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5-Sriri id' A K irhmqx L .gr . 4 Y 4 'Xia , 2' Q q ., fa? Q! 'I . gif 1 ef f fu , I gain rl-"IX " 9553? s 4 "j'5,5-iV'pf A fi ' ' 2, ,- kr' , ,' 1 iifillfl' ug, menu qi. flgng an-fl I .QF K: ." 41 I L W xy 4 1K gg, A Lv Aw. 3' ' ni? f .39 ' V W ,fi ,,?, ,LW vw! ,z , M 4 af nz 1 Q qi Qfih. .Qing ,Sw 2 X-0 x MN 6 'Q 2 W , in 1 3 A we Kb sy' 1 'M A. , 1 li SWS ff . . 'Q':y. . J A i A, Q , is -,., 4 Q 'V af ,x W , -,z.m,,, V , ' " ' ,' , A Mag: ,. 3 gk, 1 W ,yrs Q wg Av' . "Mx L :,..f,x,,f.-Mu nge , N N ?Ft.Qif':'A fm ' ,w 4 " 'M '5- ,gm Hr 7' :Q ,ww 1 Y, xfgi ,z X , 5 11' N ' ff mmww Awww N .,.,. , , ' A ' ' J, ww,-'Zfv' A . - . ' M mawww' 'f A we" V' gy -3 ff ,pb Si? f" .A ' ..x'i5"W xg, . 5 , , ' 7' , ff ,.,, 4 .1 Q., 4 , - f, ' . , . ' . K . . 42 ' 'i A 1 . f, A, " 4 ,... ' 'P ' V 1-'M x-gg. 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'- 1 '- ,Sv fx ,l l.1 ' -'wh' 1, pqmgfg , - xl Q: I F N .M .,-J ,st NSR tm 44.1 V ,zJg+y'ligk mf in-" w74,3fg.mwgww ghfwp V Q -f V. ' ,' Q 1' -. 1 f"'5gg: . .XA ' V ' f "' A it 1:1 VM . Ye' ., Q -.r mx I ff L9 E ,. f Ax 7 ,I ' T tor- -4 A MK, V 5 , -.X .qusggfsifr Qi 5 tlfixk 4-.'fR ,Q-'iz 'Q 3,3-Q, , ' A wx xy- if -5 fSwf,,ig ,L K K A ,4 Q3 354.5 -Q l:.,"LX -1 ' It . X ' 1' Q !.i"6lQ 1 QL P, , ' ' ri ' . 9 . . ,, . qsj, X ef . 1 N. ,Kg f' M V, M5314 R fx -.dq- 5 5 xx I by . 6, R., .N jg , ,, ,. -f ,-. 2 . . ,. I w'M?,4!x I A. V' . is . is 1 gl, Q 15 13, ,. x ikfff. E' S,-kg. K , , 5 yi 1 fi if- Q S A .fa 'Q .ix ft", .9 ,- fv' ggw 6,7 ' fp' ',y,, A, ' gem if is-MN Q-N Nm, , 'HLQ' 'Q -lf' ""J"'1 M. A Aw I I , K M. L5e,.,, f. A '-avg 37 K' f A ' ' v 3 1 'H QV Qi 15 39 1 .- sw. 4. s x , K. his .X S, f Mx ,N I If . MW K nw lu Q ,sw , f ' Q 'fl N fy X , . .L A --mag V W. .V N A , I , , . , .Q..TRy4?W mal , . Www Wm -.,1a- it ,M Www. X P Mfg W Sf-if 2 N566 NW Skligbxmk xx? . W' , X wfMV i ffiiwffmfiy J' vi? SEXY OX S5 Q Q ix wi -24 E4,EX335i A 62.55 3 gg - K-:Sli 2 R? ff 2,fw Q3 25, figk JZ, ""lv-u-arm... b ,,,,.w'Q' A ' Qgjx yy by V RN , 'N X A I V LL : f , Vx Ii B X 5 fX,DXfQ 3 Q. 7 cu :jffL' "1l ffm 'U f xxx 5 KQFXA J g 5 s xx J f I ' - ff 1'-3622410 :ff4'4!X X KN KJ U! V MP ff """' 0 "I""'SZ- yt n I y gf x A X ' Q aqa ff :E Q fvf kk AX, gif 'K K J x X A ,, ,X Vs. xi ,. 'QLEJE1 x ,TX 'J X iirgk Q Yi 7? 221' ,fy ss y X 533 A It T , , ,f -uf: AQ -1 ' 'gl X WN Y W fi! Q, ?'i2fff' JFK ga f. J?-Vw? f I ff, f 1 Q YK 'J QV 'KKQ '2- KQX . vi Rx A I f' Simi jg! LQ, P W ay :fl N A WJ N KAN . 'X my "' - XX X 5 5 A55 -QL 35 X ormancly sv" .Y 6 ELPQ, -Q BX hx fix xx N' D15 1 .N 6701 6a.1lon .fdvenue 'Af .19 'Tax Sf. Q!,oui.1 Counfy, Wi.1.1our'i 'igfgs 32 AND5 ANDS! workers, creators, leadersf the builders of our lives. Precious God-given gifts -- strong and eapable, dainty and femininefwhat could we have accomplished without them? Every great deed of mankind was produced by their work. Playing an important part in all phases of our lives, they served us as tools in our development as individuals or as members of a elosely'-knit society. As Aristophanes once asked. "ls there anything hands canit do?', We might an- swer. 'gwith them we did deeds of good will. carried cheer, created works of art, assisted others on the path of life and opened the doors to progress. They could be used to individual advantage, or to bind all into a cooperative. unified whole, sym- bolized by the handshakef' As we thought. so we usually acted and the ideas conceived in the brain needed the hands to bring them into full reality. Thus. their extensive power was limited only by the mind which directed them. At Normandy' all hands worked towards a common goal: success in school which would ultimately bring success in life. STAFF Editor-in-Chief . Bob Branom Literary Editor . . Judy' Bensiek Managing Editor . . Jean Creve Business Manager . Don Klingler Student Photographer . . . Bill Ezell Faculty Advisor . Miss Frances Brewington af Worman y ln the- vlassrooin and lihrary long hours wmv spvnt hy tht- more svholastit- stuclvnts prvparing assigmnvnts. But tho hard work was in-wr rvgrvtlvrl. sint-v it hrought suvh prizvcl rvwarrlsz iinivasvrl knowlvclgv. poisv. svlf-c'onfirlvm'v and tht- vstvvin of lc-llow classmates. ln lhv gym. athlvtvs with an rye' always on tha- goal of varry- ing homv a trophy spvnt muvh time in cliligvnt prac'tivv. improving skills anfl moulding indivicluals into a succvssftll lvam. ln all avtivity on the vampns stu- clvnts wvrs' maturing. Thosv with positions ol' trust lvarnml rvsponsihility and all dv- vvlopvfl a valuahlv scnsv of coopvration. Wlwthvr at-aclvinically. athlvtit-ally. or so- vially lIll'llllPll. all worked at a l'txl0Illlt'SS pare- in their partie-ular fic-ld to gain val- nahlv vxpvric'1n'c and prvparation for the Iilv ahead. ln tht- yt-ars to 1-onw as iw page through tlw history ol our varvvrs at lXorinantly. inviclvnts. happvnings, e-xptwiviim-vs. happy anrl safl, in the vlassrooni. on tht- athlvtit' fir-ld, in vxtra-1'urric'ular avtivilivs on tho rampus will hc- rv-lin-cl in our nwinorivs again ami again. All tho vwnts which now haw made' lift- at lXorinamly so rivll will than lw only prvvious invniorivs. rlvwr lo ln' lorgotlvn. ALJKNOWLHIJGMENTS: Irvin Duvis Peoria Enqmvinq Co. l.t'o W. Pnintwr Model Priniinq Co. Iolm Glnssrn, li. Borktold Bookbindinq Co. Mrs. Frnnvfls Hnosci Photolilrllshx Studio Edward Howllfar School Pliotoqropliox' Division Pnqos Turn the lgssls 5539 Q95 '51 Q2 Q1 Q gig? X 'x X NWNN 66 E22 Fanult s X H L lllassus .... . 15 Tig X Sports ....... 52 5 :Q wi gui? Urqanizatinns . . . 74 E Q2 N Schnnl Life .... 1112 Xwsaujffwal-wine aMJ l3C'A,,LMMl uf Progress Nllunrls nf invixiblv spirilx luuwl: ilu' .vtrings Uf llllll IIlv.vl1'I'iv11s I-llXll'llIlH'IIf. flu' mul. 31111, play Ilu' l1l'f'llllll' of our fllflku . . I,mngfc'll1m M a .0-'V ff .f ,Y 77"5'ejf .ffgf f ',7""4j Q.,.C,.4,,a,f,y 4,541 -LLL! ,ffl 14'-ff-45-ff' f 45 ,C 4, ,,,.,.4.,4,LLJ ' -if ,Q,,oo,,4,.Zf Q C,,.zf4w,ef ' ff' -' ' . - V .fCff0""77 ,6o4ff"""""'f"" yf,g..,44,X+ ANDS guicle airfare Gfizenfi '6The hand that gives, gathersf,-Jolm Ray HROUGHOUT the year the primary interest of the administration and faculty was to open the door to learning for the student body and to guide their minds into the great channels of knowledge. Instructors did not confine themselves just to supply- ing factual knowledge in the class room. They also gave their time and talents willingly whenever called upon to do so, in extra-curricular effort. As counselors, some played an invaluable part in helping students to make wise decisions in planning their careers. Others lent help- ing hands as sponsors of various student activities which developed well-rounded human beings. For the faculty was not only interested in helping young people to grow intellectually but also spiritually and morally. These students would be the future citizens of the nation and their teachers realized that they were playing a vital role in helping these aspiring young persons to become good, mature men and women. These hands, capable and experienced, did their best to prepare the way for a richer life in the world ahead. WARD E. BARNES, B.S., M.A. Superintendent of Schools Norinilndy Consolidated School District Oli thirty years. hands at Normandy have moulded the lives of many leaders in our com- munity. Unly liy such constant and painstaking effort could Nirrnamly continue to shape the lives of the fnlnre leaders. who in time will take their places and share the responsibility' that has heen the commnnityls for thc past thirty years. ln the six years that Mr. liarnes has lveen Super- intendent. Normandy has achieyed many things hoped for. hut neyer thought possilile. As head of tht- Normandy Schools his olijectiyes have heen these: "l'ersonal -l. 'llo guide the individual as he achieycs a conscious. purposeful life philosophy. 2. 'llo guide the indiyidnal as he sets his liehavior patterns in regard to personal hygiene. exercise and dict. llomelifc -I. 'llo achicyc emotional. mental and social maturity. 2. To deyelop in all students a respect for the individuality of each memlrer of Pnqe Fiqh! llministraturs the family. 3. To develop in all students the desire to create for the others in the family' the conditions, the freedom. and the tolerance necessary' for par- ticipation in a successful family' circle. Political-V -V l. To ensure an understanding of the political hack- ground of our government. 2. To ensure full par- ticipation in the duties and responsibilities of an American citizen. Economic-l. To equip all to understand and handle financial prohlems of the individual and family in a capitalistic system of free enterprise. Leisure-l. To awaken interests tindividual and group! which may he deyeloped and utilized in the constructive use of leisure time. Ethicalfl. To understand the history and develop- ment of ethical concepts. both from philosophy and religion. with emphasis on the religious heritage of this nation and the importance of fundamental moral principles as the basis of our laws. and the relationships of our fellow men. 2. 'llo provide the pupil with high ethical and moral standards. ln- lellectualfl. 'llo develop hahits of critical think- ing. reading and listening. 2. To emphasize meth- ods of study in each suhject matter field. 3. To make use of the lihrary' and reference materials. -li. To develop a logical, scientific approach to the solution of problems. 5. To teach the importance of expressing oneself orally' and in writing. 6. To emphasize mental hygiene to ensure social and emo- tional growth. 7. To seek to develop understand- ing and appreciation of the power of the mind and thinking. 8. To develop an appreciation of the Fine Arts." At Normandy' Mr. Harnes won the respect and devotion of every student hecause each realized how hard the Superintendent worked to make Normandy' a hetter and more efficient school so that il might keep on preparing the future leaders of the com- munity in the hest possihle way. .ty , 5 . Plan Curriculum RICHARD D. SHOUSE, A,M. lf- li- l'OTTl1Rf B-S-1 M-D Principal, Noxrncmdy High School Illmwn xl 'it N-nm-incly Sontor Hiqh Srhool metired Mgrch 18' ,IQSBJ .,' ' :sith . 1 ' ga, uf' if .if WAl.'I'tlF1 ff. BERGMANN, A.B., MII. A:.::1:zIin1l Pllnvipril, Guilt info lliiw-tor N fin txnfty Hnih Sr-hool P1 :qw S l'lllNClPAl, of tht' Senior High Sm-hool Mr. Slioustfs first duty was to carry out tht' Philosopliy and Ulijvvtives us plamnccl lay tht' Supvrintvnclent and the Board of Etluvution. Working hand in hand with Mr. Shou:-20 was the assistant lJl'lltl'lpill. lVlr. llvrginainn. 'llo- gvtlwr they saw that 1-an-li student had vw-ry opportunity to prepare l'lllllSPlf to lwvonn- ar useful uitizc-n in his com- munity anci nation. 'llhvir responsihilitivs wt-rv many untl vuriecl hut they vurrivtl the-m out exvcptionully wt-lt. Near tht- end of the last term. wv i'vg1i'vtflilly sam' tht- l't'lll'C'tIIl'lll of Mr. Shousv. ln his thirty yvurs us pl'lItt'lplll of Norrnundy, lVlr. Shousv has lwvn ai frivntl und aulvisor to many stuclvnts untl fuvulty nn-mlwrs. His rm-tiring wus at loss to many who lovvd him for tht' kintl. gvnllv mam- nvr in whit-lr lic- we-nt aliont handling his work. lnto tht' hunmls ol tho now print-ipul. Mr. C. li. l'ottvr. wcnl the- joh of finishing this yvufs an'tii'itit's. llv was known lry inuny tliffvrn-nt tillvs. lint his llvirvst one was most pi'1'lvi'l'4'cl. Nine Ritchie, McKuin, Thiele, H euser, Burner, Schulze. Directors Fnrmulate Pnlil: N THE hands of the Board of Education were many prohlems which had to he solved liefore Normandy could continue in its varied courses and actixities. On the Board were capahle men with many ideas on how t ak o nm e Normandy a hetter and more efficient school. This year a new member was elected to the Board who eontrihuted his suffff ,, . ,ges- tions in helping to plan the yearis activities. These men were happy to see the levy passed which would enalmle them to add a new wing on the ,lunior High, greatly needed for the tremendous numlier of students coming in the very near future. The lioardis activities were many and varied and out of these the most important were tlt to legis- late and estalmlish general policiesg t2t to elect Page Ten and reject employeesg l3t to regulate the finances of the school tso as to give the students the lmest in education and food for the least possilxle cost to the communityg and t4t to supervise good health and scholastic standards. The Boardis interest was to make the hest pos- sihle system for the students' welfare in their com- munity so as to prepare a hetter future for tomor- rowis students. They succeeded in their hopes that every year would he lietter and finer for every citizen concerned. ln the past, as well as during this year, the Boardis untiring efforts and plans proved to he the lmesl in preparing the students to liecome hetter and useful citizens. To these men we owe a vote of gratitude in giving us the lu-st that a school could oller its students. fibecbcafion Mrs. Mar Still lllll'l'Y yours ago a vc-ry vvrsulilv pm-rson In-gun a l'ill't'f'I' of unlzxiling clmwolion lo lhv sluclenl lromly all Normaunly. As ai ll5iN'lll'l' of soriul sluclivs. Spuuislm unml journalism, lu-r good humor. quivl 4-fliciollvy mul silnwxv llllf'l't'Sl in livr sluclvnls' wcllurc vnclcurvd lu-r to all. She- will always ln- l'l'lllPllIlDt'l'l'Cl for lllxl lim- work us sponsor of tln- sc-llool ncwspupvr. Uppcrnmost in lu-r mind LllWiiyS vvc-ro jour- Ililllfillt' llf'llll'Yl'lllCIllS for lwr slumlvnls and high slnmlurcls for llle Couricr. All who workvrl willm llvr vonsiclcred lllxl' u lruc- friend and wvrv inspirvcl lxy lu-r nolmlu uh-als uml umlmilions. ln uc-knowlc-rlgmvnl of llxo nmny yours of fuilllful svrviu- and loyalty lo NUl'lllilIlCly. we' ilu' Saga Staff of l95I5. vvry sim-urely llc-rlirulv llnis tllirlivlll vclilion to Mrs. Marry Still. Puqv Elvvpn From Instructors' Beck Blitz Christian Dunbar MARION F. BECK. B.A., M.A. Chairman, Commercial Department Typewriting I, ll, Shorthand I, II Faculty Secretary. Publicity I'.T.A. MORRIS E. BLITZ. A.B., M.A. German, French, Counseling-Campus Supervisor. Asst. Coach Football, Coach Wrestling, Sponsor Student Council, Student Teacher Planning Council, Letterman Club EDITH BRAMSCH, A.B.. M.A. English lll FRANCES BREWINGTON, B.S. in Education World History, Saga. Publications Quill and Scroll After School Sports Counseling Ferguson A Ferguson, M. Forqus Press Page Twelve ANN FERCUSUN. R.S.. M.E. Mathematics Brumsch Brewi Evans Farmer WILLIAM CHRISTIAN, A.Il.. M.A. Mathematics, Dept. Head Algebra, Solid Geometry. 'Ilrigonomt-ti Pres. N.C.T.A. HELEN P. DUNRAR. A.R. Head of Girls' Physical Education Physical Education. Health After School Sports. Square and Round Dancing WILLIAM P. EVANS, A.I5.. ILS.. lN'l.A Biology, World History, Counseling RUBY W. FARMER, B.S. in Ed.. M.A. in Bus. Ed. Rookkeeping, Shorthand. Typing l'.'I'.A. Membership Sponsor-'National Honor Society MARTHA ,IANE FERGUSON, ILS. Education Swimming, Physical Education MARY GEAN FORGUS, B.A.. M.A. Il. S. History, Contemporary Problems CHARLES WILLIAM FREES. JR., A.Il., lNI.Ii.A. Il. S. History. World History Counselor, Sponsor Hi-Y, Bowling Club Wisdom and Talent W Gemqhty Goff Gould Grummcctic I, A. Grfxrrxrrmfltirnll, N, I-lowller Hoerr Kenne r IIUHIC lllfll-XlLlI'l'I. -I.Il.. NIA. Nslllsl Ull,-UINlA'l'IlI0l"F. ll.l'f. ll. 5. llislury. World llislnry II0lIlllll'I'I'IklI llivvrsifle-ll lI1'4'llll2IIl0lIN mn nr l'1S'l'lll1Ili I'.llg1llSIl IIIAVIIIINQ HIJWIN I Ilzuul XLQICX Nunn:-I1 I' re SIlIll1'llI-lI'l'iH'Il4'l' lluuniug l.0l"l4' 'Ill Nl A llmlnwlnr. llln-1-r I.4'z14I1'r Sl 74 . ' lloluluiltw- Ifllwrlllll ll0lfl"l.l'IIl. IIS. 'xllllllh Visual Aids, I'lmlugr-ap l'l.l.l-IN IIOERR. ill.. AAI. W,-iling qjlul, World llistury. Latin Um I, Hg. U V .XRTIIUR H. KENNI-I'l"l'. JR.. ILM.. NIAI. Ibllll ILIMNINI'X'l'II1Ul"l". ILS. Yrwul Musiv Yorul Groups Harnmnuirs. llnulrlv 'llixml Quart'-I. lloys Chorus. SOPIIOIIION' llirls llhorus -nr-In lmluslriul 'Iris .I. I". KllfIlll.IN. IIN.. Nl.l'.. lmluslriul Arts Nlurlxim- Wumlwnrk. NIl'l'IlilllIl'blI K 'xl'4'IlIIl'l'Illf'iIl Drawing. .Mlult lialuvatiun. llull 'l'vam l'IlINl'l5'I'lNl'I Nl. ,l. LUNG. LII.. NLS. lfln-mislry. l'Ilysic's. l'rau-lival Sl'I4'lN'l' Slmle-nl 'l'va1-Ilvr Planning llounvil. 1.ln'mlsIry lflulm XX 'Kl.'l'l'1ll I.llNlll ILS. Swiuuuing. I,Ilyhll'LlI lizluralion Swimming flour-h. Asst. Track lfoavll .4- IlICl.l'IN NINIJSLN. Xrll Il Ill A rl Such-ly I in Edue-ulion LS., M.A. Pnxqu 'l'I11r'lcm1 Krclblin Long Lund! Madsen 1 t - ' L . v ,S y , wir . X, it nrmanrly Acquires ,f it Muyhull Merkel Milne Parrish Phelps Rayburn Reis Riehl, B. Riehl, I. La Roqe CLIFFORD LAROGE. A.lS.. DS. in Pldut-ation Sei:-nee Dept. Head Biology and Physiography Chairman Progress Report Committee. fllllllf- man .lunior Sponsors, Sponsor llth Grade Steering Committee MARY H. MAYHALL. AB.. M.A. English ll, lll, Guidance llth and 12th Grade Y-Teens llliN.lAMlN G. MERKEI.. Ed.ll., A.lXI.. l'h.D. Soeial Studies Dept. Head U. S. History. Eeonomic Geography, Soeiology YIDLA MILNE, Ali.. HS., LS. l.ilrrarian Supervisor, Elementary Svhool Libraries. Pres. St. Louis County School Librarians Assoc., Program Chairman. Normandy Community Teatfliers Assoc. CAROLYN PARRISH. DS. Typing l. Ofliee Maehines. Shorthand ll. See- retarial Praetice. Sponsor 10th Grade Tri-Y PITHLYNE PHELPHS. A.B.. A.M. English, Remedial Reading JEAN A. RAYBURN. RM., M.M. Orchestra. Supervisor of Instrumental Music Norse-men 'l'liHl'lSA HHS, BS. Clothing: l. ll. Senior Homemakin- Activity Aveounts ' ' , liR'l"l'Y M. RIEHL. AB. t Principals Secretary. Seni al , JACK I.. RIEHL. BRS! flu ion 10th Grade Ertglis . orlq istory Varsity Tennis T 7" iorisor Archery Ljluh f ri. :. . , 1 ICNTII. H. ROHLFS. DS. in Ed., Al. in lid. -af dj!! Diversified Occupations, Counseling D. 0. Club ROBERT C. RUPP. A.l3., M.A. Biology ELIZAIHETH SCHNEIDER, BS.. A.B. J Dance Orehesis Rohlfs Page Fourteen mis. Schneider Sl-iill and E perience -Ixxfxrif r Slwr-vhmrx Slwefhrzn 1VgllUGbPlIL7PT Slxxplwxvl 'wlnxlfrwxn Sum 52011 Stlll Stoddard Strvvkvx llllfl' Nlfllll Xlllfll. MII. Ill'll.l'fN I". SIIIIININXN, ILS. llriwr l'l1llll'ilIl0ll lfngllisll Ile-pl. III-ml Ililrlv lfluln Plnglisll IV. llvlvulm- H E N IxIOI'Illllllllj' ll, S. l"nl'4-mia' lflulm. Nornunlnly xllln -l'lNlf1 5lll"I'1lI'lNj I-llg . lllmplz-r of National l"m':-nsic lmilgllll' FHIVNIIIZIIISIIIIP. lllNllilU'1'plllfl. lylllllgl l V ' Q N V l V 1 YIIIIOIZ SINIPSUN. IIS.. NIS. llI"l'lIfIIllINl" II- fIlI4'l'jll'lN- II-5U ll' 'I' 'VIA .lulu Nl1'4'llllllll'N. Xll'l'Il2llll1'ilI llraxning Huw l,llfNl4'Zll l'.cIu1'ulmn unrl llflllvllt' llvml Ifmwllvalll mul 'lll'll4'lx lfouvll Nlllll S'l'lI.Il. IIS. in l'llllll'1lll!Yll 0 ' I F 43l1x1u.lcs ul.:-Zu SIIINNIIZKIULICII. ns. '-'x,l1'if1ff.f 'f'3,,u,.i',r XI1-Izll I. llnml Xlurk I. lllrl-' llumlirmlt .. ,. . . , IIICSTIIICII SIOIYIIXIIII. ILS.. NIJ. XIII lr. 5Illl'IlI'.llIl. llh. llllbllllllg unnl lfmnls lllumm- l'l1'llIlUIlll4'NI lIllyNl4'ilI l',:luw'ulmn llvpl. llvuul l'llx-ivul l'l1lll1'illl0ll IQIIUIIC S'l'llI'llfKl'lll. 'll.l.. lil. llllfillllllllill Slxlqh. Iluwlwa l'lunv lie-mnvlry. .'XIg1e'ln'u III. Snliml 121-mm-try O v A U 'V 4 ol lr ll'I"I'U ll. SWXICIIS. l'll.ll.. .L NIIIS. Ill,-XNIIIIIC XXUUID. MII. 0 Sm-iul l.iving:. Iimvrlllm-nl '. 'yi U..- Q-0 II0llllM'l4'l'. ffzlfvtvrizl Sllpm-rwisulg lllllllllll lmlrll 'X 6 'XIIKISUI' for flzulvl 'l'4-zlclwrs l"""lS II lf AUM JDIAIAICICN xl' WILKINSON. HS. l'Iunning. Nlalrlu-ling: uml 1'xelr,ll-lilxg il'Il1Nll illlil X X SIWHL Hmlmh Emllmli Plays. enmmunxty lllllIl1'l5 Slltll uw I.l.,l.. llbllllllllllllf Off' Nulionul l'l0I'l'llSl1' lmzigllm' llI!'il4'll4'l'S. Spurls zmcl llllls-livs ,,..l.-.1 W! Swyf'-is Wilkinson Wood Puqo Fillmwxx Their day abounds in activity Adoisv iuI1Ch Cook f 0 ood s ge, rs QYUOU 9 U9 Our meals "'-ff-A' 1 mn wwegggy Colmsglgrg plan our future . Fritz waters the field A Teachers get the ffahr time gag drivers I nsure our safefv Their Services are Essential me ir A QQ MAIKICI. lJI'l'lNlliH ER. ILN. Sch 001 N ursc' IDOLYNIC l'Il,l.lCFSON Svrretary lllilllll-IR'l' L. GREEN, AJS., AAI. Allendancm- Office CHARl.0TTlf Ill. Svvrm-tary - Asst. l Se-cn-lury - Guillen IIOLORICS HOl'Il"l-liR Sl'4'l'1'li,ll'y. ,l'l'1iIlSlDOI'lllll0ll Ollin- ROFIIJEH 'rim-ipul cv Olllu- HAY 'l':KLl.l'Il Din-ctor of thx- xli1llll1'lli1lll'l' ll:-parlnu-ut WIl,l.lAM WHHKING Alll'Ililillll'l' Ullicz' l,lCH'l'l'lli li. WINDICR llircvlor ul 'l'runspurIaliun lllVl'll WINKELMAN Pianist for llanvi Page Seventeen ng Classes ANIJS 'cHamIs were made for honest laborfiflsaac Watts. HROUGH the excellent scholastic offerings found at Normandy, all students had the opportunity to meet the personal challenges of conquering some of the vast, intriguing Unknown. The door to learning was opened to all, the knowledge was gained with the aid of various tools: pencils, pens, compasses, operated by the hands. Whether taking notes on an English panel or conduct- ing an experiment in physics, the main interest of all Vikings was to prepare themselves for the future. The varied curriculum satisfied all interests. Academic sub- jects prepared those who planned to continue their edu- cation in college, commercial and mechanical courses paved thc way for those planning to work after gradua- tion. For many students a high scholastic ranking was re- ward for long hours of intense study. But the long anticipated moment for all was the climax of the high school years: graduation, that precious moment when they laid their hooks aside and grasped their diploma, the passport to the future. Dunkel Compton Foote Bommcrito Seniors-1953 RESlDlNG over the Senior Class, President ROBERT DUNKEL made an effective leader for his classmates. With his capable ability, he headed the Freshman Class. In his senior year he was Co-captain of the football team. Lettering in wrestling in his sophomore year, Bob became a "rookie", He worked hard and took second place at the "53" state wrestling meet. He spent much time in such organizations as Hi-Y, Art Society, Square Dancing, Mixed and Boys' Choruses and the Student-Teacher Plan- ning Council. ln the Senior play, "Arsenic and Old Lace", Bob portrayed the part of Rooney, the policeman. Rated as "tops", he was voted most popular in the ninth grade and one of the five most popular fellows in the Senior Class. He also was chosen Snow King in 1952 and Best All- Around boy. He plans to attend the University of Illinois. The Seniors must have Liked the way ROBERT COMP- TON handled the responsibility as president in Student Council for they soon chose him to fill the oflice of Vice- President of the class. Neatly and appropriately dressed, it was very natural that he should be voted the Best Dressed boy in the Senior Class. During the four years while he was at Normandy, he had participated in the Language Club, lettered in track and was the Vice-President of the Junior Honor Society. Since trigonometry was rated high above all his other subjects, Bob plans to join some of Nor- mandy's alumni at the University of Missouri, majoring in engineering or law. Page Twenty Do you remember when MARY FOOTE was selected St. Pat's Queen although she was only in the eighth grade? That certainly was proof that she had many friends who liked her fine personality. Few will forget her as Secretary of the Senior Class. ln her Junior year she was voted Vice- President of Vikingettes, most popular and class presi- dent. One of the most active girls on campus, Mary was a member of Y-Teens, Vikingettes, Student Council, Student- Teacher Planning Council and was president of Orchesis. She was always to be counted on to lead the cheering for the varsity teams. To end her high school honors, she was elected Best All-Around girl of the Senior Class. Since dancing and all girls' sports: hockey, basketball, volleyball, and baseball were her favorites, she hopes to become a physical education teacher at Harris Teachers' College. Close watcher of the seniors' purse, Treasurer FRED BOMMARITO made sure that all accounts balanced after purchase of the class gift. It seemed that others liked him in this office, for he became treasurer of Student Council and Hi-Y. He was president of eighth grade Student Council and voted most popular in eighth and tenth grade. Fred took an active part in the Bowling Club, Student-Teacher Planning Council, Steering Committee, and Letterman's Club. Well liked for his personality, he was selected the Best Looking boy and one of the five most