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 - Class of 1948

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5 D' S A A 4 w' A if f X q q A ' ,QQQJZ 4 f I J ' 1 'E'76'l! if , A I Q! I 'P A I I' 1 I' M "T 1 'I ' A W"""f7'f H ov, ' I 'IT 5 -,i U 0 5 Q '+I J V Q , Ng I u 2 gc:-Z Qi . A' L A 3 1 ni' my 'A A X 'ff Q Az. ' FQAI ,A A, ' , H Vwwzkwyyf cf V A -A 1, A , rt 1 A 1. ' at - 'v JJ h L A ' 2 LQ xc A QNLQZOIQPQ ,ff we 2 L3 E in I: 'XT AA A lg, n I" P m Ai 2 .IN YW fr A A -o 0 " ff f' f' O i U, 2 Z E ffl : f -0 , p, 'n 11 -I " -I A U N' 0 44 fI1 '4 E I C3 z 0 "1 " F: A I 'D za 5 c 'VHF' I xv S A 'I 1, Z 2 ,A ". 5 A I XI Z U - 4 46 I cn m 1: U O ' 9, - -1 ' F U 55 5 I A y IU 2 E "' ly 0 .. Q 3 -4 u 93 A F1 2 20 0 3 . Q E CL ,-' :Q A rl W 2 1, 51 1 I 2 Il o A ' 6 F I u Z 3' A I 'KQQ-:Ci " " 0 ', -. ' - 1' 0 Z N A ,I 0 Y ', N N al Z Ax 3' A .fy 377 Z A X1 V . 4' , 0 kg , A A Ng, V 0 2 is li AJ - A 'A I 0 ' . lixxj A 1 A . 0 0 1 ' ,II .A I E . 5 ii QV I . ,.A-.1-y it Of OM.. Io A ,-,I--""e f 19' A I ' . . .... - ' I ' ' krk 'Z XX 'N A - A ,,f .. o ' . f I- 1 A -A 'f,fn 4 - V lt.. 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L,-,'VpdQPf-g?viPGiYQa'k?1?'Ja"gEJ1.'4-7f1V'i3P1W'i.1fLJ Wwiecf.w2.-z.aVzVawxQ:w:aw2,1-124s1:w-fwmsfaaaa.1dQfzfQffMe'W'fW2'ff'2VH?'fVWLf'?9'?f?'4M215 V::':-V-'f f ' V. X1 V V 'V V . 2: I'21V:'V55:l1-1V'S'fi"'iT-:'f' ' . ' N ' 'fV:g.f.- , . VV? -"' J , V ,,....., . My.-,.V. ,, , Vnggg., A159661-pf:2me-'WMJVSVQ-1-4 fl- r ' '- ' " ' V V V Q 5 2 ., , .M 4 7 I VV ,. T , , V ,., 46 .V VV 'E W V VV3 ' - . E. . .. . - ' . I , ' . V ,, nu.: VV V, Qc... X25 ,. 1' ' ' ' EE! A I x.-. The installation of floodlights, giving twenty foot-candle visibility on the playing field, was begun by the contracting electric companies on September 9 and completed ten days later, in time for the Switch to be thrown for the first game of the season: Norman 14, Sapulpa 0. To climax the speed of installation, exciting enough in itself, Norman'S halfback, jack Lock- ett, scored the first two touchdowns. No matter how many future games are played here, those touchdowns, the first ever made under lights on Owen Field, will remain a record thrill for Norman High School fans. C O N T E N T S ADMINISTRATION .. .. 6 FACULTY ..... .. s CLASSES . . . . 13 HONORS' . . . . 43 SPORTS . . . . 51 ACTIVITIES . . . . so PICTURES . . . . . 79 ADVERTISING . . . . 89 All erzgrafuingx, including four-color procesr from Ko- dachrornes, were nzade by Southwestern Engraving Corn- pany, Olelahorua City. All printing, including four-color and other color pages, 'was by The Transcript Company, N ornzan. DEDICATIUN It is nothing new for Mr. J. Don Garrison to have THE TRAIL dedicated to him. But this year there is a difference. It was through his directive genius in co-ordi- nating the work of Norman business men and of school and university officials that Owen Field at the University of Oklahoma was placed under floodlights in September of 1947. The football games of Norman High School have been played there before large crowds appreciative of the green field, the Gothic buildings shadowed in the background, and the autumn night sky. We wish to thank Mr. Garrison for this special gift to our school, and also for returning, after extensive military service, to the field of school administration and to the system in which he worked for sixteen years previously. We were glad to see him again, not only as Colonel Gar- rison, but also as just Mr. Garrison. We respectfully and gratefully dedicate the 1948 TRAIL to Mr. J. Don Garrison, superin- tendent of Norman public schools. STAFF CHARLOTTE GIBSON Editor HARRIETT RUTLEDGE Assistant Editor MAURICE HOLLAND Business Manager CLONNIE DAVIS Assistant Business Manager SAM WILSON Layout Editor FRANKLIN HUNT Photographer MAR K M ELTON Assistant Photographer GEORGE COBB Activities Editor, Feature Writer MARIANNE ISOM CHARLES SPRADLIN JACK LOCKETT JIMMY EWBANK JERRY LEMON JOYCE Cox GOLDA RICE SHIRLEY CRISMAN BARBARA FISHER HELEN TULLIUS HOYL LOCKETT MARY ELLEN CASEY LARRY FLOOD MISS LUCILE SEARCY MRS. H. C. DAVIS Senior Editor junior Editor Senior Sports Editor junior Sports Editor Senior Art Editor Artist Artist Feature Writer, Picture- Copy Checker Feature Writer Typist and Secretary Sophonzore Sports Sophornore Editor junior High Editor Literary Sponsor Financial Sponsor I 1 l , AV - -4.-- "2:"l"-Lil'--LL"-42.0 -52.5 -----1- -1" '-E.-3.2.1-E?FP5,-SjIiJ,fZ:'1"' ' '- I -- "'-:- L I ' ' f-ff," .1 -T---'-, .'..1. -1- ' U .-.l--- --1' ""'- . -1-rf-..:5.aW J S- .q1?,E'3:l':'-'21rEf"" Zz ,Q .Ak 4.1.-.. W' ' -'WiT. i -.Til--......l. I '.'A - 1 ---'- i H "gs X " '- ' : .. 'nl' ' lj, ' J .X . wil gif' 5- - .f , .1+. 4' -' r 4 ug. .sa-,-1-. - f -N -- ,af . U . '-Tx 'X -in ,. 0XXLXX mu ' , "W FORE VV ORD .,f:" A trail is as old as time and as n - . omorrow. From a o path a .3- y' - ' - 1 - s to the supersonic speedway of the scientist, ' ' n, man records his progress in the trails he makes. - e are preserved for us by history, literature, and our own familiar songs. We who live in the West have been fortunate in holding contact with the romantic vigor of the past While We live in a center of specialized industrial achievement. The old ballads of the cattle trails have given Way to the legends of the oil fields, and these in turn to the complex phenomena of city living and the inspiration of culture and of humanitarian buildin . A trail is more than a map and a story. It is the moving u . 1 1. t of thinkin . When we take ride in our advance n - - e travel n a n u , a ' - - ew trail. In reco nition o - .- resent on the back- round ofthe ast anot -- f93j,fg.-' ,o d of toda , our hi h school fl- 1 .1 u 8 yearbook, the 1948 T yvgiy' Nw ' . ok... , . " n .J I x R5 , V x ,ask , -' 95? -uv . " . l 9 X, ' M . ' "" ' --,fz4ff1'f!' ' N 1 LQ E r .4,iyzL'Wq l' N N. ' 0 ' 1 'U' ,'f,f3, . .. , , f , r . MW as ,Wwe , , ,jjf7l'Qf'p, fjZ, - A0 1 Z lyfyy 'Vl"""V NVQ: f f' f,."?HCl' Wfffyl, -J' Z .9 '1!' : J ff 'B' '1H 1 Q . Q ,-0, 71, ,HIM 17 ,N ,ll I fd!!! - jiifi 516' f 42544061 -.1 1024445741 : FQ gm - Wlffigjp' Mfwf '55 V ' .3 1 '. 7 iff- Oolfl ,- xl ff 7, f . 'NHL 1 lliyl UI lplulfl ' ' ' ' ' l , "-:W ff lf imlf 1 ,f 1fL'iWwf,:lZf2if!i fl 11i"if'f3'f':2'fr:, i , - vf 1 1 1 1 1 ff' gr:.xzf-.-.2?4-- 1 "L, W' ' ,"f W," X 'V,ff'0ff!'f 'Y 1 lx -" W 021 7 ffl 7 h.. ,ll ,HI 1,1 in ll, I K gf I - " A ..: 'Ny I, . -K' I' 1 i' ""'u""'1"N'!.2?m? I V' ie ,Zi I' il- ' .l .rf Iii 5' l-'-1-- :xl X, 1 . ..--gn..-as y ' .uxx un RL. . ' ,tu n tn' X 5 , X ' lff' -'-'ll N A W N... --I A An5bgx,v'-Q, n'2 g C , n X x xeskx. M- x,.C!QNg Nil Qbvxv, Q -uh. i 1 ,X , sox., 1 -wlixx--N "' ' K ' x ' t G58 v- --:vbx:'.'.qrr-Qu.-me--:-f -' i N--'N g 4,gi N.s +55 . x . 1" 'Hy X x'NxxNYxiyg gg Bopkplgtesfrgin The Cbzsbolm T ' K 'P5'Ridings, 99311-ti? tgwlrsli x wks U Sam P. Ridingkslxhfledford, and the C0-operative Publishirfg ompiny, "W-' Guthrie K ' "' ' " MR. D. K. BOYD MR. NEIL R. MR. J. VV. FOSTER President JOHNSON Treasurer Vice-President Leaders on ducation rail Deciding the policies and plans of the school system, the Board of Education-consisting of Mr. D. K. Boyd, president, Mr. Neil R. Johnson, vice-president, Mr. Lynn Bullard, Mr. J. A. Staedlin, and Mr. E. F. McComb- has shown itself most efficient. With Mrs. S. B. Spradlin as secretary and clerk, Mr. W. K. Newton as auditor, and Mr. J. W. Foster as treasurer, the board has energetically car- ried out its duties and received unanimous commendation. The board members are all outstanding business men and leaders in activities of the cit . As an exemplification of wit and diplomacy of Norman High, Mr. Lance Ewbank, our principal for the past four years, has accom- plished perfection in the completion of school affairs. Born in Argonia, Kansas, Mr. Ewbank, as an infant of one, moved with his family to the Cherokee Strip in Oklahoma, where he re- ceived his grade and high school education. MR. VV. K. NEVVTON MR. LYNN Auditor BULLARD l6l After his mariage in 1923, he attended North- western State Teachers College at Alva, and received the ba:helor's degree in social science. In the following summer he studied at the University of Oklahoma and received a master's degree in education. Mr. Ewbank served as assistant coach and history instructor at Cherokee, as coach at Sayre, as coach at Cherokee again, and as coach and principal at Chelsea. After four years in Wagoner he moved to Norman, where he became principal of our high school. As is his past, his present is also exemplary of experience and tact. Mrs. S. B. Spradlin and Mrs. Ina Delattre, representing the feminine side of theschool, have helped to bring Norman High to a peak in efficiency and progress. Mrs. Spradlin has proved herself indispensable as cashier of school funds. As school registrar, Mrs. De- lattre, whose zest and amiability have made her popular with all students, acts as Mr. Ew- bank's assistant. -George Cobb MR. J. A. MR. E. F. STAEDLIN MCCOMB -5,7 xx !"" ,-' ' 7,, 'Irv ,,.,,...T-' i L7- - '- -5 4,-,,....---.5 g-..-.X ,Z s"-1 MRS. INA DELATTRE, R6tQiSf7'U7' MRS. S. B. SPRADLIN, Clerk l7l S0191 . f .4 , e - ' tv I tt., .W ,g . Mrs. XV. C. Ansel Glee Club and Mixed Chorus, Theory of Music Mrs. V. E. Brown Spanish Senior Sponsor gldfvf-?f0f V455 Mfr- ii Mrs. XV. L. Childs . Speech and English Sponsor, National l-lonor Society Mr. A. R. Davis Geography, Study Hall, Athletics Senior Sponsor Mrs. H. C. Davis General Business, Ty ping, Bookkeep- fng, Business English Sponsor, Trail, Soph- mores Mrs. Ben Fleming Art Mr. E. F. Foreman FFA Senior Sponsor Mrs. Raeheal Keely Library Sponsor, junior Class Mr. Harley "Doc" Lalievers Speech, Government, Athletics Senior Sponsor Mrs. C. R. Landt American History, Geography Senior Sponsor Mrs. Evan L. Marti English Senior Sponsor if KT X, i x W ll I. Mrs. Bernice Mowdy Algebra, G e 0 712 etry, Trigonometry Chairman of J u n i 0 r Class Sponsors Miss Bernice Rayburn Latin, Spanish Mr. VV. C. Robinson Band Mrs. Inez Rolette Home Economics Sophomore Sponsor Miss Nadine Runyan PVorld History junior Sponsor Mr. Gordon P. Shelton Biology, Chemistry Chairman of Senior Class Sponsors Miss Lucile Searcy F izglish, Grarimmr Literary Sponsor of the Trail Miss Jean Sugdcn Algebra, Trigorzome- try, Plaize Geometry Sponsor, the Tiger Mrs. J. B. lVilliams Shorthand, Type- fwritiizg, Sociology, E coizoiiiics junior Sponsor Mrs. H. V. McDermott Shop ponsor, Ginger- snaps, Seniors Physics, Solid Ge orizetry, Aitdio-Visio al Education Sophomore Sponsor .2 z, iq-nu' f ww' r V, iff f ,ff f ' X . Q, M. M 4227 W if ,Ig Z.. I , , 'S .1 of ,ww ,, f 1 f 4 Wx 4 ..,.,-iv' Q,j KCQ Q35 D5 Mr. Forenianls second hour class in vocational agriculture Mrs. Ansel and the girls, chorus Mr. Ford Michael, director of audio-visual education, hard at work Mrs. VVilliams' class in shorthand Miss Searcy presenting Henry Esmond I 10 I wfmT IS THE keawgay ,Sf-2, T161 10:3 ,oe Fon Numgeq ,Q ? fo"frA1'w 'VHF' ' ' P15 A 'X Gage Rome 0 6' , -sf fx 0 Q Ay? fps oc QL Q 0 Colfax -1- e- 0 KI 7. 'LA f S ' 0 w fi 4 V 7, NG- 4, 4, ek hy Q.f,,7h v 9, ed 75' 0 F .4 P G Y Q' cl- Q F5 'Pe' P "Wg Q1-r, do 6 PC 44, N 0 7940 Q ep Qs 6 1' I 44 . Q V ARE sans Q f r,,nf' UWB e0 3 0 44 Q S O L QFL u C 1 "' F. D fb AYSIVJ! Q ly 5- X Cxncyeil 'J 4, -'G D. i T ae. .ref 4' 55 "NehxiN"" q,:'7'.r QQ, f CFO?-0902 wt-SXLBSQCP1 616406 1 X . 0 ' X e ix 5 W r Mrs. Landt and one of her American history classes Miss Rayburn in her class in Latin II Mrs. Armstrong, school nurse, preparing a typhoid "shot Mr. Gordon Shelton conducting a chemistry experiment Mrs. Childs in her interesting speech class . ill I Mr Ray Evans, Mrs. Ray Evans of Mr..L. L. Mize, Head Custodian of Mr. B. B. Cowan, Mrs. B. B. Cowan Senior High School Norman Public Schools of Junior High School In Norman High School there are many people who deserve recognition for the Work which they do, but who seldom receive any. The people to whom I refer are the custodians and the school bus drivers. When we come to school on cold morn- ings we always find a nice Warm, clean build- ing. These things are taken for granted. We really never stop to think that our custodians have worked late the evening before to get the building clean and then have arrived early in the morning so that by the time we arrive the building will be warm. The custodians in Norman High are Mr. Louie-L. Mize. Mr. Ray Evans, and Mrs. Ray Evans. The junior High custodians are Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Cowan. Mr. Mize is the head custodian. One of his big jobs this year has been taking care of the new jeep station wagon which the school purchased this year. The bus drivers of Norman High School are men we could not get along Without. They are on the job in spite of the weather, morn- ings and evenings. Our bus drivers are A. E. Essary, S. D. Liner, J. Don Garrison, jr., and Carl Seeby. -Barbara Fisher Mr. A. E. Essary I 13I Mr. J. Don Garrison, jr., and Mr. Carl Seeby C LA S S S Tlaeife is 720 limit to loumaiz tloouvlot. 