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V W , ,b Q yjygy 'yzmy' fzgf Qbgg Yfif fwffbf ff Sf gififefffff Dcfpjxlflyy J r E X3 jgiffy C wg ff if Q, ,pp ff, K Q Q5 72 ,, GLC? W if Affff- ' Q1 gig Egg QEQ! 5 ',VA QQQS gg W5 Fw? 952C22?ig2QQ 664565 , ,, . 0 fi av Y ,X Qgffx fu L 5 'QALV X QQ X Q Cy Q , if 9? T4 5, xg, Qggigg? 2 Q EQ?5Ea2, yea y Siyxagfg if 'Q'2? M1955 1? W V if 4 4 ,x,yJ95xOQ9'5J 0. if X ai' -W Pay 55 yxfgjiyvagbl 55557 QC, Er C5231 ff w V 3' JS :gy V fb J fA TQ fx 1, ' .vig , 3 5 3?g5mf fx QXK 3 div? 52,3591 JL! Z Ax xnkk if gr f Swy ' RQKA :FL XXX Cf Q V xvxxxi H ! V Q26 . 4 Z! 1 Xxx fly ! - " . x L i Nffywf Zi Q M Q wM ffP ,ifQ ' 1 ?1-'QQQ Xfb 'WUwWWW'N Zf Q 1 1 V Q. if Cgtet'-F Q' W UN' Q Llp! fp , A w. M in Ziff,-72,10 :Begg E455 E KK? L Jwyl, L' ' U3 259, QQZQ2 1J!ff A U WV Ll- WN, Ak gag? gtk N WLM up fe- , 11342, VM ral j Zig! Q C2414 Tj W UM U - . ' 50 E W Wfffwwwp s kgywng E QMQMDWW W WMWM 52105 406 HW, WQQWW D'+WMQNy MMA , QW OVAL is BOTANIC .QGARDEN w Vdxr K FOR! WORTH a"""rn - - , 3 - """"f "', ' wa 4 X .4 'T A, W , S.:-5- A NOLAN HIGH SCHOOL FORT WORTH TEXAS LEPANTO '80 -VV IX 1 5 AA COWTOWN 1 980 i ,af 7' Cowtown. We see Cowtown all around us. Itis in our dress, our speech, our acts. Here at Nolan, we see Cowtown at its best. We see people everyday in boots, hats, buckles, even t-shirts professing our pride in our home Nolan Cowtown. The western life becomes second nature to us. We surround ourselves with western themes for dances, pep rallies and other social events. Nolan is where Fort Worth begins . . . Fort Worth is where the West begins. l,f""" Mrs. Paula Parrish, Advisor Patti Sanders, Chief Editor MaryAnn Luke, Editor, Clubs Ronald Totah, Editor, Activities Scott West, Editor, Sports Trisha Peck, Editor, Seniors and Faculty Charles Butler, Editor, juniors Sonia Conzalez!Deirdre Large, Editors, Sophomores Mickey Addison, Editor, Freshmen Sharon Kavanaugh, Editor, Advertising and Finance Ann Hajek, Editor, Copy And Mary Andersen, Mary Anthony, Becki Bell, john Bra- zelton, Deanne Brown, Kathy Downing, Paul Friday, Ross Griffith, Judy Huskey, Chris Maguire, Fred Quatro, Phil Schwartz, Tim Smith, David Troutman, and last, but not least, Tim Watters. Cover design by Mickey Addison MAGES Y"0 4 -.. -X :1,A.' Q' D F .fu 5w.,,.' fxm. o ' sn A1-nr. ,' Www" M. asf: ' lwilvilv W? YV V Vi mwtdggg m 1. M N K . H N V' M , .. 544 15,15 may 'xi' 1 3" Q,-.., film 5 f" z . 5. vi. i f I,-. he ,- .gm ,. , , f "' :aims f Q' F gm ,i:gq,i. lm Q5 i ' Af' fu I 4 ,1- 'QTM M A "' .N Mmm' wi r M Pin. vw f:'w?f'-gggif , f 4' , nv if b Jifqt S u O :fb -4. '1 ,rigid Q Q 4-Q, ,. -4- "vi 'UVa , s V x., We QM, ,, ,wvh DEDICATION 80 29 1 Vicki Hebfenstine One of the most difficult tasks that an editor has to do is choose one of the many deserving people to whom we could dedicate our book. We have chosen a teacher who recently taught here at Nolan. She was more than a teacher to many of us, she was a friend we could communicate with and rely on. She dedicated more than timeg she devoted energy, enthusiasm, and spirit to everything she did. She got to know the stu- dents intimately, and was genuinely concerned about their growth. For these reasons we have chosen to dedicate our yearbook to her. We will never be able to repay her, but through this tribute we hope to express our appreciation for everything she has done. vu A-we as-qv aqui-bi Sun-df unwi- i .4 ...J ,wuap..4r'Si-Ov ilu'-"H 0- 1 nr. naman :Qi X... -wnEL.4r3i x.4s. 4s,x ,..-.Nal" au- ala. R-is 5.5.- ,Q- if 1 A JW Q is . +. E Courtesy Fort Worth Public Library and Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth 5 Q V 1 -:fs A - . -ww .K 5 Q gk f Q. -, ' K 351: Q jk Q as 2:.,L nr., 1 'lf' SPIRIT Diane Burns, the Football Sweetheart, with her date for the KNIGHT. Viking spirit overcame the early obstacle of Homecoming arriving sooner than expected. Though no one was prepared, each division displayed unifying spirit by their halls and the over- all togetherness at the pep rally. The Homecoming celebration was continued through the week- end with a hard hitting game fol- lowed by the music of Rio at the Homecoming Dance. 10 WEEK PE PS UNITY Sharon and Sheila show their true character during the homecoming pep rally Mary Ann, Janice, and Patty distribute tokens of jr. spirit during lunch. HOMECOMING FINALE SOONER THAN EXPECTED ag - , .,.g,-f..-ibm. K .g:- 8 Vkik, 1 K Roy and Deanne set the pace to Rio. Freshmen shocked at first Homecoming Dance. Jfai, b Seniors listen to Rio and reminisce. Anticipation awaits for the right price. Il HOWDY WEEK: SEPT. 3-8, 1979 Tracy shows off his great physique for the new girls. The freshmen were well-oriented into Nolan High School this year. From the welcoming speeches of the administration and Father Chris, the freshman moderator, the students learned of their expectations. After the faculty were finished with the new students, it was the seniors' turn. Howdy Week featured the typical joking be- tween seniors and freshmen. Through singing, leading cheers, pushing eggs and peanuts with their noses-the freshmen were introduced to high school life. Their journey began with the Howdy Picnic at Oakland Park. There, the freshmen were forced to unite as a string was run through their clothes joining them together. The usual an- tics occured throughout the week, in particular, the eating of LIVE goldfish by john Marx, Bren- non Meyer, and Bro. Rich. Howdy Week cli- maxed with the Howdy Dance on Saturday, and to the relief of the freshmen, their initiation was over. "Is he really eating that live goldfish?!" Freshmen and Seniors enjoy getting involved in Nolan activities FRESHMEN ARE CAUGHT ON 12 vi . .iv ne 2 d.- A ill Hagen Sh-ings along . . l jack wonders if freshmen have spiked the water. bsfw "Open Widen Freshmen particularly Love mods 8-12. THE ROPE OF ADVENTURE 1, 1 d W 1 x M L l 5, n 1 go-'AS ffl' 8. 5 R ,,.f ww. 11 "2 :Q ff 5: MY wg, Ylyggfa gx ,f 'V t . E 'YI W m ,Q ' 5225 ortnd hx 4' "THE SMALL WAR IN CORRIDOR A" T he cast really gets into character. Lisa leads the revolt. 16 "What do you mean I forgot my line?" Eric and Mary-F act or fancy? Lisa and Roy exchange glances. Ushers great with a smile. 9 " V lf if gf - L 52 i j i r i ' ' ' Qi ' LISA Hcxlclgn Mafia So HOUSY' Andi smith Eric Vzaerwn 'f Filly VlCfull0SlfN Roy Maul? V. Birdy Ruskey gmos Newhouse I St-,nick Gonmla Smln Refer, ' Tulle Zfltz' X Uaqfuclt EL' ? comm Clam '-WY YW' T55 Mari suv-me We CUP? Lisct Pzotclef 506 was .fly nan mf Wm, what ct-men Yqgllsfe, Qocc-u,nY T6 fl-Y Cufil' x Sic-CY Cctmptxzrll Omccted ,god Katie, Greene Prod ucecl by Judy Eiefdctfft jog 5hav6f Diane Burns "The Small War in Corridor Av was performed by the Nolen Thespians on Nov. 8, 9, 10, 1979. Mrs. joy Shaver had the privilege of working with the play- wright, Dick Dotterer, on this unique and exciting play. Produced for the first time since its original de- sign, "The Small War in Corridor A" was led by Lisa Boteler and Roy Moore as Cassie and Kurt. These leads were complimented by Eric Petterson, Mary Schadt, and Colleen Clark. Based on the Ly- sistrata theory, it was a fun night for all. NOLAN'S TRUE IDE TITY? I'd love to dance. The abominable Luke Doyle has never looked so good. - vault S .Nw Qi rx 'Y Nt 0 llll X all x 1 - :mm Q 4 Jeff s cone gets him a dance with Patti? 1 I if 9 1 4 Stacy and Mike sail away . . . together. Undertaker George stalking his next victim. Nolan Football rival's Homecoming King and Queen HALLOWEEN DANCE Certainly, the identity of Nolan showed through at this dance held after Halloween. Everyone was supposed to attend in cos- tume and it was a thrill- ing success. The variety of costumes was only sur- passd by the variety of students and faculty who attended. 19 1? The fashionable Sanger Harris "dears". Holidays at Nolan are eagerly looked forward to by both students and faculty. Carnations and candy sold by the Student Council provide holiday cheer. At Christ- mas time, students surprise their Kris Kringles with little treats throughout the week before revealing their secret identity. 20 HOLIDAYS AT Kaki O'Brien offers Santa her cola. "Oh Christmas Tree . . .ln NOLAN F"a A happy elf. Deanne and Vicki exhibit holiday cheer. This is NOT my Halloween mask you birdbrain ! Mary Fenske tells Santa her dreams. 21 WINTER SWEETHEART DANCE 1980 Sweetheart Court Winners Matt Bilardi and freshman princess, Cathy Ladd strolling to the stage. "All Fingers Bandi' provided the entertain- 'ment for the 1980 Sweetheart Dance, February 2, 1980. Snowflakes, lights streaming from the ceiling, and a gazebo created a wintry, blissful atmosphere for the night. After nominating their class princesses at school, students eagerly awaited the announcement of their sweethearts. Hand Check? Senior sweetheart Sheila Davis escorted by Paul Friday. 1: 2 if Junior sweetheart Debbie Ladd escorted by Tracy Neuman ' 1. ff Q. Sophomore sweetheart Linda Martinez escorted by Ed Petro. Freshman sweetheart Peggy O'Brien escorted by Louis Acosta. y I X . ar THE BOURBON STREET BACKWARDS DANCE. The King anxiously awaits the crowning. ii 2:33 S Terry and Lenny enjoy the jazz music. Phillipa and Steve get down to the music The King is crowned, Mark Fisher. Susan socializes while table hopping. Mari Schadt escorts the Backwards King, Mark Fisher. The atmosphere of the 1980 Backwards Dance set an amazing new pace. One reason for this was the distinctive Sandy Sandifer Brass Band rather than the usual rock, disco, or country bands. This year's Backwards King was Mark Fisher, escorted by Mari Schadt. Also on the court were Mike Crim- mins, Paul Friday, Luke Doyle, and Kirk Pouttu. 25 WOODS AND W ATER GETS IT ON. ater club h many p aces, rom Big Thicket, Por A C nche Peak Power Plant to Sid R h d S u Re ervation. The group is ll d part f he Boy Scouts. Mr. E p h ds the opera ' d the group dit as an ecology l The group h ff s. They include: Kurt S hnert, Alic S b Bruns Watts, Paul G dell, Andy Lub g d Anne Drolling but not least, h p s are Mr Ev d Mrs. Wallace. Like y h g oup, k d d ation and this g p ly l k f h Say cheeze! 4 4,'L ' G. f H , Wf i 5 , , Q xwijx PORT ARANSAS The group at Port Aransas. KY?-fb 9' ' Monkeying around. K The 1980 Woods and Water club. if QP Wx? OR BUST! NOLAN'S CAROUSEL GETS AROUND if CA R0luSE M h 6 7 8 1980 Nolan Hugh School CAST OF CHARACTERS Colleen Clark .................................... Carrie Pipperige Michele Brennan. Lisa Halden ............. Roy Moore ........... Tim Halden .......... Nick Brophy ......... Peggy McGill .......... Jordan jack Agnew .................... Stayton Swanberg .......... Sandy Hill ................... Lynn Bolton ............ Lisa Boteler .......... Anne Drollinger .. Donna Cwozdz Greg Cu p p ............ joseph Goins ........ Marvin Thornton jeff Schneider ...... Lisa Bradley ........ joe Dalton ........ 28 no ........Mrs. Mullin ..........Billy Bigelow Policeman David Bascombe Girl .......Enoch Snow .........Jigger Craigin .................Arminy . ......... .....Penny ........Jennie ................Virginia .......................Susan ........2nd Policeman ...............Captain Heavenly Friend ...............Starkeeper ...................Louise ..Enoch Snow jr. OF APPLAUSE Billy ponders the responsibilities of fatherhood Mrs. Shaver you're S.A.M. Mmm! Look at those clams. Thank goodness it's OV6l'. 1 V V 7 T I'm lettin' my barker fool with you. june is bustin out all over. Every year rumors spread about what the spring musical will be. After the word gets out, Tryouts are held and the cast is chosen. Then the students anx- iously await the six weeks needed for perfection. This year's presentation was no different and the turnout was tremendous. Director Mrs. Joy Shaver was assisted by Ms. Sharon Pope, the musical direc- tor. The outstanding choreography was done by Miss Carlye Hughes, a graduate of Nolan. Success was evident to fthe actors and actresses, as well as the backstage crews who were not unnoticed. 29 THE LIGHTER mg. A , Caught in the act! To know us is to love us! 2 -lvl' ' li Actors relieve tension. Mary had a little . . . WHAT?! A "Concert Choir Bass" SIDE OF CHORUS Our beloved director, Miss Pope. All work and no play? Never. The year of '79-'80 will be a memorable one for the Concert Choir. They made a good show- ing in Galveston during May as some groups made excellent ratings. All work and no play? I wouldn't say so. Take a look! Fun at "Annie.', llil 5 But I thought we were going to Nieman's. Sing, jack, Sing. 'WWW The Varsity band prac- ticed hard for, and looked forward to their trip to San Antonio. There, they participated in band com- petition receiving 2,s and 3's in both concert and sight reading. It was an exciting and prosperous year rounded off by a fun and rewarding trip. Thanks Mr. Roberts!!! NOLAN' VIKINGS 'ima Q "I promise I didnit do it!,' It takes a lot of wind to be in the band. 5e+..1k..-K S ,K . m x 4 ,Ml - Swv , gig? .K Q me iii? S X1 sr" ' 'X 5 Lolin takes one last look. VARSITY BAND TRIP Mr. Roberts conducting toe-tapping music outdoors. prepar 'Q , K vw- mhmfdhhd Sometimes it's lonely playing music. J UNICR UNITY DAY -A300 ' Siam. ' ' 5 :'l Ross Griffith THINKS his joke was funny. Every year the juniors look forward to receiving their senior rings. This year was no exception. Mrs. Cope and her com- mittee organized a memorable day on April 29. Mass was held at St. Ritais Church and afterwards students cele- brated at Colonial Cafeteria. This is the first step up the ladder to graduation. 34 Beth Knipple receives a senior present from Mrs. Cope. -Aww Q, N 1 , Celia Gutierrez showing off her new ring. Q 4-P-ax K r r Q , is s W.. The Stork and Peter Rabbit in the Junior zoo. "A Serious Momentn by Kaki O'Brien Hand-check. A 'T A Bro. Pierre expresses his love for the Junior Class. 35 TAKE THE LONG WAY 1980 Prom Court ghe Cfass Of1Q81 of molan jfigfz Selma! ,zequests flue lzonowz of youfz pfzesence at glue gunimgegenioe ,qbwm " gafie the ,Luong Cway " on gelday evening, Qqpail efeventh nineteen fzuncfeeaf and eigfnty fwm eight 0'c!0ck fmt!! miclnigfzt Shady 6Ja1lCs Uountey 320 glowing Spvmgs .gqoacf govt Cpyovtfl, gexas Quffef Lteakfasf sewecl The Royal Dance-Linda and Kirk gy -vi K N Dancing cheek to cheek C SeIli0l'S party at the Pl'OITl g'Pr0miSeS, Promises . , n, Rebecca Halden enjoys the dance. Sean Reiderer sings the theme song Ann Rimar in tune with the music. Senioris last formal fling at Nolan. at 'A Nw L d S3533 1 L. A Prom King Kirk Pouttu escorted by junior Duchesses, Debbie Doskocil and Diana Ochoa. 'i 5 , Debbie Ladd and Ross Griffith emcee. Juniors take the long way and have a great time 39 A PROM T0 REMEMBER The Royal Promenade gd x 3 anae and her escort strut their stuff. My girdle is killing me. .. 4, H nndwwl X F l i Q we 1753 Q l E iii Will the real Mr. Clad please stand up? V -1 sv i 3 mm . e - ms Give me that glass! W X -'V u , 'l We have to Stop meeting like this!! Now, what did you say your number is? Q is if UNDERCLASSMEN REWARDED FOR THEIR EXCELLENCE F' W -XY X Bro. Tony makes the awards a little more special. Eric Petterson awarded for excellence in Language. Lynn Bolton receives tutoring certificate Chaminade Award Recipient, Roy Moore. JL' . ,,m.,Q"""' rf 1 f ,-A E W! Patti Sanders, Miss NHS says it all. Chaminade and Marian Awards Given to Two Top Seniors 5 I V E Marian Award Winner, Patti Sanders. Roy Moore also chosen by his classmates as their spokesman. 43 33333 3333333333333 E IOR ASSEMBLY AWARD A3 3 333333333333333 3 333333333333333 2 g Their final walk before the audience. A VAAAA AV i Carol Cirulli returning for her final goodbyes. 44 .33333333333333 3 33333333 3 333333333333333 3 333333333333333 3 333333333333333 3 3333333333 as Joe Colvi Nolan. Andy Lubrano receiving his honors Q gig, X-S. Relief at last. tai? Our faithful leaders. ff ff m n r m m S3 m m m m m m m m m m m 5 m EE QEEEEEEEEEEE REMEMBER E5 EEEEEE E EY. E A DAY TO EEEEEEEE E EEEEEEEEEEEEEE E E EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE E EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE E EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 4' 5 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 5 4' 4' 5' 4' 4' 4' 5 4' 4' 5' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 5' YLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE xo, v4.4 of-,f 6 ,. I .. K Robing, a very special moment. h Tracy joins his class. The beginning walk It's beautiful Is this where Iim supposed to be? These gowns are so hot!!! right: Did you graduate too? The concelebrated mass is over. Friday night, May 30, 1980. Mass begins at 5 p.m. at St. Bath- olomewis Church. The pews are filled to capacity as parents, friends and graduates prepare to break bread one last time to- gether. This is also Fr. Chris' last Mass with Nolan students and it brings a tear to the eye as he says farewell. The highlights of the Mass include the Nolan Chorus, the beautiful mime, and the sign of peace which lasted for fifteen minuteslll. One of the few re- maining ceremonies for 1980 grads. Smilin' Gabe , dw Q06 Courtesy Fort Worth Public Library and Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, Texas VI Mik?51 00 X yn 2-1. 1 4 fl I-46'-4U1'5UFP4 mtdtliblbtldrtdtlitlimn i VVhat a line up! Cheese! Smile Karen! Kaki with a good swing! S JM ZS: it fi-TS My , N . 5 -,mf ffl'-'L ff - ' ' '-'..'i:f-gf f+1'fFf',1gif . .. ', -, ' rw """f':i"'15U , x -1 4. VM.. ,z . -4 9 . s x 'mf gif. fs - N . -wa S. f:""'- 4 " ' Q' fs ,ff i .ig L' ' lg .11 - 1 A we ,L 1,4 '. , 5 M- ,V Q :W ,A ,Eg I Yip. wk Ah F' " ' QQ' 1 V ' I x xx, 1 . - Ji 7 jfz'-2: "' SS S S. 1-E! , S W.. i ik f'5-'N i A -':f"Sx-vs f 'W H fibxz -n 4- K .vfwlvi W W ,. www W, V 'Yagi 'ri' M WW 1 1 4' ww X351 if Y ,Wil l M 'wwf-,, gm K, l iffe wiv. ww A IX Y '3 Clockwise from top: CAPTAIN, PATTI SANDERS, Tisha Sulak, Lynn jones, Di- ana Ochou, Anne Drollmger, Kalki O'Brien, Lisa Bradley, and Karen Schmidt. ax! ' -"nw-nit .,14s-- " " """'. ,Lg VT V Z s., , N5 , A . n f. sq-..,x .nf Yin! ,A AQGEHR R I Hivsisf S S 3 fx fm,.,M "Qin yi' w Vx .. f- flfmiwi- -vi if , Y :WH 1 "V 4499 V if It is true that the Varsity cheer- leading squad of 1980 began very inexperienced with only three re- tuming cheerleaders, three vet- eran junior Varsity cheerleaders, and two new recruits. Remember cheerleading camp at S.M.U.? Who would have thought that one week could produce such a pre- cise, spirited, and unified squad? Their determination to promote spirit throughout the school was never-ending. The memories etched in these girl's minds of all the hard work and fun times they spent together seemed to pass as quickly as they came. But one thing is for sure, these fun times together, no mat- ter how short they may be, will not be forgotten in a lifetime. Sing, Kaki, Sing! X Somebody slap them. VV1109 Me? 52 Yea we did it, yea we know we did it. .., w ,.. .. xg.. Keep that spirit up. .... :F . N...,-- . ANL? . Our Cowtown girls. This s a hold up - --f-:-hgb, 1 -.'-:- - X -- - ......:...:.,.:L:,:, i,.. .... 1 .Q NOLAN VARSITY FOOTBALL The Vikings of 1979 played with enthusiasm, determination, and pride. They approached ev- ery game with the attitude that they would win that game The Vikings of ,79 attained heights never thought possible They played for district title their last game of the season They finished a strong third in district Lastly, they played for a possible wild-card berth for the state playoffs The Vikings of '79 possessed the one essential quality of loyalty Towards each other the student body faculty and coaching staff the success attained by them was truly a super team effort 1979 was certainly the return of the Vikings A salute is indeed appropriate to the seniors for their leadership hard work and never end- mg loyalty to their school The foundation has been formed by the seniors for another super year 1n 1980-81 10 Bettinger 11 Ayala 12 Minihan 20 L. Gilmore Richards Goheen Ralstm Yorek Huizar Ochoa M Gilmore Brannon ohnson Lyons NIPP Kaler Neuman Woods Heath R Griffith Steeves Salas Martin D Griffith McGinnis Burciago Abllez Ashour 85 F usher 21 . ci 30 33 ' , 34 40 ' 41 " K 44 . ' ' 50 ' 51 1 8 52 4 61 ' 62 64 65 csyyrl 70 aatc 71 . ' ' iiss 72 1 be 73 . 74 ' 8' 75 . ' ' 80 ' ' 81 ' 83 ' 84 fs Discussing the after the game plan. mek ' gg, X H. fag . A ,mv 4 . hip Q' -fy sg or 'V, , 1 t o 13 uf , , ' oach Miculka, Coach May Coach Rice Coach Skinner Coach Dyer Head-Coach Pavlas. 5 3 9 9 Bottom Left: 4th Quarter Bottom Right: Discussing Strategy Viking defensive huddle. 55 Viking defense toughens against Keller. Viking defense against Northwest. estt..1f1 ff we , Ayala barely gets pass away 5' 2? 5 ' ,lf , 'Q-....,..2b Games Decatur 20 Nolan I4 St. Marks 0 Nolan 7 Keller 8 Nolan 0 NAV. Justin 22 Nolan 15 Muenster 14 Nolan 28 Vivv KWH, Waco Reicher 0 Nolan 31 I V H V M Dallas Lynch 7 Nolan 3 155 M Dallas Dunne 6 Nolan 10 , nf Vyl' Dallas Jesuit 24 Nolan 7 - ,, ,"l Q ' ' - V The team at homecoming pep rally. Q M , 43219- 1, Pavlas sends in a play. Vikings :PFI Lonnie scores again. 57 VOLLEYBALL GOES TO STATE AGAIN! , Dee Dee gets up for the return. Coach Melinda Reas' talented squad showed their dominance on the court again this season. They finished the season with a fine 12-4 record, as well as bringing home two tournament trophies. The Vikes were also District Cham- pions, after defeating Bishop Dunne in a playoff game. The team traveled to Hous- ton for the state tournament and advanced to the finals before falling to Mt. Carmel of Houston in a closely fought battle. Opposite bottom left: Dee Dee sets it up for the spike. Opposite right: Beth takes a water break. Bottom left: The Vikings prepare for an important point. Coach Melinda Beas. 59 s-are 4 E80 ,, QNNN X Q QS X R is gi Tffiil -Reins :Ji f4 li' H W ,,,.: I 'W i a nz mum w QQ H LFUIGPC li. ffpz, ,,-, ifflga Q ',f' simmons 5 'WH 2' 29 I e SG "W90'-fl 35 'L YFWW5' . 