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Nokomis High School - Old Nokomis Yearbook (Nokomis, IL) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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r F: i I K w. ii x 1, L w il ix . ' EP ' L E. E X 4 gi., .f , il 1 11, n H ' Eva- I '35-' i I..,' fthflf . 'f 4' P fm, .1 ui., IW n 4 . liar ! .3 hu ' 5-ff' 1, . ig, g in ' -4 N' ' l lg 4 5 V ' G N ff 1 J- .4 .QT I1 2, it , F1 'K 52 .YLJLQ I V -. ,A -A i. QQ :' U f Z" J: 1 - --155.-.F Y. 1, f-1 ' g 9255. V ' ' :T ' ,l ,, 9 FM! 2 , f Qglg g.- Vik, N lr X3 - 5.3-. A "Y V ' , , I L 5 -1.14" W P - l T711 I 4, ,D IV 4' I 1 5-fx. 1 L. A . , .. II.Q'gg. '- N ' 'ff :Pi .ax "TY- ll .S .il f ': , 5.55, A T 1 1 Q ! Ljf5QC a , S ?'i?,'Qj:e Ei- X X Nj x XD. ,I fx 8 Q5 My ,iff ,lv ' I-L uf' 9,3 E-'MnM..,Z-3 ' 'Jun 'K ' f,,l',4, :A ffm ,. 1. ID I xl 5 'X ' af' V ' I ff' Q'-S 'S "I '10 .,, , 'ET' H25 ,LC M -9 :Z ' .,-, X I, - W qv 1.5 If ,I I VI X KL., ', X A NT :jj 3,50 42 I ,4 'W ' I f YE fx Q f 1' I 'Q I I - I K Efiwgllmdkygc I .fl f Fw QL 3, 9 'Wf Nw KM I" K I wx J kj Q S 'W ' ev D -if K I I J Q fjyj S D WJ? ff QQ . S4771-I ff , Jfffi -X Old okomis - 1946 NOKOMIS TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL ir NOKOMIS ILLINOIS fvfxff Cbmlicatzbn, falfff Miss Yackle Mr. Rademacher Un gnu Stella glillzrg :Markle anh EE. gi. Qltztilemwzlter ' fue mlge flllzxss nf '45 emh Staff nf "Gl5lh gNulzumis" hehirzxte this bunk A,"'v? 1 in lgunnr uf gum- excellent leaherslyip anh cuuperatiuu H X fy, in making this Qezufs lmulz ' tlge best eher puhlislgeh- .'.0, n l ,mme Two Bar .T. H. . Ranch MAP OF OUR RANCH Q9 A55 Q 3'-'33--1-." Q a - A ,, f Lg:-1 :.q,'ff:-Q GY? Self 10. 'Z ' Q9--T "' 69522 C3 20 '59 - ffzlf-.2123 oy Rona To Rodeo--v s..-5.5 ' .fsx 'f 'I , .-ff.. ' 4' + X,,,f H-V + 4- 4- tn- + 4- 4- N 8' + 90 + 4 + uv e I ' r + ' 3 0.5. . Ranch House Yearlings . Wranglers Two-Year-Olds . Bosses and Directors Three-Year-Olds . Broncho Busters Thoroughbreds . Roundup 10 Campfire fi 7 ,-Y Q" 1 ,fvffsx ffl gk j f -E ll Q sf, W flirfzi, -fi Mfr' ' Q QQ' 'X f ' fl '25 Lf' H owcl y . I "Howdy, folks! Are you ready to begin the . tour of the N.T.H.S. Bar Ranch? It shore is a grand day and the weather is just dandy, so let,s Q get goin'. . First we'll see the Ranch Foreman and his Ranch Hands who are always busy. . The main stem of interest on a ranch is the horses, so off to the corrals and the Roundup. I One of the main side attractions will be the Rodeo. After the sun disappears from the hori- ' zon, we shall gather 'round the Campfire for re- laxation and hear the Cowboy Serenade. I Last but not least we'll read the Diary of this . here ranch. So come on, all of you, as we'uns are all ready . to go." Four 322, .. 1 v.. fwf- an .Mittal i CEEWQ. K"3M1 - 4 ' 31. , uw, V T it Q 'f,,"' , - Q - K in ,L A tg NA Q 4 A-,Hex L, f J I Q. f if 1 v g L ,xi y A.: at ,U 4 A' . , W' 72+ f ,if "A QW . , I:vt,f'9M,' ,Qffs Y "VA ' Nw" A ' W 4 gb.""',' K I hr W l 7!x,'e,w?.w, if 331 A nf .wp y ,JSP 'f9'A"" Fifth, x My 2 . - NW H Q ' x gdb .. K 31? Si 1 Wu X. fwgp will ,fin-rx: 1 f K new V' 0,1-.,' J 'X ,.rL ., L' - 5 A. 3 7 will .,. 'S 1 , 1 '1 S- if , , Se, -if . iw w 'f , 9' ISF. f "Y 9 'kK ""v-, .f f V '-,W 1.-f 'i ' M. -R Q elx L, '21 , N. K L A n :S 4 3' 8 ,Q it " in W A- ' Nj' Q' A' ' Q an A ' K ,mgvff It 3 ' 3 5' ' we .L 1 it 'r Q " ' Q N vi , A iff' 'y 1' mn A xx X 4 1 .gr X f 5 'Q , .IFHL X 4 19" Q .i , Q 5 X F gf! ' s 'Hwy K . W in Xmkk 1, 'Lx v Q.: W1 .7 W ,. wr! W , +- H X 1 In N xx If fl '12 gl Y .,L,, I .ful '72 Q, ,fH'1'. WTI ,,3W.4!-f, .farm 4 " mf' , ,suffix Bnuuffxff MR. LEONARD O. HEWITT MR. E. E. RADEMACHER M.A, A.l3. Advanced Algulml. 'I'rig'rvno1net1'y, Chb'l"IliStl'Y. Biology. Gvrman. Bnulikcc-1xing'. Dvan of Hays l'1'inL'ipz1I Assistant Principal if bmctofm, i . MRS. C. W. MR. W. P. VAUGHN GILBERT President Sorwetary MR. C. W. BARNSTABLE MR. C. BROVVN MR. A. MILLER MR. C. TRITT Seven kttt MISS BERNITA AMYX H. Hd. Iingiish II, Slum-vii, ICm-m1imi- ic-s, llwxve-i'i1nivl1t, livvixpsi- tinns. f:l'lIt'I'2lI Ililsiiwss. Blwnclwf faiff mv ,gi MRS. MARJORIE L. BALLINGER H.Ed. Algx-lim 1. Geometry, If'l'zu'tin':lI lvlzithr-mutim-H. QIHIIVII Girls' I'hysi1-all I':IlllC'LltIOFl MR. GLOYD E. ARCHICY Industrial Arts Ihxys' I'I1ysis'ul I-Iwlilwitinii MISS EUNICE BUSTRIN ILS. Sl1m'ti1:xmI, Typing, HHlikkC'1'IiilILf. Q 5 MRS. ELIZABFITH M. MR- ROBERT R- GENT LYNCH ima. I A-Ii' fwggggil gl, g1ji'r1g'g"v- "I'32i?,ikki?1ZE'I.2i.''M' MR. W. C. MCGREGOR 1. MR. L. P. MYERS MISS FRANCES Rs. A.I!. PIRCHER Music I'h?'sim's, Th-in-rzii Svif-1100, Wmrlgw-l'?iStmvy' he-nf-r:iI IVIHlI'lE'I112lilf,'H, V- S' Histmvv Wwrld GMI:-l'I'21l+I1y. Latin 1NITlOI'Il'illl History. Eight 'kirlf-if i , - MISS NAOMI SHORTENHAUS B.S. Home EL-uiioinics MISS STELLA YACKLE MS. English l,2. MRS. HENRY COLLINS QIE1fi't9l'Iil Assistant Baonchnduatani if if if f -. MR. H. C. STANLEY MRS. IVIILIJRED E A,l1. WUNDEIILICII I ILS, in Ed. A3"'ult'l'U Nliltlll-'IllElIIL'S Gills' Physic-all lfhluvziti ef' MRS LESLIE Miss MYRA STIEHI JOHNSON S1 ci-vtziry SH,,.Q,m,.y Miss BETTY PECKNIlx Mio pivturvl Sw'1'eAt:1l'y MISS EMMA SCHNIEPP MISS EDNA BUSTRIN MR. GROVER KESSLER L'aI'et4fi'izi Sllllt-'l'YIS1lI' Nine esistunt Custndiall OUR FOREMAN PETE PAESANI President of Student i'uum-il gags , . . -QB-fy, ' i"'f"' 522. ffjhalcl if .Til THE STUDENT COUNCIL The Wranglers, consisting of nine members and their adviser, really "pitched in" and did their job faithfully this year. First of all, they supervised the Football Carnival, a grand success both socially and financially. Next came the Stu- dent Council Dance. Tommy Roscoe's orchestra furnished the music and really made the dance "go over" with a "bang" This year, as every year, they gave activity awards to the girl and the boy with the highest rating, supervised the class elections, and chose the cheerleaders. The selling of tuberculosis bangles and the Junior Red Cross membership drive was left to the Student Council. As usual they also took care of the distribution of the individual pictures that were taken here at the N.T.H.S. Bar Ranch, were in charge of the col- lection of clothes to be sent to the needy, and the "March of Dimes." The president, Pete Paesani, presided at many of the assembly round-ups and was always ready to help where he could. Indeed, the Wranglers of N.T.H.S. Bar Ranch have had a big year. I Standing: Velma Hugs-rm-ier. Isabelle Masilimus fx'iL'l"I,l'PSilll'llii. iiSIH2ll' iA'ill'llIHllll'l', John Vuumly. Elmer W llsun. Sitting: lvl:-lrlzi Hit-roiiylmls f'l'l'k'HSliY'+'l'i. lVIilrl1'm--nl XK'oll+-is 431-1-l'eI:il'yb, liluriu lfie-Ilnver. Mrs. Gent 1.-Xdvisi-i'i, Pele Pzwsalii ll'rvsi1lenI P. T611 Th 1946 Roundup "Whoa there! We've come to the Roundup now. The Ranch Hands are worn out as they have been workin' all day long. Just about all of the horses are settled peacefully in their corrals. "Hyar in the first corral you can see the Yearlings, in the next the Two-Years-Olds, then the Three-Year-Olds, and in the largest one over thar are the Thoroughbredsfl Eleven Freshman Class tbl MARGARET ANN ARCHIBALD STANLEY ARCHIBALD BARBARA BEAMAN ALICE MAE BENDER DOROTHY JEAN BRACKENHOFF DALLAS BRAYE KEITH BRICKER CAROL SUE BROWN LYNIS E. CASSIDY DOLORES CAVALETTO LORENE COLONIUS LYLE B. EDGECOMBE MARGARET FLANNIGAIN CATHERINE M. GELETKA DONALD E. GERMAN SIDNEY GRANT VELORA HAGEMEIER MARILYN HINES EVERETT HINTON BETTY LOU HOUSE DIXIE HOUSE MARLYN JANSSEN WILMA ANN JANSSEN WILMER DALE JOHNSON DOROTHY A. JONES Twelve GLORIA KAUSIC MARY KELLY 0 CHARLES LANDERS JEANETTE LANKFORD DARRELL L. MACK ALETA LIPE BERNICE MURPHY HELEN E. PEARSE VERONICA H. PEHANICH DOLORES PIEPER EUGENE POLIAK BERNADETTE POLIAK DORIS POLLEY ARTHUR REINCKE DONALD POPE ORVILLE RHODES JOHN T. SAATKAMP LULA LORRAINE SAATKAMP WANDA JEAN SCHNEIDER EDNA SKINNER HAZEL WILLIAM J. TAYLOR CHARLES SCHWEIZER L. SMALLEY DORIS TARRAN LOIS ELLEN TUETKEN ELMER WILSON DELORES ANN WEBER ALLEN WOLFF DOROTHY J. VVOODHOUSE Thirteen Freshman Class O L..gnnI3mlum.lA1. ' 'T ' "M sixty ' f4ff4 MRS. BALLINGER MR. MYERS Adviser Adviser Freshman Class Officers Motto 'The door to success is labeled 'Push'." 1 Honor Roll Three Successive Flower Quarters American Beauty Rose. Gloria Kausic Colors Blue and Gold. i lloris Pulley fVicc--Presidentl, Hazel Smalley l'l'1'easui'erJ, Delores Weber 4Sfcretnry7, Gloria Kausic C1'i'e-side-iity. HISTORY OF THE YEARLINGS On August 26, 1945, fifty-two of us freshmen entered N.T.H.S. At the first class meeting we chose the candidates for offices. Gloria Kausic was elected presidentg Doris Polley, vice-president, Delores Weber, secretary, Hazel Smalley, treasurer. The class sponsors are Mrs. Ballinger and Mr. Myers. At the second class meeting our class mot- to, flower, and colors were selected. Early in the year an all-school party was given to Welcome us. The sophomores did the initiating, the juniors did the entertaining, the seniors did the feeding, and all we had to do was come. Later the sophomores gave us a party, and we in turn gave them one. In sports we were represented by E. Poliak, J. Saatkamp, D. German, and L. Edgecombe. The chorus is credited with 13 of our girls. Dolores Cavaletto and Delores Weber were our contribution to the All-School play, "The Life of Riley." Two freshmen, Gloria Kausic and Charles Schweizer, were on the first quarter honor roll. Let's all work for a very prosperous year as sophomores. D.C.-W.S. Fourteen ff4fJwn- -Uldaffff MISS PIRCHER MISS AMYX Adviser Adviser Sophomore Class Officers Motto Honor Roll HSUCCQSS through Seven Successive Effort." Quarters Flower Gloria Bellaver orchid Catherine Bertinetti P ?0l0flS ld Lou Ann um e an G0 Schaefer Jerry Shzilbot fPI'c-side-ntl, Lou Ann Schaefer f'l'reasurerJ, Patricia Morgan 1Vic'e-l'1'esicls-ntl, Marilyn Ultmann 4SecretaryJ. HISTORY OF THE TWO-YEAR-OLDS Late in August, 1944, we enrolled as freshmen-52 strong. Miss McGee and Mr. Myers guided us through that year. In the fall of 1945 We came back, 50 in number. We chose Miss Pircher and Miss Amyx as our sponsors and elected Jerry Shalbot, Patricia Morgan, and Lou Ann Schaefer as our officers. Our number was soon increased to 51 when Donald Meisen- heimer joined us. In late September the seniors, juniors, and sophomores gave a "Welcome Party" for the "freshies." At the party We had the pleasure of initiating the freshmen. Our Harvest Queen candidates were Frances Landers and Victoria Novak. We are very proud that "Vic" was not only a candidate, but the Harvest Queen. For Carnival Queen candidates we chose Gloria Bellaver and Marilyn Oltmann. Jerry Shalbot, Bill Pechnik, Orville Rhodes, Tony Stolsek, John Coady, Harold Schneider, and Paul Vansack repre- sented us in sports, and Marilyn Oltmann and Lou Ann Schaefer acted as two of the school's five cheerleaders. Louise Storm and John Short represented our class in the All-School Play. On February 11, we entertained the freshmen at a Valentine Party. . L.S.