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Nokomis High School - Old Nokomis Yearbook (Nokomis, IL) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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z -W V, 4- ,, Ni. fl-s' .aid ,E A va. W rdf X' ' MQ' 'nc' 'X' f :' 3 :V Z. .,: I 1 5 x ' I I" ' , .: R- jf 5 as ' 3, :.,E '. . 4 .sf-.fs ...,. 1 , Q XR? ,..4g.. as , , f 2 ,NN .- " . v f 'V 1 41 fy, N. .V .I . H-.. '+ 3 x V : , -: M lm-Q I E 4 ' g 1 , -- . ,, Q L, 3 . f gf fn H ff 2 . 7 x ' ' MEL' 2 C 1 S M . wwf , ' 1 ? I T, my M f 'E V 3 R sf 1 1 2 ,, .'.' WWW' :..,' gi f. M ' M " ' wvwm ww , fsff4'iusw,4w -Tp.: ..., V we f M 42 8 gf 'x R ' , N , if ' .3 X 5 .A ,M 1 H ' 4 ,, , ,- V ,M V I 1 I n 1 Q 1. tri-f' ' ,W-M., Q 35? Q V, f 1 u Q up , Q 25 3 Q , , Q an E ' ..WL,lgYz ff-aw, Qlgezggms, Ve H' .M wfiw sk, Vi N., my if ,, f N wx. we ,Aix Sie 5 Mf flaw Xi , W .fy Q Wx Q , 4 W wsu N, M ks r 84 - u R, ' is Qqiwilgt 'illwwi , , ,L ll' yrs--Q - , YA '.' I . f' ' ' ' 'Tv Y. ". TL Q ? ,. ,ff 0,30 . i if oi ff e 4 .V V ,-I .Q sn? ,., .i,."'4iK ., .wl.. '1 1 51 Q. 'il f 'if K' f . 4, Xlvi, Iv 1' Q A sf 5 'Q Mig". A ,,. 'LY tp . :is is ' . 'R' S '53 , 1 , , ,,g-,saith ,ff v, . ef.. 8 R , A, Q g , :Vis-,gum Ts .. 3 4 Qmgf-4,f2. ,,gf,5eT'M-fx Q H+ , ' Q IQ -XQQNE-,.,gaffi1+f ,QQ - ' M9g,Q'a,3ps'g4-:wS3'f.2A'L:ffQ .735 'sQ!S'4k415'i' Simi. 4 X 1, xx H Q wwf ,fb , 4.4 x x.,-uw-'mf-W 3 asf if 14" W 4 .mm "Su 3 " fm .Q Mg" TXix4 5K Q, I 'Q m New ,pf nl-all . I no 1 way, "E was .-,. , H YW-W-it---f 'ff M" ' -' 'Q' 77 ' JL 020306 fo C0'tteCf fit! l41i.4C0l4C6!9li0lfl.4 of !AtZ QTEK!! HMC! 'C. !JfZt we !p"C6J6l4i - - Q46 1940 'WW A COMPLETE DESCRIPTION OF A SCHOOL. AND OF NOKOMIS HIGH SCHOOL IN PARTICULAR. Editor-SHIRLEY IANE BAIRD Business Manager-CLIF FORD BETZOLD Published by SENIOR CLASS OF NOKOMIS TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL NOKOMIS, ILLINOIS PLAY THE GAME an , -0 f S, Ax.yq Q 'QM f 4: .Lag-V my W : 1- .M Q 'Y K sf' M, Q W, ,. M ww H6 . , B if ,Q-S W 1 Q 1 , Q ' 'Q ': 'j,rN,f3-, , . ij? ': .f Qs' A , .V S U, ., wwf K Q My ' ,, 'f ,J Q - ' wggvi WY' ' x' gig-EX , , i.. my I , S ggi 4 1 .Q Q 'S . 11 H+ w , :,i3+-"J" L0 "-" " A," zflffiif - TW fi -' , P .- 1 v- M Quia. ..,,f " -,pm ' -. ,5:g,,5g,:L:a-,'-' ,,,,,, - . ' ,1.,. , , . f We 9 qkqiwmgdsds MM Weis. , .ix ' f - My -f rf J f , A V' .' W aiL"x",",f5 min: , Y- -5 .-H,--1, k ,- 'I x ..,. ., .3 ff, "UQ:-, ful ,.'q:!!2.,, ASW W ,wuz A 555151 j"- X 'Y' ,vixfi-WQPQ. . ,ia viwff Q 'x .. q'3,9 7 " js? hwy: A A y V xx :- W Q - 'X ' 4 ' nm . JK ' Q 1 "" ' 'P- , fg4f35"'iff, .f .'fwgsZ- ,QM W i F , , , V - Q96 illfsief M 5 v .?S"'A'xgM" Q wx 'mb 'QA Af, W y A 'S Nil . , 1 v' Q W I W Q Mg, S sf sae . "EEL L WN f m Q 4 ' . M Q ' X k Q ' ' X A - 2' , -' -sw x,, , 'WT V My T -1 f . 4. S K wffi xwf- Riff" K , X x X if 1 , g mf A, QM is f Q wk VA? . V5 ix ,. 'Y Q 4 . w F V W Jw 4 Y K Q KX 'Q1 K' K wmv. l' 5 QP Q i MSW ' f YS! , ma" , , 1 M, 1 ' 64,5 e N. 6 Q I Y xx-rx . xx' Q . nfs' X X. V W WHERE KNOWLEDGE . . wp- Y., HOLD THAT LINE! IS ACQUIRED ,P- 3 9 ' lx 1? if ii! -'Q V P if if MQ was . Qu, ,ESV wil . T? QNQQ 5 'E' XA ' in x-QS! i fl 4 1 5 QL f' 2' "' ..',.. fCf.4,,,, Edifor ,........ A N1 I 'T ,, . x,,e,,... . . Old Nokomis Staff Associafe Edifor , . Business Manager Liferary Edifor . , Sporfs Edifor , . . Calendar EdI+or . Kodak Edifor , , , Kodak Edi+or . . . Typis+ .... Typisf . . . Sponsor Sponsor Page 9 SHIRLEY JANE BAIRD ., WILLIAM STAUDER . CLIFFORD BETZOLD ... HELEN NUSSMAN ...I....JOHN GENT .... BILL RICHARDSON .. MARGARET LAYER .. EDWARD PILGRIM MILDRED SWARBRICK .... CATHERINE PINI ,,. MISS YACKLE .,.. MR. PRIDDLE OUR STUDENT A FUNDAMENTAL GUIDE TO REAL EXPRESSIONS WHICH ARE PERTINENT ACTIVITIES A way Tor The sTudenTs To leT OTT sTeam raTher Than in an argumenT or TisT-TighT. These are meThods aT passing or wasTing Time by some new Torrn oT devilmenT or raTher "TomToolery." These aCTiviTies give a person a chance To show OTT her new dress, shoes, or anyThing she wishes To show so ThaT she will be envied. I grudgingly haTe To admiT iT buT I suppose There really are some good ends gained such as some- Thing which will be pracTical, and beneTiT The sTudenT in his or her laTer liTe. ATHLETICS A Torm OT ancienT bruTaliTy in which The sTudenTs play The leading roles insTead OT lions or some oTher wild animal. They have diTTerenT Torms which They call games, such as TooTball, in which The Two-legged apes pursue all over a Tield The skin OTT an old dead hog. When They do Tinally capTure The covering aTT The piece OT pork, They Then kick or Throw iT away. AnoTher Torm aT game is called baskeTbalI in which all aT The parTicipanTs dash madly Trom one end OT The Tloor To The oTher, bouncing a spherical hump oT leaTher on The Tloor. When They reach The end OT The Tloor They Throw The "punkin" Through someThing which looks like The rim Trom a car wheel. These aThleTics are in realiTy a greaT Thing Tor The sTudenTs, Teaching Them True sporTsmanship and co- operaTior1 wiTh