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I U 1 v ,:..g:'n X , f ,V C, . X ,fl V f? -f, ' '3 'Vg r . ly .'f, xf, , , . 'jl:j'P,Q1,-2, l.f',f'I.0"'ii f ' X . , , ,, . . f x , .- ,,. ' . AXE , 9 1 .X X X '- .M - . L AA Xgkx rx K , V iffy,-I if xx , .- f4ff!.21.',Q,.A,-,AV 5 '-'.'ff-'gm' , , v' . ' , ,,. XM ' ,A 1 ' 41,1 y f x 1 ., , . ,Mg 1, ,X , X , 4,- 4 e , ' wf ? . fr , r I, :M , V, V ' Q X.: .wg Ev 5 vii' ., i S 9 ' n 'A A - . ' r f' 'x , V 1 4' - A ","":',r1, 5 fr . if f f - -A gx . W I N' -r"' '- -TTU" 'I R5 ::':f c ffff r 13 ' 'H ' 1 -"QQ x -- nj-'iff I f ' ' . 1 VW " V iff -J'--Qffwg--. W- 4:-2 ffv.11':,,f-'12, :ff - ' X .- . , 7-fp' ' ff -K y',Vfli ,m K ,. - .' 'W 1g:.z,.,.xx2gm.?,:Q.5:45izzg-:lm..QaL.i1.,L.fx3+4g4-.i3,.41i,ggp-gligLh-14--aanfSQ41,.4.mmQ5,.4.fsLLf4f.-Q-. - mtma..-,.......m4m' ' f '- M11 !i4QlfW"'V f . , My This Book is the W property of H A D NORMANDY S A G A '3 7 Published by JUNIOR CLASS NORMANDY HIGH SCHOOL Saint Louis County, Missouri , Y Aag Editor-in-chief Assistant Editors Division Editors Administration Classes Athletics Activities Arts Features Literary Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Advertising Manager Sta CHARLES SCI-IMUCKER GEORGE PATTERSON MARGARET TEMME DORIS VON WEHRDEN ROBERT CLIMMINS OLIVE BONEAU HENRY OETTING BETTY MULLEN ALICE MUNDY IBLANCI-IE DOERR BETTY MILLER LEVERETT RUSSLER LESLIE ALLEN CI-IARLES SI-I ELTON P I TI-IE sis 55495 egg s , 'F' ,935 The thoughts ot the tower: l-loppy voices ot pupilsmsuove seniorsmorro- gont sophornores. . , frightened seventh- groders . . . deep snovvs . , . cold winds , . , tootboll champions A , . lovely queens ...lneouty ot spring . , . toles ot vvoe . A, horossed teochers . . . irote porents . . . friendly guidonce . , , groduotion nights 4 , . glod-eyed Couples .... Oh, the in- odequocy of words to tell how l teel tovvord oll those l hove vvotched over oll through the yeorsl Page T is s it ig Ms.fQusf AGA N N 1 9 3 7 Vol. XIV Foreword Controry to the custom ot seyerol yeors' stonding, this edition ot the Sogo hos been published by the iunior closs. The members ot the closs wish to express their oppreciotion to those ot the sophomore ond senior groups tor ossistonce ond helptul guidonce, They reolize, further, the oid ot the mony who porticipoted in securing odyertising ond in developing the divisions, The book hos, then, been borne to completion on the willing bocks ot mony who must remoin unnomed. We oll, therefore, join in presenting to the toculty ond student body ot Normondy High School this, the V337 Sogo, os o record of the fourteenth yeor ot the school, I 1 Contents Book I Book II Book III Book IV Book V Book VI Administration Classes Athletics Activities Arts Advertisements Dedication To one . . . Whose Coretul nlonntng ot our budget hos been rnvoluobte Whose reody Quldonce in the sChoot's ttnonces hos won our respect Whose vvtttnngness to gtve ot hts ttme ond energy on oil occosuons hos been supreme Whose unruttled cotrn ond unblosed judgment hove been butwortss . . , To thot rnost oble, rnost reltoble ot odvtsorsi HERMAN C. BLECKSCHMIDT We resbecttultg ctedtcote this book os o tribute to his bustness ocurnen. I Q Dedication To one . . . Who, surrounded by distroctions, toshions service Who, tocecl with ternperornents, presents serenity Who, enconwpossed by iroscibilities, returns helptulness Who, in spite ot oll, greets the problems upon eoch lifting sun with cheerful zest . . . To thot most potient ond etticient ot secretoriesi MARY LEON DELVENTHAL 'Ne ottectionotely dedicote this book os o tribute to her grocious vvonwonhood. Page Scvcn The snow had begun in The glsemmg Amd buyig GH We mghf Pmd been heoymwg the fnekf and high WM Q Meme deep and wwe. l'.xg4- Iiigl Normolndy's Wintertime X' l ex xr TN x 1 v Every pine ood for ood hemlock Wore on ermine too deor for on eorl, And the poorest twig on the elm 'free Page Wos ridged inch deep with peorl . . . James Russell Lowell Vim' Normc1ndy's Springtime Worship, you lovers svveefly, this Moy! For of your bliss the spring is begung Amd sing with us, "AwoyF the Winter, owoy! Come, summer, come, the sweet seoson ond sun! . Q L . ,Q A 5 355 4 5 2 S 'Q S 1 N qs l'l:flxx1 ADMINISTRATICDN That this has been a good year tor the school may be attributed to the splendid men who have had the task ot guiding our school. The inspiration that they have attorded us, the sympathy they have ex- tended pupils and teachers, and their readiness always to help and advise have been a constant benetit. The proverb ot the vveak link in the Chain may be revised to read "A chain is no stronger than its strongest link," and the administrators and members ot the board have beyond dispute proved to be the strong link. I' T I W lug, l kms,-1 1 Message From Our Superintendent Democracy is "a Way ot lite, social and indi- vidual." This calls tor the tullest participation ot every pupil in the values created in our schools by having the boys and girls associating and working together, a situation necessary tor general weltare and individual development, l-lere we try to give each pupil a part in working out the policies that attect him, working to torm attitudes, dispositions, and abilities which build desirable personality, We are tor treedom ot individual action backed by treed intelligence, it guided by education, experi- ence and due regard tor the rights ot others. Thus our democratic manner ot dealing with each other provides tor us all a deep interest and personal concern in all activities ot our school and community. Because our values are measured in terms ot human welfare, we endeavor to adjust the individual to his environment, which we try con- stantly to improve. FRED B. MILLER Board of Education NIH. LIESE MR. KRUSE fSrwcrvmryt fVic0-Prcsiiivntt FRED B. MILLER Superintendent of Normandy Schools Much honor and praise is due our attable superintendent, Mr. Miller, tor his ability as a leader and organ- izer. l-le has been in the educational system ot the Normandy District since it was a sparsely settled community and has assisted in its steady growth until today it talces its place as a part ot a great metropolis. I-le has led the way in providing splendid educational tacilities consistent with the high standards ot a rapidly de- veloping community. lt is through Mr. Miller's excellent guidance that the school is able to give the greatest service to the com- munity. lvlr. Miller received a B. S. degree tra m the Central Missouri State Teachers' College and an M. A. de- gree trom St. Louis University. DIR. BIISHMAN NIR. PROYOST HR. ROTHENBERG KIR. SKELLY fDircr'tort lDirr'r'mri ffreasurert fPresidenlt Page Four! R. D. SHOUSE Principal of Normandy High School Untiring in his efforts to improve Normandy High School, Mr. Shouse, as its principal, shares the responsi- bility for its present high standard of scholarship, its efficient teaching staff and its varied curricula. l-lis ability as an administrator and his lcindliness as an advisor have won him the ad- miration and respect of both the student body and the faculty. Mr. Shouse received a B. S. degree from the University of Missouri and an M. A. from the Teachers' College of Columbia University. l-le has also taken many special courses in ad- ministrative work at Washington Uni- versity. MR. GREEN Assistant Principal of Normandy is a trusted and honored friend oi every student and teacher. He has an A. B. degree from Center College, Kentucky. MRS. BOLM Administrator of the Junior High School is a capable and efficient leader as well as teacher. She has a Ph. B. de- gree from the University of Chicago. Message From Our Principal Of a thousand seedling trees but one can reach maturity. Even that one cannot approach its fullest growth unless chance places it in an open space, unhampered by its neighbors, Like a tree, man strives to achieve the fullest growth within his power. The tragedies of human existence multiply when the vaulting ambitions of an unsocial man drive him to reach beyond his personal needs in order to control an unlimited number of lives and to exact a portion of their sustenance. Unlike a tree, socialized man strives to reach life's fulfillment without hindering the growth of others, Not everyone can be king, but in all fields of human effort man CAN have unique achieve- ment without detracting from the stature of his neighbors. This school should help its sons and daughters realize their fullest possibilities and at the same time imbue them with the life purpose of adding to the total of social good. R. D. SHOUSE 'r Page F fleen Faculty A. Blcckschmidt Melcher Kinnisnn Krablin Hawkins Knehlvr Alfred W. Blecltschmidf, B. S. in Education Central .Missouri Stale Teachers Collage Supervisor of Instrumental Music, Bantl Mildred Melcher, A. B., A. M. Park College, Washington University Mathematics, Junior High Sport Club William D. Chrisfian, A. B., A. M. Westminster College, Washington University Mathematics, Trvasurcr Stuclcnt Activity Fund, Ballroom Dancing Club, Hi-Y Mary S. Holbrook, B. S. in Education University nf Missouri Spanish, Journalism, Courier Irvin Juergensmeier, A. B., A. M. Central Wesleyan, Uniwrsity of Missouri Physics, Gt-n4-ral Scivnvo Mary Elizabeth Kinnison, B. S. in Education Southz-nxl Missouri Slate Teachers' College English. Music John T. Krablin, B. S. Bradley Polytechnic Institute Industrial Arts. Cult' and Tcnnis Teams. Ping Pong Club Page Si Christian Holbrook Juergensmcicr Medeims Crawford Ln Roge llittvlstallt Burk Schill Helen Medeiros, B. S., A. M. Unir:er.rily of Wisr-urzxfrz, Columbia University Art, Art Club Hadley R. Crawford, B. M. Simpson College Cleo Club. Mixed Chorus, Chantic-lt-t-rs, Boys' Quartet Clifford La Roge, A. B., B. S., A. M. University of Misxnuri Geography, St-ience. Hubby Club John Hawkins, B. S. in Education Nurtlu-ast Missouri Stale Teachers' College Social Suit-rirv. Junior Cnrriflnr Ofliut-rs Margreta Koehler, B. S. in Education University of W'ixN1n.rir1. Home Economics Roy Mi++els+ad+, B. S. Smut Institute lntluslrial Arts. lllatht'1nulit's Claudine Bocll, A. M. Univerxily of Mi.v.wuri English. Mutht-nmatics, Music. Chess uml Checker Club Dewey A. Schill, Ph. B. Sliurllvjf College History. Knivk-Knack Club xlevn Mary Pilney, A. B., A. M. Llniwrsity of Missouri English, Saga Gall Schrader, A. B. Wesnnin.4t4'r Coll:-gw Sm-iul Sn-ivnm-, English Ernesline M. J. Long, A. B., A. M. Clzicagn l,'r1i1'rfrxity, Univvrsily of Wixcunsiu Chl-mialry. Gr-nc-ral Sm-if-uve, Chemistry Club Waller Bergman, A. B. Waxliirrglmz Uzziwfrmily Sm-iul Scif-rl:-rr, Scrninr llonor Suvivty Mary Leon Delvenfhal 17.-,mul zmqzffyflf. cgzzpgff S1-1-rm-tary tu Princilml Herman C. Bleclrschmidf, B. S. in Educafion, B. S. in B. P. A., A. M. C+-rztral Missouri Slate' Tr-rr:-liars' Cullvge lVu.shirzgtur1 Urziur-rxily Bu-in:-ss Xluuugz-r B. S. in Eclucalion Evelyn Underwood, A. A., Strpllrflix Cullvgv, lfr1iL'vr.vf!y' uf .'lIi.v.vuufi Suviul Scicuvv, English, Junior Dramatic Club Pitney Srhracler Long ll. Blerksrhmimlt Umlz-rwooml Shipherri li, Clark W':-hking lfmnklin Faculty Arfhur Shipherd Bmdlvy College Physical Emluvalion, Fnulball, Buss-bull Louise Schmuclrer, B. LYH. Wfflzslvr Collage English, Spvm-h, Junior Dramulivs, Suciul Science W. F. Shay, A. B., B. S. in Eclucalion Crwerwillrf Cullegn BinluQlY, .luuiur aml S4-ninr Nlu-sr-urn Clubs Elizabefh L. Clarlr, A. B L'11ii'f1r.xi!y of IVi.xr'ul1sin Sl-crm-tary in Superimn-mlm-nt William Wehlring All:-umlanvo Olhr-or Mary Franlilin, B. S. in Educalion Central fllissuuri Slate Twivlzf-rs' C0114-ge lllllsiv, ,luninr High Cla-1' Club, Sr-ninr Girls' Glue Club, Sm-niur Girl! S4-xtet James L. Maior, B. S. in Eclucafion Uni1Je'r.vily uf Illilluix Dir:-1-lor of Physical lirlucatinn, Fonllmull, Baseball, l.s-lterrnerfs Club Ruby W. Farmer, B. S. in Eclucalion .Yortlzeaxt fllissuuri Stare Tvaclxers' Clfllvgc Cmmnrfrcial Subjects Bergman Delvcnthal Schmurkr-r Shay Nlajur Furmur l'za,1v hm-vi-ull-vu Faculty Rcigcrt Burns Crink Korngold Hasner D. Clark Marshall Reigerf, B. S. University of Iowa Social Science, Football, Baseball Ruby Louise Burns, A. B., B. S. in Education University of Missouri, Washington University English, French, French Club Milton Gruber, B. S. Bradley Polytechnic Institute Industrial Arts, Airplane Club James Hixson, A. B. Missouri Valley College English, Saga Elise Mueller, A. B. Harris Teachers, College English Cedric Crinll, A. B., A. M. Nebraska State Teachers, College, University of Iowa English, Speech, "N" Players, Dramatic Club Helen Korngold, A. B.. A. M. Washington University Commercial Subjects, Guidance Department Marion Beck, A. B. University of Iowa Commercial Subjects, English, Typing Club Page E Gruber Hixson Mueller Beck Lawhon Thoelke Kahl Guenther McCloud James Lawhon, B. S. in Education University of Missouri Mathernaties, Football, Truck Bine Thoellre, A. B. Washington University Latin, English Edith Hasner, A. B., A. M. Stephens College, Wasltirzgtmi University English, Senior Student Council Dorothy Clarlt, B. S. in Eclucation University aj Missouri Cencral Science, English, Physical Education Helen Kahl, B. S., A. B., A. M. University. of Mi.vsu1tri, Washington Univernty Mathcxnalies, Junior Student Council Lawrence Guenther, B. S. in Education Central College Music, Science. Norsenxen Virginia McCloud, A. B. Wtisltington University Art, Junior Art Club ighlevn Anifa Keaney, B. S. Univvrxily of XIII Charles H. Koerner, B. S. Wuslrilzglrzlz Univrrsily Mullu-ruuticzs, Math Club Charlyne Fearnley George Bruno' A' B' Harris Tr-m-In-rx, Coll larva Slim' Tr'11c'1iz'r.f' lfullrgz' wgv, Wzzxliingluli Uuivwrsily English, Pliysic-al E41 Si-wing. Ara. Hi-uhh James McClanal1an, . . W .' ' J ' C I Frances Allen, B. S. In Eclucallon mmunmr U Suutlzzvzxt .llikwlui Sinn' Tvxlrliw C1-nvral 5l'iv1n'n'. Fm rn' Collvgz' Pliyfivzll Emlxlvuliull Genevieve Sallzman, Drake' Ul1fl'e'r5iIy Margaref Johanson, A. B. xluihf-mari.-5. Senior Quwfrfs Collvgu Biology, Sl-nior Ping Pong Clulu Eliza bella Schneider, Nunn lhnmf Uni in Educalion XSIIILFI iior Honor Soviet Spanish, l"r1-mth, Jul y , A. M. m'r.viLy, ll"1mliil1gLrn1 uwalion. Wi-1-stling A. B. 1,,. ff., nliull A. B. 11.11-oil.-f om.-.-f B. S. L'niL'vr.vily of U 'Iwonsin Phyeical E-lm-ation. O'l"l'O H. Swyers, Ph. B. sfoofzpy r.u,11.'g., sm-mi 5.-im.-i-. Alumni mimi, MMV E' Babbf B' S' Central Missouri llzuwing. Trip Club in Educafion Faculty Slate' Tv1Lf'l1+'r.v' Cullwgw Comxnerviul Sulrjecls. Spanish, Sllorlhaml lflulr Margaref Edwards, B. S. in Educafion ' z',1fo-fSf1,- uf Illinois Em'lY Hurd- A- B- ,luniur Phyfivnl l'lnlucatiuu Dr11z'1'r.wly nj ll'ix4'1:I1xzri Lilirnrian. .lunior Lilumry Clulu Lawrence Reicl, B. S. James D. Kenny, B. S. lloxllifigirzlz 'fzfwrx Uni11r'r.vilY nf Iuuvl Snwiul Sf-iurxv-vm 1-nc' .,f-ii-imma l3.x-kvlliall l'l1y4icul Iilliu-ation. Sovccr. Fuotliull. Bzisvlulll 1' A 'Ah 5 .1 5 L e B 'A 3 M -IN 1 . ,, 1. 2 5:5 , ff' . Q15 'W"w5'!5 . - , K . . ,. Ms- n Q rr.. - A , . ' ffiifff. - , Kun-rnvr Fcnruli-y Allen Johanson Swyi-rs linlvmrrlh Raid Keane-y Bruno Nlc:Clzmzilmn Sallfxozm Si-hm-iilcz' Babb Hurfl Kvnny Pago Nina-in-1-n Through all the vears ot lXlormanclv's existence there have been activities, social occasions and athletic triumphs that have endured in your memories. That the suc- cess ot the people in school this vear will be remembered we are contiaent, tor manv reasons, The classes are larger, the results in all activities have been outstanding and the social events have been brilliant and colortul. We are sure that the vear will be written large in the minds ot all the sons and daughters ot Normandy as one ot the best in everv wav. Page Twenty ' gl- 'l'vu-nly U IM, Bent-au Kessler Kloerkener Mullen Betty Mullen Kohnlc Ford A tnvtnlut-t' of the Stntlent Csunvil for thretw years and a lmrilliant stutlr-nt, Betty stands out as a true vxalnplt- of srholarship. Stanley Kessler Sianley is a taut- frit-ntl antl an honest, hard worker. He is treasurer of the Student Council and hopes to ln- a roinnn-reial chemist or an engineer. M argarei' Forcl Margaret is atlinirctl hy all for her quiettmss and ready eo-operative spirit. She expects to go into tht- lvusiness world after graduation. Vera Linlt l'rv:ty :lurk t-yes anml hair and a warm smile eharat-terizc Vera. Sho is outstanding for her dancing and is always rt-ally to help with entertainments. Jaclt Prass .lat'k's t-hivf interest in school has been industrial arts. Marvel Weigel Marvel is pr...,' antl clever. Her favorite spurt is basketball. Arthur Loclte Arthur s smiling congvniality never leaves hitn. Dorothy Herr Dorothy i,. .ncrestell in all outdoor sports, hut her favorite is hockey. This year she has adtlvnl dramativs to her list of a4'hit'wetttents. Carl Klati Singing is natural with Carl, and it was with his ht-lp that the Clec Club made the grade. Page Twenty-two Orville Kloecltener Orville. president of tht- senior trlass, is one of the must popular nit-inln-rs of tht- student lrtzlly. Chosen three times as a nivttilwr of the All-County l"ootliall tvatn, he eaptainetl lYorntatndy's utnl4'l'4'aterl eleven of '3G. Olive Boneau With lmth lreallty and lnrains. "Butz" is one of the most popular g'rls at Norman-ly, Sho is a good sttttlvnl antl tive-prt'si1lt'tit of the senior class. llc-r st-rvit-4-s to the Saga Staff have been invaluahlu. Adele Kohnle An athletic girl. Adele 4-it-vls at all sports. She is a tnetnlrvr of the Sttult-nt Counvil and the Saga Staff. Her willingness to help in any situation makes her a favorite with teaehs-rs and stutlt-nts. Link Locke Prass Herr Weigel Klatt Senior Class A "ss A .