-C.B. Fifteen Jwn- -01114, . . . 4 . Sophomore Class MARILYN J. BAUMANN GLORIA BELLAVER CATHERINE J. BERTINETTI ELAINE A. BROERS ROSE MARIE BROWN DARRELL CASSIDY JOHN COADY . RUTH MARIAN CRABBE EUGENE CRAIG BETTY L. CROW JAMES DE WERFF BETTY LOU GOODVVIN DWAIN E. GRONEWALD JEANNE M. HANISKO EVERETT HOEHN MELVIN HUBER DALE E. JANSSEN DONALD JANSSEN LELAND JANSSEN CLIFFORD D. JOHNSON KENNETH E. JOHNSON BETTY LOU KEISER ALLIEN F. KOBETISCH IRENE A. KOSKO Sixteen Jw- - Ulda, ..... Sophomore Class HAROLD E. KOTTWITZ FRANCES LANDERS GILBERT MEINERS DONALD MEISENHEIMER RUSSELL MINDRUP PATRICIA MORGAN JOHN NASH VICTORIA NOVAK MARILYN OLTMANN HUGH PAVOLKO WILLIAM PECHNIK ROSALYN PERRY KATHRYN POPE WALTER REHKEMPER LOU ANN SCHAEFER HAROLD SCHNEIDER JERRY SHALBOT JOHN SHORT ig-. RUTH SLUDER EUGENE SPEARS TONY STOLSEK LOUISE STORM PAUL VANSACK NORMA ELAINE WARNSING Svventeen Jluum- - Ulda, ...... Junior Class MARGIE BANGERT ROBERT R. BENDER RAMON BERTOLINO JIM BRACKENHOFF LORETTA BRAYE THEODORE E. CARROLL WILLIAM L. CHABALA RUTH COLONIUS AUDREY M. DURBIN DWAIN HAGEMEIER AUDREY HUBBARD JIMMIE JANSON RAY EDWARD JOHNSON WAYNE KENNETH JOHNSON BILL KIRKPATRICK MONETA KRUTSKI OSMAR O. LEHENBAUER ISABELLE L. MASILONUS PAULINE MCCLAINE RENO F. MENIN Eighteen Jlmm- - Ulda. ...... .lunior Class IRMA J. MILLER ADELL MYERS ADIENNE MYERS ROBERT R. NOYES EDWARD J. OVCA DORIS POCOCK DOROTHY RENNEKAMP ELEANORE J. SCHNEIDER JANICE D. SCHNEIDER MARVIN SCHREMPP NORMA STIVERS BETTY L. SWANEY BETTY UMBERGER BEVERLY W. VAUGHN BONNIE JEAN VEDDER DONNA LEE VEDDER EVELYN VERICKER LEON L. WARNSING EUGENE ZUECK I ROBERT ZUECK CLIFFORD JAROS-No Picture ' Jig I ' I xl 'ax Nineteen ffxfjhnm- -Uld.4,4f+4 MRS. GENT MISS SHORTENHAUS Adviser Adviser Junior Class Officers Motto The door to suc- N Honor Roll cess IS labeled , lpushfy Eleven Successive Quarters Flower American Beauty Isabelle ROSS Masilonus C0l0I'S Pauline McClaine Green and White Ray Johnson fPl'osi1lcntl, Mar,':,'ie lizlngert fSf'f'l'f-'t11l'Yl. lit-tty Swann-y 1Vin-4--l'i'vsimlv1xtJ. Ifllvmiore Sclmeidwr lT11-nsi11'e1'J. HISTORY OF THE THREE-YEAR-OLDS In the fall of 1943, we were fifty-two freshmen just entering N.T.H.S. We carried on admirably having representatives in music and sports, and we participated in social affairs. We returned the next fall as sophomores and as the smallest class in schoolg but small as we were, we entertained, were entertained and did our bit to help the school. This year we are juniors with forty-one members. We lost four but added four. We chose Mrs. Gent, Miss Shortenhaus, Ray Johnson, Betty Swaney, Margie Bangert, Eleanore Schneider, Isabelle Masilonus, and Osmar Lehenbauer to be our bosses. Just to mention a few of our celebrities We have B. Zueck, G. Zueck, R. Bertolino, L. Warnsing, B. Kirkpatrick, and R. Menin in sportsg Robert Bender, the movie projector operatorg nine students serving on the "Ojibwa News" and "Old Nokomis" staffsg two members of the septet, Adell Myers and Adienne Myers, the accompanistg and J. Schneider, L. Warnsing, and Jim Brackenhoff in the All-School pliay. We were guests of the seniors at the Senior-Junior Christmas party and hosts to the seniors and faculty at the Junior-Senior Prom. We presented the successful play, "The Old Crab," and sponsored the Harvest Dance, an all-school affair. Since our motto is "The Door to Success Is Labeled 'Push'," let's all push hard for a very successful senior year. D.P. Sc A.M. Twenty +f4f-k.7fl0fl01l4h5Md-4-ffxaff MISS YACKLE MR. RADEMACHER Adviser Adviser Senior Class Officers Motto Flower Carnation "Better than the Colors rest, but not bet- ter than the best" Blue and Gold Delmar Johnson fSecretary1. Clarenm-v Kelly tVic'e-P1-esiclelitl. John Lxwis t'I'reasurerJ, June llHI'lC'21Slt'l' tl"l'l3Slll0llll. , A GALLOP OVER THE YEARS VVe, the Thoronghbreds of '46, started out as Yearlings in '42 with a herd of ninety. Our ranch bosses were Miss Myerscough and Mr. Rademacher. and our foremen were Coady, Oltmann, Shalbot, and Thornhill. We were well represented in athletics and the twirling corps, Our outstanding player, Thorn- hill, won a letter. After a summer on the range we returned eighty-six strong. This time our ranch bosses were Miss Cocks and Mr. Rademacherg our forernen were Johnson, Kennedy, Vancil, and Shalbot. An out- standing year brought us honors as one of our classmates, June Lancaster, was crowned queen. This year we had four lettermen and the majority of thee majorettes. Three-Year-Olds and proud of it! Thornhill, Macek, Guidish, Lewis, Paesani, Schaefer-what would we have done in sports without them? Again we lassoed the royalty-Janet Kennedy was rodeo queen. Our class officers were the "big four" and Johnson, and our ranch bosses were Mrs. Gent and Miss Fagan. VVe were entertained by the seniors at a lovely Christmas party and in return we honored them with the spring "prom."' Now we were ready for our last roundup. 14 We, the best trained Thoroughbreds, seventy-two of us, are ready to round up another long but wonderful journey. This year our ranch bosses are Miss Yackle and Mr. Rademacher. Our foremen are Lancaster, Kelly, Johnson, and Lewis. Again we had a fine representation in sports, in music, and in drarnatics. All good things come in threes, so we had the honor of seeing the third one of our mem- bers, Gladys Ciberey, crowned queen. We entertained our Three-Year-Olds with a Christmas party, pro- duced a good play, and completed the year by putting out the best yearbook ever published. So long everyone! The class of '46 bid all farewell. J.K.-D.J. Twe-11 ty-one Jhnmughbfzeda HELEN ADAMS Dec. 22 "Ojihwa News" Typist and Stencil Cutter 43 Pep Club 3. D'0MINlC BERTINETTI, JR. "Buck" March 19 "Old Nokomis" Art Edi- tor 43 "Mama's Baby Boy" 3: Male Quartet 4. PAULINE BOLTE "Bubbles" Oct. 17 Majorette 1,2. IVAN CASSIDY Sept. 30 "He was a Gay Senoritau 33 F.F.A. 1.Z.3,4. MARGIE COADY April 27 "0jibwa News" Reporter 33 Class President 13 G.A. A. 13. President 43 Pep Club 33 Dramatic Club 4, Vice-Presidc-'nt 31 Harvest Queen Attendant 1: Car- nival Attendant 4: Ma- jors-tte 1,2143 Cheerlead- er 4. MARTHA ANN CRABBE "Martha" March 15 Twenty-two SENIOR C. BARNSTABLE "Barney" Nov. 19 "tbld Nulmmisn Uirvula- tion Manager 43 F. F. A. 1.12.43 "N" Club -L: Car- nival Attvnllant 43 Foot- ball 4. ISADORE BERTINETTI nlzzyn Dec. 8 Class Secretary 3: Dra- matir Club 43 Football 43 liasvball 13.3.43 Basket- ball 3.4. ROBERT BRUMMET l4BobYl Dec. 4 Oconee High School 1,23 "0jibwa News" Alumni Etliiul' -1. GLADYS CIBEREY uGIadyH July 26 "Ojibwa Ns-ws" Stencil Puttt-r 33 "Aunt Minnie from Minnesota" 2: "Hol- lywood Extra" 33 Carnival LJUPBII 4: Harvest Que-en Attendant 13 G.A.A. 1.2.3, fig llome "Er"' Club 2, Par- liame-ntarian 43 Pep Club Sl: Dramatic' f'lub 4. JAMES COLONlUS "Chompy" Sept. 11 F.F.A. 1,3, Treasurer 2. Vive-Pi'esident 4. STEVE DASOVICH, JR. "Dazo" April 12 "Old Nokomisn Business Manager 43 "Happy Land- ings" 33 "llc VVaS a Gay St-nm'ita" 3. CLASS MARY DEREMIAH Aug. 7 Hyde Park High School and Fisher High School lg Thornton Fravtional High School 2.33 Shelbyville-, Mo. High School fig G.A. A. 4. K. W. ENGELHART "Blue" July 2 F.F.A. 1,:Z,3,4: Football 3. RITA F. EPLEY Dec. 6 "Old Nokomisu Calendar Editor 43 Pep Club 3. JUDITH FRICKE HJudy!l Sept. 15 "Hollywood E x t r a" 33 "Lifo of Rile-y" 4. JULIA ANN GOLITKO "Julie" April 12 "Ojibwa Ne-Ws"' Typist and Stenvil Cutter 45 G.A. A. 1.13.41 Pep Club 33 Dramatic Club 4g Major- ette 1.2. JOSEPH GUIDISH uGonyon Aug. 20 "N" Flub 3.4: Football 3, 43 Basketball 3,43 Base- ball -13 Track 4. Twenty-three Jlwlwughb DAVID EASTERDAY HDaveH July 24 F.F,A. 2.3.4. KENNETH EPLEY "Curley" Dec. 2 F,F.A. l,2.Zl,42 Baseball Manager Il. EDNA FOURNIER HEdnaH March 7 Pep Club 3. RUSSELL GERMAN HRUSS!! Nov. 28 F.F.A. 1,2.4: "N" Club lg C a rn i v ul Attendant 4: Football 25.-l. CHARLOTTE GUIDISH "Mutzie" Nov. 30 "Ojibwa News" Editor 4: "He VVas a Gay Senoritau 3: G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Pep Club 3: Dramatic Club 43 Ma- jorette- 1.2. ORENE HAGEMEIER "Rene" July 26 "Old Nokomirf' Photog- rapher 3, 'llypist 43 Pep Club Treasurvr 3: "Holly- wood Extra" 3: Girls' Sep- tet 4: Dramatic Club 41 Majorette 1.2. Jhnaouqhbnnda MARIAN I. HERZOG "Marian" Oct. 5 Home Club 3. VERDA HOEHN March 12 "Old Nokomisn Literary Editor 4: Pep Club 3. RUDOLPH HRIBAR HRudy!l Jan. 16 "Ojib-wa News" Cirvula- tion and Business Man- ager -lg "N" Club 3,43 Basketball 1,231.41 Halse- Hull 2.3.45 Football Main- ager 4. JAMES JACHINO llJim7! Aug. 27 "N" Club 4: Carnival At- tundnnt 4: Frmtball 2.3.41 Basketball lil, ANNA MARIE JOHNSON "Annie" Jan. 26 Bethalto High School 1: G.A.A. 1.2.3.-1: Home "Er-" Club 33 Pep Club 3. HELEN M. KACURA "Kacura" July 6 "Ojil1wa N e w S" Typist :ind Stencil Cutter 4: "He Vilas a Guy Sennritan Zig "Hollywood Extra" 3. Twenty-four SENIOR MELDA HIER'ONYMUS HMePl Feb. 25 "Old Noknmisu Photog- rapher 33 Student Council 'Vieusurer 4: G.A.A. lg Pep Club 3. JEAN HOLMES "Jeanie" March 5 "Ojibwa News" Typist 3g "Old Nokomizi' Typist 4: "Ho VVas :1 Gay Senoritau 33 G.A.A. 1.2.3,-lg Pep Club Sig Harvest Queen Attend- ant 33 Majorette 1.2. DOROTHY HULBEFIT "Dottie Jo" Oct. 3 "Old Nokomisu Literary Editor 3, Photographer 43 Student Counril 33 G.A.A. 1.4, SQCl'l'Ull'Y 2, President JE: Carnival Attendant Ill Pep Club 33 MilAIlll't'tit' l,L!. 2l,4. VELIA JACHINO Hvalll Sept. 3 "Hollywood Ex t r a" 3: Home "FIC" Cluh Sevre- tnry Al: Pep Club Il: DHL- mnticf Club 52,43 Carnival Attendant 2. DELMAR A. JOHNSON "Tear" May 1 Class President 2.3, Sec' rotary-l. JOHN KALVAITIS "Johnny"' Aug. 29 "0jihw:1 News" Reporter ll: Student Connvil 2. CLASS DORIS KEISER "Doris" Aug. 27 Home "Ee" Club 2. JANET A. KENNEDY April 6 Class 'Vice-President 23 "Mamas Baby Roy' 33 G. A.A. l,2, Secretary 3, Vice- President 43 Pep Club 35 Carnival Queen 33 Dra- matic' Club 3. ALFRED KIEFER HAI!! April 30 "Ojibwa News" Mimeo- graph Operator 45 F.F.A. 1.2. JUNE LANCASTER HJuneU Oct. 5 Class President 4: "He YVas a Gay Senoritau 3: "Hollywood Extra" 3: Pep Club 33 Carnival Queen 23 Harvest Queen Attendant lg Majorette l,2.3,4. JOHN L. MACEK "Johnny" Oct. 21 "Old Nokomisn Athletic Editor 43 F.F.A. 25 "N" Club 2.3,-43 Carnival At- tendant 4: Football 1,2.3, 4: Basketball 15.3.43 Track 3.4: Baseball 1,2,3,4. BETTY R. NICHOLS "Nickel" Oct. 30 Home "EC" Club E2,3,4. Twenty-five JllDll01lqflblI.2dd. CLARENCE KELLY Hpugll Feb. 18 Class Vive-President 45 "Ojibwa News" Typist 41 Basketball 1,25 Baseball 1.3. M. KETTELKAMP July 3 Pep Club 3. 