oThers. AThleTics also keep Their bodies physically TiT. FACULTY The permanenT TixTures behind The big desks in all rooms who seem never To run ouT oT "gab" and lessons and mainly "exams." They are Those bundles aT humaniTy who know everyThing Trom A To Z and who are always ready and willing To share Their vasT knowledge wiTh us, and To help us over our seemingly high mounTains on The road OT life, which are in realiTy small anT hills. Page I0 CTI NARY MEANING OF THOSE WORDS AND TO OUR EVERYDAY SCHOOL LIVES MOTHER AND DAD Those Two mainsails on our ship aT liTe upon whom we depend Tor our necessiTies aT liTe. They are Those Two people who are very proud aT us when we geT on The "honor roll" or do some such good deed and are The very same people who raise The "dickens" wiTh us when we make one liTTle "slip up." They are Those Two characTers whom we call The "Old Man" and The "Old Lady," when speaking aT Them among ourselves. They are The ones who undersTand our problems and help us To geT our righT TaoT TirsT7 They are The angels on earTh who Teach us how To walk, Talk, and geT along in liTe. Yes, our parenTs hold The warmesT spoT in our hearT and also The dearesT. SCHOOL A pile OT bricks wiTh a hollow inside where The kids are called sTudenTs IT is The place we brag abouT aTTending when iT has done someThing valuable, and which we disown when iT has done someThing discrediT- able. IT is The place we cheer Tor aT our ball games and pep meeTings yeT someTimes secreTly wish iT would burn down. lT is in realiTy The place ThaT ouTwardly we accepT as a "have-To'be" yeT inwardly we.hold iT close To our hearTs wiTh greaT honor and pride. STUDENTS Those Two legged sacks oT bones who derive much pleasure and enTer- TainmenT Trom asking many caTchy quesTions oT Teachers in The vain hope ThaT The quesTions will end in a lengThy discussion so ThaT They can wasTe The Time in class and Thus noT have To sTudy. They are The adolescenTs who spend six hours a day in school work in exchange Tar a liTTle Time To whisper, wriTe noTes, or Tell some new iokes. They are really The gangling youThs who enTer high school in search OT higher educaTion and leave iT Teeling ThaT iT was Time well spenT Tor The good Times, knowledge, and many new Triends whom They have gained. Page ll 1 l To Mother and Dad We Dedicate This Year's "OLD NOKOMISH We dedicaTe This yearbook, noT To a comic sTrip char- acTer, some hero long dead, or some poliTician, buT in- sTead To The ones whom we have always, and shall al- ways, look up To-our moThers and dads. In The dedi- caTion of This yearbook we Teel ThaT we should dedicaTe iT To Those who have been behind us and pushed us when we needed iT: To Those who have done Their besT To pre- pare us Tor The real liTeg To Those who have broughT up The younger generaTion, us, To believe in democracy: T0 Those who sTand ouT TirsT in our mind, Those To whom we can go in Time aT Trouble and who share worries wiT.h us. As we have grown older and advanced in our classes. we have come To The realizaTion aT The meaning of our parenTs and of Their sacriTices, ThaT we mighT live and have a beTTer life and educaTion Than They had. Yes, iT is TiTTing and proper ThaT we should offer up This comparaTively small TribuTe To Those Two lovely char- acTers, in The hope ThaT They will see ThaT we realize and are Thankful Tor The many blessings, kind words, and help They have given us. I offer This yearbook To my oarenTs-The ones whom The Lord and I boTh know are in realiTy angels in disguise. Page I3 MR. E. W. ANDERSON Principal Board of Education Slondingz Mr. Gus Bowers, Mr. Roy lsbell, Mr. A. J. Schroeder, Mr. Malo Jolwnson Silflngz Dr. M. l-l. Irvin, Presidenlg Mr. W, P. Gilbert Se-crefory. Page I4 Top row: Lorene Gibson, Mr. Anderson, Mrs. Gent, Miss Yockle, Mr. Will, Miss Pircher, Mr. Berlolino. Second row: Mr, Priddle, Mr. Deason, Mr. Casio, Hazel Hinfon, Mr, Keilelkornp. Boflorn row: Mr. Rademacher, Mr. Myers, Mr. Riggs, Miss Scliniepp, Miss Conover. MR. E. W. ANDERSON "All righf, lI'1oi's fine." Universily of Minnesola, M.A. Principal-Lolin. Miss LoREnE oisson "Hello, Inubbyll' Illinois Business College. Secrelory. MRS. ELIZABETH M. GENT IITIIODIK you, muclilyfl Midlond College, A.B. English III and IV. MISS STELLA YACKLE "Dorff Iwurry owaylll Universily of Illinois, M.S. English I and II. MR. LEONARD P. WILL "Le+'s have o Iesl This morning." Universify of Illinois, M.A. Molhemolics. MISS FRANCES PIRCI-IER "Sli-In-In-In." Universify of Chicago, M.A. I-Iislory. N. T. H. S. Faculty MR. EDWARD BERTOLINO "WeII." Universiiy of Illinois, M.A. Civics. Economics, Sociology. MR. GEORGE I-I. RRIDDLE "OuieI down, you fellows!" Universily of Illinois, B.S. Agricullure. MR. RUSSELL F. DEASON "Wl1ere's ForimsIcy?" Urliversify of Missouri, M.A. Biology, Rlwysicol Ediicolion, Allilefic Coach. MR. DOMINIC L. COSTA "LeI's ploy Iliis Iosl numb ogoin.' Millilcin Universily, B,M.E. Music. MISS HAZEL HINTON "Uh-IwI1." Librarian. MR. S. R, KETTELKAMP "Wlwere's Barneyf' Cosloclion. Poge