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 - Class of 1951

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1951 volume:

is-8 www 4 H ULJUUUDL, ! WE 0 S gi J X L 05055 ji, EQ CQ 591 Pi 'A P F5 S R E P R I E xl' 1' fl . VOLUME 9 szvemecw 1 l i K f?4'P4?f?9f?i757'?'CnPQ?if7QiC?4?iF' 4554 ditegi by Jourrxallsm ublished. by McKnight 5? M5Kni.3ht Stap an beck. Bancungfbg X F hotographs bij Kenwacj Studnox 3 ts 9' G r of wg - me 1 K 5? QM Q 3 Sv ,L gm: 5 if W ,-.L,. , , ,,.,v.w.,. M-Aw . ga ' W ,, . R . , ,f V ,S Y' an 'sf' J- SM " J ::' 2 5 gg-7 Mamma: :.,..,V SJ 9 vw my. ,, . A -.xf fr 'Jiang IN DEDICATION For assisiing us wirh our school acriv- ilies and io whom we can depend upon when in need of help: For reprimanding us when we need if and praising us when if is deserved: To a wise counselor who has helped willingly and fhoughffully, we respecf- fully dedicale ihis I95I volume of 'Phe Reverie +o Mr. H. E. Maslers. M R. EUGENE MASTERS Seored: C. Carlson, D. Bicknell, L. Bigger, D. Huffington, N. Clesson, R. Cush- man, M. Malinowski, V. Buth. Row One: K. Hinshaw, M. Sparks, J. Barnett. Row Two: G. Rogers, L. Phillips, C. Ensign, M. Logan, P. Ambrose, P. Wheatley, C. Burns, C. Coleman, J, Schad. Row Three: F. Boyd, M. Saxton, C. Todd, M. Augspurger, S. Yeakel, B, Abbey, S. Zaiss, S. Taylor, D. Siebert, K. Ropp, B. Cary, A. Willig, Mr. Donisch. Row Four: C. Wheatley, W. Schwartzel, A. Ropp, D. Todd, D. Jones, T. Kirkton, R. Thorp, B. Rodman, P. Jones, M. Rice, R. Cutter, G. Stenson, J. Curtis. Editor-in-chiet ..... Norma Lea Clesson Assistant Editor ..... ..... D orothy Huffington Literary Editor ..... ...... D olores Bicknell Art Editor .................................................... Lois Bigger Drawings by Miss Hoose and Art Class Sports Editor .............................................. Ralph Thorp Business Manager Margaret Malinowski Photography Editor .... ......... R oger Cushman Photographer ......... ......... P hil Jones Advertising Editor ........................................ Roy Cutter Typists ................. .... V irginia Buth, Carol Lee Carlson REVERIE STAFF ADMlNu5JQ5ATuoN 'ZCIHKS Q5 UMM H ,Sam --: ---M vw i:g i ' .wk - i .... s -- f g1 ,- 1 E A -ny'--W fb. A7 1? Qqql. ,F 47 dual, it tr idxce 3 or 'HCVCH is net w.':ur.NT of 1' PRINCIPAL Sfudenfs, and especially Seniors of N. C. H. S. ln lhe years fo come, as you furn fhe pages of fhis fine Reverie, may if bring back many fond memories of your days af N. C. H. S. You have won a place in 'lhe hearfs of all of us by your fine spirif and high sfandards of characfer, personalify and cheerfulness. Also, may your fufure be filled wifh confinued happiness and success. My hearfiesf congrafulafions fo each and every- one of you Seniors. I hope fhaf you will noi forgef us af N. C. H. S. buf fhaf in some way you may always have a warm spof in your hearf for us and your school. You are always welcome here and we hope you come back offen. R. E. Cafon, Principal 'SM ew 7. M QQEWWW WMM SUPERINTENDENT One of fhe greafesf safisfacfions a feacher can experience is fo meef a former pupil several years affer graduafion and learn fhaf fhis boy or girl is successfully doing his bif as a good citizen of our counfry. And as we fhink lafer of fhis chance meefing, we hope fhaf as his feacher we mighf have had a liffle parf fo play in fhe success of our young friend. The faculfy of N. C. H. S. is expecfing greaf fhings from fha members of fhe Class of I95l. We can only hope 'lhaf somehow in our relafion- ship wifh you, in fhe classroom and ofherwise, we have been able fo give you a liffle boosf foward fhe confinuafion of a successful and happy life. Do your iob well. Be proud of your work whaf- ever if may be and remember fhaf all labor is honorable. If is my sincere wish fhaf life may hold much for you and fhaf you may be fruly successful in whafever you underfake. L. E. Sfark, Superinfendenf M BOARD OF EDUCATION Seafed, Leff fo,Righf: Mr. Edward J. Bryan, Mr. Howard Hendricks, Mr. Harley Delweiler, Mr. Ben Glldersleeve, Mr. L. E. Stark, Mr. Clarence Ropp, Mr. Chelsea Harper, Miss Edifh Ax, Mr. Leslie Suffer. The success of a school depends on many 'ihings such as 'l'he sfrenglh of ifs facully, +he inleresl of 'lhe com- munily, an alerl and cooperalive sludenl' body and lhe efficiency and wisdom of i'l's Board of Educaiion. Unil Disfricl' No. 5 has been forfunafe in having all of lhese lhings and, as a resull, much progress has been made in lhe school of ihe disfricf during fhe pasl' 'lhree years. The Board of Educalion is lhe legislafive body of 'l'he clislricl. Hs seven members are elecled by 'lhe people wilh nol' more fhan l'hree from any one lownship. Board members serve wifhoul' pay and devole many hours 'ro lhe business of fhe dislricl. Residenfs of ihe dislricl' have consislenfly elecled as members of 'rhe Board of Educalion, men of abiliiy and foresight Much of 'lhe credil for 'lhe sleady progress of +he dislricl' should be given io lhe careful planning which has been carried on by fhe Unil' Board. FACULTY Nui' wean 'ff F. O. ALLEN HELEN E. BASS KIMBLE S. BISHOP A. B. B. S. in Ed. B. S. Edg M. A. University of Illinois Illinois Stale Normal S. W. Missouri Slate Illinois Wesleyan English University of Illinois Illinois Slate Normal Mafhemafics, Visual Aids Purdue University Illinois Slate Normal Agriculfure JOHN C. CHIDDIX B. Ed: M. A. Illinois Stale Normal Columbia University University of Illinois University of Chicago Chemislry, Coordinalor MURIEL DE PAUW B. Ed., M. S. Illinois Slate Normal General Science ROY E. DIVELEY MARY E. DONHAM ARTHUR DONISCH VIRGINIA FAIRFIELD ANTHONY FEDANZO B. Ed, M. S, B. S.: M. S. B. S. in Ed. M. Ag Ph. B. B. S. Illinois State Normal Indiana Stale Teacher's University of Illinois Universily of Chicago Illinois Slate Normal University of Illinois College Illinois State Normal Illinois Stale Normal Special Educafion Supervisor Biology Illinois State Normal English, Journalism Universily of Colorado Southern III. State Teachers Spanish Sch., Middleburg, Vt. Business Education Latin, Spanish, Director of Guidance frm-in EUGENE FERGUSON ALENE GALBREATH MARCIA GARIHEE B. S. B. Ed.: M. A, B. S. in Ed., M. S. Illinois Stale Normal B, 5, in L, 5, Illinois Stale Normal lnduvflal AH! Southern Illinois University Plwslcal Educafioni University of Illinois MUHVGMUHCS Librarian HOLLIS L. HALEY B. Ed. Kirksville State Teachers Western Slate Teachers Union Universily Brown's Business College Illinois State Normal Social Studies, Business Education COLENE HOOSE A. B.: M. A. Illinois Wesleyan University University of Illinois Northweslern University Illinois State Normal Speech, Ari, English FACULTY CLARENCE J. KUSTER LEWIS L. LEGG EUGENE MASTERS EULA L. MATHEW KEITH S. MIDDLETON B. Ed.: M. A. B. Ed., M. S. B. Ed. B. Ed. B. Ed. illinois State Normal Western Illinois State Illinois State Normal Univ Illinois State Normal Illinois State Normal University of Illinois Teachers College University of Illinois University of Illinois University of Illinois Agriculture University of Illinois Business Education, University of Denver Industrial Arts General Science, Physics, Athletics English Alhletics Bit fw- ROBERT E. SHARP LAURA SPRINGER PAULINE TAYLOR CARROL E. WOOD B. 5.5 M. S. A. 8.5 M. A. B. Ed. B. Ed. Lincoln College Illinois Wesleyan Univ Illinois State Normal Quincy College illinois State Normal Northwestern University Western lll. State Coll. Western State Teachers Bradley University University of Colorado Chemistry Athletics Stout Institute English Industrial Education -one-aw ' DUNCAN MILLER FRED MILLER ROBERT J. NEUMAN MARJORIE ROBBINS RICHARD SCOTT B1 Ed. M. M. B. Ed.: M. S, B. S.: M. A. B. Ed. B. Ed.: M. A. Illinois Wesleyan Southern Illinois University Illinois State Normal Illinois State Normal University of Iowa Eastman School of Music University of Illinois Illinois Weslagan Univ Home Economics University of Illinois Illinois State Normal Civics, Consumer Penn State ollege University of Wyoming Music Economics University of Illinois History Drivers Training, Director of Athletics NON-TEACHING PERSONNEL MILDRED KUHL EDITH AX PHYLLIS STIELOW HAZEL LEWIS Secretary to Principal Secretary to Stenographer R. N. Registrar Superintendent School Nurss ROY HILL WILBUR McINTYRE JOHN CRADDOCK Superintendent ot Custodian Custodian Building and Grounds JERRY LANDES REBECCA DODSON VALLIE HEIM EMMA SCARBEARY Custodian Matron Cateteria Cafeteria X gl N, 1- 6 we - . 