Norman Thomas High School - Hourglass Yearbook (New York, NY)

 - Class of 1984

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Norman Thomas High School - Hourglass Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Cover

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,H U ,A 65: 5 U U ' I M-L ? nik 41 , -2 s H U U f iw , .naman 5 sul' U M , I .uas1 l I'-wav-W 5 Q- .- . aan 4 Q D 1 fl 'uw 1 9- 4 mini , Qwili fl flfdimuy ,f.uLwwffVV H 1 X MW J, Ir jllflffzlf I X V I , ' 'f , fe ' ' 'A f f 1 xx rf' f f 1 I ! KN W ff! , L33 QL! If EAA, ,2fM2i,1-JJ, V 'jj J ,, V57 v J au , www l 1 J 4, L my KMA! -fffJ7f'4'L7"fQ f " ' I7 ' I Y ff 7-u W! SQL W ff' fL'i0fK!f1f'X5'fV'7L 4' u f bf' , , if M, J w F -S Q. ""'lMlng.., Wm Q9 nn ,maf Y' Nk A X' rw W Wx. Mn, 'i""' fi" . 7 Y , W -n If-mm, '..w" 1' f . - P1 sl a as 1 5 Q s I ! ! i I 1 W., , 3 , S JK W 'H 'HPF Wm -1 i vzifw M., .5 We WRMQ 'SA-fm V 1, 55 f, VU if ' if N X ix! 9 R L x M F' +G 5 f .fy 1 E Q 5 4 mga 7 x 'ASA M' J4- dsix if A. tj yr --WLM za pin N X N ' 1 x . xg:- Q . P , xQ ' V . . -fy V, f gpg v '-f.2gm,,, WW-w . Q If , f ""N-an , ..Q.,j?:::,:w "Yf:Pq...,:m ' 'iv 4 ff M gy, 21 " Afwf , M at-Me : an V i.i',v A LQ. ,. 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Q5 I ,lf 2 Q 5 S' ' f 5 i ff 3 CJ! .f Q 7 Aix if ,L if Lb 'ff 33+ 'f , 4 Q 'xg . Q' J NM. C EF nfl' G? f 'ff Kit-fi ff O M wff ,122 Wg? Z GU ' +55 ,gf , ' " f' a r ,,V,4 L 5 if am A kr Var M'H",C A ,I 'TA . , rv l ,,,, if +'5w5 xkwfgs M. RM -Q Mi 1, iw ,M Cwfwf, r , , ,W N H- GP fx? M!! g.,.,,..gLff s 7.5M ng s I ' H3 . ,,, ,,. ,ff:vzQ:f:K, J' 3 4? 5? ,, ,A Q' Q , mine. Q--zyzsg. lf' , Wa- wi -kkf'f' ww 55 R. F 2, , v S Lam ,.-x Q ,lf V 2 ' 53 W :,' W , QQ. 'iilflif' ' 1fN"4?3Sg7:.:. 2 B 5 W ,tx..+, . Q D RESSED 1 v u .wwqwrw A., 1. Cf f ff! Vv? , f M' S, Hgaggifi '51 , 1 P' ff J f' X, f' ,ff 40 ' - 'fS:2bl:,:fi,f:"w-- an W, h "" f eff ' f -1 '32 M-'X' 'Www 'f . v I -24 -mfs . 4 I ,..-,....+Q . -x,........ .,.. , ' ' M5 .4 I b xi ,ga 633: 1. gm. ,pt ,M if fin -arf' cane YIM 14 345 i J 7- 5. ' " Y ' LW, ,1L, ,: R 'I 1. , 4 if -V x.- 75' LX ' Y ' - ' ' . ' A R155 m,,..n.-an f , 1 . ' '5 if' V K 2 ' -3 ,, ' ws' A' NC. ,, .4VNGf' W . M 1 W. V f 'K AK, L mf 1' ...f- ig x F, wg L 3 'vga .fi f 1 f ' A rx ' ag, 1 mr" 'fbi M V """ I af . J-W-w' 'e 5 " fl' aw . ,. I j','A -V ' Km . I , 3 we 4- X ' x , ,,,. . A 4- ,Au V M x' ,ff , H' fax! f ' 'll - ax... ff " Q kewl 1 x AA ' .A , 3'-wk' 5 ,," - 1, f V, ,V , , , -+4 W g - ms ,A ,'x' - , -- gi , L '-.f., 1 Q "'-'N . ' 4'A' if 73 I "f', N Q f , , 4 4 f ' M1 r ' 3 211. cms nu Q' X. Lk NORMAN THOMAS HIGH scuoon. DAILY BELL SCHEDULE Begins 8:1 5 2 8:59 . 9:43 3 9:56 4 f 10:40 111:24 12 08 12552 ff L 136 Ends 8255 9:39 9152 19536 1 1 12:04 1 2 43 32 L111 1 9 W? 1 10:35 M gm www 9:39 9:52 K X 5 5 K 5 S s 5 Q X Q s ! 3 ! s Q f K E 2 K 2 s 2 5 s E E X K 2 i i K s 5 K s I Q I s K 2 f 1 K X K E s 6 Z s 5 S 5 E E K i i 2 E s 3 K 5 K K S E X 5 i E i E i i S i S - .. - f - -- - L, V, 1 i - ggg' Jkiofwnam BOARD OF EDUCATION CITY OF NEW YORK 111 EAST 33 STREET AT PARK AVENUE NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10016 TELEPHONE: 532-8910 Q gdigbl QCLIOOQ EDUCATION Dear Seniors: BERNARD V. DEUTCHMA N, Principal June l984 Your theme for the 1981+ yearbook, "What a feeling!" is, I believe, filled with mixed emotions. f. On the one hand lfknow you are overjoyed at having completed an arduous, but I hope, fun-filled and successful three or four years at Norman Thomas High School. The staff has worked with you to nurture and develop you. Patience and understanding were required on both sides. The staff has watched you grow and learn and change--phys ically , emo t ionally with what we have seen and hope and mentally. We are pleased that you, too, appreciate the value of your growth and change. And now as you prepare to leave us, we understand your feelings of excitement mixed with fear. You will be embarking upon new careers and new ways of life, many of you far from home, family, and friends. This is form new friendships, and have many new and We have left you many to mold and control. an exciting challenge--an opportunity to see new sights, encounter new philosophies exciting experiences. problems to solve, but the future is yours "What a feeling!" Sincerely, n5.,.r,ma Bernard V. Deutchman Principal Assistant Principal 1n Charge Administration M .R be Q.F ld MB D Assistant Principal 1n Charge of Guidance Ed d p . S f I . I r 0 rt e man 1975? I., r. ernard V. eutchman Principal . O Q U Q Dr. war Car enter Ms. Dolores Blakely Deans Ann Cusauk De De Carson '14 Elennorv Rvidmann Ramon Reeberg Frances Click Nwwmz V1-roniva Rubin Program Laurm-lla Wolf Office 'wa Cheryl Pe-rl Billie- l erle rman u i El I1 C C Linda Danas Doris Greenberg Marilyn Fabsik MW She-ldon Schwartz 0 I1 l'1 S C O I' S Lena Brander School Secretaries 193753 , fb. Nancy Gonzalez Jessica Salz Y Claudia White Sylvia Finkelstein mi, I Al Edna Kramer Joanne Rice . Gloria Chalfon Gloria Mitchell Family Paraprofessionals Chris Johnson Franklin Roy Aracelis Cruiz School Aides -or s 3 5 Q z 5 s l 4 5 i i Si Robert Spencer Gloria Brown fr f ei Mae Coleman Q :fl A Catherine Primus Freddie Colon Theresa Gonzales - Secretary Intern 22 Cooperative Education Uffice Josephine S l ky School Security Joseph Greene Junior Gilli Dave Williams Custodial taff ,ww AN uns--9' M, af Q.. William Betz Barbara Betz Patrick Brady Noel Brady ., V 1 .mn . - al K Y, Nancy Brady Mike Perez Emily Gautier Bessie Warrior ' S ff Cafeterla ta ss S X X Xi X ,X ,X E E E X X3 3 5 E Q S a 5 5 2 2 S E E 1 5 E 2 S 5 25 E X i Q! X, s X EX S 3 fs X i E I 5 X Z X E 2 ? 2 5 3 1 E 5, 2 5 5 s X X X s X 2 5 3 2 Z E 2 is 2 X1 gi E 2 5 E 25 X 5 XX 2 3 2 gf 2 E X-X,f1wXuXmwNXw . , X , X. - - XX X - X , X X -. X miwm u. .qgmm XXXX -X XXXMQ-ww X Xwfmw X X,X fi t i .loan Lyman John McGovern Edward Bard William Buchalter Stephen Grossman David Haberstadt Lawrence Green George Vikos Harry Kanowitz Seymour Bratter Morris Kaplan Foreign Language , 1, ,ffuaprx I if wi. K f 3, it .JH , f f. We Elizabeth Couret Deborah Davis X. ,sv-vm ati? 'K x, l'errence Tenny, Department Coordinator K ' we . I KX D . X I Miriam Davis George Derrian up Susan Rosler Rose Shulman ci fm Celina Stein ACCOUHtlDg and Dat f 25 L5 Ya L: .sm X H ' w if rw f f -' R- i 5 . 1 Nm ..... V 2 2 Annette Scolnick Irving Krevor mr,frfmW,m.ww G K 1 1 w X Steve Ober Morris Kaster , 1 .,,,, , ,fy J " wm v " , , .,,,, . K ,. fH',.eE2:zzf' HH' ' K ' l' , , f,E52i,1 . A K v Q mf' -- i ,, Jerry Stein Patricia Bond Liga Lufi Marilyn Ellner ' , .... ' f 4' ,WW .,... W 0 we ,,,,-- , i f ww. wimwfgpyy,4mwgg,wf4e2?Enz4f ..,,f . rr-Wm,5555IEEEEEE?fr'::::W76.::EEEBf' W ' ff.: M,,ffimmfemwzz 1 JL .. v,,,, , . ,wwwgfgm.-izfffffgzwfg--W " "" ' .. i ' , " .,,, , ff f f mavszzms , K Aff W 1 ,,, ',,,, :W" Z Malcolm Ober Lawrence Greenberg Irwin Levine ,af Processing 32-E Q. Z3 -Z i -5' ul fl i9 xx Q? I0 Murray Schwab Assi. Principal ELL-ggi f -5535: - 'X XXX a L- J ' 'ff Beverly Trauring .. ., . ...x k...L ,M it - L " ' N' V is rrr.r. . .Ir 1.. g5,,1.:.::-:222,,: fa 2 X n .rr.,... e n, I Q-. S r:::fg:fEijdEfF55i Ss 17,3 ..... SX rrrrrr rrrr r ' - K f 2:12-5. in . ZZ.. mf- J ,fi if gg Q ,, f ,fi 5 f, ww g f. 1 L., Lillian Wallach Edward Morris Daniel Cantor Renee Fertig Helen Winslow Axzfxof' s l ..... La , ,, , , , Allen Zuckerman Sheila Freedman Adele Bernardi S x Lang as 'W iw 1-,av Ronald Wardall f ' Asst. Principal Vincent Amato Gail Reisin asf' Ronald Kross James Patton Barbara Strudler Sandra Gross Ida Neuman Marcia Feldman Rosemary Celshenen Francis Click Ira Barocas ge Arts 41952431 Momca Allen Barbara Morris Dede Carson Maryann Guldo Rua Donlon Wlllxam Hall Barbara Gottlieb Marsha Slater Robert Miller Mickey Bolmer Douglas Sonek Andrea Pierce Stephen Levy . --9 ,. 1 .xl W 1 ' fi Stanley Bitterman Ross Bloomfield Ann Cusack Merrel Edelschick David Katz Seth Klores Nick Licari Joseph Mancin Lenza Mcsulla Linda Stone Studles fd' 5 si ' A' J 2 -.W 'ajwi-1' E - . , gig ':1:,,- Anita Walker 5 ' 2 x.,.,,' Allen Kaplan Asst. Principal SKS' Jak Medvedev Veronica Rubin Al Sarach Harriet Schneier Stephen Sherman . - , J ,f Z ..kV 51 3 ,, 2 7 k"i Q Q:5ffi"5f , f I-1 A ,ii,i A X f - V 3 iEf5:5: rf' . X . VE 5' .K , k:A, A Marc Uberman Bernard Maier Harriet Magath Herbert Latner, Asst. Prinicpal Milagros Maldonado Milk-ww., Doris Buday Charlotte Paleologos imfe , is CN Bemice Fishkin Margaret Rogers Roberta Weill New Senior Advisor Feb. 1984 Lila Por-gee Saba Harvin Gloria Cardona 'X . Rosemarie Canty Gloria Good Sylvia Roman Lauretta Wolf al Studles my Deborah Williams Sheila Freedman Helen Morsilli Minnie Richardson Yvonne Perry Aleida Hauptmnn Surah French elei f a i eeee ,.., .ii. fi 2 ieieon A far' . I was-wwsw Jacqueline Combs David Baer Irene Ferguson i 2- ,-2 7. , l 4 Judy Amalo Phyllis Pfeifer Elizabeth Pharr Gloria Szrljer Mathematlcs a ,433 Mary D'Aquila Simon Erlich Fran Imhermln Academic Olympic Coach Math-Team Advisor Charles Katz Florence Kuduk Frederick Nicholson ,..m.MMW.,.,c, ' f - -i my XY KS A L Arnold Oftedal Orlando Oliva Cheryl Perl 3, Q 1 , x l f, ' ,. ki' I .. c.k E i i c 'fh43H?RA- , 4 ",,' K ".- A ,. WM QQW,www ihcc lco, chii , ,,"' .115 'f 71 V33 ',,, -Jw. mfmHMmmMmw Saligrama Somashekar Thomas Taldone Ted Wachtel is L I' f ,LH 3 IX Stanley Lustgarten Asst. Principal Arnold Waldman Lawrence Frey ,, . Clarence Freeman Alan Coldrod Joseph W. Grenga Yearbook Advisor - www y y y E l s .NN sl' Ruben Mandelbaum Sandy Nowak Dr. Drew Poslock Diane Ritterman Laura Royhenberg John Simon Carol Staikidis Asst. Principal .loan Malapero Diane Bell Unit Coordinator Julie Gonzalez Meredith Lipetz Anthony Mavilia Margaret Rogers Marianne Rosin JZ!! I Kenneth Sklar Gloria Cardona Asst. Unit Coordinator , J ' X -i .' rl' 'Z '5 iff- H KJ ix -' ' ' , N li J N, vm". .:. .f' Xf T o g i 'X Ci e f 1? bw Sara French Paulette Jones ' i if , , x M. Olivia Collin Monte Sanders Conrad Tanner ZH 2 Z 'v Diane Blout Lucille Higgins Eli zabeth Ronda Joseph Sanchez Ada Font Physlcal Educatlon Sidney Shulman Asst. Principal 4 .3 5 ,Q Cf I I mf! X I Frances Carpenter James McCarter Lorraine Nelson Dolores Blakely Susan Fischer ff' 4, . , Z fi , -. ' "ff w i --" J , ,E ff- , K Laura Marks Lawrence Fabsik Henrietta Hoffberger 4 ix Ramon Reeberg Donald Perullo fe qv' -I -:K I 4 1 .Z M ,. 7712 -X NR. L-:gg l I Frances Taormina Thelma Speizer ' 9 Y Q dxvifxmw. X NM Bari Sl aier Ele onore Reidmann fa Wf A - ,f x XL5fxbi?:-5 xv x,,f, x KM , ,, 1J,,, 1 1L '.fAWV"""' 1 WW , , I 1 IQ Ln M, W 1 Wwbffff 11? MW' 111,!LW1 d9iWwWIv' ,,MW,m w:Mi.fW1,: 'W HJ' 11 'MW WWW' JVM' ' " Jw ' .Tp 0 MWCEL1 Z uw, I 1 Wan ,1 16. 1 um. 11' 21' ww XM mv ,rw vvw: M. W, ,111 ,1w,,m111w-. 1111, 1:1vwwh111m.w,w ww 1 Wu ,9!WWWW"fW' 1!W1f w1a11,1 1' Z 11 , 1,,, , ,,,. H , ,,,, W,,,, , ,W1,,, J www bm WN' eww Www M "' ,WCW ww HIGH SCHOOL TUDE .. , Q. K GOVERN W Arnold T Oftedal Retnrmg Coordmator of Student Affairs Joseph W Grenga Senior Advlsor and Yearbook Advlsor 1979 1984 Q,-A Jerry Stem New Coordmator of Student Affairs Retiring Jumor Advisor Kim Dees Milton Trabal President Vice President Officers Brenda Cooper Denise Stennett Secretary Treasurer Carol Frets ' Ruben Rodriquez President Vice President Class Officers E4 Patricia Benjamin Stacey Gibbs Treasurer Secretary Senior Office Secretarial Staff JE A I .ff ' I Consultative Council 1 if ifffi ,gf -my Executive Council Kim Dees 4 Milton Trahal - Brenda Cooper - Denise Stennett f G.0. President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Carol Frets Y Ruben Rodriguez - Stacey Gibbs 7 Patricia Benjamin Senior Class President Vice President Secretary Treasurer in Action The Council ff? ibn f,. ,. fx. 5 ,, 3 . if Q Q Q1 xx XJ Q- 0 ,J 4, 2-X Q Qisx .r . wx f. Di .Qs 53-: iw .A ,, L.L.L Y, 5 J ff? u 1+ Rf wx L Q, ,X .3 qv ww , M QflfWM,,,2 NM NW 'Mmw'YWf5:+6x f J E Q My M- ' 1+ ? v 4 . . v P 1 ,Q . T ,.. ,x 3 N. M, 5 ,.! Q ME X xx 1 SS X X . x x X - ,' me -. ,f"'M migxx Q 0. vrvwl 2 vs. an- M, M g,l"i fi' .lf xg-:fm KN. weak?-L 9' f Gif 7 - 5' 1 Q 5' V , 1 F 'v, - . 713455 lv' 31155: J . ' f ' . Q, - Q ,' gi ,igz , . . . Roberta Weill, Advisor Mr. Irving Krevor , Advisor 15,314 , w J . wx' f C5 Q ff 'fd ' af F' 069' -0 vfawm , i aw- -,,,,,.4 fQQ 'sf M go1sio ,. sad F Ni , S as W.. . - R' fi 'X park Ms. Covington, Advisor Advlfor Dynasty Club Norman Thomas Club Our Math Team aff 55 M DA., 1 Al National Honor Society L W H W W X Ms. Celshenen, Advisor NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Z Rosa C Secrets 'v YEZSU S 'f 5 5 3 E I i The0doraK t X N T v P Z l Qi V ' f Distributive Clubs of America .E Mr. Vikos, Advisor 9 Charisma Club lim Debating Club Weight Training Club C us K 60 cvwaw ft, L f -vwqjw , f , .. II Mer Mr. Ramon Reeberg, Advisor Audio Visual Squad .X .ff Aspira Knitting Club lv W1 ' Q 3 IQHSS' Q, x A K "' ggi MM,,..-nv I was I Public Announcement Squad ,.. W Y tr' J .hs a... Y I 'M' ttle U VISQ Computer u C ,4 ,Q S f X'-, A. 