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I0 WHAT DID you ET A Q'-I in P ,Q-if DEMEPIT5 ...-----"""'Q' o f Som """"'-"'s 2 QQMQ 33 SKJFQEGL QCEEQIE 1153111116253 0.3.4 all lllllarlllll ff me Pro Q Q4 f X 49,1 Q ' Q l a s A DWDM!-If GATMQN QU TUE HQBQZQJNS EBSQ Jodi Copeland Lance Goodman Susan Barco Klm Shoemaker Jamue DeMalo Larry Patlsh Ms Pat Hume Executive Edltor Asslstant Edltor Asslstant Edltor Business Editor Art Editor Photography Edltor Advisor -QIVX' - ' For a generation of service I ,J L ht qs A- to Norfolk Academy I' Q ' L.. . as student ,- -' as teacher as Assistant Headmaster f For knowing when to be Uncle Bill . s and when to be Mr. Miller WF' For just plain caring about each one of us 41 The 1981 Horizons ' x e- . Q U N ls dedicated to - William R. Miller, Ill 1 ' ' I I. 'iq' . 1 ' H n A Y ., f o fn, 1 ff, Q X11 1 . ,psf r-we SAA "rl 4 I If there is a bond which cements the 25-member board together, it is shared experience-in business, community endeavors, even college memories. Of the 25, ten are alumni and twelve have children attending the Academy. "The board is a very prestigious group," Welton said. "There's no getting around it. But we make it very clear that if you're on the board, you're going to work hard." But the board is not all work and no fun, for humorous stories abound. Take for example, the story of how girls first came to the school. It fell to Welton and two other trustees to convince C.F. Burroughs that coeducation was for the future. "Frank Batten, Harry Price, and I went to him and told him about the girls," Welton recalled. "He said, 'Don't want no girls.' We said, 'Mr. Burroughs, what if we put girls in one building and boys in another?' He said, 'Well, maybe, if you put a fence down the middIe."' BOARD OF TRUSTEES Joshua P. Darden President W. MacKenzie Jenkins, Jr. Vice-President Mrs. Virgil F. Laws Vice-President John B. Syer Vice-President Thomas H. Willcox, Jr. Secretary John M. Ryan Ass't. Secretary Mrs. Theodore Adler Alex T. Mayo Frank Batten Mrs. Robert C. Nusbaum Mrs. James N. Bell, Jr. Hugh L. Patterson Mrs. Charles F. H.B. Price lll Peter Eustis Richard F. Welton Ill Henry Clay Hofheimer Robert M. Stanton Doyle E. Hull Craig L. Slingluff Robert A. Lawson, Jr. Wendall L. Winn W. Peyton May John O. Wynn Thomas V. Rueger WORLD AND LOCAL LEADERS fx-I llll I 9.-.J "It's just plain fun," said Arthur MacConochie, an English teacher and UVA graduate. "One of the happy things is to teach a man and then to teach :1is son. Teaching at the Academy is a labor of ove." The faculty is as loyal as the students. Of the school's 72 staff members, 27 have more than a decade of tenure. They have remained despite a salary lower than public schools and double-digit inflation. "l don't know if pay is really a factor," Arthur MacConochie said. "It's a very satisfying job. You see people go through college and come back and make their mark in the community." "It is the caliber and fidelity of the faculty that has made the school what it is," Tucker said. .ggol N4 my Teaching in the fine arts - music, painting, pottery - has increased markedly under Tucker in hopes of promoting greater creativity among the students. Students will also learn computer science for the first time this year, for school officials have finally surrendered to the reality of technology. 3 s T x I 1 V, I 1 I 4 I E 4 .W . ,Q x f f . N David E. Trickler Donald E. Craig Director of Athletics Director of Developm Gordon H. Dozier, Jr. Director of Business i Daniel J. Reilly Gary C, Laws Asst. Director of Asst. Director of Royster Smith-HOfh9irTlGr History Dept, ENGLISH Cb' Byron Babcock Nancy Flippen History Gale Hollinger Drama 6 Tom Hudgins Pat Hume A. MacConochie Chairman Patty Masterson rl- Q1 xffkf Abby Baird Sally Carr Allen Everhart William Harvie Chairman Nv- Rodney Rullman Thad Shelley Economics IN . I x x . l if Q l .xi at Q 1. " ' , X, x 7 LANGUAGES Jayne Cotton Chris Nelson Stephanie Pope X Amy Rhodes Absent: Connie Burgos , . , , i IQ C Katherine Holmes T.A. Jordan A Cecil Mays Chairman lx -qua' 3 i N i 'Q 1 'ZZ . X ,il - W 'v SCIENCE 'Q Frog. if 1 W . -4 6 i Bruce Marchionda Carolyn Pardue QS QC.. X, Q u 1.1 U Ruth Wahl David Thomas fa PHYS ED -A ld ,.N . 'S X, ,A ii fi 1- David Lindnjern Winnie Patterson b Haynes Karen Shisler Typing Margaret Stender Ann Wiggins 9 1 HISTCRY ard Oberdorfer Prue Salasky Jim Soltz William Stacey Chairman Y , MUSIC D-U -- .-. qi in-n-.. ,. ,gy Merle Becker Gail Mottola if I S I ,M- .IS ART Leonette Adler Virginia Bell Y Plti ?' l ." ,-"RQ , .-4 1 1,4-r ."s -l'i.!,,n Q5 if .air Janice Ford Glenda Howell Carol Holmes Ginny Williams in 1, ,f Q., if lgww, Q25 A L1 4 in 1 , -2 V I X ll I F A' K M., , Ps il A 3 1 J.. N I 'Zi 'nu GRADES SIX AND 1 ' n J, , S N Mike Devine Mary Hubbard h Virginia Lampert. S Jean Land Betty Moore w""'wf,,..A'q Robert Sergeant Delores Thomas Cordelia Baldwin Lillian Fliegle Francis Borkland Berry Via S3 4 YWNPQ B U, ' I le yi . A .SX I X xx ,gn 'G X 4 .3 ' . Registrar Margaret Fledfern Harriet Cluverius Doris Doyle Pat Foltz Anne King Tunstall Smith-Hofheimer --Jas xl' P' 5 Helen Flomm Elizabeth Shlflet Pat Phillips Carolyn Ponder Development 5, BUSINESS Bonnie Stackhouse Miriam Walker Royster Receptionist Z' -I' -qi tfwwfn if Q 1 1 "x a anlls 'K . I 'L . V P gvflg Q V' N' ry 5 . ... ut 9 1-1 " ' BA I '--"ji 1, 5' A ' i f ,M f A W c . it , S4 L. Agf' 'Q-' g I. L FOCUS FIND THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1981 Across 1. The Irish brand of green. 3. Her exotic 1st name belies her All-American personality. 5. The month after April plus what your fingers are attached to. 7. The plural of what you do when you bump your toe on something. 11. What Matt Dillon was. 12. Another word for gather. 13. Where the Dutch live. 15. What baseball players swing. 17. The short people of America will love her. 19. A fish that is delicious when pickled. 21. It never,.i. it pours. 23. Female keys would be lost without her. 25. lt's only fitting that he would be a founding member of the Apathy Club. 27. He's not a runner or a leaper but ai.. 29. The drunken mother of Ramshackle Inn. 31. A precious jewel plus a German mug. 33. Add an S to the bumps you get when you touch a toad. 35. One who makes barrels. 37. In his case, the meek did inherit the earth. 39. The opposite of stop plus what you do to the halls at Christmas time. 41. Although the last of 11 at home, she's ff at NA. 43. This dreamy girl is always onlnine. 45. He's the chie bat in the Belfry. 47. My what facial hair can do for a person. 49. What you do on a church pew. 51. The purple haze. 53. Not the windward side of the mountain, 55. As told by Shakespeare. don't be borrowin'. lendin',or,1. 57. Neither beast nor fowl would set up a howl if they came face to face with our own . 59. Popular soap opera,. s Hope. 61. The opposite of false. 63. He's never stern nor in a storm although his name sounds like it. 65. ghgs seen Gone With the Wind 57 times 'cause she thinks she is Scarlett ' ara. 67. NA's mathematical wizard. 69. He always looks spruce but will never call a truce. 71. He is the franchise. 73. He's always looking for the. diamond of his life. 75. One who is a cobbler. 77. A glass container plus1.,,.in Gone With the Wind. 79. The Olympics won't tell her to "bag it." 81. Skiing is his speciality. Oh. Suzanna' Dont you cry for me. Too many men, not enough time. She might not have a brush. but she'll always have a..T. Her English accent is charming. The opposite of old. What you put around a picture. She's the bright star on the Horizons. Howl at the moon, sing his a tune. Don't say he's aloon, call him John1i. Thisfack-in-the-box is always popping up at the wrong time and place. A carefree attitude, "Aw. what thel.." The color of blood plus any plant with fronds and divided leaflets. Wherever you see Gary, you'll see,T. Like the famous candy bar. shes mighty sweet. You're a ll... Charlie Brown. Very smart plus the last part of iceberg. She's famous for her ability to put quotations in English papers. The opposite of despair. The famous poetess Emilyl What a fish breathes with. Our Japanese judo expert. He's not a do-less. he's a dai.. The male child of a Bill, Having hair certainly was a "drag" to him. A day without Ralph is a day without,... Add a slice of ham to a famous pizza place. When you throw your money into a wishing well, make sure it isn't a hollow well. She likes to scare you. When the Italians created the word for star, they must have had her in mind French for "The Tower of No Water." He's so shy that he blanches when you call his name. The capital of Texas. Life is always a summer to him. The newest addition to the Class of '81. She's got the "reins." When Irish eyes are smiling, they're sure to see her. Americas fifth president. Don't put all your eggs into onei... A small river. If you don't want to get hurt, don't mess with-1. A type of fish. Bagels and,iplus her own 1st name Chilli Peppers mom. 15 S1 N Eimiez SKILL WITH THE BLADE John Gill's bright blue eyes narrow in concentration as he scrapes away at a piece of wood with his knife. Splinters of juniper fall to the floor as he holds the object up for scrutiny. lt is, or rather will be, a pintail duck, a lifelike miniature carved completely from wood by the 19-year-old Norfolk Academy senior. John is perfecting his techniques, picking up tips here and there that make the wings just a little more realistic or give the heads just the right contours. Already, he's been recognized locally as an up-and-coming wildfowl carver with several noteworthy credits. He won third place and S400 last year in the annual Student Gallery '80 art contest sponsored by the Ledger-Star and United Virginia Bank. When he was 14, his mother,had a class schedule from the Virginia Beach Arts Center lying around the house and John picked it up and glanced through it out of curiosity. "When I saw it had a class in bird carving, I decided to take it. It was kind oftoughf' There were all of these old men in there carving. I was the only kid." Since then, he's worked mostly on his own. "I never got a chance to take another class." For a while he worked with carver James Bell of Bay Colony. But Bell passed away before spending much time with John. Bell's wife, Virginia, is John's art teacher at school, and she allows him to use her husbands workshop. She also lets him work on his birds during class. "I really don't think l'm good enough to make a career out of this," he said modestly. "But I will always do it as a hobby on the side, enter shows and things like that." "When people say they look life-like, that's the best compliment they can give me." Test Position 3f1iits semi pizonel E? Q me POSITION is orrem mvorasiv avmosg time I Ki' Feel. rt Remxev nPPRonci4 ro TPKIN' reefs is TNG BESFBETTT I-MSO I-IAS TNQ' FIDVFINTFI66 E 'DURING ri 'WWII wer oi: mmwme You to Quo Nk on You nneeizs BV Pizessme Tllem one nr A T IME DN me Baci-L orr VOLL2 N604 Tuos KEEPING PEOl7lE FROM ,xhvyku AQE iiowEueR,couNrirlG ON voula I'-ffftlf.. Firifoens SHOULD BE RJLQERVED 'UE U Q: RJR SIMPINE MAN Pkoeiems, Z since nrremvnne sauriraz nears Il- A USN Fesuu' in SEVERE WLllPLlllS ima t - V' t , Q Q I 1 I ' Q ,I Reriuzine wurirfi vuMMY flou o - ui CHRISTOPHER SCOTT AUSTIN The places I've seen and the roads in between make me wonder why I'm still searching for my dreams up in the sky. The Moody Blues 52' ANYA YVONNE BAGGETT You've got so much to say: say what you mean, mean what you think, and think anything. Cat Stevens VIRGINIA GRACE BASKETT l'd like to be not evil, but a little worldly wise, to be the kind of girl designed to be kissed upon the eyes. I am special! I am special! Please, God, please don't let me be normal! Louisa, The Fantasias 20 CN-7 N-.P bt qw? Q. BARRY HOWARD BASS The goal of yesterday will be the starting point of tomorrow. Thomas Carlyle DOROTHY NEAL BATTEN It I could only tell you what I feel nowg it's been so long inside me. All the years that I've been trying to stay in touch to stay in line' trying I ' . ,R -' , just to be myself, be 'myself, - and no one else 1 ,,.. I . s 1 A ',-. Q: Lowell George " -4 -1 Little Feat I .1 . . ' " -r - ' ' A tinge:-n' V' ,I-'!4,.. - 'nb'-. , ' "' 3, -Y-" 'Tift-guyfi-f' ,- .. - t - if -'H!"?571'i--' - a"-rg 4 - """ 'itil ' " Jffls. F ' "'E"f- .' ?'5"'i?':-.21'-'35 M' 44 ,, -,' '. f". "-"Oi '. Y " . -'r"l -z .I " '- . - ' 'v 0 "-,.f - ,:. '51-,. ity, I-gpg, 3' -,, QT f"...,.f os' 'Sv'a -,4?'1:"!'-"Y ..,,,,'pi.,-?,p. -' f . 'fem ?f - ' .+L-ff eh- - f .gf-" I fi CLAIRE SUZANNE BATTS Medlocracy has no greater consolation than in the thought that genius is not immortal. Goethe 21 BRUCE DAVID BERMAN And so castles made of sand fall in the sea - eventually. Jimi Hendrix LAWRENCE ALBERT BERNERT III We may lose and we may win, but we'll never be here again... so lighten up while you can: don't even try to understand. Just find a place to make your stand, and take it easy. Eagles i 1 11" ALAN EDWARD BLANCHARD To know is nothing at all. To imagine is everything. Anatole France 22 My ,'x .xx RV, .a JEFFREY FRANKLIN BROOKE Soap and education are not as sudden as a massacre, but they are more deadly in the Iong run. Mark Twain THOMAS BLAKE BURT If at first you don't succeed, blame it on the teacher. Stacey Bass MARY MA RGARET L CALLAHAN I decided Iong ago never to walkin anyones shadow, If I fail or if I succeed, at least I lived as I believed. George Benson fi . . 5 . I 23 CONSTANCE ANN CHAPIN Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautifulg for beauty is God's handwriting - a wayside sacrament. Emerson " if 're--1 f 1 CYNTHIA LYNN CHAVIS l'lI think about it tomorrow. Scarlet O'Hara ALLISON ADAMS CLARK The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Oscar Wild 24 '54 X 'Y'T""f if 6 4 s. . a Rv xl 1' S Y N 1 M , . fi ,sv X - , I X x W, Vit?- '4.., V.- , -1' f.:'-wr ,-squat 52? me . , 'ap-.-.,,: ,ff- .Ye 1- . ' 1 9-- " 'X -5 gf-Agp-ig. if RACHEL LOGAN CLOUD Can it be that it was all so simplethen, or has time rewritten every line. lf we had the chance to do it all again, tell me, ld uld we . Memories wou .. Bergman, Bergman, Hamlisch L ' BARBARA ., wcroem f' e- -- coomas A ' Q Tons of useless - information seem to fill - -1 my head. i The More CHARLES NEILSON COOPER, JR. The past is prologue. The Tempest Shakespeare 25 JODI MICHELLE COPELAND The rainbow is more beautiful than the pot at the end of it, because the rainbow is now. And the pot never turns out to be quite what I expected. Hugh Prather ELIZABETH MILNER DALTON Veni, vidi, non vici! Boo's Caesar With characteristic abru tne P SS, Zooey continued to file the S's. J.D. Salinger JAMIE ELIZABETH DEMAIO And so, it's time to change our ways . . . but I've loved these days. 26 f J 1 r Q -,- in X 3 1 2 C E 4 XJ E . fig: 'fx , '39 52 i it Billy Joel M, ,A .-331 A. sv at an S in-v-.fnlqfkv . .,',,,, A jk!! ANNE SUSAN DIAMONSTEIN Happiness sneaks in through a door you didnt know you left open. John Barrymore E of 'C sl SUSAN WYNTERS DICKINSON Whats the use in worryin"? It never was worthwhile, so pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag, and smile, smile, smile' GLEN ALAN DONOVAN I'II bring fire in the winterg you'Il send showers in the springg We'II fly through the falls and summers with love on our wing. Dan Fogelberg N.S,W.Y.M.M,? 27 ROBERT GEORGE DOUMAR JR. Always be more than you seem. MARY ELLEN DRAGAS Frank-ly speaking, Neigh, Neigh, Neigh! omni Pepper JOAN KIMBERLY ECKERT Forget your troubles and just ge t happy. l'm gonna chase all your cares away. 28 Ted Koehler lf' N -ff' TARA ANN FFIAIM Dream what you want to dream. Be what you want to be. Do what you want to do . .. liver LAURA CAROLYN GARNEFK Many times I've lied, Many times I've listened. Many times I've wondered How much there is to know, Led Zeppelin riX,.-1-'ff I -'Y KATHERINE NANCY 3 GIBSON No, I am never alone with my solitude. George Moustaki 29 JOHN ASHBURN GILL All things I really like to do are either immoral, illegal, or lf'1S8l'16. Alexander Wolcott STEVEN MICHAEL GODEK Now, I used to go crazy for days at a time. Now l'm taking my time with my days. l haven't found the answer like some that I know. l'm just stuck in a fairly nice maZe. LUCIA COALE GOFFIGON The days only last for a timeg the memories live on forever. CSM '80 What happened in the past is gone, what happens in the future we do not know. Therefore we must live for the present, savor the past, and not let the future get us down. Just let it come. LCG '79 30 .sip II, ,' Nr' 4 . sir i -bv' -lv Af' t, 1 Ll. 3. A ....- . LANCE RICHARD GOODMAN Men and nations will act rationally when all other possibilities have been exhausted. Katz's Law JEFFREY BENNETT GREENSPAN Fewer things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example. Mark Twain CATHARINE DOWNEY HAGAN Yesterdays over for sure, but I can't look backwards too long - l've got too much to see waiting in front of me, and I know that I can't go wrong. Jimmy Buffet 31 RALPH PALMER HAMILTON P.H., you can be quiet and let people think you're stupid, or you can open your mouth and remove all doubt. TVD JOSEPH LAWRENCE HECHT Ten thousand years. and nothing was learned. No turning back now, the wheel has turned. Kansas LAWREN SCOTT HERRING I've got my own world to live through, and I ain't gonna copy you. Jimi Hendrix 32 Q'-U Us .nn . i , 4 ,1-111 l ,KA 'il 1 CATHERINE STUART HOLLAND Draw me. Don't trace you! Joan Armatrading I JOHN WARREN HOLLOWELL JR. Have we ever noticed that we pay much more attention to a wise passage when it is quoted, then when we read it in the original? Re-quoted from the collection of P. Hamilton CHRISTOPHER ROSS HOPE Farewell from "Hope Country" W.P.W. 33 HAZEL ELIZABETH HUDGINS Long you live and high you fly, And smiles you'II give and tears you'II dt" cry. And all you touch and all you see, Is all your life will ever be. Rodger Waters JOHN CLELL HUHN If you set your sights for the moon and don't make it, falling among the stars is not so bad. Joe Theisman . V. .,, , I .-- is Q , Q .,.-:W -'Zi we 1-rf-A., . ., ,if , ..A " ' , 1' . -.71 ., mi' .Q . , A ' 'V "P "Lf-1.42 .K J' ' 'nh .1 ',f3!a,.i55..iQs-sf .. -Q..-. .. 1" .ri .MKZ -"we NALINI CHIMERE 1? ELIZABETH INDORF l would grab tne farthest star now if I 1,-ur wanted to: that is the only measurement I can think of to describe my happiness. N.l. 7-26-79 34 T 1 ITSUO ISHIKAWA ln all the world there is no thing as a stranger. SHERRY ANN JARRETT In the noisy condition of life keep peace with your soul... Unknown MARK EDWARD KOMER In nature there are neither rewards nor punishrnentsg there are only consequences. 35 JOSEPH SANS-HO LEE Education is what survives when what has been learnt has been forgotten. BF. Skinner PHILLIP DAVID LETOURNEAU 115 Q' tt Z- fs 7 4 9 ' ,AQ And soon we feel, why do a single thing today. There's tomorrow sure as I'm here, So the days they turn into years and still no tomorrow appears. Better think awhile . .. SAMUEL MARK LEVITIN Genesis x . Z Who so would be a man must be a nonconformist. 'T' RW. Emerson 36 ff NATALIE LOXLEY Rivers belong where they can ramble . ., Eagles belong where they can fly. I've got to be where my spirit can run free. Gotta find my corner of the sky Stephen Schwartz Laadl' CHARLES BARNETT LUSTIG Let us be thankful forthe fools. But for them, the rest of us could not succeed. Mark Twain -I GHEGORY ,C .r N LEWIS MAHAN 'S f Greg, you don't vga! have to jump on every band wagon that comes along. Bat Masterson .ia ' 1 37 CHRISTOPHER CHANNING MARSHALL Your life will be rich for others only as It is rich for you. DOUGLAS ARTHUR MCINTYRE David McCord SUZANNA MARTENS All the worlds a stage. Shakespeare I f 2 Big wheels keep on turning, carry me home to my kin. 38 Lynard Skynard 2 -0 J'- u. s the ,B gg Q-v"V W4 LQ. DAVID MICHAEL MONROE The more I see of men, the better I like my dog. Fredrick the Great KATHRYN KELLY MURRAY And since I do not pretend to be what I am not, Iam not humiliated by having others see me trulyg in being open, there is nothing for others to See through, William Mayeroft LAURA PENDLETON NEAL l am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today. William Allen White 39 PETER FRANCIS OWEN Ask not what your country can do for you: ask what you can do for your country. ALAN GREGORY POWELL Sanity is a madness put to good uses. THOMAS RAY RAYNES Study as if you were to live forever. Live as if you were to die tomorrow. 40 George Santayana President Kennedy Isidore of Seville 41' . 5 . . -Wal' x . ini ga, 1 I -. r ,f an.. 233 at if .Nu -.. i I 'X ak! 1 nhl WILLIAM ALBERT REDFERNIH Now this is not the end, It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning, Winston Churchill ANNE BORUM RICHARDSON A man can spend his whole existence learning the simple lesson that he has only one life and that if he fails to do what he really wants with it, nobody else really cares. Louis Auchincloss ELIZABETH STUART RUBIN There is a comfort in the strength of lovez t'will make a thing endurable which else would overset the brain, or break the heart. William Wordsworth 41 MINA GARY RYAN You've got to see things for yourself because you aint livin' for nobody else. Robbin Thompson .-3519.-pw--.-4s. no BE nr QfifLz'.g7rT1ot A 7 CRANDELL We SCHWARTZ But what a fool believes. he sees, No wise man has the power to reason away. What seems to be is always better than . -1 nothing at all. Doobie Bros. ,. L... , gf- --4" - ..-4"-" ' 'A-A 'J-7 L H 14 ,Qi 199' ,,.-4- ,gt-n-L F ,,..-'65s . sf- JAY BARTON SHIPOWITZ That which may be hard to endure may be sweet to remember. 42 .4-.-..--f ' 7 4-4"f,a .nv ,A S- V -. we 'S fi L I KIMBERLY CARROLL SHOEMAKER And we know that all tnnngs work together for the good of them that love God, to them that are called accordnng to Has purpose SANJA MARY SKANSI Man has hrs wall - but woman has her way. OW. Holmes RALPH MARK SONENSHINE At twenty years of age. the will reignsl at thrrty. the wit and at forty, the Judgment. B. Franklrn 43 Romans 8 28 WARWICK FEFIRAND MONTAGUE SPENCER lf you will not listen to Reason, she will surely rap your knuckles. Ben Franklin JOHN FRANKLIN STECKER III No pain, no gain. gps SYLVIA MARIBETH STUBBS Vxhat eicismetriencelandgistory teach is t i - s a peope an government have never learned anything from history or acted on principle deduced from it. 44 Hegel 'CTT R ,Q . J 1 f ff: , .4-Q -lg I P9 0 98:9 3 1 I I U we T N -47 is BRIAN WILLIAM STURM All art, all education can be merely a nature. ' 1 supplement to Aristotle JACK DUANE THOMPSON She's got everything delightful I need. She takes the wheel when I'rn seeing double - pays my ticket when I speed. Grateful Dead KFIISTEN CONVEFISE TRUE Every cloud wears a rainbow if your heart wears it right. DeArmond 45 CHARLES JAMES VAKOS A brief candle both ends burning, and endless miles, a bus wheel turning, a friend to share the lonesome times, a handshake and a sip of wine. So say it loud and let it ring that we're all part of everything, the present, future and the past. Fly on, proud bird. You're free at last CDB GEO RGE JULIAN WALKE R, JR. So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains and never even know we hold the key. Eagles STEVE GARY WEISBURG To go far in this world count others as they would like you to do unto them No future, no future for you 46 DAVID BARNEY WILKS Belong but dont belong S. SIIIIS STERLING CRAIGE WILLIAMSON Being Free, Being with Nature. Being with Friends, Being Yourself. Thoreau DAVID BRUCE YOUNG JR. The strength of a moment lies with you. ...Q--.4 47 I. ANYA BAGGETT. do hereby be- queath to CS.. the NA, Harem: to Michelle Hecht. an l.O.U.1 to DW.. brown pants: to Katie Elder. an undefeated ' in diving: to Lawren Herring. many thanks and a surprise attack: to B. Marchionda. no Christmas presents: to Little G.. ear plugs. a cake mix. and summer nights: to BS.. his pick of the 1Oth grade crop: to MSM. a bibliography and PG.: to Billy Prince. Katie E. Big BB.. Little G.. JT and MM.. all my love and best wishes. I. GINGER BASKETT. do hereby be- queath all my old copies of the Natl' Re- view and my Mickey Mouse sunglasses to Ace: my black satin pants and Fioruccl glasses to JR.: Funkys disco and my purple polo to Purple Hazef years of good Fridays and Bozo to Spunky: Zayre s to Nl. and Toba. Queen of the Elephants to the Drama Department. I. BARRY BASS. do hereby DSG H9610 S copy of the Communist Manifesto to Sam Levitin: a case of energy bars to Will Redfern: the Master Debater s Manual to Robin Doumar: the Debate Club to Scott Casper: and lots of luck to the next SCA prez. I. DOROTHY BATTEN. do hereby be- queath Will to AR.: clan talk to Susan and Sanlag pegalling power to Caci: a water-IoQQed Hobie to A.V. and Gary: the Siamese Twins to Jodii many adven- tures to Bookie: some GROHthi to J.G.: Tom the Turkey to Palmer: unlimited skiing in Aspen to Chris M.: 25C forthe waiter at Elliots to Robin: an il dont know' to Lance. a beau to KC: the book Make Love Not War to Bruce: my last ounce of patience to Jeff B.: my spare time to Mrs. Kendrick and her 5th grade boys. my everlasting friendship to Sher- ry! Cash and to GEM.. a dozen DEAD roses. I, CLAIRE BATTS. do hereby bequeath Friday nights. reebles. and a midnight swing at the Tot Lot to MM.: and MG repair book. an early morning road trip. a heavy duty private talk that Ill always remember. and a Pepper cat size noose to Laura: a big hug and kiss and tons of love to my best friend. Elvira Squatley. I. BRUCE BERMAN. do hereby be- queath cold hard rocks. troll tunes. Ethel. and life in a tent to Mike: a lot of good and bad times to Jodi: Mike and in-depth discussions to Sanja: first fights to Dot: birthdays. friendships. and boy- friends to Anya: Physics parties. cracklin' brand. and a 16 yr. old to Jeff G.: Bad- ness. jammin' and pair of roller skates to Mark: many days of peace and quiet to Jack: Big Bumps and sessions to Bar- ney: trees and my Wah-Wah to Dave Y.: a mean canine and I-64 to Palmer: friend- ship and good times to Catharine, Katie. Claire. Laura G.. MMG. and MMS: my reputation to Doug. I. LARRY BERNERT. do hereby be- queath to Kent Crooks. the "Orange Blossom Special." a Mickey Killer Dog. and a key to my house: to Billy Power. a laundromat in Hatteras and the DePaul emergency room: to Jay S.. lacrosse practice on the crease. day camp. and a tree on Shore Dr.: to Walter Stone. some ivy: to Lawren. a container of bottle caps: to Mike Monroe. a bike ride to Bay Col- ony: to Charles Lustig. a volume of How To Pick Up Girls: to Mrs. Hume. an empty but warm beach: to Ellen. a ride to C-ville with a stop in Short Pump and a chore list with only one name on it: to Gary Ryan. I leave a long walk on the beach. a cruise in the Opal. a run through Seashore State Park. and just messinj I. JEFF BROOKE do hereby bequeath to David Wilks. hubcaps. a real debate box complete with hidden stupid file. my pipe collection. my patented Make lt Yourself in the Physics Lab manual. and a copy of 700 Spectacular Skiing Disas- ters: to Bruce Berman. a programmable calculator or a broken bridge: to Mark Komer. the book Our Portsmouth and my dashiki: to Craige Williamson. alligator wrestling lessons. my good taste in clo- thing. and the words "courage is the abil- ity to tell a dry joke in hostile company? to Sanja Skansi. 