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Y w . ' u wif 1-7 ni , 135.1 ' , C 4 J . 4 QL' x ' H. , nik 3,9 ., is 'Eh 5... 5 Eg: 'L ' N, . 1 fe ., n "v 's o 1 1 f' 4 1 ia . 'eu 1' f + -1 x 1 'fi 1?-if? , -'- . ,L V,,L F. .lx-..,t 'A:J53B:,?a 1 -' .Sf-5,z ,, -Q , 5 xiii' HJ.-g,gp,5'.kH , , v A ,f gf 1:7'g, if a 'x' . , r Fl' '.,., - , 'Y' I, ,TX 9 . Q, gm. 's ,R .gf S ' ' X 1 Q. .3212 fn ,D ' 1' 2 w ZQQJX- .' A, ..,, EY, R A Q Q, .yn -Pi 1 "'5 -f i ,1 Qs. 7. is The CARDINAL 1944 NORRIS CITY TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL Norris City, Illinois Tribune Pr ON THE MARCH .g. "WERE IN THE ARMY, TOO Say the Staff Members of the 1944 C OF THE Page Two NORRIS CITY TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL S Y .- -:-1:r.1'--" 'IEQ15' Q l,::E:?s?' .- 'S'-9' I? !,'i',5 2 5' , I Q55 , : 1,1 H 5,21-' I1 - . .f E I IH ITI YT I .gg In -1 ,,.,,.,, Eg -16 . ..g:, 4.,- ' , 3t j:,'N"L" "a- -1 44-4--- 35253321 ' 'S I ..,- AA , I'I"'- "', 'lllllul 'hllllliv THIS BOOK IS HISTORY MADE BY THE FOOTPRINTS OF MANY SHOES I IYIIYY .SS. 4 ,.,.SSSHYOIHIII H O E S I ' ES E K Page Three WE SALUTE YOU! MIDSHIPMAN JAMES R. BELT was graduated from Southern Illinois Teachers' College and had 'entered the law school at University of lIllinois. On November 16, 1943, he came to Norris City as coach and teacher of science, but was called into the Navy January 13, 11944. He is now a naval cadet and will receive his ensign commis- sion in the near future. LIEUTENANT CHARLES A. GILPDN attended grade and high schools at Norris City, Illinois. In June, 1942, he was graduated from Southern Illinois Teachers' Col- lege. On June 24, 1943, he enlisted in United States Army Air Corps. 'From Novem- ber 9 until January 4, when he received his call to report to Uncle Sam, he taught mathematics in the Norris City Township High -School. He graduated from the fPree'Flight School of Navigation at 'Selman Field, Monroe, Louisiana, on April 9, 1943. 1From Pre-Flight he went into Advanced Navigation, at the same field, and finished as 2nd Lieutenant on August 1'4, 1943. After a short leave spent at Norris City he was stationed at Dalhart, Texas, where he remained until he was sent overseas in December. He is now somewhere in England and has recently been made Flight Commander. A!-S CARL M. FORRESTER was graduated from Norris City Township High School in 1937 and from Southern Illinois Teacher's College in 1941 majoring in zoology. During the school year of 1942-4'3 he was coach and science instructor in the Norris City Township High School. On November 20, 1943, he was inducted into the Army. He later became a cadet and was rfirst stationed in iFt. Sheridan, Illinois. From there he went to Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, where he took his nine weeks of basic training. After complet- ing his basic training at Jefferson Barracks, he was transferred to Perrin Field, Sher- man, Texas, where he worked on the flying line. On March 14, 1944, he was one of the fifty aviation cadets who were sent to school at Carbondale, Illinois. 'On April 2, 1944, all pre-service men who did not get in the air Corps when at their induction center were taken out of the cadet colleges and put into the regular Army or the Air Corps. Pvt. Forrester was then sent to Laredo, Texas, to gunnery school. ' 2ND LIEUTENANT R. SNEAD was graduated from Southern Illinois Teachers' College in 1942. He taught mathematics and science in N. C. T. I-I. S. until November 6, 1942, when he was called into service. He was graduated from University of Chicago as 2nd lieutenant in Meteorology in September, f1943. He is now a forecaster and an acting commanding officer of an island in the Southwest Pacific. PRIVATE -HERSCHEQL NEWCOMB was graduated from Southern Illinois Teach- ers' College in 1988 and received his M. S. degree from University of Illinois in 1940. He taught science and history in our high school three years. In September, 1943, he received his call into the Armed Services. il-Ie was stationed at Camp Wolters, Texas, until February, 1944, when he was sent to Fort Meade, Maryland, where he works in the Regimental Headquarters in the Message Center Department. Page Four -dl. sew 'R of' fwf efs wVfW'1 'Wee i'Qc1C21Q2,'Sb111 che service of our counicg 1 K '.7fzezz cwzqvuez' we ."Ull5f, fear our cause il' isbjusff NV' 9imc!u1. To fhe ceachers of our school who wear Hee Service Shoes we ciediceie wich. resfec? and effecfion 'chis 1944 Canlclinal . As You Turn These Pages You Will See MARCHING IN REVIEW sms Classes Flotivittes Sports Board ot Education and Faculty Events WE MARCH By Classes 1 Toward Gradual-ion Page Sev vs-F' We may be in Qfher Peoples Way but We Page are Making Our Qwn Way. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President ........... ...... J ohn Randall Johnson Vice President ............ .....,.,, R ubyl Nell Patton Secretary-Treasurer .............................. Doris Mae Gerdes Sponsors ................... ...... M rs. Lockwood, Mr. Chapman Another year is here, and so are we freshmen. We spent the first few days getting settled. Ben Boyd, Sybil Ford, and Fred Carroll, Jr., were chosen to represent us on the Student Council. Some of our boys played on the second basketball team. We had two outings and one party during the year. Although we have received the usual amount of razzing from the upperclassmen, we can truthfully say that freshman days are happy days, and we feel proud to be a part of the busy life of N. -C. T. H. S. Top Row-Elsie Austin, Alice Blazier. Second Row-Ben Boyd, Sybil Bruce, Fred Carroll, Jrg, Delores Dale, Clare Irene Dolan, Frances Elifritz. Third Row-Sybil Ford, Doris Mae Gerdes, Wanda Gidcumb, Ken- neth Green, Ida Mae Healy, June Henson. Fourth Row-Christine Hicks, John Randall Johnson, Correne Johnson, Juanita Kauble, Beulah Kennedy, Lois LeGrande. Fifth Row-Donald Lowther, Wyatt Martin, Lula Bell Meredith, W. D. Norris, Lillian Oliver, Joe Patton. Sixth Row-Ruby Patton, Calvin Snider, Kenneth Spence, June Thomas, Roberta Wade, Billy Wiggins. Eight fm. .QQ- 5 It 'Ge- gp' -1-,X FRESHMEN LZ -vw A , B v' sl 9'0- -w, S . -1 ' no rv- .,x Fr A 4 x 3 5- 'if . ug. r.4l'. , E ini 1 ' ' ' 1 T1 -' I 1 -F ff' ' -A J. If 5 " ' V '.:".," " "1 ' ' 2- -s. 1 Q Q il 'Ar 4- V a I F I ,,.,,' .T-X " 9 39 "1 lf.. 'WI -2- K' ' f h WWA lglr A 1 . N! . '93 N357-' x"' 'Z -' al' E81 V ' :Q KA rx 1 Page lWe Sophomores Return-- The Largest Troop in School Our March Is Half Finished- Only Two More Years To Go SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President ................................................ Evelyth McArthy Vice President ............. ......... K athryn Boyd Secretary-Treasurer ....... ......... B etty Gwaltney Sponsor ......................... ..... M r. Theron Johnson We're the "in-between" groupg we feel quite grown-up since we have overcome our freshman timidity. But we have acquired a new title-"silly sophomores". Just c-all us sophomores, and we'1l keep on trying. It's true-we have la lot of fun, but we have our serious moments, too. There are only sixty-one of urs this year, but we-iopelwe may have that enrollment when we finish our march in 19462 e First Row Cleft to right!-Bobby Amos, Johnny Anderson, Peigrl Aud, Cyril Austin. Second Row-Delores Awalt, Frank Bayley, Wayne Bell, Johnny Betson, Paul Bishop, Bob Boster, Kathryn Boyd, Mathel Boyd. Third Row-Avis Bryant, David Bryant, Maxine Burch, Leon -Coff- man, Ernie Collins, Orland Davis, Roberla Davis, Kenneth Doerner. Fourth Row-Freda Edwards, Ann Fantz, Delmar Gidcumb, Charles Greer, Betty Gwaltney, Bill Harrell, Gene Harlow, Lenora Haynes. Fifth Row-Stella Healy, Margaret Henson, Beulah Hughes, Ruth Hughes, Charles Jacques, Margaret Justice, Marion Kennedy, Mary Jane Knight. , p Sixth Row-Bob Knowles, Hazen Kroff, Lyn Martin, Evelyth Mc- Arthy, Porter McKenzie, Ezra Millspaugh, Dortha Mitchell, Darrell Mobley. E i Seventh Row-Spence Morris, Marian Musgrave, Val Pearce, Pauline Pool, Mary Beth Renshaw, Lee Riley, Billy Ro-ark, Bobibvy Sanders. Eighth Row-Kenneth Sanders, Blanche Short, Leon Spence, Mar- tha Spence, Audrey Stephens, Donald Stovall, Joy Stovall, Charles Stovall, Christine Turpin. '. Ten W. xl ' X k,9'.-c I. 9 6, 'twig' .' 7, 'T 1 .L ' 4' ' 'ff , 'Q J I Q, , V bf' TKOAK , X 4,93 'a fi ., A 'N sup:-lumnnes "' ,, V , auf if-A l'.'-...f 'F-2: A L,-:L 1 K ,Q 'if -.1 :- 1' Qggyn ' A V an 5 I - Z- 'H 1 U NX fl , Y I ,J M "' . .-3.12. hx L ' ' ' 'N . Q Aifstf , ff J ' E 1 f er "1-f , .5 1.0-f .Aff- ,J . X! I I I' fx!! A Pk 'X Ax' ' N 'M M . . x 'P' ' . . ' -Z A - "' iv ' .fQ1.J:a3i " 'af ,JJ iq 2 gl ' 4-f ', ff' ' IN N 2 umm . 'fix' K? 7 x "X L. wh V7 9. rv 1 X ' I X K Q ig ,L A 'xx V1-ti YL a l 5 U :X fl ' , ' n '54 Q3 wx " " W' ' 1 f w 'C' 9 7 IUNICDRS THE ENVY OF THE UN DERCLASSMEN JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ....................,................................... Dalton Aud Vice President ............ ....... .............. G 1 enn Harris Secretary-Treasurer ....... ............................ D onald Aud Sponsors ................... ...... M iss Robison, Mr. Johnson Here we are in the busiest and 'best of our high school years. We work hard selling cold drinks and candy so that we can give the seniors a 'banquet and prom that they will always remember. On April 21 we gave two one-act plays - "Miss Personality Plus" and "The White Phantom". First Row Cleft to rightj-Dalton Aud, Donald Aud. Second Row--Bernard Austin, Plumadell Bell, Betty Bruce, How- ard Chapman, Lucille 'Chisum, Mary Ruth Coffman. Third Row-Virginia Cox, Gene DavQ, Carl Doerner, Marie Ed- wards, Bud Evans, Norma Faunce. Fourth Row--Wilma Gidcumb, J. W. Graves, Glennys Greathouse Mary Griffith, Glenn Harris, Bernice Healy. Fifth Row-Robylee Hill, Virginia Holland, Stanley Johnson Kathleen Keasler, Delilah Kennedy, Beulah McKenzie. 9 Sixth Row-James McKenzie, Bud Newman, Imogene Patton, Leona Tyler, Morris West, Floyd Williams. Page Twelve .lx -.IUNIEJRS -he- gun 1:93 6' s J, . H , 5 "' Seniors are at the Head of the Ljsfc1tLaszif 'SENIOR ACTIVITIES MARGARET ANDERSON Athenian3 Players Playcraft Club 1-33 Hobby Club 4. A ELLIS AUSTIN Guestonian3 Future Farmers of America 1-43 Checker Club 2, 43 F. F. A. Treasurer 3-43 Vice P-resident of Home Room 2. KATHLEEN AUSTIN Guestonian3 Girls Chorus 1, 43 G. A. A. 13 Play- ers fPlaycraft 1-23 Current Events Club 2-32 Secre- tary of Current Events 23 All School Play 3-43 Choral Club 4. SYLMA JEAN AUSTIN Guestonian3 Class Secretary and Treasurer 13 Players Playcraft 113 Current Events 1-33 Current Events Vice Presiden-t 13 Current Events President 33 Hobby Club 2-43 Future Homemakers Club 2-43 Home Room President 4. WILMA BISHOP Athenian3 Players Playcraft Club 1-23 Girls Chorus 13 Home Room Secretary 23 Checker Club 23 Camera Club 33 -Pep Club 43 Book Club Vice President 43 Choral Club 4. MARGIE BOLERJACK Guestonian3 Home Economics Club 1-33 G. A. A. 1-23 Choral Club 1-43 Future Homemakers Club Vlce President 3: Girls Chorus 2-43 Octette 33 Play- ers Playcraft 33 Band 1-4: Orchestra. 1-33 Pep Club 3-43 Literary 23 All State Chorus 23 Home Room Secretary 43 Plays 33 Librarian 3-4. AUSTIN BOYD Guestonian3 F. QF. A. 1-43 Hobby Club 2, 43 F. F. A. Reporter 43 Track 1-23 Choral Club 4. NOAH BRUCE Athenian: F. F. A. 1-43:Rep Club 33 Track 1-22 'Secretary of F. A. 4. NORA RUTH BRYANT Athenian: 'Fixture Homemaker Club 1-3-43 President Future 'Homemakers Club 43 Checker Club 23 Players Playcraft Club 2-3: Hobby Club 4. WIILBUR CLARK Athenian3 Basketball 1-43 Track 1-43 Softball 1-33 Hobby Club 2-33 Choral Club 3-43 Cardinal Staff 33 Players Playcraft Club 3. PAULINE DOLAN Guestonian3 Enfield 13 McLeansboro 23 Norris City 3-43 Glee Club 13 Play 13 Pep Club 2-43 Choral Club 3-43 Hi-Trl 23 Class Secretary-Treasurer 33 Girls Chorus 43 G. A. A. 43 Cardinal Staff 4. HUBERT DOWNEN Guestonian3 Current Events Club 1-23 Presi- dent Current Events Club 13 F. F. A. 3-43 Vice President F. F. A. 4. Page Fourteen ROY DUCICWORTIH Guestonian3 -Omaha High School 1-33 Class Of- ficer 33 F. F. A. 4. WILLIAM B. EDWARDS Athenian3 Omaha High School 1-3: Norris City 43 Class Officer 33 Basketball 33 F. F. A. 43 Hobby Club 4. JANE ROSE N Guestonian3 Players Playcratt 1-23 Pep Club 3: Future Homemakers Club 1-2: Choral Club 4. ELEANOR GREENE Athenian: Players Playcraft Club 1-23 Pep Club 3-43 Future Homemakers Club 13 Cardinal Staff 43 Home Room Vice President 4. RUTH HARPER - Guestonian3 Players Playcraft 1-23 Checker Club 23 Camera Club 33 Secretary-Treasurer Home Room 33 Choral Club 43 President Book Club 4. GERALD HEALY Ath6l'll8.IlQ 'Science Club 33 Hobby Club 1, 2-4. ROBERT 'HEALY Af,h6l'1lBJlQ Curren-t Events 1-23 Checker Club 23 Model Airplane Club 33 F. F. A. 3-43 Track 4. DERALD HENSON Athenian: Sign Painters Clu-b 1-33 Band 1-43 Choral Club 2-43 N. Club 43 Vice President Choral Club 33 Players Playcratt 2-33 Play 33 Basketball 1-43 Track 1-43 Science Club 33 Vice President Choral Club 4. NORMAN HILL Atheniang Class Vice President 1, 43 Sign Paint- ers Club 1, 33 