Norfolk General Hospital School of Nursing - PRN Yearbook (Norfolk, VA)

 - Class of 1964

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Norfolk General Hospital School of Nursing - PRN Yearbook (Norfolk, VA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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K .yr,, K mf,- ,w , .-t .fpyi , . 2' , .l',,x Y. Au.-1 -' X A X . ff .r A V wh" , ,,3'Lj-".-T: ,L f. , , 1.. V , Y A , . I. , f.Zj',H1. 311- H ,, - . . .x., "-.xi .V.'.',,, ,Ns V'.,',,T ,. , Q11-.":1-QP" N f':,:-'gas "aw, L: rig . ,Q , f ,mn x ET, ...LN MA, , M, ..x-Q :Ax ,J 4... ..,-f, a 41.1-.,.,,fg 1' -. -Q-egg: . , iris-gf if .lu dr Y '-fm. :K I"fv ' Lg1'Q'.q,, '.:.wY1fAk,gE':-z . 2. ,Q-..1' .vga ., wlw., - " 'uf - , ...7,,,f - -'fal'kG QF ., mi. bwlqva, ,J . ,-,.1 ,.' vw .i. .. -v 'Zum ., . 4, 1,' , ' - QI 92, f"- A 'Q iivv '- HL: . '-' gf ,fu w jf' 1 ,' I.-I 1,1 . Li.-as Y, ., .1-' "1-Qs-1-. . .. ,-A ftp: , 'ji-T, 'Q JH'-.A-4. W- ,-1--.L '. -f . v,.. . f' -- .f...,.1 , -,.- 1. f . Q' Tv -- fi. 1, wi I H., iii if Q ., u- ,ff ,Ui 1 '.::.n,, . ,v I ,,. . , !.. "'x" .M ' ,.. 375 ,fffi ," 7.4, .- I vr I ln- V51 - 1 D4 r4:z-"'-1-.4u- ., ,.,c, .f',- -Y .H .. .. .J s im? !,.r:'. .. . -5,- ,m ..x,,. Q V' f I. ' Y X,-,, -- Y '1 .- ,, I if V- "4 S . ' NK: Q., f V , 1 . ' A . , , .---3'---1" 11 V 3, i f N X , NWI-- : I 3 F , 'I' A A I 'vt ' I ,. .7 2 ,. 'zna:.-1, -- -.A .. , V... I 1 1 . I I ' Vi - 7 11...-,Q . " 'Aa Y X.. .,, X ,.., xi-: X , X X XXX.. X X N3 XX. R, Me W " X L X N X a 7 X ,X XX M W X Y fl XX -XX, .vm v F X M A M 1 lp :-' 7 u,,Q:aX-QXX M X ' ww X- X- v Xl' XX' X51 'j' 'Tx W 4 W' X m Fr LV: -'I :El Ji' XX,' X nk if-X My - "' ZW: W 2 A i L 515, 1, ,'X - ., ,. XLR' 'T . HQ- If SSI NT! H! L 1 -H-. I , rr- 7 2 an an Th A NX 7 le A QQ gg.. 52 M 4 X 2 X E num s" V1 k X X' X-- 'W' W ,U V XX ny NX XX XX WM A gfe 1964 yvfospe CZQUQ U?sy1Lvfsfs0f 961111995 Y! fgvsenfeof V 9609165 genefafsjlgspzfaf V Qscfoofgf Qxfzzziszlrgzy Wolff Uzkyzbzd Editor: Julia Barwinski Business Manager- Dana M k s 1 1 i 1 K I J 4 i 1 1 v I 1 I x 1 1 1 N Qeofcafzon " 155351, L . sam 12225 QQ: l -555,555 Egsejlgw- F Y wifi Y 'zip ,ia f - ag, A l ,tum MWF:-'fg-fwg,J1gy,i.,f,,asia. i'm11Q.,.w N ,, ,W l,Si..'sf3 n- ,,,4,4,,-wg., gm. M. my .A th. ev wlHssff,,efW'i.v2':.v . .ale we . ' 'liifw Wi' nl E, . fi ,Q 1. 1 w V1 KL V 1 E FL- ' .24 ' , ' l Ja "'lls2fgj,,Lk llw,wM'W H Wffi5Cg.QifEg5g2fagJg: H H M, nemesis., , , H H if -if--wma . X-me f .W me L - T ' 1' A xv s -wqf .3 .. hw .W f l T t"'U1Yl'w ,uid 'st .' H-- Mrs. Harriet K. Leach In our many moments of indecision, depression, and uncertainty, she stood behind us and, in her way, gave us the reassurance of faith in ourselves and others, never allowing it to be forgotten that she had faith in us. I We, the students of Norfolk- General Hospital School of Nur sing, dedicate the 1964 P.R.N. to you, Mrs. Harriet K. Leach. 3 hood, a she is gaining poise and prestige, she drops a glass, breaks a syringe or steps on a doctor's oot A Student Nurse is a composite She eats like a team of hungry interns, and works like the whole nursing staff put together She has the speed of a gazelle, the strength of an ox, the quickness of a cat, the endurance of a flagpole sitter, and abilities of Florence Nightingale, Linda Richards and Clara Barton all rolled into one white uniform To the head nurse she has the stability of mush, the fleetness of a snail, the mentality of a mule, and is held together by starch, adhesive tape and strained nerves To an alumna she will never work as hard, carry more trays, make more beds, or scrub on more cases than her predecessors. A Student Nurse likes days off, boys her own age, the OR, affiliations, certain doctors, pretty clothes, her roommate, mom and dad. She's not much on working 3-11, days off with classes, alarm clocks, getting up for roll call, or eating turkey on Thursday. No one else looks forward so much tothat day off or so little to working 3-11. No one else gets so much pleasure from straightening a wrinkled sheet or wetting a pair of parched lips. No one else can cram into one little head the course of so many diseases, the bones compris- ing the pelvis, what to do when a patient is in shock, how to insert a Cantor tube Qusually at 3 a.m.J, plus the angles on how to catch that cer- tain beau. A Student Nurse is a wonderful creature, you can criticize her, but you can't discourage hergyou can hurther feelings, but you can't make her quit. Might as well admit it, whether you are a head nurse, doctor, alumna or patient, she is your personal representative of the hospital, your living symbol of faith and sympathetic care. Barbara Garrity, TORCH OF UNION Student's Nurses Association of Virginia, February 1959. x I m ,QQ jlyffdfl 51? dl? ac Q V, V:-gl ..:..:g ,-.Trim nf,-,T - -', - Lyg .Pl-Qi., ,IEUQEP if' ' ' -2?-:ESR 511 ig 1 fig 'Q ,' A T41 W mg: ,ga-1 sz yy- , iv, ,1.lw,,'w ilfufg, , . wevzw , ws? -1,, ,gg gf, sa' f -sg -151-11':5!fg.4'gQps1221m , ' w--'grmqi I LYVJ-V , -' J:-'-fj,,:-rg., . .-4. - , DJ - FTA?-'gw' '1 . -' -' 1 '1+'-- 1 .,-.LL 31 .fig mai - Q '. .z,:11.,4 w1lQ::3?1r sf 1. Qi J A"'i'1Qii1-2'f?i'412"3.- f, 1 5,-i1,qxr.m1y-:f-w.- , "" -'-'rw' " Ei-iv 2 mai" Mis: lf-l1'fCfig 31 LIZ-aff" W QF -1-, : ' :- ax H : - Q71-:"fZE'.wL .4'J5'?l' 511345 aa .2'xQf: :ya : - 1 iufi-1.5 ' . .3.- .1,: .f, NJ 3 fn-,Mg , 211.25 ?.fr",,i - .T x 'cx3,a-1511 ci , fp 54:51, lg 'G . F292 '--5.-iw -9 1 mn?-.V ,-X-4 '5..g' , Q-QPQSQQ H4134 2 1 wife, ld- - -gp. .r 1I'.!.y--,Af Y "' L? 'm if -' ri'-ffs1TN-'Q-4 Lg'-. , ' -.1 ,kv Lili, .-A-E ilu.,-vk"A , ' r -. wr, .Ilg'-FAA"f'f- -1.3,-Au 1' 1, mi, 4141, ,faq . , , I, ?'-"'4!'Q1v-75.11324 I .1 1 :pf 57 mzbzkfrazifbn Mr. Roy R. Prangley Administrator PLWAM 'ii ' ' "Tig , i V f ill x x 1 ZA 'I YV, J X .1 H ! 'vel' V fa. ,N XJ. I , 'P Q51 Q.e:L A rigs Mr. William Rundio Assistant Administrator L sw ,W sings., Y- .s.. .....-E M W isis, 1 m WH '1 V ul E5 QQ' R . I 1 i f i gifs, Mr. Gerald DeHaven Mr. Garland Llewellyn Assistant Administrator Assistant Administrator , . , Mr. Joel Montgomery Mr. Frank Chrisbens Administrative Resident Administrative Resident - , if , 1 i elsif H sg V ii V f me M xi'-Y-Q ZI!1S'IV2y up erozls 0145 L. TO R. - Mrs. I. Robinson, Miss L. Vick, Mrs. J. Raines, Mrs. E. Manby, Mrs. V. Peacock, Mrs. M. Madison, Mrs. R. Underwood. Miss Myrtle Nock Assistant Director of Nurses Gd UFSQS L. TO R. - Mrs. M. Johnston, West Wing Ig Mrs. R. Phillips, Reidlg Mrs. C. Burns, West Wing IIgMiss E. Evans, Nursery, Miss M. Burgess, Intensive Care Unit, Miss Jeanne Riddle, Director of NursesgMrs. F. Lane, 5th Floor, Mrs. P. Liles, 9th Floor, Miss V. Foreman, Reid II. C5fZIOfg1?f Zocfors H N ,W 1 V , .32 3 fi.. '-4 , , '53, Dr. R. A. Morton Dr. T. V. Pangalos 01159 QSXM I! I 1 I . - 1 ,, . V ' . Aw 7 ' f f et A T- .T .