500 lbs, of explosives Ito be distributed at Princetonl: to Dorothy Batten. one extra oz. of patience: to Steve Weisberg. my position as chief carpooler: and to Larry Bernert. if you didnt think so. IHTFC too. I. THOMAS B. BURT. do hereby be- queath to Ralph Sonenshine. my basket- ball: to John Clell Huhn. his own set of poker chips: to Douglas Mclntyre. an ice cube: to George Walker. a real car: to W.A.R.. my calorie counter book: and to Chris Austin. I leave next year. I, MARY MARGARET CALLAHAN, do hereby bequeath to Pat Wallace, a ther- mos of coffee and 20 laps around the gym: to Mary FLippen, a closet full of prep clothes and the directions to Cape Henry: to Sam Levitin. a How to Maintain book: to Nalini lndorf. the answer to the question "How's Iife'?": to Claire Batts, Friday nights at the Naro and the Inter- mission: to Laura Garner. little pink- and-white things, a bun. and a 4 AM phone call: and to Anya Baggett, an af- ternoon like the one after the 1980 exams. I. CONSTANCE ANN CHAPIN. do hereby bequeath a pink and purple frog toaster to all who deserve it, my gerbil to Teddybear, and my will to Sherry. I, ALLISON CLARK. do hereby be- queath to E.B.. peanut butter toast and the memories of all those days we munched out. the red dress-up. and your very own dark bath room: to T.R., the sofa bed I promised and an autographed pic- ture of JDC: to A.R.. Peabodys, ice water with T.T.. and a trip to Hampden-Sidney: to CAC. 3rd bell talk sessions, A.H., J.V., and those good ole "champagne days." I. RACHEL CLOUD. do hereby be- queath my wardrobe savvy. trips to PU and UVA. Warwick and lots of love to Anne D.: slice-n-bakes. MGM cookies. Eunices donuts. an expired Shell credit card. and lots of love to Kim: my younger man with a great average to Laura N.: a boy with everything to Jamie D.: a new calendar. gossip, and a computer for let- ters from PU to Tara: a few pebbles to Jay and Tom R.: Anne and a pair of high-water pants to Warwick: a cake and dates to Jay: great memories to Betsy: a big smile to Kim E.: a car with no prob- lems to Sherry: a circus trip and a Satur- day night with the girls to Robin D.: a membership card for the "Pack" to the senior boys: and the care of a special friend to Robin and Jack. I. BARBIE COOMBS. do hereby be- queath to Udo. a stack of periodicals to be shelved: to C.C.. eyebrows and the original manuscript of Gone With the Wind: to K.T., an UA" in French and a Tab: to Hubie, Boogie, Gordon, Sheepie. and the two little Hitlers, etc.: to L.G., a happy ending with Steve. I, NEIL COOPER, do hereby bequeath my RSF uniform to Peter Owen: my wres- tling abilities to Tom Burt: my "all-right" to Chris Hope: my G-R-R-R to Larry Ber- nert: my leash to the senior girls: my awesome helmet-cracking ability fwhich exists only in my headl to Paul Zoby: my yacht to David Young: my small boat in a Force 10 gale plus every skunked day of fishing to John Huhn: my eyes to Susan Dickinson: my prize bull to Will Redfern: a lesson on how to block and tackle to Jay Shipowitz and Steve Godek: the first cruise on my first yacht to David Wilks: a cargo lift for musical equipment to Steve Weisberg. I, JODI COPELAND, do hereby be- queah Katherine Cross's party to Mary D.: the Billy Joel concert to Jamie: 4400 and my giggle to Dot: F.M. and our 7th grade romance to Larry: 1270 and Instal- lation to Bruce: Granby Mall and 7th grade memories to Boo: carpool rides and the Taj Mahal to Lance: a trip to Washington to Gary: my long underwear to Anne R.: Prom, Robin Thompson, Chart House, and all our good times to John R.: an apology to Robin: a "Bum- min" shirt to M.K.: "Got The's" to Greg: memories of the '80 Jr. Class and a podium to Mr. H.: lots of love, respect, and thanks to Mrs. Hume: a romance that we never had to Slab and Watermelon: HSI, Penn, Georgetown, and never- ending talks to Linda: and a friendship that will last forever-I love you Susan. I, BOO DALTON, do hereby bequeath to Dory, the bittersweet memories of ex- periences: to Chescott, my love and dearest commodity: my fortitude to the coward: MCK with love and perhaps Tufts and Cornell to Jodi: my opal ring to Mina: all my doughnuts to Charley, Meg, and Lisa. I, JAMIE DEMAIO, do hereby bequeath to G.B., my watergun: to J.C., my picture of Billy Joel: to L.P.N., some chocolate pudding and my friendship: to M.D., a juicy note: to S.D., some stale Peeps: to NA, my bulldog: to Robin, some souse: to Hazel, a man: to Stef T., S.D., M.D., J.C., L.P.N., G.B., RD., T.R., R.C., KS.. P.L., C.W,, A.R., Nancy, and Mr. H., my friendship. I, ANNE DIAMONSTEIN, do hereby be- queath a 98 lb. duckling, VO-5 hair spray, Pierre Cardin earrings, and a friend for life to Rachel: black fingernail polish, cleats, and Rachel's problems to Kim S.: a nice comment each day, a piece of gum, and a toy Jeep to Tara: free phone calls to all out-of-town beaus to Kim E.: a game of catch and being together whenever W. and T. are away to Betsy: a chance to see my English grades to Ro- bin: a year's supply of skim milk to Mary D.: an airplane lesson, a poo-poo platter, new khakis, a chance to walk up a ski slope, olive juice, 100 pink pongs, and forever usaquwa to Warwick. l, SUSAN DICKINSON, do hereby be- queath my soft skin to PeeWee - l'll miss you: a rat patrol and a run around the block to L.B.: a best friend forever- me- to J.S.: a relationship we never had to Slab and Watermelon: a few drops of blood to P.H.: a free window seat and Phermoor to Ann Van: a green index and mint jelly to M.D. and J.D.: John Denver and omelettes to S.S. and D.B.: p-u-r-r-r-r to Anne R.: a thanks for the free harmful lesson to GR.: a unique and special friendship to C.H.: LeRoux, privacy, Mr. Right, and a thanks for a fantastic friend- ship to Chester and Amos: to D.S., who, although out of sight was never out of mind, I leave too few trips to C-ville, a spill in mad bowl, a green face in 3124, a special thanks for all the good times, and a ton of illie beaucoups. I, GLEN DONOVAN, do hereby be- queath my computer bugs to Miss Wahl: my four dimensional sphere and all my spell books to Sam Leviting my love to Mrs. Mottola: Sundays to Nalini: weekends, my love, and Feb. 2, 1985, to Nancy Summers: Mt. Tremblant to Doug Mclntyre: a geometry test to Beth Juren: a conceited signature in her yearbook to Clair Lamb: my love and a speech by moonlight to Anne Mottola: my friend- ship to Kelly Murray: and my eternal thanks to Norfolk Academy for helping me realize my full potential. I, ROBIN DOUMAR, do hereby be- queath to Phil, Palmer, Mark, and Chris, all my souse sandwich coupons: to Chris, my sympathy: to Lustig, I leave Schwartz: to Laurie, Jamie, and Hazel, my lacrosse stick: to Kim, a duplicate to Laura's wardrobe: to Catharine, a house in Back Bay: to Raynes, a helmet be- cause he needs a new one: to Warwick, Anne's copy of The Sensuous Man: to Susan, one bad mood: to Jodi, Jamie, Anne, and Susan, a P.R. voodoo doll: to M . .,q..vf,7.,i Dorothy, a date with Bill: to Mary, a sta- ble in L8-J Gardens. I, MARY DRAGAS, do hereby bequeath dirty notes to Jamie, my fingernails to Payton: my Hummers to Allison: a rock. an island, and a podium to Mr. H., my flirtatious ways to Jay, my dancing ability to Chris Hope: my athletic ability to Jen- nifer: half of my brains to Marshall and the other half to Raynes: my electric toothbrush to Susan: a hug to Sherri. psychiatric help to Anne R.: all my :Pink and Greens" to Mary Martha. three sis- ters to Catharine: my psychic dog to Palmer: some burnt tar to Carlie. a lake to jump in to Robin: a poisoned can of dog food to Jodi: a second year in the senior room to Chris Shearing many chicks to Bobby. I leave my precious Chili Pepper to my most special friend. Fitz McPhauI: and to Chilli Pepper, I leave all my love, I, KIM ECKERT, do hereby bequeath a megaphone to Betsy and Gary: purple galore to Hazel: gas for Princeton to RC Cola: my knowledge of math and soccer to Bobby: dances and typed articles to Little G.: my love and senior speech to Mrs. Hollinger: Dear Abby and beach music to Laura N.: labs, long breaks, and lonesome letters to Bootmakeri crazi- ness and cheering stunts to Diamog long talks and mountain men to Keller: love and orange and blue to Mrs. Flippen. Latin books to Miss Pope: pink and green and softball to MSM: free time and a cheering stunt without anyone on her shoulders to Anya: my "twin" hood to Kristen: a new benchwarmer to Mr. R.. Spirit, "do-wells." and a little sis forever to Brian: good times and rowdiness to Phil: best friends, purple, softball, dance. Canada, and a special thanks to Tara. I, TARA FRAIM, do hereby bequeath to Rachel Cloud, the PU. man in her life, to Ginger, the guy she loves so much: to Anne D., a thanks for my dream come true: to Craige, "cute's" and "oh's" to last forever, a thanks for ruining my life. and one final thanks: to Sherry, a boo- hiss ball and an ape: to Phil. a McDonald's commercial: to Brian, for- giveness for destroying my car: to Kim S., I leave M.J.: to Kristen, a lost journey into Norfolk: to John H,, abuse to last forever and a Ziggy: to Greg, a S5 bet. revenge for all his cute tricks. and some heart hose: to Kim E., much love and thanks for all the smiles and happiness -thanks for being one of the best friends anyone could ever ask for, I, LAURA GARNER, do hereby be- queath to Mr. Miller, all my short people jokes: to Anya, an alarm clock with no alarm, our munchie parties: and a purse to last forever: to MM. rides in the MG on the passenger side. afternoons before vacations at the shop. and Calculus in the back of the room: to Nalini, 'mellow- ness is of the essences: to Bearness. a ride in the MG with the clutch intact, a TIN! I Xl 'Q certificate for Elf training, and goggles and gloves so she can see Pepper, and to the Class of '81, good luck from the Elf. I, KATIE GIBSON, do hereby bequeath to Marnet, one pair of shorts for hockey practice, to Miss Shisler, one perfect dodge around the goalie, to Jack, an in- destructible auto, to Sherry, one pair of bruise-proof shins, to Christopher, a recording of "Hallelujah" by Randy Handel, to Mike, a recording of "Tubby the Tuba" by Danny Kaye, L.P. member- ship, and a petrol station, to Craige, the moonlight, one day and night with no time, a scribble-by-colors book, and an ..E,. I, JOHN GILL, do hereby bequeath my N.l.S. title to P.H., my Big-T to Chris, H.D. to Greg, a woman to Dudley, Tom to Jay, my dog Hunter to Jack, and my modesty to B.S. I, STEPHEN GODEK, do hereby be- queath to Tom Burt, harmonious nights at Camelback, to John Huhn, my collec- tion of Oakland Raider bumper stickers, to Glen Draper, the IRC, to Mr. Stacey, all my pink shirts and socks, to Mr. Ober- dorfer, my Star Trek comic books, to Mr. Laws, my set of left-handed golf clubs so that he can perhaps play better, to George Walker, my Gillette Trac-ll so he can become "swivelized." I, LANCE GOODMAN, do hereby be- queath to Catharine, first bell rap ses- sions and two years of friendship, to Louis Lazaron, Flippers, my discretion, and his first-choice college, to Ginger, fame and Bay Colony, to Jodi, Horizons, deadlines, and the morning rush to school, to Boo, fun times in Government and Analysis and a new pair of jumper cables, to Lawren, the beach, Mack's, and a hot Texan girl, to Caci, neighbor- ing lockers and "pretty good" times, to Dorothy, "I don't know", to Greg Mahan, a dorm surrounded by pine trees, to Hazel, a celebration, all my children, and one general hospital, to Jeff Brooke, par- ties in Portsmouth and Day Camp, to Mr. Mac, my unlimited respect and thanks. I, JEFF GREENSPAN, do hereby be- queath to the Apathy Club, the pervading and overpowering stink of my Don O cracklin' brand, to the 5th grade, the abil- ity to determine who you really are, to David Wilks, all the fun we've managed to have, to Bruce Berman, APOILOJGY, 4400, ballet, and freedom from any re- strictive influences, to David Y., a chim- ney and a teddy bear. I, PALMER HAMILTON, do hereby be- queath all my books to Lawren Herring, matching disco roller skates to Jodi and Dorothy, a vicious canine on the in- terstate to Bruce, a great big hug to Sue and Payton, a woman to Dudley, some Red Man plug to Ricky Z., Ellen B., and Doyle: two handsome blonde men with hips to Drag and Hague, Gill to Marshall, and lastly, a return to his livelihood on Diven Street to Putnam. I, CATHARINE HAGAN, do hereby be- queath the presidency of the "FLC", a great 'CMS and WOWI carpool, and many, Hagan parties to Marf, a bottle of aspirin and election to the TCIS First Team All-Conference to Tricia, a supply of club crackers to Phil, another Sandbridger to El, a thanks for last year and a love for NA to K.B., Sth bell notes to Drag, another Analysis party to T.R., long afternoons and good times to Lance, notes during Physics to Jay, a smile to Sue: cookies and wishes you were in this class to Sled, some chaw, the Boss, the 'CMS carpool, and Mac's to Palm, the "Threesome" and an invitation to NA parties to The Crew, trips to H'burg and Tech, a pair of stompin' shoes and S.B., bean soup, midnight oil, a full week, the sunset, and all my love to M.C. I, LAWREN HERRING, do hereby be- queath my wardrobe to Warwick Spencer, all my loose-fitting clothes to Laura, a mimeographed copy of post- game discussions to Larry, my Danny Kay collection to Katie, an honorary membership at Mack's to Lance, and my mom to Palmer. I, JOHN HOLLOWELL, do hereby be- queath to Greg Mahan, my excellent vocabulary, to Craige, my feet and an un- friendly Christmas, to Boo, whatever sanity I have left, to all the hard-core jazz lovers, all my B.T.O. albums, to all the New Wave lovers, a second grade intel- lect that will help them outgrow their first-grade musical tastes. I, CHRIS HOPE, do hereby bequeath all my books to Lawren Herring, my Skoal to Mr. Miller, my helmet to P.W., my finger- nails to Jay, my sheets to Tom, my "flex" to Chris M., another woman to Duds, my Jergens to J.G., my wit and charm to Mary and Susan, my Kleenex to G.P., my brother David to P.H., and my N.l.S. membership to those responsible for it. I, HAZEL HUDGINS, do hereby be- queath green and yellow M8iM's, Michael J., a hose, macaroni, and the G-guy to Laura, H.B., S.B., R.A., etc. and memo- ries to Ginger, Jeep keys and thanks for the good times to Bruce, a McDonald's sundae, floating balloons, and willpower to Jamie, souse-gum, a woman, and our GB's to Chris, membership into our world of space cadets to Phil, "Celebra- tion" and a smile to Lance, my mom, Juicy Fruit, and fun to Bobby: How to Drive From The Back Seat and a hug to John G., apple danish to Laura B., Duck Island, a smoked turkey, and my purple kay' -11-3, 40"- locker to Cooter, a night on the town and her secret love to Kim, a color coordi- nated outfit to Sanja, and to all, a hug, a kiss, and a smile. I, SHERRY JARRETT, do hereby be- queath friendship, hockey, and good memories to Katie, camp, sunburned ears, astro turf, Ben-Gay, red lights, and Mechanicsville to Racheln Polly, and Debbie, friendship and a thanks for lis- tening to Tara, Memphis, gossip, my se- cret, PoIIy's brother and his house to Tara, Rachel, Anne, Polly, and Lucy, my physics' grades, friendship, and a feminine girl to Tom Burt, G.G. and phys- ics to Connie, physics and nicknames to Beth, love and many thanks to Nalini, the best of everything to my little sister, Karen Joaquino, my shoe problem, love, and many thanks to Mr. Harvie. I, MARK KOMER, do hereby bequeath to Greenspan, my facial hair, to Ginger, a free pass to Shirley's, to Weisberg, a craving for conformity, to Hollowell, a chance to meet David Duke, to Waive, a date with the girl next door, to Wilks, an all-expense paid weekend at Win- tergreen, to Laura Neal, some loose- fitting jeans, to Jodi, Un Outre Daniel Iit's catchingl, to Monroe, a native girl and a bowl full of black pearls, to Mrs. Becker, a Berkley diploma, and to all, some sound advice: throw out your gold teeth and see how they roll. I, PHIL LETOURNEAU, do hereby be- queath to Craige, 4th bell jazz, my knack for being out of tune, slack nights in the shack, good times, and duo dangs, to Chris, king-ling, V.F., the wim, Sue and Jodi, tuna salad, and two books, A Beginner's Guide to Reading and Porte Arriere: Everyone's Favorite, to Greg M., Gr f, X EMR days, my laugh, and my reputation, to Jodi, I leave what's left of my slab when Sue's finished with it, to Kim, my thanks and regrets, to Laura, spike and M8tM's, to Hazel, M8tM's and some seda- tives, to Catharine, our two years at NA, to John H., a date with L.G., to Pete, Sr. class badness and all my old tests and notes, to Lee, Billy Joel and Yes con- certs, to Mr. Shelly, my coherent, brief, and to the point Economic analyses. I, SAM LEVITIN, do hereby bequeath my computer programs, debate file, and a spare pencil to Barry Bass with the hope that he can use at least one of them, my slide rule and abacus to Larry Hecht, my theories on time travel and four dimensions to Glen Donovan, the rights to my fantasy story to Jamie De- Maio, my levitation theory to Mr. Harvie, my white soccer boots to Pete LeTour- neau, an airbag system to Mr. Ober- dorfer, my unread Newsweeks to Mr. Stacey, my dungeons and dragons equipment to Ron Gracy, and my Gov- ernment notebook to the highest bidder in the junior class. I, LEE LOXLEY, do hereby bequeath to Boo-Bear a Poo Bear, to B.S., a map of Green Run and one free dancing lesson, to K.M., a new Datsun 280-Z and the Holy Grail, to P.L.T., the Billy Joel and Yes concerts, to C.B., the Billy Joel concert, to W.M., a collection of excuses, to the class of '81, lots of love and good wishes. I, CHARLES LUSTIG, do hereby be- queath to Laura Neal, a basketball player with a license, to Doo, my helmet, spagetti sauce, admission to Princeton, and a future law practice together, to J.G., my Chanukah candles: to Hope, a can of lysol and some self-confidence: to Bubber, a Tar Heel future and an Ocean's pass, to dearest Jodi, a summer house in Chesapeake and future peace, to Bull, my Oriole's cap, to Wulf, a girl who is shorter than he, to L.B., bologna and S.P.F. plague, to R.Z,, the baseball team and a night at home with pizza, to T.H., mg Times collections and a shirt with " oach" on it, to Catharine, memories of the Boss, to Jay, his own missle com- mand, eggrolls, and my baseball bat, and to my sister, three more years at the Academy. I, GREG MAHAN, do hereby bequeath a deep, dark hiding place for the slab to Phil, taste for good music to Craige, and all the rest of my books to Lawren. I, CHRIS MARSHALL, do hereby be- queath my experience with Goldie Hawn to Chris Hope, a date with Susan andlor Jodi to Phil, a free ticket to the glue fac- tory to Mary and Chilli, a special twist to Greg Powell, a date with Susan Atkinson to Dudley, any date to Palmer, and a special ski trip to Mt. Trashmore to Dorothy. I, MIKE MONROE, do hereby bequeath my persistence, beautiful weather at Princeton in Feb., and everything in life that is pleasing to the soul to Sanja, memories of the trashcan party to Larry B.: an invitation to gaze at the full moon to Craige, Zappa's Sheik Yer Bouti al- bum, a picnic, and a life of sheer plea- sure to Linda Peck, a parking permit at L8tJ for the '81 school year to Chris S., a book on how to treat your brother to Jack Thompson, all my penicillin and the saying "Where's Monroe - we gotta go. He's getting his books. Where's Crooks'?" to Kent, a device that makes you stop at red lights and Mr. Harvie's AP to Alan Doctor, and the life of an easy rider to Bruce. I, LAURA NEAL, do hereby bequeath my beam routine, the zoo, and Mr. Bear to Laura Burchamg a shower with AGP, a swiss cheese and souse sandwich, and magic fingers to Robin, a house in L8tJ Gardens, a green balloon and the wish that goes with it, and all our crazy times to Jamie, a private room at this year's senior party, purple hose, and the laughs she gave me to Hazel, a 6-pack of Coke, a Sunday without church, big wheels, mailboxes, carved decoys, the strip, and my friendship to Kim S., a ring and a "head to head" to Tom R., and G-boy to Rachel. I, PETER OWEN, do hereby bequeath my long, shaggy hair to the seniors to restuff the furniture. I, GREG POWELL, do hereby bequeath a scoff in his general direction to Chris Hope, a reservation in Bonneycastle to John GillL a formaldehyde saturated crustacean to Laura Neal, a styrofoam bucket to Palmer Hamilton. a scenic scenic to our token Yankee. Phil LeTourneau, my Ginsu knife collection to Robin Doumar, and my Slim Whitman and Boxcar Willie record collection to Chris Marshall I, TOM RAYNES, do hereby bequeath all of my power chips to Mr Stacey, 4400 to Jay. a super-flex to Chris Hope. a Gil- lette Track-ll to Bobby Schwartz, tickets to the Showcase to John Gill and Greg Powell, my ego to Lustig. my book Gladiators to Doumar, my book Under the Whip to Larry Bernert, Mickey s to Port Southall and Andy DeMaio, scrap- ple to Jamie DeMaio, my roller skates to Mary Dragas, 1001 questions for Gov- ernment to Gary Ryan. a pack of Nabs to Chuck Vakos, Ouebec to Doug Mclntyre. and last, but most important, I leave the years of fun, laughter, and love that we have had and will have to Bears Swear I, WILL REDFERN, do hereby bequeath the results of my first and last DOII to Rachel, running shoes to Barry. pushups, situps, and jumping lacks to J.B. and A.J., my thesaurus and dictio- nary to Mr. Babcock in hopes that he will donate them to a worthy student, and "thanks a lot" to T.H. and RD. I, ANNE RICHARDSON, do hereby be- queath Tony W. and Juan to Dorothy. Preston, Joe, Lee, and a voice to Santa. our secret to Ricky Zahn, the presidency of "The Club" to Ellen B., fame and Skip Castro to Susan D.: a newly acquired taste to Allison C., a bit of sailing advice. 'Ialways plug the plugs." to Gary Ft., 'lm not going to buy it this time" to Ann V.. R.C. and my verbal ability to Jodi, two dates and Country Comfort to Cindy. Morticia to Keith B., my dock to John R . the headaches she gave me to P R., and my UMWASP mentality to Mr. Stacey. I, BETSY RUBIN, do hereby bequeath to my sweet Tom, my smile and all my bear essentials tAspen, Huggies, Friend. Sylvester, Tweety, Simon. and Boi, rights to ILYSM and Bear Swear, free room and board under my house. an endless sup- ply of cheesecake and TLC, a rain check for our missed snow day, a garden of tulips to tiptoe through, and an unlimited recording of 'lAre You Serious?" and I'Beware of Bees on September 15", to Anne, my saddleshoes and coordination. to Rachel, dinner for two at the finest res- 3 SI taurant in Princeton: to Kim and Gary, Diary of a Mad Cheerleader: to Jay, free room and board under my house: to Mrs. Flippen, peace of mind: to Mr. Harvie: a 4 x 10 ice cream scooper and an upside down sand cone: to Mrs. Wahl, a second purpose and a handsome computer pro- grammer who speaks applesoft: to Mrs. Masterson and Miss Holmes, a referee. I, GARY RYAN, do hereby bequeath to Jodi, Helen Keller's ashes and Fig at Lloyd's: to Susan, my grandmothers tree: to Caci, Seaside's photo booth, fireworks, and ferris wheels: to Ellen, another season of scenics and a Tiki Tumbler: to Anne R. and Molly H., our Thursdays on the beach: to Mr. H., the trials and tribulations of "middle age" and many letters: to Liza, carefree mem- ories and a beach house: and to L.A.B., an apple pie, a jog ljust a few steps behindl, and me, a best friend for life. I, BOBBY SCHWARTZ, do hereby be- queath to Mrs. Riegle, my exemplary be- havior: to a good friend through thick and thin, Chaz "No Game" Lustig, I leave my cherry Pintellas lwith tipsl, Yankee rock and roll, and How To Pick Up Girls: to Mary D., a date with my father: to A.D.S., my surfing terminology and our "in-depth" discussions: to Jim Crowley, the girls he thought I always had: to Ship, a Pete Smith T-shirt to wear while play- ing goalie at Guilford: to Audrey T., all my New Waveness: to Hazel, my address so that she will bake me cookies: to Sherry K. and Mary Martha, my short- ness: to the N.I.S., my office of Dean of Admissions: to Glen Draper, No. 8 and the TCIS and Prep championships: to Mr. Stacey, many thanks for all the time he spent with me on the IRC and the soccer field: to Mrs. Masterson, my gratitude for her advice and counseling: to un buena senorita, mi gramatica ingenio: to Chris Shearin, a salami sandwich: to NA, thanks for a truly challenging twelve years. I, KIM SHOEMAKER, do hereby be- queath all my chemistry worries to Kim E. and Tara: 10 pounds of plain M8tM's, D.T., Morrison's, and great times to Anne D.: English class and a great summer to Warwick: a batch of M8.M cookies for his dad to Bobby S.: our monopoly games in the snow to Bobby, John, and Rachel: my brother and sister and our swimming pool to Kirk LeCompte: an adorable bunch of third grade boys to John Stecker and Laura Neal: our fun in En- glish to Dorian and Bobby: my mathematical genius to Dorian: Saturday night fun to Jamie and Hazel: all our summer fun, humor, D.C., friendship, Jeeps, popeyes, popcorn, and a date with the guy she really likes to Laura Neal. I, JAY SHIPOWITZ, do hereby be- queath a rosy palm to Chris Hope: John Gill to Greg Powell: a helmet to Doumar: modesty to S.P.F. Lustig: the blessings of H.D. to S.D.: the book The Art of Flirt- ing to Mary Dragas: a double team to Tom Raynes: a Jeep to Vakos: an electric razor to Schwartz: future sessions to L.B.: a 7:30 session to Jack Ruffin: an ironical friendship to Hagan: and the fun and good times l've had over the past two years to E.A.M. I, SANJA SKANSI, do hereby bequeath my enthusiasm to learn to Mrs. Mas- terson: my interest in politics and power chips to Mr. Stacey: the Volvo and a credit card to Tim: pantyhose and a date for Prom to Anne: a trip to Hampden- Sidney and a box of Spic and Span to Dorothy: Michael and an outfit that clashes to Hazel: a good munch-out to Jodi: a dozen bow ties and the exclusive rights to our famous homemade apple pie to Susan: my voice to my carpool: my eyes in Government class to Larry: in- tense discussions to Bruce: all my fetishes in Physics and an invitation to come see me at school to Jeff: my Italian blood and the fire engine to Jack: my ap- preciation of "bad" music to Mark and Craige: love, memories, a teddy bear, and the l Hate to Cook Book to my little squirt from his little flirt - thanks for making this a great year, Mikie. I, JOHN STECKER, do hereby be- queath my barbell set to Laurie Miller: my razor to Keith and David Hope: and my ice blower to Coach Marchionda. I, BETH STUBBS, do hereby bequeath my ability never to split an infinitive to anyone who wants to be loved by Miss Mays: Mike BIackmore's phone number to Clair Lamb: and a lifetime supply of Pop Tarts to David "EIdo" Craig. I, BRIAN STURM, do hereby bequeath my speed to Garth Forsyth: my sympathy to the next senior class president: and my gratitude to John Stecker as a great and life-long friend. I, KRISTEN TRUE, do hereby bequeath my "twinhood" to Kim E.: all the 100's I got in Analysis to Mr. Harvie: all the abuse I never gave him to Brian S.: and my sense of humor to Mrs. Mottola. I, CHUCK VAKOS, do hereby bequeath my 52Vz truck traders to Dudley Ware: my Henninger can to Jim Waive: the memory of Greg fishing in his underwear to Jim, Tom, John, Brian, and Robin: and the misfortune of rooming with me next year to Brian Sturm. I, GEORGE WALKER, do hereby be- queath a new set of clothes to Tom Burt: my homework assignments for the last 4 years to Ralph: a moustache to Doug: some sanity to Boo: my Hendrix albums, study skills, and the mobile to Bull: and my college applications to Chris A. l, STEVE WEISBERG, do hereby be- queath my Patti Smith albums and un- used brownie mix to Ginger: my Taj Mahal pass to Bruce and Bones: my New Wave tapes to Brooke: copyrights to the Algebra ll Joke Book to Blanchard: a new name, a new car, and hence a new world to Boo: a date with Celia-Renee to Lance: a flashlight to Hecht: green hair spray to Hazel: a clean deck of cards to Burt and Huhn: the score for "The Troll" to Mark: Dead End tapes to Craige: Sy- bil's number and getting mugged to Alan May: a year's pass to the Butties to Mark and Craige: Wards Corner and pinball to Walker: a year's rent for the use of his books to Young: my Pat Benatar poster to Pete: my draft registration number of Cooper: my Debussey and Monty Python albums and a lifetime subscription to Na- tional Lampoon to Mr. Babcock: my Government notebook with all its blank pages to Mr. Stacey: and my resignation from the Apathy Club, slackness, com- mon sense, and maturity to Norfolk Academy. I, CRAIGE WILLIAMSON, do hereby bequeath a troll bridge, his beard, and some roller skates to Mark Komer: a bazooka, hand grenade, E.M. RAW, and a 51.57 gift certificate to J and J's to Phil: cheesecakes, a map to Portsmouth, 100 shares of Parlor Club stock, and a YAK to Mike Monroe: a scratched LP, and "Oh yea," the book How To Avoid College, and some moonlight to Katie Gibson: a Portsmouth alarm clock to Greg Mahan: a ponk GTO with a lift kit and yellow pinstripes, A YAHOO, and a JEBB to , . A . . I 'T' ' 4-i'5 K W y 1 w I Q- 0 ln' .. 519' K 5. I 6' 151' SA 5 1 sl. .J A 1 G. 5 ' A ff, - 5. pf 1 3:1 ... "" HALLDWEEN '80 ' ir l " l is 9 , -4 One ofthe highlights of the senior year is the privilege to dress up on Halloween. Although there were no Playboy bunnies this year, Mark Komer came as a Portsmouth garbage dump and Hazel Hudgins beamed down from outer space. ii" C ' Fi ' f -- - I K I 00x 4"7 5 I , 5 'iv 5, iff-X 'N POTLIGHTI S MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED m Eckert and Brian Sturm X, 4s MOST ll NTELLEOTUAL I MOST ATHLETIC CLASS FLIRT MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST ALL AROUND MOST ie DeMaio and e Weisberg A L E N T E D CLASS CLOWN PRE PPI EST Anne Richardson and Warwick Spencer MOST ABUSED Q J, g- V, "'2 W-1.3! 4'K'1?'y? f if x11 Abi xr. ! , A :us , ,- N .-J' q Q fir a -P auf Q' . A ' ir it , x , f lk 'X J .i 4 'sz' I Q , I S 1 ll L' "NCQ ll f X .- .5 Q is-3',.'99. 5'9" NEWS YOUNG CHCPINS ltls bad enough having to play these three tricky Gershwin pre- ludes in front of the packed school auditorium and feeling the dry mouth and the stomach throb of stage fright. Buthere in the backstage practice room at Norfolk Academy, Steven Weisberg, who is actually a jazz pianist at heart, also has to contend with half a dozen boys from the orchestra who are firing a little blue bean- bag around the room. The orchestra, composed of students, teachers, and "friends of the academy," files on to the stage, followed by the conduc- tor, Merle Becker, and the sol- oist - 9-year-old Matthew Van Hoose, who is almost precisely half as tall as the Steinway is long. When Van Hoose sits on the bench, his feet barely reach the pedals. But as soon as the or- chestra launches into Haydn's Concerto in D Major, the young soloist establishes his true sta- ture. His fingers dance across the keys. He is in his element. And for a fourth-grader, he is remarkably good. 62 AKERS INTIMATIONS OF IMMORTALITY Dressing up in their finest, many stu- dents attended a rare occasion this fall - a funeral where no tears were shed. Upon arrival, each mourner received a white or pink carnation, signed his name on the body, and had the opportunity to pray for the deceased. The invocation delivered, the hungry hordes began to scream for food. They were soon satiated by gorging on 90 pounds of roast, plus fruit salad and who knows how many meatballs and crab legs. Meanwhile, white doves circled in se- vens and threesg the trees shimmered and seemed to bow their heads in prayer. However, the death of "Swan Lodge" was soon forgotten as the rev- elry continued. Now, almost out of de- fiance, "Swan Lodge" is back on the road again. At any rate, it was a good excuse to have a party! 77-US IS 'THE BEST FICTION 1"VE El 15351 NB Uimw rrs mv excuse Pon NOT HAVING MY Penny! WRl7TEN I hah-'W Dean Chadwin Melissa Clarke John Condon l Wlllle Cooper Clark Addington Emilie Ashman Randall Atkinson Carolyn Babcock Susan Barco Brock Beasely Daniel Becker James Bickford Laura Bonney Ellen Bernert John Brown Bobby Cabell Cindy Campbell Bill Carver Adams Darden Holley Darden Payton Dickinson Glen Draper Polly Dunn Debbie Ehrenworth John Fitzwilliam Alex Galanides Greg Glasser Shelly Gough Clemens Haustein Jack Heely Brian Hess Doyle Hull FORM FIVE Ju Jimmy lngold Mary Francis Jaap Jean Jenkins Kurt Jessen Arthur Jones John Katsias Sheri Kesser Missy Klavans Adrienne Lakadat Clair Lamb ff Y' Pres B Rutter VP Paul Peck Sec S Casper Tr A Denman Jack Ruffin Carol Harrison David Costenbader Larry Lambert Mike Lawson Louis Lazaron Kirk LeCompte Pete LeTourneau Ann Liles Mike Marr Chuck McCuIIouch Eddie McPhillips Ashby Meek David Morgan Daniel Morris David Morris Gary Moss Ann Mottola Harry Murphy Marnet Nash Larry Patish Tory Peabody Kim Phillips Danny Plante Gray Randolph Brad Schaubach Gary Shulwolf Lucy Schwan Chris Shearin Tim Skansi Debbie Smith Mary John Perri Jim Patricia Wallace Sandra Weinstein Dudley Ware Jeff Willis Richard Yee Ricky Zahn Allison Zedler Absent Wayne Hines Lee Noyes Steve Siobh Walte 'e ssy Mi Scott ' W Jay Andrews Dennis Anninos Rosemary Ashman Billy Barber Phillipa Barr Mary Barrett Sarah Blanchard Elizabeth Bowers Webb Brown Laura Burcham Mary Chapman Ricky Clark Betsy Cohen Henry Colonna Jeff Countess David Craig Richard Crawford Parker Cross Brantley Davis Eliz. Dickenson Thad Doumar Jay Evans Rob Fine Nancy Forrest Garth Forsyth Lisa Fraim Emily Francis Christina Grandy Lisa Grimstead Kurt Hammerle Lynelle Hart Elizabeth Heil Steven Hellberg Todd Holmes Keith Hope Sean Horstman John Hoy Ellen Jaffe Derek Jessen Grift Jones Courtney Joyner Beth Ju ren Richard Koch Ellen Kruger John Lawrence Steve Lawson Shirra Leavitt Steve Leeb FORM FOUR Eliz. Outland Todd Ranson Mary Flippen Amy Moss Pres. Vice-Pres. Sec. Treas, Francis Lee Susan T330 Paul Zoby ve, lr no L L 'aw ft Dana Wheeler Ann Whitaker Tony Wilds Wendy Willard Gordon Zedd ' h is iihffil Q Clay Levlster Andrew Martens Danny Malks Sarah McCraw Joe Metzler Laurie Miller John Mitchell Jack Moore Bert Muhleman Dana Myers Patrick Myers Anita Nissenson C. Nusbaum Bobby Parker Craig Paulos Elaine Perry Todd Rice Liza Ryan John Savage Chip Scheible Alicia Scott Marilyn Shapero Beth Shapiro Steve Sharp Steve Shipowitz Bryan Simms Ann Simpson Paul Sisoian Russell Smith Stacey Smith Port Southall Stevie Stecker Ann Tiesenga Liz Tinkham S. Townsend Julie Trant Audrey Trundle Mary Via Jason Vincent Evan Werbel 67 xx! S -ai , W 4,1 X 1 K A f ' - , fi! uw " ' 5"x"""" 'HK - if :Xl TD' L... ' ' ' f A F0 , :lid 15.1.- . if i' ' 4, w H ,, 3 F I .Qi as C 5. 731' 'J Q 4-na an 8 K , X , 1 gf 1 . 55525: . -vfff Jfp.. 'xv' 7 . Ifyffll 'A-.uv':' f , ,. I '- 'Q Tilt' 'Y- . 