9' i.!Sh,5'3' Carla attempts the spike. I 60 Sheila sets it up. if Viking Volleyball is fast. Q S .. X Coach Reas talks it over with her girls. ' A The thrill of victory! s if Ag 9 2 .. ' 2 Pregame preparations. DeeDee with the spike GIRLS' VARSITY BASKE TB LL .F -1 5.95-s:,:p:,-..Z,,,:um .- .g.:-gajg-'sS,':' ' fls g g '-" ' .Z ' -',.,-x'::fbfu'a' K , IZ . ' ' H- -- -, 'US A1-4-Ly, ' -' I 51. t '...QxgE?g3p 4 , - X N . f ,. ,. , . . , . . , Q ' ' f ' -'l!"1?9v. l ' , I I -------- --- . ,'.SyxnQ 'Sb' ' ff' 'QR K- .21 1935 Rf-I ff' 'xx N vw Y 1577 i ' ff 1 . XX ' as . X . ,gui f . . XX 'P ih- Riu ' 1. 1 n ' - X X wfgtn W .- .4 A ' . 1 , 1 .fi- 1-'wa -- Q9 11 . A . 2? Ii 9 . Q eg , ' 1 '4 , ' ' ' A 9 . ' - -'fly x ' H' 3 -,Jin , xx - -' kg , cn -v li A ' X ' teiik. X? by- if-1' Yi i i I ' IV 'xigfs 3: -- xx , . ,g wa .' ff iii-' A pt . gif 1 il' o'Qx : C kc-37 sf. 'TAX LA K. r. ' .u T-4 l Q, -2 ig ". 'Sl SQ fl X -:LS nr ' L -wi' ' ' xx, I I : L ' 'pg X . 'y."Q'5 ' 1, -Q 435 as ll X 1 x K l lf ' ' ' ' is , Q56 K f .-x e .3 W it h" X. f f' F if . A N 1 s in ,l' I 2 .!Q. li ' . - ,ja ii. -.. v- .-.---J-' -' Anf! if. - 'Sl NL- X 47 5242, ff iff' ,l . F , N I X "2 if ' it l 'lgvf 1511 ,. 'R :xx 4' N ij , I, 'ir' Wi. . Ms" Ye. . - iilvfgl s 4, "Stag . ' , 1 " '-QQ -k n 3 -53' 11. ' ' . A '-itfq, - sf e:4e"' 'RUQQ Q, A5 SF' Q :Rig-5 lx - 47 Y 'L .4534 'vi-:ii -r ' f W -ff Top Row N, 55542 Bottom Row , -'ssmgl f s K th C Beth Knlpple 5-,f'M,y,,x: ' ,M f I 3 y arey , , "' - -A 25150 V t . . - -'N .T 5 gftlf,-'Q . -' - Kim Wllson -vgi. ',i , A,xs If , x ,,,?',!a,,,11wfP" Budget Benshetler . . .- me-We mv-. si - Llga Tycollz ' . - 'K-,.1" . Sonja Penergast janae Greene 62 pictures not available: Darlene Collins Sheila Chenevert Johanna Goheen Christy Ory Girls in action Mrs. Corbett Girls Varsity Basketball Coach. Lois Corbett, new but ready, helped our girls basketball team through a learning year. Heading this team was BRIDCET BEN- SHETLER, KofC All-Tournament Team, lst team all-district, District soph of the year, and 2nd team All-State, KIM WILSON, 2nd team All-District, and SHEILA CHENE- VERT, 2nd team, All-District. 63 NOLAN ATHLETIC SUPPORTERS OUR COACHES Coach Blair goes over last minute strategy. --'h CC , k5 51 ,C CC E , 'kkhi LE . .ws 'f it- Y N k.,. . "'k SK .6 r Q ,':.k Q :L 5 'F' ' , C .K Qmsygw 6 . b 5 : k Bro. Tony gathers his strays in a new sport. .. NN? mkN+- J,.s ..,,. Coach Dyer informs Rich of the way things will be Coach Skinner rounds off the season. 1 K 2. X . I Let,s go over it one more time. Coach Kincannon prepares for another year Fourth quarter chants spur the Vikings. INEXPERIENCED' VIKES REBUILDING TRADITION The 1979-80 Varsity Basketball team: David Garcia, Mark Aertker, Willie johnson, Mike Crimmins, Jim Weise, Scott Hill, Coach Kincannon, Paul Friday, jim Phillips, Scott West, Kenny Williams, Luke Doule. Kneeling, john Leatherwood, Mgr. With the leadership of the few returning seniors, Nolan,s Varsity started rebuilding in t 1980. The seniors leave the Varsity in the good hands of four juniors who obtained an abundance of playing time this year. Mark Aertker, Ken Williams, Scott West and Scott Hill create a forceful nucleus for next year. Despite a disappointing 5-20 season, against 4-A public schools from around the Metro- plex, individual honors went to Paul Friday and Willie Johnson. Willie made the 2nd team for All-District while Paul gathered all- tournament honors at the prestigious West Side Lions Tournament, District Most Valu- able Player, lst All-State and lst Team All- District. This past year was a learning experi- ence for the players as well as the first year coach, Bryan Kincannon. Scott, Mark, and Luke discuss their strategy. 66 Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Scott Hill throws up a prayer. ,ww llll M Mm rv. f M' 47 41 46 43 49 PRE-DISTRICT SCOREBOARD Trimble Tech Southwest Southwest Western Hills Lamar Roosevelt Eastern Hills Western Hills Lamar Brewer Brewer S. Grand Prairie Arlington Arlington Heights St. Martinsville O.D. Wyatt Denton Scott Hill gets up for the opening tip against Lamar. HDF- PU with H good m0V6 to the basket VIKINGS START STRCNG, FALTER IN DISTRICT "Ah, come on Reflv The Vikes huddle before a game. Paul, Tim, and Scott set up befo District Scoreboard Nolan 67 Reicher 63 so Nolan 51 Lynch ot 58 Nolan 55 Dunne 47 it Nolan 53 Jesuit 58 Nolan 80 Reicher 55 Nolan 50 Lynch 75 Nolan 59 Dunne 74 Nolan 63 Jesuit 64 on , ..,L-: ll,aa,1 .G , .:N. Oi: Coach Kincannon sweats out another one. Paul Friday with another tip,in. t aft' 1 .,,, ' 3 1 acae ' , , if L I n n y in V I ay Basketball Sweetheart Tisha Sulak with captains, Mike Crimmins and Paul Friday. 69 if N ' i .4 No one gets in Sharon's way. Kim practices for penalty kick. 70 Girls Soccer Coach Blair advises Leslie. 1 L.. Left to Right-Top-Coach T. Blair, Kit Clark, Mary Thomas, Martha Girardot, Rose Broyles, Kim Andrews, Erin Fitzpatrick, Deirdre Large, Meg Miller. Middle-Diana Ochoa, Angela Lubrano, Peggy O'Brien, Gina Carron, Gina Lubrano, Jennifer McDonald, Sharon Kavanaugh, Liz Yoder. Bottom-Laura Simeroth, Paula Moore, Leslie Carron, Julie Bettinger, Anna Petrencik, Melissa Doskocil, Debbie Doskocil, Chris Quatro. 3 i Q: .. 5' if R ,..vfL':SfQ. 1 V ,f fr- SOCCER LEAGUES START OFF TOUGH BE GINNINGS No, It's your fault. Left to Right-Top-Coach Lukacs, Chris Cirardot, john Ashour, Chris Tracey, Bruns Watts, Chris Bettinger, Lynn Day. Middle-Marty Keoghan, Pat Vondra, Mike Regal- buto, joe Coins, Frank Lukacs, Kevin Connelly, Bro. Richard Villa. Bottom-Bob Clea- son, Chris Basic, Jack Agnew, Matt Bowles, Doug Bettinger, Mike Gleason. :fi Xx I lv RUM lil X xxx l h, lv? FN 1 als W' ' W .?.lX',rf'Zf! ' X -"4 'L i r in n- X : U Wx Q 'X Qi. GIRL STRIDE RS Girls Track Team: Top row, Coach Pavlas, L. Renner, K. Clark, D. Large, T. O'Leary, P. Sanders K Schmidt. 2nd row, C. Yorek, A. Coleman, K. Bradley, D. Netek, P. O'Brien, N. Deutscher, Wood, 3rd row, D. Grape, M. McGinnis, M. Houser, Zeits, M. McAllister, C. Quatro, B. Hinkson. Ah Come on you guys. The Girls Track Team had a very successful 1980 season. They competed in some of the more challeng- ing track meets in this area. Although this sport re- quires a great deal of hard work and practice time, many would not have traded all the good times for the world. 72 Girl State Qualifiers BOYS STRIDE RS A B A i Boy State Qualifiers Top row, Richards, McGinnis, 2nd row, Re- galbuto, Garcia, Kingetar, Barksdale, Zapata, johnson, Gonzales, Davis, Drollingerg 3rd row, Colvin, Papan, Cerrity, Hall, McBride, ' Lyon, Samaniego, Wrzesinski, 4th row, Steele, Brophy, Renner, Day, Huizar, Steeves, Yorek, Napper, Hemandez, 5th row, Ochoa, Brazelton, Quatro, Halden, King, Navejar, Wilson, Manelisay, Ochoa, Coach Bill Dyer. Fred shows his form. The Boys Track Team is one of the oldest sports at Nolan. In keeping with tradition, Boys Track set new goals for next yearis team. State Finalists, Andre Wilson, Trey King, and Fred Quatro were just three examples of the excellence of Boys Track. The years ahead look great. 73 After a hard sea- son, the Boyis Cross Country team fin- ished fifth in district. It was a rebuilding year for the team with a lot of new freshman just start- ing. New freshmen were jeff Waters, Mark Menacol, Mike Williams, Mike McBride, Craig Davis, and Mark Benner. But lead- ership came from ju- niors Greg Steele, Tom Cerrity, and jesse Samaniego. BOY'S CROSS COUNTRY ' gl gf Q 'P a z Top Row: Greg Steele, Tom Cerrlty esse Samamego Middle Coach Dyer Bottom Mike McBride Craig Davis, Mark Renner Above: Start of the race. Below Left: Steele races for for the flmsh Below Right esse Samamego 74 aff' GIRL'S CROSS COUNTRY Right to Left: Michelle Martinez, Kit Clark, Mr. Blair, Sheila Davis, jamie Dederichs, Jeanette Clark Kit, An all time winner. jamie, A rookie this year. 1980 GOLF TEAM TAKES STATE Drive for show The 1980 Golf team started slow, but finished fast. They were 6th in a field of 12 at the S W Rec Tournament but lst out of 8 at the Private Schools Invitational. Phil Schwartz and Clark Dennis were named All-District just finishing behind Jesuit by 30 strokes. In state competition, the team began slowly ending 4th the first day. With Tim Smith's hole-in- one and Phil's 75, the group pulled into first place and won state by 6 strokes. john Anthony and Phil Schwartz were named to the All-State team. Pete jay takes a tight swing. 76 ' S. t . That short putt for dough M LV' N 'W , .. . K+ 45 L Top Row: Tim Smith, Coach Kincannon, Phil Schwartz, Neal Rutherford, and Clark Dennis. Bottom, Gregg Schwartz, Pete jay, John Anthony, and Chet Walker. Ripping up the green, again! Left, Tim in fine action. '45 w MW , a 'aff 4, 77 TENNIS STORMS FORWARD K i lst row: Anne Drollinger, Heidi Wider, Johanna Coheen, Tricia Caero, Claudia Cole, Coach May. 2nd row: john Price, Amy Rosas, Lisa Boteler, Shawn Rojas, jill Hagen, Dan Ashley. 3rd row: Mark Fairchild, John Cruz, Alex Acuna, Matt Bilardi, Ed Petro, David Craig, Marshall Watson. ill Hagen and Tricia Caero team up to win. Dan Ashley smashes it up. H ff W -- ff -W .M .., ,, ,,-an-mmun-. M,,,,,:m,,,,,, H MNWFM W ,W AMW' W , , , muw"""'W'w 'V Shawn Rojas fires another shot. r.g an 1 1 , L 1 fL' 1 ' e f t:5'M':C1: 'rw IWW, ,,,,, John Cruz retums to score. A fm State team- Practice makes perfect. 1 - .4 Strike One Andy Lubrano warms up Mark F lsher ready at first base VARSITY BASEBALL HOT s f- f ' 451-' J xi ,. .1 N f N .- Q I- T ' ' ' W 4 -u ..," ' y I its f X ffl? " ' , f4. f ' H. -, ,X M9 , JI T, 'f.,"3 1 ' , 1 f,-1' f' '. 1' .. ' . f I ,v:'y'1'?j'F. 1? . 'J " 1' I Mnifi, A' ' . J7 ' 71 ff' ffm - V, , ,-f- 1 . - . , X " " ,Af U F ee .' ' ,X X, .i A XX R X ' ,J ' A, 11 'I 'VJ lv. :L r . 3 '74, H11 I'-'H-11 ' The 1979-1980 Nolan Baseball team was coached by Lee Hughes. Even though their coach was a rookie, they worked hard to a 2-6 District score and fought the games till the bitter end. The credits this year belong to Anthony Kennedy and Daniel Zamora with two outstanding victories back to back in no-hitters. Right: Luke Doyle and Scott Fisher breathe easier. 80 sig... . 5 X url K Q ., Q fi' .Q N L17 V 5 M ' . h e hun TEAM SPIRIT GROWS Coach Hughes VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM: lst row, Scott Fisher, James Ayala, David Garcia, Anthony Kennedy, Javier Villarreal, Andy Lubrano, Daniel Zamora, Mark Graham. 