popular fellows. He plans to major in political science at the University of Colorado. "UH I remember NOWN to all as llolr. llfllll-IR'l' AlllllSON partici- pate-fl in lloys' Chorus and in Hi-Y. Upon graduation lu- will answa-r tlu- 1-all of the- Navy. What will Kay's futurt- holml? llanring was tht- answt-r for KAY ALEXAN- lllili as Orvlu-sis. Couric-r anti Y-tt-e-ns gavt- lu-r 4-xv:-lla-nl training. Pr:-paring for lu-r future-, lmright Q-yt-ml MAXINE Albifll' lwvatlu- a me-mln-r of ll. O.. which lwvalllt- ht-r favorite- sulnjf-vt. Many we-rv sorry to sw- we-ll-likt-tl IES- 'l'lCll ANSICLMU join tlu- Navy. taking with him his title- ol "52" state- wrt-stling vhamp. Always rt-urly for a laugh. DAVE ANYAN had many out- sitln- int:-rt-sts invlutling lli-Y. Colle-ga was to ln- a part of lluva-'s future-. Always to lu- re-nu-mlu-re-tl trump:-t play:-r CARY ARMSTRONG took llantl. Ort-he-stra. anal Hi-Y to pre-parv for his 4-are-4-r as a haml le-adt-r. Rt-cognize-tl only as ,lt-rry. .l l'lll0Ml'f AR'l'l-IR rc-gartlc-tl tht- Cht-mistry Clulr. lli-Y unml Couric-r we-ll worth his It-isurv tinu-. Ht- will major in fora-slry at tht- llnive-rsity of Missouri. A nu-mln-r ol lli-Y. RULANIJ HACON hope-tl to go into husint-ss atl- miuistrution ut Missouri llnivt-rsity. Always trying to lu- at thru- plum-s at onm-. MARl,l'iNlC ISALCH had a tough time- alushingr lu-twve-n Ort-lu-sis. Saga anal Quill antl Svroll. "Mar" plans to utte-ntl Capt- Cirurale-au. Hoping to join somt- of Norman4ly's alumni at Washington llnivt-rsity. quit-t SHIR- l,l'IY llAN'l'A will prolnalxly major in 1-tluvation. A nu-mln-r ol Quill anti Sc-roll. Y-tvs-ns. Courim-r antl Stutlt-nt Count-il, slu- was lu-pt lrusy. Always arltling a wist- jolu-. lJAVlll llAllNl'IS was a mt-mln-r of Sturl:-nt-Ts-at-lu-r Planning Coun- 1-il. wrt-stling. l,a-tl:-rmun's Cluln. tht- Mix:-tl and Boys' Cho- rus:-s antl tlu- lloulllt- Quartvt. Ht- lu-t'a1n1- St-vrt-tary of Stu- tlt-nt Counvil antl a uu-mln-r of tht- Saga Court. Oftm-n callt-tl Addison Alexander Alsop Anselmo "Ile-ans". lu- wants lo study llllSllll'SS amlministration at llli- uois Univ:-rsity. "l,arry. makt- a lmaskt-tl" was oft:-n tht- yt-ll for I,AWRl'fNCE llARlll2'l'. This. with hast-hall antl lmt- tt-rmau's Clulv provm-tl to lu- his favorite-. llvvause- math was rate-cl high. RAY llEACHl.lfR plans to major in t-ngim-e-r- ing at St. Louis Univ:-rsity. lntt-rt-sit-ml in 1-onmu-rm-t-. CAM- Mll.l.A BECK was wot:-tl st-t'rt-tary in ll.0. Although HAH- 0I.ll BECKMAN 1-njoyt-tl his work in ILO.. he- took tiuu- out to lH"l'0Iltl' an outstanding play:--r in bask:-thall anti to join thc- Lt-ttt-rman's Clulx. "lit-t-kit-" will join tlu- Navy aft:-r graduation. Eve-ryonv was glatl to svn- JACK BI-IIJROSIAN gt-t se-1-ontl place- in statt- wre-stling. Ht- was also a nu-mln-r ol tlu- lA'll4'l'IIl2lll.S Clulx autl lloys' antl Alix:-tl Chorust-s. .. ..... .. will-:-tt un-uL,xuc1 neck Beckman Be-drosiun Puqe Twenty-Ono F m W ' Beqole Bellerson Bensiek Black, A. Black, B. Blandford Blanton Blumenkcrmp Boekstieqel Bcemer Eounk Boyer LOND, blue-eyed JOAN RECOLE was liked by all. "JO" is sure to be a success after graduation from the Culver Stockton College. Secretary of Y-Teensg Courier and Quill and Scroll. took up much of her time. An athlete at heart, DONALD BELLERSON's hobbies were sports, especially track, which took up after school time. He also became a letterman. Washington Uni- versity will he included in his future. lt seemed quite natural for JUDITH BENSIEK, one of a family of musicians. to major in this field. With studies, Orchestra, Saga. Honor Society and Steering Committee. "Judy" was kept busy as she rose to become salutatorian of the class and its Most lndustrious girl. ADONIS BLACK decided early to major in chemical engineering, since his favorite subjects were chemistry and mathematics. 'fBlackie" then became presi- dent of the Chemistry Club and concertmaster of the Orchestra. He was also chosen Most lndustrious and was a member of Student-Teacher Planning Council. Neat, trim BONNlE BLACK enjoyed such sports as skating, golf and tennis. She hopes to go into nurses' training. NANCY BLANDFORD's future holds mystery and intrigueg she will enter Central lntelligence Agency after graduation from St. Louis University. Art Society, Y-Teens, Saga and the Steering Committee kept "Nan" busy all the time. Since commercial courses proved to he the favorite of BlLLY BLANTON. she decided to attend a business school after graduation. Hunting became the favorite of RICHARD BLUMENKAMP who hopes to attend college. CERALDINE BOECKSTIECEL was well known to all for her friendly smile. "Gerry" spoke highly of tennis, swimming and social living. She was a member of Y-Teens. Rating all sports high. ALLEN BOEMER soon lettered in football. MAI" hopes to attend Southeast Missouri State College to major in archi- tectural drawing. Associated with D.O., JEAN BOUNK got a head start on her future career as a secretary. One of the few mid-year students at Normandy. LLOYD BOYER left with many feeling he will have much success after graduat- ing from the University of Missouri. Page Twenty-Two Those Brcxndes Brcmom Bridge-tt Brolemcrn whnm I ha H known Ra-vogiiim-nl as an outstanding typist in the- conune-rcial di-partmvnt. JU-ANN HRANIJHS was always le-nding a hm-Ipiug hand to thosi- who nt-4-de-d ha-r se-rvim-s. Having: musim' for a holihy. she- was inte-rvste-d in Orrin-stra and Mixvd Chorus. Shi- plans to attend Miss Hi1'ke'y's Svhool for Sa-vre-tarivs and late-r work in an ofliw-. Taking on many ri--.ponsilnilitit-s, HUIllili'l' BKANUM soon ln-t'anw Q-ditor in 1-hit-t of Saga. prvside-nt of lla-lnatv and vit'e--pri-side-nt of Quill and Svroll. lloln won avkrmwlt-clge-im-nt of tht- National l"orc-nsim' l.:-aguv for outstanding sp:-aking allility. llc- was a nu-mln-r of the- Stud:-nt-'l'e-at-ln-r Planning Council and l,a-ttvrman's lfluln ami on tht- Varsity Football 'l't'alu. ln tht- lulure- ln- plans to study law at Washington llnive-rsity. lln- dvrtukiug tht- roli- of pre-side-nt of llivvrsilivd Ovvupations kvpt lPONAl.ll liRllJtLl'I'l"l' vvry httsy. hut hi- was ahh' to lakv tiun- out to partivipate- in Nlixe-d Chorus. He- hope-s to attvnd rolls-gc-. Many wi-ro sorry to sm- small. dary-4-ye-d SllIlll.l'It llRUl.l'iNlAN lm-avv during thi- ye-ar. Thi' hard work and tal:-ut of ,l:lNl'f'l' BROWN will ln' missod from Y-'l'e-1-ns. Squars- llanving. tiourivr. Urvlwsis, Quill and Svroll ami tht- Su-nior Stew-ring C0ll1Illlllt'I'. l,t'I'llilllS she- will lu- tt-ar-liing our r-hildr:-n aftvr shi- graduate-s from Harris 'lim-au'lu-rs' tfolla-gc-. Nlusit' provvd to ln- tht- favoritn- ol .ll'lliliY BKUWN as he' playa-d tlu- tromlnone- in the- All tlounty lland and Ort-he-stra. Hr- hope-s to study music pro- le-ssionally at some-timv in tht- luturt-. Quin-t llNlA JEAN llliYAN'I' hope-s to gi-t u jolm in an ollivn- aftor graduation from Normandy lligh Svhool. Y-'l'r-a-ns and syrivhrouiznid swimming took part ot' SJXNITRA llllRKlf's sparc time-. "Sandy" wants to major in l'hysii-al Education at tht- llni' vvrsity of lllivhigan. Always gr:-i-ting vvvryona- with a frivnd- ly "Ht-llo". RAY llllRl,l'iW f-njoyed participating: in the- Squarv llanving and tht- Spanish lflulm. Hi- was also an avtivc- mt-mlwr of tht- photography squad. "Rod" may go to vollm-go. A cht-mistry and physivs i-nthusiast. .l.'XNll'iS l3llR'l'0N wants his futurt- to invluda- the' study of viigirii-on ing at Washington Univ:-rsity or Missouri Svhool of Nlinvs. At Normandy ln- was a mc-mln-r of Hi-Y. Future- patie-nts at St. ,lolnfs Hospital may sw- a familiar lar:-: it will proh- ahly lu- CAROL BUSHAN who will tha-n lu- a nurse-. Wllili- she' was in school. slit' joint-d tht- Y-'l'm-ns and Nlixt-d Cho- rus. 't'hv talvnts of RONALD RUSS will ln- miss:-d in lloys' and Mix:-d Chorus:-s. Foothall. Ilaskt-tlvall. Tram-k and lmt- te-rman tfluh. His futurt- may include coll:-go. .Nu avtiw partivipator in sports. TOM llll'l'Z soon ln-valiw Co-raptain of tht- loothall tn-am. a nuiinlu-r of thc- hast-lrall tm-ann and thus a nu-mln-r of tht- l.4-ttm-r1nan's Club. Hi- hop:-s to at- tt-nd tht- llnive-rsity ol Missouri. HOWARD llklill. who tiki-d Zllllflllttjltllt' lllt't'lli1lll1'S. vould always ln- found work- ing on his car. Taking avtivv part in X-'IR-e-its and Girls' Chorus, JUDY Cfklll,l'iY was 1-lt-vt--d a 1-ln-t-rlt-atlt-r. Shi- hop:-s to att:-nd tht- llnivt-rsity of Missouri. St. l,ouis llnivvrsity will ln- a part of Hl'il,l'IN lI:kHR0l,l.'s futura-. Pvrhaps tht- major will hr- in matlu-matics or gowrnnn-nt. sinvv tln-so wi-rv ht-r favoritr- sulvji-cts on thi- Viking vampus. thrown, I. Brown, I. Bryfint Iivistlnivn Buss Butz Burko Burlew Burton BYFG Curley Carroll Pnqo Twonty-Throw I,l'IIlUf'I'1ll"ll l'lll!lllS of flu' SPIIIOI' elerfioll. N the future you may see .IOANN CATES working in an ofliee. While in school "Jo" enjoyed typing ancl art. Laughing GEORGE CHOURIS plans to attend the University of Nlissouri. Sinee sliorthantl was raterl high hy PATRICIA CLARK. it was no surprise that her future woultl lie in the commercial fieltl. She was a meinlrer of Nlixetl Chorus. Well-liketl CHARLOTTE COLLIER was votetl most popular in her sophomore year: cheerleafler. Harvest Queen. Most Witty anfl a memlier of the Saga Court in her senior year. She aetively partieipatetl in Cour- ier. Y-Teens. Art Soeiety antl was vice-president of Or- ehesis. lfrientlly SIIZANNE COLLINS hopes to attetul the llniversity of Nlissouri. majoring in interior ileeorating. She In other da 5, was a memlier of Y-Teens ancl Girls' Chorus. PATRICIA COINIEGYS was votetl most popular in her sophomore year anti chosen Irest looking girl in the Senior Class. She took an active part in Y-Teens ancl Courier. "Pat" plans to stucly journalism at Illinois University or teach motleling. The out- stanfling voiee of JUNE COOPER rertainly will Ire misseml from the music tlepartment. She playeml an important role in the Girls' anal Mixecl Choruses. Girls' Trio. Nonet antl Doulile Mixed Quartet. Although the interests of ALICE CREEL inolutlerl such fliversifietl activities as swimming. salesmansliip anal designing. she was unmleritletl aliout her future. JACK CROCKER with his quiet personality will lie fountl at Southeast Missouri State College stuflying engi- neering. Enjoying art. JAMES CROWE is sure to lie a sue- eess in his chosen fielcl. Gaining valualmle training. ,IOE CUSUINIANO plans to lieeome a ra4lio anrl television spe- eialist. Her tlepenxlaliility anal thoroughness won the approval of many teaehers anml attracted NELLIE IIAMERVAL many frientls. These will surely help Nellie to lie a sueeess in business aclininistration after she attends William Woods College. Scholastic-ally ranking fifth in the Senior Class. she was treasurer of Y-Teens antl a member of the llowling Clulr. Preparing for entrance into the business worlrl. RET- TY DANIEL took many commercial courses. She plans to work in a lvank after gratluation. After taking atlvantage of the opportunities offeretl Ivy ll.O,. RICHARD DAUGH- ERTY plans to enlist in the navy. The laughter of SALLY DELANEY often lmrightenetl many an otherwise clull elass. Her after svhool time was cliviileml In-tween Girls' annl Nlixerl Choruses antl Y-Teens. She hopes to altenml Elm- hurst University. C' ite: Llllittillf' Clcrk Coors: Crefl Crocker Collier Collins Conieqys Crowe Cusunifino ltfinirivul Pctqe Twenty-Four ln Wham I was led :I quiz-I lllilIllll'I' mask:-ll a fri:-nelly. inlm-Iligzm-nt slulll-nl. IllIN'II.Il IlI'I'fl,I'fII. "lion" was a llll'llIIl1'I' of Slnrlvnl- 'l'1-in-In-r Planning lfonnf-il anml Honor Sovil-ly. and onl- ol llu' lop nina- svholars in lln' Se-nior Class. HQ' will slluly al Wasliinglon llniw-rsily. Ilo you rvnwnilwr llu- girl wllo 11-vs-iv:-ll a plaqlu- for saving a lilo? Now it sm-ins lllal I'fX'I'IIllII'N IIUNIINHIK wanls to saw- ollu-r Iivl-s: slu- will vnroll in nursing. I'opuIarily vounlz-ll for NI:XR'l'I'lA IJUIHZIASS who was lr:-asnrl-r of llu- .Innior Class anal on:- of lln- le-n most popular sm-niors. "NIarly". lrvasnrl-r of Art Sovim-ly. also fonnll linn' for Y-'I'l-1-ns. Vikillgm-llvs. Sl:-1-ring llonnnillvl- anfl lln- l:IllIl'lIS1'5. Sin- will In- a nursv alll-I' graalnalion from Missouri llnivl-rsily. Ill:-nlling In-r voir-4' wilIl olln-rs, LUIS IIRISCOI1. pal'- lil-ipall-ll in lln' Ilonlnll- Nlixl-al Quarlc-I. Girls' Trio. Non:-l and lln- lllnornsm-s. Il was no snrprisu- whvn she- VIIOSI' to K K . . . . . . . ,V . l Daniel Dsxuqhrity Delaney nnnor in nnisu' al IZIIIIIIIIFSI llIIIVl'I'5lIy. Saga. I-Im-ns and muh., Ilomgmkk lmuqlnss lnowling look llllll'Il of SIIIRLICY IlllNIl.'XNI's linu-. "SIiirI" Iiopl-s lo go lo Ilarris 'I'1'iH'IIt'l'S- Colle-gin. IIUI'l'!"ll"'I""Ii IIICNNI I':I'II"-'INI0 "'l.I"Y"4I Wmkillll UH Ys'I'm-ns anll an oulslanmling lypisl. Ill-r pl-rsistvm'v will vars, Ill- Iiopl-s lo alll-nil lin- l'niwrsily of Missouri. Ons' IH. H grvat hvll, afwr gm,lumi,,n from xwlashinglon Uni. who hall a gooll limi- an sl-hool ancl in llirls' Chorus was W.,-Shy, Known to many as --mil", qgpjoggglq 1.'pjNlM0m.j IDIS ICWAI,'I'. Sln' is snrm- lo have- fun al 'IU-xas Cllrisliull look an active' part in swinnning. Lt'lIf'lAIll2lII.S lfluli. Hi-Y Il"lV""'I'Y- Tull- lanky wllllllful Wlildll will IN' 'IHIIVIIII anll Honor Sovie-ty. Tall. lilonll JAMES I"I'iNNl'ISSY took I" "4'I'IiH"' "N IIN' l'Il"l0 Sllllilll- "l4ill"- U 1'0lh2"Y1I2lI frivllll awlvanlagm- of ILO.. planning to join thl- Navy Iale-r. Hop- in lin- Kiln-mislry lllnlv and in Stulll-nl Connl-il. plans lo ing to SN. tht. world. Swwt JUDY FINLI-:Y wams to ln.. 1lII"ll'l Wilgllllllllfm Il'llV'VFill'- vonw an airlim- hostess. Known for hvr art work. MARY FISCZHICR was oflvn 1-alle-ml on. Sha- was sl-crm-tary of Art lfonlinnally lillljilllllgl. .IOIIN I"I'II'iI.I'iIi nialll- a Iiil willl Soviz-ly anll a lm-nllwr of Y-Te-c-ns. Slim' IIOIIUS lo llo jowl-Iry 1-ve-ry one- lu- nu-I. II1- was a llI4'IllIN'I' of lln- Chorusvs. lla- Slllllllillg aftl-r alll-nmling Kansas Ilniwrsily, Sim-v PATRI. is sun- lo lu- a slim-1-ss in 1'HgLIlll'l'I'IlIg alll-r alll-nlling lin- CIA I"I'I'ZllI'fHAI,lI lik:-ll olliw- lII1Il'IlIIl4'S. slim- wants to liniwrsily of Niissonri. JUAN I"I'IliI.ICIi was a nn-lnln-r ol work in an ollivv. Ifiizz-will ll'1nllfnn Epillmio Ewull EZPII Fetqpr F'--111111 Ffirnrnoxo Fr'-nnmssey Finlvy Flghpf Figzqpmld Pano Twenty-Fivfl Fitzmcturice F't R 1 2 Oy Fox Prcmqel Friese Friedrich Gaffney Gczrczfrxlo Gebhcrdt Gcxston Gcrutsche Gena NE of the most athletic girls. VIRGINIA FITZMAURI g'Fitz" was one of the fe CE enjoyed all girls' sports. w girls to eam her 1000 point letter and to make two varsity sports in her sophomore year. She was chosen treasurer of Vikingettes in her senior year. DONNA FlTZROY's dependability and thoroughness won the approval of her teachers and friends. She was a member of Nonet and the Mixed and Girls' Choruses d . -. an ranked in the top nine scholastically. Donna plans to attend Washington University and major in chem- istry. Serious minded WILMA JEAN FOX was a favorite of everyone. "Willie" took an active part in Student Council and the Bible Club. Her future is quite settled since she is entering the nurses' train- ing at St. Luke's Hospital. All the subjects which WILLIAM FRANGEL ' l enjoyec, such as mathema- tics. science. mechanics and drawing, pointed to a single occupation - mechanical engineering, which "Bill" plans to study at Missour' Q h . . 3 1 cc ool of Mines. Tall. good looking BRUCE FREISE was one many wished they had known l ' ' Jetter. He loved swimming and football. making both varsities. He actively par- ticipated in Hi-Y and Letterman's Club. Bruce plans to attend the University of Missouri. Known as "Ed- die", quiet EDNA FRIEDRICH was a veteran mem- ber of Y-Teens. She wishes to attend Washington University. Gercxqhty Gibson Gillrnore Glaze G ' oqqin Goodman Page Twenty-Six a magnet, and whn are llAlllC'l"l'lC GAl"l"Nl'fY is sure- to succt-cd as a typist. "llolrhic" also Q-njoycd lratlminton and se-wing. NINA GAROl"Al.O was choscn llc-aux Art Que-an and most popular in ha-r junior yt-ar. Nina took part in howling and Y-'l'ct-ns. Sha- will alle-ntl husint-ss school. Liking cvcry- thing conccrniug agriculture-, Kl'iNNl'i'l'H GASTON hopcs to huy his own farm. GALE Gl'illHARD'I' cnjoycd wood- working. shop and history. ln his junior ycar HARRY tLAlI'l'StZlll'I was vote-d most popularg in his st-nior yt-ar. lla-st llc-rsonality and nu-mln-r of tht- Saga Court. His activ- itit-s inclutlctl thc Choruscs. Stud:-nt Council and Lcttcr- mun's Cluh. "llar" was vice--pre-sid:-nt of l'li-Y and on Stu- tlcnt Court. Small DORO'l'llY GENO took part in Y-Te-i-ns and Mix:-d Chorus. Shi- lik:-s typing and ollict- machine-s. llappy-go-lucky l'A'l'RlClA GlCRAGH'l'Y was in all varsity sports and a nu-mlwr ol Vikinge-ttcs. "Pat" will ut- te-utl coll:-gc. Planning to 1-ntcr husincss. lSE'l"I'Y GlllSON joiuctl D.O. CAROI. Gll.l,lVlORE'S congt-nial traits made- ht-r an outstanding mcmlu-r ol Y-'l'ct-ns and Chorusvs. Sha- is surt- to cnjoy Washington llnivcrsity. ,IOHNA GLAZE took part in Nonct. Choruscs. Vikingcttcs. Y-Te-ons and Quill and Scroll. ".lohnnin-" was tr:-asurcr of Orchvsis and lnusincss manage-r of Couricr. She- will major in dancc at lllinois lluivcrsity. Athlc-tically mind:-tl ROGER GOGGIN math- lt-tts-rs in track and haske-thall. l"l,ORl'fNl'i GOOD- NlAN plans to major in journalism at Miami Univ:-rsity. "Flo" ln-long.-tl to Y-'l't-t-ns. nut dead, HlCl.l'fN GOODWIN took a lcading role in Y-'l't-cus. "Re-tl" plans to atte-nd Culvvr Stockton Coll:-ge. llig. tall RONALD GRAMRERG enjoyed geography. "Ron" hope-s to attcnd thc University of Missouri. Dress designing is thc favoritc of CHARLOTTE GRAVE5 who plans to make' that he-r husine-ss. She' was a ine-mln-r of Y-Te-ens. Mix:-d Chorus and Art Socicty. lla-ing managing cditor of Saga will hclp JEAN GREVE in journalism at thc Univ:-rsity of Missouri. "Annie-" was in howling and Quill and Scroll. JAMES GRISHAM was Vltft'-lll't'Sltlf'lll of Art Socit-ty. Also intvrcstt-d in srivncc, "Jim" plans to att:-nd St. l.ouis Col- lcgr' of Pharmacy. Planning to join Normandy graduat:-s at tht- llnivcrsity of Missouri is BRUCE GRllRNl'iWAl.D. Ht- cnjoycd Hi-Y. DORIS GUNKEL was ont- of thc most popular st-niors. llvst Pt-rsonality. and "52" Chiquita. Sha' was a nu-mlwr of Y-Te-cns, Girls' Chorus and Orcln-sis. Planning to work in a store-. l.OlS HAGEN took history and typing. With PARLIN HAMLlN's intcrm-sts tlivitlctl. hc is having a dillicult timt- choosing a coursc at Rankin Traile- School. A mt-mln-r of Y-'l't-cus. Girls' Chorus and llilmlc Cluh. CAROLYN HARDY plans to lwcomc a nnrsc at Washington llnivvrsity. With art as his main iutcrt-st Wll.- l.lAM HARGATE st-rvcd as preside-nt of Art Soni:-ty for two yvars and as art cditor of tht- Saga. "Dill" wants to at- tvnd the- Art lnstitutt- of Chicago. ,llll.llii HARKINS plans to attcnd Northwt-stvrn University for tcachcr training. Shc was a me-mlwr of Mixvd Chorus. Art Sovit-ty. Couricr. Vikiugcttcs and pre-sidcnt of Quill and Scroll. Goodwin Gmnborq Groves Gunkffl Hfiqr-n Hamlin Greve Grisham Gruenewnld HUTClY Hctrqrxto Htukins Page Twenty-Soven Harrington Heier Heinrich Herbold Hickerson Hour HORT cheerleader VIRGINIA HARRINGTON was a member of Y-Teens and Girls' Chorus. 'gGinny" plans to work after going to business school. MARLENE HEIER found time for the Mixed and Girls' Choruses. Steering Committee and Y-Teens. "Mar" will enter Mis- souri University after graduation. Studying to become a secretary JOAN HEINRICH took many commercial cours- es. She was a member of the Choruses. The future of DORIS HERBOLD includes work and then going to a cosmetology school. After enlisting in the armed services JAMES HICKERSON will enroll at the University of Illi- nois. He won a second at the state wrestling meet. Stu- But absent, their dent Council, Letterman's Club. Hi-Y and Steering Com- mittee took much of "Jim's" after school time. Another boy desiring to get a head start in business was JAMES HOAR. as he took advantage of D.O. Harmonizing in Mixed and Boys' Choruses. DONALD HOEHN also took time out for Hi-Y. Don will join alumni at Missouri University. One of seven to make Honor Society in his junior year TOM HOEKEL was also kept very busy with the Chemistry Club and Boys' and Mixed Choruses, He plans to study engineering at Washington University. Contemplating matrimony. MARION HOESLI made the most of her senior year by joining Y-Teens, Bowling Club. Saga and the Choruses. One of the few that has flying as a hobby and would like to continue it at his life work is DONALD HOPKINS. He was a member of Art Society and of Visual Aids. Tall, blond GRACE HOSKINS enjoyed typing, sewing and playing the piano. "Sissy" joined Y- Teens. She plans to attend Southeast Missouri State Teach- ers College. Cute, blond MARY ANN HUDSON was very well liked by her classmates. She enjoyed tennis and Y- Teens. Preparing for a nursing career at St. Luke's Hos- pital, CHARLOTTE HUGHES took two years of Latin. Planning to see some of the places she has studied in geography, JOAN HUGHES intends to be an airline host- ess. ARTHUR HUSMANN was a member of the football team, Art Society and Band. Already having gained recog- nition for his architectural drawing "Art" plans to become an engineer at Washington University. Knitting was the favorite pastime of MARY HUTINGER who plans to en- roll at Harris Teachers College. Hoehn Hoekel Hoesli Hughes, C, Hughes, I. Husmunn Hopkins Hoskins Hudson Hutinqef Issriq Iocob Page Twenty-Eight memories n erqrnwn ll:-liinrl Iln' quii-I lN'l'50llllllly of ll0lllfll'l' Hlllllll mu un inla-lligvnl lllilllll1'l' Wllifll surpriswl pr-mph-. Of- lvn 1-ull'-il "l"liwy" ivy his frivnmls. ln- lump:-5 In allvnml xx4.5iii.mi.,., lfniwrsily l.uw and llnsinr-ss .'X4lllllIli5ll'klllUll Srlluul. Spur-lu minili-ml llUN'Xl.ll ,I Vlllll pm:-Iii-1-el for tin' ll'il1'li In-ann :uni nuula- ilu- Vuiwily. Klum-n raplain ul lin' li-ann. 'Qlzilu-" In-1'mnv ai lvlla-rinun. Showing an int:-rvsl in url and luring, ,IH .NNN ,lUIl.-XNNl'l'i'l'lCli nzllurully rlum- Sl'1'l'1'lil- riul work nr rmnnn-r4'ial art. liirls spurt 1-mlilnr ol' Saga. liUSAI.Il'1.IONICS. join:-il Quill nnnl Srrull. Viking:-ll:-s zinml ian'-ily luwkf-5. "Rosie-" plans lu In-m'onw u surgical nursi- ul SI. ,lulink llofpilul. Wllilm' glulllvring nm-ws for Couric-r. lNll.0lil'iS .IUUS In-rulxiv si-4'r4-lul'y of Quill illl1l Srroll. ..-IMG.. plans to 1-nrnll in Wusliinggton lhiinq-,ity to lnujur nitmlm' Quinn Hankel Hank FHNRUU Hmwipk WITH . I .I I -I g. , A . , , . I 4 , . -' .M. i "' 5"""'l"W" lli'l'l'y'3"'l""kY' lmNM'll -lin was 5"""l"'5 Irohlfs, lmmrrrul I'llIIlx'f'!l xrllolrzsrirwzlly fm Ihr' 'I up Ivn. of Ilia- l,ll4'llIlhll'y Lluln. Ili- plum lo all:-nfl will-gi-. lfnjnyingg ulliw- work. 5ll.'XllUN KKSPICR Iuuk znlvuu- luga- of IMP. iuul Illillll' smnr- 4-xlru Ill0Il4'y. NM-ll llkwl 'IVKNX 'X KI'1l,I.NifXN was il nu-mln-r nf thi- Slllll1'lll-Ylil'Zlt'll- wr lllillllllllgl lfounril. :Xflvr przuluulimm sin- plans to ull:-nml Iyililiq-H, "Dun" was prvsimlm-nl of lli-N. lsusina-ss IllilllllQll'l' of Nli-suuri llniu-rally. Quim-I SlllKl,l'iX KINIDK fulurm- in- Saga, vim--pl'vsi4lm-lil uf llonor Suri:-ly. unml rzipluin of lin' 1'lllll4'NIllilllbflllglill l'iiIlilll4'l' unil lfmnnn-r4-:- ul Wusliingtnn swimming: tvznn. He- was an inmnlu-r of tln- l.l'll1'l'lIl2lll'S llniwrsily. .lllllilf Kl'l'XlNlilCR. 1-ull'-rl "Killy". plans to lilulv and of Studi-nl-'l'n-arlu-r l'lanning liUllIH'il. l'lunning lo lwrmm- an l'1'1'l'pll0IliSl. lluoklws-piiig wus lin- luxurih- uf um-ml l'm-qluv llnivq-rsily, ln- will major in 1-ligim-4-l'il1g:. .l KAN Kl.l'ilNlf who plains In mln ullirm- work. 'l'l1m- vliuiri- A llll'lIllN'l' of Hi-Y. ilu- wrvslling tvzun zinil lA'll4'I'Illilll.S uf ll4lN:Kl,ll Kl.lNlll,l'ill as viva--prvfinli-nl of tin- juniur liluln. l,lCl'l'H KN.'xillll,l,l'iR will nth-ml Ilia' llniu-rsily of rlnu, num! pupulur lmy in Iln- Im-nlli unel 4'll'W'l1lll grznlu- Culornelo. Uutstuniling girl swimnu-r Sli,-XRUN KNHIK- mul our uf tin' liw num! popular in liix sa-niur yi-ur lulil 'lllfl ICR won lllillly awurlls. Siu- wus ai lHt'lIIlll'f' of Sluilvnl lin- story of his mlhlumling pi-rsonulily. rlssuining l'1'Sll0llSl- fi0llIll'il aunl X-'li1'4'IlS. Siu- plains lu ullvnml rollr-gr. lfilifirixip-'lf-1 Inn--:1 Ioos Ioy Kasper Kollnmn Klnfq Kll2IIifIl'I Kloizw Klinqlcr Knmniller Kmckrnoyer Pfiqc Twvnty-Ninv With , 5 -53.