Normal Community High School - Echoes Yearbook (Normal, IL)

 - Class of 1948

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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1948 volume:

0 N EDR , IV , ,I if 'B - 'Sf :..,, .,. 1 Z , ' 'Fw 'fi' . 7 -.L :ww .: .g,.,- ' ' +4 1 f--'. rf .:-'L-jf"1qfv. 'Q-' fw ' ' "' '- ff , . - V . - - ' - - . - , V .f- ' --'A -af.. J 5:0 .FV .. v - V: ., - . - A , - f . Y 51, . ' ' 'fn ' .3 :'2,.r-,g'?iS."Fx1,.,f"ff - " ' X '1. -3, ' ' 7 V y ' L- 3 -,-fwq.Qf,i'-df. " L W lv -'-ig L, , W : . ,4,.5,ig5:. , M . .I ,-,,::,.,,e,T1 - r V - -5, ,, f .V V W v A-,V . ff-fa , kr . . f. ' , -5.-,gf Aw" V t , , , ' , ,, A inks-1 ,,,- gx wk- , 1 . Ml' u 45675 W ' M, Q 5 Q I'-ji fx U! V! Mygj, ! if ' ' 'JK J QYNA9 OHV , N- -2 " A r X- wb-SX Y I, , xl Q M ff' A -I . x V' --'C ,5 X iid N1 W X. , f one ' xg---' 'IN r' L, xlv' V ! 'f' 1 .r' 5 ,5 A IJ . W ,. F, Ez x Mi HJ xx. I xl ,N ig' I , X H L A Tj 'jj Lx! P ,Q k A - if JN' . jill! , .J 5.2 X xi 'I ,' 4 4 J,.f wi 7 ',' nf' ' L Q df' K X 'Y " ir., J Nu ff 52? rwgf iff! ig!! it ffl K - Rx --'F ,N A ' ,af ' ll . .. X 5 5-5' M' 'f R 1 , ' -xv X 9-, Q 4 V if M XX w z ,A A' Q li if Qs 1 t 1. 63 'JN . , 'Xin ff ifffg 5 ' V V, A EOM Tk! .vulgar 4? mv X V if 1 -Q is X f I V Y V A , I' ,FA ' X D 351 G v b y,f'? .D N Q x X W .. Q jg' F if qs K QF. X -. 4 i ' - ' x Q f N 8 s ' 3 2, ' 4 z ' : Q .N , 1 '.- Q- S 1' X ga in 3 yy wx A M N x J , Won? , DAQ bj b gm X xt x IQ ' I V 5 v b A 1 Pb 4 X 3 W X " 'N 'L 9 Y b X xx 3' 2 XR Y TAD f HQ A ' N, W ' X 1 x ' b 1: -5. - - . Q R 1 955 '- f -in 1. fn.u,'5.aH.f,L.: , H Ny: 4- -V 4 ,1 1' A l QgL,,ucR, , 'U0, X 'N ft A 'V ll ' ' - V ' ." .,,. .1 " 130' . 4 I ' W 1 I V' N WJ , e .lf rt A f' Q N ,'A, OJ ', 3,4 if fx' V " ,V 1 iv' A R 6 Y- R . X T f l ' L - I 1X A f, . . I ' '. X. . R, u xx Q . - x K , X! Q, I J x-fi Q.- 'NA ' V ,I x , ' I i ' ' N ' . 2 1' X JS Ll J x M Q LS l XX 1' W , u N J ' lgl, 1' If X NUJUV M4 fx: fp .fr 'Tv J QL , M M ffef ff'1 5 Wai-H6 X id.-:fm x sg ' 2 We ' I fix! x A 1 S 258 Z-.1-Q ,ff " r wif! Q Wifi X ,J . f . .f. , -.- f WN J f,,,3 f' Ziff ' f A . .:. C. 3 I 1 J a ,-"' -J Fx L ,jf ',,,1, C .3 f , 'I YY, Ljf f ' ' ' .- f r X ,rf 2 V' 'I if x -V f. xx .X JJ ' Pa' T 5 17 www MQW? WW M if DQMMWV 05,11 , fjQiOMfMZlqm cw. sf VM 'LQ 5 AJ it mwvwwfafffui Q. g44.,,! . X I 1 . - ' K . -if . ' .X 4 ' r ' - . V Q ,f ', 1 V A V 1 H," - , r . M' W I . We I 2 ' , A ! N .ay lx , X I ' ' 1 n v , ' ,ALLAX .7f Q is I VA. gs' - f Sw f p 1, Q21 o -0- ,fb 'A' Q 'xxx' ' 0' 9 2:-15 X" ? 22 v:f gui K? ' - 2 . TF Q-my M xg, J A EE' ev WG' . ,Qllq7',:1f2 ,ff ii? W1 ji 'ff 'Jef' ' rr 5 I 'N 3042 . + 3 , 'J X argl U 'V -- L A is - 1 ' - 9' in ' is 34 5 A 5' Ll5:i.'L!!T3gS O f 1 - A qi - Q '1 W2 ,DAN XJ 0 ca? o , A E g in 'XX QA .- ,, N Nga! E E f- 7 - LQ9' f." - ' M' mmf .1-A.. .- ii' im t9 QQLNIIUI, .V VOHIIQ I' Q Xl '3 'j ' ' az:3-'f,+.--- g - 1 t. hlgslilgfsm 0 N E' fiwz'-'Qi RIN 4 1114, ' 71-43554.-A"ff,'l' a ' ,Sf "' J Qiffq 'r-'-"G:v"21 4 1, wfw? 16 "' 'ff I J435 i,5hIl'1,'a " .r , xr" ' U x J V ar-da B. W4 A 1 ki WWW f 6 1' . Q .- , , 4 Q A . ' 'L ', "l Q 1 I Q 1, A . 1 ,4'. . 'fl C .' 4 9 n I . .. eu Q 1 , 9 ' W I if g.. ' f Q, , 'tg .. 1 ! T' P n -fi I ' q o I. Q ' . :, 3 af ' 1 - ' ' , A ' 1 L Q Q J 'Q '- . I 'I ' n 1 Ai v , v A 1' 1 . , ' s .1 9 ' , 4 . 1 U L A I J Y' 4 . , .1 .1 1 X . 4 . ar v . r ' . 1 .', '. , u' r Q ' '. , , . . ,Q 1 , V, .1 Q5 v K 4, V My u X . 0 f' .' 1 .5553 4 f -. we 'L' ,X 'x, ' x 15' F "'- " . .. . ma-ww, , WW? Mmm k wuqgm k"QW f, W1 . A M v 4 R U , .s2flfgwg4.g,.'f",' ' 5 Kia ,ui f 'V' ,,1:?.f1I 1 It I4 . ,3 ,A 1 jg, 'S ,,. ' , 's V V? hi' -I Q. ,M-Af ll ' l:lg,.!.wV. 2 - ,KI ' .,leA 'GQ ' h 11, .tl 57-3,5 Q A 43. . ' -i 'a t"'?1', Tiff vw'- 'N34-,fk ff' L 6 . I " K "V ffxf-Ji, 'w ' '- - 3'i,',':Js.,.f,v5 -'kv " qimg R- I' .ig?g..55g-A' . Ifvs A, rv '- A r-W?'f':Ljnx5 V l "War ' k't"'.' 'L ' -v . -w 14-51 M- 41 , 1 -Q mv-4.1,u4-'fb-,H ' ' N L5 V'?'K5,1 f5QY!'i."' Q' A .ff J "Qi, .fin r I .H-:L ' f ' ax! - .-Q-'15Qf'31X.a ,'E.i-an '- x l 55.14- , , v5'u',f'L iv q'f1J":f L' "fl,-'-A A wufw' ' ti '-cf. "-,. rl,--, ,tlijg ki ., .Vgh.-.g.L.g?5Q ,g . 22" 1 mfm, 'ws - CULV' Y' gg., .',,..,,.gy-syn yi!!! in 33-,LL pf A..i?Q'A1:a, L .5-G' 5 5 "1 'f '3' 'ilkff a'K..2N VN dluqtfziwy 4 Xffrff' A N 713. 'X-4 '5f"'w-" 5 3 M15-, Hu rg',Ez f: H?2r.f4g'5f'-33-Q 1 ,V ffvim- if, ff: YQ-.D H11 .K 3 .,.7?'!i11.,i4:' Spzglfg ting?-I:-'! my ,ia,55!?g3'- A k,,A, I It r , ,ull . ' ve , r 5 'wi 2f fg31fQ:1fQ.frifJ5,QQ ' 4 1' g4.?.,- ,, fa f:EgevL+'g- ga- 'M P854 x 1. sing yay ,z,,VqVfi1'r:'q - N. A bf f fig-, ljrvffaw 1, 'ff -" w 1' K gfa'igf f2Q?,gf,f?s5mff'a -Y 2' 5 -1' ,, 3 ,5m.ff,x ,i 57. .' '-5 - -3 A 2 i13zg fMQifn"-.52i,xF'gf1 ff' li ' 531512 f?fi i,43 : grP5P ,+1. 1-. ,v ww -'w ..- ,,.- A ,'Z'iVif'1m1"Eg." -' 1 '- want-fxggl., -1 '-'QQ ,M MSS?-'n.1?A ,-aut fl ' 5" hi I lff f f 64 f.', Q1 jffmf '-f nf! 3:0953 -, ,lu . i fs. ggwg3'a'f , 0 e ' fi Q "3 , WJ iff? 1:54 "Q f'1 dication NJ M 3 Q1 fx ,fig Q l Quik 'lfxxffgxfiilfklf ff ffxf SV YH VIXJI- 5. lfxfv AXIAV I Jlx Alf!!! '7 J lx it JA J if lf' 120' 12'-Qivyx X3 Because of their cooperation and financial assist- ance in making it possible for us to have an annual this eai, we, the 1948 Staff, dedicate this Volume of the REVERIE to our patrons. U I Q' I: I . ,tg o 0 ' 9 Q 0 N-. D , 7 . v'.:"5L e " L 'gf .D Q W ' ' X.. , .tg .,N o 1. . r ilk: . ,', . G 5 Q, "Z: V sv it .' if I ' rl A 'eff-' r ,Ag EI y ,. E i '12 Y i D 1 X 'Q ': i r a g et Sp :Q 1 51- 2 . . .V Q , lg Q 1 'I '. '52 5, ,.'.h'1:. 'I' Dx. YI Q . ,., ,u'Xl3uFiT. fJ":'.'f1 ph at nl.. .c,-,- fi! l L. E. STARKE, A. B., M. A., Culver-Stockton, University of Missouri, University of Chicago erinienalenf of Schools ,ff A5554 Board of Education 5. Stgphens fPresidentJ, Ben Gildersleeve, J. R. Hobert, Miss Miller fSecretaryJ, Ora Byerly, Lander an un y. , ii 2 2. 5 L- X? Wf- A if ' ist R. E CATON B S M A Ill1no1s Wesleyan, Illmois State Normal Unlversty JOHN C. CHIDDIX, B Ed MA Illinois State Normal University Columbia University University of Illinois University of Chicago Chemistry MILDR1-:D Boer, B.S. Northern Illinois State College University of Illinois University df Wisconsin Columbia University History ALENE GALBREATH, B. Ed., M.A., B.S.L.S. Southern Illinois Normal University University of Illinois Librarian f, , , f,-f 1 If: Xt' f A PAUL HARRIS, B. Ed. Illinois State Normal Univ i Social Scie c LAURA M. SPRINGER, A.B., A.M. Illinois Wesleyan University Northwestern University University of Colorado English Roy E. DWELEY, B. Ed., M. S. Illinois State Normal University University of Illinois Biology WILLA MAE S'rRoUD, B.S., B. Ed. Eastern State Teachers College Home Economics KEITH E. MIDDLETON, B. Ed. lllinois State Normal University University of Illinois Industrial Arts LEWIS L. LEGG, B. Ed., M.A. Western Illinois State Teachers' College University o Illinois Physics, A ' General V Science Practical Mathematics GALE BRowN, B.S. Ed. Illinois State Normal University Latin English Journalism ROBERT E. SHARP, B.S. Lincoln College Bradley University Stout Institute Industrial Arts MARCIA GARIHEE, B.S. Ed. Illinois State Normal University Physical Education athematics A X ' s I CLARENCE J. KUSTER, B.Ed., M.A. Illinois State Normal University University of Illinois Agriculture MARY EVELYN DONHAM, B.S Indiana State Teachers' College University of Colorado Gregg College Illinois State Normal University Commerce COLENE Hooss, A.B., M.A. Illinois Wesleyan University Illinois State Normal University University of Illinois Northwestern Speech Art English ROBERT NEUMAN, B.S., M.A. Illinois Wesleyan University Pen St t n a e Illinois State Normal University University of Illinois Drivers Training DUNCAN MILLER, B.Ed., M.M. Illinois Wesleyan University Illinois State Normal University Eastman School of Music Music PHILIP HARDY, B.S. UFHIVGYSHY of Wisconsin University of Illinois Athletics H. EUGENE MASTERS B. Ed. Athletics Illinois State Normal University University of Illinois Commerce Athletics I On-TQGCZZIHQ .PQTSOYIYIQ o C 0 ecrefanes a eterm 9 rv' G Cir KX X f itself? if Q , l . Ri .7 Q 'LC17 L' V 'N KE cf U . w MILDRED KUHL HELEN MILLER VALLIE HEIM PEARL Cnocxsn High School Registrar Secretary to Superintendent Assistant Manager Manager of the Cafeteria 4, I .- .- child ' . ' f . . svn 7441 Aunt' If of the Ca eterma fp. 1 nance Workers ,dl 5 V - R HILL JOHN Hmm REBECCA DonsoN WILLIAM CARTER Engineer Janitor Janitress Janitor SEATED: M. Larkin, C. Wilcox, M. Brown, Editor, S. Veatch, M. Jacobus. FIRST ROW: H. J. McElroy, J. Ochs, D. Adams, N. Arends, J. Galbreath, L. Cutter, V. Warren, S. Evans, D. Morrison, D. Ochs, SECOND ROW: E. Wiese, C. Burtls, B'. Clesson, P. Goodenoufrh, M. Valentine, M. Tate, M. Gates, A. Birky, L. Klump, J..Runge,. F. Chapman, J. Hinkle. THIRD ROW: Miss Donham, P. McBurney, L. Hargis, I. Kidd, W. Kron, Miss Springer, Miss Hoose. Reverie Sing Editor .................... .... M argaret Brown Assistant Editor ............ ........ S ally Veatch Class Editor ...................... ............. L ois Klump Assistant Class Editor ........... ........................................ M arilyn Valentine Activities Editor ...................... ................................................. N orine Arends Assistant Activities Editors ....... .... A nn Birky, Donna Adams, Jane Galbreath Sports Editor ........................... ................................................. F red Chapman Co-Editor ....... ............... J oe Hinkle Art Editor ............ ...... .......... ........................... ...... ..... M a r t h a Jacobus Co-Editor ...................... .................................................................................... D onna Morrison Assistant Art Editors .................. Jeannie Ochs, Varda Belle Warren, Lois Hargis, Sally Evans Business Manager .......................................................................................................... Cliff Wilcox Assistants ............ Marilyn Tate, Dick Ochs, Betty Clesson, Patricia Goodenough, Elaine Wiese, Lougean Cutter, Marjorie Gates, Carman Burtis, Joan Runge Photography Staff ....... ............................................. H . J. McElroy, Ivan Kidd, Wayne Kron Typists ........................ ............ . . .......... .... . Marilyn Larkin, Patty McBurney l M 'SBE WMM? f ww Q95 W if 3 diff Cul-'ronn Wlncox Reverle Sta!! 4: Band 1, 2, 8: Pro- .iectlonlst 1, 2: Science Club 1, 2, 8, 4: Gun Club 1: Football 1. 2, 8: Class Prsident 4: Drametlcs Club 4: I. A. T. A. 4: Honor Society 4: Student Council 4: Commencement Committee MARJORIE GATES Reverie Staff 4: Library Club 1: Pep Club 1, 2: Honor Society 1, 2, 4: Prom Queen 8: Student Council 4: F. T. A. 2: Science Club 4: Class Vice Presl- en . Louis Su-:nEn'r 1 Alr Plane Club 1: l.A.T.A. 2, 8, 4, Tnuurer 4: Honor Society 2, 8, 4: N Club 8, 4: Student Council 3.4, Pres- ident 4: Football 8, 4: Science Club 3: Student Court 4: Commencement Com- mittee 4. WW ANN BIRKY sun s U 5 4 J EAN ANN KEWLEY Reverie Staff 1: Chorus 1, 2, 8, 4: President 4: Girls Ensemble 1. 2, 3, 4: Dramatlca Club 1, 2, 8, 4: Thespians 8, 4: Girl Scouts 1, 2, 8: Peo Club 1: Inkspot Staff 2: Student Council 8: Historian, Swing Band 8: Clase Trees- urer 4: Commencement Speaker: "Thanks Awfullyf' "Alice Blue Gown," "Stardust," "Light Competition." MARGARE11 BROWN Reverie Staff 2. 8. 4: Editor: -Chorus 1, 2: Honor Society 1, 2, 8, 4: Girl Scouts 1, 2, 8: Pep Club 1: Dramatlcs Club 1, 2, 8, 4: Tbespians 2, 8, 4: Student Council 8. 4: Girls Ensemble 2, 8: Inkspot Staff 2, 3: Commence ment Speaker: "Road to Gettysburg," "Ramshackle Inn," "Everything Nice," Hsgnlflcentn Obsession," "The High Coun- 1. 2, Cl Bon THOMPSON F. F. A. 1. 2, 8, 4: Athletic Club 1: Football 8, 4: N Club 8, 4: Baseball 4: Track 4. RosEm'rA WEINHEIM1-In F. H. A. 1, 2, a, 4: chorus s. 1. I. A. A. 8, 4: Transfer: Whitmer High Sc l, Toledo, Ohio. 17 A 4 - gb Jos P1 1-:TTQX Tran n 4 High Sch J M le I BILL FLETCHER Gun Club 1: Sportaman's Club 2: Scl- ence Club 8. JEANNINE WHITE Chorus 1, 2, 8, 4: Dramatics Club 1, 2, 8, 4: Secretary 4: Girl Scouts 1, 2. 8: Pep Club 1: American Education Week Committee: Reverie Staff 2: Inkspot Staff 2, 8: Thespians 2, 8, 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Latin Club 4: "Road to Gettysburg." "Alice Blue Gown." "The Doctor Has a Daughter." JOYCE MANN Inkspot Staff 2, 8: F. H. A. 1: Girl Scouts 1, 2: Pep Club 1: Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4: Chorus 2, 8, 4: Thespians 4: Commencement Speaker 4: "Date Yith Barbara," "Mad Hatters," "Star- ust." RICHARD KIRSTEIN Football 1, 2: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Pep Club 1: Sportsman's Club 1: I. A. T. A. 1, 2: Athletic Club 1, 2. NORMA SHUMAKI-:R F. H. A. 2, 8, 4: Chorus 2, 8, 4: Trans- fer Bloomington High School. VIRGIL GATES Athletic Club 1: Red Cross Council 1- Basketball 1, 2: Class President 2: Stu: dent Council 2: Dramatics Club 3, 4: "Thanks Awfullyf' "Alice Blue Gown," "High Window." CAROLYN NELSON F. H. A. 4: Transfer: Ben Funk High School, Shirley, Illinois. HAROLD BAUMAN Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Gun Club 1: groiectionist Club 2, 3, 4: I. A. T. A. RICHARD BIzI'r1' Reverie Staff 8: Class President 1: Gun Club 1: Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Thespians 1, 2, 8, 4: Studen'.: Council 2: Science Club 2: 1. A. T. A. 2, 3, 4: N Club 8, 4: Football 8, 4: Tennis 4: Commencement Speaker 4: "What a Life," "Pop Reads a Christmas Carol," "Last Curtain," "Stardust," Light Competition." PATRICIA GOODENOUGH Reverie Staff 4: Transfer: Blooming- ton Hlgh School. ORVILLE GANNAWAY Gun Club 1: Chorus 1: Basketball 2, 3, 4: I. A. T. A. 2, 3, 4: Secretary 4. 1 AMSVIIV 'CQMAS BURTIS Reverie Staff 4: Inkspot Staff 8: Dra- matica Club 2, 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4: F. 1-I. A. 1: Pep Club 1: Girl Scouts 1, Z, 8: Chorus 1, 2: Sportsman's Club 1: "The Doctor as a Daugh r." , lf- E rl if I V If , JAMES CLOYD Band 2, 8, 4: President 4: 1. A. T. A. 1, 2, 8, 4: Pep Band 4: Gun Club 1: Science Club 4: Honor Society 4. DONNA MARSH Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Swing Band 2: Pep Band 2, 8: G. A. A. 3: Transfer: Bloomington High School. E nfmw KATHERINE BEARD F- H- 1. 2, 3. 4: Chorus 3, 4: Trans- fer: Clinton Community High School. JOE HINKLE Reverie Staff 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Athletic Club 1, 2: I. A. T. A. 2. SHARON MALco1vI Band 1, 2, 3: Red Cross Sewing Club 1' F H A 2 3 JACK BUERKETT Football 1, 2: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Ath- letic Club 1, 2: Track 1, 2: Red Cross Council 1: N Club 4: I. A. T. A. 4. SUE WILLIAMS Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Thespian 2, 3, 4: Secretary 8: Vice President 4: Girl Scouts 1, 2: Pep Club 1: Girls Ensemble 2, 3, 4: Social Functions Committee 1: Student Council 2, 4: Inkspot Staff 3: Cheer- leader 3. 4: Pep Committee 3, 4: As- sembly Committee 8: Calendar Com- mittee 3: Student Court 4: Commence- ment Speaker 4: "Thanks Awfully," "Smilin' Through," "The Mad Hatteras," "High School Daze," "Stardust" "LU Wbdw MMM ROBERT LESHER Football 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 8. 4: Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Vice President 3, President 4: Student Council 4: Baseball 4: Latin Club 4. 4 JERRY SCHAD " Football 1. 2. 8, 4: Basketball 1, 2, ' 8. 4: Baseball 1, 2, 8, 4: Track 1,'4: Pep Club 1: Dramatics Club 1, 2, 8, 4: Athletic Club 1: Science Club 1, 2, 8: l Thespians 8, 4: N Club 8, 4: Tennis 8. 4: Latin Club 4: Library Club' 4: lnkspot 4: "Double Exposure." "What a Life," "Comln' Round the Mountain," "The Dummy." RUTH LEARY F. H. A. 1, 2, 3: Latin Club 4: Presi- dent: F. T. A. 4: Secretary: Honor Society 4: Student Council 4: Com- mencement Committee 4: Transfer: Hayworth High School. IVAN KIDD Reverle Staff 4: Projectionists 1, 2, 8, 4: Student Council 1, 4: Red Cross Council 1: I. A. T. A. 1, 2. 8. 4: Sports- man Club 1: Baseball Manazer 1. 2: Pep Club 1: Science Club 4. AGNES DALEY Science Club 8: Chorus 4: Transfer: Bloomington High School. GERALD LUSH:-:R Band 1, 2. 8: Gun Club 1: Science Club ELUL44: Projectlonlsts 2. 8. 4: Base- MINNII-: CARTER Chorus 1. 2, 8, 4: Drsmatlcs Club 1, 2. 8, 4: Treasurer 8: Vice President 4: Thesplans, 2.8,4: Treasurer 4: Pep Club 1: G. A. A. 1: Honor Society 2: Girl Scouts 2, 8: Inkspot 2, 8: F. T. A. 4: Vlce President: Commencement Speaker: "Sister Sue," "Old Doc." "Thanks Awfully," "High School Daze." "Last Curtain." "Guest of Honor." "Stardust," "Linzht Comnetltionf' VARDA BELLE WARREN Reverie Staff 8, 4: G. A. A. 1, 2, 8: Girl Scouts 1, 2, 8: Pep Club 1, 2: I-'roiectionist 1: Dramatics Club 2, 8, 4: Student Council 2, 3: Honor Society 4: Torch Staff 3: Designed School Flag-3: Samoa Honor Society, "Everything CG. HAROLD BEVERAGE F. F. A. 1, 2, 8, 4: Athletic Club 1: Science Club 2, 8, 4: Track 8. RUTH HARGIS ' chorus 1, 2, S, 4: hp C103 1, 2: F. H. A. 1. 2: Inksnot Sta!! . x RONALD SMITH Inkspot Staff 4: Dramatics Club 4: Student Council 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Transfer: Rock Island High School, Rock Island, Illinois. JANE CALLAHAN Chorus 2, 8: Dramatics Club 2, 8, 4: lnkspot 2. 8, 4: Science Club 8: Class Vice President 8: Student Council 8: "High School Daze." "Stardust": Transfer: Immaculate Heart Academy, Tucson. Arizona. ROBERT BIDDLE Athletic Club 1: Projectlonlst Club 1, 2: Baseball Manager 1: Football 8. 4: Baseball 8, 4. SALI:Y VEATCH Reverie Sta!! 2, 3, 4: Assistant Editor 4: Inkspot Staff 2, 8, 4: Girl Scouts 1, 2, 3: Dramatlcs Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2, 8, 4: Student Council 1: Pep Club 1: G. A. A. 1: Honor Society 2, 8, 4: Thesplans 8, 4: Latin Club 4: Quill and Scroll 4: "Thanks Awfully," "Alice Blue Gown," "High Window." EDWARD HUFFINGTON I. A. T. A. 1. 2. 8. 4: Football 1, 2: Buketball 1. 2, az Athletic Club 1, 2: SDOrtsman's Club 1. BETTY ALSENE F. H. A. 1, 2, 8, 4. RxoHARn PASLEY Track 4: Baseball 4: Dramatlcs Club 4: Latin Club 4: Transfer: Rsntoul Hllh School. INA BELLE WARREN Band 1, 2, 8: Chorus 1, 2, 4: Honor Society 1, 2: Girl Scouts 1, 2, 8: Dra- matlcs Club 1, 2, 8, 4: Pep Club 1, 2: Projectionlst 1: Thespians 8, 4: Air Plans Club 2: "Road to Gettysburg," "Everything Nice." MELVIN SCARBERRY F. F. A. 1, 2, 8, 4: Athletic Club 1: Track 2, B. 4: I. A. T. A. 2, 8, 4: Honor Society 2, 8, 4: Student Council 4: Band 8, 4. 54957 , WILLIAM LIPUT Transfer: Mackenzie High School, De- troit, Michigan. HARRu:'r HAs'r1Ncs Chorus 1. 2. s. 4: F. H. A. 1. 2, ag G. A. A. 1, 2: Girls' Ensemble.2, 8, 4: Pell Club 1: lnkswt Staff 4. JACK McQu1-:EN Band 1, 2, 8, 4: Airplane Club: Bas- ketball 1, 2, 8, 4: Football 2, 8: Science Club 2. 8, 4: Track 2, 8, 4: Baseball 2, I, 8: Pep Band 8, 4: N Club 4: Swing Band 4: Latin Club 4: Boys' Chorus 4: President. JOYCE PETERSON F. H. A. 1: Girl Scouts 1, 2, 8: Pep Club 1: Honor Society 2, 3, 4: D1-gm. atics Club 2, 8, 4: Science Club 2,8, 4: Chorus 3, 4: G. A. A. 4: F. T. A. 4: Latin Club 4. BILL LINDEN Reverie Staff 8: Class President 8: Student Council 1, 2, 8, 4: Vice Presi- dent 8: Football 1, 2, 8, 4: Co-Captain 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 8: Track 1, 2, 8: N Club 8, 4: Science Club 1, 2, 8: Student Court 4: Rec Cross Council 1, 2: American Educa- tion Week Committee 2: Latin Club 4. MARGARET WAGNER Dramatlcs Club 4: "Stardust," Trans- fer: Trinity High School. MARILYN LAIucIN F. H. A. 1: Pep Club 1: lnkspot 2, 8: Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4: Society 2, 8, 4: Science Club Secretary 4: Reverie Staff 4 Club 4: F. T. A. 4: G. A. A. 4, urer 4: "Sunday's Child." CLIFFORD VANNICI-: Atlzletic Club 1: Tennis 2, 3, 4: Golf 8, . PATRICIA CHRIST F. H. A. 1, 2, 8. 