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 - Class of 1957

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1. -,sas xmw "m"-M my www ,WNV ""f-www V A V M M' XA N A , U ., - ,V ug g,ff,A3u.,44gMHQ4f,-.ugavw-Kiuwi-WW" 4 f '-f ,ry fs sg -it V Z T' Z A V M ' Fi . N fy , , 2. 2 f' 'ky 11 sl Q f- nl' 3' x f , f A A M N -G ff W, 5 -uw., I k 5 L wwf an , Ti A , M V 7 . Q, '9' , -- 2" V 5' K Q , 2 S? 5 A ,,., 4,3 'Q La. . L 5 ,ix 'I , . Q J! -'--A . 3: 1 , 54, . . ' Q ,. ,,,,.f.: ' sv . V ,, pa- X wx , 4 ,, A L 85695 5 7 1 1, . f ' I E ff A 2 . 3"w.,"Z Nm f., , 4' , . ,Mm an ,A - 0 WWW 2 Vf ' 'eff' - t K' - A y-:ww-b-f.ff mm-1-wx W, .i Ri 5 ew! :V -L..."-s.,. It F xx. P , 2 Q5 Q5 Q ig fl if 3 3 3 5 5 R Q Q 1 , 3 3 5 in 'Jw 5 if ., M 'xl ,--wg Q L N' N- ' v .ntl Wh. , A I 1 4 u ,x M- .psf 1 - X 3. 4. .V , y-N7 Q at "" A Y A d iv M . 0 , Q ,rx f Q i L. x K in f LK v4 S, 1 gl . X I 5 1' ,.-vgarb ' 1 4' ' , 1 I., XF .ga dis Ay- THE ORANGE AND MHHTE SQ ng : Hr, :sm ' :f i ' , rigs: 1, My W ,Q-f-"" as Wk! Headmaster JAMES B. MASSEY JR. AB., Erskine College M.A., Maryland University letics College Mrs. E. THEODORE Form Ill AB., Hollins College Mrs, O. D. WA Form I Longwood .Z 'ffkiffi V 22 3 if' 274 :1 '-. . . fl A ff? g E , o o 1 llll it W 1. Nl ll? ww E X3 Q K ww , .... L 5-K is: ll so ,. E? 3 33, S X -, :gf n '- ':9:x :E5rfE3if ' 'S 1 'wif 1 xx Ke w Q , X Q , Q- 1.553 .X , X .. ,, :gy w w., sk, A N D :,f9gf.gL i A , and Mary K . fi? sffi-Assam Ser' i iigfili- 'mo W A l .C 2 wo Q 22 z ,M xx' X Q ,X 1 all . gg,-'gllgxggg , flwgljkm if X Evil? A5 L 1, 5 .L Q SS? mmm sf.. :N-:-.Q .' . B.S., Pen Teachers Col- msi :::1s':f 5 n . REQ? , -5-iE1..fis:::E:fE'.::issue F5-i'3s:f5. saws :ft 522 f:f.'Es?Sa-'f.:.'5:.a..'EL'fi ' ..,,, - ESI R.. Q. RX .. l X oi lm '4 0 1 ls Hi? x f' Q? x leg 0 ' 7 , , Mr ARTHUR A English QIUIU Var Mr, J, ALLEN French , .. ... ,. , . S A . , 1 ..-..g: ':2g-'. 5 ., . . f., . S, '52 1 f - 7059'ESYLY-'H5f??l"ix'f?ram!' Iimwfk -:iq :PIQIW--V - - ' - ' sr:",1Pf 111,117 1' ur,---':st1ffS'K,'G ff.- lffiigziwlfrsglfrb-'fw'ffaf'-ff.,..lffm1,sifsiihfffzq z,svfSf:ui,.m V'-- 22.5225!?PgYFs:r1sf-ifswxffwa' . E Q ,m15f'5mg ?fifj4?fQiw:??1xigg3l9f?SQgiSf5' r-gy rv , Fl.. K fi 1 ferr :f la.-ewmzf:-2 LJ- ip M lK2?lw3fif?G2 ifiwffil5lr?fff?ffi?E5?ienz3?fiiwfkgfezf?-fi T:riff35525?f3llw:ffwf?ggQ2srzfH 173,93 EQ 1' Q.'1-gwlvwfzife' ww-ya mg-'v :UI r,,.q5- re,.?2,..L My . ,Agni , , H, .U 'ir-sfsflgsffigls fv215i'2J'ff3:awe fz.sfa?'fP24S11w3,.:s armgrffsfzwfygifigefgmilgffiiex irfsmil sis Sfsalrzvffifnlilg'fffmfgmiiifrawlffzffwgsiibgggxl 3 -. .. ,.., ,Y W, M-Q--Q .iw 1, X P ,w WW, N X Q w as M rfi s, if MN W x?l2ll2f.fl,?7 ' 9? 'imp N Q ram ,JHQY'?3,il3l5b?2'.if Y Mr sx,,J,wQ,'l u Q gl fi Mary ro - .5,5,,.A,, L., ..,,m?f - r 1,,g,r , . ,. I 'f42255Q555ey4Q3f35ijii2521f?E?3iiff-zgrfgffirzasves 'wil 5 '-211:32 'xt'41gfiei-2-1353fg4fs'rsf3smi4gs12'1,gg,1fgy5:rgfffg?3-s'. 1,1gtr:7gz 'rw ' -s ' 3 - ' M l S . J. :r 35.23":+..:s,k'::.Ha.if's, 's:ggla:.qk:l' . '-1-Q,2',ii..",1.,,v'::..2,::':eig:,':f:aS':'::":effEx:j,- -. mc : z .:"al'Iv' A 5 f G d ' " if-irisgf-sPamS::'!L"i:.P95 - 25- .ww ff uote Stu and Mary Sf' 'Rm -4 -ie . -f f 8 Algebra Varsity Basket- College M' BUPROVVS SLCAN JR SEEK! Ga-'ww-Yr", Stud fm! Pvwm-Wirv fxnd Vvmiflm Gnd V ' " D' ww frm, rf. X Mr, THEODORE S. GARNETT Scwrwco, FV n,- wumfory Algf-bm Superinvendrfnt of Buildings cmd Gro.Jnfi', University of Virginia, VVnUmr'w:1nd MGry Mr. ROBERT S. BROWN Science, Geography 8.A. University of Virginia Nmap. Miss MARGARET Personnel B.A.. Sweeibriar College Mrs. ULUAN R. DUNN Secretory Vxfrszf Vw 9 ji ffl Mrs. SIDNEY R, WIOG Dieticicn ri- L1 1,1 x Lvi L' ut-2' in :F is . a 5 2 ,, J .,. 1 1' ug. ., 11 - E ,151 . H' fx 1 ' pf" 1 'x , 'x Inf, 1 1 xxlt I '1 '. ,159 ','1'1'r 1 1, . .Lr1!J.,1 '- H1 IRLI, rg 1 rf f::nlf1 llllilkly 'x 1 :I elf I 1:-'En xv ' ' , g-'zz' ':C XO, J -M:-ii' .TGgli.' f. 5'X 75' - 1 , X ,r Ns. I W Lf, Q , . W 5 ,. Q' in' EXFA , :, 1 QQ-- gf! I Y V 'V HJ 9 n' -A K v ,ET . , K A X, Ms.: , sg , ' . 1 if ff Q"ff K :f x fi-xx Q YWUKQ , v -A f wx ' Q 3 f 5 f i, ,Vi '41, , t x K 3 I, 4 1 is Y xw L 'FE v. .rr N Q, T, vig, fs.- .1 rm 1' ww 7 '32 Y I A 'wx 'NW ' , XJ' ' .51 T Q ., tv 4 gl Q ,, so., W S, I Hx r:.: 2 N U-- -. af Q ,L . 5 . if N " w71'sg Q affix Q by .gfgiix LK ' K Kg' mi.. X 1 X. N , fx Rx MY' ' xx Y 1 gb-.QW X . J. .-Q, W :.. .H ,,,.. ,QQI ,W J ' Q 'Q Q i B if m 'W' v . Q ff ff '21 . V ,Www-f'A "J 'Sf and ,pQ- 4 I9 A.:- fig? 1' .--,L,f.7f5'f71-J,'. A , ' , 5-.,-. ,J- - 1' 1 ' .-,nd 441' ... ., 'QQ' -31. . .-' .'-'fm . '5' ' .f 4 h 4 i ., - , , , . - , - ASHBY BROOKE TAYLOR Ashby iS London Bvlzhwk mf? to Noxfofk Acudfrvuy, cmd Yhc- dui down In Princrws Anno mv ghmd Thut hw IS m sfhool mos? of fha: Timci The Chwzf buhmivws pwzfrd hawk cmd fmfh rxfovwgy fha- duzk hmmm from Cclnlldfl COUCQVH Yhc vhffrmzdlvfy pwticmfcf UI' WAWCOVYM3 Kd7SOHCv mighty hunter in thu rwz-lgghlqmhzmd uf Vhggmm hmdmqy me-415 If .la- Buydush, pictured ubovv, WN drop Cuoxqyu Pownh for cz momvnf, We YQH you more uluout Ashby. Bu? in Lnovhor vc'in...As Prcmchrrvf :uf Who 'Srniov Clans cmd 0 SfUdf'HY Ervdy, he- hw, p-tfxhlvmd 41 pc1TTn-rm sz Vudfhhrm mf h-duh-vxhlp thu? WD hcwo be-r-vw ywzoud 90 folhhw fha cfxhvmz :md as-Hcmvvyuoamm dhyvhly tlwvwwhlws m hwf mhvufxf,-S cmvcwnd fhv Schwcvl cmd cm Thv nlhlvhr hdd. HQ swdlcs huvd rmd x5 ax commu-rmtwouz wwrh-r m uvuuythmgq ho undcrfokesg he is right displays rg-uf udrosfnoss I CXKHTWIUIF' m word pmd Thmc qwhvifgs cmd Urwiulzhv inwwd :,e-re-vvhy, them when unyvhmg needs 10 be done, cm H sccmg that I1 ws, dum: ugh? Hu nn cn goof dc-od hm they Q73 buys 111 Nmfohx Acuch-H1 ubwhfwrfi, uwonq rwmy mhz'-vi, Qprmrl hum nm :1 g1uurc1nTe-Q thm hw Wd! vnfh'cT hmmm up N hfc. thrs Sched In Qolhqc cmd pmfczsiomx A JB l V Of thus ray f rho OU RICHARD NEISON Scene I: ilnter R, Nelson, tired with new physrcol theories concerning the convertrhrlrty of mutter to energy, pulls pin on grrenirde, rolls eyes und holds eors. Grenode does not go off, becouse it is reolly on unopened pine cone. Re-enter through window remoinder of physics closs, followed by Mr Horvie, most distontly Iocoted of the recent eyocueesy Scene Il: iEngIish cluss, setting identihed since English clcrss is usucrlly unidentifioble os such' Argument: economics. Holding forth: R. Nelson. "About this business of conrmunrsrn cmd sociulisrn, Mr. Moc, I hoye C1 theory which would eliminute ull risl-L of their uduptotion to the Americon econ- omic scene. "Yes?" "Invert the entire Irrternrrl R' .1-ri-ie sltuirtron, tux the poor ot the top roles und the rich ut the lwrtorn rcrtes...storve the poor out of existence, . ,nobody but rich left. . Scene III- rFrench cIcrss..,lhr-. su-ne must be identified, for Richord is obsent todoy,,,ond therefore in rkes no contribution to knowledge on this doyl Scene IV: Short scene, Rich-nd rirnrprng up und clown, shouting incoherently ot World Series resfts, ,ust irnnounred to rr study hull in session...Rrchord on his third-ondfone-holfbjump, comes down shurply on loot of Chief Adnrinrstrotor, Norfolk Acodemy, End scene. Beginning of new scene Not port of this ploy though, Scene V: ,Enter R, Nelson, dressed in Ivy Lerrgue green sloclcs, purple striped cout, pink-pollxct-dotted oscot, oporrue dork glrisses, unlrt bubble-gum cigorw "As Editor-in-Super-Chief of THE LITERARY RE- VIEW, I wont you writers to Icnow t'mt none of you crre meeting our Tolstoion stondords of composition, ond thot my novelette De Bello et Pace is all thcrt is ht for publication . ." Seriously, Richc1rd's mixture of goiety ond purposefulness is o wel- come combrnotion in the classroom ond elsewhere. Never tiresome with his humor, he bubbles over, then subsrdes. Both his Icrughter ond his more sober contribution ore directed ot getting the rob done. A reol for- warder of protects, he will be heard from wherever he goes, -f BM my attention many times in the before thot day Once within l wo: shrunken hood perfect in was horrified to note that it was post, knew him, Nelsonio: c fellow of intinite lest. i was completing my soliloquoy, the end of the musty, foul-smelling room ported, ond out stepped o nottily dressed gentleman--"tweedy" to soy the Ieost. He was attirod in cr tweed suit with tweed shirt and tweed tie, tweed shoes and twead Socks'-waoring Tweed eyeglnsses, ond carrying o tweed walking stick.His two-day growth of beard, I thought resembled tweed land indeed it wot- tweedt. This, of course, was my old friend Boo Margotins, with his hand qirite firmly where it belonged. "Like it," he said, pointing to the shrunken head which I held in my trembling hand. "lift uno of our-better numbers." lAs he pointed, t noticed tho rtwesd ring on -his Rngenl ' "Boo-Jooimorgolius. i con't get over it. . ." . "Oh," he interrupted. "They don't coll me Morgolius anymore. lt's Tweed. . .8-oss Tweed. . ." Boo-in nine-year mon ot the Academy-is u mainstay of school spirit. Hn is one of those fellows you can olwoys turn to for help. His general 9005 attitude has made him populof with everyone who knows him. We ora Quito sure 'Boo willgo fur, yet we are dubious that his '41 Cadillac will oosonrpuny him. Kenw- '.vss'i oi "is"'N5 ' Qmfxu 13 4-ul-n i so r i CHARD STONE Several tggres during me course of the to hear isterous Ol It I n rally assan t at its some one with a L to this is Richar yron On the lst! 0- aptains a team and np tous to penly trait have that the Sl e a 'Olin character, msimzerity. When the backs af watchful teachers. IS School helping other people others ci In his character Ducky has demonstrated the typo of Councn I, u position and appreciate. He has won the All of us ara She better for Dicky's JERRY BAYDUSH "Come on, Jerry, get mad in theref' are the familiar Coach Herzog at the football games. Although Jerry is the he does not throw his weight around except on the even here he is slow to wrath. If you were to ask Jerry what he received more arty other thing, he would prolauloly answer his air. l-lis open air, he likes to take on the open scene of many noble adventures. When it comes to something Jerry studious in the Senior Class, so involved in pleasure on his slide rule that he never seems tO matter of taking an impertant test or calm. Jerry is a steady boy in two WGYS, All joking aside, Jerry is a boy you of spirit, and at the same time provides 6 , :G is: itil ill 42 PKCJT CASSADA PlCOl is the mon rtobody knows, noi Q-vi-rw Pinot A wonlulgnlune bulldtf, 0 stomp-collector, 0 ldttucr nl old uni Lxvvw oluilc li-rule-is still DO 006 CON SQY ills' Wltdl' l'tlS l0flE is. Ash 41 slvmiigw nlmut Olrl N A, and l'tO will tell you that PlC0l goes lltefe. We ClOll'l know why, Picot luis lell some sort of enigmatic mark upon the body pnlmr PlCOl ls llt8 mdh Wl'i0 caught C1 PUBS on thi- luvu yixvil limi, Yuen 'Old his l0Cltl8i'S lltdl he, PlCOf, WGS Over llvo gcml line, onfl whim? were they knocking him dbwtt for Onywuy. Pico? is thu num who sleeps in lllb luggage YQCll of ll't8 bus Oh fO0lbCtll Trips-in vi-sl his :mime-Ll llrlili Picot ls the mon who Qslts 'he questions lo which there is no unswer, Picot is the one who travels around the periphery, gnrtming, slvimge truth, in order to get to the center. Picot is.. .Well, theres no use Milking about it any longer. All we do know is that his friendliness, a kindness rawnrrl other people, o ready reply to all comets. and on unusual outlook upon life afford o combination that will be ol unique value to Randolph Macon, where he hopes to motriculote. -A llx'N"+.l' ls' KN Most lliw il- -tl-li 'w ll, lm l ui lw' mini :vi lliougili lm ii-i ml ln- ilimili, 'v'X'l it will uit in VM ir-i uw' Vvlieiivuv l in val tlw ui il, ul flux lm. ii of Donnie Kirin Ni-r ii rl It - i - be foolish to thinhsllnrt in- of 0 lleftie f' l1 will: rimvvlv' r luwl iw thi-4 rw - ul li uh v ,.i o iw-'v - l x il ik i i lk . idgiifpi t l ii' .ivv.i f . ln "v-i ml wi l i il 1 v l 5 viii tl i Nr ill lilly mlm s I is wilt, ry 1, between llle 's li' - Q- if . 