- J A' I - ,, N- T., w,,.,.Q, , X W as sn-AL, Y w f , 2 -1A.-1 . . . 1' - I- " .. 75 im, 14' W ,N LK , 1511? . '. f I 'll lf 'I A ' J ' QQ X35 N - al ' , " 'F 'A 3'-5 y x I V , . .X :T ,.i?,y::: M 5 ,kwauw V .fi ,jg ul A 1 X 'V A 1 gg A . A . . f J a. 1 , S lst ROW L T0 R: DRS. H. WHITE, W. LeHEW, F. CARR, R. EMORY, D. DREW. 2nd ROW: DRS. H. KRUIZGER, R. CRUZ, P. HANCOCK, J. BRITT, J. MAHAN, D. O'BRIEN. 3rd ROW: DRS. F. MOSHER, F. BllRR0llGHS,A J. SUTTON, J. RHODES, J. TURNER. 4th ROW: DRS. F. DENARO, J.' NILLO, R. THOMPSON, R. BROWN, H. HARRIS Sth ROW: DRS. H. TALLEY, H. KUYKENDALL, W. HUTCHINSON, R. EDWARDS, B. GOODMAN, V. TAVAREZ, C. HOLLAND. ABSENT WHEN PICTURE WAS TAKEN: DRS. C. SMITH, R. FORBES, H. HORDIEN, M. LERNER, J. CROSBY, A. APERISZ, W. JOLLY, D. RITCH, F. CRANCE, M. MdDERMOTT. 8 .-22. , 5 Q H f' k. in I, Florence Bogush, R.N., M.A. New Britain General Hospital New Britain, Connecticut Fairfield University, Fairfield, Connecticut Director School of Nursing Ellen H. Alexander, R.N., B.S. Presbyterian Hospital Flora McDonald College Fundamentals of Nursing Instructor Eunice Anderson, R.N., B.S.N.E. St. Lukes Hospital University of Virginia, Post Graduate O.R. Technique Operating Room Instructor aczz 19 Mrs. Sexton, Secretary School of Nursing me K. L: 5 Wm", N' 4. w H. ll U. ll , N,.,......,L... nf, , , 3 595 gf runnn ef W "H -jg? 1 Sallie A. Hughes, R.N., B.S. Medical College of Virginia Medical- Surgical Nursing Instructor Dixie R. Hwang, R.N., B.S. Medical College of Virginia Medical-Surgical Nursing Instructor Grace Kelly, B.A. Mary Washington College Librarian Frances Kierstead, R.N., B.S.N.E Norfolk General Hospital University of Virginia - Medical- Surgical Co- ordinator TEH ,n.:u.,,,,v - m,.-,n- -- AH '. , 1 -at ef " V-gf , .um ui r: 1 l I -yi- , Q 211 I1 it I .5 f x,lg..I7:, N-,115 EU. .-.-:J:- FE v L, ,, Fleta Elizabeth Logan, R.N., B.S.N.E. Jeanette Hess Ingalls Memorial Hospital Columbia Union College Medical- Surgical Nursing Instructor Gail Harkness Merrill, R.N., M.S.N.E. University of Rochester Medical- Surgical Nursing Instructor Shirley B. Schuyler, R.N., B.S. Medical College of Virginia Pharmacology Medical- Surgical Nursing Instructor Gay LaMonica Whitaker, R.N., B.S. Niagara University- College of Nursing Medical- Surgical Nursing Instructor 1 , GCZZA? Grace LaMonica, R.N., M.S. University of Connecticut U.C.L.A. Obstetrical Nursing Instructor Harriet K. Leach, R.N., M.S. New Hampshire State Hospital Boston University Psychiatric Nur sing Instructor E I ll Camera Shy iw l-as Sfgiiiiiiiixill lu ww I H H l5s5kEi3kx,, gifs? ,, ' - Gkss tjflsfory On September 5, 1961, forty- nine eager, though somewhat frightened girls, met at Jenkins Hall to begin preparing for a career in professional nursing. Our freshman year featured en- rollment at Old Dominion College, then named The Norfolk Division of William and Mary. Known as "the herd," we girls laid the foundation for advanced study in nursing. The cats in formaldehyde, the many exams, the corner bakery, and of course "Old Bessie" helped make our William and Mary days memorable. During our freshman year, our ward duty hours were 7:00-9:00 most of the time. There, we really displayed our capabilities and learning. Our first uniforms, the first bed baths, these occupied beds, charting, being"checked off' on treatments and learning to manipulate bedpans will never be forgotten! Practicing onMrs. Chase in the laboratory was replaced by practicing on roommates when we learned to give injections, but no one seemed to mind, for thatwas one step further in reaching our goal. September of 1962, heralded the arrival of the class of 1965. Gladly stepping up to give them our places as freshman, we with now the double chevron stripes, began a busy year of specialties and projects. Rotations in obstetrics, psychiatry, pediatrics and operating room necessitated hard hours of study and work. Car Washes, sweat shirt sales and rummage sales keptus busy. With Miss Ann Gosse as sponsor for the second consecutive year, our class did well reaching our goals professionally and financially. A feature of our junior year was spon- soringthe Junior-Senior Prom,a formal night of music and dancing. The theme "Stairway to the Stars" was perfect for the memorable night. August 23, 1963, thirty- one students stepped forward to receive the long awaited black band in the Black Band Ceremony. Inspired by the words of Doctor Randolph Garnett, we that night began the best year of all, our year as Seniors. A new ward was opened in February of 1964, staffed completely by senior students. This was anew learning experience for the purpose of allowing each student to manage andfor staff a unit. The Senior Honor Dance, the additional late leaves, the basketball championship, and the recognition by staff physicians, house staff and nursing personnel have added to our special place as Seniors. With Mrs. Harriet Leach as sponsor, our class is nearing graduation, a dream come true . . . so close to the dream of being a Registered Nurse. Throughthese three years, we have received, cared for, and departed with life. We know its value and appre- ciate its worth. What a good lesson to learn! With only a short while remaining, we the Seniors look to "our night," the night of the lovely red roses, "Pomp and Circumstancef' diplomas, school pins, graduate uniforms, and expressing "The Florence Nightingale Pledge" with pride, sincerity and dedication. Through this brief history we offer you, the remaining classes, the challenge and the dream we find coming true. The history itself is easy to remember, but we shall remember and hope you will too, the events and lessons which made up the history of the Class of 1964. 12 655385 Senior Class Officers Lt0R - C. Underwood, V. President, Y. Hill, P a r 1 i a mentariang E. Lankford, President, H. Leach, Sponsorg J. Barwinski, Secretary, A. Carpin, Treasurer. enzbrs Y . 