I5 MR. E. E. RADEMACI-IER "SeI1r Gul." Cenfral Wesleyon College, AB. CI1emisIry,Oerrrian I and II. MR. L. R. MYERS "Two minules up." Cenlrol Wesleyan College, A.B. Plnysics, General Science, Mod ein I-Iisiory. MR. ORVILLE RIGOS "You May T-y-p-e." Illinois Slole Normal Universily B.Ed. Slworiliand, Typing Book- keeping. MISS EMMA SCI-INIEPP "Whol would be good for Iomoi'row?" Colelorio molron, MISS RUBY CONOVER HI wouldnll Icnowf' Eoslern Illinois Slole Teoclners College, B.Ed. Home Economics, Physical Ediirafion. Page I6 Slwirley Jane Baird Roberl Bafeson Clifford L. Befzold Fred Bowers Susan D. Ciberey Zifa A. Cornpagni Eugenia A, Conway Elizabefh Lolelfa Cra Alana E. Dasoviclw George Pepas Class Presidenf Geraldine Ernsf Mildred S. Fefslro Wanda l-linlon Vice-Presidenf Lee Roy Fournier George T. Fullerfon Pauline lvl. Furirnslcy John Shields Gaffney Rex S. Gallup John Genf Jolwn A. Goliflco b Doroflwy Marie Gordislw Elsie Irene Gronewald ,IF Y W., , ,.,... Class SHIRLEY JANE BAIRD "Ner Nane" "Don't call me 'Screwball'l" Editor-in-Chief ot "Old Nokomis" 4, Music Club 3, 4, Or- chestra 2, 3, 4, Home "Ec" Club 3, Pep Club 3, 4, Junior ummm Club 3, G. A. A. 3, 4, "Tomboy" 3: Carnival I, 2, 3, 4, Community Tournament I, 2, 3, 4, "Gym" Show 3. ROBERT BATESON "J, B." "Sure, l'm a J. B." Kincaid High School I, "N" Club 3, 4, Carnival 3, 4, Foot- ball 2, 3, 4: Basketball 3, Track 2, 3, 4, Community Tourna- ment 4, "Gym" Show 2. CLIFFORD L. BETZOLD "Cliff" "Any money today, Miss Yackle?" Business Manager of "Old Nokomis" 4, F. F. A. 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Junior Dramatic Club President 3, "Tomboy" 3, Carnival 2, 3, 4, Track I, Community Tournament 4, "Gym" Show 2, 3, "Ag." Contest 4. FRED BOWERS "Fred" "Let's get some damesI" F. F. A. 2, 3, Pep Club 3, Carnival I, 2, 3, Track I, 2, Basketball I, 2, "Gym" Show I, 2, 3, 4, Community Tourna- ment I, 2, 3, 4, "Ag." Contest 2. SUSAN D. CIBEREY "Sue" "Here are the announcements." Music Club 3, Chorus 3, Home "EC" Club 3, Pep Club 3, 4, Junior Dramatic Club 3, Harvest Queen 3, G. A. A. 3, 4, "Gym" Show 2, 3, "Tomboy" 3, Carnival 3, Carnival Queen 4. ZITA A. COMPAGNI "Zeets" "Honest to Pete?" Pep Club 3, 4, Junior Dramatic Club 3, G. A. A. 3, 4, Car- nival l, 2, 3, 4, Community Tournament I, 2, 3, 4, "Gym" Show I, 3. EUGENIA A. CONWAY "Jeanie" "Let me se+" Music Club 3, Chorus 3, Pep Club 3, 4, Junior Dramatic Club 3, G. A. A. 3, 4, Carnival 4, Community Tourna- ment I, 2, 3, 4, "Gym" Show 2, 3, Cheer and Song Leader 4. ELIZABETH LOLETTA CRABBE "Crab" "Oh, darn itl' Music Club 4, Girls' Chorus 4, Home "EC" Club 3, Carnival 3, Community Tournament I, 2, 3, "Gym" Show 2, 3. ALANA E. DASOVICH "Nonnie" "WelI, for Pete's sake!" Junior Dramatic Club 3, G. A. A. 3, 4, Community Tourna- ment I, 4. GEORGE PEPAS "Stole" "You're a lion." Class Vice-President 3, Class President 4, "N" Club 3, 4, Carnival I, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Community Tournament I. -I-mr:-r of 1940 GERALDINE ERNST "Gerry" "Why, sureI" Class Treasurer I, Junior Dramatic Club 3. MILDRED S. FETSKO "Millie" "Jimnity." Home "Ec" Club 4, Junior Dramatic Club 3, G. A. A. 3, 4. WANDA I'lIN-ION "Hinton" "Quit that." Class SecretaryATreasurer I, Class Vice-President 4, Pep Club43, Junior Dramatic Club 3, Commercial Contest 3, Carnival I, 2, 3, 4, Community Tournament I, 2. LEE ROY FOURNIER "Dog' "You betchaI" Carnival 3, Basketball I, Baseball 2, Track 3, 4, Community Tournament 2, "Gym" Show 2, 4. GEORGE T. FULLERTON "John L." "l was just sitting here doing nothing." F. F. A. 2, 4, Boys' Chorus 4, Music Club 4, Carnival I, 2, 3, 4, "Gym" Show 2, 3, 4. PAULINE M. FURIMSKY "Furzy" "Ol1, yes, Sir!" Music Club 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Junior Dra- matic Club 3, G. A. A. 3, 4, "Tomboy" 3, "Bolts and Nuts" 3, Carnival 3, "Gym" Show 2, 3, Community Tournament I, 2, 3, 4, Cheer Leader 4. JOHN Sl-IIELDS GAFFNEY "Jack" HHUM.. Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, Track I, Music Club 3, "N" Club 3, 4, Community Tournament 4, "Gym" Show 3, 4. REX S. GALLUP "Now listen herel" Oconee I, 2, 3, Music Club 4, Chorus 4, "Gym" Show 4. "Spud" JOHN GENT "Oh, I mean." Class President 2, Athletic Editor of "Old Nokomis" 4, Junior Dramatic Club 3, "N" Club 3, 4, Secretary 3, Car- nival I, Z, 3, 4, Football I, Z, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4. "Johnnie" JOI-IN A. GOLITKO "Km" "Who's your ma?" "N" Club 3, 4, Carnival 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, "Gym" Shaw 3. DOROTHY MARIE GORDISH "Dot" "Oh, goshI" Chorus 3, Pep Club 3, 4, Junior Dramatic Club 3, G. A. A. 3, 4, "Tomboy" 3, Carnival I, 2, 3, 4, Community Tourna- ment I, 2, 3, 4, "Gym" Show I, 3, Commercial Contest 3. ELSIE IRENE GRONEWALD "Else" "Oh, shucks!" Class Secretary-Treasurer 2, Junior Dramatic Club 3, G. A. A. Vice-President 4, Carnival 4. Page I7 Page I8 Mariorie Hieronymiis Alice Hines Paul Hines Mildred Holmes Marjorie Howell John Kacura Marian Kellellcamp