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A. 1 5 1 W - - . '6 ' . - ,- r' ' ' v , - F I D, A 5 n ' ' X rf.-. .,,, . .ivy -P , QL, ' ,- w wg-, Q ...fx 511- ,,-' ' , . -. A." 2:-42, ,. - .., - -, . -... - 3 ,, V " -V. ' A " --' -4' ' , wfl- -W , ,, - f A - W1 fi1?Q-,l-,--51 ,cl-,Q .gf - ' A , If 'QUIK' Wi, -f 1, s i'kY"i'Y"H4!E'." ' ' f Mn l " M " Wi" -IZ' .'f'3-Mfmtt-'I"X AGP? EJWZ1 rkflghf-,5.' L '7fze fvaluubi eifq ,wt .sczmz r Norris City, Illinois . Presents '7fze eaaclinal VOLUME XIX 1945 ocrat-Tribune Print, Carmi, Page T W0 STARRING THE SENIORS FEATURING THE JUNIORS THE SOPHGMORES THE FRESHMEN EXECUTIVE PRODUCER H . J . P H E L P S DIRECTED BY ROBYLEE HILL ASSISTANT DIRECTOR LUCILLE CHISUM A CARDINAL STAFF PRODUCTION Norris City Loyalty Here's to the Cardinal and the White Here's to our honor and our mightg Here's to our love of honesty, And may our courage always be. Here's to our alma mater brave, And may her colors always wave To name a victory for Norris City, And for the Cardinal and the White ,- Page Four I F-Exp Foreword V The Cardinal Staff has assembled the material con- tained in these pages with the ide-a of perpetuating the activities of N. C. T. H. S. during the year 1944-45, so that time will not erase the memories of our pleasant associa- tions together during the past four ye-ars. If we thus help to keep alive the spirit of our alma mater, we shall feel that our efforts have not been in vain. "- R5 2 REEL 1. REEL REEL REEL REEL Contents ADMINISTRATION ....... CLASSES ......... ATHLETICS ............. ORGANIZATIONS ......... FEATURES ........ Page 7 Page 11 Page 25 Page 31 Page 41 Page Five Page Six Dedication To Mrs. Ruby C. Lockwood, for her many years of unselfish service to this institution, and for her four years as adviser of the Norris City Township High School annual, we, the Cardinal Staff, gratefully dedicate this book. 14367 AL Z1-I REEL ' ' ' UNE Admmlstratlon Tw wg2i'5"'1f49Z'v' 4 X-J WAN' :MB7 '. JKCFFS: BOARD OF EDUCATION The Board of Education has labored long and unceasingly, with- out regard for their own personal pleasures, sacrificing their time and efforts in behalf of our high school. Through their endeavors, N. C. T. H. S. has become a modern, up-to-date institution. Every student of this high school should feel greatly indebted to each and every one of' these men, who are so intensely interested in widening the scope of education. ' FACULTY Hum'bert J. Phelps, Principal Southern Illinois Normal University, B. Ed. Indiana University, M. 'S. History Agnes J. Forchee Ball State Teachers' College, A.B. Commerce George C. Blacker University of Illinois, A.B., M. A. Music, History, English Winifred W. Grantham McKendree College, B. S. Home Economics ' Elizabeth Crutchfield Murray State Teachers' College, B. S. Mathematics and Physics Ida Mae Jones Southern Illinois Normal University, B. S. Ed. Physical Education, Geography, English William J. Inman Murray State Teachers' College Coach, Physical Education, Science Constance E. Duck Southern Illinois Normal University, B. S. Ed. English , Isabel Blacker ' William Woods College Junior Business and Economic Geography Lamoine F. Hill Secretary to the Principal Page Eight Latin BEARD UF EDUCATION , I3 Af. 1 5-, in EV? lg 5' S .4 5. i71f1'fz-ff' 511111 4371 11 ffl. Zaylly Gm! zkrzvll ILM gZlAv1g',L',u1J Frzfidnzf ilzrefarjf if' Afgzzzs .1 :Radu :Ui :TCU -lm W. J. 7051405 ffldillll DQ iq kflff' 1 I J, 3, gfxkgf 1 z,.1.1lA' ., uw.. J w! 'Ll .if':z:fb11: A ZW!! 1 1 gf, had f Y 7 5f::.'aJfi . ,f w f.'l:ffQ'!..' :ff SF Q' R, if . , ,.,.f. Ann, -nu ADMINISTRATION ADJUSTS SCHOOL FOR TI-IE FUTURE To Principal H. J. Phelps has come, again this year, the task of adjusting Norris City Township High School to the many changes brought about 'by the war. With changes in the faculty, and with stu- dents leaving to join the armed forces, the job has not 'been an easy one. During these times of economic and social dislocation, instruc- tional programs must 'be maintained. In' spite of difficulties which seemed insurmountable, Mr. Phelps has entirely maintained the effi- ciency of our school. He has been assisted in his efforts by a 'capable faculty. Back of Mr. Phelps stands the Board of Education, which is re- sponsible for the excellent school system which we now lhave. Mr. I. E. Turner, a mortician, is president of the Board of Educationg Mr. Elmo Hill, a clerk, is secretaryg members are Mr. Fred Carroll, a restaurant owner, Mr. L. H. Bayley, a farmerg and Mr. Dan Morehead, a miller. These men represent a cross-section of the citizens of the community around Norris City. They have given freely of their time and efforts to maintain an efficient school. In war or in peace, we all owe a great debt to our Board of Education and to our principal. Great steps have been taken this year toward the perfection of the guidance program which was installe-d in this school last year. At the beginning of the school year, each student was individually regis- tered by his or her class sponsor for -courses which were especially suited to the student's aptitudes and a'bilities. A complete record of ea-ch student is kept in the office. This record includes the student's family history, hobbies and special interests, attendance record, and a complete record of all grades made by the student. Norris 'City Town- slhip High School has one of the best guidance programs in southern Illinois. N. C. T. H. S. also has an excellent health program, which is the result of weeks of work by Mr. Phelps and his assistants. Every year, each student is given a complete physical examination, a record of which is kept on his or her individual medical 'card in the office. The record also includes a medical history of the student an-d of the stu- dent's family. These records are invaluable to our physical education department in determining the abilities of each student. Norris City Township High School is accredited 'by the State Super- intendent of Public Instruction and by the University of Illinois, and is a member of the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges. Page Ten WEL CLASSES gi? ,N -:M Q11 ix mf5Ullf'qZs33o Q: FQ - ,S - nf '5 Gfiibywnxv 3157 '- 2f?'l 3 Senior Activities JIM ABERCROMBIE-"Abby" Guestonia.n3 Omaha 1-33 Band 33 Class President 2-33 Norris City 43 Basketball 1-43 Redbird Staff 43 Sportsmen's Club 43 Mechanics Club 43 Guestonian President 4. DALTON AUD-"Deacon" Athenian3 Playcraft Club 13 Basketball 1-43 Track 1-43 Class Vice-President 23 "N" Club 2-43 Hobby Club 2-33 Checker Club 23 F. F. A. 33 Choral Club 33 'Sports- men's Club 43 Plays 3-43 Softball 23 Class President 3. PL-UMADELL BELL-"POod" Athenlanj Hobby Club 1-23 Pep Club 33 Future Homemakers' Club 1-43 G. A. A. 3-4. BETTY BRUCE-"Bet" Athenian: Hobby 'Club 1-43 Future Home- makers' Club 1-43 Future Homemakers' Club Vice-President 33 Future Home- makers' Club President 43 Book Club 43 Home Room Vice President 2, 43 Librarian 3-4. HOWARD CHAPMAN-"P, Howard" Guestonian3 Sign Painters' Club 13 Hobby Club 2-43 Sportsmen's Club 43 Band 1-45 Plays 33 Cardinal Staff 43 Intramural Bas- ketball 4. LUOILLE CHISUM--"Lucy" Athenian: G. A. A. 1-43 Class Secretary- Treasurer 13 Plays 1-43 Playcraft Club 1-23 Student Council 23 Sportsmen's Club 43 Hobby Club 43 Cardinal Staff 2-43 Cheer Leader 2-43 Athenian Cheer Leader 2-43 Home Room Secretary-Treasurer 23 Choral Club 33 Librarian 3-4: Hobby Club Presi- dent 43 Athenian Secretary-Treasurer 43 Redbird Staff 43 Pep Club 2-3. MARY RUTH COFFMAN--"Freck1es" Athenian: Tecumseh, Okla., 13 Reporter 13 Glee Club 13 Eldorado 23 Octette 23 Girls' Chorus 23 Norris City 3-43 Latin Club 2-43 Choral Club 33 G. A. A. 3-43 Hobby Club 43 Plays 33 Cardinal 'Staff 3-43 Redbird Editor 43 Band 1, 3, 43 Book Club 3. VIRGINIA COX-"Coxie" Athenian3 Playcraft Club 13 Future Home- Page Twelve makers' Club 1-43 Hobby 'Club 2-43 Home Room President 33 Book Club Vice Presi- dent 43 Hobby Clwb Secretary-Treasurer 33 Cardinal Staff 43 Play 3. CARL DOERNER-"Tonk" Guestonian3 F. F. A. 1-3: F. F. A. Vice- President 23 Home Room President 23 Playcraft Club 23 Choral Club 33 Student Council 33 Basketball 1-43 Hunting and Fishing Club Vice-President 43 "N" Club President 43 Cardinal Staff 43 Redbird Staff 43 Class President 43 Hobby Club 4. MARIE EDWARDS-"Marge" Athenian3 Omaha 1-23 Norris City 3-43 Book Club 3-43 Choral Club 33 Pep Club 3. NORMA FAUNCE-"Goober" Guestbnian3 Checker Club 13 I-Lobby Club 1, 3, 43 Future Homemakers' Club 2-3: Fu- ture Homemakers' Club Secretary-Treasurer 33 Pep Club 33 G. A. A. 1-43 G. A. A. Vice- President 23 Home Room Secreta:ry-Treas- urer 43 Girls' Chorus 43 Cardinal Staff 3-43 Sportsmen's Club 43 Basketball 43 Redbird 'Staff 43 Guestonian Vice-President 43 Cheer Leader 4. WIUMA GIDCUMB-"Wimpy" Athenian3 Playcraft Club 1-23 Current Events Club 1-33 Science Club 33 Hobby Club 4. J. W. GRAVES--"Monk" Guestonian3 Omaha 13 'Norris City 2-43 Model Airplane Club 23 Track 23 Hobby Club 3-43 F. F. A. 33 'Hunting and Fishing Club 43 Play 33 Intramural Basketball' 4. GLENNYS GREATHOUSE-"Lulu" Guesbonian3 G. A. A. 1-43 Choral Club 2-33 Hobby Club 23 Cardinal Staff 3-43 Libra- rian 3-43 Sportsmen's Club Secretary- Treasurer 43 Redbird Staff 43 Cheer Leader 43 Basketball 4. MARY GRIFFTITH-"Meg" Guestonian3 Playcraft Club 13 Checker Club 13 G. A. A. 1-43 Hobby Club 2-43 Pep Club 33 Hobby Club 2-43 Librarian 43 Car- dinal Staff 43 Basketball 4. N 'qt 3 5 Q.. 3 . v , ...Z v ' Q- 7. 'pf 'af - QQ .AT , pf 4 63 'f,u,,ffx 'ix if f. in . M, A .0211 dhmruzzzizk Edgy Brute K f5Q'Ilfd!'d -as if Uhkw "- ... :fflaljf mdk Qfflzzazz 155' I T! Wzzyzuza du "1 F H S Zhwrzzcr Mari? Xflwards l .-num 6- 'FP X Q 1 we A EV . I ..',".'..' ' ' ?' ' 1' ' ' ' W inf glllifllfi qmzifmsi illlzrq gf,-,fgllg Senior Activities BETTY HANCOCK-"Charlie" Guestonian3 Omaha 1-33 Class President 13 Class Secretary-Treasurer 33 Norris City 43 Cheer Leader 43 Guestonian Cheer Lead- er 43 Choral Club 43 G. A. A. 43 Girls' Chorus 43 Cardinal 'Staff 4. GLEN HARRIS-"Dickie" Guestonian3 Checker Club 13 Playcraft Club 13 Class President 13 Sign Painters' Club 23 Class Vice President 33 Hobby Club 33 Plays 3-43 Home Room President 43 Hobby Club Secretary-Treasurer 43 Sports- men's Club 43 Cardinal Staff 43 Redbird Staff 43 Intramural 'Basketball 4. BEULAH HA.RROLL'E-"Junior" Athenian: Sheldon High School 1-23 Stu- dent Council 13 Glee Club 1-23 Kentland High School 33 Sunshine Club 33 Norris City 43 G. A. A. 1, 2, 43 Choral Club 43 Future H-omemakers' Club 43 Home Room Vice-President 43 Basketball 4. BERNICE HEALY-"Niecie" Athenian? Choral Club 1-33 Music Festival 13 Hobby Club 13 Orchestra 1-33 G. A. A. 1-43 Plays 2-43 Pep Club 2-33 Cardinal Staff 3-43 Redbird Staff 43 Class Secretary- Treasurer 23 Student Council 33 Sports- men's Club 43 Home Room Secretary- Treasurer 1, 43 Cheer Leader 43 Basket- ball 4. GERALD HEALY-"Cut-throat" Guestonian3 F. F. A. 1-42 Science Club 2-4: Current Events Club 1-2: Hobby Club 43 Sport.smen's Club 43 Intramural Basket- ball 4. ROBYDEE HILL-"Rabbit" Guestonian3 Band 1-43 Orchestra 1'3Q Music Festival 13 Choral Club 1-33 Choral Club Secretary-Treasurer 33 G. A. A. 1-43 G. A. A. Vice-President 33 G. A. A. Presi- dent 43 Home Room Vice President 23 Home Room President 33 Cardinal Staff 2-43 Editor 43 Playcraft Club 13 -Literary 13 Girls' Octette 1-22 Student Council 13 Plays 1-43 Hobby Club 43 Sportsmen's Clu'b 43 Guestonian Secretary-Treasurer 43 Office Girl 43 Cheer Leader 43 Redbird Staff 43 Pep Club 33 Girls' Chorus 1-43 Basket- ball 4. VIRGINIA HOLLAIND-"Ginny" Guesboniang Omaha 13 Norris City 2-43 Choral Club 2-33 Pep Club 33 Plays 3-43 G. A. A. 2-43 Student Council 43 Home Room Vice-President 33 Sportsmen's Club 43 Girls' Chorus 3-43 Cheer Leader 43 Red- bird Staff 43 Guestonian Cheer Leader 43 Basketball 43 Cardinal Staff 4. Page Fourteen STANLEY JOHNSON-"Bat" Athenian: Student Council 13 Hobby Club 13 Science Club 13 Model Airplane Club 23 Softball 23 Choral Club 2-33 Class President 23 Cardinal Staff 33 Home Room President 3-43 "N" Club 3-43 Plays 3-4: Basketball 1-43 Track 1-23 Mechanics Club 43 Hunt- ing and 'Fishing Club President 43 Athe- nian President 43 Class Vice-President 4. KATHLEEN KEASLER-"Katy" Guestonian3 Omaha 1-23 Glee Club 13 Nor- ris City 3-4Q Pep Club 33 Choral Club 33 G. A. A. 3-43 Girls' Chorus 33 Play 33 Home Room Secretary-Treasurer 33 Class Secre- tary-Treasurer 1, 2, 43 Redbird Staff 43 Cardinal Staff 4. DELILAH KENNEDY-"Tessie" Athenian3 Ridgway 1-23 Norris City 2-43 Future Hornemakers' Club 3-43 Book Club 39 Play 33 G. A. A. 3-43 Librarian 3-4. BEULAH MCKENZIE-"Wave" Guestonian3 Playcraft Club3 Future Home- makers' Club 1-23 G. A. A. 2-43 Current Events Club Secretary-Treasurer 23 Book Club 33 Sportsmen's Club 43 Play 33 Cardi- nal Staff 4. JAMES 'McKENZIE-"Jim" Athenian3 Hobby Club 1-43 Sign Painters' Club 2-3: Mechanics Club 43 Intramural Basketball 4. CHARLES MLLLSPAUGH-"Charlie" Athenlanj Omaha 1-31 Band 1-33 Class President 13 Class Vice-President 2-33 Nor- ris City 43 Basketball 1-43 Student Council President 43 "N" Club 43 xrtsmews Club 43 Redblrd Staff 43 Mech 'cs Club 4. IMOGENE PATTON-"Shookle" Athenian3 Omaha. 13 Norris City 2-43 Choral Club 2-33 G. A. A. 2-43 Student Council 3-43 Hobby Club 43 Future Home- makers' Club 8-4: Basketball 4. LEONA TYLER-"Beth" Athenian3 Playcraft Club 23 Future Home- makers' Club 2-43 G. A. A. 1-'3Q Hobby Club 4. FLOYD WILLIAMS-"Legs" Athenian3 Band 1-43 Checker Club 13 Sign Painters' Club 13 Model Airplane Club 23 Hobby Club 43 Mechanics Club 43 Hunting and Fishing Club 4. - 34. rp M .J Zieffy Hlatzwck fdufyfze 5161! Sfazzfzj Jvhrzsvzz Iizlzfall 9z2'1z11zJ'1j Jnfzlus 526' i1'z1:1l' ffl!! .4lfzrris .Eeulai fhrralle Ewzztz :MQ H S fluzzfvf :H Mlfkpauqk 1111117.75112 ilzffuzz lfwla ifful' cffnzfd M214 4423411112: M115 FWHM: flzhzsz Gvf - ZC',f,..' '10, I ff 1 -11- :7IIr!712rz: Page V SENIOR CLASS HISTORY Expecting lots of "razzing" from the upperclassmen, we, the Class of 1945, en- tered the corridors of Norris City High School in September, 1941. We certainly weren't disappointed in our expectation, because we received plenty of teasing. After a while, however, we began to become accustomed to our new home, and we soon became a vital part of N. C. T. H. S. We were represented in almost every school organization, and we took great pride in -our freshman basketball team. Our officers during our freshman year were: Glen Harris, President: Betty Cu-mmings, Vice- President: and Lucille Chisum, Secretary-Treasurer. 