Norris City Omaha Enfield High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Norris City, IL)

 - Class of 1952

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Norris City Omaha Enfield High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Norris City, IL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 98 of the 1952 volume:

ix..--,.vf,,V - - v,-.4.,,,', .. xv., -,I ,.., . .,, V, ..., , ,.,jg,,:,,.-. ,.,.:,,., ..x .7 wife,-,,,,..?c. 1I!.f 1 ' y .I ix is f I u 11. I gdfhfyzafaiedi TAYLOR YEARBOOK COMPANY 74416 made ! , , I W DALLAS, TEXAS , , X 1- MEANS BETTER YEA "' NORRIS CITY Communitg Unit Schools --- 4-www J Our schoolas we know it today is built upon a combination of ideals. These ideals are the culmination ofthe efforts and the contributions, the visions and the aspirations, of the many students and teachers who have entered its doors, passed throught its halls, and received its influence. On leaving, they have bequeathed to us the will to attain still higher standards, the desire for increased wisdom, and the enthusiasm to keep high that spirit which is Norris City. BOARD OF EDUCATION Left to right:Dan V. Morehead, Presidentg L, H, Bayley, Elmo Pyle, Ebert Austin, Walter McEwen, I. P, DeLap, Earl Hunt, Secretary. l Q hbahbn lil Because your interest, untiring effort, and unselfish devqtion to our school and to the community have done so much in providing us with a wonderful building and adequate necessities for our education, we dedicate withdeepest appreciation and esteem, the 1951-52 edition of the Cardinal to you--our Board of Education. 6 6 Seated: D. Boyd, I. Hill, A. Johnson, S, Eubanks, V. Tyler, J. 3 , Bishop, P. Armstrong, M, Williams, B. Beam, M. Holland, S. Shaw, gdb g P. McCaleb, M. Blackard, S. Bushkill, C. Moye. Standing: R. X 'if ,f Brown, Mrs. Richey, R. Shaw, C. Harlow, Mr. Delamett, Mr. ' lf Bamhart, I. Hill, Z. Wentz, Mrs. Thompson, Mr. Marquess. 7 ' f ru il I X "" 54 ' sg XY , 5 1 2 97' Qi :- w::1,.I Q ' ' it X KY ' '11 .-"-'iv f ,k ,, e . Jackie Bishop Assistant Business Manager Ada Johnson Business Manager Sarah Eubanks Assistant Editor Ronnie Brown Editor V ,fe 'f3ffJ1fz,um:' P Diff 3 If1"W'1!Z.'Y sm Superintendent rf fl X94 g ix' H.J. P1-1E1.Ps fl - fufelfhfenhnf 2 Qffessage To the seniors, and all who will follow in the future years, may this re- cord stand as a guiding light throughout your lives. You are going out into many fields of endeavor. Industry, business, military serivce, and the pro- fessions will call you. In all of these fields, opportunities are greater than ever before for the people who have the ambition to succeed, H. I. PHELPS SUPERINTENDENT F, E, WELCH RAYMOND DCIARNETT Elementary Principal Assistant Superintendent W. W, FISHBACK G. C. BLACKER Consultant Guidance Director W kc- . 'f m uf-Mk 5, . :wa is 1 , Q, if: 3, 1' - fi gif? ' A 'Q-31-12 1 172 Q51 ' 'E' K if .L ,. . x' ' 4 , 4 -1. . P R - Y fn 2 Y? 1:-.W .. .17 f ff 5 . 'iw-In-z , 52 2 A, 1- 59. f New-ii ., ,ww .5 zb, ,.,,.: EM, i aww' , We i f A 4 Rf 'VS 5 V2 I L sim ' Q S WM 31 :gg mf ve Qt? 55' mfv '3 5 fx: 3, ,fffif A ,nik fvikii x as wr u. x X 1 3 F' . . ,Q . , iv: , W . H 'Q f-34-, f 'f. . , , X rw-ff'3k'? ff. .4 .f,,,y-452 ' lf Q-17 Sqn M 5 . 3. ,. X'-1 'H fgx,a,:.f.l ' - --f 'rf 3 K gf? .-ga, Q mt A V RQ 7 ' ' U if 4 i L, -1 'guii ,fx 4 'Se.,5w?f , s 1" Q , L 1-'H 2 ' ". H f 2? ff- 'za 'Z' ,Q . 'ff l ' ' 11, J , K' 2 5 ' ' .35 24" .N f, uf -fx '33, 4 fi ff'-' . k 1 f Wm. .Y . x , Q-9 . V Q, ,3,,. I xiii K. if 5 K, ff .' ff' f 7,112 "' iff , ki. -T.-. W ' "M --a. ,mg wi, A L, .V Q, In q N if 1 K A- s, .QT if 'Q -"' QU. Sr: .fif V- il-2' :auf iisf 'FE Icig 94 '?:,gE,g.7.ff8'i- 0 . I W. 'gi lv'J?"-cs . . .erm .,.J T 4 ' "' '3JN'-2'-'A'ifvE5,if92gq2'gf'5g:"3,fQ . Qfigg-s.-. J. - -4, . .. . ur .' . u . - . 5 a 1 4 .1 ,.,- ,, , 4 Juni, .13 23 Ng. - q.7.: 'pg- A 'h"2f'53"iWf'2i2?fSi55Sa12f::w:'- 1 ..- . . . .Q-v, mv? '-1 ' 5fa:zgq.:f3.5g.:3Q:-13-55g5Wt , - -" 1'JQ:.slr R355 f . ' N Q-'Av'-.1 3 , ' 'c -95',1f',He"-+'f'.L":S -'9 r-. ' gf, 'SLS' gghfllf.-wb?--E - l'q'!,3e',g! n',a.Q,9'.. N falhin-f 55,3 nv. QA h Izifliovd-,G v?5,.r,, 4:5 'F I i fs fl 7-Zac. l . "xt " ' -"'I-'-2-was ' YT.. . w lffpvg 45,3 J ,qw . .,3:zE. ti,-2 I 7.0, in XXL! fs-C? Es' '24 ul-L K1 lx, ?lf7s:11':'Q"i'3!.'-4 e,.r-. SJ :M-0-".Sf -F 0' 'Q' -4-2:".13' ', 42' Lf:-nfaeifwszsgtfWi!-wff?Zif::w-A . 'VK-'... '.-fng.,g'-vfyfuyfi 1 11075-df.. sr- '56 ,INDI .n ,, 3 P!23i?l2f'4f5Q-Z1-3-maiK'ffi'5fki-51453Ss-2f'1'FJf21':.iQ3'w,W.ggg:,.P 'Q 5 .