'fi S 'Nic Theatre Appreciation Club fbi ,www "wk 1 2 , mfg ff 4 5 4 A ' Q wr v 1 ,. ,,,,, KX , ff I - .f"" Ms. Barbara Gottlieb, Advisor Tlm W Nefvspaper Sfaff .ul""' swf 's Reggie Pinder 1 Editor-in-Chief 6 53935 Qi :ik , 1' is 1- if LN Qaiiawk 'zz .fy .,.,,f--- K ,, fu, . ' :Ti Q. is sages' X Q N ,, .E X Qs X X fx 53 Y .. . X . r K 551 i Q geww gg 55- '. V H Ns saw ,M fx J X- N -3-eng A-14 N X -' fzgvfwf :M I Wif i: .... , I gi -25562 - .fry fs- S' 'T' Iris Cunnan Cynthia Franklin Anthony Wilson Thomas Cynthia Bradshaw Gemyae Warren Means April Powell ma " " ' ' Delta Thomaa lohin DW ,B Tracey Trotter E1 Carolyn Rodriqucl Christopher Lynch Dina William: pu QE ii '-so H, as Narda A. Romero Cryalal Love ,fi fr 'RK V, - y 1 Roberta Blair Maria Roaselli Diana Garcia Diane Gadaden lm 4: 4. W M .Aw Karen Tucker ,,,,- Mayra Marcano Danielle Cox Cathy Nenbiu 1 Timara Ga rner Ann Perez -, J Asn L I, if 'Q . ,1 Z Ana Morales Calvin Thnmaa anlyn Colo am Wendy Levin Valerie Robinson Branch Liaelle Santiago Sarita Sober! Jaamin Aaiae arry Martin I 1 f 3 fl A '. : .ff . , : - 4 ' , "f 21 s M' 4 ' , 3 I ' " I -s - al? 3 ' r f U , if iz 5 14, -A, Q V , gi ' 371' ' A Q - 1:1 .fx 2 x ai ' 70 Rirhard Alhans Vivian Diaz Alice Gomez Tanyrni Edwards Adriana Soto Dehhie Orliz Jane! Maysanel A X 1 E, - , e- v,,,, I Pamela Ballard Tina Freeman Yolanda Baez Kim Wheeler sm. ..., , f , , f ,W f s , M L" ' 'i' fM 4 3w4'Z'ff,1 ' Viola James A - Dawn Frazier Judith Centenu Fiordaliza Numez Arlene Gonzalez . V i I 'E ..:: . .:... i 'i'i' 6 . ,,,, Nora Mendez Marilyn Vishal W. 3 Sandra Lugo .lanise Rivera Daisy Silva Toni Curtis Stacey Morris Ana Medina Onhelia Daniels Priscilla Smith 1 Denise Stennett Judith Vazquez Yvonne Lalaon Leonard Walker Rita Roman R . K5 s is E X as M vf. . ..,. 4 se A A 2: i ff Si 1 k ix 'W'-x N 5 ia, SSE? Q :Q - f Qi i fi as Q x K Q iw Q X W N Ras W "' an R 5 vxx M. X S Anthony Bell ff- ' E V i,,, , ,,i,, 1' Diane Pereira - My It A H I -7,, 1, "M-w-f, i f -, 4,,, i. if Dorothy Rodriguez f 2 f 2 Michelle Williams " ' " Yvette Montanez Yolanda Nuvoa Factor Merino ' 15 V ii F Iraida Rivera Kathy Jones ,Q Sheree Elliott Maryann DelaCruz 7 4 1. ,,V M ahhe 1 1 M ,,,:. 'i 'X 77 ' jf , V ,,, F ff fu f f-MW, 'Mi Nicole Games ' .tue M , I x jrf: 3 " "' Tara Stevenson Renee .lames W MH 425 l Sonia Ortiz Ornell Ramsay Valerie Dingle A ii wiht' + ' ' X K' ri ky X 1. WA Angelina Fernandez .5 - L : E 'Hr , A n -i-" iiiy 4f e,,ZZ'?: ' " ff " IQ ff L' 7 wx , 1, 'hifi , ei ,, , f gf Sandy Fraser 71 12, , szgizfw , 2 'a..Li1 naw 4 W ww. Leonel Almonte Priscilla Rivera Diana Williams Jonathan Quintero Luisa Collam L ' L L Sq an I M K Q1 N v 7 a ' , A Luis Colon 72 Yolanda Muniz 'QM Belinda Daniel Annette Cardona Yvonne Guzman 'Mir Mariua Jimenez Harry Tumer f 3 lv 4, . ,g , Annette Flecha ,, W y ,, a of Maggie Valentin "" V Belinda Rios Haydee Hidalgo 'Wx-m Leticia Barbosa Gertrude Jenkins Q , V ,f',l Vela. , 15-wg ....,, I png ' , li, "" Ugg:-9 ' mx-0, mygw may ww-1 .ee A . as-, fy il Tammy Reveron Liaa Matos Ida Bernal X N all X ,P . 'F KK . . . I , ,: ,,. K, X a K I X X YQ is wifi R K Q if? E 4 5 N. so 1 Q iw 'Y Q2 K F P Q A Enna Henrique: 'WN S Q -ff: Q- -, . n 1 Daisy Gonzalez VX? Q v , 1 eiea 3' 'Q'--"M" Linette Chico Angela Howard - f 2 -'mf 1 Deborah Blanding Maria Santiago Machenej Lillie Melln Marilyn Torres Angela Yancey K iaia F' 'NNN' n..,,w ,n."'i",f AliceAu X i ' T A 7 Y my 4 V: 'A Darlene Swaffar Tanya Williams Nicole- M4'Vay lffvfg, f Socorro Castillo , S, , v .- , .,,,,.,.. Janette Collaw Terease Butler Jann Lancaster Dawn Henix Amilee Bennett Sandra Sturgies ,QV -. Luz Connie: I E ' ii 'S Kenneth DeHart .leanneue Jacamo Judi Chan aal Wg X L '11, in , lg, H . 5 if Shirelle Knox " , f :,: H ' B ,lli 3 2 'I -: ZF ' Wir Myra Holmes Lisetle Aiken P. 1 i . -op... 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SQ- Nq gq' 'T 5?f15f3?'f if EBF' ,gm --Pi '. 5511 af. gig, g -N 'V . if W , M ,V X ,fs 2 3 we 5 5 is 4 i 1 ls . . 1 U - - rf., Q 0 To Norman Thomas H1 h W 1th Love . . . . iv! Q 1 xl X E U , ff f' "I I I 4-5 ' lg I t H 5 Y' Y F ,Lv 12 X2 FQLS-1 . , ' iQ. . I ' 5 0 O I K . I , .. . . Q . ' 0 1' ' A ' ' . ' ' 'H 'v'.o , '. ..'. . ' 1 , .0 ' ' . 5 .P oi, ' I , . .- v ' ' . A I rl TO NORMAN THOMAS HIGH SCHOOL WITH LOVE . . . : . I I N is for the never-ending gossip in the hallways. ' Q O is for the over-bearing teachers that are on our hacks. Q , 0 R is for all the rumors that are s read from class to class. P 0 - M is for the many teachers we had to put up with. ' A is for all the awards we have received. I ' 1 N is for not knowing the answer to our homework questions. Q . P fior navel: turning away fiilllil your piipblems. r ' I , is or t e appy times we a a toget er. . O is for the overwhelming joy we feel at graduation. ,,' . ' M is for the many dances we had. ll, A is for all the delaney cards we had to fill out. , ' S is for all the shows we produced. ' C 5 H is for the hi h ho es we see in the future. ' Y . 5 P 7 . I is for the inspiration from teachers to go on. I 9 G is for the goals we are aiming for. ' .1 H is for the heartburn we have after lunch. g I ' ' S is for saying good-bye to our friends at graduation. ' Q C is for all the crying we did during graduation. 7 1 Ei H is for the heartless deans, who take no pity upon us. , . O is for the orderly way we had to act during the firedrills. , O is for the praise in which we give ourselves. Q , O Q ' L is for the late-nights, when we had to stay up studying. J Q I BY: A FORMER GRADUATE v - ,l -n IL Q ' 0 p g'. n 1 N X I ' 0 e . ,Q Q y .U p Fug! 0 I .' Minidi- - -A WSW-all rf' . . K, el - '-'g Q I 5 M s , . ,, ' s ' ' S ci-3, gi I 12: . c:.::.- 1 I 1 I C3 .1 I gg:-9 I I clzzv . , -V J 0' f - f ' 'I . ' I 1 I ' we ' - A. . 1 f- ' . gg, . I R , L ' ' I Y L 1 c at - l I " . - .I , - ' " ' ' :. . - ' , , - Q ... ' -' L . ' 'I "..g...:n..x.:..-.- Qui? Alma GOOD THINGS DON9T LAST FOREVER AND NOW IT'S COMING TO AND END. OLD FRIENDS PARTING EVEN THOUGH WE LEAVE TOGETHER WE LEAVE NOW BUT MEMORIES STILL GROW. GOODBYE, SO LONG TO NORMAN THOMAS HIGH OUR SCHOOL THAT TOWERS TOWARD THE SKY AND WON'T DIE WE SING THIS SONG SO WE CAN SAY GOODBYE. WE SING THIS SONG, WE FEEL THIS SONG. OUR WHOLE LIVES DEEP WITHIN YOU AND YOU'VE GOT YOUR OWN PLACE IN OUR SOUL AND WHEN WE WALK OUT THROUGH YOUR DOORS. WE TAKE WITH US ALL THE GOOD THINGS WE'VE LEARNED. GOODBYE, SO LONG TO NORMAN THOMAS HIGH OUR SCHOOL THAT TOWERS TOWARD THE SKY AND WON'T DIE WE SING THIS SONG, SO WE CAN SAY GOODBYE WE SING THIS SONG, WE FEEL THIS SONG TIMES WILL CHANGE AND SO WILL WE Mater Song AND IN OUR HEARTS YOU'LL BE AND WE WROTE THIS SONG FOR YOU SO YOU WILL KNOW MUSIC FILLS OUR HEARTS AND THAT'S A VERY FINE PLACE TO START IT'S FOR ME IT'S FOR YOU IT'S FOR YOU IT'S FOR US IT'S A WORLD WIDE SYMPHONY GOODBYE, SO LONG TO NORMAN THOMAS HIGH OUR SCHOOL THAT TOWERS TOWARD THE SKY AND WON'T DIE WE SING THIS SONG SO WE CAN SAY GOODBYE WE SING THIS SONG, WE FEEL THIS SONG. GOODBYE, SO LONG TO NORMAN THOMAS HIGH OUR SCHOOL THAT TOWERS TOWARD THE SKY AND WON'T DIE. WE SING THIS SONG SO WE CAN SAY GOODBYE WE SING THIS SONG, WE FEEL THIS SONG. WE ARE SENIORS AND WE FEEL THIS SONG. WRITTEN BY ARNOLD I. WALDMAN AND THE SENIOR SHOW SCRIPT- WRITING COMMITTEE OF 1976. 2 2 5 s 5 5 3 5 2 S 3 2 E 3 5 5 1 S 2 S 2 5 2 i E 2 E 2 2 2 2 S 2 S 2 x owling 4' 4 AEA wx QI J , 54" Z! ii, K GiI'lS Af Basketball 33 Team 2' ff! X5 Ted Wachtel Coach we . . lr. 1 1 fe K I. ., M -,si Q5 -qi, 125 -V-"'3 lf' Cheerleaders C :If EIA? -galii N X FA-W' ' I fe.. ,- I 1 l 9 1 1 145 , , J f-QM r '11 fn sc. fm W X.-qv, NM aw,- fc 10525 ui my ' nj g flxfli' jffiggffgigl? wc-Hcgsggsi fs. ,QA A515 up .N , 'x"'v'yf 1 , ,JM , f .A I . X 'G :fx X M, 1 :sn . 'X TT, 11 ,g fxl ,a,' kf XV, , X f. Z Af N X 1 x 1 XY It R' X X mf 3 Lf X x NUR,,,MQfgg,f' Affd X wax 4 '-.'hf"I, X Y P' N' .5 1. , I X Q 1,1 Ah' 5- ff w X 7 f' X, f X .- f xy fffv 1 1 v f, 5 ' , X ' Ex QQ ' X ,iz a , , XX fl X 21 V wi 1 1 f f -- ky, jf ,ff ' wq2f,'f,ts 'ff Q 3 L .Q A j ,Tj AA i G Q . A-Q ' f 1,1 ' ' ' ' j u, A f ga , , 1 5 1 R321-N, " W 5 Q: N. X f MM, Mit, xii 5 J 146 5t.HVQfj, LM j .yffd EEA! Wg., i .mp ip ' 'Ui : 41 fills- tht' Mfmv . hm 4 ' 1 3tia?p1'jA ,-QM . W f.'p'!:h-3 ' X ' A mm ' I M K'y'ifg ff Xiiff ,uf I! M-L' :W QTY W ' - , sh iff I GR ,Nik U A A W ::. . if, ' YMPOFQTANT OUTER MUSCLZS QPRONT7 uma Mususs OF me som SILV ER CORNER csv 'H 2 ff? Q . gm Hi ir if? gm fx w ff '41 sg Kgg KX 323 A xi QQ". Q, nur .. - A fixni 4 'N 4 wi., K it 5 1? lf!!--l,Jli ffm, 'N Q 3 s H 'N '-Ll,.,-A , 1. nm-W Q 4. QLAS inning..- E5 A 'A ' M ' ff' mr , A 1 ,' ? .1iWWfmf'?3T' 'T V, A ffm - ,, 1 -f,., -V H " Wggggjgf 23442 U- 912 f 2 5 init 'W 'br ,,,, ' mf 3. 5, ,T . MM, ,, 4 ,, ' l ,,,,2 W . W, X , Qi zfii i -I 'ffrf 1 If-1 1 5 'QW Q 5 N i ,KKM , Q 4 u 1 w f 4 g f . A? fi , -- 1 ' W-,w..,. ' . NW 'Q 2: 5 32' f Y f IUH' ,mwwyiv "'A ' ' ' X M V , :li V 3 qw N A H V x , ' - w .M ' :uw HOWTO ' .1 I! s A X vm . AJ, fv Lf Q .4 N07 , . fa ,Q Ez' ' " 'U M, j Mm .' 5? f W -,,M'. V 'Mfr V W X M, 1 153 "W-Q. W was A f . A, J: W - ik ' if 7' Nw L f QKQQWM THQQQA W QLCJAC df' If g SHU , RE YOU . ARR? E? GBR I ..... AT ALL TIMES AN ET , 'E-....,.....-.- t 5--- ,S .N "M -ff'-, i ,1"":-a-1 ,-nf" --'-"L"-if., ,,..q-..'1""-- "-J .AQ-' ' , ' 1: . 3 Q 'F-T W' 59' ' .5 , 1, W, . 1.39 '1 Ffa if ' A ffx i I 160 K P . Joan Malapero, Coach x. X N ! Wm , ., 'iff ,.-. 'f JV up .,-Si .5 12 gp N-'H 93 Q-+ B U' N Q ,QEN f QAX A Q 4 Q ' R. 3414 AX -1111. E m"'v ,S X, V - 13. ' X f ax -A 5- fy X X J X! ff G' 1 4 V . . .iff x... www gg - H . 4 f - K- wav- Mf5,,,Wm.A jf , 'M ---, C3111 3 A ..,. . . f" sw - J i gl-if: V ---- Q ig gi S . wi "" ff . gg 'ifihf yf W ' ' ,gk Y . . -,, , f ---N x R Q' ,f 5 A ,y .L gg X R x . 1 . . V, . Uur Hzindball Team ch Larry Fahslk Coa M, wwwmmw 1 Boys Basketball Team Chrlz, Johns Asst. Coach Y gl gg X. 1 . b Q , Eff, , lk 1, KZ A .gb " , if 1 4 1 X 1 . if 'A 'f ,. 3215 ' . 6 , ,IGP gif W 'zf I P' J- J .- wg 2 Baseball 166 iiiig 1 5 fav, ,W 9, 5 - ww, mmf MM-qffff Q W-49511 Wm ., ' .X . .2 .4 ,, . :1 zff Q fix' ,,, X,,,, , .gg M . fc df ff, in . ,Q 1: .,..-,www Q inf' in Ansar 151' A-A4 M..-A , gbfatqlw U.- ,' ' ., f Q f 4 X xiii Mr. Ed Morris, Coach N, Kwjgf "u""" " vga- -M-....,..,,u h,, .,,,,, f ,,,..,, , ., w. WMA ,' ,f 1 X, ,- ' -gum! RQ www 942317- , iw 1:w.4u'p1ub ' M,-f..wu....., f M.-,.. f A , .- ,,1.....-u.v,...,.-W- A Jwmw ,Wg ' fivwh, a, , .M 'id-,, l fv-mv!-nZv,?,,'A . . ..,f..Q 6 x "EW ,,wi7wiL'wWFQ1vF ,fig WWW' wa Y MWWW ,fm 'Q 4 Q5 14 www ""' M21-wi . f E: ' if 41154 DM m ms? .X ff' ' x S , "' I 5 f. .2 L i S ' Z' 1 1349-:d?'T55?i5 33' -fi --I . ' ' f- K 'ff iii? '51 ' 5 ' . if , . if f , ," W' R z ' ff 'W HW' ,V A w w -" S2 iffiaf .Q -N , MIWWW' -1 3325, T-aiu? w??'.11z:3H 'hm' KT ,,d'ww'L-"+'iW J' + , 'M -4,3 ' AWLWMM., 'iii JH--,n wx v 65:2 , .ff-,H nw'l,,1,xw ww ' TW? L. mmf- mwfk,p,- V -fp:,f ' V ' Fwy- 5 --f- 2 W M-f 12M vw A 3' ' M, gff,sv735MM" gigs ,ww :g l QM -53 ' lisa' ' w 5' 'S v. i f fix ' U- -- 1. -1 ' " wr' , , gf' HIGH SCHOOL LASSES Ms. Gross ,Un V- xy 12-1 .U- . . ff A 5 Ms. Maldonado f 3 h 12-3 Yr 'gif ...1---i' .J '. F ,U-. ,, 2L4L in 'S Ms. Richardson Q 12-4 if 169 1 2 - 5 . X ' Q -4 - W-L tw , 332 . , ..f,,g 1.,42mr , ' ,,.. if ' ge ,. Ms. Fishkin 4590 2' S' I! 27' r- 7 U iff Q v -E' 'fix Q49 ilfw Q? Ms. Morsilli 12-6 Ms. Schne -A 12-7 12-8 M ' 4,1 X ' r 7U Mr. Mancin 171 , NS M y X 1 .J Mr. Edelschick f W- 12-9 w3F, TIWKTX f :7'7f l12'V2 MMM? ywf M , MW,Jf ' 1' W f 172 12-11 1 Ms. Ferguson 12-10 W' - A, ..,s,,,,,.,- ' ' WVU H" r " MV EV N Lf ,ff f .Z V .6 Semor Z' 1 X 9, , Class sf Dues W v Luft Z I1 I1 C I' S 173 Ms. Roman 5' 'gm' k n l few J S ? . 12-14 A 1 W 174 12-30 .sf X x Mr. Schwartz F' A Ms. Amato 12-12 Ms. Nelson 1 7 K , IV1 gf - .J X -F 'I ,1 I" Q" A . W gs H yas, fi f , 54: 1 4Axl:W2 gg ! ,X X Avg yf K ' fs K , f X :L 'W , 7 f 12-13 175 Q.. Mr. Mccarter 11 32 Mr. Bloomfield '53 H. mf 33535 11-33 11-30 I I ea: 1 1 Ms. Davis Ms. Couret 11-31 Good-bye Farewell to Norman Thomas High S SQ T10 Awwrimhef may Joi 6 VW' gg-EE: sm:- Qolle Nighi Y ashjo I2 how NW Q W X W! NW X any wif? ' 3f 2 E, 'a xr W -ww haw-fm - . 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'Q , x W.-xgv Senior Day -.M A JJ 9 -an-.N R ,Amkf , ,a N-HP. X . 1 X .1 S' lik. inn NY -.wfggx 'fi W 1m1'f5-me Xpzigsoa aqii say A X , W -. 'N f X v A v W' Q ' if f Q LL' "'Q ... X R N1 .Qs 7X . 5 W5 .I KX fa, .. K .0 , ',...-fa. V I Q5 Q X Y ' ' " -x .. Q i .. .Q Z ,::s::. , ,F-' , - ' " if :divx 4' ,x Q K h 'P X if Y Q was X ,N X I V5 NX fx F 55 X js Y QY 'E MWWMM mam .N V' X Q? 4? X: X J 'Tiki . X Q 9-Y? Q.. xp , '53 F? xv . ,Q . 5 A :W Q f ' is E F 3 1 fi . .E 4. xg.: A 5 QQ' V ggi'-E'g.,xLf?,li In af- :K N YRS. 515512 54 'J ,. ,N l ,GTE M... F A Senior Day s QZEQXOR ,pav- xvghbf T ' vvff' 'I '--f ,,,,.,.. 22214 x W. .Q -NR Q H M, I Z-1, 0 Q 'ff H :V IA V R Z3 ,'-:. X llf LQ xxx L 29 'YQILII' 7. li' xgi C, i 3 A. 1 Ms f. f rf 'SQ , GRIP . WA x 4 1 , in 4 51' vs. up N x N94 VJ ,fy 31 -wa we we ll 4' 3' A Vw 1' ,I 6 .74 1 "7 . 5 gd 1,3 V, A . I' u Af W ff . x 1? ' It Q QE WEQ -P v . Q4 4 L M . sit ,V-. .QQ ai .. SEL L k Q K Ei 'Z 5. ' -.kk - :Wil Qs' Q ' 0 ff Eb.. K . N -- N . K A .fi VVVV Q . W iik Z" 5 L' 25: 5 , .vw i . VV.. is . ,bf 0 6 , K . t 1 M ' v- X, N . .MV A ' A X., S .vw ' '- 4' . - , - .. .. . .X g 4 'V SP . fu Q, ,., Y. ff AQ. If B I1 14 ,D v K, - A' Q x 1 JY ,. Az., Q ..,. gawk, sawn 14,60 F. W2 fro 355 A' '54 A'-v fu!! 'A -in 4 ,WWW 4' 'W' 21114 inn fx y xx , ,, L! !!1-than . . V 35:5 Heart Fund J m ohn upto 2 85. X vl"'A N 4 L. -f' x . gp. -K A r A Q ,... 6 g ' 5 t ,T A ....:X Senior SIU' We eke 06 --'Sim Yknes H0116 3 ,,,......v 0- Fallsbufg F' N.-, The Nu Q4 'FFIEIUT Fabulous Senior how al M f X ow X 1 . I X X: E X o Mr. Ronald Kross, Adv Seniors OH o Clifford PHI Tourist rystal Axelrod BY Coop the O Lorraine Olmai Tumbridge Wells Produffix The Office 206 Annual School Blood Drive , A E ' LX X 5 .45 ,5,m,,h:.,,.,7m I I I , f , W, ,Q-,, 1, K . M, A, , 1 K' W AQ 1 , ,,'i gi NEW YORK BLOOD SERVICES A division of THE GREATER NEW YORK BLOOD PROGRAM New York Blood Center!American Red Cross JERRY STEIN COORDINATOR RUBEN RODRIGUEZ - STUDENT COORDINATOR f' , TI UUUU, 7 ,... ,-1 -5 - K 1 207 Senior ---Ye - The 1984 Grammy Awards in BEST SINGLE RECORD .... BEST SINGLE ALBUM . . . BEST COMEDY ALBUM .... BEST POP GROUP VOCAL ..........,, BEST ROCK GROUP PERFORMANCE ..., BEST ROCK INSTRUMENTAL ....... Beat It" by Michael Jackson Thriller" by Michael Jackson Comedians, by Eddie Murphy Every Breath You Takew by The Police Synchronicity" by The Police Brimstone 81 Treaclew by Sting BEST FEMALE VOCALIST .... What a Feeling" by Irene Cara BEST NEW ARTIST .................. .... C ulture Club BEST ROCK FEMALE PERFORMANCE ..... . . . Pat Benatar BEST MALE VOCALIST - FOR ROCK ............ .,.. Q G Fort RHYTHM at BIJUES For: POP r....,....,.. BEST POP INSTRUMENTAL PERFORMANCE ..... .... 4 4 Beat it" by Michael Jackson Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson Thrilleri' by Michael Jackson Being With Youw by George Benson BEST RECORD PRODUCERS OF THE YEAR ,... . . . Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones BEST ORIGINAL BROADWAY SHOW ALBUM ..., . . . Cats BEST ORIGINAL SCORE SOUND TRACK .,... .,,. F lashdance BEST INSTRUMENTAL COMPOSITION ...,. .... 4 4Love Theme" by Irene Cara Mi' MICHAEL JACKSON MADE GRAMMY HISTORY BY WINNING A RECORD 8 AWARDS AND BEING NOMINATED FOR 12 PRIZES IN I0 CATEGORIES. HE SURPASSES PAUL SIMON WHO WON 7 AWARDS BACK IN 1970! 208 ar Memories - Major ews Events - First Black woman becomes Miss America Russians shoot down jet killing 269 people Farmers hit with greatest drought in the midwest since the great depression Prime Minister Begin of Israel resigns' President Reagan sends troops to Beirut America loses yacht race to the Australians . . . First time in 1 32 years! ll Eastern Air Lines and Continental Air Lines file for bankruptcy The New York Jets move to New Jersey Cardinal Terrence Cooke dies of Leukemia Secretary of the Interior James Watt resigns The Orioles win the 1 983 World Series Congress creates Martin Luther King as an official holiday starting 1985 Over 225 marines are killed in Beirut by terrorists The U.S. Army invades Grenada to oust Caribbean dictator President Carter's mother, Lillian dies at 85 Earthquake in Eastern Turkey killing over 1 200 people A bomb explodes in the United States Senate . . . No one hurt New York City gets its first black Police Commissioner Philadelphia gets its first black Mayor The Grucci Fireworks Company on Long Island explodes The entire United States population focuses on the movie "The Day Afteri' Riots break out in stores over the Cabbage Patch Christmas Doll Pope John Paul visits the perpetrator who shot him in 1981 Reverend Jesse Jackson flies to Syria to help free captured Navy pilot The Nations largest monopoly, ATSLT is ordered by the U.S. Supreme Court to break up at midnight . . . January 1 984 The Los Angeles Raiders win the Super Bowl . . . 38-9 defeating the Redskins President Reagan runs for re-election A Chorus Line is officially the longest running broadway show in history Soviet leader Andropov dies of kidney failure Bishop O'Connor of Scranton, Penn. is names successor to the late Cardinal Cooke Beirut falls to the rebels in February 1984 . . . New government is sought President Reagan orders Marines to evacuate Lebanon American astronauts are the first to walk in space without a life-line! Michael Jackson is entered into the Guiness Book of Records for selling most albums ever Mrs. Margaret Rogers of the Secretarial Dept. takes over as Senior Advisor Feb. 1984 The Winter Olympics opens in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia Michael Jackson receives scalp burns filming a T.V. commercial Victims of A.1.D.S. are on the rise in N.Y.C. Millions are given by the gov't for A.1.D.S. research Mayor Koch orders all defective Gruman buses off N.Y.C. streets New York City celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge War expands in El Salvador Cancer causing Ethylene Di-Bromide fE.D.B.j found in nation's flour supply Leonid Brezhnev of Russia dies . . . Andropov takes over Siberian Express Arctic winds give the U.S.A. an all-time freezing winter record. Seven men seek the democratic Presidential nomination . . . Walter Mondale leads Konstatin Chernenko becomes the new leader of the Soviet Union Mr. Arnold Oftedal leaves N.T.H.S. to become Acting Interim Asst. Principal of James Monroe High School in the Bronx Ethel Merman dies at 75 Summer Olympics open in Los Angeles Flashdance Trading Places Easy Money Mr. Mom Wargames 48 Hours The Keep Porky's Two Spring Fever Jaws 3D Ghost Story Halloween 3 Best Friends Class of 1984 Dead Zone Educating Rita Celebrity Master of The Game East of Eden Manimal Fame Knight Rider The .Ieffersons All In The Fmily Honey Mooners Saturday Night Live Sanford and Son Dynasty Falcon Crest Dallas Three's Company Oh Madeline Hart to Hart Hardcastle 81 McCormick Remington Steele Battle Star Galactica T.V. Bugs and Porky Super Friends Woody Woodpecker Pink Panther Flintstones Great Space Coaster Popeye Tom 81 Jerry Woody and Bugs Scooby and Scrappy Doo He Man and The Masters of tlie Universe Bullwinkle The Little Prince Charlie Brown 81 Snoopy 210 The Right Stuff Deal of the Century Brainstorm Richard Pryor Here and Now Never Cry Wolf The Big Chill The Osterman Weekend Never Say Never Again City of the Walking Dead All The Right Moves Under Fire Risky Business Twilight Zone the Movie Staying Alive Beyond the Limit Young Warriors T Alice Twilight Zone The MA" Team Foul-Ups, Bleeps 81 Blunders Facts of Life Different Strokes Ripley's Believe It or Not Night Court Star Trek Magnum P.I. Real People St. Elsewhere Hotel Hill Street Blues One Day at A Time Hawaii Five-O Fall Guy Benny Hill Odd Couple Simon 81 Simon Cartoons Monchichi Little Rascals Richie Rich Smurfs Pac Man 81 Rubic Cube Dungeons and Dragons Tarzan Road Runner Alvin and The Chipmunks Charlie Brown Mr. T Fat Albert Inspector Gadget Menudo Senior ovies Rumble Fish Rear Window Amityville 7 3D Scarface Christine Silkwood Sleep Away Camp Terms of Endearment Yentl Piranha 2 Cujo D.C. Cab Return of the .ledi The Outsiders Where the Boys Are Two of a Kind Vacation Of Unknown Origin Christmas Story Bad Boys Making Out Mortuary Uncommon Valor Sudden Impact The Man Who Loved Women Gorky Park Angel Wild Style Hot Dog Unfaithfully Yours .V. Shows Knots Landing Family Ties Cheers Taxi Buffalo Bill People's Choice Little Rascals Barnaby Jones In Search of . . . Love Connections Family Feud The Today Show Good Morning America Tic, Tac, Doe Donahue I Love Lucy The Morning Show 60 Minutes The .I0ker's Wild My Three Sons oaps All My Children Loving Ryan's Hope Guiding Light General Hospital One Life to Live Young and The Restless Search For Tomorrow Days of Our Lives The Edge of Night Another World 825,000 Pyramid Munsters Make Room For Daddy Press Your Luck Sale of The Century Woman to Woman Price is Right Wheel of Fortune Break Away Benson Family Rhoda Dream House Tattle-Tales Hot Potato Midday Hour Magazine Match GamefHollywood Squares The Saint Y Lonely Guy New Cry Wolf. . .A True Story Deathstalker To Be Or Not To Be Star 80 Footloose Blame it on Rio Reuben Reuben Crackers Lassiter Broadway Danny Rose The Dresser Tender Mercies Harry and Son Over the Brooklyn Bri e Abbott 81 Costello 2 on the Town Dukes of Hazzard Blue Thunder Blue Knight Whiz Kids Love Boat Fantasy Island Yellow Rose T. J. Hooker Solid Gold Dance Fever Welcome Back Kotter We Got It Made Nova Nature Television's Greatest Commercials Hogan's Heroes AirWolf Broadwa Plays Baby Brighton Beach Memoirs Carmen Cats Death of a Salesman Dreamgirls 42nd Street La Cage Aux Follies My One and Only Noises Off Oh! Calcutta! On Your Toes The Human Comedy The Real Thing The Rink The Tap Dance Kid Torch Song Trilogy Zorba Memories Records Sweet Dreams . . . The Eurythmics Tell Her About It . . . Billy Joel Tonight I Celebrate My Love . . . Peabo Bryson and Roberta Flack Maniac . . . Michael Sembello Ain't Nobody . . . Chaka Khan and Rufus Total Eclipse of the Heart . . . Bonnie Tyler She Works Hard For The Money . . . Donna Summer Puttin On The Ritz . . .Taco Unconditional Love . . . Donna Summer Every Breath You Take . . . The Police I'll Tumble 4 Ya . . . Culture Club Flashdance QWhat a Feelingj . . . Irene Cara Islands In The Stream . . . Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton Say, Say, Say . . .Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson All Night Long . . . Lionel Richie Uptown Girl . . . Billy Joel Joanna . . .Kool and The Gang Love is a Battlefield . . .Pat Benatar Time Will Reveal . . . De Barge Making Love Out of Nothing . . . Air Supply I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues . . . Elton John Karma Chamelleon . . . Culture Club Talking In Your Sleep . . . Romantics Girls Just Want to Have Fun . . . Cyndi Lauper Somebody's Watching Me . . .Rockwell Let The Music Play . . . Shannon Thriller . . . Michael Jackson Running With The Night . . . Lionel Richie If Only You Knew . . . Patti La Belle I'm On Your Side . . . Angela Bofill Owner Of A Lonely Heart . . .Yes Encore . . .Cheryl Lynn Holiday . . . Madonna Automatic . . . The Pointer Sisters Wrapped Around Your Finger . . . The Police Livin' For Your Love . . . Melba Moore Wet My Whistle . . . Midnight Star This Woman . . . Kenny Rogers Popcorn LovefJealous Girl . . . New Edition Touch a 4- Leaf Clover . . . Atlantic Star Another Man . . . Barbara Mason Beat It . . . Michael Jackson Perfect Combination . . . Stacy Lattisaw and Johnny Gill Always Something There To Remind Me . . . Naked Eyes You Are . . . Lionel Richie Overkill . . . Men At Work I'm Still Standing . . .Elton John Human Nature . . . Michael Jackson Electric Avenue . . . Eddy Grant Family Man . . . Hall and Oates Hungry Like The Wolf . . . Duran Duran Try Again . . . Champaign Let's Dance . . . David Bowie Miracles . . . Stacy Lattisaw If This World Was Mine . . . Cherly Lynn and Luther Vandross Problems Of The World Today . . . Fearless Four Love You Forever . . .Tanya Branch Dog Me . . . Roxanne And The Butchettes La t Will and MF. KHSICF - We leave you a elassroom filled with mules MF. Schwab 7 three things: a maid, an alarm vlovk, and a female boss MF. LCVlI1C 7 stock in llerseys Mr. Stein f a pawnshop for our Walkmen Mr. f personality, looks, and a tight girdle MF. Kl0I'CS f a Benhil overhaul Mrs. Schneier ag an all expense niiiil nip to Brooklyn Mrs. Gross a ii yeafssupply ofreferrals MF. - a year in advance to make up the monthly paper Mr. Perullo - ii fanny shaper MF. LLlSlg3I'tCl'l 2 more curtain material to make more ties Mr. Somashekar 4+ fnw English lessons Mr. Grenga a ii male lilnw up .lnll Mrs. R0gCI'S -fn the male population ofthe svhool, which is two Ms. D'Aquila a the one thing shn wants most in life, MEN! Mrs. Luft f a healthy baby, with modern 4-lothes Mrs. Cusack g ii life memhershipt0.la1'k l.iil.iinnfi Mr. Simon M- ii liinn with 2 Communist driver Mrs. Slater f patient-e and a i-lass of anim MF. Kross - - an academy award for dedication MPS. Gottlieb f an oscar MTS. Bllflay 2 a class of organized robots Mr. Crawley a recognition Mrs. Blakely A patien ifif Dr. Carpenter A love, hiigs and hint-S Mrs. Ellner g fi book nfiliings Mr. 0bCI' - A guest appearance on Saturday Night Live Mr. Frey -- An Apple-IIE computer for the peer tutoring program Mr. Edeschick f ii pair ofSergi0's that fit Mr. MCCHft6f f athletic supporter Mr. D. Katz - 3 bulldozer to linni-li the 1-hipnff his shoulder Mrs. Kuduk 7 Sunglasses for her students Testament . . . Reggie Pinder "I leave you some fat donated Raymond Vasquez "l leave you the puppy of by Ruben Rodriguez" your choice: Carol or Nataliei' I wish to thank all the people who have stopped by the yearbook office to donate some of their time for the production of this year's yearbook. A very special thanks is extended to Ray and Reggie for their dedication and unselfish efforts who made this yearbook a masterpiece and realization. I thank you sincerely lx ll " . . X V W " A, 5 2 X X N L . lx , ' N pm my , I ,, , , t if . I I, xl . Carol Frets ul leave you an interpreter and a Francesco Estevez 'll leave you a razor Dominican Boyfriend" blade . . . Use it . . . You may get some girlsw Cynthia Bradshaw polish to shine your braces with" of MOLE REMOVERH Love and Kisses Joseph W . Crenga Zfxy . ,W lit, 'y il 7' Ruben Rodriguez Y- "I leave membership to Jack I,aI,anne" l earbook Advisor you a 50 year ' "I leave you some silver Milton Trabal - "I leave you a large bottle Kimberly Dees 7 MI leave a lifetime pass to cut classes" I would like to thank the above named students for their dedication to the senior class and Norman Thomas, The time we spent together certainly made my first term as senior advisor easier, and I will always cherish the memories. As a token of my appreciation, I would like to leave each of you a special "something" to remember me by, for I will never forget you! K 2 s K 5 5 K K K K K E E i z K K K K 5 K K 2 K E K E E K K K K K 2 K K K 5 3 K s 5 s 2 K 5 5 2 2 2 3 s 2 K 1 2 5 5 K K K E 3 2 5 i 3 Q 2 5 K 5 S Q 2 K E 5 K K K ? E K l E K K s i K E E 2 E K K K E 2 K K K K K K K K K i s S s 3 5 K Who typed, 'gMrs. Rogers, we love you"? To Fat Pat Good luck from Rhonda Good Luck, Ronee Congratulations Graduating Class of 84 Congratulations Veronica and Good Luck-Love, Lisa Way to go Gina-Verna You'll never Walk Alone v Dorothy Stanley GOD BLESS-CICELY Much Success, Ramon Wishing you God's Blessings, Miriam Wish you all the luck. Good Luck, Freddie ARMANDO HNF BECKY 8-3 1 -83 Evie, I Love You . . . Wanda God Bless Annie-n-Eddie ERIC ROSADO "'84" SENIOR ROCKWELL Marilyn, I Love You, Michael I LOVE YOU AN NIE-ERIC Free at Last Good Luck Marilyn and Annette We Knew Youid Make It You Made It - Good Luck! Be the Best, Beli! Guaranteed To Make It. You're Great! Always Remember To Be Wise CHEERS! Lots of love, Lil-Willie Wild and Crazy Gabe Best Wishes, CISSY Good Luck to you Best Wishes Best Wishes, Shirley Lots of Luck, Shirley Happiness, Shirley Peace, Shirley Joy, Shirley Best Wishes, Margaret Good luck for the Future Know your friends, Choose them Good Luck, Victor Best Wishes, Victor Much Success, Pam Good Luck, Nelson To Pat: The Best of Everything in your future Lots and Lots of Good Luck, Andy Good Luck, Elizabeth !Kim Yvette Morris Be Happy! Floyd-Anthony-Dash. i"Good Luck," Nicole McVay You've been good to me Beef-New