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' ,, rf 2' F 'f ' , ,cr W at Q ,ivv 4 ' l 1 ,ls 1 I N MAMMH, gs I :fs Ia ,, , 'A Q, 2' 'frm A f yn fa n J is S- 4' 'P 'f Al I A l 'N A 'M 141 'f' ' Sf, 'LV , 4- ,gf "3 "' f xp-W. fi? 1- . 1. M. .. A-,Aw-12,1 if f 1, ' ff " ," f .--f.. f . ' . ' ., 1 f ,'- -,trial A , ff-5-2 A VJ. M.. Av , fl -J Q J. fin- 'W f'4f2..'-'H -'J 7" 7? 1-. -fir f 1 1 n ,x M -9 1 ,, f.. " "LJ I A. .gy J.. , I 9' 1 ',"Q5r ' 1 ' M' - .. fv 4 1 1, 4, ' ., ,,,lf0sf4u,fJ. - . 1' f V , I-4 X' 1. 7 '. ' J F ' J' V5 'lk ggi!! .' 9 Y ig' f '-.-f gig,-' a. , A . .1 bf VM:-'-if . ,rf , ' U" , ,4,,f,,. 1 -fa '. Q, ., .. -r 5 ,- .r' 1 ', ' I . ' - ' 8 .-iq - 4 A341 lf-. ' . ..,q al fb 1 s X -" . 4' O". r' , ' 'V' ' - ,' 2 xl' "" ' ' if - ' " , . ., --if - ' - , 4 J " . ' ' ' 'A . S C L' l:5f.f.-'f 'F' ' ' P- 'I' I' 1, - U' ." 4 pi", rf E fd -n , ' .1 83 5 f .i J' v N' "' V .' rd 1 N 'V ' . Sa, . 'qu " U' 1 . 4" ul Q H, .LM . l Q I s .Q H, I .1 '. f - . 1.1, - 9' .1 W. .... 4'-. .4- ,A U' . s , P 3-5-PIJ .-f -sr 1' , muy' I .VK ', -,. ,aiu vu A .jg , It' " f at Y ff' LI' AD- x 1 ,V Ax, Y '1 41 if A 'U' Q ld 4 1 f- -,. 1' , A' ' .. I- Q , "' wr "U f '12 ,- 1-4 7 'fir if" ,4, I ' ! 4 5 " f "'W f uint!-.. K 4' N ,a',A"' 4' - , 1 4 ' . 4 f N. F" QA 'K Q k 1 -. ' -vu' ,u A M 32. A Qi? ' is-5:1 5 M A. ai A, , 4, A ff V ,. f ,K A! ix, 5 J, - . M ff .1 sa , f . , h. W uns- M-M Q ' :n , ' - -ny. , in , 4 V- Q, 0? at , .sh ' A -yuibf..-ffv. Q - ." -- Nr ' - 'nw'- , g, 'E 5, ,X wr 'Vt . ,. if :X or 1 I '- ' z ' ' K " 1 .nf 5 rt". b "xx 1' A., ll. 5 V r I ,g , ', ' ' ' SI, 1 I 5 1 : 1 - ' .. V.. 'f 'X - l a ,F 1 . - . , . . , ,, Q-.v Q. .sp -9, ., .. :fit J ff ' 'eq ,' f 4 ,hh , ,X ' Nw , M ' v 1 si K ., ' - f . - , . - In lr .'.:'V.- ,,,,. MIK , q f' at , ., , s Z , .1 , NN:-., tgx : ful, ' - ' 'TL ,.I - ,."5iiV--4.5-u - 'l,, . f Av'f+5V'3 , 'mqsg-.-Vify' 'X n L , 5 X i:'.5.Xlls. ., Q. " K . , S' ' - I'- eg " 'Z -' f f"4 ' is f .K A , , ' ' ff ,-',if-"ft'5'f:q,"'- sz "de ' WH" yy : . .9 '- 1.-H ' f, - - : . 3 f- "' ' 'w -. f , - -4 5i"V --1 f ,X ' Q' T' , 'f-'V ,XF-I S" . fl V, gf-3M Is7.'5w 'J i K' '1 .L Ly f -. -' ' M .5 .V W4 5. -- A Hg, .e' 1 .-'ii 's. Qi 4 " X Xwfixrtm. 3' IW iff-X .IYC-f '-LK lv: ix!" 1'1" ' Q A K ' .43 .1 Ni H317 A 1 X W. ,, 5 Q I .- ., 2' "' - , : ,-' -1 Y -N , ,W r P, 7 K 1- 'X ,MQ fy Kwai-.A.x,, , ,Kit :N H , ... .X gf., . 5 . K A 4 , . ,Q ff 1 xx 1...Ak N6 , X .Y V' iv , ,Tw-gf 1 11. A I., - V V , f R x P' al 11 x ' luv, A , K- ,.,, .. -1.V1,y,,x . X .,- V1 Wh ' , - vm , Q, 5 Ku .- , g,,.,. . , x,.ff- A," - - - - H W xr Q 1 4,5-3' , , 39 iff w., . - wr tw- fat" x J' I , ' :L 1 1 :,. if,-.ff-.-'f ,AL 1, - . K L5 2 -1.547 2 . fl. X is - 5 ' ' , MH 1972 Arrowhead Nokomis Regional High S.A.D. 48 Volume 4nNUIHbGT 1 Published by the 1972 Yearbook Staff Co-editors Alioia Anderson, Cindy Dow Table of Contents Personnel .............................. Theme ....... f . 10-33 36-45 Classes ......... 52-87 ,xoiowgfew V Student Life . . . ..................... 90-107 Advertising . . 126-176 Athletics ..... 110-123 . . AE' 1972 Arrowhead Fo Editors Assistant Activities Editor Alicia Anderson Cindy Dow Susan Wyman Assistant Editors Dawn Bradstreet Mary D1Pompo Laurie Randett Ellen Turcctte Business Man ager Paul Briggs Advertising Staff Don Hawthorne Mary Iude, Kerbon Littlefield Cathi McDougal Steve Rowe Melvin Russell Layout Editors Ioni Clark Peggy Dearborn Senior Edito1's Debbie Brooks, Evelyn Gee, Bill jones, Bill Taylor Activities Editor Deborah Patterson Organization Editor Terry Lyn Taylor Assistant Organization Editor Ianet Hartley Boys' Sports Editors Charles Randall, Rick Wesley Assistant Boys' Sports Editor Les Priest Girls' Sports Editors Kathy Condon, Esther Coulimore Assistant Girls' Sports Editor Patty Veazie Staff Photographers Dean Chase David Cray Assistant Photographers Cindy Lane Chris Taylor Bette Webber Circulation Managers Betsy Cookson, Ianelle Ervin Circulation Assistants Rosemary Cookson, Cindy Ellis, Connie 'Finnemore, Lisa Rockwell Typists Iudy Bolstridge, Ruth Franklin, Ianie Lane, Denise Oldenburg, Sally Palmer Artwork Micheala Neal Advisor Mrs. Rowena Russell gg 1 fl ' 5535? Nfl N 0 K 0 M l s REGIONAL HIGH HOME OF THE WARRIORS X. Nokomis Fight Song Here we are Burgundy and white Hear our war chant see our TEAM fight Sing and you feel our spirit Victory Is our battle cry Let's all stand and Cheer NOKOMIS We're WARRIORS here Again let's Cheer Cheer for our BOYS Come on make noise Raise your fist high And shout our battle ery We're going to WIN tonight Go TEAM Go WIN "FIGHT" xl Zll ff x xu .H I XX I ', XX ll 2 'fr' N C C 3 : lo 2 I N 10 2 1- , L7 2 - Q S? , s r 8 rr S! 'll 8, f 6 x I X "z, 7 5 xxx 9,1 7 lo ixx Time To everythingthere is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die, a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is plantedg A time to kill, and a time to heal, a time to A time to weep, and a time to laugh, A time to mourn, and a time to danceg A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together, a time to break down, and a time to build up, embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing, A time to get, and a time to lose, a time to keep, and a time to cast away, A time to rend, and a time to sew, a time to keep silence, and a time to speakg A time to love, and a time to hate, a time of war, and a time of peace. x ' I f ,flH.lllX fllH'xyx Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 111,11 xt U11 ov I2 U, Q u 1 fr X - lo ', : 2 2 i f I ff X I 8 x 2, '2 1, 5,8 lj, tK SU' If I I u xx! 'IJ' , IU I I 2. 3 x ' I Ill I X It VIH n I IIIUV xx 0 ,NX ll 2 I I, Nuo I, : 2 1 - Q 3 F I 1, qsx , K 'r 7 5' XXX I 4 xx 'Il U' X I ,-' H I2 lf n I If 2x10 2 if Z Y 5 ,cg ? 5 III! 6 Lixxx 'Nfl K S5 ' 1 N Xxx I ' ,ll s ' ' Q 4 :I 21 - Q -P 4 vga qrx 5, 7 6 5x0 '1 H 'lug H' X Il I 0 l X, q I2 '1,, 5 I ' 1 N. lo 1, P 9 1 E 3 1 Q CII, Q A JXOO I, ' my N 'I 1, xx If ON ll 12 '10 S I N 10 f A 2 9 J 'L 8 Ll xx f,!, 7 6-xox lflfl till X I O ' xxx Il 2 '11, x I xxla 2,1 , ff J- ,Z ll 5 1 7 6, Q lf!! L, Xxx 1 E V 1 N 4 1 I 21 5. , AKV, . if f if Im? f, 1. i 1 EL' r 1 1 lm 9 . 1 1 L L I3 V1 f r 5 3 ? 1 1 r 4 I i s i A 1 I I l Y , 4 1 K I E -J kg ,,,, The still and emptiness of early morn The halls are free of footsteps A school bus arrives, doors open, and voices are heard Students sign in their reasons for absence While more people arrive and begin their preschool duties. Li. ' . Boys sign out for vocational Courses at Dexter More lockers are opened and closed Decisions are made for what is needed for morning classes Soon the halls fill with familiar sounds of a new day. .YU f' ,avr ' l' 494' l' ,rw ,-'Q W., M , ai 5 ' ' - fs. . , L. .u :fn 1 . MMGMMH s I Q: -fi - , H .Q-,. .,., ffiFsz.:,fm-wefrw.-.V--eta, K ,.: 1 i 5'f .rf six, The morning passes and We learn in many Ways I I to become something more than we were cgi: ' A ' "Qc, yesterday Flo 2 C By learning new skills in Driver Education Q-q 313 And enjoying the outcomes of Home Ec. 1,3 9 X: We develop both mind and body with Physical ', 5 gf Education. ll I li xxx I I H ' x And yet the morning is still young. 12 - .x C. may A' He iff-fig .APE Qifkq PAM 5. fi V t Classes of all kinds are being held Some learn in the area of mechanics And others study a language in order to speak yet another tongue. Courses in Special Education are taught to help students learn in many areas And while classes continue, many kinds of activities elsewhere go on. Soon the morning has passed. xy, lf : . .' . . . 45.1 -"-ii' I3 f K' I Q Alf 2. Ill' XX I ,ff flo - 2 f I : 1 39 ,ji , - ' I I ffs' IIN 1 S S' I lxfp 6 Xxx 1 XX ll'1l The bell rings and lunch period begins Lockers are opened, some books are put away while more are brought out for the afternoon classes Lunch tickets are bought Students and teachers stand in line waiting for their lunch. ggi-Q. H A f ' ' k I4 ," I While some eat and sit with their friends Others are studying in 117 between lunches When everyone has finished eating, tables are washed and trays are returned. When the bell rings, motion revives in the halls and the afternoon has begun. o 9 No 5 1 .- 1 .- fr 7 ll, I x 5 s to xx' 1,"lx' The afternoon IS here and students are back in their classes Some mix up new formulas with chemicals While a bookkeeping class is distracted by a commotion outside Others construct and build with tools The bell rings, halls are I6 filled and stairways are a confusion of people in all directions s ffl wi p More classes in Physical Education Some students learn to operate the calculating machines Others enjoy their leisure time reading in the library. xNlI"l'1 XII 12 ,f x 2 f, X x Activity Period is the ideal time for food sales and clothing sales sponsored by the various classes and clubs. Many students find time to participate in intramurals The whirlpool 1S an excellent cure for tired aching muscles The Key Club presented a Nokomis sign to the school Girls also engage in basketball intramurals Phys. Ed. Clothes are taken home to be cleaned. Fl-ff?,'E9!4!.3 All students are involved in Activity Period The Yearbook Staff is busy selling ads to help publish the 1972 Arrowhead. Class and club meetings are held to discuss Ways of raising money. i W The election of Freshman Class Thegg are quickly filled and Officers is held by the Student hgmeward bound. Council. - As soon as the bell signifies the end of Activity Period, there's a mad dash to awaiting busses. Assemblies began when the Oakridge Atomic Energy Plant came and demonstrated the wonder of the atomic world Then the Designed X-pression entertained us with a selection of songs Soon it was time for the election of Student Council officers Time passes and more assemblies were held 71? M ' lgcf Congressman Hathaway discussed politics with Nokomis Students The second Christmas Assembly entertained the student body with a show of various talents The Stage Band and other guest bands performed For the last home basketball game with Penquis, a "Spirit Day" was held in honor of the players lli Q , X SONY 9705, XX X X .l'lI,, X ll '2' lfff f 1 lo 2 'A 7 : ,fs 5 5 f,,f7 XXX ,ffl I'XN After school, long hours are spent achieving perfection The Majorettes polish up a new routine The Cheerleaders learn new cheers to fire up the Nokomis Warriors Both boys and girls in action improving their skills in the art of basketball The girls of the chorus prepare their vocal cords for school concerts The Nokomis Warrior Band keeps up with the latest tunes The stage set for "One Foot in Heaven" is checked carefully The Varsity Warriors prepare for the "Big Green Machine" X X xkl' I 11, N fx XX I ' ll X 510 L s 2 ' N 1 1 " s ff Y : of r f 6' ' III? L XXX ,"" K Every season has its own sport Fall means Soccer - The aotion's fast . . . every move has its aim Set it up and score that point! No game is complete without its half time show 26 There's an activity for all The girls enjoy a hard fought game of Field Hockey The Cross Country team shapes up to battle its Competition. XV , ,. 1 , mm- It's curtain time . . . makeup is applied and excitement runs high "It's all about Father and Mother and us kids and a lot of people you know are in it." That was Fraser introducing "One Foot in Heaven" a 3-act play, produced by members of the Dramatic Club. - cam -1' ,-' "'-- 1. . kg it l V"l-723' , . .,-" Us The last scene is performed and the Curtain falls. The final applause is so gratifying when the performers take curtain calls But they realize without Mrs. Cooper this presentation could never have materalized so successfully. 29 Fall slips into winter and that's the time for basketball. Both boys and girls enjoy the sport. Clever ballhandling and well-directed Coaching never fail to appeal to the enthusiastic crowds. Well-executed plays in basketball are the result of many hours of practice. Skiing is another major sport. Downhill, slalom, jumping - so interesting to watch but as in all sports the competitor must apply himself and train if he is to experience any reward. at QM .i Teachers enjoy a Christmas Tea prepared and served by the Nat'l. Hon. Soc. The hit ofthe year - pigs go to school. Refreshments are sold to Adult Education students by Student Council. Spectators receive programs as they enter a basketball game. Majorettes watch the action as they await their performance. om l rarr twill, The cheerleaders and spectators look on as Nokomis battles for a spot in the "Tourney" The Booster Club food concessions are busy between the I.V. and V. Basketball games. The band strikes up "So-What." After the game the Crowd disperses in all directions. The day has ended and the corridors are once again empty. I 33 1 N Q , r w 4 1 1 1 Y w T 1 1 .