3 I 5 S" ' . .1-' Y Y ' " if 7 A ' vga 4 Qi we '- . ,- i' RACHEL THOMAS ARMSTRONG Portsmouth, Virginia A Christian is the highest style man. F MURIEL KAY BAISDEN " x With heads held high and smiles of accomplishment, Black Bands on our heads and a song in our hearts. www E Buckhannon, West Virginia Pep in her fingers, pep in her toes, ajolly good sport wherever she goes. 14 ezzzbrs PAMELA FERRELL BELL Norfolk, Virginia There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness. l - ,Y wi igwz Q 512212 , H-If I ,tw-L-,, Q a lf' Jr fa i , it A fntlw nj: 'U I ,H 1, , .fi HN HWHIKN llluwmmx' ww. X' f..,Qjgi'ffp Q,-'!F'fL:'- J abi l' 'L ,E-,ffl JULIA ELAINE BARWINSKI Norfolk, Virginia Intellect and grace make a perfect Woman. ', I M' CAROL LEE BENNETT Oceana, West Virginia One may walk over the high tain--one step at aftiifgen 4: p--A-gif ' est moun- MARY SYLVIA BOOTH Kenya, Africa No glamour was Leiter so great that it outshined the innerfisoui. How fortu- nate to be blessediwitli both. ,gn f I' 1' w ,lf Q-,N , A Q ,,,, I Y:-Jax frail? ,U 3 ILA MAE BRUGH Virginia Beach, Virginia Quiet, gentle, and refined thoughtful, and very kind. 15 , always N , i . ' MQ AJ" H 1 H uw H vt 7 ik u www Y, ,Q 7275, , Www' on ,Wy ,ulxunw 'M:T'ass"'s.. 3 M- Y 3.124 ,- . 197511.51-.x , 1. - -f , :,,. , W -- . F L i ll YE i, ii, 1 413 www , 'u ww. A egg. u , ,,, Www: gut at "N H' f' I Ju.. 3 H H. ANNE LAURA CARPIN Richmond, Virginia It takes a great man to be a good listener. MILDRED J UANITA DAVENPORT Roper, North Carolina True to her work, her word, and her friends. DIANNE MILLER FOXWELL Norfolk, Virginia A , A11 one's life is music if one touches the notes rightly and in tune. enzbrs 15.55 ANN MARIE GARNER Portsmouth, Virginia When good natured people leave us we look forward with extra pleasure for their return., DIANE ELIZABETH HARGROVE Virginia Beach, Virginia A smile to all she meets, a charm to make each memory sweet. 5 I6 ezgzzbzts .55 , ' H I wa 639 SUSAN CARR I-IIRSCHBIEL Norfolk, Virginia A smi1ethat'sba.cked by understand- ing completely outshines the rest. YVONNE ALOIS HILL Woodland, North Carolina A more loyal friend we'd never find, with a generous, gentle heart and a keen, understanding mind. JANICE GAY HOLLER Arlington, Virginia A beaming smile and winning ways has always made disappointments easier, grief more bearable, and life a bud- ding bouquet of roses. GERALDINE DAUGHTREY HOWELL Holland, Virginia Her wit was more than man, her inno- cence a child. JONNIE PITTMAN LANQIS - Hampton, Virginia With love for a song. With a' song in her heart. ' ' E . um gmc " W H H H 55, w H' "L I ur , QW: xmmwllwu W 0 3 , ary! ll! F ,li f " an, we f ,ami H, U ': - ' 1 'Q , -Yu.. :LE .. . +33 -1 Y I . . 2.2 2.21 . izezzliwlrru s,f:.m., fb 13535 X ig W . . 1 ,1 1' 1 6, 414 'Ll '. 'll i. Q ulul , H sr on m Hlfgll, vibe ,vw uw ELEANOR LEWIS LANKFORD Norfolk, Virginia The voice so sweet-the word so fair as some soft chime had stroked the 2.113 -JZ' " ,,-J . ' friffi., 'Y 6 4 f V DANA JACKLYN MEEICINS Norfolk, Virginia She is quiet and unassuming. For praise she striveth not. Modest, kind, and faithful describes her to a dot. 4, - H' W 'rw V MARIANNA BELL MORGAN K i Norfolk, Virginia The smile on your face is but a re- flection of the feelings in your heart. I in .f " 'T . W J V X I! v' . ' F' r. Li-. , 'Y' :hx MYRLE SIKES MORTAZAVI Norfolk, Virginia Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. H Q ,,,, 1 ,fr '1 if ll! M YT . W! Bin J viii r.h.. o fl ll if NANCY JO ANN MULL Norfolk, Virginia Give love, and love to your heart will flow. A strengthgiii:youijgtrho'st' need. E W U I, 'hE,'3.f u lfgleii f ff JHQHG, A , J 1" " ' - i ' .l- U "7 -1 72. ' ik Qfflwi 51 T111-July' W 5 :E 1 lvfl. x El if I8 enzbzis ,ig- enzbrs Thr - '?jlE ,, ...TH T '- Wa,4,.,E:vi7 ,F J.. , 'i!.,d4 :wR'5:!"I" .. YM!! ,f - u KENNETH DAIR TETLOW Portsmouth, Virginia It does not take great men to do great things, it only takes consecrated men. ' M: JEAN MARIE TEST Hampton, Virginia Tigfd ay ' s dreams are tomorrow's future. CECELIA CHERYL UNDERWOOD Chesapeake, Virginia The grand essentials of happiness are, something to love and something! to hope for. W ALEADA SUE VANN Norfolk, Virginia My life shall be a challenge, not a truce. A iw? 1,-g, 1 Z M pqwfw SHERYLL HUFF VOSHELL Siera Leone, West Africa There is nothing so strong or safe in an emergency of life as the simple truth. , , E in in ii ,M ,U in ' 1 N ,N H, ww M y ' JT. , 19 iiirrr 'H W mx! T 'EEN Q i M M. mx Xu m Hi JANICE CHILDRZESS WARREN 1" Frenchton, West Virginia ,It is a custom for excellent people to succeed. ., VR 0' LEONA STADLER WARRINGTON Norfolk, Virginia NJ Neat, sweet, and hard to beat. JQKJ.. will Qffs -E if Bs vo N LILLIAN NIXON WEATHERBURN 2' V Norfolk, Virginia Let us be content, in work, to do the things we can and not presume to fact because it's little. ., , Q, -1,3 all 2 u :QQ A , ,,, , E ..,. 'L 2, 4:2 U-4' .. ' ! F f f M . ,..,L- 'J , Y " -Qifffsis x H 1:f':f'5E5"'Ef11!fii? - K m -35vLvi1,!...i,i.. W x 1 ini' 1- f um Q, E, -.:. MARION LEE WHITE Hickory, Viriginia Personality is to a woman what per- fume is to a flower. , ,wi if ,fl ',, M45 'rw HAZEL STOKES WYATT Norfolk, Virginia Six foot o'Woman, A-1 clear grit and htgngan natur . ., ,l X ,Lily 11,1-I , 'y .A . 20 421216119 M555 lf? l mu. ' u f A fykl L 1 my,W,Wnigga!l'nv..n",.,5.g5,,f, ,-,Q iii 75 Y-Quit Li: 1 si F. 2 H' wi - ' . ,.... V, . ,,,. V gm eff - IJI2IbI'1S' fg5f'fnew2.g,r if mfgff 1 'xifliffss w in We-,151 rgg ll 1 H ilfnw 'Wi uw EWS- uk X W w nigga V1 lv ,1 W, Junior Class Officers L to R - G. Gaddy, Secretaryg N. Suderno, Parliamentariang P. Gesiewski, Trea Vice Presidentg P. Paul, President. Jeanne Elizabeth Bagley Halloween Dance Sponsored by the Junior Class. Norfolk, Virginia ,ff--.I 9,58 sur erg E. Waller, Patricia Janice Bass Norfolk, Virginia 1 '.,.,jg+:3ENf22-cwlf r' gif . 4 E apr" J. :MQ-V: ,W , may 'Q ,125 f asa 3,27 .- para. . R, W., .iv "J-'ggi ,If - , L ',. , '-.ji 1. ,vw .-,zu 1. A ,jr V 'tif . eu- D- - .T , jf? Y Vg, sz 'F -N W LJ: . A ff. ,K .2 i , le .if ' l 1 1 ' :nv .fv-L f Y' a, l l l r 1 , W, 11. X I afliiml ' . Z amy 1- L L "Vigil ' if W ' ,Er Ll J V , .R . F-"'f"Q?g1 - f 113 ff, . 