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 - Class of 1931

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Text from Pages 1 - 130 of the 1931 volume:

P! bf il G 7- -4 ..-...........- 'Irv-I-rv-v-vw! - -2411" L I A I Per' tg I In L 71 Y I if TU- , I-L FIJI- ' It 1 ...L 1,- - G .-- .H 71+ 1 ", k - 5 ' "1 Q J' 'E -" 1 ,H I ., :J LH: H" -3 E ' Il.: ..l-l- I+ E -: - ,,,'- - I H- : - ' -4- , 'Ar W I 1 , ' imma I "H Il ' 5 - -L v , lu C -' .- -5 Jfg - VY Vllllblll'l'llHlIWl!,'bllllIlII' IPIIINDUI-1'5l ',.... ' ' """"" iii. -61. 3, if If . I P- - , Q X!! H ff r S. R . - ' N :Q-lf f' . , I. ' f vs, 351. N Gfivrfji y Q' -v'E'i::,- ff' 'Q J. ufif Q' 5dg'.,l,1Ql1a!i!'f5'ff?1Ctf, ' . ,1. X f 1 r fy -- if 441 , Ex LIBRIS The Echoes 1931 Volume VIII Published by the Annual Staff of the NORMAL COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL Normal, Illinois CONTENTS DEDICATIOIV VIEWS ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES ADVERTISING ffHHf5 1 - Q JOHN C. CHIDDIX Four F5 HS- , MEL ffHHf5 To one who has won our admiration while with as as adviser, teacher, and friend, we, the Staff, wish to dedicate this Echoes. Five cg H ', NAIA ELM Sid: " LM R D W3kH i A gE4KHHE5 Seven f1 l k11 2E4EHHEP A Q Uywilkgk uCXLl1EIWlSWHQYN HANG xoxunxvwfxxwu by Xygyffjiwd J Mm Eight f If NX , 1 IL xgyfiylfgw if wg LQUMEQQ zwlmwi eusmmmmaa DKMSAS EQIEAJDIINIG QQUIIUM DHD MNYEXQYXNG IN elfllllll Sl CF" 1. fvr ,vw lBlUlMIl2lD IEIDUICMTHIUIN MRS. C. NEWLIN IJAYID SL'IllCIQ'IlZ Cl1.xR1,lQs ll. l'ixR1elQ'1' l'1'v.v1'Jv1zf RUMAN KEYS CH.x1u,12s li. CLARK! Svw'cfr1r-v The lloard of lfdnealion has just emnpleled a year of worthwhile work for the improvement ul our school. The faculty has been enlarged and every practical means of im- proving the Selwul has been utilized. David Sehertz and Charles D. l'arret are euinpleting' their aeeund three-year terms on the board. Hrs. C. hl. Newlin and Charles li. Clarke were elected in 10330 for three-year terms. Truman ll. Keys is serv- ing the second year in his third three-year term, or his eighth year on the board. Ton -Q Ha C52 ff' g K Q' 4 RX 1 A? ' like l I l UE 4fHUE5 MONROE INTELTQN Sllf7C'7'i7'lf6llU'6llf Eleven 61, ,.,, '45- Mmm US 6KHHE5 H. STOLTZ Assisfafzt Priizcijnal Twelve 1EHHE1m WS, - ' . - , 11 m I im? , Q cf H N AZ. A" .L w k ka 1, :R 1 W. 1 X f ff-Q fa" 2' ' 1' Y 1 4: If? ...W :Y In K V 4 y 7 M ' 1 Q.. ' 1 1,31 - 1 ff-1, 4:11-1 1, ' TK 1 112 'wall 'A' 715911 1: X, inf' ' 'E 1. 5:13 G' 1 f -1: " -' 1 11147211 'N , 1 ,ml X'1i11x1x 'I'11j1ew11,1,1111:1x11 1fIl,I1RlfI1 I5111111 A11'1'111'11 XY. Y.xxcI.1-1.xx'1 If1111l1'.xf1 ,N'111'111l S1'11'111'1' 11l11.vi1' I,1f11'111'11111 ll1'.1'l111"v C. I.. 11111111311 M.x11'r11.x MM: ,IM115 I,11ix.x VAX Ii'1"1'11iN I?iU!171j,X' 1.111111 ,S'f1111'1'7111111f P11-x'.v11'x lf1111!1.vI1 ,l',1'f1'tu1'1111111 I911111zr1s'1' 311111: ,I11Hx C. CIIIIIIIIX R11111-'111' P1e1x141-i 1U1'1'!1111111'111 l71'11-1111117 ,S1L'il'1Il'C 1lfl1!1'f11' l711'1'1'1'111' Jftlllllllf 111111111111 lI1'l111l1'11g .S41'11'111'1' l'l1-11.111111 G1'11111'11j111kx l'.l'I,.X xI.X'l'IIlfXY low: I,l'k'KXLQR l71'1111 nf Girls 0j2'1'1'1' .1.vxi.vl1111! E1111l1.x'11 NI.x1:1,113 S.x1:15 If111'1411 Ii1iN.l,u11x H11111x'1 X'11:R'1'11111111s F1'1'111'l1 .'lftIfll1'IlIlIfl.1'.X' 11111111111 74l'1II.IIi7Ijl P1IxX'.X'il'4lI T1'111111'11g l,11l1li1' Sj11'11Z'11111 1l11l11 1U1'1'l11111111v l?1'1111111f111Q R11'11AR11 C. 50,1111 NI11111111311 SHAW M.x111:.x11112'1' C. M1'111ux' .U11lf11'111111'iC3 H111111' E1'11111111111's 511111111 .N'111'.x'1' C111111111'1'1'i11l 1.11111 B1111M'1'1'f111111 'I'l1i1'fCC1L , !2:- f - 1, if .ME CX . 1 0-VIL QQHHE5 EU Ed11c'fzf z'0u and stzzdy, and the favors of flzc IIIIISUS, voazfvr no grmfcz' bvazvfif on those that sack flzcm tlzan flmw llllllltilllllllllfj mm' cz'i'1'If,:'1'11g Ivssons, ivlzfch 1'vuc'I1 our 1za!'111'al qualities fn Sllblllilf fo flu' 1i111z'fafz'0115 fw'csc'1'1'bcd by rca.w1z, and fo d'I'0l'd the zcfz'Id1zc.sxv of c.1f!1'c1f1z f's. IjlIlILt17'ClZ. Fo1m'tee'n L I' -I ...QL ka Q X ...if L- .J .s , ' yn . nfl QKHHEP at 1 CLASS COLORS-Blau: AND Go1.D MOTTO- ,+T0 1711.116 0'Zk'll self be f7'IlC4, A1111' H1011 must 11025 H1011 bc falsc to any lllflll. ln September, 1927, we entered Normal lligh to spend, what seemed to us. four interminable years. But as they have swiftly passed away, we find they have been only too short. Glaneing back. we find intermingled with our quest for scholarship, many pleasures that have made our High School days the happiest in our life. We have strengthened our old friendships and made many new ones among our classmates. VVe have met new teachers and retained the friend- ship of ones who have spent the entire four years with us. Their patience and faithfulness in our behalf have endeared them to us all. . Graduation now looms in view. XVe realize we are on the last lap of our journey. XVe have attained our goal, yet it is with mingled joy and regret that ive say goodbye to the school, to our friends, teachers. and to those traditions which we have striven to uphold. y Sixteen 2 C. . Ut'l4EHllEsm3 MTGHLE BRIGHT 'tllnri oh, he had that 11'z,e1'1'g1 ylrmwc that seldom lacly's heart resists." Football '30 Hi-Y '30, '31 Boys Glee Club '30, '31 Operettzx '31 MARJORIE RONHANI "In the graces of girlhood sim rlucs excel. In manner and actiong utllletivs as well." National Honor Society '31 G. A, A. '29, '30, Pres. '31 Senior Editor' '31 l4lYlC0ll1l2'lI1 Debate Club, Trezxs. '30, '31 Thespians '31 C'ornme1'ciztl Contests '29, '30 flY'CllQStT'2l '29, '30, '31 Operettu '28, '29, '30, '31 FRANCES NVlCl7IDlV1AN "You, say not, but you think without a rloubif' l c' x A. '29, '30, '31 1, 1 . Junior Play' IJ1-nrnatiu Club '28 RUTH MORRIS "Neither too Aoareless, nor foo surlg Nov' too studiozzs, nor too glaclf' RlC'HARD BTIUIHSNER kilns! wlmt rlrcrulful Ullfllflyt? crm be wrozzglzl wllh one mtl pencil." Baseball '31 . 'I'r'z1ck '31 'l'r-ztr1Sfe1'1'e1l from U. High '31 Smzentaen .auf mf-3 5' fifwyzmuv Hg, .M .,,. ev S.: K UQQEHHE5 EH Q' 5 WW' ' . -Wff211:z5:QW'3" . , . My wg A V. Eighteen AI'DRl.X BRYAN "VVS ufmlflfv' 'Il7lL0'll flu 1710 giggling 'IVIIML ,fllzrlrirl lf'uI'cs." fl. IX. A. '30, '31 tiles l'1ul1'3lm. '31 Operettzl '3U. '31 'llll6SIJl2lll '31 D1-zmmtic Club '28 HICNRY lCNl+1t'H'l' "S1muk 1010, if jl0'Il mmm to spmlk of lowzf' NVILIAAM U'l"l'0 "'flIU'lLll lo lmrl and rvurly lo rise, And Ql!0'll lwixs the bust part of the tiny." L,XNVlil'1Nl'l'Z NUIC "A 7'C!l-llfll7'l'll 'lflldhlf l"11llr'v', with u Sfjllffllf like G1'm11l11z1L's roclcf'1',"' Glee Ulub Hi-Y Football Baseball ".Ie1'l'Y of .Io1'iA:hf1 Ruud." f'Jl'C'l1EStl'2L Band MARION KRON 'Ulll 1lI,llNl lm vrmvlrsl in It world lilcu this." Glee Club '27, '28 Chorus '27, '28 Hperettzl '28 Commercizll Contest '30, '31 H IGRMAN REECE "'l'alents differ all is well mul wisely put." Fuutbzlll '30 'I'1-snnsfewed from V.-High MICLBA SIEH "All day long and all year lhm' I"1re studied o"er my books, To get rm erlucation is not as easy as it looks." G. A. A. '29, '30, '31 Glee Club '28, '29, '31 Junior Play Dramatic Club '28, '29 Hperettzl '28, '29, '31 FICRN YIGAKEL "Her merry eye is full and lmlfzvlf. llvr vllcvlf is browwz and lH'l1ll1f." Club '28 11109 l'll0l'llS '28 MILDRIGD VVIENHIICMIGIC 'AQ14iet and imolztawzsire, but efficient for all tlm,r."' 'I'ransfe1'red from Danvers H i-Tri NVILLIANT GARVEY "'l'll!'1'6 shall never be one yoofl one lost." Nineteen f3w 3:5 M ,..- M QF ? l new QKHHE51 Eiglu f Twenty FRED NVELLMAN ff 7 lou ought to hear his line. He could sell razors in Russia." Plays '28, '29, '30, '31 Thespians Echoes Staff '31 National Honor Society '31 Hi-Y Treas. '31 Ouerettn, '28, '31 Glee Club '28 Debate Club '31 HELEN G ARVEY J E A "U only she would speak!" MILDHED NIEHYS "Some fhut .smile have in their herwts 7lLill'l'07lS of mischief, Transferred from U, High '31 NETTE CHRTST Nlllodest, simple and sweet, The nary type of girl to meet." GEORG E' BROWN 'WVo11mu 'is the lwcacl of lif I'u'1, hungry." Band '27, '28, '29, '31 Orchestra '27, '28, '29, '31 Saxophone Quartet '31 Dance Orchestra '31 I farm" eg l4'h4n'S 51:41 19, , lfmllulll N 1 f.l,l'1NN.IUIINS'I'llN UQQQKHHE5 EH "ll'.w Ihr' funn H-lm lflmlftv H'1IIIf 111' lrrlrlls and yfmx figflll rzjlw' li, zrlm -riffs ll. ' " " "SU "il 1 '?U, ii Illmm' Sm-in-15' 'Sm' I'.xml lllt'SUiZIlIN l laws 4Y!'I'i1'v1's '29, 'SHI Hi-Y 'I-11 , Slmrm' Null 'IJ' l "il I,Yll'ISI'I IQUIGIIIAIIH 'klml :nuff In hm' llllzflllf Iliff-ll, Hlrlnfrx, ,ml rqnrrl HI VM lf'u1'lll 1111114 frm Ill flu. "H11m- 'l'l1v1'1- XX'.lw X l'l'lI1L'l'SS. 'IIN' Vlllll 'IK "P 'AU' "il ll1t'Fl5lJlll SH. :il Ux'c'l1vslx':x 'SEI' ' 1 Hlzlfl' lH'l'im1-I' 'LN Nzlliulml IIHIHYI' Music' :mml Lite- "3I:111 m' Muusa- H I'Il,I'IN ll .X II'I'lN JU, "H lib 'SKI 9114414-ly Till, 'Ill l"n1'x' 1311114-st W V A W.. wwf u M, W . Egfr ., iff! M'MA Wh 1 New vgiiarfw 1,22 1 .5 5 3 kg.. A SKS 2 7 if -W , S S., .Q X '4U'i1Hl1 final u'f,wlnu1 41lH'41,1f.v UIUII' lf:- -1f1'll1f'1'." 1 . A. A. Ili-'l'z-3 IH':1l1m:uti4-s xv.Xl'IPI:l'INl': l"ISI'lNIiIGIl1ll1IIl "HIM -lflfllllff l,u:'l1i11Vrlf' rwmr' nlfl uf flu' U'1.wI 'l'I1lIlSl'Q'I'l'A'I1 lrum l' lligh NH.xl:f'N IIMMSIC "I burr' no flusflnl flu f'1f'ilfff'1f1w uv wmv of 1111. I .s-prrllef' Uh, Ilmlf l"mg1ir'1 my lifrfflfff xinxf 'l'lre' ulhrf' l.'Al14l fluff! w4llI1'1'."' lI"lI1Ylk'!'I'4'4I ir-mu Xlllllhl Ill-ll Ne-i A ' ' ' Us 'rf mlm 111s I'14 1114-nl Yfllil : ',l mul Ihm-+1 ku1lmlX "IH, .SI ,ll 21 XVI Htliiul' ul' l'I1'llu4 lnlm Vulxin llzumm 1 H.ll1sl .lnml Unlnflln Hi Y 'l'lw-'N "il Xll Slzlu- H1'4'lvvsll':1 Lu!l1ll1t'I'1'ifll wlnmtvst up NUI ill, 'Til ,SI in N 7'u'1'n TAI!-UNC w. xx gg y.. M :W w.3..,,.,..w.f..i. iw . A W ,.f. .., ,bg . www, Q." Almiikzg ' - ,tg . EGEHUEB El l Twenty-two YIVIAN NAFZIGER "Still I must cry your praises. that success come not too late." Transferred from Dzlnvers GRANT YODER f'Georye Waslniolgtolz is dead, Napoleon 'is deudg all great men are dying-in fact I doozft feel well myself." Transferred from Danvers VVebsterian Debate Club Track '31 DAVISON CLARKE ffllnppiness is the well done." Glee Club '27 Operetta '27 Vocational Club '30 EDGAR NOE "If study makes the mafn, bring back my cradle days." and '29, '30, '31 B Football '29, '30, '31 Baseball '30, '31 Vocational Club '29, '30 S MNA SAIMPSON f'Turu serious matters to sports." G. A. A. Band Lincolnian Debate Club 'l'hespia.n "Once There Was A Princess' "Jerry of Jericho Road." Saxophone Quartet Dance Orchestra , l product of work 6KHHE5 EU J OSEPHTNE VV.-XLKER "Too lata l10'IlSf Uupirl has already shot his m'1'ow." G. A. A. '29, '30, '31, Class Officer '29, '30, '31 Pres. National Honor Society '31 'l'l1espians '30, '31 Glee Club '28 '29 "Om-e 'I'hel'e Vilas A l"r'imfeSS." IRYVIN FIKE "G1'efLtm' men than I lmve but I doubt it." Transferred Piper Pity '29 Glee Club '29 Orchestra '31 Band '30, '31 Football '29, '30 Baseball '29, '30, '31 Vocational Club '30 FHA RLES CURRY 4'Sometimes he sits gurl thinks, And sometimes he just sztsf' VVOODHOVV NA FZIGER lived, e HFootlmll, Basketball, Baseball no bore, As well liked in one year as most are in fo1n1'."' Football '30 Basketball '30, '31 Baseball '31 Transferred from Danvers. DORIS SMITH 'fWl1,o crm 1m1lm'strmll my m'1'01's?" Inter'-Olub Debate Junior Senate Club fl. A. A. '29, '30, '31 Dramatics. '29 Commercial contests '30 Debate Squad '29, '30 Twen ty-three W!!! A wk wgfff 5 1 :QZ ..,. M. R ff X Twmzty-four HGIHHES EU DYRUN LO12I'I'I "lf III' 1Im'.w:1'l lfrwruurv n Yrvulm' of rn ff: 'ull IIl'f'flI'Sfl'll. 1'i1 miss my gums. Nou' rzlmnl if 1'r11rI?" l7I'i'1ll'S1l'IL Hu nd lA?l'lSI'I 1lll.lbI4IlISI4l+IlCVlC "'l'o In' 1111111 is Ilfll 1IHLIlifi0'1L.v Mr'l,v:n11 Uullllly Folllc-sf 'fill qunim' ' " '- Ill In Wnllblll? Ullu-ul' NAIBINIG HHICIJ "l"rrm propifr rlir' in Imvw, zzlllmzrffh Inls of flroplft amz' flelrlfl in Iowa." XI.XI74ll'I HHIMIGS "'l'l1m'f"x ll rifllzl and zwrnzyf to Cucry- filing, I jlrurr' if !'V1'l'k1f 111111. 1VII!If1'l'V7' rzrfflfnlnwri llII'l'l' ix, I fI1Il'llI!Y rfwl U1-If 'IFN-l!.1' gtillt' IDL-lmiv '29, 'HIL ,Ill 'l'l10I4Ili2lllS '20, '31 "1XI:1n Or' Mouse" "1 mul 'I'Iw1-mf XV:1:4 .X I'1'i11v0ss" Yzitimml Ilrmol' JA M IGS FAI hfirzrnfl looks IIYII in my frrmily, but 111011 Till! pus! mf ' NN'ebstm'iz111 '1'V1ll'li '31 lg2lSl'hill1 '31 Sm-iety .I II Pl ' N lwehaltu Club 'SNL '31 5411111 31 VIYIGLYN .XNDICRSON "It sf1'J11s so f11Il1Ijl, -IfI'l sn 11I1x111'd. l'll f1'l1 11016 1711 this 7'1I.ll11lG, No 111111i121' 111I111t f1111l' I sf1l'1'i for 817111001 I 111111'l yfft 1111111 on time." l1Ul'l1I1I1 HICIM "1'111 ll 111111111111 11f few 111o1'11s-- 11111 I 11x11 ffIf'111 0fff'1I."' Natimlznl I11111111' Sfwivly' '30, '31 Hi-'I'1'i I11'osi11e111t '31 G. .L A. S91-t, '30, '31 15111111 30, 31 Class Hffif-01' '30 l'IQh1111s Staff 'J , '. l'onm1u1'ciz1l l'11ntest 'L.I, '30 11l'l'I1,11I KIi11C'1'Z11IR "O11. if I 1'1111111 110 fn rlnss, Uvifllllllf 111111111111 nl 11, lesson, 511111 1'1'1'it1' 1l'lll'lL 1'11111'1I 011, I1z1I1'1'11, 'tz1'111111I 111' fl 111f1ssi1111." 1' X X "HI '30 ww , aryl 11111111111 11:11 KARR 1m ,1,-- 1 "1,111'e 111'.w 111 fl 11'111111111's ewes, 111111 1i1'.v 111111 liws 111111 Has." 'XVI11-11's Your Bi1'tl11l:1y." 111014 t'Iul1'31 1216111113111 1il?1.XZ11Ili ' "H1' 1111111111 lik!! to 11111119 011111130 look to his 111111'1'1x." 'l'1-z111sf1J1' XV11eat1111 High '30 191111111311 '30 Uzuseluzill '30 4111-v 011111 '30, '31 .Xll-State l'11111'us '30 H11v1'ett11 Se-11i111' I'lz1y 11111111 '30, '31 Twe111y-five M-..1, 1 W, . 7,1 pb.