1 fierce, b r in i .infill-r wir in ,V L, ,,i , o ysicol .lm it rn, V, ,i. 1, .H it , W llnds IGS Sclirtl-:Ali " iw il. 'i . 3 v l il i FO l1 otball li . lil 1. vwrvy, lv -t i-xlir1rv.l,vii.vy lir- obili tfdft is Es intl ii fi 1, ill-ii, r, ri! ii, ii., ,i wit the ol his asm .iii v ir it ., , ,i ood and m speedr . .ir i 1- 7. . I ptio io that ol notion that bi row in iw . 1 it W ce n nas which others I iril -X er he g hotever hi- itlrl ll .'iiil. will in , mor on life. s Y Q V7 al gm . , 'J J . Z' Jun THOMAS MANSBACH At the "Hub" of this city you will find a spokesman for high ideals. He may also be found exercising the horse power of his bond-lacquered convertible ia second-hand one with the original dents put in it by the rocks of the Rubicon as Caesar mode his memorable crossing in shallow water! on any public thoroughfare at a rate of speed not coinciding with that speciiied by law. Dressed in three-button coat, buckled black tiannel pants, loafers, and regimentalvstriped tie-he represents the epitome f fashion. His presence in the company of the patrons of t is by no means unusual. All this can be said to repre proper grooming for a Yale hopeful. Such qualifications as may be seen in his ds a c, athletic, and extra-curricular, would re lify institution of higher learning. M pr ver, his scholastic achieve e is ex l in stu s pu of the top of his c f It is o pity tha ve cl d s ot W6 "T ." e e l, o er schol ' ompetit' 1 I A , ' ni wg, N Ny" PAGF NlVVlON We have tollced 0 good deal of scholars In Paige Newton, we reolly do have one, Tliorcruglt, conscientious, stuclrous, Pogo luis investigated cm extrciordinciry vciricty of holds whose vorv nonies ore itordly known to the uninitrcrted. His chic-f intvrest lies Ili the cultural lore of the American lnclnin und ot thc- Amin lndnin, while cirnong his tulcnts cnc skill in Artic-victim lnrlnrn llrinirrs :incl in iudo, A quiet, cornpctcvnt poise below vvlnrtrfvr-r rrurlnrnir- lun-lim cinv notion thot time scholar cmd the nnin of rrllrrni, rim- rinowrnit ible. A keen ins.ght into chcnuctcv and 41 well-lmlunrvd sensi- of humor round out the picture to some r-xtent Purge is sonwtrrnos Gccused of being unworldly, but unworldliness in ci worldly world mov well be counted 0 virtue. And it isnt everyone who con strike up Cl cosuol crcqucrintonce with NCln'u's dklUUilll?I on crn Anvrrricrrn tour, or drop in tor dinner nt the lndicin lrnbrrssy in Wcisliirigitori. If we can venture upon prediction--cmd we do we would soy thot Page will Contribute something of extrcrordinriry vulue to the future, I rw I I, -if i wx' D DORSEY FENDER "l think you're wrong, sir." "Tell me why you think I'm wrong?" "l don't know why you're wrong, but l still think you're wrong," This would be what you would probably hear if you happened to sit in on one of the Sixth Form's moth classes. The student discussing the teucher's mistakes would be Dorsey Pender, Though he may be o math genius, we are not sure, and only time will tell. But we do know that Dorsey is on oll-around boy ot the Acodemy. He hos entered into olmost every sport at School ond was o three-letter mon lost yeor. Dorsey is o very copoble boy ond shows this, not only on the athletic field, but in the excellent work he often does ocodemicolly. If he has one weakness it would be girls. We might odd thot, if there is one weolrness girls ho-fe, it is Dorsey. Dorsey is quite a mon with the ladies ond is never likely to be clone anywhere he is seen. He plons to motriculote ot the Virginia Military lnstitute, where we are sure he will compile on excellent record. -RS fi 5 of 7 auf - 5 lx -' g.x"'sF 4 r -f fi. .1 "1 .l l" r.:1111 t 1 49:1 'lvl' v.: ' ll 1 Z" " 'l,,'1l'L?.l 11 1' l SNI1- ll' ' -'wt t'l lit-:H ' r.1 lx' -:lw l r ,wi-1 with 11 ft111"1f' l ' ' s' l"r' 1' l' :ml l,,' li- "1 11- ': :tl l'1i'- l l V: .t-- t 1.1-ft'r11l1,'.tz1.: llrff :H-:turf vwtnrt ll.w l. -, A-' 1' t flw' f 'ln-t 'ifi Ai- l hiv tl"1.-:T:l.'1s Jw lil-1 :Nl 11l lfwtzvt 1, l' wlfitt will 1"'1lr Cl' l11f"'fls l':"'ft :nil ' s"' 'wt 't-'t:', -' 4 t",'- lwrl, llwf-fl, lit'-tl S 1, .1,,, ny L1 ,: , A ,. I LN' ,,,,,,'3 l. . l" ' it-1 1' " . .wi Y' 1 ' "iw l L1-1 w,'l1 f: vfi' -.i'1'- 'W' t' 1' f J r' Tho 'ih t fl C lwl wo tlw' 1 n',,1'v1 1'.. is to 1:1 tw' -'i- "1 ly if-1 ,ppl llmt 1' is r. 1" t."11'jg Qvvr in l'12 1 -, not GMD, bu? scw1.rlt1"-vs Q Gcoge, who ggrdduutes ullev eight yours ot thc Acodefvy hos been o yoluoole ossct to his School Although gitled, he hos urded our varsity squads in the uble rnonuger Throughout hls high school corecr tor the orboolc this 1r os 1ts Qdltor Should not othleticzzlly fi Copumty ot on I he hus wcrlrcdlq O '0- Goorgc ottcndln fn I ye N , yer Oxtord or perhops John Hopkins, it is Qertoln that he wvll molre f I on oulstonding contrlbutlon , . l I I XX l I -fs. --TM i 17 Mr. Chairman, Honored Guests, and Fellow Classmates We come Tonight to this class reunion from all walks of life to reminisce and to rekindle friendships in abeyance only because of long separation, and to compare our achievements of today with our dreams of yesterday Before we have a few words from the members present, let me introduce each with a short sentence or so to the many guests in the audience On my left is Dr. Donald Frank Kern, D.D.S. lDoggone, Doggone, Shucksl. Donnie seems to have attained his desired status in life. Instead of putting those big hands of his into the face of some lonely line-backer, he is putting them into the mouths of his patients, many of them former football opponents.. .lDon, would you mind taking your teeth out of my water glass, . .thanks. . .I As many of us know, it is quite the rage of the young Ivy League College Set to buy their clothes at the Brooks Brothers of the South, which, under the brilliant manag ment of its owner, Thomas lvlansbach, has risen from an obscure local store to the largest chain south of the Mason-Dixon Line. On my right then, Tom Mansbach, popu Ill ll ll l lll ll l l 4 1 4 Iarizer of the'famous tweed burlap with the moth-hole pattern You all remember Richard NeIson...Would you take oft your dark glasses, please, Richard. . ,as the small one with the dry, dry wit land one olive, pleasel so typical of the Academy graduate, who has, along with Mr. Benjamin Iviargolius, built Imperial Classics, Ltd., into the importer of foreign cars. Richard is the genius behind the locating of those valuable classics so desired by those who can aFford them... Richard, you and Boo would like to introduce the guest sitting between you?. . .Gentle- men, Mr. Olie Trask of Mad Glie's Auto Junk Yard.. .Not a business associate, iust a friend, you say?. .. We ought to tell you that, to Boo, this is only a sideline, as is real estate, the stock market, imports, exports, and so forth. At the moment, his central interest is his position as critic and reviewer for both the "Surly Review of Literature" and "The New Joker." And we here refute the charge that there is any connection between his fine work and the recent alarming decline in American belles-Iettres. In the literary field, we also have Page Newton, B.A., IvI.A., Phd, B.V.D, R.S.V.P., V.l.P.-and holder of numerous other degrees both academic and honorary, winner of three Pulitzer Prizes and two Nobel awards in literature-just to mention o few of the many honors that have been heaped upon him. I know that you are all as glad as I am to hear that he has recently recovered from a serious back iniury. I believe that he is going to tell us of his latest book, A Literary Synopsis of the Sandscrit Seminar, 'I89 Nineteen-Eighty-Seven 3 3 i I .ll sd-' An Address by George Orwell Powell B.C. l'm sure everyone will want to read all ten volumes, and share in his triumphant and scholarly refutation of the work of Professor Schedlespit-A Literary Synopsis of the Sandscrit Seminar, 188 B.C. And now we come to Dr. Ashby Brook Taylor, the international specialist and chief of staff in New York's largest hospital. Top man in his field, Ashby does a lot of traveling all over the world. We venture to say that no one knows more about left-ear-lobe surgery than he. At his right is Jerry Baydush, and at his right is Jerry.. .Oh, I see, you're sitting in two chairs.. .He is the Goodman, Segar, Hogan of our youth. Jerry, we wish you all the luck in the world in your defense against that pending federal suit for monopoly. After the federal government, Jerry is the largest land-owner in the United States, and we understand that Washington wants to get back Nevada and most of Northern California from Jerry's concern. Now would you six girls move away for a moment? Thanks a lot, Kim, Marilyn.. . Heres Dorsey who once set out to become an engineer when he was sidetracked by was . IIIIIIIIIIIIIII the lure of Hollywood. Today our children still storm the cinema to see Marlon Pender and his three-wheeled motorcycle. Girls, please stay back iust a moment longer. . .Next to Dorsey is a classmate who did become an engineer, Richard Byron Stone, builder of some of the most formi- dable structures to be seen across this broad land and former star of the Cleveland Browns. This very building was constructed by...Gentlemen, no panic, pleasel... Stone, Stone, Stone, and Pebble, Inc. On the other side of the table there behind the gold braid and the scrambled- egg hat. . .Really are scrambled eggs, you say?. . .is Admiral Julian Picot Cassada, recently retired as Chief of Staff. We all realize it was merely the result of a silly misunderstanding that the entire Atlantic fleet ran aground last Tuesday in Cheas- peake Bay. That about winds up everybody, except to remind you that I was recently ap- pointed to the British Court by the president to act as Chief Artificer of Verbiage for the United States. Along with the all-too-numerous duties of this office comes also the title of ambassador-at-large. And despite Scotland Yard's best efforts, I am still at large. This group of men has certainly made its impression on the world. But now I know that you want to hear a few words from each member of the Class of 1957. Mr. Chairman.. . PETER AGELASTO JOHN BALLARD FRANK BLACKFORD The sky is falling, the sky is fc1Hing!!!!!" "Out of the frying pon into the fire. . . "Sir, ore we for enough along now -su-J 9- H J W- N vii if 35 ouousv MITCHELL TUCKER SCULLY From here on down If 5 Uphgll all ghe way Louie 1 gm N01' punmg on your Council Snr! I wouldnt thank of doing homework In class mf. gli YN CN-1 Q M' . A -T'1'Qf"l'F ' fm N ROBERT BENNETT Beetle Bennett X X t t :wliltfkskii M ' 4 , . ' ' . -. A ,W , at ., 3, 5 l V. ,: 3 fx I X l 'K X F 71 l 5 1 tl! , BRUCE BROWN "Hound Dog Brown" X RICHARD COOK -4- 3 Q 1 D 7 X RXI4 SU14 71' 71' . x Q .. ,Q JOEL EPSTEIN "Jo Jo Epstein" Rx I14 7!Ix TAZEWELL HUBARD "Razzle Tazzle" Little Richard Sl 114 71lx 'K FRED GOLDBERG "Ready Freddie" 5xl14 5 T - fflx N 6' IZAAK GLASSER "Zack Magic Sl I14 yflx FRANK LAWRENCE 11TOnk1l xx I14 ur, SX U4 +1 7f'X m..,,,4Qg,,-wfwwfww -A -W W - S , ,Q ' . if -.1 e f L 5 I , 'im N. LAWRENCE LOCKWOOD "Big Lor" Sx Ig 7!'x x ,Q 5 X X . BRUCE PRICE "Moforoller Price' Wm NW 7!. x EDWARD WEBB "Spider VVebb" .1 qi xi' A ' 'ffx ' E C 2 X Rx lg 7!Ix -4' 5 JAY MINER "Joy Walker" 5x U4 71x 1 I fw..,.A , .F if f , .