York, one and only Ada Alvira Good Luck Lucy, college Congratulations, daughter Rosa Ferrey, best friend Mara Love Paquita, Felipe, and Grandma Congratulations, your graduation Good Luck, best friend, Nancy Thank you teachers Happy graduation, daughter Thanks for making me proud Success in your future Best of Luck Ada Congratulations, Rocio Clara Arroyo Ada and Chio, Congratulations Love my baby, Mel Leonette, love always, Kevin Good Luck, Celeste Doyle Best Wishes, Celeste Beware my niece is graduating Congratulation, Mom and Dad Be successful in whatever you do Good Luck, Best Wishes Good Luck, Buster Brown Success, Happiness, Good Luck Climb the ladder to success Good Luck, Celeste Good Luck, Ana Good Luck, Buddy Green Eyes! Good Luck, Crazy Maddie! Best Luck, Anna and Sandy Sounds Like Bullshit to Me! Best Luck, Anna Good Luck, Melody and PJ. Good Luck, 111 Baby Love you always, Shaun Good Luck, Phyllis Good Luck, Ana Banana!! Free of Cell Block I 2-6 All Dreams Come True Best of Luck Good Luck Out There Best of Luck Always Congratulations, Alan Best Wishes! Best of Luck Congratulations, Green Eyes Senior Shirt Tales Best of Luck, S. Ober Good Luck, Me-Myself Army Boy-Running things Best of Wishes, Sammy A Very Special Girl . . . Jose All Michelles are if I Good Luck Incredible Kule Tone! You made it kid - Angie Christine, Love Always Landy and Ida Future Years-Love Mom Chris-Luck, Love, Success .l.M.S WISHES C.B. LOVE, HAPPINESS Good luck flittle ughj-Eddie Michael Fleming is the best Love you always, Saint Rosario and Christine Good luck to the Class of "83i' oops s'84," Pedro Phil -N- Evie 4 Ever Best Wishes-Love, Monique Good Luck in the Future Good Luck in College, Elizabeth Ivan-N-Marilyn, 3f23f82 Congratulations Class I 2-5, Love Yvette Richie -n- Rosa 4 Ever I Love Debbie-Love, Johnny Always remember me smiling - Annie Best Wishes Millie - Love, Rosa I LOVE SOFTBALL SENIORS: SILLY Good Luck Millie: Sylvia Good Luck, Rafael MAY THE LORD GUIDE YOU Congratulations Detra, From Cousin Cheryl 84 IS MY YEAR Good Luck to you, Pat Good Luck, Patricia Best Wishes from Phil From Someone Who I Didn't Expect Much From, But Instead Got The World . . . Best of Luck and Wishes Rudy-Stay sweet, Good Luck Best Wishes to you-Juan .lose-The most kind girl. Herbert-God Bless You Class Of '84-Best Wishes in the Future - Michele Dixon Good luck Elizabeth - Love, Barbara You Made It, Elizabeth! You shall succeed, Elizabeth Chavez Good Luck in the future Keep Going, Best Wishes, Millie To Chan, Good Luck-Anthony Best Wishes to you Elizabeth May all your future plans consist of all your sweetest dreams. Best of wishes, Liz Keep love in your heart and love on your smile Enjoy your life, STAY FREE Lanny's wishes are mine ffunj Enjoy the trips fgood luckj Try to get the trip Time To be Free, Bert Wish you the best, Lisa Patricia Padilla-Best of luck Good Luck to Nikki Aunt June Remember all the good times Sandy and Nikki forever friends Nicole and Larry 4 Ever Larry Graves Secretaries are the best You'll climb that ladder to success The future is yours I Don't Know For What . . . Punky I-H.O.P. to Work, I H.O.P. to School Enjoy your life to the extreme Enjoy your life! I'm glad you made it! Best Wishes, Lourdes. Love, Rosa Good Luck "Sli" Try a new taste, Have a Lourdes Spread So Long Suckers I'm Proud Of You. Love, Daddy Take care of yourself, Dad I Knew You'd Make It! Good Luck Seniors N84-" Juan -N- Evelyn 10f1f81 Always Eddie and Adri Love Always Luis-n-Lourdes still striving "Class of 84, Rockingli' I'm Proud of You, Mom Best Of Luck Seniors 684-'i Sigue como va . . . Lady and Chiki Congratulations . . . Penny You will be successful . . . Torres Knew You Could Do It! BEST OF LUCK "Best of luck to you" Best Wishes-Good luck Congratulations Evelyn . . . Keep up the good work!! Looking Good! God Bless You Always Evelyn "Cougar-Tulationsn Best Wishes Today And Always Go Ahead "EVIE" Good Luck Evelyn Mucho Exito Siempre Siempre Palante Congratulations Evelyn . . . Ms. Mancuso Love Always . . . Herman Congratulations. . .Julius God Bless You . . . Mom Good Luck Always Reach for the top. Aim High Ardrea Learn, Baby, Learn! Good Luck Sis! My special friend-thank you Thank God I Graduated! Lots of success Albert Good Luck, Angie Angie, If You Forget me ya' dead May You Achieve All Your Goals Good Luck, Future Best Wishes and Success Fest for Your Future Lots of Luck Congratulations, Good Luck Congratulations, Best Wishes Congratulations, Success Wish You The Best-Dot Best of Luck, Angie Best Wishes, Thomas Seniors Congratulations "84" Seniors Success to Seniors Congratulations M84-" Seniors Good Luck, H84-" Seniors An Inspiration to All Congratulations, Angie Best Wishes, Success, Angie Good Luck and Best Wishes Congratulations, N84-H Seniors Good Luck Through the Years Seniors are 131 Best of Everything, Angie Good Health and Success Hope You Continue to Succeed May Success Rain on You Best of Luck Angie, Successful Future Angie, Be Successful whatever Congratulations, Seniors . Hope That You're Successful Love You Very Much May Your Life Be Plentiful May the Years Be Good to You Health, Happiness, Love Live Long and Prosper Best Wishes in the Years Angie, Once, Twice, Three times Lady, I Love You So Be Trusted is A Greater Gift Be Loved, May Your Troubles be Like Water On the Desert. Trouble, Before But Far Apart Love, Bobby You Deserve Success, Martin To My One and Only Love Your Grandma Gary-n-Vicky Nelson and Angie Diana as Lady Di, Good Luck Good Luck, Evie-Lourdes Good Luck, Yvette-Gladys Good Luck, Yvette Good Luck and Best Wishes Evie, Mom Loves You! Anthony-n-GiGi, Yvette Good Luck, Evie Best Wishes to Your Future Keep Smart and Sweet Congratulations, Andrea, Jackie, Lisa, Kathy Congratulations, Buga, Stay, Keep on Seeking, Sheila Thanks for Being My Daughter Best of Luck to You Peace and Happiness "Good Luck" Grandma Loves You Good Luck . . . Grandma Love You . . . Mom and Dad Iim Proud of You Success is With You Find It Nicole Yvette McVay . . . Wikki Class of "84,' were WI Thomas Seniors ii I Seniors Are on The Top Secretaries Do It In Shorthand Best Wishes Good Luck Climb That Ladder To Success You're a Nice Girl Thank You For Making Me Proud You're The Best Seniors-Rock it on, Rock it on Seniors You're the Best Mommy and Daddy Nicole and Sandy Nicole, Sandy, Patricia, 111 Norman Thomas High School Seniors Are The Eye of The Tiger You Made My Dream Come True Time Has Come to Say Good-Bye Best Wishes and Much Success in The Future Wishing You the Very Best Be Happy Follow Your Dreams Hope You Achieve Your Goals. Be What You Want, Do What You Want Future is Yours Don't Let It Go. Mommy and Daddy Mommy and Daddy Love You Uptown Girl, in an Uptown World 1 64th Amsterdam if 1 Uptown Crew- 1 6 3, 1 64 Street Uptown Crew is Just for You Time Has Come To Say Good-Bye to All Your Friends And Teachers And Go Out And Meet New People And Do What You Went to School To Do . . . Nikki Congratulations, Deborah Best of Luck, From Derrick Congratulations Maggie We love you . . . Maggie Lots of Success-Millie Best Wishes Maggie Robert and Maggie Forever Visions forever Maggie My Buddy, Love You-Julie Good Luck-Maggie Good Luck Maggie Best Wishes in the Future Best Wishes to You Lisa Lisa, My Love and Blessings Happy Future Lisa May you Have Success in Life, and Money in Pocket Continued Success Lisa, Grab the gusto Arletha, World's best SiS Good Luck., Denisa Moore leren, Grab Gusto Arletha, Brains are 216 Hereditary Arletha, Best Wishes Look Out Einstein Arletha's Here Lisa, Stay on Track Happiness Be Yours Always, James Arletha, Success Be Yours Stephaine Goran, be Good! Arletha, Finally Made It, Congrats Like Cream, Arletha Rises On Top Norman Thomas Seniors More Powers to Thanks Mom, for All You Done Watch Out World, Here Comes Lisa To My Friends Stay Cool Good-bye Thomas, Hello World Good Luck Juniors Especially Denise Arletha, Try To Be Good Arletha, Don't Do Anything I Wouldn't Do Arletha, Stay On Top Of Things Arletha, A Mother Couldn't Ask For More Arletha, You Deserve Only the Best Arletha, Stay Sweet Good Luck Seniors, From Juniors Congratulations, Margaret Congratulations to your Greatest Efforts Best of Luck! Best Wishes, Margaret Good Luck Always, Linda Congratulations 'LSis" Congratulations and Good Luck Good Luck to CLass of 84 Love Chinese Girls., J Chubby Loves Hubby Sarah Loves C-Jay Good Luck, Sweetheart "Peaches" Loves 6'Raz Won" China Keep Cool, Andie Congratulations, Class 84 China fM.N.j, Good Luck Good Luck 84 Chinatown Fair Good Luck 84 Chinatown Fair Good Luck 84 Chinatown Fair We Are the Future . . . Eddie Ramona, Lots of Kit Kat Best Wishes, Ramona Miss HR" is Number One Belinda Love, From Belinda Best Wishes, Jennean Tell Me Damn It! Romona L. Prioleau Rise Above Your Faults Capitalize On Your Attributes Keep Shining Brightly, My Star I'm Very Proud of You Keep Up The Good Work, Kelly and K.C. Congratulations, on Your Achievements Hope I'll Be Able to Give Congratulation For Your Next, "Harvard or Yalel' Good Luck in Your Future May all of Your Endeavors Be Positive and Fruitful Congratulation, Good Luck With Your Future Plans Congratulation and Best Wishes in All of Your Future Endeavors Best of Luck, Your Road to Success Congratulations and Best Wishes to you Through Life Congratulation, Toni Good Luck, Chris Good Luck, Best Wishes Much Success in Future Congratulation, Best of Luck in Your Future Good Luck in Your Future Keep Your Feet on The Ground and Your Head to the Sky God's on Your Side and So Am I! Good Luck, Keep Up Good Work 1 OW2 Genius, 90W Hard Work Congratulations, Toni God Loves you, Good Luck Best Wishes, Lots of Luck Good Luck, Best Wishes Congratulation to Toni, Best Wishes Best of Everything Always Congratulation and Much Success to My Cousin Congratulations, Diana Good Luck, Roxsan Toni, We're Real Proud! Keep Reaching and Past Your Goal of Life's Success Good Luck, Pops Best Wishes, Andrea Road is Not Quite as Steep as The Road You've Traveled Thus Far. And With Your Persevering Ways, Congratulations Andrea . . . Ruben Let there be light . . . Elgina Good luck . . . Elgina Elgina Jacob "84', Seniors are if 1 Good luck my friends . . . Elgina Success in the future . . . Alicia H. Congratulate, love Tracy Yes, you can! Elelyn Luck and success . . . Marlyn Pat, love Sharon Pat loves Gibbs Congratulations . . . Eric Carlton, good luck Pat. Ask not know why? Ronald F. Pat, love Bennie Good luck, love John Best ofluck . . . Davenports Congratulations . . . Whitehead Proud of you . . . Malina Good luck . . . Maggie Congratulations . . . Jane Best of luck . . . Darrel Ultimate goal . . . Donna Sweet lady, love mother Good luck . . .Tammy Way to success, uncle Bennie Good luck . . . Cheryl Best of luck . . . D. Vega Good luck . . . Rachel Good luck . . . Machael Good luck . . . Evgene Best wishes . . . Jenkins Good luck . . . Ike Best wishes . . . Judge Strive for success . . . Fannie Alice Class of 1984 I wuv you Keep smiling Love you always, Rosa Best wishes Good luclti in air force Johnny See you soon Remember the good times Good luck, seniors of 84 Funk u Johnny Tse-future business leader Good luck Official class 1 2-9 Good luck, Johnny 1 2-9 if 1 J. Tse-pres.-corp. Congratulations Teachers are ii' 1 Castillo are -H1 Best wishes, class 84 Love n kisses Lots of love Johnny can,t go wrong - Ns I love you, Sandra Congratulations Sandra You are great Ilove you Veronica, Ray Doc Savage rocks well Remember hell is much hotter Good luck, Jean Rivera Ornell: love always, Johnny Millie: love Johnny Edna: hang tough, Sze Agie: You made it? Sze Evelyn: Inever forget you I always love you, Sandy Keith-loves Best wishes Lots of luck Congratulations God bless you Underneath the sweet Congratulations Good luck Hang tough, cuz I love you Good luck Nighttime is the righttime Young people - future Happiness and success Fulfill your destiny You achieve greatness by risking failure Close to people, Closer to God Good luck Congratulations Much happiness Congratulations Best of luck You made it! Julie Good luck Have the best Congratulations I knew I made it I'll never forget you You're just begun, Mom Your love for it show-Dad Good luck I love you, baby, Eccfe Class of 1984 Judith Loves, kisses, and hugs Congratulations Enjoy your future Best wishes Class of 's84" Congratulations Lots of luck Love to seniors Friends forever Good luck Anna I love you Finally made it! Reach for the top Best wishes I care a lot Reach for your goals Success and luck Happiness Luis, I love you Phyllis Congratulations Capricorns are reliable Good luck Best wishes Have a good one Keep smiling A young lady Go for it Happiness always Good luck Dare to dream Find a better job Go far Success is the word We made it, Robin Vanessa Congratulations Cooper park house Tasha Gordon To a lovely granddaughter Carolyn Gordon Shorty says, think! Love is a battlefield Do what you feel Congratulations Good luck A Good luck, homegirl Best of luck Why try harder? I'm 111 Congratulations . . . Barry "84" seniors are 31 Best of luck Seniors of 1 984 Citibank f Citicorp The future is yours Best of luck Eastern district 111 Class of 84- Do your best Best luck NT grad breaking out Lots of luck Free sex Congratulations, seniors Searching for new direction Congratulations class of 84 Sanquanette loves Scott Good luck Visions of ideas Lots of luck Love ya Janette loves and kisses Pat Congratulations, love Juges God bless you, Mrs. Hill Best of luck, Mattie Best wishes . . . Katie The best . . . Myitte Best wishes . . . Parker Best of luck . . . Parker , Best of luck . . . Spence of 950 Good luck . . . Thelma Good luck . . . Mrs. Daniel Good Luck . . . Mrs. Gamez Good luck . . . Griffin Look to future . . . Alaphere Good luck . . . Sawyer Roxanne Peace and happiness . . . Margaret Good luck . . . Dorothy All our love . . . Lee Good luck . . . Griffin Always be mine . . . Karl The greatest . . . Karl Best wishes . . . Karl Congratulations . . . Jennie My love . . . Mom All my love . . . Paulene Enna College for birds . . . Pirrie Best of everything . . . Good luck Wishing the best Good luck Vanessa Good luck To a gorgeous girl I want to rock you A very special lady Anthony n Jill Jaws live, B00 Ricky n Laura Don't lose the ii Do you want to funk Congratulations, J anerlee Jill, don't be late Fungee feet forever Got a token, Jack Big "V" Bill-don't mess with destiny Go get them Jill we love you Pete Assencio 31 sister Too sweet to be forgotten It's nice to be important God loves you, Roger Iim out The world is yours It's good to be good Love of family is the best of life You'll made it Class of 83, oops H84-" Keep up the good work we made it From childhood to maturity Good luck Live, love and love The best of everything Julia-True friends never part-Sze Best of luck always Keep the faith Stay healthy Leonette Best luck always Class of H84-" Edna, keep moving loves Sze Nathan and Diana forever God bless you From Dalia and Tony Ruthie and Lionel forever God bless you You made it Luz you are a good girl Good luck I'm glad you made it Go for it Sonny loves Luz Together forever Class of 84- Caser, I made it, Sze I will miss you Best wishes Good luck Congratulations My best wishes Wishing you much success Luz-Loves Carlos 4140 Good luck You deserve the best The second time around Good luck Best wishes You did it, girl Farewell Luz, love Ileana We made it-annie and Janie We made it-Wing and Sze Good luck Jill Ray n Lisa Pude on Jilly Coffee people are good grinders Carmen, Ineed you, Sze Carmen, we made it! In life . . . Carpenters do it better-Screw Billy, I love ya, Lee I love Glenda and Jackie, Michael I love Lillian, Mechael Maritza and Patrick forever Caser, I love you! Sze Eli, Millie needs you Martinez and Serrano - Martinez Sonia loves Miguel John, Rosa needs you! Miguel and Sonia Lux my 111-love Tony I never forget you Rosa, Sze We're going to made it Sze Sze and Caser Good luck All the Thomas grad Good luck Good luck God is love Loving you always Tony loves Ingrid Lidia loves Tony Good luck Danny and Yolanda Sarnell sweet child Dec. 19, 1983 Mon Dec. 19, 1984 anniversary Angel and Audear Aurea and Angel Angel love Audrea Audrea love Angel Greatest daughter Keep moving-don't stop, Bo, Sze Love and kisses Knowledge is power Sonny and Luz Wishing you the best Keep moving up ahead Good luck God bless you Ingrid Much success Prosperous years Happiness thru the year Success Happy that you made it Much success Good luck Success to you Good luck Class of 84 Go for it Sonny and Luz Luz 111 football player wishing you the best Good luck 171 president Good luck Friends forever Best of luck Never like before I love you, Jonathan Tony loves Sara Thomas girls are fine Football and girls are life Good luck Ana, Nina, Willie, Gordo and Miguel Wishing you the best You are a sweet heart Luz 31 sister-Jessy Wishing you the best Love ya always, Cindy Good luck Congratulations Good luck Good future Best Wishes Always, From Ronnie Success in The Future . . Alicia Make Tall Achievements, Debbie Seventh Period Lunch Crew Congratulations, From Ron and Mary We are Family, From Sis Ms. Monticello, Thank for Avida Support You Have Given Me the Whole Year, Avida Good Luck, From Irving Love Your, From Darryl May We Always be Happy Thanks For The Years . . . Darryl May You Always Be Happy And Successful In Whatever You Do, Love Always, Mom May Good Luck Always Follow You, From Mrs. Bryant Good LUck From Darrel May Darryl and Deborah Always Be Happy With One Another And Keep the . Relationship Alive! Hattic Wise Smiley and Cuco, Forever, Together Good Luck in College Loundreds Cintron and Janise, Wish You Good Luck Best Future All Seniors, Best Wishes Good Luck Janise, Since You Work Very Hard Good Luck and Best Wishes, Janise Hope Everything Comes Easy For You in The Future, As Always Best Wishes, Janise Congratulations, Janise Good Luck Sis, Janise Best Wishes, Janise Hope on What You Wish For Comes True, Janise Computer Wiz Kid, Perry Bookkeeper Buff, Mau Disco Duck, Jimmy Cartoon Artist, David Cut, Cut, Cut, Kam Wherever Kam Goes, Kit Goes Honor Roll, Ken Chun, Who Cares! ! ! Always Late, Doing Anything, Kam and Kit Going to Cornell, Hurry Ken Wiz Kid Meets Brooke Shields, Whenever She Gets Desperate Kam and Kit Going to College?, No way. Curtis Tookes and Family Stay Cool Y Brian Hough Lela Rhodes and Family George and Kate Heartfield Roslyn Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Smith Thomas Watson Continued Success A Peggy Vikki, Good Luck-Peggy Best Wishes, Peggy Barella Vikki Congratulations Doris and David Vikki Good Luck-Grandma Murray New York Land Realty Co. Congratulations Bernstein, Carter and Deyo Esos. Congratulations and Good Luck-Papa Jay Congratulations-Peggy Barsella Peggy Barsella and Family Good Luck-Chere A. Murray Best Wishes-Earle and Willete Murray Best Wishes-Nisi, Jose and Baby Vikki Congratulations-Patsy Murray Best Wishes-Archie and Kay Murray Congratulations-Millie Wilcox Congratulations-J. Williams Sis Miriam Bowers Good Luck Veronica-Mrs. Fuller Good Luck Veronica-Mrs. Rowland Earl J. Wilcox Sis. E. McCummings Sis. S. Hunter Good Luck Baby in the future, Love Always, Chet Veronica, Congratulations- J oy Dawn Ronald Wilcox Glenda Bennerson and Family Good Luck! Chester H. Mont Paul Sowitsky Robert and Katie Tookes Ann Marie Ascot Edward Robinson Virginia Robinson Richard Boone Cynthia Timberlake Success, Godmother Trader Veronica, Congratulations Godmother Walker Vikki Best Wishes, Pop Jay LaDessia L. Johnson Patricia White Cheryl Crum and Family Rachel Thomas Louise Trader-Good Luck Bernice Chaplin Robert Davis and Family Karen and Anthony Ray The Curtis Graham Family Success and Happiness to Sis Zea Congratulations and Good Luck To My Aunt, Best Wishes Good Luck In The Future Kim: Warm, Wittie and Bright, Silly, Funny, Hilarious I Hope You Be Successful Congratulations, Ziggy Best Wishes For A Bright Future Congratulation With Much Success Best Of Luck! Good Luck In The Future Good Luck Kim Good Luck In The Future Congratulations: Your a Nice Girl Kim: Spoiled Rotten Cisco Best Wishes, Love Rusty Give It Your Best Shot! Camino: A Way of Life Jesus Loves You! gongratulation To The Class 4 Congratulation Francisco, Mom CISCO "8 4" Remember The Good Old Time Here's To The Future, Baby Good Luck In The Future Happiness, Best Wishes I Don't Know What to Say From A Loving Friend Fm One Of A Kind Good for You The Mysterious Man Sweet Dreams and Sweet Realities How Good It Is? Godchild, Tara, Congratulations My Niece Tara, Congratulations Continue Progressing, Mom Congratulations Tara, Mark Craine Strive For Success, Charles Congratulations, Tara, David Congratulations, Tara, Randy Congratulations, Tara, Andrew Congratulations, Tara, Joseph 218 Congratulations, Tara, Sarah Congratulations, Tara, Alma Congratulations, Tara, Rubin Congratulations, Tara, Milton Congratulations, Tara, Lloyd Congratulations, Tara, Richard For A Casket, See Morticia Best Of Luck, Arnold Congratulations, Class ,84 Congratulations, Letty Thomas Locas, We Made It! Letty, You Finally Made It! Muscle, We Made Itl, Kathy Best Wishes, Ophelia Congratulation a Phelia Good Luck-Love Charles May God light your future, Laverne God be with you-Love Doris To my Titi-Congratulations . . . Evelyn Best of luck, all my love-D.H. Congratulations to all the Seniors Good luck to you-Sonia D. Hinds Congratulations-Bertram Hinds Best wishes-Rajhumar Hinds Good Luck-Sattish M. Hinds Hope 1934 is as good as 1 98 3 Keep up the good work Congratulations and Good Luck Best wishes in 19 84 Best wishes to my Goddaughter-Matilde Yearwood Congratulations cousin- Gilberto Hinds Keep up the good luck-Mrs. Olive Hinds Good luck - Love Grandma Best wishes, continued success-Mr. and Mrs. D. Sobers About time you got out! Good luck Sis-Selina Sobers Congratulations Sarita- Florence Johnson Sarita Yvette Sobers Sarita Yvette Sobers Good luck Auntie-Shawn and Johnathan Sobers Hooray for Evelyn! Love Ellen We've come a long way, girls! Marshall Tucker Good luck Evelyn-Love Willie Success in the future- Rebecca Governale Good luck - Love Wella I love you with all my heart! Good luck! Manny Congratulations Evelyn-Love Mom and Dad Good luck, love Musclehead Kathy Good luck Tanya-Love Lisa I'll miss you-Love Laura Good luck Judy-Love Laura Margaret-A friend forever-Diane Teenage playboy "84" - Reggie juniors do it better I"ll miss you Jinx, Teddy Miguel loves Edalish Gina-I'll never tire-Millie uCongrats,' Buckwheat-Jen L'The year we breakout together." "I don't like iti'-Doris Fletcher Best wishes Gina-Love Pamela Good luck Buckwheat-Love English Congratulations Q.V.P.'s- Love Lisa Congratulations friends-Lisa Williams Congratulations Boo Boo Face-Lisa Barton Congratulations Regina Spears-Mrs. Farmer You finally made it! Jesus Christmas! Congratulations-Much Success-Love Sissy and Sam Weire so proud of you "Sugar." "OK Sugarn-Eldorado Your hanging with 706 VDD. You now earned your 1984 Cadillac Good luck in everything-Grandpa Congratulations Gina-Love Ma and Dad Congratulations Gina-Good luck-Phil The Islanders are if 1 -Taldone Good Luck and Happiness in the future Pamela-J . Woodhouse I admire you Pam-J. Mitchell Love honorable and respectable-Love Goody To Pamela-Love, happiness and success Always Mr. Den My daughter Pamela-Love, happiness and success. Always Shiela Frase Linda Terry Congratulations to Linda- Class of 1984 Congratulations Linda Terry from Mom. Good luck in the future! Good luck in your future plans and best wishes-Angel From Pilly-Good Luck! The Best keeps getting Better! Say yes to success, stay strong-Bam Wishing good luck to Linda Good Luck in the future- Love Always Ana Best wishes to Linda-Alex From Joe-Good luck and think positive and reach up! To Karen, my expensive daughter To Karen: Good Luck, Mom To Karen: You will always be my koochie Love Grandma To Karen: Best wishes, Grandma To Karen: Love ya! Granddad Good luck big Sis-Dion Good luck Sis-Love Kevin To my niece-love you, Mike I love you Kay To Karen-Good luck in whatever you do Love Alex Karen, I'm proud of you, Alex To Karen-Good luck, Alex To Karen-You made it! Tee To Karen-You sexy Scorpio To Brown Sugar-I love you Good Luck Audra-Kalvin and Helena Good luck in the future-China I love "it" go for Hitf' My girl did uit" for fun You are the future Audra-Linda 1984: The year for loving-Angie Best of luck Audra-Love Deelove Congratulations Audra, Love your sister Pat Good luck Audra-Love Tony Congratulations Audra-Love Jackie Good luck in the future-Sinclair Remember Us Audra! . . . Susie, Steven and Shaakira Congratulations Audra-Love Mom Stay Sweet and enjoy life-Popi Good luck and wishes Audra-C.C. '34 Seniors are the Best Best of luck-Love Gracie Good Luck to you-Margie Best Wishes - Love Charlene Best wishes Levern-Love Rosabelle Elvin Meadows William Garrett William J. Vessey Best Wishes-Diann Tookes Morris Ginsberg Richard W. Crump, Jr. Keith loves Veronica Junius Barber Mrs. Katherine McGee Annie Gamble Mrs. Ann Cook and Family Mr. and Mrs. George McCummings Mr. and Mrs. R. Hunter Earl J. Wilcox A. Gerald Mr. and Mrs. McCummings and Family To Tee - Love Renznick II Continued Success, Love PeeWee Good Luck, Vikki, Love Tyni Good Luck, Veronica! Charles Ellis Best of Luck! Knute Rondum Veronica Good Luck-Norma Walker Continued Success Always- Mona Talley Mr. and Mrs. Handel Wilson Winston Greenidge Minelba Troche Patricia Christensen Mary Ellen Monaco Kattie Ridley and Family E. Thomas Tookes and Family Bernice Richardson and Family Eva Martin and Family George Tookes and Family C. Robert Tookes and Son Vikki Good Luck-Love Mommy Good Luck Jamay! Much success Eddie . . . Tammy God Bless you son . . . Virginia Eddie, love ya! . . . Edith Best Wishes-Chris and Taty To the future Doctor. Eddie s'Save a Prayer" Love Always Take care and good luck-Luz Congratulations Eddie, love Lissy Dreams came true for Robin Good luck Dr. Eddie-Robin Garcia Zoraida Good luck Eddie-Nancy and Ivette My daughter Pamela-Love LaMont Pam: Love and Luck-Newton Pam: Keep climbing-Love, Wilkins Pm proud of Pam-Tiny Pam: Good Luck-Love, Parker Keep on keeping on-Pam Love you always-Paul Dunmore Best wishes always-love, Ms. Singleton May God bless you-Dudley You took my Pokeno money-Daisy "It's B.C. time, Good luck." Boobie You're dealing with the best-Curtis Stay out of Mickey D's-Auntie Stay with sports-Auntie Best wishes and Congratulations-Edith The Best of luck to all Seniors Kevin Kent Phil Vasiento J oy Littenberg Friends of Melia Ebanks Friends of Melia Ebanks Congratulations Melia Melia-Bring your Co-op slips We've come a long way-Michelle We made it, Love Nell Breaking out clan of 1984 Gloria Alfano Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Rudolph Patierno Bx. Pk. and Birchall Ave. Sal Doceti Bx. Pk. and Birchall Ave. William Schouten Bx. Pk. and Birchall Ave. Halsey Wilson Bx. Pk. and Birchall Ave. Anne Forman Bx. Pk. and Birchall Ave. Bill Polchinski Bx. Pk. and Birchall Ave. Augustina Perkins Bx. Pk. and Birchall Ave. Joan Dickens Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Jeannette Boyd Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Jeannette Boyd Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Ardell Bunz Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Connie Morrison Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Joyce Moore Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Joanne Barnes Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. George Tactikos Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Tom Blackburn Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Helen