4: Girl Scouts 1. 2, 8: Projectionist 1, 2: Chorus 1, 2, 8: gmerican Education Week Committee DAVE BRIDGWATER Football 1, 2, 8, 4: Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 8, 4: Gun Club 1: I. A. T. A.: President: N Club 2, 3, 4. PHYLLIS STIELOW Inkspot 4: Transfer: Ben Funk High School. Shirley, Illinois. MILTON OLSON Class Vice President 8: Student Coun- cll 1, 2, 3, 4: Vice President 4: Air Plane Club 1: Chorus 2, 8: F. F. A. y4: I. A. T. A. 2, 8, 4: Track 8, 4: Club 4. y, '51 ROY luis Gun Club 1: F. F. A. 2, 8, 4. VIVIAN SCHULTZ lnkspot 4: Transfer: Keosauqua High School, Keosauqun, Iowa. WILLIAM RICH Basketball 1, 2, 8: Gun Club 1: Foot- ball 1: I. A. T. A. 8, 4. I-v'l.4a.A-,-fxav'.J "J"'4'f' .svz,A-A-f YvoNNI: HINS ' A-.F W.-3' F. I-I. A. Ig Inkspbt staff 's, 4: Dra- matics Club 2, 8, 4: Girl Scouts 2, 8: Chorus 2, 8, 4: Pep Club 2. ?,.1...,...L RICHARD RADER F. F. A. 1. 2, 3, 4: Air Plane Club 1: Science Club 1, 2, 8, 4. SUSAN PFEIFER . Chorus 4: F. H. A. 4: Transfer: Ben Funk High School, Shirley, Illinois. f RU SSELL BIGGER F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Athletic ' Band 3. 4: Pep Band. IUTH HUNTER: W l N TRED CHAPMAN Leverie Staff 1, 8. 4: Athletic Club 1: I Club 2, 8, 4: Vice President 4: laaeball Manager 1, 2, 8: Track Man- ger 1, 2, 3: Honor Society 2: Foot- all Manager 2, 8: F. T. A. 4. 4015 HAncis leverie Staff 8. 4: Chorus 1: Honor lociety 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 2.- 3. 4: lramatics Club 2, 3, 4: Girl Scouts , 2, 3: lnkspot Staff 2: "Alice Blue iown." MARVIN DUNN lclence Club 1, 2: Band 1, 2, 4: Pep land 4: Football 2, 3: Basketball 2, 3: laseball 2: Class Secretary 2: Social functions Committee 2: Dramatics 7lub 8, 4: Thespians 8, 4: Track 4: lalendar Committee 4: Student Coun- ll 4: "The Doctor Has a Daughter," Comln' 'round the Mountain." IARILYN MEARS teverie Stat! 8: G. A. A. 1. 2, 3: Pep llub l: F. H. A. 1: Chorus 2: Dra- iatlcs Club 3: F. T. A. 4: "Comin' hound the Mountain." MARILYN TATE Reverie Staff 2, 3: Chorus 1, 2: Dra- matics Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Secretary 3: President 4: Girl Scouts 1, 2, 3: Ink- spot Staff 1, 2: Pep Club 1: Red Cross Council 1, 2: Thespians 2, 3, 4: Pres- ident 4: Honor Society 2, 3. 4: Assem- bly Committee 2, 4: Class Secretary 3: Student Council 4: Commencement Speaker: "Thanks Awfully," "Alice Blue Gown," "Old Doc," "High Win- dow," "Christmas Trimming," "Guest Honor," "Light Competition," "Mag- nificent Obsession." EUGENE MILLER Class Vice President 1: Gun Club l: Projectionists Club 1, 2, 3: Sportsman Club T: Science Club 2. 3: Baseball 2: I. A. T. A. 2. 8. 4. ALYCE DALEY Dramatics Club 3, 4: Chorus 4: Ink- spot Staff 4: Transfer: Bloomington Hizh School. WALTER BYERLY Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Co-Captain: Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 4: Captain: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Chorus 1: F. F. A. 1: Pep Club 2: Band 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 4: N Club 2, 3, 4: President: Science Club 3: Assembly Committee 3: Track 3: Stu- dent Council 4: I. A. T. A. 4: Com- mencement Speaker. MARY Lou Wmsr: F. H. A. 1, 2, s. W1-:sm-:Y RAFFERTY F. F. A. 1, 2, 8, 4: Treasurer 4: Gur Club 1, 2: Science Club 8. BARBARA ANDERSON Pep Club 1: F. H. A. 1: Dramatics Club 2. 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Inkspot 4. ROBERT Oom-:N M Chorus 1: Air Plane Club 1: Pep Club 1: Basketball 1, 2: Projectionist 2, 8, 4: Science Club 2. 8. 4: I. A. T. A. 8, 4: Football 4: Track 4. LOUGEAN CUTTER Reverie Staff 4: F. H. A. 8: Home- coming Queen 4: Transfer: Stanford Community High School. MERLE SIMPSON Basketball 1, 2. 8: Inkspot 8, 4: Ath- letic Club 1: N Club 2, 8, 4: Baseball 2, 8, 4. JEAN OCHS lnkspot Staff 2, 8: Band 1: Chorus 1, 2, 8, 4: Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Girl Scouts 1, 2: Pep Club 1: Red Cross Council 1: Girls' Ensemble 2. 8, 4: Thespians 2, 8, 4: Cheerleader 8, 4: Pep Committee 8, 4: "Road to Gettys- burg," "Old Doc." "Alice Blue Gown," "Stardust" DONNA THoREsEN Red Cross Sewing Club 1: Chorus 2. D WALDEN CROUCH I. A. T. A. 1, 2, 8, 4: Athletic Club l.: Football 1. BETTY CLESSON Reverie Staff 4: Band 1, 2, 8, 4: Vice President 4: Majorette 2, 8. 4: Student Council 1: F. H. A. 1: Honor Society 2, 8, 4: Dramatics Club 4: Latin Club 4. WMM ANDREW HARRIS I. A. T. A. 4: Bnseball 4: Transfer: Ben Funk High School, Shirley, Ill. CoRA HOTTLE Science Club 8, 4: Chorus 3, 4: Trans- fer: Bloomington High School. Lols KLUMP Reverie Staff 8, 4: Inkspot Staff 2, 3: Editor 4: Honor Society 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 2: Girl Scouts 1, 2, 8: Secretary 8: F. H. A. 1: Chorus 1: Dramatics Club 2, 8: Assembly Com- mittee 2: Class Reporter 3: F. T. A. 4: President: Latin Club 4: Science Club 4: Student Council 4: Secretary: Quill and Scroll 4: Commencement Committee 4. ' J enior Class History In September, 1943, the curtain rose on a drama of four acts when one hundred and four slightly bewildered "freshies" entered into an active high school career. Dick Britt, president, Eugene Miller, vice president, and Betty Brown, secretary, were the principal characters in Act One. The male members of the cast stole the show in Act Two. They were Virgil Cates, president, Bill Linden, vice president, and Marvin Dunn, secretary. Our one big event of the year was the party at which we entertained the freshmen. Bill Linden, for his portrayal as president in Act Three, deserves a word of praise. Helping him fulfill his executive duties were Jane Callahan and Marilyn Tate. Milton Olson acted as J ane's stand-in in the second scene. Talent was displayed in all fields this year from sports to art. To raise the necessary funds to support "the best prom ever," we inaugurated a stunt show the night before homecoming and a penny carnival in the spring. Marjorie Gates reigned as queen of Shangri La, the theme of the prom. Act Four, when the rewards of four years' labor were reaped, we were ably piloted by Clifford Wilcox, president, Marjorie Gates, vice president, Ann Birky, secretary, and Jean Ann Kewley, treasurer. Our first undertaking of the year was the homecoming dance, at which Lougean Cutter was crowned queen. Bill Linden and Walter Byerly acted as co-captains of a successful football team. Editing The Reverie and Inkspot re- spectively were Margaret Brown and Lois Klump. The D.A.R. good citizenship award was won by Marilyn Tate. Louis Siebert wielded the gavel at Student Council meetings. Bob Thompson was voted by the members of the football squad as the ideal football participant.This is the first year such an award has been given. Many of the prom- inent clubs have had seniors as their leaders. Some of these are the "N" Club, Walter Byerly, the Science Club, Bob Lesher, the Dramatics Club and Thespians, Marilyn Tate, I.A.T.A., Dave Bridgwater, F.T.A., Lois Klump, the Latin Club, Ruth Leary, the Honor Society, Milton Olson. Jim Cloyd was president of the Band Organization, Jean Ann Kewley, Girls' Chorus, and Jack McQueen, Boys' Chorus. At Commencement Minnie Carter, Walter' Byerly, Jean Ann Kewley, Sue Williams, Joyce Mann, Margaret Brown, Dick Britt, and Marilyn Tate were the speakers for the class. Acts Three and Four were ably directed by Mr. Legg, Miss Springer, Mr. Diveley, and Miss 'I-loose. As the curtain draws to a close on an eventful drama of four years that will influ- ence the lives of the participants forever, the sentimental strains of "Pomp and Cir- cumstance" are heard from the orchestra pit. We, the class of 1948, take our departure with the hope that the audience will always be as receptive as this one has been. enior Prophecy Listen well, Class of 1948. Give heed to these words of mystic wisdom as the future is revealed. lMadame See-All gazes into her crystal ball, and the mists begin to break away.J What's this I see? A big building rising out of the heart of the city. The sign on it reads "Mercy Hospital." Here come four doctors down the steps. It looks like Jerry Schad, Bob Lesher, Bill Linden, and Cliff Wilcox. Behind them are six nurses, who appear to be Marilyn Tate, Jeannine White, Mary Lou Wiese, Donna Mae Thoresen, Norma Shumaker, and Joyce Peterson. Here come the proud new mama and papa, Margy Wagner and Dick Britt, with their third set of triplets. The hospital fades away and another edifice appears which looks like an office building. As we look deeper into the crystal ball, we see Sue Williams sitting behind a buyer's desk with Margaret Brown as her private secretary. Peeping into the outer office, we see a number of our friends. There's Carolyn Nelson, Joyce Mann, Donna Marsh, Marilyn Mears, Josephine Pickett, and Susan Pfeifer. In the bookkeeping de- partment we find Ann Birky, Lois Hargis, Marjorie Gates, and Betty Clesson, head bookkeepers. Here is a door which reads "Eugene Miller, General Manager, Assist- aI1tS, Gerald Ll1Sh0I', William Llpllt, Milt0I1 Olson and Richard Pasley." There is still another door. "Andrew C. Harris, Business Manager." As we go to the next floor, we see a newspaper office, "The Inky Star." The door bears some interesting names. "Lois Klump, Editor in Chief, Ronald Smith, Assistant Editor, and Journalists, Sally Veatch, Janie Callahan, Ruth Hargis, Phyllis Stielow, and Alyce Daley." This building soon fades, and we see passing in review a number of