'ELIZABETH Kosxo "Casca" March 29 G.A.A. l,2.3,4: Home "Ee" Club 2, President 43 Pep Club 3: Dramatic Club 3. Vit-Q--l-'residelit 4. JOHN LEWIS "Freddie" Oct. 23 Class 'Freasurer 4: "He Was a Gay Senoritau 32 "Life of Riley" 4: "N" Club 3,43 Dramatic' Club 42 Football 3.43 Track 4. CARL MARLEY "Marley" Nov. 5 F.F.A. l.2.II, President 4, NATALEE JO OLTMANN HNatU . July 8 Class Vice-President 13 Student Council 1.2, Vice- President 3: "He VVas a Gay Senoritau 3: "Life of Riley" 45 Dramatic Club Secretary 3: Carnival At- tendant lg Cheerleader 2. 3,4. Jlwfmughbfuzda PETE PAESANI Oct. 10 Stud:-nt Counc-il President 43 "N" Club 3,43 Carnival King' 43 Football 3.43 Traf-li 1.3.43 Pasketball 3.4. VICTORIA' D. PAULON "Vicki" April 7 '4Hollywood Extra" 3 "Beauty C'ontest" 4. LLOYD PIEPER Jan. 21 Football 3.4: Basketball 3. RUBY P. SANDERS "Ruby" May 11 "Old Nokomisu 'Fypist 4. JIMMIE SCHAEFER "Snitz" Oct. 9 Class Tl'l"2lSUl'Bl' 3: "N" Club 55.43 F.F.A. 23 Foot- ball 1,23 Basketball l,2.Il,43 Baseball 1,:l.4. BETTY J'0 SMALLEY June 19 llitehfield High School 3. SENIOR EUGENE B. PARKER "Bliss" March 4 Class Vice-Prasldent 3: "Old Nokomis" Business Manager 43 "He Was a Gay Senoritan 33 "N" Club 43 Dramatic Club 43 Car- nival Attendant 43 Male Quartet 43 Football 1.2.43 Basketball 1,2,3,4Q Base- ball 2.4. STEVE PEHAN ICH "Stish" Aug. 27 . Football 43 Basketball 3,4. ANNAMAE PORENTO "Annie" Sept. 16 Majorette 1,2. BILLIE SCHAEFER "Bid" Sept. 18 "Hollywood Extra" 33 Home "EC" Club 43 Dra- matic Club 3, President 4: Pep Club 3. LUCILLE SHALBOT HI-ou!! April 18 Class Secretary 1. Treas- urer 23 "0jibwa News' Associate Editor 3: "Hol- lywood Extra" 33 G.A.A. 1,2.3, Secretary 43 Harvest Queen Attendant 1,43 Prom Queen Attendant 33 Pep Club 3. v WILMA sMALLEv "Wimp" Dec. 31 "0jibwa News" Reporter 33 Pep Club 33 Dramatic Club Treasurer 3: Carni- val Queen Attendant 3.4: Prom Queen Attendant 33 Majorette 1,2,3,4. Twenty-six CLASS RAYMOND STEVENS is Ray!! Nov. 13 Oconee High School 1,2. FLOYD E. STORM Oct. 4 "Ile YVas a Gay Sen0rita" 33 F.F.A. 1.132 "N" Club 33 Baseball 2, Manager 3. ROBERT THORNHILL HB0bY1 July 6 Class Treasurer lg Foot- ball 1.2,3,43 Basketball 2, 3.4: Baseball 1.2343 "N" Club l,2,3.-13 Male Quartet 43 Carnival King Attend' ant 2,43 Prom King At- tnndant 33 Dramatic Club 4. LILLIAN UMBERGER "Lil" June 3 Owaneeo High School 1,23 Taylorville High School 3. DOROTHY WESTPHAL HDot!l Sept. 9 "Old Nokomisu Typist 43 Pep Club 3. OLIVE M. WOODHOUSE March 3 "Old Nokomisu Associate Editor 3, Editor 43 "Ma- tna'S Baby Boy" 33 "Hol- lywood Extra" 33 G.A.A. 1.2. Treasurer 3,43 Home Club 13 Pep Club 33 Dramatic' Club 33 Carni- val Queen Atttendant 334. Twenty-seven Jhmoughbnada JOSEPHINE STIMAC HJOH March 6 Home "l'Zm"' Club 3.-1. LILLIAN SWARBRICK "Lil" Oct. 15 "Old Nukurnisu Calendar Eflitor 43 "He XVas a Gay Senm'ita" Il: nllullywnml Extra" :lg "Beauty Cun- test" 43 1l.A.A. l,2.-l, Yivv- President 31 Pep Club 33 Dramatir' Club IH Carni- val Queen Attvumlaut 3. JOSEPH TOSCHAK uAugie!1 Oct. 21 Clulw 12.15 Caruix':il King' Attendant 43 Font- lvall 3.43 Baseball 55,43 Bas- ketball 25.4. PHYLLIS VANCIL "PhyI" July 14 Class S6f'l'OlZll'y 23 "Hul- lywood l'lxtra" 33 Pep Club 33 Harvest Queen Attend- ant 33 Majoretle l,Z,I5,4. MILDRED WOLTERS "Milly" Jan. 9 Student l'0lllll'l1 Sem-rotary 43 Pep Club 33 llarvm-st Queen Attendant 4. MARGARET ZUECK HMayaU March 8 "Ojihwa News" Typist Il. Art Editor 43 "Ha ppy Landings" 23 "Life of Riley" 43 Pep Club 33 Home "E1"' Club Z. Nz-ws: Repmter 43 G,A.A. 1.3333 Majorette 1,2. 'ftgzlm war We, the seniors of '46, the most brilliant class to enter these halls of N.T.H.S., are leaving this school to which we brought fame and fortune. We know it will be very hard to carry on without us, so we shall leave a few remembrances in our last will. We leave to the Faculty the memory 0 the large unruly classes, the quiet talking boys, and the very brilliant girls. To Mr. Kessler we leave the work for himself. To the Juniors a broad path of success which we have so successfully blazed. To the Sophomores we leave the hope that they can graduate in two years. To the Freshmen we leave our height for them to measure up to eventually. To Donald Tooley we will a space on this page for his picture to show he hasn't been forgotten. Donald was in service last year when his classmates graduated and so he did not have his pic- ture in the '45 yearbook. His diploma was issued in the spring with the 1945 graduates. .SML Jficknfu, I, Helen Adams, leave my seat in the assembly to anyone who wants it. I, Clarence Barnstable, leave to take care of my Big Husky Chicks. DONALD Too,-EY I, Dominic Bertinetti, leave to find myself a wife. '45 I, Isadore Bertinetti, leave my sister Catherine to carry on. I. Pauline Bolte, leave to live in Wenonah. I, Robert Brummet, leave my height to James DeWerff. I, Ivan Cassidy, leave my straw with Mr. Stanley to Everett Hoehn. I, Gladys Ciberey, leave my football queen crown to some lucky dame. I, Margie Coady, leave my twirling ability to some lucky twirler. I, James Colonius, leave my good grades in chemistry to some unlucky junior. I, Martha Crabbe, leave Ruth to Walk to school by herself. I, Steve Dasovich, leave my friend, Gronewald, to take care of all my girls for me. I, Marybelle Deremiah, leave early because I started late. We, David Easterday and Orene Hagemeier, leave together because we were always together. I, Kenneth Engelhart, leave my crow call to "Hagie." A I, Kenneth Epley, leave my Wrestling ability to Jim Sides. I, Rita Epley, leave to take care of the kids. I, Edna Fournier, leave to find a man. I, Judith Fricke, leave my quietness to Dorothy Woodhouse. I, Russell German, leave my rooster comb to Stanley Archibald. I, Juliann Golitko, the last of the Golitkos, leave. I, Charlotte Guidish, leave so I can help my "mom" start a dairy in COALTON. I, Marian Herzog, leave with a feeling of success. We, Melda Hieronymus and Dorothy Hulbert, leave our straw with Mr. Rademacher in chemistry to some very lucky junior girls. I, Verda Hoehn, leave my A's to Norma Stivers. I, Jean Holmes, leave to look after "Dusty." Twenty-eight 'frgzau war I, Rudolph Hribar, leave so Bill Taylor can be president of the managers of N.T.H.S. I, James Jachino, leave my shyness to "Pogie.,' We, Velia Jachino, Betty Kosko, and Billie Schaefer, leave to open a "super-duper" night club. I, Anna Marie Johnson, leave my height to Betty House. I, Delmar Johnson, leave my good grades to my brother Ray so he can go out at night. I, Helen Kacura, leave to open a restaurant in COALTON. I, John Kalvaitis, leave Barbara to the other wolves. - I, Doris Keiser, leave my sister Betty to carry the name of Keiser's Ship Yard. I, Clarence Kelly, leave so I can sleep at home and not in chemistry class. I, Janet Kennedy, leave with my term well served. I, Marilyn Kettelkamp, leave to become the wife of a farmer. We, All Kiefer and Steve Pehanich, leave this job for next year to two very BRIL- LIANT juniors. I, June Lancaster, leave the senior class Presidency to some deserving 1947 senior. We, John Lewis, Joe Guidish, and Joe Toschak, leave to protect our dear and lovable N.T.H.S. ' I, John Macek, leave my guard position to Lyle Edgecombe. I, Carl Marley, leave to make room for my on-coming brother, Jim. I, Betty Nichols, leave to become a columnist on "Gossip" in the FREE PRESS. I, Natalee Oltmann, leave Marilyn to carry on the job of cheerleader. I, Pete Paesani, leave open to two juniors, FOOTBALL KING and President of the Student Council. I, Eugene Bliss Parker, Jr., leave the fullback position to GENE ZUECK. I, Victoria Paulon, leave to become an accordion teacher. I, Lloyd Pieper, leave this school for a well earned rest. I, Anna Porento, leave to open a grocery store at Wenonah. I, Ruby Sanders, leave my good grades to the freshmen. I, Jimmie Schaefer, leave Pat to no one. I, Lucille Shalbot, leave to find a man whom I can keep. I, Betty Smalley, leave my job in the office to some student. I, Wilma Smalley, leave Hazel to take care of Elmer Lee as I took care of "IZZY." I, Raymond Stevens, leave to work with monkey wrenches. I, Josephine Stimac, leave to work in Chicago. I, Floyd Storm, leave to become a "bum" because of my experience in hitch-hiking to school. I, Lillian Swarbrick, leave to go to college. I I, Robert Thornhill, leave to become HARRY JAMES II. I, Lillian Umberger, leave my sister Betty to walk to school by herself. I, Phyllis Vancil, leave to join my "Barney" I, Dorothy Westphal, leave nothing because it's all in my head. I, Mildred Wolters, leave to Isabelle Masilonus the secretaryship of the Student Council. I, Olive Woodhouse, leave my arguments to Miss Amyx. I, Margaret Zueck, leave to become Jake's housewife, I hope. Signed this February 2, 1946. DUDE KIEFER DUDE PEHANICH Twenty-nine E23 Nggaakmm Ogg was was N Ham ms: NSU HEEL PEA 8 MEOU is 02 SEQ CDO: 05 he manga EEE Eg gag H ming ,SMOM Bdghm MEHSQ UWEMOQ 02 he w-EFF waam Om :SIP wd EMM: S QQOHIH NME HE? wigs!! Um H: mdauwtno 8259 gag SO? 25 2: tim P3324 Eg 2,5 H md mega W4 Eden N gm E wg? 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"The music for this hyar ranch is furnished by the Ranch Band to which our Majorettes step high and twirl, and the Melody Makers known as the Chorus, the Girls' Septet, and the Boys, Quartet. The finest mu- sical show out here is our operetta, the 'Rancho Grande'. "We'uns hope that you'uns will enjoy our music makers." Thirty-three afffaff 'Band fffff Back brow: Hose Marie llrown. llEll'l'1'il lN'lzu-lc. llevm-rly Vzluglin. Mr. Mn-Gregor 1Dii'ec'tm'l. Donald Janssen, Stew- llusoxlr-li. Illlzinml .lzmssvih .lim i5l'llf'kt'Y1il4ll:l'. John Short. liia-hairil llawison. Second row: l,y'Ii- Sllo1':l:4:l, .luvk Nash. Amin-y llllhlwrrl, 1311-lie llzigernn-ie-i', Elm:-r XVilsun, Amlienni- Nlyf-rs. Doris 'I'zn'rzm. Third row: Phyllis Vu-rivlu-i'. .lm-k Sznullmliip. iillli-il'lll' l'zu'kr'l'. 171lYl4l lC:istvi'sluy, Norman Uluinlwii-k, George Rex-ml, Allvll lwyvrs. MAJORETTES N.T.H.S. MUSIC DEPARTMENT , The music department of N.T.H.S. under the supervision of Mr. Mc- Gregor is composed of four sections: The band and majorettes, the chorus, the girls' septet, and the boys' quar- tet. The band plays, and the major- ettes perform at many basketball and football games. This adds color and "pep" to the evening and cheers the players on. The chorus, girls' septet, and the boys' quartet furnish enter- tainment for parties, class plays, and many community activities. The "big affair" each year is the operetta in Jiiiiii-limlililiii'z'lLTiz'i February. From the Illinois District T High School Music Competition Fes- l tival held in Highland, Illinois, on March 2, Mr. McGregor and his con- testants came home with honors: Louise Storm, Wilma Smalley, Mar- gery Coady, and the boys' quartet placed firstg the twirling corps, the girls' trio, and Lillian Swarbrick Won second place, and Jim Brackenhoff, third. Forty-three schools were rep- resented in the festival. The entire music department has done a fine job this year, and we are proud of l them. B.W.V. Thirty-four ffxfx+f97Zal0dq, ffffff i 4 N.T.H.S. CHORUS Back row: lhulrwvs 1'3- Yzih-ttu, HilI'lI2ll'2l Hlfllfliilll. Mr. Mviliw-g.:m' lIJii'v1't4u'b. f'1llI'iL'iH Nlillllllll, Ruth Sluder. Dorutliy XVoml- house-, Eluin P liI'4lL'l'S, H1-tty Crow. Second row: Nlziry Kvl- ly. Glurin Helluvviy Lulu Suzilkzxmp. Third row: Doris Vol- lvy. Ruth l'l':1hlm, Alive Male I54"lldQl', Gloria Knu- siv, Uuris l'0f'm'k. Fourth row: W i I m fl Jzxnssf-n. All-In Lilw. Dui'- nlhy lhzivkviihnff. Fifth row: Norma XV:xrusin,L:', Hn-tty Svvum-y. Aciidlilii- lNiy1-rs, Luuisu Sturm. Sixth row: H e 1' n i c' 0 Murphy. V1-im'z1 Ilzige- ln.