1-siiegii f ' .5-nie 4, V r 5 i'-l f, gg illfw .1 if Eggs' ' I 2 ..,. . ' ilk," ' 21 Camera Shy 'EP Riga wmtmm ui uw QQ ' uw Camera Sh unzbrs Ann Black Arlington, Virginia Madelynn Cecile Braudrick Cheasapeake, Virginia Kathleen Fitzhugh Cairnes Ocala, Florida Elaine LaVonne Carter Norfolk, Virginia Sylvia Joyce Durrance Norfolk, Virginia Sherry Fletcher Edwards Norfolk, Virginia Mary Beth Fisher Norfolk, Virginia Lucy Shelton Foster Norfolk, Virginia Ocie Abaigail Gaddy Portsmouth, Virginia Phyllis Juanita Gesiewski Norfolk, Virginia Essie Elizabeth Godley Newport News, Virginia Mary Margaret Guelich Norfolk, Virginia zznzbrs Diana Mae Guy Cheriton, Virginia Mary Janice House New Orleans, Louisiana Brenda Anne Kirk Norfolk, Virginia Annette Lee Marsh Cheasapeake, Virginia Katherine McHone Dunoon, Scotland Kathryn Mershon Gloucester, Virginia Patricia Lee Paul Newport News, Virginia Betty Ann Payne Pocomoke City, Maryland Sharon Lynne Peterson Martins Ferry, Ohio Harriett Jean Powers Virginia Beach, Virginia Dorothy LaRue Purser Grifton, North Carolina Mary Louise Sachs Houston, Texas l - -, um a Z t H 'Y 5 A 1 ' 6 ' li' Q -Q l ff 3' i it 1112457-1 ,N L HY JI nf. 0.2, lf' ' vt' Y l li E I 1, , E fllgif ' .- .- -L-IK, R751 . iii - .,1::: ,H ui H 95 lm, V , i f g' 132 25' .. 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McCoy, Parliamentariang P. S. Hughes, Sponsorg M. Diauis, Secretaryg G. Spires, Treasurer. Valentine Dance Sponsored by The Freshman Class. "W: l I 1 1:1 Rutter, Presidentg L. German, Vice President TGS 122812 N.G.H. Mascots and their keepers. , ,T r 11' '7 1 1111 1 ,V W N11 Ng 1 7 1 1-1 11 rr 1 1 l. 1 . ,151 y,11V YW 14' 4 4, W 1f1,fr-L2 I 11 11' 3 I"Q.5'5I22 Q22 V , Joan Alexander Richmond, Virginia Gail Anderson N h K Norfolk, Virginia Gloria Ballard -f - ' 1 if-' tg, roofa P , I New Bern, North Carolina F 1 V 1 N , N C g N an , y C ni , 1 E -f-,.:. , l , .3,:j,. A f J an V ' J 1' 'E Eg1L?QiQYQ 'i -1 tl: Q ' , . 5. , ws! V ' fi-W' ' lj W V, , 1 X i ,.,,.,.,, g, im , 5- QTL. ,g:, wtf? Shirley Boyd Norfolk, Virginia Cheryl Cartier X Norfolk, Virginia ,. ' Peggy Coley Norfolk, Virginia ' ' EJ w v luv Penelope Corey Quaker Hill, Connecticut Maryann Dianis Emporia, Virginia Phyllis Fentress Chesapeake, Virginia Linda Gentry Norfolk, Virginia l Linda German Virginia Beach, Virginia Susan Hatch Yorktown, Virginia 26 s V ' '. iw " -5 , ' '-, ' 1 3'r H ,, I , Q'-'nfl' Rosalee Hewitt Chesapeake, Virginia Diane Hunter Portsmouth, Virginia Carol Johnson Norfolk, Virginia Edith Lamb Dorna Lewin Fort Monroe, Virgini Joan Levinson Norfolk, Virginia Virginia Beach, Virginia 3. Z'QS5Z22 Q12 Barbara Loving Hot Springs, Virginia Carol McCord Norfolk, Virginia X, 3 W Donna Moore Chesapeake, Virginia Mary Ella Nixon X Hertford, North Carolina I Si QW m fs' infr- ,n iwirsg ,. effing -L k f: g w Ramona Orpeza McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey Carol Parker Suffolk, Virginia 27 , N K I -'is if wi ' ' f .: NMI: who Q uw- -J Qwmm X4 oo ,. 1-2 ' ,W ag -W F955 12? Q12 Louise Pesnicak Virginia Beach, Virginia Eva Jo Roberts Norfolk, Virginia Pat Rutter Norfolk, Virginia Toni Shelley Chincoteague, Virginia Mary Shupe Chesapeake, Virginia Carol Spain Virginia Beach, Virginia Martie Spencer Hampton, Virginia Gale Spires Chesapeake, Virginia Carol Stokes Annapolis, Maryland Miranda Whitlow Virilina, Virginia Not Pictured: Diana. Hewitt Lee Barton Glenda Jones Claudia Culpepper Susan Kahn Elaine Halstead Pat Shean J oyde Heines Dorothy Trainham 28 Qeparfm enfs C306 czdffzbs .aff i 1' : JS: " 5 " '61 ,Britain H ,ul mga E L il "Isn't this too big to blow in?" "You mean there were two right gloves in the pack? yzaeofcafcsuryzc 9511119122 y . lim, se, R, In W I-'9'i",1g, i Y . N,-,,, , But he said he didn't like ice water ! " With unsurpassed eagerness, yet with the tingle of fear so characteristic of "first, new experiences," we approached our first clinical stepping-stone - that of medical- surgical nursing. Days, weeks, and months of learning situations, conferences and "Ward Lifeu prepared us for the years to follow. How the days flew by, leaving memories of happy and of course sad times, but we realize now that these days,withwidely varied activity and experiences, were the molds - ever shaping us into well-functioning professional nurses. During this phase of our education, we heartily agreed with the portion of a writing, "What is a Student Nurse ?", the following - "On top of, running around and slithering past the patients'bed - doctors yell at them - head nurses criticize them - residents overlook them - mothers worry about them - and patients love them." 30 wk 1 ik H ., l 1. "Ho1d your hands across your chest. Relax! t O6lYfQff1CS With amazement, gratitude and a firmer belief in miracles, we experienced three months of Obstetrical Nursing. Maternity, Delivery Room, and Nursery enabled us to gain knowledge in all obstetri- cal phases, with additional experience in the Out-Patient Obstetrical Clinic. From this valuable phase of nursing education, we learned efficient professional obstetrical nursing, but as equally important, if not more, was the lesson of the value of human life. We learned, too, from experience, that obstetrics was not always continuous hap- piness, for the patient, for the doctors, or for the nurse. Skilled and joyous reception of a new life at times resulted in the sudden events, further broadening our scope of understanding. We completed this specialty with deeper comprehension of obstetrics with greater knowledge of anatomical and physiological factors, and most certainly with a greater appreciation of human lives. "That wasn't so bad, now was it?" "His name? Leonardo de Vinci, of course. 5 as if K! :C :N H -me - Q Q w Q W can t 5 N sf' I fi la 1 - Q...-a-e' , Q ' w f a 'ni ..., . ess iii W sw eg, , H f l- "We came!" Q wr Teamwork is .i' Day is done. Recreational Therapy Ty cmfkzfry Fear of the unknown was a common place emotion, especially when we entered psychiatric nursing on the 9th floor. Total patient care, classes, films, and doctors lectures helped give us a wider view of the psychiatric problems on the ward. As we advanced through this phase of education, we further learned the need for companionship, under- standing and tolerance. Not only did we learnthese vital human needs, but we also learned how to use our knowledge. Daily patient contact, interaction with patients, dis- cussions with the psychiatrists and evaluations of our own feelings in regard to the patients, helped create a very worthwhile educational period. The mental health problems, we could use and understand in a clearer view. Acceptance of it, as we learned, was of prime importance. We left the specialty with a deeper understanding and acceptance of this leading illness. Yes, to the 9th floor, we came. We saw. We Conquered? 