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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1946 volume:

! i 2 E Q., E W N Q30 QS 6970 mm me W 4E CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION ........... .... .........,......-...-....----......-..------ CLASSES : SENIORS --- ........... --- ..... - .......... I ........ - ........ - UNDERCLASSMEN ORGANIZATIONS ...... ....------...--- ...... ...... ........... - ............ -- ATHLETICS -- ....... ---...-....-----.-.----- ......... ----- ......... FEATURES ......... ...-..-.....--...----......... .... - ......... - ............... Page Two Page 3 Page 9 Page 21 Page 31 Page 41 Page 47 ja- 7"v B, Id D. f V-3 Z-I f III' I I "XI - X If W 4, ,,,...,, Q I I I lIll llllII21fII ADMINISTRATION BOARD OF EDUCATION The combined efforts of the members of the Board of Education have made Norris City Township High School the modern institution of today. Every student owes a debt of gratitude to these men whose tire- less labors have made possible the rapid rate of growth and of progress of the school. FACU LTY HUMBERT J. PHELPS, Principal Southern Illinois Normal University, B. Ed. Indiana University, M. S. History G. C. Blacker University of Illinois, A. B., M. A. Music, History, English Ida Mae Jones Southern IllinoisSNg1amal University B. . . Physical Education, Geography, English Duane Mount University of Iowa, B. S. Science and History Raymond De Jarnett Southern Illinogs lgolrmal University Mathematics' and Chemistry Margaret Hallock Indiana State Teachers College, A. B. English Agnes J. Forchee Ball State Teachers College, A. B. Commercial Herschel Newcomb Southern University University of'I1linois, M. S. Science and History Winifred W. Grantham McKendree College, B. S. Colorado A. and M., Ed. M. Home Economics Kenneth Cole Southern Illinois Normal University Physical Training Instructor U. S. N. Coach, Physical Education Ben F. Davis Southern Illinois Normal University Vocational Agriculture Lamoine F. Hill Southern Illinois Normal University Secretary to Principal Page Four BOARD DF EDUCATION Ill 56' iq C TQ 4 .4 ""' was I' if Zifgfq 91244 41211125 056 Y '27 HIM!!! 945, 27 4711145 J ibasl Y C' 1 5111 '7 lbw? 1211114121: 'Z MY! CARDI NAL STAFF Editor-In-Chief --- ....... -------- ...... ----..--, ..... ...------ ........... Christine Turpin Assistant Editors ....... -- ......... ----- .......... Roberta Wade, Jerry Harper Business Manager ...... ----- .... --- ......... - ..........,......,...., Doris Mae Gerdes Advertising Managers ...... ...... G loria Pyle, Peggy Smith, Donna Brown Feature Editors ---- ...... --- ........ --- ................ Kathryn Boyd, Betty Atkins Athletic Editors ...... ..................................... K enneth Doerner, John Randall Johnson, Fae Awalt Snapshot Editors ................... - ........... Fred Carroll, Jr., Mary Jane Knight Art Editor ............. ------- .... ............. .................................... Ernestine Bryant Organizations ....... -- ............. - .................... Evelyth McArthy Eulah Short Senior Editor ---- ......... --..-------- ............. .. ........ .. .... - ...... --- .... Fleeta Williams Junior Editor ............ -- .... --- ..... - ...... ----------..--.. ........ ......,.. - June Henson Sophomore Editor --.. ....... --- ...... - ........... Patricia McQuay Freshman Editor ....... - ....... .................,.............. B etty Lou Bishop Typists .................. .... ..... M a ry Beth Renshaw, Roberla Davis Sponsors ..... - ........ ................. M iss Hallock, Mr. Blacker The Editors wish to thank all the people who contributed their support in making this book possible-the advertisers, the sponsors, and the mem- bers of the staff. We especially wish to thank Ernestine Bryant whose excellent draw- ings appear throughout the book on the division pages, the Senior pages, and the Cardinal staff page. Page Six ix ADMINISTRATION GETS BACK TO NORMAL The end of the war brought changes to many industries and occupa- tions-especially to the school and teaching. These changes were evident also at Norris City Township High School. With the help of the Board of Education, Mr. Phelps was able to fill the vacancies on our faculty which had been caused by the war. Several former instructors, who had been serving with the armed forces, returned and others who had been forced to double-up in their work relaxed and returned to their own fields as new faculty members were added. Among those who returned were Kenneth Cole, the coach, who served for three and a half years as a Physical Training Instructor at a Naval Airbaseg Duane Mount, instructor in Science and History, who formerly was an officer in the Army Air Corps. He left in Janu- ary to continue his education and his place was taken by Herschel New- comb, a former instructor in the High School, who had recently been re- leased from the Army. Another reappearance on the faculty was an agriculture teacher. This position was filled by Mr. Davis. The valiant efforts of those who worked so hard and under such ad- verse conditions during the war will always be remembered and appreci- ated. The return to peace is bringing a return to normal of school enroll- ment and faculty numbers and will give those' tireless workers a well deserved rest. Page Eight Y an CIHZ111. ffefzrf 471.11 Zfefmff f7fzz dm! ' 1291! My f 11111111521 K Wy! 52' al Z 27h1Lf1?5f7y may of 46 4 Fab 3111175 W41.5f122 YM 'H 1 Q Jzizlizyzz 6271! 'vp' , dns 101 V15 ydiflf Zfaerzzez' 6 BOBBY AMOS-"Squeeze" Guestonian: Track 15 Vice President Camera Club 15 Guestonian Play 15 Choral Club 1-25 Home Room Vice President 25 Band 1, 2, 45 Book Club 25 Oklahoma 35 Vice President Science Club 45 Sign Painters 45 Tumbling Team 45 Pep Club 45 Silver Seal 4. BETTY ATKINS-"Bet" Guestonian: Omaha 1-35 Orchestra 2-35 Class President 1-35 Norris City 45 Band 45 Cheer- leader 45 Pep club 45 Home Ec. Club 45 Car- gi1:i1l4Staff 45 Guestonian Secretary 45 Silver e . PEARL AUD-"0. P. A." Athenian: Home Makers Club 1-45 Girls' Chorus 1-25 Choral Club 1-25 Pep Club 4. FAE AWALT-"Awa1t" Athenian: Choral Club 1, 25 Girls' Chorus 15 G. A. A. 1-45 Future Homernakers Club 245 Future Homexnakers President 45 Pep Club 45 Cardinal Staff 45 Librarian 4. FRANK M. BAYLEY-"Murphy" Athenian: Athenian'President 45 Basketball 3, 45 Track 45 Student Council 35 Band 3, 45 F. F. A. 1-45 Mechanics Club President 35 Pep Club Vice President 25 Sportsman Club 35 Science Club 45 Hobby Club 1-25 Sign Painter 45 Checker Club 25 Silver Seal 4. WAYNE BELL-"Wayne" Athenian: F. F. A. 2-45 Mechanics Club 35 Science Club 25 Pep Club 3-45 Sportsman Club 35 Tumbling Squad 4. JOHNNIE BETSON, JR.-"Shorty" Athenian: Camera Club President 15 Basket- ball 3-45 Science Club 2-35 President 35 N Club President 4' Pep Club 1-45 Band 1-45 Cardinal staff 15 Huntin az Fishing Club ag Mechanics Club 35 Hobiy Club 25 Play 25 Silver Seal 4. 5 Page Ten PAUL BISHOP-"Bunyan" Athenian: Basketball 2-45 Hobby Club 15 Class Vice President 1-45 Checker Club 25 Hunting 8: Fishing 35 Mechanics Club 35 Pep Club 4. KATHRYN BOYD--"Kathy" Athenian: Band 1-45 Silver Seal 4, Current Events 15 G. A. A. 1-45 Cardinal Staff 1, 3, 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Book Club 35 Player's Play Craft 15 Orchestra 15 Choral Club 15 Class Vice President 25 Class Secretary 35 Latin Club Secretary 2. AVIS MARIE BRYANT-"Bird" Athenian: Future Homemaker's Club 1-35 Choral Club 15 Players Play Craft 15 G. A. A. 45 Pet? Club 45 Future Homemaker's Vice Presi ent 35 MAXINE BURCH-"Max" Guestonian: G. A. A. 1-45 Future Home- Iglalgerlsz Club 1, 25 Pep Club 2-4, Choral u -. HERMAN LEON COFFMAN-"Doc" Guestonian: Eldorado 15 Band 2, 3, 45 Science Club 3, 45 Science Club Secretary-'ITeasurer 45 Hobby Club 25 Choral Club 25 Latin Club 1-35 Latin Club President 35 Silver Seal 4. ORLAND DAVIS-"Pancake" Guestonian: F. F. A. 1-45 Model Airplane 15 Hobby Club 15 Track 1-45 Basketball 15 Pep Club 35 Sportsman Club 3. ROBERLA DAVIS--"Judy" Guestonian: G. A. A. 145 Choral Club 35 Pep Club 3 45 Sportsmen Club 35 Future Homemaker's Club 15 Secretary and Treas- urer of Home Room 1, 35 Chorus 2, 3. KENNETH DOERNER-"Lefty" Guestonian: Hobby Club 15 Student Council 1, 45 Student Council President 45 Basketball 2-45 Class President 35 Checker Club 25 Mechanics Club Secretary and Treasurer 35 lg! Elub Secretary and Treasurer 35 N Club 2 zu! f -911 any 5,411 e ay zum ifeyaef e 4 Wg? Erqqy 5'a64z1Z'5 37546974135 4? lzfafz Ge S- --Q 576145 f7Z,AQ17.425 !7ffl1?74l2'f 411451 .hae Ziznz WLM zfflarzazz 311116411 GREGG EUBANKS-"Rev" Athenian: Omaha 1-35 Norris City 45 Pep Club 45 Tumbling Squad 4. GUY EVANS-"Bud" Guestonian: Hobby Club 25 Pep Club 35 Hunting 8: Fishing Club 35 Cheerleader 4. BETTY GWALTNEY-"Kid" Athenian: G. A. A. 1-45 Hobby Club 25 Choral Club 25 Sportsman's Club 35 Class Secretary and Treasurer 2, 45 Pep Club 4. LENORA HAYNES-"Humpy" Athenian: Class Secretary 15 Camera Club 15 G. A. A. 1-45 Choral Club 1, 25 Chorus 35 Pep Club 2-45 Home Room President 35 Home gi1ogn3Vice President 1, 45 B-and 1, 35 Book w . STELLA HEALY-"Peggy Lou" Athenian: Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 35 Hobby Club 15 Book Club 2-3. MARGARET HENSON-"Margie" Athenian: Book Club President 35 Science Club 15 Home Ec. Club 1, 25 Band 1, 2, 45 Player's Play Craft 1-25 Pep Club 2-45 Sil- ver Seal 4. RUTH HU GHES-"Ruthie" Guestonian: Future Homemakers Club 1-45 Girls Chorus 15 G. A. A. 1-4. MARGARET JUSTICE-"Marg" Guestonian: G. A. A. 1-45 Chorus 1-35 Pep Club 2-35 Choral Club 1-35 Band 35 Home Ec. Club 1. Page Twelve MARION KENNEDY-"Mickey" Guestonian: Future Homemaker's Club 245 Ridgway 15 Book Club 25 G. A. A. 3, 45 Li- brarian 45 Pep Club 4. MARY JANE KNIGHT-"Janey" Athenian: G. A. A. 1-45 Choral Club 1, 25 G1rl's Chorus 2, 35 Girl's Octette 35 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Secretary and Treasurer 35 Snapshot editor of Cardinal 4. EVELYTH MCARTHY-"McArthur" Guestonian: Player's Playcraft 15 Class Pres- ident 25 Student Council 25 Home Ec Club 25 Pep Club, 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. 3, 45 Sportsmen's Club 35 Book Club 25 Guestonian Cheerlead- er 45 Cardinal Staff 4. PORTER MCKENZIE-"Porter" Guestonian: F. F. A. 1, 2, 35 Track 2, 45 Checker Club 15 Mechanics Club 3. EZRA MILL-SPAUGH-"Yea" Athenian: Basketball 3, 45 Hobby Club 15 Checker Club 25 Mechanics Club 35 Sports- men Club 35 Pep Club 4. DORTHA MAE MITCHELL-"Dotty" Athenian: F. H. A. 1-45 Choral Club 15 G. A. A. 35 Latin Club, Vice President 35 Girls' Chorus 3. DARRELL MOBLEY--"Buck" Guestonian: N Club 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 35 Track 1-45 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Science Club 2, 3, 45 Hobby Club 25 Guestonian Vice Presi- dent 45 Science Club Sec. Tresaurer 35 F. F. A. Treasurer 45 Home Room Sec. Treasurer 45 Sign Painters Club President 45 Model 5-flir1.p1aI.negl1ib415 Hunting and Fishing Club t49ww fez XQEIUK w- if N15 I ' 1 1 R , nuff Q . bf. . ,JVX SZ' . ft' MA : ' ml, 4,7 ' 171 NE' A 1 1 z Bilgy .Waark "' .217 Jah 5 X ,1 f 5422151 Ueazz Wall fem ffflfifl a -E5 52761152 92141111 Ylfbgfple Gleela Wwflblfii 1-1 PAULINE POOLE-"P. P." Athenian: Band 45 G. A. A. 1-45 G. A. A. President 45 Vice President 35 Home Room Secretary 45 Chorus 1, 2, 35 Choral Club 15 25 Student Council 1, 25 Cheer Leader 3, 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Athenian Cheer Leader 3, 45 Silver Seal 4. MARY BETH RENSHAW-"Beth" Athenian: Choral Club 25 Home Ec. Club 2-35 Sportsman's Club 35 Pep Club 3, 45 G. A. A. 3, 45 Girl's Chorus 25 Vice President Junior Classg President Home Room 1, 45 Cardinal Staff 4. LEE RILEY-"Pee Wee" Athenian: Mechanics Club 35 Hobby Club 35 F. F. A. 145 Pep Club 3, 4. BILLY GENE ROARK-"Bill" Guestonian: F. F. A. 1-45 Mechanics Club 35 Pep Club 3, 45 Hobby Club 35 Model Air- plane Club 1. BOBBY SANDERS-"Apple Sauce" Athenian: Pep Club 1-45 