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1 5 E 5 wmfl ll in ,, ,mm M M ,Huff M 'XE f '13, 'WMS-L'5-Wi?" 1 1 1 fri, iw f i ng-vnu-umqr K gf -1 I S "W"i "IQ sx, R195 130-f M Qglv' Q1 rw if -'M -' - ef-- '5:vf:f 1? I , . 'Z' ' F N., is 1 xx .1 Ps' 'A 1 X' A- ' . irq' . P wx. a ' -- - v' , W' . Li Q I 4 ' K X -' few- ' " x 'U r a Q V , 1 x I ""f1.., 1 T FUI! -,-. 'rm 'VU 7"',"""i ... v - -. J' . , - .A VA 5 f .s 'li Q 145-4 1 v 4 . -"A .Q v Z I- 'X 1. -'.6 .lg-41, xr. fl L " " . 'ur' 'e. 1,1 1 ,. 1 I ',.,. , v" -.',. ' 1 - M l..-b. .fLy1..f ' v 1 ,X 1 m7!:'liH,:t3:Li. .F .Y - .,, An- , . 3 ' 1- V-K ,V w 1, - V-7 ik ,f"',k Q71 H Q47 , . r"TkfH3"P Vi' ' -'f g 'I '5'F"1'i- ,. . . :,,,L?'3 .:?'HfQ553,v-3 1 'Q ' -jig me F X1-1 .V f" JI -" ,r - ' .. Y kms" . ' , 1 ' XT- V-4 - " " 2.24: , 'i--4.-If.-5 I". - ,- 'L' 1' , giiytl,ilLl.Q' .5 V - , 5 ' gh, A .,-' gi 3 ,S L - V, V Af,-.gag .Lk VJ., . ".J"4i5:','n'1ilT' 5.8 ' V f' -f '--Pqm ., -Jxjpldbz 5 Uhfsw , fl -Lis' ig:-1. 2394- . . -- L. 41. ,,, ,, ,v 4- " my -.Mil f , , , .4 -, 5135, . ','yuk?gff.9 uv-Lpg:.gI 'g' fi f .' " -0 , A A X' . , -23 1 1+ 1.qUr'Zf., - ffrndiir' ff" iff' U1 .Qi 3 'Q I-: . ,131 T'- :..,-lfjqf I . -1 Q , rqiigfr 'QS5-ifiiw. ,I ,K A, X 6 ' '1 ?s V1 1 E I fi., '3e"- Y . . Ji Y V 1 ' 5' - H ,,, .7 'ak' , t ,,.,1 , ,'A' '.- A ' ',,1!',-M" ., 1 - 'H-yt! v . HV ,-5 ",!6. ' Q13 V' -15,1 '21 -,.,.q ,. :ui X 1 ', 'iff gxqgif - , . qj,x 1 ,,,x, ' 'Q'-A fir. N .-221 ' 4 A iq, , H I A' V nt Foreword -mm '12 NORFOLK CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL Norfolk, Virgin ia F VOLUME NINE Published by THE SENIOR CLASS MY HANDS to do Your work - page 70 . . MY EYES to see as You do - page 104 Q f X 5: ,Q ..ifuwA2 zz,--Qs, ff. E .. rg,':Q..:.1fgmE.iz2jg' .- , , .. , . , L 3' 175?T3?le'iS QiiilfflfikiSlllJ95ff1iaVhffgffxfifg A 1 A ' ' . 1 .1 x f aw .1 , . . P W a ass. '. WN, . 555 fe: 1,---:s wan X A W i A-.gmrgmxmw-:,f-f xfff:':-.-wwf-,,'-WQ-Q1qN11,f:' A w r, , , 13,9 vt W A .i?g12ff.w'-an-,i -1 , .2 " X ,-'Q-,:'1zf'fJ "1azi1,'5?1'3"' :H wfi-9: 'f:efi'23SS MY WHOLE SELF, that You may grow in me - page 132 4 sp , I ,..N,,. IQ. ., I. If Nw bw, , X. gk ., I by 5 6 I J Yi m X . . MY MIND that You may think in me - page 34 MY SPIRIT that You may pray in me page 18 X 1-7,- My ww .: i, ig p 2 il 2 , l I A i A n I p I ii.. , 4 1 The Most Reverend JOHN J. RUSSELL, D.D Bishop of Richmond ' msf m . f Nwyil X , ru N W li eww. ?f C X ,mx .SQ fl 7-SAS '-1 REX! L7 IX , ., N 1 l'l'1RMXTlEI,HllI-I5 'L 55 C VA . 3 Y CARITAS OMNIAVINCHQ-53 The Most Reverend JOSEPH J. HODGES, D.D Auxiliary Bishop of Richmond 7 . Y sw N ws SJW as-an URS! Mi www M, Mw,,7,,F,yMw Mrs. MURPHY MANAGES A SMILE even on Mondays when the office is crowded with bus ticket purchasers. Ever since the beginning of the tradition of Catholic High, Mrs. Marguerite Murphy has served unselfishly the ever changing faculty and student body. The school was still an architect's plan when Mrs. Murphy first began her service as secretary of the Fund Raising Campaign. As soon as the offices became habitable, Mrs. Murphy joined Father Meehan, the first principal, as secretary of the staff at Norfolk Catholic. And with that, to those who would become part of the school, Mrs. Murphy became all to all. A'e'gW-A51 ' ' Q , M i N , ""' g U 5 ,, -"- ' H 9 RUTHIE SCHMITT is one of the many students who have overcome a ee ing of awe to replace it with one of sincere appreciation. Guiding our destiny As principal of Norfolk Catholic High School, to Father Burke falls the respon- sibility of guiding our school life. By his constant and untiring efforts, he strives to make our school a better place in which to live and to learn. Under his capable direction we work to improve scholastically, physically, socially, and morally. He works with a feeling of justice toward allg the good of the students collectively is foremost in his mind. When a problem arises, Father Burke welcomes the oppor- tunity to discuss it with the students and work with them to solve it. No difi'iculty is too small for Father to give his time and sage advice. Seniors. who know Father best, understand the responsibility that is his and want him to know that they are grateful. 10 12 fc S' :N L . ra ., Q 1 gggggl .x.:,. 1 .... t WM -Q gawk X 1 4 X, X Q fx f Ks fm "X Sw E52 QW 5 f 'FU 3, J 33 X: REVEREND PATRICK CASSIDY Christ the King Religion IV REVEREND ALAN OIBRIEN St. Pius X Religion III REVEREND HENRY WADE Christ the King Religion II 'W 12 REVEREND PAUL HARRIGAN Blessed Sacrament Religion II REVEREND CORNELIUS SEXTON Saint joseph? Religion IV - .x Y if , ,L ,- i X Nm 1 X X "-- -X Q f T' 'w w N X: 'X REVEREND GABRIEL T. MAIORIELLO Holy Trinity Assistant Principal Religion IV, III, II Key Club FRANCISCAN SISTERS: SISTER MARY GERARD Rrligion I. Physical Sc'ic'nc'f'. Uconic-try, Consumer Math lX'Il'f'IlllllICill Drawing: Trmiun'r of School Activity Fund SISTER MARY ANNE, Rcligion I. Trigonomvtry, Cc-om 1-try: SUAUIIOIIIHVP Clan Illodemtor, Third Order of St. lfmncix. I , DAUGHTERS OF WISDOM: SISTER DO 'I.ORES. English III. Biology. SISTER XVII LIAM MARY. English I. Il, Cheerfull DAI'CIlTl:'RS OI" CIIARITY: SISTER MARTIIA. Library Sfivnccg Sflnml I,i,1HIVIII71, I,iI1mry Council, Student Council. SISTER GER- ALIJINE, Shortlizincl II. Typing II. Booklwc-piiig. Cvncrul Typing. Fu- lun' A'inws. Iizuirifw Clzila. SISTER BARBARA, Office Prawtifc, Typing I, Shorllinml I1Student fi0ll7lXl'lOT. I --hh -"" T' . I ' as SRRS iii? . .Q I is f' S , SISTERS OF THE HOLY UROSS: SISTER M. FRANCIS ROSE txllIl'l'If.lIl History. fIovvrr11m'nt. RVOHOIIIIK' IQ:-cugrz1pI1y1 Dramntir Club. SISTER M. RITA CIARIXIIZL. I'Il'0Il4'Il I. II, I,z1Ii11 I. Il. III: Sllllffllflfj' So- tzcfy, Alla! limp. SISFILR M. IIIONIJXSIN.-X. SIILIIIISII I. II. III. IAZIIIII I1 Svrzim' Clam .7IImI1'mtm', CIIIIIIIPII-I' Affiurz, C'..S'.lIl.C, SlN'l'IfICS OI" ,Y0'l'Rlf D.-1,5115 df NA,III'13: SISTER FRANQIIS MARf'IAIlF'I'. Fnulish III. I..1rin I. SISTER 'IIIOINIAS IXI.XRCIARI2'I'. Rvligicm I. II4'1ll'I'llI Mzlth II. .'XIgvIwrn I: Frwlz- ' Wm film .a1f,f1,-ww, c:s.A1,c.i SISTIQR Ro- h d d h 1 BERT.-X M.-XRIIC. fIl'0ll1l'Il'Y. .AI2l'I7I'1l, I. Ixfusic' t e t txIlIJI'I'CI.lIIOIlQ .-Ittvrzrlrzrlw Offirrr. I DAl'CllTIf13S 01" Ii'I.S'D0,'Il: SISTER fXION'I'I'OR'I'. PI1ysic's. PI1ysic'nI Sc'i1'nc'f': fzmim Clam lllorlrmfor, journal- ism Club. 6,11-lI7'I1I-TIIIIIPY' nf Sffmal .fIr1i:'1'lirv, SISTER INIARIE M.-XRfII'IlRI'I'I2. EIIQIISII IV, Rvligion I1 Cru- mdvr. Imlqimz of Almy. 3.1. f V ' 'f L 5' , I 5 'Q 'ni ' I 1 I fl V 'L Vx - Ev' '. I .gy S I If R I ' f' . IE 'Z V T 7, "4-.15 Mrs. JOSEPH FITZPATRICK Physical Education, Girls' Coach Varsity Club Mr. ERIC LANCASTER Custodian Mrs. NANCY KRAFT Dietician s , , .,, ,,. ,,,,,i Mrs. ROSALIE JORDAN School Nurse x 'S' their Mrs. ARTHUR SWIRSKY American History, English I Future Teachers of America Mr. MARTIN DEIM Physical Education Head Coach Mr. ANTHONY CACALANO World History. English II Chem Club .M All wwgccsfv' fix? Kim Q ?if53f+:ss'fQ11-1?i1Pfifm1s221wEH- wigs X A .Lin i ' L R . MM .Y T.. mm fdmg 1: V . m ' M, E J I 3 t SPIRIT hat ou ma pra in me 'KI offer Thee - in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - my prayers, works, joys, and sufferings." A few simple words and our whole day is a prayer . . . a prayer with Christ. This is reality, not fantasy. It is a reality which is protected and fostered by activities and responsibilities which prepare us for God's work, our sanctification. Norfolk Catholic makes available to us the necessary materials and atmosphere through which we pray in Christ and He prays in us. CONNIE VANDERPLOEG AND RALPH LONG find in the the pause that really refreshes Chapel 19 WITH THE LIGHTING OF THE ADVENT WREATH each moming by one of the students, Norfolk Catholic joins the Church in the spirit of the Advent liturgy. during 20 - 2 the year DURING MARCII gifted vocational essay writers arrive in the auditorium for some coaching by Fr. hlnioriclloz Mary Anne Moore, james Rensch, James Register, John- olyn Thornton, John Fedorowicz, Scott Blankenship, and Richard Grissom. KEEPING HIS CONSTANT VIGIL, St. John Bosco. patron of youth, stands at his post in the rear of the Student Chapel. .555 ,AI vu! JOANNE HOWARD President of the Catholic Action Club We're fighting "HERE'S A FUNNY ONE," says Lucille Guer- rieri to Nancy Brownley as they add new literature to the Catholic Action Club's pamphlet rack. WILL MARY ANN VANDERPLOEG con- vince Sister Thomasina that they can spend another five dollars for the Infant Home? on the Christmas party YSQ Qs V W if A . 5 , 'L H QE an 'g P ' 1 ii, 2 'lllwln 3 Q3 'r E' Lea N . AJ F Q A A MIKE TONGEL AND PHIL PU- LIDO seem unaware of each other as they quietly read the spiritual mate- rial in front of the chapel. Is Phil planning on being a nurse? RELIGIOUS READING IS THE ORDER oi the day for many students including Margaret Query and jimmy Bramble. FATHER MALLOY and Walt Schwind End time to chat between conferences. SEEN MEDITATING before the Blessed Sacrament in the auditorium are Butch Hunt, Ann Kirby, and Allene Anderson. 24 Time 0u1 2 'i 1' . 'N A Xt, n. ,Q S 35 W5 .ki x X im 2 vir, 15' 1 my QW 1. ,M 7 3 ..-.,,V . W, 3, V3,f:7,,.,25z.T z?e5fwf, . K gf ? ,fs ,':, I W- A wi, , if ' icfffff ,ie wwf, v ' L SL 'im J? f Wwlmi' Q x Q fl? ist" . A-3 , T-HF fu? , EW X g f .., Q4 Q, ifm 1, ., Q. Q M :fl fi S, via: k m i w fwglfgfl- H ...Q- OFFICERS Mary Zoby, Cecilia Venuto, and Theresa The- hargc pose with their moderator Sister Rita Carmel. Inside the Sanctuary PREPARING FOR MASS on Friday finds Betty Whitson, Claudette Ranger, Claudine Lambert, Mary Longton, and Sylvette Lambert in the service of the altar. CINNY ESCOFFIER LOOKS ON as Edward Raffeto and Elea- nora Holme replare used vigil lights. St. Joseph smiles approv- ingly. . Q- 5 f 1 ANN MARIE DAILEY makes sure that lNIz1clcline Post uses holy water from lvlnry Lou UllriCh's bottle. Tliey're afraid that Charles Falls' altar wine would be used up too quickly. GARY KN APP Prcsidcnt of the Snnrtuary Soricty ANOTHER DUTY of thc mvmlwrs. Curr' of thc Infant of Prague, is pc-rformcd by Janicc Lustig, Jcrilyn Zinsvr, and Theresa Muehlbaucr . . . Work ' 'A"""""ss51 This-fl. k TERRY CASABLANCA, President of the C.S.M.C. THE "WHEEL OF FORTUNE" goes spinning around. Mary Sue O'Connor looks wistful as she sets it spinning. HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES of the C.S.M.C. display their banner. Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Nancy Kelleher, Gerry Orsini, Norah Fenn. SECOND ROW: Tommye Ann Damiano, Mary Longton, Marie Vischio, Florence Young. THIRD ROW: Dick Moore, Ed Maltby, and James Evans. lcxIm2.vBv5G l R i ...Ale : sw Vw q MODERATOR, SISTER THOMASINA, pauses a moment with C.S.M.C. ofhcers - Gerry Orsini, Cynjo Sever, and Mary Anne Moore. for the missions FIRST PLACE FOR DECORA- TIONS went to the "Big Dipper," sponsored by homeroom 17. From the way Florence Young is Hxing her hair she must think it's a "kiss- ing booth!" "GET 'EM WHILE THEY'RE HOT!" says Janice Lustig, Pat Glynn and Tommye Anne Dami- ano as they prepare to serve hot dogs to the hungry crowd at the bazaar. 29 EVERY FRIDAY the student body has the privilege of receiving Our Lord in Holy Com- munion while attending Mass in the audito- rium. The Eucharist is the center of grace OUR LORD AWAITS A VISIT from those who love Him Blessed Sacrament each First Friday in the Student Chapel. "THE FIRST JOYFUL MYSTERY" . . . Jimmy Haskett gives the October morning meditation and leads the school in the First decade of the Rosary as part of his Legion work. waits at exposition of the 30 fy FRANCES MATTHEWS President of the Legion of Mary the keystone of Legion activity ROBERT DOHERTY BITES HIS TONGUE as SEATED: Marianne Marcioli, Gt-raliline Klum. Vir- Frances Matthews assigns work to the Legionaries. ginia Escoffier. Jerilyn Zinser, Mary Carol Gregory, STANDING: Franees, Robert, Maria Teeuwen, Sister Darlene Simpson, Barry Ewald and Patricia Glynn. Marie Marguerite, William Ewald, James Haskett. v I, A K 1 , - l 2 if if 'aa' 'S xi I l S, f Q if in E E? 5 V ., 5 2 an A l ' v 1 f I ,. E YU L 1, JIMMY MANNING, president, James Oliver, vice-president, and Charles Falls, secretary- trezisurer, guide the Altar Boys. Close to God AWAITING THE PRIEST, Ed Raffetto and Bill Ewald assist at Mass in the chapel. SISTER MARY ANNE sagely guides the Third Order of Saint Francis. Its members are Tom Sochor, Johnolyn Thornton, Catherine Byland, and Sue Horton. and to Mary GAZING DOWN FROM HER PEDESTAL through a green screen, the Virgin Mary seeks the prayers of her children. MARY IS I-IONORED in the homerooms dur- ing the month of May. 