Norman Thomas High School - Hourglass Yearbook (New York, NY)

 - Class of 1981

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Norman Thomas High School - Hourglass Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Cover

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T A-,X T J J - i 94 WLM ' . ts ' A JQTYMI, 7 m l Y T T U T I ' ' N GUS' V 5 Thom T TLS Y ' 1 Q W' Norman T bi TTT ,T am, A Wa wo 5 T rr ah or T T T T j ' 1 - 7 UUA T T x Q1 ' ff 7 ' 5 T NN 1 ' man Thomas . 'T M T T 7,1 if I I Norman o UL T T CQNQ ,T Tn lihomaf ' -7 ' T Norman Thomas HTSQQ T. . I Norman ,L .575 HTS. 55' 3 T T T hx Ts -man Th0maZ?.SA f 'Norman T Dmas H I dl Lgryfm for T5 jg NY T1 T T T ' o war . T T - T T T 1 Norman Thomas HTS. T T A T T TT 'ff P T' ! T - T T T ftp QHTST 'X 'Nga T T A ,z 35- SQ: Q i if uf" Q ThOm21S HS. T T 55 5,41 mnffhomas HS. ' -ffl """-"" "' T T 1 'man 'I ..o...W n g. - E I 5 'nan Thomas HTS. QT Bm ' " " .TT- 1 T ' i i , T T TT . rman Thomas H.S. TNA ""' 5 ""' TT f A - f Q T .ff T .T TTV, T 'T -gT :fslif-A l T m 3:51 T 1 'TT T T f 1 v'ih1 Wmhh T T TTL:- hm is T T'Qh PT: W T ,m'f1 - TT Nor la Thor T HTS. S. T' 'TTT T T T 5' .541 T1 T n Thomas H. T T T gwbs-.7 .:-u T T V T 3 T I TT' - T' - '-'T T T gy .-"'-5' X T in TTTT P' " WW T BVXA I D T , Q ,li Or' j Q5 mpg Norman Thomas HT? 'N TTT A - 'Av' X E TT S. . 48590 0-1601 ' l ' 0. r I 4 TT Norma CXE - . H500 A x xv g 1 T fm 1 I wif I 1 A N' tx 4 r T T- worman lnomas rip. 1 T T T T T il Q T- T T: T TT T T fi e W T v Norman Thomas H.S. TT T Norman Hb .TTT TT T Q T T T A T T ,Tx I ww dk TT 1 T T .15Qi'fLZiii'1Vf.E 'vgvIE44T'2T?327l5iU Timm VVQQTT ,Lorna 'A fir wi E i 2 1 VXUVLS -q ,0.f V MV O A pref!-f po ,Q l 50 . ull Sk 9512! I 000590 I 6fXCZ O06 XXX ffl YLXX B200 ow D GJ Ufld ,QD Xfogfexxxp, JZ 300k ,P sw V21 16557 Jr 09 V ofl V0 YNQ4 J K wr gow xv M CF GU E SQQVQJ WK r0U5 SU 6 AG od if 5 4 QBQUK Y UC., .. 0300 SQQ XQQNVD fee V004 Q Ujz, Xian U Xb!!! X , U O- WN X f,xwH CD 1 N' UML io me UV' OJ bod Xevw f OWN 5 ssss The Hourglass Norman Thomas High School for Commercial Education Bernard V. Dculchmun, Prinripul BOARD or EDUCATION CITY or NEW Yonx Jifofwnavn FOR NEw YORK, NEW Yom: 10016 111 EAST 33 STREET AT PARK AVENUE COMMERCIAL TELEPHONE: 532-8910 gzfiglll QCMOOQ EDUCATION BERNARD V. DEUTCHMAN, Principal Dear Seniors : Your theme for the 1981 yearbook, "One in a Million," displays the effervescence and eternal optimism of youth. I ccrrmend you and salute you for it! , ' Throughout your years at Norman Thcmas High School you have been exuberant, exciting, and involved in the school and the world around you. What is even more important is that you have not stood still and been over- whelrred by the rapid pace of events around you, butlyou have planned and engaged in activities that have brought you joy as well as growth--you have shaped your own world. The staff and I know that your years at Norman Thanas High School have been formative ones and have developed your character and personality. We have watched with pride as you matured physically, emotionally, and intel- lectually. We know that you will became part of the challenging society, the movers who do not accept the status quo but are ever eager to improve the environment, save energy, eliminate 1'JlIII1B.1'1 want and hunger, illness and misery. I believe we can count on you to continue to be active in your worlds, local and far-flung, and to help shape society for the benefit of all mankind. As a Senior Class, you have indeed been "One in a Million", as indi- vidual graduates, I know that your influence will be felt far and wide. Continue your spirit and individuality! I personally wish you a successful and rewarding future. Sincerely , BERNARD V. DEUTCHMAN Principal 2 X x , x A -. -i, H ixfw irw, Y- ,, -1-....., -iw.. Qsvil ' ' sb , 1 ""' QS EX Mr. Bernard V. Deutchman Princzpal C -1 uflllf -'TX f' ,K if '.--- f Y 1, ll4. Affzzswfaegmgvg'azgzwzggfm--'few-3nzswwvwwgf. ,xygwwgewfwmwfwqgig ,aww W.,AWM,i5.u V, in--.-W,,,,,, A , ,. . Y N. K S ,.. , A 5 W Q -- . .. fMes:igsQggiff5g5g5ziwzf-szisgyaggggfzigfaiiriazsw .1 sf' ,wg 5, me ' rfffu',,'f-" ?i9W.qi f4lN1r,51 n if img -. f.- .ggig,9.fhfgfgaisg5fmrg,:.msg-q,qs5wz1?,g?EgQ51nggrigy,Qp,,4,.1i-fxhfxvgig2gf,,,fbQ-Wf?,gg?,53Wsl4g.v.v3gE,,,f.1IQi,,....4g.q,i,i,.w,g,E,s4.,i53kgl:. g9yf,M,,g9,,WUiWM.,,E...,W,.5,,mL3mg4q5r M, 'amz ,wpipgs H3334 gum gig, ag, 2 V ,Sw w k Nh - H 5, .A n vil VVV, BME: ,M , Aw-fl,mi,I.gfg5ggg,M,,:.5i53.,wfwgwJw3.2.,.WWMM,E5E,,,W5,3?Q,mUH,i5wHQ':A ,V ,U Z rr ,. ,M 1, i,g,,ggw, - . H . N M, 4. f. QA-1!wZ?,g, -H . V Ba , ggi-,sf ,,ik1 .W,,.. ,,1 ,.N, gaax.-:sx,,..W, lfzmraeww' iw .,,.A, , '::.:1er,gk fagg 1 f' 'PTF Q52 EQWYZXY J' USL: KI 55 ' ' 'jg' ' ' ' fiqiaggzf,-s Ej?2sfiQ771fA X If " ff in fa-Ha. ,f 2 , l i W . ,, 6. 11. Q , - '??:: fmrxh rv ,,.,., .....1.,' Q., ' . ,, WM .. . . .,., , , ......, , ,.,,. 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If L'f,Q1f wi, - 4 , fgffg K ,api ' xv, " , 7f"A I ',-' f',fLW7'?11L7m,M: ,,hk 1 f , Q pf. 'Y 1 :Qfig f,gf .fp 'f . . ..-'ff C?-,1 ,, , W ga wwzw My YN. fl,L1f.-ff '. gi N' if Mila fg .' L, , tffwff wwf- R ? ,Z 1' , KHFFL- Wg" Z . 4 g i'f1K'iSiQf 9: 1 : 1 Elias? gg MQW S+ , ' mQ,, Y ' F, V is Iii, liz: 163551 if M ! T 5 .. . NZ - 4 .1. 4, , In , A f ""' ik. 1 ffm 1512 ! M L4 , ' -,,+1 ...: 5 43 L, 'g?5:f,E 5' 351 H?" 'ffiffyl ' Til X331 x 'G' ., , U? ff V, , , - -wg? ' by if if-. f A ,V , -1 . 5f3523?? fl -, 'L 'e fx 52 W' w 'Wa .Ziff is 3 H. x 2 f I .. 1 5 j 1 I- f' .X ..-, .lg .' 81 , J 1 yt," A g 'K' . 1 5' ,f f a jf I :ff ' ,ff f' ji 'gf " W' " af Millions of Monday morning bluesg cmiiftz. 7? Millions of Seniors paying their duesg Millions of seconds passg Millions of pupils rushing to their classg Millions of passing grades: A A f Millions of answers that slowly fade. i We have done wellg much we have achievedg Now it's 19815 time for us to leave, y Kim Nazario 12-6 ! 4 Q ,rf by , ,gf f 2 af - Q ,J L Q 1 4 Q 1 i Qfwf' 2 H W ,S I4 V "aww V v - fu' ' gi -- ,V ,- , I Q L fWf,,.g'..-.-W? H aw' 'V , 'iiquy-ff 4 A L jijii fn sqm? 'iq ' M?-""1n y A ' . 5923 ' - " 51: Tm :Z ,Q52 ff :1',, ', . . - - A ',. -9' q,.,,w..,wg5,- my. 'awww f k,g iff K-' Q'-Q X 3 - K .4 . . ', M - ' ' f A' - - f- .H f W - , I 4' - .H K V . K .K d Q' , . X- , '- 'M P' vu. , k ' 15 - - su- Q 4 1' ' 5. f , suis gg, 1 t ' ' ' ' R F N K K g Q, L v L, 1. - ah R .Q Y 5 UW IC N J I 'ff 1:72 55- ,E -'-aivlblsktb I J 1. f gf ,,, M , R 'Zig , - with 1 3 ., ivy W, U 3-1. M H n'-.MM JA da? I 'L . ' .1 3' 'Q A V S Q ' Lv :- J . -., v. I' I rn '4 -.. 0 u gv"" .. .1 rc. 5: . v '-.X 5: f -41 x., K , v I .4 J, ,, , , , .Y "1 -4 4 ,J i."Jkg J 'ln 'vi Q " , 3:4 a , 4' 1. ' ' 'L ' I W Y"l.1v .it f 5 si fi L X i 'Z Q ju Q ? 5 if . A P Q1 if I A ,J F ff .5 Qi ,ig if f if 1 yy il f .EQ ? If Q gh, . 5.1 1 QM if VQQ w, N. X, 1 ' x once in a lifetime Q 2 ' Q Y. h M 'A Cf -xl ' 3 -f 43 K ' ' V " ,vjfl J: .- ls, Q '-N3 yjiy I Q. Jqn fa' I Lvyk , 5: Y ' 1 Qs, 45535 X Y ' . Q- M -H W Q. 'T . r B. ' BL 'xt K r V,n,"M" r Q Wg. V V 5 ' k " , 5 -, M suis Q x I R' ' ' -. 'lt A"g. ' Q X ' " km 1MLyu'v5 ',Li k 4. '. f V H- I I N A l uk' " ...Ji JL: "" "Sana A 691215 'fi r' . -Wf- Nga N' fp 'd 'ffi' .' A-f ny I 'gif ji f ' '51 K , , . I,tl.,M"'y I K , ' 'Q' nie 3 fn., AS -' -Y, Q A J, fwv . f' ' vt .. 'AV ' v -Q7 . Ljiliff? gf, LJ ' f 'W ly 5 t , .aw ,n .-f-f?53S'-357 "P -filllfggi' i ' wwe- J,:.zf',a.. 4 1 5 thi .1 , If 'Gl'xt.lsNl' -n 15 ' 'il .iv L -' 'a,'.,n ! V. F i :lg ,hail K,-.N I. ,'J"m'.'t x . l :wil tfqgi-gn, " O . In ff Q vfiinj , ri i qi an 'Q s 'wL"" gll ff , ii' Qi l Hg, 5' 2 - YM '-' ' 0 050 M nf ANU " .a Jiiwr g ' M- .f will c' . a WWW 'WMM -1 QP at in a" if 1- q. . -,, X Lgbilm Ol- U' , .Q ft' lk . I 1 . lg l' 'I Li X ,L ' lb . offfw , .W -ff ' X fx Qllj l xkllllvli 6 li . Y .,, fwaffff To pass my grade Or be something one day, My chances are one in a million. To get a job Or maybe get robbed, My chances are one in a million. To travel on the earth Even one day give birth, My chances are one in a million. To know that war is done away To be able to live in peace one day, Our chances are one in a million. Alice Pinder ll-30 ,facial GW 15, L Q34 Nga Ye C' 07795,-S llofl L95 I4 Q o5d'iue,l No Ceiling. . . Cffhvol MCB IYIUI SINGH V Thanks for teaching me all the stuff Iill probably never use. Thanks for getting my stomach used to all types of prison foods. Thanks for making sure that l arrive at school on time. Thanks for calling my mother's house if I ever got out of line. Thanks for giving me guidance counselors that always stayed out for lunch. Thanks for "fixing" the escalator, I really enjoyed being crushed. Thanks for giving us rock on Thursdays, boy was that a joke, and Thanks for giving us gas masks for the sixth floor's stifling smoke. But most of all I would like to thank you guys at Norman Thomas For giving me a life that now is filled with hope and promise. For showing me that life isn't life until you give it all And if l can keep that in mind, I think I'll have a ball. Sharon Moore 12-8 1 f l l i e""1 .I , i T! . elf- - 2 L' 1 l 5 I l V 'V I I 5 l i , ,y 1 g ifl i 3' SMOKIM ll!! .M ... M I sh GIRLS? ll' 4 o ,U X i i N 'lf vur, L beflore lundkg X T' lflller hunch? iglnlhf Y li V' NJ NJ We,re a bunch in a million 16 f xX,h Q ll an Robert Feldman R0flHiC Stevens ffm. AG Lena Brander Mary Curran Assistant Principals Administration Guidance Counselors Linda Danas Marilyn Fabsik Doris Greenberg Programming Billie Ledderman Hilda Harris Chairperson Assistant Princz Murray Schwab T 1 1 A l Adele Bernardi Accounting and Data Processing As you leave Norman Thomas High School you are embarking on your future business career. To prepare you for the world of work, the courses you took in the Accounting and Data Processing Department gave you an understanding of the perplexities of the business world. The courses in Bookkeeping gave you a thorough knowledge of ac- counting principles, standards, and techniques coupled with a good background in business operation. This course of study and courses in Business Law and in Business Arithmetic gave you, the student, a basis for a marketable skill. The student in the Bookkeeping program learned howto operate the many business machines found in the business world, machines like the calculator, card punch, data entry, mimeograph and the duplicator. The study of Data Processing, by writing programs using the com- puter languages of RPG II and Cobol and then testing the programs on the System f 3 Computer, gave the student the hands-on experience in the operation of a computer. The intensive study of Bookkeeping will enable the student who aspires to a career in public accounting to pursue the study of ad- vanced accounting in college. ' s s A- A e 5 0 Daniel Cantor Allen Druckman Samuel Gordon Laurence Greenberg DHD' Stewart Groginsky Morris Kaster Irving Krevor Carl Lane Irwin Levine R. Milton Lichtenthal Edward Morris Malcolm Ober .1 .- ' E Z'?"' 7,1laf',::1iT I. "' 527-'V' -'S m """",,vf Wg .57 , , ' g in . fffftg' 4 'feffl A H V iw. W- New it Q Y .in ..' :fn , . 'Hu r M' 5' Q5 it at VV W my N f Jai? ' .1-Q, f ,- 'Ef +3.1 9 A Q Q 5 MQNX in Q S 9 I 4, 4 vf . 