-iwr, liilliilll Swzirhrir-k. Orem- llziga-ini-ivr, Viv- turizl Pzxulrm, Seventh row: Luis 'l'u44 - In-ll. I,1n'm-thi liiuiyv, Advll INIM-r-fa. Front row: M ll ri l y ll Ultimiiiii, l'z1lhvrim- Hort- im-tii. Marilyn I-lzxumnun. lmlul'--S IJI1,-iwi'. 4 BOYS' QUARTETTE GIRLS, SEPTET lf'u1'n-m- I':ii'ke-r. lluln-rt Zuvvk, MV, Mv1lrvg'ui' iliirw-4-Iu1'D, Imiiise- Strrrni. lli'4-iw l'i2l,Lfl'lNl'il'l', l':iIric-in Ixltilf-fllll A z- Rnlu-1't 'I'hui'iiIiill. Ilominir' In-rtim-lli. film-in l:L'liilX'Vl', .X1Iin-nm- lXly1-Vs 1A4-1-mxiiuiiiisll. Mi Alvtliwggui' tlliif-n-tum. AI1ll'ilX'll Hitmzmii. Asia--ll My-1 Je-nnlie Huuisku. Thi1'ty-five 5 . . The eauty Contest Back row: Mr. 1Vll'iil't'f.l'4ll' fllirt-1-tori. N. XXY2ll'YlSill!. L. Hrnyv, V. llzngerneier, Il. XVoodhouse, V, Paulon L. Swarllrick. ld. lk:-news, rl. Kannsim-, IZ. lit-unmn. M. Arc-hilt: ilrl. Second row: A, l.ip4-. I.. Snzltlialnip, ll. Ihwovlt, ll'i'llt'lkt'll. ll. Storm, A. Myers. ti. Hvllaver, Il. Murp W D. Cavzilvtto, A. lin-mlm-r, A. Myt-rs. M. Itumnznn. Sitting: lylnry Kelly. llutli t'r:1lvln-. Dorothy Iil'ilK'kl'llhUff, J. Lunliforil, D. Pieper, D. Polley, R. Crow. CAST Director- -Mr. MCG regor Accompanist-Lillian Swarbrick Jonquil Jones, hotel hostess. thirty but pretty, running for mayor . Louise Storm Kirkie Bonbon. en route from Paris to Hollywood .... Gloria Bellaver "Bugs" Ketchum, loves to dissect bugs ...... Ruth Crabbe Sparkie Miller. rodeo stunt rider . Betty Crow Mitsou Fujiama, tourist from Japan. VVants to learn American slang . Dolores Pieper Katty Kash, says she was a popular girl back home .... Gloria Kausic Annie Sophia Timpkins . . . Adell Myers Jemima Timpkins . . . Dolores Cavaletto twin maidens with hope Millie Maynard. maid-of-all-work. Plain and Cinderella like . . . Doris Pocock Sylvia Spankum, anything but beautiful, but yet a beauty expert ..... Dorothy llrackenhoff Mayor Green, Mayor of Daisytown. Popular and sure of election- until ........ Adienne Myers Jack Lark. debonair, news reporter from New York, interested in Kirkie ......,. Bernice Murphy ',l'liirly-six Paul Pizzicati, interested in "Bugs" Records music of bugs on marimba . . . . . . . Mary Kelly Dare-Devil Davis, stunt flier, interested in Kirkie . . . Doris Polley Teki San. the mayor's valet, who had known Mitsou in .Iapan ...... Jeanette Lankford Believe-It-or-Not Hopkins, he's wonderful! He says so. He's interested in Katty,.,.. . . . Barbara Beaman Razmataz Simpkins ..... Alice Bender Booby Simpkins ..... Marilyn Bauman Twins fascinated by Timpkins twins Jim Dandy, country boy. He wins the winner . .,... Lois Tuetken CHORUS Margaret Archibald Catherine Bertinetti Loretta Braye Elaine Broers Jeanne Hanisko Orene Hagemeier Wilma Janssen Velora Hagemeier Marilyn Oltmann Aleta Lipe Ruth Sluder Lula Saatkamp Norma Warnsing Dorothy Woodhouse Victoria Paulon Pat Morgan 01' ' 1 5: , rf.- 5 r ' 4 ff ,e ' .Q 'iff 1 ,. vm 4 Q I 3 f I ' f .1 ' Q 1 . ' ruff, y ,151 js I ' r N , . 'M - lf g - a 9 j 0 Q a '- 'i J ' '. 1 N- ' 5 . wyvb, 9'4- Xavf, - , si , 5 1 u . if Q' 1 Q Q I. I 21- A-14 n fwwww-mrxwvg 1 xi, , A .1-,A A. 1 . 4 1 l, . .,,..'-A 1 . 1 . A ,- I U u .1 Q 1 , 'Q ' . ,, ,,L I X f N. - .I .. ,T,. J ' : fif' A, ,n .f5'f-' .L-.hi 131,-fn? .f f ' X is-yeh G. -v' ,M f- , Na rf. 1 . n V' ' " .Y - V A W -flzzgu Eff 3 fi i'i1g:lT'2g J, , ,,.,J. .,,., ,.,,M-FAI, . 1. .x , , - M, f,,-in-.'-.x ,xL.n4-1 pu- 1: , 'Ik .,t' af- in f.z,,w1,, 151 gg-2-f -, '.-.Q I , A af-1: ....f.-JLQAW, ' :Q-41, ,J -51.,.f4:- ,1 1' M 'gig --5 it my fx 1 A 4fffw.',,J,- 5-3 W ' Hive. ,.':f,f,Q-- " -4 3 qfj- -y fy Wg-. 'Qi f-fi,-Y' g L.. -wtf, 13,7 4' :1g1.,,, --fe-.,'f.. 1: 'T 5.1 -bi ,-. . .,,,,.., if A ,,, ff . .1 21' W: 4l.?9",rQ'Qf 'QUT-,' ff' 13'-Sf. J'9.f'f'i11"': :.,'- '.'-- '.,-" nfl 'gi-Jr' ,, . ' ' 1' ' fy. " fA,:1,,,f ' Qtr :N F . W , . ,gf , I . .' ' ' v 1 f .7 W fwr, I 'f .. ' s ' "Wm .Q ,Q 1. It I: 5 . .flf !'x 1 I . . Q' 1 .4 - , f 1 I N r , w - . -, Q' - 3 'ww -3 ' - -'..'51-fy ,VJ wr,-ff ,. five? 1. A-'T N -.fe-J' A , ,J . , ,:.,-wjg. I -,1 A--?'-,:'f.'f Sign-is--U rj' -,.'fj72.' 1'-,ffm was ' '11 .- - if' fr g Mew 1' Ent - f-'1 fv.f',,m,,,:,g Q My THF! -Q -iff.,-,I ,. ' l'1v:.,,Kt. :m,,"f, .ffjfl 5112,.i:,n'f+ 2 ,I .n,-4 pf ,..'riy,-' Af.,-, , ,gif wi. y w "f-4. W grit-4.f,a,Y MH ,J k 31, -,f',, ' ,Q ., f .aw :. hmm ,QV ' " , - ff 2, , ' T H -' , 55' , ' - ' 'fi - .. lr ' ' V Q . ,- .v ., .' , - 1 w Q, u -. ,-H. X.. . 5 r .,:- , A- . 1 riffs Plaapfffff Standing: John Lewis, Natalve Oltmann. Dolores Cuvale-tto. John Short. Dt-lows XVeher, Janice Schneider. Miss Ynckle fllirectorl, Leon XVarnsing. Sitting: M:irg':u'4-i Zur-Uk. 'l'e1l4ly. Jim I2l':lr'kt-nlioff, Loilisn- Storm, Juilith Frivko. Cast of Characters Director-Miss Yackle Lovey Riley, a baby-talk bride . Louise Storm Celia Masters, her sister . . Margaret Zueck Mrs. Beulah Masters, their domineering mother . . Judith Fricke Terry Riley, Lovey's adoring young husband . . . Jim Brackenhoff Mrs. Ted Riley fTh9lII1HJ, Terry's sister-in-law ...... Delores Weber Sadie Cohen, the Riley's newly engaged maid . . . Dolores Cavaletto Mrs. Michael Casey tRosellaJ, who lives next door .... Natalee Oltmann Tim Sweeney, a G-Man . . . John Short Warner C. Steele, Terry's close friend ...... John Lewis Two-Time Riley, a desperate character ...... Leon Warnsing Mona Morris, a swimming champion ..... Janice Schneider Special numbers were given by Alice Mae Bender, Donald German, Dixie House, Charles Schweizer, Lois Tuetken, Lillian Swarbrick, Leland Janssen, Irma Miller, Dominic Berti- netti, Eugene Parker, Robert Thornhill, Rob- ert Zueck. "LIFE OF RILEY" What a life poor Riley led! Try to imag- ine just what you would do if your car broke down just when you were eloping, and you left your wallet in your car. Try to please a newly acquired wife, her mother, and sister, and at the same time keep your own independence, especially the habit of singing each morning before breakfast. Try to help your brother's wife find her lost child, and during your ab- sence force your pal to take your place in your home as your sister-in-law doesn't want anyone to know she suspects a kid- napping. Try to satisfy the curiosity of a new maid and a nosey neighbor. Try to imagine the complications that might oc- cur if a dog is given your name and if a notorious criminal with a name like yours is traced right into your home by a G- man. Try to feature your position hiding in a trunk when a champion swimmer comes to have you give a demonstration of a newly-patented life belt that you have invented and want to put on the market, and your pal who can't swim a stroke re- fuses the demonstration. This is the kind of life poor Riley led! Thirty-nine ffxaf 'Jz.flaM.Plaq,4ff4 Standing: Adi-ll lVIyf-rs, .lim l4i':1a'k4-'l1l1ol'f, Miss iiflllliiil Amyx rlliri-1-lo1'l. Imris lf'uc'm-li, liziy .liulmsoin VV:xy11+- Jolinson, Audrey llllbluairsl, lie-tty llmln-l'g'vr. Sitting: Normal J. Stir:-rs, lsubvlli- Nlnsilimiis, Murxin S1'ill'l'lTlll I mir- V1-ddvr lrn M lln--V. "THE OLD CRAB" The Old Crab is furious when his son comes home married. Immediately he goes to Philadelphia to have the marriage an- nulled. While he is gone, his enemies call, and in the midst of their visit the judge barges in claiming he missed his train. He takes this opportunity to show his vis- itors his family tree of which he was very Cast of Judge Adam Apple . . Marvin Schrempp Henrietta Apple .... Isabelle Masilonus Delicious Apple ..... Norma J. Stivers Early Apple ......... Bonnie Vedder Jonathan CJackJ Apple . . . Ray Johnson Mary Apple ......... Doris Pocock proud until he suddenly noticed someone had marred it. The judge invites his dis- tinguished relatives, Sir Hubert and Lady Cathcart, to his home. To everyone's sur- prise, the Cathearts are greeted by "hill- billiesf' The whole play is hilarious. and everything ends perfectly. Characters Forty Mrs. Carleton Townsend . Betty Umberger Audrey Hubbard Wayne Johnson . Jim Brackenhoff . . Adell Myers . Irma Miller Diane Townsend ..... Paul Townsend ...... Sir Hubert Cathcart . Lady Cathcart ...... Hettie . . . 'fi,6'lau, Play, . . . My Hearfs in High Back Row: lloniinii- lit-i'tiiii-Ili, Miss Y:n'lilQ-, lllznlys Vilu-i'e-y, Ivan Fzissidy, John lmwis. Front Row: liillinn Sw:ii'ln'ii-li, liennr-tli lfiigf-lli:ii'l, liuvilli- Shiilliol. .Xlziry lDi-iw-niiiili, Uliiirlolli- llnidisli. Al Kiefer, Mililrvil XYulIei's, I I I .UL CAST Di1'90t0l' .,,,. ,,,A,. .,,......,,,,...,.,..,,,,A....,,,.....,Y,,,,,.,....,,,,.......,,,,,,,.......,,,,,,. . . . Miss Yackle Dorie. an adorable young miss . Charlotte Guidish Kitsie, her best friend , . Mildred VVolters Elva, her "moody" mother . . Gladys Ciberey Dot, a flippant classmate . . Lucille Shalbot Leolliflus. her 1111-lek father .... Al Kiefer Dash, fi lively boy fi-ieiiii . , . ivan Cassidy perky- her little Sistel' - - - Mary 'Jeremiah Freddie, a hopeful boy friend . . . John Lewis Aunt Amity, a spry old aunt . . Lillian Swarbrick Mr- Leona,-d She,-man' an Hart. her old standby . . Dominic Iiertinetti architect ...... Kenneth ldiigelhart It was Commencement time! A career or a husband? That was D0rie's big ques- tion. Her innermost feelings answered, "Career" Her numerous boy friends said, "A husband." To earn a career Dorie disguised herself as a boy, but later she made known her true identity, incurred the wrath of her prospective employer, and chose Bart to share her life in the little house for which she had drawn plans, Dorie's spry old Aunt Amity, her moody mother, meek father, would-be glamorous little sister, and four high school friends all did their part to help or hinder Dorie in making her decision, and all ended well for everybody. Fort y-one ........F.F.A. was-nun-ug " '-" ...N Back row: f'lifford Jolinsfm. Kenai-tli l':IIIl'QIh2IIt, Dwain II:1,:'ornciei'. Mr. Stanley lAdviserl. XVal'ter Reh- liexnper. David I'IilSIt'l'!l2ij', t'lai+-ure Harnstalile. Russell G1-rman. Ki-niwtli lipley. Second row: Vliailt-s St'lIXVl'lZL'l'. Harold Kottwitz, l'Iv1-rm-tt llovhn. llarrell Cassidy, 'IH-cl Uarrull, I-Iugh Pa- volko. Hill Kiikpati'il-li. Iionald fic-rniali. Stanley Arc-liihaltl. t'harl4-s liandi-rs, Mvlvin llulrt-r, Arthur Ilvincku. Front row: Sidney tliant. liolu-rt Noyt-s, Lyle- lflllgt-voiiiln-. Jimmy Janson, lliiigl-lie Spt-urs, Ivan Uassidy, t'arl IXIIIVIUX, Jani'-s i'4llHlIlllN. Waymi .lolinsoin lCi1g'1-rio l'rvliali, l4l11g'1-111' l'i'aiQ.'