-S -nu JOSEPH PARKER "Smokey Joe" N H4 7!lx MALCOLM SCULLY "Big Moc' XX ff x s Q.- M ROBERT RUFFIN "Nuthin' Ruffin Rx U4 7f'x DOUGLAS WOOD "Romeo Wood" L 496' J K uf ig W, fn mx ff' rx' 4 ,X x- If ,7 Q K I Po in 1 FRONT A' Sly! OW y : BN' MCCYO Wolf O17 DOl7l7Gf NOD, Do! G11 Ceor Olflbb XX I 14 xl Q Meade Slove e 06017. 41fODlE ge Hofffs-rfvess, S eq Jef? Wofof O , Jofvfmy 114cfs1d' FOLK DUUCOIY Z 01109 Mcl'1416'b1ns O17 Sfhflfy, S171 114 R N R xl x. -.1 I , 80171716 f9ex11or'x4y, Kenny Affflfer ewfi Kefvfveffv Ufqufnori Mbfof , 806 Sfe1'fzf7176s1j H4C'A' POW core, Jofzfv Mofzfogue, Romsy , 4914! W J J Off ' if nf fy Sofffef erffzefbrer ZS 0517 Moffflsofl, INQQ1, ,, Ns.. K yin 'NSN' in A., KN I , Vw' 'Vo 1477017 fu A ,. .1 u N wwf 'V-.2 W4 'M 1 M Q0 ,Vx MM N. We 'M m '5 'a"" www H-,, 1. oo 3.4- 3 I 'YW' '1 4 N xX .XZ YQOVL. Yloxddxe, Govciomvxofw Wow' , NXQCQ4, Ooxixd Yu 'Nl on . fm V-ou . Sxepkx wav- ROW . xlmnq Cokxeo, Yoshi Goo XN rx XXGY , X Oxon Sxdvexf XLQXSCX4, xg we Ouifim, Dov W: x XXQQX NNOQQQQ, iw Amon, Bod- Nou, 'Mxow vfxesemev , Doo Y4xCooxf5 NNWXQ, Nic. e XNKXQYN , Manson, , A 'boqdvs , eq XNOOXXL YQ 14 Gveqom. xrloq scpkx Suk . Nia. Wan YK XOXNKN Como rv., 1 , -. ' "3-L34 mu, .K .:.r .t-:Q lil' -A. . M "Was , YFFEJI' X ff XX FPONI' P . Y ' WO W ' , 'V 9 mv A A , V, A If X . Mm X V 'F . ' 1 X. AWN f , A Y W .X Q X'X' M. , Xi . , , .PW L W iv X, 1, KN KLABQXQ QQ' nw .P 'EU- . f. -, 3 Sf Q fqw .: " f S Ex' P' PO H1- ofvffo O H COrr7eff . 16416 H ones, Eff! Be 0 f ffy fvehn MCC , fe ef fun 14 W , BLMLJ7 9, Do ' OoOf Bobby Sfeffv fvefolf. Sl-'COND wd Pool fqfbefl Nqfr' Coffs' P IPO 15, 5592 sfo, ffvv 44146 C055 e Foxfev 0 N N770 Odo, Fefe Jffh H0156 44 'L 4 ffflfl CL'1q'fffQ Goodwc nn l fhs, Sfofh fv, Pe 4 S Denny, .Sieve 5 Y 'N X lf: NN 5 08, O o B974-AH1 WW, W Kim, Sw Nxewnox, non, Cone, Xe, eowqe Bo fxg v.ov4'. ?:o'o'oq wot vor! . word. ms W-CTN Gveqg 5'seeXe. Xondkowm YNo Coup Lovd, ' Uxcxilxe X04 YX'x1'. Cv YmsKon, Svlxppew x Bow-4 Y-veomev, we oocjns. 'WLM So Xoe, 'bw odes VYKX NN e Ydvfxo Nmg , Ymxk , S Y if X: N f FPON7 POW- Jonnny lewn, S443 4110015 POLY' C6064 C007 Crondy 3-404' POW' ofvrr Fronlvffn 'S ,Lx X xi. 5, my 4795i 70 obs!! Herb . Cf!! Bred fnfny 80 err Se-br enbrougfv, N snfgnl Denny eh, 7oyfor MQ! uni Powffngx QA-eq Wayne Prfbs, George 0 nwffgnr Sonny Wooden, Bobby F Vlfgyfpe Cqfbrohfy fiffervfry HU! GWJOU. owfer QrQf 7 , J err ofnn y B0 rgexs. '-W7"""" V' X XX 14 NW O0x.J W ow YYOTXX gxxx XXNXXQKI bffxf. OW. YXONN-. Sokmxw Yiodfkoxd, G f3v'x6L5c, BP-CNN QONN-. vNxXXoN Po y-N0 Somiq Goo VYQXXYXQS . vw, XX YOXNXN-L:S, Huw K BOXWXN V Agway Xxhxsm-4 , swf, Vkw 4 Sw-so , - , MN xv Woddi ui I M05 05515. NX Vcwoos, XOXX -gorge Demon, Bmw C,omQXaeNN. 61 cws, Xcc 54411, Bobbi Yxoxm, YUM OX x3 C L, pc V x r"" S 'x -'N Q' ,. -rw Wt 'QA z 1 ,,....-d 0 f' I' W' ,. ,N nfsranfi' 4 9' 0. .vs .W fm K, -.......,,,.. """"' Par-W--H .....- .... ...,,, .. ..,,.,. L 'Wa i1 fx ml xi 1' .,.. ' N, 7 0 as XX , ,..15 ,1 Sv., f .g 'FZ 4 . ' Qw ' js-we x 5 'T 1 1 , ,ag l I . nf f 'xx-viii? Nu 'S 2 NN .px q ' ' x .15 gs. 'f 9 Y if Ani ,ig ,- :VX iii. .. l . ,I -'Mm-fr Q gy'-1Vfi,,gk-1 ff' 1353, ". vw xp!! -ld Am. ,K Q' x0I"' ,.-up-li 10" ii'- C -"'Q iQ-dl! IIN' 1.-an D' iw' ' 4 1 - -fwn-fev wefwl,-T is -fm, 5 eww- Y K - -L fi ix "M A! -4 v , i"'?'i rv LEFT ROW: Grant Heston, Dickie Musick, William Drake, William M. Wright, Charles Hafheimer, Bill Sellers, Eddie Miles MIDDLE ROW: John Dennis, Richie Goodman, Bozzy Halheimcr, Danny Snyder, Roe Adams, Garland Williams, RIGHT ROW: William K. Wright, Sandy Nemo, Cam Campbell, George Credle, Joel Cohen, Jack Myers, Bill Grant. ABSENT: Sammy Snead. yyfi.. fu 'P QHRQ ,F W R' rp no! y . .lvl-:gtg 4 QV 5 I kv Q ,E LEFT ROW: Dean Butrico, Newton Miller, Wendoll Wlnn, Mike Hall, Rowland Powell, Davld Henry, George Sebren, MIDDLE ROW: Frankie Melchoirre, Johnny Goodman, Evert Sharp, Jon Wllklns, Bobby McBride, John WinTer, Tommy Herman, RIGHT ROW: Wickic Taylor, Tolar Bryan, Tim Cooper, Bobby Payne, Cy Grundy, Richard Burroughs, Danny Jofheirner. 32 - J -va lEFT ROW Duvnd Ellroft Hollydoy Wllkunson Tom Campbell Tom Nicholls Steve Sfunlvllpu Duryl Gmc-n berg. MIDDLE ROW Barclay Wann John Yemples Duane Montes Frmk Gcmeh C-Lougn Gurrm Jw C I pepper Corl Foster RIGHT ROW Gary Holl Mnchoel Agelusto Norman Hull Jcmm. Kublu Nl.lson Pufm Bull Jones ABSENT Carter Gunn Lorry McColl .ww 'bib 4+- mf f a ki-5. uf, f f is s I O .. l . K Mx 5 S. -1' ,-4 M- 5 " it 'i"'f i3 - ff .V w...,.,X 'fm 1 W8 ,jk less ,NN -k"'wQf 4, , 'p-Q ' Q xp- - 3 . M115 K :gf 3 FH' AT FOOT: Gwlwore, Moo'e LEFT ROW: Byron, Smcey, Renfro Posfavy NPWSGW, W lk ws MIDDLE ROW: Paco, -2usYIn Massey T, Smvborr, Hmmm, Evereff. RIGHT ROW: Coshvon, Cheufhzvw, Scesrs, Hesmn, VVONGC6, Cutter. 35 ..,T:,,m,3:,.5y,T,,5,-.W ,WV .L Mmm? T ROW: Ned Sham, Juy Frvcdcn, Tlmoihy lrvrr1c,W'urvQrv Hnmmsm, fw"'vy Taylor, Dummy Admvs CEN W: Duvxd TwndwH Junk Ferguson, Tommy Everett, COM Rhode-5, Lxmgrs Thofvvpgon, PeVe Wudc. RIGHT W: Tommy Dupree, Brune Meldwr, Mwchoel Tuvcmwvj Shep Gurus, Rogess Comes, Tron? CuwpbLH 3 6 ,ff V Mx f'4 'K ff" 'fb- 'w 'L 'RE X Www LEFT ROW: Mosley, McColl, J. Nelson, T. Duncan, Burnett, B. Cheatham, MIDDLE ROW: Fmk, Pound Cooke, Schonk, Jordon, Gosh, RIGHT ROW: H. Grundy, R. Jones, D Kobier, Huber, J, Coofes, Lefcos- ABSENT: Unger. 157 to NN Q, i ., -5. WW R Dm:- ln1.,1xI.X at -- .V 13.13 'xhjsfrx rl ikrti -gig gag! tl' X i 5 "' ,al X .sl ,. .4 The Student Council of Nor- folk Academy is composed ot eight members and o faculty advisor. The ofticers of the upper two forms and the Sen- ior Master serve in these respec- tive capacities. The President of the Senior Class is automati- cally the President of the Stu- dent Body cmd Presiding Offl- cer of the Council. The duties of the Council are varied and numerous, ranging from that of locker room in- spection to sponsorship ot the cheerleaders. Among their most important duties is action in an advisory capacity upon cases of violation of School rules, and the awarding of the Student Council Spirit award. The School is particularly proud of the responsible and dignified discharge of duties on the part of the Council of i956- 57. A SEATED: Stone, R., Taylor, A., Mr. Herzog, Margolius STANDING: Campbell, B., Ware, Scully, T., Blackford, F., Nelson, R. The Student Council Richard Stone receiv- ing Student Council Spirit Award from Mr. Herzog ot Com- mencement l956, gwwf ,, I hp Eiivrarg 'ilivuirw NORFOLK ACADEMY NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Number I SPRING 1956 Volume I AS THE STAFF SEES IT For the past two years I have lost countless nights sleep trying to figure out exactly what "it" is that the Staff is supposed to see. At any rate I can't, at present, see anything because it is quite dark in the Black Hole. I was put there for disrespect to H. M., the Editor, Mr. Powell. lt seems that I forgot to bow upon entering the Orange and White office, but, come to think of it, I got oft rather easily when you think ofthe case of poor Mr. Massey, who was put on bread and water for six months for failure to do the same, I am not trying to insinuate that the annual is run on a despotic basis, but is it really necessary to dress the whole staff in orange and white livery? The staff of the Orange and White can be seen any day of the week hustling and bustling in a bee-hive of activity, In fact we work so hard that it has been neces- sary to send three members to Florida to recuperate from Staff fatigue. Seriously, though, working on this publication is a lot of fun. While having fun, we are gaining valuable ex- perience in iournalism, decision-making, design, and business skilly but the main reason that we are anxious to work for the annual is the fact that we get our pic- ures in it more. ,kgs ara , Left to right, in descending order of antiquity: Mr. MacConochie, Advisor to Annual, one ofthe O8-W's staff vehicles on lease from the WEW's Wheeled Wonders of the World, and George B. IWhen Better-Books-Are-Built' I'll-Build-'Emi Powell, Editor, W.-.+f-f"f,, Q - R3 fax ,-. s-,U " Aix N, HWY B sf iffy! Q, ' S , :mv '-.48 1- .. :Q 'QI' , 4 . :NxXX'WE ,A 1 X W gf' Doug Wood leff, looks over the proposed forma! for Vive serond half mr1hon ropnes whale Ruchord Nelsor center, exommes rv wnh o crmcol eye Boo Morqohms sends dvrechons by Qelepbone nr: Horam vo other members of the pubbrnvrom syndwnvr- Drwer Bruce Hfown workung os usum frm be seen by Iookmq seventeen nm hes vo vhe rwghr of fbe pvcture ffbe cur ns foo Yong vo qev hm ml ABSENT: A small number of people who ufVuoHy do the work of vhe ORANGE AND WHITE Q r E' l 'xii -F lr' l l i i SCIENCE CLUB The Science Club met with Mr. Dangler, its superintendent, on the third Wednesday for the first time this year, Though this is not the first year Norfolk Academy has had o science club, the nature of the club is so dilterent that it is practically a new thing. For one thing, the club has been worked into the school schedule so that it is guaranteed a meeting at least once every three weeks, lThe preceding clubs were unable to meet more than four times a year.i Also, the membership require- ments have been altered. The rule requiring that the members take either biology, chemistry, or physics has been removed in order to accomodate younger boys who can benefit the club. However, it is required that applicants give lectures lasting at least twenty minutes on a particular scientific subject in front of the club, Those whose lectures show insuflicient preparation will be refused mem- bership, This requirement insures that all members will be interested to the extent that they are willing to expend the work necessary for the success of such a group. To date two membership lectures have been given, one on the principles of radio by Meade Stone, and the second on electro-dynamics by John Morrison. Both were excellent. Also, the com- bined iunior and senior science clubs attended a lecture on meteorology by guest speaker, Mr. Aubrey G. Hustead. The club has elected