'Rf' '5- wine ' , L' 3 O 1 S iv, f if f Q 5 . ,HW 1w....,N ,M ' ,Q .: N fr if 4 Z3 i"B Y . '-Lim: if My , , '. . f R , A.,,...,, A A Q 7. ,,,kTiv, .V A 1 -1' 5. . u . . . MY MIND that ou ma think in me Because we become other Christs by membership in the Mystical Body we make Him live in today's world. ln the classroom we must become as the intellectual Christ, Christ Wlho spoke authoritatively with the doctors of the temple and NVho spoke gently with the little children. We must become as Christ, VVho with infinite knowledge, was humble enough to obey. At Norfolk Catholic, we learn to be one with Christ in thought and deed. MIKE LAING AND AMANDA WHICHARD work with wheels and axles in the physics lab. VETERANS OF THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY are Walt Schwind, Katherine Clark, and Tony Giannelli, who with Sister Barbara's help planned the inspiring ceremonies for the induction of the new members. LEONARD BALLBACK looks all nerves after his induction into the Honor Society. Kathy Emerson and Anita Zinkl, however, take it in their stride. ANN KIRBY ADDRESSES the student body on scholar- ship as Mike Damiano, Mary Ann Moore and Walt Schwind ponder her words. We give light . . . lq.kx, In s, 'gin Q , 1 if if i l ' Q' 1, pig Q 5 Af J 4 is L, JIM DAVIS DEMONSTRATES to Ray Finney and Jim Hickerson the working of the slide in a slipstick in Sister Mary Anne's trig class. STEVE POTOSKY and Howard Wilkie appear stymied but Rob- Crt Johnson proves himself a competent student of Algebra. Reason develops our intellect 38 "SO FOUL AND FAIR A DAY I have not seen." The words of the wretched Mac- beth echo again in Sister Marie Marguerite's English IV class. JANE BANE ATTEMPTS a formal proof Proficiency in expression SISTER WILLIAM MARY points out an obvious mistake in grammar to Frank Madden as Freshmen Jerry Long and Richard Harris dig into thc book. involving the trapezoid in Sister Gerard's Plane Geometry class. Catherine Bertoglio and Sister won't let her make even one mistake. 1 39 William Alexander Lawrence Arrington Leonard Ballback Richard Barry Michael Battaglia Martha Blackburn Scott Blankenship David Bouvier Douglas Brickner Francis Bruno Michael Burke Richard Butt Arlene Cameron Warren Christie Judith Clark Sandra Connell Robert Cooper Ernest Coppola Nancy Coughlin Anthony Crisalli Joanne Crockett ames Curtin Roy Cutler Carole Davis p , I p 5 Tommye Anne Damiano 11' E ' " iilv Y f f TI ""' " Class of '60 Thomas Decker Robert Doherty Ronald Donald Daniel Donegan Anita Durand Kathleen Emerson William Ewald Richard Fedorowicz Dolores Finney Charles Fleetwood Richard Fraim Margaret French john Galloway Robert Gardner Kathryn Glover Patricia Glynn Mary Carol Gregory Valois Grubbs Gary Gutberlct john Harnly james Haskett Richard Host:-ny Barbara Howard Bruce lloward Edward Hughes Q' n 4 f s S S vs. ""'f f3' z W' 5 ! N s. Z Constance Kean David Lane Cecil Luck Janice Lustig Marianne Maccioli James Manning Alan Manor Vincent Maslow Frances Matthews James McGroarty Marion Mecklenburg Linda Mensone Harriet Minnis Joseph Moore Frances Morris Charles Moyer Mary Mulqueen Jeanne Murphy Barbara Naylor Thomas Newsome Earl Odom Gregory Kennealy John Kelleher Gary Knapp Sylvette Lambert W 'SP J, fi , ,ss , . 4 N ? U- Q M' C ll .:, J vi I -Pla H 0 9 is Q 1 ENG Eh-. me w . f T me e 95 .am , S ' N Kp I-f-4 .11 .1 ,M . Q w S, James Oliver Gail Peluso Martha Perry Harry Pike Anne Mqrle Pormfe Edward Rafletto Kathleen Ranken James Renseh Elmer Riddick Mary Roberson Lorenzo Roberts Joann Romeo Norah Ross Cecelia Scherer Earl Srott Julie Seluga Darlene Simpson Mary Smith Patrieia Sullivan Galen Swinson Bettie Tanner Maria Teeuwen Irene Tolmiqis lkliehael Tonga-l Ann Tueker Judy Tytus Mary Lou Ullrich Robert Upton Mary Vanderploeg Cecilia Venuto Burnell Vincent Mary jo White Milton Whitson Howard Wilkie Emma Williams Audrey Willis William Winter Mary Ann Wiseman Lewis Witt Dorita Woodson Florence Young Frank Zadvll John Zingraff Anita Zinkl Jerilynn Zinser Gerard Zoby .. vm., P 5 3 M Joan Zoby Mary jo Zontini Charles Falls Polly Fulford 'CA V M X w b l Q- wx . A ii? 5 " -5 .Q as Q4 if J W 9- Q., 1.22, --ff . ' A Mm 7 Mm.. 9 w Q3 'iz 9 r'+L?' 19' Nm. 1 J Yr , ,MSM Qs 2 9,39 MAYBE SISTER THOMAS MARGARET can make it more mean- ingful for Walter Bolton and Robert Poole by letting them help with THE MICRO-PROJECTOR is the instru- ment and Jean Mills, David Mecklenburg and William Borysewicz the sophomores ex- amining a paramecium in Sister Dolores Biology class. "SMILE KELLEHER' Fr Maioriello de mands that even the juniors sees the bright side of Apologetics of ideas SPIDER WEBB PUTS THEORY into prac- tice a.s he demonstrates sympathetic vibration to Mike Mastalski. A LIGHT RAY TRAVELS through a convex lens. It meets in a point. Thus Leonard Ballback and Kathy Emerson learn the puzzles of physics in Sister Montfort's lab. l I - - 'l"""' i x 1 Charlotte Atkinson Cwgiiailgam wifi: ' 1-'.: i., Aubl'CY ' f g Christine C Q j 'A Battaglia X A-Q! it 3-5 Arthur 2, -f:. 3. Babine Joel Beeby John Baillio Roseann Bell Irene Baine Brenda. Q C Kathryn Bertoglia i Class John. Brogdon Glenn Boone Cecilia Booth ',k,- 'Q -5 :WA ,.,-- Igouis -,,,, : 1. , , -..,i 5 ..t,,L:. f ,,:,, , Cappi " wh Q-qs I I 1 ,.,e' K, 'L Donald Mary Braun ,.,V. Conaway L Q 2 gi v m -g ,left Jiiseph ' Casale Elaine Ann Brawlev A ,. ' 'P Coughlin john Booth William Borysewicz C Q tllrl i ,rir Q, mek i Patrick Caton Michael Richard Brickman Coyle Joseph Clark And,-ea J Linda Bowen , E. Claverie ' wi. W de 2 of '61 Sue Craig . A 1 X gh ,l ' Tfn ,,, , X, If !4zQ":x'.m5 91 .f N.. . J Linda Cullifer 11 . 29 1, Km Q r 4 in ..e...w' if .TLSM fe if A if-Y' M. A Q ,X S, Ray Cutler Virginia Cubilla i . ,r gg. j , , joelle Cuffee Eileen DeGennaro Anna Marie Dailey Cameron Decker xi. Kathleen Margaret Eswine Henesey Z Terrence ,QT tx 4 Jerry Fowler XV Hinn lx R8Cl1el Richard Derlby Grissom G I Thomas 'k,., Fraim n ix Peter Eleanora Dermery Halme John Hostinsky 3, i l. is D 115 Judith 71 4 C Gerling z V-': Gayle Howard William Fred Dennery Heck Leo Robert Barbara DSC52111 Gerling Hubb P2111 f I - - ? Vincent Giles Hunter '-" I , l, 5 ik Q, f ml Michael Johnakin 'll' L LaBarbara Jones Peter Kcilty R iw . Q iz will if Gary King Barbara Lombard I ii Donald V ' Love Laird Vi IIXA ,V i 'wx ., ' W Wx Edward Maltby Arthur Matthews xii . as , ' r .2 Pg . Xl H Robert Matthews L? ' mi Bruce Mills , if E an 112, Sharon Lukinovich Paul Lang Juanita Lynch Barbara Lehman Thomas Marois Mary Dee Marsh sr ' I A nb 4 R' MH? Sf John McCrainie Barbara McDermott ' Q' .,"", U if , Elaine Diane David Knapp MacDonald Mecklenburg Kube M lddcn Loretta H. James W f Richard Moore Philip Miller Dorothy Muehlbauer Ormond Murden Madeline Post Joseph Loretta Janet Nagy Ranhom Sld0ti Irene Naylor 'lux W 4 M H' gk' Mary Sue O'Connor s M l ia... Y " - ." ' .A Kenneth Linda enn N Reddy Sims Anthony Dorothy 1 Q Pototsky Schragle 5354 if ' s "Ji , V ii'-N I w ,,,,o ,, M L V 'P' 1 Pamela Thomas Regan Sochor l :': William . X Susan Pouleris V, "" A Schwartz , . "". , M at -". .w if Q . A ,M , Stallworth l , W ,,., dm an-.5 x , 'If M XL Elizabeth Ann James ' William Oliver Register 1 I b i Claudette L l , A Mary.Jo . V V Ranger L' Af Sculllon I: E, ki.-A v Andrew Michael Maric- Porch Roland Stzlmm Paige " William Roughton it A Stamm ' Li ...' . so l ag Q:.:5 I "A,,A , X , Irff .lx aj Mary Linda Victoria Kenneth Standing Tucker Wilson Y X . . ..,-Q: Ann Agnes Thomas Stell Unger Wood ,Qia 2 P Phill An ela -V 1 Thatch A Watts 'f', ,,,,. Raymond - Q Marie Frances Stencil "--' .W A , Vischio WYsocki M H Timoth El if Ra ann K' Tobin Werkmeister W X Charles Nicholas Michael Stermer ' "i' A ,.., Vg Vislocky I Young :-:l ' llll Q, no - S P rggg Morgan W Edward Trimyer V Williams P lg ,k.V Eg g 'X N A ' Frank Nicholas James Sullivan Wagner Zadell Stephanie Sykes wif Carole 1 ofhdwaawa, Watson flf' t X r' is R' X is Kwik New L N me N X Q, 3 Y 1 W x A X Q? il-.,:::, -' s?-?fstx,'1Pr'V-s 7 K XXX ward gs-95 W W Q X 'ESQ it K Q 5' X F f W 'W S 1 5 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS discuss projects that their class will undertake. Andrea Bowen. secretary-treasurer, and Robert Matthews, vice-president, give rapt attention to what Thomas Wood, president, is saying. WAYNE LEARY and RALPH EARLY display some of their World History extra Credit projeets. God's Wealth "MY 'JOHN HANCOCK' is as good it is a big joke. I OCQFNCE of C s I , ,.t Q -aw 'T' iff , ' i CHRISTIAN SOCI "CHRISTIAN SOCIAL PRINCIPLES are go- ing to be on the government exam. Ruth Schmitt!" says Sr. Francis Rose. Eddie Fmim and Nancy Brownly are getting a head start on their studying. as his." muses Lewis Witt, while Sandra Connell thinks 54 arm SISTER THOMASINA has her linger on the an- swer in her Spanish II book while Sharon Lukino- WONDERING WHO is going to do the next pantomime in the Freneh II Club, officers, Donald Burlage, Margaret Query, Dick Moore, and Sr. Rita Carmel look at the new games chances. around the World. vieh, Betty Oliver, Dorothy Muehlbauer, and Sue Dealy wish they had X-ray vision. PONDERING OVER THE ANSWER, Ralph Long tries in vain to eonjugate the verb that Mary Lou Ull- rieh points out in Latin III. Praying that they won't be called on Mary Kay Smith, James Renseh. Pat Glynn, and paying rapt attention Fran Morris. 55 Edith Sally David Dennis Gregory Anderson Anderson Aument Barrows Bill Stephanie Blandin Jane Bobczynski Walter Robert rf Marilyn Sharon Gail Ann james Bolton Boring Bouvier Bramble Brown Bruno Bryant Class N Peter Anne T. ,V Cabaniss Cahill Richard Catherine Burlage Byland . C 'fr .. s:,r 2 john Michael Mary AgI'l9S Alycia Robert John John Cannon Caprio Case Casper Charm Clark Cooksey : L "'i J "" f ,W I " is - ' gg fr. V ' ,.'.. A W ' -'. '-.,. Z - VT? MC - -11-i f ZS? Paul James Thomas Mary Denise George William Kathleen Cote Crutsinger Dabney Damiano Desgain Donahoo Donlon 56 Anne Dudzik ames Evans of 62 Patricia Flynn Joan Forbes Richard Harris Q is 'E' - J Michael James Dunleavy Dunn Barry ohn Ewald Falls Ralph Earley ,..,, , I 1 k : 'H mx, ? we mai' A Arthur Virginia Harriet ESCh Escoflier Evans Eugenia Fedorowicz R Nora ames George Fenn Finderson Fisher E 1 if Sharon 5 I Fleming ,AQ ii ii,A James Joseph "" Fleetwood Fitzpatrick :fir f'vi Neil Joseph Richard Patricia Stephen Edward French Funk Gray Greer Gross Harbour , " .1 1 4 V " W t t v,f, 1 Nancy David Gail Martha Frederick Sue Haskett Havden Hodges Holley Hood Horton 57 j K lg wi L ,Eg WS 7 . at f as in t M Robert Hosteny Patricia Hotchkiss John Hozier Edward Huddleston Robert Johnson John Karuzas Mary Kennoy Nancy Kelleher Richard Keneman Johanna Kent Geraldine Klucz Sue Wayne Leary john Lockhart John Lockie as WQQ . 1 i t ' -N t l Louise Lustig Frank Madden Patricia Magee Jane Magrum f ,- .. . l a l W , ,, t X M ,,. In Jig A 9 9,91 + V ' V ' Ain, 'K Joseph Manning Michael Marqua Ann Kraft Patricia Kyrnski Mary Elizabeth Ku'nak Gerard Long L. 1-1 M. V -H itil D Clyde McDaniel M'ddl Thomas Modlin Joseph Monahan Frances Morello john McLaughlin Stephen McMillianjacque1in Meadows George 1 eton 5,1 K ' K ' 'bi t L. Q 1 5, fi tm :ggi Sidney Morgan Mary Lou Morris ,Iohn Mouton Paul Mullen Raymond Murden William Naylor Robert Newsome L b K 1 ' rg, M tx is K at ,,,.h U' Keith Nichols Maureen Norton Rosemary O'Brien John Pascarosa Richard Phalen Robert Picone Mary Ann Plant .I i. M I 1 V Robert Poole Martin Pohlman A Stephen Pototsky Dianna Post l 'FL N 'W' it 'M' C fs I Kenneth Potter Donald Preecs Judith Prudhomme Barry Raby George Raiss Paul Ranken Edward Riccardo Catherine Roberts Dennis Roland Margaret Rosensteel Gene Schmidt Margaret Schwartz Judith Servonsky Pntrirk Shen Joseph Anna Louise David Raymond Stephanie William Linda Silver Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Sofranko Steve Charles Richard Wayne Johnolyn Hervey Rose Marie Standing Steele Stevenson Thompson Thornton Trimyer Velines 1541, V, M Charles Vivier - fl HW - igffffim f Richard f Vichnisky Q Patricia Sharon Catherine Patricia Sharon Anthony Rolfe Vohringer Walters Ward Webb Weimer Weiss Westman :Q x V V , ,' , 'vi :'ii'- V Joseph Donald Suzanne Leonard Richard Mary Theresa Wiggins Wilkey Wilson Wittman Wolfe Wright Wyszatycki . ' . 5 - ."' '.'i gf ' xg 't'. ity,,, 5 lt' 5, S -.s, S he X -S at 1 lx 3 60 JAMES DU fyiqiaige A ff-ww, ,-.. fn Q4-van wi' 'sad' NN. preridenf: Mzmrvcn Norton, I'1I'P-f7TP.Yfl2'F71ff :1 l treaxurer have the distinction of 1 1 i' ww? 1, Hn.. ,ki fad? m'-xr? N-vw---'Y xg.: nc Pllffkiil k'I2lQf'l'. wrrrfnq mc mg thc' Frvshmzxn class for 58-59. ..,5wg X R 1 , Aiilggfx A52 if fl 1 ' 'w'13 'QS 1 Q X n 'WJ Excellence "REMEMBER, NO MISTAKES this time!'l Sister Barbara reminds Martha Blackburn, Va- lois Grubbs and Arlene Cameron as she watches over her Junior typing class. THERESA MUEHLBAUER EXPLAINS the journal transactions to Sister Geraldine's bookkeeping class while the students listen with interest. BUSY DAY IN OFFICE practice class. Jeanne Monahan explains the mimeograph machine to Theresa Thebarge and Mary Ellen Gies while Ruth Schmitt types and Geraldine Durand works the comptometer. u 1 ,f 'f QZULQLM WM X 2524 it X1 i i HERE WE HAVE Carolyn Kiurz zirtinq in hvr offirizil raipzivity :is prvsicivnt of tht Business Club. Othvr ofHc'r'rs zirv Ruth Sfhmitt. virv-pre-siclr-nt :ind Mary -Io Zontini thc' scvrctary-trcaisilrvr. is the goal . . . CAROLYN KLUCZ President of the Business Club "HOW DO THEY EVER READ thi-ir own writing?" asks Eleanora Halmc to Cookie Portafe as they Correct papers in their roles as Future Teachers. it Tomorrow's "THE MINUTES sccm to be in order, girls," Mrs. Swirsky JIMMY MANNFNG AND DAR' says to Club officers Rayzmnc We-rkmcister, trcasurvrg Martha LENE SIMPSON are llolll lllllof' Blackbum. secretary: and Kathy Emerson, vivo-president. ing hard lrYlng to gm llmt lmllfflln board straight. 