2nd row, Coach Hughes, Ricky Trevino, Paul Erickson, Luke Doyle, Ramon Goheen, Scott Graham, Mark Fisher, Pete McKone, Jeff Sisk. TWU jeff catches one . . . at last. David likes to flirt a little too. Daniel throws his fast one. DIAMONDS ARE FCREVER Anthony meditates before game ames re ared to catch. P P The Assistant coach for baseball this year was john Blume and Bat girls were Tarri O,Leary, Karen Schmidt, and jane Jozwiak. Mary An- derson and Debbie Marotta kept score for the predominantly senior staffed team. Andy Lubr- ano was named Most Valuable Player 1979- 1980. Nolan boys . . . fighting??? No . . . Luke Doyle and David Garcia string along . . Kam www X X 3 ,, Al! ,ykix , Agri 'y A , V 555' 15,3 :la S A' v W l Q, I X i x r a u g g Qb Q T W5 1 9 1 ,f me 5 ff 1 fig, f A f :V ' 3 ,1 - - ' , Q K. , . 1 , , ' J at is Q X L l a 1 u JI aau - ef 'an 4 it ., . -.. mi-A -f" "'- - ,L W r - 1 Q 'L ' is t . X lr f X ' - 5 - N R M ' F "'s f a ls' a eeu i e X c , if . A, ., .W 5 r -Qs.. - -fs.,f , K , or X . 1 . 5 as sgrf' V K K A K ,gif ,Q , .X is ck. x 1 f' X ' Q., 1 -- we-:ski wif. A ' Tarri just told a funny story and Coach Hughes actually Conference on the field- laughed. K . . K W s . x M4 -' fu ' Q 'Ny 'X 4 N . I I 3 r 'A.k A 3 ,gf N , 5 ggi, 5 ' 5 K r N 35 I .tif - , .. f, ,. at 1 aasa uas fi , aaaaa 1 , I Q si. ' lsss so Q a i " --. i w fs 1 :LKLKVV , w,.. A Ramon has a captivating smile. " "TSX-5iu'iI'i N in .sa x 1 W.: ...., ,As Scott Graham throws one in for an out. Ramon has to stand in the marked circle for one hour. A relaxing moment during tense innings. 83 WELCOME BACK B Left to Right: Sandra jones, Maggie Caines, Linda Martinez, Beth Drollinger, Kelly Bradley, jennifer Deminico. Linda and Beth get involved in the game. Cheerleaders relax before the game. We're on top. 84 FIRST TIME AROUND Peggy and Lucy intrigued by the game. Go Big Blue! Ar. What ARE you people staring at. ,txt-Azz' xg. Yi , 31 4. ' J F 1 J xii' - I .xi kg if ? ne' . x- x Halftime entertainment. Lucy Parker with a Close up smile. The headline is not totally correct. It was the first time for a few but only the next step up for the others. The cheerleaders worked as much as a team as the teams they cheered for. They cheered when they were losing as if they were winning. This year saw the late arrival of the Fish and return of the j.V. squad. Surviving the report cards, this years cheerleaders will be long remembered and we wish them luck for the years ahead. 85 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL 7 S i Top Row: McWilliams, F. DeLaPaz, P. Wright, R. Gonzales, R. Saradet, Schaffrath. 2nd Row: Coach Rice, E. Hemandez, R. Robison, M. Karley, Kalith, G. Calvillo, Coach Skinner. 3rd Row: F. Quatro, Thomas, Brazelton, K. Weiburg, C. Cox, M. Petrie, R. Knowles. 4th Row: Vasquez, M. Graham, D. Henry, B. Barksdale, T. King, C. Patterson, B. Meyer. l x Above: Cox Kicking. Brazelton comes on the field. The V developed many fine players to fill out next years varsity. They were a source of 1nsp1rat1on to the freshmen and a constant support to the varsity in action. Opponent Decatur St. Marks Keller N.W. Justin Jesuit Bishop Lynch Bishop Dunne Left: Viking offense on the all. GIRLS IN SPORTS Our resident physical fitness coach. Remember the nice rides home on the blue Goose? W - f LVI' +7 ,fl x ,, ff -'mf fp fri' L,f.f"'f ""' Wf" H' , ez ' 1' ,, ffl? , 2 7,G' 4 A 'lwwfwyz ""' ff, H 'W ':'llzf.'f57 '," l e f f f f" we 1 , 'f,f WI- ' f 'L'f 'W wf' M1792 4 'V fi: ,nw .:'f,p-WHA? f , f , my A . , X 4 . i Wm uni ., 45512 7 y z ll 'A ,IW .,,- V W 1 I 4 Q Y f The all-around athlete, Beth Knipple aww X E f l 1- n ,ij , 2 l 88 Our most attractive cross country. 'C 1 I ,, N: N t 2, Q - V .- I 'Q . if -:A- fe ff 57373 egg.. -341 'gf - L . -- i x'm-' f 'Q 1 Q aft 4 2 Noelle waves to the birdie. win Bridget Benshetler wonders if her teacher would rather scrimmage? --...,,,. ii l l V Uri si The girls take it to State!! Coach Reas is continually supportive of her girls Girls in sports have won a great deal of recognition locally and in- ternationally in the past few years. Nolan's female athletes are no ex- ception. The Volleyball team went to state, as well as the track and tennis girls. Nolan is very proud of the achievements its female ath- letes have accomplished. We pray they continue to strive and succeed. GIRLS JV BASKETBALL Are we really playing the Harlem Clobetrotters next week? Huh? Shawn goes for two. Disco TYC0 M63 , ,.,, ammnanujg Q' ,,. MMM' 4 -:"l' Roy Nelson coached the IV basketball team this year. The offense was strong and the defense took many victories. Next year promises to be an exciting year for the Var- sity squad. I can't believe I did that! K Now if I can just do this in a game. Waiting in line . . . .IS JV' M"-at . iQ.i 4 A s J J UNIOR' VARSITY BASKETBALL The 1979-1980 j.V. Basketball season was a fairly suc- cessful one, as the Vikings finished with a .500 record for the season. The highlight of the year came at the Dia- mond Hill Tournament as the Vikings stormed to a 101- 52 victory over Fort Worth Christian on their way to a first place trophy for the tourney. After a long season, the Vikings ended up with a 6-2 district record for sec- ond place. The two close losses coming at the hands of Jesuit, once in overtime. Suspense mounts as Nolan jumps to Victory 92 Two Points! , fig 51'-K f gi A ff -f 1 Xi -A X 'sg Xin .l l . ii . QW E' 3.1 xl 90,7 "Mr-Q' A, 1 ff., if V M' :V . " g . W . . . . K w ,31 V it f--E5 . . ,Y iw , ei L-fi Qs X I C f nnnrn Vikings wear "high jumpn basketball shoes One of the few slow moments Mwswmw r Hey guys! The ball is over there! Left: Ben reaches for a return. ZlbEmmt115U'1J Vikings on defense. Right: Coach Miculka Watches Gam F ish take a breather Sideline activity. The Frosh learned to work as a team and execute plays smoothly. They show a lot of promise and potential for years ahead. Thanks to the coaching of Mr. May and Mr. Miculka. Left: Coach May engrossed in the game. We tried desperately to get a picture of the 1979-1980 Freshman Football Team. Only the Heavens above will know what happened to the film on three separate occa- sions. The members were: Paul Hemandez Scott Brown Tony Drollinger Clark Dennis Mark Wrzenski Frank DeBois Tiffin Navejar Mike Vasquez James Wilson Mike Williams Joe Manalisay Brian McWilliams Matt Fischer jeff Watters james Doyle Nick Brophy Mickey Addison Louis Zapata jay Hall Bill Crawford Willie Johnson Javier Villareal Chuck McKone Trey Terrazas Carlos Cracia 95 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL The team with their coach jim Johnson. Malt Bilardi controls the Viking offense. 96 Louis Zapata leads the Vikings down the 1 court. This yearis freshman team played very well considering their schedule. The majority of this season's games were against 4-a schools. As the sea- son progressed they improved and be- came a more solidified unit. 3 5 ii A113siififfiiliiiiiitiifgk L:.' X f si L..f...J Louis drives around the defense. e e ., L X k deeee f eed S Willie johnson tries from the charity stripe Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolan Tech Southwest Southwest Arl. Hghts. Carter W. Hills E. Hills Carter Arl. Hghts. Southwest Brewer Carter Keller Arl. Hghts W. Hills Southwest Lynch Dunne Jesuit Lynch Dunne Jesuit INTRODUCING Martha Cirardot The smiling face of Martha. Jfmlha fgzbafulol gan glamfwon dfwafzd 1.980 ...ff-"""x"", -'-'-pa, The most Courageous Athlete of the Year. A very pres- tigious award. This year's recipient is Martha Cirardot. She played soccer for the past few years and well-earned the title of most courageous athlete. She is the first fe- male to win this award at Nolan so she has every reason to be very proud. We are also very proud of the first "Donna,, Thompson award winner. YERS LE PL 980 AB 9-I .NN UD I- va ARD AW OMPSON TH DON MOST COURAGEOUS ATHLETE DI WILDER TENN6 HEI .. .v: K. 5. ff I A MARTHA GIFIAR DOT BASKETBALL EELS ST 0 LU II C9 COUNTRY OSS C U COLLINS D VOLLEYBALL HW ARTZ K DER GR PEN SONJA SON - ANDIE WIL BASKEEBALL I TRACK PHIL SC J 0 U PATTI SANDERS TRACK TRACY NEUM ANN FOOTBALL P- UJ 2.1 ml! U I-L. '28 II ACU NA ALEX 'TENNIS I n I Cute Neal doin' his thing. I I i . I Itis a bird, itis a plane, itis, itis . . . pretty, pretty. 8 james tries out his new dance' step. 100 Lonnie introduces the coaches. QSS WiQS5 . of -. ,. -54 Q H, This is a hole in one? e - '3' Chris relieved after a track meet. M1119 Take this team and shove it . . . All together naw. We wear short shorts. N WW - -x ECA? E4 k 9- K l U J -" ,. 4 JB' . J - V .'L' W7 '-" 7 V 'L A . ., ' ' 'a ' , 41 ', . A , H M , e. , W,--, R H iz L ' I LL V' ' " wig' A U 12. ., a V T gf L V ' 'E LL" . V " 9 . ' f f -M -- ' , . Q VVVV M, A f. ,Q 'K.. f 'I .M 4, in . 'K 3 , Tag V1 ' JL . . mg . fr-ff... ' 3' 9' S' -'V' "W-,g, Ax f v , fs- ff ...Qin " Akhky y K AE : .V. f Lx A I A' Q, Q - ,. . , H --" - 1 ---'-- y r ' c f. 's 3- fi time 4 A r a ' L ,""f'F 'A 5:4 , 9.3 i , L ' , A by .1 , ,A M 174 ' I jr' A Q .A . , . . t f"'m ' - 'ff'w'w ff? , ' . , 'MQW L .uv A """a "' A p .. ,km ,,, ,L ...,.. .JV , . ' -nl' M, 43,7 -U' f- , H - V' . - -- ,, A ...-,NvmXQ -- the rf, ff V :Qi I.. ' .W W f W ., a . A a , , pf " -up e N ' " 'J' Q. - ' . , - ng. f- - . fx!! .K -gk pd ,KH 4 V, 'ff' ff ' f-"'-"4 I Q L. .- ' , -- - . K.-.Na M ' .. if--0 ff! 1- - - . 4 e Bobby Fischer holds 2nd base. . is 'Q s 'lv -2 '5f"fCs - 4' K -m, ,. 5,3 Q 4. .mf 6-v-ragga, - j 2 1 A fr 'Tv-A-4 ' ., 1',"'f' if .-4' AM' ' ' Q .- f L ' V wr' Jl"' .- ,ms 2 ' A 4 -S . ,gm if -.' -4 4,5 N. . K - . .C " .3 f I "l"' --wa-'K - '. K fi ' M y Lg 1 .: . .. Magi? Y--gy A NAMQS . .- " -' ' f ' giNf'1'5'8R'f - " -. V x 1 'I - ,",. Y 'li QTL' FH, ' ,. rr-K? ,. 'idsxfxx -, " 1+ - - ' do ,, - A W' - A,,' w ' 'wif-Q""fgfZQ,i -, .f " - -in ' I K ' ' f-SM. f .11 -.-" 12" N H01 . V fm- V ,, -. ff Q' . .. Will the ball get to first base before the runner? PLAY B LL!!! It,s still early. The Junior high sports program is the first step towards varsity sports at Nolan. Here, stu- dents perfect their skills competing against other high classes and return to Nolan on freshman leagues. The Iunior Vikes play volleyball, baseball and basketball. 1 02 f N V .....m,,, K nm my .M Mike DeBois plays batter up. ln if Wm , A ffm- v Y' 'mi' THE IUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM AND COACHES. . lg ga -A 5, Q -1? Standing, Coaches jim Phillips and Mike Crimmins. S ting, Captains Kenny Mann and Sean Fitzgerald. it Rita Clay has a pretty smile for the players. t's Still arl H' ,JW 'in wx 'Q 5 Y' o f JQ s, 4 f e " ' K xtsffi 6 E f"s'J Courtesy Fort Worth Public Library and Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, Texas 'I- , k x 71 yi' z aff , ,fl :,V if I' -5 '51 Q-z , if S. We i s,, 4 K , f W , '-.L Q w 4 -ww-........, ' ---m.. N41-..