-,,- if it s. , Q ? Ermcs Canloni Mohr Lumolius Weigt-lt Schulz Wilbur Kleine Smart anil ambitious, Wilbur is one who will succcwl in whati-wr ht- unilertakus. Maryellen Vinyard Maryellcn. interestt-tl in all sports. chooses horseback filling as ht-r faxoritc. Sho hopes to be a trainm-tl nursc, Robert Barron Bob is a lively littlo person with a gootl tenor voice. He is unusually good-humorwl and congenial. Nineteen Thirty - seven Fayre Ermes Dc-lighiful with frivnils, enthusiastic at parties, Fayre has a gay, infectious laugh that makes hor a favorite. Henry Mohr Henry has one of the best bass voices in school and shows ability in musical composition, Gertrude Weigeli' Gortruilt-'s light-hearted anil varefrvt- ways have won hor many friends. John Canfoni ,lohn's tht- spirit of fun. With his unceasing chatter and good-naturctl grin, is it any wonllt-r that John has so many friends? Jayne Lumelius .layne's ability as a student should help her attain success as a secretary. Richard Schulz Even in his Hrst year, Dick has won a place in our hearts with his quiet, pleasing ways and m'ngag'ng pt-rsonalily. His ambition is to become a tloctor. Julia Pongrafz A good student, frivntlly anil smiling. Julia should prove an asset to the business world. Glenn Adams We shall nt-vt-r forgot Glenn, prositle-nt of our Stutlont Council. His oratorical ability and participation in many activities make him a leader at Normandy. Eleanor Ehlers Eleanor should roach her goal, if personality and looks can ln-lp. Pongralz G. Adams Ehlers Klcinc Vinyard Barron Page 'I'w1-ntyfthrcc Angell Doherty John Doheriy lfinallm-y Silliman Grcmp X. Korh Being scientifically inclined. ,lohn is interested chiefly in lviulogy. Mary Silliman Mary's pleasing smile is worth your while. Louis Gremp l'Bus" goes in for all sports, mainly baseball. Through his alvility in this sport, he was signed up hy a tnajor league team. Charles Schmuclrer "Chuckcr" divides his the '37 Saga, and his 1 Doroihy Bell attention In-tween dramatics and journalism. Hc is editor of nain interest is radio work. Dorothy's elever and interesting ways. together with hcr fun-loving disposition, make her a delightful person, Warren Hohmeier Vfarren is planning lo a banker. Mary Ellen Doyle Brisk and business-like two years. Her ability Vicior Fienup Fun to argue with, het Norma Knoll Norma is studying com: attend a sehool of eommeree and finaneo and wants to hc . Mary Ellen has eilieiently assisted in the oihce for the last should aid her in heeoming a eotnpetent nurse. ter to make up with, Yietor is liked for his individualism. nereial eourses in order that she may lieeomc a stenographer. With her quiet, efficient ways sho shoultl lie a good one. Page Twenty-four Jean Angell lean is :in aeeomplished young latly who has a reputation not only for a delightful per- sonality, hut for musieal ahility as well. Nathan Koch Nathan doesn't need to say anything. for his looks speak for him. Ben-ause of his aehicve- ments in school life he was elected to the Honor Society. Delberi Finclley Dellnert is quiet, hut those of us who know him realize the worth of his mind and character. Schinucket' Doyle Bell Fienup Hohmeicr Knoll Senior Class oi Sprznllilig llvrim' .lohnwn Ilnllmmy E. Linml Wvcisnfr Olive Valliere A Lwinkli: in he-r oyv, ii 4-harming l"rm-nch wit, and ai frii-mlly spirit attriu-L holh huys amd girls. Irvin Sfieferman Sinvfw Irvin is 11 guml stunlvnt, it-in-hers 1-ii-'ny liuvingg him in lhvir 1-liweos. Pllvc- l i l trivul viigiiivrwirig will hun' nu t:xz'n'llt'ut rv:-rttil whvn Irvin joins Ihr- pmfussiuri. Bernice Roberis ll1'riiic't-1 llying liugvre :mtl hvr Skill in lyping urn vqllall to thu sparkling vivzluily with whivh :fhv ri-epunuls to friviule. Nineteen Thirty - seven Vernon Spradling A quit-K, rv-i'i'u-d sort of fn-llmr. Yi-rnun mzikcs friunds annul kt-cp: thvm. Alice Johnson -Xlii-1' has u 1-lmrming pm-rsmmlity lhztl will gn-t hvr swim- plan-0. Edward Lincl Fdwar4l's guml-iiattinwl tlislm-ition i- n ph-zisiire tu till hi- friunrll. Josephine Henze .lust-liliinv is it sternly sitiilvnl :mal should exif-cr-ml us a slr-nugrapli--r, Verne Holloway Vr-rn:-. whim loves thi- cotiiitry :mil its upon spzrvvs, will ulv-:nys hc likcrl fur his industry, slcpvmlahilily. and pleasant ways. June Weiser Small :mil lui-nw'r1-m-yr-il. Juni- is in frim-mlly girl who likes tn iluncz: :mtl lu- gay. Joe Mccarfhy Sinai' xmt all of us run spmtk like Juv, mi-1-l him ynursn-lf and iinil out what hm: is. Yuuill hm' his frivnil the minutv you mvvl him. fur his vririlixllily is as Warm :JS swim- of his spcem-hvs. Evelyn Williams Dark-huircrl. iw-serv:-nl. unil musin-zilly inf-lim-il, Fwlyn is ilcfiniu-ly an asset to the Mixi-il Chorus. Roy Rafhburn Roy has mixml niuf-iv with his si-in-ntiliv int:-rn-sts :luring high svhrml, hut after graultmtion hu iutt-mls to 4-uiurm-i1li'ulv un 4-ngginevriiig. McCarthy Williams Ruthhurn Valliere Stieferman Roberts Page Twvrtty-live Smith Blum: nthal Humphrey Comcrford Kathleen Comerford A mm-rry lass with an Irish twinkle in secretary. Scott Rohr A boy of the outdoors, Scott intvntls to Dorothy Benson A good stumlt-nt and an eflicim-nt oilicc secretary. Marion Rudd Marion's charming smile is characteristic Alfred Johnson Alfred is the modern Rip Van Winklc. Blanche Steers Rohr Benson hor eyes, Kathleen wants to bc a private follow the profession of civil engineering. worker, Dorothy should be a successful of her genial personality. A tlt-pcndalmlc and fine worker, Blanche is a leader in the athletic department. Ellsworth Higgins A boy who succeeds in whatcxur he undertakes, Ellsworth will certainly achieve his ambition to bc an auditor. Mariorie Clarkson "Margic,' enjoys hnrsm-bark riding. H1-r abilities and ambitions lt-ad her into designing. Billy Williams Bill is an athletic chap whose main acoomplislimcnts are baseball and football. His winning smile and likeable qualities nmkc him a vcry popular boy. Page Twenty-six Ira Smith Ira is outstanding in football and baseball. He plays end annl outfivlml and don-s a good job of both. His good nature has assured him of many fri:-mls. Marion Blumenthal A coriliality of smile anti devil that is char- acteristic of Marion makes us sure: of licr success and host of fricnrls. Earl Humphreys Earl likes to sing and is it member of the Double Quartet. His hobby is collecting stamps. and hc hopes to cntcr governmental work. llumlnl Him... Johnson Clarkson Steers Williams Senior Class of M. Lind Wobus Mueller Persons Ostcrmeier Lamkie Emil Anishanslin Emil's work in drarnatics has made him determined to become a stage technician. Delores Smeehuysen Delores is a great sport and is always ready to enter into any lung consequently, she has a wide circle nl' friends. Andrew Bowman Andy's flashing grin and individual ways have made him well liked by lvoth teachers and pupils. Nineteen Thirty - seven Mary Lind Mary is a quiet and ellieient worker on the Courier staff, serving as zt page editor. Conrad Mueller Conrad is an exeellent student whose chief interest is journalism. When he leaves school, he hopes to study law. Betty Jane Ostermeier Attractive, dark haired. Betty never lacks company. She likes to swim and ride horseback. Whittaker Wo bus "Whit" is a good scoutg he daltlrles in chemistry and sings bass in the Glee Club. Betty Persons Many claim Bt-tty's friendship ht-cause of her smiling cheeriness. Stanley Lamhie Not only a student but a scholar. Stanley has outstanding literary ability in both public speaking and writing. Bertha Anderson Bertha possesses a likealmle personality, is on the Courier staff, is fond of sports and dances well. Wallace Reed Wallziceis cheery disposition has made him a favorite with his classmates. Arleen Hirsi' Arleen's interest and almility in high school athletics assure her of success as a gym teacher. Anderson Reed Hirst Anishanslin Smeehuysen Bowman Page 'I'wenty-seven I... Horstnu-yet Ward Tyner Devoti Viiassilak Carpenter Ernesf Devoli "Alu-" is a star guard on the foollvall team and a real ''hail-fellow-well-met." Doris Wassilak W'ilh her quit-K persvvc-ranrc and sludious attitude, Doris is hound to go far in her chosen profession of nursing. Edward Carpenfer "Cigna" is tho chief jest:-r of tho class. With his jokes and puns, his favorite rc-vrvatinn is to get fun out of life. Ed also likes sports and has played on the sown-r and football tvams. Noel Turner Noi-l's quit-tnt-ss and seriousness ot' purpose will assure him success in life. Una Rufh Heidland W'e will all rcmeinbvr Una as a swf-vt, likealulc- person with her slow, "never-worry" way which has won the hearts of many. Cardelle Deisfer Carilcllc has been ehivt' drummer for the Norsomen for the past year, His hohlxy is collecting pipes and odd tobaccos. Margarei Hayden Margarefs quiz-t and neat habits should assure her of a successful career as a nurse. Marvin Sinn Marvin is known for his jolly disposition and his skill in liaeelmall and wrestling. Doro'rhy Chapman A loxcly red-haired girl is Dorothy, whom wi- all envy for her enjoyment of life. Page Twenty-4-ight June Horsfmeyer Ma Ma June belongs to the Student Council and takes part in the social 'Ldoin's" of thc school. She wants to he an interior deco- rator. rvin Ward Marvin has liven an important member of the orchestra and Norsemen during his school days. rion Tyner Marion's easy grave and ability to meet people and her lowly voice are assets that will always win for livr many frioncls. Turner Hayden Heidland Sinn Deister Chapman Senior Class of Nineteen Thirty-seven Corwin Thompson Corwin! steady ali-pc-mlabilily has won him many Irie-mls and nuulc him a good rorriilor ufliucr. Audrey Vaughn Brilliant and thoughtful, Audrvy is known for hi-r ri-ady vo-ops-ralivc spirit. Waller Bauman Vifalts-r's smiling fam- and e-1-:ions imluetriousnr-ss should gn far in helping liini to lu: a sn1'r'4-ssful vrrgrimver. " Lenore Puinam la-norc haw liven 1-llii-ii-rn and orilvrly in hvr whuul work and viill prulualmly make xl good surgical nur-1-. 'A Fred Biffle As a rvsull of his ' holvliy, lfnwl has an excvlln-nt L-ollwlion of fanious autographs. llc' vxpc-vln lo Slurly amlvurlising. Rubye June McKee Thi- training Ruliyv June has had working on thi- Courivr and km-ping rr-izorils of llic band should mnkw- hr-r a good sm-ri-tai'y. A- a ri-ward for her activities ehc has lwi-n clvvlvil to ilu' Honor Suriuly. Loren Graves Quiet and reserved, Loren wilh his easy-going ways has many fri:-urls. Virginia Penn Virginia. lim-ausv of ln-1' niagni-lic pi-rsunulity and happy smile, is one of thu most ' . ff rliarrning girls in llw claw. Sha- if imerr-sn-nl in art and would like in be a r-ommcruial arliet. Mereciilh Kiburz Mvrrxilith, anolhzrr ri-ason why Norrnandy's clown was unilvfcatcd in '36, is a strong, silcnl fm-llow. Ho should make a good engine'-r. 1 Tlmxnpion Pumam Vaughan Binle Bauman MVKCC Bernice Jones Bcrniuu is an allractivic girl who is cheerful, cong:-nial, willing to co-upcratc, and is a good spurt. George Newell Fond of tinkvring with inzlcliinvry. George will makc a good rncchnnic or clvulrician. Mary Louise Rolobs Everyone likvs Mary l.ouisc's slow rlraml and nil. During school who has lukcn u glrval intvr'z:sl in athlvtivs. Sonic ilay slu- wauh lo lic a plrysival m'4llu'a!ion 1n'am'lwr. l Graves Penn Kiburz .Innes Nerwc-ll Rnlwhs Page Twvniyeuinc Schrick Cowles Bc-dnarck S. Adams Taylor Smith Shelby Adams Shelby is an excellent student, a tinc fellow, and always ready to help. He has attributes that should bc of great value to him as a chemical engineer. Lillian Taylor Lillian has all thc genuine appreciation of beauty that should assist her in a career of artistry. Walter Smith Walter's playing of the French horn is sure evidence of his ability as a musician. He is also cartoonist for the Courier. Blanche Doerr Inasmuch as Blanche is editor-in-chief of the school paper and an enthusiastic participant in dramatic arts, she is a popular figure in the social life at Normandy. William Wieser Billyis specialty is playing the trumpet. He has also a ready wit, a quick smile, and a bcaring of immediate friendliness. Eleanor Ley Eleanor is an unusual combination of brains and beauty in each of which she is distinctive. Raymond Grass The great day has arrived-Crass is graduating!!! We hatc to see this familiar old landmark leave. But all kidding aside, Ray is an experienced singer, and he has proved his ability on both amateur and professional operatic work. He is also an excellent photographer. Virginia Lee Stout Virginia has a winning smile and a happy. carvt'roc personality. Edward Arthur Edward's aplnmb makes him one of the pillars of Normandy's social life. Page 'fbirly Catherine Schriclr Les No Not only a good student, Catherine is also an accomplished seamstress. ter Cowles l.:-ster has entertained us many times with his ability as an actor. We hope he becomes a successful lawyer. rberi' Bednarclt Flash! Norbert was another member of that undefeated football squad. He is well liked for his quiet, eourtcous ways. Doerr Crass Wieser Stout Ley Arthur Senior Class of Stege Sutton Hammond Hirsch Hume Connelly EI Vera Boenlter El Vera has always a friendly smile for those whom she meets. She is interested in commercial subjects. Carrol Mueller L'Nuils" is an alleureund athlete whose spe- cialty is lvaselmall. He's u good spert in school and out. Virginia Grier Virginia, a student who spends most of her time in the nrt room, hopes to muster this prnfessirm some dny. Nineteen Thirty - seven Ralph Siege Ralph will never lack friends lieeause he's ready for any fun that comes along. Lillian Hammond Lillizin's quick light-hearted laughter is indicative of the happiness with which she regards life. LeRoy Hume A steady honesty of purpose und a keen perception of values characterize LeRoy for most of us. Pearl Sutton Pearl will be reiuemlvered for her sweet wholesexneness. her dependability, and her readiness to eu-operate, Harold Hirsch Big, dark, handsome, dependable, fun-loving, tower of strength in athletics, Harold has our vote. Mary Connelly Since Mary's ehief interest is tennis, she'd like tu be ii professional tennis player. Earl Wilson Old southern politeness comes te the fore in the manner of Earl. Mary Butlierus Mary! excellent ability in shorthand and typing should enable her te lie successful in commerce. Cliiiiord Geiger Keen determination and industry will win a way fer Clifford and surround him with friends. Wilson Butherus Geiger Bnenker Mueller Crier Page Thirty-one f . A . O'Donoghue I A Jlf .'K09hf7 ' Kennedy Weidner ' ' klfewig Rf-kate Bob Weidner Although Bob is an A-1 flutist, his chief intcrcst is science, particularly chcinistry. Madlyn Bewig Madlyn's skill in and aptitude for Spanish should enable her to succeed in her chosen career as a Spanish interpreter. Harold Reltaie Harold has shown no partiality toward any particular activity but has givcn his interest broadly to the whole school, Clarence Kroenlein Clarence is a big, good-hearted lad who has decided tu contribute his abilities to developing Diesel engines. Juanita Phipps Juanita is dependable and reliable in cvs-ry need uf the school. We'll miss her and her musicianship. Leonard Grimm Tall, carefree, Leonard has smiled and played his way through school. Ruih Zwiclte Ruth has always been a loyal supporter of Normandy's best interests. The world needs more people like Ruth. Leonard Hiie With a neat appearance and pleasant smile, Leonard has won thc admiration of teachers and students. Erma Bassman Ernia's precision and quickness of insight are two assets that should enhance her ability as a mathematics teacher. Page Thirty-two Lorraine O'Donoghue Lorrainc's beauty and poise and her success in dranialif-s and music will probably some day bring her fanic on the stage. William Koch Bill wants to bc an engineer, either elec- trical or chemical. Doris Kennedy Doris' great aim in life is lu he successful in business and commerce, Kroenlein Zwicke Phipps Hite Grimm Bassniall Senior Class oi is Otto Horton Mann Royltg Tvdd McClure Wayne McQueary Wayi1t:'s mischievous disposition has pro- vidcnl his classniatvs with many hilarious moments. Lois Wendling Lois' quiotna-ss shows that slit: tlot-s a lot of thinking. Hur pt-t axnlvition is to lic a school tcacln-r. Vernon Rahning Gootl-nature-tl Vernon always has a smile for cv:-ryone. His many friends are a tvstimony to his fun-loving disposition. Nineteen Thirty - seven LoreHo OHQ WYP can svn no rt-.tson why Lorvtlo should not mzlkc il vcry succes Warren Mann sful stenographcr. Watrrcri is tops in nvorythinggflooks, almility as a musician, studrnt, and friendship. Fern Tedd l"4'rn's t'xpt'ricnt't's as a rt-liortcr for has chosvn journalism as ht-r carcz-r. Joe Horion Jon' is soliil, :lt-pt-ntlztblv. antl stvatly. sm-vt-ss of anything hc untlvrtakvs. Rosemary Boyle liosvmary is a girl who is delightful Charles McClure Charles' happy-go-lucky spirit provvs with fun and exuitt-mcnt. Betty Miller Bvtty is one of the favorites around aliility and effectivvncss she shows in Henry Bishop For a holiby, this knowledge Alice Biggs tht- Courit-r have lit-cn so With such habits ht' will to know. Shi- aspire-s to hc to us that his lift- is ncvur t-xciting that she rcrtainly make a a dress designer. boring hut filled sohool. Hur many acquaintances realize thc all of hcr undertakings. Ht-nry likos to stunly tht: cutting of meat. Somc wht-n hc liecomcs a famous butcher. day he may usc Alicc's sole aim throughout school has lit-on to achieve success as a pianist. Miller Bishop lfirrss McQueary W'r-ndling Rahning l'.tg0 Tllirly-ihrt-4' Simpson Holftnan Delluriano Vohsen lhlootls .lones Josephine Vohsen Anybody who has been met in the oiliee by a smiling. pleasant girl. anxious to help, may be sure she is Josephine. Does she have any faults? Billy Woods Billy is considering starting another tratlition similar to Ray Grass', of slaying arountl for an ason or two. But if all hail the eomfortable grace and imperturbable poise of Billy we shoultln't mintl. Effie Jones Although Ellie left srhool lwfore this went to press. we must go on reeoril as say- ing that she is ellieient, reliable, antl has the qualities that make one a good sr-eretary or nurse. Jim Coleman Jim rlenies that Belleville has manle him what he is. Maybe he is right. But he ix a jolly, happy person who is weleome in all eempanies. Patrick Purl Pat is a football antl seeeer player. lie is fametl for his even disposition anal willingness just to sit. Kenneth Kool: Kenneth is a big, slow, friendly. genial boy who likes cverybomly and whom every- borly likes. He is an athlete antl an exeellent tlraftrman. Florence Maynard Florenec is a shy, sweet girl who won't let problems bother her. She has the training antl ability to be a gootl se:-rotary. Bernard Heisler Hernzirtl shonltl go far towartl sues-ess if shrewtlness is an asset. He is quite well -. known as a eavalier. Robert Math Bob has at great deal of athletic ability that he has kept eonee-alerl. Not less are his courtesy, willingness to oblige and tlesire to be of serviee. Page 'l'liirty-four -NS' is ,sk if fr X ss 5 X ' is , Q, 4 sr -Q 5 ,Ka ,ws Q 3 D, - l S f s F aff E F Victor Simpson Vietor's hobby is eollet-ting arrowhcads and oltl guns. He is planning tu take a complete eonrsu in atiation. Margorel Hoffman Always glatl lo see you. always reatly with a lriennlly wortl. Margaret gives assurance that her ability will earry her far. Joe De Mariano Joe is another musie enthusiast. He has an interesting personality which makes us like him very nuueh. - Q , A is " , Q 1 I5 Q ,l.! K 1 .. - - W- :aff , . is K -.Ji . 3 Y L,L,.Q' .ill ,jf sf: sig igggr . . :gf 's U 1005 .. it we X12 lil I ' I U Y " M QQ: 1 .