruuf: Nlxmxmgwa Knight and Lnllock. Sl'f'llllfI Iimr: Cunlrvll, 1A'Ull2ll'Cl Brmw-. llnlvlms. XY111'dlcm', S mx xx I Iuhnscm. llmrl linut Cfmlrlz Dual, Xulws. I4flllK'k. Larry Bl'llCK', C. Xlc-Cmwnic-k. li. Nic-Cmmick. XX'illiaum Xm IN XYulh-rw. .Xl11nu,ur'r. -g-1...-. llllosu-0-0 i . Q is l G r . X . ,: - -, f , . I Clyde Throws one from the corner OPPONENT Carrier Mills New Harmony McLeansboro Metropolis Crossville Albion Carmi Grayville McLeansboro Crossville Equality Cario Eldorado JUNIOR VARSITY Left to Right: Mr. Nlcllroy, Tony Thompson. Robert Ilollamcl, Larry Dagley Ellis Mr-Corumick, Clmrlcs Miner, Ronnie Haddock. Curtis Allvu, Coach Dial Bottom Hour: Donniu Douglas, Clmrlcs Mayberry. Donald Brown, Ccrry Gidcumb, john Lace-field, Larry Dcjurnett, Bernard Thompson. SEASON REEURD w E 'r H EY 54 44 58 S8 57 53 53 63 69 59 54 55 30 32 68 66 53 57 49 44 58 38 84 90 58 72 OP PO N E N 'r w E Ridgeway 35 Albion 65 Grayville 6 l Carrier Mills 54 loppa 64 Fairfield 58 MCLEANSBORO TOURNAMENT McLeansboro B7 Albion 62 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Carrier Mills 48 THEY 55 7l 43 59 48 56 71 44 50 f-'S T n Qfrifgif - f 141 1, p"."C" " lg, T 3- . t",lS.ga4xFb0 lb H' ai.,-'. uvl'.ng,,. -N fn 5 1 '. x "f.:n:T,cl7a --Ulf' as X w -' I . QI.,-I gs ,. , . " T--AH 4' A ' L, ga. - ' , QM 'AA I ,, 1 x .X ,A vi 7' ' 9 "w New Q LJ Ak . If A , Y' - '- : 1 My ,. 1 . r, 1 4 ,H Q ., ' ' " fn .i H , V. I , . , . 5 , i X , l A I, . - i I 'V ' ' , , ,x . J ,' . f l N- fff '1 A '5 fx A . qi 1 u JCJHMIS CXTH y,ff"f'xiE:'x ' iff' HIGH SCHOOL fv .f ,, ,t ,I IOS-1 .Yu Bfxnifr-11,4111 F3rkxml,x?f' x' - ', ' I uomg r.,x-urs -Q j mwfmwl Q2 Q vw M V, :Al K Uv fm, Sw 's1..f . ' '15 g f .,. m X , by-14, fx 'I mn.-y cl.. ' '-runny I N-W vu 1 n, ' f-www cp X 5 1 K - .m.,,. .M WQQW ,r'..,. r , . , A A K. .1 v L k V.-.Nw A-, K. . v ' ',,. I- VIH .' ff.-um'-v 4 J , 1 " 4. UQVIIIQJ 4 ' ny! f u 1' ' V Wm. xv ,, M, I nflvx X .fl .fy 1 1 .V -. I W A, un v. :HM v, 4I', V ' 4 fl., I" m..w v c. ' l ' ' ' f m,1.,H s ,- ' ' lf.-1 , - . VI-ln" Cu' Q Q f Q5 4 Y , ,, ,','v 1 . v., N Z 'x it N YY ffl-K .Y z , I V J - ,, is 1: X' 1' i M ' X K ,, x e vf': - ,Z fy' l VK 6' '- s -4 .E f,!.A, ., pygmy, ska. 0: ., ya, if in vflv' "'h-' w 1, Y, -w Ui ,f r . '50, , --ffl. -,Z 1,wvr ,,, . -slang, v-'bb .- 105 ', .' 'W-.f'g' :.,X "LOCOMOTIVE" Suzic Slmin, Alum' Dcllonrd, Glc-ncln Bfyillll, Sully liluclccly lxaly Umlcrwoocl, Bltl'll.ll'il Dulvy. CHEERLEADERS :frf2SlW9 Managers: Kay Knight, Donald XVa1lters, Louis Lultock. THE CHEERLEADERS t h i s y e a 1' were elected by vote of the student body. They Were: Glenda Bryant, Senior: Barbara Duley, Senior: Sally Blacker, Iuniorg lane DeBorad, lunior: Suzann Shain, Sopho- more: Kay Underwood, Freshman. They are sponsored by Mrs. Geraldine Dial, the girls Physical Education instructor. These people have certain standards to uphold throughout the year. They must be passing in all subjects, have good con- duct in school and out, and they must be capable of leading the crowd. On Thurs- day nights, the girls met to work out new routines for yells. They have done var- ious tumbling stunts in their yells at the ballgames. BASEBALL THE CARDINAL BASEBALL TEAM under Coach Dial had a good Fall record. The first game of the year was against the Crossville High School and a few pitches went wild and we dropped our season open- er by the score of 9 to 6. Two weeks later Crossville journeyed to Norris City and the Cardinals got hot and sent Crossville home with a 12 to 4 loss. Our final game of the short Fall season was a close contest with the Grayville Bisons. The Cardinals came through with a victory, 6 to 4, playing the last few innings in near darkness. The same team is back for the Spring portion of the baseball season and they have a strong de- termination to win. lfirst Row: Ciclcumli. NIOl't'l1L'illl. Dckluructt. Iolmson, Lyclick, Plczlsalnt. Douglas, Camtrc-ll, Lucvfivld. Second Row: llohbs. llztdclock. E. NlcC0rmnick. C. NlcC0rnmick. Dztglcy, Kinsall. Edwards. Yllllters, Manager. Third Row: LaRock. Manager, Com-I1 Dial, Knight, Manager. BASEBALL S C H E D U L E OPPONENTS WE THEY Crossville 6 9 Crossville 12 4 Grcyville 6 4 'S Dale Cilllll't'll Ellis Mccorlnick Moutv Edwards Alcrry flidtillllb Ronnie llalclclovk Robert Douglas luck lulmson -Dcnzil Morvhvald -Larry Duglcy Bill Lydick lolm Lalcclic-lcl Ricllalrcl l'lm-nszllll Clydm- Nh-C zr1'u11 ick -Bill llnbhs KA NSCHUUL DAYS 5761616 86,1001 5 B V m L: Z1 , s , 'a S 3 . C I ll vat I 4 .s It . I .sl x Q s . a Q ol, , .si A Q 'Xu 0 lf o O 4 .J 'D 'Q pl' gil ,ivlfa .Ol ncog'l" . no. . Q ,its 5 ' s . C as 'vk '. ' e' ." ' 0 , , , 'O 4 st 'c' ' ,'xts io' 0 .U I is 5 I Q U -.,'a, .'4, I I , o,.s,.,,. . Q 'pO'.s' , .Q, in O' O fic .Q z n.g .".1,,", Q. 'g "s,'.s.aa' S O R, . u . Q ng... " .',"s5 ,.. ' , + 4 l , 'sf' .H ., ,Q .,' O." fx oo' C . Q' 'lvl' ' 'gf-.1-"' g ,Q N ,."" v.X.,'t4050' Og. Y fo Q ,.,.Qa 40000. fi . 4' HS' .g0o0' 0 I X . ,. vu. so , a , 0' .'l' ' 1" .0 0" Don" 1' .Q I 000000. , ..- ,.' 'oo' 0 uso' .. Q10 Q ,Q ... 1 'n 'ea s 1 Q s n .- I I . V ' 1" .1 .a". .1 . ..a' . ,f I.: 1 na' Q ,Q ' .i 0 a v oi' u A ,R , I r 1 if 3 lf v 6 If A ' fb. ,45- A., f k ,Y Q. .I ' I ,, f , tp .tl ' I fs' ' 1' Qi 'Q' V s kinja " ffw- ' zfivrv, . jg. ,. I? ii., .N X . .1 K, R. ' A ,, Q - 1 5. ' ,W 5- ffflv 1 -1545-5 .1-i a K - - v- -.Lf 1 'S' DJ? A., ' 3 , X 'SJW ' .gfwrf ' . if-5 ' ' ' we M fi ' ' ,41,"f- ff , 1 ls' .1 'gh ffm Q - r - . .-'ff' f I 1"'k I' A P' -A , .aff ' .Y . , rw .--7 Y 1- - ..,f., , vhgagx,-.53, slzxnl Vs,h'!h!-J , t K I 1 , ,I kdm If 'F "Ffa 55' .-'fi v Ve ' ,HW " x5f's',1"". .H I Ur -. K um 5 I 4 r " .4 GRADE SEHUUL PRINCIPAL5 CRET R 6 r - Gt ff -vw 49' 3-27 ,Y Y YSQKX 'UE X Q 'N '15 3 DORIS M ILLSPA UCI I First Grade FAY MOORE Third and Fnurth. Grade NVILBUR MOYIC Sixth Grade XY. D. NORRIS Physical Ecliuwtimi VIRGINIA Pl LAN D Sccmul Grafh' CORA PIIELPS 'l'hir11 Grurh' JOYCE CUESTELL Fifth mul Sixth Grade R UTH CUl'IS'l'EI, L If igh th Grade ZULA QU I LLNIAN Fi rst Grade FACULTY FACULTY HRS. RUBY SHORT I"mu'tlc Grade XIISS Rl7'l'll Slill"l'IR'l' Ar! I IARULIJ S Kl'fI,'l'0N liigfhflz Grmlf' NIHS. SARAH SPICYCE Ififlh Crmlf' K XIAIXIIQ 'Isl IUXIPSOX Fifth Crmlz' MHS. IJORHIS XVOOD I .Uu.s'ic' , Hrs. Ndlllilx. Mrs. Piland i....v Y f I 'iq 'zo 'ft rv' -4-df' "Ni +P Ronnie Ahsher 'ua P Doris Agles ,4 - . -.-W VA 'D - - , 'A 2 - s rf Carolyn Aud - Q t 3 f X 3, ,Q -I: ' 4 Laveda Aucl I 1 'l ' " A - . E Richarcl Aucl - X j ' -fa -- , ' " 'R nnie Austin X' - V' 5 ' 4 C X C' ng. ' in , , jf - - f -- . K B I nu. f . -yu ' , 4 lgixzy, Sammy Austin "T A " ' A e ---' N , fm Q C. M. Awlat jj W . : Q 'J " ' . ,A -y N, .X if ff - " Bill Ayer S J, xg Shelby Bell 4 5 i' K .- Larrv Bishop , . . . 'X f . U .,,-' Billy Blyth - -' A' ' - ' , ' l , , l a f' 1 -"' ,- Jean Brooks , i ...M V t av- 'W 'Q "' '-X X 5 Linda Brown qt ,Q 1 1 Bonnie Browning ' 'V 1,1 . Larry Bryant il, .. X i I i l i,..a'.i f Ralph Bryant if if 3'-V lei' Jeannie Carter 1 1 lv ,X . Bctty CllSi.y v 53:3 mf H Stella Catlin 5 'S W, I' 'Y ...- , Q 5' Martha Cole -gr . n W' " .x'f' h llarriet Cullison .E -' X 4 X ' Carl DeBoard '-. Q. - 'fi , w -4.2-1.x-Y ,.. . ,, -pr i-jr: Charlotte Delap ' 3 -M WE: 31 I Aw Connie Dillswortll """"'i Q H Ellen Doerner Melvin Douglas I . vs Kenny Downen my L . ,,,- 5- Barhara Endicott qi! B, x X l w. ' ,Q 4 - 1 ...Q ,. 'W s - Peggy Farris J 3 1 Ltiltlltl Fulkerson V W 3. Roy Gcrken T: V- x -'gg Roger Cihhs Q' - ' Veda ClilClllIllJ I bf , -F I 2.-fl. . ,vt h .4 .f'.1:?gE,T.gV 1. "it i '-P3t.,.2Q!, ..,:. ILIINCS Creatllouse Ioann Green u Lester llafforcl 'fi' "' V' . it , Richard llillllllfilll A is M. f -. 