-,S l me QEHHE5 EH LEROY BRYAN HI lmwr ra sud, sud SlfO?'1l. Now listen without four. Thelma are ozo sheirks left for the girls, 'Cause I'm Icuviug school this years, Football '27 Cheer Leader '28, '29 RUTH SAMPSON "Sho though! hewsolf a mrzu-hater, but S110 feels herself u slipping." H, A, A. '29, '31 illee Club '28, '29, '30 U1'chestr'zL '29, '30, '31 Ilemd '29, '30, '31 Staff '31 Music and Literary Meets '30, '31 t'nmmerm'izLl Meets '29, '30 Junior Play '30 DOROTHY HIBBS "'U'omau's sho' a curious crittevg mul deff uiozft uo doubtm' clatf' Chorus '27, '28 Junior Senate Debute Club '27, '28 NVILMA TUTTL IG "Batter to bo small and shine Thuu Zarce and cast a slmdowf' J MARSHALL CATES "Oh woman! Lovely womfm! Natura made you just to vamp mon, but you hrmfewt got mc." Baseball '31 Twenty-six Q QKHHESEQEJ WVA RREN IMIG ffI'll gradually get there, if you'll give me time." Baseball '30, '31 Football '30 Glee Club '30 Vocational Club '30 Hi Y '30, '31 Thespians '31 Literary Contest '31 Lincolnizm Debate Club '31 FREDA AYERS 'fIt's nice to be natural, when 11ou're naturally nice," Glee Club '31 Operetta '31 Literary Contest '31 NETTIE BLAN fully greatest pleasures are ovcr, Right here, I'll have to quote, Because I"ll never have a chance To write another note." G. A. A. BERYL BRYANT "They say life is one sweet song- well, start the music." Operetta '28, '29, '31 Dramatics '28 Public Speaking' '29 Glee Club '28, '29, '30, '31 Hi-'l'ri Literary Contest '30, '31 MABEL RICH "A friendly heart with many friends." Senior Group Officer Hi-Tri Pres. of G. A. A. '29, '30 "Nothing But the Truth" '28 "VVhen's Your Birthday?" Glee Club '28, '29, '30, '31 Girl's Chorus '31 Twenty-se ren f 'E , . 3 "5 -..,. .,.. ..... . ' 'with 'SQ UQGKHHEP 1 J W S gmrsvwlf SQ 56212252-m . , A -if ., , ,, IQOBIG RT XYALK IC R 'Trim ll'ff is Jmfvfrr in fzflrrllzirl fl1'c.s'.w'1I, Ivo!! r'.1'1n'1'.vsfrI."' Vlass Pre-sidollt 'C-E0 Nzltimml Ihmox' Smfivtv '30 '31 , Sports DIZIIIIIQGI' 'QQ' '30 Staff' '30, 'xl 'Flwsynizln '31 Ilincnlrmiall lleb:1lu'f'0 '31 .J , UI .XL 1Z.XI'IBI'IIi 1, "JIo1Ir'sf and quid. Il, ull," 'l'l'i '31 OTTX I, RA KNEE frflrorilr with "I 7lf'I'f'l' ZFT mu SUIIIYPS 1111C1'j1'rr arfflz mf! ml11r'r1Iiun, Ll 'FILE ILXBNI-IY Twenty-eight "Om: who 1u'III7'7.l7 11 ILXRNVIN WIHIKIGS "U'lm'1I frm' ffllfss famous." Fontlu:1!1 '2N, '29, ,310 Glen' Club 'HT Vim--I'1'Ps. Hij' 'Z31 Hpa-nw-ttu 'IRI Voccrxtiomll Vlub '30 'l'1'z1L'k '30 ,w fL7I."' I'm flniuy In U'lmt-off 'wus fllolrylzf, Intl, 1Lo'1r1 90 M ANY T'Al.NIlCR "'Oh, 11'I1f1f fl 71111 was ,7llll7'jl.U D1-:1111:1tiPS J Lmior Senate '28 M,XRG,XIU'I'I' L.XN'l'Z 'AW1' 112011111 that 11:11 knew hm' II!'flf'7'.U 'l'1':1nsfe1'1'wl from U. High ALVIN MOH!! "How fz11'111. " WGKHHES EH gm' flflllllll l.'f'1'p 'cm 1I1111'11 on 1111? Vfkmtbzill '29 40 H1-Y L 1, 4111 flllb IRA 19, 00, 31 "11Il1'b' 'I'he-ru XYz1S A l'1'inQeSS." 11111-14111121 '28, En. '31 Ululm '30 YUl'Gl1iU112ll NELT. fi? Q QV gg IIRICIYIN "Tl1c:,11 call mr' liillo Ncllin, Tlm11!1I1 liftiw I 1111111 Im, Illv IlI'r'!l1lSP I'1'1' .sluflirrl hrlrd .-11111 .wrlmtcfl 11111 gr014:flL, 11011 sfo" lbmnlativ Club '28, '29 Flw Ul'l'ic'e1' '98 2-3 LOlil'lNlG " "Tcc1r'I1 "Mun or Mums?" I H A'4111c'e- There XYz1s .X l'1'l1lCQ-SS ' 'l'llt'Slli1lH 17, A. A, "'I'l1v Lady "M:11'1'Yi1x' lxlilliilllv 4211-o f'lub 1111: O Sllfflll, fo bI11sl1."' uf the 'I'o1'1':11'v" IJ1':1mzxticfl11b 28 29 Twc11t11-111110 ,541- VS E GEHHES El Thirty HAROLD SA'1"l'I'IRl7lEl,D "He a,l'nva,ys did say the fim was not in going IL miie a minute, but that stoppivig at that speed was rt real thrill?" Football '27, '28, '29, '30 Basketball '27, '28, '29 Baseball '30 All School Play '29 Vocational Club '30 MAMIE ZIEBAHTH "Tho times that fry 11161178 souls Cwomenlv tool ix over. MILTON DVNK "His mothw"s pricln. his fathcfs joy, rz great big bouncing, rollick- ing boy." - Football '29, '30 Basketball '28, '29 Hi-Y '28, '29, '30, '31 Glee Club '28, '29, '30 Dramatic Club '28 Chorus '28 National Honor Society '31 DliUSII,l,A HT DYT "'CouIrl I but 1o7'i!c thc beauty of your CJICS, And in fresh 'ILIHHIIGTS 1L1mzber all your graces J" 'Pransferred from Peoria Central '31 Staff Artist '31 'Fhespians '31 G. A. A. '31 Hi -Tri "NVhen's Your Birthday?" KENNETH BENJAMIN "Haste makcs 11:rls1'c-tlirzlis why Fve taken my time." Footlmll '28, '29 Football '30 Glee Club '27, '28, '29, '30, '31 Hi-Y '27, '28, '29, '30, '31 Senior Play '31 Operetta '27, '28, '29, '30 Junior Play '30 UQ QKHHE5 EH .IVSTIN U. Ala-NL"F'l' "All ,ffrfvzt mm: IIVI' nzis1u11l1'f'.wlomI Orchestra '20, '30, '31 Hand '29, '30, '31 Vocatimml Club '30 'I'l'z1nsfe1'1'wl fronl Rlomnilxgton High '39 41l'2ldll2lft'll .l:1n1l:11'y '31 JIGNNI IG DI IYYNS "An 1111 fzmfrufl y1i1'I with fl .wqfulfw 1r1141f." Nzltimml Humor Sm-ivly .31 Junior S:-nate '28 Senior' Ili-Tri OI'I'ivn-1' "VVl1en's Your Hirtlulzm -l'hOHlPiJlIl '30, '31 Utlnvv 'l'hel'e XY:n:4 .X Princessf Ijlillllillii' Ulub '28, 'QED y ?-. IN JNALID IMXNIJIS "l"rrm1 Ihr' Mblf' uf 111.11 Jllfwlrnff. I'll zriln' uzrujf all ImnA's." ,Q -5 V A igfnwy 49 war- , mi --,- f ' l4'IAPlII4INl'I'I Sk'Ill'l.'I'Z f ",'lI1l'fl-NS l10pf'fu1." IA 'R1C'l"I'.X M IGHL "Lilvw Il Vrrm frirlzrl, xlw IIZIVKIHS funnel Sflllrfflfllfl Io f"I1IHHIl'II!l.M 1 ,ip Smi- wzmfw-mi,, 'M L.w,MfA,M,, Tlzirfgf-mzv jf UE QEHHE5 EU TflC r'1zf i1'e objmft of f1'1lC Cdlmlfiolz is io Hlflkt' pwplfv not IIIUVCZA' do H10 Vllfjflf ffllhllfji, 12111 vzzjoy flzc riglzf flzflzgs fzzot lflmvly z'11dl1.ffz'1'01z.s', but lu ZUTTC 1-1Ill'IISfl'j'1Il0f ll1CI'CI.X' If'411'11c'd, but to In-we l?ll0'ZL'fl'lfgC'11ZL7f llIl'I'L?1j' fwfr, but in low? fvllrity-Jmz' 111v1'CIy just, but to lmxzgcr and fill-I'.Vf Llfffl' j.I!S1Ll'CC. YRUSIQIN, 'l'l1,irty-two X -I f 'X Q ' y i S2 Q rflvli IU12 E . e GKHHES et - SPENCER LI'l"l'l,ETON ITRANK LANIIAM MERLE RAMsr:vi:R Vice-P1'11ridwz! f'lI'L'.YfdUIIf Scrrficiry-Trea.r111'cr THE JUNIOR CLASS CLASS CiOLfCjlQS-PLfRPI,E AND ORANGE CLASS lNlO'l'TO-flgcs Qzzod Ages At the lirst regular meeting of our class, Frank Lanham was voted to be the president. Spencer Littleton became our vice-president and Merle Ranisever became our secretar -treasurer. V Y lVe feel we have some members in our Junior Class to be exceptionally proud ot. lVe are well represented in almost every organization in school. The Boys, and Girls' Glee Clubs are both full of Juniors. The class is well represented in athletics. Wie have one member in the National Honor Society but we hope to have more before the year is over. Dramatics is another field in which we shine brightly. Seven out of the nine members on the debate squad are juniors. Another achievement is our sponsoring' of the Matinee Tea Dances, They afford gcod times for all the students as well as the teachers. Feeding ninety hungry Seniors-that alone should show you the calibre of the Junior Class. Youlll hear more from us next year. 7'lLi1'ty-four X C Q ig. :ii f -7125551 hifvgzlj, z1QT'.L'iQ W1 'H H2 O-IAQVEY KAW? LGUfSi '. M X ' an CHMQLES SMHM EVELYN JOQGBZNSEN ., F, 'Vs' 1 X QL? mm :QXBUP QLAWS M-WEGQN LULU f'xB1Q4J'H mfmzww 2 ,QVBUN HLfi?f.1VJE' M! iN5O'X! fiPi1?iC'i SD E ETT1jQf.'3N , ,Mn -J 5Ym,!i V GUACI- SCI VNU ls-1,3Q1is PJXUF Mfw Qxfdvf MNC Tllirfy-fire if , 'S' ,QP N Fla X . EQAWE Wiyumullv WM? E453 Fl JN N ESL E14 CJ: M41 MEE1. i2 DAM bi V YQ YC 5 .:,.. fp' w. 52, X MA HAN1vl,iJf5ON MAN QOBEQTS OU! MDE V. USE W1 NUM L SLOW!-NVQ OYVENY-TH! IADVVAMJS UE KATIJEDINE AQNGLO ALVLPYU NJQDELQ QUT!-3 ,lI?1LUf3fSLfxx 4'EQN NUS?-LX ,1U5Wf'-il 'SSHDQE i'v1fXfM'7xLFK T C3'EQCfWifEON W 4 ,gf , ,Q , r WULDQUD MKG-Nxi 2 'J,Mf'N L9 Rf-122 TT 59: 5151 QQ ff 5125 ' if K ,x QF' M, 3 4 HANK LNNM-lfikwl UUMQN 3332157 bl'.1f'1l WQAOIQES 513528 VVALM2 WLJkMQ,,l. fi-L5:ifa1'w 5571352 2,fKimif5V'.3iNJ Thirty-six fmufs EU W OSWQLD JUQCS EWS! EY! 'Nfvf' , 5 I If. Q 55 ily TX! 43 jf H.: i-lffvz-fi aww Lx 'fx x-W, vm, -wuifng Qi'x!,i5Pil ULLY mnzsw ' uw mom L BIT!-J HSA SLEV Ui Y: If J M02 KX? -I2 'ml mu, Lum .U ..,.. firm ff R4 im He tKHHE5 ff LQSUE MUDQQV NAME Lulu Abbott Selma Anderson Grant Arnold Katherine Arnold Edith Bailey Juanita Biddle Lucile Bohrer Walter Bunn Vaughn Calhoun Ruth Colville LEC WAQD JUNIORS Margaret Corrington Mixing medicine Clifford Cozart Russel Cramer Mahlon Ellison Owenetta Fdwards Weiiclell Freeman Fern Garber Ronald Hastings Virginia Hutson Ruth Jacobsen Dorothy Johnson Evelyn Jorgensen Gswald Jorgensen Harvey Karr Harold Kaufman VEQNON WADE NTCKNAMR AMBITION PAST IM E Giggling "Lou" Reading "Topsy" Gossiping Gazing into space Eating Pestering people "Elmer" Minding her own affairs Making pop-Corn "VValt" Doing nothing Studying nights CFD "Marg" Playing Ping Pong t'Cliff" Being natural "Russ" Being Pleasant Dancing Being nice HVVCIIU Talking t'Fernie" Shoveling snow "Gorilla, Chewing gum "Ginge" VVriting notes 'AJake" Typing "Dot" Reading Singing in the ram Teasing the girls 'AHarvel Blushing .. Thirty-seven Q ' at, l i? mm' To have black hair Be an animal trainer Football star To be a lawyer Znd Lady of the l.and To be a Gold Digger Manicurist Another poetf U Do something To be "Nobody's Sweetheart To be a Senior To be a pie tester Gas station attendant To be a truck driver Artists model A 81 P manager Fall in love To be a Scotehman To be a lady 'Concert Artist Type "60" To travel world over None To reform people Be a Hbig timer" Ola Mae Kerr Ruby King Bessie Kiper Helen Kirstein Susie Langston lirank Lanham Ralph l.illy Spencer Littleton Mary Lowe Gladys Mcfubbin lloward McKinney Mildred Michael Jack Miller Leslie Murray Paul Raber Merle Ramseyer lfsther Ringland John Roberts Russell Satterfield Grace Schad Lillian Schultz Alfred Sherer XYendell Sloneker Charles Smith Arthur Spencer lflmer Staley XVayne Stephens Joy Sylvester Louise Temple Sara Xlfalker Leo NVard Arthur NVardell Blaine XYeatherley Hazel VVebster livelyne XYilliams Steven Yeager L, Being agreeable Knitting Jumping rope Making noise CFD Being MSweet Sue" Being ambitious VVatching girls Smashing dreams Dancing 'lleasing "Yan" Arguing Conyersing Asking questions Seeing sun rise Blowing the lawn Listening Being noisy in R. R. Playing golf Being sweet Twisting th ings around Baking cookies Playing baseball Practicing scales Calling people names Playing marbles 'llelling stories Being brilliant Doing as she pleases Flirting with boyg Playing tiddly-winks Drinking eocs with girls Playing tennis Vllriting poetry Being tempermental Sewing Playing marbles too HSue" "Anl4fra'l "Spa-nu t'Rusty'l "Happy" t'Mill" "Les" "Doc" "Propaga "johnny" 'lRussl' "Gracie" 'll.ill" NAV, "Chuck UArt" "Staley" HStnffy" "Art" l'l.indy" "Hazie" t'Babe" 'l'l1,i1'Zy-eight ncla" 'Ilight rope walker Prima dona Radio artist 'llype 180 Be a telephone operator ' ' P i l o play Xtlll C0 To be faster Sign painter Undecided Be thoughtful Gangster 3 l hotographer Asking more questions Be an ice man Movie actor 'l'o be a little diekens XValking-home ft , lo grow To be a Ayiatrix Monkey Baseball To be a To be a Dancing Cowboy business player shiek heart-breaker master 'l'o be an athlete To he a poet To inherit a fortune 'lleach math To he a blonde To be famous Be a woman hater Reading it Fartnerette To live in Danvers Run a hat store jf.: Q Am i ". RR J' ' 'sf XV 'f A iolif I of PM ua QEHHE5 aiu RICfH1XRl1 KING NIXLJNII BRENNINC. Giioiusic RIcnARnsoN Prcszdcrzt IfVIl'U-11I'ESIllC'llf S!'L'I't'ftII'j' SOPHOMORES Friends, students, faculty, lend us your ears. 'VVe write to mention the Sophomores, not to land them, The mischief classes do lives after them, The good is oft interred within the honesg it not he so of the Sophomores. The upper classmen llath told you that Sophomores are mischievousg lf 'twere so, it were a grievous fault, And have we suffered for it? llere under leave of the Seniors and the rest- lfor each one is an honorable man Come we to write this history. The Sophomores are studious, upright and loyalg But the Seniors say we are mischievous And each is an honorable man. Tiny has brought many honors home to us, llis praises did the local paper iillg XVas this too great mischief? Xdfhen stern athletics called, the Sophomores answered If 'twas mischief's fault, was it not worthy? Yet they say we are too mischievous, And they are honorable men. You all did see that in the orchestra Sophomores were seated XVhose music did other musicians Strive thrice and thrice again to conquer. Small wonder is it? if we were disposed to stir your hearts And minds with old time loyalty, XYe might recount of honors more But we would the Seniors wrong XVhom you know are honorable men. Forty '- slim l - is 1 ls 5ffHHl5 f FOURTH ROVV Cleft to rightj-Myra Anne Peairs, Mildred Schultz, Loyd Hospel- horn, Geo. Richardson, Sebastian Steigberger, Claude Stuckey, Ralph Bearden, Herbert Mecherle, Earl Phillips, Dick King, Medora Baker, Dorothy Byer. THIRD ROVV-Lenore Chandler, Bernadine NVilliams, Naomi Brenning, Margaret Harper, Virginia Roberts, Hildred Sampson, Pauline Beatty, Virginia Henry, Catherine Bayles, Ruth Pearson, Kathleen Andes, Ruth Hopkins, Irma Collins, Gwendolyn Colville, Vivian Martin, Jean Sebastian, Pauline Matthew, Lyle Edwards. SECOND ROVV-Viola Rylander, Helen Argadine, Margaret Haynes, Irene Riley, Blanche Meyers, Virginia Smith, Elinor Stewart, Bernadine Benson, Laverne Biddle, Pearl Buttorff, Aline Eades, Ester Meyers, Josephine Gildersleeve, Nina Casale. FIRST ROVVAEdward Oertwig, Melvin Hilton, Raymond Webster, Arthur Ar- gadine, Robert VVard, Howard Taylor, Bob Newlin, Cecil Compton, Ralph Denmark, Herman Mead, Robert Bayliss. The race has been arranged and we are swiftly nearing the end of the second lap. But not often either in ancient stadium or on high school field has there been such a contest as this one. Our progress is measured in units of achievements, not in units of length, it is laid out by the measure of mind rather than the measure of rule and the watch that is held by our great Timekeeper ticks years and months instead of minutes and seconds. Again we have a set of rules that would seem very strange to an athletic runner. Some of us started on a different track. Then we stop to rest two or three times in each lap and one rest is three months longg not to speak of some who rest most of the time. But usually one is able to complete the race in thirty-six months. Also in this race we have many kinds of entries Girls may run as well as boys and surprising as it may seem, frequently a frail and delicate girl is found to be holding her own with the strongest runners and many times outstripping them. Indeed on the whole field is to be found every degree of speed and endurance. VVith some of us the beginning does not seem very long ago, to others it seems a decade since the crack of theVstarter's pistol. But we are in the race and with the permission of our instructors we will all be in when the final arrives. F orty- on e - Q ., QM A' 01536415 .