9 L , .xvtlg ' , 5--I N 1 1 QQ' l :F 4,J Eric Acra Scott Adams Mary Adamson FCRM Bk abcoc Sabrina Baggett THREE EMM Michelle Barry David Baylor Lisa Bensenhaver Doug Berman Matthew Bibermari Paul Blanchard Jennifer Blount Lawrence Brewer Katy Brown Steph Campbell Bert Carpenter Tracy Casper Adair Conrad Eric Cooper Tolli Cooper Rick Coyle Jim Crowley Andy DeMaio Townsend Devereaux Jill Eisenbeiss Chris Fall DeeDee Furr Laurie Goldsticker Brad Glassman Ashley Gregory Gretchen Hall Mary Ruffin Hanbury Michelle Hecht Karen Hodges Jennifer Hoffman David Hope Lisa Hume Kirk Hurford Paul Jones Georgia Kazakis Brad Kesser Grant Kiehl Tom Kline Kim Knight , Andy Laderberg David Lambert Kelly Lambert , A -,T Ned Lawless QT. A- L- sf I 1' A Jeff Levy Paige Levy Margaret Liles Dawn Lucci Brian Mayer Will McGeorge Andy Mclntyre Alan Mears Jimmy Miller Grace Milteer Caryn Olitsky Jacky Olitsky Stephanie Owen Caroline Patterson Tricia Patterson 70 Larry Peck Ed Perry John Phillipakis David Randall Karen Ranhorn Donald Rhodes Richard Rosenblum Ed Rosenfeld Brooke Rossheim John Russ Michael Ryan Bill Sams Laurie Spangenberg Robbie Stanton Jeff Stredler Ethan Swift Virginia Syer Debbie Tate Steve Taylor Dimitri Vomvouras Shep Wainger Bobby Wainwright Chris Walburgh Katherine Wallace Paul Wallace Brad Webb Daniel Webb Barbita Webster Lee Weinstein Kim Wilcox Chris Wilkerson Brandt Williamson Angie Willis Martha Blair Willis Donna Woodward Tony Wu Jamie Young 71 Suzi Abramson Martha Babcock Lynn Barco Monica Beamer Howard Belvin Suzanne Bernard Chris Bickford Beth Burgess Todd Butler Thurmond Capps Becky Chadwin Susie Chapin Chris Ciccone David Clark Melissa Clark Kate Cooper Stephanie Cowan Dawson Crisler Audrey Darden John Darden Jamie Dare Behnam Dayanim Mike Dekshenieks Tony Dixon Kathy Doumar Jennifer Dragas William Dwyer Katie Elder Brad Everett Sharon Fine Neal Flowers Flay Fox lan Gibson Scott Gorry Maraya Goyer Jeff Griswold Shari Gutterman Steve Hamilton Tom Harrison Dion Hayes Harry Hjardemaal Carter Hobbs Steve Holmes David Hull Karyn Joaquino Chester Jones Jennifer Karotkin Denise Katsias Danielle Reiff Lawrence Kesser Jane Kollmansperger Jeff Lawson 72 Jay Leach Michael Levy Ken Lifland Billy Liles Richard Loman Phil Luedke Mary Lee Magee Taylor Mayo William McDowell Aaron Mears Kristen Mladick Marcie Montagna Mike Montgomery Mike Moore Frank Mottola Kay Morgan Stacy Noona Marianne Novak John Nusbaum Eleanor Ottinger Ted Patterson Daryl Potter Scott Price Tara Radin Dolph Rau Neil Redfern Rixey Ruffin Robert Russ Wesley Sams Chris Savvides Price Shapiro Steve Shapiro Carey Shoemaker William Shubert Jennifer Slatkin Latane Spencer Neil Stallings Anne Standing Alex Steadman Sam Steingold Karen Swanner Richard Taylor John Thomas John Trant Stephanie Trickler Pam Trimble Boo Trundle Hampy Tucker David Unseth Amanda Vaeth Ann Via Lauren Wainger Suzanne Wardsrup Aaron White Steve Zahn 73 45 M JE' I H UW ' ,,- If . Q? -04161. . L4 71 If is I 'E--W, -I I '-'11 I 1' E I I 4 4 3 Holly Benton Ruland Brown Randy Bryan Paul Conrad Liz Costenbader Leigh Derrickson Chris Dotolo Gordie Dozier Kitty Drury Hunter Ellis Alison Fall Tasha Fedyszyn Tracy Folck Ed Fraim Paul Galanides Kim Glisson Chris Alexander Scott Alperin Jennifer Ashman Catherine Baillo Anna Lee Bamforth Alycia Bartley Alan Baydush Ricky Goldbach Kelly Gomez Kenny Hackworth Scott Hamilton Mike ,Hayes Tripp Heilig Erica Herz David Hester SEVENTH GRADE 76 Mike Hines Nini Hofslokken Lisa Hogan Krista Horstman Andy Howell Leslie Hume Sid Kitterman C. Kollmansperger Rita Leeb Ned Lilly David Ludena Ashby Mapp Michael Maroto April Marr .7 I, ll! 1-N N 7 ' 45- - X 1'fH'5'-2irS.S..?..7.f..'x-N Q I Martha McGeorge Ricky Mersel Walker Meslang Michele Mohlere Ruth Payne Ed Poole Mac Purrington Chester Rhodes Betsy Rice Tim Rice Cindy Rona Brian Root Parks Roper Suzi Rosenblum Alizah Rosenfeld Danny Rosin Mary Rundie John Ryan Marcia Samuels Alex Savvides John Shafer Allison Scholten Andrew Schulwolf Amy Shook James Short John Shumadine Kimberly Slaughter Scott Spears Tiffany Stagg Cole Stallings Beverly Taylor Shannon Timms Karen Tucker Nash Wainwright Vonnique VanWay Stock Watson Reiss Wilks Dawn Wilson Denton Woodard John Wroton Barton Zedd Chris Zoby 77 SIXTH G RADE Gigi Cooke Susan Cooke Wistie Cooke Jeff Cooper Fabien Cousteau Betsy Crisler Elizabeth Croll Bo Culpepper Michael Darden Jason Bush Susan Clark Nathan Bickford Kathleen Brock Will Browning Scott Burger Charles Burgess Is Craig Dekshenieks Patrick Dooley Hunter Dorroh Jennifer Drury Robert Fiveash Carter Furr Ginger Graham Tina Grimstead Andy Hamilton Chris Heidt Duane Hester Josh Hofheimer Morgan Jenkins ,4 Chris Johnson A I Q1 Tfae Jones Wendy Kesser Amy Levitin s.. -.-'iliif' - Stephen Levy Elizabeth Liles Keith Louden Phoebe MacKinIey f Jeff Martin TP? 'S-.. SJ John Mitchell Robert Scott Scott Simpson Amy Spence Will Stacey Mike Standing Kate Steadman Robert Stein John Taylor Rob Trundle Kelly Tucker Robert Viccellio Brian Wainger M.V. Whitlow Brannon Winn Anna Mastracco Kelly McDowell Dickie Mladick Sam Noona Richard Ottinger Krittika Onsanit Tyler Pender Mark Price Todd Ricketts Jon Rosin Jane Rossheim 79 Lang Ambrose Geoff Baker Shanna Batten ,4-06" F 1 I Paula Berman George Bianan Ryan Butler Greg Campbell Bill Carver Grace Ciccone Gretchen Cocke Virginia Deaton Dusty DeMiIIe Mannin Dodd Nick Dorian Binky Dozier Keith Economidis Jeff Eisenbeiss Lindsey Essreg Karen Flowers l ' N ............ Holley Friedman Adam Gutterman l Bill Hanckel ' Laura Heilig Ned Henry Ben Hester Kevin Hirschfeld Courtney Howell Jay Ingram I i I l l l 80 -I Jody Jaap Eric Karp Pete Kloeppel Charlie Knoll Philbert Kuo Cathy Lawrence Scott Leban Whitney Lester Mark Levine Tony Lowman Brad Martin Hill McBrayer John Meek Asher Milteer Jon Montagna Jacob Novak Adam Rafal Whit Randolph Randelle Rau Martha Rivero David Roper Mary Russ Margaret Scott David Shapero Bart Shepherd Mary Elizabeth Shirley Marc Short Todd Swanner Holly Trotman Kimberly Tucker Lisa Weisberg Walt Whittemore Matthew Zimmer 'N ,H A! i 81 FOURTH GRADE Brian Alperin Anne Marie Ambrose Todd Amundson Eleanor Baird Jonathan Best Drew Brown Laura Browning John Coureas Ben Crumpler Billy Culverhouse Meade Dickerson Mary Helen Donovan Matthew Duncan Emily Farthing Bill Fiveash Brent Fraim Hays Fraim Kevin Grant Mark Hagan Danny Hakim Brack Hill John Hoover Juliana Johnson Paul Keistler John Garret Kemper Catherine Key Steve Kollmansperger Karl Kottke John LoSciuto Jane Magpoc 82 l 5-v x 1. 7- Gr' S.. 3 fi? mln lg N Ax .,,., pta N. ' I Y .fl , 1 lst, -Vin." 4:02 Peter Martone Sarah Mastracco Ellen Mayo Stephen McCoy Chet Meaohum Murray Miller Lane Morris Dan Pearlman Mary Philippakis Jenny Polley Beth Powell Jason Priebe Daniel Purrington Romy Radln Greg Riley Tripp Ritter Katherine Rosin Beth Shepherd Louis Shipowitz Brad Shoemaker Danielle Smith Andrew Stredler Burt Sundin Jiro Tanaka Brian Trickler Ken Trindler Matthew Van Hoose Tommy Warburton Anna Weisberg Carrie Wells Meredith Wilkins Robert Wilson 83 9 'Q 'QRBZW ,-.A I eff N1 x ' n. W Qizf C no s ' 4 o, ,KQ' . v ' U ' X "zz P A in C , M, ffqf :Q jc' 'f C5 Jil' af? H34 797 V 'p lad! 'f?5??"' ' f , bw "' ,A 'mf-'hyd nf,-2"'5 I :st-My. ,' W -.Rx 5 162 nf-f,if"l1 Bah "s"A4:,iQ ' v r' ' ' Jr .. -4 .W v. on K 'E Alfred Abiouness W' John Acklss Elizabeth Baydush Clay Beers Jennifer Arias l Berton Ashman -. l y f pl if A John Bone 'WC' Q ' Lexie Brockenbrough Robbie Brown L. l- John Burger Francie Cohen Greg Coyle Eric Crouch Julie Dotolo Martin Engels Sara Farthing Michael Fredericks Matthew Frost Todd Goldman Riley Gomez Canipe Goodman David Gordan Tim Heidt Jason Johnson Richard Johnson Richard Lee Johnson Grace Jones Matthew Keister Catherine Kerley Jeffrey Kole Peter Kottke Drew Leban Tripp Lilly Meredith Long Monica Maroto Stewart McBurney Mike McCabe Bill McKinnon Scott McLemore 86 S-' Pete Meachum Minor Meredith Jennifer Mosquera Andrew Paradise Sarah Pollara Vinay Raman Tom Replogle Brian Reshefsky Allen Scott Michael Shirley Jim Shumandine Brett Spain L i Sarah Stacey Francine Staub Michael Sword Elizabeth Tillberg Jay Trinder Yann VanGeertruyden David Ware Wing Watson Joanna Weisberg Leigh Wilson Ginger Wright Macon Yates SECCND GRADE i J F Peter Blomgren wi Torey Breeden 6 Austin Brockenbrough Laura Bryant Tracey Carrier Willard Chung Barbara Clardy Lee Counselman Mac Crisler Richard Crommelin Sean Dugan Seth Eilberg Andrew Essreg Shawn Everett Andrei Fedyszyn Elizabeth Fraim Jessica Glasser Cissy Grant Scott Habeeb Carter Hanckel Steve Harmon Paris Heidt Austin Hill Jenny Hubbard John James Jennifer Jordan Mark Kloeppel Michael Konikoff 88 l . 53. J I i Jennie Langley , Gary Legum l l l l , l "5 Kate Lester Doug Levy 'I James Liau Elizabeth Louden Seth Markowitz Jason Martin f Darren Leung . 1 L' Ll l' rg V? ' gf: ' J I ' in 1 , , ,. 1 l L lx x ,, I . Y J ,, ff 4 LJ 3, J,,,,Li: ,- Q. i fl T if ' g .45 "W J l 4 2 4 'D 5 'S ji Y' i il PM J '1 ' ' QR 4' .' ,l IE: i W. 'tl 3 'P L- , ?"' F W 'L " 'vw-an ' -. J, 1 -f. if M , if.. . -F Q.. y O i X ' Q- I S l 5 9 ff? 4- 4 1 ' 0 ' ',' Q 1 I" X H' S ' . John Weary f- Tara White l Caroline Winn 5- . 15 , ,.., tin I ' -.JJ GRADE Ryan McNamara Kathryn Mitchell Stephanie Mosquera Eric Myers Robb Neff Glenn Nye Nat Parker Lexa Pope Stephen Richard Trevor Robinson Somer Salomon Shane Shapiro Monty Sharp Erica Smith Cecilia Sotomayor Peter VanGeertruyden Kathryn Voyer Tiffany Warburton Joshua Weisberg Jay Wells 89 Yves! ' I Q, ,sf Q --Q. 4. 'N f 3, J' Q i if bi' 1 sq, - 6 IS 1:- 1' - 'xx ix -4 A . ' 1 ?'. 69, - 'M-fx I J, 'Mt 4, Z, V Y' 3' W 1 I 1.5 1- , 1 fig: K xt l lg, I - J O N A UPDATE LITTLE PEOPLE OF POLITICS They march dutifully along the black and white marble tiles linking the cham- bers of the Senate and House of Dela- gates in the Capitol. Like pawns on the chessboard of the Virginia General Assembly, they carry messages from chamber to chamber, heavy bill books from committee to committee and strategy notes from par- tisan to partisan. The lieutenant governor, clerks and legislators -the very kings and queens of government- depend on them, especially now in the final days of the Assembly's session. But at the snap of a finger, the romantic notion of being a House or Senate page can be numbered by the yoke of service. For some 64 Virginians aged 13 to 15, the past five weeks have been a paid holiday from school, but certainly no va- cation. They've earned their money run- ning errands, collating bills and opening doors. They're on call from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week during the session, but most are able to go home on weekends. Itis the first paid job for many. They're selected to serve for one ses- sion only, theoretically because they were interested and could cope with both the work at the assembly and back at school. After sponsorship and accep- tance by one of the two chambers, they make the trip to Richmond. "Let's face it, you need good grades and good connections," said one page, slicing through the prerequisites. Taylor said the pages always have what it takes - and more. Paige Levy of Portsmouth and Amy Shook of Virginia Beach came well pre- pared to keep up with their studies and also have a good time. 92 ---Sd T EDITORIAL Recall Robert Frost's poem, "The Road Not Taken." The narrator relates his problem in deciding which path to take at a fork in the road. One path is well travelled, the other is rarely taken, After a moment of pondering, he chooses the less-travelled one, and "that has made all the difference." Our lives are filled with such decisions, choices, and opportunities. Since our decisions, are, for the most part, irrevocable, we must con- sider carefully our options. Even though the traveller might not have understood everything about each path, at least he knew what his options were. Our choices, in contrast, are usually not as clearly de- fined as those presented to the traveller. A tragic element that unfortunately limits many of us is the assump- tion that there are limits to acceptable decisions. Why be limited by what others have done? Who says there are only two paths, or even three? When you face a decision, review those options not usually considered. An original solution may be hiding just beyond our self- imposed limits. Sometimes it will be right to travel the common path. Sometimes it will be better to travel a new path. But in any case, have the courage to make an original decision, and once you have made it, the perse- verance to follow it through. Samuel M. Levitin 1551 Uimzz I x, ':llIl:'lllll I . llll Ill ll: H 1 lllllll! I fi. ll . . IIIIIZ-,ml Ilia I y q . llllziiffiikl ll Q K ' "vii lll...'E5m6gsxX - " -,I XX - 4 ZW x P x X' fl ,', V' X Y M I W g. w 1 " My 'Ellllsk 6 XX lil llillllinygix Ll, ' 1 'ax I ,Q f f iii? fq nx X , J J Nl - 5-A F2- i Ilff fllil Y f 4 Q -v Z -v ,T ff? -."L41l llll- 'pix I f ff - - KQJ X 1 ffm!!! f- XX, ' Y , Ha: 11 gr If K ' L9 sx' , fr' ,,f', " ,Q ,MIX - ,-32" f,f X I .. ' ,,,f-414 , 0 Mk. A ' y A1 lag. , - g lx. cv ff Q: X X 'X Z . f z ' ' rn , nf X xf if., fik V 1 'I ' f PVR 'o 1 X' ' 94 -11, 35.3 . fff h ' '1 xx . 771 M , g.' 1, P v 4Q ,A ,PMI ,W , ' f , j V gli W f h 042 ,ull ff I: A V If 72' f"' X 0' ss X ff! 4 g in Z 'Q V X X A V Q7"f,: A4 ,- -I V v N--.fp X - ' 'iijgrnx ! Zi, J K lf, 1 T 1" 'N '7 4' -, , f 'V gy ,f X? ' 16124 MQ 65- ' NN - A , li 4-4 I I - K f X , X I x AY ,Q yf ,, I X' Ng! 'V' V f 6 ,5 ,X 'viy - ' 7 ,fgf 'ef' ,f l f 4 "' X5 N f , I fi f ff m ' ' 'Q l."E f- 3 f 5-ag w, , .f.W "'f .ff Q49 E V A FIELD DAY 'BL 'J ,gm .W -Q ,7 if 's On May 3rd, Norfolk Academy enjoyed its annual Field Day, a day when the efforts shown all year by parents, teachers, and students come to a profitable and fun result. For months, Lower, Middle, and Upper schoolers work at a feverish pitch to build booths, collect stamps, and sell tickets. This year the Country store, Midway, and ticket drawing were particular successes. The 1980 profit of approximately fifty thousand dollars, about equal to last year's total, will help finance purchases to improve student life. 95 -A 50 w f'. ...,qv.,f 4 5' . - Aviv' ,f . "9" f'- 'hw' .eu L if Y -A 'Q :Aff 'PW- ll .J , : 7 SN- I 1, Eff 4-91 Q ... ss' 'Q f Lifes' 'fr S 23 V' Fifi' 43,15 ,ff 2 -fx! is 9, 'A tk, L Q' 58. X u X ,,-A X K l i l i l l I ' CLASS 0F 1980 The night ofJune 10, 1980, was both a sad and a joyous affair as the senior class departed, leaving everyone with a feeling of emptiness. A major part of Norfolk Academy was moving on. Linda Peck received the Thomas . McEntee Martin Award as the senior A P demonstrating initiative, originality, i and creativity. Ran Randolph received the S. Barron Segar Award for rendering the highest service through leadership based upon the influence of character. Debbie Hayes and Ben ' Payne delivered the valedictory i addresses and received the Bible Award in honor of the spiritual I principles inculcated by James B. Massey. .L . 9 ' A 4 5 i 'Z' E ,x D -fd 1 v . 1 lug. -.r V1 N 'Q , Q " S , v -Q ? 1 Q ' V A 6 YI N 4-1- 3' FHUPICD Z0--IPCUPIQ 1 SOFTBALL The softball team's season was a Ietdown, but the girls nonetheless put forth a monumental effort during each game. Finishing with a 3-13 record, the team captured fifth in the TCIS Tournament and saw teammate Paige Moody named to the All Tournament team. Led by five- year veterans Lauren Slepin and Moody, the girls look to 1981 for another shot at the top. 1.1 L Seniors: B. Holland, D. Hayes D Addison L Slepin L Sams P Moodv Row1 L Garner C Batts C Hagan Row2 T Fraim, K. Eckert, M. Callahan C Babcock Flow 3 Coach Haynes M Nash S Weinstein A Baggett LACROSSE The girls Varsity lacrosse team led by captain Donna Dale enjoyed a successful 1980 season with an 8 6 record Anne Diamonstein All Tournament team member and Anne Richardson named MVP contributed to the team s winning efforts Highlights of the season included the first annual Norfolk Academy Invitational Tournament, in which Seniors: C. Cabell D. Dale C. Grandy S. Noona M. Fioelofsen Row 1: E. Bernert A. Richardson Coach Stender G. Ryan A. Diamonstein Flow 2: P. Wallace A. Whitaker E. Outland M. Via K. Gibson -Hg., Y C -nf I .L A A19 ,hm 7,1-, VL , gxv. ,Lv P Q 1 'N Q, N G . li 41 A ' 5 f . . ,,..,-x X A v v K. , Q4-Q..-, 59, ed ' . ".a.,x-P. '- -x nl' ff' a , .155 is I s v y, 4 'T 'Q ,fr gw 4-gilt 0--3 Q A' N J S- asf: ixff 1' lg ll ?5No ng-Q V il .v 4 '-x '-rl ' '--' ': Q, J' 6, .. .J A , 'th Q45 H . '. Q - 1 g fl. N 6. 24 ' ' if k:"7:'f',1', mg - 52 ww, ', 5: 5' ,ag a-O" u.. ,r 3 gi linax 'V r-ul - 1:11 1- r - .':- 1. rs v . I . 5- . lr 4, . I, 'les' -1, 1 .f L ., ff? -f- ,,-n4,:Z4rf ' ' V 41,:i,,r,,7fQ,.o.- 1 Qrffd. " '- F.3'ff""".f'l"' A i . -- 4 1, 5. .ph 1 .uv a vw M... ?l ll'-v .,q.4V-,,, QI "Z '.,.,,-, .,- -r '- '24 I 1:57 1- -f-irf-' , ,,.'f1fxQLapA , u 'Yi .... ..,. 3-.Ira-'Sf"f"- - - Q -r I fr. ,s ..--Q: ' .hm , , - va .- , . . ...Ag 5 . f ' .. 1' M 9 Qian . I I ., . ..'."Y'A'h 'hvv "XLS n-,si -V-. e-.-w..,,- u-. --K-H1 3- I -... yn .H an 4"4" Q, 1?Qofi-'yn-' rl U - " Y ' , '.'1r. MA -" "" . ' V - Y ' . , . A.-Q-,, , 11' '-Um ' A A: bt, hug 1' .Wm-ij?f'f' 'gl ., ' .Q' " vi A .v X -A ...,1 .F - '-Q., - ng O .. 2.5-A . -,,- 4 ,y,. Ze.: .. 'Golf '--' 1 A"" . , J f ' 'fwavm - , .. . V- -' A ,-W-gr, 9 ,4. f .-V L . Q ' 1 . . ' l ,ff-'f""'+-1 .."?.-'-.LI -2- ' T133 3' .451 105 Dear Doctor Jock, Please help me understand the history of lacrosse and why it is so popular at Norfolk Academy. Sincerely, Leef Feelder Dear Leef, You may have noticed that the demise of ice hockey at NA coincided with the rise of lacrosse. Because of the water shortage in Tidewater, Bulldog Athletic Director Dave Trickler decreed that there would be no more ice for home games. Unfortunately, yet characteristically, he forgot to cancel the games already on the schedule. Team after team rolled onto the campus to skate against the 'Dogs, only to find the goals set up at either end of the hall outside the Senior Room. The re- sultant hoopla ended only when Coach Trickler, in his infinite wisdom and despair, defined lacrosse, and it was. Yours, The Doctor ", - ,Y X.,- .-3' t p.,,'.-A l .-, 1 1 if - , if l , Q, N - 'F' H13 , 'f-1.-,, The Bulldogs T ca tured the P TCIS title this ' year, even " though they A . experienced difficulty in the Prep League. Led by John Graves, Mark DelDuca, Don Shapero, and Doug Smith, X the team received help ,P from John Condon, P Jimmy lngold, David Costenbader, and Garth Forsyth. Seniors: M. DelDuca, J. Graves, S. Parson, B. Payne, D. Sha- pero, D. Smith, J. Tinkham. Flow 1: D. Costenbader, C. Lustig, R. Zahn, P. Hamilton. Row 2: G. Forsyth, J. Condon, J. lngold, D. Hull. 106 I ,J nr' 'ibn I x O0 A 4 my-gg " " o W 1' N ' 1, . SS 4 ff 1 ' 'I 2 , , X 1 'P' 'W i N N 5 5 , ,f f 'H Q, L 3 ,I L! 5 1 L x F Y I i Y L v C. Garnett, D. Rhodes, J. Huhn, J. Gill, S. Godek, Mr. Laws. Seniors: B. Jenkins, B. Clark. GOLF In its first season, the Golf team compiled a 9-2 record that was good enough to win the TCIS regular season. The Track team again posted a winning season with a 6-2 record. Tournament competition saw a fifth place finish in the VPL and a second in the TCIS. F 1' i 'in Tx S 2, . Q 109 V x A 'X e 1- -'Qs ' 'u - ., .F X iii QT' ship- 3 '- 1 5 6121 '.2f'. 1 .- p 'Ne' an my-'rr " 1 . "slag, .1 fb'-:fii0'5Z ' vqivzfq Y A Qvzxy ' it" --x9n.f:-Qsyg ,"f?ff3?f5:'5"'-if'W'?-of , 'A 93- I A V , ode-A, 5734'- -, V 1. Q , ,QQ gihfe'-2 if . '01 is?-3 Gm: . wx ur xr-, x' f' 4 1 Q . j.. -gi..,,,- - 59? U7 -fi' .f:.-if VARSITY TENNIS ANA asf' PX Wa W . Xrxxx YLYQ ilivx Xfk X R+ L ,,...w 1 .v. X- Hw 1: M. Liles, V. Syer, E. Jaffe, S. Tsao, M. Flippen. Row 2: Mrs. Patterson, ACIark, S. Jacobson, K. Baylor, S. Porter, C. Harrison, A. Meek. ' . 111 SOFTBALL LACRCSSE 1, L! 4 Row 1: S. Townsend, Coach Oberdorfer, D. Ehrenworth. Row 2: E. Bowers, P. Barr, M. Shapero, E. Tinkham. Row 3: A. Willis, K. Phillips, A. Simpson, E. Perry, M. Barry. Row 4: P. Patterson, A. Trundle, L. Fraim, N. Forrest. l l 5 BASE- BALL Row 1: E. Acra, K. Jessen, B. Simms, D. Batts, L. Weinstein, G. Randolph, N. Cooper. Row 2: C. McCulloch, J. Heely, R. Fine, A. DeMaio, D. Plante, Coach Lindjhem, F. Mottola, D. Malks, E. McPhillips, C. Paulos. ' ln spite of their admirable determination, JV Softball could pull out only one game, but Mr. Oberdorfer insists "this record was not representative of the team's ability." Half their matches cancelled,JV Tennis still demonstrated their talent by finishing 3-1. The addition of Coach -: Rullman to NA Lacrosse will unquestionably ' improve future teams. JV Baseball also improved l drastically and will provide next year a varsity with unprecedented strength. Of course, Ms. Shisler's unbeatable JV Lacrosse team deserves special praise for its stupendous season. l .L Row 1: D. Ware, P. Zoby, J. Evans. Row 2: N. Lawless, S. Lawson, T. Skansi, B. Cabell, L. Lambert, G. Kiehl. Row 3: R. Crawford, P. Cross, J. Lawrence, T. Conklin, A. Darden, B. Kesser, D. Craig. Row 4: P. Jones, B. Barber, A. Jones, J. Hoy, B. Davis. Row 5: R. Yee, K. Hope, R. Stanton, C. Wilkinson. JUNIOR VARSITY SPORTS T Y- N Row 1: J. Syer, K. LeCompte, J. Katsias, L. Lazaron. Row 2: E. Cooper, T. Rossheim, W. Brown. -Y, v .S S-v 1, g 76" '-' L -,V 'J ' ! Q i .'a qc Q x Kline, J. Levy. Row 3: C. Nusbaum, C. Addington, B. 45 aylor, A. Denman, A. Liles, B. Cohen, E. Heil. Abs. L. Hume, L. Ryan. 3. X . I JI ' :I f fri P . 1 Q 4 , l f fi rss: I l ' - -1 1 L 1 Conrad, P. Dickinson, M. Willis, Coach Shisler. Row 2: J. Jenkins, A. Moss, T. Cooper, H. Lustig, S. McCraw. Flow 3: P. 113 3 Q 1 . ,r 7' .. fv 'K SQ V. .K 035 . 4'2:,, 1' 1 4 .' ' S- --- 4' ' 'L' 5 ' J 'o , '.1. Ja ' 'Qui .li- 'K' f lf'-5f'. warez, LLLBBU W SU- 'f ,V 3 F . 2 'if-zjzf . - --:' WTI in ...Fl- 'Q ,Q- if 4 ,,f-f' I A 1 Q ,,.i.-- 5.1: I ,., x ,...4rg ,.-5 ,. 4 v -H' A ,V : A 'if I K. 'K JSI pain- .. g .1. I' 'X 1 'Q X 1 -li X 1 F 4 ,LF Ps 'Ffa 3?-' is 1' -" "rv In J"rn,f:,g, .,jlD..i vwwga, ,gf il .1147-' fa 4' .:"', 1, nv' v4 Qu vid! .1-1 Q , '53 l D I L 1 V 2 s , ' 1 Q .f . ' 'QQ 1611 ,l'-XBSP, .n.f- ug: ' CIP QL., 4' 5 'I' fx - T L- H. ' 'IE-A b' If bfqgzh -'Al V- I 5 , x- Y , . x Q. If 's ' Ol . I M - A J- -f'f1:",...iw ff' ' ' I "' L-'-1--Q x g A A I1 W 1 ' ' 'f' Y'?l,--.-,, - H 'E if 1 V gf' 3 e 4 :Q :.,, 4: U . 1 f ...Ip , 2 ,-'T - , ni'-'f"IX. L, !'pY-nf - . ,f vI'fi4l-F ,' SQ i I . i X1 -fs .1 :L .lu ' f ,- , Q 1 ?Lp,...1 -Qura- 7 1 - v ' -v k J 4' r.-"' s 1 ' , l D ' . ' A Y- I -4, f" ax. ' , s. I T, :riff , F . -5 ? A H X If . ! A: 7354! In N X 5 X ki I V , - V . ' ds- . m . . I N 'X - 1 i h mx , V 4 . ,f , f I N- - ....,l'.. . g5K'3""n .fb .I 5 ' . ' la-S ,Q 1,41 ' -- "Q, --A '. g. lp. Zed'-?. . , " 24, :,, If 1-I nf .y-'I-.r grin! -Ml ,3 X 1 v yo-72y5f Y It X - I 'A X md f -ian: Q mmm. .'4- I l . 1, X A... vig. Q fi-1-3-3-551: -v'7' J 'ov L. S , AN i- A x-,- -, ... 3 -4 X4 X 125 1. L if 145. 1 uv 2. 5 nv-'fn A 4 bg 41" 'Q-vvf--1-an" A .. W- Q 'Q' Q - K .- l 04 . ,I mf. , Q1 --1 I gg 4 X V ,J 5 '. rw' Y." x" 1 Q 1 Z rl? '..,.,...n-"' 7 .Ev . illllll li 5' DARTMOUTH X --an K ,ali Q I J ! .1 'W-rf v .' 1 Y 1 I 1 .JL 4 I ,or 1 A., E . s. , I Y 'U " K f :P Q -054 5 - 'J -Nh 3' ,L 'Q Y Z M! f.:i gp! , X e ' x ,.,q', X ' x I I I 5 , l. P fl VFX' ' , v I . v V i , , ,. Z Z' N I 9 i 'Mx ,-ll 12 J: llli pg ' . 'A - 1' z , ff-X. ,,,,r-.4-1' If .I , ' .-a 1 X l 13? ,Q ,, --.5 . 5, ,A sf' NE-'fl' LJ 4-sf A 'W'N:h... J c if INSIDE SPCRT ACADEMY'S HOT HAND NORFOLK - As the sixth man for Norfolk Academy's basketball team last season, Garth Forsyth gave no hint of what was to come. A lanky, 6-1 ninth grader, Forsyth spent more time avoiding splinters on the bench than scoring points. But a year later, Forsyth, a filled-out, 6-2 sophomore, has earned the reputation as one of the most potent offensive basketball players ever to step on a Tidewater high school basketball court. What turned a seldom-used reserve into Tidewater's top offensive player? Old-fashioned hard work, say people in the Tidewater Conference circle. , Forsyth put aside going to the beach and movies and taking vacations last summer to play basketball as many hours of the day and night that he could. t'There are kids who talk about playing basketball 12 hours a day, and then there are kids like Garth Forsyth who actually do it," said Norfolk Christian coach Ed Willis. "Our players saw him everywhere. And always with a basketball in his hand." Forsyth arose each weekday morning at 7 AM and rode with his father to the Wesleyan gym. There the younger Forsyth would pick up a basketball and from 8 AM until 5 PM, he would take on all comers. Following dinner, on most occasions, the elder Forsyth would drive his son to a recreation center in their Virginia Beach neighborhood, or to a gym in nearby Norfolk, and watch as his son played still more basketball. "I played in the Norfolk High School Summer League two years ago, and didn't get that much out of it," said Garth. "Playing at Wesleyan and in the recreation centers, I was going against college players. It was a lot tougher. l took some lumps. But I learned a lot more." He also went to basketball camps, five in all, and served as a counselor at ODU coach Paul Webb's camp. "He worked very hard," said his fa- ther. "And it paid off. He surprised everyone, including me." "As a father, l've tried to impress upon him that there's going to be a time when he will score 15 or 18 points. And he can't let that get him down." "l can't deny that l'm very proud of him. He's worked hard to improve himself." "Garth isjust a sophomore, and a lot can happen in two years," said the !,..c'g elder Forsyth. "Garth is not a complete ' "" ' player yet. He knows he's got work to do on his ball-handling, and with the discipline he's shown, he will do it." Devoid of any starters from last year's squad, Academy has ridden Forsyth's offensive talent to a surpris- ing 10-4 Tidewater Conference record. "l told my kids before the season that in order to win we'd have to get the ball to Garth and let him take most of the shots," said Norfolk Academy coach Dave Trickler. "But l never had any idea that he would score like this. lt's been a shock to me." And a shock to Forsyth. "Heck, last year I was just happy to get in and con- tribute whenever they needed me!" 15 1 NA Himsa 0 gl ,V oocron Jock 'L-il-fl ' Dear Doctor Jock, Why are balls filled with air? Honestly, Dave Trickler 1 I I Q L , , 1' -1, g , 'I If M, . Lv- fgggu... I " nv" Q X' 7 X59 ,-7 , X ,a f 5 Dear Woody, The history of athletic equipment is long and varied. In the fourth century B.C., two famous Greek philosopher-athletes, Hugosthenes Medicopolus and Herristotle, weighed the relative advantages of a myriad of ball-filling substances. They found water to be the most convenient compound, noting that the electric air pump was still 24 centuries from conception. Water gave way, after the drought of 367, to sand, as Abdul Kareem Achmed searched for a noisier substance. These granular innards filled the bill until King Henry VIII was burdened with an overabundance of women's hair, which he used to bind baseball cores. Only recently, Woody, was the use of women's hair in fathleticl competition prohibited. Sports enthusiasts searched high and low for an economical and plentiful substitute for the hair that had served them so well for so long. Finally, in 1975, the long-buried "Athens Scrolls" were unearthed in a small village on the outskirts of the Greek capital. Sports historians translated, for the first time, the now-famous "Air Treatise" of the aforementioned Hugosthenes and Herristotle, and almost overnight balls around the world were being inflated with air. Yours, The Doctor V ' . nn f ' .C I f I + Aw, bfi' 1 f 4 X M sg.. Z X ' s 30' f X Q X WZ! "" I il o 'L Q A ,K ,. AZ LQ Q I ,Q f :51 Es.- Zf NJ .4W' N f f X 1 X M 0 B- Q.. D f,a 7 f 'g 2 QW . Q i f' ' 4, - g' ' - 1 i 1 ,. 4 1 ' ik I . w X I . MSX ', -. K , fi ' f' Ti 'A'-li' 2222 ' x ' Y .illllh ' X f X 3155557 vo-get k X xx 7 K Ian Q 0 4 - , f ' X , ' ig an Ji 5 D ' XX -V4 gi. L . S V L ' V ' x ., .- - . , .Q x N Q ,f mf - . is A A T -si . i X, xi. ,K -' 4 , -- - 'X i '- 1- .. a X' - f "1 4 Cfv V Ein . g g: S I gsm- . X 31 , 7s '.5.1i42: Q if D ' f , Q-.. - X CX J "J v ' X ' c-....,-- ' ..,,.. - if, , S -41: f -A ,., Q ,, ' "0 ---,-...,.,'. .00 1,6 -Q93 ff 0,16 A X N X R 0 I ivy- 1 X s 'Q .. , ' ., - A 4. ,- , , Y Ig- , Q g Y V Handing their coach, Mr. David "Woody" Trickler, his first winning season at 5-4, the Bulldogs had bittersweet memories of a fall season filled with ups and downs. However, no team the Bulldogs played could doubt the considerable talent and heart of this year's edition. Led by an experienced offensive line including tri-captain Larry Bernert, Charles "Self-proclaimed Franchise" Lustig, and quarterback David Costenbader, the Bulldogs rushing game was not matched by any. The formidable Bulldog defense, led by tri-captains Lauren Herring and Palmer Hamilton and Neil "The Assassin" Cooper, flexed its muscles to highlight this season by holding crosstown rival Norfolk Catholic to 6 points. Y Row 1: C. Lustig, T. Raynes, C. Hope, L. Herring, P. Hamilton, L. Bernert, R. Dounmar, B. Hess, S. Godek, B. Beasley. Row 2: P. Owen, J. Shipowitz, N. Cooper, J. Brown, J. Katsias, J. Condon, J. lngold, D. Ware, W. Hines, R. Zahn, G. Glasser. Row 3: M. Marr, B. Schaubach, D. Costenbader, B. Rutter, J. Carver, C. Vakos, J. Syer, J. Evans, G. Walker, D. Plante, J. Waive, T. Burt, P. Zoby, A. Galanides. Row 4: Mr. Colonna, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Marchionda, Mr. Trickler, R. Atkinson, T. Rice - X N 'Cn 4, .3 fm K ' HI! ,-f- P' I I 01 Qi Q dx K? HA, . 'Y f I .. Fvrgv-5 P fiff " Q X . 1 , ' S QQ I iv fNXX Y ,Za .x f 5 -.M f VN 9, ji if fir ,f . ,u .. '12 ,A V2,4xf' I ll .1 . Axff 0 n I l BASKETBALL --4' ,, 3 I uf-at W! fl .L 1 - - gif: ' 71 ' 'M 2 XX X PX 5 Z I' q Xl- S The varsity squad, with only four experienced players, compiled a respectable 9-11 record. The four veterans were greatly aided by former JV players, most notably Mary Flippen and Barbita Webster. With nine returning players, next year's squad looks fonfvard to a promising season in the fall. However, the team will miss Mary Margaret Callahan and Catharine Hagan, who will graduate. Coach Stender has faith that Mary Martha Stewart, Pat Wallace, and the rest of the girls will carry on. 134 0' Q gl Nl N aa A sa 1 xixx , f Eg ' 1 N r- N Ns ' 1 A' 5 A tl" Nl I .5 ' X23 g 0 A' lu 5 1 , , 1' a ii ' X I 59 I I U 5 3 1 A Captains M. Callahan, P. Wallace. Left to right: Coach Stender, C. Hagan,M. Via, S. Weinstein,M. Stewart, E. Bernert, E. Barr, A. Liles, B. Webster, M. Flippen. ,-V ,. ,fb-rv 1:-"5 I at ., , .- gg ' 1 ' ' I 5. 9 I .N- IDI .NN-rl if 0 it 'YE' -W ..- M ,-i,z'..'i lc 1 , - ' 3,-.41-a . A yr , Ii -ffm ' . ... ' 'J Mal 1122? 