Tommy Science fx Mansbach president, and the other officers will be chosen as soon as the remaining applicants have given their lectures, Also at this time the club will map out its program for the year. More lectures by members will be on this pro- gram, and perhaps we will have more guest speakers. What proiects the club will undertake will remain to be seen. This is an age of science, an age which offers much more to the scientific minded student than any of his fellows. Norfolk Academy has shown that it recognizes this by the construction of o modern, well equipped laboratory which it is hoped will result in an increased understanding of and interest in science among its students. The Science Club, as the direct product of student interest in science, can be expected to be of in- creasing importance. A successful science club can only result from interest and devoted labor, its success would be something everyone could be proud of and benefit from. What we have said about the Senior Science Club applies generally to the Junior Club with some modifications, lt is expected that the strong interest shown by this younger group, os well as the enthusiasm demonstrated by the older, will guarantee a full complement of members for both clubs at all times in the future. S i x is Q e S de Zffzq Volume lV Norfolk Acadeniy, Norfolk, Virginia, November l, 1955 Number l Advisor to Belfry: Mr. J. Allen Tyler "BELFRY" HEADED BY MARGOLIUS, NELSON, NEW- TON, MR. TYLER, ADVISOR "Literary Review" Combines With "Belfry" to Form Streamlined Publication Under the tri-editorship of Boo Margolius, Richard Nelson, and Page Newton, the new corn- bine of newspaper and maga- zine plans to make it's debut shortly, As this goes to press, the editors of the new "Belfry" promise an interesting and hard-hitting combination of straight news and top-notch journalism. With a staff of twelve, the "Belfry" looks to- ward the production of some outstanding issues covering all phases of School life. News of yesterday's grads will share space with the activities and lit- erary productions of today's un- dergraduates. Mr. J. Allen Tyler will serve as faculty advisor and roordi- nator. SEATED: Epstein, Bennett, Newton, Nelson, R., Margolius, Goodman, S., Goodman, R STANDING: Ward, Run, Agelasto, P., Powell, Taylor, A., Tilghman, Hubard. 46 X The Monogram Club ,ks em FRONT ROW: Jones, Pender, Kern, Stone, R. SECOND ROW: Lawrence, Mansbach Nelson, R. THIRD ROW: Taylor, A., Scully, T., Cassada, P,, Miller, K. STANDING: Kelsey, Margolius, Newton, Baydush, J., Tilghman, Goodman, S., Powell, Ballard, Boydush, F., Agelasfo, P. 3, il Jw, . -5 5 W' . , ,,. Nr. we 7 9' HCV' R 1- ln ' 1 'fi' , T Just as the Council deals with some of the more intangible aspects of school life, the Monogram Club is the chief body for organized non-academic endeavors in the School generally, in more concrete matters. By far the largest single organization in the Upper School, it is chiefly responsible for the proper functioning of such endeavors as School dances. Whenever any major task involving a need for enthusiasm and hard work arises, the Monogram Club can be Counted Upon to undertake it cheerfully and see that it is well carried out. ws ---sf, sw - gf 5. ,W:m.L-1-isuavfxA,fe:,:.pffs,.m:..f1 1. . ng: .s..xxSs.4o...swQ' fm . 3 9,1 .fs 'w FRONT ROW: Mr. Brown, Henry, Hull, Sellers, Nemo, Butrico, Miles, Sebren-G., Winter, Hermon T., Campbell, Kohler Elliott, Payne N. SECOND ROW: Mr. Dongler, McColl, Hofheimer B., Snyder, Wright W.,'Powell R., Goodman J., Hof heimer C., Miller N., Bryon, Heston G., Moors, Hofheimer D., Adams C., Campbell. THIRD ROW: Mr. Hook, Jones B. Temples, Garris, Williams G., Winn B., Payne H., Winn W., McBride, Cohen J., Wright W., Ageloslo M., Drake, Credle FOURTH ROW: Mr. Tyler, Wilkerson, Burroughs R., Greenberg H., Toylor, Cooper T., Foster, Goodman R., Sleinhilber Musick, Gosh F., Dennis, Grondy. . S 1 lqxllnpnvx lwurpl.. XX' ,gf 14 1 K W? .ff rv 31.03 Q 3.32 -Y-4 'flax 592 El' 52'-4 or ?"' -w 525 ".2Qg',. 5 EEZ, 9-Oo 9.-or mr-:1 sgfn ,512 moo C ? -, wig 2 3 ":o2 o 2:35 :sn egz 41,8 O Q. ogy: 3-0 :rg Of- :QCD 3-LQ Q 'T' 1-02 nag xg.- 3,-. Q13 O:Q inf cn on cn 220 oig 5025 V' Q auf?" O w nf. 353' cn s'i N952 A2 5:0 can 4259- ra Q30 C feng Q70 0 v- -23 Eax 12'- Dewson Refo Cornpbefl B Macy Sebren H Siem B Wooden Andrews Basmghl Paul Parsons Lancaster SCHOOL Y gunman, XY-.1 -an FRONT ROW Own fMgrj Pnce Glasser Goldberg McWalImms Gordon Munch Burton Couplund MIDDLE ROW: Mr Comukoy Epstein Howard Burke Messmar Gnmn Fyfs Fuller Morgan BACK ROW Gregory Mnlchor Evlrcff .- 3, Updbama 'U x, SWL X if G57 X, ' 1 Nw fl-5 -, F. 1 1 M F 'jfff-ij H1 wwf wl 135 -wa li v l Q W--1 llg FRONT ROW: Cohen, Huburd, Reshefsky, Cook, Monsboch, Pender, Stone, Miller K., Glasser. Honderson. MIDDLE ROW: R Mr Herzog Ballard Sioln Wore Montague Baydusli F Mandelson Kern Baydush J 19005 Taylor A Milchtll Werl- ' hoimer lMgr.l. BACK ROW: Campbell, Moore, Rau, bllinger, Urquhart, Scully M., Scully T,, Cassada P.. Parker, McCoy, ' lockwood, Bluclufbrd. - ll k ,W l ,l ll M, M l l Q, l l l M l S 5- J N N 'l Q .K . K ,ifriw 'TS 'L' 5555.3 Alfflfl X nl, 1lM'f5 ,J , A f lm., M7 5 l x M - Q , Kr 2:7-r A wil K A tif- A 'LJ g, i E,.,i.t The Academy iened its 1956 ,August fifteenth. By t 4 date of the firsl W ,E W - ...W Mt,N ,W . ,.,,s.,c-..s-. N i 1 52 Q , Y if az oi . . ...V ,...a.,,.s,.i.... ,N .s sv.. . ,..,, .+.s...., ip ll season wit? ggfell-attended suhggipractice sessiorlg Qtgfnning on -with Northhamptori-Coach Herzagslgadlwhipped the teilxayiptrfa splendia shape and fired the ith the desire to This desire was litst realized when team marched quiet con- fidence onto the mlaty Northhamptonl score was 7-O in fav of Northhamptovti led to supreme effortf pn the part of thel eld and emerged iwtith the season's mage exciting victory. Atgtlhe half, the 3During the third ciuarter, halfback Dohfliern made a touchdown which team to close the ohh-point gap. In theifpurth quarter, Stand Sand Pender each scored to set t Q board at 20-7. lThis first win wasagfeat example of a victory. The Bulldog's nit game was agg position for a score dfibl-O, a pleasant 1' Kern tallied five toullidowns, two of the is 5 fs 4 i T 1? ' is 1 Yi 5 S 2 f Q i i 3 I , l I i ' Q 1 s 2 r i l r s r 2. .i r l, I l 5! ,7, E ' 1 l l I 5 E i i 5 2 ' 2 1 a 1 2 4 e. 25 ,. i it is ,Q NNN t 1 we sm, if, ,N -ss.. ., V1 Neiw.,,mmN:,,? if V' 5 all l ii ,l it i if ,Z . .5 i fi, ,ig ,J- 'E I fi l li if iii 'rig 22 ywwd? is f is 7 ti 2, it , if fi li r it ti Q , Z i l S hst Cape Charles N. A.'s home field, they romped all pifer the op- dvenge for the defepl suffered last year? Eat the hands of Cape Charles, for 80 yards. i i ll y ll +-u-.-1" i i l i i e 43 , ,. 35 is i i . i fi f E 5 l 5 S E f 3 Q i 5 3 S l On October 26il the Bulldogs, bl k on their home fidld, reinstated them? lves with an exhilafcting victory . ' ning-I ' Qin,-in inn ' Q-lncf ice:-nnrl r n a touchdown o 9-O. On a series by Kern's touch ame was a thril ore Christchurch uld have burned 2 18, and we w s game of the s over Pouqoson. Kern to bring the score t these up in short or The Christchurc short end of a i2-6 off the spark which pushed the score to The Bulldog's la straight wins behind At the in the first half Miller and one each in half passes, to gain points, but the made in the last few of the The final score 26-6. at the BuIldog's At the end the first half, we on the ed its lead the second half more points touched if time hadn't . n surge of energy Bulldogs yards Christchurch when time plqyed fourteen Kern ran which s66tE.arr,.-...s.--..s , sssss 3, A cs 1 c Mt ber llth the qny lourneyed to play its fi snip tgame in many ars On a well light d field the dogs held thei Seam in Grouplll Q0-ll score of O g the first half owever in the thi d quarter rk crashed the N llne to go forty y ds for a touchdow They made the e ra point bringing t score to +0 The Bulldogs fo ht desperately to ual Yorks score bi: York skirted the A line once more o finish the ame with a 130 s te Baydush and Stone showed their stuhgon tackling a d ern did his usual fi e running The york loss touched o a two game losing streak for the Acad mys next game a Gloucester was to a discour ing one Slated to win 14 7 the Bulldogs dropped the game l9 14 Gloucester s lteak came in the thi quarter hen thanks to a todchdown on a long pass they brought up their lagging sc to lead us 14 Gloucester clinched the aame with another long pass scored inthe latter part of the fourth 5 nf? ll 1 . ,Jimi LLL., W I 1 I. . 6 . . Vp B -. 2 11 1 . , 1 1 oe V ' 'i 1 ft ' .' . 1 'l' , 5 if f fi l 2 Q 13 il it 1 ' li TQ 11 1 A . 'E 1, .g il ,ff 1 1 f S gs ,sf -, . .. 1 A is ,fr .fast 5 1 1 if it 'LA E ff 1 1 t 5 l N 1 3 l if 1 55 tl if if 1, 55 3' 1 lf 1 it if '1 .1 1 lg W it """"' 11 2 5 1 1 li lt 1 if 1 ll s 1 .5 1 1 it . it 51 'Q ll 1 ITN .. ,, i 11.1 11 li 1 lx ll 5 12 1. 4 1 5 THE rmst Elsv , 2 I Line: ware, Baydush F., ParKe,,lJones, Taylor A., 1 1 1 Baydqsh J., Co ssoda P. Bccllstg Kern, Mitchell, .l 1 5 5 1 Stone,l Miller K. E 1 1 l l 5 Z 5 l 1 ' 1 . - l il if l xl 1 lf 1? 5' gf 1 1 sg 1, " 1? Il li t in -f F tl 1 1 2 1 would hayd nearly evened thq score had the Alexahdrians not broke faway again for more points. Millel' closed thel Pap, bringing the s ore to 13-12, but agl in St. Stevens bro Q away. At the fini of the season's har est-fought game, the score w 13-20. Although tlws game was a los for the Academy, we Bulldogs could b justly pro of their efforts. 5 l Thou the season broug t more than its shar lof close losses, th Bulldogs displayed tlhroughout a spirit of optimism d a fine sense of or smanship over no odds prev ' Nl n r for the tea Stewart Googrwo bby Ruffin, Vfor Wertheimer, Pa E Newton, and Frank 3 1 K 5 ,, 15' 5 W as A 5" 4 X ,M 4' Q hlyyli. " , in MA. 'izpsifffr 31: I kk 4 1 V , .f ,, i . 5 -1' A- K dr ' NN- K. 1? 8 1 Q i yn 'N 4 S ' Q Xg ' 2 J 5 ,, zu EW N.. 14' ? gf. -H, YE, v. f. . ,ls Ms Q52 h --N -if ' J' - ma- , L x vw 2 QP. li-5714. Z I" 'V LV f FRONT ROW: Jones, Miller, N., Winn B., Campbell C., Goodman J., Hofheimer, C., Nillcinson, Wright B., Grandy, Winter, Burroughs R., Gunn, Thiemeyer, Mr. Brown. SECOND ROW: McCall Hollins, Goodman R., Culpepper, Melchoire, Brian, Sebren -as 'Y Y. S., Hesfon G., Taylor W., Herman T., Myers, Hofheimer D, Denny, Payne N., Snead, Mr. Cumiskey. THIRD ROW: Cooper, Agelasto, Campbell T., Moats, Nichols, Snyder, V nh Musick, Winn W., Henry D, V,, Faster, Credle, Cohen, Wright B. K., Temples, Mr. ' ,V Nah? Herzog. BACK ROW: Sellers, Gash, Drake, Hall D., Hall M., Bufrico, Adams, Hof- heimer B.. Nemo, Payne B., Kabler, Powell R., Elliott, Miles, Grant. . - -3 nav A Q , -- . I -5' K 9 v-, y A, . . 3 I 'ZF' fr wg 'lv '- X vu: 'R x ji A Q 1 f l .A ,Mm 9,131 1 . 3 4 Q K its V-' 1 ww . 5 1-fo i lr . sf.