5' 44, ,lb wi- O ,xx -VICTOR HUGO, Les Miserables -, . - ' - 7' - f , - fp' 1 --4 air F P 'Per is 5 1 ,. .. , . - -- - - 1.- 141434 1 ', ' 3 , 'f 4, ls 'fi PZ? .h,f - . L... F . 'P .. " '- S X Q 'I X - 1 ,..-,- , . X -1 f X . W I . f x I I Q K ' Qi:-N- . I "--1212353-15.2. ' . ' X X B r 1 :fi Q N , I 4. 'x' IN 4655-'ll ' 0149! V .' '...CSrf.9 - 1:??sE?f'f f Xl Q i ,nf q:l,,. ' X ' X .v-' 'qi 1' ifwsv- "- , -fi "P"?Q4'iif1,x. vb ' ' - .-'n.2j1,97'-.lizgbih -V'.',l,l, ff! ,' .v - 'Q'- ,- ' "'-mi?""A-35?-'-'iiwhl ' . . 13.54 3.1119 .-l1 ,. -. .,, is--af' 4154 'WV' Af - 5 J, '--x 1 1 Q. .n' 4 -1 ,xx sg. ", .R S - X . S . X . S: V- 1 N .J S Ex X X X .Vx ' x f ' -S is J LJ , ff ' 1 f I I fri. 4' fs N ., Y 1 Vp xv . 'LI I . . f . 4 ., , -'T' - Q M .LZ ' A ,' -gee? '1' .3 ."i.::'-Ti I: J ' -if 4 'iiigif :: ' ffm" ' , Ia? wr .'.-.3 . X :iff x I .X , - . 'aayji ' rl .f V x Isl 'wo -. -. ' .Af Xi, f .1 A H ,,,,- f , .El ., 43,-. X ,iam ? -A x1 wif, -' 5' L . A 1 H521 0' X -. Q' M!!f.iiSi'f -' -3 A azelaesqy , " f, PQ I 'gb as-,-is 41' 55 -v' 1 if -5- if m x 1 .EH 95h -' I 1,1 QM' Nl . .4 IQ Ji. ' Q flgggm , gl' - 1, 4 M' F' 7 ' XF' -. ,T 4' , .v ' fif9fE'fff' . ' ' -fig .f A X --M' 43 IW! L: ' ' X" ., r ' :iffy -N4 ' :.:,.-fa wi 2 - - S- fsfzz1if..fff.f- gf. 5' ,ff K ' 74 cv' f ,L - ,, -4- 'iff' -fv- lf' . , li' - M 1 .V ' 4 rj ' iff' J. N. JOHNSON, BOBBY XVALLACE JACK LOCKETT, Pifesident Secretary-Treamrer Vice-President New rail "Pull our, pull out, 071 the Long Trail-tloe trail that is alfwnys new." -Rudyard Kipling, The Long Trail Senior years and commencement exercises come and go, but somehow they are never quite the same. Each class of us graduates with our own special memories of high school davs and the satisfaction that this was "our', year. All of us in our own small way come to realize that things will never be quite the same. No one else will find exactly the same collection of junk in his Fibber McGee closet locker, there are no more all night jaunts for us or quite the same jokes with exactly the same people, few of us will cheer again for a team because of our personal interest, or have the fun of planning a prom one year and enjoying ourselves as guests the next. How vividly we recall Homecoming 1947 style, the impressive coronation and the thrill of marching down the aisle to the strains of Pomp and Circum- stmzce, the football game under Owen field lights and the victory dance afterward! When will such little worries again seem so big, and how many of us will receive the thrill of gain- Senior Sponsors, Top Row, left to right: Mr. Harley LaFevers, Mr. E. F. Foreman, and Mr. Gordon Shelton Bottom Row, left to right: Mr. A. R. Davis, Mrs. E. L. Marti, Mrs. H. V. McDermott, and Mrs. C. R. Landtg Mrs. Mary Brown is not pictured. ll4l 2 fa ing a coveted achievement and taking our place among the honored ones of our class? No longer in sight are hall gatherings around particular lockers when we met, discussed the "latest," teased a little, had a hearty laugh or two, and barely got to class before the bell. True, these days are gone forever, but we realize that while we have had each moment to the fullest for itself alone we were also given the capacity to meet the new challenges of tomorrow. the aisle and ascend the auditorium steps to a few years ago when we humbly ascended other steps that led to that promising and far- distant goal. And as we reach out to receive it, once more we look up as we did then to new advancement on this ever-climbing trail. -Marianne Isom C13 FRANKLIN HUNT experimenting in chemistry C23 CAROLINE SLOAN, ANN GIBSON, and her twin, CHARLOTTE, in a non day chat C33 KARL ALMQUIST, an "outstanding" band member C43 KENNETH SCOTT, JACK LANE, and JERRY GARRETT C53 Ace acrobat MARK MELTON C63 BETTY ENGLE and CLAIRETTA PINKSTON, coyly smiling at the photographer C73 ARNOLD HIGGINS during one of his renowned chuckles C83 NDUBBYI' DENNIS, NHS sage, JERRY LEMON, and "BIRDDOG" COLEMAN C93 Our high school's man of distinction, S. G. HALE C103 SARA LUCAS, ANNE HORNE, and SUE LUCAS C113 "JACKIE" MCDERMOTT and "Monroe," his car in a loose sense of the word C123 JIM PRESSON, POLLY KIMMONS, and BOB AKIN I Commencement night as we march down J 2 receive our diplomas, perhaps there will flash 0 across our minds the memory of another dav W JOANNE ABBOTT TRAIL Staff Feature W'riter '47 TIGER Staff Feature Ufriter '47 Glee Club '47 Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 State Honor Society '45, '46, '47, '48 JOAN ABSI-HER JERRY ADAMS Band '45, '46, '47, '48, Presider Football Letterman '48 Anzeriean Legion Award '48 BOB AKIN EUGENE AKIN Football Letterman '47, '48 LOVETA AKIN Glee Club '46 Mixed Claorus '46 A Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 MARY ELMINA ALEXANDER Glee Club '46, '47 A Cappella Choir '47 Gingersnaps '45, '46 MARGARET ALLEN FHA '46 KARL ALMQUIST Band '47, '48 PV TTE LOU AMSPACHER Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 All-Selyool Play '47 Stage Crew '46, '48 Girls' State '47 JOANNA ANDRESKOVVSKI Band '45, '46 Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 Cheerleader '48 Football Queen '48 BOBBY BARNARD Football Letternzan '47 Baseball '46, '47, '48 GLORGE BASSETT TRAIL Feature Editor '47 TIGEIR Business Manager '47 Mixed Chorus NORMA JEAN BEACH Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 BARBARA BEAIRD Glee Club '46 Aceonzpanist '46 Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 Football Queen Attendant '48 JOAN BELDEN Girls' Glee Club '47, '48 Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 XVILLIE BERNARD JAMES BILLINGSLEY Band '48 I TIGER Staff Ir. High Editor '48 f16I I PEGGY BITTMAN Band '45, '46, '47, '48 Secretary '47 Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 Cheerleader '48 JOYCE BRUCE Glee Club '47f Gingersnaps '46, '47 BETTY BRYANT Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 Cheerleader '47 Vice-president '48 All-School Play Make-up Crew '47, R. L. BRYSON TIGER Staff Assistant Business Manager '48 State Honor Society '47, '48 National Honor Society '48 American Legion Award '46 JACK CAPEI-IART BOB CHAMPEAU FFA '45, '46, '47 Anzerican Legion Award '47 RAY CLANTON Band '46, '47, '48 Anzerican Legion Award '46 JERRY CLAXTON TIGER Staff Stencil Typist '48 State Honor Society '45 GEORGE COBB Band '45, '46, '47, '48 TIKAIL Staff '47, '48 Junior Editor '47 Activity Editor '48 State Honor Society '45, '46, '47, '48 National Honor Society '46, '47, '48 Junior Rotarian '48 Who's IVho '48 Valedictorian '48 CHARLES COLEMAN Football Letterman '47, '48 Basketball Letterman '46, '47, '48 Track Letterrnan '46, '47, '48 BETTY COX Glee Club '46 SHIRLEY CRISMAN Band '45, '46, '47, '48 TRAIL Staff Feature Writer '47, '48 Mixed Chorus '47 Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 Cheerleader '48 State Honor Society '46, '47 National Honor Society '47, '48 Band Queen '47 Who's Who '48 Salutatorian '48 ANNA JO CROWNOVER Gingersnaps '46, 47, '48 State Honor Society '45, '46, '47 National Honor Society '47 JOANNE DARROIV Band '45 , '46, '47, '48 Secretary '48 A State Honor Society '45, '46, '47, '48 All-School Play '47 American Legion Award '47 National Honor Society '47, '48 CLONNIE DAVIS FFA '45, '46, '47, '48 Vice-president '47 President '48 TRAIL Stay7Assistant Business Manage Junior Class President '47 IfVho's IfVho '48 Junior Master Farmer '48 American Legion Award '45 , '46 BETH DEAN '48 r '48 PAT DEAIENT U71 AUBREY DAN DENNIS il?a,ceball-Letternrarz '47 , ! we f Y Y I W' ' 5 ef x Q? ly 1 7 'Y' f 26 4 . ' ,XT If X 3 - flfkxvtf, ?"'fi 4 -, I ,ff E' 2 -A-.""' 'QW at 4 , L, A me ' lfffiff ' "3 ff ,ff fi TOLLIE DICKENSON Band '47, '48 Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 A Cheerleader '47 Treasurer '48 Band Queen '48 3 ' 2 , 5 ::f1fffZ?', 'iff Qaeda fit - 0 F"N ' l ii " 1 l 1 -2 I , - I ,.,, gf!" Y 1 ' E 'A In ' ' . ' 4 325' Zz' fl , -se 1 I . Q ff ze :EL ' " 159' f mix ai' All-Seloool Play '47, '48 BEULAI-I DONEHEXV Glee Club '45 j. B. DUFRAN Football Letterman '44, '46, '47 Baseball Letternzan '44, '46, '47 Anzeriean Legion Afward '46 Boys' State '44 U. S. Arnzy '45, '46 BETTY DULANEY SUE ELLISON Gingersnaps '48 TIGEIK Staff Typixt '48 BETTY ENGLE MARY FERGUSON Glee Club '46 FRED FIETI-I MARY LOU FOLLMAR Gingersnaps '47, '48 4 4 BOB FOLLOVVYVILL 25 Glee Club '47, '48 W Boys' Quartet '48 SI-XRABFTI-I FREElX4AN Band '46, '47, '48 Tfwirler '46, '47, '48 y Gingersnaps '45, '47 FHA '45 MARJORIE FURBEE Gingersnapr '46, '47, '48 Sergeant-at-arnzs '48 BETTY JO FUZZELL Band '45, '46, '47 V FHA '45 , '46 Si LLOYD GARNER FFA '47, as ' If ' Baseball Letterman '47 li' ANN GIBSON TIGER Staff '47, '48 I Reporter '47 Assistant Editor '48 Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 Reporter '48 FHA President '48 VVlJo's Uflno '48 CHARLOTTE GIBSON TRAIL Staff '47, '48 Feature Editor '47 Editor '48 Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 Secretary '48 State Honor Society '45, '46, '47, '48 National Honor Society '48 Anzeriean Legion Afward '46 IVlJo'J IVlJo '48 LAVERNE GILL SAM I-IALE Ugg' Glee Club '47 ROY HAMILTON FFA '46 Sophomore class president '46 Football Letterman '46, '47, '48 Basketball Letterman '46, '47, '48 Baseball Letterman '48 Track Letterman '47, '48 American Legion Award '46, '47 JOHNIECE HANCOCK Glee Club '44, '45 Gingersnaps '46, '47 All-Sclaool Play Crew '44, '45 BETTY I-IARMON FHA '45, '46, '47, '48 TREVA HARMON Glee Club '46 Gingersnaps '46, '47 JOYCE HASKELL Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 JUDITH HENRY Band '45, '46, '47, '48 Tri-State '46 Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 ARNOLD HIGGINS Band '45, '48 Glee Club '46, '47 All-School Play '47 VERA MAE HILL Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 Football Queen Attendant '48 PAULINE HARDY I-IOOPER ANNE HORNE Glee Club '47 Gingersnaps '47, '48 JOYCE I-IOUGH Gingersnaps '47, '48 FRANKLIN HUNT TRAIL Staff Assistant Plaotograploer '47 Photographer '48 TIGER Staff Sports VVriter '48 State Honor Society '45, '46, '47, National Honor Society '48 American Legion Award '45 junior Rotarian '48 WIJo's Wbo '48 RICHARD HENSEN Glee Club '46, '47, '48 President '48 PAT HUDDLESTON MARIANNE ISOM TRAIL Staff '47, '48 Feature Editor '47 Senior Editor '48 TIGER Staff '47, '48 Feature Editor '47 Editor '48 Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 Sergeant-at-arms '48 Football Queen Attendant '48 Trail Queen Attendant '48 State Honor Society '45 National Honor Society '48 American Legion Award '45 I-'Vbo's IfVbo '48 MILDRED JACKSON BILL JENSEN FFA '44 Sophomore Class Reporter '45 Football Letterman '45, '46 . J, N. JOHNSON Senior Class President '48 Football Letterman '46, '47, '48 Basketball Letterman '46, '47, '48 Baseball Letterman '46, '47, 48 junior Rotarian '48 JffZfl1o'r .Ifllbm '4R 1111105 1111110 '4R JfIfl'1n'r Ilfl-ln '42 I'1 '48 91 !,f,'fLff I ,.,,., I mi 35' E5 ' Ze, " 1' f"' 1,7 ye , A .1 f " VI- I Ziff . ' ' If 1 " if f' I 1 1 Jg I 'f f W tiff, 1 ,r K5 sv, , ff if ff ' af f ,f ff' 1 7 5 , 5 X ,pf f rf ' Q -3 174' .4 1 1 1 f?f Q3 ' I i f 'f ,ee I I. ,N ,gg L VV ,. , ,Q ' W: ., - ' '?"fQ'5Q f , , f ' " vt. . Y. . ' ' - 'WX ' ,' . . .. 1' ' , . K lt, i I , i- ,wx I1 ' f -1. I, ' V ,, .-, ,, .qzjg , ,,,' E, , :Ap ' , ' 5 , I z H w it ,,, , ,, if 2 ,ea . 