'Y b h "" va S E NIO RS ALLEN Row "ll music be the food of love, play on." -Twelfth Night A. N. S. 4. Band l,2,3,4g President 4. Brass Quartet 3,4. Chorus I. Class President 4. Dramatics Club l,2,3,4. Foolball 4. German Band 4. Honor Society 2,3,4. Latin Club I, 2g Vice President 2. Pep Band 2, 3, 4. Reverie 4. Science Club l,2,3,4g Secretary 4. Student Council 3,47 Vice Pres. 4 Thespians 3,4. "One Fool In Heaven VIRGINIA BUTH "Sweets to the sweet." -As You Like It Band I,2,3,4g Librarian 3. Brass Quartet 2,3,4. Brass Sextel 4. Class Treasurer 4. Homecoming Queen 4. Prom Queen Attendant 3. National Honor Society 3,4. lnkscapades 2. Reverie 4, Typist Science Club I,2,4. Dramatics Club I,Z,4. Student Council l,4. Student Court 3,41 Sec'y 4: Att'y 3. Radio Day Bookkeeper 3. JO ANN SCHAD "ShalI never lack a friend." -Hamlet Chorus l,2,3. Class Vice President 4. Dramatics Club I,2,3,4. Homecoming Queen Attendant 4. Reverie 4. Science Club l,2,3,4. Student Council l,2,3,4. Thespians 2,3,4: Treasurer 4. "We Shook the Family Tree." "Home Sweet Homicide" BEVERLY CARY "Friends, I am with you all, and love you aII." -As You Like It Class Secretary 4. F.H.A. 3,45 Reporter 3: Pres. 4. Honor Society 3,4. Student Council 4. Prom Queen 3. LEONARD ALSENE "Thou seest by nature he is mild and calm." -Hamlet Baseball 2. Football 3. Proiecllonists 2.3. Science Club 2. PHYLLIS AMBROSE "You walk softly and look sweetly." -Much Ado About Nothing Chorus l.4. Reverle 4. Science Club 3.4. Latin Club 3. F.H.A. I.2g Treasurer I. F.T.A. 3.4: Reporter 4. Honor Society 2. lnkscapades 3. Thespians 2,3,4: Clerk 3. Dramatics Club l.2.3.4g Pres. 4. "We Shook The Family Tree." "Home Sweet Homicide." JOAN ARMSTRONG "Where love ls reat, the llttlest doubts are ?ear." -Hamlet Transfer from Peoria 3. JOANNE BARNETT "Now, heaven walks on earth." -Twellth Night Dramatics Club 3.4. Latin Club l.2.3.4g Secretary 3. Science Club 2.3.4. Treasurer 3. Class Treasurer 3. Honor Society 3.4. Chorus l.2. F.T.A. 4. Prom ?ueen Attendant 3. Norma Relay Queen Attendant 3. Reverle 4. lnkspot 4. DENNIS BEARD "You have too courtly a wit for me." -Hamlet F.F.A. l,2.3. Track 2.3. SENIORS RICHARD BEVERAGE "What his heart thinks. his tongue speaks." -As You Llke lt F.F.A. l.2,3.4. Proiectionists l.2. Track 4. DOLORES BICKNELL "You, sweet dear. prove mistress of my heart." - The Taming of the Shrew Chorus l.4. F.T.A. 3.4. lnkspot Staff 4. Reverle 4. LOIS BIGGER "Faster than her tongue doth make offence, her eye doth heal it up." -As You Llke It Science Club I.2.3. Dramatics 2.3.4. F.T.A. 4. Class Secretary 2. Chorus l. lnkspot 4. Reverle 4. BARBARA BITTING "Me thinks 'tls time to smile again." -Twelfth Night A.N.S. 243,45 V-pres 3: Pres. 4. F.H.A. I. G.A.A. 3.4: V-pres. 3: Pres. 4. Student Council 4. National Honor Society 3.4. Sec. 4. Latin Club 3.4: Vice president 4. Transferred from Ellsworth I. DAR Award 4. CHARLES BONNY "Thou art a fellow of a good respect." -Julius Caesar Basketball l.2. Football I.2.3.4. Track 3.4. I.A.T.A. I.2.3.4. N Club 2.3.4. SENIORS CHARLEEN BURNS "A modest young lady." - Much Ado About Nothing Science Club l,2,4. Dramatics Club 2.3.4. F.T.A. 4. Reverie Staff 4. Thespians 4. KENNETH CARTER "The pink of courtesy." -As You Like If Band I.2.3,4. F.F.A. I,2,3,4. Proiectionist I.2,3,4. JOHN CHlDDlX "Twas a good sensible fellow." - The Merry Wives of Windsor Band I.2,3.4. Clarinet Quartet 3.4. Girls Ensemble Accompanist 3.4. Honor Society 2.3.4. l.A.T.A. l,2.3.4. lnkscapades l,4. Radio Day Announcer 3. "Ragmops" 3.4. Science Club 2.3.4. Student Council 3,43 President 4. NORMA LEA CLESSON "She sat like Patience on a monu- ment, smiling at grief." -Twelfth Night A. N. S. 2.3. Constitution Committee 2. Band I,2,3,4. Clarinet Quartet 3.4. Maiorette I.2.3,4. Radio Day Typist 3. Science Club I,2,4. Honor Society 2.3.4. Reverie 43 Editor. lnkspot 4. Dramatics l,2.3.4. Thespians 2.3.4. "We Shook The Family Tree." "The Great American Family." EARLENE COFFEY "You have a merry heart." -Much Ado About Nothing F.H.A. l,2,3.4. Science Club l. BETTY COLEMAN "She dwells so securely in the ex- cellency of her honor." -The Merry Wives ol Windsor Science Club I. F.H.A. 4. CAROLE LOUISE COLEMAN "With all kind love, good thoughts. and reverence." -As You Like It Dramatics Club 2.3.4. F.T.A. 4: Librarian 4. Science Club 4. Librarian 4. Transfer from BHS I. National Honor Society 4. Thespian 4. Reverie Staff 4 . JIM CURTIS "He is full of regard and honor." -Julius Caesar F.F.A. 3.4. lnkspot 4. Reverie 4. Science Club 2. Transferred from BHS 1. ROBERT CURTIS "O, how tull of briers is this working-day world." -As You Like It Transferred from Bloomington 2. ROGER CUSHMAN "But sure. he's proud, and yet his pride becomes him." -As You Like It A.N.S. l,2.3: Historian Reporter 3. Baseball Manager I,2,3. Basketball Manager 3. Chorus 3.4: Librarian 4. Dramatics Club 4. Football Manager 3.4. F.T.A. 3.4. lnkspot Editor 4. N. Club 3.4. Proiectionists Club I,2.4. Reverie 4. Science Club I.2.3,4. Student Court 4. Radio Day 3. ROY CUTTER "O. that's a brave man." -As You Like It Football 3. lnkspot 4. Proiectionist Club 3. Reverie 4. Science Club 3.4. Track 2.3. D Transferred from Hustonvllle. Ken- tucky 2. JAMES DETWEILER "My remembrance is free and clear from any image of of- fence done to any man." -Twellfh Night Band 2.3.4. F.F.A.g Reporter 3: Vice Pres. 4. l.A.T.A. 3.4. Transferred from Carlock I. ARTHUR EADES "Sir, I am a true labourer." -Hamlet Baseball I.2. Basketball 3. I.A.T.A. I.2.3.4. Proiecfionists 2.3. Science Club I.3. ROBERT FINCHAM "O, excellent young man." -As You Like It Baseball 2.3.4. Basketball 2.3.4. F.F.A. 2.3.4. Football 2.3.4. Transferred from Towanda 2. N. Club 3.4. EUGENE GRIFFIN "His life was gentle." -Julius Caesar l.A.T.A. I.2.3.4. Transferred from Towanda. SENIORS MARY ELIZABETH HARRELL "O. buf she is wise." -As You Like It Dramatics Club 2.4. F.H.A. I. F.T.A. 4. Science Club 4. Transferred from Stanford I. CLIFFORD HENRY "Worthy Gentlemen." -Macbeth Band I.2.3.4. Clarinet Quartet 3.4. Class Treasurer 3. Honor Society 2.3.4. I.A.T.A. I. Proiectionists I. . Science Club 3.4. Vice President 4. Student Court 4. BERTIE HENSON "Your heart's desires be with you." -As You Lille It Transferred tram Risco. Missouri KATHRYN HINSHAW "Wealth enough and young and beaufeousf' - The Taming of the Shrew F.T.A. 3.4. Historian 4. G.A.A. 2.3.45 Treasurer 4. lnkspot 4. Reverie 4. MERLE HOLLIGER "Thou art a gallant youth." -Romeo and Juliet l.A.T.A. 2. Transfer from Carlock 2. SENIORS SHIRLEY HOUSER "For innocence hath a privilege in her to dignity arch iests and laughing eyes." -As You Like It Chorus I. Dramatics Club 2,3,4. F.H.A. l,2,3. "Home Sweet Homicide." Honor Society Z. Science Club 4. Thespians 3,45 Secretary 4. EVELYN HOWARD "Sweet lovers love the spring." -As You Like It Transferred from Bloomington 3. EUGENE HOWARD "He did me kindness." -Twelfth Night Transferred from Bloomington 3. DOROTHY HUFFINGTON "She is pretty and honest." -The Merry Wives of Windsor Class President I. Class Vice-President 2,3. Dramatics Club 2. Honor Society I,2,3,4. lnkspot Editor 4. Reverie 4. Science Club 2. Student Council l,2,3,4. Student Court 2. MYRA IHRCKE "You greet with present grace and great prediction." -Macbeth F.H.A. 4. G.A.A. 3,4. Transferred from Bloomington 3. JERRY JOHNSON "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?" - Romeo and Jullef Chorus l,3,4g Secretary 4. Dramatics Club l,2,3,4. Radio Day 3. Science Club I,2,3,4. DONALD JONES "He shall see none to fear." -As You Like It Dramatic: Club 3. F.F.A. l,2,3,4. Football I,2,3,4. N Club 3,4. Track 3,4. MYRON KNUTH "Speak less than thou knowest." -King Lear F.F.A. l,2,3,4. Track l,2,3,4. MARGARET MALINOWSKI "A iewel of more value than the crown." -Hamlet Dramatics Club 2,3,4. F.H.A. 2,3,4. Inkspot 4. Reverie 4. Science Club I. VELMA MARTIN "Thou speakest wiser than thou art ware." -As You Like It Proiectionists 3. x SE NIORS ELDON MEARS CAROL MITCHELL "There is no fear in him." "lf it be this to dream, still let -Romeo and Juliet 'TIG SIBUP-" Baseball l,3,4. -Twelfth Night Basketball l,2,3,4. Chorus l,3. Football l,3,4, F.H.A. l,2,3,4. F.F.A. l,2,3,4. 