-I' kk i 4 be . N i, -'C ....., .gi Wlgxi .. . gg Q ' -- is I x F 'YF "-E as 'V' sw. x 'K , N....e. as P BACK: Evereff, Kelsey, Staley, Griffin, Seidel, Corroway, Musick, McClanon, Holder- ness, Coupland, Johnston, Sieele, Mr. Herzog. FOURTH ROW: Hillard, Price W., Dew- son, Goodridge, George, Levin J., Land, Goodman A., Fowlkes, Stirling, Kighl, Wrigh? N., Burgess, Duncan, Mr, Brown. THIRD ROW: Kohn, Sebren, Andrews, Hanes, Srein R,. Paul, Miller W. Grandy, Refo, Lancaster, Parsons, Renlro, Cossada M. Massey J., Mr. Cumiskey. SECOND ROW: Syer, Wainwright R., Blackford J., Brockenbrough, Dogg, Berry, Campbell C., Fosfer, Dean, Wood K., Brock, Hofheimer R., Toyloe, Gal- braith, Harris. FRONT ROW: Maddrey, Parker, Rawlings, Denny, Franklin, Fowler, Herman, Levine, Wooden, Macy, Basnight, Burroughs, Culpepper R., Phillips, XX. .. i Q 1 M i s .A . . ' Enix iQ .gg I N. , ,,.. . G Q ti' K Q- ,M- M au Q: fi . -iq " L lr. ' - . K . ,A L. A .... .. sz .5 ,, WE Y 5 , Pm FB. N' F ' 3 ""-.i L .1 R' nessmif f -cl mr y,, Q isa 5 B MSA ,, f vw R . BQ i'N. .5 ls' , ' fa! ,A if f" B . 'N' K, ,si Q, cf' . x. L N ...JP A l. I ,ixqwfr ,Nab Nj S., 4 e 3.-f. le.- , . 'E il Q L 1 IQLD . l 5 i I i 'li A, 'D mm 'NX -fwfr S- ,--E ff STANDING: Reshefsky, Toylor A., Moore, Baydush J, Kern, Mendelson, Lawrence, Parker Pender, Miller. -f -rx' E 3 IN FRONT: Mr. Howie, Powell. A R L 353 l . "" Ma:-A mw- L.: R f'-'5 My K ,am i 5 F ,V Q- X: - .41 95? . Y . T Q Q Q 'ww . . 55 igl f'Hnnp,,.. fil -Q 'hhh 1 . AN ff? Rs 4 ' 5' ? W E 55 5 ff K fm Q in if Q X Mww i V . K A ig? fggf . 6 NN 'wks , f '51 .W ,. A .,- M 1 M5 - nr lgggk Q my wk Q Milk? 'i if SSN 2 From the beginning of practice, it was apparent that the basketball team was going to have to work hard. There remained n y three v 'drans from the previous year's team, a'nd like it feclecesso the new team lacked t' e of the rst game, 1. Harvie had a nugle'us,.ott"pro'misilngi Q.yers..1Q lhsx. lC'S'.f?E,..,l.?lff?"'llS3"lf Donnie Kern, 1 .- f - - .ioz:xd,.Dorsey..,Re.ade.r4 .,,. .LV ,,.e. .graduates Jerry and d Baydush, and Kenny Miller, Frank Lawrence, who had back iniury last season, and Joe Parker, a transfer from air M aggy 'S IL T' lx N gening lump on December 7th, it was Donnie ,fs at ceht A Ashby Taylor and Jerry Baydush at forward, rank Eln rence and Dorsey Pender at guard. Being a -N "gf gf!! on, the team had its troubles with St. Christo- er i 'P was one of the best teams it was to face all ason. All in all, the team played a good game, and Donnie rn led all players in scoring with 24 points, even though - . risfowp'hEF'si'iW6'fVYhe'i'gndmie 'V" ittt U 't"r 56x38 margin. in i egamaer 'iii'X T13 mae isrr rrri'is frcvierr+e,dwi9 chfasfchufch, here thg played an Eiicellent game. Donlnietlfern gygy a nd Dorf sey set th? pace with and l5 points respectively, and the team woniirjl the last quarter 54-42. 'by'Kern, the .Academy lost to St. Paiil'Q on February t1rst by 1 E 1 1 S s 3 5 'z 5 1 5 A 55 1 Q With Kern's ankle still botheringlhilrn, the Varsity played Churchland on January 15. They had in one-man team, but won 69-53. Kern managed to score while Parker began ftomsplay the kind of basketball that premises well for future development and scored 12 points. fender helped greatly with 11.11 f On January 18, the Varsity played St. Cl1ristopher's, t came bl? a oor second The S li is wound tu 'with 69 Pu, , 1 P - Qftj' P points to out 29. Kern was high scorfrifor our with 13 Polfsfs- is, is 5 lil!! the next game the Academy ltebm showed great im- provementg and, sparked by Kern Lawrlerice with 14 points, apieceg the team threw a scare lnto Chlirclltland, 52- 56. However the game was marredgbyn bad sportsmanship. Despite the scoring of 16 points gy Lawretncie and 11 a 50-43 scote. V' On February 5, Norfolk Catholig proved its f1rst,zVictory was fig.-Fluke by trouncing the Acadetny 62-45. Ketnqled Academy scorers with 14 points. Hovgeyer, on the next day, . Q e E . S 1 s it 5 E it . tl ll 55 61 the Academy J.V., which had been on and oft all season snapped Catholic J.V.'s unbeaten record 37-365 The team was sparked, as it has been all year Arthur Steiff, Tim Mc 1Coyg'John..Montague, and Ken Urquhiait. In o thrill ng close Stine sank two foul shots with two Seconds to Q A, tippin the delicately balanced scales of svtctofy to old NX On February 8 we lourneyed to Northhampton to pa a "must" game. The team, sparked by Kern with 22 an Lawrence with 12 points, came through to win 7 rl few seconds, 53-51. Ashby Taylor sank two fpslli ly . Q put the game on ice. The Academy renewed its spirited rivalrytfwth C quarter, but then we pulled ahead to win g scorers for the Academy were Joe Parker with 22 points an Donnie Kern with 15 The Academy still has six games remaining and trying its best to Rnish with- or-statistically ----' pos? record A A 1 1 ,fs-Q f".E -. t 1 1 ' I lm S' V church on February 13. It was a close game .6-if I 1 ,.,.,, tai s 3 sr., Such was the outlook prior to the season, and the patrons had iustification for a case of the pre-season blues, for the big gun of NA's pitching staff had gone. The burden then fell to Ducky Darden, Tom Spicuzza, and Bill Hofheimer. An inexperi- enced infield composed of Dorsey Pender, Tucker Scully, Bucky Stanton, Dicky Stone, Barry Sanders, and Ashby Taylor did its best to back them up. Tc inexperience, the numerous costly errors might be assigned, at least as far as the error sheet went, games were lost by fielders rather than pitchers. Donnie Kern, who backed the plate, was usually a depend- able player as well as batter. He led the batting averages with a .350, followed closely by Ashby Taylor and Tucker Scully. It was usually one of the latter two who produced that much- needed ninth-inning run. These practiced bunts by Stone and Pender in the course of time showed their worth also. Next year's season would be a good one if the coach can find some new pitching talent, for he will be left holding the bag this year again. The infield will be intact for the most part, as will the outfield. For the T957 season, the Academy hopes to better its 5 and 6 record of 1956. i E N 5 X l 4. ill! llll BASEBALL - 1956 It looked extremely rocky for the Academy nine that day, The odds stood 50 to 1 with the rest of the season to play. When Chuck got mad and Kern did the same, A pallor the features ofthe patrons o'ercame. R. Thago Stonk ug Vi X :XXX i At Left - VARSITY FRONT ROW: Spicuzza W., Cossada P., Kern Lawrence, Jones. SEC - ' ' ' OND ROW. Mr. Cumlskey, Darden, Spucuzza T., Hofheime Y W, Born, Sanders, Mr. Dangler. THIRD ROW: Pender, Stanton, Scully T., Taylor A., McCoy. BACK ROW: Fee, Cross lMgrl, Stone, Nelson fMgrl, Miller. I if V! J Q... 5 ,?"'N:, 1 x x. WM 4,8 if , 16' ., . .,... A..,.,m-M 1w...1-.Y-YMK -W-W...x., ., 'n if A. , . Q A 'Q W5 .f -' ,W fs. 6 , 8 f MQ W ' A ..,-ij v in Q 1 V ' ,. L E g Q 1 J N . vU'iU ' '. .,f.-y,Q+r' 'UA 51327, x A K, Q...'. .-fd, , ,1 if S agi- .3 xv 1 b i s il . Si 1 Q' I' ' Q M 2-, 5 tiyiy' 'J 'Wi X ri lf X . gx-V3 fu' 'N 'lf W 4 . 9 I x V . Y R Q 5 K A -, ' 4 la- A. , A 3 - L I I J A Q A A EEN , 1 H ,f Y I f"i ' f cv' qi v if I " rl' ' 'A ' I f ' .Lu sv 6 ., , ' W. W ,WJ , - t sv ' . ' 5' w ' W f ff' M , "' , Q L N .Ay:.gky0itK A W-V' X - A x. V fin ....4Q ,I 2' HN ' ' '. ,, "ma "vi V -. kt 9. .anvx . 'n. FR f, 'Y Q , -1' 'A asa 1 I . K , A A , , , F , , wwfiw,--iii,--. ,,1,2s,.?2,,,f'-in- -,J is Q -. ,N L, . . . .vs ,iii Q. S 'gc - W5 T Q - - i 6. - is f5 s,wyQEU '1 u - fi, vWi,wQ,Ywwg2s ,i5.l . k,,Q.,fLf- . sq fe 5,9 ig I Q, :M , ' it Q wwe s si -is 2. 3- - 2 i .rn 1 " fi yi t it si is Mig we ,. p ,.. FRONT ROW: Dan Hatch, Zak Glasser, Bill Moore, Sidney Kelsey, Richard Tilghman BACK ROW: Mays Lewis, Bobby Baldwin, John Burke, Mr. Tucker, Peter Agelasto, Gordon Miller Spring at the Academy saw a windy and rainy season ahead for practice as well as for matches. But while the windy weather was gradually giving way to spring, the first call for the tennis team of i956 was made. Mr. Tucker, the coach, found among the candidates some reason for optimism. Leading the first six was Captain Livingston Lewis, who, being a veteran, became the strong man on the team. Close behind were returning varsity players Bobby Baldwin, Gordon Miller, and Johnny Burke. Rounding out the list were Peter Agelasto, Richard Tilghman, Sidney Kelsey, Dan Hatch, and Bill Moore. At the outset of the season, Lewis and Baldwin loomed as sure bets for one and two men, and Burke, Miller, and Agelasto were expected to pace the rest in the battle for the remaining positions. The Academy enjoyed a successful start by downing Petersburg 7e3, followed close behind with a 9-O defeat for Churchland, The remaining schedule included Maury, Cradock, Great Bridge, Norfolk Catholic, Virginia Beach, and Norvievv. The Academy ended the season having won nine matches while losing only three. Two were dropped to Maury, and one to Cradock, the last loss redeemed by a 7-2 victory in a return match with Cradock, Along with the varsity program, there was a junior varsity training program. Boys who showed real promise were Nick Wright, Skipper Stirling, and Allan Goodman. -JT 66 1-fr , . ! ' 4 ' an , . F- .. Y- 7 J ' 1udl,",'4 , Amir- . ,N an . A,f:4l- N, u-,1.',:, l xf '- , f ':'4.".'- . ! 4:3 I ,alfz-, A f ' 7.2, 'D .Q-911'-ff "T-C2--+ ,N , wr -S4.,L.T.'4-, ' W W' utr.-C,,,, ""' ' - ' ' f ' 1 . 4 Q". ,ly xx n 5. , ul 5 . D s, .'4 FRONT ROW: Dole Dorm, Stewart Goodman MIDDLE ROW: Durtcmw lm-wus, Bob Sherry, Gvougv Burton, Bm ton Cumpbclt, Ntck Wutght BACK ROW: Bobby Taylor, Fletcher Druku, Doug Wooci, John Mt.wmgu:- Steve Muce, Lee Burke, Arthur Epstcm 5 ,Y The Spartan Renaissance Here we are behing the scenes in "Mr, Herzog's Gymnasium." The big picture re- flects what might be termed the public consciousness, of a gym as a place where well armored gladiators sally forth to do combat in that highly specialized form of combat known as football. But the smaller pictures mostly represent a young though healthy growth of interest in wrestling. Mr. Dangler's keen interest in this sport is shared by a number of boys, and it is hoped that this beginning will ultimately result in wrestling's becoming a maior sport at the Academy. Besides being a tlne sports in its own right, it is a natural outlet for boys who may not have the rangy basketball build and are thus precluded from taking a malor part in the winter's chief sport, basketball. The boys on the chinning bar symbolize too a problem that is of national concern. lt has been revealed that American youth are woefully weak in arm development, and generally interior in physical stamina to typical European youngsters. Wrestlinf- T. -u splendid method ot body-buildingg and we all share in a hope that it will-as it gives every indication of doing-catch on as a strong suit in Academy athletics. -QEAP an R.. Wh W 4.4 A 'F . wa A a 9 Q. fi if X ' W 1 4 at W, 1' R If .w yf A.41a,5g, 'Ragga 5393 AL: J ' n x . fl? X, .zxfuf-. av Q 'X ii 2 .3251 -ffvjjf V' S4 12 'K f :Q 4 . Q f' 4 - fggmw mf 3313. A - H , .S . ,K .gkkliy .fi wgixQ5i.'Qg '54 We x x i P . i o aw- n i k Q ! 1 ! bug ww - o 1? A A Sk, '.,- KN A dh , HSM' .. , . ..,.,, - .rw I XFN, , il '5- ,mil Q' f X Q31 N- A ' Cx 1- , f 'K 1' 1, . . - . . k -R .. M -W , W Q-1 I 9 2 .Ry-. Q, . ,v, -W, .45 . .. Q. 4 K vu. ,. pn ' 4' g 1 K 1 'in no , , iff I Q , ' fs x' 3 -" -8 ' 9 x A-' " fwgrw. , Q - W,-.' 