2 , t 4, 4, I tyfffg, ,5 if-sf: f..5.:,,, ., , ,,,.,,., H , , s W - . l -1 'R R 2 A , JAMES KELLERI-IALS TIGER Staff Business Manager All-Sclaool Play '48 BETTY RUTH KEMP State Honor Society '47 PHILIP KIDD Football Letterman '47, '48 BARBARA KIZER NYLA JEANNE KLUGAS NEITA JO KUVVITZKY Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 All-School Play Stage Crefw '47 EYVONNE LANE Gingersnaps '47 American Legion Afward '47 FHA '48 JACK LANE JOYCE LeCRONE Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 FHA '47, '48 Reporter JERRY LEMON Band '45, '46 TRAIL Staff Art Editor '47, '48 State Honor Society '45, '46, '47, '48 National Honor Society '47, '48 Track Letterman '47, '48 IVbo's Wlao '48 VIRGINIA LINDSAY Band '45, '46, '47, '48 Tfwirler '46, '47, '48 Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 Band Queen Attendant '47 Football Queen Attendant '48 Girls' State '47 JACK LOCKETT TRAIL Staff Sports Editor '47, '48 Sophomore and Senior Class Vice dent '46, '48 Football Letterman '46, '47, '48 Basketball Letterman '46, '47, '48 Track Letterman '46, '47, '48 Garrison Award '47 Wl9o's Wbo '48 Junior Rotarian '48 SARA LUCAS Band '45, '46, '47, '48 Tri-State '46 SUE LUCAS Band '45, '46, '47, '48 Glee Club '48 WALTER LUSK U. S. Army '41 JACK NICDERMOTT Band '45, '46, '47, '48 Vice-President '48 Freshman Class President '45 Football Letterman '48 Baseball Letterman '47, '48 junior Rotarian '48 Boys' State '47 PAT MCKINNON Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 American Legion Award '46 FHA '45, '46 NANCY MATLOCK Glee Club '47 Mixed Cborus '47 Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 H01 President '48 Football Queen Attendant '48 IVlJo's -Presi SUE MAXON TABOR VIRGINIA MAYHEW State Honor Society '48 Anzerican Legion Award '45 MARK MELTON TRAIL Staff Assistant Pbo to grapber 48 National Honor Society '45, '46, '47 48 State Honor Society '48 CHARLEENE MINOR Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 Football Queen Attendant '48 CRYSTAL MOBLEY Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 State Honor Society '46, '47, '48 National Honor Society '47, '48 BOB MORONEY FFA '44, '45, '46 JOE MURPHY FFA '45, '46, '47, '48 Treasurer '47 Vice-President '48 junior Master Farrner '48 M. I. NEI-IER, JR. Band '45 FFA '45, '46, '47, '48 Secretary '48 LORETTA NEWTON Glee Club '46, '47 State Honor Society '45 BILLIE PATTON YOUNG Gingersnaps '48 Glee Club '46, '47 LILLIAN PEBWORTH Gingersnaps '48 JUNE PENCE Glee Club '45 Gingersnaps '47 FHA '45 TOM PENFOUND CLAIRETTA PINKSTON Gin gersnaps '48 JIM PRESSON VVALTER RATLIFF Football Letterman '47, '48 Basketball Letterman '47, '48 Track Letternzan '47, '48 OLETA REYNOLDS FHA '48 GOLDA RICE Band '45, '46, '47, '48 Gingersnaps '47, '48 Staff Artist Queen Attendant '4 TRAIL TRAIL IRAIL 'Queen' Attend. 1' HAIL 1' RAIL 'QZl?67Z' Attena. 'QZl?67Z' Attena. sp NORAIA ROBERTSON Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 JEAN ROLLINS FHA '46, '47, '48 FFA Queen Attendant '47 DONNA RUSSELL Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 KEITH RUTLEDGE KENNETH SCOTT MELVIN SEVER National Honor Society '48 All-Scbool Play '48 ROSEMARIE SHELTON Gingersnapx '46, '47, '48 Prettiest Girl '45 FFA Queen Attendant '48 All-Scbool Play Make-up Crefw '48 LQNELL TANNER SI-IOBERT Gingersnaps '46, '47 ONAH SHOLL Glee Club '46, '47 Gingerxnaps '46, '47 State Honor Society '46, '47 National Honor Society '47, '48 All-School Play '48 FORREST SIMPKINS CAROLINE SLOAN Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 PATTY SMALLEY Gingerxnaps '46, '47, '48 RICHARD STARZER Football Letterman '47 NORA FRANCES STINSON Gingersnap: '46, '47, '48 LILA STONER Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 I Football Queen Attendant '48 American Legion Award '46 fl MAT!-IA LEE STOUT LITTLE 5' Glee Club '46, '47 ,pf 'gf' Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 HELEN TULLIUS " f ' ' " TRAIL Staff Corres 'riding Secretary '48 Glee Club '48 ' President '48 Gingerxnaps '48 State Honor Society '45, '46, '47, '48 National Honor Society '47, '48 All-School Play '48 American Legion Award '47 DAR Award '48 LAXVANA VANDERBURG l422I Gingersnabs '46 rnabs '46 -., TRECIL XVAGNON DOLGRES NVALKER Glee Club '47, '48 President '47 Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 BOBBIE XVALLACE Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 Reporter '47 Senior Class Secretary '48 Football Queen Attendant '47, '48 FFA QUEEN '47 IL PXNNENE VVAMPLER Band '45, '46, '47, '48 Drunt-Major '48 Gingersnaps '47 Trail Queen Attendant '48 FFA Queen Attendant '48 BILL XVATSON TIGER Staff Sports IfVriter '47, '48 DOROTHY XVHITE CLAXTON XIILDRED XVILLMETT Gingersnaps '46, '47, '48 SAM XVILSON TRAIL Staff '46, '47, '48 Soplyornore Editor '46 Iunior Business Manager '47 Layout Editor '48 State Honor Society '45, '46, '47, '48 National Honor Society '48 Football Letterman '47, '48 Baseball Letterntan '46, '47, '48 Basketball Letterman '46, '47, '48 American Legion Award '46 IVbo's Uflro '48 CAROLYN XVOMACK Seniors not ibictured: DALE AYLES BETTY ANDERSON JESSE CASH BILL ' CHILLESS JANET DONALDSON POLLY KIMMONS KENNETH MAYI-IEXV LEE ROY SUMMERS CQAJDQ5 ni J 'EF Q:i:i:ill mill!" Iifu-l1I"' 3 -,Q mx.-. A xx? an W .W K' l I' I eq rf .-,g-...- V 'fl iiE!!!.!!!! ll' li' i"-"'T",: IM .1 4 A. ' I 1 I fr. 9 Junior Omcers are, left to right: james Argo, secretary-treasurer, Ted Reynolds, presi- dent, Maurice Holland, vice-president lzqaax, .,,,. ..,N,.,,ggWf- j . N h gg, .. .. r ii! Publicity-mad juniors, always ready to have their pictures taken are: upper left, XVylodean Cornelisong upper right, Natalie Lund, lower left, Betty Lou Rambo, lower right, Ted Reynolds rail Blazers ln the opinion of many, the most talented, active, and industrious class in Norman High School is the class of ,49. The junior class has compiled an enviable record of achievements ever since it first entered the campus of NHS. There has always been a pre- vailing desire to subdue and conquer all obstacles, no matter how apparent- ly insurmountable. Everyone is given an adequate chance to be a vital part of the junior class. Our activities make every person share in our glory and feel he is essential to our progress and is needed for the ultimate success that our class aspires to attain. We started the year by electing an all-male aggregation of class officers: Ted Reynolds, president, Maurice Holland, vice-president, james Argo, secretary-treasurer. We chose Mrs. Bernice Mowdy, Mrs. J. B. Williams, Mrs. Racheal Kelly, and Miss Nadine Runyan as sponsors. This year the TRAIL queen Was elected from the ranks of the juniors. Wylodean Cornelison was the second girl to win this honor from the class l24l ,ff 5 .flaw :Et FFIFH ISC! E 1 1 0. at l 5, AW- Mo I Z fl ., are of '49. Although the TRAIL queen candidates this year were not spon- sored by the classes, the juniors rallied to the aid of their class member. When the race was over, everyone sighed with relief mingled with pride, knowing he had played an important part in bringing about the outcome. All through the year we raised money for the junior-senior reception. Our tireless efforts were rewarded with a reception, impressive and beautiful, thoroughly satisfactory to all of us. Juniors placed entrants in every one of the school's activities. It is im- possible to list all these prominent in- dividuals in so small a space. The junior class now stands looking back in retrospect and ahead in antici- pation of blazing new trails to un- charted fields in the time that we have left in high school. In ending our school year, the junior class is leaving behind it an en- viable record in athletics, scholarship and activities. We are loking for- ward with a great deal of eagerness to our senior year, a year we know will be full of lasting friendships, of hap- piness, and of honest endeavor. -Charles Spradlin I2 Sl junior Sponsors are left to right: Miss Nadine Runyan, Mrs. XfVinifred XVilliams Mrs. Bernice Mowdy, Mrs Rachael Keely v 1 'Y ,- I fi I i l Upper left: Maurice Holland and Sidney Durham conversing while some- body's hand tries to join them Upper right: Vincent Miller and joe Birchum seem interested in the girls, but harry XVallace, who is 'lgoing steady," seems bored Lower left: Martha YVashington should give the hat back, judging from Buck Spradlin's haircut Lower right: Like many girls, Bennie Shultz is up in the air over Bill Fox X sign A D 1 if CAROL ANSEL 3 ki I JANIES ARGO AS." 'J QS- ima, 'R S . BILLY ASHLEY A FLOYD BAUER N y 5 i EUGENE BETTES - I I . DON BIRCHUAI I-af fc , JOE BIRCHUAI JESSIE BLANTON VIRGIE BOLZ I .4 JOHN BUCKINGHAM BARBARA BULLARD 1 I DXVAYNE BUTLER MARY SUE BUTLER MAXINE CAMPBELL JOAN CARPENTER I I I BOBBY CARSON K' I, gt, A 7, Q.,,. BILLY CARTER I IM ' ' , Je DOROTHY COMBS E .iq , J I Q,:,l, O1RJ 1 1"ff I GENE CORNELISON XVYLODEAN CORNELISON PATRICK COWAN JOYCE COX JOAN CRAIG B X JOAN CRAWFORD BILL CROCKER MARY-LYNN CROSS PI-IYLLIS DANIEL MARJORIE DAVIS AARON DEWEES JUNIOR DIEHIII A .. V Y- - DANA DULANEY ' A SIDNEY DURI-IAM , JOAN ELLEDGE I I , I26,I JAMES ESSARY JIMMY EVVBANK JOHN EVVING VAN EWING MARGARET FELL JOAN EISCHER BARBARA FISHER PAULINE FITZGERALD REBECCA FOLLONVVVILL DORIENE FOX BILL GARDNER LOUISE GARLING NADINE GARNER JERRY GARRET DONITA GARRISON CHARLES GOODMILLER DOYLE GREEN NVAYNE GRIMWOOD JOYCE HAMES KENNETH HAMES BILLY HANSMEYER DOROTHY HARMON REGGIE HARRIS NORAIA LEE HART CORINNE HENRY JACK HILL PATRICIA HOGAN MAURICE HOLLAND JOHNNIE HOPKINS AL HORNE RAYMOND I-IOXVERY JESSIE JAVINE MARY JOHANSSON JOAN JOHNSON JEAN JOHNSON I2 ' ,ffzif 1 :ef " 'Sli ff, in ., .- 3, ,, ,,f',,, I 3ff " ' Q13 '-A ' mf ' f- - f m I ,ff ff 7,614 ff f' , , , f - f , , Ll Q ,, 'Z ' ,ef If ' af' 21? gf. 3:29 by I if ,' A A I ,'L' LQ, 4.2 , A , W, jf "y ,V 1' -xfffzv,-ufvL-,. , ,fs I W , A "f V? 5' 2 f"'f:?47:ja Q' cg, f ,459 fa 54 Y ff, V1 f 45' N . 'Aww i W I . ffftf Q f-:cu . Q A 232 ,V ,W ,-7 lv' ! I in ' Z f W Q I 7 , 3 . 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'Q f f if ' QW." .2-gf ,Z 1 gg, I . Q Zifwfvgx 1 f- 3 Mlzs, , -f..,.-f:.f,e. ',,w,., 511, ff? ww!- ,, 3 -734 ,, ,, .4 f X y X 1 , ,,,. , Q10 W ' 0101 X 1 .fly 1 M X i 4- ff f H fffii f X 4 , , f 1, T,-"f j ,Q gs . 141 xiii'-127' . A Lf .. xiii? z'9'?5.'7 1 A I -' Veg W ,-k . ,,.:,,,-V . 1 Agn- V36 A : Yi? , i3,LglQ.ii ELLA V. VVOOD BETTY WOODROW DOLORES ZACHARY KARL VON KELLER, President DEXTER THOMAS, cretary BIRCH ROSE, Vice-President M, 2 We sophomores hit senior high this year with a bang! And if past records mean any- thing, things are likely to keep popping all the time we're here. Last year we ran the seniors' candidate for TRAIL Queen a close second, only to be nosed out in the last moments of the contest. This year, in another hard-fought race, the sopho- mores again finished as runners-up. Our can- didate, Gail Hughes, was defeated in the final count by a heart-breaking 4000 votes. Sopho- more Norma jean Black was elected Norman High Sweetheart in March. When, in our hrst class meeting of the year, we elected class officers, the boys made a clear sweep of the election, much to the girls' chagrin. Karl Von Keller was elected presi- enderfeet dent, Birch Rose, vice -president, Dexter Thomas, secretary-treasurer. We selected Mrs. H. C. Davis, Mrs. Inez Rolette, and Mr. Ford Michael as sophomore sponsors. Sophomore representative in the all-school play, "Adam's Evening," was Gail Hughes, cast as Rosita Fragoni, the doctor's innocent wife who spent most of her time evading Adamls overly - sympathetic mother - in - law. Tenth graders backstage were Richard Har- kins and jeroald Andrews, who did a fine job of working out the sound effects and con- trolling the general confusion which normally accompanies a high school production. Karl Von Keller, King Price, Jr., Bob Woodrow, and Vincent Miller are the four sophomore boys who helped Norman High W I-1 ogvuo qu Xp - 4 g . NO V fo fi Z2 L f Z ! 4 --I --- 'IL-if Sophomore Sponsors: Mrs. Inez Rolette, Mr. Ford Michael Mrs. H. C. Davis I 301 f . ,, ,, ,L The Searle twins, Pat and Barbara Sophomores on Saturday Cornered Last look at freedom to runner-up spot in the Mid-State Conference this year. You will be seeing more of them on the gridiron next year. In basketball, baseball, and track sophomores are again well represented. Although there are none on the regular basketball team, the 'B' team is almost completely made up of sophomore boys. They are Rutherford Brett, Harlan McKenzie, john Crane, Edwin VVal- ton, Karl Von Keller, Hoyl Lockett, David Glander, Robert Slagle, Edward Freeman, and Norris Smith. A large number of sophomore girls, too numerous to mention here, joined the Ginger- snap Pep Club to back our NHS teams with spirit and yells. Many others made their con- tribution by wearing the black and orange uniforms of the Norman High School Band. In the parade preceding the Homecoming game the float from Miss Sugden's homeroom, which is primarily composed of sophomores, placed first. Two tenth grade girls, Margaret NHS batting form Smith and Margaret Ann Rankin, rode as mer- maids on the winning float. The sophomores set something of a record scholastically this year by putting six class members in the National Honor Society: King Price, jr., Barbara Searle, Patricia Searle, Hoyl Lockett, Richard Harkins, and Mary Ellen Casey. At the first of the school year, sophomore representatives chosen for the TIGEI1 and the TRAIL staffs were: Patsy Hallock, TIGER, Hoyl Lockett and Mary Ellen Casey, TIRAIL. Two sophomores, Patsy Hallock and Mary Ellen Casey, represented the TIGER and TRAIL respectively at the Oklahoma Interscholastic Press Association meeting. We sophomores are only at the beginning of our NHS trail. The road before us is straight and clear, rough in places, perhaps, but full of many memorable friends and good times, leading in the end to our graduation as the Class of 1950. -Mary Ellen Casey l31l Everybody wants to get into the act p YS, , i Q' 4.27 . 