Boone 650 Lenox Ave. NY, NY Eileen Brown Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Barbara Giordano Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. William Calabrese Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Dominick Viterbo Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Leroy Knowles Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. James Ingram Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. James Dunham Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Sidney V. Richards Bx. Pk. E. Birchall Ave. Barbara E. Jones Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Sue DeLorenzo Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Naomi Van Dyke Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Mike Cuomo Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Ed Mathias Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Winston Todman Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Julius Hardaway Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Barbara Schwartz 2 1 60 Bolton St. Barrett Taylor Bx. Pk, E, and Birchall Ave. Max Kaplan Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. John Caggiano Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Robert Boggs Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Fred Pata Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Could You Believe Someone Would Go To Princeton, Just To Meet Brooke Shields? I Feel Sorry, For Brooke Shields "One Day At The Time" Trust In God See You In Switzerland You Leave Me, aah . . . Breathless Thanks For Being A Friend- Girls, Love Ya Always-Marilyn Good Luck In the Future - Mike ' To A Wonderful Daughter, Good Luck Good Luck And Best Wishes Just One Thought For The Girls Love The Most: Friendship Improves Happiness, And a Bates Misery By Doubling Our Joy, And Dividing Our Grief. The Best To Marilyn, Julie, Ivette, Kim, Vicky, Cathy, Cynthia, Evelyn, Maggie, And Rosa. Forever Your Friend, Estela Alex, You Will Always Hold The Key To My Heart-Estela Michelle, I Love You Love You, Very Very Much! Your Future Is In You Hands Good Luck! Junior Best Of Everything, Love Ya May All Your Dreams Come True Always Make Your Dreams Come True Good Luck In Your Future Best Wishes, Cousin Good Lucky, Stay Sweet May All Your Dreams Come True! All Seniors, Good Luck! You Can Do It, Love Ya! Girls, Stick With It! Aim High Michelle All The Luck In The World Good Luck Sis Keep Your Head Up High I Wish You Luck And Success Michelle, Go For It!! Good Luck, God Bless You Aim To Win, Winners Never Quit And Quitters Never Win Kathy, Sue, Steph, Michelle, Homegirls Aim For The Star, Michelle Good Luck, Michelle Congrats, Michelle Shelly, You Made Itll Good Luck, Sis Wish You Luck, Paula Congratulations, Michelle and Good Luck If At First You Don't Succeed Try, Try, Again Jill, Your Note Love Janerlee Congratulations to All My Girlsl! Best Wishes, Ophelia Stay As You Are, Ophelia Keep Up The Good Work Good Luck, Ophelia Stay Chill, Ophelia Dawna and Dawn, Always Down Best Seniors of '84 A Beautiful Person Good Luck to You, Dawna Is The World Ready For Dawna Believe In Yourself, God Love You Downa With Love Lookout World, Here Comes, Downa Downa, True Blue Capricorn Look Out Here Comes . . . Dawna Good Luck "Ducky', Dawna Nedra Gordon Peace Hair Styles By Sheila Dangerous, Adorable, Wonderful, Nice, Attractive Young and Free All the Best Always Reach For The Stars If You Can't Reach The Stars, Try The Moon You're One Step Beyond The Spirits In This Material World Aim High Michelle Walk Faster Michelle All The Luck In The World Good Luck Sis I Wish You Luck and Success Michelle, Go For It Good Luck, God Bless you Aim to Win, Winners Never Quit And Quitters Never Win Kathy, Sue, Steph, Michelle, Homegirls Aim For The Stars, Michelle Good Luck Michelle Congrats, Michelle Shelly You Made It Good Luck Sis I Wish You Luck, Paula I Wish You Luck, Michelle Congratulations Michelle and Good Luck If At First You D0n't Succeed, Try, Try, Again Jill, You're a Nut-Love Janerlee Congratulations To All My Girls!! Good Luck!! Luck Is Needed In The Future N.T.H.S., Was The Bitterest Pill, I Had to Swallow Good Luck Sis, Be Happy May God Be With You Love, Happiness and Success God Bless You, Always Aim High, Terry GOOD LUCK GWEN GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE YOU WILL ALWAYS BE SUCCESSFUL I LOVE YOU CONGRATULATION BEST OF LUCK WITH ALL MY LOVE GOOD LUCK-BABY BEST WISHES IN THE FUTURE WE LOVE YOU BEST WISHES AND GOOD LUCK CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK CONGRATULATIONS STRIVE TO BE SUCCESSFUL GOD BLESS YOU MYRA STAY SWEET MYRA REACH SUCCESS MYRA, LOVE BRENDA CONGRATULATIONS YOU FINALLY MADE IT JOHN DELOATCH GOOD LUCK R AND S WANTS MYRA TO STAY UNTIL SI-IE IS OLD AND GRAY JAMES WOODBERRY GOOD LUCK RAYMOND HARRISON GOOD LUCK MCMAN GOOD LUCK CHARLES GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK WOODBERRY HOWARD JOSEPH DAVE RUFUS FRANK I LOVE YOU BABY TO A WONDERFUL AND BRIGHT YOUNG LADY, I'LL ALWAYS BE YOUR FRIEND. - GOOD LUCK BEST OF SUCCESS WHEN MAKING YOUR FIRST INTO YOUR NEW WORLD TO A BRIGHT LADY-BEST WISHES IN ALL YOUR ENDEAVORS. PEACE AND SINCERITY. - JANET BROWN GOOD LUCK TO A NEW FRIEND DORIS MOORE MARIE MCINNISS LISA MCINNISS SHELIA WOODBERRY KEEP CLIMBING THE LADDER OF SUCCESS GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE YEARS YOU DID IT. GOOD LUCK! WISH YOU SUCCESS IN THE YEARS AHEAD GOOD LUCK MYRA FROM JACKSON KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GOOD LUCK AND KEEP STRIVING JOY GO WITH YOU. KEEP UP THE DETERMINATION AND I KNOW YOU WILL SUCCEED. "MUCH LUCK" LOVE JEN FOR IP'S FAVORITE COOP A- JERRY FOR "OUR BEVI' - LARRY LILLY-IP GOOD LUCK BEV - HELEN "GOOD LUCK SENIORS" BEST WISHES BEVERLY FROM LUCREZIA SOAR AND SEEK HIGHER ALWAYS BEST LUCK IN THE FUTURE TO MY SWEETHEART WITH LOVE PETE LOVES BEV BEST OF LUCK - TERRI TUNES BEST OF LUCK BEVERLY-DEBBY GO FOR IT! LOVE SHIRLEY Vanessa Whittle impersonates being a woman Vanessa,s breath is like a dead dinosaur Reggie Pinder's nickname is MEATLESS Iris Guzman has NO NO NO N0 chest Grenga is a man from Nantucket His "thing" is so small he could tuck it One day it grew, he didn't know what to do, Except, sit on the toilet and chug it! Barney Ross is STERILE Barney Ross can't COME OR Go Barney and Luis are closet lovers Luis Colon is a half breed Puerto Rican Luis Colon is a half breed Dominican Luis Colon is a half breed human Diana Williams is a pimple face puppy Good luck to honehead Tone . . . which head has the bone? Danny Gorham is still a virgin. Look at his face and you can see why. Monique Chunn is as smart as three roaches. George Thomas . . . take some speed reading lessons. Eric Brockington should change his name to Eric BLACKINGTON George, tell me . . . which way is up? Are you sober enough to read this . . . GOOD HELP . . .Andre Neighbors. GOOD LUCK AND HEALTH, SIS IT'S ABOUT TIME BEVERLY -- LINDA BEST OF LUCK - MARY WE'RE THE BEST THERE IS SUCCESS-YOU DESERVE THE BEST GOOD LUCK TO A NICE COUSIN TIMMY YOU HAVE MADE US PROUD HAPPY GRADUATION FOR MY COUSIN BEV-DONNIE KEEP SMILING-STAY THIN GOD BLESS YOUR FUTURE-DEBBIE CONGRATULATIONS SIS TO MY DARLING DAUGHTER, CONGRATULATIONS STAY SWEET, KEEP EATING RAVIOLI TO MY SWEET BEVY-MRS. ADAMS MANDY'S CLASS WAS THE, BEST KIM, KEEP DANCING LENNY, KEEP LAUGHING BEVERLY, STAY SWEET LEROY, KEEP ACTING MY BEVERLY-YOUNG, PRETTY AND SMART I LOVE MY MOTHER I LOVE MY MOTHER I LOVE MY MOTHER I LOVE MY MOTHER I LOVE MY MOTHER THANKS, MA. IN YOUR FUTURE EDUCATION LOVE YOUR BROTHER -- RAY WISH YOU ALL THE LUCK WE'LL MISS YOU YOLIE - ANGIE YOU'RE THE BEST YOLIE - DIANA CONGRATULATIONS TO YOLIE FROM ANA GOOD LUCK YOLANDA LOVE LUZ BEST WISHES 1 FROM NELSON I LOVE YOU CHEP - ALICE See you done it Stacey Keep up the good work Hi cuz, best of luck Dear Niece Good luck . . . Rudy You're great Cuz' . . . Love Ketra Hi you did it Stacey To my cousin . . . Good Luck Best wishes, good luck Serena Continued success to my Godchild Congratulations in the future Best of luck . . . Love Uncle 220 lui Junior Keep on climbing up The ladder Success for 1984 Graduate . . .Oswald Good luck Stacey . . . Love Grandpa Love to Stacey Gibbs Grandpa Best of everything Stacey . . . Daddy Good luck Godmother . . . Love TaSharri Good luck Stacey! Browny Best wishes from Joyce Lewis Best of luck always Evatte Best of luck . . . Lisa Calhoun Good luck Stacey . . . Love Sybil D-Ice, Good luck Stacey Stay on the one. H.E.T. Good luck Stacey from Kirk Stacey best of luck . . . Keenan Good year and have a happy Best of luck Stacey . . . Evla Keep on movin' on . . . Melody Best of luck in future . . . Maxine Best of luck in future Aileen Always take yourself higher! Peace Live, learn and be happy! . . . Leighton Best wishes Stacey . . . Spurgeon Dowell. . .Loveya. . . Shyrelle Best of everything always I love my children . . . Minnie Best wishes, Stacey Love Minnie What's up girls? . . . Suzanne Hang in there, Stacey! Good luck Stacey . . . Helen Best wishes girl . . . Harold Best of luck Stacey Love Grandma Congratulations, hope you succeed! Congratulations Stacey . . . Dennis Dean Best wishes and good luck Good luck Stacey! Karen Go for it Stacey . . , Karen Peace, love and happiness Stacey . . . Migdalia Best of luck in the future Dearest Stacey, Best wishes Best wishes Stacey . . . Uncle Renaldo Good luck from The Benjamins To special Granddaughter, Good luck Congratulations! Shirlene and Morgan State Go for it Stacey! . . . MonaLisa Good luck Stacey . . . Love Taunoalia Hi cuz'-Stacey! Love Marquis Good luck Stacey . . . Cassandra and Sascha Keep on steppin' Stacey! Go for it Stacey . . . Helen Lots of luck Stacey . . . Helen Keep on getting up Stacey Keep on truckin' Stacey . . . Junior Best of everything . . . Goddaughter Raymond Vasquez wished he had a big one Ruben Rodriguez can't get it. Ruben Rodriguez plays with his VCR all day. Ruben Rodriguez has the smallest - this side of the Mississippi River Carol thinks she is so fine Raymond is a super Bow Bow Carol is on Raymond's list Carol is on any list Linda Terry has NO CHEST Karen Henry is super fine Bow Bow Mr. Joseph W. Grenga Mr. Joseph W. Grenga Mr. Joseph W. Grenga Mr. Joseph W. Grenga Mr. Joseph W. Grenga Mr. Arnold T. Oftedal Mr. Arnold T. Oftedal Mr. Arnold T. Oftedal Cynthia Bradshaw has four eyes andno chest Jose Vega has big lips Jose Vega is a lazy-ass puerto rlcan Reggie Pinder can't play basketball Reggie Pinder can't even play with himself Reggie Pinder has a very small "tootsie roll" Mr. Grenga is super-fine Raymond thinks he is a fine Puerto Rican??? Raymond's pimples have pimples Iseonard Walker is going to inarry Boy George Leonard Walker is engaged to Michael Jackson Karen Henry is as cute as a CHIMP Stacey Morris is short and ugly Shanny Herrera looks like Aunt Jeminais son Cendri Heriveaux sleeps her life away Shanny Herrera is super-uuugly Shanny Herrera has NO SHAPE Pamela Fraser has NO PCHEST Pamela Fraser is Mr. Grehga's best secretary Sharon Nick is an escapese slave Raymond vasquez Cant get soft Ruben rodriquez is the worldis best lover Raymond vasquez is the best LOVER ever Ruben is raymond's lover The Senior Class salutes Mr. Oftedal's Cabbage Patch Kids Dana St. Olmer thinks she so fine Dana St. Olmer walks on all four Darren is a cute black boy Darren is a cute brown boy Darren is a cute beige boy What is the true color of darren? Who knows. He's iust a BOY Raymond doesn't love Natalie, but natalie loves Raymond . . .But how long??? Eng Wing is a very good yearbook secretary Sze Sze helped Mr. Grenga Too Ruben says carol is looking Natalie Mills Orneil Ramsay Sharon Clarke -9' Cool Rltnnings! Ruben Rodriquez Is afraid of Christian Girls! PHYLLIS HOSTON-GOOD LUCK, JOAN JEROME CONWAY LOTS OF LUCK J OAN-DENISE GOOD LUCK J OA N-FROM ZENJ A BEST WISHES JoAN.FR0M NICKIE HOW JOAN? . . .CARLOS KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK CONGRATS J OAN-LOVE HENRY EVELYN CALLENDER DONNA M. LYNCH BEST BABY SITTERS- YOLANDA AND DENISE ROCIO PAZ BONNY BON-BOMS BREAKERS DELUXE EVIE AND WILLIE CONGRATULATIONS TO SONIA THE GRADUATE GOOD LUCK SONIA-JANICE LOVE FROM THE NEGRONI FAMILY SONIA, SOON YOU WILL MEET THE RIGHT GUY, GOOD LUCK GO FOR IT '84 YOLANDA GOOD LUCK FROM EDDIE GOOD LUCK ALWAYS-GLORIA MAKE THE RIGHT MOVES, MIGUEL GOOD LUCK SON IA GOOD LUCK COCO-LEUIS SOFTBALL FOREVER- LOVE MS. MALAPERO "I RODE THE PINEB - NEDRA SOFTBALL FOREVER- LOVE JEROME CONGRATULATIONS MANDY-LOVE LU ANN CONGRATULATIONS MANDY-LOVE MOM AND DAD GOOD LUCK MANDY- LOVE BUTCHIE BUENA SUERTE AMANDA-TU ABUELA TO THE SWEETEST CHILD-AMA NDA CONGRATULATIONS, Ms. AQUILA CONGRATULATIONS SOFTBALL SENIORS-LOVE MANDY JACKIE NIEVES ZORAIDA AND EDDIE VLADIMIR RODAS DRACULA HAPPINESS ALWAYS-NELLIE I LOVE YOU GRENGA- FACE . . . ORNELL JOHNNY LOVES NELLIE YOLIE, MOMMY LOVES YA . . . EDITH BEAMAN . . . WORK! I LOVE YOU SCOTT . . . LORRAINE LOVE IS FOREVER . . . JACKIE NEIVES I FINALLY BUSTED OUT . . . ALEXANDRIA J.N.! I'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU DEBORAH CRUZ CAROL FRETS IS SO FINE THAT GOD IS LEAVING HER TO SATAN. Raymond Vasquez LOVES Natalie Lopez The Inventor of the Human Atomic Bomb J. W. Grenga To Dad from Raymond and Ruben We love you Grenga Mr. Oftedal wants to go up the ladder of suc-sex The class of 1984 Kindly donates our Senior class President to the ASPCA. Carol is onWuben and Wayihoncl's list! !! Jose Vega won the mister Universe Contest for the year of I 884-1 885 Grenga said NataIie's Pimples aren't as big as mountains anymore, jlst hills. Ruben Will be loved forever Mr. Grenga is BREATHING in Raymond"s strap!!! Carol is allergic to soap and water. It's against the law totbe seen in public with Carol Frets, she is so ugly Carol Frets face stops all traffic and ,planes Carol F rets can leave a busy highway LONELY!!! Carol is the ONLY TRUE CHRISTIAN on Earth Our Vice President can't get hard or COME! ! ! Mr. Joseph W. Grenga Mr. Joseph W. grenga Mr. Joseph W. Grenga Raymond vasquez sends his best wishes to the graduating class of 1984 Raymond is a fine, good- looking Puerto Rican Sharen Branch thinks she so fine . . . sbeis ugly Ornall Ramsey . . . Did you steal the money? Only time will tell! Lisa Williams . . . Did you help Ornell? Sharon Clarke looks good in her pleatber jacket Sharon Clarke also looks good in her father's coat Beverly Blackwell is black Beverly Blackwell is ugly but still thinks due is as fine as 'handsome Mr. Grenga It was nice knowing you . . . White man Grenga Natalie Mills reminds me of the saying . . . Girls who eat swgts, take up two seats. 