people. There's Marvin Dunn and his trumpet, a member of Harry Dorsey's Band, Fred Chapman, now manager-of a big football team, Merle Simpson, now a prominent member of a big league baseball team, and Jean Ann Kewley, soon to appear at the piano in Carnegie Hall. Who's this red headed young lady? Why it's Jeannie Ochs, a famous dress de- signer. There is Harriet Hastings, a famous radio singer. Here is a large sign. On it is printed "Buerkett's Better Built Buildings, Jack Buerkett, Owner, Carpenters, Dave Bridgwater, Dick Kirstein, Ivan Kidd, Ray Shirey, Orville Gannaway, Bob Ogden, Bill Rich, Clifford Vanice, and Bill Fletcher." Now another building is coming into view. It looks like a high school. Why, there's Virgil Cates, Principal, Minnie Carter, English teacher, Marilyn Larkin, history teacher, Ruth Leary, Latin teacher, Ruth Hunter, home economics teacher, Jack Mc- Queen, boys' athletic director, Varda Belle Warren, girls' athletic instructor, and Mel- vin Scarberry, Agriculture teacher. Now we see a large modernistic building. There's a sign, Biddle-Burtis, Adver- tising." A glance inside reveals Pat Goodenough, head of the Stenographic Department. Bud Bauman, Walden Crouch, and Jim Cloyd are the business managers. Here are some little buildings set very close together. Ah, they are homes and there is Sharon Malcolm hanging out her washing and Barbara Anderson and Vivian Schultz talking across the yard. Another peep reveals a lot of people we know living in these homes. There's Agnes Daley, and over there is Lougean Cutter, and Kay Beard, Patty Christ, Betty Alsene, Yvonne Hinshaw, Ina Belle Warren, and Roserita Weinheimer. The houses are getting farther and farther apart. I see a man Working out in the fields. Why it's Richard lRader. And over there is Wesley Rafferty, there's Louis Sie- bert, too, and Russell Bigger, Harold Beverage, Walter Byerly, Roy Sparks, and Bob Thompson. Alas! the crystal ball is beginning to become cloudy again. The many scenes have faded out of sight, and Madame See-All passes her hand across the top of the ball. Her prophecy is finished. A 5 . 1 "fab 54- , JK 3K 2 . iii! lfI1RST ROW: P. Guinnce, J. Galbreath, M. Jacobus, M. Kidd, M. Horsely, M. Foster, .I. Imig, G. Davis. SRCOND ROW: D. Junk, H. Hafer, C. Frisby, R. Gehrt, T. Inman, D. Jordon, M. Jones, Mr. Harris. THIRD ROW: A. Graham, G. Harper, R. King, D. Halsema, D. Kashner, E. Griffin. B. Foulk. uniors FIRST ROW: H. Richard, M. FI. Stuart, E. Wiese, J. Plumb, D. Schuler, A. Pagel. SECOND ROW: VV. Sieveking, J. Williamson, B. J. Todd, B. Workman, V. Troyer, H. Siegworth, B. StephenS. THIRD ROW: S. L. Evans, R. Jannusch, J. Warren, J. Stephens, J. Runge, G. Zehr, B. Parlier, Mr. Neuman. k.Q,a,H H,-2' A , fs' i x 1 :Sf 251 Y 35359 5 5 ig? E Y X :J 5 'A 5: X . , vim W iii if .. 1 :gif ig xx fig X , 4 M s 'K K , 5 Q - W gfggf-5? Q L,i..L gf J wi :: , .5 25. QW 5 V, 2 .gf 2: 2 3 S S S S i ,ii 2 2 .- 3 Lg, ww . , 1 , L Sf? E xi 3' an A 72 JM? X-L.f4,y,4g F P -.gnfhfz 'Q' 9 F- . 1,5- l 1- 7 , 1: wif : ' 11,181 f 1?a Q Yau' s M.: .1 J if Q S ii y i""'i Q Y , ll ' 'af' Q 1 3 E if I vm WY ,Q W 35 DG 55 "fr FIRST ROW: R. Cushman, J. Barnett D Baker D Bicknell M Brown M Alle L B' , - , - , . , . , . , B. S tt, J. Barr. SECOND ROW: P. Ambrose, B. Anderson, L. Dodson, R. Beverage, E.nCoffey,lglg?rClesson?0C. Evelsizer, A. Eades, V. Dunn. THIRD ROW: C. Burns, B. Coleman, L. Alsene, K. Carter, C. Bonnie, J. Chiddix, V. Buth, J. Pasley, B. Gaines, Miss Brown. VQS 771911 FIRST ROW: L. Hamm, R. McMahan, D. Jones, Richard Hany, Robert Hany, S. Houser, C. Henry, C. Mays. SECOND ROW: M. Malinowski, D. Huffington, M. Knuth, J. Lusher, W. Hunter, M. Pfeifer, J. Hosteller, R. Lyle. THIRD ROW: Mr. Masters, D. Mohr, E. Mears, D. Meridith, J. Miller, J. Greenburg, D. MaGee, V. Martin, K. Hinshaw. Knot in picturej J. Johnson. li 'X an 2 S mf IL. s 1 .lg Ai? vw . 4, Q., ,.. Nu.. 'wg f "4 A f' '4'!4"p"3i5iy"'vWTwW W J PQ ' X X V M. vw. .J - .'5'gi"5 " J J"fJEf ss r Q3 M arg 'iii f,- fx :K 73",-' livsgqp 'Q ' T' .3 ry. , A ' AY, , .YQ , .3 . 1? , .I Z .x fffiggi ,,,. , ik, -A --ip -Q ' ' ' ' ,W wi x f ' .Qi 2 k ga Q , Ai L ,X 1 . X v, 1- if mgwffgyw W 11 QQ, egf' x :iff :?SP3,, we-was ' I 2 September 2 September 9 September 12 September 19 September 24 October 2-3 November 10 November 14 November 26 December 17 December 19 January 5 January 7 January 15-16 January 24 January 27 January 28 Highlights of 47- Z8 Midgets roamed the halls again as school opened. F. F. A. boys astonished all during informal initiation. Student Council sponsored first all-school mixer. New journalism class presented N. C. H. S with her first printed issue of the Inkspot. Bill Sievekng won radio as "supersalesman" in Student Council maga- zine sale and contest. HOMECOMING. "Spike Jones and his City Slickers," alias our own band captured annual Stunt Show award. Lougean Cutter reigned as Queen over all festivities. Ironmen lost 15-6 to Pontiac Indians in the game under the new lights. American Education Week-Open House. Parents saw their brain- children in action. Actors and actresses "lived" their parts in the all school presentation of "Stardust" Senior class initiated student participant assembly with readings, skits, and songs. Combined forces of band and chorus aroused the spirit of Christmas at annual winter concert. Christmas party with food and fun for everyone. Gifts were given by that ever generous man, St. Nick. No more classes 'till '48! Back to school and only five months left for those lucky seniors! Students all slicked up and smiling-for Corinne's Studio and the Refverie. Ye olde semester exams caused many hectic hours of cramming. Saying of the week, quote, "I'll just die if I don't pass those tests!" Dancing silhouettes in "Deep Purple" carried out the theme of the third annual Thespian "Moonlight Masquerade." F. H. A. gals entertained men of I. A. T. A. and F. F. A. at an old fashioned box social. Junior assembly turned out to be a vaudeville show with the added attraction of Geraldine, the wonderful horse. February 4 February 11 February 24 February 25 February 28 March 8 March 24 March 26 April 3 April 21 April 23 April 29 May 13 May 21 May 30 June 4 Highlights of 47- 54 Ironmen upset Raiders of Bloomington 37-36! Had assembly in honor of the great victory. Fifteen "brains" initiated into the National Honor Society. Inkspot staff sponsored first variety show-budding entertainers proved that "variety is the spice of life." Laughs and fun for everyone at the student assembly given by the sophomores. Ambitious dramatists entered a district speech contest with orations, humorous, serious and verse readings. Teachers convened -no school for us. Freshmen talents were numerous as all contributed in making their assembly a successful one. Easter came early this year and the students welcomed a ten day va- cation from studies. Music aspirants entered the district solo and ensemble contest at Clinton with hopes of winning state awards. - The Latin classes celebrated the founding of Rome by having a Roman banquet-togas, slaves and all. The "slaves" were the first year stu- dents, who waited on their elders hand and foot. Congratulations went to the all-Thespian cast for their performance in the spring play. Fathers of F. F. A.'ers were the guests at a Father-Son banquet. Thespians initiated new members at an honor banquet. The best Thes- pian and honor Thespian were awarded plaques. Juniors out-did themselves as they decorated for that most important event, the prom. Impressive baccalaureate services gave the young and old alike a thought for the future. COMMENCEMENT. Seniors start a new career, one of being citizens of the future. Farewell, alma mater! napslzofs .ff Ba? Luv! J f' r-.., L. Q QM' fi .. R 4 Q.: ' 5 Q ,QL. i s A , n . fx W ' , - 1 , , . ' ff' . '-j M fs f .J HL . J 3 g ,. V, , . 'Mig J P+ 'X --. uf .- '7 ' i:'. xl. 5-'Exp . ,JM Qt in fi fb In Lspof fag llgml.-1-lm.ul. X-n', i'lf?:f, ff, lrmnm-as I'l4u lnr lp-vi J Q ' ' l ' ll.-luv-2 llfrifl 'l"k "'l l2l',.- us.. 1 M :UNH 1 A l Nlu A U-' lnliflw ll N ll' xiunclvnlx 'lk U31 X ., K l A. fikiltl i., NX Q. I ' S, ' . 1-9 X Rouen I xl! li 1 f' si-vV'l x l" . - 'XA r, -X . Vu ' 1 vnxx .NU 2 . , 1-X' ln .bpm .- .U rms' X I 1 . u- - l"'. ' M ' ' L 039 I ix 5 IJ . X .I SEATED: H. J. McElroy, Martha Jacobus, Lois Klump, Miss Brown, Ronald Smith. FIRST ROW: Barbara X Anderson, Vivian Schultz, Alice Daley, Jeannie White, Janie Callahan, Sally Veatch, Mary Ann Jones. 5 I ,l SECOND ROW: Frank Mullare, Harriet Hastings, Yvonne Hinshaw, Ruth Hargis, Phillis Stiolow, K 'sv Barbara Parlier, Jerry Schad. Qnot in picturej Darrell Spang. ll C: 1' 'N M . K V N p:fQl.QQklQL W I I VF! . ' - ci? gxxlillll-1114 . W ' -..-9 xx in 9- :n.,n.,., 'X' xX9 I Q ' . s' c 0 ' 1- J .1 ax -ox A 5 ,,, ,x .