1 .ni , ,, ,A , 1 ' ' .. Wa - fi' Q X - , 5 H ' 1 193-4, . 552 ! A W :i .. -,,:fy,,:i ' ' Q t t , it ' 1 v , S My i, ,Nw A 4 5 X 1 n it. if as all K B! si . fag , , . ,s , ,,s...1 . i -'11, ,, ' in-,-.c f A 3 I ly X 'V . sr , C , , 1, W , :Ja E' , ,Q AA. L .5 Q I ,W W 6. ,.,, i I V, , 1, 'f L. " ,ff 'C ' 5' Q mis., 2 K My , -I g 4 .,,., f ,..,u .A , S W ' , Y V , if 1 ' r . -. I -' ' I ' ' I f V iffr . r .1 , , W Q " W -, ' 37 N, 1 , W-fr fi'41.,,:Wf'1 'ff -I .Yaris-, f ,ff -at I '7 1" , ""1 X . l ' . R4 V 'fig fl'riidlifif.3f?W":..s.. -V ' if " ' I i 7' I 4 Z , 34 , K gf 1,-N, ' P E9 f"fN?3f .'f4"iff,:,:W,-Q. V ' " N ' 'X ' ,. ' f G' 1 E OPHDMORE First Row, left to right, Robert Adams, Dorothea Akin, Dorothy Allen, jack Anderson, jeroald Andrews, jimmel Badry, Betty Barnard, and Carlos Barnett Second Row, left to right: Norma jean Black, George Bohannon, B. F. Brookins, Harold Bryant, Alfred Buckingham, Carroll Butler, Diane Butler, and Melvin Campbell Third Rofw, left to right: Mary Ellen Casey, Velma Childers, Pat Clary, jeannene Corder, jerry Coston, Robert Crane, Vir- ginia Davis, and Ophelia Doty Fourth Row, left to right: VVesley Duty, Kay Fortner, Bob Foster, Richard Fowler, Pat Franklin, Edward Freeman, Kathy Freeman, and Margaret Fuller Fifzb Row, left to right: Elaine Fulton, David Glander, Nancy Gould, VVanda Graves, Kelly Grisso, Lorene Grizzle, Patsy Hallock, and Helen Hames Nor pictured: Orval Bacon, Catherine Ball, Bill Beck, Alfred Bernard, junior Bramlett, Rutherford Brett, David Brown, Lewis Brown, james Bumgarner, Billy Choate, Laura Clark, jack Coker, Donald Costello, john Crane, Gene Davis, Lillie Davis, Bill Deskin, Karen Dickenson, Charles Dragg, Marilyn Dunlap, Ruth Edwards, Bill Fielder, Beulah Fore, Morris Garner, Roy Goodmiller, Mike Hall l33I f QW 'C Q12 X N ffgfj X ff X W ,V , ff ., W 4 5 ,',, , QQ! f f ff , YUM, 7 I 'N 'i ' 7 J fy , .X I I fl X 1 2 ft ' f 1 , , 46+ " ,... A - 2 .I A 16:57 , : V far ff' ' f 'Z ff ,f ' ,JW apes A X . f, 4 .9 J., , 4 if W' 'r I, x ,gi V6 .-., N f 1 KW? f' 5 ,Qui . l' i OPHOMORE First Row, left to right: Charles Haney, Eloise Hansmeyer, Gene Hansmeyer, Gayle Hardwick, Charles Harmon, Richard Harkins, Margee Hawks, and Jeanne Hayes Second Rofw, left to right: Reba Haynes, Nola Jean Helms, Jacque Hollman, Loyd Hoofard, Gail Hughes, Betty Ingram, Bill Jennings, and Paul Johnson Third Row, left to right: Karl Keller, Bob Kerr, Evelyn Ketner, Joan Knapple, Pat Lindsay, Hoyl Lockett, Johnnie Mae McCall, and Tom McCall Fozzrtla Row, left to right: Harvey Mclilhaney, Harlan McKenzie, Henry Mappes, Peggy Marshall, Robert Martin, Bar- bara Mayhew, Henrianna Merriott, and Paula Milton f ' Fifth Rofw, left to right: R. E. Morris, Tom Morris, Billy Neher, Robert Pannell, Janette Potts, King Price, Odies Turner Primrose, and Margaret Ann Rankin Not Pictured: Marcus Herron, Patricia Hill, Robert Hitchcock, Bobby Ingram, Pat Johnson, Bobby Jones, Dennis Jones, Donald Jones, Paul Keen, Harold Klusmeyer, Joe Lain, Dorothy Lane, David LeCrone, Bobby McKinnon, Travis Markf ham, Frank Merkle, Mary Ann Miller, Vincent Miller, Alvin Musgrove, Davis'Berkins, Bob Pitt i33l sh' gl' 1 u " ii G' i . T ' 6' E 2 ff N N455 ff? 4 V 1- ' t 1357- Q X N' " 447 X s X if f f,,..aA 'Q gb m 5 5 -4 x i f X 4' X X sf? -e 1 - X X JQC f Y X42 xtyfs Q' P , f E i ' fl 4: . 1- , r 'FSs1,3s,.- , Vs, 1. QQ' A J OPHOMORE First Row, left to right: Ralph Reynolds, John Roberts, Birch Rose, Barbara Ross, Rosemary Rowley, Raymond Rutledge, Laura Ann Sanders, and Nola Sanderson Second Rofw, left to right: Barbara Searle, Patricia Searle, Carol Simpkins, Nita Simpson, Frank Smith, jack Smith, Marga- ret Smith, and Norris Smith Third Row, left to right: Myrna Snow, Nancy Spradling, Patsy Steely, Bobbie Stephens, Claude Stoner, Dexter Thomas, Bill Thompson, and Patsy Tolson ' Fourth Rofw, left to right: Herb Uhles, Norma Wallace, J. Edwin VValton, Steve Wampler, Faye Wenner, Barbara Wood, joe VVhistler, and O. R. Whitaker Fifth Row, left to right: Barbara White, Mary Ann Wilcox, Truman Wilkerson, Donald Wilson, jackie Wilson, joan Wil- son, Margaret Wilson, and Olga jean Wynne Not Pictured: Dorothy Rollins, Robert Slagle, Margaret Smith, Genevieve Stalter, Jack Sterling, Sonny Sutton, Gar- dette Tevault, Frances Walker, Vera Mae Watson, Bobby Woodrow l34l Boundless Frontiers . . . to jimi 072675 'way around the universe . . . Years ago, when our country was young, and the super-highways of today were merely narrow cattle trails, our predecessors, the col- orful settlers of America, struggled to cross this continent and to bring the boundaries of our nation closer together. They had a strong desire to establish a land where their children could pursue knowledge and make themselves intelligent men, capable of governing them- selves and of improving their society. Their freedoms still exist for us today, and their dream of the opportunity to learn is greater than ever before. Those pioneers of the past blazed many trails for us to venture upon. One of the most valuable of these is the "Trail of Knowledge." Knowledge is the trail to the success of an individual. Every day we are beginning to see the Hnal goal, which, when reached by faith- ful endeavor, will bring us to the satisfaction of individual success. Knowledge is a trail, not to a place, but to an understanding. An individual cannot ac- complish success alone, but must work toward his goal with those around him who are at the same time advancing toward their desti- nation. One of the most important phases of education is to learn to understand others. Knowledge is the trail to peace. When men learn to work together in a small community, they are broadening themselves and making the idea of world co-operation seem nearer. Through learning comes the opportunity for all people, rich and poor, of all races and l35l creeds, to meet on common ground. When there is a meeting of free minds, a new mile- stone has been passed. For surely individual success, understanding between two individ- uals, world peace and co-operation, are all milestones on the greatest Trail of Knowledge, the Trail of Exploration and Discovery. There will always be pioneers to explore the undiscovered enigma of the universe. There will be those who will, through diligent study, solve the complex equations that hold in their solution the answer to the mysteries of our solar system. There will be those who will now, as did our fathers in the past, dream dreams, and conceive ideas, and eventually show us the incredible simplicity in the things which we now find intricate. There will be some who follow this phase of the Trail of Knowledge who will lag behind, as some of our ancesters stayed "close to the past." There will be others who will forge ahead, break new trails, and progress far. No matter which we do, the opportunity is ours. A wise man once said, "New worlds are for the young to explore." As the ancient sea cap- tains braved raging storms at sea and over- came the strong currents of the mysterious depths, as the rugged, proud pioneers of the colorful past conquered the hardships of the frontier trails, so we, who are young, can be discoverers and explorers of the yet unknown, as we travel over the vast Trail of Knowledge -a trail which is wide and stretches far-a trail which will never end. -Harriett Rutledge 1" il . . t 1 .,,,......,.,..,M1 'R A 4 nn- ' . R . jj' Rim .. , Q i Top to bottom: UPop" Southward seems to be quite intent on his work Student council members include Patricia Col- lins, j. E. Hatfield, Mary Childs, Bev Black- wood, Carlene Claxton Other student council members, left to right, are Larry Flood, Koletyo Belvin, Charles lVoodring, Nell May Alexander, john Etter, Pat Hollingsworth l36l ilestones on the Education rail JUNIOR HIGH It would be difficult in these few words to tell of the events of the year in our junior high school, but here are a few of the higher points. Eighth grade class officers elected by the student body were as follows: president, jannette T h o ni a s 3 vice-president, Marion Smith, secretary, Carol jean Blackwood, treas- urer, Ann Grisso. Ninth grade oflicers are: president, Larry Flood, vice-president, Buster Bates, secretary, Helene Harris, and treasurer, Sally Waclter. The students also took an active part in the "A" Band and UB" Band. The ninth grade boys took part in the FFA, and the girls kept up with them in the FHA and Fl-IO. The freshman football team had a very successful year by winning Hve and losing three games. The basketball team coached by Arlo 'LSkivey', Davis won the Cleveland County Tourna- ment. Backing these boys was a group of girls called the Hjuniorsnapsf' The cheerleaders elected by the group were Ann Grisso, Bette jean Moore, Eve Mae Teegardin, and Helene Harris. The chorus and the glee clubs also had many junior high students. The school generously contributed to the Red Cross, March of Dimes, and many other needy causes. We here in junior high sincerely hope that we will be welcomed into senior high. We hope we have made a good record, and will try to continue to do so throughout our high school education. -Larry Flood X --TW, , -, ,l sf I . ..w,.7Uw 1'f': fit. " a are I i f V fy . ,. f f. f E i 3 5 1 v f-nd' I 1 l l 2 ff f' , i ,. 5 Q42 f 4 www MH.. if V -.1 t., ww,-H, A. V. f ffl ' W! A Z 74 if -W .-...-... . -W V9 mmwmmm Jgvy..6 , me T A f ' - K, ff -fA,,f"x. 4. .. .. wif.. A X... , ..- 1- ,ff , j W 4 Q x gf Z if W , Ji fa 'W .X f 'V S if , f Qs: X! W f' ' " K Q 2 W ' ' ft ' ,fr - ', ,. fra' ffz g,Y'f.v41, , 2' 47' First Row, top to bottom: Claude "Pop" Southward, Priizcipalg XV. A. Dumas, Manual Arts, Mrs. D. B. R. johnson, Ninth Grade Science, Mrs. Frank K. Mosley, Girls' Gym M .Q f, o:3vZ,,..,,..Q,W 5, " tm .. ., ,fret , Middle Row, top to bottom: Mrs. Nelle S. Copland, Niizth Grade English, Mrs. Dorothy Griffey, Ninth Grade Home Economics, Mrs. YV. T. Knight, Eighth Grade Science, Mrs. Mary Ellen Rose, Eighth Grade Math- ematics june" Third Row, top to bottom: Mrs. J. L, Corbett, Eighth Grade Eizg- lish: Mrs. XV. XV. Holmes, Eighth Grade History, Mrs. l-I. H. Minter, Eighth Grade Mathematics, Mrs. C. L. VVhitley, Niizth Grade Algebra l37I r-4- im, M, Q 4 , We Top to bottom: 'lSlciVey" Davis is giving his boys the "word" during the half of the Chickasha game "l'otsy" lsom is getting up in the world lately Vllhy the sneer, Marvin and Bill? It really is a painless operation Studious ones trudging into the "brain factory" l38I Top to bottom: l'Tuff" Howard and one of his newly acquired "room pieces" Future greats of NHS getting in a little practice Herschel Tadlock scores for the juniors against El Reno. Five forward-looking eighth-graders posing before the immortal hall of learning X , ,,, Top Rofw, left to right: Allie May Dabney, Jeanette Ratliff, Laveta VVood, Peggy Buckner, Donna Smith, Jimmie YVilliams, Gary Jackson, Frank Miller, Jimmy Orenbaun, Jim Henson, Bob Murphy, Jimmie Martin, and Herschel Tadlock Middle Row, left to right: Mary Ellen Bacon, Clara Mae Givens, Betty Rose Benge, Anita Merrick, Jerry Krenzberg, Mary Lou Yandell, Dale OH:utt, Barbara Ogle, Berna Pinto, Dora Jo House, Paul Gibbs, Kenneth VValton, Don Capehart, and Fred Conkling Bottom Row, left to right: Aileen Lyng, Joan Chilless, Dora Jo House, Omega Johnson, Neva VVilliams, Mary Sue Scott, Helen George, Betty Fletcher, Betty Brown, Barbara McClure, Melvin Dare, Ellis Hurst, and Robert Standlee Top Row, left to right: Lena May Phillips, Kathryn Berry, Patricia Hopkins, Floella Snderson, Frankie Miller, Eleanor Miller, Bethalon Butler, Patty Canfield, Barbara Strategier, Patricia Pierson, Ann Mead, Jo Ann Akin, Nona Brown, Etta Jane Rollins, and Bertha Lee Ashley Second Row, left to right: Gloria Smith, Phoebe Fox, Carol Collins, Mary Alice VVallace, Eva May Teegardin, Pat Hollingsworth, Marilyn Sawyer, Janelle Smith, Sally VVacker, VVanda Harshbergzr, June Curren, Geraldine Dillard, Mary Belle Goodin, Betty Jen- nings, Judy Jones, and Virginia Smith Third Row, left to right: Noda Alice Bettis, Mary Ann YValton, Jan Mickle, Jeanne XVinningham, Lucy Paine, Janice Frady, Pauline Kuhlman, Jo Anne Durkee, Helene Harris, Barbara Brendle, Dolores Barnes, and Thelma