Ellen Kiefer Margarel Layer Dorollwy Kieslar Class Secretary Clerus Lehman Margarer Miclialawslci Roberl While Class Treasurer Aimee McNeil Leonard Melioclwlfo Theresa Nicololfi Helen Nussman Marion O'MalIey Curzio Paesani Joe Pasdeck Edward Pilgrim Callweririe Pini Class MARJORIE MARIE I-IIERONYMUS "Mari" "My stars!" Pep Club 3, 4, Junior Dramatic Club 3, G. A. A. 3, 4. ALICE E. HINES "Lefty" "Oh shucksl" Home "EC" Club 3, 4, Junior Dramatic Club 3, G. A. A. 3, 4, "Tomboy" 3, Carnival 3, 4, "Gym" Show I, Com- munity Tournament I, 2. PAUL O. I-IINES "Skipper" "Let's go to Windsor." . F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Carnival I, "Gym" Show 2, 3, 4, "Ag." Contest I, 2. MILDRED LOIS HOLMES "Oh, go away, John!" "Millie" Home "EC" Club 3, Junior Dramatic Club 3, Community Tournament I, 2. MARJORIE LUCILLE HOWELL "Marg" "Ohl" Junior Dramatic Club 3, Carnival 2. JOHN MICHAEL KACU RA "My grades come in yet?" Basketball I, Track I, 2, Community Tournament I, "Gym" Show 2. MARIAN O. KETTELKAMP "Marne" "Aw, shucksl" Junior Dramatic Club 3, G. A. A. 3, 4, Carnival 4. ELLEN ELIZABETH KIEFER "E E K" "Come on, Dorothy." Junior Dramatic Club 3, Home "En" Club 3, Carnival 4. MARGARET MARIE LAYER "Marg" "Oh, phewI" Kodak Editor "Old Nokomis" 4, Music Club 3, Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, Junior Dramatic Club 3, Carnival 2, 3. DOROTHY KIESLAR "Dot" "Oh, shoot!" Class Secretary 4, Pep Club 3, Junior Dramatic Club 3, G. A. A. 3, Community Tournament I, 2, 3, Carnival 4, "Gym" Show 3, Commercial Contest 3. CLETUS LEHMAN "W-e-I-Iel-." F. F. A. 4, "N" Club 3, 4, "Tomboy" 3, Carnival 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Community Tournament I, "Ag," Contest 4. of 1940 Page MARGARET M. MICI-IALOWSKI "Marge" "Well, good!" Music Club 3, Chorus 3, Home "EC" Club 3, Pep Club 3, 4, Junior Dramatic Club 3, G. A. A. 3, 4, Carnival 3, Com- munity Tournament I, 2, 3, "Gym" Show 2, 3. ROBERT O. WHITE "Bob" "What do you know about that?" Class Treasurer 4, Junior Dramatic Club, Secretory-Treas- urer 3, F. F. A. I, Boys' Chorus 4, Pep Club 3, Music Club 4, "Tomboy" 3, "Bolts Xi Nuts" 3, Carnival 2, 3, 4, "Gym" Show 3. AIMEE MCNEIL "Aim" "Yeoh, but-I" ' Alton High School I, 2, Class Secretary-Treasurer 3, Music Club 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Home "EC" Club 3, Pep Club 3, G. A. A. 3, 4, All-State Chorus 4. LEONARD GEORGETMEHOCI-IKO "Oh, yeah?" F. F. A. 2, 3, 4, Music Club 3, 4, "Gym" Community Tournament I, 2, 4. Show 3, Track 3, HELEN ELIZABETH NUSSMAN "Hi, kidI" A n . ii NUISGDCE Literary Editor ot "Old Nokomis" 4, Pep Club 3, Junior Dramatic Club 3, "Tomboy" 3, "Bolts Bi Nuts" 3, Com- munity Tournament 4. Mfuuon o'MALLEY "Happy-' "GorshI" Chorus 4, F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, "Tomboy" 3, Carnival I, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, Community Tourna- ment 3, 4, "Gym" Show 2, "Ag." Contest I, 2. CURZIO PAESANI "Whatcha sayin'7" ' "N" Club 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Carnival I, 2, 3, 4, King of Carnival 4, Basketball I, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Community Tournament I, 2, 3, 4, "Gym" Show I, 2, 3. - Jos PASDECK ' "const" "That's not right." - Pep Club 3, Carnival 3, 4, Track 4, Football -3, 4, "Gym" Show 3. EDWARD PILGRIM ' "Ed" "Yeoh? So what?" Kodak Editor of "Old Nokomis" 4, Class President I, Pep Club 3, 4, Junior Dramatic Club 3, Carnival 4, Football 3, Basketball I, 2, 3, Trac-k I, 2, 3, 4, Community Tourna- ment I, 2, 3, 4, "Gym" Show 3, 4. . CATHERINE PINI "Pitzi" "Who do you think I am-Tangora?" Stall Typist of "Old Nokomis" 4, Music Club 3, Chorus 3, Home "Ec" Club 3, "Gym" Show l, Pep Club 3, 4, Junior Dramatic Club 3, Carnival I, 2, 3, 4, Commercial Contest 3. I9 Page 20 Marie K. Prevedel Doralhy Pollen Kenncih E. Reinclce William Richardson Virginia Lee Schaefer Leora Schaper Ralph lf. Scheller Miss Yaclcle-Mr, Priddle Sponsors Kennelh D. Singler William J, Siuucler John J. Sfirnac Mildred Marie Swarbriclc Alvin E. Taylor Theresa F, Tossi Nick Vansaclc Dwighl L. Weeks Audrey Cleo Wilson Bruce Woodhouse "F: " ,ffl ,wrt-rr . - H' of -.igzenfv Class of 1940 MARIE K. PREVEDEL 'IMOFQH "Oh, shoot." Home "EC" Club 4, G. A. A. 3, 4, Juniar Dramatic Club 3. DOROTHY PULLEN "Do Do" "Ohl" Class Vice-President 2, Music Club 3, 4, Chorus 3, Pep Club 3, 4, G. A. A. 3, 4, Carnival I, Community Tourna- ment I, 2, 3. KENNETH E. REINCKE "Fat" "Late againl" F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Corn Judge I, Poultry Judge 2, "Gym" Show 3. WILLIAM RICHARDSON "Bill" "Now here's the way I'd do itl" Class Vice-President I, Class President 3, Calendar Editor ot "Old Nokomis" 4, Orchestra I, 4, F. F. A. 2, 3, 4, Sec- retary 3, Pep Club f, 4, Business Manager Junior Dramatic Club 3, "N" Club 3, 4, "Tomboy" 3, "Bolts 81 Nuts" 3, Carnival I, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, "Gym" Show 3, Community Tournament 3, 4, "Ag." Contest 2. VIRGINIA LEE SCHAEFER "Gin" "Oh, shoot." Pep