64 O FRANCES MORRIS President of the Future Teachers' Club Educators ANITA DURAND IS GOING TO VOLUNTEER for the next assignment that Mrs. Swirsky is giving out to the club's members: Anita. Mary Linda Standing, Gail Peluso, Nancy Coughlin, Catherine Bertoglio, Pat Glynn, and Jeanne Murphy. 65 Z.. ,P-as 7' x fwik' xx .-1:., T .HS9+.f:1 ' r- , 1 ' if vi? K., V ix. ie Q Q QVXWALZ .iffrfffij K My S515 Q, :Jw ,I i . 'VM' qi' 1 K ,ga V . I . I , 3, ' 35 Qs ,M 11 . W 5 V fa Q ,--.tx 1 if f M fy' " ' Lnpmf '..-,, I ggi - Y, R in 1 Y.-zzvwg .305 Q, Liv V HM Q 12153 ws w f m e magazines or sorting them for the magazine rack? knowledge . Zinkl, Virginia Cubilla, Martha Williams, and Gladys Dailey supervise. n ON THE ASSEMBLY LINE in the new lihrnry work room are Audrey Poole. Mike Mzirqun. Ther:-su 'lihcbargtz Paul Lang. and Irene Elliot. ENTERING THE DOOR of the library arc K. Emerson. A. Ross, V. Bziity. R. Finney, G. Dozier, K. Bertoglia, S. Blandin, and D. Muchlbaucr. F 1 il l 67 - "' IT S REALLY VERY SIMPLE says Mary Smith and Mary Carol Gregory and Betty Whitson on the technique of Anne Marie Druly to Amta Durand Carol Watson Mary o making a hospital bed. amb1t1on of service MARY YANEZ PLEADS not to be stuck as she and Emma Peterson, Mar- gie Rosensteel, Irene Elliott, Louise Lustig, Pat Shea, Lois Casale, Paige Roughton, Martha Williams, Pat Hotchkiss, Loretta Kube, Judith Ser- vonsky, Nancy Haskett, Pat Grear, Rosemary Vellines, Pat Krynski, and Cathy Ward are given Future Nurses Pins by Sister Geraldine. -.nov n-ul 10 COMPLETING THEIR COURSE on home nursing given by the Red Cross are Rachel Denby. Mary Ann Wiseman, Mary Lou Morris, Alycia Casper, and Nancy Kelleher. Looks as if Alycia didn't make it! MARY JO MELCHIORRE President of the Future Nurses Club ACCOMPANIED BY Mary Jo Melchiorre are Jane Bainc. Janice Lustig. Mary Smith. Mary Dee Marsh, Kathy Donlon, Elaine Knapp, Mary Kutnak. as they practice their routine for the Saint Patrick's Day program to be given at the Old Folks' Home. l l 69 . . . MY HA DS that I ma do our work AMONG THOSE WHO HAVE GIVEN their time and efforts to our school are Anthony Giannelli, Presidentg Maureen Robinson, Vice Presidentg and james McGroarty, Secretary-Treasurer of NCHS's dili- gent Student Council. Our hands are Christis hands . . . hands dedicated to His work. As members of the Mystical Body with Christ every good act that we perform is beneficial to all. At Nor- folk Catholic the program of extra-curricular activities is planned to teach the students leadership and cooperation. Leaming these virtues we become Ht lay apostles working for the advancement of Christ's Church, His Mystical Body. Christ working with us and in us. FATHER MAIORIELLO AND HENCHMEN, better known as the Board of Directors, meet in Z1 big gangland Conference to determine policy for Key Club, Inc. LEFT TO Service, our motto ARCHIE ROSS President of the Key Club RIGHT the mob includes Gerard Zoby, Bill Smith, Tony Giannelli, Fr. Maioriello, Leonard Ballback, Mike The Thinker"Damiano, Jim McGroarty, and Dick Grissom. 72 W1 T and H? 7-HE Fly To 47, cce A lu 8 '11 Ina Un. gg-12.l71g, lnesilfjown to U1 th Fir ejibrabavk 13' S-R wo ob PIII, PF, 00 M IT1 a as tfhe Ws XNMKE BATT AGLX A LOOKS Y,-799 AU STYJD nite! the Laing checks xhc resxxks as 'Um 'Yobkx and Nike Darffxxmo greek over 7 3 3 Ke ,V C. -ll' I H7 0 lib Senlflrgain 106 . ' R1 . ,ph L "Down Yer ax Sckxohf' c, Kms sYxouXdc,r. mmpak gn. Mxke Ong' JIMMY MCGROARTY, Secretary-Treasurer, busily takes the minutes of the Student Coun- Governing TONY GIANNELLI President of the Student Council SENIOR AND JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES thoughts while Anita Zinkl, Kathy Emerson, and of the Student Council discuss the geopolitical im- Mary Liz Mulqueen carry the subject further. Is Joyce plicritions of the world situation. Phil Pulido en- Mann driving Mary Anne Moore batty or just asleep? grosses Ralph Long and Jim Curtiin with his deep Who's so interesting to Dorita Woodson? 74 K MOST OF US have noticed that the lunchroom is the change are Maureen Robinson, Anita Zinkl, a better place this year. Some of those responsible for Fran Wysocki, and Mike Damiano. atholic ED FRAIM, hall-duty chairman, and Leonard Ballback, slave-day chaimian check with Mary Anne Moore on future projects of the council. 75 WHILE ON HALL DUTY, Phil Pulido is a dangerous man. Watch those detentions! PETER KEILTY, the man in Charge of repair- ing clocks and broken down facilities, cools his heels in our spic 'n span lunchroom. C ii ' LOWERCLASS STUDENT COUNCIL officers hold a short meeting in the cafeteria. LEFT TO RIGHT are: J. Monahan. F. Madden, M. Scullion, K. Eswine, S. Gross, M. Coyle, Magrum, G. Klucz. F. Wysocki, P. Keilty. Zadell, D. Grissom, C. Byland, M. Wright, and R. Early. vi' r " if I' 1 W . we 9' 1 9 ki 5 SISTER MARTHA with the Council's man-of-the-hour, Thomas Wood, checks the activities listed in the SCA bulletin. TONY GIANNELLI, Council president, recognizes jim Zadell, sophomore representative, in the first open meeting of the Student Council. 77 il' IN A CUBBY HOLE. in the rear of the auditorium, Connie Vandcrploeg, Mike Damiano, and Ralph Long check through old A yearhooks and magazines searching for "original" layout ideas. Y HARRY TOCCE UNOBTRUSIVELY dips into thc Cash box while diverting at- tention from himself by slipping Joanne Howard and Jeanne Monahan the latest pic- tures. Mike Laing and Ray Finney study the shots. 78 5?t"9Ff'. THERE'S NO RECESSION at Catho- lic High as Katherine Clark, business editor, rnkes in the corn. A silent Sister Montfort obligingly records the proceeds. l AMANDA WHICHARD Editor-in-Chief MARY ANNE MOORE, SISTER MARIE MARGUERITE, MARGARET QUERY. AND TONY GIANELLI become so engrossed in the Senior pictures that they forget they are supposed to be "worl-ting." 79 BILL EWALD IS SLIGHTLY SKEPTICAL over the point Len Ballback is bringing out. However, Joanne Crockett, Kathy Emerson. and Frances Matthews are completely taken in. THESE ARE SEVENTEEN MEMBERS of the 1:20 English class who do the typing for the '59 Crusader. FIRST ROW: Ruthie Schmitt, Lucille Guerierri, Mary Finney, Mary Ellen Gies, Terry Casablanca, and Mary Reese. SECOND ROW: Theresa Thebarge, Earlene Ken- Durand. nedy, Emma Peterson, and Gladys Dailey. THIRD ROW Carolyn Klucz, Audrey Poole, Joyce Witt, Mary Frances Scalzi, Jeanne Monahan, Dottie Murden, and Geraldine fuw.,.aA.t...w 5 i ftwwgtg? JIMMY CURTIN and Edward Rufetto, page editors, think, "No wonder this newspaper has a hard time meeting its deadline with Katherine Clark not keeping her mind on her page." The pen 81 A PAGE EDITORS WORK is never done! Judy Tytus. Joyce Mann, Harry Tocee, and Fran Morris are living evidence of this. ROAMING REPORTERS Mary Liz Mul- quccn, Richard Barry, and Gerry Orsini con- fcr between bells on the question of girls' uniforms. is mightier "MY GOODNESS, look at thatll' says Ruth Schmitt on the Defenxofs field trip to the printers while Joyce Mann, and Jeanne Monahan give it the over-the- shouldcr approach. 82 THE DEFENSORS SIPA DELEGATES, Norah Ross and Pat Sullivan, have their last minute eonferenre with Sister Mont- fort before they embark for Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia. . . . than the sword! YVHAT MAJOR CHANGE is the Defenior staff voting on for the next issue? FIRST ROW: Richard Barry, John Ilarnlvy, John Kelleher, Archie Ross. Nora Fenn, and Jam' Rillgflllll. SICCOND ROIV: Billy Ewald. James Renseh. Roger Gallalee, Joseph Clark, Margaret French, Kathy Cllovvr, and Franves Nlatthews. THIRD ROlV: Patrirk Caton, James Davis, Tony Giannelli, Mary Liz Mulquecn, Mary Jo White, Florence Young, Virginia Cubilla, and Johnolyn Thorton. FOURTH ROW: Jo- seph Monahan, Jeanne Monahan, Mary Anne Moore, Margaret Query, Allene Anderson, and Dorita Woodson. FIFTH ROW: Gerry Orsini, and Joanne Howard. WHO ARE YOU KIDDING, Mary? WAKE up and cheer. PHIL PULIDO AND ART BRUNO Co-Captains of the football team :QE ' -I M X xiii, To Foste 4 I I THE '58 CRUSADERS WERE: L. to R., Ist ROW: jim Dunn, Mike Caprio, Clyde MacDaniel, Elmer Riddifk, Phil Pulido. Art Bruno, john Brogden, Donald Love, Jim Oliver, Coach Diem. 2nd ROW: Jim Bramble, Steve Standing, Joe Casale, Gene Schmidt. Frank Zadell, Jim Fleetwood. Dong Brickncr, Ralph Early, Jim Madden, eadership . . . Vic Kolodzivj, Bob Cardnvr. 3rd ROW: Paul Millvr. Spikv Bruno, Miko Laing. W'alt Schwind. Spider Wvlnlu, loin Knight, Mike Damiano. Tommy Dvrkvr. Gary Untlmcrlvt, 4th ROW: Bill Polaris, Vinfcnt Maslow. Ed lluglivs. Mike Tongcl. Gorard Zolmy, Butch Balllmack, Mika' Roland, Jim Hickcrson. WALT SCHYVIND LOOKS ON as Art Bruno pivks 'mn up and lays 'vm down for thc Crusader Elvvvn. I9F ra fn 1 MARY LIZ MULQUEEN IS A BIT SURPRISED, but nonetheless delighted over her selection as Homecoming Queen. Co-captains Art Bruno and Phil Pulido share the honor. "WE WANT A TOUCHDOWNH is the chant led by Dottie Murden during the Great Bridge game. 0 . 86 Cradock . . . Benedictine St. Mary's . Northampton Great Bridge Deep Creek DeMatha .. Fishburne .. A PUZZLED LOOK STRIKES Coach Di0m's face as he decides his nc-xt move. JOE C.'XSAI,Fi TRIES IN VAIN to thwzirt ll lmrillnnt Czitfh by ll Grczit Bridgv YVildc'.1t, THE ODDS NIOUNT UP hut Tommy Dvc'k1'r hghts mi with grim dctvrminzilion. Czltliolic' .. .. O Cfzitholic' . . . U Catholic' . . . . 0 Cfzitholici . . . 7 Catholic . . . . O Calholit' . , . 7 Catholic . . . , I3 Catholic' .. . 6 87 New faces surprise all AGAINST A DARKENED GYM, pretty Joanne How- ard brightens a dismal scene. Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic 'f Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic 52 St. Vincent's . . . . 56 Cathedral . . . .,..49 Alumr1i..... 45 Benedictine . . . . 71 N.N. Apprentice ....64 St.Patrick,s..... . . . . 52 Frederick . . . . 45 St.Paul's 46 Deep Creek . . . . 64 Fishburne . , . . . . . 39 Benedictine . . . . . . . 48 St. Patrick's . . . , . . . 74 Cathedral . . . . Acadcmy...... 57 BarryRobinson .... 41 St, Vincenfs .... .. ....59 DeepCreek.... . . . . 51 N.N. Apprentice ....47 Academy....... .. . . . . 66 Fishburne . . . 61 St. Paul,s.... TOURNAMENT ...,56 BarryRobinson.,..... . . . . 49 St. Patrick's . . . . . . . 42 Benedictine . . . 89 MUSCLE AND BONE COLLIDE as Bruce Howard goes up for a jump shot against Benedictine. a Hn. I Ms' A 1 ,f X I is 5 iw it Yi B Q W j,gfW ' , . A g -.kk, .. N X K 1 8:4 . R , 9.. Si' .A -I K L, . . - Q, ,fa is 2 , F? QAQA- ? if z Q ALS U SJ xl f""A Ng I Q5- 1 u-...NN BRUCE HOWARD, AND the "Big E," Ed- die Frziim, get their signals crossed as Mike Rolzmcl looks on with frustration. THE GIRLS' VARSITY ARE: FIRST ROW: Co-captain Mary Anne Moore, Mrs. Angie Fitzpatrick, Coach, Co-captain Amanda Whichard. SECOND ROW: Mary Linda Standing, Mary Jo Scullion, Mary Ann Vanderploeg. THIRD ROW: Betty Ann Oliver, Gail Peluso, Mary Jo White. FOURTH ROW: Anne Tucker, De- lores Finney, Kathy Eswine. FIFTH ROW: Dorothy Muelhbauer, Mary Lou Morris, Connie Kean. SIXTH ROW.' Julie Seluga, Rose Marie Vellines, ancl Pat Webb. "WHAT AM I GOING TO DOT' Mary Jo Scullion seems to say. Then she spots Mary Anne Moore who makes two more points for the Crusadcttes. 92 Catholic . . . . . 37 Catholic . . . . . . 45 Catholic . . . . . . 34 Catholic . . . . . . 25 Catholic . . . . 47 Catholic . . . . . . 32 Catholic . . . . . 36 Catholic . . . . . . 41 Catholic . . . . . 39 Catholic . . . . . 33 Catholic . . . . . 34 Catholic . . . . . 63 Catholic . . . . . 34 Catholic . . . . . . 45 Girls' Varsity St. Vinccnt's 18 Alumni ..... . . . 20 A.P.R.C. .... 17 Cathedral . . . 58 St. Patrickls . 22 St. Paul's . . . 36 St. Gertrude's 34 St. GcrtruCle's 31 A.P.R.C. .... .. . 19 St. Patrickls . 21 Cathedral . . . 51 St. Vincc'nt's 35 St. Paul's . . . 33 Suffolk .... 43 MARY ANNE VANDERPLOEG TRIES DESPERATELY to . intcrfcpt a pass in thc tight and thrill-paCkt'cl St. Paul's game whil0 Amanda Whichard and Mary jo WVhitc stick Close to their girls. THIS 15 A STICK-UP. MAN. Roach for thc- sky! Actually Mary Annc Moore has just gotten off 21 shot against St. VinCcnt's. and, from tht' look on Julie Scluga's face she CliC1n't make it. 93 MARY JO WHITE HAS MARY LIZ MULQUEEN all boxed in during thc game with thc Chccrlcadcrs. Throw it to Art Bruno, Mary Liz. Rt-fcrccs arc always partial to a Cute face. OUR FOUR MEMBERS of the Richmond all-tournament tram pose with our t0am's trophy, They are record-hrcakcr Mary Jo Srullion, Mary Annr- Moore, Amanda NVhiChard, and Mary Ann Vanderploeg. Mrs. FITZPATRICK got-s over the srorebook with her accountant-managers Andy Bowen and Terry Casablanca. 