5- N .1 Phillip Harper A xi 'el L , i . vs .4 'K' ar, .,...:, lb, x - pg is. Linda llarris Kenneth Ilarrison Hay Henson Carolyn Ilerron Brenda Hill ' -r w-wgff 1 5' v J he O Donald Satterfield Bobbie Shroats Linda Shupcrt Barbara South XK'ilma Spence Richard Sutton Eclcliv Thompson Jerry Thurman Nora Tinlwcll Doris XValtcrs Phillip VVarren Lori-nc XVheclcr ljlllllllt XX llh uns Huh ircl XX llll uns Q7 Robert Askley Patsy Allen Donald Austin Leon Austin Sue Austin Linda Ayer Genevieve Bamett Paul Bartley Robert Bartley jimmy Beam Iimmy Blythe james Boyd Bill Brasel Ray Brooks Iudy Bruce Anna Sue Bryant Jerry Bryant Frank Campbell Richard Carter Iohn Crouch SEVENTH GRADE . 15- 1 ' 4 ,1 Sammy Delap Margaret Durbin Tommy Kholson Betty Lou Griffith johnny Hale Marilyn Harper Peggy Harper Sue Ann Harper Dean Healy Patsy Hedger Andrew Herron Dinah Holtzclaw Iames Isaac Rosie james Freeman Johnson Doris Phillips Donald Hoiney Gerald Shain Richard Tabor Larry Tarrant lYalter Tidwell Indy Vickers Sheridan Nvheeler Melba VVhipple Stephen NVl1itcsicle Larry jordan Mike Keasler William Kirk Pamela Knight Larry Lane Marilyn Kay Lane Edna Larkin Rosalee Leganlaro Marion Leonberger Connie Martin Ray May Veda May Carry Mayberry Gordan Mayberry Billy Ray McCormick Carolyn Mills Iune Millspaugh Iohn Michael Moore Kaye Moye Donald Petty T -Wverigi ' 2' fif,g3'W Carolyn Sue NVils0n 55271 'VHS llerhert Wilson Dixie Lee Winfrey HILL'S CLEANERS IOE'S GREEN MILL Norris City, Illinois Q 9 JIM Donald Aekley Lela Mae Allen David Aud Roma Barker Maxine Boyd Sherry Bowers Mary Bruce Joy Casey Charlotte Coffey Ruby Cook Danny Crunk Iimmy Davis Keith Edwards Ronnie Carlick Lutherna Garrett Donald Widcumb james Golden Iudith Harper Bonnie Hayden Franklin Healy SIXTH GRADE Ny. yu.. 4 Y r I an -Q, 3 'x we 8133 E x w 'x 'x H1151 ' -4' 8 l N B B f' .Z 4 a-17525 . F51 K , v.. V A C . h J A Air K' if fl l f 1 1 N 4 Robert Healy Judy Henson Sandra Henson Bobby Hesterly Diane Hill Eddie Hoskins Everett Howard Clara johnson Jackie Iordam Linda Kelly Douglas Kennedy Iuditli Kinsall Susie Kinsey VVendell Lacefield Ioyce Lack Richard Larkin Orvil Leonberger Ronnie Martin -4, Donald Mayberry Xl Lx-4 I- Cerald Mayberry Mabel McComrick Martin McCormick Ernest Midkiff Sherrie Miller Sheran Miner Laura Jo Moye Mike Petty Glenn Phelps Barbara Phillips Dickie Porter Ervin Pricc , ' Larry Pritchett Gloria Raines NVayne Sanders Marilyn Satterfield Larry Shaw Carl Smith Lena Mae Spence Rita Ann Thomas ilogcr Thompson Ierry Vines Doyle NVhecler Mary Frances YVhitcsiclc .D i ,. Donnie VVilliams Marilyn XVitters W '- L. HASS STORE BOHLEBER SALES 6 SERVICE Corrmi, Illinois Glenda Kay Allen Stanley Austin David Ayer Donna Bell ji i fi n- Q ffm I ' ' ' 1- 6 1 - - - , ' 3 A A ' Z Lowell Blake A 1 Mary Ann Boleriack ,, , ' N U ,H f W Mary Brooks " K" .fl 'QQ 'ff' f Ronnie Brooks .legit ax Virginia Brooks Nelda jean Brown Terry Bower Ierry Cathey Sharon Cluck Mickey Colbert Jackie Combs Ronald Courson I' 4. , , , , . Elly-.rl FIFTH GRADE lx -S9 4- Barbara Dalc Joanna Darnell Betty Sue Davis Mary Io DeBoard Linda Garlick Richard Cidclunb Robbie Ann Hafford james Hale Louise Hardesty Iohn Hatfield Carolyn Healy Gloria lean Healy Richard Herron Paulette Holtzclaw f f f if-3 A wt' Mae Reta Healy I Q o Q P Q. v . . 5' x 55 A A , if E . CARMI AINSBROOKE CORPORATION Carmi, Illinois K' s 2' X x'X L' Herschel Phillips Linda Raines Rebecca Rosenberg Ronald Sanders Cleatus Roy Georgia Sue-cd Bernard Sparrow Nancy Sutton Ioanne Talley Marilyn Tarrant Mary Turpin Ianie Winfrey Bobby Whetscll 4 Gary Wheeler ,- Marvin Wheeler i Janet Albert F loy Beth Allen Iames Allen Linda Kay Allen Judy Ann Agles Marianna Bishop Brenda Brooks Keith Bryant Iohn Bushkill Sandra Buttry Donna Gail Campbell Ralph Campbell Carolyn Sue Carter Shirley Cluck Mary Cullison Iesse Ray DeLap FOURTH -, w.,,,f' GRADE tr' -gQ',Qq11s.g4KA ig.