- ,- . "'- Coleman Maynard l'url Heislcr Knob Math The prom Iluppy r7r1.11x.' flpfnin KIm'w7fwrf'r fffllll' xfrlllzvlffx ,wm- FIz'r'rylmr7y'x flf'f'UIll1NlllfNf Thr, DIIIINI' limi rr'f'rr's7ws" lJf'r'p in Sflllljl lfwzufy um? Hur lwzst Eleventh Grade Fourth rum: Hmzcr. Samir-rs, Coleman, Jnrirrling, Wh Hz-im. Fox, Martens, Mr-ckfessel, Sunrlwr-g, Hume, Belcher, Spovnoinzm, Fink, Samir-i-son, J. Spvrivr-r. lilziclilillun. Wulf-rs, Shelton. W. Spencer, Fritz-h. Sohznl, Moors, Lawson, Maris. lugoinarsino. Third row: Hulloway. S, Lung. Hochu. K. Fivriuii. Ovtling. .l. Hvislvr. Drzlul. H4-rring. Howlnnnl. Johns. Simon. ll. Smith. Murkoff. U, Smith. Snofkv. Johnson. Strivkluml. Dohr -ny. Secunzl mtv: Hamas. lluilnnll. Gray. Nloon-. Sr-hli-it-r. Sirlmnn. NI:-Cuaig. Walsh. Hollurook, Rliklir-h. Foclsch. Hovning. l'lv4'x1s. Hvnlsvhvl. Humor. Schultz. J. ll:-im. Howarnl. First ruir: llulfnvr, I-'li-ur, Blunrly, Mi:Kinlm'y. l'l. Fisher, Lott. Kohmlicrg. Frlrkv, Dailey, Hanlon, Foulke, Suhinrllvr. F1-inor, l.ylJr0ok, l.:inn', Sr-hmittol, MrCuI1n, Long, lltrliny. The Eleventh Grade Class, with two hundred and torty-seven members, has been particularly active in school projects. For the first time in the history ot the Saga, this class took the responsibility tar its publication, The high spot ot the social events ot the year was the Junior-Senior Prom, at which the Junior Class entertained the Senior Class, The sponsors this year were Miss Saltzman, Mrs Burns, Miss Koehler, Miss Korngold, Miss Johan- son, Mr, Crink, Mr. Hixson, and Mr. Crawford. President ......,..... ...,., M elvin Klausmeyer Vice-President ..,., ...., l-l erbert Van Deven Secretary .....,. Rosemary Schmittel Treasurer ,. ., ,..,,. Glennon Schumacher Fourlli mir: Yvolk. Aussivkc-r, Carron, Ni:-huns. Anrlerson, Dysnrt. Sunrlvrmzin. Careagu, Chaz:-n. Yan Dvvvn. Provost. Banks. Brivsnullrrr. Wcstaver, Pohl. Viv, Query. Tliinl mir: Blackwell. Brooks. Kr:-innkainip. Cook, Mr-yr-rs. Br-gr-r, Zahnr-r, Patterson, Jonr-Q, Wissnor. Cummins, Kalsr-r, Phipps, Courvoisior. Cr-uh, Russlvr. Currie, Stunlirlnl, Hoyle. Sr-1-mul mru: Newt-ll. lim-ll. Corner. Crm-r-line. Wooten. Ri'-l. Bauman. Brur'r'. Plummer. Nolan. Burr. W1-nm-l. Richter, Cunrzul, Pvttkvr. llruoks. YX'vl1lnn. Taylor, Slvphm-ns. Wvrigllil. Yyaltcrs, Sitton. Wv. Slzinlir-lil. Krzmsni4'k. Firxl ruff: xon XXX-lirrlr-n. YYr'nilling, Stiivvv, Wvalsll, Jour-4. Bvruulor. Coalos. Burrh. llwrgiiiun. Nlarrs. ll. lizmmun. 'l'wr-lkcineir-r. Tziylor. Tucker. lim-lim-r. Bush. Wishnuif. Puesr-hi-l. Tuttle. Parkr-r, Kimlircl, Blanton, Ciniiplun. Whitt-. Tr-mmm-. Whitwcll, Bohm-, Wills-ms, Chrislmun, Palgr- Thirty-six Tenth Grade Twp luzr: liurgvlrl. Criilr-r'. lYt'wnmn. Miller. Kaxlxry. Conn:-ll. Osh-r. L. Iii-ll. lNulvln'. Kiinilvrs, Krill, Kit-k, l.islt'r, Blxslllnun. lhilriiluollk. lf. Tlzirlin. F. Nlatrtln. ll. Svtyi-is. Avvns. Tlxirrl nur: X. Rivlxn-. Burns. l.. Kllt-n. Xlvllxaixlv. liu4vgi'ziiiI. Curr-ill. Sl:-gi-. Burnt-tl. Slmlllvr. Kulnunin'l. -Xrnlslrung. Smith. 1.ur-lvlu-rt. Tuvki-r. llf-Clinton. Xlolnt-i'l1y. Rus:-, Stillm-. 'l'hu1iipsm1. Klinkvrflxe--. Lt-mis. .l. Xlillvr. Svrrzlizl row: fllcClur1'. Berkley. llt-ilu-rl. ,lt-llisun. Chrisli'ns1'n, ling:-rs. Mullvrn. Slvvrs. Murphy. Bnstwirk. 1lt'u1lt', Szuiili-rs. Szilvzxritn. Ulu-i'sz-ln-lp. Nikvls. -Xitkvn. HL-rniixn. Maris. Titwiitilirl. ,lm-nkins. lllrlirirlv. llxlrvagu. lllutpnmn. Ftrs! fuzz: l'4-all-gn. 51-lxirr. l'urtIuni. Nlichzwl. Slvngglv. Buwniun. Brvilerm-yi-l', Bvnoist. Uttulnvyvr. Shinnivk. Halling, Snufkz-. llrlliliborxs. Sanrlwvg. B. Bt-ll, Belknap, Bush. O. Nvwvll, Klnlunax. Srrhalk. Muugin. V. Smith, Stt-irnul, Bald, Bnzlz-r, von W4-hrden. The Tenth Grade Class, with an enrollment ot The sponsors this year are Mrs, Farmer, Mrs. two hundred and eighty-two, is an integral port ot Babb, Mrs. Medeiros, Miss Long, Miss Pitney, Mr. the smooth-running student system ot government Christian, Mr. Bergmann, and Mrs. Franklin. and activities, Although its members have just I U President r..,, ,.,,., ,,,,. R i Chard Bushman entered the senior school, they promise to reach Vice-pregidemm H Oliver Goldstein even greater heights on the ladder ot student suc- gecrefgry ,nnu ,H nglug Ruth QGSSQUS cess than they have already attained. Treasurer .... ..... J ack Lister Top ruzr: Nun Nlill. G-itliltml. Clxiislcllsr-li. Dui-. XXn'l1nir'r. l"rt'ililil1stu1. llvltl. llzinvs. YYzii,1lln'i'. Vow. Wilsnn. Xxrulkrr. Zur-liringm-r. Wriglxl. I'lii,f1 nur: Wlrlulv. Zlmzlrn-ll. l.u0lvln-rl. Vft-ln-r, Junvs, M4-Kinlvy. Hullnwzly. lia1,:4'rs. Goltlsti-in. Civln-. W'ilslu1s4:n. llznrtogl. Ilvr-ke-rm-yi-r, Yun Horn. Hutton. Dvutlrick. Duyln-. Huck. Ward. Furrncr, llrnstfu llulicrty. Swvinzrl mir: Clint-. llrvw-s. Callie-ix Bililiult-r. liiltm-r. Cass:-ns, Frt-ni-h. Hvrring. Zurn. Cunslunil. Zznhncr. Lung. El. l"rPr'ninn, lf. l"rt't'rnnn, Guurcgliu, liunist-y, Dt-rvknr, Quinn, Cuhvn, Ynunghuns. Mill:-r. Wall:1t't-. M, jones. l.ung1-rnzul. l'1-por. l.1lnt'. l.1lnl1S. Cuslmw. Ftrs! raw: Dwyer. A. J. Hoffman. Kocln. NI. Huffman. Klt-in. Curtis, Din-lrich, Cmssvn. Purl. Phillips, Fuller. Hurn- phri-ys. Wagner, Whitworth. Kirvhner, Hawking, Ford, Hcilman, Legge, Duifncr, Hallvox, Hurling, Rnrnspntt. Hundlin, Davies, Wittick, Tinxmermnn. Pngt- 'l'l1ii'ty-Qrwrin Ninth Grade Trip 11110: Nm-ks. ll. Xliiilnl. Xlyirrs. Wiail-li. VU-lnliiii. Fuurlli rim: Tlxii-iiiv. Zilnniirr. Slvlivr. !'3i'lunill4'l. Nm-llcrl. lhrrfvlil. Wirth. Briiikman. Sin-4-il. liniiillvy. Arniilml. Vviilln-ins, Wnlliii-1-. Xli'llg11'1'. Xli-llie, l5ui'liiiii1i'lli'l'. ll. lvullivr. Travel. lf, Nluilil. 1l.nlill1'lun. Sloriii-, Bvllriisl. fllviliiilivr. liiniiilnxi. Siiriiiili. Tliilrl row: Stvssurl. Xilzuna. Wallin-rs. Wriglil. :iiiiin'n'1'. J. Smith. llylrnin. A. Xlvyvr, Nlvrkfcsaul. Tliivs. YY:-lvh, C. Svutl, Bufvlinrt, Wulf. Scvlnniit. Wilkv. Morin-1-. Martin, Wm-nnun. Minlanxl, J. Mueller, T. Sniilh, Aulium-hun. Suhinimlt. Svc-and mir: Anmliini-. M, Miller. lii-links. Wilson. Bnrlmur. Slim-niplli, Trzlvy. Min-haelis. Xlzu-Millim. H. Mum-lln-r, D. Wliller. li. llrunn. Slnnlvy. Vlilhrflin. 'l'nnlx:n. Mason. Malwlim-lil. Suhnknechl, Schunxzu'l14'i', E. Smith, Vfvssalc, liirisa-m', Znwh. Ninth. NXilliisim'ii-it. Xlfryvr. liranrlhurmt. Firxt mir: Williznne. Whitwi-ll. liauvr. Iimnn, Wngni-r, Atkinson, Yi-sfwls. Turner. Taylor, Vifanl, Maynard, Tracy, Burg, WU-rrv, G. Auliurthiin. lliistiv. Wvrne. Wnilv. Aulvn. I.. Millvr, Mains. Bcrnlvlv, lVlzlssnrul. Barfivlrl, D. Miller, Mi-yi-rs. Milrrny. Eager, sincere, and capableethese Words most Mrs, Keaney, Mr, Diem, Mr. Juergensrneyer, Mr aptly describe the Qualities prevalent in the make- Mdflanahan, Mr, Kenny and Mr. Guenther. up at the three hundred and forty-eight students President. ........ ,..Van Buschart in the Ninth Grade class, students who are the Vice-president llni .Billy Gardner lulwe leoderg Ol Nolmcmly' Secretary ..... ..., D ick Walker The sponsors were Mr, La Rage, Mr, Koerner, Treasurer, .... Bob Mellis Trip Juli: Hiwlivlixiziii. Finnell:-ll, Krzillli, lxr1iiiiiiiu'll4'r. lxnhl, Pnwvll. Gluesvr. Nikvl-, ,Inuiilis, lim-eel. lx:-ililc. lxiwwlillkc, lliiliilqliv. Ki'i'ini'i. Dorn. l.m'lini'i'ls. C1irl1'i', Dolan. Fallm-1'l, l'ow4'i's. llvchl. lxi'1'ilim'yi'r, Dunivls, 0'Dc'll. J. Prcis, l'aiynn', Tliinl nm: Gini. livnsilir. l'rriui.,l. Gilison. S. Guin-r. lf:-rriv. Lninim-rp. Gnilai. Uzilniivhi-. Chuan. Duggan. Kmim-r, lxlinkvrfus-. Putnam, Cunningham, Wl. Gurclnvr. Nvalgliw. Gilpin, liissth, Nlvfilimnn, Chzilfonl, lllinik, Clixiprnun illirislniun. Subaru! mic: Frm-mln-rking, llnilson, Hardy, Giirsuinan, 1714-rkvr, Olivrmann. llcinrirrh. Da Murinim. Him:-rkump, llurphy, livvcllc, llnllignn. Dm-Zz-rn. Ferguson. llysarl, Km-ppor, Kirrhncr, Kingsbury. E. Gzirilnvr, Ili-lirank. Dmirfman. Ritchey, Pm-ikvr, Ruth. Phipps, Lindt-rs, Dcrric-k. First mfr: Oclgur, Licse. IH-lurs. Clarkson, Hvrr, Lagmnnars-ino, Rayner, Curry, Laninnrrl, Giclic. Gnnnun, Q. Kimlmrel. LaLunc, Goodman, Kclle, O'Donncl1, Owen, Poinlon, Roach, Kelly, Carlein, A. Lind, Gibler, Kathrincr, Otto. Page Thirty-eight Eighth Grade W Tull ruiv: Umlilttril. 'l'. Smith. Shuvy. Stipvl-. IC. kr:-nivr. Vvylii-. Xlunilt, lim-lii-I. tliivsi-ilii-wk. Hit-st-lntatl. Fitting. Ki-lst-t. a.i.ix.iy. oi,.i1iy. wmzhiii-,-.-f. t'.i.-.i. Ti..-ki-.'. 'ri-trim...-1. st-ii...-uk, si..ii.iu.-ii. Tnfffl mit-f him.-. kmim. NX.ttkins. stat-i'.-i-mn. t. W.-iii.. min.-.-. s.-,mi-.i. ,i. whit.-. ii. '1'ii.,,..,is.ii1. xi.-tn.-S, '1'im.i11iy. um ii...-ii. tc.-,mir-f. Ifinilli-3. si-mmf. i'..,i.i,-. t'.-fn.-. wiiii.-I.. tilts.-ati. .sm-.iii.1 wif: xiifttiiuit. F.'.,1..W.. caiiiittu..-a.-.-, wut, sir,-Ui. 'tw-it.-tilt-at-f. s.-.iir xiiiim., 1-'ui-ii.-r, xi.-mx. Si-hmutl. St:httlnui'h1!r. Vtvnlzi-l. l"i'lilmzm. Nlttrpliy. Kvttlvr. Stollmu Nl. Smith. Fryvr. Short First mir: lv-i-nan. tiii-lm. Ma-yifr, Gorman. Shall:-r. hmm. Kiiltllitm, ll. 'l'hi,mpsiin. Xi-114-r. Grin:-5, G. Mvyvr. Stewart, l Galilvr. Gray. Wi-lib. Spmdling. S. Smith, F11-rr, Galt. Whitinghill. In their second year at Normandy, the three nandred and nine eighth grade students have lived up to the expectations ot the faculty and the sta- dent body, and, having established themselves as good citizens, are carrying on the traditions ot the school. The sponsors were Mr. Schrader, Miss Edwards, Miss Kohl, Miss Scihrnacker, Miss McCloud, Miss Clark, Mr. Graber, and Miss Maellert President , ,. Vice-President Secretary .. Treasurer. , James Boatvvright ,,...Jeanne Boneaa ,.,Melba Smith Patti Chase Top run: liltlriilgv. Cain. B1'1il1atttxl1ti't', Brui'i'. Uttvnkv. .Xlli-tt. Pvikvl. Bt-lli-tsiiu. Upiitllztnilvl. Ltiwv. lfttv. lfiitiuglttilt, Pugitw, Chvztry. Ari'h1'1'. Dztrliy. Criltniiin. Cintrutl. Ili-chingvx, Raiinvy. Di-nnli't', Duuwziltrw. llunmim. liimnixill Ito-s. Bi-rkli-x. Batt-km.m. IC. -Xmli-rsmt. I,iii-lit-r. Thin! Init: lillrri-rltt. lii'rgtnitn. lf. -Xuilf-isim, Hallatril. llivttlltit. Ili-rgi'xilill4-. Iliittllt-. Xtts-uivkvx' litlcltlt'lii-lil. D4-Zvrtt. H1tni'ui'k. littrriiuillt-. Iizttxvr. lxiill, I.. Dixon. I.atni'. lltttlvr. lvhtifrtz. Ilm-nip. Svruurl r1n14': Hussvllrztvk. lt1'ii'htililt. 0'Diiltnghtti-. Iluviim. Iliillntitnll. ,lttngig littri'4', XII. ,lzti'ksun. Uitlt-. Hztrtlt'lt. Bwgzn ,I. Ilixiin.'l. I.un'king. I.u1n4'lft1s. Jirvtlxttt. Ui-ni-ly, Duilt. Etlvuttils. Pimi-ll, Fin! ron: Clmsv. l'i-wixul. Hriggls. li.tl1m:m. Ciittrtni-s. Slark. Kykvr. l'ltztri-s. NI. ,limi-s. johnson. Botti-.tit. Hivlwf, 1'1ii-gwl, Ili-nn:-kv. Ili-xht-imi-r. Banniwti-r. Duffy, H. Bvll. Bates. Hulivli. Jenkins. Page Tlxirtv-uint H. Li-1-. Seventh Grade Trip nur: Jnnvs. Clarkson. Nllvn, lloliwly. Kirlqmlric-k, Klt-in. ll. lluily. N. llivlwy, l3t'i'giii1'yr'r. Sega-ll1ril'si. N4-uglvs, l-lwll. Sinn. Kingsbury. Third mir: Fun-lst-h, linholl. Sr-lircinnui. liutly. Silt-r. I.ang1r-li--r. Reita-r. St-horr. Willianns, lhrirflxiaim. liulnnlivrg. Rtnnsey, Km-m-r. Iihl--rs. Kmuli. Svcnnrl rn14': Dillulo. liwingg. lluliinsun. U'lJunu4'll. ll. Phillips, licnlivrs. Sharp, lirilivrtsuii. Steers. Kurz. Shllllv. Rudy, llntlgvrs, Knurll. Snnl'k4'. Schmidt. Uliz'1'gm-iiii4'i'. First nur: F. Jtilmslun. Svhwzin. Knstnn-r. llusltin. lvlilvriz. llirst. Snyrlvr. Sluvk. llfisvgrnxxl. Selma:-ft-r. 0'Kui-ft-. U'Ncill, s Muse, Kmnsnitrk, Sulim-irlvr. Knut-nmnn. Sn-lnwidvr. Johnston, l Although the Seventh Grade Class consists entirely ot students new to Normandy and its whirl ot activities, its three hundred and twenty-six mem- bers give us every reason to be proud ot them and to expect great accomplishments from them in their remaining years at Normandy. The sponsors were Mr, l-lawkins, Miss Under- nnviroli. wood, Mr. Lawhon, Mrs. Bock, Miss Fearnley, Miss Kinnison, Mr. Mittlestadt, Miss Melcher, and Mrs Punshon. President ......., . ,. ..,.l, Otto Svvyers, Jr, Vice-President . .s,..... Leigh Doxie Secretary. .,.l Grace Rosegrant Treasurer .... r..., C loyd Miller Trip rnzr: Larkin. llllllvr, Lynvli, Tuylnir. Fiwlu-v, W4-lwr. Minlnixlu. G. Mllriiliy. l..t'tii4'i'. Lufaillal. Fi'ovli4'li, Nlfulsli. I' 'xl Wmlli' -ion llvlniivh Fliiml Tuxiiliiwllv rn. . 1 min, . . . . . Third run: Bruntln-nlilxrgt-r. llcirm-4-ri. Ilunstt-llv. Vfvinlz. NX--Aka. lfi'ur'-'. Gruvnnolil. ll:-nn:-. Eusuii. l5r'st'm'r. Cussens. Xfvrrt-. Xrnxslrung. lhlling. XX--rnlf. l..1u1iin:-rl. ll:-Czxnn. Grtimiis. Svrurzrl row: Cuurlrwy. lisuxnihollf l"uu-rslvr. llaillivxiiarl, Cass:-ns. Mill:-r. Grtrvn. Holil. llvlllzv. llritlvr. liruntl1'nliu1'g1. lltnshnnxn. Chuutlnl. lXIm-yt-r, Dnins, Bunting. Dickvy, First run-: Taylor. Thietlkv. Wright. Luvni. McCuxlcv. Crass. Fvrgllson. Belknap. Williams. Bradshaw. lirunkvn. Maynard. Adams, Lynch, Bcrmcl. Bronson. Boyle, Zufkmann. Page Forty Nou' fo gvt fl sun fan 1107111-fflf'f1lI'iIl!l Hlfll'fOlICfft"S Jlukivzg nzerlzfznivs Mrs. Franklivz shouts the girls how ifs 110716 Wood workiazg The band rehearses Boys' Glee Club entertains at assembly The Norsemen swinging Page Fm-ty-one l REE TH OK BO ATI-ILE Other years at Normandy vve have looked upon champions in sports, as teams and as individuals. This year we see a champion in football, a county and state champion in wrestling, a close second in basketball, and a likely champion in county baseball, The girls have done their share, too There is no county league in their sports, but they have won tar more games and contests than they have last. A game with Normandy now is an important one always. Perhaps as great a result has been the spirit developed in and shown by the stu- dents vvatching and playing. Co-operation, sportsmanship, and tair play and honor have become by-vvords with the people at Normandy, Page Forty-two Page Forty-three Va ' y Football Team B L w: I'mv4ist, Lister, Anderson, Patterson, M. Kluurkvncr, Fairlim-r, Russlvr. Fuchs, Kluusnwym-r, Tracy, Si-humaichi-r, Olliiyiivyi-r zu: Xlr. Nlajor. Svhad. Kiln Vi t Cook. E. Aussii-k 'XI lx QI -lion, Cach, Nivhaus, NI1 R-'g-1 Mr. Shipherd mc: Curpunt Klouckc H h D Li, BQ-ilmm-k, b ll W I NI ll W'lliams, fin front, Ch p P The Vikings, led by Orville Kloeckener and Art Schumacher, completed one of lXlormandy's most successful football seasons, Their success was the result of the fine coaching of Jim lvlajor, Art Shipherd and 'flVlike" Reigert. The powerful defense of the line, which held its opponents scoreless in the first six games of the season, and the drive of the backfield, which kept the team well ahead of its opponents, aided the Vikings to attain the County championship. Of their ten games, the team won nine and tied onefthe latter with St, Louis U. l-ligh early in the season, before the Vikings were up to their full strength, Among their victims were Maplewood, C. BC., Webster Graves and Kirkwood. The high light of the season was lXlormandy's victory over the Ug City Indians, the first in the history of the school, Vikings chosen for all-star teams were Harold l-lirsch, "Abe" Devoti, Elmer Aussieker, lVlel Klausmeyer and Art Schumacher. Players and Positions Ends: Bednarck, Smith, Cech, Aussieker, Lister Tackles: Hirsch, lvlcKinnis, Provost, Woods, Fuchs, Shelton Guards: Devoti, Farber, Carpenter, O. Kloeckener, lvl, Kloeckener, Means Centers: lvl. Kiburz, Russler Quarterbacks: A, Schumacher, Mueller, Anderson l-lalfbacksi Klausmeyer, Cook, Williams, Tracy, Schad, Niehaus Fullbacksi Waters, Patterson Games ond Scores Normandy .. Perryville ,,,,..,.....,.,. Normandy Webster .... O Normandy St. Louis U. l-ligh Normandy Crystal City ....,.,..,,. H 7 Normandy Kirkwood ...,...,..,..... Normandy .... U. City ,.,.., .....,..,., O Normandy St. Peters .,.,,,,..t.,,,,.. lXlormandy.t,2l C, B. C. ..,. ..,,, . .lil Normandym. Ritenour ., 4. ...... Normandy Maplewood .. 6 Page Forty-four "B" Football Team Back nur: Roth, Johnson. 1I,:u-knll, Sinn. Bowman. Koch, Wmiglk Sini1h,v' ts. Lagun rsinu, Jenkins, Moors I l l"mnt ru I.4m'sun. Cam-y. Currnn. Banks, Jones. Means. Russel ffllgunagerl loc n. . Killurx. Hollunil, Cr l H mvs. Nlr. Kvnny. l The "BH football team, which furnishes the ma ' or next yearfs varsity, was under the leadership of Jim Kenny They played six this season, of which they won three, lost two and tied one. The team play was featured by the excellent defense of the line and the sure- fire passes of Troy Anderson, The best game of the year was the Webster game, in which the boys held their heavier opponents to a tie for three quarters, only to lose the game in the last five minutes. Players and Positions Ends: Banks, Purl, Lawson, Jones, Johnson Tackles: Lagomarsino, Roth, Moors Guards: Carron, Means, Koch, Jenkins, Wright Centeri' E, Kiburz Quarterback: Sinn l-lalfbacks: Anderson, l-loehn, lvlarts, Holland, l-lames Fullbacksi Plummer, Bowman Games and Scores McBride .,..., ,,,,,. O Normandy. 25 Ritenour ..l... ...... 7 Normandy .... 7 Beaumont ....... ...... O Normandy .,.. l2 Soldan ,....,.,...,........ O Normandy ,.,. l2 Beaumont ,,,,... ....., l 9 Normandy is O Webster Reserves ,..l3 Normandy 6 Pzigi- Forty-Gvc Tenth Grade Football Team Back mic: Durlaque. Fc-rrie. Bushman, Baumhnff. Rogers, Miller, Giclvc. Arcns. Russel, Mrlns-rney, Dc-udrick. Front mtv: Noble, Yan Mill, Ji-nkms. Doyle, Connell, XI:-Clinton, Gollt-r. Weiser. Si-ou. MrrClurt-. Flood, Mr. Brunt fin front, Rummvll The Tenth Grade tootball team prepares young and inexperienced senior high boys tor later varsity competition, Any boy vvho shows outstanding ability may be advanced to the varsity. Under the leadership ot Mr, Bruno, a new teacher at Normandy, several boys have developed who, observers believe, vvill be ot great aid in making next year's eleven another championship team, The sauad had a very successful season, they vvon all ot their games and held their opponents scoreless. The good material combined with the excellent coaching ot Mr. Bruno made this possible. Particular credit should be given the line tor its good playing, which aided the backtield tremendously in making consistent gains through the opponents' lines. Players and Positions Ends: Bushman, Deadrick Tackles: Durlaaue, Rogers, Scott Guards: Baumhott, lvicClinton, Russel, Wieser, lvliller, Doyle, Ferrie Centers: lvlclnerney, Giebe Quarterbacksi Jenkins, McClure l-laltbacksi Arens, Brown, Noble, Van lvlill, Flood Fullbacks: Goller, l-leld, Connell Co-Captainsi Connell and McClinton Games and Scores Chominade ........ O Normandy ...,..... l3 U. City ......,..,.... O Normandy ,...,,,.. 6 C BC .............. O Normandy .......,,. 