Sportsman's Club 35 Tumbling Team. KENNETH SANDERS-"Kenny" Athenian: Omaha 15 Class President 15 Checker Club 25 Hobby Club 25 Latin Club 25 Latin Club Vice President 25 Book Club Sec- retary 35 Sportsman Club 35 Pep Club 45 Librarian 45 Tumbling Team 4. EULAH SHORT-"Pich" Band 2-45 F. H. C. 1-25 Secretary and Treas- urer F. H. C. 25 Secretary and Treasurer Student Council 45 Pep Clu-b 1-45 G. A. A. 1-45 Secretary and Treasiuer for G. A. A. 35 Li- brarian 3-45 Sportsman Club 35 Book Club 25 garililzal Staff 2-45 Redbird Staff 35 Silver ea . Page Fourteen LEON SPENCE-"Puny" Guestonian: Pep Club 1-45 F. F. A. 1-45 Science Club 1-45 Basketball 4. MARTHA SPENCE-"Red" Guestonian: G. A. A. 1-45 Hobby Club 2-35 Choral Club 25 Pep Club 35 Chorus 2-35 gportgmaus Club 35 Home Room Vice Presi- en . DONALD E. STOVALL-"Don" Athenian: Band 1-45 Model Airplane Club 15 Hobby Club President 25 Mechanics Club Vice President 35 Science Club Vice Presi- dent 35 Science Club President 45 N Club 3, 45 Track 35 Pep Club 45 Silver Seal 4. JOY STOVALL--"Tea Toe" Guestonian: G. A. A. 1-45 Hobby Club 35 Pep Club l-45 Choral Club 1-25 Book Club 2-3. CHRISTINE TURPIN-"Chris" Guestonian: G. A. A. 1-45 Book Club 25 Stu- dent Council Secretary 25 Chorus 1, 25 Future Homemakers 1, 2, 35 Future Homemaker's Treasurer 35 Home Room President 45 Band 2-35 Librarian 3, 45 Pep Club 1-45 Red-bird Staff 35 Cardinal Staff 1-45 Cardinal Editor 4. RAY DEAN WALL-"Wall" Athenian: Omaha 1-35 Norris City 45 Basket- ball 1-45 Orchestra 2-35 F. F. A. 45 Pep Club 45 Tumbling Squad 45 Class Secretary and Treasurer 15 Vice President 3. LLOYD WHIPPLE-"Dripp1e" Guestonian: Omaha 1, 2, 35 Class Vice Presi- dent 35 Basketball 2, 35 F. F. A. 4. FLEETA WILLIAMS-"Gu.ffey" Atheniang Herald 1, 25 Norris City 345 G. A. A. 3-45 G1rl's Chorus 3-45 Sign Painters Club 45 Home Room Secretary 45 Cardinal Staff 45 Secretary and Treasurer Sign Painter's Club 45 Pep Club 3, 4. Q f a M! VW 1 N f ff f , f A fy! H' gg 7 X5 iM1ZW I I "Ja QEQZ 79' QQ SENIORS I We' Lloyd Whipple and Stella Healy will We Lenora Haynes Leon Spence and Joy SENIOR HISTORY We, the class of 1946, entered Norris City High School in September, 1942. Our class, with eighty-five members, was one of the largest in the history of the school. We were represented in almost every school organization and took great pride in our class. We chose as class officers: Audrey Stephens, President, Paul Bishop, Vice President, and Lenora Haynes, Secretary-Treasur- gr. lpurprepresentatives on the Student Council were Kenneth Doerner, Billy Summers, and au me oo e. In September, 1943, we came back with an enrollment decreased to sixty-one. We still retained the honor of being the largest class in school. This year we chose Evelyth McArthy, President, Kathryn Boyd, Vice President, and Betty Gwaltney, Secy-Treasurer. As Student Council repre- sentatives we chose Christine Turpin, Pauline Poole, and Frank Bayley. Now, as Juniors we're not bragging, but we're still the largest class in school with fifty-one members. Our officers this year are Kenneth Doerner, President, Mary Beth Renshaw, Vice Pres- ident, and Kathryn Boyd, Secretary-Treasurer. Our Student Council representatives are Frank Bayley, Evelyth McArthy, and Charles Greer. We are looking forward to our Senior year. We entered Norris City High School this year with an enrollment of forty-five. We chose as class officers Johnnie Betson, President, Paul Bishop, Vice President, and Betty Gwaltney, Secretary-Treasurer. We were represented on the Student Council by Kenneth Doerner, Bob Amos, and Eulah Short. We shall always remember these four years as the most important part of our lives and we will remember all the happiness of our dear old Alma Mater. CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1946 of the Norris City Township High School in the county of White and State of Illinois, being of sound mind and full possession of our faculties do hereby make and request, order, publish and declare this to be our last will and testament, and we bequeath this prop- erty to the incoming Seniors. We, Pauline Poole and Margaret Justice will We, Betts Atkins, Martha Spence, and Mar- our way with men to Jerry Harper. ' ian Kenne y will our one man devotion to Ruby Patton. our ability at bookkeeping to Correne J o-hnson. We, Bud Elvans, Lee Riley, and Margaret Henson will our height to John Randall John- son. We, Pearl Aud, Dortha Mitchell and Ruth Hughes will our place in front of the mirror to Roberta Wade. I, Billy Roark will my figure to Wyatt Mar- tin. , We, Bob Amos, Kenneth Sanders and Gregg Eubanks will our weakness for brunettes to Ben Boyd. We, Avis Bryant, Evelyth McArthy and Eulah Short will our curly hair to W. D. orris. We, Roberla Davis and Donald Stovall will our quiet ways to June Henson. We, Delores Awalt and Mary Beth Renshaw will our interest in the Navy to Alice Blazier. We, Ezra Millspaugh and Ray Dean Wall will our place on the basketball team to Whee- zer Carroll. We, Frank Bayley and Maxine Burch will our blushes to Ivan Johnson. Page Sixteen Stovall will our talkative ways to Lillian Oliver. We, Mary Jane Knight and Betty Gwaltney will our orderly locker to Ida Mae Healy. We, Leon Coffman, Kathryn Boyd and Chris- tsinetflhrpin will our typing technique to Elsie us in. We, Fleeta Guffey, Darrell Mobley and Wayne Bell will our industrious ways to Beulah Kennedy. We, Orland Davis, Porter McKenzie and Bob Sanders will our slightly used English books to Kenneth Spence. We, Kenneth Doerner, Paul Bishop and John- nie Betson will our interest in redheads to Doris Mae Gerdes. In testimony whereof we the said Senior Class have set our seal to this will on the Seventeenth of May, Nineteen hundred and Forty-six. -H. J. Phelps, Executor. Witnesses: Christine Turpin Eulah Short Evelyth McArthy U Signed--X-fthe seniorsb SENIOR STATISTICS Name Pastime Hangout Favorite Song Bobby Amos Riding motorcycle Locker 96 "Oklahoma Hills" Pearl Aud Sewing Kroger's "I Walk Alone" Fae Awalt Writing Stanley Omaha "Bell Bottom Trousers" Frank Bayley Fighting Off Girls Travis Cleaners "Love Me" Wayne Bell Working on Bookkeeping Marlin's "I Ain't Got Nobody" Johnnie Betson Model Airplanes I Theater "Daisy Belle" Paul Bishop Talking to Jerry Locker 100 "She's from Missouri" Kathryn Boyd Singing G. A. A. songs Music Room "Farmer and the Maiden" Avis Bryant Giggling Carmi "Whfr1P,My Dream Boat Comes Maxine Burch Talking to Wyatt Martin's "I Dream of You" Leon Coffman Cooking Corn Shewmaker's "Mairzy-Doats" Orland Davis Blushing Locker "Pass the Flapjacks Mirandy" Roberla Davis Writing Eldorado That Old Pal of Mine" Kenny Doerner Talking to Betty Locker 78 "I Can't Begin to Tell You" Bud Evans Pinball Machines Hotel "Tumbling Tumbleweed" Betty Gwaltney Telling Jokes Locker 77 "Oh, Johnnie" Lenora Haynes Talking Brownie's "I Can't Begin to Tell You" Stella Healy Studying Home Room 7 "Dream" Margaret Henson Being with Ray Mary's "Just A Little Fond Affection" Betty Atkins Chesty ' Henson's Car "Whg1i,lJoes My Soldier Dream Gregg Eubanks Acting Silly Omaha "Delores" Ruth Hughes Knitting Red Truck "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" Margaret Justice Writing to Carl Mary's "Faithful Forever" Marian Kennedy Clarence Movie "Blue Eyes" Mary J. Knight Singing Brownie's "My Ideal" Evelyth McArthy Flirting ' Chevie "Stuff Like That There" Porter McKenzie Selling Garden Seeds Ag. Room ' "Old MacDona1d's Farm" Ezra Millspaugh Borrowing Pens The Hall "Lazy Bones" Dortha Mitchell Writing Letters in Typing Class Home Ec. Room "I Threw A Kiss In The Ocean" Lee Riley Carrying Out Ashes Basement "Home On The Range" Billy Roark Playing Piano Music Room "Chopsticks" Bob Sanders Playing Hockey Village "Margie" Eulah Short Walking to Eldorado Turpin's Hwagirgge Illor The Train To Leon Spence Autographs Frank's Car "Han-gnlge Down My Walking Martha Spence Talking Brownie's "Pm Gonna Love That Guy" Donald Stovall Playing saxophone Band Room "Trumpet Blues" Joy Stovall Eating Gerdes' "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows" Christine Turpin Reading Drug Store "Oh, What It Seemed To Be" Ray Wall Using Adding Machine He doesn't "I'll See You In My Dreams" Lloyd Whipple Trying to Get Out of Studying Rip's Cafe "I Dc6n'tFWant To Set the World n ire" Fleeta Williams Talking To Leon Town "I Love You Truly" Page Seventeen CLASS PROPHECY Today was a momentous occasion in the history of N. C. T. H. S. when the class of 1946 held its tenth reunion. The class was first honored by a banquet in the sumptuous dining hall of the new High School.. Between the courses speeches were delivered by the principal, Mr. H. J. Phelpsg president of the school board, Frank Bayleyg and by Betty Gwaltney, Secre- tary-Treasurer of the '46 class. . After the banquet a dance was held in the ballroom. At intermission the dance floor slid back revealing one of the school's three swimming pools. Multicolored lights played on the water and a lovely water show was performed by the girls' P. E. department under the direction of Miss Jones. Entertainment was also provided by Donald Stovall and his "Swooney Swingsters". Mary Jane Knight, the renowned torch singer, sang several numbers including one which was written especially for her by Fleeta Williams, the feminine Irving Berlin. And Bud Evans, Ringling Bros. famed acrobat, performed several aerial feats. Among the many well-known persons who attended and enjoyed this memorable event were: Multimillionaire Paul Bishop-the vitamin king. Paul became interested in vita- mins when his red-headed triplets had to take them. He started manufacturing vita- mins himself and made a fortune. Then he began taking his own products and Paul now weighs 350 pounds. Social leader Maxine Martin fthe former Maxine Burchl. Mrs. Martin is remem- bered for her improvements of the school bus which her husband drives. The addi- tions included lace curtains, corner what-nots, and cushions for every seat. The speed demon of the typewriter, Ezra Millspaugh. Ezra set the world's record by typing 500 words a minute. He also acquired a new nickname. Instead of "Yea" Millspaugh, he is now known as "Accuracy Ezra". Lady Evangelist Ruth English fthe former Ruth Hughesj. Ruth is -a familiar figure driving her red truck loaded with her nine little "Bubbles" to her revivals. Prominent steel man Bob Amos and Mrs. Amos fthe former Evelyth McArthyb who arrived on their gold plated motorcycle. Mr. Amos, president of the Steel Workers' Union, is now employed in the "Oklahoma Hills." Spinsters Christine Turpin and Eulah Short. These two, together with one of their former teachers, founded "Margaret's Mansion for The Memory Maids", that world famous home for elderly unmarried women fold maidsb. Scientist Leon Coffman. Mr. Coffman, who proved Einstein's theory of relativity, is working on something greater than the Atomic Bomb-he hasn't decided what it will be-but he's working on it. Career woman Pearl Aud. The publishers of Life magazine have devoted the entire current issue to Pearl's "Aud and End" factory. Garageman Lloyd Whipple. Mr. Whipple operates a string of garages in ten states. His slogan, nown to millions by means of the radio, is "Save Your Car From Dripples at Whipp1e's". Movie queen Margaret Justice. Miss Justice is well known for her many romances and received the Academy Award for her performance in "Margaret's Monkeyshines". Margaret's escort for this affair was her co-star in "Monkeysh1.nes", the "poor man's Robert Taylor"-Darrell Mobley. l Page Eighteen Radio comedian Gregg Eubanks. When Bob Hope retired, Gregg took over and his success is even greater than Hope's. He and swponer-crooner Wayne Bell have just finished their latest picture "Pathway to Patagonia". Fae Johnson Qformerly Fae Awaltb. Fae retired several years ago after a success- ful career as a P. E. teacher and now devotes all her time to giving setting up exer- cises to her six little "boys