-f-x,.A 1 XSQ:1gggiiQii5ifffHHf5iE33?Q iiggiipff ff iw 1110 1'1111'1'1'1! fI1'I'l' 111 jw1'f0Cf Clllff 1'11111f1!rf1' 11z11' 1121111 1111f111'1'.v, Cllllf g1'11tc1 ftII'fjc'1', .s'f1'1111g1'1', lllllf 111111'1' S,X'lIIf7f7HlUfZ-C' 111f111'11.v1 5111110 1111b1'1'1' 1'111'1'1'1' 1.11 HIC 'fIlfIl1'f'. -zuv fltltly 1111 bmi I11'.vf1'1' 11111',wIi'vs 10 H10 1 11111111.11 tufzifv tw 111121 1110 111110- C1'11bI21'1l A",-fffy IIIIC1 57011171 4' 511'-1'1'11.v111zj Fo1'ty-iwn fffxgggffxi a-mg Q voolf f bgg- fffil 5 ifffffl 1333 e 4EHlll5 et in W at 4 f-5 H+ 5 ii? :'V I jp: ' N . ',?'fWwx.. M . ,,,,:.,. ,. iziihisb i ' , Lia ii . A Li'LV'xg Y I I , i 1 1.1---A MARY I.oUis14: VVALKER IRWIN MAR'1'IN NELL113 RANNEY 1J1't'.VlC1'l'l1f 7.7'C!N'1l7'Cl" V'icc-President FRESHMAN The Freshmen embarked on a nine months' cruise on the ship N. C. H. S., leaving Port Normal September 2, 10230, at 8:30 A. M. The Captain, Mary XValker, her First Mate, Irvin Martin, and Steward Nell Ranney were in charge of the ship. After being out from port about ten days we decided to make a tour of our beautiful three-decked ship. Wie started our tour in the boiler room where we found Mr. Hill, Chief Engineer, engaged in keeping the boilers hot to produce steam to keep the ship navigating. After leaving here we came upon the first deck where the ship's library, and the b0y's and girl's gymnasiums are situated. Upon entering the library we discovered Nell Ranney, Marian Bunn, Bob Iloyt, Eugene Keys, Elizabeth Imig, Dorothy Sharpe, Charles Calhoun, Charles Johnson, VVilliam Ramseyer, and Ivan lVade, which represent the Freshmen in both the Lincolnian and NVebsterian Debate Clubs. Possibly they were working on the inter-club debate question. Vtfhen we entered the boy's gym we saw Irvin Martin and Bob Hall practicing basketball with the first team and they told us that if we had come around a few days earlier we could have seen Jack Snoddy, Henry Miller, and Bill Ramseyer along with the two mentioned before, practicing football. The girl's gym was very busy with soccer and basketball games and we saw many Freshmen girls among them. The Freshmen were also represented on the G. A, Marmee Lenn Admire, Mary Wallcer, and Nell Ranney being the girls chosen. Forty-four CHSJQXS k15iEE5iffHHl5 FOURTH ROVV Cleft to rightj-Jack Snoddy, James Houchen, Kenneth Harsh. George Sprau, Robert Hall, VVilliam Ramseyer, Carinou Cisco, XYalter Giese. Gene Burroughs, Donald VVerner, Harold Feasley, Charles Coss, B. j. VVhite, Eldred Tieinan, Charles Johnson. THIRD ROXV-Elda Mae Gaines, VVinston Poulton, Irene llospelhorn, Louise Stahl, Viola Thomas, VVil1na Sinith, Iilizabeth Iniig, Eloise Iinig, josephine Garber, Dorothy Sharpe, Josephine Tielnan, Hazel Trowbridge. Guinevere XVright, listher Graham, Mildred Anderson, Albert Bohrer, Geraldine Butler, Robert Anderson, Leon Cauble, Vernon Larrabee. SECOND ROVV-Eloise Sylvester. Mattie Mae Miller, Fern Mohr, Nellie Ranney, Mary Louise VValker, Marmee Lenn Admire, Lillian Dabney, Marian Bunn, Lucile Mohr, Jean Shaw, Bernadine liades, Irwin Martin, Eugene Keys, Harland Sampson. FIRST ROVV-XValter VYhittaker, Robert VX'ard. Ivan XVade, lfdwin Linenweber. Paul Lowery, Leslie Kletz, Lewis Grizzle, james Ross, Ralph XYestfall, Charles Calhoun. Robert Hoyt, Henry Miller, james VVhite. Arriving on the second deck we heard music from the boy's glee club and we see inany familiar faces of Freshmen boys. They were: jack Snodflv. Harland Sampson, llob Hall, Henry Miller, and Carinon Cisco. The guide told us that the girl's glee club had just finished practicing and that we would have seen Iflda Mae Gaines, Nell Ranney, KIZIYINCC Lenn Adinire. Niary Walker, .Ivan Shaw, Betty Sylvester, Elizabeth Iniig, Fern Mohr and Lucille Mohr. Going up to the third deck we found many people in the dining' room where the ship's crew of cooks under the direction of Miss Shaw served most delicious food. Going forward we saw our hchnsinan Mr. Melton. and his worthy assistant, Mr. Stoltz, who guided us safely on our cruise. VVe owe much to them. As we end our cruise we wish to thank Mr. Melton and the staff of faithful teachers for a pleasant journey. Forty-fire 1 -v v as C ,- 1E4fHHf5 ll 1' 111,11 111 Slflxll llllxflv 111 111' 111111111 111 be 1zu1'1'11'11x1f, 111 bv gflffZC'1'1lIfj .111'111', 111 1110185 11111' 'z'111'1'1' Kllldl-1710 n 111111111'111 1.11 H11' KI7L'1'1'.S'- ILTL' .v1'I1'111'1' uf 1'11'1'1z1'1,x', 111111 'rw -1'111'1f1'1 111111 11116 11111111 111 'Zx'fIl'C'fZ ffzvsv 111'1' 11111 1110 fm-1'15 i1IfIllIl'!,X', 111 11770. l!'111k1'111,1 T11111'S Q ,S'11'f'1'11x1111D F111 Ig!-si.1' H F . 1 - fm ,fw, 1 E7 if Umm' L "wQ,,x J G .7 A 4- It fi QQ ul QEHHE5 at ATHLETICS Athletics, in the percentage of games won and lost, seem to be on the upward trend at Normal High. Wiii- ning four out of our nine football games and 14 out of 18 of our basketball games, and with successful baseball team to look forward to. VVinning from U. High, Zl to 18, was the high spot of the football schedule, and our football season could be counted a success from this one game alone. VVinning from Farmer City, Lexington, LeRoy, and U. High and losing to Bloomington, Trinity, Ottawa, Clinton and Dwight, is a record that we need not be ashamed of. Glenn Iohnston was our Captain and he was in the thick of the fight every playing minute of the season. At the Football Banquet, Tiny Meeherle was chosen as next year's Captain. Fifteen letters were awarded at this banquet. The basketball team has beaten every team that it has played but two, Springfield and Lincoln, losing only 5 out of l8 games played. Leslie Murray captained our team. Bearden, Nafziger, Tiny, Les, Paul, and Cozart, and Spencer were the fellows who put us on the win- ning side of the score. But no matter how good the players may be, a team will not go very far unless you have a good coach. Bob Prince has been the other reason for Normal doing so well in athletics. John Robinson and jim Carnahan are and have been making champion teams in the Normal grades that will some day play in High School. So with a good coach and the good material, Normal High's teams of today are good and we have every hope that they continue to even better their records. Forty-eight gl - Ya? QSM? f fi, 5 T c m, lg flllllm NW-.. ww.: , 12 N..- ,W ., MW., , M .H BACK ROW' lleft to riglltl-R. G. Prince, coach, K. Benjamin Mgr ll Ruin Q jolnistmn C Xl Brifflit I Fikc H Qatterficlcl Cl Reavcr 9 gr L Lvl . . ., . . ,, , . . . 5 , 1. . . ,. V K l Littleton Mgr. v fXlllJIJl,lfI ROW'-R. Cranicr. L. Murray, T. Bloclierle, R. lllll XX In is, alkcr, P. Ralicr, M. Dunk, .'X. Mohr. FRONT ROXV-A. Spencer, XV. Ramseycr, H. Miller, j. Snoclclv R Sltterndd Shcrer. I.. Noe, li. Nm-, I. Martin, R. Hasti Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Tutal, Xxx ' 1.. , .v Il"S FOOTBALL '21 lfarmer City, O " Lexington, 0 U Trinity, 72 T '91 LeRoy, li 21 Lv. High, 18 0 Clinton, 221 0 Ottawa. 43 0 Dwight, 21 U Bloomington, 19 T15 Opponents, 118 If'o:'ty-11111.17 ,fxo 1 EAA: 4 f n l ..----.... GKHHESRE K iikfigfx WVAEQCDLD SXXTTEDFXYQLD mf, 'F f 'A ,, . A gp gL ESSl MUi2?l?'ixY 'GWB Boas' DQXNCL CAENN QIOMN 3 TON i'4iQQ?x3?x3N' BENJ'ilXM1iNl2 a-a1Qx3wxw Qing -,L, mn" NOG 5 Q YNLV I N M Oi-4 Q Fifty ffHHf5 f W., 5:57 QQ UBOBHMBLL '1IlliiT MEQLE BQwuT f '-. 5 E Ms LYON www Us PENN LETT LETON f , E 'CUFFUCOZDQT T, 'AQTUSDQNCEQ 1-'iffy-ml DDU L QIBBE Q uQU5S'CQQMEQ 1? 51 'RTiNYH IVIECHEQLE lKHHE5 P XClx ROVV Cleft to riglitj-R. G. Prince, coach, Irwin Martin, Bob Hall Merle Ranisex er jack Snoddy. Spencer Littleton, Earl Phillips, Russell Cramer, Mgr PIXONI ROW'-Art Spencer, Tiny Mecherle, VVoodrow Nafziger, Les Nlurrav Ralph Bcarclen Clifford Cozart, Paul Raber. Normal, 39 Normal, 22 Normal, ZZ Normal, 26 13 Normal, Normal, 24 Normal, 29 Normal, 22 Normal, 25 Normal, 13 Normal, 20 Normal, 26 Normal, 20 Normal 23 v Normal, 48 Normal, Z0 Normal, Z2 Normal, 29 Total, 449 - BASKETBALL Fifty-two 1 v- V Qi aff' 1 L , 0 rag? Mhz nv Farmer City, 10 Lexington, 6 Clinton, 15 Alumni, 19 Springfield, Z9 Bloomington, 12 LeRoy, 14 Pontiac, 10 Downs, 16 Trinity, 21 Heyworth, 8 Gibson City, 20 U. High, 14 Bloomington, 25 Wapella, 27 Trinity, 18 U. High, 33 Lincoln, 34 Opponents, 316 "many" VEQNON Ei N buf" I K A ,, --,! R' CUFF 23 f N if 3 7 Www" AQ gn ii QALD3-J DIJUUGAL Q E . 'YAQTN - N i r my 15, QN' ,- 'S a A 'team' 'XMAQT9 . ' N 5 D L 5 5 Jommmvfij gg uf Q meme Fifty-three ? N 2 I ff ffllftmf FTRST ROVV Cleft to rightJ-'Hildred Sampson, Sena Sampson, Mary Walker, Dee Hoyt. Sara Walker, Frances VVeedman, Gwen Cauble, Helen Martin, Mary Lowe. SECOND ROW-Waneta Seili, Marmee Admire, Ruth Colville, Pauline Mathew, Aline Eades, Margaret Corrington, Louise Temple. Lorena Tuggle, LaVerne Biddle, Susie Langston. THIRD ROVV'--Lilian Schultz, Ruth Sampson, Pearl Buttorff, Marge Bonham, Jo Walker, Juanita Biddle, Helen Kirstein, Melba Sieh, Fern Garber, Audria Byran. FOURTH ROVV-Bo Brenning, Jennie Downs, Jean Sebastian, Doris Smith, Nettie Blan, Myra Ann Peairs, Selma Anderson, Miss Sage, Peggy Rich, Lucile Krietzer, Ginge Hutson, Luceil Heim, Virginia Roberds, Nellie Ranney. GIRUS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION This year, our organization has developed splendidly and we are very proud of it. The girls' hearty cooperation has been a great asset, but to Miss Sage, our sponsor. should go much of the credit, for it was through her efforts this association was organized and has continued to be successful. The main aim of the G. A. A. is to promote a spirit of good-sportsmanship, and to interest the girls in athletics. 'Throughout the year, instruction is given in various sports in which any girl may participate and thus earn the required number of points to enter the Association, or earn an award. Awards are presented each year to those girls who have a superior record in sports. participation, health rules, and sportsmanship. Among the social events of the year was a "Soccer Banquet", held January 7th. Following this banquet an All-Star soccer team was selected composed of the following girls: Selma Anderson, Marge Bonham, Sena Sampson, Jo Walker, Ruth Colville, Fern Garber, Juanita Biddle, Doris Smith, Audria Bryan, Nettie Blan, Helen Martin, Mabel Rich, Lucile Kreitzer. A formal initiation was also held at this time. Officers for the year were: president, Marjorie Bonhamg vice-president, Josephine Walker: secretary, Luceil Heimg and treasurer, Selma Anderson. Fifty-,four 'Wm' Q5 I it 1 5 GEHHES EU , .,. 1' l nl f Q .',A .-- .M 0 Q . Q I V- .x K .V If L , , F x xc- 'Y vim Haig- lf' E ? . ' 1-'f' I ,Q-1,1 , -- . ?L,, 5 . V' ' ., I A N Y f N 4-if . f .4 ' K I ,ZH -4. .. ! M i... M... VLVV 6 N - 3 "'vQ ' ET? 'zi' ga - A.,i: Airflf :,E A A ., I I , , ,,,. V. 1 , trzl E K::v ,.," ' . 516 'systtgtglqp 5 V .. .. WMA -, 1 3 ., , , ., I zs: V ' v :flies ur f I U, .bu 'f I A X ' ,, Q,x. : 323 " 2 - ' 2 ,Z K 5 . 5 'HHAA ' mf 5 f , ..,.' 1 is b wk ' .K A K , , VT ' f fs fa ' tif -fam ' . .... A .is 'Q lj W -VY' 5-ii ,Vai js: gk xg l g J . t:: is gg f 5 ' ' s If - X 4 EJ --M Q, ... Z i ,E A A ,,Aw A ,V 5 2,- ' V FN W 'fn fi , , " 'H if n k' k r 4 , 't A , Fifty-five USLQKHHE5 EU r ay, Zi,,.,: , E f I' . ..,, E 4' .. Biff " Mwmgwmi -ww mmmfwma H gwwwwa - ECHOES STAFF C. L. IZIQHQZR GLENN JOIINSTOX Fzlfzflfy .ld-rfxvz' lfditm'-illfffzicf XfVAr,'1'1f3R BUNN UR1fs11.LA How' 13I1.YiHt'S.Y Jwllllflflfl' . lssixfuzzf A IV! Ro1ar1R'1' WA1,K15R Imlwlslq ICUICIILICR 44N1lrl'ia En'1'lm' Jokes, Culmzdcl' KIADGIC CRIMES Rl"lxlf Sxxllfsox Lfft'1'tI7'j' ,S'tv110g1'f1N1w' Vlxljl. RA-x1aliR E1'n21iNI2 KIQYS A Pzzlrlirify Jfyr. l:I'C".V1IlIIfIlI lidfim' IQUTT-I Cm,x'1r,L15 M AR-I mum Bmw HAM f11111'u1' Elfffrlf' Slvzinz' lfdifm' Fifty-Six .!?r" M a, gi.. hui LIICEII, Hum .ivsixfzrllf lfzlifur S1-mlzox 1100812 girl SUSIE l.ANcss'1'oN Sflczpx Ifklin XY1i1.I.M,xN fI.v.v'I Bus. llgr. BIYRA AXNE P1-Lures Snfvlzmzlnrf lfrlilm Y MIQRUC kA1xlSr3YIC1z .'lx.v. lim. Jlyr. L ni GKHHII El p BACK ROVV Cleft to rightj-Marjorie Bonham, Sharon Hoose, Bob Walker, Fred VVellman, Milton Dunk, Glenn Johnston, jo XValker. FRONT ROVV-Luceil Ileim, Fern Garber, Madge Grimes, Aline Eades, Mae James, sponsor, Louise Koehler, Ruth Lillis Pearson, Pauline Mathew, Jennie Downs. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY "The purpose of this organization shall be to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of the American secondary schoolsf' "First in the National Honor society comes scholarshipg greater than scholarship is leadership: greater than leadership is service: and the combination of these is char- acter. Character is achieved and not received. Character is the product of daily, hourly action, words, thought, daily forgiveness, unselfishness, kindness, sympathy, and struggles of self-control. You must be in reality what you wish to appear. Character, the com- posite of all the common virtues, sets the seal of righteousness upon our every endeavor." The National Honor Society was organized in Normal Community High School in W29. There are now thirty-four members, active and alumni. The active chapter officers are: President, Josephine VValkerg Vice President, Robert XValkerg Secretary and Treasurer, Madge Grimes. In 1931 a National junior Honor society was organized with Ruth Lillis Pearson, Aline Fades, and Pauline Mathew as charter members. The purpose of this Junior or- ganization is to create and engender in the minds of Freshmen and Sophomores, a desire to cultivate qualities of character that lead to greater leadership and service in the closing years of their high school life. Membership in the junior organization does not insure election to the National Ilonor Society, but will assure development toward higher aims and ambitions. lfiftgj-scveir , C-ft-A 1. t-,af hid r 4 iz ,, Y still E if S f X 5 i Z E 5 FRONT ROXY Cleft to rightj-Robert XYard. Louise Teniple, Fern Garber, Lulu Abbott. Theodora Karr. Marjorie Honhznn, Juanita Biddle, Madge Grimes, listher Ring- land, Hazel VVebster, Robert Newlin. RACK ROXY-XYarren Tmig, Ralph Lilly, Merle Raniseyer, Frank Lanham, Fred Vlfellnian, George Reazer, Glenn Johnston, Robert XValker, Mr. Chiddix. LINCOLNIAN DEBATE CLUB The Lincolnian Debate Club was organized by the debate squad in the spring of 1930. Members were selected and initiation was held just before school closed. All came back this fall ready for a regular prograni. Meetings are held every other Tuesday, third hour. Parliamentary drill and debates on interesting topics make up the usual programs. This club is outstanding for having eight of the nine members of the debate squad enrolled. Five of the nine have been on the regular team for two years. The question for the State Debate League this year is, Resolved: That the Chain Store is Detriinental to the Best Interests of the American Public. The two clubs are planning an Inter-Club Debate on the question, Resolved: That the 'llhirteen-Month Calendar should be Adopted, The winning club will be presented with a banner to be hung in the auditorium. The Debate Club has social functions, as well as debates. The club holds two parties a semester. Pot luck summers are served and gzimes form the entertainment. At the beginning of the second semester, a banquet was hc-ld. After dinner speeches were a special feature and Frank Lanham was toastniaster. Much of the credit is due Mr. Chiddix, sponsor of the club. Under his leadership. the Lincolnian Debate Club has been a success, I"ifly-eiylzt f " T555 .5541 Til X C 1 . Ui , - ' hh ua QEHHE5 an 5 K 4 I BACK ROW Cleft to rightl-Bernadine Benson, Dorothy Sharpe, Russel Cramer, George Richardson, james Calhoun, Spencer Littleton, Jack Miller, Dick King, Edith Bailey, Miss Benjamin. FRONT ROXV-Eugene Keys, Bernadine VVilliams, Mildred Michael, Elizabeth Imig, Nellie Ranney, Robert Hoyt, La Verne Biddle, Mary Lowe, Marian Bunn, Grant Yoder. THE WEBSTERIAN DEBATE CLUB The Websteriaii Debate Club was organized at the beginning of the school year in order to increase interest in debating and also to give competition to the Lincolnian Debate Club which was organized the latter part of last year. The officers were elected and Spencer Littleton was chosen President, Alfred Sherer, Vice-President, and Eugene Keys, Secretary-Treasurer. Meetings are held on Monday every two weeks in Miss Benjaxniifs room, as she is sponsor of the organization. As a part of the social phase parties were held, one the first semester, and one so far the second semester, at which the new members were initiated. An inter-club debate is to be held the latter part of the year and a banner is to be awarded to the winner. The topic was chosen by the Lincolnian Club and we were given choice of the side. The question submitted was 'tResolved, That the thirteen-month calendar be adopted." Our club voted to uphold the negative of the question. This debate is looked forward to with keen interest on both sides. Fifty-oz ine . i 'WMV 5 ,Z ' en, C! .5 ' ' VH e fllllll El BACK ROVV Cleft to rightj-Fern Garber, Marjorie Bonham, Josephine Wfalker, Jack Miller, Spencer Littleton, Fred Wellinaii, Waltei' Bunn, George Reazer, Warreii Imig, Mabel Rich, Audria Bryan, Madge Grimes, Ruth Colville. FRONT ROXV-Mary Lowe, Sena Sampson, Drusilla Hoyt, Sara XValker, Clifford Cozart, Sharon Hoose, Louise Koehler, Bob XYalker, Glenn Johnston, Lorene Tuggle, Jennie Downs, Miss Benjamin. THE THESPIANS In our school, three years ago, the nationally recognized organization of dramatics, 'The Thespiansu, was organized. liach year those eligible, by having had certain minor or major parts in plays or operettas, were taken into the organization. The aim of the Thespians is to further dramatics and present better talent, also to give dramatics a place of importance in the school. The Christmas program of readings and a one-act play, "Lonely Hearthn, were prepared by the organization. The auditorium was very attractively decorated by them, also. Among the plays presented this year, other than those mentioned, were a very charming play with a curious title of "Pigs" and several shorter ones, "Also Ranu and "Almost Every Man." The Seniors presented a well liked play entitled l'Wlie11ls Your Birthday?'l The loveable little gypsy and the other serious and humorous characters blended well to- gether to form the opinion. Those who took part in this play shall become full fledged members. The Juniors also presented a play and their cast shall be welcomed into membership. Sixty Cfvfifgk k15,iiEiffHHf5 sl. an am J L 11 o o 'r e ve 'r', , Kf ' '.'v Q .f U Q Cf? M ffriif' Q WO!!! la ol Z7 L 'n 'fri AY1' ""F - 5 +f Lb . ff' ... x lem i' 3 K Q 4 'wx :.:L- 5 0 A:v, VA , l 0 X my 1 XX '-iq J .lv i if L- C c W gb .. 3 fy og. Q fe: 5 N .9 6 , .f m .. E Q is l cg o 1 xx 1 RN ,M , gy X S vs 1- ff .2 W g "' G' L MM-we-M. 1 , . , 1- , V ' Q ' ' cf S lt , .ig 'L ' ES 'P ii S t X QEKHHEEEE BACK ROXY tleft to rightl-Carinon Cisco. llarland Sampson. Bob llall, Lawrence Noe, llob lYard, llenry Miller, .Xlvin Mohr. .Xrlhur Spencer. FRONT ROXY-XYalter llunn, Merle Bright, Frank l,anha1n, Spencer Littleton, A. XV. Van Cleave, director, Vilendell Sloneker, Harold Kaufman, George Reazer, Ken- neth llenjaniin, Ruth Jacobsen, accompanist. BOYS GLEE CLUB The Boys Glee Club was re-organized at the beginning of the school year. Officers were elected: Spencer Littleton was chosen President, and Kenneth Benjamin, Secretary-Treasurer. The Glee Club sang' in Cen. and at various other places. Four of the members were selected by our director, A. XV. VanCleax'e, to represent the school at the High School State Chorus at Champaign, Illinois. The lgloy's Glee Club aided in the annual operetta which was given shortly after Christmas vacation. The Glee Club is getting ready for the District contest which is to be held in .Xpril and May. The club meets on Monday and Tuesday of every week. .Xs a social phase, a party or picnic is being planned by the two Clce Clubs. Sixty-Izco g :J 2 21 it 11631 QEHHE5 EH ii fi TGI' ROXY Cleft to rigl1tW-s-lliltlrerl S:111111s1111, llillllllll' lieatty, Freflzi Xyers. Mary louise XY:1ll4e1', Yellie R:11111ey. l'lk'l'lt Xl11l1r, Sara XYz1llcer, ,lean Slww, Graee Selmcl, l lz1111e We-z1tl1t-1'l1', l,lIL'1Il6 lXIul1r, llettv Sylvester, llclitl' Tuttle. SICCOXIJ IQOXY-M11 Yau Clezwe. l,UlllSL' 1-l1ClIl1JlC. .Ivy Sylvester, lflrla Mae l11i11 s Xl 11111111 ll 1111es l11111it1 lliclcllt Xlueuet Ctwriiimt ll Yi lllll I ' tl 1 1,...,1 1, 1 I 1 2 11 , irg z lutsmn, lxu 1 Lwlville, Pearl l111tt111'l't', Susie l,z111gst1111, X'irgi11i:1 S111itl1, Ruth Sz1111psu11, Mellm Siel1. Xmlria llryaii. FRONT lQlJl,YflQ11tl1 ,lz1et1l1se11, llessie Kiper Nina Casale, lflizal1etl1 l111iQ' Nlar- ee l,Cllll .X1llllllL', l,1111ise liueliler. Mable lQiel1, Sel111:1 .'Xl1tlQl'SUll, l,11re11e Tuggle, llnzel vL'llSl9l', Nlz1ri:111 lillllll, l':5lllL'I' lQ1l1g'lQilIl, O11'e11etta lf-flXYZll'flS. Y U Tlmse 11l111 are not lll tlie lllflllll' are: l1er11:11li11e l1e11s1w11. l.1lliz111 SCllllll1Z. a11rl lleryl lil'VZlllt. GIRIFS GLEE CLUB F11llm1'i11g' tlie siieeess uf tl1e Cirl's Glee Clul1 of 1919-SU wl1iel1 won first place tm' L'l10I'llSCS i11 the xll'l,C?lll flilllllj' Miisiezxl Zlllll l,1tf:r:11'y Meet. the o1'g':111izati1111, with Xlr, Xvklll Cleave 11s i11str11et111'. zmr! l211tl1 .l?1e11l1se11 .'1s :1CC11111pa11ist, diligently prcpareml to repeat lz1st jL'Zll'lS stieeess. 'l1l1L'j' were also e11terecl 111 flll' Illinois State High Scliutvl 11sie zuirl l.llL'l'1lI'j' tltlll BL'l'llZlilll1L' llbllhltll. ll lllClIll1L'l' of tl1e o1'15:1111zati1111, was seleetecl as 21 111e111l1er uf e :1ll State Clmrus. rlllll' girls IllL't every Fllllllfillllj' z111rl l'4I'lCl2lj'. tl1e s1xtl1 llULl1'. New IllClIllJL'I'S 15lll'CllIlSL'fl Tllll reg11lz1ti1111 11111 z1cl1111tecl liy the elulm last year. 'l'l1e el11l1 preselitecl :1 111'c1g'r:1111 for tl1c Cieuerdl .'XSSUl11lJlj'. 'l'l1e 11111sie:1l 11r11cl11eti1111 for tl1is yeztr was "jerry of ,lericlm Roaclu with Klarinee lbllll .Xtl111irc, l,1111ise 'llClll11lL', j11:111ita liimlclle, lirecla Ayers. and l'e:1rl lliittorff taking lL'1fli11g rules. AlL'llllJC1'5 111 lllL' Buys :mtl Girls Glee Cliilms l1:11l 21 pienic 111 May. This was tl1e 'st social event ever spoiiswrccl lmy tl1e ec1ml1i11erl Glee Clubs. milf- lrrrr' f-S 1 SU NE rf Q f X rx A ag ', . v 1 .f-Q, - Danni at ms- , . -sm ORCHESTRA After a successful preceding year, elimaxcd by the winning of the cup for first place in the second division of the XVesleyan Orchestra contest, the orchestra, under the direction of llr. XYayne YanCleave, has been striving toward higher goals by entering more contests this year. At the first of the year. llfalter Bunn was elected student manager. The orchestra accompanied all numbers in the operetta, Ujerry of Jericho Roadf' lt furnished music for Senior, junior and All School plays, as well as for shows given by outside organizations, as the Legion, the Firemen and the liastern Star. In December the orchestra played at the Chamber of Commerce Banquet at the Methodist Church. A General Assembly program cert was given. Three members of our orchestra were chosen to play in the .Xll-State Orchestra in November at the University of Illinois. The roster of the orchestra is as follows: First Violins: Iacobssen. Compton. Vtlardell, H. Kaufman. Second Violins: Bonham, L. Xoe. Mathew. Edwards Curray, Larabee. Cello: Bailey. Flute: McNutt. Clarinets: R. Sampson, Kirstein. Trumpets: Logue, H. Sampson, Slonekcr. French Horn: Bunn. Alto: Biddle. Trombone: Hoose. Bass: Fike. Tenor Saxophone: Brown. Alto Saxophone: E. Kaufman. Drums: VVard. Siafrty-fou1' N. ' is' ' f was furnished by the organization, and on May 5 a two-hour evening con- UELQKHHE5 EH f BAND That the Normal Community High School has a very fine band is too well known to be reiterated here, but we can say that Mr. VanCleave and his boys and girls have provided one of the joys of living in this splendid school, both for themselves and other students, The band played at nearly all football games that were scheduled at home last fall. ,Nt every home basketball game the band was in the "pit'l blowing notes of encouragement to the players. The band followed the team away from home a few times during the school year. lt was on duty at all pep meetings. It was asked to play in the parade in Normal for the NlcLean County District Meeting of the T. 0. O. F. last October. At the beginning of the year the band members elected Sharon lloose student manager. A two-hour concert was presented to the public on April 14 in the auditorium of our school, Many graduates are in this year's band but there are advancing vir- tuosos on the piccolo, drum. and peck horn to be found in the second band which was formed this year by lXlr, YanCleave. Following is the personnel of our band: Trumpets: Logue, H. Sampson, Sloneker, Saxopliones: S. Sampson, 'XYriglit, lf. Kaul Johnston, Tuttle, Argacline. man, Brown, Sylvester, ll. Kaufman Flute and Piccolo: lXlcNutt. .-Xlto llorn: Biddle. Alto Clarinet: Hutson. Baritone: Lilly. Bass Clarinet: Raber. liuphoniumz Hoose. French Horn: Bunn. Trombones: E. Noe, Hcinl. B-flat Clarinets: R. Sampson, Kirstein, Bass: Fike. L. Noe, Reazer, johnson. Drums: XVard, Spencer, Coinllffllll Siarly-five 2 'ia 5 it tt, 'x wa QEHHE5 at FIRST SElXlICS'lll2R Krzxxicru BIQNJAMIN XYARRICN Inu: FRANK LANIIAM IFREIJ XV141l.I.MixN .ALVIN Monk FRI-ll! XYELLMAN HI-Y Olllflflfs P1'4'.virlu11f l 'ire-P1'i'.vid0z1t Svf1'vtr11'y T1'fll.V1I1'L7l' SECOND SICM ICST KEXNICTH BliNxIAIXHN lJ.xRw1N Foruaiis xYAl,'I'l'1li Bttiwx SHARUN Hoosii The purpwse of the lli-Y Club is to create, maintain, and extend tlirnugllout the school and community high standards of Christian eharaeter, Much was accomplished this year under the leadership of Kenneth Benjamin. .Xniong the things carried on this year by the club were: Coopera- tion with the Hi-Tri in distributing baskets ot food at Christniasg sponsoring the pep meeting before the athletie gainesg and helping to carry out adniin- istration polieies. Interesting talks were given by Mr. Melton, lllr. Lanipkey, Mr. Stout, and Mr. Prince. The new inenibers taken in this year included Glenn hlohnston, Sharon House, Robert Hoyt, Darwin Forbes, lfugene Keys, and Merle Bright. Sixty-six 5 M m- llllll El' ff l MMM gf W is 1 will Q ,, . ,X avg? ' pm W il sf 1' if 53? game bf q. ,E l -S 1: W 2 fgfi' Q M .Wersi ii- if Q rig is-ii X 5:27 - A , gf 3fQS?isX22' HS' '.. r.E 15 rf 'P WW- -r ,: i i 93 1 'T sf gy N j , R , i- ,. ..-:Q ma..-:-ssl, f Q 3 . ..,.. Mn E 99' 4 M l'l'4'.YlIli'1Il' Vit?-f,l'1'.VfflF1II' lwcriil, llliiu Mluu' .lmx 5lCli.XS'l'l.XN liifzililriilf ,S'vi'l'i'Iv11'-x' ,S'i'i'f'i'fi7r'kx' Blxmzis Cliuuiis Sl'fI.Nl.X ,'XxmiksuN 'l'lu' State Ili-'l'ri l,czLg'uc uns lirst urgauizccl iu Mt. Ycrmm, llliuuis, iu N15 'l'l1c Xlbfllllll Community lligb Sclwul cbxvlxicr was grunted its charter iu October, 1930 This urgauizzitinu asks uw pledges, uw pri'-iuiscs, no CUlll1JlllfIUI'j' pzxymcut uf clues livery girl iu the sclmol is 21 member of tllc large urgzmizatiuu, :mel also pzuwicipatcs in the rlflivitics of one of its smxlllcr groims. 'lbc luagfuc luis five aims, Carb xyitb its keyword aucl Cimlur: cbarzzctcr symbrwlizcr by wbitc, fricmlsbip by orclurl, plcasurc by blue, ciuiriesy by ycllmy, succcss by grcvu The wbolc Culmiunti-s iu tlic xyzitcliworcl "luyalty". symbolized by purple. 'l'l1c name lli- Tri luis :L cloublc llllCl'1JI'6fZlflUll-A-0110 stzxmluig for lligli Sclwol, and tbc tlu'e6-fold :lim of the league, tlmt is. tbe uclfxlru of thc svluwl, thc girls, aurl tbc Cklllllllllllltyl the utbci symbolic of a bigb try iu Qliaractcr builcliug. Our lvzigue lms bad a number of social affairs such as zm .Xll-Girls' party, lfzicultg Tca, :mul Nutlier-llzuigliter lvzllnmct. lbc cuummuity service cuusistcfl uf giving l+viii'1ccu Christmas baskcts iu cmiiicv tlou uitb ills: lfli-Y Club. ,Xu iuunortzmt ccremuuizxl was lu-lrl in NOY0llllJL'I' at wllicb time all girls ucrg llliflmffl lllm U10 lC2l?Iuc. ,-Xmmtlicr Ccrcuuulizxl Calla-cl "l.oyalty Huy" vvlucll will scrvc as Z1 farcwc-ll to tbc scuiur girls zlurl au iustzlllznticux ful tbl: ucw rulliccrs will bc bclcl iu May Ni.1-fl!