'AWE COULD TAKE THE BOSTON CELTICSN shouts Mary Jo Svullion as she and the other ofhrcrs of thc Varsity Club, Connie Kean, Mary Ann Vandor- plocg, and Terry Casablanca, svan the morning sports shorts. A Fostering school spirit OUR MORALE BOOSTERS, the Cheerleaders, for the Mann, Norah Ross, Allene Anderson, and Mary Liz Mul '58-'59 athletic season were Joanne Howard, Joann Romeo, queen. Nandy Rissotto, Mary Finney, Dottie Murden, Joyce Wet behind the Qyjears IT'S A BIRD: it's a plane: it's "Gruesome" Gris- som for two points. WE CAN'T THINK of a caption. Can you Keilty? YOU,RE CRAMPING MY STYLE BUD, growls "Quicksund" Baillio. Like I Cilllyl lump thc hoop! SPORTING HER USUAL SMILE, spirited Joyce Mann cheers another team to victory. THE SUCCESSFUL BASEBALL TEAM of the '59 season included: Left to Right, FIRST ROW, Vic Kolodziej, Bruce Howard, Walt Schwind, Dan Done- gan, Dickie Fraim, Carmen D'Auria, Jim Evans, Jimmy Madden, Coach Diem. SECOND ROW, Bill SLIPPIN' AN SLIDIN' INTO FIRST, Carmen D'Auria's always our boy. Our future major leaguers Pouleris, Ed Hughes, Donald Love, Art Bruno, Mike Roland, Butch Ballback, John Brogdon, Earl Scott, Tommy Decker, Frank Zadell, Jimmy Zadell, and Martin Pohlman. 98 TROPHY WINNER. BRUCE HOWARD, gets his pitching arm in shape for the next big game. FIRST BASEMAN, EARL SCOTT, warms up before the Norfolk Academy - Crusader game. 99 DICKIE FRAIM swings his mighty bat hoping to clean up those bases. IS ALLENE ANDERSON CI-IEERING for another game or is she collecting alms for the poor? FIRST ROW: Ernie Cappola, Paul Cote, Jack Giles, Greg Kennealy, Hick Hickerson, Mike Damiano, james Oliver, Jim McGroarty. SECOND ROW: Ray Cutler, Mike Caprio, Scott Blankenship, Nick Wagner, Warren Christe, Gerard --flew. Zoby, John Baillio, Pat Caton, Doug Brickner. THIRD ROW: Joe Clark, Paul Lang, joe Cofer, Gene Schmidt, Joe Moore, Spider Webb, Lou Cappi, Edward Hughes, Dennis Roland, Tom Wood, Bill Ewald, Bill Dennery. MAKE IT or break it Gutberlet! PAT CATON AND TOM WOOD finish one-two for Catholic in the 880. Wfings of endurance GERARD ZOBY will hit that bird yet with 40 feet. li if .js JOHN BAILLIO pounds out the last lap of the Mile to win. THE BAREFOOT BOY from Catholic Lou Cappi, swings over the bar at 5'8". Competitive spirit AND THE SCORE GOES UP another notch, hey! hey! JACKIE GEARHEART TOSSES THE BALL toward the basket to score two points for her team. Despite her efforts Room 2 lost the championship game to Room 13. "GET YOUR ELBOW OUT OF MY STOMACHP' yells Dickie Fedorowicz to Vincent Maslow as they bat- tle for the ball in the close Final games between Home- rooms 16 and the champions, room 15. wsu X C ji Grxssom, so Th the thirsty cro rains came . . . Hlddy ,ff JMX? IX N Sw X x i X he , I NWA SSW XSQW 4-'W .3 in ,m ,, x fi S-1 is gf if 'G 2' u ' Q .2 Wfwfiffp . L. mf ff mf A ' wtf -?f55e.fme+ W 'L 5 5.1ir?f,w,i gs wi, ' xf ' we Q j 5 g 1 .. ' A 1 1 ' LT A-+1 , vfgp Ygiglixf, '5-EEE: 'WW ws5gege5 i iq ,, v'L:'5'x "Kml1.f'T1-2 ffim qw H52-VWi.in11fl3, if jf -' 5114 ,wg 1-1:2 1xSg,:.ggX -mi? fy-i uQ?1iQiflf.1112S1':gf Lira ffgggxgfiafwf 2 2 giifimpj -are , ,-,vazwfq-QL.vm-fvL,, 1 1 244.7 W 'K -i ,f-tram . T .123 , -re 'V . xf w Mvzf iibqfgk A' W' giuyilz. 2' , ski- g 1, 518,14 ,f'Uf?d.' fx P ef 1' ibfiffw :ffw-I-figs?-,Qi f5Qgf,1. im-i' Wyfgixigsw Q,1,WQ,w,2,3g 11 K 4'fvQW-EWES' a if1'guflii!?i 1 1 ??gSgf?f1Qggifw12 1 . L" f':H,?2- - ,Ki f ffgggwrgy., . I g, l 'Q if 5 , 5 iw, An, X SM 7 2, 1 . .jggigf M jgiigf 4, ,zffiz 'wc 'xg U41-if ...MY EYES GLORIA CARUANA IS RADIANT over her selection as "Queen of the Senior Class." President Mike Dami- ano does the honors of informing her of the class's choice. to see as You do To be one with Christ in our thoughts and actions does not chain us to the chapel. We see, along with Christ, that in our social life we must continue to build what is God's work, our sanctification. The program at Norfolk Catholic provides us with the opportunity to use the eyes of Christ to see the plan of social activities in this life as a means of developing the whole man and to make ourselves one with Him so that at graduation we do not leave Him behind but continue throughout our whole lives to see things through the eyes of Christ. a. 2 D if N V ,wg g M2 .Maw -funk 37 f' A4 fix' gf, K , lk t l if gil Q ww, .f 5 A Q X X 1 A 5 fm.. v 5. W' J? A ff mf f vw,,. -.QW Curtain call . . . CLAUDINE LAMBERT as the grandmother in "Gray Broad" cmphnsizes the need of virility to mother Mary Finney in bringing up her daughter Carolyn Klucz. -1,-N -.1-...M LM i 3 CAMILLA FRANCIS President of the Draimatic Club OSCAR WINNERS in the senior play, "Gray Beard" are Claudine Lambert, Mary Finney, Carolyn Klucz and Gloria Caruana. ,rw W. ........q. N.,. ,,,,,,,,,QWm WW I 107 "BEANIE, YOU TOOK PART in scaring poor Lizzy Mae out of her wits. Tell us right now who that horrible creature wasf' Gail Howard says, as Elaine Brawley comforts Martha Holly. PLAYING THE PART of the fools or detectives, as the case may be, Philip Thatch and Paul Ranken give talented performances in 'KBEANY'S PRIVATE EYE." 108 "DO I HAVE IT RIGHT NOW?" asks Mary Liz Mulqueen to Tommye Ann Dami- ano. Surrounding members of the rehearsing cast are Sylvette Lambert, John Galloway, Kathy Glover, Dickie Butt, and Robert Upton. CONNIE KEAN, VICE-PRESIDENT, and Mary Linda Standing, Secretary-Treasurer, discuss future plans with the club moderator, Sister Francis Rose. 25 ' 14 5 X ,1 f Q, si.. A Yeisvuw .1 ENGROSSED IN HER VISION Bernadette prays at the grotto. Judy Tytus as her sister. and Tommye Ann Damiano as a rich friend anxiously question her. 109 AS PART OF THE PROGRAM for National Secretary Week, Ruthie Schmitt, secretary of the Business Club, presents an orchid to Mrs. Murphy, the beloved and well-deserving school secretary. A SUCCESSFUL FUND RAISER was Slave Day, a project of the Stu- dent Council. Jane Magrum might agree to its success, but she certainly M In 1 would have something unfavorable to say about Doug Brickner's order. O 110 "NOW, CATHERINE, WHO IS BURIED IN GRANTS TOMB?" asks quizmaster Art Bruno at the yearbook assembly. to remember NOW, STUDENTS, this is how we save this man's life. Uh-huh. The invisible students learn much from the Public Health Nurse as part of the program for Civil Defense. WE NOW TUNE IN on two of Dick Clark's Satur- day night fans Kathy Glover and Judy Tytus who are giving their all at one of the Friday pep rallies. Queen WITH JOHN KELLEHER behind the wheel, Homecoming Queen candidates Mary Finney, Stephanie Sykes and Pat Magee ride in style as they tour the football Field. l :GE R Ji K fi it Us X3 f , U g gt ,, f, Y Q tv ' .U all ' ,c yi' :rg for a day HOMECOMING QUEEN Mary Liz Mulqueen smiles demurely at the crowd from her '59 Buick. Runners-up Joann Romeo and Dottie Murden complete the pretty 4 gi y t's?lWll Q E A T picture. CHEERLEADERS-FOR-A-DAY, Janet Sidoti, Ruth Cornetta, Connie Vanderploeg, Dolores Finney, and Mary Jo White, wave to the camera from Jim Albano's Hill- man minx. Ha.. t' 1 Convention bound "SING IT, BABY!" Leonard Ballback, Jimmy Oliver, and Tony Giannelli entertain Key Clubbers at the Capital District Convention in Baltimore. f As. I HEADED FOR A YEARBOOK CONVENTION and a gay weekend in New York City, Margaret Query. Mary Anne Moore. Manda Whifhard, and Connie Vanderploeg board the plane in Norfolk. STANDING ATOP THE ENIPIRE STATE BUILDING are Ralph Long, Father Mnioriello, Tony Gian- nelli. Bill Ewzild :md Ilnrry Torre. By the way, where is Long? Cphoto by Daunianoj ll3 ALTHOUGH JIMMY AND DORITA were losers in the campaign for Student Council elections, they are winners in school spirit and good sportsmanship. FOUR BUSY PEOPLE from May 18 to 20 were the campaign managers Gerard Zoby, Richard Barry, Norah Ross and Mary Jo Zontini. have a president . . . ANITA ZINKL is the very pretty Vccp selection as the co in Ball-'s administration. TOMMY WOOD as Secretary-Treasurer is the third man in the Big Three of the S.C. 115 THE MAN WITH THE GAVEL for the '59-'60 srhool your is Leonard Ballhark, choice of the students in the recent election. 5 v tyx 513439 O HIGHLIGHTING THE PROM was the much awaited announce- ment of the king and queen, Mary Jo Zontini :md her escort Jimmy McGroarty, by Joyce Mann, reigning queen from last year. TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE ROMANTIC ATMOSPHERE. Dick Butt, Don Shive and their dates listen to the soft strains of the Qunrternotes. 116 Twelfth of Never HOOP SKIRTS AND CUMBERSOME swingin' at the annual Junior-Senior Prom 117 TUXEDOS didn't stop these vibrant Couples from : ga we Graduate with honors 1 ,ap ,,.. .. THESE HEALTHY SPECIMENS OF HUMANITY, Roger Galallee, Katherine Clark and Amanda Which- ard stuck it out and received perfect attendance pins for four years. It's too bad Roger didn't make it to the end. AWARDED GOLD TASSELS for maintaining a 90 or above average throughout their four years were, FIRST ROW: Margaret Query, Mary Frances Scalzi, Joanne Howard. SECOND ROW: Marjorie Roberts, Ann Kirby, Katherine Clark, Allene Anderson, Claudine Lambert. THIRD ROW: Joyce Mann, Mary Anne Moore, Tony Giannelli, Amanda Whichard, Mau- reen Robinson. FOURTH ROW: Walt Schwind, Archie Ross, Mike Laing, Ray Finney, Ralph Long. Jeanne Monahan and Victoria Baity also received gold tassels. X- 39? 1 kr ,Z 1 1 ll - F M 5 5 sb' - In sf. k ON TO HIGHER GOALS AT COLLEGE are these Norfolk Catholic scholarship winners Ray Finney, Naval Arademyg Eddie Fraim, St. Bernardsg Archie Ross and Tony Giannclli University of Virginiag Ann Kirby, St. Josephls and Good Council Collegcsg Katherine Clark Notra Dame of Marylandg and Joanne Howard, Georgetown Visitation. RAY FINNEY gives the cameraman a big smile to show his enthusiasm over the Catholic lead- MAUREEN ROBINSON was Norfolk Catholics ership trophy he won. representative to the annual Azalea Festival. M l fig, i 119 - W E .,,..,.- 3- Y glgrz . .uk , ll.. ff : YQ! f A SELECT GROUP OF SINGERS formed this ycnr's Glce Club. The students entertained at scvcral assemblies throughout the year. Glee Mrs. CHARLES VOGAN Director 120 xi A Club Trophies SHYLY MIKE ROLAND steps up to the platform to receive his four-in-one letter. Ed Rutledge, guest speaker from University of Kentucky looks on. v' ,M , J 95 R- ,f 'X 'iikfjvgfgv Mkwiadsu and compliments "THANK YOUU says smiling Manda Whichard as she accepts her trophy for ubest guard" from coach Mrs. Fitzpatrick. "I'LL ALWAYS REMEMBER THE GOOD THINGS . . ." says Father Burke as he addresses the athletes and guests at Shore Drive Inn. and letters EDDIE FRAIM is the recipient of the most valuable basketball player trophy. Coach Tom Hourihan congratulates NCHS's record scorer. S 553 M Asia Deserving MARIA TEEUWEN, vice-presidenb elect of the Library Council, and GERARD ZOBY AND DICK GRISSOM, new Key Club oilicers, discuss next year's problems, like a wild convention. LEADERS OF SCHOOL SPIRIT are Nandy Ris- sotto and Joann Romeo, C0-captains of the '59-'60 cheerleaders. 122 ll' Fl1lM'.::i-n..l.., of Mention Jerilyn Zinscr, president-elect are filled with plans and projects. I Mr. and Miss SOPHOMORE clvctcd by their Classnmtvs :irc Mike Roland :ind Mary jo S1 ullion THE OFTEN OVERLOOKED and always ovcrworkvd svcrctnry-trczisurvrs arc' Knthvrim Clark, Archie Ross, Ann Coughlin, Bill Ewnlcl. Suc Kraft, Anthony Pototsky, Juanita Lynch, and Morgan Trimycr. Clydv Mc'Dz1nicl, Kathy Donlan 'www FRANCES MATTHEWS, a member of the yearbook staff as a junior, is the editor of the Crusader '60. 124 EDWARD RAFFETTO is already assuming thc responsibilities of editor-in-chicf of the Defensor, a position to which he was elected by the '59 page editors. A NEW VENTURE OF CATHOLIC HIGH is undertaken by Anita Zinkl. Dorita Woodson. Darlene Simpson, Richard Barry and Jimmie MCGFOZIYIY, about to set out for a Summer School of Catholic Action at Henderson. North Carolina. CATHOLICS DELEGATES to Boys' State held at VPI are Leonard Ballback and James Manning. SOON TO BE OFF TO RADFORD COLLEGE and Girls' Statc- are Jerilyn Zinser. Marianne Maccioli, Frances Matthews. Mary Jo Zontini. Norah Ross. and Florcnge Young. 125 FOR TWO YEARS OF UNSELFISH SERVICE, Father Maioriello presents to Father Burke a gift of appreciation from the student body. OUR "MOST TALENTEDU YOUNG ACTRESS, Clau- dine Lambert, receives an award for dramatic ability from Anita Zinkl. 126 Another year "OH, COME ON, let's get thi: over with," Father Maioriellc seems to say as Leonard Ballbacl of service TONY GIANNELLI, outgoing President of the Student Council, presents his battle scarred gavel to Leonard Ballback along with his best wishes for the coming year. Jresents an activity pin to an- mther junior, Fran Morris. AS ONE OF THE TWO FRESHMEN to do so, jane Ma- grum receives an activity pin for acquiring ten or more points through participation in two major clubs. 127 DICK GRISSOM GIVES A TOAST to our beloved Alma Mater at the Sophomore-Senior Banquet. "BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY, STUDENTS , . ." precedes Father Burke as he addresses the graduates at the Senior Day banquet. Senior Day THE SENIORS PAY ARDENT ATTENTION to Maureen Robinson as she reads the prophecy of the Class of '59 after their presentation of "Showboat." 