- ,, ,f fi 34 ,M , . ,Aw-"""""M ,Jw W-f' gg, ,. L emi , -MQ L- .fr A , - if 5- -if 'K ' 2 654.113 Q Q, .1 .Q Personnel I Personnel Directory HARTLAND CUSHMAN U. of M., B.S., M. Ed. Superintendent of Schools KENNETH PERRY Colby College, U. of M., B.S., Duke Uni- versity Principal LOUIS MORIN Farmington State College, B.S., U. of M., M. Ed. Athletic Dir., Assistant Principal, History STANLEY BUCHANAN Northern Conservatory, B.M. Dir. of Music SAD 448, Band and Chorus DARRELL BUTLER U. of M., B.S. Algebra, Business Math MARY ELLEN COOPER U. of M., B.A. English Adviser, Dramatic Club, Director, Dra- matic Club Plays WINNIFRED CROCKER Farmington State College, U. of M., B.S., M.Ed. Guidance Counselor Adviser, National Honor Society IILL FOSTER Connecticut College, B.A., Bowdoin College, B.A. French Adviser, French Club TRUMAN FOWLER Bowdoin College, B.A. Driver Education, Math ELEANOR HALL U. of M., B.S., M.Ed. Biology, Gen. Science Adviser, Astro Club BEVERLY HAMILTON Gorham State College U. of M. English KRISTI HAMILTON U. of M., B.A. History, Geography Prize Speaking Coach HARVEY HAYDEN U. of M., B.S. Special Education Vocational Handicaps IAMES HILTON U. o M., B.S. Math, Gen. Business IOHN HILTON Colby College, A.B., U. of M., M.Ed. Algebra, Adv. Math, German Adviser, Future Teachers of America, Baseball Coach DAVID IRVING St. Anselms College, B.A. Geometry, Algebra, Physics, Mythology Freshman and I.V. Basketball Coach, I.V. Soccer Coach, Adviser, Thespian Society RACHEL KENISTON U. of M. F., B.S. Home Economics DONALD LEBLANC U. of M., B.A., M. Ed. U.S. History, Pol. Sci. IANET LEBLANC U. of M., B.A., M.Ed. English ALFRED LEE Gorham State College, B.S. Industrial Technology. Arts and Crafts FRED W. LIBBY U. of M., B.A., M. Ed., American Insti- tute for Foreign Trade, B.F.T. U.S. History, Pol. Science, Government Adviser, Booster Club, Ski Team, Girls' Track Coach MARY LYON U. of M., B.A., M. Ed. French, English PAUL MacDONALD Calvin College, B.A., Westminster Theological Seminary, B.D., U. of M., M.A. English CHARLES MATSON U. of M. P., Gorham State College B.S., A.A.S., l.T., Engineering Drawing DONALD MCDOUGAL U. of M., B.S. Chemistry, Earth Science Adviser, Photography Club LORRAINE MERCHANT Auburn Maine School of Commerce, Husson College, B.S. Shorthand, Typing IUNE NADEAU U. of M. F., B.S. Special Education Adviser, Cheering BASIL OSGOOD Hussoi College, B.S., U. of M., M.Ed. Bkkp., Office Prac., Typing RICHARD PARLEE. Husson College, B.S. Gen. Business, Typing, Bkkp. Driver Education HELEN PARSONS Emerson College, B.L.T., U. of M., M.Ed.. M.A. English PAUL PEPIN U. of M., B.S. Science Girls' Basketball Coach ROWENA RUSSELL Husson College, B.S. Shorthand, Law and Sales, Office Prac- tice, Typing Yearbook Adviser KENNETH SMITH U. of N. H., B.S. Biology, Gen. Science Cross Country, and Assist. Boys' Track Coach Adviser, Art Club VAUGHN STEDMAN Boston University, A.A., B.S., U. of M., M. Ed. Guidance Counselor Adviser, Student Council, Golf Coach ROBERT TARDY U. of M., B.S. Cooperative Education BARRETT THOMPSON U. of M., B.S. Girls' Physical Education Field Hockey and Softball Coach, Girls' Intramurals RICHARD M. THOMPSON U. of M., B.S., M. Ed. Boys' Physical Education Varsity Soccer, Varsity Basketball Coach KATHRYN WILCOX U. of M. F., B.S. Home Economics Majorettes Adviser ALBERT WORDEN U. of M., B.S., Modern History, Con- sumer Ec., Local Government Boys' Track Coach, Boys' Intramurals. Administration is ill g as Hartland Cushman Kenneth Perry Louis Morin Board of Directors Roscoe Arno Grace Brown Philip Burrill Claude Fisher Goodwin Gilman Philip Holt Richard Iones Geraldine Knight Raymond Martin David Pooler Lester Robinson David Rowe Keith Shorey Carl Smith Iames Smith George Webber Mary Ellen Cooper ,9 1- E ii Stanley Buchanan Darrell Butler Winnifred Crocker Iill Foster Truman Fowler 'WM nor Hall 1sti Hamilton Iames Hilton Hilton David Irving Rachel Keniston Charles Matson Ianet LeBlanc Alfred Lee Fred Wayne Libby Mary Lyon Lorraine Merchant Paul MacDonald Donald MCDouga i Iune Nadeau Basil Osgood f Richard Parlee Helen Parsons Paul Pepin Rowena Russel , S 1 5 tl .. , Q Kenneth Smith Ba Vaughn Stedman Robert Tardy rrett Thompson RR Richard M. Thompson Rgwfr Kathryn Wilcox ff wi' I , f K K LE 1 ' X.: --, :qua-mg. 1 , . lv, hw? 4 Albert Worden --4 Roberta Ricker Librarian Aide Beverly Martin, Leola Gray Nokomis Secretaries L... gs, .X Beulah Strornback, Christine Ward Superintendent's Secretaries 'X f Martha Hatfield School Lunch Supervisor Connie Seavey, Gloria Fletcher, Anna Arnsden, Phyllis Springer, Delores F ernald School Lunch Personn elx , F lack Woodbury, Fred Temple Custodians English Was Never Like This Before When a group of students who share the same interests in drama . . . or poetry . . . or journalism . . . works together for nine weeks under a teacher with similar interests, English is different from the way it used to be. f HERE'S THE PROGRAM In the spring of 1971, after a year of preparation, the English teachers presented the new elective program to the student body, distributed descriptions of the forty different courses, and explained how pupils could make their choices. Sponsored by: TRIANGLE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Charles Chandler - Hadley Chandler Pittsfield, Maine 9 fi ei 46 z FURTHER CHANGES SHOW UP IN GRADES TEN THROUGH TWELVE Sophomores, juniors, and seniors have the opportunity to choose, within the limits of their individual schedules, from a varied offering of more than forty courses. Each course is complete by itself in one quarter of the school year. Dur- ing the year each student takes at least four nine-week courses, with some students picking up extra English classes instead of study halls. Sponsored by: HARTLAND TANNING Hartland, Maine HOW IS IT DIFFERENT FROM THE TRADITIONAL PROGRAM? One change shows up in the freshman year. Each ninth- grader has, not one English teacher, but five during the year. Eight divisions of freshmen take turns with different teach- ers, concentrating for a school quarter on grammar, composi- tion, literature, or speech and mythology. That pattern of intensive study of one subject under the same teacher for a period of nine weeks is followed in the English program for upperclass students, too. . 'eggs .. Q. :gs sv as X. ....,-. 3 sm? . ........ ,,.,.,, 3 kg 1 , . S '-G ...xiii P. Ai.. T x , B , s 5' 'Ev' tl gf rw 1 1 .s..m.., I I I A . nmw- - . 5 I f ,X f wcmufoo 1 48 ll. In another change from traditional programs, sophomores, juniors, and seniors take classes to- gether. The courses are numbered according to the dif- ficulty ofthe subject matter, and students are en WHAT COURSES ARE OFFERED? Courses range from special classes in reading and composi- tion to debate and research seminars. Courses in vocational English discover and follow up job aptitudes. One class each quarter not only studies news- paper production, but practices it, putting out one or two issues of the school paper during the nine-week period. Another X A5 class studies the ways propa- ff ganda can influence us in our O buying and in our voting. C Grammar courses reinforce the freshman program for those pupils who desire it. couraged to select courses suited to their abilities. But as long as students are vitally interested in a subject, they may choose it, no matter what grades they are in. '+N,,,,M ':f- 43' A great variety of literature courses enables students to specialize in study of literary types such as the short story, modern novels, and poetry, or literary themes like images of man or biography. There are also classes in drama, folk-lore, vocabulary, public speaking, and logic. Th h Nkmis E lh am h b h d nd h k of 1 d b lity, h ll h l age d k'll 'n a f b' nd h ll f 'lity b h h l - all fl l"""i and 'd -f' ld ' How do Nokomis students like the new program? In the words of one senior: "I like it! It's the best thing about school there is." WH? Gdcrn ysfcs 82' So Q A965 QW? iii' 1,31 W'-WI ,X Q4 'is 'J?15Qw1, '-is 1 A -W.-if ff' .-an ,rg .- M ,ff 'Q-Aja' "" f ac-qv L ,' V 4 1. V if If-pg 1 Q . I an WEEE gfimumfw ,l 'iv me ,MQ mom 4-.,,,,,, an-1 , ww- ww.-.., 2' .-1 ,, X O MEMORIES From chaotic grammar school to disorderly High School Finding new athletic aspirations as well as social From the drudgery of overcrowded homerooms to individuality. Varying interests . . . From musical composition to girl talk Monetary hang-ups . . . Lonely reminiscences And finally - adapting socially. , , -mmf 4 4 ,fx Planning and looking to the future All part of an ultimate goal that is sought by each individual. 54 Leadership and outstanding individual achievements lead to the initial step in education . . . 'f' f V f .,,, W! H ,vi H , SYM f X t if l SW. 904: ff vw aim W f WW? s i M L 3 X fflmh I ,I I ma' M A ,I 'Mya X MS Let There Be Peace on Earth Let there be Peace on Earth, And let it begin with me, Let there be Peace on Earth, The Peace that was meant to be. With God as Our Father, Brothers all are we. Let us Walk with our brother, In perfect harmony. Let Peace begin with us, Let this be the moment nowg With every step we take, Let this be our solemn vow: To take each moment and live each moment in Peaceeternally. Let there be peace on Earth, And let it begin with us. Adapted from "Cy Miller and Iill Iackson" by Cy Miller and fill jackson 56 Michael Whitn Evelyn Cee Secretary Treasurer f President Class Colors Green and White Class Flower Daisy Class Motto Alicia Anderson "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with us." Vice-President Don Hawthorne MICHAEL ALMEIDA Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 49 V. Soc- cer 2, 3, 43 Gymnastics 3, 4: Baseball 4, I.V. 2, 35 Wrestling 4. KEITH BERRY Fresh. Basketballg Wrestling 2. ALICIA ANDERSON Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, 43 Skiing 1, 23 Majorettes 1, 2, 3, 4, Alt. Capt. 4, Track Mgr. 1, 23 Softball Mgr. 13 Dramatics 2, 3, 4, Treas. 2, 33 Prize Speaking 2, Nat'l. Hon. Soc. 2, 3, 4, Treas. 33 Student Council 4, Class Treas. 1, 2, 3, 43 Boosters Club 2, 3, 43 Newspaper 3: Yearbook 3, 4, Co- Editor 43 Dirigo Girls' State 33 French Club 3, 4, Drum 8: Baton Corps. 1, 23 FTA 2, 3, 4, Treas. 2, 43 Pres. Council 2, 3, 43 Thespian Society 4, History Award 25 En- glish Award 3g School Spirit Award 3. DAVID BOLSTRIDGE Safety Club 1, 23 Guitar Club 2. VICKI ARNO Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, I.V. Basket- ball 1, 23 Softball 25 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 23 Dirigo Girls' State 35 Pres. Council 2, 3, 4, Gymnastics 2. JUDY BOLSTRIDGE Intramurals 1, 2, 45 Gymnastics 1, 2, 43 Skiing 13 Dramatics 33 FHA 1, 3, OEA 33 Newspaper 3, Pres. Council 3, 43 Guitar Club 2, 33 Li- brary Club 3: Yearbook 4. 4-vs-fit" -Qv-fr-3"y KEITH BEMIS Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Soccer I.V. 1, 2, V. 3, 4, Fresh. Basket- ball, I.V. Baseball 1, Key Club 4. TERRY BOULANGER Intramurals 1. PAUL BRAGAN lOLENE BRALEY LARRY BRALEY Intramurals 1, 33 I.V. Soccer Intramurals 1, 2, 33 Field Hockey IIIUHUIIIFHIS 13 GyII11'laSiiCS 2: 13 Gymnastics 23 Guitar Club 1: Gymnastics 1, 2, 33 Basketball, Tfiiflk 13 WI'9Si1iI18 2- 1, 23 Library Club 1. I.V. 1, V. 1, 2, 33 Softball 1. DANNY BRAYALL Intramurals 2, 33 Gymnastics 43 Wrestling 13 Band 3, 43 Dra- matics 1, 2, 3, 43 Prize Speak- ing 23 German Club 1, 23 Chess Club 13 Science Club 23 Newspaper 33 Dance Band 3, 43 Track 43 Guitar Club 1, 2, 33 Rock Band 3. PAUL BRIGGS Intramurals 2, 43 Golf 3, 43 Dramatics 2, 3, 43 Prize Speaking 2, 33 Debate 23 Nat'l. Hon. Soc. 3, 43 Student Coun- cil 43 French Club 3, 43 Science Club 1, 23 Newspaper 33 Yearbook 3, 43 Dirigo Boys' State 33 FTA 2, 33 Key Club 3, 43 Thespian Society 4, Treas. 43 State Science Fair 1. X, DEBORAH BROOKS Intramurals 1, 2, 33 Skiing 1, 23 Chorus 1, 23 Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 43 Prize Speaking 2, 33 Nat'l. Hon. Soc. 2, 3, 43 Science Club 1, 23 Yearbook 43 Safety Club 1, 2, 3, 4. CEDRIC BRYANT KATHY CAMPBELL Intramurals 1, 23 Gymnastics 13 Chorus 33 Dramatics 33 FHA 1, 33 Library Club 33 Pres. Council 3. 59 3 TERESE CAPOGNA St. Charles H.S. 1, 2, 33 Intra- murals 1, 23 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, K.V. 43 Newspaper 23 Library Club 4. IOHN CARLOW Intramurals 13 Wrestling 1. SUSANNA CHAMPLUVIER Intramurals 1, 2, 43 Gymnas- tics 2, 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 FHA 1, 2, 3: Library Club 2, 3, 43 Art Club 4, Sec. 60 BERNARD CHARRIER Intramurals 13 Basketball, Fresh., I.V. 2, V. 3, 43 I.V. Baseball 2. GARY CARMICHAEL MICHAEL CHADBOURNE MCI 33 Intramurals 1, 43 I.V. Soccer 1, 23 Basketball, Fresh., I.V. 23 V. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Pres. Council 4. E DEAN CHASE Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Soccer, I.V. 2, 3, V. 43 Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 43 Camera Club 4, Pres.3 Boosters Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres, 43 Chess Club 23 Yearbook 3, 43 Dirigo Boys' State 33 Guitar Club 33 Li- brary Club 2, 3, V. Pres. 33 Rifle Club 13 Safety Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Pres. Council 3, 4. IEWEL CLARK Intramurals 1, 2, 33 Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 43 Gymnastics 13 Cheering, I.V. 1, V. 2, 33 Track 13 Chorus 1, 2, 33 Stu- dent Council 33 Boosters Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Yearbook 33 Pres. Council 3, 4. IONI CLARK Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 1, 2, 35 Class V. Pres. 2, Sec. 35 FHA 15 Yearbook 3, 45 Pres. Council 3, 4. CAROL CONDON Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 V. Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 45 Gymnastics 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 45 German Club 15 Boosters Club 45 Newspaper 1. BETSY COOKSON Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Year- book 3, 45 Library Club 21 Pres. Council 3, 4. CHARLES COOLEY KATHY CONDON Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Field Hock- ey 1, 2, 3, 4, Capt. 45 Basketball, I.V. 1, Capt., V. 1, 2, 3, 45 Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Capt. 35 Yearbook 45 Pres. Council 45 Girls' Athletic Award 3. I-IARLAN COOPER Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 I.V. Soccer 15 Gymnastics 2. WENDY CONLON Hackettstown H.S. 1, 25 Intra- murals 3, 45 Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Capt. 45 V. Cheering 3, 45 Chorus 3, 45 Boosters Club 1, 2: Pres. Council 4. ESTHER COULIMORE Dexter Reg. H.S. 1, 25 Intra- murals 35 Field Hockey 3, 45 Track 15 Softball 1, 2, 3, 45 Yearbook 45 V. Basketball 4, Mgr. 3, Capt. 45 Boosters Club 3, 4, Ass't. Treas. 45 FNA 15 FTA 2: GAA 2. LYNDON DAMBOISE MILTON DAVIS RANDOLPH DAVIS Intramurals 2, 3, 43 I.V. Bas- Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball, Intramurals 2, 33 Skiing 23 Wres- ketball 2. Fresh., I.V- 2: Wrestling 1, 23 tling 33 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Pres. Chess Club 1, 2. 33 Boosters Club 33 Chess Club 1, 23 Pres. Council 2. serv' vq""""Yp- DEBORAH DELLAWAY ELWIN DEROSIER Intramurals 13 Track 13 Soft- Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 I.V. Soccer ball 13 Chorus 23 FHA 1. 1, 2. 62 CAROLYN DICKINSON Warsaw 13 Intramurals 3, 43 Cho- rus 43 OEA 2, 33 Library 3, 4. Club 2, PEGGY DEARBORN Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Gym- nastics 2, 3, 43 Alt. V. Cheer- ing 33 Chorus 33 Dramatics 4 OEA 33 Newspaper 33 Year- book 3, 43 Ping Pong Club 3 Pres. Council 3, 4. CYNTHIA DOW Intramurals 1, 2, 33 Skiing 33 Majorettes 1, 2, 3, 4, Capt. 43 Chorus 13 Dramatics 2, 3, Yearbook 3, 4, Co-Editor Alt. Dirigo Girls' State 33 FT 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 43 Pres. C cil 2, 3, 43 Thespian Society GAIL DUNIVAN Intramurals 1, 2, 33 Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Capt. 4, Bas- ketball I.V. 1, 2, V. 3, 4, Capt. 4, Softball 2, 3, 4, Nat'l. Hon. Soc. 