. llallas liraye. VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE IN N.T.H.S. In an effort to provide the community in general with a better understanding of crop production and its relationship with chemical fertilizers, a rather extensive program of crop variety and fertilizer comparisons has been started in cooperation with the Litchfield Ag. Dept. Our work with crops recently won national mention in the December issue of THE AMERICAN FARM YOUTH. ln the February issue of this same magazine appeared Dwain Hagemeier's picture and his story, "My High School Farming Business." The magazine offers three cash prizes each month for the best stories of the boys' farming programs. Dwain's specialty is the production of certified seed soybeans. The "Ag" department is hope- ful of securing some surplus army machinery which will put the farm mechanics course on a more practical basis. The four areas of subject matter in our Vocational agriculture course are mechanics, animal hus- bandry, crops and soils. and farm management. THE PAY-OFF Standing: James Folonius, Dwain Hagemf-ier, Standing: Darrell Cassidy, Melvin Huber, Mi-lvin Huber, Darrell Cassidy, Ffugene Spears, Eugene Spears, Eugene Craig. Everett I-Ioehn. XValtor Ile-hkf-mln-V, Ivan Vassidy. Sitting: Ml'. Stanley. Sitting: Mr. Stanley, ldiigt-lic Craig. Forty-LWO Rafah, aida, ..... Home "Ee" Club Back row: Kathryn Pope, Dolores Cavaletto, Edna Skinner, Betty Lou Goodwin, Aleta Lipe. Delores VVe-ber. VVilma Janssen, Carol Sue Brown, Pauline Mcl'laine, Betty Nichols. Second row: Dorothy YVoodhouse, Catherine Geletka. Helen Pearse, Bernadette Poliak, Norma Stivers, Margaret Archibalrl. Billie Schaf-fer, Gloria Kausic, lim-rnice Murphy, Dorothy Brac-kenhoff, Alice Mae Render, Lois Tuetken, Rose Marie- Brown. Third row: Victoria Novak f'l'reasurerJ, Rosalyn Perry, Irene Kosko fVlCE'-Pl'QSlflE3Yltl, Betty Kosko fPres- ide-ntl, Margaret Zueck flieporterb. Gladys Ciberey LParliamentarianJ, Velia Jachino LSecretaryJ, Dolores Pieper, Miss Shortenhaus lA1lviserl, Front row: Ruth Prabhu, Frances Landers, Marilyn Baumann, Veronica Pehanich, VVanda Schneider, Ve- lora Hagvmeier, Hazel Smalley, Mary Kelly, Lula Saatkamp. THE NOKOMIS FUTURE HOMEMAKERS 0F AMERICA Our club was organized in September under the supervision of Miss Shortenhaus. We sent Betty Kosko and Gladys Ciberey to Springfield as our representatives at the sectional meeting of the club in October. in the fall We prepared and served a dinner for the principals and coaches of the Midstate Athletic Association and had a food stand at the Football Carnival. We sold every bit of food that we had which included forty pounds of Wieners and twenty cases of "pop." Everybody really brought his hearty appetite along. Each member 1nv1ted a guest for our valentine party February 14th, and We had a Tea in May to which We invited our mothers. Forty-three "0jibwa News" Editors OSMAR "0b1Iwa, Editor .... Charlotte Guidish Associate Editor . . Osmar Lehenbauer Sports Editor . . Jim Brackenhoff Alumni Editor . . Robert Brummet Art Editor .... Margaret Zueck Circulation Manager . . Rudolph Hribar Mimeograph Operators . . . Al Kiefer, Edward Ovca CHARLOTTE ll Typists and Stencil Cutters- Helen Kacura, Irma Miller, Clarence Kelly, Juliann Go- litko, Helen Adams. Class Reporters- Freshman . . Jack Saatkamp Sophomore . . Louise Storm Junior .... Betty Swaney Senior ..... John Kalvaitis Advisers . Miss Bustrin, Mrs. Ballinger Back row: Mrs. Iizillilignw, 1'l:ll'1-i1rw- Ke-Ily, .lim I! su-lwnlioI'l'. Ilollfn Aclzlms, Ifl1lw:a1'mlHx'4'u, AI lfi+'ff'I', Hn-len 4'lll'il. Irma Miller. John iXillY2lllIN. iliuilullv nlxulusln, Miss Ituslrin. Front row: Jlllizmmu Holillw, Hsniau' liell--lilmiu-13 lNi2ll'f.Q'1lIk'l Zlll'4'li, .luuk Szmtkxunp, Helly SXYZIIIPX, Kudu y H1 ilrnr. Louise Sturm. Forty-four "Old Nokomis" Editors 1 OLIVE MAE ISABELLE "Oli IVZDADMIIZJ' Editor . . . Olive Mae Woodhouse Associate Editor . . . . Verda Hoehn, Doris Pocock Literary Editors Rita Epley, Lillian Swarbrick Calendar Editors ...... Art Editor . Athletic Editor . . Isabelle Masilonus . Dominic Bertinetti . . John Macek Business Managers . . Eugene Parker, Steve Dasovich Circulation Mgr. . Clarence Barnstable Photographers . . Dorothy Hulbert, Janice Schneider, Moneta Krutski Typists .... Orene Hagemeier, Jean Holmes, Ruby Sanders, Dorothy Westphal. Advisers ...... Miss Yackle, Mr. Rademacher lc IVII Back row: Stove Dasovif-h, John Mun-C-k. Dominic Tiertim-Ili, l":IlL1'l'I1U Pzirkm-l'. f'l2ll'k'Yli't' lizirnstub 1. lYi!lflI'Yl'l?lf'hPl', M iss Yau-klv. Second row: Yermlu Hoc-lin. Dm'r+thy Xlklstplml, lNlouc-tn Klutski. Uliw- Mm- VVuumllmiisv, lsalnllc- Masilrvlills Dorothy Hulbc-rt. liillizin Swzirlvril-k. Ruby Sumlers. Front row: Rita Rpley. .l:xnim'e- Sl'l1lll'ldil', .Ivan Holmes. Hrenm- llzlgvlxin-ie1', Doris l'oL-ook. Forty-five g Zialzblaq. ....... Carnival Back row: l'l:u'+m-1- Ilzunsluhli-. .Iolm Mm-f-k, .lrwfll1l1liSli, .lim .lm-l1ino,.lol1n In-wis. Lino Zamlmmi flie- tiring Kingl, l'vti- l'.u-sami rliinprl. Hlzulys Vilwrz-y rtguw-111, .lam-1 K1-nxnwly :IU-tiring 4.3114-1-111. Russ'-ll fiQ'l'lllilll, .luv 'I'usm'hzlk. lS2lllUl'i' Ili-rlim-Ili, Iiulwrl 'l'll1ll'lllllll, lillas-:lv l':l1'k4-l', Second row: Irma Milla-r. Gloria: Ili-Ilan-l'. XYiIm:m Sniullf-y. lAlI'f'lIm- lmloliilns. M:11jifn'iv Vmuly, trlixwf Mum- Xlhmllioxxsmf, lim-illv Shnllmt, l,2lfl'li'lH Mm1::nn. .lime l,:ul1r':1sl--r, Mzxry Kelly, nlJllll3'll flllmaxlm, Ifllvzxllolw- S1-lun:-iili-r, Front row: Vllarles lluI'I'inpq, Al'Illlll' Il:-will. Knlllh-1-n Vznxzulvllo, Two gala affairs on our Ranch are the Harvest Dance and the Carnival. With the Ranch House resembling an autumn festival hall the Three-Year-Olds open the social season each year for all the Ranch Hands with a dance. At this time a queen is chosen to reign Their Majesties one year. Following close upon this affair, the Ranch House changes into an amusement hall where the members of the entire community join the Ranch force for an evening of fun and frolic. The climax is the Coronation of a King and Queen who rule over the Rodeo. Harvest Queen and Attendants VICKIE GLA DYS A RH A . l"1':1m-1-s liIlll4li'l'H, llznzvl Slllllllvy, Doris l'm-in-Ii, Flarvest' Varnlval IM-lrllw-S XY1-In-l', Yi4'irrx'iu Nrlvzik, llrmlllliv XY1'llIlA'I', QHGQ11 QU9911 1,m'il1.- slmnn-am. Mildred xwlnl-S. Fort V- six Th Rod o "As you all know the most exciting event on a ranch is the Rodeo. The N.T.H.S. Bar Ranch's Rodeo this year consists of football, baseball, basketball, and track. "Let's stop and see all of the different shows. Oh! of course we have our Cheerleaders to cheer the players on, and the Managers who take the blame for all missing equipment. While we're here we'll see the Bucka- roos, sports too." Fo1'ty-seven fffff B 'lr'k'ki"k I Back row: A. Mya--rs. M. Hines. IC. Sliinne-r. M. Krulski, D. Rm-nm-knmp. Second row: IC. Yr-x'i1-kvr. I'. lNIm'f.:'un. I. Miller. Il. June-s, IJ. 'Iiill'l'1lIl. U. Iiruwn. Il. lVInrpliy, I.. 'Fuetkr-n, G. Ilellalver. Ii. V.lughn, I. Mzisilunus, M. K4-Ily, IJ. fV'2lV1lI+'Il'l. C. Ile-lelkai, A. Iil'lllIl'l', IC. SC'I1llUI4l1'I'. J. Si'IIIlt'IIItll'. Third row: Y. Novak, V. I5wl'tin+-Ili, t'. Gnicli:-nh, G. Ii:1u::i4'. Ii. Swsnrhrix-k, IJ. Hullverl, A. Julinsnn. H. 141-21.- mzln. A. lvlyvrs. XV. .lzmssn-n, M. Arvliilmlfl, ll. I:l'2Ik'kl'IlIlllfl', J. Ilulma-s. I.. Sturm, It. Ilruwn. Fourth row: H. Pllllilk. II. I'e-nrsm-. V. I,L'II2lIIIl'h, li. I'el'l'y, J, IQUIIIIUIIY 1Vim--I'resi1le-ntI. fl. XVII-ulliuilsv f'I'l'QZiSlII't1I'l, M. Vmidy 1I'1'1-siduiti. II, Smullvy. V. Ilangvnivis-l', I.. f10IUIIIl,lS, ID. I'i1-In-r, Mrs. Iinlliligm-1' lA4IvisvrJ. Front row: I,. S1-lim-fs-l', .I. tlulilku. l. Kusku. G. 1'IIlt'l'l'j', I! Kwsku, N. Slim-l's. D. vYlIlldIlllllSD. No pivturv -I,u1-ill+- Sliullmt ISM-rn-iul'yl. "N" CLUB To be a member of the "N" Club a boy l11llSt win his letter in any sport and have a "C" aver- age in his academic work the two prec-eding se- mesters anrl the current semester. G.A.A. Girls interested in earning letters must win them by points given lor playing basketball, hik- ing, bowling, and obeying health rules. 2000 points entitle a girl to a Map Emblem of llli- nois: 1600 points, it Block "I", and 1200 points, an HN". Top row: Mr. Arvliey. I. Rf-rtinetti, R. Bertolino. J, lluidish. R. Ilrihar. Second row: U. Jarus. .I. Imwis, .I. Mm-wk, P. Put-s:mi. PI. Parker. J, Svhzaf-fM'. Third row: J. Slizillrol. I-'. Sturm. R. 'I"hm'nhill. L. XY:1rnsii1g, IC. Zueck. Forty -eight COACH THE COACH Our Coach is a very active man. Much of his A A time is spent in trying to give us the best team MR. ARCHEY possible. He trains his athletes to be both good Winners and good losers. Our hats are off to you Coach Archey! 1? Cheerleaders NATALEEfJUNE-LO U ANN-MARJORIE MARILYN THE CHEERLEADERS On hand at every game the cheerleaders are sure to be. They do their best al though they often lack the cooperation of the spectators. They cheer the boys on to victory. All in all they do a Wonderful job. Managers Mx 1 ' F fh' THE MANAGERS This is Written for the managers, who probably receive the least praise of all. In the excitement of the games, we seem to forget those who carry water, and take care of towels and equipment. Still, we really do appreciate all the things they do. uk' Forty-ni e John-RudyfBilly tariff jnnfball fffff I Back row: Jam-k Saatkamp, liill l'a-ehnik. Stl-ve l'ehanic-h. liohert Zum-k, Pete l'a4-sani, Eugene Parker, Ramon Bt-rtolino. Hola-rt Thornhill, Joi- 'l'osr'hak. .It-rry Shallvot. .lavlc Nash, Mr. Arc-lu-y tt'oac-hl. Second row: Isadort- Ili-rtint-tti. .lolin lwlat-ek. la-on Xl':n'nsing', lrliiggt-iw Zues-li, .lim Javhino, John Ia-wis i Clifford Jaros, .loo tluidish. Front row: ltudolpli llriliar tlllanagx-rl, liyli- liilpxm-voiiilai-, XVilliam 'l'aylor tlllanagerl. MEET OUR TEAM JOHN MACEK-"lVlacey" lt'il1JlJlllll played tavklt- on offense and on defense. Ht- was vonsidt-rt-d one ol' tht- best taekles in Um-ntral illinois. Ile ln-oke up many e-nd runs and off-tavlile plays. John was a hard tavklm-1' and a fair luloekc-r. lla- is a senior who will ln- missed nt-xt year. I ROBERT THORNHILL-"Bob" it-o-1-aptaini filled tht- left half position and proved to lu- tht- hardest driver and best yard p.:'aina-r on the squad. lle was a tripli- thieat in passing. running, and lnloc-kinf.:'. liolx is a senior and will he missed rl-ry mum-h nc-xt yt-ar. EUGENE ZUECK-"lVl0l'iawk" played 4-enter on ol'- feuse and tal-kle on di-fenst-. lli- stopped many oft'- tackle plays whit-h would have goin- for long.: gains: hi- played fnlllraek in the last game and showed nit-o run- ning and kicking. "Mohawk" is only a junior, and we ean expect good football from him next yt-ar. JOE GUIDISH-"G0nyo" played left end and had the ahility to turn in wide vnd runs. llis ahility to eatrli passes was one of thi- important favtors of our ts-ani. Joe is a senior. JOHN LEWIS-"Freddie," one of the- smallest men On our team. proved that dynamite 4-omes in small packages. 