'Our representatives to the Stu- dent Council were Robylee Hill, Stanley Johnson, and Donald Aud. When we came back to begin our sophomore year, we had outgrown -the "timid freshman" stage, and we began to understand what being a. student of N. C. T. H. S. really meant. We seemed like veterans to the incoming freshmen. On account of the war, there were several changes -made in our sponsors during this year. We had five different sponsors in the course of the school year. We chose as our officers Stanley Johnson, President: Dalton Aud, Vice-President, and Bernice Healy, 'Seoretary-Treas- urer. Our class was represented on the Student Council by Donald Aud, Lucille Chisum, and Ace Parker. We started on our third year in Norris City High minus several members, who had been inducted into the armed forces during the summer. We achieved the name of "jolly juniors" for our gaiety and pep. We demonstrated -our dramatic ability this year by presenting two one-act plays. The purpose of presenting these plays was to raise money for -our Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom, which, incidentally, was a huge success. From our members we selected the following officers: Dalton Aud. P-resident: Glen Harris, Vice-President, Donald Aud, -Secretary-Treasurer. Carl Doerner, Bernice Healy, and Imogene Patton were chosen to represent -our class on the Student Council. We entered N. C. T. H. S. this year to write the final words in this chapter of our lives. Early in the school year, we elected our officers-Carl Doerner, Presidentg Stanley Johnson, Vice-President, Kathleen Keasl-er, Secretary-Treasurer. Our Stu- dent Council representatives are Imogene Patton, Charles Millspaugh, and Virginia Holland. When Charles left in February to join the Navy, Dalton Aud was chosen to take his place. These four years in Norris City High School have been a never-to- be-forgotten part of our lives. When we say "Good-bye" to our alma mater, we shall take with us pleasant memories of all the hard work, exams, new friendships, sports, clubs, parties, and all the wonderful things which make up high school life. There are 'many things to remember, and perhaps a few things to forget, 'but we shall always look upon the past four years as the happiest years of -our lives. Wherever We go and whatever we do, we shall always hold a special place in our hearts for "dear old N. C. T. H. S." CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1945 of the Norris City Township High School, in the County of White in the State of Illinois, being of sound m.ind7fL?l do hereby make and request, order, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament, and we hereby will, bequeath, or otherwise leave the said possessions to the said incoming SeIli0I'SI I, Jim Abercrombie, will my Chevro- let, which I have named Pansy, to Spence Morris, and my share of Eldo- rado to Frank Bayley. I, Dalton Aud, will my weakness for blondes to Johnny Anderson. I, Plumadell Bell, will my slimness to Billy Roark and Marion Kennedy. I, Betty Bruce, will my height to Freda Edwards and Lee Riley. I, Howard Chapman, will my blushes to 'Betty Gwaltney and Paul Bishop. I, Lucille Chisum, will my interest in the armed forces to Fleeta Sweatt and Margaret Justice. I, Mary Ruth Coffman, will my love Sixteen A of studying to Pauline Poole and Ma.- rian Musgrave. I, Virginia Cox, will my interest in the Marine Corps to Margaret Henson. I, Carl Doerner, bequeath my nightly job to Bud Evans and Hazen Kroff. I, Marie Edwards, Will my typing' technique to Pearl Aud and Maxine Burch. I, Norma 1Faunce, will my position on the senior girls' basketball team to De- lores Awalt. I, Wilma Gidcumb, will my love of home economics to Leon Coffman and Orland Davis. I, J. W. Graves, will my height to Johnnie Betson. I, Glennys Greathouse, will and be- queath my love of eating to Charles Greer. I, Mary Griffith, will my aptitude for commercial subjects to Eulah Short and Evelyth fMcArthy. I, Betty Hancock, will my position as cheer leader to Leon Spence and Porter McKenzie. I, Glen Harris, will my love of good 1 ?l books to Christine Turpin and Bob Martin. I, Beulah Harrolle, will my way with a certain freshman boy to Ann Fantz and Stella Healy. I, Bernice Healy, will my blonde hair to Cyril Austin and Joy Stovall. I, Gerald Healy, will my noisy manner to Bill Harrell. I, Robylee Hill, will my eight wonder- ful f??3 years in the band bo Kathryn Boyd. . I, Virginia Holland, bequeath my gig- gles ,to Mary Jane Knight and Avis Bryant. I, Stanley Johnson, will my place on the basketball team to Kenneth Doerner and Ezra Millspaugh. I, Kathleen Keasler, will my locker by the window to Martha Spence and Roberla Davis. I, Delilah Kennedy, will my fear of "spooks" to Lenora. Haynes. I, Beulah McKenzie, will my weak- ness for black-haired boys to Dortha Mitchell and Mary Beth Renshaw. I, James McKenzie, will my manly physique to Wayne Bell and Kenneth Sanders. I, Charles Millspaugh, will a book- keeping book and two slightly used practice sets to Donald Stovall. I, Imogene Patton, will my love of mathematics to Ruth Hughes. I, Leona Tyler, will my expert abil- ity to .solve bookkeeping problems to Bob Knowles and Bobby Sanders. I, Floyd Williams, leave my excel- lent attendance record to Val Pearce and Darrell Mobley. In Witness Whereof, we, the said Senior Class of the first part, do here- unto affix our signatures and set our seal on this, the eighteenth day of May. in the year -of our Lord, Nineteen Hun- dred and Forty-Five. H. J. PHELPS CE:-recutorl 'Signed--KXJ--lThe Seniorsl. Witnesses: Robylee Hill Lucille Chisum Mary Ruth Coffman CLASS PROPHECY Norris City, Illinois, May 9, 1955. Dear Lucille: I was so glad to hear from you. It's been so long since I've heard from any of our class. I'm so glad you like your work in the Old Folks' Home at Danville, and I think it's so nice that you and Jack could both get a job tllere. Y-ou surely are for- tunate in finding someone to stay with your children while you work. Help is so hard to get now. Howard has been trying for so long to get someone to help us on the farm, but it just seems impossible. Right now he's milking, and Junior is playing with the little neighbor boy. It isn't often I have a moment to myself. The life of a farmer's wife is surely tiresome. You asked me to tell you what all' the people in our class are doing now. Well, I'll do my best. Plumadell Bell is now a private detective. 'She recently was hired by Gloria Glamarr to catch 'a thief who stole her diamond bracelet. Gloria Glamarr, you know, is none other than Beulah McKenzie. Beulah changed her name when she got into movies. In her latest picture, she plays opposite Glen Harris. The name of the picture is "Glen Harris's Bl-onde Trouble." Glen is to the young girls of today what Van Johnson was back in 1945. One of his pictures is playing a return engagement at the Gossett Theatre in Gossett. This theatre is owned and managed by Virginia Cox. She has really made a fortune in the theatre business. She owns a twenty-eight-room mansion in Gossett. Another member of our class who has become famous is Marie Edwards. I know you've heard of her success. She is now the world's champion figure skater. She won the title from Sonja Henie in the Olympics held in Moscow last year. Speaking of famous people, Floyd Williams and his Bear Creek Bear-Cats are now playing at the Stork Club in New York. Floyd really "gives out" on those drums. Wilma Gidcumb is the featured vocalist with Floyd's orchestra. She's really giving Dinah Shore some stiff competition. Betty Bruce is now in her sixth year of teaching home economics in the Sacra- mento High School. Carl Doerner still lives here in Norris City. Yes, he's married to that gi-rl who was a junior when he was a senior. Heand his wife have assumed fContinued on Page 511 Page Seventeen Page funjor Class Hsfory When we began our high school career in 1942, our class, Wfith seventy-three members, was one of the largest in the history of the school. Naturally, we were subjected to the customary "razzing" which is all a part of being a freshman. We were good sports, fhowever, and soon we took our places as the future leaders of N. C. T. H. S. This year we chose as our officers the following people: Audrey Stephens, Presidentg Paul Bishop, Vice-Presidentg and Lenora Haynes, Secre- tary-Treasurer. Pauline Poole, Kenneth Doerner, and Billy Summers were our representatives on the Student Council. In September, 1943, when we started our sophomore year in high school, our membership had decreased to sixty-one. Though we had lost some of our members, we still retained the honor of being the largest class in school. We chose to guide us through our "silly sopho- more" year Evelyth McArthy as President, Kathryn Boyd as Vice- President, and Betty Gwaltney as Secretary-Treasurer. We chose for representatives to the Student Council Christine Turpin, Pauline Poole, and Frank Bayley. Well, here we are, living up to the name of "jolly juniors." And, though we don't want you to think we're boasting, we're still the largest class in school! Our officers this year are Kenneth Doerner, Presidentg Mary Beth Renshaw, Vice-Presidentg and Kathryn Boyd, Secretary- Treasurer. We are well represented on the Student Council by Frank Bayley, Evelyth McArthy, and Charles Greer. We have enjoyed being a part of N. C. T. H. S., and we are looking forward to taking our places as "sophisticated seniors." I Class Roll First Row fleft to rightjz Johnny Anderson, Pearl Aud, Cyril Austin, Delores Awalt, Frank Bayley, Wayne Bell, Johnnie Betson, Paul Bishop. . Second Row: Kathryn Boyd, Avis Bryant, Maxine Burch, Leon Coffman. Third Row: Orland Davis, Roberla Davis, Kenneth Doerner, Freda Edwards, Bud Evans, Ann Fantz, Charles Greer, Betty Gwaltney. Fourth Row: Bill Harrell, Lenora Haynes, Stella Healy, Margaret Henson, Ruth Hughes, Margaret Justice, Marion Kennedy, Mary Jane Knight. Fifth Row: Bob Knowles, Hazen Kroff, Bob Martin, Evelyth McArthy, Porter McKenzie, Ezra Millspaugh, Dortha. Mae Mitchell, Darrell Mobley. Sixth Row: Spence Morris, Marian Musgrave, Val Pearce, Pauline P-oole, Mary Beth Renshaw, Lee Riley, Billy Roark, Bobby Sanders. Seventh Row: Kenneth Sanders, Eulah Short, Leon Spence, Martha Spence, Don- ald Stovall, Joy Stovall, Fleeta Sweatt, Christine Turpin. Eighteen xxNl 4. ik 5 IL. 'I 1 "fi Al 3 X. E+ Sophomore Class History We were a very small class when we registered at N. C. T. H. S. just two years ago. We were very timid, as all fresh-men are, but soon we overcame our fear of the upper-classmen and assumed our place in the various activities of the school. Our officers for this year were: John Randall Johnson, Presidentg Ruby Patton, Vice-President, and Doris Mae Gerdes, Secretary-Treasurer. Our Student Council repre- sentatives were Ben Boyd, Sybil Ford, and Fred Carroll, Jr. This year We are indeed a small class with only twenty-one mem- bers. However, we compensate in quality for our lack of quantity. We have gotten quite a thrill from playing jokes on this year's freshman class. Our leaders during our sophomore year are: Ben Boyd, Presi- dent, Delores Dale, Vice-President, and Jerry Harper, Secretary- Treasurer. Fred Carroll, Jr., Alice Blazier, and John Randall Johnson represent our class on the Student Council. Class Roll First Row fleft to rightl: Elsie Austin, Alice Blazier, Ben Boyd, Fred Carroll, Jr., Delores Dale. Seoond Row: Doris Mae Gerdes, Kenneth Green. Third Row: Jerry Harper, Ida Mae Healy, June Henson, Correne Johnson, Ivan Johnson. Fourth Row: John Randall Johnson, Buelah Kennedy, Wyatt Martin, W. D. Nor- ris, Lillian Oliver. , Fifth Row: Joe Patton, Ruby Patton, Kenneth Pearce, Roberta Wade. Page Twenty X,-he ?'.1'v., +-gypi "F WM?-'f' s ' W- 10.0547 K L' I, X Y he Freshman Class History We freshmen started our journey through high school on August 28, 1944. It is -ap characteristic of freshmen to 'be "green," and d-on't think we weren't "green" at first. However, we took all the teasing of the upperclassmen good-naturedly, and soon we be-came familiar with our new surroundings. Early in the year, we chose our leaders for the year. We selected Raymond English as President, Dale Phelps as Vice-President, and Joan Edwards as Secretary-Treasurer. Pat Mc- Quay, Billy York, and Tommy Cavender were chosen to represent our class on the Student Coun-cil. We were assisted in our journey by oufr sponsors, Mr. Blacker and Miss Crutchfield. We're all looking forward to next year, when we hope to be able to pass on some of those practical jokes which were played on us this year. So it's "So long" till then. Class Roll First Row Cleft to rightjz Silas Alldredge, William Aud, Fern Austin, Howard Austin, Harold Bishop, Beulah Bolerjack, Floyd Bonner, John Britton. Second Row: Jake Bruce, Ernestine Bryant, Tommy Cavender, Anna 'Lee Cook. Third Row: Nancy Davis, Ruth Ann Davis, Lloyd Donehue, Joan Edwards, Norma Lee Edwards, Raymond English, Jerry Esch, Charles Graves. Fourth Row: William Graves, Mary Lou Haynes, Ruth Hunt, Marveunene Jones, Dolores Justice, Kenneth Kennedy, Charles Kinsall, Donna Kroff. Fifth Row: Marilyn Martin, Frank McGhee, George McKenzie, Jess McKenzie, Pat McQuay, Thomas Midkiff, Norma Millikan, Eileen Mitchell. Six-th Row: Dale Phelps, Margarete Phipps, Dorothy Poole, Gloria Pyle, Virginia Shaw, Neva Shelton, Jo Ann Short, Lyle Smith. Seventh Row: Tommy Smith, Violet Tyler, Clarence Wheeler, Marcus Willis, Betty Wilson, Kathleen Wilson, Billy York. Page Twenty-two all J UNIOR-SENIOR PROM The senior class, faculty, board menrlbers, and their wives Were guests of the junior class at the annual J unior-Senior Prom, which was held in the gymnasium on April 20, 1945, at 8:00 p. m. ' For this event, the gymnasium was attractively decorated to repre- sent the garden of a Mexican hacienda. A canopy of crepe paper covered the garden, and the lights were dimmed to give the effect of moonlight. Mexican trees and flowers line-d the garden on either side. As each guest entered the garden, he received a dance program book, which was in the shape of a Mexican senor's som'brero. On the stage, which represented the balcony of the hacienda, was Rowland Fenton's orchestra, which furnished music for dancing. Appropriate refresh- ments consisting of punch and sandwiches were served during the eve- ning. Everyone present wishes to express 'his gratitude to the juniors for a delightful evening. Page Twenty-four xi 'W T-4 miss ATHLETICS Z ,Av Q " qw EV . W ,. I . ' X' - ' 'La V' 2-'Li' C QV r:.f O5 V? M P' ' ' 414 - k "' f " sl Qblfynwd vt fir?