-J 7i'1'fl.2'i ri P , 3353 ,-: 1-if ? M ff' k K' , 5 ,L i f K! 'Qi 4 T:-,f Dianna Dixon Ronnie Downen Earnest Garlick Phyllis Gidcuinb Mary Linda Golden Richard Griffith Carol Haddock Charles Haenny Bill Harper Ronnie Holland Hcrshel Holtzclaw Linda Kay Howard Sandra Huelett Phyllis Ann Hyten Ray James WESTERN AUTO DR. C. I. ROSENBURG Carolyn .Ieanne johnson Roger Iordan Shirley Lane Raymond Larkin Linda Leonburger VVilliam Leonburger Freddie Luttrell Bill Martin Darrell May Helen Fern Mayberry Ronnie Dale Mayberry Marilyn McElhaney Mary Alice Mills Francis Ray Morris Carolyn Kay Nelson Frank W. Pennington Ir Mary Ellen Phelps I Dean Pritchett James Puckett l Lonnie Raney Conrad Rolder Sammie Smith Iimmy Tarrant Robert Tirwell Ronnie Thurman Frances Vines Joann Witters McKENZIE'S PRODUCE Norris City, Illinois Lorene Aud Gary Austin junior Bartley Gary Barton Iohn Beam Susan Brasel Brenda Kay Brooks Linda Brooks Herman Bryant Leslie Bullock Dixie Lee Campbell Ann Cole David Copeland Bill Daugherty Rossine Floyd Tonna Foster Sharon Fulkerson Keith Fulton jesse Garrison Marilyn Cholson Sue Lane janet Lane Sharon Lewis Betty Mayberrv Carolyn Mayberry Ralph Mayberry Pat McCornmick Peggy McPeak Billy Meyers Betty Nelson David Nelson Larry Nipper Dennis O'Neal Donna Pool Cary Lyn Nola Puckett Larry Lee Raines Cary Raney Larry Raney xi S t My Sue Ricketts .eq n Posh 1rd Linda Albert Ronnie Allen john Armstrong Darrell Aud Stephen Aud Michael Austin Mike Austin Ronald Bell Mike Blackard Jackie Bonds NVayne Boyd Mary Io Bradford Hazel Brooks Larry Lee Brooks Rebekah Bullock David Bumpus Billy Capmbell Iimmy Chilton Carol Faye Clark Donald Faye Cleveland jerry Cluck Sandra Lee Cole W'arren Combs Jessie Darnell .4--an Q '9- QW.. X 5 if K K-N. '51, 1-v cv- 'S -S -go' Q.. ' i In ,, 4 U- ! 1' .. .. , A K , X y M 4 fl: ,liv 1 A ' H. ,, - A n I L I 1 .:-- 5 1 W1 SECOND GRADE 'E YM W-P ai Q il My -L IV! I . 4 'lv Y mlm. U---5 -U .V 5 . f 'EIQH5' 4 fl? 1, sl av! 'A .1 vi -, 7. sf, '- .s r - V- , . f 1,- -"wg, 1 ' ' 'Q X " v -1 ' KK I I , no .. . 1: C 1 ui , 'iw-A leaf? 'Ji Sw fir-f' , 1 ' ,Nf V Y ' P x me ii I -..-gg :. '.:-:ig -", 3 Q iff" . 'P i ' a Carol DeLap Steven Dial Jan Eaton Ierry Graves Priscellla Cuffey Donna Sue Haddock Zelma Hale Leon Harris Richard Holtzclaw Gary Holland Linda Sue Hulett Anna Mae Iohnson Penny Iohnson Danny Kerns Mary Ann Kingery Bonny Kirk Louis Lane Bobby Larkin Deanie Leonberger Brenda May U' N 7 X . . S . X-J if hx Ulm x ' 'S' 9 7 L 9' v Q. t 1 L, uv ,V --. I 'v xy E 3- ' - 'z-. 'iii' S' .. rf 9' 5: T ::1..:. zf. 2 ...Q Cr 4- ii 5. . ,- 1 6 5 Q 0- t' ' L'Dcua Sparlin Vickic Lynn Spence Vonnie Spence Carolyn Spencer jennifer Sutton Mary Lou Tallcy Iohnny Kay Taylor Ellen Thompson Alice Tidwell David Vickers Darlcuc Vincs Lynn Vines Donald Weir Nancy VVcirauch lack XVilll2llllS I? ,, :l ull A T" ' .2 . -rg, , 1 , fi . 1 4 va. 6' ' as ! 1. P , ... mx a ! A L, .,. Vasc -- A 0. fb if Y 1' Lcslie Mayberry Larry Manard Carolyn McElhancy Ioan McGhee Mary Lou McPcak David Midkiff NVayne Moorc Elainc Morris Timmy Moyc johnny Myers Susic Olson Linda O'Ncal liohcrta Pcnniogtoii Everett Phillips Patsy Pritchett lohn Qucstell Kcnncth Rcnsllaw Michael Roedcr laxmcs Hoy Lesliv Sattcrficlcl Sandra Shook -Indy Slinker Jcauettc Sneed Gary South 553522 f M-' X .iw . N ,1 ' 'y K.-ff" X To D . lm 45 765 A I 5 if . - 'A I 1- 1 1 , 1 IL, A . f like L 115415 ,S Linda VVilliams Ray Woods ff 6 Rose Mary Askley Cayel Aud Shirley Sue Aud Dennis Bartley Rex Barker John Blackard james Bonds Barbara Boyd Linda Bradford Betty Brooks Mary Bryant john Caswell Wilber Lee Clark Arlana Cline Susie Cluck johnny Kenneth Cole Lewis Coffey Larry Copeland Alma Darnell Donnie Dejarnett 1 4-, x ,,. Y , ' .1 . gg.. A222535 , 513 1' FIRST GRADE 151, ,N f , XJ Y if 'af 'e ,s , P an V . .4 4744. ll? .