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f I , . J J Y Y A I I X. Ck. 2... 1 5, xxx I, V fx J if X V v 5 N -V in 4 1 fyy! I Af , P y. If f fi o-., .N . K4 Z' .MIN ff - .dl W Q F2 74 M I 'J G 4 4 f V Vx, 1 X t r K . 56 WL, fr 1 , I , ,,-4 1'7v'1-5-Z... ,ww ' i f A f,Mf6, A 'Tx I ' . 9 A ' fi X of 'M ., f9' Zi 3 . ff I , ' x ZGOHWWWMOK ,N QW 64 vw M wp . MW G ggi Q' X -JH ' Y n Q if K ,fffrwfff D 3 xgfqa , ff 'qfivfnf . . . for iq ,Mm WM 2 2 if WQW W 6 ., D jg!! vfJf'Gl7x 2,1 Q t 6 K fx , 0 I Q ,,mf"" N 3 Q , Q , Nb i is R U X2 ' Xi X Eixil QM ra aw 'f ' 4,,,.2fn,, J g r f K 5 p J ' New X lf i w ' J. L A R M M V 'K , F3 V V if Xfwakw 'B - ,, ww '- I K V ,. W. I f ': Y - V' 135, . l H Y. ,M J.. '5'1if?7 . ' W ,- - Q I ' Y Q 4 2 In F . 'wiff-rf? M F - ' ' ' , "f . 'H , . ff I . 3 I 5' '3f1- -,Q 'F - ' V ,,, . . I k ,k,- , my r if A V f Egg!! gli U QM ,A Q 3 . .0a1.'f4f' .' . 1- ,, ' Hfffzfl ' , H ' 5 A ,, ' ' . q.-213' , .- - ' .QAIQZM2 :AW ' L ' iarii, V K K i , ' 'S 1 fiinxvf K2 ' A SW' I .f.,.-- - .4,, wfimf if' M1 , ,ww ifilwfcl W H 'GBM 3517 ' f W ll ' f - , ' fbi, 1' N ' ' ' . ' A - aigqflf ,GQ-L X : . , Y ' '. ' L 1 - .,,g f'!SsY:f L , ' 'A gl 14537 . J-' -T ,, sg 52' fqvf-.fu " 'Q ..'- - .V K IVE. 15, 5,3 A W ,, wg.,-fl K, r , nn, . MMM UVMAC I I T K XA ff 41 V- f. ff' V 5' : S 5 EX ,- Q xr' 9-A ...N . x, 'mga .mx W N N, 1. W. . ' . " H, ,Vx J t . 4 , 'F . 'iw f, ku -., .W W hp A ,. ' . if Rx I 3 N s 4, if - 1 L ff ' ' ki 'X qffdfxff it A 'T 'E xx 9 'f' l gi' it 4 Mx in I i H 'Y Y x KW 'XS 'Wax , Z "K-.X i Y-f P' " EQf.2'M',,W ,A,, , n..M.,A, R 5 QP' 'fr-, W5 'X XGVPX QSM 1951 TOPA TOPA Published by the JOURNALISM CLASS of ' NORDHOFF UNION HIGH SCHOOL OJAI, CALIFORNIX I V' 5 4 FCDREWGRD This is the end of another school year, The senior class looks forward to graduation and the rest of the student body to three months of summer vacation. This past year has brought swift and terrible changes to the lives of millions of the Earth's people. The coming year seems grimly uncertain to us on this beautiful June day. Createldlin such times, the 1951 Topa Topa has tried to capture some of fthe spirit and happiness that have combined to leave us witlil un- forgettable memories of our school. We hope that you will find in the following pages a complete record of the big and little things that have made up your school year at Nordhoff Union High School. THIS BOOK CONTAINS ADMINISTRATION CLASSES JUNIOR HIGH ACTIVITIES SPORTS ARCADE PARK ENTRANCE DEDICATION The Staff a'ea'icateJ the 1951 Topa Topa to the voters of the Ojai Valley whose action thi! year will create a greater high Jchool in yearf to come. OJAI VALLEY BOARD OF TRUSTEES Money matters and monthly meetings occupy five active board members' time. They are responsible for keeping the school running smoothly and under the guidance of President Basil McGann they have done a very commendable job this year. Left to right: Mrs. Lenadore Busch, Clerk, Mrs. O. P. Gates, Mr. H. A. Bliss, Mr. B. A. McGann, President, Mr. Glwyn S. Chase, Mr. Rudolph H. Drewes, District Super- intendent. FRIENDLY ADMINISTRATIGN A few members of the faculty en joying lunch in the Home Eco nomics dining room. TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1951 Writing a message to a departing class of Seniors is very difficult because it is so easy to be trite. It seems unfortunate that you should graduate in such inse- cure times. However, perhaps because of the challenge of this period you may go farther than you might otherwise. I feel you who have tried in school have been well grounded in general education, and you should be able to handle almost any situation you may meet. Some of you unfor- tunately will probably have to learn certain facts of life the hard way. Specifically, if you believe that, "it is who you know and not what you know" then you will have to discover for yourself the fallacy of that statement through hard experience. Actually in life there is no substitute for hard work, knowledge and honesty. If you accept this and apply it I cannot see how you can help but succeed in whatever you may undertake. It has been a pleasure to work with the class these past four years. You have been cooperative and friendly and have made me feel that we were friends, so it is with re- gret that I see you go. Sincerely, RUDOLPH H. DREWES Q.: ing in his cabinet. Mr. Taylor, Vice Principal look- A JOHN TAYLOR Univ. of British Columbia At Nordhoff for 12 years Mnlb, Eronomirf, Civics MISS CONSTANCE TERRY Univ. of Calif. at Santa Barbara At Nordhoff for 4 years Englifh, Sofia! Scienre DAVID SANDERS Univ. of Calif. at Los Angeles At Nordhoff for 1 year jozzrnalifm, Engliyla My FACULTY FRIENDS 'N ,f , I . i .WY MISS ELIZABETH HARRIS Univ. of Wasliingtcmn At Nordhoff for 14 years Englifla JACK POLSKI Creighton Univ. At Nordhoff for 26 years I-liftory, Mallaemaiicf MISS RUTH GOODSELL Univ. of Calif. at Berkeley At Nordhoff for 5 years History, Gvograplyy, Spfmifla DONALD HARRAI-I Univ. of Calif. at Santa Barbara At Nordhoff for 1 year Art, Sofia! Srience MISS MARGORIE FRASER Univ. of Calif. at Los Angeles At Nordhoff 2 years Shorthand, Typing. Bookkeeping HERBERT KAISER jordan College of Music At Norclhoff for 2 years Orclaeftnz, Cborur DAVID DAVIS Univ. of Calif. at Berkeley At Nordhoff for 22 years Agrirulture, Scienfe FRANK ROLLER Univ. of Calif. at Berkeley At Nordhoff for 17 years Social Srienre, Hirlory MRS. ELSIE MINGER Univ. of So. Calif. At Nordhoff for 22 years Latin, Malbematicx , L . i - v ll l Qfjliff f yxl s . HELP US LEARN new , . LU JJ.-'i Tm' i ,AX xxx jf W ,if flyjxl V1 . 2 + JOHN HODGDON Univ. of California at Berkeley At Nordhoff for 7 years Shop MRS. DORIS WENTWORTH Univ. of California at Berkeley At Norclhoff for 16 years Home Economic! PHILIP BATES Univ. of California at Santa Barbara At Nordhoff for 3 years Printing, Mathematic.r, Tennis, Mech. Drawing BILLY j. O'DELL Ohio University At Nordhoff 1 year IV Foothall, Barkethall, Bafehall, Englirh, Social Science, G e n e r al Science MRS. ALDANA GLOVER Northwestern Univ. At Nordhoff 2 years Physical Education, Social Science BARTON AI-ILF Univ. of Southern California At Nordhoff 3 years Phyrica! Education, Mathematics No 'Nl LYLE BROWN At Nordhoff for l year CECIL FISHER At Nordhoff for 1 year CLARENCE WILLIAMS At Nordhoff for 8 years by 3,1 RZ IDA RABIDEAU At Nordhoff for 7 years I JEAN RAMEY madly At Norclhoff for 7 years ARTHUR DOWNEY At Nordhoff for 9 years MRS. ELIZABETH COOK At Nordheff for 2 years Lilararimr MRS. DORIS SARGEANT At Nordlaoff for 2 years Sefretary MRS. HELEN LEWIS Berkeley Public Health At Nordhoff for 4 years School Nmire fr..-:ff My .,, dh!! iv:- li. 3 ,mv Q 1 SEN IDRS 1 class ollicers, Czmol. WEST Senior President, jr. Judge 3, GAA 5, 4, Representative 4g Let- terwoman 4, Vice President 4g Dramatics 4g Entered 3. Mmtcm ANDERSON Senior Secretary Topa Topa Staff 4g Dramatics 3, 49 Letterwoman 5, 45 GAA 2, 3, 4: Editor-im Chief, Ranger Record 4g Projec- tionist 3, 4. 951 proven leaders 9 . Joi-IN DAWN Senior Vice President, Scholar- ship 2, 52 Football 2, 3, 43 Class Vice President 2, 3, 43 Baseball 3, 4, Sigma Mu 3, 4. TED BAER Senior Representative, Baseball 3, 45 Senior Play Usher 53 Grad- uation Usher 3: Dance Commit- tee 4g Entered 3. senior memories . .. If we reach far back in our memories to, say, 1945, we will see the seventh graders who have just joined Nordhoff High. They have elected jimmy Stockton as class Presi- dentg Marjorie Rhine, Vice Presidentg Harry Hunt, Secretary-Treasurerg and Alice Varnedoe, Representative. Their class advisors are Miss Michaeli and Mr. Bishop. The eighth graders, by way of welcoming the new students have given them a welcome party at Camp Comfort. Now things get a little clearer and we find the seventh graders have become eighth graders. Besides being now the "upperclassmen" of the junior High the eighth graders elected new class officers. Ruth Moeschler was Presidentg Del Loban, Vice President, joan Kettenburg, Secretaryg and Barry Sutherland, Representative. The class advisors were Mr. Bishop, Mr. Taylor, and, another change had taken place, Miss Michaeli was now Mrs. Van Buskirk. A small group of thespians proved their worth in the seventh-eighth grade Christ- mas play, "The Toy Shop," given exclusively to the junior High. We also remember, with a few misgivings, the eighth grade skating party on janu- ary 17. The outstanding class athletes were: Harold Bangs, Warren Henry, Bill Kosub, Ralph Rich and Allen Sullivan. Having started their Freshman year off right with an informal "Introduction" party in the gym on September 20, the "class of '51," as they were now calling themselves, elected Barry Sutherland as class Prexy with Mary Thorpe as Vice Presidentg Cora Hamby, Secretary, and Nathan Shoemaker, Representative. The class advisor was Mr. Frank Roller. They brought some worthy contributions with them in the form of Rangerettes, Chorus, Projectionists and Scholarship Society members. And, of course, they didn't get through their 'Frosh' year until they had had several class parties. Beginning the long climb upward we now find the "class of '51" as Sophomores and rapidly being recognized as a credit to Nordhoff. Again class elections were held, the lucky ones being johnny Ball, President, john Dawn, Vice Presidentg Marjorie Rhine Secretaryg and Barbara Weeks, Representative. Their class advisor was Miss Ruth Goodsell. Being very busy with California History, Geometry and Spanish II they didn't have their first party until November 3, which was a skating party held jointly with the juniors. On February 1, they had another skating party which ended with a Weiner roast at the school. A The 'class of 'Sl' really came into its own with the Sophomore Spring Formal on pri 8. It was a huge success. -Q' LILY BARRAZA JOHN BALL HAROLD BANGS ASB Vice President, Class Presi- Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball dent 2, 3g Football 2, 3, 4, Bas- 3, 43 Tennis 2, 3, 4, Dramatics ketball 1, 2, 5, 43 Outstanding 4g Chorus 1, 2, Dance Commit- Player 33 Baseball 1, 3, 45 Track tee 1, 43 P- E- AS5iStal'lf 4- 33 Dramatics 3, 4. GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 4, Usher Senior Play, Dance mittee 2, 3. Com- LEE BENEDICT Tennis 45 Baseball 4, Band Entered 4. JANET BENSON NORMAN BRACAMONTES Chorus 1, 43 FBLA 4, GAA 1, 23 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain Dance Committee 2, 3. 