128 -mwwwwm. K it A, Talented teens JUDY CLARK placed second in the Talent Show by performing an acrobatic act. Ruth Schmitt gets an E for effort for four years of trying. 129 , A DRESSED AS LITTLE MEN, these four unidentified Senior girls did a brutal Charleston routine to capture ati e for third place. THESE FIVE SENIORS competed in this year's Senior Talent Show but emerged a loser. Dubbed the Canaries, the girls are Allene Anderson, Con- nie Vanderploeg, Mary Anne Moore, Manda Whiehard, and Joyce Mann. 9 9 7 Slippin n slidin OUR SCHOOL'S D.J.,s, Jimmy Albano and Ralph Mouton, slip on another cool platter at a school dance. r ., v Gloria Caruana, Joe Binkley THERE WERE MANY RUINED HOSE as this group of revelers swung out to the rockin' beat of drums and sax. 130 Q. 5 Joanne Howard, Mike Damiano ALL ARE WHEELIN, AND DEALIN' at the "Coquette's Heart," ' all, that is, except lonely Doug Brickner. A 1-f-...Jw-1---.o....,., at Coquette's Heart Ole. Dottie Murden, Tony Giannelli Manda Whichard, Phil Pulido 131 1 DW-wMm,,,X Ffifiafsramwfmnu-,wr:f':f -w -f Exim 1iwwaumsm1s+'W - V- mf.vS.3'Z.1.3TQi4?x-a,.J .15 . yu-.---.if-,,3g2 , no fy ,WM .. . . . ...W M Y: Q S ,.L, 9-: yew:-M - SM- . ' 3 EF,M,-,,... 1 , f, .lmegsfgsg , 1 ... Q v A f 'i'.SZG"'f.75'rFiIS:.. , IA. 1 1 S P 43 ' P 11' 2 wx. , 2 ESX M 1 . . . MYSELF that You ma live in me. ON THE BRINK OF A NEW ERA, Seniors Mary Anne Moore, Harry Tocce, and Peg Query wistfully gaze toward the beckoning future, leaving behind them twelve years that have Hown by only too quickly. Four years of hard work, fun, and spirit have come to a close for us. As we leave for the outside world of college and business ventures, many thoughts run through our minds. One thought lingers on, a thought that we hope never to lose. Though we are leaving NCHS, we are never leaving Christ behind us. Everything that we do in later life, Christ will do in us as long as we live in His grace. 133 M O S T I Mary Ann Moore E 39 .'3.n: B O'-1'-It1'1l"mv-Ib C M O L S I T K E L Y Maureen Robinson Tony Giannelli Ummnndw GH CHnmHHmHZH Hb 05 rf 55 WD. 'D fb Ralph Long C3 D-1 HCOEOw HwOZ 25 Q3 92 P! O' Q? UmHHWHww Q '-.. FIVJOZ v-ra 2- L-' 9 FD D FD C 3' 5 E: 3 Sf? Und'-IZr-fir-'tw-I gh H 0 N M O P S O T P U L A R Joanne Howard Phil Pulido I-'I-'lb '-Iwi-nw CICPUBP UZ P 25 572. Q-as so v-1 Q- Mike Damiano Jeanne Monahan U9 QB. 5.0 no H mf-P-H-2 v-Im St. Matthew's James Anthony Albano, Jr. Christ the King C.S.M.C. 3,45 Chess Club 15 Glee Club 15 Football l,3. Ambition: To keep my nose from be- coming longer than a certain Twee- dle's. "Tweedle Dee" When Jimmie feels like working, he just lies down until the feeling goes away. F 5 Marie Allene Anderson Holy Trinity Student Council 2,35 C.S.M.C. 3,45 Sanctuary Society 1,25 Defensor 3,45 Future Teachers' Club 1,25 Glee Club 1,25 Latin Club 1,25 Cheerleader 3,4. Ambition: To fill the lives of the ones I love with every happiness possible, and to return to Norfolk someday. "If Dreams Come True" Allene believes that smiles are better teachers than the mightiest words. Anne Daniel Bennett Legion of Mary 1,25 Good Counsel Club 45 Dramatic Club 15 Glee Club 1,2,35 Choir 1,25 Latin Club 3,45 Varsity Club 3. Ambition: To be a spinster in the pro- fession of art. "Party Doll" Anne is full of wit and loving fun. Look out world5 here she comes. Alice Victoria Baity Holy Trinity Student Council 1,25 Student Court 1,25 Library Council 45 National For- ensic League 1,25 California Scholar- ship Federation 1,25 Pep Club 1,2. Ambition: To fulfill my vocation in life to the best of my ability. "I'll Be Around" Vickiis good heart is better than all the heads in the world. oseph Wallace Bmkley "Where did we ever put them?" gasps Joyce Witt as Terry Casablanca, Mary Frances Scalzi, and she take a break during the selling of Student Direc- tories. Holy Trinity Class Oiiicer 15 Latin Club 1, Foot- ball 1,2,3,4. Ambition: To know Gloria Caruana better. "Gonna' have a Party" Joe's word for the day is ask every- one's advice and then do as you please. Nancy Lee Brownley Blessed Sacrament Catholic Action 3,45 C.S.M.C. 3,45 Good Counsel 4g Library Council 1,35 Future Nurses Club 3,45 Business Club 3,45 Latin Club 1,2. Ambition: To be a success and a credit to my mother and father. "Sweet and Lovely" Nancy's proof that gentlemen prefer blondes. James Lloyd Bramble, Jr. Holy Trinity C.S.M.C. 3,43 Spanish Club 1,2g J.V. Football 1,25 Varsity Football 43 J.V. Basketball 1,25 Varsity Basketball 3. Ambition: Architectural engineering. "Brown-Eyed Handsome Mani' Factitious remarks give evidence of Jimmy's playful spirits and wit. Holy Trinity James Arthur Bruno Blesxed Sacrament Student Council 1,2,3,45 Secretary- Treasurer 35 C.S.M.C. 3,45 Key Club 2,3,45 Spanish Club 1,25 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Varsity Football 2,3545 J.V. Basketball 25 Basketball 3,45 Baseball 2,3,4. Ambition: To do something right. "Yakkity Yak" Art chatters, chatters all the while, but everybody loves it. Donald Vincent Burlage Chrixt the King Dramatic Club 45 French Club 3,45 Spanish Club l,2. Ambition: To be .tuccexsful and attain every goal set before me. "All American Boy" Our candidate for the next cover of Esquire, Don's clothes help put over his Casual and easy-going personality. Theresa Casablanca Crusader 45 C.S.M.C. 3,45 Defensor 35 Class Officer 1,35 Dramatic Club 25 Future Teachers 25 Business Club 3,45 Glee Club 1,2,35 Spanish Club 1,25 Manager Girls' Basketball 354. Ambition.' to be an art teacher in high school. "Honey Chile" Terry laughs and the world laughs with her. Gloria Jean Caruana Chrixt the King Catholic Action Club 1,3,45 Jour- nalism l 5 Future Nurses 3,45 Dramatic Club l,2,3,45 Business Club 3,45 French Club l,2. Ambition: To see the day when I say the right thing at the right time and to attend William and Mary. "Little Bitty Pretty One" Gloria's full of suppressed giggles in the classroom." Katherine Marie Clark Saint Mary's Honor Society 3,45 Crusader 4, Sanc- tuary Society lg Class Officer 3,4g Girls' State 35 Defensor 1,2,3,4g Fu- ture Teachers Club 1,2,3,4g Dramatic Club lg Latin Club l,2g French Club 3,4. Ambition: To always do what is best for myself and others. "Kathy-O" "The path of duty is Katherine's way to glory." Edward Joseph Case St. M ary's CSMC 3,4. Ambition.' To be a good citizen and a credit to my school. "You can't stop me from Dreamin' l' Far underrated, Eddie is appreciative of anything funny or prankish. Lois Ann Casale Christ the King CSMC 3,45 Library Council 1,2,3g Future Nurses 3,45 Spanish Club 1,23 Latin Club 3,4g Drill Team 3. Ambition: To live a full life and to help others in the field of nursing. "That's why I was born" Lois' snappy brown eyes and ready smile indicate friendliness all the while. Joseph Herbert Cofer Holy Trinity CSMC 3,45 Key Club 35 Monogram Club 3,43 Football 3,45 Track 3,4. Ambition: To get married "Winter in Miami" "Don't let Joe's silence fool youg he has his share of fun." 142 Piux X William Joseph Conley III Blessed Sacrament C.S.M.C. 3,4. Ambition: To retire at the ripe old age of 30. "One Night" Mirth and laughter prove Bill's light air and win him many friends. Gladys Elizabeth Dailey St. jasephfv Sanctuary Society 25 Joumalism 25 Library Council 2,3,45 Business Club 3,45 French Club l. Ambition: To be succesxful in every endeavor. "Rock and Roll Music" Her good nature, dependability, and consideration of the other fellow make Gladys a valuable member of the class of '59. Carmen Angelo D'Auria Latin Club 1,25 Football 15 Baseball 3,45 Monogram Club 3,4. Ambition: To join the Navy. "I Can't Sit Down" With not a care in the world, Carmen can usually be found as the leader of some new scheme. 143 55 s Michael Richard Damiano Saint Pius X Student Council 45 Crusader 45 Class President 45 Key Club 45 Dramatic Club 45 Football 45 Track 3. Ambition: To play pro lacrosse for DeGaulle and the French eleven. "Fake Out" A boy Mike seems of cheerful yester- days and confident tomorrows. Dale Charles Daulton Chrixt the King C.S.M.C. 3,45 Dramatic Club 2,3. Ambition: to be a commercial artist "Wild Child" Dale is sober but not serious, quiet, but never idle. Susan Ann Dealy Sacred Heart C.S.M.C. 3,4g Good Counsel 45 De- fensor 1, Library Council 1,2,3g Dramatic Club 2,3,45 Latin Club 1,2. Ambition: To prove Wrightis wrong. "Pickin on the wrong Chickenl' Who knows what's over the hill, Sue hopes it's excitement or maybe a thrill. James Weston Davis St. M ary? C.S.M.C. 3,45 Journalism 2,3,4g Dra- matic Club 2,3,4. Ambition: To graduate from Col- lege with a B.S. in Chemistry. "Smiles" His constant smile with mild man- ner make Jimmy a desirable friend. Gordon Hubbard Dozier Christ the King Sanctuary Society 1,25 CSMC 3,4 Class officer 2, Library Council 1,2 3,4g Defenxor 1,25 Latin Club 1,2. Ambition: To bring back '50 Nashes. "Three Carburetors" Men may come and men may go, but we know Gordie goes on for- ever. 144 "Little to the left, nice smile now,' says the photographer, Mr. Mcln tosh and Maureen Robinson cheer Geraldine oan Durand Christ the King C.S.M.C. 3,45 Business Club 3,4. Ambition.' To beat Earlene at Scrabble - just once. fully obliges. Just Eighty-five more Hchllrch Bells May Ringu Seniors to go. Nothing can be said of Geraldine but good. Irene Demaries Elliott St. joseph C.S.M.C, 3,45 Library Council l,2, 3,4g Future Nurses 4. Ambition.' To be zz nurse. "Sincerely" Although seemingly quiet, Irene's joyful nature has made her many friends. 145 Gerard Joseph Durand Jr. Christ the King C.S.M.C. 3,45 Dramatic Club 4g Football l,2,3,4, Ambition: To understand the oppo- site sex. "Only make Believe" Chatter, chatter, as he goes, Gerry has found many friends so. Raymond P. Finney PiusX Crusadef 45 Library Council 3,4-. Ambition: To have four children fall boysj and be selected for rear- Admiral in the U.S.N. "Row, Row, Row, Your Boat" Ray claims the distinction of being Norfolk Catholic's own "Bell-Boy." Mary Leonie Finney Holy Trinity C.S.M.C. 3,45 Library Council 2,35 mother. "I'll Get by" Roll on world and Mary'll roll with you. Edward John F raim St. Mary's Student Council 45 Class officer 25 Spanish Club 1,25 Monogram Club 3,45 Football l,2,3g Basketball 1,2,3, 4-g Baseball 4. Ambition: To be the United States decathlon champion in the 1960 Olympics. "Never Gonna Tell" Full of life and fun, Ecldie's always around when there's mischief to be done. Mary Patricia Fenn Holy Trinity Defensor 3,4-g Dramatic Club 3,45 Glee Club 3g French Club -35 Span- ish Club 1,2. Ambition: To be a speech therapist and be able to reach the top of my locker. "Little One" Molly has a big heart always wish- ing to do right. 1742 EK Camilla Nash Francis Sacred Heart C.S.M.C. 3,45 Good Counsel Club 45 Defensor 1,25 Dramatic Club 1,2, 43 Spanish Club 1,23 J.V. Basket- ball 1. Ambition: To stop looking for cer- tain Cheuy's. "F ull and Fun and Fancy Free" Camilla is a constant conversation- alistg can find something humorous in even the dullest of circumstances. Roger Moore Gallalee Blessed Sacrament Library Council 1,2g Defensor 4g "Casting My Spell on You" Roger's fun seeking nature makes him a sought-after friend. Mary Ellen Gies Star of the Sea Catholic Action 45 C.S.M.C. 3,4g Sanctuary Society 3g Library Coun- cil 1,235 Business Club 3,4g French Club 1. Ambition: To be a credit to my par- ents and work in civil service. "Friendly Persuasion" Quiet, but always cheerful, Mary Ellen has a sunny personality. Anthony Joseph Giannelli III Blessed Sacrament Honor Society 3,43 Student Coun- cil President 4g Student Council 1 2,33 Crusader 4g C.S.M.C. 3,45 De- fensor 2,3,4g Key Club 2,3,4g Capi- tal District Secretary 3,45 Boys' State 35 Library Council l,2,3,4g Dramatic Club 1,25 French Club 1,2. Ambition: To have the '59 Student Council as well remembered as that of Ray White's and never to forget all the friends I have made. "Big Man" When men look for leaders among men, Tony shall be there. 