6.A.A. I. N Club 4. Transferred from Towanda I. Science Club I. DON MEREDITH DAVID MOHR "l am not of many words." "He is a dreamer." -Much Ado About Nothing -As You Like It Science Club I,2. Band I,2,3,4. Basketball l,2. Football I. I.A.T.A. I,2,3,4. LEE MERRITT WAYNE MOHR "What a man is that." "Most like a soldier, order'd -Jullus Caesar honorably." Transfer from Towanda 2. Basketball 2.3.4. Baseball 2,3,4. Football 2.3. Track 4. I.A.T.A. 3. N Club 3.4. JOHN F. MILLER "He was a gentleman on whom I built an absolute trust." Basketball l,2,3,4. Football 3,4. Track 3,4. Honor Society 3.4. I.A.T.A. l,2,3,4. Vice President 4. - Macbeth LORAN G. MILLER "Such a one is a natural philos- opher." -Hamlet A.N.S. 2,3. Honor Society 2. Science Club I,2,3. - Jullus Caesar F.F.A. I,2,3,4. Science Club I. DWAYNE W. MONICAL "His wonders and his praises do contend." Science Club l,2,3. - Macbeth NORMAN MORRISON "Be not afraid of greatness." Dramatics Club 4. I.A.T.A. l,2,3,4. Proiectionlsts l. Science Club I,3,4. Tennis I. rwelml Nrgm SENIORS HELEN NELSON "l find her honest." -The Merry Wives of Windsor F.H.A. l,2,3,4. PATRICIA OTTO ZEHR "Your eyes are lode-stars and your tonque's sweet air." - A Midsummer Night's Dream A.N.S. 4. F.H.A. 2,4. Latin Club 3,4. Science Club 2,3. Student Council 2. Transferred from Carlock Z. JOAN PARLIER "Thou art wise as thou art beau- titul." -A Midsummer NIght's Dream Dramatlcs Club l,2,3,4. F.T.A. 3,43 President 4. lnlrscapades 3. Latin Club I,2,3. Science Club l,2,3,4. Thespians 3,43 Clerk 4. ' 'The Great American Famlly.' "One Foot in Heaven." Vlolin Trio l. RUTH PARTRIDGE TUDOR "The worst fault you have is to be in love." -As You Like It Chorus 3. Dramatics Club l. G.A.A. 2,3,4. Science Club l. LOUISE PHILLIPS "You are the happier woman." - The Merry Wives of Windsor Proiectionist Club 3. Science Club l,2. MONFORD C. RICE :'He reads much, he is a great observer." -As You Like It A.N.S. 3,4. Baseball 3,4. Dramatics Club l,4. F.T.A. 3.4. Latin Club l,4. Proiectionists l,2. Reverie 4. Science Club I,2,3,4. RICHARD RICH "The lite hath had some smatch of honor in it." -Julius Caesar Chorus l,2,3. Science Club l,2. HELEN D. RICHARD "l do spy some marks ot love in her." -Much Ado About Nothing Latin Club l,2,3. GORDON ROPP "Some are born great." -Twelfth Night Basketball I,2,3,4. Football l,2,3,4. Class President 2. Dramatics Club I,2,3,4. F.F.A. I,2,3,4: Reporter 2, Sec'y 3, President 4. Honor Society I,2,3,4. N Club 4. Science Club I,2,3,4g President 4. Student Council 2,3,4g Treasurer 4. Student Court Judge 3. Thespians 2,3,4g Vice President 4. "The Great American Family." "One Foot In Heaven." "You Can't Take lt Wlth You." "Home Sweet Homicide." Baseball 2,3,4. DON SHANKS "And sure he is an honorable man." -As You Like It Bend 2,3,4g Vice President 4. Transferred from Carlock 2. DOROTHY SIEBERT "Thoughts ot great value. worthy cogitationsf' -Julius Caesar A.N.S. 2.3.45 Treasurer 33 V-Pres. 4. Band 2.3.4. G.A.A. I.2.3.4. Pres. 3. V-Pres 4. Honor Society 2.3.4. Inkspot 3. Reverie 3.4. Science Club I.2. Student Council l.2. LORAN SIPES "Your qentleness shall force more than your force move us to gentleness." -As You Like lt Transfer from Towanda 2. KENNETH SMITH "No man bears sorrow better." -Julius Caesar Proiectionists 3. Track Z. DORIS MAY SPARKS "Hath not old custom made this life more sweet?" -As You Like It F.H.A. 2.3.4. Latin Club I. Proiectionists 3. MARGARET SPARKS "Ah me. how weak a thing the heart of a woman is." -As You Like It Cheerleader 3.4. Chorus l.2.4. Dramatics I.2.3.4. F.H.A. I.2.3.4. Treasurer 4. G.A.A. 3. Inkscapades l.2.4. Inkspot 4. Reverie 4. Science Club l.2.3. Student Court 3. SENIORS GARY STENSON "I will be very kind and liberal." - Hamlet Band 2.3. lnkspot 4. Reverie 4. Transferred from Cerloclr 2. GERALD V. SWOPE "He's here in double trust." -Macbeth Baseball l.4. Chorus I. F.F.A. I.2.3.4: Reporter 4. Football I.2.3.4. N Club 4. Science Club I.Z. JUNE TANNER "I will not do wrong." -Julius Caesar Science Club I. Student Librarian I. ROGER TAYLOR 'Vaulting ambition, which o'er- leap itself." -Macbeth l.A.T.A. I.2.3.4. Treas. 3. Pres. 4. Proiectionists I.2.3.4. President 4. Science Club I.2.3.4. RALPH THORP "TruIy an honest gentleman." -The Merry Wives ol Windsor Basketball I.2.3.4. Football I.2.3.4. Track I.2.3.4. Dramatics Club 4. F.T.A. 3.4: Treasurer 3. V-Pres. 4. Inkspot 4. N Club 3.4. Reverie 4. SENIORS CAROL TODD "A lady far more beautiful than any woman in this waning age." -The Taming of fhe Shrew Cheerleader I,2.3.4. Chorus I,2.3. Dramatics Club l,2.3.4. Ensemble 4. F.T.A. 3.45 Historian 35 Sec'y 4. Science Club l,2. Thespians 2.3.4. "The Great American Family." "We Shook The Family Tree." LARRY WARD "He was no mightier than thyself or me." -Julius Caesar Dramatics Club l.2,3.4g V-Pres. 4. Honor Society l.2.3.4. lnkspot 3. Latin Club l,2,3. Quill and Scroll 3.4. Reverie 3. Science Club I.2,3.4. Student Council l,2.3. Thespians I.2.3.4q V-Pres. 3. Pres. 4. "We Shook The Family Tree." "You Can't Take If With You." One Foot In Heaven." A Connecticut Yankee." "The Great American Family." JAMES WHITE "The service and the loyalty l owe. in doing it, pay itself." -Macbeth F.F.A. 2.3. l.A.T.A. 3.4. Track 3. Transferred from Carlock I. MARY RUTH WILLIAMS "Safe toward you love and honour." -Macbeth F.H.A. 2.3.43 Secretary 4. Science Club 2. Violin Trio 2.3.4. Transferred from Carlock. WANITA WILLIAMS "l would sing my song without a burden." -As You Like It A.N.S. 2.3.43 Treas. 2. President 3 Editor 3.4. Band 3. Chorus 2.3.45 President 4. F.H.A. 2.4. Ensemble 2.3.4. Homecoming Queen Attendant 4. Honor Society 2.3.4. lnkscapades 2. Science Club 2. Student Council 3.43 Secretary 4. Transferred from Carlock I. ALLAN WILLIG "You are full of pretty answers." -As You Like It Latin Club 2.3. Proiectionists l,2.3,4. Science Club l. l.A.T.A. l,2.3. JO ANN WILTERMOOD TUDOR "She has brown halr and speaks small like a woman." -Hamlet Band l.2. Chorus 3. G.A.A. 3.4. Latin Club I. VERNON DUNN lNot Pictured, "Let gentleness my strong in- forcement be." Latin Club l. -As You Like It On fhis day in Sepfember, I947, fhe curfain rises on a specfacular drama of four acfs wifh numerous scenes. A casf of slighfly bewildered freshmen enfer upon 'lhe sfage in fheir firsf roles as N. C. H. S. sfudenfs. The main characfers, in 'lhe form of class officers are Presidenf, Dorofhy Huffingfon: Vice-presidenf, Harry Smifh: Secrefary-Treasurer, Ruby Lyle. ln fhe firsf imporfanl' scene, we find 'Phe 'Freshmen pre- senfing a Minsfrel Show as our assembly for fhe year. And now fhe curfain for fhe second big acf of our drama is abouf 'lo go up. We awaif if anxiously. A new group of leading girls and boys fake over as Gordon Ropp is elecfed Presidenf, and Dorofhy Huff- ingfon again as a class officer, fhis fime Vice-presidenf and Lois Bigger filling fhe role of Secrefary-Treasurer. The imporfanf scenes are being broughl' fo us in parade form across fha sfage. Scene I. The sponsoring of fhe Homecoming parade. Our floaf deserves much applause as does 'lhe enfire parade. SENIOR CLASS HISTORY Scene ll. Now fhe assembly program for fhe year. An Irish fheme and a casf consisfing of leading sfars Roger Taylor, Jerry Johnson, and Wanifa Williams, and in sup- porfing roles. such wall known arfisfs as John Chiddix, Paf Offo, Charlene Burns, and Beverly Anderson. ln scene Ill we are joined by 'transfers from Towanda. Carlock, and Hudson in 'lhe form of a consolidafion which makes our school known as a parf of Unif Disfricf No. 5. The fhird big acf finds us full of anficipafion and ex- cifemenf as fhis is fhe year for much acfivify. Leading us friumphanfly fhrough parf of fhe acl' is Harry Smifh as Presidenf, who had fo make his exif before 'lhe final scene. This broughf Dorofhy Huffingfon info fhe lime- lighf as she assumed fhe Presidenf's dufies. Serving as Secrefary is Joanne Barneff and Clifford Henry as Treasurer. The climaxing scene finds us hard af work on 'lhe Prom which proved 'lo be very successful. Reigning over fhe acfivify was Queen Beverly Cary wifh Joanne Barneff and Virginia Bufh as affendanfs. The fheme was ex- cifing enough: "Treasure lsland." The second scene finds us again af work. This fime on fhe Homecoming Sfunf Show. This was only one more scene af N. C. H. S. fo be remembered. Anofher scene brings info fhe spoflighf fhe Juniors who were members of fha varsify baskefball squad. These were Bob Fincham. Gordon Ropp, Arl' Eades. Lee Merriff, Eldon Mears, Ralph Thorp, and Jack Miller. And now, fhe curfain opens on a fableau. Allen Ropp wifh gavel in hand, Jo Ann Schad as Vice-presidenf, Beverly Cary as Secrefary and Virginia Bufh as Treasurer. We have a number of sfars sfepping info fhe spoflighf as fhe scene progresses. In 'lhe field of Dramafics, Phyllis Ambrose was elacfed Presidenf of Dramafics Club while Larry Ward calls fhe Thespian meefings fo order. Nexf, a pale green Iighf flashes quickly fo fhe field of science where we find Gordon Ropp as Science Club Prexy. A. N. S. head is Barbara Biffing who is also fha i950-5l DAR winner. John Chiddix Jr. walks ouf onfo fha sfage as Presidenf of fhe Sfudenf Council and a gold spoflighf focuses upon him. The spoflighf now comes fo a sfop as if shows Gordon Ropp again as Presidenf, fhis fime, of F. F. A. and fhen moves slowly 'lo disclose fhe Presidenf of F. H. A.. Beverly Cary, who assumes clufies affer fha resignafion of Lucille Sigler. F. T. A., we find, has selecfed Joan Parlier in fha leading role of Presidenf. In fhe musical deparfmenf, a blue spoflighf brings fo us fhe Presidenf of girls' chorus, Wanifa Williams. Allen Ropp sfeps down sfage as Presidenf of Band. We again find Barbara Biffing in fha role of G. A. A. Presidenf and Norma Lea Clesson as a Maioreffe. A spoflighf of orange comes fo resf on Carol Todd and Margaref Sparks as Cheerleaders. This fime fhe spoflighf of blue fravels fo 'lhe Nafional Honor Sociefy who