1-le played tar-kle on offvnst- and hallhark on de-tense, Hn- had :1 knee injury that kept him out of a few games in the middle of the season. t'Frt-ddii-" is also a senior. PETE PAESANI-"Pete", a senior. played right halt' and was the fastest lnan of the team. He was a good open field runner and a fair passer. I'c-to playt-ml half- baek on defense and broke up many pass plays. ISADORE BERTINETTI--"Izzy," a senior, played right end and was one of the important mt-mhers of our passing attack. He had tht- ability of turning in end runs, was a good drop kim-ke-r. and helped maki- many extr-1 points. "lzzy" had a rhipped hone and didn't finish the whole season. Fifty CLARENCE BARNSTABLE-"Barney." a senior, played guarml. was a good lint-man and one of the im- portant nn-mln-rs of the squad. l-le was the lriggest man on the tl-am and was a hard man to take out of am. play. 'l'l1is was "l!arnt-y's" first year in foothall. RUSSELL GERNIAN-"German" played guard and proved that size 4Iotsn't c-onnt in footlwall. He hroke up and stoppn-il many plays throug.:'h the middle of thu lint-. th-rrnan is a st-nior. JOE TOSCHAK-"Augie" played quarterlrea-k till he 1'i-m-eivt-al an injury in the Sliellvyyillm- gwune and was out the rt-st ol' the season, Ile was om- of the main favtors in our passing' attavk. Joi- is also a senior. EUGENE PARKER-"Bliss" was our fullback. He proyt-tl important in pass defense, He was a good kieker and a good hall t-arrier. "Bliss" is a senior and will he inisst-el next j't'ill'. CLIFFORD JAROS-"Pogie" played guard. l-le was a man that pllorgrd up tht- cw-nter of the line. He had the dt-ti-rmination to play footlmall. 'l'l1is is "Pogie"s" last yt-ar for foothall. ROBERT ZUECK-"Bob," a junior. played quarter- havk, Hi- ,zzained a berth on the team when Tosehak was injured. "Holi" was a good hall handler and a good runner. "Holi" lacks the height and Weight, but We export good work from him next year. JIM JACHINO-"Tommy Gun." a senior, played taekle and lim--lwarker. He took the plan- of Lewis after his injury and c-arm-tl a letter. .lim was an important lllP'IYlllPl' of our pass defense, RAMON BERTOLINO-'tRay" played end and f-enter. Hs- was our utility man as he Could he used anywhere in the lint-. "Ray" is only a junior so we hope for great things from him next year. LEON WARNSING-"Leon" played halfhark and end. He was the smallest man on the team and one of the hardest tau-kles, "la-on" is only a junior with a good si-ason in storm- for him nc-Xt year. fi. BLISS - mom MOMWK JOPWN POGIE KEY fm Dalit Thuy VVL2 S1-pn 0 4- S1-pt 48 U Sum 0 13 Urt. 7 7 lmlm- flvt, 12 Iwi, IN lbcl. 26 Nov. 1 lt' ar ar Jhe, Jnntball. Seaman, fleviewecl if if Nokomis Wins Opener Scoring almost at will, Nokomis over- powered Moweaqua 42 to 0. The game was played on a very muddy field in a steady rain. The Nokomis attack was led by Parker and Paesani with two touch- downs apiece. Thornhill and Toschak scored the other two. Guidish and B. Zueck made the extra points. Nokomis scored a safety when a Moweaqua back was tackled behind his own goal line. it-..- Nokomis Loses to Taylorville Nokomis went to Taylorville and was defeated 48 to 6. Nokomis scored in the third quarter on a trick play by E. Zueck who ran a brilliant 65-yard touchdown. Taylorville scored in every quarter. No- komis showed a weakness in the air and in the line. The Taylorville attack was led by Noren and Wilson. I' T+L.. Nokomis Upsets Pana Playing in a downpour of rain, the No- komis Redskins defeated the Pana Pan- thers by the score of 12 to 0. This was one of the season's biggest upsets. No- komis, playing the best football game of the year, showed how a small and fight- ing team with the determination to Win, could beat a big and heavy team. The Redskins scored on a pass from Toschak to Bertinetti. The score at the half was 6 to O. In the latter part of the third quarter Thornhill ran for 16 yards for a touchdown to put the game on ice. Til Nokomis Ties Arthur Nokomis went to Arthur and played a tie, 7 to 7. The Arthur Knights scored in the first half on a long pass. Guidish went on an end run and started for a touchdown but was called back for being out of bounds. The Redskins came back fighting at the half and Thornhill scored from the 10-yard line. Bertinetti drop- kicked the extra point. Nokomis' Beats Shelbyville The Nokomis Redskins played a 0 to 0 first half at Shelbyville. Thornhill broke the ice in the second half when he blocked a kick and ran 20 yards for a touchdown. A few minutes later Toschak scored from the five-yard line. Bertinetti dropkicked the extra point. In the late fourth period Thornhill scored off tackle. The final score was Nokomis 19, Shelbyville 0. iii Nokomis Wins Again Nokomis went to Waverly to win a thrilling game 18 to 13. The Redskins played a good game against Waverly. The attack was led by Paesani who made some brilliant runs. In the late third period Thornhill passed to Bertinetti for a touchdown. The Waverly Scotties scored in the first and third periods. In the early part of the fourth period Thornhill threw a touchdown pass to Guidish to end the game. iii Nokomis Loses to Hillsboro For the first time in four years No- komis was defeated by Hillsboro by the score of 37 to 0. This was one of Nokomis' worst defeats in many years. The first play of the game was a touchdown for Hillsboro. After Hillsboro found the Red- skins' weakness they took to the air and kept up the air attack to the very end. it-..- Nokomis Loses Last Game of the Season Nokomis went to Springfield and was defeated by Cathedral 12 to 6 in one of the best games of the season. The Ca- thedral boys were outplayed in many ways. In the early moments of the game Nokomis scored but was called back be- cause a Nokomis lineman was offside. Cathedral scored in the second half and again in the third period. Nokomis scored on a pass from Thornhill to Warnsing in the last few minutes of the game. Fifty-two ffffffaakndalfffff Standing: l'na1'li Aw-In-y. H, lim-Iii-iiluiiu-i', I.. .lzuissf-ii. II. lCir'kpatrir'k. Il. I'Iii'Iiar, S. l'vlizmii-lu. II. Zin-4-I: IC. Zufwk. J, Uozuiy, J. Szlzltlmiiip. li. 'I':iylur fI1I2lIIJl3l't'I'I, Sitting: II. S-'lim-id--1-. I. Ih-it tl I N I I I I 1 I I I I I II I Il I I I I I THE BASKETBALL SEASON REVIEW Nokomis went to St. Elmo for the first game of the year and was defeated 51 to 28. The first quarter was nip and tuck with the score 8 to 10. The Nokomis attack was led by Parker with 11 points. Nokomis got a late start in the second game of the season but gave the Ray- mond team some good competition, until Raymond gave a basket barrage in the last few minutes and won the game 32 to 27. Pehanich and Parker with 9 and 10 points re- spectively led the Nokomis attack. Having perfect teamwork, Nokomis defeated Ramsey 49 to 26. The scoring was evenly divided with Schaefer and Bertolino making 10 points and Toschak, 8 points. The Red skins lost their first conference game when they played Litchfield. This was one of the toughest games of the year. Nokomis put in a last minute score but lost by one point. Thornhill was high with 9 points. Nokomis, playing one of the hardest fought games of the year, lost to Taylor- ville 55 to 45, Nokomis took an early lead in the game but near the end of the third quarter Taylorville started to make baskets from all over the floor. Parker led Nokomis with 12 points and Schaefer followed with 10 points. Shelbyville led in the first two quarters, but Nokomis pulled the game out of the fire by making a last minute stand and won 37 to 35. Schaefer was high point man with 15 and Thornhill second with 10. After playing a good first quarter Nokomis gave in. Hillsboro made shots from all sides of the floor. In the last half Hillsboro went wild and beat Nokomis 38 to 20. Schaefer was the leading scorer with 73 Bertolino made 5. Nokomis was defeated by Shelbyville after leading the whole game. Shelbyville made a last minute stand and beat Nokomis 37 to 34. Bertinetti was the high point man for Nokomis. Nokomis took an early lead in the Kincaid game, but it proved to be a see-saw i'lll'l5'-llIl'4'l' ffffwfaakafballfffff battle. In the late fourth quarter Nokomis pulled the game out of the fire and won 33 to 32. Toschak was high point man with 10 to his credit. With Strasburg as opponents it was easy work for the Redskins to take the lead and keep it the rest of the game. Schaefer finally got "hot" and made 16 points for Nokomis. Nokomis defeated Greenville 48 to 38 after a late start in the first half. In the second half Nokomis scored 33 points from all over-the floor. Schaefer was high man was 19 points. Stewardson didn't waste any time in the first quarter when the Redskins were their questsg they scored 27 points to Nokomis' 13. They kept up this barrage till the end of the game. Bertinetti scored 13 points. Nokomis started out with a bang, but ended in a flop. The speed of the Taylorville boys was a little too much for the Redskins. Schaefer had 15 points and Bertinetti, 14. 