3g Tennis 4. I- Boa BROWN JIMMY Buscl-i Football 2, 35 FFA lg Stage Projectionist 2, Stage Crew 3, 4. Crew 4. Juniors at last! What memories we have of that year. john Ball was chosen class Prexy and john Dawn, Vice Prexy. There was a new Secretary though, Carolyn Hat- cher and a new class Representative, Ray Price. The class advisor was Mr. David Davis. That year there were new, fascinat- ing classes to attend, like Chemistry, and Biology. Also there was the distinction of class rings which naturally outshone any other class rings before them. There was another skating party, held in Nov. and another dance to give. The "Valentine Dance": everyone thoroughly enjoyed going to it. But, now, don't you remember the jun- ior Play, "Nothing But the Truth," on May 13-14, directed by Miss Constance Terry? It was a wonderful play with a wonderful cast and was enthusiastically received by the public. S WILLA CAMER Sr. Editor Topa Topa, Schol- arship 2, 3, 4, Commission- er of Welfare 4g Letterwoman 3, 4, GAA 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 3, 4, Ranger Record Staff, Sig- ma Mu 3, 4. Bos Cous Topa Topa Sports Ed., Var- sity Football Manager 4, Sigma Mu 3, 45 Basketball Statistician 4, Ranger Record Staff, Stage MARCIA DIMMICK Scholarship 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Letterwoman 3, 4, Projection- ist 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 3, 43 Sigma Mu 3, 4, Bus. Mgr. Topa Topa 4g Ranger Record Staff. Electrician 3: Entered 3. WANDA DRYE GAA 2, 3, 4, Library help 1, 2, 3, 4, Usher Sr. Play 43 FHA 3, 4, Student Store 39 Served Dinners for Home Ec. Letterwoman 3 4 Dramatics 4 Chief Proiectionist 4 Pro ettion- 3 FA 1 3 4 Topa Staff 4 GAA 3 3 4 Dance Vice President 3 Bankers Award DICK FEGENBUSH Letterman 2, 3, 43 Football 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 3, 43 Tennis 23 Stage Crew 43 Chorus 33 FFA lg Dance Committee 3, 4. ANGELA GARDIN GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Point Secretary 43 Letterwoman 2, 3, 43 Dramatics 43 Student Store 33 Stage Set- ting 3, 4g P. E. Assistant 4g Dance Committee 2, 3. ERNESTINE FENNEL GAA l, 2, 3, 43 l.etle1'wnman 3. 4, Vice President 3, President 43 Sigma Mu 3, 43 Topu Topa Staff 43 Ranger Record Stuff3 Dru- matics 3. GWEN GATES Scholarship 43 Letterwoman 3, 43 Sigma Mu 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 43 Commissioner of Publicity 43 Dramatics 3, 43 Topa Topa Staff 43 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4. PAULINE Gooo SHARON GRAY Store 43 Publicity Manager Sr. ord Staff3 Chorus 43 FHA 4 Play 43 Dance Committee 2, 33 Usher Sr. Play 43 Dance Com 1 Chorus 1. mittee 4. Remember the hamburgers the "Class of 51" served the "Class of 50" at the annual end-of-the-year junior-Senior Barbecue? They expected steak, but we surprised them. The hamburgers were delicious and the Class of '50 had to admit that they had had a good time. The outstanding athletes of the junior class that year were John Ball, who received the "Most Outstanding Basketball Player of 1950" award, John Dawn, Harold Bangs, Harry Hunt, Bill Luttrell, Norman Bracamontes, Del Loban, Larry Shaw and Allen Sullivan. At last, Seniors! Upperclassmen. The long-awaited peak has at last been reached. "Dearie, do you remember?" Having lost john Ball to the ASB Vice Presidency, this year we chose Carol West as class President3 john Dawn, Vice President, Marcia Anderson, Secretaryg and Ted Baer, Representative. Mr. Drewes is class advisor. According to custom the seniors had their Beach Party, held at the first of the year, and every senior will tell you that they had a wonderful time despite the sandy Cokes and hot dogs. DAVID GUINN Com HAMBY Stage Crew 3 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, President 43 Letterwoman 5, 43 Sigma Mu 3, 43 Dramatics 3, 43 Ranger Record Staffg Topa Topa Staff 43 Class Sec. 1. CAROLYN HATCHER RICHARD HAYS Cheerleader 43 Letterwoman 33 Basketball 13 Baseball 13 Track 43 GAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Dramatics 33 3, 43 Talent Show 33 Usher Sr. Ranger Record Staff: Class Sec. Play 43 Stage Crew 2, 3, 4. 33 Sigma Mu 3, 43 Dance Com- mittee 2, 3. 3. - GAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Letterwoman 3, GAA 3, 43 Letterwoman 3, 4' 43 Ranger Record Staff3 Student Topa Topa Staff 43- Ranger Rec- HARRY HUNT Letterman 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4g Baseball 23 Dance Committee 1, 2, 3g Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4g Class Representative 1. BILL KINTUP FFA 4, Chzurman of Noon Mov- ies 45 Chairman of Community Service 43 Entered 4. VIRGINIA HIGGENBOTHAM LORRAINE HUNSAKER Letterwoman 3, 45 GAA 1, 2, 3, FHA 4, GAA 3, 4, Student Store 43 Dramatics 3, 4, FHA 3, 45 43 Head Usher Sr. Play 45 Usher Sigma Mu 3, 43 Ranger Record Jr. Play 35 Ranger Record Staff Stafh Chorus 43 Entered 3. ANTHONY KLICKER Projectionist 2, 3, 4, Assistant Chief Projectionist 4, Sec.-Treas- urer FFA 3, Stage Crew 4, En- tered 2. JERRY LEWIS Scholarship 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' State 3, Projectionist 1, 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 4g Statistician 3, 4g Stage Manager 1, 2, 3, 43 Sigma MII 3, 4. DELL LOBAN BILL LUTTRELL Letterman 43 Football 1, 4, Cap- Football 3, 4g Letterman 3, 43 B' tain 4g Football King 43 Basket- Chorus 3, 4g Dramatics 3, 4, P. ball 43 Track 3, 4g Baseball 3, 4g E. Assistant 43 Entered 3. P. E. Assistant 4. GEORGE MARTAN Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 13 Baseball 2, 43 Letterman 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1, . 23 Stage Crew 3, 4. l PAULINE MAYER GAA 2, 3, 4g Letterwoman 3, 43 Scholarship 3, 43 FHA 3, 4, Pres. 33 Commissioner of Finance 43 Topa Topa Staff 43 Ranger Rec- ord Staffg Dramatics 4. ROBERT Monuzv CHARLES NEU1-mus Topa Topa Editor-in-Chief 43 ASB President 43 Dramatics 3, Ranger Record Staffg Track 3, 43 43 Football 2, 33 Baseball Mgr. Basketball 43 Letterman 43 Sigma 3: Dance Committee 2, 3: Ten- Mu 3, 43 Entered 3. nis 43 Sigma Mu 43 Projectionist 2, 3, 4. ..,....1...-,. .. Y HOMER NICHOLS MAR 1011112 RHINE Football 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3g GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Secre- Baseball lg Tennis 1, 2, 3, 43 tary 2, Rangerettes 2, FHA 3, 4, Letterman 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, Vice President 4, Dramatics 4. 3, 45 Chorus 3, 4, RALPH RICH REBECCA SARATE Letterman 3, 4g Football 3, 4g Letterwoman 4, GAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Most Valuable, lst all League, Stage Setting 3, 4g P. E. Assist- Co-Captaing lst all League Basket- ant 4. ball 45 Track 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4. LARRY SHAW NATHAN SHOEMAKER Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 1, 3, 43 Track 3, 4, Letterman 3, 4, President 45 Sigma Mu 3, 45 Commissioner of Elections 4. Letterman 3, 43 Sigma Mu 3, 4 Class Representative lg Publici ty Manager 3, Projectionist 3 4, Tennis 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2 33 Dance Committee 2, 3. 4 fy l Mimi 'Lil ffl lv I X-Q15 33, 3,61 IERRY' STALLINGS MAE STANFORD Stage Crew 4. Letterwoman 3, 4, GAA 2, 3, 4, Proiectionist 3, 4, FHA 3, 4g Dramatics 3, 43 FHA Treasurer 'Papa' Drewes and 'Little Papa' Taylor chaperoned this party. Next came the Hallo- we'en Dance, an informal dance sponsored by the Seniors, and which was a very good dance. For a small group of hard-working Senior actors the main event of the year was the Senior Play "Little Women." This well-known story of Louisa May Alcott's was done very well and was heartily received by an admiring public. The most outstanding Senior athletes this last year were john Ball, Ralph Rich, "Outstanding Football Player of 1949,,' Del Loban, Harold Bangs, john Dawn, Larry Shaw, Harry Hunt, Dick Fegenbush, and Allen Sullivan. In the Spring there was held a swimming party which was enjoyed very much by the Seniors attending it and they all proved that even after a long winter's rest they weren't out of practice. Then came that never-to-be-forgotten end of the Senior year. Those wonderful hec- tic days. From the day after graduation all we have left of Nordhoff are memories. ALLEN SULLIVAN ALICE VARNEDOE Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Letterm Scholarship 43 Letterwoman 3 3, 4, P. E. Assistant 4, Basket- 4, Secretary 43 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 ball 1, Chorus 1. FHA 3, 4, Reporter-Historian 4 Sigma Mu 3, 4, Rangerette 1 2, Projectionist 3, 4. KENNETH WALTERS BARBARA WEEKS Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball ASB Secretary 41 GAA 1, 2, 3. Mgr. 4g Dance Committee 2, 4, Secretary 4: Letrerwoman 3, 3, 4, 43 Dramatics 3, 4: Topa Topa 3, 4, Assistant Editor 4, Ran- ger Record Editorg Proiection- ist 3, 4. .44 V H 2' I O 'Whcw! I'm glad that's over," sighed junior Prexy Bob Mathews, referring to the confusion over the junior rings. The rings were just one of the many important events during the year for the Class of '52, Their play and dance met with suc- cess. During the year they had sev- eral parties and wound up with the annual junior-Senior Barbecue. Left to right: James Hunt, vice-president, Mr. Davis, ad visor, Bob Mathews, president, Peggy Robertson, secre taryg Bob Boehme, representative. BRAIIXISSPIIQIT MARK First row: Billie jean Burgess, Leon Bracamontes, Bob Boehme, Sharon Bliss, Clell Bixlcr, George Biswell, George Biggers, Ernie Acosta. Second row: Don Ellis, Karen Dunning, Don Dowd, Ginger Dollar, Roy Dimmiclc, Roy Cole Don Claypool, jerry Clausen, Bruce Bush. Third row: Roberta Foster, Dorothy Firebaugh, Ronnie Fitzgerald, Jackie Fullerton, jewel Gilham Wilma Gray. JUNICDIQ CLASS First row: Charles johnson, Reva Hunter, james Hunt, Marylin Hummel, Carol Hougeson, Diane Hill, Sylvia Hicks, Marylin Herman, jack Hays. St-tond row: Gilbert MtKnigl1t, Gusta Lundine, Susie Lopez, Bob Lopez, Mel Lewis, Eleanor Krahiel, Marlene Kosub, Don Kirkpatrick, Bob johnson. Third row: Nancy Novaclc, Bill Mushaney, Kathryn Moore, Barbara Miller, Bob Mathews, Pat Mather. First row: james Showman, Don Rodriguez, Robbie Robison, Peggy Robertson, Irla Rash, Ruth Pritchard, john Pool, Lloyd Phelps, George Osuna. Second row: Lee White, Shiela West, Morris XVeeks, Edward VanWinlcle, Charlotte Taylor, Terry Story, Valkyrie Steele, Glenn Simmons. Third row: Wilberta Young, Norma Worthan, Barbara Wingate, Wayne Wingate. Tommy Russell, president, is at the wheel with vice-presi- dent Buzz Krieger and secretary Dot Rodriguez for his passengers. Representative Pat Loughboro and sponsor Miss Goodsell are alongside. Vigorous, full of life, spirit, and ideas, this was the Sophomore class of '5l. Headed by class President Tommy Rus- sell these underclass men showed ability in sports, activities, and studies. Sponsoring the spring formal and class parties, their enthusiasm will long be remembered at N.U.H.S. TALENT AND ABILITY, First row: Bob Bement, Bruce Beaton, Marcella Baugh, Elizabeth Barraza, Donald Bangs, Bud Baer, Dick Atkinson, james Alley, Elaine Acosta. Second row: Larry Cooper, Dixie Cook, Margaret Cook, Don Claypool, Gregg Churchill, Virgil Cecil, Mary Casey, Grant Byers, Homer Brigham, Don Blagg. Third row: jack Fennel, Carole Durkee, Mickey Driskell, Glennis Downey, Ralph Donathan, Paul Dieges, jean Deverick, Lydia delaTorre. EQUAL son-iomorrs First row: Mae Henry, Richard Guggenmos, jonathan Greene, john Gray, Bob Getman, Frank Gage, Eugene Frank, john Forster, Lance Fletcher, Walter Finn. Second row: Richard jones, james jones, Leon jackson, Norma Hunter, Caroline Hubbard, Peter Homer, Benny Horner, Richard Hiser, Nancy Hiser, Juanita Hines. Third row: Melvin Mushaney, Thomas Morley, Roy Messer, Betty McClellan, Pat Loughboro, Forest Lees, Allen Kreiger, Larry King. Rear: Charles Casey, Don Maloney. rv-wie. First row: Eddie Russell, Donna Russell, Dorothy Rodriguez, Beatrice Rodriguez, Alfred Robert- son, Dee Rhine, Noreen Pugh, joelyn Pool, James Powell. Second row: Luana Vonderembs, Shirley Tonkinson, Roberta Tindle, Beverly Thompson, jerry Tait, Donna Swanson, joan Stevens, Leslie Smith, Lorraine Sawyer, Tommy Russell. Third row: Donna Younglove, J. D. Woolwine, Pat Wilson, Harriet Wilson, Ken Williams, Lela Williams, jerry White, Marvin Werber, Reaford Wear. Left to right: Mr. Roller, advisor, Shirley Bangs, representative, Ingrid Taylor, president, Tom Cable, vice-president and Barbara Barclay secretary. FRCDSI-I STRUGGLE Their first year in Senior High found the Freshman class of '51 showing remarkable talent in everything they have attempted. They leave behind them a successful year at Nordhoff. This class is the largest in Nordhoff's history and shows great promise for the next three years. First row: Tom Cable, Ronnie Busby, james Burgess, john Brock, Robert Bise, Ben Barraza, Barbara Barclay, Shirley Bangs, Richard Ayers, Dick Arellanes. Second row: Sara Evans, Diane Dunn, Barbara Dorei, Judy Dewing, Gary Cook, Ned Coe, Ferol Clarke, Claudia Carter, Roberta Carriger, DeLora Carrier. Third row: Brooks .Gray, Louis Gomez, Charles Gholson, Gerry Gates, Robert Fletcher. UPWARD W First row: Ed McCay, Carol Larsen, Marlene jones, Dick johnson, joe Ingram, Barbara Hunt, Mary Hicks, Gracey Hays, Betty Guggenmos, Mary Grauel. Second row: Betty Roberts, Nadine Ramos, Norman Plott, Billie jean Pelphrey, Gloria Omholt, Marvin Natcn, David Morgan, Lorene Mikesell, Dickie McCombs. Third row: Milton Rupert, Bud Rowe, Irene Rodriguez, jimmy Robertson, Clyde Root. First row: Evelyn Taylor, janell Taylor, Shirley Strelow, james Stanford, Shirley Smith, Karen Shipman, Billy Sherwood, Gail Schrick, Steve Sargent, Charlotte Russell. Second row: Orlanda Wear, janet Watson, Pat Walters, Geraeline Upton, Alline Upton, Donna Udall, Shirley Trantham, Beverly Towner, joanne Tereault, Ingrid Taylor. Third row: john York, Norma Wilson, Walter Williams, William Werber, Billy Welch, Frank Xweaverling. ALUMNI SERVING OUR COUNTRY F. Acosta R. Adams E. Anders H. Bangs A. Barraza A. Barrow j. Bell j. Bolen A. Briggs G. Campbell I. Carter B. Case M. Chase j. Christensen D. Cook R. Cooper j. Cozine D. Davis j. Drapeau' B. Dugger M. Durham I. Fairchild D. Fegenbush L. Franklin B. Friend D. Gillham j. Gillham W. Gray V. Guggenmos G. Hamby B. Henry W. Henry H. Hunt B. Ingram R. Kahle V. Kimble E. Lewis J. Lyttle G. Logan R. Logan B. Luttrell H. Mashburn J. Mashburn I. Moll j. Murphy L. Mushaney R. Nichols j. Perez 1. Quick j. Rodriguez W. Stanford A. Sullivan B. Summerville G. Summerville T. Suttles S. Tait A. Timms B. Timms J. Tindle B. Vail A. Valenzuela H. Varnedoe D. Welch usd., HAROLD BAN GS Marines ALLEN SULLIVAN Air Force HARRY HUNT Marines , Air Force BILL LUTTRELL Marines AThe Senior Class of 1951 is proud of these seven boys who are sewing their country. Tom Suttles enlisted in the Navy during the summer of 1950. I-Ie was the first of this class to leave. Warren Henry joined the ranks at the beginning of the school year. Harold Bans Harry Hunt, and Bill Luttrell enlisted in the Marine Corps on Feb ary 24. Allen Sullivan and Dick Fegenbush were in the Air Force as of March 17. To these boys and to the many alumni who are in any branch of the service'we dedicate these two pages with humility and gratitude. meh C L A S DICK FEGENBUSH TOM SUTTLES Navy S S OF Qlslii E R V I M C wg il, E EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS-Bobby Clausen, Vice President, Howard Quong, Representative, George Skelton, President and Robert Holton, Secretary. Two years of junior high school training are now behind these doughty eighth graders. Promise of vigorous student body leadership in the four years to come is evident in the records of outstanding members of this class. Socially and athletically this group has proven itself capable of maintaining Nord- hoff standards of activity. Leadership of the junior high student body, hilarious parties, and widely acclaimed dances are among the eighth graders' standout accomplishments for 1950-51. Giving freely of their counsel and friendship were advisors Mr. Bates, Mrs. Glo- ver, Mr. Kaiser and Miss Terry. looking, First row: Phil Freeman, David Frazier, Tommy France, Roberta Franklin, Christine Fennel, Jessie Emerson, Bill Ellis, Mary Ditman, Sharon Dowd, Mary Decker. Second row: Betty Deal, Barbara Decker, Carol Dieges, Ralph Dawn, Phyllis Cook, Bobby Clausen, Rena Chrisman, Carol Chrisman, Frances Batten, Judy Baer. Third row: james Berek, Norman Brown, Dow Biswell, Paul Bangs, David Atkinson, Roy Archibald, Larry Amrine, Charles Allen. 'X First row: Wendy Price, Arvin Phillips, Frank Peters, Dick Perry, Angelina Perez, Dick Pearson Barbara Parker, Roger Langbecker, Pauline Lowry. Sc-cond row: Richard Inman, Ron johnson, Carolyn Olmsted, Ed Needham, Janette Moynier Beverly Mitchell, Billy Meredieth, Harold McNee. Third row: JoAnne Horton, Marlene Horton, Robert Holton, Eugene Higinbotham, Billy I-ligin hotham and GordonLGula.tiI7 iOl'VVdI'Ci . . . , af First row: JoAnn Werber, Darlene Trissler, Ann Tremaine, Margaret Tindle, Marsha Swanson, Frank Stevens, Barbara Stanford, Billy Stallings, John Slagle, George Skelton. Second row: Ralph Sherwood, Sandra Sechrest, Ruth Shenz, Shirley Robinson, Darlene Holman, Dixie Richards, Marcia Rhine, Gertrude Rodriguez, Babe Ruiz, Beverly Whiting, Mary Lou Williams, Huora Williams. Third row: Caroline Rodriguez, Eva Reynolds, Connie Ramos, Richard Ricketts, Robert Roddick, Tommy Rodriguez, Howard Quong, jerry Fullerton and Roy Sherwood. Alert and eager seventh graders were thoroughly inducted into Nordhoff school life this past year. Largest in numbers among Nordhoff classes, their assets to the school also lie in sports, friendliness and citizenship. Several skating and swimming parties have highlighted their social year. They made their extremely successful debut under the sponsor- ship of Mr. Ahlf, Mr. Harrah, Mr. O,Dell and Mr. Polski, SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS-james Roddick, Vice President, Nancy Herring, Representative, Dee Fitzgerald, President and jean Jones, Secretary. looking forward . . . First row: Dennis Lees, Jean jones, Sharon Hill, Nancy Hicks, Derald Henry, Wayne Heath, Diane Hestler, Sharon Hamby. Second row: Bruce Moore, Charles Miller, jean McGinly, Gladys McCay, Walter Matson, Barbara Mashburn, Shirley Malone, Frank Lopez, Michael Leonard, Burnes Phillips, Mary Pierce. Third row: Tommy Rothenburg, Melvin Roper, Gilbert Rodriguez, James Roddick, Larry Robert- son, Richard Roberts, Raymond Reed, Raymond Ramos, Lois Powers, Edwin Powell. First row: Billy Bine, john Holt, james Hunt, Monte Countryman, Sandy Hunsaker, Latrell Hast' ings, Betty Hamline, jo Ann Graham, Wanda Fraker, Dee Fitzgerald, Le Ella Dowd, Sandy Donald, Second row: Ries Hollroyd, Leonard Gillham, Suzanne de la Torre, Linda Durbin, Howard Dolan, Anita Dorei, Zoerita Dieges, Janice Cornine, Mary Chepin, Abraham Castillo. Third row: Beverly Broadbent, Donna Bryson, Ronald Biggers, David Box, janet Bangs, Robert Alley, Allen Acosta, Georgia Abel. First row: Robert Skelton. Philip Simms, Ronald Shuck, Clinton Shields, Robert Schockow, joy Rubert, Ernie Prey, George Lanquist, Billy Ellison. Second row: Marla Thompson, Harvey Taylor, Robin Street, Pat Story, jack Still, jerry Still, Martha Smith, Billy Smith, Richard Slagle, Barry Turner, Merle Townsend. Third row: Joyce Wilson, Robert Willmon, Bobby Welch, DeVon Weeks, Andrea Walker, Do- lores Vega, Teddy Turner. Songsters and "Y S. Dafnelxv F. Batten, G' Abel, L' Dowd, 'th, 5- limes' Bs N. Herring- M' Sm . 