5. Sam Shapiro Jerry Stein Beverly Trauring Lillian Wallach 64' Xe. Deans Lillyan Wein Helen Winslow Ira Bafocas English I K M. ' . , X Z , V -Y Pat Bond Accounting Steve Ober Accounting Arnold Waldman Roberta Weill . Math Secretarial Studies Assistant Distributive Education and Marketing Norman Thomas has the largest, and perhaps the best Marketing and Distributive Education program in New York City. Students who select this field receive inten- sive job training for careers in retailing, merchandising, salesmanship, textiles, fashion, advertising, small business management, real estate selling and travel and tourism. Students receive instruction in our large classrooms and sales laboratory which contain the latest electronic equipment. All marketing students have the opportunity to work in an after-school job in our Marketing Co-op program. After graduation, most of our students attend college and continue to work with the same company. In addition, marketing students enjoy being members of the DECA Club, and many of them obtain experience working in the school store. Edward Bard rwfwfff Seymour Bratter William Buchalter Grossman DECA, Co-op x X,- 32 X Fine Arts nm Harry Kanowitz John McGovern Eleonore Reidmann Co-op Store 20 fin, Nair YK X. U X P, , 'O' 'Yr Aw Q4 w EMM? .N Xb'-'5 Health Education "One in a Millioni' is a very appropriate way to describe the program in Health and Physical Education at Norman Thomas High School. Gur Health and Physical Education program has received national recognition as a model for the implementation of an instructional program that meets the mandates of Title IX tFederal Guide- linesj. Based on the concept of selectivity or choice, our students are given an opportunity to select their physical education course from the wide curriculum offerings of team sports, life-time sports, gymnastics, dance and special areas. This type of student input has led to a very high percentage of passing health and physical education. In addition, our Varsity Sports program for both boys and girls has produced champions that bring added recognition to the fine program offered at Norman Thomas HS. s'One in a Million"-yes-a very appropriate theme for Health and Physical Education at Norman Thomas HS. Assistant Principal ,J Dolores Blakely Frances Carpenter T S X Lawrence Fabsik Susan Fischer Henrietta Hoffberger Laura Marks xt ., I ,Q - i I 4' ! ' 1 .WW ,X it fx .e,,k as 1- X i James McCarter Lorraine Nelson Susan Rabin 21 . LiLLL LL iisis is l l l r V r l Language Arts "The things taught in schools and colleges," Emerson wrote in his journal, "are not an education, but the means of an education." The teachers in the Departments of Language Arts and Music are proud that you have achieved the first difficult step in developing both the means, which we call skills, and the desire to continue your education throughout your lifetime-to use your mind as a critical tool to question, consider, evaluate and appreciate. Continue to use your public library for pleasure and research, explore the vast resources of our great city: music, theater, arts, dance, and museums. Hold to the motto you chose for the class of '81 and use your skills, your minds, and your hearts to achieve fulfillment for yourselves, and to serve your community. Priscilla Williams Assistant Principal Sydney Blair Marcia Feldman PX is Rosemary Gelshenen Frances Glick Barbara Gottlieb Sandra Gross Transition Advisor j - i't'i is , 4 - S ' fm I sttftit Mary Ann Guido William Hall Arnold Isele Ron Kross Thomas Times Advisor K M lx Sheldon Leon Robert Miller Barbara Dede Naigus Gail Reisin , ' 5 , z ,. . ,- ff. Q. ,Q .,,l , nv Morris Marsha Slater Yearbook Advisor Library E1 F Frances Taormina Ron Wardall Thelma Speizer Music Ramon Reeberg Math and Science Stanley Lustgarten Assistant Pfif1CiPf11 X The study of Mathematics and Science helps to develop some un- JAN derstanding of the complicated technical world around you, both the physical and biological. Reasoning and thinking logically are used in every phase of life. These important tools of living were developed and established in the subjects taken at Norman Thomas H.S. In addition, Mathematics and Science prepare you for college and provide some of the fundamentals needed for courses to be taken in the future. I hope that your experience in the courses taken in both Math and Science were rewarding and prepared you in the new decade. On behalf of all the members of the department, I wish all the best to each member of the graduating class. Mary D,Aquila N515 -'- sg . 5' .. ii1c - gf- , ,ii f c- I is I A5 342 , . ' ' M2 . , ,," H' Joseph Senior Advisor Simon S. Erlich I Anthony Franco Lawrence L. Frey 1 ireei 2 - . s I 1. I if is I x Fran Imberman Charles Katz Ann Kleiner Florence Kuduk Frederic Nicholson Sandra Nowak Arnold Gftedal Cheryl Perl 0.S.A. Ted Wachtel Drew Poslock Stanley Schiff Gladys Sikora Saligrama Somashekar N.I.E.H. Special Education V Carol Stack-Staikidis Departmental Assistant Robert Beckman Diane Bell Michela Leary Joan Malapero Anthony Mavilia 25 Secretarial Studies In a recent issue of TIME Magazine, there was an interesting article entitled "Help Wanted-A Shortage of Secretaries." The article stated: "Despite today's 8921 unemployment rate, there is still a severe shortage of secretaries throughout the country. The Department of Labor reports that more jobs are opening up in the secretarial field than in any of the other 299 work classifications on which it keeps tabs. Although there are already a record 3.6 million secretaries on public and private payrolls, new positions are being created at a rate of 440,000 a year. But while secretarial schools are filled, almost 20'Zi of the new jobs are going begging." What does this mean to the graduating student majoring in secretarial studies at the dawning of this new decade? It indicates that you have made a wise choice of career and that your opportunities for success and advancement are better than ever before. Whether you plan to attend college or other advanced education, or whether you expect to enter the world of work, you will be able to find a good job immediately. Even those graduates who may wish to marry and raise a family will always be able to brush up their skills and find a good position in the business world whenever they wish to return. The Secretarial Studies Department congratulates you on your excellent choice of career and wishes you happiness and success. R+, David Baer Yolanda Balodis Bernice Bignon Doris Buday -.I ,sv 1.0, Q K, Rosemarie Canty Jacqueline Combs Irene Ferguson Bernice Fishkin ST P351 Sheila Freedman Phyllis Gasman Sophie Goldberg Gloria Good Saba Harwin Yvonne Perry S iElizabeth Pharr Helen Morsilli Charlotte Paleologos ff' Q Lila Porges Minnie Richardson A l , 1 , ' Y. A i, 3 by we i . fr Q.-ij A lYll2lrg,areL,Rogers Sylvia Roman Deborah Williams Lauretta Wolf ., y , l ff 'S 27 X r Assista fixix X N ,Lf . xx vid' In L W Us K xll Nr XIX X . V, A ,Mr hm' ,fn X. t x I t fx , I Frith X WMI X L 28 Social Studies To be "one in a million" is to be outstanding. To be outstanding requires commitment to excellence, scholarship, knowledge, performance, participation and achievement. The Social Studies sequence of courses, which includes West- ern and non-Western culture studies, American History and Government, and Economics has been designed with this commitment in mind. Students completing the Social Studies sequence have begun to make a com- mitment to understanding their fellow human beings by learning to avoid stereo- types and by understanding the origins of human culture. They have begun to participate in government on a school-wide basis, and have learned both the rights Bitterman and responsibilities involved in effective citizenship in a participatory democracy. Their commitment to scholarship and knowledge has been encouraged as they have learned to support conclusions and opinions with appropriate data and to distinguish fact from opinion. Many students have pursued college courses while still attending high school. As a result of their performance and achievement in their Social Studies T classes, the students of Norman Thomas High School have demonstrated their commitment to excellence and thus will surely be "one in a million". ,t - f Gi . ., x. Ross Bloomfield Ann Cusak Seth Klores Harriet Magath Bernard Maier i' Joseph Mancin Lenza McSulla Jack Medvedev K -. 'll S School sr, -x f . i , Secretaries Al Sarach Linda Stone Mark Ubefman ' U.F. T. Chapter Chairman Daisy Burk Esther Feller Roslyn Karp Fran Linder School Aides 5:5 lag .f:f?,1.:'1 Arnold Harv Gloria Brown Ray Crawley GY Family Assistant 4 Chris Johnson Franklin Roy Mary Kossen, Family Assistant Family Assistant MSU' HUSt0I1 . sau, ,,LA ,gf m,,, Terence Tenny Department Coordinator Stanley Adler Foreign Languages As we begin this new decade the need for better understanding among the different nations of the earth, becomes even more evident. The wars in the Middle East plus the hostage situation in Iran do not augur well for the peace that man says he seeks. This is a time when the ability to speak another man's language is paramount. We of the Foreign Language department at Norman Thomas hope that we are beginning to meet that need through the instruction of French and Spanish, plus an appreciation for the differences and strengths of these cultures. mimi ax Deborah Davis Miriam Davis George Derrien Lillian Dumont Charlote Kornstein .Io-Ann Nespolo Celina Stem 30 . J Gwlf 1 School Cf lille IX ffij 1 Security J J Evelyn Gamble Junior Gilliam Joseph Green 7 Educational J l Q Associates . f" f D Stanley Boggus Clarence T. Freeman Joseph A. Sanchez Custodial Staff Monte W. Sanders John Boyle Custodial Engineer Ir f 5033... i , A X ene Boyle Pat Brady Emily Gautier Mike Perez Tom Daly Tom Daly's death diminished all who knew him. We were likely to be more gracious, patient, and self- depreciating when he was with us. The display of anger or pettiness became more embarrassing in his presence. He had an almost inexhaustible gentleness that made it easier for us to be gentle with each other, and with our- selves. We all need friends who think us better than we are, and sometimes their faith makes us so. When such a person leaves us, we feel a hole opened in our lives. As a judge, Tom Daly would have been a felon's dream. He was incapable of pronouncing sentence. Tom Dalyls life nourished all who knew him. In remembrance there is grace, and those remember him best who would be kind. NQDUQMAN Tumnmms SDE-'DNUGDUQ SIEGSTUCCDN if .b ,Q Cheryl A. Acosta Donalda L. Adams Felicia Adams Eunice Addison College Rifh ffl Single LfgH1Seffeff1fy Successful in LU'e Attend Columbia University if ji? Nayda Albino Mildred Alex Laurice P. Allen Frank Almgnte Happiness Medical Secretary Success Engineering A Belinda Alston Robin Alston Gary Alvarez Jenny Alvarez Cgllggg College and Success College and Law School Lawyer or Social Worker Arlene Alvelo H0lly A. Ammons Gregory H. Anderson Jose N. Anderson College College Become a C.P.A. College 34 Mika Roslyn Anderson Manuel Angeles Melissa Armstrong Ana Arroyo College College, Job, Marriage Computer Programmer Become a C.P.A. Bridget N. Ausby Sofia Avila Lourdes Ayala Marlene Ayala Secretary and Travel Become a C.P.A. College and Success Executive Secretary College, if C Pirro Ayala Magaly Badillo Ricardo L. Bailey Jesse Bajada Professional Baseball Become a C.P.A. Computer Programmer College Player Donna Baker Hillary Baker Nicola Ballard Melissa Y. Bastian Success and Happiness Become a C,P.A. College, Business Management College Lisa Bell Joanna Benjamin Danine Bennett Nancy Benson College Data Processor Success College Joan Bergin Denise Berkeley Marilyn Berrios Kllmafie Bharat Work Work College Success Sabrina Billings April Bland Lisah Bligen Katherine Bochno College Success Court Reporter W0fk J0eLean Bodden Annette Badillo Nathaniel Bolden, Jr. Nisa Bonilla College Secretary College Adv6fliSiflg Brigitte Bowen Louise Boyd Andrea Bradum College College College Luis Brito Deborah Brown Karen Brown College Medical Secretary Court Stenographer Q Shirleen Brown Yvette Brown Jeffrey Budd Business College Business S. Lisa Bullard Ramona Burleson Laura Burrell Criminal Attorney College Lawyer Judy Ann Brathwaite Systems Analyst Selina Brown College Mark Buksha Sports ' 1 3' 41" C C ,, yly L yjy Evette Burset College ff? Zina Burton Mark Buns College, Social Worker C,P,,4, Ermelinda Cabrera Maria Cabrera Child Abuse Counselor College, Work Martina Cameron Gregory Campbell Executive, Success C.P.A., College Erica Caraway Maximo Carbonell College, Major in Communications Success 38 Elender Bush Success Work, College Yinesca Cabrera Allen Callwood Executive Secretary Cgllege, Success Terry Campbell Hector Caraballo College, Career College, Ball Player Helena Cardosa Wanda Carrasquillo Work College, Medical School ,1 Jackie Cartagena Lindsay Carter Petrina Carter College, Communications and AC. College College, Business Administration counting Sheila Castro Ximena Chacon Angela Chan College, Court Reporting Commercial Producer College, S uccess Jennifer Chan Pauline Chan Sou Chan COIIEKQ Study, Caffe' Accountant College 3' Ada Chang Keith Chapman Lisa Chapman Legal