-,Wm--f Kniep Knollmcm Koester Kremenecky Kyle Lacy Long Layton Leimonn Leonard Libo Loddeke EING fond ot' training animals led PAUL KNIEP to the occupation of veterinarian. Lik- ing such sciences as chemistry and biology certainly will help when "Dime" attends the Univer- sity of Missouri. A commercial enthusiast from the beginning. JOYCE KNOLLMANN took numerous courses including typing and bookkeeping. ln or- der to attend Miss Hickey's Business School, she took a part time job and thus became a member of Diversified Occupations. Wishing to continue his ed- ucation, GEORGE KOESTER is yet undecided con- cerning which college he will attend. "Bud", as he is sometimes called. rated auto mechanics and mathe- matics as "tops" on his list of favorite subjects. Al- though VALERlE KREMENECKY had been at Normandy only for one year, her friends felt they had known her for a much longer time. She made herself at home enjoying such subjects as English, shorthand and chemistry. She immediately joined Art Society and became a member of Honor Socie- ty as she tied with two other girls ranking eleventh scholastically in the Senior Class. She plans to at- tend Washington University. Known only as "Tom", tall, lanky THOMAS KYLE played an important role in Hi-Y and the Language Club. Often found practicing, he soon made the golf team. He plans to join other Normandy graduates at the University. Lohoefner Lotz Lowe Lutercxn Major Malik Page Thirty other thnuqhts and trnuhles nf m nwn, Ilarel work anel a ple-asing pe-rsonality Irrought I'A'I'lII- III,-I Iltfl sue-e-e-ss in Orvlie-sis. :Xrt Soe-ie-ty. I-'l'e-e-ns anel the- Ifhoruse-s. "I'at" plans to ge-t a eIe-gre-e- in nursing at Ilarue-s Ilospital. 'I'III'iOIlOliI'i IANU rate-el e'Iie-mistry anel physirs alroxe- all e-Ise-. Ile- spe-nt Ie-isure- time- working e-x- pe-rime-nts with Ille- IIhe-mistry Cluln. "'Iie'eI" plans to atte-nel Wasliinglon Ilnixe-rsity to major in e'he-mistry. ,-'I le-aeling Iinglish stuele-nt. I.l'IIC l.AYI'ON, wrote- many inte-re-sting arlie'Ie-s lor the- Inlt'lin,us. Ile- plans to atte-nel Washington Ilnixe-rsily. 'I'aIl. lmlonel, inte-llige-nt 41.-XROI. I.I'iI"NI.-NNN was a re-porte-r on Courie-rg she- won the- first awarel in the- l'ieIitorial Ifonte-st of Nlissouri. Not to lie- Iorgotte-n was he-r Ioxe-ly voie-e- as she- sang: in None-t. She- plans to invluele- Janne-s 'Nlillikin llnive-rsity in he-r future-. Sine-e- mathe-matie's anel se'ie-ne-e- we-rv the- favorite-s ol Il.-XVIII I.I'fONAIlIl, lie- plans to take- e-ngine-e-ring at Wasliiugton llnixe-rsity. Ilark huire-el lmoNN-X I.IIlO took typing in e-ase- she- ele-e-iele-s to work. Slte- may go to a e-olle-go in .-Xslnury, Ke-ntue'ky. J ICAN IHIIIJICKIC. who is unele-e-iele-el alnout he-r future- spe-nt he-r Irisure- time- in outeloor aeftivitie-s. :Ku e-xe-e-Ile-nt pianist. l.OIS I.OIIOI'1l"Nl'IIl was ofte-n aske-el to he- an ae-e-ompanist. Will- ingly she- uiele-el the- Iloys' Chorus anel Ore-he-stra. "Lo" plans to atte-nel tlle- Wasliington llnive-rsity Se-hnol of Nlusie-. We-ll like-el ROIllCIi'I'.-X I.OWIC was se-e-re-tary of 'llixe-el Chorus anel a me-mln-r of Stuele-nt Council. Y-'I'e-e-ns anel Courie-r. "Ile-rtau will major in journalism at the- llnive-rsity of Mis- sourt. llI'I'I"I'l I.ll'I'I'lIlAN plans to e-nte-r a elramatie- se-hool a rouple- of ye-ars afte-r graeluation. Long. hlonel haire-el CAROL MAJOR was a me-mhe-r of the- llhoruse-s, the- Square- Ilane-e-rs anel Y-Te-e-ns. "Maj" will atte-nel Missouri llnive-rsity. Fonel of harmonizing. l'I'i'l'l'fll NIALIK joine-el Mixe-el anel Boys' Chorus:-s. "I'e-te-" plans to atte-nel Washington llnive-rsity to major in e-ngine-e-ring. Chose-n a e-he-e-rle-aelvr. Le-tte-rman's Que-e-tl. anel se-e-re-tary of Ore-he-sis. HELEN NIARKMANN was we-Il like-el. She- par- tie-ipate-el in Vikingze-tte-s. anel Quill anel Se-roll. She- plans to te-ach moele-rn danve- afte-r atte-neling Harris 'l'e-ae-he-rs' Colle-ge-. A me-mlme-r ol Hi-Y. Saga. ILO. anel Quill anel Se-roll. LAWRENCE NI.-XRLICR plans to atte-nel St. l.ouis llnive-rsity. "Larry" will he-lp his fathe-r in Iiusine-ss. 'I're-as- ure-r of the- Sophomore- e-lass. GERRY NI.-XURICR plans to work afte-r graeluation. Taking aelvantage- ol I3.0. was IJONALII MAY. who plans to alte-nel the- llnive-rsity of Ohio. Laughing GAIL 'NIe-AI.LIS'I'ER. il me-mln-r of Y- 'I'e-e-ns. Art Soe'ie-ty anel Saga. hope-s to stuely art at Wash- ington llnive-rsity. DORIS Me-C.-NNN plans to e-nte-r Xlis- souri Ilaptist Hospital for nurse-s' training. Joking J .-XNIICS Nle-CAIILEY e-njoye-el history. sports anel spe-e-e-h. "Jim" plans to atte-nel llrake- llnive-rsity. Ofte-n mistake-n for Ilt'I' twin siste-r, JEAN Me-COURT plans to work in an otlie-e-. Some-- time-s te-ase-el alnout he-r nie-kname- "Kitty". .-Il.IlfI'f Me'- KILARNEY was on the- Saga stafl. She- plans to go to e-omp- tome-te-r se-hool. Big JOHN Me-COY. me-mlie-r of the- foot- lvall te-am anel the- l.e-tte-rman's Clulm. plans to atte-nel Mis- souri Unive-rsity. Chose-n St. I'at's Que-e-n. I'li1lGY Me'- GUIRE will stuely elre-ss ele-signing. As e-aptain of the- trae-k te-am. PAIII. NIe'KEAN lJe-e'ame- u me-mlre-r ot' the- l,e-tte-r- man's Cluli. Mexrkmemn Mrxrlor Maurer Me-Cenile-y Mc'C0u1t NIcCle1rney Moy McAllister McCann McCoy McGuire McKean Page Thirty-One Meers Menqes Merkel Mock Moeller, D. Moeller, N lloy's Chorus JERALD MEERS plans to work after graduation. Another who plans to attend Missouri Uni- versity was DONALD MENGES. Intelligence accom- panied personality in MARY MERKEL Valedictorian. ed- itor of Courier, and outstanding speaker in Voice of Dem- ocracy. Exeelling in journalism. she won the state award of the International Quill and Scroll. She was a veteran member of Y-Teens. Vikingettes. Band and all County Or- chestra. "Merk" plans to study law at Washington Uni- versity. Interested in "Trigg, Physics and the Chemistry Club JAN MOCK plans to attend Rolla School of Mines. ml is it sn Quiet DELORES MOELLER enjoyed typing and plans to go into secretarial work. Planning to work until the armed services call him JAMES MOELLER gained ex- perience in the D.O. Club. Enjoying typing. JUNE MOORE will make an excellent dictaphone operator. She was a member of the Bible Club and Mixed Chorus. Since MARJEANE MOREAU had no trouble with mathematics. she will become a chemical en- gineer at the University of lllinois. She made Saga and Quill and Scroll. Going down to Cape Girardeau. DON- ALD MORIE plans to major in business because econom- ics proved his favorite. Enjoying our commercial courses. JEANNETTE MULLEN will choose Felt and Forrent Comptometer School. Harris Teachers College will claim JANET MYERS, a member of Girls' Chorus. Courier and Quill and Scroll. Although ROBERT MURICK was a mem- ber of D.O. he is undecided about the future. Active in Choruses. Bowling Club. and Art Society JOHN NECE hopes to study art at Washington University. Coming from Beaumont where she was a cheerleader. PHYLLIS NEUMANN plans to attend Missouri Univer- sity. To major in journalism at Missouri University was the aim of SUSAN NIEMEYER. a reporter on Courier and member of Quill and Scroll. Seldom called MARGARET NOONAN. "Marg', took an active role in Y-Teens. Bowl- ing Club. Mixed Chorus and girls' sports. Earning a 1000 point letter in her sophomore year. she soon became secre- tary of Vikingettes. Tall. quiet RICHARD OFFERJOST plans to work after leaving the Viking Campus. Member of the golf team WILLIAM PATTON soon became a member of thc Let- terman's Club. Moore Moreau Morie Mullen Myers Myrick Nece Neuman Niemeyer Noonon Offerjost Patton Page Thirty-Two with them. NORMAN l'AWlCl,l'IK will major in e-nginc-1-ring at Washington llnivcrsity, sincn- hc show:-tl inte-re-st in "math" antl physics. Oftcn 1-alle-tl "l"rcnl'hic". GREGORY PELE- ROS plans to In-comc an auto tncchanic. Although work- ing purt time-, JOYCE PERKINS found time for Viking- cttt-s. "l'crky" plans to :lo cle-rical work. Tho Coast lluartls holsls an attraction for EDWARD PIKEY who participatcrl in tht- D. O. Club. llnelvcitlc-tl about future- plans LOUIS l'OI.l.ARD. oft:-n callctl "Jinx", took time- to work in the D. O. Club. Corrcspontling sccrctary for Stuclcnt Council. MARY ANN PORZENSKI bclongx-tl to Art Socit-ty. 'l'ri-Y and llowling Club. She' plans to bt-como a nurse. Sotnctitncs callctl "l'ottsic" CAROL PUTTS. a Inc-tnbcr of thc lliblc Club. plans to incluxlc Miss Hicke-ys' Sevre- tarial School in he-r future-. Planning to join the Navy Ell- f2l'lNl'i PRRISS bt-catnc a tm-tnbcr of D. O. The' sweet por- sonality of NORNIA l'RlECRL won ht-r many frie-mls in Y-'l'ct-ns. Art Socia-ty antl Vikingcttcs. "Sis" wouhl like to bt- a moth-l but will bvconn- a be-auty operator. Known only as "Mol" AR'l'llllR PRIMO plans to work aftcr grail- nation. llistory untl auto nu-chanics prove-tl to be- thc favorite-s of jOllN Rl'1l'lD5 who was a tncnibcr of D. O. Hoping to gt-t a goofl job DINA RREVES took typing at Normantly. A gootl all arounsl pm-rsonality he-lpctl CAROL REMMERT gt-t alta-url. "Re-mic-" work:-tl aftcr school. but she' still fountl timc for Stutlt-nt Council, Girls' ancl Mixt-tl Chorus. Quill antl Scroll. Art Som-is-ty antl Saga. She- is sure- to have fun at South:-ast Missouri Statc Colle-gc. The llnive-rsity of Mis- souri is to bc inclurlvrl in GERALD RlfVELl.l'i's futuri- aftcr hz- joins thc Air lforcc. "Littlu- Jim" rcncwctl a Nor- Pcxwelck Pelebos Perkins Pikey Pollcrrd Porzenski tnanmly tratlition whcn hc bccatnc a cliccrlcatlcr. JAMES RICHARDSON was a mctnbe-r of Chorus antl Square- Dancing. With first pagc ctlitorship on Couricr and nwtn- bcrship in Quill antl Scroll. ht- was wt-ll on his way to stumly journalism at Washington llniwrsity. Y-Tm-cns. anal Mixctl antl Girls' Chorus kncw CAROLYN RlCl'l'l'ER as a nwmbcr. She- pn-fe-rr:-tl typing antl plans to att:-ntl Miss Hick:-y's Se-crctarial School. Wishing to own a tlancing school BARBARA RlDl'iR cnjoycxl hlixctl anml Cirls' Chor- us:-s. typing antl biology at school. A ve-tcran varsity hocke-y plays-r MARILYN RISINUER took timv out for X-Tc:-tts anml Vikingctlcs. Potts: Preiss Prieqel Roxnrnort Revelle Richardson Primo Reeds Reeves Richter Rider Risinqe-r Page Thirty-Three Roberts Rohlfs Sciffley Ross Russ Schuper Scheve Schnurrnon Schroil UIET. S lent his voiee to the Boys' and Mixed Chorus. The Univers- ity of Chicago will be his Alma Mater. He plans to major in Science. Hi-Y, Letterman's Club, Senior Steering Committee, Honor Society, and Mixed and Boys' Chorus knew JOHN ROHLFS as a mem- ber. Trigonometry, social living and physics helped him to plan his career as an engineer. His spare time was spent playing basketball and other sports. His time spent in sports has earned WILLIAM ROSS the honor f b' 0 eing a Letterman. "Stars" favorite subject was art, and his future includes college. Either Washington University or the Uni- versity of Missouri will claim WILLIAM RUSS as a freshman after graduation from high school. He was a veteran memb , er of the swimming team and Lette-rman's Club. calm JOHN ROBERT RICHARD S e ound devoting his idle moments to photography. Mechanical draw- ing proved helpful as "Dick" plans to go to St. Louis University to study draftsmanship. Having basketball as his hobby, GLEN SCHAPER was made center and captain of the team. He is indefi- nite about college. Although his name was JAMES SCHEVE, most people know him as "Al". ln h' junior year "Al" is became a member of the D. 0. Club. AFFLEY could b f Schleuter Schuster Sides Sindlinqer Sisson Skutoff Small Smith, D. Smith, I. Page Thirty-Four ft EI' lnnq ears, Du the Whilc thcrc is no comparison lvctwccn ll. 5. llistory antl roll:-r skating. tln-sv arc .IllIlI'l'lI SlIHl,lll'f'l'El'l's favorite- suhjcct anal hohlay. livcn though shc plans to hc a profcs- sional skatcr. "Jtt1ly" may go to Harris 'l'f'3t'l'lt'l'!4. Coll:-gc. I"lt 'XNCICS SlIllNllllNlNN has no tlcfinitz- plans for tht- lu- turc yct. lnut she- wants lo att:-ntl 'Nlissouri llnivcrsity. Fran- ccs lists hm-r favorite- suhjf-cts as typing. shorthantl. and music. 'Nlaking a line- accountant with hookkce-ping anrl "math" as his favoritc suhja-cts. .IESSIE SCHROLL plans to i-ntcr 'Nlissouri linivcrsity. Known as a tlcvotcrl fishcr- man llllY.'NN 5Hll5il'l'iR matlc tnany of his own "llif-s." A me-mhcr of tln- track lcant "Sonny" hccame- a l,e-ttcrtnan. l.Olll'I'l"l'A SIDES is going to work in an ollicc in thc ncar futurc. Since- hi-r favoritc suhjcct was music. shc was in thc scnior chorus. Owning his own husincss is inclutlcfl in thi- futurs- plans of CARI, SINIDLINGER. llis hohhics we-rc woomlworking. lrnihling racing hoats antl Sca Scouts. lliology ancl psychology wcrc- among his favorite- sulijccts. Ont- of thc miml-ya-ur stnalcnts. .IAMICS SISSON. continucnl at Not-mantly. grauluating with his fricnals. A nn-lnlmcr of tht- St-nior St:-cring fiOllllllillt'Q' "Jim" plans to cnroll in col- lt-gc. Alt:-r attcntling Washington llnivcrsity GARY SKAT- Ol"l" plans to go into atlvcrtising. Onc of tht- most out- stanaling sttnlcnts Nl.Nllll.YN SNlAl,l. was sf-lccte-rl Sccrc- tary antl ln-st citizcn ol thc .lunior Class. Ranking onc of tln- top tcn scholastically. Nlarilyn was also one- of thc top tcn in popularity. Wt-ll like-cl. she- was chose-n school lifc crlitor on Saga. prcsitlcnt of N-'l'e-cns. anrl Prom rt-ports-r. Sha- was a llN'lIllN'l' of Quill annl Scroll anal Stttrlcnt-Tcaclr remember me cr Planning Council. Votctl llcst Orcssctl. OOLORICS SMITH was most popular antl class St-crctary in he-r lrcsh- man yn-ar. "ll0tlic" was a nn-mhcr of Nlixctl Chorus. Square- Oancing. antl Swimming. Shc plans to go to Nliami Uni- vcrsity. A mcmhcr of Couric-r aml Quill anal Scroll. .l.-KNICT SMITH. oltcn callcil "Jan", plans to major in home- cconom- ics at Missouri llnivcrsity. A husincss profcssion is thc fu- ture- plans of VIROEEN SMITH. "Vir" cnjoyctl foods and scnior home-making ln-st of all. Small like-ahlc Nl.-KRll,YN SPEVERE was hs-re only onc ycar. hut in that timc shi- hccamc a mcmhcr of Y-Te-cns in hcr scnior yn-ar. Shc plans to attcntl Missouri University. Oftcn callctl "lie-org:-". ROI!- ERT Sl'RxKlJl,lNG cnjoyctl art and Nlixcml Chorus. With cotnntcrcial courscs lu-ing tht- favoritc of l':NlNl.-X LEA S'l'l'il"l"l'iN. she- mlccitlctl to hccomc a se-crctary. Y-'l'ccns aml Girls' antl Mix:-cl Chornscs claimcd "Flin" as a mcm- lwr. JOHN S'l'El"l"liN plans to att:-ntl Rankin Trails- School to ln-conlc a ratlio cnginccr. Quict SHl'fll,.'X S'l'l'fl.N-l.'KN was a inc-inlwr of Y-Tcens antl llowling Cluh. "Sha" plans to cnroll at Maryvillc. majoring in te-aching. Spcmling much time- hunting. ROBERT STOElIKl'fR was a mcmhcr of l7.0. Since- Cl.ARENCl'f STORMS was a ln:-mln-r of lJ.O.. hc plans to continuc working. OLIVER S'l'ROHllliCK plans to go to St. Louis Collcgc of Pharmacy. Fricntlly Cl'lARl,ES SYKES was a nn-inhcr of ILO. anal will ln-comc a hookkccpcr. Although untlccitlctl ahout thc luturc. .IERA RY 'l'Al'i'l'Z participatcml in Mix:-tl Chorus and thc llowling lfluh in which hc- was pre-sirlcnt in 1950. Tall. ll,-XRl3AR.-X 'l'Al,llERT plans to go to work upon gratluation. Smith, V. Spevere Sprndlinq Stow-kr-x Storms Strohbeck Steffen, E. Steffen, I. Stelmcn Sykes Tuetz Tcilbert Pciqe Thii ty-Five Thompson Tinsley Trueblood Ulrich Uptuin Utsch TTRACTIVE JOAN THOMPSON. interested in dress designing. often thought of new and original styles. She is sure to be a success after graduation from Washington University. "Jo" also took an important role in Y-Teens and Art Society. RICHARD TINSLEY so en- joyed the amusement business that he plans to include it in his future. Outstanding for his cartoon work. KENNETH TRUEHLOOD became a member of Courier and Quill and Scroll. Enjoying all art. he participated in Art Society and decided to become a commercial artist after attending Mis- souri University. Enjoying auto mechanics and woodwork- ing at Normandy. GEORGE ULRICH plans to go into the I ntl 15 the memnr service. Wlitty NOHMA UPTAIN made the most of het senior year by enjoying Art Society, Courier. and Y-Teens. She plans to enroll in Missouri University to study journal- ism. Y-Teens. Student Teacher Planning Council. Student Council. Art Society. and Quill and Scroll had CAROLA UTSCH for a member. She was kept dashing between Saga and Vikingettcs where she was president. "Carol" plans to attend De Pauw University. Active in Chorus and the Letterman's Club was tall DAVID VEST. who plans to study law at Missouri Uni- versity. The Chemistry Club and Dramatics Club took much of ALBERT VETTER's timeg he planned to attend college. Short. cute JANET VIE lent a hand in Chorus and Saga. Uncertain about the future "Jan" hopes to attend Missouri University. ROSETTA VITALE enjoyed Y-Teens and Chor- usesg she plans to go to Missouri University. Often called Hlleln. MELVIN VOLMER was I3oy's Sports Editor of Saga. He plans to attend Missouri University. ELEANOR VOSS. a member of Y-Teens. enjoyed dancing for Orchesis. Planning to be a nurse because she enjoyed Chemistry. LOUISE WALDMAN was a member of Vikingettes. An active member in Y-Teens and the Howling Club. ETHEL WALLACE will make an excellent elementary teacher after she attends Harris Teachers' College. Another who wishes to become a nurse. JANE WARNER was a member of Y-Teens and Orchesis. Making use of his interest in art. ARTHUR WEISS plans to become a commercial artist. He was a member of Art Society and Secretary of the Howling Club. Undecided about the future. PAUL WELCH participated in basketball. Letterman's Club and D. O. Planning soon to bc married. JEAN WHITE enjoyed Or- chesis. X-Teens and Square Dancing. Vest Vetter Vie Waldman Wallace- Warner Page Thirty-Six Vitale Volmer Voss Weiss Welch White, I pleasant as tn mn. " Longfvllouf lfnjoyiug Spanish, sliortlmnml. antl swimming. l'A'l'llllflA Wlll'l'lC is still iiiult-viilvrl aliout tha- futurv. Known as "ll:-t". lll'l'l"l'Y WIIJICINIAN rata-tl typing as "tops" in ht-r vlassa-s antl will makn- uso of it. l'lanning to lu- a lioust-wif:-. VIRGINIA Wll'l'l'H0l.'l'lCR lik:-il typing auil took atlvan- tugs- of ll. U. Int:-rt-sta-el in all girls' sports Jlll.lA Wll,- IPICIIMAN soon lu-1'anu' a me-mlwr of Vinkingvttvs. l'rolr- alxly llflli'l'llY WILKICRSON will 1-ntvr the- lrusint-ss worlml sinvu- lu-r fuvoritn- was lnookkt-1-ping. lixpi-1-ting to lu- flraft- 1-4l into tlu- Aruwml Svrvim-s Kl'lNNl'l'l'l'l Wll.l.lCNlS liolr- lnim-s int-liula-tl working on vars antl hunting. Journalism anrl tlramativs wort- tht- favoriti- sulvjt-1-ts of DUN Wll.l.lAMS who was in the- all svhool play anal was ii stall uivmln-r of tlu- Courit-r. llc- was also avtivi- in Quill anal Svrollg plants to att:-nil ,Iohn llrown llnivm-rsity. Art svvms to lIlll'l't'Sl l'll,lfAlll'l'l'H W'll.l.lAhl5 as slit- plzttts Io alta-ntl tln' Art Institute- ol Chit-ago. "Windy" is a mom- lwr of tht' Art Sorii-ty. Quill antl Si-roll. anel flourivr. "Woll- is-" was vvry avtivu- in footlnall anal wrt-slliug that lu- malle- tlu- varsity untl In-1'aniv a nu-mln-r in l.t'llt'I'lllt'Il.S Clulv. KI-INNl'I'l'll WUl.l" plans to sturly ttwmlivinn- sinve' lu' Iikt-il vln-mistry anml pliysivs. Sm-iw-tarial work will prolialnly ln- ini'lufle-tl in ,IUAN Wlll,l.lilllNlIK's future-. 'l'ln- sports mln-- purtmt-nt lost an vxm-llvnt playvr wlu-n GRAQIIC WOOD joiuvtl ll. U. A tue-mlwr of Vikinge-Ita-s Graco plans to at- tn-uil lllootly llililt- Instituto. 'lin In-arn a trarlc- is thi- alu- lnition of flAlllllll,l. WIIICNCHQ nivknaim-il "Carly", his favorite- sulnj:-vts vonsiste-il of Ili-nvh Me-tal. llistory anil Art. Coll:-1-ting miniaturvs is ont- of AIIIJRICY Wlll.KUl'l"'s favorite- pastime-s. Art antl typing rank as "Au1l's" lwst like-ml sulrjvvts. Slit' was uvtivt' in Art Sovit-ty. N-'l'i-vns anil IN-p White, P. Widemcxn Wietholter Wildermun Wilkerson Willems Cluli. H1-r future- plans consist of sn-cr:-tarial work. Typing sw-ins to intern-st lll2Vl'fRl.Y ZAVACK as her future plans 1-onsist of ollivv work. "ll:-v's" favorite pastime-s are- sing- ing antl swimming. An at-tivo ll. 0. stutli-nl. WAl.'l'lfR ZIIQGLER hope-s to lwconu- a Marin:-. llookkvvping ranks as onv of his favoritt-s. Vivr--pre-siilent of Y-'l'es-ns iilvnti- fit-s this girl as PATRICIA ZOOK. nivknami-ml "Pat", Sho was at-tivo in lllixi-tl Chorus. Ht-r plans include majoring in fashion mn-rchantlising at Gulf-Park Coll:-gt-. As a nuan- lwr of Vikingvtte-s. l.AllRRFIT'l'A ZYKAN. known as "like- vnjoyvil varsity sports. Willuuiizz, ll. Willa-uns, ll. Wolf Wollbrinl: Wood Wumit-h Wulktipl Ztxvfifk Ziegler Zook Zykim P :JP Thirty-Sr-von f 'QQQA WT M "sv VWVXL-A mv. A 4 i9 344 -5,,f.,?g'3::mi1,ffA A , f H My QA. ' NA 32 1 X N A , 4 V7 -cw Awi 452543 A-NL, AV ' LfQx"j.,,z V R351-,235 ,.,f'ki3if A , x A4 A 'Vg 1."f'fpf gM2,.5f4v14A f wx 1. Fig -1 -551564 L- , ' , .A A... ., W. AA. A 555 AWA Av A ,, ., A, ,A X A- -A 5:3 . AA A-QM-ff flaw 'W zgfwiww 'EAL V M 1 Y'wTWf1W"?'14v52N 'W mm Pflwagf 'f- - -AAA , . . .,.. ,,:.,4E,,,.A .iff -.Q awww? A fayigg. ,V gs, M vw, SEMA .A y:Q,x,,,SA,fiAAy,A,L5fQW,-Age 955325 5.3-JEBW-. , ' ' ' Awww A A ,A1,,h,..A . A b, A ,3 ,A , A, Nw x 12: 39 , ,A , S WHO A H, Q M A A A A -:Q , ilf' 3 Q Lg' ,,,, M 8 y Q X A ,ms N , , AT is i 'I' N . E153 . QQ.., lj H N X f,? 4 W 4 6, RX ff- W , ,feng 5 siek , Aff AM Y Adonis Bl11Ck""f'fJud?vS W gg' 1 FJ ? Q .:.:.1.. A wvS1R10 ' " A1051 If A, -- - 1 dh1arYfNfffgifl2DQ bljsdfl U SLLL hr: Ro 't A , , lzaosv l,lM11A I Collzer B405 I4 W'1'VfY J..-V ,7 XA War A1 , get we www-wwnw Maw ,ifr- V . - Q gyyyyasmqgfg-,,,q,,A?,,MMmms www ffm , Y TQ "459'9"fH4i'3Nvn: , , Y H ' 7 " X '7f':5:Y:f , gf 1Mw.ww?uAwLf.A,,w , A wfggasliiiilc'-W pkwswwmwmw wwwkwxwwv m wi wwwyams, 2, W WM' was-A M A.,wnf-fd Awwwidv ff WMM Afl 19 PU wwy ywiw A,-. M., 2 if-- A X V I ' -'-' x- + , 5,-,.iA'x.Ag-A ,A K .... ww H Aff A L fi A , ' -'3azM.:.v.,f1uA,,,zf1f,,, , ' if ug ,1 T5 ffl .W Q I , Inj--l MJ kdm -, yt K 4, ,gnu 2 Af b Nfjfw4A.f1A,3x1gM:A ..v,,D,m - ' " ' A ' , , f f 'Q ,. ,g. ,,.,4, ,,fA '-Y ' N 'UM ' - f f A ' A M "'A"""' -' " W" - f 'ff'.' Q . A. ' -'-' H' - " , . W, ,. .. ..... 1 gg, --'-- J'-1 A- - Y " 1 ..., A ,w . ,A, .a r m y 3 ' Jw A A A W A , W - .. ..... " 'Y . M-'AJHW -+:.Mf...,.A f 'WAAS H , A .. .w!.,,. Qhagiim-.,'lI.:L in get x QA 43,95 at ,,, . ,N A, A A Agpkifjgi MU rx' 2 'W A , b J 14' ff y vi . , A -f V'--1 - -:-. - i . 'Q-' . ' i s dssiiwifxiggifigixi f .17 Sn. N QRMANDY liulrlnmf.. . . ffrfflu I mm QQ if-fm .. Limb: XWM ,,..gMMWfw.- W Q ""' X V Wwvn,-x-w-nzanuux, ' W ,,,,,.. , ,X . A4 37 . . ,... ,,,.,,...,. . f ,mv-W . . . 4""fJ"f'7" - .N f- X ,M ., 15 V -- mwsl. ...H-M--M""" ' A N, -4-N--f X W' ' Q ww-"""" WM .,.,,4 ,,.w-,,W-w .., M,. A 'K' X2 ' . fx a M ,,.,.w' mnvivgi -. .-..,-.,.- , M QWX l t I I U i Hodge, Thiele, Iovcmovic, Hibbs. RESIDENT Jack Thiele was a member of the Letter- man's club and Planning Council. Janice Javonovic. Vice President. was active in Student Council, Orchesis. Student Teacher Planning Council, Steering Committee. LWAYS ready with a smile and a willingness to help others, the Junior class returned to the Normandy campus. The officers of their class: .lack Thiele, presidentg Janice Jovanovic, vice presi- dentg Mary Hodge, secretaryg and Nancy Hibbs, treasurer, worked industriously and efficiently to prove that their class could be equally successful in scholarship and activities. Since the only required subject was English many of the Eleventh graders completed their American History credit this year. Helping to increase their knowledge of famous authors, the Juniors studied the techniques and styles of Hemingway, Dreiser, and Sandburg. They also studied the establishment and development of American Literature and were and Tri-Y. Mary Hodge, secretary, was a member of Student Council and Vikingettes. Nancy Hibbs, treasurer, worked in Tri-Y and Orchesis. Efficient Ilffilzers Lead Page Forty often found in the library reading many historical literature books which had been assigned for read- ing. Before graduating, all students were required to pass the Constitution test given by the Social Studies Department. Studying the growth and development of the Constitution helped the Juniors to understand the government better and prepared them for their future lives so that they could understand more thoroughly the affairs of the government. Many and varied electives were open to all. Such a selection gave the students an opportunity to ex- periment in the different fields of business. Those who intended to enter the field chose shorthand and I-LAVK HrqWg IM'-ln.-1, Allwn, Iivkfll, I.1Hl1-hwlri, flhlxw, Klnnll nun MIl'lJI.If HOW: Iimnzssz, liwfiw-', M111.