Club 3, Junior Dramatic Club 3, G. A. A. 3, 4, Car- nival I, 4. LEORA SCI-IAPER "Lea" "Heck, no!" Music Club 4, Chorus 4, Home "EC" Club 3, Junior Dra- matic Club 3, Pep Club 3, 4, "Tomboy" 3, Carnival I, 2, 3, "Gym" Show 3, Community Tournament 4, Cheer Leader Z, 3. RALPH E. SCHELLER "Schellcr" "Hold on, here we goI" F. F. A. 4, Pep Club 3, President 4, Junior Dramatic Club 3, Carnival I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 3, Track l, 2, Com- munity Tournament I, 2, 3, 4, "Gym" Show I, 2, 3, 4, Sec- tional Tennis Tournament 3, 4, Cheer Leader 2, 4. KENNETH D. SINGLER "Flash" "Where's Paul?" F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Carnival I, 3, Community Tournament I, "Gym" Show 2, 3, 4, "Ag." Contest I, 2. WILLIAM J. STAUDER "Bill" "I resign!" Associate Editor ot "Old Nokomis" 4, Pep Club 3, 4, F. F. A. I, 2, 4, Junior Dramatic Club 3, Carnival 3, 4, Basketball I, "Gym" Show 3, 4, Community Tournament 4, "Ag," Contest I. JOHN J. STIMAC "You're out of order." Kincaid High School I, "N" Club 3, 4, Carnival 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, "Gym" Show 2, 3, 4, Boxing Champ 3. MILDRED MARIE SWARBRICK "Mo yea" "Don't let it worry you!" Stott Typist of "OId Nokomis" 4, G. A. A. 3, 4, Junior Dramatic Club 3, Orchestra 3, 4, Music Club 3, Pep Club 3, 4, "Tomboy" 3, Carnival I, 4, "Gym" Show 2, Cam- mercial Contest 3. ALVIN E. TAYLOR "I'm not ready." F. F. A. I, 2, 4, Carnival 3, "Gym" Show 3. THERESA F. TOSSI "Trese" "Just like thatI" Home "EC" Club 3, 4, Junior Dramatic Club 3, G. A. A. 3, 4, Carnival 3, 4, Community Tournament I, "Gym" Show I. NICK VANSACK "Oh, I don't know." "Gym" Show 2, 3, 4, "Ag." Contest 2. DWIGHT L. WEEKS "Well, naw!" Carnival 2, "Gym" Show 3. AUDREY CLEO WILSON "Aqua" "Well, how should I know?" Pep Club 3, 4, Junior Dramatic Club 3, Music Club 3, Home "Ec" Club 3, 4, Chorus 3, "Tambay" 3, Carnival I, 2, 3, -1, "Gym" Show I, 2, Community Tournament I, 2, 3. BRUCE WOODHOUSE "Woodie" "Aw, hem" Taylorville High School I, Music Club 4, Boys' Chorus 4, F. F. A. 2, Carnival 2, "Ag." Contest 2, "Gym" Shaw 3, 4. Page ZI .mKHk. CF 1 av t' Page 22 MRS. GENTYSpor1sor EDWARD BALD ELSIE BARTON DONALD BATTLES HAROLD BATTLES CAROLYN BEST ROSELLA BLAZIC HENRY C. BOYD MR. WILL-Sponsor LOUIS BROSTMEYER DALE BROWNING ANNA BUCHKO CECIL CARROLL JAMES CARROLL CHARLES ROBERT CHAMBERS ROWENA CHRISTY WAN DA COOK ROSIE DEZELAK BERNICE DIGMAN EVELYN ERNST ANNA FORGACS STEPHEN FURIMSKY MARY GEISS NICK GELETKA CATHERINE GENSI NI HENRY GON ET AMY HAUPTMAN RUTH HOFF BLANCHE HUGENER BILL HULBERT ANN JACHINO ROBERT PEEL .........,.. Pres. .V-Pres. DALE BROWNING ,,.. HAZEL MAE KIEFER ,.,. Treos EILENE JOHNSON VERNON .JOHNSON JOSEPHINE KALVAITIS MARY ELLEN KELLEY MARY GEISS .........,,,. Sec'y FRANCES KRISMAN LAVADA KRUTSKI EDNA LEHENBAUER WILBUR LEWEY LESTER LIVINGSTON LILLIAN MORGAN THERESA LUCILLE JENNIE JACHINO JOHN G, JAROS EDWIN JOHNSON, JR EILEEN KESSLER HAZEL MAE KIEFER MIKE KOSKO NARDI WILLIAM NASH LILLIAN PINTAR THOMAS POLIAK MARY JANE RANDLES FLORENCE RHODES MARY RIGONI CHARLES RUPERT LILLIAN G. RYAN ROBERT PEEL JEAN SCHAEFER VIRGINIA SCHROEDER LOIS EVALYN SMALLEY GEORGE SNEDDON FRANCES STIMAC EUGENE STOLZ CLEMENT VERICKER ADA WATERS WILLIAM SCHAEFER BOB WATN E Page 23 PAUL ZIMMERMAN P ge24 MR. BERTOLINO-Sponsor EVA MAE ARKEBAUER PAUL BAUMAN MARY RITA BEELER VIRGINIA BERNAMONTI FRANK BERNS FLOYD EARL BEVILL CAROL BRANDT JANE LEE CARR ANDY CIBULKA MARILOU COLONIUS VANDA COMPAGNI LEON COMPTON HUBERT CRABBE NORMA CROON VIVIAN BUCHHOLZ ANNA BURCAR MR. COSTA-Sponsor ROBERT CROW GEORGE DURASA BETTY ENGELHART LORRAINE ENGELHART JEAN ENGELMANN CLARENCE W, FLEMMING ROBERT FOSTER IRENE GABOR JEAN DAVIDSON PAUL G. DeWERFF BENJAMIN DOWNS HORTENSE GONET IRENE HARDY JANELDA HOLMES FRANK HUBENY GEORGE HUBBARD BILL JENKINS CHARLES H. JOHNSON FERNAND GUYOT THELMA GUYOT MARY ELLEN HANISKO PAUL D, JOHNSON CLIFFORD A. KAPILLA EARL KATES THOMAS E. KELLER FRANCES KETTELKAMP PAuJLgi4sNxjnIicrgg,ggJcK num Pens ..........,... pfesadenf LESTSKRLINLEEMQH MERLE Kbrrwlrz VANDA COMpAGN""5eC'T'eC'5' cmus MARLEY ARNO LEHENBAUER JOE A. SEEBURGER ..... Vice4Pres. LUCIA A. MARLEY TONY MASILONUS WALTER MIDDLETON IVAN MILLER SHIRLEY MILLER HAROLD MORELL GEORGE E. MOOS FRANCIS L. MORGAN LOREN NIEHAUS JULIO PELLEGRINI BILLY PEPAS FREDA PETRA DARLENE PIEPER MERWYN PIEPER CURTIS PILGRIM BETTY LOU PYLE CLARALENA L. OPPERMANN BETTY PECHNIK JOE PEHANICH LOUIS E. REINCKE PHYLLIS SCHAEFER JOE A. SEEBURGER LELAND SMALLEY WILMA MAE SMALLEY HARRY M. SMITH LARRY I. SMITH MILDRED SNELL MORIENE RHODES LEAN RYAN LENA MAE SANDERS PHILIP RAY SPINDEL RENA TU RCI-II JAMES VALENTE JACK VEDDER CLIFFORD C. VERICKER AMY MAE WASHRU RN MILDRED WATTJES MARVIN STAUDER MYRA STIEHL ENES TURCHI HENRY C. WEXSTTFN BETTY WOODHOUSE Page 25 VALERIE YARUSH CLAYTON ZFPP ROBERT HUNTER Ino pucfureb Page 26 MR. RADEMACHER-Sponsor LILLIAN ABROLAT DEAN ANDERSON MARY CATHERINE ASKEW MARGERY BETZOLD HELEN BLASKO HELEN BOLTE BILL BOWERS EDGAR O. BOWMAN MR. MYERS-Sponsor DEAN CARTER RUBY CARTER PETE CATZENOVA LEONARD V. CHABALA MARY ELLEN CHAMBERS WILBUR LEE CHAMBERS LAMAR COLONIUS PAT CONWAY EDITH L. COSTA DOROTHY MAE CROW GILBERT DAVIS VIDA GRACE DAVIS MARGARET DURASA WAYNE FOSTER CHARLES FRIESLAND STEVE GELETKA HELEN GREAR MINNIE GREAR LYLA HERZOG MAURICE HINTON HARRY HOFI: ADELINE JOHNSON JUNIOR HOPWOOD LEONARD CHABMA A"""' PES' Bessie JOHNSON emu HUBENY ORAL MAE WOLTMANNHV.