Secretary College Travel, Medicine Lillian Casiano College, General Psychology Helen Chan College, Work X 46-x Wai Hai Chan College, Electrical Engineer Kim Larviel Chappel Armed Services W ppnm 'Y' Awilda Charriez Wai Cheng Ming K. Chin Success, Love, Happiness College, Legal Firm College, Law ,g Judy Choi Anna Chow Jacquelyn Christie College College College, Business Administration Charlene Chu Jeannette Cintron Katherene Cipko Cellege. Cllfeef, Travel, Marriage College College, Business Administration Audrcnc Clarke Michele Claudio Nildg Claudio College College, Psychologist Secretary 40 Wai Ching College, Work Sandra Christie College, Law Robin Clark College, Court Slenographer Samuel Collazo C.P.A. Xenia Collazo Criminal Psychology Sophie Colon Abundant Life Marsha Cowell College, Success a l , Margaret Cronin Work, Maybe College V ,f'f, 1' - ' , ,f-: Vit, if YJ? vm' ,, ,, ,L We' Mb Luis Colon Madelyne Colon Magie Colon College College, Bookkeeper C.P.A. KQV Roxanne Cannor Migdalia Cortes Mildred Cottoo " C.P.A. College, Legal Secretary, Work College g , ll,ege 'K I Q 'nf X4 '-" A 7 1 Diane Crespo Francisco Crespo Daniel Crane College, Accountant College and C.P.A. Computer Analyst Dolphine Cross Kerri D. Crossland Marie A, Crowder 07119891 CP-A Executive Secretary College, Business Administration 149' Marla Crowder Edna Cruz Emilia Cruz Evelyn Cruz College College College College VC ,Z Ray Cruz Sarah Cruz Sylvania Cruz Dennisse Cubilette College College College College 'wfff 4 Milagros Cuevasl Norman Cummins Lystra J. Cunningham Deborah Custodio College Air Force College College Donna Dantzler Cheryl Dash Maria Davila Milagros Davila College S 1400955 Legal Secretary Wvfk A Brigitte Davis Computer Programmer gy, 55. Maria De Jesus College Shirley Dennis Business School Mary Diaz Success Crystal Davis Ricky Davis Business School Business Gwendolyn Deese College Mildred De Jesus Ivette Delgado Catherine Denisac College N.lfC. T.C. Stewardess . A214 , W Lenell Devall Esther Diaz ' Lisandra Diaz College College College Ray Diaz Wilfred Diaz Tanya Dixon College College Doctor F elecia Dozier College Linda Easley Business Administrator CTW? Maria Esquea College , Pamela Faulkner College 44 Paula Duncan Success Donna Dyer Doctor Mary Emmanuel Money, Help others Yfww MaryGrace Estacio College, Accounting, System Analysis -W Deborah Esannason College, Business Administration V001 Audrey Everett Bookkeeper, Computer Programmer mwbd, Dorothy Ealey Medical Technician Jeffrey Espreo College Gladys Fabara Executive Secretary Yvonne Feliciano Elizebeth Fernandez Margie Fernandez College, Legal Stenographer Jr. Accountant Advertising Agent Sandy Fernandez College, Computers Edgardo Flores College Maristela Francheschi College, Fashion Designer If' Michelle Gaddy C.P.A. Xiomaris Fernandez Bilingual Secretary Sheril Folk College, Career lvelise Franqui Executive Secretary sq . it P 1. raw 0, A, Y Wenzell Gadsden College Angela Ferrell Justina Fitzpatrick College Audio Technician Sui Ming Foo Phyllis Fowler College College, Bookkeeping Pamela Frazier Vicki Frazier College, Executive Secretary College, Accounting, Business WW Elizabeth Gagot Jgina Gaines College Masters-Computer Science 4 Sharon Galloway Dagmaris Garcia Judith Garcia Shelly Garcia College for Law C.P.A. College or work College Tracy Garcia College and C.P.A. Adam Gelfand College Vaness Goodwin College 46 Paula Gardner Joyce Garret ' Keith Gay College and Success Court Reporter and Legal College Secretary ' Laura Giarrantano Professional Equestrian Riding Esperanza Gonzales Business Management Veronica Gilyard Business School, Associate Degree Heriberto Gonzales CPA, IBM Analysis Sonia Goicochea College Janet Gonzalez Legal Secretary, Law Career ' ' wt, hm' Jose Gonzalez Luisa Gonzalez Maria Gonzalez Maritza Gonzalez Be an Accountant Be an Accountant Business School, and Work 57011989 Nancy Gonzalez Nelly Gonzalez Sylvia Gonzalez Yvette Gonzalez College, and Travel College College, Partime Work College, Legal Secretary Debbie Grady Darren Graham Jerome Grate Donna Gray Success, Word Processer College, Engineering College, Lawyer Success Harriet Green Robin Green Stephanie Green Terry Green Executive Seffefafy College, Medical Lab' Technician College, Legal Secretary College Traveling I 'wt 53, 1 f 5 as ee ,' 1 W J' , ff f l Xl Robert Greene Continue Education Linda Grosvenor C.P.A., Lawyer i nf? Yolanda Guzman College Renee D. Ham A.B. Marketing or Fashion -, f A ., J K Tanya Griffin Tawanda Griffin Yvette Griffin Lawyer, Psychologist Happiness Legal Secretary, Rich It Cathy Guinyard Delores Gulston Minerva Guzman College, Legal Secretary College, Court Reporter College Shirley A. Habersham Cafol Hall Darryl Hall Pioneer, Writer, Se-cfemry College, Business Administration C,P,A, Cynthia Hammond Elizabeth Hanna Valerie Hargrove Business, Big Money Systems Analyst Air Force, Court Reporter Lenora Harris College, Fame, Marriage Liza Harper Success, Happiness Clayton E. Heath College, C.P.A. Pauline Heard Music and Psychology Laura T. Herbst Business School or Work Maria E. Henry College Jannette Hernandez Maria A. Hernandez Armed Forces, Own Disco Money F Michelle H. Harris Kimberly Hayes 2 yr. College College, Make Money Dorcella Hemphill Christine V. Hendricks College, Marry, Children College Georgina Heredia Elizabeth Hernandez College Work 2? ffl! 512+ L Michael Hernandez Yvette Hernandez College Executive Secretary ,Q Deborah Hewitt College Susan J. Holly Rock Guitarist Debora Hooper College, Legal Stenographer, Armed Forces Rosalind Humphreys Education 50 Chevonne Hill Brenda Hilton Shirley Hinn College College, C.P.A. College, Travel Cindy Holmes College Vanessa Holmes College, C.P.A. Tracy Horne Success Paulette Igle Armed Services, Flight Attendant Theresa C. Huk Physician Thelma Holt College, Accounting, Law , f-:laws Brigitte S. Hull College, C.P.A. Nicola J ack Celeste Jackson College, Success, Happiness College, ACCOIHIIGVII ami ' W . Elm. J Delrine Jackson Edrid Jackson Prince Jackson College, Law School Armed Services Bookkeeping Career Yvette James Joseph Jamonte Evangelina Jaszay COIIEEC COWPWU Pfogfammef College, Lawyer College, Criminal Justice Suzanne Jenkins Yvette Jenkins Angela Jerez College College, Career College, Flight Attendant Thomas Jimenez Karen Johansmeyer David Johnson Armed Sel'viCeS, Cvllege, C-P.A. Theater, Secretary C.P.A., Pro Football, Law lie Pamela James Court Reporter Monica Jenkins Success Terry J eu College Kimberly Johnson Systems Analyst, Mastefs Degree 51 W a Lacretia Johnson Natalie Johnson Rhonda Johnson Shannon Johnson College Social Worker To succeed in Everything College, Marriage, Success A ws- 1" ' T 2 Sonni Johnson Computer Specialist, ana' Accountant Sharol Jones Career in Journalism Mildred Joza College Carla Jones Denise Jones Mark Jones College Further Education Toward C.P.A. To Be Successful in LU'e Janice Jordan Muriel Jordan Joyce Joseph College, Road to Success College Modeling, Business Director is 50 Susan Juarbe Lucinda Kaptur College, Success Career, College John Kaufer Happiness, Success Stacey Kaufman Valerie Kelly Sharon Kinney Kenneth Kinsey Work College, Master's Degree In College, Work C0mputer Programmer Journalism Q 'ima' Barbara Klein Nan Chin Kong Ina Kornegay Mala Lakhansingh Work G0 gn 10 Higher Education College, CPA, Psychologist College, Interior Decorator Sl'lar0I1 Lamb Gail Lambefi Sean James Landers Elizabeth Landin College 61011986 Sludy Psyfhvlvgy Make Money College, Missionary Work Wanda LaROSe Barbara Lawrence Sherann Leathers Cynthia Lebron C-P-A College College, Legal Secretary College M49 Yvonne Lee Pier A. LeGendre Lois I-eil Sandra Lewis College College, C.P.A. College, Court Stenographer College Stacey Lewis Karen Linlejohn Santa Llanillo Vivica Lloyd College Secretary, Pioneer Work College, Law School :QU Margana Loftin Martha Loiseau Jean Long Adriana Lopez College Professor College, Business Work College, Computer Science Magda Lopez Yvonne Lopez Kim A. Lord William Loving College, Finance Navy Corps, Executive Secretary Success College, Fame, Fortune Evelyn Mable Veronica Macaya Anthony Mack Bookkeeper Word Processing College, Computer Programmer Cheryl Mackey Renee Maclin Yvonne Maczo Accountant College, Accountant College, Success Lillian Marin Mildred Marin Sharlene Mark College Social Worker College jf Lewis Marquez Valerie Martelly Candita Martinez Cvllege College. Administrator College, Flight Attendant , ttf? f , WA- if 5557! Phertrina Mack College ,Sallie Manzanet Criminal Lawyer, Ph.D. in Psychology Otilia Marques C.P.A. Iris Martinez t Business Jaime Martinez College, Travel Maria M. Martinez Raul Martinez Pre-Medical, College Armed Services Sherri Matthaeus Debbie Matthews Tara Mayfield Singer, Actress, Model College, Social Worker Success Shirley McClean Lisa McDonald VHHCSSH McFadden College, Career College, Marketing College. Court Stenographer ew Brenda McJunkin College, Work 4 Marsha McKay Kim McKenzie College, C.P.A. College Vivian Mastakas Secretary Sherri McClain College, Medical School 'E , , .nw ' 5 if fr Debbie McGrail Armed Forces, Computer Programming Regina McMath College X 'UN Arlene McNeil Latina McNeil Maribel Medina ROSH M6diI121 Jehovah's Witness College, Computer Programming Medical Secretary College, Secretary Nitza Mejias Rosalie Melendez Yvette Mella Tim Meyer Secretary Secretary, Marriage College College Sandra Meyers Shamim Ara Miah Inger Middlebrooks Renee Middletown Success College Doctor Success, College, Lawyer Lisa Miller Patricia Miller Karen Mills Vinita I. Mitchell S uccess, Executive Secretary Buyer, Marketing, Researcher Construction and Drafting Accounting, C.P.A. Technologist Arlene Molina Executive Secretary Yvette Morales College t 1 JaI1iCC Moore Sharon Moore Elizabeth Morales Flight Affendanf College, Advertising Artist College Cheryl Morgan Debbie Moten Susie Moy Success College, Legal Secretary Commercial Artist Carolyn Murphy College, Good Job Cathy Murphy Cynthia Murphy Tammy Murray College, C.P.A. College, Success College Debra Natal Q. Sandra Navas Kim Nazario Mary Nazario College Computer Programmer Housemfe College Sandra Nazario Kim Neal Veronica Neely Executive Secretary College, Psychologist Film Maker 3 A David Nelson Ellen Nelson Rosa Nevarez College College, C.P.A. College Susan Ng Arlene Nieves Sarai Nieves College College College Barbara Norniella Linda Nucero Deborah Omsby Legal Secretary College College Ruth Negron Air Force Mary Ng Success ea li., Terri Nixon Supreme Court Judge V-e Donald Ong College Lillian Montalvo College Mario F. Ortiz Air Force Rachelle Parker College Lisa R. Payne Business Administrator Huff' Kathleen R. Monteiro Andrea Moore Jacqueline Olmeda College Become 0 DOCIOF Become a Psychologist Evelyn M. Otero Karen Outlaw Lorraine S. Papazian College Career in Business Become a Female F. Lee Bailey W1 Celeste Naomi Patterson Gale Patterson Tammie Patterson Real Estate Attorney To Reach Fame Successful Working Woman D 'we Paula M. Pearce Kareem Peele Mildred Perdomo , Become a C.P.A. College, Accountant Executive Secretary 'QE Alejandro Perez Carmen Perez Diana Perez Doreen Perez Computer Programmer College College Executive S efretury "' f Eneida Perez Generosa Perez Executive Secretary, Modeling College ",Kkll' f frlef 'mf' "faq, Maria Teresa Perez Marlene Perez Legal Secretary College ww Paula Perez Vilma Perez Business Administrator College Iris Perez Medical Secretary Josephine Perez Executive Secretary Melinda Perez College, Success Radika D. Permanand College Glga Perez College Catherine L. Perry Behavioral Psychologist fit ,. Robin Perry College, Business Administration 16" Karen L. Phillips Work, Become a Business Administrator ..,l .J Narcisa Pino Management Andrea Postles College, Air Force 62 Robert Peterson College Shelley Phelps College, Child Psychologist Carol Phifer Work, Become a Stewardess Wilfred Pimentel David Pina Alice Pinder College, C.P.A. Become a CertUied Public Become a CertUied Public Accountant Accountant Wanda Plaza Andrea Pleasant Elizabeth Portelli College Become a Social Worker Work as a Secretary Debbie Powell Catherine Pray Caroletta Pringle College for Dance and