-1, Mu'-II-ll, Bvmllx, f21+':s:1ww. I'HON'I' HHW: Guffkf Vx, flfwnlv, 121111113 Hw1::wrxl1-111-I, lnul-vwnz, lznrnnn, HANK HHW: Kwxntnz, Klvnnnfg f,IIf-fzwfn, Nfnzll, Pllxxrs, Mwfzfmltl, IVlIlfI7l.lf NIJW: M:'KL1in, lmbyxxrzv lwlnnfzwn, Wlllmnnzzvyn, Hlwppfxxci, 111--wlv-, 531 lxwwxlz--1, I' H U N 'I' HWJWZ Wlllil, Hwrlfl, Hllll, Hvlrk 'n In "I n ,. U w. nderlzlassmen nward Success ly ping. Msn npvn In Ihr ljlISilH'SS sludvnl wvrv lnmkkwping. nffivv Illill'hilll'S znnl suls-ranlalnsllip. 'Hn' svivlllifiv studvnl vhosm- Clwlllislly. Study ing ulmnim' xwigllls annl llll'ilSlll'4'S.. 1'm11plim'a1lml f0l'llllllilS. und diffvrvnl 4'Xp1'l'illN'lllS prow-ml lllll'I'i'SlIIlg and he-lpfnl lu ull. Fm' fnlurm- journalists. t'lllll'SK'S in pulwlivatimms and journalism wvrv offvwcl. Unlslunding :ludvnls wvrv 1'lmss-n frmn lhvir 1-Iussvs lu ln- on lln- Sc-ninr stuff of lhv Saga and Cunrivr. 'Hn' Lilllgllilgi' D1'pan'lnn-nl lll'llJCd llxusc- slumlvnls illlvlvstvml in lvurning an fora-ign ILIIIQLIIZIQLU. Spanish und Latin men- lln- most pnlnulur uf Hn' lilllgllilgt'S. ullhnngh l"rvm'h and U1'l'lll1lll um-rv ulsu nffvlvll. A slndvnl uunling lu vnlvr lln' fivlds of Finv and llllillSll'iill Arls lnnk url and Wllllllwillkillfl. Cvnnwlry. Algvlnn and NIUVINIII- Nlfll' um! p1'4'+'1.wiun mv' ll4'l'l'N.Y1ll'4lf fnr:l1'Iix- A - l . U , . flw,viy1n.w. null DIXINIIIQI aulmlml znlllllnnml lnfm'n1annm fm' tlmsv lllfl'l'l'Sll'lI Puff.: I"mrty'QmA f -Q. if 9 BACK ROW: Lore, Wolters, Fencl, Iones, Gusky, Scott, Scott, Buk, l-lunstein, Quick, Montgomery. IDDLE ROW: Kessler, Boirner, Clcnl-I, Worthy, Cooper, Rutter, Marie, Sterling, Lemmon. FRONT ROW rvis, Pftinstiel, Rutherford, Kelly, Berendes, Leonard, Champion. BACK ROW: Schweitzer, Harrington, Ens, McKenzie, lunge, Bctird. MIDDLE ROW: Nagle, Rollhtms, iwson, Morton, Birrdley, Dobbin. FRONT ROW: Thoele, Thurman, Lospe, Donoho, Dewitt, Hanson. is .st nearing. 5 Dt-livious and lvmpling 'fr aromas 1-oultl lic tll'll'l'll'li L- A from tht- Home livonom- ics vlass, whore the lflvv- cnlh Gratis' girls wvrt' learning how to lu- future housvwivvs. Prospective politicians. actors and actresses lislvcl cleliate, drama and slit-1-vli as the major courses on their programs. Also wry popular were the Soviol- ogy' and Sovial lriving vlasses. Working out prolilt-ms in homv lift- alml cluling L ith Patience and Persnvurance BACK ROW: Reisenleiier, D. Schmidt, S. Smith, Schleuter, Hoesli, Kelly, Pgulsell, Lonqhoier. FRONT ROW: Bauman, Brooks, Wilierd, Msnendez, Erlcer, Shepard, P. Smith. Pgge Forty-Two in zii't'liilt't4lL1l't' mul virgi- 'mm-al wry lwlpiul In III il IIN llIl4Il'lA 1'IilSNIIll'll. Willnllnix la1l'g1-xall'im'ly of l'l4'4'liXl'N I'mm Nlli4',l In 4lm4m-. llu- ,lllIIIlII' vluw nm In-ing nf-Il lm-pure-11 for il 5lI1'l'4'NNI'IIl lillSilIl'SS 111 zu-mlvllnlv illllllll NUI unlx 1li4l llu- ,lun- ims 1-xvvl in fr-lmlalrwlmip. lvlll in almrls :lf un-ll. Pill'- Iililbillillgi in ull uf Illa- nmjm gills' slmrlf xwn- I, 1: II ll i 1- ,In l.ml3gI1nfm'l',' Iimlq-. :mul Nl.u'y Hmlgllk lIlI'l'1' illwn lallml Imsllmm un lln- Xallsilx llnrlwy I4-um, fhllwlilllllillpl in flmlla Ille- YW WTI' H1 WN l'x1ci1I Hwy Ulnwlw Fmxw 1, lfxg It 1, K- din, Wlllwxmluwxxl. lllm HAVE-I NNW: Iwlwx, IMW11-Az, Ihxni-1-Init, I,-11111114-It, lllnlxlmlmry--1, GLW, Huk.:x1. MIN V112-:, M Gxmy, Ii xllww, Vxfxllwy, Swhw-'Hz-fl, M111-1, Holm, Moms, YHONT HOVV: x'lxx1::tuyhw1, X v m f1:m!E1, VV- zdhfxit, Vwrmwkx, Hlxxfmln-111, i'Al'K H4 Nfi II Il' y, M111-1, R. Gwvlhi, Gwuilumxx, 'I'lx1-flw, I. Gwuld, Jun nh, Nrlllxml 1, Sh-:H I h T.'1HN'I!I HCJW: V- 411A-111, M Him, Mwmklx y, lfQ1wx1ui:, ldv Iumxm, X1-l11x:1 fn Vx 1311 Y xglxtxd- Us-11 VX, .unlnrs repare nr EH ers lp I'rwpfn'ing1 mr Ihr' hu,vrn1'.v.v frurlvl nhwrrl, Ili.vw14,s-.wirlgl lmlilirrrl wrrizix lll'Ul'l'N irlivrrxl- lwlrul I'uul mul Nhirlwu ,wilrfly fjlllflljl, ing lu Ihvsz' .llIlf'l'f!'!lH Ilixlory xlllflvrllx. 1A 1: I 'x1v'I'h1.-Q lnllustrinus Students Appl luuior hogs n'f-1-vin-ml :nut-h praisv for their fine With the In-lp of other lvzuiinmlvs. lhest- ulliletvs dmlily in plating' R,,m,,,, Hodges- Dm, Pulking. won Illillll vic'tori4-s zmfl honors for tht-ir Alma llUI'lltJ. amd lim Johnston were among tht- Varsity Mmm' ll"Sl'lll"W ll' l""ll'ull- Tlwl hellmd U5 Will the The Juniors ext-ollvd not only in svholursliips Little Brown lug" from Wellston again this year. and sports, but also in activities. Many girls pur- Paqe Forty-Four BACK R O W: Hoyt, Boare, H a r d y, Miller, Christensen, Hale, Hoffman, Strenq, Pearce. THIRD ROW: Schulze, Goedel, Woods, Harris, Prcrtzki, Pike, De-Mariano, Sherrill, SECOND ROW: Barkau, Iovanovic, Bar- key, Schmidt, Huqhes, Pfaff, Knight, Worley. FRONT ROW: Irvine, Free, Lierrnan, Barker, Lorenz, Sprock+11lim1yr11. BACK ROW: Plummer, Sle- phens, lanzow, Stroud, Watt, Mclntyre, Kormeier. MIDDLE ROW: Moore, Dobbins, Newell, Hamilton, Leach, A b r a ni S. FRONT ROW: Brauss, Iackson, Hibbs, Mathews, Meyer, Ball. BACK ROW: Vocks, Huber, Davis, Herman, Seiler, Anthes, Bartz. FRONT ROW: Humm, McGinty, Puqliese, P o t 1 e i, Dralle, Abrams, Spenqel. Iinnwlndqe lI4'lIlllll'4lIIIN-l1'l'lI5, llu-5 lnlaunu-nl :xml gnu- llilll4'1'F. llill l'llll'h illlll Vlllil' 5illl'F. lln-y allfugnu-pall'll1'wlm mln- N4'lg1lllml'llmul lltlllbl' . . f . . ul l.lll'ISllllilF. Ilu- ll:-N was 1-quaullx ull:-mlvul ln R " ll , : 'N F lln- l'.ll'Xl'Illll hrzula- lump. llwfn- Imp plenum-sl Imp rirls-5. 1lilll4'1'F mul pau-lwcl lmslwls ul lflmriflmuf. am ill'llSlIl' vlufs llu' ,lun- iulw ll'4'51'Il1'l lm- lllliur- I I III . F-vlllul' l'l'mn. ,Mnulfl ilu- glory mul 5llll'IIll1ll'1ll'llll' lwzlulilul lla-1-m':lli1vllf. llu' ,lunims xml:-llvrl Ilu- Smu- IUI' Llnfw VII-'IIN llwll' lens! l'mm all Xilflllilllllf. BAFK HOW: Flwdu, Mmntqomwry, Umrrxth, Nrlsmx, Sh lw, Wxlls, lNlllxf'll' ROVV: Km lv ' l,f1mkmhl-"r, Swlwwllwnn, Fmrllwy. FRONT ROW: Kffwlm 1, Tlwvxmzywmx, My.-I lXll1lll1x'Y, ln Jxllfll lln' lm, nmfl , Huttwx, W HQ-ld. lflM'l1 HCJWZ llllsylnvl, llwvlcml, Ilwirms, Suznwn, l.vwl.2, l'll1dl'l1'd'1, F1-li:-1-. Nl11'llI HOVY3 I"'I"'l4lI' I-ms anal glirh 1 ll, 1 1,-lwwl. I., lf-f"l111-3, wk ml. VRONT Hn'-A2 141,-1, nm., Ilrw, ml, Tum-1, ll'l"IIl'1l UII llu- Siluil Cuurl ul' l.m1- mul lim-aulx. .lan-lx 'l'l1i1'le' rmlullx l11al1lvll1m'il'xs:1x lu nhl- all-nf ul' V F' , . . Mnirl Ilw gllllllillhl' nl llwil' lvllms hllIlll'lIlS ,lamv lln' lllI'1llll'l1l lzllwllwil' plm-1-fnsllw l'lll'Xl'Illll lin-lull llaulum-alvu. 'hill l,4lllxlI!Qll!lhl'Ill'. llzlrul l,1'lwl'. mul l'l'lll'1'5l'lllilllX!'F. Nlflrljlinyf llflllilll' 1l'4'i11hl.v mul lIll'Il.N'lIV4',N' is .lfmzg Nur' und Huh Vlllllll Ii.vI1'niny1 lu llllIII4lHllfiI'1' fm' f'lll'Hll.N'fl'.ll .vllfrl1'fll,s', Nll1lIll.N'll :'f'4'm'4lir:y.v, l? ml Fw: ly l"1v- - i ,. 1.11.1 Ru' l Borchelt, Sanders, Riegert, Graham. RESIDENT Bob Sanders, a member of Mixed Chorus and Square Dancingg participated in all sports. Bar- bara Borchelt, vice president, sang in the Chorus and was in the Student Teacher Planning Council. Bobhe Hands and BOUNDING with enthusiasm, the Sopho- mores entered their first year at Normandy Senior High. Astonished at the many activities and wide range of subjects available, the Tenth Graders began planning their future. By proving that they were a class that was going to lead, they elected the following officers: Bob Sanders, president, Barbara Borchelt, vice presi- dent, Bobbe Riegert, secretary, and John Graham, treasurer. By their leadership, they contributed much to making their class one never to be for- gotten. Since the only required subjects were English and World History, the Sophomores had ample op- Riegert, secretary, was a member of Tri-Y, Student Council and the Normandy Squares. John Grahm, treasurer, sang in Mixed Chorus, participated in Student Council and Track. inds Wnrli Together portunity to choose subjects in the field in which they were most interested.i The study of Julius Caesar, "the foremost ruler of them all," and the Fall of Rome proved interest- ing as well as exciting to many Tenth Graders. Panel discussions and reports on the Medieval Period also added pleasure to the class. The under- classmen always looked forward to films of these events. As they viewed them, they saw many of the scenes and episodes described in their texts. View- ing the unusual film on the Crusades, the Sopho- mores learned of the hardships endured and the daring exploits encountered by the Crusaders. English gave the students an opportunity to learn Page Forty-Six li A C' K H O W: llollvxihi-iq, !1l1fx:i:wi, Snnlli, Holthfms, Wol- lfnlli, Snrlln-vk. MllJl7l.lQ ROW fitwm-, Gofnlvy, Klopslwln, Wul koi, Sf-oil, Ov:-ry. FRONT HOW llwinnn, Poirox, Blqqzs, Bnllfir, llwlzzrlu-1, fir'lilir'llw. HAVK HOW: Slfxlir, li. Hfiiii- xwn, llfyflyfiw, Ywrqilfznn, lluqlios, ff:-ull, Xxm1m1l11s:1, lVllIDlDl.lf ROW: llfntoq, Nfllllllllflfxl, K r rx n s o lfrxlwiwxriss, Coop:-r, Robinson Watts. FRONT ROW: Iaxnqdon ll, llfiiiison, Stviririioymy Bfis- :f ll, G11-vii, Toll-I, Rilvlxirx In Prepare fur ew llespnnsihiliiies 'l'h1'x4' .vluflrnlx filul Illrll rIi.wlI.vxiIlyl lhrir lupirx yirrx Ihrzu 11 lll'll1llll'l' ol .vu h jwl. Illook on Ihr' ,,,-f ' ,Q to spvak aml wrilv 4'Ul'I'l'1'lly. lIllUl'4'Sllllg lmook rm-ports aml rm ivws of plays also prowil livlplnl. Giving lliv slmii-nls an 1-qnal oppol' lnnily lo 1-xprvss llivir views wvrc panvl discussions. Stmlvnls ywrv alwlc- lo fm-l al vast' ami lo vxprvss fvvlings more 1-li-arly wlivn llivyf voulcl lallx along willi lln' vlass. Among llll' many 4'lc'1'liv1's. liiology' was llw niosl yyiilvly l'llUS1'Il. llism-ling fisli ami frogs piowcl an intvrvsling lint liorrilvlv vxpvri- vim- lo llw girls. Many of lliv slmlvnls 1-agvrly lookvfi forward lo lln' fiolfl trips lo thc' Zoo ami Sliaw's Carflvn. Now animals ami llowvrs warm' dis1'owl'0cl on these' vxpvflilions. 'liliosv who ws-rv ffoinff inlo lla- lli-:hvr livlcls of a-mfim-vriiw' P I' 1' F F look Plame Gvonwlry. lmarning alioul llworvnis aml poslnlalvs prow-il harrlvr than many' anlivipalvfi. loul willi a lilllv vfforl llivy un llllISlt'l'l'Cl lhvni. Pixqo Forty-Seven From the field of foreign languages, Spanish and Latin seemed to be favored. With a few weeks much of the conversation eonsisted of such expres- sions as L'Como esta Vd?'7 and '6Buenas dias, Scnoritafl Home Economics proved popular with the Tenth Grade girls. Learning how to cook well-lmalanced meals and sewing their own clothes helped them to prepare lor their careers as housewives. Sports played an important part in the Sopho- Snphnmnrlas BACK ROW: Reinhrirdt, H. Henderson, Iocob, D. Henderson, Berqrneier, Feurinq, Oswald. MIDDLE ROW: Cowan, lohnson, Smith, Davies, Sdettele, Duer- busch, Bayer. FRONT ROW: Lynch, Hanna, Zienlinski, Brock- meier, Lcxulf, Anderson, Gmnpp. BACK ROW: Mdqruder, l-lfmel, Pilsinq, Sullens, Hildebrand, Lookdbill, Thiel, Meyer. MID- DLE ROW: Mcmisccrico, Weber, Perkins, H Q y d e n, Sanders, l-leddy, Gibson. FRONT ROW: McCormick, Eicher, Chcrlcrdft, Wento, DeCdro, Kdmui, Barry. BACK ROW: Horton, Bivcn, Wiess, Bone, Hynes, Clark, Wetzler, Goetz. MIDDLE ROW: Potter, Erker, McRae, William- son, Kern, Zirkelbcrch, Pitts. FRONT ROW: Gerken, Swyers, Pike, Ellis, Rieqert, McGee, Beatty. more year. ln lootlmall, lion llenoist and Ed llc-- Graw led the Vikings to many victories. With the will to win, the Sophomores helped the Vikings keep the Little Brown Jug on Thanksgiving Day. As the liasketlmall season ended, the names of Holi Sanders, Richard Hughes and Roh Mueller were not forgotten. Running down the court and making lmaskets added many victories for the team. Ry add- ing their aliility to the team, the Sophomores helped lead the Vikings to a successful season. Page Forty-Eight linntinnn Their Ednnatinn qw Huh urplrlinx u rliflirllll 1n'ubI4'm In lhrsf' 'l'll1'nN!lh flwfllul r'.r'lu'ri1111'nIx in liiulngfy, ffl'0Illl',I'!l .s'I1lvlr'nl.v, NIIIIIVIIIN gain p1414'!ir'41I l.'nnlf'lr'flg1r'. II1-Ivn IIJXIIPP zunl ,lullivv Iulmsun If-fl lin' VIIUIIIII In-ylmii. ami Snflivalii. .'XIXXlliSIN'Ii1'XiIlQl liml "I 1 as Klnnli- gill- In xivlury ln II1-1-km-3. Iinslu-llvull. XMI- lim' IllllIxl'S ps'rI1'1'l. lin' LLll'Is1'0llI1I In- sm-II my llu VA' 'If HY VN li111IIw1u4 , Ivii I rlukx :I Ixx Uwxivi, wil f m MIIIVII1 HCIVV' ff url, I'-Ixrwilvvvl, Zitffk-1, Sit Vyx Hinkim-y--1, PHI, K1--III I H1 INT RUVV: Iwlxxuklxl Ixl- I, IN! II y, lwuxtxn-y il num Im y I lim Im-ima, iJi'l'lI'!1, IIAI 'IC Ii' IVV: I l11'I', III 11114 yy INII'I-Irwin Milf-11, II lyi-:1, C111 muwlrlvlu R'-y1vIri:., II. wifi Ivy, Hfflm, I n:.'-11. MIIIIILI. 4 I NNW: M'xxI111, Iiwlw1n,II'1xI,I Im I I In 011111 I'I'Ii"Y, Aikllxzl, R Imri Ilml IW BW I , " JNII' RC I- wli, I.mrIf lr, filfilw, Vxlrir-I, 111111 11, I'fIll1Iw-11 'Iiulu -I, Iiwfxri I-MII, A in pl 1:5355 ' Vwxqv Ilwxiy Ninn Q Beginners linpt hovkvy tit-ld 4-x'vn in void. snowy weather. Of the many organizations, NY-'ill't'llS was the faxorite of many Sophomore girls. Donating much of thx-ir time. they were always ready and willing to help make this organization il sinfress. The Hi-Y proved popular with the boys. Thvy planned hay rides. dam-es. and packed Christmas haskets. ln addition to the many organizations. several Sophomores dis- played their arting ahility hy starring in the all-school play. Page Filiy BACK ROW: Foe-lsch, Siddens Hoerr, Carlson, Roth, Covmqton MIDDLE ROW: Whitt, Swoboda lecklin, Hawks, Boxx, Naunian FRONT ROW: Sturmfels, Ottens meyer, Lewis, Obermark, lack Brennan, BACK ROW: Wundrrlirgh, Mfir- ler, Graham, Fenwiek, McClure Pritchard, Boque. MIDDLE ROW: Backer, Menendez, Schneider, Huebner, Present, Bridqeforth Neuman. FRONT ROW: Schae per, Nahb, Young, Hoffman, Schad, Schulz, Pennington. BACK ROW: VVlC'kUlf,1l"t, Sunp- kins, Bushan, Gaddy, Ianosky, Wahl, Alward, Painter, Haynes, MIDDLE ROW: Tucker, Russ, I. Schaper, Brennan, Linsin, Kaeln, Kersey, Bolen. FRONT ROW: Iohnson, Biller, Winterbottnn Hedge, Kath, C. Smith, Bertke, With 1Nlfif'IH'f' flltll irorlf. Ilwsf, girls af'hif'rf' !lI'l'1If xlfill in 11lI7Iflf!'I'lIff. Ifujlx IIl'4l4'li1'1' HNTK N1 YW: M1'i'111111, A111111 l11111, C l1111!1f111rl, Cflntty, H111w11, l11yl111, f11'l111111'lI, Mllllllll RC PW: if 'l'l1r111111:::s1111. C 1111if1lr1, ffflfill, 1l1r1l, S1'l111ltr1, llllllllllll, lIlClf'1, W111z'1111, ll11'k11111. FRONT WDW: K111'l11'1, S1'l11111'll1'1, T111'k It, fw1'l111111'l-1, NlI'lIIllIll, V11-1111, lk11111l1t, Hflxh-1 HIVK NNW' ll'-ll'-11, fivlllry, ll1111l, W1l111,I1l111y, lI111::I,L'l11ld, H11-1l1111::!11111. MII 1I1l.lf R O W: H1111Z11, l.r-11:11'k, f11111z, Flr1h111ISr111, ' 1 , FRONT l1l1 V11lk1-rl f1'1111w1111 HOW: Mlxrly, S1'l111ll!111, Stllwvll, H111111111, H11wk111:1, lIl'lll F11-kwl, Nr11r'lf llllllll WDW: ll1It M1 . ,. 11 , 11ll11 V1 lllllll l.lll1'll, I,-1111--, .whw-11 1 , ,. K11111, .111l111111. MIINIPIJI HOW "1-1.11.-1,f11l1l, 111111-11'l1, M1-y111, Vl11 , 1 1 , 11 11 I 11 ll11l1111-:1, l'H11NT ROW: K11111 l llI1'lK!1, 5211-v11l1::1111, lr11111::, W1ll 11111111, l41lzw111111, 1111111-111-::::, ll1w11 y. 11411111 1-1111-s, 1'11IisIll1'11i1'x .-r 4' K' f X KY .M nrmandy Ways 'l'a1ki11g ll11'i1' l1la11'1-s in ll11- Silglil C111111. Sa1111l1 S!lll1'llr. ll- A -1 . 11111 1 1 . lx 11 1 1 llil I N S l3'1.' l111l SillHl'l'S. 'lllll H1111 ii1'1111'.'l l 11111 111 ll11' ll'l'll 1 Ilhl . il - pl'1 4- 1'll1111 .'l1l1l1'11ls 1 111 llilll :'l1-'1'1llll11'111 ll 111.'l 71 . 1 . 1 .f 1 1 1l1 1f ll1111 f Q 1 1 H1511 I N 1 I I11 lllillil' this yvur il Slll'4'l'S. V ' 1 A. U l'll' 11f ll11'i1' 'l'1ss. As Il1' 11" 1' 1l1'1rw l 'Ins' 1' .M ll 1 ' ll11 ll 11f all ll11- plr-z1s111'1'.' llvly lrul 1' 111 -111l11'i 5 ll11- 1 . Tl ' also f1'll il grval 1l1'z1l 11f Sllllffilblllbl lg lI10lIilX. 1 l1 l ll ping 1' S .1 N111 ll 11l1 1 X lllll 111,911 M H D5 Cquire ibexferi g 'cfictions speak louder than ll'0I'1lS.H OMB hands busied themselves in the field of sports. Physical adroitness and mental alertness produced many stars. Although some were naturally endowed with skills and techniques, others had to acquire them through long, arduous hours of practice. Many participated in athletics for sheer enjoyment, While others were preparing them- selves for professional activity in the years to come. Through competition those possessing unique ability, persistence and stamina won honored positions on the teams. Individuals, however, could not make a winning Combination. Teamwork, with all hands striving toward a common goal, was the essential ingredient which went into the making of victory. Passing a football, dribbling a basketball, swinging a baseball batg the prime thought bchind the action was-'gNormandy must do its best." Wfhile working toward this end, sports enthusiasts de- veloped something which could never be taken away, a sense of good sportsmanship and the ability to accept defeat in the same gracious manner as victory. www THIRD ROW: Beattie, Stemmerman, Cmanaqerl, Sanders, DeGraw, Vest, Reynolds, Watts, Hodges, Atkins, Bradley tmanaqerj, Iohnston. MIDDLE ROW: Coach Winkler, Gray, Kammermeyer, Harrington, Branom, Armstrong, Gautsche, Buss, Polkinqhorne, Har- ris, Coach Sheehan. FIRST ROW: Boemer, Bianchi, Wolf, Friese, Capt, Dunkel, Capt. Butz, Bommarito, Doney, Goqqin, Otey. Gridiron Gladiators Hrinq Blur A long pass f'atr'hes Westerns team off guard. URINC the past year the Normandy athletic teams brought much glory to the campus. Hard work, long hou1's of practice and the will to win produced teams that would give a good fight to any opponent. Starting the year, the football season brought many thrills to Viking fans. Basket- ball, wrestling and swimming completed a success- ful winter season for the teams. When spring came it was time for baseball, track and tennis. 1 Coaches Mel Sheehan, Art Shipherd, Marshall Riegert, Morris Blitz, Walter Lundt, John Krablin and Jack Riehl coached the teams. They gave time and effort to train winning teams to uphold Nor- mandy's name. Page Fifty-Four tn Campus IIIS Nl'iIl'.N fmnllnull lvmn haul il sllws-ssflll we-amnn. 'l.Il1'y ln-gun luy dvfvulillgg Cvlllflll. 4 In ln' fnlluwing this xivlnry raum' unuthvr against Xxl'5l1'l'll Nlililalry Avzldm-lily. 'Hn' I1-um was all-fvalvcl In lmlll Nlupl1-NMI and Rill'IllllIl'. liullllvillg Ihalvk V' " -5 lu-all N4lI'Illilll1Iy.S rival. lln- nu-xl muk th' Nllxlllg l 1 :ls lln-5 put up il gmail fight against W1-lvslvr lnul wmhlnl hnlfl lhv 2l1lYilll1'illQ1 lm-zun. With lhvir 7 so nn 'lhmlks-'ixilw Daly. lhc- XIVIHIW MKII XVIII ll I. I. lwun e-mlul llu- SVRISUII xsilll fin- nina. llll'4'1' losses 1 .lllll um' lin NllI'lIlilll1IN Nm mannlx Nllflllllllllf Ntrflllilllily Nnlwlullulx NlIlIllilll4'X Nm mumly NIIVIIIQIIHIN N0l'Ill1lIIl'N T lf:-nlrul I I xxK'Nl1'l'll lil I"0'l'QllH0ll T kirkxsflfill U Nluplm--.-.mul ll HHVIIQIIII' fr I . ffilx lr XX l'IlNI4'l' lu Xxvll-lull lining! 1Il'UHIl!I Ille' mul, tl .Y4ll'H1IlllIl.H I'HllIlI'!' IX lu1'l.'Ie'1l. Q'-fin, My .fb . fran., - ,Vw y. ,, W1 "QQ 'A 2 M , "ff , x s.313mf.M if ff xx , I .V in E M M Sky x ' x Av..,fu .- A . Q Q,-, .', ,fi ,R X Q NXXS. s Q VAN fu'a'u1f.v flu-4111 Hun: uno' l'llIlllI'l' lrhila X 1 Q xx . N . . unufhrr IV ,l,ll4'l1'l'1l0lllllilll hm hum 11141115 fun ml: r rue mf, '-mv Fifty-Flvu Capt. Butz, tackle Capt. Dunkel, guard Doney, guard Freise. tackle Goggin, end Vest, center Bommqfifo, end i Otey, back Polkinghorne, back Johnston, back Bianchi, back k k "B"ers Retain Enuraqe i UHMANIJYS "Il" lfmntlmll tm-:un was at truc' lmlim nf llu- iXltl'IIIilllliX spirit. 'i'huugh not IHIN Ill" ll P grunt smlsml. tht-s xiiii thvir in-st to plan' il gmul funllmil lflittllt' umi 1ug.1iH'lht'il' lIlllJUlll'lliS tht- liziiiivsl fight I mfsilnlv. Morris lililz dnt his In-st ln - ' y uml lmmlivs of thv future Vanr- lmilsl up tln lllllltiN slly fnullmull tl-um. ltr- llihlh stron- lu giu- his lmys tl t'it'2ll't'l' llmiwslalmiilig uf lhi- fuutlrzlil SllltllillI'tiS NH thu muuhl iw lwttvr IDl'l'llitl'l'li for tht tmtl tht- futurt- Varsity grunt:-s. Nnrinumly Nwninmly Nm-inumly Nmwmimiy Nurniuntly Nnrinumly 0 xy4'ilSlt'l' 7 Kirkwood 7 Xiuplt-wuunl 0 Kit:-nour 0 li. tIilr 0 i.tttill1'i lwxl jvur Ili I2 28 IH' fl fl Howl IrIm'kilI1lflirI.w Ihr' If lwnu in llltllfillfl cl U than--1' f- 'VHIHIA ROW: Hlitz, Qfxifiril, Htirxxpp, Hendy, Herxdlpy, Meslo, Swyers, Harrison, Mfirler. SECOND ROW: Ellis, Painter, Teqult-r, Vrtk--I f'ffvr1rKgt-ur, Ch xh im, 'Vtxytt-1, l.ut-wk, Bun-H. FIRST ROW: Pilsmq, Wildermon, Scott, Kribben, Huqhes, Zieqeniuss, Bwxqnwlefr, 1211141 Fitty Svvmi Rieqert, Ptanstiel, Heidbreder, Barrett, Welsh, Goqqin, Ross, Schcrper, Elle-ison, Eckert, Iohnston, Otey, Miller, Rolilts, Beck- munn, Harrison. Ross squeezes through. arsit II:-lqers Shaw HE l952-53 basketball season was one of tht- most well played and exviting seasons in many years. Coach Mike Riegert really stressed good basketball fundamentals to the learn. Although the Normandy Vikings were hampered by a slow start, they were able to show good team spirit and marked improvement in their later games. As the season progressed with stronger 1-ompetition. the Vikings came through with such spirit and im- provement that the students here at Normandy really Could be proud of the team. Christmas week at Normandy was a week filled to the rafters with good basketball exhibitions. ln the first game that the Vikings played. they bowed to Hancock in the Green Division at the Junior High Gym. This put the Vikings in the Consolation Class. The boys really kept the floor hot by trouneing Pacifie, Central. and Fairview for a total of H9 to 122 points. Page Fifty-Eight ,Nr an Qlllvsl ul' W1-lrslm-r. Nllflllilllllf 4'1ll1'l'f-xl llli' XNlu'lnfl1-I' 'l'mlrn:lm1'nl llllll slmxu-cl l'1'Lll skill in alv- l.l'illlIIQl llilvnnur lay lwn lmwlwls mul lnsing lny only mn- 'mini lu liirlxwmnl. Y:KIiSI'I'N llKNKl'I'I'IMl,l, SUUIHCS Normunmlv 59 Soulllwm-st 50 Ntbflllillllly 014 lhmsm-vvll TT Nurmumly 155 lIl1-w-luml Tl Normumly ZH lI.ll.lf. -L2 Norlmuulv 33 lla-uumunt AIU Normunuly SU Lnlln-run -ll: Norrmmfly -Hi .lt'IllllllQLS 38 llllI'lSlIllil4 lournaum-nt Normzuuly Sf" llulwork 58 Nurmunnly ST lk-ntrul 40 Normnmlv 58 l'um'ili1' 37 Nnrmnmly' ll-5 l"uirxin-w 23 Sulmrlmn l,l'2lQlll1' Nurmunnly 52 ll. City 38 Nnrmumly Sli lire-ntwnml 49 Nornumnly TH We-ll-.ton -W xYl'll5l1'f lournzum-ul Nunuunelv 18 liile-nuur -H Nthflllillllly 'I-In Kirlxwuml -If Sulmrlnun lmugm- Nul'lllAlll4lV -lfll Wlrlxslvr 66 Nnrmunflv Sl- l"e-mllwrl 32 NOI'Ill1lllllY 60 Sl. lfllurll-N 50 Nurmzlmly 47 Nlupln-woml 5l Nllflllilllily SU Kitvumxr 53 NUFIIHIIHIV H Kirkwuml 62 Nlll'lllilIlllV 57 ifluyloll ful H' l.u1luv 31' Nnrnmmlv .nf Efficienl: un the Cnurt Ni1lf'Nfl'lfllfll!f nplmsifiun. lIr'l1Ih1'4'1lar ur! rm-rx dulrn Ihr vu Class ".' X lla-gionul Nurmnmly 118 l.zulu4 H Nllflllllllily' -I--1 Nlt'lXllllt w Nlvllrlmlm Nnrmumlv 40 Nlif! mmprlilifm N1Illl'.V Vilrinyx, I vim! wl1mu.n.s jun lf'-in-1 Fllty-Nm-1 v strugmli Aj 141' ' sail fr-Xin + Kribben, Vogt, Borchelt, Kremenecky Mueller Hughes D. Henderson, Be-rqmeier, Sanders, Taylor, Henderson: Swy-ers! tniclnoqe-rl. ,Q my 14, Rwvl flthletes Learn Fundamentals WP Team ivork pays off. Pcrqe Sixty HE MB" Basketball team coached by Larry Wirikler started off with a three-game winning streak. As the season progressed, they fell into u six-game losing slump. This slump cost the team a season with more lost than won. Although thesa- gamcs were lost, the daily pravtim-e experienm-e should pay off in the revorcl of the l953-51 Var- sity team. Although hampered hy this poor season record, the HIT, team was still able to come through with a victory over Ritenour in the Suburban League "B" Tournament in the Normandy Junior High Cym- nasium. ln the Normandy Senior High Gym, the Pliers were lveaten lay Brentwood and Clayton High Schools. The future Varsity cagers of lNormandy High School wound up their season with a rem-ord of 7 wins and ll losses. 1-nptziin. liivli Ott-y. along with rnnkios Dun Alla-n :incl Nlivk, K,-ilnlain, limlu-ring np llwir pil:-ning: airnis nnl on tln' zttlilc-tn' fn-ltl. .lUilllSl0Il nt first. Dun l,filIlSiit'i :it sm-voml. l'nnl l't'l't'IXt'ti flu:-Iurs nrtlvrs lu stun iN't'illlSl' nf un ln- jnry I1-1-1-ix:-al in una- nf lust yvuris QIHIIIOS. Ellflt'llt' lnnsl tlu- Imttvr s lmx. TOP ROW: Com-lr Shiphrlrd, This-le, Myers, Lewis, Fenwick, Scott, Mueller, Kribbin. SECOND ROW: Hughes, McGrath, Tnylor Vtrqt, l'. Mill:-1, VVf1lltnth, Strnwkrl. BOTTOM ROW: Allen, Srrnders, Iohnson, Otey, Prietss, Bnrrtltt, Pfnnstiel. Pitchers lic nnlc Success -.... V . , - IIIC IUSZ Yilxingl lnlsvlmzlll tvznn xsnnml np tht- Snlnirlmn l.1-ngiw play with vlt-wn wins untl fin- loss:-s tsllirll plan-ml tlivln in tliirtl ilivisiun. lznrlx in ilu- spring uni 1-nnltl sm- ls-ttvrinzni :incl Win-n tln' svusnii gut nntlvr way. we- funnrl ,lim Mills-r ul short stun. 