Band 1-43 Orchestra 1-33 Science Club 2-33 Science Club Vice President 23 Choral Club 2- 43 Chorus 23 Players Playcratt Club 2-33 Home Room President 23 Hobby Club 33 Student Council 33 Student Council Vice Presi-lent 33 Basketball 3-43 Track 3-43 Plays 3-43 Cardinal Staff 3-43 N. Club 4. VIRGINIA HUGHES Guestonian3 G. A. A. 1-43 Choral Club 1-3-43 Future Homemakers Club 13 Checker Club 23 Sec- retary-Treasurer of Camera Club 33 Players Play- craft 23 Plays 1, 3-43 Band 3-43 Cheerleader 43 Pep Club 3-43 Book Club 4. RALPH C. JORDAN Athenian3 Hobby Club 1-43 Model Airplane Club 33 Checker Club 43 Basketball 43 Track Man- ager 4. WANDA KEASLER GU68f.0IllH.1'lQ Omaha 1-33 Treasurer of Class 11 Vice President 23 Choral Club 43 Norris City 43 G. A. A. 43 Choral Club 13 Cardinal Staff 4. MARY E. KNIGHT Athenlan3 Hobby Club 13 Band 1-43 G. A. A. 2, 43 Future Homemakers Club 23 Plays 2-33 Pep Club 3-43 Choral Club 4. EENIURE 3 'vt-4' ' Lk, A R0 1 QI'-J Q? Nr if UD' i x Y- 1 S' 'VH if if K X ai. ,5- I 9' qp- - v :Az - 325 -- ,. .A ilu: NZ- 41" The Parade For the Mighty Seniors Is Over In and Join a Far Greater Parade. MARYLOU KOELLING Guestonian3 Hobby Club 13 Plays '13 Sign Paint- ers Club Vice President 33 Home Room President 43 Guestonian Vice 'President 43 Cardinal Staff 3-43 Choral Club 2-43 G. A. A. 2-4: Players Playcraft Club 1-33 Pep Club 3-43 Girls Chorus 1-43 Book Club 43 Librarian 3-43 Majorette 3-4. AILEEN MADDOX Athenian3 -Cheer 'Leader 1, 3-43 Band 2-43 Or- chestra 2-33 Choral Club 1-43 Hobby Club 1, 33 G. A. A. 2-43 Players Playcraft Club 23 Class Secre- tary 23 Cardinal Staff 2-43 Plays 13 Student Coun- cil 43 :Student Council Vice President 43 Choral Club President 33 Chorus 1-33 Home Room Secretary 13 Pep Club 3-43 Librarian 43 Office Girl 43 Athenian Cheer Leader 1, 3-4. VA.LETA MARIE MARGRAVE Athenian3 Choral Club 1'4: Chorus :1-23 G. A. g. 1-43 Hobby Club 13 Players Playcraft Club 1-33 lays 1-33 Athenian Vice President 13 Cheer Lead- er 23 Cardinal Staff 2-43 Octette 23 Band Mlajorette 33 Players Playcraft Club Secretary-Treasurer 33 Pep Club 3-43 Sign Painters Club 33 Band Major 43 Home Room President 3. JIM MoIINTOSH Guestonian3 Mt. Carmel 1-'33 Football '1-23 In- dustrial Arts 1-3. REBA LORENE NEWCONMB Athenian: Current Events Club 1-33 Secretary of Current Events 13 Vice President of Current Even-ts Club 23 Players Playcraft Club 13 Checker Club 23 Book Club 43 Class Secretary-Treasurer 43 Librarian 43 Cardinal Staff 4. ., ROY ONEAL Guestonian3 Hobby Club 1-23 President Hobby Club ' F. F. A. 3-43 Treasurer F. F. A. 43 President of Class 133 Student Council 43 President of Room 3. ' KENNETH oRR Guestonian3 Hobby 1-23 F. A. 3-43 Play 33 iggrrent Events Club 23 Vice President Hobby Club ""2'3 Class President 43 Checker Club 43 President Checker Club 43 Choral Club 43 Pep Club 4. RUSSELL ORR Gu-estonian3 Hobby Club 23 Checker Club 2-3: F. F. A. 3-43 Pep Club 43 Choral Club 43 Home Room President 43 Secretary-Treasurer Checker Club 43 Guestonian President 43 Plays 4. 'yy JOAN QUESTELL 3 Guestonian3 Band 1-43 Choral Club 1-43 Chorus " A-83 ,Secretary of Chorus 33 G. A. A. 2-43 Secretary ' YA. A. 43 Hobby Club 1-33 Cardinal Staff 43 3 2-3: Players Playcraft Club 23 Secretary of Players Playcralft Cl-ub '23 Pep Club 3-42 Play 3. JOYCE QUESTELL A Athenian: Band 1-43 G. A. A. 1-43 Players Playcraft Club 1-33 Orchestra 33 Chorus 1-33 G. A. A. Vice President 23 Plays '3-43 Pep Club 3-43 Chor- al Club 2-43 Cardinal Staff 4. LOGAN ROARK, JR. Athenian3 F. F. A. -1-43 Track 4. - AlNN ROYE Athenian: Harrald, Texas, '1-423 Choral Club 1- 23 Hobby Club 13 Tumbling 1-23 President of Page Sixteen the N. C. T. H. S. They March Out of School Tumbling Club 13 Norris City 3-42 G. A. A. 3-4: Players Playcraft Club 33 Hobby Club 4. JAMES 'SANDERS Guestoniam Science Club 13 Current Events 23 Choral Club 2-43 Checker Club 43 Pep Club 43 Chorus 23 Omaha 3. HAROLD V. SCHRIEBER Athenian: President of F. F. A. 33 Class Vice President 33 Track 33 Basketball 13 Hobby Club 2. JACK SI-IAJIN Athenian3 Basketball 1-43 Track 1-33 Hobby Club 1-33 Choral Club 1-4: President of Choral Club 43 President Hobby Club 33 President N. Club 43 Sign Painters Club .1'2Q Band 1-43 Orchestra 1-43 Players Playcraft Club 1, 33 Model Airplane Club 33 Science .Club 2. BETH SHOOK Athenian: Chorus 1-23 G. A. A. 1-43 Student Council '13 Players Playcraft Club 143: Play 1-43 Athenian Vice President 33 Choral Club 2-43 Hobby Club 23 Pep Club 3-43 President G. A. A. 43 Cardinal 'Staff 3-43 Librarian 43 Chorus 1-33 Home Room President 1. COLLEEN SMITH Athenian3 Mcheansboro 13 Hi-Tri 13 G. A. A. 1-43 Choral Club 2-43 Pep Club 1-43 Secretary- Treasurer Pep Club 43 Chorus 1-23 Future Home- makers Club 23 Cardinal Staff 4. ELIZABETH SMITH Guestonian3 Band 1-43 Orchestra 1-33 G. A. A. 1-43 Choral Clu-b 1-43 Plays 1-33 Players Playcraft Club 23 Future -Homemakers -Club 23 Cardinal Staff 1, 3-43 Sign Painters Club 33 Pep Club 3-43 Pep Club President 43 Chorus 23 Student Colmcil 2'3Q Student Council Secretary-Treasurer 3. VIRGINIA SPENCE Guestonian3 G. A. A. 13 Future Homemakers Club 13 Players Playcraft Club 1-23 Checker 23 Choral Club 1, 3-43 Camera Club 33 Pep Club 3-43 Book Club 4. MARY STEPHENS Athenian3 Home Room Vice President 33 Play 33 Librarian 3-43 Drum Majorette 43 G. A. A. 43 Student Council 3-43 :Student Council President 43 Choral Club 1, '3-43 Players Playcraft Club 23 Pep Club 3-43 Cardinal Staff 43 Girls Chorus 1. PHILIP VAN 'WINKLE Guestonian3 F. F. A. 1-43 Checker 23 Track 4. TEDDY VAN WIJNKLE Athenian3 EF. A. 1143 Track 1, 43 Sign Paint- ers Club 23 Secretary F. F. A. 83 Home Room Vice President 3. LEONA LEE WALL Athenian: -Play 13 Orchestra 1-23 Cheer Leader 1-23 Glee Clu-b 1-23 Secretary-Treasurer 33 Pep Club 43 Choral Club 43 G. A. A. 43 Cardinal Staff 43 Omaha 143. BERTHAL McGU'IRE WEAS Guestonian3 Basketball 13 Hobby Club 1-43 Pep Club 3-43 F. F. A. 1-43 President F. F. A. 43 Check- er Club 4. MAIDA WHIZPIPLE Athenian: Omaha 1-33 Glee Club 1-23 Secretary- Treasurer 23 Pep Club 43 Choral Club 43 'Book Club 43 Home Room Secretary 4. Q V 1 U f af 6' f 1" N nngg' 1' na SENIURS 'ab ff Qin .1531 -..- 4 'T ncwll X, x L . WI- f f' 'ff ,4 .. "' , 3 J .. .,. I , 'Q f .1 My fl gg ,,,, 2 ' .Af ' ' , . .. xxx k Q.. X I if X 1 XX ' x , 'M' . 7 'W H- Uh sv- ' ', 4' " ' 7, Gr . . ,v f H 'I' V gf , f "QS I kfx 4? ' Ga. I Pb w I t -4 Q' 3, 4, ' N 46 'J 0. Y' 1 , 4. -Rv 5 5 ,Au Sq -1 MLW 1 'L 4 0 V- i514 Whos Who and Whczflh What r Name Pastime Hangout Favorite Song Margaret Anderson--Primzping .......... -- Ellis Austin ........ -Fixing flat tires ...... Kathleen Austin ..... Playing checkers ..... Sylma Jean Austin--.Talking with Bert .... -Bowling alley ......... - Wilma Bishop ....... Going places ......... .Everywhere ............ Margie Bolerjack .... Telling jokes ........ --Toe's Green Mill ........ "Always and Always" Austin Boyd ........ .Running out of ga.s--- School after 4 p. Noah Bruce --------. Arguing ----.---.---.. V enice Club ----------- - Nora Ruth -Bryant---Keeping books ---- --- Wilbur Clark ------- -Playing hooky ------- Pauline Dolan ------- Hubert Downen ---- --Following Virginia--- Roy Duckworth ----- William Edwards ---- Jane Fulkerson ----- Eleanor Green ------- Ruth Harper -------- Sitting in Gerald Healy ------- Robert Healy ------- Derald Henson ------ . Virgin-ia Hughes ---- Ralph Jordan ------- Wanda Keasler ------ Mary E. Knight ----- Marylou Koelling ---- Valeta Margrave ---- Jim -McIntosh ------- . -Movies ---.---- -.-- - -- -Whittling -..--..-.-.- -Farming ------------- -Following Hubert -.-- .Playing checkers ----- .Chewing gum -------- Reba Newcomb ------ Talking fast --------- Roy Oneal ---------- Kenneth Orr -------- . Russell Orr --------- Joan Questell ------- Joyce Questell ------ Logan Roark ------- Anna Roye ---.----- James Sanders -----. Harold Schrieber -.-- . Jack Shain .-------- 'fpth Shook --------- Colleen Smith ------ Elizabeth Smith ----- Virginia Spence ----- Mary Stephens ------ Philip Van Winkle-- Teddy Van Winkle-- Leona Lee Wall ----- 'Berthal Weas ------- Maida Whipple ------ Page Eighteen -Writing letters ------ -Reading ------------- -Manual training ----- -Teasing girls -------- -Breaking windows--- -Embroidering -------- Telling jokes --------- -Fighting the girls off- .Writing letters ----.-- -,Sailors --------.--.--- .Talkmg -------------- Bookkeeping penalty- .'F1Sh'iIlg' -----------.-- Twiddling thumbs ---- Danc1ng--- ------- --- a car ----.- Reading ------------- Junior boys ---------- .Swimming --------.-- Loafing -------------- Hauling girls around-- ,Dancing ------------- Studying -----.-.----- -In the n-a.11e ---..----.-. ."Billy" Q ' .Bryant's --------------. "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" -Otls GOSSett'S -----.--.. ' nl. .... . 'Thinking of You" "Makes No Difference Now" "Yours Truly" "My Darling Nellie Gray" "Careless" -Carml ---.-----------.- ."'What Used to W8-S" -Carro1l's -.------ "Dearie, Please D0n't Be Angry" -Dlme Store ------------ ."Scatterbrain" -No. 56 locker ------.--- ."Carry Me Back to Old Virginia" -With William ---------- ."Drea.m Girl" -With Roy -------------- "I'll See You In My Dreams" New Haven --------.-.. "Anchors Aweigh" -Sweetland ------------- -"Mama, That Man ls Here Again" .In same car -.---.----- "'Does Your Heart Beat for Me?" 12:15 B.pp68I'8.I1C6 in the -gylnnaslum --------.--. "In the Gym of Old N. C. High" -Mcl-.eansboro ---------- -"Old MacDonald's Farm" Fixing his Plymouth---Libby's Park -.-.------ - "The Bumpy Road to Love" Norman Hill -------- .Wrecking cars ----.-- -Mann s ---------------- ."I'll Keep on Lovin' You" -Joe's Green Mill -------. "Do You Ever Think of Me ?" -T1V111 ..--------------.- "I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen" -Back of the school bus--"So Please Be Kind" -At home ---------..--- -"'I'l1 See You In My Dreams" -Green Studebaker ------ ."I'll Get By" Aileen Maddox --.--- .Eating --------.--.--- .Office ----------.------ ."Faithful Forever" -In a pickup truck ------ ."Oh! Johnny" .Venice Club -.---------- "I Need Lovin' " -Ag. room 3rd period -.-. -No. 6 school ----------- "Pinch Me" Margrave's .----------. -"I'l1 Be Around" -Locker No. 7 ---------- ."I Love You Truly" --Marlin's store-- "Over There" "That Soldier Of Mine" -Pool room ------------- ."There's Something About A Sergeant" --He doesn't. ..--- ..----- ' 'I 'Won't Take No For An Answer" -Church ---.------------ .Playing the guitar ---- .Church -.-------------- . "I Used To Love You" "San Antonio Rose" 1Henson's --.------.---- -"Holy Smoke Can't You Take A Joken' .The drug store .-------- "There'll Be Some Changes Made" .Mississippi ------------. "May I Never Love Again" .Pool room ------------- ."In The Mood" -Joe's Green Mill -------- "St. Louis Blues" Kroger store -------.--. "Chatterbox" .McLeansboro ---------- -"Address Unknown" -Miniature airplanes---.Grocery store ------- --- "'Blue Eyes" "You'd Be Surprised" .Late to school -------- .Pool room ------.------ Running up telephone .poles ---------------- -Rip's Cafe --.-.--.----- ."I Love You Truly" car ---- -"My 1Last Good-by" Driving a car ------.- -Rip's Cafe ------------- "Lazy Bones" .Talking to girls ------- Frank Bayley's A DRAMA OF THE SENIOR CLASS President ........................................................ Kenneth Orr Vice President -., .......... ......... N orman Hill Secretary-Treasurer ....... ...... R eba Newcomb Characters ....................... ...... ...... S e nior Class Time ............. ....................................... 1 940 to 1944 Place ...... l ....... N-orris City Township High School ACT I-FRESHMAN YEAR In September, 1940, ninety-three freshmen marched in and invad- ed N. C. T. H. S. After a few days of g-etting lost and trying to get to the classrooms, we became adjusted to our proper assignments and duties. We were proud of our freshman basketball team. Remember the Cardinal Campaign and our candy sales? We freshman girls were also proud of our venetian blinds which we lb-ought for the English room and Mr. Phelps' office. ACT IIQSOPHOMORE YEAR We sophomores felt rather grown up and helped play jokes on the little "Freshies," just as upperclassmen had played on us the previous year. We entered -clubs, games, and various activities of the school. ACT III-JUNIOR YEAR In September, 1942, we again enlisted for service in the N. C. T. H. S. Our class, which was the largest in the history of the school, par- ticipated in many activitiesg but several of our members had been trans- ferred to other camps. We were well represented in the band, plays, orchestra, clulbs, athletics, and Cardinal Staff. Our greatest maneuver of the year was the J unior-Senior Banquet and Prom. ACT IV--SENIOR YEAR We seniors are taking our final training and will soon go into oth- er branches of service. Although we must depart, we shall not forget this act in our lives, and we hope we may be successful in our next drama of life whether it be on the home front or over-seas. 