Theatre Fame College, Iuzw School Rosa Pringle Jacqueline Purser College, Fame College, CertUied Public Accountant Rebecca Quinones Denorah Ramirez College, Airline Career To Become a Detective Iris Quinones College, Medical Field Tony Puya Become a Successful Businessman 'ttwv Evelyn Ramos Judith Ramos College, Lawyer Become a Computer Programmer Norma Recalde Carol Reed College, Flight Attendant C.P.A. Maria Ramirez Martha Ramirez College, Lawyer College Lorraine Ramos Margarita Ramos Become an Executive Secretary College Sharon Reese Carmen Resto College, Communications College 41 V ee C Maria Reyes Yvonne Reyes Kevin Richards Mark Richards Marine Corps., College College Musician Cgllggg Carla Richburg College Jacqueline Richardson Air Force, College Rocio Rivas C.P.A. Margarita Rivas College Elizabeth Rivera Guadalupe Rivera Travel Agent College ' H - ' ,za Amerique Riddick Teresa Riley Fashion Marketing College few Beatriz Rivera Carmen Rivera College College Ileana Rivera Linda Rivera Lawyer College, Legal Secretary , Marie Rivera Milagros Rivera College College Denise Robinson Sheryl Robinson 0711989 College, Business Administrator Belbelin Rodriquez Brenda Rodriquez College College, Medical School 'key Frances Rodriquez Jacqueline Rodriguez Executive Secretary Law School Milton Rivera Rosa Rivera Systems Analyst Legal Secretary Vanessa Robinson Beverly Robles Success, Model Executive Secretary, Administrative Assistant 4,3 Denise Rodriquez Esther Rodriquez Fame, Fortune College, Legal Secretary Q-if file' 1 Madeline Rodriguez Martiza Rodriguez College Computer Programmer, College ,Q Miriam Rodriguez Nancy Rodriguez Valerie Rodriguez Odette Rodriguez Rich, Satisfied Accounting College College Yvette Rodriguez Yvonne Rodriguez Elizabeth Roman Doris Romey College College, Lawyer College, Work Lllwyef Lillian Rosa Annette Rosado Veronica Rosally Geraldine Ruiz Pre-Medical Flight Attendant Business Manager Court Stenographer a 3 i'ii FW 4:4 if f Yvette Ruiz Wanda Sacz Sandra Salinas Moses Sam College Acting, SHCCGSS College, Work Bookkeeper ,I xl XZ Augustus Sanders Pamela SandC1'S Karyn SaI1ClS Journalist Computer Field College, C.P.A. Kenni Santiago C.P.A. Wiandy I. Santiago Work, College Mary Santiago Noemi Santiago Walter Santiago College College, C.P.A. Computer Science Vs flgy Alma Saunders Carstine Scott Margaret Scott Executive Secretary College College, Success Tuwana Scott C.P.A., Computer Analyst Jacqueline Seals Michele Sears Ruth Seay College, C.P.A. SUCCESS Legal Secretary, Politics Sheryl Seid College, Computer Programmer, C.P.A. mfcniai " - if, , uf ' I Suzanne Senior Vivian Senquis Loretta Shaw Amy Sheng Success Modeling, Stewardess, College College, Business Administrator DOCZOF, P0liCew0man Ingrid Shephard Maureen Sherod Arlene Shuler Florence Simeon College, Accountant Legal Secretary. Marriage Become a Lawyer College Jacqueline Simons Juanita Simmons D0I11'la Simpson Choi Ling Siu Social Worker Teacher College Career, Business, and College ist' Julia Skarmoutsos Thomasina Smalls JoAnne Smart Stacey Smith College College, Lawyer Computer Programming College, Lawyer env' Elaine SDIO Jacqueline Soto Deborah Spann Myra Spell S 1406955 Business Administrator College Legal Secretary Sharon Spellman Tonia L. Spruill Gail Stanback Karen Steed College, Psychologist College, Marriage, Success College College, Accounting Ga..-f Victor Stevenson Crystal Stewart John Stewart Noretha Stewart College College Success College ' - ' Carol Street Karole St. Victor Maria Suarez Noelbis Suazo College, Pediatrician Success Flight Attendant Success, Career in Airport Denise Suber Pamela Sumpter Patricia Sylver Secretary, College Fashion Merchandise C.P.A. Milagros Tapia Legal Secretary K Rita Tassjellj Saundra Tatum Felix Tavares Janice TaYl01' Business School Executive Secretary College College' Mwflage' Wwklng gig. Paul Taylor Sonia Tejeda Tanya Tennant Pamela Th0mpS0n College, C.P.A. College College, Business Administration College Cynthia Thurman Germain Tillery Phyllis Tinsley Deborah Todman College, Success Success, Money College, Success, Travel College, Law, Accounting Aby Torres Daisy Torres -Jackie Torres College, Doctor College Social Worker f r,,lk i lgzwllzzfz :QQ lllr I Lucrecia Trinidad Flight Attendant Wanda Torres Debra Townes Flight Attendant Lawyer, Computer Programmer Sandra Ubiol Nanette VanWright Theodora Vasquez Business Executive College College Miriam Vega Roselynn Vega Nancy Velazquez College College Flight Attendant Margarita Torres College, Computer Programmer -al: , , i Menzo Tucker Business Administration, Navy Milagros Vega College, Computer Programmer Debbie Velez Nurse fic? Vanessa Vereen Martha Vila Kelly Vilar Amalia Villagomez Journalist, Law Singer, Dancer Psychologist College, Success, Engineer Sharon Walker Rhonda Waller Denia Walters Shelby Walthour College Lawyer College College 3 wi srl 9 Wanda Ward Rupert Warner, Jr. Connie Washington Donna Washington 2-year University C.P,A. Executive Secretary Armed Services, Computer ' ' Sciences Evangaline Washington Roslyn A. Washington Carlton Watler Sharyl Watson College, Court S tenographer C.P.A. Success College, Executive Secretary 72 - J-fiaifcmi fl Q I t . if f.'?r.' J lt L Mack Weems Kim Weldon Sandra Wells Ibaria L. Wheeler College, Independent Business Work, College C,P,A, Accounting, Computer V Programmer ' Georgette Whichard Deborah E. White Gail White Kevin White Work Law Lawyer College, Business World Tammy White Vickie Whitt Carolyn Williams Miriam Williams Success, Marriage Computer Science Work College Sharon Williams Tonya Williams ' Larry Williamston Cynthia Wilson Lawyer, Accountant Computer Science, Business C,P,A, Business Administration Administration Leona Wilson Miranda Witherspoon College, Success College X.. Anne Wong Judy Wong College Become Rich, CPA. Josephine Wu Gail Wyllie Musician Success Sandra Young College Wi 1. Carol Womble Amy Wong College, Medical Secretary College Mona Wong Rolanda Woodhouse College Business Administration .fi Wai Kwong Yee Seadrick Yelverton College, Computer Programmer Business Administration Sarah Young College if 'If JW l 1 To mzfktvct Not long ago, Now, llla 'H lts 1 4 H Sll T11 o 5. , v lf F' 9 8 4 'iff 15 if 5 f f 'gay' G .'-'A :A K ,' . .1 1 7' ,i ,1 , ..,.. A va, , 1 , V. Dxana Perez 1 r '4 - .4 t . ,V 3, C , ,Luk-N . , ,..... a .fig If .-f 17" klfg st? 7 X 1 71 5 'K S Wigs, .05 . 55 . 3 3,1 J gh I A 'A 3' -' Plz ' I 'ip A- X" in -2 x Y' 'f gf 'fx -- Y, m '. L , .,, " I' I, H f' - X ' I J vi ls.: N N Cl T M-9-'3"': ir., f , 1 5 X 'Y 1 ' X xx X '-' -Hum K:. 2.--Q--A-gi SAY1---w I K' --- --'-----3----w Qfhff W f s ,.....,.f, hx-, N slr M 1 .r H " nf- CQ ' "L"'5 '-" 'r 5 1' v' KV ' , 35 I 2s.' ,T ea t 7' Q' - kr: , Wy' by 1- 1 .YL I L' K .72 ag 3 s X 'As I time '3""'.k X '54 X: s 'L-V R gf xcv' N LL " X -h f- ie,.:',:4 4 yi' l E 6 'ff' ' X 'N 1 A-' 'f' -Tuff: ' kxy 'U ., 'T' X, M' " 1k L,ff' W Y' -. ,Q l "4 , W? I n T .y .Q ' ' .Qrh Q3 ,ag xx A i? fa QZRR A 43' Q f X C V, .- , f C P Q, 4! N 1 , 6 K if - x XIX 1 ' A huif Xa P",,:-Y ' s .Q ll ,L SL. JS I 14's R vi k RS'xTx:' 'am . 56 5 k r -Qs L' 1-fu' '.,"' 's - s 9 -m ' 'Q X hi-12. ' luv 1 4 F' ,,..,,n4' 'zs' ', xad Q - S 4 W.y::g+' Q A -xv "' ' Ni ' .9 Q 11. DRA x S U 4 ' -fi A, f 5 . - - 4 Q . 9 ' V I Y ff' f - f 1 F L V. 7 f' Q Rfk: A ' ' 7 Q Q' ini! I 4 ' ' x ', .g . MQ4 GUR SENICR OFFICERS: 'GWE DO IT ALL FOR YOU.', L....1 FFFF fe pr- Lenora Harris, Treasurerp Herbie Gonzalez, Vice-Presidentg Theresa Huk, Presidentg and Crystal Stewart, Secretary , 1 A - bww! 3 3 And who do you F V- think did alll! this work for us? z . -.xi It all begins for Lenora and Herbie at the Election Assembly. Two heads are better than one. t The Consultative Council First row: Mr. Bernard V. Deutchman, Principal, Catherine Pray, Kareem Peele. Second row: Mr. Allan Kaplan, Maggie Colon, Tonya Jones, Gina Sobers, Jackie Valentine, Charise Blue, Lisa Hidalgo, Sharvon Samuels, Mr. Murray Schwab, Mr. Arnold Oftedal. xt Film,- 'Nu ,f"" 1 'five fff ,fare Maggie COIOI1, SCIUOF Delegate to COUSUNHUVC Catherine Pray, Chairperson of Consultative Council Council The Executive Council Executive Council members: Elgina Jacob, Karen Tucker, Monique Chunn, Claribel Santiago, Jeanette Gonzalez Maribel Santiago, Adriane Jenkins, Paula Gardner, Kareem Peele, Zina Burton, Ray Diaz, Gina Sobers, Donna Jenkins Fred Hood, Jackie Lawson, Crystal Stewart, Lenora Harris, Mr. Arnold Oftedal, Herbie Gonzalez, Theresa Huk. t , Q' ,-F A l Qs I2 THE P.A. GGES DXIXSXCXGX DECA if 1, rings. First Row: Jose Anderson, Andrew Robinson, Karen Mills, Velverlee Brown, Pamela Sumpter. Second Row: Winzel Gadsden, Paulette lgle, Jackie Soto, Nancy Torres, Raul Martinez, Augustus Sanders. Third Row: Mr. Stephen Grossman, Faculty Advisor, Terry Cambell, Florence Simron, Elizabeth Lanoin, Yvonne Matzo, Jackie Torres, Ximena Chacon, Elizabeth Gagot, Dave Velasquez. Fourth Row: Renee Ham, Maria Suarez, Joseph Velasquez, Robert Arroyo, Frances Cabajia, Tracey Smith, Felicia Adams, Tammy Murray, Cheryl Acosta. . " . 61" .Jr , . 'T A 4, 1. 3? ka K - me .Y ey- ,... kvww Dave Velasquez makes his point to Augustus Sanders. Brigitte Davis 84 Transition Staff First Row: Ms. Frances Glick, Faculty Advisor, Florence Rivas, Johanna Ramos, Debra Rivera. Second Row: Patricia Sylver, Denise Jones, Christine Hendricks, Sharol Jones, Lisa Bullard, Nadine Marshall, Vilma Perez, Maritza Rodriguez, Gina Maldonado. Third Row: Karen Littlejohn, Karen Phillips, Mona Wong, Bernadette Cummings, Connie Washington, Terry Campbell, Joyce Joseph, Carstine Scott, Lillian Montalvo, Norma Recalde, Vonde Brishbor. Fourth Row: Calvin McBride, Tammie Petterson, Mararita Rivas, Mark Weems, Linda Grosvenor. 1981 Senior Dues Champs , ,rrr ,,,r 1 isliss it A The Pocket Diggers. ON COLLEGE NIGHT, THE CHOICE WAS OURS un A W1 524 ,W ff H.. annanA . 4n?w-nm. lv Z, X1 ' 'fM:m,. - 1. 87 NGRMAN THOMAS SINGS! Q99 The Norman Thomas Gospel Chorus makes it big! Here they are at their first recording session under the most able direction of Mr. Ramon Reeberg and Ms. Rosemarie Canty. .nffffiffwff ' W , SW? ik 89 ' The Dynasty Club 1 , is Choi Ling Siu Mona Wong Amy Sheng Judy Choi Sau Chan Anna Chow Judy Wong Pauline Chan Sheryl Seid Wai Cheng, Josephine Wu, Siu ldoo, Waik Yee, Yvonne,Lee, Terry,Jeu, Ada Chang, Sandra, Young, Angela Chan, Sharlene Mark, Mrs. Gladys Sikora, Faculty Advisor Cnot shownj. The Computer Club gfisg ' f Bl?35 " Computer Club members Eugene Higgs, Luis Pa- dilla, and Kam F. Woo play with their PET comput- er as Faculty Advisor Stan Schiff looks on. WJ , K 4 uuu "I .W sw - ea-ef A T Kr' .Y f for X it rio" .t, Norman Thomas Club Goes Pumpkin Crazy At Bellevue Hospital +1 Paula Mobley, Vicki Whitt, Lisa Bullard, Keith Smith, Barbara g McNair, Margo Gray, Annette Ellis, Michelle Perry, Adam Gelfan, Mr. Al Sarach, Faculty Advisor, Heidi Crawford, Ace Williams, Matilda Garcia, Ray Cruz. 4 f verb. "'t""tt Thomasites Make It Halloween Remember Ili Simone visits SPARK Coordinator Ms. Betty Covington and members Janice McGruder, Anne- Marie Foreman, and Jose Rivera during a rap session. The staff of La Revista works on another exciting issue. Debbie Nibot, Jose Gonzalez, Jennie White, Betsy Rosado, Wilka Berrios, Sandra Bowers, Cynthia Kerr, Carmen Bonano, Faculty Advisor Mrs. Celina Stein fnot shownj. 94 SPARK La Revista Magazine Staff GIRLS VOLLEYBALL TEAM Team members pose for the camera before a game: Nancy Havens, Radika Permand, Denise Rivas, Heidi Crawford, Endora Riyfkogel, Fiordacisa Perez, Tammy James, Mr. Sy Bratter, coach, Maximiliano lnfante, manager, Elizabeth Ramirez, Valenie Henderson, Carolyn Cruz, Donna Boomer, Theresa Bradley, Marisol Alveno, Katty Alvarado, Cathy Alvardo. The team celebrates a win! Heidi Crawford makes a save! Ima. 4-.