-.,,,+.........-ww NOLAN'S ADMINISTRATION Bro. Pierre Weitkamp Bro. Tony Pistone Bro. Ed Kiefer Principal Ass,t. Prin. Student Affairs Ass't. Prin. Academics Is this part of the uniform? W I ' Bro. Tony grants forgiveness. fi Fr. Chris Janson Bro. Roger Bau Bro. jeff Pawlak Chaplain Plant Maintenance Pastoral Ministry Director Athletic Director Financial Director ' Mr, Larry Pavlas I I Ms. Millie Auvenshine Spot The Wonder Dog drives the new bus 1 4 ri , M Left: Bro. Roger's contagious grin NOLAN'S DIRECTORS 107 RELIGION DEPARTMENT if I, ' .Z Q ,, Fr. Chris Janson l I Sr. Paul O'Reilly ' I Bro. jeff Pawlak Sr. Paul has been a rock of stability for hundreds of Nolanites. 108 Bro. jeff has organized the Pastoral Ministry into an efficient Office. , I XA 1 Sr. Marie Theresa Wright I Bro. Paul Smith I I Mrs. Janet Rodriguez Qt f "'!lllllll' Fr. Chris offers his sincerity, sense of humor and love Sr. Marie Theresa entices her students with a grin to Nolan. THE COMMUNITY THAT MAKES IT HAPPEN. Qi 4"'7' Mrs. Paula Parrish Mr. Ten'y Blair Mrs joy Shaver 'fra W i Q f3T?w .M WT. Mrs. Shaver awaiting another class. Bro. Deece wonders, "Why isn't all my time like this? ENGLISH DE PT. Mrs. Patricia Goble Bro. Deece Eckstein Sr. Rose Marie Malnick Bro. Richard Villa aw Above Mrs. Parrish. You don t believe I m pregnant, do you? Luft Mr. Blair exclaims Thank C ood- ness It S Friday! HISTORY DEPARTMENT v ' 4 , 1, ,I B1-0, Charles Rahe I I Mr. Larry Pavlas I I Mrs. Mary Gean Cope WM . ' - . k . Coach Pavlas makes history happen at Pep rally. Bro Charles smiles, We love you Come bac soon Alicia Swanberg reads history of another kind. L :C W , Q I-IFigsU,k!..d.-..-...X X "W 5 Mr. Bryan Kincannon I I Mr. Bill Child -ix -W-,M .vm r Mrs. Cope searches for exciting ways to teach history ,ym , ,f f f Qglf f W4 ii ' Students explore Log Cabin Village, where Fort Worth his- tory begins Will Rogers Memorial, on the Fort Worth trail. Photo courtesy of Forest L. Armstrong A special thank you to the History Depart- ment because that is what this book is all about . . . the history of Nolan and Cowtown. We are proud of our heritage and our school and we are grateful for the chance to study our past. The stockyards of North Fort Worth offer history by the inch. 113 1 Mary Kincannon has taught Home Ec for three years but took a semester off to have a baby. Mrs. Kazda replaced her the first semes- ter and Mary returned in january. The first semester was taught by Mrs. Kazda. HOME EC DEPARTMENT Qliw L I 1. Mrs. Kincannon hard at work. 114 Mrs Mary Kmcannon Mrs Barbara Kazda is X fy! Mrs. Berta Foster I I- Miss Susan Lewis M X we Ni W -SK., Mrs. Foster is relieved that the last packets are complete. Miss Lewis is ecstatic a b o u t his r n e w typewriters. 115 FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT My-'R WA S'-XX Miss Sharon Pope, Choral' Mrs. Joy Shaver, Drama Mr. Jerry Roberts, Band Director Director Director Bro. Louis Fournier, Art ' Instructor Mr. Robert says "We're playing Yan- kee Doodle or nothing." P.E . DEPARTMENT Mrs. Melinda Reas I I Mr. john Friday 4-ff' Mrs. Reas awaits the applause. gy Now or later l 117 SCIENCE DEPARTME Q, Mr. Leslie Evans I I Mrs. Christine Wallace -I ' Miss Julie Peterson If they d0n't shut up I'm going to scream! s si s ' .ma , . JS A MTR. b XXL N is +- is, -,xgwkgw 1, s AN W- .. ,, ,K I l . ,1,g:, Vi gg aj i ' , fi fy ' XQQQSQQ 2 X x if W 5 N we xx 'ii QQNEQX 'irish You dirty rat Mrs. Gloria Lawley Who spiked my chemicals? Caught ya!!! 2 Mr. David Harris FOREIGN LANGUAGE , DE P I Mrs. Paloma Cornehls I l Miss BetSy Dodge w I ' X f - " " Fix, .AM . 1 A A -, 4 I A A A -A we Mirza, Mrs. Cornehls teaches Spanish with a smile. Betsy Dodge hears students speak French with a Texas twist. FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPT. OFFERS FRENCH, SPANISH, AND LATIN 120 For those who have trouble with English Mrs. Nora DiPetrillo Mrs. Christine janke I2-as Ut-. fx, . in K" 4 O . rx 3' 'Q . 5 .' sill win ,vw Ns....,,,. 'K -as W... ..dlQ"" Laffy I ,M af' xg 1. ...M id sf' 4? ,, . . , , i iff. ' vs' 1-A K' I -. G -K f -sm. ,,.Nf n ix' .c What language are you really speaking? Mrs. janke says there,s more to teaching than books can tell. Miss Dodge shows off the Language Lab. 121 D , , MATH DEPARTMENT Mr. joe Maschino I I Mr. jim May I I Mr. Bill Dyer 4? Ti E 122 ef' Jim May playing slave. Left: Bill Dyer shares a comment with Mark Skinner about mathematical possibilities. Mrs. Mary Blaschke I I Mrs. Tawn Perkins I I Mr. jack King if 3:40 X t ,gr ui' rs. -,,-41 I ., , s . s gg Mary Blaschke's pretty smile captures her students, attention. Tawn Perkins consults Sr. Marie Theresa Wright 123 GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT I Bro. Andy Obemuefmann Mrs. Joan Mooney ' an rw fr Our trusted counselors Mrs. Mooney asks "VVhat can I do for you today?" f OFFICE AND LIBRARY PERSONNEL W, W 'Www-WW,,, ll Mrs. Dona Baushke I Mrs- 18116 P9fI'iCk Bookkeeper Secretary 1. ' w 419' ' Mrs. Grace Scanlan Guidance Secretary Mr. Leo Papa Librarian Mrs. Ann Sivek Secretary BRO. PIERRE , 156464 7 Qifygj-Sq rj-Q C011 63, v X if ll KJ I I 7 RX . Wx W X Q L Our Principal 1 X I and WE 'LL MISS YCU ALOT Bro. Pierre celebrating with the seniors. rw .. - Bro. Pierre addresses junior class. Juniors giving a grand celebration. ?' if Bro. Pierre getting last minute advice. Heis really an old softie. w V ' WWW' Bro Pierre is proud of his gift from seniors. We wanted to take this opportunity to say a few things to Bro. Pierre. After everything you have done for us you will always be a part of our school career but more importantly, a part of our individual lives. You've touched some more than others, but those of us who love you have created a warm place in our hearts await- ing your return. You will return. You always have. We do love you and wish you a happy and successful future. 127 NOLAN STUDENT COUNCIL if .N Y' S E 4 15 -M. ,if U 1 1979-1980 Executive Student Council says farewell. """'l N I touched HIM!! Seniors ARE crazy. ,gf S f 145' X ,fi i -at e Q: : fffQ.3L ,V -K . 1.QT'1' W- ' Left to right: Mrs. Mary Blaschke, Becky Papjohn, Andrea Smith, Bro. Richard Villa lr., ,A JI ,, be A f Q 0 A Roy Diane should have gotten fish to carry this Tracy and Gabe strut their stuff, This year's Student Council has followed in the footsteps of past councils by becoming part of No- lan. Far too often, a council tends to become an elite group of people away from the school. But this year's Student Council was far more natural. The Council included Becky Papajohn, Andrea Smith, Roy Moore, Sheila Davis, Tracy Neu- mann, Diane Burns, Lisa Boteler, and Jan Tiemey. Some of the activities they organized were Blood Drive, Alcohol Awareness Week, and many dances. 129 FACES VVhat do you mean "get out of town by Sundown?" 49:1 ft, 1 if m King of the Pings THE CROWD 44 49 ff , , Ag Charlotte flashes a grin. 130 A Hi There! Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking . . . Cutting class? me? Z! .Haw ,W gs Philipa adds class tbelliieve iit QP n co E f' ,ff 2 ' ' David and Goliath. Below: Here, in the Student Center??! Master French Chef after blowing up the Home Ec room. 132 ff' Coach, are you sure these are the new uniforms? Did you get the license plate number?? 4117 -J wr, rf' I V ' ,---if ef' H i 'H' N A is l s A WW' 5' 1 1 Wawvvnec Linda wonders if Michele knows whatis in that sandwich . . . 1. The lnternanonal Tnespian. society Left to Right: Top, Nick Brophy, Jack Agnew, Casey Bindel, Joe Dalton, jeff Schneider, Joe Goins, Greg Newhouse, Steve Friday, Roy Moore, Bottom, Lisa Boteler, Andi Smith, Colleen Clark, Mari Schadt, Cheryl Benner, 8: Kaki O,Brien. Right: Judy Husky and Eric Peterson do the Bunny Hop. 134 xv f 1 W-M1 f ak 1 f A f f Z X , 4 ft .ww 4. , if I 1 :QT 'Wh 5434. In MTS- 105' Shaver, Tr0uPe 3010 SPOUSOT and director- Thespian officers jack Agnew and Andrea Smith. Roy takes off after being elected Best Actor. Right: H0w's that? Scenery takes shape. PASTORAL MINISTRY I W , . ,, , my 9 , I , '1U,,li A A A f i e e Bro. Deece joins in the celebration 136 54' ,fi , f , ffl! , X ""'l f Z ia' 2' sf ' ' Q , , ff, ,V Fr. Bill helps Nolan rejoice W i I 4 1 4 " A M.: . ,W ff e . . 27121253 if " fili'V1'W,, L Alberto leads us in song ii'Ql -we Music Ministry guitarists accompany th Daily masses are held in the Community Room. Bro. jeff' s magnificent voice directs the guitarists. Music IS HEARD BY ALL Anthony receives Holy Communion at Spirit Mass. GATHE RED TOGETHER PASTCJRAL MINISTRY LEADS SCHOOL SPIRIT AGAIN Local priests help ce Is this the bread line? Bishop Cassata delive MASSES SHOW COMMUNITY 3 AM Bishop Cassata shares peace with all of us. Miss Doskocil drinks with Bro. Roger's consent Bishop Cassata breaks bread. Kevin McGinnis, "I can't believe I woke up for this! 139 NOLAN rx 3 Receiving the Eucharist. High attendance at masses . . . teachers. ...ul I ' X 1 ' o e o fffib-2-?IlY:g I , gf 4 'f "1 1 I A Ast-estival of 4 Pr-msg yff X , X fy TNF -Q ff ,ifs Q69 Sf fi 1,i N1 Hgh hl 'XX 1979 ffzixk Vi ' 15 I Participants at Mass are very important P N X X is , , -is ii ss. Bro. Paul taking his place at mass. gli A , N 93 rw? Teachers . . . an important part of masses. "Happiness is saying mass at Nolan MASS . . . MAKING NOLAN COMPLETE . CLC FINALE C ulie and David hard at work. '55 l Students and faculty living it up at the CLC Mini. 142 What a sucker! OK GUYS!!! eres eMacho ic? Hear no evil. See no evil. Speak My 3 . I? 21' 2? 2? 2? I? 2? 2? I? 23, 2? I? I? I? 2? I? 23' I? 2? 53-,, 2? I? 2? 23' 2? 23" 23, 23" I? IG' IG' 2? X? 2? I? ii 17-44555-V-425'-4444444444445-44444444444 U54 SENIOR FILLED WEEKEND ,,,p0" Seni0r's first re treat. Not all work! Father Chris celebrates the mass .,N ,,,,.-uf, Zh?- """-wil' su' . Z.. H.. . Senior's mime during the retreat. M 'f 2, ve Hai g, 5413 ws wg? Z e we ' JM' if I Y 1 in tg Y .v in 5 , 'XZ ,, 1 i J, 7 3 2 Vw, W heb? V ff' 411197 D, ,, Q i V , ,, , Q, ss, J e ee 0 'HP fl, A ' ' A V 4 , ? , sy , I s Q ,, 9? ., . A .VM , .V V Q5 -w VV . .v M E MW - ' David trying to explain life. Bro. Deece leads the singing at mass Retreat is glowing success. No1an's Close Community Mike Regalbuto deep in thought. Bm, Paul in deep reflection Jim Smith enjoying a breather. Togetherness in the community. 146 L X ia.. Meditation + Communication : Depth as i f X t-t p if-ea Fr. Chris expressing himself. "If I see one more can of food I'll just die." PASTORAL MINISTRY Pastoral Ministry at Nolan High by Bro. Jeff. Through the greatest masses, and the many retreats, the School exhibits the rarest and finest success of the Canned Food Drive, Pastoral Ministry created a perfect qualities of life itself. This organiza- the special celebrations, the daily community, for everyone at Nolan. tion of students at Nolan is directed 147 BAND SETS THE PACE .R Nolan Vikings myf"1 ,wi 1 fig V Band officers: Walter Williams, Bruns Watts, Debbie Marotta, Mau- reen Murphy, Cynthia Aguirre, Mary Anderson. Right, Cynthia Aguirre and Chris Tracy playing at homecoming. 