-..,-11.1425 1551129-Eiwiiiixf3?'7'g'4''3SfJ,!,S':f5: 54-51, N .-d-'2's3:!2- 3--MA . 3 ' A" 'df'-Sfviiih?-'5'5'v:34?:42f2'f'M'MTS S1'1?ff'?4i55:f3i-'PSY-M915-W! 5505. .n 4 J. KLA? L. -,414-A -Q5 yevfa lqLJ4d'J 1: lil' Q....rt,nf:z7f:r?33?'1Q.'f.5'p'fQ:R':1?5:!7x3!,A?':?f.qU,'f . ..,.,.f:.24gtgg,,35,1tg,g,-,1'gy1g.,g,-laggzf, ..-1..f.1maSa-Eggfgggf., . , , G , , . 5. . ""kC'f'9Xr 'W1-.algal 585652. 45659 - 0' D jt 4.1-'Sin lo"-1-Q '29, I4 AJ 125 UQ., rf! iffy ,gf W "rs . .W - riff A n.g,.5gfQ',?,,g4,,,,9+f5i3:-L, -f . A315 0 O I1 -' ' ' hz. is" 21Q,v'J?a3'2v'sR? Af 4, , ' 'W i'2'?33.3'ii337"i3'z'31:f '23412i9,f1wws- - ' "1" W-'fffiemsg r x 1 wr.: X fm 4,,'0-".v"K,-B' v, N':r,??l,,bii5l':uP:yge.21 chi, ,j I .. , .1": f . 4.4 .ir 14 j , XM' f A! - ' 4 . h . .-.v e qi -at ,Qt x , - , . ,. .- -,fn f-sg2e.f:', 5, ' ' Q , 4,1 -if I l Q A , .2 df". .5-,as I J. 5, . I lg-4I,rJg,E,,3.15f1v J3,,? at 1 3-Qi -1. - u ""'LP1 ,"f-ef Q31 43- 'Z 3?-3. - ", -."' 'g'3f6sA'.g5'1?'!T"7f"s5E!af.5Z. V - - H 'M .:.,..-L - Q A -' :5,,0 q.,.., ' J, .. A f --- ' Y "4 " 'Fifa-.r L x waives DON BOYD President Guestonian "The arswer to a maiden's prayer. PAT ARMSTRONG EERE A LM X J Q x U , A .. K QQ mmxx was J lj, , if , Q gyljk juan: Secretary Athenian "She studies and keeps quiet. " VONDA TYLER Treasure: Guestonian "A girl that loves and laughs will surely do well, " GLENNA ALLEN Vice President Guestonian "All she attempts to do she does, " DONNA BRITTON Guestonian "The phrase Happy - go - lucky' never had a meaning 'until it was applied to Donna. NINA ANDERSON Athenian 'The pages of Vogue fluttered and out stepped Nina. " PAUL BROCKSCHMIDT Guestonian "Take it easy, boys." BARBARA BEAN Guestoruan 'On top of the world. " RONNIE BROWN Atheman "Rea11y not dangerous. A whiz at bookkeeping. " id? 5 Xi 9 M3 5 s 325' L .511 KY L-- f e gf gf , ff, S 'WR - -1-35:15 Q 'if as R . ,wtf W- 'iffwi in --Nlbilkif' VRF' in 1,501 Y F' -'iiieiifff Vi' 1 I A Q fzifiv gg- xg fa .A,: E E ik- . New Qs x R W by wif 5 ?s!iF'A is sw x Saga In was y ,mf ,-fm ewwzg, X - , ,L mkil Lm.,, 5- -Qzxfwmsf ' :ff A S ' Q N V X 4 ' 1g-f:f.ti1ax,-'za-ifZ i ' -K, i, S1 My qgg :Qi sk .-- 154-A f .f2f'1-,uf Q-. ,, 2 wwiwigf-X K . ve L , Y ii ? ,ji 'S'?5giL iw m a is-Al " js, gi fs-Q Yaikfw Eff wh' Zsasfz' R .M . lj fig , . ' ' . Fw! ,wg-gf gm, fc ' W. ig gf fm , i y , ,V 1-v '1,.:f,w9if as f 1 X an 4 .W f 424 Ay, xg-wsizmvgizg , ,mgze gl ,g Q' L' f ' iif2i':nwff?1 .VLL T f Ar . 4 ,ik V fr ,M YQ fl .552 ,. Eifzlsi' 5154 , gy. Y' f -3 v 32 ka 1 . a '+'?-L-535' img . L Y M P E i, ,W , ix x ' is A , 1' K? LJ, N fqxqjg 4v5Q'wf2Wi515- - ' A 'kwisirili . ..,1, .f 3 I 1 9 5 ag :fi 6 A , , ggi 51+ -WW 'fn ,. . . Give A. ey. k Q W. ,. L , ,iv sy-, fd 11.,,5:...5f2, :xiif .1 .v,. 1511 1 JM.. ,. , ,Mg ,Q . f r 6-.Em fy, 1 i,.f.zef,Q,r3, lags l ' -e745".',A F J ' R' " axztwxr. 1 , 1, N wi TDC 1 1 lifiiiif s , 4 fi.1,p':f:- - V55 2 K ' Y 1 f:,1fas,"5 , aff f- 2. Law. f - m, gf ,Mi z. E If nv fp ..- ,a,z,1,, N fgigf : fl' ' ae-H,,.5E, R-G76 fm-NU. I 23 ..' fa 9' xx X N K , , -, Q if A .fw U' an Q 1 x.1'g:,u -.ggfgggzw Y?g'3vg3:?57 g sw-Qziff' 'f f 41? X", ! ,. A f Q f-QQ ml :iq -f 3' 4 -. K 2 1. 1 . ,M A fa Ji ff f, 5' v 1--,,., 3, 4, 1 , gf vim 535 W f-1 -33551 'Sit I - aku f , , QE vfl grip? Q , ,NE .fa 1 1 K K.. ,W ,fu .N 51 gag dxf -,ff ., ,fwsi z ' .1 4:2 ,. 'ffxx s 4 , . If 4, xg, ,. W. ,, v 3 ,, ,- 5. i 3 Q A . I fy' 'it fi N V, - fi?FafE31w". 5 :J U is F- L uf 'f 'N X9 6 + ,F FAS 1 - A A "P R 'Yi in J -I-'Q 5' 4 Xi ,gk 'iff XM? 'ef' xv .U f , A 1 wr K 'if' si 5.5, .iqqlzi 2 nb, . ..,. ., A ,M . , Q ,J fy wi -mai .A I s k Z' fr , A+., g I-1' , i, 'wugs -ww 1 Q -aa. N MJ, w., A 3. Q ff .ww Q. f ig My 3. . 'Q 'gi - ' E , .hw ,5-fi . 11' '-as . , . 1 Q f gs 31 ,, ,Q U if , QF f if -ly. , v .1 1 aft 'fr 1 2 +5 ff . . mfg' Mg., we if milk 7: . if QQ' ms: A' , V ,mu 'f ,af k WH? 1 www ,i N 3- . 5 i ,jxsxr 1 A X QSES- AX, W. 1 TL X.awN M - ,wx -, :a li .ww V . .r zz-' ... , A255 .1 K gffi ' 7 iqaifjffaqr 'mmf- 5?5ii?5 ,S 5 ,WH F7 LM gs . qw. -54 ,ff .,:.Q'?" 3 27214 H34 . ggi -.'