-1-as-ll' wwmavv' WE CELEBRATE ORMAN THUMAS K-405' ax l 1 Ay " 'XX UXQS' x 'Q ' OQY2 1 5 :af Fx XX 'lk ' I Q DAY I OUR CWN SPECIAL W . ,, , VVLL A A A , , ..... ...,. . Ewa, ,.., . - N E I , Q ,,L.,, fi Q' I N Wi 39251 gnu w K G'sfA?r?5ffw:",r1,ffaw,b - y BFG ..... s First row: Karen Brown, Katherine Cipko, Esther Rodriguez, Sarah Young, Miriam Rodriguez. Second row: Judy Choi, Rosa Rivera, Vivian Mastakas, Mary Nazario, Mildred Marin, Martha Ramirez, Lyisandra Diaz, Susan Holly, Lystra Cunningham, Julia Skarmoutsos. Third row: Shu Chang, Lorraine Ramos, Ann Chow, Maria Reyes, Susan Ng, Lisa McDonald, Gwen Deese, Harriet Green, Wai Cheng, Karen Phillips. THE FUTURE SECRETARIES ASSOCIATICN FSA Members participate in the Installation Ceremony. Wh Tracie Ames, Treasurer Susan Holly, Vice- Presidentp Miriam ' ' Rodriguez, Presidenty sf ' 1 ' 'F -fr S, eirr I Wai Cheng, F5 ,WM . Corresponding Secretaryg and Anna Chow, Recording S ecretary. Advisor Ms. Sheila Freedman proudly displays the new FSA tee shirt. L E., Q? fri, :VB , f 35 2 l l 4' 1 r 4 fir 7 M fy W fl' -. , 52s ' his wa 4,-Lk he Anna Chow and Wai Cheng light candles as Ms. Jacqueline Combs, Advisor, and Susan Holly look on approvingly. 99 The Senior Show Script Writers Committee members Ermelinda Cabrera, Sally Manzanet, Mr. Arnold J. Waldman, Director, Edna Cruz, Dino Ramirez, Lisa Bullard, Nanette Marie Van Wright, Allen Callwood, Frank Almonte and Adam Gelfand. Israel Hernandez, Kevin Richards, Maximo Carbonell, Walter Santiago and Herbie Gonzalez Cnot shownb. 'fri Q95 S, I, 100 ,QMM-f.m Xb' FBLA members share a joke. First row: Brenda Rodriguez, Madeline Rodriguez, Sofia Avila, Louise Boyd, Audriene Clark, Sharon Williams. Second row: Christine Hendricks, Gregory Anderson, Rupert Warner, Jackie Purser, Karen Steed. Third row: Vilma Perez, Kenni Santiago, Janice Moore and Mr. Richard Krevor, Advisor. THE F.B.L.A:, Treasurer Thelma Holt does her thing. President Madeline Rodriguez and Vanessa Holmes at work. ' Secretary Sharon Williams shares an idea with members Louise Boyd and Lillian Gonzalez. .QQZT ' ,..- in im ' f57?li!?iV'g V I 5 YW , 1 i S 5 .I S 1 Q 4 Sharon Williams, Ina Kornegay, Vice-Presidentp Organizers Kenni Santiago and Vilma Perezg work with President Madeline Rodriguez and Louise Boyd while Mr. Krevor advises. r And at Play. At Work LJ' l R fm 'R 4 i l03 IT'S A CELEBRATION 1 1 Going S Wig I ' ax . X ,Q H 44' , 1 ' HQ I JFS, , , , Disco Dizzy '59 ' s x KN M . T V 4 x W, Going N xr THE Q64 fi XL X X33 'b mi 'E tif? MASTER BLASTERS GO ! ! ! W TERPSICHORE STRIKES THOMAS Tap dancers: Eva Hughes, Lisa Greene, Yvette Braithwaite, Cheryl Dosa, Lau-Rene Manuel, Margo Gray Karen Thomas, and Martha Vila. -vp T f lf'l S . T " 'x lt s great to take a break! l l l NGW HEAR THIS . Announcement Squad members First row: Lisa Bligen Ruben Thomas and Valerie Rodriguez. Second row: Kareem Peele and Allen Callwood. Faculty Advisor Mary Ann Guido and squad member Armando Proz Cnot shownj. THE THOMAS TIMES eel Q, RSM! Q55 at .Wi First row: Luis Padilla, Apryl Smith, Judith Ramos, Kam Woo, Denise Berkeley. Faculty Advisor, Mr. William C Hall, Laverne Rhaburn and Modesta Nunez. 108 , f .fl Senior Secretaries, First row: Celeste Patterson, Rolanda Woodhouse, Lenora Harris, Crystal Stewart, Joyce Garret, Diane Crespo, Mildred Perdomo, Bridget Ausby. Second row: Louise Boyd, Sharon Williams, Nilda Claudio, Sherran Leathers, Phyllis Tinsley, Cynthia Thurman, Angela Ferrell, Mona Wong. SENIOR OFFICE STAFF SENIOR EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Sheran Leathers, Bar- Theresa Huk Isittingj, Crystal Stewart, Mr. Joe Grenga, bara Lawerence, Mona Wong, Mr. Joe Grenga, Phyllis Tinsley Senior Advisor, and Lenora Harris keep things running. and Sallie Manzanet. , , ,uf in a, sf-., Ms. Mary Ann Guido, Advisor,' Mr. Ray Crawley, Technical Chief' Willie Morin, Patrick and Beau: Armando Droz, Ito and , Lindsayg Angel Sanchez, Patrick and Beaug Awilda Rivera, Mameg Debra Townes, Mameg Evelyn Castro, Mamej Debbie Custodia, Patrick, Jr.,' Karen Johansmeyere, Goochg and Mrs. Barbara Gottlieb at the piano, Advisor. Evelyn Castro as We Think You're Just Sensational, MAME! Mame toots her own horn. Musical accompanist, Theresa Huk. ,pi - A Advisors Barbara Gottlieb, Delores Blakely and Mary Ann Guido take a well deserved break. ,. X-. 'x l "iv VKX x Debra Townes, Marne, and Candia Calderon, Vera, sip a bit of the bubbly. 2 Kim Neal limbers up. The whole ensemble in big dance number. l fFar Ieflj Awilda Rivera, Mame, is held aloft by Armando Droz and Fred Hood, Beau. Sharon Moore, Mother Burnside, disagrees with Fred Hood and Kay Lopez, Sally Cato. lll the 5 Honor Society members: First row: Miriam Rodriguez, Treasurer, Lois Leiz, Secretary, Nanette Van Wright, President, Stacey Smith, Vice President, Miriam Williams, Secretary, Vanessa Holmes, Treasurer. Second row: Waikwong Yee, Judy Wong, Judy Choi, Ruth Negron, Mona Wong, Rita Tassielli, Vicki Frazier, Ina Kornegay. Third row: Mildred Cotto, Xenia Collazo, Lystra Cunningham, Esperanza Gonzalez, Wanda Carrasquillo, Magaly Badillo, Sau Mon Chan, Cathy Murphy, Silvania Cruz. Fourth row: Lisandra Diaz, Martha Ramirez, Cindy Homes, Adam Gelfand, Anne Wong, Sharon Walker, Marsha McKay, Ray Cruz. Fifth row: Diana Perez, Theresa Huk, Xiomara Fernandez, Mary Nazario, Susan Ng, Yvonne Maczo, Audrey Everett, Pamela Sanders, Julia Skarmoutosos. Sixth row: Amy Sheng, Choi Ling Sui, Terry Jeu, Evette Burset, Katherine Cipko, Thelma Holt, Sharon Moore. The Honor Society Does Honor To Us All Sharon Walker, Nanette Van Wright, Martha Ramirez, Cathy Murphy, and Katherine Cipko help to decorate for Christmas. Q, ,xx sf it . . A R it tiei ,fs N. pt, ,Lg Q fi k ' I fx g 3 .W ,. ,, . , ff Honor Society members spearheaded by Advisor Ms. Rosemary Gelshenen, are gearing up for their Cookie Sale. THE JUNIOR OFFICERS We Wish you the joy and privilege of being SENIORS next year. Mr. Jerry Stein, Advisor, with Gina Sobers, President, Donna Jenkins, Secretary, and Jackie Lawson, Treasurer. '73 113 2 THOMAS TIGERS TROUNCE THE TOWN First row: Whimpy Allen, Ricardo Bailey, Mr. Mark Uberman, coach, Nate Mitchell, Lester Ross, Rod Clair, Second row: Sean Landers, Fred Burges, Gerald Coleman, Kareem Peele, Mr. Chris Johnson, generalfactotum, Ron Duncan, Fred Canty, Craig Hyman, Ray Diaz, Melvin McTeer Sanders, manager, Mark Jones Cnot shownl. - , .3 -4 77" f I V 1 gl ri' A .1 rf 57""l l gg .. l ' T ' 'lf X J , T 'F V 1 1 I X 114 i :xx , E: I us? I7-f -v Q . QQ? 1 S HM' Q X .ol f,. ' il QR. of "Q Y 33" vu 1 2. 340 my , 5 if iu 1 WA -mb F.-. 'fh- askin ,Few x k . .- . l 5 155 ' ' g ,A X ,Y First row: Maribel Sequarra, Charen Littlejohn, Vickie Whitt, Sarah Young, Angela Manuel, Cheryl Dash. Second row: Roberta Dixon, Lisa Bullard, Ranya Griffen, Ms. Delores Blakely, Advisor, Lau-rene Manuel, Suzanne Jenkins. Third row: Richardo Fonseca, Yvette Rodriguez, Kim Neil, Evelyn Castro, Jackie Valentine, Maria Martinez, Debbie Townes, Lisa Whilehurst, Cindy Holmes, Fred Hood. MODERN DANCE CLUB IN ACTION X g WM ECHAMPHJH 2 m ms 0 nfs aw W 'wi Omg an WH' ,, Zf, 0' V fr 4 f mm 1' wa wmwwfv gwfmew n 0 .5 .X xv' 'X ' ,wi i.,E1f'.p , gg: L VE. 5 2. - Nw---M XSS? J SEI KM nu MSA AND XQURIUJLS was xx goal ull! fs Y 5 l i ? N Z2 9 3215 N158 WX, 1 1 I -, ry! Q, R wp, W w!,fi .fha M ,T gf 9 6 .12 , W2 gi 4imn, , M141 1 su m,l'.mi iw in gif THOMAS CHEERLEADERS . . . C , , Y 7.1, gg 351. ' t 'lv was .. S QL .A r , sf' C. . r fi' C 3 Q gE EVE C wiki' 51' "'-F 'THS' N771 w. 7' A N TW' Wars H" VTP ..4 First row: Sharon Garrison, Victoria Gaskins, Juanita Simmons, Kelly Rice co-captain, Phertrina Mack, Jackie Lawson co-captain, Valinda Alston, Deborah Todman, Gale Green. Second row: Mr. C. Johnson, Advisor, Nadine Morshall, Karen Tucker, Heather Browne, Cynthia Bradshaw, Darlene Swaffer, Monique Chunn: Gloria Chisolm, Arelene Malaret, Shireley Moore, Karen Middleton. Third row: Darelene Wilson, Vernice Rivers, Sarina Riddick, Georgette Steele, Rhonda Simmons, Bernadette Baptiste, Diane Jordan, Choddie Jackson, Fawn Mckenzie. Fourth row: Andrea Moore, Trina Gregory, Joan Mcrcoclo, Helena Johnson, Brenda Higgs, Juanita Badger, Joe Green, Coach. dv? vans-. F fi W .r2, .. wow," . 2.,f'2:,5af X -PM ROCKIN' STEADY!!! VHA :THQ gf 'lqiig v WH' sg -sz? r . M s:f,,,::- 5 1' .- A-nil, 1 nw gf - K' Q s s-ffilfll' 'L " K :iff PRS, WN - film , wh: rv : , f f W A ' ' -'ffffi - , f fl. . Wjfif .. t if-wif' ' Qf"13lffiffE fy, ,,,,.i. -g ' 11 sax '-2-::f:u Tanya Tennant, Captain gc- , F f N .za-6 .PW wvgmv , :L by V ' R ,Q iixkjwgf 1 I YQ lr 4 -x-.QS if . 3 Hgh. 123 N K in X 331995-1 X. . LW Q 2 E I 3 5 X fr-r 23, 4 41 3 ,7 Q' '5- 414' . 1 QQ .l 5 I aims- First row: Sandra Nazario, Maggie Colon, Denorah Ramirez, Kim Nazario, Shamin Miah, Miriam Rodriguez, Vickie Whitt, Lupe Rivera, Ronnie Gilliard. Second row: Ms. Marsha Slater, Faculty Advisor, Wai Chan, Loretta Shaw, Gwendolyn Deese, Brigitte Hull, Angela Ferrell, Jacqueline Seals, Rosa Medina, Yinesca Cabrera, Brigitte Davis. Third row: Madeline Colon, Lisa Chapman, Moses Sam, Crystal Davis, Kareem Peele, Lisa McDonald, Sherann Leathers, Andrea Moore, Phyllis Fowler, Yvette Rodriguez, Cindy Holmes, Alice Pinder. Not shown: Mark Burts, Erica Caraway, Lenell Devall, Diana Perez, Narcisa Pino, Lizzy Rivera, Maria Cabrera, Wanda Saez, Amalia Villagomez. This Yearbook Has Been Brought to You by . . Editor-in-chief f is is to " Andrea Moore ' , A , completes a copy Q1 l sheet i 'C if 'su : . . 'Q' - A 'E M' 2 K . 11 wwf... el Q 1 ms! 5 513 i :A - 1 V, X 'lv , .am H . 1 ' N. 1. .... , ......... 1.'-4 , I ww..x.. N -., W . jf . ,,.,..pnnar -1 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT 77 We, the graduating class of 1981 would like to leave to 3 I 1 Mr. BarocasfA book he's never heard of. Q Mrs. Blakely-A Broadway Dance Production. l 3 Mr. DeutchmaneA school without students and a new set A 2 of rules and regulations. L i Ms. FeldmaneAn 800 classroom year-round. Ms. GlickfA ten year subscription to Transition magazine. Mrs. GoodWGood students when she lives up to her name. Mr. GrengaeA wife and ten kids. Mr. GrossmaneA permanently employed work experience l class. Mr. Hall-A cool walk. Mr. .lohnsonfA new brown suit, and a chicken flavored whistle. Mr. LconlA book on dictatorship. Ms. MagatheThe willpower to say "No". Mr. MaierfA classroom of empty chairs. Ms. Maldonado-A pair ol' engine-powered roller skates. l Mr. Mancin'A lifetime subscription to Mad magazine. Mr. McCartereA lifetime membership to Elaine Powers. l Ms. MorsillifA tall. dark. handsome lawyer to teach her all the new and exciting ways to write a will. Mr. ReebergeA free concert ticket to a rock and disco version of Beethoven. Mr. SarachfNorman Thomas. Mr. SchwabflBM machines in the best order possible. Mr. ShulmaneA set of unbreakable body weights. Ms. Slater-The ability not to hear every word. Mrs. Wolf-The best stenography students. Z . :fe if A T ' e' Q.. ? gf r' of Best Wishes and Felicitations to the Graduating Class of 1981 for your hard-Won accomplishments. We hope that you will continue pursuing your goals in the future and obtain success. Evelyn Abbott Margie Acevedo Benny Acosta Ricky Acosta Adam Brunhilde Joycelyn Adams K.C. Adams Kathy Adams Patricia A. Adams venia Adams -go c Adams ra y . Adios Seniors!