-Pres. Jesse JOHNSON :Nez L. JOHNSON SHIRLEY ANN KAPILLA ....... sec. ORLFNA A. JOHNSON LESLIE A. JOHNSON PAUL WM- JOHNSON MELVIN w. JOHNSON ADELINE JOHNSON -'--AA-A TMS- JANlce JONES JEAN ANN JOSTES MARY A. KACURA SHIRLEY ANN KAPILLA RALPH E. KINGSLEY VIRGINIA KMET WAYNE KOTTWITZ MYRTLE LANDERS PAUL M. LEHENBAUER CLARA ANN LENICH GERALD A. MEHOCHKO SYLVIA MENIN CLARENCE L. MILLER LOUISE MORRELL BETTY JANE MURPHY ERNEST F. O'MALLEY GEORGE PEHANICH CECELIA M. PASDECK MARGARET E. PICK JOHN POLIAK FORREST WAYNE RHOADES LOUISE RIGONI EDWARD ROTH JUNE RUFFING MYRON K. SCHAEFER MELBA SCHNEIDER NINA JEAN SMALLEY BEATRICE STAPLES RALPH STIMAC WENDELL STIVERS GLADYS TAYLOR ALICE TOSCHAK DARLENE R. VERICKER LOUIS VERICKER CYRIL WADZITA VIRGINIA WERNSING BRUCE WIENEKE ORAL MAY WOLTMANN LOUIE ZANDONAI CHARLES A. ZUECK HARRY WRITE JACK DEVORE LESTER CAULK INOI Shownl Page 27 Class Histories SENIOR In fhe fall of I936, eighfy-four wide-eyed freshmen, ofherwise called "greenies,' enferecl fhe Nolcomis High School fo sfarf on fheir four-year journey of sfudy and hard work j???j. The leaders we elecfed fo guide us fhe firsf year were presidenf, Edward Pilgrim: vice-presidenf. William Richardson: secrefary-freasurer, Wanda Hinfon: and Miss Pircher as sponsor. Our firsf big social evenf was a Hallowe'en parfy. The year of I937 saw sevenfy-one "nof quife so green" l??j sophomores ad- vanced on fheir second-year journey. This fime we elecfed 'rhe following as officers: presidenf, John Genf: vice-presidenf, Dorofhy Pullen: secrefary-Treasurer, Elsie Grone- wold: and Mr. Priddle, our sponsor. The big social evenf of fhe year was anofher Hallowe'en parfy. In Sepfember. I938, fiffy-nine jolly juniors began fheir fhird-year journey. The following were chosen as officres: presidenf, William Richardson: vice-presidenf, George Pepas: secrefary-freasurer, Aimee McNeil, wifh Miss Brighf and Mr. Berf- oglio as sponsors. Four social evenfs of 'rhis year were oufsfanding: A Harvesf Dance, af which fhe Harvesf Queen chosen was Susan Ciberey: our firsf play en- 'rifled "Tomboy" wenf over wifh a "bang": and fhen we were enferfained by fhe seniors af a Chrisfmas dance: nexf came fhe greafesf evenf of our fhree years, which was fhe Junior-Senior Banquef. In fhe year I939, sixfy-fhree dignified seniors enfered fhe doors of N. T. H. S. fo complefe fheir four-year journey. Affer a "haf" campaign of banners and speeches we elecfed 'rhe following officers: presidenf, Georgre Pepas: vice-presidenf, Wanda Hinfon: secrefary, Dorofhy Kieslar: freasurer, Roberf Whife: and Miss Yaclcle and Mr. Priddle our sponsors. We gave a balce sale, fhe proceeds of which wenl' fo fhe Annual fund. In December. we gave fhe juniors a Chrisfmas Parfy. In February, fhe faculfy gave a hilarious 'rhree-acf play enfifled, "This Nighf Beware." fhe benefil' of which wenf foward our Annual fund. This spring we gave a class ploy, and also were guesfs of fhe juniors af fhe Junior-Senior Banquef. Orchesfra members of fhe Senior Class: William Richardson, Shirley Jane Baird. Margaref Layer and Mildred Swarbriclc. Senior members of fhe foofball and baslcefball squads: Foofball-George Pepas, John Genf jfour-year leffermanj, William Richardson, Roberf Bafeson, Jack Gaffney, John Goliflco, Clefus Lehman, John Sfimac and Curzio Paesani. Baskefball-John Genf, George Pepas and Clefus Lehman. Now, we bid farewell fo fhe four years wifh fhe fondesf memories, which will forever remain wifh us 'rhroughouf our years fo come. Colors: PINK AND SILVER Flower: PINK ROSE Moffo: "TEAMWORK BRINGS SUCCESS" A.E.D.-V.L.S. JUNIOR In Sepfember of I937. sixfy-eighf ambifious buf green sfudenfs enrolled as fresh- men. In organizing our class we elecfed Edwin Johnson, presidenl: Eilene Johnson. vice-president Virginia Schroeder, secrefary-freasurer: and Mr. Cox our sponsor. Lafer in fhe year we chose Miss Ruby as sponsor affer Mr. Cox leff our faculfy. The sophomores enferfained us of a Hallowe'en parfy and we lafer gave fhem an April Fool's parfy. In Sepfember of l938. we were one less. For officers fhis year we elecfed Edwin Johnson, presidenf for fhe second fime: Virginia Schroeder, vice-presidenf: Rowena Chrisfy. secrefary-freasurer: and Mr. Berfolino, sponsor. On December I9, I938, we gave fhe freshmen fheir firisf dance. Before we could falce a good breafh, we were boclc again as juniors. This year we elecfed Roberf Peel, presidenf: Dole Browning, vice-presidenf: Mary Geiss, secre- fary: Hazel Mae Kiefer, freasurer: and Mrs. Genf and Mr. Will, sponsors. lConlinued on Page sal Page 28 Class Will We, The Senior Class of I940, being