-' A HT A 'ff W f lfg, 'ies W' "fi, 'K Ns A5 I I: W np' in 4, 1' MUSCLE Men How CFFFS B " ' 1 En+WR7 JE Nome' Swee-t" ome' on: y ,A ff 3 , 2 7'4ve TH infkff L Q ' OT' 9 1- :GH-r":' C? ' 4.16655 fr, XQQQL Jiqhif. ivcgz fi ?? AMXQS' :sA4Q53: ifggsf N fQQ o gf iii? iii K X df' ,+ 1 EDWARDS, STANLEY President JOHNSON, DREW Vice President ALBERT, DONALD EUBANKS, SARAH ALLEN, TRAVIS GRIFFITH, JOY BARTON, DONALD HADDOCK, WANDA BOGGS, DARRELL HOLLAND, SHIRLEY BROWN, ROBERT HARRIS, SHIRLEY BROWN, SHIRLEY HOWARD, TOMMY BRUCE, RUBY JOHNSON, CONNIE BRYANT, DELORES JOHNSON, MARILYN CAMPBEJ, FLORA KINSALL, MARGARET CAMPBELL, LOUISE LACEFIELD, EDWARD DOERNE2, CARROLL LAMP, LOIS DOUGLAS, RAY LAROCK, DOROTHY EDWARDS EARL LEONBERGER, JANICE EDWARDS, CARL MCKENZIE. KENNETH JOHNSON, DELORES Secretary LACK, GLEN Treasurer I I r MARTIN, EARL SHORT, JOHN MARTIN, WAYNE SMITH, CAROLYN MAYBERRY, BETTY SMITH, DONALD MIDKIFF, DENVER SPENCE, IOAN MITCHELL, MARION TOMPKINS, BETTY NAVE, DOYLE WARREN, SUE NEWMAN, STANLEY WEST, EUGENE NORRIS, GERALD WILLIS, ADA PILAND, GEORGE WILLIS, LAVONNE POOLE, CLAYTON WILLIS, VEDA PORTER, PEGGY WILLMORE, KENNETH PYLE, GLEN WILSON, JAMES RODGERS, MARY SUE COMPLIMENTS OF Apparel Shop - Norris City SCOTT, HELEN Omaha Appliance Company - Omaha Hil1's Cleaners - Norris City P A "H hi - A ?"""g, 3-XP-vfus FUN Eh K4DS QW Q M WV Woo 31 Sock F-oR'M .V ,Qi may my if Sunvvz-rzeo 4-1i.....m Such LcfueLy COUPLES gag' M gagm 'Rm FS I UDI7 7' wk I-1 1. . M FM . U -1- ,re M y R, fm, 4.1 3 J5'oy.s IN Gfnls pf Cfess Fra rfbv rr- 'Q-.. .M N 1 . X f 1 -Ii A t, . fi 2 .-S - . . , ,,,z.A,,. ...M . 4 'Q 45724 ffm I: ,V-is . - . I, ,M f' 3' V, . mx E 1 5 6 2 3 I if Q' I . I ' . Q X . ,- , Wk. 1 n an 'nl Iv 5 Q u 1 w 1 A w In 'a MI Q I ,fy .gi :IA v Q , gg Oliver, Tommy President Brown, Bobby Vice President Allen, Georgia Ellis, Marilyn Aud, James Alta, Farles Aud, Mary Jane, Faries Awalt, Doro thy Gidcumb, Larry Bayley. L. H. Bishop, Jackie Griffith, Rhoda Harper, Emily Blackard, Bill Hale, Betty Blackard, Mary Lou Hughes, Leon Brocksmrdt, Elvis Hull, Delbert Bryant, Clyde Burdick, Gary Johnson, Beverly Johnson, Doris Bushkrll, Stanley Johnson, Edward Edwards, Mary Edwards, James Justin, Kyrle Lyons, Jack Warren, Ellen Secretary Wood, Mary Treasurer Rainey, Kenneth McEwen, Eugene Rush, Charlene McEwen, Fern Rush, Gaylin McKenzie, Earl Satterfield, Roy McKenzie, Margaret Shaw Leo McMurtry, D0riS Martin, Joann Millikan, Mary Miner, Barbara Short, Kenneth South, Richard Starkey, Patsy Turpin, Robert Mitchell, Lavonda Moye, Charles Vrnes, Betty Wentz, Zelah Newcomb, Geraldine O neal, Betty Williams, Mildred Willis Warren Poole, Kenneth Wilmore, Pat Pritchett, Virginia Wilson, Robert HAT 4 SNfL5 Oo WS . EK fVXuS4c!VMK fx Q! 1, xg f .ROME Koo li WAN' A 775 l 610 B. IG. L5 M WH EE 0 We A6A1,M AL dd' 5,5 VVKD "Viz A NG .sq x 5" lcd? Q4 4,3 'ff fv- 22 -v 44,5 .,,,3 'e 5qi'f?f f 4,51 u ' 'V - ' .E S W f If-bg. , nf., . Q :ix 35, ' -QQ, ,Q ff ' 1 xx'-. I1 ,' l, 4 -,xx xx f ff fp' .5 v-Qrf 1- 'Wu' ' ,,!.',if 'X ' 1 ' L m I 5- 1 if 3'l 1' X K xx g Q -A x ' SL f ' R , 1 f ' ' ' I I ' X X . M Tx, A y 34 'auf wg . , ,if ' ' W ,S QQ v 4 - ' 4 K R '. 255' .i by rea' s 'SXSV , I if x H. xx 3 s v . KQX N Q " " -,X M 5 . Q s K 3 X u ,X Q, 1, , - 1. 11,9 an ,A k fx K ' ' 13 F3if5'? "5 i i Jerry Hill President Larry Bruce Vice President Allen, Alfred Austin, Elizabeth Beam, Emma Doerner, Yvonne Boggs, Ronald Douglas, Betty Bryant, Glenda Duley, Barbara Bolerjack, Donald Edwards, Monty Bolerjack, Iim Gossett, Warren Buttry, Donald Harper, Evalene Campbell, Ann Harper, Gerald Cantrell, Dale Harris, Mary lou Crouch, Gwendolyn Hutchcraft, Charlene Cusic, Dorothy I-lutchcraft, Charles Cusic. Ioan COMPLIMENTS OF Norris City News - Norris City Dam' Lloyd Summers Gulf Service - Norris City Blackard Food Store - Omaha Clyde McCormick Secretary Faye Midkiff Treasurer Phillips, Aileen Phelps, Julia Inboden Joyce Poshard Madaline Kinsall William Read, William Kirk, Edward Scott, Kay Logan, Shirley Shatzsall, James Lydick B111 Tompkins Mattie Mc Kenzie Roy Vokes John . if . . F' i i X , s. , a,-K,-- K wk , .. if Al COMPLIMENTS OF Hart's Dept. Store - Carmi Douglas Feed Mill - Norris City Dr. Charles Rosenberg - Norris City Maxfield, Nawanna Whipple, Wayne Mears, Maenell Walters, Donald Moye, Judy Wicker, Mary Pleasant, Richard Wilson, Phyllis Williams, Paul Woods. Sue ,ls Frrst row T Jones D Hamrlton J Edwards I Trusty M Holland P Armstrong P McCa1eb V Tyler Second row Sponsor Mrs Marquess G Allen N Lrttlefreld M McGhee A Johnson J H111 B Beam W Burdrck S Shaw Pres J W11son Thrrd row M Aud D Johnson D Bryant D LaRock M Ellrs B Vrnes B Mayberry M Johnson E Harper M Knsall G Crouch Fourth row F Campbell M Mears S Wood N Maxfreld J Moye M Edwards V Prrtchett B Tompkrns B Douglas C Rush P Wrllmore B Johnson D McMurtry Frfth row E Warren G Newcomb R. Grrffrth M Tompkrns J Phelps E Beam J Imboden M Poshard D Johnson K Scott C Johnson G Bryant E Ausun Srxth row J Spence B Hale J Brshop R. M1tche11 R. McEwen I Farrres Cusrc J Cusrc M Wrcker B ONeal D Awalt B Mlner M Wood S Eubanks A Wrlhs S Browr V Wrlhs A Farrres S Harms Erghth row L W1111S J Grrffrth W Haddock H Scott S Warren S Holland J Leonburger M Wrllrams M Blackard M MCKCHZ16 L Lamp L Campbell P Buttry 5 Complrments of ! T Kroger Store Noms Crty Ill F, Midldffg B. Duley, Y, Doerner, S. Logan, P. Wilson, C. Hutchcraft, M, Harris. Seventh row: D. 1 N B S X X , . 