95 'a N I z ll if e-N1 l' l -,-N. x I ' l 30 fi 35 .1 Dear Doctor Jock, Last fall, I watched Mary Flippen throw it in for the Bulldogettes. Wintertime brought yet another deadeye, Garth Forsyth. Who's better? Sincerely, Bill Miller Dear Boss, lt's obvious you've been grappling on the mats for far too long. I did feed your query into the new Apple II computers. Winesap I favored Flippen on the basis of her quicker hands and red hair. Golden Delicious II predicted a marginal win for G-man, largely due to his 12 inch height advantage and superior defensive strategies fthe 511. Macintosh Ill, however, prognosticated a scoreless tie, asserting that the only real determinant would be a single round on Missle Command at 6x, at which the champion would be David Costenbader. Yours, The Doctor i , - 'Y A "ZZ 'S ' fi , . -, Q. fi' i- Q 135 ilztl 0' xp 4 VGH ACAD P ia , f"""a": A Q'- fs A . s 2 " 1 I 'vi ' a 4 ' .4 3' ' I Ac: ,. . N,- Q .up--'A Q :A '1 ,.--' ' fi. ' . 1 I l.g?.Q2,':, ,gf i, '- xi ' 415.gif I 53' - f 1 ' if 1 E Kin? 5 1. , A ff: N ...T 'T EA. 'N ' - I L J iv--1 nn 'Z 'v If A . ' X I e . ,, .. P. , . b 5 . N, it ff 1? ' -2 K f a I 5'-in 5498 IV tl--'mek' 4 5. -f-is-5-L X XX ,,...-o- K J..-.s--. Vx C' .241 .wtf-4 '. - ' 3 , J ,iff i A PNQ1 , xx' ll 3 4 'K 'A , -1 , A -1, A P. N , , -.,s,.4. "5 du.-A W givin-v fr 'ws' w MQW' 11? fl' WM? U 844 4,.,, ,aww , ,x xv 3: IH-ind-I 30- .f Agn., X ' rf J ru 1213 Y, rn H v- x , fr h NX I W 'Ir ' gf nj 5 1 nv' I x" QQ ,--rj ,hs J' 'N --V' ,.,.w...,- -' .x 4 -M 9 " --, pf nnuulw L , w. I 5 4 . Q Q V 3: :-V . 1' Q. K, -,lf , , ,,. , JJ? af : - y. : .5 Era. .X-A '-'Wm i ra I ,Q , Q. 2"ifjf.j, , .ls 'L' .M - - ,- ' sg, I xx auf' F . '1 I1 I 1 nl, gann- , o,... Af , ff 1' M 4 4 . f 0 U.. ,' --rv-"" ,I .-1 -,215 'L-1 I-s .-k.. ...-w -----:-"J ' Li 1 "fi .xi A rf j . vu79' I ' ,lvl 'X f K IQ' ,lf,, , X N1 'v' -a f 'Bio . an El .Q .'I2'.tL'1 y, .75 , .M , ,S '-""".k., x..., ,.,, Q. ' s5,g4LI ,,Q,g-3.5 '7"" 1' +"""'7' A:-Q. - V 1 ,Y- ""' ', ,,. -A.:-.1 Q fi Awfx' ' ' ' . i-" Q X'-r-. W , , ,J I ,NL 'J' lr:-egg? "V'Qs.? H --3,-mf V' N ,.,., ,-:. --1, QA :g'Q,,-w-If '- . -, , - ,- ',.V'T"-. , : ' '.. X ' ww f . x -55,11 .- .jk 'Ph' .. . , fm , , , , b ? Qmef' 7:A1i,f:L-3li'f"Q"P9 , I. 411 ,7'.,v',:,- fx. .1 ,ff -f ' A' .-Y. - r. '- .A A ,. ,-5 ' Q- -2 F --1 5- . . x 5 -1 I L , L-1, gf-Pg gms., Q - ' ,11f:':ff4- - . 1 ' -9 X. -1',' "X -. W I- L ,Y 9 - ,- ' , '- -- 'W .2 +'.f 1 , f 'l- . X, - - . fs -- x zu. r 'y11'u.fl - Z ' ' .rap ..,' -' V.-L .. . x. x r ' A . A . 5 T' 1 Q 5 -.N . . I 1 Xf -114. A. L -'Se' L I N - ' I., N 1 'L-Y 'S ,rx ,,, Y.. ks 5 'sf , 3 'f- '- nf 24:11 ,1..,,, - ,.. . xh.. ..-1 I -- msg!" ir . 5- 7 , 'L " 0.5 1' 1 r ,... 'srlzsl' .x Ab i .A J- ,msg ,f -., -,iw 1 ,.i:, 5 l 2: Y-s..-.4 9 ,.. ,,i.'1'.,. ff," 4.-wuurf.'wii"f"' X g. V V K . qi . i. i f gd g .f . R b- Q as-he A ' ' , Z ,f'w,,ij'X, 'Q-if A. ,f D .?y,:'igfg:,5- A' n ., , ,A Y M, , .Lx-V I . O - Q6 1 .P Q 2 1 " gs- ' f v ,'4 ' ' ,YG-sun..-a...-,,utg441r7H'1'1f - 0 1,541 yhs: - -s. 1 . . ' .. '. 1 N- -in jf.-o J- on-U' gap '-.dal M-.MY--i " , ' X nn., w. u. .I V. I . -' ip . " .rv , ' . ,-4- ' ' Q . - A .VE -11' 917' ,, ' " 4f"'1-ff lip' .f'4!t--Sf' 'inf-.'.S'-'5':'.n '-"r..?Q ,F x -c xy ,.,g 'Xl-:Ax-sf".-. L.. ,V v .fav "' ':a.:1"l'.'- Sitting: K. Gibson, S. Jarrett. Kneeling: T. Cooper, R. Cloud, T. Fraim, A. Diamonstein, A. Clark, D. Ehrenworth, D. Katsias. Standing: A. Meek, N. Forrest, C. Grandy, L. Ryan, L. Schwan, C. Holland, C. Harrison, M. Nash, P. Dunn, H. Darden, Coach Shisler. 141 JUNIOR VARSITY SPORT HELD HOCKEY H. Lustig A. Simpson A. Scott E. Ottinger M. Babcock L. Hume E. Heil L. Hart B. Cohen J. Hoffman P. Trimble M. Liles J. Trant L. Spencer M. Chapman S. McGraw E. Perry A. Standing FOOT BALL T. Doumar, B. Carver, B. Simms, A. Overcash, J. Hoy, T. Ftanson, J. Waive, J. Lawrence, R. Koch, B. Davis, N. Stallings, C. Paulos, D. Webb, S. Shipowitz, H. Addington, N. Lawless, J. Stredler, D. Malks, G. Jones, B. Barber, P. Jones, M. Ryan, C. Hobbs, C. Jones, Coaches Shelly and Rullman, K. Hope, B. Muhleman, T. Holmes, S. Waitzer. 142 if-J! .,,-in .l 'fi - , ,4 Qx 'X .si rv.: ln. Pi'- an Although the football team had a disappointing season, they showed great improvement. team, under the leadership of Todd Ranson, Andy Overcash, John Hoy and Coaches Shelley and Rullman, posted a 1-7 season with a 22-0 victory over Nansemond Suffolk Academy. Todd Ranson had two touchdowns and Bryan Simms polished off the game with a touchdown of own. Overall, the team put in an exceptional performance. Next year's season looks more 5. promising, and everyone is confident that Coach Trickler's varsity squad will be enhanced the addition of some of these JV players to the squad next year. f I -ni- ,, 4. A . .7 2.5 ,., EY ." A n 'flxf ' JA' I xx 1 I ry 4- ..'-' ' 1.4-v1"1 O', ff Ji: ', '.u, , '- M: yvwvvvvv okob 0 far' .lf f . wif.: veg um '- 'YA' A ,4 -f'. ' t X ' :X-L'-'11-:ix 'F -"1 A-'94 x . -4, . 1. , , .-PT -.w e , A., 1 'X . K f V .. - J-, ,,, , J 1- ' we x I ' . t, - Lk: 4 L-I-'l.-f 1 1,20 "Q, " If i 1, 1 18. af! '14 iff 1114-gg-91' I ,v-t""' ui ,3 ,L- .f ,f,4 ' nv H - xi 4 ' ' l J U I .av 'W W A ,A gg 2 a ,js -2 , 1 5 hh if W! 'lx . 1 if 1 X, Q L""' "' ' . 1 ,--f-- :Q 'f A . "' K S P I ' r -4- ,1 1 .. 1 Y. ' ,. 5 x l .Q 'la 1 fx 151 Q hx M-' 1 15. 34 'Z qw. W.,-.'fv'V0fV"" Q Q 9 ' " A ' 1 MI I Sf1'IfY' k,! 31' f ji -1 'W ww x ,,r'Xg 5E151'5'i 3' : 2? 9 45 5 525 7.21 Igifji ,F- QQ Sq 4 A' 'ELQMJ Aff 'Sk QQ-. B 1' QQ DHD 33400 23GhfE ' 132' Q ,Mawr E 'J if Q . 'x bf ai m P M ,P T'V Q1 . I 1 1 'il . lx WMS K X 'E Q1 1 .KJ a ' f J, -ga I ' x .V 5' I ' q , S39-, f .Q I X , Q ' 5: - 1 Wa 9 v .45-4, L. Wainger C. Shoemaker D t ' a suas Jfgatkin S. Noona K. Elder S rvf X? we 3::"- AX Iv 3 I V - - 1 ' ' 17' 1 ., I 'xii X - 0. . 5 W- L. Neal A. Baggeft ' Coach Wiggins --.. il..-Burch am S. Abramson v gg. hh ,r 2:2 x .74 K n -. '21 1' x' X 6 ,IA V 1, 8 4 Q fa. 4 f 1, x .P xx x . 1 . 'rv r-xw .1 ' -- X ,sy x J, K., 4, , .A ff . ,N M., .-Km N 7' 1, Q , J S ix , A" ' ' K U5 A A M v 1 . 1 I J Y' ' 3.9 V ,lf 4? a 5 Y f 5 " 1 1 I E " AX J- ,'!' ' 'Y Y 'X ' K , L . ,Q , ow: V x Y ,X . ', x A 4 -xm EER L hi! ' V :lil 1,4 lm lj 'M' T xgj .Q A ' -U - 9 r " , N xx . N x ' , X - - N A f ,lg , v --Y Q ll, ,v . Y A579 ,JY Ni - f'-" 9 "- QS as l:nT1Ax -new 'bf- ' iv! f? yi" - l 3 .' P ' .1 - f .L ...- 4 KJ 'A' f Q 4 - 5 Row 1: E. Barr. S. Tsao, A. Trundle, M. Flippen, L. Bonney. Bow 2: K. Cooper, S. Townsend, B. Cohen, A. T ll Whitaker. Flow 3: Coach Lindhjem, S. Smith, C. Joyner, M. Shapero, L. Tinkham, Coach McCallister . .43 1. . - I Q , 1 NA 'Ss' t' Ling.: , U, "ff, ' ' ' t ', ' 1: 'E .. A 1 Dear Doctor Jock, As a female, I know what girls talk about in their locker room. What l am dying to know is this: What is the subject matter in the boys' locker room? Please be specific as possible. Sincerely, Gary Ryan '81 Dear Gary, To suggest that boys discuss anything but matters of the soul is disconcerting, to say the least. lt's not unusual, for example, to catch Mike Monroe and Brad Schaubach studying for English quizzes after a rugged practice session and a warm, relaxing shower. Often such cerebral luminaries as Barry Bass and Ricky Zahn repair to the locker room to brush up on their Plato and Marcus Aurelius. Even the whirlpool and the taping table are surrounded by bookshelves and magazine racks. The bottom line, young lady, is that men do not have the time to dawdle that women seem to find. Yours, The Doctor 153 lays., of' I I n I s nr 1 n - ' Q J s .J .Q -1 Q 'Q X O x ' x Q N Y x N ,ff EW 'f gm 7? ,r 'V .1 K ' , i JS Q ,f 9 A '9 ,ffl I N I2 x ga.. First Flow S Weinstein S Tsao P Dickinson A Diamonstein Second Row: P Taylor K Phillips K Eckert B Rubin G Ryan S Stecker Third Row E. Jaffe A Baggett C. Campbell A Denman J Jenkins M. Barrett Wiizli W T ff , ff M -rf.. in ' 'fa . . .M W Q ,,: "A, 5' fig fx e L 1 7, 1,5 r H-1.2.x ..-'eg t, fizlfa if ' A X 5'v3'?4.2t . , , ffiigf' QM . .,- . , ' ' ff' I , 4,3 t 4 is l" ,X . .if is ' - . H ,ff -iii 3 X. ,- -1 56 , .ch . ,.,,- +I+ UNIOR VARSITY Ti' if Q ,. ...Q . .11 xg' ' .1 - in " . .3 . .,.Vr ,,, -.,-.. Z4-..f.-1 X -.x' Q A-ff' -4. rv- ,..v A . -' . . Y ,l.'. ,. ' ".' 'S"u : .' A ..L',.,ff.3r4 'fu " VA., 8. .. -. .,. wa,--,--we Q - . , ,. L, .35 . ,, -., lf. . . . L . -- fu, .. , -- . .h .- , 5' f ,Y '--4: 63429 -- ' .. .1 V1 .l 11.42 5, J :A 'bv ..1l, ,,,. k,'..vx',. I : 'afvflflff-'.",.fif" "ff 4 L." K A I 3 . x . T L. Fraim, A. Trundle, L. Hart, E. Dickenson, M Hecht, L. Miller, W. Willard, K. Wallace, H. Lustig, M. Barry, V. Syer A. Conrad, M. Willis, D. Tate L. Wainger. 157 I x Q EQ' Xa .I , 1 98 s : X Q, ' fy.: 3 . if cghi -,S " ' ,L 'Y t , , A342 5:09 21.15 1 , 'su GH-, 2 1 Q A V 4. V ,Y L: 2 1 I i W LL, F 1, S, if, Fx' wpfq :: : ,y? w :L-52,4 I I , , 6 1 Chix ii k li . l '1 Q, an s V , dw? 4 1-I ' un H : - - ' "' .J I - - T- 1 -3-5 4 I I is f .4 3 h ,QQ - - H x, n L' - E i 5 ff LQQ' .r is. Q L F7 x X ,1 4 , -L W . -vxifl 5-f as L , A wr ,.g,'sl' x,,, s , 5 if 4 vl'Vw?hbg' ADI ,' vw, Us Y AD' ,. n' L4 K'4'gf'25' Q .EF f S 4 v il 1? 'X ' A A A2252 ly ifJg"L' 5 it? 3 ' ' ,f I Xa I 1 ?""3 I 'J IN THE NEWS DEAR ABBY ADVISES ACADEMY STUDENTS Dear Abby, The school l attend stifles interaction between girls and boys. Such innocent matters as holding hands are frowned upon by the faculty. How can l enlighten these people to the ways of the modern world? ' Need To Express Myself Dear Need, While there is nothing wrong with expressing affection, there is a time and a place for such displays. The problem with holding hands is that it often stimulates the "juices" to flow and thus leads to more intense interactions. Perhaps this is the time to give my definition of maturity. Check each point to see if you fit the bill. 1. Maturity is the ability to do a job whether you are supervised or not. 2. Maturity is the ability to finish a job once you've started it. 3. Maturity is the ability to carry money without Spending it. 4. Maturity is the ability to bear an injustice without wanting to get even. lf you fit each listing, then you should be mature enough to realize that public displays of affection at school are inappropriate. l . lain AIR I T' lion MR I 'S D . W g X g Ffa-NL C N l 5 ivy? is N Mill if All fra -T l IL "V QV i xxx, 1, , ' X A ' f I f' W J Hill ff Q' r'W4: L Q :rf l x I I K I i t Q 2 I , -- O - . G wiiuurlziulli I 51 X I! 0 GMUFFY AND Tm-1 1-opsiofns' Bop THE PREP SET 160 1551 Ni-N Ffimez ,viN 2' 1 ff 4 SQ 1 f ' xx ff I 'I NN 4, f. I fun I ' x fix fl M 7 7' 1 fwk WL ff! f A 4 fm fa f f Ax 'AGS' ,Ag ssxvfff 'zz X X ' Q X fl 1 'df " if ,. xgxq fzff 1 'T j ff" 3 X ff! 7,1 I X MHMMWKPPQ4 Rffflfu kv 1 gli? I fy 1 i 'if nf Q- ,, G. Nagin, 'T if W 1 1,701 8 A N59 1 I 'YK x X X I .-.f, N Eff N XX U X f an f I 11 ,I f Q Xf "W , IW I -f M' Q ffggg U " " Q 0"ns!?q2 1 I '61-xg, ' n X iv. W X X ffl' ' M f' lf!" -' wa 0 5 ' 5 an f- rm! L mifffw M , X , g qv! , Bb ff'-.Ibex in if vix w?-5 11312935-Q'-'-' M , if Aff My X Lf .,f' Q1 1 XXQA Mug' W, my 7 f mx ZZX X f I Q' x , ' ik!! - x x. f Ni if A I " f f ' f.:',,""-' X , - , N , ., Q. ax if , x if xi" xx 1 g f , A v 6 2 , ' 57? W ,QGS ' Jug? X X 'iii I "aff Q 4 fy X 1 Nh 40 W AW ,1, yu' X ' 1 -' ' I , fl if x I , X lr M' 4 , 'f X 'f 11" -H '31, 23' ' fo fm 11 , J f Z A 'J 1 ' A "rt I' I ff, fy. . X V .1 X j, Q1 '11 M5711 i ' Nd Sk 7 x 3- x f 5 ' ff' ' ,, 'ff " 15 5 'L , . ' 1 I X' R+ X ff 7X 7' ' 41 ' f W- ff K ,Z ,f. . I ' .4.1' . - ff s if ' fo Q-2+ f' ff 'J' N X f f nfl Y, fy., '-'ff -. , f ' Q v , X - - I Q f f f Q . SQ ,fm . f f -. K f 4"' 4q.,ff' ,f 1 ',' -ig' gfs. - .1 fV7fV.'?-2' K if ' f wi wi N. 4 W, 4 Z1-1: - if f ' fJ:!fF'-wp!" ' f-X W f, . , ffizff Swv 4 .- "1 X ff I ,, 7241 uv, ,1,,,::---',.1., Q I ,flu '- N -, r,,,, 1 ' - lafvgig' .K 'avr fl, -V '::-- A- .1.g7:7:f'L,3,',,.Q ,Y I, hi: l, 6,94 ' X 145 Tug.. I , f, f ,J ma- .:f ---14,4 f , - f v V4 xx".-fe - -. J f, ,I V 124:-' ' - X ,f f f' , Y "' 'i sy oy' 4 ,'?'C'2j,,f Q 1 f If 'H , Q : 'J' , M fl:-lqgifi VJ' Mb X lbxx N W X VY lrl nu' I N' 1 ,f 1 ' ll f 0 x :Vi . .1"' W :V X17-RX ,, I 'K dy G X ' f"2:'41'Lg1-3gT.'.'i I hx t X f 1,1 f K A If- 5, f' . 1 ' X X, V Ag Atxf- v , K i 1 if '. NV i , Vi Y , H V ftlxisgi- A! 'I ,' 1 -7-if SKA 'f 'f ff ' X 'X ffl, '--' xfX l 1 1 ' cf 1 A , X 1 .1 1 if 1 X lk- I, : ,701 ,NI v f , R- ,IA -Y ,I ,lf . X . 'I 3 , .4 'C' ' ff , X QSXT A f 'A 414.51 If W: X fifz A 'f -ff 'f ' ' f"'i"f W7 . n-'EI-.-'EI-4:iEr4X . K 4 X ', W K UL L 'I " : ' :fa-554 --V Y-3.1. . 1, ' ffff 'MQ 1 ' V v 'Q n"' gli g ', -V E' --V35 XX X K X I f ' I. ' ju V ,X 2 5 : , Vx 1 , f ,' ' r X ff I f .L ff- 4 ,f , Xf X, f ,I 4-,,, Rh , 24 ff' ' f Q ff , f M , f X," f ',l!:'.?'4'-QA, K4 4 6'-' 4 1? Wg -SSL, ,gf J ' Qfxlxs X '- If , 'x 4 Vs- 4, C hs' ' XY 1 '-:N '4 X23 ,. 1 N I 0, r 5 - . N ' .-f "7f' A 11 E4-f . v'243' X , fur A ,f K' 'g 1- - 'Jug R :- - 5, ' Q ' --xx 1 f X f QQ'-ii X ' 1,1 , A f, .Ji ,f Y, ul v X N' ,ffl - . x ' f 1 0 v Q ' ff- Q X - f ' f - wx 4 ' K 1 h ,fu 1 X ,f ,7 fi- Q! WX 0, ,WV Ei 1 ygif X " 4 1 X, ,AVI 1 X 1 ,' "WJ X , an N x f- j ,I W XM X V V 3 - Q.. 9 IR. M X, 4 X ! .QI 'Q L J "f f f -J--. 5. 'N - AIN" 'I X ' in J - J' W' f Q. A X' 1 ' f ,',.. ""'f N ' wg., 1 W -, , Fjf: -- 'T ' ' ' f,1:7Q' f'??'ff:' ' 'Y ' I ' . X I lag," 2 ' V 'A F- 74'-"N, nff0u."fI'. 4' f 'x s X J-xx I ? I- ' ' X ff . ff 'Av iv - I -Af . 1 f,y,g f' x 0- yT l ,- ag' 1 --' , 'r':T: X-lf.,l.' A I. Y x ,A U, a , 7 1 -2: -V , xxf-'N-lbgl ' ' , 1 1:1 ff. - 'N ' . + -17 , fx fm ' -' ff 'B -'f-v A X' f K '-gf 1 A ' -X H af f,- . , ' 1 In f - ni - "'522a21 , ', :-,gr 1, .5 5 I , LM lf, .-wi ' fvig-5 ' ! 'ffvyn zz X ' ff ,f .X 'I ,xv ' 2 ,J,f f 7 'sf X40 - N X F " X ' ' 1 ' fl x Q' " -gl I X X J' ,i X I, fn If X i 1. i 7, .ff ' X 3.-5 A N H J f X ix X X ' . if f Z f ' - XR- - f' " X A.: I-gy Qgaeff- Nu...., ff 41 N Z 'G ur is we wma, I if . aa, gnu -' .. - .V r -ff 'K' ,V ' uf Lf A L A sid' Q 'Ia . Ei '54 ,- f , k'j,,..:' Q z ' 11,3 f f,"7 .-,. .l V, , . Q A - ' 9 1' The long-awaited new facilities forthe Lower School were completed late in October thanks to the generosity of parents and alumni. At the October 25th ceremony, Henry Clay Hofheimer II. retiring trustee and contractor for the new buildings, presented the key to John B. Syer, Trustee in charge of buildings and grounds. Increased space in the Day-Summs Art Floom, music and music practice rooms, the Scribner Science Room, the Conrad gymnasium. and the Cooper Library provide opportunities for greater student participation. The use of bright colors and textures makes areas that are as stimulating as they are utilitarian. ff I-52- 1.331 Q O N" ww-:H Y X :ff 'Q A . X I X ', is Y 'QV 4 if ' -k PX l A J ' Q ln spite of low temperatures and freezing rain, Homecoming 1980 was a smashing success. The day began with the dedication of the new Lower School buildings, a long-awaited event. Next came a luncheon sponsored by the Alumni Associationg the day's events topped off with a cross country meet and a football game. While the athletic victories were sweet, the best part of the day was the happy smiles of the students, parents, faculty, and friends of the school as they came together to share experiences. The love generated by the crowd was more than enough to dispel the clouds sent by Mother Nature! 165 Ii POWDER PUFF- POT LUCK POTPOURRI 9 avr v ' I 'S k- ' -- 4. mu .. I L. M11 xugqw-,. ,. ., 4 E Rv ., A .. A A 'coil A 4 X f K ff .Af I . V lv v .f-iw 5 vi. , Q w N W m- , , l j ! '45 5 'xr 1' 9 5 ,lm On October 17, the Jr. girls issued the customary powder puff football challenge to the Sr. girls. The next four weeks saw an all-out war that culminated in a colossal struggle on Nov. 14. Led by Coach Marchionda and his crafty crew, the Jrs. drew first blood. With QB Stewart's help, leading rusher Wallace scored the first goal. Thirsty for revenge, Sr. coach Hudgins and his staff rallied their forces, and Baggett scampered to paydirt. The hext half saw Wallace extend the Jr. lead, but the Srs. refused to give up as Ryan jetted 40 yards to change the score to 16-14. Jr. defense then stiffened and LB Taylor intercepted a pass to seal the Srs.' fate. That night, with the help of their "mom" Mrs. Hume, the Jrs. completed phase two of their exciting day with the Pot Luck Supper. 167 k 'w I It ., 3 . gs I ' s '- 4,11 - .--6 ,ya ' I' 5 1' 3 IA ,V 4' ia fire' lg - I 1 I '-qgq,.,,,7 -A,, gi 73' Q O L I v 9 I I I l 5 J fn" " K Al W 0 0 A -4 0 . 'I 6' 0 ' A - sf R.. I ., --ff . s ul' sw- " L x' hu I A Q w ,- U. 0 't. . .-0 9-"1 1 ' 1 D! 1 5.1 N . 7- , .0 , 5 n P ' J -:'-..'.- D. . . -... ,- , . , - ,.:.'.i.'.,:'.',-:.','- 'W-. N. - '. ' ' . 1 ."-'v -'.'.."u',".' ' - -n .'.-An.,,n,.,i.- .'.',,.' ,I ,je 7 ' ' ',' gy 3.5 ri. "4" ' 9""nx not .Q u -Q ,.- H.. V ,u -I '-r' v ' r" v" .9'.i . , ,3-,,. .-,-g,,.5,.-g,.,. 1 ,s X Z..--,1..g1:.-3-1. ,. 4 , 'x 1... -"1,.v nv',n',.v1,'.',v - .' - v -.-' .H-"' .vw nl' n' n ' 'v' ' Q :--1-.1-H 1-.-.:::.-, .-gg.--11.-gag. ' ,- . ,.,:x1,,.v1L,...- .-. , 0-'..U.,p'.,. ',, ,., l X ,,. .,,,.t ..,..,1s, gn nn tp . W ,,,.ko:,.,,,.am....- vdvv.. nsnnznv . . . f-,,,'.,,,,.......,-9-J. ,.:.,,v' .'.. ' ftitnavnnxls'-:v.u',u ,'.,"s 0' '.' ., V -nn.. nv- ,v, .,- - . I u.g,nnssv' i J 'r ,v.,'.v, ', , --...nnwozvs ,.-.-wr., cus., ..,lnsnl0 0 . . uf: v '.'-', ,V ,.,,..u -,-. .9 -. - .. .nu..x t,,kp'.-,v,", --v,.,.:,. ,'f:::.k.4,4: .-..:,. F.. 1 D, 4- ln -. - 'Q - . - -' . . 0 . . . . . .s-.' Q H. I . .' -' . ,o.', in ,ni ::::,, -,.,uDP'v.- I ,', l . ,,,,,.,1. Ju Olfflv. ' :'4' Y .- .. 9010" . - .f ,, f 1 4' ' . on -. ..,,- , ,. . ' n""' .-09,0 . :I 'J .-'.""' ,gO,,,v14',1.p.,.,b.. 1. V,-Q, .- ,n ,n-., .,,., A ,. .:,, ,,.-, ,.',4..a...:.,n h fab.: . . - --' .--3. .-..-,.-, -' . .. ,v' 4 4- 1, A.3..u',s '31 5 ,o 1 ' 4 I , I , , - A.: .' . .' n v , .2 L' vi -'.-.',-' '. . nf: --1 g .0 ,. , If 'r,o . ' 0 5 n . 0 . o 0 . -, -,Q .,-,- -', . ,.,v, .n ..'4.A,- .,-,',-,., ,.'-...Ol , ,Ove ,Q .1 .',-7 .. no 'pvc ." .",".-'u', . ' -H' N." ,-'A,. .-J-'pl'-J - -3.5-I-3.-g " . . ,W- I U I A , sri . , ' :fa , . - - - 2 N- - -. . - x fr .yt .Q ' , 8 ' 'L ,- 'L 1 V . x 'AX iuvfjz-Q F A : NQAN V " f?:4's . 4' 4 Wigs 16. if 'z X n 1, ,i XT QF' Explore! Create! Perform! Instrumental music from grades 1-12 strives to meetthe diverse needs of NA students. While Tunstall students may elect a credit Jazz Ensemble class, small chamber groups comprised of students from all levels flourish. Musicians from all levels also join talents in the Co l' l ncert ' Orchestra and Outdoor Band, whose performances enhance various school functions throughout the year. Instrumental students also participate in outside competitions such as the VOG Youth Symphonies. The hardworking choral groups also enjoy a wide range of activities such as the VAIS Choral Festival and the VMEA Regionals, as well as school concerts. Highlights of this year were Dr. Genevieve McGiffert's vocal workshop and the introduction of male singers to the program. . S-ll s J' D I , "L 0131. H. -5 ,l f ga' 15, 6- 'NIJ un. 7 ART an 1 5211- , , ! I J ox . . 7 ,,...' ..'- we v fx" A, i' j ! I , 6 '-sq r", f S., -xl X ks, A 1 S ,Jg :Inf 19574 rp "' X 1 .,f- I ,, ! - exp - . wa ,,.,.- K b x-,."'.:,.5 N--.-crgri' XA-1 - ,,. A ........- . .-,, ,QW xx gn "i,1:R-1 X L -N xt., 1.-J-' I fa' 5558: Q5 "' Ti-P-X - I Y t f L L I PAINTINGS BY ANN LEGGETT NOVEMBER 9 - DECEMBER 5 I GRANDY ART GALLERY NORFOLK ACADEMY NORFOLK, VIRGINIA A S, ' .4 . fb--A, f 9 , 'Iii fI"" 78 4 'L I ,-0 ,Q Xxx' ' :L if The Norfolk Academy Art Department has grown rapidly ove the past year. A pottery class, taught twice weekly by Mrs. L I' Sturm, has been a popular addition to the art curriculum. With the opening of the new Lower School facilities, Mrs. Adler now has her own room in which to teach future Da Vincis and Picassos. ln the Upper School, Mrs. Bell, in her final year at the Academy, has created a gallery in the Grandy Lounge where students have the opportunity to reveal their artistic prowess. The displays have given students, faculty, and visitors a chance to see the talent that abounds at NA, 173 -av? - v CHARTER DAY The first annual celebration of Norfolk Academy's Charter Day occurred on Nov. 13. Events of the day included a guest speaker, Mr. FZ.K.T. Larsen, a lunch for Upper Schoolers at the Tucker's house, and a birthday party for all students. 4i5 ' 176 1 irfi 'fri' - lfr..-'I---,--L-Q.: Cir it-r-Tl1:-,A .fr ,4.:x.i TREE DAY Christmas officially came to NA with the decorating of the Bowers tree. Lower, Middle, and Upper Schoolers all came together to help ring in the Yuletide season and spread some peace and good will. School officials hope to make this an annual event. Who knows? Maybe even Santa will pay a visit next year!! vf' v 1 177 v X 5 .Q . ' ,'vf",,,, -. I, 1. N. sq 1 K' Q -U s 'l -. ., J-. s 1 - ' f D ,S . 5 ,-TT 5 A , ' i' P n -1. fi ., -f 1 .I 1.10 ,, T...- V..- I .7614 ,-.....w. . f-Q, X r- ' , g. I. Q3 E3 ,4 P v I.. Jn rg., Ii 53 ff' L.,- L43 be fl .yu V . V2 1 " J 'f' L - ,.. P.. v 4 , 1 Q v '4-4 df ,' 1 1 9- :W : ?' ' Z' bg if .QIA. l"' .N I i. V du .-,.,,,,1 ,5- 0005 I N 1. sf. ur, van. 'Q FQ' wp ? . gllfhil A X f . x If X N L-. K., I in , XKXKL-Il V it , , "ilk A-, Q ' .QKHYHK J, 41 my ' 5 , 5 ' if 2 4 4 w, in ,. I Y I 6-aa,- Ax I 1 . I Jn.-gi' x -I , 1 TF 'n ' in -L .8 ' .33 ,TA A , I x V I 1 E L ki Q. -,,. 1'," 1, ,V . ? -. ' ff 3' 'Q 6 f Sw P X h 5 . , H 7 1, Y, 2" ,J A ,J WESTERN DAY 1 .il .Sn l "" 9-nn-if , i 1 PULL- .W . .5 'V I Q gi. ' A A". -u ' A ' fl , r if f '5 it 1 ll g l' ' 5: - Q 5 c l , ' - i The 1981 Winter Play, The Life and Death of Sneaky ff Fitch, was a new experience for the players as well as the audience. It was a musical western with superb performances by Rick Coyle as Sneaky Fitch, Kirk LeCompte as Flackum, and Ginger Baskett as the narrator. To promote the play, the Student Council sponsored a Western Dressup Day, and the Junior Class hosted a barbecue catered by Feather and Fin. I 181 N A LIVING ' SCOUTING MAKES NICE BOYS Ah, to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, and kind. Not to mention obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. If those virtues sound vaguely characteristic of the Boy Scouts of America, who are celebrating their 71st anniversary this week, it's because they are the 12 things Scouts are. Frederick W. Hope knows that and a whole lot more about the Boy Scouts. He is a scoutmaster and the father of four scouts. He became involved with scouting when his oldest son Flick joined. His other sons soon followed suit. Now Hope is the proud father of two Eagle Scouts, a Life Scout, and a Star Scout. Chris, 18 and the next to the oldest, was presented the Eagle award from Rick, he then presented Keith the Life Scout award, and Keith gave David, 14, the Star Scout award. Fred Hope has dedicated much of his time to his sons and to scouting. "I enjoy every STUDENTS TOUR HOSPITAL Nine students who aspire to medical careers visited DePaul Hospital with Dr. Edward L. Lilly. "Being a doctor means getting up and working when you don't feel like it, as l did at three o'cIock this morning," Dr. Lilly told the students. Students toured the operating room, the X-ray department, the emergency room, and the laboratory in the pathology department. minute of it," he said. 1551 NA Uimzz X W ill KX5 II D BATE g '- JW N gwx X X me v erre to a h x.,J K lim N-f" K M8 'N l 55- x-M vffiffwkg XXV X K QX 0 f Ab 5 4 ' o129'5 ey B Q xg c f-1 uomzows if LR DDEK M in fa , fl!- invx f , 5 9 ' ' g X - "- ' 54 Y 'E .N . " ' -.'!""' H 1. IIN "4 rf, Yfsis 'I 4 nfl I ,- :.: yi? 'QQ 'il . -X Z ly,- V 0 X - M Xxx Xu X ' '- wt,-gf, ,' 'rv -ctr' I X ff faxx- Q,-1 1 ' N ! . 3 Qs 4 5 . , X C,-, X r . 1 '3' W NJ ,fm 1 , " 3 ,,.,r,,,l' W Y, ' 03' ' f f HCA I "' .1 ' , , lu X 'C' ' 'UQ 4 E '-A .. , Q- Q :X itz' I iff H ' 3 K 4 '1 1. oto Cf, ' X X x --"' ' ..' , -X 1-4 Z, K Kgg Qxut f f' ff' 5' QW Q I I f Q N , ff cf ,. ' X, , ' , K ::'5'-1' X - , , Ag f' H , r i ' with x - af q ..,. 5 WI ! .- L" 4 'ii -1 N. ,Sl --..--'f ' J' -"- ug .16 5 21 J , QT, 9 , I CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN OF N ALUMNI N A - - - - if 1-Er:-1 Sf -G aj? " V ,gg Nil x Y 11? H- J S M I L- 'fl x 1. K . Q, Z I rg. I -4 ,, r . G ,ix I. 6 X 1 -4 'S I vt, M . x K 41 -W , IJ ,.. "fi 9 4 ...J S v'Q 9' Q: 7' fa Jamie DeMaio President ff 'J .. 9 l r P. ix . rp . Row 1 : J. Copeland, P. Dickinson, H Darden, C. Harrison, S. Stecker. Row 2: D. Batten, M. Teich, L. Ryan, A. Denman, A. Diamonstein. Row 3: S. McCraw, S. Townsend, M. Shapero, P. Taylor. Row 4: Fi. Cloud M. Flippen, L. Tinkham, B. Rubin. Row 5: G. Baskett, S. Dickinson, B Cohen. 186 Iv qcmlenj, 1.414-..... +L.: Piciarc... +111 'frog B ' fn- +54 Ln.v backs. 'May ,.,,'f'.f,,sL BM... KEY Qaifilfg Care. of' 1' ' I honnouhlp No. Pkg, M Yvette Janis from South Dakota is a sponsored child ofthe Key Club. lRow 1: J. Willis, A. Darden, C. Hope, T. Raynes, G. Randolph, G. Powell, J. Gill, S. Casper, Will Redfern, L. Bernert, W. Hines, S. Coyle. Row 2: C. Addington, B. Bass, J. Stecker, J. Ruffin, R. Zahn, A. Jones, P. Zoby, K. Hope, R. Crawford, B. Hess, T. Ranson. lRow 3: S. Hellberg, R. Doumar, W. Stone, B. Beasley, B. Schaubach, D. Ware, J. Lawrence, B. Davis, Mr. Babcock. nl N Row 1: l.. Garner, Ms. Pope. Row 2: K. Gibson. A. Trundle. N. Irfdorf. K. Eckert. C. Chapin, M. Clarke. A. Lakadat. Row 3: D. Hull. J. Brooke. C.: Garnett. C. Scheible, A. Mottola. S. Sharp. V111 188 LITERARY MAGAZINE is Sf' iz. I 1 v'-11 Q "' I 5 l K r U S. 1 f bp . 1.-.L i al, -1: 1 N: BELFRY Row 1 3 S.Levitin, Mr. Jordan, M. Callahan. Flow 2: A. Zedler, D. Becker, K. Eckert, T. Fraim, G. Baskett. Row 3: S. Leavitt, S. Stolle, P. Taylor, E. Ashman, K. Phillips, W. Spencer. Row 4: A. Trundle, L. Schwan, A. Diamondstein, S. Jarrett, M. Teich, D. Morgan. Flow 5: J. Lee, F. Lee, S. Casper, P. Sisoian, W. Hines. Flow 6: S. Coyle, A. Jones, D. Ware, S. Hellberg, B. Schaubach, C. Haustein, T. Kline. BULL PUP Flow 1: K. Louden, R. Stein, J. Taylor, G. Schulwolf, A. Bartley. Flow 2: Fl. Scott, R. Trundle. T. Ricketts, C. l-leidt, C. Johnson, C. Dekshenieks, M. Samuels. Row 3: B. Culpepper, S. Levy, S. Becker, M. Jenkins, J. Martens, P. Dooley. Row 4: B. Zedd, A. Shook, S. Flosenblum, D. Ludena. N. Lilly, B. Root, E. Poole, Fl. Wells, Mr. Sergeant. . 53' " ' 190 FORUM S. Gutterman, Ft. Loman, T. Kline, Ms. Salasky, H. Lustig, D Berman, S. Adams. Row 2: J. Stredler, G. Milteer, D. Lucci, J. Miller, E. Barr, M. Ftyan, Fi. Rosenblum, T. Casper, L. Goldsticker, J. Siatkin, J. Karotkin, S. Cowan. Ffiow 3: L. Levin, R. Fox, W. Sams, D. Thomas, B. Kesser, D. Katsias, S. Abramson, C. Oiitsky, K. Swanner, C. Scott, A. Vaeth, K. Cooper, A. Darden, S. Trickler D. Tate, K. Joaquino, T. Fiadin Row 4: P. Shapiro, C. Bickford J. Nusbaum, M. Montgomery, J Olitsky, M. Adamson, K. Hodges, S. Owens, K. Ftanhorn P. Patterson, L. Barco, M. Novak, L. Wainger. Row 5: D. Baylor, B. Wainwright, W. McGeorge, C. Fall, P. McDowell, B. Ruffin, B. Dayanim, S. Shapiro, J. Dare. 191 f . Y r-"un ...pq--. ,--I .1-' LITERARY STAFF Row 1 z S. Barco, J. Copeland, Ms. Hume J. DeMaio, L. Goodman. Row 2: Fi. Cather, S. Weinstein, C. Campbell, A. Nissenson, M. Shapero, S. Smith. Row 3: P. Peck, S. Stolle, A. Clark, K. LeCompte A. Trundle, E. Heil, S. Dickinson. Row 4 M. Jaap, W. Cooper, W. Stone, C. Nusbaum, B. Rutter, D. Batten. Row 5: T Hanson, A. Richardson, E. Bernert. 192 rxmug. BUSINESS STAFF Row 1: A. Denman, K. Shoemaker, S. Stecker. Row 2: J. Jenkins, M. Nash, A. Scott, D. Ehrenworth, L, Neal. Row 3: R. Yee, C. Hagan, H. Hudgins, Mr. Dragas, M. Barrett, P. Hamilton. Row 4: A. Jones L. Ryan, J. Vincent, A. Darden, S. Waitzer. Row 5: A. Meek, C. Hope, D. Morris, D. Morris, W. Hines, R. Zahn, J. Katsias, P. Sisoian, L. Loxley. Row 6: A. Liles, S. Kesser, B. Cabell, D. Ware, B. Schaubach, W, Stone, B. Beasley, A. Galanides, J. Shipowitz. PHOTO STAFF Row 1: L. Lazaron L Patish. Row 2: C Garnett R. Yee, J. Bickford Row 3 T. Holmes, G. Moss SPANIS CLUB This year, the Spanish Club participated in various Hispanic cultural events. Under Ms. Cotton's sponsorship, the club looked into a possible exchange program. President John Gill and his officers, Caci Holland, Allison Clark, and Rachel Cloud, initiated activities ranging from spicy dinners at El Toro to a party forthe fifth grade students. A week was set aside for Spanish speakers, lunches, and decorations. Q ,. -.v .4-.,-v- . T Row 1: R. Cloud, C. Holland, L. Garner, A. Clark, J. Gill, N. Forrest, S. Clark, A. Galanides. Row 2: A. Q Zedler, M. Clark, N. Indorf, K. Murray, A. Nissenson, E. Dickenson, B. Shapiro, S. Godek. Row 3: A.Q Moss, L. Burcham, M. Flippen, R. Cather, T. Rice. L. Lambert, L. Patish, C. Marshall, P. Peck. Row 4:J. l Bickford, G. Randolph, M. Marr, G. Jones, B. Barber, R. Fine, A. Simpson, S. Stecker, L. Ryan. Row 5: B. Schwartz, T. Raynes, J. Shipowitz. ,,...--f--""""'A' f - .H vi Q ' ' -I' v ' ' -, . :azz I . , ":. 1 . .' 'B ,fri ,I-"" ..., I. X , , V V A .o- , , . ' 1 ' 4 1- ' I .. .. j -I- . 'd'F"'1 : 0. - 'Jw - ' - ug,2G.'0.'..QJ .0 ' ' 1 ,. 1,1 Q Q Q0 .Q , .' D 0 -'Lgt , ' Q0 .0 vaio no . " G1,dl.t!"l4bo.a.o 9. 9.90, N , , E l,'.4pbs..i ,sys ,- ' .4 i x .-7,10 o'ol'bV,:-J 9 gg 9.20-bg. ' Q 1-'gllg,o ..-." -W ' '21, o 0 " u O 5 0 ' - 'Q 0, 0 l,,'a'o o , sl-:-: . . fo 9 9. ' Q 'on 0' lo'f-H, P, a o. ,Glo ,.o.0.oga:.-,g-get -, . asf, 0. . .9 0 9. no onoli -s-'-',-xo, ol' .Qc 0 g O 9, 90 n " 4 u O' o 'n 0 4 H 9 o 0. 0. 'Q ' Q ' 0 Q I a 'io 9 9 . I. o 0 0 op 'Q I . I 9 'g Q, ' n.'a-'n-' n ls o K , . 4 , GERMAN CLUB This year, the German Club, under the leadership of president Claire Batts and her officers Bob Cabell, Rick Zahn, and Francis Lee, helped the Upper School by organizing a paper drive to help pay for the German exchange students' trip to Washington. They also had a winter concession for the first time, which also contributed to the project. The club held a Christmas party at the home of the Morris twins, where everyone enjoyed a variety of German dishes. ., ,,,:,,,., nn: if :-hi Row 1: F. Lee, B. Cabell, C. Batts, R. Zahn, Miss Holmes. Row 2: M. Shapero, E. Tinkham, R. Atkinson, J. Waive, M. Klavans, M. Teich. Row 3: G. Walker, R. Clark, C. Haustein, D. Morris, K.Jessen, L. Loxley. C. Scheible. Row 4: E. Francis, J. Metzler, J. Moore, R. Smith, S. Coyle, D. Morris, D. Morgan. Row 5: Q C. Nusbaum, E. Outland, A. Martens, D. Jessen, J. Lee, A. Blanchard, K. LeCompte. li FRENC CLUB Under the leadership of ' president Lance Goodman and officers Kim Eckert, A Anne Diamonstein, and ,- Susan Dickinson, Le X Cercle Francais participated in a variety of activities. From entertaining speakers to attending Moliere's one-act plays at the Wells Theater, the club conducted each meeting entirely in French. L Highlights from this year included eating gourmet food at progressive dinners and seeing French films at the Naro. With plans to initiate a French exchange program, the club had a spring Row 1: P. Dickinson, E. Bernert, S. Kesser, Mrs. Rhodes, A. Diamonstein, L. Goodman, K. Eckert, S. - Dickinson, S. Tsao, B. Cohen, D. Ehrenworth. Flow 2: J. Mitchell, B. Juren, L. Grimstead, R. Ashman, Cqncessfwn to help fund E. Bowers, L. Neal, H. Hudgins, R. Cloud, K. Shoemaker, S. Skansi, T. Fraim, C. Joyner. Row 3: S. mls pfolect- The Club al50 Weinstein, E. Ashman, S. Stolle, L. Schwan, L. Lazaron, C. Campbell, A. Trundle, E. Jaffe, S. made DIHFIS to become Townsend, S. McCraw, L. Fraim, W. Willard. Row 4: C. Harrison, A. Meek, C. Lustig, M. Dragas, C. involved with the newly Hagan, P. Hamilton, P. Barr, A. Baggett. established Cousteau Society. ae Q' Jnfvf A-.Ns L Ai In X I 1.