'Our final -act will be presented here in the high sch-o'ol auditorium Friday, May 19. We invite you to come to our last public appearance in "Dear Old N. C. T. H. S." Page Nineteen CLASS WILL We the -'Senior Class of '44 Fneing su-pposedly of sound mind, do hereby will and be- queath to members off the Junior Class, all property and rights herein designated. AUSTIN BOYD wills his ability to lose things to Gene Davis. JACK SJHAIN and NORMAN HILL will their place on the basketball team to Carl Doerner. DERALD HENSON wills his ability to drive 'a car to Donald Aud. MARGARET ANDERSON and ELEANOR GREENE will their interest in men to Wilma Gidcumb. ,ff MARY ,STEPHENS and AIIJEEN MAQDDOX will their place on the Student .Coun- cil to Imogene Patton. VIRGINIA HUGHES and VIRGINIA SPENCE will their quietness to Betty Bruce. NOAH BRUCE and BERTHAL 'WEA'S will their love of argument to Dalton Aud. TEDDY VAN VVENKLE wills his being absent from school to Marie Edwards. RIEBA NEWOOMB wills her slow speech to .Norma 'Faunce. ELLIS AUSTIN and HUBERT DOWNEN will the power to hold their women to Morris Wes-t. LEONA WALL and MARY KNIGHT will their height to Ro-bylee Hill. MAIDA WZHIIPYPLE and PAVULIINE DOLALN will their Waistline to Mary Griffith. JIM 'McfllNTOSH and WILBUR CLARK will their unused bookkeeping book to Glen Harris. COLIIEEN SMITH and VALETA MARGRAVE will their love of basketball to Glennys Greathouse. BETH 'SHOOK wills her oratorical powers to Leona Tyler. KENNETH ORR wills his measles to Howard Chapman. ROY OHNEAL and JAMES SANDERJS will their checker sessions at noon to Bernard Austin. MARGIE BOLERJACK and JOAN QUESTELL will their interest in the Army to Kathleen Keasler. .HAROLD S-CI-IRJIEIBER and LOGAN ROARK will their place in the Naval Re- serve to -Stanley Johnson. PHIIIUP VAN WINKLE wills his quietness to Bud Newman. ANNA ROYE and RUTH HARPER will their melodious voices to Virginia Hol- land. MARY LOU KOELLING wills her interest in junior boys to Bernice Healy. KATHLEEN AUSTIN and JANE FULKLERSON will their love of Home Eco- nomics to Plumadell Bell. RUSSELL ORR wills his good behavior in the 4th hour library to James Mc- Kenzie. ' ELIZABETH SMITH wills her place as drummer to Floyd Williams. JOYCE QUESTELL wills her interest in Clarksville, Tennessee, to Lucille Chisum. WILLIAM EDWARDS will his height to Guy Evans. SYLMA JEAN AUSTIN wills her talkativeness to Delilah Kennedy. VVILMA BISHOP and WANDA KEASIJER will their quiet ways to Beulah Mc- Kenzie. ROY DUlCK'WORTI-I and GERALD I-IEALY will their interest in girls to J. W. Graves. RJOCBERT HEALY wills his love of English to Mary Ruth Coffman. RALPH JORDAIN and NORA RUTH BRYANT will their interest in blondes to Virginia Cox. Page Twenty WE MARCH -3:5551 , 2 X .:.:V s 1 I ' W wwf In Groups "" I 5. 5 Ei X xx v 5 X 1' , xx I X X ' x 1 X k f 5 1 Q f. ' f ia .3 A .m..:afff" IW'-s 6 Mx! 'Q-5 '54 A' 'ff J" !us,'Nx X 4? fix w .-get D ZA' xx ,ix "Rxxqivi'-."1:- V2 .Q 'NB J C4 N N -efg "'zW-fmasw Coope ra tively Page Twenty-one BANDITRSONNEL fi. 1' Page The Whole School Marches as the Bond Plays On Cornets Joan Questell Wyatt Martin Howard Chapman Alice Ann Capon Phyllis McDaniel Alto Horns Margie Bolerjack Kathleen Austin Mary Ruth Coffman Bass Val Pearce Band Major Clarinets Robylee Hill Kathryn Boyd Bobby Gene Amos Donald Stovall Christine Turpin Eulah Short Leon Coffman Mathel Boyd Baritones Jack -Shain John Betson Band Majorettes Mary Stephens Marylou Koelling Valeta Margrave Audrey,Stephens ' o G. C. BLACKER, Director 'CHORALCLUB Drums Aileen Maddox Elizalbeth ,Smith Floyd Williams Saxophones Joyce Questell Mary Knight Trombones Norman Hill Frances Elifritz Roberta Wade Cymbals ' Virginia Hughes Margaret Henson "Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday Iife."-Averback. President ................................... Jack Shain Vice President .................. .... D erald Henson Secretary-Treasurer -- ........ .... R obylee Hill .Sponsor .................................. Mr. Chapman Top Row Cleft to right!-June Henson, Lillian Oliver, Ruth Marian Musgrave, Margie Bolerjack, Vale-ta Margrave, Jack Shain, Norman -Hill, Ben Boyd, Dalton Aud, Derald Henson, Donald Aud, Wilbur Clark, Stanley Johnson, Ida Mae Healy, Vir- ginia Spence. Second Row-Bernice Healy, Mary Stephens, Mary Jane Knight, Betty Gwaltney, Pauline Dolan, Freda Edwards, Virginia Hughes, Martha Spence, Mary Ruth Coff- man, Sybil Ford, Charles Stovall, W. D. Norris, Kenneth Spence, -Billy Wiggins, Wil- ma Bishop, Maida Whipple. Third Row-Marie Edwards, Kathleen Austin, Sybil Bruce, Roberla Davis, Alice Blazier, Margaret Justice, Pauline Pool, Joy Stovall, Kathryn Boyd, Clare Irene Dolan, Roberta Wade, Lula Bell Meredith, Lenora Haynes, Audrey Stephens, Leona Lee Wall, Ruth Harper, Fred Junior Carroll. Fourth Row-Pearl Aud, Mary Beth Renshaw, Eleanor Greene, Wanda Gidcumb, Ruby ,Nell Patton, Imogene Patton, ,Wanda Keasler, Frances Elifritz, Doris Mae Gerdes, Beth Shook, Kenneth Orr, Russell -Orr, Bobby Amos, James Sanders, Leon Coffman, Jane Fulkerson, G. C. Blacker. Bottom Row-Glennys Greathouse, Kathleen Keasler, Virginia Holland, Aileen Maddox, Joan Questell, Elizabeth Smith, Lucille Chisum, Colleen Smith, Robylee Hill, Mary Knight, Joyce Questell, Marylou Koelling. During activity period each first and -third Wednesday of every month the Choral 'Club meets. What do we do in the 'Choral Clulb? We singg we sing: we sing! Mem- fbers sold tickets to the play, DAMSAELS IN DISTRESS, and with the proceeds pur- chased new song books. Our power of attaining and enjoying worth-while music is evident as the harmonious sounds of music echo through the halls. Twenty-two x ' 'LV' ' -1 H IU 2 Uk fx f'N!?5-'H? x ix .SX P- gk gi. 'v Hum fwrf Ha Q Zi ' ni-4 , ' Y 1 Y .. f '5 Nts- F . . L, ,r., V " V -7 ' ' ' fu W I Of' LQQ- 5- +g'5q r-xg, , 74" A A 2 1 nga "rf 1 sm 9 We Learn by Doing H'OMEMAKIN G I CFreshmen, Sophomoresl Personality Development. Constructed an Apron. Study of Cotton, Linen and Wool. Constructed a Cotton Garment idress, pa- jamas, house coat, skirt, and blouseb. Made Simple Christmas Gdfts Wembroider- ing, lapel plnsl. Nutrition. Breakfasts lffruit, cereals, eggs, breads, beveragesj. Class Roll-Elsie Austin, Alice Blazier, Delores Dale, Frances Elifritz, Clare Dolan, Sybil Ford, Doris Mae Gerdes, Wanda Gid- cumb, Lois LeGrand, Ida Mae Healy, June Henson, Christine Hicks, Correne Johnson, Juanita Kauible, Beulah Kennedy, Evelyth McArthy, Lillian Oliver, Ruby Nell Patton, Mary Beth Renshaw, Roberta Wade, June Thomas, Jerry Harper. HOMEMAKING III CJuniors, Seniorsb The Family Cearly family life, courtship and marriagel. Establishing a Home. Home Furnishings. Child Care and Development. Home Nursing. Wise Use of Leisure Time. Class Roll-Sylma Jean Austin, Betty Bruce, Virginia Cox, Norma Faunce, Wilma Gidcumb, Delilah Kennedy, Mary Knight, Anna Roye, Colleen Smith. P-age Twenty-four HOMEMAKING II CSophomores, Juniorsj ,Food Preservation. Luncheons. Dinners. Meal Planning. Table Etiquette. Made Over a Garment. Made a New Wool or Rayon Garment. Class Roll-Pearl Aud, Delores Awalt, Avis Bryant, Maxine Burch, Freda Edwards, Lenora Haynes, .Stella Healy, Margaret Jus- tice, Marion Kennedy, Mary Jane Knight, Dorotha Mitchell, Marian Musgrave, Pauline Pool, Mary Stephens, Margaret Henson, Lu- cille Chisum, Roberla Davis, Marie Edwards, Glennys Greathouse, Betty Gwaltney, Bernice Healy, Virginia Holland, Ruth Hughes, Kath- leen Keasler, Imogene Patton, Eulah Short, Martha Spence, Dolores Thomas, Christine Turpin, Ann Fantz. HOMEMAKING IV CSeniors7 Refinishing Furniture. Made Slip Covers. Reupholstered a. Chair. Tailoring. Food Buying and Preparation. Learned to Use -Sewing Machine Attach- ments. Home Management. Class Roll--Margaret Anderson, Kathleen Austin, Margie Bolerjack, Nora Ruth Bryant, Jane Fulkerson, Eleanor Green, Ruth Hamper, Virginia Hughes, Aileen Maddox, Joan Ques- tell, Joyce Questell, Virginia -Spence, Beth Shook, Leona Tyler. 'SHUMEMAKINEH T i I f J---M 4- Autographs of Members of Staff Editor-in-chief. . . . . Associate Editor. . . Business Manager. . . . . 7 Advertising Managers. ' Feature Editors. . . . Athlet ics. . Calendar. . . Snapshot Editors. . . Drganizations. . . Senior Editor. . . Junior Editor. . . . Sophomore Editor. . . Freshman Editor. . .. Typ1sts........ Faculty Spon sor s . ,Ti A -ff ffl " ' Page 5, . ', w 7, 3 . Odvwzqf ,713 -1 Q2 aw! 'J . ?+Jw ,M 7 uf!!! .Zyr-...Aff - Jsiiwu '57aAf"t'd WW 772 11535: felis :H J WM' 5Q..r.g.,,4J...f U3 ,c. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA President ......... Berthal Weas Vice President -- I-Iuabert Downen Secretary -------- -- Noah Bruce Treasurer ........... Roy Oneal The F. iF. A. is a club which con- sists only of boys who are inter- ested in agriculture. Here are their activities for the year: September 17-Initiation of new members. September 24-F. F. A. officers went to Marion to the sectional livestock show. October 8-'We exhibited corn at Benton and won, '1st, 2nd, 3rd, 16th, and 17th prizes. October 16-One of our mem- bers exhibited corn at the county corn show at Carml. December 1-Party and business meeting. December 3-We played basket- ball with Eldorado chapter and defeated them by a margin of ten points. January 21-F. F. A. party. The G. A. A. were guests. February 18-We ordered 140 bushels of Hybrid corn to be de- livered as soon as possible. March 3 -- 'We received two thousand packages of garden seed to be sold by members. March 8-We presented a 15- minute radio program on F. ZF. A. activities over WEBQ, Harrisburg. April 8-F. F. A. Public .Speak- ing contest for 'Sectional 20, at Harrisburg. If possible, we are going to take a week-end trip to Evansville before school closes. We plan to have monthly meetings throughout the summer months. May 10-We will elect officers for next year. We shall elect a Service Board for our -past mem- bers who are in the Armed Ser- vices. Top Row - Delmar Gidcumb, Darrell Mobley, Bob Boster, Phil- lip Van Winkle, Canl Doerner, Dalton Aud, Morris West, Teddy Van Winkle, Val Pearce, Logan Roark, Harold Schrieber, Cyril Austin, Orland Davis. Second Row - Robert Healy, William Edwards, J. W. Graves, Roy Duckworth, Roy Oneal, Bill Harrell, Porter McKenzie, Frank Bayley, Russell Orr, Kenneth Orr, Billy Roark, Wayne Bell, Bernard Austin, Mr. Johnson, sponsor. Bottom Row--Lee Riley, David Bryant, Leon Spence, Kenneth Greene, Hazen Kroff, Hubert Downen, 'Berthal Weas, Ellis Aus- tin, Noah Bruce, Austin Boyd, Charles Jacques, and Joe Patton. 0 4' -La ,1 'a Z6-A 4.- .,.,-4 Z 205 4-- x 'E-5 mm 'T 'tm .M 1 'DQ-" 1 an R?" Clubs Give Everyone A Chance to Enjoy His Individual Interests BOOK CLUB President .............. .... R uth Harper Vice President ............ Wilma Bishop Secretary-Treasurer ..... Lois Le Grande Sponsor ................. Mrs. Lockwood The purpose of the Book Club is to create a love for literature by reading good 'books and maga- zines and by becoming acquainted with the con- temporary books. Some of our most interesting programs of the year were an 'information please" program using questions about authors, books, titles, interesting characters and unusual episodes: best sellers of 19433 informal book talks: dramatization of scenes from booksg book reviews from the OMNIBOOK. Several attractive posters were made display- ing' illustrations, advertisements, and summaries of the stories. Members: Ruth Harper, Maida Whipple, Wil- ma Bishop, Marie Edwards, Virginia Hughes, Vir- ginia Spence, Blanche Short, Christine Turpin, Ruth Hughes, Kathryn Boyd, Evelyth McArthy, Bobby Amos, Gene Harlow, Stella Healy, Lenora Haynes, Marion Kennedy, Mary Jane Knight, Delilah Ken- nedy, Beulah Kennedy, Beulah McKenzie, Mary Ruth Coffman, Marylou Koelling, Lois LeGrand, Reba Newcomb. "N" CLUB President ................... Jack Shain Vice President ............. Wilbur Clark Secretary-Treasurer ...... Derald Henson The "N" Club was organized for the purpose of discussing those problems which confront the build- ing of a well-balanced athletic program. The club is an honorary organization for boys who have earned a. letter in basketball or track. It is soon- sored by the athletic coach, and is considered vitally im-portant in the athletic program. Top Row 'fleft to rightj-Stanley Johnson, Dal- ton Aud, Wilbur Clark. Bottom Row-Derald Henson, Jack Shain, Nor- man Hill, Mr. Phelps. CHECKER 'CLUB President .................. Kenneth Orr Vice President ............ Calvin Snider Secretary-Treasurer ......... Russell Orr Sponsor ................ Theron Johnson "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" say the members of the checker club. They tell us there is an art in checker playing, but we can't find out who the champions are. Maybe Theron Johnson, the sponsor, will divulge the secret. Since this club presented the assembly program on March 10, we are convinced that some of them are not only checker players but also musicians. Top Row ifleft to right!