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 43 Alt. Di- rigo Girls' State 33 Pres. Council 2, 3, 4. RHONDA DUNTON MARY DYER ROLAND ELKINS Intramurals 23 OEA 3, Nat'l. Chorus 13 FHA 1, 2. Intramurals 13 Wrestling 1 Hon. Soc. 3. 4: Newspaper 2, Alt. Gymnastics 1. Dirigo Girls' State 33 Library Club 2, 3, Historian 3. CINDY ELLIS Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Gym- nastics 1g Track 4: OEA 3, Yearbook 4, Dirigo Girls' State 33 Library Club 2, 3, Treas. 3, Pres. Council 3, 4. SARAH ERSKINE Band 1, 2, 3, 43 FHA 1, 2, 3, OEA 33 Newspaper 3. IANELLE ERVIN Intramurals 2, 33 Gymnastics 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, K.V. 3, 43 Dra- matics 1, 2, 35 French Club 3, 45 Science Club 15 Newspaper 35 Yearbook 3, 4, Guitar Club 2, 3. WAYNE EVANS Science Club 1, 2 PAUL FERNALD Intramurals 1, 43 Basketball, Fresh., I.V. 2, 3, V. 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Dirigo Boys' State 35 Guitar Club 3, Pres. Council 3. RICKY GRAY CONSTANCE FINNEMORE Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 23 Chorus 1, 3, 4, Dramatics 3, 4. Nat'l. Hon. Soc. 3, 45 German Club 1, 25 Newspaper 33 Alt. Diri- go Girls' State 33 Pres. Council 3, 45 Yearbook 45 FTA 4. SUSAN GRAY Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 FHA 1. Q-f'-v EVELYN GEE Intramurals 2, Skiing 1, 33 Cheer- ing, I.V. 2, V. 3, 43 Chorus 3, 45 Dramatics 3, Nat'l. Hon. Soc. 3, 45 Class Sec. 45 French Club 3, 4, Newspaper 39 Yearbook 43 Alt. Dirigo Girls' State 35 Safety Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. Council 3, 4. TERESA GRAY Glen Cove H.S. 25 Intramurals 1, 3, 4, Field Hockey 43 V. Basket- ball 2, 4g Softball 1, 2, 3, 45 Cho- rus 1, 3, 4, K.V. 3, 43 German Club 13 Pres. Council 4. n N DAVID GRAY Intramurals 2, 3, 45 Track 3, 4, Indoor 43 Class Pres. 13 Cam- era Club 4g Yearbook 3, 4g1 PTA 1, Key Club 4. STEPHEN HALL Intramurals 15 Library Club 2. DON HAWTHORNE Intramurals 1g Soccer I.V. 1, V. 2, 3, 43 Basketball, Fresh., V. 2, 3, 43 4. Baseball I.V. 1, V. 2, Golf 1, 25 Dramatics 2, 3, 4, Prize Speaking 2, 3: Student Council 3, 4, Treas. 3, Pres. 45 Class V. Pres. 4, Ger- man Club 2g Newspaper 35 Dirigo Boys' State 3, Key Club 3, 43 Thespian Society 4, Yearbook 3, 4. PHILIP HAM VALERIE HARRIS Intramurals 3, 4, Gymnastics 1, 2: I.V. Basketball 1, 23 Pres. Council RONALD HEWINS Intramurals 1, 45 Soccer, I.V 1, V. 2, 3, 43 Basketball, Fresh. I.V. 2: Baseball 4, I.V. 1, 2 Boosters Club 4, Key Club 4. an-354 BELINDA HOLT IAMES 1-1oLT DEBRA HoPK1Ns PAUL HOPKINS Intramurals 1: FHA 1: Library Science Club 1, Library Club Club 2. 2. 65 RALPH HOPKINS MICHAEL HUNT Science Club 15 Library Club Morse H.S. 2: Wrestling 2. 2. I.. ANN IONES WILLIAM IONES Warsaw 13 MCI 2. 3: Chorus Skiing 1, 2, 3, 43 Golf 1, 23 Nat'l. 1: Drarnaiics 2, 3: German Hon. Soc. 2, 3, 4, Class Pres. 2, Club 33 Y-Teen's 2. German Club 1, 2, Yearbook 4. 66 DELORES IOHNDRO HARVEY IOHNSTON Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Field Hock- Intramurals 1, 2, 33 Wrestling ey 1, Mgr. 25 Mgr. V. Basketball 2, Track 1, FHA 1. MARY IUDE Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Field Hock- ey 2, 4, Gymnastics 2, 4, I.V. Bas- ketball 1g Skiing 13 Track 1, 2, 3, 4, K.V. Band 1, 2, Chorus 1, 2, 4, K.V. 45 Dramatics 2, 3, 43 Sec. 4, Student Council 4g German Club 2, Sec.: Boosters Club 2, 3, 43 Newspaper 2, 33 Yearbook 2, 3, 43 FTA 3, 43 Thespian Society 4, Sec. 4. NORMAN LANDER IANIE LANE Intramurals 2, 35 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 3, 45 Nat'l. I-Ion. Soc. 3, 45 German Club 1, 25 Newspaper 35 Yearbook 3, 45 Dirigo Girls' State 35 FTA 4. STANLEY LEAVITT Guitar Club 2, 3. SCOTT LOVLEY LYNN LUDLOW Intramurals 1, 25 V. Soccer Dramatics 45 FTA 3, 45 Pres. Mgr. 35 Basketball, I.V. Mgr. Council 4. 2, V. Mgr. 2, 35 Golf 1, 2, 3, 4. MIKEAL LEMAR Wrestling 15 Intramurals 3. KERBON LITTLEFIELD Intramurals 15 Cross Country 15 V. Soccer 2, 3, 4, Capt. 45 Gymnastics 25 Basketball, Fresh. I.V. 2, V. 3, 45 Baseball, I.V. 1, V. 2, 3, 45 Wrestling 1,25 Class V. Pres. 1, 35 Chess Club 15 Yearbook 3, 45 Key Club 3, 4, Treas. 4. mf' ,,,,,..-vw' GERALD MacKENZIE LORRAINE MacKENZIE Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 15 Intramurals 1, 25 I.V. Basket- Wrestling 1. ball 15 FHA 1, 25 OEA 2. vm, WY? 1 KRISTEN MALCOLM IERRY MARTIN Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 I.V. Soccer 13 Basketball, Fresh., I.V. 2, 3, V. 3, 4, Co-Captain 43 V. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Nat'l. Hon. Soc. 2, 3, 45 Boosters Club 13 Key Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Sec. 33 Dirigo Boys' State 33 Pres. Council 2, 3, 4. KEITH MOODY Intramurals 1, 35 Cross Coun- try 1, 23 Boosters Club 45 Fresh. Basketball, Indoor Track 4. 68 BARBARA MOOERS Intramurals 1, 2, 33 Gymnastics 25 Softball Mgr. 2, 3, Chorus 19 Dra- matics 23 Science Club 15 News- paper 2, 35 Library Club 1, 2. SHAN MASON SHARON MESEIRVEY Intramurals 13 Golf 2, 3. N X CHARLES MOULTON PAUL MOULTON Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 45 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Soccer Wrestling 1, 2g German Club 1: I.V. 2, V. 3, 43 Fresh. Basket- Chess Club 1, 23 Science Club 2. ballg Wrestling 1, 2, Gymnas- tics 2. DOROTHY NORSWORTHY MICHAELA NEAL NANCY NORMANDO Gymnastics 1, 23 FHA 1, 23 Intramurals 1, 2, 43 Gymnastics 2, FHA 3 . Color Guard 3: Hgme EC, 3, 42 2, 31 DI'ElII1HllCS 22 Award 23 Yearbook 4. FHA 2: Library Club 2, 33 Pres. , Council 4. DENISE OLDENBURG Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Field Hockey 13 Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, 43 Softball 13 Basketball, I.V. 1, V. 1, 2, 3, 43 Yearbook 43 Pres. Council 43 Physical Fit- ness Award 2. RICKY OUELLETTE WALTER OUIMETTE I.V. Soccer Mgr. 23 Library Intramurals 2, 3, 43 I.V. Soccer 13 Club 2. Gymnastics 2, 43 Track 23 Wres- tling 13 Chess Club 1. SALLY PALMER Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Field Hock- ey Mgr. 43 Gymnastics 23 OEA 2, 33 Basketball I.V. 1, 2, V. Mgr. 43 Newspaper 33 Yearbook 3, 43 Softball Mgr. 4. . ROBERT PARKER, IR. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Cross Country 1, 23 I.V. Soccer 13 I.V. Basketball Mgr. 23 Track 13 Band 1. C-,.,.-ff .-r""'f' , d s DEBORAH PATTERSON Intramurals 2, 33 V. Basket- ball Mgr. 33 Chorus 1, 2, 33 Dramatics 3, 43 Prize Speak- ing 2, 33 Debate 23 Nat'l. Hon. Soc. 3, 43 Student Council 43 Boosters Club 4, Treas. 43 Newspaper 23 Yearbook 3, 43 Dirigo Girls' State 3, FTA 4, Pres. 4. CHARLES RANDALL Intramurals 1, 2, 43 Cross Country 3, 43 I.V. Basketball 33 Track 3, 43 Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 43 Prize Speaking 2, 33 French Club 3, 4, Pres. 43 Newspaper 1, 23 Dirigo Boys' State 33 Thespian Society 4, Pres. 4. STEPHEN PELLETIER ALAN PERKINS Stearns 13 Greece Olympia 2, 33 Gymnastics 2, Basketball, Fresh., I.V. 2, V. 3, 4, Co-Captain 43 Baseball, I.V. 2, V. 4. DEBRA RICE THOMAS RICHARDSON Intramurals 1, 3, 43 Field Hockey Intramurals 1. 43 I.V. Cheering 13 Majorettes 1, 2, 33 Softball 33 Nat'l. Hon. Soc. 3, 43 Dirigo Girls' State 3. GAIL POMEROY Chorus 1: FHA 13 OEA 2 IAMES RICKER Intramurals 13 I.V. Soccer 1 Skiing 13 I.V. Baseball 1, 2. raw- ' f ., V wg Y .N 'Na-' NANCY ROBICHAUD LINDA ROGERS RICKY ST. PETER STEVEN SHAW Intramurals 33 Softball 3, Manchester H.S. 1, 23 Intramu- Dexter H.S. 1, 2. Intramurals 3. 42 3000612 IV Pres. Council 4. rals 3, 43 Gymnastics 3, 4g I.V. 1, V. 2, 3, 45 Golf 1, 2, 3, 4 ' - Wrestlin 1: Library Club 2 X Basketball 33 V. Cheermg Alt. 4, g Chorus 3, French Club 3. KIM SHERBURNE Intramurals 1, 33 Cross Coun- try 13 Boosters Club 43 Library Club 2, Pres. Council 3, 43 Camera Club 4. ff VANESSA SNIDER LONDA SNOWMAN MARY SNOWMAN Gymnastics 2, 35 German Club 1, Intramurals 13 Gymnastics 25 Pres. Council 4. 25 Biology Club 23 Pres. Council Skiing 15 FHA 1, 2. 3, 4. 71 CATHY SOUDERS Intramurals 25 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 3, 45 German Club 1, 25 Dirigo Girls' State 35 Archery Meet 2. 'K'I"""' 41 TERRY LYN TAYLOR Boosters Club 45 Newspaper 25 Yearbook 3, 45 FTA 45 Cho- rus 2. 72 4 l ROXANNE STACKPOLE Gymnastics 15 FHA 1, 2. WILLIAM TAYLOR Intramurals 15 Cross Country 1, 2, 35 Skiing 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Prize Speaking 25 Debate 25 Nat'l. I-Ion. Soc. 2, 3, 4, Pres. 45 German Club 1, 25 Boosters Club 25 Newspaper 35 Yearbook 45 Di- rigo Boys' State 35 Key Club 3, 4, V-Pres. 45 Pres. Council 2, 3. IOI-IN STEDMAN Intramurals 1, 2, 45 I.V. Baseball 1, 25 Science Clubg Pres. Council 2, 3. LINDA TARDY Chorus 3, 45 Dramatics 35 Yearbook 35 FTA 45 Library Club 3. AMES TEMPLE I Intramurals 1, 35 I.V. Soccer 1, 3. KEVIN THOMAS Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Cross Country 35 I.V. Soccer 15 Golf 25 French Club 35 Camera Club 45 Boosters Club 3, 45 Chess Club 15 Science Club 1, 25 Library Club 1, 2, 45 Pres. Council 3. 5 TERRY THOMPSON CHESLIN TRASK Science Club 15 Library Club Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Gymnastics 2: Guitar Club 2. 2, 3, 4: Golf 1, 45 Debate 25 Chess Club 1. MICHAEL UPTON TERRY WATSON Intramurals 15 Golf 3, 45 'De- Intramurals 1, 2, 3,45 Gymnastics bate 25 Chess Club 1. 25 Wrestling 15 Track 4. PETER TURCIC, IR. Paramus Secondary School 1, 2, 3. DAWN TURNER Intramurals 1, 25 Field Hock- ey 1, 25 Gymnastics 25 I.V. Basketball 1, 25 Track 15 Cho- rus 1, 25 FHA 1, 2. fa? f DEBORAH WELCH Intramurals 1, 25 I.V. Basketball 25 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, K.V. 3, 45 Prize Speaking 25 Class Sec. 25 Pres. Council 4. fl..f-wg, RICHARD WESLEY Intramurals 1, 25 Soccer, I.V. 1, V. 2, 3, 45 Gymnastics 1, 2, 3,5 Basketball, Fresh., I.V. 25 V. 2, 3, 45 Baseball I.V. 1, V. 2, 45 Wrestling 15 Chess Club 25 Newspaper 1, 25 Year- book 45 Dirigo Boys' State 3. 3. 1, f cji,.,,,,.u,f, MICHAEL WHITNEY Bourne H.S, 2: Eastern Wayne County H.S. 23 Intra- murals 1g Soccer, IV 3, V. 4, Basketball, Fresh., IV 3, Base- ball 4g Golf 35 Dramatics 3, 49 Nat'l. Hon. Soc. 3, 43 Class Pres. 4, Camera Club 2, Boosters Club 13 Key'Club 3, 4, Sec. 43 Thespian Society 3, 4, Pres. Council 35 Chemistry Award 3. in SUSAN WILLEY Intramurals 23 Chorus 1, 2, 33 Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 43 Prize Speak- ing 3, FHA 1: Newspaper 2, Li- brary Club 23 Thespian Society 2, 3, 4. -was SUSAN WHITE Fort Fairfield 1, 2, Intramurals 1 2, 33 Gymnastics 1, 2, 3: Track 45 Chorus 1, 2, 33 Dramatics 2, 3, 43 French Club 3, 4 Sec. 3, 43 Newspaper 3, FTA 3, 4, Pres. Council 2, 3, 4. SHARON WORSTER Dirigo Girls' State 33 Library Club 2. Senior Portraits ot Available DEBRA PELLERIN WILLIAM STOREN CARTER TOWNSEND Newport High 1, 2, 3. 74 in 4-1 ,,,.-noi? A ' Mg ,x'aw,a.-.M fs- ,mn- ,,,.1..-wnuws , -- ....fcfFf 1 aw' W nun.- mm ,nmnmmna -W es nn, ,pun l ,..sulG'Q"0" MM, ,.,.,,...-.wi-fri -- -1-Q Sponsored by: TOWN OF I-IARTLAND AMOS ABBOTT COMPANY Woolen Manufacturers Dexter, Maine Senior Directory Michael Almeida - U.S. Marine Corps Alicia Anderson - U. of Conn. Pharmacy Vicki Arno - Continental Coiffures Keith Bemis - UMO Keith Berry David Bolstridge - Automotives Iudy Bolstridge - Secretarial Terry Boulanger - Nursing School Paul Bragan Ioline Braley - Homemaker Larry Braley - Building Construction Danny Brayall - Employment Paul Briggs - College Debbie Brooks - UMO Cedric Bryant Kathy Campbell - Homemaker Terese Capogna - UMO Iohn Carlow - Automotives Michael Chadbourne - U.S. Army Susanna Champluvier Bernard Charrier - Farming Dean Chase - Photography Iewel Clark - Employment Ioni Clark - Tech Trng., Stewardess Carol Condon - Practical Nursing Kathy Condon - U.S. Marine Corps Wendy Conlon - College Betsy Cookson - Secretarial Charles Cooley Harlan Cooper - Tech. Training Esther Coulimore - Carnegie Institute Lyndon Damboise - Employment Milton Davis - Employment Randy Davis Peggy Dearborn - Secretary Debbie Dellaway - Employment Elwin Derosier Carolyn Dickinson - Thomas College Cynthia Dow - UMF, teaching Gail Dunivan - Secretary Rhonda Dunton - Secretary Mary Dyer - Employment Roland Elkins - Employment Cindy Ellis - Secretary Sarah Erskine Ianelle Ervin Wayne Evans - Employment Paul Fernald - EMVTI Constance Finnemore - UMO Med. Lab Tech. Evelyn Gee - Mary Hitchcock Sch. of Nursing David Gray -- Husson College accountant Ricky Gray Susan Gray - Employment Teresa Gray - U.S. Marine Corps Stephen Hall Philip Ham - EMVTI Valerie Harris - Employ. Don Hawthorne - College Ronald Hewins - EMVTI Belinda Holt - Employment Iames Holt Debra Hopkins - Beautician Paul Hopkins - Employment Ralph Hopkins - Employment Michael Hunt - Automotives Delores Iohndro - Employ. Harvey Iohnston - Employ. Ann Marie Iones - UMM William Iones - Tech. Trng. Mary Iude - UMF, Speech Path. Norman Lander Ianie Lane - UMO Stanley Leavitt - Employ. Mikeal Lemar - Automotives Barbara Mooers - Homemaking Kerbon Littlefield - Husson Scott Lovley - U.S. Army Lynn Ludlow - UMF, Teaching Gerald MacKenzie - Employ. Lorraine MacKenzie - Homemaking Kristen Malcolm - Homemaking Ierry Martin - UMO, Eng. Shan Mason - Tech. Trng. Sharon Meservey - Employ. Keith Moody - College Charles Moulton - Tech. Trng. Paul Moulton - Employment Michaela Neal - Employment Nancy Normando - Practical Nursing Dorothy Norsworthy - Homemaking Denise Oldenburg - Secretary Ricky Ouellette - Technical Training Walter Ouimette Sally Palmer - Husson Coll. Robert Parker - U.S. Air Force Deborah Patterson - College Debra Pellerin - Clerical Stephen Pelletier - College Alan Perkins - Employment Gail Pomeroy - Homemaking Charles Randall - College Debra Rice - Homemaking Tom Richardson - Employment Iames Ricker - Post Sec. Trng. Nancy Robichaud - Secretary Linda Rogers - Continental Coiffures Ricky St. Peter Steven Shaw - Service Kim Sherburne - U.S. Army Vanessa Snider - Homemaking Londa Snowman - Employment Mary Snowman Cathy Souders - Thomas College Roxanne Stackpole - Employment Iohn Stedman - Employment William Storen Linda Tardy - Occupational Therapy' Terry Lyn Taylor - Secretary William Taylor - UMO, Biologist Iames Temple Kevin Thomas - EMVTI Terry Thompson - Employment Carter Townsend - Employed Cheslin Track - Beal College Peter Turcic Dawn Turner -- Employment Michael Upton - U.S. Navy Terry Watson - U.S. Marine Corps Debbie Welch - Portland School of Art Ricky Wesley - College Susan White - UMO Michael Whitney - College Susan Willey Sharon Worster I 0 Top Picture, I. Neal, S. Moody, W. Millett, G. Mason, R. Nelson, I. Newcomb, C. Morse, S. Mower, M. Martin, B. Neal. Bottom R.: Iunior Class Officers PRES., Bottom L., First Row: N. Carr, W. Fletcher, R. Cookson, I. Crummett. Second Row: D L. Randlett, V. PRES., M. Martin, SEC., Chadbourne, M. DiPompo, W. Cully, B. Domke, M. Flagg. Third Row: P. Emerson, S S. Wyman, TREAS., S. Copeland. Copeland, C. Derosier, B. Flagg. Fourth Row: H. Clark, G. Corey, G. Dean, M. Cooper. Top Picture, First Row: I. Martin, O. Chambers, C. McDougal, M. Pushor, F. Page, G. Smith, L. Rockwell Second Row' L Robinson E Preble, L. Seaney, N. Nutter, W. Sawyer, L. Randlett, D. Tapley, K. Seavey. Third Row: M. Russell, M. Roussin, L. Priest, Sherburhe A. Robinson. Fourth Row: S. Rowe, R. Stedman, R. Phelps. Bottom Picture, First Row: L. Humphrey. Second Row: R. King, I. Higgins, H. Gustin. Third Row: D. Iones, N. Lord, K. Hanscom, L. Hart- ley. Fourth Row: M. Leadbetter, T. Gray, C. Higgins, I. Hartley, R. Franklin, A. Hewins. Fifth Row: R. Fowle R. Harding S. Lary B. Gus tin, S. Grace, D. Hudson. y y l t 77 x i wav Top Picture, Sitting: H. Bates, L. Bryson, G. Barclay, I. Bubar, C. Butler, R. Bell, D. Bubar. Standing: D. Capogna, S. Bemis, D. Brad- street, R. Butler, V. Ballard. Bottom Picture, Sitting: B. Webber, M. Tardy, W. Worcester, R. Stedman, C. Taylor, S. Verhey. Standing: M. Young, W. Vanadestine D. Tapley, S. Wyman, P. Veazie, P. Worster, E. Turcotte. 