1 S- W '- V .L . a n -Y -t Y. ,g A 1 if X! R . ' ini!!! w "2-f'f""'N':f ' -A Q g 'r vw . pf, J'F21'..,-'r5f,yg,'!S, . gg", f. 5: KM., 11,5 - fl - .-,. ff, - ,W f -,f ,pw ' Y .1 x . 5 A, ...V 1 ne src - Rf' 'W Lx W' gain? Udlfvf OF YOUR Qfi Each I 6 f 'iii' . -903 j"'f!5f3"L .1 I 'ff 'Qkf A F np! 7. gi. 'IL if .ff :WS W 1 p '- 's Llng- ,' IW' mia" I F me' . S FY' 'il ,f 'mxqeimfl 2 ' I ' K K +3 . 1. :IJ '? q4"vf r' gr IIVF I- ,J A W, :Km 'W ,-. is I-fav A 'wi man' v- Wx - 'M "K Z. Q ' 23 M Nw 19 xi? 5 Y I S200 uftto fgg, 1' The stors cure out tonight, ot leost for the dummer of the bond . . . A White Coot cmd Block Tie circles with Beauty under Ci poper moon, iewel-studded, while choper- ones smile o Moy the glittering hours. . . On cv fnusioswept floor, Youth lives some of its best mornentsy ond o lody in bronze 76 3 -,EQ ,J wistfuliy waits for a partner . . . Under a flower-Spangled doorway, Romance pauses momentarily before entering .... The Brave and Victorious ofthe Class of 1956, who deserve the Fair, seem to have cop' tured more than their share of loveliness. 77 "x Q1 'Tn 7' - 1,1 221. K 'I Q suit , . N ' 7: :Ik Q gk 1 1 ' K, Q . , .i'. wav 4 , ,T .IV a . -f :Ut 'A '31 v 'J' BT" ' 'fi-'f .ml ' as '-I..-sg Q' , 'Rv . Q 'Nav . ia X S Q ,Offb- jr EJ U' 3 XI 'U'-4 . 1 ,,,,. N bf K rw . A A shade of the grounds. To open the played the National Athem, with the invocation by The Rector of Eastern Shore followed the valedictory Reed. Mr. Massey then i mencement speaker, Mr. lan Educational Director of the dustrial Council, has had long tion in studies and sports. The afternoon was climaxed with the presentation of the diplo- mas by the President of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Edward R. Baird. The graduation exercises of 1956 were con- cluded with the singing of the "Norfolk Acad- emy Hymn" and "America," and closed with the benediction. -AT A wsifwltsem X A s A X - Sons M C., Tcyloe R., Sfone and Grandsons of Alumni M., Margolius, W., Winter B urroughs wwf Q M W 15" ,I ln the early fall there comes one perfect night, when a soft and warm September day blends im- perceptibly into a velvet evening. There is no raing there is no wind. The twin lines of magnolias stand in stately silence glossily reflecting the gleaming. On this night of conspiracy among the weather bureau, the Hckle gods at the Tidewater elements, and the headmaster comes the parents' dinner--ever since its inception held outdoors on iust such an evening. This occasion is designed as an informal get- together among parentssancl faculty. During a lei- surely supper hour parents are invited to meet all the teachers of their boys at a time when both are undiverted by athletic contests, dancing, and so M Parents Dinner ' Y IAM forth-the usual milieu of informal contact. As darkness tolls, a long line of candlelit tables sends forth a welcome invitation to dine, Mrs. Wigg -as always-providing for all the guests with ease and grace. The only speech of the evening is Mri Mossey's brief announcement of welcome accom- panied by the information that there is to be no speech. Then, a la Hollywood, the masters and their wives are introduced under a spotlight from the corner of building by Mr. Massey for the benefit of those parents who have not met all the teachers. Among pleasant occasions, the dinner of Septem- ber 1956 is especially to be remembered. -EAP gk., 7 Football 'Dance .dx Aff! W T! If t1'aJ L Ii ag f ., 4 fx X 4 K Q i 4 1 ll' This year Norfolk Academy greatly improved its science fa- cilities by the building of a science laboratory, The lab, located at the south end of the main building, is furnished with the most modern equipment, and offers ideal conditions under which to work. lt is divided into two rooms, one of which is used for biology, chemistry, and physics--both lab and classes-and the other for general science. The equipment in both rooms is excellent and a tremendous improvement over that of its dated predecessor. The larger of the two rooms, which is used for the advanced sciences, has two parts, one section for lecture and the other for laboratory work. There are six lab tables, each seating four people and having a large sink, gas jets, and electrical outlets as well as storage space. One of the features of the laboratory classroom is an area set aside for exhibition display purposes. Already early in the year, many boys have put this space to use. For the first time there is ample storage space for chemicals and equipment. In the laboratory proper there is one whole wall devoted to shelves and cabinets. Also, there is an aquarium and a terrarium, set up by a group of students. The entire project was made possible by contributions from parents and relatives of boys in the Academy, but a larger part came from people not connected with the School in any way. The Board of Trustees was in charge of securing funds, and of the planning and erecting of the building. Mr. Garnett was the faculty consultant in the construction. All of this is simply another heartening example of the support the Academy has from its friends and patrons. The new lab is one step-a maior one-in a constant search for improvement. As soon as funds are available, more laboratory equipment, especially for physics, will be purchased. Meanwhile, it is hoped that the old lab will ultimately be converted into a badly needed music room, both for choral work and music appreciation. ., -DW The New Science Laborator T s ' Q - K f ' .Q U Qu YP ? 3 if S! 5 fy - 1 nl M A S All 'h K' .ff fo FW - rg ,um ,Q 5' Y 7 w x . 5 X .,,., X ,", I X f" 1' ll lil!!! K Ill 14 A xnxf I I wi J A . it x la X , 9' I IN MEMORIAM .v-v- V 1 - Q Ronald Stewart Cogan 1938 1956 19 W' Selig' SGNQQNY' 3' ,,m,, ,,.t ,,,, ,, , Student at The Norfolk Academy 1950-1955 Associate Editor of 1953 Orange and White Edator ofthe Orange and White of 1954 and 1955 92 N 1 Mr. Robert Baylor Tunstall l88O-l957 Student of Norfolk Academy, 1889-1895 Member of the Board of Trustees,l'-P04-l957 Chairman of the Board of Trustees, 191 l-l927 93 . .1vnuny...- ---. Y. M. Y v .- .,..... .., -fr-omg-..-,w NAME OF STUDENT BARNETT, Richard Moore CHEATHAM, Barry Wade COATES, James Ironmonger COOKE, Richard Dickson, lll DUNCAN, William Thomas FINK, Andrew Snyder GASH, Warner Falkner GRANDY, Hatch Dent Sterrett HUBER, Paul Speer, lll JONES, Robert Allen JORDAN, Fenton Garnett, Ill KABLER, David Lindsay LEFCOE, Jeffrey Brown McCALL, Frederic Arthur MOSELEY, Eppa Mason, Jr. NELSON, John Guy POUND, James Henry, Ill SCHONK, Robert Martin, Jr. UNGER, Harold Ira ADAMS, Daniel Breck, Jr. CAMPBELL, Michael Trant COATES, Crawford Rogers DUPREE, Thomas Randall EVERETT, Gerry Thomas FERGUSON, Quinton Jackson FRIEDEN, Jay GARRIS, Gordon Shepherd HANNUM, Warren Thomas, III HENDRICKS, Marvin Knight IRVINE, Timothy Klink MELCHOR, Bruce Err' gton, Ill RHODES, Byron Col SLOAN, Edward Burrows TAVENNER, Michael Chester, J TAYLOR, Timothy Cowdery THOMSON, James Jr. TWITCHELL, David Mason WADE, Felix Christopher AUSTIN, Erle Harris, lll BRYAN, Thomas Howard CASHVAN, Jeffrey Scott CHEATHAM, James Bertrand CUTTER, Slade Deville, Jr. EVERETT, George Hardy GILMORE, William Jewell, Jr. HENRY, Douglas Davies HESTON, James Newton NAME OF PA RE NTS Form I-Lower School Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Barnett R. E. Cheatham J. R. Coates R. D. Cooke, Jr. G. A. Duncan H. W. Fink Cdr. and Mrs. R. W. Gash Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Grandy P. S. Huber T. H. Jones F. G. Jordan, Jr. J. H. Kabler S. L. Lefcoe Cdr. and Mrs. C. D. McCall Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Moseley J. L. Nelson Mrs. Helen H. Pound Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Form ll Lt. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Schonk M. Unger -Lower School D. B. Adams A. A. Campbell J. R. Coates H. R. Dupree R. W. Everett C. Q. Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Frieden Mr. and Mrs. Col. and Mrs. W.T . Hannum Mrs. Jean D. G. C. Garris Hendricks Cdr. and Mrs. R. K. lrvine Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. B. E. Melchor B. F. Rhodes B. Sloan, Jr. M. C. Tavenner Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Taylor Dr. and Mrs. J. L. Thompson Lt. Col. and Mrs. W. B. Twitchell Lt. and Mrs. F. W. Wade , Jr. Form III-Lower School Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Austin, Jr. Lt. Col. and Mrs. L. T. Bryan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. H. Cashvan Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Cheatham Capt. and Mrs. S. D. Cutter Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Everett Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Gilmore Cdr. and Mrs. E. B. Henry Cdr. and Mrs. G. S. Heston .......-..5,.,!,,. ..,. ,.,,..W,, .,,.,, .... ,-,.,,,..,..,,., ADDRESS 7333 Elvin Court 865 W. 36th Street 5310 Edgewater Drive 1330 Daniel Avenue 1434 Daniel Avenue 261 N. Blake Road 308 Burleigh Avenue -1421 W. Princess.Anne Road 1415 Daniel Avenue 520 Talbot Hall Road 1103 N. Shore Road 1710 Cloncurry Road 6055 Newport Crescent 2721 Heutte Drive 451 San Antonio Boulevard 7336 Elvin Court 111 Frament Avenue 1457 W. Sewells Point Road 514 Butterworth Street 109 Burleigh Avenue London Bridge, Virginia 5310 Edgewater Drive 865 Borman Avenue 307 McGinnis Circle West Rt. .11:1, Box 386, Norfolk 201 Talbot Hall Road 7633 Argyle Avenue Bldg. 5, Apt. 17, AFSC 2205 Jeffery Drive 418 Timothy Avenue 7404 Gleneagles Road 1035-B, W. 24th Street 1424 Cloncurry Road Box 130, Rt. 4951, London Bridge Va 720 Westover Avenue 1067 Algonquin Road Bldg. 5, Apt. 12, AFSC 8248 Gygax Road 910 Greenway Court 8340 Quincy Street 1053 S. Lexan Crescent 865 W. 36th Street 1509 Runnymede Road 210 Ben Gunn Road, Bayside 8329 Quincy Street 7452 Tapley Avenue 500 W. Sewells Point Road NAME OF STUDENT HUTTON, Todd Stewart MASSEY, Thomas Collings MOORE, Michael Rawls NELSON, James Lee, Jr. PAPE, Dale William POSTON, Wilbern Parnell, Jr. RENFRO, James Perry SANBORN, John Pearce SPEARS, William Frederic STACEY, George William WALLACE, Duane Eugene WILKINS, Herbert Lee AGELASTO, Michael Alexander, ll CAMPBELL, Thomas Holbrook CULPEPPER, James Henry ELLIOTT, David Upshur, Jr. FOSTER, Carl lan GARRIS, George Cobb, Jr. GASH, Frank Taylor GREENBURG, Daryl Arden GUNN, Carter Tredway HALL, Cary Hardison, Jr. HILL, Norman Hash, lll JONES, William Talbot, Jr. KABIER, Harvey James, Ill MCCALL, Charles Lawrence MOATS, Duane Robert NICHOLLS, Tom Riston, Jr. PAYNE, Nelson Saunders, Jr. STEINHILBER, Stephen Edward TEMPLES, John Wesley WILKINSON, Lamar Hollyday WINN, Barclay Childers BRYAN, Tolar Gautier BURROUGHS, Richard Chamberlaine BUTRICO, Deon Thomas COOPER, Timothy Bert GOODMAN, John Harrison GRANDY, Cyrus Wiley, V HALL, Michael Campbell HENRY, David Vaughan HERMAN, Thomas Alvin HOFHEIMER, Daniel, Jr. McBRlDE, Robert Garland MELCHIORRE, Francis Edward, Jr. MILLER, Newton Byrd .. ww.. Jus-f--4-17,-W I-nn-.MMV W. . L,-an-we-. ,..