6 Principia ...,...,.... O Normandy ,,..,,,.., i3 lg,lTly Junior High Football Team Third mir: Rl:-in. N14-Kinnis. Pollard. Ruily. Rumi-l. Melzgvr. Martin. Krf-mc-r. Arnolil, Pcnrlli-mn. Swriuul mir: l.vn4'l1. Russel lffzigitzxinl. Vhvgley. Rilvr. Cru-4. Nation. Reinvr. Cir'St'lni1ui. Bvrgiiiaiix. Fifi! rim: Nlr. I,.1wlimi. lxriilm. liiiilai. Xliiriisu. l.:-i-. Auesii-ki-r. if-lw4'glr'r. Ch inian. l,imimrr-. Nlr. Nliifllxnmh lhe junior high school boys who vvere interested in iiloying tootboll come under the excellent guidonce ot lvlr, Lovvhon ond lvlr, lVlcClonohon, There vvere so rnony condidotes tor oll positions thot the cooches were oble to hove tvvo complete teonfis. The "C" teoin, cornposed ot boys in the ninth grode, oloyed three gonwes, ot vvhich they lost tvvo, both by toirly lorge scores. However, they proved too rnuch tor St. Louis U. lnligh, winning by nine points, The "D" teorn, mode up ot the seventh ond eighth grode boys, olthough smoll ond inexperienced, vvon oll three ot the gornes on their schedule, Players and Positions Guords: Krohn, Chopmon, Lynch, Gross, Klein, Roesel Toclalesi Russel, Reiner, Gieselrnon Endsi Godot, Lonnrners, Riter, Bergrnon, lVlcl4innis, Kremer Centersi Rhegley, Notion, Pendleton Quorterboclqj Lee Holthocksi Aussieker, Schvvegler, Rollord, lvletzer, lvlortin, Arnold Fullbocksi Moroso, Rudy Games and Scores MCH TEAM "D" TEAM lvloolevvood 28 Nornnondy, O St Louis U. l-ligh, C Norrnondy Zl St, Louis U, High O Norrnondy .... 9 U. City ..,,.,,.,...., ,.,.,. O Normondy ,..l3 U. City . ,, , . 38 Normandy O lvloplevvood .. ., ,. i O Norrnondy .l5 lgliy Varsity Basketball Team Tap row: Muvllcr, Lister, Van Devon, Schumaclxvr. Provost. i Front raw: Grass, Sponcvr, Waters, Tracy, Reid. The varsity basketball team had one ot the most successful seasons in years, ln its regular schedule the team won thirteen games and lost only tour. One big reason tor the exceptionally good season was the excellent playing ot l-lerb Van Deven, Russ Grass and Bill Spencer, Two ot these players, l-lerb and Russ, were selected tor the All-County team. The material for Coach "Pie" Reid was the best in several years, a fact which, with excellent coaching, made the team one of the most outstanding in the city and county, one which all opponents respected. Players and Positions Forwards: Van Deyen, Spencer, Mueller, G. Schumacher, Guards: Waters, R. Grass, Tracy. Centers: Lister, Provost. Games and Scores St. Louis Us l-ligh Normandy... Webster Groves ...., Normandy Ferguson ....,.....,..,... Normandy Maplewood ,,...,..,,.. Normandy McBride ..-.A.. .-.-... N Ofmflftdy St. Charles ,......,....., Normandy U. City ,..... ..,.,,. N ormandy Beaumont ............,.. Normandy Ritenour .....,........... Normandy St. Charles ...,......... Normandy Maplewood ............. Normandy Ritenour .,...,...,..,.,., Normandy Ferguson ....... ....,. N ormandy ., Webster .,.....,......... Normandy Wellston ..... ...... N ormandy ., Wellston ...........,.,.... Normandy C. B. C. ,....,,, .,.,.. . Normandy ,... P5 F y gh "B" Basketball Team Inj: row: Ur. Rivgvrt. llviflinlon, Biurgelil. lluslmlzlll. Wagyu-r. liuumlmlf. Fran: run" Qmith Xl ll Ixl 1 PII. Nan Mill. The members of the i937 "B" basketball team may well be proud ot their record. Ot the titteen games which they played they lost only tour games and won eleyen, The good material ayailable, combined with the excellent coaching ot Mike Reigert, was responsible for the tine season, There were no individual starsg the games were won by the smooth teamwork and admirable technique shown by eyery member of the team, Each ot the players made scores. St. Louis Ferguson McBride U, City ,.., Ferguson Wellston Webster St. Louis Players and Positions Forwards: Connell, Van Mill, J. Miller, Anderson Centers: Borgeld, Bushman Guardsi Smith, Kiburz, McClinton, Martin, Wagner, U, High ,. U. l-ligh Games and Scores Normandy Normandy Normandy Normandy Normandy Normandy . , Normandy Normandy Baumhott Maplewood .. l8 Normandy C B. C. ,..i..,,ii, i9 Normandy McBride ......,.,. l 8 Normandy Webster i,ii ,V , l6 Normandy lovertimel C B, C ,... ,.,., l 4 Normandy Wel lston .,........ l 3 Normandy Principia . . .l l Normandy lcri 20 25 24 l 5 29 l 4 l 5 Ninth Grade Basketball Team Top raw: Kahl, Walker, Nickel, Heinlc. 1"rurzz row: Weldon, H1-rzugi-nrath, Provost. Gcdal. Hnefler. The tuture basketball stars composed this year's ninth grade basketball team The team was composed ot thirteen rather inexperienced players, but even against this disadvantage Coach J. Lt McClanahan turned out a very tine team. The team won tive and lost six, which isn't so bad tor a basketball team. Their two toughest opponents were U, City and Kirkwood. They lost to U, City twice by large scores but the games with Kirkwood were very close. Forwards: l-larry Provost, Lawrence l-laetler, Albert Heinle, Fred Herzogenrath Guards: Ralph Nickel, Billy Kahl, John Benoist. Centers: Paul Kroehnke, Dick Walker, Squad lvlenj Clyde Weldon, l-lomer Godat, Ed Walsh, Allen Naegles. Coach: Ji L. McClanahan. Scores of Games Played Normandy McBride ,.......,......... Normandy St. Peters., i..... Normandy .... Kirkwood ....,..,,......, Normandy Maplewood ...r....,. Normandy.. St. Louis U, l-ligh.., Normandy lVlcBride ,..r.,. Normandy U. City. ,.....,..,.,....,.. Normandy ,.., St. Louis U. l-ligh Normandy .... Maplewood ,......,....., Normandy Kirkwood .......,. Normandy U. City ,......... .......,. Ffy Junior High Basketball Team Tuff fnzv: llvnolst. Cvllglvr. Vi-nmllvtml. Pollaril. Smith. 'llm'uso. Nllssiekvi: Ur. Luwlwrl. Frunt mir: Sinn. 'l'u1gl. Nlvfllinion. -Xuile-rsivn. lfuril. Sn-lirifiuianu. Klinv. lim-nsrm. The Seventh and Eighth Grade Basketball Team! under the leadership ot Mr. Lawhon, has enioyed a very successtul season. The team won eight ot the eleven games played. Those lost were by a very small score. Atter losing the tirst game played against Maplewood, the team won two return games, the last one by a score ot ll to 4. The other games lost were to Chaminade and St, Louis U. l-ligh. The boys defeated these teams in return games, Much credit is due these boys and their coach, tor it is the early practice which they receive as members ot this team that assures Normandy ot a winning basket- ball team in tuture seasons. Letters were awarded to the tollowing boys: Forwards: Gengler, Anderson Guardsi Aussieker, Moroso Centers: Pollard, Dunham These boys were aided by substitutes McClinton and Cord. v Games and Scores Maplewood .i.ic...,.,i., l2 Normandy. .. Hancock .... . ....,i .. 6 Normandy l-lancock .i,., ,r,,.. 7 Normandym. Wellston ,. .... .. i4 Normandy Maplewood .,,ll.. T .. 8 Normandy Chaminade ..., .. .. Normandy St. Louis U. l-ligh .,,l7 Normandy Maplewood ,..,. 4 Normandy Wellston .,......,. .,.... l O Normandy. St, Louis U, l-ligh... ll Normandy Chaminade T, .i...l . lG Normandy Ii, lrfy Varsity Soccer Team Top mir: Mr. Kenny. Dfiviili. Gonilin. Rekate. Klnusmeyer. Smith. Banks. Carpenter. Koch, Kiliurz. First mir: Prawn-rs. W'urlh, Williams. Puhl, Yorks, Di-ailri:-k. Farber. Furl. Nlarknlf. Losing a number of their stars in the early part of the season, a young soccer team was held to a record of three wins and eight defeats. Paul Voclss and Art Schumacher, who showed signs of developing into fine players, were lost early in the season because of injuries. Although the record seems poor, the team fought every inch of the way and suffered defeat after defeat with surprising eauanimity. When they had lost the day before, they would go out the next day and fight with renewed vigor, never giving up even when the game seemed lost, The following boys composed the sauadj Bill Williams, Pat Purl, Nathan Koch, Bill Worth, lra Smith, Bob Cook, l-larald Rekate, Jack Banks, Meredith Kiburz, Stanley Pohl, Paul Vocks, Bob Powers, Art Schumacher, Ed Carpenter, Russ Farber, Mel Klausmeyer, Maurice Goodin, and James Deadriclq. Games and Scores Normandy lVlcBride , . ., . Normandy South Side Catholic ..,.,,...,. Normandy Central Catholic ,, .,...... Normandy St Johns , ...,.. . . Normandy McBride . ...,..,. l Normandy South Side ..... Normandy Country Day . Normandy Country Day ,. Normandy. .,. .. St, Johns , Normandy Central Catholic.. l Normandy Chaminade ...,..,... , lOvertimei l- fry Varsity Baseball Team Top mir: Hr. Major. Dveni. Smith. Tmvy. Klauslmryri. .Srfrmifl mir: Conn:-ll. -X S h h l Th 5 r. lnirriin. First fniu: Krausnivk W ll W t Y D K k NI 4-llc-r, C. Srhul l The Normandy Baseball Team defeated University City May Zi to capture the Suburban League title, for the third championship this year in boys' athletics, Fifteen victories, two defeats, and one tie, as the Saga goes to press, is the record. l-lerb Van Deven led the infielders in batting percentages and lra Smith cap- tured the honors in the outfield. Bob Cook, who held dovvn second base, proved the best fielder of the year. Normandy not only won the title in its ovvn league but easily defeated three times the champions of the City League, Beaumont, and also defeated the cham- pions of the Prep League, C. B. C. Members of the Varsity Infielders: Waters, Cook, Carron, Van Deven, Williams, A. Schumacher, Outfieldersi Smith, Connell, G. Schumacher, Klausmeyer, Williams, Mueller Pitchersi Grass, Tracy, Smith, Spencer, Deem. Games and Scores Beaumont ..,. ...,., 5 Normandy .. 7 Soldan .. ,.,., ..,,., N ormandy Beaumont .... ,.,r.,, l 3 Normandy .... 7 Coulterviile ,......... . Normandy Beaumont ,.,, ,. H 2 Normandy 6 Ben Blevvett .. ....,.., Normandy Beaumont .... , ,. 2 Normandy ,,.. 6 Wellston ,,,. Normandy Soldan r, .. 2 Normandy 2 Maplewood . Normandy Ritenour r.,,. ,. O Normandy .... l4 Webster ,.., L ...r..,,. Normandy C. B. C, . .... .,.,, , ,. 4 Normandy ,.,. S St. L, U. Freshmen Normandy McKinley .,,,,,,,..,.,... S Normandy ..,. 3 University City ,,..,.., Normandy South Side Catholic 3 Normandy ..,. l3 lvlacon tlll.i ...,.,,,,. Normandy 11,,l'fyh Wrestling Team Top ruir: 0. Klucckcm-r. Pi-lvrscn, Mr. Bruno. Hirsch. M. Kloirckenvr, Scannell. First mu" LN-, Strickland. W'ilson, Russlvr, Plummvr Ficnup. A season without a deteat was climaxed tor the Normandy wrestlers by the capture ot the Missouri State Championship, At the state meet in Columbia tive champions from Normandy were crowned: Fienup, 95 lbs., Strickland, H5 lbs., Plummer, l35 lbs., O. Kloeckener, l65 lbs, and l-lirsch, heavyweight. While the best total their nearest competitor, Ferguson, could sum up was 27 points, Normandy amassed 44 points with tive tirsts and three seconds, The season's record was ten victories and one tie. Granite City was the only team that marred the season with the tie score ot l7V2 to Wk, l-larold l-lirsch and Altred Strickland vied tor top scoring honors, both boys pinned their opponents in every match but one and scored 58 points tor the team, Neither l-larold nor Al lost a match during the entire season. Since only tive ot the grapplers will return next year, Coach Bruno will have to tind lots ot new talent. Strickland, Russler, Plummer, M. Kloeckener and Fienup are the tive who will be back next year. Scores Washington U. . 5 Normandy ,,,l8 Granite City ,..... i2 Normandy Granite City .. 1755 Normandy .i l7V2 Madison ..........,. 9 Normandy Ritenour .,.,........ 3 Normandy 36 Ritenour ,.....,...., 6 Normandy Madison ........,.., 8 Normandy 27 Kirkwood ..,,...,, O Normandy Ferguson ...,i.,.,. 9 Normandy 28 Ferguson V. ...... l 4 Normandy Kirkwood ,...,.,.., 6V2 Normandy 34V2 State Championship Meet fe- - Normandy .. 1,, Tfyf 44 Ctirst placel Senior Track Division liip mu: Mr. Biunu. bi-lmil Hume. Sli-Clurt-. knob. Bi-tlnurck. Ri-int-r, Mr. Lawhiin. Fran! mu: Hi-im, Shelton, Tracy. 1.1-1-. Kluusnwyer. Patti-rson. Although the trock teom did not win o chompionship this yeor, they did o fine iob os o result of the untiring ettort which they put into their proctice. Mel Klousmeyer, Norbert Bednorck, Elmer Aussieker ond Vernon Trocy deserve speciol credit tor their records. Mel, one ot the most dependoble men on the sduod, won the 440 in the district meet, finished second in the 440 in the stote outdoor meet ond mode the ollestote teom tor the second consecutive yeor, Norbert, olso o dependoble mon, won honors on the tield ond will be greotly missed otter groduotion. Elmer hos shown his obility in the shot put ond discus throw, events in which he is district ond stote chdmpion, l-le, olso, wos elected to the oll-stote teom, Vernon, o close second to Elmer in the shot put ond discus throw, likewise wos occorded the honor ot membership on the oll-stote teom, Team Weight men: Aussieker, Koob, l-lohmon, Trocy Jumpers: Bednorck, Briesocher, Klousmeyer, Sondweg, Shelton Sprinters: Bednorcla, Heim, Klciusmeyer, McClure Distonce runneri l-lume Meets Beaumont Normondy ..,., i .,.,., Normondy Eirst U. City St. Louis U. lrligh Normondy ,,,,,.,, ..,,. , . , . NormondyfSecond Moplewood Normondy . ,.,. ,.... N ormondy-Second District Meet ,....., . Normondy--Eourth St. Louis U. l-ligh Normondy M ., ,,,, ...,.. N ormondyfSecond Wellston Normondy ........,,,.....,,, ,,,..i. N ormondy Eirst Stote Outdoor Meet . ,. . .Normondy tied tor fourth ploce Page Fifty-five Junior Division Track Team Tap ruzr: Mr. Bruno. Fiuilley, lxilvurz. Lister. Johns, liz-ini-r, Mr. Lawhim. Fin! run: Nun Mill. kullvv, Lvv, Smith. Maris. Victory tailed to recognize the iunior division track team, although their partic- ular aim is not to win meets but to prepare the younger boys for their coming years on the senior track team. ln dual meets the team placed second once, third twice, and had one tie, that with Wellston. The squad consisted ot a large group ot boys, among whom Delbert Findley and Pete Reiners were outstanding, Delbert is a senior and will not be able to con- tinue his associations with the team next year. He showed exceeding ability in the high jump and pole yault. Pete won his letter for the 880 and mile runs. The Squad Howard Corner ......i ..,il,...,. ...i.. .,.,.,..,,. ,.............,.. P o l e Vault Delbert Pindley... ., ............,,.. l-ligh Jump, Pole Vault Otto Kallvy ,.i.,. ,. ........,............,... ...i,. 4 40, 880 Joe Lee . ..i., ......,. .....,.....,l, i,i,. 5 0 , l00 Bill lylarts ............, ,...,,........,.,..,.. 5 0, l00 Pete Reiners ,l,....... . ..V..,l,....,..,.,,.,.... 440, 880 Jack Smith ,..ii ..., 0 , ...........i....,... ,..l00, 220 Clifford Van Mill . .. . ...i..,i 50, 220, Broad Jump Everett Johns ......, .,......, High Jump, Broad Jump Eldridge Klburz .,..... .. .........,.... .....,.. ..,..,,,..,. 5 0 , l00, 220 Schedule l. Beaumont 4, Soldan Normandyesecond Maplewood 2. St. Louis U. lxlofmflftdrmrflllfd U. City 5. Wellston Normandye fthird Normandy-etie lg Ffy Junior High Track Team Tuji nm: Smith. Ilruilshziw. Wviwr. Hrnvin. O. l.uili-iiilvi'ki'r. G. I.i1fli-iiili'i'kvi'. Svull. Giiilzlt, lillily. Phvgli' Sm-nliil wiv: King. livrglivlil. Zzxvkliiull, Doyle. Bvulmli. Bvrginuli. Finillvy, Wi-In-r. Firvl ruff: llixon. Ilurtt. Hain:-N. Si'hii-l'i'i'li'. Bu-lx. Climnan. Uurrii-. Hilnsiin. Mr. llruno. The Junior High Track Club, which was formed in early October, had a member- ship ot thirty-tive, recruited tram the junior school only, During good weather the club meetings each Monday atternaon saw considerable activity. Many at the boys took advantage ot their opportunity to make use at the athletic facilities and coach- ing and as a result showed ability that should make them varsity material later, Among the leaders were Smith, Schwegler, Bush, Scott, Findley, Rudy and Godat. ln bad weather and during the winter the club members worked in the gym, although the work was hampered by the small track, As this book goes to press, the boys are renewing their outdoor activities with fine results, Page Fifty-si-vun Golf and Tennis Teams lup mu.-: Mr. krahlm, Muvlllillan, Bushman. hpoenvnmn. Lifii-r, blicllmi-yiir, knurr. Svvund mir: Mi-izkfessvl, Kiliurz, Arthur, Klulh, B, H1-isli-r. MarkoFl'. First mir: Slzwk, J. Hi-isliir, Kessler, Si-ann:-ll, Ociting, Cnrnor. Eight boys, under the supervision ot Mr, Krablin, formed the golt team this year, winning tour ot their six matches. All contests were played on golt courses chosen by the home teams. Scannell, Arthur, and Corner were largely responsible tor the victories over Kirkwood, Webster, Maplewood and Clayton, The team lost ta U. City and Kirkwood, The tennis team, although scheduling a good list ot matches, has not played any at the time the Saga goes to press. Eliminations among the aspirants are still going on, Matches are to be played with Clayton, Maplewood, Webster, Kirkwood and U. City. Golf Team Scannell Corner Doyel Hebrank Arthur Knorr Math Slack Candidates for Tennis Team B. l-leisler Getting Markott Spoeneman Bushman J, Heisler Slack Mecktessel Thuston Kessler Pings l My-i-ight Intramural Basketball Tnp row: Mr. Schill, Aussiekvr, Klcinc. Hirsch, Arthur, Mr, Shiphcrd. Firs! row: Carpenter, Hebrank, Reed, Rirkute. lntramural basketball is sponsored by the Athletic Department in order to stim- ulate interest in athletics and to give boys who are not quite good enough tor the varsity a chance to participate in sports, Each homeroom in the senior school has a chance to enter the competition. Twelve homerooms were represented by teams in the tournament under the direction ot Art Shipherd, The teams were divided into two sections, the "National League" and the "American League." Each team had to play six games, The winner of the "National League" was Miss Saltzman's homeroom, and in the "American League" Mr. Schill's homeroom tied with Miss l-lasner's, ln the play-ott ot the "American League," Mr. Schill's group was victorious, The tinal game was held as a preliminary betore the l-li-Y-Faculty game. ln a closely fought contest, Mri Schill's team emerged victorious as the champion home- room team ot the entire school, Scores Schill ,.,,,...,, .,l8 Holbrook Schill ,..,..i,....... 24 Crink .... . Schill ..,.,,,,.,,.... i8 Swyers ,....... ...... S chill .............., 28 l-lasner 4 Schill ,.i,..,...,, lO Hasner Cplay-ottl Schill ,...,...,..... 35 l-lixson ,,...,.. ..,.,.. S chill ......,.....,... 