-,'s..i.. . 'N 9 195 fr? -L. 'hw ji, X Q X 'E I I ,Q if 'f if F .Ubi Hamm MIDDLE SCHOOL SCA Row 1: M. Barry, B. Kesser, P. Levy, B. Williamson. Row 2: L. Weinstein, C. Scott, H. Lustig, L. Goldsticker, J. Eisenbeiss, T. Capps. Row 3: L Levin B D D . e, . wyer, . Katsias, H. Addington, S. Owen, K. Ranhorn, Mr. Laws. l D a I -4bZ-UIOOOM DZ mm-I-I-3300 1 ll ,X Ojpgl I kSxs' N 555-' 2 HONOR COURT . Q FP 5 Left to right: B. Kesser, E. Outland, B. Sturm, B. Rutter, B. Rubin, P. Wallace, B. Bass Cohen, P. Levy. I fl' .QA 0 ' il Flow 1: S. Casper, C. Batts, B. Rubin, J. Eisenbeiss, B. Kesser. Flow 2: S. Martens, B. Sturm, J. Brooke, M. Callahan, J. Shipowitz, G. Powell, R. Doumar, J. Gill. Row 3: S. Barco, S. Weinstein, S. Godek, E. Outland, K. True, K. Eckert, L. Goodman, B. Cohen, J. DeMaio, P. Wallace, G. Ryan, S. Owen, B. Bass. TUNSTALL SCA X 'Wi Row 1: P. Wallace, B. Bass, B. Rubin, B. Cohen. Flow 2: M, Komer, E. Eckert, A. Clark, P. Peck, A. Denman, A. Moss. M. Flippen, S. Tsao. Row 3: S. Casper, F. Lee. B. Sturm, E. l ourland, B. l Rutter, B. Schwartz, C. Harrison, P. Zoby, J. Ruffin, J. Gill, C. l Williamson, T. Flanson. 199 A' X R - my 1 .X -fast M 'Q .I. X. -1""'J X., 5 I il ,?"5k S s sw- -' ! 1 AIR' "QL , The lnternational Relations Club, led by Bobby Schwartz, worked on several exciting projects this year, including the establishment of a school in Zaire in conjunction with the Peace Corps Partnership Program. IRC also sponsored an international lunch followed by a cake party to commemorate UN Week, The highlight of the year came in February when NA's Libyan delegation participated in the Model UN at Georgetown University. The NA Debate Team won the Tidewater Independent Conference championship after a very successful season. 1980-81 saw the introduction of a new league, formed by Mr. Oberdorfer. Led by varsity debaters Robin Doumar and Barry Bass, the team outwitted their opponents on the topic of "Consumer Product Safety." Row 1: T. Skansi, R. Cloud, B. Schwartz, S.Godek. Row 2: B. Rutter, K. Shoemaker, K. LeCompte, G. Draper, D. Becker, J. Metzler, L. Goodman, A. Richardson. Row 3: C. Lustig, L. Lazaron, P. LeTourneau, C. Hagan, J. Mitchell, S. Skansi. v..2s....'l if s.:.a.4r A - - 4 1. 'i i I L INTERNATICNAL RELATICNS CLUB 4 .l III, .' ii""lT" DEBATE Row 1: T. Rice, R. Doumar, S. Casper, Mr. Oberdorfer, B. Bass. Row 2: G. Schulwolf, K. Jessen, E. Kruger, J. Brooke, B. Carver, A. Mottola, S. Levitin, R. Crawford. Row 3: M. Barrett, D. Wilks, Ft. Atkinson, J. Greenspan, W. Spencer, C. Smith, C. Haustein, Fi. Sonenshine, G. Moss, S. Leavitt. D L. if? H1- 5 o k Lilo ml -W ,, 'Rf Nl TH ETA CLUB Row1: C. Shearin, L. Bonney, S. Barco, B. Sturm, K. Gibson. M. Monroe. Row 2: Mrs. Pardue, L. Neal, T. Conklin, K. Jessen, W. Hines, Fl. Atkinson. N. Forrest, E. Ashman, S. Stolle, M. Teich, C. Scheible, S. Leeb, J. Stecker. Row 3: J. Greenspan, L. Hecht, D. Plante, B. Berman, C. Williamson, I. lshikawa, D. Morris, D. Morgan, H. Colonna, F. Lee, J. Lee, G. Moss, S. Hellberg. 4- W' .ffl-4 'Wu 'S -L'-1 61 I -rf f 'R Among the Theta CIub's activities this year was a first for the school, a school-sponsored camping trip to George Washington National Forest. With expert leadership by f Dave Thomas and his comic relief Bruce Marchionda nineteen students and Jayne Cotton braved the wilds of the forest on the first weekend of bear hunting season. Despite below-freezing weather and a serious lack of Q water, the campers and chaperones had a great time. 'S 1- by: -gs ..f. ,-L, zffw' J . .gn x-i , I 'No' V 5. 35? as V I mf a"4 MIDDLE 'M SCHCOL CHESS CLUB Row 1: A. DeMaio, K. Lifland, S. Hamilton, T. Dixon D Thomas, J. Griswold, B. Dwyer, G. Wilkinson. Row 2 P Luedke, M. Montgomery, S. Holmes, Fl. Lowman, A. Mears, B. Dayanim, D. Rhodes. 5-,.I B ,iw fl Aff T IDDLE SCHCOL PHOTO CLUB M. Levy, J. Trant, C. Fall, W. McGeorge, B. Webb, F. Mottola, B. Glassman, E. Rosenfeld, A lberman, L. Barco, M. Montagna, K. Lampert, J. Phillipakis, M. Dekshenieks, N. Flowers, C. M. Goyer, S. Abramson, K. Swanner, S. Gutterman, B. Kesser, C. Bickford. Kneeling: S. T Kline B Rossheim L Brewer ilu' CUM LAUDE Standing: G. Powell, C. Lustig, S. Levitin, S. Skansi. Sitting: J. Lee, B. Stubbs, B. Rubin, B. Bass, L. Goodman. 'Q FLA. MCNOGRAM CLUB Row 1: M.M. Callahan, J. Shipowitz, L. Bernert, A. Clark. Row 2: C. Hagan, S. Jarrett, T. Fraim, M. Nash, K. Gibson, S. Godek, T. Burt, M. Via, S. Tsao, A. Whitaker, E. Jaffe. Row 3: C. Hope, T. Raynes, C. Lustig, B. Schwartz, A. Baggett, P. Hamilton, A. Richardson, G. Ryan, B. Schaubach, J. Brown, B. Beasely, Mr. Trickler. ,.- Y - 4 CHORUS Row 1: C. Chavis, M. Clarke, l.. Goffigon, A. Mottola, K. Murray. Row 2: G. Baskett, S. Martens, L. Loxley, K. True, T. Peabody. Row 3: S. Sharp, G. Donovan, A. Martens, Mrs. Decker. ORCHESTRA 'T Row 1: K. Joaquino, H. Tucker, A. Martens, H. Hjardemaal, M. Komer. Row 2: C. Williamson, T. Wu, B. Rossheim, L. Bensenhaver, S. Noona. Row 3: S. Hellberg, A. Laderberg, K. Wilcox, J. Andrews, P. LeTourneau. Row 4: Mrs. Becker, D. Becker, J. Metzler. 1 1 .Q . . Q . 'l f. ,S nl ,I Bai H . 3 ,ja- is YJ ' ,I A SOPHOMORE JAZZ BAND Left to right: G. Zedd, Mrs. Becker, P. Myers, J. Metzler, C. Paulos, Fl. Koch. P. Southall. ,f"2' Row 1: C. Paulos, D. Young, B. Hess. Row 2: J. Andrews, S. W isb r , P. L T , C. e e g e ourneau Williamson, Mrs. Becker, G. Zedd, D Becker L 209 D Hecht, M. Komer ' A Mr. K. Shoemaker, S. Dnckunson, M. Dragas. I A X I . .,.,. Trickler' J, Copeland, L. Garner. I1 14 aiu .xx nun? urn oul of W V 1 vw 11, my I r I e. :H . fr flnr. lnfrrunn' nf: ' rum' lnnlmlsrlnxl in 'Q 1 .x NJA in uuvi-.dvv,.md X ..v'.-rf wc hul our rmliymy . 'e in I.r.i .yum nz. ovrv' . mx r -. .Q-.1.,-....1--I Ap' - . V i W R 5 . ,, A ' s X fc 3 'A .. ' ' x e f -1 1 , WW, -, 1 Y is -, ,- M W5 -as A' xi . , A A 4- m.l.5bs1 ' ' V .u. ,ff ff 'ff' .ff , lx pr' , 47' ' wi' - 72 Nm! -v',,l,. ..'.. . V51 Q- ' -Rf . X 'ri-:P ' -2 x xx ,-. V. E u in .. , .,, - X w , - P 1 ,ff is -L, x x K'-g.f.jq. 1 -nil-El Q' Xa ' . -Tfri-i.':' V H s ff- , LI' :iff E' ' ' A -, ,. 'ig ". - , . - ',g'y,,'Qp 4 . 4 M. "g.s'.5f6t'g r'-. I." n., if A, ,-,,. , .4 : :Fa ...I Y - A -fg7,,, HGTLINE LET YOUR FINGERS DO THE WALKING Bayne Theater Beach Theater Free Wheeling Spinning Wheels Wareing's Gym Nautilus Lady Nautilus 428-3422 428-3631 486-41 16 425-7797 428-5839 422-5171 461-5577 Downtown Racquet Club Tidewater Tennis Center 625-2222 461-3015 fl XIX 1 -, af' " 1531 NA ,Crimes -yn li' M. fix' Taste Unlimited Colley Ave. Hilltop Courtney's Jewish Mother Pizza Inn Milton's 24th St Pizza Hut Bennigan's Intermission EIIiOt'S 623-7770 425-1858 625-091 1 422-5430 422-61 1 1 422-3598 460-0739 461-0661 625-5422 625-0251 Ski World 499-1083 Par Three 627-0321 Pappagallo 463-1239 Morgan Taylor 428-1200 Alexander Beagle 428-5111 Military Circle 461-4176 Beecroft 8. Bull 422-1961 Pete Smith's 422-4203 17th Street 425-9707 W.R.V. 428-1877 Track's 480-2851 Peaches 623-0550 The Shack 425-9350 Peabody's 422-2900 Country Comfort 428-9536 Lloyd is 499-9105 4400 Club 423-9842 The Raven 425-1200 Coachhouse 489-7454 Cogan's 625-9370 5 4 FACULTY AND STAFF 853-2904 481-5434 627-1 1 56 855-25 62 423-3637 423-1472 623-5622 428-0557 587-X327 467-6667 423-4615 428-2889 428-57 62 423-07 51 420-1 224 855-5387 461-2092 460-0672 461- 271 1 428-3344 4250928 423-3985 481 -6017 422-3627 464-3403 466-8788 484-4791 499-8750 467-6262 340-8457 499-1496 497-3918 583-34-01 422-5419 422-8427 489-8631 461-2083 489- 1 7 M 622-9034 587-3889 489-4476 489-21 80 489-4666 490-1540 461-2087 423-3938 425-3808 486-1036 467-2326 4 28-17 60 340-8467 490- 540 461-61 43 623-9689 460-3483 428-3871 467-3346 486-4586 461 -51 48 464-5769 424-2252 497-9550 489-1950 424-9086 423-2509 855-3953 627-5980 464-5283 489-4854 481 -41 25 423-0967 423-7429 467-9321 422-2350 497-6631 428-5762 486-6282 623-7498 428- 8323 422-8473 340-3024 428-2605 464-2721 461 -1 592 461-5099 623-3927 423-3767 423-5535 482-4666 623-3676 ADLER. Leonette iMrs. S.B.l BABCOCK, Byron BAIRD, Abby lMrs. E.R. Jr.l BALDWIN. Cordelia iMrs. W.B.J BECKER, Merle tMrs. W.H.J BELL. Virginia lMrs. J.N. Jr.l BORKLAND. Frances BROWN. Perk IMrs. M.P.l BURGOS. Connie CARR. Sally lMrs, J.D.l CULVERIUS, Harriet lMrs, C.M.l COLONNA. Jett COTTON. Jayne CRAIG. Donald E. DEKSHENIEKS. Jacky lMrs. M.V,l DEVINE. Michael Fl. DIKE. David H. DOYLE. Doris lMrs. W,E.l DOZIER. Gordon H, Jr. DRESCHER. Dale EVERHART. Allen L, FLIPPEN. Nancy tMrs. J.H. Jr.l FOLTZ. Pat IMrs. F.E.l FORD. Janice C, GUION. Annette lMrs. J.L,l HARVIE. William L. HAYDEN. Lynn lMrs. A.H. IVJ HOLLINGER. Gale G. HOLMES. Carol B. lMrs. F.C.l HOLMES, Katherine M. HOPKINS. Rachel IMrs. G.C. Jr.l HOWELL. Glenda lMrs. M.V.l HUBBARD. Mary lMrs. B.A.l HUDGINS. Thomas P. Jr. HUME. Patricia A. JOHNSON. Phyllis lMrs. J.C,l JORDAN. T.A. Jr. KENDRICK, Betty tMrs. J,C.l KERLEY, Virginia lMrs. R.H,l KING, Anne B. tMrs. D.E. Jr.l LAMPERT. Virginia lMrs. K.B.l LAND. Jean P. lMrs, T.T.l LAWS. Garrett C, LINDHJEM. David C. MacCONOCHlE. Arthur A. MACK. Enid W. MARCHIONDA. Bruce MARTIN. Norman MASSENGALE. Amy MASTERSON. Edith MAYS. Cecil E. MCALLISTER. Betsy MILLER. William R. Ill MOORE. Betty lMrs. C.D. Jr.l MOTTOLA. Gail lMrs. L,F.l NELSON. Christopher H. OBERDORFER, Richard W. PARDUE. Carolyn PATTERSON. Winnie tMrs. Fredl PHILLIPS. Pat tMrs. N.J.l PONDER. Carolyn lMrs. J.E.l POPE. Stephanie PRICE. Virginia lMrs. G.W. llll RAYNES. Robert R.8 REDFERN. Margaret W. REILLY. J. Daniel RHODES. Amy tMrs. J.H.l RIEGLE. Lillian lMrs. C.F.l ROMM. Helen lMrs, J.W.l RULLMAN. Rodney SALASKY. Prudence lMrs. M.B,l SEBREN. Lucille lMrs. H.L.J SERGEANT. Robert S. SHELLY, Thaddeus R. lll SHIFLETT. Bobby lMrs. W.E.l SHISLER. Karen G. SHIVELY, William W, STACEY. William STACKHOUSE. Bonnie STENDER, Margaret STURM. Betty iMrs. W.A.l THOMAS, David P. THOMAS, Delores fMrs. R.L.l TRICKLER. David E. TUCKER. John H. Jr. VIA. Berry lMrs. Jamesl WAHL. Ruth WALKER. Miriam D. WALLACE. Diane A. tMrs, R.C.l WHITE, Edith iMrs. F.P.l WIGGINS. Anne WILLIAMS. Virginia 6826 Meadowlawn Dr. Nor. 23518 2711 Poincianna Dr. VAB. 23451 1101 Langley Rd. Nor. 23507 2019 Hunters Tr. Nor. 23518 417 Brackenridge Ave. Nor. 2356 1149 Cedar Point Dr. VAB 23451 925 Brandon Ave. A-4 Nor. 23517 1027 Fleming Cir. VAB 23451 3805 Flowerfield Rd, Nor. 23505 1668 Allman Ct. VAB 23464 414 Warren St. Nor. 23505 514 Southside Rd. VAB 23451 211-A 65th St. VAB 23451 7324 Colony Pt. Rd. Nor, 23505 63g8Reasor Rd. VAB 23464 20 Hunters Tr. Nor. 23518 1558 Wesleyan Dr. Nor. 23502 1208 Capt. Adams Ct. VAB 23455 1585 Wesleyan Dr. Nor. 23502 112 68th St. VAB 23451 501 Wilray Ct. Apt. 201 VAB 23451 1402 Trouville Ave. Nor. 23505 P.O. Box 3586 VAB 23455 800 Spencer Ct. 4202 VAB 23451 4220 Hermitage Rd. VAB 23455 1585 Wesleyan Dr. Nor. 23502 3205 High Point Dr. Ports. 601 Winding Way 4102 VAB 23462 973 Kelso Ct. VAB 23464 760 Westminister La. VAB 23454 513 Edwin Dr. VAB 23462 812 Montgolfier Arch VAB 23455 1875 E. Bayview Blvd. Nor. 23503 406-B 49th St, VAB 23451 7900 Atlantic Ave. VAB 23451 1047 S. Lexan Cres. Nor. 23503 1585 Wesleyan Dr. Nor. 23502 115 Ridgeley Rd. Nor. 23505 516 Colonial Ave. Nor. 23507 9551 Hammett Pkwy. Nor. 23503 6015 River Rd. Nor. 23505 6103 Newport Ave. Nor. 23505 263 Sir Oliver Rd. Nor. 23505 744 Lynch Cir. VAB 23455 1585 Wesleyan Dr. Nor. 23502 5208 Powhatan Ave. Nor. 23508 409 French Ct. North VAB 23454 3509 Edinburgh Dr. VAB 23452 732 Pine Lake Dr. VAB 23462 103 58th St. VAB 23451 760 Westminister La. VAB 23454 767 Huybert Pl, 4101 VAB 23464 1585 Wesleyan Dr. Nor. 23502 609 Shirley Ave. Nor. 23517 3933 Shady Oaks Dr. VAB 23455 115-B 85th St. VAB 23451 1409 Amberly Forest Rd. VAB 23456 1008 Michaelwood Dr. VAB 23452 5711 Cornick Rd. Nor. 23502 5248 North Lake Rd. VAB 23455 675 Fem Mill Ct. VAB 23464 5808 Westerwald Pl. if 101 VAB 23462 155 Ridgeley Rd. Nor. B505 624 Balfor Ct. VAB 23464 1056 Algonquin Rd. Nor. 23505 6233 Bridle Way Nor. 23518 1404 Mallory Ct. Nor. 23507 1521 Five Forks Rd. VAB 23455 6010 Carroll PI. Nor. 23508 2320 Reat Neck Cir, VAB 23454 1306 Bolling Ave. Nor. 23508 5226 Rolfe Ave. Nor. 23508 4105 Ace Ct. 4201 VAB 23462 1585 Wesleyan Dr. Nor. 23502 262 S. Witchduck Rd. VAB 23462 211-A 65th St. VAB 23451 3113 Ferry Farm La. VAB 23452 814 Graydon Ave. 492 Nor. 23507 709 St. Bemard Sq. VAB 23454 4702 Ocean Front VAB 23451 3852 Thalia Dr. VAB 23452 247 Ocean Hills Rd. VAB 23451 1600 Stokes Ct. VAB 23455 1585 Wesleyan Dr. Nor. 23502 1585 Wesleyan Dr. Nor. 23502 1403 Armistead Br. Rd. Nor. 23507 1585 Wesleyan Dr. Nor. 23502 1404 Trouville Ave. Nor. 23505 200 76th St. VAB 23451 1079 Algonquin Rd. Nor. 23505 1221 Fordyce Dr. Chas 23320 604 Graydon Ave. 45 Nor. 23507 Abiouness, Alfred E., Jr. Abiouness, Nicole L. Abramson, Suzanne Ackies, Alton Ill Acra, Eric Russell Adams, Jay Scott Adamson, Mary Ruffin Addington, Clark Addington, Hugh Addison, John Martin, Jr. Alexander, Christine A. Alperin, Brian Michael Alperin, Scott Noel Ambrose, Anne Marie Ambrose, W. Lang Amundson, Todd Serls Andrews, Jay Robert Anninos, Dennis Andrew Arias, Jennifer Lan Ark, Stacey Wong Ashman, Berton Williams, Ashman, Jennifer Leigh Ashman, Rosemary I. Ashman, Rosemary I. Ashman, Emilie Anne Atkinson, Randall Austin, Christopher S. Babcock, Carolyn S. Babcock, Frederick C. Babcock, Martha F. Baggett, Anya Yvonne Baggett, Sabrina Baillio, Catherine Baird, Eleanor Gray Baker, Geoffrey M. Bamforth, Anna-Lee Banis, Joseph Richard Barber, William H. Barco, Lynn Britt Barco, Susan Gwynn Barney, Jason Ross Barr, Elena A.H. Barr, Philippa E. Barrett, Mary Erin Barry, Christopher David Barry, Carolyn Michelle Bartley, Alycia J. Baskett, Virginia Grace Bass, Barry Batten, Edward R., Jr. Batten, Shanna J. Batten, Dorothy Neal Batts, Claire Baydush, Alan Baydush, Elizabeth H. Baylor, David Mclntosh Beamer, Monica M. Beasley, J. Brockington, Jr. Becker, Daniel Becker, Sam Beers, Clayborne H. Begley, Leah B.T. Belvin, Howard Eugene, Jr. Benns, Amy Michelle Benns, David Christopher Benns, Thomas Philip Bensenhaver, Lisa Jean Benton, Holly Brooke Berkley, Eliza M.F. Berkley, Thomas Saunders STUDENT DIRECTORY 1980-81 J.A. Stalnaker Mr. Mrs. A.E. Mr. Mrs. A.E. Mr. Mrs F. Mr. Mrs A.J. Dr. Mrs. W.J. Mr. Mrs Dr. Mrs. J.E. Mr. Mrs. J.C., Jr. Mr. Mrs. J.C., Jr. Mr. Mrs J.M. Dr. Mrs. P.V. Mr. Mrs C.C. Mr. Mrs C.C. Mr. Mrs W.L. Mr. Mrs W.L. Mr. Mrs F.B. Mr. Mrs. R.M. Mr. Mrs. A. Mr. Mrs. E.A. Mr. Mrs W.T. Dr. Mrs. B.W. Dr. Mrs. B.W. Dr. Mrs. B.W. Dr. Mrs. B.W. Dr. Mrs. S. Mr. Mrs. R.J. Cdr. Mrs. J.B. Mr. Mrs J.F. Mr. Mrs J.F. Mr. Mrs. J.F. Mr. Mrs. J.W. Mr. Mrs J.W. Mr. Mrs. J.M.B. Mr. Mrs. E.R., Jr. Dr. Mrs. R.E. Mr. Mrs. C.A., Jr. Dr. Mrs. J.C., Jr. Lt. Col. Mrs. B.H. Mr. Mrs. A.J., Jr. Mr. Mrs. A.J., Jr. Mr. Mrs. M.E. Mr. Mrs. J. D.A. Mr. Mrs J. D.A. Mr. Mrs W.H. Mr. Mrs R.F. Ill Mr. Mrs R.F. Ill Dr. Mrs. R.S. Mr. Mrs W.C. Mr. Mrs S. Mr. Mrs E.R., Sr. Mr. Mrs E.R., Sr. Mr. Mrs F. Cdr. Mrs. W.H. Mr J D Mr. Mrs. R.C. Mr. Mrs. R. Mr. Mrs. B.A., Sr. Mr. Mrs. J.B., Sr. Dr. Mrs. W.H. Dr. Mrs. W.H. Lt. Cdr. Mrs. C.J., Jr. Mrs. M.K.R. Mr. Mrs. H.E. Mr. Mrs. R.A. Mr. Mrs. R.A. Mr. Mrs. W.E. Dr. Mrs. J.C. Mr. Mrs. H.C., Jr. Mr. Mrs. J.M. Mr. Mrs .J.M. 7309 Colony Point Rd., N. 23505 7309 Colony Point Rd., N. 23505 1614 Longdale Dr., N. 23518 3643 S. Sea Breeze Trail, VB., 23452 931 Magnolia Ave., N. 23508 1123 W. Princess Anne Rd., N., 23507 7457 North Shore Rd., N., 23505 513 Warren Cres., N., 23507 513 Warren Cres., N., 23507 5425 Wingate Way, VB 23464 1537 Baypoint Dr., VB 23454 401 Oak Grove Rd., N. 23505 401 Oak Grove Rd., N. 23505 1835 Duke of Norfolk Quay, VB 23454 1835 Duke of Norfolk Quay, VB 23454 960 Edwin Dr., VB, 23464 112 Capital Ave., Ches. 23324 414 Brackenridge Ave., N. 23505 1408 Hickman Dr., VB 23452 5937 Gainor Pl., N. 23502 1229 N. Bayshore Dr., VB 23451 1229 N. Bayshore Dr., VB 23451 1229 N. Bayshore Dr., VB 23451 1229 N. Bayshore Dr., VB 23451 8806 Ocean Front, VB 23451 4468 Black Beard Rd., VB 23455 4440 Leatherwood Dr., VB 23462 1461 Laurel View Dr., VB 23451 1461 Laurel View Dr., VB 23451 1461 Laurel View Dr., VB 23451 1002 Spotswood Ave., N. 23507 1002 Spotswood Ave., N. 23507 221-66th St., VB 23451 1101 Langley Rd., N. 23507 201 Park Rd., Ports., 23707 1509 North Shore Rd., N. 23505 1418 Gates Ave., N. 23507 2405 Sir Lance Dr., Ches. 23325 1112 Abington Rd., N. 23451 1112 Abington Rd., N. 23451 4848 Ashmeade Ct., VB 23464 Meadowbrook Pt., N. 23505 Meadowbrook Pt., N. 23505 4400 Holley Rd., VB 23451 900 Jamestown Cres., N. 23508 900 Jamestown Cres., N. 23508 4520 Oceanfront Ave., VB 23451 1230 N. Bay Shore Dr., VB 23451 616 Cardamon Ct., VB 23464 6313 Colby Way, VB 23464 6313 Colby Way, VB 23464 1304 Mockingbird Pl., VB 23451 228 N. Blake Rd., N. 23505 7018 Hunters Ct., N. 23518 1408 Armistead Bridge Rd., N. 23507 1138 Magnolia Ave., N. 23508 4308 Templar Dr., Ports. 23703 2424 Greenwell Rd., VB 23455 417 Brackenridge Ave., N. 23505 417 Brackenridge Ave., N. 23505 1516 Trouville Ave., N. 23505 3645 Dupont Cir., VB 23455 1301 Stockley Gardens, N. 23517 4113 Sandy Bay Dr., VB 23455 4313 Sandy Bay Dr., VB 23455 1403 Hickman Dr., VB 23452 2425 Millwood Rd., VB 23454 1342 W. Princess Anne Rd., N. 23507 1419 Buckingham Ave., N. 23508 1419 Buckingham Ave., N. 23508 423-1 1 98 423-1 198 855-3017 340-8876 489-9667 623-4829 423-1 1 33 623-4071 623-4071 467-7079 481-2751 423-3534 432-3534 481-3481 481-3481 545-261 1 423-5842 463-1370 461-5252 422-2353 422-2353 422-2353 422-2353 428-0723 460-2524 497-1463 428-01 20 428-0120 428-01 20 623-0352 623-0352 425-71 73 627-1 1 56 397-5643 423-6431 623-2205 424-9719 428-5630 428-5630 467-1 627 423-5135 423-5135 422-2889 423-2009 423-2009 428-31 1 1 422-2987 420-5953 424-2959 424-2959 422-0853 423-5459 855-8879 489-7460 484-2172 464-5296 423-3647 423-3647 489-2746 460-2142 625-241 4 464-2092 464-2092 340-0017 481-5970 623-6000 423-6033 423-6033 215 Berman, Bruce David Berman, Douglas F. Berman, Paula Bernard, Suzanna C. Bernert, Ellen Elizabeth Bernert, Lawrence A., lll Best, Jonathan Robert Bianan, George Fabian Biberman, Steven Matthew Bickford, Christopher West Bickford, James V. Bickford, Nathan Taylor Blanchard, Alan Blanchard, Paul Blanchard, Sarah L. Blomgren, Peter A. Blount, Jennifer B. Bone, Jonathan N. Bonney, Laura Ann Bowerman, M. Gavin Bowers, Elizabeth Anne Branch, Andrew Eugene ll Breeden, Christopher Torrey Brewer, Laurence Neil Brock, Kathleen Norcross Dr. Mrs. L.W. Dr. Mrs. L.W. Dr. Mrs. L.W. Mr. Mrs. A. Ill Dr. Mrs. L.A., Jr. Dr. Mrs. L.A., Jr. Dr. Mrs. D.W. Mr. Mrs. L.K. Mr. Mrs. S.M. Mr. Mrs. J.V. Mr. Mrs. J.V. Mr. Mrs. J.V. LCDR Mrs. J.J. LCDR Mrs. J.J. LCDR. Mrs. J.J. Mr. Mrs. G. RADM. Mrs. R.H. Mr. Mrs. G.F. Mr. Mrs. K.S. Mr. Mrs. M.E. Mr. Mrs. G.H., Jr. Mr. Mrs. R.E. Mr. Mrs. R.W. Dr. Mrs. H.M. Mr. Mrs. N.N. 526 Butterworth St., N. 23505 526 Butterworth St., N. 23505 526 Butterworth St., N. 23505 1337 Graydon Ave., N. 23507 1439 Cloncurry Rd., N. 23505 1439 Cloncurry Rd., N. 23505 704 Wolfsnare Cres., VB 23454 439 Pennsylvania Ave., N. 23508 510 Thole St., N. 23505 7220 Shirland Ave., N. 23505 7220 Shirland Ave., N. 23505 7220 Shirland Ave., N. 23505 1341B Bobwhite Ct., Ches. 23322 1341B Bobwhite Ct., Ches. 23322 1341B Bobwhite Ct., Ches. 23322 328 Woodberry Dr., Ches. 23320 433 Dillingham Blvd., N. 23511 6035 Eastwood Ter ., N. 23508 968 Lindsley Dr., VB 23454 220-54th St., VB 23451 1114 North Shore Rd., N. 23505 1111 Westmoreland Ave., N. 23508 1605 Travis Parkway, VB 23454 6083 River Cres., N. 23505 421 Bay colony Dr., VB 23451 Brockenbrough, Anne Mercer Bro ckenbrou h Austin Cross P 9 1 Brockenbrough, Franc Brooke, Jeffrey Brown, C. Andrew Brown, John C., lll Brown, Katherine P. Brown, Robert R., Jr. Brown, Brown, Brown, H. Webster, Ill Ruland William T., ll Browning, Laura Jane Brownin Wilson J. es A. Mr. Mrs. J.G. Mr. Mrs. J.G. Mr. Mrs. T.J. Mr. Mrs. J.F. Mr. Mrs. A.F. Bartee Mr. Mrs. P.L. Mr. Mrs. P.L. Mr. Mrs. R.R. Sr. Mr. Mrs. H.W., Jr. Mr. Mrs. H.W., Jr. Mr. W.T. Mr. Mrs. W.J., Jr. Mr. Mrs. W.J., Jr. 1570 Blandford Cir., N. 23505 1570 Blandford Cir., N. 23505 1020 Baldwin Ave., N. 23507 438 Oak Grove Rd., N. 23505 1456 Dawson Rd., VB 23451 4421 Monmouth Castle Rd., VB 23455 4421 Monmouth Castle Rd., VB 23455 1237 Bruton Ln., VB 23451 1749 N. Woodhouse Rd., VB 23454 1749 N. Woodhouse Rd., VB 23454 3288 Page Ave., VB 23451 1337 West Princess Anne Rd., N. 23507 1337 West Princess Anne Rd., N. 23507 9, Bryan, J. Randolph Bryant, Laure I. Burcham, Laura Ann Burger, John Franklyn Burger, Scott Lindsay Burgess, Charles Lenoir Burgess, Elisabeth Owen Burt, Thomas Blake Burton, George Bryce Bush, Jason G. Butler, Ryan Ellsworth Butler, Todd H. Burt, Thomas Blake Cabell, Robert Sheridan Callahan, Mary Margaret Campbell, Cynthia Anne Campbell, Gregory Martin Campbell, Stephanie Capps, Thurmond A., Il Carpenter, Albert P., Jr. Mr. Mrs. J.E. Mr. Mrs. H.L. lll Cdr. Ret. G.D. St Mrs. Mr. Mrs. C.D. Dr. Mrs. R.L. Mr. Mrs. C.O. Mr. Mrs. C.O. Mrs. R.G. Brydges Mr s .Mr .G.H. III, P.E. Mr. Mrs. T.H. Dr. Mrs. H.E. Dr. Mrs. H.E. Mr. Russell H. Burt Dr. Mrs. W.S. Mr. Mrs. J.T., Jr. Mr. Mrs. C.G. Mr. Mrs. S.M. Mr. Mrs. S.M. Mr. Mrs. T.A. Mr. Mrs. A.P. 1201 Stockley Gardens, N. 23517 309 Gibson Dr., Ches. 23320 3937 Regal Ct., VB 23452 720 Baldwin Ave., N. 23517 1023 W. Princess Anne Rd., N. 23507 1139 Magnolia Ave., N. 23508 1139 Magnolia Ave., N. 23508 925 Horseshoe Ct., VB 23451 3288 Page Ave., Suite 1510 VB 23451 6388 Colby Way, VB 23464 1101 Lexan Ave., N. 23508 1101 Lexan Ave., N. 23508 7444 Muirfield Rd., N. 23505 700 Baldwin Ave., N. 23517 211-77th St., VB 23451 7607 Bridgette Ln., N. 23518 7607 Bridgette Ln., N. 23518 3529 W. Coral Key, VB 23452 931 Graydon Ave., N 23507 Carrier, Tracy Elizabeth Carrier, William Perry Carver, William F., Jr. Casper, Andrew Lee Casper Scott Evan Casper Tracy Sharon Cather, Robin Chadwin, Dean Kennedy Chadwin, Rebecca Elizabe Chan, So Wa "Stella" Chapin, Constance Ann Chapin, Susan Appleton Chapman, Mary Chavis, Cheng, Chung, Cynthia Lynn Michael W.H. Willard S. Ciccone, Chris Ciccone, Grace Cistola, Carolyn Marie Clardy, Barbara Clark, Allison Adams Clark, David H., ll 216 th Mr. Mrs. W.E. Mr. Mrs. W.E. Mr. Mrs. W.F. Mr. Mrs. Dean J. Mr. Mrs. Dean J. Mr. Mrs. Dean J. Mrs. D.A. Dr. Mrs. M.L. Dr. Mrs. M.L. Mr. Mrs. P.D. Cdr. H.W., Jr. Cdr. H.W., Jr. Dr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. R.G. L.H. G.C. C.U. A.J. A.J. H.A. J.T. M.H. M.H. 502 Fairfax Ave., N. 23507 502 Fairfax Ave., N. 23507 1445 Iredell Ct., VB 23455 3532 Sandy Point Key, VB 23452 3532 Sandy Point Key, VB 23452 3532 Sandy Point Key, VB 23452 608 Rock Spring Ct., VB 23462 1146 Jamestown Cres., N. 23508 1146 Jamestown Cres., N. 23508 520 Sterling Rd., VB 23462 801 St. Mark Ct., VB 23455 801 St. Mark Ct., VB 23455 1311 Graydon Ave., N. 23507 4200 Eggleston Ct., VB 23455 1177 Janaf Pl., N. 23502 6 Early Dr., Ports. 23701 1207 S. Fairwater Dr., N. 23508 1207 S. Fairwater Dr., N. 23508 4004 Ocean Front PH 9, VB 23451 2209 Cannon Dr., VB 23454 608 Linkhorn Dr., VB 23451 608 Linkhorn Dr., VB 23451 423-0761 423-9761 423-0761 622-3879 423-5893 423-5893 481-2813 623-3681 588-3001 423-1090 423-1090 423-1090 421-9556 421-9556 421-9556 547-3075 440-0174 489-2194 481-0959 428-0673 423-4497 489-4128 481-5806 489-2595 428-3103 423-5684 423-5684 623-7070 489-7901 422-1515 464-0227 464-0227 422-6376 481-0618 481-0618 481-4200 625-3527 625-3527 625-4337 547-3465 340-2779 623-5937 622-4986 423-0748 423-0748 481 -2706 424-9002 440-0820 440-0820 423-391 2 625-4347 428-891 9 588-2969 588-2969 463-1 369 625-1 531 623-2421 623-2421 460-2837 340-0930 340-0930 340-0930 425-91 87 489-1 1 18 489-1 1 18 497-1 761 497-1 761 623-81 71 464-51 74 461 -3244 488-4250 423-2557 423-2557 428-3900 855-4290 428-1 240 428-1 240 Clark, Susan West Clark, Melissa M. Clark, Richard Carl Clark, Stephen Barry Clarke, Melissa Elaine Cloud, Rachel Logan Cocke, Gretchen Cohen, Betsy Helen Cohen, Francie Lynn Colonna, Henry T.C. Condon, John Gleason l Ee-Y--ll .- L- -4- - Mr. Mrs. M.H. Mr. Mrs. B.J. Mr. Mrs. B.J. Mr. Mrs. B.D. Mr. Mrs. R.V. Mrs. B.L. Mrs. S.L. Mr. Mrs. M.J. Mr. Mrs. N.J. Mr. Mrs. H.T. Mrs. R.D. 608 Linkhorn Dr., VB 23451 1695 Meredith Rd., VB 23455 1695 Meredith Rd., VB 23455 1280 Hickory Lane, VB 23452 6079 Clearspring Rd., VB 23464 1227 Captain Adams Ct., VB 23455 230-50th St., VB 23451 5400 Ocean Front, VB 23451 506 Wilder Dr., VB 23451 2800 Point Ct., Chesa. 23321 6836 Woodridge Dr., N. 23518 , VB 23451 Conklin, Todd Conrad, Elizabeth Adair Conrad, Walter Paul, Ill Cooke, Susan Dockery Cooke, Wistar Langhorne Mr Mr Mr Ms Mr Mrs. T.H. Jr. Mrs. W.P., Jr. Mrs. W.P., Jr. Judy Dockery Mrs. W.R., Jr. 1401 Monterey Ave., N. 23508 1219 W. Princess Anne Rd., N. 23507 1219 W. Princess Anne Rd., N. 23507 210-87th St., VB 23451 547 Susan Constant Dr. Cooke, Virginia K. Coombs, Barbara V. Cooper, Erik Switzer 5 Cooper, Jefferson Switzer 1 Cooper, C. Neilson, Jr. ll Cooper, Kate 1 Cooper, Lee Taliaferro tt Cooper, William Harvey Copeland, Jodi 1, Costenbader, David G. ., Costenbader, Elizabeth R. ' Counselman, W. Lee, Jr. Countess, Jeffrey H. Coureas, John Alexander Cousteau, Celine Cousteau, Fabien Cowan, Stephanie Lee Cowand, Alison Harrell Coyle, Gregory Hugh Coyle, Richard P. Coyle, Stephen M. Craig, David E. Crawford, Richard W. Crisler, Crile MacBride Crisler, Dawson MacNeil Crisler, Elizabeth Hubbard Crol, Elizabeth M. Crommelin, Richard G., Ill Cross, Parker Crouch, Eric Crowley, James F. Crumpler, Benjamin C. Culpepper, James Henry, V. Culverhouse, Billy Curry, Kelly Anne Dalton, Darden, Darden, Darden Darden, Darden, Elizabeth Milner Audrey D. Elizabeth Holley E. Adams, IV John Curran Michael Holland Dare, Jamie Davis, Brantley Dayanim, Behnam Deaton, Virginia Catherine Dekshenieks, Criag Alan Dekshenieks, Michael Gordon De Malo, Andrew DeMaio, Jamie DeMiIle, Dustin A. Denman, Anne Cooper Derrickson, Margatet Leigh Devereux, Townsend Wagner Diamonstein Anne Susan Dickenson, Elizabeth G. Dickerson, C. Meade Dickinson, M. Payton Dickinson, Susan Wynters DiGeronimo, Brent Joseph Dike, Clayton Hugh Dixon, Anthony W., Jr. Dodd, Howard Mannin Donovan, Glen Donovan, Mary Helen 1 Mr. Mrs. W.R., Jr. Mr. Mrs. F.V. Mr. Mrs. C.N. Mr. Mrs. C.N. Mr. Mrs. C.N. Mr. Mrs. J.B. Dr. Mrs. W.R. Dr. Mrs. W.R. Mr. Mrs. R.O. Mrs. S.C. Mrs. S.C. Mr. Mrs. W.L. Mr. J.H. Mr. Mrs. D.J. Mr. Mrs. J-M F. Mr. Mrs. J-M F. Mrs. J.C. Mr. Mrs. G.R. Mr. Mrs. R.T. Ms. J. Ms. J. Mr. Mrs. D.E. Capt. R.P. Dr. Mrs. C. Dr. Mrs. C. Dr. Mrs. C. Maj. Mrs. G.F. Mr . Mrs. R.G., Jr. Dr. Mrs. J.P., Jr. Dr. Mrs. E.R., Jr. Mr. Mrs. J.F. Mr. J.R., Jr. Mr. Mrs. J.H. IV Mr. Mrs. W.E. Mrs. M.E. Mr. Mrs. C.R. Mr. Mrs. J.P. Mr. Mrs. J.P. Mrs. T. Mr. Mrs. G.F., Jr. Mr. Mrs. G.F., Jr. Mr. Mrs. J.T. Mr. Mrs. J.R. Dr. Mrs. B. Dr. Mrs. R.T. Cdr. Mrs. V. Cdr. Mrs. V. LCdr. Mrs. R.M. LCdr. Mrs. R.M. Mr. Mrs. F.R. Mr. Mrs. P.G. Mr. Mrs. L.D. Mr. Mrs. D.R. Mr. Mrs. A.A. Dr. Mrs. D.D. Mr. Mrs. D.D. Dr. Mrs. W.A. Dr. Mrs. W.A. Mr . Mrs. J.D. Mr. Mrs. D.H. Mrs. A.W. Mr. Mrs. W.H. Mr. Mrs. N. Mr. Mrs. M.L. 547 Susan Constant Dr., VB 23451 2228 Admiral Cir., VB 23451 502 Talbot Hall Rd., N. 23505 502 Talbot Hall Rd., N. 23505 502 Talbot Hall Rd., N. 23505 108-65th St., VB 23451 1108 Brandon Rd., VB 23451 1108 Brandon Rd., VB 23451 6070 Newport Pt., N. 23505 409-53rd St., VB 23451 409-53rd St., VB 23451 1310 Daniel Ave., N. 23505 2300 Rock Creek Dr., Chesa., 23325 7305 Colony Point Rd., N. 23505 5355 Studeley Av., N. 23517 5355 Studeley Av., N. 23517 5616 Morningside Ct., VB 23462 105 Lenwil Dr., Chesa., 23325 6312 Dartmouth Way, VB 23464 1239 Glyndon Dr., VB 23464 1239 Glyndon Dr., VB 23464 7324 Colony Point Rd., N. 23505 4536 Biscayne Dr., VB 23455 1037 N. Shore Rd., N. 23505 1037 N. Shore Rd., N. 23505 1037 N. Shore Rd., N. 23505 3701 Prince Andrew La., VB 23452 1725 Ashley Dr., VB 23454 442 Mowbray Arch, N. 23507 2109 Windward Shore Dr., VB 23451 1334 Mallory Ct., N. 23507 536 Fairfax Ave., N. 23507 1111 Sycamore Rd., VB 23452 2310 Oak St., VB 23451 2540 Shorehaven Dr., VB 23454 556 Mowbray Arch, N. 23507 1552 Blanford Cir., N. 23505 1552 Blanford Cir., N. 23505 5306 Holly Rd., VB 23451 1131 Brandon Rd., VB 23451 1131 Brandon Rd., VB 23451 4521 McGregor Dr., VB 23462 1121 York Ln., VB 23451 3720 Shoreline Dr., Ports., 23703 111 West Rd., Ports 23707 633 Reasor Dr., VB 23464 633 Reasor Dr., VB 23464 5268 Balfor Dr., VB 23464 5268 Balfor Dr., VB 23464 2008 Echo Cove, VB 23454 1116 Ditchley Rd., VB 23451 6144 Rolfe Ave., N. 23508 1426 Woodhouse Rd., VB 23454 1086 Algonquin Rd., N. 23505 1216 Pascal Pl., N. 23502 1429 Rutland Dr., VB 23454 1228 E. Bay Shore Dr., VB 23457 1228 E. Bay Shore Dr., VB 23457 1831 Duke of York Quay, VB 23454 1585 Wesleyan Dr., N. 23502 4404 Monmouth Castle Rd., VB 23455 5414 Sandpiper Cir., N. 23502 5740 Lancelot Dr., VB 23464 817 Botetourt Gd., N. 23507 428-1240 464-0029 464-0029 340-5069 420-5797 464-1890 428-1819 425-7010 428-5726 853-5613 423-5296 625-1283 625-1 283 428-1509 428-8143 428-8143 481-4435 423-3691 423-3691 423-3691 428-2064 422-1393 422-1393 489-4078 425-0661 425-0661 423-8587 420-9601 423-5123 499-1 81 1 420-9612 424-7613 420-4399 420-4399 423-0751 464-5785 423-61 1 1 423-61 1 1 423-61 1 1 486-7878 481-7976 623-9210 461-0050 623-9074 625-4624 486-8777 481-5724 481-0962 623-8189 489-4271 489-4271 428-8458 428-5740 428-5740 497-7314 425-9182 483-2222 393-6743 420-1224 420-1224 424-9248 424-9248 481-2008 428-2782 423-5698 481-3593 423-1 200 461-5691 481-0153 428-8677 428-8677 481-7645 461-2092 460-0332 461-2157 420-9461 623-4964 217 Dooley -- '--,-1---L L , K. Patrick Dorian, C. Nickolas Dorroh, John Hunter, lll Dotolo, Christopher L. Dotolo, Julianne L. Doumar, Katheryn G. Dou mar, Thomas H.A. Doumar, Robert G., Jr. Dozier, Dozier, Gordon H., Ill Resel K. Dragas, Jennifer Vakos Dragas, Mary Ellen Draper, Glenn S. Drurry, Jennifer N. Drury, Kathryn Hening Dugan, Sean Patrick Duncan, Matthew R. Dunn, Pauline Taylor Dwyer, Eckert, William D., Jr. Joan Kimberly Economidis, C. Keith Mrs Ehrenworth, Deborah Ann Eilberg, Seth David Eisenbeiss, Jeffrey Curran Eisenbeiss, Julia Leigh Elder, Katherine L. Ellis, Charles Hunter Engel, Martin Essreg, Andrew David Essreg, Lindsey Elizabeth Evans, Brink C. Everett, Jay Bradley Everett, Shawn Evans, Brink C. Fall, Alison Eva Fall, Christopher Peter Farthing, Emily Anne Farthing, Sara Elizabeth Fedyszyn, Andrei Jozef Fedyszyn, Natasha C. -Fine, Robert Thomas Fine, Sharon Ruth Fischer, Matthew Duncan Fitzwilliam, John W. Fiveash, Robert Emmet Fiveash, William R. Flippen, Mary Flowers, Karen Leigh Flowers, Neal Gaston Folck, Tracy Hall Forrest, Nancy Ellen Forsyth, Garth A. Fox, G. Raymond, Jr. Fraim, Fraim, Brent Patrick Edward John, Jr. Fraim, Lisa Patricia Fraim, Tara Ann Fraim, Elizabeth Fraim, Hays Francis, Emily Ruth Fredericks, Michael B. Friedman, Holly Barr Frost, Matthew W. Furr, Carter, B.S., Jr. Furr, Dee Dee Galonides, Alex James Galanides, Paul C. Garner, Laura Carolyn Garnett, Craig Hammond Gibson, lan Alexander Gibson, Katherine N. 218 LCdr. J.P., Mrs. Dr. Mrs. C.L. Mr. Mrs. J.H., Jr. Dr. Mrs. L.G. Dr. Mrs. L.G. Mr. Mrs. A.G. Mr. Mrs. A.G. Mr. Mrs. R.G. Mr. Mrs. G.H., Jr. Mr. Mrs. G.H., Jr. Mr. Mrs. G., Jr. Mr. Mrs. G., Jr. Cdr. Mrs. W.S. IV Capt. Mrs. W.R. Capt. Mrs. W.R. Mrs. V.L. Mr. Mrs. R.K. Mrs. S.H. Waller Dr. Mrs. W.D. Cdr. T.R. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. T.J. Mrs. N.V. Mr. Mrs. J.S. Mr. Mrs. W.C. Mr. Mrs. W.C. Dr. Mrs. T.D. Cdr. Mrs. R.L., Jr Mr. Mrs. S.A. Mr. Mrs. C.B. Mr. Mrs. C.B. Mr. Mrs. R.H. Mr. Mrs. O.L. Mr. Mrs. G.H. Mr. Mrs. R.H. Ashburner Cdr. Mrs. R.H. Cdr. Mrs. R.H. Mr. Mrs. P.R. Mr. Mrs. P.R. Mr. S. Mr. S. Mr. Mrs. M.H. Mrs. B.L. Capt. Mrs. P.K. Dr. Mrs. J.G., Jr. Dr. Mrs. J.G., Jr. Mr. Mrs. J.H., Jr. Mr. Mrs. J.R., Jr. Mr. Mrs. J.R., Jr. Dr. Mrs. M.P. Ms . A.J. Mr. . D.M. Capt. G.R. Mr. Mrs. E.J. Mr. Mrs. E.J. Mr. Mrs. E.J. Mr. Mrs. E.J. Mr. Mrs. R.A. Mr. Mrs. R.A. Mr. Mrs. G.W. Mr. Mrs. D. Mr. Mrs. B.A. Mr. Mrs. L.W. Mr. Mrs. C.B.S. Dr. Mrs. J.H. Mr. Mrs. T.D. Mr. Mrs. T.D. Mr. Mrs. P.E. Mr. Mrs. L.H. Dr. Mrs. W.R. Dr. Mrs. W.R. 3685 Ship ChandIer's Wharf, VB 23456 5117 South Lake Rd., VB 23455 1232 Pascal Pl., N. 23502 1110 Brunswick Ave., N. 23508 1110 Brunswick Ave., N. 23508 234 Valleau, N. 23502 234 Valleau, N. 23502 7337 Barberry Lane, N. 23505 1585 Wesleyan Dr., N. 23502 1585 Wesleyan Dr., N. 23502 960 Oriole Dr., VB 23451 960 Oriole Dr., VB 23451 1520 Hidden Cove, VB 23454 1113 Abingdon Rd., VB 23451 1113 Abingdon Rd., VB 23451 7417 Spartan Ave., N. 23518 711 Lake Edward Qr., VB 23462 216-84th St., VB 23451 2721 River Road, VB 23454 4324 Ben Gunn Rd., VB 23455 4748 Red Coat Rd., VB 23455 1630 Keswick Dr., N. 23518 6061 Newport Cres., N. 23505 7608 Argyle Ave., N. 23505 7608 Argyle Ave., N. 23505 1329 Graydon Ave., N. 23507 1117 Lee Rd., VB 23451 6822 Meadowlawn Dr., N. 23518 1509 Runnymeade Rd., N. 23505 1509 Runnymeade Rd., N. 23505 7608 Atlantic Ave., VB 23451 7902 Ocean Front, VB 23451 4688 Miles Standish Rd., VB 23455 925 Kaster Arch, VB 23455 925 Kaster Arch, VB 23455 927 Larchmont Cres., N. 23508 927 Larchmont Cres., N. 23508 907 Colonial Ave., N. 23507 907 Colonial Ave., N. 23507 6822 Garner Dr., N. 23518 3900 Elba St., VB 23452 1061 North Shore Rd., N. 23505 1061 North Shore Rd., N. 23505 1402 Trouville Ave., N. 23505 508 Wedge Dr., VB 23462 509 Wedge Dr., VB 23462 403-53rd St., VB 23451 331 Court St., Ports. 23704 608 Ryder Cup Lane, VB 23462 407 Powhatan, N. 23511 155 Circle Ct., N. 23503 155 Circle Ct., N. 23503 155 Circle Ct., N. 23503 155 Circle Ct., N. 23503 6224 Powhatan Ave., N. 23508 6224 Powhatan Ave., N. 23508 6849 Woodridge Dr., N. 23518 1810 Keswick Dr., N. 23518 941 Bobolink Dr., VB 23451 1028 Baldwin Ave., N. 23507 1418 Graydon Pl., N. 23507 1216 W. Princess Anne Rd., N. 23507 6819 Pallister Rd., N. 23518 6819 Pallister Rd., N. 23518 400 Boissevain Ave., N. 23507 3229 Club House Rd., VB 23452 4124 Hermitage Rd., VB 23455 4124 Hermitage Rd., VB 23455 427-6660 464-4781 461-5219 489-8754 489-8754 466-0058 466-0058 423-0555 461-271 1 461-271 1 428-3320 428-3320 481-0638 422-8918 422-8918 588-4716 497-8889 422-5889 481-2433 460-1 223 497-8448 844-9366 423-0563 423-3679 423-3769 627-9863 425-8707 853-8657 489-3604 489-3604 422-8749 428-221 8 460-3469 464-4669 464-4669 423-6050 423-6050 625-6371 625-6371 853-9474 340-8018 423-4484 423-4484 423-3985 499-2258 499-2258 428-0703 399-3377 467-9571 423-4329 588-5355 588-5355 588-5355 588-5355 423-6702 423-6702 853-7525 853-6526 425-871 4 627-7044 625-1 981 855-21 94 855-21 94 627-21 23 486-4572 464-2846 464-2846 l Gill, John Ashburn Glasser, Gregory N. Glasser, Hara Brooke Glasser, Jessica Rachel Glassman, Herbert Bradford Glisson, Kimberly Grace Godek, Stephen M. Goffigon, Lucia Coale Goldbach, Richard Clinton Golding, Trevor N., Jr. Goldman, Todd Darren Goldsticker, Laurie Anne Gomez, Katherine M. Gomez, Michael R., Jr. Goodman, Campe Goodman, Lance Richard Gordon, David Reed Gorry, Scott B. Gough, Shelly K.L. Goyer, Maraya Graham, Virginia L. Grandy, Christina Selden Grant, Cynthia Ann Grant, Kevin Clifton Greenspan, Jeffrey Gregory, Ashley H. Grimstead, Christine W. Grimstead, Lisa M. Griswald, Geoffrey Gutterman, Adam Ryan Gutterman, Shari Denise 'Grandy, Christina Selden Habeeb, Scott Edward Hackworth, G. Kennedy, Jr. Hagan, Catharine D. Hagan, Mark Hakim, Danny Hall, Gretchen D. Hamilton, Richard Andrew Hamilton, R. Palmer, Jr. ' Hamilton, Scott B. Hamilton, Stephen M. Hammerle, Kurt G. . Hanbury, Mary Ruffin Hanckel, Carter A. 1 Hanckel, William R. Il y Harman, Steven P. Harrison, Carol Ann Harrison, Thomas Peyton Hart, Lynelle lngrum Haustein, Clements H.G. Hayes, Charles Michael Hayes, Dion William Hecht, Joseph Lawrence Hecht, Michele Loren Heely, John Lauman Heidt, Christopher D. Heidt, Paris Elizabeth Heidt, Timothy G. Heil, Elizabeth Marie Heilig, George H., lll Heilig, Laura Parker Hellberg, Stephen Henry, Edmund R. Henry, Thomas D. 1 Herring, Lawren S. Herz, Erika Kristin Hess, Brian D. Hester, Benjamin Matthew Hester, David Michael Hester, R. Duane, Jr. Hill, Austin Ballance Hill, R. Braxton IV Hines, David Wayne Hines, Michael C. Hirschfeld, Kevin B. . Hjardemaal, Harry Hobbs, Carter Lindsay 5 Hodges, Karen Linnea - 4 Mr. Mrs. H.E., Jr. Dr. H.N. Mr. Mrs. R.S. Mr. Mrs. R.S. Mr. Mrs. M.L. Swersky Mr. Mrs. C.R. Cdr. Mrs. L.S. Mrs. S.C. Mr. Mrs. R.A. Dr. Mrs. T.N. Mr. Mrs. R. Mr. Mrs E.R. Mr. Mrs M.R. Mr. Mrs M.R. Mr. Mrs. R.C., Jr. Mr. Mrs S.D. Mr. Mrs. S.H. Mr. J.A. Ill Mrs. P.L. Dr. Mrs. P.F., Jr. Mr. Mrs. A.G., Jr. Mr. C.R Mr. Mrs. C.C. Ill Mr. Mrs C.C. lll Dr. Mrs. M. Mr. Mrs. A.G.T. Mr. Mrs L.J., Jr. Mr. Mrs. L.J., Jr. Dr. Mrs. J.. Mr. Mrs. R.L. Mr. Mrs. R.L. Mrs. S.W. McKenry Dr. Mrs. E.D. Mr. Mrs. G.K. Mr. Mrs. J.A., Jr. Mr. Mrs. M.D. Mr. Mrs. S.L. Mr. Mrs C.M. Mr. Mrs B.C. Mr.Mrs. R.P. Dr.C.W. 8. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. S.M. Mr. Mrs. W. Mr. Mrs. J.P.C. Mr. Mrs A.R. Mr. Mrs. A.R. Mr. Mrs. R.S. Dr. Mrs. H.C. Dr. Mrs. H.C. Mr. Mrs. P.A. Mr. Mrs G.A. Mrs. M.L. Dr. Mrs. H.D. Mr. Mrs N. Mr. Mrs. N. Dr. Mrs. V.K. Mr. Mrs E.A., Jr. Mr. Mrs. E.A., Jr. Mr. Mrs E.A., Jr. Mr. Mrs. T.M. Regan Mr. Mrs G.H., Jr. Mr. Mrs G.H., Jr. Mrs. D.S. Dr. Mrs. R.B., Jr. Dr. Mrs. R.B., Jr. Col. Mrs. K.G. Mr. Mrs L.P. Dr. Mrs. J.M. Mr. Mrs. J.M. Mr. Mrs J.M. Mr. Mrs. R.D. Sr. Mr. Mrs R.B. Ill Mr. Mrs. R.B. lll Mr. Mrs. C.. Mr. Mrs M.M. Mrs. J.R. Burnell Mrs. M.M. Mr. Mrs. P.L. Mr. Mrs. J.W., Jr. 476 Goodspeed Rd., VB 23451 928 Kaster Arch, VB 23455 7433 Dehlman Ave., N. 23505 7433 Dehlman Ave., N. 23505 1217 N. Inlynnview Rd., BV 23454 4437 Ben ranklin Lane, VB 23462 805 Earl of Balfon Cir., VB 23454 1326 Buckingham Ave., N. 23508 2123 Hollybriar Point, N. 23518 1257 Southfield PI., VB 23452 4732 Chalfont Dr., VB 23464 6817 Garner Dr., N. 23418 1117 Abingdon Rd., VB 23451 1117 Abingdon Rd., VB 23451 109-83rd St., VB 23451 448 Hariton Ct., N. 23505 225-70th St., VB 23451 1212 Cedar Point Rd., BV 23451 624 Barcliff Rd., N. 23505 2324 Sterling Pt. Dr., Ports. 23703 1362 Westmoreland Ave., N. 23508 1109 York Lane, VB 23451 1010 Magnolia Ave., N. 23508 1010 Magnolia Ave., N. 23508 6806 Woodridge Dr., N. 23518 1324 N. Bay Shore Dr., VB 23451 8032 Alida Dr., N. 23518 8032 Alida Dr., N. 23518 1854 Duke of York Quay, VB 23454 1633 Longdale Dr., N. 23518 1633 Longdale Dr., N. 23518 1009 Amherst Ln., VB 23464 111 60th St., VB 23451 928 Cambridge Pl., N. 23508 1302 Cornwall Pl., N. 23508 433 Susan Constant Dr., VB 23451 1419 Armistead Bridge Rd., N. 23507 4501 Kelley Ct., VB 23462 1343 Brunswick Ave., N. 23508 1109 Bruton Lane, VB 23451 4149 Hermitage Pt., VB 23455 2412 Loyd Dr., Chesa. 23325 208 Washington S., Ports. 23704 6100 Powahatan Ave., N. 23508 6100 Powhatan Ave., N. 23508 5348 Chatham Lake Dr., VB 23464 1124 Gunston Rd., VB 23451 1124 Gunston Rd., VB 23451 7643 Martone Rd., N. 23518 1360 Eagle Ave., VB 23456 134 Bristol Ave., N. 23502 5405 Studeley Ave., N. 23508 1814 Keswick Dr., N. 23518 1814 Keswick Dr., N. 23518 231 Riverside Dr., Ports., 23707 2497 Cheltenham Ct., VB 23454 2497 Cheltenham Ct., VB 23454 2497 Cheltenham Ct., VB 23454 1113 Chatmoss Dr., VB 23464 7400 Cortlandt Pl., N. 23505 7400 Cortlandt Pl., N. 23505 2016 Ridge End Rd., VB 23454 1350 W. Princess Anne Rd., N. 23507 1350 W. Princess Anne Rd., N. 23507 7656 Maury Arch, N. 23505 802 Delaware Ave., VB 23451 1113 N. Shore Rd., N. 23505 4117 Forresthills Dr., Ports. 23703 4117 Forresthills Dr., Ports. 23703 4905 Hatton Pt. Rd., Ports. 23703 1045 Graydon Ave., N. 23510 1045 Graydon Ave., N. 23510 Star Route, Currituck N.C. 27929 506 Shenandoah St., Ports., 23707 216 Park Rd., Ports. 23707 1437 Ramblewood Dr., N. 23513 119 North Shore Rd., N. 23505 617 botetourt Gardens, N. 23507 ,...--L--. - ...... . ..- 428-3827 464-0954 423-1038 423-1038 481-3376 490-0363 481-3146 423-2400 853-8852 486-2347 467-5072 853-891 3 428-8893 428-8893 428-4487 440-0440 425-0860 425-0178 489-8823 483-1380 423-8771 489-4926 489-4926 853-8261 425-1328 588-2337 588-2337 481-4679 855-5200 855-5200 420-5473 422-4737 489-7938 489-8369 428-6506 622-8881 499-4398 423-7581 425-0164 464-3983 420-3598 393-9086 423-1236 423-1236 424-7349 425-5985 425-5985 587-9451 467-8183 461-3975 489-9172 853-4976 853-4976 399-1716 486-0374 486-0374 486-0374 495-0878 423-8863 423-8863 481-4745 627-3248 627-3248 489-8470 425-7850 489-1450 484-8658 484-8658 484-4595 622-8466 622-8466 340-5774 or 919-232-2504 397-4029 399-2607 855-9691 489-4609 627-1 507 219 5'2" ' 'ff'-' 1 4 ,--A , Hoffman, Jennifer Merle Hofheimer, Joshua T. Hofslokken, Nini Unn Hogan, Mary Elizabeth Holland, Catherine S. Hollowell, John W., Jr. Holmes, Steven Marshall Holmes, Todd Clayton Hoover, John Perdue Hope,Christopher Ross Hope, David Bryan Hope, Richard Keith Horstman, Krista Nicole Horstman, Sean Patrick Howell, Courtney Paige Howell, David Andrew Hoy, John Jennings Hubbard, Cheryl Elizabeth Hubbard, Jennifer Owen Hudgins, Hazel Elizabeth Huhn, John Clell Hull, David Brian Hull, Doyle E., Jr. Hume, Leslie Abbott Hume, Lisa Lynn Hume, Lisa Lynn Hurford, Kirk Michael lndorf, Nalini C. lngold, James Van Ingram, John William lshikawa, ltsuo Jaap, Joseph Davies, Jr. Jaap, Mary Frances Jaffe, Ellen Beth James, John Douglas James, Lee V. Jarrett, Sherry A. Jenkins, Jean Tyler Jenkins, Morgan Wortham Jessen, Derek S. Jessen, Kurt T. Joaquino, Karyn Rellosa Johnson, Jason Yero Johnson, Juliana C. Johnson. Christopher R. Johnson, Richard W., Jr. Johnson, Richard Lee, Jr. Jones, Arthur Jones, R. Paul Jones, Chester H. Jones, R. Griffith, Jr. Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones Clayton Mason Linmore L., lll Grace Twohy Sherry L. Jordan, Jennifer Aline Joyner, Courtney Elizabeth Juren, Beth L. Karotkin, Jennifer Louise Karp, Eric Michael Katsias, Denise E. Katsias, John Kazakis, Georgia Keister,Matthew B. Keister, Paul S. Kemper, John-Garrett Kennedy, Kyle Sean Kerley, Catherine M. Kesser, Bradley William Kesser, Wendy S. Kesser, Lawrence Alan 220 Dr. Mrs. A.M. Mr. Mrs. T.L. Mr. Mrs. A. Mrs. V.H. Dr. Mrs. C.A. Dr. Mrs. J.W. Cdr. Mrs. F.C. Cdr. Mrs. F.C. Mr. Mrs. W.B., Mr. Mrs. F.W. Mr. Mrs. F.W. Mr. Mrs. F.W. Jr. Ltc. M.L. 8 Mrs. Ltc. M.L. St Mrs. Dr. Mrs. V. Dr. Mrs. V. Mr. Mrs. L.J., Jr. Mr. Mrs. B.A. Mr. Mrs. B.A. Mr. Mrs. L.C., Jr. Cdr. Mrs. J.H. Mr. Mrs. D.E. Mr. Mrs. D.E. Mrs. P.A. Mrs. P.A. Mrs. P.A. Cdr. Mrs. G.S. Mrs. M.A. Mr. Mrs. R.V. Mr. Mrs. J.A. Mr. T. Capt. Mrs. J.D. Capt. Mrs. J.D. Mr . Mrs. G.C. Mr. Mrs. R.H. Mr. Mrs. R.H. Mr. Mrs. . Mr. W.M., Jr. Mr. Mrs. C.E., Mr. Mrs. W.H. Mr. Mrs. W.H. Dr. Mrs. J.B. Mr. D.N. Dr. Mrs. J.C. Mr. Mrs. R.W. Mr. Mrs. R.W. Mr. Mrs. R.L. Mr. Mrs. L.R. Mr. Ms. L.R. Mr. Mrs. R.G. Mr. Mrs. R.G. Mr. Mrs. L.L., J J Mr. Mrs. L.L., Mr. Mrs. K.C. Mr. Mrs. W.T. Mr. Mrs. T.A., Mr. Mrs. C.H. Mr. Mrs. H.P. Dr. Mrs. E.H. Dr. Mrs. H.B. Mr. Mrs. M.E. Mr. Mrs. M.E. Dr. Mrs. T.R. Mr. Mrs. P.B. Mr. Mrs. P.B. Mr. Mrs. J.E. Mr. Mrs. O.J. Mr. Mrs. R.H. Mr. Mrs. M.B. Mr. Mrs. M.B. Mr. Mrs. E.J. Jr. 6823 Gardner Dr., N. 23518 418 Ridgeley Rd., N. 23505 320 Ramapo Rd., VB 23462 111-61st St., VB 23451 4328 Sandy Bay Dr., VB 23455 4745 River Shore Rd., Ports. 23703 251 Ocean Hill Rd., VB 23451 251 Ccean Hill Fld., VB 23451 7310 Ruthven Rd. N. 23504 6423 Eleanor Ct., N. 23508 6423 Eleanor Ct., N. 23508 6423 Eleanor Ct., N. 23508 5155 Westerly Dr., VB 23464 5155 Westerly Dr., VB 23464 812 Montgolfier Arch, VB 23455 812 Montgolfier Arch, VB 23455 507 Brackenridge Ave., N. 23505 1875 E. Bayview Blvd., N. 23503 1875 E. Bayview Blvd., N. 23503 5408-B Oceanfront, VB 23451 1041 Yardley Landing, VB 23464 7615 Nancy Drive, N. 23518 7615 Nancy Drive, N. 23518 7900 Atlantic Ave., VB 23451 7900 Atlantic Ave., VB 23451 7900 Atlantic Ave., VB 23451 809 Moultrie Cir., VB 23455 2241 Chadwick Dr., VB 23454 937 Windson Rd., VB 23451 1836 Duke of Norfolk Quay, N. 23454 1205 askin Rd., VB 23451 1300 W. Princess Anne Rd., N. 23507 1300 W. Princess Anne Rd., N. 23507 407 Forest Hill Cres., Suffolk 23434 1108 Bluebird Dr., VB 23451 1108 Bluebird Dr., VB 23451 4682 Haygood Pt. Ct., VB 23455 7300 Ocean Front, VB 23451 1421 Graydon Pl., N. 23507 929 Duke of Suffolk Dr., VB 23454 929 Duke of Suffolk Dr., VB 23454 1488 Five Forks Rd., VB 23455 3916 W. Stratford Rd., VB 23455 1047 S. Lexan Cres., N. 23508 7320 Shirland Ave., N. 23505 7320 Shirland Ave., N. 23505 1604 Pecan Grove Rd., VB 23455 1008 Witch Point Trail, VB 23455 1008 Witch Point Trail, VB 23455 1361 Stephens Rd., VB 23454 1361 Stephens Rd., VB 23454 110 Talbot Hall F-load, N. 23505 110 Talbot Hall Road, N. 23505 1119 W. Princess Anne Rd., N. 23507 1223 Willow Ave., Chesa. 23325 1585 Wesleyan Dr., N. 23502 4437 Revere Dr., VB 23456 434 Oak Grove Rd., N. 23505 3020 Lynndale Rd., VB 23452 1441 Magnolia Ave., N. 23508 1720 Cooper Rd., VB 23454 1720 Cooper Rd., VB 23454 1529 Stephens Rd., VB 23454 940 Larchmont Cres., N. 23508 940 Larchmont Cres., N. 23508 1429 Westover Ave., N. 23507 920 Kaster Arch, VB 23455 516 Colonial Ave., N. 23507 6829 Garner Dr., N. 23518 6829 Garner Dr., N. 23518 6840 Fordwick Dr., N. 23518 853-8234 489-2248 499-81 30 464-2081 484-2502 428-1 978 428-1 978 440-0453 423-4681 432-4681 423-4681 497-391 8 497-391 8 423-8968 583-3401 583-3401 428-5050 495-0483 587-81 27 587-81 27 422-8427 422-8427 422-8427 497-6792 340-6698 422-1 376 481 -0505 425-9372 622-3553 622-3553 625-3717 428-2438 428-2438 499-61 15 428-5981 622-8359 481-6483 481-6483 460-3686 460-1617 489-8631 423-0465 423-0465 460-0336 464-21 51 464-21 51 481 -3421 481-3421 489-3783 489-3783 627-0975 424-921 6 461 -2083 495-0888 423-5532 486-3402 423-6733 481-4387 481-4387 481-51 45 423-1 750 423-1 750 623-6908 464-6767 622-9034 853-21 63 853-21 63 855-7090 Kesser, Sheri Lynn Key, Catherine Kiehl, Grant L. Kitterman, James Sidney Ill Klavans, Lori Melissa Kline, Thomas P. Kloeppel, Byron P., Jr. Kloeppel, Marvin Cuthrell Knight, Kimberly Anne Knoll, Charlie Knowles, Jason Carver Koch, Richard J., Ill Kole, Jeffrey M. Kollmansperger, Charles W. Kollmansperger, James S. Kollmansperger, Jane Andrew Komer, Mark E. Konikoff, Michael Ross Kotarides, Pete Alex Kottke, Karl Kottke, Peter Krueger-Lorensen, Helge N. Krueger-Lorensen, Mona B. Kruger, Ellen Ruth Kuo, Philbert Kuo. Phillip Laderberg, Andrew James Lakadat, Adrienne C. Lamb, Ellen Clair Lambert, David B. Lambert, Kelly Patton Lambert, Robert Larry, Jr. Langley, Jennifer C. Lawless, Edward Barron Lawrence,Catherlne Ann Lawrence, John C. Lawson, Jeffry A. Lawson, Michael A. Lawson, Steven E. Lazaron, Louis Herbert Leach, James A., lV Leavitt, Shirra Anne Leben, Drew Julian Leben, Scott Alden LeCompte, Kirkwood A. Lee, Francis S. Lee, Joe Leeb, Rita Lynne Leeb, Rita Lynne Legum, Gary Brian Lester, Katherine S. Lester, Whitney C. LeTourneau, Peter R. LeTourneau, Philippe Leung, Darren Levin, Lawrence Levine, Mark Harris Levister, E. Clay, Ill Levitin, Amy M. Levitin, Samuel M. Levy, Douglas Selig Levy, Jeffrey Charles Levy, Michael Jay Levy, Stephen Philip Levy, Paige Ashley Liau, James Yhi Lifland, Kenneth Liles, Ann Elizabeth Liles, Billy Liles, Elizabeth Sherwood Liles, Margaret Ellen Lilley, Albert W. lll Lilly, Edward L., Jr. Lilly, Kevin Marcus Long, Meredith Nicole LoSciuto, John Louden, Elizabeth Dyan Louden, Keith Ward Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mrs Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mrs Mr. Mrs . Mrs E.J. J.s. E.H. J.S., Jr. D.J. R.H. B.P. B.P. M. Jr. S.H. B.J. R.J., Jr. R. F.R. F.R. Mr F R Mrs. P.K. Chauncey Dr. Mrs. A.B. Mr. Mrs. A.P. Cdr. Mrs. R.A. Cdr. Mrs. R.A. Cdr. J.O. 8t Mrs. Cdr. J.O. 8t Mrs. Mr. Mrs. T. Dr. Mrs. H.R. Dr. Mrs. H.R. Mr. Mrs. B.W. Mr. Mrs. J., Jr. LCDR Mrs. J.J. Mr. Mrs. K.H., Jr. Mr. Mrs. R.L.i Mr. Mrs. R.L. Dr. Dr. R.. Mr. Mrs J.T. lll Dr. Mrs. D.A. Mr. Mrs R.N. Mr. Mrs R.A., Jr. Mr. Mrs R.A., Jr. Mr. Mrs. R.A., Jr. Mr. M.S Mr. Mrs. J.H. Doyle Mr. Mrs S.J. Mr. Mrs M.F. Mr. Mrs M.F. Mr. E.L. Mr. Mrs E.U. Mr. Mrs. E.U. Capt. Mrs. B.O. Capt. Mrs. B.O. Mr. Mrs. J.W. Mrs. S.W. Mrs. S.W. Dr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. D.J. D.J. Mr. Mrs. D.S.H. Mr. Mrs. G.E. Mr. Mrs. L.D. Dr. E.C. Jr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mrs Dr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs Dr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mrs Mr. Mrs Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs Dr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mrs J.S. J.S. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.M. B.J. H. L.S. S.E. lll S.E. lll A.D. A.D. A.W., Jr. E.L. E.L. . M.R. J.J. Stark J.G. J.G. 6840 Fordwick Dr., N. 23518 1300 Cloncurry Rd., N. 23505 317 Galleon Dr., VB 23451 371 Washington St., Ports. 23704 1827 Longdale Dr., N. 23518 1037 Bobolink Dr., VB 23451 1503 S. SeaBreeze Trail, VB 23452 1503 S. SeaBreeze Trail, VB 23452 250 Valleau Rd., N. 23502 465 Goodspeed Rd., VB 23451 4952 Blackfoot Cres., VB 23455 1457 Ewell Rd., VB 23455 1796 Greensward Quay, VB 23454 1208 W. Princess Anne Rd., N. 23507 1208 W. Princess Anne Rd., N. 23507 1208 W. Princess Anne Rd., N. 23507 2305 Sterling Point Dr., Ports. 23703 4501 Pinebrook Ct., VB 23462 5609 Virginia Beach Blvd., VB 23462 6356 Drew Dr., VB 23462 6356 Drew Dr., VB 23462 4254 Yarmouth Ct., VB 23455 4524 Yarmouth Ct., VB 23455 216B Glen Echo Dr., N. 23505 203 Park Rd., Ports. 23707 203 Park Rd., Ports. 23707 203-43rd St., VB 23451 203 E. 40th St., N. 23504 1808 Meredith Rd., VB 23455 1124 Westmoreland Ave., N. 23508 4042 N. Witchduck Rd., VB 23455 4042 N. Witchduck Rd., VB 23455 5781 Lancelot Dr., VB 23464 1509 Trouville Ave., N. 23505 1120 West Revere Pt. Rd., VB 23455 944 Hanover Ave., N. 23508 1441 E. Bay Shore Dr., VB 23451 1441 E. Bay Shore Dr., VB 23451 1441 E. Bay Shore Dr., VB 23451 7711 Argyle Ave., N. 23505 1324 Carolyn Dr., VB 23451 5909 Studley Ave., N. 23508 765 Linden Ct., VB 23462 765 Linden Ct., VB 23462 1208 Bruton Lane, VB 23451 1516 Westerfield Rd., VB 23455 1516 Westerfield Rd., VB 23455 Quarters Z, Norfolk Naval Shipyard Ports., 23709 Quarters Z, Norfolk Naval Shipyard Ports. 23709 1217 Cloncurry Rd., N. 23505 1401 Buckingham Ave., N. 23508 1401 Buckingham Ave., N. 23508 1515 Runnymede Rd., N. 23505 1515 Runnymede Rd., N. 23505 3825 Forest Glen Rd., VB 23452 7403 Abbott Lane, N. 23505 4504 Gleneagle Dr., VB 23462 3920 W. Stratford Rd., VB 23455 1321 Noble St., N. 23518 1321 Noble St., N. 23518 6079 River Cres., N. 23505 6079 River Cres., N. 23505 6029 River Cres., N. 23505 6079 River Cres., N. 23505 2908 Replica La., Ports., Va. 23703 4304 Faigle Rd., Ports., 23703 4720 Clymer Ct., VB 23455 324 Whitehaven Ln., VB 23451 324 Whitehaven Ln., VB 23451 1121 Ditchley Rd., VB 23451 1121 Ditchley Rd., VB 23451 3904 Coverdale Cir., VB 23452 1501 Hampton Blvd., N. 23517 1501 Hampton Blvd., N. 23517 6279 Drew Dr., VB 23464 1208 Armistead Bridge Rd., N. 23507 4908 Admiration Lane, VB 23464 4908 Admiration Lane, VB 23464 855-7090 589-2173 425-1 172 423-2148 855-3969 428-0425 486-4076 486-4076 466-0194 499-6372 464-6771 481-1481 625-5277 625-5277 625-5277 484-221 1 467-01 51 497-91 10 424-351 1 424-351 1 423-8545 399-0564 399-0564 425-5062 625-6006 464-5093 423-6523 464-1885 464-1885 424-2957 423-3226 460-5492 423-6550 422-5166 422-5166 422-5166 423-3969 425-6616 423-3797 467-9263 467-9263 428-3429 464-6041 464-6041 397-7593 397-7593 423-8977 489-331 7 489-3317 423-5039 423-5039 463-1812 489-3192 499-3623 464-4613 583-2456 583-2456 423-0268 423-0268 423-0268 423-0268 484-1671 483-4595 497-2916 425-6792 425-6792 428-0243 428-0243 340-1303 627-8767 627-8767 424-2963 625-3944 467-5717 467-571 7 221 I "-f - 225377- -, Lowman, Anthony Michael Lowman, Richard Thomas Loxley, Natalie Lucci, Dawn Noelle Ludena, Leslie K. Ludena, Roy David Luedke, Philip Lustig, Charles Barnet Lustig, Heidi Anne MacKinlay, Phoebe V. MacKinlay, Vanessa J. Magee, Mary Lee C. Magpoc, Jane Lynne Mahan, Gregory Lewis Malks, Daniel B. Mapp, Virginia Ashby Markowitz, Seth Graham Maroto, Michael F. Moroto, Monica J. Marr, April Suzanne Marr, Michael Thomas Marshall, Christopher C. Martens, Andrew K. Martens, Suzanna Martens, Suzanna Martin, Brad David Martin, Jeffrey Andrew Martin, Jason David Martone, Peter W., Jr. Master, Kathleen Jamison Mastracco, Anna Brooks Mastracco, Sarah Tyler Maxwell, Michael Laura Mayer, Brian A. Mayo, Alexander T., Ill Mayo, Nancy Ellen McBrayer, A. Coles McBrayer, R. Hill McBurney, Stewart F. McCabe, Michael Walsh McCoy, Stephen C. McCraw, Sarah Wells McCulloch, David Charles McDaniel, David Leigh McDowell, Benjamin Kelly McDowell, William Patton IV McGeorge, Martha Moye McGeorge, William R., Ill Mclntyre, Andrew R. Mclntyre, Douglas McKinnon, William J., Ill McLemore, Scott Ashley McNamara, Devlin McNamara, Ryan Michael McPhillips, Eddie Meachum, Charles Peteren Meachum, William Chester Mears, Aaron Michael Mears, Allen Luke Meek, Elizabeth Ashby Meek, John B., Ill Meredith, George Minor, Ill Mersel, Richard Barry Meslan Stanle Walker Lcdr Mrs. R.W. Lcdr Mrs. R.W. Dr. Mrs. S.S. Mrs. K-A L. Mr. Mrs R. Mr. Mrs R. LCdr. D Mr. Mrs. W. Mr. Mrs. W. Mr. Mrs. E.H. Mr. Mrs. E.H. Mr. Mrs. H.C. Mr. Dr. F.C. Dr. Mrs. J.D. Mr. Mrs J.B. Dr. Mrs. J.A. Mr. Mrs C.S. Dr. Mrs. F. Dr. Mrs. F. Mr. Mrs. W.J. Mr. Mrs. W.J. Mr. W. Jr. Dr. Mrs. W. Dr. Mrs. W. Dr. Mrs. W. Mr. Mrs. H.W., Jr Mr. Mrs. H.W., Jr Mr. Mrs W.A. Mr. Mrs P.W. Mr. Mrs. R.J. Mr. Mrs. V.J., Jr. Mr. MRS. V.J., Jr. Dr. Mrs. G.P. Dr. Mrs. A.A. Mr. Mrs. A.T., Jr. Mr. Mrs. A.T., Jr. Dr. Mrs. R.H. Dr. Mrs. R.H. Mr. Mrs. D.J. Mr. Mrs. M.W Dr. Mrs. S.H. Dr. Mrs. J.B. Cdr. Mrs. D.H. Mr. Mrs S.P. Mr. Mrs. W.P., Ill Mr. Mrs. W.P., Ill Mr. Mrs. W.R., Jr Mr. Mrs. W.R., Jr Mr. Mrs. R.B. Capt. Mrs. C.G. Mr. W.J. Mrs. M.T. Mr. Mrs. R.J. Mr. Mrs. R.J. Mr. Mrs. J.V. Mr. Mrs. C.D. Mr. Mrs. C.D. Lcdr. A.K. 81 Mrs. Lcdr. A.K. 8 Mrs. Mr. Mrs. J.V. Mr. Mrs. J.B. Dr. Mrs., ll Mr. Mrs. J. Mr. Mrs. C.A. 9. Y Metzler, Joseph B., Ill Miller, Amy Stuart Miller, James R. Miller, Murray C., Ill Miller, Lauren Patricia Milteer, Asher Redwood Milteer, Grace Elizabeth Mitchell, John Kania Mitchell, John S. Mitchell, Kathryn M. Mladick, Kristen Michelle Mladick, Mohlere, Monroe, Richard Mark Michele David Michael Montagna, Jon Joseph Montagna, Marcella Lynne 222 Mr. Mrs. J.B., Jr. Mr. Mrs. W.R., lll Dr. Mrs. M.C. Dr. Mrs. M.C. Mr. Mrs. R.R. Mr. Mrs. C.E., Mr. Mrs. C.E., Mrs. K.A. Mr. Mrs. J.S. Mr. Mrs. J.S. Dr. Mrs. R.A. Dr. Mrs. R.A. Mr. Mrs. K.A. Mrs. G.S. Mr. Mrs. C.S. Mr. Mrs. C.S. Jr. Jr. 800 St. Martin Dr., VB 23455 800 St. Martin Dr.. VB 23455 715 Argyll St., Chesa. 233020 1428 Taureau Ct., VB 23451 4513 Par Dr., VB 23462 4513 Par Dr., VB 23462 5640 Comanche Rd., VB 23462 1900 Hunters Trail, N. 23518 1900 Hunters Trail, N. 23518 1127 Crystal Lake Dr., VB 23451 1127 Crystal Lake Dr., VB 23451 1315 Mallory Ct., N. 23507 4048B N. Witchduck Rd., VB 23455 1204 N. Fairwater Dr., N. 23508 1822 Keswick Dr., N. 23518 509 W. Holly Rd., VB 23451 609 Sam Snead Ln., VB 23462 3914 Richardson Rd., VB 23455 3914 Richardson Rd., VB 23455 2032 Bay Breeze Cove, VB 23454 2032 Bay Breeze Cove, VB 23454 317 W. Freemason St., N. 23510 433 Canterbury Rd., VB 23452 433 Canterbury Rd., VB 23452 433 Canterbury Rd., VB 23452 1335 Armistead Bridge Rd., N. 23307 1335 Armistead Bridge Rd., N. 23307 419 Sinclair St., N. 23505 7608 Argyle Ave., N. 23505 621 Lord Dunmore Dr., VB 23464 203 Colonial Ave., N. 23507 203 Colonial Ave., N. 23507 7409 Glencove Pl., N. 23505 519 Carlisle Way, N. 23505 102 Park Road, P. 23707 102 Park Road, P. 23707 7447 St. Francis Ln., N. 23505 7447 St. Francis Ln., N. 23505 2770 Console Ave., N. 23518 1108 Rose Lane, VB 23451 1002 Colonial Ave., N. 23507 7607 Nancy Dr., N. 23518 629 Lord Dunmore Dr., VB 23464 1545 Catalpa St., N. 23508 4812 Rosecroft St., VB 23464 4812 Rosecroft St., VB 23464 1328 Windson Point Rd., N. 23509 1328 Windson Point Rd., N. 23509 5020 Jakeman St., VB 23455 628 Lynne Shores Dr., VB 23452 1106 West Princess Anne Rd., N. 23507 1045 Jamestown Cres., N. 23508 1532 Bay Point Dr., VB 23454 1532 Bay Point Dr., VB 23454 1349 Brunswick Ave., N. 23508 4300 Holly Rd., VB 23451 4300 Holly Rd., VB 23451 1629 Ridge Ct., VB 23464 1629 Ridge Ct., VB 23464 7411 Cortlandt Pl., N. 23505 7411 Cortlandt Pl., N. 23505 1413 Crystal Pkwy., VB 23451 439 Carl St., N. 23505 1214 Gates Ave., N. 23507 3610 Gentle Rd., Ports., 23703 1585 Wesleyan Dr., N. 23502 3101 Adam Keeling Rd., VB 23454 3191 Adam Keeling Rd., VB 23454 608 Cardiff Rd., VB 23455 1360 Rockbridge Ave., N 23508 1360 Rockbridge Ave., N 23508 865 St. James Dr., VB 23455 1111 Hanover Ave., N 23508 1111 Hanover Ave., N. 23508 1224 E. Bay Shore Dr., VB 23451 1224 E. Bay Shore Dr., VB 23451 4404 Clyde St., VB 23455 1501 Horseshoe Cr., VB 23451 5740 Shenandoah Ave., N. 23509 5740 Shenandoah Ave., N. 23509 499-6263 499-6263 547-7431 428-4640 499-9559 499-9559 497-7855 855-5742 855-5742 425-8558 425-8558 627-5362 464-0035 489-0035 853-1 873 428-1 1 09 467-1 737 464-6429 464-6429 481 -2 791 481 -2791 627-81 1 1 486-41 66 486-41 66 486-41 66 623-781 8 623-781 8 489-8472 423-8458 497-9598 622-0275 622-0275 440-0371 423-3094 393-1 295 393-1 295 423-8764 423-8764 588-361 0 428-21 63 622-861 2 588-6628 499-6946 489-2629 461 -5509 461 -5509 855-1 328 855-1 328 464-6907 463-4790 623-0896 489-4705 481 -41 54 481-41 54 423-6036 425-681 6 425-681 6 467-3349 467-3349 423-51 02 423-51 02 422-2584 588-0362 627-01 61 484-6682 462-61 43 481 -21 61 481 -21 26' 497-61 50 423-7242 423-7242 499-5564 489-1 588 489-1 588 428-1 757 428-1 757 460-071 4 428-6986 857-1 656 857-1 656 Montgomery, Michael Anthony Moore, John K., Jr. Moore, Michael E. Morales, Lawrence John Morgan, Catherine E. Morgan, Elizabeth Coke Morgan, David Adolphus Morris, Daniel R. Morris, David H. Morris, lan Andrew Morris, Lane Elese Mosquera, Jennifer Marie Mosquera, Staphanie Lynn Moss, Amy Moss, Gary Mottola, Anne Marie Mottola, Frank Allen Muhleman, Albert kenton lll Murphy, C. Harry, Jr. Murray, Kathryn Kelly Myers, Dana Lynn Myers, Eric H. Myers, John Patrick Nash, Margaret R. Neal, Laura Pendleton Neff, Eric Neff, Robert Neidow, Christopher C. Nissenson, Anita Sue Noona, Sammy Noona, Stacey Novak, Jacob George Novak, Marianne Noyes, Edward B.L. Nunnally, Robert W. Nusbaum, Charles G., Jr. Nusbaum, John Myers Nye, Glenn Carlyle Olitsky, Caryn Olitsky, Jacky Onsanit, Addie Onsanit, Krittika Ottinger, Eleanor Ann Ottinger, Richard Hooper Outland, Elizabeth Matthews Overcash, Andrew T. Owen, Peter Francis Owen, Stephanie Joan Paradise, Andrew Whitman Parker, Nathaniel W. Parker, Robert Tabor Patish, Larry Patterson, Caroline Patterson, Frederick A. Patterson, Patricia Lynn Paulos, David Craig Payne, Ruth Jenkins Peabody, Tory O. Pearlman, Daniel L. Pearlman, Gregory D. Peck, Larry M. Peck, Paul Herbert Pender, Elizabeth Tyler Perry, Edmund K. Perry, Elaine Philippakis, John Philippakis, Mary Anne Phillips, Kimberly L. Plante, Daniel L. Pollara, Sarah Hansen Polley, Jennifer Anne 8 10 8 3 8 3 11 11 11 2 4 2 1 10 11 11 9 10 11 12 10 1 10 11 12 3 1 3 10 6 8 5 8 11 3 10 8 1 9 9 3 6 8 6 10 10 12 9 2 1 10 11 9 8 9 10 7 11 4 3 9 11 6 9 10 9 4 11 11 2 4 Mr. C.M Mr. Mrs Mr. Mrs Dr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mrs Dr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mrs Mr. Mrs. J.K. J.K. L.Fl. . H.C., Jr. H.C., Jr. E.A., Jr. J.E. J.E. E.D., Ill Capt. Mrs. A.R. Dr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. G. G. B.A. B.A. L.F. L.F. W.G. Gary C.H. Cdr. T.R. 81 Mrs. Mr. Mrs. V.T., Jr. Mr. Mrs. M. Dr. Mrs. J.B. Mrs. C.A., lll Dr. Mrs. R.K., Jr. Dr. Mrs. R.S. Dr. Mrs. R.S. Mr. Mrs. A.C. Dr. Mrs. M. Mr. Mrs. W.L. Mr. Mrs. W.L. Dr. Mrs. D. Dr. Mrs. D. Mr. R.L. Mr. Mrs. R.W. Mr. Mrs. C.G. Mr. Mrs. C.G. Dr. Mrs. G.C. Mr. Mrs. N. Mr. Mrs. N. Dr. Mrs. T. Dr. Mrs. T. Mr. Mrs. E.A. Mr. Mrs. E.A. Mr. Mrs. G.C., Jr. Mr. Mrs. M.C. Mr. Mrs. R.S. Mr. Mrs. R.S. Mr. Mrs. J.W. Dr. Mrs. C.E. Mr. Mrs. C.D. lll Mr. Mrs. J. Mr. Mrs. H.L. Mr. Mrs. F.W. Mr. Mrs. W.W., Jr. Mr. Mrs. R.L. Mr. Mrs. M.L. Mr. Mrs. E.S., Jr. Dr. Mrs. L.J. Dr. Mrs. L.J. Mr. Mrs. S.J. Mr. Mrs. S.J. Mr. Mrs. D., Ill Ms. H.M Ms. H.M Dr. Mrs. S.K. Dr. Mrs. S.K. Mr. Mrs. N.J. Mr. Mrs. L.L. Mrs Mr. . B. LCDR Mrs. J.E. 1106 Bedford Ave., N. 23508 1005 Windsor Rd., VB 23451 1005 Windsor Rd., VB 23451 809 Meighan Dr., VB 23464 413-52nd St., VB 23451 413-52nd St., VB 23451 , P.O. Box 6218, Ports., Va. 23703 1245 N. lnlynnview Rd., VB 23454 1245 N. lnlynnview Rd., VB 23454 1211 Manchester Ave., N. 23508 192 Commodore Dr., N 23503 1423 Runnymede Rd., N. 23505 1423 Runnymede Rd., N. 23505 6851 Fordwick Dr., N. 23518 6851 Fordwick Dr., N. 23518 3933 Shady Oak Dr., VB 23455 3933 Shady Oak Dr., VB 23455 1315 N. Brandon Ave., N. 23507 3200 Quimby Ct., VB 23452 1601 Keswick Dr., N. 23518 5321 Orion Ave., N. 23502 618 Ben Bow Dr., VB 23464 4012 Richardson Rd., VB 23455 1439 Graydon Pl., N. 23507 North Shore Pt., N. 23505 1200 Lawrence Grey Dr., VB 23455 1200 Lawrence Grey Dr., VB 23455 4636 McGregor Dr., VB 23462 1613 Stokes Ct., VB 23455 1200 Curlew Pl., VB 23451 1200 Curlew Pl., VB 23451 1008 Colonial Ave., N. 23507 1008 Colonial Ave., N. 23507 315-49th St., VB 23451 511 Colonial Ave., N. 23507 1342 Buckingham Ave., N. 23508 1342 Buckingham Ave., N. 23508 7478 North Shore Rd., N. 23505 313 Park Road, Ports., 23707 313 Park Road, Ports., 23707 1201 Witchduck Bay Ct., VB 23455 1201 Witchduck Bay Ct., BV 23455 1211 Spotswood Ave., N. 23507 1211 Spotswood Ave., N. 23507 5915 Studeley Ave., N. 23508 880 Winwood Dr., VB 23451 1721 Ashley Dr., VB 23454 1721 Ashley Dr., VB 23454 4624 Hermitage Rd., VB 23455 412 Beverly Place, VB 23452 1321 Armistead Bridge Rd., N. 23507 1809 Longdale Dr., N. 23518 1234 East Bay Shore Dr., VB 23451 5711 Cornick Rd., N. 23502 1733 Keeling Rd., VB 23455 2501 Jasper Ct., N. 23518 7300 Apple Tree Lane, N. 23505 1496 Wakefield Dr., VB 23455 3065 Lynndale Rd., VB 23452 3065 Lynndale Rd., VB 23452 4106 Manchester Rd., Ports. 23703 4106 Manchester Rd., Ports. 23703 1313 N. Bay Shore Dr., VB 23451 641 Bishop Dr., VB 23455 641 Bishop Dr., VB 23455 7329 Ruthven Rd., N. 23505 7329 Ruthven Rd., N. 23505 5248 North Lake Rd., VB 23455 320 Tudor Pl., Chesa. 