-lsrael Remember K, Adler, lnc. Eugene Adorno Herminia Adorno Afro American Book Ctr. Evelyn Agosto Farooq Ahmad Ibrahim Akiki 8c Family Tina Alago lvett 8L Luis Alcivar Doris Ali Norberto Alicea Oswald Alkins Alla the Royal Jordanian Curry Allen Whimp Allen Muntaz Alley Josef Ally To My Old Almamater Gladys Almeida Frank Almonte Margaret Alston Madeline Alvarez Mr. Amadeo Rosa Amadiz Congratulations Amalia Happy New Year Amalia Eddie Amaro Mazito Amaro Ruth Amaro Shelly Amaro Santana Ana Mrs, Anderson Gregory "Greg-Gee" Anderson Jose Anderson Raymond Anderson Elizabeth Cris Andiarena Miriam Aneses Anonymous Franco Antonini M. D'Aquila Luiz Aquirre Benjamin Archilla Nerieda Archilla Joshua Armstrong Suzie Armstrong Timothy Armstrong Suzy Arriba - Crystal Arrington Delyris Arroyo Rita Arroyo Gertrude Arscott Lenny Ashby Gwendolyn Ausby Venny "Vern" Ausby Sofia Avila Ivan Ayala Lourdes Ayala Barbara J. Ayasrah Nabila Azer Angela. Good Luck Congratulations, Angela-Phil J.B. Alba William Ascencio Luciano Acevedo The Asencio Family Angela. Lots of Luck-Cathy Angela, Good Luck-Anthony Amy. Best Wishes-Paul Angela Congratulations! Kevin Angela Congratulations! Wendy Bravo-Shirley and Nicole Best of Luck-Gwen Buena Suerte-Carmen Jimenez Best Wishes! Blanco Finally Graduated. Huh-Kevin Always and Forever Andriana Vicky Amorco iGood Luckj Esperanza Amador Georgia Amador James Amoroso loves Maggie Manny Abrahante ll Cristobal Alvarado M.D. Patricia Boone Bernard Magaly Badillo Sarah Bailey Charles Baker Mrs. Charles Baker Daniel Barreto Betty Barrett Lisa Barrett Lucille Barrett Tina Barrett Private Tony Barrett Pvt. Tony Barrett Tong' Alonzo Barrett Fre Bashiti Raymond Battaglino Nicola Beckles Pat Benatar Betty Mr. Bitterman Bjorn Birgenstedt Karen Blowe Bobby Bobby Joclean Bodden Heather Lynn Boerner Maryann Boerner Alfredo Boltorquez Nisa Bonilla Sylvester Bourne Sam Bradford Derrick Bradley Arlene Brathwaite Mabel Brathwaite Marlyn Brathwaite Wilfred Brathwaite Helen Brennan Bright Eyes Clara Brown Clara Brown Clara Brown Clara Brown Clara Brown Ron Brown Desiree Bryant Rhonda Buchanan Rick Van Buren Jorge Burgos Alfred Burton Pearline Burton Kevin R. Beaumont Ella F. Bacote Robin Backines LeRoy Brown Ms, Carmen Betsaida Rivera Harry Barcoot Margaret Broaddus Sabrina Blenman Bellevue Day Care Ctr., lnc. Velverlee Yvette Brown Best Wishes Cesi Love Brenda Barrett Sporty King Mrs. Burtone Zelda Bails Melissa Britt Sylvia Burke Mrs. Louerne Adams Buchanan Ronnie Beacrucis Wanda Brown George Brown Georgia Mae Bowen Kim Bowen Mr. Beckman Estelle Bell James Bryant K. Brown K. Brown Elleanor Barreiro Miriam Brown Berenice Carlese Boxley Brenda dt Jeff Khalil J. Boxley Brenda Boxley Thomas Boxley Christina Bell Torres Brigida Mytrice Bryant Marion Benjamin Marcia Branford Reggie Brooks Bonzo is Back! Best Wishes-A Friend Paul Balbahadur Benny and the Jetsl Evette Burset Benjamin Boston Magaly Badillo Ben and Olga Eric Belthro Derrick Belthrop Buffy Claudette Baird Al Briand Robert Burton Mary Brown Ellemal Brown James Brown Doris P. Buday Mrs. Barnes Elender Bush Elizabeth Baez Jonathan Bell Leon Brown Jennifer Brown Stanley Bitterman Leon Burne Marilyn Berrios Dr. Badilles-Ferrer Linda Burns George Bricca Never Worked-His Boss Paul Basovsky "Blima" Theresa Bradley Yvonne Bent lvette Bazza Best Wishes to the Graduates Blanco-Aviation H.S. Best Wishes-Love Al Buena Suerte Maggie Best Wishes Best Wishes Always Elaine Belisle Diane Bruno Best of Luck Best of Luck Vlary Burke Many happy returns Best of Luck Jgina Yvonne Bent Brenda Brown Best wishes in the future Carlos Beyson Best of luck in your future Cliff Cat Henrietta Curter Henrietta Carter China Cynthia Corn Phillip Corprew Lauren Callendar Love C.J. Dean Cadet Yvonne Cadet lrene Cale Elvis Pando Tony Caraballo Tony Caraballo louglas Carney, PA Richard Carlsson Margaret Carlsson Mami Carlota Jeannie Cabrera Jeffrey Caban lrene Cappellani 1836 Watson Ave. Edwin Caban Tod Carroll Clea Carpenter Cavewoman! Glo! Noreen Cavanagh Michelle Calo Cambu Hector Caraballo The Cars Carmen-A Doer! Sheila Castro Julie Castro Luis Castro Olga Castro Felix Castro Henry Castro Norman Castro Pito Castro Elio Castillo "Cesi" Jenifer Chan Kala Chainan John Chan Daisy Charles Maxine Chisom Anna Chu--as Cupcake Vilma as Chicky Barrington Chin Joseph Chiu Zenaida Chavez Richie Chiraz Billy Chiaramonte Charlie Cotto Michael Cirone Joyce Clement Maria JL Jose Claudio Nilda Claudio Ida Mae Clark Claude Clairer Ron Clary Allan Cleary Bob Clarke Jason Clarke Marlene Clarke Cousin Carmen Lauren Comegys Julia Correa Julia Correa Jave "Chick" Correa Angelo Couehells Coco 8: Nancy College of Staten Island Aurea Colon Elizabeth Colon Angel Colon Madelyne Colon Congratulations Congratulations, Lots of Luck Rhasheen Coleman Margaret Collins Congratulations Srs! Wanda Cole Come to "Mame" Congratulations N. Thomas Lisa Cox Miss Combs Love Coles Congratulations Carmen Congratulations Class '81 Congratulations Carmen Love Congratulations Carmen Love Congratulations Carmen Congratulations Carmen Love Congratulations Carmen Love Congratulations-M. Carrasquillo Congratulations Ben Congratulations Carmen! Congratulations Carmen Congratulations-from S. Park H.S. Congratulations! Congratulations! M. Carmencita Leslie Lee Colon Felix Colon Pauline Cowder Cy nthia Corn Finealum Corp. Congratulations! Love lvan Joanne Colon Michelle Colon Ana L. Colon Janice Coleman Janice Coleman Joe Cohen Enrique Cotto Addie Crosby Kerri Dolores Crossland Deborah R, Crossland Carmen M. Crespo Luisa Cruz Jerrey Cruz Eddie Cruz Exotic 8 Crew of "78" Michelle Cruz Nydia Crespo Jerome Crawford Evelyn Cruz Lystra Cunningham Mrs, Susie Cummings William Custodio William Custodio William Custodio William Custodio William Custodio Ana Custodio Ana Custodio Willie Custodio Eliud Custodio Maggie Custodio Maggie Custodio Monse Custodio Rachel Custodio Samuel Custodio ll Samuel Custodio Il Samuel Custodio II Maggie Custodio Damaris Custodio Samuel Custodio Ana Custodio Aida Custodio B.W.M. Cunningham Ola Chisholm Norma Colon Janet Colon Crystal Corbett Rachel Custaniera Mrs. V. Charles Ida Campbell Congratulations to Class '81 Kathleen Cruz Denise Coe Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations Jackie Colon Class '81-Best of Luck Marsha Cowell Congratulations Cookie, Be the Best Mafalia Clonis Edward Cloodwin Loike Castellanos Criticize Trotsky Chaui 8: Daniel Luis Cintron Carolina Meat and Poultry Jose R. Caban Good Luck-Patrick Carr Congratulations to FBLA Tammy Cubilette Mr. Tony Contey Linda Cedilnik Ronnie Cohen Javier Colon-Best wishes Success-Julia Colon Chino SL Essie Coagratulations 12-1 1-Mrs illiams Karroletta Woodhouse tshortyj Congratulations Essie! C.S. Puno-Cocuzza, M.D. Congratulations-Love Kai Congratulations-Love Jean Martin Chu-Marine Corps. Lily Chan Congratulations! Mother Congratulations! Kathy, Angela Congratulations! Best wishes Congratulations nice Sandra-Paul Fred Dawson Christopher Dawson Christopher Dawson Christopher Dawson Christopher Dawson Christopher Dawson Christopher Dawson, Jr. Christopher Dawson. Jr. Christopher Dawson, Jr. Christopher Dawson, Jr. Christopher Dawson, Jr. Stephins Demorde Davis Jaw Drugstore David Papo DeJesus Louis Dickerson Cherry Diuus Michael DeJesus Jeff Davis Charlene Durham M. Dohan Patricia Dudley William P. Van Dyke Bett Daggett McKinley Dufon Phyllis Latanya Dyron Debourk Drake Craigg Dorauy Willie "Dynamite" Anne Diedrick Evelyn K. Daggett Cliff Diomidous Kimberly Day Bernard V. Deutchman Willimena Daglas Congratulations Daily! Dichas y Felicidades Amalia Maria Colores Charles Delaney Delia Delgado Avparo DeJuesi Elsa Detres Crystal Ann Davis David 8: Irene Rudel Dreans Anil Deshmukh Ray Denyou Gloria Diaz Carmen Diaz Daniel 8t Chaui Irela Diaz Ron Duncan Juan y Darys John DiFelippo Annie Doizer Freddie Dabbs Myra Dominguez Pamela Dickens Marc DeSimone Dr. Dipasipu Tenka DeWillis Calnin Davis Luis Danis Ciselle Davis Mr. 81. Mrs. Dwight Darling A Million Dollars-Good Luck Mrs. Jeanette Davis Dermac Cleaners Janet Dickstein Diane's No. l Alma Gonzalez Edylane Gr'Rael Carmen Gonzales Jose Gonzalez Barbara Gottlieb Dolores Garcia Lillian 8: Ray Garcia Good Luck Carmen Maria Galvez Good Luck Jean McGee Herb Goff Yolanda "Yolie" Gonzalez Alan Gordon Mr. Grossman Gimee the Ball Mona Gilsenan Dominick Giarratano Dominick Giarratano Joe Garcia-Congratulations Dorothy Gladney Esperanza Gonzalez Josephine Grillo Judy Green Mae Rochelle Green Rosina Garcia Peter Genussa Yvette Griffin Michael Gossett Larry Glisson Gilbert Gonzalez Paul Gertz Louisa Garcia Louis Gays M.D. Doris Greene Gethse Mane Baptist Church Gas Station Michelle Green Congratulations Gymnastics Letla McGhee L. Greenberg Ms. F. Glick Raymond Garcia Gggys Graham G Luck BB. Jorge Maria Garcia Darryl Griffin Best Wishes Graddy James Gonzalez Luis F. Gonzalez Rafael Guevara Gus V. Grangjean Nancy orlach Dominick Giarratano Laura Giarratano Mary Beth Gillen Good Luck Gene Grocery Store Bertha Grant Milton Garcia Grand Ma Gully Lilly Billy Goat Peter Genussa Vincent Gardner Father James Goode Luz Galendez Jeffrey Gewirtz Ellen Gewirtz Achieve Your Goal Miquel Garcia Good Luck Class "8l" Sigfredo Gonzalez David Gonzalez Carlos Gonzalez Joseph Girone Ivan Gomez Darren A. Graham Love Susan Rivera Danny Grayson Gladys Graham Good Luck Flaco. Felicia Joey Garcia McGee 8a Family Terry Green Consuelo As Grandma Darryl Greene David Griffith George 8L Denise Jeanne Gareri Dominick Giarratano Dominick Giarratano Delia Giminion Rosa Galego Marietta Gilbert Resliee Guzamar Marie Gibbs John C. Green Grand Pa Gully Peter Genussa Larry Graves Norman Thomas Carrie Garland George Washington Lillie Gordon Louisa Garcia Sonia Gonzalez Michelle Greene James Glenn Albert Guerid Good Luck Jgina Good Luck Angie-Anthony Good Luck Jgina Good Luck Jgina Good Luck to l98l Good Luck Maggie Good Luck-Lloyd Greenwood Essie Grant Amelia E. Garcia Good Luck-Anna Chow Good Luck-B.B., Cese. D.C. W.J. Hills Michelle Harris Frank Holland Hotdog SL Family Marty Hamilton Gavin Jermaine Israel Hernandez Jasen Lamar Hines Denise Hernandez Bob Hills Andrea Haberham Sheila Holland Michael C. Harrison Essie Harris Hector Hernandez Sr. Lillian Hernandez Monique Holland Arthur Halle. P.A. Nancy Hidalgo Shawnda Ho lingsworth Sarah Harrison Holida Yacht Charters Danielfe M. Hall Colette Holly Yolanda Hicks Michelle Harris George Ellis Harris Gary T. Harris Cynthia Hug1gie Hennetta an Family Hotdog Hotdog Cynthea Holt Cynthea Holt Jose Hernandez Rose Ann Hollanda Evelyn Harrel Mrs. S. Harwin Robert Habersh Barbara Hagel U-Gene Higgs Lisa Ham Hector Hernandez. Jr. Michelle Gail Howays Charles Hairston Mrs. Ramona Hernandez Glen Haskins Shirley K. Hin Happy Graduation Danielle M. Hall Monva Haynes Trellis Hattield "Sparkle" Davida C. Houston Aliee Hernandez Sybria G. Harris Eugene Hadley V Henetta 8: Henry Hotdog Hotdog Lisa Hackett Lula Harres Herbie Senior V.P. Donna Husher Bob Hills Lydia J. Habersham Shirley Habersham Clara Mae Habersham Elsreal Hernandez Brenda Harre Blanca Hernandez James Hicks Mr. 8: Mrs. Holifield Israel Hernandez Syreeta Hightower Hello Norman Thomas Again Ho! Ho! Ho! Darryl Hall Willie Halls Thomasina Hicks Lizzie Hernandez Mildred Heinzerlina Dorothy Harris Anilda Karuaez tNarvaezj Leslie Prince Kaplan Steven Lee 8a Charlene Chu Nelsy Lopez Robert D. Leathers Sherann R. Leathers With God Speed! Kenny Lee Ladira Lugs The Lovable Big Blue Lucky Lucky Louie Lou LuayAPuerto Rico Bill Lango Bill Largo Nitter Gritter Antevi Lorriz The Best of Luck Thomas, Lagattolla Lisa Serrant Lauis Lopez Carmen Lopez Maria J, Limpichart Ouana La Lorgue Lorranine 8: Sam Arthur Laurel C. Losche Joe lWhitinJ Lipson Janina Lopez Kevin E. Laney David Lewis Benny Lopez David Long "Lucho" Abby Levine Levi Blanca Vaguetta Al Luis Luis Ortiz Leslie Neller Bill Largo Bill Largo Sally Ludwikowsiki Miss Jai Jai Love Lots of Luck Mercedes, Wilson "Life is Short" Tom Long Carmen Lopez Janice Laldwell Robin Lisbon Dorothy Lee Life is just Bowles Daddy Leondres Abraham Lopez Luis SL Virginia Lilliam Marin Dr, Luminaria M.D. Veronica-Good Luck Congratulations Herman Lee Lorraine Lance Mr, Lucky Lucky McGee William Loving Lilia "Lily" Juarbe Jim Lerin Pro. Bill Largo Lois Leiz Alvena Leivs Frances Levine Roy and Kathy Giselle and Lissette Love Always Nicky Leorizelda, Lugo Carmen. Lopez Love Ya Baby Lorraine 81. Sam Jean Ladusch Lets get to work William Loving Manuel Lopez Annie Lopez David Lewis Dr. Lil M.D. Tim Lyons Lucho Congratulations Cynthia Lee l Love You Titi Maggie SuccessALinda Marra Minnie Mouse Betty McMillan Saverio Martorana Vivian Maldonado Maggie-El twin fo de la vida James Marrero Maria Martinez Mr. James McCarter Angela Manuel Maurice McBean Dorothy McBean Mr. Zigmund Morrow Whitford Minor Sherwood Minor L. Mascara Venus McGregor May all your dreams come true Mei York and Nancy I Love You Nancy Ng! Carmen Narvaez David Narvaez William Ng Consuelo Perez Elva Pasarin Peace and Happiness to Everyone Albert A, Pazmino Hilda N. Quiles Maria Quinones Frances Rodriguez Mike Rodriguez Francisca Rodriguez Ana Rodriguez Sonia Rodriguez Bob Rogers Sam Robinson Yvonne Rodriguez Brenda Rodriguez Charley Riggins Donna Russo Margie Rodriguez Laida Ros-Buena Suerte Rusty Ramirez Good Luck Sheryl Seid Loves Kin Ng Elliot Sarney Elaine Schwercr April Smith Vivian Senquis Seniors are No. I Trim Sarah Sandra-Bonne Sandra, Congratulations Sandra, Good Luck! Kai, Jean