2l Saltzman Schill .,.,....... ,,,3l Koehler itinall Page Filly Lettermerfs Club iv: Strirkluiitl. Bvnvnizni. Cvvh. Nivhuus. Pohl, l'zillt-rsiiu, Cu1'pvulr'r. Cook. 5--lmtl, S4'hllin1n'h1'r, Furl. Xlut-llvr. rniu: lhwuli. Carroll. Svainnvll, Gomliii, WTalvrs. Slit-Iu'v:1'. Xl. Klolwkl-m'i'. Grass, Kusslvr. Kiliurz, l"an'ni1'r. Ur. Mziiiir. U: O. Klm't'kvnt'r. Truvy. Wvootls. Klzulsinr-yer. Fuvlii. Smith. Xlvliinnis. Hirsrh. Br'tlnurn'k. Shelton, Prmasl Nun Dm:-n. Listvr. The Lettermen's Club this year is probably one ot the largest in the history ot Normandy, since tvventyeeight letters were given to the members ot the i935 Cham- pionship tootball team. In order to become a member at the Lettermen's Club, a boy must receive a letter in one ot the major sports. At the meetings held weekly during the club period, the members transacted the business ot the organization and planned general programs tor entertainment, The annual Football Dance, sponsored by the club, was held in the New Gym atter the Crystal City game, The decorations ot corn stalks, pumpkins, and colored leaves made a true autumn setting tor the crowning at Virginia Penn, the i936 Football Queen, The Lettermen's Follies was one at the most enjoyable programs an the Normandy calendar. Under the direction at Mr, Major and lvlrs. Schneider, the athletes, dressed as beautitul chorus girls, entertained a large audience with their ballet dances and regular chorus routines. Officers President ..i,i l-larald Hirsch Secretary ...... .,.,....i... E rnest Devoti Treasurer ..... ,Orville Kloeckener Page Sixty "N" Girls l Tap nur: Hvrr. Wi-igi-l. Sli-vrs. W'hilw1-ll. Howl, Xvvnilling. XIcCualig. Pongrulv. Hvim. Svhrick. First mir: Pucschn-l. Taylor. laughan. Hrss, Rolilis, lxohnlv, Hirst, Lylirouk, Hiulmpriem. FN This year Normandy saw another field ot activity open tor the girls who like sports, Under the active sponsorship ot Miss Allen the "N" Girls was organized. The members plan to make it a social organization ot girls who have lettered in any section ot athletics, Their constitution is similar to that ot the l.ettermen's Club. All girls who have varsity letters are eligible. This year, because it was the first year, all seniors were automatically admitted. Then any juniors or sophomores who were eligible were duly pledged and initiated, Arline l-lirst and Adele Kohnle are the most outstanding seniors, For the last three years they have been members ot practically every team in girls' athletics, The girls have extensive plans for the coming year and hope some day to have a club room somewhere on the campus, Officers President .........,. .i... .s....... ......s.. O l i ve Boneau Vice-President .... T. .. Audrey Vaughan Secretary .i...... ...... J ulia Pongratz Treasurer i,ri..., T ,,i,.. Arline l-lirst Page- Sixty-on Junior and Senior G. A. A. Boards Sr-1-mid raw: Bus:-hurt. Wessali-. J. Bonf-au. Huston. DafTcy. Smith. Wolfe. Firsl raw: Miss Etlwurils. Anderson. Kuhnlv. 0. Buncau, Puusvlu-l. Hess. Niki-ls, Whitwz-ll, Mies Allen. The Junior and Senior G. A. A. Boards are the governing bodies ot the Junior and Senior G. A. A.'s, respectively. Each board, whose purpose is to promote interest in all sports, is composed ot members elected by each G. A. A. separately. The board members act as leaders and play an important part by planning and arranging, with the help ot Miss Allen and Miss Edwards, all the activities ot the G. A. A. groups. Miss Allen, the sponsor ot the Senior Board, had many interesting and enter- taining ideas vvhich she put into ettect this year. She planned the buying ot pins, the Mother-and-Daughter Banquet, various swimming and skating parties, in addi- tion to many other very interesting activities. Miss Edwards, the sponsor ot the Junior Board, also submitted to the organ- ization many ideas which proved successful during the year, Some interesting activ- ities which the Board sponsored were games in all girls' sports, hikes, roller skating parties and horseback rides. A special event ot the year was Posture Week, during which all girls were urged to heed particularly the elements which go to make up good posture. Junior G. A. A. Board Committee Chairmen Program Committee ...... ..,............. . . ...,......,......... .,.... L ois Wessale Finance Committee ....... ...... J eanne Boneau Publicity Committee ...... ...... V an Buschart Pep Committee ........... ....... N edra Wolte Senior G. A. A. Board Committee Chairmen General Chairman ,.............,.........,........,.............. ....... O live Boneau Program Committee.. ..... ...... A dele Kohnle Page Six! This was the third year ot the Senior G. A. A., an organization vvhose function is Senior G. A. A. Tap mzr: Weigel. Hanlon. Niki-ls. Lanilun. Wlfluster. Fnulks. Str-i-rs. Magner. Hiiml. W4-nilling. Knob, Xli'Cuaig. Burr Ylvcntzi-l. D. urn W'vhrili'n. Herr. l'nugratz. Svhrivk. Miss Allvn. Tliinl mni: Sclxinrlli-r. Tell, Fi-incr, Putnam, Blurm-nlhul. Anil:-rsuu, Sr-halk. Y. Smith. Xiuyard, H4-iillunil, Cillni-r Mugele, Cum:-rfuril, Connolly, Krnhn, Dietrich, Purl, Hrfiiloprivrn, Snuikc, Tucker. Second rniu: Angi-ll, Bulherus, Lane, Aitken, Murphy, Olmcrschelp, Muttern, Otto, Bozler, W. von Wehrilcli, Long, Bell Schirr, Hullsclaw, Teninw, Duffncr, Ermes, French, Quinn, Hcim, Coslmw. First ruff: Wrillinnis. Tuttli-. lllantun. Hawking. Hililwlvr. Kirvhrlwr. Bvnnvll. Hirst, Knhnli-, Wvhitwvll. Hess. Daily Compton. Wi-igelt, Slum. Kimliri-l. Hvnrichs, Taylor, Lylyronk, Keronr-, Horstmcyvr. to foster interest in sports for girls. The group aims also to provide social contact tor girls interested in sports but not participating in them, The G. A. A. sold candy at games and led the cheering section, Candidates tor cheer leaders were selected by the G. A. A. and led the assemblies in cheers. The tour best cheer leaders, as selected by the student body, took charge ot cheering at all athletic events, The third annual Mother-and-Daughter Banquet, held on April 2, was, as usual, sponsored by the G. A. A, Community singing, a well planned program and an educational talk by Dean Starbird of Washington University provided an enjoy- able evening tor those present. Other club activities included a skating party at the Lorelei and bi-monthly meetings, at which the club business vvas transacted. At a special Christmas meet- ing the members exchanged gifts and enjoyed community singing and refreshments. Normandy was, as usual, represented by members of the club at William Woods' and University City's play-days. At the beginning ot each season, a girl outstanding in each particular sport was chosen by her teammates as the leader at that sport and automatically became a member ot the G. A, A. Board. Much credit should be given to the sponsor, Miss Allen, tor her willing partici- pation in all the club's interests. lDl'GSlClGVlf .................,..,.. ,,,,,,, O live Bgnegu VlC6-l3I'GSlCl6Vil' ., ,,,,, Adele Kghnle Secretary ..........,.,.,..,.. .........,.. T helma l-less Treasurer ....,........... ...... ...... G a rnet Whitvvell Senior Representative .,........ .....,... B ertha Anderson Junior Representative ......... ., Margaret Pueschel Sophomore Representative ....... ..... K atherine Nikels Sponsor .,.,.....,...........,...... . ,,,,, ,,,,,, M igg Allen Page Sixty-thu-if Ili Junior Gi. A. A. I up ru. 'mi rv! irrl H11 i': 'lliii-Nlilluu. Kirchner. Bust-hart, Si-hiikner-ht, Dale-. Hrinerkamp. W1-ssale. Milli-r. Clark. Linrlr-rs. Hriullrr Sm-hliimu-ht-in hm Buss-liurl. Meyers. Sim-rs. Klinkn-rfuss. Mr-ntz, Miii'liux. Peikvr. Aiizulorie, Dysarl. Olin-rmiuiu Bauer. St-rut, Branilhursl. run: Jzwksuri. Wolf. Hvlrxrirh. Prlvgvl. Hr'nnr'kr'. Nliivllm-r. Marty. llfrrxlvy. Duxin'-. Fryer. Kvlllr-r. Ilusserllrwli Schnmll. Yvilhvlln, Culminghum. Dvlvrn. Stanley, W'i'rrc'. Durphy, Nllrvrt. Gzlrtlm-r. Xlichaelis. Pliipps, Mulli- Rin-hiv. gKl1ssivkPr. raw: Ceiilrllrvy, Ferguson, Fvlrlnlall. l.uwlr-r. Marion. Wlziynurml. Scott. Xlillvr. Luuinii-rl. Sm'lm1'fff-i'. llinsnu. Crurv. Hvbrunk, W1-mzel, Srhupmw, Graf, Mvyvr, Cressrlizlri, Dailey, Millvr. Shrink. Taylor, Curry. l'r-tvrs. Reyncr Brnmlr-ulrurg. Owens, o' Y mir: I.vni'h. Lev, Murray, Barrister, Mi-yr-rs, Huston. Piiintrm. F4-rgiismx. Pcrvivul. Whitviell. Bniivr. Bon:-an Davisson. Wvlili, Jonlun. Rusf-grain. 0'IJunughu1-. Puwrfll. Pharvs. Cray. Enlvmrzls. lluffy, Foster, Bushman Liz-sv. Nlziynuril. Hulwli. Chase. Prinviroli. Organized tor the purpose ot providing the chance tor junior school girls to earn rewards and ot stimulating intramural activities, the Junior G, A A. had its second successful year. Because it is extremely ditticult tor a girl to earn in three vears the thousand points required tor a large letter given in senior high school, the junior girls were ollowed to begin the accumulation ot points to be counted toward achieving the honor in senior high school. Activities ot the club were monthlv hikes, horseback riding lessons and swim- ming parties, An initiation partv wos heldl tor all new members, at which the can- didates tor the club membership were received into the organization with proper ritual, Miss Edwards, although a new teacher at Normandy, promoted interest in the club bv providing an unusuollv active program, Officers President ....,.,,..., ...,.,....,... , , ..,.. Jeanne Boneau Vice-President ..,.. . , . Lois Wessale Secretary .......... .,..,.. V an Buschort Treasurer ................,,,.............., . ,. .Nedra Wolte Ninth Grade Representative. ... ..,..Edith Smith Eighth Grade Representative ,.,. Blanche Duttv Seventh Grade Representative ....., ..,.. J ovce l-luston Sponsor .. .. ..,.,, .. .,,....,, .... Ulvliss Edwards rim- si,.i,-.r0i..- , l Girls Varsity Hockey Team Tnp rmu: Dietrich, Kohnle, W'hitwel1, Schrick, McCuaig, Hood. Miss Allen, Steers, Pongratz, Coshnw. Her F T lor Vaughan Pu:-svhr-I Hirst Hess Shingle Lylirnok. H4-irleprivm. Lrxl rrizlr: ny , , , , , , Hockey, os one ot the mcijor sports tor girls, ottrocts o lorge number ot girls every yeor. Eoch closs is represented by o teom which ploys other teoms in the county ot its own closs. Atter the closs teoms ore chosen by the cooches, eoch group elects, by populor vote, o coptoin ond o monoger. At the end ot the seoson this yeor, Miss Allen ond Miss Clork, the cooches, with the help ot the coptoins ond monogers ot oll the teoms, chose the best ployers to represent Normondy os the yorsity teom, First Varsity and Positions Gool Keeper .i.. ..i,,.,.....r.,i,,i.,,..,.,.,.,,...i, ...,............,..,... D o rothy Herr Lett Eullbcick .....,. i,,.,.. ..,.,.ii..,.i,.,...i . i , .....,.....,,i..,...,.. Adele Kohnle Right Eullbock .,.,..,.. . .... ...,.,......... , ,Arleen l-lirst Lett l-loltbock i,.,i,i.. .....,..,. ....,..,....,...,ii....... G o rnet Whitwell Center l-lolbock ,.i.. . r.r..,. .Blanche Steers ond Thelmo l-less Right l-loltbock... ..,. ., ...,.,.,..,.,.,... ....,....,.........,.. , Morie Toylor Lett Wing ,....,. .i,.. .ii,., A u drey Voughn ond Rotsy McCuoig Lett Inner. ..... . . ,.,.,c. ,.,...,,,. ,..... , ...,.. C o therine Schrick Center Eorwo rd V..,.,.. Right lnner. ..,...,. , Right Wing ..,i. . ...,,. , SENIOR GAMES 4 Wellston ,. l Cloyton .,,. O Kirkwood O Wellston i. SOPHOMORE GAMES Normondy .,i.,....,. l Wellston .. Normondy ,. l Cloyton Normondy. . ,, O Moplewood Norrnondy ..,,.,,., Normondyi ,... .. Normondy Norrnondy ....,.... Almo l-lowkins ond Vero l-lood Julio Pongrotz ond Morgoret Rueschel .,,.i..,.i...,.....,... ...... ...i. V i rginio l-leidepriem Games and Scores JUNIOR GAMES .,..,.. l Normondy ......,,... 2 Wellston .. Normondy 3 Moplewood 2 Normondy .. , 3 U, City ,., Normondy,.,...,.,.2 Wellston .. ERESHMAN GAMES l Normandy ..i..i,...i l Moplewood l Normondy ,.... O Cloyton , ,. l Normondy . , O Kirkwood l"gSyh Girls' Varsity Basketball Team Top row: Miss Allan, W'eigel,i Steers, Hood, Whitwell, Nikels, Lybrook. First ruzv: Vaughan, Kohnle, Hirst, Rrililms, Hess, Pueschel, Taylor. The girls' basketball class teams had a very successful season this year. The junior team came out with the best record, losing only one out ot seven games, The results ot the games tor the tour teams were as follows: FREST-TMAN JUNIOR Kirkwood rr....,..,,. T T Normandy T8 Clayton ..rrr.r....,.. 7 Normandy ......r. Wellston ,...,.,...... T9 Normandy ........ Wellston . ...r..,..s.. T9 Normandy Maplewood .,r..,., 22 Normandy Maplewood ,.,.,..,. ZT Normandy Wellston .,....... 30 Normandy Wellston ....s......., 20 Normandy Riverview ,.,,,...r,.. T0 Normandy Kirkwood .... .....,. T 9 Normandy Ritenour ............, ZT Normandy Webster ...........,.. 45 Normandy SOPHOMORE Ritenour .r.r....... Smbuolglormandy Riverview .....,....., T 9 Normandy Wel lston .,....r,...... T7 Normandy ' 4 Kirkwood ............ Wel lston .,.....,.... Ritenour .............. 22 2 Normandy .r....r. Normandy ..,,.... Normandy Rieverview Wellston ...r........ Normandy Normandy 27 36 Webster ......r...,,r, 40 Normandy T0 20 T 6 Wellston ,....,,.r.r. 29 Normandy Riverview .r..,,..,..v Normandy Clayton .......,.,... T5 Normandy Maplewood r..r.,.,. Normandy U. City ...........,...., 26 Normandy Ritenour .....,...,.... Normandy The varsity members were picked from the three upper class teams by the coaches, Miss Allen and Miss Melcher, the captains, and the G. A. A, Board. The varsity and tour reserves received letters in assembly. Varsity and Positions Forwards: Thelma Hess, Vera Hood, Blanche Steers, Marvel Weigel. Guards: Mary L. Robbs lCaptainl, Garnet Whitwell, Marie Willems, Adele Kohnle. The varsity played two very exciting games and came out victorious in both: Riverview ...s....,. Zl Normandy ,,r.,. 22 Maplewood ...,..... 22 Normandy ........ 28 Pcs Girls' Varsity Volleyball Team , ,. v. Top mic: Schirr, Weigel, Hood, Whitwell, Steers. F 5 row: Hirst, Hess, Kohnle, Taylor, Lyhrunk. The volleyball season was an active one at Normandy this year even though few games were played in interscholastic competition. The annual round-robin tournament, which began the season, ended with Mary lane Duffner's team at the top with four games won and none lost. After the tournament, the class teams were chosen, These girls were the cap- tains of the teams: Senior, Marvel Schirr, Freshman, Sarah Anzalone. Blanche Steers, Junior, Vera l-lood, According to the usual system, Miss Allen and Miss Clark, and the Weigel, Junior, Audrey Daily, Sophomore, Virginia As managers were chosen the following: Senior, Sophomore, Esther Snofke. the varsity members were chosen by the coaches, class teams and managers. The varsity this year had five seniors, five juniors and two sophomores as its members. They were awarded letters in the general school assembly. Arline l-lirst Marvel Weigel Olive Boneau Blanche Steers Because of the schools: Kirkwood ...,....., . 4 Varsity Members Adele Kohnle Margaret Archambault Vera l-lood Dorothy Lybrook Garnet Whitwell Virginia Schirr Marie Taylor Thelma l-less short volleyball season, only two games were played with other Normandy .... . 28 Clayton ,,,, . 5 Normandy l7 li,,Sly Girls' Varsity Baseball Team Top row: Schirr. Knhnle, Vlfhiiwvll, Steers, Yfillcms, Hood. Fmnr mic: Hirst, Taylor, Lyhrimk, Hess, Vaughan, Heidepriem. As the Saga goes to press the girls' baseball season is still in progress, Thus tar in the season the class teams have all won one game and lost one game. The Freshman girls lost once to Wellston but returned to defeat the same team later. The Sophomore girls also lost to Wellston, then deteated the University City Sophomores. The Junior girls won from Wellston, then lost to University City, The Seniors lost to Wellston and won trom Kirkwood. The varsity team will play at a baseball play-day on Thursday, May 20, They, with the Freshman team, will play Jennings High School on June l. Members of the Varsity Team Pitchers: Hess, Schirr Catcher: Willems First Basei' Taylor, Butherus Second Basei Lybrook, l-load Third Base: Kohnle, Daily Shortstop: Steers, Whitwell Lett Field: Hirst Center Field: Vaughan Right Field: lnleldepriem lgqty gh! Junior Varsity Basketball Team Top row: Cult, I.. Ferguson, Heinrich, Fi-lilman, Sc-rut, Aussicki-r, Stn-urs, Pt-ikvr, Graf, Kettler, Slattery Bonslvllv, WCrn!L. First ww: Pcrvlval, B. BI. Ferguson. Pri:-glv, Boneau, ltyker, Wt-ntzvl, Cassens, Bushman, Williams, Cohn This year tor the first time morning practice as well as atter school practice tor iunior high basketball was started. Miss Clark coached the after school group and Miss Edwards the morning aspirants: Each group had a varsity team: Although it was ditticult to arrange games early in the morning, competition was keen and several games were scheduled, The players who showed the most skill in these games were chosen as membrs of the varsity. The girls who played atter school arranged their games in a round-robin tourna- ment. There were three teams, captained by Betty Jordan, Sarah 1Serot and LaVerne Ferguson. Each team played the other teams three times, Sarah Serot's team won the tournament by winning tive games out ot six. Varsity After School Captain: LaVerne Ferguson FIRST TEAM Forwards: Sarah Serot, Annabelle Wentzel, Betty Mae Ferguson, Marie Aussieker Guards: Steers, Jeanne Boneau, Mary Feldman, Virginia Percival SECOND TEAM Forwards: Lucille Priegel, Betty Cassens, Pauline Grat, Helen Bolling, Betty Bushman Guards: Iris Ryker, Betty Jordan, Ruth Bratton, Violet Meyers Morning Varsity Captain: Ruth Perker Forwards: Dot Giebe, Dorothy Slattery, Maudel Williams Guards: Bernice Kettler, Mae l-leinrichs, Betty Gelt ' Reserves: Roberta Cohn, Rosemary Bonstelle, Doris Werntz Page Sixty Class Teams Hockey Tap raw: Compton, Schrirk. llunlun. Cillnvr, Mn-llnluig. Hmnl. W4-mlling. Sl:-4-rs. Pungratz, Wulf. Yuunghuus, Coshuw, , 1 url. Swculnl row: Herr, Kohnlv. Duilv. Svhirr. Svhnlk. G. Vslhilwvll. Holls1'l.m. Nikl-ls. Olwcrsvhr-lp. Divlrivll, Kimbrvl, llnss Allvn. First row: Y. W'hitwc-ll. Hirst. Lylnrunk. Yauglxun. A. Kimbrel, Arwgnlomf, Dy:-url. Ste-nglv. H1-ss, 'l'zxylor, Puesclnrl, Hz-ixlsvprivnl. SF JS BasketbaH T011 ruzr: G. Wlhilssn-ll. Culuptun. ll.mlon, YY:-ig:-l. llrfllxnig. Knoll. XY4-lnllixlg, llnml. Swors, l'mlg1xallz. Wlwlf. Buscllzlr Daily. 514-11 fvl. IJ4-ilrE4-ll. E- Svculnl mu: llululns. Hvim. X, Svllilr. Svlmlla. ll. Sclllrr. Xxlzalmmv, Ymlng,1l1.llls. ilillllvr, Xikf-ls. Ulu-rswlwlp. Dvsur , Sm-hrick. lurl. Nliss Allvn. ' ' First rum: Huffman, Snufkl-. Xauglmll. Kohnle. Hirst. N. Kimlvrcl, Plxvscln-l. lluss, Lylnrook, Taylor. Pointun. Y. W'lxit well, Hcidvpricm, Meyers, Q. Kirubrcl. Page Svwnty if Volleyball Class Teams Top row: Cult, Nikelsi Lanv, McCuaig, Hood, W4'nLlling, Aussiokvr, Wentzel, Slatu-ry, Miss Allen. Third row: Olnrrsnlmelp, Compton, Feiner, Pnngrntz, Steers, Busmrharl, Weigel, Schrick, Hebrank. Svcond row: Hass, D. Schirr, V. Suhirr, Whitwull, Amalonc. Duflnvr, Kimbrcl, Pninton, Purl. First row: Hoffmann, Pucschel, Lybrook, Taylor, Holtsclaw, Kohnle, Hirst, Stengel, Vaughan, Heidepricm. 