fhis year chose fo fill fhe leading role, Beverly Cary. Ofhers who have been poinfed ouf by crifics as ouf- sfanding are Roger Taylor as Presidenf of l. A. T. A., Norma Lea Clesson as Reverie Edifor, and Dorofhy Huffingfon and Roger Cushman heading fha lnkspof. In Parade form fhe senior members of fhe foofball squad pass fhrough fhe spoflighfg Don Jones, Jack Miller, Bob Fincham. Lee Merriff and Ralph Thorp, wifh Chuck Bonny as Capfain. This 'lime we again follow fhe beam of lighf fo fha Senior Varsify Baskefball members who are Lee Merriff, Bob Fincham. Ralph Thorp, Eldon Mears, and Jack Miller. N. C. H. S. Seniors will always remember fhe lasfing performances which fhe baskefball squad made successful 'fhis year. , Climaxing fhe season is Homecoming of which Virginia Bufh is crowned Queen al' our forever remembered dance. Affending her are Jo Ann Schad, Wanifa Wil- liams, and Mary Sue Waldrop. As fhese final scenes are passing swiffly across fhe sfage, we, as seniors, remember all fhaf N. C. H. S. has meanf fo us. We all realize fhaf affer fhese pasf excifing scenes, fhe Prom, Graduation, and Senior frip, we will noi be refurning for curfain calls. lf is all very sad buf we realize we have had an imporfanf parf in making N. C. H. S. fhe wonderful school if is. in :sem ,gi , 12-1, 1 K X W1,5ffQ-L Q, A -Q 21 ,E gy ,, N w u 1 1 5 3 ' n v nf rv ry wi 4 w M ., 1 'fy . ., bmi fi . -. ' 9 IB, L , BARBARA ABBEY t I JAMES ANDERSON W M A .,, . g K, . ,J E.- RONALD ARTEMAN If RAJYA - A B.. '-1 IB was if tl.. ff' MARILYN AuesPuReER 65' ' I -A. ' , I I JACK BABB . ,L RI-IEA BASTINC I 'gf SV... A EMR BAYLE5 A ELAINE BEDELL A 5' ' .4.K F i n s l',' AE iAk If A :X JOYCE BEEI-IN FLORENCE BOYD BIDDLE DONNA BROWN REQ SX , xii' X BI R1 WI ,HJ I-C ' EW" A - cv- PAT CADE J A I W -5 A LYLE CACLEY A LM , V' f I JOHN CAMPBELL .1 4 5 I WJ 'Elij- CARoL CARLSON fL Q f :fn - A B44 J RONALD COEEEY LL'L A X If I Yr, ,B If I A bv ff 3 . DICK CoLEMAN AL L Q JIM COLLINS ,uf LI 4 qw ig - JOHN COOPER IJE ' , JJJI I RoBERTA CUTTER In I Q E- q n F ,J Da 'tif' Q nl Vw ,i d . fl L I . 1 .75 f 1--..-..A..-...-W... JERRY DENZER I W ' WP b , EAY ANN EICI-IER I W I 'ff BETTY ERICKSON , K DON FEASLEY 1 W A I , I.4, FRITZ FISSEL f ,M V'RR 4 l A DELORES EosLE if Q A L I R EDWARD FOWLER I ff' A JYI ,M ""PZ5 MARTIN CARTON ' - R- R' 4 71. ,yn . is K x I BETTY CRAMPP I I I 5 I JAMES GWNNEE RBRRJ DICK GUTTSCHOW " A ,JAJ A M I IRRR I I ' A ff MARILYN HARDESTY . R I A XNM ,,. fguknii Q Y K BILL I-IARCIS I PM A 1 mv ' I DONALD HARPER Q J I 5 RoDNEY HERDER H T- RALPH HODC-SE R? X l gg Ji l JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS , , I I 7 PAUL HOFFMAN I Q 5 l 1 Lg, , RAYMOND I-IoLLIsER 9 I AAR 'A P , JAMES HUNTER 4, - 15 L 'NN I SANDRA JOHNSON V v 'N 3 Qjmfm I W . I JOHN KATI-I if-If A A Ai' BETTY KEAREOTT A . BETTY KEEN ML I DON KEEN , ER gp A f NoRMA KEPNER D 5 M, . I L, I A W GENE KESSINGER BETTY KIMES I ,:,TE TERRY KIRKTON ' YR AY I ,..-gv'!""3'-Q, A I, .IoI-IN KLAEKE Ja DON KuNTz L I CHARLES LIDDLE , .YRB D Jifv MILAN MALINOWSKI V ,mB, , ZET., 3 I-iw fi P If H f A -f . ' E W -u hh . .. I '52 B I, , is I fr, , 3 k N51 M V, ,J ,ew I A I I CHARLES MALLoRY "5 TBLY 3 MARY MASON Fi RRTB AM ' Y,B , MARIAN MELTON ,,.T,.. ." JAMES MEYER I I V I T I BILL MILLER fl 7 . I I JACK MILLER L , , JOE MILLER JOY MILLER 'D--A, I i N lx R, A I D A V I DONNA MITcI-IELL fl I 5' Y 12' - V'V'AN MWCHELL A BIL I 9 JOHN MONICAL p I RRII ORVILLE MOORE I I 1 5 M I 5 lLJM,T5......m. A 5 A 1 If A 1 DONNA MORETZ 'QR'I ,,, ,A B L L .If I A .,' - fIIB wi JEAN MURRIEL F, 1 I 323 DAVID MEBRIDE I BOB McCLURE k f-I1 if BE 'W 1 5 MARY Jo McPHERSON Q,L I B- ' Jo ANN OLIVER gf , iw RIRBLL RONALD OLSON . A M Lf I I I I 3 I A DONALD OLTMAN K WE 8 A 1 B I Lg .,,. K .I , ,Xp A -I N 'A 'A A I HOWARD PALMER ETHEL PATRICK LILLIAN PATRICK RALPH PATTERSON MILDRED PATTON BEVERLY PEIFER CHARLENE PETERSON JERRY PICKETT HERBERT PRESTON RAYMOND PRINCE JOHN PUTMAN DORIS REED JAMES REED DON REESER ROGER REESER JOHN REITZ ORIN REITZ ALICE RICHARD MARILYN RICHARD BRAD RODMAN KENNETH ROKEY KAYE ROPP MARLOW ROSS BETTY SACRY DONALD SACRY MAURINE SAXTON FLORENCE SCHENKEL CAROL SCHMIDT MELVIN SCHULTZ CHARLES SHADOWENS FRANK SHAFFER ROBERT SHELTON DON SIEG JIM SPARROW CAROL STAUBUS WARREN STEPHENS Q . , jkrh I .A W ,y K M K in I , f g , . ' 4 .. fu I . I A I I g 5 , . kr .5 ,, I 'gag 6 f fi ,--E I ,X I .f A""'f 72, .I , 1' I As 'gi 5 fn. 4 S I JEBJ KV , M Egw I Q L, 'qv ff r. If I V. 1 I ,isa W i I I X 'Az I . Sify? A I g I I I A K- K 7 l mf nj Q iq.. I f 5 , ,". 2. 'NS . 3 'f 3 5 'i 7 -E ' '.:.' Ji - ,I I I K I if I .Tn I . I EIIAI I ' ..P.. - f 'I I JIIQ 'M X if flwg' T ax !"'N I fn I 'ge' '-I." , ' 'H , II RY 1 tp f' wg: .. - 1 M X 'V JF: w .iff I g , f If IQ , , 553-f , .Y ' 'kg' I , " '?. . A I" , ' ' iz' A "' - I, f I . -, .-gi - -'A 31 ,-S, I i ,, . ,tv ,wax I V, fp, 'WA,,,Ts'. - " f. I iS?fTQf", f EEIJE 1 3 ' , U " M :QI 1 Lx X , Q 1 f ' 5,1 515 21W - " , I ,. ah M I' Q I A ' 1S'I'-ln A W 1 ?"'X,.,I-..w' JUNIORS JUN ORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS Wg, ww, ,L W .. JIM STUTZMAN 1 m. yi' A gum 2 i 'VRF' gg f .vi Z A A H .L .. L fu f aw, , DALE sunek ANNA TANNER SHIRLEY TAYLOR DAVID Toon DON UMMEL som-L VALENTINE CHARLES WATKINS FLOYD wear PAULINE WHEATLEY LoNNuE wHne Rosenr wless Z is DONNA woELFLE ELINOR WOLLENSCHLAGER LLL SHIRLEY YEAKEL su zAlss FRANK ZORTMAN 'l' A Roseau PAXTON MAUNA SNODGRASS DANA ABBEY RICHARD ABNER MARY AHLERS GORDON ALDRIDGE MILDRED ALDRIDGE RAYE ALLEN MARCELLA ALSENE WILLIAM AMBROSE WENONA BACON ELEANOR BARNES WILBUR BASTING LOUIS BATES PAT BEARDSLEY LARRY BELL JOAN BURTON KENNETH BYERLY JOYCE CARTER SHIRLEY CORRELL NORMAN COVER HERB CURTIS BOB CUSHMAN JACK DARNELL GERALD DETLOFF ROGER DILLON IRMA DRINGENBERG MILDRED DURST ROGER EHRLICH CAROL ENSIGN STEVE FINCHAM LARRY FOWLER ERN ESTINE GARLING CARLTON GAZELLE MARY GLASSCOCK PEGGY GLOVER GERALD GRIFFIN RONALD HAFER SBUOWOHJOS SBIOWOHJOS SEUOWOHJOS SBHOWOHJOS SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES g 3 :Im I I 1 Q I H. ,Aw 1 ,F I I I Z A . 3 F,.xi3 - I , , A f-ml I ffgi 1: g il: T ill, L if "l1Qw!z- I '- K A,mA, V wwAigww EM' m,wA 535' -, QQ 'NS--' '. .J -if f RI f Aww I A.,:, A .....,.....,,, . N, ,KM gg - , f .i Y 9 QUE - I. f 11 :- ask. - 1 I u I I if v , W f I, X? AI, Q - , S1 Y .I f lv M 4 4 14 I, . 4 xxx, Xu ,lf :.. I -V g 1 Q I ' K if is 'A If usa f LINUX, 1. ' ,gg 1,' iw?" 'Z,, , E , I ,I an Q, ,. W ag I was S i' I ' AWK" E11 ag' I rwydw Q" R A.,,,, , N ., ,W ,iw 9-ffgvggyfga jg 4 2: L fm I N N , V,.k we. Q 4? Q kj M I5 L JIII if I 22 ' 2 ' :""' 1 A f A I . . Y Y ' 1 --V ' A f A.'f R A A I - -I V s A J Y I e I iff' I 1 jg, ' f gal il-f f- K ii as ' F W f 45' 2 Q 2' 'T J Y 1 T as - lt- T A I N' I E M- E Q, HELEN HARGIS RAYMOND HART RICHARD HENNINGER ALICE HENRY GARY HOPKINS I ESTELLA HUBBS RICHARD INMAN TOM KAUFMAN DAVE KRAFT JIM LAMBORN MARY LAMBORN HELENA LAMPI FRED LAWHUN DON LAWYER HAROLD LEWIS MARY JO LOGAN SHIRLEY LOGSDON JANE LUSHER DALE LYLE LOREN McBURNEY CLIFFORD McCLURE BOBBIE MATTINGLY JAMES MAXEY MAE MELTON RICHARD METZGER NEWTON MIKESELL CHARLES MORAN CAROLYN MORELAND KEN MORGAN JANET MURRAY JOAN NELSON WENDELL NIEPAGEN JANET NIGHSWONGER BETTY OERTWIG DONNA PATRICK DELORES PATTERSON VERNON PETTY LOIS PHILLIPS LORRAINE REED CLARENCE REEVES CHARLES RICHARD JOE RICHARD MARY RICHARD GLORIA RODGERS JERRY ROSE MARLENA ROSS JUNIOR ROUSEY JAMES RUSSELL DARRELL SCARBERRY JIM SCHAD GERALD SCHLEE DON SCHLOSSER WILBUR SCHWARTZEL WILLIAM SHELTON SHIRLEY SHINALL LARRY SHIREY MARIE SHOLTY GERALD SHUMAKER DANIEL SPANGLER ARLENE STAHLY GORDON STARK WANDA STEPHENS , FLOYD STEWART RONALD STILLMAN DON STORY MARILYN THOMAS GORDON TODD GUTHRIE TUTTLE SAMMY VALENTINE MYRON WALLACE JOAN WALLER RAYMOND WALLER I I I 32 , I , , , m i , N , Q Emi I if ik: V W .. , 5 ' L 2 ' ' fir' f V, fm I A i z I ' 5 5 'IK i K -Q Ti A I . 3 V x Ii i, - Exim I ' K - isizff' .4 'TIE I A I I I - ff -E . , , 'fb in . .J "xl - f . ., , K I ix. . . 0 - V Tay . K qhlb 1 .,, C , i , ,i-JI, , 4w5WfQ iiwmk' 6QfiY KIM I 'li if 'I,VI V mm A 3 i QED Ie. f,? mfff.' LL., fm -in Q,-fi! '5 A 7 - , A f' R' I BI' " 5 5 I ' A I I . I A II 'I ' QR' I ., A A fs ,.'1hAKdF IJ.. Y 2 ,M..asTs Ig ,Viv If----w ' SfI -5 , , 1 " gi 1 .. I JSIIAL I A A'II +I I 'W . . ' ' I -iff J"' - - P , -3 "" - fl m x F .1 if H -I, I I i 4 I V ' I Z I KI f JJ' iii V . ,: - - - 1' . 1 f 1 " I ' I Si 9521 2, wi , wk ., : fry: 5 7.', i KAAVV , , I E -ffilf I1-L sy V. c, ,ig 145 V , r ' 7 5 f I 'z 22-'2 yW?gW M AQMMQM .. 4 - gf . g,-4531, .T I I ,,..L " 4 A f f M ,C,, I ,Mn I ai I I' A I 1 r f 1 I J.R. J , I . .zz ,f -:xg Q fin 'Q Q.. IFA, . 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I , I A A., .L': 1+ , I . ,. .,..W-am-J. ,li M ' 1' Q I u . 1 Y V VY I , I K g ,. , E - .1,- 1. ' 2 H1 "', I E --,. ,, ,, ES I , I ,Q llw3,iME-f-Q4-555 ... A... ,-.