-sfrrmt ii? bmw x 41 lid: Fl: 1 4 e GKHHES ei JERRY OF JERICHO ROAD One of the high-lights of the year is the annual operetta produced by the musical department. The last two years, it has been in the form of a musical comedy. This year it was given two nights, January 6 and 7, proving its success. The singing of Marmee Lenn was especially enjoyed. The dancing chorus just gets better and better. Miss Sage is thinking of entering them as professionals. The background of the show was also greatly aided by the orchestra and Sena Sampson as the pianist. It was coached by Mr. Van Cleave. The plot centered about a young girl, Jerry, and her cousin, Sandy. Jerry had run away to the west to escape the police. Sandy's parents, especially her determined but loving mother, were anxious to have her marry Allan O'Day, the owner of the ranch where Jerry stayed. A great share of the comedy is furnished by Sandy's nagging mother and her hen-peeked father. Jerry is attracted to John Drayton, who comes to the ranch with other tourists, among which are the "Boston Beansfl Mimi, the Rapper, creates a lot of mystery, and through a tangle of incidents Jerry is led to believe that Mimi and john are trying to cheat her out of her oil wells. A detective also adds to Jerry's displeasure. Later it is found out that Mimi is Mr. Bean's wife and doesn't worry about the fourteen little beans. Dodo, although disgusted with Mimi, helps her at every turn. At last, John proves his love for Jerry, and Sandy shows Allan that she isn't following him, so all forgive and forget. Uncle Pete, an old-time westerner ............... Lawrence Noe Allan O'Day, young owner of Feudal Ranch---Spencer Littleton Geraldine Bank, "Jerry" ................. Marmee Lenn Admire ,lohn Drayton, Allan's cousin ....... Mimi, a flapper ................ Dodo, Mimi's cousin ........... Cornelius Bean, from Boston .... Amos Bank, an eastefner ...... Lettice Bank, his wife ....... Sandy Bank, their daughter--- Hunter, a detective ..........,, -,- Sixty-eight o N- W ' --------------Walter Bunn ------Freda Ayers Juanita Biddle ----George Reazer Frank Lanham Louise Temple ----Pearl Buttorff -Carmen Cisco kef,.EilHlll5l3-,ff WHEN 'S YOUR BIRTHDAY The Senior play, "XVhen's Your Birthday," a comedy in three acts, was presented on lfeb. 18th, with great success. The plot is laid in the old-fashioned New lfngland home of Mallory Dwight, who has just been jilted by his sweetheart, Lindy Nash, and who is in search of a nurse for his sick sister, Clary. In his search a charming gypsy fortune teller, who has run away from the circus and her lover, Toppo, came and wished to be the nurse in order to live in a "real little house." Im- mediately, things start happening. The relatives are enchanted with Lenore, excepting Uncle jotham, who, when her identity is discovered, orders Mallory to fire her. ln order to keep Lenore, Mallory offers to marry her without Uncle .lothanils knowledge of it. ln the midst of the wedding preparations, Lindy returns and Lenore relinquishes all claim on Mallory. The couple, reunited, together with Anne and Uncle Nick, Lenore then slips away with Toppo to rejoin the circus and all ends happily. All of the parts were very well portrayed, especially those of Sharon Hoose as Timothy Gale, -lennie Downs as .Xunt Nabby, and Drusilla lloyt as the fascinating Lenore. The play was directed by Miss Edith Benjamin. Ting CAs1' Mallory Dwight .... .... l fred VVellman Anne Parsons .... ..... B label Rich Nabby Nash .... .. .,....., .,...,..... J ennie Downs Timothy Gale .... ---. ..........,..,...... Sharon Hoose Nick jameson .... ..... K ennetli Benjamin, George Reazer Lenore ........ .....c..... . -. ......... Drusilla Hoyt Toppou.. .s,.. -- Clary Dwight .,... Jothani Nash ..... Lindy Nash ..... P Robert Walker ----M arjorie Bonham - .s.... XVarren Iniig ---Theodora Karr Sixty-nine Ga Lifil la fri We it 0.4i5i?,.S 4011515 lg lllllll5M,:-f BASEBALL AND TRACK The baseball :incl trziek prospects this spring' are prmnising' and we all hope for the best. Xlzirshall Cates. .Xl Shearer, :lnfl Les Mnrrity have Shnwn up well in preliminary baseball prztetiees, while Tiny lXleeherle, Art Spencer, uncl llob llzill reign supreme on the eincler trziek. The weather has been pretty cowl for the trztek men but the baseball players have been prztetieing' every night after seliuol. There will be only one or two trziek nieets this spring' in which the truck squztcl will ll2l17llCllJ2llC,.lJl1i we expeet Tiny to make a good showing in the flashes with .Xrt representing us in the flistzxnee rnnS. ' The baseball teznn will make several trips this yeur to try their skill against some ont nl' town Cl3I1llJCTl'ElU11. They will nu-tke one ol' the trips tu Cliznnpzmign ztnfl ene to Saylnwmlc. Seventy fig Liuiiimll ---5 rr c f lid. his VI E -Synabf 7 ff 9 9 'fi f - -so.-:, 6 V X E fjaNR'fl?W-I !StlHHl5 CALENDAR SEPTEMBER All ready for school. First day of our school year. First Gen. lix. Hrs. Reeder at the grand piano. Of all the school hooks. Second week. The fight's begun. 0 xm Hola Prince gives talk on football. Football boys are practicing for first game. f Football game with Farmer City therej. XVon 21-O. , ' Hurrah! lzvery one is getting used to the early hours now. How queer to see George at Audrizfs house lust night. 5 Game with Ottawa at Ottawa. Lost 7-ll. Better U luck next time. i Month almost over. How time flies! OCTOBER 4. l.exington vs. Normal in foothztll, NYon 13-0. l 1 S l f Ka, 1',veryone's znixious to see the pigs in 'tP1gs". , t Tix 1 8 Our football hoys are practicing whether it's raining A or snowing. ...A lil. Pigsgall school play. i 11. University lligh vs. Normal Cherel. XVO11! 21-18. in 15. Boys Glee Club in Gen. ilfx. Also a View of the staff. lo. P. 'lf .-X. Minstrel show. 17. Rig- performance from our mothers last night and ' V 7-X ,vim Zh? V 49, f' 'V 5' 'w":':9w'::-S , ' K 4 f ww! , 1 , ,. V 'Z-I. tg + , .L-2. .. . ...... 18 Game with Clinton at Clinton. Lost 18-0. Ztl First report cards ont. llut, oh the grades! 4 ZZ. Some neglected to take their report cards home. I H wonder why? NOVEMBER Foothull gznne with Dwight at llwight. Lost, Z1-0. Laurant the Magician in Gen. lfx. Good! f., Leroy vs. Xormal. XYon 19-6, XYhzit's the matter ' eg with our boys? liveryone getting n big appetite tor Tliaiilcsgiving. i ' :Xrmistice llay. Mr. llowzlrd, from American Legion, spoke. ! l R .lunior-Senior party. A good time was had hy all. Last football gzime. XVith Bloomington. Lost 19-0. 4' Illinois Power and Light Display in Gen. Ex. Loolcing forward to our two days' vacation. Rev. Cates spoke tc. ns. NYC decided to give the school at rest. l Seventy-two li Af V fl! A 1 31. 4Ui ul' Ula-E21 QEHHE5 an 1 1--.. -.. "1 Li? X 'XV fi DECEMBER 1. Basketball has started. Oh, for a big season. 3. First game with Farmer City. VVon 39-20. 5. Fire Department gives play. 6. Fire Department gives play, 12. Clinton vs. Normal Cherej. YVO11, 22-15. 15. Have you done your Christmas shopping? Only ten more days. 17. Christmas play. 19. Matinee Dance. f17or the benefit of the Seniors ban- qnetl. Also game with Springfield. First game we lost. 13-29. 20. Christmas vacation. JANUARY N .atb ' 5. Back we come from Christmas Vacation. GEWELAND 7 7. Uperetta "jerry of Jericho Road." 55900 X9 ll- ok:-V 8. Another night of ",Ierry". Hnrrah for Marmeel JA 04' -.J 1 9. Game with Bloomington thereh. XVon 24-12. 1+ QQ V 10. Normal vs. Leroy Ctherel. XYon 29-21. 51153255 C, f 752. 15. lfxamsl Keep smiling! 0, Oxqvb 1 'TO lfi. Pontiac vs. Normal fherel. XYon 22-10. cl U Z, 17. Game with Downs ltherel. l'Von 25-16. Oh, what a YQ' .+V team! Q ,X fa 2.1 Game with Trinity Qtherel. Lost, 14-23. lil' 24. Heyworth vs. Normal fherej. XYon 26-8. ,l,f.. 28. Buddy Hilton in Gen. Ex. 30. Game with Gibson City Cherel. VVon 26-19. 4 31. Freslnnan-Sophomore Party. FEBRUARY O 6. Basketball game with our rivals, U. High. Won 21-14. Q 10. Soon the question will be, "NVill you be my valen- O0 tine?" Kg-f Q 13. Valentine Matinee Dance. Game with Bloomington. Q Lost, 23-25. 9 14. XYapella vs. Normal Qhereb. VVon, 48-27. Ml. V50 18. Senior Play "XN'hen's Your Birthday?" 19. New National Honor Society Members. 20. Style show by Mrs. Irwin from Klemm for Hi Tri. Trinity vs. Normal. XVon, 20-18. 20. Ann Campbell, Poet and Reader. lg c 9 0 1 ef W M M 27. Game with U. High. Lost, 33-22. Seventy-tlirse 2 c,'4ijW,. 0- I , 1 l51ifHHf5 ,J MARCH 1. lleffinninj of a new month and snrinq is here. At Z5 4 least it seems that way. 3. Seniors being fitted for caps and gowns. 5. Our debate team is winning honors. l'1ui'1'alil Q ' 7. A QVOUD started out for jacksonville, but hear they 'E-f got stuek in a snowdrift. 13. Friday the 13th, llu Du! llig show. 18. lYord is being sent about that there is no school ? Friday. "llhat's good news for the beginning ol the 5 week. 54 20. No school! Teztehcrs institute at Xormal. ZZ. lfveryone is very busy, especially stall' members, for i. they are anxious to get the book to the briiiter. 7' -f 2-l. llaseball practice started. - 28. Miss Sage in hospital for ammenrlieitis. 'G 30. Those who are entering Contests entertained in Gen. lfx. CUB 2219 GTC? 41,6 APRIL 4 f' 1. April fools day! 7 3. Everyone returns from vaeation looking icfreshed 5. XVC hear there is going to be a junior-btnior party f 7. Band and Orchestra giving concerts. K ,N 13. Beware of this date. tNothing happenec DQ 15. Girls' Glee Club praetieing for contests. 18. Annual's gone to press. SP .J MAY 1. The last month of school. 3. The month of contests. 5. Sub-district contest. 10. Rain, Rain, go away. 15. Next week junior-Senior banquet. 18. Exam week soon. 20. Lucky for the Seniors-no exams. 29. Vommencement. 31. .X happy ending to a successful year. NCIfC1I1jl-f0'ltf7' Q, gas , lr J c fl X it EEGKHHES EU Q 0 - ,-'f fl-'K 'X V N y .Xi a ff vs ,n :,.: ' 'QE' K - K I , ,Y 1' 3 , L3 .3 , . ,,,,Q.,,Ww- I f 2 , 3 i V I f ,, 1. y -gl'-ai! ' K 3' mf fr. 1 1. , 'K ' Q:-I,f,,,,. 1 -- ' H-L FL A ' . 1 is ,Z U ' L fu' , L,- , , 2,5 -. G L 7 We x'1 'via' fvfmur g57c.,MQ.9,l: K ' - K 5: -awiiwl " Z 'eff -1- LOIDA' 4 1' QS . 'ai 'X . if Ra L W ' D- X r X 'na' ', M05 UfJ!7'O , 7 Q " f' . 3 I ' ,' N. , - I . u ., . X wwe? A ns 'Q iw -f" W5 L MW, Aww! :Hui fu' 5 aug fiwvnp " if A A , ,L wyh . K :mania 5' I mn-emzs .' Aff, yes' S. gf ss - . 'X : mxs, . , ww .. AVS .Q ,vo ,J-e . K N 'DE G T 5 gag. 'I .Le 1 x, . Hi' X i2w,,w' ' HEQO .Q M-X E 9 'Y WM wna 'suv PAL! 'QW fxfi new ' 'i wi 3 X K - .. fn 1kfEi!3: 553g QQQfQiju IQKAIZCIJSIQVO ATEIQ Pgwffis - ,I 'fax -A MPV..-rfbyigi I gf 5 rw , if '- 'Q M , izl will - WHA M Seventy-five Nfrgpca. A 4.52 Q3 x 5 x um. A ,..,, ,. 'swawaonwc M1-4, nv." lm - fin NAxSr'A um1.sfLr K 41 I 93 A kb 5 gg way wnafn xfvg .' , er wiv v Lua? efEHlE1 El CLASS PROPHECY 'Twas 11i11eteen hundred and forty-one My short vacation had just begun, So I boarded a plane and floated down To spend a day i11 111y old home tow11. I dotted 1115 goggles and looked around And you C2111 imagine my surprise There stood "Ken" Benjamin before 1ny eyes. He said, "I an1 waiting to l11CCt a friend W'ho is steering a Zeppelin from South Bend, You can wait a11d meet lfillll if you likeg Of course you'll remember him, Irwi11 Fikef' So we waited for Irwin a11d then we three Rode into IONYII i11 a Parmalee. VVhen I saw tl1e hostess I had a l1u11cl1 That I had see11 that blonde "somewheresU And sure enough 'twas Freda Ayers. I told her I thought 'twould be lots of fun To 111eet all the class of thirty-one. She said they were scattered far and wide But that Audria Bryan, whom I had spied Eating l1er lu11cl1 with a bald-headed 1112111 Could give me the news right off the 13311. I met her husband and liked him fine And then she invited me out to di11e. I lear11ed from her that James Calhoun VVould enter the legislature soon, And also the sleuth by the name of Tuttle W'as nationally known for being subtle. That Roy Bryan, who was in the next room, Had given up dancing and was using a broom. Milton Dunk, an agricola by trade, Spent most of his time i11 plying the spade. Sena Sampson was a teacher of Physical Iid. But was having some trouble with the Northwestern That Marge Bonham, a pugilistic maid, Had 111arried a fellow by the name of VVade. Doris Smith was an artist for art's sake. Nell Green had succeeded Doris Blake. f'Ceil" Heim would go to Chicago S0011 To report Grand Opera for the Tribune. I alsolearned that Opal Garber 'Nas married and living in Benton Harbor. Florence Schultz was in charge of a large family, She was always going to sewing f'bees". Helen Garvey was teaching school, And that Marshall Cates who had always been cool, School. to go VVas President of the Mehl Finishing That night for tl1e want of some place I took in a television show. And I was delighted there to perceive At the piano, Louise Gildersleeve. The play, directed by Sharon Hoose. just made me laugh 'til my teeth were The cast consisted of Jennie Downs, Dorothy Hibbs, and a pair of clowns. VVarren Imig arranged the play, I'le's quite a dramatist now they say. I glanced about for I wished to loose. know Setzenty-six Ciao, ,7 coeds 55515 3 e GEHHES ei If any old friends were at the show. I saw a lady and knew at a glance It was no one else than Margaret Lanz. There was "Teddy" Karr like a blushing bride With Glenn Johnston close by her side. Bob VValker was there with Druscilla Hoyt, They're married and living just out of Beloit. Paul VVhiteman's orchestra then played a selection, Byron Logue and George Brown were among his collection. Later I met justin McNutt And we went to a cabaret to strut. Justin, a cunning old bachelor, I say. VVe had a grand time at this grand cabaret. 