1 joanne Marie Howard PiusX Honor Society 45 Cruxader 45 Cath- olic Action l,2,3,45 CSMC 3,45 Di- rector CYA 25 Class officer 35 De- fensor 45 Dramatic Club 1,45 Latin Club 1,25 French Club 3,45 Cheer- leader 4. Ambition: To make a home run with Butts. "Little Star" Jo's demure, petite and meticulous. She knows how to liven up a dull class with her subtle wit. James Laurence Hickerson Saint Gregory Monogram Club 152,35 Football 152, 3,4. Ambition: To be a street cleaner in Paris. "Rebel Rouser" If it took any effort to go from today into tomorrow, Jimmy'd probably still be lying in yesterday. Lucille Rose Guerrieri Blessed Sacrament Catholic Action 3,45 C.S.M.C. 3,45 Good Counsel Club 45 Library Council 1,35 Future Nurses Club 35 Business Club 3,45 Clee Club 25 Latin Club l,2. Ambition: To be a credit to my mother and father. "Lucille" Lucy finds that words are the music of the world. Linfield Lee Hunt Blessed Sacrament CSMC 3,4. Ambition: To be a Meteorologist. "It's Just a Matter of Time" His genial personality has made field a favorite friend of many 148 in- Earlene Elizabeth Kennedy Star ofthe Sea Catholic Action 1,23 C.S.M.C. 3,45 Library Council 1,2,35 Dramatic Club 15 Business Club 3,4g Latin Club 1,2. Ambition: To marry a Texas mil- lionaire and live in . . . why, Vir- ginia, of course. "Deep in the Heart of Texas" Earlene is easily provoked to laugh- ter. Kevin Kieran Kent Blesxed Sacrament CSMC 3,4. Ambition: To be a credit to Nor- folk Catholic. "If I didn't Care." Kevin's friendly grin and cheerful side remarks will long be remem- bered. Carolyn Leona Klucz St. Mary's Sanctuary Society 1,2g Journalism 35 Library Council 35 Girls' State 3g Business Club 3,4-g Dramatic Club 1,43 Glee Club l,2,3g Spanish Club 1,2. Ambition: To be like my Mother in every way. "So Raren Carolyn proves that it's nice to be natural when one is naturally nice. 149 Ann Elizabeth Kirby Blessed Sacrament Catholic Action 45 C.S.M.C. 45 Li- brary Council 3, Debating Club 4g Audio-Visual l,2,3g Chess Club 15 Future Homemakers of America 1. Ambition: To be the first woman president of the United States. "Girl of my Dreams." With gentle yet prevailing force, Ann is one intent upon her destined course. Thomas Joseph Knight St. joseph Chess Club 1,2g Latin Club lg Foot- ball l,2,3,4g Track 2,3,4. Ambition: To be a success in all I do. "Speedo" Our blue ribbon winner on field day, Tommy is famous for his talks in government class. William Joseph Koerner Holy Trinity C.S.M.C. 4g Football ls Track 1,2. Ambition: To be a pilot. "Jailhouse Rockn A bit of mischief we find in Bill, guided by a carefree air, QE '- E Little Peggy Query gets set for take-off as she waits to get her senior picture taker Michael Bernard Laing Blessed Sacrament Honor Society 4g Cruxader 4g Key Club 4g Latin Club 2g Football 3,4. Ambition: To go a week at N.C.H.S. without homework. "Come Go with Men Mike agrees with no man's opin- ionsg he has many of his own. Holy Trinity Claudine Marguerite Lambert Blessed Sacrament Crusader 4g Sanctuary Society 4g Dramatic Club 3,4-. Ambition: A politician I would like to be Or a dramatic actrex: maybe, But I think that the best thing To be happy and debonnaire Is to marry a millionaire. "Paris in the Spring" Claudine's thinking of others makes others think of her. Ralph Brendan Long Blessed Sacrament Student Council 4g Crusader 4g C.S.M.C. 3,45 Key Club 3,45 Boys' State 35 Latin Club 2,45 Monogram Club 3,45 Football 35 Basketball 3,4. Ambition: To teach cannibal.: table 77la7l7l87.l'. "I'm going to be a Wheel Someday" Worry never made great men. Why should Ralph worry? Antoinette MacDonald C.S.M.C. 4g Library Council 4. Ambition: To be a good Jecretary. "Heart" Although new to Norfolk Catholic her cheerfulness and friendly interest in school activities have helped Toni to win many lasting friendships. Mary Felicia Longton Holy Trinity C.S.M.C. lg Sanctuary Society 4g Dramatic Club 4. Ambition: To raise a breed of big white cats. "Pussycat" Mary with her smiling face and con- tagious chuckle has made many a day brighter for us. L 1 w ,xi Mary Josephine Melchiorre Blessed Sacrament Student Council ls Catholic Action Club 1,2,3,4g C.S.M.C. 3,45 Dra- matic Club lg Future Nurses Club 3,45 Latin Club 1. Ambition: To be a credit to my par- ents and friends. "Memories are Made of This" Mary Jo's thoughtfulness rises from a truly sincere heart. Michael Ernest Mastalski Pope Pius X Glee Club 3g Baseball 3,4. Ambition: To be in the Navy. "Anchors Aweighn He's Norfolk Catholic High School's perfect candidate for the ideal bus driver. Lanky Mike's happy-go-lucky nature finds something amusing about everything. Paul David Miller Holy Trinity Monogram Club 4g Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball 45 Track 3,4. Ambition: To sell bathing suits in Alaska. "Ma, he's making eyes at me." Paul's seldom serious, often gay, a good fellow in every way. 152 Joyce Marie Mann Holy Trinity Student Council 45 Class Officer 35 Catholic Action 2,35 C.S.M.C. 3,4g Journalism Club 2,3,4g Library Council l,2,3g Dramatic Club 1,2, 3,43 Latin Club 1,23 French Club 3,45 Cheerleader 4. Ambition: To repay Ruth for her great sacrifice and share a happy life with those I love. "Everybody Loves a Lovern Joyce loves to live and lives to love. Holy Trinity Jeanne Ellen Monahan Saint Gregory the Great Crusader 45 Catholic Action 1,2,43 C.S.M.C. 43 Good Council 43 Jour- nalism 4g Library Council 15 Dra- matic Club 3,4g Business Club 3,4. Ambition: To be a "june Bride." "Get Me to the Church on Time" Twinkling eyes with a gay smile, Jeannie is constantly rushing but is usually just a little behind schedule. Mary Anne Moore Christ the King Student Council 1,2,3,4g Crusader 4g CSMC 3,45 Sanctuary Society 2,33 Defensor 3,43 Future Teachers 35 Glee Club 1,2g Latin Club 1,25 Varsity Club 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2, 3,4. Ambition: To deserve the love and respect of those who mean the most to me. "It's Not for Me to Say" Mary Anne gives to the world the best that she has and the best comes back to her. Theresa Clare Muehlbauer Sanctuary Society 43 Library Coun- cil 2,3,4g Dramatic Club lg Future Teachers 23 Business Club 3,45 Spanish Club l,2. Ambition: To succeed in whatever I attempt. "Tenderly" Theresa adds kindness and sweet- ness to everything. Ralph Canedo Mouton Holy Trinity Christmas Pageant 35 Journalism Club 3,4g Dramatic Club 3,4. Ambition: To go into the field of electronics after hnishing college. "Witch Doctor" Diligent, a great arguer, and always helpful, Ralph is the first to volun- teer for any job. Saint Mary's Margaret Mary Piedmont Christ the King Catholic Action 15 Future Teachers 25 Glee Club 1,2,3. Ambition: To be a credit to my par- ents and school. "Peg of My Heart" Margaret demonstrates that kind- ness is wisdom. Emma Louise Peterson Saint joseph? Library Council l,2,3,4g Future "Feels So Good" With friendship bright and gay, Emma is easily identified by her cheerful "Hil" Audrey Florence Poole C.S.M.C. 3,45 Sanctuary Society lg Library Council 2,3,4g Dramatic Club 21 Business Club 3,45 Future Nurses 3g Glee Club l,2. Ambition: To be able to get ahead of Mary Frances, once. "Stay as Sweet as You Are" Neat, cute, sweet, Audrey's conta- gious smile and quiet friendliness are valued by all. Dorothy Jean Murden Christ the King Crusader 43 Catholic Action 45 C.S.M.C. 3,4g Dramatic Club 4g Business Club 3,45 Glee Club 1,25 French 1,25 Cheerleader 2,3,4. Ambition: To get myself a Tony. "I Wonder Why" School spirit with loyalty is apparent as Dottie cheers for our Varsity teams. Jose Felipe Pulido Saint Mary'.v as ai football player. A I I "Let the Good Times Roll" There's mischief in Phills eyes. Mary Ellen Reese Holy Trinity Sanctuary Society 4g Good Counsel Club 45 Business Club 3,4g Glee Club 3,4. Ambition: To have a happy mar- riage. "Always" Mary wants to live! to learn! to see! to enjoy! What's this? Did Ralph Long just tell a sharp joke or is the Crusader stag, Connie Vanderploeg, Mary Anne Moore, Ralph, Manda Which- ard, Harry Tocce, and Mike Laing, laughing at a new batch of pictures? Margaret Agnes Query Holy Trinity Crusader 45 C.S.M.C. 3,45 Good Counsel Club 2,43 Defenxor 'l,2,3,4g Library Council l,2,3,4g Dramatic Club l,2,3,4g French Club 3,43 Spanish Club 1,2. Ambition: To alwayx please those who mean the most to me. "Young Love" Margaret's sunny disposition lines life's darkest clouds. Maureen Sue Robinson Holy Trinity Student Council l,2,3,4g Vice- President 45 C.S.M.C. 3,4g Library Council 1,2,3,45 Dramatic Club 1,25 Latin Club 1,25 French Club 3,4. Ambition: To be as much like my Mother as posxible and to marry a man as good as my Father. "Devil or Angel" Maureen hails from the isle of saints and scholars. Majorie Josephine Roberts Holy Trinity Catholic Action 3,45 Good Counsel Club 45 Library Council 45 Future Teachers 3,4. Ambition: To always do the will of God. "I Believe" Majorie's always ready, willing, able to help anyone in need, especially members of the Future Teachers' Club or the Library Council. Lemuel Mayo Richards Holy Trinity Ambition: To be a Navy-radar technician. "Problems, Problems" Lemuel is jolly and witty, with never a frown. Archie Dale Ross St. Mary'.r Student Council 2,35 Crusader 45 C.S.M.C. 3,45 Legion of Mary 45 Key Club 2,3,45 Class Oflicer 1,45 Journalism Club l,2,3,45 Li- brary Council 1,2,3,45 Dramatic Club 1. Ambition: To be a help to anyone in anyway possible at any time. "Baby Face" Determination is Archie's key to success. Holy Trinity Mary Frances Scalzi Sacred Heart C.S.M.C. 3,45 Defensor 2,3,45 Li- brary Council lg Dramatic Club 1,2, 3,45 Business Club 3,45 Span- ish Club 1,2. Ambition: To be a suceexs in life and have a good Christian family, expecially to earn a M.R.S. - f.D.S. "Someday" Mary Frances' famous last words are, "Of course, I'm not going steady!!" Ruth Elizabeth Schmitt Holy Trinity Defensor 1,2535 Library Council 2,35 Dramatic Club 253,45 Business Club 3,45 Latin Club l,2. Ambition: to be a .vuccexs in the en- tertainment field and a credit to my family. 'Tammy' Ruthie's motto is Q if not to eat and to drink, at least to be merry. Richard Lee Scribbins Sanctuary Society 1,25 Altar Boys l,2,3,45 Dramatic Club 2,3,4g Latin Club l,2. Ambition: To be a suecesx in the eyes of Cod, my parents and coun- try. "Doin' what comes naturally" Richard, steady and sturdy, he is often thought of as being shy. Walter Xavier Schwind Christ the King National Honor Society 3,4 5 C.S.M.C. 1,2,3,45 Class President 1,23 Football 45 Basketball l,2,3,4. Ambition: to join the foreign legion. "A Certain Smile" Walt's wittyg hc's cleverg he's an all around good fellow. Blessed Sacrament Emily Theresa Thebarge Saint Mary's Sanctuary Society 1,2,3,45 Library Council 45 Business Club 3,45 Glee Club 2,3. Ambition: To be a success and a credit to my parents. "Sincerely" Theresa's quietness has its charm. William Edward Smith Holy Trinity Key Club 3,45 Library Council 1,25 35 Spanish Club 1,2. Ambition: To do well in whatever I do. "Cecelia" Always ready for a good laugh5 Bill's impish grin and friendly man- ner have won him many friends. Harry Vincent Tocce Jr. Student Council 1,35 Crusader 45 Class oflicer 25 Key Club 3,45 De- fensor l,2,3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Bas- ketball 2. Ambition: To be a successful jour- nalist. "You Aim to Please" H3FfY,S generosity with his time and effort is well recognized by his class- mates. Donald Wilt Shive Jr. Blessed Sacrament C.S.M.C. 3,45 Spanish Club 1. Ambition: To be a credit to my parents and school. "Teenage Dolll' Genial in nature, Don has a ready greeting for anyone and a talent for being companionable. ' Blessed Sacrament Constance Marie Vanderploeg Saint Matthews Crusader 45 Catholic Action 1,2,3, 4g C.S.M.C. 3,43 Sanctuary Society lg Dramatic Club 2,3,4g Future Nurses 4. Ambition: To get my R.N. from M.C.V. and become a permanent nurse for R.E.P. "All of a sudden my heart sings." Connie's cheerfulness makes the day seem brighter. Robert Scott Walton Blessed Sacrament Glee Club 3,4g Spanish Club 1,25 Football 4g Baseball 3,4. Ambition: To fly for the Air Force and to beat Father Burke just once in a debate. "Wild Blue Yonder" Scottie's fun-seeking nature often guides him to the merriest group and often the most mischievous. Amanda Ann Whichard Crusader Editor 4g C.S.M.C. 3,4-g Class Officer 1,25 Dramatic Club 1,2,3,4g Spanish Club 1,25 Varsity Club 2,3,4g Basketball 2,3,4. Ambition: To Phil my life with ever pleasant memories. "I know where I'm going" Manda's merry heart goes a long, long way." George Marshall Webb Jr. Holy Trinity Glee Club 3,4g J.V. Football lg Var- sity Football 2,4g Track l,3,4. Ambition: To go to King's Point and play football. "Sixteen Tons" Always ready with a laughg Spider has a talent for mischief as big as he is. Martha Ann Williams Saint josephjs Coocl Counsel Club 4g Library Council l,2,3,4g Future Nurses 45 Clcc' Club 2.33 Spanish Club 1. Ambition: To be a success in any field I attempt and a credit to all who made my preceding education possible. "All in the Came" Timid, quiet, eager, Martha shows :ui interest in projects that never fails to win new friends. xloyw llrooliv VVitt Holy Trinity C.S.M.C.3,-lg Sanvtuaiy Society 1, 21 Coocl Counsel 3,41 Dramatic Club l,2,'lg Business Club 3.+lg Clee Club l,2. .'lIIIl7l1l'HIl.' To one day be able to we tlze Vesizltx' of my orze-rl-day Pita- nzin pills. "True l,m'l"' "l'roulmlf' is not a worry of hersg ll2lDIlllN'SS in life is what Brooke hopes to find." Say, Camilla! What would Sister Francis Rose think of writing your Constitution essay at a basketball game? Mary Joaquina Yanez Blessed Sacrament Catholic Artion l,2,3,4g C.S.M.C 3,4g Glee Club l,2,3,4g Spanish Club 3,4-. Ambition: To learn to keep out of trouble. "Ain't Misbehavin' " Mary never troubles trouble, till trouble troubles her. 160 r I asm: in if tg T? SACRED HEART CHURCH is the scene of the '59 Baccalaureate Mass. Reverend Thomas Walsh, pastor, is the celebrant. Father Maio- riello, Father Burke and Father Sexton are present in the sanctuary. Introibo ad altare Dei FATHER WALSH DELIVERS the sermon at the Mass in which he exhorts the graduates 'Kbuild their lives on a solid foundationfl THE GRADUATES. under the direction of Father Maioricllo participate in a Dialogue Mass. WW i ' ' AMANDA WHICHARD, Salutatorian THE LONG WHITE LINE solemnly, at last, proceeds down those last few steps as students of Catholic High. ANTHONY GIANNELLI, Valedictorian 162 A JOVIAL BISHOP RUSSEL presents Raymond Finney the science award, Father Burke Monsignor McClunn, and Mr. john Daly, guest speaker, appreciate the erelesiatiral joke. Another year ended . . . THE CLASS OF '59 waits expertantly in front of the school before they File into the audi- torium to Check on their signed diplomas. 