'Y-3 21. Baseball Top row: G. Whitwcll, Wcxinlling, Howl, McCuaig. Third row: Schalk, D. Schirr, V. Schirr, Weigel, Sie-ers, Schoknecht, Meyer, Hvbrzmk, Gilmer. Dietrich. Second row: Purl, Q. Kimlmrvl, Dysart. Hullsvlaw, Hentschvl. Buschart. Anzalnnrw, Pongratz. Schrick. Poinlon. Hoffmann. First row: Heinlepriem. Hvss, A. Kimbrvl, Hirst, Stcngcl. Knhnle, Lybrouk, Vaughan, Tuttle, Taylor, V. Whitwell, Page Seventy-one Leaders' Club Tull rnir: Smith. l'i-ikvr, Zzlvlc. Dirlvrn, Stvcrs, Hivulli-. lliisi'lmx'l. Svgvlhursl. Wulf. Snmlhvrs. First row: Huston, Brandenburg, Collin. lionvau, Vfcssult-, St-ml. Olwrmunn, Siwhiu-l'i-r, Scott, Duffy. The object of the Leoders Club is to provide opportunities through which junior high school girls moy develop the guolities of good leodership, Formerly the member- ship vvos limited to the officers of the Junior G, A A ond girls elected by the gym closses. This yeor the club vvos opened to ony girl who vvos interested in this field of study. The members were given procticol troining in the direction of vorious octivities in the regulor gym Closses. ln order to retoin membership the girls in the group must keep up their grode in gym work ond be willing to co-operote ot oll times with the sponsor, Anyone foiling to meet the requirements moy be expelled by the sponsor Officers President ,.... .. ., ,uleonne Boneou Vice-President.. T .,.. Beverly Shoeffer Secretory ....., . .,......,..,, r.,... l-l orriet Lee Treosurer ...... ..l,... M orcello Obermonn Sponsor. .. . , , . Miss Edvvords Page St-vi-nly-I Anxious moments Schumacher hits the line A barl day but a big victory Strike three! "Nails" crossing the plate Broad-jumping Bednarck wins his race Overcoming obstacles Pagr- S4-vi-nty-ihrvn AC The division thot follows is devoted to o chronicling ot the efforts ond successes of the vorious extro-curriculor groups in which the students were interested. lt is the sincere hope of the stott thot you will not only enjoy now the octivities depicted but will in the yeors to come delight in reliving, with the help of this section, your hoppy, protitoble yeors in Normondy, We feel thot the pleosure you hove received in school will be heightened immeosurobly by this pictoriol retrocing ot your school lite. "lt this be error, ond upon rne proved, l never writ, nor no mon ever loved." 155 tyf TIVITIE I N 1 lily 5 U-flux-11w Saga Top ruiv: Xlarknlf. Anislmuslin. lluislvr, Uni-ll:-r, Coulvs. Tlzirrl row: L.1g1nln.1rsilln. Hiltlv. Patterson. Slum-llun. Si-lmiilckvr. Grass. Klum-. Walk Svrnlxd mu: Hzlrlnspull. Herring. Hanlon. Nlvlluuig. Nlullvn. W'hilw4'll. Mull-r-nn. Koh l X111 H I First fmt: Hunillin. Xlunzly, lfrluvs, l"1-imrr. 'l'4'iiiuit'. 1Jnc1'r, Bonvau. Allgvll. This publication ot the Saga ditters somewhat from that ot tormer years when the entire senior school had charge ot the book. This year the juniors have taken over the honor and responsibility, with the help and guidance, however, ot many tweltth grade students. Staff Editor-in-Chiet ..,.....i.,,..............,.........i...,...,.,,........ Charles Schmucker Assistant Editors- George Patterson, Margaret Temme, Doris von Wehrden Division Editors- ..s,,.,Ropert Cummins School ....... Classes ...,.. .....,.,... O live Boneau Athletics ,,..... ...... l-l enry Oetting Activities .,,,.... ..,4..... B etty Mullen Arts .............. ...,..,.. A lice Mundy Features ....,..... .,.... B lanche Doerr Literary Editor .........,,... .......... B etty Miller Photography Editor ,..,.,........,.,., ,........,,...,.,............,.,... R ay Grass Business Manager ......,,,.,,..,.....,... ....i.....,,,,.,s.......... L everett Russler Assistant Business Managers .,.,..,.,..., Leslie Allen, Garnet Whitwell Advertising Manager .......s....,...,. .....,.,.,...,........,..,.. C harles Shelton Circulation Manager ,.............. ........,........,. W illiam MacMillan Sponsors ,....,,.,.....,..............,.,...,.i..................... Miss Pitney, Mr. Hixson Reporters, Solicitors, and Typists: Roy Rathhurn, Shelhy Adams, Eugene Shafer, Buddy Markott, Forest Moors, Ered Adelman, Bill Walker, Glen Schumacher, Patsy McCuaig, Adele Kohnle, Virginia l-lanlon, Arthur Chazen, Lester Cowles, Emil Anish- anslin, Conrad Mueller, Jean Angell, Marion Eeiner, Martha Herring, Eanny l-landlin, Eayre Ermes, June l-lorstmeyer, Ruth Langemann, Juanita Phipps, Pearl Sutton, Mary Louise McKay, Mary Long. Pngr' Sf t COUIISI 'lair y. yn:-i. .five-. iiii. 1. ,iii4. Sifliniiiwki-r. Wilwri. Curr-ara. Smith. Mueller. k NIC th T C l Xll I' I l E U gilt. Angvll. Piiiiitniii, 1.1-1-, lliiiiin. XI.iih. Milli-r-nn. Iiiirii-. 'Ii--ilil. Hiill-r-nik, Siilmtin. ll 1. IJ IJ 1 lx l I. Km-lizznslin. ,Inliii-mi. l'i-i-mi-. Iziiiii-s, ll-ii'-iiiii-it-in Irivki-is-4-ii, Ili-wig. I4-pi-r. XI. Iiiml. Increased service and a balanced budget were the aims and accomplishments ot the Normandy Courier during the U36-'37 school year, The increased service was partially accomplished by the enlarge- ment ot the paper, which allowed one-third more space in which to print additional class and activity news, The purpose ot enlarging the paper was not to win or even enter any contest but to serve the school. As a part ot its change in torniat this year, the Courier changed its type ot headline. lnstearl ot the assignment system, which was used in previous years, the statt used the "beat" system, thereby covering the school more thoroughly. Every request tor publicity at the high school and among related organizations was taken care ot by the journalism class. Eor the tourth time the Courier sent delegates to the National Scholastic Press Convention, which was held at Detroit, lvlichigan, this year, To pay tor the expense the stott sold 'mums the day betore Thanksgiving, Staff Editor , ...,.. . .,., . ...,.,..,, . A , , Blanche Doerr Associate Editors ,. Madlyn Bewig, J, G, Lee, Mary Lind, Alice Mundy Advertising lvlanager. . . .. Rubye June lvlcliee Circulation Manager . .. . ..,, Bertha Anderson Typist, , , . ,, i , .. .Adele Kohnle Cartoonist. it .. .. ,. Walter Smith Sponsor. , Mrs, Holbrook lligii 5 t Senlor Student Council Third rmu: S. Adams. Weldon. Kr-ssl:-r. Drnstv, Miss Hasner. Zbaren. Russl NI t G Second rmr: Wiisfiiliik. Exans. Brooks. Yuhsvn. Mullen. Murphv. Si-hniiltril. A tk F1'r5lrr7ii': llirrring. lTii'lrii'l1. Ti-inniv. Kiihnli-. Kuilil. Putnam. Hur-liiii-yirr. Bl I The Senior Student Council hos been in existence tor tourteen yeors, ond during these yeors it hos done o greot deol to oid the school, os well os the district in generol, Under the oble leodership ot Miss Hosner, o new sponsor, it hos token on octiye port os the ruling body ot Normondy this yeor, The Student Council, os usuol, sold pencils ond pennonts ond directed the distribution ot the Christnnos boskets. It supervised closs elections ond ossisted in mony woys in the snnooth functioning ot the school ond its government, Through its cillotment ot the octiyity tund, the council presented tour lyceum progrornsi Mr, Montogue ot the Royol Northwest Mounted Police presented on interesting story ot the Arctic wosteg J, Fronklin Coyney gove on illustroted lecture on modern ort ond sculptureg l-lorry C, White, formerly connected with the Edison loborotories, spoke on the history ot lightg ond lylr. Beilhorz entertoined with chorocter sketches, The Student Council provided the student body with nnony educotionol ossembly progroms throughout the yeor. Officers President ...... T Leverett Russler Secretory .......,i.i i,...i Betty Mullen Typing Secretoryc. . .,,i . Adele Kohnle Treosurer .....,.i.. , . .. Stonley Kessler P g iyri-ight Junior Student COUHC11 Top mu, Kahl Boatwright, Haeflcr. Brantley, Spf-nrrr-r, Garrlnf-r, Taylor. Third mu Kirchner, Wessale, Math, Barbour, Muriy, Lueking, Smith, Davissiin, Miss Kahl. 9601111 I 14 Wcblv, Christman, Mvisi-. Snyder, Zimmerman. Huston. Foster. Hvis. Gonlily, Wright. r L s nun. Lic-sv. Paynv, Nli'Clintun. Ivlili-rlz. Milli-r. liiigli-y, Chas'-. Po-rriizll. The Junior Student Council, now in its tourth veor ot activity, is one ot the most important organizations ot the Junior School. To it goes the credit ot an etticient student government over the junior students. Under its jurisdiction the campus and the cateteria have been kept clean and orderlv, During the year it has encour- aged clean sportsmanship and enthusiastic cheering at all the athletic events, In co-operation with the Senior Student Council it has sponsored halt ot the student dances given once a month after school and has assisted in the presentation ot the tour Lyceum Programs, The success ot these undertakings was the result ot the splendid co-operation which Miss Kohl, the sponsor, received from the otti- cers ond the members ot the Council. Officers President ...,,.. . ...... Billy Gardner Vice-President ...... .....,. L ois Wessale Secretary ,,,,. Delores Kirchner Treasurer ...... ..,,.. J ames Boatvvright Page Seri-lily nm Senior Corridor Cfficers Third mir: 0. Kloeckener. Hirsrh. Grrmp. Patterson. Cook. Miss Salt Sr-wmrl mu: Hume. Cm-h. M. Klum-4-krrxwr. Russlvr. Thomysiin. Marte I 1 Rl YY ll Nl ll I- l h I 'irx nm: 'irurz. Ti ixmis, uv 1-r. 'urn-r. Sr l1nizn'u'r. The Senior Corridor Force, which has been in existence since the year tollovving the inception ot the school, tunctions as the traltic sauad ot Normandy, The duties at the members are very simpleeto see that the pupils adhere to rules and regulations gov- erning the tlovv ot students in certain directions at various times ot the day, They are also charged with the responsibility ot maintain- ing order in the halls and in the assemblies, to which they have responded nobly. The requirements tor membership are that the candidate be vvell liked, have average grades, and be dependable, When vacan- cies occur, replacements are made by the voting ot the members. The organization, mast capably supervised by Miss Saltzman, met on Monday during the homeroom period. Officers Captain .,r......,.r.. ...i,., .,.........,..,.,..i.. O r ville Kloeckener First Floor Lieutenantr. .... .. ,. l-larold l-lirsch Second Floor Lieutenant i.,... ...Billy Williams Third Floor Lieutenant .....,..i,..,..,.. ...,. L ouis Gremp Vocational Building Lieutenant ....... .... Bob Cook Page Eighty Junior Corridor Force T p G vlman, Archvr. Krattli, Gross. Cheary, Grivsrlivrk. Hvsle, Siler. Darby, Srherf. S d Xlr. Hawkins. Us-llis. Lane. Swyvrs. Provost. Nvuglr-s. Chapman. Hoi-nig, Wualkrrr. I 2 D tscv, Mucllvr, Wvullvrs. Klfnv, Sliulilard, Svhwn-nk. Foril. To become o member of the Junior Force o boy must be depend- oble, populor, o good scholor, ond outstonding in oll respects, os the orgonizotion hos definite responsibilities, It endeoyors to estoblish ond mointoin order during possing periods in the Junior ond Vocotionol buildingsy to direct troffic to ond from ossembliesg to oid the teocher in chorge of the Auditorium during lunch periodsg to ossist yisitorsg to see thot no one loiters in the holls ofter 8f2O o. mg ond, of course, to develop within the student body the desire to co-operote with fellow students ond outhorities in the mointenonce of desiroble sociol conditions, Through their courtesy ond orgonizing obility members hoye won the loyol support of the student body, os well os thot of the foculty. This orgonizotion is under the copoble ond successful leodership of lylr, l-lowkins. Coptoin ...............,...,,....i.. ......,u l-l enry Provost First Floor Lieutenont .....i.,,. ,i.... C orter Chopmon Second Floor Lieutenant r,.i..... .i.i.. Dick Wolker Third Floor Lieutenont ...,.i...,...,..,i,r,,... Otto Swyers, Jr. Vocotionol Building Lieutenont ,. ,Q ., .. ..i.., Bob lylellis Page Eighty-unc Sen1or Honor Society Trip mu-: Nlr. Bergmann. Ailarns, Grimm. Thuston, Koch. lxlin-i-ki-ni-r. Third mir: Wivsvr. Anishanslin, Ninth. Si-hmuckvr. Mann. Xluvllvr. Scrum! mir: Si-hrick, Angell. Knhnli-. Bi-wig, Mullvn, Milli-r. Phipps. B First mir: Dm-rr, Vaughan, Piingrutz. .-Xnilvrsiin. 0'Dnniiglmi'. Eriiwe, XI lx L The highest honor that a student of Normandy may receive is election to the Normandy Senior Honor Society, a branch of the National Honor Society. Members of the Honor Society, who are chosen from the eleventh and twelfth grades, must have excelled in scholarship, citizenship and activities, A definite number of points is allowed for each section of school life and a student must have a total of one hundred before he is eligible for membership. The organization this year was under the capable supervision of Mr. Walter Bergmann, Four members, elected in June, l936, are the present officersi President .....i...,. .,i.. O rville Kloeckener Vice-President i.i.. ...,.i,....... O live Boneau Secretary ...,,c..... ........ B ertha Anderson Treasurer ,.,c..,..,......,.........,.,..,...,....,.......,,.... Jean Angell ln January, l937, thirteen seniors were elected to membershipi Shelby Adams Betty Miller Fayre Ermes Betty Mullen Emil Anishanslin Conrad Mueller Adele Kohnle Vera Link Nathan Koch Julia Pongratz Rubye June McKee Billy Wieser Warren Mann ln May, l937, ten more seniors were admitted: Madlyn Bewig Lorraine O'Donoghue Charles Schmuclcer Blanche Doerr Juanita Phipps Warren Thuston Leonard Grimm Catherine Shricla Audrey Vaughan Bob Math Page- Eighty-two xXEl iii Junior Honor Soclety Tuff mu, C. Xliillinliin. Lislvr. Bushman. Small, nun. Smith. Hi-rring. Buwhzlrt. Slvinwl. Pop:-r. Wlilf. Bvlklmp. J. 5Ii'CIinliin. , .Y.Y . . . .Sirirlzil rim. Nlmlk. Aitkvn. Hvlirunk. Suhoklii-rlmt. Hitch:-jf, Kiri-hnvr. Math. llivtrirh. Fin! mu Nlivirs, W'hitwl'll. luintull. Wvssulv. Wm-nlzvl, hluttwry, Llvsc. Hulwli. The Junior l-lonor Society, under the leadership ot Mrs. Anita Keaney, is one ot the outstanding organizations at the school, To be admitted a student must have one hundred points, which must be secured in scholarship, citizenship and activities. ln citizenship the student receives points tor being elected class otticer and best citizen. Scholarship requires a student to have "A" or "B" grades in a subject in order to earn points, In activities one may be on any class team or varsity, in the operetta or in other school activities, February B-l2 was Junior Honor Society Week, during which each homeroom was addressed by a Junior Society student and an assembly program was given. ln the assembly seven new members were pledged, For the coming year the Junior l-lonor Society has inaugurated a new program, which consists ot the following: l-lonor Society members will make new students welcome at Normandy, l-lonor Society members will help poor students in their studies, and the l-lonor Society will sponsor an l-lonor Society Week. Members from 1935: Anna Jane l-lottman, Ivan Kinder, Ruth Langeman, Warren Smith, Margie Stiemal. Members from 1936: Ethelmae Aitken, Betty Jo Belknap, Marjory Bowman, Dick Bush- man, Billy Cord, Anna Mae Dietrich, Beverly French, Harold Fox, Martha l-lerring, Betty Liese, Jack Lister, Edward Martin, Clittord Martin, Bernice Peper, Jennie Mae Schalk, J. C. Scott. Members from 1937 : Delores Kirchner, Lois Wessale, Anna Mae Meyers, Betty Math, Anna Bell Wentzel, Doris Schoknecht, Lucille l-lebrank. Page Highly-three Hi-Y Third row: Mr. Christian. Svlmulr-ker. Wissman, Cari-aim, Provost. Arthur, Mann, Ich! Kc-sslvr. Rulhliurn. Second rmv: C04-h. Anishanslin, Russlvr. llarkoff, Plummi-r. Smith, Mui-ller, Oellingz, B Firxt row: Math, Adams, Curpumcr, Cowles. The l-li-Y movement tor boys, which is widespread throughout the United States and other parts ot the world, has at Normandy l-ligh School one ot the oldest chapters in the state, organized and tor some years actively led by lvlr, Green, whose continued interest has been a steady inspiration during the past years. Semi-monthly meetings, at which varied activities were planned, were held on Monday nights, The Facultyfl-li-Y basketball game, again a feature, resulted in a 28 to 24 victory tor the l-li-Y. The club, as usual, sponsored the annual banquet tor the fathers and sons ot the school, Among other activities were dances, Wiener roasts and swimming parties. The membership list is a cross section ot school lite: the roll is composed of boys prominent in academic work, in the Student Coun- cil, in athletics and in the various cultural activities ot the school. Any boy in the upper two years ot the senior school is welcome to join, l-le is initiated into the organization in a solemn, idealistic and religious ceremony, the only requirement being that he follow the aim ot the l-li-Y ee to create, extend and maintain the high standard ot Christian living throughout the school and community. Officers Glenn Adams .......Robert Math ,........,l.ester Cowles . Edward Carpenter .. , .. .. Mr. Christian President .....,...., ,.......,......... Vice-President ...,., Secretary ,.,..,....., Treasurer ..,, Sponsor ..,.. Pugi- Pfiglily-fmlr Office Force S l H Nliss llvixvixilml, Turn:-r. Hi-lu-rink. lximli. Maris. W. Us-Kay, Mullen, Ili-iillantl. 1 r B , iiriyi.-, Tutti.-. img- xi. L. xi.-My Klilli-r, N..ii,.iii. Although the students who assist in the office are not organized into a regular club, they represent one of the most Worthwhile groups on the campus. The office Work is really a subject which replaces gym and its alternate, Miss Delyenthal, who is in charge of the worlc, selects from the large number of applicants those students who have the attributes necessary to successful office work, Among the qualifications are dependability, scholarship, personality and the ability to meet peo- ple, Although a commercial course is not essential, it is helpful to the student. The students who are fortunate enough to be selected are trained in actual office practice and are brought in contact with eyeryday problems of the business office, Their training includes such tasks as filing, learning to receive messages and send out calls for business purposes and meeting people properly. These tasks all tend to aid the students' self-assurance in business mat- ters. Abundant opportunity is given for pupils' responses to typical office situations. l'.xg4' Eiglilyelixi- Ballroom Dancing Club Twp rnzv: Shuvfvr. llni-rr. J. Hn-islvr. B. H1-islcr. H1-rring. A. Curvugu. E. Vfilsuu. Ru crm! llln Crmnlwmn Drains. Xlullmim-, Curvy. Hishup. Gnlnlstr-ln. YV. Slzmlii-lil. XY. Koch. Colvnum. u L Exams. Irhlcrlz. 