-Q ' A L 3 X iv' Billy Sanders Rickie Satterfield Jean Ann Shaw Iohn Simmons Rodgers Smith Kenneth Stalley Cynthia Talley Downsie Tipp Brenda Thompson Mildred Tompkins Iudy Weiraueh james West if Terry XVilsou Ioanne VVilson 1 Mary Ann VVils0n L Vickie VVilson Leon VVoods ' I I Anna Lee NVoolard I N" V 1 .' fu ,- x ill ,EL .'..r..... ,Q , . W5 Connie Marshall Indy May Ale-ta Mayberry Billy McCornmick Daniel Midkiff Fiegenia Midkiff Bill Morris Gary Nipper Shirley Nipper Robert Nonnnn I. C. Oliver Dennis Orr Vickie Patton Emma Phillips Sylvia Phillips j. C. Pool Edith Price Jollen Puckett Dennis Questell Gerald Raney at 0-LV 6 CHORUS Eighth Grade 9929 Qc?-5 Q v '-WSE '23 .5 .ix ' c -N 'ii' HOBBY CLUB Eighth Grade Grade School Chorus BAND Norris City Grade School Band OMAHA Omaha Band MAIORETTS Lzft in Higlzfz Judy IIUIISOII. Lllllfil Moya Putsx' Allvu. Sl1c1'1'iv Xlillvr. Suv fxllhlill, Ikhlllllt Talley. Front Hula: Suv Lum: Dixie' Campbell. NORRIS CITY GRADE SCHOOL CHEERLEADERS Left I0 Right: Ellen Docrncr, Linda Kay Harris, Barbara South. NORRIS CITY IR. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Left to Right: Sue VVilson, Dixie XVinfcry, Connie Martin, Linda Aire, Junc Millspaugh, Sue Bryant, Kay Lane. OMAHA VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Left to Right: Kay Moyc, Barbara Endicott, Marilyn Harper, Sheran Miner. BASKETBALL Norris City Grade School Var- sity Team coached by Mr. Arnold Gidcumb. IH. VARSITY Norris City Grade School bas- ketball squad also coached by Mr. Arnold Gidcumb. OMAHA Omaha Varsity team coached my Mr. W. D. Norris. GRADE SCHUUL GRADE SCHOOL ASSEMBLY "KEEP IN LINE" Ierry Thurman Dana Midkiff, Pat Marlin Dcxncx Midkiff, Roy Gerkin Iennie with the light brown hair" EIGHTH GRADE UPERETTA "Here comes Santa Claus" -.ind -qi Kay Lane, Dickie Tabor GRADE SEHUUL "Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer" E 6 a . Kay Lane CHRISTMAS PROGRAM "Away in a Manger" Kay Moye AUD'S MARATHON STATION Phone 156 East Main Street NORRIS CITY, ILLINOIS Congratulations to the CLASS of 1955 BEN FRANKLIN STORE NORRIS CITY, ILLINOIS Serving This Community Since 1926 MARL IN'S Norris City's Greatest Store NORRIS CITY BANK Appreciates your Banking Business Norris City, Illinois Shewmaker DRUG STORE Norris City, Illinois Compliments of HARRIS PRODUCE NUTBENA FEEDS The feed of Tomorrow Norris City, Illinois Compliments of SOUTHERN ILL. LUMBER CO Ray, less and Orland Norris City, Illinois qc: ::oo: :oo: :ooeqe :Q -QQQQQQ ooooo- ---- ---- - - ---- U E R' FU ERAL HGME AMBULANCE "Our Service Must Satisfy" Norris City cmd Broughton ----oooo ----- o--------- A----- -----A Compliments of BOB HOLMAN MOTOR HOBBS' JEWELRY Authorized Distributors of KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS ELGIN-HAMILTON-CRUEN Nmsefvice 916 south Fourth street Phone 470 Eldorado Eldorado, Illinois Compliments of ROBERT V. WILSON N U - W A Y D e p a r t m e n t Aff0meyAf-Law S t o 1' e Eldorado, Illlinois Eldorado LET US HELP SAVE YOUR MONEY THE NATIONAL BANK Carmi, Illinois --AA-----:::::-:::::---s::::A:::::::::oooo::::---- A---::::o::oo0- Conqratu ations Compliments of I ' . SENIORS CARROLL'S AND Norris City, IIIIIIOIS Compliments of MOREHEAD MILLING COMPANY NORRIS CITY, ILLINOIS "Let us do your hauling." Compliments of "Every hoof under roof" DRAPER'S STORE FOR MEN A C. MARTIN Eldorado Norris City Phone 11 Phone 112 Norris City, Illinois GRIFFIN D.X. Compliments ot Service Sttion MARTIN'S I. G. A. Dependability De Luxe Super Ma1'ket Jim Griffin, Prop. N ' C' . I11' ' Norris City, Illinois orns ny mms Best Wishes to the CLASS of 1955 WHITE COUNTY BAN K CARIVII, ILLINOIS Compliments of Compliments of YOUR LINCOLN Sz MERCURY DEMOCRAT Dealer TRIBUNE ENDICOTT MOTORS Carmi, Illinois Ccrrmi, Illinois Compliments of APPEL Sz GRIFFITH Cctrmi, Illinois