2 Ban ' First Tow . M4 H0009 D. Tnssler, Graham. ber . Pool. l- A 1, WU , . K W, Price. La Torre. l- H-H, 5, DOW ' M- ,SwansLmn,gi'F?Xg:i?TJi Valencia, S. De M Ramem, M. Decker, 5. r Seccixnlitg:1WiMr.. Kfii?e"L Durbin, S' Hamm, i J. 0 Melnlgv ' Third 'OW With their ' sights trained on future singing with the senior high chorus these girls from the seventh and eighth grades enjoyed a happy and successful year under their director, Mr. Herbert Kaiser. Besides serving to develop talent for eventual senior high participation, these little songsters provided entertainment at numerous assemblies and were, in every sense, a major part of the junior high extracurricular ' PlCfLII'C. s First row: R. Chrisman, Z. Dieges, A Dorei, D. Bryson, G. Abel M. Ditman, B. Decker, C. Fennell. Second row: S. Hill, M. Chepin, L Dowd, j. Graham, S. de la Torre, S Dowd,'M. Decker, M. Horton. Third row: B. Ruiz, F. Batten, J. Baer E. Reynolds, P. Lowry, J. Wilson, J jones, B. Mitchell, C. Rodriguez. Fourth row: B. Mashburn, C. Chrisman M. Tindle, N. Herring, C. Olmstead, P Cook, S. Hamby, j. Horton, J. Moynier. Junior Sportswomen . . . junior High G.A.A. rival their Senior High sisters when it comes to interest in girls' sports at Nordhoff. Especially active in volleyball, tennis, and basketball, these girls planned and staged several dances for the junior high this past year. Mrs. Glover leads the group in learning the rules and strategy of the several sports and in sparkplugging the highly successful seventh and eighth grade social season. First row: M. Smith, F. Quong, C. Matson J. Werber, B, Deal, M. Swanson. Second row: S. Malone, j. Cornine, W. Fra ker, S. Donald, A. Walker, R. Street, V Valencia. Third row: D. Tressler, M. Williams, B. Whit ing, R. Franklin, R. Saenz, B. Stanford, M Rhine, G. McCay. Fourth Row: S. Robinson, A Tremaine, S Sechrest, J. Bangs, H. Williams, M. Thomp- son, J. Rubert, B. Parker, P. Story. PNY wg ACTIVITIES CCDUNCILMEN WCDRK When the smoke cleared from the ballot boxes after one of the most stormy elections in the history of N.U.H.S. we found the three people who had been chosen to guide our destinies through this year. Charles Neuhaus, always joking, was elected president, and had the job of presiding over student council meetings, and assemblies. John Ball, Vice President, assisted in many important duties and presided in Charles' absence. Barbara Weeks soon found herself buried under stacks of letters and countless pages of minutes in fulfilling her duties as secretary. Charles Neuhaus Prexident John Ball Barbara Weeks Vice President Secretary Every other Wednesday, eighth period, the Student Leadership class turns the cafeteria into a mad house as it strives to reach the important decisions of student government. Conducted by the student body officers with Mr. Taylor as advisor, the student council passes on the legislation that concerns the student body. The class is made up of members and representatives from different clubs and organizations. This important part of the student government has control of the treasury, refreshments at games, and the basketball tournament. Athletics. These are your commissioners, john Dawn has charge of all athletic activities, and Larry Shaw is in charge of student elections. Penny pinching in high finance is Pauline Mayer's job, while public relations is Gwen Gates' department. Planning our pep rallies and pre-game programs arc Sally Dunn's favorite pastimes. Willa Carter takes care of all Charitable drives and student welfare. STUDENT LEADERSHIP-Seated: C. West, P. Robertson, C. Hamby, C. Neuhaus, L. Shaw, M. Anderson, R. Donathan, M. Dimmick, S. Dunn, T. Baer, S. Lopez, L. Fletcher, B. Weeks, B. Clausen, G. Skelton, B. Morley. Standing: W. Carter, M. Herman, B. Mathews, G. Dollar, I. Taylor, -I. Dawn, S. Bangs, M. Rhine, j. Ball, B. Boehme, P. Mayer, Mr. Taylor, P. Loughboro, T. Russell, L. Cooper, G. Gates, E Fennel, C. Hatcher. AND PLAN COMMISSIONERS -- Seated: Silly Dunn Rallies, Pauline Mayer, Finance Standing: Gwen Gates, Publicity, I xrry Shiw Elections' Willa Carter, Welfare olin Diwn M Marcia Dimmick Jerry Lewis Willa Carter iv" Three people achieved the honor of being seal bearers for the graduating class this year: Willa Carter, Marcia Dimmick and jerry Lewis. These seniors were in the scholarship no less than six semesters, one having to come in their senior year, to obtain the position. They may be justly proud. First row: Willa Carter, Alice Varnedoe,vMargie Rhine, Dorothy Firebaugh, Sheila West, Carol Hougeson, Pat Mather, Marilyn Herman, Mrs. Minger. Second row: Gregg Churchill, Allen Krieger, Russell Robison, Marcia Dimmick, Ingrid Taylor, Pauline Mayer, Tommy Russell, Mel Lewis, jerry Lewis. One of the most honored organizations of the school is the Scholarship Society. It is composed of senior high students of high scholastic standing. The society sponsors various activities, including the Winter Formal, and the Armistice Day and Wash- ington and Lincoln birthday assemblies. The club chose to lead them this year: President, Marilyn Herman, Vice President, Robbie Robison, and Secretary, Pat Mather. Mrs. Elsie Minger, math and Latin teacher, is Sponsor for the organization. le5 Par Mather, Chai . Wei Sheila , . ghine- Rnh. Mafilfe HU ' an 1-Opel' Salw Dunqilell Big?geYSlw'l21YC" Mae Wingate' gusncll Novak' Tavlol' Shih Pauline h ws 3 te - url, - 0 -' . Bufgess' 5322228 RobergCl?ilmlCk- Chaggzoihl' Yxreba Dawn. Bob giixhedoe' . Billie Hummel, A Marcia Hougeson. .Som john vis Alice First f0ZJ'MarilYn .C Eitzgemf nxan. Cami - Russel Robe, Mr. Da ' . b'ra 1 ' Gales: rv 5 21 ' S Wa Zzstzn, Gita Y Third 'OTC Bob Cole' 'shhn Basixoemaker' Nathan 0 INTELLIGENCE PLUS 090 up 0 X , aj 'el 1 2 I A ., 'A ' Tops in science and math at Nordhoff are the members of Sigma Mu. These students 'oin the or anization throu h a "B" avera e in an l 8 8 8 advanced science or mathematics, such as, biology, chemistry, trigonometry or physics. Being an honor society, Sigma Mu 'has only activities connected with its field of endeavor, usually field trips for research and a visit to Griffith Eark round .out their activities. The group 'this year is under the leadership of: President, Gwen Gatesg Vice President Secretary, Margie Rhine, and Mr. Davis, th ' , Mel Lewis, e clubs Advisor. First row: Barbara Barclay, Evelyn Taylor, Ferol Clarke, Judy Dewing, Carol Larson, Gerry Gates, Ingrid Taylor, Marcella Baugh, Jeannelle Taylor. Second row: Juanita Hies, Wilberta Young, Donna Udall, Mina Bowie, Sara Evans, Barbara Hunt, Harriet Wilson, Beverly Towner, Pat Wilson, Orlanda Wear. Third row: janet Benson, Norma Hunter, Shirley Bangs, Glennis Downey, Deane Hill, Mary Hicks, Barbara Miller, Marilyn Hummel, Lorraine Hunsaker, joan Stevens, Sharon Grey. Fourth row: Mr, Kaiser, Lily Barraza, Don Malonney, George Osuna, Bob Getman, Bob Bement, Ed Van Winkle, Frank Gage, Boberta Carriger. Fifth row: Robert Hunsaker, Ken Walters, Charles Casey, Mel Lewis, Homer Nichols, Roy Cole, Dick Heston, Forest Lees. l-IAIQMGNMSCDNG , AND Nordhoff's chorus, an assemblage of the school's finest voices, made its debut at the traditional Thanksgiving assembly. From this auspicious start, the group performed with distinction at many of the school assemblies capping their efforts at graduation exercises. Advisor Mr. Kaiser also arranged outside activities for the Ranger songsters. Enter- taining the Lions Club and other local business and fraternal organizations were typical examples of this out-of-school endeavor. The chorus included students from both Senior and junior High sections. Mumbling voices and shuffling feet are silenced. The house lights go out. The packed auditorium of Nordhoff students awaits the coming assembly as the orchestra strikes up the overture. Once again, Nordhoff's musical element takes over. Under Mr. Kaiser's direction, the orchestra sparkled assemblies, particularly the Thanksgiving program which was their first performance of the year. As is customary, the group furnished the music for the junior and Senior plays and graduation exercises. Some orchestra members pooled talents to form the sprightly band which played at this season's football games. The lads and lasses, in addition to bouying rooters' spirits, gave sprightly accompaniment to the actions of the Pom Pom girls and the girls' drill team. Vg' SWEET MELCDDIES First row: Glennis Downey, Don Kirpatrick, john Forster, joy Ruhert, Gladis McCoy, Beverly Wfhiting, Joanne Werber, Gwen Gates, Irla Rash. Second row: Mike Leanord, Alvin Snipes, Tom Cable, Milton Rupert, Bob Perry, Harold McNee, Richard Roberts, and Mr. Kaiser. Third row: john Brock, Robert Hunsaker, Ken Walters, Homer Nichols, Betty Roberts, Nathan Shoemaker, Billie Mushaney, Bob Getman, Don Claypool, Bob Bement, Mel Lewis, Ron johnson, and Dick Pearson. -f' ,ll n el ' hilt un. .-.