-Q-l 'Un SEATED: Miss Brown, Mr. Bishop, Mr. Chiddix, Mr. Legg. FIRST ROW: M. Boggs, J. Peterson, B Clesson,-J. Plumb, M. Brown, E. Wiese, N. Arends, J. Buth, J. Galbreath, I Warren. SECOND ROW R. Larkm, M. Carter, A. Pagel, J. Imig, M. Jacobus, B. Workman, L. Klump, M. Gates, A. Birky, S. Veatch S. Stark. THIRD ROW: M. Larkin, L. Hargis, M. Valentine, M. Tate, J. Runge, M. Horsley, L. Siebert F. Chapman, M. Scarberry, C. Murphy, P. McBurney, M. Olson, H. Hafer, fnot in picturel Miss Bopp, ational Honor ociety This year the National Honor Society, sponsored by Mr. Chiddix, Miss Brown, Miss Bopp, Mr. Bishop, and Mr. Legg, started by electing as their officers, Milton Olson, presi- dent 3 Sally Veatch, vice-president, Margaret Brown, secretary: and Louis Siebert, treas- urer: On February 11, an initiation was held for fifteen new members. Joyce Abbey, Joyce Robertson, Robert McClellan, Don Rynell, and Winford McElroy were initiated into the Junior Honor Society, and Cliff Wilcox, Marjorie Gates, Ruth Leary, Norine Arends, Mar- jorie Horsely, Hewitt Hafer, Varda Belle Warren, Patricia McBurney, Jim Cloyd, and Ann Pagel were initiated into the Senior Honor Society. At the end of the year another initiation was held. At this time we invited the Honor Society from U. High to be our guests at a banquet which was held in the upper reading room of our high school. SEATED: B. Linden, D. Adams, L. Klump, L. Siebert, Mr. Diveley, M. Olson, J. Galbreath, C. Moore. FIRST ROW: R. Lyle, W. Byerly, M. Jones, S. Gehrt, J. Schad. SECOND ROW: C. Black, W. McElroy, E. Wiese, S. Williams, R. Larkin, R. Leary. THIRD ROW: M. Dunn, D. Huffington, J. Robertson, M. Gates, M. Brown, P. McBurney, V. Buth, G. Zehr, R. Smith. FOURTH ROW: R. Gehrt, I. Kidd, B. Lesher, C. Wilcox, A. Ehlers, D. Spang, M. Scarberry, H. Smith, C. Murphy, S. Stark. fnot in picturej A, Birky, D. Siebert, M. Tate. fualenf Counci Under the leadership of Louis Siebert, the president, and Mr. Diveley, the adviser, the 1947-48 council had a very successful year. The Council Court was organized. The Welfare Committee, also newly organized, was headed by Al Ehlers. This committee handled several all-school drives, among which were sales of Christmas Seals, March of Dimes, and "CARE" packages for European relief. Bob Lesher's Concession Committee assigned to the organiza- tons of the school the selling rights of candy and pop. Under Winford McElroy's leadership the Building and Grounds Committee helped the school in replacing the shrubbery and in obtaining new school flags. This year the Assembly Committee inaugurated the idea of class assemblies. The Torch, a handbook, was published and given to the students of N. C. H. S. A radio program over W.J.B.C. was given. The Council held a magazine sales campaign and with the help of the Board of Education purchased a portable projector for the school. The first all-school party of the year was sponsored by the council. The Dance Committee also sponsored several all-school dime dances and an orchestra dance in the fall. The Council wishes to express its appreciation to the faculty for its splendid cooperation, especially to Miss Hoose, Mr. Masters, Miss Bopp, Mr. Legg, Miss Garihee, Miss Springer, Mr. Kuster, Mr. Sharp, and Mr. Diveley. ffm-v Ray Gehrt, Bill Linden, Mr. Masters, Sue Williams, Louis Siebert. fuclenf Court The Student Court, newest of the Normal High organizations, was started early in the fall by the Student Council, who felt that our students were 'capable of assuming"the respon- sibility of passing judgment on their fellow students. The court, sponsored by H. E. Masters who served on a military court while in the Army, consisted of twelve members who try the students according to their misdemeanors. Bill Linden, Court Chairman, Louis Siebert, Student Council Presidentg Sue Williamsg and Ray Gehrt are the four permanent members. One new member, starting with a freshman, is chosen each week to replace an old one. In this way there will always be eleven experi- enced members on the court. Penalties for guilt range from a few hours in the detention room to recommendation to the principal for suspension from school. The court has done many things for the betterment of student conduct. It has also made the students feel their obligation in governing themselves and thus becoming better citizens. ' , as l if l ,f i , . SEATED: M. Gates, R. Leary, L. Klump, M. Carter, M. Horsley, P. McBurney. FIRST ROW: D. Adams N. Arends, J. Brodheck, J. Peterson, M. Boggs. SECOND ROW: E. Mitchell, M. Larkin, B. Rich, M. Mears H. Richards, L. Hamm. THIRD ROW: D. Hunter, J. Warren, F. Chapman. fnot in picturej B. Clesson: Miss Mathew. Future eaclzers of America In high school, the purpose of the Future Teachers of America is exploratory, prevoca- tional, and character forming. Future teachers learn facts and gain opportunities in this world-wide profession. Young people who decide to be teachers early in life are much more likely to make good teachers than those who merely drift into the profession by accident. The Margaret H. J. Lampe F. T. A. was organized with twenty charter members. The I. S. N. U. chapter performed the initiation rites, December 10. After the initiation, a gift exchange took place followed by refreshments. Under the guidance of Miss Mathew, the club made a splendid start. One of the highlights of our club meetings was on January 21 when Mr. Starke spoke to us on the present advantages and disadvantages of teaching. The Feb- ruary program was in charge of a panel from the McMurray chapter of I. S. N. U. The dis- cussion was "Teaching as a Profession." On February 9 several members attended the formal birthday dinner given by the McMurray chapter of Illinois State Normal University. "The teacher is a builder: he works with the higher and finer 'values of civilization." ! H 0 SEATED: Miss Brown, C. Moore, R. Leary, P. Guinnee, H. Hafer. FIRST ROW: J. Galbreath, B. Clesson, J. Peterson, D. Sparks, H. Richard, C. Mayes, J. Parlier, J. Wiltermood, J. Barnett. SECOND ROW: M. Larkin, A. Ropp, E. Paine, B. Sieveking, C. Evelsizer, V. Dunn, M. Rice, L. Ward, W. McElroy, S. Veatch. THIRD ROW: J. White, E. Wiltermood, E. Mitchell, M. Foster, P. McBurney, E. Hodge, J. Abbey, G. Davis, M. Stuart, B. Todd, L. Klump, G. Zehr. FOURTH ROW: T. Inman, H. J. McElroy, J. Schad, R. Pasley, B. Lesher, R. Gehrt, B. Linden, J. McQueen, B. Caldwell, B. Zink, D. Baylor. Latin To further the interest in Latin as a language, a Latin Club was organized this year. The purpose of the club is to acquaint students with Roman private lives. Ruth Leary was elected president, Hewitt Hafer, vice-president, Connie Moore, secretary, Pat Guinnee, treas- urer. Miss Brown is the adviser. The name of the club is the S. P. Q. R. which means Senatus Populusque Romanus. The officers of the club are addressed by their Roman names-the president, Consul, the vice- president, Aedileg the treasurer, Questorg and the secretary, Censor. The constitution for the S. P. Q. R. or Roman Republic consists of nine articles. Article seven claims the Vestals Virgin's Lamp as our insignia and the Roman Purple as our color. A tax of twenty-five cents per year is required of each member. Failure to pay this tax re- sults in exile from the club. The main event of the year held in the month of April was a Latin Banquet. lVlcfrb"".1 of Latin I class took the part of slaves. The meetings were held the fourth Wednesday of the month. During this time discussions are held concerning the Roman private life, the gods and goddesses, Roman holidays, Roman clothing, laws, and custom. By understanding and appreciating the loyalties and ethics of the past, we believe that our club helps us to become better American citizens. 3 SEATED: H. Hafer, B. Lesher, Mr. Chiddix. FIRST ROW: J. Buth,P. Guinnee, J. Galbreath, J. Peterson, D. Morrison, P. Hottle, G. Davis, B. Todd, B. Foulk, M. Stuart, J. Imig, M. Jacolius, M. Foster, E. Wiesc, I.. Aldridge. SECOND ROW: J. Brodbeck, N. Arends, A Casebeer, J. Plumb. J. Cloyd, R. Gehrt, H. J. Mc- Elroy, P. McBurney, J. Runge, M. Lawson, W. Kron, J. Calvert, M. Olson, E. Smith, B. Sievoking. THIRD ROW: T. Inman, D. Kashner, H. Anderson, D. Doerr, F. Chapman, H. Beverage, B. Ogden, J. McQueen. J. Lesher, C. Wilcox, R. King, I. Kidd, R. Rader, B. Bauman. cfence ---- l """'-"1-nun PLASIICS pqffllff NT MH Pl-1 Q. 1- 0 nrzn 9 'P' Smell l ' A N i',i' . fb- rn. - ' fm SEATED: Mr. Diveley, M. Larkin, A. Ehlers, Mr. Legg. FIRST' ROW: M. Malinowski, B. Musser, D. Nuss, S. Gehrt, R. Cushman, G. Ropp, G. Swope, C. Black, H. Scott, L. Ward, W. McElroy, W. Frink, R. Rich, L. Phillips, M. Byerly, J. Schad, M. A. Jones. SECOND ROW: R. Larkin, L. Hargis, R. Lyle, L. Bigger, N. L. Clesson, C. Evelsizer, M. Rice, L. Dodson, A. Ropp, R. Taylor, W. Mohr, W. Denzer, B. Scott, N. Rousey, N. Patton, R. Cates, A. Eades. THIRD ROW: B. Schmidt, M. Sieg, M. Gates, A. Birky, L. Klump, B. Coleman, B. Gaines, R. Partridge, B. G. Zink, D. Smith, D. Nenne, B. Caldwell, P. Heller, C. Todd, J. Abbey, R. Zehr, S. Rafferty, B. Jannusch, N. Morrison. FOURTH ROW: R. Evelsizer, D. Parlier, E. Hodge, M. Sparks, V. Buth, E. Coffey, B. Leary, H. Olson, L. Miller, E. Baum, H. Smith, B. ghcgrpek W. Ray, A. Anderson, D. Meredith, B. Buerkett, M. Pfeifer, L. Raydon, L. Thomason, B. Wilfong, . tar . Science The Science Club began its activities this year by electing Bob Lesher, president, Al Ehlers, vice-president, Marilyn Larkin, secretary, and Hewitt Hafer, treasurer with Mr. Chiddix, Mr. Diveley, and Mr. Legg as sponsors. The membership of one hundred and fifty is the largest in our club history. The aim of our organization is to develop a real apprecia- tion and understanding of the field of science. Programs were given by our students and outside speakers. Demonstrations were given, some of which were on corpuscle counting, dust explosion and spontaneous combustion. Mr. Biasi gave a talk on sulfur and penicillin, and Miss Mildred Lierman spoke on "America's Worst Enemy, Cancer." In May we took our annual field trip. L53 4' 1 fi Q ,L Q. E" 911 5 '- ,. N w A Us ,X A X . ' aw w1":'.W9'3' 3 if Q7413 X 'V 'ml ,.,. , -- if mf E ,,,f K ,Ov ' ' x X , Q., . J? M NN 'WTR . .A A Q , ... ..1-f- . K, I, 0 'O ,MP 'f N as 1 -, V ra, i f .,,' , ,mi ry, 1 , 31:4 , 1 'Vx ' 4' myxxwaf 2:1 f I' jf? . 1' 1 , , 1 WW 1 . 