3 Scoring almost at will, Nokomis defeated Ramsey 52 to 25. Toschak led the at- tack with 13 pointsg Bertinetti made 12 and Thornhill, 11. After playing a slow first half, Vandalia opened up with long shots and took the game under control. Bertinetti was high man with 14 points. - Nokomis, playing a powerful Pana team, was defeated 48 to 41. Pana's tall re- bounding men soon put the game on ice for them. Nokomis played good ball until the last quarter when Pana started to pour on the points. Bertinetti was high with 14. In the second half of the Coffeen game, the Redskins opened up with a basket barrage that left their opponents in the dust. Schaefer was high with 21 points and Toschak made 10. Nokomis trailed Irving all the way in the game till the last few minutes when they tied the score and had to play an overtime which resulted in the Redskins' favor. Thornhill and Bertolino led the attack with 15 and 14 points. The best basketball game of the year was with Witt. The score was never more than a two-point lead for each team. Witt made the first basket in the second over- time and won the game. Toschak had 12 points, and Thornhill 10 points. Nokomis played hard but lost to Hillsboro in the last few minutes. Bertinetti was high man with 12 points. The Redskins got a late start in the game against Kincaid and couldn't catch up. Kincaid was "hot" all the way through the game. Schaefer was high man with 17 points. The Rosamond game was one of Nokomis' most thrilling ball games of the year. The score was close and also highg at the half it was 38 to 36 in favor of Nokomis, but Rosamond won. Toschak was high man with 23 points. I Nokomis took an early lead and defeated Raymond 49 to 35. The Redskins showed some clever ball handling and played good ball all evening. Schaefer was high with 20 points. This time the Redskins won a double header. Nokomis used part of the second team against Fillmore and beat them 39 to 37. Parker and R. Zueck were high men with 9 points apiece. Nokomis took an early lead in the Irving game and kept it to the end, scoring almost at will. Bertinetti was high point man with 13g Thornhill and Schaefer were close behind with 11 and 10 each. After playing a good first quarter, Nokomis was left in the dust by the Witt Speedboys. Schaefer and Thornhill led the attack with 12 points and Bertinetti with 10. Winning at the half 15 to 9 and tied 22 to 22 at the third quarter, Nokomis played a powerful game at Pana. In the fourth quarter Pana put on the steam and defeated the Redskins in the last four minutes. Schaefer was high with 9 points. F fIV'flll,Il' JIM SCHAEFER-"Snitz" played forward and was a good shot from the side and from under the basket. Ile is a senior and he will be hard to replace next year. "Snitz" made a total ot' 282 points for the year. ROBERT THORNHILL-t'l3ob" played guard and was one of the l62:lII1'S best rebounders. Ile was a good shot from the middle of the floor and had a very hard shot to guard. "Hob" is a senior and made 193 points for the yea1'. ISADORE BERTINETTI-"Izzy" played forward and was a good rebounder. He was a good shot from the side and middle. "lzZy" is a senior and made 192 points. HAROLD SCHNEIDER--"Hack" played forward and JOE TOSCHAK-"Augie," the smallest man on the team, played gua1'd and did some good re- bounding. He had a broken finger which held him down most ot' the year. .Ioe had a. total of 105 points. RANION BERTOLINO f"Ray." as venter, gained berth on the team when Parker bevame sivk. lle is only a junior and we hope to see a lot of him next year. "Ray" made 103 points for the year. EUGENE PARKER-"Bliss," Center, due to an illness in the middle of the season was unable to play part of the time. He was a good rebounder and a fair shot.. "Bliss" is a senior and made 952 points all year. guard. He was the only undervlassman to gain berth on the squad. "Hack" was a good shot from the side. He made 32 points for the year. BASKETBALL SEASON RECORD Opponents We They Opponents We They Opponents We They St. ElmofT . . . 28 51 Witt-'l' . . , , 235 37 Shelbyvillef-H . . 37 235 Raymond-'I' . , . 27 322 Kincaid-'I' . . 40 T0 Kincaid-H .... 33 2-22 Hillsboro-T . . 20 33 Rosamonrl--T 57 58 Strasburg-H . . . 37 34 Shelbyville-T 34 37 Pana-'I' ...... 29 43 Pana-H .... , 4l 58 Stewardson-T . . 40 78 Greenville-T . . , 40 46 Hillsboro'-H . . 31 35 Taylorville--'I' . . 41 63 Litchfield---T . 42 07 Raymond-Il . . 49 35 Ramsey-T . . . 52 25 Ramsey-H .... 49 26 Irving'-l-I . . . 59 48 Vandalia-T . . 35 55 Litchfield-H 321 214 Fillmore-H . . . 39 37 Coffeen-T . . . G2 32 'Faylorvillef--ll . , . 45 55 Witt-ll ...... 52 G5 Irving-T . . . 47 45 Regional: Witt 38, Nokomis 34 FiI't3'-fivv ff4wf+4BaA26nlL++4++4 Back row: Sylvia Le-henlmiler, Ramon Bortolino. Rudolph H1'ihi:1r. Second row: Mr. Arvhey 1l'ozu'l1l. lfldward Porento, Elhin Blzizich, Lynis Niohaus, James Bemlnnr, John Muvek. lsamlore llertim-til. Adolph N1-mite. Kenneth Epley l'M:1n:lg'el'7. Front row: Eli?-Z'f'llC Zllvvk, Ull2ll'lk'S Golitko. Joe Tuschuk, Lino Zandonai, Clarence VV1'ight, Jimmie Schaefer. BASEBALL Due to a very wet spring the baseball season opened late. The boys played only two home games, Stewardson and Taylorville. They Went to Staunton, and they played in a tournament at Taylorville. if i' TRACK Nokomis had the largest "turnout" for track in '45 in many years. The lettermen or point winners were Menin fmiley, Paesani C100-yard and 220-yardl, and Wattjes 1100- yard and 220-yardj. Other members of the team were Schneider C880-yardl, Coady 1880-yardl, I. Bertinetti 1440-yard and 220- yardj, Macek Cshotput and discusj, Niehaus Cpole vault and high jumpj, and Zandonai C440-yardl. John Harold Reno Adolph John Richard Pete Coady Schneider Menin Nepote Macek Wattjes Paesani Fifty-six Th Ranchers' Year ', ,AA y ' sgfiggi, Ei., Q i , 'f 1 em 2 "Can you imagine a ship without its log, Or Pepys without his famous diary? So our Ranch has kept its diary too. If you will but read its pages, You will find the story of our Ranch for this year." Fifty-seven Bm. 'l1.J.3L,S'. Qkuzq. Dear Boots : Well, here we are at the Bar N.T.H.S. Ranch with 215 ranch hands C54 Yearlings, 48 Two-Year-Olds, 41 Three-Year-Olds, and 72 Thoroughbredsj and 18 Bosses. To give you an idea of ranch life for the nine months We are here, we are sending you a copy of our Ranch Diary: RANCH LIFE AUGUST Mon. 27 School opened today with the ranch MOH. 17 hands learning their duties and meet- ing their bosses who had to work over- time iteachers' meetingsy while we were free. Tues, 18 Tues. 28 Full time duties and two long chow lines. Wed. 29 Long chow line again, but more food today. Thurs. 30 Too hot for school but we had to go anyway. Temperature 1000 in the shade and no water in the fountains. Wed- 19 Fri. 31 All classes met, nominated candi- dates, and chose their sponsors. Fresh- men have their first introduction into the library. SEPTEMBER Thurs- 20 Mon. 3 Labor Day so we had only half day of school but we did a whole day's work. Halls were full of former students Fri. 21 whom we were glad to see. Tues. 4 Boys hard at work on the football gridiron. We're determined to win ev- ery game this year! Wed. 5 Class officers elected. First religious Bien, 24 education classes today. Thurs. 6 "Ojibwa News" staff chosen. Student Council meeting. Fri. 7 Faculty party for the newcomers and newlyweds. Sat. 8 Mr. Stanley and 11 boys went to Tues' 25 Champaign. Mon. 10 First issue of "Ojibwa News." Good!! First meeting of "Old Nokomis" staff. Mrs. Johnson CRosa1ie Holmesl on 2 her honeymoon. First book reports in Wed' G English IV. Tues. 11 Mrs. Johnson back on the job. Photog- Th 97 raphers start taking ,snapshots for urs' ' "Old Nokomis." Wed. 12 Executive committee meeting of the F. 28 seniors was held in Miss Yackle's rl' room at noon. Thurs. 13 A rainy day. Senior and junior class meetings. The English classes had their first films today: "The Song of a Nation," and "The Declaration of Independence." Fri. 14 School dismissed early for football OCTOBER game with Moweaqua. We won de- Mon. 1 spite the rain. Band and majorettes made their first appearance up town and at the football game. Commotion in the halls getting band suits. Fifty-eight First G.A.A. meeting: affiliate with the State. Senior English classes had the film, "Puritan Days." Freshmen had their first book reports. Nice sunny day so the photographers took some group pictures. Who are vain? The boys!! "Ag" boys were in front of mirrors primping for their pictures. Mr. Marsh, the engraver for our Annual, was here. Freshman and sophomore class meetings. Short staff meeting after school. Many boys enrolled in a new course toda.y??? Flag pole painting. Yes, our flag pole is all dressed up in a new aluminum dress. Pretty!!! Second team boys lost to Pana here after school. Same routine, except a few more ninth "hourers." Who invented ninth hour??? Second issue of "Ojibwa News." Pep meeting. Bus full of kids going to see Nokomis football guys beat Taylorville tonight. Who won?'?? Are you kidding??'? Freshmen had their mid-term test. Magazine salesman, Mr. Chittenden fDeadwoodJ, here. G.A.A. meeting to- night. A new regulation concerning ninth hour. Be at your ninth hour on time or "Look Out." Second team tied with Pana tonight. Staff meeting tonight. Mr. Marsh was here to help us. New G.A.A. members looked pretty today, didn't they??? Initiation party tonight. My, what fun we freshmen will have!!! Home "Ee" girls will serve a dinner for the principals and coaches of the S. C. Conference tonight. Senior meeting at noon. Individual pictures were taken, did we look cute, eh? Another beautiful, rainy day. Game at Pana in a downpour, but We won. We have the finest "bunch" of LADIES and GENTLEMEN buying lunches today. Going to have a rip- snortin' time at the All-School Party tonight, especially the freshmen, in their costumes, etc. The magazine sales are going along at high speed. Did the bookkeeping class by any chance have a test??? Oh brothER. There's a blue patch in the sky today. 151 NW A yfsm Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Ban, 'I'l.12L.S. Qing, Are we getting strict! Five ninth hours if one gets another's lunch. Tch! Tch! "N" boys took up a collection to buy "poor Coach Archey" a pair of sun glasses! The Annual and Paper Staffs are go- ing to Champaign on a bus. Won't we enjoy the trip and w0n't we have some swell Papers and Annual? Thanks to the Board of Education. Our driveway is looking swell since it has some new oil. The G.A.A.'s are going on a hike after school. Paper didn't come out today. What happened to our president? She came to school at 7:30 a. m. Getting ambitious, June? Game at Arthur tonight. Of course WE will win! Magazine sale ends to- day. Our Super Salesmen even burst the top off the thermometer. Hay ride tonight. Dog visited the assembly the fifth hour and Miss Pircher took it out! Poor doggie!! Did you freeze on the hay ride? I did and how!! Surprise!! Today we really had a nice long movie. We seniors are so proud of our rings. Junior class meet- ing. Everyone primped up today for more pictures. What speed! Class meeting in which candidates for the Harvest Queen were chosen. Did you go to the Farmers' Insti- tute?'!? The Band played, but WE didn't get to hear them play. Annual Staff meeting at noon. Today the Annual and Paper Staffs went to U. of I. in a bus. Now watch our Annual and our Papers! Short Annual Staff meeting tonight. Still talking about your trip to Cham- paign??? Annual Staff pictures taken for di- vision pages. Good for the servicemen who speak so we get out of English. School was like Grand Central Sta- tion today with all the bells ringing for our group pictures. Practice foot- ball game tonight. Yipee! Teachers going to let the ranch hands off tomorrow iTeachers' Institutel. Game this afternoon at Waverly. Another dead day especially for the 46 sleepy tired people who made the trip to the Meremac Caverns yester- day. Dramatic Club meeting after school. A FEW students starting to study for the exams, Thursday. Are you one of the few?'? Everybody Calmostb is staying up to- night to cram for exams. What a day!! Those exams are ter- rific! Seniors got their tickets from the Rotary Club to sell for their speakers. Fri. 26 Game with Hillsboro. Senior pay-off party tonight. Mon. 29 Sad fate-lost game to Hillsboro. Tryouts for junior class play. Had more group pictures taken. Tues. 30 Student Council meeting. Sale of those lecture tickets is really boom- ing!!! Some proofs have arrived. Were you in one of the pictures?? Wed. 31 Seniors off for afternoon to sell ' tickets for the Rotary. NOVEMBER Thurs. 