32 ff' "Isn't this ridiculous? I'll contaminate myself as soon as I set-up anyway." "That doctor neveri He needs 51!" S satisfied with 50 hemastats. perabkzy fy? 00122 The swinging doors marked "Surgery, No Admit- tance" we met with hesitation, yet with marked eager- ness. Stepping into the "operating room greens" with cap, mask and conductive shoes, we immediately found our places as operating room nurses. Within two days after beginning this specialty,we were no longer observers. With rapidity we were swept into the active, precise functioning as scrub nurses and circulating nurses for the surgeons. No longer did we have to see sketches of the bodies' interior. There we saw it in action, felt its pathology, and better understood its mystery. Efficiency, speed, and accuracy developed steadily. Minor set ups to major ones soon afforded no difference in these three important characteristics of a well- functioning O.R. nurse. Recovery room experience was included in the O.R. education. There we learned skilled and precise im- mediate post-operative care, with knowledge and ex- perience in handling of complications arising. As we left this specialty, we took with us a sounder knowledge of anatomy and physiology, a prime under- standing of surgical procedures, concerning operative andpost-operative complications. Also, with these, we took with us stronger stomachs, burning ears Cand two hemastats eachl. 33 Irrigate q5minutes until clear." pear Mn ,.f:f?. 'tt T T What? No patients today? ? I" Ozzf Taken! Qeparfmenf Experience in the out-patient depart- ment gave us opportunities to function in practically all phases of nursing. Here we saw many illnesses, many reactions to the illnesses, and many complications arising. Throughthe different clinics C26 in numberl we rotated, accumulating much valuable learning and experience. Y, , - . - A-. frail Y "Oh, these Ararnine drips!" 5122 QZ'yQI2C'Xy l7?OO122 The hospital's emergency room, busy 24 hours a day, presented new situational problems. There We learned the real necessity of speed, alertness and efficiency in emergency room nursing. ' "Is this tray for the last posted case?" "A Q, gnfezyszbe Gare Wm? In this hospital unit we had the oppor- tunity to use our most precise nursing skills. This 16-bed unit, completely equipped with all emergency equipment, stands ready and waiting. We saw here severe health conditions, often those which were an immediate life- threat. Here we functioned with consistently precise care, and learned still further the value of human lives. si. 5? , M 3 ,111 of- E 1 n ,.v,, 111 111 , 1 S: 111 fa 1 . . s.. , W 1, 111 545 V11 ., 5 M11 me WW ' 35511111 qs mu 11 - 1- 1 L as ' ' A ' ' . 111111 , z5,mlu1.1:1 111 1 M . A .1 V gf 1 f is ' V, L3t,11gt'11u'3cz2ge:L ' , 1 h W1 " 1131 ,ttf-ttf X 1 ' 21fL"5i?g5gW'v11l?2"'if' W 1M 'f' J11h1P A 1 rr, e,ft,f.,i M . , I - ,. 11 K, 1 if . Il: - H111i111'f"', f' W i X I M is 1l 1 sr 5 VJ L sa M 1,51 ,,,f 4 1 1 1 1A vw. rl, W, ,M L ..., gt, i ,,,,,in1,s:-J, Miss Florence Brooks Director of Nurses "But Susie, Dr. Crance is too old you!" ll! 3 M H 12' ki HWHHNH 11 , S ue" . ' 'r5a'! H 11 11 M1.1,H.,,H1115 1 ' ,,,. 5:55, 1-1 Z ,- 1 M 11 sf? 5'-bg 1 1 up - 111 111 21 I N ag Sw p 1 M111 gs 1 1 Y, ,F v ff? , :Z 1 1,1 11N11w, W' 1" "1 1'1' " X: 'tifzl'111l M11 11' 1 u!.1H11g3S, !,,iVi5i on tip. 1,15 1 5- Rl 11 Mrs. Carrie Baker Educational Director J eofafrzcs ,f-"" King's Daughters Childrens Hospital welcomed us as We entered our pediatric affiliation of three months duration. Experience with all age groups, play therapy, nursery school, out-patient clinic and classes gave us our pediatric education. There we met the joys and sadnesses of nursing ill children and Working with parents in the presenting stress situations. . We completed our pediatric education and left Kings Daughters a much wiser group of young women, evenwondering if we could adequately take on mother- hood! 1 is Fw YZF, - A H ' V .: i Q , ..-ff' .,,, f 1 p P V, 1 1 5 S .. ..,, 5, I "Where did you get that long blond hair?" 11 111 1111 N- . . gn N iw ,i 1 1 V M1 , W ,. 1 , W I U 111 111 ww' W -. Z -- x ' LQ ' 1. ,, 1 'xx Z f ,SAL ,reg . -, 1. ,L "But she wouldn't swallow the Calcium Wafer". "Oh, these 3 a.m. rounds! Another IV due!" t hhhhhhhhhh, hhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhh, D997 1 , 11 ,1 M11 ' 1 ms- sv, 1 11 1,1 w.,,, . f - -' sg 1 .1 J ..' 111mg-521 1 '1 W1 1 v 1 hhhhh , L 111 hhhh J hhh 11 I X +hhhh+ 11 1 I Keep out I CNight duty ! J F . . 1 54111121 141 111 1 11 1 - 11 eoy I The months flew by, and we felt more deserving of our black bands when we em- barked upon a final level of nursing edu- cation, Levy I. Recently opened, this medical surgical ward is of 10 bed capac- ity. Senior students completely staff it around the clock, and are solely respon- sible for all patient care and ward ad- ministration. Levy I introduced us to night duty C11-75, and we soon learned how to sleep odd hours. This valuable educational experience clearly showed us the importance of ef- ficient teamwork and good ward man- agement. With support from the school, the private physicians, the house staff, and the hospital, Levy I became a well-known and appreciated ward. We were close to graduation, and what better test of our abilities than that pre- sented by Levy I. We left Levy, after 7 weeks experience, with more knowledge of hospital administration and with ability -to function well as any member of the nursing health team. "Vital signs q 15 minutes? I" his N, gv , fr' 1114 ' ' "N V gf "1 ,Y jeafzzres :S ff-yi? ll , 5 uiggyfu w - :Q mf " . , fi. , A, , ,f V , Q1 fd+1Q gm5?4 g5 Q . Q 1 f - H.. WL? W mu,Mdm,N M. :-"' 'NW-llu"l.!, H' ,llwllw 3355? ' 1 W 'm'lfH11',- X. .JN ffvli. WM .Q g2z1y,Q1 w u4g: 5 ww 'L-. "' M '5'EEi,,fQ1'9g'f"' wx - -Ei , ' A u jg ', , , , -.,-gf: ' ., 5 ' ' f, , KKK." LL., ,Qi qcbbzbks Sit, XX X X 1 X P. Gesiewski, Assistant Editorg H. Leach, Editor. Mr De-Haven Photographer Sponsorg J. Barwinski, Annual Staff: J. Warreng D. MeekinsgJ. Barwinski, Editorg H. Leach, Sponsorg P. Gesiewsklg Y. Hillg S. Hirschbiel. i f-' 1212 u Jommzffees Literary Committee: G. Spiresg M. Braudrickg Y. Hill, Chairrnang S. Boothg