5pin'lu'rnzu1. Srthililknecht. Bznllnzm. Olson. lf. Xlr'Clur1'. Tlrirfl ruzr: ,lm-rwling. H. Nluvllvr, Carroll. Gullnr. Karr. Kr:-ir-nkulnp. WY. Smith. Cmltluril 0 W l r ll lrrx Iuw Nussier. llulil. lla-nlm-hr-l. H. Str-1-rs, Kuolr. E. Linil. llli-llunulrl, Zumlrehl, Mr:Briilv Lnr Ln H virrel Lreu ru Nnlrlv, Rir-kv. Svrrzrxrl mtv: Marr:-1, Rulxrnlu-rg. Irh-irllaml, Yinyurtl. Krnhn. Quinn, Cnshow, E. Jnm-5. Srlnmll Du u r Durphy. Lurumin-, Gr-nu. Mugnvr, Lung. Guan-glla, Millvr, Czluslunil. W. von W'uln'4 rn Shuml Rani-4 N Hilxbeelvr. Giltnm-r. Sn-hulk. lllougin. Mr. Christian. Firxl mrv: Wfilhvlm. Klein. H. Hush. Aitkvn, A. Bcnnjsl, A. lit-lmisl, Havking. Wlzlch. Mirhx l I Lg, lrmm rmzm Santl meg. Bn-lit-rm-yt-r. Hugh:-s. NI. Bush, Hurling, Linrl, Ummm-it-r. Purdom. Grunvr. I 4 I vrr Our wha-lp. D. l.un1-. lllulzumx. Svhrlrk. The ever-increasing popularity of the Ballroom Dancing Club was auite evident in this, the fourth year of its existence. From an advance enrollment of one hundred and eighty, the one hundred and thirty members finally allowed to remain were composed mainly of the tenth grade pupils or those upper classmen who had had little or no experience in dancing. The members learned the bases of all ballroom dancing, com- posed of a few separate "steps,f' of which many combinations are possible, After the member has learned thoroughly the essentials of dancing, he is able to perform any new form of the dance from his knowledge of the combinations. During the year several program dances and parties were given, to the enthusiastic pleasure of the members. Lorraine O'Donoghue again provided the fine music necessary for the success of the club. President -- "Chief l-leap Big Rhythm' '... ..,. L ester Cowles Vice-President "Big Rhythm" .,., .,.., U na l-leidland Secretary e "Rhythrnnia ",. ....... ...,. G e orge Goller Treasurer f "Little Rhythm" .,.. ...., B ill Stanfield Sponsor . .. .... ..,.,.,...,,...,,,. r , , Mr. Christian Paigv liiglny-six Chanticleers 1 , ii i xii.-i.. iiiirrim. im. 1..-.-. wright. 1i..h.-.-ly. Still--. s 1 i V.-,iii-if. xiiinr.-, ciiii.-V. ni.,-ns, R. si.-gi-. s.-in-ii.-ti.-.-. 1-. viiaiiii.. Klan. s.-iiiiiink.-r. Ii iii,, xi Riii ii xi thi isis xic fl ii-, lainie. an iiurn. ,ini ere. ann. l ris ensvn. I. .' vw. . r. ,raw on . The Chanticleers, under the able leadership ot Mr, Hadley Cravvtord, is a very recent club composed ot boys who are musi- cally inclined and chietly interested in popular and semi-popular music. The members have learned many numbers, some ot which they have arranged tor special group singing, putting particular stress on trio and auartet arrangements, They have entertained at assem- blres and small private gatherings, A group which has been ot especial delight to assembly audi- ences and dances is the quartet or "Swingtet" composed of Ralph Linders, Shelby Adams, Roy Rathburn and l-lenry Mohr, They have developed a singing techniaue entirely their own. Not to be forgotten is Juanita Phipps, vvho was the excellent piano accompanist behind the ettorts ot all the boys. Officers First Semester Second Semester Leslie Allen ,, President, .,., ., Shelby Adams l-larold Foxu. .,.. Vice-President ....... , ,,.,.,.., Earl Stege Ralph Linders ,, .Secretary . . .,..,,,. Ralph Linders Henry Mohr l ,. Treasurer , , , ,. Warren Mann Harold Flood . . Librarian ,,,, ,,,,, A rthur Christensen Pagi- Eigliiy--1-wi Chemistry Club Top mu: YVeiiInr-r, Krm-nli-in. Hiiuiphruys. Wlibus. kDl1L 0811 hS I-151 'NIL S1'1'ul1zllvm': L. Wcnillilig, J. Xxvnilling. Xvvwllu Brno S, oxvr y. ulximin-, 'im mu: 'mrnz-r, Thiimisiin. Fit-im i, Fink. R. Smit , imun, 'uric-r. faint :- I f L p i 5 The Chemistry Club has proved again this year to be one of the most interesting and active organizations in Normandy It has pro- vided for various projects which were in every case determined by the interests of the members. One project this year was the making of placards and other illustrations to facilitate study. Some of the members took advantage of their access to the eauipment to com- plete their laboratory experiments for the regular chemistry course. Under the direction of lvliss Long, Charles Cech, one of the student members, undertook to discover a metal which would not corrode in the presence of antifreeze, By making an electric furnace of his ovvn, Cech manufactured this new alloy which would not cor- rode and was at the same time light, thus advancing another step toward the prevention of airplane crashes. This is only an example of the work that goes on in the Chemistry Club period. Thus the Chemistry Club provides an interesting opportunity for ambitious young scientists to carry out their ideas in chemistry. Officers President ....... ,..... r.....i ..,., ..,,..... C h a r les Cech Secretary and Treasurer .c..., .c,r,,.., J ohn Simon Sponsor ,...,.,,...... ..., r...,i.,i.. ........ M i s s Long lmgi- Piighiyfigiii Ping Pong Club l 1 XI J l in. lliillirook. Frivlw. Hvilxxmxi. Yiiiiiigglizuis. Xlullvru. Wzigili-1', Hurvli. llviixi. Horgcll. I 1 I7 B vli-, 1'i'nn. Burg--. 1.4-y, H.iumfm Curtis, Wittich. This year, under the sponsorship of lvliss Johanson, the Ping Pong Club adopted the tournament plan of operation. After spending the first few weeks in a study of technique and practice, the mem- bers began tournament play, Teams were chosen, and the games were played each week during the regular actiyity period. Neyer out of first place, Georgia lnleilman and Florence Wittich ended the contest with a perfect record of eleven games won and none lost. Shirley Curtis and .lune Compton, who were defeated only by the champions, finished in second place with ten games won and one lost, June l-leim and Theresa Burch finished in third place with eight won and three lost. During the spring season some of the girls played tennis, but many of them continued with ping pong. Officers President .,.,....., . ..,............ ...,,. E leanor Ley Viceepresident ....,. Ruth Bauman Secretary i ,,.,. . .... Theresa Burch Treasurer ..,,,., .,,,., B etty Holbrook Page Eiglity-nine Semor Museum Club Lili mir: tjnimv. llnlluuuy. ,lun'k. hull. Day. Znhringtfr. NYM'-lllzull. Kolxrulnn-l. B tl H k Siwnml Inn: Nhnlkt-r'. .lout-s. S4-sslvr. Kuhl. Fagan. l'lulnm1-r. I.ngmn4n'silm. I-'nv rim: Ilnlu-rlx, l":n'mn-r. um Wi-lurde-n. Lui-ku-, Kiuilurn-l. Dy-uu'l, Mr. Shay. This yeor the Senior Museum Club mode up on entirely different orgonizotion ll wos divided into five mojor groups, eoch student working in the one neorest to his own interests. The first is the Qrnitholog-y dixision, whose purpose it wos to study birds, moinly by obsenotion, Secontl is the Botony division, its purpose being the study of flowers, using the Noture Troll os o rnoin guide. The third division is Zoology the study of onimolsg knowledge in this group is goined through field trips ond surveys. Fourth is the Visuol Edu- cotion division, on unusuol group used in work on films ond pro- iectors The lost division is Toxidermy work, This group prepored exhibits for the rnuseuni, moinly through their own mountings. As o whole, oll ciixiisions worked together to help mointoin the school museum ond the Noture Troil, Officers President , ,.,...,,..... .,... W olter Wissmon Secretory .,... Eugene Plummer Qponsor i ,,.... ..... M r. Shoy Pugi- Ninn-ly Junior Museum Club I 1 r kaiwtiriii, xxiitr....r.r.... iriiwit, xtrr.-urvri. xxiirrit., teiiur.. i:,i.i.s,rtrii. ltr Xlittrlitt itiiritttiix i.- r-, l.itsi.ixs. iii-x. it-it 1.-X, Lrmx, ..i . Members ot the iunior museum ttub hoxfe mont interests ond tor this reoson etub oetittties ore toned XX eosuot tisitor might tind windows dorkened onn u mowing trttture being enioyedg or smott groups ot students rhight be wortgtng ot ditterent oettvities in the museum or in the biotog, tuborofory these oetitities irtetude inves- tigotiohs rtiode with the htftir ot t7TtCVOSCOtDGSQ hunting through books tor intormotion concerning some topic which hos Come up tor dis- cussions motamg eotteetions ot rocks, seeds, ond other obieetsg study- ing some onimol which hos been brought in tor obsertotion. This yeor other Clubs hove met with the iunior museum Club ot tforrous times ond enioted streetot sound pictures with its members. 'there hoxe been tietd triyrs in the sehoot noture trout, too, Atl mem- bers hove stuttieti the exhibits in the museum which members ot the senior museum etub have Contributed. tn short! this etub giues tumor high sehoot students o ehonee to meet in the 'fIob" otmusinhere ot the sertior high sehoot! where they will ott soon be studying tt might be thought ot os o Connect- ing tink between tumor und sentor snttgnee otntositheres Officers President , .. Rotph Wtttiorttson Secretory ttennet Usinger Stmonsor Mr, Shot lim- Rim-rt it Typmg Club Trip run: Wuisegvrwr, ienu J, 1 iss uc , 'vs uv:-r, '.umi-r. S J K 1 F I N1 B k xx i ll .H-1-mi mir: ichler. Lumelius, Walsh, Whilwm-ll, Ms-Cuaig. Hi-nlschcl F 1 l Fixx! mtv: lluydcn, Tucker, Buellnvr, Schlvir, I-'ishm-r, Tuilnl. Click! Clackl Clickl Clackl The new Royals in Room 209V have had tew idle minutes during the Wednesday club periods. Ambitious typists vvho Wish to gain speed and accuracy and pupils who teel the need ot an extra hour to supplement their regular class period are busily engaged in typing various assignments, Opportunity tor typing themes, outlines, and work in other classes is given members ot the clubs "Rush work" tor various school activities is treauently typed during this period. Next year we plan to alternate a program ot definite projects with the scheme We tollovved tor this year's club periods, Pupils enrolled in either advanced or beginning typevvriting classes will be eligible tor membership in the club. Officers President i..i... ..i..,.......,.. i,.,,.,. A l ice Johnson Secretary ....,.. ..i...... J ayne Lumelius Sponsor ..,.... ...i....... lvl iss Beck Pugl- Ninety I Senior Shorthand Club T p ow: Pongratz, Zwicke, Barr, Crier. Mrs. Babb. row: Williams, Knoll, Smeehuyzi-n, B:-renter, Vaughan, Buthcrus. The purpose ot the Senior Shorthond Club moy be divided into two ports. First, it wos orgonized for the purpose ot helping pupils to ocquire o better knowledge of business methods ond hos olreody proved very helptul to boys ond girls who wish to become stenog- rophers ond secretories. They reolize the need for this odditionol troining becouse in their professions they must do the best ot work. Second, the purpose ot the club is to test the obility ot the students by hoving them work tor the Gregg owords, which ore recognized os high honors for high school students. The tests ore put ot o speed ronging from sixty to one hundred ond twenty words per minute. The members ot the club feel thot they hove in lorge meosures ottoined both their objectives ond hove tultilled their oims. Officers President .,....,... .. i...s..,.. Normo Knoll Vice-President ....... ..s....... R uth Zwicke Secretory .,,i..,.s ....,.,. E velyn Willioms Sponsor ....,..., ..,.......... M rs. Bobb Pg ix ,iii lunior Girls' Tumbling Club Top four: Kersling, Buffuril, Fnslrir, Taylurl Plan-gvr. D. Sohaerzcl. Brilling, Armstrong, Metz. Sluuthcrs Y t Second ww: F. Culilz-r, Kullemuu, Bnnsu-ll, Wm-rntx. Roach, Bates, Banistur, Celt, Doyle, Miss Clark First rnzv: Clark. lllcCnnc0, Snynlvr, Newell, Sulxvililv. N. Schzmizvl, H. Gzllrlvr, Slzhivfvrlc. The Junior Girls' Tumbling Club spends most ot its time proc- ticing single ond double group stunts, These lithe, limber girls orronge mony stunts tor the lvloy Pete, The most interesting ot the group is the "ton pyromidf' which is the hordest in the pyrornid group, It requires trom ten to twelve girls to enoct this speciolty ond is very ettective. The "flying eogle" is considered the most intricote ot the double stunts It is performed by hoving one girl lie tlot on her hock, lsoloncing the second girl on her uplitted teet. The girls ore very proud ot their occomplishments ond expect to reoch even greoter heights in the neor tuture. Officers President i.t,....... ....t..i.....,. ,....,.... B e tty Gelt Vice-President ..t......... i,... F ronces Foster Secretory-Treosurer ....... .t,... I. ulo Buttord Sponsor ....i.................. ,..,.. lvl iss Clork Page Nina-ly-four Seventh and Eighth Grade Sport Club I 1 W ks. Stvwurl. F4-lilnmn. Turnrui-. Si'hluii:u'l11'r. Roger'-. Shui i. Xlvllinni-. Hamilliiii. l I Ferguson, Irhlvrtz, Dains, Murmrr-rr. Ir'r-igiisrrxi. Bischoff. Gnu. NXilliruii-, Girlie, The Seventh ond Eighth Grode Sport Club, vvith Miss lvlelcher os sponsor, is cornposed ot girls whose chiet extro-curriculor interest is sports Lost yeor the club vvos only o seventh grode orgonigotion, but this yeor the eighth grode vvos included lt oirns to give the girls odditionol proctice in ony sport tor vvhich they moy express o preference, The only cornpetition this club hod vvos thot with the Ninth Grode Sport Club, with vvhich they hod trock reloys ond gonies in the rnoior sports, In the winter they ployed ping pong every other week ond vvhen the vveother vvos pod in the springg on good doys they ployed outdoor sports, The vorious sports thot the rnernpers took port in included speedpoll, boslsetlsoll, volleytnoll ond hoseholl The members were divided into two groups, trorn which were chosen teoms in the vorious sports. The coptoins ot the groups vvere lvlorie Aussieker ond Lo Verne Ferguson Paw- Nanny-ral-.A lumor Art Club Top row: Miss McCloud, Martin, Brattrm, Jackson, Morton, Thies, J. Bello, Sch ll NI phy W First row: J. Smith, E. Smith, Dunn. Shafer, Powell, E. Brillo, lllillitr, Bunting, H ll F l h The aim ot the Junior Art Club is to give each student a chance to develop any phase at art in which he may be particularly inter- ested. The members, according to Miss McCloud, the supervisor, were an exceptionally enthusiastic group this year and she was greatly pleased with their co-operative spirit. During the tirst semester sculpturing, soap carving and clay modeling were the projects most generally undertaken. The second semester the club worked on marionettesi Miss McCloud has plans for the club to sponsor a marionette show early next tall, Although they have done practically no painting or sketching in the club this year, the members have accomplished much and are well pleased with their achievements. Officers President ......... ,....i.,....,,.,... .,.i.i. G a il Schmool Secretary ....,,. ...... E velyn Bello Treasurer .i...., ,.,,...... J udith Bello Sponsor ,.,.,.i, .,,..., M iss McCloud Page Ninety- Junior Dramatic Club T p Y l H G uenewalil, Honerkamp, Duggan. Chazen. Mentz, Kneppcr, Schapcr, Furber. l C Courtney. Miller, Cruce. lleyvr. Green. Graves, Jorrlan. Hvinrick. Kohlbon. k K l Meyers, flluilil, Bonstell, Hemnir-rl:-. Slavk. De-xheimer. Edwards. Krausnick. Miller. W'1rrnlz, s The sponsors and members ot the Junior Dramatic Club, ot which there were two groups, both very popular, teel that they have accomplished something this years The tirst major pertormance at the combined clubs was a Christ- mas pageant, "The Holy Grail," which was presented to the school in assembly On May i5 each group enacted a one-act play. The tirst divi- sion gave a comedy, "Cooks and Kings," in which the major parts were taken by Mary Slack, Dorothy Ann Furber, Gene Meyer and Ruth Trueblood. Each member in this group submitted a design tor the costumes and the set, The other group presented a play, enti- tled "There's One in Every Family," in which the leading role was enacted by Otto l-l, Swyers, Jr. President... .. ....... Jane Chaudet Secretary ,,.,,,.,.,. ,,., . .. . ,,.,.,. ,i,., ,,,. ,.,,...... G e n e Meyer Sponsor - Miss Schmucker President ...,..... ,. ,,.,,., ,,,Arline Knepper Secretary ...i..,.,,...u.,,.....,..,.....,...., .Sarah Mae Hudson Sponsor ---- Miss Underwood Page Nini-iv-sv ri Recreational Reading Club Top row: Smith, Yettcr, Gorman, Schmidt, Yates, Meckfessel, Bauer, Hardy, H Second row: Clarkson, Phipps, Linders, Klinkcrfuss, Meyer, Schumacher, Wilson W lk First mic: Km-nan, Br,-ll, Dysnrt, Wfiss, Wfinkler, LaLorie. Smothcrs, Schirr, Hul l The Recreational Reading Club, under the supervision at Miss l-lurd, librarian, is one at the most popular organizations in the school. The aim is not only to acquaint the members with the ditterent authors and the various types ot literature, but to teach them to read tor the education and enjoyment that can be secured from good books. This club consists ot torty-eight boys and girls from the Junior High School, These students are at liberty to read what books they wish or to study during this period. Although this type at recrea- tion might not appeal to the more active and athletic person, it spells ideal club periods tor the more guiet and studious pupil. This probably accounts tor the club's large membership and tor the enthusiasm ot its members. Officers Secreta ry ..,..... ......i...,.r..,........., D orothy Keenan Sponsor .......i ,.,..,.,.,. M iss l-lurd Page Ninety-eight Girl Scouts mg, Bauer, Schmoll, Houlle, Miss Edwards, Steers, Schapvr, Maltcrn, Fvldruan, Vfcssalrr. gnr, Meyers, Bushman, Powell, Robertson, Brineau, Chapman, Percival. Troop Normandy l is divided into two groups, one patrol ot the younger girls and the other ot the older girls, This troop has been reorganized since Christmas. Although it is under the skilltul supervision ot lvliss Edwards, Miss Liddle, who tormerlv had the troop, still takes a great interest in it. The troop's chiet concern naturally lies in an outside program, because one ot the chiet things a Girl Scout learns is how to live in the open and have a good time there. On April 30 the scouts had a supper meeting at the Little l-louse, the Girl Scout l-leadguarters in St. Louisa The girls passed many tests and cooked and served a delicious supper, Games afterwards were quite exciting. There is every evidence that the members ot Troop Normandy l have gained a great deal this year in both tun and knowledge. Patrol Leaders ..... ...... B ettv Bushman, Lois Wessale Secretary ....r,s,.., ...,........,sss. ..i......, V i rginia Powell Treosurer ...,... ....... J eanne Boneau Sponsor ,...u.... ....s lvl iss Edwards Page Ninety-I1 C Mr. Shouse in his office Getting out fha rlagfs Q717'l!J'IllIf'f?'I?I,t'?'l'1fS Mrs, Holm cllfwks the days program UPU!" 1'alf1:1'i11g Imlvzvrmi 1'if'tin1,s Stand up straight and smile C'fzv1fIirlr1frf.v for Vrzlmllivlff Qll!?f?7I Ufmriez' p'ubIic'ation day Tim noon ruxh for iw f'2'f'flH1, Page Om- Ilumlrml TZIP QIIGCH and hw' v.w'm'f flIJ1H'U1lC'lI Thr, Valar! of lllw Saga Que , HH' '4l""""' , Urnzfvxffzzzfs at ease Lllllwymzzr' wl11'111,asls , , , 'Ihc baga grows Onv, Iwo. fllrefz step! Sclzad and his girls Can they be moles? llngp- H114 Huruizwl H114- Our Favorites VlRGlNlA PENN Football Queen ROSEMARY WHITWORTH Valentine Queen Our Favorites BERTHA ANDERSON St. Pat's Queen HAROLD HIRSCH Most Popular Boy Sago Queen and Maid of Honor The Queen ot the Saga is always chosen by the students trom among the senior girls as the most popular girl, The audiences assembled on Friday, lvlay l4, were enthusi- astic in their reception ot Olive Boneau as their new queen, The coronation ceremony was short but dignified and beautiful. For the pleasure ot the queen the Girls' Athletic Department presented a tlower dance by the most outstanding senior girls and a Maypole dance. The Queen throughout was attended by girls and boys elected by their various classes, The Maid ot l-lonor to the Saga Queen was elected by the entire school from the ninth grade Lois Wessale was selected as the most popular girl trom that class. Seated at the lett ot the Queen and across from the retiring Queen, she showed, by her grace and loyeliness, that the choice ot her had not been an idle one P O Hundred Four - 36 ,lu Nd il. , 'K 5' . 