-.,.LL I 'WVL I I JEE I - 5 e f jf? A Zt' E, f A I I Q I , - z,. 5 , if Zz, iw - . V J K t :L k i 3 V5 3 yy .. Q E k i 4 - K fry' +f--' 4 , ":1::.,:ef2? V ,W . ' f I Il -LiL '31 .ui naw I f I . A I n , M Eg, : L Q I . I - I , ' " ' Eg, K kg L. 'S , if :.,, , I"2i V MARIANNE EICHER RUSSELL ALAN ELDER JACK FILLIPPONI CECIL FOGLE DAVID FRANZ CHARLES GRAMPP RONALD GRIFFIN NANCY HANKS GOLDIE HARGIS KAROLE HARTUPEE FAY HEIDELBERG HAYES HENDRICKS ROSE ANN HENDRICKS JOYCE HINES ELDON HINSHAW DARWIN HINTHORN JERRY HOBSON BILLY HOWARD EVELYN HOWARD PAUL HOWELL BILL HULSE JoANNE IMHOFF DARREL JIMERSON PATRICIA JOBBA DONALD JONES SHIRLEY JOSEPH DOUGLAS KASHNER MARLENE KATH A I L J . W ROBERT KATH E I me L JA f E "I BENNY KEEN LIIL CARD'-E KE'-'-Y E, Q JACK KENNEDY 'f'I4 "JNA S L1 iff: 1 A Tf if I A I - f FRED KING I ' "" I WI'-BUR KLINK A . ',,, JOHN KNOX QE A7 I .IJ - IILIAA ROBERT KNUTH I I .iL. ' - I, LEROY LAMBORN - A , ' ARTHUR LAMPI f A gm DARREL LANIGAN 4 . 2 I .r - R-' PHYLLIS LAPPIN 'S "- A S,IIAi L I A 9 Ig A 'L T., ERMA LEISOHNER I!5'f SA JOHN LOGKENYITZ , 514 . JACK LONG A J I ia- IS S I , y JESSE LONG I I I 7 IESS R DONALD MALINOWSKI SHIRLEY MALINOWSKI Ik yn Li 5 A If ., A Q LL , 1 W? I HQ, -J THOMAS MAROUARDT I A 'Af' ROBERT MARSHALL I SONIA MCELROY I g 5 K .R 5 ' STANLEY MCMILLION L A 3 I , W DELORE5 MEAR5 fSS L if N A GARY MESSAMORE SAASL , Alli If I X IA Q JI N P I LRTS LLL A I , 'R' M A A . I If ff JAYNE MESSER A . J JERRY MEYER I YETS 5 O T , - A K in , SONNY MEYER YYSS SS L CAROLINE MILLER I 4 :ARL 5 K I V"',: L I H A if I Y ' g IL A GRACELYN MILLER I A NANCY MOHR ISII I A I fx ...Ag V , N 'I MARVIN MORELAND ' at I SSIA I 9 gxf, fi. Lf BETTY MORGAN I A I :-' R' A THOMAS MURRAY I g.A ,gi i 1' + 'ff SH'RLEY MU5'CK . AS,J DOROTHY NEAL T 13? A , - I A Q5 I :If 1, A , 'f Y . V I . ,J , L K 5 dyrk 5 ' I , If DONALD NELSON A A -' VIRGINIA NELSON Nat, A ,J jg, L, JEAN NOBLE R, I "'I q A 4 - QI DONALD OLIVER ' A I QS ,H A DELTON OLTMAN HAROLD PALMER DORIS PATTON in Ae I DEAN OTTO 3 15. my gg RISS M ww -A . I rg I vi K A -Q,'f "2 'L 5 78 E It if I ,W im, VII Xl If 3 'L J SW 5,1 '41 W -E1 I , . X JACQUELINE PERSCHALL LEROY PETTY JERRY PIERCY LOIS PLOENSE WILLIAM QUINN JERRY RAYDON ROBERT REESER GARY RENGEL JUNE REUM JAY RICHARDSON DARWIN ROPP RONALD ROPP GENE ROUSEY HELEN RUDISILL CONSTANCE SANDERS BILL SCHENKEL CARL SCHIPPERT EDITH SCHMIDT EDWARD SCHULTZ ROGER SHAFFER 1 I I ' I .IOANNE Slse ., t JAMES SIMMONS I flu.: ji 'ITN f IAKI 5 V ., ' A. R IAI DON SIzEI.ovE I I '1'i'-1I 5 I I I S- 1 ,"' , Q ,X N 1 Q, V 'fxil I I In fx? . W, in K Aux il? 1' ,. ,.,.,, , CHARLES SMALLEY M I-Y DoN SMITH I I 4 HUBERT SI.Aue-I-ITER J I? E LEWIS SMITH i SHARON STEPHENS ELINOR STOLTZ JOAN TAYLOR HARVEY THOMAS ARTHUR VALENTINE WENDELL WERT I,1" '-,' JACQUEUNE WHWWOOD ' f MARILYN WII-KIN5 , . .fvb 1. --'2- -gig JOE WILTERMOOD ALICE WOELLMS MARLOW ZEHR RONALD BUSCH PHIL EHLERS JACK ZORTMAN JUDITH LISKA DEAN MAMMEN SHIRLEY ROBINSON I I k A Sud N!WHS3ld N3WHS3Hi N3WHS!Ui N3WHS3Ui N3WHS3Ui rw 5.-:' v S Us 1 Q. 3 3 Havin' Fun? The Badggfg Your Move Jus? Takin' H Easy Whaicha See? The Execuiive Type Welcome +0 NCHS Clark Gable? ORGAN TIONS f If c s 1: 7 'WJ' 1 V V , ff Q. Q. W A fx V 1? 6 ai? 1 V ' I 11 415' Wk f If X 25 f I, f f f Q XF g, kan I .,., x.. X.. E- X'y' X q 3-Q an f het Q, - udtgsi Hp t 0,4 ' "l"4l'nfF wi-I-hin thi- ""'A'n.:f"'f'J Seated: M. Sparks, D. Bicknell, D. Huffingfon, R. Cushman, M. Malinowski, R. Thorp. Sfanding: K. Hinshaw, A, Williq, L. Bigger, J. Barnett, R. Cuffer, G. Sfenson, N. Clesson, Mr. Donisch. I N K S P O T STUDENT COUNCIL Seated: G. Ropp. J. Chicidix, A. Ropp, W. Williams. Row One: Mr. Diveley, J. Taylor, S. Shinnall, M. Logan, N. Chiddix, F. Boyd, R. Cutler, M. Augspurqer, J. Sched, B. Cary, B. Grampp. Row Two: G. Conklin, P. Beardsley, D. Jones, D. Huflinqlon, S. Yeakel, S. Zeiss V. Bulh, C. Carlson, A. Henry, B. Billing. Row Three: J. Campbell, M. Zehr, R, Hafer, P. Jones, V. Pelly, D. Todd, J. Maxey, J. Danielson, K. Byerly, J. Rose. The Sfudenl' Council of Normal Communily High School is a service organizalion: ils main funclion is lo lry and help make lhe school a beller place for everyone. The council is composed of some 'l'hirl'y sludenls, who are elecled lo lheir posilion on +he council by lheir 'Fellow sludenls. Meelings are held regularly every olher week. Numerous proiecls have been worked oul by lhe council since il was formed under ils presenl lype of organiza- lion. The proiecls mosl remembered are Radio Day, prinling of lhe Torch, oblaining of school flag and nu- merous minor proiecls lhal are worked oul yearly. These proiecls are handled by one or more of lhe council commi'H'ees. 1: Seaf5d:BJ. Beehn, lzringenberg, M. Harrell, J. Chiddix, V. Bufh, M. Carnahan, . oggs, B. ar er, V. Dunn, L. Ca le . Sfanding: J. Brown, F. Boyd, P. Jones, C? l!lenry, Mr. Masfers. S T U D E N T C O u R T Seufed: W. Williams, B. Cary, B. Billing. Row One: L. Reed, S. Shinnall, M. Snodgrass, A. Richards, M. Logan, D. Brown, A. Henry, C. Schmidl, R. Cufler, M. Augspurger, F. Eicher, P. Ambrose, Miss Garihee, Mr. Chiddix. N T I O N L Row Two: Mr. Masters, V. Bufh, J. Barneil, N. Clesson, D. Reed, E. Bedell, A A S. Yeakel, D. Huffinglon, C. Carlson, M. Williams, R. Basling, D. H O N o R S 0 C I E Y Sieberl, Miss Springer. T Row Three: C. Henry, G. Ropp, J. Rose, D. Coleman, A. Ropp, P. Jones, M. Schullz, B. Rodman, J. Miller, L. Miller, J. Defweiler, J. Chiddix, R. Haier, Mrs. Haley. Seafed: C. Schmidt, A. Henry, L. Phillips, C. Coleman, E. Bedell. I- I B R A R I A N S Sfanding: R. Thorp, G. Slenson, D. Wiese, S. Shinnall, D. Coleman, B. Hargis, E. Valenfine, E. Leischner. Seafed: M. Auqspurger, L. Reed, B. Cary, M. Sparks, D. Fogle, M. Williams, Mrs. Robbins. Row Une: J. Imhoff, D. Woelfle, D. Miichell, M. Dursl, S. Boggs, K. Dursi E. Waller, C. Sanders, M. A. Eicher, E. Schmidi, M. Carnahan, B. Burlon D. Pafrick, A. Richards, F. Boyd, M. Saxfon, M. McPherson. Row Two: D. Pafferson, K. Wurzburger, M. Ahlers, B. Kimes, G. Hargis J. Miller, D. Sparks, C. Mifchell, M. Ihrcke, R. CuHer, M. Malinowski B. Sacry, M. Parfon, M. Mason, P. Lappin. Row Three: W. Williams, J. Beehn, D. Brown, M. Richards, M. Aldridge C. Schmidt, G. Miller, H. Hargis, K. Harlupee, D. Mcrefz, P. Olfo S. Yeakel, K. Ropp, M, Glasscock, E. Coffey. Row Four: N. Chiddix, M. Sholry, E. Sfolfz, S. McElroy, J. Nelson, J. Lusher H. Nelson, E. Dringenberg, B. Erickson, N. Hanks, B. Coleman. FUTURE HOME- MAKERS OF AMERICA Seated: C. Henry, G. Ropp, A. Ropp, V. Polly. Row One: Mr. Legg, M. Saxlon, M. McPherson, M. Hardesly, M. Augspurqer, J. A. Sched, C. Burns, N. Clesson, E, Valenfine, A. Tanner, S. Zaiss, P. Ambrose, J. Parlier, J. Barneff, V. Bufh, C. Coleman, A. Sfahly, F. Boyd, Mrs. Taylor, Mr. Chiddix. Row Two: Mrs. DePauw, T. Marquardf, J. Schad, J. Reifz, K. Ropp, S. Yeakel, B. Abbey, D. Patron, J. Anderson, J. Klafke, C. Mallory, R. Inman, C. McClure, G. Todd, B. Cushman, D. Abbey, M. Harrell, S. Houser, J. Pulman, J. W. Miller, R. Cushman. Row Three: R. Hodge, J. Guinnee, J. Sluhman, D. Kunfz, J. Johnson, J. Denzer, R. Olson, D. Guflschow, D. Todd, M. Garfon, J. Myers, R. Henninger, R. Prince, D. Monical, T. Kirkron, J. Chiddix, D. Kraff, J. Darnell, C. Liddle, N. Morrison. The Science Club is an organizalion which has been progressing nicely for several years. The officers 'For 'lhis year are Gordon Ropp, Presidenl, Clifford Henry, Vice-presidenf, Allen Ropp, Secrelary Treasurer, wi'l'h Mr. Chiddix, Mr. Legg, and Mrs. De Pauw as sponsors. The aim of lheir club is lo develop a real apprecialion and underslanding of fhe field of science. This year as in preceding years, 'the organizalion divided info differenf groups such as aeronaulics, pholography, asfronomy, efc. Boys and girls parlicipaled in lhe groups of his or her choice. SCIENCE CLUB Sealed: D. Sieberf, B. Billing, R. Cuffer, C. Carlson. Row One: S. Yeakel, W. Williams, E. Bedell, A. Richards, M. Rice, A. Henry, D. Wiese, D. Coleman, Mr. Diveley. Row Two: P. Jones, M. Schuliz, A. Ropp, B. Rodman, C. Peferson, J. Kafh, P. Offo, J. Anderson. ACADEMY OF NATURAL SCIENCE The following A. N. S. officers were elecled 'lo serve during fhe school year l950-l95l: Barbara Billing, Presidenh Dorofhy Sieberf, vice-presidenh Roberfa Culler, secrelaryg Carol Carlson, lreasurerg and Phil Jones, hislorian-reporler. The Academy has held ioinl' meelings wifh 'lhe Science Club and presenled a special program af one of 'lhese meelings. Each year lhe members lake a lrip by bus and spend fhe day making +ours 'lhrough various places. , .. ,k INDUSTRIAL ARTS TRADES ACADEMY Seafed: Mr. Ferguson, H. Palmer, R. Arfeman, R. Taylor, B. Wiese, J. Miller, J. Maxey. Row One: G. Griffin, T. Kaufman, D. Sfory, J. Campbell, R. Sfillman, G. Griffin, N, Morrison. Row Two: Mr. Sharp, R. Olson, R. Coffey, Mr. Middlefon, R. Pafferson, C. Bonney, E. Bayless. During