J. Holler. we, 'vi- Typing Committee: D. Scarboroughg D. Guyg J. Testg S. Boothg S. Boydg K. Baisden. Not pictured: J. Landis, Chairmang D. Foxwellg M. Whitlowg M. Nixon. Copy Committee: ROW 1 - R. Hewittg M. Dianisg M. Shupe. ROW 2 - P. Fentressg K. Tetlowg D. Hargroveg J. Warren, Chairmang C. Stokes. Not pictured: A. Carping H. Wyattg A. Garnerg G. Howellg K. Cairnesg D. Foxwell. fi' 121211 ommzffees Photography Committee: N. Mullg J. Hollerg S. Hirschbiel, Chairmang S. Booth. Not pictured: S. Fosterg C. Culpepperg S. Hatchg P. Bassg L. Spaing G. Ballardg C. McCordg M. White. Business Committee: ROW 1 - D. Scarboroughg G. Jonesg S. Boydg C. Parkerg L.Gentry. ROW2 - N. Mullg J. Davenportg D. Meekins, Chairmang E. Lambg M. Nixong T. Shelley. ROW 3 - I. Brughg D. MooregJ. Alexander. ROW 4 - D. Hewittg P. Rutterg R. Orpezag L. Pesnicak. Not pictured: S. Durranceg C. Johnsong E. Robertsg A. Marshg M. Sacksg L. Bartong M. Whitlow. Qsfzzofenf G0 ZIDCI. Cf , X K in A f -, FRONT ROW: Left to right - C. Underwoodg J. Davenportg S. Vanng J. Barwinskig K. Tetlowg G. Howei1gY.Hi11g D. Hargroveg I. Brughg S. Hirschbielg S. Booth. BACK ROW: J. Warreng D. Mooreg J.Levinsong P.Rutterg A. Gosse, Sponsorg F. Logan, District Sponsorg L. Braudrickg N. Sudernog P. Paulg S. Simonsg E. Lankford. Qsfzzofezzf 7s.90c1db'012 Wears LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Paul, Treasurerg L. Brauderick, Assistant Treasurer-5 S. Simons, Recording Secretaryg K. Tetlow, Vice Presidentg G. Howell, Presidentg C. Underwood, Corresponding Secretaryg N. Suderno, Pariiamentariang A. Gosse, Sponsor. 40 012 or ozzn cz' .ST -as 5 I SEATED L to R: N. Sudernog P. Paulg G. Howell, Presidentg K. Tetlowg S. Simonsg C. Underwood STANDING: M. Braudrickg P. Rutterg A. Gosse, Sponsors. mnor GOUQ I, a member of the Student Association of Norfolk General Hospital School of Nursing, accept this, my code of honor: I will maintain the highest standards of professional honesty and personal integri- ty. I, with my co-workers, will assume professional -responsibility for my patients. I will abide by the Silident Associ- ation and faculty. I hereby pledge my- self to abide by these prin- ciples. 41 gi? N. . V. v ' '.:.gfe., f f. Chapel Comnuttee Y H111, Chanman, S Schuyler, Spons Strawhand, R He-w1tt or, B f., .A 22, 113 The Residence Committee Depends on dorms to keep the kitchens clean. the girls in .121 ' ,- ,. ' 9 ..,,.,. ,, , rf Q -fa? - 'I 1 ,, .- 2 vw -3-.I W "N, f y.. 'Fi' ' y': "1 H., fm-,f .ire - of f . p' --'ia ,j . , , .. A- 55 .ig....',i 5 . . H ,. 45:4 " " . ' - -:Sag 2 U sf 85 W H w the N L Us an M.. fa. ommzffe es . 5 .mu V w f Residence Committee: J. Robertsg C Cartierg J. Powersg J. Barwinski, Chair- mang N. Smithg D. Hwang, sponsor. Ways and Means Committee: J. Warren, Chairmang E. Godleyg S. Kahn. ommzffees T? Budget Committee: T. Shelley: P. Paul, Chairman: A. Carpin. Convention Committee: H. Williams' D Hargrove, Chairman: F. Logan, Sponsor: Shupe. WSW' .1 , J' Recreation Committee: M. Whitlowg A. Marsh: J. Davenport, Chairman. Wy, Convention C o in mi tt e e ' s work was realized when District I SNAV members had a time of their lives at convention. .W ROW 1, 1 to r: E.Waller, Co-CaptaingY. Hill, Co-Captain. ROW 2: S. Fosterg I. Brughg S. Simonsg B. Strawhandg G. Howell. ROW 3: J. Crosby, Co-Managerg S. Boydg L. Germang P. Rutterg A. Marshg J. Davenport, Co-Manager. yjasfefgaf fjeam For the fourth consecutive year the Norfolk- General Hospital School of Nursing basketball team has won the district tournament. In 1963, after winning the third annual tournament, the team was awarded the Tidewater Nurses' League Trophy to keep in the school permanently. For winning the championship this year, the team was given another trophy to remain in the school until next year. 1963- 64 Season Scores N.G.H. 69 Portsmouth N.G.H. 39 Obici N.G.H 3 5 Riverside N. G.H. 60 Maryview N.G.H. 99 DePaul Tournament N.G.H 55 Portsmouth N. G.H. 50 Riverside 44 ya S a -MW whim-Qin! 1 A w fx. ,L v L ii Q Q 4. Q -:Mies ik? w 2 ITV, S g E 9-M ie fl 'iii R .x w wf . , 11 S! D .av .Aman 1. . t ...f44,sJ.S.1lAiH:,,,g4z:11nnuln1-.,w-kaan- ke C616 Mr. Slater Mounts, Minister of Music and Education at Freemason Street Baptist Church, directs N.G.H. Student Nurses every Thursday. Sopranos Second Sopranos ."':'-5 wb' . W' f xl, V Q "r bl I U ROW 1, L to R: S. Simonsg K. Cairnesg C. Johnsong M. Spencerg L. Pesnicak. ROW 2: E. Carterg J. Crosbyg M. Dianisg P. Fentressg T. Shelley. ROW 1, L to R: C. Cartierg P. Coleyg P. Stambaughg L. J olmsong N. Griffing D. Lewing A. Carlisleg M. Shupe. ROW 2: B. Lovingg R. Hewitt, Secretaryg F. McCoyg D. Scarboroughg L. Bartong S. Kahng M. E. Nixong F. Walkerg G. .,?qf K I vpww L 1 ZYV xl' ' Spires. ROW 3: C. Parkerg D. V' " " S ,, .- -:- 3, ' H A ' its ' Hunterg C. McCordg L. Germang .. If - f 7' ff ' ' S175 f' C.SpaingJ.A1exanderg P. Lambg 'i fill 52551 "i 'Vi ' ' f V "N 'N ' 1 P. Gesiewski, Presidentg D. 1 5 ' Y.. 1 ' J A NJ Trainham. f' ' 1 V 5 A H :H W- ' I .. l Wig! X H 4 1 . , - ROW 1, L to R : C Culpepper' P. Sheang S. Hatchg L. Gentryg C. Woodardg D. Meekinsg D. Mooreg L. Braudrick. ROW 2: D. Hargrove-3 J. Barwinskig E. Halsteadg D. Hewittg G. Ander- song R. Whitlowg J. Levinsong C. Beamon. ROW 3: C. Stokesg M. Oropezag L. Jonesg Y. Hillg P. Coreyg S. Boydg E. J. Robertsg lllllllll Wt , '. 5 Ha G. Ballardg P. Rutter. 46 Altos 0 as em offers 901722 QW 'wg' Jenkins Hall: Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Ward. J an E 4' 5 5 r . A -i :utils-1, li,-, in-5-,,,, ingunpsu 3' M Pender Hall: Mrs. Padgett, Mrs. Floyd. MQ-an ,ztwi ' 2 hm wx 5 QM! 1 ms QSXUUQJM WUQSQ D Miss Mary Lou Sachs Norfolk General Hospital and District I, SNAV Miss Student Nurse jen IDS QDOQI4 7121! , L Ieivzk L fuk ig. Freshmen and Junior Dormitory 48 Senior D01'mit01'Y F- ,-. 'f - , V ' 'HY 7 , f ' . Ji. ' nczpsf 0113 'Q-N--2 -.- . 'f .'.-... f V .,., 144. ' :..,".. .. fl " ' of . ngiQf+v.E:45- t Nl? 2 iii 1 L ' X . ' . A- gf" o, e .1 :vw . Q. wind A "' ., 4 o n 'n . X VSA ' ' , ei 3 -, . .4 f I f . 1 ya b , W f----w i r ' if v. . . ' e - - NIS H EH" H V ..., .. YQ: mfg U N -..:H. lr V - : - ' -- o , , LL . H NH L ... . 5 . I ' , "N . . , , M ' H Wh? Hum. 'F ix. . ,- , W Y ' ' 1 ' . ,' .' ' Ei-H. of .. ..- . . ., mga-.-..?'3-.,1.d. '- r ' g..- -Alana 1 '- 'o Backbone of Jenkins ' H- ... "' '"'...Qgp..111.gwiffigiifi. A ."'...'