5 ' A ' ' ' it N M - 4 ' ' 'I 7 if W.. 75, First row: P. Porter, J. Spence, M, Kinsall, A, Farries, P. McCa1eb, D, Awalt, I. Wilson Mears. Second row:V. Willis, A. Willis, E. Harper, M. Johnson, D, Johnson, M, Aud, B ,M. M. McKenzie, Sponsor, Miss Buddenbaum Third row: D. Johnson, M, Millikan, T. Jones, D, Hamilton, D, LaRock J, Bishop, B. Hale, G. Newcomb, E. Warren, J, Moye, Fourth row: H. Scott, S, Eubanks, S, Harris, J, Farries, V. Pritchett, M. Edwards, C. Rush, Y, Doerner, S. Logan, E, Harper, S. Warren, L. Lamp. Fifth row: G. Allen, M. Ellis, B. Douglas, L. Campbe D. McMurtry, M. Wood, C. Johnson, R, Griffith. D. Britton, B, Johnson, J. Griffith, J, Leonburger, T oFf A X A I . ,." ' x Q 9. I' ,49:" fl' T oh ONE If! 7' Ns '06 if I Qlfagfo First row: L. Shaw, R, Bryant, K. McKenzie, A. Mears, A. Pearce, L. Gidcumb, Second row: L. Davis, R. McKenzie, E. Johnson, D, Albert, P. Brockschmidt, E. Edwards, G. Rush, D. Hull, W. Kinsall, F. Howard, E. Martin, Sponsor,'Mr, Davis. Third row. E. Brockschmidt, G, Burdick, C. Edwards, E. McKenzie, K. Short, D. Walters, R. Douglas, C. Bryant, J. Short, W. Martin. Fourth row: K. Rainey, L. Bayley, K McArthy, R. Fields, R. Wilson, D. Smith, D. Nave, C. Moye, K. Willmore, K. Pool. fm? M' .1 N,..,.ggq,.,.-,.,,Ayp...a , , , W-.wav-""" x ' ,., . ,GM W , V , tw we-A 3' xv 5 1 51 E3 1 Fw gs' "V 'X gy QE 4- Q, S Q Q V K - k wr Lv W. J ,, M EQ G ,a V. v, - QM as 1 . 5 wg xi 3, Q an QQ xy if NS, X a,,y, Qgw HQ M. vu ,, Q -PM i QS . if an X f ' as 5 w ,K Q f-m., A sf if QF f I Q W I Q 1 Q WM .L Aww W! 3: 'fl .4 ' ' ,ws aww W Ye! 9 -Q D, A f- :''V,,, 5 X' 1 pug, MEAN ' 7 ' .wxzggailklgz u U " 115 sfJ4Q1 gg ,SE , A wr, is '2 ' ,1 if, gif: .-. firyc my yufzm 5115171255 afeaahs U yfffzemzz DMEWN wfdmfwfi Left to nght P Armstrong R, Shaw R, Duvall R, Brown S L Eubanks Sec Mrs Rrchey Sponsor D Hamrlton V Pres T Jones Pres G Allen State Reporter, V Tyler Treas I Edwards S Shaw The annual pro1ect of the FBLA was the publrcatron of a school paper The Cardrnal s Chrrp fig ILM Carolyn Smrth xg i- 'N 5 N .ffx MQ L a Kg-J TYPING 1 K Complrments of L. Haas Store Carmr, Ill, KX' ' K A I , f nl I! ijallxi A ia sa A ra r 1 ln" f 74 lf 2' 4 , ' V 'np' Z2 -.-, QYQ vw ,bs sa ,. ww ,QW s 33,r1,?S3Ti " ' 9' Wi as i x 5 Sf f ' -- 'WLT pf W 8 gg? 5, ,i:, fs .47 X' K , ,ff E, J i 5 x- . X Q W? www .Q 9 Xi avg' ,Ax Vg, ,359 ,, 1 :Az -Q5 be -5 Y xg as 4.9 DEQ w L fn. N QE ' K . Q fi ix Q. 1 .154 K ff ' T v. ' vgggms -wav 1 f 'T 9'- tw W' gg SQ' 639 ? if wig- ' an -I Y . P ,134 S 1' 16 ' my Q ,arf 'k xr ' -A M Qfl if ' L' 4 fx Ei . Sl fd Wi W .. f ii x I - , if as .. 1 an 1 Q ', 1 ' Mi ww .. Q' 4 an ,Q gy wg 5 .L -1 ii' KMQE L . 4-f., fm X .'N5'f'. :fi-J 3 Wig 3 6 , 4..A,,L ,, K A ,MN W Y., 7? in fi-QW Lf, fi, ,Sf ,fly vi' Nrkglfet Q' 5 fw fr! ' -4 gg M' yxfwf' :iii M R? , Q, 5-wg 5292 as sz? 'F Q 3? 2 b We ,fill 2' " gg Q iff, f 53 6 U in 7,4 J I .ESR .Q c fr.-gm 4 .qs . '- -. , 5' is, f are Q 4 , 5 ' 3 V 1 in Zl' W . A f ' Q f 2 V, aff-iff W fit. 155' ' f -W ' J-ri, A, Y ,x 1- K ww r A wg, ark gs Neff, ' ' 1 1 3 ,Q Q SK L sim fy 4-. 1.4-......., ..., ik fm-gy if w ,-K V if I dk Nap? gf 1? Q ,Nl 'Ae 1 V '1v,, 4. :LEE ' fiffmwf-w .gs - ' :fzi '-'ff 5:1 ' fi? Mr M 44 :if ng "LL Q gt NJ N 3? WE' pf! ef mi ff , , 1 ' -few, QW., We v N Q, A L7 'lv- wH3'Q 4w V 1 -..1'fnyi"3vw2, WP 4-ew' P2 ""?"'L,w 7 IVYQA 5, .,, 4 Yr, am Y. . ,t I I I if' fx " 6' j lf? at id: ' as 5: ' ff 1, if if NE I 'll 5 K Q' if s 1 wig 4 ka QF x . -NT h A Qi ,--QQ, ' 4 First row: G, Pyle, A. Allen, A. Pearce, G. Bryant, L. ff A -1 Y. Doemer, M. Mears, E. Harper, M, Aud, S, Holland, E. Austin. Third row: N. David, S. Shain, G. Courson, G , Crouch, M, Williams, I. Moye, I. Hill, Fourth row: D. Morehead, H. Wardlow, R. Haddock, C, Moye, W. , .H Gossett, S, Bushkill, I. Hill. Fifth row: W, Haddock, M. Blackard, D. Nave, M. Mitchell, C. Bryant, I. Shatzsall, A. Forrester. Majorettes: S, Eubanks, P. Armstrong, A. Johnson, D. LaRock, D. Awalt. T W .2 9 LN RMI! r f ' A Wx H Delamett, Second row: S. Blacker, M, Harris, M. Wood, W , SZ 22 CX x Compliments of: ,I Schoemann's Men's Wear - Carrni Sarah, Ada, Pat, Dorothy in Ziegler Sporting Goods - Carrni Seitzinger's Men's Wear - Carmi X ff f 3 44 '- 1 '.4..', Yifr' ' Jlrn im 5 .P ,pn Z ? f5'...