'Tis run by the Nafzigers, Vivian and Wood, And Don Landis' orchestra was certainly good. The Normal Schoolis truant official was there, That's Vaudrene Eisenberger, gosh, she's a bear. And Bill Garvey, President of Chicago "U" Was home for vacation and out dancing too. "'s see"-Dorwin Forbes was at the dance, He's an optical surgeon and keen with the lance. I noticed Harold Satterfield enter the door, When I saw who his wife was I ,most dropped to the floor. It was that blonde. Jeannette Christ, you know. The one who was in Corrine Gritfith's last show. Louise Koehler was there as the proud chaperon Of some boys who were too young to be let go alone. Dick Meihsner was dressed in uniform blue And he makes a fine looking officer too. I left in a Henry Knecht car, that was 'fswell" And stayed overnight at the Nadine Hotel. I heard that Jo VValker had fallen downstairs And was sent to Brokaw for minor repairs. I went out to see her and was haopv to learn That she's connected some way with an 'tfnsuranceu con- cern. I met Lucile Kreitzer, the hospital nurse. And took a few minutes with her to converse She said Mildred VVeinheimer had wed and was behooved To go abroad and have her voice improved. A red-headed doctor walked stealthily by You know him? Why sure, that's Fred Wellman, says I. Miss Mabel Rich was the house dietition With matronly charm she fills the position. I also discovered that Lawrence Noe VVas Hospital intern in uniform snowy. That evening I boarded a C. and A. train, The air was too rough for an aeroplane. I heard the conductor say. "Tickets, please" And lo, and behold, it was Herman Reece. Ruth Morris sat just across the isle, With Lucille Dabney-we chatted awhile. They live in Chicago 11ow they said, Both teaching school and still unwed. I met Ruth Sampson on that trip And while we talked she let it slip That she was just a blushing bride And living out in Riverside. She said she heard from Nettie Blan And she had found a handsome man. And do you know his name was Clarke? Seventy-seven fl mmm le tlHli5 f lle had charge of the City park. That they were on a Zeppelin flight YYith Mr. and Mrs. Merle Bright. Alvin Mohr was the pilot of this gre I understood it was to be a non-stop. VVhile in Chicago the next day I met George Reazer from Green Hay. He's with the Associated Press .Xnd doing very well I guess. I learned from him that Melba Sieh XYas on a trip to Germany. That Lorene Tuggle soon would wed .X nobleman from old Madrid. That Edgar Noe was a "Prom At indoor golf in lil Paso. .Nnd Mary Palmer was renowned For welfare work the world around. Grant Yoder's a lawyer of divorce they say. :Xnd Evelyn .-Xnderson's was granted today. I spent a week at Crystal Lake. ,lust there for reereation's sake. Br some strange fate I chanced to stop :Xt Mamie Ziebarth's Beauty Shop, And in walked Frances Vveedman too, She's an accountant out in XVaterloo. In her office is employed Marion Kron, All day she supervises the typewriter's That evening at the beach we three Talked over the days that used to be. at hop drone. They said that Beryl Bryant soon lYould take up teaching in Mattoon. That Mildred Xiehus, on the farm, Still had her schoolday. girlish charm, Fern Yeakel's husband I was told Had lots of style and loads of gold. That Helen Martinls beauty cream Ilas brought her into high esteem. Too had vacations cannot last, Ten days had slipped away so fast, But when I found myself once more Safe back inside my office door XYhere, I should all my thoughts address To writing stories for the press. I couldn't help but wish, that I 'XYere back again in Normal High. Now I obtained this group of rhymes From a booklet published by Madge Grimes. P Seventy-ciglzt 4-Tl, 5 D lt ci I' X UQ GEHHES f 'f A ri . f 75 V :STK 3 ' i ' 1 5 I ,Ms f ,T :., 3733, I f K gl 2- Shvmkknq 1 T V V Qcsha da Ficsh f 5 1 van' 25 qi' MISS ISFDLUR Brine on H10 hnnq 5110041 Fbls w Gals ffhlweave 'T 21 f Y X Biff ,,,' I . M Bashful lL?dfhGY5 ,A A 'Lf- Chuckyy 'Tx : L W Cnqt Brwm -Z 'bf' 'kfhewnu A 5 j . 1 Tfnw QM. SC1'1'nf1f-nine EH '5 JN is 3 J2 1-E, - . ig Ji! by L1!HeBxdAle,lb . A - Snvunk I .,4 iw-6 ,b 'gg f' N Ei? X554 K9 Ewa-Hu-AU See "if i -,ia 9 ,911 1' Clie!! ? Zi-4-W Just Mopmx Mound TW 4 f f 4 Lsjle A .5", a U 1 4-355' , .memw Chemi effllllb El JOKES A fI'6Sll1l1Ei!liS head is full of air, Of air so soft and breezy: A sophomore's head is full of ease, Of nought but take life easy: A junior's head is full of love, The love you'll learn in college: A senior's head is full of brains Few small grains of knowledge. and a Mr. Chiddix: fto Harvey Karrj "XVhat do you think is the greatest contribution stry has made to the world?'l Harvey K.: t'Blondes". Jo VValker: Csobbingb. t'Tiny threw his book at nie and told me to go to the devil." Miss Terwillegar: "You did right in coming to nic." Mr. Scott: "VVhy aren't you busy? Can't you find something to do?'l Ralph Bearden: 'tGee whizz! Do I have to look for work and do it too. To get a pineapple in Florida you say: "A pineapple, please." To et a A'iineauule" in Chica YO 'ou sav: "No" to a racketeer. H l 1 l S 3 , , is R. S. This last six weeks has sure gone fast, basn't it?" R C' " It has been shorter some." R. C: "The paper says the wind has blown 4 days out of every week for a month." Teacher: "Quote a Scripture verse." Nellie Rannev: " udas went out into the arden and hanged himself." . SZ Teacher: "That's fine-quote another." Nellie: "Go ye and do likewisefl Mr. Chiddix: "That apparatus is very dangerousf' Al Shercr: UW'hat would happen if it did blow up." 1 Art Spencer: 'lYou would be fifty cents in the hole., Merle: "Old man Rauffniitcher seems deeply interested in football." Glenn: "Sure. He manufactures splints they use to set broken bones with." VVaitress: "Did you order this sundae, sir?" Jack Miller: "XVhat, have I been here that long?" Mr. Scott: "1 was struck by the beauty of this town." Bob Prince: "You shouldn't get so familiar with herf' Eighty me ffm Q 7 . -fa t C 'ZH' QS 0 - ML A RQTEEGKHHEE Exif Eightyj-one 4 ,,f.-1' . I gl 4lHHi5 f And if you'll hutcher hand in mine And liver round me every day, XVe'll find some ham-let far away VVe'll meat life's frown with life's CHICSS And cleaver road to happiness. Boh Hoyt: "VVhat7s that stuff on those sheep? Fred lYellman: "VX'ool." Roh Hoyt: A'Ifll het itis half cottonfl 1: Milton: "I asked you if you would loan me 350, hut you didnt answer Bob: t'No, I thought it would he better for me to owe you the answer than for you to owe me the fiftyf' Most men call a spade a spade, until they happen to let it drop on tllC1I' toe Mr. Denmark Cat dinnerbz "Ralph, you've reached for eyery tlnnq in sight Now stop it: haven't you a tongue?" R. Denmark: "Sure, Pop, but my arm's longer." Miss Mathew: A'VVhat did Juliet say when she met Romeo m the Balcony' Sarah: t"Couldn't you get seats in the orchestra? Dick K.: "Have I the right expression?" Photographer: t'Perfectly natural, sir," Dick: "Then he quick: it hurts my face." Mr. Newlin: "Now, don't let me hear any had repoits Lhout you' Bob: "Illl try hard, Dad. But you know how those things lcxk out Miss james: Hlio you helieve that jazz is dying? Jack Imig: "I don't know, but it always sounds to me as if it were suffeiing Miss Benfamin: "Now we find that x is equal to 7ero Vivian : "Gee! All that work for UOtlli1lg.U George R.: 'lThere are several things I can always count on Eugene K.: George R.: 'tVVhat are they?" "My fingers." Mr. Dunk: 'AI hear you are always at the hottom of the cllss Cant you get another place ? " Milton: 'tNo, all the others are taken." Miss Benjamin: "VVho originated the first geometrical proposition Naomi B.: A'Noah." Teacher: 'tHow is that?" Naomi: "Ile constructed an arc." Eighty!-two Fi., ' H 4 ' ' ll s llHlli5i2:2 OLD TIN SIDES Cwith apologies to Oliver XVendell Holmes Aye! Tear that rattling tin can down' Long has it banged around .Xnd many a man has leaped to keep From being run aground. lleneath its hood the motor knocks lust like a cannon's roar! The meteor of the long-worn road Shall plow the mud no more! Her top, once slick with auto paint XVhere climbed the high school boys lVhen traveling thirty miles an hour Chlust one of bygone joysl llas now no paint of ebon hue, lint faded by the sun, ls but a sieve for rain and snow, 'Refuge for hardly one. O Better that her battered sides Should never see the road. Shell wreck a half a dozen boys XYhen filled to overload. 'llear from her frame accessories, Melt every piece of tin. And give her back to llenry Ford- him a new begin. F1iyl1I'y-tllrcc rv !t cfm: 1 a QEHHE5 an , George Drown: f'XYhat do you mean by saying that the superintendent wears Indian neekware?', Marshall: "Bow tie and arrow eollar.'I Art Spencer: "You sure made a bad break in referring to that woman as an old henfl Spen Littleton: "How come?" Art: "VVell, she must be a prominent woman. I see that they have invited her to lay a eornerstonef' Miss Bopp: "Does that story you are reading end in a modern way?" Miss Mathew: "Yes, they are married and live happily thereafter for a few monthsfl Susie: "But the man I marry must be brave and daring." Frank: I'XYell, donlt I wait for my street ear every day in a safety zone?H Io: HI don't like Tiny. Last night I wanted to show him how well I could whistle, and when I puekered my lips real nice-" Nadine: WVell, what then?" Io: 'tHe let me whistle." Ruth S: "I wonder why it is that fat men are so good natured?" Eloise: "Probably because it takes them so long to get mad clear throughf! Mildred N.: "I wonder how it feels to be around where the thermometer goes down to SO degrees below zero?" Vaudrene: "Tell your teacher that she is beginning to show her age, and yOu'll find out." Harvey: 'AXYho got the most Christmas presents, you or your brother?" E I lr , t-, , xv W Harvey: "llow's that? You're the oldest." Earl: "I know it. But he got up first." Glenn: "Dearest, Can't you see my heart's on fire?l' Teddy: f'VVell, do I look like a fire extinguisher?" Les: f'You that XVoody was arrested lor impersonating a woman?'l Bearden: "Yeah. He wasn't wearing any elothesf' . H . ' ' ' e - . ' v . . C V5 Paul Is it true that statisties proie women bye longer thtn men Cliff: f'XVell, you know paint is a great preservative." Merle B.: 'Ive got a railroad radio." Alvin: "A railroad radio?l' Merle: "Yeh, it whistles at every stationfl Eighty-fozcr N M ,QL Q 5. 3 4 'VM ll: . GEHHES El Qur high school has much to be proud of this year. XVe have made rapid progress toward the field of perfection. Of course we are not by any means a model student body, but we have high hopes of attaining our goal. l imagine it would have been quite interesting to an outsider to haxe watched our many blunders and yet he probably often smiled to himself as he saw us, with the help of our Captain "Jack", correct them. One of the things we have been most success ful in accomplishing is the problem of our corridor conduct. It seemed at first to be advisable to haye teachers on hall duty. The fact that teachers were needed in the corridor to secure the proper conduct was a reflection on the attitude of those of us who wished to conduct ourselves properly. .Xnd here lct me mention that it was a disagreeable task for those teachers who had this duty to perform. So after much thought on the part of the "chief" and thc agitators we decided to compromise. .X petition was drawn up by the squad of students in charge approved by the judge and his jury, signed by the audience and then put into effect. lly this decree teachers were not to be on hall duty and we were to be absolutely on our honor. Because we knew the Captain for judgej and his crew depended upon us we became dependable and were able to succeed in this and many other things. XVe wish to thank you, Captain "Jack", and your crew for helping us so much and for youi trust in us, for we appreciate your co-operation. Eighty-five 6-zss i f ,.,5..u e IHHES ei INDIVIDUAL AWARDS FOR SCHOLASTIC ATTAINMENTS Normal Community High School has been authorized by the donors to present a number of silver loving cups and trophies to students making the highest averages during the year in which they are awarded. These trophies are on display at all times in the trophy case. THE JOHN CALVIN HANNA CUP This award, a silver loving cup, is presented each year to the boy who makes the highest scholastic average during the year. The cup was won by -Iohn Corrington in 19:28, Harold Dennis in 15329, and Sharon Hoose in 19250. John Calvin Hanna, the donor, is an alumnus of the lirst class that was grad- uated from Normal Community ltligh School. Being an excellent scholar, himself, it is entirely appropriate for him to encourage scholarship in others. Mr. Hanna has always kept in touch with his .Xlma lX'Iater. It is seldom that a year passes without his coming back to talk to the students. THE MARGARET H. J. LAMPE CUP This award, also a silver loving cup, is presented each year to the girl who makes the highest scholastic average during the year. This cup was won by Dorothy Langston in 19728 and by Louise Temple in the years of 11129 and 11330. Margaret H. Lampe, the donor of this cup, was for several years a member of the Normal Community High School faculty. Illness in her family has made it necessary for Bliss Lampe to retire from active teaching. ller sincerity of purpose and kindness of heart have endeared her to all with whom she has come in contact. lt can be said of her that she is a born teacher. It is fitting that she should continue to encourage good scholarship byigiving irecorgaiitionneaciryear ' g' . 