163 lllllllllll fx MX Qs ur thanks go to . TOP SELLERS in the yearbook drive are Thomas Sochor, Katherine Clark and Roy Cutler. 165 As the final pages of the ,59 Crusader go to press I wish to express my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to all those who helped in making this publication a suc- cess. To my efficient and capable staffg to the faculty and the entire student bodyg to our photographers, Mr. Mclntosh, Mr. Haug and Mike Damianog and particu- larly to our moderator, Sister Marie Mar- guerite, whose untiring efforts have made this book possible, I am especially in- debted. Amanda Ann Whichard A FRIEND Pick-Up 8. Delivery K, ,Q General Auto Road Service Repairs STADIUM AMOC0 SERVICE LUBRICATION - WASHING 4719 Hampton Blvd. TIRE SERVICE - WAXING Norfolk, Virginia BRAKE WORK - TUNE-UPS Phone MA. 2-6257 VISIT BE-JO's "TEEN TOWN" JUNIOR a. sus-DEB FAsHuoNs WARDS CORNER 127 East Little Creek Road E. SPERTNER COMPANY JEWELERS and SILVERSMITHS - Since 'I879 - 407 Granby Street I4 Southern Shopping Center You Must ALWAYS Be Pleased At llL"v BE-Lo in u'll A V I .fe This table has the distinction of having more stolen food than any other table. Left to right are Phil Pulido, Roger Galallee, Ralph Long, Jimmy Bram- ble, Spider Webb, Eddie Fraim and Art Bruno. COMPLIMENTS OF L. R. COUGHLIN COMPLIMENTS OF VIRGINIA PILOT ASSOCIATION WHITT'S ESSO SERVICENTER ' 3536 Tidewater Drive MA 5-0396 Norfolk, V COMPLIMENTS or ANTOINETTE O. DAILEY COMPLIMENTS OF COMMANDER and MRS. A. A. VISCHIO COMPLIMENTS or ST. 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Long and Whichard are the only ones who look alive. 176 AUSLEW GALLERY RESTORATION OF PAINTINGS CUSTOM PICTURE FRAMING ORIGINAL PAINTINGS PERIOD MIRRORS WALL SCONCES WOOD CARVING PORTRAIT PAINTING T414 Colley Avenue Norfolk, Virginio COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND OF CATHOLIC HIGH FRESHMAN BOYS of HOMEROOM I TELEVISIONS - APPLIANCES - RECORDS Sales and Service TELCO TELEVISION COMPANY Roosevelt Gardens Shopping Center .lUstice 3-0575 2720 Colley Ave. MAdison 2-9277 2302 Little Creek Road, Norfolk, Va. Captain George Webb leads his vivacious group to spur the cheerleaders to victory against the girls' varsity. COMPLIMENTS OF S. J. SELUGA CONSTRUCTION COMPANY' 8021 Carlton Street .IUstice 7-2579 MERCURY ROLLER RINK 102 E. Taussig Blvd. Norfolk 5, Virginia GRIGGS MUSIC STUDIO PRIVATE INSTRUCTION ON GUITAR and ACCORDION BEGINNERS OR ADVANCED STUDENTS Located Just OIT Military Highway 5625 Raby Road UI.-3-6973 COMPLIMENTS or SAINT MATTHEW'S CHURCH FASHION NEWS TOPPERS OXFORD SHOPPE presents the latest in Ivy League Suits, Sport Coats, Slacks, and Accessories TOPPERS OXFORD SHOPPE JU-3-2181 32 Southern Shopping Center Open: I0-9 Monday-Friday I0-6 Saturday HOLLOMON-BROWN FUNERAL HOME COMPLIMENTS OF CHRIST THE KING EDWAIEE-i:gNC"-OR BLESSED VIRGIN MARY SODALITY MAINTENANCE MATERIALS JANITOR SUPPLIES Norfolk, Vo. GRAY'S PHARMACY SINCE 1918 'X'-"'- 'if' I K N P I 4 f SACRED HEART CHURCH U x I N X IF YOU WANT POOR HEATING AND PLUMBING THAT'S YOUR BUSINESS IF YOU WANT GOOD HEATING AND PLUMBING THAT'S MY BUSINESS A. R. 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LOHMAN, Proprietor 7 Selden Arcade Phone MA-2-2024 "WE COPY ANYTHlNG" "LEADING LADY BEAUTY SALON" One of Norfolk's Most Modern Shoppes Evening Appointments Tuesday and Friday Professional Care ls Best for the Hair POLLY THORNTON, Proprietor 3903 Granby Street Norfolk, Virginia TO THE MEMCDRY OF PHILIP MCGUIRE FRIEND OF YOUTH OO 90 960 4 4 4 Q 4 4 4 o 4 9 Q 4 8 4 Q 4' REAL ESTATE - SALES - RENTALS - CONTRACTING WOODARD REALTY 2203 Colane Dr. Norfolk 13, Virginia JOHN WOODARD Phone UL 5-6241 BEACH TRAVEL SERVICE, INC. 7522 Granby Street at Wards Corner Norfolk, Virginia Telephone .lUstice 7-5622 0 I ClN"l' MISSI SPORTSMAN'S SHOP 130 West Plume Street "OUTFlTTERS OF THE CRUSADERS" EDDIE'S CONFECTIONERY 3351 Chesapeake Boulevard Norfolk, Virginia Telephone UL-3-9844 ARROW CLEANERS --Youre CLOTHES' sesr FRIEND" Phone UL 3-5398 3450 Azalea Garden Road COMPLIMENTS OF CHRIST THE KING HOLY NAME SOCIETY CHRIST THE KING CHURCH COMPLIMENTS OF D. L. GARCIA SOUTHERN AIR CONDITIONING 8. HEATING CORPORATION 839 Duke Street Norfolk, Virg COMPLIMENTS OF WILLIAM A. GRUBB CO., INC. PRINTING - RUBBER STAMPS EDWIN E. BIBB 8: COMPANY LIGHTING FIXTURES ond REPAIRS 701 Coloniol Avenue Norfolk, Virginio TAYLOR BU RGESS HAIRSTYLING SALON GEORGE H. CORRING Heating - Air Conditioning - Refriger t Artistic Hairstyling, Hairshaping 8. Permanent Waving 8109 Nathan Avenue 100 Louisiana Drive - Wards Corner - Norfolk, Va. Norfolk 3, Va. Phone JU 8-7049 E I I 0' The m05l FLA:-ieRrY's esso O and best in Motor tune up 8. Brakes relined Teen-age news . . Our Specialty We Give S 8. H Stamps Compliments of ST. JOSEPH'S PARISH Rea Ledger-Star . . . Rev. Cornelius Sexton SSJ, Pastor Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of HAJOCA CORP. Norfolk, Va. Compliments of NATIONAL MILITARY REALTY CORP. IIOI W. Little Creek Rd. Norfolk, Virginia JU 7-9289 JU 7-9143 George J. Pidgeon, Pres. MA 7-3085 DAY NIGHT PHONES JU 7-3892 JU 78888 VOLTA ELECTRIC COMPANY INDUSTRIAL - COMMERCIAL - MARINE 8341 Chesapeake Blvd. Norfolk, Vo. Compliments of: SOL PETOCK'S FURNITURE FAIR . . . DRIVE A LITTLE sAvE A LOT. . . 5932 Miiiifiry Highway On Route 165 Compliments of I J. B. LASCARA 3 STORES Downtown Wards Corner Virginia Beach Phone U L. 3-6554 W. J. ROACH COMPANY Furniture - Television Westinghouse and Other Appliances Buy Here and Save the Difference 3lOl-05 IAFAYETTE BLVD. Near Power Station NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Our Best Ads Are Not Written - THEY'RE WORN Downtown l'l8 W. Freemason Street Phone MAdison 7-5814 WILLNER'S Norfolk, Virginia Ward's Corner - Little Creek I56 E. Sewells Pt. Rd. JUstice 7-228i -L. 1 I Compliments of THE TODDLE HOUSE Virginia Beach Compliments of NORTH CAROLINA MILL OUTLET Fabrics of All Kinds Military Hi-way at Little Creek Road Phone MA 5-0535 D. H. BURLAGE D. H. BURLAGE 8. CO. 1216 Granby St. Mortgage Brokers Norfolk, Virginia CHARLES T. FLEEAR Plumbing and Heating Appliances 9603 Granby St. Norfolk 3, Virginia E. RAY HOWELL Optician 222 W. Bute Street Norfolk, Virginia HlLTCHER'S DEPARTMENT STORE fFormerly Lex's Apparel Shopj 2811 Lafayette Blvd. Phone UL. 5-4318 ALLMOND HARDWARE STORE "Serving Ocean View" Complete Line of Hardware - Tools - Utensils Garden Supplies "We Deliver in East Ocean View" 2222 E. Ocean View Ave. JU 8-5868 Compliments of HOLY TRINITY PARISH Norfolk, Virginia l I 3 Compliments of ROSES 5-'IO-25 CENTS STORES ASHMAN 8. MARQUETTE, INC. Wholesale Distributors Motorola TV - Stereo Hi-Fi Home - Clock - Portable Radios Car Radios to Fit All Makes of Automobiles Fedders Room Air Conditioners Dominion Toasters and Coffee Makers Compliments of the BRENNAN FUNERAL HOME Portsmouth, Va. Compliments of POWELL McCLELLAN LBR. CO. INC 3200 Lafayette Blvd. 846 Little Creek Road THE WILLOWOOD 3615 Tidewater Drive Neighborhood Service at Downtown Prices PLANTERS CHEMICAL CORP. 50 Years in Tidewater Now Otters Complete Pest Control Service SODA Sick Room Supplies Rats - Roaches - Ants - Mice - Fleas Mc 7-1325 Bonded Termite Control Ma. 5-5373 3Ill Virginia Beach Blvd. INGLESIDE PHARMACY Ingleside Rd. at Va. Beach Blvd. Charles S. Boyette, R.Ph. Compliments of E. CALIGARI AND SON INC. Painters 8- Decorators Mr. and Mrs. Austin Battaglia Rev. Francis Bums Catholic Chaplains' Office Dr. and Mrs. William J. Charm Mr. and Mrs. Michael Christe Mr. and Mrs. M. V. Cornetta Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Cosgrove Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cubilla Dr. Jack C. De Laura, D.D.S. Don H. Doctor, O.D. Very Rev. Carroll T. Dozier A Friend Franciscan Sisters Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Grissom, Jr. Capt. and Mrs. L. L. Hunt Mrs. E. Love Mr. and Mrs. H. A. MacDonald Sponsors John A. McCullum Dr. Thomas W. Peterson Alvin V. Piechocki Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Query Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Roland Miss Frances Ryan James Barry Robinson School Capt. and Mrs. B. Scullion John S. Selden, Jr., M.D. Sister Marie De Carmel, C.S.C. Sisters of Notre Dame Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Tobin Rev. Thomas Walsh Dr. Robert A. White, Optometrist Mrs. F. G. Woodson Mr. and Mrs. A. Zinkl Business Sponsors M. B. Balance Gulf Service Station Florence Drug Corp. Banks and Goldie Beauty Salon Newport Pharmacy J. R. Braithwaite Esso Station Penn's Radio and T.V. Service Capps Shoe Co. Central Stores Davenport's Market Della's Beauty Salon Tidewater Studios of Virginia Tucker Drug Co. United Dental Corp. Wards T.V. Mrs. A. Abuzeide and Adele The Two Aces Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Adkins Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Alexander Frank Alleva Mrs. E. R. Anderson Mr. E. R. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Anderson Ralph L. Anderson Robert F . Anglin Mrs. A. A. Annis Colonel W. Asmuth Mr. and Mrs. James Atin Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Atkinson Mr. and Mrs. Wm. E. Aubrey Mr. Gary Baillio III Mr. and 'Mrs. Dabney Baker Mr. Leonard Banks Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Baris Thelma Barnes Captain and Mrs. R. F. R has osey arry Mrs. C. Basio Mr. and Mrs. J. Barth Sr Joanne Thomas E. Beck Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Beeby Mrs. J. Beilhort Mr. Leon Bell Mrs. Berman Commander and Mrs. Bertoglio Commander W. J. Bisek Mrs. G. F. Blankenshi Felton, Elka, and Hall Block Mrs. Horace Bluford Mrs. Annie Boone Mr. and Mrs. John Booth Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Boring Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Borsy A. L. Bowden Mrs. Robert Brady Mr. and Mrs. James F. Brandon Mrs. H. D. Brawley Mrs. W. D. Btawley A. Brede Mr. C. W. Brickner Mrs. Mary A. Brickner Mr. A. L. Brogdon Mrs. A. L. Brogdon Mrs. Marjorie Brothers Mrs. Kenneth B. Brown Lieutenant D. W. Brown, USN Mrs. L. W. Brown, Jr. Reverend and Mrs. Brown Mrs. Richard S. Brown Mr. and Mrs W. R. Brown, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Brown Mr. and Mrs. James T. Bryant Maggie Bryant Colonel R. C. Bryson, USMC Mr. and Mrs. Al Bruno Mrs. Shirley A. Bruns Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Buckingham Sadie P. Buie Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bullock Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Burgess Mrs. Mary C. Bush Mr. F. B. Butler James G. Butler Mr. and Mrs. J.. Anthony Butt Catherine Byland Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Cabaniss Mrs. S. C. Cagle Captain and Mrs. E. G. Cam bell Mr. ami: Mrs. Michael J. Cannon Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Caprio Thomas W. Carlin Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carrnone Mrs. A es Carroll Mr. and-nMrs. J. R. Carty Bridget Caruana Mr. and Mrs. C. Caruana Mr. and Mrs. Casablanca Patrons James V. Case, Jr. Mrs. Lucy Chambel Major and Mrs. Chappas Marjorie Chapura W. L. Charlton Mrs. George I. Chegin In Memory Oi' Charles O. Cherry Anne Christe Marion E. Christe Mrs. Anne Christians Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Christianson Da Lorris A. Clark Donald Clark Mr. and Mrs. Jack Clark JIosephLClErk k an-y . ar Katherine Clark Mrs. Lames A. Claverie Mrs. . A. Cohen, Jr. Mr. Irvin Coley Mrs. J. A. Cofer Commander F. B. Conlin Mr. and Mrs. Emory A. Connell Miss Joanne Connell Robert Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cappi Lucille Cormier Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Coughlin Nancy Coughlin Mr. and Mrs. J. Covolo Mr. James Cox Miss Margaret Cox Mrs. E. M. Coyle Commander J. J. Coyle Anthony Crisalli Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Crockett Major J. T. Cron Mrs. Catherine Crowling Mr. a.nd Mrs. George H. Crump Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Crutsinger Mr. Peter Cubilla Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Culpepper Mr. and Mrs. George W. Cummings Charles Cunnin ham Mr. and Mrs. Nfartin Curran Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Dailey Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dailey, Jr. Miss Gladys E. Dailey Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Dale Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Dalton, Jr. Mr. Frank Damiano Mrs. Frank Damiano Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Davis J. C. Davis James Davis Patricia Davis Mr. Pete Decker Mr. W. S. Decker Captain H. H. De Laural Lt. Col. and Mrs. R. E. Denby Mr. Dixon Miss Diana Doherty Mrs. Hugh Doherty Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Doherty, Jr. Lieutenant A. Dombroski Mr. and Mrs. James Doyle Mrs. G. H. Dozier In Memory Of Michael M. Dudzik Paul J. Dunn Mr. Dwyer Mrs. Dwyer Mrs. Robert B. Eddy Galen A. Edney Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Edwards, Jr. Mrs. M. W. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. J. Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Odell Elliott Mrs. Robett Ellis, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Seaborn Eloatenkiner Mrs. J. T. Enright Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Eswine G. W. Eustis Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ewald Mr. and Mrs. Ease h Falleta Mr. and Mrs. eal7Feese Mrs. David Felton The John R. Fenns Marie Fentress Mrs. V. Ferlazzo Mr. E. E. Fester Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Finch Captain E. C. Finney Mr. and Mrs. Fitzpatrick Miss Marion Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Flanders Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Flemming Nicholas W. Flowers Margaret Flo d Mrs. Evelyn lgoland Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Forbes Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Forrestal 8: Family Mr. and Mrs. Theodore L. Forte Sadie Fox Captain Lawrence French Mrs. Lawrence French Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frencl Mr. Robert French, Jr. Fred L. Friedman Miss Teddy Fucci Mr. and Mrs. Roger M. Gallagher Mrs. H. A. Gambardella Mr. and Mrs. Willis Gaines Br Family Mr. and Mrs. A. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Ga.rnes Mr. and Mrs.. M. F. Gay Mr. Thomas K. Gerry Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Giannella Mrs. Lionel Gindron Mr. and Mrs. Carl Giovanella Mrs. George A. Glover Mr. Manuel Gomez Mrs. W. H. Gray Mr. and Mrs. Sam Gregino Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Gregorious Mr. and Mrs. Grofi' Mrs. Grunblat Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Guido Mrs. M. C. Gunn Gary Gutberlet Jloseph Gutberlet ommander W. H. Harlow Mrs. James E. Harper Mrs. L. M. Harris W. D. Harris A. M. Harrison Mr. Paul O. Harrison Mrs. T. W. Harrold Mrs. Nancy L. Haskett Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Hatton Mr. Eu ene Hayes Mr. ang Mrs. J. L. Heffemran Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Herden Mrs. Carl H. Herrick Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Hickerson itunes Hickerson obert Hickerson Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Hiers, Jr. Mr. Wilson V. Hill The Reon Hillegass, Jr. Family Mr. and Mrs. Hinkle Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Hip le, Jr. Chris iiloasier Mr. Wesle P. Hockeday Mr. and Nllrs. F. G. Hofiler Mrs. Doris E. Holden Miss Beatrice B. Holley Sgt. and Mrs. Clifton A. Holley, Jr. Mrs. Betty Holman Eleanora Holme Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Holsclaw Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Hooks Mr. and Mrs. James P. Horton. Mr. R. N: Hosteny Mrs. Marion Howard Mr. Eddie Howell Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Hughes Bob Hume Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Isley Mrs. Jesse James Mrs. , eanette Jenkins Mrs. E. K. Jennings Mr. C. D. Johnson Mrs. C. D. Johnson Mrs. B. A. Jones Clarence O. Jones May Jones Mr. and Mrs. R. D. ones Mr. and Mrs. P. T. ustis Charles M. Kacena John Ka.ruzas Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kavanaugh Constance Kean Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Kean Mrs. IL J. Keenoy Mrs. Kennedy Mrs. T. A. Kent Mr. Benjamin King Pat Kitchen Nancy Kitty Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Knakal Mr. and Mrs. C. Kna p Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Kpnapp Mrs. A. N. Knight Mrs. W. C. Kraemer Mrs. Kraft Dr. Norman Krell Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Kutnak Mrs. Frances Larnastra Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Lambden Mr. La.mbert Mrs. Lambert Sylvette Lambert R. E. Lambert Mr. and Mrs. Eric Lancaster Mr. A. I.. Lane Mrs. J. M. Lane Mrs. James Latla Mr. and Mrs. L. F. La Vack Mr. James E. Lawrence Mrs. W. A. Leary W. A. Leary Mr. and Mrs. Duane Leathers Barbara Lehman Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Lemma Mr. and Mrs. Leombruno Jack Ligon Buck Lilland Henry J. Linkus Mrs. Elsie Lockee Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Lockie Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Lockner Lt. Col. and Mrs. Frank A. Long Mr. E. W. Longton Mrs. E. W. Longton Mrs. P. E. Lotz John F . Lovett Mr. and Mrs. Lusti Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lynch Mr. John Maccioli John F. MacElwee William F. Ma.cGarnic Mrs. Thomasine Madison Mrs. James Mageean Ann Magrum Charles Magrum Mrs. A. W. Ma ee, Jr. Mr. Sr Mrs. Phgip J. M ua Mr. C. I. Marois Mrs. C. T. Marois Mary Dee Marsh Mr. 8: Mrs. L. E. Marsh, Jr. Lt. W. W. Marsh Mrs. V. Martin Mary Catherine Matthews Mrs. B. B. McCabe Maj. W. E. McCain Ray McClain Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry A. McClannon ljawrence J. McClellan, Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul McClure Mr. Fred McCoy Mrs. M. McCoy Charles A. McGlinchey Mr. 8: Mrs. W. E. McGonegal Mr. 8: Mrs. Elsie McKinney Mr. 8: Mrs. J. M. McLaughlin Cmdr. R. E. McMahon Mr. D. F. McMillian Mrs. D. F. McMillian Mr. 8: Mrs. W. L. Meadows Captain 8: Mrs. H. J. Mecklenburg Patrick Joseph Meehan Merrimack Park Canteen Barbara Merrill Millard T. Merritt Mrs. J. J. Messina Mrs. W. M. Miano Mr. 8: Mrs. Sherman Mitchell Mr. 8: Mrs. William J. Montgomery Fr. Mooney E. L. Moore Mr. 8: Mrs. H. P. Moore Mr. 8: Mrs. J. H. Moore Mary Anne Moore Doctor 8: Mrs. N. P. Moore Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Moore Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert W. Moore Capt. V. H. Morgan Mrs. P. T. Morrison Mr. T. B. Morton Mrs. James L. Mullen Mrs. W. T. Mulqueen Mrs. O. F. Murden Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Murphy Mr. 8: Mrs. A. Murphy Mrs. Marquirete Murphy W. B. Naylor B. G. Neal Ellen F. Neary Major J. S. Neary R. Page Newton Mr. 8: Mrs. R. B. Nichols Sea Scout Ship 13 - Nokoloa Miss Bertha Noonan Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Noonan Mr. 8: Mrs. J. W. O'Brien W. J. O'Connell Mr. 8: Mrs. A. J. O'Conn.or Mrs. J. E. O'Connor Col. J. E. O'Keefe James Oliver J. onine Cmdr. L. J. Opeil Mrs. L. P. Opeil The Orsini Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Theodore Owens Mr. 8: Mrs. John T. Parker Carmen Pascarosa W. O. Payne, D.D.S. Mrs. G. E. Peckham Lane P. Pemberton Lt. C. Percile Lt. . J. Perlite Richard Phalen The Phantom L. Comdr. F. E. Phillippi Mrs. F. E. Phillippi Ernest Phillips Allan 8: Roberta Phipps American Swim Watch Repairs Art Frame Shop Ballentine Grill Beach Market Black Angus Restaurant Blue and Gold Confectionery Bryant Plumbing and Mr. 8: Mrs. J. F. Piedmont Miss Mary A. Piedmont Mr. 8: Mrs. W. L. Piedmont Mrs. Thompson R. Pooton Mrs. C. E. Portlock Lt. S. P. Possantino Mr. 8: Mrs. L. L. Post Mr. Arthur K. Potter Mr. Margaret Potter Mr. 8: Mrs. Daniel R. Preeks Mrs. A. E. Price, Jr. Dr. A. T. Prives Richard A. Puryear Charles P. gluodec H. W. Rags ale Mrs. Helen B. Rainey Mrs. Francis B. Raiss Mr. 8: Mrs. William Ranhom Mr. 8: Mrs. Percy Ranger Kathleen Ranken Mr. 8: Mrs. William P. Ranken Mr. 8: Mrs. Rapp Capt. 8: Mrs. A. B. Register Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles A. Rehpelz Mrs. Mary Reid Mr. Archibald H. Reyes Elsie P. Reynolds Mrs. Charles P. Rhodes Mr. 8: Mrs. Nicholas J. Riccardo Leonard R. Rice Mrs. Kenneth Richardson Inez Rissotto Mr. 8: Mrs. H. C. Roberson, Sr. Lenora Roberts George Robertson, Jr. Trafton Robertson Mr. 8: Mrs. Pacific Romeo Sr. R. Adm. K. Romoser Mrs. W. K. Romoser Mr. 8: Mrs. James W. Rooke Mr. Mike Rudin Mrs. Marleen Rudin Mrs. R. A. Rudolph Mr. 8: Mrs. S. Rula Mr. 8: Mrs. A. O. Runaldue Mrs. Frederick N. Russell Mr. 8: Mrs. W. T. R an Mr. 8: Mrs. Marvin Sacks Mr. 8: Mrs. Ralph Sams G. B. Sanders Mrs. Virginia Sanders Mr. 8: Mrs. Sands Mrs. Elizabeth Saver Mr. 8: Mrs. Alphonse L. Msavfvlyer S rs. ar aret awyer Mrs. A. T!iScarbraugh Mr. 8: Mrs. Carl Schell Mr. 8: Mrs. John A. Schroeder John S. Schroeder Mr. 8: Mrs. H. Richard Schwarz Mrs. W. R. Schwind Mrs. C. W. Scott Earl Scott Mr. George Scott Mr. 8: Mrs. James Scott Mary Jo Scullion Mr. 8: Mrs. R. C. Sellers Mrs. Servonsky Mr. 8: Mrs. J. C. Sever Rev. Comelius Sexton, S.S.J. Mr. Thomas M. Shafer Mrs. T. J. Shannon Mrs. E. F. Shea Mr. 8: Mrs. Claude C. Sheppirrd Mr. 8: rs. C. W. Sherwood Mr. 8: Mrs. W. T. Shuey Mr. L. E. Shunkwiller Jerry Shurtleff Mrs. T. B. Simpson Capt. R. H. Smith Major 8: Mrs. V. J. Smith Mr. 8: Mrs. R. T. Smith Capt. L. W. Smythe Mrs. L. W. Smythe Mrs. Roy Snedecor Mr. 8: Mrs. F. C. Sochor Linda Sofranko Mrs. Edith Sorensen Mrs. M. B. Spence Mrs. O. J. Sprott Mrs. Cola Spry Earl Spurr, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Clarence Stanle Mr. 8: lviirs. George Steffe Mr. 8: Mrs. R. L. Sterrner Mr. 8: Mrs. C. H. Stokes Mrs. Oliver W. Stary Jack L. Stowe Mrs. J. C. Strand Mr. 8: Mrs. J. J. Sullivan Mrs. . M. Sullivan Col. . M. Sullivan Miss argaret P. Sullivan Miss Rosemary Sullivan Mr. Summers, Jr. Ha Sumrell Mri-lg Mrs. P. Surprenant Mrs. Milton L. Sutler, Jr. Mr. James Swan Mrs. Amett B. Taylor Mr. 8: Mrs. E. Taylor Hubert J. Thatch Mr. 8: Mrs. J. A. Thatch J. F. Thatch Mr. 8: Mrs. Philip B. Thatch Mr. Raymond A. Thatch Mr. 8: Mrs. Vincent D. Thatch Mr. 8: Mrs. A. E. Thebarge Mr. 8: Mrs. L. J. Thebarge Peggy Thebarge Theresa Thebarge Mr. 8: Mrs. Joe Thomas Prentiss Thompson Teresa Thompson J ohnoly-n Thomton Mr. E. H. Tice Judith Tytus Mr. 8: Mrs. M. Tytus Robert Tytus John G. Uhlar Robert E. Upton, Jr. Mrs. Stephen Vancho Mrs. H. Van Ells Mr. 8: Mrs. R. J. Vellines Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Venuto Mr. 8: Mrs. Vivier Mr. 8: Mrs. John Vizzini Elias N. Vourdahas Mrs. Mary C. Wakefield Mr. 8: Mrs. W. J. Walsh Mr. 8: Mrs. Ward Mr. 8: Mrs. . L. Ware Mr. 8: Mrs. J. F- Washington F. H. Watlington Miss Ann Watts Mrs. B. L. Watts Mrs. Wanser I. Webb Major 8: Mrs. R. F. Werkmeister Mrs. J. R. Westrnan Steve Wheeler Mr. 8: Mrs. Ja.mes Cecil Whichard Darry 8: Larry Whiman Clara White Mr. J. C. White Lou White Mr. 8: Mrs. R. P. White Mr. Roland S. White Mrs. Roland S. White Mr. 8: Mrs. J. N. Whitehead Miss Lynda Williams Mrs. Mary Williams Nelson P. Williams Mr. 8: Mrs. D. E. Wilkey Mrs. James C. Wilkins Mr. 8: Mrs. Glenn Wilson Mr. 8: Mrs. Raymond C. Wilson Mr. 8: Mrs. J. E. Winter Mr. 8: Mrs. James T. Wiseman Mr. Brooke Witt Mr. W. J. Wittman Edna M. Wolfe Mr. 8: Mrs. A. L. Wood Mr. Russell Wood Mrs. J. J. Woodhouse, Jr. Dorita Woodson Mr. 8: Mrs. W. B. Woolridge Goldie Wyatt Mr. 8: Mrs. F. P. Wysocki Mrs. Danie A. York Florence Young Mrs. Richard S. Zeisel John Zingrafl' Mrs. G. E. Zinser Mr. 8: Mrs. W. A. Zoby Mr. 8: Mrs. John W. Zontini Mrs. E. H. Tice Business Patrons Heating Duke's Beauty Salon Elmin's TV and Rad. Henry's Barber Shop Jack's Barber Shop Kemp's Barber Shop Larchmont Pharmacy Libby's Beauty Salon Maxine Howard Dress Shop Mr. E. R. Tobias Mr. 8: Mrs. Morgan N. Trim er Mr. 8: Mrs. R. N. Triplett Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Trotman Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph P. Tylka Merchandising Service Morrissettes 5110 Store National Cleaners Pridgens Esso Servicenter Roger's Sunoco Scottie's City Service Spry's Variety Store Summers Grocery Sunbeam Appliance Service Company Terrie's Incorporated Stationers Willis Foods Center Wood's Esso Station Wyman O. Kimbrell Insurance Agency ma: ' .. -1 . f 4' X A ! , v-' If 1,-fr-N . . ' X ,1,Q'1!', . ' f A ' g - ,f . 4' f N '5,. i . '.,.., v 1 A I I' v 1 'v Y .AI-, . N 1 , ' 'A f .14 k .- .' , . ' F x ' 0 f, I I ' .wffy 1- Cr, y V 45' N52-,5A,L. T-Ii ' . - - vi g. H .,',rf..YwMggXF,' ,Q,M-!L,W. Lg 5 , I. 3" N, ja . .--Qapz'-47,4 lf. AF 1 1 r ' 7144 ' 'Th v 4 J. ., qw, cgi 'Qi'- J . , V ,-. vf. W1 If lu fi'.-mlafl11f ":gc'4-2..' ,1., ,,.,. n M- if X Ui iii if in IH iff m lla Q, nun,--wg f 'F 9' UVB ll .1 I , egg pei' ga, ?Tii'TC' L' -ff. .ry , :EI N A vl I I Q V, KM w.- , 175351 Q 1 'MH 'H N1 .YA Mg.,

Suggestions in the Norfolk Catholic High School - Crusader Yearbook (Norfolk, VA) collection:

Norfolk Catholic High School - Crusader Yearbook (Norfolk, VA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Norfolk Catholic High School - Crusader Yearbook (Norfolk, VA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Norfolk Catholic High School - Crusader Yearbook (Norfolk, VA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Norfolk Catholic High School - Crusader Yearbook (Norfolk, VA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 199

1959, pg 199

Norfolk Catholic High School - Crusader Yearbook (Norfolk, VA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 43

1959, pg 43

Norfolk Catholic High School - Crusader Yearbook (Norfolk, VA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 153

1959, pg 153

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