+1...111.QQWQQEW ' ' juw... , ,Um many .gm ' X...H!..m...m...m, g3Ef - .fi if .. -- .- in 1 .A A f A , lfli . . V Yi Z , , V ' ,rx . , l nv: ' ' .,,-M fgzif 2z,1. 1 . . - vu wa fsffzffzf H 'ww' mmm. i 'I 'u . N W ,F 1 , .fp , ,, 9... " .W 1... gg. .Q . i J.. , H 5, . .... ... H... " -' H... ... , ,- - - ' ... ' , f A Party Time Working hard 4 13 " .fl 1 55.5, N.. fialg Backbone of Pender Posing ,.f- Clinic 's busy today. FD 9121614 gcvifozg J aye RACHEL THOMAS ARMSTRONG Student Association 1,2,33 Glee Club 13 SNAV 1,2,3. MURIEL KAY BAISDEN Glee Club 1,23 Basketball 1,2, Score Keeper 33 Annual 3, Typing Committee 33 Stationary Committee 33 SNAV 1,2,33 Student Association l,2,3. JULIA ELAINE BARWINSKI SNAV 1,2,33 Alternate Voting Delegate 23 Rules and By Laws Representative 33 Student Council 33 Glee Club 1, 2,3, Music Librarian 1,23 Cheerleader 2,33 Annual 1,3, Photography Committee 1, Editor 33 Residence Committee 2,3, Chairman 33 Student Association 1,2,33 Class Secre- tary 3. PAMELA FERRELL BELL SNAV 2,33 Student Association 2,3. CAROL LEE BENNETT Glee Club 1,23 Student Council 23 Honor Council 23 Class President 23 Residence Committee 13 Marshal 1,23 Chair- man of Miss S.N. Week Committee 23 SNAV Convention Delegate 23 Representative to NSNA Convention 23 District I Vice President 33 Representative to SNAV Convention 33 Candidate for 2nd VP SNAV 33 Chairman of District Con- stitution and By- Laws Committee 3. MARY SYLVIA BOOTH Student Association 1,2,33 Annual 1,3, Photography Com- mittee 1,3, Typing Committee 1,3, Literary Committee 33 Student Council 33 SNAV 1,2,33 Glee Club 1. ILA MAE BRUGH Student Council 33 SNAV 1,2,33 Student Association 1,2,33 Basketball 1,2,33 Budget Committee 13 Student- Faculty Li- brary Committee 33 Annual l,3, Business Committee 1,33 Glee Club 1. ANNE LAURA CARPIN SNAV 1,2,33 Glee Club 13 Student Association 1,2,33 Cheer- leader 2,3, Co-Captain 33 Ways and Means Committee lg Class Treasurer33 Convention Committee 23 Budget Com- mittee 33 Annual 3, Copy Committee 3. MILDRED JUANITA DAVENPORT SNAV 1,2,33 Student Association 1,2,33 Alternate Voting Delegate 33 Recreation Committee 33 Glee Club 1,2Q An- nual 1,3, Typing Committee 1, Business Committee 33 Basketball Co-Manager 2,33 Student Council 33 Chairman of Rec. Com. 3. DIANNE MILLER FOXWELL SNAV 1,2,33 Student Association 1,2,33 Glee Club 1,2, Pianist 1,23 Class Secretary 13 Annual 3, Copy Committee 3. ANN MARIE GARNER Glee Club 1,23 SNAV 1,2,33 Class Secretary 23 Program Committee District 23 Cheerleader 33 Student Association 1,2,33 Annual 1,3, Copy Committee 1,3. DIANE ELIZABETH HARGROVE Glee Club 1,2,33 SNAV 1,2,33 Student Association 1,2,33 Annual 1,3, Copy Committee 1,35 Convention Committee Chairman 33 Student Council 3. YVONNE ALOIS HILL Honor' Council 23 'Student Council 2,33 Chapel Committee 3, Chairman 33 Glee Club 1,2,33 Music Librarian 23 Student Association 1,2,3, C o r r e s pond in g Secretary 23 Class P3.1'113.Il19l'lt3.1'12.ll3Q Basketball l,2,3, Co-Captain 33 Annual Staff 3, Literary Committee 1, Photography Committee 1, Literary Editor 33 Handbook Revision Committee 33 SNAV 1,2,3. , SUSAN CARR HIRSCHBIEL Honor Council 13 Class President 13 Student Association 1,2,33 Student Council 1,33 SNAV 1,2,33 Annual Staff 3, Photography Committee 1, Literary Committee 1, Photo- graphy Editor 33 Glee Club 1,23 Basketball Manager 1,23 Student- Faculty Committee Chairman 3. JANICE GAY HOLLER Glee Club 1,23 Student Association 1,2,33 SNAV 1,2,33 An- nual 3, Photography Committee 3, Literary Committee 3. GERALDINE DAUGHTREY HOWELL SNAV 1,2,33 StudentAssociation 1,2,33 Student- Faculty Li- brary Committee 13 Student Council 33 Honor Council 33 Committee on Constitution and By- Laws 3 3 Voting Delegate to State SNAV Convention 33 Vice-President of Class 23 Basketball 1,2,33 Glee Club 1,29 Annual 1,3, Copy Com- mittee 1,33 Committee for revision of handbook 3. JONNIE PITTMAN LANDIS SNAV 1,2,33 StudentAssociation 1,2,33 Glee Club 1,25 An- nual Staif 3, Typing Committee Chairman 3. ELEANOR LEWIS LANKFORD SNAV 33 Student Association 33 Class President 33 Honor Council 33 Student Council 3. DANA JACKLYN MEEKINS Glee Club 1,2,33 Class Treasurer 13 Treasurer Student Association 23 Budget Committee 23 Student Council 33 Student Association 1,2,33 Honor Council 23 Annual Staff 3, Business Manager 33 Cheerleader, alternate 33 Re- vision of Handbook 2. MARIANNE BELL MORGAN Glee Club 1,23 SNAV 1,2,33 Student Association 1,2,3. MYRLE SIKES MORTAZAVI SNAV 1,2,33 Student Association 1,2,33 Glee Club 13 Chapel Committee 2. NANCY JO ANN MULL Glee Club 1,25 Student Association 1,2,33 Voting Delegate District I 13 Class Treasurer 23 Budget Committee 23 Fi- nance Committee District I 2,33 Parliamentarian, District I 33 By-Laws Committee District I 33 Annual 3, Photo- graphy Committee 3, Circulation Committee 3. JEAN MARIE TEST Cheerleader, alternate 13 Glee Club 1,23 Marshal Senior Graduation 23 SNAV 1,2,33 Student Association 1,2,33 An- nual 3, Typing Committee 3. KENNETH DAIR TETLOW Glee Club 1,23 SNAV 1,2,33 Student Association 1,2, 33 Vice- President Student Association 33 Honor Council 33 Student Council 33 Constitution and By- Laws Committee 3. CECELIA CHERYL UNDERWOOD Glee Club 1,23 Stationary Committee 1,23 SNAV 1,2,33 Student Association 1,2,3 3 Revision of Handbook Committee 1,23 Voting Delegate SNAV 33 Corresponding Secretary 33 Vice- President of Class 33 Honor Council 33 Student Coun- cil 3. ALEADA SUE VANN ChapelCommittee lg Glee Club 1,23 Library Committee 23 Student Council 33 Annual 3, Typing Committee 33 Student Association 1,2,33 SNAV 1,2,3. SHERYLL HUFF VOSHELL SNAV 2,3 3 Chapel Committee 13 Stationary Committee 2, 33 Student Association 233. JANICE CHILDRESS WARREN Vice- President of Class 13 Student Council 2,33 Ways and Means Committee 1,33 Glee Club 1,23 Revision of Hand- book 23 Student A s s o c i ation 1,2,33 Voting Delegate to SNAV Convention 33 Annual Staff 133, Copy Editor 33 Miss Student Nurse 23 Chairman Miss S.N. week 3. LEONA STADLER WARRINGTON Glee Club 1,23 Class Parliamentarian 23 Student Associa- tion 1,2,33 SNAV 1,2,3. LILLIAN NIXON WEATHERBURN SNAV 1,2,33 Student Association 1,2,33 Glee Club 1. MARION LEE WHITE Class Secretary 13 Assistant Treasurer Student Associa- tion 23 Budget Committee 23 Queen of the Valentine Dance 13 Student Council 23 Honor Council 23 Annual 3, Photo- graphy Committee 33 Student Association 1,2,33 SNAV 1, 2,33 Glee Club 1. HAZEL STOKES WYATT Glee Club 1,23 SNAV 1,2,33 Student Association 1,2,33 Recreation Committee 23 Annual 3, Layout Committee 3. 