'IR-tl I'rif'v ut tliirtl. until ln' l'r1'is:- ut riullt fi:-Ifl. lfiigvrn' S4-lrwiflflf' at 4'1'ntvr. Dun l'nIkinglnn'm' ut It-ft fir-lil :incl Tenn llutz Iw- llln-n lln- 5:15111 in-nt tn pri-ss. tht- Vikings had nun alll fin' gulln-sf pltnt-tl. .t vlusf' 1111111 mr'41n.vnrlisplltvflrlvvixiuli. Priqf' Sixty-Ours THIRD ROW: Bailey, Epiicxnio, Ray, Fritz, Ellis, Bradley, Stroud, Aubuchon, Bedre, Premer, Sprddlinq, Strcrsser, Kcmtis, Zieqen- tuss, Couch Blitz. SECOND ROW: Zoll, Eder, Wolf, I-Iickerson, Frcmkenberqer, Doney, McKean, Barnes, Knumiller, Benoist, Bianchi, Dunkel. FIRST ROW: Heciciy, Crider, Berqmeier, Capt. Bedrosiem. qile atrnen Became Champions Working hard. Dunkel tries for a pin. Page Sixty-Two HIS yea1"s wrestling team under the superh coaching of Morris Blitz made a creditahle showing, dropping only two decisions. The Vikings were handicapped hy the loss of "Half Wfhitney, past captain and four-year state champion. As the time for the state tournament drew near. the matmen possessed a fighting spirit and a will to win, and after two days of strenuous wrestling brought home a third place trophy to he put with the many others won in previous years. The team also produced two state champions in their weights: Dick Frankenhurger and Stan Berg- meier. Bergmeier was the sensation of the team when he pinned his opponent in ten seconds. During the state meet Webster and Normandy were fighting it out for second and third place. und:-r tht- voaivhiiig of Wultvr Lundt. The-y won a large' inujority ol tht- nwvts, losing: only four. Aftvr working long: hours uftvr svhool the tvaln was in lop note-h form for thvil' first lnvvt, whirh thvy won. lhis lllf't'l govt' thvln tht- lust for vivtory which they 1llSlllil,l'tl hy also winning thvir svn-ond nwvt. 'Ihr ann was st-t lim-k in thvir third mvvt, the first of lht-ir four lossvs. 'l'hc- individual swinuncrs, while ht-lping tht- tvzun win. also hrolw nine of the stand- mptnin ol tht- swimming team. Don Klinglvr. led tht- tvzun to tl wvll-i'arm'd svvond plarc in tho state int-vt. Thi- tx-ann fought hard to got a first plau- liophy lnul vould not lwul thvir old opponent. Prin- quamen Stroke ln Viclnr WllVllVlllNtl was ont- of Nornmndyis top sports this your. 'I'ht- tvann had a vvry good season gg I'l't'tlI'tl!4 ol tht- yvair lwforc. Thv hard-working .N'm'numdy swimmers try to SM ll neu' rvrorfl. upiu. who look tha- trophy. the most outstanding p01'forinzin4'v. 'l'hvir roach. This yi-au"s la-ann was 1-omposf-d of hoys from Walter Lundt, prvdit-ted at hrilliant futurv for the um-ry your of high school with tht- juniors giving llll'lIll'It'l'S of the tvzun. rllllllrill HOW: Hunstvin, Blffdsop, Smith, Gould, Wildmman, Couch Lundt, SECOND ROW: Gould, Heckel, Miller, Downes, lffioyw 1, YHit::. l'IHS'I' ROW: Freiso, Pfxtton, Russ, Capt, Klinqlor, Hopkins, Anyun, Fe-nirnoro. 'J' ,f M I 4,-t.....,..x..N .. , ,M Page Sixty-Three FIRST ROVV: Bommarito, Byrd, Garlic, Rohlis, Iacobs, McKean, Eder, Buss, Bradley, Bellerson. SECOND ROW: DeGraw, Berqmeier, Ellis, Graham, Chouris, Hughes, Stroud, Gautsche, Gray, I-leidbreder, Coach Sheehan. THIRD ROW: Stemmermann, Schuster, Henderson, Fickel, Pritchard, Still, Preise, Hodges, Duke, Scott. Determination makes a star. Hurdlers Set Pace HHN the l952 Normandy t-imlermcn fin- ished the track season, they had an experi- ence of which they could he proud. For the first time in six years the C.B.C. cindermen were beaten by the spirited Normandy Vikings. '4lVlel" Sheehan, the new Normandy track coach, called a meeting of all interested candidates for the track team. He urged all interested hogs to turn out for practices so he could see what the hoys had to offer. This gave ulVlelH a chance to make a good selection of qualified boys. With a month of exercises and hard training he- hind them, the Viking cindermen eagerly met their l953 opponents. Up to the time the Saga went to press, the team had a fair showing. As the season got under way, the Vikings met the St. Charles cinclermen on the Normandy field for their first dual meet. They downed the St. Charles boys, 80 to 28. Normandy turned around and was Page Sixty-Four lrcatcn lay a supcrior East St. Louis tcam at East St. Louis. This score turncd out to lac I4-6 in favor of East St. Louis to a mere 67 points for thc Nor- mandy Vikings. Ulhcr than the two dual mccts, thc cindcrmcn allcndcd thc Missouri Statc indoor track and field mcot at Columlmia and thc Clayton Invitational track and fit-ld mccl at thc Clayton High School athletic fit-ld. At Coltnnlmia, iNormandy tied for last place with Rolla, hut was alrlc to make a fair showing of fifth placc in tht- Clayton Invitational. 'l'hc captainship of thc 1953 track team was sharcd by thrcc outstanding athlctcs. Thcy wcrc Don Jacobs, l'aul Mclican and Fred Bommarito. Among thc tllrcc of thcm, thcy kc-pt the tcam in . , , tv- . ' - v. I. ' , - .- good spirits throughout thc l'lllll'C track season. ""'Hmy "f"t""'i mum HHm"'m" Normandy can look forward to having a vcry sin-ci-ssfiil track tcam in l9541. Boys showing prom- ising possilmilitics in '5114 are Rich Garlic, Ronicr llodgcs, Harold llukc and Pat Bradley. fur Viking Cindermen Ilrirrl 1n'rLcti1'e is the key to success. f'on.s'tant workouts make for perfcction. Page Sixtyfive V Nlmzriug good form. Potion fees off. If Ytll' mer beard any of eight boys talking about eagles. shots. or birdies we hope you ditltft look for hunters, because it was probably part of the golf team ebatting on the 1-ampus. When the l952 golf season ended. Nflfllliltllll-S golf team placed third in thc distrivt meet at Helle- rive Country Club and had a record of seven wins with one loss to a ehallenging Webster Groves team. The l953 eaptain, Bill Patton, was the medalist in the slate meet at Kansas City. The l953 golf team. wbieh was eonlposed of 21 backbone ol letterlnen: Bill Patton. Ross Horst. Hobart Lynch, Robert Ens, and new members of the team. Tom Kyle, Leith Knamiller, Joe Strasser and Jerry Taetz, showed great promise lo Coat-lt John Krablin. As the Saga went to press. tht- team had not played in any games but it showed great eonfidenre for a Slll,'l'6SSl'lll season. Golfers Uverlznme Keen lfnmpetitinn Leith Knamiller, Bill Patton, Hobart L h ync , Ierry Tuetz, Bob Ens, Ice Strusser, Tom Kyle. Page Sixty-Six etmen Imprn e I-lqainst Strung Uppnsitinn TOP ROW: Schulz, Thoele, Arter. BOTTOM ROW: Kremenecky, Schlueter, Henkenson. AST year for the first time after a long interval of inaetiveness, tennis was added to the list of Varsity sports at Normandy. Many of the boys appeared on the court for the first time, while others were veterans of the tennis eourt. All of the par- tieipants tried to improve themselves and to make a good showing for Normandy. The team as a whole had its good meets and its bad meets, but for at new sport in its first year it. made a creditable showing. Must of lust year's team were seniors and grad- uated in thi- spring, leaving Mr. Riohl with the job of getting another new tcam organized this year. The boys eame out in larger numbers than they did last year and in order to eliminate the incapable players a tournament had to be played. The players who ranked high in this tournament were m-hosen as the team of l953. These boys worked hard and long hours in order to be prepared for their first meet. They were de- feated by only one point. By continuing to prac- tice, they will get as good a team as possible for the remainder of the season, bringing Normandy's tennis- team up in Varsity sports. rg A snzushivig serre is important. Page Sixty-Seven Bullying starts fast action in a hockey game. Hard playing adds anotlier point for Normmidy. FOURTH ROW: Noonan, Utsch, Reisenleiter, Smull, Shoy, Rode, Lonqhoier. THIRD ROW: Hodge, Woods, Iones, Fitzmourice, Haynes, Leber. SECOND ROW: Vogt, Rutter, Brouss, Hamilton, Douglass. FIRST ROW: Putter, Woods, Merkel, Foote, Donoho, Geroqhty. Page Sixty-Eiqh Girls Hn elnp PORTS as extracurricular activities were again popular as students returned to school and settled down to their studies. New fields were sought to occupy busy hands. Girls' athletics taught not only skills and 'lknow-howl' of the various sports but good sportsmanship and character as well. By using coordination and mental strategy the girl sports enthusiasts planned and formed the hard-playing teams. This brought to light the fact that maybe the girls we1en't as weak as was sup- posed. YVith the arrival of crisp October. field hockey was opened to those who had a quick mind and a strong constitution. In the first meeting of the hardy hockey enthusiasts at the field, "oldsters" welcomed the novices and set the task of preparing for the cold, rough season ahead. They spent many hours building and developing new skills. Breath control and endurance were developed by the rou- tine trip of three laps around the hockey field at a very brisk pace. The hockey teams chose managers to lake care of equipment and attendance records and to super- vise practice. The team managers were, for the Tenth' Virginia Volkert and Joan Tiefcnbrunng Eleventh, Mary Hodgeg and Twelfth, lVlarilyn Ris- inger. When all class games had been completed the Varsity was chosen. The choice group chosen by Coaches Ferguson and Dunbar were all girls who excelled in hockey and met the necessary qualifications for the honor of being on the Varsity Hockey Team. The girls' Varsity Hockey Team was composed of only those girls who had spent long, hard hours working and striving to perfect their skills. Although the team's record stood with two ties, two losses, and no wins, the girls all agreed that it had been hard work but had given them more skill with their hands on maneuvers than they had at the beginning of the season. 1 Gund Sportsmanship IIII xln- 4-xl-:lf-nn-Ill ul l,lll'ISlllI1lF mvr. lln' illlllllllill' ol' lzlxl X4'1ll'.b Xausily lialalu-llvull If-:um nu-I annul lllNl'll55I'll lln- lullm- illl1'iI4l lm' lllv ll'.lllI. New Nkilh illlll wilxllvggy xwre' 1l1'lml1'ml mvl' llII4l MlI1lNllI'llu mul. 'lulu' Qlllillilb ul :lm-ll-mv flwilll-fl upun uflllll'-A. xsllivll new an N-rim ul' lllillH'llXl'l'5 Ivy xxlnlvll llu- lHlNlxl'l XNilrIDl'1Il1'l'll'll lrum Illm- rlxul lm-um all :Ill llIlIl'N. l'IlI'llI1'l' HII. zum' Ill1'illll lllall lln- IllilXl'lN fl-,ml in au :ln-figs: Nimilau' lu :1 lflilllsllt' "1-mv 1-ling" lln- plum-1' mlm mu flramn out nl' lln- "zulu-N lux lll4'lllDlHlNllI:1 I1-um. 'lllif 5LiII was lully ulluim-il :mel .llrlnliml lu lln' QLIIIIIVS lllxll Nl'I'4'lbl1lf1'll. Nlnmg Nl'IFlF mul lmmlf xsvxw' lmlmrlallll III llllr vxalvliny -pull. l-lllll'lxlll'Nf lu vxzulc- mul uulxxil lllm' wlupfuwlnl lmnlx il Il4'I'l1l'1'llX cl1'u'lulw1l illlfl lll'illlllf miml mul lwrlx. 'l'lu- mlxalnlalgv ul' Il1i5 illlillIllll4'lll lnmlplll mamx xlw'lm'wl1N 5511114-5, llllh HIFI? tlllIl'lv l'II4'll llli' Illllllli illlil lHIllI1'N ul lll1' NQIYEIIN ljl2ly1'I'h, ll.ll4'4'l1lNSll'2llllN xsul'lw.l Inu-fl xsilll lll1'll'I'illllLllIlS. lwulmgg lln-In lm In XI1'lHll4'r. IIN- vlzlww 1'illililIllS xwlw' Xlzlrgi-' NUUIIRIII. Ixwllblllz tl2lI'Hl xlll1'llK'l'.1'l1'N- 4-nlll: mul Xlil4lr'1-ml lv-rn. ll'Illll. 'lilw lm-lllll graulv lflilllll' illflillllil lliu'l'xl1'xs will lung ln- l'l'lIl1'IlllN'l'1'1l l-HI lllilft' XXuml's lll Imllllw l.4llllHX1'Kl 1-IW-ly lvy A 11 ' xl-IIN Xlvllwl 5 lu Imuml-. l,UIlQllllllllxqll-IllRI1'll4'1'XS4'I'1'll4'1'1'5Flll'f lu1lm'xm'lup ilu- lim- Nlxillf. lfglxl l'fmluul'lx mul Slllilillllsl xsvrv "xxmlu'4l null' Qllmmg !ll1' lbilbl-lllllllxlllgl l'ul'uall'1lf. "l'ixulinuggH mul "fpl'il1g1ia1p'. zlrmlml llu- uppmu-nl NUII' IIVVIWNJIIX lu lu-vp lllf- lmll lll NHl'IllillHlX F puf- N.--Nimu. 'llnif 'mm-ll llml lima- mul um-l'ul pl'au'li1-m- maule' IH'I'l.l'l'l. Xanfilx llillilillll lluml Xngl ll-ll lln- 11-:un llllllllglll lln- mugln mul luzuml +1-awful. IIN- wlmn-v QLIKIIIIJ vlwwn lm lllHll'll1'N llunluu mul l"--lggllwln lmzul an-V llIIlIl'll lm. ninx. no li-w. mul nu lmwx ullml this :mln un-nl I., pn-F-. 'l'lu- Xnrfily lDll'llIl'1'5llllXXS0llly + A , . . , 'I'h4' jllllllf' lwgfins lrilll tl xlrifl puxx, an lvnlxlllxu- XillNIlX.1lSlllI5I'1llH XH'Ill l1ulll1'lll'Illll'l I Q ' ' ,I xiglll ul' l'1'Iu'! v'x4'1llu'.v :rx lin' Im!! l14r.v,a-wx Hlllflllglll Ihr' nfl 1-aulx. lluxxn llalmlllmn NiiFll1lll4'll hr llu- lull-lmlvll MVK HUM ,MM Gm? Vmm I.H m1 Wi M :MN :.l.k.UNl H .. HOW: Kvwllv, lnxmvxlntvl, Hllsw--rmlwxiwv, l'1tzm1x1I1v1 H-'lfl l"'-'Ir FIRF 1'.Igl'l- . ROW: Frm' -ul, lvl'-rkvli, Hrdue, Nvwum, VOQ1. H1110 S1XlY'N1Ilf' ermaills Learn Life-Saving Techniques l,'l'H0titlH Stflllllllltlsl hurl lJK'4'Il il required SWlllllItlllfl wus not t'OIlSlClK'l't'tl il Varsity sport. 1-oursr' for gmlflllzltioll. the Nornlallldy' stu- but points wt-rv giwn llDWlll'll tl ltlfglt' Nh-ltr-l'. dt-nts also Illitllt' il PKIl'll-f'lll'l'll'lllllI'. Working for SWlIIlIl1llIg not ollly hrollght ilMitl'tlS hut also gam- llllllly' hours to he rl-ucly for Life Saving. the girls physivul anrl lllt'lllill lliilllllllg. Thr- girls yu-rv taught Shltlll allitt-r svhool lol' llllllly' nights. Lift' Saving litlll' play' ill lllltl out of tllv watvr. 'lillis point yszls illvolyvtl not Ullly lu-ing ll strong SWllltlIlCt', hut pl'oy'01l H'lll'll Nornlzlllcly sent tm-ll girls to l,l'lllt'lIlltl knowing holds. tht- psyl-hology of ltw frantit- on April lil. Hero tht- girls llN'l with altlllt-tvs lilitlll ill'UWllt'I'. and tht- "tri4'lis" ol tht- W1tlt'l' itself. Lifts l,l'illl'ipiz1. llarillg ill lPiltkSll'Hlil'. ltl't'LlSll'Hl-LP, from-- Stttlltgl was opvll to alll QII'ililt'Sl tht- only l't'qtlll'P- style zllltl lllufllvy yu-rt' tops on tlll- list olLl1'tiyitil's. tllt'lll ht-ing that ont- lIlllSl ht- il SNNllltItll'l'. CUill'll 'lille l,l'lllt'llJlit girls lJl't'St'Illf'tl il Willttl' hullvt for l'lt'I'Q1llS1lll llvlpc-cl tlll- i'tIlt'l'tIlLtillS-i Ull llltllly points. their guvsls. 'lllll' Varsity lJll'lllI'1' shoyys tht- ton girls Altvl' lllillty ywl-ks ol' hlllll llork iltlfl mltl-l'-lilll-ml who wont to l,l'l!lt'lIDlll. This vopy wont lo prl-ss lungs. tht- girls who pass:-tl wt-l-iy'c-ll ltlf- volt-tm-cl In-l'orv Lift- Saying was stalrtt-cl, hut Illtllly girls pur- tlmllwl ol il Ht-d Cross Life Saying llLlKlgl'. tivipzltecl. :Nv0V'Hlll71ll1l sll'i1lllnf'r's xlloll' three kinrls of dirillg. P11179 Seventy Tennis Team ehieves En-urdinatinn ICNVNIS mis Iltbl il Varsity spurt hut thc V153 Jillll' haul Itllllly t'XlI'il'l'lll'l'il'lllllI' 1u'ti1'iti1's. sho fnurul t1'1111is t'IlllttlSiitSlS tlltltll' it S1'l'lll likv iltt Ulym- ti11u' to uppvur 1111 tht- t'tllll'l for 11 s1'1'111ul liltl4'. 'lilu pit- 1u'ti1ity. Altlunigglr i11 only tht- st-1-mul y'm'ur of lt'1ltll pluyvtl hatrcl tl:IillttSl tIllpt1llt'lllSllllll with gtuul t'Xi5ll'Ilt'1' all N1r111111uly S1'11i11r lliggh Svluuil, tlu' spirit. Altl11111gl1 tlu' r1's11lts11ltlu' ltltllt'llt'S tNl'l't' llthl lt'lllliS ll'tlIlt haul llttllly girls tu slum' thvir skill. ill WlIt'll this vnpy' wvnt tu prvss. tlu'ir UlDINltll'lllh lil1tIt'll l'it'l'jlll5tlll tauigght tlu- i111'xpv1'i1-111'v1l pluyvrs w1'1'1- l'iiliI'Ylt'W, l,l'lllt'illlil. liltlyllltl mul l'11iwrsity att tlu- first ul tlu- yt'itl' to 1'1'1-1-iw SlllllSllillg sc-1'y'vs City. mul Ilu- SNt't'lJiltQ1 lntu-klutrul. 'l'l11-sv girls ulsu lt'tll'ltt'tl Sll't'llf,'IllIt'llittsl tht-1 wrists lllltl ttl'lttS was tht- gmail tlu- must lItlllUl'ltlIll thing ill tllly' sport. gmul sports- l11rtl1isy'1'a11'.plustlu-skill11ltl1i11ki11g1111ltlu'pl11ys tlltllhllili. lly tlu- t'lltl of tht- St'ilSlltl tht-sv 1u1vi1'11s uluuul of tinu- for y'i1't11ry' against thvir 11ppu111'11t I11 tht- lt'ItlllS t't1llI'l yy1-rv lully 1-1l111'a1t1-cl i11 tlu- wuy All of the Varsity' girls itgI'l't'tl that it haul lll'txtt at nl' tlu- t'tlt'tIlll'l. gtuul yt'2tl'. 'lilu' llll'lllI't'S wt-1'v litlit'Il 11lt1-1' this vupy Jillll' Willi41111s1111 t't'ltll4ltt'tl tn tht- Varsity ultvr tl w1'11t to prvss. 'lilu' Varsity i11 tlu- pic-turn' atlum' is Sllt't't'HSl-lll yt-ur ill tluf l95l-52 sc-11s1111. Altlruugh the t'0IIlpl0l0 Varsity 'l't'1111is t1'z1111. ell-J ,Nav .1 .vn111.vl1i1111x1'1'1'f' 1ri11.v fur ,Y1ll'llllUIlIjj, Will: fl q11ir'I1' 1'1'I111'11, Ihix 11l11y1'1' 1ri11.w Ihr' !l4llllt', Priqa SI-WVF1l'llY'OftE' swift C S l'lu'rir'1fnrI1' zrizm Il pninl fm' ,YOI'IlltIHfZjl. .tlfzlrinyf ll xelllp. II plrlyffrf',r1'1'11fif'.w tl xpilre. TlilHl't ROW: Biiius, Rosle, Prreqel, Reisenleiter, Held. SECOND RGVV: Lsbsr, Fitzmcrurice, Utsrh, Brmie-r. FIRST ROW: Hndfle, Gprs ahty, Noonan, Vogt. Pune Seventy-Two ll lirain plannecl strate turns ancl jumps to Teamwork Is HE V353 elass rolleyhall teams met anti started praetit-e to perfeet themselves for tht- Varsity team. Working two nights a week at per- fecting their skills, girls soon attained tht- neeessary perfeetion. The seerel of rollryhall lay in tht- strength of the hands, inoxing quirkly anml surely sending the hall to the opponents' sitlt-. Wlith MSifl0-lluli-wiht' hard, low-fly ing serve had to he precise and fast. A slovs-moxing player had no place in volleyhall. Although it was not as hard on the eonstitution as hot-key, volleylnall require-cl tore "hrain-work". Nimhle fingers worked hartl on spikes while the gy lo oulwit tht- opposing teams. lracre of movement was also niasterell for the quirk meet the bull. The Cffil'lPlll'y of spiking clepencletl upon tht- height of the jump and the quit-kness in reeeixing and passing the hall. Many hours were spent on "set-upsv. 'llhese were lifting the hall into the air, with the finger tips. also passing it on ahead to the girl at the net. She lll turn hit the hall then smashed it to an exrellent pike over the net for a point. To keep tram-k of the prartiee points and to put away equipment the girls rhose as their managers. Norma Priegel, twelfthg Phyllis Pufler. eleventh: jucly Slevker, tenth. They worked hartl and long at their prat-tive, looking forwartl to tht- future when the 1-lass games would he playetl. Class games eame. anrl for their eaplains tht- teams chose Virginia Filzniaurir-e. tw-lfthg Dawn Hamilton, elexenthg Mit-hello Shay. tenth. Despite the fact that many other interests arose. the teams stayed together. working with 1-ooperation toward the mum-h desired vietory. Essential llli slarillg sl-alslall llllly lll'I'l'. Allll'l'll'il-S lal- llarill' splarl llals llglillll ill larlagll-ss. Nlllilllllll- llx's nllligllly llilSl'yS-l llllI'l'll'll lla llll- slalllaalll lil-Ill liar il l-l'llIll llirlsl Allllc-lil' lil-Ill lla laalrlil'ipalll- ill llll' glilllll'. Al llllallgi 2ll'llXllf.llll'I'l' lH'l'l'l'Il1aIlQ1llglflsllillllXl'l'lilSSll'lllllS. 'lllll' pills lllarlal-ll lllll'll all llillllllg. llillillgl. slillillg llllll lallll-la lallllll-rlalls alvlililil-s lla llllll' il slll-an-ssllll laalsl-laalll ll'illll. 'lllll-l 2ll51l llllll lla lal- lllIll'li ill ll'ill'Il- illg llll'll4 slkllls. llal' slalllaalll 5l'llSHll all lxllfllllllllll Sl'lll1ll' lligll lsals llll' slllarll-sl slalarl svalslall lal-silll-s ll-llalis. 'l'lll- ll'Lllllh luarlxl-ll llilI'll illlll lKl'l'1'51lUll l'l'lllly liar lllm-ir lwallllavlilill- llllIllPlll'lll5. xxlllflilllg llillill llllll lsilll il zvsl llislalalylall lll'llUl'l' lay Narlllallllly splarl- slvrs. l llll- lillII'l'lS liar lllla V232-525 sl-alslall all Nllfllllll lligll Sl'll1PlJl. fxllllllllslll llll'y clillllll glal lllvlll alll, NHI'lllllllllfAS 1-lalss ll'1llllh l-alllll' llllllll' llilll lllvir Sllill'l'. llalilll llilfi llillllll sllapllll-s1'lalaly1'l's. llarllll's1'zl:s1all llals Fllllfl illlll llll'X llilll lla lalala Sl 1-l-rlalill llllllllN'l' wal' llilllll'5. 'llllv llllllvlil' lil-Ill lsals ill pvrla-l'l Sllillllf laalsl- lil llllll llilFl5 lwrl' ill'l'llI'llll'ly lllill'l'll illlll asalilillg. llllll' slrlallg lNl'lSlF Zlllll llilllllS mal llll' ll'ilIll lwrl- lll'lllIlg.Q llllll llll- Flllfll 1al'llll'g1illlll'. llll'll llll'X lSl'I'l' mall lla il Nl'Sl5lPll lal lKlDIllll'l'llll lllllllllll'll'5. l.Ialss 1iiIllll'F llXl'l'. llll- x'illiSllX slalllaalll ll'illll wals vlllasi-ll. llllll' xlilI'FllX lllallal-ll als llill'll liar x'il'l4al'll's als llll- l'lilF5 ll'illllS. l"lar llll' vlll'Sllf lsalsll'l l'l'illl, lla Fila als Flllill als ll lsals Illl'lU'lll lll1'N llilll lla Ial'all'lil'l' llalgl-llllar flar vlalalal-l'allilall illlll slairil. lllll llll-5 sea lDl7llllIll'll lllis llllll wvrl' l'l'llllf liar llll' Valrsily 5l'ilSUll lal slafllaalll. Willl llll' l'llKl lal' llll' Xll'llll'lllUS Valrs 5l'll5llll llll- slalarls yl'lll' lsals l-llllvll liar llll- V152-53 Nl'll5llll all lxllfllllllllll. llllll' Vlll'Sllf lJll'lllIAl' slllawll illillll' l'1llll2llll1'1l lallly il ll'IllillIXl' lasl :al lDlilyl'I'S. l'l'ill'li all llll' laalll. 'lllll' yill'Slll lal 1-igllll girls lllhl W'2lI' lSl'll'llIllixll llll- lll'W lDlilX1'l'S lla llll ll spring svalslall 38325 jillll-lHl1'lQl'll lsilll llllll'l' llll- l'lil55 ll'illll5 awrl- lalll lla gl-l llll'll' Sllill'l' lal ally l IOS Ull ily This Ialllywa' la ins lrilll fl'HUflll'I' llUIHf'I' fm' .YllI'7IlflllIljl. Nlrilrc' II11'r'r', ycalfrf' aalllf THIRD ROW: Mlllliuflly, Rode, Pill-qnl, Rwisllauluitm, SKCONU ROVV lwlawl, Filzllllllllvv, UlSf'll, Bl-llllar. FIRST HOW: Haarlqw, Ga-lam Nlfmllalll, Vmvl. Paula SOv0llly'Tllllaw llly HA IIS rganize ,xdcfiuifiefi "Lefs go hand in hand, not one before another." . . . -WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. ECAUSE there was such a variety of extra-curricu- lar activity at Normandy, every interest was satis- fied by participation in the numerous organizations. All groups were open to those who could fulfill the requirements and who were eager to become members. Many organizations gave valuable preparation for future life, while others were formed for pure enjoyment. Sev- eral honorary organizations existed for the recognition of past achievements of outstanding students. Who could forget the pleasures of filling food baskets for the less fortunate, writing copy for the paper or creating harmony in musical groups? Besides acquiring cherished memories, all members gained worthwhile benefits, for all organizations devel- oped a spirit of fellowship, real unity and a common purpose as a goal. Through working with others towards the fulfillment of this goal, sincere cooperation was achieved. As in other aspects of life, organizations taught students that success could be realized only when all hands worked and pulled together. BACK ROW: Re-mmert, Marler, Rode, Hoesli, Harqate, Volmer, l-leckel, Balch, Small, Barkau, Reisenleiter, Wills, Montgomery. THIRD ROW: Erauss, Moakley, Miller, Barlow, Leber, Utsch, lones, Schweitzer, Rutter, Moreau, Miss Brewinqton. SECOND ROW: Dunham, Vie, Mathews, MCCl1Hney, McGinty, lovanovic, Dachroeden, Barkey, Meyer, McAllister, Bradley. FIRST ROW: Klinqlei, Bmnoin, Greve, Bensiek. Saga aintains High Standards HHN the lust picture had heen taken, the last eopy' written and the eaptions and "idents" eoinpleted, the dreams of the l953 Saga stall hem-anne at reality. For the past eight months the Saga offiee had been the eenter of aetivityf for the niuny preparations that were essential in the Eflifnrs plan for the year nherul. production of an outstanding yearhook. Holy Brun- oin, editor-in-chief, and Miss Frmiees Brewingrton. advisor, kept at careful watch to see that eueh detail eonfornied with the standards needed for un All- Aineriean yeurhook. Eaeh lneniher of the stuff worked together with the group in preparing at hook that eould take its plaee among the niatny superior hooks of previous years. Along with preparations for the hook, the stuff produeed at skit for the uetivity' usseinhly and the rover eainpaiggn. Un Nnfeniher l5, they gave the iltllllldl Baekward llztnee. lfsing tt Spanish setting as the theme, they erowned Ray' Iloney' und Doris Cunkel as Chieo und Chiquilu. ln April one of the inost exeiting dunees of the year was given. Set in the lmllrooin of the Merry Widow Norinnndy's King and Queen were erowned. Four speeiul senior tnziids and their escorts and two maids und their eseorts from eaeh of the other grades grueed the evening. This proved to he at wonderful elosing to il xery sueeessful year for the V153 Sugar. Paqe Seventy-Six FOURTH ROW: loos, Niemeier, Brouer, Vonckx, Arter, Allen, Miller, Schlueter, Elleison, McIntyre, Layton, Beqole, Loeber, Smith, Inspc-, Wtlhfrms, Goeckeler. THIRD ROW: Goodman, Uptdin, Meyers, Lefmrmn, Lowe, Pedrotti, Goede-l, Pourie, True- hlfmrl, Willimiifz, Rutherford, Mrrrknmnn, Brown, Hibbs, Hodge, Hnrkins. SECOND ROW: Felter, Worthy, White, Shepard, Rjxrxivfi, Willirxmsran, l'lfHtSf-'11, Woods, Donoho, Come-qys, Lebermfmn, Hrrrris, lWOWitt, Rivhcrrdsmi, FIRST ROW: Btrntd, Mcrkol, ljeurier Heeeives Tep Hurlers fill izw. 