Lane Bottom Row, left to right: Mary Sterling, Pat Jones, Mary Blanche Short, Arlena Bruemmer, Eulaun Tevault, and Maxine Cargill fswzwf wat- .'ffh4VMg?aEv1 N' Top Row, left to right: Don Lynn, Troy Murnan, J. D. Mills, Jerry Bullard, Buddy Newman, Charles Billingsley, Grady Wo- mack, John Litter, Orville Johnson, and Marcus Herron Middle Row, left to right:Ronald E. Coker, Delbert Henderson, Dale Lane, Bill Downing,Bob Brown, Larry Flood, Warren Sum- mers, J. C. Jenkins, Jr., Mildred Lee Usry, Nova Smith, and Sybl XValker Bottom Row, left to right: Barbara Ann Hanger, Mildred Little Creek, Joan Stuart, Jean Lou Burress, Maxine Gower, Margaret Conkling, June Abston, Neva Jo Ward, Thelma Mulder, Joyce Dees, Celia Ann Bryant, and Katheryn Attaway Top Row, left to right: Bob Churchwell, Lynn Watts, Paul Wilkerson, Alvin Barsmith, Lynn Foreman, Sidney Gaylor, Robert Bradley, George Evans, Jimmie Dodd, Glenn Pierson, XfVilliam Vanderburg, and Richard Morren Second Rofw, left to right: Bev Blackwood, Darrell Stricklin, Charles Payton, Donald VVitt, James Conkling, Gary Williams, Dan Newsom, Charles Woodring, Delbert Scott, Jerry Wfilliams, Mike Pybas, Jimmy Morrow, Max Huddleston, Stanley Russell, and Pat Thompson Third Row, left to right: Orville XVilson, Dan VVilson, Dwight Funderburk, Melvin Hames, Thomas Freeman, Dennis Lead- better, Robert Howard, John Jones, Neil Steely, Buster Bates, Boss Fare, Gene Daniel, and Beverly Munkus Bottom Row, left to right: Leonard Pace, Louis Lindsay, James McElhaney, Lawrence Sucky, Ridley Lewis, Jerry Vaughn, Johnny Keith, Bobby Nations, Murle Graham, and Asa Smith or J lf: -EXE Top Row, left to right: Marilyn Chatman, Mary Childs, Ann Grisso, Marian Smith jeane Horne Billie Ruth Shaw Charlene Wright, Jack Patron, Kenneth Brown, Joe Followwill, john Brinkley, james Brunoldi, and jerry Ijon McConnell i Mzddle Row, left to right: Bette Gene More, Nancy Franklin, Mignon Ellison, Sandra Carter, Eva Hocutt, Pat Durkee, Richard Bryant, Bobby Corbin, Phil Kendall, johnny Hollingsworth, and Billy Lamirand Bottom Row, left to right: George Michael, Dick Foster, J. E. Hatneldl, Fred Haxel, Harold Chitwood, R. F. Allen, Ben Ames Huey, Norman Smith, Charles Barnard, Harold Cook, and Kenneth Ridenour Top Row, left to right: George Wiley, Jane Quaid, Paula White, Eloise Ann Carroll, Edith Goodmiller, jimmy Price, Jimmy Slmpkins, Benny Lill, Eva Mae Fear, john Elliott, Ronald Howland, and Lyndal Hall Middle Row, left to right: Ann Stanley, Kaletyo Belvin, Patricia Ann D5 mond, janette Thomas, Grace Grizzle, Beulah Alex- ander, joan Barnes, Virgil McClure, Paul Myers, Lawrence Ball, Kenneth Rollins, and Charles Schneringer Bottom Row, left to right: George West, joan Parish, june Martin, Marvin Levy, john Mason, Lawrence A. Herron, Benny Bruce, Wanda Lee Fricker, Elsie LaVayne Gibson, Curtis Fore, and Wilbur XValker Top Rofw, left to right: Bob Mathews, Earnest McMahan, Hal Belknap, Francis Bell, Larry Davis, john Holtzclaw, YV. Reyn- nolds, jack Wfilson, john Hardin, Earl Kersey, and Harold Dean Middle Row, left to right: John Ford, Gordon XVillard, Stephen Primrose, Bruce Anthony, LeRoy Wilder, Lyndall Taylor, Curt Bryan, Carroll Yandell, jack Sides, and Richard Crane Bottom Row, left to right: Martha Miller, Dorothy Hallock, NVynelle Hill, Colleen VVainscott, Carol Blackwood, Charlotte Isom. Ellen Landsaw, Carlene Claxton, and Shirley Hughes Top Row, left to right: Bobby Beeson,,james Attaway, Genevieve Vicars, Martha Kasbaum, Annette Lain, Patricia Ann Collins. Jana Sue Singley, Sally Slagle, Nina Mae Roane, Shirley Stubbs, Mary Tevault, and Barbara Evans flfliddle Row, left to right: Gene I-lamrnon, Tom George, Bill Powell, George Rodgers, Teddy Blakemore, Charles Barnes, Mary Gayle LaFon, Mary Ellen Pannell, Donald David Carroll, jimmy Duncan, james Coffey, and Lyma Parsons Bottom Row, left to right: Barbara Tarbet, Ophelia Vanderburg, Gloria Hamilton, Helen jackson, Patricia Sexton, Patsy Hoof- ard, Carol Darst, Betty Patterson, Mary Gladys Fox, Margaret Wilson, and Gary Braman rm- 57" Jaan Wtlau-s-.u ,fwaaxamtmww HO UR Only the best 771671 of the mvzffe went -XYALTER PRESCOTT W LBB Tie G7E'IZ Plazvzs -ki V - F ....-..z V ,- -, ' 1. an CQQMMQ74 M, Q QM99M ?"'7"f7 ' W, 1 ' "" " ,. if' - F, k , , i, K, E . 4 i s 1 F I r i W Q v 1" 1 1 1 A E I i 1 1 Q , 4 Q , s ' " A EARN 213, -' .x'l2s' X , gf if 7 ' 5, ,.,'fj:'fmg.N 1 'E -4 1 ,fi H .2 , X X . ,.:f:55gf' xi X ya , , .NNQ Q fi " M iff , ..,. . mmm awww, mx QW Q4 r Y x XLK99 Arc-'Qi VW fscf , -.xml , ,K fm - ll3,All,., QLlf,E,1N Z, :xi imiauaxezxia s XG' , fam NATIONAL HONGR SOCIETY Top Row, left to right: Beth Dean, Neita jo Kuwitzky, Marjorie Furbee, George Cobb, Franklin Hunt, Melvin Sever, R. L. Br 'son ' ' Middle Row, left to right: Mary Sue Butler," Betty Lou Rambo, Pat DeMent, joan'-Iohnson, Vivian Tatge, Lola Jean Powell Shirley Crisman, Maurice Holland, Mark Melton, Bennie Schultz Bottom Row, left to right: Lois VVilliamson, VVylodean Cornelison, Onah Sholl, Crystal Mobley, Helen Tullius, Charlotte Gibson Marianne lsom, Joanne Abbott, Mrs. Nellie Childs, sponsor, Sam VVilson Nor Pictured: james Billingsley, jerry Lemon, Joanne Darrow. ' , 914 WA Lf3?:Yf'fi7 "TTT " CWC:-f ,. A ,' N ' . fw in Rv? , -"If f 133 . ,W . Mess- X' Q Neel? 5: as X sw www ,st- L ii , if.: "., in 9 five?-A ff , f , K4 ' ' , M -W. ,V ajax , N sw , A 9,2 X-89' -New Q: bt 'eyes t sv,- ssl? U- 52 inf: as :awww . t SX R. ,s-is, fvssfs f s k i S X tffssw NN 31,1 .,.wsS,iQ'i,, XWx V k 1svs??? S- ssf Y. iiwvl g 5.552 ' sis: -' 5, . , junior Rotarians-Franklin Hunt, J. N. johnson, jack Lockett, George Cobb and Helen Tullius-the winner of the coveted .lack McDermott award presented each year by the DAR HO Along all trails there are honors to be won. In high school as in other walks of life we step forward to receive the recognition that is ours. On these few pages we have attempted to present pictures of people who have earned our most outstanding honors. Not all earnest OR efforts can be praised, and so it is with our honor section, we can picture only the cream of the crop. From a bevy of beautiful queens to last yearls outstanding athlete-scholar the honor pages take their place as a coveted spot in our 1948 TRAIL. -Marianne Isom and Charlotte Gibson The salutatorian, Shirley Crisman, and the Valedictorian, George Cobb, have attended Ernie Schultz, '47, was presented the Gar Norman High School for four years rison Award for scholarship and athletic PFOVVCSS It49I WHO? WHO IN NORMAN HIGH JACK LOCKETT Athletics Class Oflicer Trail CHARLOTTE GIBSON Trail Gingersnaps National Honor Society J. N. JOHNSON Class Ofhcer Athletics Junior Rotarian I50l MARIANNE ISOM Tiger Trail Gingersnaps SAM VVILSON Athletics Trail National Honor Societ ANN GIBSON Tiger Gingersnaps FHA Y FRANKLIN HUNT Tiger Trail Junior Rotarian SHIRLEY CRISMAN Trail Gingersnaps Band Queen CLONNIE DAVIS FFA Trail Junior Class President NANCY MATLOCK Mixed Chorus Glee Club Gingersnaps JERRY LEMON Athletics National Honor Society Trail GEORGE COBB Trail National Honor Society Valejictorian A day for toil, 6172 loom' fm spovft . . . I x , 3 J "' 'f 4 09 a t ,f ' 1 S- L RALPH XVALDO EMERSON, Merlirzlv Vision , M x. fl. : Q. Aff f + , 421' ' K. W 5 X11 ' ,I a, tg- 50" HSN" 6: 3 .- 35 - . ,X ,L '.:f1 ' fy .,, 4 A ,L 41 GW 9 In X! MX4 fx X 5 WW Mfg. Q V ,Nw K WF 14 " A K gf' 1 x ,U , . X 'ffl ' X' 4 'S ief? .I ,Q JA 1.72 I Guar UQENL xi ' 'few , L-,A ' 'V , . .. 25, A , A V M, N, V -if 7 W3 fi, yi- Wm, , ,, ,f ' ,gi . . Y SAM XV Bazik' f Ayf I ,,,..4mwapvM USSEQLL, WV, 7 Z ff f ,fp 'ff -'f, , slziitwf f Q W HW X My A 9 ,Q M2 - 1 in Az f f 'Z f, ,i -04 QW Q-w--...n,.,g ,ff 'Q f V f 114, ,. , 1 'HW I 1 f , f f X ff ,f I ,f Q! ,Xp K 1. is E , 5 .e Li- ' 5- 'Mg if A i M , ,,, pdllinun-nn. X. , . . ,im-NNW-,. . V .aa .t.,ufwMW.aw1.L,,,... , 7 ,. .xr v 1 t 1 1 X 1 , 9 .ax S52 Q ,.. .XX.s3A?t?b,m- V , XM . M W- COACHING STAFF-XY. C. "Dub" XVooten, Harley HDoc RD TO This has been one of those seasons to which the Norman players can look back with pride and tell their grandchildren, "l played on Nor- man's 1947 team." Norman won nine games and lost but one game. The Tigers had every- thing to make a winning team-wonderful coaching, great team spirit, and the best back- ing in the world. Mr. Garrison, our sports- loving superintendent, was largely responsible for their getting Oklahoma University's Owen Field, the best high school football field in the nation. Arlo "Skivey" Davis, Norman's grand old man of football, athletic director and assistant Q., , . X .. SCORES A Norman 14 Sapulpa Norman 21 X linid 7Norman 0 X Central Norman 37 Tulsa Rogers Norman 6 X Shawnee fXVOH O11 pCIlCU'21El011SQ Norman Z6 Stillwater 1'Norman 14 Chickasha iNorman 14 X Classen Norman 13 X Capitol Hill Norman 7 Lawton Total 152 iHome Games X Conference Games at1 1 at v f I r Sus. . ' s , . b gi .gif K ,. ,Mf " LaFevers, Arlo '1Skivev" Davis, "Tex" Barnes VICTORY coach, cooked up probably the hardest sched- ule a Tiger eleven ever faced. Harley "Doc" LaFevers, Norman's young head coach who lives football, handled his task with the finesse of a veteran. "Dub" Wooten, former all Big Six end from O. U., took much of the load off Doc's shoulders by helping with the line, and won his way into the hearts of all the players. "Tex" Barnes brought his freshman team a long way. Their experience under Tex will be invaluable to their future high school ath- letic activities. Charles "Birddog" Coleman was the Tigers' excellent offensive end. 'fBird's" pass-snag- ging won him a berth on the all-district team. When the Tigers went on defense, Charles Stowe took over for Birddog and was prob- ably one of the best defensive ends in the state. Tackle N. johnson, one of the finest linemen ever to don a Tiger uniform, won berths on every all-state team out. Ted Reynolds, left guard, was probably the best offensive lineman on the squad. Walter Ratliff, pivot man and line-backer, was the smallest man in the line, but his hustle and determination made up for his lack of weight. 1541 Guard B. Dufran battered his way through larger opponents and made all-district. David LeCrone kept up the family's good name by playing an outstanding game at tackle. Philip Kidd, end, really stacked up the inter- ference that came his way. Phil received the only serious injury of the season 'when he broke his foot on the last play of the last game. jack Lockett, left half, the Bengals' leading scorer, won a berth on the TULSA WORLD,S all- state team and also made all-district. Roy Hamilton was the Tigers' quarterback. I-Iis running, passing, and kicking won him a place on the all-district team. Bill Fox, Tiger right half, vicious tackler and hard runner, had rather play football than eat. Norman had two fine fullbacks who battled their way for a starting berth each Week, Pete Barnard, the mighty mite who weighed only 145 pounds, and "Chalkie" Russell, a smooth, swivel-hipped runner. Reserves were chin deep. Charles Haney, an able junior, replaced VValt at center. Eu- gene Akin, Allan Turner, john Buckingham, and Earl Thompson saw plenty of action. At tackle, jerry Adams, Charles Goodmiller, Vincent Miller, 'and Bobby Woodrow were ready to ill in for johnny and Dave. Three other fine ends besides Stowe will be back next year-King Price, jr., james Argo, and j. Edward Portwood. All-State Tackle, J. N. johnson adjusts one of the new plastic helmets he will wear in the all-state game in August Sam Wilson, jerry Garrett, and Jack Mc- Dermott, seniors, saw plenty of action as backs. Karl Von Keller, jimmy Ewbank, junior Diehm, and jimmy Cobb will all be back next year to assist Bill Fox in the backfield. Where would a team be without managers? Bill Downing and J. L. Parks held these rough positions for the Tigers. Everybody remembers those ten thrill- packed games in which one of the best teams in Norman's history romped to victory after victory through a tough schedule. -Jack Lockett JUNIOR HIGH PLAYERS, Top Row, left to right: Max I-Iuddlcston, Donny Lynn, George Evans, Pat Thompson, Sj dney Gaylor, Glen Pierson, Virgal McClure, Mike Pybas, Lynn Foreman Middle Row: Kenneth Hames, manager, jimmy Dodd, Charles Ridenhoxv, Paul XVilkerson, Robert Bradley, jerry Bradley jerry Bullard, james Brunoldi, Richard Morten, "Tex" Barnes, coach Iiorfom Row: Hcrshal Tadlock, XVilliam Vandcnburg, Orville johnson, Alvin Barsmith, Buster Bates, John Etter, Leonard Pace ISS' MID-STATE CO-CHAMPS-Top Rofw, left to right: Coach "Doc" LaFevers, Charles Coleman, jim Bumgarner, David LeCrone, John VVidlake, WValter-Ratliif J. N. Johnson, james Argog