-Charles Greer, John Randall Johnson, Johnnie Anderson, Ezra Mills- paugh, David Bryant, Calvin -Snider, Ralph Jordan, Wyatt Martin, Cyril Austin, Fred Carroll, Jr. Second Row-Floyd Williams, Frank Bayley, Bud Newman, Kenneth Sanders, Kenneth Doerner, Berthal Weas, Bob Boster, Bob Knowles, Charles Stovall, Ernie Collins, Theron Johnson. Bottom Row-Billy Wiggins, Hazen Kroff, Paul Bishop, Russell Orr, Kenneth Orr, Ellis Austin, Leon Spence, W. D. Norris, Ben Boyd, Kenneth S-pence. LIBRA RIAN S Always ready with helpful suggestions, the li- brarians often hear the familiar question, "Where can I find-?" Page Twenty-eight Miss Forchee, our capable faculty librarian, selects student assistants who help students and teachers find books and information and keep an accurate check of all 'books going in and out. Our library is an essential part of our school. It offers an opportunity for students to form better reading habits and to encourage them in their read- ing and study programs. Librarians: Reba Newcomb, Margie Bolerjack, Nora Ruth Bryant, Mary Stephens, Marylou Koel- ling, Beth Shook, Aileen Maddox, Lucille Chisum, Glennys Greathouse, Delilah Kennedy, Betty Bruce. STUDEN'T COUNCIL The Student Council is a governing body com- posed of twelve students, three from each class. It was organized for the purposes of giving the stu- dents a. voice in the government of the school, and of coordinating the various school activities. , The Student Coimcil president appoints com- mittees from the Student Council to inspect lockers and check home rooms. These committees are ap- pointed every six weeks. At the end of each six weeks, the Student Council awards trophies to the home rooms having the best conduct, the highest attendance record, and -the greatest increase in scholarship. The Student Council is a member of the Illi- nois Association of Student Councils. We sent two delegates to the State Convention at Chicago, April -14-15. On February 8, the Student Council assisted in sponsoring a 'box supper for the benefit of the Fourth Bond Drive. The Council also purchased two twenty-:five dollar defense bonds, Series F. The officers of the Student Council are as fol- lows: President ............... Mary Stephens Vice President ........... Aileen Maddox Secretary-Treasurer .... Christine Turpin Seniors-Mary Stephens, Aileen Maddox, Roy Oneal. Juniors-Bernice Healy, Carl Doemer, Imo- gene fPatton fApprenti'cel. 'Sophomores-Christine Turpin, Pauline Pool, Frank Bayley lAfpprenticel. Freshmen-Ben Boyd, Sybil Ford, Fred Carroll, Jr. lApprenticel. Sponsors-Mrs. Lockwood, Theron John- son. 1 - HOBBY CLUB President .-.......... ...... M orris West Vice President ........... Donald Stovall Secretary-Treasurer ........ Virginia Cox Sponsor .-............ Raymond Johnson Membership in this club is open to all students who have a hobby or would like to develop one. The main objectives of this organization are to pro- mote interest in developing hobbies, and to improve the hobbies that we already have. Top Row Cleft to rlghty-William Edwards, Kenneth Sanders, J. W. Graves, Donald Stovall, Austin Boyd, Logan Roark, Derald Mobley, Ralph Jordan, Frank Bayley, James McKenzie, Billy Har- rell. Second Row-Dalton Aud, Glen Harris, Berthal Weas, Morris West, Gene Davis, Gerald Healy, Er- nie Collins, Wyatt Martin, John Randall Johnson, Leon Coffman, Kenneth Green, Raymond Johnson. Bottom Row-Sylma Jean Austin, Mary Grif- fith, Betty Gwaltney, Martha Spence, Norma Faunce, Betty Bruce, Virginia Cox, Nora Ruth Bry- ant, Margaret Anderson, Anna Roye. 1 3i F N , 1 ,' ' f ,gas V . J- PJ, 6t j',.:", S','f'x fs... I ,,. A xi wx 3' ' 'Y' s . ' M Ev 1- il 5 b - ' ff!" I ff ' 1. lilly? il E a I . iv -IU 1 . i WUI- V! 1 L-55 43' i f , Q iv? 'lla' gui t Q if gigfx, r 1 4 , 1 h Q5 fgg,,f g41ng ,ww miiwmf fi' 1 l3'i FUTURE HOMEMAKERS' CLUB President ............................ Nora Ruth Bryant Vice President .... ...... Be tty -Bruce Secretary ..... -..- 1Eu1ah Short Treasurer --- ..- Norma Faunce Sponsor -..- -- Any girl of the high school who is inter- ested in Home Economics may become a mem- ber of the Future Homemakers Club. The objectives of this organization are as follows: il. The objects of this organization shall be to form a connecting link between the school and the home. 2. To develop active and efficient leaders among high school students for home and community life. 3. To stimulate interest in homemaklng. 4. To develop profe sional spirit among the homemaking students. 5. To bring closer relationships between local, state and national organizations dealing with homemaklng. 6. To furnish opportunity through or- ganization for 'social services: educational and recreational activities. -- ...... Miss Robison The club holds its regular meetings ev- ery two weeks. At the meetings reports are given by the members on different topics of interest 'both at home and ln every day activi- ties. In this organization, the glrls are taught economy, wise buying, food preparation, and etiquette. These are only a few of the many important things that are .taught the girls that they may improve their home life. Members-Betty Bruce, Norma Faunce, Dorothy Mae Mitchell, June Henson, Lillian Oliver, Eveleth MIcArthy, Beulah Kennedy, Eulah Short, Lois LeGrand, Leona Tyler, Sylma Jean Austin, Virginia Cox, Nora Ruth Bryant, Plundaaell Ben, Ruth Hughes, Avis Bryant, Pearl Aud, Delila Kennedy, Mary Beth Renshaw, Marion Kennedy, Beulah Mc- Kenzie, Delores Awalt, Stella Healy, Doris Mae Gerdes. IF YOU CAN WRITE, SIGN HERE Page Thirty WE MARCH . .. , Z.-:i v Q .,.:1 n.,.1.:5,,., O a m e S -2-4 A. '11k3:1:3:5:Er:11g::.: , K: 32221: j ., -:Q i:1:2E:gt: '1'i'I'-:-z-A M' X V -.' "4 '1'1':':':-Z-7:f:7:- N ' 'X . ,... . - 2, ,.,,., .. , -' "'+Ix:',+:- . 4:-:-: - " r X +3 .5-.-if -112:19-4 .xox .1 9. :Q 55 52.35311-.3 X. - ' Q P L, - :-zvizff.-2-:-:-9:-.-. - -z'-:A.g.-.:-1-N'--: ,,. . J - it- --1-'zesfzu . 43.-gk'-g55f.,,.,' Q , I X 54, 4-'f S. 41.5-N: '- ':':Q5.-gf:-r..,,,: r,. . ,Q 1, 'WX - 'm i ---MZ'1.g'z':':S'Mx V x, . iw?-Zz.:-'-t-1-1:-Zz:-c:,, ' U . 2. ' ' - , 'TQ' , -. . -Qgsfiif-1'1'1'1f'-1-xm . . '. ' " ., N w5g:-.,::srsa-:1'r1Nm- ' 7375 . ' 'f' ,Vu - 'izizggggiz-21:-:-" 'A ic I - N - --1,1 "' gg-,, , '- '-135: '-1-2:Q:2:2:3:-1-D-3 ' 'VL-. V '-Z- " .1:1:1:11-1295-3:32-. "1 4- " '14'252:5'E'4'i1:2E1'.f:1':.- " Qafiavoalzitfr 0 , .. 2:4-:-1-1'1.:2:1+f - 'L -. ' -' . . -r 1:4 'TX "iijS1:g:E1Eff:1:.1:E: 'k i?,,-2'5,"5:t'?' ,gk J, ' " ' 'fvz-:-:V--21-11,1-:--B 4. - u . ,A , 'Q --uf.:-1 V x. " F. "tg, , ' .,. -- 1-L' za-v ft ,- .x,13:,.,.-. ' -..,, ,, . ' W 14, , .Njw 1 XA. ' "T:' ., A . 0' Ii' " , . ,. " V '"7:TFEP15?fElS:i?E-:f:1i:f:k--:Sit-S .. .,,. . . ..,,, ,.,,.,., A. -:-: :-::ggg:g:2'QfjjQfj:Q, 1 ' 7 10 .X-.WA f 5 J "'11:w335w., , A 'f g 'M Z is .,' x wffiik-'- Nfnii . . x " '4 " ' .5 '-ri., . ' f " 4' . -:. ' 4. . '-2:':f:-.-.:. 'W-'-'liz-11.5, Y -- ' -'r f' Y , - - "-'-:-.-.3-g..52:-'g:g.g:g:,-.-..-. - , Nl- -:fw'1:1..:5:5:g.g:,,.- , .- E- , .,,'- ,, I 1, .-: " 19? , - "': ' -U. , "W cl -1" ,dsx . 'F.-'vkwn' L A ' Q. , ' za Til' .'Z'- ""-1 "' 'QW '52 K . I , 'Wh .. .f .I . gf gh 463 : ngia- ' n-'issgisagg-1-:ii-Raii J fgffgr.. Q , xx . K ' -. 4 mg, f x .??if'-'W-r ' ' x -.3 ' Siakieaei, ' Q - ' " - 'f-31-5-5 -o:f:4'f'.s-ifizm, 1'-. , 1 'Q , Wkmw wfwwfm., - ' . U "'-: . .'Q-gin-:,:s:1v:-z-. ' 4- :, .,,5'z-,, ..'4-f. -,iw Ag' 1 - - V, 1 , N. '-1:-: , .g - , 'si,'kf2:,Qf7,"t' 543, A-'iW '?'aYfH,'-- 'iff' -' ''f1EI.':1gi:1:1:1?Sa12.-:- -' '-: 25' . .. " '-fizlziciiiizfz-kwgx 4221?-410-: ,. . . Q 4 .N-1-1: --1-::g:g:1:,.2-15-113:99 ' '-2324-w - A, pf- '+ 1 ' , ' U' 0' 1240" ' -I-. ' 'L 2. -. ., -',-, :-5131:-.1-'-' -' " ""V:3'521-2:33-'lithc-I 'glw -1 -. '11?Qri:1.1:1:,'-"' - , - ----we-. cr.-'.-.g.gQ.,,-. 1,--' wh.. V1. 'rv WZ, ., UV 1:1 A 1 . Eagerly Page Thirty-one November 19 24 30 December 3 8 10 14 17 January 7 11 14 18 February 2 4 9 11 16 18 22 November 19 24 30 December 3 8 10 14 17 January 7 11 14 18 February 2 4 9 11 16 18 22 Page Thirty-two BASKETBALL SCHEDULE VARSITY SQUAD We MoLeansboro .... ................. ...... 3 2 New Harmony .... .. ...... 30 Crossville .... ....... ...... 5 6 Albion .... ......... ...... 3 5 Grayville .... .. ...... 38 Carmi .... .... ..23 Ridgway .... ...... 3 4 Crossville .... ...... 5 9 Carmi .... ............... ......... 3 4 Cave-in-Rock .... . ......... 39 Enfield .... ....... ...... 3 4 Eldorado .... ....... ...... 2 4 McLeansboro .... . .......... 32 Albion .... ........ ......... 2 9 Cave-in-Rock .... . ...... 35 Ridgway .... ..... .......... 3 2 Eldorado .... -. .......... 24 Gr-ayville .... ...... 3 1 Enfield .... . ...... 46 SECOND SQUAD We McLeansfboro .... ................. ...... 8 New Harmony .... .. ...... . 6 'Crossville .... ...... ....... 2 3 Albion .... ......... ....... 1 9 Grayville .... .. ..... . 7 Carmi .... ..... ..10 Ridgway .... ...... 2 3 Crossville .... ...... 1 0 Carmi .... .............. ....... 2 0 Gave-in-Rock .... ....... 2 3 Enfield .... ....... ...... 1 9 Eldorado .... ......... ...... 2 4 McLeansboro .... . ...... 32 Allbion .... ......... ...... 1 9 'Cave-infRock .... . ...... 13 Ri-dgway .... ..... ...... 2 9 Eldorado .. -.....17 Grayville .... ...... 3 3 Enfield .... . ...... 18 They 51 37 68 56 36 47 53 51 46 47 21 26 69 52 61 51 29 48 48 They 24 14 19 43 11 23 18 22 35 28 22 2-6 48 43 23 25 16 20 20 Wilbur Clark foul: - T Lf ,, , I icfurzd' 5,w.Jd' V :7.'zrfzwz :WI lizlfau Jw' All Work No Play Makes Life Dull Page These Two Clubs Are Full Of Life PEP CLUB President ............................... Elizabeth Smith Vice President ............................ Frank Bayley Secretary-Treasurer ...................... Colleen Smith Yea, Cardinal Yea, White Yea, Yea, Cardinal, White "What's that we hear?" Oh, that's -the Pep Club of N. C. T. H. S. All of the members showed exception- ally good "school spirit" and were always ready to boost our team. Much of the credit is due to the loyalty and enthusiasm shown .by our cheer leaders-Lucille Chisum, Virginia Hughes, and Aileen Maddox. Top Row Cleft to rightj-Hazen Kroff, Lillian Oliver, June Henson, Mary Jane Knight, Sybil Bruce, Freda Edwards, Marian Musgrave, Lenora Haynes, Mary Grif- fith, Plumadell Bell, Norma Faunce, Beth Shook, Delores Dale, Audrey Stephens, Bud Evans. , Second Row-Evelyth McArthy, Marie Edwards, Kathleen Austin, Alice Blazier, Clarence Dolan, Bernice fl-Iealy, Margaret Justice, 'Pauline Pool, Margie Bolerjack, Kathryn Boyd, Sybil Ford, Russell Orr, Berthal Weas, -Frank Bayley, James Sanders. Third Row-Margaret Henson, Eleanor Green, Ruby Patton, Imogene Patton, Wilma Bishop, Glennys Greathouse, Joy Stovall, Virginia Spence, Maida Whipple, Valeta Margrave, Kathleen Keasler, Mary Stephens, Leona :Lee Wall, Virginia Hol- land, Leon Spence, Bobby Sanders. Bottom Row-Christine Turpin, Eulah Short, Frances Elifritz, Pauline Dolan, Joan Questell, Elizabeth Smith, Kenneth Orr, Coleen Smith, Robylee Hill, Mary Knight, Joyce Questell, Marylou Koelling. Cheer Leaders-Lucille Chisum, Virginia Hughes, Aileen Maddox. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION President ................................... Beth Shook Vice President ............................. Robylee Hill Secretary-Treasurer ....................... J 08.11 Questell The Girls' Athletic Association is an organization of activity. Their meetings are held during the activity period every Thursday, and the girls participate in such games as -basketball, volleyball, and deck tennis. Those members who keep a record of their points received for observing certain health rules and activities will be award- ed local awards if they have earned six hundred points. The G. A. A. sponsored a. Truth or Consequence Program for an assembly pro- gram March 17. They sold cold drinks and pop corn at ball games to make money for their cluib, and they sponsored the all-school Hallowe'en Party. Top Row .Cleft to rightj-Virginia Hughes, Anna Roye, Doris Mae Gerdes, Joy Stovall, Kathryn Boyd, Lula Belle -Merideth, Marylou Koelling, Lenora -Haynes, Norma Faunce, Clare Irene Dolan. Second Row-Mary Knight, Wanda Keasler, Kathleen Keasler, Virginia Holland, Christine Turpin, Eulah Short, Sybil Ford, Frances Elifrltz, .Leona Tyler, Delllalh Kennedy, Audrey Stephens, Ruby Nell Patton, Christine Hicks, Mrs. G. C. Blacker. Fourth Row-Mary Ruth Coffman, Ruth Marian Musgrave, Freda Edwards, Delores Dale, Sybil Bruce, Roberta Wade, Elizabeth Smith, Lucille Chisum, Colleen Smith, Robylee Hill, Glennys Greathouse, Leona Lee Wall. Bottom Row-Mary Jane Knight, Mary Stephens, Martha Spence, Bernice Healy, Betty Gwaltney, Valeta Margrave, Pauline Dolan, 'Lillian Oliver. Thirty-four - :A W in-ta-'J 4, xi?'4ti7' e .4 PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASSES The school year 1943-44 saw the organization of a more efficient P. E. Depart- ment. The Boys' 'Physical Education Classes were taught during' four periods of the day, three days a week while the girls' classes were conducted on the alternate days. In addition, during the spring season, those boys not enrolled as regular P. stu- dents were given opportunity to participate in some semi-organized game or activity during the student's free hour. This year especially, the Armed Forces have im- pressed upon the educational institutions the need for a greater emphasis upon the physical fitness of -the average student. With that in mind, the P. E. Classes placed the stress upon group calisthenics. Thus through the use of the relay type of game, small numbered teams and mass participation, the co-ordination as a unit rather than an individual was stressed. BASKETBALL BANQUET On Thursday evening, March 9, at 6:00 o'clock, a. banquet was held for the bas- ketball team in the home economics room at the high school. The abanquet was a re- sult of a winning on behalf of the second team in which they won seventy-five per cent of their games in a period set oft by the coach. The members of the second team invi-ted the first team as their guests. Everyone had an excellent time and en- joyed the delicious food .prepared by the home economics classes, under the super- vision of Miss Robison. Those present at the banquet were our principal, H. J. Phelps, caretaker of the gym, Louis Hill, local referees, Ed Griffith and Norman Gerdes, Mr. Chapman, the coach, and members of the Board of Education, L. H. Bayley, Dan More- head and 'Fred Carroll. The members of the second team present were Charles Greer, Dalton Aud, 'Stanley Johnson, Lyn Martin, Kenneth Doemer, Fred Carroll, Jr., Ben Boyd, Darrell Mobley and John Randall Johnson. The first team who were the sec- ond team's guests, were Jack Shain, Norman Hill, Wilbur Clark, Derald Henson and Carl Doerner. The manager, Ralph Jordan, was also present. The menu consisted of: Round Steak Potatoes in Half Shell Buttered Peas Vegetable Jello Salad Parkerhouse Rolls Butter Celery Pickles Apple Pie Coffee TRACK The track season opened March 20 with -thirty boys reporting for organization meeting in the gym. After two weeks of eliminations were effected, the following re- main as regular members of the track squad: Orland Davis, Bill Harrell, Logan Roark, Cyril Austin, Val Pearce, Phil Van Winkle, Wilbur Clark, Porter McKenzie, Bob Amos, Robert Healy, Norman Hill, Dar- rell Mobley, Derald Henson, Ted Van 'Winkle, and Dalton Aud with Ralph Jordan as student manager. The first meeting was that of the triangular track meet held at Carmi April 5, 1944, with Carmi, Crossville, and Norris City participating. Norris City came with second honors. The County Track Meet was held April 28 officially closing the track season, but Norris City continued on with practice meets wi-th neigh- boring schools such as Crossville and Eldorado. ' RESULTS Here are the team members who scored 28 points in the annual county meet at Carmi, winning second place in the meet: Mile-Davis, Norris City, first, 5:12g Austin, Norris City, second. 880-yard Run-Pearce, Norris City, first, 2:.19.8. Discus-Clark, Norris City, second. High Jump-Clark, Norris City, tied with Lewis of Carmi for first, 5 ft., 555 ln. Pole Vault-Clark, Norris City, first, 10 ft., 5 in. Page Thirwsix Q Marching with Us in the Parade of the Year are the ff, ,A "f,. 'Ifi-P1123 9p-1gL,:,:-,l5'Q'5:- A T, si?-'f ,. . Q AAV' A .fffri E-.:fv'ff-'-TQ' 2'-iff?-,Q-55 6:32.-3' ' -. 1 Q A"' fi?ff"2.f1f5f'fljff-qfff-gf,-iff'-f"'f o"b,b -A A "3'1f3?1f'j.'.ff'1.' 1,3511 o I ' V .. Ji 'lllnusv' BOARD OF EDUCATION AND FACULTY Page Thirty-seven C They Direct Our Line of March As We, the seniors of 1944, pass from this school into the many varied activities of life, We realize that we owe much to our Board of Education and Faculty. In the years to come we will look back on these past four years in N. C. T. H. S. as probably the best collection of years in our lives. We take this opportunity to express our appreci- ation and gratitude to you who have directed and advised us. FACULTY Humbert J. Phelps, Principal -Southern Illinois Normal University, Ed. B. University of Indiana, M. S. History George C. Blacker Raymond H. Johnson University of Illinois, A. B. University of Illinois, B. S. Band, History, 'Public Speaking Agriculture Agnes J. Forchee Emily G. Robison Ball State Teachers' College, A. B. Illinois State Normal University, Ed. B. Commerce Home Economics Theron R. Johnson Robert C. Chapman University of Hlinois, B. S. Southern Illinois Normal University, Ed. B Mathematics University of Illinois, M. A. Coach, -Science, Music Ruby C. Lockwood . Southern nnnois Normal University, Ed. B. Lamome F' H111 University of Illinois, M. A. Secretary to the Principal English Latin Mrs. G. C. Blacker Graduate, William Woods College Economic Geography, English fNo picture of Mrs. Blackerl Page Thirty-eight EUARD UF EDUCATION l l. ig it 'f 5 fi iflmo Mill 17. V, emoraluad f. 91. Ealylag 9. 8. Uurmz' 'hai Carroll fllflfdll frudz K TY PM . I ff- I A . fury: Z'. dine: J. Garda fwfwmlihhlzmfa Zfafify rf. A'a61?arz 'iq 9 'T Ulufm ki .bhzsaa idler! LZ Lligvma Wag: LZ fdtkllfddd Iluwzlfze 'Z JIM ei sw ,um www, vmzmr Dressed Up or Nol- We Have Many Events Page Forty-one JUNIOR-SENIQR BANQUET AND PROM The Junior4Senior Banquet was held in the gymnasium on Friday, May 5, at 7:00 p. m. The seniors, faculty members, and the school board members were guests of the Junior class at this Plantation Party. The program covers were hand painted 'Colonial houses. The nut cups were also hand painted by the girls of the Junior class. The girl's pastel col-ored full -skirted dress enclosed a nut cup and served as a place c-ard. The program was as follows: Come On Down South ....................... ...... C arl Doerner The Sunny South ........ ' ..... Dalton Aud Southern Hospitality ..... ...... K enneth Orr Southern Traditions .......................................... ................... R ussell Orr Group singing was led by Mr. Chapman. Some of the songs used were: My Old Kentucky Home Old Bla-ck Joe Old Folks At Home Dixie Swanee River Carry Me Back to Old Virginia The Old Oaken Bucket In The Evening By The Moonlight The menu for the banquet Was: Chicken Salad Baked Beans Sweet Corn Hot Rolls Ice Cream Wafers 'Celery Pickles Olives Radishes I-ced Tea Following the program the evening was spent in dancing. Fruit punch and cookies were served during the evening. ' Page Forty-two CLASS DAY May 19, 9:00 a. m., High School Auditorium Class of '44 Processional .....,................................................................. Address ............ Class History .. "Loyalty" ......... Class Prophecy Class Song' ............ ...... Class Will .......................... Presentation of Awards ..... "Star Spangled Banner" .... Recessional .................... BACCALAUREATE H. J. Phelps Kenneth Orr Student Body Reba Newcomb Seniors Norman Hill Theron Johnson Audience Class of '44 May 14, 7:30 p. m., High School Auditorium Processional ............................................................................ Class of '44 Invocation ............... ..... R everend Prince "Coliseum Overture" ......................... .. Band Scripture Reading ...................................................... Reverend Leathers "Children's Prayer", from "Hansel and Grete1" fHumperdinckJ.... Girls' Chorus Sermon .............................................. ..... R everend Napolitan "Holy City" QAdams-Samuelsonb ..... .............. G irls' Chorus Benediction ....................................... ....... R everend Hedges Recessional ....... ......... v Class of '44 COMMENCEMENT May 19, 7:30 p. m., High School Auditorium Processional ............................................................................ Class of '44 Invocation ................................................ ...... R everend Hedges "God Bless America" flrving Berlinj ..... ........... G irls' Chorus Address, "When Life Begins" ............... ....... H . L. Overdeer "Among My Souvenirs" KH. Nichollsl ................................ Girls' Chorus Presentation of Diplomas .......,.............................................. I. E. Turner President of Board of Education Benediction ....................... . ............................ Reverend Prince Recessional ....... .......... C lass of '44 Page Forty-three OUR HIGH SCHOOL BECOMES A MEMBER OF NORTH CENTRAL ASSOCIATION This year the Norris City Township High School joined the North Central As- sociation. An application for membership was filed and granted several years ago, but we did not join until this year. The North Central .Association has certain re- quirements which high schools must meet. There must be adequate equipment, a specific taxation valuation, and a nine months' term. The teachers must meet quali- fication requirements designated fby the North Central Association. We are proud to be a member of this organization as there is only one other high school in the county belonging. VISITORS FROM S. I. T. C. VISIT HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT On Tuesday, 'February 15, 1944, the home economics department had visitors from Southern Illinois Teachers' College. The visitors, Miss Pauline Schacy of Gore- ville, Miss Betty Qualls of Valier, Miss Margariete Wilson of Canbondale, and Miss Carolyn Smith of Norris City are juniors in the home economics department of South- ern Illinois Teachers' College. They were accompanied by Miss Gladys Babcock, a teacher at the college, and Mrs. Dorothy Carty, the Southern Illinois State Supervisor of Home Economics. These girls were observing teaching methods and class room procedures. The fol- lowing day they visited at Noble High School. STUDENTS ATTEND STUDENT COUNCIL CONVENTION AT PEORIA Robylee McGhee and Mary Stephens, members of the Student Council for 194-2- 43, were sent as delegates to the Tenth Annual Convention of the Illinois Association of 'Student Councils held in Peoria April 20 and May 1. 'Leaving home at 2:00 Thursday morning, the girls arrived in Peoria about 4:00 o'clock Thursday afternoon. They spent the remainder of the afternoon sightseeing, and during the evening they attended a. movie. After registration on Friday morning, they attended the first session which began at 10:30. During this session the girls heard two very fine welcome addresses, one delivered by L. R. MacDonald, principal of the Woodruff High School, and the other by the Honorable E. N. Woodruff, the Mayor of Peoria. Friday afternoon the girls attended the second session at which the subjects discussed were "War Time Projects of Student Councils", "The 'Student Di- rectory", "Freshman Orientation", "Activity Tickets", and "The Council's Cooperation with the Student Body". At the banquet given at 6:30 Friday evening, an interesting and humorous address was given by R. B. Bradley of fPeoria. The program provided other entertainment including singing by the Girls' Variety Chorus and dancing skits arranged by the East Peoria High School. After the program, the girls attended the dance. Saturday morning a Panel Forum was held. The topic discussed was "The Stu- den-t's Position in His School and State-Today and in the Future". At the sixth session held -Saturday afternoon, officers for the coming year were elected. At the end of this session, the Convention adjourned. The girls arrived home early Sunday morning feeling that the Convention had been a great success and hoping that the succeeding ones will- continue to be as edu- cational and enjoyable. A Page Forty-four BOX SUPPER FOR THE BOND DRIVE On February 8, 1944, a. box supper was held in the high school gymnasium for the purpose of selling lbonds for the Fourth War Bond Drive. The gymnasium was attractively decorated with flags and red, white, and blue streamers, and a. very interesting program was presented. The invocation was given by the Reverend C. E. Hedges. Inspirational talks were made by C. E. Weirauch, chaplain of the American Legion, and I. E. Turner, Township Chairman of the Bond Drive. Two war pictures were shown, and the high school band, under the direction of G. fC. Blacker, furnished appropriate music. After the program, artistically decorated boxes, delicious cakes, pies, homemade candy, and chickens were auctioned to the highest bidders. The proceeds from the auction amounted to six thousand two hundred dollars. We wish to express our appreciation to the American 'Legionnaires and to all who contributed in any way to the success of this event. THE HALLOWE'EN CARNIVAL On the night of October 29 at the high school gym, everything was in full swing! The bingo players were sitting around the bingo stand, each player hoping to be the lucky winner. The students fishing from the fish pond found the small presents amusing. On the opposite side of the gymnasium were others pitching pennies de- lighting in splurging their "coppers". "iHurry! hurry! hurry!" was the cry heard from other corners of the gym. What a stampede! Everyone was trying to see the many sideshows-the life-like statues gazing into space, the many freaks such as the fat woman, the largest -baby in the world, the bearded lady, the wild man from Borneo, and the other amazing and unusual creatures of this world. Rememfber the Hula Girls dancing to the enchanting music of -their country, Hawaii? After the palm of her hand was crossed with silver, the fortune teller told of many things of the past, present, an-d future. We must not forget the House of Terror-the gloomy, weird at- mosphere made the students' hair rise at the nape of their necks: the shrill screams and shrieks, and the blood-curdling moans were sounds which we still remember. The evening was finished with sandwiches and drinks handed across the counter of a color- fully-decorated stand. It was an evening of thrills, mystery, and fun. MAGAZINE SALE CONTEST Again the girls in the Home Economics Classes were divided into two groups- the WAVES and the WACS. The captain of the WAVES was Kathleen Keasler, and Margaret Justice of ,the WACS. Pauline Pool was the Commander-in-Chief. The girls' profit from the contest with the Curtis Magazine Company was fifty-eight dol- lars and twenty-eight cents. Aileen Maddox, Bernice Healy, and Virginia Holland sold over twenty dollars apiece and received a Cardinal free. Other prizes were given for smaller sales of magazines. The girls purchased a breakfast set for the Home Economics Departmen-t. Page Forty five DISTRICT MEETING OF HOME ECONOMICS TEACHERS The Home Economics teachers of District III met at the Norris City Township High School on Saturday, March 18. Mrs. Lella Endres, the White County Ll-Iome Adviser, talked about "Ho'memaking in China, North Africa". Mrs. Dorothy Carty, the Supervisor of Southern Illinois Home Economics, talked to the teachers of how they can make their summer supervision more effective. 'Miss Dorothy South of Crossville gave a review of the film "Blame It On Love". A discussion of films for classroom work followed. Each teacher exhibited and told about some illus- trative or stimulating material that she has used in classroom procedures. The members off the Homemaking II class who served luncheon at noon were: Bernice Healy, Eulah -Short, Christine Turpin, Ruth Hughes, Dortha Mitchell, Stella Healy, and Lenora Haynes. STUDENT COUNCIL DELEGATES G-O TO CHICAGO Our student council sent Roy Oneal and Fred Carroll, Jr., as delegates to the Illinois Association of Student Councils Convention which was held at the Sherman Hotel in Chi- cago, April 14-15. Two hundred twenty-nine schools were represented and over one thou- sand students were registered. After the convention was called to order on April 14 the Honorable Edward J. Kelley gave a welcome address. Others spoke on the welfare of the people and the government. In the afternoon session Dr. Harry C. Mc- Kown, who has written several books on edu- cation, gave a very interesting address on the work of student councils. A panel forum on "Developing Competent and Responsible Citizens" and a round table discussion on "The Student Council, Today-Tomorrow" were two outstanding features of the Convention. The boys had time to do some sightsee- ing also. They arrived in Norris City Sunday morning feeling that they had had a. very profitable and enjoyable trip. F. F. A. DELEGATES GO TO CHAMPAIGN The YF. IF. A. of N. C. T. H. S. sent three Page Forty-six delegates to the 16th annual meeting of the Future Farmers of America at Champaign, April 7-8. The boys who represented our school were Carl Doerner, Bert Weas, and Ted Van Winkle. Approximately one hundred fifty schools of the state were represented at the conference, which was held in the audi- torium of the University of Illinois. The high- light of the convention was the meeting at which state officers were elected. At this meeting a program was presented and the fol- lowing topics were discussed by prominent men of the organization: "Soil Conserva- tion", "Soil Erosion", "New Frontier", and "Postwar Effort". Various contests were held and prizes amounting to 52,500.00 were awarded to the winners. After returning home, the boys made re- ports to the F. F. A. on their experiences at the convention. MOTHER-DAUGHTER TEA On Wednesday, April 19, from 3:30 to 5:00 p. m., the Future Homemakers Club en- tertained with a Mother-Daughter Tea in the home economics room of the high school. The room wa.s beautifully decorated with spring flowers, and the table decorations were in keeping with the spring theme. On display were exhibits which were made by the Home Economics Classes. These interesting ex- hibits included dresses, aprons, rugs, pot hold- ers, calots, jumpers, skirts, jerkins, doilies, embroidered pillow cases, quilt tops, and em- broidered luncheon cloths. Also on display were some of the canned foods -prepared by the Home Economics Classes. The guests en- joyed seeing the exhibits and commented on the fine Work which is 'being accomplished by the various classes. The girls and their guests were served iced tea and dainty cakes and cookies, which were prepared by the various Home Eco- nomics classes under the direction of Miss Robison. The following committees helped to make the tea a great success. The reception com- mittee included Nora Ruth Bryant, Sylma Jean Austin, Eulah Short, members of com- mittee for pouring tea were Beth Shook, Evelyth McArthy, Mary Stephens, Ruth Har- perg the serving committee included Avis Bryant, Delores Awalt, Kathleen Keasler, June Henson, Betty Bruce, Norma Faunce, Dortha Mitchell, 'Lillian Oliver, Virginia Hol- land. HERE AND THERE AROUND sc:-mol. r---'1 Fifi A L J fyanswnna Boufvo Q' I l w , 1 Q S ' ,I I - ll ' 2, L-'-A ' 5,2 WHITE Wauram L .J il: P N w r 90 P1115 Tl CA TED Sawoks ,d HLL Moana UHMFRA 9'0"-'F - - w --.Q-""-"T ZfNCLfV5HM I5 cfuufvs us Y -4511 -, . 3-M, . -1 ,....4-1 :,- 42 ', R , if. -g,, . J, Q M155 PER5dA2lLH7f P1415 r f 4 I 4 w .0 1 W 1 w I 541V BERT 77ll!'f J.,------U ,, L 'NI Q ' if X no QAQJI .1 -4 ' m.. 'Hu 2 'n 1 O fx4 L ' i 4 5 4 A 3' FRE5lfMAN 6166 L ERS , K , , "-'5't- 1' ,F as Qbif X 5 lamps 7'l770N Ru5sfLL 'F' 5'CHDOLfS our! 6'aNc5NrRArnv6! page a1.o ,v.c. 7:H. 5. , - 'hx Y , HOL D 7'H,7r P055 f Page Films That Have Been Shown To Supplement Class Room Activities HOME ECONOMICS FILMS These films were shown to the Home Economics classes: Safety in the Home. A Guide to Good Eating. Modern Magic. For Health and Happiness. Making Ends Meet. Wartime Nutrition. Ba'by's First Year. Posture and Locomotion. When Bobby Goes to School. Baby's Day at 48 Weeks. Child Grows Up. Meat and Romance. Ever Since Eden. A New Day. Preventing the Spread of Disease. Smallpox, the Ever Present Menace. Footsteps. Home Nursing. R. N. Serving All Mankind. Help Wanted. AGRICULTURE FILMS Throughout the year, these films were shown for the Agriculture classes: Tuttle Tugger. Green Acres. Keystone Barn Dance. Putting Plant Foods to Work. Friendly Valley. lglililiaigiegse - The Life of the Soil. Body Defense Against Disease. Food and Nutritions. R-oad to Health and Happiness. They Do Come Back. Middletown Goes to War. Heredity. Reproduction Among Mammals. Green Hand. Health Happiness and Hog. Give the Pigs a Square Deal. Electricity. Keep 'em Out. National Farm Oddities. Control of Quality. B'1aicksmith's Gift. CARDINAL CAMPAIGN Victory!! That was the shout of the Athenians after they again defeated the Guestolnians in the ever-enthusiastic .contest of the year- the Cardinal Campaign. Our goal was set at two hundred fifty Cardin- als, more than had ever been sold before, and this was reached within a week. We were proud of our a-chievement. Congratulations, Athen- ians. Here's to continued success in the future! Fortyfeight DAMSELS IN DISTRESS December 15, 1943 Pamela Royle ...... ................................... Geraldine Ware .. Mrs. Meek ........ Mrs. Guppy ......... Natasha Ferderovna ........ Jimmy Love ......... Shelby Parsons ................ Aunt Eustacia Carstairs ..... Braymer Babcock Ethelbert Meeks ........ Mike ..................... Pat ....... Beth Shook Virginia Hughes Kathleen Austin Lucille Chisum Joyce Questell Norman Hill Russell Orr Robylee Hill Carl Doerner Gene Davis Johnny Betson 'Charles Greer MISS PERSONALITY PLUS April 21, 1944 Tip Gr-aham, "Miss Personality Plus" ........ ........ V irginia Holland Linda Baker, a charming young girl ................... ...... B ernice Healy Mrs. Baker CLorettaJ, Linda's devoted mother ......... ...... R obylee Hill Claude Baker, who is inclined to be egotistical .................. Carl Doerner Lizzie Rankin, a. garrulous spinster ...................... Mary Ruth Coffman Johnny Harrow, in love with Linda ......... ............. D onald Aud Hector DeVronde, an orchestra leader ...... ....,.. G len Harris THE WHITE PHANTOM April 21, 1944 Mrs. Drexel Blake, a determined woman ........................ Lucille Chisum Marion Blake, her young and charming daughter .......,....,. Virginia Cox Eleven Moore, a colored maid ....... L .............................. Mrs. Ogden Frazier, ia society matron ....... ....... Curtis Frazier, her son ............................. Ethan Sharp, a real estate man ...................... . ..... . Delilah Kennedy Kathleen Keasler -. Stanley Johnson Howard Chapman Dalton Aud Officer Jerry Nolan, who means to find out, ....... .............. The White Phantom ........................................ ...... ? ? J. W. Graves Page Forty nine CALENDAR AUGUST Registration Day. Comparing Schedules- Teachers' meeting at Carmi. VVhat? A vaca- tion so soon? School opens in full swing. SEPTEMBER Labor Day-a holiday already. Back to school. Some new students registered this m-orning. Class organizations. Farewell party for Mr. -Newcomb and Mr. For- rester. Athenians and Guestonians. Who gets whom? Mr. Newcomb, our science and history teacher, received his call from Uncle Sam. Club organizations. What shall I join? OCTOBER Senior party. Did we have fun? Freshman outing. I wonder what happened! Assembly singing. Boy! Could we ever sing. Junior party-all had a good time. State teachers' meeting at Mt. Carmel. Pleas- ant surprise. Hallowe'en Carnival. What horrible creatures! NOVEMBER Armistice Day. Look at all the flags. Mcheansboro here. We lost. Mr. Forrester, our coach, was inducted into the Army. Hobby Club party. Mr. Belt is the new teacher and coach. New Harmony, there. We lost again. Thanksgiving vacation. O, Boy! Turkey. Crossville, there. We almost won one. DECEMBER F. F. A. party. Albion, there. Just a good game of football. Mrs. Harrelson went to California. Mrs. George Starr is the new teacher. Grayville, here. Our luck has changed. Junior party. Carmi, there. Well, we tried. Ridgway, here. Almost. School play, "Darnsels in Distress". Crossville, here. We won! Christmas vacati-on. JANUARY Mrs. Starr goes to Idaho, and Mrs. Blacker is our new teacher. I Carmi, here. What a battle! Cave-in-Rock, there. Better luck next time. Mr. Belt received his call from Uncle Sam. Page Fifty Enfield, here. WE WON A GAME!!! 'Cardinal pictures were taken. See the monkey? Eldorado, there. Beat us in an over time. Checker Club party. F. F. A. lparty. What, AGAIN? -Mr. Chapman is our new coach. County Tournament. High hopes-then, a dis- appointment. FEBRUARY McLeansboro, there. Can those boys play! F. H. C. party. Lots of fun. Albion, here. They were "tough" too. Box Supper for Fourth War Bond Drive. 'Cave-in-Rock, here. Sophomore party. More fun. Ridgway, there. Cardinal Campaign. Another victory for the Athenians. Eldorado, here. Grayville, there. Teachers' meeting at Carmi. Another vaca- tion-for students. MARCH Regional Tournament at Ha.rrisburg. Sad but true. 'Freshman party. We want another. F. F. A. broadcast over WEBQ. Basketball banquet. Interesting speeches and delicious steak and hot rolls. Checker Club party. Junior party. Everyone had a good time. District Meeting of Home Economics Teach- ers. Can those -girls cook! Senior 'pictures arrive. Who knew we were so beautiful? Choral Club party. It's not all singing. AfPRIDL G. A. A. Party. F. F. A. were guests. Vacation. Good Friday. F. F. A. delegates go to Champaign. Senior party. 'Student Council delegates go to Chicago. Mother-Daughter Tea. Hobby Club outing. Spring is here. Junior plays. Who was the White Phantom? ? ? Track Meet at Carmi. MAY Junior-Senior Banquet. Freshman outing. Senior exams. Baccalaureate. Commencement. I 2 3 1 9 l0lI I6 I7 2324 , 1 2 12 6 7 8 9 10 1314151617 20 2122' N 2728. 2 26 27 Z8 0011.1 Nazi? ,9.'f,1 '.-,13 14 . Q 4, O Z1 N 24 2 L 1415 16 17 Z1 Z2 23 Z4 Z. Z8 Z9 30 31 6 7 8 131415 2,0 2122 272829 8 9 10 11 16 17 18 23 24 25' 30 31 -2 2128291 h ' ec' . 411 emurmm SGT CHESTER J GERDES B1rth January 27 1915 Death January 15 1944 Sgt Chester J Gerdes d1ed from Wounds rece1ved 111 a.ct1on Janu ary 15 Sgt Gerdes was kxlled by a. German shell wh.11e constructing a gun p1t 1n Italy PFC ROBERT H HILL Blrth Apml 3 1913 Death October 8 1943 Pfc Robert H H111 d1ed 1n a pnsoner of war camp 1n Japan as result of ben ben Pfc H111 had been a pnsoner smce the fall of Corregldor 1n May 1942 . . . . ' ----- ' , --..-..---- , ----- , ..