Singer Sewing Center Sandra. Good Luck! Wendy Norman Saxon Thank you N.T.H.S. Thanks Mom, Dad! Love, Felicia Riccan Tang Loves Susan Choi Margarita Uriando Abigail Varga-Go Get 'Eml Mark Velez Sonia Vizcaino Terry Vsry Angelica Villegas Jesus L. Vasquez Joe Valenti Vito Lilian Valles Francisco Vasquez A. Valurghese Evelyn Vargas Helen Vargas Luz Vega Luis Venezuela Emily F. Vann Maureen Velazquez Stephen 8: Joann Vann Joan P. Vann Sarah SL Richard Vilar Victoria I Vernan Vee Cool Carol Vega Inez Vega Esther Valentine Gloria Velozsus Mrs. Florie Vega Hajidees Vallecillo Freddy Vegerano Maria Valdez Joan Vernon Raquel Vaca Mrs. Blanca Velez Maria Verdejo Raida Vera Antonia Vinueza Vern's Beauty Shop Kathy Villano Danny Villano Lucy M. Villano Mathew Varghese Dave Velasquez Olga Valdes Nicola Ventura Peter Wong-Marine Corps. Ms. Karyn Williams Larry Williamston Judy Uou Jouj Wong Mr. Ronald Wardall Denise Wurbach Willie-n-Cindy No. I Mei Yee Me 8: You Phillip Yap Lucy Yates My Young Lunchoeonette Hi! Love Yvonne I Love You Yvonne-Johnny All the Luck in the world-Sis Good Luck-Paul Yoli Augusto Marla Yanishefsky Doron Yomtov Donald Yound, Jr. Zimme 8L April forever Cheryl Zimmerman Ginny Ziglor Tomy Daughter Mr, 8: Mrs. Stanley Harriette Talley Toopie Joe Kid Tollinchi Frances Laitt Joseph Truisdale Atlantic Advertising Trans Atlantic Advg. Trans Atlantic Advg. Fifth Avenue Kevin Torres Candy Torres Onginal Tony Tone "There is much in life" Pab Tucker Alvin Tracey Antonnette, Taylor Pat Tang Happiness can be found Daisy Torres Samuel Thompson 3rd Sandy Saturne A Giver instead of Taker Stanley Taylor Taylor 8: Family Victor Thomas Karen Thomas Isabel Torres Ora Torres Trans Atlantic Advertising Atlantic Advg. Atlantic Advg. Trans Atlantic Advg. Neomi Torrez David Torres Amibal Torres Mayberry Crew Margie Taylor Sharon Tatun Doris Tapia Pamula. Tyler Ping Tang Audrea Tatti Elsie Flores, Torres Bridget "Sparkle" Tangi Daisy Torres Taylor 8: Family Stanley Taylor Tab Feliz Taveras Allen Trent Phyllis Linsely Atlantic Advertising Trans Atlantic Advg. Trans Atlantic Advg. Trans Atlantic Advg. Garey Torres Abe Torres George 84 Karleen F. Taormina Mr. Evris Taylor Ileana Thomas Tracey Townes Victor Tracy Thanks Giving Tony and Taniesha Chun Tang Dr. Tiu M.D. Robert Thompson Robert Williams Nell Williams The Williams Family James R. Williams George Washington Derrick Wright Wilbert Ortiz Bennie Joe Wallace Jr. Leola Wallace Jeanette Wiggins Lesley Williamson Thomas J. Wieuer Sharon Walker Phyllis Wilson Craig Williams Diana Williams Muriam Willensky Louie Willensky Louie Willensky Louis Willensky Herbert White Dessie Wong Alma Walthour Alma Walthour Alma Walthour Wiener Fever: Catch lt! Grace Walters Harold R. Williams Thressa Williams Lillie Williams Leon Williams Chyrl West Brook Viola White Ruth Ellen Waldnagel Andrey Wade Best Wishes! Shorty Williams Otelia Washington Mr. Williams James R. Williams Bridgette Wilson George Washington Bonaparte Wallace Deborah Wallace Rosalee Wallace The Wood Crew Linda Washington Joyce Wilson Mamie Watson "Lifes a Drag" Jackie Williams Mrs. Minerna Woffard Louie Willensky Louie Willensky Louie Willensky Chan Wai-Hoi Mrs. Rennie S. Wall Funny Face. Love Wabbit Alma Walthar Alma Walthour Tanya Waiters Mark Weems Ms. Bernice Wooten Rose Witherspoon Mrs. L. Wolf "Stay on the way" Leon Williams Edward West Brook lsaac Warren David Wise Aisha Lowan Warner Joann Washington Shorty W. Elmore Williams William 8L Family Michael Wheeler Lester Washington Hernandez 8: Wanda Joe Wallce Sr. Virginia Wallace John Wallace Arthor Werther Wanda Miranda Queenie White Sharon D. White Cray William Teresa White Priscilla-NTHS Louie Willensky Louie Willensky Louie Willensky Louis Willensky Alberea Wright Dom Williams Alma Walthour Sandy Walthour Steve Walden Mrs. L. Wolf Fee-Fe Wooten Mona Wong Treva Williams Helen Wilson Tammy White Luey West Brook Clive Walcott Phillip Waldnogel Best of Wishes Shelby Walthour Lucy Rodriguez Assemblyman Victor L, Robles Best Wishes from The Rodriguez Family May the Class of l98l Make the Future Count! Love: Nilsa Rosa Marc Robbins Marc Robbins Marc Robbins Marc Robbins Marc Robbins Harvey Rosented Harvey Rosented Herman Ross Air Condition 84 Rel. Tech. Herman Ross Rebecca Rosado Neida Rosado Margarita Rosado Richard Rodriguez Noemi Rodriguez Arthur Robinson Sylvia Robertson Sylvia Robertson Sylvia Robertson Sammy Robb Rosemary Tenzella Damaris Robles Taina Rose Frances Rodriguez Susan Rodriguez Frank Rotondo Rafaila Rodriguez Rotal Fredrick Bt Tracey Slege Frank Rotendo Luisa Rodriguez Alma Rivera Mark Anthony Richards Daisv Rivera-Best Wishes Cookie Rivera Charles Rice Milton Rivera Jose Rivera Eddie Rivera Freddie Richardson Richie Loves Wendy Coyin Rivera Lorraine Rivera Miguel Rivera Teresa Riley Luis F. Rivera Beatrice Evelyn Richardson Kenneth James Ruggiero Rocio Rivas Linda Rivera Ro-Bess Cleaners Susie L, Raweurs Love Maritza and Millie Ramo Brenda Robertson Mr. Juan Roldan Yolanda Richardson J. Rivera Linda Rivera Maurice 8: Rosie Forever Roberts Ramirez Lucy Rosado Sandra Rodriguez Olga Rivera Dawn Marie Rondon Juan Ramirez Jose Louis Rivera Jr. Jimmy Roman Jeffery Roman Michael Rivera Lucky Ruiz Sylvia Rodriguez, RN Aida Ramirez Aida Ramirez Juan Ramirez Angel Ramos Debora H, Robinson Lisa L. Royals Darren L. Richburg Mercedes Rosa Irene Ramos Loris Rebman Emilio Rosario Andrea Riley Hipobito Rodriguez Edmundo Rivera Luis Rivera Ramonita Uviondo Rivera Jose D. Rivera Ramona Anit de Wallace Jose Ramon Nazario Aurea S. Rodriguez Mr. Roberts Rivera, Sr. Roberto Rivera, Jr. Felipe Rivera Senior '80 Theresa Rockchester Tom Rhodes Remember Us: Lele, Lissy and Junito To Carmen: Remember Us: Ada 8a Moses Forever Good Luck Rupert-Sonia Good Luck Renee-Luvenia Sis Lindsay-Congratulations Mrs, J. Williams Gloria Jean Paige Maggie l. Cleveland Good Luck Renee from Anne Mrs. Anita Johnson Mr. Kenneth Chance Good Luck to Juanita as You Marian l. Shouearn A. Atkinson Lisa Jordan Alan D. Simmons Look out Juanita here comes Darren Simmons Congratulations-Class of '81 Edward Simmons Congratulations Dear Daughter To Juanita from Daddy Congratulations Juanita Simmon May luck Be With You in College-R.S. Much Good Wishes and Continued Success-Juanita David Schwartzman Joanie-n-Frizal Forever Darryl Green Hezekiah Green Eli Green Mary Green Nelli Santoni Ross Bloomfield Hamlet Polanco Monty Sanchez Marvin Caviness David Turner Michael Burts Carlton Anderson David Et Darryl Simon 8t Larscene Vlark E. Dean Muriel Jordan Kimmie-Kim Deborah Leslie Harald Schwab Lorraine Papazian Connie Washington Michelle Gaddy Mr, Lichtenthal Aby Torres Russell Austin Ms, Norma Sudler Mary Chisholm Melvin Taylor Ricky 8: Shannon Boyd Hillary Baker Alvin Williams Derisco Davis Troy Monrisetto Good Luck Denise From "Brenda" Veronica White Muriel Jordan Ella Paige Sidney Gross Jerrie J. Mitchell Jane Goss Adina. Derell St Shona Mel Pleasant Nancy Tramantano Maria A. Hamilton Jacqueline Luke Eddie M, Sewer John Gwens Geraldine Morris Ella Paige Kenny Willins Denise Jones Michelle Busman Beverly Sells Fred Hardwick Jeffery Ong Juan A. Morales Dorothy E. Marks Minna Seekin Rufus Dennis Coscttc Dennis Jerlean Rush Tjwana Dennis Wallace Dennis Dorcas Dennis Majorie Moore Annie-Mae Dennis Darrell Love Merial Reid Congratulations Rupert Good Knowing You-Rupert Ralph-N-Nancy Judy Ramos Ray Candy Store Raymond Jr. The Rangers Erica Ramos Angel Ramos Reach For the Stars Ramon O. Veliz L. Reed Carmen 8: Luis Reyes Carmen 8: Luis Reyes Carmen 8: Luis Reyes Carmen 8L Luis Reyes Carmen St Luis Reyes Seth Rubinstein Josephine Russo Josephine Russo Nanny Rugiero Robin Rodgers Lee Rodriguez Sandy Acosta Memory of Dawn Sadasy Blanca Salazar Madalyn Salgo Mervat Saliba Joshua Salley Nereida Salvani Mike Samman Sammy Madonna Samuda Diane Sanchez Ventura Sanchez Charles Sanders Melvin Sanders Monte Sanders Monte Sanders Monte Sanders Monte W. Sanders Syisha Svette Sanders Veronica Sanders Neftaly St Sandra Sandra as Sandy Cynthia Sanes Lincoln Sangster Nicole Sangster Delia Santiago Denise Santiago Frankie Santiago Irma Santiago Kenni Santiago Myrtha Santiago Sylvia Santiago Walter Santiago Wilma Santiago A. Sarach Mr. Sarach Good Luck Sarai! From the g Good Luck Sarai! Love Debbi lSisl Laurence Sass Ms. Elaine Saunders Isreal Saunders Schaefer two Irwin Schultz Larry Schultz David Scott George Scott Mrs, D.E. Seale Leon Sealey Leon Sealey Ruthie Seay Jerry Seeram Sara Seeram Lillian Segarra Dexter Selby Janet "Senior '79" Marie Serrano . Michelle Serrano Cedric Sessoms John Sessoms, Jr. M. Shah, M.D. Nita Shelton Amy Sheng Cheryl Ann Shaw Johnnie Mae Snaw Monroe Shaw QMoneyj Sheila St Family Denise Shepard Ingrid Shepard Jannie Sheppard X Mark E. Sheridan Stcphanic Shiver Shorty Shorty Alex Sidberry B, Sidcrs Michael Siehs Future Credit Manager Daniel Silva Haydee Silva Susan Silva-Sierra Susan Silva-Sierra Susan Silva-Sierra Bill Simmons Edward Simmons Janice Simmons Joseph Simmons Rachel Simmons Sarah Simmons Tony Simmons Walter Simmons Barry Simon Geraldine Simone Carol Slocombe Derick Smalls Tracey-"Smile" Ann Marie Smith Felicia Smith O. Smith Pamela Smith R. Smith Ruth Smith Sonia Smith Congratulations Stacey-The Sablo Family Stacey Corinethia Smith Walter Smith William T. Smith Shine on Solar Energy Marim Smoke Sonny Sonia Soto William Soto Joey Adorno Christopher Adorno Valerie Sanchez Pedro Santiago Junior Diaz Arleene Negron Elba Rivera as Babe Henry Perez Jackie Sisco Ivan A. Roman Ursula Rodriguez Alex Cwadrado Marcia Feldman Wanda Zoquier Monica Coyle Lewis Strassberg Deanna Lo Manto Carol Coleman Domingo Ricardo Isadi Diaz San Martin Carol Baxter Beatrice Ellis Billy Ortiz Myrta Felician Sandra Robinson Richard Brown John Surita John Surita Rene Contee Norma Arellano Robert Claudio Hector Arellano Ray Martinez Margarita Ortiz Bonnie Rubin Emily Candelmo Phil St. Amand Alma Ruiz Flori Berrocal Paul Couniotakis Olga Schykerynec Mabel Simmons Don Liverpool Sonia Mamby Carlos Rivera Cathy Holleran Evelyn Otero Mary Beltrun Anna Maria Mayo Marta Falcon Pulebra Duran Martin Velazquez Mrs. Delia Montalvo Sofia Negron Eileen Scharfenberg Melba Lockwood Sandra M. Ortiz Donald Brimgaidnu Marie Lewis Gloria Mena David Penthouse Ethel Bostock Edna Oliveros Joseph Cipko Ruth Cipko Marilyn Berrios Wanda Carrasquillo Arlene Shuler Milagros Cuevos Hubert Becker, Jr. Joanne Cipko-Reichmann Toni Reichmann, A,S,l.D. Christine Cipko'Alexander ,Richard Ferdinand Alexander M.E. Katherine Cipko Kevin Smass Margarita Maldonado Ruben and Blanca Melendez Maggie and Rubencito Gladys and Tino Rivera Celestino Rivera Victor and Ada Sanchez Melissa and Melinda Sanchez Irene Sanchez Murray Molina "Star Light Rollers" Bruinilda Casiano Teresa Martinez Ana Gonzalez Josephina Almodovar lamael Jr. Casiano Rosa Casiano Happy Graduation! tFrom Victorj Victor and Madeline Brenda Dennison Lidia Casiano Sammy 8: Lilly-Forever Kathy Casey Rebecca Middleton-Good Luck-To Renee Congratulations to my daughter Renee Good Luck to Renee from Michael Freddie Williams Cogdwell Samuel Powell-Good Luck! Congratulations Renee Good Luck 8: Best Wishes Gloria Hale-God Bless You Congratulations-Gloria Peterson Good Luck To My Daughter-Mildred Keep On Keeping On-Renee Hoping you a nice year-Shelton Congratulations I'm Happy For You-Renee I'm glad this is your last year-Renee Mets Forever The Wood Crew The Wood Crew Rock ill Rock ill Rock ill Rock ffl Rock lil Rock ill Rock ill Rock ill Rock ill Rock alll Rock lil Rock ffl Rock ill Ronnie Blue Eyes Richie Richie Mitch Goldberg Dru Williams Lillian Grantham Dominick Mule Laura-Wood Susan-Wood King Tut B. Womack 902 Lives on! Let's go Mets! Mets in '8l! Good Luck Laura! Bob Hannum Richie Corridon WPLJ Rocks Disco sucks lollipops Disco Rots Disco Rots Disco Rots Disco Rots Led Zeppelin John Bonham I Love You Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin WPLJ Led Zeppelin Ridgewood all Ridgewood is Great Hello Boys! Artie Smells Fat Pat Drew Stiffer Coach Christopher Rubistopher Disco STB-l F-Bugs N.T.H.S.