1 Our English IV teacher gone, but we had class. Football game tonight at Cathedral. Let's hope we win. Fri. 2 Quick! Take an aspirin, hold on to something, and slowly look at your report card. Shocking, isn't it? This must be our had news day-lost game with Cathedral last night. Mon. 5 My, all the excitement! An airplane landed by the high school. G.A.A. meeting tonight. Kids are busy with Carnival plans. Tues. 6 Student Council meeting after school. Had a good speaker in assembly to- day. Wed. 7 Movie today, "The Prisoner of Zen- da." Carnival coming along just "honky-dory." Thurs. 8 We have a new secretary, Myra Stiehl. "Good luck, Myra. So long, Rosalie." Fri. 9 Finally, the big night is here! Can't write much now-gotta run home and get ready for the Carnival. Tues. 12 What a day! Classes shortened for the speaker. Didn't have our execu- tion shots Qpardon me, T.B. shotsl. Wed. 14 Today is Visitors' Day. Had an as- sembly program. Tonight is the G.A. A.-"N" Club Banquet. Yum! Yum! Seniors decided on blue caps and gowns. Won't we look ducky? Fri. 16 Was it ever cold in school-must be saving on fuel. Annual sales are com- ing along 0.K. except the seniors aren't ahead. Give us time!!! Mon. 19 Well, finally, we were all shot, today. Were you scared? Couldn't tell which was the louder, my heart hammering or my knees knocking. Most of the kids went to see "True Glory." Tues. 20 Senior English class had a movie on "Maud Miller." Missed our usual Ro- tary speeches today, didn't you? Wed. 21 Just think! Two holidays. Hardly know how to act. Juniors are working like "Eager Beavers" on their play. Bet it's a dandy! Mon. 26 Back from vacation. Ho-Hum, study, study, until next vacation. Quite a few didn't return. Tues. 27 Today we had our third speaker. Also Sixty we had the previews of the Junior play. Looks super!!! "if 2? 1 FSH Wsnm fm--. YW! -Manco-up iiag' f I1 swf - YWMQRQM W an w.J.az5. mm, Wed. 28 Junior play tonight. Thurs. 29 Every,body back to school after big night of "The Old Crab." Good! Fri. 30 Our first basketball game at St. Elmo tonight. Plans are beginning to shape up for the Senior-Junior Christmas party. DECEMBER Mon. 3 Sniff! Sniff! Everybody has a cold. Had a surprise assembly program on "Safety," Tues. 4 Bad a. speaker here today. Good, too! He was the last one of the Rotary group. Many students absent. Could they be sick? Anyhow, there were 50 absent. Wed. 5 A movie on witchcraft. Spooky! Won game with Ramsey. Thurs. 6 Few people coming back. Work com- ing along O.K. on the Annual. Fri. 7 Paper came out today. Oh! OH! Miss Yackle's class had to stay after school! Wonder why? tShucks, just a test.J . Mon. 10 Still more kids coming back to school tthe dopesl. G.A.A. meeting after school. Tues. 11 The lucky grade school kids get out this week, but do you. think high school gets out? HECK NO!! Wed. 12 Senior Class Meeting, seniors very, very busy with the Christmas party- rumored to be better than last year's party. Thurs. 13 Snowed, today. "Ain't" that some- thing! Last game to be with Taylor- ville. Fri. 14 Game with Witt tonight postponed. Decorated the gym today. Pretty! Mon. 17 Christmas party tonight. Santa prom- ises to come. Tues. 18 Are you about snowed under? I am!! School rooms a little warmer today. Wed. 19 Tonight we play Shelbyville and of course we're going to win. Did you see our new score board!! Snazzy, huh? Thurs. 20 Senior class meeting at noon. Gee, are they getting strict with ninth hours. Must think we are mean, or somethin'. Fri. 21 Yipee! Going to see Santa Claus and have a week's vacation. Life Can Be Beautiful! Merry Christmas, Every- body! Happy New Year!! JANUARY Wed. 2 Back to school again. Weren't you glad to come back??? Start cramming on your exams, now. Thurs. 3 Won game with Greenville last night. ' Pretty good, aren't we??? I wonder if seniors will have to take exams'?? Fri. 4 G.A.A. meeting after school. You can study for sure now. We WILL have exams Monday. Isn't that just lovely! Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Sixty-two Having a jolly time today-exams. Can't write any more, gotta study!! Game with Kincaid, and we beat too. :Exams all day. Exams ended today. Celebrated by having a movie. What's the matter with this schoolg can't they get a movie that ends right? Did you see your exam papers? How are your grades coming out? New semester starts today. Sixth period one hour long and school out at 3:15! Did it ever snow today? And how!! Game tonight at Stewardson. Did you smell the hydrogen sulfide coming out of the chemistry lab? Senior class meeting today. Also had a talk on how to keep our school clean and presentable. Game tonight at Taylorville. Cloth- ing Drive will start Monday. Gather up all your old clothes. A long list of ninth hours today. Poor Miss Yackle having to take care of all of them. Game with Ramsey. "Ag" had pictures today, lucky stiffs!! Game tomorrow night at Vandalia. Report cards didn't come out tonight! But then, who cares? The seniors finally got the number of their announcements in. It snowed again over the week-end. Play cast for the All-School Play has been selected. Practice for the oper- etta tonight. Gonna be good, we hope! Mrs. Ballinger was absent today. Why are the school rooms so cold?? Mrs. Ballinger still absent today. Game tonight with Pana. Oh dear, oh dear! What did we do to deserve this? Got our report cards. Hope my parents are in a good mood Game tonight with Coffeen. History classes and English IV had movies today. Game tonight at Irving. We won the game. Game tonight at Witt. The Operetta cast is really working hard for Fri- day night. Oh, woe is me! Senior classes are having debates. We ought to be good at that!!! Lost game last night, just weren't in the playing mood! Mr. Stanley and some of his boys went to Hillsboro today. Game with Hillsboro tonight. A movie in Home "Ee" today. Previews of the Operetta today. Also, pep meeting. Quite a day. Lost the game. Pictures in science today. More an- nual work today and Mr. McGregor is busy with his production. am 91. Jars. mm, FEBRUARY Fri. 1 Mrs. Ballinger is leaving today. Hate to see her go. Operetta tonight! Good! Mon. 4 Mrs. Wunderlich, our new "math" and P.E. teacher, started today. Tues. 5 Lost game with Rosamond tonight. Wed. 6 Had a movie today, "Hudson Bay." Defeated Raymond, too. Thurs. 7 Home "Ee" had a movie, "Blame It All on Love." Fri. 8 Had a double-header tonight with Fil- more and Irving, and won both. Mr. Lynch, our new commercial teacher, came today. Tues. 12 Holiday! Good old Abe Lincoln! Senior girls entertained by B. Kc P. W. Wed. 13 Our last home game tonight. Thurs. 14 Did you get a Valentine today? "Me, neither." Senior English classes had a film, "Redwood Trees." Fri. 15 Annual staff and paper staff meetings. Mon. 18 Lost game with Greenville tonight. Tues. 19 Freshmen and seniors had movie, "Contact with Books." Wed. 20 Previews for the All-School play. Thurs. 21 "The Life of Riley" was presented tonight. Very good play. Fri. 22 Series of rules came out concerning the lockers. Better obey them! Mon. 25 Contestants are getting ready for mu- sic contest. What happened to Mr. Archey's eye? Tues. 26 History classes had pictures today. Wed. 27 Had two movies today, "George Wash- ington Carver" and the "Red Cross." Mr. Marsh came for our Annual. MARCH f ' Fri. 1 The paper came out tonight. Weren't those students from Carthage College good?'?? Mon. 4 Gee, are we good? All of us placed in the music contest! Wed. 6 Had a movie, "A Message to Garcia." Thrilling!!! Mr. McGregor awarded ribbons to the music contest winners. Thurs. 7 Juniors are getting busy with the Prom plans. Fri. 8 Coast Guard movie. Farewell, Myra. Mon. 11 Welcome to our new secretary, Betty Pechnik. Tues. 12 Fire drill. Wed. 13 You might know this would be an unlucky day f13thJ. Exams started. Thurs. 14 The teachers must think we are Ein- steins as hard as the exams are. Fri. 15 Who knows the difference between deductive and inductive reasoning? . Mon. 18 Exam papers returned. Woe is me! Wed. 20 Yippee!! We got off school for two whole days. The Senior Class play cast has been selected. , Tues. 26 Report cards did come out tonight. Wed. 27 Band excused to go up town to march. Thurs. Fri. APRIL Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Wed. Fri. Tues. Thurs. Fri. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Tues. MAY Wed. Fri. Mon. Tues. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sun. Mon. Tues. 28 29 1 2 3 4 5 10 12 16 18 19 23 24 25 26 30 1 3 6 7 14 15 16 17 19 20 21 "Pep Parade" participants were ex- cused this afternoon. We surely ought to have good type- writers now. Mr. Lynch had the re- pairman here today. Did you get fooled today? I did, too. Had a speaker from Sparks College the eighth hour. Gee, it's hard to study when it's so warm and nice out! Had movie, "Cleopatra" Hubba! Hubba! Some costumes!! What are all the Western Union tele- grams about that were delivered to the faculty? Won baseball game with Waggoner. Track meet here-Witt, Rosamond, and Nokomis. Board and Faculty dinner party in home "ec" room. Baseball game with Staunton. Baseball game at Stewardson. Goodbye, Mr. Lynch. Holiday and a track meet here with Taylorville. Previews of the senior play, "My Heart's in High." Baseball game at Pana. Senior play tonight. Good! Baseball game at Taylorville. Everybody all Prom, tonight. Baseball game in a flutter for the at Waggoner. I.M.S.C. meet "The Prisoner at Taylorville. Movie, of Shark Island." County track meet at Litchfield. Senior Skip Day. Baseball game with Stewardson, here. District track meet at Pana. We hope to get our yearbooks today. Rehearsal tor Baccalaureate, and baseball game with Pana, here. Semester Exams. Semester Exams. Class Day. District Tourney. Baccalaureate Service. Dr. Janvrin will have the address. Practice for Commencement. Commencement. Well, there comes a time for all good things to end. It's time now for our departure from the N.T.H.S. Bar Ranch. We've had a year chock full of events and leave for someone else to carry on our traditions. Try not to miss us too much! Wish you could have been with us, Boots, but since you couldn't, we hope this diary will give you an idea of all the things we've done this last year. Sixty-three Yours, SADDLE. S0 LQNG PHOTOGRAPHY BY A. P. PAUSCHERT STUDIO. NOKONIIS. ILLINOIS ENGRAVINGS BY PONTIAC ENGRAVING AND ELECTROTYPING CO, CHICAGO. ILL. PRINTING BY THE TIMES RECORD COMPANY. ALEDO, ILLINOIS BINDING BY PFISTERER'S BINDERY. GALESBURG ILLINOIS Lian, V1 I 5 ! n

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