148 Mr. Roberts dedicated to his conducting. s Ls' 'qs ga "7'7iTf-Q , . ,f , , M," :fvgv ww .. , J' v 4? 9' 3 U5 fm, - 4 Q Danny Anguiano and his followers. '1 Kevin and Don keep the beat. The Nolan Vikings Varsity Band, under the direction of jerry Roberts had a busy year. Along with their scheduled practices, the varsity band helped back up the cheerleaders and fans at football games and pep rallies. This year was the band's first year to have a fund-raising drive. They earned a little over 82,000 from candle sales. This was not enough for the uniforms but it was a good start. Throughout the year the band mem- bers were full of enthusiasm and the desire to make their band a better one. Left: What would band be without Woodwinds? CHORUS SINGS TOGETHER With the direction of Ms. Sharon Pope, the choruses of 1979-1980 have grown into a truly unified group of excellent singers. The newly formed Girls Chorus developed a delicate harmony which graced many of No- lan's liturgies. The group ensemble is a more refined voice brought about by many hours of practice. The larg- est chorus, the Concert Choir, grew both in numbers and singing ability. As well as participating in state com- petition, these choruses sang at many liturgies, and held Christmas, Easter, and Spring-Fling concerts. One thing unique with these choruses is the fact that the harmony is not only evident in the songs, but among the singers themselves-truly harmonious in every way. 'J 5':Jg'2,: is .X U: ,Ygggi Al rv Ny W "W fifmfif' Z l f 'A .,.,s,hzL-- 7 2' .Q nys? 3 V 0 1, iv xy? ,jp 1 ,'1 T5 ll Q -f f' 4l"qM' WJ w ,594 ' 't W fn f fi , X v if ' K , :M i Chorus officers for '79-'80: Marvin Thornton, Jeff Schneider, Creg Ncwhouse, Laura Simeroth, Lisa Boteler. 150 Concert Choir 4 . I s 'x Cirls Chorus .J--., X S, ,zA , S , X . f ,ii get 6 ' E 3 r 5 f l ' -- Y l, i 'Q , A' v e, ff. Group Ensemble: Top row, l. to r.: Lynn Bolton, joe Coins, Lisa Boteler. Second row: Mary Fenske, Heidi Wilder Chris Cirardot, Steve Friday, Jeff Schneider, Mike Lund, Rosie Paquette, Michelle Brennan. Third row: jack Agnew Colleen Clark, Rosie Ruiz, Michelle Martinez, Sandy Hill, Marvin Thonrton. Sitting: Joe Dalton, Stayton Swanberg. 9 LEYE ST 99? WLLLN' 'PE 1979-1990 .:..:..T1 .t:..... LEPANTO STAFF ROUNDS UP IN COWTOVVN 9 '',r.-ky,'cw-..f,,...... Lepanto staff in Cowtown. sr- 3 .5 - l.. as vo. " .1 X, QW . 'gg .F fn. ' ,..N ,n -, W , ass, ff aa' '22 Are they in trouble again? Read yt 9 is Lepanto staff says, "Howdy". Tables are turned on Tim. 152 mf' v M Our innocent editor, Patti. 1.327-. R ' Nu... .N.,.,,"ff2,?fb 2 1 Q - 3 -.. .. 4 -. ' Ei-6 Our colorful staff. Q at a , , ' .fm " Lepanto staff girls checkout the cowboys. 'mga- David caught by the camera. A " - , ......-.--. ,. Summer workshop not all work. Editors leave their brand. if- Photographers hamming it up. Q Q Our hard working staff? Yearbook staff often wonders, Why? Tommorow,s the day for what? 154 Llzff 1357? TCW f YMHE: if STAFF IN THE ACT fLl,q ill' 2? Fat! C0Pl,5 But I swear Iim on yearbook business. Advertising comes naturally. ,ff O.K! VVhat did you do this time? Waiting for the pick up 5 if ,Jus f Y Q' 1 xx '3""'g,p5 if ' , 51wg 4 g: ' - -Lf55y.9'hf' F' ,QL W M XN' k i . vw 3 5' J -' bf-. 1 7,4 ,.ff1f.r,,,r1: 4-.,,-,,.43,,y ,A K . .5,"' "' af " .5 'vw yi , . 'z,.- pa Q 3 "'.-"5"-.m...9 , ?l E525 ,, , f ff-fe14.s'ff'H" Neff , ,lJJ,'f f E'-?w:f'T,"a,,5'f' 5' 4 tp- "" . ,, ,X .f 'If9u.X!15v1f,. vuggk Jw V 5 53 If , X XvXm, .':"W'f ' ,:XfX,' X14 ' ' ' -. m W-S' X my X 4 I CLASS CF '80 D ,XX fix. ' 'af 4 . , rr Pr W I L 1' Xi 3X 4 Q-8,1 , A P ...XJ-.. ,K .. , X- .,Xmr,,y.w - ,I .I ,X ...- X X X,!, ' ' X -v' , X' fx ff X' X ' ,. X Y X Y 7 , X 'W X,' ,, ' mm, ,XX.., X, XX' X' -,AXXWff, 4'.,uXXX' X XX X ,X ,. 'W, X 'X - X W ,, X AXQXJXXX X ,, A! .'h a,, .ulf-X,--X., j 1hWYPXmW"'L-wnlu wb- X X X W X 'NX-W A X - W X3 XX XX X X, ,X. XX X X , X XX ' X' X X' XXXJLWXX 'XX' XX 'X-XX, ,pm 1MQfj'XXI'?i,-.'E4"X'1g,X'i1"' ZXXXQX XXX,'w'X'!'XX+f' ,, xXxX,,X. w,,X+XXX,X ,X XX, XM ,X ,XM XW X X XX H,X,,XXX Swv, ,,X,g-XX-',W'X"'XXXXu 'X X,,,,X-X,,,,,ey: "X' XQXX ,XX Wm-1X,,,,,,XXX 'QX ' 1' ' X ,XX X. X , X W3 X X374 ,X X ', X AX -X N W ww ' ' XX-X " ,fp X 'S F'!WX XX"'fMX XM X W QWXX " !'XXXXXXL,S',Xif X,W"XX XJXXm,,,X W XX X1 - W X MX'.M'X XAQXXQX Xwzw XXXXuXXp+Xg,,3,,X+ XX W X X W X X XXX .XXX XXX X f . ' ,WM M lmwv-X,4Xin X .Ei aw , my I ,N X X X ,: h ,A ,M X ,QWAX X 'JVM' MM' X G X, -XX. X ,,X WX? QW? LAMJX .ima-MX XX1':WwWiw,K.X,4!h XkHq,X!JnwXFM K M :,X'!xw:'f.XJNX. XY! VX. Xn,X!,.LM,f. WX? XXX- M ,W YF XWMW .. Xp, X X XXf-Mm . XXX. . ,H-,Xe-X X ,M ,Ju -MX ,rh,a,. - X. X XX9,,XM, ,X ,,, -wr... . ' , ,, ,-1-..'.,4.,,,,1."f1gw?,?:!gff,Qf1,,"f.:jq'f."'L-L-. A ' - -' 3 E,'Xff,F-gW'4X X,, ,J,,,,,fXf"?W f?fXX-Xg, X:+,XjQ3-Xv'X wefww' 1,-,,2f'g'-,,,.gY..XgX, , ,J 1Mf,.Xgi31+X- .. X- X f ' ' "A:jXX1 ,ri ' ' ' ,:.X.2 'XS ' ' n.'XC?1'?5'f" fi 5715-"X-' ':'A" 1 :il 1- .XX?Xei'. : " W. X 4 ' W fg"f'l' -W - ' ' H11 VW vim" B 'X Cynthia Aguirre Danny Anguiano Alberto Aragon Sophie Ayala . i W W Cheryl Bell Don Bishop William Blumherg' Lisa Boteler Diane Bourland Lisa Bradley . . 'N . jimmy Brannon Michele Brennan Rosanna Briscoe Deanne Brown CV' Gina Burrell Mark Busckman Charles Butler 'Q ' ,.-f.-1 cr'- 'if Edward Cannady Kellyc Caraway Greg Churchman Carol Cirulli 7, ' -vs " 1- C s r , r ' x 1 45 9 V. Chris Clare Darlene Collins Katy Cullum Joseph Colvin YW Vs QA Drina Courchesne Cynthia Cuellar 15 Sheila Davis Lynn Day Lis' .. Luke Doyle Anne Drollinger Diane Ford Angela Franko Tina Galindo David Garcia David DeSantis Melissa Doskocil Mary Fenske Mark Fisher Paul Friday Brenda Flores Lonnie Gilmore Martha Cirardot 5 Ramon Goheen Angie Gonzalez Mary Gotcher Scott Graham N, Paul Gredell janae Green Lisa Halden A ,n,, 'WTS' Jaylene Harrigal Mike Heath Dorothy Henry Carmen H6l'I1Hl1d6Z QV , l Laura Hill Sandy Hill Mbert Huizar Felicia jackson Lynn jones Rae Lininger Eli Felix Jimenez Sandra johnson Willie johnson ' Pat Kaler Sharo Kavanaugh ht, Chris Kirchem Lawrence Landry Gina Lefall Mary Lopez Y Dani Lowes Andy Lubrano Mary Martin Mike Martin Michele Martinez Lydia Martinez john Marx Debra Mata Kevin McGinnis v N,-' Tom McKone Michelle Messer Eddie 4Minihan Charlotte Moore - Maureen Murphy , or Gabe Ochoa Tarri O'Leary 1 Mardeisa Parker 2 Trisha Peck Al Perches Kirk Pouttu George Price a W alum. ' 7 H I H ,l..f2z0 Mike Regalbuto Linda Renner jim Phillips Philipa Pinkard W Susan Quatro Ronald Ramos John Richards i Rosanne Rigdon w Ann Primal' Anthony Rios R Jim Roach Lisa Rodriquez Patricia Rosar Cynthia Rudd ag' in-rf Anita Ruffin Rose Marie Ruiz - Diana Samaniego 'Dv' Ifay Sarradet - Kurt Schnert Andrea Smith Alicia Swanberg Jim Smith Ceo Steeves i i Cynthia Thibedeau Sara Thomas Jennifer Tice Kenny Tidwell -Am Ricky Trevino Cindy Vallejo AK Jan Tierney Maria Tinnerella Carol Ward Debra Ward Tum Watters B1-uns Watts ames Wlese Walter Wllhams Andre Wllson Steve Wood L W d d Ruth Wrzesmskl ohn York Debra Zamarlpa X' - an Il iff' Q is ent Jfaiwufe Senior Favorites Andi Smith 61 Gabe Ochoa Mr. dr Miss NHS Patti Sanders 81 Tracy Neumann Most Talented Most Spirited Michele Brennan 8: Roy Moore Diane Burns 81 Larry Woodard M V' ,., .......--1 Most Attractive Tisha Sulack 61 Luke Doyle Most Likely To Succeed Anne Drollinger 81 Mike Regalbuto Most Rowdy Tarri O,Leary 81 Larry Woodard Best Dressed MOSi Athletic Lisa Halden 6: David Griffith Patti Sanders 61 Ramon Goheen SENIORS '80 john expresses himself Dream on Tim I'm a Pepper Mike, deep in thought 170 Senior Studs Paul, who? Disco jack Qwvbwv-v 4--4 . . . ow.'GN Caught ya! I Co for it! George contemplates life Elisa Abilez Eric Abilez Mark Aertker Kathy Alvarez Mary Anderson Mary Anthony john Ashour james Ayala Cassandra Beimesch Chris Briseno jesse Burciaga Mike Byrne Stacy Cam bell Rosie Casados Sheila Chenevert Kit Clark Drew Coleman an ' Cary Cox WOULD YOU BE LIE VE? Big Bad Bill. ' .J S-...av f, E Jennifer Cruz T Cuff joe Dalton jamie Dederichs Diane Diaz Susan Doherty c Debbie Doskocil Susan Doskocil Kathy Downing Peggy Endres Leticia Furin Marianne F elsman Patty Fitzgerald Erin Fitz atrick Barbara F ranko Mike Galvan Tom Gerrity mi Maurice Gilmore Robert Gleason 5 . Sonia Gonzalez Belen Graham Robin Graham Terry Griffin Ross Griffith Terry Cuinn Guy Gutherie Celia Gutierrez Ann Hajek Lynn Hay Scott Hill J UNIORS joe enjoying his music ' fe MOVING RIGHT ALONG TO '81 fl.. Q Mary concentrates on the scoreboard. Jennifer Hood Steve Hood Marie o Houser Maria Huizer Tonja Io nston Sharon jones Sharon Jungman Tom Kaler Anthony Kennedy Marty Keoghan Beth Knipple Deirdre Large Margaret Long Katie Luke Maureen Lynch Lynn McDonald Chris Maguire Debbie Marotta james Martinez Tom McAllister Theresa McBride Suzie McCarry Margaret McGinnis Peter McK0ne John McWilliams Meg Miller Christine Moore Diana Moreno john Nipp Diana Ochoa Rosemary Pacquette Sandra Pannell THE CLASS . U. .X 5 just hangin' around. if F! i sk 4, eil , I n WITH ALOT OF SPIRIT we '- - -- - g . i s..,s:,- I, wi vit- ff? - i S .- , 'K , V l V , qqqq :zb - I I IIII .. X N 'iii li I 3 ' in sfgwi 'N 1"'Q X ,ar 5, If II fx... I AQ - showing a great smile. Tanjua Parker Anthony Payton Andy Pemberton Eric Petterson Mary Phillips Chris Quatro Fred Quatro Laura Quigly Bill Ralston Liz Richter julie Roach Shawn Rojas Cerri Rorvik Sher1'y Rutherford Mike Salas Mari Schadt Jeff Schneider Rob Sepanski iq Y 5 - Pamela Shepard Marilou Sifuentes LauraiSimeroth Tim Smith Sandra St. Clair Norman St. Clair .rf Greg Steele Martin Stinnet Stayton Swanberg Elsa Terrazas Dirk Tillery Ben Timberlake Brian Tompkins Ronald Totah Liz Trujillo Vince Turle joe Vasquez Mary Vawter Mike Walker THE SMILING FACES Smile Becki '1 Ng! r x x ,N 'S Trey Wallace Scott West Heidi Wider Alfred Williams Carla Williams Ken Williams Mike Yorek DeeDee Zamarlppa Woodar W i 1 '9,., r ,, im if w, Us Q 180 A , gf- - X if 5 fi f f :f l ,ll f f ' W. ' V f fn-it 7 ' f f ' W' 1' Ei - Jw 0,4 v 4,4 4 a' ,J ' f My , . ,, A 4 f ff 'Ad L I T I V, 1 , wing, 1 ' , f X , .. . 4 f f . V r 5, 2 X ,, nw' , f will ,L Q 1, W, , f , A ,M M we f" y fm., ,I g ll ayflfjizfff I . Q SENIORS OF '82 7? f i? , ., ggi YW? i , Z Y ,sl QWG 5 ,f Robert deep in study .,., rf ,fi Jw-Q M , What 2 devilish Smile! Football is vital to some sophs. 