-STB! Wimpees Hollywood 13 Rock 8: Roll We Miss Eddie Bear Sagittarius Power We Love Luke Spencer Maritza Lamela Niana Rullan Ruben Lopez Victor Zulma Marques Rosa Tovarez Rene Castro Gloria Murillo Elizabeth Montes Nancy Agosto Jose Gonsales Maggie De Jesus Lori Schenk Brunilda Agosto Ana Maya Nanay Agosto Raymond Raquel Colon Yolanda Lamela Norma Iris Claudio Norma Iris Claudio Gustaer R. Rodreguez Nany Colon Candida Rivera Carmen T. Colon Raphy Rodriguez Colon Norma F. Claudio Martiza Laneela Yolanda Laneela Raquel Colon Carmen Melia Sanchez Jose A. Diaz Leticia Cuadrado America Cuadrado Alexandro Cuadrado Isabel Lo ez Mendez Mildred Jiaza Margarita Martinez Carlos Martinez Ruben Martinez Ariel Martinez Candy Martinez Maria Rodriguez Clair Cox Tanya Williams Migdalia Ramon Cruz Diana Adorno Lucy Adorno Muileca Adorno Joanne Paramonte Deanone Williams Peter Goggin Angela Rodriguez Ruben Rodriguez Mildred Camacho Basilio Rodriguez Joe Gomez Belbelin Rodriguez Basilio Reyes Clara Conde Marilyn Berrios Shelly Ann Garcia Ray Cruz tPachinoJ Isreal Henandez Richard Clifton Meme Clifton Thelma Holt Jacqueline Gandea Hazra Mohammed Neville Muradili Sharon Garcia Roger Garcia Nadina Aprea Renee Simmons Renee Simmons Sonia Taylor Valerie Vine Nilsa Rivero John Lucente Sheila Grier Judith Shre Lourdes Sandoval Lourdes Sandoval Roland Poison Roland Poison Yvette Rodriguez Good Luck From Shorty Helen Mohammed Mary Ann Moody Saliema Bey Adriane Yvette Lindsay Dino Saurs Whitney 8: Ymas Olive Green Marie C.J. Emmanuel Niobe 8: Jackie Audrene Patricia Clarke Patricia Rowe Sir Julio Marrero Stephaine McCullough J. Vonttendricks Andy Diaz Benjamin Bailey Cheryl Mackey Walter A. Mason Mrs. S.A. Smith Robin Chappell Ricky Steeze Lovelyn Corbett, Jr. Carmelo Ocasio Joseph Saloman Robert Marshall Zoilo Lopez Joseph T. Gentile Wilbur Rahman Frank Cruz Paula Buncom Nellie M. Carswell Frances Cragg Elizabeth King William King Ahhalia Bahadur Allen Callwood Esq. Lawrece Harrison Pookie Lisa King Shirley Holmes Freddie Holmes Vanessa M. Holmes Helena Cragg The Geniuses of l98l Peter Winther Paul Dodennoff Pat Waldorf Karen Okla Eileen Simon Good Luck 'Bl Joe Bassano Jean Claude Amar RidgegoodTilll on o a Bargara qiiicomb Waren Schacht Carmen Manuel 902 Lives on! Laura Giarratano John Stearns Mets in '8l! l Love Laura, Rita 6: Cindy I Love Kath , Lois 8: Sally I Love Joe, Linda 8: Michele I Love Max, Jose 8: Adam I Love Thomas Jefferson Love Always. Gerry Good-bye N.T.H.S. Chris "Coach" Rubio J.H.S. 93-illl Sue 8: King Tut! Laura 8: King Tut! Nitter Gritter-SS. LG Fred 8: Reggie Cody is Boring Bring Back Chico Escuela Mets Forever Mets Forever Margo Sparkman Thelma Speizer Mr. John Spellman Mr. John Spellman, Jr. Mark Spellman Mrs. Mildred Spellman Shaun Spellman Chick Spence Edna Spencer Henry Spicer Spots Squeaky Peabo Loves Stacey Karen E, Steed Mary Stephenson Ruth Stephenson Gina Stevens Frank Stewart Associates, Inc. Frank Stewart Associates, Inc. Frank Stewart Associates, Inc. Frank Stewart Associates, Inc. Frank Stewart Associates, Inc. Marie Stewart Marie Stewart Amanda Straugher Carol Street Eli Suarez Eli Suarez Eli Suarez Maria Suarez Mario Suarez, M.D. Carolyn Suber Constance Suber Darryl Suber Mr. Harold Suber Johnny Suber Leslie Suber Mrs, Mabel Suber Madeline Suber Yvonne Suber Altagroea A. Sumo Charlene as Sunshine Susan 8: Dominick Aaberta Sweet Joe Sweet Henry Sylvia Mary Sylvia Nicholas D. Sonzo Donald Lancaster-fM.S.A.T.R.J Carmen-Someday you will be famous!! Thomas Frazier Marion Frazier C. Chapman Ms. Cowart Mr. Williams Paulette Suber Tony Barnette Brch Ms. Boggus Kim Clara Freeman Alpha Mr. Levevette Atterbury Miss Ava Rodney Ms, Carter Robin Cowart Kelly Cowart Ricky D, Spaulding Rene Ashley Estella Spaulding Good Luck Seniors Luisa 8: Manuel Cortes Cat Lovers Are The Best Lovers Jimmy is Great Maria Loves Steven Yea, We Seniors Are ill Jaime Loves Ruth Norman Thomas Seniors Are all For the Love of Tiffany Narcisa, Francisco, Alina 8: Edwin I'm Coming Out tSuzetteJ Good Luck Narcisa From Maria G. From Your Friend Raul Francisco Wishes Luck to Narcisa Good Luck Narcisa Bernie and Adriana 213179 Good Luck in Your Future Your Parents Are Proud of You. Alina 8: Cougatito Forever Newtown Topsin Queens Lookout Baruch Here Comes Narcisa Sex and Drugs and Rock 8: Roll I Love You Narcisa Alfredo is Greater than Jimmy Edwin Massanet Mechy Bonilla Russell Ratuszny Wanda Hailstock Carmen Biero Leon Alston Dan Marnell John Blum Louie Bubb 133 Debbie Crane National Lonpeon Val Nuccitelli Val Nuccitelli A.Y. Nosworthy A.Y. Nosworthy Bannie Nath Good luck Ramirez, Noomi Millie Nunex Nes Handbags B. Nixon Elizabeth Parrilla Good luck Margarita Ramos-Tanya G. Madeline Lupe Rivera Sharon Williams To all my friends "good luck" Cindy Good luck Joyce 8: Shelley from Rocky From Jeanette to Shannon good luck Joan Simmonds Good luck Tracie King congratulations Good luck from Darlie Darl God Bless you Brenda Rutena Leader . Tina Gee Mr. F. Figuerua Tony Puya Mr. T. Tenny Soto 8: Jackie Jim 8: Liz Patti Seaman Danny Rivera Manny Desoto Good luck Vivica From Ricky Bobby-Bob Torres You've only just began Vivica John Rosario Frankie from the Frank place Angel Sesaf -1 Al-The mailman Jose Camacho Bird Haydee Munoz Good luck 8: best wishes Jenny Darrell McClencones Susano Pastrana Deidra Ragster Angela Baxter Daisy Cuadrado Evelyn Huertas I love you Ricky-Laura Love to: Rita, Cindy, Laura from me Tell Laura I love her-Ricky Christopher Greve-Grandson Phil 8: Phyllis Grandparents Cindy Holmes What's goin' down Vinnie-l pledge my love to you Viola Herlost Open 'em up Ruben Henry-n-Jill Grace Costa Lots of luck Best wishes, love 8: Prayers Valerie R. Rosemarie Angela Francesca Spinelli James Siao Ismael Nunez Shelby Walthour Helene E. Green Yvonne Maczo Arnold J. Motley Hillard Baker Miss Guevarez Harry Melendez Madeline 8: Honey Ray-Ray Diffut Thomas Addo Leon Jesse Melendez James Leo Cintron Noemi Santiago Vilma as Green eyes Carmen Iris Charriez Trent Hamann and Edna Diffoot Awilda Aviles Charriez Micky Connell Hector Escalera Juanita White Kevin Mimms Mickey Jean Good luck to a sweet girl Vivica Martha Ford Valerie Lloyd Anthony Shelton Alvin Williams Micheal Grant Congratulations to all senior friends Denise Congratulations vivica from angel Good luck to all graduating friends evelyng - Good luck to vivica from vinnie Maria, Gonzalez Cruz, Arlene Victor, Seda Annette, Badillo Annette, Badillo Lauri Meintyre Thomas Gonzalez l Leonie Gonzalez Haydee Torres Big Al's Dept. Store Dolores Estrella Linda Healy Edwin Law Rose Irving Fogel Maribel Martiga, Gonzalez Elizabeth Rivera Domingo, Alemany Annette Badillo Annette Badillo Rose Snow den Beverly Gonzalez Miriam Cerezo Maria Moya Nancy-Best of Luck Jodi Julio Vazquez Michael Healy Carol Moneill Richard Harms Sherley Rieves Gonzalez Linda, Karen Annette Bradillo Annette Bradillo Theresa Martor Ruth Palefsky Angel Gabriel Maritza Nevarez Thomas Gonzalez Joyce Kinloch Kenneth P. Roberta Meneill Elliot Elliot Lipitiz Sylura Nitkin Mrs. Perry Ada Perez Qshortyj "To the first woman Proctologist" Ms. Yvonne Pickett William Pinlney Kareem Peele Miss Piggy Clarence Betty Pamela 8: Tony Bobby Perez Roy Perez Harold Pilgrim Lennox Padmore Danielle Peirre Marry Prior Philippine American Travel J. Perez Wilfredo Piniero Wilfredo Piniero Wilfredo Piniero Yvonne Piniero Yvonne Piniero Maria Luisa Perez Best Wishes Penny Wilfredo Perez Jr. Joan Plaza Pedro Alberto Palma Cornell Paper Cornell Paper Cornell Paper Cornell Paper Cornell Paper Box Box Co. Box Box Box Dale Renee Peterkin Regina Perez Regina C. Perez Albert Parrilla Edgardo Perez Ruth Tompkins '? Antohney Parrilla Anthoney Parrilla Daisy B. Parrilla Gwynn Serran Cecilio Padilla Cecilio Padilla Mercedes Pin I Jr. Blanca N. Perez To know you is a pleasure Ricardo Perez Congratulations Puchy Congratulations Puchy Shiryl Patterson Ms. Pettaway Sandra Phillips Ruthy Pikston Melinda Perez Colie 8: Pogee Precious Meta Felix 8: Vicky ls Perez Barbara Lee Perez Felix Perez lll Aida Ramirex The Plowden Family Carlos Perez Michele Pressley Evelyn Pressley Sheila Parker Mr. 8: Mrs. George Parker William Perkins Josephine Principe Peter The Great! Peace on Earth Peace 8: Love always Pass the equal rights ammendme Peahead! Nidio Perez William Pachico Ill Carmen Pachico Michael Papo, M.D. Mr. James Pringle Mrs. Lillian Pringle Jose S. Parrales Jessica Parrales Carmen Perez Parking Lot Crew Love Teresa David Purvis Glenis Pole Mr. Nat Janof Joe 8: Sue Joe 8: Annie Reggie Jones Wayne Jackson Lenora Jones Jimmey Yie "John " Tyrone Jackson Lawrence Jackson Rosalee Jackson Karen Jones Evelyn Jones Merritt Lason A'Pooney Gee Jones Peggy Ann Jerido Cheryl Johnson Dr. Patel M.D. Congratulations Class of '81 Fred Pelantzer Menachem Pastreich Marck Pastreich James B. Pastreich T.D. Pastreich Dorreen Perez Stacey loves Peabo K. Kimbrogh Deborah Kennedy Adrian Katooky Thaddeus B. Kubis Nicholaus Alexander Kubis Emmanuel Kado QAliaJ Judy Kelly Daisy Krusch Daisy Krusch Christopher King Bethe King Christopher King Nan Chin Kong Gertie King Good luck! Flrence A. Kuduk Walter 8: Kelly Jeanette Kirkland Mr, Klores Eli Kerins Mr. Lelsie Eleanor Keaveny Kwai Kihwa Gabrde Klebba Dr. Kin M.D. Rose Kalkut Best of luck! 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Pimentel Jacquelyn Shay Denise Craft Elaine Parker Frank Willis George Howard Samuel Callendar Joe Perez Rosie Jaszay Faith Postles Rose Ivy Lisa Graham Andrea Postles Edna Postles Grady Reid Wayne Smart Horace A. Smith Il Marian Graham Bruce Postles Sabrina Postles Ella McDornell Georgia Jerido Melissa McDoniell Theresa Vasquez Grace Ross Ronny Gutman Stevie Backer Mary Criam Anthony Jones Deborah l, Postles Edward R. Postles Sr. Valerie Postles Joel Jean Robert L. Bell Gary Smout Sharon Lamb Tryphaena Washington Velverlee Y, Brown Derrick Benson Walter Benson Sr, Walter Benson Sr. Kevin Brown Nancy E. Benson Larry Sraves Chris Nolin Carmen Vasquez Lucy Pimentell Benjamin Green Bill Lenox ANTHONY WILLIAMS Ramona Pimentel Hank Fried BLAIR WILLIAM Ann Leach ISABEL MENDEZ 'WIMAIQA Y W' 1, 11 1 f biwx E' G . ,jj , V37 wfefif?- ',gi lg r' "gif lf v+ff ffzw' Lf H pf, W f-r f., , 11 1--H5-ff,-' f 5 lfiwfff' WMW W ww ls 51 , ,J Xi Ni' un P W, 5 'X jigs .. xt ,V vu , x 2 ' ' ,, -X .lr 43 Um 1 swf? The Last With the Most: Our Senior Show il phhg .: W A fg . : .,,. ' ., r ...1:,:,L ,. . MH. - - - -,AIN All the hours of hard work, the problems, the fears, the family that grew . . . ::1a.,::ww::ff1m.fw,sr vzazfssmz we U W,......wwswf"'- ' in - -:. -JY ..:z,.W -if H fifiifx : Lf'-: wg -jf: 145 f- ' - -Qlfgi-SX .f 41. V .fa-QD: -Q:-Q 3.1. 5,,.:3g.-,R K X. Q A S 'Q 1Xgeliiiifi-f':222Eff151gEgp X 31. , N I EE 5 J , 9 sim x fgi Q1 5 ' .sk - .. . -6 , 4 k,k: LW .lg.,W: .. N95 W ,,..e.-.,. ur Dance Club urns ut Another tellar Show :"MM:'gM fkirfk if irir fi" M , NNE' fm- g t f- , , mf 5" kXX - . .N .. .- +ve., -wk" W ,.xQM1g:wiff' X fi' ...., .x,, M .m.:..Qmf X 'k. L-1" , ,L,,. , MA-X WM,,,,m,Em,,X M X "" .ik , ,,,,, .. -, , ew, qw 7361 P14914 '--..,, -.flue fswql !ff:1ifffg1. 3 4' Fi- '9 grf' A , Q x Q s , MQXSWASSF '1 l ll ami-ina ll -'fi HE' fu Rv WE'RE OFF TO SKI THE WIZARD. l , 5 a r Iijgl H! V 3 ,. 3 K 1- 1!g5il UH :yi ,,4iE1F'7x'.siff -w 1i2fffHfWf 143 Ms. Dumont was one of Norman Thomas High School's French teachers. She taught and explained her lessons well. Her tests were hard, but if you studied, you could manage. Ms. Dumont stressed her words clearly, especially when she spoke about learning new things. She told us that it was never too late to learn things you wish to know about or do. Those seniors who had her for French will remember her for this. They will keep on learning and trying for new opportunities in order to better their futures. -Yvette Rodriguez ,fy77.577,1Ii55E2f!-52.15-1!':'51.": L, . I . As your spirit flows over the river to the sea of beauty, our lives shall be enlightened as we go forth with the message of love stemming as a branch from your heart to ours. Now that peace has come over you, your joy shall strengthen our hearts. You shall never be forgotten. We shall cherish what you have left behind. 1 - -Mark Burts 44

Suggestions in the Norman Thomas High School - Hourglass Yearbook (New York, NY) collection:

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