- -' 5? fu 5-5- ' ,iv- L gf! rg. , fo, at , - ' -5' -1 1 ' 6 IM ..-..4X PX ' , , ,Um rm 1 -' ef ff X X Z' ,X X 74.522 Seated at Organ: G, Crouch, S. Eubanks, Sponsor, Miss Bingman First row, left to right: D. McMurtry, E, Harper, S. Rodgers, Z. Wentz, M, Blackard, P, Starkey, M, Williams, E, Harper, S. Holland, 1, Leonburger, J. Griffith, W, Haddock, D, LaRock, C, Hutchcraft, Second row: R, Brown, M, Mitchell, H, Drew, R. Duvall, K. McArthy, A, Mears, C. Johnson, D. Johnson, A. Pearce, D, Nave. 'Forward March' F1rst row Mary Sue Rogers Barbra Beam Vonda Tyler Second row Stanley Bushk11l R1chard F1e1ds Ross Shaw Monte Edwards oglhdfl-ld!!! iX X' f Sf' IOHNSON S HARDWARE HILL S SUPER MARKET PHILCO DEALER GROCERIES 8: MEAT NORRIS CITY ILLINOIS NORRIS CITY ILLINOIS . wx Wifi' ""3?i-xx The Guestonian Play was presented November 2, 1951. The play cast was as follows: fseatedj Shirley Logan, Mary Lou Harris, Dorothy Awalt, Sally Lou Blacker, Sarah Lou Eubanks, Ada Fae Johnson, fstandingj Bobby Brown, Wayne Whippel, Buddy Kirk, Richard Fields, Bill Lydick, Jerry Hill, Dick Vineyard Glenn Pyle, Ross Shaw-Special Effects. V l ,Z 4 61 Q Il 4 GQ! Stanley Newman, Mildred Williams. Mildred Williams, Zela Wentz, Tommy Oliver, Wanda Haddock Charles Moye, Stanley Bushkill, Richard South, Mary Blackard, Stanley Newman, The Athenian Play was presented January 18, 1952. The play cast was as follows: Celeste, an octoroon servant: Janice Hill: Sheldon Harley, in charge of the Bailey pro- perty: Charles Moyeg Jules, a Haitian Negro: Stanley Newman: Mrs, Oakley, the house- keeper: Zelah Wentz: Mrs, Gillette, Mr. Bai1ey's sister: Wanda Haddock: Eugenia Bowles, a distant relative: PatArmstrongg Amelia Gillette, a granddaughter: Mildred Williams: Newton Cooper, the county sheriff: Stanley Bushkill: Doctor Cameron, a midnight visi- tor: Tommy Oliver: Paula Bailey, a granddaughter: Mary Blackard, Mrs. Thompson was the sponsor. Mystery effects by Warren Willis and Richard South. Compliments of: Reinwald Produce - Carmi Kirk- Renfro -Pontiac - Carmi Tip Top Creamery - Carmi King Confectionery - Carrni Stein's Flower Shop - Carmi Willis and Fields - Carmi Fickert Hardware - Carrni First National Bank - Carmi Phillips and Phillips-Optometrists - Carmi ll 771 .Q 9 . ..,. a 'gk M H, if 11' , .f .gi gm. W Q.. EY Sw fi Lgmk-we Bo Q - ... 5' sf gk 12,7 2 , 'Off Y sw if mf-gi, Q. . wx, .. Q fs- I in , A Pi fi' ff 33334 A uT f-MJF? S Uf3?'i3l!'!?'5 Tgnqgnffvwf 'fl Tffff Easels? Q TRS? f..fEsa..5Z ,V 'Lr- 5-,1 , I City L ' A off1S A XJ E gr- qv CP-391 9,056 52 ,we x 951 env r-Wee afgmf. vw' x Z Ne: ter qxifgte c, 0' as Q eraser 10 Tuefee 'YJ' is '23 30 .. C 01 Af Q09 X 0 vwffe 02 'I f evo 'oe G ui xlplota 6 YY W O0 4 6 Val N G f aefn G0 O5 5 GY cc Xf X ment vxgw s 4 6 '1f'2?tovf"a evo' ner U Qxxda MCL 0 gibofoe f Q60 .rn 6 cwa 'sv sac fa Q affine was xaefe xx? pf' X32 25 rigs Cain fguefe we 29 f ea"'wle fsvefe an 1: in an were S Q Fee X Q3 eent Seb 2, 28222321 :Xmas 'aw X ' x xx b 9 X 8 QX S Y, X 'I 0-V9 YCYX pi- Z Sf' X ..Ei s? A n psf fav, XG? N' I W The Cardrnals of 1951 52 under the drrectlon of Coach Olrver Shoaff opened therr season's play on November 14 wrth an rmpressrve vrctory over New Harmony Thrswas the second trme rn as many years that the Cardrnals have rrounced the Hoosrers rn the opening game Pr1or to the Chnstmas holrdays the team had a record of frve wr ns and four defeats rn the mne games played The Albron game was called off and escheduled for February 29 Dunng the next month the team was wtthout the services of several boys due to rllness Whrle playlng under these crrcumstances several games were lost by a very smallmargm At Mt Carmel probably the frnest exhibrtion of the season was shown by our boys Th1s vrctory spurred them on to frmsh the season w1th a re cord of whrch no team should be ashamed The Regronal Toumament was assrgned to the home school this year with Norris City playing Carrier Mills tn the opener, 'I 'L ,C ,jk 'Q":"r Qfzji.-: tj .3-. M Q ' . ' . ' N . A ,E . f . ' Ps X' "X 'rv' o S ' . ' ,. gy -. s - , - .-: N e 5 1- x . - J ' I Y 1' - . X n 5' "VZ .4 X . 1.-f . J ' ' , -.3 ' ' X X xx .' a :Jj H ' 2 N X N' .