9 LOOKING AHEAD ea M,,,.mn9,MW V john and Patricia have a great time at the Sweetheart Dance. Who . . . Me? , . at , L ,N ss As -LLE xwi l z .t,,-,A N - . -eee he h.a t Sr. Rose Marie helps sophs thru Belinda Aceves Smiles Pretty Andy Albrecht Steve Altus John Anthony Chris Bacic Kamein Balazik Kevin Balazik Benny Barnhart Chi Bearden Sandy Belisch L nn Bolton Beth Bowles Kelli Bradley Craig Branch john Brazelton Betty Brune SOPHS BCOST SPIRIT X Second thoughts Karen? Patricia Caero Maggi Caines Gus Calvillo Tom Cannady Kathy Carey Mary Carminati Leslie Carron Mike Castrodale Teresa Courchesne Don Cram Felix De La Paz jennifer De Minico Molly Donohue Susan 'Doubt Beth Drollinger Liz Duffy john Durban Felicia Elsken Roger Eppstein Mark F airc 1 d Dave F eazell Scott Fisher Vicki F lados Eva Flores Stephanie F lyn Cindy Forbes Kathy F urhman Vanessa Garcia Chris Girardot Ruben Gonzales Mark Graham , ' julie Greene Paula Gutierrez Suzy Gude John Guzman jessica Hartnibbrig Missy Harveson Leslie Hay David Henry Ed Hernandez Debbie Herrerra ' 'Two Down ' ' X4- Sandra prays for victory VQ9' " TWO TO GO" oe Schraffratlfs new hairdo. X Benet Hinkson Kerry Horn Max Horne Melany Humphreys Kevin johnson Greg jones Sandra jones Cindy Juniker Mike Kawa Trey King Anne Kinscherff Dan Klein Roberts Knowles Mike Koch John Konderla Shari Ladd Sharon Lawrence John Leatherwood Anita Lee Lynn Lievrouw Renee Lininger Wendy Littman Colleen Lonergan Theresa Lopez Elizabeth Lorenzetti Angela Lubrano Melanie Lyons Staci Martin Santiago Martinez Vicki Martinez Karen Mata. ' 3 M Tommy McKesson anne Menti Alicia Meza Laurie Monski Paula Moore Regina Moore Elizabeth Morales Ann Mnise S Sheila Mu h Stretch Scott Stretch WWW BEST SPIRIT 99 I won t smile. X 'N ,lf Mil A-1 K: ,V,, 7 bw Letitia Nichls j.R. 0'Brien Pat 0'Hara Christy Ory Lori Papan Mark Passow Sonja Pendergast a Peo les Mike Petrie Ed Petro Chris Peterson Chris Pineau Teresa Poulter Mark Pouttu Tami Ralstin Cathy Rigdon Debbie Rigdon Robert Rooney jennifer Rotzoll George Ruiz Bobby Samaniego Frank Sanchez Rollin Sarradet joe Schaffrath Nancy Schmidt John Shergold jeff Shockley David Shore Alex Sodek Randy Stepp Troy Sullivan Tami Swearingen Dovid Swihart Tiffany Taylor Sylvia Thibodeaux Joan Thomas Marvin Thornton Ed Turley Lisa Tycoliz Holly Varga Patrick Vondra Kevin Warner SOPHOMORES Q If In f LK. 35' in r' rlti l f S v 'f if l, ,W S ' SHOW PROMISE Brian Barksdale Gloria Brooks Roger Eppstein -s Steve Friday M Michael Hill yy Liz Yoder Can'ie Yodek Vincent Zamaripa Photos not available: Kevin Weiberg Chris Wills Kim Wilson Kayne Winn Patrick Wright Cathy Melanson Steve Paprskar Lisa Perez Laura Schwartz Matt Smith Lisa Stout Lori Williams Cheryl Wilson 'fu-.3-if e Sophomore Favorites, David jameson and Lynn Lievrouw LA UP AND CCMING FRESHME Mickey Addison Irene Alvarez Monica Ashour Carlos Acosta Matt Bowles Karla llffizzi Nicholas Brophy Diane Casados Gina Carton Jeannette Clark 5, WHAT COULD BE BETTER? TM' rf if ' rf- ,,-1' M'-X ,J-3,39 'tif ...i i' XT? xi' QV? W was Viking Babe takes off. ge Amy Coleman Peter Colvin Kino Coursey John Cruz Keith Cyr jennifer Dacy Craig Davis Mike Deathrange Clark Dennis Noelle Deutscher Moira Dickerson ie Maria Duran Richard :Evans Matthew Fischer Robin Fischer Elisa Fisher Rene Flores Lyndon Gale Joseph Gillen f Carlos Garcia Cheryl Gray Michael Gray Michael Gleason David Griffin Leslie Groom Paul Guzman FISH SHOW PROMISE nfl- y Buddy Rich eat your heart out wav-I IN COWTOWN 4!?"""9' fix E i I I K X 2 Ml 1 ,ff 5 MJ Xi -E Paul Hemandez Angela Higgins Michael Hill Doug jones Sand ohnson Stephan Kingeter Kloesel The Freshmen at the Homecoming Pep Rally. Robert Lagon Chris Hanzarotti' ' john Levie Gina Lubrano Michaell Lund ' William artin Debbie-"MarHnez -' Peter Matar Maureen McAllister Michael Mcbride Cathy McClosky .T. McCra jennifer McDonald Charles McKone Brian McWilliarns THE FRE SHMEN XM """"N Itis better than a taco roll! Alice Melman Martin Menocal Anne Meyer Margret Monostory Cecilia Montani Virginia Morgan Stacy Morris Donna Mulcahy Lolen Noguerra: Martin Tiffin Navejar Feorganna Newman Peggy O'Brian Oscar Ochoa Anne Odman Daniel Ogle Karen Omelas Karen Ory Clabie Padilla Paul Papan Lucy Parker Teri Pate Melissa Patterson john Price p Om ,, Om Sam Rener NOT Katie Peterson Susie Phillips Mark Renner f Amy :Rojas Sylvia A Roias Rudy Ruiz Neal Rutherford Virginia' Sabin Dan Salidino Eddie Sanchez Maria Sarradet Michelle Sc mit John Shapiro jeff Sisk Sherri Shayer Tim Smith SOC IT TO 'EM What'd you say was in this stuff? Theresa Stewart Judy Tierney Paul Tracy T coliz Javier Villarreal Shawn Warner jeff Watters jennifer Watts Ginnie VVhipple Michael Williams james Wilson WITH A TOUCH OF l Mark Wrzesinski Joe Wrzesinski Anna Zamarripa Louis Zapata julie Zeits Pictures not available: Bill Crawford Tony Drollinger David Gunn Melody Manley 200 CLASS Mike McBride flashes a freshman smile. You re Kiddlngl 'UU-i It wasnit THAT funny Mark! fi Y? 3 ,,,,, .,, ,..,,,M My-u.t..g. 54 lf- I hate hand-me-downs. wi tvs I just washed my hair and I canit do a thing with it. Left, Baby Vike shows Fish spirit. Watch Us! Y MQ W at i iih y yyyyy -""""-wmv Pass that by me one more time. EIGHTH GRADE-NEW FISH' Anne Belota Beth Butler Rita Clay Tommy Darwin Mike DeB0is Jackie Dwire Lisa Endres Bqlmby Fischer Sean Fitzgerald - Liz F David Gray Maggie Halbach Kenny Mann jennifer Nash Thuy Nguyen Cindy Ortiz Juanita Ramirez 'X SE Angela Roa aynetta Thornton Alfred Vigil inf Q, N ' 1 if ' if T7 X Niix V ,R Mrs. Patricia Goble, -Ir. High Reading and English Teacher 1-1 ltawr 4 5,513 Z, V- A SEVENTH GRADE-ONE MORE YEAR! HHN" WNIA-...N ' -MVK' QW W' Eric Whitney Camilo Acosta Mary Alexander Carrie Arena Brad Baptiste Tom Clay Teresa Corbitt Marc DeBois Chris DiBart0l0me0 Margaret Flores Cardee Hill Steve Maldonado Dennis Mann DeAnna Martinez john Murphy David Nash Omar Ochoa Lisa Oxendire Richard Pena David Roach Kenneth Vigil Cha, Cha, Cha Courtesy Fort Worth Public Library and Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, Texas Y Y Q 5' ,-, Q, X J. .wig ,suing ,wqji Vain ar , -af "5"'5seN.A 1 . 4,41 - a 5 .lf I1 206 We don t lntend to leave your generation with a generation ga Your generatlon wlll probably need as much electrlclty as we re uslng these days and perhaps more for homemaklng jobs education health care and cleanlng up the envlronment At Texas Electric we ve developed lon range plans to meet future demands for e ectrlclty Because of dwmdllng sup Iles of natural gas we re ln the process o changlng the fuels we use to generate your electnclty Llgnlte coal now supplles more than 407o of your electnclty In 1981 nuclear power wlll be added as a eneratlng source We re bulldlng plants t at use these more abundant fuels and lannlng others for your future ou can be sure 4, we dont intend 0 to leave your generation with a generation gap YJ P-i..-J f-... p...,,11 J... Effie 'i3'1'tzs,3S .aim Mg,-.N 'if 9-1 X wellcllon ms Weird ecilcjk 1215 Country Club Fort Worth, Texas 76112 SERVING EAST FORT WORTH 457 3348 "PEOPLE YOTJ KNOWv 6328 BRENTWOOD STAIR 457 5750 ' K f- l l l -" i f Tj l l s 0 r V 'T J I p. . . , . ' . . . - 1 Q I Fu , y u W S 1 , , f u V ' ' , 4 - ' l , . . .. 'I I V ,-.' 'f' " ff .fi nr 5 ' - -1 X . ,g.f..,j i 'L' j fx fig-1.7, XL l 4 Q 1 7 fi - V A L,-. 1. ggi: f i 5 .Y X NIM TOR 'rl 20 mhrn gnu think uf that zpvrizli nrmainn think nf VVESTFALL FLOWERS AND GIFTS JW 6058 E Lancaster Fort Worth Texas 76112 451 9458 Q' 4 Ridgnar Mall . Sl- e3.5W,ft X TS? fjzTf GREEN'S FLORIST 1127 Oakland Blvd Fort Worth Texas 76103 457 2011 TCU FLORIST 3117 Tanglewood Trall Fort Worth Texas 76109 332 4476 or 924 5398 Anmns gg 'H couvfnsf NIKE NEW 1 puM,q 14" spar sur SIX FLAGS MALL 649 0055 737 M931 fC 1 f 5 ,sg-391531. L suulcf 'A L I ' , ' 5 ' "Vera, M A ', 0 1 A O'll ' 7 4' V7 ' 9 U SHRIMP BUCKET Everything you RESTAURANT NO. 1 want in a store and 5322 BRENTWOOD STAIR 3 Il H18 bit ll10l'8 FORT WORTH TEXAS 76112 DIANE DELOZIER Just down the street PHONE 451-9001 00 'T 3450 WEST VICKERY FORT WORTH TEXAS 76107 18171 737 4032 METRO 429 5793 GLOBAL GRAPHICS Inc: The FuIIServlce Organization ENGINEERS DRAFTSMEN WRITERS ILLUSTRATORS TECHNICIANS SOFTTNARE SPECIALISTS WRITING 0 LITHOGRAPHY EDITING QFOUR COLORI ILLUSTRATIONS 0 REPRODUCTION PARTS ANALYSIS 0 BINDERY SEPVICES CATALOGING RADIO EOUIPPED CQMp0ggTlON PICKUP 81 DELIVERY LAYOUT 81 MAKEUP 1320 W BROADWAY FT WORTH TEXAS 76104 at D gf I . CONTRACT PERSONNEL PUBLICATION SERVICES PRINTING-REPRODUCTION O O 0 0 - Q O 0 0 . Q I Q ,O I K8171 336 9393 METRO 429 4591 I Cgom AWZEQZI4 Soccer Centre 1750 W DIVISION 0 a ARLINGTON TEXAS 817 261 4631 Juana' X 'ruileg Q Q I if f IW ' WMMM II , ' W STORE X fl THE COMPLETE SOCCER Q 'jffgzt 0 CONGRATUL TION S SEN IORS The future 25 zn the b6l7Q6ZI5 qffbe edzzwzieoz' DWCFIIIIDQIUIIIMIIQQIIH nnrlonm. anna 6701 Brentwood Stair Road 457-4990 Member FDIC F 0 , .K ,,. O tj , x -. M. ' ' ' 'I . ,fs ' .X " ,Z IN-1 f ,f I T , -u fs-1 I - ei I I' , 5 K S X 1 , A 2777 I ij I I 'f 'gf' 5 I .Q f'4-'Vfz ' I . ' MI , ff! 1 - .LW , , I 151 ' :,?w .-, f ' I.: ' f If Q57 '. 'f X ' W ff. I If I If X Xfl , Rx- f , 'Q-I-M4-1' . .I I, QI 1 I Z' 'if W 2-:Ir f - If f' 74'-q ,34'.:,1.-nf 'ff Ibiwx t H5-.wnl-" I+- 'ya 'fi' "1 A321 ,,.., 4-3 U 1-65.1li-',-jjff-g.'f':?"'.,.g1:gf"' 3 K- 42,41 "ga---' f max I' ' 5"W.". 1 1 - .--' Cf K' , f . , I. , ' 41? F 5 'i'- :fm -' '1 "iff ' -fbi ' X I' f ff ' ' I f N ' fm I ' -I . . I K HI, rf XM xxx 'I ff! ff' I 'N Xi I I , IX DIL IX U J I Y II I X Y - f I Y, ,I I I I I 'ULATKD IEIOR 190 Scenes of Fort Worth Compliments of ATCO RUBBER PRODUCTS 4920 Mark IV Parkway, Fort Worth, Texas 76109 Photographs Courtesy of FOREST L. ARMSTRONG CONCRNP ANTHROPOLOGY Somettmes lrterally And nght here on campus Last July a large portron of the IWC campus was placed on the Nat1onalReg1ster of Hrstonc Places as the Source of the Rrver lSan Antontol Archaeologrcal Drstnct lncludlng areas prevrously deslgnated btate of Texas Archaeologtcal Landmarks A rtch cultural herttage rrght here rn San Antonro datlng back at least 10 OOO years Anthropology rs an tntenslve and lnterestlng study of crvllrzatlon from pre hlstory through hrstorlcal penods mcludlng socral polltlcal economtc conslderattons plus legal systems art reltglon and matenal culture Students tn summer archaeologlcal held schools conducted on campus help to unlock the prehtstonc and hlstorlc secrets the ban Antomo Rtver has con cealed for centunes and wltness the unfoldtng of thousands of years of Texas clvlllzatlon and the nchness of our herltage As a component ofthe Natlve Amenca btudres program at lncarnate Word Anthropology IS also part ofa study of the archaeologtcal ecologrcal and art1st1c rmportance of the Olmos Basrn area l-or more detalls contact the Admlsslons Offlce at lncarnate Word College or stop by for a vtsrt Other new majors recently lntroduced at IWC are lntertor destgn chlld care work and an evenrng bachelor of huslness admrnrstratron degree Also oskobout non credit short courses un contmumg educotuon open to all INCARNATE WORD COLLEGE 4301 Broadway San Antonio Texas 78209 828 1261 ext 211 YOU CAN DIGAIT AT INCARNATE WORD COLLEGE .YQ Qllbmlltef .ffiqlvllng 3 B y A d F t W th T 76116 Ph 731 2186 02222 ADVANCED W wwmd AND LOGISTICS SERVIC E S LINGTEC INCORPORATED 2701 A E t I 1 76011 18172 261 9156 WARD PARKWAY COUNTRY CLUB THE BEST 4 HOLE COURSE IN TOWN gB yH t T 10 W D h d Ft W th T 76104 18175 332 7077 ll Q n P ., ffr, 1 A c Y' Compliments ' - 520 eme n e f or or , ex , QMJJBG? one - o A ' M- N,,6 TECHNOLOGY Er, X 6 , h Q, .7,677, f X 3 ,J I .1 5 A sv venue Eas Y T 1 T Sui e 415 Arling on, Texas Chairman of the Board: Chas. Braselton President: Gre urdett Vice President: Ton ildebrand Secre ary-Treasurer: David ro tman 50 . as woo . or , exas 2 3 L ECK T RAVEL SERVICE For Your Business For Your Pleasure Alrllne Tlcketlng Crulses Hotel Car Reservatlons Group Tours KLEIN ME AT NOO:I?II:1iOt1?.0IP?OIia1:1Jl114t8eI1IlP1lg71CES COMPA NY 700 Northeast Loop 820 PHONE 332 4155 589 2181 gd' 2525 CULLEN FORT WORTH TEXAS ff 1 1' K E iw 76107 X 9 FOOD FOR I EE! HOME FREEZERS "Nw if 2-16 wlth "" ,7 U S CHOICE BEEF EDKON ,P Za!! .1 is 2 Om W TOUR T EUNIS YOUR FAT1-IE RS TACHE 5328 Brentwood Stalr RIDGMAR MALL Ft Worth Texas 76112 Phone 451 1414 C8179 731 0217 Call For An Appomtment WNY x v 0 4 , O 2 4, f . t 4 L X 1 :V 2 , u 5 Q-eg in , . K Pu Q l ll jj 5,,,,,,,f 'x D1 ..VXxx-in v I V . I d 1 S I xxxkmr V5 3 J. I eh , . .N"!5t:f.