Compliments of Dr. WILLIAM BRICKMAN Farm Bureau Building Ccrrmi, Illinois ---- --,,------------ ---- --,---- - ----gage -vvoooo----oo---vv--v-v Compliments of ABSHER CHEVROLET GARAGE Norris City, Illinois HILL'S Super Market Home of Quality Merchandise Norris City, Illinois v v - - - - v v ,ooo::Q-oo::QooooooQa 000900- W. O. SOUTH 8z SON Machine Shop and Welding Phone 77 Norris City, Illinois Compliments of the CORNER SUNDRIES Drugs, Cosmetics and Sundries Ewlyn Suttvrficlcl .md Dorothy Hulett Norris City, Illinois Compliments of LACEFIELD'S SHELL Service Station Ioe Lcrcefield, Prop. Norris City, Illinois Compliments of G ARRETTS Auto Supply Norris City, Illinois HEN SON S Compliments of Frozen Food Locker BROWNIES GRILL And Groceries Norris City, Illinois v .... QQQQ - - - - -ooov -oooooo Norris City, Illinois ::::::::::::oo::::::::oo:::::::::::: H. D. BEAN Compliments of Ieweler Corner of Main and Walnut Streets KINGS Confectionery Phone 7121 Carmi, Illinois Carrni, Illinois Compliments of WHITE MOTOR SALES STUDEBAKER 6. FORD Dealers Carmi, Illinois CARMI FUNERAL HOME Oxygen Equipped Ambulance Phone 3628 Carmi, Illinois Compliments of MATSEL EQUIPMENT Ford Tractor Dealer Dearborn Implement Carmi, Illinois Best Wishes From DR. A. D. PHILLIPS Optometrist Carrni, Illinois Compliments of WHITE COUNTY Appliance Co. Henry Land, Prop. Carmi, Illinois :::o::::-:::::::::oo::o:::oo MCCALLISTER 8: BECKER Service That Satisfies Insurance That Protects Phone 5411 Main Street Carmi, Illinois ---QA-----Q09---A-A A------Q--- ----0 ---- ---ooQQ:::::---:cccoo Compliments of WEHRLE'S INNOVATION Ccxrmi, Illinois Compliments of WILLIS Shoe Mart 205 Ectst Main Cormi, Illinois Compliments of DR. A. R. McCALLISTER Dentist Cczrmi, Illinois Compliments of R I C E Motor Company Carmi, Illinois FIRST NATIONAL BANK 70-522 Carmi, Illinois Compliments of ZEIGLER Sporting Goods Carmi, Illinois Compliments of NORMAN'S RADIO Ccxrrni, Illinois SHOP Compliments of KITTINGER'S Funeral Home Ccxrmi, Illinois ------------ --QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ ---A ------ --- -----A--A---Q----A-oAAA--oo- - --QQ--Q----------AAA-Q FRESH BREAD AND PASTRIES PANKEY BROS. BAKERY DONALD DUCK BREAD BUTTER-NUT BREAD "Baked Fine Since 1909" HARRISBURG, ILLINOIS THE- PALACE CLOTHING HOUSE The Fashion Palace Harrisburg, Illinois Compliments of MARTIN Sz MCGILL Oldsmobile Motor Co. Eldorado, Illinois Compliments of N E H I Bottling Co. Carmi, Illinois Southern Illinois Finest RAINBOW'S REXALL DRUG Drugs, Sundries, Cosmetics, Prescriptions Phone 177 Harrisburg, Illinois ----A---------AAA--------A-- Q Compliments of KIRK-RENFROW PONTIAC Phone 43321 Carmi, Illinois ,v ,,-. ,,,,,,,-, ,..,. ,-vv,,vvoeo DR. E. R. VEATCH Optometrist Brown Building Carmi, Illinois l Compliments of Compliments of MALLETTE HALL MOTOR co. International Equipment Co. yguf Harvester McCormick Farm Machines OLDSMOBILE ' CADILLAC Farmall Tractors Dealer Phone 7311 Carmi, Illinois CU1'mif Illinois D A L E W. A. GRANT JEWELRY CO. IEWELRY Diamonds and Wedding Rings Diamond Setting Phone 5346 116 East Main Street Carmi, Illinois Fine Watch Making Hand Engraving Gibson Guitars Harrisburg, Illinois Buy Everything For Your Home At LLOYD L. PARKER'S Furniture Store Harrisburg, Illinois Compliments of ROYAL J. GIBBS Carmi, Illinois --- -, ....... AA... .