Bottom Row, left to right: Charles Stowe, Bill Fox, Roy Hamilton, jack Lockett, Sam Wilson, jim Ewbank n he aplevvood rail Laying aside football cleats and helmets, the scrapping Tigers from Norman immedi- ately put on the lighter and less cumbersome accoutrements that accompany the less rugged sport of basketball. Starting slow, the Norman team took a hard-fought decision from the Putnam City trapping the Wolves and gaining a chance at the State play-offs in Oklahoma City. The Bengals drew the Pawhuska Huskies for the first round play and sent them back to their lairs minus a few teeth and claws. The next night they met a strong Tulsa Central team that had shown great skill previously in Pirates on the Pirates' own maples 31 to 20 and downed a hard fight- ing Duncan team by the solid score of 32 to 22. The defeating Enid. SCORES The Tigers met their match in a Tulsa team that put on an exhibition that melted the snow surrounding the Audi- team seemed to catch their Tl:l0fm3'l 'llguflinan torium. Norman bowed - O1'ITlal'1 U Call second wind- and after suc- - , Out t0 the tune Of 47 tO 40. , I ' Norman -Dierks, Ark. cesive wins over such teams Norman -Enid The season thus ended, we as Northeast, Ardmore, and Norman Shawnee pay tribute to a team that Chickasha the Tigers bound- TgIl0rman ghielgaslla has played hard and carried ed into league play, meeting llgfmffgf the O r a n g e and B l a c k the Shawnee Wolves on the Nomlall Tulsa Central l proudly and fought hard in home court to throw open Norman Sequoyah its defense. Therefore all the doors to a very success- NOFIUHI1 Tallllequahlu we can say to you 1S ful season. Running the Norman Capltol H1 "Tb21IlliS." " ' " ' h ' Norman Central Gur coach Doc 1 aFevers victory Stllllg to elg teen in Norman Clagsell , , , a row without a set-back, Norman Northeast has been chosen to coach the the team Prepared to meet 3 Norman Shawnee South basketball team next strong Classen team, which gorman gellsral August in the North-South ' OI'ITlHlT - T11 later proved to be the state Norman Classen game. ' champs, for a crucial Mid- Norman Capitol Hill The loss of the starting State Conference tilt. The Norman Ardmore five of the team will come as inevitable was bound to hap- Tljofman EIUDTCHUI a blow for those who expect pen and so it did with the Ummm HC asm a great team in the year to , ' , Norman Pawhuska f Tigers coming out on the Normal, Tulsa Central come. From twelve letter- small end of a 31 to 30 thrill- er with Comet Pete Darcey sinking a free throw with 5 seconds remain- ing, icing the game for the blue and gold. The Capitol Hill Redskins also tied a knot in the Tigers' tail to the tune of 41 to 42 in an over- time thriller, thus throwing the title of Mid- State into a two-way tie between Norman and Classen. The Tigers closed one of the most success- ful seasons in years with the Chickasha Chicks taking home the bacon in a rough and tough tilt that launched the Tigers into the Regional Tournament at Shawnee. Entering the semi- finals by a first round bye, the team met Cushing and soundly trounced them to gain access to the finals against Shawnee. Norman made possibly its best showing of the year men, six are lost by gradua- tion. Among these are: Roy Hamilton, high scorer and all-state guard, Jack Lockett, guard on state-tournament team, J. N. johnson, hustling, dependable forward, Charles Coleman, all mid-state center, Sam Wilson, hard-to-beat basketeer, and winding up the procession is Walter Ratliff, the ever- popular substitute. Six substitutes return for another year: jun- iors llohn Widlake, James Argo, Bill Fox, Charles Stowe, and jim Ewbank, together with sophomore jim Bumgarner help to keep Nor- man's pennant hopes alive. Any team that can beat the record established this year 23-4 should be a team to watch. So look out, rec- ords, here we come. -jimmy Ewbank 1571 Upper right: Part of the Swimming Team Tap left: jerry Lemon clears IO feet Center left: Returning Track Lettcrmcn . D 'g Lower left: Returning Baseball Lettermen li l Minor Sports In the last few years at Norman High minor sports have become more import- ant and new ones have been introduced. Track, coached by Harley "Doc" La- Fevers, has become so popular that thirty boys are now reporting, and a junior high team is being started. Last year Norman placed nine men in the state finals and came in third in the state meet, where formerly only a limited number of boys qualified. Among the returning lettermen are Charles Cole- man, Roy Hamilton, jack Lockett, jerry Lemon, Walter Ratliff and junior Diehm, along with "Rustyl' Brett and jeroald Andrews, who placed consist- ently while in junior high. Arlo "Skivey" Davis is again coaching the baseball team and is expected to have a good year since almost all the boys played American Legion ball last sum- mer. Jay Walton, a sophomore, was considered one of the best Legion pitch- ers in the state. Also, over half of last yearis lettermen are returning. They are J. B. Dufran, N. Johnson, Sam Wilson, jim Ewbank, Harlan McKenzie, joe Lain, Lloyd Garner, Charles Haney, Bobby Barnard, Aubrey Davis and jack McDermott. This year Howard Brighton intro- duced swimming to Norman High. The team is made up mostly of sophomores and freshmen with Dave Glander and johnny Keith placing in last year's jun- ior AAU meet. Tentatively planned is a tennis team with many good players awaiting the decision of the school. We are sure Norman High School will continue doing as well in minor sports as in major sports. -Hoyl Lockett ACTI ITIE usual Marianne Isom, joan johnson, and Sam Wilson at Norman High School entrance, the doorway to a hundred student activities Sam XVilson Shirley Crisman Charles Spradlin Charlotte Gibson Clonnie Davis Helen Tullius jack Lockett Marianne lsom Mark Melton If you look at the art work in this book, you should know that it is the work of jerry ur rail The old VVestern song ulsittle joe the XVrangler" could have been a fitting pseudo- nym for each member of the TRAIL staff at one time or another this vear. Every one was a strong individualist, and no idea advanced by any other staff member could equal his own. But after much wrangling and compromise, thebtheme of our book was decided upon. We liked the theme of advancement over a trail because We found it a fitting simile for our progress through school and life, and it exemplified the section of the country in which we live. Since nearly half the staff were carry-overs from last year, we who were new to yearbook activities were ably guided by their experi- ence. The responsibilities and problems of pro- ducing an annual fell largely on the shoulders of Charlotte Gibson, editor. Other veterans were Franklin Hunt, senior photographer, Marianne lsom, senior editor, jerry Lemon, art editor, Shirley Crisman, feature writer and copy checker, Sam Wilson, layout editor, Jack Lockett, senior sports editor, Barbara Fisher, feature writer, George Cobb, activity editor, and Hoyl Lockett, sophomore sports editor. New staff members were Harriett litr- ledge, assistant editor, Maurice Holland, business manager, Clonnie Davis, assistant business manager, Charles "Buck" Spradlin, junior editor, Mary Ellen Casey, sophomore editor, Helen Tullius, corresponding secre- tary and typist, Mark Melton, assistant Lemon, Golda Rice, and joyce Cox ' A fcxv members of the 'TRAIL staff hard at work l60l photographer, jimmy Ewbank, junior sports editor, Golda Rice and Joyce Cox, artists, and Larry Flood, junior high editor. The process of putting together a yearbook was completely foreign to the newcomers, and for the first two weeks, every time Miss Searcy called for the "dummy," we all looked guiltily at one another, wondering who was today's victim. Inside of a month, however, we learned, much to our relief, that the de- vice called the "dummy" was neither staff member nor sponsor, but a blueprint of the completed TRAIL. To our knowledge were added the facts that "layouts" are designs for pages, spreads are not related to cheese, but are two facing pages, and cut copy has nothing to do with scissors, but is picture identification, that "Miss Mortisel' in jerry Lemon's layout was not a new faculty member, but a space blanked out of a cut, that bleeding is not a penalty levied against staff members who fail to meet their deadlines, but means extending a picture to the edge of a page. Our sponsors were Miss Lucile Searcy who supervised the literary and photographic angles, and Mrs. Davis who struggled with the finances, sales campaign, and concessions. The 1947-48 TRAIL staff has worked hard to produce this TRAIL. We hope it is a repre- sentative book, and one that will meet with the approval and satisfaction of the entire student body. We want you to enjoy it now, and in future years, when you look back through it, to renew your high school mem- ories and make them vivid realities once again. -Harriett Rutledge -Mary Ellen Casey jerry Lemon Barbara Fisher Maurice Holland jimmy Ewbank Harriett Rutledge Franklin Hunt Hoyl Lockett Mary Ellen Casey George Cobb Left to right: Mrs. H. C. Davis, Hnancial sponsor of the TRAIL, Miss Lucille Searcy, literary sponsor of the TRAIL l61I iger ales VVe have nothing to recommend our paper but novelty and our good intentions. -BOUIJINOT, Cherokee Phoenix, Oklahoma Historical Society, Volume XXV, Number 2. The Norman TIGEIK went into its third year of publication, after a wartime lay- off, as a semi-monthly mimeographed, eight-page paper. All work was done by students without credits, and much of it after school hours. The 1947-48 staff, selected from the outstanding upperclassnien, i n c l u d e d: Marianne Isom, editor, Ann Gibson, as- sistant editor, james Billingsley, junior high editor, Bill Watscvn and Franklin Hunt, sports writers, james Kellerhals, business manager, R. L. Bryson, assistant NUTRMQNX - f f' I as 'T N-NTT! -Zim.: ful, . 'e5'.wS": x,j'?.ivtlx1InQtswi, 2 T a S I It , g..I I ' ' . ., 35 "is, III li ' '-,aw pa, , rm-. amz.: 53-15-- :..,,-1 ine. Ng, sw- 1-.12-4 as WI I .:i. V j way. 5 A1 , , me Sm- : Ji -w ,W business manager, Jerry Lemon, cartoon- ist, Harriett Rutledge, Ann Petty, and Dick Patten, reporters, Sue Ellison and Patsy Hallock, typists, Miss jean Sugden, SPO1'1SO1'. Publication for the year ended with an excellent printed paper for the annual Christmas Special, bearing the traditional front-page spread of "Merry Christmas" in eight languages. The day the TIGER came out was alway a gay one. We hope it will re- appear next year. -Sam Wilson l62l Top to bottom: Shown proof-reading the latest copy of the TIGER are, standing, jack Saunders, R. L. Bryson, and Sidney Durham, seated, Ann Petty, Ann Gibson, and Harriett Rutledge Sponsor, Miss Jean Sugden, and editor, Marianne Isorn, look over a cut Looking over one of their fine copies are: Dick Patten, Patsy Hallock, Franklin Hunt, and Marilyn Sue Ellisfw .neu r...t-.., ...tsl ......v..., ren .,.t,.t L stew., . aw-7 aaquvcn, Mrs. Nellie Childs, speech joanne narrow and Off-Stage Cm- Footlights Alon he rail ADAM'S EVENING ALL-SCHOOL PLAY Adam Adams, Anne Adams -- Mrs. Bean ,-- Dr. Fragoni -wa Rosita Fragoni r--- Ga-:rue -----,-,- Casper . ....... Elmer Green .... Mr. Cokes .... Mrs. Cokes----- Melvin Seve: -----, -, Onah Slioll -,-,---,Helen Tullius ----. james Billingsley -,---- Gail Hughes --,-,Nancy Keelev -,------jaek YVest -----James Kellerhals ----rCharles Spradlir ----,Tollie Dickinson MOTHER WALKS OUT Mary ...... .......... John .