in navy blue". Track star Orland Davis. Orland has broken every known track record. He recently broke his own record and set a new one by running the mile in 6 seconds flat. Most famous cigarette girl in the world, Lenora Haynes. Lenora started her career at "Barney's Beanery" and rose to the top with lightning like speed. She now is selling at that glamous night spot "Harry's Hash House". The author-Kenneth Sanders. Mr. Sanders is the author of the best seller "Some Men Like Veronica Lake But I'll Take Dorothy Poole". Colonel Ray Wall. Colonel Wall started as a private and worked his way up through the ranks. Colonel Wall is remembered for his daring expoise of the bulb snatcher in Barrack 39 at Jefferson Barracks. The wor1d's most efficient stenographer Roberla Davis. Roberla works at Sander's Secondhand Store operated by the financial genius, Bo-b Sanders. Stella Healy also works for Bob. She's known as the Hbookiest bookkeeper". Autograph collector Leon Spence. Leon started collecting autographs back in 1946 when he broke his leg. His collection is now the largest in the world. One of his best autographs is from Senator Porter McKenzie. Senator McKenzie received worlgd-wider atltiention when he proposed that a dam similar to Grand Coulee be built on ear ee . Fashion experts Margaret Henson and Pauline. Poole. Margaret and Pauline were responsible for the return to style of the Blazier jacket. To correspond with this, Beauty expert Martha Spence has designed a Blazier hair do. This consists of the crew-cut on top with long curls on the side and pig tails in the back. Housewife Marion Kennedy. Marion married Clarence and they are dividing their time between their farm and the library. Marion liked being a librarian so much that she comes back now just to be in the library. Farmers Lee Riley and Frank Bayley. Lee invented the new, perpetual motion tractor. This remote controlled tractor is operated by a pushbutton. The farmer may now sit under a tree and push a button and the tractor plows the field in 15 minutes. Frank is still his happy self and divides his time among his farm, the school board, and trying to gain weight. Frank has been working so hard that he has become a mere skeleton of his former self. Model mother Betty Atkins. Betty was a model before her marriage but she norvtdevgtes her time to rearing her young son who poses for the picture on "Chesty" po a o c ips. Diplomat Mary Beth Renshaw. Miss Renshaw made the trip to Norris City by heliocopter from Moscow accompanied by her personal pilot, Avis Bryant. En route she stopped in Austria to pick up the Duchess of Hapsburg-the former Betty Gwaltney. Among those who were unable to attend were: Dr. J. R. Betson, Jr., the eminent physician, who was called out on a case unex- pectedly. Dr. Betson, accompanied by nurse, Dortha Mae Mitchell, was called to re- move a splinter from the big toe of Joy Stovall. Joy sells the Tivoli theatre and got the splinter in her toe when, after removing her shoes to rest her feet, she accidentally kicked the side of the box office. Kenneth Doerner. Kenny, who plays 1st base for the "Mudville Moles" the Doggie league champs, found that his schedule made it impossible for him to come. Radio announcer Billy Roark. Billy, known as Jim Duncan the second, is an- nouncing the sequel to "Requestfu11y Yours" which is called "This is What I Like" over Norris City's Radio Station W. A. S. H. The above article is taken from the May 17th issue of the Norris City News, 1956. It was written by the editor Christine Turpin. Page Nineteen Junior-Senior Prom April 26, 1946, will stand out as one of the most important dates in the high school lives of the Senior class of 1946. On this memorable oc casion, as guests of the Junior class, they were entertained with the Ju- nior-Senior Prom. This year the Prom was held in the Empire Room of the Vendome Hotel in Evansville, Indiana. The Empire Room, a beautiful ballroom, is decorated with murals of landscapes and with mirror walls. The music was furnished by a local Evansville orchestra of ten pieces which played from 9:00 until 12:00. Midway through the evening a delicious buffet supper of sandwiches, salad, and drink was served. Transportation to and from the dance was provided by two chartered buses. The people who enjoyed this unusual treat included the members of the Senior and Junior classes, the members of the school board and their wives, and the faculty. This was one of the most unusual and most enjoyable proms ever held by the Norris City Township High School. All those who were for- tunate enough to be able to attend this affair wish to thank the Junior Class for their very successful and truly different prom. Page Twenty .WJ N PRES:-:MEN f X I HW fi a W 7 ' "5 Q ., IM "'. xi 4 4 my 'J Q 2 4 1 . I X I soPHoMoREs I I 5 I I 0' Sb! X JUNIGRS 'K b 5,1 X SQ, 1 ff v 1 ,Z , - R K Al Tx "M pf Q ' :SIA I . V X,- W JUNIOR CLASS In September 1945, we again enlisted for service in good old N C T H S Our class which is the smallest in school, has participated in every activity possible., We were Well represented in band, basketball, and many other ac tivities. We have worked hard selling cokes and hot dogs at basketball games in order to have a good prom for the seniors. John Randall Johnson, W. D. Norris, and Jerry Harper were chosen as Student Council Members. OFFICERS President: Doris Gerdes Vice President: Ben Boyd Secy. and Treas.: June Henson Sponsors: Miss Grantham, Mr. DeJarnett and Mr. Cole. First Row: Elsie Austin, Alice Blazier, Ben Boyd, Fred Carroll Jr Second Row: Doris Mae Gerdes, Jerry Harper, Ida Mae Healy June Henson Third Row: Beulah Kennedy, Correne Johnson, John Randall Johnson Ivan John S011 Fourth Row: W. D. Norris, Lillian Oliver, Kenneth Spence Roberta Wade Unpictured Juniors: Wyatt Martin and Ruby Nell Patton Page Twenty-two 36- SOPHOMORE CLASS One year ago we entered N.C.T.H.S. Our class consisted of 51 mem- bers. Naturally, as with all Freshmen, we received quite a bit of teasing from the upper classmen, but soon became accustomed to our new school' and took part in the activities. This year we have only 48 members. We're sometimes called "Silly Sophomores" but we are looking forward to next year when our name will be "Jolly J uniorsf' We have enjoyed our year of school very much. Three of our members were chosen as cheer leaders. They were: Gloria Pyle, J erry Esch, and Lloyd Donehue. Our Student Council representatives are: Raymond English, Tommy Cavender, and Gloria Pyle. OFFICERS President: Harold Bishop Vice President: Bill York Secy.-Treasurer: Ernestine Bryant Sponsors: Miss Hallock, Mr. Davis First Row Cleft to rightjz Silas Alldredge, William Aud, Ferne Austin, Howard Austin, Harold Bishop, Beulah Bolerjack. Second Row: Floyd Bonner, John Britton, Ernestine Bryant, Tommy Cavender, Anna Lee Cook, Betty Cox. Third Row: Nancy Davis, Ruth Ann Davis, Lloyd Donehue, Joan Edwards, Norma Lee Edwards, Raymond English. Fourth Row: Jerry Esch, Mary Lou Haynes, Marveunene Jones, Dolores Justice, Kenneth Kennedy, Charles Kinsall. Fifth Row: Marggif Martin, Frank McGhee, George McKenzie, Jess McKenzie, Pat McQuay, Thomas Mi ' f. Sixth Row: Norma Millikan, Eileen Mitchell, Dale Phelps, Margarete Phipps, Dorothy Poole, Gloria Pyle. Seventh Row: Virginia Shaw, Neva Shelton, l9..AllI1.Sl10li Tommy Smith, Violet W1er. - Eighth Row: Marcus Willis, Betty Wilson, Kathleen Wilson, Bill York. Page Twenty-four WI, , I 1. Q V 5 . ,. 4 f.. be 4, .T 4 N 'H R ,, I f "' 3 -.5 -P I A s. FRESHMAN CL.ASS We freshmen started our journey through high school with thirty- four students emolled. Of course, we were called "green freshies" a lot, but we took the teasing like good sports. We chose Bobby Spence, Betty Joyce Gerdes, and Dorothy Moore to represent us on the Student Council. We are ready to continue our journey in high school and are ready to wel- come all the "green" things that sprout up next year. OFFICERS President: Charles Wilson Vice President: Lewis Johnson Secy. and Treas.: Betty Lou Bishop Sponsors: Miss Jones, Mr. Newcomb First Row: lleft to right! Gertrude Barnes, Betty Lou Bishop, Wayne Bonham, Donna Brown, Eddie Bruce. F rdSecond Row: Jake Bruce, Pauline Campbell, Alice Capen, Melba Coffman, Franklyn o Third Row: Frances Forrester, Betty Joyce Gerdes, Billie Gott, Dolores Irions, Beulah Johnson. Fourth Row: Lewis Johnson, Lindlay Lamp, Virginia Midkiff, Ed Montgomery, Dorothy Moore. S Fifth Row: Samuel Porter, Donald Riley, Charles Roush, Dorothy Shain, Peggy Dean Sixth Row: Bobby Spence, Jerry Warton, Charles Wilson. Unpictured Freshmen: Paul Campbell and Wallace Campbell. Page Twenty-six Y 'ia- Qi'-5 15- Xi va ,J 5'w R...-v if ,Q S X ' F 83-1 xk R is IIS' -.K fl Qi '-0 at-If qv- ,415 1 IT' Vw ..1 H 1 75 VX f y rv- .D' 'fishy ORGANIZATION OF 'HOME ROOMS This is the seventh year of the home room system in Norris City Township High School. This year the home rooms were divided accord- ing to classes. The Freshmen and Sophomore classes were divided among Miss Jones, Home Room 4, Mr. Blacker, Home Room 3, and Mr. DeJarnett, Home Room 5, the Junior class to Miss Hallock, Home Room 6, Senior girls with the exception of the bookkeeping students to Miss Grantham, Home Room 1, and the Senior boys to Mr. Davis, Home Room 9. Every Tuesday during activity period a program is given by various members of the home rooms. The programs must be written up at the beginning of the year, however, and checked by the Student Council be- fore any action can be taken. Each home room is also responsible for one assembly program during the year. Each home room chooses its officers at the beginning of the year. This year those chosen are as follows: Home Room 1, sponsored by Miss Grantham, President, Mary Beth Renshaw, Vice President, Lenora Haynes, Sec. Treasurer, Pauline Poole, Home Room 3, sponsored by Mr. Blacker, President, Floyd Bonner, Vice President, Tommy Smith, Sec. Treasurer, Lloyd Donehue, Home Room 4, sponsored by Miss Jones, President, Fern Austin, Sec. Treasurer, Ernestine Bryant, Home Room 5, sponsored by Mr. DeJarnett, President, George McKenzie, Vice President, Dale Phelps, Sec. Treasurer, Dorothy Poole, Home Room 6, sponsored by Miss Hallock, President, Jerry Harper, Vice President, Kenneth Spence, Sec. Treasurer, W. D. Norris, Home Room 7, sponsored by Miss Forchee, President, Chris- tine Turpin, Vice President, Leon Coffman, Sec. Treasurer, Fleeta Wil- liamsg Home Room 9, sponsored by Mr. Davis, President, Orland Davis, Vice President, Paul Bishop, Sec. Treasurer, Darrell Mobley. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY This year a chapter of the National Honor Society is being established at Norris City Township High School. This organization has chapters in high schools all over the nation which are members of the North Central Association. The students who are elected are members of the upper third of the senior class whose scholarship, citizenship, and participation in school activities have made them outstanding and worthy of member- ship in this organization. The Norris City chapter will be sponsored by by Miss Forchee. Page Twenty-eight I I.. Y , .4- 1' ' ug A ,Q '-iff' 7 4' 2' Y Xl, . 