5 5 5 I f 3 f f 5 X e . , , , -J, , If I r 4 79 Sophomores Top Picture, Seated: C. Nelson, C. Parker, P. Moulton, P. Nadeau, B. Millett, R. Nye. Standing: C. Pete Nason, S. Norris, R. Melanson, L. Melanson, S. Neal. Bottom Right: CLASS OFFICERS Treas: T. Iones Sec.: R. Randall V. Pres.: D. Smith Pres.: R. Powers Bottom Left, First Row: B. Smith, R. Shibles. Second Row: R. Small, W. Rockwell, R. Powers, D. Rockwell. Third Row: I. Ruland, D. Ruland, R. Ramsdell, D. Sides, H. Quimby. rson, S. Parlee, R. Neal, S. Nye, S A 80 41 Top Picture, First Row: L. Stone, W. Stewart, I. Southard, T. Steeves, R. Wyman, B. Walshe, L. Violette, M. Willey, D. Weeks, T. Vana- destine. Second Row: C. Woodard, B. Welch, R. Worthen, V. Worcester, I. Wesley, P. Whitney, L. Wakefield, M. Temple, S. Thorne, I. Stadig, R. Temple, T. Wentworth. Bottom Picture, Sitting: K. Taylor, P. Heath, K. Berry, D. Harris, C. Robbins, D. Franklin. Standing: M. Cleaves, R. Randlett, I. Deering, I. Wilber, D. Tompkins, M. Cray, T. Seaney, R. Randall, G. Richardson. 81 Top Picture, First Row: R. Longley, G. Luce, I. Lancaster. Second Row.' V. Stewart, M. Marble, F. McGraw, C. Lane, S. Martin, N. Iones Third Row: S. Iakins, D. Iones, R. McCormack, R. Lane, D. Martin, R. Iohnston. Fourth Row: R. Maguire, L. Kitchen, R. Humphrey, D Levenseller, R. McDonald, B. Knight. Bottom Picture, First Row: A. Fletcher, P. Cote, R. Cote, C. Dunivan, S. Ervin. Second Row: S. Deering, D. Fletcher, L. Dow, B. Davis, L Davis. Third Row: C. Emery, S. Fernald, D. Dunton, R. Cunningham, S. Drew. Fourth Row: I. Fletcher, C. Corson, D. Dow, I. Crowell. 82 Q, Q .. - ' ,V - ' my 91 . Top Left Picture, First Row: T. Hopkins, N. Henderson. Second Top Right Picture, First Row: H. Nelson, C. Parker, P. Moulton Row: B. Holt, A. Hatch, M. Honey. Third Row: K. Hawthorne, I. Garland, B. Higgins, T. Guthzeit. Fourth Row: M. Flood, D Goldsmith, S. Green, I. Gallison. Fifth Row: D. Gray, L. Harts- grove, I. Harding, B. Greene, S. Henderson. Sixth Row: B. Her- sey, C. Gray, C. Gray, A. Grace. Bottom Left Picture, First Row: A. Butler, W. Call, T. Bradstreet C. Arno, L. Bryson, R. Call, B. Chambers, I. Bell. Second Row: B Burrell, M. Cleaves, K. Clark, D. Champluvier, T. Boulanger, H Baird, B. Bowden, R. Alton. Third Row: K. Beem, L. Carr, I Bradstreet, D. Charrier, I. Caron, D. Butler, K. Bizeau, N. Coffin: P. Nadeau, B. Millett, R. Nye. Second Row: C. Peterson, S. Par lee, R. Neal, S. Nye, S. Nason, S. Norris, R. Melanson, L. Melan son, S. Neal. Freshmen Top Picture, First Row: B. Buffington, E. Bubar, C. Cooper, L. Butler, I. Corey, S. Cookson, I. Burrill. Second Row: S. Chadbourne, Carr, W. Charrier, M. Connell, V. Bubar, E. Condon, K. Buck. Bottom Left: CLASS OFFICERS ' Pres. D. Ham Bottom Right, First Row: L. Willette, K. Vanadestine, S. Ward, D. Smith. Second Row:l Sec. D. Howes Wheeler, I. Steeves, D. Post. Third Row: M. Whittemore, D. Tuinei, L. Wilson, S. Veazi Treas. R. Bottero Fourth Row: C. Pray, L. Williams, C. Walker, L. Whitney. Fifth Row: C. White, D. Frient V. Pres. N. Randall R. Oldenburg, S. Pelkey. V Top Picture, Sitting: P. Ienness, S. Later, I. Iohndro, C. MacDonald, S. Knowles, B. King, N. Leonard. Standing: N. Martin, B. Martin, K Lane, S. Little, R. McCue, B. Mason, D. Edwards, D. Iones, L. Killam, P. Libby, P. Iohndro, R. Maguire, K. Caldwell, B. Boulier, S. Carsley Bottom Picture, First Row: D. Niles, B. Morse, I. Garland, P. Mower, R. Morrell, M. McNally. Second Row: D. Moody, A. Morrison, D viorse, D. McGraw, I. McDougal, D. Nichols, F. McGraw. Third Row: R. Morse, B. Nichols, M. Munn, I. Nutter, M. Merrow, I. Nutter, D viilliken, D. Butler. I i Top Picture, First Row: T. Holt. Second Row: D. Howes, T. Harding, D. Ham. Third Row: V. Gray, P. Gustin, I. Howes, C. Hopkins Fourth Row: H. Hancock, M. Guay, S. Halford, R. Goldsmith, W. Gudroe, B. Huff. Fifth Row: S. Hersey, S. Gray, D. Goldsmith, C. Hop- kins, L. Hall, B. Ireland. Bottom Picture, First Row: L. Emery, C. Godsoe, S. Crocker, R. Fraser, L. Cossar, N. Gee, S. Gipson, R. Cray, B. Graham, M. Day. Stand- ing: P. Davis, N. Corson, K. Fletcher, C. Godsoe, R. Davis, C. Gray, L. Dunivan, L. Fraser, K. Cummings, P. Gaudern. B6 ..,. . ,,-we F.- ggmgarnmwn- Top Left Picture, 1st Row: R. Bjork, I. Bragg, T. Bragg, C. Bearce, R. Bottero. 2nd Row: T. Braley, A. Bailey, I. Bolstridge, C. Bailey, T. Beaton. 3rd Row: M. Braley, B. Brown, B. Brewer, T. Bean, C. Ayer. 4th Row: D. Bean, F. Brooks, I. Browne, P. Batchelder, L. Alton. op Right Picture, 1st Row: C. Page. 2nd Row: R. Ramsdell, D. Ross, M. Pepin. 3rd Row: C. Small, E. Ordway, H. Shaw, N. Pearson. 4th ow: P. Russell, M. Parker, T. Paradis, C. Pushor. 5th Row: I. Rockwell, N. Randall, I. Russell. 6th Row: R. Ouimette, B. Shorey. 7th Row: . Parker. 87 ' X5 OYQONX mia xi faiexoxw, 0?-T A5-Y, YW M Q X L. Qian k 444 MA di 5f0 3 2 i g "N ' ,yr 5 f 'Z 111 -Kind' ' Hag, ,Qi f if L sm, PM -A L Mn M Student Life Standing: S. Veazie, S. Copeland, L. Priest, I. Brown, D. Hawthorne, P. Briggs, M. Iude, L. Carr, D. Bradstreet. Seated: P. Whitney, D Patterson, A. Anderson, I. Bradstreet, N. Martin, P. Veazie. Student Council The Student Council started the year with elec- tions. First to be held were Freshman elections followed by Student Council elections for offi- cers. In Council elections, the student body elect- ed Don Hawthorne and Dawn Bradstreet over the ticket of Iulie Bradstreet and Paul Briggs. ln the late fall, four members of the Council at- tended the state Student Council Convention at Georges Valley. They received many ideas and much information to share with our Student Council. The Council has also succeeded in getting the whirlpool bath installed in the laundry room. The bath had previously been in storage. The Student Council hosted a very successful Christmas program. The day consisted of a talent show, a visit from Santa Claus, French songs, bas- ketball games and other events. In an effort to become even more effective, the Council invited all class presidents to attend their meetings. All students are invited to attend and express their opinions. L. Priest, Treasurerg D. Bradstreet, V. President: L. Carr, Secre tary, D. Hawthorne, President. sums smp. WW sing ull" 4 I IWQ4' STATE smg i9'3,pL5 STATE , 'W we STATE it Left to right: S. Worster, C. Souders, D. Patterson, I. Lane, C. Ellis, V. Arno, A. Anderson. Dirigo Boys' and Girls' State Standing: P. Fernald, C. Randall, P. Briggs, D. Hawthorne. Kneeling: R. Wesley, D. Chase, B. Taylor, I. Martin. Boys' and Girls' State delegates are chosen on the following qualifications: leadership, character and honesty, physical fit- ness, scholarship fupper half of classj, and cooperativeness. Delegates are sponsored by a unit of the American Legion or any other civic group. The delegates attend Dirigo State for one week and upon their return, they are expected to appear before their sponsoring organization and the local American Legion Unit to report their impressions of Dirigo, Boys' and Girls' State is a time of learning. Members learn of their duties, privileges, rights and responsibilities as American citizens. They learn how their government functions and they also have the opportunity to live together as self-governing cit- izens. At both States the week is filled with speakers, assemblies, town meetings, party Caucuses and elections. Each party nomi- nates a candidate for the office of governor and the night be- fore the final election each party holds a rally. These rallies in- clude party cheers, songs, and a speech from the gubernatorial candidate. In addition to the lectures and other governmental activities, the boys participated in athletic competitions and were tested daily on different aspects of government. The winning town in each division earned the privilege of eating first at breakfast, lunch, and dinner respectively. Last summer was the 50th Anniversary of Dirigo Girls' State. For the first time in Girls' State history, a Negro, Miss Debbie Gillspie, won the governorship. Graduation is particularly meaningful and impressive because of the candle light cere- mony. A girl from each town lit a candle while a short poem describing the town was read. Dirigo State is an experience that will not be forgotten. The friends, acquaintances, impressions, and the knowledge of each student acquired during the week will stay with him or her forever. President W. Taylor V. President G. Dunivan Secretary M. DiPompo Treasurer M. Flagg ational Honor Society Two of the officers, Bill Taylor and Marietta Flagg, were representatives to the regional Na- tional Honor Society meeting held in East Corinth. Other activities of this Society have included some very successful food sales and various other money raising activities. As the Society still sup- ports the 12-year-old Brazilian boy, Geraldo Luis Rodrigues, the money was badly needed and wisely spent. We sent a Christmas gift with a card at Christmas. We again entertained the teachers at the fourth annual Teachers Christmas Tea. The highlight of the tea was the arrival of Santa Claus with his bag of "joke" gifts for the teachers. This year the National Honor Society has insti- tuted a tutorial service. Through this service stu- dents who need help in certain areas can obtain it from National Honor Society members who have volunteered for that particular subject. Sitting: A. Anderson, R. Dunton, D. Brooks, M. Tardy, M. DiPompo, P. Veazie, I. Hartley. Second Row: G. Dunivan, I. Lane, C. Finne more, D. Patterson, M. Flagg, D. Rice, E. Gee: Adviser, Mrs. Crocker. Third Row: G. Corey, M. Russell, M. Whitney, I. Martin, W Taylor, W. Iones, P. Briggs. lg ' First Row: Mr. Buchanan, C. Finne- more, S. Wyman, I. Lane, C. Willey, W. Conlon, C. McDougal, S. Thorne, T. Wentworth, I. Ervin, D. Welch, T. Ca- pogna, M. Iude, S. Veazie, I. Bouchard, C. Fletcher, N. Leonard, V. Shaw, E. Gee, R. McCormack. Second Row: A. Morrison, D. Fletcher, I. Bolstridge, C. Carr, K. Buck, S. Knowles, P. Davis. C. MacDonald, C. Walker, P. Ienness, S. Halford, O. Chambers, C. Dickinson, L. Tardy, C. Lane, C. Souders, B. Neal, H. Hancock, S. Champluvier, Mr. Richard- son. Girls' Chorus and okomis Stage Band During the 1971-72 school year a Girls' Chorus was organized. The girls participated in the annu- al Christmas Concert and Susan Wyman and Robin McCormack entertained with solos. The chorus also sang in the spring concert and trav- eled to Augusta for a concert. The Stage Band acquired new uniforms for their performances. lt entered the state stage band competition. The organization has also entertained the pub- lic at several home basketball games. The ex- change concerts with the Georges Valley Stage Band highlighted the year. First Row: M. Leadbetter, D. Tapley, I. Bradstreet, T. Bradstreet, M. Tardy, D. Smith, M. Russell, N. Gee, C. Pray, B. Boulier. Second Row: I. Bubar, M. Pepin, I. Hartley, P. Fernald, D. Martin, R. Stedman, R. Powers, R. Wyman, Mr. Buchanan. Nokomis was one of thirteen schools from the Kennebec Valley Area to participate in the K. V. Concert held in Skowhegan in February, 1972. Guest directors were: "B" band, Alan Giffordg "A" band, Gregg Magnusong and Chorus, Dr. Vernon H. Opheim. 1st Row: B. Boulier, C. Souders, B. Domke. 2nd Row: M. Tardy, M. Leadbetter, S Thorne. . . Band and Chorus iff? Q W if VA V Ist ROW: I. Ervin, S. Champluvier, C Z' J' MacDougal, D. Welch. 2nd Row: T. Co- : I ' ii ' la pogna, T. Gray, M. Iude, C. Willey. Ab- x " Q3 if y 2 sent: S. Wyman. r 'ek' V V' Qi 1 y Q4 S i PROUTY'S FLOWER SHOP Hartland, Maine 938-4828 SOMERSET AUTO SUPPLIES South Main Street Pittsfield, Maine Sponsored by: GEORGE E. HOWARD and CO Dexter and Dover-Foxcroft H. L. TILLSON and CO. Dexter, Maine First Row: A. Anderson, I. Bouchard. Second Row: P. Veazie, P. Emerson, T. Iones. Third Row: D. Hudson, C. Dow, Adviser, Mrs. Wilcox, V. Ballard. Majorettes The Majorettes have had a busy year - build- ing new routines, marching in parades, and twirl- ing at sports events. They started the year with a parade in Clinton and twirling at the soccer games. In conjunction with the band, they helped win the trophy at the annual Christmas Parade in Bangor. To aid in new routines, Miss Debbie Webster of the Webster School of Baton came to Nokomis to work with the girls. These new rou- tines were shown at the basketball games and the Christmas concert. The squad added several new girls this year and have worked hard for the out- standing results. Sponsored by: DR. HANS Sl-IURMAN Dexter, Maine MR. and MRS. DAVID POOLER Corinna, Maine RED'S CLOTHING AND FOOTWEAR Newport, Maine H. LEWIS TAYLOR, M.D. Dexter, Maine Nokomis High Q Q s ,Q 1-1. 