'g . N' average. THE HAROLD OSBORNE TROPHY This award, a bronze statue, is presented each year to the boy who stands highest in scholarship among the athletes who have won school letters in one or more sports. This trophy was won by Vlfilliain Grimes in 1028, john Newlin in 15329, and by Glenn Johnston in 19250, Harold Osborne is one of the best known amateur athletes in the world. He has represented the United States in the Olympic meet and holds the world's record in his' event, the high jump. Although he worked his way through the University of Illi- nois, and kept in training continually, he led his class in scholarship. His record stands first in the United States as an inspiration to good scholarship and clean sportsmanship. Hiylity-six - Qfi: C f' ,- t il ni- I O! T QUE VEI-32TIfEP! if X af P Q6 M of 2 W kii5ltlHlll5 LIST OF ADVERTISERS VVe, the Staff of the Nineteen 'I'hirty-one Echoes, wish to thank the business men who have taken advantage of the advertising year's Echoes. Xlve feel you will be well paid for your ad. Alamo .-Xl-Jo Sweet Shop Alexander Lumber Co. American State Bank Armstrong, R. R. Biasi, lfdw. C. Beieh's Candy Co. Bischoff, Al. Beck, john A. Bloomington Bird Store Bloomington Ice Cream Co. Bloomington Gun Co. Book Nook Boylan Bros. a Broadway Garage BroLeen Brown's Business College Buehler Bros. Bunnell Bros. Burklund's Burner, C. A. B. Sz M. Bakery B. Sz N. Ministerial Assn. Campbell Holton Co. Campus Inn Carlton, Guy Coen Store Cox, KI. I. Chaciband's Corn Belt Bank Dewenter Sz Co. lJoek's Garage Douglas, J. C. XL Son limniett-Seharf Electric Co. livans, Lester Fern's Beauty Shop First Nat'l Bank, Normal First Nat'l Bank S1 Trust Co. Fisher's Flowers Fleiseher's Giering Gerhart Shoes Glasgow Tailors Goelzersl Green Goblin Green Mill Green, Tracy Gronemeier, VY. H. llall, C. H. llaug, I. K Son Ilawkins Studio llembreiker Flowers I lerff-,I ones llill, Franklin Hildebrandt's Drugs Huffington, Glenn Iliff, A. C. Ill. Power K Light Ill. 'Wesleyan jackson, A. T. Johnson, XV. II. ,lohnston Plumbing Kane lingraving Keitlfs Baking Co. Kirkpatrick Keen's Barber Shop lilein's space in this 'I6ro1ger's S tore Lemme, II. H. Lighthall, I. J. Liberty State Bank Livingston, A. Lundeen-Hooten-Roozen-Sehaetter McCormick, Dr. Ferd. C. LICCO1'1l1lClC, Dr. H. G. MeReynolds, B. R. Melinight Sz McKnight Mat's Meyer, H. B. S: Son Mobcrly S: Klenner Moore Bros. 8: Stretch Model Laundry My Store Newlin, C. J. Eighty-eight fu fs-45" v- C iv H 1 - n X Yewinnrlaet Normal Sanitary Dairy Noi-nizil State Bank Palais Dresa Shop Paxten 'l'ypeu'riter CO Paris Cleaners Parret S: Parret People'5 Restaurant Penninlau, Dr. XV. L. Prosser, Dr. A. li. Public Selnml Pub. Co. Quality Cafe Raab, Dr. XY. Reacl, XV. B. S: Co. Read. G. ll. X Bro. Reece, Dr. I. S. Reeder, Sain Rogers Hotel Ros-Syl Stuclio lg 4llllll5 Sears K Roebuck Seibel Sneclnker Service Snow X Palnier State Ifarin Mutual Sutlterlancl Delicatessen Spear St Spear Service Stn. Stubblefielal Funeral Home Statiun Sture 'l'aylor, A, ll. Plumbing Unitecl Photo Ulbricll Jewelry Ulbrieli K Kraft Union .-Xutn Ins. Assn. Union Gas K Electric Village lun XVarner Bros. xXYklNlllJllI'11 X Sons Flowers Y. M. C. A. Station Store Seliuol Supplies UML Czincly - - Ice Creznn Ay, eilqse Light Lunches C690 W COM PLIM ICNTS OF IVIC EI. LALJINI DRY CO Launderers and Dry Cleaners PHONE 362 Eighty-:zine li . D55 l 4' F o-up R11-,IEi6IHHI5 3jJ JOHNSTUN PLUMBING CO. HIGH CLASS PLUMBING STEAM AND HOT WATER HEATING "lH:1 U K 4 J J so ' Iii I I fI' 1f' Kinloch Phone 285 Tk 4 i sh QI 603 N. Main sr. 1 E-ad I N ...-.-fm irg-'-:I I IV , ":i-:I I BLOOIVIINGTON ILLINOIS Lusher's Service Compliments of Station Red Crown and Red Grown Ethyl Gas Polarizzz' amz' Isa-Vis .Ilafor Oil Gamiycfar 'I'z'1'm and Tubes fl uccss01'z'cs Naptha Gas for Cleaning PATRONIZE OUR SICRYICIQ NYIITII A SMILE -Corner of XYiIlow and Mam- I IE: Ninety N- ,QF ,X w 5 VA X 'A aux' H x .Q 0 - Yfg I ADVERTISE Us Q6 BRU5 G, 1 QCELLV' DEEP? More Than W e . George and John Advertzse Them , . Lsfpyrsglrt 1930 lay Boylan B +215 35- -1- CIIASV DA GUY mm N, MAIIN D03 XX. KI.-XlQIxl:'I Glasgow Tailors ' lrviu Theatre Bldg. 402 North Main Street A. T. JACKSON GOOD FURNITURE - - WILTON RUGS HIGH QUALITY HOME FURNISHINGS AT PRICES MADE POSSIBLE BY OUR EXTREMELY LOW OPERATING COSTS. BUILDING ON VALUES 205 Broadway Telephone 6095 Normal Xi IIVI-ll-011 1' F Ilan nu tfHHf5 Automobile Insurance ." '- 'Ffli OUR MOTTO I - .wUfUA14U, ' I I Servlce QPQM 0, .f , gr! ,www Q,-ulilllm 'll-".ol-. . ' . QF I 'fb 'lf 19,1-"' 'ilwqiglfiqklillli EW'-n,,'.'oa-: 4- - - ,fl 'I 1 qu Satlsfactlon gn F I Safety 6 .' 55 F loonrnerorm, V , A JCOH Ollly 16: if ' I' ,. ?t:"l' f U " 1 e ,- Trulia 2 ' I 2 E i l t r' I ,g tg -QESYEE -gag e, IVIAKIL YOUR LIFE A SUCCESS ,...4,,, 1 . . . --lay gllZll'Zl,H'ECC11lg mdepeudence Ill old t"t'ffXt '--Yfflf- fjtaff ' :Lge and the welfare of your loved ones il I you should be suddenly taken away. Consult your local State Farm Mutual agent or write the Ilomc Office lor expert advice. State Farm Insurance Companies BLOOBIINGTOX, ILLINOIS B E I C H CHOCCLATES l Q ,.... l J91.s'!zer'.s' I W 0100? J' Landscape Service I l I PHONE 6053-YVIC I7lfI,l VER 305 SOUTH MAIN, XORMAI.. Il,I Ninety-two RN Jil nigh . 4 "x Q5 v- v I e1eEHHEsi-'E-F3 IN SALUTATIUN TO The Class of 1931 From the time the youthful student learned to spell the simple words C-A-T and B-O-Y and associate them with the pictures in his primer, illustrations have played an important part in the career which is terminating this year in that day of days, Gradu- ation. Each subject studied in school is brought just a little closer through the pictures in the pages of its text- books. Each illustration has meant that the engrav- er's handiwork has been maintaining that close bond established back in that distant primer day. It is gratifying to us as members of the engraver's profession to have had a small part in the fashioning of this year book. In much the same manner as we have contributed in helping these students glean the knowledge they sought, our share will, through the illustrations in this book, bring back pleasant mem- ories, in years to come when time's passage has gilded these pages with the gold of sentiment. Your careers are ahead of you, Class of 1931. As you march onward in the varied paths you follow, it is a source of satisfaction that the engraver, too, through his interpretation of world events, will keep step with you and lay before you the treasures of further knowledge. . ..., CO. Twin Plants Bloomington Decatur Illinois Ninety-tl EU VVE SAVE YCJLJ IVIONEY ON Sporting Goods, and Practically Every Human Need SEARS, ROEBUCK 8: CO. RETAIL D1CPAR'I'M'lCNT STORE 312 North Center St., IHOO1UillgtOI1, Illinois Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Refunded Moore Bros. 86 Stretch t Pure Food Groceries t Service and Quality H. B. MEYER Sr SON Shoe Rebuilding WORK eA1,1,1cla Fon AND IJlfI,IYlflll':l,J Phone 2969 607 X01-th Main Street, V RICO1HiIlQ1.01l ------ Illinoib Dependable 50- ' Qe E v,,.. ,..,., jg '.,, A ivn. I In I,.A AUTOMOBILE "' f ' if 5 ,. ' - if :-- :" V 'fr' Y ' ' L '::" "'--"' ' ":,. .::,,,, 1 A' ' 5 If 3 ' ' 'azz' in ' -,:-' 5 5: 303 E. VVashington St., .3 -v- X g E4 7 -. i '-:" '5 Blomnington, ii W 3 cw,' I1li1lOiS. Q "t"'t s V f YO- i i 3 if 1 "i" Q 5 "A H 01110 C0111 pan 3' M ' 5 Q IPAPAPA i - A x 4 .g ig .-- - " 1 ' '..... -7507, A I A M f AW M A 5' Home PUUPW t g trttr r ctc t I r, i P In l Q M .-:-f- ,'-P oxexes Yuaranteed ' W 'fr'-rfggef ' Non-assessable by over , A . 4M.,,.dQQ.ggkfMZ iw M S7,0oo,o0o.oo 'VWV .... f'F'E1-fi rfr Assets ' Ninzmrigf-four ggi digg 39:1 U U59 It Umm' S U3 QHHEPEW Started Doing Printing in High School When C. A. Burner wa.s a Soph- ofnore in Normal High School as- sociated with three classmates he started printing a high school paper on a small press that belonged to the father of one of the boys. The others soon tired of printing but young Burner held on. Today he has one of the best equipped printing ojices in this scc- tion. This annual was printed by his staff' of skilled mechanics. You can have your printing properly done at The Normalite Uperated by Clarence A. Burner and his associates. 106 Broadway Normal NUIf'f1!'fIl'C fin QD11 0 ' 1 ,. - 1 JUL' llHHl5 AN INSTITUTION OF SWEETNESS LUNCHEONETTE SERVICE The Green Goblin S WEET SHOP ll4 NORTH S'l'Rlil'fT NORMAL 4'2- FOUNTAIN SERVICE 'Q fi? Box and Bulk Candies I Today's High School Student i ,,, I 1, Y i ,i., ,I . - f--11.3-.Ti-.-.....i. 15 f i ' Qi? If I Toniorrow's Business Man -1 -1 - R - . .l 4 . - 1 l I' 2 L INBkwYJhKS5Yl 5 1 AUTHENTIC FASHIONS I FOR SUMMER Learn to Save Now l Like a breeze front the liills on l summer morning, tliese earliest ol i . summer apparel wlnsper the correct mode for the new season last anroaeli- 1 ing. The 'lNCw" alwavs shown first at Liberty State Bank I BLUOM INGTON, ILLINOIS . Q I 1 I ' ILDDHNGYWV3 Lumm: mvaooa: nfwuns - .sawn .vol 5000! A mefzj-szx Q , v- I MATERIAL IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO BUILD OR REPAIR THIS YEAR YOU WILL NEED MATERIAL We Are Prepared to Supply All Your Needs from Our Large Stock. No Disappointing Waits-Tlzeyare Costly PLANS FOR BUILDERS If You Conternplate Building We Can Help You. We Have a Large Number of Illustrated Plans That Will Assist ' You in Planning Your New Horne. This Service is Free. ALEXANDER LUMBER COMPANY PHONE 5504 NORMAL, ILLINOIS jVlIlf'l1!'SCl'CPl QL f G" 5.71, , 1 I - :II- EfHHl5 ULBRICH JEWELRY CO. DIAMONDS - WATCHES - IEWELRY .nmiln Q E - N .-,, ,.,, I M1 iz E ST E ?E?-352'-9 2 E22 fm ii 1 11 5- 1- USE OUR DIGNIFIED CREDIT PLAN Cantor at Jefferson Bloomington, Illinois STUBBLEFIELD FUNERAL HOME E zoo NVEST ASH STREET, NORMAL PHONE 5992 AMEu,fxNCE SERVICE LADY ATTIQNDANT Nincly-oiglzft ' ,Q-'Eg lg Emil 0 ' i , m- , STAFF PHOTOGRAPHE11 F011 1931 ECHOES United Photo Shop BLDG M. MOORE Photography In All Its Branches PHONE 1918 503 North Main Street BLOOMINCTON ,N"i'11ct,1f-M11 5 QD, F X5 KY r' f ' U VW: A' 1' It Isn't Money That Builds---It's Wfork lf all the gold in the treasury were stacked at the edge of town it would not build a house. lt would not make a pair of shoes, nor produce a pound of butter. lt would not send a child to school, nor lay a brick in a church. Gold, silver, money, do not huild cities or develop communities. Work does that-service by some of us to others of us-energy applied or directed hy human hands or human thought. Electric power, the energy of human hands multiplied many thousand fold, is the lever that is lifting the standard of living of today. lt increases production, lowers costs, raises wages, eases housework. lt has put into common use com- forts and conveniences which were the luxuries of other days. The lVlachine Age, merged into the Electrical Age, has brought the Age of Comfort. Build with Hard Work' for your future comfort. Illinois Power and Li ht Corporation One Hll7lfl1'Cfl m WILSON BROS. TOCS SHOES FOR ALI, THE IGIAIIILY Bert R. McReynoIds Shoe Repairing GYM SUITS ATHLETIC SHOES Johnston Plumbing Co. High Class Plumbing Steam and Hot Water Heciting Kinloch Phone 285 'il iii L 603 N. Main Street IILOOAIINGTON, ILLINOIS 6fHHI5 J I. I. LIGHTHALL Groceries and Meats Restaurant and Confectionery 407 S. Main St., Normal I COMPLIMENTS OF I PARIS CLEANERS AND I LAUNDERERS I I Quality Above All I HERFF-JONES COMPANY Dv.v111r1r1's and Ift1Hl!fCIL'llll'L'I'S , of High School and College 1 jewelry and QOIIIIIICIICCIHCIII Invitatiolls I Ojl'1'r1'al .lr-zvf'lvr's to IYUVIIICII C0ll11I1IIlIZAlj ' High Sclmol I One Hundred 011 Q, r , GK US Hll5E - ,T fcl-ITEVRQTET NJ IIICCIICR AND IZETTISR S--AILIES .A-IND .S'IfR1'ICE Tracy Green, Inc. TENT East NNYZlSl1l11glO11 Street GREEN MILL CAFE Kv.s'z'az11'z111t amz' ClOIlfUtfIl.OIIt'I"X' Iil 'ER YTIIIYG TO EAT XYAYXIC LASKY JIMMIJC JONES Green Mill Cafe Palais Dress Shop 404 N. Main Sr. Always First with 'KTHE NEWEST" DRESSES C OATS SUITS ALL W H Y PA Y MORE? UtllCI' Qthgr Dresses Dresses S575 39.75 W. H. GRONEMEIER BAKERY Sf7FC'l'ClT Clakar, TJU.YII'I-CS, IioIIs for aII occasions Front at East Bloomington PHONE 91 Warner Brothers PAINTING, DECORATING amz' Texaco Service Station SOS N. Linden St., Normal, lll. PHONE 5799 O LC Jlumlrozl Two ,f - ' fl' Q Mi l ' l 2' Y Plume 131233 LIIIICIICQJII-'ltIvilllllfl' WEAR A J. B. SIMPSON CLOTHING and be well dressed AS exclusively as a hat N Czzxlmzz 74fIf1f7I't'li To Ynzzf' lH'1'.mm1li!y mr less froln Parts N than ready nmcle 1 Call 5828-R for 1111 appoiutmelmt in ymu' N 1 1 X s-- A. ct H.II"lf, 115 N, og 14 Blooulillgtoll-N4mrmal Party Head- Llnlgjjnnzk In ' iv l quarter. Corner Main and Monroe St. N I 1 FIT and SATISFACTION GUARAN- Ywjllj TICIQD OR NIUNEY REFLPNIJHIY N Keith's V BLOOMINGTONS NEWEST T 0 L fB d Wln oa rea AND FINEST WUMENKS APPAREL SHOP YOU C,-LY DO PETTER IIT . . j Eeouomlcally Satlsfaetory eff ,Ae Q 9 5' 15 VV fre 5e1,5Y:ef-1 e,e, Au 216 X. center A THE HOME or Baked by New Movie Modes A Keith'5 Bakery Grace De Vyne Modes N L Normal Om, JIIHIIZVCKL Three Efii GZLEQN HT? 132 3: e . A i Cain I Ig! o Ugl MAT'S XYEST SIDIQ SQUARE EVERYTHING IIV MEIV'S WEAR Evening Suits for Rent BLOOM INGTON, ILLINOIS f l I Hltls What They Say it is at Barhlandisw - Z3urI-duno? Jewelers and Silversmiths SOUTH SIIJIC SQUARE BLOOMINGTON IT'S HERE House Heating Refrigeration Industrial Fuel Clean - - - Economical Controllable UNION GAS 81 ELECTRIC COMPANY Peoples Restaurant GOOD COFFEE GOOD SERVICE PORTRAITS on Character and Distinction BY ROS - SYL STUDIO 220 N. Camel- Sr. Bloomington, Ill. One Hzmflrcd I' 1 an nn , 'OIH' GEHIIIM 0 BLOOMINGTONJLL- 110 N. MAIN STREET I2I,OORIING'I'ON, ILLINOIS W. H. JOHNSON Noizlry Public General Insurance I .A111z'0 l11s1zra114'C Office Over The Bunk Nfmk Off, 5669-R Phones Res. 5073-R Study This Problem AS IT NYILI, MICAX MUCH TO YOU IN AFTI+fRI.IFIf. IVISDOIII plus ECUNOIIIY equals THRIFT I'OL'TH plzzx THKIFT m11faI.v INlJEl'1f.YDlf.VCE I Blake OUR bank I'OIf1C bank HiIdebrandt's Drug Store A GOOD PLACE T0 TRADE 120 NORTH S'I'REIi'I' PHONE 564114 - .I JOHN HAUG AND SON MIfX'S and BOYS SHOES Two Fact of Ccuufort in Every Pair SIIOIC RIiBL'II.IJIXG 525 X. Main St. IIIOOIIIIIIQIOII, Illiuois FEHN'S BEAUTY SHOP Permanent Waving Mfx1eQIi1,l.1NG mi SOFT WATIQR THE SHAMPUO FIRST NATIONAL BANK ifiirmiw: 5524-J 119 NORTH ST. Ncmm1AI,. ILLINOIS NoRx1,xl.. ILLINOIS I One II1n1rIr1'rI Fire fl w 2 5 UQQKHHE5 EU Y M C- A- i M.J.CoXsHoEco. Year by year, for over eighty- jive years, young men have turned to the Young