- L? 'Q' 3' r' , x N' 'Q' . -5: . x4 , M91 x X X - ' T' '.1 V F N . ' 6 'Y xx xx-V 'rr f . - 259 """' x . f 3 l C 3X .xx e N Y xx i-:E 7 EC 11. -. ee . NX s,,.-. .-1.3, 1- 1' O ' lx 60 " , I 1 - -' 'fl "- ' 1 do 'XX X 1' ":..'4 't I- '. . . 9 e. x ',,-- e s - I.. : . "il '72,-I . 9 ' 'Z .. w". "ff, ai: .iw D . H 0 e A-3 . . 1.5. ' 903 Y 0 A ." .,'.' "Vis 'gf-'. : X5 - Y "J xl -F,-4 4,1 - ' I A X YA -I 2 :I , A 'Aaw+ ,rev . .,f,s aarss NiF: - 3 1 5 3 s-1-1 ,, .Ir gr: '--"2-.-'X'--',. ' Y rib 1.-' , ' '- '- -v 23 ' Q' ' '. I. lv.. . . 2 I , . ', x 'I' "-'. ' 51:31 ,Y .X f X 'Y .. . :nf- ' :'-fff ve - e 'O . " -' 3- .f 'N 'I ' . A, . . I Q. ' . 14.21 .-yr:-:..' . ' 9- "'- ..f,4 ' Lf , - 1 "rv", u , .lv ,,- I , H J 3 wi' ,7 ik 7 ! N T T X4 4 , , O A C fr' Q 5 .N 4-:jf 1 X 4 L o as l ffm E 5 We in f I9 'n ,....L. 3 K up 23? 5, 5 S First row: Glenn Lack, Bruce Johnson, Stanley Edwards, Willy South, Gleen Pyle, Jann Smith, Drew Johnson, Second row: Coach Shoaff, Manager Ray Bryant, Stanley Newman, Carroll Doerner, Don Boyd, Kyrle Iustinn, Kenny McKenzie, Manager Jerry Hill. 'Q i flee!! 05244215 'Q '44, , W Peggy McCa1eb Mary Lu Blackard Janice Hill First row: Paul Williams, L. H, Bayley, Larry Bruce., Charles Moye, Clyde McCormick, Larry Gidcumb, Leo Shaw, Eddie Lacefield, Coach Shoaff, Second row: Manager Jerry Hill, Dale Cantrell, Bobby Brown, Bill Lydick, Bob Turpin, George Piland, Gearld Norris, John Vokes, Manager Ray Bryant. s i b . 'B Him ,Zeams gg i Doris Johnson Barbara Duley Glenda Bryant Il d l M 14 ll f V 5 2.11 'N wc- X ' I I Q 5? ' V. X A Y! i rv 99 4,5 ,. , .M Qs? ff'- W it ,df if A " L ifbv ' h j, 5, ,-A , ix ,liififf , 'Q 1 K - .xg A M yf Jy " X W -f V ax New A f f .., , z I 1 A S' a0H!tq 56509 , fliIf'JvV'f ' 4 . ir, VLA! A fb a an X, va f X - ' v'ff - lu ISABEL BLACKER Phys. Ed. Health ARNOLD GIDCUMB Phys. Ed. Health Coach NORMAN BINGMAN Muslc GWENDOLYN MA RGRAVE Llbranan 560 2 Z Z 1 Z RUTH SEIFERT Art Maimiw BETTY BISHOP SecretaYY FERN DeIARNETT Eighth Grade JOHN REA Eighth'Grade HARRIET IORDON Seventh Grade D ENSIL EDWARDS Seventh Grade LELA GREER Sixth Grade W, R, MOYE Sixth Grade gmt My ffy 1 ' ki Q 5 , LQ WT' UIQ' "Ml XA rf' 6 SARAH SPENCE Fifth Grade ' MADGE THOMPSON Fifth Grade ELIZABETH HOLLAND Fourth Grade gw max RUBY SHORT CORA PHELPS Third Grade JO BOYD Third Grade VIRGINIA PI LAND Second Grade MARY BRYANT Second Grade ZULA QUILLMAN First Grade DORIS MILLSPAUGH First Grade Cgfyfffff Quark Adams, B. Anderson, G. Aud, I. Aud, I. Aud, R. Austin, R. Blacker, S, Bryant, I. Buttry, R. Catlin, A. Cullison, D. Delap, I, Dixon, D. Doemer, F. Douglas, A. Douglas, E. Douglas, P. Qarlick, R. Garrison, W. Gidcumb, N. Hafford, Y. Harlow, C. Harrolle, C. Henson, D. Hoskins, E. Hughes, C. Hunt, K. Justice, I. Clark, C. President Powell, D . Vice President Seagraves, S. Secretary RUBY, J. Treasurer Knight, E. Shaw, D. Kinsall, I, Smith, P. McArthy, L. Summers, R. McKenzie, C. Tally, P. McMuru'y, C. Tompkins, G. Midkiff, E. Turpin, I. Millspaugh, B. Tyler, B. Millspaugh, M. Van Vleck, L. Mobley, E. Wardlow, H. Morehead, D, West, W. Oliver, E. Wilson, F. Rodgers, P. Wilson, S. COMPLIMENTS OF Rush' C' Carro11's Texaco Station - Norris City Norman's Radio Shop - Carmi Shain, E. , - . Draper s Store for Men - Norm City M. A gles 5 L. Aud Zlfdflfi jak W. Aud S. Austin R. Blazier I. Brooks D. Brown L. Bruce C. Campbell I. Campbell G. Courson N. Crouch D. Douglas A. Downen H. Donehue P, Duley S. Dunivan Y. Edwards . A. Forrester I, Garrett I. Gidcumb W. Hardesty D. Harper G. Harper R. Harris L. Harris C. Henson D. Henson R. Holland C, Hafford H. Huffstutler S. Hull NEHI BOTTLING COMPANY - ? CARMI ILLINOIS Q, 1- Q1 ,. CARMI, ILLINOIS Xfaxx iie v-.fy -f . ,D 4- an ' , 4 A CARMI AINSBROOKE CORP. .,.- , nv uppl T., K. Wilson C . Wooten Charles W. Elder Dentist, Norris City Shewmaker's Drug Store, Norris City- I, D, Hutchcraft T. IVY R, Johnson P. Jordan J. Johnson F. Kimmel L. Knight K. Knight M. Littlefield E. McCormick I. McGuire P. Mears I. Moorman D. Moorman K. Newby A. Phillips D. Phillips N, Rush B2 Satterfield E. Satterfield C. Sanders ' S. Shain E. Smith H: Smith 1 L. Staley C. Thein I. Warren L. Wheeler S. Thurman W. Whiteside IIWQBBI IADIEBI .. iilffilf 5 'F ' Null! 'ff if r I Compliments of: lr 1.11-MK Q ' , liIf1YQl'9:i . 'I' , - P 55? 55. lr ' ' ' 'Wa 55: - ' .. W ,. . J X., , Margrave's Kaiser- -Frazer Sales, Norris City. 