9 41 FLUTES Nancy Pearson Barbara Huff Regina Randall Evie Condon Rosemond Worthen OBOE Susan Wyman CLARINETS Susan Thorne Cathy Souders Shelby Iakins Ronda Bottero Vicki Arno Paul Fernald Debbie Welch Ioyce Harding Wendy Cully Ruth Franklin Kathy Bizeau Claudia Emery Lynn Carr Nancy Martin Nancy Leonard Darlene Ham Debbie Charrier Nancy Randall Charlene Ayer Charlotte Gray Kim Buck Beverly Martin Lorrie Dow is XQU ,Qs arrior Band Bonnie Wheeler SAXOPHONES Debbie Tapley Iulie Bradstreet Taylor Bradstreet Betsy Davis Harold Nelson Tom Burrill Wanda Gudroe Steven Crocker Brian Graham Mark Leadbetter Brian Shorey Marie Tardy Steven Rowe Melvin Russell Dean Smith TRUMPETS Randy Powers Debbie Niles Richard Wyman Harold Baird Randy Stedman Danny Martin Tony Bryson Steven Wiers Steven Neal Delbert Franklin Iames Russell Philip Libby Steven Hersey Ioel Burrill Mark Munn Leland Willette Michael Day Mike Parker FRENCH HORNS Barbara Domke Chris Peterson TROMBONES Bobby Boulier Iay McDougal BARITONES Bill Iones Charley Pray Newman Gee BASSES Billy Ayer Graig Arno PERCUSSION Iohn Bubar David Dow Cindy Lane Danny Brayall Ianet Hartley Mike Pepin Ernest Bubar Reggie Nelson te. ,f.- arg... lb First Row: K. Moody, L. Priest, R. Hewins, C. Randall, K. Thompson, D. Chase, K. Sherburne, M. Russell. Second Row: P. Davis, I. Iohndro, E. Coulimore, K. Seavey, R. Stedman, I. Wesley, M. Iude, A. Anderson, C. McDougal, T. Taylor. Third Row: S. Iakins, V. Ballard, I. Bradstreet, D. Patterson, Mr. Libby, Advisor. Boosters Club The Boosters Club continued the operation of the concessions at the basketball games. This year the Boosters Club has furnished its soda and pop- corn machines to clubs and classes for food sales. Nokomis banners and clothing were sold again this year. Sponsored by: gag-hase HARTLEY MOTORS V. Pres. I. Bradstreet New and Used Cars Treast Dodge Cars and Trucks D,Patte1-5011 Corinna Rd., Dexter, Maine Sec. K. Seavey PRAYIS MOTEL Asst. Treas. Newport, Maine E. Coulimore The proceeds from these projects are used to purchase letters and special awards to be pre- sented at the Awards Banquet. The club also do- nated coke to the ball players at each varsity prac- tice and game and provided refreshments for the opposing basketball teams. K. Littlefield, Treasurer, I. Martin, President, B. Taylor, Vice President: M. Whitney, Secretary. Second Row: L. Priest, D. Hawthorne, P. Briggs, C. Randall: Adviser, Mr. Worden. Key Club The Key Club at Nokomis is an organization and erecting the "Home of the Warriors" sign. whose main pu-rpose is to serve the district, simi- Since the election of officers, eight new mem- lar to a Iunior Kiwanis Club. bers have been initiated, they are: R. Hewins, P. The Key Club has assisted in such things as a MOUHOII, K- B9IT1iS, R. POWGYS, D. Gray, G. Bar- food drive for the benefit of hospitals in this area, Clay, Hlld B- IOIIBS. distributing information about adult education, Sponsored by: NORTHEAST SHCE COMPANY HATCH AGENCY Pittsfield, Maine Dexter 924-7377 KEITH R. TAPLEY BERNARD CHARRIER Hartland, Maine Dealer in Livestock St. Albans, Maine Q ..,,, V sw D. Chase, President: M. Pushor, D. Iones, Sec.: K. Sherburne, Treas. Second Row: L. Smith, I. Rockwell, C. Taylor, G. White, K. Thomas. Photography and rt Club ART CLUB The Art Club, as any new club, has had its trouble "get- ting off the ground." It is working toward ob- taining art supplies. The Club supplies oil paint, pastels, sketch books, water paints, dry paints and other assorted mate- rials. There-are presently four- teen members and greater fu- ture growth is expected. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Several guest speakers have assisted members in acquring further knowledge of good photography. The goal of the club is to obtain and learn to use the necessary equipment for developing films and print- ing pictures. ..l r First Row: S. Champluvier, Sec.: B. Greene, V. Pres.: P. Moulton, Pres. Standing: L. Bryson, B. Millett, R. Ramsdell, A. Shaw, D. Fletcher, Treas. Sponsored by: IOHN E. CEE AGWAY Somerset Puuebco' Building Materials and St. Albans, Maine 1 oo Farm Supplies Detroit, Me. 487-2296 I-1. Xa l aft to Right: D. Patterson, C. Finnemore, L. Tardy, I. Lane, T. Taylor, C. McDougal, D. Copogna, M. Pushor, B. Hersey, L. Ludlow, G. nith, A. Anderson, C. Dow, L. Gray, Adviser, Mr. Hilton. Future Teachers of America Sponsored by: The purpose of FTA is to give one some experience in the field of teaching and in ex- amining career opportunities. The Club started the year's activities by sending its mem- bers to various schools in the district to help with some of the classes, or to give extra help to individual students. The group also visited Skiti- kuk, a school of free education in Orono, Maine. Officers, Left to Right: G. Smith, Secre- tary: D. Patterson, President: A. Ander- son, Treasurer, C. Dow, Vice President. LEI-IR FURNITURE COMPANY STAPLES OIL COMPANY Pittsfield, Maine Pittsfield, Maine The French Club has com- pleted another successful year under the capable guidance of Mrs. Foster. The second annual C. Randall, French Banquet was enjoyed Elia gs by all. fdown to the last pastryll V1 Pri' ' C. McDougal, Treas. S. White, Sec. The highlight of the year ended with an excursion into Canada. This year, fifteen French stu- dents accompanied hy Mrs. Lyon went to France during April vacation. French Club Sponsored By: CIANBRO CORPORATION HARTLAND EMPORIUM Pittsfield, Maine Hartland, Maine CLYDE SMITH'S INC. DR. and MRS. THOMAS W. PIERCE Exeter, Maine Pittsfield, Maine First Row: P. Turcic, S. Moody, C. Howes, M. Pushor. H. Weeks, I. Iohndro, C. McDougal, A. Anderson, C. MacDonald. Second Row: K. Hawthorne, B. Hersey. C. Smith, S. Henderson, D. Brooks, R. McCormack, V. Ballard, S. Grace, I. Ervin, Adviser, Mrs. Foster. Third Row: P. Briggs, M. Russell, C. Peterson, R. Humphrey, B. Flagg, I. Russell, L. Priest, L. Cray, C. Randall. 02 Secretary T. Copogna Treasurer H. Weeks President B. Neal Advisor Mrs. Ricker Librar Club Sponsored By: The Library Club has as- sisted in several library proj- ects. During the past two years, the club purchased two paint- ings, entitled: "Christmas World" and "Split Ash Basket." They are exhibited in the libra- ry. Also on display are decora- tive pieces of driftwood depict- ing the various classifications of library books. These were made for the library by Char- lotte McDougal of Hartland. Among the guest speakers en- joyed was Harold Whitney, who gave a talk and showed films of his time spent in Thai- land. Various parties have been given on several occasions. WHEELER'S MARKET TOM'S NORCE VILLAGE Hartland, Maine 924-3004 Dexter, Maine DR. and MRS. ERNEST WM. STEIN WRICI-IT'S SHUR-WAY FOOD STORE Pilwfieldt Maine Hartland and Pittsfield First Row: P. Davis, N. Carr, H. Weeks, I. Bell, P. Ienness, D. Howes, I. Bouchard, B. Neal, B. Chambers, W. Fletcher, M. Pushor, S. vloody. Second Row: D. Rice, I. Bolstridge, T. Iones, K. Hawthorne, B. Millett, K. Lawler, B. Smith, S. Thorne, C. McDonald, W. Eudroe, D. Butler, Adviser, Mrs. Ricker, D. Boutilier. Third Row: R. Ramsdell, T. Copogna, D. Charrier, S. Champluvier, C. Dickin- son, B. Hersey, L. Davis, H. Bates, B. Flood, O. Chambers. 04 For the annual three-act play, the Dramatic Club selected "One Foot in Heaven," a come- dy-drama which was presented on two evenings in the middle of December. "The Devil and Daniel Webster" was presented in the State One-Act Play Con- 1 test. The Club sponsored the second annual Class - Ghe- Act Play Contest. ,g,,,v C. Randall, Pres.: M. Iude, SGC.: P- Veazie, V. Pres., M. Flagg, Treas. Dramatic Club Sponsored by: DR. AND MRS. PAUL B. BRIGGS PRAIRIEVIEW FARMS Hartland, Maine Corinna, Maine IlM'S GENERAL STGRE CRAIG HARDWARE 81 LUMBER CO. St. Albans, Maine Pittsfield, Maine First Row: N. Pearson, C, MacDonald, L. Ludlow, V. Worcester, C. McDougal, N. Martin, E. Turcotte, P. Davis, B. Martin, P. Turcic Second Row: C. Souders, G. Lane, M. DiPompo, A. Anderson, M. Iude, I. Bradstreet, I. Hartley, K. Seavey, P. Veazie, M. Flagg. S. Wil- leyg Adviser, Mrs. Cooper. Third Row: I. Lane, C. Finnemore, L. Whitney, R. McCormack, S. Henderson, D. Tuinei, S. Copeland, V Ballard, S. Grace, S. Veazie, R. Humphrey. Fourth Row: R. Randall, D. Tapley, P. Whitney, B. Hersey, F. Brooks, D. Patterson, C Dow, D. Chase, L. Emery, C. Peterson. Fifth Row: P. Briggs, M. Whitney, D. Brayall, M. Whittemore, R. Stedman, C. Randall, I Brown, M. Merrow, D. Hawthorne, I. Russell, D. Smith, R. Powers. 3 Q F1rstRow Adviser Mr Irving S. Willey, C. Dow, A. Anderson, M. Iude, C. McDougal, E. Turcotte. Second Row: M. DiPompo, P. Veazxe S Wyman M Whitney, C. Randall, P. Briggs, D. Hawthorne, D. Brayall, I. Hartley, M. Flagg. Thespian Sooiet Sponsored by: FRANK O PRAY, IR. MONTGOMERY WARD SALES AGENCY PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE CO. Grove Hill Newport Maine Pittsfield, Maine 487-5187 COOKSON S MARKET ELL-HILL GULF STATION Hartland Maine A. I. Grignon Palmyra, Maine As a higher form of dramat- ics in Nokomis, there is the Thespian Society. The club will be more or less an inactive so- ciety, serving as a kind of honor for students that are ac- tive in the Dramatic Club. Officers, Left to Right: M. Whitney, V. Presidentg C. McDougal, Scribeg G. Randall, President: M. Iude, Secretary: P. Briggs, Treasurer. fw"""' if Q K ' I Nw O is 1' Athletics Varsit Soccer The Nokomis Hatchet men had a superb 1971 season showing a 16-1 overall record. Upon winning the Central Maine Championship Nokomis met Fort Kent in the snow for the quarter finals. The Warriors dropped a 3-1 decision in a hard fought battle. For the Warriors, excellent defense was shown by Keith Bemis, Ron Hewins, Kerby Littlefield, Don Hawthorne, and Dan Bowman in their 11 shutouts. Only 9 goals were scored against the combined efforts of Mike Almeida and Mike Whitney with 100 and 49 saves respectively. On the offensive side Rick Wesley and Steve Shaw broke the previous scoring with 19 and 16 goals re- spectively. Also scoring were Ross Bell With 10 and Randy Powers with 9. Altogether Nokomis had 70 goals and 54 assists. CENTRAL MAINE. ALL-STARS: R. Wesley, K. Littlefield, R. I-Iewins Top Left Picture, Ist Row: S. Shaw, D. Hawthorne, R. Wesley, M. Whitney, D. Chase, K. Littlefield, K. Bemis, R. Hew- ins. 2nd Row: Coach Thompson, S. Wiersg Mgr., B. Sawyer, C. Morse, D. Bowman, S. Gipson, L. Priest, D. Sides, F. Brooks, Mgr. 3rd Row: M. Russell, Mgr., C. Gray, I. Bubar, R. Powers, I. Deering, R. Bell, T. Boulanger, M. Pepin, Mgr. I.V. Soccer The I.V. Soccer squad showed great prospects in a 6-1-3 record. Led by young, durable defense and the scoring of Vern Bubar. The team beat schools like Waterville twice and Bingham twice with its only loss coming from Hinck- ley. Bottom Picture, 1st Row: D. Iones, T. Burrill, C. Pushor, W. Chandler, N. Gee, C. Arno, M. Cray, C. Palmer. 2nd ROW.' R. Wyman, S. Neal, L. Killam, I. Wilber, P. Libby, R. Maguire, B. Nichols, R. Gray. 3rd Row: C. Pray, T. Bryson, M. Souders, M. Parker, R. Neal, D. Dow, W. Worcester, S. Nye. 4th Row: M. Russell, I. Burrill, I. Thorne, V. Bubar, D. Bubar, I. McDougal, I. MacKenzie, Coach Ervin. . .... .,, .,,. .,,, ,.,,,,5. ,. Row- f Top Picture: M. Roussin, B. Bowden, G. White, R. Morse, S. Rowe, C. Randall, I. Browne, D. Levenseller, Mr. Smith, Coach. arsit Cross Countr The Nokomis Regional High School Cross Country Squad completed its most successful season in four years. Charles Randall, only senior on the squad, captured 8 first places in regular season meets and came in seventh out of 102 runners in the State Class B meet. Next year Nokomis will rely on Iunior Steve Rowe who captured 3 first places during the regular season. mms- '7 + F , First Row: I-I. Shaw, S. Crocker, B. Buffington, R. Ramsdell. Standing: B. Shorey, R. Fowle, G. Dean, W. Ayer, L. Butler. . . CFOSS C Ollfllf The I.V. squad had four outstanding runners, who usually took the top places. They were George Dean, Robert Ramsdell, Brian Shorey, and Billy Ayer. 1 'F' Varsit Field Hocke Surely, the team's new hockey sticks and improved skills attributed to the fine record of five wins, one loss, and three ties. Leading the scoring was Gail Dunivan with fifteen goals. y The team came in first at the Bangor Sports Day. Again the team came in second at the M.C.I. Sports , Day - maybe next year! The second annual Hockey Game ended in a tie on a very cold November day. l l i Bottom Picture, First Row: K. Condon, W. Conlon, G. Dunivan. Standing: S. Palmer, manager, E. Coulimore, T. Gray, I. Harding, V. Worster, C. Condon, M. Flagg, I. Clark, B. Flagg, I. Wesley, L. Randlett, Mrs. Thompson, Coach. v t tem., V . . Field Hocke The I.V. team also had a good season with three wins, no losses, and two ties. Leading the scorers was Vicki Ballard with three goals. Both the Varsity and I.V. Teams raised enough money to send Brenda Flagg and Luanne Dunivan to hockey camp this summer. Top Picture: C. Lane, D. Ham, B. Wheeler, L. Dow, I. Nutter, B. Davis, V. Ballard, C. Gray, N. Randall, C. Ayer, L. Carr, N. Martin, W. Fletcher, E. Condon, C. Dunivan, Mrs. Thompson, Coach. yxtttiitlg ' YW!! 1 S tt 15? si is Kneeling: T. Burrill, M. Russell, D. Levenseller. Standing: I. Martin, K. Littlefield, R. Wesley, D. Hawthorne, C. Morse, D. Bowman, B. Charrier, G. Corey, S. Nye, S. Pelletier, T. Boulanger, L. Priest, R. Bell, Coach: Mr. Thompson. Varsity Basketball For the first time in Nokomis' four-year history, our Varsity Basketball team earned a berth in the Eastern Maine Basketball tournament. Nokomis was seeded in eighth placeg thus playing off against the number 1 team, Orono. Another highlight of the 1971-72 season was the winning of the 4th annual Nokomis Christmas tournament. In the prelimi- nary game, Nokomis beat Mt. View 52-49 and went on to outscore Iohn Bapst 60-53 in the final game for the championship. During the regular season the following players excelled: Top rebounders - Don Hawthorne, 2155 Steve Pelletier, 1213 Ben Charrier, 120. Top Scorers - Rick Wesley, 300 points: Steve Pelletier, 292 points. Top in Assists - Ierry Martin 1353 Rick Wes- ley 53. Top Foul Shooters - Steve Pelletier, 80 percent, Rick Wesley, 71 percent. The record for the regular season was finalized at 8 wins, 10 losses. Nokomis averaged 60 points per game for a total of 1,082 points while our opponents scored 1,141 points against us. However, Nokomis averaged 63 percent from the foul line against 59 percent for its opponents. Gerald Corey won the school foul shooting contest to represent Nokomis in the Sectional shoot-off at Orono. He shot 42-50 finishing sixth in the field of 20. H4 Top Left Picture: Kneeling: R. Maguire, K. Tompkins, H. Shawg Mgr., Mr. Irving. Second Row: S. Nye, R. Wyman, R. Bradford, I. Wil- ber, L. Priest. Top: T. Bryson, R. Bell. . . Basketball The I. V. record of 8-11 was not indicative of the style of play of this team. Many of the eleven losses could have been wins with a little luck ofthe lady. The team was almost entirely underclassmen which gives a good indication of future basketball at Nokomis. 