--- Conrad ---- Larry ..... Gladys ---- Frances ---- Marjorie ---- Ella .... ---------Ioanne Darrow -----Charles Spradlin -------- jack NVest -------Clonnie Davis -----Pauline Fitzgerald ------Betty Bryana --- -Jimmy VVorth ----.Evonne Strigel -Helen Tullius l63l jack XVesr Joanne Darrow jimmy L'Speck'l johnson 1.11-fi MZ 1:1 ...111 Beauty and pep personihed Nancy Matlock, president ii? - GI GER NA To anyone who knows them the Gingersnaps are the peppiest, spiciest, most versatile, and most active all-around club a high school ever had. To the spec- tators of the games, the Gingersnaps were the back- bone of the cheering section, but to the graduating Gingersnaps themselves the club meant something more, something better. To them it was the last op- portunity to be really part of a Norman High School football game. Three of the most interesting events for the Ginger- snaps this year were the three trips to out-of-town football games. On returning, two of these excursions met with sad fates, and the girls failed to see Norman till dawn of the following day. Many many old jokes, some good, some bad, were recalled to mind those weary nights. But despite these mishaps the only sad Other officers, including Betty Bryant, vice-president, Ann Gibson, re- porter, Marjorie Furbee, sergeant-at-arms, Charlotte Gibson, secretary Marianne Isom, sergeant-at-arms, Tollie Tickenson, treasurer -ell: "IT" If 6-ll faces during, the vigil were those of the girls who had to work the next day. Under the leadership of Mrs. McDermott and the presidency of Nancy Matlock the club experienced their best season yet. In November the Gingersnaps staged a tremendous- ly successful informal dance at the Union Ball Room. Everyone was there with bells on, dancing under beautiful, low-hanging bright balloons which gave the final, decorative touch to a Wonderful evening. In December they surged back into action during basketball season. Often more than twice a week the orange and black uniforms appeared and the Ginger- snaps never let down. They were there every time cheering each member of the squad to victory after V1CtOfy'. And so we have touched just a few of the events that the 1947-48 Gingersnaps will remember forever, events that are now just vivid memories in a trail of a truly great club. -Shirley Crisman Cheerleaders, left to right: Peggy Bittman, Joanna Andreskowski, VVylo- dean Cornelison, Shirley Crisman, Mary Sue Butler, and mascot, jerry The game of the year I , Our sponsor, Mrs. Hugh McDermott L 5 - 4 -1,-,.-1-v- o 2 ix , . N- - ,., ,. .1-ft l65l .. ..- -a ..---a. . V Top Row, left to right: Joyce Hames, Frances VValker, Loveta Akin, Matha Stout, Helen Tullius, Neita Jo Kuwitzky, Jerry Cotson, Tolly Dickenson, Joan Johnson, and Ann Striklin Center Row, left to right: Marjorie Furbee, Bobbie VVallace, Donna Russell, Rose Marie Shelton, Pat McClure, Mary-Lynn Cross, Pat McKinnon, Golda Rice, Mrs. McDermott, and Joyce Haskell Bottom Row, left to right: Charlotte Gibson, Ann Gibson, Peggy Bittman, Joanna Andreskowski, Jerry Bryant, Wylodean Cornelison, Shirley Crisman, Mary Sue Butler, Marianne Isom, Nancy Matlock, and Betty Bryant Top Row, left to right: Patty Smalley, Nancy Keeling, Barbara Bullard, Caroline Sloan, Peggy Marshall, Onah Sholl, Joan Elledge, and Charleene Minor Center Row, left to right: Gail Hughes, Bette Lou Amspacher, Margaret Stephenson, Joanne Abbott, Dolores Walker, Nor- ma Jean Black, and Joan Craig Bottom Row, left to right: Virginia Lindsay, Joyce Hough, Jeannene Hayes, Diane Butler, Vera Mae Hill, Joanne Darrow, Donita Garrison, Lila Stoner, and Marilyn Sue Ellison l , OCTET, left to right: Lyndell Taylor, Jimmell Badry, Gail Hardwick, Helene Harris, Nancy Spradling, Anne Horne, Dick Henson, and Robert URU Followwill Mrs. VV. C. Ansel The Norman High School Mixed Chorus, under direction of Mrs. W. C. Ansel, has per- formed on many occasions. Assisted by the speech department, they gave an impressive Christmas program. Other programs included a minstrel and broadcasts over WNAD. At Stillwater, with over two thousand stu- dents from all over the state, the members par- ticipated in a mass chorus under the direction of Nobel Cain of Northwestern University. A music club was formed with Dick Hen- son, president, Barbara Bullard, vice-president, Margee Hawks, secretary, and Helene Harris, treasurer. The sextet, composed of Dorothy Hallock, Barbara Bullard, Joyce George, Elaine Fulton, Carlene Claxton, and Carlos Barnett, has per- formed at different high school and civic pro- grams. -Helen Tullius Top Rofw, left to right: Ellen Landsaw, Barbara VVood, Bobbie Stephens, Lillian Pebworth, Eva Hocutt, Jana Lingley, Paul- ine Kuhlman, Charlene VVright, Janice Frady, Annette Lain, Nina Mae Roane, Norman Garrison, Virginia Allen, Barbara Evans, Margaret VVilson " Third Row, left to right: Betty Moore, Carol Jean Blackwood, Marilyn Chatman, Dorothy Halleck, Mignon Ellison, Sally VVacker, VVynelle Hill, Helen Tullius, Laveta VVood, Gloria Hamilton, Jeanne Horne, Helen Jackson, Dora Jo House, Genevieve Vickers, Evelyn Ketner, Betty Barnard, Ophelia Vanderburg Second Row, left to right: Jane Quaid, June Martin, Pat Jones, Carlos Barnett, Jo Ann Parish, Paula White, Jeannene Cordell, Sybil Wfalker, Floella Sanderson, June Abston, Wanda Murphy, Neva Jo Ward, Celia Bryant Bottom Row, left to right: Joan Fischer, Joan Belden, Dolores VValker, Jo Ann Durkee, Carol Collins, Eva May Teegardin -N . M Wm Uv Mir- nur' ,aw H F I ,I IIAV al. ana al. aw, al. aw, al. aw, l6XI CLUB OFFICERS: Margee Hawks, secretary, Dick Hen- SEXTET: Dorothy Hallock, Barbara Bullard, Joyce son, president, Barbara Bullard, vice-president, Helene Har- George, Elaine Fulton, Carlene Claxton, Carlos Barnett ris, treasurer CHRISTMAS PROGRAM: Loyd Hoofard, Don VVillard, Robert Crane, Bobbie Stephens, Maurice Holland, Onah Sholl, and Bob Minter Top Row, left to right: Dan Wilson, Carroll Butler, john Etter, Lyndel Taylor, jim Henson, Ellis Hurst, Dick Henson, Melvin Dare, Robert Followwill, Stephen Primrose, Orville VVilson Second Row, left to right: joan Chilles, Patsy Bishop, Maxine Cargell, Arlena Buremmer, Pat Franklin, Shirley Starzer, Wanda Graves, Barbara Mayhew, Gail Hardwick, Ruth Edwards, Carlene Claxton, Helene Harris, jean Lou Burress Bottom Row, left to right: jimmell Badry, Barbara Bullard, Mrs. VV. C. Ansel, Nancy Spradling, Dennis Leadbetter 23.5 -... uk W R . Xlr. Robinson, Band Director ew! X v i ff K, .kg ff ff frl The Band On The Musical Trail Under the able direction of Mr. William C. Robinson the Norman High School Band be- gan the school year with enthusiasm. During football season its members were present at every home game. In the bright lights of Owen Field their snappy uniforms of orange and black made -a vivid picture in contrast to the green of the field. Able Drum Majorette jeannene Wampler and the strutting twirlers were all that was necessary for a perfect marching season. Preceding the gaily colored floats down Main Street, the band helped to make this year's Homecoming one of the most memor- able and colorful on record. On Band Day competition with a number of other state bands ended with a friendly invitation to an exciting O. U. football game. In December Mr. Robinson delivered a car full of outstanding musicians to the Still- water Band Clinic, where all who attended gained useful experience. At the all-state or- chestra clinic meet in Norman, under the di- rection of Victor Alessandro, all of the NHS participants were truly inspired. With its WNAD broadcasts and other ac- tivities the band was kept stepping until the February concert. With Mr. J. D. Rambo as president the Parents' Organization proved itself as beneficial as that of last year. All members of the band were proud of their oficers-jerry Adams, president, Jack McDermott, vice-president, ' Joanne Darow, secretary, Betty Lou Rambo, treasurer, and James Billingsley, reporter-and their pretty queen, Tollie Dickenson, who was crowned in the annual coronation concert. The twenty seniors graduating this year will truly miss the band's enthusiasm and good times. We of Norman High have reason to be proud of this year's Norman High School Band. -George Cobb Marching Band on High School Campus A1-. BAND OFFICERS, Top Row, left to right: Jack McDermott, vice-president, Charles Ken- nedy, quartermaster, jerry Ad- ams, president, and James Bil- lingsley, reporter Bottom Row, left to right: Bet- ty Lou Rambo, treasurer, Paul- ene Fitzgerald, office registrar, jeannene VVampler, drum ma- jor, Tollie Dickenson, librarian, Joanne Darrow, secretary, and Peggy Bittman, registrar QUINTET: Dorene Fox, flute, Ioan Elle d g e , oboe, Dexter Thomas, horn, Paulene Fitz- gerald, bassoon, and Shirley Crisman, clarinet STRING CLASS, composed mainly of junior high students and representing a step toward an outstanding orchestra TYVIRLERS, left to right: Vir- ginia Lindsay, Sarabeth Free- man, Jo Ann Akin, Virginia Davis, Dorotha Akin, and Mary Lyle Childs l71l C0 CERT Top Row, left to right: Dorothy Allen, Betty Lou Rambo, Virginia Davis, Sarabeth Freeman, Tollie Dickenson, Dorotha Akin, jo Ann Akin, jerry Adams, Charles Kennedy Second Rofw, left to right: Mary Ann VVillcox, Mary Ann Edna Mae Snow, Virginia Lindsay, Sara Lucas, Sue Lucas, Third Row, left to right: Larry Flood, Jack VVest, Joyce Thomas, Betty Fuzzell Bottom Row, left to right: George Cobb, Shirley Crisman, l72l VValton, Tom Morris, B. F. Brookins, joan Knapple, Pat Wils n, Raymond Howery, Ray Clanton , Hames, Noda Alice Bettis, Judith Henry, Robert Tell, Dexter Golda Rice, Margaret Fell i fmthi fx NM , if .1 .7 X' v , . , -1 f 5' gg, Iwo 'pM ya 3, M. M. ., ,f - M, w yf f 1-W.. ,. .4 ff N ,, X. ' I 7 fi., ' A ,g X .Ad Mfr, X,?4' ef , If f, . ' Exim r A, , V! ' , , 5' , ff . fl! -vf v,-. .39 2 yfhf' Q '-'Q .1 me , 1,1 f. 4 f - n " ' 'Q VER 3 .M A . 1. gig 2 5 , 1 , ,, ,dd f .x NS' 1 ' f . - . " f R- A . f ' A , 5 V , W ,f fx 1 if 1 , A . . L . ij, , . get--jr .-ff.-V ,E :zlfax , I 3 I ' 4 1 N .-mx fx' Q V G 'fri f Q . 171' . . f 7 .ff 2 ff 75' I I l " V ' 'Y 3 , . PX A S ,f M7231 i , .Q 1,5 f M f .W 4 z gQa5,. 9.f ff Yay I, , .3 , """' ,g Q, . , . K ,E,!fJV,: A 2" in ' 9' ,en 6- M zfgma a Q . , if f. K 5 f '1 xt ,, 1 - ,WJ . 1 C " ' 3' 4. K., A ,, If 2, V3 g J A ,f 4 , , f' , .' . , N . , I 3 Q U1 2 f A '- A7555 . - ,ky . .V X .. , . J, H' f ' 0 U 4. 4555122 V 1 xr .37 W . , 'Y f .7 ' ,Cy ' . ,fl ., I 5 4' f , x , Q 1: . A . .,,.. Vv., I, W. , MW.. . 1. ' 'ltfl-u.'f K . . Q 4 We . A.. 4 -swan. fV A ,QV f' f f. ff Q, 1 -lmggirgyg v. A ,,.A, ., 1 ., V. 4. 41 U , . MW. W .V f iq 5 .V I 4' f N.. .. , . ' f' 537 'I ' 6 f.L.g1 A-4' ' f' 'A , , . W I f .r ' f. V. ' fj.i,i, ,- ' f j ' .Lily 'fL!lg, 4 1 W. ' 42,2 , . H.. -1?-1 ' rw ."-?2-".?fi'21X.v.'J3 Sk 2" -' ., 54.-3, -f I 'fi-5. '. ,gi-t -,Q N" if - ' 1.4. 1 f wifi: f f.f1Q?: :'Q.f2,'f ' " :Zigi-T'1:':'-wgfyiz. ag." .r.,:lf :f'wiZ': ' gf, it K1 '. fisvff-?i..,6ypf5'g?'Wy 1I"'jj,"h .Z"Jgx.Q.Q?N if..a,s31urf. fs, ' :W . .QW ff , - .5,, ' -f f. Q, .41 54- ..,,,,,.. .1 XLXN 5.u..1f,.f. , If . f - .3 ,, .8 ,, ...lg I , W 13 XX ' '- NX" K . . . V1 ' n- af.: ..,f.. . .,.,..?X.. MN. . . fi-,. . . . . 7 . L 5... QQ, lx, 5,,i3g53,,W A . . Nw. .-wf- .Y fw,Qf-,4 . A Q... , . ' ' . 5 , ., . 2 .2-ff ...rf 3' ,- - X-A-.f.1Q5a2?753Q,fxxX. Hx N -- uf N31 f ,Q 4 my I ie., . Q 'V 1- Q - . ww' ff M , . f - . 1 'ff,, 2 - 1 A it X.-12-V' A N V, K 4, .' . ji .Ex , , ik' ,V -m5,,,g-r'h,Z - K wx KKAKQQ. . I! 1- :QM . 'GM V jj: h . .:X-., . . L ' v -gg. . r L g X , I ' --14.2 wg. ,Uh , A K XT '42 w'fff..- .,. -V ,r - 9 Baum-. xln.. - A' . V K x . ,, 'tg' ' W.. ,f , ' ' ' . . Ms." N7-1 - ,. , . ,. ...W f -- .M ....,7,-,. 1. gm .f.v,..,,,.. 7 - 49... .-..,..,. .-,..,..,..V.. .....,,.....N - N- -' ' 43.5 my gf , ...f I .. ,, , .ll , :'?,j:4l " 1 fy. 1 'ZF f ,V ', ' tt ,Q 71-5251, M: K' .bij ziggy ikfgji' f'C?fLf . NIM' A . uf '- ww. f 4 if fi if i f ff 7 -4 ' ff, 1 2 2 f V 'SM w w f X I - - 5' , -ig: 3- y 1' . , I www.. fl , ALR Vsll x -Lv ,R K ---Mk Q , -A , ,,.....g .....,4h....?,...-Y--, - -4-A ---f ll-W-A--f----A -'--"' " I An elk 25 ' Agana? ,Q f" ' 1 wx - x K X, 1 I 4 1 f i 3 ..2 Top Row, left to right: Dora Para, Lillie Davis, Betty Harmon, Betty Dulaney, Johnnie Hopkins, Ann Miller, Margaret Stephenson, Oleta Reynolds, Jean Rollins, Eyvonne Lane, Berna Pinto Bottom Row, left to right: Ann Gibson, Betty Engle, Mildred lVillmett, Ann Crownover, Mrs. Rolette, Eloise Hansmeyer Pat Ogle, La Verne Gill, Joyce LeCrone, Nadine Garner THE TR IL OF THE F TURE The group who wear the name "Future Homemakersn play a very active part in Norman High School under the guidance of their energetic, efficient leader, Mrs. Inez Rolette. The Norman chapter consists of twenty- two girls ranging from sophomores to seniors. Each girl is enrolled in home economics. In November Ann Gibson became president when LaVerne Gill moved to Washington State. Delegates from the Norman chapter attend many conventions and conferences in the sur- rounding towns of Chickasha, Purcell, and Oklahoma City. Each month the organization has a social, and it has entertained the FFA and had a Christmas and Halloween party. All of these social activities enliven the serious preparation for future home making. -Barbara Fisher Ann Gibson, president, Pat Ogle, secre- Mrs. H. A. LeCrone, Mrs. A. F. Hans- Nadine Garner, historian, Joyce LeCrone tary Mildred Willmett, treasurer meyer, Club Mothers reporter, Eloise Hansmeyer, parliamen tarian ll i i. I i E , i ll ii li Top Row, left to right: Charles Conkling, jim Cobb, Dwayne Butler, jack Sterling, Charles Harmon, Mr. E. F. Foreman, John Moten, Henry Mappes, Bob Martin, jack Anderson, and Bill Fielder Middle Row: Carroll Butler, Gene Hensmeyer, Bill jenningx, VValter Lusk, Alvie Musgrave, james Bruehl, Frank Smith, Donald VVilson, Morris Garner, and Mike Hall Bottom Rofwz Clonnie Davis, joe Murphy, Doyle Green, Billy Hansmeyer, Lloyd Garner, and M. I. Neher, jr. s 3 Scientific Farmers Mr. E. F. Foreman has been teacher of vocational agriculture in Norman High School for the past twelve years. He helped to organize this chapter of Future Farmers of America, and since that time he has taught over seven hundred and fifty boys. Under his influence and guidance these boys have made this chapter a two-time receiver of the gold emblem for being one of the best chapters in the United States. He has produced more than forty state champion judging teams as well as many individual champions. He has been and still is a great benefit to this community. His personality and ability as a leader have made every FFA boy feel extremely proud to have him for a teacher and friend. -Clonnie Davis Mr. E. F. Foreman Clonnie Davis and his Chester White M. I. Neher, jr., and his Black Angus joe Murphy and his Duroc-Jersey barrow steer barrow l76l . Wm 1 L .,,. W 5 , V - 7' w.s.a.,,,.r. l .. . . T A E. t ...... .... e 2 ,L -a .