lVlen's Christian Association to aid them in making the most of life. Over two million young men the world over every year make use of its equip- ment, program and activities to mould themselves into the ideal they have set for them- selves. DOMINANT This Drug Store Dorninates in This Territory in Every Phase of the Drug Business Trained Pl1L1I'Il1fll'i.Cl.Y Conduct This lfzisill-ess-Tlzzlt is lflfll-y Om' Sei'-Dire lfrrels Edw. C. Biasi DRUGS BL,OOMING'1f0N, ILLINOIS Gricslieim Bldg. Walk - Over Shoes HIGH GRADE FOO TI I 'EAR INTELIJGENTLY FI'l"l'ED "Shoes with a Rcjvnlation from ll Store izvitlz a Corzseimzreu Buehler Brothers, Inc. CASH MEAT MARKIQT 5 -17m1le1's K Retailers of- P-A 5-L Fresh, smoked and salt 5 MIQATS 5 ,Ea 'lllie Market that is Fair to the PUBLIC 416 X. Main St. Phone 2987 Lesis Blue Ribbon Grocery Phono 5538 ll0 li. Beaufort St. IVE DELIVER QUALITY PRICE SERVICE You will fincl this an Econom- ical place to trade. Vile give you Quality and Service as well. YOU BUY THE BEST ll'1IlfN l'0l' TR.'lDIf IVITII "LES" One Illrzzclved Six f-ln if 'w lj Q, is Gig ' Q ti 6lHUE5 ,J DOCK'S GARAGE Firestone Tires and Tubes Batteries Car Washing General Repair ESKRIDGE 81 PRINCE Phone 5900-L 208 Pine Street A. B. TAYLOR Plumbing Contractor Repair lVork Given Prompt Attention 115 North Street Hygracle Electric Lamps Gas Heaters .12 GUY CARLTON Everything Electrical fi N. Main St., Bloomington Telephone 121 1 NO One Hundred Scrcn P SPEAR AND SPEAR Sinclair Products 100 Percent Penn Oils Excellent Service Main and XYillow, I-LlXlAl. - - - - ILLINOIS. ua gflmfgi f DR. J. S. REECE orfxrfsr Special aflvutiolz in dvzztzwcs 405 Corn Belt Bank Bldg. Phone l807'R Bloomington, Ill. l Sutherland Dehcatessen i Everything Homemade i l Giro us It 111' OVKILUI' for saluds, ruhrs, pics Phone 1417 - 610 N. Main l John A. Beck Company l l 116 South Main St. T Bloomington, Illinois i l Funeral Service Ambulance Service I l Louis lf. VVollrab l Mrs. John A. Beck I C. K. Iacobsscu X i PHONE 268 l One Hand F ,-4A v I Keen's Barber Shop Uxroiv enreeefes 9 YEARS IN NORMAL 9 Right Under the Post OHTCC We appreciate your patron- age and our greatest ef- fort is to give you satisfactory work- manship. CALL AGAIN Y. T. 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Sonlli Side Square, Blooinington, Illinois I The Newmarket CICNTRAI, ILLINOIS' I.IiAI JING IJEP,-XIQ'I'MEN'II STORIC I .I S7'OA'l5 OF SERl'1Cli I Our' H11 11111-011 Nine Gigi: 3341 IW ? C 'I .4 lldbll gE6KHHE5 I The G. H. Coen Store I I A 1-o F R n o all Offers I . . . Braeburn University Clothes A Full Lme of Delwlom Wilson Bros. Haberflashery Knox Hats "Il" IT'S IN STYLE VVE HAVE I'I"' 112-114 N. Main, St. RLOOIXIINGTON, ILLINOIS AMERICAN STATE I BANK Capital, Surplus Undivided Profits and Reserves 5490000.00 Assets ,2?3,750,000.00s I One Il1HZd7'Cfi I vi nv -4-2- 'ram Schrajft Candies Likewise Gives Courteous Attention Student Supply - Drug Needs CIVU i11.f'1'fn you to zvirzdow shop urn-:md om' rorrzer and secj Hours: 11 to 12 a. m.g 2 to 5 p. In. Sunday: 11 to 12 a. 111. W. L. PENNIIVIAN, M. D. NORMAL, ILLINOIS Residence 5852-L Office 5852-J Hot Dogs Ice Cream Hamburgers Cold Drinks Groceries and Lunch my Us ONCE L. A. GIERING 809 N. Linden SI. NORMAL - - - - ILLINOIS Ten li 4llllll5 "THANK YOU"-u We take this method of acknowledging the many court- esies extended by the officials and pupils of the Normal Cy . V .U . ommumty High School which We assure all concerned are thoroughly appreciated. 'gTlze beazitifiil New Normal Community High School is completely eqziipperl with steel lockers supplied by u,s.', W. B. READ 86 CO. Bloomington ---------- llliuois TYPEWRITERS AU' MAKES ' ,ri H9625 l CORN BELT BANK Sold ' 2 QV" Rented 555555555551 Rcpaircd A, ! l.lLUUhllNfl'liON, Paxton Typewriter Co., lLLlNOlS 105 l':.'XST FRONT ST. Cox1P1,iMiiN'rs or THE , , 1 PIONEER SAVINGS BANK Hawkins Studio ' OF 317 North St., Normal 214 NY. Whsliiiigtoii St.. llvlOOlIllIlf.,t I1 One Hluzrlrerl Eleven it N K 4 0 M' i4lllll5 The Aljo Sweet Shop 623 N. Main St. XVIQ SERVE TIIIQ REST OF EVERYTHING HYOU BE THE IUDGEN TYPEWRITERS ALI, MAKES Sr mlcl Rented Rcpziirccl Paxton Typewriter Co., 105 EAST FRONT Congratulations and Best Wishes TO TUE Class of 1931 Public School Publishing Co. 509-511-513 North lfast Street, Bloomington, Illinois THE HOME OF KUPPENHEIMER GOOD CLOTHES MOBERLY 86 KLENNER III N. MAIN ST., BLOOMINOTON, ILLINOIS . . . I N S U R A N C E Wiriiig Radios .THAT PAYS, Fllflf TORNL-1190 7' Y ,. . , , - 7 HAIL I ixtnrts Klcizcld Linnps AITOAUOMLE ' U- , .' ' LIFE Allllllmmb RLIWYIHS' H15,1LTH .fziw ,AICCIDIQVT . R. H. ARMSTRONG Emmett- Scharf Electric Co. I , .- Insurance-Real Itstate-Boncls 317 N- Center St' phone 314 203 North St. Phone 5538 Normal, Illinois Une Ilrzmli cd fl Ural I ' it s C so A 1 lQllHlll5 ILLINOIS WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY In selecting your Alma Mater, do you not ask these questions: Does It Rank High Scliolastically? Illinois XVesleyan stands in the highest rank accorded by the standardizing agencies. Its credits are accepted by the best uni- versities in the world. Wliat ls Its Chief Aim? Illinois XYesleyan's chief aim is the development of Christian character and the training of youth to meet adequately the prob- lems of life. What Personal Associations Will It Afford? Illinois VVesleyan is El democratic school. Students and faculty are friends. The most precious values of life are these friend- ships. Has It Adequate Equipment? Illinois IVesleyan has campus, building, athletic field. excellent library and laboratories, studios, stages for play production, 50 teachers and 380 courses in 22 departments. Have Its Alumni High Standing? Illinois VVesleyan graduates have become distinguished leaders in education, law, religion, business, medicine, statesmanship, indus- try, and music. For information address IVilliam J. Davidson, President, Bloomington, Illinois. Hart Schaffner SL Marx Prep Clothes 325 - 333.50 Z PAIR TROUSERS A Store For Young Men Dewenter 8L Co. XVASHINGTON AT CENTER C. F. FLEISCI-IER 1013 PARK ST. IELOOMINGTON, ILL. llaffiy Hom' Store 501'-z'i4'r QUALITY GROCERIES AND MIQATS TELEPHONE 772 G. H. Read 86 Bro. HARDWARE 110 XV. Front Phone 46 Our' Jlundrcd Thirteen 34fHHf5 Glenn Huffington GENERAL CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER Phone 5811 101 NORTII STREET NORMAL - - - ILLINOIS DR. FEED. C. MCCORMICK SCHNRUHHQULUQ NORMAL, ILLINOIS PHONE mm? DO YOUR T RIXDING KIRKPATRICK HOUSE FURNISHING CO. Over Fifty Years of Good Furniture 1 SN EDAKER Service Stations 115 N. LINDEN ST. And Comer Pme and XX alnut Streets ON ROUTE 4 Do Not Get Yourself Dirty COME TO US AND GET YOUR OIL CHANGED FREE SERVICE GAS ---- OIL REST - ROOM A1 Bischoff Market FOR CHOICE CUTS OF M E A T S Call 5518 Ono llltnzlrffl Fomt 'X TI C to ,E Uh , 3' mi UE 4lHli5 C. 1. NEWLIN GENERAL CONTRACTOR 709 NORMAL AVENUE NORMAL ILLINOIS McKnight 86 McKnight Publisliers - Printers School Texts - Work Books School Records and Supplies 1094111 West Market Bloomington, Illinois H, . , 6 C'6AH Bloomington Gun Company "The store' wlzere s1m1'ts111e1z- servo .Yf'0l'fSl1'lC1l.U Gun and Locksmiths, Fishing Tackle, Guns, Ammunition, Grinding and Light Repair VVork. Auto, Hunting and Fishing License Issued 604 N. Main Street Phone 1231 Herbert I-I. Lemme The Shoemaker NORMAL, ILLINOIS "Lemme Fix Your Shoesn ZF.. One Hizmloec zfteeu Q W., my I il Y I A lg 4EHllEP f CQMME CEME TGREETI GS To the students of Normal Community High School, we extend our sincere wishes and congratulations upon the completion of your high school training. The completion of your high school course is very important to your future success. It gives you a background of general knowledge which is invaluable no matter what vocation you follow through life. May you he just as successful in your life's work, victorious in your outside activities, and enriched with friendships that will continue through- out the years. ELMER L. IIUBBLE, President Brown's Business College BLOOMINGTQN, 1LLiNoIs DR. W. E. RAAB Broadway Garage Co. De'LfiS'5 Over The Book Nook Incorporated XYednesday, Friday, 7f8 if- NORKIAIU ILLINOIS Office 5692 - PHONES f Res. 5822-I Day and Night Service Bloomington Bird Store Phone 5887 lieadquarters for XYeller K'Gray- stone" pottery for homes and 1 gardens. jvustrite Bird Foods. 206 Broadway Normal, Illinois 102 Market St. Phone 728-L One II1mzl1'ezl Sixfcmi Q llours-8-123 l-53 lfveuings, Monday, flHHl5 f S. REEDER Quality Cafe MOTOR FUELS. QUALITY FOOD and .Plaza ET'c'l'3'ffZl.1lfI in Season LUBRICATING SERVICE 414 N- Main ,. Phone 192 Pennzoil, New Vedol and Champlin Oils Wliitemorefs Grease Broleen Dry Cleaners 140 E. BEAUFORT ST., NORMAL, ILLINOIS FROM THE WQRLUS FINEST GARDENS WE COLLECT HAPPY HOUR FGCDS The Lavendar Label as a Guarantee of Q U A L I T Y CAMPBELL HULTON 86 CO. Wholesale Grocers Coffee Roasters Bloomington - Illinois ' - llznzdred Soren r' -'1 U E will is E i C v , . vu 'di-J iE4fHHf5 PARRET Si PARRET GROCERIES Quality S eroice PHONE 5 5 2 5 203 BROADWAY MEN'S WEAR Shoes Shoe Repairing Merchandise of Quality DR Y GOODS Hosiery Silk Underthings 207 NORTH ST. When You Wish to HSAY IT WITH FLOWERSM Phone 303 A. WASHBURSN Sz SONS sis N, MAIN ST. A m.ooM1NoToN, ILLINOIS THE CAMPUS INN 314 North St. HOJIE COOKED FOODS Parties Our Specialty Plate Lunch 35C Delicatessen on Orders Quality Ice Cream NTANUFACTURTQD BY THE Bloomington Ice Cream Company You CANT BEAT QUALITY PHONE 358 O e Hzcnflrecl Eighte 0 ' 54 i51 QEHHES 3 I Congratulations CLASS 1951 MAY ALL YOUR I DAYS BE WHOOPEE DAYS I FROM NOW ON I I BUT W lJON'T FORGIQT US W AT I The Book Nook I I NORMAL, ILL. Y I lou Ctlllllrlf bc the 1114111 01' 'ZUOIIHIII God IIICUIIZL -V011 I0 bv tu1'z'!11111t the Z'llXf7Z'1'llff0ll of 1fulz'gio11- I I I G t Ch h I I I I I C0111j1Ii111f'1z1's of flzz' I M1'11i.vfc1'i11I f1.v.r11. I of I BIIPOIIII-Jlfjfllllf and JVOVIIIUZ , Om- m il C W. TREAT HER to a dish of Meadow Gold Ice Cream the richer, ereamier kind SNOW 8L PALMER DEALERS Serve It Gerhart Shoe Co. SPECIALISTS IN Young Peopleis Footwear All Slzom Ifizffaii by X-Ray B1,oOM1NGTc1N NORMAL SANITARY DAIRY, INC. Pasteurized Products MILK, CREAM. CO'I"I'.-XGE CHICIQSIC BIQTTICR Ilistrilmutors Green Bmmets Farm Milk PHONE 151720 1r11fl1'cd Ninetce XiElfHUl5 f ULBRICH 81 KRAFT SJIARY' STYLES FOR MEN Society Brand Clothes Ulkraft Clothes REMEMBER THE ALAMO l l ll-l Center St. Bloomington, Ill. 1 Chadbancfs 309 N' MAIN ST' 321 North Street --Diamoncls-W l Grucu - Elgin - Bulova NVatcl1cs Jewelry - - Silx'e1'wa1'e E NEAR THE CAMPUS Leather Goods Cl-ISN or CREIJIT Lundeen, I-Iooton, Roozen 86 Schaeffer ARCHITECTS SIEVENTHFLGOR PEGPLES BANK BUILDING BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS One Hzmclred Twenty .. .- 4' ML i4fH1E5 I JIU l J. C. Douglas 86 Son 'W mf' Rc.vm"z'c Systmn DRY GOODS THE FIRST NATIONAL SILK HOSE BANK AND TRUST RAYON UNDICRNVIQAR SLICKERS SXVEATIERS IXIENIS SHIRTS SOX A National Bank with a I Savings Department Students Especially Welcome lfazder United States NORRfAL , , H4I4IN0IS GOT'L'I'Il'lII6'I!l SI!fCI'T,'lS1-OIL UPTUHYETRIST EAT Modern Glasses Fitted by B g Modern Methods I THE XIQXYEST FRAKIES TO SE- ! LICCT A STYLE BEST SUITICD FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL OFFICE AT ' Y The Standard for ears I CI1EldIJ2':lI1d,S Jewelry Store 309 NORTH INIAIN HLOOIXIINGTON, ILLINOIS I One 1I1z1zdrcft Twenty-one . P 4 573- bmw X 1' , . II .- 5 K b 4, :I v.'1 fi ,b L, yi, ,arg . ,f - 1 L- M, M UE4EHIlE5?1Qg ,f I , Q .- . 8 Memories Q j1, fjffjw...., ,, ,f . - y f ' M 1 X ug V K 1 f. 1 7 f, , f ,S , ' Cf I 1 Lrg, 4.- Q X "O'x Lg ,N K -, X, X 'xx I 1 - ,- - X . -' .:, -f ' k- ' 'i , ki, ' vb' K. . ii" N N' , g N "5 NR 5111 , K . . , . I 7 - , ' , . I iv . wf L - V "' 1' I I- Nga. 1 . Sc. ,- Xrx V, 1 X Q- Z, Q7 Y' ,' R, Q V5 ' ' . J "x.p '- Y V ' x B X'l . -X f 1, , K- ff' 'l'-'fr V - 'X X, Q - f X ' Fx ' .x X x X . x k,. X I ,f . L 1 4 . 4 , - ,A A If ,. WMJMKW WWW QW MW . Q. ,Q 5 he N 5 3 A vw 'M qs? S? Wwbmw. W 'Q Maya F fig RE? QR5 , 4 xigfb' QQ ,, ,,d,,g,t qui . fo Q W mm fWwo Y ,d, aY if W Q X ii QEHHE5 3 f i I, 77" Y v 0,7 .,fL ,. ,.,.,,,f uw -m 1 qtdo,-ffgpjx Memories ', ,ygfwge 0 , 'pop H J-mst' 'J' '1Q w j ,val P 'AQzf4L fi ' A -V +oZ. 61 5 diff NJN WN - M1 -4 M JUG Dfypifjp mY 'xv' ' + , 5wZ,,4,1,k,qf , N J, WMM L ' w M 'Q . ' w xx, H 'JL l: flf fif l t 2 -1 vu. I 'ff .X-' A-'14 .1 wsu- f 'LJ Y. .A ag I ,I .L . g,,. ,v A: . Ma LWJ , ' Q .nv vi yr 1,4-fb V , ' -Y . A 1- if ' 9 , :V N A Q we bf' v 'r G - ' .1 , E f f Q 'j . if ' ' , . 'A ' , ' E XJVAJ I It . - A r ,- S! ,, ' cg 'I I s " ,, v" , A A f W' 1' ' 1' ,J ,ff 12 sq - 1 1 ,i f ', V- M , , 1 f A 4 1' N A 1 A 1 ' ,f 'ij J' .,. , V fx r ' ' '- 1 ,r A X , ' , . "' - ' , 4' 2 7,1 4 -L L' .I i "I .A ,. M 0 FI AA KN'-f 4 V 9 ,f V .I sc ' ' . ' N" , " ' J Ll! 1 A- I , ,fffx af " 'Y H. I .An its . tx, ' 'C' t f , 1 ,. 'TJ' if . 5 "cu 'iff f . "1 Q' I W 'Q A 7, af ""Q.f" I5 H' jr EJ " .. . LQ.. ' tim Z C ' - 1 Ll . Lf ' Q, v- 'A' 4 . , Av 5 ,f -ff L - - f XS hx . . 5' l L1 1' ,xy 'X li-2 1 N I 51 xx X N' ,,, J L., ffkr T ' Lwtx-D' 4 of A 'xi ,, ' ' K". ' I- M JJ ' ' 'f ' Q L X A U H Q- it 'X .. Qui x 1 2. '-4, ',- ini ' R' Ll jr, K 0 i M in ' W It wat , 'x - . '1 '-1 1 N. ,,- W I " ' ,- r psf V' GK , m c 'X' . I M ' ff 7 , . 1 . Q w A XY' Q fx ' K, ff . W, ' N f - ' x 1 f . 'Q Y "- "1 Y KFN ,Al K, .VK tv .1 4 !h,. -'yuh I , , , f xg' F' ,. Y . x A r' P . X . "1 fx' ,' X L, it v , ,, 1 Mx ' ' . ' L - , I K 4 if :N N QQ. x r ' X K ' i 1 C- x ln, if K Q I G 1 VV ' . . , l.,gm1'dA"4 ly, I AWK 'NN l ij A . J' ll x X Q , " .LJ , "' 1-J . K ' 1- -4- - X ' 1 K. ' u N: .x "1 w A V, V ,t-'yi 'J 5 kg ' r A' X 0 4 km x1 3 XM- I Z5 I ' Q K- if f . k U x , ' -xg X ,fx rig ' LAW' l xv .il K, ' - " X - 1 , gl he J . V . Sxs X ,14, N . .A I - L Q A, , fm f lt E 'Nil M Aj ,say 3 X , it . 'M 7 Pb , if . f X, . QR' Q -J fx' A 'X . 'f '11, U 41 5,1 K X I X ' -5- 'A .ix-J ' I 1 A ' t 577W lifirg W 6' Q u .. 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