-if if 'lg . . ffm f u N 'Ju X 9' f of X 5 5' 1' li W M Vx. XM 7' U, l I " u tculke 61 tmiifa to mgjoowm Ilcsceqlll drug stores EASTERN HILLS PHARMACY PERRONE PHARMACY RIDGLEA DRUG 392Bb6kHy 6 C pB0 Bld 565Md b0kD FtWthTe FrWthT 76116 Ft W th Te 76112 6817, 4515515 f817Q 738 2135 f817J 737 6655 C813 BRAKE SERVICE 2209 E Larcaster Ft Worth Texas 76103 Herman Chenevert Owner534 4233 F' si?- QA' nb 6 IL - 4 fake! Wmlh Hlwee Fam any 1901 Loop 520 Fort North, Texas 776112 Congratu lations Seniors of 1 980 I qw" A 'I ' . Us J.. I E , et, . E .. 'aff ll -LQ' f- 1' " u,t!'2D." -ATI! -:-amz.: 19-112 I 1 4,-:M IA g '-vim on sfi PECK,S PAINTERS 36 F re ehbzglwz am? of gommeece A Southwest Bancshares Bank 1300 South Bowen Road Arlmgton Texas 76013 48175 265-9311 BEST WISHES TO NOLAN Rldgrnar Medlcal and Professlonal Center Owner and Operator Dr Gene Wood As C3th0llC Nolan must be a commumty whose alm IS the transmlsslon of values for l1v1ng Nolan Hlgh School Ph1losophy of Educatlon 1978 more than knowledge man lS more than h1s m1nd and wlthout values may be lntelhgent but less than fully human Rev Theodore M Hesburgh Presldent UHlV6rSlty of Notre Dame ean and Tony Anthony Member FDIC CITY NATIONAL BANK 5651 E Lancaster Fort Worth Texas 76112 451 6111 FR EE Juniors and Sensors free checkmg account wlfh S100 OO mutual deposnt urml you flmsh college O C Q o I Gi ' ' 9 . . . . . . ,, "VVhy values in education? Because wisdom is , . . . 5 . . 3 . . ,P - '. . '. A ' ' 9 218 AA We're Amelcan Alrlmes Doing what we do best AITIGYICEI1 American DOING WHAT WE DO BEST VVISHING LUCK TO THE NOLAN HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS 80 x I l I l P i Oommsuofmzrmfffgfafrzf,r Q M, A,f"l f -X-mg. .4 , , 'M Q -- "qw X. r.:- , Q X: :,X ,.-X11 ' ':-2-. -..--vis isa- X 21.2 eg :f 51, Q.: -1 'Q gl ' 25 .fm X' 2. A g.X- X- X. . X., X. ,X - - :Q .3 -' -... w:.,: 5 X. 41. '- ii: V- Q ,, .. 'XTX - X52 ..-.453-. rg S s , ff .ww ,, 1. - . Q .,. QXX . -.. ,gi .xx '33 -9 ' . 22 ' U 1:-X 4: 1' '-Q 4- N -xx' 1" -' W 4' " Q.. --MX- -Q X.-2.- --.QQ -K.: X X- Iv W XS'- QM yu- .. ,ei .., X Q. ..z .vw- XX X-X: :X X - ...zfz aj S-.QW ik ' 'X ww- X , , ,, X .1 ,- .Xl I ess -'X 2 ' 1353 9- .-: ,Sv :X Xi- Q "X.. sr me as A FRIE D X.-5 vw A -M. 4-w ww -X IZ X :ww- .... X 5 KX' ' ' ai :ie w wx X W sX+ M -- , ,X :. f- X. - .-.Q-Xe.. X, ,. 2 . 1. ,X ., X X , -Q X X X . ' "Q" ' , .. .wg " . ,X .. XX .. . 1- Sf Sf X' .s .. yr X XXX ,XX v- 3. 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M-X -- H Ib X- X " -' 220 JJWJKEZZY 9 J YYJYYJWJV Hattie Bl So Freeway Fort Worth Texas ell eccmers Comphments The Kavanaughs 6221 ORD fggf Sam Lmgard 780 Bedford-Euless Rd. 282-3453 Metro 268-1543 HURST TEXAS 76504 Llngard Ford In Road Servlce PROMPT SERVICE gulf 1 .,.R Q Association ' ofPetroleum offum One of tne many cnallenges faclng you today concerns your selectlon of a career An eyer rncreasrng demand for Petroleum Mlneral Land Management graduates exlsts ln the natural resource lndustry WHAT IS A LANDMAN7 Most often a landman lS the buslness member of the natural resource team and IS rnvolved ln obtalnlng the legal rlghts to explore for and produce natural resources Landmen transform sclentlflc Ideas lnto economlc realltles Trrey work vvrth enylronmental programs to ensure a contlnued balance between natural resource development and ecologlcal control. For furtner lnformatlon, you may wash to contact the Arnerlcan Association of Petroleum Landmen. PO Box t9811, Fort Worth. TX 76101 relivereiide o f 1 I ' . . . am I Qfhaelea .72 QZ?ulhefzQfzd ilnhvpvnhvnt Explnrzltum fnaueance cllumpung Ji envy irlnuatun GJPXEIH SM. En-, Eh"-5 nk 336 90114 7 11 Gallefl M, mums: Els' PE1T11SY1,V'11TI'1 4 H APHI1.-L Q - y , 4210 Meadowbrook Dr. Ft. Worth, Texas 76103 48172 534-7672 9 P A ' fi 'E 'A ig ':, .- fs, . lv - Q7- 4 2.-reilgqm Q U, : I Sv- 2 I' 2 '.-Taxi Is.. -I U J' 7, , - 1 1 V J.. if gs Mr if ,Filg I I "". , ' a ' Q 'ffm ' ,, f- K . " . '- ' ' 1' ,LX I A .LLJJA r V's,,-I-.1-Na+" qi- 5, Hr. i , Vice-President Roy Moore enjoying ' ,,., V Vice-President Ian Tierney Deanne's company. President Becky Papajohn taking Vice-President Tracy Neumann playing up the crowds at pep rally. her oath of office. First Vice-President Diane Burns waiting for next skit. Beckyis cooking. Vice-President Lisa Boteler starring in fall play. NOLAN STUDENT COUNCIL 1979- 1980 t Sheila Davis g Mickey Addison wishing he were at McDonald,s. Donna Cwozdz ate at McDonald's! "Do you mean I could have gotten a coke at chi s from McDonald's Now you tell melv Lower left: Trisha Peck contemplates her Marvin Thornton cannot wait to get to McDonald's after classllll ' MCDONALD'S 2250 E. Loop 820 Ft. Worth, Texas 76112 , 451-2811 McDona ld's - l FORT WORTH TOWER CO Deanne and Roy, Now and forever. Eat your heart out. Deanne Brown always pretty PHONE 834 7471 FTD FLOWERS 84 GIFTS E 2929 CLEBURNE RD PHONE 924 2243 5025 TRAIL Nic DRIVE PHONE 292 2212 FORT WORTH TEXAS 76110 Tl-SUE .F Lax, 3 A 'N qw' kv 4 ' 0 png 'l,' A ifwllllul I ev H gf' me V H-- 9 gfl' 40 iq ' my 'rom HANDLER '4'f'1lzK"' 4 lem' . 624 NORTH SYLVANIA INDEPENDENT EXPLORATION COMPANY Houston Texas 1m C Bell F M ef W gags 'SHG 5 RIVERSIDE CLEANERS N Rlverslde Don 81 Janelle Kavanaugh .D I , A 'Q . Q fx l' ' "-rf t . , 1.5-F' Q I 1. v - - xf - 2 Lmulmrxs lu srru' lim E f , , , X A' ' " K ,W 'w' .1 f ' A : N Y W Ya.,-,145 I " ' -1' My E- lv -2575 1 .- . 'ff ,,, o , , 1' 1.1. QC.--:'sI"f J. . 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Come see us. 564' ff' f 117-f5L:-'-flu 1194 A Q Q JCE RIVERSIDE STATE BANK MEMBER F DIC MEMBER TEXAS AMERICAN BANCSHARES INC 3000 EAST BELKNAP 0 FORT WORTH TEXAS 76111 JTO Presldent Ronald Totah W 2' IWW Wffv M Nolan High School IS appreciative of the following donators ALTONS OF FORT WORTH JESSE R MAROTTA FAMILY FATHER BOB BREEN DR CHARLES R SULLIVAN D D S DR DANIEL D D S JOHN H RICHARDS M D I - . . . . - , s 3' wiser , If 4 2 f 4-a1sza:Q.,gy5,,fv f ,, , 'f 3 0 ' Ig fffiy. f' 2 ' , A ,, 2 g5.,g:' ,:,zl,,QQ . ,jkyy , ? . .I " , W fn rpguzy I . , yr 5 , 1,5 , A 1 -gasp: - f 4 w f A I f 1ii3g9,g?4?f sy., ? if W , s :W ' ' ' 1 " A A' ' H W r n 0 0 0 , A a' 5 gg ' I , ff wyn- M , 5, ' ' 1 ,, o ' H537 wzflizfzi, I g 1 1 g V uf' A' 4 , , A I , I , A E 1 ' ,,,, , 'Q f 1 1 f f s A K'H'WH'"wayfE,,,s:w'me- 5" ,, ' I yt -V 1 I Q ' A ,, Q f T I Mamma? wr ,,,,W ,....w-fr W ,, .., ,,,. ,,,, , f A ,, 228 NOKLS IICQQQQIQG CHURCH GOODS AND RELIGIOUS ARTICLES P O BOX107 FORT WORTH TEXAS 76101 OI' MATH CLUB ,.. L to R lst row Ellzabeth Lorencettl Chris Tracy jack Ag lb! 3 1 new Leslle Carron Bruns Watts 2nd row F ellcla Elskew Mark Blumberg Barney RICCB Kurt Schnert Mlke New J DLN Joseph Khaled jr Grand Kmght C0unc1l2813 P 0 Box 16524 Fort Worth Texas 76133 292 7441 X I house, and Direhtor Bill Dgfer., , U 'Q Il ' ' x of' I I BISHI P NE 2 I 8 I fi. The Ben Doskocll F amxly Good or bu mess SUMMIT NATIONAL BANK 1300 Summut 336-8383 Fort Worth, TX 76102 IVIEIVIBEFZ FDIC Pattl grlns knowing what Mary Ann will endure in 1980-1981. PATTI SANDERS Yearbook Edltor H0m6C0mlng Queen Senlor Favorlte MISS NHS Varslty Cheerleadlng Captaln Marian Award Wlnner This IS for 1979 1980 and the llst goes on! Path worked harder than any other Edltor ever had to Smce I left ln anuary to have a up the pieces others on the staff left undone But she was always smlhng happy encouraglng and tolerant Her work was preclse and thorough all the tlme She s a very speclal person to me and I mlss her already Thank you Pattl Love Mrs Parrlsh Q une 8 1980? . 0 . . I baby, Patti assumed the tasks I would have completed. She picked 9 ' U J 9 Patti 1979 1980 Homecoming Queen Mrs. Parrish, please come back!!! A farewell hug 231 I.25LiJGJl.UI.UfiJ'LVIJI.Ul5 I3ll-15925 IDI? BV IIUIBIMUIIU IIUUIEIU 3 wt- 1 Cheese. Roy Moore tries to remember. I made it! Valedictorian Mike Regalbuto and Salutatorian Andy Lubrano give the final word. May 31, 1980. Saturday night. Days of ceremonies, practices, processions. The last one. Excitement is run- ning wild, nerves are on the breaking point. Everyone is thinking of the Senior party after graduation. Is my cap on straight? Who am I supposed to follow? Mrs. Comehls is checking her list again. Whois missing? Bro. Deece gives a beautiful speech. Roy sings a beau- tiful song. There is a beautiful slide show. Evrything is beautiful. But itis over, I've received a BLANK di- ploma! Oh No! What did I forget to turn in? Whew . . . Everyone got a blank one. Recessional out. This is it. School will always be school, but Nolan will always be home to me. 233 It's picture time. N- 'm 2 ff' L 3 ,e U 'X it t lf How do I look? Cynthia takes the last walk Give me drugs. Onward Deece gives a word of advice. .Si 2 I 1 i. I E 5 You see . . . it's this way. HOW D0 YOU SPELL RELIEF? C-R-A-D-U-A-T-I-O-N 235 Giggle box REMEMBER They just can't keep their hands off. 3 Rumor has it! Trick or treat! 'Q YumYum . . . How sweet it is. we titt Q i ia S Disco mania 7' .5 Jr' 'Q if if-"' ' Would you believe? jesse expresses himself. Come and Get it! Hold it! Stop everything! Smile pretty Freshmen ham it up. Brain Damage . . . K 54 x , x fs Group therapy -Q'-"'--....,,,W TWU' -l',.l- , " iran- How rude!!! "iam Wi... , ..,, I won't go! 5

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