--- , - -c .....A.A-- --AAAAA AAAAA - A ---- - - - - -----9-A-- - - -oo--00-000999 vvvv- --- -, vv-- -- - NUTRITIOUS DAIRY PRODUCTS COMPLIMENTS HARRISBURG, ILLINOIS ::::o:::: ::::-::oQooo::::::: "Dedicated to Community Service T H E N E W S Norris City, Illinois Compliments of FAIRFIELD LUMBER COMPANY Omaha Office Omaha, Illinois Compliments of OMAHA APPLIANCE AND FURNITURE COMPANY Omaha, Illinois DIETZ STUDIO Phone 7743 116 East Main Street Carmi, Illinois Compliments of Drugs-Sundries STIEN'S GIFTS FLOWERS Cold Drinks Carmi Norris City Omaha, Illinois Compliments of BLACKARD'S FOOD STORE Omaha, Illinois Come And See Us OMAHA CAFE Best In Omaha Omaha, Illinois ::::o:::: - - - voooooooooooooooooooooe coco- A A A AA AAoAAoA A A A MAKE YOUR HOME COMPLETE With CONCRETE BLOCKS f r 0 m TISON AND HALL Get on the Ball See THSGN AND HALL Community Builders QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQA Aoo A A A AoA A A A Men's, Ladies' and Compliments of ChiIdren's Wear DOBBS 84: CLARK H A R T S Contractors Ccrrmi, Illinois Carmil Illinois Bring Your Paint Problems To Paint People STRICKLIN PAINT Sz WALLPAPER STORE WAYNE A. GREEN, Prop. Harrisburg, Illinois PHOTOGRAPHS in this annual by SPIETH STUDICD -----o---- ----'oc' -----o---- .... Q04 vv- -----o CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1955 May Your Journey Through Lif e Beas Smooth and Carefree as a Trip Across the Wabash When You Use the Bridge at New Harmony Above High Water Safe From Floods Economical and Secure WHITE COUNTY BRIDGE COMMISSION I. Madison Pomeroy, Chairman Iennings F. Marlin, Vice-Chairman Iulius C. Kern, Secretary and Treasurer Roy Clippinger, Bridge Manager and Assistant Secretary-Treasurer CARMI, ILLINOIS :o:::eoo::oQ::o:::-::ooc:o::::: :::::oo: : :: COUNTY OFFICERS Iohn Whetstone Millage Carter Kennith Cole W. D. Morris Herman Kittenger Max Endicott Bill South CARMI, ILLINOIS County Clerk Circuit Clerk , Sheriff County Treasurer ,County Coroner County Iudge States Attorney Compliments of AMERICAN LEGION Indian Creek Post No. 109 NORRIS CITY, ILLINOIS IDEAL QUALITY CHECKED DAIRY PRODUCTS -v--- vv --o-v-, --v-oov veeo:--Q--::::::o-Q--Q-Aqooooooooooa- Compliments of EUBANKS SHELL SERVICE Omaha, Illinois CARMI TIMES White County's Leading Daily Newspaper Local News Features Circulation M O R E Advertising Than Any Other Daily in the County right in the bO1'l'Ie C.N62Z ailing 62 OF I-IARRISBURG, ILLINOIS -:: : : : c c : : : : :: :oooo:: ooooooooooooooooooooooooo: cooooe coco: c c : SENIUR INDEX XYAYLAND ALLEN, Guestnnian Student Council, 1-2 Band, l-2-3-4 Science Club. 1-2-3-4 Hi-Y, 1-2-3-4 Vice-President, 3 Sportsman Club, 3-4 F. B. L. A., 3 Chorus, 4 Choral Club, 3-4 Dramatics Club, 4 President, 4 ELIZABETH AUSTIN, Athenian Band, 1-2-3-4 F. H. A., 1-2.-3-4 C. A. A., 1-2-3-4 F. B. L. A., 3 Pep Club, 2 Cardinal Staff, 1-2-3-4 Student Council, 3-4 EMMA Lou BEALI, Guesfoniun P. B. L. A., 3-4 F. H. A., 1-2-3-4 G. A. A., 1-2-3-4 Science Camera Club, 4 Chorus, 4 Choral Club, 4 Class Treasurer, 3-4 Pep Club, 2 jAMr:s BOLENJACK, Guestonian F. F. A., 3 Checker Club, 3 Camera and Science, 3 Pep Club, 2 Lmim Bnucis, Athenian Basketball, 1-2-3-4 Camera and Science Vice-President, 1 Hi-Y, 3-4 F. F. A., 3 Sportsman, 4 N. C. Club, 3-4 Club, CLENDA B1n'AN'r, Athenian Chorus, 1-2 C. A. A., 1-2-3-4 F. H. A., 3-4 2-3 F. B. L. A., 4 Choral Club, 2-4 Cheerleader. 1-2-3-4 Cardinal staff, 2-3-4 Band, 1-2-3-4 DoN.u.o Bu'r'rm', Guestonirm Sportsman Club. 4 Ili-Y Club, 4 Camera and Science Club. 3 Checker Club, 3 ANN CAMPHELI., Gucstonirm Student Council, 3 Dramatics. 1-2 F. B. L. A., 3-4 Choral Club, 4 Chorus, 4 DALE CAN-rmau., Guestonian Basketball, 1-2-3-4 Baseball, 1-2-3-4 Science and Camera Club, 2-3-4 Hi-Y, 2-3-4 F: .,,......--v-vvv. ,W .....-----. vv--w ..-- tlillillttlllllttllllii332331333 0 lr U ll 0 lr ll ll U It II S II D , II in Eine UDMAN QP-..nfe.,, 3: 0 ' QE RAYMOND w. Pool., Owner II II mr ll ll ll it 1: Designers and Producers of BETTER PRINTING 4' II II II II II II II I! ,, 113 EAST C.mRoL1. PHONE 340 M.