in possession of a decidedly sane, sound, and unquesfionably overworked mind, do make and declare This To be our firsT and IasT will and TesTamenT. SecTion I We do hereby leave To The facuITy all of our bad grades, forged library slips, and general bad manners Trusfing They will do noThing To discredif Them. Secfion II To "Sam," our beloved ianifor, we leove plenfy aT gum and wasTe paper so Thaf he will have someThing To do nexT year. Secfion III To The iuniors we leave all The work and worry of carrying on a successful senior school year. ' Secfion IV PERSONAL BEQUESTS I, Shirley Jane Baird, leove The fob of Edifor-in-Chief of The Yearbook To any- one who wanTs iT. I. Bob Bafeson, leave my friendship wiTh Miss Pircher To Bill Nash because I fear he will need iT nexT year. I. Clifford' BeTzoId, leave my quieT manners To Eddie Bald. I, Freddie Bowers, leave school To drive a Truck for Bowers and Co. I, Susan Ciberey, leave my super-salesladyship To Alice Toschak. I, Zifa Compagni, leave my dark hair To MargareT Durasa. I, Jean Conway, leave my aviafor boy-friend To no one. I, LoleTTa Crabbe, leave school To be wiTh my Pana boy-Triend. I, Alana Dasovich, leave my quieT disposiTion To Darlene Vericker. I, Geraldine ErnsT, leave my knowledge of bookkeeping To Evelyn ErnsT. I, Mildred FeTsko, leave N. T. H. S. To enTer The Universify aT Coalfon. I, Leroy Fournier, leave my general good naTure To Mike Kosko. I, George FuIIerTon, leave school for good-I hope. I I , Pauline Furimsk , leave The posiTion of cheer leader open To anyone. , Jack Gaffney, lleave my posiTion on The foofball Team To any good man, who can earn iT. I, Rex Gallup, leave my smarf answers To Harry Wrighf. I, John GenT, leave my greaT abiliTy To make friends wiTh Teachers To Joe Seeburger. I, John GoliTko, leave my posiTion in The War Conference in second hour Amer- ican hisfory To Sfeve Furimsky. I, Dorofhy Gordish, leave school To be wiTh any one of my innumerable boy- Triends. I, Elsie Gronewald, leave school To aTTain higher honors. I, Marjorie Hieronymus, leave my Iainfive giggles To Frances Sfimac. I, Alice Hines, leave my Ann Sherialan hair To Mary Geiss. I, Paul Hines, leave George PriddIe's "Ag" classes To geT along wiThouT me. l, Wanda HinTon, in answer To many requesTs, leave my sisfer, Hazel, here an- oTher year. I, Mildred Holmes, leave my raTTIeTrap for my sisTer To bring To school. I, Marjorie Howell, leave m unspoken opinions To Mariorie Befzold. I, John Kacura, leave school! To become your Texaco sTaTion aTTendanT. I, Marian KeTTeIkamp, leave The honor of carrying on The KeTTeIkamp name To Frances KeTTelkamp aT N. T. H. S. I, Ellen Kiefer, leave school To find a husband and live on a farm. I, Dorofhy Kiesler, leave my posiTion as class secreTary To a hard-working iunior. I, Margaref Layer, leave school To become a female Rubinofli. I, Clefus Lehman, leave my inabilify To caTch a cola' To someone fasTer Than I. lConTinued on Page 541 Page 29 -4-, -I Class Prophecy There once was a damsel named Alice Hines Who hiTched up wiTh FullerTon and raised liTTle-vines. Then, Too, There was Lehman. a sailor-To-be Who boughT a row boaT To sail The seven seas. QuieT John STimac, who had noThing To say, ls now a Tamed chemisT who invenTed a ray. DwighT Weeks, our famous harmonica player ls now Touring hoTels as an insecT slayer. A girl from The counTry named Cleo Wilson Has invenTed a rockeT ThaT will go To The sun. Old Bruce Woodhouse died oT a broken hearT He paid S20 Tor a Ford ThaT wouldn'T sTarT. Curzio Paesani, TooTball player of renown, Married RuTh HOTT and has an eleven aT his own. Jack GaTTney, a man who was good wiTh his righT, STared Too much aT The maT, and losT his eye sighT. Old MargareT Layer, who had a long Tongue, Once Talked Too long, and her jaw, iT was sprung. Eddie Pilgrim, who was The Annual picTure Taker, Has moved To Hawaii To sTudy The hula shaker. Old Nick Vansack, a good maThemaTicion, Has developed his voice and speaks Tor prohibiTion. Then There was Tindle. who always rode a bicycle, He Tound a new wheel and now has a Tricycle. Bill STauder, a blonde, wiTh wavy hair. LosT his wig in The depression and now has a head ThaT is bare Old "Possum" O'Malley. who always haTed To shave. Has developed a new musTache, over which all The girls rave. HinTon, our vocalisT, a very good singer, Has wriTTen a song called The "Taylorville STinger." Johnnie Kacura, of The Texaco STaTion, Now owns all of The gas in our greaT naTion. Dashing Joe Pasdeck, who has a good Tan. ls a Tamous "G" man who always geTs his man. Old George Pepas, who liked To have Tun, Married Marcella and now has a son. Mildred Swarbrick, who wanTed To be a Teacher, GoT oTT of her Track and married a preacher. Alvin Taylor, who wanTed very much To be an engineer, Quil' ThaT kind aT work and is now raising deer ldearsl. Old Kenny Singler owned a large dairy Tarm BUT by milking Too oTTen wore ouT boTh of his arms. Socks ThaT will sing and belTs ThaT will beller Have been invenTed and sold by