-- uu -'--" T r makes UP Jack QMCI Livlidd lvliat Mathew' TylerRiig1lwll':bisldn5, The bookworm M S 'ff Y L 5, , Q 32.211,tS:::2.if2FeiMaf'lY's tnmksiiftowdw. OU ' ' ' ' SS , lgihilotte T3Yl0flv Lola lBluie Binge False eyelashes, Calamity Janes, textbooks and high school students fill Pop's Malt Shoppe in this year's Junior Play, "Uncertain Wings." Pop Riley and Dolly, a student he hires to help him, operate Central High's main gathering place, where the joys and sorrows of the school are aired. Margaret Foster writes a play for a contest using her school mates for the characters and learns that the road to fame is rocky. The man in the situation is jack, captain of the basketball team, who can't understand Margaret, his girl. Dolly, the girl from the wrong side of the tracks, tries to comfort him. Luscious Lola, the glamour girl, complicates matters with her cattiness, which is sometimes, counteracted by Tubby, loyal but unloved, until the stranger Tyler Granville comes. The "older" girl, Alice who is an expert on beauty preservatives tries her methods on Ethel and makes her look quite sophisticated and all of fourteen. As the school joker, Lola's boy-friend Bob supplies his own brand of comedy, while jerry rounds out the gang. Not in- cluded in the gang, but always there is a lonely little book-worm. This comedy in three acts was written by Robert Hill and Floyd Miss Terry directed the production. junior and l 'iv , , N sz! l 'H' it -A- A 1 ' Y . ' 16 -5. Crutchfield, and ' Senior Thespians . . . , - -Qf -son 'A B I , , A ' - Left to right are: HAROLD BANGS, in charge of special effects, CAROL WEST, prompterg MARGIE RHINE as Amy, the little lady, JOHNNY BALL as Laurie, the boy next door, CORA HAMBY, a friend of the girls. Beloved Marmie is played by WILLA CARTER and the invalid father, BILL LUTTRELL, with their sweet daughter Beth, PAULINE MAYER, and GWEN GATES, a good friend. Meg, the oldest, is played by MARCIA ANDERSON, while HOMER NICHOLS takes the part of the shy school teacher. jo's Professor Bhaer is played by JOHN DAWN and the inimitable jo herself as recreated by SALLY DUNN. Old Grandfather Laurence, CHARLES NEUHAUS, sits scrupulously straight while Hannah the cook, MAE STANFORD, stands by. MARCIA DIMMICK and BARBARA WEEKS, as guests over for the evening sit in front of dynamic Aunt March, portrayed in all her glory by ANGELA GARDIN. "Lillie Women" was put on by the combined efforts of the people in the cast: prompters, stage managers, set decorators and many more volunteers. Miss Constance Terry, in the capacity of director, was the guiding influence for a fine performance. Hoop skirts, bustles and other family heirlooms were ransacked from Ojai trunks and closets when the senior dra- matic hopefuls undertook the presenta- tion of "Little Women." Miss Con- stance Terry was the driving and inspir- ing force who converted a crowd of enthusiastic kids into a polished com- pany. Mr. john Hodgdon had charge of the sets, While Mr. Donald Harrah was 'S Q director of art. K i"""'w joe and Mary gaze in adoration at the statue of the Virgin Mary during the annual Christmas play. Mel Lewis portrayed joe, while Peggy Robertson took the part of the girl Mary. The miracle statue was enacted by Marilyn Hummel. Members of the cast are: First row: Carolyn Hubbard, Lee White. Second row: Susan Lopez, Sheila West. Third row: Miss Harris, james Showman, Marilyn Hummel, Peggy Robertson, Mel Lewis. Fourth row: Mary Casey, Valkyrie Steele, Nancy Novack, and Bob Mathews. Among Nordhoff's finest traditions is the annual presentation of the Christmas play, "A Miracle For Mary." Brief in onstage time yet infinite in theme, this dramatic vignette sends Nordhoff students home for the holiday full of reverence and hope for fellow men. Each year under the inspired direction of Miss Elizabeth Harris, a group of untried students rise to give sensitive and competent portrayals in their few moments of presence onstage. It is a unique experience for those chosen to be in the cast, a continuing plea- sure for those in the audience who look forward to seeing it at the beginning of each holiday season. Despite many discarded copies and inlcy fingers the shop editors of the Ranger Record put out many fine edi- tions. Top students of the printing class were chosen to print the papers, and they did a fine job. Under the expert guidance of Mr. Philip Bates and a lit- tle bullying by the paper's Editors these boys, headed by Kenny Williams made a success of printing Ranger Records. B tes adiusfs 5 while MY- Q mblem- KennY Williams rurlxsfillqeenlerelirank Ponder t e P g Q an it. lames Hun INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Screaming Saws, banging ham- mers, and various busy noises in- dicate the Industrial Education group at work. Headed by Presi- aerg Vice President dent, Ted B john Pool, and Secretary, Kenny Y Williams, the members of this or- ganization work on projects in the shops and receive oint f p s or the work. These points are applied to- ward an Industrial Education block letter, the ten boys with the high- est number of points being given the letters. Mr. Hogedon, is the Advisor for this up-and-coming club. First row: Walter Matson, Ronnie Biggers, Bob Alley, jerry Still, Ed Needham, Norman Brown. S D . econd row. Bob Holton, David Atkinson, jerry Fullerton, Charles johnson, Bob Cassidy, Bob Clausen, Ronny johnson, Mr. Hogedon. Third row: Jessie Emerson, Paul Dieges, Billy W'erber, Harold Bangs, Fourth row' Teddy Baer Kenn W'll' . , y 1 rams, De Von Wfeeks, Buddy Baer, Homer Brigham, jimmy Butterbaugh. An entirely new organization has been started in school this year, under the direction of Miss Fraser. The Future Business Leaders of America is a charter club just getting organized into a group proficient in the commercial field. To become a member of the FBLA one must be enrolled in one of the business subjects, have a sincere interest in them and good ability. Students in this club are learning about business procedure in preparation for their careers. The group this year is getting everything functioning by setting up goals, re- quirements and the club constitution. It is hoped that soon the members of FBLA may beginl to use their abilities to help in the student leadership and service groups of the schoo . mixing business Nordhoff's newest activity gets a rousing start by posing for its TOPA TOPA picture. First row: Bob Bement, Pat Loughboro, Norman Bracamontes, Don Dowd, Forest Lees, Robbie Robison, Sparky Robertson and Frank Gage. Second row: janet Benson, Shirley Tonkinson, Carol I-Iougeson, Dixie Cook, Shiela West, Susie Lopez, Marlene Kosub, Dorothy Firebaugh, Noreen Pugh and Marcella Baugh. Top row: Miss Fraser, Sponsorg Mickey Driskell, Lorrane Sawyer, Roberta Rindle, Mae Henry, Bea Rodriguez, Beverly Thompson, Lela Williams, Luana Vonderembs and Elizabeth Barraza. These were the boys and girls who turned on the magic lanterns. First row: Richard Inman, Paul Durbin, Marcia Dimmick, Barbara Nweeks, Willa Carter, Tony Klicker and jerry Fullerton. Second row: Roy Archibald, Bill Ellis, jimmy Butterbaugh, Robert Fletcher, Gerald Bess. Third row: Ed Needham, George Biggers, Lloyd Phelps, jimmy Hunt, jerry Lewis and Mr. Taylor, Sponsor. Serving as president of the organization for 1950-51 was Paul Durbin. The nonchalant individual squatted by the flowers is unidentified. with pleasure "Lights out, roll 'em," is heard in the dim room and another picture gets under way. This flair for the dramatic is a touch added by the projectionists club to their job of showing movies. During their free periods projectionists show movies in either the cafeteria, room six, or the auditorium. Since educational films have become an important part in the teaching of many subjects, qualified people to show them are in constant demand. To take care of that demand the projectionists club was started and has grown considerably. Students are trained to run the machines and can make expert emergency repairs. Mr. Taylor, the sponsor, has gotten the club on an almost independent basis, where the officers make arrangements and the projectionists run off the reels smoothly and professionally. "Catch that hog!" echoes through the Junior High building as Mr. Davis gets another meeting of Ojai's Future Farmers of America under way. The habits of a hog is only one of the many things learned by the FFA as is proven by all the blue ribbons Chapter 7 brought home from the county fair this year. Each member has a home project for which he may win an award, and in this way the boys really carry out their motto by "doing to learn." In addition to their home projects the Future Farmers have group projects and fre- quently go out on field trips to learn the modern methods of farming first hand. This country-wide organization puts the future of the vegetables and bovines in capable young hands. W ' gr fx 'ri' fkx ' bor ' s 'F ,nf ,vo 4"f?ia'L10 D' Z X Striving lor better The gentleman who originated the organization at Nordhoff, Mr. David Davis, de- vers a fine point to his 1951 hopefuls. fated: John Gray, Ralph Donathan, Presidentg Larry Cooper and Jack Fullerton. Standing: Paul 'urbin, Terry Story, Tony Klicker, Benny Horner, Richard Hiser, Gerald Bess and jimmy Robert- nn. Not pictured: Reaford Wear and james Powell. The old saying "Too many cooks spoil the w2NlAl'tfPy broth," doesn't apply to the Future Home- QC Qc makers of America. They have a decided ad- Q ' I 7 vantage since they are learning to be excellent if X 2, cooks, among their other homemaking ac- l' , Eg 9 72 complishments. The girls have many group 3 !l r O projects, such as sending boxes to home eco- ! av 4 F nomics clubs in Germany and lrnaking. up O Q - 5' Christmas packages for people in hospitals. 