fhe school year of l950-5l fhe lndusfrial Arfs and Trades Academy accomplished many and varied fhings. The club sfarfed fhe year wifh I6 members. On February 5, fwelve persons were inifiafed info fhe club. Among fhe acfivifies of fhe year were fall and spring sfealc fries. The club was in charge of fhe concession af fhe firsf foofball game. The club also sold school pins. Each member made a proiecf in fhe shop and sold if for fhe club. The frip fhaf fhe club usually fakes was nof possible fhis year because of lack of funds buf will be confinued nexf year if possible. For enferfainmenf fhere were swims, baskefball games, guesl' speakers, and club meefings which were held fhe firsf Monday of every monfh. . Officers of fhe year were Roger Taylor, Presidenf: Jack Miller, Vice-presidenf: Ronnie Arfeman, Secrefary: Jim Maxey, Treasurer. Bob Wiese and Howard Palmer were fhe board members. Mr. Ferguson is head sponsor and Mr. Sharp, and Mr. Middlefon are co-sponsors. They all have been a fine help fo fhe club. Seafed: S. Shinnall, B. Billing, L. Reed, B. Rodman. Row One: J. Simmons, M. Hardesly, J. Barneff, A. Sfahly, F. Boyd Row Two: Miss Fairfield, P. Otto, A. Henry, R. Basfing, C. Slaubus, C Peferson, J. Beehn. Row Three: M. Wallace, M. Rice, M. Garlin, R. Hodge, A. Willig, J. Klafke The officers for fhe Lalin Club for 'l'l1e year I950-I95l were: Doris Reed, presidenlg Barbara Billing, vice- president Shirley Shinnall, secrelaryg Brad Rodman, freasurer. The club enlerecl a floaf in lhe Homecoming parade and sponsored a Sadie Hawkins Day parly, 'lhe firsl all-school parly of lhe year, on November I7. On April I7 il' held i'ls annual Roman Dinner. LATIN CLUB FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA l Row One: C. Burns, J. Barnetl, L. Bigger, J. Parlier, R. Thorp, B. Abbey, AR'hdKH'sh PAb . ic ar s, . in aw, . m rose. Row Two: J. Oliver, M. Harrell, C. Coleman, M. Rice, R. Cushman, D. Bicknell, C. Peterson. The Margaref H. J. Lampe Club of fhe Fufure Teachers of America is in ifs fourfh year of organizafion. If now has a fofal membership of sevenfeen, eleven of which are 'lwo-year members. The officers for fhe club are: presidenf- Joan Parlierg vice-presidenf- Ralph Thorp: secrefary- Carol Todd: freasurer- Barbara Abbey: parliamenfarian- Alice Richards. The club has held regular monfhly meefings wifh reporfs perfaining fo fhe 'leaching profession being fhe basis of fhe discussion. lnferesfing programs included a faculfy panel discussion and an exchange program wifh fhe Bloomingfon High School F. T. A. A merif poinf sysfem is being worked ouf whereby sfudenfs may win an affracfive award af fhe end of 'lhe currenf year. Social acfivifies of fhe club included fhe Chrisfmas parfy af which Charlene Peferson was hosfess, F. T. A. guesf nighf wifh Delfa Kappa Gamma and a four of fhe new Special Educafion Building, and fhe spring invifa- 'lional parfy. Seafed: Roger Taylor, Mr. Bishop, Dick Coleman, Jerry Rose. Row One: Bruce Barber, Jack Zorfman, John Monical, Jerry Piercy, Louis Bales, Sefh Zorfman, Russell Elder, James Danielson. Row Two: Ralph Hodge, Don Oliver, Bob Kath, Don Schlosser, Roger Cushman, Charles Wafkins, Hayes Hendricks, Jay Richardson. Row Three: Richard Mefzger, Frank Zorfman, Don Sieg, John Kalh, Jerry Denzer, Kennefh Carler, Jim Slufzman, Allen Willig. Officers serving fhe Proiecfionisfs fhis year were Roger Taylor, Presiclenfg Dick Coleman, Vice-presidenf: and Jerry Rose, Secrefary-Treasurer. The dufies of fhe boys of fhe club are fo show fhe films which come fo fhe school. To do fhis, fhey musf be able fo operafe fhe proiecfors and fo successfully show films fo fhe various classes. The firsf meefing was fo acquainf new members wifh fhe equipmenf and fhey held meefings once a monfh. PROJECTIONISTS GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Soafed: A. Richards, D. Wiese, M. Wilkins, M. Ihrcke, P. Beardslsy, J. Sieq Row One: M. Snodgrass, D. Sieberf, Miss Garihee, B. Bifiing, K. Hinshaw. Row Two: C. Sfaubus, B. Grampp, R. Pariridge, E. Wollenschlager, B. Paifer M. Paffon, B. Kimes, J. Wilfermood. Row Three: B. Erickson, P. Glover, E. Bedell, S. Johnson. Seared: M. Schulfz, J. Defweiler, G. Ropp, J. Swope, J. Guinnee. Row One: Mr. Kuslar, C. Grampp, J. Wilfermood, C. Wheafley, D. Courfney, E. Hinshaw, G. Schelley, J. Babb, H. Yoder, J. Miller, C. Shipperl, L. Bafes, E. Schulh, L. Smilh, R. Marshall, L. Wilfermood, Mr. Allen. Row Two: C. Gazelle, K. Byerly, J. Curlis, R. Ropp, W. Niepagen, B. Reeser, G. Rengle, D. Reeser, R. Inman, R. Allers, D. Brown, K. Rokey, J. Springer, B. Kafh, J. Kafh, D. Oliver. Row Three: J. Hunler, E. Mears, R. Fincham, D. Jones, H. Presfon, F. Werf, D. Sieq, L. Bell, P. Cope, R. Shaffer, D. Ollman, E. Fowler, D. Kunfz, D. Olfo, L. Cagley, D. Harper. Row Four: D. Crafl, L. McBurney, R. Ehrlich, W. Basfinq, T. Murray, D. Beverage, G. Delloff, R. Prince, C. McClure, W. Schwarlzel, J. Reed, J. Denzer, W. Mohr, R. Hinfhorn, K. Carter, C. Bush, R. Knufh, R. Reeser, B. Rodman, J. Lockinvifz, D. Lanigan, M. Knulh. The Normal Chapfer of fhe Fufure Farmers of America under 'lhe leadership of Mr. Kusfer and Mr. Allen, sfarfed fhe year by elecfing fhe following officers: Presi- denf, Gordon Roppg Vice Presidenf, Jim Defweiler: Secrefary, Jim Guinneeg Treasurer, Melvin Schulfz: Re- porfer, Jerry Swope: and Wafch Dog, Don Sieg. In Ocfober, several of fhe boys affended fhe F. F. A. Convenfion in Kansas Cify. During fhe monfhs of February and March a Pesf Con- frol was held. The F. F. A. boys also sold garden seeds. Affer selling fhree boxes of seeds, each boy received a candy bar for every box sold affer fhaf. A few of fhe ofher acfivifies held during fhe year were: Wafermelon Parfy for fhe F. F. A. boys and 'lhe men faculfy: Parenf and Son Lawn Parfy: Ice Cream Feed for fhe boys and men faculfy. Several of fhe boys won championships in fhe fairs lasf summer. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA if if A V, ' ':' "gi 1 ,. : 3 A af il, L LLLIL Q fi 3555 USSR? 1 FWF-f 21325 A U HIGH Aka 5 QIQIHIS , 26 f ik i' A X E 1 X Q E f 5 V, x E ! jf ' 5 XJ zu, '- E J M i If ! A i f Q-1 , K JIA J I 1 Mwyd nj' 'gui .x q ,N "W W f f GH. ,J WJ 23 4' ,H 1 I J Q - ' ' AX X S -si- R ' Asa 4 X A XX 4 A M H ml CNIAM. eg 1' A saw J ' ' his nxcirf' true beq,u.i:nj lull? Nw 50 ..lQol"' O Row One: Jo Ann Schad, G. Ropp, S. Houser. Row Two: M. Saxfon, Jim Sched, S. Johnson, N. Clesson. Row Three: J. Oliver, C. Carlson, E. Bedell, P. Ambrose, C. Todd. Row Four: J. Babb, R. STiIlman, A. Ropp, D. Todd, J. Parlier, Miss Hoose. The CharTer oT The NaTional Thespian DramaTic SocieTy, Troupe 6l3, was granTed in December oT I944, since ThaT Time The club has been greaTly increased. The Troupe is one of some eleven hundred in The UniTed STaTes. The Board oT DirecTors Tor The TirsT semesTer consisTed of Larry Ward, PresidenTg Gordon Ropp, Vice-PresidenTg Jo Ann Schad, Treasurer: Phyllis Ambrose, Senior Rep- resenTaTiveg Maurine SaxTon, Junior RepresenTaTive: Jim Sched, Sophomore RepresenTaTive and Joan Parlier, Clerk. During The second semesTer, Jo Ann Schad assumed The duTies of PresidenT, and Carol Todd, became Treasurer. AcTiviTies of The year included The Tall play "The GreaT American Family," conTesT work, and The sTunT show in which They received second place. ln co-operaTion wiTh The dramaTics club, They sponsored The Drama FesTival. NATIONAL THESPIANS DRAMATICS CLUB Seafed: M. Augspurger, P. Ambrose, D. Reed. Row One: L. Reed, S. Shinnall, F. Boyd, M. Saxton, M. Logan, W. Bacon G. Rodgers, J. Schad, L, Bigger, B. Kearfoff, D. Woelfle, C. Ensign L. Phillips, B. Sacry, C. Schmidt, D. Fogle, L. Pafriclz, Miss Hoose. Row Two: R. Cufier, J. Schad, S. Valenline, R. Cushman, B. Cushman, M Malinowski, J. Barnell, C. Todd, E. Barnes, H. Lampi, B. DeWiH, C Burns, N. Clesson, C. Carlson, C. Pelerson, S. Johnson, D. Atkinson, D Morefz, M. Mason. Row Three: B. Abbey, K. Ropp, J. Oliver, P. Glover, S. McElroy, M. Sparks J. Parlier, C. Coleman, S. Zaiss, K. Harfupee, S. Houser, V. Burn, F Eicher, M. Harrell, E. Bedell, E. Dringenberg, J. Lusher, W. Srephens D. Pallon. Row Four: D. Abbey, G. Todd, M. Rice, R. Slillman, G. Ropp, J. Babb D. Lawyer, R. Thorp, T. Kirkfon, D. Gullschow, N. Morrison, J. Pufman P. Jones, D. Todd, J. Johnson, J. Guinnee, A. Ropp. For 'lhe fourfeenfh year, lhe Dramalics Club has been an organizalion al' Normal Communily High School. Officers of lhe year were Phyllis Ambrose, Presidenh Larry Ward, Vice-Presidenl lfirsl semeslerlp Terry Kirldon, Vice Presidenf lsecond semeslerlg Marilyn Augspurger, Secrelaryg and Doris Reed, Treasurer. Major aclivilies were: The Drama Feslival which was given lhis year for 'lhe sevenfh conseculive produclion, social funclions including an inilialion and parly in 'lhe fall, a parly for 'l'he casl and crews following lhe spring play and a picnic in lhe spring. The Creed of 'lhe club is Hamlels advice lo 'lhe players: "Speak 'lhe speech, I pray you, as l pronounce if 'lo you, frippingly on fhe longue . . . do noi' saw lhe air 'loo much wilh your hands . . . suil fhe acfion fo 'lhe word, 'lhe word lo lhe aclion . . . 