-xcomn, Ir.LrNo1s II II in X .. IL-:xxx::::,:,:x:,---::-x::x::::xx::,::2CIxxx---:--,,,::x,:::l SENIOR INDEX QCONTINUEDD Student Council, 4 lX1ONTY EDYVARDS, Athenian F. B. L. A., 3 Band, 1-2-3 Checker Club, 3 NC Club, 3-4 Cardinal Staff, 3 DOROTHY lWAE Cusrc, Gaestonian G. A. A., 1-2-3-4 F. B. L. A., 3-4 Pep Club, 2 YVONNE DOERNER, Gaestonian G. A. A., 1-2-3-4 Band, 1-2-3-4 F. H. A., 1-4 F. B. L. A., 4 Chorus, 1-4 Choral Club, 4 Cardinal Staff, 4 ROBERT DOUGLAS, Guestonian Camera Club, 2-3-4 Hi-Y, 2-3-4 Checker Club, 2-3 Baseball, 2-3-4 F. B. L. A., 3 NC Club, 3-4 Cardinal Staff, 3 Draniatics, 4 Choral, 4 BARBARA DULEY, Athenian Cheerleader, 1-2-4 Student Council, 1 C. A. A., 1-2-3-4 Cardinal Staff, 2-4 F. B. L. A., 3-4 Choral Club, 4 Chorus, 4 Pep Club, 2 G. A. A. Camp Representative, 2 GERRr EDLIUNDS, Athenian Vice-President, 2-4 Camera, 2 III-Y, 2-3-4 Science Club, 3-4 F. B. L. A., 3 Dramatics Club, 4 Baseball, 3-4 F. B. L. A., 3-4 Choral Club, 4 Camera and Science, 2-4 III-Y, 2-3 Librarian, 1 Checker Club, 3 NVAHREN Gossi-QTT, Athenian EVALENE lVlA1'I1E IIAHPER, G Band, 1-2-3-4 Hi-Y, 1-2-3-4 Camera and Science, 2-3-4 Sportsman Club, 3-4 F. B. L. A., 3 Checker Club, 2-3 F. H- A., 1-2-3-4 F. B. L. A., 4 Choral Club, 1-4 Band, 1-2-3-4 Chorus, 1-2-3-4 CJEHALD HAliPER, Athenian Bl.-Alt JEHR F. F. A., 1-2-3-4 Band, 1-2-3-4 Checker Club, 1 Y LOU HAIIIKIS, Guestonian Band, 1-2-3-4 F. B. L. A., 3-4 F. H. A., 2-3-4 G. A. A., 1-2-3-4 Choral Ch1b, 4 Cheerleader, 2 Pep Club, 2 r ldl1LL, Gaestonian Camera and Science, 1-4 Hi-Y, 1-2-3 Dramatics, 1-2 Choral Club, 3-4 F. B. L. A., 3 Student Council, 2 President, 1 Band, 1-2-3-4 Chorus, 2-4 aestonian BILLY IIoBBs, Athenian XVIL F. F. A., 3-4 NC Club, 3-4 Sportsman Club, 3-4 F. B. L. A., 3 Checker Club, 3 Hi-Y, 3-4 Baseball, 3-4 Basketball, 3-4 Chorus, 3-4 Choral Club, 3-4 Dramatics, 4 LlA1NI KINSALL, Athenian F. F. A., 1-2-3-4 Sportsman Club, 2-3 NC Club, 3-4 Checker Club, 2 Baseball, 3-4 EDWARD KIRK, Guestonian Camera and Science Club, Checker Club, 2-3 Hi-Y, 2-3-4 Dramatics Club, 4 Student Council, 1 Pep Club, 2 Librarian, 2-3 Manager, 1-2 Band, 3-4 SHIRLEY LOGAN, Guestonizin C. A. A., 1-2-3-4 F. B. L. A., 3 Choral, 3-4 Chorus, 4 Pep Club, 2 Cardinal Staff, 4 Class Treasurer, 2 F. H. A., 1-2-3-4 F. H. A., Section 3, Vice- President, 4 Delegate to State F. H. A. Camp, 2-3 BILL LYDICK, Guestonian Basketball, 1-2-3-4 Baseball, 1-2-3-4 NC Club, 1-2-3-4 Sportsman, 3-4 F. B. L. A., 3-4 2-3-4 SENIOR INDEX Cln-1-km-r Club, 2 lf. F. A., 1 clljlili Mt:CouM1cK, ju., Athenian Baskctball, 1-2-3-4 Baseball, 3-4 lf. F. A., 3-4 CllliCkl'l' Club, 2-3 NC Club, 3-4 Rox' lh1f'KENZll'1, Guestonian I". I". A., 1-2-3 FM' Minnow, Athenian G.A.A., 1-2-3-4 President, 3 Secretary, 1 Stuclcnt Council, 4 Girls State, 3 jum' Nloue, Athenian F. B. L. A., 3-4 Choral Club, 4 Sportsman Club, 2-3-4 Bascball, 2-3-4 lXlADl'Il.INl'l Posnmum, Athenian C. A. A., 1-2-3-4 Sc-cretary, 3 Cardinal Staff, 4 Librarian, 2-3-4 jtxxius SllA'l'LSALL, Athenian Sportsman Club, 1-2-3-4 Drainatics Club, 1 ni-Y, 2-3-4 Checker Club, 2 lu B. L. A., 4 l"uANk Tmw151.1,, Athenian M qc o N T 1 N U E D 3 XVM M-1 XVlllv1'l.n, Gucstonzun l". B. L. A., 3-4 Choral Club, 4 SL'lCllCC Club, 1 xux VIANH XYIKIKIQII, Gtlvston C .A. A., 1-2-3-4 I". B. L. A., 3-4 l'cp Club, 2 PAUL lf. NVu.1.1,xMs, Athcn NC Club, 1-2-3-4 Basketball, 1-2-3-4 Baseball. 1-2-3-4 Pop Club, 2 Scicllce Club, 4 F. B. L. A., 3-4 Choral Club, 4 l'ux'l-1-is XVILSON, Athenian G. A- A., 1-2-3-4 louis Voices. Guestoniun G. A- An 1,2-3,4 F. H. A., 1-2-3-4 WY- 1-2-3-4 12. B. L. A., 3 F. B. L. A., 3 Dramatic-s Club, 2-3-4 Cardinal Staff, 3 Science and Camera Club, 2-3-4 Band: 1'2'3 Slug WOOD, Guegtgniun Student Council, 2-3 Biwketball, 1'2'3'4 G, A. A., 1-2-3-4 Btmd, 1-2-3-4 PCD Club, 2 F, 11,A,, 1-2-3-4 C,u.dim,l Stuff 2 Suicnce and Crum-ra Club, 2-3-4 F- B. L. A., 3-4 ALlX'c'fIlSiI'1g' Staff, 3 Chorug, 4 Choral Club, 4 lJONAI.D XVAI.T15us. Guestoniun Scicncc Club, 4 l1lLIllAllD Pu-:AsAN'r, Athenian F. F. A., 1-2-3-4 Class Sen-rs-tary, 2-4 NC Club, 2-3-4 Manager, 4 Pt-p Club, 2 l 1 ll .ri -.,, 7' Q gig

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