1 X. r mr F Q- A J, Ex ORGANIZATIDNS THE BAND Our aim at the beginning of the school year was to make our band one of the best. We knew this would take practice and lots of it. We practiced at every possible moment-during the noon hour, after school, and dluing activity periods. Now as we look back over our work we are proud of the many things we have accomplished. Here are a few of our activities: We represented Norris City at Carmi for Corn Day, proudly marclung down Main Street in our cardinal and white uniforms. We attended the Teacher's Institute at Carmi. There we had a "Ragtime Wedding" accompanied by the band. Those who participated were Gloria Pyle, the bride, Lloyd Donahue, the groom, Dale Phelps, father, Donna Brown, mother and Gregg Eubanks, the preacher. Mr. Blacker wrote a loyalty song for the Springerton High School and dedicated the song to them. For this, they gave a dinner in our honor. The band holds an important place in the Norris City High throughout basketball season. We played for the county tournament and all home-town games. The band has cardinal sweaters with white lyres to wear for the non-conference games. Most of the instruments have been repaired and now look like new. We will have a band banquet for the band members and their parents. The seniors will be awarded the Silver Seal. Clarinets Kathryn Boyd Donald Stovall Betty Atkins Bob Amos Eulah Short Leon Coffman Marilyn Martin Baritone John Betson Melba Coffman Edgar Johnson Cymbals Pauline Poole Margaret Henson Page Thirty Comets Wyatt Martin Alice Capen Ruth Ann Davis Ed Montgomery Joe Piland Teddy Betson Wanda Haddock Cyril Doerner Fern Austin Trombones Roberta Wade Phillip Veatch Sousaphone Frank Bayley Band Major Gloria Pyle Band Majorettes Alto Horn Jo Ann Short James Coffman Marilyn Hardesty Drums Pat McQuay June Henson Delores Irons Saxophone J erry Harper J lmmy Davis Peggy Smith Betty Gerdes Donna Brown Betty Bishop '95 .K I U ln Nu. I qi . Ks 5. H S . L-H, n-.-. X4 s UQ--4-jv ,q .U af. . I L Quan-vi. lgg lx at Ly. 0i.g fb 'Aw Tf "Qm. 'X Q, s O' ' K H , xW H at 1 X, , 3' I ,mx QL .--QQ f3 'O rf . K 45' xx' Q 'us34' Mun ,- I ll X xx u ' lu 4 vu. 45 P-0-0--0-0---. N 7'f!l Q I I' l J ' w 'f" ,I I . V, 2 Tiiz Vhnf 1 '133N A YQ ,14 ,Q CHEER LEADERS This fall the student body selected six cheer leaders for the basketball season. They were Pauline Poole, Gloria Pyle, Betty Atkins, Lloyd Donehue, Jerry Esch, and Bud Evans. Their colorful outfits were composed of white trousers, white shirts, and red sweaters with white letters and chevrons for the boys, and white skirts, white weskits, and red blouses with white chevrons for the girls. With their various yell routines which included exhibitions of tumbling, they attracted attention wherever they went. The cheerleaders did a good job an we are very proud of them. Much of this credit we owe to Miss Jones who taught them new routines and practised with them many evenings after school. PEP CLUB The Pep Club is one of the largest organizations in school. It was organized to take the place of pep sessions. During the meetings, every other Thursday at activity period, the students had a chance to earn new yells with the yell leaders' routines. liaise Piep Club was organized temporarily for the basketball season and is sponsored by ss ones. First Row ileft to rightbz Pauline Poole, Lloyd Donehue, Gloria Pyle, Jerry Esch, Betty Atkins, Bud Evans. Second Row: Lewis Johnson, Ray Wall, Ivan Johnson, Bob Amos, John Jolmson, Leon Spence, Johnnie Betson, Frank Bayley, Kenny Doerner, Miss Jones, Bob Sanders, Dale Phelps, Gregg Eubanks. Third Row: Donna .Brown, Nancy Davis, Kenneth Spence, Ezra Millspaugh, Fred Carroll, Margaret Justice, Martha Spence, Lenora Haynes, Peggy-Smith, Betty Bishop, Alice Capen, Evelyth McArthy, Kathryn Boyd, Christine Turpin, Pearl Amid, Mary Haynes, Virginia Shaw, Beulah Johnson, Eddie Bruce, John Britton. Fourth Row: Maxine B1u'ch, Fae Awalt, Paul Bishop, Fleeta Williams, Melba Coffman, Frances Forrester, Roberla Davis, Eulah Short, Betty Gwaltney, Mary Jane Knight, Avis Bryant, Mary Beth Renshaw, Betty Cox, Norma Edwards, Ruth Hughes, Wallace Campbell, Jerry Harper, Donald Stovall, Billy Roark, Charles Wilson. Fifth Row: Marilyn Martin, Margaret Henson, June Henson Roberta Wade, Kath Wilson, Doris Gerdes, Ruth Davis, Fern Austin, Joan Edwards, Betty Gerdes, Jog Stovall, Neva Shelton, Anna Cook, Dot Shain, Billy Gott, Dorothy Poole, Kenne Sanders, Darrell Mobley, Lloyd Whipple. Sixth Row: Pat McQuay, Lil Oliver, Alice Blazier, Correne Johnson, W. D. Norris, Kenneth Kennedy, Bill York, Tommy Cavender, Harold Bishop, Ed Montgomery, Silas Alldredge, Betty Wilson, Marveuene Jones, Norma Millikan, Dorothy Moore, Virginia Flgidtlfiff, Pauline Campbell, Violet Tyler, Eileen Mitchell, Lmdley Lamp, Franklyn or . Seventh Row: Ernestine Bryant, Beulah.Bolerjack, Bobby Spence, Raymond Eng- lish, Wayne Bell, Charles Rouch, Jess McKenzie, Frank McGhee, Dolores Justice, Dolores Irions, Gertrude Barnes, Elsie Austin, Beulah Kennedy, Ida Mae Healy, Jo Ann Short, Marion Kennedy, Margarete Phipps. Page Thirty-tW0 STUDENT COUNCIL President ............ - ........ - ........ - ......,.. Kenneth Doerner Vice President ----..- ,...... --- John Randall Johnson Secretary-Treasurer .... ---- ......,. - .... ------ Eulah Short Sponsors -,.-.,.-.--- .............. Miss Jones, Mr. Blacker The Student Council is a governing body comf posed wholly of students. The council members meet every other week to discuss and voice their opinions concerning school affairs. Twelve members, three from each class, are elected to serve on the Council. Kenneth Doerner, Bob Amos, and W. D. Norris will represent the Student Council at the annual convention to be held at Peoria. The members of the Council are: Freshmen, Dorothy Moore, Betty Gerdes, and Bob Spenceg Sophomores, Gloria Pyle, Tommy Cavender, and Raymond Englishg Juniors, Jerry Harper, John Ran- dall Johnson, and W. D. Norrisg Seniors, Eulah Short, Bob Amos, and Kenneth Doerner. Front Row tleft to rightbz Dorothy Moore, Betty glerdes, Eulah Short, Jerry Harper, Gloria Pyle, Miss ones. Second Row: Mr. Blacker, Bob Spence, Raymond English, Bob Amos, John Randall Johnson, Kenneth Doerner, W. D. Norris, Tommy Cavender. G.A.A. President --- ............ ..................... - Pauline Poole Vice President --- ............... - .................. Jerry Harper Secretary-'Ireasurer ........ -- .... - .... Ernestine Bryant Sponsor ---.--h ..... ----------------- ..... - Miss Jones Every Thursday the 72 members of G. A. A., which is practically every girl in school, meets in the gym Some things that the G..A. A. has done this year are as follows: the initiation of new members was held this fallg for three days everyone in school laughed at the queer costumes of the new mem- bers. Following the initiation a wiener roast was held on the school ground. At Halloween, the G. A. A. had a Lil' Abner and Daisy Mae Dance. Every- one had loads of fun. The members of the G. A. A. sold subscriptions to the Norris City News. With this money all of the members plan to take a week- end trip to Evansville. This summer we plan to send several girls to East Bay Camp at Lake Bloomington. Last year we sent two girls, Gloria Pyle and Kathryn Boyd. The girls sgent a very enjoyable week and their exper- ience as made several more hope that they can Page Thirty-four go this year. Miss Jones served on the staff as a crogtnselor, so we were well represented at Bloom- 1 on. The G. A. A. is planning for a play day near the end of school this year. Front Row Cleft to rightb: Miss Jones, Gloria Pyle, Margaret Justice, Roberta Wade, Betty At- kins, Pauline Poole, Eulah Short, Jen'y Harper, and Evelyth McArthy. Second Row: Mary Jane Knight, Betty Gwaltney, Mary Beth Renshaw, Alice Ann Capen, Betty Bishop, Peggy Smith, June Henson, Lenora Haynes, Fae Awalt, Marilyn Martin, Kathryn Boyd. Third Row: Melba Coffman, Norma Millikan, Doris Mae Gerdes, Fern Austin, Ruth Ann Davis, Joan Edwards, Donna Brown, Lillian Oliver, Alice Blazier, Frances Forrester, Ernestine Bryant, Nancy Davis, Joy Stovall, Betty Gerdes. Fourth Row: Ruth Hughes, Mary Lou Haynes, Dolores Justice, Beulah Johnson, Pat McQuay, Jo Ann Short, Beulah Kennedy, Neva Shelton, Anna Lee Cook, Maxine Burch, Roberla Davis, Dorothy Shain, Christine Turpin, Avis Bryant, Con'ene John- son. Fifth Row: Martha Spence, Fleeta Williams, Ida Mae Healy, Virginia Shaw, Margaret Phipps, Beulah Johnson, Virginia Midkiff, Dorothy Moore, Frances Forrester, Dolores lrlons, Pauline Campbell, Betty Wilson, Marvuenene Jones, Dorothy Poole, Marion Kennedy, Kathleen Wilson. 1 SIGN PAINTERS CLUB President --..-------- .... - ............................ John Britton Vice President .... -----.------------- Fleeta Williams Secretary-Treasurer ----- ..... - ......... -- Darrell Mobley Sponsor ----.- ...... ---..----.--..-----.- Mr. Blacker The Siiiyainters Club meets every two weeks and, with err paint brushes and various colors of paint, they lear the fundamentals of lettering. The members paint such things as. show cards and bill boards. For a project this spring, the club plans to do the lettering of a large bill .board for a local merchant. Sign pamtmg is an activity that may help students later in life. First Row tleft to rightb: Mr. Blacker, Wyatt Martin, W. D. Nor1'is, Bob Amos, Bobby Spence, John Britton. Second Row: Leon Spence, Darrell Mobley, Frank Bayley, Kenneth Doerner, Kenneth Kennedy, Fleeta Williams, Margaret Henson. PN V , 1 fl3 r..,1 fs-5, W A F' f ,! Mfl 0 410 O C'-x gy, Q fu f1l"? FT 511 M xi-Mflftnif fffimfinu L"6Wf 74P'k Q ff I5 7 .Qi 1,15-fit, X,rX315'f WW ,ul 1' 1 :..1Q 'f0 DWG 3: 1. , I , if Q ,,' ,IlV f ' A'2.,?gfY1rf..1s:nu , FELLOW SCIENTIST ASSOCIATION President ,. ....................,..,..... ..----,--- .... Donald Stovall Vice President ----- ......... ----.. ....... -- ........ Bob Am0S Secy-Treasurer ----.--.- .... ----- ......A ---.-. Leon Coffman Sponsors --- .... Mr. Newcomb and Mr. DeJarnett The Fellow Scientist Association is made up of students who are taking or have taken at least one course in science. All members are interested in gaining more knowledge of science than that which might be obtained in regular class room discussion. At each meeting various members lead topic discus- sions on the various phases of science. Front Row Cleft to rightjz Mr. Newcomb, Frank McGhee, Billie Gott, Charles Wilson, Leon Coffman, Donald Stovall, Mr. DeJarnett. Second Row: Frank Ford, Kenneth Doerner, Bob Amos, Ed Montgomery, Lewis Johnson, Charles Rouch, Darrell Mobley, Bobby Spence. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA President ......,.. -----.... ...... ..-....- .,....... : .... F ae Awalt Vice President - ............. ----a.., Dons Mae Gerdes Secy-Treasurer --------------------- ...... ----.. Fern Austin News Reporter ...... -- ..... --- ..... - .... - ..... Marilyn Martm Project Chairman ..----...--- Ernestme Bryant Parliamentarian --.----.--..---- Correne Johnson Sponsor ------ ..... --..-- .... ..--.---.. Miss Grantham During the past year a new youth organization has come into being which is of special interest to those concerned with the development in young peo- gle of those qualities which contribute to better ome life and community living. The Future Home- makers of America is the national organizationof upils studying homemakmg in junior and semor High schools. It offers opportunitg for the further development of pupil initiative an democratic pro- cedures in planning and carrying out activities re- lated to homemaking. Fae Awalt, Fern Austin, and Marilyn Martin attended the organization meeting of the eastern section, District No. 6. Fae Awalt wasnelected pro- gram chairman of the sectional organization u Mothers of all homemaking students were in- vited to a Christmas Tea, December 12. The girls' projects were displayed. The tea table was attrac- tively decorated and tea and cakes were served. The Norris City Chapter of F. H. A. hold their regular meetings twice a month. A delegate will be sent to the state camp which will be held at East Bay, Bloomington, Illinois. Front Row tleft to righthz Virginia Shaw, Anna Lee Cook, Mary Lou Haynes, Dolores Justice, Dortha Mae Mitchell, Fae Awalt, Pearl Aud, Marion Ken- Page Thirty-six nedy, Correne Johnson, Joan Edwards, Ernestine Bryant. Second Row: Dorothy Shain, Margarete Phipps, Beulah Johnson, Betty Atkins, Ida Mae Healy, Norma Millikan, Dorothy Poole, Marveuene Jones, Betty Wilson, Doris Mae Gerdes, Neva Shelton, Elsie Aus- tin, Beulah Kennedy, Melba Coffman, Fern Austin, Kathleen Wilson, Miss Grantham. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA President -.