46 O Early in the year Mrs. Wentworth, FHA ad- ALP0 ,NQJIL visor, and three representatives of Ojai at- NEW YV' tended the state convention at Asilomar in order to learn what other FHA clubs in Cali- fornia are planning to do in future projects, ldl'lTIS dflCl l'10fTl6S 6 2 , .t1fl,,Q, 7 Few are so able as these girls. First row: Mrs. Doris Wentworth, sponsorg Mae Stanford, Margie Rhine, Willa Carter, President' Beatrice Rodriguez, Alice, Varnedoe, Beverly Thompson. Second row: Coral Hamby, Roberta Tindle, Wanda Drye, Roberta Carriger, Sharon Gray, Dixie Cook, Virginia Higinbotham. Third row: Doro- thy Firebaugh, Orlanda Wear, Marcia Dimmick, Pauline Mayer, Donna Russell, Lorraine Hun- saker, Noreen Pugh, Lorane Sawyer, Eleanor Krabiel, Mickey Driskell, Shirley Tonkinson, Betty Roberts. Not pictured: joelyn Pool. Seated: Carolyn Hatcher, Ernestine Fennel, Pauline Mayer, Barbara Miller, Mrs. Sargent. Standing: Mrs. Barclay, Karen Dunning, Peggy Robertson, Sharon Gray, Barbara Wingate, Margie Rhine, Norma Worthan, Mae Stanford. Assistant librarians are not a bit stuffy as librarians over the world are depicted to be. The smiles on these faces show that the students selected to help Mrs. Cook in the bookwork for the school are a cheery lot. Checking in, checking out, and keeping track of overdue books are part of their job, but they also play teacher during study periods in the library by helping students with work and maintain- ing order. Efficiency is the keynote as all the office girls work at once. Car- olyn Hatcher answers the phone and Ernestine Fennel types the bulletin, while the others tend to their many duties. These girls assist the administration by run- ning errands, recording grades and managing all the more routine jobs, under the expert guidance of Mrs. Sargent. In addition to help- ing keep the office work going smoothly, the assistants gain valu- able experience which will be of use to them in future employment. many Willing ancl Left to right: Virginia Higinbothamkl-Iuora Williams, Marcia Rhine Charlotte Russell, JoAnn Tereault, janet Watson, Wanda Drye, Barbara Parker, Diane Hill, james Showman, Glen Simmons, George Biswell joan Arnet, Lydia de la Torre and Elaine Stewart. In front: Orlanda Wear, Diana Dunn, Lydia de la Torre, Luana Von- derembs and Barbara Dorei. At counter: Lorrane Hunsaker, Donna Russell, Betty Cooper and Pau- line Good. ellicient helpers junior gym coaches is the new group started by Mrs. Glover and Mr. Ahlf to help give more in- dividual attention and instruction to junior high gym classes. The senior Students chosen for this position have aided in turning many cries of "Gosh, I just can't do that," to a confident, "Why, that is easy." All it took was a little patience and encouragement. The gym helpers could be.called the big brothers and sisters of the school's future athletes. Pencils, paper, decals and a voice saying "Two tickets to the assem- bly" are very familiar things to the girls who serve in the students' store. Every period in the day one of these students takes her watch of forty minutes to sell all the things carried by the store. This depart- ment comes under the direction of Mr. Taylor, but doesn't need much watching since the girls usually take care of everything among themselves, Left to right: Rebecca Sarate, Dell Loban, Carol West, Bill Luttrell, Barbara West, Allan Sullivan, Marcia Anderson, Harold Bangs and 'Virginia Higinbotham. First row: Cora Hamby, Lorane Hunsaker, Marylin Hummel, joan Stevens, Carolyn Hatcher, Donna Younglovc. Second row: Mr. Sanders, Advisorg Bob Morley, Willa Carter, Lance Fletcher, Dorothy Rodriguez, jean Deverick, Don Blagg. Third row: Gwen Gates, Marcia Dimmiclc, Sharon Gray, Ernestine Fennel, Pauline Mayer, Pauline Good, Marcia Anderson, Barbara Weeks. Fourth row: Alfred Robertson, Bob Cole, Sally Dunn, Roy Messer, Donna Swanson, Bud Baer. Theres nothing like a high school newspaper to add pandemonium to a journalism class and the Ranger Record did just that. From the moment Sally Dunn got her first brainstorm on original material to the last hour when Barbara Weeks ran down and picked up remaining type, confusion prevailed. Patience and fortitude by fall editor Marcia Anderson helped get the Nordhoff fourth estate off on the right foot while exuberant spring editor Barbara Weeks carried through the rest of the year. Improvement was shown despite the recurring habit of ignoring deadlines and shuffling feet during Mr. Sanders' comprehensive briefings. Ernestine Fennel and Willa Carter scoured campus for information as news editors. Great credit must also go to the hard-working men in the print shop led by shop editors Kenny Williams and Eugene Frank and their advisor, Mr. Bates. Marilyn Hummel Marcia Dimmick Bob Cole Roy Messer Donna Swanson TOPA TOPA Derign Editor Bufinerr Manager V0.4 TOPA TOPA TOPA TOPA RANGER RECORD TOPA TOPA Sporlr Editor Exrbange Editor Faculty Edztor SCRIBES AND SCRIBBLERS Robert Morley Marcia Anderson Barbara Weeks TOPA TOPA RANGER RECORD RANGER RECORD Editor Fall Editor Spring Editor Behind the doors of rooms five and six things were popping this year when it came time to work on the 1951 Topa Topa. Editor Bob Morley had great plans the day he gave us his first talk. Little did we know of the pains to come. Sometimes we felt low like the time Bob gaily an- nounced that half the yearbook copy was due in two days. But we lived through it and hope that you like the result. The work done on your yearbook is not merely the work of a journalism class, it is put out by people who love their school and want that school to be proud of them. We hope you enjoy the 1951 Topa Topa. It was published especially for you, not by the hand but from the heart. Cora Hamby TOPA TOPA G. A. A. Editor Pauline Mayer TOPA TOPA Affiftanl Bu.fine.r.r Manager Ernestine Fennel Sally Dunn Gwen Gates Willa Carter RANGER RECORD RANGER RECORD TOPA TOPA RANGER RECORD Newt Editor Feature Editor Art and Photography Newr Editor Editor I 'Ol , 1 -Egg-w t 1 In the spring of 1939 a boy finished an ideal junior year. He had been voted student body president of Nordhoff and football captain for his next year. He anxiously waited out the first weeks of summer in ever growing excitement over his coming big senior year. But in the months that followed a drastic thing occurred to this youth--he was stricken with polio. He battled against tremendous odds but fate had other plans for him. A few weeks short of his dream this boy died leaving just memories of a great athlete, scholar and a good guy. In the winter of 1940 members of the Lettermen's Club decided that memories of this lad shouldn't die but instead should be used to inspire others. By a unanimous decision an award was established upon which the name of the best athlete and Sportsman in the senior class of the succeeding years might be placed. It is still the privilege and honor of the Lettermen's Club to select the candidates for this award. The judging is based on the boy's daily practice attendance, how well he follows training rules and his sports attitude in general. The MIKE MIKOS AWARD, through the years following its establishment has served as a shining inspiration to all Nordhoff athletes. pep and Spirit y ""' The banner of school spirit was carried this year by three peppy little yell-leaders: Su- san Lopez, Ginger Dollar, and Carolyn Hatcher. D1 Dancing at the football games, leading yells at C basket ball games-these five girls did a wonderful job of pro moting school spirit. Left to right: D. Younglove, J Stevens, S. Bliss, R. Pritchard, and j. Deverick. 4 IAP 1 U TRAINED FOUGI-IT TRILJMPI-IED Varsity c o a c h Barton Ahlf works out strategy with co-captains Ralph Rich and Dell Loban. John Ball Harold Bangs George Biggers Bob Boehme jerry Clausen Ed Clayp Quarterback l Quarterback H al fbacla Center Guard Guard All - League Second Q te a m. Outstanding player. O0 Fullback Dell Loban sweeps end for a sxzeable gain, as Harold Bangs does the block- mg xn the Vxllanova game. Nordhoff. Nordhoff. Nordhoff. Nordhoff. Nordhoff. Nordhoff Nordhoff Nordhoff. john Dawn Don Dowd Dxck Fegenbush Ronnne Fxtzgerald Harry Hunt james Hunt Tackle Tackle Guard Halfback En Center Richard jones Tackle LCDSSES AND WINS . . . , W .W ,, .K 4 .,kk rug ,nf Y . 1' 'rg ,, .. , L- , W f L, A f X , Asffef-,vwivL3g,,?s'M'J.i -f' s4g'2,:??fe5',4Nif -fi H Wi. lg fl W Q51-22fw5ii,'giww Wgsvgggfr ,uf ff -ggi-Lei U ,iA1ffgmK,x'f:wL.'f J. , ay f-, fi gg 21f'3'5F.ff--5 ,I Sym? aiggfg-L. X V .3 553.53533 5 , L' Q fsf F ,gey,11,, . ,k,,4,51f,4 Q 1. A N-ik: fn K X . e e, be r Rum f Srr:,.Z4,1g . ' X g. 55? sQl11fwp,f1l llffifffi tie is yw w h e re e f' f - , , ,me if - 7 ,. A wir, -,:- ,, 5-V El-'P N K A , nw--5-my ff AA sgkggwslxefriirrwv, wir w.1g. : :, 14, M- ' A A mad scramble for the ball ensues during the Carpedteria game. League champion Warriors took this one 39-0 despite fierce opposition. Dell Loban Fullback C 0-Cnpiain Bill Luttrell Bob Mathews George Martan George Osuna Fullback Emi Tackle Halfbafk C3.fS. With a record of four wins and two, losses in Tri-Valley League competition, the Rangers finished behind Carpinteria and Santa Barbara Catholic High. Non-league competition found the Rangers splitting even, dropping one to Lompoc and winning over the Santa Barbara Don sophs. Coach Barton Ahlf's boys displayed gameness, spirit and clean-playing ball that made them favorites of Ojai Valley residents, who turned out in great numbers for home games at Sarzotti Field. Co-captain Ralph Rich snagged All-League honors at Tackle for the second year. End Don Rodriguez, guard Dick Fegenbush and halfback George Biggers were named to the All-League second squad. Hard-running Biggers was named outstanding player by his teammates at the season's close. Ralph Rich Don Rodriguez Larry Shaw Allan Sullivan Marvin Werber Tackle End Tackle Guard End Co-Captain All-league All-league Second Team Firft Team Left end Harry Hunt snags a long one to set up the first Ranger touch- down against the Villanova Wild- jerry Lewis Staliflicf Pat Lou ghboro Manager Bob Cole Manager junior varsity lights too Wait' f First row: D. Blagg, V. Cecil, E. Acosta, B. Werber, L. Gomez, R. Cole. Second row: J. Fullerton, K. Williams, D. Claypool, W. Williams, D. Bangs, B. Bement, H. Brigham, G. McKnight, Third row: G. Churchill, I.. King, F. Lees, J. Forster, A. Kreiger, J. Fennel, D. Atkinson, B. Baer, Conch O'Dell. While the score box shows only two wins, there is still much to be said for our J.V. Team. Coach Bill O'Dell led his team in three non- league games that showed that training the boys in the fundamentals of the game goes a long way to make a good team. SCORE BOX Nordhoff ..... ..... 