'l'lllXlNli for pi-1'lm-vlimi zuicl iuulxing 1'u'i'x' . . w . . flvzulllm- in-rv tm: of ilu- illIllS t.Ulll'Il'l' slu- ilc-uts lmlwil lu iliiillll. lun-rx stuff iuvmlwi' suuglil liupiwtzint IIUXSSIll1ll'tll'I'iUWIillt' Illlt'I't'SllIlQ1ill'lll'lt'S. ill' 1. Thi-5 xwrlwil with thi- stall nwiulwrs in plain- nuig ilu- St. lhllls l,2lll4'l'. 'I'lii- iluiivi- pi'm'c4l. its llSllltl. In lu' um' ul' thi- lriglgvsl vtvllls ol thi- svllunl yi-air. l's-ggi Mm-lliiirv mis 4-I-mutt-it qiivi-ii ut thi- . v Q v . . .Nltliniigli thi- 4-xpi-i'ii-im-il j1lllI'Ililll5lS hail thi- must 1-ml ul ilu- i-xi-ning. llii-l,m1i'u'l'nu-miiplislivil ai lint kmm-limi in thu- :ilnility limt'l'm'alt1' 'Topf' thi- .luniur in WSIS. ftzilli pi-mlm-4-il smut- lim' .irtivlm-s. 'lllirmigli thi- vn- iilwiaitiim ul Imtli thi- ,luuinr uml Si-uiur stalls this ymirs i.HlII'It'l' mis um' ul Ihr' In-st that haul l'Xl'I' lu-vii III'1llllIr'4'll. lN'li-nllu-rw ui tlu- stall Ii-iii-in-il lu tzllu- gmail vril- ivifiu :is in-ll its l'1lIlllbliIll1'lll5. Altvr runny liuurs of ii rit ing :mtl wxsrllllig 1-mln lhvx l1'airm'il him to urili- li-zilim' zirlii-li-s. Iii-liiml ilu- sm-in-s wvri' runny ,lIllli1ll' zuul Svninr -i4llll'llillihiH who ilm'si'l'x1'il 1-rvilil lm' -in-h an lim- part thvy playa-il in pimliivllig this pulilivutiim. lu thi' past thi- llmlrivi' In-mliii-i-il iuaiuy fini- iivws- paipi-i's. hut thu- im-nilwrs ul this yi'zir's stuff wi-iv m'4'i'lzlili tu min prziisn- friuu thi' rvsl of lN0l'lllilllIlf'S stiuli-nts. 'l'lu- Plllllllhiililll mls urgm-il mi hy Maury lVls-rlu-l, i-ilitm'-iii-vliii-f. :mil Mrs. Nlairy Still. spun- Pfiqo Suvonty-Svvrin Writing, typing and proof rmrriirzg ure' all puff u rluyiw irnrk. Legislature Eevern Student Bull Offteers plan assemblies for the student body. ldAltNllNG to govern a student hotly was one important function of the Student, Council. This year Bob Compton, President of the organizationg lVlr. Morris Blitz. faculty advisor: and the other memlwers carried out the many important tasks given them, hut at tl1e same time won the respect and admiration ol the entire student hody. Utlier officers were llon Polking- horne, Vice I'rt-sidentg Dare liarnes. Secretaryg Fred Honnnarito, Treas- urerg and Mary Porzenski, Corres- ponding: Secretary. Again this year, a Student Court was set up and proxed xt-ry success- ful. Violators of any serious rule ol the school were lmrouglil lmefore a group of Student Council memliers. This group heard the testimony lwrought lwefore them and later handed down a unanimous decision which the Violator was to oluey. Some ol the more pleasant duties of the memlmers were produeiiigr the talent assemlmly and decorating Christmas trees lor the cafeteria and main lmuildingr. Their helpful assistant-e made it possilmle for many of the prolilems conlronlinf: students to lie solved quickly and capalvly. FOURTH ROW: Magruder, McIntyre, Gautsche, Covington, Hughes, Painter, B. Miller, Bradley, Graham, Kantis. THIRD ROW: Pedrotti, Lowe, Rutherford, Utsch, Mr. Blitz, Small, Hamm, Rieqert, Remmert, Goedel. SECOND ROW: Felter, Cash, R. Leimkuehler, Banta, Dachroeclen, Hodqe, E. Leimkuehler, Foote, DeWitt, Leasck. FIRST ROW: Bcmmarlto, Compton, Polkinqhorne, Barnes. Page Seventy-Eight nxt'-null-al imiluliuns In sluclc-nts w l1'4'l'Ill1llll uns prvpur'c-al In wvlvo llu- lu'u nu'mlu-rs. llllflllg llu- yvz x x Tllllill RUVV: Elzrll, Wllllfllllfi, Hvxlkins, l.flIII'lHIl, Utsrh, Smrxll, Smith, Wfxlduum, Malik, Layton, Blu-'k, Hlxmqlxto, lflusmlzxm, lxm-lux E1lQlIK1NI1 RCJW: Hmruuxn, Whm--, FilzRfwy, Elm!-1, Wfllllu-lf, Rmmnxxcwt, lomfs, Rldux, Dlmulxvnl, Gilmow, Mmkmlum, Nxumuyvl, 'Nf1::,, lllf'l-1-lawn, HHS-'l' ROW: Wllll'IIIl7l'lI1, Blxrkrxu, Bonsai-wk, lhtzlm, Rohlfs, M-Arkrfl, Wfxll, Allvn, Hocifzv, RlC'l14l!C'lSf'U. Tnp Students Heceive Enlden Tnrlzh Ul llIl'I' hy numy. lmul won lu, Um: Uitzlvr was 4-lvvlvd Pl'l'SlCll'lll nf llu- group. and Dun Klinglvr fn-w. Ilu- guhlvn lurrll of ilu' Vim' l,l'l'SlKll'lll. 'l'ug1'tlu'r with Miss I'1l'l'Q1llSUIl. lhvy lwpl il l'l'l'4ll'll uf llmun' Sm-ia-ly symlmlizm-rl srlunlur- all zlrlixilivs and plumuwl llu' inlprvssiw l'l'I'l'lllHlly ut whim-lu linu -hip. :4n'l'xiu'. 4'lml'al1'l1'l' mul lt'zulvr- l'ilIldlIlilll'9 wvw ul'fi1'i11lly zulmillvrl. To llllllly il was ll l'lllllilX to all slllll. All:-r 1-am-fully r-lu-1-king l'ill'll of thu-ir lulrd work llmmugluml llu-ir yl-urs all Nornuuuly. ilIlfll1lill1'!4 rc-ql1ll'4'n11-nls. llu' S0l'I1'lX :ul il1'llll'Xl'4l ilu- rvqllil'1'llu'nls uf llu Ilu-5 haul nu-1-lings lu rlisvuss any pmlnlc-lm lNllI1'll Villllt' In llu-lr nllvn Ium. Miss Ann l'4'rgusml gluulvcl llu ,umup lllI'UlIX1!lI an xc-ry Sll1'l'4'SSl.lll mul llll1'l'i'SllIlQl f4'ill'. llvfurm- an vzuulislulc- wus 1-wn 1-nn Nl1ll'I'l'fl lu- luul lu 1-urn points in ilu llu-sv. Ins mmu- was sulmnltvcl lo llu' lzu-ully for zlppruvul. lun Ul'g.llllllZillIOIl. All llllplvsslw llllllllllllll nu- ll' funn' livlclx. Wlwn lu' haul vurlu-cl .'llf'mh1'rx vlrooxf' fhrir offir'r'r.v. Puqu Suvvnty-Nnu' BACK ROW: Shaffer, Allen, Mclntyre, Henderson, Buk, Thiele, Taylor, MIDDLE ROW: Present, Westhoff, Linders, Miss Ship- nmn, Loober, Spreckelme-yer, Williamson. FIRST ROW: Watt, Branom, Lcxuff. Uratnrs Receive State Heenqnitinn L'I'HtJl GH several nnvniliers of last 3ear's successful team returned to lie the leaders of this year's team, tht' re were many newcomers who were qualified and eapahle. The members of the deliate team had a fine start for the year. Practiee assures r'ir'tory. Page Eighty The dehale memhers took part in lot-al tour- naments and partieipated in the eounty tour- nament. The memliers held their lneetingzs onve a month and through tht-se nieetings they learned how to delixer a lietler debate. Dur- ing the month of Mart-h, the Norntandy de- lwaters held their own exlemporaneous speak- ing tournament, with the help of Miss Helen Shipman. their sponsor. Wvorking hard, the memlmers of the dt-lmte team hoped to improve their speevhes so they would acquire the neeessary points to he alvle to join the National Forensie League. Having won the county tournament, the dt-haters hoped lo win first in the city tournament and then the State. Their president, lloh Branom, proved to he at help when needed. Carol Spreekelnieyer. vice president, and Audrey Lauff, secretary- treasurer, took t-are of all the arrangenients necessary to the organization. 'llhroughout the year the delvate team proved that it was one of Nortnandyis best. 1:1:ura1: Is Their Uhjeclive 5 IIII-.1-11I1I 1111111-1' 1111111ll1s flmsly l111'111-1l lllllb sp1'111g:. ll11- llI'l'll1'I'y 1-11ll111s1z1sls ilglillll lbfglilll lll'iH'lll'lllfl. 'l'l11-5 l1z11l Illll 111111-- I11-1-1l s1111-1- ll11- full 1.1111 illblDl'l'1'lill1'1l tl11- 11pp111'- lllllll, In l'l'glillll ll11'll' 11111111 l1Iill'lKSlllillISlllIl. Alllllilllllll Slllllll lll llllIlllN'I'. ll11- grruup fIillllQ'1l 1'1-1-1111111111111 ll11'1111gl11111l ll11- s1'l1111nl. Nlr. .lill'lK lflvlll. ll11-11 lllSlI'lll'l1lI'., lilllglll 1-111-l1 Ill1'llllN'l4 llll' lIlIlNDI'lillll'1' of skill. iU'l'llI'ill'f 111111 111-1'l1-1'l llllllllgl 111 ll11s spurt. 'l'l11s fllllllll 11115 1'1-111411111111-1l lust y1'llI' a1ll1-1' illl illlhl'll4'1' 111 il 11-11 ,l'ilI'S. l',l1'1'l1'1l ilb llll' 11llI1'1'l's nl ll11- 1'llll1 lol' V153 u1-1'1- ll11'l1111'1l Sllilfll. l'1'1-s11l1-11l. a1111l 11111 I,!'ilI'1'l'. S1'1'I'l'lill'f-Yl'l'4'ilSllI'1'lA. lfu-ry l"1'11la1y Illllflllllgl ll11- g1'1111p 1111s 51-1-11 lll'll1'lll'lllg1 111 In-1'l1-1-1 ll11-11' il1'l'll!'ill'y. llllring ll11' 51-1151111 ll11-1 111111111-I1-1l 111ll1 11Il11-1' s1-l11111ls 111111 llllll Sl lll-illlllllill l11111'11111111-11l. 'l'l11-1 also 111-111 lllllll- 1111: 111 l4'1l5l I1111-1- lll'lUl41' ll11- S1-11s1111 1-111l1-1l. llns glfllllll. 11111-11 In l111ll1 111115111111 gulf Ill a1ll g1l'illll'S. Villbllllf l11-1-111111- 11111- nf llli' 11111,-sl Nl.'iII11111I fI1'1'lIl'1l4'jl 1111- ki'-Illlllfflfl 1111 H1111 Nl1'1'l1'1'1'. 111'g1a1111z11l11111s 1111 ll11- 1'11111l111s. Mr. ll11'l1l l111p1-1l lllul 111 fl'1ll' 1-11-11 111111'1- 5lll1l1'lll'- 111111111 lu- 11111-r1'sl1-1l 111 111111111 1111111111 111 ll11s 1lll1'll'lll slmrl. 4 Tllllill ROW: K1111, P11-szley, Sharp, Nelsefm, Strecker, Lnulf. SECOND ROW: C11-11111-1011, Kornmxer, Ste'111111Qr111'11111, Mr. 111--T11 llllfwl HOW! 1711111-1, Bull, l',ll1s:, 13-xqv 1f1r1l1ly-O111 post' Elm-ted NVEIS P l'I'Si'llICi nu,Lh om- uf tho husivst years tht' Hi X . rvsi- dvntl Don I,UlliIllgI1UI'!lf'. SvI'rI'I In lic-gm tht- xt tiftht- Hi ' ' X ilu th: mtlnlwrstrlIllism'g1zln", Ilil it lt was at I-lmllt-nge Ihlt thu rut xlul H i ,I-... ' . -1 - 111,41-l'ly Symholir' nl' i'I'cl-Iultmclul svrxitt . " zmtl lfrn I ' m,4uIar shu wil mit invmht-r. hy the QIVHIIP In lt-ad thvm Ihr ' - has - . ytl sun MMI' limi Klingler. l'1'esifl- ' ' " ' ent, Hairy Iyaulst-lit' Vim- I' ' art: and I'il'I'f U I limit- marito. Ti'eas1lrm'. . 'aux lhvy lnul 1 ' " I Int .Mqlutliitvtl llanve. This was full ' twwfu In at I12IXl'IIl' u - 1 that was spmisored jointly with thv Tri-Y. At Christmas time they hcl Icl ' ' ' pc nialxe tht- hultcluxs at illlt- In'igIiIvr n I for needy families hy their clistrihutiml uf ll I' . I lrisl- mas haskets, Snr their msn etljoyliimlt the Inns haul a lizlslwllrall iutn'namt'1iI lmclxwvn the mvtnlwrs. ,iii-l,,,:2tiI:I 'Wi HN MW at HH' Illini. With the I,'0llllDlI'IlUtl of their thirtit-th ivan' ul st-revive to school and Vlbllllllllllllf. tht- tilfit-I-rs mul QQ U lIlilQA'l'Fi. maintain. and extend lllfltllgil' members if-lt that they had lived up to thvir reputat- nut tht- lltllllll st-litml, ailfl Ftllllllllllllly, the tion of living um- of Nnrimtiiclyis Iinvst orggzltlilzl- high standards nl Christian I'l1iII'8l'll'l'u was the pur- tions. Hi-Y Is ' S mhnllc nf Service FIFTH ROW: Lemmert, Hale, Gray, Henderson Hoehn F ' ROW: Dunkel, Rohlis, Buk Allen W Taylor An , , reise, Ellefson, Kyle, Wolfarth, Volmer, P. Miller, Sanders, FOURTH , , att, Atkins, Hoffmann, Burton, Hardy, Gruene-Wald, G. Smith, Hunstein. THIRD ROW: Paris, , yan, Thiele, Mfahl, O'Neal, Karnmermeyer, Bledsoe, Goodman, Bacon, H. Shafer. SECOND ROW: Armstrong, Knamiller, ltllclntyr-'-, Preniei, Artor, Marlor, Plumber, Hoyt, Addison, Harrington, Barnes. FIRST POW: Bommarito, Klinqler, Gauts h ' lftlllld. Page Eiqhty-Two C Q, Polkmq- Z. xx h In y. mincl. :mtl spirit. tht- Irie 1' I I I I lu Idl It IIIH in-ar ilu- S1-niur 'I'ri-W has In-1-ii a fim- vxaiiiplv ul ilu- many xuwllmllilm' aml lll'lIllllI iwggaiuizalimis nm ilu- Vlllllplli Tia- uflii1'rs aml nn-mln-rs sin-nl maui Imurf Iwluw' aml aflvr si-Imnl isnrIxin,u on pl'uji'1'ls Illal Ir4'm'Iil1'4I lIll'lIIH'lXl'5 as in-II as Ilia- 1-ummllnliy. lull-Il'l'l'h lm' Illia ii-ar in-rv Marilyn Small. Prmi- Ili-nl: I'al funk. Yin' I'rvsi1I1'nl: ,Ivan Ili-gala-. Sf-1-ri-lary: Nm-Iliv Ilami-rial 'I'i'vasim'r: aml janv! Ilrmxu, l,llilllIilIIl. Il was :ml all xsurlx aml nu plan lui' llivsv SPIIIOI' girls. During lla- first of ilu' war a Iiayriilv was FINDIlh1lI'1'lI Aininlly ixilli llim- Ili-Y Inns. AIS., lla-5 wlmlmnvxl ilu' Yalvniim' llama' xxilll IIN- Imp. Mary Iwmli- ami lin-I10n-x iwrv m'i'uisii1'4I King aml lxIlI1'l'll al nm- ul ilu' lim-fl ilam-vs ol lla' ya-ar. Clirifiinas. a vllariialnli- si-afmi Im' t'Xl'l'y1lll4'. was nu i'x1'1'pl1uii ' " I '. 'I ' "'iX1' ur mur'l1nfil1c'ir frm' limi' luilln Illx IIi1x,.i I li'1'rpingl Hn' vufllx ll'f1N ilu' Iuxlr uf Hn' girls. In xisii orplianagi-s aml luring: Imppim-ss Illlu llii Iivarlw ul IlIlI1'4'IllI1lr1'n. 'lla' aim-Ifislim-ss aml l'Illll'IlilIDIl'lll'SS ul llivsm' In-lpi-il m'1'In'm'l'm'iI up Ivy llivm. Nvxl yvars group pirlx will lu- rvliii-liiIu'l'1'cl In 1'Xl'I'XUlIl' llial was will Ilan' a l.Illl'SIilllililI'lI in l'l'ill'll. Y-Teens Prnmnte nllerstandinq M k :inn Utsch Glaze Porzenski Steffen, Hsrkins, Driscoll, Goodman, THIRD ROW: Douqlciss, Williams, Delaney, Gilmore, Cir m , , , I. , L'mnvqys, Wulkopl, SECOND ROW: Stelmfzn, Collier, VVGrner, Lowe, Collins, Noonan, Heier, Merkel, McAllister, Mmor, Goodwin, Vilma. FIRST ROW: Rir-Iilvr, White, Brxntfi, Foote, Lucy, Boeckstieqel, Uplmn, Graves, I-Inrcly, Felqer, Crirley. SITTING: Brown, Zook, fimfill, Ilwpilii, lwfirixerviilv Pfiqr' Iiifghty -Tlirf-v ENN THIRD ROW Heckel Covington Stroud Ernst Ezell Ianzow Hemibreder SECOND ROW: Burlew, Thetford, Goodman, Saff- ley Fitzwater Thomas Christopher FIRST ROW Cooper Beattie Umrath Iones Nelson, Paris, Krueger. Earn latent Staff Lands a Hand Not only did they take good pic- tures hut developed. printed and en- larged them with profcssional skill. The light technicians and the movie projectionists helped complete a com- petent staff advised hy Mr. lrloeflcr. Entertainment for every dance during the year could not have taken placc without thc lighting cffccts creatcd hy these experienced lmoys. Meeting deadlines was essential with the Saga and Courier. After scheduling and taking the pictures, the staff incin- hers were never worried alsout thc pictures not heing finishcd on time. W'ithout the help of these hoys thc school plays, May Fete, Saga Corona- tion and all thc dances would not have run as smoothly and success- fully as they did. ,lunmr zuul N-num' girls wvn- lllU51'Il ln ln- me-mln-rs nl llll' Urvlu-sis. lll1'lllS ln-gina In lulu- SllilIN'. l'ui' llw -xl fe-is munllis Ilia- girls uurlwil nn lmvliiilqllva lllul wvra- lu lu' use-il in Iln- lfllrislmus lfmu-4-rl grin-ri in llv- l umlwr. Again lliis ya-au' llwy wmv 1 :mile-rl In pzll'li4'ipz1lm' in ilu' illlllllill i I,luln'-lh'lnru'l'ul Clll'lhllll2lS l,ilg1l'illll Dancers Strive fer Perfeelinn llllfll llll lmrcl work mul ll slrmig ll4'!fil'l' lu lwvnliln- lulvnlm-cl As anim as ilu' yvzu' luul lN'QllIIl. uns lm' llu- :nanny rlanwing l'llflilglt'- dl Kivl Ammm.ilmL lpm. llwil. Pm.. Puixa' unrl .skill mlrl tl 1n'uy'c'.v,wifnn1I f1lIIt'Il, lmyail ol. llu- ".lllg1g1l4'l' nl Nevin' l,.lIl!l'.-. llu-y iw-4-1-in-fl :nanny l4-llvrs 'l'l1is fl'ill' lllv lll4'Ill1' ul "Slul4' l'iilll'u nas llSl'll lui' llim' xlllf Film lmm l'1'llFlllIllh as we-ll as 4-ixiv lvaul- limnliininu llll' idx-as 0li1'ill'll girl llll'y llUl'll'ilfl'll many tlilvlit'l'1'lIl ly - IIE. l'UllllDlilll1'Illlllgl llu-ir lN'I'l'HI'lll- Ul.lM'lllJll'.LlllPlljlbylllgllll1'IIlS4'lXl'S in ai isnrlil ul'1'1ll'nll:4i'ls illltl vullmi .un-v mul llu- m'lim'1-ugrupliy uf Mrs. vainly. 'l'lw Sm-niurs 4-mllmlnil ham- luuml ai num- l1l'l'l.l'K'l 1-ruling lu Svlim-iilvr. llu-ir ilin-1'lm'. llu-ir high se-lmul ilainving 1'Zll'l'l'l'S all Nvrnmmlx. l'i1UH'l'll ROW: lwcy, Gwmriv, I.e-Iwi, Simfwn, Bfilcih, Voss, Lore, Hmnillmi. THIRD ROW: K-'ffl-', Antonio, Russ, Ihxvlxmvdiii "win, Hibln., Hinkley, Bwwu, SFCONIP ROW: VVli1tf', Hiuns, Burner, M-nor, S. Dobltin, Guxikil, Ikublmi, Fvltlfx, FIRST RCVV: Glaze Miukmvmn, l'fww, fi'Wlll11I, llixqi- Iiiqlily Fi-Jil Jlulfing IlI'1'llII1ll'HIf"717S for rr lniyride :rox an enjoyable task. Making plans for the initiation was their first job. HROUGH the cooperation of the tenth and eleven grade girls, the Junior and Sophomore Tri-Ys helped to prove that they too had good fel- lowship and leadership. Monday nights after school was the most practical time for meetings both for Mrs. Mary Mayhull and the members themselves. Electing the officers was the n1ost important husi- ness of the new year. After a few meetings to get started after a long summer recess, the memlxers picked the host suited leaders possible. For the tenth grade memliers this was a new organization hut for the experienced eleventh graders this was another opportunity to show that Normandy stu- dents were line young people. The newly elected officers had hefore them a joh that only the very capable leaders could handle. President of the Tenth Grade Tri-Y, Carol l.eas4-lc showed that she could handle the job of keeping the group together. Gail liammernieyer. vice- presi- dent was kept lmusy with all the husiness of running the Tri-Y. Arlene Present, the secretary. kept an accurate account of the meetings each memher went to. Treasurer Alice Mctfann collected the dues and Y-Teens Wnrli tn Better lines if there were any. This year the members didn't wear the outfits that were usually forced upon them hut instead they had a very impressive ceremony one evening. That evening during the colorful Tri-Y initiation, the tenth grade officers were given their duties hy the eleventh grade officers. The Eleventh Grade 'llri-Y memlners at the lwgin- ning of the year elected whom they thought were the most capable of all the memhers. They elected joan Laspe president. As president of the Junior Tri-Y, she presided over all the meetings and helped to make the group the success it was. Marilyn Reisenleiter was elected to the office of vice-presi- dent. The president and vice-president worked to- gether and made the group a stu-cess. Sally Felter, treasurer, and Carolyn Rutherford, secretary, kept the records of dues and attendance. The 'llri-Y members worked hard to keep doing something for someone else. They worked hard at giving candy and toys to the children of the Neigh- borhood House. Pcxqe Eighty-Six the nrld fur Tnmnrrnw 111'1 11111111111 1"111'111I1-5111111-111 1111s111-1111111 111111 1111-1 1-1111111 11lly 1'111111y 111111 1111s 1111' 1111- 1'1l1111l41'1l 111 111111-1111111 51111111-s 111'l'1' Sl'1l1'11ll1l'11 111111 IJ1ilf1'l1. 1111- N-ig1111111'11111111 111111s1-. 111111' p11111s 111 11111111- 1111-111 il s111'1'1-ss p1'1111-11 111 111- '1'11W111'11 1119 01111 111 1111' 51111101 512111 11111115 111111 511111111 111111 111-11 I11illllll'11. As 11s11111. 1111- Hi-Y 111111 11111419141 11411011 l11'111'1"1'1'i-Y 1'1" 11111 PWIV- '1111' 11111 'l',.i,Y had 1myI.i,1l.5 uhivh Wm, l,njUv,d by 11-1111ws111p 111111 was 111111111 1111-r1- 1111s W11ll11l'l'1.ll1 211111 HH Mlm nm.m1,.ll. 1111- 11-11111-1's11ip was 11-ry 11111-. '1'111-1 l'1l11Sl' 111 1ll'1l1 1111- 1111111111-1' 1111111115 jllS1 1111s 1111-1 111111 111-1-11 111-1111-11 '1'1l1' 1111-111111-1's111 1111- J1111i111' 111111 S111111111111111- '1'r1- ilu, Wm. lwfuwg 'I-hc Junior Tri-Y was pnllmrml 15 had "'1"'1 ""'51u"'11"9!"1""'15 10" 111'-11-1-1-1 1"i"' 111111-1111-111-s1 S1-111111' '1'1'i-Y 111-xl F1-111' 111111 1111- 511111111 11'i'1 WT" 1-1-11-111' 10 11" "Nl '111111' 5111110111 1-1-111 I1111l'l' 1111-111111-rs 11-111111-11 lllilllf 111i11gs 111111 NS11ll1l 11s 111-11 11s 1111- 1111-111111-rs 1111-111s1-111-s. 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JMS: Su11+-11s, MCC1II1I1, Teusek, Present, Linders. 1 1 me-11 1 i ik 1 1'12111'1'1'11 HUW1 11111111111-, Bf111, Hlhbs, 1:Jv1111ov11', B111111er, U1r1C11, MO111qO1111-ly, S1111111, 11vi111Q-, Rode, S111i111, L1-111-1, V1-1-ks, P11111. 11111111 1111W: 111-1f111'Y, 111111111111-1111-1, S1'11w1-1121-r, G01-df-1, Mc'Gi111y, 15011111111-r, PQ1111, Hoilqv, B111111w, M1111-1, 11111'111o1'1dv11, B111111. SKCON11 111JW' K---I-, 11111115 1511111-1, W.11,r1:., P1-d111111, W-nty, Le2b11r1111111, Bmuss, H111111111'111, S111-1,111d, 111-W111, MPK11111. FIRST ROW: 14-111-1, H11111-11111r1, H1-111--1121-11121, 1.151112 817110, H-11k 111, Tho11111sm1. P1,1q1- Hi111'11yfS1,-v1-11 BACK ROW: Miss Long, Ditzler, Potkinahorne, Barnes, Harqate, Dunkel, Miller, Sanders, Bommorito, Black, Compton, Mr. Blitz. FRONT ROW: Foote, Kellman, Utsch, Small, Branom, Klinqler, Leber, Harkins, Iovanovic, Thiele, Miss Geraqhty. FIFTH ROVV: Fennessey, Ziegler, Preiss, Pound, Moeller, Pound, Wright, Pollard, May, Bridqeforth, Sykes. FOURTH ROW: Ellerbroclc, Storms, Siridlinaer, Reeds, I. Crowe, L. Crowe, Burroughs, Stecker, Marler, Beckmann, Primo. THIRD ROW: Miss Gram- maticotl, Schmidt, Myrick, Wilson, I-loerr, Stroloeck, Thetford, Daugherty, Mr, Rohlis. SECOND ROW: McGuire, Mcllaniels, Kasper, Alsop, Perkins, Maurer, Crawford, Hoefler, Knollman. FIRST ROW: Beck, Bridqett, Durham, Cook. Planners and url-mrs He elnp hilit SING the suggestions of lmoth teachers and students, the Student-Team-her Planning Conn' eil discussed and solved many important prohlems that came to their attention during the year. Miss Long, Miss Geraghty and Mr. Blitz were the faculty members who took an aetiie part in the group. This year they organized a hook for the fresh- men 1-oming next year. lt gave information ahout all the organizations on the eampus, the demerit system and other things that would he of interest to them. A moxie was also made almout tht- avlivi- ties during a svhool year. ITHOUT the financial help that the Diversi- fied Oecupations course offered, many of the students would have found it impossible to von- tinue their studies. Capahly guided hy Mr. Rohlfs and Miss Gram- matim-off, they learned many things that helped them appreeiate their work more. lt also helped maintain a good attitude between the employee and his employer. After graduation, members of the Diversified Oeeupations 1-lass were sure of a full time jolt. It was a joh that they had heen trained for and one they were ready to fill to the lit-st of their ability. Page Eighty-Eiqht Scientists and ities Learn h llninq N 'l'lll'i spring nf this ye-zu' tht- S4'i4'l1t't- lfuir. lllttJl'tLll0li'l' tlit- tlaiy' lliv assistants working lwltl all Wusliingtmi lilliyw-i'sity, pl'm'i4lt'1l am up- in tllt' QlllltlilItt'l' ulfit-v. Ltllt'ltllilll1'l' nffivv. lMll'llltllly' ful' lllt' lllQ'lltlN'l'S ul llll' Cllt'llliSlI'y liltllb lllll'Sl'gS uflit-1' mul tht- llllI'1ll'y' wort' soon running to tlisplziy tht-ir :num-ruins pmjt-vls mania' during tht- Ul'l'1llHlS,, lt-lvplnming. filing mul mining many utlivr "'f'viH"S l"5"'- Miss l'3"Hf'fliHf' l1""Fl- 5I""'5"" 'tl llll' liiillvmlmlt-tl julia. Many' of tht-sv stutlvnls Wt'l'l' givvn P1"""l'- l"'ll""l I"""""l" i"l""1'Fl ll' ll"' "HUD 54'it'Il- tlulivs with ai yin-ul alt-al ul' rvspunsilmility' uttut-In-tt ull" "Xl""'l"""'l5 """'l""l"'l IU 'lu' il"""l'- l':i"'l' tu pt-rlorni. 'l'lw yarivty nl julns was ulvly and will- l""'l""l l""'ll'l"'l "V" 5ll"i'li""5 'lm' WT" lm"'H"'l ingly vurriul nut. which manila- il lmssiltlv for thc in tht- uclvum-1-tl svit-nlilim' way of 4-xpm-i'iine'ntailinn. H-'mol ln nm Hmm. Slmmlhh and vrfilhimlllyy on liluvk was t-It-t-it-tl l'l'i-sitlviit ziml llun Jny. sm-mylar,-,lmmmmir of 'his Mlulk Vinh' .lwlmllgilh 'l'ln-y rt-t-t-iwd yalluailvlt- vxlwl'it'iit'v. uliivli wmiltl nut tilt- yvair Ilia- stuclvuts gllliltftl lllthlit' ami iiinrt- l""'V' llsvlul ll' ll'-fm Wl"'ll""i HW? """ll"""'l 'll-'il' ul tht- impurtunt kntmlt-tlgv lISl'lilll in tln- st-in-ntilim' studios ur ttpplit-tl lm' il pusitiml in llll' lvltaillvss ut-rltl ul luclziy. wnrltl. L. 1 tQtTUN1f HOW: Ivy, Blink, Ezvll, Miss Lung, R, Lung, Stevens, Mock. FIRST ROW: Abmuis, AIl':'l, Schixlei, Vt-tter, Smith, I Abi mi El UTONI1 RQJVV: M-wx--, Nixlmtn, Pmiiif-, Wulf-ixtli, Spmvkn-liiiuiti, Mlimiititw. FIRST ROW: GDI-iqlxty, Billllltfltt, lt--Witt, Gisli, W-11141:-U llfwiimlin lfxqv litr1l'llY'N1t1+'- Bnwlinq Club Furnishes Relaxation "IMI you grit that Inst xrriA'f'."' AVIN Clulu had a fini' st G bean organizvcl last yt-ar. the- Howling art for this year. Swine nienibers who had lwvn in the vlulm last year. juinvd again. but many' :ww nimnlwrs found this a way to cntvr tht- suvial till- at l'Xorinamly. 't'Ia- nwinlwrs lllClllSf'lVt'S plannvd lor tht' tournainvnls alia-ad ul them hyf prar'tir'ing hard to impruu' tlu-ir ayvragm-s. Thv tvams wvrv vlmsalii lry' tlw aywaigvs su that the meinlwrs of last, yvaris lvam wvrv l4ty1t'lllt'l' and tht' nvw nwinlrers who ilidn't lulms lmw tu lm ' wl very wcll were shown how lry ilu- uldif-r nn-inlu-rs. The 1-lulr llL't'illllt' inure popular as tht- war yu-nt on and many students took aclyantagt- nl tht- lim' lvadvr- ship throughout the group. The iiiviiilwis lms-1-anw avtiw nu-inlu-rs in lla- Na- linnal League for Bowlers and had tht- opportunity to lmwl in the annual tuurnama-nts that ws-rv In-lil ln the S rinU'. The vlulx l'L'l't'lXtxtl a t'll2lt'll'I' lruin P :- the Student lltillllfll and int-mln-rs wvrt- alnlt- lu i'c't'f-iw' points for Hnmur Sfwivty. Mr. Charles l"i'vvs. the sponsor ol tlu' lamlin-f I' tvam for the vnlirc svason. was plvast-tl with tht- 4-xt-ells-nt results of ilu- tvam. Plans ywrv madt- lor lll'Xl NPEII' t'0llt'Pl'Illllg lt?lll'l' Ufgllllllllllltltl illltl ttt4lI't' league games. FOURTH ROW: Pearce, lenson, Holmes, Hoyt Fenwick Ens l-loft HOW: Lore Stelmon Stocke G , , , man, Grflnberq, Woltrxrth, Watts, Thomus, Thoel-9. 