'lhe purpose of playing is +o hold fhe mirror up lo nal'ure." Rouxzigrtod from the novel by Lee Shippey, and dramafiud by Aurania " T H E G R E Produced under fha diraciion of Colsne House, Novemblr, l?50. A M E R I C A N F A M I L Y " ll ll ' ' J A N E E Y R E A play In fhree acfs, dramahzed from fhe CharIoHe Bronfe Novel by Helen Jerome was produced on May 5, I95I. Direcfed by Miss Colene Hoose. .." -"'-"' H I'f."l C,.f ' I Li' f I ' I IIII Q7 ,fy E- I U for .ff .,, ie I 1,1 3 ' l , , ll , I, .. N - K ll I I "' If 6 - l l' " ' f i t .-I if K 1 S-'M !'ll 1 If ll S 1 I X 'X 'Q' A ' K 4 ... ,I F .f I X Q! q 3 4-1 If 1 I iii ll II ' egw ART CLASS iT.. h.llL.1.ll- , CAE, I -...-... DQ7 3 Q- MSI ixfxx I -Q 1 f, F471 7 gg KX, V35 M 'J 525- Mr I'fI Q2 I -IIE? " xlxk CT- 'jg Y , - . '-I L1 Iv f I A I ju! ' ' 9 f f M fx Y' K f f em, IT I f I I N I V kf S5 xg " -- .M :Ig gmif, V ,x. I -gf I 9 I if x Y I n I A I! 3 ,X-Ii! XI. AN In nw,.1.,IbIgq- T? A 4, f A . LIU 3-WI? ' .t.. II' A f'l I I K. I Jeff X li CHORUS Row One: N. Mohr, C. Carlson, S. Johnson L. Pairick, M. Snodgrass, R. Cuffer, W. Williams, S. Zaiss, S. Yeakel, D. Oliver, H. Palmer, S. Roberison, J. Taylor, S. Boggs, J. lmhoff, F. Heidelberg, M. Glasscock. Row Two: A. Siahly, L. Reed, E. Barnes, G. Miller, M. Augspurger, H. Lampi, N. Hanks, A. Lampi, G. Hobson, J. Springer, J. Cline, J. Sieg, B. Abbey, M. Logan, Pa? Beardsley, M. Eicher, G. Rodgers, N. Simons, P. Jobba. Row Three: Mr. D. Miller, J. Givens, A. Richard, J. Oliver, C. Ensign, K. Harfupee, E. Bedell, J. Raydon, S. Valentine, D. Smifh, K. Byerly, B. Cushman, G. Shumaker, F. Sfewarf, V. Peffy, V. Nelson, J. Perschall, M. Sparks, P. Ambrose, E. Sfolfz, B. Dewiff, M. Kafh, S. Sfephens. Row Four: C. Peferson, S. McElroy, M. Lamborn, J. Nelson, D. Aikinson, R. Marshall, Pefe Beardsley, D. Elder, F. Zorfman, J. Campbell, D. Abbey, R. Cushman, P. Ehlers, B. Howard, H. Hendricks, J. Johnson, J. Richard, D. Bicknell, N. Kepner, R. Allen, B. Grampp, B. Oerlwig, D. Mifchell. The chorus was composed of abouf eighfy-five sfudenfs. If was divided info fwo groups, fhe girls' chorus and fhe boys' chorus. The combining of bofh choruses made up fhe mixed chorus. Officers for fhe girls' chorus were: Wanifa Williams, Presidenf: Mary Jo Logan, Vice-presidenfg Marilyn Augspurger, Secrefary-freasurerg and Roberfa Cuffer, Librarian. The leaders in fhe boys' chorus were: John Campbell, Presiclenfg Vernon Peffy, Vice-presidenf: Jerry Johnson, Secrefary: and Roger Cushman, Librarian. The band and chorus consisfed of several smaller musical groups. Among fhese were girls', boys' and mixed en- sembles, pep band, German band and several soloisfs. As a whole, all fhe music organizafions were successful and made oufsfanding performances af school, com- munify affairs and also af fhe disfricf and sfafe music confesfs. H. Lampi, M. Augspurqer, C. Todd, N. Kepner, A. Sfahly, S. Zaiss, J. Oliver, K. Ropp, S. Johnson. Accompanisi: John Chiddix P. Beardsley, M. Logan, 8. Abbey, A, Richards, E N S E M B L E Accfinlfiiff'Jfi4nC5i.iff.5'i'. E N S E M B I. E W. Williams, R. Cuffer, M A J O R E T T E S Left io Righi: Maurine Saxfon, Wenona Bacon, Norma Lea Clesson. Lelf fo Righf: Roberia cumr, Mary Rufh williams, Edifh schmadf. V I Q I. I N I S T S Row One: B. Howard, J. Crump, J. Rosa, R. Dillon, M. Logan, D. Mohr, B. Barber, J. Meyers, H. Thomas, C. Grampp, C. Carlson, N. Clesson, W. Bacon, M. Saxton, S. Johnson, N. Hanks. Ro T Mr D M'lI A R R R w wo: . . ner, . opp, . eeser, L. Reed, R. Basfing, L. Smith, S. Correll, J. Lusher, K. Ropp, D. Reed, P. Glover, C. Henry, J. Chiddlx, D. Reeser, P. Wheafley, N. Kepner, M. Carnahan, L. Bates, B. Craig, N. Chiddix, D. Shanks, J. Hobson, J. Delweiler. Row Three: C. Mallory, D. Ropp, M. Schullz, B. Ambrose, B. Rodman, D. Neal, W. Stephens, E. Easfwood, D. Sieberf, J. Lamborn, L. Bell, D. Abbey, R. Hafer, J. Piercy, V. Mirchell, H. Rudisill. The band is iusf finishing a very successful year. Af foofball games, if presenfed novelfy numbers which were very colorful and warming fo fhe hearfs of fhe chilled specfafors. The colored cap lighfs which were obfained lasf year made fhe performances even more colorful. The band parficipafed in fhe annual l.S.N.U. Home- coming parade and confesf, fhe Wesleyan parade and in some of 'l'he Bloomingfon Cenfennial parades. During 'lhe summer, fhe members of fhe band slayed acfive by pracficing fogefher once a week and pre- senfing concerfs in every fown in fhe Unil' Disfricf. ln Augusf 'lhey played af 'lhe Sfafe Fair and came home wifh 'lhe firsf place frophy. Officers of 'fhe band were as follows: Allen Ropp, Pres- idenfg Don Shanks, Vice-presidenf: Doris Reed, Sec- refary: Kaye Ropp, Librarian. The annual Winfer Concerl' was presenfed by bofh 'lhe band and chorus. Many Chrisfmas selecfions were chosen in keeping wifh 'lhe Chrisfmas spiri'l'. BAND 41: C 1' 4? Mi? ru ' wan" x .ll UNI" part ' than an :tele-1 Uwe .VXI 1 1 C H E E R L E A D E R S Row One: P. Bearclsley, M. Sparks, F. Boyd, B. Abbey, C. Todd. Row Two: S. Valenhne. Row One: R. lnman, 6. Ropp, G. Swope, J. Campbell, B. Cushman, H. Hafer, J. Guinnee. Row Two: Mr. Legg, Mr. Neuman, Mr. Wood, Mr. Maslers. Row Three: H. Palmer, G. Todd, O. Moore, J. Maxey, R. Thorp, B. Fincham, D, Jones, R. Olson. Row Four: T. Kirklon, D. Todd, L. Merriff, A. Ropp, M. Garfon, C. Bonny, E. Mem, J. Miner. N . C I. U B ,.,.,.,,.f Row One: V. Puffy, J. Maxey, G. Ropp, W. Basling, G. Todd, R. Hafer, K. Byerl , C. McCIur J. Rose. Y 9- Row Two: G. Swope, J. Campbell, R. Hollinger, J. Guinnee, C. Liddle, M. Garfon, D. Todd, R. Thorp, R. Olson, H. Palmer. Row Three: Coach R. Neuman, J. Miller, B. Fincham, D. Jones, J. Meyers, T. Kirkfon, Bonny, A. Ropp, D. Sacry, Coach H. E. Masfers. The Varsilyfoolball Ieam, I'his year, wasn'I loo success- ful in scoring al 'Iheir games, buf a Iremendous im- provemenl' in 'Iheir playing abili+y was shown. N. C. H. S. will lose 'lhe following boys because of gradualionz Charles Bonny, Gerald Swope, Allen Ropp, Jack Miller, Donald Jones, Roberl' Fincham, Ralph Thorp, and Gordon Ropp. Charles Bonny, Ieam caplain, was eIecI'ed Io Ihe infer- cily foolball Ieam, along wiI'h Donald Sacry. Sep'I'. I5 Normal I7 Plainfield Sep'l'. 22 Normal 7 U. High SepI'. 28 Normal 7 CIin'Ion OcI'. 6 Normal 0 Ellcharl Oc'I'. I3 Normal I9 Ponliac Ocf. I9 Normal 3 Trinily OcI'. 27 Normal 6 Lincoln Nov. 3 Normal 6 B. H. S. VARSITY FOOTBALL FRESHMAN- SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL Row One: K. Brackman, J. Brown, J. Long, A. Lampi, J. Filliponi, J. Sched, B. Wert Row Two: G. Boswell, P. Beardsley, G. Conklin, F. King, C. Moran, D. Boswell D. Jones, D. Bonny, J. Kennedy. Row Three: Coach L. L. Le , J. Lon , T. Murray, G. Defloff, D. Nelson, 99 9 W. Schwarlzel, D. Smith, D. Franz, D. Brown, L. Wilfermood. N. C. H. S. had Hs line-up of lhe freshman foollaall feam For fhe fourlh year in succession fhis year under lhe able coaching of Mr. Lewis Legg. Afler a few weeks of warm- ing up and learning some plays, fhe freshmen lads played fheir firsf game Sepfember 28 againsl Clinfon. The ruggecl liH'le men won lhree and losf one. FRESHMEN Sept 28 Normal 37 Clinfon 0 Sept 30 Normal I9 B. H. S. Oct I3 Normal I2 Ponfiac Oct 2l Normal I2 B. H. S. Tofal Poinls 80 FRESHMAN - SOPHOMORE Sept 25 Normal 6 B. H. S. Oct 2 Normal I2 Trinify Oct 9 Normal 7 U. High Oct I6 Normal 7 B. H. S. Oct 23 Normal 6 Trinify Oct 30 Normal 26 U. High Tofal Poinls 64 J. Campbell, R. Thorp, B. Flncham, L. Merrill, J. Millar, E. Mears, T. Kirkfon, D. Guflschow, D. Todd, R. Roasor. Coach Carroll Wood in his lasl' year of coaching, pro- duced Normal's besl' leam in recenl years. The lronmen caplured bolh lhe Corn Bell and lhe lnler-Cily crowns. They placed fhird in lhe Taylorville lourney and second in Normal's 5+h annual lournamenl. Normal faced such compelilion as Quincy, DePue, Joliel, and Taylorville. Leading 'lhis leam, lhal' won I9 and losl' 9, were Jack Miller, Bob Fincham, John Campbell, Ralph Thorp, and Caplain Lee Merrill. Lee also won lhe mosl valuable award. Eldon Mears, Terry Kirldon, Dave Todd, Roger Reeser, and Dick Gullschow were 'I'he reserves. The refurning lronmen will be John Campbell, Dave Todd, Roger Reeser, Dick Gullschow, and Terry Kirldon. SCHEDULE I950-I95I Normal 4I Winchesler 35 Normal 47 Quincy 57 " 4l Lexingfon 62 " 59 Lexinglon 53 Z' 49 McLean 47 " 48 Trinily 43 .. 3:3 Taylorville Tourney " 22 Lincoln 36 Norrnal 47 Taylorville 64 " 50 T,.i,,i+y 49 50 Maffoon 47 H 55 Jolief 54 Normal Holiday Tourney 57 Clinlon 47 N I Ch.H. h -. 68 ochvi. 