7 Moorpark . Nordhoff ..... ........ 6 Santa Paula Nordhoff ..... ..,..... 1 2 Fillmore Nordhoff ,.,.. ........ 1 9 Villanova . Nordhoff ..... ..... 0 Carpenteria Nordhoff ..... ,..,. 0 Villanova . ERNIE ACOSTA Captain 0 7 0 6 HGUPSTERS Bob Boehrne, center, is shown re- bounding in the Simi game. The score that night was Simi 55, Nordhoff 55. getting the tearn ready for a horne game. Around the coach, receiving Rodriguez, Yi. Rich, B. Boehrne, and R. Fitzgeraid. The Barton Ahii Bah, D. Coach 'nstructions, are: S. earn iooks on. 1 rest of the t STAR f"' MEN of PQWEIQ Don Rodriguez, guard, in a high jump for the ball. Bob Boehme, center, is tensely waiting for the rebound. E. Acosta R. Ayers J. Ball H. Bangs G uard C enfer Forward F 0 rward B. Boehme Cenler 5 gli T21 MEN GF ABILITY Bob Matthews, guard, is shown making a tense free throw in the Moorpark game. The score was Moorpark 24, Nordhoff 44. N. Bracamontcs R. Fitzgerald D, Loban B. Matthews B. Morley Gmzrd Fo ru 'fa rd C enler G mzrd Guard C MEN GE SPEED R. Rich Guard . .-, .gi aft? Into a fast break go Ronnie Fitzgerald and Ernie Acosta. This game with S.B.C.H. se- cured the Rangers the second place honors. The final score was S.B.C.H. 27, Nordhoff 25. Nordhoff Nordhoff ...,........ 65 Nordhoff ............ 47 Nordhoff ............ 55 Nordhoff ............ 54 Nordhoff ..........,, 79 Nordhoff ..........,, 26 Nordhoff .,,......... 29 Nordhoff .......,.... 58 Nordhoff. Santa Clara Fillmore .... Moorpark Alumni .... Simi ..,,...... Villanova .. S.B.C.H. ,. Thacher r,.. Carpinteria Santa Clara Moorpark . Villanova .. Thacher .... S.B.C.H. .. Simi ..e....... Santa Clara Carpinteria L. Shaw D. Rodriguez K. Walters H Brigham .ef V 0 ' u .al i Capfain Guard Manager Manager ... l P . ig rs,i...S:. I 45,LiL . K Qi f iv , ' .5 6 V- E , 5 V D L 1 n N if Q gs r f5i'Q lw BS B TITLE Q04 gel Q, , The TRI-VALLEY LEAGUE CHAMPIONS in the B division-left to right: D. Dowd, L. Bracamontes, R. Atkinson, A. Kreiger, M. Werber, Coach O'Dell, Second row: T. Russell, W. Williams, R. Dimmick, G. Osuna, J. Fennel, J.. Alley, L. King. Capt. Don Dowd who led his team to victory. Mr. O'Dell must be congratulated as this is his first year at N.U.H.S. and both his teams won in their leagues. Nordhoff ............ Nordhoff ............ Nordhoff ............ Nordhoff ............ Nordhoff ...,........ Nordhoff Nordhoff .....,...... Nordhoff ............ Nordhoff ............ Nordhoff ............ Nordhoff .,.......... Nordhoff ............ Nordhoff Nordhoff ............ Nordhoff ............ Nordhoff SCORE BOX Santa Paula Fillmore .... Moorpark Simi ....,..... Villanova .. S.B.C.H. .. Thacher .,.. Carpinteria Santa Clara Moorpark Villanova Thacher .... S.B.C.H. .. Simi .......... Santa Clara Carpinteria CS CONOLJER The LEAGUE WINNING C TEAM is shown with twice victorious Coach Bill O'Dell-top row, left to right: B. Rowe, j. Stanford, N. Coe, J. Tait, B. Beaton, J. Ingram, B. Werber. Bottom row: D. Burgess, D. McCombs,,V. Cecil, D. Blagg, B, Barraza, Norclhoff .,.....,.... 22 Nordhoff ............ 23 Nordhoff ...,........ 2 5 N ordhoff ........,... 23 Nordhoff ............ 35 Nordhof f ..,....,.... 18 Nordhoff ....,.....,. 27 Nordhoff ............ 22 Norclhof f ....,..,..,. 3 1 Norclhoff ...,........ 50 Nordhoff ..,......... 53 Total 3 2 9 Chosen captain this year was Benjie Barraza. He is shown making a fast pass. SCORE BOX Moorpark ..... ....... 1 2 Villanova ..... ...,... 2 2 S.B.C.H. ,............... 1 5 Santa Clara Carpinteria Santa Clara Moorpark ...,, ..29 Oxnard ..,. .....,.44 S.B.C.H. ,.,.. ....... 1 3 Villanova ..... ..i..., 2 6 Carpinteria ..,...,....... 26 Total 250 CI-VXMPICDNS w Three more trophies have been added to the hall case this year. They were presented to Nordhoff for winning all three divisions in the annual Nordhoff Invitational Basketball tournament. This year's tournament was an amazingly complete victory for the Ranger Hoopsters. For the first time in the tournament's history a single school won all three divisions and we were the school to do it. Varsity, B's and Cs went through the entire meet without a loss. Among those vanquished by the Rangers were S.B.C.H., Carp. and other potent nearby aggregations. TRACK TRACK TEAM-top row, left to right: R. Ayers, M. Rupert, L. Shaw, D. Jones, L. Phelps, B. Matthews, K. Williams, D. Rodriguez, B. Bement, R. Morley. Second row: F. Lees, J. Alley, J. Stanford, D. Burgess, W. Williams, B. Baer, G. Osuna, D. johnson, D. Blagg, D. Morgan. Third row: j. Butterbaugh, j. Brock, B. Barraza, M-. Alvidrez, B. Rowe, L. Gomez, F. Gage, G. Churchill, Coach Ahlf. 4, . I. f Q wi! B This year's track team'under Coach Barton Alph has what looks to be the material of a winning track team. With the return of many of last year's lettermen and the starting of many new hopefuls, we have one of the larg- est track teams we have ever had. 8- Bob Mathews, Nordhoff's bid in the Class A shot put events for this year is shown ready to let the shot fly. MEN ,. -J -,SQ----v 4 Coach Barton Ahlf shown tensing for the starting gun two of this year's top C di- vision runners, Don Blagg and Frank Gage. ' x 1, "A 4- ff w- -. . Bud Baer is another of the track team who will make us victorious this year. Bud is now running the 440 in the A division. , .,.,n. 3 i P, i . I :sf fx I in " is E, james Alley, pole vault in hand, makes ready for the long run to the jumping pit. L BASEBALL BASEBALL TEAM--First row: D. Maloney, G. Biswell, L. Brocamontes, G. Byers, E. Acosta, J. York, B. Mushaney. Second row: L. Benedict, G. Biggers, R. Fitzgerald, D. Ellis, R. Rich, T. Russel, M. Mushaney, B. Brown. Third row: B. Still, j. Forester, R. Hunsaker, j. Dawn, J. Bail, B. Boehme, P. Loughboro, B. Krieger, and Coach O'Dell. .. Q. NReturning players George Biggers, Ronald Fitz- gerald, Ralph Rich, john Dawn, john Ball, Bob Boehme, listen to Coach Bill O'Dell give fielding instructions. This year's baseball team, sparked by inany retrurning players looks to be one of the finest teams the school's ever had. According to Mr. O'Dell speed and hustle are the stepping stones to a league championship this year. He also stressed the game's fundamentals heavily and the men took to these teachings with great eagerness. TENNIS This year's TENNIS TEAM-top row, left to right: N. Shoemaker, N, Bracamontes, D. Mcffomhs, R. Messer, D, Atkinson, L. King, Mr. Bates. Bottom row: B. Bise, H. Nichols, D. Dowd, S. Robertson, R. Robison, C. Neuhaus. Under the able coaching of Coach Phil Bates, this year's tennis team has what looks to be the makings of L1 championship squad. - .A Coach Phil Bates gives pre-game instructions to top seated Dick McCombs, Homer Nichols, and Robbie Robison. l. 4- 4. Smiling, pensive, camera-shy . . . a far cry from their ferocity afield are these men who bear the block letter "N," symbol of Nordhoff athletic achievement. Front row: Don Ellis, John Dawn, Larry Shaw, President, Homer Nichols, john Ball, Bob Morley. Second row: George Biggers, Don Rodriguez, Ronnie Fitzgerald, Bob Boehme, Bill Luttrell. Third row: Sparky Robertson, Ed Claypool, Tommy Russell, Pat Loughboro, Don Dowd, Bob Mathews. Fourth row: Richard jones, Marvin W'erber, Robbie Robison, George Osuna, Harold Bangs, jerry Clausen. Lettermen do more than wear sweaters at Nordhoff. Under the leadership of Advisor Coach Ahlf and Presi- dent Larry Shaw, this year's club raised funds to buy warmup jackets for the football team, made trips to major sports events in Los Angeles such as the USC-Califor nia game and the Pro Bowl classic and staged that roaring highlight of the social season, the Lettermen's Dance. Special honor is due Nordh0ff's three-year lettermen: Larry Shaw, Allen Sullivan, john Dawn, Dick Fegenbush, Hatrry Hunt and Harold Bangs. President Larry Shaw, Vice President Ronnie Fitzgerald and Secretary-Treasurer john Dawn were the club officers who, among other things, led a powerful drive to keep the Nordhoff cam- pus clean despite the vigorous opposition of snacktime trash artists. Weerers ol the qx .- ,. 1 -1, .vi 1 1 iw, . yi 1 As mg v . QB' , 5 'gf' I l QQ .mai .55 iw - u .easgmks Q' Flldieig r. ff . 5-,X -1 . ,W 5 x t 7, ' fl All . ' It takes a versatile girl to win the sweater and letter awards that are given to Nordhoff's letterwomen. Volley- ball, basketball, outdoor activities, archery are typical of the numerous branches of athletic endeavor which interest club members. Service to school is the chief duty of Nordhoff letter- women. These girls have charge of ticket-taking and sale of cokes and candy at Ranger football and basketball games. Many of the school's best-attended dances are the results of their determined efforts. Mrs. Glover is the active and enthusiastic sponsor of this group. nordholf " " Points for sports prowess plus the finer points of sportsmanship are essential for winning Nordhoff's highest award for girls' athletics. Front row: Cora Hamby, Carol Hougeson, Ernestine Fennel, Carolyn Hatcher, Sharon Bliss, Shiela West, Sally Dunn, Gwen Gates. Second row: Irla Rash, Norma Worthan, Carol West, Willa Carter, Pauline Mayer, Virginia Higinbotham, Alice Varnedoe, Marcia Dimmick, Third row: Wilma Gray, Barbara Weeks, Karen Dunning, Dorothy Firebaugh, Mae Stanford, Diane Hill, Marylin Hummel, Barbara Miller. Fourth row: Reva Hunter, Shirley Biggers, Katherine Moore, Marlene Kosub, Sylvia Hicks, Mary Lou Woolwine, Susie Lopez, Ruth Pritchard, Lee White. 