- - -V . NAME OF PARENTS Cdr. and Mrs. E. G. Hutton Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Massey, Jr. Lt. Cdr. and Mrs. H. N. Moore Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Pape Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Poston Cdr. and Mrs. J. N. Renfro Lt. Cdr. and Mrs. R. W. Sanborn Cdr. and Mrs. W. O. Spears Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Stacey Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Wallace Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Wilkins Form IV-Lower School Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Agelasto Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Culpepper Mr. and Mrs. D. U. Elliott Dr. and Mrs. J. Foster Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Garris Cdr. and Mrs. R. W. Gash Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Greenburg Rt. Rev. and Mrs. G. P. Gunn Cdr. and Mrs. C. H. Hall Dr. and Mrs. N. H. Hill Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Jones Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Kabier Cdr. and Mrs. C. D. McCall Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Moats Dr. and Mrs. T. R. Nicholls Dr. and Mrs. N. S. Payne Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Steinhilber Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Temples Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Winn Form V-Lower School Lt. Col. and Mrs. L. T. Bryan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Burroughs, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. A. Butrico Dr. and Mrs. M. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Goodman Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Grandy, Jr. Cdr. and Mrs. C. H. Hall Cdr. and Mrs. E. B. Henry Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Herman Mr. and Mrs. D. Hofheimer Mr. and Mrs. G. R. McBride Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Melchiorre Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Miller, Jr. ADDRESS 201 Bay View Boulevard, West Norfolk Academy 1037 Creamer Road 7336 Elvin Court 3601 Kevin Drive, Azelea Acres 1762 Hancock Avenue 204 Carlisle Way 3820 Nansemond Circle 7800 Michael Drive 814 Graydon Avenue 6211 Apt. B, Linwood Avenue 1428 Graydon Place Alanton, London Bridge London Bridge, Va. 1315 N. Brandon Avenue 1450 Waylon Avenue 517 Butterworth Street 7633 Argyle Avenue 308 Burleigh Avenue 476 Painter Street 1326 Cloncurry Road 2000 Inlet Point Road 207 Glen Echo Drive 520 Talbot Hall Road 1710 Cloncurry Road 2721 Heutte Drive 2613 Martone Road 1325 Monterey Avenue 1509 Condor Avenue Thalia Acres, Lynnhaven, Va. 1708 E. Ocean View Avenue 101 - 57th Street, Virginia Beach 533 Cloncurry Road 8340 Quincy Street 7721 Argyle Avenue 150 Bayview Avenue 1512 Meads Road 107 - 63rd Street, Virginia Beach 1421 West Princess Anne Road 2000 Inlet Point Road 7452 Tapley Avenue 420 Hariton Court 6075 River Crescent 421 Burleigh Avenue 8050 West Glen Road Box 54, Rt. :,l.,4:1, London Bridge ADAMS, Roe Reed, Ill 109 Burleigh Avenue NAME OF STUDENT PAYNE, Robert Lee, Ill POWELL, Frank Rowland, Jr. SEBREN, George Hall SHARP, Evert Raymond, Jr. TAYLOR, Wickham Custis, ll WILKINS, Walter Jones. Jr. - WINN, Wendall Lane, Jr. WINTER, John Frederick, ll CAMPBELL, Allan Adams, Jr. COHEN. Joel Laurence CREDLE, George Veal, Ill DENNIS, John Harrison, lll DRAKE, William R. GOODMAN, Richard Campe, Jr. GRANT, William James, Jr. HESTON, Grant Smith, Jr. HOFHEIMER, Charles Richara HOFHEIMER, Robert Gerst, Jr. MILES, Edward Taliaferro MUSICK, Richard Morgan MYERS, John Richard, IV NEMO, Earl Stephen SELLERS, William Porter, IV SNEAD, William Scott, Ill SNYDER, Louis Daniel WILLIAMS, Garland Leigh WRIGHT, William Kile WRIGHT, William Mason BASNIGHT, Thomas Allen, lll BROCKENBROUGH, James Gill, BURGESS, Oliver Taylor CAMPBELL, Charles Stratton DEWSON, George Denison, Ill FOWLER, Robert Forrest, ll FRANKLIN, John GALBRAITH, Wayne Meredith GRANDY, John Walton, IV HILLARD, Mervin Earl, Jr. KIGHT, John Randolph, Jr. LEVIN, Gershon Johnny, Jr. MACY, William Kingsland, Ill PARKER, Carl Denver, Ill PRICE, Michael Wayne RAWLINGS, Hunter Ripley, Ill SEBREN, Herbert Lee, Jr. NAME OF PARENTS Dr. and Mrs. R. L. Payne, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Powell, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Sebren Cdr. and Mrs. E. R. Sharp Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Wilkins Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Winn Mrs. B. B. Norman Winter Form VI-Lower School Lt. and Mrs. D. B. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Campbell B. Cohen G. V. Credle, Jr. J. H. Dennis J. S. Drake, Jr. R. C. Goodman W. J. Grant Cdr. and Mrs. G. S. Heston R. D. Hofheimer R. G. Hofheimer B. L. Miles J. W. Musick Lt. and Mrs. J. R. Myers, Ill Mr. and Mrs. S. Tabett Dr. and Mrs. W. P. Sellers, Ill Mr. and Mrs. P. Snead Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Williams Nick Wright Adm. and Mrs. Jerould Wright FORM-I-A Mr. and Mrs. T. A . Basnight Mr. and Mrs. J. G Brockenbrough Mr. and Mrs. O. T Burgess Mr. and Mrs. J. O Campbell Mrs. R. A. Jett Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Fowler Dr. and Mrs. John Franklin Dr. and Mrs. L. M. Galbraith Mr. and Mrs. John Walton Grandy, Ill Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Hillard Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Kight Dr. and Mrs. G. J. Levin Mrs. M. O. Macy Mr. and Mrs. C. D Parker, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. H. B Price, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. H. R Rawlings, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Sebren 96 ADDRESS 1500 Cloncurry Road 1422 Sweetbriar Avenue 1315 West 51st Street M.O.Q. D-35, Navphibase, Little Cre 720 Westover Avenue 1428 Graydon Place 1533 Cloncurry Road 1214 Daniel Avenue London Bridge 6057 River Crescent 7634 Argyle Avenue 6805 Atlantic Ave., Virginia Beach 421 Ridgeley Road 107 - 63rd Street, Virginia Beach 100 Ivy Drive, Virginia Beach 500 West Sewells Point Road North Shore Point 8100 Atlantic Ave., Virginia Beach Cavalier Park, Virginia Beach 209 - 59th Street, Virginia Beach 8234 Redwood Circle 503 West Holly Road, Virginia Beach 111 Oak Grove Road 506 Cavalier Drive, Virginia Beach 1515 Runnymede Road 6348 Glenoak Drive 1701 Cloncurry Road Missouri House, NOB 1595 Cromwell Ave. 1570 Blanford Cir. 6434 Newport Ave. Linlear, Rt. 1, Box 45, Virginia Beach 1309 W. Princess Anne Rd. R.F.D. 1, Lynnhaven, Va. 7430 Gleneagles Rd. 1128 Jamestown Crescent Rt. 1, Bayside, Va. 4825 Robin Hood Rd. 7622 Argyle Ave. 1021 Gates Ave. 900 Jamestown Crescent 915 Jamestown Crescent 107 - 65th St., Virginia Beach 1432 Brunswick Ave. 1315 W. 51st St. ek NAME OF STUDENT WAINWRIGHT, Taylor McCormick WOODEN, Ernest Elmer, lll BROCK, Edwin Swepson BURKE, Legh Richmond BURROUGHS, Charles Franklin, Ill BURTON, George Herman, Ill COUPLAND, Carter Harrison HOWARD, Thomas Walter, Ill JOHNSTON, Thomas Morgan, Jr. KREAMER, Walter Hain, Jr. LAND, Robert Clarke LEVIN, Edward Ross MELCHOR, James Rogers STEELE, Gregory Charles STIRLING, Yates, lV TAYLOE, Edward Dickinson, ll WRIGHT, Nicholas Carter, Jr. ANDREWS, Mallory Sinclair, Jr. BLACKFORD, John Baldwin CAMPBELL, Bruce Stuart CULPEPPER, Robert Stuart DAGG, Michael John DUNCAN, George Andrew, Jr. FOWLKES, Everette Gibson, Jr. GEORGE, John Francis, III GOODRIDGE, George McGregor, KAHN, Robert Palmer LANCASTER, John Black MADDREY, William Wright MASSEY, James Buckner, Ill MILLER, William Roland, Ill PARSONS, Philip Brower, Jr. PHILLIPS, Paul Hazlett SYER, Lee Crawford BERRY, Thomas Cornell, Jr. CASSADA, Michael Sands DENNY, James Blaine EVERETT, Oscar Leon, lll FOSTER, Edmund Rutherford, lll GOODMAN, Allan Jay HANES, Stephan Lloyd HARRIS, Albert Kenneth, Jr. HATCH, James Stokes HERMAN, Stephen Allen HOFHEIMER, Albert Richard J NAME OF PARENTS Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Wainwright Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Wooden, Jr. FORM ll-A Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Brock Mrs. Elizabeth P. Burke Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Burrounghs, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Burton, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Couplond Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Howard Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Johnston Cdr. and Mrs. W. H. Kreamer Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Land Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Levin Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Melchor Lt. Col. and Mrs. F. A. Steele Capt. and Mrs. Yates Stirling Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Tayloe Mr. and Mrs. Nick Wright FORM I-B Dr and Mrs. Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Blackford Lt. and Mrs. R. J. Cardillo Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Culpepper Wing Cdr. and Mrs. A. G. Dagg Dr. and Mrs. G. A. Duncan Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Fowlkes Mr. and Mrs. J. F. George, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Goodridge Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Kahn Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Lancaster Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Maddrey Mr. and Mrs. James B. Massey Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Miller, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. P. B. Parsons Capt. and Mrs. F. N. Hazlett Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Syer FORM ll-B Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Berry Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Cassada Mr. and Mrs. Denny Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Everett, Jr. Cdr. and Mrs. Foster Mr. and Mrs. Goodman Lt. Col. and Mrs. Hanes Mr. and Mrs. Harris Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Hatch, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Herman Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Hofheimer 97 ADDRESS 206 - 73rd St., Virginia Beach 5200 Edgewater Dr. 6934 Virginia Beach Blvd. 1419 Runnymede Rd. 7721 Argyle Ave. 1936 Springfield Ave. 1329 Cloncurry Rd. 112 Pinewood Rd., Virginia Beach 7502 Shirland Ave. Armed Forces Staff College 700 W. Princess Anne Rd. 420 Brackenridge Ave. 1536 Cloncurry Rd. 5915 Appleton Dr. 5333 Powhatan Ave. 1015 Baldwin Ave. 1701 Cloncurry Rd. 7609 Gleneagles Rd. 107 - 72nd St., Virginia Beach 2505 Dunkirk Ave. 1315 N. Brandon Ave. 401 - 52nd St., Virginia Beach 1434 Daniel Ave. 5508 Alison Dr., Apt. 71-D 1214 Brandon Ave. 1028 Westover Ave. 1515 Trouville Ave. 6233 Powhatan Ave. Rt. 1, Box 242, Norfolk, Va. Norfolk Academy Box 54, Rt. 1, London Bridge 1308 Manteo St. Apt. 5, Cinclant Flt. Hdq. London Bridge, Va. 214 - 72nd St., Virginia Beach 1001 Cambridge Crescent 1129 Little Bay Ave. 210 Ben Gunn Rd., Bayside, Va. 402 Warren St., Apt. 2 1125 Graydon Ave. 112 - 85th St., Virginia Beach 104 E. Severn Rd. 700-A Raleigh Ave. 420 Hariton Ave. 5000 Edgewater Dr. NAME OF STUDENT MCCLUNG, William Alexander, Jr MCWILLIAMS, Peter Arthur PAUL, David Beatty REFO, Carter Beaumont RENFRO, John Norton, Jr. STEIN, Robert Martin WOOD, Hugh Kelly DEAN, Philip Dale DONNELLY, James Brian HOLDERNESS, George Allan, Ill LEWIS, Duncan Hartley MCCLANAN, William Walter MCWILLIAMS, William Gowan, Ill MILLER, Kenneth Augustus MONTAGUE, John Currie MOORE, William Perry, Ill MORRISON, John McKee MUSICK, John Darden OTTINGER, Barney Lane RESHEFSKY, Bonnie Louis RODRIGUEZ, Norman Anthony SEIDEL, William Clinton SMITH, Don Carroll STEINHILBER, Robert Eley STONE, Meade Garforth, Jr. URQUHART, Kenneth Richard WALKER, John Lewis, Ill WARD, Jeffrey Luckey WERTHEIMER, Victor Frederick WHITE, Richard Terrill BAYDUSH, Frederick Lawrence BROWN, Harry Filmore, Jr. CARRAWAY, William John COHEN, Nathaniel James FYFE, John Kerr, Jr. FULLER, David Chipman GOODMAN, Robert Campe, Jr. GORDON, Stephan Haward GREGORY, Henry Luke, Jr. GRIFFIN, Donne McAdams HENDERSON, Don Ernest KELSEY, Sidney Harrison, Jr. MARR, Jack Franklin MCCOY, Timothy Charles MESSMER, William LeRoy MORGAN, Michael Rhodes f-... .nm--.3-me v-mm A f W- ADDRESS Mr. and Mrs. McClung Cdr. and Mrs. W. G. McWilliams Capt. and Mrs. Paul Cdr. and Mrs. J. F. Refo Cdr. and Mrs. Renfro Mr. and Mrs. J. Stein Mr. and Mrs. J. Powell Watson FORM III-A Mrs. Miriam B. Dean Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Donnelly R. Adm. and Mrs. G. A. Holderne Col. and Mrs. R. F. Fulton Mr. and Mrs. W. W. McClanan Cdr. and Mrs. W. G. McWilliams Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Miller Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Montague Dr. and Mrs. W. P. Moore ss, Jr. Cdr. and Mrs. W. C. Morrison, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Musick Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Ottinger Mr. and Mrs. F. Reshefsky Dr. and Mrs. Rodriguez Capt. and Mrs. W. N. Seidel Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Steinhilber Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Stone Lt. Cdr. and Mrs. L. B. Urquhart Dr. and Mrs. J. L. Walker, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hooper Mr. and Mrs. V. F. Wertheimer Capt. and Mrs. R. D. White FORM III-B Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Baydush Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Brown Mr. 'and Mrs. A. O. Carraway Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Cohen Capt. and Mrs. J. K. Fyfe Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Fuller Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Goodman Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Gregory Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Griltin Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Henderson Mrs. Elizabeth Kelsey Col. and Mrs. J. F. Marr Mr. and Mrs. McCoy R. Adm. and Mrs. W. L. Messmer Cdr. and Mrs. V. H. Morgan 98 NAME OF PARENTS 7328 Hampton Blvd. AFSC, Box 133 507 Carlisle Way 521 Battery Rd., Baylake Pines, Bayside, Va 204 Carlisle Way 1020 Baldwin Ave 109 - 74th St., Virginia Beach 7706 North Shore Road 111 - 46th St., Virginia Beach Qtrs A - N. N. Shipyard, Portsmouth 307 Chewink Ave., Virginia Beach Linkhorn Park, Virginia Beach AFSC, Box 133 508 W. Holly Rd., Virginia Beach 1411 Graydon Place 1331 Armistead Bridge Rd. 187 Commodore Dr. 209 - 59th St., Virginia Beach Box 166, Lynnhaven, Va. 6030 Newport Ave. 9415 Norfolk Ave. 6080 Newport Crescent 128 Woodview Ave. Thalia Acres, Lynnhaven, Va. 1016 W. Princess Anne Rd. 1320 Westmoreland Ave. 225 Talbot Hall Rd. 511 - 24th St., Virginia Beach 6001 W. River Rd. 155 Commodore Dr. 1301 Hampton Blvd. 8558 Granby St. 501 Brackenridge Ave. 112 -- 55th St., Virginia Beach Rolfe Lane, Bay Colony, Virginia Beach 313 - 46th St., Virginia Beach 2130 - 62nd St., Virginia Beach 1407 Runnymede Rd. 33rd and Arctic Ave., Virginia Beach 539 Carl St. 1376 Bay View Blvd. 1072 Algonquin Rd. Armed Forces Staff College 309 Michigan Ave., Oceana 864 Philpotts Road Qtrs D-49, Amphib Base, Little Creek NAME OF STUDENT RAU, Randolph Allen STALEY, Joseph Jarlathe, Jr. WRIGHT, Clarence Shealy BENNETT, Robert Holland BROWN, Bruce Frederick COOK, Richard Pinckney EPSTEIN, Joel Arthur GLASSER, Izaak David GOLDBERG, Fredric Bruce HUBARD, Tazewell Taylor, Ill LAWRENCE, Frank Dudley, Ill LOCKWOOD, Lawrence, Jr. MINER, John Odgers PARKER, Joseph Bernard, Jr. PRICE, Bruce Deitrick RAWSON, David Wesley RUFFIN, ROBERT deJarnette, Jr. SCULLY, Malcolm Griffin WEBB, Edward Hugh, Jr. WOOD, Douglas Scott AGELASTO, Peter Alexander, lll BALLARD, John Wright, Ill BLACKFORD, Frank Robertson, Jr. CAMPBELL, James Albert Barton GOODMAN, Steward Howard JONES, Charles Lee MENDELSON, Louis Moses MITCHELL, Dudley Ralph SCULLY, Richard Tucker STEIN, Arthur Harold TILGHMAN, Richard Granville WARE, George Hunter, Jr. BAYDUSH, Jerry David CASSADA, Julien Picot KERN, Donald Frank MANSBACH, Beniamin Thomas MARGOLIUS, Beniamin Wallace NELSON, Richard Henry NEWTON, Robert Page, lll PENDER, William Dorsey POWELL, George Butts, Jr. STONE, Richard Byron TAYLOR, Ashby Brooke, III NAME OF PARENTS Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Rau Capt and Mrs. J. J. Staley Dr. and Mrs. Wright FORM lV Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Bennett Cdr. and Mrs. F. W. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Cook Epstein S. Glasser B. Y. Goldberg T. T. Hubard, Jr. F. D. Lawrence, Jr. L. Lockwood Capt. and Mrs. J. O. Miner Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Parker H. B. Price A. J. Rawson R. D. Ruffin C. D. Scully, Jr. E. H. Webb, Sr. J. B. Wood FORM V Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Agelasto Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Ballard, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Blackford Capt. and Mrs. J. H. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Morris Goodman C. L. Jones A. Z. Mendelson H. R. Mitchell C. D. Scully, Jr. J. Stein H. G. Tilghman G. H. Ware FORM VI Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . J. B. Baydush . J. P. Cassada, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. . H. H. Mansbach . LeRoy Margolius Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Kern I. J. Nelson . R. P. Newton, Jr. . W. C. Pender . G. B. Powell . E. F. Stone . A. B. Taylor, Jr. 99 ADDRESS 55th St. and Crystal Lake, Virginia 2339 Vincent Ave. 300 Virginia Beach Blvd., Oceana 104 Laurel Lane, Virginia Beach 306 - 43rd St., Virginia Beach 117 - 69th St., Virginia Beach 7003 Mallard Dr. 1015 Langley Rd. 205 Faigle Rd., Portsmouth 632 Redgate Ave. Box 306A, Carrier 106, Portsmouth Cavalier Park, Virginia Beach 5705 Carillo Ave. 5226 Powhatan. Ave. 107 - 65th St., Virginia Beach 7423 Chipping Rd. 1034 Westover Ave. 215 - 76th St., Virginia Beach 7710 N. Shirland Ave. 141 Pinewood Rd., Virginia Beach Alanton, London Bridge 219 S. Blake Rd. 107 - 72nd St., Virginia Beach 104 E. Belvedere Rd. 1125 Graydon Ave. 419 Virginian Dr. 204 Riverside Dr., Portsmouth 514 Nansemond St., Portsmouth 215 - 76th St., Virginia Beach 1020 Baldwin Ave. 913 Greenway Ct. 301 Ave. Virginia Beach 1301 Hampton Blvd. 1001 Cambridge Crescent 211 Carlisle Way 7424 Shirland Ave. 1320 Buckingham Ave. 7414 Muirtield Ave. 1123 Manchester Ave. 1028 Spottswood Ave. 132 W. Belvedere Rd. Ave. C., Virginia Beach Great Neck Pt., London Bridge Beach Q A v 1 , A-1 K , ,X ., ,. N...-Q .mn-a..a.-M xf-"wwHQHWwsWf.Mfefwr:'1f-w-5ww-if-fwwwffwfwwzwwsWwzwwvwffffersmmwffM- :ff-egglgmpwf,--wfllvfwwiii A Q-f X at-wwfuvfwfixgffwivwmw-fffmhwm-SINwww, A. B. EDELBLUTE 84 SONS Texaco Gasoline, Lubricating Oils and Grease Compliments of Battery Service. Tires and Tubes Phone ,IU-89891 7601 Granby Street 7501 CFHNIVY SI- Compliments of B. F. SALOMONSKY 8. SONS, INC. TAYLOR BURGESS JEWELERS HAIRSTYLING SALON 437 Boush Street Norfolk. Va Compliments of PROSPERITY CLEANERS NORFOLK SASH DOOR co. Building Materials Compliments of THE TOGGER SHOP Compliments COHIIJIIIIIPIIIS of w. G. swARTz co. GIRARUSI INC. Dial MA 21702 "RED BARROM'S" SERVICE STATION F. M. lRedt Barrom, Prop. Washing-Creasing-Oil Change-Tires and Tubes Batteries-Simonizing-Accessories "Cars Called for and Delivered" 4801 Hampton Blvd. Norfolk, Va. PRICE'S INC. "Brand Name" APPLIANCES AND TELEVISION Since I905 AUTOGRAPHS usuiu- .H 0 Virginia Beach Blvd. at Thalia 0 Route 58 0 GRASSHOPPER GREEN SCHOOL WMAWMQZ CITY FURNITURE AT COUNTRY PRICES Uwned and operated by Willis Furniture Co. inc. 0 14-59 Picadilly St Norfolk, Va. Compliments of NEWTQN FLORIST :lk H 5 , R. YM Q IE R f in l ag sf .eu N.. M ,, Ly XZ .-'f' W, 'vt ,Q QC-5 Q , X iw -. ' f nf I an 6 2 6 X., Y as -.., K uf M "' ' . H-'- x 1-0 X 1' ' X . H F sd 3 ,- av' , ,. " 3 ,A 5,- ff" rf Acknowledgements ln a very real way, this book is the product of the entire school - from the boys who patiently posed for the pictures and the teachers who laboriously worked out lists of names, to the actual stafl workers. The Staff of the Orange and White wishes to thank all the people whose willingness to do count- less little tasks contributed to the success of this book. Besides them, we would like to thank especially: Mclntosh Studios, who took almost all ofthe pictures, and whose artistic ability has supplied us with something more than mere pictures. - Our patrons and advertisers, whose substantial aid makes this book possible. Mr. Tucker, who not only acted as advisor to the business statt, but pounded the pavements him- self for ads, Mr. MacConochie, who was advisor to the general staff. And last, but not least, The American Yearbook Company, who - among many other things - have patiently worked out perhaps the most complicated layouts in the history ofthe ORANGE AND WHITE. Autographs 39 it 2, ' r ' ' LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Donald Kern: I leave my ask - 'em - Rich questions - till - you - know - more - than - they - do classroom technique as a permanent memo- rial, for certainly no one can match my ability, in this department. ard Nelson: I, H. R. M., R. H. R., leave my collection of Scheppes ads, Javoro Shrunken Heads, and old New Yorker covers to any wit lor halt-witl who would like to have them. George Powell: I George the First, leave Boo the editorship to anyone who is crazy enough to accept it, and here- by declare there is no truth to the rumor that my resignation as editor was forced. Margolius: I, Boo, leave my EI Dos- masho Cadillac with its extra bon- nets, tyres and other appurtances to I-u-DL ML.. -- --r --nr-M -r - f+- - AA r -nn-r --Fe any Academidn who is not accident- prone. Thomas Mansboch: I, Thomas, being of sound mind and high IQ, leave my honor role position utterly vacant - any takers? Page Newton: I, Page, leave my eight- day week to any budding genius. IThis is as close as we 'could render the original Sandscrit-Ed.J Ashby Taylor: I, Ashby, leave the re- maining ducks in Princess Anne to Mr. Hook. Richard Stone: I, Richard, leave my col- lection ot old bandages, casts and crutches to any rising young quar- terback. Jerry Baydush: I, Jerry, leave my brother Fred. Dorsey Pender: I, Dorsey, leave my hur- em to any boy - if there is any - as good-looking as I.

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