----..-----.-..---.--...------ Lee Riley Vice President --- ................ ---....--L-- Orland Davis Secretary ..- .... ..------------.---------. Wayne Bell Treasurer -..---.-----.-- ...... - ............... Darrell Mobley Reporter -.. ....... -----..----L.,...- ...... ----- Leon Spence Watchdog ---.L.-- .... - .... - .......... L ..... - ....... Billy Roark The F. F. A., composed of boys who have had or are taking a course in agriculture, meets every two weeks. Some of the activities in which the F. F. A. participated this year were: Pest Contest: Last fall the members had a pest contest and made about 5000 points by killing such pests as rats, mice, sparrows, moles, fleas, and pigeons. Sectional Fair at DuQuoin. 0fficer's meeting: Early in the fall all officers of F. F. A. attende an officer's meeting at Anna. Sectional Poultry and Grain Show at Vienna. Sale of garden seed: The F. F. A sold 80 boxes of garden seed this year. With this money the boys plan to take a fishing trip this summer. Two radio programs: The Norris City chapter has had two radio programs over W. E. B. Q. The first was December 13. The members who took part were Charles Kinsall, George McKenzie, Clar- ence Wheeler, and Porter McKenzie. The second program was February l4 at which time Charles Kinsall, George McKenzie, Clarence Wheeler, and Gregg Eubanks participated. They discussed new inventions and new methods of farming, and new machinery that was expected for the farm. Sometime in April the club plans to enter the Sectional Livestock Judging Contest at Carbondale. First Row Qleft to rightlz Thomas Midkiff, Lloyd Whipple, Leon Spence, Frank Bayley, Kenneth Spence, Ray Wall, Mr. Davis, Lee Riley. Second Row: Samuel Porter, Charles Kinsall, Orland Davis, Howard Austin, Jess McKenzie, Dar- rell Mobley, Wayne Bell, Billy Roark. Third Row: George McKenzie, Porter McKenzie, Marcus Willis, Frank McGhee, Irloyd Donehue, Don- slvdl Riiley, Floyd Bonner, William Aud, Clarence ee er. f . J Q 1 -,Fw I ra A ,D 5 5. . ., . , , M , 31' 'I 3 " ' fiii gg ' ' f ' 5 :MH A , a N ' .- 2-44,1 " M f - '.1- h ,Q Wx, , C LIBRARY The Norris City Township High School has received several new books this year, including' a new set of "encyclopedias." The best of maga- zines are always in the library for everyone to read. We have found the librarians always courteous and ready to help. We wish to thank Miss Forchee and the librarians for the splendid work they have done the past year. Librarians: First Period-Eulah Short and Christine Turpin Second Period-Leon Coffman Third Period-Kenneth Sanders and June Henson Fourth Period--Doris Mae Gerdes and Roberta Wade Fifth Period-Pat McQuay Sixth Period-Fae Awalt and Marion Kennedy Page Thirty-eight -WN GW f- ' SEGA, "lou v Q 2 Q 54 in fi E 56 rl, 4 If ' R 56 X f f ATHLETICS BASKETBALL TEAM 1945-46 KENNETH "KENNY" DOE-RNER. Senior The only experienced man from last year's squad. An all round outstanding man who could shoot with either hand. His ability will certainly be missed on next year's team. FRED JR. "WHEEZER" CARROLL. Junior With little experience early in the season "Wheezer" came along and was compliment- ed -by many coaches during the last few games. His greatest asset was ball handling and passing. Wheezer played guard-keep your eye on him next year. BEN "BEN'NY" BOYD. Junior. An outstanding rebounder and a good pivot man. Ben played under the basket where the going was tough and established quite a reputation as a free throw artist. Ben always came through in the pinches, and will be making the head lines next year. JOHN RANDALL "TOUGHEY" JOHNSON. Junior An all round man who had a wonderful one hand shot 25 or 30 feet from the basket. Dead on free throws and with fight from start to finish. Better add numbers to the score board for "Toughey" next year. JOHNNIE "SLIM" BETSON. Senior Inexperienced early in the season "Slim" gave the team that extra touch. Improving near the end of the season "Slim" was becom- ing one of the best centers. in the countxgg We always fig1u'ed on the tip and reboun with Betson. FRANK "DREAM BOY" BAYLEY. Senior "Dream Boy" was known for his fight and his peculiar way of making free throws, giv- ing the spectators a thrill by arching the ball 20 feet high. He had an under hand, pull shot which netted him several free throws. He was never beaten until the final whistle blew which inspired the team with a lotta fight. Page Forty W. D. UMR. CURLEY" NORRIS. Junior A reserve man who was the brains and cap- tain of the second team. "Mr. Curley" was almost overlooked at the start of the season but saw .quite a bit of action on the first team during the latter half. "Curley" should be a regular and a valuable man next season. PAUL "SHADOW" BISHOP. Senior The "S-hadow's" basket eye, speed, and fight would have been a great asset to the team during the tournament season had it not been for illness which forced him to be out during the latter part of the basketball sea- son. IVAN "REID" JOHNSON. Junior A valuable second team man who had an unguardable hook shot. "Red", favoring a bad leg mjury all season, will be big and tough and fighting for a regulart berth on next year's squad. EZRA "EZZ" MILLSPAUGH. Senior A good guard, lots of fight, and with a high percentage of free throws, "Ezz" kept the second team in the game. The object of a lot of kiddin f o th h "E " S Iffll ecoac, zz wasa swell school citizen and a grand fellow. We needed someone to brighten up our loss. Thanks, "Ezz". DALE "DOC"' PHELPS. Sophomore "Doc" was an all star manager, first aid man, statistician, scorer, and all round man. Last - to leave and first to arrive much of the har- mony was due to "Doc's" diligent work and interest in the success of the team. He was mannerly and quiet but always at your elbow when needed. KENNETH COLE. Coach Kenneth Cole is a returned war veteran. We can truthfully say "Kenny" is one of the best coaches N. C. has ever had. As most of the men on the first team were inexperienced he was forced to start from scratch. However, under his expert coaching, the boys became a team, improving as the season progressed. I' 1, 115,91 ,.z. Jpfzzz 51511111112 lfzffuzg PXEYQET BA L 3 4, 511115 H: all :Wh 45-A 44 J, 1'f .lfzvv .qdrc fix ' 0 4314 771-i A171211- Date Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. 2 6 9 14 16 27 30 4 7 8 12 14 21 2 SECOND TEAM SCORES Half Final i Played Contestants Scores Scores Date Played Contestants Scores Scores There Norris City 10 15 Jan. 4 Here Norris City Gnffm 6 16 Richland, Ind. Here gprris City lg gg Jan. 8 Here gtorrislility isne ossvi e Here Norris City 15 25 Jan. 11 There Norris City New .Harmony 20 24 Enfield Here N91'f1S CIW 15 21 Jan. 15 'rhere Norris City Rld8YV8Y , 10 15 Eldorado There N0ff1S.C1W 14 24 Jan 16 Here Norris City C1'0SSV111e ll 27 ' Albion There Norris City e 5 12 . . G1-ayviue 11 19 Jan. 30 There Norris City Here Norris City 16 37 Galma , Equality 13 23 Feb. 1 There Noms City Here Noys City 7 31 CISHO Griffin 25 34 Feb. 5 There Norris City Here gglrff? Citi' 22 Cave-in-Rock a'1a 28 . . There gum? City g 15 Feb. 8 There ggi:-alststllfy arnu 24 . . There Non-is City 10 19 Feb. 12 Here Norris City McLeansboro 9 21 M0L'?a"S'?0f0 There Norris City 11 25 Feb. 15 Here Norris City Albion . 5 22 Grayvlllq Here Norris City 15 24 Feb. 19 Here Norris City Cavefm-Rock 13 22 Eldorado Here g0l'1'15 Citi' 13 30 Feb. 22 Here NgfrrisdCitY armi 23 E ie Members: Ray Dean Wall, Kenneth Spence, Raymond English, Tommy Cavendar, Leon Spence, Wyatt Martin, and Lewis Johnson. .We shall see more of the underclassmen playing next year. Our two graduating Sen1ors, Ray Wall, a splendid long shot and Leon Spence, who proved a valuable .man untiltlhmdered by a broken leg which ended his basketball career, will be missed grea y. TRACK TEAM Hurdles ........ . . .............. . ...... ......................... D arrell Mobley, William Buttry, Jerry Esch 100 and 200 Yard Dash .......,.....,....,............,.,.. Raymond English, Darrell Mobley, Harold Bishop, Tommy Cavender Running High Jump ---------.- ...... ------ghgrles Wilson, Johnnie Betson, Gregg u anks Pole Vault ....... --------------,---.. Ben Boyd, William Buttry, Lewis Johnson 440 Yard Dash ...... - ........ - .......... -,-.- ,,., - ..., William Aud, John R. Johnson, Ezra Mills- paugh, Kenneth Spence 880 Yard Dash ............. - ......... .- ...... ---John R. Johnson, William Aud, Kenneth l Spence, Ezra Millspaugh Ed Montgomery, Charles Roush, Paul Rumung Broad Jump ...,. -..- .................... ---- .Don Stovall, Johnnie Betson, Charles Kin- sall, Frank McGhee Mile Run -------------...-.-.--.. ..,. --Orland Davis, Clarence Wheeler, Samuel Porter, Lewis Johnson Shot put ......... - ......,......... -------- ..,. -----. ..,, Kenneth Sanders, Frank Bayley Freshman Relay - ........ - ..-. - .,.. ------,--. Campbell, Bobby Spence Varsity Relay --- ........ --------- .... ---Donald Stovall, Raymond English, Harold Bishop, Darrell Mobley These boys who comprise the track team participated in the Triangular Meet at Carmi on March 293 the Harrisb1u'g Invitational Meet on April 5g the West Frankfort Relays on April 20g the White County Meet at Carmi on May 35 the district meet on May 115 and the State Meet at Champaign on May 17th and 18th. Page Forty-two Date Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. 2 6 9 14 16 27 30 5 7 8 12 14 21 2 4 8 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE AND SCORES 1945-46 FIRST TEAM SCORES Half Final Half Final Played Contestants Scores Scores Date Played Contestants Scores Scores There Norris City 5 14 Jan. 11 There Norris City 13 27 Griffin, Ind. 7 26 Enfield 12 28 Here Norris City 3 15 Jan. 15 There Norris City 10 23 Here giggfis City lg gg Eldorado 19 36 New Harmony 16 30 Jan. 16 Here 235511: City 1:9 gg Here Norris City 7 19 . . Ridgway 13 26 Jan. 30 There NOITIS Clty 23 4? There Norris City 4 21 Galaila , 22 4 Crossville 30 40 Feb. 1 There Norms City 23 38 There Norris City 13 25 Cisne 18 46 Grayyillen 9 24 Feb. 5 There Norris City 17 33 Here gggllrit City Cave-in-Rock 23 51 y . e Here Norris City 15 32 Feb' 8 There gfurfjtycley 23 gg Griffin, Ind. 18 37 . i Here Norris City 16 31 Feb. 12 Here Norris C bgy 16 39 Galatia 11 25 MCL381'1S . I'0 31 73 There gorris City 26 Feb. 15 Here gorr1suC1ty armi 33 l'3YV1 0 There N0l'1'iS City 11 21' Feb. 19 Here Norris City 15 29 Th grlckanzbgo 25 353 Eldorado 23 33 ere oms 1 - - Albion 16 30 Feb. 22 Here glofrgfd City Here Norris City 8 21 H lgrave-in-gotcgik ii -gi WHITE COUNTY TOURNAMENT ere orns 1 , ' - T - - Here girgii City 22 Jan. 2325 Norris City Ellogrirsmiity lg Ricmjnd 11 23 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Here Norris. City 14 21 Feb. 26 Harrisburg Norris City 18 30 Crossville 17 44 Carrier Mills 27 41 PLAYER STATISTICS Free Field Total Player's Name Throws Goals Fouls Points Ben Boyd .... -..----..--- .... 1 .... --.. ...,. - ............,........... - 94 47 84 188 Fred Carroll ------... ..... ----.-..--.. .... ----..- ..... ..,.--- .... 32 45 59 122 Kenneth Doemer L. .... ---.,-...... ....,. .. .... ------ 36 46 78 128 John R. Johnson - 47 65 50 177 John Betson --------- .... - .... ....-....,..--.,-- .......... 18 35 48 88 Fran.k Bayley -...-.- ...... ... .... --..----.. ....... ..------.. 41 18 51 77 Paul Bishop ---..- --- - 3 0 2 3 Ezra Millspaugh --.,---.......-...--..----.. .... ------ 1 0 0 1 Ivan Johnson ..------1 ..... ..-..-- ,.,.............. - .......... .. 3 4 7 11 W. D. Norris ...........-..----..,.---..----..-- 3 2 8 7 Kenneth Spence --..--....-..----- .............. ---.---.. 0 1 4 2 Ray Wall as 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 Raymond English . 7 .... ..... .----..- -- 0 0 2 0 Tommdy Cavendar -.. ...... -------- .............. --.- ..... -.-. 0 0 0 0 Orlan Davis ...---.. .... -..... ..... ---..-.....--- 0 1 ' 3 1 Totals ...............-g..----..