5706 effzk 9122 enfs anof CSPOIQS 0145 Dr. Ira Cantin Mr. Ki Mrs. F. R. Carpin Dr. C. J. Devine, Sr. Dr. C. J. Devine, Jr. Dr. Patrick Devine Dr. Reginald B. Henry, Jr. Dr. Mason C. Andrews Dr. William C. Andrews Ashe Jewelers Mr. KL Mrs. T. Barwinski Mr. Sz Mrs. Howard Bennett Dr. E. S. Berlin Dr. William E. Boyd Mr. Sz Mrs. C. M. Buckman Dr. Joseph Carlucci Dr. Vernon L. Cofer, Jr. Mr. Gr Mrs. Paul Dianis Dr. George A. Duncan Mr. Sz Mrs. J. J. Edylloth Dr. Arthur S. Kaplan Dr. Robert M. Kesler Dr. Howard I. Kruger Mr. Henry J. Lankford Dr. Joseph D. Lea Dr. Anne L. Lee Dr. Donald M. Levy Dr. Bernard Lidman Dr. Horacio D. Martinez Dr. Robert McAlpine Dr. Bernard H. Miller Mr. KL Mrs. Harvey W. Payne Mr. Sz Mrs. Gudrun B. Pesnicak Dr. Donald E. Chambers Dr. L. DeA1essandrini Tom P. Dunn E. T. Gresham Mr. Sz Mrs. J. J. Holler Horace A. Justice Dr. G. J. Levin ,FBO osfefs yjafrozrzs Dr. F. G. Woodson !0OZ2.5' 0115 A Friend 52 Mr. Sz Mrs. M. R. Nixon Dr. Wm. Clarke Pole Mr. Sz Mrs. John E. Stokes, IH Dr. Gervas S. Taylor Dr. John Vann White Way Laundry Dr. M. S. Fitchett Dr. Harry M. Friedman Dr. John H. Furr Dr. A. Randolf Garnett Dr. William F. Gibbs Dr. Milton S. Goldman Dr. R. B. Grinnan Hampton Roads Paper Co. Dr. Gordon F. Harrell Dr. M. S. Herrington Dr. D. W. Heyder Dr. G. G. Hollins Mr. gl Mrs. Jarvis L. Howell Dr. Milton Salasky Dr. Julian W. Selig Dr. John G. Sellers Dr. Curtis Spear, Jr. Mr. Sz Mrs. Hunter F. Spencer Dr. Julius J. Snyder Dr. William L. Taliaferro Mrs. Louise C. Test Mr. 8z Mrs. K. D. Tetlow Dr. J. S. Thiemeyer Dr. James L. Thompson Dr. Melissa A. Warfield Dr. M. Richard Whitehill Dr. Alvin Margolius, Jr. Clarence Meakin Mr. Ka Mrs. Joe E. Mull Dr. Jerome D. Perlman Mr. 8x Mrs. M. L. Sachs Dr. Arnold Zetlin A Friend Spectators A Goal? What a muscle? Huddle Still Champs L? Overhand Referee Jump Ball Better luck next time 53 Onelrwo' Cha' Cha, Cha I I w f Bathing Beauties Big Mama' s 155. if 5 PN A new H111 my egg, msglw, wg, QW pri-1:1 . my A3 QP Who's studying ? What? I I But 1,5 .ggi vw. n.,,s,4,. f WX Bathmg Su1ts'? . 'Q I "'-'W' ' , ,ffm ' 'V Q2 Just Lgafing Have SOHIG? Late Again i x ,fx f, iX xx 3 iw I X I X N wg xxfx n rf x XM Genevci YXOSP refmg ,f'fmfllw---'-- f --, Q ' :fl ph' , f2W'i If K I X: fQQ -ff , 3"' ' N ' ' "soX or'co X o't Nv N '5cf0ooX Swdem odxoN'x00 N Compliments of HCME REALTY CO., INC REALTORS 2460 E. Little Creek Rd. W XXXX 4 C 931: C X Sales - Rentals - Insurance - Appraisals Member Multiple Listing Service Phone: JU 3-2641 THE SAUNDERS PROVISION CO THE NORFOLK STATIONERY COMPANY, INC 113 Brooke Avenue . Norfolk 10, Virginia . MAdison 5-2511 For Best Results Plant TAIT'S THOROBRED SEEDS "Best By Test" For Over 90 Years GIVE YOUR GARDEN AND LAWN THE FINEST START WITH THE FINEST SEEDS, BULBS AND PLANTS Tidewater's Leading Seed Store GEO. TAIT 81 SONS Incorporated 900 Tidewater Drive Phone MA 2-3385 Norfolk, Va. NGRATULATIONS TO THE RADUATES DOUGHTIES BAR-B-Q POWERS ond ANDERSON SURGICAL INSTRUMENT CO. 227 W. York S Norfolk Va. EZERA STORMS SLEEP PRODUCTS N f lk V SEABOARD SURGICAL SUPPLY, INC 10606 Warwick Blvd Newport News V THE HENRY B. GILPIN CO. Who1esa1eD g 8zS d Compliments of OWENS, MINOR 81 BODEKER INC CWho1e sale - Druggistb 3561 A g Ave. N f lk V Compliments of BAYVILLE FARMS AUBREY H. PERRY SR. BLAIR WALGREEN AGENCY RESHCO FLORAL 81 GIFT SHOP Prescription Pharmacy 807 Coney Avoooo Phone JU 8-1336 n JU 8-1337 Phone: 625f7005 Norfolk 7, va. 1226 W. Little creek Road, Norfolk, va. 3 Doors from Noffolk Gooorol Hospital J- G- JACKSOWS JENESS UNIFORM CENTER euLF sERvucE sTATuoN 'Q Downtown Norfolk Across the street from and King's Daughter's Childrens' Medical Tower' Hospital DERRY-TWIFORD FUNERAL HOME 1920 Colley Avenue Norfolk, Virginia Tel. 6227369 HAIR AND UNDERWOOD CONTRACTORS 1200 Hazel Avenue Norfolk 19, Virginia Concrete Work Waterfront Work Piers and Bulkheads Telephones Cafter 6:00 p.m.J KI 3-2194 KI 5-1546 Compliments of BARROM'S O SHELL SERVICE STATION ' WESCOTT TYPEWRITER AND ADDING MACHINE EXCHANGE F. M. IRedJ Barrom, Prop. Complete Service Norfolk, Va. Road Service Norfolk Virginia 4902 Hampton Blvd. Phone MA 2-7988 TRAYLOR'S ANTELL INC. Prescription Opticians Smart Feminine Apparel Medical Tower College Place York Street 332 Granby Street Virginia Beach Portsmouth Norfolk, Virginia E. CALIGARI 8. SON, INC. Painters Sz Decorators Norfolk KL Newport News, Virginia Best Wishes from YAVNER BROS., INC. Wholesale Purveyors of Fine Foods Restaurant and Institutional Supplies Government Contractors 211 West 24th Street Norfolk 17, Va. FOR THE BEST IN CAMPUS COVERAGE C pl f Riff , x A-D SURGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY READ BOTH THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT 612 Colonial Norfolk, Va. 23507 Q LEDGER-STAR Congratulations F mm PHIL vlNcENT's RESTAURANT GRAY'S PHARMACY Finest Italian and American Foods 4712 Hampton Blvd. 622-1661 811-813 Colley Ave. Compliments of Congratulations Seniors ABLEMARLE SUPPLY COMPANY AMES 84 BROWNLEY INC. Norfolk, Va. 415 Granby St. Norfolk, Va. L. SNYDER'S DEPARTMENT STORE Saint Paul's Blvd. and City Hall Ave. X ,qv l Xi-eff' XX ' XX Q 5-w , . I . 'X . Xu- . in -WNW! mums Q. 1 X X X 'X .I X! 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Suggestions in the Norfolk General Hospital School of Nursing - PRN Yearbook (Norfolk, VA) collection:

Norfolk General Hospital School of Nursing - PRN Yearbook (Norfolk, VA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Norfolk General Hospital School of Nursing - PRN Yearbook (Norfolk, VA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Norfolk General Hospital School of Nursing - PRN Yearbook (Norfolk, VA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 90

1964, pg 90

Norfolk General Hospital School of Nursing - PRN Yearbook (Norfolk, VA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 18

1964, pg 18

Norfolk General Hospital School of Nursing - PRN Yearbook (Norfolk, VA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 71

1964, pg 71

Norfolk General Hospital School of Nursing - PRN Yearbook (Norfolk, VA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 84

1964, pg 84

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