1 M., -- SEATED: L. Siebert., M. Olson, D. Bridgwater, O. Gannaway, E. Huffington. FIRST ROW: Mr. Middle- ton, A. Anderson, J. Cloyd, B. Ogden, B. Bauman, D. Ochs, F. Patrick, Mr. Sharp. SECOND ROW: R Shirey, E. Griffen, W. Crouch, I. Kidd, C. Murphy, M. Bonny, G. Biddle. THIRD ROW: E. Miller, D. Britt J. Stephens, M. Scarberry, D. Shutt, D. Rynell. inot in picturej L. Schenkel, B. Rich, D. Fletcher, J. Barr Industrial Arts ana, Tracie Academy The Industrial Arts and Trades Academy has been running very smoothly under the leadership of our presiding officer, David Bridgwater. He has been assisted by Milton Olson, Treasurer. The purpose of the I. A. T. A. is to stimulate a high class of workmanship and to assist in guiding its members into vocations that best suit their needs, interests, and op- portunities. It is also the purpose of this organization to promote improvements in the school's industrial education studies and at the same to promote a high degree of scholarship and interest in recreational activities. To become a member, a student must be enrolled in his second semester's course in some area of industrial education. A "B" average must be attained to become a member and must be maintained for active membership. A member must also earn an average of three credits per year. The "Industrialists" carry on many activities during the year which include building projects, the Weiner roast, basketball games. The club made lamps, bracelets, and other things in order to raise money for a field trip to the Tucker Automobile Factory in Chicago. We of the executive board are proud of the active members. Next year promises to be another successful year for the I. A. T. A. under the capable leadership of Mr. Sharp and Mr. Middleton. Q . .0 '1 r' 41 FFA ,mp , , fs L L W Q f -, 1 , ,L we K fr - g ? ff- f' ff k, - ff I w,i3'f+5s2QQg,5g5fff ' A 'ail""'n 1 my i S , 4 L,. Q 1 , 1.95, 'lf Af .. K . k ,X ,, f f . H 'A f M LW , , ,,.,,,g , A , K . 83. ny . ,, Q W., ,K I - -- .W ' . ' Q - 'fv , 'g -- ,, ' ,4.,,,5 If , ,- ' f E ,, -- H ,P dw' V- , i f ' ' f Pam ' Ak A - L M af ' ' Q if ' ' 1' , 4 . H 1 ' it 'E,fZt1' f j' P :QkQk :QL 'X I 1 ' xkfcdf - - 7 -i my A Q - B ,-" gig, K i Q M . 4- 5. ,gr 3 '. - . 'Q " Q .22-'-.A-,--4""" ,V 5 V. M My . ' A - ' I - , Q 1.51-gr, 'qw W. is ,Z, 2 , v ,,,i .- . -. 7 , , Ml . .- U 4 1 Z ': f , if - V ,, I ,' F A --..,.,-V -- 1, fix ty -il . V :Fahd . rf tfvlkfeih-f h Vi. t. ,. if - . F . li ,M ,.... W? s Q' fi A ,' , af 'Vi JN? li Q 'NX -as .Ji FIRST ROW CSEATEDJ: C. Black, R. Rader, M. Scarberry, H. Siegworth, Mr. Kuster, W. Rafferty, B. Thompson. SECOND ROW: W. Shinnabarger, J. Barr, G. Swope, D. Jones, K. Reeser, H. Scott. THIRD ROW: G. Ropp, N. Niepagen, K. Carter, D. Smith, D. Jannusch, R. Bigger, M. Olson, R. Larkin, W.Mohr, R. Sparks, M. Powers. FOURTH ROW: D. McClure, D. Beverage, H. Beverage, E. Mears, D. Tjaden, J. Goodenough, J. Greenburg, W. Denzer, M. Knuth, H. Schultz, M. Burdette. FIFTH ROW: E. Smith, R. Graham, M. Niepagen, G. Harper, C. Murphy, E. Burns, J. Calvert, B. Stokes, 0. Brown, J. Williamson, B. McClellan, D. Gwin. fnot in pictureJ C. Schultz,, M. Logsdon, J. Pickett Future armers of America The Future Farmers of America is a national organization commonly known as the F. F. A. The purpose of this organization is to develop higher ideals and standards for the young American farmer. The four degrees of membership based upon achievement are Green Hand, Chapter Farmer, State Farmer, and American Farmer, which is the highest degree. Only one boy in every one thousand receives this honor. While attending the National F. F. A. convention and the American Royal Livestock Exposition held in Kansas City, four of our officers were privileged to see one of our four American Farmers receive this honor. It was bestowed upon Don Hinshaw of the class of '46. The officers this year are Harold Siegworth, president, Melvin Scarberry, vice-president, Richard Radar, secre- tary, Wesley Rafferty, treasurer, Carl Black, reporterg Bob Thompson, watch dogg and Mr. Kuster, adviser. A recreation program consisting of basketball and softball is carried on throughout the year. The annual summer trip for senior boys was an outing at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The usual ice cream feed, with faculty men as guests, was held in March. The organization was well represented in the Sectional F. F. A. Fair held at ElPaso, where the entries received high rating. They also entered judging, speaking and parliamentary procedure contests. Other projects of the club are the sale of rat poison and the distribution of Funk Brothers garden seeds. r 3 SEATED: D. Harper, H. Richards, M. Horsley, J. Imig, M. Valentine, J. Robertson, P. Ambrose. FIRST ROW: B. Scott, S. Rafferty, J. Messer, M. Allen, D. Liska, S. Houser, D. Adams, S. Pfeifer, C. Nelson, P. Christ, D. Junk, M. Sparks, Mrs. Stroud. SECOND ROW: J. Webb, R. Swearingen, A. Graham, S. Evans, M. Brown, C. Cutter, B. Jannusch, R. Hunter, J. Peak, R. Weinheimer, R. Leipold, B. Musser. THIRD ROW: D. Sanders, B. Stephens, E. Coffey, B. Foulk, M. Pfeifer, B. Alsene, M. Sparks, M. Lawson, L. Sigler, M. Lanigan, R. Larkin, C. Crandall,M. Boggs. FOURTH ROW: R. Kessinger, A. Pagel, T. Fowler, N. Shu- maker, M. Kidd, I. Hubbs, G. Zehr, J. Litherland, J. Nelson, D. Mattingly, H. Nelson, B. Rich, D. Kaufman. Future Homema ers of America The F.H.A. is a national organization for students interested in homemaking. The main purposes are to promote the joys and satisfactions of homemaking and to further interest in home economics. The members of this organization must have completed one year of high school home economics training before they may become a member. A few of the outstanding events of the year include the candle light initiation ceremony, the trip to Farm and Home Week at Champaign, the annual banquet for the mothers of the F. H. A. girls, and the tea and style show. The F. H. A. also co-operated with the F. F. A. in having exchange parties. A box social for the F. F. A. and the I. A. T. A. boys was held. IQ SQ a. QP -' 36 sw- FIRST ROW: R. Kaugham, M. Rice, R. Evelsizer, B. Leary, A. Anderson, M. Powers, E. Smith, W. Frink, Il. Scott. SECOND ROW: M. Stuart, C. Evelsizer, K. Reeser, W. McElroy, H. Smith, D. Smith, B. Blunk, B. Bauman, J. Pasley, D. Beverage, M. Boggs. THIRD ROW: E. Wiese, N. Morrison, G. Biddle, H. Anderson, W. Kron, J. Calvert, W. Ray, K. Carter, J. Barr, L. Alsene, P. McBurney. FOURTH ROW: B. Sieveking, B. Ogden, R. Crouch, D. Shutt, J. Lesher, W. Shinnabarger, I. Kidd, R. Taylor, L. Dodson, Mr. Bishop. fnot in picturej D. Barr, R. Cushman, W. Denzer, A. Willig. Projection isis Libra ry ssistants Standing: Leroy Aldridge, Patricia Kopp, Norma Rousey, Gladys Wert, Barbara Kopp, Clarence Frisby. Seated: Marilynn Valentine, Barbara Rich, Jerry Schad, Beverly Jannusch, Jean Webb. Not pic- tured: Ruth Hunter. -'xx l SEATED: Miss Hoose, M. Carter, M. Tate, J. White, M. Brown. FIRST ROW: M. Jones, J. Plumb, J. Buth, J. Brodbeck, V. Warren, I. Warren, P. Guinnee, C. Moore, J. Galbreath, B. Anderson. SECOND ROW: D. Schuler, D. Morrison, B. Parlier, Y. Hinshaw, B. Clesson, J. Mann, S. Veatch, A. Casebeer, N. Arends, A. Daley, S. Williams, J. Callahan. THIRD ROW: M. Jacobus, B. Foulk, J. Peterson, M. Larkin, L. Hargis, M. Wagner, J. Kewley, B. Todd, J. Runge, C. Burtis, G. Zehr, B. Workman, D. Adams, J. Ochs. FOURTH ROW. R. Smith, C. Wilcox, V. Cates, J. Schad, R. Pasley, M. Dunn, D. Britt, M. Scarberry, J. Warren, H. J. McElroy, D. Ochs. Dramaffcs SEATED: Miss Hoose, M..Carter, M. Tate, J. White, M. Brown. FIRST ROW: D. Nuss, L. Hargis, M. Byerly, D. Sanders, R. Cates, J. Daley, J. Schad, N. Clesson, N. Patton, E. Rodgers, S. Gehrt. SECOND ROW: J. Parlier, P. Ambrose, C. Todd, J. Abbey, E. Hodge, D. Parlier, L. Ward, K. Reeser, G. Ropp, B. Jannusch, J. Nelson, J. Litherland, V. Buth. THIRD ROW: J. Draper, L. Dodson, E. Smith, A. Ropp, P. Heller, D. Stielow, B. Thorpe, B. Caldwell, J. Halsema, B. Rich, L. Thomason, B. Wilfong. SEATED: Miss Hoose, S. Williams, M. Tate, J. Ochs, M. Brown. FIRST ROW: I. Warren, J. Galbreath, N. Arends, A. Casebeer. SECOND ROW: S. Veatch, M. Jacobus, C. Burtis, J. Kewley, J. Mann, M. Carter, J. White. THIRD ROW: D. Ochs, J. Schad, B. Caldwell, B. Thorpe, M. Dunn, D. Britt. afionaf Tlzespians Troupe 613 of National Thespian Dramatic Honor Society has successfully-completed its fourth year at Normal High under the capable leadership of Marilyn Tate, Presidentg Sue Williams, Vice Presidentg Jeannie Ochs, Secretaryg Minnie Carter, Treasurerg and Margaret Brown, Clerk. Serving on the board were Marvin Dunn, Seniorg Norine Arends, Juniorg and Bob Caldwell, Sophomore. The president attended Northwestern Speech Institute last sum- mer and came out with a superior rank. Activities started in the fall with a Weiner roast and hay rack ride on September 4 for all members and alumni. The highlight of the year was a field trip to Chicago on November 14 and 15 to attend plays. Mary Martin in "Annie Get Your Gun," and Tallulah Bank- head in "Private Lives" were enjoyed by all. They also saw the famous caricaturist, Flor- ence Desmond. The annual "Moonlight Masquerade" was held January 24. The theme was Deep Purple with Colonial decorations. The Thespian spring play was given May 7. On May 5 the formal Senior Farewell Banquet and initiaton was held. Seniors leaving this year are Dick Britt, Sue Williams, Margaret Brown, Jeannie Ochs, Jeanine White, Marilyn Tate, Minnie Carter, Carman Burtis, Sally Veatch, Marvin Dunn, Jerry Schad, Ina Belle Warren, Joyce Mann, and Jean Ann Kewley. L0.f1A-nan , ,menu 1 ,X Janet Ross ......... Phil Ford .............. Marion Phipps ...... John Redman ........ Cynthia Keene ...... Raimund Brown Mavis Moriarity Miss Freeman ......... Miss Robinson ...... Miss Jones ........ Tad Voorhis .......... Stella Brahms ...... Mr. Bach ....... .... ,....... Dean of Women Prudence Mason Claire Carter ........ Jerry Flanagan Arthur Scott, Jr. .... . li L y 1 It X STARDUST by Walter Kerr Jr-,qw C7 ,W -1 -, P, up page Pusurlau H naman ' Dramatic Publishing Company November 7, 1947 Cast of Characters Jean Ochs Mick Maloney Joyce Mann John Draper Janie Callahan John Warren Margaret Brown Donna Morrison Joan Schad Marilyn Byerly Bob Thorpe Margy Wagner Dick Ochs Minnie Carter Sue Williams Jean Ann Kewley Dick Britt H. J. McElroy Mark Twain's A CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR'S COURT A comedy in three acts based on Mark Twain's book, written by John G. Fuller. Produced by National Thespian Troupe No. 316, May 7, 1948. Directed by Colene Hoose. Hank Bennett ................ . .................................................................................................................... ......... D ick Britt Mrs. Bennett .......... ........ .... .......... M a r gy Wagner Marion Bennett ...... ........ M argaret Brown King Arthur ........ ..... C lifford Wilcox Queen Guenever .. ...... Marilyn Tate Sir Sagramor ...... .......... B ob Thorpe Merlin ................................ .......... B ob Caldwell Elaine ................................ .......... Minnie Carter Sandy .................................... ............ S ally Veatch Queen Morgan Le Fay .......... ........ J eanine White Clarence ............... .. ........... ...... .... ..... ............. .......... .... .. .... Larry Ward Mark Twain's "Connecticut Yankee" is a tale which will never grow old. It deals with the adventures of a Yankee from Connecticut who finds himself thrown back into the middle ages. He cannot believe it at first, thinking he is in an insane asylum. But he is soon convinced that he actually is faced with a death sentence handed down from King Arthur, and his ingenuity comes immediately to the fore. By predicting an eclipse of the sun, he saves his own skin and immediately becomes the idol of the kingdom. His power becomes so great that Merlin, the court magician, plots against him with several others. However, the Yankee builds up a complete twentieth century industry in short order, and keeps the knights completely baffled by his magic. As the story closes, the Connecticut Yankee is reluctant to leave the lovely ladies he has met in the Castle of King Arthur. 1 I I IN Q, k,f,M 9. F erin CLARINETS John Chiddix Norma Lee Clesson Marilyn Foster Jane Galbreath Clifford Henry Joan Imig Mary Ellen Lawson Donna Marsh Jack McQueen Ermalee Mitchell Bess Wilfong Romaine Zehr CORNETS Russell Bigger Walter Byerly Robert Caldwell Band Marilyn Carter Marvin Dunn Chad Evelsizer Hewitt Hafer Paul Heller Ralph Maloney Eldon Smith Harry Smith FLUTES Joyce Abbey Betty Clesson H. J. McElroy Marie Pfeifer Eb CLARINET Carol Mays ALTO CLARINET Jo Ann Wiltermood BASS CLARINET Norma Patton FRENCH HORNS Donald Nenne Zed Zortman ALTO SAXOPHONES Jane Buth Louise Raydon Kenneth Resser Patricia Thompson TENOR SAXOPHONES Loretta Alexander Kenneth Carter Donald Smith BARITONES Virginia Buth Willis Frink Bob Thorpe TROMBONES Allen Ropp Bill Sieveking SOUSAPHONES James Cloyd Melvin Scarberry PERCUSSION Lois Hargis Richard King David Mohr Warner Ray TYMPANI Winford McElroy Jean Plumb, pianist, Mary Ellen Lawson, Ermalee Norma Lea Clesson, Ethelyn Rodgers, Janet Daley Mitchell, Joan Imig. and Dorothy Junk. Trio Maf0reHeS Band The last musical notes of a very busy and successful year of the band was sounded at Commencement time. Under the able direction of Mr. Miller, music was furnished for many occasions including assembly programs, winter and spring concerts, Corn Belt Electric Cooperative and Iliinois Education Association meetings. The football and basketball games and pep assemblies were also heightened by the band's snappy music. In the district contest last spring the band and clarinet trio Won first place rating, which entitled them to enter the state contest. Here the band was awarded a "B" rating. A trophy was presented to the band by Governor Green for a Winning performance at the State Fair in Springfield. iu Q FIRST ROW: M. Sieg, I. Warren, J. Brodbeck, J. Peterson, M. Carter, A. Daley, J. Ochs, S. Williams, J. White, J. Plumb, M. Byerly, S. Evans, P. Hottle, J. Litherland, B. Scott, S. Pfeifer. SECOND ROW: W. Hardesty, D. Wagner, D. Morrison, V. Warren, S. Veatch, L. Bigger, J. Webb, B. Foulk, M. Jones, S. Houser, A. Daley, M. Brown, C. Todd, S. Gehrt, E. Rodgers, J. Daley, J. Schad, P. Ambrose, C. Rousey. THIRD ROW: D. Bicknell, E. Wiltermood, Y. Hinshaw, H. Hastings, B. Buerkett, L. Siegler, D. Harper, J. Nelson, J. Runge, N. Shumaker, R. Hargis, G. Zehr, M. Sparks, B. Todd, B. Rich, L. Thomason, J. Mann, D. Adams, N. Arends, A. Casebeer, E. Wiese, J. Barnett, L. Hamm, L. Rousey. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Miller, M. Jacobus, J. Kewley. J. Barr, R. Rich, J. Johnson, A. Ropp, J. McQueen, D. Baylor, D. Kashner, J. Warren, A. Ehlers, H. Anderson, T. Inman, F. Mullare, D. Doerr, J. Swope, L. Dodson. Knot in picturej D. Spang. M ixecl lzorus The choruses and girls' ensemble closed an unusually successful year. Interest is high in music at N. C. H. S. The personnel had to be reduced to fifty members in the girls' chorus. Performances of the year include: Chorus: Union Thanksgiving Services, winter and spring concerts, Illinois Education As- sociation meetings, and district contest. Girls' Ensemble: Optimist Club, Red Cross Show at Rantoul, Presbyterian Church, Radio broadcast at I. S. N. U., and district contest. Our music department made a splendid showing not only in band but also in vocal music in the district and state contests. Harriet Hastings, Barbara Buerkett, and the girls' ensemble won first place in the district which entitled them to go to the state Where they received a "B" rating. Jean Ann Kewley at the piano and the mixed chorus received a "B" rating in the district. The results of this spring's contest were not available before the Reverie went to press, but a good showing is always expected from Mr. Miller's musicians. . gi Z. 'Z 'Fc he FIRST ROW: L. Dodson, J. Barr, J. Swope, R. Rich, J. Kewley. SECOND ROW: J. Warren, T. Inman, ll. Anderson, D. Doerr. A. Ropp. THIRD ROW: Mr. Miller, D. Kashner. J. McQueen, A. Ehlers, D. Baylor. Qnot in pin-tureb J. Johnson, F. Mullare, D. Spang. Boys' Clzm-us Girfs' Ensemble Marilyn Byerly, Norine Arends, Alice Jayne Casebeer, Harriet Hastings, Barbara Buerkett, Martha Jacobus, Jean Plumb, Mary Suv Williams, Jean Ochs, Jean Ann Kewley. Work anal Play fm iii: li, wr n vb b01'1'5 1 mm E mi H1283 E FIRST ROW: B. Jannusch, E. Wiese, M. Stuart, D. Schuler, M. Foster. SECOND ROW: R. Larkin, J. Imig, P. McBurney, D. Marsh. THIRD ROW: J. Peterson, Miss Garihee, E. Mitchell, M. Pfeifer, M. Larkin. G. A. A. LQQTIQGLJQTS Jean Ochs, Frank Mallare, Mary Sue Williams, Shirley Gehrt, Many Ann Jones, Carol Todd. u H iv I SEATED: R. Gehrt, F. Chapman, W. Byerly, L. Siebert. FIRST ROW: N. Niepagen, H. Hafer, D. Hal- sema, J. Buerkett, D. Bridgwater, B. Linden, H. J. McElroy, T. Inman, Mr. Legg. SECOND ROW: R. Larkin, J. Schad, Mr. Hardy, H. Smith, D. Spang, A. Ehlers, D. Rynell, D. Britt, Mr. Masters, B. Thompson, Mr. Neuman. tNot in picturel F. Mullare, J. McQueen. " " Club Athletic Boar A newly organized athletic board was formed in November 1947, with Lander Van Gundy, President, Ben Gildersleeve, Vice President, R. E. Caton, Secretary. The athletic board is composed of two Board of Education members, Lander Van Gundy and Ben Gildersleeveg four coaches, Phil Hardy, Robert Newman, Eugene Masters, and Lewis Legg, R. E. Caton, Prin- cipal of High School, L. E. Starke, Superintendent of Schools. The purpose of the board is to formulate policies for the guidance of the school's ath- letic program and to create a better understanding of the athletic program. The meetings of the board are held after every football, basketball, baseball, and track season. f x FIRST ROW: G. Biddle, W. Denzer, B. Linden, Capt.: W. Byerly, Capt., P. Heller, R. Lower, H. Siegworth, R. Gehrt, H. Hafer, F. Mullare fMgr.J SECOND ROW:Mgr. T. Inman, B. Zink, M. Olson, R. Ogden, R. Caldwell, B. Thorpe, D. Bridgwater, J. Schad, R. Maloney, R. Larkin, O. Brown, R. Ochs, R. McClellan, B. Leary. THIRD ROW: Coach Hardy, D. Kashner, R. Crouch, H. Smith, D. Spang, D. Halsema, D. Britt, L. Siebert, A. Ehlers, D. Rynell, J. Halsema, B. Thompson, Coach Neuman. Varsity Fooilraii The Normal Ironmen had a fairly successful season, they had three wins and five de- feats. The Homecoming game, which was played with our Corn Belt rivals from Pontiac, proved to be an interesting and exciting one although Pontiac Won by a close score. Even though most of the opponents were tough, the Ironmen gave them all a scrappy game show- ing that they weren't pushovers. Next year there promises to be a great improvement in the team's record with eight re- turning lettermen plus a few outstanding underclassmen. The returning lettermen for next season are D. Halsema, D. Spang, R. Gehrt, D. Rynell, A. Ehlers, H. Hafer, R. Larkin, and H. Smith. Sept. Normal Wendell Phillips Here Sept. Normal Fairbury There Sept. Normal Clinton There Oct. Normal Pontiac Here Oct. Normal U. High Here Oct. Normal Trinity Here Oct. Normal Dwight Here Oct. Normal Bloomington Here FIRST ROW: K. Risen, R. Thorp, G. Ropp, R. McMahan, D. Magee, D. Jones, J. Pasley, SECOND ROW: L. Dodson, H. Olsen, G. Swope, G. Payne, J. Lusher, D. Mohr, B. Shinnabarger, R. Evelsizer. THIRD ROW: S. Stomac fass't coachl J. Lehman, E. Roberts, B. Stokes, C. Bonney, H. Smith, R. Volk, H. Masters lCoachJ reslzmen Football Normal High had its first view of a freshman team this year under the direction of Mr. Masters. After a few weeks of working on plays and fundamentals of football, the fresh- man team had their first taste of competitive football against the Clinton