1 , , The G.A.A. representatives Carol West, Seniorg Donna Swanson, Sophomoreg Carol Larson, Fresh- meng and Patty jo Mather, junior. These girls along with their,smil- ing G.A.A. advisor Aldana Glover prove themselves capable of meet- ing every problem. girls athletic G.A.A. OFFICERS-Cora l-Iamby, Presi- dentg Mary Lou Woolwine, Vice Presi- dentg Noreen Pugh, Treasurerg Angelena Gardin, Point Secretary, and Barbara Weeks, Secretary. These girls are the capable officers of the Girls' Athletic Association. The purpose of the G.A.A. is to promote interest in girls' sports activities. This is done through inter-class games, playdays, and other activities concerning the field of athletics. A school letter is awarded to each girl who is a member of the Girls' Athletic Association in the school who has qualified for her letter by earning the required number of 1,000 points all year. No letters may be earned in less than two years' time. association SENIOR HIGH G.A.A.-Left to right: B. Miller, W. Gray, G. Lundine, S. Biggers, M. Woolwine, A. Varnedoe, E. Krabiel, D. Hill, S. Hicks, G. Gates, M. Dimmick, N. Worthan, C. West. Third row: R. Hunter, M. Hummel, D. Emerson, N. Novack, S. Gray, B. Weeks, V. Higginbotham M. Anderson, S. Dunn, A. Gardin, P. Good, B. Burgess, R. Sarate, C. Hamby. Second row: I. Rash, K. Dunning, C. Taylor, D. Firebaugh, M. Rhine, P. Mayer, M. Stanford, W. Carter, M. Herman, P. Mather, S. Bliss, J. Gillham. Front row: B. Foster, R. Robertson, L. White, S. West, S. Lopez, M. Kosub, R. Pritchard, C. Hougeson, C. Hatcher, G. Dollar, E. Fennel, B. Wingate. i SENIOR HIGH G.A.A.-Top row: M. Bowie, S. Strelow, B. Hunt, B. Zanini, B. Roberts, E. Stewart, D. Cook, C. Hubbard, M. Cook, D. Swanson, D. Newton, D. Russell. Fourth row: M. Casey, S. Bangs, S. Evans, N. Wilson, M. Hicks, N. Pugh, J. Pool, C. Larson, G. Hayes, N. Hiser, D. Younglove, M. Driskell, L. Vonderembs. Third row: I. Taylor, S. Tonkinson, J. Deverick, P. Walters, E. Taylor, M. Grauel, G. Gates, O. Wear, B. Rodriguez, G. Downey, J. Stevens, L. De La Torre, E. Acosta, D. Ferguson. Second row: J. Watson, C. Russell, B. Barclay, K. Shipman, G. Omholt, B. Dorei, M. Jones, B. Cooper, B. McClellan, M. Baugh, P. Wilson. Front row: B. Thompson, D. Rodriguez, D. Dunn, F. Clarke, B. Guggenmos, V. Thorpe, 1. L Terreault, R. Carriger, B. Towner, L. Williams. 1. .Y-K gf' 1 5 ,Q 'W i JUNIOR INTER-CLASS VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS-Left to right: Charlotte Taylor, Barbara Wingate, Carol Hougeson, Billy Burgess, Patty Mather, Norma Wor- than, Sylvia Hicks, Sharon Bliss, Mary Lou Woolwine, jewel Gillham, and Shirley Biggers. promoting vitality Athletic sophomores practicing up on their As good as Green Arrow himself in archery baseball techniques for the opening Spring are, reading left to right: E. Krabiel, L. White, baseball season. B. Rodrigues. Stirring action on 'the basketball floor in third period P. E. and health EIGHTH PERIOD INTRAMURAL CHAMPS -Left to right: Cora Hamby, Angelina Gardin, Carolyn Hatcher, Marcia Anderson, Willa Carter, Sharon Bliss, Ernestine Fennel, joan Stevens, and Rebecca Sarate. Sheila West in action at the badminton net. Calisthenics build perfect bodies for the girls in sixth period P. E. av MALLQBY me MALLORY and ROWE 407 E. Oiai Avenue Johnny Ball is all ser fo hike Rebecca Sar- aie, Lily Barraza, Cora Hamby and Janef Ben- son for a joy ride in one of Mallory and Rowe's new Chevro- lefs. We don"l' lmow which makes J o h n n y happiesf, 'lhe new car or 'Phe load of girls. Mallory and Rowe are ihe Chevrolel deal- ers in Ojai. They wel- come you ai' any fime fo come down and see for yourself, iheir new s+oclc. CENTRAL GARAGE I93 W. Topa Topa Drive "Aw, Dad, you iusf need +o pull 'lhis and +he mofor will be ius'l' 'lip 'l'op." This, we hear Larry Shaw felling his 'Fa+her, who is The owner of Cenfral G a ra g e. Bob Morely seems a liHle puzzled by 'l'he Shaw's problem, buf he has 'faiih in fhem. YOU, foo, can frusi' your mofor +o +he skilled hands of Mr. Shaw. A+ Ceniral Ga- rage fhere are always irained mechanics and 'low fruclrs on hand 'l'o be af your service. OJAI VALLEY IN N X Eg g - AND COUNTRY CLUB Charles Neuhaus has jusl- finished +elling an amusing s'I'ory. Gwen Gafes, Alice Var- nedoe, Pauline Mayer and Bob Cole are his very afieniive lisfeners. The scene is: THE OJAI VALLEY INN. In fhe background one sees represen+a+ions of 'Phe varieiy of fhe valley, fhe snow covered mounfains and fhe swimming pool wifh fhe bafhers sifling around if. Mr. Hunsaker shows Lorraine and Sharon Gray, Ginny Higgin- bofham and Mae Sfan- ford some colorful floor covering samples. Valley Furnishings carry many divan and chair sefs like fhose fhe girls are siffing on. One of fhe sfore's specialfies is fanc lamps like fhose in fhe picfure. "Any- fhing for fhe house," is a fiH'ing slogan for Hunsaker's. VALLEY HOME FURNISHINGS HICKEY BROTHERS Clofhing Deparfmenf 230 E. oiai Nafhan Shoemaker 8: Marcia Anderson are frying fo make up fheir minds as fo which suif would be besf for Mar- cia. The flashy sporf shirf and slacks fhaf Nafe is wearing come from fhe men's wear in Hickey's Depf. Helpful clerks like Al Wesf are always on hand 'fo help you solve your clofhing problems. OJAI VALLEY N EWS Mal Edwards, fhe Edilor of fhe Oiai Val- ley News loolts on while Barbara Weeks Case sefs 'lype for lhe school paper. Sally Dunn and Willa Carfer, page edi- lors. carefully wafch Barbara as she inslrucls ihem. Mr. Edward's Valley News linorypes +he school paper, fhe Ran- ger Record, of which Barbara is lhe edilor. The Valley News is nearly fwo and one- half years old and serves all of Ojai Val- ley. FAY and TULLEYS EI Roblar Drive, Meiners Oalcs "Bur wha? will Mary Lou say?" aslcs Teddy Baer, when Marge Rhine fries +o fall: him info buying rhe flashy shirl. John Dawn smiles approvingly on as salesgirl Barbara Win- gale fries fo malxe fhe sale. Fay and Tulleys carry a complele line of va- riely ifems and cos- mefics, hardware and merchandise. I wonder whai Er- nesline Fe n n el said? She ceriainly seems embarrassed aboui' if. Perhaps fhe whole lhing is iusl an acl and she is a cover up for Charles Neuhaus. Doug Jordan and Carol Wesf do noi seem 'io nolice 1'he "grand lar- ceny" a+ all. The O ai Grocery carries a compleie line of fr u irs. vegeiables and groceries. OJAI VALLEY GROCERY 260 E. oiai Ave. HICKEY BROTHERS Hardware Deparfmeni' 246 E. Ojai Ave. Marfha Dimmiclr seems inreresred in a G.E. Iron. Though 'lhe sfyle and weighr are wha? she lilces, if is fhe price fha? impresses Bob Cole. Homer Ni- chols is much more in- 'leresfed in +he sporfs equipmenf 'lhaf Hic- lcey's also carry. KUNG? APPLIANCE SHOP Carolyn Hafcher shows Kennelh Wal- 'lers all fhe handy gadgels on +he Gen- eral Eleclric Refrigerafor, 'lhal is dis- played in lhe show window ai King's Appliance's. King's carry all G.E. appliances. Also refrigerafors, radios and lelevision seis in fhe popular s'I'yles. 303 N. Monfgomery Phone Oiai 303 Mrs. Franlr J. Mrs. Berkeley Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. PATRONS Barringlon Brandi' R. F. Brennan Hal Buclrner Wm. Burlze Geo. Busch Glynn Chase E. L. Dimmiclr R. H. Drewes Raymond Ellis O. P. Gales Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Roland King Mrs. Mary Kirlcman Comdr. and Mrs. F. A. Lees Mr. and Mrs. Basil McGann Dr. and Mrs. Geo. Meinig Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Neuhaus Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Newfon Dr. and Mrs. J. J. Rupp Mr. and Mrs. Percy Sfeele Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor Charles Halcher OJAI FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS Complefe Food Marlcef Easf Oiai Ave. Phone 362 P.O. Box 547 OJAI PHARMACY Complefe Drug Service and Prescripfions Sundries - Cosmefics Phone 503 328 E. Oiai Ave VALLEY JEWELERS Wafch and Cloclc Repairing Qualify Jewelry Nendels Phone 690 250 E. Oiai Ave. OJAI FOOD MARKET Groceries, Fruifs and Vegefables 292 Ojai Ave. Oiai, Calif. Alberf L. Cox, Propriefor BURLISON HARDWARE AND PLUMBING CO. Hardware 0 Housewares O Plumbing 2I2 E. Oiai Ave. P.O. Bax 295 Telephone 323 I Oiai, California VILLAGE DRUG STORE Dependable Prescripfions O Fine Cosmefics Across from Posf Office Phone 426 Phone 520 505 El Roblar QUICK PLUMBING CO. Plumbing Fame.-Plumbing sawing.-w.+er Heafers-Holly F ufn. ce.-sewer Refrigerafors-Roper Gas Ranges-General Elecfric Dishwashers Bendix Washers, Ironers, Driers THE R and T MARKET Phone 8374 S 8: H Green Slamps I Qualify Mea'l's Corner El Roblar and Pueblo, Meiners Oalzs John and Jean Sullender VENTURA COUNTY CONFECTIONERS Candy - Tobaccos - Sundries Wholesale Phone 796I 86 So. Laurel Venfura, California OJAI BOWLING LANES AND CAFE Brealcfasl' O Lunch I Dinner I Snaclcs 345 E. Oiai Ave. Phone 2362 Ernie ancl Clara Nelson Fresh Meais 0 Phone 46l OJAI MEAT MARKET Bill King JACKSON'S MARKET Meals-Fruifs-Vegeiables Phone 400 Lomi+o Drive Meiners Oalrs V A N ' S 235 E. Maiilliia Phone 452 Jack Hangar, Mgr You Strike it Rich in GOLDEN STATE Charles Phillips Phone 625 PHOTOGRAPHY BY LOPERT 1 every+hing in music MELODY ROOM Jane and Janef 202 E. Ojai Ave. Phone 2l5l OJAI BIKE SHOP Bike Repair and Paris Keys 0 Saw Filing O Lawn Mowers Washing Machine Repair Geo. Roberis Phone 354 Bud Case-Wafch Repair MlSBEEK'S ELECTRIC CO. Wessix Heafers O Thor Washers Eleciric and Gas Ranges 908 E. Oiai Ave. Phone 2I28 Fern and Fred's SNACK SHACK Meiners Oalrs PEOPLES LUM BER CO. Since I890 I62 S. 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Suggestions in the Nordhoff High School - Topa Topa Yearbook (Ojai, CA) collection:

Nordhoff High School - Topa Topa Yearbook (Ojai, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Nordhoff High School - Topa Topa Yearbook (Ojai, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 86

1951, pg 86

Nordhoff High School - Topa Topa Yearbook (Ojai, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 6

1951, pg 6

Nordhoff High School - Topa Topa Yearbook (Ojai, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 61

1951, pg 61

Nordhoff High School - Topa Topa Yearbook (Ojai, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 46

1951, pg 46

Nordhoff High School - Topa Topa Yearbook (Ojai, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 63

1951, pg 63

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