our Salesman Ralph Scheller. Rex Gallup, The "WarT" who was inTeresTed in "Law," Has given iT up. and now works Tor his pa. Pauline Furimsky, a gal who could sing, Has lassoed Bob WhiTe and seTTled Tor a ring. DoroThy Gordish, a girl who was able. Now works in The movies and sTars wiTh Clark Gable. Shirley Jane Baird. a nurse aT wide Tame. MeT The one man and has now changed her name. Good old Bob BaTeson. Though noT much oT a spooner, Has developed his voice and is now a love crooner. Then, Too, There is BeTzold, who once was a Tarmer, He's now changed his iob and is a Teminine charmer. Page 30 4---H -v Class Prophecy Fred Bowers, who has grown shorf from duckin' Now has his dad's iob and is doing some fruckin'. And fhen, foo, from our class is a famed secrefary Whom we all knew as liffle Susan Ciberey. Zifa Compagni no longer uses her books. Buf gefs beffer grades because of good looks. Jean Conway, a classmafe who fried for a soldier, Losf her man fhrough meekness and now is much bolder. John Genf was a foofball player who ne'er worked in fhe mines Buf surpassed "Red" Grange and made many headlines. Margie Hieronymus, once handy wifh poems. ls now a docfor and sefs broken bones. John Golifko, who enioys a good fighf. Has married Leora and has one every nighf. Kenny Reincke, who likes fo be funny, ls now courfin' Alana and says she's a honey. Aimee McNeil, who was courfed by Meir, Became air-minded and married a flier. Poor Dorofhy Pullen, who losf "Les" Sperry, Has furned lo a herrnif, never fo marry. Virginia Schaefer, who said very few words, Lefs her parrof do fhe falking so she won'f gef fhe "bird," Then fhere was Tossi, who once froze her leg. She is now a famous defecfive and fames all fhe yeggs Marie Prevedel. from Coalfon, who had a long walk, Has developed a perfecf chicken fhaf won'f even squawk Helen Nussman, a girl who always was nice. Now has her dad's job and makes differenf flavored ice. Elsie Gronewald. a girl who is usually smarf. Has her eye on Fournier and love now fills her hearf. Merry Paul Hines, who was a bif of a red head, Wanfed fo be a farmer buf is a "delouser" insfead. A former Coalfon girl named Mildred Felsko, ls fhe wife of fhe President Leonard Mehochko. Loleffa Crabbe. who ne'er had a mafch, Owns a Dude Ranch in far-off "Dogpafch." Slim Mariorie Howell. who never was chubby, Weighs six hundred pounds and now is called "Tubby." Geraldine Ernsf. well known fo us. Has developed a bee fhaf she guaranfees won'f buzz. Liffle Cafherine Pini, who always was cule, Now fours fhe world a loofin' her flufe. Crazy old Richardson, who hafed fhe name "Willy," Has moved fo Arkansas and is a regular "Hill Billy." Margaref McClusky, who enjoyed a good book. Now edifs fhaf famous magazine called "Look." Holmes, Kiefer and Kieslar, fhe Three Smarf Girls, Are offen quofed as being food for The squirrels. Marian Keffelkamp, a peroxide blond Now has a fob feaching school of which she is fond. Harold Sform, who was a good chemist Has changed his iob and now is a "Femisf." Theresa Nicolloffi, who knew nof how fo drive, Developed a dance called fhe "Izzy Jive." Page 3I Football 'M I ! . um L I 5 F I I I fi 3' ' fa , M X I- I I 1, fu K ,,., . RICHARDSON BATESON Right Tackle Cemer RYAN Leg Tockle LIVINGSTON LEWEY PEEL PAESANI DEASON WILL GENT STIMAC PEPAS I-ef1'TQCkIe Leff Guqrd R. E. I-I. B. Coach A. C. F. B. I-LB. QB. LEHMAN GOLITKO I-eff End Righf Guard GAFFNEY BROWNING Le'IT Guard Lef+ End Page 32 Our Team LeTT end was played by Dale Browning. AlThough Dale received an iniury be- Tore The season, he proved a sTrong Tlanker and also was handy aT snagging passes. Dale is a iunior and oughT To do Things nexT year. LesTer LivingsTon played leTT Tackle. LesTer also received an iniury beTore The season was over, buT did his besT while he was in There. He proved To be one OT The besT Tacklers on The Team. LivingsTon has one more season wiTh us. LeTT guard was held down as iT should be by Jack GaTTney. Jack. who is a senior, seemed To puT all he had inTo The game. He is good sized and will be missed nexT year. The cenTer, Bob BaTeson. was The biggesT man on The Team. Bob also is a sen- ior and, alThough he was weighTed down by a bad knee. made greaT use oT his size. John GoliTko played righT guard. "COT" really showed his like Tor Tackling: he hiT Them hard. John. who has played his lasT game Tor N. T. H. S., won'T be TorgoTTen. "Bill" Richardson goT his man Trom righT Tackle. Bill, who was shiTTed Trom The backTield. proved he could hold his own. Bill is a senior which means we won'T see him around nexT year. "Bob" Peel Threw all oT his one hundred sixTy pounds inTo proving he could play righT end. He, also, is a reTormed backfield man. Bob is a iunior and will be back To carry on. The season's Tield marshal, a senior, was George Pepas. George noT only pushed passes and ran Through oTher Teams buT also racked his brain Tor The play ThaT came nexT. His besT was The besT. John STimac ran Trom halTback posiTion when The ball was snapped. