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QQQ -QQ x J J R Pjkfkx JC Q W QQ JK If xv jxvfgqxxxxxx X X Qc Q 5 a,xCN Nxff - X N' " LNKJQX xx, KA, X X V A fCN ' K KV L PXQV X ,K P ,KD b X X3 V ff vf Sf' - Cf -X dv "YJ gy f X ,QL 1 K - Km-K K Kg? . x NP 54:1 I rf f L ,J ., ,?N? J .. XJ N l .f I, w P 1 I ,J Cf, gf f .X 7xi'i,jQXLx.., NC - ,XG X Cx - . Xfjj Jx X R V 5 X N AWA: L,,' K. X3 g'- - x. x . X Y JE ' Q - ,, W PL 'N X fxbxfibv . 54, X X.2-JXJM ye ,X xr-xdljvk, 'fx X in 'if ,D U 41 3 6 f 2 Q1 x Vjfl 7' fs, 67 if J ff ,Lf 0 L? 9- kj ,J J Gr! LjfQj 2? ' 'J Q if 7 Q, A 13 S54 Cd M wr-X ,y X-,ff k J .ff f 0 Q, cf! ff cg , x EL 155 Q! -1 M, f -f lj gif f! J J 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 X 1 5 E 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -4 E- f 1 f Table Of Contents Introduction 1 Faculty Spring 14 Underclass Seniors 30 Juniors Social 70 Sophomores Activities 84 Freshmen Sports 144 Index 184 206 208 226 246 268 Editors Grace Barron Melinda Jackson 6 2 l .N.z:f-ff1:.,..1.-..-2L-www Wray:-'mn lnthe beginning Sunlight streaks across the hazy sky. A security guard raises his hand in salute. The bus rumbles past the Big Gym, screeches to an abrupt halt, and out you come. You shiver as the wind blows through your yellow jacket. Into Central Hall you shuffle, then weave through the crowded hallway to your locker. You fumble with the combination, three to the left, two to the right and back to 11. Somehow you find the books you need until third period Cexcept the English book your friend borrowed yesterday? and then sit on the floor with friends to wait for first hour. Another day at Nor- mandy has begun. -lil.+ There Were Students .. Mornings begin. Bells ring. Teachers teach. Students learn. So it has been for 50 years. The Class of 73 and the Class of 23 look different but have more in com- mon than you think. Eighteen students graduated in Norrnandy's first class in 1924. Two years earlier the Board of Education had purchased the Eden Semi- nary building, which stood about where Central Hall stands today. I , v' .l', I , ,K X 1-I , 5'- , 4 Y".4- K I' fi f E W, ' l b xv sg 14' . X .ix 7 x 5 .. HHH swf. 1, in X., i ?Q' W T 1 :5 !' X 1 V , 1 Rx N K, Ag. K K John Stewart 1 XX, '-B. ' '--. .. 'NH-xx X M. X Jackne James 6 ff' B. ,xii n .fig . f M I f A f- x,zfefI,w-E42 ,fg?45!1:fg.LX5E: , M 1,-. . ff' f . -' if-4' A S ' W I -3 935: A fy?" ' ff ' ' 3 ff 'J' b ' , '-as , ff 1 , "'j'- S I V' , ' 13 1 ' ' fa. 1' :f Xi ink- I V ' ' 2' Q - S f '11 V ' 1 V1 ' V 5 f ' -'15-'fi ? H , fs K ' ' ' , 1 1 'P 1 ' 2 , 'mzia i V ' 4, V V E' V , ' f ff , 5 7' , 3 ? 'Eid-41vw:'.k,, 1 K V , f - A K 34 1 5,5 42 1 f -f f?s14f.,4,:,W 1 , 1' Y' f " . Q 4 ' Lgfk f " JV: ,,,,, 2 5 s they created R P 9 , f N3 k ,, -'5 V ,L f. 2555 : -15 ' x c! ,gg T' .,I, " 7 L' ,.,1.1f:s:fZI ' WS iIf. -v-, fk ,, Lf f, 1.1.1 W- '- fu m zmfxn. 4 mf f' 13" W :ff ' ' 1' ' 'Si g ' " , yn "vii-W-,,f ,- ff . we 52' 'WV , V fp f' J , ' I , V I' ,Mg wr 'Lx-i ff,-.gwf h 1 f:' 'H ' ' Q g "" Q M- .. .h ..,, 'W 7 -'A'- 1 1 ' ",Qgg , T'f5:1 ,WW "" ' M, .. - '11, frm- ,QM 3 . ., , 4.., 1 M WW-, .. , ., 1633. ,XM -L vgg, I., 4355 My 1, .. X , W, ,af H , 7.,' f 1" " 'Y - 229 4 .,w,. , M , . M 1 ff, , T ff Ef',fjig.Q. f',g,eQ - f . . ,... V, ,,.. M, 5 A 1.1 ' L an YM ,wie MW A ,N W ' ai W M,-,g - . fwgm , ' - .. V ' 125 f Ass 4' , A gal 1 wb 52 1-1 2 f 2 YW' 11'-1 W f 'WF f "' :M V, S f Q S f 5 ff W 4,35 , 1 bg, X, f as 1 ig, Q, B L ww . , . .. K, V , - , ,V .. Wim M,-,f--J s Qi .ww , fy 48 J f 1.2 . N, m ff Q A x Zu wigs Z M fw 'H W 2 , HW 5 4 ks J ff Q L, ff M if L F , 4 J f x M 2 1 ww af , , W, gl? I sv X W f V Y Q59 Wsbw , f Q f W M 'E if 2 1 Q f , , ,ff V W , if' A . , ,,3.,jfi1 ,. Q f , A X I if 4 L , S f 35 ' 3 7 fa W he 4, M S7 M 2 494 nf W - .. , eff - 5 ' f ,.1,,gw1f gg , , 4 4 H Q .w w A ' N456 Vw ff: ww sf -3,4 MV gm M .V , 53, Wi, f'-V if 11',.. f . ' ' wxwmfw A Www J WGN , W,1W f , a 1? yy if H25 g ,341 , 'Tig W' fbi' QQ f 121 , Inf . H f -,"p- My-11. E f f - z. . ,, Q.: Y ,.,. 1 . 1 X gf my M ,ff wif? 2 J , Z, .Q 'fi ff ' 5 mf W J ff V f 3 4 E 55 ft K A if 3, , ww ,, w w , 4 QW, , bf H .- ' -' 'gif' Q, Q 5 ,V y - W 2 -. ,af H tag X aw f - WM wa ve sf W Y by . ,V Q, -fi! Q A 'wjf , S 4 '5 gf' 5-2 ., ,N ' f f 'f , af' fl .V "M ,HS 5:51, an -V Ff fZf'eQg,, vw A , In Q w ma, , -A Y-zgxif ' 5. ' M U fi - ,W fcffl- H A . WW ar 'Wi , 6 ,,,, -. . "' 2, .. Q if Vg, ,f P J if W 5 f Ky f' M f 1 H1 4 1:1 4. , H 5 , W ' ff 1' w A S W' 1 2+ iffiw H ff Q. , 2 f 5f J 1 " wf 'L Lf gi + 111 swim ami? .ww Financial difficulties almost closed the school in 1925, but citizens rallied behind the school and won passage of a bond issue in 1927 to save it. From the extra funds the Big Gym and a Vocational School CWest HallJ were built. A Junior High, now East Hall, was built in 1932 and the Garage CNorth Hallb in the laterthirties. After the old Seminary Building burned in 1949, today's campus began to take shape. The new Cen- tral Hall and the Girls' Gym were built, the second floor of North Hall was added and Viking Hall closed the quadrangle. Meanwhile, the school's enrollment grew to over 2600 and the curriculum expanded to an offering of more than 150 subjects. and it was good! nan EAIF 1 . I, ,riff Frances George Jill Kriesky Fifty years - 9000 school days, a pilgrimage of students and teachers, principals and citizens, each having a part inthe Normandy story. In 1973, it is evident that an era in our history has passed. The students who arrive each morning reflect a chang- ing social and racial community. But as classes convene each day, students pursue the same hopes and dreams as those who in 1923 played a part in the beginning. pw- L.-,k , -k-.f,.f-. f..:.,.gg Mm, .. -,Zn-,A - Q, .. .W .-.. --- fmmww.-f-N ,, mmm' ,,,.f , .---. , f- ---- W...-V ,x..-- - WWW, SPRING Editors Kelly Cassidy Anne Wilker Spring 1972 Spring- Looking over memories past Reminiscing- The cries, the laughter, the heartache, Our victories - And we shared them all together. We shall never pass this way again Instead we turn the page of lifeg Lift our hopes And step expectantly forwardg into - the future! Hmm May Fete 1972 If 5: i '-455S?TQm-.-.-.qml W . K ,, -5, fi 71' wx 4 ,ff ' ' Q -, - , i 1 ,415 4 'O My 4 Q I gs: , ,,L Y J . A-5 . 5 K ,, Q Aff , 1 -1, 2 ...wv,,.f GWR as mf' ' Graduation H. 3 5 4 Q 51,2 2 an ' 1 . ' V A in K 911 , Af If A K :' ,Pi P , 3 fa-wfwxzfgg mi: fi al' 1 F 1 Camelot Cast of Characters Sir Dinadan .................. Sir Lionel . .. Merlyn .... Arthur ..... Guenevere Nimue ..... Page ....... Lancelot ... Dap ,..,.. Pellinore ... Clarius ....... Lady Anne ...... . . Sir Sagamore ..... ..... Lady Sybil ..,... .... Mordred ........ .... Morgan Le Fey Herald ,. . Tom .... .. Dan Rawlings Bruce Kriegsies .. Bryan Hunter .... Mark Coble Jan Knickmeyer ..... Mary Ross Phyllis Williams ...David Gmuer .. Don Hoffman ..... Doug Darr . . Jim Payne .. Chris German ... Ann Tierney ... David O'Dell Sammie Sullivan . . David Garrett . . . . Polly Austin Paula Beard ..... Doug Darr . . Steve Buttrick l Varsity Baseball ROW 1: Bill Droege, Tom Block, Mike Jordan, Maurice Miller, Vince LoBosco. ROW 2: Ed Ken- nedy, Dana Collett, Jim Stewart, Derrick Hearon, Al Crossley. ROW 3: Gary Melchior, Roger Drysdale, John Rechtin, Frank Mat- tingly, Coach - Mr. Mike Colin. ROW 4: Manager Charles Lafata. Not Pic- tured: Jim Wyland, Dan Hughes, Mike Murray, Mike Smith. : yt A it N:-rr .n:1s3'R:.F,:,g-E: Wwwmwee-W e-W XX. - :fm 5 cc i 'T' ff at , ' 1 QR X " ' M N X G X H as -as XX N X , X N? K wm , ,, W N mm t wswew ws 'swam 42 5 2 fs K mwwsw is ., -New tt, , .. M , ex Nm! :fil-'mwsi'12'g?itS?:Af figs 55123 2-TvN92iffl'ihi5Zir245i2Qif:P5rsk5QM i :--qs.: we :"' W sw gf -1152 'Ig B R if ,ff 'r mmm--V. 2 N S Sz X .. ..:-lessees. M I kj, if 22 .Mm 1 5921925 ' N L Wtsksnfzfi f - .E l B-Tea m Baseball ROW 1: Leo Tevlin, Jerry Aboyme, David Carter, Mickey Meriwether, Rich LeGrand, Tim Graven. ROW 2: Ken Umhoe- fer, Gary Raker, Bob Beckman, John Crosby, Ben Hensley, Jim Boggs, Mark Capelli. ROW 3: Ken Moresi, Mark Kelty, Joe Kathcart, Ben Birchfield, Coach - Mr. Charles Farr. B-TEAM BASEBALL SCORES 1-10 ,l Normandy Opponent .,,. 1 1 3 McCluer 7 'i"i 1 1 O Hazelwood 8 ' 'fr yee 10 MFC'Ue' Noffh 14 1 0 Rifenouf 4 iiob - 3 Pattonville 7 " il' 1 lVlCClUef 8 "', iis . . ri.. f rr 3 Riverview 13 V 1 ii" Q 'TM 5 . .7'-v 4 Hawwood 11 r", 1 2, 1 or 1 rr"i" ir 1 1 MCC luer North 2 v is yii 1 2 0 , 4 Pattonville 7 ,L iiib A x , lr? is ir'i ,is 1 is C li i, ir qi AE! 'E , id' W I .,.. ' K , I f , . f 1 ' . , f f' A flW55f ' Q ' 5 ' flf' f:9i '5"25' :'I'-5529 Q, ,ui Z 1 1 'RVW A' ' f , H r 1 " ' , " - 'Nf:zf"?" 1, , rosby f-wr.. 23 New ' - f aww, mf Varsity Track ROW 1: Oscar Scott, Robert Pruett, James Mitchell, Wendell Strozier, John Stewart, Herman Noland, Michael Ruffin. ROW 2: Ruben Albright, Larry Jones, Steve Smith, Elmer Pirtle, Jerome Paulette, Earnest Williams, Chris Merritt, Michael Laususe. ROW 3: Charles Droege, Ray See- feldt, Dennis Farrell, Todd Sadlo, Martin Payne, David Throgmorton, Steve Cooks, Alford Catching, Coach - Mr. Dennis Sissom. Not Pictured: Robert Eckardt, Glen Einspanier, Joe German, Roger Green, Mike Hunsiker, Tim Lokey, Burke Murphy, Jerome Phillips, Fred Pinkins, Mark Sehnert, Thurman Sneed, Carlos Sproaps, Willis Young, Larry Yamnitz. B-Team Track ROW 1: Jim Cisco, Terry Green, Herman Noland, Michael Laususe, Rudy Albright, Pat Hambrough. ROW 2: Mark Sissom, Perry Lybarger, Willis Liddell, Alford Catching, Rich Parker, David Ruth, Rick Jakoubek. ROW 3: Jesse Washington, Michael Harvey, Hurel Manns, Gary Jurczyk, Dave Rowles, John Myles, Harold Isaac, Jim Freeman, Dale Bowyer, Coach - Mr. Jim Veech. Not Pictured: Leroy Graham, Jeff Lorick, Richard Sta- ples, Sam Wyatt. C-Team Track ROW 1: Jerry Price, Terry Green, Roosevelt Dean, Rick Fowler, Fred Richardson, Mike Harvey. ROW 2: Derrick Davis, Lester Parks, Otha Brown, Paul Jordan J h M I W'I' A ' ' ' ' ' , o n y es, llI8l'T1 Phillips, Rick Jakoubek. ROW 3. Zeniphore Mills, John Null, John Anders, Dave Doney, Hurel Manns, Kevin Wlodarek, Alford Catching, Coach - Mr. Ken Carter. 25 GOH l Coach Drury, Chuck Hin- ricks, Jerry Hasekamp, Tom Hartwick, Hank Cole, Kevin Barry, Bob Rojeski, John Ebert, John Fagan, Pat Turner, Jerry Wells. GOLF SCORES 5-8-1 NORMANDY OPPONENT 259 258 233 260 256 246 242 239 260 236 244 231 233 216 249 254 240 244 235 244 243 252 253 249 231 231 254 235 419 310 Tennm ROW 1: Dan Smith, Gerry Weir, Craig Brookshire, Co-Captains Tom Zwiefel and Sverre Olsen, Jim Zwiefel, Vern Lenzini. ROW 2: Coach - Mr, Doug Lauck, John Holdren, Mark Thompson, Dennis Hess, Marty Lippert, Bruce Kriegsies, Mike Berry- man, Earl Voss. Rhenour Riverview CBC Hazdwood McCwer Demnet Rnenour St.ChaHes PattonviHe St.ChaHes Riverview Hazelwood Pahonvme McCwer Conference Meet Third Place DBUmtMem-2OUiPmce :. fHm ',': ' ' 'I 5 1 -M ,,,, i 1 ' 1 -,,,-vi,,1,,1fzi1ew'iqf lm , W i , , A , 4 -"- , -' F, 4 4 I ,, i 1 .. f ., , if " . Wil f-'i 1l,Y'if'ff" . ' I iii ' iW if?Ff2 Vi? . IM Sverre Olsen X Swim ,gal if ,,.. , .4 .1f. . . Y . ,. www if JSM , f 4' ' CY' H J J , ' M-J A , t F , J . ' f iff' . jf ' W, , , f " ., , I x , 'A , . , ,, ,, - 4 , f ,V . I Q-, .. . ff- , .. , ,, 3, . , 4 . . i in fi , . .1 , , - , -. . 'f 4 N ' , ,J "'r"- , f f' fi: 4.4 . , .Q , WS? .. 1... .. . ,., ,W ,,. V 1 f ,ts f ,W if X' W 1 . ,.g11f"- -fflfss., :- it X . 'VV' . S5 'ij , N M, 1 h A ---LFZi5KEfS::' WS: -. 'if M . ' - N H' - is .. -nliiiQ""'H " f iii- ,, ' " 2 . elk:-?s5s.. , -- N"' -. of Q - .,, 4, 1t,k.,gj,k , . Ng. 'L . i Q-Q- it Q ' , 5 , ,, ' , E' is " gi 4 'A '- ,,,,, ,, . Q4--- ' . o. ' - N-will ,15f,!.g' 4 if ., 35' -- . S 11 . Q . . ' .,:, ,v,.,, :N: 4 . 1 in 3 iw ,sM-+,.,- Q , - ,Q W' F ' X ww- 1. -4 -. Q. 'His-:f X 3 ' Filer' "LE .N-1-'X -F f 'I ' ' 5: 1:53. "f:7I.5 A ,wh -ii' Iam '1i"1-sf -flfefs. A fy? Q L . mf! -,',N , K W --Af 55.,..g5,.:,si,-le-:'f at 3 I " x- A We , 'Qt 1.-sg--"v s 4...- wiltssm Q X ,, X if ffwfs S 7- . - ,-wmv :,,-...H-iv?" gEu""': .' 5P-'f7 M' :'3fi- V ' 'I' ' fr, ' '.:1'I1"'.f-' , ' ' 'V S W' 'Q K 5 4 A Z, , -I va av - 'ii' 'V I. ., if ROW 1: Donna Blattner, Sally Koeller, Marianne Steel, Wendy Kriesky, Joyce Fischer, Karen Roth, Donna Quade. ROW 2: Liz Price, Barb Borden, Pam Ely, Kathy Kilker, Karen Fowler, Jan Finkel, Sue Wicke, Susan Pekkala. ROW 3: Darlene Jackson Joan Nelson, Jill Kriesky, Coach - Miss Linda Harris, Lynn Winter, Marilyn Dalton, Jenny Malone. ROW 1: Mary Riley, Mary Dalton, Terry Droege, Cheryl Blassie, Denise Tierney, Mary Ellen Prosser. ROW 2: Coach - Mrs, Maxine Bots, Nancy Riley, Sue Riley,XDanita Groceman, Sheila Luster, Theresa Davis. ROW 3: Joanie Fumagalli, Jean Frederking, Dana Saunders, Linda Kamp, Leah Claxton. Not Pictured: Mary Spina. 27 Softball Volleyball i ? 2 Q Seniors ROW 1: Cheryl Blassie ROW 2: Denise Zielinski, Kathy Kuhnert ROW 3: Janice Peters, Donna Fish ROW 4: Dorothy Burt, Teresa Davis Varsity ROW 1: Terry Droege, Mary Riley ROW 2: Janice Peters, Judy Nelson ROW 3: Sue Riley, Denise Zielinski ROW 4: Dorthy Burt, Teresa Davis 28 Juniors ROW 1: Sue Riley. ROW 2: Linda Kamp, Judy Nelson. ROW 3: Donna Blattner, Anna Caulfied, Diane Shank. Sophomores ROW 1: JoAnn McClure, Charlene Jansen, Mary Dalton. ROW 2: Terry Droege, Mary Riley, JoAnn Kuhnert. ROW 3: Joanie Fumagalli, Danita Groceman, Sheila Luster. 29 Freshmen ROW 1: Laura Enclejan, Theresa Frederking, Nancy Riley, Karen Peirick, Nancy Renaud. ROW 2: Mary Rechtin, Mary Ellen Prosser, Debbie Venegoni, Betty Straub. ROW 3: Valerie Luster, Joan Nelson, Sallv Schottmueller, Denise Tierney. xv, Mu V fax a 9' Q Q M1 'HWhM.v 'f Mffmm-an 'WM9l :'r 31 ,, uw J SENIORS 5 , Edlto rs LaWanda Campbell Ron Norwood Senior Class 0f1 973 , ' s 4 ik , I , K A Steve Malone. President Steve Cousins. Vice-President 'Joyce Brown, Secretary ' Dave Upchurch, Treasurer .' ' ' -M 11,7 i . -,,, M., Ad3mSiJ0Sf3Dl'l Adams, Rick Ahearn,Tom NSOP' Laune Anderson, Michael Anderson, Stan 1' Ander50r1,Steve Anderson, Will Arp, Pat Albers, Stephen Alderdice, Lida A5l'1t0n,D3ve Atkinson, Tom Bailey, Rita Ballard, Derrick Balven, Mary 34 Www Barnes, Carol Barron, Grace Barry, Kevin Bates, Tim Bates, Tom Baucne, Pam -i 1 Barbee, Tywanna Barlow, Bob Baumann, Joe Bayne, Daniel Beard, Penny Beckrnann, Mark Belker, Martha Bella, Judy Beltz, Walter Benefield, Bill 35 Benoist, Steve Benson, Donna Berry, Gabe Bierer, Robert Black, Deborah Blattner, Donna Blechle, Roy Block, Thomas Bloomer, Naomi Bohlmann, Cathy Bond, Jocelyn Bonds, Cecilia Booth, Vera Borchardt, Joan Borden, Bob Bowie,Jeane 36 Boyd, Beverly Boyd, Jim Boyd, Joel Boyd, John Brennan, Robert Bresnahan, Greg Brezany, Bob Brinkman, Barb Brown, Joyce Brown, Kevin Brown, Linda Bryant, Mike Buckner, Rhonda Burnett, Janice Burnett, Marva Burris, Hallie 37 l Butler,Sharon Butz, Eugene Cain,David Camp,Carol Campbell, Lawanda Canavan, Bill Capone, Antoinette Cashion, Mike Cassidy, Kelly Caulfield, Anna Chaney, Lawrence Chapman, Kerry Chapman, Sue ChaviS, Daniel 38 fig?-sw we Cissell,JoAnn Clements, Mary Ann Clements, Pamela Clouser, Sharon Coleman, Wanda Collins, Emma Conner, Linda Cook, Michael Cooks, Steven Corrigan, Brian Cortor, Carolyn Cousins, Steve Cox, Von Darr, Stephen 39 Davis, Pamela DeIano,AngeIa Delashmett, James Denton, Christine Dickey, Deborah Diekemper, Richard Dougherty, Jim Dougherty, Mike Dougherty, Sheila Douglas, Eddie Droege, James Drysdale, Roger Dueker, Betsy Dunham, Lawrence 40 Dutkiewicz, Regina Eberley, Gary Einspanier, Glen Eller, Bruce Edwards, Linda Eikerenkoetter, Joe Eilermann, Loretta Ellsworth, Deborah Ellsworth, Dennis Eswine, Michael Evanowski, Darlene Fagan, John Farrell, Dan Farrell, Dennis l l 4 1 Farrell, John Ferguson, William Field, Deborah Fields, Sandra Finkel, Janice Finkelstein, Fran Finnie. Betty Fischer, Kathy Fischer, Fred Flanakin, Dan Fleming, Dan FlOI'eI'1C6,Al Fletcher, Devor FOFVGSUSV, BOD 42 Fortenberry, Tobias FOSier.Sr1e-fry Foster, Kathleen FOSHEV, William Z Fowler, Kathy Fowler, Tom Franz, Bradley Frederking, Charles Freeman. Colleen Freund, Frank Fieldhoff, Barb Fronckevvicz, Stan Furlong, Jon Gauda, Dona 43 German, Joseph Gerst, Missy Goins, Virgil Gold, Barbara Graham,Caessanea Graham,Vanessa Gross, Robert Gruebel, William Glenn, Robin Golden, Gerald Griffin, Lynn Grumney, Nelson 44 Glickert, Gene Goevert, Deborah Goodson, Emily Grace, Michelle Griggs, Mary Grooms, Sally Guarino, Janis Haefner, Debbie Hallvax, Donna Hampe, David Hambrough, Mary Hargett, Walter Harlem, Joseph Hartman, Kurt Havermann, Mark Havermann, Paul Hayes, Linda Hayslett, Victor Heide, Kara Hempel, Kathy Henderson, Debbie Henry, Linda Hensley, Daniel Herbster, Cheryl Hickey, Mike Hill, Pamela Hirschbuehler, John Hoechst, Dave Hoffmeister, Thad Holland, Kathy Hollis, Kristie Holman, Satiria Holmes, Janis Holtschneider, Barb Homeyer. Ronald Hood, Larry 46 Hootselle, Carol HOSSSFWIODDV-109 Howard, Vanessa Hubacek, Susan Hubbard, Rita Huelskamp, Nancy Huizenga. Mary Hunot, Mary Hunter, Martha Hunziker, Mike Huskey, Debbie Hutsell, Lyle lsom, Phillip Jackson, Gifford 47 S' 5 mx R 521521 , N ' ' Jackson, Larry Jackson, Melinda Jacobsen, Peggy Jones, Earlynn Jones, John Jones, Larry Jones, Norma Jones, Orand Jones, Scott James, Jacqueline Johnson, Chris Kamerman, Gary Kamp, Linda Keener, Karen Kennedy, Edward Kickham, Teresa 48 Kindell, Linda Kleypas, Phillip Kloepfer, Cheryl Knarr, Michael Knight, Bobby Knobbe, Michael Kilcullen, Patricia Kilgore, Mary Knox, Debbie Koeller, Sally Krahl, Robert Kramer, Gail Kramer, Kurt Kriegsies, Bruce Kuhl, Bill Kurz, John 49 , ff' Lake, George L R b t easor, o er Lehnhoff, Tim Lenoir, Wayne Lenzini, Vernon L . eonard. Clarence Lewey, Rebecca Licata, Deb Little, Eariine LoBosco ,Vincent Lockhause, Barry Loke-y,Tim Londoff, Michelle Loraine,John i 50 Lovett, Martha Lovely, Rick Lyon, Gary Madden, Keith f H" K Malone, Steve Martin, Mary Massingale, Kim Matlock, Dave Matlock, Gwen Maxwell, Ned May, Holly McCoy, Gail McDonald, Bob McFarland, Kathy 51 McGee, Barbara McGirt, Vickie McQuay, Bruce Medlock, Rickey Melchior, Gary Merritt Ch ' M , ns etz, Dave Meyer, Barbara Meyer, Tom Meyer, Walter Miles, Carolyn Miller, Christina Miller, Kay Miller, Michael Miner, Howard Mitchell, Brenda Mitchell, James Mitchell, Sheila Moore, Linda Moore, Randy 52 Moore, Suzanne Moran, Mike Morgan, Robin Moritz, Gail Morris, Joyclyn Morrissey, Brian Morton, Sally Muencn, Betty Myers, Pamela Naonowiak, Denise Neely, Cathy Nelson, Judy Newman, Candace Newton, Eileen NOVDGFV Mafk Norwood, Ronald Nunnery, Sandra O'Brien, Thomas Olivastro, Joe Oliver, Jerry 53 Olson, Donna Ostrowski, Tom Ottolini, Steven Owen, Becky Owens, Bill Parks, Paulette Pasley, Pamela Pate, Rosalind Paulette, Jerome PaYf1evJim K F .. Pekkala, John Pena, Richard Perera, Olinda Perry, Beverly 511 ff 5 1 , , . , ..,, :A2 ,:E,,i:. , J, 2 , 1 5 I Peters, Joyce Phillips, Jerome Phillips, Joyce Pickett, Guan Pierce, Sue Pirtle, Elmer Pollick, Patricia Portell, Doug Preston, Dana Preus, Peggy Price, James Price, Liz Probst, Jean Pruett, Robert Quade, Donna Raley, Dennis 55 Randazzo, Tony Randail, Jim Rawlings, Dan Rechtin, Georgiann Reece, Doug Reese, Britt Renaud, Ed Reuscher, Terry Rice, Stanley Richardson, Rosalind Riddle, Tom Riley, Sue Rogers, Cindy Rojeski, Bob Ross, Mary Rowe, Vicki 56 Rudolph, Matt Ruffin, Michael Russell, Larry Ryan, Maureen Saie, Debbie Sanders, Carolyn Sanders, Shirley Sansone, Gus Sargent, Ann Scannell, Peggy i Schaefer, Kim Schaffner, David Schmidt, Sandy Schmitt, George 57 Schneider, Shirley Schottmueller, Jim Scola, Ron Sehnert, Mark Shank, Diane Shepard, Doug Simmons, Delores Sitzwohl, Donna Smalley, Richard Seefeldt, Ray Seevers, Bob Smith, Dan Smith, Mike Smith, Sue Smith, Steve Sneed, Randy 58 l Snulligan, Phyllis Souders, David Spillman, Gregory Spillman, Rita Spina, Mary Sproaps, Carlos Stan, Edward Stark, Gregory Stengel, Tom Stephenson, Richard Stewart, Eva Stewart, Jim Stewart, John Stewart, Joyce Stitts, Paulette Suda, Stephanie 59 Suraud, Steven Suraud, Teri Sutton, Cindy Sweeney, Gayle Sweeney, Susan Tabers, Theresa Taylor, Debra Taylor, Edna Taylor, Marian Taylor, Valerie Tegeler, Sue Terry, Josephine Thieme, Steve Thies, Darrell Throgmorton, David Tillary, Deborah 60 Trice, Linda Trupiano, Tony Tucker, Karen Tyler. Kathy Tyler, Virgil Uhlrnansiek, Debbie Upchurch, David Valenti, Carmen Van Mill. Karen Vasel, Kathy Vaughn, Loretta Venerable, Cheryl Ven John, Karen Voelker, Linda Von Arx, Christa Wade, Mark 61 Walk Karla Wallace Dora Wallrath Leonard Walter Ronald Warford Terri Warner Cathy Warren, Mike Watkins, Barbara Weible, Tim ' Walls, Elwyn Walter, Dennis Weir, John Weitekamp, Pam Weitkarnp, Joan Weldon, Tom Westricn, Dave 62 Wieneck, Paul Wilhelm, Pam Wilker, Anne Williams, Ernest Witteried, Peter Wood, Jim lJoe German, John Kurz, Knobbe. l l l l l Weyermann, Pat Wiedeman, Donald Wosmansky, Rick Yamnitz, Larry Young, Eddie Mae Young, Willis Youngwitn, Sheri Yount, Daniel Zavodnick, Ellen Zichler, Glen r. 63 Galvin, Diane Nieters, Debbie Otto, Caroline Tramble, Karen wanna-10l"'l X 71, yy ee we . - if ef M , w ' fn x ,gg i QA L V ii ' 'V img nh W 75 Y WAN Q! We etcher A N n n w r 6 1 Y x . 3 ' I ' s J 9 ? 4 K 4 1 1 66 Bill Canavan and Dan Fleming 68 That W gisnot Sb h utt 3 63 1 1T SGCIAL in M... 1, q if 1. 7 4' L Editors Kara Heide Olinda Perera Homecoming '72 ... Normandy's Toast to the Golden Year. It was a wet toast as rain fell throughout the day. However, the rain held off for the morning parade as colorful floats and cars depicted the school's 50 years. A new club, the Normandy Percussion Association, won first place with their float while the juniors won the class float competition and the Future Teachers Association the best decorated car Cfor the fifth yearp. ' Rain cancelled the halftime show, but it failed to stop the Vikings on- slaught of the lVlcCluer North Stars. Coach Jim Veech's raiders sloshedtoa35-18victory. A Homecoming was capped by the annual dance, this year in the Cafe- teria. Some 220 students danced to music by "The Nightriders" and watched as Saga Social Chairmen Kara Heide and Olinda Perera intro- duced the Underclass Court and Student Council Social Chairmen Martha Belker and Rhonda Buckner introduced the Senior Court and crowned Vanessa Graham queen. The Saga chairmen along with art- ist Pat Weyermann had designed decorations. A crowded floor at ll p.m., when the dance ended, was testimony that students felt the day had concluded on a high note. ' Normandy's Toast To E The Golden Year E Wie W li First Place Car . ., FTA we M A Vrky ,fry 4- , - , I t J ' 5 e LET Slllllllgwxllus 1 -,f lst Place Float... NPA ny K6 I w 2 f Michelle Grace and Bill Hennessey Q Q, 2 M E Vanessa Howard and Elwyn Walls Senior Homecoming Court Michelle Londoff and Steve Malone l Kathy Holland and John Ruggeri Peggy Preus and Ti mW Homecoming Queen Vanessa Graham eible Queen's First Reaction P 1' fi s if 5 5 Ruth Guerri and Chuck Diekernper Mary Ellen Prosser and Frank Mattingly Underclass Court Barb Wells and George Degnan Rosalind Buchanan and Britt Reese i Beverly Bailey and Phillip lsom Joan Eikerenkoetter and Larry Jones J8V1FiI'1kel 4 , Mary Hambrough JoyceStewart .tr 5.72 'n -Allard' 1 3 X ml X Tsx. X. Q! ht, King Chuck Droege Queen Robin Morgan Qafihsgf' , N"'.xv-., 'IW ", A1526 .,. .J , ,Nev . ,W . 'S 'J?!2':.-" Mg ,,. , vu 4 1 'x' 4-FKA -fi .. ff. E 1,, 5,- W' Joe Eikerenkoetter Steve Ottolini ROD Pruett 76 eg l 77 6548 R G J k dC G 5? 6' 4 00 A uth UGI'TI3I'1d Chris Colombo. I 'o 19 'Ph C6 ron and Jay Buck. Wm of Kim Marsh and Sterling Shanks. 73 Deborah Uppchurch and Steve Parks. 79 laf' Glen Einspanier Steve Malogwe John Pekkala 1 Matt Rudolph JONVI STiW3V'f Sharon Butler Sheila Dougherty Michelle Grace ara H'-fide Pefzsv Preus Saga Qing fwwgf ACTIVITIES Editor Sue Moore Assistants Rita H ubba rd Marian Taylor Christa Von Arx Student Council Mrs. Pam Miltenberger Mr.CIernent Worthy ,,,,,.,,,............w-evra-, . i V i President Vice-President Toby Fortenberry John Stewart i ' 1 1 4, i i a Il , P' Secretary Rec. Secretary Treasurer Vanessa Howard Kathy Fowler 86 Michelle Londoff Senate Student Council Officers ROW ONE Tobias Fortenberry Kathy Fowler Michelle Londoff Vanessa Howard John Stewart ROW TWO Barb Borden Jan Finkel Steve Cousins Joyce Brown David Upchurch Vanessa Graham Debra Marshall Kerry Turner Beverly Bailey Paula Beard Leo Finnie Maureen Miller Maureen Brown Nancy Renaud ROW THREE Debbie Henderson John Weir Martha Belker Peggy Preus Rhonda Buckner Betty Finnie Rita Bailey Carol Ward Cynthia Ely Valerie Patton Julie Wilker ROW FOUR Sue Ottolini Emily Goodson Brian Corrigan LaMont Fisher Debra Hendrix Anna Caulfield Joe Olivastro Glen Einspanier Frances Havey Sandy Kuhach ROW FIVE Larry Jones Pat Arp Debra Hudson Steve Malone Colleen Freeman Kathy Kilker Committee Chairmen ROW ONE Michelle Londoff Martha Belker Vanessa Graham Rhonda Buckner Peggy Preus Rita Bailey ROW TWO Pat Arp Larry Jones John Weir Joe Olivastro Brian Corrigan ROW THREE Jan Finkel Betty Finnie John Stewart Glen Einspanier Kathy Holiand NOT PICTURED Pat Weyermann House ROW ONE Toby Fortenberry Michelle Londoff Kathy Fowler Vanessa Howard John Stewart ROW TWO Valerie Patton Cindy Ely Julie Wilker Steve Malone Steve Cousins Joyce Brown David Upchurch Leo Finnie Maureen Miller Maureen Brown Debora Marshall Kerry Turner Beverly Bailey Paula Beard ROW THREE John Weir Pat Arp Brian Corrigan Martha Belker Larry Jones Betty Finnie Jan Finkel Joe Olivastro Vanessa Graham Rhonda Buckner Peggy Preus Rita Bailey Kathy Holland Joann McClure Rose McKinney Leo Tevlin ROW FOUR Sally Koeller Emily Goodson Pam Ely Debbie Henderso Kim Schaeffer Ron Norwood Erin Farley Julie Thornhill Sharon Clerkley Carol Ward Michael Moore Daphne Wheeler fl Gloria Eggleston Derwin Debow ROW FIVE Frances Havey Kathy Kilker Mona McCarthy Nancy Niehoff Sandy Kuhach Sally Knickmeyer Debbie Black Shelly Staples Pam Rice Cheryl Hughes Lavon Jacobs Dave Doney Rhoda Stuart ROW SIX Barb Borden John Hartweck Dennis Farrell Chris Columbo Tom Wyatt Brian King Bill Collins Bill Fox 89 Glen Einspanier Mary Allison Janie Wilson Judy Camp ROW SEVEN Lonnie'lrammell Victor Probst Debbie Jones Debbie Kelleher Stan Anderson Colleen Freeman Dennis Williams Bob Merz Bill Canavan Steve Thieme Doug Reece Becky Russell Nancy Renaud Lemuel Moore ROW EIGHT Catherine Arp Barb Wells Margaret Gohn Regina Gardiner Debbie Phillips Phyllis Phillips Chris Ceresia Shannon McLaughlin Katy Price Mark Thompson Rich Westeridge Shelly Mullarkey Sue Ottolini Betty Ditmeyer ROW NINE LaMonte Fisher Debbie Hendrix Vikie Collins Jeff Warner David Bukovich Robert Howard Cecila Bonds Jewel Jones Tywanna Barbee Willie Epps Michael Thurmond Carole Bronner A Cappella l ROW ONE Larry Jones - Secretary Cindy Ely - Librarian Mary Allison - Librarian Pam Ely - Librarian Steve Husmann - Librarian Janice Burnett- Librarian ROW TWO Glen Einspanier - President ROW THREE Mary Griggs Anna Cloos Joyce Gay ROW FOUR Lisa McCorkle Craig Duncan Willie Washington Barry Lockhouse Steve Darr Doug Darr Beth McCorkle Wilma Saunders Dana Strissel Virginia Ferguson ROW FIVE Donna Jaspering Mary Ross Bob Gipson Garry Bilauski Guan Pickett Tom O'Brien Chris German Dave Doney Karen Van Mill Joanne Favazza Cindy Russell ROW SIX Karen Roth Valerie Luster Marilyn Peick Brian Norber Tom Ryan Mark Haviland Alan Crossley Dan Lilienkamp Dave Beisel Martha Hunter Kathy Barnes Joyce Sykes ROW ONE Orlando Wright - Librarian Sandra Kuhach - Librarian Renita Brown - President Janice Davis - Secretary Mary Major - Librarian Tony Davis - Librarian ROW TWO Donnitta Nall Mona McCarthy Maureen Brown Maureen Miller Susan Shearrer Sally Downs Cheri Johnson Sheila Moore ROW THREE Ralph Tallent Leo Finnie Larinda Morrison Gwen Little Shannon McLaughlin Wanda Moore Denis Kriegsies Marqus Thurmond Boys Quartet Boys Chorus ROW ONE Dave O'DeII Dan Rawlings ROW TWO Mark Thurmond Bruce Kriegsies - President Denis Kriegsies Craig Duncan ROW THREE Jim Payne Bruce Hunter Dave Garrett ROW FOUR Tom Ryan Ron Weaver Anthony Davis Mr. Arthur Kennett Sponsor ROW ONE Dave O'DelI ROW TWO Mark Thurmond Bruce Kriegsies Dan Rawlings Mr. Arthur Kennett- Sponsor Garrett ROW ONE Sally Knickmeyer Nancy Huelskamp ROW TWO Marcella Sanders Mary Griggs Leslie Leaver ROW THREE Debbie Uhlmansiek Pat Mennicke Glenda Sayre Martha Hunter Sponsor - Mr. Kraus Nonet Choralettes ROW ONE Martha Hunter - Librarian Nancy Huelskamp v President Sally Knickmeyer - Vice President ROW TWO Wanakee Merrell Helen Crenshaw Maureen Miller Meg Griggs Patti Mueller Virginia Ferguson ROW THREE Kathy Tyler Wanda Barton Barb Watkins Ruth Gardiner Marcella Saunders Sandy Kuhach ROW FOUR Julie Mueller Sue Finley Marianne Darby Wilma Saunders Mary English Chris Ceresia ROW FIVE Marilyn Peick Shirley Miller Melinda Jackson Glenda Sayre Janice Burnett Pam Roberts ROW SIX Leslie Leaver Diane Schaffer Mary Lou Preston Linda Collins Barb Friedhott Brenda Goode Terryl Robinson ROW TWO Karen Faires Deborah Rapa Maureen Brown Cecila Bonds Latanya Alston Pam Rogue ROW THREE Nadine Campbell Kim Lowe Beth Von Behren Donna Ruth Cindy Sutter Leigh Slaughter ROW FOUR Cindy Russell Robin Morgan Debbie Uhlmansiek Brenda Dougherty Kathy Stalin Sally Morton ROW FIVE Jacqueline Harvey Valerie Luster Diane Shank Pat Mennicke Elizabeth Foy Edna Taylor ROW SIX Mary Major Patricia Fields Martha Lovett Sheila Luster Amy Borgstede Joan Overstreet Cindy Ford Sing - Out Normandy ROW ONE Regina Gardiner Don Wiedeman Mari Heida Rob Gardiner Betty Finnie Ellen Zavodnick Steve Weir ROW TWO Mr. Stuart- Sponsor Becky Bilter John Weir Marcella Sanders Garry Bilauski Ruth Gardiner Deborah Blount ROW THREE Craig Duncan Sharon Clouser Peter Witteried Cindy Ford Pat Lane Mary Jo Blackard Betty Muencn IV' adr'ga Rhythmnares ROW ONE Diane Shank Dave O'DeII Tom O'Brien ROW TWO Bruce Kriegsies Mary Griggs ROW THREE Marianne Darby Deb Uhlmansiek ROW FOUR Craig Duncan John Stewart ROW1 Dan Lilienkamp Jean Ross Pam Ely Dave O'DelI Bruce Kriegsies ROW 2 Lisa McCorkIe Chris German Valerie Luster Marianne Darby Janice Burnett ROW 3 Larry Jones Martha Gallatin Dan Rawlings Cindy Ely Dave Doney Steve Hussman Norsemen ROW ONE Tom Atkinson Walter Beltz Helen Colestock David Whiteley Dan Rawlings ROW ONE CCONTJ ROW TWO ROW TWO CCONTJ Steve Ottolini Marcella Sanders Mike Heaton Gary Lyon Tom O'Brien Dave O'DelI Darrell Thies Pat McCormick Ron Weaver John Coad Brian Morrissey Mike Anderson Bob Guenther Chuck Finch 98 ROW ONE: Mike Heaton Doug Darr Mark Beckmann Pat McCormick. ROW TWO: Scott Huchingson Chuck Finch Bob Guenther Ken Benz Darrell Thies Steve Ottolini Bob Barlow Dave O'DeII Gary Lyon Dan Flanakin Walter Beltz. Mike Anderson Tom Atkinson Robert Barlow Wanda Barton Mark Beckmann Walter Beltz Ken Benz Naomi Bloomer Dale Bowyer Dennis Brown Charles Brune David Bukovich Steve Buttrick Jeannie Buttrick Kerry Chapman Daniel Chavis Lynne Clark Helen Colestock Dennis Dalton Marianne Darby Lloyd Darlington Jeanette Davis Karen Deleal Craig Duncan Rebbecca Duvall Karen Faires Charles Finch Sue Finley Betty Finnie Dan Flanakin James Goebel William Gruebel Robert Guenther Mark Heaton Michael Heaton Nancy Hennemann Janis Holmes Kevin Holt Richard Hopkins Scott Huchingson Darlene Kidd Mary Kister Sally Knickmeyer Patrick Lane Joel Lilienkamp Perry Lybarger Gary Lyon David Matlock Ellen McCloskey Patrick McCormick Patricia Mennicke Patricia Mueller David O'Dell David O'Laughlin Steve Ottolini Urie James Payne Janice Peterson Mary Lou Preston Dan Rawlings Tommy Ryan Marcella Sanders David Schaffner Sandra Schmidt Cynthia Sutter Darrell Thies Linda Trice Barbara Watkins Ronald Weaver David Whiteley Donald Wideman Jerry Young Sharon Angle Tom Atkinson Penny Beard Waiter Beltz Mike Berryman Bob Beirer Debbie Black Mary Jo Blackard Debbie Blount Sue Brody Charles Brune Betsy Bukovich Jeanne Buttrick Karen DeLeal Becca Duvall Charles Finch Jan Finkel Cindy Ford Karen Fowler Kathy Fowler Bill Fox Martha Gallatin Robin Glenn Susan Greenfield Robert Guenther Jeanie Harrell Kurt Hartmann Mike Heaton ,vlari Sue Heida Cindy Henderson Debbie Henderson Michelle Hillal David Hoechst Scott Huchingson Bruce Hunter Darlene Kidd Alexis Kimble Sally Knickmeyer David LaRico Leslie Leaver Joel Lilienkamp Karen Lokey Tim Lokey David O'Dell Perry Lybarger David O'Laughlin Gary Lyon Jo Maria Oliver Terry Marquette Gwen Matlock Ellen McCloskey Pat McCormick Pat Mennicke Kay Miller Leann Morgan Mike Morris Brian Morrissey Julie Mueller Pat Mueller Steve Ottolini Bill Owens Teresa Patterson Jan Petterson Jan Pliszka Robert Pruett Cheryl Racheff Marcella Sansers Sandy Schmidt Greg Spillman Darrell Thies Karen Thies Bill Tonsing Debbie Uhlmansiek Daniel Vogt Kevin Walk Barb Watkins Steve Weir Sue Westbury David Whiteley Don Wiedeman Rita Wilson cn X4 3 'O :J- o I5 O O 1 O 3' CD U7 f-i- 1 OJ Concert Band Arp, Cathy Baumgartner, Cathy Bernstein, Terry Bilauski, Garry Bitter, Becky Bolton, Ruth Borgstede, Amy Bowyer, Mark Burris, Hallie Buttrick, Jeanne Casagrande, Robert Chapman, Kerry Claeys, Terrie Coad, John Cox, Clark Crask, Bruce Davis, Pamela Dickey, Edward Doyle, Lynn Duncan, Jill Eilermann, Edmund Eller, Bruce Elliot, Karen Everett, Mary Farr, Judy Ferrell, Jim Finch, James Finch, Tim Ford, David Fowler, Rick Gallatin, Martha Glenn, Chris Hansen, Julie Haynie, Terry Hensley, Benny Hickey, Mike Hunot, Tom Jarrett, Reggie Jost, Marie Kimble, Karen Ladendecker, Rose Lafata, Joe Lowe, Kim Matlock, Jerri McElheny, James McFarland, Kevin O'Daniel, James Paulette, Jerome Payne, Janet Pena, Joseph Peters, Gene Pettway, Alonzo Racheff, Karen Rice, Pamela Rullkoetter, Beth Rullkoetter, Julie Russell, Dale Schaffer, Diane Sherman, Suzanne Shirley, Brenda Shirley, Linda Shirley, Janet Slaughter, Leigh Smith Judy Smith, Paul Stanley, William Tucker, Stella Venatta, Mike Weathers, Tammie Weaver, Kathy Whitford. John Westrich, Janet Wilke, Scott Williams, Dennis Wilson, Janie Wolfe, Gary Zimmerman, William J . 5 Q- s E S t I Marching Band Arp, Cathy Barton, Wanda Baumgartner, Cathy Bellm, Janice Benz, Ken Bilauski, Garry Bitter, Becky Blackard, Mary Jo Bolton, Ruth Borgstede, Amy Brown, Maurice Bukovich, Betsy Ceresia, Chris Claeys, Terrie Clark, Lynne Coad, John Colestock, Helen Dalton, Dennis Darby, Marianne Darlington, Lloyd Ditmeyer, Betty Duncan, Jill Duncan, Craig Eller, Bruce Ferrell, Jim Finley, Sue Flanakin, Carman Flanakin, Dan Ford, Cynthia Gallatin, Martha Goebel, Jim Grayson, Renita Greenfield, Susan Guenther, Robert Heaton, Mike Heide, Kara Holt, Kevin Huchingson, Scott Hunter, Bruce Jarrett, Reggie Kriegsies, Denis Kidd, Darlene Kimble, Karen Lafata, Joe Lane, Patrick Lilienkamp, Joe Lowe, Kim Lyon, Ga ry Matlock, Jerri McCloskey, Ellen McCormick, Pat 104 McLaughlin, Shannon Mennicke, Pat Mueller, Leann ODell, Dave Oliver, Jo Ottolini, Steve Payne, Jimmy Payne, Jan Peters, Gene Portell, Doug Preston, Mary Lou Racheff, Karen Rice, Pamela Rullkoetter, Beth Rullkoetter, Julie Ryan, Tom Sanders, Marcella Schaffer, Diane Schmidt, Sandy Sherman, Sue Smith, Judy Stanley, Bill Sutter, Cindy Thies, Darrell Thies, Karen Trice, Linda Watkins, Barb Weaver, Ron Weaver, Kathy Weyermann, Patty Wiedeman, Don Wilson, Janie Wolfe, Gary Young, Jerome HRQRQ Normandy Percussion Association ROW ONE Reggie Jarrett Dan Flanakin - Chairman Don Wiedeman - President Bruce Eller H Chairman Mr. Herbert Duncan - Sponsor ROW TWO Amy Borgstede Leann Morgan Scott Hucningson Gerry Oliver Jerrie Matlock Cnris Ceresia ROW THREE Karen Tnies Jo Oliver Joan Fuchs Sue Brody Pat McCormick ROW FOUR Bruce Hunter Gary Wolfe Ken Benz Sue Westbury Perry Lybarger Darrell Tnies i Drill Team ff ,MM 'Nl ,rm , ,,, ,ti ROW ONE: Renell Hearon Kim Mack Rhoda Stuart Michelle Hill ROW TWO: Serena Barnett Phyllis Johnson Myrna Whilhite Sharon Arnold Robin Scott ROW THREE: Marion Anderson Rhonda Buckner Rosalind Buchanan Carol Riddick ROW FOUR: Gwen Stewart Gail Williams Pam Matherson Karen Trice Madeleine Montgomery Saga ROW ONE Olinda Perera Sharon Butler Anne Wilker Candy Newman Carolyn Cortor Melinda Jackson Grace Barron ROW TWO Christa Von Arx Suzanne Moore Rita Hubbard Michelle Londoff Marian Taylor LaWanda Campbell Mary Spina Joe Olivastro Jim Wood ROW THREE Ron Norwood Mike Dougherty Donna Blattner Karen Ven John Kelly Cassidy Anna Caulfield Elizabeth Price Joyce Stewart Co-editors . . . Business Manager .... Activities ..,...... Social . .. Spring ... Sports ... Seniors .. Juniors .. Sophomores .. Freshman ......... Saga Community and Index . .. Artist ...... ..., Grace Barron Melinda Jackson ..... Grace Barron . . . .Sue Moore Rita Hubbard Marian Taylor Christa Von Arx ..... Kara Heide Olinda Perera .H Kelly Cassidy Anne Wilker .... Joe Olivastro Mary Spina LaWanda Campbell Ron Norwood .. Donna Blattner Anna Caulfield .. Sharon Butler Joyce Stewart ......,.LizPrice Karen Ven John .. Mike Dougherty Shelle Londoff .. Pat Weyermann Faculty .. ...Carolyn Cortor Candy Newman Photo Editor... ..........., Jim Wood Advisor .... ... Mr. Howard Emerson wig X wi NN MQW Grace Barron wv R. 2 Courier NEWS STAFF Co-editors ...,. News Editors .... Managing Editor .,,. Feature Editors ,... Sports Editors ... Artist ....... Reports ,,.. BUSINESS STAFF Business Manger ..., Ad. Art Editor ....... Business Secretary ,... STAFF Circulation Manager i,.. Typists ....i....,i.,,. FACULTY ...Carol Barnes Gary Kamerman Vanessa Graham James Price David Upchurch ,.. Diane Shank M... Rob Gross Kathy McFarland Bill Kuhl . Jim Dougherty Brian Corrigan .,.. Gabe Berry ... Debbie Knox Dari Rawlings Janis Holmes Gary Kamerman ......JoelBoyd . Martha Hunter Barb Friedhoff ii..Jon Furlong Pam Weitekamp James Payne Pam Hill Jackie James Jim Randoll Cecelia Bonds Angie Delano Advisers . .. M. Mr. Howard Emerson Mrs. Sue Fleminger -wfvUF"" O ROW ONE ROW ONECcont.j ROW ONE Ccontj ROW TWO Ccontj ROW TWO Ccontj Pamela Hill Janis Holmes Jim Payne James Price Jim Rancloll Martha Lovett Kathy McFarland Dan Rawlings Jon Furlong Carol Barnes Debbie Knox ROW TWO Pam Weitekamp Ga ry Kamerman Angie Delano Barb Friedhoff Jim Dougherty Pat Weyermann Martha Hunter Diane Shank Barb Watkins Robert Gross Joel Boyd Brian Corrigan Ll Q James Pr Photography ROW ONE: Frank Freund, Ned Maxwell, Bob lVlcDonald, Dan McDonald, Joe l-lossenlopp. ROW TWO: Bolo Nlertz, Fred Fishcer, Dan Holden, Chris Merritt, Al Florence. Frank F, gr -Omen. , F,,,- rf ,aww sl' -ru SN'-M Audio Visual ROW ONE Gary Eberley Vernon Lenzini Rick Benigno , Clarence Thompson Dennis Phillips Fred Fischer Doug Wlodarek ROW TWO Dave Whiteley Bob Nourse Phil Kleypas Charlie Brune Dalton Burton Thesp'an ROW ONE Kathy Pope Vicky Meyer Steve Malone Rita Hubbard Paula Beard - Secretary Dave Garrett- Vice-President ROW TWO Art Olive Dan Smith Fred Fischer - President Chris German - Treasurer 5 5 s 'f BVUCQK . Senior Honor Society ROW ONE Betty Finnie - President Judy Nelson - Vice-President Pat Weyermann - Secretary Diane Shank-Treasurer Mr.Telken - Sponsor ROW TWO ROW THREE Jan Finkel Martha Belker Christa Von Arx Vernon Lenzini Debbie Black Walter Beltz Penny Beard Donna Quade Stan Fronckevvicz Hallie Burris Barbara Watkins Beverly Body Mike Eswine Sandra Schmidt Kathy Fowler Jim Randoll Ellen Zavodnick Jon Furlong Nancy Huelskamp Martha Hunter 'and Scroll ROW ONE Carol Barnes Mary Spina Olinda Perera Diane Snank ROW TWO Joe Olivastro Pat Weyermann LaWanda Campbell Ron Norwood Dave Garrett A M r ROW THREE Jean Ross Diane Grant Sharon Butler Mary Ruth Hodgson Brian Goodman Mark Cox ROW FOUR James Price Sue Moore Christa Von Arx Grace Barron Dave Birenoaum Speech and Debate ROW ONE Chris Ceresia Maureen Brown Gina Turner Carol Ward Brian Norber Brenda Goode Karen Howard ROW TWO Steve Malone Jean Ross Kathy Hill ROW THREE Ray Seefeldt Linda Menderski Paula Beard James Price Estelle Guada Mary Kister Dennis Evanowski Jim O'Daniel 8 REPUBLICAN CLUB ROW ONE Brian Corrigan - President David La Rico - Treasurer ROW TWO Jim Colestock Virginia Ferguson Jim Goebel Madeline Howard Sally Kovach Sue Finley ROW THREE James O'Daniel Dennis Evanovvski Earl Voss William Fox Jim Wood Nlary Lou Preson NOT PICTURED Bob Wood - Vice-President Leslie Leaver - Secreta ry Leslie Wieser - Secretary Sponsor - lVlr. Joe Funke DEMOCRATIC CLUB David Ford - Secretary-Treasurer Nlark Thompson - President John Abney - Vice-President Blair Deiermann Debbie Knox David Camp Sponsor - Nlr. Ray Arnold Arachnids J 2 E 5 f, if 120 JEMQ. gg, Q, f .-A -'K A In WWMM 7 Ng ngwf' MA Stan Fronckewicz Dale Bowye H Y' ROW THREE Ed Buchholz Brad Franz Joe Benson Mark Beckmann Cheryl Kloepfer Sally Knickmeyer Elsa David Carnp - Vice-President, Karen Faires, Cheryl Wells - President, Donna Olson, Sandy Williams - Treasurer, Chris Scheible - Secretary ,ff vii '122 ROW ONE Mr. Ron Heithecker - Coach Joan Coad Joe Fincher Mike Murphy Kevin Holt Kent Chapman ROW TWO Kerry Chapman Chuck Finch Carl Melchior Mark Schulte Jerry Oliver Eric Heithecker ROW THREE Mike Curran Parker Dulaney Mike Kelty Kenny Pulliam Dennis Raley ROW ROUR Darrell Thies Dave Hoechst Mike Weber Tim Bradley Dave Cashion Not Pictured Mr. Ed Fiebig, trainer - Hockey Club Jerry Oliver and Carl Melchior DECA ROW ONE Mary Hunot - Secretary Rowland Ellington - Vice-President Sally Grooms - President Earline Little - Treasurer Sue Sweeney - Reporter James Boyd - Photographer Michael S. Sadich - Sponsor ROW TWO Valerie Moore Vickie McGiijt Carol Newberry Pam Clements Carol Hootselle ROW THREE Linda Hayes Eva Stewart Carol Camp Pat Kilcullen Sue Chapman Ann Sargent ROW FOUR Ed Paule Larry Hood Carmen Valenti Randy Sneed Josephine Terry ROW FOUR fcont.J Pam Wilhelm Janice Miget Lida Alderdice Gred Bresnahan Debbie Ratliff ROW FIVE Pat Keeley Bruce Kahmke Peggy Jacobsen Mary Kilgore Roy Biechle Eddie Douglas Richard Wosmansky Mark Norber Rita Spillman Dennis Raley Steve Albers ROW SIX Rick Medlock Theresa Tabers Debbie Ellsworth Wayne Lenoir Bob Knight Ron Scola John Loraine Brad Franz Ed Hegger 4 VICA 4 1l ROW ONE ROW FOUR Mr. Nichols- Sponsor Joe Vogel Denise Scott- Kurt Kramer Parliamentarian Tom Weldon Sherry Dalton - Treasurer Milton Newberry Sue McElroy - Secretary Ron Mitchell Dave Ashton - Ray Czerniewski Vice-President Joe Carraway Matt Rudolph - President RiCk Lovely ROW TWO Virgil Tyler Pat Montray Clarence Leonard Helen Knight Lyle Hutsell Tom Stengel ROW FIVE Deborah Tillary Gary Eberiey Barry Lockha use Ed Grirnshaw Denise Talley Ed Stan Derrick Ballard Bob Brennan Lorretta Vaughn Ned Maxwell Barb Meyer Brett Lawton ROW THREE Dave Westrich Carl Williams Tony Trupiano Rebecca Lewey SCOtt Jones Joe Adams Bruce McQuay Will Anderson Von Cox Tyrone Crossland Mike Koenig Jeff Galmlche 125 Future Teachers of America FTA ROW ONE Debbie Black- Treasurer Regina Gardiner Secretary Ruth Gardiner Sally Downs Cheri Johnson ROW TWO PatCain'1i Sheila Hanlon Karen Brinker- President Wanakee Merrell Helen Crenshaw XX Q3-. 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ROW ONE James Colestock Debra Lamm Al Henneboehle Orand Jones Jim Randoll ROW TWO Mark Thompson Carol Barnes Joe Baumann Dan Smith ROW THREE Raymond Lott Philip Newell Nlark Bowyer David Hampe ROW FOU R Richard Stephenson Earnest Williams David Beisel Dennis Eyanovvski Geoffrey Lambert ROW FIVE Gary Kamerman Walter l-largett Greg Peterson Bill Benefield ROW ONE Robert Pruett Betty Finnie Gerry Oliver Stan Fronckewicz Grace Barron Diane Shank Vernon Lenzini Kathy Hempel David Hampe- ROW TWO Jim Randoll Jon Furlong Dan Flanakin Jan Finkel Walter Beltz Sandra Schmidt Ellen Zavodnick Bruce Kriegsies Karen Van lVliII Aletheia ROW ONE Judy Nelson - President Leigh Slaughter -Vice-President Joyce Morris - Secretary-Treasurer John Weir- Program Chairman Aaron Ford - Sponsor ROW TWO Bruce Hunter Karen Brinker Carol Hootselle Rob Gross Kurt Kramer Dave Metz Joel Boyd Toni Capone Foreign Exchange FOREIGN STUDENT CLUB ROW ONE Tom Wyatt Joan Borchardt Cindy Rogers - Foreign Student Chairman Martha Hunter - President Garry Bilauski ROW TWO Tony Palmer Sheri Youngwith Sandy Williams Karen Brinker Barb Watkins Diane Shank - V Sandy Schmidt Karen Van Nlill ROW THREE Pat Foy Chris Scheible Foreign Language 1 1 132 . vmfieyp, 1' M' H2 X M . -,f,,y,,, Y 1 f 5 are ,, ,V K Vi kingettes ROW1 Donna Blattner Anna Caulfield Judy Nelson Sue Riley ROW 2 Colleen Freernen Jill Kriesky Denise Tierney Ma ry Ellen Prosser ROW3 Linda Kamp Joan Fumagalli Mary Dalton Betsy Dueker Nancy Riley Sheila Luster Mary Hodgson Ann Berry Jeanette Davis Mary Riley Diane Shank Joan Nelson ettermen ROW ONE John Stewart Kevin Barry Joe Olivastro Nelson Grurnney Spencer Fienup ROW TWO Frank Mattingly Earl Voss Larry Jones Mike Venatta Steve Pecher Jerry Wells 322 Boy's Gymnastics ROW ONE Mr. Ronald Helms Joe Olivastro Glen Einspanier Randy Moore Tom Fowler John Kurz Gerald Rainey ROW TWO Gary Melcnior Jerome Phillips Jim Wood Larry Capone ROW THREE Vince LoBosco Tom Stengel Ronald Wilnite Clayton Price GirI's Gymnastics ROW ONE Miss Linda Harris Karen Wood Christine Adrian Liz Price Kara Heide Sandy Lamm Rita Smith ROW TWO Kandi Jones Margaret Gohn Dana Preston Maureen Miller Katy Price ROW THREE Lisa Garrett Donna Thompson Natalie Hackney Vickie Price Sponsor -unior Orchesis ROW ONE ROW ONE CCON'TJ ROW TWO CCON'TD ROW TWO CCON'TJ ROW THREE CCON'TJ Debra Uppchurch Helen Crenshaw Sue Finley Sally Kovach Kathy Tyler Janet Day Mona McCarthy Mary Lou Preston Janis Guarino Barbara Boyd Renita Brown ROW TWO Julie Walker ROW THREE Karen Watkins Carol Batisto Shirley Boyd Becca Duvall Kim Schaefer Linda Trice Julie Owens Kathy McFarland Betty Straub Cathy Neely Janet PliSZka Brenda Pascal Sue Ottolini Francis Havey X ' -. ,ks YL as H i :'A: 9555 Q fiegnfsie E fi S2 12? is :N get as x X Ls, N mi fi :xxx NN ,. --e- . .Q A 55' we gs e Xu Rhoda Stuart WR i Sli- A ' ' T, li,t ,. ,. 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Payne Jackie James Linda Hawkins ROW FOUR Cheryl Marks Nanette Thomas Debra Marshall Patricia Fields Wilma Saunders Carolyn Tyler Beverly Boyd Diane Pate Y 'een Club ROW1 Renita Grayson Henry Robinson ROW 2 Gwen Little Keith Clerkley Janice Davis Sterling Shanks ROW 3 Mr. Phil DeLuca Regina Boyd Sidney Caldwell Mary Major Stan Robinson Vicky Ferguson Stanley Bobo Karen Kimble ROW4 Charles Wilson Cheryl Hughes Anthony Reed Beverly Smith Guy Jackson Natalie Hackney Robert Howard Veronica King James Robbins League of Law Enforcement 2 Z 5 3 8' 2 f vyff A- ,, , N , ,f ,f f W.m.Wzr' f- ., .f v- 1 - Dilatory Club ROW ONE Kurt Hartman - Vice-President Bob Knight Ea rl Voss Tom Ryan ROW TWO Peter Witteried Bruce Kriegsies Dennis Farrell- President ROW THREE Daniel Holdren Dennis Dalton ROW FOUR Dennis Hess Mr. Doug Lauck Sponsor Service Workers ROW ONE James Lane Linda Hawkins Cecl la Bonds Rhonda Buckner Tony Capone Marianna NIZZOI3 Kathy Kllcullen Debbie lips Kandl Jones Joan Elkerenkoetter Debra Pasley Sandra Butler Elaine Plalr Marllyn Whitley Jean Probst ROW THREE Regina Turner Donna Benson Matt Rudolph Stan Anderson Dan Farrell Gall Kramer Carol Camp Linda Thompson Karen Howard Katherine Tierney John Aubuchon Becky Aubuchon Sandy Stewart Karen Elliott Mar lanne Darby Susan Brinkman ROW FIVE LonnleTrammelI Maureen Ryan Tony Nash Doug Barnhart Karen Flood Kathy Mullar key Pam Schuckmann Regina DUTKIGWICZ da McCoy Mark Kolnes Janice Hanson Debbie Milligan Trudl Cozart Cynthia Santel shew. Row TWO: 'Elmer Pirrle, Jerome Phil- Row roulfzz Phillip lsom, Deborah keridriekl ROW six: vieki Collins, llveriekee Merrell, l.iril Saffley ill i I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I 1 I I SPO RTS Editors Joe Olivastro Mary Spina ,,.f,,ff,A ,M M W Cross mo E? 51" 3: , ,Q e,,-w,.mf , -,f,.:, 1.14 W --'- ,12 Lra: "::,": Q we f 1- A' gmw l 52 My w,,, +G,1L, 91 ,2- g ,.,,, W' sw f ..,. , .. i .K WM ,zu km 1 1 Qfgwffs s ':'L X" nzwvyf f Q' s o Z gif , , , , ,:.,, , L , 3 , , 55' ff b y LV i. 165 f , mm, f H" fwfaigg ,ff f'X untry Wmiif f Mz,g55,,k2E M gg , 2 'f:: i',,.,f1,,f f BZ 4 2 Q2f?3 2g 1 Q 2 1' me 2' 2 5 Q2 Y we r- ,. ,,,:, 27, f giaifk Q33 X lvzwazx 1' Q ,W , M m,., , ,.v, wg? U si 4 VV 5 1,55 ,,,,,,. f ,f M ma-, fa vu' 5 7,51 7? X 1 sg f f f i 4 12 A as f 5 , Le,i.,, ,aaf,fa," Q ' 5 74' , gf wjZ?321 1 M W ,M msiffs 5 vi 2 E f 5 3 2235 M 1 :wk ,W QZQJZW Bm 2 EWWWHW K Z? 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Such dreams suddenly drifted into reality as the Viking runners under the persistance of coach Dennis Sissom captured first place in the District meet, and then swept on to a third place trophy in the Regional meet. The Cross Country squad "was ready for a fantastic fin- ish in the State meet but they tried too hard," in coach Sis- soms words, and finished eighth in State. The 1972 season produced "the finest team in Normandy's history." They dis- played a kind of fortitude that is not easily forgotten. The season was highlighted by a second place finish in the First Capital Invitational, and in the next few weeks, second tonville and Ritenourg sixth place in the Hancock Invitational and then on to a first place finish over lVlcCluer and St. Charles. The following conquests left Normandy with a third place in the Beaumont Invitational and finally a third place in theleague meet. Slssom coach .dm H?ggE3SQsf sti' ress sfssfy ssss. L 'T V ' ' if 'siL svwvr ROW ONE: Kevin Zimmer, Cliff Brown Don Czerniewski, John Anders, Paul Smith, IVlatt Chickey. ROW TWO: Doug Wlodarek, Jerry Price, Alvin Bridges, Kevin Wlodarek Charles Bull, Rick Jakoubek Tim Bradley. Sophomore Cross Country ' Pruett, Steve Smith, Larry Jones, Mr. Dennis v -f , Q V ..... Y Y VV . Ji . ,VVI ,I - ,V , . kr W' fy V - ...Q-V gig .L D I 1 3 ig 'A 5, T l ff it , . A fx ' 6 E531 ' z . W ti X Ffggs, sm 8,3533 w E it s xml RQ .5 X xg 2 sw 3 .Mig asset '5 Us K we r ig SM Q 147 , place finishes to NlcCluer, Riverview and Lindbergh. With Oc- tober came a series of victories, third place finish against Pat- Varsity Football l ROW ONE Vince LoBosco Jim Stewart Bill Canavan Ed Kennedy Larry Yamnitz Jim Schottmueller Glen Einspanier John Kurz Joe German Mike Laususe Ed Jones Odis Frost ROW TWO Walter Hargett Mngr Mark Stewart Chuck Droege Gary lvlelchior Dennis Farrell Larry Jack Geisz Jim Huber Brian Butera Butch Renaud Dave Rolwes Gary Jurczyk Dan lVlurphy Ken Kempfer lVlarkSissom son, Doug Reece, Mark Sehnert, Ken Poole, Rudy Albright, Elmer Pirtle, John Crosby, Nlngr. ROW THREE: Steve Sampson, Gary Raker, Garry A third place finish in the Suburban North Conference - the outcome of a long hard season filled with the determination of new coach Jim Veech and the guts and driving efforts of a Foot- ball Team that never gave up. Opening the season, the Vikings walked over Cleveland 7-3. Their grit became apparent when the team rebounded from a disap- pointing 14-49 loss to SLUH, to defeat Ritenour 1O-5, and there- by win back the coveted Wagon Wheel. The team then triumphed 28-13 over Pattonville. In the Riverview game, Normandy fell at the wrong end of a 16-6 score. But they recovered quickly in their next three triumphs over lVlcCluer North C35-185, lVlcCIuer C41-73, and St. Charles C17-125. The Viking dream for the District title was shattered in a disheartening 34-6 loss to Hazelwood. Six wins and three losses brought the 1972 season to a valiant close. 148 What I gave, I have. What I dIdn'1 give, I have lost forever. 49 Senior Varsity Players Glen Ei"15D2fWi9l', C0-C3Dt3in Jim Schottmueller, co-captain BilICanavan-C Chuck Droege-HB Dennis Farrell-G 54" Joe German - FB Larry Jackson f LB Ed Kennedy - LB 150 John Kurz E Vmce LoBosco-QB Elmer Purtle G Doug Reece-T Jim Stewart - NB Team Football '.: : .. " P Tl? - -tif" , Y to FN. . --1 - WYE' , .: 'iz' 359- .. i -flu-. K , 15 L .,,. ,. L. N .J .,....., sw , my gf' N 5. M55 .f f , . L W P K L - 3 get WWW- "'-' TT""'s LK, L 5 f X - - K qw I , .e 1 f t . - 1 Q f l , J ' - so f as ' . -. my :: E:g, 11k V, WM 't' f: f,- T - ,-if 'lr ,, " .-'EZ? I..?s,.ff:f'.EE -Ll K., "'A' ::?!?512Z"-.P .75 -. .. -. T .. W if. 7,5 F"-1-": ii"f.-f:EE?I1E1:' " ' D :"'f55:EE:1 Else. "Ev-'1 . X' " V. BMW' .,,. L A W" . "" U Ms .... -fgmy L,k- ,:,g5'W4, -.. A Y We kttu ENE . swsawtsggkggm -qs t W WH ig on K N 5 Lp Y N, i W - V I A , 1 ,,..,, .r i S, " ' ., fi t , ' .,.. r ' I f ' ' , , 'iff-Q ' .A r A 1' -r ' I lells - - as A bfi Flwff 2. ' " 31, 1 3 5 L -- ., ' , ff , W . Q vml- . - it V. A Q' , ' ' slsw l -K 7 ' a tis! L-Q' .... ,. 1' k , skill W .' .. if ' "" : 2. K E ' ' -I . ,... . -Q L ru: Q '--- M. se . as -, tt J, , ,Q A we - ' -N'-"VLQM,,. ," --"' af,,s.s::.., ' v"' - ' li- 5.9 i w" . W ,,-- - -. . ' if " 5 1 ' Z, ' A ...,. .... ,V rf A 'Q -' t '- ' ' L gf' '- ,. Q 7.5 - 1 --fs, v. fgagf , A fr :egg ' , - ' sy "'- . ' - - 'ev - A . . . . V .. ,. ., . ., . -- -ff-- 4 --" V-me.NM.fa: 4M--. ...,,,.:Ma,,:,, W -' L , L,, v ..J,,,:s.ta:M1sesmacA:- mera ,, ', ,, ,,:, , ,,,. .E : . : . : : .,: - Aw.rL,JMa S N 5-I 3. -: g.-:- HE ,' :- 2 2 7' :' ": :' ' Q V. ' , f , , " .A " M --M , ' ' ' f w "--' , u ,, ' .- , " . . ,, V "1 L . - ,,, LL, I '-x' . I - 7 -W ,. , ,,,.. . ,, -M 'MW A . . - P' --H ' g: L L ,..,,,, D ,,,...., A , . 1 r ' LL' , ' . "" ' r ...- - A " L ' "" .... A- -' at ' -- W- ftt, 1 ff N f ,L : VWMMM B Team Members Aboyme Gerry Black Eric Boles Davld N Brown Byron Brown Otha Brumfleld Anthony Bukovlch Davld Chambless Paul Coburn Charles Curran Mnchael Davns Anthony Davls Derrlck Field Terry Graven Tum Hall Chester Hearon Derrick Henry Durelle Hensley BennyC Jacques Kevln Jones, Darrell Jordan Paul Luddell Wullls Mann Hurel Mules Enc Montgomery Rodney , , 1 I I E , , , , . , . , . , , . , . , ' , Taylor, Adrian , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Myles John Newman, Dou Nichols Gary Null John Parker Ronald Parks Lester Pate, Euel Ill Richardson Alvln Robinson Henry Sums Michael Shaw Wllllam Stlmage Larry Taylor Darryl Warner Jeffrey Westmoreland Make Wllklns Herman L Wllklns Perry Wllson Charles Wllllams Henry Wvlllams Joe Yount Greg Zager Chris E 152 C - Team Football 'V '-.v I '-K' ' C Team Members Baker Dean Barnett Sears Brooks Rich Buck Mike Caldwell Sidney Cardwell Buddy Carter Rich Co ins Bill Davis Anthony Davis Jeff Days Darryl Debow Derwin Depew Joel Ferguson, George Finch, Jim Finch, Tim Fischer, La Monte Frank, Kevin Finnie, Leo Frederking, Dave Gaines, Bradley Gallagher, Tim Goodman, Jerry Graves, lvory Griffin, John Groceman, Dave Hall, Leonard Halliburton. Connell Hayes, Reginald Howard, Bob Issac, Mike Jackson. Guy Jeffreys, John Kazanas, Dan Kinealy Bob Lawless Bob Lemaster Joel Mason Bob McBride Terry McCain Don McCauley Gilbert McClure Sam McGee Herbert Mingo Mike Mitchell Stan Reese Larry Robbins Jim Robinson, Arnold Robertson, Ed Saulsberry, Tom Schmitt, Kurt Sehnert, Greg Shanks, Sterling Shannon. Melvin Smith. Randy Staples, Mike Stover, Charlie Thomas. Rick Thurmond, Mike Thurmond, Marqus Tope, Glenn Vogel, John Vogt, Dan Wilke, Scot Wooten, Larry Wright. Orlando Wyland, Steve ROW ONE .lim Zweifel Mike Thornton Steve Thieme Johnny Renaud Tim Knapp Eddie Kennedy, Mike Smith Bob Krahl, Mart Clark St . , y e, eve -Dodson ROW TWO Chuck Droege Gary Mechior Marty Spina Jeff Davis Alan Ashton, Chuck Diekemper, Butch Renaud, Steve Sampson, Leo evlin ROW THREE Coach Dave Ellis Tom O Leary Manager Steve Pecher, Jerry Wells, Pat Turner, Rob Gardiner. Enthusiasm and a driving "never give up" attitude sparked the Big Green Machine to the Conference tour- nament championship and to the district finals of the State Tournament, truly a successful season uder Coach David Ellis. In the State Tournament, Normandy crushed Ladue, Pat- tonville, and Chaminade to get to the finals. Then the Big Green fought favored DeSmet to two scoreless ties, final- ly losing on the third day 2-O. In regular season play, the team lost only four times. Vic- tories came often, such as an early-season defeat of last year state champion McCluer. Outstanding performers Butch Renaud, Steve Pecher, and Gary Melchior won a place on the all-Conference team as did Ed Kennedy who was given honorable mention. When the going gets tough, The Big Green gets going. Senior Varsity Players x Ed Kennedyg captain 1 i i Chuck Droege Bob Krahl Gary Melchior i i Butch Renaud Mike Smith Steve Thieme Varsity Swim ROW ONE: Bob Hartweck Dave Podwojski Keith Madden Chuck Frederking Joe Olivastro Nelson Grumney Rick Fitzmaurice Rich Bresna Art Lebeau. ROW THREE: Kevin Zimmer Spencer Fienup, David Camp Bob Nourse Mark Haviland, Mark Deiermann Chris Kloepfer Ed Fred erking, Mr. Mike Colin coach and Brett Lawton mngr. han, Marty Lippert. ROW TWO: Jamie McElheny, Dave Frederking, Dennis Evanowski, Karl Kloepfer, Mike Veniatta Jeffrey Brackett Brian King A shadow lurked over the endeavors of the Viking swim- mers, coached by Mr. Mike Colin, as their first several dual meets ended in despair. Last year's conference ri- val, Berkeley, swam over to conquer them 52-43. Later in the season the squad cameback to beat the Bulldogs 50- 45. The big, green slime had returned! At once they stroked on to several consecutive victories ending the season with a 9-5 dual meet record. The coveted conference title, won by the Vikings the pre- vious year, proved to be, a shattered dream as they dropped to a fourth place finish in the conference meet. Their perserverence held fast and pulled them through to a 6th place finish in the district meet, Normandy's fin- est showing in several years. Excruciation subdued by the enduring will to succeed produced several strong qualifiers in the state meet. Exceptional performances were shown by freshman, Jamie McElheny, who captured 16th in the 200 and 12th in the 400-yd. freestyle events and senior tri-captain, Chuck Frederking, who finished 2nd in the 100-yd. backstroke. m Nelson Grumney tri captain Chuck Frederkingg tri-ca ptain Joe Oiivastrog 'tri-Captain If you want it bad enough, you will find the strength, the endurance, and the guts that it takes somewhere inside you. McEIhenyk Keith Madden: Senior Diver . - 1 1 . - Achampion must have the desire for perfection Va W In g and the will to punish himself in the process. Lofton Mgr. Ardelle Dunlap John Kurz John Jones Randy Moore Tom Fowler, Dave Carter Jim Wood, Coach Gus Schalkham. Not pictured: ROW ONE: Tom Stengel, Dave Eswine, Vince LoBosco, Glen Einspanier, Mickie Meriwether, Tom Raney. ROW TWO: Coach Ron Helms, Tyron Mike Berryman, Mark Beckman, Rich Reyna, and Bob l3orden. V V Fortitude and the predetermination for success merg- Vmce L0B0SCO'C0'Captai" ing with the enlightment of this year's new coach Gus Gm EmSpame"CO'Capta"' Schalkham and the assistance of Ron Helms enabled the grapplers to move straight through the season and cap- ture second-place finishes in both the district and the regional meets. The season came to a climax with third- place finish at the state meet. Proving itself the strongest Normandy wrestling team in the past decade, the determined squad fought through to third-place finishes in the Norhwest and Riverview Gardens tournaments and finished with a strong second in the Ritenour tourney. Relentless self-discipline and steadfast perserverance produced not only one of the best teams in the state but also two of the finest wrestlers throughout the state. Ju- nior Tom Raney, 112 lbs., and senior co-captain Vince LoBosco, 138 lbs., captured championship titles, while seniors Tom Fowler and Glen Einspanier were taking fourths in the heavyweight and 185 lbs. division. The team finshed with 32 1X2 pints at state, just behind champion Northwest's 35. x- - , ,s 1- :H . - ' 27. . , v A355 JV Wrestling ROW ONE: Chuck Jansen, Tim Graven, Steve Weir, Paul Kurz, Rick Fowler, Gary Jacobsmeyer Dennis Dalton ROW TWO Larry Wilson Terry Fields, Frank Mattingly, Bob Wood, Joe Kathcart, Kirk Tass, Dave Sherrill, Coach Ron Helms -'S 9 ..: 255 -52' L 5 fi? . Q - S . if 51155 , Ei ri T I -' t.g,f " . . - , Q f---- X 'Mil k P iz ., A 5 Q X. , 1 - f 7 A- I rl ,, . :P 4 I .X WN l 22531 7 xg J I S .jg T N it " T ii fi ,wx Jai ' sr 1 rl :west -my -- - Q -.rm : 3 -' W -7 z, ' 31 if 5 ft I , .- , is . ' Hg J 2 fi ' ,Q ii S 1. Q Q A 1. A: KL K as ' 1: " . GQ E . 1' ..J'-wztrzx:-vt.',1v-'N - r . jfali K K-J 5 ra rr-'55 T if Q mi 5 Q - wi M:-.Q E 5 i Q .1112-a,:si?S.E: fl" , 5: 'Q-?l55X,?,'fQ? ff:i.5i,g:-'Qs Fran k Mattingly wgsms5w,fr,e,ts, i'SiwW5fl5l,..-. . "i'l' - Morrisl :m,..: , gy' , i ROW ONE: Chris Glenn, Sears Barnett, Mike O'Connor, Mike Morris, Bob Casagrande, Leo Finnie, Larry Reese. ROW TWO: John Whitford, Connell Haliburton, Ivory Graves, Anthony Davis, Anthony Fenner, Tom Bianchetta, Dean Baker, Tom Hadrick, and Coach Charles Farr. 161 C-Tea m Wrestling Varsity Basketball ROW ONE: Tom Ryan, Mgr. Mike Chambers, co-captain, John Stewart, co-captain, Bruce Eller, Mgr. ROW TWO: Britt Reese, John Bond, Vern Lenzini, Jerry Fondren, Laverne Lackland, Calvin Foster, Jim Schottmueller. ROW THREE: Coach Jim Gerdes, Mike Moore, Ron McGee, Alan Crossley, Willis Young, Gary Bright, Steve Cooks, Mark Stewart, Coach John Masterson. Endless hours of practice drills, days of strain, nights filled with anticipaion -the price of success in basket- ball is steep. But the taste of victory was sweet as the Vi- kings, under the guidance of Coach John Masterson, captured first place trophies in both the Vianney and the Suburban North Conference Tournaments, and a sur- prising second place in their own Christmas tourney. Despite outstanding success in tournament play, the Vi- kings' regular season play was sporadic. After an early season 64-63 loss to St. Louis University High in which the team played outstanding basketball, the Vikings seemed to fall apart in Conference play. Still, with the inside threat of John Stewart, the defense and rebound- ing of Mike Chambers and Steve Cooks, and the hustle of guards Jim Schottmueller and Britt Reese, the Vikings were great at times. Such as the case in a late-season game with St. Charles which the Vikings won 64-63 and knocked the Pirates out of the Conference lead. Evident too was that this was no one-man club. Several players led in scoring in games throughout the season. At season's end, Coach Masterson and staff could be proud of a team that wasn't supposed to be that good, of one that had hustled and played above its ability at times, and one that brought home several trophies and thrilling memories for Viking fans. A man's reach should exceed his grasp .. B-Team Basketball ROW ONE: Eric Black, Martin Braun. ROW TWO: Lawrence Quarles, Sammy Davis, Roosevelt Dean, Larry Lackland, Candy Walker, Ray Buchan non, Ben Birchfield. ROW THREE: Coach Clem Worthy, Ron Williams, Lawrence Brooks, Paul Jordan, Otha Brown, Al Catching, Mike Simms Mgr. " l 164 C-Team Basketball ROW ONE: Gary McMorris, Mgr., Thomas Saullsberry, Coach Jason Holmes. ROW TWO: Andre Chatman, Jerry Smith, Ricky Thomas, Robert O'Leary, Don McFetridge, Henry Robinson, Greg Sehnert. ROW THREE: Kevin Williams, Anthony Davis, Benjamin C. Washington, Denzil Dean, James Cunningham, Bill Myers, Mark Palazzola. E f Denzil Dean 165 Varsity Team Captains Swim Golf Joe Olivastro, Chuck Frederking and Nelson Grumney Kevin Barry and John Fagan FOOtball Basketball I WVGSWVWS I ' Glen Einspanier and Jim Schottmueller John Stewart and Mike Chambers Vmce LOBOSCOQVW Glen Emspamef Baseball Tennis Soccer Vince LoBosco and Jim Stewart Vernon Lenzini and Jim Zweifel Ed Kennedy l 166" C Cross Country Track Steve Smith and Rob Pruett Larry Jones, Oscar Scott and Chris Merritt S Wrestl in g .al Glen Einspanier Tom Fowlef 4th place 115 lb. class Am" place Hvwt- Class Vince LoBosco V VV-- i Tom Raney lst place 138 Ib. class ' lst place 112 lb. class z Swim , . , V ,, ,A - g I , ' E 'S 4 I ...Viz I I - W 6 J 1 . K . . V, xl . i . I , 9 ,S l . ,. , , f 2 kg . g I LV 'I 5 . Mark Havilahd, Chuckm.FrediSifKiQhg, lglielson Grumney, and Chris Kloepfer Jamie McElheny C . K Ilill f i,:i 1 ' . 1 l,lllll.ll, 13th relay Kabovej 12th place 200 yd. free 5 lili f . lmzi 1 16th place 400 yd. free 13 H , ,,W M my , R LA ' .1 i'lili if 14 place 200 yd. medley relay y S F"ede"k'n8j 'J . J 'l-i Q 'C " Q 1 1-12fld: 5353332100 yd- back C - 52 'ff ,,. . l3jQyh5,yg5liaceilZlQ0 yq. free relay it Ql-laviland, and McElheny ifllacie:2Q0lydgfl1edley reelay' 14thi9place medley relay C ross CO U ntry lillllll S ilep lililel , ,k,,,e- 15 -'.-:i sez' -211 .,..' X' 5iT1jV T ra C k 167 ROW ONE: Pat Hambrough, Steve Smith, and Jim Cisco. ROW TWO: Rob Pruett, Jim Freeman, Chris Merritt, Larry Jones. 2nd place 1 mile 8th place State meet Steve Smith Z , 5. . .MS w as NE Www : V :E ff and John Stewart .G X 2 Q 'X X iw X X was Q 'N Sfgieigisisg X M wgwwwm W QW M 'Gm' Froggy Wells and Pat Turner ' F 1 'Q ,Qiwyflfig -I 4 fg 'k 2 V fix, xg A Ji, ...-Q...-.f "W' -' ' 'I ,,.,,, , , : , M 7ff?g ' John Jones L K Deiermann 4:2 Q f The 1972-73 Pom-Pon Squad Kelly Cassidy Co-Ca ptain Joyce Brown Sharon Butler l Kathy Fowler Co-Ca ptain Pam Davis Betty Finnie Janis Guarino Mary Harnbrough Gwen Matlock Kay Miller 170 Debbie Sale Pat Weyermann Sally Kovach Kathy Cavanagn Sue Ottolini .W , ...., .. ., . Y, + W f M ,fi f, .g ,,.'r, 1 ,.-', .riff , .zg-az: . X A . f -wf.1,g?s- -i A - i ' f . L ww i w- :ffz,.:,'-fig gg! -:f .f',, -'- 5 . iw dX, f '1 ' f,:r' n -. Cyffffff ,af- .ww ,4?f'ff:2,1fwffl.,.frv,f .WWA f, gcgfww Qf,M,1,5y,f,,u,,f,57gi.np3k,k , ,,V lfffif liitllf ' ' A Shirley Sanders Anne Wilker, Sec. Bonnie McLaughlin Mary Spina '-'1ff..jj,r'9 I K W fi tif ' A eff J gb X , 'iii 1 'lf 'A e - i-sfile J ff' , 2 i 1 ,y iff Charlene Jansen Mitzi Sipes Becca Duvall Julie Owens Pam Weitekamp. Treas. Alexis Kimble Leslie Wieser S :f,,.i y ,l ,,,, I J ,war V. gg. 5 ' fifiiigf? ' ' z' 5, il g, 2 wm,eW,J., , ww ,, -,ie M f I f ew SE s' ffifm , it E ' ' fy f K J r f ' 1 ' gz 112' ., J 1 f L H ' + ' .fm,,fI,gJf:fl',,tM4 '?l"'1.6.'nl'fi71mii,f.i. - Cindy Ely Diane Meyer W 'C f ,Z X 7 ':. 1 ' 4- W 'M W-WA fy 4 when si af .. - . ,. , ,, .. .... , lg . fwsmfl,-vga-ti 3 425: ,A 4 gf1v,qax:z .. ,..... , 1 in ' ., ,. , 1::'f..,-rv " W t' Z if 3 " A V A A , ffaewwfrezl W ., W , M 21 if if W fi - ,, .izf if wairfwfwrii V 1 wi f W My .. ,, 27, S, S e rv? f .1 ' r -' ,my f,,1S.: :?f' f1' 'M ,,,-: 1-' f' 3N' 5 f7EXfl,g 'SC - ' " ,, 'fiifffifff ftf ' ' !fZ:l,,'L, - ffgfy YQ? , 2 if new ii ffl ,-Q--'f.,4 'W' ,,.,v 4' ie- Z I V - 1 7 Ziff 'I - fzfffg.. : , , 11- " Q M y. 9 ,z s.., . wgi., , 23: kifszi? f 269, 'iii Z fee? fa M , . Q ff Y ff' 2 E f 2 19? g 354 f 2 51 Sue Westbury E 8 Z Q?-ifw e .. . , , '- W , , ,, , ' ..,. 5 L, J .ig , fiifsatifg' '3- ,A I '::4',"iL4i V215 fit? W5 f f ggi, 1 , ,, .93 as 1 is .Aw i - , -, , , " - ,'Mi"Mi' ' 3:,i4'w, arg! Y ia? ray? - - f is '37 JM: lfif . Julie Wilker Pom Pop Squad Gail fV-Y wig? X 2 LaWanda Cam a The 1972-73 Varsity Cheerleading Squad X 2 v .,,-P-"'!"""" Q, - " - , ee - . ,. K 1, fi , pe ff - mg K S ek, Q e - R r .:gf'xSf?5fi?2iWfQ: Q. M 4, f '-if . . we-ge sewk' i We me ' i A K S7 .fx -- is . i -f5ki'9Q , x,A. -- if ,K A . Lk wxlffff Neg! KQ4 'ei S fl fy ' . X 'X im. 1 n-W,-awww-,.: -Nmwwm-..w.,w,.x ywqxvamw M-mmunw FROM LEFT Julle Thornhlll Marllyn Dalton Marilyn Kelly, Nancy Re naud Sue Pekkala Jenny Malone Mary Ellen Prosser, Mary Allison ' 523 1 1 vf.,f v, Jim? fi -:ms ffm: 'f vm., flf flag! M We H .V H 34, af, 3 ? 2 G 3 ,Q 1, K Q Q A wyslem 12 ,qw 1. S4 Y 4 " 59 f 3 l fy 11 5? gy K 3 2 Mi W A f if J 2' Q 5 X v f f P 'Z 1 f - f ah? 55 , aim f 3 f f f 1, f ?,f,Xf X f ff Sl W lv , lf amwm ,, aim. W if ,Q his M l i FROM LEFT: Sally McDonald, Ruth Guerri, Patty Wich, Barb Wells, Kim Marsh, Denise Craig, Katy Price. W C-Team Cheerleading Girl s Basketball JUNIORS ROW ONE Mary Dalton Mary Riley Marian Johnson Sheila Luster ROW TWO Darlene Kidd Charlotte Douglas Pat Mennicke Jill Kriesky VARSITY ROW ONE Mary Dalton Cheryl Kloepfer Colleen Freeman ROW TWO Valerie Luster Judy Nelson Mary Riley Mary Kay Rechtin ROW THREE Ann Barry Mary Runions Marian Johnson Dana Saunders Sheila Luster SENlORS Karen Tucker Judy Nelson Donna Olson Betsy Dueker Collen Freeman Mary Ross Cheryl Kloepfer Georgiann Rechtin Sue Riley Freshmen ROW ONE Joyce Dietz Gwen Trarnble Vickie Ferguson Yolanda Trice Sharon Farrow ROW TWO Gail McKinney Peggy Riley Tammy Weathers Andrea Moore Althea Rauls Annette Lorick GirI's Varsity Tennis ROW ONE Judy Nelson Cheryl Kloepfer Debbie Black Mary Kister ROW TWO Diane Shank Sally Knickmeyer Sheila Luster Jill Kriesky ROW THREE Dana Saunders Martha Lovett Ellen Zavodnick Regina Gardiner Donna Quade Sophomores ROW ONE Sharon Wright Mary Kay Rechtin Lynn Winter Sue Caruso Joan Nelson Sally Schottrnueller Jan Baker ROW TWO Valerie Luster Karen Roth Jackie Hempel Cindy Eber Mary Runions Karen Trice Fee--we 'SB' Varsity Field Hockey tt wiv-Vow' QC. Ann Barry Mary Dalton Jeanette Davis Colleen Freeman Joan Fumagali Danita Groceman Mary Heida Debbie Henderson Mary Hodgson Linda Kamp Cheryl Kloepfer Jill Kriesky Sheila Luster Valerie Luster JoAnn McCluer Donna Olson Mary Rechtin Mary Riley Nancy Riley Peggy Riley Sue Riley Sally Schottmuelle Denise Tierney F Normandy Opponent 2 Webster 1 O U. City 1 2 Jennings 2 4 Brentwood 1 1 Riverview O l......A.......M...,Q J.........,, I, ,, ,, Seniors Juniors f 2 l i ROW ONE: Jill Kreisky, Joan Fumagali, Sheila Luster, Jeanette Davis, Mary Dalton, ROW TWO: Danita Groceman, Mary Heida, Mary Hodgson, Ann Barry, ROW THREE: Denese Snider, Mary Riley and JoAnn McClure. QUP THE LADDERJ Cheryl Kloepfer, Donna Olson, Linda Kamp, Colleen Freeman, Betty Muench, Debbie Henderson, Sally Mor- ton and Sue Riley CCENTERJ. l ROW ONE: Kathy Prosser and Kathy Tierney, ROW TWO: Nancy Mc- Carthy, Phyllis Phillips, Jane Ebert, Peggy Riley, Donna Ruth, Tammie 131 Weathers. ROW ONE: Brenda Ward, Sue Capps, Nancy Riley, Lynn Winter, Sally Schottmueller, Jan Baker. ROW TWO: Cindy Eber, Cathy Curtis, Mary K. Rechtin, Mary Ellen Prosser, Denise Tierney. ROW THREE: Kim Jones, Valerie Luster, Karen Roth and Cindy Henderson. Freshmen Sophomores R L Nlarslyn Kelly ww N """ BVTISS Guerrn I wont To help you cl only let FAC U LTY 'M ff ,fag Iii? , Y . , ,, .5 , x i - , 5 H Q ik K J ,as 55541 .- X ,fl Fif i. X ., . K -Ml, Editors Carolyn Cortor Candy Newman Mr' Morris E. Blitzvsuperintendentt Director Pupil Asst. Supt. Dr. A. D. McClain Mr. Basil D. Hunt Personnel Bervices Elem. Ed. Administration and i B03 rd of B ucati on Mr. W. C. Bergmann Mr. Frank,E. Kirby Principal , Associate Principal President Vice-President I Secretary ' l Mr. Fred O. Coble, Jr. Mr. Thomas McBride Mr. Jerry Matlock 186 ' Mr. A. Donald Sterling 'mines Xvgstbyry lVlr. Russell Doyle Bus. Admin. 'rec Off? pema Special Coordinator Services ' 187 Social Studies Social Studies l Ray'Arnold William Battiste Barbara,Becker Alice Bell P Magdalene Berger Social Studies Home Economics Guidance FACULTY 1973 i Physical Education Mathematics Science Social Studies l U Stan Bergmeier Keith Berra Portia Bibb 188 Don Block Robert Boedges sociau studies 'nsffumenfa' Music Business Education t W Robert Camp Language Arts Asa Buxton Mathematics Ken Carter Industrial Arts Mike Cohn Physical Educatlon David Collins Mathematics I iii si, , ' f ,. . 1 , its Sue Cortner Business Education 'W Y 'E .rf fvffzv -51 xi We ,ip gi? v. A 1 Fifa if EXC , is 939' ff' 9 A5 Nr X my X "E, 1' Wigs 3 ,f gf 0 J 4' Q, 9 1 af? gf ggwy wg? A 1-7 A ,aw s W al A, ah if-Y, 1' I Q .f W is ll H ,wr wi A X ' + ills gf, ' H M all if ' 48 if j W ,gal Q 4 4, 1. ,f 3 sim 1 X ,lbw I' 3.2, H' 5' H QW R W, is fi .l Y' wif' 1 13.351 B ff M, mc Q 32 '3 ,pm sf , Foreign Language Harriet Cuddy Physical Education- Gene DeIGaudio Ch Instrumental Music Manerva Dilw rth Social Studi 's wmlxr ggi, P isis W5 .N-f S, 'Wielfiw N +11 'Wiki misss? he Email 5 5 536222 555339 SEEN al W David EIII Physical Educ tion . :.l,., l,.:l,:f. l .. ,.ls.,...l:Q,l , Q Q -1-,. , , ,- sm iw .s2fSLl:ii'- ,531 Tfsfin., al "iw, - - 11-,1,w1,45f..-1,1 me 5 2 . .isfesgsyl-Qlziafw 5 S 1 :2 1 ,gg f "-wil si sv -ifmsf - lfi lsfswg -W SES S f gl is H PB 1 f www 2Hssf1+s1P12f:Qs' E K! - af Q 5 .. 55 Howard Emerson Charles Farr Social Studies Social Studies Industrial Arts Physical Education Science Social Studies Robert Franke 191 f r V Susan Fleminger English ,W mm +L E, f ,i.f.x,,"'-4-ff 'fin , ff ' .st 4 ,-4 a f 4 -1 H 11 W 1 A 7, -P ,ef fr , ,Jw gg i , J" ix, ey ,H if 'VZ saga: bw iw QYQQL 'iw ei N' 9 STQQ J Yew 2 5 Q? ' S HBV 2 Nm W I 1, Y ak , , Q f 33. wb. all A Social Studies - Gean Forgus Ch Marino Garcia . Fo reign Language Ch Martha Garrett Language Arts P5 -1 ur Nzgmsf' Q, ess? ' - L an 'X 1551 ,sais , a- 3.3, , s 122 ' YM ! X me 25? M XE xx E 3 S W y ge 4 1 Enix + 5. Lmisaisy Q Q af W X S 'mf 2 2 ,W WWE 4 fr 54 5 1 H' ps 62 S 3585 QM sw ki figs' , 3 Ewfis Q. A :fs S 2 S S, 1 mm E ,G 2 sg s .Y is fzaf ,,1. E is a,,f: ., LaQ,,.a, A 532 fm a .a,. :six sz:"a3L115gPl'iff f, 1' ' 'W- iii? QQ gg,i5i:f.5f .QQ 3525 lffilailiifxfl S 'f .. .1-ff ff" 5 ss.-A LX' of N ' Qjg- f . i:::', .. I Esther Goff Fine Arts - Ch. Leah Hackney Phyllis Hamilton Language Arts Home Economics Harold Harbaugh Language Arts - - Carolyn Hays Busin Kay Heithecker Ronald Helms ess , Language Arts Physical Education X Education Ed Hoefler Jason Holmes Grace Hollis Audio Visual Language Arts Social Studies I Physical Education Nada Hanson Business Education Joseph Hudson Science - Ch. Language Arts Dal Jones Ruth Keeling Tom Keliy Industrial Arts Mathematics Social Studies Joyce Jeffrey Viola Kinsman Librarian 7 Toni Komosa Language Arts 4 Language Arts Arno Kracht Arthur Kennett Guidance Norbert Krausz Fine Arts Busmess uca 'On Language Arts Mathematics Language Arts Rebel'-ace: Douglhauck Kay Laughlm Ch Joe Lavelle Mathematics Barbara Lyles' Martin Maestas Language Arts Language Arts ' 195 Language Arts Janice Markovich Social Studies John Masterson Social Studies V Guidance Home Economics Mary Mayhall Willie Mae McCoy Fine Arts Language Arts Social Studies Linda Meyer Pam Miltenberger Willa Mollet MJYPTGVUZTICS Judith McGee Dorothy Nelling Mathematics William Neumann 'LD' Nichqls Fine Arts Co-Operative Education 196 James Owen Social Studies X Walter Petro Industrial Arts James Piper Science Science James Ragland l Dorothy Rice Jack Riehl Fred Robinson X Fine Arts Language Arts Science I JO RUKSVNWS Michael Sadich Ken Sadlo Language AVTS Industrial Arts Language Arts, 198 Mathematics George Rasche Ed Roland Language Arts Physical Education Helen Sauer Guidance Social Studies Mary Jane Sheehan Bernadette Sieving 199 Physical Education Fine Arts Gus Schalkam 3 Nancy Schmidt l Dennis Slssom Physical Education - - Catherine Schnare Home Economics Ricihard Smith Social Studies Hettye Spindel Hqme Economics Language Arts Mathematics Perrin Stifel, Gdrdon Stuart i i Arlune Sunkel Rose Swadley 5 VJames,Telken Frank Tucker' 200 Language Arts H Guidance ' 'Science :ears f:f,.::i.f5sa: -Q,-f, in gun 15 . is kg "'K x QA 1, fm-1Q1fEeg4.,r M2255 51352123-. y I 4, M ,. i Q ., W, ' ii " liixigfgi Jim Veech Van Vencil Q QA i K wk Q5 vs, X i ax L .S 5,91 I br .i -fa 1. QW , 1 5 my Liga m HA E if iii' LES, W S Z X1 fa A mais 3 in L Nm an A AW M i , qw ai., , 3 if fm a Q M Q! N gk 7 35 I f, , 1 ww it 2 'tm f W 33114 f 3 M A 1 wg Q4 4 'S L 3 S L f- M :Q , L Hi . . ,Y XM, 4 , Q :QQEQXQQQ f?: ,i5i5 . 1234: W1 I wi: arm -an I 4.-Q iEs,Ai2?x-H153 5? QM M 3 ,L 'Wil' -W2 'W xx fa- fag A4 2'T .43'21f: Physical Education lnduSTVial Arts iff :li . iid? ,LZ asf ?'l"2' r ,,., LA if Zww"1...,1.:s..-... .. English , - I O I W if 5 V R W- i 5 'fx E is 1 ai infix 335115 1 Q 1, X ,sg 22 dx Wy ii, 9 M25 gg? KL 5.1 4 ,we ' Y Sr raw ff fi 3 E Z i . SQ a. V W Q X '23 "' i English English David Weinstock Barbara Whealen Paul Waterhouse Vern Winter Athletic Director Joamievvitteried Mattiematics - l Fred Winterowd Clementwortriy Diana Wummng George Zelenovich Science Social Studies Mathematics English 202 SAGA Salutes You Give The Answer by Fred L. Brooks. Jr. Getting to be a well-liked teacher is no easy matter. lf we require large assignments of home work, they say we are cruel. If we don't. they say we are soft and easy. If we try to instill aesthetic values into them. we are called eratic. lf we don't. we do not know how to teach. If we drill in grammer, "boring" is the word they use. lf we don't. we do not teach thoroughly enough. If we let our hair down in the classroom, we are not acting like a teacher should. If we don't. we are hard, dry. and almost inhuman. 203 When we look up a word in the dictionary. we should not - for - We should know all the words. and every meaning aIso.4We ask Johnny to recite, but he just forgot - that very very minute. We ask for a short story the next day, the answer - "I wasn't in the mood to create." When we don't smile, "Why don't you smile some time?" If we do - "What are you smiling at?" We try. we try - we have studied for years. but that teenager is far "smarter" than we. We repeat: "Getting to be a welleliked teacher is .no easy matter." You give the answer. Jean Barnhart Harriet Darragh Bernice DeVouton Marion Kellar Sec-reta ry Supportive Staff Attendance Helen Mueller Princess Snulligan Secretary l i l - A William Saunders Andrea Boyd Dorothy Maestas Director Nurse Nurse ' 204 Secretary - 1 FRONT ROW: Marcella Lewis, Evelyn Gohn, Elsie Palmer. Violet Dillon, Shirley Ward. Shirley Dan- iel, Virginia Wirts, Nannie Hartmann, Irene Hamilton. Brenda Konkel, Phyllis Sheritz. Viola Wil- liams. BACK ROW: James Johnson, Bob McCune. John Shulte. Mary Williams. Grace Smith CBE4 HINDJ Dorothy London, Eunice Smith, Marie Phillips. Esther Sisak. Joan Gossage, Euila Cate. ON STEPS: Otha Smith. Carolyn Wells, Caroline Johnson. Violet Shehorn. Opal Saunders. Ann Car- per, Alice Balling, Pat Johnston. i X i William Powell, Gussie Baumgartner, Venita Shormann, Herschel Burt Wright, J. Preston, Jim Johnson, Bill Grubbs. Charles Horn, Cecil McDanieIs. . Whisenton, Jim Vincent, Joseph Boswell, Lillian Vineyard, John Sand- ers, John Anderson. ROW 1, Ruth Hollis, Henry Schook, Ben,Hensley, Jean Turner. ROW 2, Bruce Stager. Lester Mc Clain, Mary Hudson, Marcella Kremer, Fannie Burt. ROW 3. Barbara Moore, Jackie Green, Peggy Benac, Gussie Baumgartner. ROW 4, Nora Bartling, Venita La Garce, Gladys Tyler. STANDING: Trudy Tate, Mary Coleman. Helen Haberstroh, Rose Berli. i 1 Y 2 Mm' ' Mlwff wx, , 6 WY? fl fm QW' A 41 2 'f' Wk M WWQWAMWM UN DERCLASSIVI EN J , Donna Blattner Umors Anna Caulfield Sharon Butler SGphOmOreS Joyce Stewart Liz Price Freshmen Karen Ven John 208 Debora Marshall, President Kerry Turner, Vice President Juniors. .Class of 1974 Abney, John Adams, Bobbie Adams, Robert Adolph, Kathy Aitken, Dan Alderdioe, Theresa Alston, Latanya Alt. Terrie Ameis, Mike Anderson, John Anderson, Thomas Anderson, Marion Andrews, Mary Anians, Cathy Arnold, Duanne Aubuchon. John Aubuchon. Steven Bacich, Bill Bailey, Beverly Bailey, Debbie Bailey. Vallorie Bakker, Jill Balven, Bob Barnes, Donald Barnes, Katherine Barnhart, Doug Barrett, Darlene Barrett, Theresa Barry, Ann Barth, Diane Barton, Wanda Baumgartner, Debb Bay. June Beard. Paula Bea rdslee, James Beccard, Ed Beckman, Bob Beezley, Michael Bell, Aubrey Benford, Denise Benigno, Connie Benson. Linda Benz, Kenneth Benstein. Terry Betzing, Sherry Biederman. Debbie Bilyeu, Diana Birmingham, Jim Bishop, Linda Blackard, Mary Blair, Leslee ies 210 4032429 Bland. Earl Blickenstaff, Mark Boehmer, Bill Borden, Barbara Bowers. Jack Bowman, Irma Bowyer, Dale Boyd, Barbara Boyd Beverly Boyd Dan Boyd Edna Boyd, Linda Boyd. Robert Boyd, Shirley Bradley, Tim Bramlett. Debra Brannum, Sherri Brasier. Mike Brazzle. Beverly Breckle, Phyllis Bresnan. Kathleen Bresnan. William Bright. Gary Brinker, Karen Brody, Sue Bronner, Marilyn Brooks, Gary Brown, Alicia Brown. Dennis Brown, Renita Bruemer. Joe Brune, Charles Bucholz. Edward Burnett. Karen Burns. Connie Burton, Harriet Butera, Brian Butler, Richard Buttrick. Steve Campbell, Dennis Charlotte. Chester Cazzell, Bill Castle. Deborah Carter Vickie Carter. Donna Carter, David Carraway. Joe Carmichael, Shirle Capone, Larry Campise, Pat Campbell. Michael Y Chilton. Keith. Chouris. Bob Cisco. Jim Clark. lris Clerkley. Sharon Clerkley. Terri Cloos. Cathy Coffman. Debbie Collins, Debbie Cook. Steve Cooper. Judy Copeland. Carol Corcoran. Tim Cox. Mark Crider. Glenn Cross, Beverly Crossland, Tyrone Crossley. Alan Crutchfield. Marvin Cunningham, Karen Czernievvski. Ray Dalpiaz. Tony Dalton, Dennis Dalton. Mary Dalton. Sherry Darby. Marianne Darr. Doug Davis. Jeanette Davis. Parn Day. Janet Days. Greg Degnan. Michele Deierrnann, Mark Dickerson. Charles Dierkemper. Chuck Dills. Barbara DiMaria. Sandy Doeren, Ann Donnelly. Pat Dougherty. Terry Douglas. Charlotte Dowdell. William Dreste. Kathy Ducept, Pam Duncan. Craig Dunlap Ardelle Dye. Greg Eber. Cheryl Ebert. John Edgar. Susan Eikerenkoetter. Joan Ely. Parn Epps, Willie Evanovvski. Dennis 213 Everett, Mary Fain, Ryta Farr. Judith Faulkner. Sharon Favazza. Joanne Fayne. Andra Ferrario. Mark Fields. Patricia Fienup. Spencer Finder. Cathy Finnie. Gloria Fischer. Daniel Fischer. Joyce Fisher. Marie Flanakin. Carman Flood. Karen Fondren. Jerry Foster. Calvin Foster, Alvin Foster. Minerva Foster, Ronnie Fox, Bill Foy. Elizabeth Fowler. Karen Francescon, Brenda Frank. Mark Freernan, Jim Freund. Dan Frost, Odis Furnagalli, Joan Galrniche. Jeff Galvin. Barbara Gardiner, Regina Garrett. David Gasperoni. Paul Gasperoni. Silvia Gay. Marleen Geisz. Garry Gibbs. Cynthia Glenn, Jackie Guccione. Tom Gohn, Charley Gold. Ed Goode, Brenda Goodman. Brian Gordon, Barry Goss, Allan Graham, Leroy Grant. Diane Gray..Shirley Gregory Mike Grieve, Susan Grimshaw, Ed Groceman. Danita Groseclose, Rich Haddox, Paul Hagan, Greg Hambrough, Patrick Hansen, Patricia Hargis, Randy Harth, Liz Hartmann, Linda Hasheider, Tim Hatcher, Carnell Havey, Fran Haviland, Mark Hawkins, Karen Hayslett, lierry Heaton, Michael Heida, Mari Helton, Kathleen Henderson, Ray Hennemann, Nancy Hentrich, Dave ' Hinch, Cheryl Hodgson, Mary Ruth Hogan, Denise Hogan, Mary ' Holland, Chuck Holland, Bob Homeyer, Mike Hood, Diana Howard, Karen Howard, Madeline Huber, Jim Hubbell, Don Huchingson, Scott Hughes, Sharon ' Huskey', Linda Husmann, Stephen Hutchison, Barbara Hyatt, Brenda Isaac, Sharon lsom, Phillip Jackson, Clyde Jacobs, Rex Jansen, Charlene Jansen, Chuck Jarvis, Marie Jennings, Angelo Joeckel, Don Johnson, Marie ' Johnson, Marion Jones, Debbie ' Jones, Derrick Jones, Edward Jones, Ernest Jones, Gaynell 4 Jones, Jewellette Jones, Joyce Jones, Kandi. Jones, Keith Jones, Linda Jones, Margaret Jones, Patricia Jurczyk, Gary Kahmke, Bruce Kateman, Danny Kates, Kathleen Kazanas, Dana Keeley, Linda Kelleher, Debbie Keller, Donna Kelsaw, Dennis Kempfer, Kenneth Kennett, James Kidd, Darlene Kilcullen, Kathy Kilker, Kathy Killoren, Maura Kimble, Alexis King, Crystal Kissel, Margie Kister, Mary Kitchens, Ouida Kneezle, Steve Knickmeyer, Sally Knight, Helen Koch, Nancy Koenig, Michael Kovach, Sally Kriesky, Jill Kyle, Kathy Lackland, Levern Lamm, Debra Landers, Gale Lands, Rodney Lane, Patrick LaRico, David La rrew, Lisa Laususe, Mike Lawler, Matt Leaver, Leslie Lee, Karen Lemay, Randell Luge Diane Llgon Chuck Lile Vivian ilienkamp, Dan ippert, Lynn ofton,Tyron Lewis, Paul L. . ' L L Lorick, Jeff Lovings, Gerolyn, Luster, Sheila Lybarger, Perry Macanufo, Vickie Mack, Charles Magner, Jim Mahaffy, Mike Mahoney, Kevin Marino, Tony Marks, Donna Marsh, Bob Marsh, Suzanne Marshall, Debora Martin, Florence Masiero, Cathy Masters, Cherie McCall, Henry McBride, Debbie McClelland, Phillip McCloskey, Ellen McClure, Joann McClure, Michael McClure, Bill McCormick, Patrick McCune, Robert McDonald, Dan McElroy, Diane McElroy, Sue McFetridge, Dennis McGee, Janette McGee, Ronald McGirt, Steve McHenry, Brian McKay, Thelma McKellar, Terry McLaughlin, Bonnie McNames, Penny Melchior, Carl Menderski, Linda Mennicke, Pat Meriwether, Mickie Mertz, Robert Meyer, Barbara Meyer, Robert Meyer, Vicky Miller, Maurice Miller, Steve Minnich, John Mitchell, Ronald Mitchell, Vetrice 716 2l7 Mondaine, Roderick Moore, Derek Moore, Dwight Moore, Janice Moresi, Ken Morgan, Doyla Moutray, Patrick Mueller, Patti Mullarkey, Kathy Mullen, Thomas Murphy, Dan Nachowiak, Deborah Newberry, Carol Nickerson, David Nichols, Regina Niehoff, Nancy Nims, Cathy Nizzola, Marianna Noland, Herman Norton, Jim Nourse, Robert O'Connor, Pat O'Dell, David Oechsner, Patty O'Laughlin, David O'Leary, Elizabeth O'Leary, Tom Oligschlaeger, JoAnn Olivastro, Julie Orlando, Gina Otto, Marilyn Overstreet. Joan Palmberger, Linda Palmer, Susan Parker, Barbara Parker, Rich Parks, Steve Pasley. Debra Pavia, Andy Peick, Marilyn Pena, Joseph Peterson, Jan Phillips, Russell Phillips, Sandra Phipps, June Piazza, Nancy Pirtle, Jeff Pischel, Kevin Plaggenburg, Doh Plodzien, Jeff Ploesser, Paul Pollick, Rosemarie Poole, Kenneth Potts, Yasmin Price, Cathy Price, Clayton Price, Vicky Probst, Cheryl Pulliam, Kenny Quigleyl William Raker, Gary Randall, John Raney, Tom Raposo, Denise Ratliff, Deb Reddic. Jackie Reva rd, Stephen Reynolds, Rosalind Rickman, Ralph Riley, Mary - Roberts, Holly Robinson, Terry Rockamore. Albert Rolwes, Dave Roper, Steve Rosemann, Shirley Rosenbaum. David Ross, Donna Ross. Jean Routh, Donald Ruff, Dorothy Russell, Dale Ruth, David Ryan, Tom Sadler, Linda Sampson. Steve Sanfilippo, Marie Sanguinett, Debbie Saunders, Dana Saunders, Sue Sayre, Glenda Schaffer, Diane Scheible. Chris Scherbel, Rich Scheulen, Debbie Schnuriger, Joan Schreiber, John Schroeder, Jeanette Schuckman, Pam Sch ultz, Mary Scott, Joan Scott, Oscar Q. 218 Septowski, Carla Shaw, Debbie Shaw, Bob Sherrill, Mary Sherrill, Michelle Shirley, Brenda Shirley, Linda Simon, Frank Sindlinger, Chris Sipes, Charles Sipes, Mitzi Sissom, Mark Sltzwohl, Donna Smith, Connie Smith, Earline Smith, Necco Smith, Rita Smith, Theora Snider, Denese Snyder, Gail Snyder, Nancy Soell, Linda Souders, David Spann, Geraldine Sperla, John Spurlin, Darren Stanfill, Becky Staples, Richard ' Staples, Shelley Steen, Deb Steiner, Pamela Steinmeyer, James Stewart, Barb Stewart, Mark Stowers, Steven Straub, Jim Sykes. Joyce Talley, Denise Taylor, Barbara Tevlin, Leo Thiele, Robert Thomas, Nanette Thomas, Sharon Thompson, Donna Thompson, Linda Thompson, Mark Thornton, Mike Tonsing, Bill Totten, Ann Townsend, Curtis Treadway, Kathy if Truelove, Carol Tucker, Dave Tucker, Diane Tucker, Sue Tuhill, John Turner, Cheryl Turner, Gina Turner, Joyce Turner, Kathy Turner, Kerry Turner, Pat Turner, Victor Tyler, Carolyn Tyler, Terry Umhoefer, Ken Uppchurch, Deborah Valentine, Kim Vaughn, Robert Vogel, Joe Voss, Earl Walker, Yolanda Walter, Julie Ward, Carol Ward, Janice Washington, Willie Watkins, Karen Weaver, Ron Weber, Mike Wells, Cheryl Wells, Jerry Whiteley, Charles Whiteley, David Wichern, Christine Wicke, Llewellyn Wieser, Leslie Wich, Sue Wilhite, Raymond Williams, Debbie Williams, Patricia Williams, Peggy Williams, Sandy Williams, Trevor Williams, Vicky Wilson, Don Wilson, Larry Winter, Bruce Woelfer, Lynn Wyatt, Deborah Wyatt, Sam Yocum, Deborah Zimmerman, Tom Oscar Scott Q Q W S ww! n Barbara Parker I Q. 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Eric Blanchard, Rosemary' Blanton, Sue Blizzard, Jim Blount, Deborah Boles, David Bond, Alfredda Borgstede, Amy Burt, Emmit Bowen, Beverly Brackett, Jeffery Bradley, Tim Brasier, Susan Bresnan, Pat Bridges, Alvin Bridges, Margaret 8 .7- Brinkman, Sue Brockman, Tom Bronner, Carole Bronner, Debbie Brooks. Larry Brooks, Patricia Brown, Clifford Brown, Martin Brown, Vos Bruce, Amy Brundage, Carol Buchanan. Raymond Buchanan, Rosalind Buck, Jay Bukovich, David Bull, Charles - Burton, Dalton Burton, Debbie Burton, Donna Butler, Rick Byrd, lVlarita Caimi, Pat Calvert. Cheryl Camp, David Campbell. Denise Capps. Susan Carter. Teresa Caruso, Susan Cassidy, Sherry Catching, Alford Caulfield, Bill Cavanagh, Kathy Cazzell. Joe Chambless, Paul Chapman, Kent Chinault, Chriss Christian, Chuck Clark, Joyce Clarke, Nlarty Clements, Jim Clinton, Terry Coffman. Bill Cole. Karen Colestock, Helen Collins, Donald Collins, Linda Collins, Virginia Colson, Jeanne Cooks, Harlan Corcoran, Bryan , Corder, Harvel Corrigan, Tim Cozart. Mike Cozart. Trudi Crabtree, Janet Crase, Ron Crosby, John Crask, Bruce Crenshaw. Helen Crossland. Ricardo Curran. Mike Curtis, Cathy Dale, Deborah Dale, Stan Dalton, Marilyn Daniel, Roy Darlington, Lloyd Davis, Betty Davis. Derrick Davis. Samuel Deal. Howard Degnan. George Deleal, Karen Delong, Deborah Demariano, Charles Depriest. Linda Dickens, David Dzlallo, Robert Ditrneyer, Darlene Ditrneyer. Elizabeth Dixon, Gloria Dodson. Steve Doney. David Doss. Valerie Downer. John Duffy. Cheryl Duffy. Keith Dulany, Parker Duncan. Jim Dunharn.Williarn Durbin.Gary Duvall, Becca Eber.Cindy Ebert. Matthew Effinger, Linda Eikerenkoetter. Monica Eilermann. Mary Elliott. Karen Ely. Cindy Enderson. Mary English. Mary Epps, Dennis Eswine. David Faires. Karen Farley. Erin l 230 Farrell, Kathleen Farrell, Patricia Ferguson. Dwana Ferguson, Risa Ferguson. Virginia Ferren, Brenda Field, Terry Finch. Chuck Fincher. Joe Finley, Sue Fischer, Michael Fischer, Steve Follin, Fred Follin. Richard Ford, David Foster. Bryan Foster, Sally Fowler. AI Fowler, Rick Foy, Mike Frazier. Dorothy Frederking, Theresa Fryrnan, Terry Fumagalli. John Galleano. Greg Gardiner, Ruth Gardner. Dronda Garrett. Lisa Gay. Joyce George, Frances German. Chris Gipson. Robert Goebel, Jirn Gooch. Betty Granberry. Mark Granich, Dan Graven. Tirn Gray. Leonard Greathouse. Joan Greathouse. Julie Green, Terry Grimshaw. Robert Grinstead. Tony Guccione. Kirn Guccione, Terry Guenther. Robert l-ladrick. Faye Hagan. Cindy l-laIl.Chester Hampton, Paul Handy. Kenneth Hanlon, Sheila Hansen, Julie Hanson, Janice Harden, Valerie Harris, Edward Hartweck, John Harvey, Darcell Harvey, Michael Hauser, Carol Hayes, Greg H Hayes, Sheila Hearon, Derrick Hearon, Renell Heaton, Mark Heck, Robert Hempel, Jacqueline Henderson, Cynthia Henneboehle, Alfred Hensley, Benny Henton, Kenneth Hess, Dennis Hill, Cathy Hill, Michelle Hillhouse, Edward Himes, Gwen Hinze, James Hohlt, Michael Holdren, Daniel Holford, Gary Holland, Christine Hollis, Jarvis Hollowell, Thomas Holman, Terry Holt, Kevin Holtschneider, Doris Hopkins, Craig Hoskins, Gloria Hossenlopp, James Howard, Anita Howard, Dawan Hughes, Edna Hunter, Tony Husmann, Jeannene Jackson, Darlene Jackson. Evelyn Jacobsmeyer, Gary Jacques, Kevin Jakoubek, Rick James, Deborah Jarrett, Reggie Jaspering, Donna Jefferson, Michael Jobe, Darnell Jobe, Dennis Johno, Carol Johnson, David Johnson, Linda Johnson, Phyllis Johnson, Rossie Johnston, Danny Jones, Darrel Jones, Franklin Jones, Jeffrie Jones, Kim Jordan, Paul Juengst, Diana Kathcart, Joe Keller, Velda Kelly, Marilyn Kemp, Diana Kendrick, Deborah Kenney, Linda Killoren, Gerald Kindell, Bernard Knight, Sandra Knight,-Van Koenig, Paul Koines, Mark Kottkamp, Dena Kramer, Donna Krohn, Kyle Kurz, Paul Lackland, Larry Ladendecker, Margaret Lambert, Geoffrey Lamm, Sandra Lands, Velda Lange, Randy Lark, Diane Lawrence, Kenneth LeBeau, Keith LeMaster, Jody Lewis, Leslie Licavoli, Debbie Liddell, Willis Lippert, Marty Logan, Keith Lokey. Ka ren Lott. Raymond Lowery, Edith Luster, Valerie Lyles, Vivian Mack. Kim Magner, Carol Malagutti, Patrick Malone. Jenny Marks, Cheryl Marks. Donna Marre, David Martin, Carl Mason, Valerie Massey. Susan Matherson, Pamela Mathiesen, Vicki Matlock, Christopher Matthews, JoAnn Matthews. Sharon Mattingly, Frank Matz, Otto Maytubby, Charles McCall, Karen McCann, David McCarthy, Mona McCarthy, Susan McClendon, Rachel McCorkle. Beth McCorkIe, Lisa McCoy. Linda McGee, Harold McGinley, Gary McHenry, Cornelius McKay, Cosetta McKinney, Danny McNames, Raymond Meek, Pamela Merrell, Wanakee Merz. Robert Metz. Joseph Meyer. Diane Meyer. Donna Meyer. Kim Meyer, Veronica Middendorf, Janet Militti, Jeffrey Miller. Shirley Milligan. Debbie Mills. Zeniphor Moftitt. Kevin 4 235 Montgomery, Madeleine Montgomery, Rodney Moore, Lemuel Mueller, Julie Mullarkey, Michelle Mullen, Patricia Murphy, Robert Muskin, Anthony Muskin, Lawrence Myles, John Neal, Mona Neely, Kirk Nelson, Joan Nesslein. Carol Newell, Philip Newman, Douglas Nichols. Gary Nieder, Cathy Norber, Brian Null, John Nunnery, Ronald O'Connell, Dennis O'Connor, Michael O'Dowd, Patrick O'Hara, Leslie Olive, Arthur Ottolini, Sue Overstreet, Eugene Owen, Julie Owens, Michael Paige, Janice Palazzolo, Laurael Palmer, Carolyn Parisi, Christine Parker, Ronald Parks, Lester Parrott, Robert Partman, Ray Pascal, Brenda Pate,'Euel Patton, Valerie Payne, Janet Pearce, Cecil Peirick, Karen Pekkala, Sue Pelekanos, Theresa Peoples, Sheila Perry, Warren Peters, Diana Petrov, Lawrence Pettit, Mark Pettway, Alonzo Philip, James Phillips, Debbie Phillips, William Pierce, Dianne Pingel, Joe Pliszka, Janet Pogue, Pamela Pope, Kathleen Powell, Sheila Preston, Mary Lou Price, Dawn Price, Eloise Price, Jerry Price, Valerie Prosser, Mary Ellen Purcell, Steve x Qualls, Michael Quarles, Lawrence Quest, Gary Racheff, Cheryl Raciti, Debra Randoll, Robert Rapa, Debra Rechtin, Mary Recker, Joanne Reilly, John Renaud, Nancy Richardson, Charlotte Richardson, Fredrick Richardson, Sandral Riddick, Carol Riddle, Thomas Ridgell, Kimara Riggs, Ronnie Riley, Nancy Robertson, Eileen Robertson, Nancy Robertson, Stanley Robinson, Angela Robinson, Darrell Roth, Karen Rowton, Deborah Ruble, Ray Ruffin, David Rullkoetter, Beth Rullkoetter, Julie Runions, Mary Russell, Cynthia Russell, Kathy Russell, Rebecca Ryan, Sheila Rygelski, Dianna Sanders, Deborah 6 2 Sanders, Ralph Sanguinett, Keith Santel, Cynthia Saulka, Chris Saunders, Wilma Schaffner, Charles Schneider, Theresa Schottmueller, Sally Schroeder, Carol Schroeder, Michael Schulte, Mark Scott, Patricia Shanks,Sujada Shaw, William Sherman, Steve Sherrill, David Shelton, Stacy Shipley, Randy Simms, Michael Simpson, Jo Ann Slaughter, Leigh Smith, Dianna' Smith, James Smith, Judith Smith, Julie Smith, Theron Smith, Paul Smith, Rickey Smith, Steven Smith, Valerie Smith, Yvette Sneed, Marsha Solomon, Lonell Souders, Carole Speiser, Mary Stack, James Stanley, William Steel, Marianne Stengel, Dorothy Stewart, Barbara Stewart, Gwendolyn Stewart, Sandy Stewart, Tony Stimage, Larry Stone, Loretta Straub, Betty Stuart, Rhoda StufflebeanLWanda Sullivan, Melody Sutter, Cindy Swantner, Karen Sydnor, Steven Tallent, Ralph Tass, Kirk Tate, Ella Taylor, Adrian Taylor, Donald Taylor, Jim Taylor, John ' Taylor, Reginald Taylor, Robert Taylor, Ronald Taylor, Ronald Temares, Lorraine Terry, Georgia Tesson, Linda Thielker, Maureen Thielker, Steve Thomas. Jacqueline Thomas Marilyn Thomas, Mary Thomas, Michael Thomas. Robert Thornhill, Julie Tierney, Denise Timm, Larry Tinker, Stanton Tognoni, Charlotte Toler, Annette Travis, Robert Lee Trice, Karen Tucker, Laura - Tucker, Sandra Tuhill, Jerry Turner, Renee Tyler, Brenda Tyler, Helen Tyler, Kathleen Vasel, Christine Vaughn, Charles Vaughan, Douglas Venatta. Michael Venegoni, Deborah Villinger, Milton Vogler, Larry Walker, Candies Walker, Sharon ' Wa rd, Brenda Wa rd, Ka ren 239 Warner, Jeff Warner, Frank Washington, Jesse Washington. Vernon Watkins, Kevin Watson, Joe Wehrman, Albert Wehrman, Wanda Wehrman, Wendy Weir, Steven Welch, Gloria Wertenberger, Janet West, Jana Westbury, Sue Westmoreland, Mike Westrich, Janet Wheeler, Pamela White, Charles White, Lemuel White, Mavis Whitfield, Gina Wlodarek, Kevin Wilker, Julie Wilkins, Herman Wilkins, Lynette Williams, Deborah Williams, Gail Williams. Gwendolyn Williams, Henry Williams, Joe Williams, Ronald Williams, Sylvia Williams, Terry Wilson, Charles Wilson, Janie Wilson, Keith Wilson,Rita Winberry, George Winter, Lynn Wolfe, Gary Wolfe. Marsha Wood, Karen Wright, Sharon Young, Jerome Zager, Christopher Zimmer, Kevin Zweifel, James Norwood, Vicki H? is x i TT . -- 2 if ' -- ye Siu 2110 'XM .3 and Julie 241 Manly SWB Ft Juliewilker Dem Marilyn Dalton Julie Greathouse 242 wg, ,, 244 ,f Y, ,fm W 4 M 54 H W. ,M wflfk 'dc' Q : fl 'fs' , f' ,ww ,i M wwf gA,ggf3,m , .,., ,af ,.. , ,L.,,,r H MW , " . A yy MVW11: W 424 Wa: f ii il wfizfr ff A f 7 EY? QW gm My 1 2 4 My fa-mf W ' 42, .. an vw ,g W f 'ww f Y ,f 51 W M sw 3 Q wx 'P' f M VF' f 9 E5 f if A 22 f ff rw 7 ,Q :V W f 2 K 1 W 3 fl V K f , , 1 4,9 2' if V w W fw' 4? f 9 'lf ' 09 faafiyigx Ji Mg? J f fwfr ,ff Ig, QW X fy? fig , 6 3 W xr, 9, D, 1 34 9 f mf, A 2 2 W , ,.,H,,4 , 4 , ,M gf, if ygzf, , is ,gg.L V , ' X , 1343 QW? 1' Ragga? 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' M1 e , eee,1e SQN 247 Abaffe, Wayne Ackerson, Darren Adrian, Christine Agnew, Helene Allen, Jackie Allen, Peggy Alston, Ajanta Alt, Joel Anderson, Ralph Anderson Yvonne Arnold, Steve Arp, Cathy Atkins, William Baker, Dean Baker, Donald Ball, James Barnes, Dennis Barnes, Steven Barnett, Sears Barrett, Tom Barth, Phillip Baruzzini, Claudia Baumga rtner, Cathy Beckmann, Steve Beckmann, Richard Behnk, Cynthia Belcher, Ricky Bell, Michael Bellm, Janice Benigno, Rick , Benoist, Janet Bitter, Becky Black, Maryin Black, Veophilus- Blackwell, CaSandra Blanchard, Renee Blanton, Theresa Blaylock, Doris Bobo, Stanley Bolden, Charles Bolton, Ruth Borchardt, Marsha Borden, Pat Bowman, Michele Bowyer, Mark Boyd, Regina Boyer, Gerard Bradley, James Bradley, Lynn Brakensiek, Daniel Brakensiek, Paula Bresnahan, Rick Bristor Brooks, Brooks, Brooks, Brooks Brooks Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, v Judy Debbie Paula Richard Sharon Gleedith Kaye Maureen Maurice Pamela Browning, Sharon Bryant, Bryant. Randy Rodney Buchannon, Sylvia Buck, Michael Buford, Raymond Bukovich, Betsy Buonamici, Connie Burnett, Stevie Burns, David ' Burris, Benita Butler, Charles Buttrick, Jeanne Caldwell, Sidney Calvert, David Camp, Judy Campbell, Nadine Capps, Linda Carpenter, Francine Carter, Richard Casagrande, Robert Castle, Nancy Catching, Elaine Cathey, Danny Ceresia, Chris Chandler, Donald Chatman, Andre Chiaurro, Steve Chickey, Matt Christensen, Nancee Claeys, Terrie Clarke. Carol Clerkley, Keith Coad. John Colestock, James Collins, Jerome Collins, Paul 'Collins, Vickie Collins, William Colombo. Chris Colson, Chuck Coney, Arvel! Conner, William Coppedge, Rickey Corbett, Dennis Cortez, Cynthia Corter, Shirley Cox, Clark Craig, Denise Cranmer, Gail Crenshaw, Larry Crosby, Charlene Crossley, Dean Crowder, Kimico Cruise, Julie Czerniewski, Don Dalpiaz, Barbara Dalton, Pamela Darelle, Henry Darlington, Sandra Daughety, Brenda Davidson, Wanda Davis, Anthony Davis, Janice Davis, Jeffrey f' Davis, Pat Davis, Rosemary Davis,'Tereka Dawe, Mitchell Day, Angela Day, Sylvia Days, Darryl Dear, Pamela Debow, Derwin Decker, Debra Deering, Angela Deierman, Paul Delaney, Gary Depew, Joel Deuser, Raymond Diamond, Carla Dickey, Demetrius Dickey, Edward Dickey, Michael Doeren, Mary Ann Downer, Mike Downs, Sally Doyle, Lynn Dreste, Nancy Ducept, Mark Dueker, Mary Dueker, Tarnmi Duncan, Jill Ebert, Jane Edwards, Howard Edwards, Judy Eggleston, Gloria Eilermann, Barbara Eilermann, Edmund Eley. Cherri Eller, Eugene Ellsworth, Karen Emery, Mike - Enderson, Tim Evanowski, Kevin Evans, Diane Evans, Randy Fain, Koni Farley, John - Farrow, Sharron Fenner, Anthony Ferguson, George Ferguson, Vickey Ferrario. Karen Ferrell, Jimmy Finch, James Finch, Tim Finley, June Finnie, Leo Fisher, Lamonte Fischer, Mary Fitzmaurice, Richard Fleming, Doug Ford, Cindy Foster, Antonio Foy, Patrick Frank, Kevin Franklin, Kenneth Frederking, David Frederking, Edward French, Anthony Freund, James Friederick, Mary Frost,Arthur ' . Fuchs,Joan Fugh,Carl , Fuller, Denise Gaines, Bradley Gallagher, Ken Gallagher, Tim Gallatin, Martha Gardiner, Robert Gauda, Estelle Gibbs, Sandra Gibson, Ronald Gillette, Carla Glenn, Chris Godbey, Teddy Gohn, Margaret Gold, Teresa Goodman, Jerry Gordon, Marion Graham, Richard Graves. Ivory Gray. Sarah Grayson, Renita Greenfield, Susan Greenlee, Rebecca Gregory, Gwenette Gregory, Sheila Griffin, Dan Griffin, Debora Griffin, John Griffin, Valerie Griswold. Helen Groceman, Dave Groseclose. Candace . Guerri, Ruth ' Guy. Gary Guy. Mary Hackney, Natalie Hackvvorth, Kevin Hadrick, Tommie Hagens, Edgar Hall, Leonard r Halliburton, Connell Halter, David Hamm, Artis Hampe, Janice Hansen. Kim , Hargis, Michael Harian, Barbara Harper, Kathleen Harrell,Jeanie Harris, Barbara Harris, Pierre Harrison. Leonard Hartweck, Robert Harvey, Jacqueline Hatcher. Sandra Hawkins, James Hayes, Arleen Hayes, Reginald Henderson, Nellie Hendrix, Deborah Henneboehle, Karl 252 Hicklin. Mary Higgins. Tom Hill, Belinda Hill. Gail Hill, Yvonne Hillal. Michelle Hinze. Brenda Hoekel. Jan Holford. Victor Holliday. Lamar Hollis, Janice Holmes, Shirley Homan. Cathy Homeyer. Tom Hon, Georganne Hornburg, Lorna Howard. Robert Hudson, Antoinette Hudson. Debra Hughs. Cheryl Hunot. Tom Hunter, Bruce Isaac. Michael Jackson. Guy Jackson, Ronald Jacobs. Doug Jacobs, Lavon Jamerson,.Karen James. Breggie James. Carla James, Ronald Jarvis, John Jaspering, Daniel Jefferson, Kathy Jefferson. William Jeffreys. John Johnson. Cheri Johnson. Ronald Johnson. Yvonne Johnston, Mike Jones, Audrey Jones, Don Jones, Frances Jones, Robert Jost, Marie Kaiser, Theresa Kazanas, Dan Kelty. Mike Kendrick, Marquis Kiely, Kevin Kilcullen, John Kile, Gwendolyn Kimble, Karen Keinealy, Robert King, Bryan King, Veronica Kirksey, Cindy Kissel, Don Knight, Dona Knight, Mike Koch, Polly Krafpt, Pam Kriegsies, Denis Krisher, Mike Kuczma. Debbie Kuhach, Sandy Kuhl, Barbara Ladendecker, Rose LaFata, Joe Lammert, JoAnn Lane, James Lang, Keith Lawless, Robert LeBeau, Arthur LeMaster, Joel Lentz, Ricky Leonard, Dennis Leonard, Patrick Leone, Mike Levins, Leah Liddell, Sharon Lilienkamp, Joel Lindsay, William Litteken, Michelle Little, Gwendolyn Lonigro, Vicki Lorick, Annette' Losing, Wally Lottes, Keith Lowe, Kimberlyn Lyles, Jerry Magner, Mark Mahoney. Karen Major, Mary Malone, Mike Mann. Verna Marino, Linda Marquette, Terry Marsh. Don ll 55 Marsh, Kim Marshall, Jacqueline Martin, Marian Martin, Pam Martin, Phyllis Matlock, Jerri Mattingly, Debbie McAlphine, Arthur McBride, Terry McCarthy, Karen McCarthy, Nancy McCauley, Gilbert McClure, Samuel McCommis, Karl McCune, Arletta McDonald, Sally McElheny, James McEIravy, Ronald McElroy. Daniel McFarland, Kevin McFetridge, Don McGee, Herbert -Mclntosh, Brenda McLaughlin, Shannon McMorris, Gary Medlock, Bob Menderski, Robert Meriwether, Darlene Metz, Ted Mewes, Terry Meyer, William Miles, Kathy Miller, Cynthia Miller, Kevin Miller, Maureen Mingo, Michael Mitchell, David Moffitt, David Monat. Moore. Moore, Moore. Moore. Moore. Moore. Dianne Andrea Debra Diane Earl Melvin Myra Moore, Sheila Moore, Wanda Morgan. Leann Morgan. Pamela Morris. Shirley Morrison. Larinda Morrissey, Carol Moughton, Robert Moutray, Tom Mueller, Paul Murphy, Hal Murphy, Michael Muskin, Rhonda Nall, Donnitta Neal,Charles Nelson, Ethel Nenninger, Robert Nickelberry, Samuel Nickerson, Daniel Noe, Janet Noland, Mary r North, Jerry Northern, Marshette O'Brien, Joe 'O'Bryant, Linda O'Daniel, James O'Leary, Robert Oliver, Jo Oreto, Paul Owen, Jackie Owens, Dennis Palazzola, Mark Palmer, Anthony Pangilinan, Clair Parker, Barry Parker, Robert Pasley, Joyce Patrick, Debra Paule, Tom Pearson, Anthony Peeler, Connie Peoples, Rita Peters, Gene Peters, Janice Peterson, Greg Philbrook, Linda Phillips, Alan Phillips, Dennis Phillips, Marcia Phillips, Myra Phillips, Phyllis Phipps, Maurice Pierce, Joe Pierce, Sandy Ploesser, Gary Plodzien. Greg Poak, Jim Podwojski, Dave Pollick, David Polzin, Chris Pope, Kim Porter, Brenda Powell, Jenita 256 7 Price, Katy Price, Steven Probst, Victor Prosser, Kathy Quinn, Anthony Racheff, Karen Ramin, Rory Randall, Debbie Randant, Sandra Ratliff, Vicki Rauls, Althea Reckley, Linda Reddic, Brenda Redel, James Reed, Anthony Reiter, Mark Reithemeyer, Rick Relizzo, Vickie Rice, Pamela Ridgell, Brochelle Riley, Peggy Robbins, James Roberts, Pamela Robertson, Edmund Robinson, Arnold Robinson, Henry Robinson, Lloyd Rockamore, Michael Romine, Debra Roper, Donna Rose, Betty Rosenbaum, Gary Rudolph, Marshall Runions. Mae Ruth, Donna Sack, Chris Saines, Joseph Sanders, Jackie Saunders, John SanFilippo, Frank Saulka, Steve Saulsbarry, Thomas Scails, Gregory Schaefer, Vicki Scheulen, Jim Schmitt, Kurt Schuckmann, Linda Schwan, Edward Scott, Debbie Scott, Harold Scott, Valerie Searcy, Orlandus Sehnert, Greg Shanklin. Cynthia Shanks, Sterling Shannon. Melvin Sharp, Bob Shaw, Beverly Shearrer, Susan Shelton, Theresa Shepard, Ronald Sherman, Suzanne Shirley, Janet Simmons, Diane Simmons, Jerome Simmons, Paula Sims, Jackie Sims, Michael T Sindlinger, Warren Singer, Michael, Sipes, Kathy T Smith, Beverly! Smith, Carolyn! Smith, Debbie I Smith, Mary l Smith, Randy ' Somers, David , Spann, Phyllis ' Spillman,William Spina, Martin ' Stahl, Sheila l Stahr, Kathryn 3 Stamper, Linda Stamper, Sue 1 Stanfill, Randy! Staples, Michael States, Casandra Stegall, Richard Stewart, Daniel' Stewart,Jan 1 Stewart, Mary , Story, Ann , Stovall,Qale l Stover, Charlie: Suraud, David , Tabb, Gwendolyn Taylor, Cassandra Taylor, Darryl 3 Taylor, Eugene? 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Deborah Williams. Dennis Williams. Eugene Williams. James Williams. Jerry Williams. Kevin Williams, Pam Willmann. Mark Winberry, Karen Winkler. John Wise, Charles Wlodarek. Doug Wofford, Linda Wood, Robert Woods, Ruth Wooten, Larry Wright, Orlando Wright, Robert Wyatt, Thomas Wyland, Steve Young, Victor Zerillo, Nancy Zimmerly. Susan Wilke, Scott Wilkerson. Valerie Wilkerson, Stanley 260 X ' :my ff 'f ZW' W , . 7 sew w x..ff ,gg -I :L ,, ,hW,, , ,,,h . ' ' MWm"WM1fMwwQW ,1w,,L, ,fw4mw,L K 1, with 4' ' 1: W S 57 ,i My X 4 fs ,A A fr 4 , 4 Q ,Q Qi? , Y QW Wm,-A 'MW ' 'HX 251522255 . L f ik, , ,,.,V, 261 ww J iw . WL Q , '32 fe 5? ,gr ' ff 'iw in Q, Q.. gg I 'Pkg Q N. M if usiiu byk Sisigp UP if f f I 26 263 Q oach 264 fa f 1 -,-: lg., giwfw ve ' 1 Q app g K K Q' ZW, , ' ,fs Y, ii ' 'wiwx ff H62 'WV 'e?5f'5Wlf 413: iCLv fs EA Zfl45WAi5iEff if H: ff 5, ,egg 1" ,iz ff, 15, f fig fe ,fi , Y, 1 WWA E:Z:Lf5?::fii::iVf: .' ff H' 'eff ,, .H M --::,..,1..,,4 fb .. . 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H agua? f ggvf 2 5 iw fi 1 X Q 1 H Q w ',- f Q, s QS W 1 f 1 , 26' DEW W Ei 'Qs in Z Wf Qfzfsgfiv' page i ff M JF? 4 S5 S :gigs 5 f W mf f, ,E , Zig K 4 f ' 2 f Mix .4 5 1 AA: Q Z 1 ,E W 4' 5 i f L ' 5 Eg B 34 f H151 B air 55 9 X fi? gi Kgs 3? 2 ia! XJ 'ff 72,2 X 22 Q5 1 1 , egg! Q 2 12 N f ff if 5:2 , f? Q Sf , W J if 1 26 Y 5 f I J fe fi Q 4 EQ: 4 SX fx 5, '7' W X 1, s fn? iigix SJ Z t ZW Q! M 5 Q 22? ff' ' 5 4, A at 52 Z X 2 4 Q5 wx Jeff Knezzle 266 Compliments of Famous-Barr: Jean Sardou Studio. l S Lee Schultz, Photographet Orlarl Sandy Schmidt S i I I DEX YT M Editors Mike Dougherty Michelle Londoff Artist Pat Weyermann Mothers Club '73 FRONT ROW: Unidentified CUnid.j, Unid., Carole Heide, Rat Mennicke, Maxine Story, Mary Jackson, Vivian Portell, Ronnie Butler, Unid. SECOND ROW: Unid., Gussie Burnhoester, Gertrude Newman, Pat Gardiner, Norma Thies, Hilda Barton, Gladys Grace, Treasure Duncan, Pat Bitter, Helen Uhlmansiek, Unid., Shirlee Westbury. THIRD ROW: Virginia McLaughlin, Jeanne Belker, Unid., Unid., Lois Thompson, Carmen Thies, Unid., Arlene Schaeffer, Unid., Ruth Anderson, Eunice Tonsing, Melba Goebel,Unid., Ruth Arp, Beth Bukovich. Officers Nnnvmg LEFT TO RIGHT: Gussie Burnhoester, Corresponding Secretary, Pat Mennicke, lst Vice President: Maxine Story, President: Helen Uhlmansiek, Treasurer, Shirlee Westbury, 2nd Vice President: Vivian Portell, Historian. CNot Picturedj Helen Preston, lst Vice President, Marcia Hunter, Rec- ording Secretary. In recognition .. X T??7ie l Normond School Disfricf -3-Q' Y C O n x , V 7837 Naturai Bridge Tiatlllagjl 383a9ZEmL0ui5, Missouri 63121 Morris E. Blitz, Supenmendent Honores Distinguiclos , 1 gi:-uc. , .. c ,L Les? A r X ' V A ..,. g is ei swiss f--- nw.--. ,r-si X L Q fi' -- 1 --:retail- " K lf15ffiQ?figr iiiio c - X- V, k-- 1715 . 'Y' X ..,, ' 5 5?3?"5 Jr? i- '- -Skier irq? .gsA1 who e3 2 S 1 3 3 4 .gk EF.:-. 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Pasquariello President's Office The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese Dear Professor Pasquariellon Out of some twenty-odd years of teaching and from so many excellent students that I have had in the past, it is indeed with extreme phasure and honor that I choose to sponsor miss Jill Kriesky, Class of '?4, for the Assooiation's medal- award for excellence in Spanish, As you are no doubt aware, miss Kriesky will be only the third student in my professional career that I will have sponsored to be so honored by the Association. l-.iss Kriesky has been an excellent and devoted language student. Her scholarly efforts, achievements and numerous successes in Spanish have been so impressive that they warrant special recognition by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. Most sincerely, AViQ4i'vC4 hwqfflhf martin M. lhaestas Instructor of Spanish f-'-f'I5, .1s1sa ef fffsstxtrs-A11-sfsfssfm1 in K' A '1 1 ' A 7 ' T f. - .fwt:,e.5r8.1ef:.:1,Asr.:.:f'4zf:1ft1svssw1s:s'ft1:esQsf'- P , , p. 55, Pep Club, Usher- 5 A .As. A kingeues 4- Awareness, Student' ' m:Ak Basketfigll, Volleyball, sii.i S- A . P.lGl5,E.TT,G5UAN: p. 55,9O,Choirl-II. , 5f5f,f5Q,f,,120, 131, Pep Foreign PIERCE, SDE: p. 55, Pep Club. ' - H. : 1:1.A PIRTLE, ELMER: p. 55, 148, varsity Track, GpIf. SAV-f1fSify FOOIPSII- l ' so A Q Q 174, 182, A POLLICK, PATRICIA: p. 55. Gym- A PORTELL, D0 UG1 P- 55, 104, Marching 5 I it Band- PRESTON, DANA: p. 55, 137, French Club, 142, student Marching Band,Gymnastics. VICA - Pres., Se n I May. PREus, PEGGY: p. 55, Student Council, 1, TTAA figf AAAAA 5 1,,A,, Homecoming Court, Publi9gty,Chair- RUFFIN, man, Senate. ,,A,,. ,.,,e RUSSELL, LA1R:R5ge?ip. 57. PRICE, JAMES: p. 117, 1?18, 5 Marching Band, Teaiflm, RYAN, IVIAUREEN: p. 57, 124, VICA. ,,., . Quill and Scroll. I .e' l 5 pZfi27 .el.e .55, 108189, cou:snc:i1A::House-Sgen- SALE, DEB8IEgp. 57, 104, 170, Pep Co-Cap'eQtr3,. Saga n ' '- an Q:S21:E4' Pep Club. 3 SSL. j ii, '-1'Qz3:f8:sP"f, EAN: p. 55, 143,j 1 P- 24' C ros s C o u ty FBLA, Band, Pom-Pon. SANDERS, p. 57, 114, Awareness,gPep Club, Orchesls, Team, Thespians. SANDERS, SHIRLEY: p. 57, 104, 170, erettes, Black Awareness, Pom-Pon. SANSONE, GUS 158 Wrestlingi SNIALALEY, RICHARD: p. 58Q 1 5 SMITH, DAN! p. 58, 114, 12O,1Varsity Tep- nis, Arachnlcls, Thespians, : SMITH, MIKE: p. 58. SMITH, SUE: p. 58. S lVI I TH, STEVE: p. 24, 58, 135, 145, Letter- men Cross Country, Track. SNEED, RANDY: p. 58. SNULLIGAN, PHYLLIS: p. 59, 127, Service, Bible Club, Student Council, VIP, FBLA. SOUDERS, DAVID: p. 59. SPILLMAN, GREG: pt. 59, 101, Club, Varsity Softball, Court, Saga Spprtslscpeeqiggr, Quill and Scroll.-Sec.,Pom-Pon. 'I" Zmz , SPRSAPS, cARLoSifil:pfQii5S, STAN' Ulf I I S91 SIA STARR, GREGo,Rv :1p. 59,'Blacl4 ness, Student Council. 22 59 154, Va rslty Va r- Va rsity JOHN p 24 59 86 62 Freshman lVIay Class President A Basketball Council Vice House Senate 59 omor E p 59 p. 60. 58, 124, VICA. 5 110, 117, Pep Rhythmaires Club Math p. 58. 60, 108, French Saga Activities SPINA, MARY: p. 59, 108, TAYLOR, VALERIE: p. 60. TEGELER, SUE: p. 60. TERRY, JOSEPHINE: p. 60. THIEIVIE, STEVE: p. 60, 89, 154, Student Council, Varsity Soccer, THIES, DARRELL: p. 60, 98, 99, 100, 101, 104, 106, Symphonic Band, Marching Band, Orchestra, Norsemen, NPA, Bas- ketball Band. THROGIVIORTON, DAVID: p. 60, 24, 113, Audio Visual,VarsityTrack. TILLARY, DEBORAH: p. 60, 137, Drill Team,Gymnastics. TRICE, LINDA: p. 61, 100, 104, concerrw VEN JOHN, KAREN: p. 61, 108, Pep Club, Saga Freshman Co-Editor. p. 61, Pep Club. voiiz 108, 117, Pep C :Cl:ub',i Firench-fCIubi,1Senior Honor Socie- ty, Quill and Scrollg Saga Activities Assistant. ' ' W WADE, MARigg,,46,., ,61., WALK, Sing 001 Nor- mandy, Bible Clubffg WALLACE, DORA: 13.62, eepciub. :iii WALLRATHI t WALLS, A.. Band, French Club, Student C0unycyigig,.g5,.:.,,.. y, ,,.. Marching Band, Symphonic Bands K my 0 ....... rg-sf R1 vez' TUCKER, KAREN: p. 611 136.B1.u1.effsI.ii1e.fr6 sisiss ' p PeD Club, foreign -L.., pn 625 TYLER, KATHY: p. 61, ARREN! MM, P, 62. I ui ' 1 WATKlNS,iBARBARA: p. 62, 94, 100,10,4:, UHLMANSIEK, DEBBIE: p. 61, 93, 95, 96, 101, Junior Classical League, Marching Band: Pep Club, French Club, Choral- ettes, Nonet, Madrigals, Orchestra. UPCHUkRCH,:lJAV1DZ p. 61. I v vALENT.!:f CA g3MEN1, p. 61. I VALENTl,CAFfMEN: p. 61. 1. VAN MILL, KAREN: p. 61, 90, 130, A Cap- pellail, Foreign StudentClub. vAsEL, KATAY. p, 61. p. 61, 144, Black reness:g.FNA, VISA. h VEIjiERAyBLE,.CHERYL: p. 61, 0r1iiTeam:. , 110, 116, 131, Marching Band,iiSym- phonic Band, Choralettes, Courier,Se- nior Honor Society, Foreign Excyhlagige WCCEIBLE, TIMOTHY: p, 62, sfuderit Council. WEYERMANN, PATRICIA: p. 63, 87, 88, 108, 117, 170, Pep Club, Student Coun- cil, Senate, Orientation Committee Chairman, Pom-Pon, Saga Staff Artist, Quill and Scroll, Junior May Fete Court. WIEDEMAN, DONALD: p. 63, 97, 98, 100, 101, 104, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Symphonic Orchestra, Norse- men, Sing Out Normandy, Marching Band. WIENECK, PAUL: p, 63. 1 63- 5.3 f::?1l,98' 1391 170' FMC' it A isii ' HOUSG-Sem If YY' Senior Of' Spflng CO- A A sii, WILL , 28, C 1195 S . WOOD? iii. 635 Saga Photo Editor,iyarsityffwfegtiling, Repub' H93 .Iii . if . C? i , . . LAF3RYi3 ?Pi?i?T634 Y . I . . L:.:: ff 1 your-io, wiLL1s:fp. 63, 6162, varsity Bas- . t WEIR, JOHN: p. 62, 88, 97, 129, A, :,:,-,- : A : 3 y A Cappella I 81 Il, Boy's Chorus,lRhyfghf ,,..1.t.1 .':' 3 .:t,,, Sl-lERliip.f63,1131,PepCIub, maires, Foreign Exchange ClubQifi'iiB1,p:Ig: j1QFre,n,ch fClubg: Reailitie,s, Foreign Ex- Club, Sing Out Normandy, St.udf5ng,, ':6' . h.y. .g5gLi'iQi,'Q.changeClu,Ig15i.j., ix- Council, Math Club, 'iii yysis :i.:, Qi A f-A '.yy , if if T A , .::., A .:. I 'tYOU,Nfl',l2ANiEL::p.6, it WEITEKAMP, PAMELA: p. 62,1 1470, iiii ' ff i Student C0uncil:,Pep Club, P0rri4Poni?r - ggi .pZ'f if . ,, I Trees-1 Courier :..... A 1 is. sg. t - I fifif i,'. ' n -Egg ZAVfO12N,l.G,K, ,ElELEN:14p.63.,.97, i1 16, 179, WEITKAMP,JoAN:5:, i5,, 62. 0 0 p.1 293QFEAf5span1sn1cl.ub.,:0sAC,Arachn- . ,Q:ids,Q'Bri.0ge:fa,nd.Chess Club, Sing Out WELDON,TOM:p. 62. - 5 i.,: 3. J:1Norinjafidy,fgqflfge,ninis-:Team, MatlTM,CIub, A ,.., 55,5:5if5,56.:igg0nQ,43,5 C,gtyfi , ' WESTRICH, DAVE: p. 62,124, Sw1m,,,Tea:i7Q, A A to VICA. , f 1 I ::L--: S : 5 '-25.11 -iii 5:29 zicggiuER.,,GLEN.::A63, -6.. - ' SENIOR RDS ,, 'S' 2 K fm' L0NG E5THA'R MOST 2 2 Cafolv 2222 . Nelson Gpumney - Ned 222 rt BEST LOOKING CU V 2 ' fp'I,'E5il?2ffi2f52'5 ,m" :'1 l ,. Joyce PhiIIlibpSww222 Janice Finer . 2 2 Stevg-g2C2Qb4fs C5u34Sansone 2222 Kamemglan I VVVV i ,,,,,, . 2 222 2 . BIGGEST AFRO 2 Anne 2 22 2 2 2' 2 2' 2, 2 ,f' miliwilw- , I 2 Stan Ander2S2o2n2w-22 2 Kathy FQgf5T6F,g --4-BEST DRESSED 2 CH . 2222 2 2 Vanessa "'OWa"d 2222 W 2222 LENTED22 2 K2 2 2 222 2 L3 'VY JONES 222 22 222 2 2 2 2 2 , Q 2 2 2 222222 2 2222 22 222 5 2222 2 2 22 222 222 , 'VVVL 2 2 "', ? Lff-"f:' 17' 'F " ' ' ''f5lfWQf5:'if2l2Tf15iii?if?fi?i'? ff, 172, 2 IH --" Miz, 2 U . ' ,,' iff A',' af -,,. ,gEQ,f1,,. v,",,: 522:22 J-,Q2l2E'f2,Q-Z-' 2. -1' "k':k" ,. "SV " 5 A 2 22222222222 22 22 2 222 f 1 222 22222 22 2 m':-,' ,K,:,'1' 33 2 ' ' xg 2 LVVA 4 K:' h': , ' ' : 2 2222 2 2222 222222 2 2 iliflffw. 2 miwgezg ":m:': ,Zeb ,,m,, 222222 222 222222 2 22222 2222222 Q 2 ' 222 2 2 2 2 K 2 Y ' ,"" ,,., '.', , 2 2 2 2 2 A - 2 2 5 2 2 2222 ' 2 N 2 Emma Comms, 2 22 2 'i35i?E2f7fieTomfgten el 2 2223 James Price 2 2 P 2, fa S 22 e 5kf21ik'7"' . 2,-5 ff ' , I 2 "Q,Wi'iiE"57:f2::XIbiTf91 ' 25ff'g,ffff5ai12iQ2iE,'I2:, 551522 ',", 2 , 222 22 2 2 222 2 222222222 2 SEPQEST 2 2 5 1 2 W 22 2 22 2 2 1 22 2222 2 2 22 3 23 Kelly2222EiBOm2ber2? CGSSIGY f 2 Q ya Joe OliV 32STf0 ' Vmce Lo Boscoiwzg 2 3 2 2 , 2 ' ' 'ff, 7:21222 IM- 'ff- ","' s 9,1 ,WW 52:22 fame 2 2 3 4 xl V' ,,i W :,f: AVIV K V 2' 2 8 K 22 22 2 S 3 W g , i Qig , Z Q 22 i 3 1 2 ,2 2 2 1fuH22f23, 2 2 3 , ff 2 K X 323 M! 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I DRlEllM1lNN UllARR-el-llc' If 'Q L' - -' "H . . . FUNERAL DIRECTORS , " f ., - N . ,ln I l, T - 'o Y . ' 7733 NATURAL BRIDGE ROAD ' ST. LOUIS, MO. 63121 ' 385-4783 I' " is 'ff' ,V ' f !j:f':"2'-- ' ' 'iufwh .rigfghczfn l"' , 22, Lil, -inf... Nao In U I I U H I V Write or phone for your free copy of the "Family Record Folder , NOW6 Locations g' a place to enter and record all your personal family information. 9108 w. riunisslmr West of Northland ' 868-4400 I I' ,,, I--. JI I NORTHWEST X Crestwood A rE!:iEsr?,wfLifIEfai Manchester 10979 St,Ctu1lcs Rack Rd. Ba I n 9224 Watson Rd. 291-3150 National Way 842-4311 1 Shopping Center A gmfml Mgt 391-6660 A ' ,I 1039 so. BIG stun 'I on ciamn nga ' 781-67-'ref I ,. ,Q I 2531 iuluwrun N V ' A! Culumllia 645-1776 ,f . "" I A-num' I f - ,rm . ,ff - J 'ESQ-nn . Ni" ., Qui! ! " 'T' , ' 'I-Ik I? it Q ' " T r ' " Formal Wear Specialists STUDENT DISCOUNTS s GROUP RATES OPEN MON. - WED. 81 FRI. EVENINGS See our tuxedo wear on pages 78-83. "" Garry Bilauski, Jill Duncan and Mark Heaton A 1 Dl'O6g6 0 nn? GC ri S Oftlflg ooc! Yours in Sports 10020 Hlway 66 Crestwood, Mo. 63126 Phone 9 66-5444 - - - - , ,Q Q Q Q Q Q,Q,Q I Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q.Q,Q Q Q.Q,Q:Q:Q,Q,Q,Q,Q,Q Q Q Q:Q:Q.Q.Q.Q.Q.Q.Q.Q.Q,Q,Q.Q,Q,Q. - We're Proud... of Our New Home Office-3855 Lucas 81 Hunt Road at Natural Bridge, and hope you will come by and see us. Come, "Let's share a dream". "Paying the Highest Earnings Allowed by Law - Quarterly Dividends Paid on all Savings" NORTHVVESTERN SAVINGS S LOAN ASSOCIATION 4 NORMANDY FLORISSANT ST. LOUIS 3855 Lucas and 820 N. 5508 Natural Hunt Rd. Highway 140 Bridge 382-5336 382-5336 382-5336 YJ ADOLPH JEwEL.ERs 1 x , I , wATc E - V 1 5 . QQ 5 - I 5 513 BAILEY ROAD CRYSTAL CITY, Mo. 63019 x Brightest ' fi V 1 937 sow 427 'mas under the Sun Msmngton Tilet 'Fedefal SAVINGS 8- LOAN ASSOCIATION ' OF GREATER ST. 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WACHTER Optometrist Normandy Professional Building Nelson Presbyterian Church 6500 Natural Bridge 381-6870 Church Services: Sunday Morning 8:15 a.m.and 10:45 a.m. Sunday Evening 5:30 p.m. Sunday School fall agesb 9:30a.m. High School Christian Endeavor 6:30 p.m. Wednesday Evening Hour of Power Phone 383-3180 7 p.m. "A church in the community, for the community." WE WELCOME EVERYONE! MCC'-OSKEY BEST WISHES- Insurance Agency :-':f g -I 84153 Natural Bridge ' f i E E ,y .531 I EH B ,, I St. Louis, Missouri 63121 55311: E ' A f in ii E Iifwlffiejg E f ffl IE IEA in I A- I ":: fix? W ,,,V . . . -' A FULL FriendlyANeighborIy SERVICE . . 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When you successfully complete your enlistment, you'll get 36 months of financial assistance at the college of your choice. As a veteran you'll get from S230 to S350 per month. lf you're serious about continuing your education, today's Army is behind you. US ARMY RECRUITING STATION 9742 Lackland Avenue Overland,Missouri 63114 Tel: 428-2014 eate or an advanced degree, you'll get financial help from the Army. g more advanced work, we'll help you get that, too. up ou can either stay in and continue your studies, or leave ss ZAVODNICK CONSTRUCTION CO. INC. HFOR INFORMATION CALLW 1937 Alert Drive 427-8900 COMMERCIAL -INDUSTRIAL 0 New Construction 0 Remodeling 0 Store Fronts 0 Emergency S 0 Since 1909 3 vkbz . ,: E 'wa i ,mg W 2 EY - ,yi is., ff ? -A N E tt,l r , V i? iii? ,Q r RW 'F 55 if or it c, l YP , 'i ,N J ffigfsi s - xii Q i ' .b,' x bzg, 3?-it if F 1'. 1 Y it as , b f if if ef , t st. 5 Y- 1, , H- 255. , Q15 V - . A , K fm- ,,, A i gif 7'l'mW"'i"' --vb - ,, l. c V K , vysi . A iz , , , Rx! she gpgfk, Yesterday Was Reality. Today it is a Memory We Can Relive Forever. 1 A The 1973 Saga Staff expresses its thanks to: Mr. Howard,Emerson, advisorg lVlr. Jim Combs, representative, American Yearbook Companyg lVlr. Lee Schultz, photographerg Jean Sardou Studio, Famous Barrg lVlr. Ed Hoefler and Norman- 2 ' dy's Photography staffp and to the Mothers Club for their continued support and cooperation inthe production of SAGA. e 288 x x X x In fx' T3 A q H QS, N 2 FA Q80 L 1 lc N X ,QQX 1 QQ' X W' 'M' QFXWX L . xx lx ,.,, ,f'mY Q " Q X JAX Xsfj ,. KC!-fx C,TTx! ,RNXX Qjx., 'X 'sg IJ J' X X XXOQ Ly ' ' N I X X? ,, N Q ' WW X if , ew Lf Q X f U X uxjf., XTEXX . XX !f!,,f"' ,. ww xg 5

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