23325 735 Surfside Ave., VB 23451 920 Amherst Ln., VB 23464 423-5318 428-2819 428-2819 420-0438 425-6301 425-6301 484-5663 481-0295 481-0295 423-4099 583-5156 423-3783 423-3783 855-8424 855-8424 460-3483 460-3483 622-3331 340-2969 857-4798 466-0066 420-8052 464-2835 622-0606 423-41 78 460-1696 460-1696 497-2368 464-1289 422-4813 422-4813 625-2337 625-2337 422-0365 625-3138 423-6644 423-6644 423-7478 399-1555 399-1555 464-0861 464-0861 627-3777 627-3777 423-2799 428-7860 481-2405 481-2405 464-5347 486-2131 622-1 162 855-7837 422-1345 461-5148 464-4210 587-0289 489-9442 464-5932 486-4452 486-4452 484-6516 484-6516 428-5927 499-9986 499-9986 489-1808 489-1808 464-5769 420-1958 422-3123 424-4510 223 Poole, Edward Thomas, Ill Pope, Alexandra Page Potter, Daryl Keith Powell, Alan Gregory Powell, Margaret Elizabeth Price, Mark Deitrick Price, Scott Wilson Price. Timothy Denny Priebe, Jason Stewart Purrington, Charles, Jr. Purrington, Daniel Radin, Romy Lynn Radin, Tara Jai Rafal, Adam Seth Raman, Vinay Kadaba Randall, David T. Randolph, Gray Randolph, Whit Ranhorn, Karen Marie Ranson, Todd Hennen Rau,Randelle Lee Rau, Randolph A., Jr. Raynes. Thomas Ray Redfern, Neill McCauley Redfern, William A., lll Reiff, Danielle Kimberly Replogle, Thomas H., Jr. Reshefsky, Brian Joseph Rhodes, Chester C. Rhodes, Donald H., Jr. Rice, Elizabeth V. Rice. Richard Todd Rice. Timothy P. Richard. Stephen W., lll Richardson, Anne B. Ricketts, Todd B. Riley. Gregory Alexander Ritter, Alfred F., III Rivero, Angela Martha Robinson, Trevor Jared Rono. Cynthia M. Root. Brian M. Roper, David Bryham Roper, Leighton Parks, Ill Rosenblum, Richard Rosenblum, Suzi Rosenfeld. Alizah Michael Rosenfeld, Edward Phillip Rosin, Daniel Andrew Rosin, Jonathan Michael Rosin, Katherine Alyson Rossheim, Brooke Rossheim. Jane Blair Rubin, Elizabeth Ruffin, James Rixey Ruffin. John Wakefield Rundle. Mary Russ. John Clarke Russ, Mary Clarke Russ, Robert Sayers Rutter. C. Arthur. Ill Ryan. Elizabeth Houston Ryan, John M.. Jr. Ryan. Mina Gary Ryan. Michael Cavaroc Salomon, Somer Fleet Sams, Wesley Bain Sams, William Edgar. Jr. Samuels. Marcia Beth Savage. John Hill. Il Sawides. Alexandra Sawides. Christopher M. Sawyer, Philip R., Ill Schafer, Wm. John Schaubach, Brad 224 Mr. Mrs. E.T., Jr. Mr. Mrs. J.H. Mr. Mrs. R.H. Ms. Judy Dockery Mr. Mrs. G. Mr. Mrs. H.B. III Mr. Mrs. H.B. III Mr. Mrs. H.B. Ill Mrs. P.B. Mr. Mrs. C.M. Mr. Mrs. C.M. Mr. Mrs. M.J. Mr. Mrs. m.J. Mr. Mrs. E.J. Mr. Mrs. K.S. Capt. G.H. 6 Mrs. Mr. Mrs. A.M. Mr. Mrs. A.M. Mr. Mrs. W.A., Jr. Dr. T.W., Jr. Mr. Mrs. R.A. Mr. Mrs. R.A. Mr. Mrs. R.R. Mrs. W.A., Jr. Mrs. W.A., Jr. Mr. Mrs. R.H. RADM. Mrs. T.H. Dr. Mrs. Mr B.L. . Mrs. D.H. Mr. Mrs. D.H. Mr. Mrs. R.G. Mr. Mrs. R.G. Mrs. P.P. Mr. 81 Mrs. S.W., Jr. Mr. Mrs. P.W. Dr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. E.E. Brickell D.J. Mr. Mrs. A.f., Jr. Dr. Mrs. W. Mr. Mrs. W.P. Dr. Mrs. Mrs. J.H. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs Dr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mrs Dr. D.A. Dr. D.A. Mrs. C. Dr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. Dr. FLM. Dr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs Dr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mrs Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs Dr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. V.N. L.P.. Jr. L.P. Jr. F.H. F.H. A.H. A.H. E.H. E.H. W.. Jr. W.. Jr. A.G. C. C. C. C.A.. Jr. J.M. J.M. J.M. W.F. P.A. W.E. W.E. S.L. J.H. M.C. M.C. P.R., Jr. J.F.Rixey G.E., Jr. 929 Adelphi Rd., VB 23464 1120mBotetourt Gardens, N. 23507 4309 Alfriends Tr., VB 23455 210-87th St., VB 23451 1208 N. Fairwater Dr., N. 23508 1113 Lee Rd., VB 23451 1113 Lee Rd., VB 23451 1113 Lee Rd., VB 23451 1313 Glyndon Dr., VB 23464 1260 Tanager Trail, VB 23451 1260 Tanager Trail, VB 23451 7600 Bridgette Ln., N. 23518 7600 Bridgette Ln., N. 23518 512 Gleneagle Dr.,'VB 23462 5671 Heathwood Ct., VB 23464 5205 Shenstone Cir., VB 23455 1125 Abingdon Rd., VB 23451 1125 Abingdon Rd., VB 23451 2515 E. Little Creek Rd., N. 23518 4345 AIfriend's Trail, VB 23455 509-55th St., VB 23451 509-55th St., VB 23451 624 Balfor Ct., VB 23464 7432 Pinecroft Ln., N. 23505 7432 Pinecroft Ln., N. 23505 235-74th St., VB 23451 4600 McGregor Dr., VB 23462 7401 Millbrook Rd., N 23505 621 Heron Point Cir., VB 23452 621 Heron Point Cir., VB 23452 7436 Muirfield Rd., N. 23505 7436 Muirfield Rd., N. 23505 1413 Cheval Cir., VB 23451 320 W. Freemason St., N. 23510 1213 Cedar Point Dr., VB 23451 129-67th St., VB 23451 110 Park Rd., Pots., 23707 1331 Armistead Bridge Rd., N. 23507 1301 Sussez PI., N. 23508 4075 Heutte Dr., N. 23518 601 Lord Dunmore Dr., VB 23464 5949 Gainor Pl., N. 23502 548 Mowbray Arch, N. 23507 548 Mowbray Arch, N. 23507 415 Hariton Ct., N. 23505 415 Hariton Ct., N. 23505 419 Ridgeley Rd., N. 23505 419 Ridgeley Rd., N. 23505 4206 Manchester Rd., Ports. 23703 4206 Manchester Rd., Ports. 23703 300 West Rd., Ports. 23707 1325 W. Princess Anne Rd., N. 23507 1325 W. Princess Anne Rd., N. 23507 3810 Atlantic Ave., VB 23451 7800 North Shore Rd., N 23505 7800 North Shore Rd., N 23505 1128 York Ln., VB 23451 2229 Windward Shore Dr., VB 23451 2229 Windward Shore Dr., VB 23451 2229 Windward Shore Dr., VB 23451 901 Holladay Pt., VB 23451 552 Mowbray Arch, N. 23507 552 Mowbray Arch, N. 23507 552 Mowbray Arch, N. 23507 1314 Westover Ave.. N. 23507 1404 Runnymede Rd., N. 23505 628 Barcliff Rd., N. 23505 628 Barcliff Rd., N. 23505 413 Hariton Ct.. N. 23505 8013 Alida Dr., N. 23518 1517 Southwick Rd., VB 23451 1517 Southwick Rd., VB 23451 1117 Homestead Dr., VB 23464 921 Holladay Pt., VB 23451 7316 Ruthven Rd., N. 23505 420-4858 627-2337 499-6531 428-1 509 423-1 351 428-1 495 428-1 495 428-1 495 425-6564 425-6564 588-1 307 588-1 307 499-421 8 420-8609 464-2568 428-4808 428-4808 583-4701 490-2672 428-9326 428-9326 424-9086 423-1 809 423-1 809 428-3894 499-51 23 440-01 71 340-1 643 340-1 643 489-7990 489-7990 422-1 327 623-7742 428-2427 425-9262 393-2066 625-4482 440-061 9 480-1 360 490-0462 461 -51 73 622-9936 622-9936 423-8655 423-8655 423-3343 423-3343 484-3083 484-3083 484-3083 627-71 00 627-71 00 428-1 1 76 423-2788 423-2788 425-0805 481-4434 481-4434 481-4434 428-1 954 627-3462 627-3462 627-3462 622-5684 489-8392 423-3893 423-3893 423-3636 588-5572 428-8440 428-8440 467-8005 422-2727 423-0436 Scheible, Jack W., Jr. Scholten, Allison Schulwolf, Andrew B. Schulwolf, Gary T. Schwan, Lucille H. Schwartz, Robert C. Scialdone, Joshua J-A Scott, Alicia Taylor Scott, Courtney Elizabeth Scott, Margaret Bracey Scott, Robert Francis, Jr. Scott, Glenn Allen, Jr. Shapero, Marilyn Louise Shapiro, Beth Ann Shapiro, David H. Shapiro, Stephen A. Shapiro, Price M. Shapiro, Shane Adam Sharp, Charles Montgomery Sharp, Stephen Shearin, Christopher L. Shepherd, Elizabeth Lyn Shepherd, William R., lll Shipowitz, Jay Barton Shipowitz, Louis Ira Shipowitz, Steven Shirley, Mary Elizabeth Shirley, Michael James Shoemaker, Carey Lynn Shoemaker, Kimberly Carroll Shoemaker, Marshall B. Shook, Amy R. Short, James F. Short, Marc T. Shubert, William M., lll Shumadine, James Shumadine, John Simms, Bryan Hughes Simpson, Ann-Darby Simpson, Robert L., Ill Sisoian, Paul Aram Skansi, Sanja Mary Skansi, Timothy A. Slakim, Jennifer Slaughter, Kimberly Y. Smith, Danielle Smith, Erica Smith, Deborah Anne Smith, Russell Lawrence Smith, Stephen Alexander Smith, Stacey Ellen Sonenshine, Ralph Sotomayor, Cecilia Ashton Southall, Eugene P., Ill Spain, Brett Alexander Spangenberg, Laurel Jane Spears, Scott Andrew Spence, Charles Hudgins lll Spence, Kimberly Ames Spencer, E.A. Latane' Spencer, Warwick F.M. Stacey, George W., V Stacey, Sarah Stephens Stagg, Tiffany Jean Stallings, Neil Stalings, Nicole Standing, Anne-Marie Standing, Michael J. Stanton, Angela Dawn Stanton, Robert Morris Staub, Brian L. Staub, Francine Steadman, Alexander C. Steadman, Kate Montague Stecker, John F., Ill Stecker, Stefanie Lee Stein, Richard Barry Stein, Robert L. Steingold, Sam E. Stewart, Josh P. Stewart, Martha Stolle, Siobhan Marie Mr. Mrs. J.W. Dr. Mrs. J.R. Dr. Mrs. A.M. Dr. Mrs. A.M. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. C.M. Mrs. H.A. Mrs. H.A. Mrs. H.A. Mrs. H.A. Mr. Mrs. G.A. Judge Mrs. W.L. Mr. Mrs. H.L. Dr. Mrs. S.L. Dr. Mrs. S.L. Mr. Mrs. J.S. Mr. Mrs. R.E. Mrs. L.M. Hartman H.W. Sharp Mr. Mrs. P.S. Gillette Mr. Mrs. M.L. Mr. Mrs. W.R., Jr. Mr. Mrs. W.R., Jr. Mr. S.Z. Mr. S.Z. Mr. S.Z. Mrs . H.M. K, III ,-J-A. 4.,.-+ . Mr. .J.A. 3801 Stonebridge Landing,Ches.23321 Mr G M Jr .Mrs. . Mr. Mrs. G.M., Jr. Mr. Mrs. G.M., Jr. Mr. Mrs. H.A. Mr. Mrs. R.T. Mr. Mrs. R.T. LCDR Mrs. W.M., Jr. Mr. Mrs. C.M. Mr. Mrs. C.M. Mr. Mrs. J.E. Mr. Mrs. R.L., Jr. Mr. Mrs. R.L., Jr. Mr. Mrs. a. Dr. Dr. T.A. Dr. Dr. T.A. Dr. Mrs. S.E. Mrs. G.B. Mr. Mrs. D.C. Mr. Mrs. D.C. Mr. Mrs. W.R. Dr. Mrs. R.L. Dr. Mrs. R.L. Mr. Mrs. M. Dr. Mrs. D.E. Mrs. L.C. Taylor Mr. R.D. Sotomayor Dr. Mrs. E.P., Jr. Mr. Mrs. H.C. Dr. Dr. R.W. Capt. Mrs. L. Mr. Mrs. C.H., Jr. Mr. Mrs. C.H., Jr. Mr. Mrs. R.M. Mr. Mrs. R.M. Mr. Mrs. G.W., IV Mr. Mrs. G.W., lV Mr. Mrs. G.T. Dr. Mrs. W.D. Dr. Mrs. W.D. Mr. Mrs. M.J. Mr. Mrs. M.J. Mr. Mrs. B.M., Jr. Mr. Mrs. B.M., Jr. Mr. Mrs. R.L. Mr. Mrs. R.L. Mr. Mrs. D.W. Mr. Mrs. D.W. Dr. Mrs. J.F., Jr. Dr. Mrs. J.F., Jr. Mr. Mrs. Robert T. Mr. Mrs. Robert L. Mr. Mrs. M. Mr. Mrs. D.P. Thomas Judge Mrs. R.W. Mr. Mrs. E.S. 1 ,,l. 316 Ramapo Rd., VB 23462 499-2734 518 Mowbray Arch, N. 23507 625-3179 1833 Longdale Dr., N. 23518 853-5628 1833 Longdale Dr., N. 23518 853-5628 6054 River Cres., N. 23505 489-2200 313 Whitehaven Rd., VB 23451 425-5358 216 East Rd., Ports. 23707 399-4827 517 Warren Cres., N. 23507 622-8305 517 Warren Cres., N. 23507 622-8305 517 Warren Cres., N. 23507 622-8305 517 Warren Cres., N. 23507 622-8305 1320 Graydon Ave., N. 23507 622-8472 5537 Lakewood Dr., N. 23509 853-8495 6810 Pallister Rd., N. 23518 853-3446 7627 Vicksburg Ct., N. 23518 583-1652 7627 Vicksburg Ct., N. 23518 583-1652 1904 Hunters Trail, N. 23518 853-2462 1920 Hunters Trail, N. 23518 855-2488 205 Northview Dr., Chesa., 23320 482-3808 5410 Rolfe Ave., N. 23508 423-7577 1138 Hanover Ave., N. 23508 489-4437 900 Bentley Heath Common, VB 23452 486-7067 900 Bentley Heath Common, VB 23452 486-7067 6839 Gardner Dr., N. 23518 855-6183 6839 Gardner Dr., N. 23518 855-6183 6839 Gardner Dr., N. 23518 855-6183 3801 Stonebridge Landing, Ches. 23321 465-1455 465-1455 P.O. Box 653, VB 23451 422-1550 P.O. Box 653, VB 23451 422-1550 P.O. Box 653, VB 23451 422-1550 608 Bay Colony Dr., VB 23451 428-4877 2105 Windward Shore Dr., VB 23451 481-3549 2105 Windward Shore Dr., VB 23451 481-3549 504 Whitehaven Ct., Chesa. 23325 424-9505 7401 Glencove Pl., 23505 489-2493 7401 Glencove PI., 23505 489-2493 1268 Geranium Cres., VB 23456 427-5280 1013 Brandon Rd., VB 23451 425-3903 1013 Brandon Rd., VB 23451 425-3903 609 Queensgrove Cres., VB 23452 486-2621 817 Linkhorn Dr., VB 23451 422-6782 817 Linkhorn Dr., VB 23451 422-6782 1000 Leigh St., N. 23507 622-5429 1600 Great Bridge Blvd., Chesa. 23320 543-2643 104-44th St., VB 23451 428-1900 104-44th St., VB 23451 428-1900 1025 Baldwin Ave., N. 23507 622-0038 1212 Cedar Pt. Dr., VB 23451 425-0178 1212 Cedar Pt. Dr., VB 23451 425-0178 1607 Longdale Dr., N. 23518 857-6416 525 Edwin Dr., VB 23462 499-4090 1416 Trouville Ave., N. 23505 423-1670 601 Balfor Ct., VB 23464 424-9558 1100 Bay Colony Dr., VB 23451 422-6077 6085 River Cres., N 23505 489-0307 1620 Wakefield Dr., VB 23455 464-6597 1325 Buckingham Ave., N. 23508 489-4257 1325 Buckingham Ave., N. 23508 489-4257 625 Barcliff Rd., N. 23505 423-0401 625 Barcliff Rd., N. 23505 423-0401 815 Graydon Ave., N. 23507 623-7498 814 Graydon Ave., N. 23507 623-7498 4360 Shore Dr., VB 23455 464-5265 2508 Little Lake Ct., VB, 23454 481-6616 2508 Little Lake Ct., VB, 23454 481-6616 421 Goodspeed Rd., VB 23451 428-2583 421 Goodspeed Rd., VB 23451 428-2583 1109 W. Revere Pt., VB 23455 460-1164 1109 W. Revere Pt., VB 23455 460-1164 500 55th St., VB 23451 500 55th St., VB 23451 5656 Shenandoah Ave., N. 23509 5656 Shenandoah Ave., N. 23509 530 Mowbray Arch, N. 23507 623-1558 530 Mowbray Arch, N. 23507 623-1558 508 Gleneagle Dr., VB 23462 499-1349 508 Gleneagle Dr., VB 23462 499-1349 7301 Woodway Lane, N. 23505 423-3822 247 Ocean Hills Rd., VB 23451 428-2605 1030 Hanover Ave., N. 23508 489-8615 2236 Kendall St., BV 23451 481-3330 225 as-f -- - -. Stone, Walter L., Jr. Stredler, Andrew David Stredler, Jeffrey Lance Stubbs, Sylvia Maribeth Sturm, Brian Sundin, Burton Swanner, Jeffrey Todd Swanner, Karen Dawn Swift, Ethan H. Sword, Michael D. Syer, John B., Jr. Syer, Virginia M. Tanaka, Daniel Jiro Tanaka, Grace Maki Tate, Debra Gayle Taylor, Beverly B. Taylor, Perrie Jeanette Taylor, John Hume, lll Taylor, Richard C. Taylor, Steven F. Teich, Lillian Melissa Thomas, John Derek Thompson, Jack D., Jr. Tiesenga, Anne Louise Tillberg, Elizabeth J. Timms, Shannon Tinkham, Elizabeth M. Townsend, Stephanie Powers Trant, John Hill, IV Trant, Julia H. Trickler, Brian David Trickler, Stefanie Lynn Trimble, Pamela Jeanne Trinder, James C. Trinder, Kenneth Trotman, Holland L.E. True, Kristen C. Trundle, A. Robert Trundle, Audrey S. Trundle, Elizabeth P. Tsao, Susan Tucker, Karen Camille Tucker, Kelly JoAnne Tucker, Kimberly C. Tucker, James Hampton Unseth, David Vaeth, Amanda Vakos, Charles J. VanGeertruyden, Peter H.H. VanGeertruyden, Yann H.H. Van Hoose, Matthew Alan Van Way, Vonnique V. Via, Anne Van Swearingen Via, Mary Carroll Viccellio, Robert John Vincent, Jason Chandler Vomvouras, Dimitri E. Voyer, Kathryn F. Voyer, Mitchell G. Wainger, Brian Andrew Wainger, Lauren Beth Wainger, Shepherd Dean Wainwright, Robert M., Ill Wainwright, William Nash Waitzer, Scott Dean Waive, James 226 Mr. Mrs. P.J. Mullin Mrs. E.B. Mrs. E.B. Mr Mrs. E.L. Dr. Mrs. W.A. Dr. Mrs. A.C. Mr Mrs. W.J., Ill Mr Mrs. W.J., lll Mr Mrs. L.H. Il Mr Mrs. D.W., Jr. Mr1.mrs. J.B. Mr. Mrs. J.B. Dr. Mrs. Z. Dr. Mrs. z. Mr. Mrs. R.A. Mr Mrs. B.B. Mr. Mrs. B.B. Mr. Mrs. J.H., Jr. Mr. Mrs. J.H., Jr. Cdr. A.J. 8. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. A,Jr. Mr. Mrs. J.M. Cdr. J.D. 8t Mrs. Dr. Mrs. W.W. Mr. Mrs. D.E. Mr. Mrs. A.J. Mr. Mrs. J.A., Jr. Judge Mrs. R.l. Jr. Dr. Mrs. J.H. Ill Dr. Mrs. J.H. Ill Mr. Mrs. D.E. Mr. Mrs. D.E. Dr. Mrs. E.C. Nolte Mr. Mrs. J.A. Mr. Mrs. J.A. Mr. Mrs. H.H. Dr. Mrs. D.S. Mr Mrs. D.R. Mr Mrs. D.R. Mr. Mrs. D.R. Dr. Mrs. T.K. Dr. Mrs. B.J. Dr. Mrs. B.J. Dr. Mrs. B.J. Mr. Mrs. C.F. Mr. Mrs. A.D. Mrs. J.C. Mrs. M.M. Dr. Mrs. H.H. Dr. Mrs. H.H. Mr. Mrs. D.L. Dr. P.R. Sullivan Dr. J.D. Mr. Mrs. H.A. Mrs. J.. Mr. Mrs. J.O. Mr. Mrs. P.J. Mr. Mrs. G.E.W. Mr. Mrs. G.E.W. Dr. Mrs. J.M. Dr. Mrs. J.M. Dr. Mrs. J.M. Mr. Mrs. R.M. Mr. Mrs. R.M. Mr. Mrs. R.M. Mrs. H.J. 233 North Blake Rd., N. 23505 4620 McGregor Dr., VB 23462 4620McGregor Dr., VB 23462 301 Gibson Dr., Chesa. 23320 3852 Thalia Dr., VB 23452 401-49th St., VB 23451 617 Piney Pt. Rd., VB 23452 617 Piney Pt. Rd., VB 23452 1101 Bruton Ln., VB 23451 2 Lynn Dr., Ports., 23707 1019 S. Bayshore Dr., VB 23451 1019 S. Bayshore Dr., VB 23451 1010 Melvin Dr., Ports. 23701 1010 Melvin Dr., Ports. 23701 917 Hanover Dr., VB 23462 226-50th St., VB 23451 226-50th St., VB 23451 1309 Westover Ave., N. 23507 1309 Westover Ave., N. 23507 609 Worship Ct., VB 23464 9616 Wells Pkwy., N. 23503 4644 Paul Revere Rd., VB 23455 2204 Windward Shore Dr., VB 23451 375 Middle St., Ports., 23704 5700 Caddoan Rd., VB 23462 1108 Gunston Rd., VB 23451 7612 Nancy Dr., N. 23518 329 Tudor Pl., Chesa. 23325 1100 S. Bay Shore Dr., VB 23451 1100 S. Bay Shore Dr., VB 23451 1585 Wesleyan Dr., N 23502 1585 Wesleyan Dr., N 23502 1312 Mallory Ct., N. 23507 925 Bay Colony Dr., VB 23451 925 Bay Colony Dr., VB 23451 4202 Ocean Front, VB 23451 4426 Point West Dr., Ports., 23703 710-55th St., VB 23451 710-55th St., VB 23451 710-55th St., VB 23451 441 Discovery Rd., VB 23451 6321 Bucknell Cir., VB 23464 6321 Bucknell Cir., VB 23464 6321 Bucknell Cir., VB 23464 7325 Barberry Ln., N. 23505 313 Westwood Cir., VB 23454 1105 Abingdon Rd., VB 23451 177 Pinewood Rd., VB 23451 7657 Gleneagles Rd., N. 23505 7657 Gleneagles Rd., N. 23505 1117 Magnolia Ave., N. 23508 4513-C Ocean View Ave., VB 23455 1403 Armistead Bridge Rd., N. 23507 1404 N. Bay Shore Dr., VB 23451 640 Thalia Rd., VB 23452 701 Donham Ct., VB 23452 325 Overland Rd., VB 23462 1701 Bolling Ave., N. 23508 1701 Bolling Ave., N. 23508 6019 So. River Rd., N. 23505 6019 So. River Rd., N. 23505 6019 So. River Rd., N. 23505 1445 Graydon Pl., N. 23507 1445 Graydon Pl., N. 23507 6025 River Rd., N. 23505 4241 Manchester Rd., Ports., 23703 423-3027 497-6554 497-6554 547-41 41 340-3024 428-1 044 463-2405 463-2405 425-01 94 399-541 5 428-5458 428-5458 488-9044 488-9044 467-9526 428-6651 428-6651 623-71 52 623-71 52 490-0066 583-0232 464-61 69 481-01 1 6 393-9453 499-6008 428-7703 583-0354 420-2798 428-7503 428-7503 461 -1 952 461-1 952 622-0076 425-5586 425-5586 425-1 822 483-2277 428-0402 422-5941 422-5941 425-51 37 424-1 539 424-1 539 424-1 539 423-2542 486-2403 428-3343 428-821 2 489-9549 489-9549 423-2468 464-2859 623-3927 428-51 34 486-0837 490-1 01 4 423-5068 423-5068 489-1 451 489-1 451 489-1 451 622-4843 622-4843 489-3559 484-2051 Walburgh, Christopher E. Walker, Wallace Wallace Wallace George J., Jr. , Dorothy Patricia , Katherine Peyton , Paul Bridgeman Wallach, Jennifer Warburton, Thomas R., lV Warburton, Tiffany Michele Wardrup, Suzannah C. Ware, David B. Ware, G. Dudley, Jr. Watson, Ruth Wingate Watson, Stockton Tyler Webb, Bradley Jason Webb, Daniel Webster, Barbita DeJoi Webster, Sterling F. Weinstein, Weinstein, Weisberg, Weisberg, Weisberg, Weisberg, Weisberg, Lee Thomas Sandra Lynn Adam Nathan Anna Michele Joshua Laskin Joanna Susan Lisa Weisberg, Steven Gary Weiss, Marc Adam Wells, Carrington Pace Wells, James M., lV Werbel, Evan J. Wheary, John Curtis Wheeler, Dana Pendleton Whitaker, Ann Elizabeth White, Aaron L. White, Tara Danielle White, William Heath Whitlow, M.V., Jr. Whittemore, Walt Wilcox, Kimberly Anne Wilds, Preston Lea, Jr. Wilkins, Meredith Blair Wilkinson, Christopher M. Wilks, David Barney Wilks, Reiss Frederick Willard, Wendi L. Williamson, Brant Hastings Williamson, Sterling Craig Willis, Angileena Evette Willis, Jeff Robertson Willis, Martha Blair Wilson, Dawn Marie Wilson, Leigh Ann Wilson, Robert M. Winn, Caroline B. Winn, Elizabeth B. Wood, James Webster Woodard, Michael B. Woodward, Denton D., Jr. Woodward, Donna D. Dr. Mrs. C.E. Mr. Mrs. G.J., Sr. Dr. Mrs. K.K., Jr. Mrs. R.C. r. Mrs. R.A. Mr. Mrs. A.J. Mr. Mrs. T.R. Mr. Mrs. T.R. Capt. Mrs. L.C. Mr. Mrs. G.D. Mr. Mrs. G.D. Mr. Mrs. R. Mr. Mrs. R. Dr. Mrs. W.A. Mr. Mrs. R.W. Mr. Mrs. J.L. Mr. S.F. Dr. Mrs. J.H. Dr. Mrs. J.H. Mr. Mrs. M.S. Mr. Mrs. M.S. Mr. Mrs. M.S. Mr. Mrs. H. Dr. Mrs. E.J. Mr. Mrs. H. Dr. Mrs. N.P. Mr. Mrs. J.M., III Mr. Mrs. J.M., Ill Cdr. Mrs. S.G. Mr. Mrs. W.A., Ill Capt. Mrs. E.S., ll Mr. Mrs. A.M., Jr. Mr. Mrs. A.C. Mr. Mrs. A.C. Mr. Mrs. W.E. Mr. Mrs. M.V. Mr. Mrs. C.V. Dr. Mrs. C.W., Jr. Dr. Dr. P.L. Mr. Mrs. W.J. Mr. Mrs. C.L., Jr. Mr. Mrs. J.F. Mr. Mrs. J.F. Mr. Mrs. R.H. Dr. Mrs. S.R. Dr. Mrs. S.R. Mr. Mrs. A. Mr. Mrs. B.J., Jr. Mr. Mrs. B.J., Jr. Dr. Mrs. R.M. Dr. Mrs. R.M. Dr. Mrs. R.M. Mr. Mrs. B.C. Mr. Mrs. B.C. 5874 Clearsprings Rd., VB 23462 8243 Baywood Dr., N 23518 1309 North Bay Shore Dr., VB 23451 200-76th St., VB 23451 1817 Greenhill Rd., VB 23454 7704 Bergen St., N. 23518 4801 Colonial Ave., N. 23508 4801 Colonial Ave., N. 23508 1313 Alanton Dr., VB 23454 7457 St. Francis Ln., N 23505 7457 St. Francis Ln., N 23505 1101 Gunston Rd., VB 23451 1101 Gunston Rd., VB 23451 3820 Little Neck Point, VB 23452 2505 Longdale Ct., Chesa. 23325 544 Providence Rd., Chesa. 23325 2416 Whaler Ct., VB 23451 6800 Fordwick Dr., N 23518 6800 Fordwick Dr., N 23518 1825 Cotton Farm 1825 Cotton Farm 1825 Cotton Farm Ln., Suffolk, 23432 1 Ln., Suffolk, 23432 1- Ln., Suffolk, 23432 1- 1016 Caton Dr., VB 23454 1501 Bolling Ave., N 23508 6036 Newport Cres., N 23505 4509 Gleneagle Dr., VB 23462 1211 Langley Rd., N 23507 1211 Langley Rd., N 23507 430 Hariton Ct., N. 23505 1318 Brunswick Ave., N. 23508 1248 N. Bay Shore Dr., VB 23451 1122 Crystal Lake Dr., VB 23451 2421 Lloyd Dr., Chesa., 23325 2421 Lloyd Dr., Chesa., 23325 4096 Windson Gate Pl., VB 23452 113 Park Rd., Ports., 23707 7415 Parkdale Dr., N. 23505 820 Sheraton Dr., VB 23452 1305 Windsor Point Rd., N. 23509 1500 Cloncurry Rd., N. 23505 1510 Runny mede Rd., N. 23505 7366 Chevy Cir., N. 23505 7366 Chevy Cir., N. 23505 4530 Ocean View Ave., VB 23455 3101 Riveredge Dr., Ports., 23703 3101 Riveredge Dr., Ports., 23703 209 Fillmore PI., Chesa. 23325 5403 Studeley Ave., N. 23508 5403 Studeley Ave., N. 23508 1273 Hedben Cove, VB 23452 1273 Hedben Cove, NB 23452 1273 Hedben Cove, VB 23452 1326 Cloncurry Rd 1326 Cloncurry Rd ., N. 23505 N. 23505 Mr Mr Dr. Dr. Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs. G.C J.P. D.D. D.D. Jr. 2267901 si., VB 2:51151 zocrv-un sr., ve 23451 349 Mill Stone Rd., Box 1187, Chesa. 349 Mill Stone Rd., Box 1187, Chesa. 23320 23320 Wright, Wright, Richard Corbitt Virginia Land Wroton, John C. Wu, Tony Shin-Tung Yates, Macon Yee, Richard K. Young, David Bruce, Jr. Young, James D. Zahn, R ichard W., Jr. Zahn, Steven Roy Zedd, Barton Matthew Zedd, G Zedler ordon Zimmer, A. Matthew Zimmer, Bretta Marie Zoby, David Christopher Zoby, Paul Anthony Mrs. L.L. Mr. Mrs. W.K. Mr. J.C. Mrs. M.J. Clinton DR. Mrs. S-C Mr. Mrs. S.T. Mr. Mrs. S.Y. Dr. Mrs. D.B. Dr. Mrs. D.B. Mr. Mrs. R.W. Mr. Mrs. R.W. Mr. R.B. Mr. R.B. Mr. Mrs. R.J. Dr. Mrs. A.J. Dr. Mrs. A.J. Mr. Mrs. L.T., Jr. Mr. Mrs. L.T., Jr. 309-49th St., VB 23451 1701 Cloncurry Rd., N. 23505 1215 Cloncurry Rd. N, 23505 2860 Greenview Rd., Chesa. 23321 5177 Shell Fld., BV 23455 128 Pinewood Rd., VB 23451 4000 Arrowhead Pt. Ct., VB 23455 4000 Arrowhead Pt. Ct., VB 23455 2033 Sunset Pt., VB 23454 2033 Sunset Pt., VB 23454 6819 Gardner Dr., Norfolk 23518 7819 Gardner Dr., Norfolk 23518 3620 Seabreeze Point Tr., VB 23452 1205 Witchduck Bay Ct., VB 23455 1205 Witchduck Bay Ct., VB 23455 521 Centerville Tpk. S., Chesa. 23320 521 Centerville Tpk. S., Chesa. 23320 587-9315 428-6394 428-6105 481-2495 583-9387 627-2726 627-2726 481-0095 423-4400 423-4400 428-4450 428-4450 340-2194 420-4289 424-2449 481-7795 857-0486 857-0486 -255-4969 255-4969 255-4969 481-3219 423-1067 489-4004 499-3291 625-61 12 625-61 12 440-0234 423-2820 428-3667 422-9333 424-3488 424-3488 486-7183 397-4381 587-2513 340-1612 855-2813 423-0871 423-1455 489-2670 489-2670 464-5400 484-7151 484-7151 424-5827 423-4752 423-4752 340-6552 340-6552 340-6552 423-6853 423-6853 425-3029 428-3937 482-1792 482-1792 428-7495 489-2122 423-0934 483-2465 460-4979 428-5995 464-4694 464-4694 481-4668 481-4668 853-4460 853-4460 463-3945 460-1534 460-1534 482-1572 482-1572 227 CLASSIFIEDS A No experience needed. Excellent opportunityto improve math skills by counting type. Positions available immediately. Flexible hours. Call Mrs. Hume for an interview. Sponsor for the Class of '83. Hard work, long hours, no fringe benefits except the satisfaction of seeing Prom dreams come true. See Mrs. Hume or Mr. Hudgins for more details. PROPOSALS Notice to the Class of 1982: Sealed bids in duplicate for the general renovation of the Senior Room, located in the back hallway of the Tunstall Building at Norfolk Academy, will be received in the office of the class sponsor until 2 P.M. on Tuesday, June 8. 228 Spring Sports Pictures. lf found contact Warwick Spencer. If unable to reach him, find Anne Diamonstein. Reward offered fthe gratitude of the yearbook staffl. Mrs. Hume's sanity. Lost in the vicinity of Room 514 sometime' during the first week of March. If found, please return immediately as she needs it back. Four ninth grade girls in the Tunstall Building. Last seen wearing cheerleading uniforms in the vicinity of the Junior boys' lockers. If found, please return them to their own building. Y NEED TO BUY A complete set of senior textbooks. Please contact Lawren Herring. A sign that will indicate to female students the difference between "girls" and "women." Such sign to be placed on bathroom door next to the Coke room. Contact Mrs. Rhodes for further information. SPECIAL NOTE The Apathy Club will no longer be a functioning organization due to a lack of interest on the part of the members. Y PERSONALS To Mrs. Hume, Thanks for your guidance and encouragement that have helped make this yearbook such a success. We could never have done it without you. With love, Jodi,' Lance, and Susan To Jodi, We leave you our gratitude for being such a responsible and supportive editor, as well as an appreciation for the long hours you put into creating such a great yearbook. Love, Susan and Lance ' To Lance and Susan, Thanks for being my right and left hands during the past eight months. Without your generous help, lwould have never been able to survive. Love, Jodi , Y ,L - 112121 N23 Elfrmw The Horizons staff wishes to thank the following advertisers for their support. Aamco Transmissions lpage 2673 Aberdeen Barn lpage 2373 Adams, McCabe, and Lester lpage 2633 Addington-Beamon Lumber Co. lpage 2343 AIN Plastics of Virginia lpage 2413 Air-A-Plane Corporation ipage 2593 Albergotti and Company lpage 2703 Alexander Beegle lpage 2603 Anders Williams and Company lpage 2583 Athletic Attic lpage 2413 Atlantic Permanent lpage 2383 B.F. Salamonsky Jewelers ipage 2403 Bayville Farms ipage 2433 Beecroft and Bull lpage 2363 Bel-Air Coiffures lpage 2583 Birtcherd Dairy lpage 2673 Black Angus Restaurant lpage 2773 E.A. Brumsey and Sons lpage 2453 Cassada Car Storage and Service ipage 2633 Century Concrete Services lpage 2453 Chuck Norris Karate Studios ipage 2813 Clark-Whitehill Company lpage 2713 Colley Marine Supply lpage 2493 Cost Plus Furniture lpage 2763 Dixie Manufacturing Company ipage 2533 Door Engineering Corporation lpage 2453 Doumar's Cones 81 Barbecue lpage 2683 The Dragas Company lpage 2513 E. Ray Howell lpage 2573 Empire Machinery And Supply Corp. ipage 2783 Evans and Company lpage 2323 Finch Massenburg Carpet and Draperies lpage 2643 Flowers by King lpage 2533 Frank Thomas Company lpage 2603 G 8. W Brockerage Company lpage 2643 Galanides Inc. ipage 2653 The Ghent Needleworks lpage 2353 Gills lpage 2833 The Golden Dragon lpage 2723 Goodman Segar Hogan lpage 2823 A.P. Grice and Sons Real Estate lpage 2473 Hair Identity lpage 2843 Hamilton Insurance Co. lpage 2683 H.D. Oliver Funeral Apartments, Inc. lpage 2433 High's Ice Cream ipage 2393 Hofheimer's Shoes lpage 2503 Hollomon Brown Funeral Home lpage 2523 Hour Glass Exercise Studio lpage 2373 Hudgins Real Estate CO. lpage 2403 Ingram Pharmacy lpage 2743 Investment Corporation of Virginia lpage 2693 IPC ipage 2423 John Yancey Hotels ipage 2573 Kempsville Pharmacy lpage 2353 Keyettes lpage 2413 King Koil ipage 2323 Kitchen Towne ipage 2743 Les Bristow's Car Parts ipages 2743 Mary Jane Bakery lpage 2483 Master Auto Service Corp. lpage 2403 Morgan Taylor Classics ipage 2723 Mutual Savings and Loan lpage 2333 C.A. Nash and Son lpage 2643 Nancy Chandler Associates lpage 2583 Newton Florist lpage 2813 New Wave Riding Vehicles lpage 2433 Norfolk Coca-Cola Bottling Works lpage 2603 Norfolk Warehouse lpage 2763 Old Dominion Paper Company lpage 2353 Orthopedic Surgeons, L.T.D. lpage 2523 Pace Construction lpage 2703 Par Three Ski Shop lpage 2583 Pete Pahno ipage 2613 The Raven lpage 2573 Royal Crown Bottlers of Virginia lpage 2793 S 8. C Corporation lpage 2663 Sarah Cohen Inc. lpage 2383 Seaside Market lpage 2503 Security Insurance Agency, Inc. lpage 2533 The Shop for Pappagallo lpage 2413 Smith and Welton lpage 2363 Sports 8 Shorts lpage 2373 Stewart Sandwiches ipage 2353 17th Street Surf Shop lpage 2533 The Street Walker ipage 2433 Thicle Electronic Cash Registers 81 Calculators lpage 2603 The Three Gulls lpage 2643 Tidewater Tutoring Service lpage 2433 Todd Electric Company lpage 2363 Turner's Express lpage 2793 Twin City lpage 2813 Unijax lpage 2773 Universal Dance Studios lpage 2443 Virginia Chemicals Inc. lpage 2493 The Virginian Pilot and Ledger Star lpage 2813 Webster's ipage 2403 Wescott Co. ipage 2503 Wilkins-Katsias lpage 2313 Willis Wayside lpage 2473 Winn Nursery lpage 2633 PATRDNS Mr. Bill Anderson Anonymous Mr. 81 Mrs. Hugh T. Ball Mr. Paul Boynton Brinkley Engineering, P.C. Constance Anne Cabell Dr. and Mrs. W.S. Cabell Capital Concrete Cavalier Garage Mr. Phillip G. Denman Dr. Edwin Ehrenworth Mr. David B. Finestone Mr. W.M. Jenkins, Jr. Mr. Michael Katsias Mr. and Mrs. Barry Kesser Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kesser Mr. and Mrs. D.J. Klavans Mr. and Mrs. S.E. Liles Dr. and Mrs. Sidney S. Loxley Dr. Marvin Nissenson, D.D.S. Dr. and Mrs. W.H. Flomm Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Scheckner Mr. Hicks A. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Joel Shapiro Mr. C.H. Shellings Mr. G.M. Shoemaker, Jr. Dr. Mike Starling Mr. Jim Wilmouth Mr. Guilford Ware A Friend A Friend of the Class of '81 A Friend of the Class of '85 Compliments of a Friend Y f- N When successful people unite the look for more successful people Meet Austin Wilkins and Mike Katsias, successful real estate executives, building a dynamic, new real estate firm, specializing in residential and commercial and leasing. But meet them soon if you're a licensed agent looking for a better financial future. Inquiries will beheld in confidence. 1MbCillfi'924'iHfSie?,4:E22QClQEeS K J f -I ---1- -' -X Quin 0'Drwam5' M KIDQ Good Luck N.A. K EVANS AND CO. 'N Y for boys and men x, X X ' CI th g fo ' boys 8th -' e ss es ' 97oLsk Rod V g a Be ch V g a23451 l i 1 Op :Mo F 10-8 Sat 106 422 9292 K.