freshmen. The young Ironmen had an easy game. The game between the freshman and sophomore teams was one of the high lights of the season with the sophomores winning. By the end of the season the boys had been molded into a good team. They will be one to watch in future years. Sept. 26 Oct. 3 Oct. 6 Oct. 10 Oct. 24 Oct. 31 Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Clinton 6 Pontiac 6 Fairbury 0 Trinity 7 El Paso 6 B. H. S. 21 There Here Here Here Here Here 'Hx fi FIRST ROW: R. Lesher, R. Gehrt, Harlan Smith, J. McQueen, J. Buerkett, J. Schad, O. Gannaway, D. Bridgwater, D. Halsema, B. Linden, T. Inman, Mgr., R. Evelsizer, Mgr.g SECOND ROW: Coach Hardy H. Hafer, Harry Smith, R. Stielow, R. Jannusch, R. Blunk, J. Halsema, E. Burns, C. Coon, D. Rynell, Thompson, J. Britt, J. Miller, Coach Neuman. CNOt in picturej F. Mullare, Mgr.g D. Spang. Basleeilvall The Normal Ironmen enjoyed a highly successful season. They had seventeen wins and eleven losses. They upset a favored B. H. S. team on the home floor by a 37-36 score. The Normal High team tied Trinity for the Corn Belt Crown and finished second in the Inter- City. In the Second Normal Holiday Invitational Tournament, Chenoa, Normal, Dixon, and Bloomington won first round games on New Year's day. In the semi-finals Chenoa beat Normal and Bloomington ousted Dixon for the opportunity to play in the championship game. Normal won over Dixon for the consolation title and Chenoa whipped B. H. S. for the championship. The Ironmen finished their season at the sectional tournament held in Peoria after they had upset the Chenoa Redbirds in the finals of the regional tournament at Chenoa. The Ironmen won their first game at the sectional but were trounced by a highly favored Pekin team. Next year Coach Hardy will build his team around four returning lettermen - R. Gehrt, D. Spang, D. Halsema, and H. Smith. 1. 2 Q. L .i i .511 .ne fa? if . .. af' FIRST ROW: E. Mears, Fletcher, M. Niepagen, N. Niepagen, G. Biddle, B. Liput, B. Sieveking. SECOND ROW: C. Evelsizer, F. Patrick, C. Frisby, W. Byerly, D. Spang, R. Gehrt, H. Hafer, R. Cushman. THIRD ROW: R. Stielow, B. Biddle, D. Rynell, Coach Neuman, J. McQueen, B. Lesher, R. Blunk. Baselva ll The Normal Ironmen launched their 1948 baseball season with Fairbury on the oppo- nent's field. This was an easy game for the Ironmen. They won by a score of 7-3. The Iron- men appear to be much stronger than they have been in the last few years. They have a good pitching staff not counting the experienced infield. They are using the new suits that were purchased last year. The Ironmen of last year had a four wins and two loss record. This year's nine will find only four members, W. Byerly, J. McQueen, B. Biddle and J. Schad missing next year. SCHEDULE April Fairbury May 3 B. H. S. April Wapella May 5 U. High April Eureka May 6 El Paso April Clinton May 8 Atlanta April B. H. S. May 12-15 District April Danvers May 17 Trinity April U. High May 19 Fairbury May 21 McLean 5 Y i X' 1 vi If - ' W AI Of, .L A 3 I I f - his 5 gn. 44 i :I i FIRST ROW: R. Ochs, R. Caldwell, J. Halsema, P. Heller, C. Black, R. Graham, C. Coon, R. Pasley. SEC- OND ROW: R. Evelsizer, Mgr.: O. Brown, J. McQueen, W. Denzer, H. Smith, M. Powers, B. Linden, R Kirstein, Bob Thorpe. THIRD ROW: H. J. McElroy, D. Tjaden, R. Larkin, J. Schad, D. Spang, D. Halsema E. Peyton, H. Anderson, D. Bridgwater, Coach Masters. T me The Ironmen opened their track season at Urbana, April 3. D. Spang, who won fourth in the 220 yard dash was the only member of the track team to place in the meet. Normal held a dual meet with Leroy and won by an easy score. Anderson and Spang were high point men in the meet. The Juniors won by a four point margin over the Seniors in the annual Inter-class meet this year. The first Normal Relay Carnival was held April 24, with over forty schools entering the A and B Classes. A queen and her attendants chosen from all four classes in the school awarded all trophies and medals. As this year's track team has only three returning lettermen from last year's squad, they depended mostly on underclassmen. SCHEDULE April 3 Urbana April 30 Lincoln April 10 Decatur May 1 Delavan April 14 Leroy May 3 Corn Belt April 20 Fairbury May 7 District April 24 Normal Relays May 14 Inter-City The 1947 track season was fairly successful with nine returning lettermen. The dual meet with B. H. S. proved to be a close one. The Bloomington High Cindermen eked out a one point decision over the Ironmen. Pontiac won the Corn Belt meet, University High and Normal finishing second and third respectively. U. High won the Inter-City. Charles Cox, Normal's ace miler, won first place in the half mile and mile events in the B. H. S., Corn Belt, and Inter-City meets. He also placed fourth at the district meet in Peoria. George Hin- shaw won first place in the shot put in the B. H. S., Corn Belt, and Inter-City meets. This year's track team will be built around only three returning lettermen - Dave Bridgwater, Bill Linden, and Jack McQueen. Prom The main event for the class of '48 was their Prom last year. A general committee was selected during the second semester, who, with the help of Mr. Legg, Mr. Diveley, Miss Springer, Miss Hoose, and Mrs. Gal- breath, class advisors, worked indus- triously planning the affair. Bill Lin- den was class president, Milton Olson, vice president, Marilyn Tate, secre- tary-treasurer and Lois Klump, re- porter. Bill Linden served as the chairman of the Prom committee. Chairmen of the standing committees were Marvin Dunn, Orchestra, Margaret Brown, Floor Show, Dick Britt, Queen, Var- da Belle Warren, Theme, Cliff Wil- cox and Jeannie Ochs, co-chairmen, Construction, Melvin Scarberry, Clean-up, Jeanine White, Refresh- ments, Marjorie Gates, Serving, Marilyn Tate, Purchasing, Sally Veatch, Programs and Invitations, and Lois Klump, Reception. NCHS Homecoming IPDH- H U PUNTIRC aroma I , :lx 4 'i XL Q 6 1. X Q F 4 . Nwzgg df - and-' - fd .R M slum ml .'z I Normal Bakery Art Scott Barber Shop Normal Welding and Blacksmiths W. H. Stappenbeck, Bookbinding Clanin Brothers Normal Cleaners Hall's Tog Shop Class "26" Dr. L. H. Ten Eyck, Dentist Hall's Appliances Ko Ko Shop Little Campus Inn Class "43" Co-op Bookstore National Hybrid Corn Co. Dan's Tire Shop Templeman's Jewelry Store Watkins Watch Repair Ernie's Bakery Orange Crush Bottling Co. Lusher Service Station Spear Brothers Service Station Class "27" Al Bishoff, Groceries Lander Van Gundy, Insurance Agent Normal Sanitary Dairy Dr. John N. Wettaw, Dentist Hi Lo Oil Co. Coen's Drug Store Shorty's Keen Barbershop A. T. Jackson, Furniture Biasi's Drug Store Washburn 8x Sons, Florists American State Bank Pantagraph Printing 8: Stationery Co. Denman's Flower Shop Patrons Normal Cafe Brewster Food Service Thompson's Grocery Ritter's Dry Goods Class "42" Lutz Greenhouse Sz Canning Co. Class 38 George Lesher 8z Sons Class "44" Camera Craft Studio Sleever's Cafe Pilgrim Cafe Miller Music Store W. H. Roland Model-Paris Cleaners Wiston C. Pulton, Class "34" Custer Brothers Schnebley's Garage Wayne Lasky Grocery H. L. Mecherle, Class "I-33" Arts Press Wood Products Co. Dr. Harry C. Barber, M. D. Community Cash Grocery McLean County Truck Co. Dr. Ray W. Doud, M. D. Jack Stoltz, Insurance Agent Louie Heller 8a Sons, Meat Market Class 46 Midget Inn, Roy S. Clesson, Mgr. William D. Bryan, Service Station Class 30 Ann's Beauty Shop Moore Bus Lines Chet's Sandwich Shop R. R. Armstrong, Insurance Agent W. B. Read and Co. First National Bank, Normal Little Boss Dairy Class "41" Dixie Cream Donut Shop Stubblefield's Funeral Home Normalite Burrough's Fuel and Heating Co. Personality Beauty Shop Hildebrandt's Drug Store McKnight 8: McKnight Livingston's Chadband's Jewelry L. V. Slavens Rice Hardware Class "24" Dr. B. A. Pierce, Optometrist Vanity Beauty Shop Moore's Luggage 8: Book Shop Freese Sz Jefferson' Corn Belt Bank Paxton Typewriter Co. C. W. Klemm, Inc. Dr. E. L. Upton, Dentist Patrons Dr. Ralph P. Peairs, M. D. R. H. Lusher, Shell Oil Co. Mrs. Alene Galbreath Mrs. Edw. Hatzenbuhler Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Litherland Mr. Sz Mrs. Elden L. Casebeer Mr. and Mrs. Julius Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Dave Ward Miss Mary E. Donham Mrs. L. D. Simpson Funk Bros. Seed Co. Normal Community High Parent-Teachers Assn. Miss Laura Springer Mr. W. B. Goodenough, Mgr. Holland Furnace Company Mr. Sz Mrs. Wesley Wilcox Ben Gildersleeve Seed Co. Class "36" ' Consumer Economics Class, N. C. H. S. Mr. Ka Mrs. Herb Horsley Mr. Neuman's Counseling Group, N. C. H. S. J. Howard Rose Sporting Goods Co. Class "21" Moberly Sn Klenner's G. M. Coffland Corinne Studio Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Hafer Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Brown Shedd-Baruch Foods, Paul Scott, Mgr. H, Mu ' ls.. .I H . 'X ' 1 M1 'W I 1' ' 4.1 ' Ji." , Vl- VI fv .,.1 'zv-if -illeixl. .31 ,Ii V , ,, 195, " ' -A ME. .V , - f wr -,,, " ' - '53- '.' " ' . ,.q:-- 'gp 'wqy-1, 35 gj.lf4.x "fl n. u- .w as +4 1 , ' ,Q v. fw f 'lv f' -'Fm-.f wg '-L1"w ,1 "1 ' N691 V' :, Y M-.t ,.. we " 2.':'-frniqe, - -' 'X' " -fu?.l5-h4.'gIf,uf..-4.1. Gdliifwm Zigi 'ifwim ii J 5 , Mm wx ,Wvuc7JaMwL!ffy, ' gi Vhfanfeaiqfihveipndf fra ,,j,6w!1,"5P1f ' MMM M 75,231 1,50-H ri Q U Q Wfggi 5.16,-gs-lr+wf,4,,,,,,gL'r5'H Og 7-rl-"'v3L'v14J-L-flag' Q , MM WW X Q 3. vfv '- , ,mg-,- 1 -'5' '45 -' - , , ' " emgifw .5- a y., V N' A V' " W ' .. , ,. ,, Mm, . ,,,,'5. ,g, 3f?1 3 -ff . fraffigf-- 2-+:f.1-'1--,Q .: , . g.,..,, . . 'Z' --1 - 1 1: mal J M wwf f f.: 1 1- Q , Yu. .- A fhn f, f g , I v - fwf JJ? fy, S ' A , I 4'6" Axbl Q 7 . " LV ' I 9 iff? fp WM? iff I L ff? ...H

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