----- , . I W t . . . . . k . . . , . Page Fifty-two 1927 Myrtle Barnes Noel DeBoard Ama. Edwards Edward Gossett Lowell Harrell Marion Henson Nena Mae Hill Dorothy Mills Jean McKenzie Floyd Newkirk Lee.Qui1lman Chelsea Renshaw Orville -Weaver 1928 Dean Adams Lois DeLap Marea EDeLap Roxie H. Edwards Wilma Elliott Kenneth Gossett Edith Gott Helen Harlow Allena Hill Wayne Johnson Roy Jordan Helen McKenzie Elwood Mann Myra Mills Mildred Owen Glen Welch 1929 Lula Barnes Sherman Edwards Mary Kathryn Feehrer Juanita Goings Dwight Gott Benjamin Gray Clarence Hardesty Mildred Harper Madaline Hill Helen Jordan Genevieve Justice Clayborne Kisner Violet Lasater Wanda Long Harrell Quillman Helen Smith 'Reba fWeas Leslie Weaver Lloyd Weaver Rupert Wilson Robert lWright " Si 1930 Lucille Barnes Ruth Boyd Osbourne Childers Isabel DeLalp Wanda Lee Flota Clyde :Forester Walter Greer Elwood Hill Mary Ruth Kittinvger Beulah Mann Lucille Meeks Carlton McKenzie Jessie Mills Bernice Moreland Herschel Newcomb Roy Pankey HLUMNI Marion Sharda Ruth Shelton Raymond Vinson Letha Grace Watson Mabel W eas Eldred Welch 1931 Ivan Browning Ellen E. Bishop Edna D. Brockett Victor 'Lee Bryant - Thurley Bryant Fred Buttrey Ila Clark Eleanor Eaton Loudean A. Edwards Luther M. Garrett Gilbert E. Harlow Everette B. Harris Bernice Johnson Pauline IF. 'Johnson Paul Johnson Ruth McKenzie Edman Long Raleigh 'Sigler Bernita -Smith Oswald :South Dalton S-pence Edith M. Storey Bernard C. Weirauch 1932 Wayne Austin Noel Kenneth Bishop Kenneth Cole Wayve Aurilla Davis Ivan Downen Gladys 'Forester Edward Gott Lorieda Graves Helen Greenley John Harper Wayne Harper Neal J. Healy Floy Henson Marion Henson Edn-a Mae Hill Lela Ruth Hill Lois Gaynel Hill Roy Hines William Hoskins Mary Hullett Lowell Jordan Lloyd Mayberry Warren Millspaugh Earl B. 'Lashbrook Herman Kittinger Fleta McKenzie Pauline Moreland Ray Ogilesby John Redick Lois Taylor Joseph George Wilson Vaughn Winfrey 1933 Lloyd Aud. Norris Hill Brockett Annabel Beulah Bryant Bernice DeLap Doris DeBoard Warren W. Edwards Vernal Elliott Lowell Lee Fellinger Chester Gerdes "' Bruce Hamilton . Ray 'Harper l Nellie Demova Healey Othal Hill " Vern Holland Elizabeth Hoskins Helen Lucille Hoskins Raymond Johnson Harry E. Johnson Hogan Knight Pauline Kisner Cyril Mann Wilma Margrave Lucille Mayberry Marie Mayberry Howard McElvain Lois McElvain Lucy McGill Charles Millspaugh Lois Newcomb Esther Phipps Vivian Ruby Robinson Wilma Robinson Nellie Jo Rodgers Bernard Roy Floyd Shain Cooper South Thurman Spence Mary Utley Kenneth Wakeford " Bonnie fWelch Roy Wilson Martha Wright Josephine Wright Elsie Yates 1934 Kermit Austin Virginia Barnes Oswald Brown Marie Cole Ruth L. Elliott Ro-bert Garrett Robert Gowdy Daley J. Griffith William Baley Griffith Ruth Grizzell Harold Henson Lucille Hill Robert G. Hill Marvanine Huffaker Elmer Johnson Theron Johnson Hope L. Mann Wave Margrave Arthur H. Marlin Fae Melton Evelyn McKenzie Ldora McKenzie Mary K. Morris Madeline Quillman Charles Redick Malcolm Smith Terry Smith Jack Stepp Monroe South Harold Stovall Burrell Taylor John Upchurch Viola R. Weaver Everett Witters Maxine Wright Clara Wilma Yates l 1935 Allen 'Fred Barker Kenneth Black Donald,Blake Wanda Farmer Franklin Griffith Jessie Harper Vaughn Hill Donald Hill Elsie Hoskins Gordon Lee I-Iulett Bernadean Johnson Lois Jordan Emily Knight Nellie Lashbrook William A. McPea.k Robert D. Mcftrthy Earl McKenzie Byron E. Porter Charles Raley Ray .smith Ellis Spence Dwight Stovall Chester Taylor Carlos Wakeford 1936 Armeda Austin John Bain Edward E. Black Shirley Black Wilfred Boyd, Jr. Eugene Bolerjack Mary Ruth Branham Kenneth Bruce Cecil Cain Dwight Catlin Pauline Carroll Jessie Carroll Alice Chapman George Clow Mary E. Davis Veronica DeLap Osa 'Wayne Edwards Pauline Fellinger David 'Frederick Waldo Gibson Wanda Lee Gibson Leona Gowdy Robert 'Hall Ella Marie Hill Kenneth Hill Violet Hill Lela Grace Humphrey Kathryn Marlin Irene Mayberry Willena Mayberry Kenneth McKenzie Margaret Morris Beulah Roye Lucille Smith ' Valeria Justice James E. Whitten Lois Welch Sue Swanson Paul Weas 1937 Billy Bruce Ethel Ruth Bruce Page Fifty-three Everett Bruce Marvin Cleveland Clair Clark Frank Elliott Verl E. Ellis Floyd Eubanks Carl M. Forrester Charles Gilpin Russell Edwards Carl Hardesty Ernest Harrell Don Harris Lloyd Healy Marion Healy Mary L. Heck Hazel C. Henson Jessie M. Henson Charles R. Hon Marie Johnson Charles E. Jordan Barton Lewis Emma L. Marlin Dollie Mayberry Aaron McKenzie Edgar McKenzie Jessie McPeak Dorothy Oliver Maxie Redick Margaret Rose Johnnie Taylor 4' Lucille Sailsibury Imogene Smith Golder Storey Wayne Summers James Williams Vera Weas 1938 Mildred Acord Alene Austin Wilma Bishop Mildred 'Boyd Arklus Browning Guthrie Catlin Alice Ann Clow Adolph lDeBoard Charles Edwards Densil Edwards Wilma Gerdes Maurice Greer Norman Gregg Pauline Harris Rose Marie Healy Van Hedges Elwood Henson Wanda Hill Earl Johnson Kathryn Kisner Martha Lewis Madelon Martin Margaret McEwen Leona McKenzie Freda Newcomb J. C. Oliver Imogene Postlewaite Harold Roy Ambrose Sailsbury Cecil South Roy South Margaret Spence Vaughn Spence Voyle Spence John Sutton, Jr. Jeanne Swanson Lillian Wallace Ella May Weaver Maurice Weas Page Fifty-four Cloteen White Lester Wilson 1939 Doris Black Pansy Boals Billy Boyd Charles Brockett Ernest Buttry Eugene Chapman James 'Clevenger Kenneth DeLap Joe Elliot John 'Englebright Estel Flatt Kathryn Gerdes Madeline Glines Frederick Gott Keith Hill Lucille Hill Edward Hoskins Kenneth Hoskins Vernon Irions Freda Jordan Paul McGhee Marion McKenzie Hugh Mills Doyle Nelson Ronald Norris Kenneth Oliver Robert Rodgers Betty Saffer 'Charles Smith Louie Smith Donald Wade James 'Veatch 1 940 Marion Acord Almetha Austin Goldie Barnes Georgia Boals Leo Blades Eleanor Britton Eugene Browning Laymon Bruce Carl Bryant Douglas Dale Hal DeLap Marie Doerner LaVern Edwards Aldean English Wayne Greer John Hamilton Fred Harrell Dean Harper Dwight Healy Mildred Healy Mildred Hedger Eliza Irvin Allen Hill 'Sadie Hill Floye Johns Grace Keasler Judith Knight Lucille Lewis Junior Margrave Clinton Martin Everett Mayberry 'Lloyd Mayberry Lloyd McKenzie Delbert Millikan Billy Millspaugh Mariam Newman Elwood -Pearce Ruby Lee Phillips Alfreda Rister Dean Roy Kathleen Smith Nina. Spence Milton Spence Wilma Spence Carl Stovall Earline Summers James Sutton Billy Trafford Gwendolyn Veatch Aleata Veatch Carl Weas Fred Weas Helen Weaver Joyce Wilson 1941 Mary Albert William Baker Norinne Beaty June Bishop Wilma Bolerjack Charles Bryant Starlus Buttry John Sherman Carroll James D. Cole Aubrey Doerner Leon Davis Donald Greer Ivan Greathouse Glennys Gott George Gerdes Lamoine Hill Billy Hill Gerald Henson Lois Hedges Bernadine Harris Guthrie Johnson Herdis Keasler Emily Norris Elmo Pyle Roma Dee Phillips Georgia Lee :Summers Arthur Lee .Storey Orval South Mary C. Smith Lillian Shaw Velma Sailsbury Dorothy Teague Charles Earl Weirauch Floyd Wilson Marie 'Witters Allynn Wright 1942 Mary Lou Abercrombie Glenn Austin Logan Betz Robert M. Blackard Rosalie Blackard Doyle Bolerjack Jack Boyd Charles Brockett , Vernell Bruce Edwin Lee Bryant Kenneth Buttry Geraldine Dale Kathryn DeLap Audrey Doerner Curtis Doerner Jesse Duckworth Ebert Edwards Robert Euibanks Virginia Faunce Edith Ford Edward Griffith Maurice Hale William Hardesty Ivan Harris John Harris John Healy Joe fl-Iealy Pauline Healy Andrew Hulett Harold Johnson Betty Keasler Frances Knight George Knowles Elinor Martin Doyle Mayberry Charles McGill Hazel McKenzie Jimmie McKenzie Dallas Millikan Delma Millikan Carl Miner Beulah Moore W. D. Morris Elsie Newcomb Mariam Oliver Marjorie Oliver Glenn Patton Junior Phipps James Pool Mary Kathryn -Smith Laura Stobaugh Guthrie Sutton Roy Ivan Veatch Robert Walden James 'Wallace Jerry Wright Charlene York 1943 Helen Albert Wallace Atkins Betty Lee Barnett Lawrence Benner Nevella Boster Gene Boyd Carl Bryant Jeanne 'Bryant Ruby Bryant Colleen Carroll Hal Clay Caliph Davis Mary Alice Edwards Ruth English Norman Gerdes Jack Gossett June Hill 'William Holland Nona 'Lee Hopkins William Hoskins Elizabeth Johnson Lyndell McArthy Robylee McGhee Eugene Mills Evelyn Miner Wilma Lou Minor Margie Montgomery James Oliver Jetty F. Pool Lillian Pyle Frankie Rister Eugene Thomas Rochelle Tyler Bennie Witters 4' D6C68iSed Our prayers, our hopes, our future, go for- ward with the brave boys from this com- ix '.'-- Z ,.g.-:-:E1if:?i32:-15, , munity who are making their "" i . . . . . .- sacrifice in the armed service. ,::g:9 E:E:E:2 : : 5Z - 9 May victory return - f ,.., - each of them HEROES quickly. ALL! , Violet Maddox L. E. Boyd Daley Griffith . 01-9, wmiams Norris City News Richgpd Fig1d5 Mary E. Gossett Wilma Gerdes Roy Gossett Rolla Bishop D. L. Bennett J. N. Hill's Poolroom Hill's Shoe Shop Fred Hill Mr. and Mrs. Frank Perry L. H. Bayley Monica Dola.n Edna 'Brockett Maureen Dolan T. E. Johnson J ohnson's Hardware Store Mrs. Ruby Lockwood Emily G. Robison Lyndell McArthy Ralph Stotts I. E. Turner C. C. Shewmaker G. O. Moreland Edwin Spence Frank DeBoard Floyd Allen F. E. Welch Mrs. Inez Smith Thomas Aud Sutton's Plumbing Sh Aubrey E. Doerner op. Eldorado Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Greathouse Rev. and Mrs. George D. Humphrey Mr. and Mrs. Earl Summers Bishop's South Side Grocery Miss Minnie L. Harris Rev. C. E. Hedges Jesse Mayberry Mr. and Mrs. Howard Douglas Miss Victorine Faunce Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hammett Mr. and Mrs. Verda Johnson Dr. and Mrs. C. J. Rosenberg Pvt. Jim Pool AXC Jackie Taylor Gossett Lieut. Charles Gilpin Wayne :Harper Doyle Nelson R. L. Sutton Pfc. Bennie Whitlock The Marlins Cpl. Van Hedges C. A. Gilpin 'Howard Johnson AXS Edwin Lee Bryant Mrs. C. M. Prince Billy Hogue Mrs. C. W. Newkirk L. C. Hill Robert Chapman Theron Johnson Page Fifty-five City of Norris City D-X Service Station THANK YOU Now that work on the "Cardinal" is finished and compliments are coming to the staff, we want to extend our thanks to the merchants and business men who have made these compliments possible-the advertisers. Without this aid, there would be no year book to congratulate, and the staff appreciates this cooperation. We have striven to make this a book in which our advertisers would be proud to have their ads appear, and we hope that the ads -will bring in enough returns to make them feel no regrets for their support. Walker Funeral Home Tresslar's 5-10c to 31.00 Stores Morehead Milling Company Abby's Place 'Sail Inn Eat Shop Mr. and Mrs. P. G. Barnes Brownie's Barber Shop 'Spence Clothing Store Shewmaker Drug Store G. O. Moreland Smith Texaco Station Marlin's Department Store Orpheum and Grand Theatres W. A. Grant Jewelry Company J. M. Johnson Hardware fl-Iil1's Hatchery Harry Douglas Feed Mill 'Farmer's Produce La.Rock Garage Kroger's Thrift Store Arno1d's 5c and 10c Store I-Iarper's Drug Store Don Weas and Family Kroff's Grocery White County Bridge Commission Jesse Burch Norris City Lumber Company Patterson Hotel Green Mill Cafe Tivoli Theatre I. E. Turner Nehi Bottling Company Dr. Charles J. Rosenberg 'Bowers Trucking Service South's Machine Shop rl-Ierman Johnson Sutton's Shell Station Dr. John F. Hardesty Lee's Tavern Darley and Davis Carmi Theatre and Strand Theatre Page Fifty-six Herff-J ones Company Veatch-White Motor Company Lockyear's Business College Western Auto Associate Store Dougherty Implement Company Carmi-Feature Underwear, Inc. Sweetland Confectionery W. A. Ball Drug Store Spieth's 'Studio Kisner's Pharmacy Rebstock Brothers L. D. Hoague Main Cafe Dr. Joe A. Rickenbaoh Archer Funeral Home Dr. J. H. Willis Rice's Confectionery Wallace Store Fairfield Lumber Company Lloyd L. Parker's Furniture Store f CDotty Shop Palace Clothing House The Fashion Palace Norris City Milling Company The Davis Store Norris City State Bank Sutton's Plumbing Nu-Way Carroll's Restaurant and Service Station Walton Kr Stein Norris City News Carmi Democrat-Tribune County Officers- 'Noel McCullough Herman Kittinger Chas. B. Lamp Hubert Sutton Apparel Shorp Rip's Cafe Schoemann's Crickman's Service Station 8: Naomi s Cafe COMPLIMEN TS OF THE CITY OF NCDRRIS CITY CHARLES A. GILPIN, Mayor Verdi Johnson Edgar Flota Frank Black Charles Oliver Earl Weirauch R. W. Millspaugh Margaret Moreland, Clerk Earl Cole Chief of Police D-ailey Griffith, Police Bailey Griffith, Police Mr. Johnson: "If there are forty-eight states in the Union, and superheated s-team equals the distance from Bombay to Paris, what is my age?" Fmsh: "Forty-four, sir." Mr. Johnson: "Correct, and how did you prove that?" Frosh: "'Wel1, I have a, 'brother who is twenty-two and he is only half nuts." PHZQNE TRESSLAR'S to the Store No. 1 UATES Store No. 10 WALKER -'FOR VALUES T OUR FUNERAL TRESSLAR STOREISYFIRSTH Carml, Illinois Enfield Carmi, Illinois USE FINEST ggi WHEAT F L O U Ri THE BEST ALL AROUND FLOUR - Also -- SPECIAL FEEDS OF ADL KINDS FEED MIXING AND HAMMER MILL GRINDING MOREHEAD MILLING COMPANY Norris City, Illinois Page Fifty-seven ABBY'S PLACE BEER SANDWICHES On State Route One COMPLIMENTS OF SAIL INN EAT SHOP Norris City, Illinois LUN CHES -- CANDY COLD DRINKS Norris City, Illinois SANDWICHES ICE CREAM COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF MR. AND MRS. BRQWNIES P. G. BARNES Norris City, Illinois BARBER SHOP Norris City, Illinois For Latest Styles In COMPLIMENTS HATS, CAPS, SHOES, SHIRTS SUITS, SPORT COATS OF for MEN AND BOYS SHEWMAKER SPENCE DRUG STORE CLOTHING STORE Norris City, Illinois Norris City, Illinois COMPLIMENTS SMITI-123 OF TEXAOO STATION G. O. MORELAND "THE JEWELERH Norris City, Illinois TEXACO PRODUCTS ICE COOLERATORS -- ICE BOXES STOVES - HEATERS Norris City, Illinois Page Fifty-eight ' . . ,S ,gf - 4- , ,T T, CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1944 IVIARLINS Department Store NORRIS CITY'S GREATEST STORE COMPLIMENTS OF THE ORPHEUM AND GRAND THEATRES Eldorado, Illinois DAEFYNITIONS SKELETON: A pile of bones with all the people scraped off. TAJCK: A small piece of iron which a. man aims at while pounding on his thumb. PARACI-IUTIE: An object which if you ever need and don't have, you'1l never need again. W. A. GRANT JEWELRY COMPANY Harrisburg, Illinois l- FOR GIFTS -- Diamond Rings, Wedding Rings, Famous Gruen Strap and Bracelet Watches fwhen availafblej, Elgin, Grant and Hamilton Watches Qwhen availalblej, Lockets and Pendants with Chains, Bracelets and Birth- stone Rings. Prices Right - Gifts Right - One Price to All. SILVER - CHINA - CRYSTAL Fine Watchmaking and Engraving - Diamond Setting COMPLIMEN TS HILL' S OF HATCHERY BABY CHICKS J. M. JOHNSON That Mak Yo M HARDWARE e U my East Main Street Norris City, Illinois Norris City, Illinois Page Fifty-nine HARRY DOUGLAS FEED MILL QUALITY FEEDS Keystone Feeds FREE MIXING OF FEED COMPLIMENTS OF LaROCK GARAGE POU'LTRY MOTOR OVERHAULING Phone CREAM We OUR SPECIALTY 109 EGGS Deliver Norris City, Illinois Norris City, Illinois Did y-ou hear about the girl who m poet? She went from batter to verse. arried a baker, divorced him, and married a REMEMBER You Can Live Better for Less by Buying All Your Foods at KROGER'S THRIFT STORE Elwood Hill, Man-ager Norris City, Illinois COMPLIMENTS OF FARMER'S PRODUCE Bob Edwards, Manager Elmo Hill, Assistant Manager Norris City, Illinois COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS n OF OF ARNOLD'S 50 Sz we STORE HARPER S DRUG STORE Norris City, Illinois McLeansboro, Albion, Grayville Norris City, Illinois There isn't much to see in a. small town, bu-t what you hear makes up for it.-Abe Martin. COMPLIMENTS KROFF'S GROOERY OF Norris City, Illinois The Store That Appreciates DON WEAS Your Trade AND FAMILY Highest Quality at Lowest Prices Route 1 Home Owned Norris City, Illinois Home Operated Page Sixty Beth: Now, Dear, what'1l I get if I cook a dinner like this for you every day of the year? Shook: My life insurance. lg THE Q G! B o o o o W .H White County Bridge Commission 5 3 .E S - OPERATORS OF ba A 'S E . 'S . 'D 'U 5 rg E ff 5 . -2 s .. 5, 4 5 e: O s: E-9 'D Q The Bridge at New Harmony Q5 sd H 5 5 5 I I I ,-' 5 Is vitally interested in the schools and general e 1' Welfare and progress of White County. -S E OUR CONGRATULATIONS 2 TO TI-IE CLASS OF '44 E OF THE EL Q , NORRIS CITY TOWNSHIP gg 5 a 3 HIGH SCHOOL -3.5 23' E N' 2 0 3 S Julius C. Kern, Chairman gi J. Madison Pomeroy, Vice Chairman 3 E Jennings F. Marlin, Secretary and Treasurer 2' W Roy Clippinger, Bridge Manager, g 3 2 Assistant Secretary-Treasurer '53 5 2 a as O Carmi, Illinois 'Q He: Does Virginia Spence talk much? She: Does she? You should have seen how sun-burned her tongue was when she came back from her summer vacation. Page Sixty-one REGISTERED BEEKSIIIEE I-IOGS JESSE BURCH R. F. D. No.2 Norris City, Illinois Berthal W.: I don't think I should get zero in this exam. R. Johnson: I know it, but it's the lowest mark there is. COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS ' OF OF NORRIS CITY LUMBER COMPANY PATTERSON Better Lumber at Lower Prices HOTEL PAINT for All Kind of Decoration Norris City, Illinois ROOMS BY DAY OR WEEK Norris City, Illinois Carl D.: Does your girl know much about automobiles? Derald H.: No! She asked me if I cooled my car by stripping the gears. COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF GREEN MILL TIVOLI CAFE THEATRE J-OE GOSSETT Norris City, Illinois Joe Gossett, Manager Norris 'City, Illinois Page Sixty-two Compliments . . TURNERS FUNERQL SERVICE DRINK DELICIOUS AND REFRESHIN G ROYAL CROWN COLA PAR-T-PAK AND NEHI BEVERAGES At All First-Class Dealers NEHI BOTTLING COMPANY Carmi, Illinois Mrs. Lockwood: What was the occasion for the quotation, "Why don'it you speak for yourself, John?" Bill H.: John Alden was trying to fix u-p a 'blind date for his roommate, Miles Standish. OOMPLIMENTS BOWER'S OF TRUCKING SERVICE . S Il OI' Dr. Charles J RO e b g GENERAL PHYSICIAN TRUCKIN SURGEON G NOITIS Illinois Norris ,City, Illinois Phone 70 West Main Street COMPLIMENTS Norris City, Illinois SOUTH'S O OF MACHINE SHOP HERMAN WELDING - BODY WORK BLAOKSMITHING JOHNSON BUS SERVICE Cooper South, Manager N0I'I'iS City, I11i110iS Hubert D.: Why does a. red-headed girl always marry a quiet fellow? Maurice W.: She probalbly does'n't. He gets that way. SUTTON'S SHELL STATION SHELLUBRPCATIONS NEW SUPER-SHELL GASOLINE - GOLDEN SHELL MOTOR OIL We Specialize In Friendly and Courteous Service Norris City, Illinois Page Sixty-four COMPLIMENTS BUY WAR BONDS! OF COMPLIMENTS OF Dr. John F. Hardesty LEES CHIROPRACTOR TAVERN Norris City, Illinois Norris City, Illinois Mrs. Blackerz Fred, this composition on the dog is -the same as your brother's, word for word. Fred C.: Yes, teacher. It's the same dog, you know. DARLEY 85 DAVIS "We Appreciate Your Trade" MOBILGAS D-X SERVICE STATION SERVICE STATION BEST WISHES Batteries Charged While You Wait T0 THE GRADUATES Luther Garrett, Proprietor Norris City, Illinois Norris City, Illin-ois Mr. T. Uohnson: What are the five great races of mankind? Wilbur C.: The 100-yard dash, hurdles, the quarter mile, the mile, and the three mile. HERFF,JONES THE NATIONAL DEFENSE PROGRAM Designers and Manufacturers of has increased the demand School and College Jewelry for competent office help. Graduation Announcements MEDALS, CUPS, TROPHIES THE JOBS II1dia113P01iS, Indiana Our employment department is lit- erally swamped with calls from private industry and government COMPLIMENTS agencies. A few months of inten- sive training will prepare you for OF one of the jobs. VEAATCH-WHITE Ask Us for the Facts. MOTOR COMPANY LOCKYEAR'S YQUR FORD DEALER BUSINESS COLLEGE Carmi, Illinois Evansville, Indiana Page Sixty-five WESTERN AUT0 Mc-ooRM1oK-DEER1NG FARM MACHINERY ASSOCIATE STORE FARMADL TRACTORS PHONE DOUGHERTY 477 Implement Company Carmi, Illinois Carmi, Illinois Mrs. Newcomb Cas Reba, enters th h ' t 3 a. m.J: What time is it, R b Reba: One o'c1ock, Mother. Mrs. Newcomb 'Las clock strikes threebz Gee! how that clock t tt CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1944 NORRIS CITY TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL BEST on LUCK Carmi-Feature Underwear, Inc. Carmi, Illinois When I was a .boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have -the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned ' seven years.-Mark Twain. CONGRATULATIONS COMPLIMENTS FROM OF W. A. BALL SWEETLAND DRUG STORE CONFECTIONERY Carmi, Illinois Carmi, Illinois Page sixty-six Mr. Chapman: Who can tell one important thing we have now that we didn't have one hundred years ago? 'Colleen S.: ME! :J 0 'S . 3 'E as E 0 O cg r Ei p s E Q 'U - 'B .uc 5 9 A 5 20'-5, S 'H E 58 S. 2 "ev .SI EE5 5 go GJ 3 o S IN E S Sed -Q Z 16 as "" 5" igogr E E v :wt H E-35 .E E E 'S E EEE I Q -' se mom nh A E B rn gf U1 'C' 3 ::1::: Q' L, fdnsfri :Z rr. WERE TAKE M' Q-- 'E E E S2 BY rg S ,M Q E 4-1 L' P4 .rs 2 S 2 ' 2 2 2' jf 2 ' ' E B U 1-4 5 ad 3 S gg "' 3 ,E-Z' V' g .E 3 ': Q S .3 rj ac Q rm: 3 E 5 5 . . ui g ., Eg Olney, I1l1no1S g 3 Beth S.: Say, who gave you that black eye? Leona W.: I thought they were going to get generous and give me more than that. Page Sixty-seven COMPLIMENTS OF KISNER'S PHARMACY Carmi, Illinois DROP IN At Your Favorite TEXACO STATION and Call for FIRE-CHIEF GASOLINE REBSTOCK BROTHERS TEXACO DISTRIBUTORS Carmi, Illinois Officer: Wha.t's the idea of parking in front of a. fire fplug? Mary Knight: Well, the sign said "'fine for parking". L. D. HQAGUE WHEN IN CARMI Watchmaker DINE AT ' l Jewe er MAIN CAFE Main Street . Carmi, Illinois BEST FOOD IS SERVED Dale Garrison, Proprietor Mr. T. Johnson: Find the least common denominator. Margaret A.: Goodness, is that thing lost again? Dr. Joe A. Rickenbach CONGRATULATIONS OPTOMETRIST from the JEWELER ARCHER RELIABLE SERVICE Carmi, Illinois FUNERAL HOME M. F. Solliday PHONE 88-2 Carmi, Illinois Beggar: Have you got enough money for a Norman wOh! I'll manage, thank you. cup of coffee? MEET YOUR FRIENDS IN CARMI AT RICE'S CON FECTIONERY Roy Raglin, Proprietor GLASSES FROM DR. WILLIS Are Guaranteed to Fit You Latest Styles - Lowest Prices DR. WILLIS Hurley Building Carmi, Illinois Page Sixty-eight CONGRATULATIONS FAIRFIELD T0 'THE LUMBER COMPANY CLASS OF 1944 PAINTS - HARDWARE WALLACE LUMBER - FENCING . Ralph Atkins, Manager Omaha, Illinois Omaha, Illinois Co-Ed: Why didn't you find out who he 'was when the professor called the roll? Another Co-Ed: I did try Ito, but he answered for four different names. For CONGRATULATIONS- QUALITY MERCHANDISE CLASS OF '44 s -- at T LOWEST PRICES D 0 T T Y Visit SHOP LLOYD L. PARKER'S In Harrisburg If It's New- FURNITURE STORE Dom, Harrisburg, Illinois Has It! No wonder there is a lot of knowledge in sc-hools-the freshmen always bring a little in and the seniors seldom take any away. PALACE CLOTHING HOUSE HARRISBURG'S BEST STORE FOR MEN THE FASHION PALACE HARRISBURG'S BEST STORE FOR WOMEN Mr. Phelps: Now Austin, if Napoleon were alive today what would he be doing? Austin: Drawing an old age pension. Norris City Milling Co. COMPLIMENITS Manufacturers of OF THE DIAMOND DUST DAVIS Red Diamond - Blue Diamond Phone 44 OMAHA'S LARGEST Norris City, Illinois DEPARTMENT STURE Page Sixty-nine COMPLIMENTS OF NORRIS CITY STATE BANK T. M. Edmonds, Norris City, I1 Cashier linois Father: How did you get that black eye? Roy Oneal: I was protecting a little boy. Father: That's noble: who was he? Roy Onealz Me. COMPLIMENTS NU-WAY OF FIRST SUTTON'S ,N PLUMBING SHOP STYLES SEE US , FOR PRICES BEST IN PRICES Eldorado, Illinois Eldorado, Illinois CARRQLES COMPLIMENTS OF RESTAURANT CRICKMAN 'S AND SERVICE STATION Texaco Service Station and TEXACO PRODUCTS Mr. 8z Mrs. Fred Carroll, Managers Intersection U. S. Route 45 and State Route No. 1 Norris City, Illinois 'NAOMI'S CAFE SPECIAL SUNDAY DINNERS State Route One Omaha, Illinois AMERICAN ends i Il ui Call." COMPLIMENTS OF WALTON Sz STEIN FUNERAL HOME Herman Kittinger - Clara Stein PHONE 164-R3 Day and Night Ambulance Service Carmi, Illinois ' COMMERCIAL PRINTING NORRIS CITY NEWS Bernard O'Brien Editor - Manager Your Home Town Newspaper 'A BOOSTER FOR NORRIS CITY Page Seventy B Teachers: The senior class has never left anything to .this school but a lot of talk. Seniors: Thanks, we'11 buy some more venetian blinds. bm 5 e afze an aa E Q 2 .2 E You are the future hope of our country. Your ,Q o -E Q advantages have been great but your respon- 2 E 3 'cs G .. . . . . . . . +-' .5 Q E S1b111t1GS to your mherltance 1S greater. 3 2 '5 .2 gf 3: . +33 5 Z -55 5.51 S You Who romped the playgrounds of ester- .TEE Q1 U . . . ,, .E if 5 day W111 guide and be a part of our great busl- Q3 gg F-5 E 3 o 2 'E gg m ness, 1ndustr1a1 and agr1cu1tura1 11fe of tomor- P' Og .CI .G -,, row. .i " e 5 You have now reached the milestone of man E er- 'U Q6 Q fo hood and Womanhood--beginning tomorrow Q3 p., C1 O O 's . . . . -Q E21 you Wlll make your own Vltal decislons-make 5 52 0 Q., ig 5 2 your important steps to 11fe. E 5 5., .H 3 2 jg Q 5' 'J . 'cf li Our sincerest wishes to each one-remember, .3 fv 'D pa .. m . 5- 5 H We are countlng on you. Q 5 5 LI 5 ,J 5 E E ,S gg E .:: -Q "-' 0 D gg ' mg dfml EITIOCTB - fl UDB W' Z r C D tT b is 5' William E.: Did you mark the place where the fishing was good? Roy D.: Yes, I pu-t an X on the side of the boat. William That's silly. What if we should get another boat? Page Seventy-one The Following COUNTY OFFICERS OF WHITE COUNTY Extend Congratulations to the Class of 1944 Noel McCullough ' Chas. B. Lamp Sheriff County Clerk Herman Kittinger Hubert H. Sutton Coroner Superintendent of Schools ,Norma F.: How do you grade? Miss Robison: I grade on how well you 'pay attention. Virginia C.: Miss Forchee grades on how well you recite. Betty B.: Mr. Blaacker grades on how well you pay attention to his little stories. COMP-LIMENTS COMPLIMENTS QF OF APPAREL SHOP HIPS CAFE - Headquarters S- S' McQu'9'Yv For All School Students Manager Norris 'City Norris City, Illinois Omaha McLeansboro Jack: If you'11 give me your telephone number, I'I11 call you up sometime. Jerry: It's in the book. J ack: 'What' your name? Jerry: Lt's in there too. SCHQEMANN'S COMPLIMENTS OFFER BEST I OF THE in CARMI GRADUATION SUITS and and STRAND ACCESSORIES THEATRES IN CARMI Carmi, Illinois Frank E. Barnes, Manager Page Seventy-two V E ! L L N 5 S 3

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