5 I I EVE!!! Freshman Basketball The freshmen compiled the best record ever in the history of a Nokomis Freshman team. The boys showed teamwork, poise, and all-around Character in boosting their record to 20-1. With this type of win- ning attitude oarrying over to the I. V. and Varsity teams, basketball at Nokomis certainly looks rosy. will First Row: M. Connel, Mgr., V. Bubar, M. Souders, B. Nichols, W. Charrier, R. Fraser, B. Shorey, S. Gipson, I. Brown, S. Pelkey, C. Pray, P. Libby, I. Corey, P. Iohndro, H. Shaw, Mgr., Mr. Irving. Kneeling: R. Oldenburg. 'l'I6 One-half page One-fourth page Sponsored by: Sponsored by: ROBERT E. COX L 81 H CHEVROLET, INC. Pittsfield, Maine Newport, Maine 487-5111 MR. and MRS. IESSE W. DAVIS Corinna, Maine BOWL-RITE LANES Pittsfield, Maine Ski Team The 1971-72 Ski Team consisted of the largest number of talented ski enthusiasts in the history of Noko- mis. Even though dry-land practice started the first of November, the lack of snow prevented normal practices. Thus, the team participated in only two of its scheduled meets. However, Nokomis did compete in the Regional Meet at Bald Mt. on February 11 and 12. Again for lack of snow, only three events could be held. Because jumping, the event in which we were strongest, was eliminated, Nokomis did not participate in the state meet for the first time in its skiing history. With the loss of just one senior, next year should find Nokomis in the state meet again. First Row: M. Pepin, E. Bubar, I. Russell, I. Rockwell, I. Burrill, R. Maguire, C. Moore, R. Powers, W. Taylor, D. Franklin, C. Arno, B. Graham. Second Row: Mr. Libby, D. Dow, C. Taylor, D. Friend, I. Sawyer, M. Hanson, W. Sawyer, W. Millett, R. Fowle, N. Gee. 7 Top Picture, First Row: C. Gray, D. Oldenburg, Mr. Pepin, K. Condon, G. Dunivan. Second Row: T. Gray, I. Wesley, S. Iakins, V. Worcester, E. Coulimore, V. Ballard, P. Veazie, S. Palmer, Manager. Girls' Varsit Basketball The 1972 Girls' Varsity Basketball team completed a fantastic season with an undefeated record of 17-Ug which captured the league trophy. The team averaged 56 points a game while its opponents averaged 24 points a game. Five top scorers were Carol, Ien, Kathy, Denise and Gail with 170, 164, 157, 140, and 86 respectively. Top rebounders were Denise with 231 and Carol with 204. The outstanding ball handler was Kathy and best outside shooter was Gail. Even though five members of the squad are seniors, a nucleus of fine ball players will be returning next year to continue the girls' winning tradition. Much credit for the fine season goes to Coach Pepin and his never-ending patience. Nokomis girls remained undisputed victors by playing "Katahdin's" undefeated girls and winning 48-46. Thus, ended the perfect season. Bottom Picture, Kneeling: S. Nason, C. McDonald, S. Ayer, S. Copeland. Second Row: C. Lane, Manager: S. Mead, S. Veazie, I. Nut- ter, I. Iohndro, Mr. Pepin, C, Dunivan, B, Beem, S. Thorne, L. Dunivan, P. Whitney, Manager. Girls' I.V. Basketball The 1972 Girls'1V Basketball team finished a winning season with a 11 and 3 record. High scorers were Luanne and Carol with 87 and 85 points respectively. Great hustling by Luanne and Sharon led the team in its victories. The teams' improvement during the season indicated there will he a strong Varsity team next season. Sponsored by: I.. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Attlehoro. Massachusetts 119 Z 20 Varsit Cheerleaders The Nokomis Cheerleaders had a very active season this year. The Varsity Cheerleaders held food sales to raise money for their new uniforms. The old uniforms were given to the I.V. Cheerleaders. A University of Maine cheerleader assisted the girls with new cheers. For the first time at Nokomis, we had cheerleaders for our freshman team. The all-volunteer cheering squad had an easy season cheering for the practically undefeated freshman team. Bottom Picture, First Row: E. Gee, K. Seavey, M. DiPompo, W. Conlon, D. Bradstreet. Second Row: L. Rogers, D. Hudson, L. Randlett, M. Tardy, T. Iones. I.V. and Freshman Cheerleaders Top Picture: K. Hawthorne, E. Turcotte. Second Row: L. Fraser, E.. Condon, K. Bizeau. Third Row: C. McDougal, D. Tuinei. Standing: I. Bouchard. Bottom Right Picture, First Row: M. Dellaway, D. Nichols, D. Morse. Second Row: A, Morrison, K. Fletcher, M. Braley, L. Whitney. gps- 4 v wj Q o, . 1-W . 1 V. Field Hockey Nokomis Nokomis Nokomis Nokomis Nokomis Nokomis Nokomis Nokomis Nokomis Nokomis Nokomis Mt. View - Waterville Dexter - Bangor - Mt. View - Lawrence Waterville Greenville Lawrence Greenville Dexter - Sports Day at Bangor 1st Place Sports Day at M.C.I. 2nd Place A Sports Varsity Soccer Nokomis Nokomis Nokomis Nokomis Nokomis Nokomis Nokomis Nokomis Nokomis Nokomis Nokomis Nokomis Nokomis Nokomis Nokomis Nokomis Nokomis Nokomis Ellsworth - Georges Valley Winthrop - Bingham - Hinckley - Oak Grove - Howland - Mt. View - P.C.H.S. - Mt. View - Waterville - Oak Grove - Lee - Bingham - M.C.I. - Waterville - P.C.H.S. - Fort Kent - Nokomis won Central Maine Soccer League Championship V. Cross Country Nokomis - Nokomis - Nokomis - Nokomis - Nokomis - Nokomis - Nokomis - Nokomis - Nokomis - Nokomis - Nokomis - Nokomis - Dover - Central - Dexter - Howland - Dover - Schenck - Hermon - Central - Bangor Christian School - Bangor - Lawrence -- Oakland - Howland - Bangor - Orono - State Meet Nokomis places 7th Regionals, Nokomis places 3rd .V. Soccer Nokomis Ellsworth - Nokomis Georges Valley Nokomis Hifwklffy - Nokomis Howland 1 Nokomis Mt- View - Nokomis Waterville 1 Nokomis Bingham - Ngkomis Waterville - Nokomis Hinckley - Nokomis Bingham - 122 I 9 I.V. Boy s B asketb all Nokomis - 57 Lincoln - 42 Nokomis - 50 Hampden - 54 Nokomis - 55 Dover-Foxcroft - 64 Nokomis 49 Hermon - Nokomis 90 Greenville - Nokomis 49 Dexter - Nokomis 32 Bangor - Nokomis 47 Hgrmgn 1 Nokomis 68 Guilfgrd - Nokomis 51 Schenck 1 Nokomis 50 Penquis - Nokomis 48 Dgver ... Nokomis 66 Linggln - N0k0II1iS 93 Greenville - Nokomis 54 Dexter ... Nokomis 73 Schenck - Nokomis 74 Guilford - Nokomis - 68 Penquis - 60 Nokomis - 52 Hampden - 62 Ski Team After two events Nokomis was leading but did not get in the Alpine events. In the State Meet, the ski team came in fourth out of seven schools. Nokomis - 80 Nokomis - 57 Nokomis - 71 Nokomis - 57 Nokomis - 60 Nokomis - 53 Nokomis - 84 Nokomis - 61 Nokomis - 72 Nokomis - 52 Nokomis - 61 Nokomis - 63 Nokomis - 43 Nokomis - 47 Nokomis - 53 Nokomis - 63 Nokomis - 55 Nokomis - 51 Christmas Classic: Nokomis - 52 Nokomis - 60 Nokomis placed Statistics Boy's Varsity Basketball Lincoln - Hampden - Dexter - I-lermon - P.C.H.S. - Penquis - Lincoln - Greenville - Dover-Foxcroft Hermon - Greenville - Schenck - Dover-Foxcroft - Dexter - Schenck - P.C.H.S. - Penquis - Hampden - Mt. View - 49 Iohn Bapst - 53 8th in the Eas Maine Tournaments. tern 26 42 48 65 43 47 54 52 26 37 64 28 33 59 31 50 30 35 36 65 42 9 Fr. Boy s B asketb all Nokomis - 54 Warsaw - Nokomis - 77 l0hU BHPSL - Nokomis - 68 Lawrence - Nokomis - 89 Bucksport - Nokomis - 73 DGXieI' - Nokomis - 63 Hampden - Nokomis - 68 Brewer - Nokomis - 84 Dover - Nokomis - 79 Guilford - Nokomis - 74 Hermon - Nokomis - 58 5th Street - Nokomis - 90 Oakland - Nokomis - 65 Lawrence - Nokomis- 72 Hermon - Nokomis - 101 Guilford - Nokomis - 78 Bucksport - Nokomis - 73 DBXUEF - Nokomis - 59 Oakland - Nokomis - 72 Iohn Bapst- - Nokomis - 68 Dover - Nokomis - 54 Warsaw - Nokomis - 49 51h Street - 54 Tournament Standing Orono Schenck Messalonskee Dexter Guilford Bucksport Foxcroft Nokomis Penquis Madison Hermon Hampden Limestone Mt. View Ellsworth Van Buren Lincoln W-L PI Tl 15-3 26.67 112.97 15-3 23.89 98.16 16-2 21.67 90.93 12-6 18.89 87.36 12-6 18.89 75.01 11-7 17.22 68.52 10-8 15.56 60.50 8-10 12.78 46.14 8-10 12.78 45.68 7-11 12.22 39.86 7-11 9.44 32.87 6-10 12.50 28.47 7-10 6.47 27.11 4-14 6.11 22.15 4-14 7.22 18.37 4-12 4.38 13.76 2-16 2.78 6.79 V. Girl's Basketball Nokomis - 46 Nokomis - 37 Nokomis - 54 Nokomis - 53 Nokomis - 43 Nokomis - 63 Nokomis - 52 Nokomis - 58 Nokomis - 48 Nokomis - 38 Nokomis - 46 Nokomis - 70 Nokomis - 56 Nokomis - 61 Nokomis - 40 Nokomis - 52 Nokomis - 75 Nokomis - 48 Hampden - Dover-Foxcroft Greenville - Dexter - - Central - Skowhegan - Guilford - Penquis - Dover-Foxcroft Hampden - Central - Howland - Dexter - Greenville - Guilford - Penquis - Skowhegan - Katahdin - 26 -22 29 20 16 10 29 21 -27 26 34 28 25 22 32 30 21 46 fit i qs. .,,Li 3 tx if gf Q .A'i3i 4 .iii X iff: I, 1 'I Avv I A ' T S V. 495 'p s Q fy' QL- q' , vp V, Zak at p f' Y . VN, V af I 'Y 1 Wk. A ., 2 43' lm - - v N... Q5 ,X ' , M IAA! ' , 55' , Q A' ", my we f w , ' ' - ' 'f 2 A f as ,, , , X - ,f X: ,,,fV'5' lj, ' 1,13 I .nfim v. '? 1' Zgl m l f 4? wtx ' X V v, J M ,- rj A , ff 5 W ' iwf lf W ' f' A 'Eff' A " , m. f A 'W ' r i' v :,, ' . M ififg? x, ,ax as 5' 5 3 - , V L' 'T' Q X ii .3 pi . M 4' A , " V ., ,A A5 ,S P ' , . , .gm 'Q i 1 A 14' f , 1-4, if , -,1'7f?.'f,lT y " M 5 3 V , i " fu, .f-'NWL F .. E, ,. xi if ,Q-2' M Q, :I-J Q W fig: X , 2 Q , Q XM it ,. A W , 1 5 A f MW 23? N- ', 9 ,F W A' .fwwf M " a lv l ' W' gf' , 5 ' 1 'MQW W z Ulf W 6 iw hw M f ,, 1 -1 2 26 Abboff Realfy 8: Insurance . Agency Associafes ........ Agency, Inc. ..... . Agway ........... Amos Abboff ............. Amsden's Aufo, Inc. ...... . Andy Lawrence - Garage . Arf's Place ............... Dr. Badger ............... L. G. Balfour ....... Bangor Savings Bank.. . Banfon Bros ........... Barreff's ............... Bearce's Aucfion House . . . Ben Franklin Sfore ..... Berry's Pharmacy .... Beverly's Hair ...... Biiou Theafre ......... Bishop's Farm Markef .... Bob's Barber Shop ..... Bonnin Music House . . . Bowl-Rife Lanes ..... Brake Service, Inc. .... . Dr. and Mrs. Briggs ..... Brooks 8: Brooks Agency .... Brown's Clofhing 8: Shoe . . . Brown 8: Whife Paper Co. . . Bud's Red 81 While ....... Canfeen ................. Cenfral Aufo Body Shop .. . Ceramics .... ' ............ Bernard Charrier . . . .... . . . Church Goods Mfg. Co., Inc. .... . .. Cianbro Corporafion ...... Clark's Mobile Homes . .. Clark's Mofel ........... Cookson's Markef ........ Corinna Insurance Agency . . Corinna Service Cenfer .. . Cole's Express .......... Corner Sfore ......... Cosfon's Garage .......... Roberf Cox .............. Craig Hardware 81 Lumber . Cresfwoocl ............... Crosman's ............... Cross Hardware .... . . Dana's Barber Shop ....... Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Davis... Davis Supply, Inc. ....... . Dean's Elecfric Shop ..... Deposifor's Trusf Co. . . . . Defroif Tire Service . . . Dexfer-Agway ...... Dexfer Hardware .... Dexfer Mofor Sales .... Dexfer Shoe Co. . . . . Dow's Elecfric ...... Dyer's Beaufy Shop .... Dr. J. F. Dyer ...... Busmess Dysarf's .............. Easfern Gazeffe ......... Easfern Trusf 8: Banking .... Easfland Woolen Mill .... E. Newporf Grocery . . . Carl Edgerly ....... Ed's Barber Shop .... Edward's Planf ..... EII-Hill Gulf Sfalion .... EII-Hill Grocery ......... The Embers Resfauranf ..... Efna Furnifure Sfore ..... Farm Credif Service . . . Federal Trusf Co. . . . FernaIcl's Markef ...... Fiffs' Tire Service ....... John and Joyce Fosfer . .. Four-Effs Realfy ....... Friend's .............. Furnifure Exchange .... Gass Office Supply .... Marfin Gerald ...... GiIman's Hardware . . Glen's Aufo Sales ..... Glenice's Beaufy Shop . . . Alan Goodridge ...... Gray's American .... Guilford lndusfries .. Hall's Service Sfafion . . Hank's Amoco ...... B. W. Hanson Co... . Vernard Harding ..... Harfland Emporium ......... Harfland Lions Club ........ Harfland 8: Sf. Albans Tel. Co Harfland Tannery .......... Town of Harfland .......... Harfland Variefy .... Harfland Wafer Co .... HarfIey's ........... Harfley Mofors ....... Lloyd Hafch Agency .... HaffieId's Chevron ........ Haven of Resf ............. Hermon Mobile Homes, Inc. . Highf's Chevrolef Buick, Inc. . Mr. and Mrs. Barry Holf .... Hood Company ........... George E. Howard ...... Hy-Way Supereffe .... Jim's General Sfore Johnsfon 8: Hibbard . . . Jones Inn ....... ... Karen's ...... . . .. .... Kinney Duplicafor ......... Kleinschmidf 8: Duffing ..... Knowles 81 Dressel ....... Lowell Knowles ........ L 8: H Chevrolef .... L-Hill Body Shop .... Director Dr. LaBarge ....... Labun Chevrolel ....... Landmark Mo+or inn ..... Lawrence's Flower Shop . . Leen's Elecfric Moior Servi Lehr Agency, lnc. ...... . Lehr's Furniiure . Lewis Bros., Inc .... . Lewis Markef ........ LiHlefield's Garage ..... Log Cabin Diner ....... Lorna's Hair S+yling .... Lovley's ................ ManhaHan Trophies ..... Raymond E. Marlin 8: Sons Mary Carier Pain? S+ore . McNally's Texaco Service. Merrill Bank ............ Midway SupereH'e .... Mim 8: Herbie's ...... Monfgomery Ward... Mooreson ......... Murdock's Markei' .... E. N. Nason ............ Naiional Au+o Paris ..... Newporl' Insurance Agency Newporf Laundere'He 8: Dr Town of Newpori ....... Newpori' Trus+ Co. ..... . Norge Cleaning Village . . Nor+heas+ Shoe ........ Osborne's An+iques ..... Paine's Mo+or Sales ..... Palmyra General Siore . . Dr. Roberf Parker, O.D. . . Pa+'s Beaufy Korner .... Pearson's Burning Oils.. . Piciure 8: Gif+ ....... Pierce Agency ......... Dr. Thomas W. Pierce . . . Pi+'I'sfield Bowling Lanes . . Pi'Hsfield Sunoco ........ Pilfsfield Traclor ....... Pomeroy's Esso . . . David Pooler ..... Por+er's Rexall ..... Prairie View Farms . .. Frank Pray, Jr ...... Pray's Moiel ......... Prou'ry's Flower Shop . . . Provos+'s Markei ........ Ce. y Cleaning RandleH 81 Son ............. Red's Clo+hing 81 Foorwear Rowe Home Farms Dairy . . . Rowe's House of Apples . . . Rowell Au+o Sales ...... Sandy's Beaufy Shop .... Saw+elle's Resiauram' . . . Sawyer's Dairy Bar ..... Sears, Roebuck 8: Co .... . Sebasficook Golf Course . Sebasiicook Packers, Inc. .. . Sharon's Hair Fashions . . . Donald A. Shorey ....... Dr. Shurman .............. Skip's 8: Chip's Res+auran+ .... ..... Skowhegan Op+ome+ris+s . Skowhegan Savings Bank . . . V. W. Small Moccasin Co ..... ..... Clyde Smiih ............ Guy R. Smifh 81 Sons . . . Snowman's ............ Somersef Au+o Supply . . . Somersef Pullei' Co. .... . Soucie's Jewelry 8: Applian Dr. John D. Soufhworih .. Spoflighf Roller Skaiing .. Spring S+ree+ Greenhouse Vicfor L. Springer ....... Slandard Elec+ric Co .... S'laple's Oil Co. ..... . S+ar Beef Co. .... . S'I'ar Home Supply .... Dr. Ernesr S+ein .... S+eve's Gulf ...... Sfevens S+udio .... Dr. S'I'ewar+ ....... Dr. S+i+ham ........... S+uar+'s Greenhouse .... Sunsef Lunch ........ Kei+h Tapley .......... CGS Dr. Taylor ................ Thompson Funeral Home . H. L. Tillson ............ Tircomb-Davis .......... Too'I"s Delicafessen ...... Triangle Cons+ruc'rion Co. ......... .... . Valley Times 8: Pi'Hs'Field Adverliser . . . . . . Vanades+ine's Boarding House ...... .... Variely Drug ........... Veazland Farms ...... Vic1'or's Resfaurani . . . Viner's Music Co. . . Vivian's Salon ..... Ware 81 Buller ..... Waierville Savings ...... Delina Welch ........... Wesiern Au+o - Corinna Wesfern Au'I'o - Har+land Wesi Penobscof Tel. 81 Tel. Wheeler's Markef ....... R. C. Whi+ney .......... Guy Wood's Barber Shop Woody Woodman Combo Wrigh+'s Shur-Way Food S+ore . .. ... . YankeeGrocer............. "A Friend" ....... 127 28 Anderson, Mrs. Marguerile Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Roberl Arno, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Ballard, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Beem, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Bemis, Mr. Milford Bicklord, Mr. and Mrs. Lesler Bird, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Bizeau, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bradslreel, Mr. and Mrs. Clis Bragan, Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Brodeur, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Brooks, Miss Evelyn Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Bouchard, Mrs. Jody Bubar, Mr. and Mrs. Kennelh Buchanan, Mr. and Mrs. Slanley Buckland, Mr. and Mrs. John Buckland, Mr. and Mrs. William, Jr. Buker, Mr. and Mrs. Hadley Burrill, Mr. and Mrs. Byron Burrill, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Bryson, Mr. and Mrs. James, Jr. Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Brian Carr, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Chamberlain, Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Coburn, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Complimenls ol a Friend Complimenls ol Goldie Henderson Condon, Mr. and Mrs. John Cookson, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Coulimore, Mr. and Mrs. Herberl Coulimore, Miss Mary Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Cloulier, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Creswell, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Crocker, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Crosman, Mr. and Mrs. R. l. Cully, Mr. and Mrs. Alvah Cully, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Cully, Mrs. Viola Curlis, Mr. and Mrs. Norman, Jr. Cushman, Mr. and Mrs. Harlland Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Patrons' Page Emerson, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Finnemore, Mr. and Mrs. Coburn Fisher, Mrs. Claude Fernald, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Flanders, Mr. and Mrs. Hurberl Foss, Mr. and Mrs. Arlhur Frosl, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Freese, Mr. and Mrs. Dana Fowler, Mr. and Mrs. Truman Gallagher, Mr. and Mrs. William Gallison, Mr. and Mrs. George Gray, Mr. and Mrs. George Gray, Mr. and Mrs. James Gray, Mr. and Mrs. William Hamillon, Miss Krisli Hamillon, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Harlley, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Harlley, Mr. and Mrs. Perley Harlley, Mr. and Mrs. Sleven Hallield, Mr. and Mrs. Hurberl Hayden, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Hersey, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hickey, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hillon, Mr. and Mrs. James Hillon, Mr. and Mrs. John Holbrook, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Holl, Mr. and Mrs. Barry Hollisler, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hopkins, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Howard, Mr. and Mrs. Monle Howes, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hubbard, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hull, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Humphrey, Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Irving, Mr. and Mrs. David Jacobs, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Johndro, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Burlon McNichols, Mr. and Mrs. Slephen Merchanl, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Melivier, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Michaud, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Morin, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mullis, Mr. and Mrs. Myron Nadeau, Raymond Douglas Nichols, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nye, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Nye, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Nye, Mr. and Mrs. Orlo, Jr. Osgood, Mr. and Mrs. Basil Ordway, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. David Parlee, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Parsons, Mrs. Helen V. Parlridge, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Pallerson, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pearl, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Pearson, Mr. and Mrs. James Pepin, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Perkins, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Perry, Mr. and Mrs. Kennelh Plummer, Mr. and Mrs. John Pushor, Mrs. Velma P. Randlell, Mr. and Mrs. Rae Randlell, Mrs. Joan Reny, Mr. and Mrs. Arlhur Reynolds Markel Rockwell, Mr. and Mrs. George Russell, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Russell, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Sayward, Mrs. Louise Sleekins, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Shepherd, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Sledman, Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn Small, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Smilh, Mr. and Mrs. Kennelh Spaulding, Mr. and Mrs. Rae Sleward, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Davis, Mr Dearborn, Dearborn, DeGuislo, DiPompo, and Mrs. Harold Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mr. and Mrs. Roberl Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dr. and Mrs. Louis Jones, Cora Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jude, Mrs. Pauline Kenislon, Miss Rachel Kerr, Mr. Kennelh King, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Knowles, Mr. and Mrs. Reginald LeBlanc, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Allred Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Clair Libby, Mr. and Mrs. F. Wayne Lindsay, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Louder, Mr. and Mrs. Allred Lyon, Mr. and Mrs. David Slromback Ta rdy, Mr. Ta sker, Mr. Mrs. Beaulah and Mrs. Roberl and Mrs. Ronald Taylor, Mr and Mrs. Turny, Sr. Taylor, Mr and Mrs. William Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Thompson, Wade, Mr. Ward, Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard ancl Mrs. Roberl and Mrs. Kenlon Doherly, Mr. and Mrs. Danny Domke, Mrs. Julia Doslie, Mr. and Mrs. Kennelh Dow, Mr. and Mrs. Herberl, Jr. Draper, Mr. and Mrs. Eric Dunham, Mr. and Mrs. Kennelh Emerson, Mr. and Mrs. Kennelh MacDonald, Marlin, Mr. Marlin, Mr. Marlin, Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Mrs. Ervin and Mrs. Gerald and Mrs. Raymond Malleson, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Malson, Mr. David McDougal, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Weed, Mr. and Mrs. Herberl Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. Linwood Whilney, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Whilney, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Weeks, Mr. and Mrs. Royce Wilcox, Mr. and Mrs. Rae Willelle, Mr. and Mrs. Richard The Wolle Family Worden, Mr. and Mrs. Alberl Worsler, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wrighl, Mr. and Mrs. Laloresl Yankee Reslauranl 4' 315.000 lullul A e llslllllff S FDIUCN 5 agvniinljl 5' Q X' SU" ' NEWPORT Qglfjfpg, irfagivwfgis WNW W , TRUST ' "'i ' COMPANY Newporl' Corinna Dexler 368-5505 278-265 I 924-555 I E. Corin'l'l'1 285-332l A Complete Service For All Your Banking Needs LOANS Appliance Loans lnsfallmeni' Loans Aufomobile Loans Personal Loans Business Loans Insurance Loans Collaferal Loans Real Esfafe Loans Home lmprovemenl Loans ACCOUNTS Checking Accounfs Savings Accounfs Chrisfmas Club Accounfs OTHER SERVICES Bank-by-Mail Safe Deposii' Boxes Nighf Deposifory Travelers Checks Foreign Draffs U. S. Savings Bonds 12 GILMAN, INC Serving you with Qualify Since 1887 Newport, Maine THE EASTLAND WOOLEN MILLS INC. Corinna Maine WELL DONE AND GOOD LUCK! S D IO S A Complete Photographic Service yuw, 5 ?"fWf Q69 BANTCDN BROS INC. Congra+ula+ions +o 'rhe Class of I972 H. P. HOCDD 84 SONS quaIi+y produc+s since l846 13 6 MERRILL BANK Dex+er and Newpor'r Branches "Serving Easfern Maine" ii MAINE PEOPLE BANK ON MERRILL Saving Accoun'rs Trusi' Services Club Accoun+s Mor+gage Loans Checking Accoun+s Home Improvemeni' Loans Free Money-Saver Accoun+s Business Accoun+s Bank-by-Mail Regular Accoun+s Personal Loans Au+o Loans Business Loans Safe Deposii Loans AMSDEN AUTO, INC. I 08 Elm SIree'r Newpor+, Maine 368-4327 American Mo'rors and Jeep SaIes and Service MAJOR and MINOR REPAIRS - FRONT-END ALIGNMENT Esso Gas 24 hour wrecker service Sundays, 'NigI1'rs, Holidays - Visi+ Esso a+ InI'ersI'a+e 95 Compliments of PORTERS REXALL PHARMACY Local Prescripiion I-Ieadquariers Co A our if - ,5 :"' "4 'Amir'-I 1 :I A DEPENDABLE oszucsensr 7 CORINNA INSURANCE AGENCY Y0 U R fide FIIKXEIN llI5Ilfdll66 I A G E NT i .Q 0.2, "SERVES YOU FIRST" QM.. C M NEWPORT INSURANCE AGENCY X R is , Pl' Y0 U R zzzffpfzlzfwzf lzznzrrzzzfe IAG E N I Np+M FARNHAM FUNERAL HOMES JOHN F. FARNHAM LUELLA A. FARNHAM Main and Pleasani' Sis. Spring and Kenwood Sis Newport Maine Telephone 368-433 I 17 Prescripiions Cosmeiics Hallmark Cards Timex Wafches Chocolaies Vi+amins Corinna, Marne Telephone 278 2262 BERRY'S PHARMACY 24 Main Sfreei' Tel. 368-556i Newpor+, Maine Creclil Cards Honored Complimen+s of ff' 5 N S S QMS SKCWHEGAN SAVINGS BANK Skowhegan Maine HARTLAND LIONS CLUB 5- 2' QNA1' W9 Har+lancl, Maine 40 Tlh C M HARTLEY'S CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH-GMC CHRYSLER gg all Sales Service Oetten ?ct"4'6' nf B U D 'S S H O P 84 SAVE SUPER MARKET Plenfy of Parking N p 'r P'H' f' Id d D + M omplimen+s of he I I I I N ew FERNALD'S MARKET New Laundroma+ Complimenfs of PALMYRA GEN'L STORE CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES While 'rhis occasion marlcs Ihe end of one chapfrer in your life we hope Iha'r,i'r will also signal Ihe beginning of a mosl successful and happy career Ihroughoul Ihe inleresiing years 'rhai lie ahead. Whalever your plans may be. remember 'rhe imporlance of 'rhriil in planning for 'rhe Iuiure. Slarl a savings accounl now designed To Iii your Iufure needs. BANGOR SAVINGS BANK BANGOR l Main Office: 3 S+a're Sfreei' Shopping CenI'er Office: 623 Broadway Belfasl' I26 Main Sfreef Serving Maine Families Since I852 ComplimenI's of CHURCH GOODS MANUFACTURING CO., INC. PiH'sfieId, Maine I4 Compliments of WEST PENOBSCOT TELEPHONE 81 TELEGRAPH CO. Corinna, Maine 278'328l As You Graduate... A Cffn We wish to extend our hearty con at- ulations. As Maine's largest truciling firm, we hope you are planning to re- quired talents and fresh new ideas. In exchange, Maine has much to offer higher education, in creative employment, in uncrowded living ...... That's the Maine idea! ---"" X , 1 f?f We Serve More of Maine Direcl from lvlassachuselis 44 lhan Any Qlher General Freighl Carrier! main here. Maine needs your newly ac- Congratulations Class ot l97l I SAWYER'S DAIRY BAR 5 0 Q A , - wyfkfg -'NIV' an-9. Newpo,-+ Maine GUILFORD CUMMINGS MILLS DIVISION We Invite Graduating Seniors To Visit Our Plant. ' Come in And Discuss Our Apprenticeship And Train- ing Opportunities With us. Inquire About Our Summer Work Program. Newport Maine 145 46 VlCTOR'S RESTAURANT One Main S+ree+ Newpor+, Maine fyfmy, Where Good Food and Good Folks Meef +o Ea+ Cocldails Add +o Your Dining Pleasure Stamps ond Accessories for Collectors ' U. S. and Foreign C. A. BARRETT It's Worth More ol' DAVIS SUPPLY INC. Grflni Main Sfreei' Bmldmg Corinna, Maine Supplies 278-2 IOI Hardwo re 73 Cenfral 5 EASTERN TRUST AND BANKING COMPANY A Nor+I1easI' Bank Bangor, Maine OFFICES ' DRIVE IN OFFICES S+a+e and Fern S+ree1's Hammond and Allen S+ree+s Airpor+ Mall INSTALLMENT LOAN AGENCY Member F.D.I.C. You re money 4357! Bangor, Maine Universiiy Mall, Orono, Maine, OId Town, Maine, Brewer, Maine: Machias, Maine Sf? 75? IQL 253 Xfw ' ' oaoi Ah d ea Hjj' 'f X ,,.. - f A I X-,,,.z 147 Exclusive Real Esfafe Offerings VERNARD R. HARDING Real Esfafe Broker Aucfioneer Appraiser Posf Office: Easf Newporf, Maine 04933 Tel. 207-368-5882 JOHNSTON 81 HIBBARD Cifgo Boffled Gas Harfland, Maine 938-4560 DR. J. F. DYER Opfomefrisf Newporf, Maine BROOKS 81 BROOKS AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE 368-44l4 Bank Building - Main Sf. Newporf STAR BEEF COMPANY Railroad S+ree+ Bangor Cd Tlh BfPkVIL b P C Ie+e Line