59" A Y - "'fc,,, sg ' K . I Q-gb nf ' 'fbi .lr 113' ff. OLIVE BONEAU, Queen LOIS WESSALE, Maid of Honor IOIIIIF BOOK FIVE ln the division to follow we have this year combined music and dramatics, Suc- cess in music has of course been more noticeable because at the triumphs in con- tests, at which there have been many, The directors have had several groups in vocal and instrumental from which they were able to select the proper personnel for fine organizations, as is proved by their ratings and achievements this year, Success in dramatics has been reached this year, also, The groups working on the stage presented two general school plays and a senior class play, all at which were well executed, as attested by large and interested audiences. Page One Hundred Six lim' Uuf' Null-ilwl N-sm: l I Senior Girls Gilee Club lfiiinlli mir: Cassi-ns. 0'l7iimiglnu-. Ii:-ll. llliklicli, WL-nm-l. Tliilxl ruir: Anilvrsnn. Biggs. ll. IH-pm. K4'x1n1'ily, Siilmiiii. ll:-lkuup. Swvurifl mir: Ermes. Angvll. 'l'wi-lki-inii'r. Nlunily. l"l4'i'r. 'l'rui-liluml. Krulm. fin! rulr: Hnffniun. Plxtnuui. 'l'4-ilil. llir-I. 'l'ynvx'. YYisl1uulf. link. 'l'u3liv1'. The Senior Girls' Glee Club is a very popular organization ot twenty-four selected members, who meet regularly during the tirst hour on Tuesdays and Thurs- days. This group has won tirst place in the Greater St. Louis Music Festival tor the past tvvo years. Two at the highest honors at the school were invitations to sing in a program tor the County Teachers' Convention, held at University City Auditorium, and again tor the P, T, A Council convention at Normandy High School Auditorium. The skilltul harmony which the Glee Club has achieved is due in large measure to its etticient sponsor, lvlrs, Franklin, and to the splendid attendance record which has been maintained. Tryouts tor tirst glee club are held at the beginning at each semester. Members are required to have a love tor singing and to give absolute attention at all times. Besides programs mentioned, the Glee Club has participated in the tollowingi the annual operetta, assemblies, annual music testival, P. T, A meetings and vesper services. Luigi- uni- iiiiiitii.-ii Light Girls' Double Octette .Srfcnrzrl rrzir: juries. Pvpvr. Xliklli-h. Bt-ll. Bvlknzip. Sulmnn, Amlvrsrirl. First rim : l.inl-Q. Tyner. Xlimrv. lliiinphrvys, Cass:-lie. Ermcs, W'isl1nlll'l, Taylor. The Girls' Double Octette is an exclusive club ot sixteen members, who meet on Wednesday atternoons, Regular attendance is a necessary requisite ot this club. Realizing this, the girls have voted to remove trom their roll any member who is absent tor more than two consecutive times, except tor illness, By unanimous vote the member may be replaced, Four girls in this group ivivian and Bernice Peper, lvlarion Tyner and Evelyn Sidmonl torm the girls' quartet, which won tirst place in the state contest in the spring ot l935. As a reward tor this rating the girls vvere invited to sing tor the State Teachers' Convention at the Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City during November, V936 lvlrs, Franklin Di Roosevelt, who was on the same program, paid them high compliments. Also from this group comes the Girls' Sextette, which sang on a luncheon pro- gram at l-lotel Kansas Citian in Kansas City during the State Teachers' Convention, Members ot the sextette are Betty Jo Belknap, Ruth Cossens, Vivian and Bernice Peper, Marion Tyner and Evelyn Sidmon. The girls teel that much credit should be given to Mrs Franklin, the sponsor ot these groups, tor helping them to obtain a better knowledge at tiner music. Lorraine O'Donoghue has been the occompanist tor all ot the groups throughout the year, The Officers President ,,., ,,..i,,..,. . ,. i,.,, .,.,.. lVl arion Tyner SGCFQTOIV ....,. ,,RL,1tl1 Cgggeng Treasurer. . Dorothy Bell l ll ' Huniliiwl Ninn' Senior Boys' Gllee Club f rfpffj Tnp rnzr: Mohr, Means, Koch. ,s. Rahning, Schildknvcht. Carpenter, Rathburn. MacMillan. Klult. S1-cond mir: Mr. Crawfurll. Stanfin-lt! k. Adams. Linders. Siege, Rn-irl, Otto. Hrislz-r. Fins: ww: Temme, Bauman. Barron. Lum -, Wont:-n. Dnhz-rty. Or-ning. Hnllnwuy. Tnylur, Phipps. Any boy in the senior high sclgo is eligible for the try-outs for the Senior Boys' Glee Club. lvlr, Crovvford, the oblehiir tor of the club, corefully selects those boys whose voices blend together well, Thiiwe there were opproximotely thirty members in the Glee Club. N5 The group climoxed o successful yeor by ottoining o first or "excellent" roting in the Woshington University Music Contest, Their contest number wos "Ave Verum" by lvlozort. Henry lvlohr, o member of the Glee Club, received on "excellent" roting for his solo, "Trovelin'." They song ot vorious ploces during the yeor, nomely, the PTA, meetings, school ossemblies, severol churches in the community, ond the Normondy Kivvonis Club, They, with the Girls' Glee Club, presented the operetto, "Pied Piper of l-lom- elin," tovvord the end of the first semester. lvlorgoret Temme ond Juonito Phipps were the regulor occomponists, Officers President ,... .. .. ..,... Vernon Rohning Vice-President .,... ..,.. W llliom Koch Secretory Shelby Adoms Librorion . , ,. Arthur Locke Page Une Hundred Ten Tenth Glrade Boys' Gllee Club Top rms: Lawson. Moors. Smith. Wvelrlon. Rickv. Krvns. Rosegmnt. Colrlstcin. Third mir: Xlr. Crawford. Nl:-yws. Yan Horn. Flooil. Crm-Prvmn. F1-rriv, Nlvlllvanic. Svfurzrl raw: Chi'isl1'ni1'Il. Fox, H.l1,5i'n1r'ir-r. Nirlrlv. Nllvn, Rugi-rs. Hung X1t'CliI1!rm. Xlvlnvrllr-A ffrxt ruff: llx'u4l1'. Hxlvk. Uzillwr, Krill. W'vlwr. 'Xli'Kinln'y. Fugalll. 'l'ui'ki'r. Hurts. Snlilll. The Tenth Grade Boys' Glee Club is a group ot sophomore boys doing preliminary work in preparation tor the senior glee club next year, This group has made no public appearances, nor has it received any special attention trom the school or elsewhereg but the boys have worked hard preparing tor the senior glee club next year, when they will teel assured that their hard work will have been justitied. Because it was so large, the group had to be divided into three sections, each ot which met twice a week. Under the direction ot lvlr. Crawford they worked on tone aualities and songsg they also spent much ot their time in the study ot the theory ot music and learned about tamous composers, Otticers are as tollowingi President ...,ll,.r,. .,..., R ay Wright Vice-President .. Fred Grossman Secretary l ,Walter Jones Librarian ,. ..,.., Oliver Goldstein DWGCTOV . Mr. Crawtord Paul' Um' liuullr:-tl Fl:-xvn Mixed Chorus T011 rout: Rathhurn. Mohr, Humphrvys. Lirlrlvrs. Km-h. Tl'l H'l Vv' l Bll NI'kl'h Vv' l I Al 'lf C f l zzrr row: vis vr, von vhrn vn, 1- . , 1 14' . 1-n 71- . . rams, , r. raw orc . Szrrrmzl ruff: Yvorilvn. Biggs. W'isln1l1fT. liz-nm-ily. lh-lklmp. Sirlnmn. Fleer, Dnhvrly. Firvl mu-: Barron, Ford. Trm-lilmirl. Krolm. 'lk-ilil. Phipps. Xlunrly. Owning. The senior high Mixed Chorus, although only in its second vear, received an "excellent" rating at the Washington University contest held in April, The group sang HGloria Patri" as its contest number, The rnixed auartette, which also vvan an 'lexcellentn rating, was chosen from this group. Members at the Mixed Chorus were selected tram the Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs by the directors, Mrs. Franklin and Mr. Cravvtord. The goals tor which the group worked all year vvere exact pitch and even aualitv. Under the direction at Mr, Cravvtord, the Chorus sang in the school assemblies and at several churches in the carnrnunitv, Thev were alvvavs accompanied by Juanita Phipps, Officers President ........... .,.... V ernon Rahning Vice-President ...... ...... R ov Rathburn Secretary .,,,,.., ...... S helbv Adams Librarian ..,.. .r,..,t P aul Phipps Sponsors. ,, . .. Mr, Cravvtord Page One Hllnilrul 'l'wi-lw Norsemen Thin! mir: Xli. ilu'-nth:-r. Chzmrn. Iiiehnp. .wiwnf fini: .4-it -. WAHI. l..-rimri. ll--1-ci-r. si.-lint.-wr. Ziiirimli. I-it-ki-mi'-n. il I i y l'irs! rnir: Kilt-liimii, l'.xul. XX:-liirr:-ip The Norsernen, under the direction ot Mr, Guenther, hoye enioyed onother seoson ot populor octixity, Gther thon the dohces which were sponsored by the xorif ous extro-curriculor octiyities ot the school, they hod sexerol outside engogenwents, They ployed ot the Norwood Country Club, the Century Boot Club, ond ot the Zion Church dinners, The Qenerol rnonogernent ot the Norsornen wos ih the honds of Ornor Fickeissen The occordion, ployed by Robert Sundermon, wos odded to the orchestro this yeor, The yocolists on yorious occosions were Viyioh ond Bernice Reper, Mr, Guenther, George Bogot, ond the lNlorsenwen's ciuortet, composed ot Shelby Adorns, Rolph Lihders, Roy Rothburn ohd Henry Mohr, The Norserhen ore Qrotetul to JL,IGllllO Phipps tor her services os occorhponist on sexerol occosions Trurnpots Hording Zurhwolt Billy Wieser Director lylr Guenther xllglmg Tlcllflclellmll Tronwbones l-lorold Spellnteyer Fred Howlond Robert Deern Clittorfl l3GUl Boss Henry Bishop f . A co do R t ' Soxophones Ldword Lewis C V l ll Obel Slllldellllcll ,rvigmm WOM Bonio Wesley Wehnier LQQHQVCI Qnmm Drums Cordele Deister Glorehce Kroenleih Riono Arthur Ghozen l'.rg.' Uni- Hilmlrwil 'lliiili-vii Junior High Orchestra The Junior Orchestra has worked taithtully during the entire year. The group closed its season very successtully, as it received a rating ot "superior" at the Washington University Music Festival. Members of the Junior Orchestra First Violin: Krattli, Gebhardt, Goebel, Siegelhorst, l-lartvvig, Mueller, Nelson, Hebrank, l-lasselbach, Marion, Everett, Davies. Violoj Thieclke. Bassi Buschart, Shook. Second Violini Schoknecht, Klinkertuss, Bermel, Clarkson, Colligan, Covington, Fischer, Gatheman, Schreiber, McQuay. Cello: Anzalone, Kranz, Kohl. Piano: Davies, l-lentz. I 1 0 II l ll Senior High Orchestra The senior orchestra, directed by Mr. Guenther, has spent much time this year on Mozart's "Symphony in G Minor," No. 40. Mr, Guenther is well pleased with the orchestra's success in their new venture. The bassoon, played by Robert Sunderman, added to the resources ot the orches- tras An augmented bass section, now composed ot six yioloncellos and tour basses, contributed sonority and balance. First Violins Theresa Burch Leroy Earmer Edward Geno Fred Howland Robert Krattli Ruth Langeman J. C. Scott Talmadge Smith Clittord Raul Ered Adelman Boss Henry Bishop Constance Eoulks Margaret Gray Ellen Kondris Percussion Cardele Deister Wesley Wehmer Trumpets Billy Burnett Omar Eiclqeissen Jack Kloeppner Second Violins Harold Beger Lee Goddard Warren Goddard John Herman Jean Humphreys Melburn Martens Clarence Meyer Clyde Oswalt Eileen Timlin Robert Fischer Horns Paul Sanderson Walter Smith Oboe Warren Mann Flute Robert Weidner Bassoon Robert Sunderman Saxophone Marvin Ward lg,0Hll1f Violoncellos Violetta Bohne Lawrence Carroll Robert Dains Kenneth Eienup Willette Owens Arthur Weigelt Violas Alma Hawkins lyan Kinder Odette Schmelz Margie Steimel James Tesson Ben Pearson Trombones Norma Still Robert Deern Clarinets Leonard Grimm Clarence Kroenlein Norbert Roesel Edward Lewis Concert Bond The Normandy l-ligh School Concert Band has just tinished a very successtul season, during which it played tor all home tootball and basketball games, gave several informal concerts, and received a rating ot "superior" at the Washington University Music Festival. The Junior l-ligh School Band has been working very energetically all year and each, member is anxiously looking forward to becoming a member ot the Concert Ban . Members of the Senior High Concert Band Clarinet: Grimm, Gorman, Gooldy, Goddard, Klinkertuss, Kroenlein, Lewis, Roselle, Warren Smith, Taylor, Wallace, Cornet: Burnett, Currie, Eason, Odell, Provost, Schad, Zumwalt, Kloebbner, French Florni Sanderson, Walter Smith, Walters, Fredrickson. Drums: Diester, Wehmer, Steward, Bell. Flute: Mann, Weidner, Flames. Oboe: Mann, Kinder. Bass Clarinet: Shuey. Alto Saxophone: Ward, l-lolloway, Kaiser, Brown. Tenor Saxophone: Grimm: Bassoon: Sunderman. Sousabhone: McAtee, Bushman, Cord, l-leld, Baritone: Cech, Weigelt, Eldridge, Trombonei Deem, Spellmeyer, Ghyselenck, Gengler, Jones, Bowman, Members of the Junior Bond Cornet: Buzzetta, l-lawkins, Kelsey, Mellis, Powell, Shreiman, Weisheyer, Clarinet: Boneau, Doherty, Grey, l-lelmich, l-lubbard, O'Donoghue, Shultz, Stieterman, Wennom, Arnold, Drums: Doxsee, Fenn, Kingsbury. French l-lorn: Bagley, Kelsey, Mellis, Risch, Gerst. Alto Clarinet: Coates. Trombone: Siler, Biggs. Baritone: Loeber. Sousaphone: Miller. Saxophone: Daniels, Key, Metzger. Flute: Franlqenberger, PgOHldSt Senior Operetto "The Pied Piper of Homelinf' on opero in three octs, wos presented by the Senior Girls' ond Boys' Glee Clubs ond the Mixed Chorus on November 30, l93G. The story tolces ploce in l-lomelin town, o ploce infested with rots, When the people oppeol to the Moyor ond find thot he con do nothing obout the rots, they ore on the brink of despoir, Suddenly the Pied Piper oppeors ond declores thot for the sum of one thousond guilders he will rid the town of rots. The proposol is occepted ond the rots, ottrocted by the Piper's tune, ore led to the river to perish. When the Piper osks for his reword, the Moyor repudiotes his promise. As punishment, the Piper pipes owoy the little children of the town. One little lorne boy is left behind in sorrow ond teors, Months loter the Piper ogoin oppeors before the sorrowful ond lomenting people ond exploins thot he took the children to remove them from the evil influence. The lome boy pleods to hove his ploymotes returned. Unoble to resist the pleo, the Piper ogoin blows the mogic melody which brings the children bock. Then he disoppeors os suddenly os he come. Cast Prologue . ,.,. ,,.,..,... ,....,.. R o ymond Gross The Moyor . .. . , ,.,.... . Henry Mohr The Corporation T Rolph Linders, Jomes Doherty, George Corey, Shelby Adoms, Eorl Humphreys, Whittoker Wobus, Poul Phipps, Williom Koch The Piper ,,.. .,.., . , .. ,.,..... ..,.,. ...... . . . ..,.,..,,....,.,,,,,., ,,.,,., , .Roy Rothburn A Townsmon .. .i .,.,.. Melvin Meons The Lome Boy H .,,..,, Robert Pierce The Dreom Lody , T. . ...u,..i, Vivion Peper PPO HIIS Junior Operetto In ci setting of Dutch otmosphere with tulips ond o huge, lifelike windmill, the colorful operetto, f'Tulip Time," wos given April T4, l5 ond lo by the Junior School glee clubs, The singing of both the chorus ond the leods wos exceptionolly well done, ond the ottroctive costumes of the cost odded to the success of the perform- once, The plot centered oround tulip time in Hollond with much comedy ond the usucil love interest by the leods. The theoter orchestro, under the direction of Mr. Guenther, occomponied the singers, The operetto Wos under the direction of Miss Kinnison. Teochers who ossisted in the production were Mr. Crinlc, Mrs, Punshon, Miss Schmuclcer, Miss Feorn- ley, ond Mrs Crowford. Cast Kotinkci ....., ...... G lorio O'Donoghue Christino ...i... ..,.... B etty l-lossellnoch hunt Anno ....... ........., R osolie Richie Burgornoster ........ .s..s...... V incent Follert l-lons .,...........,... .......,. E verett Von Horn Ned Boxter .......,.....,... ,.,i...,.,, B ob Bergfeld Dick Worren ,,......c....i.... ..... P oul Kroenlae Professor McSpindle ,.i.i,,..i ,..... E d Wolsh PgO H lllfgh Dramatics Under the direction ot Mr. Crink, "The Cot ond the Conoryf' the tirst Normdndy Theotre production given this yeor, provided the oudience with mony chitis ond thrihs ond ronks os one ot the best mystery ploys eyer presented to o Normandy High SchooT dudience. The suspense ond curiosity it creoted vvos the moin teoture ot the successful presentation, Lester Cowles, Lorroine O'Donoghue, Roy Gross ond Glenn Adoms were giyen tine support by on oble cost "A lough o second" best describes "The Tin Hero," o torceecomedy in three octs given by the senior high school under the direction ot Mr, Crink. The bockbone of the plot is the ottempt ot Douglos Goodyeor iChorTes Schmuckerit to escope from the net ot weilemeont lies his mother ilviortho Herringi hos vvoyen tor the newspoper, Thot the solution seems not too toretetched is Q triumph tor the tine cost heoded by Chorles Schmucker, Mortho Herring, Dorothy Herr ond Foyre Ermes I U Hllnilxi-il Ninifyv Senior Play As o surprise to GU unsuspecting oudience, on entirely new type ot ploy was presented by the senior closs April 2l,r22 ond 23. The ploy, "Murder in Rehecirsolf' wos o pldy within ci ploy, directed by Mr. Crink. The plot centered oround the reheorsol ot o ploy in o smoll town, The director wos murdered ond everyone in the cost, including the hillbilly sheriff, wos suspected ot the murder, As usuol, the one leost suspected wos reyeoled os the murderer, At the grond climox, however, the director oppeored on the scene, lt wos only o ploy otter olll Cast Jock Ellery .,....,.,. Sheritt ................ Chubby Forbes ..,.,. Morton l-lill ,,,.., . Mrs. Worren , ..,. . Cloudio yVorren .. r Trilby .,,.. ...,..,... Morge Penny ..,.... Bunky Simms ,,...,.,,.,.. Dotty Cormichdel ,, . Sldclc Hilton ....,.. . Sheilo Borrett ,. .. . I fl Il .. Chorles Schmucker Roy Gross ..........l.ester Cowles ......,Glenn Adoms Betty Mullen Lorroine O'Donoghue ...........,.......Vero Link ..,......l3lonche Doerr ........,Betty Persons Shelby Adoms .. Conrod Mueller Foyre Ermes Autographs Autographs , 5-S- ME. 7121! ,2, ' ff , f owl 1 f I, - S ff , Wy PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS A GOOD SCHOOL . . . 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Waldbart 8z Sons Nursery Co. Natural Iiriclge and 1,ur'f1s-llunt Roads ,... ...C ... A ,-,,.,-J.a.L. ...i E. A. HORSTMEYER Jf'll'l'IOT - Optician, 5953 EASTON ST. LOUIS 1Luu11Tf AVENUE p f W ff, , "x V A-'Nc ,mlm - T. X ,Y if 2 - ,YA l It , V ..v,Sfg .t X15 Xt -iivf fi I in . 1' -f f! , 43 . 4 ' ' ' 51' "IT , ' , X 1 , 1- --11 tt -4 . f fl, Y .. mf' ' 4' F' ' f" V 'fl - WJ' ilu ' N "Ax ' - 1, 1' ' b,'5WtWI. X m AK MJWZZMRQQ, jB5?f73wL,ft , q lQ1fQwm gr ,, f.. -I .lf - .- M - .,, .- ,, K Y' ., + , , Q 1 ...flak V , ,A , M. A va., l , , fi' . .' W H9 :MQ K, f ,fu ,. EM ,V x 1 -X f' 2 f'l' V ' 4- , Y .,W.r ,mfl K, P In V. I . N1 .N ,QA ., N V ,.b,Qq?JV vim, N .,v, .,1f, f . , 'A , Q1:Av,,,:, J 5, Z, 16 VL 7 - 4 W 1 V , , N ,5 jyygmfgxs . "S-sxf-E: g ,tux W1 Hi. gmifv ., 5 ,Aw . ,W Fw-H' 3 . - F L r I - - X- wx. .gist X. S 'E--vb f , "' "Y '- 535 'Quo f 1 ' , '? 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