'raiigfiifggi A humw 512117 Zan? D, Ackley I, Allen J. Allen S. Bell D. Blake B. Breeden J. Bryant J. Bryant R. Bryant N. Boutwell W. Cathy L. Dagley Compliments of 1 W, J, Meyer Elevator, Omahag Fairfield Lumber Co. , Omahag M and M Cafe, Omahag J. Daxds L. Dejarnett J. Downen I. French A. Gerdes J. Griffith R. Griffith R. Haddock J. Harlow B. Harper I. Harris M. Harris Era' x Z. 1 W' ,xy I A. Hoskins R. Imboden B. Johnson I. Johnson I, Johnson B. Kinsall I. Lacefield L. LaRock V. May I. McKin1eY Compliments of: G. Mills D. Moore T. Pearce B. Philips V. Philips I. Poole I, Ripperden S. Tanner F. Tompkins K. Underwood A. Vanvleck E. Walters M. Willis Daley Griffith,Sheriffg Charles B. Lamp, Co. Clerk Max Endicott, Co. Judge, Walter Brown, Co, Treasurer Herman Kittinger, Coronerg Millage Carter, Circuit Clerk Walter Puckett, Co. Supt of Schools. 36 5 gud 1. 1312. R. Absher I. Carter D. Agles V. Catlin L- Md M. cole R. Aud C. Creel S' iudt, C. Delap R' Us m C. Dillsworth S. AUSIU1 E. Doerner B. AYCF M. Douglas S' dig N. Doemer ' Y P. Farris R. Boutwell I. Brooks Wher1e's Innovation W. A. B81lDrl1g Store Carmi, Illinois Carmi. Illinois .15 MARLIN'S DEPT. STORE NORRIS CITY, ILLINOIS GIKDCERIES MEATS DRY -GOODS FOOTWEAR L. Fulkerson R. Gherkin V. Gidcumb R. Gibbs I. Greathouse J. Green L. Hafford R. Hamilton P. Harper R. Henson L. Harris C. Herron B. Hill M. Hughes C, johnson 1, Johnson T. Kimmel A. Kingery T. Kirk G. Knight P. Marlin D. Mayberry V. Mayberry W. McGuire W, McKenzie THE BEN FRANKLIN STORE NORRIS CITY, ILLINOIS D . Midkiff S. Millikan C. Mitchell J. O'Nea1 E. Orr K. Pool L. Pleasant R, Phelps M. Phillips C. Phelps R. Riley B. Russell D . Satterfield 6 49 Q iam A", ' Compliments of: R ' " tl ELDORADO DEPT, sToRE 56 ELDORADO, ILL. vq, x L. Shupert B. South W. Spence P. Summers l l R. Sutton E. Thien I. Thurman D. Walters P. Warren L. Wheeler R. Williams D. Willmore Compliments of: DRS. N. D, as E, R, VEATCH OPTOMETRISTS RICE MOTOR CO, Carmi, Ill. APPEL and GRIFFITH HARDWARE Carmi, I11. gem gw R. Ackley P. Allen C, Austin D. Austin S. Austin L. Ayer G. Bamett B. Blythe J. Boyd R. Brooks A. Bryant C. Bryant I. Bryant F. Campbell R. Carter J. Crouch L. Davis S. Delap J. Edwards D. Gidcumb B. Griffith J. Hale I. Hall S. Harper P. Harper W. Healy A. Herron R. Hill D. Holtzclaw R. James WX' F Johnson L Jordan ii, ' L. Kelly W. Kirk D. Kleiner P. Knight L. Lane M. Lane B. McCormick C. Martin R. Mal' V. MAY G. Mayberry C. Mills I. Millspaugh I, Moore D. Phillips N. Pool L, W, Sanders W. Sanders E. Satterfield G. Shain L. Shaw W Spence R. Taber S. Wheeler S. Whiteside C. Wilson I-I. Wilson D. Winfrey JW gym D. Ackley L. Allen S. Bowers M. Boyd R. Brooks R. Cook I. Davis K. Edwards N, S, English R. Farris R. Garlick L. Garrett L. Garrison J. Golden S. Greer W. Hardesty I. Harper C. Harper F. Harper G. Harper S. Henson J. Henson R. Hesterley C. Howard D. Hill M. Hill E. Hoskins C. Johnson J. Jordan D. Kennedy I. Kinsall W. Lacefield I. Lack M. McCormick M. McCormick R. Martin GS' X D. Mayberry L. Moye E. Midkiff S. Miller B. Phillips G, Phelps C . Pool R. Porter E. Price D, Pyle lx M. Sarrerfield C. Smith L. Spence R. Thompson R. Thomas I. Vines S, West D, Wheeler D. Williams M.Whiteside 2 X S T a 'QNX Compliments of: NAVE'S FEED STORE LIBERTY THEATER Omaha, Illinois TAYLOR'S TEXACO STATION Omaha, Illinios amz QW G. Allen S. Allen S. Austin D. AYer Bell M. Bisho L. Blake M. Bolerjack T. Bower M. Burks V. Brooks N. Brown K. Bryant R. Campbell J. Cathey R. Courson B. Dale I. Darnell B. Davis R. Davis R. Delap J. Edwards L. Garlick R. Gidcumb R. Hafford I. Hale C. Healy G. Healy R. Herron P. Holtzclaw R. Roseberg C. Roy C. Hunt R. Sanders M. Hunt S. Smith D. Kirk B. Spence D. Knight N. SUIIOI1 D. Lane I. Talley B. LYdick R. Thurman B. Martin M. T11l'Pi1'l D, May G, Wheeler G. May K. Moore M. Wheeler I. Winfrey R. McCormick M, wilson joel Morehead .a.....,.i. Compliments of R, Nipper White Co. Appliance Co. C. Parker Carmi, Illinois M. E, Phelps H. Phillips 9225! fwzzh D' You'1l Enjoy All The News of White County In The CARMI TIMES Every Thursday I. Agles M. Aldredge L. Allen F. Allen I. Allen G. Boggs B. Boutwell B. Brooks J. Bushkill S. Buttry R. Bryant G. Campbell Carter Cox Creel Dixon Farris Garlick Gidcumb G01 den Griffith Haddock Howard f A 'U B. Harper K C. Haeney R. Healy F. Hoskins S. Justinn H. Mayberry H. Holtzclaw 7 :ff's" C- Hughes M. McE1haney M. A. Mills S. Hulett P' Hymn R. Morris M. Moore R. James C' Johnson L Mixers K. Nelson R. Jordan J- Knight P. Parrott F. Pennington F. Vines B. Harper W- Zf Compliments of 1 The Athletic House 5 of Harrisburg, 111. 