-5' Page . BASKETBALL 1944-45 CARL DOERNER, '45, was our cen- ter and was a good defensive man as well as an excellent offensive man. He worked Well with the team as a whole. and we shall miss him next year. STANLEY JOHNSON, '45, was a boy who was always in there fighting, and who oould always be counted upon to make his share of the points. He was a good team man, a good faker, and a good defensive man. VVe shall remem- ber him for his work during the last few minutes of the Carmi game. CHARLES MILLSPAUGH, '45, left for the Navy after our last scheduled game. He was greatly missed when we played in the Regional Tournament. He was an excellent guard, and had a good eye for the basket. DALTON AUD, '45, had the ability to hold that ball, and was always there when he was needed. He was both a good offensive and defensive man. He was an asset to the team, and will be missed next year. JIM ABERCROMBIE, '45, came to us from Omaha. Jim did not play as much as some, but when he did, he was a dependable player. CHARLES GREER, '46, was small but mighty. He was always full -of pep and ready to go. He was an excellent guard, and a good shot. We hope to see more of his playing next year. JOHNNY ANDERSON, '46, has proved to be very helpful to our squad. Johnny has furnished the missing link which all teams must have. He is also a player -of whom great things are ex- pected next year. KENNETH DOFERNER, '46, was an excellent offensive man. He was a. good rebounder and ball handler. Kenny had lots of fight in him, and We hope to see more of it next season. JOHN RANDALL JOHNSON, '47, was a good team man who always had a cool head when the going was tough. He, like Fred, did not play in all the games. FRED CARROLL, IR., '47, is a sopho- more this year. He did not play in all the games, but he has proved his abil- ity as a basketball player. COACH INIMAN, a native of Ken- tucky, joined the N. C. T. H. S. faculty in November. Coach Inman, who is liked by all members of the squad, has brought us through the season with some very happy victories. He has great plans for next year, and we are all confident that he will lead the Car- dinals to even greater victories than he did this year. DALE PHELPS is a freshman who has given evidence of his loyalty to our school by working as athletic manager. Dale has done a good job in a position of responsibility, and the squad is grate- ful to him for his efficient work. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE SEASON The first game of the season was played at McLeansboro. Though we were ahead at the half, we lost the game by a score of 45 to 33. We did better in the next game with Crossville on the home floor. We won by three points. ' After the Crossville game we were in the losing column for four straight games -New Harmony, Grayville, Albion, and Ridgway. But did we ever come out of our slump! Yes, we defeated our old rival, Carmi, on the home floor. This was the first time we had defeated Carmi in four years, and we were quite elated over our victory. We lost our next game to the Cave-in-Rock "giants," The score was tied at the half, and it looked for a while as if we might even win, but they overcame our lead during the second half, and at the end of the game, they had doubled the score on us. The game with Central High School, in Evansville, Indiana, was a. close game all the way. They were one point ahead of us both at the half and at the end of the game. When Equality played here, we were five points behind at the half, but we over- came their lead, and won with seven points to spare. During the Christmas vacation, we were defeated by Richland City, Indiana, on their floor. We defeated Crossville on our floor, but we couldn't do it again on their floor. Score-35 to 28. The game at Enfield was one of the most exciting of th-e season. When the final whistle blew, we had defeated them by one point. We easily defeated Eldorado's team at home. Let's hope it will be that easy when we play them on their floor. After winning two games straight, we started on another losing streak. We again lost four games in a. row to Cave-in-Rock, Equality, McLeansboro, and Albion. fContinued on Page 517 Twenty-six -il Q ,I "3'..' jaw . A31 11 Q 's Earl Dalffiff yfazzlq ,lffizwrz IX"-'tlgw 42.1119 4 VARSITY SQUAD 444, 4, 1944 - 45 1 111 w,,,4 1 ff .Mu fhmbzlf .a7Al.'5A7 fl 7 M Page SECOND TEAM SCORES Date Played Opponent They Nov. 15 There .... ......... . McLeansboro ..... ..... - 34 Nov. 17 Here- -- ........ . Crossville ........... .... - - 14 Nov. 22 There .... ...... . New Harmony ........ ....... 1 9 Nov, 29 There .... ......... - Grayville ............ ......... . 29 Dec. Here--- ----------. .Albion -.--- -- 26 Dec. There ---- ---.-...--- . Ridgway -.------.---------- --- 38 Dec. Here--- ------.- .Carmi ---.----- ------.--- - - 25 Dec. 12 There .Cave-in-Rock ---- .--..-..-- - 30 Dec. 19 There ---- --.----.--- . Equality -----------.---.------- 7 Jan. There -.---- --.--.-.- .R ichland City .----.-----.-.---- 15 J an. There ---- .----.-- . Crossville ------.--.---.-------- 31 J an. 12 There -.--.- --.----- - Enfield .--------------.-------- . 12 Jan. 16 Here--- ----------- ,Eldorado --.---.----- --.----- - . 30 Jan. 19 Here--- ----------- .Cave-in-Rock -.--.-----..----- -- 32 J an. 29 Here--- ----------. .Equality----- 25 J an, 31 Here ----- ---------- . McLe8.nsb0r0 -.-----.--------.- - 27 Feb. There ------ --------- . Albion --------- --------------- 3 8 Feb. There ------ ------.- - Carmi --------- -.------------ . 44 Feb. Here--- -------- .Grayville ------------ --.- - . 18 Feb, 14 There ---. ------ , Eldorado--- 45 Feb. 16 Here--- ---,Ridgway ----- -----.--- - ---- 20 Feb. 21 Here--- ---Enfield--- -.-. -----------. 16 First Row Cleft to righty: Jerry Esch, Tommy Cavender, Billy York, Ezra Mills- paugh, W. D. Norris. Second Row: Dale Phelps, manager, Hazen Kroff, Silas Alldredge, Floyd Wil- liams, Johnnie Betson, Ben Boyd. CHEER LEADERS ., , . Three very efficilentcheer leaders, Lucille Chisum, Betty Hancock, and Pauline Poole were chosen by the student body to direct the cheering of the school. Under the direction of Miss Jones, they made the assembly pep meetings and the cheering at ball games ring and reverberate with peppy yells and songs. These girls, in their cardinal and white uniforms, were the liveliest part of the ball games as they helped to spur the Cardinals on to victory. Norma Faunce, Glennys Greathouse, Robylee Hill, Virginia Holland, and Bernice Healy became cheer leaders later in the season. These eigh-t peppy girls worked out several clever routines, and were the center of attraction wherever our team played. 1 Left to Right: Lucille Chisum, Betty Hancock, Pauline Poole. TRACK TEAM Track training in any high school is a very beneficial as well as an interesting project. Track training not only gives the young, ambitious fellow a chance to de- velop physically, but also creates a sense of good sportsmanship, that, if pnoperly developed, will remain with him throughout life. N. C. T. H. S. has a good -track team this year. The boys give unceasing loyal support not only to their school, but also to their coach, Mr. Inman. These boys enjoy the keen competition under which they must labor to be a. winner. Here is another fine trait imbedded in the hearts of the boys: "Never give up!" The boys who place in various meets held during the year are rewarded with letters and gold track shoes. 'Left to Right: Mr. In1na.n', Coach, Val Pearce, Jim Abercrombie, James McKenzie, giailnd Davis, Darrell Mobley, Charles Millspaugh, Dalton Aud, Bill Harrell, Jerry Twenty-eight 31 ' Bw Qlanfgyl i 3 2 ini I BASKETBALL SCHEDULE AND SCORES 1944-45 Half Final Half Flnal Date Playfd Contestants Score Score Date Played Contestants Score Score iv. 15 There Norris Ci-ty 22 33 Jan. 29 Here Norris City 9 23 Meileohsboro 20 45 Equalrty 12 24 v. 17 Here Norris City 1:1 23 Jan- 31 Here gvirir Cibigy gf!! Crossville 13 20 ' C ea-115 to Tv. 22 There Norris City 6 11 Feb- 2 There Nolffis City 11 22 New Harmony 12 42 1111111111 v 5 25 rv. 29 There Norris City 14 31 Feb' 7 There my gg gg Grayville 18 40 . o. 1 Here Norris City 12 is Feb' 9 Here gfmilffey 1: gi Albion 10 23 , . Feb. 14 There Norris City 19 35 c. 6 There Norris City 12 26 Eldoram 19 48 Rldgwey 13 36 Feb. 16 Here Norris City 18 29 Q, 8 Here Norris City 20 33 Ridgway 17 31 9 ' Cami 12 28 Feb. 21 Here Norris city 17 36 c. 12 There Norris City 14 23 Enfield 7 26 Cave-in-Rock 14 46 c. 15 There 'Norris City 11 23 E HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT Central 12 24 Dec. 27 Eldorado Norris City 14 36 c. 19 There Norris City 9 24 Eldorado. 14 27 Equality 14 17 Dec. 28 Eldorado Norris City 14 23 ii. 4 There Norris City 9 16 Weylfe qty 21 39 Richland City 8 23 DSC. 285 Egiorado 312113218 CSB' o. 9 There Norris City 1'7 ze 1 'mee e len mee, ene ere Cfossvige 12 30 WHITE COUNTY TOURNAMENT n. 12 There Norris i-ty 1 29 . C - N - - Enfield 14 28 Jan 25 rossville EIog5dCity ri. 16 Here Norris City 23 39 Eldorado 16 31 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT n. 19 Here Norris City 13 37 Feb. 27 Eldorado Norris City 15 36 Cave-in-Rock 32 56 .Marion 42 74 PLAYER STATISTICS Field Free Throws Personal Total Players' Names Goals Made Missed Fouls Points Jim Abercrombie --- --- 0 2 2 1 2 Johnny Anderson .... --- 14 16 13 24 44 Dalton Aud ........ --.. 57 48 64 84 162 Johnnie Betson .... --- 0 1 1 3 1 Ben Boyd ......... - -- --- 0 1 2 1 1 Fred Carroll, Jr. --.. ..... --- 1 1 5 7 3 Carl Doerner .... - ....... 67 38 50 66 172 Kenneth Doerner .... --- 17 33 14 33 67 Charles Greer ......... --- 33 40 49 83 106 John Randall Johnson --.- --- 1 1 3 0 3 Stanley Johnson ....... ..-- 22 33 34 74 77 Charles Millspaugh .... --- 52 40 34 69 144 Benny York ............ ..,....... 1 0 0 2 2 TEAM STATISTICS fFree Throw Percentage-46,461 Field Free Throws Personal Total Goals Made Mlssed Fouls POIMS Regular Season ..................... 220 193 204 348 633 Tournaments .... ....... 4 5 61 67 99 151 Totals ..... --- .... 265 254 271 447 784 Lge Thirty X2 T 4 arg, SEEK Organizations W' .Jw mi .. -fa S, s- W' :X M'5"u,?5gg1.. ' 77 " bf YS ff' V 1 'V v C J- Q5 r K - Qfiibwnxi a1f37?'. ggi'-1 BAND President ............... .- ............ Robylee Hill Director .......-........ - ............. M r. Blacker In spite of the small membership in the band this year, it has kept up its reputation -of giving the best in music to the many people who enjoy its playing. This year's band is composed mainly of students who are preparing for work in the band next year. The band furnished music for all our home basketball games, and its spirited music was as much a part of the game as the game itself. Three mem-bers of the band-Robylee Hill, Mary Ruth Coffman, and Howard Chapman - became members of the Silver Seal this year. The Silver Seal is an honorary organization for students who have shown outstanding ability in band or orchestra work. First Row fleft to rightl: Delores Irions, Phil- lip Veatch, Melba Coffman, Edgar Johnson, Bobby Myers, Cyril Doerner, Wanda Haddock, Teddy Bet- son, Richard Fields. Second Row: June Henson, Nancy Davis, Fern Austin, Ruth Ann Davis, Roberta Wade, Eulah Short, Lillian Oliver, Kathryn Boyd, Billy York, Leon Coffman, Mary Ruth Coffman, Jo Ann Short, Donna. Kroff, Mr. Blacker, director. Third Row: Donald Stovall, Wyatt Martin, Robylee Hill, Johnnie Betson, Frank Bayley, Val Pearce, Howard Chapman, Ruth Hunt, Charles Kinsall. FUTURE I-IOMEMAKERS' CLUB P-resident ........-. ..... . -..........-. B etty Bruce Vice-President .......... .. .....-.--... Avis Bryant secretary ......... - ............ Doris Mae Gerdes Treasurer .......... .............. Ch ristine Turpin Sponsors ..... .... M rs. McE1haney, Miss Grantham Membership in this club is open to any girl in high sch-ool who is interested in home economics, even though she cannot take the subject itself. The club holds its regular meetings every two weeks. At these meetings, reports are given by members on different topics concerning all phases of home economics. First Row fleft to rightjz Stella Healy, Marilyn Martin, Anna Lee Oo-ok, Joan Edwards, Neva Shel- ton, Virginia Shaw, Norma Millikan, Ruth Hughes, Dolores Justice, Betty Wilson, Correne Johnson, Ernestine Bryant, Ruth Ann Davis, Mary Lou Haynes. Second Row: Betty Bruce, Fern Austin, Delores Page Thirty-two 'T-wi Awalt, Marion Kennedy, Elsie Austin, Marveunene Jones, Dorothy Poole, Margarete Phipps, Virginia Cox, Doris Mae Gerdes, Beulah Harrolle, Christine Turpin, Ann Fantz, Leona Tyler, Ruth Hunt, Pearl Aud, Dortha Mitchell, Ida Mae Healy, Kathleen Wilson, Mrs. McE1haney. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION President ............................ Rolbylee Hill Vice-President ...................... Pauline P0013 Secretary .-.---.-------.--..... Doris Mae Gerdes Treasurer ............................ Eu1a,h Short Sp0nS01' --.----.------.- .. -............ Miss Jones The G. A. A. is an organization to which any girl in high school who is interested in physical education and sports may belong. The G. A. A. meets every Thursday during the activity period, various games are played, and topics relating to girls' athletics are discussed. This year each senior girl who has been a mem- ber of the organization for four years received the school letter. The G. A. A. sold popcorn at the basketball games to earn money for the club, and they spon- sored the all-school I-Iallowe'en Camival. Plans are being made to send some representatives to a. G. A. A. summer camp. First Row Cleft to rightlz 'Mary Lou Haynes, Jo Ann Short, Neva Shelton, 'Marion Kennedy, Ruth Hughes, Joan Edwards, Glennys Greathouse, Vir- ginia Holland, 'Marian Musgrave. .Second Row: M.iss Jones, sponsor, Fern Aus- tin, Marilyn Martin, Ernestine Bryant, Ida Mae Healy, Donna Kroff, Delores Dale, Norma Millikan, Beulah Bolerjack, Margarete Phipps, Betty Wilson. Third Row: Piumaaeu Bell, Maxine Buren, Dortha Mitchell, Pat McQuay, Ruth Hunt, Fleeta Sweatt, Joy 'Stovall, Delores Awalt, Beulah Mc- Kenzie, Mary Jane Knight, Kathleen Keasler, Pauline Poole, Lucille Chisum, Bernice Healy, Mary Ruth Coffman, Roberta Wade, Buelah Kennedy. Fourth Row: Robylee Hill, Mary Griffith, Mar- tha Spence, Doris Mae Gerdes, Norma Faunce, Christine Turpin, Imogene Patton, Eulah Short, Mary Beth Renshaw, Lenora Haynes, Margaret Justice, Beulah I-Iarrolle, Virginia Shaw. Fifth Row: Correne Johnson, Gloria Pyle, Freda Edwards, Nancy Davis, Betty Gwaltney, Anna Lee Cook, Marveunene Jones, Dorothy Poole, Dolores Justice, Delilah Kennedy, Kathleen Wilson, Roberla Davis, June Henson, Lillian Oliver, Alice Blazier, Ruth Ann Davis, Evelyth McArthy, Kathryn Boyd, Betty Hancock. E"""5""":"f""' I Vic M 7 -1 9 ,J rv. NA i'Al','i.A-NQ5' 'Ab' 8, Al 7"tN"' 151' 3 ' ' 7J.m1lwv F , A' ' ATN F -:Aj ll: Egnw FH - W f H ' .. .. 3 V Q 9 . .-, . . V'-mL ,m,l' , ' , , I F X. SAW STUDENT COUNCIL ient-..- ........-...... . ........ Charles 'Millspaugh President ........................ Fred Carroll, Jr. tary-Treasurer ....... - ............. Frank Bayley l0rs ...................... Miss Duck, Mr. Blacker 'he 'Student Council was organized to allow the stu- of N. C. T. H. S. to have a voice in the government 5 school. lach class selects two students, a boy and a girl, :tive membership in this organization. In addition :se two active members, each class chooses an ap- ice, either a boy or a girl. Apprentices do not have g power, but they sit in on the meetings and famil- themselves with the proceedings. Apprentices ie active members the following year. The senior elects three active members and no apprentice. 'he following students were chosen for representa- to the Student Council this year: Charles Mills- 1, Virginia Holland, Imogene Patton, seniors: Eve- lIcArthy, 'Frank Bayley, juniorsg Fred Carroll, Alice ar, sophomores: Pat McQuay, Billy York, freshmen. Yhe apprentices were Charles Greer, junior, John all Johnson, sophomoreg and Tommy Cavender, man. 'he Student Council chose various people to check room activities, inspect home room and club ams, and inspect lockers. 'irst Row Cleft to rightlz Virginia Holland, -Evelyth thy, Imogene Patton, Alice Blazier, Pat McQuay. Lecond Row: Mr. Blacker, sponsor, Charles Greer, Carroll, Charles Millspaugh, Frank Bayley, Billy John Randall Johnson, Tommy Cavender, Miss n sponsor. HUNTING AND FISHING CLUB dent .......... ........ - ........... S tanley Johnson President ............. .- ............. Charles Greer tary-Treasurer ................... Fred Carroll, Jr. lor ................... .. ................ Mr. Phelps my boy in high school who is interested in hunting ?ishing, and who has a hunting and fishing license belong to this club. The club meets every two weeks. lg the meetings, the members of the club discuss the 'ent habits, eating qualities, etc., of the different of game. First Row 'Cleft to rightlz 'Charles Greer, Bud Evans, 'helps, sponsor, -Stanley Johnson, Jerry Esch, Floyd uns. Second Row: Hazen Kroff, Carl Doerner, Darrell ey, Johnnie Betson, Paul Bishop, Tommy Cavender. LATIN CLUB dent ........ .......... . . ............. Leon Coffman President ........ ..... - ............ D 'ortha Mitchell :tary-Treasurer ........ .. ............. Roberta Wade gor ............... .... - - .............. Lamoine Hill This is the first year for quite some time we have a. Latin Club in our school. The objectives of this are to gain a better understanding of Roman life customs, and to achieve a realization of our great to the Romans for many of our modern institutions. student in school who has previously had Latin, or is taking the subject this year is eligible for mem- lip in the club. Thirty-four Left to Right: Delilah Kennedy, Buelah Kennedy, Roberta Wade, Mary Ru-th Coffman, Kathryn Boyd, Dor- tha Mitchell, Leon Coffman, Doris Mae Gerdes, Lamoine Hill, sponsor. SCIENCE CLUB President--.- --.------------ .- -..---.-.--. Johnnie Betson Vice-President -....-.-----. - ...-..-...... Donald Stovall Secretary-Treasurer -----..---..-..---.-- Darrell Mobley Sponsor---.- .----------...----.-.----- .Miss Crutchfield The purpose of this club is to give students a better knowledge of science, and to give them an understanding and appreciation of new discoveries in the world of sci- ence. The Science Club's programs include lectures by members on subjects of a scientific nature, and many interesting experiments with various scientific apparatus. Anyone in school who is interested in science may belong to this club. First Row Cleft to rightl: Thomas Mldkiff, Donald Stovall, Tommy Cavender, Kenneth Kennedy, John Brit- ton. Second Row: Miss Crutchfield, sponsor, Leon Coff- man, William Graves, Johnnie Betson, Darrell Mobley, Val Pearce, Jess McKenzie. UNH President ------.---.----..- - ..-.---.--...- Carl Doerner Vice-Presiden-t -.--.-- 4 --... .- ---.-..-.--.- Charles Greer Secretary-Treasurer --.-.-..---.-.-.--. Kenneth Doerner Sponsor ----...------..---- - --.-------.--..- Mr. Inman The "N" is an honorary organization sponsored by our athletic coach, Mr. Inman. Membership in this club is open only to boys who have earned the school letter in basketball or track. At the club meetings, problems relating to a Well-balanced athletic program are dis- cussed. This year, each member purchased a cardinal sweater, on which -to wear his white letter. First Row Cleft to rightl: Cyril Austin, Orland Davis, Ben Boyd, Fred Carroll, Bill Harrell, Charles Greer. Second Row: Mr. Inman, sponsor, Jim Abercrombie, John Randall Johnson, Kenneth Doerner, Carl Doemer, Darrell Mobley, Val Pearce, Dalton Aud, 'Stanley John- son, Charles Millspaugh. LIBRARIANS The librarians are students who give freely of their time to the upkeep and improvement of our school li- brary. Under the capable guidance of Miss Forchee, our head librarian, these girls perform their many duties efficiently. It is their responsibility to issue and receive all books, type library cards, see that books and maga- zines are kept in order, and give information as to where material for class assignments may be found. We have 'added many new books and magazines to our library this year. We are all very grateful to Miss Forchee and the librarians for their fine service. First Row Cleft to rightlz Lucille Chisum, Glennys Greathouse, Mary Griffith, Betty Bruce, Freda Edwards. Second Row: Christine Turpin, Eulah Short, Miss Forchee, Roberta Wade, Delilah Kennedy. t S M g ,ml gwifs Q :MLA 5 913- vf5 i?s'Wxf f""!L"l' ?2Ef3m ' 12' 33956 'Q ' 5 2 , ,f , 9 b 1 B fir' 1? A i. 225111 a Bk 5 1 'vi GIRLS' CHORUS The girls' chorus was not as active this year as it has been during the past few years. With -our overcrowded schedule this year, they have had little time to practice. An octette, composed of Pat McQuay, Betty Hancock, Mary Jane Knight, Roby- lee Hill, Virginia Holland, Mary Ruth Coffman, and Marian Musgrave, was chosen from this group to sing at baccalaureate and commencement. Bernice Healy was the accompanist for the octette. First Row Ueft to rightlz Mary Jane Knight, Bernice Healy, Robylee Hill, Mary Ruth Coffman, Kathleen Keasler, Virginia Holland, Freda Edwards. Second Row: Pearl Aud, D-ortha Mitchell, Pat McQuay, Norma Faunce, Glennys Greathouse, Fleeta Sweatt, Margaret Justice, Marian Musgrave, Pauline Poole, Mr. Blacker, director. Third Row: Lenora Haynes, Delores Dale, Donna Kroff, Nancy Davis, Jo Ann Short, Dolores Justice, Fern Austin, Ruth Ann Davis, Betty Hancock. MECHANICS CLUB President ........ ..............-.-.. l Frank Bayley Vice-President .......... - .......... Donald Stovall secretary-Treasurer ..... - ........ Kenneth Doerner Sponsor ..... ......... ................. M r . Phelps The Mechanics Club is a new organization which began in our school this year. The purpose of this club is to give its members a better understanding of various mechanical devices. Membership in this club is open to everyone in school who is inter- ested in any branch of mechanics. First Row Cleft to rightl: Lee Riley, Spence Morris, Bob Knowles, Wayne Bell, Clarence Wheel- er, Kenneth Doerner, Frank 'Bayley, Ezra Mills- paugh, Billy Roark. Second Row: Jim Abercrombie, Frank Mc- Ghee, Kenneth Green, Marcus Willis, Ben Boyd, Daarrell Mobley, Johnnie Betson, Tommy Smith, Donald Stovall, Paul Bishop, Mr. Phelps, sponsor. Third Row: Jerry Esch, Dale Phelps, Wyatt Martin, James McKenzie, Porter McKenzie, Ivan Johnson, George McKenzie, 'Floyd Williams, Billy York, Raymond English, Lyle Smith, Charles Graves. Page Thirty-six SPORTSMEN'S CLUB President ............... - ............. Dalton Aud Vice-Presidente .................. Jim Abercrombie Secretary-Treasurer ..... -- ..... Glennys Greathouse Sponsors .................. Miss Jones, Mr. Inman The purposes of this club are to 'promote an interest in good sports, and to gain a knowledge of the correct rules of the major sports. During the meetings, reports were given on such games as basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, etc. Illus- trations were given of correct ways to execute cer- tain plays in these games. First Row lleft to rlghtbz Gloria Pyle, June Henson, Alice Blazier, Lillian Oliver, Mary Jane Knight, Betty Gwaltney, Kathleen Keasler, Virginia Holland, Maxine Burch, Roberla Davis. Second Row: Mr. Inman, sponsor, Beulah Mc- Kenzie, Mary Beth Renshaw, Martha Spence, Eulah Short, Evelyth McArthy, Lucille Chisum, Glennys Greathouse, Norma Faunce, Robylee Hill, Bernice Healy, Eileen Mitchell, Miss Jones, sponsor. Third Row: Silas Alldredge, Kenneth Spence, Johnny Anderson, Kenneth Sanders, Ben Boyd, Harold Bishop, Billy York, Bobby Sanders, Howard Chapman, W. D. Norris, Kenneth Kennedy, Leon Spence, Dale Phelps, Val Pearce. Fourth Row: Wayne Bell, Kenneth Doerner, Ezra Millspaugh, Ivan Johnson, Jim Abercrombie, Frank 'Bayley, Bob Knowles, Thomas Midkiff, Ken- neth Green, Wyatt Martin, John Randall Johnson, Glen Harris, Charles Millspaugh, Dalton Aud. BOOK CLUB President ............... - ...... .Margaret Henson Vice-President ....................... Virginia Cox Secretary-Treasurer ............. JKenneth Sanders Sponsor ................. . .............. Miss Duck The Book Club was organized for the purpose of creating an appreciation of the higher types ot literature, and encouraging more extensive reading of good books and magazines. At the meetings of this club, the members discuss contemporary writers and their works. Anyone in school who is interested in literature may be a member of this club. - Left to Right: Clarence Wheeler, William Aud, Kenneth Sanders, W. D. Norris, Silas Alldredge, Darrell Mobley, Miss Duck, sponsor, Pat McQuay, Stella Healy, Joan Edwards, Margaret Henson, Margarete Phipps, Virginia Shaw, Marie Edwards, Norma Edwards. f,f' 'k1s, if 1 1 .4153 . ge Q fe E an 2.5 , Q vl ,XDA X y x In 55" 'Q 7' ix MN N i 2. A ' H130 JB Q '-:, , N 3, . Q, ,,. f. , f sffy- YF 2 .. gf 'Q 9 9 3' 3 9 54 F v's?x3 QW , Page CARDINAL STAFF Editor-ineCh1ef ...... ..............L..................,............ ,,,,,,,, R o bylee Hill Asso-ciate Editor ...... Business Manager ....... Advertising Managers Feature Editors ........... Athletic Editors ....... Calendar ................ Snapshot Editors ..... Organizations ..... Senior Editor ...... Junior Editor ........ Sophomore Editor ...... Freshman Editor ........ Sponsors ................. President .................. -- .....-...... ...........Lucille Chisum Ruth Coffman Glennys Greathouse, Norma Faunce ....................Berrrifce Healy, Glen Harris, Kathleen Keasler, Christine Turpin ...-....-.........Car1 Doerner, Fred Carroll, Jr. ...-..Jo'hn Randall Johnson, Darrell Molbley .-....Virginia Holland, Beulah McKenzie -.......Plumade1l Bell, Betty Hancock, Mary Griffith, Virginia Cor ................Howard Chapman .........Kathryn Boyd ......Doris Mae Gerdes ................................-...Patricia McQuay .....Miss Duck, Mr. Blacker, 'Lamoine Hill HOBBY CLUB -Lucille Chisum Vice-President ........ .................... H arold Bishop Secretary-Treasurer ......... - ................. Glen Harris Sponsor ................ .Miss Crutchfield, Miss Grantham The Hobby Club is one of the largest organizations in school. In order to become a member of this club, a student must have a hobby which he is constantly improving. On account of its size, this group was divided into two organizations soon after school began. The new group is called the Woodcraft Club. Its officers are: George McKenzie, Presidentg Joe Patton, Vice-Presidentg Harold Bishop, Secreta.ry+Trea.surer, The principal activity of the Woodcraft Club was the making of a sewing cabinet. First Row fleft -to -rightyz Correne Johnson, Beulah Bolerjack, Imogene Patton, Virginia Cox, Martha Spence, Lucille Chisum, Norma Faunce, Robyiee Hill, Elsie Austin, Norma Edwards, Second Row: Miss Crutchfield, Floyd Bonner, Howard Austin, Charles Graves, Clarence Wheeler, Howard Chapman, Glen Harris, Wyatt Martin, Mary Ruth Coffman, Delores Dale, Anna. Lee Cook, Mrs. McElhaney. Third Row: William Aud, Charles Kinsall, Marcus Willis, Lee Riley, Lloyd Donehue, Harold Bishop, Kenneth Green, Joy Stovall, Mary Griffith, Plumadell Bell, Wilma Gidcumb, Betty Bruce, Betty Hancock. Fourth Row: John Britton, Jake Bruce, William Graves, Tommy Smith, Joe Pat: ton, George McKenzie, Raymond English, Floyd Williams, James McKenzie, J. W, Graves, Jess McKenzie, Jerry Each, Lyle Smith. Thirty-eight GARDINAL STAFF Page P ORGANIZATION OF HOME ROOMS One of the most difficult problems which confronts Mr. Phelps at the beginning of every school year is the effective organization of home rooms and clubs. This is the sixth year for the home room system in our high school, and better results have been obtained from this system every year. It has proved very suc- cessful and coordinates perfectly with the working and -management of the school. This system has induced individual thinking to a greater extent, and has 'been con- ducive to student expression. In order to keep the students from becoming tired and bored on days when there are no club meetings, programs are presented in each home room every Tuesday morn- ing during the activity period. Many kinds of programs are developed-short skits, games, contests, impersonations, etc. Once during each semester, each home room is permitted to have refreshments for its program. The entire year's programs are planned by committees at the beginning of the school year, and they must be approved by the Student Council before they are actually put into action by the home room. This year the student body was divided into seven home rooms, each of which was under the sponsorship of a faculty member. Officers were chosen by the mem- bers of each home room. Home Room 1, sponsored by Mrs. McElhaney and Miss Grantham, chose as their officers: Lenora Haynes, Presidentg Avis Bryant, Vice- Presidentg Ann Fantz, Secretary-Treasurer. Home Room 3, under the sponsorship of Mr. Blacker, elected the following officers: Bud Evans, Presidentg Kenneth Kennedy, Vice-Presidentg and Billy York, Secretary-Treasurer. Mi-ss Jones sponsored Home Room 4, and its members chose Jerry 'Harper as Presidentg Betty Bruce as Vice-Presi- dent, and Roberla Davis as Secretary-Treasurer. Leon Coffman was chosen as President of Home Room 51 Bob Knowles, Vice-P-resident: and Ruby Patton, Secre- tary-Treasurer. Miss Crutchfield sponsored -this home room. The officers of Home Room 6, sponsored by Miss Duck, were: Stanley Johnson, President: Charles Greer, Vice-Presidentg and Norma Faunce, Secretary-Treasurer. Home Room 7, sponsored by Miss Forchee, chose the following officers: Glen Harris, President: Beulah Har- rolle, Vice-Presidentg and Bernice Healy, Secretary-Treasurer. Mr. Inman was the sponsor of Home Room 9, whose officers were: W. D. Norris, Presidentg Lillian Oliver, Vice-Presidentg Gloria Pyle, Secretary-Treasurer. ORGANIZATION OF CLUBS Early in the school year, mimeographed lists of special interests and hobbies were distributed among the students. Each student was instructed to check the things in which he or she was interested. When these lists were collected, Mr. Blacker, who was in charge of the organization of clubs this year, tabulated the results, and, under his direction, clubs were organized which were adapted to the individual interests of practically all the students. Each student was allowed to belong to three clubs. Each club was required to have its constitution approved by the Student Council before it could become an active organization. Club meetings are held every other week during the activity period. Their programs were wel1Fpla.nned, and proved to be of great educational value to members. These clubs have become an integral part of N..C, T. H. S., and they would be greatly missed if they were to be discontinued. Forty 55? FEATURES "'1?4vZ'v' Q x k, ' ',. 1' . I ' - V 1' O, V' M- 'f -. C Z N q f- kj " 2 sf! cf4iN.JbJ'WAxv4 QME7 ', IMPROVEMENTS IN OUR PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENTS This year saw many improvements in the girls' lphysical educa- tion department, under the leadership of the instructor, Miss Ida Mae Jones, who has a major in physical education. The department has new equipment of many types for tumbling, archery, paddle tennis, ping-pong, badminton, deck tennis, soccer, basketball, softball, volley- ball, croquet, horeshoes, shuffleboard, Indian club games, bean bag games, and several dart board games. Addition-al gymnastic equip- ment includes four climbing ropes for girls, and a springboard, as well as the use of all other gymnastic facilities. For the first time the girls have standardized uniforms, consisting of scarlet shorts and white blouses. Daily showers and proper mainte- nance of uniforms have become health habits. The girls received two hundred forty minutes of physical educa- tion and health instruction ea-ch week. New features of the physical education program include instruction in marching tactics and tnack and field. The intramural basketball program, wlhich lasted two months, consisted of round robin tournaments. The season ended with the senior girls in first place. In addition to their physical education work the girls receive in- struction in health and first aid. Norris City is proud of its girls' physical edu-cation and health program which compares favorably with any in Southern Illinois. The girls' department was honored this year by Miss Jones' aip- pointment as White County representative of women's physical educa- tion to the Southeastern Division of the Illinois Physical Education Association. The boys' new equipment did not arrive until March. However, Mr. Inman has given the boys some excellent training during these last two months. The boys' equipment includes a punching bag, climbing ropes, traveling rings, and parallel bars. The lboys, like the girls, re- ceive training in health and first aid as well as in physi-cal education. The boys also have standardized uniforms of white trunks and white shirts. We are looking forward to even better things from these splendid departments next year. I Page Forty-two Lv ,.,n"' THE REDBIRD Volume 1, No. 10 March 8, 1945 4 Cents Per Copy What's all that commotion in the music room every Thursday after school? Why, that's where the school newspaper is dis- tributed. Yes, this year N. C. T. H. S. has adver- tised its oomings, goings, and doings through a weekly newspaper, The Redbird. The school has long desired a newspaper published by the student body. This year, a completely interschool paper Was organized and pub- lished by the students, with the aid of the advertiser. The Redbi-rd has carried detailed accounts of all athletic events, school programs, club activities, and school gossip. There have been seventeen issues of the newspaper. The first issue was published December 7, and since then, with the excep- tion of a few weeks, there has been an issue every week. The papers were mimeographed on the schoo1's machine, and practically all the work involved was done by students. The paper has 'been enthusiastically re- ceived by the stu-dent body, and i-t is hoped by those who worked to organize the paper that it will be a permanent institution in N. C. T. H. S. Here is this year's newspaper staff: Editor-in-Chief .......... M ary Ruth Coffman Assistant Editors-Robylee Hill, Lucille Chisum Business Managers ......... Christine Turpin, Art Editor ...................... Eulah Short Bob Martin Sports Editor ............ Charles Millspaugh Humor Editor .............. Norma Faunce, Glennys Greathouse Alumni Editor ............... Bernice Healy Mimeographers ............ J im Abercrombie, Page Forty-four John Randall Johnson Gossip Editor ................... ? ? ? ? 'Z Reporters .... Carl Doerner, Kathleen Keasler, Glen Harris, 'Virginia Holland, Frank Bayley, Kathryn Boyd, Kenneth Doerner, Margaret Justice, Doris Mae Gerdes, Jerry Harper, Fred Carroll, Ben Boyd, Gloria Pyle, 'Pat McQuay, Billy York, Tommy Cavender. Sponsor .............. ---Lamoine Hill SPECIAL ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS At the beginning of the school year, Mr. Phelps scheduled three assembly programs which were enjoyed very much by the student body. The first program was presented on October 31 by Donald Scott Morrison. Mr. Morrison portrayed great musical masters such as Bach, Chopin, and Debussy. His make-up and costumes were authentic copies of those used during the period of history in which these great masters of music lived. Mr. 'Morrison had with him a harpsichord, which was probably the first one most of the students had seen. He closed his program with a popular selection. The second program was "Rip Van Win- kle," presented on November 16 by Mr. and Mrs. John Parsons. Mr. and Mrs. Parsons portrayed all five characters in their pre- sentation of this famous story.' On Februa.ry 9, we were entertained by M-r. Loring Campbell, a. magician. Mr. Camp- bell did all sorts of card tricks, made things appear and disappear, and did all the usual tricks of magicians. These programs were enjoyed by everyone who attended them. The grade school, as well as the high school, was present at these entertainments. CARDINAL CAMPAIGN When the announcement was made that the Cardinal Campaign would begin, the rivalry between the Guestonians and the Afthenians started. The campaign got under way on January 22, and all students began to make lists of prospective sub- scribers. At first, subscriptions came in rather slowly, and the Athenians secured the lead: however, the Guestonians overtook them, and the lead went from side to side as bot'h societies pushed ahead. One highlight of the Cardinal Campaign is the daily assembly of all students in the gym during the activity period to listen bo the pleas, entreaties, stories, past ex- periences, dreams, and "fibs" of the faculty as well as the student body. When the contest closed at 4:00 p. m. on January 26, Mary Ruth Coffman, the business manager, announced that the Guestonians had won by a score of 144 to 141. This year more Cardinals were sold than ever before. We can't end this article without saying how well the Athenians are able to "take it," and how well the Guestonians are able to make them "take it!" HALLCWE'EN CARNIVAL 1 On Friday night, October 27, the G. A. A. sponsored an all-school Hallowe'en Carnival in the gymnasium. There were booths for men only, one for women only, a sleeping beauty, midgets, hula dancers, an archery game, a. trip around the World, fish pond, a bearded lady, and mafny other interesting attractions. The booths ran the full length of both sides of the gym. The decorations were very effective, and the atmosphere of a real carnival filled the gymnasium. Our fortunes were told by a witch, whose speech bore a strange resemblance to that of our mathematics teacher. Upstairs in the history room was the House of Horrors. It could be reached only by walking d-own the dark hallway alone. Sandwiches and drinks were served in the music room. During the evening, there were humorous short skits on the stage. This was indeed a night of thrills, mystery, and fun. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS, CLUB BAZAAR The Future I-Iomemakers' Club held a bazaar on Saturday, December 9, at John- son's Hardware Store. The boys' class made oatmeal cookies, sugar cookies, filled cookies, and ice box cookies for the sale. The Homemaking II class made twenty-five dozen cloverleaf, parkerhouse, and cinnamon rolls. The Homemaking I class of twenty-six members cooperated in making a rose and wine colored pon-pon rug, on which they sold chances. The Homemaking III classes sold chances on a rayon and wool blanket. The blanket and rug were given away at the drawing which was held at three o'clock that afternoon. Each girl made one item to contribute to the sale. The articles which were sold included embroidered dresser scarfs, vanity sets, tea towels, hot-pan holders, em- broidered aprons, cakes, pies, and candies. The profit which the girls made from this project was S62.92. Page -Forty five Page MAGAZINE CAMPAIGN Again this year the members of the Future Homemakers' Club and all home eco- nomics students were divided into two groups for the annual magazine subscription campaign. This campaign is sponsored annually in this school by the Curtis Publish- ing Company. The campaign lasted for two weeks, Prizes for selling the greatest number of subscriptions were awarded to Mary Lou Haynes, Marveunene Jones, Delores Awalt, Betty Bruce, Gloria Pyle, Marion Kennedy, and Lillian Oliver. The commission received by the club was S19.71. With this amount, the girls plan to purchase some new equipment for the home economics department. G. A. A. INITIATION During the week before Christmas vacation, the G. A. A. held their annual initia- tion. All new members of the G. A. A. are required to be initiated before they can become active members. The ini-tiati-on ceremonies lasted for three days. Each day the pledges were required to do different things. Some requirements were: wear make-up on one side of the face only, pin hair up on one side only, carry a broom, carry a sack of potatoes over one shoulder, walk up the steps backwards saying the alphabet, wear colors that clash, wear one high-heeled shoe and one oxford, carry an egg in a bucket, and have the egg .signed by all instructors, and wear bright colored garters just below the knees. The pledges as well as the active members enjoyed the initiation very much. On the night following the last day of the initiation, a party was held at which the pledges were officially