-- -..............278 264 396 805 Page Forty-four WWW . W - v' '1 5 WW , av-' 1 w ,fy , - A fffm' 7 W ff fy 4 I fffff : I g lg i 1 FEATURE COMMERCIAL ROOM As a student enters Room 7 in which the commercial classes are held, namely, bookkeep- ing, shorthand, and typewriting, he feels the presence of a pleasant -business office, and not a school classroom. Twenty-one modern and beautiful maple bookkeeping and typing desks confront the eye upon entrance to the room. Underwood and Royal Typewriters are placed in the drop- head compartments of the desks, two Under- wood-Sunstrand Adding Machines appear in one end of the roomy and an Underwood-Sunstrand Bookkeeping Machine is placed in another cor- ner. During bookkeeping class all students are bent industriously over their work, and in typing class the click of the typewriters is music to the ears of those passing down the hall. Shorthand class is one of especial in- terest with first year students transcribing and writing well-formed business letters. Proof of the excellent work done in this attractive and efficiently equipped room IS seen in the form of a completed set of well-kept bookkeeping ledgers, cash books, etc.g.typ1ng testsg shorthand notesg typewritten P1Ct11I.'6SQ and shorthand pictures. The N. C. T. H. S. student need not hesi- tate or wait until later years to determine the line of work he wishes to follow if he is inter- ested in a business education. Opportunities for almost every phase of work in the business world and development of almost every talent are presented to him. Well-organized courses of interest to every student have been planned to meet his interest and abilities, and excel- lent equipment has been purchased to aid the student in all the work involved in commer- Typing II Wyatt Martin Roberla Davis Leon Spence Pearl Aud Ivan Johnson Fred Carroll, Jr. Typing I ' ns Ezra Millspaugh Mary Beth Renshaw Lee Riley Kathryn Boyd John Randall Joh on Margaret Henson Roberta Wade Frank Bayley Bill Roark Bob Sanders Johnnie Betson Christine Turpin Marian Kennedy Paul Bishop Jerry Harper Betty Gwaltney BCH. Boyd Joy Stovall Doris Mae Gerdes Margaret Justice Lillian Oliver Eulah Short June Henson Fae Awalt W. D. Norris Darrell Mobley Kenneth Doerner Fleeta Williams Alice Blazier Dortha Mitchell Ida Mae Healy Elsie Austin Beulah Kennedy Donald Stovall Correne Johnson X Page Forty-six Kenneth Sanders Leon Coffman Evelyth McArthy Pauline Poole cial subjects. Bookkeeping Lloyd Whipple Darrell Mobley Wayne Bell Fleeta Williams Ray Dean Wall Eulah Short Roberla Davis Christine Turpin Evelyth McArthy Paul Bishop Leon Coffman Stella Healy Shorthand Doris Mae Gerdes Alice Blazier Lillian Oliver Correne Johnson Jerry Harper Roberta Wade '1g.?v-"1 'V I 91135 gdffkll ikaffhnff Q7 fzflfflhi lf iasffaffar gddkkllfflxzg WH ITE COUNTY TOURNAMENT The White County Basketball Tournament was held this year at Norris City Township High School. It was the first time in years that it has been held at our school. Since this was the first to1n'nament in our gymnasium since we have been in high school, naturally we were all thrilled. People crowded into the gym until it looked as if it would not hold another person, but by sitting very close and seating the band on the stage we were able to seat several hundred spectators. The first night of the tournament-January 24-three games were played. They were as follows: Spring- erton vs. Mills-Prairie, Norris City vs. Grayville, and Enfield vs. Crossville. The band, under the direction of G. C. Blacker furnished music before the games started and at the half of the first game. At the half of the second game, the girls' P. E. classes, under the direction of Miss Jones, gave a colorful tumbling demonstration. At the half of the third game, the boys' P. E. classes under the direction of Mr. Cole, gave a thrilling demonstration of various gymnastics. On the second night of the tournament the winners returned and so did the spec- tators. Mills-Prairie, the winner over Springerton, was victorious over Maunie, and Grayville, who defeated Norris City the previous night, scored a victory over Cross- ville and thus became the White County Champs. Again the on-lookers were entertain- ed by the band and the demonstrations of both the -boys and the girls' P. E. classes. We all had a truly wonderful time at our tournament and we cordially invite all of you back to our next one. CARD! NAL CAMPAIGN One of the biggest events of the year at N. C. T. H. S. is the annual Cardinal campaign. This marks the time when the Athenians and Guestonians show the great- est loyalty to their organizations. This year the campaign was held earlier than usual. It opened December 3 and continued until 1 p. m. Friday, December 7. During these five days everything was in more or less different atmosphere around school. As you walked throught the hall- way it could easily be told who was a Guestonian or who was an Athenian. During activity period every morning of this week, speeches were made by various students- and, of course, we shall not forget those made by Mr. Phelps, definitely a Guestonian, and that great Athenian leader, Mr. Blacker. After a week of canvassing the town and selling our yearbook to everyone whom we thought would be interested, we eagerly awaited that final announcement of the winner. The announcements started coming in-"just five more minutes." "If you have a subscription, turn it in now!" "Just two minutes." And then, at last the cam- paign is over. The Athenians are victorious!! Soon the shouting is over for another year. And we are anxiously awaiting the next Cardinal campaign. Page Forty-eight GAA CAMPING TRIP On October 19th the GAA girls, under the leadership of Miss Jones, who was accompanied by Mrs. Dan Morehead, were eagerly awaiting the trip to Sandy Run for an -all night camping trip. Naturally, the trip to camp was full of GAA songs and loads of laughter. Each girl had her own -blankets, and was well prepared to spend a night Hroughing it". We had plenty of food on the bus, too. Arriving at the cabin a fire was made in the fireplace, as well as the outdoor oven, which was ideal for our midnight wiener roast. We all gathered around the fires telling ghost stories, playing games, dancing, and gossiping. After a busy evening, we began to get sleepy, and, as there were plenty of beds 4????D for everyone, we went to bed-but who slept???-the one who said, "You never sleep on a slumber party, girls." After having chili and coffee at 3:00 A. M., several girls decided to go on a moonlight walk which ended in a "pile on sacks" for everyone. Oh, those skinned knees! - Need we say that everyone enjoyed this camping experience and had a wonderful time. But, after witnessing a beautiful sunrise, we rolled up our blankets, cleaned up the cabin, and waited for the bus. At 8:30 we arrived back at school, a very tired but happy group of girls. Yes, we had a wonderful time. DAISY MAE AND LIL' ABNER DANCE During the fourth week of October everything was hurry and bustle between the contestants of the Daisy Mae contest. The Friday of that week the contest ended. Every penny counted a vote for the candidate. The boys and girls had quite a lot of fun paying out their pennies for their favorite. Friday night, October 26, the dance was held at the school gym. The gym was beautifully decorated in colorful design. Everyone went dressed in all kinds of costumes, from a "negro mammy" to an aged married couple. Prizes were given to the couples most originally dressed. After Daisy Mae had arrived at the dance, she chose her Lil' Abner. A playlet was given by them later on. J We were entertained by skits, all sorts of contests and games sponsored by Miss ones. Sandwiches and sodas were served in the music room. Everyone enjoyed the dance and agreed that the affair was a great success. Page Forty nine Page COMMENCEMENT May 17, 8:00 P. M., High School Auditorium Processional ........................... - ........... .,.............,............. C lass of '46 Invocation .......................... ....... R everend Montgomery "Colosseum Overture" ..... .....................,............................ B and' Address "My Rosary" ............................ .............................,... M ary Jane Knight Presentation of Diplomas ...... ..... President of Board of Education Benediction ...........c................ .................................. R everend Prince Recessional ......................... ...............................,....... C lass of '46 BACCULAUREATE May 12, 8:00 P. M., High School Auditorium Processional ....................................... - ................ - ....,........................ Class of '46 Invocation ............... Reverend Hedges "Abide With Me" ' Cholr Reverend Prince Scripture Reading .......... "Lord's Prayer" ................. .......c.c,.. M ary Jane Knight Reverend Montgomery Over" ..... .....,..c................,......... Choir Reverend Prince Sermon ....................... - .......... "Now The Day Is Benediction ................................... ........... ..... . ...... Recesslonal ................. ..- .... .. .......... - ........ ...... ....... C l ass of '46 CLASS DAY May 17, 9:00 A. M., High School Auditorium Processional .......................................................................... ...... .... C 1 ass of '46 Address ................ ..... Mr. De Jarnett Class History .......... .......... ....... J o hnnie Betson Class Song ................... - ....... ........... . .- Class of '46 Class Will ........... - .......... ........ D onald Stovall "Loyalty" .......................... ,....... S tudent Body Class Prophecy ..................... ...... B etty Gwaltney Presentation of Awards ..... ...... M r. Newcomb' "Star Spangled Banner" ..... ...... S tudent Body Recessional ......................... ....... C lass of '46 Fifty SCHOOL CALANDER 1945-46 AUGUST 24. Registration' SEPTEMBER 3. Vacation-Labor Day 10. Talk by missionary from China 11. Student Council members elected 12. Student Council officers elected 14. Class officers elected 18. Home Room Officers elected 19. Guestonians and Athenians chosen 20. Guestonian and Athenian officers elected 24. Organization of clubs 26. Junior Outing . 28. Senior party-Pleased or displeased? OCTOBER 5. Sophomore Outing Six weeks exams-That already? 11. G. A. A. Initiation-Were those Freshmen scared!!! 12. Teachers Meeting at Fairfield-Oh Brother! A vacation!!! 17. Freshman party . 19. G. A. A. Outing-More fum! More wieners ate!!! 26. Lil Abner and Daisy Mae Dance-Hubba, Hubba!!! 31. Sign painters club party NOVEMBER 1. F. A. A. Banquet-And what a Banquet!!! 2. Griffin, Ind. There-Defeated-But we don't give up. 6. Cisne Here-This can't happen to us! 9. New Harmony Here-Lost by one point. 14. Ridgway Here-Defeated again but we don't give up easily 15. Junior Party . 16. Crossville There-They were Just too good. Six weeks exams-Anything but this. 22-23. Thanksgiving vacation-Just what we'd all been longing for!! 27. Grayville T ere-A victory at last!!! 29. Senior party-More fun! I . 30. Equality Here-That's more like 11.! DECEMBER 3. Beginning of the Cardinal Campaign. 5. Griffin, Ind. Here-Well? Can't say we didn't try! Carmi There-We certainly tried, didn't we? . McLeansboro There-We lost again. 13. Science Clu-b party. 14. Albion There-No! No such luck! Band party-Lots of good eats. Cave-In.-Rock Here-What can you expect against those giants? 8. 12 18. 21. JANUARY 2. Carmi Here-Lost by one point! Oh, My! 4. Richland Here-Ha leluiah! A Victory! 8. Crossville Here-We may get beat but we never give up. 10. F. F. A. party. 11. li1d There-We still don't see how they 1 . Semester exams-What! Already! 15. Eldorado There-It's getting to be a habit! 16. Albion Here-We like them like this! Cardinal pictures taken-More commotion! 24. White County Tolunament Here-Darn It! pfe'10St! That didn't keep us from having un. 17. 