-.La First Row, left to right: Turner Primrose, Dale Offutt, Kay Fortner, Lynn Foreman, Harold Bryant, Gene Davis, Charles Payton, Max I-Iuddleston, Buster Bates, and B. F. Brookins Bottom Rofw, left to right: Gene Daniel, Dwight Funderburk, Fred Conkling, Donald Ray VVitt, Beverly Dale Munkus Orval Bacon, Robert Hitchcock, Neil Steely, Ross Fore, Asa L. Smith, Melvin I-lames, Robert Standlee. The Norman Future Farmers have had a busy year though not so successful as many years. They rated second in contest participation among two hundred Oklahoma chapters, a comparatively good score. Their poultry team, composed of joe Murphy, M. l. Neher, and Clonnie Davis, placed third at four consecutive contests. The dairy team, represented by Hansmeyer, Doyle Green, Bobby Champeau, joe Murphy, and Clonnie Davis, placed Hrst at Ardmore. A terracing team, Dwayne Butler and Charles Conkling, placed first at Tulsa. As the year passed, a new contest was instituted, the Soil Conservation Contest at Guthrie. The Norman boys determined to win this contest and did with joe Murphy and Clonnie Davis placing sec- ond and third respectively. The other member of the team, Alvie Musgrave, placed ninth. In the show arena Norman has had a better than average year. jim Cobb exhibited the grand cham- pion trio of White Plymouth Rock chickens at the Oklahoma Poultry Show in Oklahoma City. joan johnson was selected as FFA Queen and was crowned at the annual parent-and-son banquet. Officers chosen to preside over the chapter activities included Clonnie Davis, president, joe Murphy, vice- president, M. I. Neher, secretary, Doyle Green, treasurer, Billy Hansmeyer, reporter, and Lloyd Garner, sentinel. -Clonnie Davis l77l Clonnie Davis, President joe Murphy, Vice-President M. I. Neher, jr., Secretary Doyle Green, Treasurer Billy Hansmeyer, Reporter Lloyd Garner, Sentinel HOMECOMING November 10, 1947 NGRMAN- 3 7 TULSA-14 Yes, with that sensational 37-14 vic- tory over Tulsa lVill Rogers, before a crowd of 6,000 fans at Owen Stad- ium, we at Norman High, tired but thoroughly happy and contented, closed another wonderful Homecom- ing Day. Homecoming was proclaimed bv Mr. Fw- bank in the Norman TIGER, Thursday, Novem ber 9, and the events began early Friday morn ing, at eight o'clock, to be exact, with a rehears- al by Joanna Andreskowski, Football Queen, her attendants and escorts, and the band and Gingersnaps for the ceremonies to be present- ed at the half-time of the game that night. Next came the Homecoming assembly. Jerry Lemon presided as master of ceremonies. He introduced first the queen's attendants and es- corts, and then Joanna Andreskowski, who re- ceived the royal crown from jack Lockett, captain for the Homecoming game. Features of the program, dedicated to the queen, includ- ed a vocal solo by Mary Alexander, and an Al jolson imitation by Jack Bumgarner, an NHS alumnus. Buddy Smith, former letterman, in- troduced the large group of alumni. At half-time intermission of the game, the band and Gingersnaps marched to the center of the field to welcome the Homecoming crowd. Mrs. MacDermott and the Ginger- snaps deserve high praise for their wonderful Homecoming program. -Harriett Rutledge fgp to bottom: second place float, FHA, third place float, art: parade through business district, first place float, Home Room 13, corona- tion assembly. ,113 v ,gf D S 'WA XQCW PIC I URE X if it "' ff! ff e m x f' f x X I .0"Sx, , -fr X ' X X Kring x X F ,X 5 X X if .bs jf: Q0 I fy , m gzesg, B f at 2 or V X X ' O1-1 ' 80 u ll i k L.: 44 :ev 'Q :' ': X 0 09 f X faxvk ' 'R- f J 'QD' 3 f X 53- tif' f ff 2 ' , " NS , If g- ' We' ! One ictuvfe is worth az tloousmzd fwmfds. , 4 f 7 , f 4 -ART EDITOR TO LITERARY SPONSOR r ' Z Q f 1 6 I ' I f ' I I - f 1 f 4, . ' A V+. 9 I -7"Ox. Z ' , Q 1 ' X 01-"n"""W' .? ,,-, f ,.,' , I T ' T ff, ,ff-- -gif 1 ', 2 I IV I 4 , rail! . , Q. . I N - l', ' 1 2. "I a ' 'z W 'PSV , li l '.1,1?4,a 6 ' I F I ' 1 , L- ' A T .. ,,, 'F f ' ."' :"'f? Q? .-rf' Y f f I , , . X ,Y - R X -mg , I f awk I 5 X 'IN N I 4.-R f ' 2: . I my e"2 ff ?f"'-:- , , f X"' . fQll2Z'.f I, , v A' , , rlkfqlgy I lil. I I ,,,' 9 , vixvffy' ff Mme: , - -A -- T T r R 1f f f ffg-as T X, A " N f ' I"15'15'--:'Q-?.:a?E:- 5 . v - ' 2 - -U Eif'--' 1 - -N ' -Zi -f--..R T -affa- - -4 -'Q :1J 'm'- -- AUTUMN Enrollment: Back to the More of the Same Best Part of the Enid Game Chain Gang A String of Paper Dolls? End of' a Perfect Day The 100-Piece Faculty '4Are We Men or Miee?H Splash! Splash! Splash! "Say, now, take our advieelv l80l A WINTER Donlt Maul Him, Gals! Bull's Eye! ' Ambushed! C Band Concert Sorry, Sold Gut! Christmas Pageant Unwilling Subject Christmas ala Bunsen Burner Two Bites per Hot Dog l91l SPRING ' A Young Manis Fancy I Bibb-glbb-llbbllbl We Love Us! . Gotcha! 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Big Bizness ,47 TRAIL Coronation Our Football Queen A Little Backward Senior Beauties Their faces QFD their Potpourri fortune? T871 TRAILING ALONG Glad to Meetcha Three People Juniors and Two Attractive Backs A Study in Altitudes Ma-a-a-r-r-gie! Spare Him for Posterity uw.,-.,..,.,.,..,. i f 1 2 Guinea Pigs Before Engarde Guinea Pigs After l93iI AD ERTI I G It is az profound nnsmke to think that evenyrloing has been disc0QJe1fed,' as fwell think the bmizon the bonndrwy of the fwovfld . -ANTOINE MARIN LEMIERRE from L,Utilit6 des D6c0nfuerre.v rf , gp'A"' av' T sv' w,..v-f 7' ?-Nmnu:-- 5 u"' f '..- , g - ,, , 4 f f A 3 Z Z Z ? X X f 2 2 4 5 3 3 3 5 , 72? ?,, ,J 55?-EQ' i-3 :':-3' .L-.-. Qi l ix Z ,412 ' 32 ii-N Qi' T N -l, X. .iv l Y' We Km gn I' lu . W 444- I35 x L XJ s pl, . 14"-New lux -'QS MTM-V Sl-'f 'XX Q -- ' EW' X xov"XL Quia. usiness Sponsors The following Norman busiuess firms have supported the 1948 Trail by means of advertising coiitributious. Ufe thank them siueerely ou behalf of the Trail stajj' arid Norman High School. ACME CLEANERS 118 West Main Phone 412 H. D. ADAMS GROCERY St MARKET 325-327 East Comanche Phone 181 THE ALFRED SHOP 760 Asp Phone 3051 AL'S GROCERY 81 MARKET 318 East Main Phone 845 ALLARD CLEANERS 305 East Main Phone 231 C. R. ANTHONY CO. 210 East Main Phone 31 ARGO'S CAFE 213 East Main Phone 2380 ARWOOD'S DEPT. STORE 218 East Main Phone 3634 A. D. BLACK MOTOR CO. 126 North Porter Phone 2411 BONNEY'S STYLE SHOP 118 East Main Phone 711 BRINKLEY FURNITURE CO. 121 East Main Phone 2790 BURR'S DEPT. STORE 108 East Main Phone 3223 CAMPBELLIS SERVICE STATION 330 North Porter Phone 16 CHICKASAVV LUMBER CO. 202 East Comanche Phone 800 CITY DRUG STORE 301 East Main Phone 6 CITY PLUMBING CO. 116 VVest Main Phone 18 CLARK CLEANERS 750 Asp Phone 48 THE COLLEGE SHOP 321 IVest Boyd Phone 925 COURTS GRILL 1124 North Porter Phone 3130 J. K. CRANE JEWELER 227 East Main Phone 2976 DAVIDSON Sc CASE LUMBER CO. 214 XVest Main Phone 147 1901 V Maurice Holland, business manager Clomzie Davis, assistant busiuess manager TOL DICKENSON JEWELER 327 VVest Boyd Phone 577 DURKEE SERVICE STATION 401 East Main Phone 2313 EWING APPLIANCE CO. 230 East Main Phone 486 FIRST NATIONAL BANK 132 East Main Phone 42 M. F. FISCHER 8: SON PLUMBING Sc HEATING 116 North Peters Phone 73 FOY7S FLOWERS Toberman at Park Drive Phone 332 G. 8: G. CLEANERS 117 East Main Phone 497 GARNER'S MENIS SHOP 792 Asp Phone 2500 GILT EDGE DAIRY 302 South Porter Phone J. E. ooooNo JEWELER 101 East Main Phone GORDON'S MEN'S STORE 220 East Main Phone GREEN LEAF FOOD MARKET 301 South Porter Phone GRIFFITI-I TI-IEATRES 108K East Main Phone HILL 84 SHIPE SHOE STORE 122 East Main Phone THE HOME MART 123 VVest Main Phone jACKSON'S GROCERY 601 VVest Eufaula Phone 1218 JAhfIESON 81 SAYRE LUNIBER CO. 125 South Crawford Phone 30 KEELING JEVVELER 127 East Main Phone 1304 KIRK GROCERY Sc FEED STORE 115 East Comanche Phone 422 LANDSAW FURNITURE STORE 206 VVest Main Phone 873 830 107 274 663 938 244 348 LEADBETTER MOTOR CO. 306 East Main Phone 571 LINDQUIST TIRE SHOP 217 IvVest Main Phone 704 LINDSAY DRUG STORE 114 East Nlain Phone 362 THE LONG-BELL LUMBER CO. 227 XVcst Main ,Phone 51 JACK MASTER'S SERVICE STATION 404 North Porter Phone 151 McCALL'S MEN'S STORE 106 East Main Phone 133 McCALL'S SUPER FOOD MARKET 301 XVest Main Phone 170 H. S. MCCURLEY JEWELER 124 East Main Phone 417 MEYERDING JEWELERS 201 East Main Phone 76 JACK MILTON FOOD MARKET 563 Buchanan Phone 3602 THE MONTERREY Boyd and Classen Phone 2237 THE MONTERREY WHOLESALE 1025 North Porter Phone 3303 FAT MORTON'S CONOCO 331 East Main Phone 3084 NORMAN CITY LINES 113 VVest Main Phone 565 NORMAN COURTS HOTEL 1131 North Porter Phone 3000 NORMAN MOTOR PARTS CO. 313 East Main Phone 307 NORMAN PAINT 84 PAPER CO. 105 East Main Phone 1041 NORMAN STEAM LAUNDRY 121 East Gray Phone 71 OPAL'S BAKE SHOP 225 East Gray Phone 109 THE ORANGE BOVVL 225 East Main Phone 3086 JACK PACE REAL ESTATE AGENCY 227 East Gray Phone 666 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Peters and Gray Phone 820 KING G. PRICE INSURANCE AGENCY 118 North Peters Phone 945 RAMBO INSURANCE AGENCY 212 City National Building Phone 2477 RAYMOND'S MUSIC 8 GIFT SHOP 102 East Main Phone 647 RED HORSE TAVERN 101 North Porter Phone 2327 REED 84 FOSTER DRUG STORE 205 East Main Phone 13 REYNOLDS PAINT 8: PAPER 425 South VVebster Phone 186 J. WILEY RICHARDSON'S FLOVVERS 8a GIFTS 107 North Peters Phone 1500 RITE-VV AY SUPER MARKET 310 East Main Phone SEAWRIGHT CAFE 116 East Main Phone SECURITY ABSTRACT CO. 114 South Peters Phone SECURITY NATIONAL BANK 200 East Main Phone SELF -SERVE DRUG 223 East Main Phone RUSSELL SMITH STUDIO 1272 East Main Phone SOONER BAKERY 701 610 404 167 106 413 543 Buchanan Phone 2488 SOONER MAID ICE CREAM CO. 230 North Porter Phone SOUTHERN FLORAL SHOP 476 317 IVest Boyd Phone 1000 SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAYING CO. Oklahoma City T. G. St Y. STORE 220 East Main Phone TALKIE-READY LAUNDRY 212 North Crawford Phone TAYLOR'S REXALL DRUG 232 East Main Phone THE TIGER DEN 211 North Findlay FRED THOMPSON ELECTRIC CO. 125 East Main Phone THOMPSON'S MOVING 8: STORAGE COMPANY 224 VVest Main Phone TODD'S MEN,S STORE 767 Asp Phone THE TRANSCRIPT COMPANY 331 116 552 161 225 341 111 South Peters Phone 1800 UHLES MASTER FOOD MARKET 212 East Gray Phone 2081 UNIVERSITY CLEANERS 747 Asp Phone UNIVERSITY STUDIOS 600 217 YVest Boyd Phone 2602 YAN-PICK SUPER SERYICE STATION Crawford and Comanche Phone 36 JESS WALDEN CLEANERS 121 North Porter Phgnc WATERS ELECTRIC CO. 102 EQSK A111111 Phong 464 2 46 ZERO ICE 8 COLD STORAGE CO. 12-' :South Porter Phone 33 I91I FAREWELL Think only of the past us its re- merubruuee gives you pleasure. -JANE AUSTEN, Pride and Prejudice i A . . A 35? Wffffyw k A cv, - v. ?'j fr QMZWWWQWM ww WM Q WQQW -?-I 1 s I . f 76119 I In 'V If . i- , -Qi , ,.,, pl. 1 . I .f I ,f I , I I I V ,. A , A I A ,T Cf 7 f J! . 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Suggestions in the Norman High School - Trail Yearbook (Norman, OK) collection:

Norman High School - Trail Yearbook (Norman, OK) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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Norman High School - Trail Yearbook (Norman, OK) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Norman High School - Trail Yearbook (Norman, OK) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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Norman High School - Trail Yearbook (Norman, OK) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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