received into the -organization, but only after each pushed a peanut down the hall with her nose! BASKETBALL BANQUET On Friday evening, February 23, the basketball team held a banquet in the home economics room to celebrate the closing of the basketball season. Everyone had an excellent time, and enjoyed the food which was prepared and served by the home eco- nomics classes under the direction of Miss Grantham. Those present were Stanley Johnson, Carl Doerner, Jim Abercrombie, Dalton Aud, Charles Greer, Frank Bayley, Johnny Anderson, Johnnie Betson, Silas Alldredge, Ben Boyd, John Randall Johnson, Kenneth Doerner, Fred Carroll, Jr., Jerry Esch, Raymond English, Dale Phelps, man- ager, Mr. Inman, coach, and Mr. Phelps, principal. Following is the menu: Potatoes in Half Shell Buttered Green Beans Waldorf Salad Relishes Carrot Strips Cloverleaf Rolls Blackberry Jam Angel Food Cake Vanilla Sherbet Coffee Milk INTRAMURAL SPORTS This year something new has been added in our athletic department. YVe have had intramural basketball in previous years, but never before have we had such a well-planned and well-sponsored program. Mr. Inman and Miss J-ones have worked hard to make both boys' and girls' intramural sports a success this year. These intra- mural games were played in the gym at noon. The boys played on Monday, Wednes- day, and Friday, and the' girls played on Tuesday and Thursday. Miss Jones divided the girls into four teams by classes. These girls held a round robin tournament during the year. The boys were divided into eight teams. The boys' games Were refereed by Charles Millspaugh and Carrl Doemer, and the girls' games were refereed by Miss Jones and various girls whom she chose. Forty-six G. A. A. MOTHER-DAUGHTER BANQUET On April 6, at 7:30 p. m., the members of the Girls' Athletic -As- sociation entertained their mothers with a lovely banquet in the gym- nasium. In addition to the mothers, Mrs. Phelps, Mrs. Blacker, and- the teachers were honored guests. The gymnasium and the tables were attractively decorated with blue and white crepe paper. The program was made up of the following num-bers: Speech ................................................ .......................................... M iss JOIIGS Speech ............................................ . .... ....................................... R 0'bylee Hill Song, "Let the Rest of the World Go By" .................. . .......... Pat McQuay, Robylee Hill, Betty Hancock, Virginia Holland Vocal Solo, "Mother Machree" .............................................. Pat McQuay Speech ................................................ ................................ M iss Crutchfield Piano Solo ................................. ........ B ernice Healy Demonstration of Tumbling ...... ....... G . A. A. Girls G. A. A. Songs ............................................ ......... E ntire Group The menu consisted of: Meat Loaf Mashed Potatoes Green Beans Waldorf Salad Radishes Pickles Celery Hot Rolls Butter Ice Cream and Cake Iced Tea ENTRAN TS IN THE WHITE COUNTY TRACK MEET Carmi, Illinois, April 27, 1945 120-Yard High Hurdles ............................ Darrell Mobley, Charles Greer 100-Yard Dash .................................................................. Stanley Johnson Running High Jump ...................................... Carl Doerner, Charles Greer 220-Yard Dash .................. Dalton Aud, Donald Stovall, Stanley Johnson Pole Vault ................. .......................... B ob Knowles, Howard Chapman 440-Yard Dash ................................................................ Jlames McKenzie Discus ..................................... ....... J im Albercrombie, Dalton Aud 220-Yard Low Hurdles ........ .......... D arrell Mofbley, Jerry Esch 880-Yard Run .................... .............................,,....,. V al Pearce Running Broad Jump ........ ......... C harles Greer, Fred Carroll, Jr, Mile Run ......................... ......... O rland Davis, James McKenzie Shot Put .......................... ........... D 3112011 Aud, Stanley Johnson Half-Mile Relay Race ................................ Stanley Johnson, Dalton Aud, Donald Stovall, Orland Davis 440-Yard Relay Race for Freshmen ........,....,.....,,..,.,,, Raymond English, Frank McGhee, William Aud, Harold Bishop Page Forty-seven qlllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllll llll I AUGUST 'lI1I2I'3I4I-5 61 71 81 91101111112 13l'14116l'161171'18119 - 20I21I22I23I2412'5126 School Calendar .7944-45 24. Registration. Did you ever see so many green things sprout up in August? ? 25. White County Teachers' Meeting. What! A vacation already? 5 5. Welcome to our three new faculty members-Miss Jones, Miss Duck, and Mss Crutchfield. Election -of home room officers. 7. Election of class officers. 15. Guestionians and Athenians chosen. More disappointed people! 18. Guestonians and Athenians elect their officers. 20. Election of club officers. 27. Sophomore Class outing. 29. Eye and ear tests given. z712s12913o131-1 1"' :lll IllIllllllllllllllllllllllllll llll alllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllIlllllll E SEPTEMBER I I I I I 1I 2 E 3I4I5I6I7I8I9 101111112l1'3114l15116 17l18119120121122123 24125126127128129130 5 ocrosen E 1121314151617 E 81 9110111112113114 T511611'7I1-8119m12'0'-121 22123124125126I2712g 29I'30I31I I I I llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 3. Freshman Class outing. 4. Junior Class outing. Assembly program by Home Room 6. What consequences!!! 6. Senior Class party. 12. Six-weeks, examinations. Why does everyone look so unhappy?? 13. Southeastern Division Teachers? Meeting at Bridgeport. 20. G. A. A. Assembly Program. Good imitations of the faculty. 27 G. A. A. Ha11owe'en Carnival. Loads of fun for everyone. Mr. Chapman left us. 31. Musical program by Donald Scott Morrison. glllllllllullllllllllllullllullllllu NOVEMBER I I I 1I 21 3I 4. 51 61 71 81 9110111 1211311411'5116117l18 19120121122123124125 12612712s1291so1 1 2. Science Club party. 3. Home Room 5 has assembly progra.m. What a, beautiful horse! 8. F. H. C. party. 9. Band party. 10. Assembly program by the Book Club. 15. McLeansboro there. "Bad start, good ending," was our alibi this time. 16. Junior Class party. 'Special assembly program'-"Rip Van Winklej' 17. Assembly Pr-ogram by the band. The Great Salami told us all our futures. Crossville here. Hooray! We won! 22. Second six-weeks' exams. Time certainly is flying! ' 23-24. Thanksgiving Vacation. These vacations surely are coming often. 29. Grayville there. Another defeat. 30. Book Club party. J ll llllllllllllllllllIlllllllllll DEcEM BER .LLLUIQ 3141516171819 '10111112lI31141151E 17118119120121122123 24125121-5127123129130 31I I I I I I :IllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllu I Page Forty-eight 1. Albion here. This losing is getting to be a habit. . Ridgway there. Lost again. . First edition of The Redbird is published. 6 7 8. Sophomore Class entertains the assembly. . Carmi here. Now we're back in the winning column-and how!! 12. Cave-indRock there. Gollyl What oould we do against those tall guys? 13. .Mechanics Club party. 15. Freshman Class has the assembly program. . Equality there. We won this one. . G. A. A. initiation party. . Hobby Club party. . Seniors entertain the assembly with letters to Santa Claus from the faculty. Christmas vacation begins-two whole weeks!!! f 19 20 21 22 SENIOR FLASHBACK5 ,gy A 1 . v -f Cffarfes f77f7!spau51f-1 Berfffbe Heafy .M few.- 4:- fV0f'f77d FHUHEE' 4 i ' A V an -ii!!-U 'QE "N ,SX ' if V. -lLA Q4:?'f g5 ' . j' I EEE in st , B, f-"1 P ,f of " ki!! , R? QA, .L I A 1 "4' If . ' 1 A ' if L 4 . Q1 , A N. . , I Befxff Hafzcaak X H0 ward Effapmafz -J Ddffon And f"D i . , Carl Doefwer' Vlt'7lf7ld Cox AI w 5,1 mary Puff: Coffman Wkyml d gfanfef 'JDAHSOIZ ma' ,V Erfffyl " f' Befff 3,-uae :L--affn nv.. . ....- -1 Lifennys Greafhause W wi, I . ' 'gr f ' 1 .l 1 .11 , -. "' as-P-6- ' gl V N N 2 ! lfdzfilsefr Kessler Q, 1 S ' . f V, , Q! L2 IMQMMS 1 . " ' . ' , - ' Wilma Ljidcumb oy In M 0 : 'Q 3--X. B Lucille Phfbum Lama Tyler Rmgyfeg MW Bflllilf 2: James Mem Plumadel Bei Q- ' ' 4 Q f G v L V- ' ,fy-7 f -f ir, Q JM: Abercrambfk Defffah kennedy 1.1 nn waves 4, li l Q W GIEU Harrs ggufab Hdrroffeif ' 'Q IllIllIIIlllllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllli, JANUARY . l,lL.l.1-- : I1I2l3l4l5l6i 7181911011-1112-11-3 14115116117118119120 21l221231241251261'27 281291301311 1 1 .P 4. Richland, Indiana, -there. One point can make a difference. 8. School resumed after vacation. 9. Crossville there. We couldn't do it again. 12. Enfield there. We won 'but it was too close for .comfort , 16. Eldorado here. This makes two in -a row. We must be getting good. . Sophomore party. Semester examinations. Gosh! School's half over already. 17 19. 22. Cardinal campaign begins. Speeches, rivalry, and tall stories. 23. Cardinal pictures ta.ken. Did you ever see so many boys with 'ties on? 24-26. County Tournament at Crossville. Everyone must have some bad luck. 26. Cardinal Campaign ended. Guestonians won by three subscriptions. Equality there. They got revenge. . McLeansboro here. We were defeated by a good team. 29. 31 FEBRUARY s IIII1l2I35 '-41 51 61 71-81 -9110 11112113114115116117 'l8I19120121l221'23I24 Q 251261271281 1 1 1. Science Club party. Assembly Program by Home Room 4. Albion there. We almost won. Mrs. McElhaney left us. 2. 5. Welcome to Miss Grantham, our new home economics teacher. 7. Carmi there. Our slogan "We did it before and we'll do it again." And we did!! 9. Special assembly program-Loring Campbell's Magic Show. Grayville here. We nearly defeated an undefeated team. 12. Vacation-Lincoln's birthday. 14. Eldorado there. We lost again. 15. G. A. A. party. 16. Ridgway here. What! Again? Teachers' Meeting at Carmi. 21. Enfield here. This one was a "pushover." 22. Juniors chose their class rings and announcements. 23. Assembly entertained by Home Room 1. Now we know how to act on a date. Basketball Banquet. 27. We played Marion in the Regional Tournament at Eldorado. VVhat a score!!! alllllIllIIllIllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllll-: 5 MARCH E 2. Six-weeks' examinations. Senior party. That goulash certainly was good. 1 , ------l- 5 7. Junior Class party. : All E 9. Sophomore Class party. E 41 51 61 7I Bl 9110 g Assembly program by the Mechanics Club. E 1111211311411-5116117 E 12. Track practice begins. 5 181191201-21122123124 E 12- g1eQhaHg21:sC111b Parry- bl 5 r----1 5 . 1 r e as em ro am. 25I26127128l29130131 21. Ff'n1ifrC.paj, HS S V P gf E 23. Home Room 3 entertains the assembly. ll IlllllllIllIIIIIllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllf I llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllf: 5 AWE E ""-'112131-11516'17 819110111112113114 s 4. Book Club party. 6. G. A. A. Mother-Daughter Banquet. 12. Band Banquet. 13. 'Six-weeks' examinations. More headaches!! 15116117118I19120121 g Q 20. Junior-Senior Prom. Those girls certainly were pretty in their formals. Q , 1 1 I I 1 E Assembly Program by the Athenians. 1 - 27. County Track Meet at car-mi. alllllulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll: alllllllllmlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llll- E g 4. Hobby Club has assembly program. Q MAY E Freshman party. t E - 1 1 ll 21 31 41 5 E 11. Senior exams-the last they'll ever 'take in dear old N. C. T. H. S.-they hope!!! E ' ' 9 1011 12 E . . . . . - ' gill-ML : 14. Baccalaureate. The seniors really looked dignified m their caps and gowns. 13114115116117118119 20121l22123124125126 E 271281291:-301311 1 gllllllllllllllllllIllIllIllllllllllllllllllllll E Page Fifty 15-16. Exams for underclassmen. '. 18. Class Day. Commencement. CLASS PROPHECY ' fContinued from Page 171 the management of his father-in-law's poultry house. James McKenzie is n-ow deep in the jungles of Africa. He is a well-known big game hunter. On his last trip to the jungles, he captured a. giant elephant single-handed. Charles Millspaugh is still in the Navy. He has worked his way up to Rear Admiral, and is now stationed at Pearl Harbor. He and Glennys live in a little bungalow in Honolulu. Since Charles works at night, Glennys soon got tired of staying alone, so she got a job. She is a hula dancer in' a Honolulu night club. J. W. Graves is a bus driver on the Graybeard Bus Lines. Like most bus drivers, he has a girl in every town. Dalton Aud is a radio announcer over W'E-BQ. He con- ducts "Requestfu1ly Yours" every afternoon at four-thirty. Mary Ruth Coffman is a missionary in the South Sea Islands. When I last heard of her, she was on the island of Tabuhiti. Leona Tyler is a famous authoress. She is at present living in seclusion in New York City while writing her latest book, "Simplified Methods of Bookkeeping." Bernice Healy writes an "Advice to the Lovelorn" column in the Carmi Democrat-Tribune. Her experiences along this line during her four years in high school have made her an authority on the subject. She has been receiving so many letters that she has employed Delilah Kennedy as her assistant in answering them. Delilah, too, has had experience, so she and Bernice can give expert advice. Betty Hancock is a cheer leader at the University of Texas City. She started to college there in 1945, but they liked her cheer leading so well that they would not permit her to gradutae. Jim Abercrombie is vice-president of the Sun Rig Company. He and his family live in Tulsa., Oklahoma. He worked his way up from "roughneck" to vice-president in just ten years. Imogene Patton has achieved fame as a Powers model in New York. She was chosen as "Miss America of 1954" last year. She was modeling an evening gown for a fashion show in New York some time ago, and who should fbuy the gown but Mary Griffith, Mary married a millionaire, and lives a life of leisure. Beulah Harrolle is a dress designer in Paris. She is noted for being the first designer to use pink and green together effectively. Norma Faunce is n-ow an aviatrix. She recently established a world's record by flying from Marshall, Illinois, to Norris City in twenty-four hours. Norma lives in Marshall now, you know. The name of her plane is "Redwing." Stanley Johnson is a doctor. I never would have thought it, would you? He has a 'dog hospital in Muddy, Illinois. Kathleen Keasler and Virginia Holland are doing a sister-act in vaudeville. They're -really good, too, from what I can read in the newspapers. They've started a new dance called the "Cave-in-Rock Shuffle." Gerald Healy is an official in the O.P.A. in Washington. He is the one who says how many copies of everything we must fill out. Well, Lucille, that about takes care of the class. I think some of them have done rather well for themselves. Howard has just come in from milking, so I'd better quit now. Your old schoolmate, Robylee. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE SEASON fContinued from Page 263 It seems that we always lose four games before defeating Carmi. You're right. We did it again-and on their own floor, too. The final sc-ore was 42 to 39, and- well, you all know the rest. We were defeated the second time this year by the powerful Grayville team. We held the lead until the last quarter, but the final score was 24 to 22-their favor. We lost to a good team. Having defeated Eldorado twice previously, we couldn't repeat our victories on their floor. This was one of ourpoorest showings of the year. We ended our season in a blaze of glory by defeating Enfield here 36 to 26. We proved that we could defeat them, even though we didn't do so in the County Tourna- ment. In the Holiday Tournament at Eldorado, we played three games. In the first game, we defeated Eldorado, in the second we were defeated by Wayne City, and we lost the consolation game to McLeansboro. In the White County Tournament at Crossville-and we still can't believe it really happened-Enfield defeated the Cardinals 26 to 22. We were eliminated ,in the first game of the Regional Tournament at Eldorado. In this game, three of our first five -men fouled out early in the seoonid half. The final score was 74 to 36 in Marion's favor. Page Fifty-one Y 'va sf! Page BACCALAUREATE May 13, 8:00 P. M., High School Auditorium Processional ................................. .................. . ...................... C 'lass of '45 Invocation ........................... ........ . Reverend Hedges "The Angelus" fWe'berJ ........ ............................. B and Scripture Reading ................ ........ R everend Leathers "My Rosary" CNevinJ ....... ...... ............ I G- irls' Octette Sermon ............................................... . ...... ....... R everend Prince "The Holy City" fAdams-Samuelsonl ........ ......... P latri-cia McQuay Benediction ............................................... ....... R everend Napolitan Recessional ....... ...,.......... C lass of '45 CLASS DAY May 18, 9:00 A. M., High School Auditorium Processional .................................. ......................................... C lass of '45 Address ............ .......... M r. Phelps Class History ......... ......... C arl Doerner Class Song ........ ............ C lass of '45 Class Will ........... ....... S tanley Johnson "Loyalty" ............... ........ S tudent Bo-dy Class Prophecy .................. .... . ..Roby1ee Hill Presentation of Awards ........ .......... M iss Jones "Star Spangled Banner" ..... ........ S tudent Body Recessional ...................... ....... C lass of '45 COMMENCEMENT May 18, 8:00 P. M., High School Auditorium Processional .............................................................................. 'Class of '45 Invocation ................................. Q ........ ....... ....... R e verend Napolitan "In a Monastery Garden" fKete11byJ ...... ............ G irls' Octette Address .................................................. ...... D r. Chester Lay "In the Garden of Tomorrow" ...... ............................... P atricia McQuay Presentation of Diplomas ........... ........ P resident of Board of Education Benediction ............................ ................................ R everend Prince Recessional ....... ....... C lass of '45 Fifty-two ' oUR Z, OUR, HEROES: XT we J .pf ig HEROINES1 J All ' All Honor Hogor T O To ur lgoysua ' i "l'i""-it ' ' Girls Here is a salute from the following citizens to Norris City Township High School's Representatives In Armed Services Pauline Ggssett Mrs. I. J. 'Bowers W, E, Stobaugh Mrs R. W. Harper C. M. Oliver Mrs Vayden Smith Guthrie Ggtt Mrs Bertha Wade Beulah Gossett Mr. and Mrs. Charles Iri-ons Mr. and Mrs. J. 'S. Cantrell Mr. and Mrs. Otis Gossett Mrs. Frances O. Wade Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Gilpin Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Hill Ruby Spence Wilma Gerdes Mrs. Fannie Pool Mr. and Mrs. George Doerner Mrs. Eva Green Mr. and Mrs. Cooper South Mr. and Mrs. Leland Pool Mrs. Zonia Johnson Miss Minnie Oliver Mrs. Edwin Spence Pearl Mann G. W. Leathers Mr. and Mrs. James R. E. Jordan I. E. Turner Clemma Johnson Ann Roye Almeta. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Harris Mr. and Mrs. Victor Bryant Daley Griffith Green Daisy Pyle Hattie Parks John H. Cavender Mrs Mollie Garrison F. E. Welch Mrs. Herschel Newcomb Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Faunce Mr. and -Mrs. Hayward Buttry 1 Earl Cole Mrs. Ralph Stotts Mr. and Mrs. Randall Johnson T. E. Garrett Ellison Martin Margie Montgomery Johnson's Hardware Mr. and Mrs. William B. Smith Lee's Tavern Mrs. Emily R. McElhaney Mrs. Flora Shewmaker Mr. and Mrs. Alva Healy Mr. and Mrs. Hal O. Norris Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Wright Luther Garrett Gertrude Barnes L. C. Hill Elizabeth Crutchfield Constance Duck Ida 'Mae Jones Winifred Ware Grantham Lamoine Hill Dorothy Meyer Mr. and 'Mrs. G. C. Blacker Paul E. Patton i AfC Jack T. Gossett 1 l l Page Fifty-three 927 e Barnes DeBoard Edwards rd Gossett ll Harrell in Henson Mae Hill hy Mills McKenzie Newkirk Quillman ea Renshaw e Vlfeaver 928 Adams DeLap 1, DeLap H. Edwards a Elliott eth Gossett Gott Harlow a. Hill ,e Johnson Iordan McKenzie md Mann Mills ed Owen lVelch 929 Barnes :lan Edwards Kathryn 'Feehrer ta Goings nt Gott .min Gray nce Hardesty ed Harper line Hill Jordan wieve Justice rorne Kisner L Lasater la Long all Quillman L Smith Weas 2 Weaver l Weaver rt Wilson rt Wright' 930 le Barnes Boyd irne Childers l DeLap la Lee Flota e Forester ar Greer od Hill ' Ruth Kittinger Lh Mann le Meeks on McKenzie 'Fifty-four Jessie Mills Bernice Moreland Herschel Newcomb Roy Pankey Marion Sharda Ruth Shelton Raymond Vinson Letha Grace Watson Mabel Weas Eldred Welch 1931 Ivan Browning Ellen E. Bishop Edna D. Brockett Victor Lee Bryant Thurley Bryant Fred Buttrey Ila Clark Eleanor Eaton Loudean A. Edwards Luther M. Garrett Gil-bert E. Harlow Everette B. Harris Bernice Johnson Pauline F. Johnson Paul Johnson Ruth McKenzie Edman Long Raleigh Sigler Bernita Smith Oswald South Dalton Spence Edith M. Storey Bernard C. Weirauch 1932 Wayne Austin Noel Kenneth Bishop Kenneth Cole Wayve Aurilla Davis Ivan Downen Gladys Forester Edward Gott Lorieda Graves Helen Greenley John Harper Wayne Harper Neal J. Healy Floy Henson Marion Henson Edna Mae Hill Lela Ruth Hill Lois Gaynel Hill Roy Hines William Hoskins Mary Hullett Lowell Jordan Lloyd Mayberry Warren Millspaugh Earl B, Lashbrook Herman Kittinger Fleta McKenzie Pauline Moreland Ray Oglesby John Redick Lois Taylor Joseph George Wilson Vaughn Winfrey fauna! 1933 Lloyd Aud Norris Hill Brockett Annabel Beulah Bryant Bernice DeLap Doris DeBoard Warren W. Edwards Vernal Elliott Lowell Lee Fellinger Chester Gerdes' Bruce Hamilton Ray Harper Nellie Demova Healey Othal Hill' Vern Holland Elizabeth Hoskins Helen Lucille Hoskins Raymond Johnson Harry E. Johnson Hogan Knight Pauline Kisner Cyril Mann Wilma Margrave Lucille .Mayberry Marie Mayberry Howard McElvain Lois McElvain Lucy M'cG-ill Charles Millspaugh Lois Newcomb Esther Phipps Vivian Ruby Robinson Wilma Robinson Nellie .lo Rodgers Bernard Roy Floyd Shain Cooper South Thurman Spence Mary Utley Kenneth Wakeford' Bonnie Welch Roy Wilson Martha Wright Josephine Wright Elsie Yates 1934 Kermit Austin Virginia Barnes Oswald Brown Marie Cole Ruth L. Elliott Robert Garrett Robert Gowdy Daley J. Griffith VVilliam Baley Griffith Ruth Grizzell Harold Henson Lucille Hill Robert G. Hill Marvanine Huffaker Elmer Johnson Theron Johnson Hope L. Mann lVave Margrave Arthur H. Marlin Fae Melton Evelyn McKenzie Ldora McKenzie Mary K. Morris Madeline Quillman Charles Redick Malcolm Smith Terry Smith Jack Stepp Monroe South Harold Stovall Burrell Taylor John Upchurch Viola R. Weaver Everett Witters Maxine Wright Clara Wilma Yates 1935 Allen Fred Barker Kenneth Black Donald Blake Wanda Farmer Franklin Griffith Jessie Harper Vaughn Hill Donald Hill Elsie Hoskins Gordon Lee Hulett Bernadean Johnson Lois Jordan Emily Knight Nellie Lashbrook William A. McPeak Robert D. McArthy Earl McKenzie Byron E. Porter Charles Raley Ray Smith Ellis Spence Dwight Stovall 'Chester Taylor Carlos Wakeford 1936 Armeda Austin John Bain Edward E. Black Shirley Black lVilfred Boyd, Jr. Eugene Bolerjack Mary Ruth Branham Kenneth Bruce Cecil Cain Dwight Caftlin Pauline Carroll Jessie Carroll Alice Chapman George Clow Mary E. Davis Veronica DeLap Osa Wayne Edwards Pauline Fellinger David Frederick Waldo Gibson Wanda Lee Gibson Leona Gowdy Robert Hall Ella Marie Hill Kenneth Hill Violet Hill Lela Grace Humphrey Kathryn Marlin Irene Mayberry Willena Mayberry Kenneth McKenzie Margaret Morris Beulah Roye Lucille Smith Valeria Justice James E. VVhitten Lois Welch Sue Swanson Paul Weas 1 937 Billy Bruce Ethel Ruth Bruce Everett Bruce Marvin Cleveland Clair 'Clark Frank Elliott Verl E. Ellis Floyd Eubanks Carl M. Forrester Charles Gilpin Russell Edwards Carl Hardesty Ernest Harrell Don Harris Lloyd Healy Marion Healy Mary L. Heck Hazel C. Henson Jessie M. Henson Charles R. Hon Marie Johnson Charles E. Jordan Barton Lewis Emma L. Marlin Dollie Mayberry Aaron McKenzie Edgar McKenzie Jessie McPeak Dorolthy Oliver Maxie Redick Margaret Rose Johnnie Taylor' Lucille Sailsbury Imogene Smith Golder Storey Wayne Summers James Williams Vera Weas 1 938 Mildred Acord Alene Austin Wilma Bishop Mildred Boyd Arklus Browning Guthrie Catlin Alice Ann Clow Adolph DeBoard Charles Edwards Densil Edwards Wilma Gerdes Maurice Greer Norman Gregg Pauline Harris Rose Marie Healy Van Hedges Elwood Henson Wanda Hill Earl Johnson Kathryn Kisner Martha Lewis Madelon Martin Margaret McEwen Leona McKenzie Freda Newcomb J. C. Oliver Imogene Postlewaite Harold Roy Ambrose Sailsbury Cecil South Roy South Margaret Spence Vaughn Spence Voyle Spence John Sutton, Jr. Jeanne Swanson Lillian Wallace Ella May Weaver Maurice Weas Cloteen White Lester Wilson 1939 Doris Black Pansy Boals Billy Boyd Charles Brockett Ernest Buttry Eugene Chapman James Clevenger Kenneth DeLap Joe Elliot John Eniglebright Estel Flatt Kathryn Gerdes Madeline Gllnes Frederick Gott Keith Hill Lucille Hill Edward Hoskins Kenneth Hoskins Vernon Irions Freda Jordan Paul McGhee Marion McKenzie Hugh Mills Doyle Nelson Ronald Norris Kenneth Oliver Robert Rodgers Betty Saffer Charles Smith Louie Smith Donald Wade James Veatch 1940 Marion Acord Almetha Austin Goldie Barnes Georgia Boals Leo Blades Eleanor Britton Eugene Browning Laymon Bruce Carl Bryant Douglas Dale Hal DeLap Marie Doerner LaVern Edwards Aldean English Wayne Greer John Hamilton Fred Harrell Dean Harper Dwight Healy Mildred. Healy Mildred Hedger Eliza Irvin Allen Hill Sadie Hill Floye Johns Grace Keasler Judith Knight Lucille Lewis Junior Margrave Clinton Martin Everett Mayberry Lloyd Mavberry Lloyd McKenzie Delbert Millikan Billy Millspaugh Mariam Newman Elwood Pearce Ruby Lee Phillips Alfreda Rister Dean Roy Kathleen Smith Nina Spence Milton Spence Wilma Spence Carl Stovall Earline Summers James Sutton Billy Trafford Gwendolyn Veatch Aleata Veatch Carl Weas Fred Weas Helen Weaver Joyce Wilson 1 941 Mary Albert William Baker Norinne Beaty June Bishop Wilma Bolerjack Charles Bryant Starlus Buttry John Sherman Carroll James D. Cole Aubrey Doemer Leon Davis Donald Greer Ivan Greathouse Glennys Gott George Gerdes Lamoine Hill Billy Hill Gerald Henson Lois Hedges Bernadine Harris Guthrie Johnson Herdis Keasler Emily Norris Elmo Pyle Roma Dee Phillips Georgia Lee Summers Arthur Lee Storey Orval South Mary C. Smith Lillian Shaw Velma Sailsbury Dorothy Teague Charles Earl Weirauch Floyd Wilson Marie Witters Allynn Wright 1942 Mary Lou Abercrombie Glenn Austin Logan Betz Robert M. Blackard Rosalie Blackard Doyle Bolerjack Jack Boyd Charles Brockett Vernell Bruce Edwin Lee Bryant Kenneth Buttry Geraldine Dale Kathryn DeLap Audrey Doerner Curtis Doerner Jesse Duckworth Ebert Edwards Robert Eubanks Virginia Faunce Edith Ford Edward Griffith Maurice Hale William Hardesty Ivan Harris John Harris John Healy Joe Healy Pauline Healy Andrew Hulett Harold Johnson Betty Keasler Frances Knight George Knowles Elinor Martin Doyle Mayberry Charles McGill Hazel McKenzie Jimmie McKenzie Dallas Millikan Delma Millikan Carl Miner Beulah Moore W. D. Morris Elsie Newcomb Mariam Oliver Marjorie Oliver Glenn Patton Junior Phipps James Pool Mary Kathryn Smith Laura Stobaugh Gufthrie Sutton Roy Ivan Veatch Robert Walden James Wallace Jerry Wright Charlene York 1943 Helen Albert Wallace Atkins Betty Lee Barnett Lawrence Benner Nevella Boster Gene Boyd Carl Bryant Jeanne Bryant Ruby Bryant , Colleen Carroll Hal Clay Caliph Davis Mary Alice Edwards Ruth English Norman Gerdes Jack Gossett June Hill William Holland' Nona. Lee Hopkins William Hoskins Elizabeth Johnson Lyndell McArthy Robylee McGhee Eugene Mills Evelyn Miner Wilma Lou Minor Margie Montgomery James Oliver Jetty F. Pool Lillian Pyle Frankie Rister Eugene Thomas Rochelle Tyler Bennie Witters 1944 Margaret Anderson Kathleen Austin Sylma. Jean Austin Wilma Bishop Margie Bolerjack Austin Boyd Noah Bruce Nora Ruth Bryant Wilbur Clark Pauline Dolan Hubert Downen Roy Duckworth William Edwards Jane Fulkerson Eleanor Greene Ruth Harper Robert Healy Derald Henson Norman Hill Virginia Hughes Ralph Jordan Wanda Keasler Mary E. Knight Marylou Koelling Aileen Maddox Valeta Mangrave Reba Newcomb Roy One-al Kenneth Orr Russell Orr Joyce Questell Joan Questell Logan Roark James Sanders Harold Schrieber Jack Shain Beth Shook Colleen Smith Elizabeth Smith Virginia Spence Mary Stephens Philip Van Winkle Theodore Van Winkle Berthal Weas Leona Lee Wall Maida. Whipple " Deceased Page Fifty-five Cfluio rap' s :1c:::: :::::::::zocccc::::::::::::::::::v,:::::pc ACCEPT OUR THANKS! To you advertisers, and all others who helped make this publication possible, the Norris City Cardinal Staff thanks you deeply and sincerely. bQo04r:a::::::::::::::::::::::::::::oo:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Page Fifty-six ll Norma: ion a. sleighride, hinting!