23- 29. So homore Outing 30. G atia There-Our team isn't doing bad! FEBRUARY 1 . Carmi There-We'll try harder next time. 5. Cave-In-Rock-What else could happen? 8. Equality There-That was really a pushover! 12. McLeansboro Here-The foxes were just too sly for us 15. Grayville Here-And just by one point too. 19. Eldorado Here-What a struggle! 20. Freshman party 22. Enfield Here-Victory on our last game! We were determined. Exams-Never a dull moment! 26. Regional Tournament at Harrisburg MARCH 6. Science Club party 13. Band party 19. Junior party. More fun! 29. Box Supper-Where'd all those greenbacks come from? APRIL 5. Six week's Exams 12. G. A. A. Mother Daughter Banquet 19. Sophomore party 24. F. F. A. Party 26. Junior-Senior Prom-Isn't life wonderful! MAY 8. Freshman Outing 10. Sleniior Exams-They were really glad when t a was over 12. Baccalaureate . . 13-14. Uriidcirc1assmen's Examinations. What a re 6 . 15. Senior Picnic-Evansville is certainly a big ace. P 17. Class Day Commencement-Auld Lang Syne Page Fifty-one 3 I-S, L s. .L In- ' A. . '.Q4nQ5"" " yan lucky Boy Fill- PH!! L. 1 Love Como BE! Hunan. mffam! C'HzfMMy ,f -99? IWMT? CWIIRIW P wfsrf' Sho is 3. WHERE 010 you air Tffnr .syawff Q " .ill p, s ,X T " In !74ed we say more 50Pl'IlSflCl7 rio .Sffwnis Hn 151:12 ' Har Q 2- vl 5 B16 Wffff Lean and fig 6.1171 L07 doias Q' C' I fwsiea X ig fe-,Qu 3, 5- .K 15 -- I-v .- 55325 ,.. W - ,4 H Wie waufnfsf Sfafv 1927 Myrtle Barnes Noel DeBoard Ama Edwards Edward Gossett Lowell Harrell Marion Henson Nena Mae Hill Dorothy Mills Jean McKenzie Floyd Newkirk Lee Quillman Chelsea Renshaw Orville Weaver 1928 Dean Adams Lois DeLap Marea DeLap Roxie H. Edwards Wilma Elliott Kenneth Gossett Edith Gott Helen Harlow Allena Hill Wayne Johnson Roy Jordan Helen McKenzie Elwood Mann Myra Mills Mildred Owen Glenn Welch 1929 Lula Barnes Shennan Edwards Mary Kathryn Feehrer Juanita Goings Dwight Gott enjamin Gray larence Hardesty of Mildred Hamel' Madaline Hill Helen Jordan Genevieve Justice Claybome Kisner Violet Lasater Wanda Long Harrell Quillman Helen Smith Reba Weas Leslie Weaver Lloyd Weaver Rupert Wilson Robert Wright' 1930 Lucille Barnes Ruth Boyd Osbourne Childers Isabel DeLap Wanda Lee Flota Clyde Forester Walter Greer Elwood Hill Mary Ruth Klttinger Beulah Mann Lucille Meeks Carlton McKenzie Jessie Mills Bemice Moreland Herschel Newcomb Roy Pankey Marlon Sharda Ruth Shelton Raymond Vinson Letha Grace Watson Mabel Weas Eldred Welch 1931 Ivan Browning Ellen E. Bishop Edna D. Brockett Victor Lee Bryant Thurley Bryant ALUMNI Fred Buttrey lla Clark Eleanor Eaton Loudean A. Edwards Luther M. Garrett Gilbert E. Harlow Everette B. Harris Bernice Johnson Pauline F. Johnson Paul Johnson Ruth McKenzie Edman Long Raleigh Sigler Bernita Smith Oswald South Dalton Spence Edith M. Storey Bernard C. Weirauch 1932 Wayne Austin Noel Kenneth Bishop Kenneth Cole Wayve Aurllla Davls Ivan Downen Gladys Forester Edward Gott Lorieda Graves Helen Greenley John Harper Wayne Harper Neal J. Healy Floy Henson Marlon Henson Edna Mae Hill Lela Ruth Hill Lois Gaynel Hill Roy Hines William Hoskins Mary Hullett Lowell Jordan Lloyd Mayberry Warren Millspaugh Earl B. Lashbrook Herman Kittinger Fleta McKenzie Pauline Moreland Ray Oglesby John Redick Lois Taylor Joseph George Wilson Vaughn Winfrey 1933 Lloyd Aud Norris Hill Brockett Annabel Beulah Bryant Bernice DeLap Doris DeBoard Warren W. Edwards Vernal Elliott Lowell Lee Fellinger Chester Gerdes' Bruce Hamilton Ray Harper Nellie Demova Healey Othal Hill' Vern Holland Elizabeth Hoskins Helen Lucille Hoskins Raymond Johnson Harry E. Johnson Hogan Knight Pauline Kisner Cyril Mann Wilma Margrave Lucille Mayberry Marie Mayberry Howard McElvaln Lols McElvain Lucy McGill Charles Millspaugh Lois Newcomb Esther Phipps Vivian Ruby Robinson Wilma Robinson Nellie Jo Rodgers Bernard Roy Floyd Shain Cooper South Thurman Spence Mary Utley Kenneth Wakeford' Bonnie Welch Roy Wilson Martha Wright Josephine Wright Elsie Yates 1934 Kermit Austin Virginia Barnes Oswald Brown Marie Cole Ruth L. Elliott Robert Garrett Robert Gowdy Daley J. Griffith William Baley Griffith Ruth Grizzell Harold Henson Lucille Hill Robert G. Hill Marvanine Huffaker Elmer Johnson Theron Johnson Hope L. Mann Wave Margrave Arthur H. Marlin Fae Melton Evelyn McKenzie Ldora McKenzie Mary K. Morris Madeline Qulllman Charles Redick Malcolm Smith Terry Smith Jack Stepp Monroe South' Harold Stovall Burrell Taylor John Upchurch Viola R. Weaver Everett Witters Maxine Wright Clara Wilma Yates 1935 Allen Fred Barker Kenneth Black Donald Blake Wanda Farmer Franklin Griffith Jessie Harper Vaughn Hill Donald Hill Elsle Hoskins Gordon Lee Hulett Bernadean Johnson Lois Jordan Emlly Knight Nellie Lashbrook William A. McPeak Robert D. McArthy Earl McKenzie Byron E. Porter Charles Raley Ray Smith Ellis Spence Dwight Stovall Chester Taylor Carlos Wakeford 1936 Armeda Austin John Bain Edward E. Black Shlrley Black Wilfred Boyd, Jr. Eugene Bolerjack Mary Ruth Branham Kenneth Bruce Cecil Cain' Dwight Catlin Pauline Carroll Jessie Carroll Alice Chapman George Clow Mary E. Davis Veronica DeLap Osa Wayne Edwards Pauline Fellinger David Frederick Waldo Gibson Wanda Lee Gibson Leona Gowdy Robert Hall Ella Marie Hill Kenneth Hill Violet Hill Lela Grace Humphrey Kathryn Marlin Irene Mayberry Nillena Mayberry Kenneth McKenzie Margaret Morris Beulah Roye Lucille Smith Valevia Justice James E. Whitten Lois Welch Sue Swanson Paul Weas 1937 Billy Bruce Ethel Ruth Bruce Everett Bruce Marvin Cleveland Clair Clark Frank Elliott Verl E Ellls Floyd Euhanks' Carl M. Forrester Charles Gilpin Russell Edwards Carl Hardesty Ernest Harrell Don Harris Lloyd Healy Marion Healy Mary L. Heck Haze' C. Henson Jessie M. Henson Charles R. Hon Marie Johnson Charles E. Jordan Barton Lewis Emma L. Marlin Dollie Mayberry Aaron McKenzie Edgar McKenzie Jessie McPeak Dorothy Oliver Maxie Redick Margaret Rose Johnnie Taylor' Lucille Salisbury lmogene Smith Golder Storey Wayne Summers James Williams Vera Weas 1938 Mildred Acord Alene Austin Wilma Bishop Mildred Boyd Arklus Browning Guthrie Catlin Alice Ann Clow Adolph DeBoard Charles Edwards Densll Edwards Wilma Gerdes Maurice Greer Norman Gregg Page Fifty three Paullne Harris Rose Marie Healy Van Hedges Elwood Henson Wanda Hill Earl Johnson Kathryn Kisner Martha Lewis Madelon Martln Margaret McEwen Leona McKenzie Freda Newcomb J. C. Oliver Imogene Postlewaite Harold Roy Ambrose Salisbury Cecll South Roy South Margaret Spence Vaughn Spence Voyle Spence John Sutton, Jr. Jeanne Swanson Lillian Wallace Ella May Weaver Maurice Weas Cloteen White Lester Wilson 1939 Doris Black Pansy Boals Billy Boyd Charles Brockctt Ernest Buttry Eugene Chapman James Clevenger Kenneth DeLap Joe Elllot John Englebright Estel Flatt Kathryn Gerdes Madeline Glines Frederick Gott Keith Hill Lucille Hlll Edward Hoskins Kenneth Hoskins Vemon lrions Freda Jordan Paul McGhee Hugh McKenzie Marion McKenzie Hugh Mills Doyle Nelson Ronald Norris Kenneth Oliver Robert Rodgers Betty Saffer Charles Smith Loule Smlth Donald Wade James Veatch 1940 Marion Acord Almetha Austin Goldle Barnes Georgia Boals Leo Blades ,"Eleanor Britton Eugene Browning Laymon Bruce Carl Bryant Douglas Dale Hal DeLap Marie Doerner Lavem Edwards Aldean English Wayne Greer John Hamilton Fred Harrell ef Dean Harper . Dwight Healy Page Fifty-four Mildred Healy Mildred Hedger Eliza lrvin Allen Hill Sadie Hill Floye Johns Grace Keasler Judith Knight Lucille Lewis Junior Margrave Cllnton Martin Everett Mayberry Lloyd Mayberry Lloyd McKenzie Delbert Millikan Billy Mlllspaugh Marlam Newman Elwood Pearce Ruby Lee Phillips Alfreda Rister Dean Roy Kathleen Smith Nina Spence Milton Spence Wilma Spence Carl Stovall Earline Summers James Sutton Billy Trafford Gwendolyn Veatch Aleta Veatch Carl Weas Fred Weas Helen Weaver Joyce Wilson 1941 Mary Albert William Baker Norinne Beaty June Bishop Wilma Bolerjack Charles Bryant Starlus Buttry John Sherman Carroll James D. Cole Aubrey Doemer Leon Davis Donald Greer lvan Greathouse Glennys Gott George Gerdes Lemoine Hlll Billy Hill Gerald Henson Lois Hedges Bernadine Harris ' Guthrie Johnson Herdis Keasler Emily Norris Elmo Pyle Roma Dee Phillips Georgia Lee Summers Arthur Lee Storey Orval South Mary C. South Lillian Shaw Velma Salisbury Dorothy Teague Charles Earl Welrauch' Floyd Wilson Marle Witters Allynn Wright 1942 Mary Lou Abercrombie Glenn Austin Logan Betz Robert M. Blackerd Rosalie Blackard Doyle Bolerjack Jack Boyd Charles Brockett Vernell Bruce ALUMNI Edwin Lee Bryant Kenneth Buttry Geraldine Dale Kathryn DeLap Audrey Doemer Curtis Doerner Jesse Duckworth Ebert Edwards Robert Eubanks Virginia Faunce Edith Ford Edward Griffith Maurice Hale Dortha Hancock William Hardesty Ivan Harris John Harris John Healy Joe Healy Pauline Healy Andrew Hulett Harold Johnson Betty Keasler Frances Knight George Knowles Elinor Martin Doyle Mayberry Charles McGill Hazel McKenzie Jimmie McKenzie Dallas Millikan Delma Millikan Carl Miner Beulah Moore W. D. Morris Elsie Necomb Marlam Oliver Marjorie Oliver Glenn Patton Junior Phlpps James Pool Mary Kathryn Smith Laura Stobaugh Guthrie Sutton Roy Ivan Veatch Robert Walden James Wallace Jerry Wright Charlene York 1943 Helen Albert Wallace Atkins Betty Lee Barnett Lawrence Benner Nevella Buster Gene Boyd Carl Bryant Jeanne Bryant Ruby Bryant Colleen Carroll Hal Clay Caliph Davis Mary Alice Edwards Ruth English Norman Gerdes Jack Gossett June Hill William Holland Nona Lee Hopkins William Hoskins Elizabeth Johnson Lyndell McArthy Robylee McGhee Eugene Mills Evelyn Mlner Wilma Lou Mlnor Margie Montgomery James Oliver Jetty F. Pool Lillian Pyle Frankie Rister Eugene Thomas Rochelle Tyler Bennie Witters 1944 Margaret Anderson Kathleen Austin Sylma Jean Austin Wilma Bishop Margie Bolerjack Austin Boyd Noah Bruce Nora Ruth Bryant Wilbur Clark Pauline Dolan Hubert Downen Roy Duckworth William Edwards Jane Fulkerson Eleanor Greene Ruth Harper Robert Healy Derald Henson Norman Hlll Virginia Hughes Ralph Jordan Wanda Keasler Mary E. Knight Marylou Koelling Aileen Maddox Valeta Margrave Reba Newcomb Roy Oneal Kenneth Orr Russell Orr Joyce Questell Joan Questell Logan Roark James Sanders Harold Schrleber Jack Shain Beth Shook Colleen Smith Elizabeth Smith Virginia Spence Mary Stephens Philip Van Winkle Theodore Van Winkle Berthal Weas Leona Lee Wall Maida Whipple 1945 Jim Abercrombie Dalton Aud Plumadell Bell Betty Bruce Howard Chapman Lucille Chisum Mary Ruth Coffman Virginia Cox Carl Doemer Marie Edwards Norma Faunce Wilma Gidcumb J. W. Graves Glennys Greathouse Mary Griffith Betty Hancock Glen Harrls Beulah Harrolle Bernice Healy Gerald Healy Robylee Hlll Virginia Holland Stanley Johnson Kathleen Keasler Delilah Kennedy Beulah McKenzie James McKenzie Charles Millspaugh Imogene Patton Leona Tyler Floyd Williams 'Deceased WELCOME HOME OUR HEROES AND HEROINES The following citizens extend a hearty welcome to Norris City Township High School's representatives who have served in the armed services: Grace McKay M. M. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. HarryWright and Allynn Mr. and Mrs. Hal O. Norris Jessie McPeak Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Phelps W. W. Willis Family Mr. and Mrs. Raymond De Jarnett Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Brown Virginia Prince Piland Mr. and Mrs. Fred Carroll Mrs. John Cavendar Joe Gross Johnnie Mann Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Marlin Victor Bryant Johnson's Hardware Wayne Harris Miss Margaret Hallack Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Bishop Mrs. Johnnie Pyle Mrs. Pearl Mann G. O. Moreland Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Hill Shewmaker's Drug Store Wayne Spence Store Mr. and Mrs. John Bain Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Hill Edna Brockett G. B. Greathouse Will Harlow Orus Hill Gulf Service Station Kenneth Cole Ben Davis Miss lda Jones Page Fifty f ve First Drunk: "It takesh me an ho-ur or sho to get to shleep when I go home drunk." Second Drunk: "Thash funny. I alwaysh fall ashlee-p ash soon ash I hit the bed." First Drunk: "Sho do I. My trouble ish in hitting the bed." 0. Q g IP Ii ...B 2 MAY YOU HAVE Z5 E ea? E SUCCESS EE' no . Ftp ui 99 Q 5 AND 'LE S8 8 ES,-I 2 e GOOD LUCK 25? 