'l'HlFlll , . , ,' r, oecke-lor, Pennington, Plummer, Hall, Nelson, Burkou, Porzonski, Vitale. SECOND ROW: N Cooper, l-lumilton, Younq, Srhultz, Rutter, Stelillnq, Simon, Plrxtt, PrP-sent, Dmnprvfll. FIHST ROW' Page Ninpty ,,v,,' . Bohn, Allwn, Boiniinuitw, Wt-15:1 SIXTH HOW: Sxwplx-xxxw, Iixfrxclxxxsorx, Sxmdexs, Hughes, Gxxxy, Txxylwr, lvxxxxkevl, Sluxllxxx, Tlxoul-9, Imzws, Mclicxxzxv, FIFTH ROW: lIxxxx::x--xxx, Hlf-clsarn-, Iixxk, l.xllIxIxx-Id, Wfxtt, Wfxlxl, Hxxxdy, Holfxxxfxn. FOURTH ROW: Lxxyixuxx, Kvxxx, Iuxxsoxx, Pxxrxrxirxutuxx, Lwbor, Mark- xxvxxxxx, Kxxxxxxx-111, Fxxxxilx, Tlxxulv-, Ifxxxxxxxwxl. THIRIJ ROW: Ilxmsmx, Ifwotv, Srlxwx-xtzwr, Fxxllvxm, R-xxlvw, Rxuwxx, Bxxrkvy, IWxu'lxx'ovCIv1x, F " I ROW' I.xrx:i'xx:s, M1111-I, Wxxxxdexlxvlx, Pcvxxxw, Sxxxxtlx, Rxxtlxvxlmd, I'xxw::x', Rxxwxvxx, Gxwclvl, Nxxxxxxxxxxx, Hxxxxxlxrx. FIRST ' fxxrlwx, Rxxxxtlx, Hxirrxfi, lwxxxxkxxvlxlx-x. Wlxxl-- llflllll. .SIXVONI , flu 5 xxxl IJ-Wx!! Mxxx-xx, Kxlxxxx-lxxfr, Rvlxn IUJW: .lx ' P vides Enjn ment 5 uare Uanxzlnq rn lXlfl'I IU-IU xxlxn-xx Mrs. llx-Ixxxx llxxxxlxaxx' slzxrlvcl llxx- lxvvzxxxxx- nm- nf llxx' xmxsl mxtaxlrlxx nl zxll Nxrxxxxxm lirsl sqxxaxrx- xlaxxxvixxg grxxxxp. it grvxs in pxxpxxlaxr- ggruxxps. Mxxxxy lxulxcs :xml plaxxxs xxx-rv xxxaxxlx- for .xxx xlx zxml wx-xxgxxilimx. Nxt only was llxx- grnxxp kmmxx wllx--xx Sll1'f'f'FSllll Will' Ill l'75lx- ff x Illlwxllgillnxll Xxx xxxxxxxilix-Q lxxxl xxx lllxmxx l"xx-rx Xlxxlm izxr Nxxllllxl xl Ilxx- lxaxl . 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Allvx' x-vx-rx px'x'fxxr'xxxzxxxx'x- -xnxx unxxplixxxx-xxl:xx'x lx-xxx-rs x' ' I xxx xxlxilx- lVlx'f lllllll Xlixxlwl- rxxll s Illllll xxwxxxxxpxxxxix-xl llxvxxx mx llxx- pxaxmx. llwzxxxsx- il prmixlx-xl sex mxxvlx lxxxx :xml x-xxjxxxxxxvxxl ' ' ' ' ' 'xx'x- lxxxxvx-rs v H ".Xun' 1xrmnx'rx1lrI4' Ihr hull, xml gxrlx xxlxxx jnxm xl. llxx sqlx. x In llll' lxxxxma , Ilxqo Nxxxhfty-Lxrxa THIRD ROW: Hunstein, Barnes, Rohlis, Ross, Frie-se, Vest, Welch, Goutsche, Miller, Polkiriqhorne. SECOND ROW: Eder, Bronom, Gould, Russ, Knomiller, Mr. Blitz, Beckmcmn, Fronkenbuzqer, Bledsoe, Benoxst, Crider. FIRST ROW: Patton, Klinqler, Bedrosiun, Bommorito, Butz, Dunkel. THIRD ROW: Hodge, Glaze, Rode, Morl-zmonn. SECOND ROW: Douglass, Merkel, Geherty, Foote. FIRST ROW: Noonfm, Utsrrh, T t W H U Vout, Fitzmourice. Y HARNINC a letter in a varsity sport, top athletes beeante eligible for membership in the Letterman Club. Throughout every sport season of the year. the boys strove toward the prized goals of it letter and an invitation to join the elub. The eaptains of each sport formed a eouneil which pre- sided over the meetings and took care of other im- portant business brought before the elub. This year. the Senior members left Normandy and the Letterman Club knowing that the athletes taking their plaees would live up to the standard that that and those before them had set. HE ltltltl point NN' was a symbol of good sportsmanship and the ability to exeel in any or all of the sports provided for the girls. This was to he earned in order to bet-ome a member of the Vikingettes. Participants in Hoekey, Basket- hall, Volleyball and Baseball received points toward this. Girls that beeanie eligible for mein- bership were officially admitted after a fun-filled. eostumed initiation. Guided hy Miss lVlartha jane Ferguson, they elected Carola Utsch, Presidentg Carol Vogt. Viee Presidentg Marge Noonan. Set-retaryg and Virginia Fitzmauriee, Treasurer. Pune Ninetyffwo IA I. IU NA: V ui I-zx, lvwl nmi, Km., Ilii- 11- I, Iliilf-, Husmimii, Imiikf-I, Iifiivkiiis, Pvizviiski, Wi iss, MIII1'I IQ HUVX: Ru Ii zxduvxi, ll Hlziiic, Ili mm- it, I VViIIl muzz, KI' iiufiivfky, Ut::L'Ii, I,rii1qliulv9i, Huym-S, Iniry, Nm iv. FIRST ROW: Riillvr, Tliwmi Svii, Vi.'i1Ikwi'l, lliiiillii, I 1' Iii- I iii li, 1" III' I, f'!lfAII1f1If 1, Iwi zlzki SITTING: INUUKIIWISS, H-iiqiltv, Giisiliimi, Piflivi, ITIUFITII ROW: Nmiiiriyfr, Smfxll, Brfqolv, Bdlrh, GIHZO, Murler, Smith, UISCIH. THIRD ROW: Willimiis, lnnos, Rmiinierl, Givvv, fi i:, M :ikiiifum SIIVONIW ROW: Mffrknl, Bfmhx, Brown, Mommx, Willifmis. FIRST ROW: Klmqlvr, Brmmm, Hixrkiiis, lows. Artists and Jnurnalists Displa Talent H ICN ICICY nu-mln-r ol Iln- Art Smlivly Ihr- vli- l'M,ll"IlIAFl'lUNS for aspiring llH'llllN'!'S in IIHIX ul' lll1'll' isorlx raum' all llim' lllllllllll lI1'illlX Quill mill S.-I-ull. lllvall 1-lmpu-r nf llim' lnlvr- Xrlw llgill. llvre' all 1!l.llll'll' all'lisli1'a!l1ilily :intl llivil' Iliiliwwll ll""""4"'I S""l"lF l-"V lllilll Sl'l""'l xixiil iiiizlpliimliuns iwn- fvl In mwlx. 'llliv Uffii-1-rs -l"H"'11'liS1S- WW" Vliilfl- lIl'5lfll'S lllvil' llalrcl work of um Wm.-5 dnl, NW, Hill llm.FmU,- lnl.l,Sm4,m: und ulmilili in j0lll'Il1lllHlIl. Ihr-y Iizul ln maintain an lim Ulhimln. WW IiH,si1l4,m: Mum I,'iSl,lN,r. Sww- high LlXI'l'ilQi' in sm'l1olursl1ip. Puinls iwn- ill'qllll'1'1l mu: um' Mmullm lhllgluyl ,l.rWlSlAIWr. Ivy writing iivws slurivs uml svlling illlXl'l'llSI'lII0lllS in ilu- Cuurivr and Saga. This ycur. us in lliv past. l l""""'3 ll" lldll lm" ""lI ""' "l Ill' """'I "" llw illlllllill Quill and bvrull lmnquvl and mfmfmul llXllll'r Ilu- grmip 4'ill'l4Il'1l mil Illll'lll12 lln- yvur. lu iniliuliml Wm-4. lwld- Hp,-Q. lhl. ,,4.rS Wm-,. gil-vn 'l1"f"f'Hflf'Hl-Hr' "4""" l"'l"'A" 4I"Fll'l"Sl "ls" ll' llwll' nwmlnvrsllip 1-urrls and il gulil pin. sxinlmlim' of lhv in-5. ll una Mum-lliing llu-y hunk is-ri si-rinusly. 0l'lLIilIllZ2lll1lIl. Miss I"ralm'vs Rl'1'NlllglUIl illlll Mrs. fm' ll iwulfl llll1l4rlllill'4llN lu- usi-ful ziflz-I' Ulllilllillltill. M A ,. airy Still uclvisvcl all group an-livilivs. IV up Nixi-'ty Tlii-w dm-nl lumix inlvrvsln-4l in sfmu- fi4-ld uf musiv. Th.- 66MUSiE when Sufi vnilzes 1 XF" H1 WN K1 11 f'?'x'UNl ROVf:C':1v1:1,F11-1Hn. THIFNIROVV:L.1hu:mw,!W11:wvH,I'1tzIQf1y. IUUHTII ,lh I IQHW.W-lmkwhlv,til-xluwz,1f:v1'1,Uukxy 4 V H 1' Ili' dllfl lhv liuml mul Ul'4'l11'fll.l HIC mlivlimmry 1h-fin--41 lhn' mml IIlll5i1'2lh "lha- many slllgquz, ,rm .. 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F1I'ill11'F. 1111111151 I111' t11Il'1?1Illilh 1'1'11g1'11111 1114? sung: I,1l'l'1'1l'!1 111 Mr. ,M'l11ul Kl'Illll'11. 11l1',1llll10l' 111111 '1'1"?"If 11" H1111 H"4""1 U" 1111111-H "Sil""l Aiilhlu Svniur lmys p1'mi111'11 11111 for 11N'lllSl'1Yl'S w11i1v rv- .11111 'QI111 111 1111- XX1111'111.u ll? 1111- f,l'1'1lt'P1S i11l1'rpl'1'l1'f1 11l'ilI'S1Ill!1 1111- songs 11101 xwrm' lu sing. AIIIOIIXSI thvsv 11I1'lIl 1ll 11:111111- 111r111. m'1'1' "111111f1uausu 111111 "111' Gus W1 '1'1'ui11". . 1 '1'1ll' Illllllk 111111111 1113-1lIllK'Il1F11lll'1ll2 1111' war xwrn- 11'1ll'1l' 1lill'l1 xxurk 411141 1-ill? 0111111 1-no N'l'il110lI . 1 . . r- 1I11l'11lIl1l'41 lu 11l1'1l' 1llll4l1 1111111 111111 1111- lIIl11l'1llg1 1-f- 111a1111- this l'1ll1I illl tlll151ilIli11Ilfl llIllS1l'il1 111'ga111iza- fur! 111 11I4'1l' 11i1'1'1'1111'. Nlrs. 111'11'11 114111. 111111. 111111 HIIW. 11w1:, I11111111, 1111111, f4!1111+, V111'kS, 11111111-111111, 1.11v1, 1i1111:11111, 11-1111y, B1111111, 1111:'cw11, 1,o1w1, 1.1'1111111111r1, Kwok, 'J -, , 11 11-, 11v111-, M11 1111, f'1111111, H111:411, H1111111111. FOURTH ROW: B111k1y, 1.11c'y, 11. S1111111, 1'111i111, 1'11111n0y, 1,v11111c11vh1Cr, MPYOI, 111111, 11:11'11:, W111111:. 111v1111v11', N1111111111, B1112, P1111111, B11Ik1111, B1'111c1w, B1111'11d1f1, S111111f'11, L111c'1111'r, THIR1' ROW: L'11r1s1w11Se'11, V111:111 211.111 1111, 11111 1, 11111111-1.':-, V11111, '1'111,111111s1'111, 1V11'G1111y, Viv, H1x11111111'1, 2'1r11111:4k1, Rr1111Ss, W11111P1, 1,.11w11, G11111Q1ft', P11111, F'I1zf 1111,', 1111111111111 111111111111, 1fw 111, 111111111. ?T1fL'ON11 ROW: Sldvs, Kvdlo, G11vc11f1, V11111111r1, 1.911111411111111-I, l'11:111, P111ki11S, lO1111s1'11, RiL'11'1, T1111:1.:11 E1:11111, l111111:.1:, 111111I1, 1111- 11111-1, Ii1'11w1-11111, P111111111. FIRST ROW: IV111111-, P11111, 1i111111'1, 1.11w1111111111, 111111111113 131-1r111'y, 111-11111, 1l11.11, 111 N111, '111:111111, 11111111. 1111111' NNW- 1111111115 H11111111, S111r1w1s, Allfffn, Dunkp-1, Mr. Ke-nn911, Ellpfson, V11-S1 Gray, Lmnbvrl, Littlslfield. SECONP ROW: 1111v.'11'1t, 1'11111:.111-, .1111r1111111, r-'1111111, 1V1111wr, 1V1111k, Ad11n1S, Gf1111Sr11e', F1c11111S, 1'1cv1c1-11. FIRST ROW: Nwfw, Bf1d10s11111, Y'001e1', B1'11110111, 111111111 1411.'. A 1111-111' f'1111'111 1' 1111 N111- 1y1'1v SIXTH ROW: Bledsoe, Sanders, Brdnom, I-Ioekel, Gray, Elliott, Gczutsche, Miller, I-Ioehn, Elieison, Tcxetz, Vest. FIFTH ROW: Allen, Buss, Adnms, Ldmmert, Brill, Kormeier, D, Smith, Meyer, Beatty, S. Smith. FOURTH ROW: Hoesli, P. Smith, Vonckx, Vie, Vogt, Rutter, Renimert, Lacy, Douglass, Ddchroeden, Platt. THIRD ROW: Irvine, Zook, Held, Ke-dro, Lciuff, Mc- Finty, Bohn. SECOND ROW: Moore, Thcrnpson, Burner, Sheppard, Woods, Leimkuehler, Fitzroy, Burke-y. FIRST ROW: Rider, .owe Mixed nilzns Jain CHOING through thc halls. thc launiliur sound of the inorc than one hundrcd voiccs of the Mixed Chorus could hc hoard crcry Tuesday and 'lllllll'Sfl?.ly morning hcforc school. 'llhc first conccrt givcn hy thcin this yczir was at Thanksgiving timc. At Christmas the-y participatcd with tho othcr musical groups to provide the audi- cncc with at joyous Christnias progruni. Thv sludcnts who wcrc choscn us olficcrs wcrc David ltlairncs, l,l'9SlCll'Ill1 Rohcrtu liowc. Sccrclzlryl Rarlvura Ridcr and ,lim Richardson. l,ihrarians. Mrs. Helcn Ball. their director. also orgzniizcd smaller groups composed of tht- more outstanding: singers in the chorus. The Nonct. composcd of ninc girls, sang popular as wcll as classical songs. The-y were Lois Driscoll, Darlenc Carroll. Arlcnc Barkcy. Carol Lcfmann. Donna Fitzroy, Elnora Leimkuch- ler, Janice Donoho, Johnu Glaze and lVlarilyn Ster- Nf'lf'f'f !l"f2NlfS N1411117f'111f'Hf f,'1ff"'f'1l7lllll"1f- ling. "Rudolph. the Red-Noscd Rcindccrf' one of Purge Ninety-Six SIXTH RYUW: Hwrciy, IvIf1I1k, RFIIIIS, Roberts, FQQI91, I7uukI2I, Sprwrilmq, Grfwhrxm, Bridqett, Barry, Bedrosxrm, Nara, FIFTH HHVV' Vfwmx-, III,-Ir, fiffrvf, RlIIInIF'I'IFffI, Hr-mr14'h, Brwmfkx, Bfnndn 14, Str-Ilvu, Imvbm, llxmvsky, Hum, L,mIf1ImIor. FOURTH ROWt II-HIIJ., III II 1, I'1Ix1.v,', ,f v-Irwvxw, B1 MISS, GIIIUIMI, VVYUNI I, Ex :ndf-52, i3vI1xvX-1'z--1, BINIIIW, MIIIIW, OIIWNII. THIHII FIOVV: fb I III I, I- III:-, I'II1::1r:, Rwrif, fhxxwrn, MIM: 1, H xnftwn, U5 I Im, Sirius, IwXA'1f1. SFVONII IIOVV: lY:11wn, Llwvyvl, St-X1ImI1, II1x::I'wII, I1!wIIA, IIr'uIIf,',f1-nw, I'I1+'III- I, F- III 1, FIHHT RCHVV: I'Ix1n1:1, HIVII-111I:wl1 in Harmnninus Strains IIN-ir mwl uulslumlingx I'lllllIll'I'5. was p11-fm-:Ili-cl all III1- IIIll'ISIIll2lh vmlmw-l'l. Nh. JXIFIIIIII lx:-mwll Im-nu-II il Il1'IN QVUIIIP IIIIS u-snr. Immun :nr Iln' IMIIIIIQ- Mix:-II Ix,IIllI'I1'l. II4'K'illlSl' UI IIN- IllillIN UlII5Iilll1IIll" hlIl"l'l'h Ill this grmlp In-1-:un4- kmmn uf mn- of Iln- I-IIIPFI all XUFIIIRIIIQII. I.wIN Ilriwull. IIilI'IHll'il IXurI1'x mul .Iunv Cuulul Immml an Irin, 'IIIl1's1'g1Il'Is Iwrnlm- an lmrl uf uImnsI vu-rx lllllhlt' QIFSUIIIIDIN lhzll hunk plum- IIIVUIIQIII IIN' Um- nf lln' Iligllligglllw 1:I II11- yvur Im' IIN' Nlixf-fl IIImrm Ixus Ilu-ir pzll'livipulim1 in IIN' All-Clbllllly I.Il4llIlSIl1'IlI all xIElllI1'IKU4lfI-RIVIIIIIUIHI IIPIIIIIIS Hugh Sf-Inml. Ifur IIN-ir ff-If-vlimus IIIPF rung "I ruisv II: I1r'I'Il1'4'u :xml "NI:nI:lgll1'll:1n. 'I'In- strung 1-mnpvliliun llml uns III4-rv all :III lima-r prmr-fl lhul NUl'lllllllfIy Ilaul mu- UI lln- fun-ft hlllglllgl LLIYHIIIS lll thc Vllll Nvxl I4-an' IIll'l'l' XSUIIIII In- :ww xuiux .ulflul Ivul IIII5 wsu F IIIUIIIP w1uI:I lu- n-lm-mln-lm'4I Im il long limv. l'nifor1u fIlIll1'Hl'llHl'1' IllllIl'4ll'1'N f1lnm.vpl:1'1'f'. I' 1114- Nm! ty Sf vf In VIOLINS: Block, Willminq, Williamson, Leimkuehler, Loeber, Johnson, Gun, I. Abrams, Hardy, Orgeich, Tucker, Pike, Brczncles, Stecker, Mosher, Painter, Simp- kins. CELLOS: Bensiek, Vonckx, Donoho, Montgomery. BASS: Schuette, Davis The f'071f'?7'f'I7HlNf!'1' rlemrmstrafes his ability. Ilnnlzert usicians URING the first hour of ever school da ' the Y 5 Band room was the scene of hard practicing done by Normand 's outstandin Orchestra. This . Y g group, one of the most popular on the campus, in- cluded some of lNormandy's most talented mu- sicians. Mr. Jean Rayburn returned for his second year as director of the group. His endless effort and the diligent practice done by the group helped make the Music Association concerts an enjoyable event for everyone who attended. ln the February concert, pianist Judy Bensiek was soloist. For her selection she played Mendelssohnis Piano Concerto. On April 7 the group took a trip to Troy and St. Charles, Missouri, performing for the high schools there. The Orchestra also participated in the an- nual County Music Festival. Not only did the group perform as a whole, but many members played solos in the Festival. Officers of the group were Don Polkinghorne. Presidentg and Mary Merkel, Secretary. Concert master for this year was Don Black. Page Ninety-Eight nmfl xuluuhlv Svuiur in lhv Unhvslru. Thi, uw: En-nrdinale Efforts 'I'hv illllllllll t,l'l'iH'SlI'1I-Hilllll hzmqlwl uns hvhl in Man lo r4'xsul'1l flc-sf-:wing Illl'llllN'l'S of thc- grnupa. M lhis linux- lhv Ariun ,fMsa1rrl was pI'l'Sl'Illl'K! In Ihr' nur llu- gmail Imp:-41 fm' hy 4-wry lllllilflilll frmn lh ml 4. lllUIll4'Ill hv villa-r4'1l tha- f,l'4'h1'Sll'il amd In-gun xsnrlx- illp ful' il. Of thu- mann lIlll!4il'ill wnnpusiliuns lhvx' N-111lv1'vd. Ihr' lun f:u'uril4's of thx- gruup Sl't'llH'il In hx' lhn' fa-In-vliuns from lhv mln-wllzi. "Kula:-rIu" and "Blum- 'l'alll-uf' 'l'hiw war fivn- nu-mhvrs of Ihr- f,l'1'Ill'Sll'il Y' ' ' . ull:-mlvcl Ihr' Wushinglmn lzniwrsily musivizlnship rluss for high svluml sluflvnls hm-ld on Sillllfllily IllHl'Ilillf1S. As 1-:wh lIll'IlllN'I' lmvkvd hawk mm' lhv IIIZIIIX IlI1'ilSllIll illlll 1'V1'll illllllillljl l'XlN'l'Il'lll'l'S hi' hilfl. th! lung hours of hard mark and lll'ill'lil'4' wvrv forgo lvn. 'Hwy haul hm-n l'l'Will'dl'd hy Ihr' applullsv 4 1. ,f lhv illlIIi4'll4'1' mul wvrv pruucl tu hc Illl'IllIN'l'S of lhc' fNUl'Illilll1h Un-In-slra. Pfxqv N1I1CtY'NllIl,' PIANO: Lulu mwmk tum. VIULAS: Wwlthvy, H111 kry, 1. Abmms. OBOE: Hunsivln, RAS SOON: Polkinqhmnw. CLARINETS: Qmvk, Guxlcy. DRUMS: SINIHI, Mvyvr. TRUM- PETS: Hoist, Mexkol, Tmvhlwod. FRENCH HORN: Stun". SAXOPHONE: Srrvtl. PI- RECTOR: Mx. Rnybum. rniny prurlif-r'.v in1p1'nl'1' 1-ur1r1'rf.v. liiirl Ilhnristers Blend in Harman early morning praetiees. so that she would be per- leet in harmony for the inueh-waited-ftmr appear- anees. Although there were no elected offieers. the stu- dents themselves proved eapable of handling the situations thrown at theni. After first appearing at the Nnrtnandy Musie Assoeiation eoneert during the Christmas season. these young students were asked time and time again to appear at the student assemblies. Several of the tenth grade tnenibers were ehosen to be in the All-County Chorus. After working hard they were able to give a polished perfornianee and were pleased that their talents had not been wasted. Striving for perfeetion. they soon realized that all singing improrm with Int.vnfpr11efiee. was not play. for the many praetiees, although tiring. proved helpful in laying the baekground for Nlii of the tnost enjoyed of the niusie groups llwse girls in lulun' years' this year was the 'lienth Grade Girls' Clee These members of the Tenth Grade Girls' Clee l lub. 'lihis popular organization. both to the tnent- Club. in their navy skirts and white blouses. were s and the listeners. was one of the best organized one of the znosl enjoyed inusie groups in the tlubs on the eanipus. l3'aitlil'ully. eaeh girl eanie to school. Efttmf' ' f 'f 5 -' Q Y Y x W . 11 Y E E ii - THIRD ROW: Anderson, Beatty, Rieqert, Zorn, Helton, Kennett, Biedenstein, Wunderlich, luck, Knight, Gerken, Haynes. SECOND ROW: Holmes, Neumann, Stevenson, Niermcn, Robinson, Linders, Borchelt, Turner, Iohnson, Schneider, Kale-mclris. FIRST ROW: Lerxsck, Lnnqdcn, Goetly, Hinrnfm, Oberrnczrk, Sultens, Russ, lecklm, Scheidler, Perkins, Page One Hundred Lively Marches ill Slthnnl Spirit lllf. lim lrunn' llllllllltlgl nn tht- north sidv uf tht- Vue-altimizil huiltling wustln-s1'e'iw of lnuny liuurs ul pi'nm'li4'iiig hy tht- lNUl'IllilIlIly High Sm-lmol .in1l, Ibn-ssl-tl in ilu-ir mlurlc hlus- uniforms, lwrs ul tht' tn'gzniizzlli4ni prnvicletl livvly and stir- ring songs nt luutlmll gznnvs ainfl ussf-ntlwlit-S. 'llhvir tlil'l't'llll'. Mr. Uuultl, struw' fur pci'fv1'tim1 at vvvry it-ln'nl'snl lwlun- the- group was svlwclulvml In Iwi'- lnrni. 'l'lu-av xwn- only two plum-S uf lhv rnuny nnisivail lvlllhll' Assnviulimi lhnnw-rts tht-5 play-tl svlc'1'lc'ml ninnln-rs Ihul prawimlvnl n xurim-ty ul' 4-ntvrtaininc'nt lm' alll. As in pre-x'innis xvurs. thaw pvl'lui'im'ml in tht- All-tlunnty llanul znnl Urvln-slru. livra- unnln-ts-rl with nth:-r svlmnls for r4'1'ugnitiun tIlPIilQ1l'Ill1'Illh giu-n hy lln- group. At vzlc'l'l nf the llll"Ill- lhvy as 1 nlilwtaimling lnusivul grmip. lfzu-h lnvnllwr was In Thr' 1rii1rixvf'Iiuri funrx up. mlmsa-n In-v.niw nl his or hvr sole- zlhility lu rmlflvi' A, im,,1h,.,. Wm- Umm. U, 3 ,.l,,Sf,. UN. Bum! mmm, IllllNlt'ill 4-nnipnsitimis :incl his intvrvst in tht- lie-lil ln.,-5 Img uyyay lhpir i,,,1m,m-,nsz smm. fm- IIN. lust of lllllSlt'. ll ltltlli Illlllly lltblIl'S of llilftl Wllfli lt! ill- linw ul N1ll'lllQlllQly. N4-Xl ,Calf qplhq-rg will lwpulnp il t.1in lhv lint' IllllSlt'lll quality that was prvsviit ut part of uni' ul tht- inns! nulallnlt- urgalilizulimts on an-rx vmn'1'rl gnvn ln the-ni. lhv 4-annpus. VOIIRTH ROW: Mr. Gmnlcl, Nll'Gl'lldE?l, Meyer, Smith, THIRD ROW: Hughes, Polkinqlmino, Willey, Chitty, K. Svutt, I. St-ntl, lllllllllfl, Mvklmiinxvk, SIICONIF ROW' Guilpy, Br-Ike?-, Layton, Watts, Scott, I. Kcwln, Nluellpr, Hiiqlws, Iones. FIRST ROW' Qnirk, llnnratwln, Fifhoi, Horst, Slono. Pwnc One Hundred Ono HA 115 '4Variely,s the very spice of life."-Cowper HE queen of the dance unclasped her hand from that of her partner to reach up and touch her crown, the symbol of her royalty. Only then did she realize all was not a dream. Not everyone, however, could be the belle of the ball, so some found a thrill in pinning on a corsage, applying make-up for the school play, or pre- paring refreshments for a party. Even grasping their books while crossing the campus on the way to class with a group of friends was a very special part of the enjoyment of school life. Applauding hands encouraged the achievements of fellow classmates. To those outstanding in certain fields, awards were given in recognition of their work. Receiv- ing their honors, accompanied with a hearty handshake and a sincere "well done", was a moment that would he cherished forever. ln every phase of the social life hands grasped every fleeting moment of happiness and achievement and wove them into a permanent picture of their memory scrap- book of life at Normandy. Nd' Q f 'wR5f S w Ralhxhelm rf'r'ommemIs. "'l'nkP ,f'tc'fi1"ify.' Ntfzrfjx are met zrith foofhlexs xmiIe.w.' Spirit and Pl1fll1lSlIl-YH! uid team progress. Familiar Anti ities ITH the cry "Take Activ ityi' another drive to sell activity tickets had begun. Clever skits portrayed the advantages of buying a ticket. That the cam- paign proved successful was a tribute to the convincing presenta- tions in behalf of the cause. HStep right up! Test your skilllv was heard echoing through the Gym at Normandy's first big so- cial event, the Penny Circus. Of the fourteen attractions, the Freak Show seemed to command the most attention. Sporting events would lose some of their appeal if ear-splitting racket weren,t a part of them. En- thusiasm added atmosphere when the team was on top and consola- tion when it was not. Students did not hesitate to provide this sup- port. Pcrfle One Hundred Four Return with utumn A fzunrili- linn--killvr nn wurin. sunny :luis wus jusl plain luufing. 'Hn' fiyin sh-ps, till- slum' iwiiviws, ' in' vann ms pru- vifli-fl lin- si-Ming. il wus il " - lwtvsl . ga-I 4-znigiil up nn ull Ihr, . Apln'npi'i:lla- cim-1-mulimis nf vs- iiillllbi. iglnus annl if-ivlvs zulnrilmi lin- Hyun for lin- firsl ciaunw- uf llw we-alsmi. lin- iii-Yis I1-i'ln'vzliu'r. Soil iigiils :uni sum-I llllliiil' uicii-4 mnlpiw in "ln'4-aikingg lin' lu-0 . , - il'l'iiIiIlllll'lli, filling ln lin- mul- siull. lligghligille-il lln' PXCIIIIIQI. lluiivilig willmul slim-s wus tilt' nmn-I iil'iIilll'1' nf tln' Sludvnl Cunn- rilk fir:-I fiillN'l'. 1lppropi'izlte-ly Vlltlllgil rulln-ci lin- Sm-k Dain-v, linusuailly lira-il fm-I was lin- only unnpiwinl ili'il'l' lllis firsl uvlivily lliiillll Pin-1:1 Onrw Hnririrr-ri Fivn Nwn im' x f'flfl',l up un "HW lulvx il H'flI'llI. l'ric'nrlIy lI,IHUS1l'H'l't' Inu flu' i1'r"' fir!! inf 1111! In lf'm If Ihr' right pair Inn' Ii lx Hn Halls ilirate l,llVlAXlNti the eampaigns of the eandidates for Senior offiees was the assembly the day before the lyalloting. At this time presidential ean- didates from the Pogo. Safety-Pin and Kiekapoo parties presented their platforms. llflaseots. han- ners and parades all proclaimed support for faxor- ite eandidates and their parties. Sinee it was a presidential eleetion year. the flon- temporary Problems elass staged a moek eleetion patterned after the real thing. Before students could east their liallots on Oetolmer fill. they had to regis- ter at the designated places. To further authentir-ate the oeeasion a debate was held to disc-uss the main issues. Ballot returns provided a victory for "lla-N hy the seant margin of six votes. Shining down on drifting eouples at the Senior 'llri-Yis Harvest Dance was a huge golden moon. partly ohseured lv, a silhouetted eouple, Large autunm leaves. real eornstalks. pumpkins and an appropriate floor show added to the rustie atmo- sphere. Queen of the dance hy popular tote was Charlotte Collier. Laughs and applause eehoing from the Audi- torium were adequate announeement that the All- Seliool play was in progress. Long hours of prae- tiee assured the sueeess of the nllllt'llllt'l' lay the llozen" production. Between aets entertainment was furnished lry the l'larmonairs. Ilopiny I0 81171.11 ruff-.w, Il rlemrnnvlrution is xlaryfwl. l.f'4lrniny reul 1n'oe+'1llr1'f's, sluvlenlx reyixler lu rote. '1'hf'.wnilr' re'j'If'4'Is the hwn'f.' :mf Iron: ll IIIlSllIl1ll'l'SftlIll1lll!I ll ".W'l't1llIS" .wif- ion re.vl1ltx,' Page One Hundred Six I with Laughter l,l'l'Ul'llllllIlS purlruying l'lllll'ill'lt'l'S from a Moxi- vun vunliv strip ln-lpn-ll vurry out lln- Spanish thvnll- ul lln- unnuul lim-kwurll lhnn-1-. or "El Fanclangu R4'Yl'I'Sll-., as il was 1-ulll-ll lllis yvzir. A "south uf llle lumls-r" ll ever r slum pi'0c'vcl1-rl ilu' l'lllllilX of the Pvc- ningl. lllm-1'r1mning uf Huy llmwy unll Doris Cunlwl an King lfliiru zlnll Quvvn Cliiquilu. l'l'spm'1'livvly. Un Xml-nilwr 2l. i'1-pu-ss-iitailiws fruni nmrv than T5 4-nlll-gl-5 unll linivc'l'sili1's lwlpe-ll sc-niur sluflvnls plain for llivir fulurl- l'lllll'illlliIl. Qlwslimis l'om'c-l'i1- ing ull plum-s ul wall:-gv lill- wvrl- 1-illwr alliswvil-fl llira-vlly nr lllfllllflll pillllPllll'lS and ullwr lilvralurf- all-signal-cl fur lllill purpusv. Strains ul fannilian' 1-zimls pn-rvmll-ml llll- utnm- wpln-rv nl lln- vanullm--lil luuni. Darn-1'i's inte-rpi'vle-ll in flowing lllllXl'llll'lllS ilu- "wld fuvurilvsu nf llw xnlvlilll- an-small. 'l'lu- V152 l:lll'l!