of G ies and Frozen Foods wmzrfj -ZLC1 , Y pi 6 f 4 nv T ppp svssiiqgim THE U? TELLE'S RESTAURANT CLIFFORD AND NOLA, Propriefors H kd Fd IR DOW'S ELECTRIC SERVICE C M L d EI I C VANADESTINE'S BOARDING HGUSE 938-225I Hld M Complimenfs of C pl i T GLENICE'S BEAUTY SHOP fffff BEvERLY's HAIR FAS:-HGNS Tai, gg. li N P l' M Hair Color, Permanenls, and T l 368 5230 Hair Fashio S+. Alb M ' 938 22l2 Jr THE C pl + f EASTERN GAZETTE Wi+h Special E' Newporf Ediii N 81 SONS A Publishers of MOOSEHEAD GAZETTE Ppl C + 'r D 'r M C by S+ H 'rl d M WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE R Au'ro Supplies Ba++eries Tires Television Refrigeralors Wafer Healers Ranges D. L. METIVIER, Mgr. Corinna, Maine 278-4234 GLENS AUTO SALES lnlernalional Truck Sales and Service Mofo Ski Parls and Service Corinna, Maine . c. WHITNEY SNOWMAWS 81 SQNS SERVICE CENTER Range and Fuel Oil All Esso Producls BOA Ski Sales Tel. 924-744l - Dex+er 938-4528 S+, Albans 52 GRAY'S AMERICAN Gas - Oil General Repair Open 7 Days a Week "The Bes'r In Experl Service" 278-547I Corinna, Maine Lis+ Your Properly Wi+h FOUR EFFS REALTY AGENCY, INC. Lyndall S. Paine Bonded Represenlalive Tel. 368-4437 Newporl, Maine PEARSON'S Palronize Your Local Dealer Hardware - Fuel and Range Oils - L.P. Gas Tel. 278-3I55 SEBASTICOOK PACKERS, INC. The MAINE Chip House Warehousing and Markeling Maine's Finesl' Chip Polaloes FOR ADVENTURE AND EXCITEMENT . . . you could join the foreign legion wrestle alligators race at Sebring or . . . become a banker! Young men and women graduaies everywhere can find adveniure and excifemeni' in careers of bank- ing. Today. commercial banking offers a chaiieng- ing adveniure where your own skills, imaginaiion and deferminarion are needed and well received. Deposiiors Trusi Company has many posilions where you may pur your years of learning 'ro .work immediafeiy. The work is challenging: The rewards, high. Find our more righf away. Visil or call: John J. Kannegiesser, Assisianf Vice Presidenf and Per- sonnel Officer, Deposifors Trusf Co., 286 Wafer Sf., Augusfa, Maine 04330. mi DEPDSITDFIS 'vow -'S TRUST covvmnmv 9 si f ma . , 'WMD : 'Jo-1,' 5 f Q, yhfw-1? C 'X X x - Lf, T92 .ag ,, ,LG ,V M an S f we 0 Complimenis of lhe WOODY WOODMAN COMBO fealuring Dea Music and Enierlainmeni for your every mood Bangor, Maine MARTIN GERALD'S L-HILL BODY SHOP Box IOI Ouier Hariland Avenue PiHs'Field, Maine 04967 Tel. 938-2I92 FEDERAL TRUST COMPANY "The Friendly Full Service Bank" Waierville, Bingham, Madison Slcowhegan, Unily, Winslow Member Federal Deposil Insurance Corporaiion 153 4 MANHATTAN TROPHIES Manufacrurers and Disiribulors of McNALLY'S TEXACO Twenfy-Four Hour Wrecker Service Maine's Largesl' Assor+men+ of Trophies 9 May Sfreel' Bangor, Maine Newpori, Maine 368-9383 Tel. 942-6464 CLARK'S MOBILE HOMES and HFHA DEXTER Holly Park Complimenis of A in T Fac+ory Ou+le+ Sfores 1 IT A Wells, Lewisfon, Bangor, Porlland, Presque lsle, Dennis M. Cleaves, Presideni Skowhegan Dexier, Maine gi, iii TRI 11- V .J owe 5 as-9 of apPle5 Fresh Donu'rs and Cider Honey, Maple Syrup, Preserves and Pickles Corinna Road Newpori, Maine CRESTWOOD NURSING HOME "AII PaI'ienIs are admiI'+ed wiI'I1ou'I regard 'ro race, color, or naI'ionaI origin" HarI'Iand, Maine SAVINGS AT ITS BEST Dividend Rafe 5'X., per annum Compounded Daily! Paid Mon+I1Iy! College Educafion - Loans 1' Member F.D.I.C. - SKIP AND CHIP'S RESTAURANT I I2 Main SI'ree+ Har+Iand Take-ouI'-service 938-4 I 78 Serving Delicious Home Cooking 155 56 Complimenls of Q HARTLAND GERDTT VARIETY sToRE a......l.7.,...' .QL Soda Founlain ancl Ligh'r Lunches Magazines - Kilchen Accessories - Curfains Phone 924-6894 60 Church S+ree+ Dexfer, Maine 04930 Tel. 938-4433 Harllancl, Maine R Congra+ula+ions Class of '72 INC. Insurance since I873 L' SPRINGER Lumber ancl Building Ma+erial S+. Albans Village 6 Hunnewell Avenue PiH'sfield, Maine Phone 938-470I Res. 938-477I Dial: 487-5I67 "CUSTOM RETREADING"' DETROIT TIRE SERVICE, INC. DeI'roiI', Maine 368-5087 "JEEP" FuII line of work and play vehicles. AII Exci+ing, All Wheel Drive! Ask 'For Don! LITTLEFIELD'S GARAGE To Ihe Class of I972 - May your 'fufure have +he spirii of a marching band, Ihe sparkle of a symphony orchesI'ra, and Ihe harmony of a chorus. VINER MUSIC CO. Bangor CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES Q E D WA R D s EXCELLENCE SINCE 1872 ,JI gn, A una of GENERAL sleNAL Qi, , coRPoRATIoN I I ii fm I PiI'Is'fieId, Maine ,fgfiffl-V DexI'er 924-66 I 6 7 POMROY'S ESSO STATION ANDY'S GARAGE I TIRES - BATTERIES - ACCESSORIES 24-Hour Wrecking Service Rupp Sales and Service Gas, Oil, and Accessories S 81 H Green Siamps RFD I HarI'Iand, Maine Eas'r Corin+I1, Maine Tel. 285-3222 CASS OFFICE SUPPLY CO. Exclusive DisIribuI'ors OIympia Typewri'rers AII Makes PorI'a bles Every+I1ing for 'rhe Office Sfudenzs-Discoun'I' Bangor End Brewer Bridge Bangor Maine 924-6489 158 CongraI'uIaIions Seniors ALAN GOODRIDGE JEWELER Newport Maine 368-5566 STUART'S GREENHOUSE AND FLOWER SHOP QL' ff av .X 'I I if f ,f f I fy! I Shaw S+ree+ NewporI', Maine Tel. 368-4406 ROWEHOME FARMS DAIRY Newporf 368-4307 DisI'ribuI'ors of Gran+'s Dairy Producfs Milk and Cream Na'ruraI - Pasfeurized - Homogenized Co+'Iage Cheese We Welcome Ideas +o Improve Our Service FASHION TWO TWENTY Comphmenis cosmerlcs of Dee Welch los Elm s+ree+ NewporI', Maine TQWN Tel. 368-4648 CF NEWPORT Q W. C. SAWYER gf"5a'H" WI IEE FO' we Z.'IIU'i1'LD!IfG ., angor 'XII very special V TUCKER VI Demons c' A BARRETT Tel. have your - - 942-I834 MII hair s+yIecI "' . a+ 45 KAREN'S 159 I NEWPORT LAUNDROMAT AND DRY CLEANING CompIimen'rs of TH E EM BERS RESTAURANT Soulh Main SI'reeI' PiH'sfieId Maine DEXTER MOTCR SALES Telephone 942-752I 49-5I Church S+. DexI'er, Maine B. W. HANSON CO. Bass and EndicoH Shoes PROVOST'S MARKET DexI'er, Maine WARE-BUTLER, INC. Lumber and Building Supplies Lakewood Road Slcowhegan, Maine Tel. 474-977I DEXTER HARDWARE INC. SALES AND SERVICE Wesiinghouse Appliances Bolen TracI'ors and Equipmen+ Johnson MoI'ors and Snow Sleds Dexfer M Complimenls of Ball Band and Goodrich Rubber Foolwear For Ihe Enlire Family Ha,-Hand' Maine Hariland, Maine PICTURE AND osBoRNE's ANTIQUES 8. GIFT SHOP USED FURNITURE I7 Main S+ree+ Elm Shed Bangor, Maine Hamand' Meme Specializing in Prom and Par+y Decora+ions 938-48I7 The NicesI' Cards in Town CERAMICS ED'S BARBER SHCJP GREENWARE AND SUPPLIES Newpor+, Maine CHRIS PAINE R+. 2 Palmyra Compnmems of CompIimenI's of SH ELDON'S 5HARQN'5 MARY CARTER HAIR FAS:-uoNs PAINT STURE Hamand' Me' Newpor+ 388-4426 938-4479 KINNEY DUPLICATOR COMPANY Complimenfs of A. B. Dick DupIicaI'ing ProcIuc+s MR, E, B, Office Machines and Equipme I Corinna Maine I60 Perry Road Bangor, Maine Complimenfs of H Complimen+s of CHEVRCLET-BUICK, INC. LLOYD H. STITHAM Madison Ave. Skowhegan Maine PiH'sfield M -i' Complimenis of MOORESON KNOWLES AND DRESSEL MILLWORK SINCE I923 Skowhegan' Maine 934-4444 Harfland, Complimen+s of Complimen+s of MURDOCK'S MARKET BIJCU THEATRE 924-7282 4 PiH'sfield, Me. ENJOY MODERN MOVIES - fr.. MODERN THEATER 'i' Complimen+s of Congra+ula+ions +o 'rhe Class of I972 ART's PLACE U ED S Pizza - Halian Sandwiches Dairy Cream Newport Maine Kenduskeag, Maine Complimenis of V. W. SMALL PAINE'S MOTOR SALES MoccASlN co. New and Used Cars NOFIIW MBIU SIVGGI Shaw and Cenfer S+reeI's MBIHQ Newporf' Maine -I- CompIimenI's of TOOT'S DELICATESSEN CompIimen+s of LOG CABIN DINER Dex+er, Maine EasI' Newpor+, Maine -I- CompIimenI's of We Sell and Service Wigs CompIeI'e BeauI'y Service MIDWAY SUPERETTE 36 Shaw SI'ree'r Corinna Road Newpor+, Maine DexI'er 368-4622 Air-Condiiioned -I- Top QuaIiI'y - Honesf VaIues BRAKE SERVICE AND HERMQN PARTS iNc. MOBILE HOMES, INC. I70 WasI'1ingI'on S+reeI' Sales and Service Bangor' Maine U.S. Rouie 2 . A+ Cold Brook Exi+ Brake -SWh?iI fhgnmem of In+ers'ra+e 95 pecla 'S S GEORGE H. GOULD, C-:eneraI Manager Complimenis of DR. AND MRS. H. J. LABARGE Dexfer, Maine Complimenfrs of LEWIS' MARKET SEBASTICOOK GOLF CLUB PAUL AND JESSIE LEONARD Tel. 368-4782 Rouie 7, Newpori, Maine Complimenis of SEBASTICOOK VALLEY DAIRY INC. Pizzas and Halians Beer and Grocerle Pi++SfieId' Maine Har'rIand, Maine -I-el. 487-6938 E' N' Q CompIimen+s of Q GENERAL CONTRACTOR Newpori, Maine 363-5235 I Newpori, Maine I? f Complimenfg of VIVIAN'S BEAUTY SALON Dial 938-2275 , General Repairs I-Iar+Iand' Maine Weiding - Ace+yIene 938-4750 Wrecker Service Har+IancI, Maine S uI'h Main S+. PiHs'f PAT'S BEAUTY KORNER Specializing in: Perm Waving, Bleaching, Perms, and High Hair SI'yIing "You dial il, I'Il s+yIe i+." 938-230I ROWELL AUTO SALES QUALITY CARS AND TRUCKS Locafed a+ Bowl Rife Lanes Tel. 487-5420 Complimenls +0 CI ass of '72 HI-WAY SUPERETTE Newporl Complimenls of KLEINSCHMIDT AND DUTTING CONSULTING ENGINEERS Pillsfield, Me. 487-5363 ield Congralulafions +o +he GRADUATING CLASS OF I972 Complimenls of EAST NEWPORT GROCERY MR. AND MRS. PHIL CAPOGNA Easl' Newporl, Maine CENTRAL AUTO BODY SHOP Corinna M Complimenls of ROBERT G. PARKER OPTOMETRIST PiHsfieId BEARCE'S AUCTION HOUSE Buy and Sell Auc+ioneer - JOHNNY BEARCE Corinna, Maine Phone 278-5642 Evenings Complimenfs of CF NEWPURT KENNETH HUGHES 3. Where You 66+ SONS AGENCY, INC. Quali+y Plus Service Fire' Ca5uaH'Y' I-He HeaH'l'1, Accideni' Zeni+i1 - Gibson - Norge 87 Main S+ree+ Magnavox ,- Easy S+. Albans, Maine PiHsfield, Me. WeS+inghouSe Tel. 938-459I Tel. 487-2790 I NATIONAL LORNA S HAIR STYLING t AUTO pART5 INC. Open 6 Days a Week, 8 +o 5 I 8 Park Shed Thursday Evenings by Appoinfmeni' Pmsfield Ps++sfaeId Tel. 487-58II Te" 4872446 O' 4875577 1'- CANTEEN C I, if SERVICE COMPANY Ompogmens Comple+e Food and CPTOMETRISTS Vending Service JV Compliment, of Complimen+s of STEVES GULF THE SUNSET LUNCH S+. Albans, Maine Hariland, Maine FITTS TIRE SERVICE GERALD R. FITTS, Owner FIee+ Service - Re+reading Wheel Balancing - Wheel Alignmenl' CompIeI'e Tire Headquar+ers I7 Middle SI'ree+ Phone 487-24I6 PiI'I's'FieId, Maine Home 487-5307 AII Service Calls 487-24I6 ETNA FURNITURE STORE Where You Can Furnish Your Home EIeganI'Iy and Economically CompIimen+s of R. I. "RAZOR" CROSMAN Corinna, Maine Tel. 278-4274 Ponies and Ca++Ie Aucfioneer - Appraiser AucI'ion Every Thursday aI' I I:3O a.m. Complimenls of BEN FRANKLIN STORE Hallmark Cards for All Occasions Dexfer 942-742 I PITTSFIELD TRACTOR CO. FORD TRACTORS AND EQUIPMENT Ski-doo Sales 487-53 I5 SANDY'S BEAUTY SHOP Main SI'ree+ PiI"I's'IieId, Maine Tel. 487-5460 CompIimenI's of PITTSFIELD BOWLING LANES 26 Middle S+ree'I, Pi++sfieId, Me. Lowesl' prices in The sI'aI'e in Bowling and Billiards CLARK'S MOTEL Junclion Rou+es 2-I I-IO0 and InI'ers+a+e 95 Newporl, Maine 167 Complimenis of CLARENCE N. PIERCE STAR HOME SUPPLY Realror G I I KniH'ing Supplies - Needlework enera nsurance Sewing Supplies 364 Main S+. Dexler, Maine Hadland Maine ql- Compliments Complimenls of of HARTLAND 81 Bus:-ioP's FARM MARKET sr. ALBANS TELEPHONE COMPANY S+- Albans. Maine Harfland, Maine Farm PgjiZ:EoZgeAppleS Cuslom Pic+ure Framing 14- 919-4579 Complimen+s , O, LEEN s Brewer, Me. Porllancl, Me. CO. Merrimack, N. H. Warwick, R. I. Easi, Corimh' Maine Elec+ricl:11c2+orsI,. Con'rrols, y rau :cs Pneumalics, Power Transmissions " ' ' CLAUDE E. FISHER PHILLIP J. SEEKINS I "-"-- EJ + "" A. N. MCMICHAEL Agenr for Greyhound Bus Lines Comforrable and Reasonable Rooms Complele Insurance Service Newporl, Maine 938-49l2 wa Galeway lo +he Moosehead Trail Harifland and pmsfield FARM CREDIT SERVICE 22 Main S'rree+ NewporI', Maine Produc+ion Credi+ and Federal Land Bank Loans Complimenfs of D EXT ER AGWAY I02 Church Sfreef DexI'er, Maine ELL-HILL GROCERY Palmyra, Maine 938-4786 LEWIS BROS., INC. Your Local John Deere Dealer TeI. 368-44I3 NewporI', Maine CompIimen+s of DR. R. A. BADGER 924-706I CHARLOTTE B. WEBBER DexI'er, Maine SPRING STREET GREENHOUSE AND FLOWER SHOP 924-7 I 02 MIM 84 HERBIE'S RESTAURANT 45+h PARALLEL DINER Rou+e 7 DexI'er, Maine 924-88I4 LANDMARK MOTOR INN In+ers+a+e 95 PiHsfieId, Maine 487-337I Complimenis of A FRI END Dex+er, Maine CORINNA SERVICE CENTER R. BRYSON, Proprie+or Mobil Prod uC+S and Minor Repairs Corinna, Maine complamems of STANDARD ELECTRIC COMPANY B ango r, Marne CompIimen+s of JOHN AND JOYCE FOSTER LAWRENCE'S FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP Flowers 'For AII Occasions Flowers Wired Anywhere Tel. 487-2240 27 Har+Iand Avenue PiH'sIieId, Maine SEARS, ROEBUCK 81 COMPANY 924-3533 Dex+er, Maine Shop a+ Sears Besf Wishes L. A. DYSART PiH'sfieId, Maine VEAZLAND FARMS Regis+erecI HoIs+eins MR. AND MRS. 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Entering in September of Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-eight, this class has become the first to have completed four full years as students of Nokomis Regional High School, which was formally ded- icated on November, 1968. The members of the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Seventy-two have experi- enced all the trials of a new enterpriseg as they approach their Commencement in Iune, they are well aware of the successful molding of many complicating facets into one unit. This unity has been wrought by the efforts of many - primarily the citizens of the area who had the courage, initiative, and foresight to envision a school administrative district and to culminate their endeavors by erecting a building of which generations to come may be justly proud. Upon its completion, Nokomis could never have developed into the fine com- plex which exists today without the combined efforts of the administration, teaching staff, and student body. Therefore, for the members of the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Seventy- two, Commencement holds a very significant meaning. This class is grateful for the opportunity of being the first four-year class to be graduated from Nokomis Regional High. The challenge which they have met and accepted here will serve them well as they go on to meet the many challenges to be encountered in the fu- ture. 'I7 "Time', passes on and these pages are a tale of many happy hours. We extend sincerest thanks to everyone who has helped to tell our story. Best of luok in '73 Dawn and Laurie, and remember your first deadline is only seven months away!

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