2. 3 ge- 'cs 'S 30 5 5 IN THE FUTURE :bg L' 5: Za Q55 IS THE WISH OF gf" IE 5 542. 1 YOUR COUNTY F- OFFICERS 'gil 'QYV1 ei . 2? A gi' Chas. B. Lomp Mllloge Corter ' I PS5 eg C' County Clerk Circuit Clerk E53 as ...aa 'Q Noel McCullough Hubert Sutton gg:-9. Eg Sheriff Superintendent of ' 35' Q, go Schools 2.25 .Eng :gg- Hvf- new gg: Bcaylus Hargrove W. O. Walker 9' Ng SE E Treasurer Coroner 03 .5 iii. Eg' 5: 0 Albert McCcJIIister pu: m Lg: State's Attorney Gloria: "My brother swallowed a box of firecrackersf' Fern: "Is he all right now?" Gloria: "I don't know. I haven't heard the last report." Page Fifty-six I I G rn S B ros CONGRATULATIONS - Phone 177 314 E. Robinson St. Carmi, Ill. From The Allis-Chalmers Farm Machinery MGE WALLACE STORE HOME APPLIANCES Omaha, Illinois Billy Gott: "Isn't it funny, when I stand on my head the blood rushes to my head, but when I stand on my feet the blood doesn't rush to my feet." Bud Evans: "Well, your feet aren't empty." COMPLIMENTS Illere'sa en iyourfuturel OF THE , j BI k d F Cl ST ll GC Gr OO Ore Veotch-White Omaha, Illinois Motor CO. Carmi, Illinois ' S Drop In At Your Favorite OFFER BEST TQXCICO Sl'Cll'iOr1 in and GRADUATION SUITS CALL FOR and FIRE-CHIEF GASOLINE ACCESSORIES . . . . Rebstock Bros. Carmi Illinois . . . Carmi, Illinois Paul: "What is the date, please?" Mr. Blacker: 'fNever mind the liate. This examination is more important." Paul: "Well, sir, I wanted to have something right on my paper." COMPLIMENTS MCCORM I CK-DEER l NG FARM MACHINERY of FARMALL TRACTORS vlNsON's DRUGS DOUGHERTY Implement CO. Omaha, Illinois . . . Carmi, Illinois Page Fifty-seven If after High School graduation you PHOTOGRAPHS 'V DISTINCTION NO Other Gift Takes Its Place SPIETH STUDIO I OLNEY, ILLINOIS Mr. Phelps: "Can you tell me what the former ruler of Russia was called?" Ruth Hughes: "Tsar," Mr. Phelps: "Correct And what was his wife called?" Ruth: "Tsarina." Mr. Phelps: "Right, What were the Tsar's children called?" Ruth: "Tsardines." are interested in the attractive and lucrative Field of Business, we invite you to ask for our descriptive litera- ture. Lockyea r's Business College I Evansville, Indiana "A Professional School of Account- ancy, Business, and Secretarial Science." Harper's Store and MEAT MARKET NORRIS CITY, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF Norris City State Bank NORRIS CITY, ILLINOIS Page Fifty-eight CONGRATULATIONS . . . TO You SENIORS OF '46 FROM THE KITTINGER FUNERAL HOME O Lucille and Herman Kittinger CARMI ILLINOIS eq, NU-WAY DEPARTMENT STORE "Everything For Everybody" PHONE 141 ELDORADO, ILLINOIS Miss Grantham: "Give me an example of period furniture." Doris Mae: "Well, I should say an electric chair-because it ends a sentence." COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF G. O- MOFCICINCI Cormi ond Strond "THE JEWELERU Theatres Norris City Illinois Frank Barnes, Manager COMPLIMENTS OF Norris City Drugs JOE GROSS, Prop. , "Al P t d South Side Grocery Ways romp an Courteous Service" Norris City, Illinois Norris City, Illinois Ben: "Pm going to kiss X011 tonight or I'll die in the attempt, I told my girl." John Randall: "Well, di you?" Ben: "You didn't see my name in the death notices, did you?" RooMs BY THE DAY OR WEEK PATTERSON HOTEL NORRIS CITY, ILLINOIS Page Sixty 'N CONGRATULATIONS FROM JOHNSON'S' HARDWARE "Good Hardware at the Right Prices" NORRIS CITY, ILLINOIS Wyatt: "That candy you're eating looks good." W. D.: "It is good? Wyatt: "It makes my mouth water." W. D.: "To show you what a good guy I am, here's a blotteri' FAIRFIELD LUMBER CO. OPAINTS QHARDWARE CLUMBER OFENCING RALPH ATKINS, MANAGER OMAHA, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF THE ORPHEUM cmd GRAND THEATRES ELDORADO, ILLINOIS ' Mr. Blackerz "Give me a sentence th the word 'vermin' in it.' Billy Roark: "Before I go fishin' I go vermin'." BEST WISHES TO YOU-THE GRADUATING CLASS OF I946 OMAHA APPLIANCE CO. OMAHA, ILLINOIS ' Page Sixty The Bridge At New Harmony GIVES YOU- SAFE - ECONOMICAL and Rapid Transportation 24 HOURS DAILY I USE THE BRIDGE FOR CONVENIENCE I Whiie Couniy Bridge Commission J. Madison Pomeroy, Chairman Julius C. Kern, Vice Chairman Jennings F. Marlin, Secretary-Treasurer Roy Clippinger, Ass't. Secretary-Treasurer and Bridge Manager P g S' ty-two BOWERS' Welding - Body Work Blocksmithin TRUCKING SERVICE Winch Tmdf' Norris City, Ill. , , OIL, WATER, ETC' South s glacgeclglne Shop GENERAL TRUCKING WestMain st. Norris City, 111. Big Bud: "Miss, you were doing sixty miles an hour!" Joy Stovall: "Oh, isn't that splendid! I only learned to drive yesterday." BEST WISHES TO THE Groduoting Closs of '46 BROWNIE'S GRILL DELICIOUS HAMBURGERS AND PLATE LUNCHES OMAHA NORRIS CITY Johmiie B.: "How did your father know we used his car yesterday?" Kenny D.: "Well, you know that guy we ran into?" Johnnie: "Y " es. Kenny: "That was Father." COMPLIMENTS OF AI LEEN'S BEAUTY 51-10p APPAREL SHOP South Division Street S- S- McQuay, Manager Norris City, Illinois Norris City, Illinois Page Sixty-three COMPLIMENTS OF MILLSPAUGH'S POOL ROOM NORRIS CITY, ILLINOIS Ray Dean: "What's the idea, Gregg, wearing your socks wrong side out?" Gregg: "There's a hole in the other side." "THE STORE FOR Porte r'S GG rcge MEN AND BOYS" REPAIRING SPE CLOTH ING STORE STORAGE Non-is City, Illinois P. O. Box 168 Norris City, Illinois COMPLIMENTS OF Kisnerls Phorrnccy PHONE 477 Carmi, Illinois CARMI, ILLINOIS s Three men, all slightly deaf, were motoring to London in a noisy old car. As they were nearing the city, one asked, "Is this Wembly?" "No," replied the second, "this is Thursday." "So am I," chirped the third one. "Let's stop and have one." BETTER LUMBER AT gI4QQT6LViENTS LOWER PRICES- PAINT Service Sfgfign For All Kinds Of Decoration Shell Gasoline, Tires Norris Lumber And Tubes CO NORRIS CITY, ILLINOIS Norris City, Illinois Page Sixty-four USE DRINK . of Delicious and Refreshing Fmest the Wheat Royal Crown Cola Flour Per-T-Pele end Nehi The Best A11-Around Flour Beverages Also- Take Home A Carton Today Special Feeds Of All Kinds NElflI MOREHEAD BOTTIFHQ Company Milling Company Carmi, Illinois Norris City, Illinois The missionary who was captured and eaten by the cannibals gave them their first taste of religion. Mr. Davis: "What hens lay longest?" Pancake: "Dead ones." Paul: "Don't you believe in the hereafter?-I want a kiss." Jerry H.: "What's the hereafter got to do with a kiss?" Paul: "That's what I'm hereafter." BEST OF LUCK TO YoU SENIORS OF '46 Carmi-Feature Underwear, Inc. BYFORD KARNS, MANAGER CARMI, ILLINOIS I AN Page Sixty-five COMPLIMENTS OF H. D. BEAN J ewe I e r Carmi, Illinois Best of Luck to Every Student Wm. B. Smith Garage PHONE 44 Norris City, Illinois Leon Coffman: "What would a cannibal be w Kathryn: "I'11 bite-what?" Leon: "An aunt-eater, of course." ho ate his mother's sister?" COMPLIMENTS OF Travis Cleaners Norris City, Illinois Motor Overhauling Our Specialty ED LA ROCK Ga rage On Routes 1 and 45 Norris City, Illinois CARROLL'S Service Station Mr. and Mrs. Fred Carroll, Mgrs. TEXACO PRODUCTS Intersection of U. S. Routes 1 and 45 NORRIS CITY, ILLINOIS REMEMBER, You Can Live Better For Less By Buying All Your Food At KROGER'S THRIFT STORE Elwood Hill NORRIS CITY, ILLINOIS Mary Jane: "I've just had word that my si Betty G.: "Well, she always looked good in ster was eaten by an African cannibal." black." COMPLIMENTS OF Tivoli Theatre NORRIS CITY, ILLINOIS Page Sixty-six , Vic Bryant's Produce Buyer of Poultry, Eggs, Cream, Wool and Fur Norris City, Illinois SUCCESS LUCK PROSPERITY cmd HAPPINESS Is What We're Wishing You Seniors of the Graduating Class ot 1946 E TU RN ER'S FUNERAL HOME I. E. TURNER Norris City Broughton S TIfIE NORRIS CITY NEWS Your Community Newspaper JOB PRINTING OF ALL KINDS Norris City, Illinois "I get blamed for everything that goes on around here. Even when I was a baby, they were always pinning things on me," said Ezra Millspaugh. GREETINGS FROM THE VILLAGE OF NORRIS CITY G. O. Moreland ..... ..,. M ayor John Britton ..S....,.. ......... C Ierk L. L. Edmonds ..... .... T reasurer BOARD MEMBERS LUTHER GARRETT A. W. MARLIN ELWOOD HILL HARRY DOUGLAS I. E. TURNER DALTON BISHOP DAILY GRIFFITH, Chief of Police F. W. PERRY, Police Magistrate ROBERT STOKES, Supt. of Water Roberta: "I just got back from the beauty parlor. I was there three hours. Lillian: "Too bad that you stayed so long and then didn't get waited on." MARLIN'S DEPARTMENT STORE "Norris City's Greatest Store" i NORRIS CITY, ILLINOIS Page Sixtyeeight FOR COMPLETE NEWS Coverage of Hoppenings in Your Home Community ond County READ THE Qlarmi Bnnmzraifiirilnmn ROY CLIPPINGER, PRESIDENT S W. A. Gront Jewelry Compony Harrisburg Illinois -FOR G I FTS- Diamond Rings, Wedding Rings, Famous Gruen Strap and Bracelet Watches tWhen Availablel, Lockets and Pendants with Chains, Bracelets and Birthstone Rings. Prices Right-Gifts Right-One Price To All Fine Watchmaking and Engraving Diamond Setting Father: "That son of mine is the dumbest -boy I ever saw." Friend: "How come?" Father: "I sent him to put water in the car, and when I went out I found a bucket of water in the back seat." lf lt s New-Dotty Hos lt! -I-RESSI-ARIS 5-lOc to Sl .OO Stores Hifi, Store No. 1 Store No? 10 "For Values Try Your In Tresslar Stores First" Harrisburg CARMI, ILLINOIS Su'rton's Plumbing Plumbing ond Heoting Sweetlond Confectionery PUMPS AND COMPLIMENTS OF STOKERS CARMI, ILLINOIS W "What We Do, We Do Well" Eldorado, Illinois Evelythz "Well, your car surely does run smoothly." Bob: "Wait a minute-I haven't started the engine yet." COMPLIMENTS OF coMPL1MEN'rs OF Meyer Elevotor W. F. Meyer, Proprietor f OMAHA, ILLINOIS OMAHA, ILLINOIS Wilson's Creomery Page Seventy BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES- Wolker Funerol Home Phone 21 Carmi, Illinois COMPLIMENTS OF Norris ond Bohleber Texaco Service Station Corner Church and Cherry Sts. Phone 213-W CARMI ILLINOIS Son: "Dad, what was your great ambition when you were a kid?" . ' Dad: "Toi wear long pants. And I've got my wish. If there's anybody ln this country that wears his pants longer than I do, I'd like to see him." Formers Produce DEALERS IN FEED, SEED, CORN, GAS, and OILS Buyer Of Eggs, Poultry' Wotchmoker-Jeweler and Cream Elmo I"IIII Gnd R. ECIWC1VdS Main Street Carmi, Illinois Managers Norris City Illinois Shoes For All The Fomily The Store Where You Are Always Welcome WILLIS ond FIELDS Shoe Mort 205 E. Main St. Carmi, Illinois COMPLIMENTS OF Appel ond Griffith H o rdwo re Carmi, Illinois Miss Jones: "Tommy, why does the State of Missouri stand at the head of mule-raising in this count 7" ry. Tommy C.: "Because the other end is too dangerous." DOUGLAS ond SON Dr. Roy McCoIIister FEED MILL DENTIST Phone 109 Hurley Building WE DELIVER Norris City Illinois Carml' mmols Page Seventy-one "THE SHOP OF SERVICE and QUALITY" VIRGIN lA'S BEAUTY Sl-lop NORRIS CITY, ILLINOIS DIAMOND DUST FLOUR RED DIAMOND-BLUE DIAMOND Norris City Milling Company Phone 44 Norms crrr, 1LL1No1s COMPLIMEN TS OF Ben Franklin Store NORRIS CITY, ILLINOIS BABY CHICKS That Make You Money Hill's Hatchery East Main Street NORRIS CITY, ILLINOIS Dr. Charles J. Rosenberg PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Norris City, Illinois DINE AND DANCE AT MARY'S STEAK HOUSE On Routes 1 and 45 Norris City, Illinois COMPLIMENTS OF SH EWMAKER'S DRUG STORE Norris City, Illinois We Appreciate Your Trade BATTERIES CHARGED Quick Or Slow Charge D-X STATION Luther Garrett, Mgr. Norris City, Illinois Page Seventy-two E 2 1 1 A I i 6 4 1 1 z 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 f S 3 Y 1 , E I I 4 -1 i ! i 1 a i 1 i 1 1 w 1 ,. 5

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