'Milton Trabal thinks he is a fine Dominican . . . He doesift even know he's Puerto Rican Milton Trabal is a walking human hvair Francisco is even hairier than milton eMilton and francisco are closet lovers I love Eric Bolden's big lips . . . Sharon? Tanya Williams is the RONA BARRETT of N.T.H.s. Denise Stennett is super DIZZY, yet super-fine Denise Stennet will kiss afiything in pants Deifise Stennet will kiss anyone who gives her food The Senior Class of 1984 wishes to donate a wig to Mr. Oftedal, since he is losing his Cabbage Patch look Mr. Grenga thinks he is BAD . . . He is just GOOD Ornall Ramseyleats like there is Ro tomorrow The Cheerleaders get more 'PLAY than the N.T.H.S. Basketball Team To a young lady who has worked her way up! To Jennifer: Best Wishes, Diriah God Bless Grenga is great in bed Someone tells great big lies Wanda . . . Iwish you the best. NGO get them!, Janet", Nancy Thanks for the booster-Julie Time will reveal . . . and change We're friends forever! Best of luck from pb Janet, you're special. Janet, Best wishes from Kenny Good luck forever-Love, Cooney Best Wishes . . . Your sister Brunie Congratulations . . . You made it!! Elizabeth To Pat, Ten Best Of Everything Good Luck-Timara Garner Lloyd -N- Timara Kenny and Sarah forever Para Carol Dios Te Bendiga Te Desea Tu Padre Y Eugene PARA CAROL FRETS: QUE DIOS TE CONTINUE BENDICIENDO AHORA Y SIEMPRE PARA QUE TRIUNFES EN TODO LO QUE DESEAS TU MAMA Milagros Rivera Good Luck Graduates of 44843, Patricia Benjamin is a B---h Lloyd and Timara Sarah Usher-Clean Your Nose!! Kim Cook as Dragon Lady GOD BLESS-MARIO AND MOMMY GOOD LUCK-HOSPITAL DIETETIC DEPARTMENT To Doris, Love Always Gumerlindo Matinez-Wishing you the best in life Congratulations Doris-From Michele "Stinger Live to Love" - Steve GOOD LUCK DORIS-LOVE, SIS Brooklyn Girls are the Best!-Doris Love always William and Dolores ""Y0u're the best, Dorisw M- Nicole TO DORIS WITH LOVE-DAVID Good Luck Pat - HELEN AND BOB Watch Your Back, I'm Hot! Yes, I'm Married "You're finally out . . ."' Santiago Your Former fBestj Teacher-Wasserman Good Luck Homegirl . . . Charmaine "Enimes will get dogged," Carol I'll miss the laughs we had together. Love, Cathy O'Malley "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER" YOMI DEIDRA MOOR CLASS OF 468495 HLINCLON LEE" CONGRATULATES YOU I LOVE BRUCE WHITE . . . STACEY VAUGHN J ETER MAKES THINGS EASIER CONGRATULATIONS SANDRA . . . FRANKIE SANDRA DON'T GIVE IT UP! GOOD LUCK SANDY RAY LOVES CARMEN FOR EVER CONGRATULATIONS SANDY. . . MOM AND DAVID BEST WISHES IN H1984-,!' SANDY BEST WISHES FOR THE FUTURE VIVIENNE MARIE CRUZ FROM 9 TO 5 PAY DOMINGUEZ ALL NIGHT LONG MARILYN TORRES CONGRATULATIONS! ROSALIA ACEVEDO GOD BLESS-BOMAN ACEVEDO MAYRA, THIS IS THE END! CONGRATULATIONS! MAGGIE, MAYRA, JANET, JUDY STAY SWEET MAYRA-ELIZABETH STAY HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF! BEST OF LUCK, COUSIN! ELBA KEEP ON SMILING MAYRA! GEORGINA LOVE IS A BATTLE FIELD LET'S BE FRIENDS FOREVER! J .M STAY MY BEST COUSIN-ANNIE YOU'RE ONE IN A MILLION! TO LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING-ANDY SMILEY, GODDESS OF LOVE-EDGAR CONGRATULATIONS, JANETTE . . . EVELYN GONZALEZ MAY GOD BLESS US ALL BEST WISHES TO BELINDA . . . CINDY BEST OF LUCK BELINDA . . . WILFREDO BEST OF LUCK BELINDA . . . BECKY BEST WISHES EDITH REYES SWE ARE THE FUTURE" 1 98 4 CARMEN VAZQUEZ YOU FINALLY MADE IT BELINDA GOOD LUCK BELINDA . . . AGUEDA GOOD LUCK EDNA GOOD LUCK FOREVER . . . ARLENE GONZALEZ GET OUT BELINDA! . . . MAGGIE GOODBYE NESTLE . . . MAGGIE GET OUT BELLYBUTTON! . . . EMILIA WAKE UP THE WORLD! H. E. LIPKOWITZ GOOD LUCK "ROBERTS" . . . S. WALFISH CONGRATULATIONS! ALL THE BEST -MR. O'KEEFFE ALWAYS REMEMBER TO BE WISE GUARANTEED TO MAKE IT . . . BELINDA KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! . . .LISSY BEST WISHES, VALDA- FIELDER FAMILY BEST WISHES, VALDA-LENICE KEEP MOVING UP VALDA . . . ALISA GOOD LUCK VALDA, LOVE PV CONGRATULATIONS AUNTIE VAL-LOVE TERRENCE BEST WISHES LITTLE SISTER-WANDA BEST OF LUCK VALDA-MARTHA BEST WISHES VALDA . . . LOVE PAULETTE BEST WISHES LOVABLE VALDA . . .PETER BEST WISHES VALDA . . . SHIRLEY KISHA-THE YOUNG ONE . . . VALDA NUKE THE REDS . . . ARTIE NAYDA, "HAPPY '84 GRADUATION ." BEST ACTRESS '84, NAYDA BEST WISHES FUNNY . . . YISELL ARTIE AND YISELL FOR EVER, '8 5 MAY YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE PAPI LOVES YOU VERY MUCH GO FOR TI-NAYDA . . . AUDRY ABRAHAM WISHES YOU THE BEST VICKY YOU ARE SUPER WALK BY MY SIDE LORD!! P.L.T. ALWAYS, NAYDA GOOD LUCK SWEETIE-ALBA TO VICKI-REMEMBER ME, VICKY LOVE YOU ORNELL-RICKY TO LOURDES . . . FRIENDS FOREVER, MARIA HEY CHARY, I MADE IT! DERICK, THANKS FOR BEING THERE LORRAINE, CONGRATULATIONS MOM MAY WE ALL SUCCEED SENIORS CONGRATULATIONS ORISTELLA O'FARREL BEST WISHES, MARGARET CONGRATULATIONS JENNIFER . . . MARILYN CONGRATULATIONS CARMEN MOJ ICA GLORIA BEBBS JOHN SIMMONS CONGRATULATIONS TO ORNELL RAMSAY CONGRATULATION STARS! KEITH JUST REMEMBER! COLLEGE IS NEXT BRIAN GRIFFITH PAUL SOBERS CARL BELGRAVE COURTENAY HINDS GOOD LUCK ALICE MILLER WOW JOAN! YOUR BROTHER JESUS ANN KING PRINCESS REDM AN JOAN, GOOD LUCK IN COLLEGE CONGRATS JOAN . . . LOVE JUNE GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 84 GOOD LUCK IN COLLEGE SMARTY YOU FINALLY MADE IT . . . JANET TENDER, LOVING, CARE FOR JANET GOOD LUCK THROUGHOUT THE YEARS TOGETHER WE MADE IT . . . JANET J ULIO, THE FOOL OF 1 984 ALWAYS LOOK TO THE SKIES DO WHAT I DIDN'T DO OLIVIERI-SOME PEOPLE MAKE IT THE DUMMY MADE IT . . . JANET FINALLY YOU ARE OUT . . . JANET THE J ERK STRIKES AGAIN . . .JANET MS. FRANCES GLICK SUSHI LOVES ALL HER FRIENDS GLAD YOU MADE IT NEDRA NDAZED AND CONFUSEDP SENIORS-DIANA MAY GOD BLESS CAROL THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1 9 84 CONGRATULATIONS- WITH LOVE CINDY CONGRATULATIONS CAROL-LOVE TATA MAY GOD BLESS THE SENIORS LOVE YOUR PRESIDENT - CAROL FRETS THANKS MOM-VIVIAN DIEZ NEDRA: GOOD LUCK, BE SUCCESSFUL GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE CONGRATULATIONS: YOU MADE IT-RAYON I FINALLY MADE IT! SONIA I LOVE YOU SENIORS! MS MALAPERO IT'S NOT NEEDRA IT'S NEDRA! I HOPE WE'RE TOGETHER FOREVER! SUCCESS TO H84-"-LOVE MARILYN WISHING YOU THE BEST-REAVES CONGRATULATIONS SISTER "VALDA"-LOVE NATALIE Best wishes Senior Class Secretary Good luck Stacey, Aunt Dorothy Congratulations and good luck Stacey Wishing you the best cuz' . . . Sunny A great future awaits you, Stacey The world is yours! With the Lord's help, you shall not fail. Great future cuz' Stacey Best of luck daughter, Shirley Best wishes Stacey in 1 984- Keep on truckin' Sis, Shirlene Keep on smurfin' Uncle John We're routing for you Stacey! Best of luck Stacey . . . Teddy Good health and Best wishes! The best to the best! Good friends are made not bought. Shoot for the moon, Beatrice Congratulations and good luck, Rekha Good luck in the future Best wishes for a bright future Best wishes in the future . . . Annette Good luck in the future . . . Annie Congratulations! Best wishes forever Congratulations Stacey Gibbs . . . Halese Best of luck in future Best of luck . . . Christine Congratulations to Stacey . . . Robin Success for class of '84-! "Right on" cuz' Stacey You could do it . . . RAY Happiness Cuz' Stacey . . . Love J avon Good luck Stacey . . . Love Monee Best of luck Stacey . . . Tracey STRIVE ONLY FOR THE BEST, JOYCE GOOD LUCK, ALBERT MUCH SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS IN THE FUTURE GOOD LUCK, ROBERT BEST OF LUCK, MARY TO KIM COOK, CONGRATULATIONS 222 LOVE FRED K.C. LOTS OF LOVE AND SUCCESS, D-LOVE CONGRATULATION AND ALL MY LOVE KIM GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES GOD BLESS YOU, MRS. REESE GOOD LUCK, GLADY GREEN BEST OF LUCK, FRANK TO MY VERY SPECIAL DAUGHTER, ADA GOOD LUCK CLASS OF '84, JEN TO MY LOVELY WIFE- LUCK, DANA PM BERRY POUD OF MYCEF, JENNIFER GOOD LUCK FOR EMC I PITY THE FOOL THAT DIDN'T GRAD. LUCK TO S.O.S., MR. FORDAM TO MY SWEET BUNNY, LEON CONGRATULATIONS TO JENNY POO, BILLY GOOD LUCK LITTLE LAMB, ADA JEN, GOOD LUCK AND PEACE CONGRATULATIONS JENNIFER, CHRIS '84- E.T. MADE IT! LOVE GINA CONGRATS, MR. TALDONE BEST WISHES FROM BARNEY ROSS BEST WISHES JENNIFER- FRIEND PAM BEST OF LUCK FROM BEVERLY GOOD LUCK CRYSTAL HARRISON FRIEND OF SUNSHINE REJOICE, RENEE GOOD LUCK-JENNIFER, PAM CONGRATULATIONS JENNIFER, DEBBIE GOD BLESS YOU JEN, DEBORAH BEST OF LUCK, JEROME CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU, RENEE GRETA, MY YOUNG LADY LOVE DARRELL GRETA, GOOD LUCK HEART BREAKER LOVE ALWAYS BOBBY GRETA, STAY SWEET AS ALWAYS, JEAN YOU ARE TOPS WITH ME, DEBIIE CONGRATULATIONS TANYA, WILIAM CONGRATS TANYA, STEVE CONGRATS TANYA, MICHELLE DIDI CONGRATULATIONS TAMMY YOUR SIS FELICIA GOOD LUCK TAMMY, YOLANDA CONGRATULATIONS TAMMY YOUR FRIEND DIANA TO VICKY FROM ANOTHER VICKII BEST LUCK NEICEY IN THE FUTURE PLENTY LUCK IN THE FUTURE REACH FOR YOUR GOALS ALICIA GOOD LUCK TO ALL SENIORS! IT,S YOUR YEAR SENIORS! GOOD LUCK MY ONE AND ONLY GOOD LUCK SENIORS OF '84 THE QUALITY OF MERCY IS UNSTRAINED KEISHA SINDAB, CONGRATS CONGRATULATIONS TRACE LOVE MOTHER I LOVE YOU, JAY BAR BEST WISHES TRACEY LOVE MICHAEL The phrase "First You Don't Succeed, Try, Try, Again," This Qualifies For Everyone, Except Perry. Luck Is Needed In The Future Strive For Success, Jackie Wonderful Sister, Millie Mirror, Mirror On The Wall A Wonderful Aunt, Amari A Special Friend, Amari A Lovin Friend, Amari Neftaly: I Love You, Yvonne Shawn Jones, I'm Not A Bully Irene The One And Only Smiley Frankie and Cindy Always and Forever CTK, Like To Play TDK Where Ever CTK Goes, His Laundry Goes With Him Mr. James Welsh Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Louis Romano Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Abe Raskins Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Steve Stroncer Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Vincent Ettari Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Lillan Beran Bx. Pk. E. and Birchall Ave. Best wishes to all-Richie Good luck in Marymount-Sheron I love you Malik, Sheron Sheron-Best wishes e Love Mother Sheron I love you-Malik Sheron, learn to read first I-Iello to my three sons Sheron-May all your dreams come true! Juanita See you at the Garage, Sheron Stay sweet Sheron, Love Sabrina Sheron-Friend, Sister, Advisor-Tize I'm known by many names Sheronis a very charming young lady God bless you in all your endeavors Sheron is a naughty girl To Sheron: Good luck, study hard Best wishes Sheron-Love Sharon The Only Simon in N.T.H.S. Best wishes in the future Good luck in the future! GOOD LUCK TO THE BEST SMILE-PEOPLE WONDER WHAT'S HAPPENING DANCING! DANCING! DANCING! THANK YOU FOR THE RAVIOLI! THANK YOU FOR THE LAUGHS LOVE, BEV KEEP LAUGHING! !! KIM, I LOVE YOU, DARA MAY GOD BE WITH YOU ALL YOUR LIFE, DARA FOR THESE, I AM THANKFUL KEEP REACHING FOR YOUR STAR YOU'RE GOOD ONLY WHEN ASLEEP GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE DANCE YOUR WAY TO FAME WORK HARD NOW- SUCCESS LATER GOOD LUCK AT PURCHASE WORK HARD, NEVER GIVE UP KIM, DON'T STOP YOUR DANCING KEEP ON DANCING! PRAISE YE THE LORD, AMEN Thank you for a wonderful yearbook. Allergic to sophomores, that means you RAY!! To Ray the overgrown senior Good luck to Ruben the alcoholic Grenga N Raymond forever? ? ? One day Grenga will marry a min. Mr. Grenga, Ileave you my dog muzzle Grenga . . . Catch the spirit of NORMALITY Francisco . . . I leave you the sanitation truck to dump yourself in. Igim Dees . . . Belluvue leaves you a free straight jacket Ruben you and eat and sometimes you get food free, but can't you see how its grown on thee'?ff? Is Daniel Rossi a secret undercover LOVER? ?? Good luck to Caroly Pace . . . future journalist Theodora Koutros . . . future CIA agent Denise Stennett . . . present gold-digger Ruben, even though your jokes are dry, I still love you . . . Carol Good Luck and best of wishes for the FABULOUS CLASS OF I 984 To Stacey and pat-1984 the greatest year CAROL there is always something FISHY about you and your presence Good luck to our new senior advisor . . . Love always the SENIOR OFFICERS Mr. Oftedal we miss you and your corny self Mr. Stein, we love you and your thick glasses. We love you Mr. Johnson We lpve you Joe Green and your green teeth Barney Ross doesn't have one Kim Dees is an undercover MAN!!! Dana looks good in her PLEATHER COAT. Vanessa is not on reggie strap, but IN IT! Good luck in your endeavors . . . Mr. Belton Danny the Tree. Sharon . . . you got the kooties. Reggie sucks socks. Eric you're so black we lost you in night school. I Love You Dana Johnson. Ms. Rogers we love you! !! Ms. Rogers we llove yiu! ! ! Ms. Rogers we love you! !! Ms. Rogers we love you! !! This is a recording . . . Arnold T. Oftedal Arnold T. Oftedal Arnold T. Oftedal Arnold T. Oftedal Arnold T. Oftedal Arnold T. Ofetedal We will miss you very much N.T.H.S. We love you very much white-man Grenga We have the best yearbook ever!!! No one can surpass the fantastic work of our Fabulous Mr. Grenga We leave Norman Thomas Prison . . . but you'll