5' 035 xi Wi , zai W 'W ,fa wwf. we, , A xx Q ,ls QW .zi P 5 gg ii Q ? A I 5 E 2 Y 3 Q y .Zn First row: I. Lacefield, L. LaRock, I. Davis, I, Ripperden, I. French. Second row: L. Dagley, R. Blazier--Manager, Mr, Gidcumb--Coach, R. Austin--Manager, J, Aud--Manager, A, Gerdes, L. Delarnett, film ofeaahs k f J Beverly Millspaugh, Patsy Douglas, Lulabelle Wheeler, Alma d Sally Lou Blacker Jean Forrester, Glenda Z Courson . Z Compliments of: Sweetland Confectioney Carmi, I11, Complnmenfs of Wafmgfdig LU IVIBEIQ C O lcnevnourf Best W1shes Sen1ors of 1952 A E3 C, I-IE IQ Cl-IEVI-QOLET SALES Norr1s C1ty I111no1s Complumenfs of fax 2 Mei QLad1es Ready to Weary Natlonally Advert1sed Carrru I111no1s Phone 2333 AUD 5 MAFQATH ON SE QVICE STATION B F Goodrlch TITCS Batter1es Gas Grease O1 Wash Norrls C1ty I1l1no1s Wu Way MERCXANTI LE CO Everythlng For Everybody We Feature Hotpolnt Apphances Eldorado I1l1no1s 4 Phone Complamenfs of 64 6489 ou.oTH1NsHousE Harnsburg I111no1s Comphmenfs of DAVIS and Norr1s C1ty SPENCE I111no1s MOBILGAS Compllmenfs of Zlzfemidwsi Frozen Food Locker and Grocer1es Norm s Clty I1l1no1s I ' F Illl 1 f . . . . 1 - . f '1 Q Jr. Sportswear Phone 156--E, Main st. 5 1 5 c . ' ' K 1 1 75 ' , - - WU 30024256 2 S CD N WQCQQZ Qing AdG QQZQJJQ T IRE S91-IOIU gn zcQf'zL DE PAQTMENT sw-o QE QQWZ 500645 Wen! Wea? Wiz? FOIQD CSA! FCS Q6 fan 7 WHQ4 M152 gfcfwmei ca- Q 1 I. L. Y 0 . Comphmenfs of 7 Machine Shop 8: Welding Phone ' 77 Norris City Us City 111' D Come In n et Acquainted Complimenis of . 7 9 Carmi, Illinois Carmi, Illinois Complimenis of 0 0 Y W Xi- W: xv- Carmi, Illinois Cafmi, I11iI10iS Complimenfs of Complimenfs of a 0 1 0 armi, inois orris it , Illinois Mawr Hotel of Q Wafzffzf C22 69946556 ? W Zdgfzfffmum I G A SUPER MARKET Norms C1ty Il1mo1s fy MoToR COMPANY JEWELRY Harnsburg I111no1s Compliments of C0mP"me"+5 of Je ep'Z71lc'is Z N6lZf ELI NE RA L. H QIVIE POOL EQUIRMENTCO C arml Il11no1 s Carml I111no1s YES BUSINESS PAYS WELL A few months of 1ntens1ve tra1n1ng after h1gh school W111 prepare you for one of the better 0ff1C6 Jobs For 56 years Lockyear's has been preparlng young men and women for these opportun1t1es More than Z0 000 gradu ates test1fy to the thoroughness of the tramrng and the effec tweness of the fr e e Employment Serv1ce the oldest off1ce employment SCIVICC 1n the Tr1 State LOCKYEAR'S BUSINESS COLLEGE Evansv111e Telephone 5 81-5 7 Ind1ana ' o ' 9 lp. "" E 0 o o Q S C f-E5 V A 6 ' ' QQ Q X v' W I Eldorado, Illinois I O I x ffwf Vrrwf I YM "fV WW' 'H N I 'W W" I . V Compllmenfs of I f I FASHION gg ? ff" . IN f 'Xl , X SHOPPE GRAIN COMPANY x mfs ,gg Eldorado, Illinois QQ M , I Eldorado of L Carmi and Illinois t 'V 0 ' Complimenfs of me WMLQUZ5 IVIOTCDIQ COM PANY Fur 1ture Store Eldorado I111no1s DSMOBIL Harrlsburg I111no1s Complnmenfs of cf 5Z62 Qgacfefzefcg W Q SHELL SERVICE Complamenfs of Norr1s Clty I111no1s Carrru I111no1s COMPLIMENTS OF DAIRY l.l.L'll.1-L.pI Q Qin DAIRY BRAND MILK COMPANY I O Q rl. a I 1 ' 0 I. E I I ' ' it 0 -3 ., . . A . loI.o... ..,,.. I ...,.., ...AI.o. ,o., , ,I,. A X lx Xxxv xxxxxxxxl ,.......-..-,... x 716, Q Wm by TO GREATER VALUES IX f n - 'H FQUJP Cf Wafigma Z Za MZ QF CARE-DIXXII 0 0 0 K R Q I f -1 -1 -1 ..: "L211i23'." -J X 0 J U The Bank of Friendly Service Q QW Q rfbad and pastfie 7 WZWZQQ Zhi They go together CCDCC3 CCDLQ IBCDTTLIVTG CCD QS X b S U P ., 1 5 HARRISBURG, ILLINOIS 2 f 73 'Iv U' CUUGRQTULQTIUUS EST ISHES ELQS UF IQ5 WHITE COUNTY BRIDGE COMMISSION Cha1rman V1ce Cha1rman Secretary and Treasurer Roy Chpplnger Manager and Ass1stant Secretary and Treasurer TID O HE J. M. Pomeroy J. F. Marlin Julius C. Kern 420 3 LVM EW 55 t , M TUHHERS FUHERHL e Must Sat1sf s Q lx I- 5 .g ,qs 4 5- M X X fn 3 -ig Q ' I J V! K ,F x 1 1 ,N I I I AMBULANCE U LAST MINUTEMWL DUXXKDC I CT if .,- g ......5 E r , - -1 'web-3, 4 .J ga 4:

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Norris City Omaha Enfield High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Norris City, IL) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Norris City Omaha Enfield High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Norris City, IL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Norris City Omaha Enfield High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Norris City, IL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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