40 orme 67 n :col fa 55 -1 . " 48 Farmer Crly 47 55 u. i-hgh 48 .. 56 D P 66 " as Pontiac as ' U' " sa Gibson ciiy 42 Re9i0"'lT0"f'1ev " 46 Bloomingfon 32 Normal 75 Fairbury 4I " 54 Mr. Pulaslci 63 " 59 U. High 54 " 64 U. High 60 " 53 Lexinglon 7l Tolal Poinls Normal l4B4 Opponenfs l3B7 VARSITY BASKETBALL FRESHMAN- SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL Row One: J. Schad, J. long, R. Hafer, B. Cushman, M. Zehr, K. Byerly, P. Beardsley, Mr. Legg. Row Two: A. Lampi, G. Todd, D. Franz, J. Maxey, B. Kafh, D. Boswell, J. F'II' '. nppom Row 'l'hree: G. Conklin, D. Brown, D. Bonny, B. Howard, R. Ahlers, J. Kennedy, D. Jones. Row Four: Smifh, S. Fincham, D. Nelson, R. Mefzger, V. PeHy, J. Rose. Normal's freshman-sophomore feam enioyed a good season in baskelball compiling a I3 won and 6 losf record. They also fool: firsf place in 'I'he Corn Bell con- ference. There was a 'Freshman-sophomore 'lournamenl held for l'he second year in a row. LeRoy won lhe firsl 'lourney frophy in I950, and U. High capiured lhe I95I lrophy Mr. Legg was fhe coach of 'lhe liH'le lronmen. Normal 50 Winchesfer Normal U. High " 32 Lexingfon " Ponfiec " 27 McLean " Gibson Cify " 40 Ponfiac " Bloominglon " 3I Clinfon Mi, Puleslxi " 30 Lincoln U. High " 47 Trinity " Lexinglon " 49 Joliel " Triniiy " Clinfon Bloominglon 43 " 60 Ocfavia Sifling: K. Byerly, J. Long, G. Ropp, D. Brown, P. Boardslcy, R. Olson, D. Sacry, J. Guinnee, J. Rose, M. Rice. Sfonding: D. Sieg, J. Richards, R. Siillman, R. Hafer, J. Maxey, R. Raeser, R. Cushman, J. Dofloif, B. Fincham, J. Schad, Mr. Bruno. Coach Richard Bruno, assuming fhe dufies of Carrol Wood, has worked hard io build e formidable nine io represeni NCHS ihis Year. Normal used fhe Carloclc diamond 'ihis year due fo fhe lack of a field here af fha school. The reiurning leffermen are: Bob Fincham. Gordon Ropp, Bob Cushman, and Jim Maxey. The Disfricf will be held May I4-I8 ai Bloomingfon. SCHEDULE April I6--Pon+iac lTl May 3-Bloomingion lTl April I9-Bloomingion lTl May 7-Poniiac lHl April zz-u. High il-in may ll -U. High m April 25-Triniiy lTl May I4-I8--Disiricf April 30 - Clinfon lHl BASEBALL TRACK Silfing: J. Fillipponi, D. Bonny, G. Conklin, J. Raydon, D. Hlnfhorn, A. Lampl M. Zehr, D. Boswell. Kneeling: J. Pickell, M. Wallace, D. Jonas lfr.l D. Franz, D. Faaslay, R Coffey, J. Kafh, D. Brown. Sfunding: J. Brockman, D. Nelson, J. Millar, R. Patterson, C. Bonny, D. Jonas isrl T Kirkton, L. Merrill, G. Todd, M. Rice, R. Thorp, D. Todd J. Campbell, Mr. Maslars. Wilh only four lellermen refurning from fha lnfer-Ciry champion squad of lasl year. Coach Gene Maslers had fo rebuild fhe squad. The relurning lellermen were Jaclc Miller, Dave Todd, Chuck Bonny and Ralph Thorp. The big evenl' of fhe year was fhe 'fourlh annual Normal Relay Carnival, in which 36 reams from all over lhe slafe parficipalad. April April April April April April May 6 I0 I4 20 24 28 SCHEDULE Urbana Open iTl May Clinfon lHl Decalur iTl May Lincoln lTl May LeRoy lHl Normal Relays May iHl May Corn Bell' Con- ference May B.H.S Freshman Track Meel' Urbana Relays iTl Delavan lnvila- lional Ponliac lTl Disfricl Peoria lnler-Cily i H l ,fx . . ' ff' r E , 2 YW if Y 5' 2 wif f 3 W 1, mg a' kg gp, gi: .ig 3 . JAM 9,15 -...fa 1,1 :gp 35 f 'Q "f-i ,, X , 116 RS SE ADVEQM W 0' 0 '50 xo 3:6 xv. ,rg Ou, 7 '5 .ik uv vu 'th 9' ay 'U' P- Cn ev- PA L , W K to.: ui 2 HC ffl wi Inf- g- .. Norma Lea Clesson and Doroihy Huffingfon check yearbook Ieyouis wifh Harold Sfeinkreus and Larry Peiffer af McKnighI's. McKNIGHT 81 MCKNIGHT PUBLISHING COMPANY Bloomington. Illinois LT Qfgjisglf eil.:- rw Ls 5. I k '26- Joanne Barneff and Ralph Thorp lisien while Mr. Whife explains lhe new buHer cabinef of an lnfernaiional Harvesfer refrigerafor. DOWELL - WHITE CO. 305 W. Jefferson Bloomington. Illinois mmm? A R . V , fe , . gjfgff f . 'Q A ,:, if an p Home Office FUNK BRQS. SEED CO. Bloomington, Illinois Funlc's "G" Hybrid Seed Corn Field Seeds Soybean Producls Qin Margarel Malinowslci and Jim Curlis look on as employee explains flue pasleurizing machine. NORMAL SANITARY DAIRY Normal. Illinois GRADE Norma Lea Clesson and Roy Cu+'l'er lislen +o Mr. H. J. Slollz explain The funclamenlals of 'lhe Norlhweslern Mufual Life Insurance Co. During lhe forly years of ils exislence, Nor'lhwesl'ern's Bloominglon Disfricl Agency has helped lhe people in fhis area +o acquire lens of millions of Norlhweslern Mulual life insurance. The money paid as premiums by lhese policyholders will consfanlly be af work helping ihe progress and prosperify of businesses and communilies 'lhroughoul' our counlry. Equally inleresfing is l'he facl lhal' much of 'lhe face value of 'lhese policies will come righl back "home." They will help 'lo pay for food, clofhing, shel'l'er, school- ing, faxes, medical and denial care. So by invesling in life insurance we help ourselves, our families. our communily and our counlry. And when you buy life insurance - if will pay you fo remember fhal' 'rhere is a significanl' difference beiween Life Insurance Companies, parfic- ularly in lhe maHer of cosl. No company excels The Norlhweslern Mufual in fhaf happiesl' of all business relafionships, old cus'l'omers coming back for more. JACK STOLTZ. C. L. U. DISTRICT AGENT BLOOMINGTON-NORMAL ILLINOIS ,M '4 Phyllis Ambrose and Terry Kirldon are looking ai some of 'ihe school supplies ai CO-OP BOOK STORE Normal, Illinois Roger Cushman and Alien Willig are examining e sporf conf from a wide variefy ai' Moberly and KIenner's Boy's Deparfmenr Bloomington. Illinois ' ,,,-fffggvx, ' , -1- H ,f ' - V, "fum Salesman explains 'Phe qualify of differenl sporfing goods fo Dave Todd and Lee Merrill W. B. READ 81 CO. Bloomington, Illinois OUR LONG RANGE CONSTRUCTION PLANS REACH RIGHT INTO YOUR HOME We've buill new power planls al Wood River and al Havana. New Iransmission lines have gone slriding across 'lhe Illinois landscape. You see Ihe signs of our conslruclion program every- where, working 'lo keep ahead of your increasing de- mand for more and more eleclricily. In your own home . . . in Ihe conslanl' day-and-niglrl service . . . and in 'lhe conlinued low cosl' of Ihe eleclricily you buy you are benefiling by our long range conslrucfion program. ILLINOIS POWER COMPANY BLOOMINGTON. ILLINOIS 4 I f- V - 4 ,L,., l-,',,, kj. - - -,wv-V -,., ,, ,i- . .w , 1 f f , - 4 KM, Ill nl C A L E N D A R Sepfember 5 School Opens 28-29 lnfernafional Livesfock Show 8-9 F. F. A. Sectional Fair December I3 Winfer Concer+ I2 F. F. A. Walermelon Feed F. T. A. Chrislmas Parly 22 U. High lHerel Foofball I9-20 Taylorville Tournamenf 27 Slunl' Show 20-Jan. 3 Chrislmas Vacaiion 28 Clinfon lHomecomingl 27. 28, 29 Holiday Tournamenl' 29 Homecoming Dance January 3 School resumes Ocfober 3 F. F. A. Organizafion Nighf 5 Trinify lHerel 9, IO, II F. F. A. Nafional Convenfion a+ Kansas Cify Ib U. High lHerel I3 Six weeks ends IB-I9 Final Exams - end of firsl' semesler I9 Trinify lHereI 23 Allen Duo Assembly Program 2I Thespian Play 30 Bloomingfon lThereI 23 C. E. Jones Assembly February 6 Freshman Pariy 30 Senior Class Parly 8 Melody Four Assembly Program November 3 Bloomingfon lThereI 9 U. High lThereI 5-8 American Educalion Week I5 F. T. A. lnifierion 7 Open House I6 Trinify lTherel I4 F. F. A., F. H. A. Parly I9 F. F. A. Baskefball I7 All School Parly 20 Nafional Honor Socieiy lniiiaiion 20 Dramalics Club lnifialion 23 Bloomingfon IH,,-.1 22 Second six weeks ends 24 Dim-icq Speech Junlof Class PBHY 26, 27, 28 Regional Tournamenf I ' I . 'lv I j K ll. ll' I l ll ' cf Q Coca Q5-gd tdipt his Suit 59 U-'On - FN W . Iii? 1 I II yr 'X C A l. E N D A R March 2 End of fourih six weeks 28 Normal Relays 3 Drama Fesfival May I Corn Bel+ Conference Track Meal 5 Counly Insiiiufe 4 Urbana Track Relays 6 F. F. A. Baskefball Junior Academy of Science F. T. A. Pariy 5 Spring Play 7, B, 9 Seclional Tournamenis 10 Sfyle Show F. H. A. I0 Seciional Speech Coniesis I2 Digfrid Track Meet Freshman-Sophomore Tournamenfs I5 Spring Conner-If I2-I3 Freshman-Sophomore Tournamenfs 15.17 Dish-ief Baseball Tournamenl' I2, I3. I4 Girls Basketball Tournamenl' 13-19 S1a+e Track Meet I5-I6 Sfdle TOUYH-imeflf I9 Junior-Senior Dinner-Dance Mar, 23 -Apr. I Spring Vacafion 2I Nafional Honor Sociely lniiiafion 3l Distric? Solo and Ensemble Conlesl 22 lnfer Cify Track Meet I April 2 5Cl1O0l RBSUITIGS 22-24 Seclional Baseball Tournamenf 6-7 F- H- A- Trip 'IO CIIICGQO 29 Senior Examinaiions 7 Disfricl Music Organizalion Conlesl 30-31 Sfafe Baseball Tqurnamenf I0 F. F. A. Ice Cream Feed 31 Seniors Cheek Out I3-I4 Sfale Speech Conlesl June 3 Bqcgalaureale I7 Laiin Club Banque? 5-6 Semesler Examinalions 20 End of fiffh six weeks 7 Check Owl' Assembly Program, Lalin Club 9 Cgmmgncemenf Z7-28 Siale Music Confesl' I I I III' 1 l l vlll ii VJ G9ntenkTi-vm' ENDS thai Q09 ""Pr'3spn.i.'S Wed' ev'- I .fl .

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