-"Nobody loves meg and my hands are cold." Mike: "Oh, tha,t's all right. God loves you and your mother loves you-and you 6 Il! 8 5. B 8 Y ee Lamoine: "Jerry, what is meant by th Ro- Johnny Anderso "L Us cut English III numeral ?" toda ' Jerry Harper: "LOV and kisses." Spenc Morris: "I can't I need the sleep." Q , 513, ff o :S oc: Z '4 Z gg O Cl E r-le 54 cb 5- G '-' r-I '-' CJ Q3 5' rf 5 le c O m Q Q E ea '1 U1 tp Z C' ' 9' C2 UQ CD 5- Ei, 'FJ CD 3 III gps 3 fe W M ' 55 v-- ' 2 0 FS 5 ff- S. 9 r' Ei 2 Cf fe H: 99 "5 UQ ff' 2 gn P3 CD m w Q1 5 2 :ar 3 O 5 D-' Pj 0 '-"' Q- r-l- H: 4 UQ 'CS IS' l"'3 rn rr cn Q 53" F4 E G S QT UQ 9. V' ffl H C3 G F' te Q Z1 'D Ei Q 0 .- 5' 'rs O gg ' I I 2 5' m CD m Pb v-I C '11 U2 CD hs Q '1 Y Q3 F11 ef .,.,4 . D-In G na +1 Q-D gr 4: 55 fj 1-4 Z S' " ffl Q 0 'D E? U' O I+ Q Q m' Z L4 F3 O . gi ,1 :5 N4 D: Q g- ' 3 Q C+ U1 m 2 W FU 5 S 5' U1 Cl an cn O 93 QD "1 Q3 O C f-s Fd 5 -- v-os ff- U3 if I: :L 5 S41 E' SB, O '1 D' 5 v- o 2 U 2 D" m Mr. Phelps "Why are you late'?' Miss Duck: "Yo can't sl p in m class." . Stanley: "Class started before I got here." -Dalton: "I could if you didn't talk so loud." 5 E Beula.h Harrolle: "I understand that Betty Hancock is going to college to work for an M. A." Plumadell: "No, all she wants is an MRS." Page Fifty-seven White Mercantile Co. CTrade Namell Illinois Brokerage Clothing for the Entire Family Carmi, Illinois HILL'S HATCHERY BABY CHICKS That Make You Money East Main Street Norris City, Illinois Miss Duck: "Johnnie, how far were you from the correct answer?" ' ' " ats, Miss Duck." Johnnie Betson. Only three se Willis Sz Fields Shoe Mart Shoes for All the Family The Store where you are always welcome! 205 East Main Wlhy not give your graduation date a corsage? Her costume is ' not complete without one! DILL'S GREEN H OUSES Carmi Illinois Phone 119 Carmi, Illinois' BEST WISHES COMPLIMENTS TO THE GRADUATES of THE T. R. JOHNSON FARRIS BFAUTY SHOP J HARDWARE Phone 151 Norris City, Illinois Norris City, Illinois Miss Forchee: "See here! You entered th is credit on the debit side." Glen Harris: "Very sorry, but I"m left-handed." l TREssLAR's 5-10c TO 31.00 STORES Store No. 1 - Store No. 10 "For Values Try Your Tresslar Store First" Carmi, Illinois ' COMMERCIAL PRINTING Norris City News N. M. FLIGSTEIN Editor and Manager "Your Home and Town , Newspaper" "Of the people, by the people and for the people." lQuote: Abe Lincoln! Page Fifty-eight I'W BEST WISHES TO THE Graduating Class Of '45 BROWNIES GRILL SAIL ILE CAFE Delicious Hamburgers and Plate Lunches REMEMBER BROWNIE'S WE REMEMBER YOU! Shotgun: Cat a basketball game!-"See that big sub t t t d wn ther pl ard? I think he's gvoing to be our best man next yea . Betty Gwaltney: "Oh, darling, this is so sudde .' Y 8' COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS of of SHEWMAKER'S G. O. MORELAN D DRUG STORE "THE JETWELERH Norris City, Illinois Norris City, Illinois CONGRATULATIONS A to the CLASS OF '45 MARLIN'S DEPARTMENT STORE NORRIS CITY'S GREATEST STORE PE F fty 0 R. swiss Duck: "Take this sentence, 'Let the cow be taken to the pasturef What moo ?" Porter McKenzie: "The cow." 'Ei :- S 5 Q 3 .CJ :u S, E 2 jg 2 U E .Z 5 fe U-I O Q 4.: 2 ig . 2 5 3- 2. E 2 'u 'U 'S ,,, 'Ea' 3 :I 2 Q 3 2 3- if O 5 I 5 ' THE BRIDGE ACROSS THE WABASH RIVER E 'U :JE 5' at z E SME -E2 NEW HARMONY, INDIANA E: ag a fs if ig i. 1:8 E S f 5 'G S ba all an e m E, .E . f.: 4: as Economlcal S B TRANSPORTATION h 55 .3 fa E . s: Q5 24-Hour SGPVICG gl za Q 5 3 5 ROUND TRIP '5 2 rv : 5, 'H as - E O 6Oc 2 E 2 on 3 E +5 E' 5 ALWAYS USE THE BRIDGE AT NEW HARMONY 5' 'U 5 Q 'E . 2 E +I 3 fi 'gf 0 5 8 2 E' wh' c B 'd c ' ' 4-V OJ ggi, 'a lte Ollnty l'I Q9 0mmlSSl0H .2 J f.. 5 E .. . gg 'E Jennings F. Marlin, Chairman E-1 E 5 ev - : ' 5 4, in J. Madison Pomeroy, Vice Chairman U 'E 'S E Julius C. Kern, Secretary-Treasurer if E 4 -Q '5 Roy Clippinger, Bridge Manager and an 3 an E 5 Assistant Secretary and Treasurer E S 5 -as . Dalton: 'Tim thinking of asking some girl to marry me. of the idea?" Bernice: "It's a great idea, if you a k me." What do you think Page Sixty DOUGLASS 8z SON COMPLIMENTS Feed Mill of Quality Feeds , Keystone Feeds ARNOLD S Free Mixing of All Feed 50 85 10g Poultry' Cream and Eggs Norris City, Illinois Phone 109-We Deliver Norris City, Illinois McLeans'boro, Albion, Grayville Miss Crutchfield: "Why is your arithmetic so rusty?" Jerry Esch: "I must have left my adding machine out in the rain. COMPLIMENTS FARMERS PRODUCE Dealer In Feed, Seed 'Corn of Gas and Oils , Buyer of Eggs, Poultry and Cream Harper S Store AUD MARTIN and R. N. EDWARDS, Managers Norris City, Illinois Norris City, Illinois Remember, you can live better for ABBY'S less by buying all your food at Beer . S d ' h Kroger's Thrift Store an OWS es Elwood Hill State Route One . I . . , 1. . Norris City, Illinois Norms City H mms Fern Austin: "Mn Blacker, did Edison really make the first talking machine?" Mr. Blackerz "No. All Edison did was to invent one that could be shut off." 1 F'0r Latest Styles In Hats, Caps, Shoes, Shirts, of Suits, Sport Coats for - M BroWn1e's Barber Shop en and Boys Spence Clothing Store Norris City, Illinois Norris City, Illinois Page Sixty-one PHOTOGRAPHS in the CARDINAL were taken by SPIETI-I STUDICD Mr. Inman: "I had the girls running in circles when I was in co1lege." Jim Abercrombie: "I never knew you were such a. sheik." Mr. Inman: "I Wasn't. I was women's track coach." COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS of the of Norris City Lumber Co. LA ROCK GARAGE Better Lumber at Lower Prices Motor Overhauling Paint for All Kinds of Decoration our Specialty Norris City, Illinois N01'1'iS City, Illinois Virginia.: "Lend me your formal tonight, Katy. I know you aren't going to wear it. Kathleen: "How do you know?" Virginia: "Because Pm going out with your boy friend." COMPLIMENTS of TIVOLI THEATRE Norris City, Illinois Page Sixty-two Compljmen fs cc Cf A2 Uurnsrk funeral gierniua gl. Garner Norris City Broughton COMPLIMENTS South's Machine Shop gf Welding-Body Work APPAREL SHOP Blacksmithing Winch Truck S' S' McQuay' Manager Phone 77 West Main St Norris city, Iuinois T Norris city, iiunois Jim: "Did I ever show you where I was tattooed?" Glennys: "N0." Jim: "Well, we can drive around that way." SUTTON'S SHELL STATION Shellubrications SHELL GASOLINE-MOTOR OIL-TIRES AND TUBES We Specialize in Friendly and Courteous Service Norris City, Illinois Drop In At Your Favorite TEXACO STATION Offer Best In and Call For Gfaduatlfgan Sluts Fire-Chief Gasoline an . REBSTOCK BROTHERS Accessones Texaco Distributors Carmi, Illinois Carmi, Illinois Delores Awaltz "For goodness sake, use both hands." Stanley: "I can't. I have to steer with one." COMPILIMENTS COMPLIMENTS of of Sutton's Shoe Store Dr. Charles J. Rosenberg P. A. Sutton, Manager PHYSICIAN, SURGEON Carmi, Illinois Norris City, Illinois Page Sixty-four Congratulations to the Graduating Class of '45 Norris City Township High School Best Of Luck CARMI-FEATURE UNDERWEAR, Inc. Carmi, Illinois Mr. Blackerz "Young man, are you the teacher of this class ?" W. D.: "No, sir." Mr. Blacker: "Then don't talk like an idiot." RALEIGH E. DARLEY Mobilgas Service Station Best Wishes To the Graduates Norris City, Illinois "We Appreciate Your Trade" D-X SERVICE STATION Batteries Charged While You Wait 'Luther Garrett, Proprietor Norris City, Illinois DRINK Del.icious and Refreshing Royal Crown Cola Par-T-Pak and Nehi Beverages At All First Class Dealers NEHI BCTTLING CO. Carmi, Illinois Page Sixty-five Norris CO CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Manufacturer of CLASS OF '45 DIAMOND DUST FLOUIR DQTTY SHQP Red Diamond-Blue Diamond In Phone 44 Harrisburg Norris City' Illinois If ws New-Dotty Has In Miss Jones: "State the number of tons of coal shipped out of the United States in any given year." Frank: "1-192-none." BEST W1sHEs TO THE L. D. HOAGUE GRADUATES WATCHMAKER WALKER FUNERAL JEWELER HOME Enfield cami Marr Street Phone 21 Cami, Illinois McCormick-Deering COMPLIMENTS FARM MACHINERY FARMALL TRAoToRs of the Dou hert Im lernent g y p Blackard Food Store Company Carmi, Illinois I Omaha, Illinois Darrell: "You dance wonderfully well." Roberta.: "I wish I could say the same about you." Darrell: "You could, if you could lie as I do." COMPLIMENTS Bovver's Trucking Service Of the oni, WATER, ETC. NU-WAY CLEANERS General Trucking Carmi, Illinois Norris City, Illinois Page Sixty-six CONGRATULATIONS to the GRADUATING CLASS OF '45 Norris City Township High School Besf Of Luck zrlhm 3: Slain 7 unerzrl 4 mme Lucille and Herman Kittinger CARMI, ILLINOIS PgSty COMPLIMENTS of the NORRIS CITY STATE BANK Norris City, Illinois Betty Gwaltney: "I'11 have you know I've been asked to get married plenty of times." Frank: "Who asked you, Betty?" Betty: "Oh, Pa and Ma." COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS of VEATCH-WHITE of M0'CO1' Company Sweetland Confectionery YOUR FORD DEALER Carmi, Illinois C2I'IT1'I, Illinois Carroll's Restaurant Sz CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Service Station GLASS OF 1945 TEXACO PRODUCTS Mr. and Mrs. Fred Carroll, Mgr. WALLACE STORE Intersection U. S. Route 45 and State Route One Norris City, Illinois Omaha, Illinois Jack: "I have a. surprise for you, dear. I just went and had my life insured." Lucille: "You would, you cad. Always thinking of. yourself first." Fairfield Lumber Co. WESTERN AUTO PAINTS-HARDWARE ASSOCIATE STORE LUMBER-FENCINIG Ralph Atkins, Mgr. PHONE 477 Omaha, Illinois Carmi, Illinois Page Sixty-eight Doris Mae: "Where did you learn to sing?" Joy: "I graduated from the correspondence school of music." Doris Mae: "Boy, you must have missed getting a lot of your mail." 6 we 0 S 0 5 'S E 5 2 S 5 6 H46 1 1 1 'S "' Q H 5 fa' of 2 if dz .2 Q Eg as 2 3 - 5 YOU GET ALL THE 5 E V ..-9' lo .. ig L6 3 5 8 0 ' Q 5 Q .. 3 5 . F' m ug gg S- NEWS EVERY WEEK Q3 5 E +4 x " Ream! 3 I6 . E Q Bs 'v .B E i S Q "' 2 E' -. THE 2 Q E 'E 5 ig E 2 W 3 .W Z, E 5, E I2 5 y 4 4 o Cf z ' 5031111 BIIIUKYEI - III 11112 9 5 35 3 123 aa 9, .... E As 2 5 O-as ai E, cn E New Student: "Are they very strict in this high school?" John Randall: "Strict? Why, a fellow died in class the other day, and they propped him up until class was over." Page Sixty-nine Use Finest of the Wheat Flour CO MPILIMEN TS of THE BEST ALL-AROUND FLOUR! KISNEHS PHARMACY ..a1S0- Carmi, Illinois Special Feeds of All Kinds CONGRATULATIONS from the Feed Mixing and Hammer Mill V Grinding ARCHER FUNERAL HOME Morehead Milling Co. M' Rsomday Phone 818-2 Norris City, Illinois Carmi Illinois Miss Crutchfield: "VVhat is the most outstanding product chemistry has given to the world?" -Leon Spence: "Peroxide blondes." W. A. GRANT CONGRATULATIONS Jewelry Company from Harrisburg, Illinois -FOR GIFTS- W' A' BALL Drug Store Diamond Rings, Wedding Rings, Famous Gruen Strap and Bracelet Watches fwhen availablej, Elgin, Grant and Hamilton Watches fwhen availablej, Lockets and Pendants with Chains, Bracelets and Birthstone Rings. Prices Right--Gifts Right- One Price To All SILVER-CHINA-CRYSTAL Fine Watchmaking and Engraving Diamond Setting Carmi, Illinois COMPLIMENTS of the DAVIS STORE Omaha's Largest Department Store Page Seventy For Sale- REGISTERED BERKSHIRE H OGS IESSE BURCI-I R. F. D. No. 2 Norris City, Illinois COMPLIMEN TS of PATTERSON HOTEL Rooms By Day Or Week Norris City, Illinois I Pvt. Goetz: "I promise you the next time you contradict me, I'm going to kiss you Jerry Harper: "Oh, no, you're not." THE NATIONAL DEFENSE COMPUMENTS PROGRAM Of , Has Increased the Demand S For Competent Office Help and THE BETTER TRAINED GET THE JOBS Our employment department is literally swamped with calls from private industry and government agencies. A few months of intensive train- ing will prepare you for one of these jobs. Ask Us For The Facts LOCKYEAR'S BUSINESS COLLEGE Evansville, Indiana Service Station PHILLIPS 66 PRODUCTS Telephone 50 Norris City, Illinois COMIPLIMEN TS of MR. and MRS. P. G. BARNES Norris City, Illinois Page Seventy one GREETINGS FROM TI-IE VILLAGE CDF NORRIS CITY C. A. GILPIN, Mayor MARGARET MORELAND, Clerk L. L. EDMONDS, Treasurer Board Members Charles Oliver Verdi Johnson F. E. Black C. E. Weirauch Raymond Millspaugh E. A. Flota EARL COLE, Chief of Police DAILEY GRIFFITH, Police COMPLIMIENTS COMPLIMENTS .To The Of GLASS OF '45 NORRIS CITY DRUGS . . . N ' C't , Ill' ' O11 Fleld Electmc Co. cms I y mms "Always Prompt and Courteous Norris Clity, Illinois Sewiceu COMPLIMENTS Of The ORPHEUM AND GRAND THEATRES ELDORADO, ILLINOIS Page Seventy-two I E 2 5 s E L 5 is H n B -3 F H E rf E ? E 3 hw ll r 5 sf? 1' 1 L n r r 5 F' 1 5 K Y-, 2 34,2 - 5.Q,,.5 - ri I' l'?3"4?3f?i-j4'i:?'f-A 4, ' 95" f'::f?1V-,Q - :gk gg 4 ,-if ,, y X . , ef' A ' J , 5 1 -f-,fm ff ,lx ,- W K 4 '5 " '31 " ., A 1 am...:',-, A .xmas L

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