always be in our hearts and nightmares ' ONLY FOR YOU SIS, LISETTE PROUD OF YOU LISETT E I HATE STUPID DROPOUTS, LISETTE BEST WISHES LISETTE CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES LISETTE THANKS FOR THE JUICE, LISETTE RIG-HT ON HOMEPISS, LISETTE I KNEW COULD DO IT, LISETTE IT'S ABOUT TIME LISETTE ALWAYS BE ON TIME LISETTE LOTS OF LUCK LISETTE BEST WISHES TO YOU LISETTE CONGRATULATIONS LISETTE BEST WISHES LISETTE MAY YOU SUCCEED LISETTE DON'T LET THE SUN CATCH YOU UGLY LISETTE VERY BEST WISHES LISETTE CONGRATULATIONS LISETTE ONLY FOR YOU LISETTE BEST WISHES LISETTE GOOD LUCK LISETTE GOOD LUCK LISETTE GOOD LUCK LISETTE GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE LISETTE MY GIRL LILLY LUV YA LISETTE CONGRATULATIONS LISETTE GOOD LUCK LISETTE LOVE BRENDA ALWAYS SETTLE FOR THE BEST, MILLIE BE DARING, IT'S SUCH BLOODY FUN! ROBIN BEST OF LUCK ANGELA DEAR ROBIN BROWER, REACH FOR THE HIGHEST STAR ALWAYS, LOVE CHRISTINA TERRY BEST OF LUCK IN ALL YOUR UNDERTAKINGS ROBIN ROBIN GOD BLESS AND GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK ROBIN AND GOD BLESS ROCK RULES SABBATH GOOD LUCK LISETTE, LOVE CHEYENNE GOOD LUCK, LISETTE LOVE MONIA DON'T LOSE YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR, LISETTE GOOD LUCK LISETTE, LOVE PERQUITA MY COUSIN GRETA, CONGRATS. CHRIS WE DID IT, ROMANY BEST WISHES TO GRETA SHELLEY GOOD LUCK GRETA FROM BRENDA GOOD LUCK GRETA, LOVE SLY OUR HOMEGIRL GRETA GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE, SHARON AND THERESA GRETA, A LOVELY LADY WHO WE ALL LOVE VIOLA AND TONY CONGRATULATIONS NANCY GOOD LUCK NANCY, SHEILA SMITH IT'S A MIRACLE YOU MADE IT, MS. PIGGY I LOVE YOU TITI NANCY, JESSICA I LOVE YOU TITI NANCY, PAUL MENUDO GIRLS, NANCY, JANNETTE, JANET, FIOR GOOD LUCK NANCY, EILEEN GOOD LUCK NANCY, EDDIE JANINE RAMOS WISHES NANCY THE BEST BEST OF LUCK NANCY GOOD LUCK CHRIS LOVE SHARON MOODY YOLANDA LOVES MIKEY FOREVER BEST WISHES AND CONGRATULATIONS COLLEGE KEEP IT GOING SWEETHEART I WISH YOU LUCK YOUR FINALLY GOT IT BABY I'M GLAD YOU DID IT I'M GLAD YOU'RE MY SWEETHEART AND MY FIANCE - GREGORY I LOVE YOU ALWAYS 1 MIKEY FIND THE KEY TO SUCCESS HOPE YOU FIND HAPPINESS KEEP YOUR EYES IN JESUS! YVETTE LOVES RAYMOND I LOVE YOU, YOUR FOREVER FAITHFUL WIFE - LILY ONLY THE BEST - BEST WISHES PROUD TO BE YOUR WIFE WORLD KNOWS THAT I AM I WANT TO LET THE LOVE YOUR SISTER - LILLY DIPLOMA, YOU DESERVE IN THERE AND GOT YOUR I'M GLAD YOU FINALLY HANGED BEST WISHES - FROM FELIX CON MUCHO CARINO f GIL WITH "MUCHO AMOR" COOKIE SENIORS OF 1987 ARE Jil MUCH "SUCCESS" FOR THE FUTURE GIVE IT YOUR BEST SHOT JUST KISSING TO BE CLEVER YOURSELF FIRST, THEN MEN FIND WHAT YOU WANT IN I WISH YOU WELL GLENDA GLENDA, THE FUTURE IS YOURS TO THE WOMAN OF THE YEAR TO A GORGEOUS GIRL TO A SURE WINNER YOUNG, CUTE AND VERY WISE THE BEST IS YET TO COME TO GLENDA, NEVER GIVE UP TO AN ATTRACTIVE AND DESIRABLE PERSON TO UNDERSTANDING AND RELIABLE PERSON TO A SWEET AND CHARMING YOUNG LADY LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST MAKE SUCCESS A 'QSHORT TRIPR BE SUCCESSFUL AT YOUR GOALS CANDIE GIRLS AND BABY LEE What could I send you when youlre gone? Yesterday is the past, but there is always tomorrow Never give up because it always pays off Give them hell kiddo We are FAMILY Remember what happened in the past, and don't give up FRIENDS FOREVER You've come a long way baby Dios es amor You're the TOPS!!! I am what I am Let your heart be sincere and you,ll reach all your goals. Keep looking up! ll Your my everything Our future C.P.A. and doctor GOOD LUCK LISETTE, RA MONA CONGRATULATIONS LISETTE, CYNTHIA BEST OF LUCK LISETTE, WINFIELD GOOD LUCK DEBBIE LOVE BE GOOD, LOVE MARIA CONGRATULATIONS DEBBIE FROM J EFF WE MADE IT GRETA, YVONNE HAVE FUN GRETA, LOVE EDDIE GOOD LUCK GRETA, LOVE THOMAS HIGH IS THE BEST! KEEP ON CHILLIN LOVE LISA PROUD OF YOU CUZ, PAT MAY GOD BLESS YOU WITH HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS, LOVE DOTTIE CONGRATULATIONS DEBBIE, LOVE DUKE GOOD LUCK DEBBIE, ABDULL TURBOS LOVE YOU DEBBIE, GERALD TO AN INTELLIGENT YOUNG LADY, STEVE WHO WILL GO FAR? STEVE MOST LIKE TO SUCCEED, ELGINA MUCH HAPPINESS, MR. EDELSCHICK CONGRATULATIONS TO KIM COOK GOD BLESS YOU ROBIN TO MY DAUGHTER BEST WISHES, MARY BEST WISHES TO KIM COOK CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO KIM GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE KIM CONGRATULATIONS, BEST WISHES TO K.C. GOD BLESS TO KIM COOK GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS KIM COOK CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES LOVE WARREN K.C. BEST WISHES TO KIM COOK CONGRATULATIONS TO MY BRIGHT COUSIN, DEB GOOD LUCK, STRIVE FOR SUCCESS, MARV MARIA ROSADO CON GRATULATES ALICIA MAN CHRIS YOU'RE GRADUATING, MAGGIE CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES ALICIA MY YOU BECOME A GREAT LAWYER CONGRATULATIONS AND KEEP REACHING FOR SUCCESS IN THE FUTURE, LOVE MOM MAY YOUR GOALS BE COMPLETE ANDRE ALICE I WISH YOU ALL THE LUCK LOVE AND PEACE, REV. CLAYTON MAY GOD BE WITH YOU ALWAYS LOVE MAMI AND PAPI HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS ALWAYS, LOVE MOM AND DAD VICKY, I LOVE YOU MAMI BEST OF LUCK FOR OUR FUTURE, TEDDY TO MY BABY VICKY WHO I TREASURE WITH ALL MY HEART, TEDDY I LOVE YOU VICKY, TEDDY CONGRATULATIONS IN 1984, LOVE TEDDY BEST OF LUCK IN THE FUTURE CONGRATULATIONS ROBIN! AMILEE TO MY FAVORITE NEPHEW CHRIS CONGRATULATIONS AND LOTS OF SUCCESS IN THE FUTURE LOVE AUNT DOTTIE TO A FINE YOUNG MAN MAY YOU HAVE A HAPPY SUCCESSION OF SUCCESS LOVE SHIRLEY GOOD LUCK CLASS OF '84 GOOD LUCK DEBBIE CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF '84 ALL OF THE SENIORS ARE THE BEST MAY THE FUTURE BRING SUCCESS ALWAYS REACH YOU OWN GOAL GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK, HEALTH, HAPPINESS, AND WEALTH CONGRATULATIONS GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK TO ALL SENIORS WISHING ALL OF YOU SUCCESS GOOD LUCK ALICIA MAY YOU BECOME A GREAT LAWYER GOOD LUCK ALICIA CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES GOOD LUCK SENIORS HAVE A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE REACH FOR THE SKY SENIORS MARIA ROSADO IN PLACE FOR GOOD LIFE I LOVE YOU DENNIS GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES LOVE MY SISTER MONA I WANT YOU WILLIAM . , . ILOVE YOU MONA . . . WE MADE IT MONA! BEST WISHES GOOD LUCK BEST WISHES CONGRATULATIONS MONA KEEP ON TRUCKING MONA MOVING ON UP MONA CONGRATULATIONS TO MY NIECE MONA GOD BLESS YOU MONA, GRANDMA! CONGRATULATIONS TO MY OLDEST GRAND MONA BEST OF LUCK GOOD LUCK MONA, AUNT ANN BEST WISHES MONA . . . UNCLE NOLAN I LOVE YOU SHIRLEY, DENNIS CONGRATULATIONS LISETTE CONGRATULATIONS LISETTE FROM YOU FRIEND GLENDA, ALICIA ALICIA HAVE GREAT SUCCESS TO A MILLION DOLLAR WINNER, PAT BEST OF LUCK ALWAYS, DEBORAH TO A GOOD FRIEND, GEORGE MUCH SUCCESS, UNCLE ISIAH CONGRATULATIONS TO MY DAUGHTER MONA GOOD LUCK DEBBIE, SPARKY BEST WISHES LISETTE, MILLIE KEEP ON GOING LISETTE BEST WISHES LISETTE, ANTHONY CONGRATULATIONS LISETTE, TRUDY BEST WISHES LISETTE, GLADYS HAPPY GRADUATION SETTE, STEVE I'M PROUD OF YOU LISETTE, RENEE GOOD WISHES LISETTE, BROTHER PARK IT'S MY PLEASURE LISETTE, GENE IT'S ABOUT TIME LISETTE, MICHELE CONGRATULATIONS RAY, DAD YOU CAME A LONG WAY BABY! IT'S ABOUT TIME SIS A SPECIAL FRIEND LOVE JEANETTE SHORTY LOVE YOU NANCY YOU CAN'T FORGET ME PM FICKLE BE GOOD LOCA, LOVE JULIE KNEW YOU WOULD SUCCEED, EDDIE LUCK FOR MY SMILEY GIRL NANCY TO THE GREATEST FRIEND LOVE RAIZA GOOD LUCK FROM MONICA THANKS FOR HELPING MEI GOOD LUCK ALWAYS MARIA TO JENNIFER: CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES ALWAYS LOVE YA! TEDDY GOOD LUCK CLASS OF '84 TO GOOD TO BE FORGOTTEN HAVE A LOVELY FUTURE, EGGO GOOD LUCK NADINE, DEE 224 GOOD LUCK NADINE FROM ANNETTE GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE I'LL MISS YOU GIRLS LOVE VICKY TEDDY AND VICKY 4-EVER GOOD LUCK VICKY, MARILYN MERCADO GOOD LUCK VIC!, MARILYN MERCADO CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK VICKY GOOD LUCK! VICKY, HARRY IST LADY PRES. VICKY, ELLEN STARDOM ALWAYS! VIC SUCCESS HAS COME CHRIS BOBBY .I . GOOD LUCK TO YOU YVONNE CONTINUE TO CLIMB TO THE TOP GOOD LUCK PAT STEWART WHO LOVES YOU BABY? JENNIFER! MY COUSIN CHRIS, CONGRATULATIONS GRETA DEAR CLASS OF 'sm IT HAS BEEN A PLEASURE AND AN HONOR FOR ME TO HAVE SPENT THE PAST 4 YEARS WITH YOU. YOU ARE THE BEST CLASS NORMAN THOMAS HAS EVER SEEN AND WE HAVE LEFT OUR MARK. LET NOTHING STAND IN YOUR WAY AND NEVER SETTLE FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE BEST, AND MAY SUCCESS BE YOURS. I'LL MEET YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RAINBOW. LOVE CYNTHIA BRADSHAW 1 2-2 CYNTHIANA CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK, MAMI GOOD LUCK CINDY, TE QUIERO, MAMI CONGRATULATIONS TO MY LITTLE SIS LOVE JOHN MUCH SUCCESS TO MY SIS, RANDY B. CONGRATULATIONS TO MY SWEETHEART LOVE RANDY H. CONGRATULATIONS SIS, DEIRDRE GOOD LUCK TIA, LETICIA GOOD LUCK COS, MAYRA, OLGA, JULITO, IDA AND PEDRO TO MY NIECE BEST WISHES, TIO AND TIA TO MY FRIENDS DEIRDRE AND TANYA BEST WISHES AND SUCCESS, LOVE ALWAYS CYNTHIA DARLENE, CHODDIE AND MONIQUE YOU ARE THE BEST CHEERLEADER AND CAPTAINS IN THE WORLD. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT BECAUSE OF YOU THREE, MUCH LOVE AND SUCCESS, CINDY. DEAR TRACEY QLOVE YA' TOMMY GOOD LUCK TRACEY LOVE STEPH CONGRATULATIONS TRACEY TROTTER LOVE CARLYNE TO TRACEY CONTINUED SUCCESS, MIKE GOOD LUCK TO YOU, TRACEY BEST OF LUCK, LEECOLLETTE GOOD LUCK LEECOLLETTE FROM MIKE GOOD LUCK GLADYS- LOVE LUZ LOVE YOU ALWAYS, LIZZY LOVE YOUR TITI, LOURDES TO MY SWEET HEART GLADYS, MIQUEL LOVE ALWAYS, MARIA CORPORAN SO LONG SUCKERS, JULIE '84 LOVE YOU GLADYS, LOVE AILEEN LOVE YOU SIS, VILMA REMEMBER I LOVE YOU, JANET MAY GOD BLESS YOU, FRANKY REMEMBER THE CLOSET, LOVE BEA CONGRATULATIONS GLADYS, LOVE NEIDA TE DESEO SUERTE GLADYS, MIRIAM WISHES TO SEE YOU MORE OFTEN, ALMA TO MY GIRLS, LEIBE TE DESEO MUCHA SUERTE, DADDY QUE DIOS TE BENDUA, MAMI TE QUIERO MUCHO HUA, MAMI TE FELICITO Y SUERTE, DADDY SUERTA CONMIGO SIEMPRE, MAMI YOU'RE A SNAP, LOVE VIKKI! DIOS VALLE CONTIGO SIEMPRE REMEMBER BE GOOD! LOVE SIS BEST WISHES, LOVE TITIMARIE TO KNOW YOU IS TO KNOW LOVE. LOVE YA J.C. DON'T FORGET TO PRAY! ANA FROM THE HEART, PAT TO MY HONEY GLADYS CONGRATULATIONS. LOVE YOU ALWAYS .IULIO CONGRATULATIONS TO MY FRIEND, CHIO GOOD LUCK CAT, LOVE BEL CONGRATULATIONS CAT, LOVE YOUR BROTHER CONGRATULATIONS HONEY LOVE YOU CAT CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CREW '84 HOMEGIRLS, WE MADE IT 1984, CAT CONGRATULATIONS CATHY, LOVE MOM GOOD LUCK CATHY, LOVE DAD GIRLS OF '84 ARE THE BEST GOOD LUCK TAMMY, LOVE JERRY GOOD LUCK AUNT TAMMY, JONATHAN CONGRATULATIONS TAMMY! LOVE MAGALI CONGRATULATIONS TAMMY, YOUR BROTHER BILLY TANYA, CONGRATS, MILDRED GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS, LOUISE SWEET "A" I WISH YOU THE BEST NOEL BOCCIA LOVE LISETTE LOVE ROBERT, LISETTE BEST WISHES LISETTE Cynthia Howard 1 'iff Y 4 f flood Fnnn Ns 'ie , -f K , 232' Wg, . X Luck , fl A 5 Ms. Minni Richardson . -1 ., ....,. :El an N. K H -. wrgj 5- ' , gl, 5,5 .I ' K A A-.J , 'Q ,ff 12- 1 V. , , . 1- ' N-Q-v i n 1, , .Ly 4 iam Q My-ff" Ms. Mary D'Aqu1la Advisor op Row Luis Castlllo Davnd Yam Johnny Tse Davld Lu1 Mlddle ow Karen Fauldlng Amanda Gomez Kenneth Chow Dalsy Mejla DSDICIROSSI Inocenc1aBey Milton Trabal Franc1scoEstevez Ruben Rodrlguez Bottom Row Carolyn Pace V1rg1n1a Carrlon Natasha Plno Nancy Rodriguez Theodora Koutros Alleen Rlvera V,w""' f Yearbook Executives ""'w Reggle Pmder Managlng Edltor Joseph W Grenga Yearbook Adusor Ray mond Vasquez Edltor ln Chlef 228 X I wlsh to take thls opportumty to wlsh my flrst graduatmg class of 1984 all the best of luck ln all your endeavors and may you aehleve all you asplre to God bless each and every one of you! Come back when you get a welcome Margaret Roge s Sen or Ad so L Q chance and say HELLO!!! You are always AWWWW Irwin Levine We the members of the graduation class of 1984 would like to set aside this page in our yearbook for a most friendly, warm and dedicated teacher, Mr. Irwin Levine. We seniors who have had the pleasure of working with and knowing Mr. Levine will always honor and cherish the moments we had together. Mr. Levine was a very fine teacher of Accounting and Data Processing. He was presently developing a special accounting program with students to be used on the school's micro-computers so as to put Norman Thomas High School further ahead into the computer age. In addition to this, Mr. Levine found time and energy to help seniors with the lighting, sound equip- ment, scenery and set designs for several Senior Shows. It is very apparent that this muti-talented in- dividual was dedicated and motivated towards helping and improving all students with whom he came in contact with. We will miss his warm friendly charm and his soft hello he greeted his classes with each dayg and we will remember his kindness in our hearts as we leave Norman Thomas High School and continue down the road of life with one less, beautiful teacher, friend and devoted father! We will MISS YOU VERY MUCH! Y! With respectful, loving memories, Your students from N.T.H.S. V HZAIQ HAAV -,5, V Zuk' V .'1Z 'SRV ':,. ,,.'f: : ,J V ,Q Q5iViiNm3Qks ?V ',f. Q Af1:':' ' M mT1f?Z1fTsAg3 i-V "A1 'A" -,,:,f.A:, fg-f?'-53FEe'i hEQ ,,,V 2,A ff? E v 5 2:2 VV V V V + i V VV V i f VV VV V W, , ,,A: ff J V QMEBVV V, -Q M ,A VV yr, Mm' V Q . ,V1-V -..1Y'- A' ' . 'wp . f .,g,-aw 1 145' I ' ' I A vxnhw . v-""7" ,,,,Sv """' . lf" ',,,..vQ"5""M ., VJ, . A 1 ,f ff ,rf ,: A f f , w . , W - A 1 K 4" ' . n .Af 'H fgvovf HPV.. gf, Vx, VVV if' I .,'v V. ,-' ' i 9' Aqdf 0 , AQ 2 fi jf ff' V,m ff' ,K wig' 'eb cc fr? fi ' 4 ff ',:Vf.' f , V ,.' " If X!! VJ' unc!erfaLe f J . X fufure. V. V j e .x4fway:L . V. 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