-3llllilS pugvanll was lrulx an vmnlninulilm nf lu-uulx. sa-riuiisxn-ss and giilivly. xsllivli nnull- wilnvssing il ai clislinvt privilvgv. l,ln'isln1ns Slllfll annl ani ill'llVlll llvlwl wvn' lllv . . . v w . q unlx auliniwimn l'l'1lllll'l'll for lhl- hluclu-nl l.uum-:ls lilIl'l5llllllS llmnw-. llriglllly lil Irv:-s. willl lrluv and xsllilu' lla-1-mxllimis. mllll-ll fnrllwr ln llw spiril illlll lwauulx ul ilu- in-vznsmii. Ill-lls In-ruldl-ll lln- urrivul ul flllllll. Mllll lns ling: nl gills for ull llullll-rs uf lm-ln IllIIlllIl'I'S. Nnnll11'4'l'n.v,' lI'.w ull in lvlwpirigy with flu' .wllir 'I'u prvpurr' ix lu Ilflrvxulnv'1'nnIl'ul of Ihfr fulun ".lIIfl1'lN, HV' Ilurr Ilrurfl on High." lflllll Iv4'4lr'lw.' wunllilrnlrlil fha' Nl'4lSUll. Piiqn One Hnndmd Sewen f'1II'iNfHlllHfiHlf, ix xhuriny timed. .1 rvrtuin lrP11rlpir1'r'.vPl.w hw' ujurrt. IIRISTMAS was not vompletvly a festive sea- son. Realizing that many did not haw alde- quulc- food, Hi-Y boys dislrilnulvd lmskets of vznnwd I goods, sugar and meal. X 1 Quaint splendor reniiniscffnt of "Thel.Old golillfzil I greeted rouplvs entering the trglrli-iuforjztiiiij f'Gy11l1iiiiTiNfK , Ai A night of January IT. With a .V ,. offsfbmi Ihr- idf-nl plam, to do this joln. H hal-kd'-OP, PM Comcgiy iwngfwinwimlgii I?t'il"'i",f'iThe iii Sludvnls smxking an fuiure in show luusinm-ss "hurl Heuux Arts Ballg. ,N f ' ff i i , . , , . X " , V' fb i'A- f uk V1 f' 'blhvn' day ' nl tha- Llllllllili bludenl cAllllll'll sponsorod 'I'owan'd tiife-'VLff1fi,cifJ11iiAiiff1z'y, 5liidinpls,foz'gol soviull N iirzllvimt Ass:-xnlvly. Ry lhvir vow. lln- znnlivnm-v sv- an'tivitinfQi4Qfbrv zgyjifliilii andflfiii-klrgii'5.fiomf'n'1 o Ayr, In iw-tvd eighl an-ts as rvprz-sc-nlalliws to inlvr-si-hool task of'S11p.1y5ifiQ fog,-firiilii alssvinlmlix-s. V '- 'J , if' Q' .,Lf'm QM L I., ' ' A p , , .v ,V x 1' ,.x J if "Mining the buok,w" 'ix H10 Vogllfl 1I7'i07' fo P.1'11ms'. "'I'lll'I'f"N no lrilxirivss lilw .vhmr Imsim'.v.v." Pings One Hundred Eiqhl f'1II'I'.I!fllfl our plans .wlwllx hurrl work. Ifunuiny pmwllvl in r'oop1'ruIim1 is lHlfIl'l'NfIIlH'ilI1l. Man Panels 'lin Sl'lliHl' 'liri-N ' Ili-X Illl'llllN'I'S. spullsurs Hn' XRIIUIIIHIK' I,illll'1'. fvll ilu- lurk of Illilklllgl 1l1-I-mwllmm :mal pre-panning: for Ilw Ing 1-vvlll in umm ll'Ill'l uma. 5lI4'l'1"5 uf ilu' llilIIl'4' wus rvwural vlmllyll for lmrrl XHll'lxl'I'ff. Vluwl' IKVILIIIUIIFIIIIJF um-rm' llu- UIljt'1'llH' of llll' -V 66 Ja x ll A in L Purvnl-'l'm':u'Iwi'-Sludvnl Mvvtings. at whivh timm- vuvh group vould prvsvnl its side' of ax prolvlvnl in am vfforl lu mln' it In Ihr sulisf1u'lim1 of all. l'Q1lSIliUllS llll4ll'l'NH'lll 1'llllFill1'l'illll4' Vhilllgt' illlfillg Hmrkiv Wm-k lnilizllion. l"vllmx's who had valrlwd il lvllvr had lu swan' ullllumlisll VUSHIIIIPS and 4'illl'l' ln vu-ry whim of il Xl'l1'l'illl lvllvl'l11ull. To amalrcl If-llvrs lu the lmskvllmll. fwinnning und NI't'hlIiIl51 lvauns. at slwviall HSSPIIIIDIY was he-ld on NIJIITII ll. Cal llilillS m's1'1ll1'1l lru rhivs lu ilu' wrin- I I l I vipall. .I "mulrif"' !'r'rl.v Ihr' rfwlall of l'llI'Ilfll!l ll If'ltr'r. Nymlmlif' of ll :winning fl'tlHl is Hu' gold vup. V11-yr' On- Humlll 'I i Nm' l'r'f'p1l1'uIiu1i ix Ihr iffy In xl1r'w1'.s'.w, ,ll'l4ll'l1lf.S' fllltlllfill Il Nflllllll in lnllflnrw. .1 pounrl lnxf is 11 pwnizy ,w11'wI,' 'l'l1r'f1ninlul.v Yuki' Ul'l'I'7lPlIl only for ll rlflyf Slzhnnl lla 5 End with a Flnurish U ll.Xl5l'i innna-x for ti vluss gift tn the st-lwnl. svninr clrtnnutia' stnmlvnts. with Miss Cnllvvn Xxrllklllhltll us llll'l'l'lUl'. p1'vsvlit0d tlw Senior Play. .'xlSt'llll' untl Ultl l,z11't'u. lmzifls in tht- prmll in-rv tim nlrl maids. ztlvlx' purtrayvfl. with tht- hvlp nl an vxpcrt nmlu--up artist. ln Mary lfist-hvr and ltiil M1'fXllislvl'. Thr- nisrlit nf Mzlrvli 27 funnrl tht- lnlvln nf tht' H . llig Uxni lrunsfnrnwcl intu u miniature Nxwigliing tnlinnu. lit-furo vmiplvs vunlrl "pass" lu tht- clanrt- lltmr. tht- girl had to lu- wwigrlifwl and hvr vsvnrt tlnirgml at lwnny pvr lmnntl for lllllIliSSlUll. Huw- twr. als sptnlstws uf tht' flzlritv. tht- Lvttcrinvn uf- lrtnni off a of the Gym. whilf' soft. pale grvvn ungvl hz G uirf' ward Un 1-nine flrvss Page One Hundred Ton vhauns and sparkling iit'IlIl'I'ZllllSu uflnrnvfl tht- we ff-rf-tl lrvv l't'l1'vshlm'i1ts to those- who haul slznwul fvw pnnnfls ltl'l.4ll'Pl1illlll. Ht't'2IllSl' nf an revurtl vrtmrl tht- l,UllI'lt'l' s Ft. Put s Dann-H. "Eine-ralrl l7antasy'." nvttvd on-r at thonsum dripped frtnn the- vviling. Sinn- Irish l'vggy Mt had the must pvnny xntvs. t'rm'vt- Brin-v Huw crmvnvd hrfr Quvvn. April Ifl- it lnnkvcl as if Mnthvr tlunsv ha to iN0l'lIl2lllfly. Vilcingvtte inilizitvs hurl to up as nnv of the f'hill'ZN'tt'l'S frmn nurst-ix dollars for the big Thirtivth Yvar issuv. lmprn ills ni lllxulv- Jlllll wlwx :Ill llu- wunmguulf- .lf gl,-lx ull., llilll 4'illlll'1l llu-il ll'lll'IF in llIkl'XlUll5 yvurw. ll:-luuul In mln-x uuwml lN'lllQ wluvl uilll il uallvl' gun. ,Xu lIlll'lI7l1'l2lllllII. lm' llu- Nlux l"1-lv. of il "Stull- lam um llu- lufk nl llu- N-nun' lll'1'll1'Fl5. ,-Nll us IH'1'lF ul llu- fun um-rv 1llllll4'Illl4'illlX 4-4u'l'u-ll ull! In llu- 1lillll'4'l". l.lunrlullc- Lullu-r. up lulrlu-r. mlm- flnu-1-sl llu- xsnulux num-nu-ulf nl Ilu- lH'1Nlll1'llUll. lurlluu-ml HI llI1'51'lll4lXx'llll'lllFXKQIFIIII zuu-lum. lmulu -ale-. mul lnllu- lllnlunl vulllm- prim-. Hllll lurnu-rw. llllllxlllillllf. :uul luulga-5 illlillllgl I'l'llll5lIl' illlll4lhlDlll'l'l' lu llu- -4'1'Iu-s. Flxilw. 1-nla-:ml llillll lDlill'lll'illlf vu-ry urggalllilal- lun: In Nr-luuvl. uuulm- up llu- Fll'l'1lll'lk purl ul llu- Sl'llllll lfluff llzuy ,'XrrVllllllN. "llu- llilllvillu-f Umu- lu XUlllllllNlX new llu- ilu'nu- of llu- 1-xx-nl. uf mlm-- lulwl lu llu- 5lll4lI'lll luulX. .-Xll 5lxllrl'll1lllll1'l!'ll mln Illif xr-in. lllinmx nf llu- mu-minima Vlllllt' uilll llu- ll'il1llll:l ul llu- Llglsf Will auul llwplu-1'x. :X l'lll55 Imunu' lm llu-fm-nuns u 1--llu-"uiuul-up"nlllu-eluy. Bxnumxlnumf uitln llu- uumlll ul Xluy lFlll1' l'mul llml -'lll4'lllllll'5l ul-1ll'4'1llllhU. xtlllllgl g1il'lf'llu:llg1l1la llI4'XIlillIlN lllI'll1'1l In pl.umlng for llu- ru-u lliflllill. ululm- xuuugg nu-u 5 lIlI'lIl'fl In I'illrlllQ11'll0llQ1lI uunu-x lm llu- 4ll'1'll5l4lll, Ilunl ul uorlx lllll'lll:1 lllls lmux lufxu-wr. um llu- ,lIIlIl0l' klauf. lf-ll lny ilu-lr 5l1'l'l'- Ill? ljmnlnillm- :uul 1-laws 1!ll.l1'1'l'F. llu- llu-uu- 1ll4l54'II. "flu-4-imn lQaQl'ml1-lieu. uns 1'2lI'I'l4'll Ulll In lu-I1 l14'lurIl. 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Thi- sec-ret was rvwalvd in llu- flrvssing room lmy Holm Rranom. Editor ol tht- Saga mfr" and Master of Cvrvnionies. All nivmlu-rs of Ilii- Court were present. After a mornvnl of slrainvrl silence the Qtivviiis bouquet was lJl'f'FPlllf'fl to Mari- lyn Small. while tho hearty liandshalu- grin-li In Harry fl2llllSl'lll' rewalorl lo all that lic' was King. ln tht- actual 1-Meiiioriy. the 1-ouplvs 1-ntl-rod lic- lucvn luo stately 4-olumns. at-1-ordingr lo tlu-ir your in school. First to walk out and lvowx were tht- Sophomorvs. followed lui' the juniors and. finally. lwy the Senior maids and their est-orls. 'lio lliv ma- jestim- strains of 'll'on1p and Cll'l'lllI1SlilIll't'M tlis- King and Qui-sin slowly made their way to llu- throne. prere'dc'd by the crown lmeare-r and flower girl. and followed by the two train lwarvrs, Al tlw fool of lhe throne the Queen rvveiwd he-r glittering vrown .rl wlimfri' is I'f'11f'llP!I.' .tf'Ifr1n1f'l1'1lg1inyf tllllllllllll-W'. II: 1' IIIIPUII nl1rlrt'.v lufr lmzr, BACK ROW: Mueller, Pollard, Foote, Barnes, Douglass, Bommdrito, Small, Guutsche, Bronom, Collier, Dunkel, Gunkel, Klinqler. MID- DLE ROW: Polkinqhorne, Leber, Drxchroeden, Thiele. FRONT ROW: Sullens, Sanders, Be-noist, Baxter. CROWN BEARER: Willhoft. TRAIN BEARERS: Leber, Rode. FLOWER GIRL: Remmert. PAGES: Kolemdris, Borchelt. Page Ono Hundred Twelve :IN llu- I1'llIlllp lt,ll1'I'II mul lxing xauwnll-sl ln Illillv' Illillll llll lllt'll1'N l'1lX2ll1'Hllllll'. llu- llu'nu- smug. "'l'lu' Nlvrry XX ulmx XX illll.-. :M flu- Il4'1lIl'1l llu- lllllfll. Ilu- l.uul'l lu-pam In film- un lu llu- slzuuw- llm-1 lm lll1'lI'il1lilI4llIill l.1llll'l liauu-1-. fxglillll llu- llu-mv smug nur llSl'1l. uf llu- l?ilf'lxQl'Hllllll musu' lm- llu- lliIlll'l'. xxlll'Il rlznuwng. ilu- gurls In llu-ll' l4PIIIIillS ws-nu-ml In zlvlllilllk lll'll-l uluful llu- llmnr. nlnlv Ilu- lm-lluus III lll4'II' luxe-eluu pl-Mull-ll an rlrik- Illfg wmlnufl In lulau-lx .nul XXllIl1'. XXlu-u ilu- nu'm- ln'lN ul llu- lumll llilll l'l'llIl'lll'll lu llll'II' Illill'l'5. llu' Nmu-I. ll1ll'IIlHllllII'5. mul gnlu Nvilll-l'lIIl Qlllvllll lur- llu-I l'llll'I'lilllIl'll Ilu- illl4lI1'lll'l'. -luis. :nul lIIllllll'4'tl ul xauwlf nl 1lI'illH'b lm-nu-ll llu' Inu-lulu-p uf llu- l,mn'I slzlrh-4lllu'll1-1-1-ssumzll. l,url ullll1'4'ulIlhl1':- In l!l'QllIl l4'1lXlIlQ xu-1'1-llu- King zuul Qnu-1-xl. uluv. us Ilu-5 Illilflt' llu-ir lilml lum. llflbllfllll llu- l'P.r.5 Nigga: l.41l'u1xull1+l1 lu u vluw, Social Season lu lwgiu llu- 1'lIll'I'l.'lllIllll'IIl lmif llrisf-ull sung ll1-4-mzlliolw in g1l4'l'lI illlll ullilv. uilll s1llll4'l'll1Ql Zllflmzlllx, "Ihr ,lfl'I'lAll Wiflml' ll 1 "I,'irI.v.'fiir'Is.'f1irI.v."' "l'i l'-up Cm- l'l111ul11Pl'lllxlll--rn llrl. HKIFINIIYI HIl.X'ft'l' IIIIII Dun Hrvmixt Szlllrfqm' SIIIIPIIN mul Egfr SlllI4!1'l'.S I Must Popular Helqn ,mx V54 1 f.'411'nl l.f'ln'r unrl lion l'ulA'i11glmrm' jlllll' lIf1a'l1l'nwlw1 uml ,IIIVL 7'l11'r'lf' Une HVli1LiI'I1VYVlIl' PQ V ,..w--.f Q 'NN Unix lwmlf' Illlll IIIIIV' H!l!'IIl'.N llnl'lA.w f,'1ll1L'1'l :tml ,hill lXlillgLl!'!' al Saga Enrnnatinn 7 ,Zi 'gf lfllfllfnllv l,.Ulll'I'l' IIIII! Huff IIIIIIAVI llflrlflu llnugluxv mul lfrml linnlfllrlriln Vim- Hvmrilwri F'1Hv1m: 55 ' ri Mr. Harry liaulslzhe, Saqa Iiinq HANDS H LD fe fghfwloi? ouievm Q ' x 3+ yu X 5 fb , v '- b wo- '1 5 , 'W QQ, 41 3 5 S' 'Sv' . M5 Dfw. 1111 Cham 4 ,. Qpfliley cg-UQUXFA V X' x. sf: eww : A-"Iwi" 9-,fa 1215:- mr" N ---n 'LQ V8 .+'k--':n"'o.:.- H Qx lgf, -x'5W"4 w'f'oQ.g93.7,-jcaf'1.v'.f'.1f-Q: sh Es" KQV. '-' ek P .,!'5'Z3""!':-"Z1"':.g?ff244Lf..-." Emttenfix .eifklk ffl ,:4L94?4S"Ab .sd 3'.1nT SCEPTER ? s i H, .... h, M W, , ,Agia H ,-' Ziiigigi V y eww! gzsflllffl I SNOW KING g !':"""1v.-'--710-cr-Q .q -'-'lf-'11-"'3'Pafa5'.53 -9 ,M ... -.0 .ff,o.Qo.I',', ' 'UQ9-Q' 'Z ' 5 "" f Lam-.vagQ 'Fggv-.. - 4. atoms 'gpm M V ' Sk . v ' VX! 110.005 - K .fhf Yilillifyi BEAUX ARTS QUEEN '.':.rvs'.'s-Y 'iwzi-on 5 -' 0 093.-its: ,'C!'iv32 vfiidggsgg. .I .Q gl S 1 Q1 I I I .'I Q A f! : 9 L 4 5 I . 0. ,6:' gn.. I u p , ,.f - yi'-fy' 11 Q E' Ja . QP!! -':ss::f::?fn n 4' .lurk Nuys, . Ulilj PM fait:- .g I l I Q 5 h f.-se, UPS? QMS r Q90 fi 0 U ggftkqdf U 4 72:4 it 1 , m f Q 1 2 s 5 vp o- 51 pf . Y ,bg R .1 - , Q Q s X, lf Q' lnfff . J' Q1 -9' 'gli KL frhg- ff fl , f, ' ' K 2 Sfgf- !0'g"'5e ATS QUEEN .925 QYIJIQ 334' 4 ,-.A xii ' 8-N! AQ ll 5- .1! ,I fl 5:5 A-Q if 52 Jfffnfn - !AlU4IIIllNll Wfzny ,ya f .a Q LEIIERMAN QUEEN ,Q 10 fl apr! yn. - E7 ' 1's009"': W L'-: 'Q- - , Llrwfli X ln- Q' ,- f--f:---if ---- D KIN' ' f .5 1 91122 ' U OF HEART5 VUL- 4 . 4 , .'.r.'.'f W x ' 'fl 'o:"' : kigiflflfeii ui F. Ifflfzfm IBIHE3111 61' You'll never forget your school Jays, and we hope you'll always remember Pl1otoRef1ex, your Cfficial Photo- grapher. We'1l always remember the fun we had talzing your pictures... and we hope you will not forget us in the years to come when tl-nere are other occasions you'll want to remember HUTIJR P fflwmxwrzolg with fine portraits. "'ma,"' P11ot0Reflex...a unique method of taking pictures from coast to coast PHOTOREFLEX STUDIO FOURTH FLOOR SWCIMWCIWOWLBMVW1 For the Newest in Styles SANDERS MEN'S SHOP 6223 EASTON AVE. CAVANAGH-KELLY Printing Company 4311 Iennings Road Pine Lawn I:0IHIIll'I'l'iU, Pltlllillg' anal Lithograpliby ' School Forms, Programs, ' Business Annuals, Invitations Forms ' Wedding Invitations, ' Advertising Inforrnais Brochures ' Business Stationery ' Circulars COMPLETE DIRECT MAIL FACILITIES GOodfe11ow 7662 VALLEY WAREHOUSE CORPORATION Frank Westlake Drug Co. Professional Pharmacists 1504 Hodiamont Ave. COlfax 4100 P O H ddT tyO 5-:C ln troubled times such as these, the needs of America and the free world everywhere, can best be met by an educated people. McDonnell salutes the Faculty and Students of Normandy High School. ,,.. ,. , Mun MYDONN ELL . AIRPLANES AND ICOPTERS ff ST.LOUlS 3,M0. To the present graduating class we extend a cordial invitation to call and permit us to outline your future with McDonnell Aircraft Corporation. ' ' '3:-:G-2:':CC':Z'I5C- 5: Page One Hundred TwentyYTwo 3-2 L. A. MARLER CO. SALES - SERVICE - RENTALS DICTATING MACHINES ADDING MACHINES VINITA TOM BOY MARKET 8068 PAGE AVE. TYPEWRITERS O I'!'7'S07IllI l,f'Hf'1'.s' Tjl1I6'1U7'1fl671 in Quantity saw Lawler Drive Goaafeuaw 8449 You me More GI C' TOM BOY SWG Hey, Fellows .... It's Smart to Rent Your Tuxedo For the Prom at Leonard's Tuxedo Rental 5888 DELMAR DE1mar 9902 TIIICIIIC IS A 20 PER CENT DISCOUNT F011 ALI, STUDENTS LA VAUGH N'S DRIVE-I N The most popular name at N ormnml y H igh School for delicious Malls - SUIIIIIVIDCIICS - Frozen Cusfarfl - Root liver 3100 Lucas-Hunt Rd. EVergreen 9955 Schuermann's Shell Service "Sc'rvic'v ls My Business" . 7201 Natural Bridge at Lucas-Hunt GOodfe11ow 7103 Normandy 21, Mo. MEYER CHEVROLET CO. NEW and USED CARS and TRUCKS O 8345 N. Broadway EVergreen 4444 GODAT DRUGS I. EDWARD GODAT, Ph. G. 'A' 6824 MYRON at MAYWOOD GOodie11ow 4300 St. Louis. Mo. VBLDA VILLAGE HILLS Compliments of Normandy State Bank The Bank of I"riemlly Servivo 7301 NATURAL BRIDGE RD. NORMANDY, Mo. -Member of F. D. 1. C. and Federal Reserve Syslemi :GEDC- PqO H d dT ly-Th FERGUSON CLEAN ERS Vlctor 7-5000 6707 Page Ave. CAbany 6540 Fine Quality Ice Cream at JONES ICE CREAM . . . Plenty of Parking Space EVergreen 6500 STEPHAN'S MARKET FROZEN FOODS - CHOICE MEATS HOME BROILED HAMS and VEGETABLES 3835 St. Ann's Lane International Lighting Mfg. Co. CON GRATULATES Normandy High School Graduates 6511 Easton Ave. .IANTZEN SWIM WEAR sold exclusively at ...BUSY BEE MONUMENTS - MARKERS PLYMOUTH MEMORIALS CO. 7539 St. Charles Rock Road Arch Stewart CAbany 3604 GOodfe11ow 8815 "You know it's good- It came from Schmidfsi, SCHMIDT BAKERY 7215 Natural Bridge R. Schmidt GOodiellow 2139 A. fr B. Launderette Cr Cleaning 2 AND 5 DAY SHIRTS FINISHED SELF-SERVICE LAUNDRY 6208 Natural Bridge Pine Lawn, Mo. Fireside 2655 FREE DELIVERY and PICK-UP an WESTERN CYCLE SERVICE 4123 Iennings. Road I5 Blocks North of Natural Bridqel Vinita Hardware Supply Co. 8114 Page Ave. St. Louis 14. Mo. Sherwin-Williams Paints Hardware and Building Materials Wlnfield 1717 Gooafeuow 'zoos STECKERT CLEANERS Calls Made Every Day 5207 Helen Ave. lohn Steckert St. Louis County's Most Complete Men's Store Muffy S301 EASTON AVE. VICTOR SHADE WINDOW SHADES - DRAPERY HARDWARE VENETIAN BLINDS Jabby Candy C1 Tobacco Co., Inc. WHOLESALE CANDY - GUMS - CRUSHED FRUITS and FOUNTAIN SUPPLIES 6129 Page Blvd' CAb'mY 2368 4920 Easton Ave. rom: ssss Strictly Sanitary FIRST CLASS BARBER SERVICE SEGRAVES BARBER 51-lop LAWRENCE CANVAS PRODUCTS 2803 Maywood Ave. COlfax 0322 . VHLDA VILLAGE 1524 North isnt si. CEntral me Page One Hu d d Twentyfour HNONE BETTER" l Q Quality Dairy Milk Chocolate Milk Orange Drink Ice Cream QU LITY D IRY Co PA Y 4630 Florissant GOodfellow 6000 , If lt's Concrete New Work 0. Call Us or Repairs '?ainters' Friend f 'Complete line of highest professional quality paints and wallpaper. 'Large stocks of distinctive wallpapers in wide price rariqe . . . plus trained decorators to solve your decorating problems. 'Plenty of free parkiriq. 'Every day delivery by fleet of Porter trucks. 6717 CLAYTON RD. DElmar 8510 J. E. RUTTER Concrete Contractor lfslittlailvs l"l'i-4-ly lllVt'll i' MUlberry 9187 2210 Lucas-Hunt Road Prim' One Hundred Twenty lnivt- FAYETTE R. PLUMB, Inc. 4837 James Street Philadelphia 37, Pa. 6300 St. Louis Avenue St. Louis 20. Mo DEER PARK VACUUM PACK TIN Contains 45 cookies which will meet the demands of those who insist on the highest quality, priced for volume sales. Packed in a vacuum tin, beautifully lithographed in many colors. An ideal gift, a treat for unexpected company, a wonderful package to send overseas. Vacuum packing protects the cookie's freshness and crispness at all times. Deer Park Baking Company 2150 Mullcmphy St. St. Louis 6, Mo. COVERS and BINDING For TH E I953 SAGA BECKTOLD COMPANY 0 2705 OLIVE STREET Page One Hundred Twenty-Six c nf f" f A - X -----I'-T-H' ig--' ::---:r-'v"'---r'Ivig.f-"f' My u .W - MQ W Mew Www fe W! Ziffglfffffg W1 M wi W M e teachers and the wh ever called upon to do so. W fax. 1 iw fe ge MQW W W O -----li:----In---I --------------- --------------------- 'V Y' I nk N36 L fx? 9 .L T W Yfiyk --M. so on 2- 'NN-'QQES E? 9 .M . ,,-L f I H ..L7 aw - ' 411 - f - a Ni K gf 9 -VVV - 9 1 L A-,. W is 1 AVLVM my FIRST NATloNAL BANK of WELLSTON cyl Oldest National Bank in St. Louis County A 6205 Easton Avenue Week Days . . . Mondays ..... Tues., Wed.. Fridays ....... . 9:00-5:00 Thurs. . . 9:00-2:00 Use Our Friendly 9:00-7:00 Bcmking-by-Mail Service P q O H d dTwenty-Eight RUBICAM SCHOOLS 'rwo scHoo1.s JEWELRY - WATCH REPAIRING PINE LAWN JEWELRY Pleuxiny YOU l'I4'f1.w's US Secretarial Accounting Stenoqraphic Refresher Typewritinq .k FOrest 3900 4933 Delmar Blvd. LAclede 0440 3473 S. Grand Blvd. 6207 Natural Bridge CO1!ax 3424 HI t urs nf Nf7I1fJ 36 MONTHS PERRY TV, Inc. ELECTRONIC SPECIALISTS SINCE 1926 F 0 R D Motorola Stromberq-Carlson Guarantee Philco RCA ill' Sales - Service Open ,ll I ' fix U.H.l". Converters- and Installations SUNDAYS MR DL W Q A Tool T1 5 217 N. Florissant Vlctor 7-5100 ' 'J """""""""' """ 3900 Iennings Rd. CO1fax 1033 General Insurance Wlnfield 4770 Courteous Service Free Delivery Paints John J. Cummings Agency Hqfdwafe o REALTORS Wallpaper Plumbing ' Electrical Supplies aozo sa. Charles Rock Road Appliances hal' Wife ST. LOUIS COUNTY 14. MO. 7921 PAGE DE1rnar 0095 CO1fax 1120 GRAHAM MOTORS, Inc. 7196-8 PAGE BLVD. The Plaee Where 2000 People Cmfl lie Wrnngl Phrkview 8570 P1-Xrkview 9707 PASADENA CLEANERS Quality Cleaning and Pressing CASH AND CARRY Hoqer and Totsy Caudell 7518 Florissant Rd. Normandy 21, Mo. Page One Hundred Twenty-Ni Congrafulafiong to The Graduafeg and a Parts for All Washing Machines and Vacuum Cleaner . Wrmqer Rolls - Bugs - Etc. Cordual Welcome to All of You From- -SERVICE FOR ALL MAKES- STATE BANK Cr TRUST co. OF WE'-LSTON MUNDELL APPLIANCE Fred L. Wuest, Presidevzt SALES and SERVICE 6209 EASTON AVE. 6363 EASTON -MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE COl1P.- Ierry Mundell G01-vdiellow 1100 Moos INDUSTRIES, Inc. Nvffh Sf- '-OWS Typewriter Service CONGRATULATES szzs Natural Bridge nd. sf. Louis zo, Mo. NORMANDYIHGHSCHOOL GRADUATES If you need employment, we may have a job open for which you can qualify. Drop in to see u lOm' Plant Is Close Io Where You Live! CO' ' 7122 4684 6565 WELLS AVE. ' PqOHddThty SUPPORT YOUR P.T.A. ON WHOSE AIMS ARE: 2 3 4 5 To promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school, church and community. To raise the standards of home life. To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth. To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the training of the child. To develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for every child the highest advantages in physical, mental, social, and spiritual education. Pwqo Ono Hu cl d Thirty-One , . . Godat s Super Service Station Three K Dispensing DI-:NT WORK AND MOTOR TUNE-UP st ' .ig opiicicms ores - 2800 Lucas and Hunt Road Erkers EVergreen 9697 Normandy 20. Mo. amz: G0odiellow 3050-51 Real Estate Loan Er Investment Co. R I: A L 'I' O R s Successors to IL. Wm. Gerling Realty Co.l 3719 IENNINGS RD. PINE LAWN. Mo. DETER'S SERVICE STATION Phillips 66 Products 1640 Lucas-Hunt Rd. EVergreen 9346 LOANS INSURANCE RALPH SCHWEITZER REAL ESTATE COlfax 4788 6907 Myron Ave. sr. LOUIS zo. MO. COliax 9200 PORCH RAIL COLUMNS SIAIR RAIL Pre-Kut Ornamental Iron, Inc. 6309 Natural Bridge MAIL BOX STANDS LAMP POSTS CROWN REALTY CO. Tops Them All-Ways 3721 Iennings Road lat Natural Bridgel Flreside 4114 Chicago Theatrical Shoe Co. 'A' 537 Arcade Bldg. Mhin 0298 CORDES ELECTRIC CO. TELEVISION - RADIOS - WASHERS Always a Better Deal EVergreen 1606-07 5253 Natural Bridge St. Louis Band Instrument Co., Inc. O 918 OLIVE s'r. cnnuql 1618 BLOEMKER'S DRUGS A' 7526 FLORISSANT RD. GOodiellow 5214 Josephine Meyers House of Gifts LAMPS - BRICAA-BRAC - DRESDEN - ANTIQUES COSTUME IEWELRY - NOVELTIES 7303 Natural Bridge Rd. MELTON'S l.G.A. MARKET "Choice Meats and Vegetables" Couax 2965 Ollie G. Leslie Upholstering Co. EVergreen 9355 5907 Lillian 1479 Hodiamont Ave. SHOP AT - ' - DE PAREE BEAUTY SALON N A B B I S M A R K E T Hai1'Sfyling by Mr. Weber and Staff Pasadena Evergreen Evefqleen FIOISSBCIIIL .Rd. Page One Hundred Thirty-Two C155 MUlben'y 5900 E. E. SOUTHER IRON CO. SHEET METAL PRODUCTS WARM AIR HEATING EQUIPMENT ALLIED BUILDING SUPPLIES i' LEE 1. Hamas 1952 Kienlen Ave. Prollden! St. Louis 20, Mo. E. A. HORSTMEYER IEWELER -OPTICIAN ll YEARS SICIIVICIC 5938 EASTON AVE. 7246 NATURAL BRIDGE MUlberry 2729 Flreside 3063 HARGATE--LYONS D e c o r a t o r s 'A' 4504 Minnesota 4409 Nelson Dr. HU. 6109 MU. 2779 Page One Hu IDIDIQIEID' Allhoff Brothers, Inc. THE CWCKEN COTTAGE wk Chicken - Shrimp - Bar-BQ 2705 Kienlen Ave. CO1iax 1000 6676 Easton Ave. St. Louis. Mo. PINE LAWN' MISSOURI Headquarters for Men's Sportswear SLACKS and FURNISHINGS rescnp ion ruggis wg L. KQHRUMEL, prep, seas EASTON AVE. 'lass MANCHESTER AVE. Registered phmmms, 42 Yam 2740 CHEROKEE ST. 718 WASHINGTON AVE. 714 OLIVE ST. 7216 St. Charles Rd. CAbany 3096-9404 R Established 24 Years MU1berry 8131 E L - D E General Auiornoiive Service Ready-to-Wear - Dry Goods - Shoes Evergreen 9392 zsza Kienlen Ave. 40221ennn1qS Rd- Pine Lawn For the Best in Furniture See SUN AUTO STORES, Inc. AUTO PARTS, APPLIANCES AND HOUSE PAINTS Open Monday. Wednesday and Friday Roeedgle 7223 620-24 N. Euclid 0045 Easm Ave' Evemenn 0052 "For the Rest of Your Life" CAN DRL'S FOOD SHOP Quality Meats, Groceries and Veqetobles 0709 Mnnnln Plne Lawn 20' Mn' 9110 Natural Bridge wgbgeh 7268 GOOdie11ow 2258 I. and Lillian O'Sullivon WE DELIVER Colm 4404 Evergreen 9695 u Radiators Pine Lawn Hdw. 6' Appliance Co. Boiled Out and Repaired TONY FUCHS President 1. H. GLASER dr SON 6305 Natural Bridge 6231-33 Naiural Bridge W b h 7148 ALBERT'S - 5988 EASTON G as 2ND FLOOR FASHION CENTER Vinita Auto Service G Sales . GENERAL REPAIRS IOHN I-IEGINBOTHAM, Prop. Clothes for Warnell Who Care 8200 PAGE AVE VINITA PARK Mo- FERLISI FASHIONS ...LAD113Sr WEAR Free GM' Wmppmq A. KILPATRICK SONS FOUNDRY 6163 Natural Bridge MUlberry 4985 Compliments of Page One Hundred Thirty-Four E S? 72 Serving Q2 K fixsfi A ixixxiifig ii Norman n M H E ' W 3 for Q 3 S up wgThirty Years 6 n . L fs WMS Swiss Mi? S Y fxixsi Model Printing 84 Stationery Co. 606-08 llodiilnlon Dllllberry 2490 - 2481 P FOrest 1320 ROseda1e 9257 DID YOU KNOW '-f --, The best dressed couples . at ' x ill' rent their Tux ond buy their Formuls from . , T A 1 Castelli Tuxedo Rental Special Discount lor Students SANTI PAUL CASTELLI BART I. CASTELLI 1153-55 N. Kinqshaghway YOU WANT QUICK ACTION? I5 YF'fll'S Sucr'es.sfu.l Selling 58 SALES PERSONS BACH REALTY CO. Flreside 5000 Open Evenings and Sundays DE SOTO - PLYMOUTH O'Leary-McClintock Motor Co. PARTS- SALES- SERVICE GOodiellow 9850 6300 Wells Ave. Alllllunli Zleuielrg lliumpnng aluiumomls - Uetuelrg - Special lilrrlers Blass 'lllings -'lllns -hllllerluls -Troplties SUITE 529 ARCADE BLDG. cSt.lliouis.'llll.n. Wlniield iz6Zl?!'E ff 5 M re' flaw! vlN?r?J?K 9Z3f cl-Q Specialists in Hair Dyeing Ermcx Dick 8105 PAGE WHERE CUSTOMERS SEND THEIR F IENDS PQVTYI 6171 NATURAL BRIDGE EV.5ooo cy l: CHRI: Tl-'IV E lid itor- - Bolm Literary Editor . . Managing Editor . Business Manager Art Editor . Faculty Editor Seniors Editor . Classes Editor . . Asst. Classes Editor . Boys, Sports Editor . . Asst. Boys, Sports Editor Girls, Sports Editor . . Organizations Editor . Asst. Organizations Editor School Life Editor . . Asst. School Life Editor Saga Staff om . ,ludy Bensiek . .leanne Creve . Don Klingler Nancy Blandford . Marion Hoesli , Carola Utsch Carol Remmert Kitty McClarney . A Mel Volmer . Larry Marler . . Rose J ones . Marlene Balch Marjeane Mioreau Marilyn Small . . Janet Vie Bill Hargatc Shirley Dunham Gail McAllister Arline Barkey ,lane Ann Barkau Sue Barlow Janice Bradley Sandy Brauss ,lane Dachroeden Ronald Heckel ASSISTA NTS Carol Schwei Janice ,lovanovic Carol Leber Marilyn McGinty Mary Anne Mathews Marilyn Meyer Nancy Miller ,loan Montgomery Marilyn Reisenleiter Cherie Rode Jackie Rutter tzer :- Page One Hundred Thirty-Six W M Mfw ,MM M M 'WWKMM MM M1 W M Q WQWW5W ?gff1325'Wff?9' if '23 WWM Qi f F JfLyf'f,2fQf . vb NS wg eg WWW UW fijgigg '35 YM fi?-qiiilsba 3l".:i-Rmb M,5,v5??7 MWMMfw Q 'W QXQ3 I' Y- x " A R 9' 'lg f c 'X a- R Y X .""i, m I H v wma " ', as 'I-Q, 1 I 4 . K ' v x 'X Q.. Q ,, . . s. Y ' J .rg 4 Ffh A if 'Nu 'Q ff 'fl Q Wk, mm- ii, Q ., ., l , 3 - A J , H ,2 'HF J f' ' , 1 QQ ,gm Q A L- , .I A -.,,,,,.5.- VI Ktlrzfvw-Nw-ww-wn'fm 6, - 7 I 5 5,336 1 T-Vi WWFQQMQ ,- vfdsi: fww. .X , film, www. --awww 1- 1' a A-1-.ww .M ' N - ww Q f .naw '-"GUM-'f' f ,.,,,,,.,,.,- ..- . C . -.pp-N . gm- , , ' if? I 3' 9 W 5' W Nzwwf W : -' .' ' . , dh Wi ,fi ', ,+ '. ., A Naya, , X, X -. f?:w A , ' 'n. Q, f V ,Y A 3 gf! sw. Q, 2 E wx 5 , QM ,, ff, V: if ,,gmwE Q A ,df x .fax 1.-v'!,fg,55Af , Q . ' ha -5,-49,01 MM' . I 1 Q I Q ' , ' ir 1' .V ' A Q V-ff ff 1' if Q H2 ,. Y' x as A 4. W' f 'gf 1 A -1: , i an 2 ' :It sz '-naiwm an smqizpg ff I ' j Q , 'J Q: ,xg W' se WW 11 -0 Q vc. 1' Q' . , we 1, "" fgmiif ' " ' -. Wwaimh 5 -- " A ' . 'IW Q Q , Q,-. X , .- . Q

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