---. f N Compliments of MUTUAL SAVINGS AND LCAN CO. INC. rk Street No K J f N g1ZOI'l sg 0 Sl' C0-1 L .J 1 Cl' .LW Q' Compliments of Old Dominion Paper Company J --V N,--v, ,vu , V ii stuck on a chemistry problem, and youre hungry. Take a break with a Stewart Sandwich. Well make your work a little more appetizing! Now, isnt that food for thought? S' Stewart Sandwiches N KEMPSVILLE PHARMACY Phone 497-3516 329 Kempsville Plaza Shopping Center Virginia Beach, Va. 23462 K 1705 PHONE COLLEY AVE. R g-W5 627-6177 NORFOLK i f VIRGINIA XHELLA S 23517 'nw ohm y , Needle Works xx' ff-ffaiifi'-1 F711 Yew? S IPKITVP N NEEDLEWORK, SUPPLIES 81 CLASSES 235 A Y, gwx.. K . Todd Electric Co. M d I d T IC f I M I S d S I 2311 I QI d Rd N rf Ik V Q 23513 RJ J I K ' "' I ' " ' ' i I W I ggi? fxfij CLOTHING E HABEROASHERY FOR GENTLENKN CIC 3X5 Qt Pacific Place - Virginia Bcacrij 236 II, ABERDEEN BARNS Virginia's Finest Steak Houses! Dine in rustic leisure and candlelight atmosphere that will put you in just the right mood for a great evening. STEAKS 0 PRIME RIBS 0 SEAFOOD - , 4 Dining Rooms 81 Cocktail Lounge A',, -S Entertainment 81 Superb Service Special Menu for Junior Guests 4:00 P.M. to 12:00 A.M. DAILY I I Noon to 12:00 A.M. SUNDAY AB E N SERVING ALL TIDEWATER American Express and major credit cards honored l 1 5805 Northampton Blvd. lBetween Lake Wright and Holiday lnnl 464-1580 Only a step away from our school J f N COMPLIMENTS OF C.S. HINES, Inc. 3649 Bonney Road VA. Beach, Va. 23452 340-5774 N PHONE 625-2587 THE Houa ei.Ass Exercise Studio fi . Q, 'R fi: 717 West 21st Street ' E Norfolk, Wrginia 23517 3 'E Debie Sakis W Jack White E SPO RTS-N-SHO RTS 4408 Colley Ave. 945 Providence Sq. Norfolk, Va. Va. Beach, Va. 23508 23464 423-0237 495-0962 , 237 N N f so Phone 425-6302 Sarah Cohen Hilltop i FOR THE LOOK OF FASHION 1616 Hilltop West Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 J N Best Wishes from The Class of 1983 J ' J We Wa nt to Make You a Star. Star Checking. Paying now at Atlantic Permanent. IZIIIUC rmanent ' and LoanAssociation Savmgs Serving Tidewater since 1894, with branches in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News, and Williamsburg. Member FSLIC. Accounts Insured to S100,000 X J I1 l ff if ,f Exotics . . . Exclusive ice cream cone flavors in take-me-home half gallons. Banana Split, Butter Pecan, Black Walnut, Praline Pecan, Brownie Nut Fudge, Swiss Chocolate Almond, Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Pecan Divinity, Strawberry Cheesecake, Bordeaux Cherry, Cherry Blossom Cherry Vanilla, French Vanilla . . . and nobody has them, but High's. Nobody. naturally ' Ice C'rean1 Stores f Eu' rt eso Estate vw People 3701 Pacific Ave., Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 428-0046 0 Real K . .J V Compliments of N K B.F. Salomonsky Jewelers 300 Boush St. Norfolk, Virginia 622-1400 3198 Pacific Ave. Virginia Beach, Virginia I Q x J Phaivr 5 MASTER AUTO SERVICE Virginia Beach, virginia CORP. Featuring traditional Uniroyal Tires clothes for men and women Norfolk, Portsmouth, Va. Beach Chesapeake 24 'N l l l l i l J 41 Congratulation Class of '81 SHOES You've made it! CLOTHES And a special congratulations to ACCESSORIES Allibop, Das, Richie, and Lawren. Love You'll, the shop for LS- '80 Pappagaho Do You Use, 34 4216 virginia Beach Blvd. CE, Virginia Beach, Va. 23452 ,Teflon, 5 ' Tygon, OI' Ofhef l CE, 721 Industrial Plastics? lv Q ', t 1 4 If wi? ga' 1321 Pacific Ave. -- i f L Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 422-4588 We'd Like To Be Your Plastics Supplier... Try Us AIN Plastics Of Virginia, Inc. 8459 Chesapeake Blvd. Norfolk, Virginia 23518 480-2600 lor Peninsula 380-16993 Distributors of Plastic Sheet, Rocl And Tubing A L x X6 3 IF YOU KNOW SPORTS PEMBROKE MALL YOU'LL Kmovv us. Main Enuance THE FINEST ,N PACIFIC PLACE and Pacific i FOOTWEAR 6 APPAREL Phone 4284820 1 v athletic LYNNHAVEN MALL , 463-2060 3ttIC CONGRATULATIONS . .. THE KEYETTES A fGood 18 Eine information Processln KS d Office Park 1 804 499-9893 N l oASys OFFICE AUTOMATICN Fon BUSINESSES THAT WON'T SToP GROWING. 242 QI 91 261-3332 428-1 By K f NF -N MENMV5 W 0 If Compliments of Bayville Farms ADVANCED AND CLOTHING TOO. Kitty Hawk, N.C. 614 Norfolk Ave. 158 By Pass Va. Beach, Va. J N H. D. Dhver FUNERAL APARTMENTS, INC. 50 O ONIAL AVENUE ZOO2 LASKIN O NORFOLK VIRGINIA 23517 VIRGINIA BEACH. VIRGINIA 2345I N Ghe . LADIES' FINE SHOIQ o SCARFS, JEWELRY . oHATsaHosE ComplIments of . ACCESSORIES TIDEWATER TUTOIIIING SERVICE WALKE R ' BELTS' BAGS 497-4309 I I 18041 460-1606 1045 Independence Blvd. J varginia Beach, va. 23455 2 4 1, , 5116 VIRGINIA BEACH BLVD. . VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA 23462 GFIMACE Lessons in Social Dancing owned for 10 years by the Vincent Family - . -1. f N N Door Engineering Corp. "Openings Closed" Doors - Hardware - Partitions K J The Best of Luck N to Allison, Jodi, Larry, and the class of '81 - a friend E.A. Brumsey 81 Sons, Inc. Buyer of Standing Timber Firewood Sales 919-232-2324 Currituck, N.C. N Compliments of: J.A. Hagan, Jr. 8t Co. 1+ f N Compliments of CENTURY CONCRETE SERVICES, INC. James P. Woodard Preston M. White 245 .,-:.4' gains. 11:1 l Almost everyone in the Middle School is in this puzzle. See if you can find their last names from the given clues! DOWN 2. the blonde "ladies' man" of Form lll. 7. where alcoholic beverages are sold. 8. a strip or ridge of rocks: a shoal. 10. she likes barbecue with her ice cream. 12. she never tempts fate by making you wait. 14. the middle of the day at 12 o'clock. 16. you'd like to nuzzle with Nuzzy. 19. the verb that means to impose a tax. 20. although he sounds like a dolphin, he's no fish. 21. she goes with the new gym. 22. our ex-President Jimmy has something in common with him. 24. even though his name sounds like it, he never tries to postpone or delay things. 26. if you can't type well, you hunt and... . 28. Andy Pandy. 30. the cost of an item. 32. a sudden or forcible invasion plus the opposite of out. 34. a narrow strip of metal or wood fas in Venetian blindsl plus what you call your relatives. 36. Metro-Goldwyn-......,. 38. ex-football coach famous for his temper. 40. he's short on stature but long on wit and charm. 42. a sum of money imposed as a penalty. 44. Don't it make yourieyes blue - country song lyric. 46. 48. 50. 52. 54. 56. 58. 60, 62. 64. 66. 68. 70. 71. 72. 74. 77. 79. 80. 81. 62. 66. BB. 90. 92. 97. 100. 102. his name is very French and aristocratic. how you describe bread that has yeast in it. prefix meaning not plus the Hebrew word for appointed. he's not ferocious as Eric the Fled was. an Upper School English teacher. she's the coach's favorite kid. the Shah plus "to look intently" plus the 15th letter of the alphabet. not younger but a form of older. think of last year's All American lacrosse goalie. the opposite of old. Jack 'n' Jill went up the hill. TV character who is the governor's valet plus a word that rhymes with waver. he's a crafty fellow found in Aesop's fables. a southern state will claim this greek miss. we travel on highways. paths, interstates andi. another word for challenge. the corridor in a building. the opposite of day. a German mug plus a precious metal. In mystery novels he's always the one who commits the crime. she lives in the Alps with her grandfather. she's a friendly ghost. there's decline, incline, and just plainii. the male child of the formalized version of Billy. she never dodges the limelight. it's only natural that her house is beautifully furnished. it's hard to tell who is who. the Roman word for road. 104. he can always get a handle on the situation. 106. he has a knack for always being out of pocket. 108. a brother and sister act. 110. those brothers are double A's. 112. 114. he spells his first name as Chaucer did. Fioyster version of the tall Kareem Abdul Jabar. 116. one who makes the things you wear on your feet. 118. long, skinny, orange vegetables plus what you call your relatives. ACROSS 1. what the male child of the man who owns Wilkins Chevrolet would be called. 3. not less but., 5. one of the four seasons. 7. she shops at Par Ill. 9. he's in the lumber business. 11. 13. 15. 17. 19. 21. 23. 25. 27. 29. 31. 33. 35. 37. 39. 41. 43. 45. 47. 49. 51. the opposite of sitting. F.D.R.'s wife. what animals have to keep them warm. the miniature but fiesty grappler. what barristers practice plus a male child. MC of American Bandstand. the first man plus a male child. Sanka, Gypsy 8- Stacy all love him. the spiders weave.T.. the nickname given to someone named Russell. he runs willy-nilly because Billy's so silly. Americas 2nd President. 6:00 AM is the crack ofi. famous medical center and clinic in Minn. popular soap opera,...iHope. he feels hair is a "drag" so he shaves it off. Spic 'n'..1.1plus -en plus the last part of an iceberg. sounds like the word for a dull edge or a to-the-point comment. opposite of yes plus the first part of the electrical instrument that sucks up dirt. think of a small, freshwater stream. the red flower you send on birthdays plus what flowers do in the spring. 246 she likes to scare you. he's so fast that he's a whiz at soccer and track. what you are when you are indebted to someone. when Mr. Dike calls this name, 3 people look up. he'll be the next Arnold Palmer. she keeps the boys on the track team straight. sound like the lobby of a public building or the entrance hall of a house. the Boy Scouts are proud of him. it goes "moo" plus a part of speech known as an article. the short version of 114 down. what you exercise when you deliberately choose something plus a Va. Beach public high school. she feels a special closeness to a hannonica. this poor kid never gets away from her mom, not even at school. it's a good thing she likes ice cream. the outer covering of a tree plus one of the vowels. the dry outer covering of a fruit or seed -- a husk. don't call her Alycia by mistake. l'm just wild about Harry. Royster's blonde surfer boy. the Mason - ,Iine divides North from South. she'll tap dance her way into your heart. opposite of black. begin with Va-Va-Va-Voom and think Greek. she and Audrey Hepburn have something in common. she feels a special closeness to the Old Dominion. Sneaky Fitch. a room has 4 of them plus the highest card inthe deck. flick your bic and add it to a make of car. close-fitting coverings for the head. his last name is related to Tom, a boy's first name. ' ' a feline arilus the Spanish word for yes plus a 3rd person plural, objective case, person pronoun. is ne meddler nor is he a peddler. Mary had alittle lamb plus Ernie the Muppet's friend. substitute an "S" for the "T" in 91 and add a 100 pounds. our English friend. what furniture is made of plus Montgomery1T.. . not a thimble but it sound like it. her basketball prowess is commendable. past tense of "to run" plus a musical instrument you blow into. A.P. GRICE 8a SUN Real Estate Appraisers f Consultants O neurons e, Commercial and Industrial C Sales and Leases fr ESM' 622-7054 740 Duke Street Norfolk, Va. F5800 8. fit 2 2' ' - 2 2 3 loans 5 Alexander P. Grice III, lVI.A.I Thomas P. Claud, A.S.A. Alexander P. Grice IV N f W AWWA Virginia Beach Boulevard At Thalia Located on the Grounds of Wayside Village 340-2112 Fine Furniture Carpet Draperies Accessories Silver China Genuine Oriental Rugs Crystal Authorized Karastan Dealer K J In ,fr I K- ali! BREAD a 6158 Famous Family of Bread and Rolls a l r'v' - , ,,A 3- 3. .- ,-.- .-- --' ew.'see-1f,,-.,.Q - W - - 'P' I. fi- +4--1' -. 0 ' ,vs - ,-.,---1 .Q-l'4i'v" -rl.. .D . V 1 i 1 MQ' YL:-r Xlf gs-.If E Johnson Outboards - Boston Whaler Starcraft- Grumman - Fisher and Avon Boats - Marine Hardware Paints - Boat Trailers Sales - Service - Parts offering quality products and service l since 1936 -TB J Compliments of . . . VIRGINIA CHEMICALS INC. PO RTSMOUTH, VA. N J 24 f Wescott Co. N A AX For Business Systems - Flepairs Sales - Rentals - Supplies Bill Wescott Phone 622-5327 21st and Monticello Norfolk, Virginia 23517 SEASIDE MARKET 23rd and Pacific Ave. Virginia Beach, Virginia Phone: 428-9313 Prime Beef Fine Foods A Complete Food Store K J F Hofheimer's When You Think of Shoes . . . Think of Famous Brands for all Occasions Cavaliers Pappagallo Dexter Bass Weejuns Eitenne Aigner Grungies 15 Tidewater Locations to Serve You R F N r i I L l K J f Best Wishes To K The Class Of '81 Orthopedic Surgeons, Ltd Sidney S. Loxley, M.D. Colin W. Hamilton, M.D. Lawrence D. Bourgard, M.D. Edward D. Habeeb, M.d. f HOLLOIVICN-BROWN FUNERAL HOMES Tidewater Drive Chapel 8464 Tidewater Drive Norfolk, Virginia Indian River Chapel 6568 Indian River Road Virginia Beach, Virginia Bayside Chapel 1457 Independence Blvd. Virginia Beach, Virginia Lynnhaven Chapel 3600 Virginia Beach Blvd. Virginia Beach, Virginia Compliments of: N Dixie Manufacturing Company 110 Colley Ave. Norfolk, Virginia K J tl 804-425-9707 422-2441 Not Just A Summer Store Ski Wear - Rentals 17th Street Surf Shop 307 Virginia Beach Blvd. Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 Surf Report - 425-5625 J N FLOWERS BY KINGS 4448 Va. Beach Blvd. Virginia Beach, Va. Phone 497-3247 N SECURITY INSURANCE AGENCY INC. Fire - Auto - Homeowners - Bonds TELEPHONE 627-0253 John M. Berkley 333 W. Freemason St. President Suite 100 P.O. Box 146 Norfolk, Virginia 23501 K J Intelligence and Charm is the nothing new to the wonderful class of '82 K Compliments of Tom A. Skansi, M.D JUNIORS Across Dow,-, 3 2 . See 11 down. 5. Not royalty but his name is a kingly address. 7. Super duperl, 9. A famous sandwich com an . A single loop or spiral. 3. They come in a matched set. 4. Don't scoff at i... 5. What you put horses in with an e added on. P Y- 11. Add the Yiddish word for synagogue to the big, bad,1. 13. Mary had a little lamb. 15. Ninth president of the United States. 17. Lives in soil, drinks water, and is green. 19. Slang for an Oriental living in Tokyo. 21. German word for tooth. 23. Add-ert to 4913. 25. A flambo ant strutter is our brother Y --1? 27. Mix black and white and you get . 29. This scorching won't hurt you. 31. Not blue. not green, butl. 33. He's in the money. 35. He made up a law to explain how everything goes wrong. 37. Price plus 10 plus the German word for bather. 39. Sounds like he rose from the dead. 41. A bushel and a..i, 43. Feline plus ocean plus us. 45. He peers out over the ocean. 47. A girl of few wiles, she has many trials, As she walks 100 miles, to get to her files. 49. The opposite of subtracting-ton. 51. This catsup never runs. 53. Italian dialectical version of "I like that." 6. A highly seasoned lass. 9. Not a nose dive but a dive. 10. His easy manner is likely to save,.T.and tear. 11, A common name for an uncommon person. 12. ,Tthe friendly ghost. 14. Not related to Dan Rather but it sounds similar. 16. A blemish. 20. Famous nightspot at the Beach. 21. Last in the alphabet but certainly not least. 22. Not related to Byron. 24. Part of the team that sells classic clothes. 26. One who hangs curtains. 28. Maker of milk of magnesia. 35. The irish form for 828. 36. Coffee, tea, or a flick of the1. 38. Biblical form of you. 40. His red hair is no indication of his temper. 42. Flandall's handle. 44. What something is when it is totally completed. 46. lwayside. 48. A person who summons or calls forth others. . Not related to Roger Staubach but close. 55. A variant spelling of the word meaning "a secret conspiracy." 57. A male who lives in a lair. 59. The frame or body of a ship. 61. What Bat and Mac like to do best. 63. She shall inherit the earth. 65. Ship in Spanish. 67. He's an attorney's boy. 69. Former governor of Alabama. 71. lt rows on the north side of trees g . 73. Male child of the author of Great Expectations. 75. Our German compadre. 77, He loves being a junior - twice. 79. He's not stingy or selfish - he's alwaysl, 81. My.....,lies over the ocean. 83. 887 with an e. 85. The value in air, but reversed in order. 87. The candy bar with the red wrapper. 89. Greek things are his speciality. 91. He's always with a camera. 93. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck? 95. A quiet boy. he doesn't make much1,. 97. ln spite of his name, he is not transparent. 100. French word meaning "The Tower of No Wate f. 50 52. City in Tennessee,-Tville. 54. His height makes him the Dean of all juniors. 56. Two of the same name though not related. 58. French for the count. 59. Don't mess withl, 60. Well-known soup company. 62. Walter's head and heart are not made of.-1... 64. Take out the Z in Mazola and add a T. 66. Same first name as the person in 861. 88. 3rd person sing. of "to delay or pause" plus a feminine pronoun 69. Wine plus mug in German. 70. The Bull. 72. Soot person. 74. "And then along camel." 76. Don't be a messer withl. 77. Known variously as "Beanie" "Mean Jean" and t'Peanie." 78. lf you put your ear up to one, you can hear the ocean. 82. Add a Y to the back part of your foot. 84. riding vehicles. 86. Part of Routh 'n' Ready. 88. The other part of the team in 624. 90. One who slices a turkey. jifmwfvlmifiii 1 Classics Classics are back are back in the spotlight . in the spotlight... and we've got seven stores filled with real clothes . . . beautiful, really truly clothes that flatter, that are classic . . .they became classic because they looked so good, and made you look so wonderful. Clothes for sports, beloved jeans, Oxford cloth shirts, lzod classics, crew sweaters and comfortable cotton, back again . . .and dress up clothes with classic tailoring. Come let us show them to you! Dow ntown - Norfolk, Hilltop North, Wards Corner, Military Circle, Portsmouth, Great Bridge and Coliseum Mall - Hampton N Contact Lenses - Sunglasses E. RAY HOWELL OPTICIAN Wards Corner Office 137 W. Little Creek Road Norfolk, Va. Phone 489-2341 Cecil V. Stephens .ix f f'-'-""QI-""-'N W' "C' M" M' ' ' E V A VLH RESTAURANT AND BAR 1100 Hnwrfc Mu! vfufun seam wuwm .um Experience Nags Head I We can spot the tourists every time. They're the ones wearing shoes. So kick 'em off on our doorstep and forget 'em..,along with your wor- ries! Then wiggle your toes in 110 miles of sand and surf. . .guaranteed to work Nags Head magic on your family. 'Fully equipped efficiencies 'Color Television 'Room refrigerators 'Air conditioning 'Large double rooms 'Family Pancake Shoppe ANCEY Nags Head, North Carolina For tree color brochure and rate card write to: John Yancey Motor Hotels!Dept SC, P.0. Box 1487 Newport News, Virginia 23601 Name Address City State Zip 25 7 7, 1 Cmghr Assoeigtes 1030 W 24TH STREET NORFOLK, VIRGINIA 23517 48041623-2382 913 FIRST COLONIAL ROAD, VIRGINIA BEACH. VIRGINIA 23454 18045428-6622 WE GET PEOPLE Gi PLACES TOGETHER. i 4 J3- New Rentals 8a Service H HIQEE I f fllrl '-rinousiuwnren 1707 COIIEY AVE., NORFOLK TEL 627-0321 Introducing a full line of ski equipment, accessories, and apparel for men, ladies, and children. Tidewater's largest selection of famous brand names like Rossignol, I-Iexcel, K-2, Authier, Hanson, Nordica, Raichle, Solomon, Look, Spademan, Tyrolia, Head, Number One Sun, Beconta, White Stag, Skyr, Edelweiss, Demetre, Bogner, Lido and Sportscaster. Compliments of ANDERS WILLIAMS :SL COMPANY, INC. Norfolk, Virginia N Bel-Aire Coiffures Specializing in Men's 8L Women's Hairstyling 1600 E. Little Creek Rd. Phone: 588-0111 f N - cur-cl-plclna. COl'l'JOfClIlOl"1 K J f PHONE: 804!622-4741 Frank Thomas 3 MAIN PLAZA EAST NORFOLK, VA. 23510 N Sklexande Oggggle VIRCINIABEACH NORFOLK WILLIAMSBURC X' P010 Ralph X jk J BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA CO. BY THE MID-ATLANTIC COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO., INC. NORFOLK, VA. N f Sales 6' Service ELECTRONIC CASH REGISTERS ' ELECTRONIC CALCULATORS. MALCOLM H. THIELE PRESIDENT MALCOLM ASSOCIATES. INC 18041 461-I 105 ONE KOGER EXECUTIVE CENTEP QNINSULA 974-5825 NORFOLK. VIRGINIA 23502 f COMPLIMENTS OF The Shuttleworth Family N X J F N uri f X , Compliments of C0 LCNIAL CH EVRG LET 6252 E. Virginia Beach Blvd. Norfolk, Virginia 23502 461-1111 B st wishes to C 82 L .J f N K N Winn Nursery, Inc. 6926 Granby Street Norfolk, Virginia 23505 K jk Compliments of Cassada Car Storage 8L Service 25 Duke Street 114 W. Main SITCCI 622-3641 J N Adams, McCabe 81 Lester I 237 East Mem Street .I Norfolk, Virginia 23510 Telephone 18041-627-0404 : 'E Realtors J K 263 Paints Wallpapers and Decorating Supplies from Nash 8 Son, Inc Since 1885 3700 Hampton Blvd. lllll THE THREE GULLS 506 Pmewood Square Vlfglnla Beach Vlfglllla 23451 Florence W Reinhardt Telephone C8041 425 7242 Maljone M Kelly GIFTS AND FABRICS G 81 W Brokerage Co. Inc. SILVER CRYSTAL PEWTER TROPHIES Phone: 18042 489-7676 4201 Hampton Boulevard Norfolk, Virginia 23508 REMEMBER. YOU CAN ALWAYS BU WITH CONFIDENC -- - meh assenburg CAQPET AND DDADEIQY one eLocK sown-1 ow AzAi.eA GARDEN nom: 3431 MILITARY HIG WAY PHONE es:-1-74es NORFOLK- VIRGINIA F N GQMPBIMENTS F G ELQXNQLJJESQ QNQQ 2 CCEQJQJLISE WEE.. UIQDBFQJLQLQQ WA -.J 'nZ2X'- I x fy,.P, 4 af' I 0 if . 'EES ip ' -rv, K Q wi I, , V. '1v.l,i My , -ip ftp N is 'Z 1 'I iff A arf, ' , 6 F V 44 I , A Klan , fy fm! , ' 2 I 1-: ' . A L ',-3 - I W" - . ' "".R," V b f I if: if A f- 0' J" We I It WA' 'X' if I - Y-A T I - X Hd., .ds 'EI 19.1 f ' , S. S I ,, , -'ami-f,O'5Q4j:f 1 l'- I , vii 1 K 'via Jil!! '-. I ,il airs' ' , I I Lllwy fr, 1 TJ l ' mv' .ful I .- M4 5. , 1 . ' ' 1 , -, '- ' Xu' ' .I ltracxdlfy lt.. I Q dk, ff xx I 6113 1 .N X, I S: X I .1 , i 'II' r I1 I If I I I .I I ' all I I. I ll, in I ll . 'vi -3' J- FIB' .. , I 1 Q- ln E"E3:i. 'gl -iris annual.. I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. . . . show them all the beauty they possess inside . .. George Benson Best Wishes, Seniors S 8t C CORPORATION 340 Westover BUILDERS OF FINE HOMES IN GHENT SQUARE F N Compliments of: AAMCO TRANSMISSIONS Military Highway near the airport K J TlDEWATER'S LEADING DAIRY 13' 1 Flavor Fresh From the home of quality X vounl ndependenf Insurance AGENT . ssnves You Finsr S'mp'y a.Matte' SI of Pride Do u mar's Cones and Barbecue Hamilton 19th and 20th Streets and Monticello Norfolk Ralph Hamilton Insurance Agency Suite 205 804-622-0731 4101 Granby Street Norfolk, Virginia 268 F N INVESTMENT COFIPORATICJN GF VIRGINIA K. .J F ALBEnc.oTTu 8t co., lNc. nEALTons 740 o K sr r N f Ik v g Ph 6222395 10a0L k R avg B nvg Ph 4228400 K f l I 5 W..-uv' t I' ,y,. --1 K J f N Pace Construction 81 Development Corp. 105B South Witchduck R d V g nia Beach, Va. 23462 K J f N CLARK WHITEHILL CCJIVIPANY BUILDERS AND DEVELOPERS OF on PHIDGS wx a in ' HOLLAND ROAD, VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA M J K.. K 'N 62 '4 5 A.. V " VI' ".:,-55' ' 'X 1.551 1 'V ' M gan Taylor Classics Ope 10-6 Open 9:30-5:30 3198 P cf A 1960 Coll y Avenue Virginia Be h V Norfolk, Va. X 428-1200 625-1255 J W - ' 'suave irisrs 'f'::.:.'.i'.zg:2:':Lf.5::zZ:r.::' I Pacific Ave. at 30th St. Phone 428-3661 n Jw- 9' -if DRAEDH i WE' Vi' M, kv. ?D' fmesiiag Mig. gin? MQ X iii 2 J S5-1585 rf""5 is Qi 2-1 M X f 1 1 591 ,11 5 5 is X if 1 2.2 KP 2 ! X100 272 Across Dim' 1 , Singer. Como, 3, Alias.i8i Jones, 5. Sounds like the name of the man who was born on the 4th ofJuly, the Yankee Doodle Dandy. 7. He cuts your hair, 9. ln her towers, youill find flowers. 11 The G-man. 13, The saint who came from Assisi. 15. Local shipyard 8. ex-teacher at NA. 17. A large group of trees. 19 Add the famous opera house to the last letter of the alphabet, and then tack on an -ler. 21. If you "bleach" Sarah, she won't turn hard. 23. Ellens not daffy, shes just1. 25. Add Mr. Stacey's first name to the fat of a hog. 27. Anita's not missin' when you giver her a son. 29. l Hitler' 31. Men's clothing store on Laskin Road. 33. Another name for a crucifix. 35. Valentines Day is no fun without one. 37. Pretty as a picture or what you put around one. 39. She gives a "tinker's damn" unless you add her to a ham. 41. If you add a "t" she won't rant or rave. 43. What you hit a snail with added to the windless side of a hill 45. A mommy pig. 47 The wife of a count. 49. Famous detective Sherlock. 51, The other half of..T.8t Wesson, famous gun makers. 53. First name of the famous painter Van Gogh. 55. Juris prudence plus a male child. 57. Add a boat to an "o" and don't lose your wits. 59. Actress Juliei-of "The Sound of Music". 61. He's never under the money. 63. Two by the same name though not related 65. This is my country, love it orlit. 67. Hvonls Express," a famous movie. 69. The opposite of "in" plus a piece of property. 71, Take a freshman at West Point and drop the 73. The personnel manning a boat plus a G-r-r-r-. 75. What you have after you cremate the body of a male. 77. One who joins everything. 79. Not less butl. 81. Son, she won't scare the dickens out of you. 83. Famous actorl-Gable. 85. The other half of the duo named in 33. 87 The place where the devil lives added to the last part of an iceberg. 89. Dennis is no menace. 90. She's a reaI deaIer, 91. Two go by this name, a boy for me and a girl for you, 93. He won't do less but he might do . 95, Singer Mac, actress Bette. 97, Sounds like what birds do when they chirp and sing, 99. While not the daughter of Onassis, she certainly is grand. 101. The sound you make when you try to hush someone. added to hot apple l. added to 'g..i.l,.....your boat, gently down the stream? The first name of 033 across. Crawdaddy. King of the New Wave movement at NA. Add a city to the verb for "to dispatch. convey." Elizabeth Browning's maiden name. Ships aim Chips al. The Boy Scouts have first claim on him. Something that belongs to Martin. The same as in 43101 across but with an "e" in the middle, Put a "t" in between a grownup pony and a grownup boy. She's Quick-draw.1. "To fasten" plus "To vocalize" plus "a", Mr. L.L. Bean himself. Famous local auctioneer. B-r-r-r- it's cold plus your buddy or pal. ,..should learn from his lesson. When you go to court. you have to pay one, "Nuzzie" plus what we dropped on Hiroshima, To go unpunished is to go .iifree Perhaps his southern drawl makes him such a good golfer What the Chinese eat all the time. Her masculine first name does not make her any less feminine. She'lI grow on you. He's got the point, Music hath charms to soothe thelbreast. Female New Wave Rocker. lof Arabia, Opposite of North plus a vestibule When Mary's not hoppin', she's . A chip off the old block. She's full of whit. ls he really a sophomore? Good things come in small packages. Famous attorney general caught up on Watergate scandal. One heavy leather trouser worn by a cowboy plus a male. Stereo whiz-kid. He's aiiand crazy guy, Take one of the brothers who wrote fairy tales and add it to -stead lis always purrinl Not Schlitz, Not Budweiser, but.l How now, cow. Add -os to the man who wrote the Epistles. Richard will never botch because he's all Famous Southern general at Appamatox Brian's favorite movie, "luke Old Times " His father is into development and fund-raising. lt's not legal to go into one until you are 18 lalways talks as he walks. Latin word for "by way of". 273 K I f Phone 499-0741 499-3267 Les Bristow's Car Parts 81 Repair COMPLETE AUTO DIAGNOSING 81 REPAIR 640 Newtown Road Les Bristow Virginia Beach, Va. 23462 4 kOwner INear Baker Roady! Congratulations, Jodi! Love, K Mom and Dad Ingram Pharmacy 207-25th Street Virginia Beach, Va. 428-6363 8 AM to 9 PM Keith Bonney Robert Ingram, Jr. K. ,J NL 'l'here's j something uureren about a really great kitchen . . . X the difference is Ki 'ne.tQ X Khchen XXX TCW ne You'Il find what you want at Princess Anne Plaza Shopping Ctr. 2600 Hampton Boulevard Qirginia Beach 0 486-6000 Norfolk 0 622-3800 'N F- - "T f82 From a friend - - -.J 275 -1 N N You Save More Money At COST PLUS FURNITURE CENTERS Your source of quality value assures complete satisfaction. K J NORFOLK, VA. NORFOLK WAREHOUSE CO., INC. 6969 Tidewater Dr., Norfolk, Va. 23590 Just off Interstate Roads P.0. Box 3417, Norfolk, Va. 23514 Complete Warehousing Service REPRESENTED BY: MEMBER - SEWMA 0 GENERAL 81 BONDED STORAGE 0 PRIVATE RAIL SIDING 0 DISTRIBUTION - TRUCK DOCKS 0 ADT SPRINKLED 0 CARTAGE AGENTS kvnonez 804-857-6081 Twxz 710-881-1228 f 428-7700 Qirginia Beach, Virginia AW The B I EIC K A I1 Q U S 5 f. '. A " ' 3- 7' an if-+ '- f ' Restau rant "One of the Finest Restaurants on the East Coast" Citation by AAA as an Outstanding Restaurant F RESH SEAFOOD o STEAK o COCKTAILS Open Daily 4:30 to 11:00 PM All Major Credit Cards Honored Corner 33rd 81 Pacific Avenue Compliments of UNIJAX Norfolk's Progressive Paper Company 3809 Progress Road Norfolk, Va. 23516 277 l N J N 42 IVIILLSUPPLIES in E MARINESUPPLIES Q s CONTRACTORS SUPPLIES Q PIPE, VALVES al FITTING INDUSTRIAL PAINTS V-L HEAVY HARDWARE 'vnu-' v-4 L53 ci, L I III ' EMPIRE MACHINERY 81 SUPPLY CORPORATION P.O. Box 27 3550 Virginia Beach Boulevard Norfolk, Virginia 23501 Norfolk phone C8041 827-1440 Peninsula phone C8043 245-0049 Suffolk phone 18041 539-0265 1 f N TUR K QMMJ l 0 ' ,"t"4 . 5.4 1 P.o. Box 1006 'W 1300 sHELToN AVENUE - :E NORFOLK, VA. 23502 ,f o A Phone 853-4344 ' VA A 2931 Whittington Avenue 4200 Almond Www Baltimore, Md. Philadelphia, Pa. ., ce Phone: 644-9000 Phone: CU9-4002 0 1' 115 Jacobus Avenue Washington, D.C. So. Kearny, N.J. Phone: 804-853-5311 Phone: 589-5454 Newport News, Va. New York City Phone: ENT 344 Direct Line Suffolk, Va. Phone: WH3-2188 Phone: ENT 344 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES e and Royal Crown Bottlers of Virginia, Inc. Makers of Royal Crown Cola, Diet-Rite Cola, Nehi Flavors, Hawaiian Punch, Lipton Tea, and Schweppes Party Mixers g 'nr K, -v, YS, .1 ' - ' ..u!'w.'5 'V THE SPORTING LIFE 700 North Military Hwy. 461-7799 Newton Florist " r f 3 --. 8 5 'La 3 142 Janaf Shopping Plaza Norfolk, va. 23502 ' - " Phone 461-3181 - Greetng C d d G'ft - ' ' a' San ' S Congratulatlons! "Let Us Add the Finishing Touches to Special Occasions . . . with Flowers" You made through School Now let us help you k 't h ' ma e i t rough life. twin city Ffh U' ' ' ' deslgnerjewelry, B sporting goods, small appliances, E AND luggage, planters, unique giftware I H I 5. R -S and many other extraordinarily E neat things a most unique catalogue showroom in norfolk in virginia beach 22nd street at hilltop square colley avenue shopping center 8041625-2529 8041422-5522 oil K oYe 510 I Q5 'OS 0 etlwro 09 up Xio X10 105 Q' X 04109 OEKSOXQ-Wiolggslg f5'5ra3-gQ6?GiOi9Ks5g,X0c0- X143 X015 XOQXG 00 616 X09 N3-N1 Q29 SQXK QQ O01 Q XXV x Nl gee evxo ' 0 Keg, QGXOQ Zievxqxrb xox QQRX, N x Olwgxete 2006 cs Qsveml C9161 2550 OWS O 'o t X5 '?,' N 1 gs906?N0f03:0O0'T4xS YW3-tiexxegx G10 CEN Nz QVOCNZKQQOXOQ T020 'AYXSQN 536693 -XQSSXQX! 6380163 A QQOO. QOQXGQJG ext , NNX WO KVA raoxx SX. X X91 OO A 6224 OYEQZSQGXQZ e'Sf'o:2WfQ Wikia 4 81003 OCXO1 6ee:,Oix4O0gOKX61g0 XO X 1 e 9 i X1 x x0 'aOfaX3,6x ,NG NNE ix! Q0 6 wx xyxbiigpv 9 Q00 '69 Q55 050 1 QW . xv' .39 O9 00 xox ZX P' K 43609 XN9 A7-7' 501 +1GC"s11Qxol'0' ww QWQ' NVQNGQEXQ Uox 9055 'Ax OG 9506 590 we W f GILLS puts better coffee in their coffee. T-fiirf' 6 ff f-A fn Compliments of the 153,23-f'-tl - .F Q -e .. sf Fil lj.. C-ILL'S CQFFEE FAMILY 3 FIRST The james C. Gill Co. Inc., Norfolk, Virginia ,, coLoNY ies ff QM! . - . U I 'Q -Q , I 1 , I 1 I -- . , , ' 4, f , I'l'A.,kn- . . ,151 6 2 xixq ti' A ' 5 J A 1,1 ' . - , ' 4 , ? M V mf fi .2 F1 5 , it . 5 ,f.Y,5..r i ' i iQ:5f,r,,ap2,j-- Q Kiwi? iQ it . . X.i4 .F 5 . ' H 1 -Air" I vu' rf- KXQ11.: I ,, ggx 4 '-fl: N , ' V ' ' J - XX t " N f Tom Kline Brooke Rossheim f804l 428-0425 18043 625-6179 hair identity - Ftossheim 81 Kline, creative cutting 81 chemistry pembroke mall virginia beach, va. 497-4764 Free Lance Photography Photographing Call For Appointment Processing X J X f X J N N J SIGNATURES SIGNATURES SIGNATURES autumn-w 4 .1 5- ckjffxlx .. X .,,4l.-Q, sn .. r ,, , , , .V , ,, + 5' .1 A-I1 ' A .. ,.3,, fwyzgsa -14 " - .. we 4:53-,S wr ,...x 'Q' 1-auwt Q.- QU -ii' xwha Ji af iiww ""'1i"' 'hpwfwvs if -was wiht 23' g 'ff' . . ,l 'R' ' V, - ' V M5 ., ,wg at . :i g , '-5321-9 ' : fl - "5'Ev": A 1. ' i if, Q 'xv 119' "-4 1 3 '. .f f ,1 I '- ' -.3 . . ,....'.,, - 4. ' es: , 2 i A.'L,gf ' Q-1 .A Q.-' ...f -1 : -,ww :ff Y: 'fi' T: -1-,bg . - A 4, if ' - 1' , , 'iff' -r ' . Q "3 155' 1 1 l " 3, ' f Ov lk I A 4 I , 1 l .Q S 3 ff , v.?,,.gQg:gg aging. WHAT DID YOU C: E ' TA Q'-Im SON ? DEMEPIT5 Q5 A. WW 'Y' if N aa SKJIQEUL 'F t aatazaar 9 I H1459 i it + Q4 o fffjxx O72 Q T Q Q Q, a s 4' 1726 P' L DUDE? GQTZTQN QF THE HQEQZQNS EBSQ Jodn Copeland Lance Goodman Susan Barco Klm Shoemaker Jamie DeMalo Larry Patush Ms Pat Hume Executive Editor Assistant Edltor Assistant Editor Business Editor A t Ed t r I or Photography Edltor Advlsor

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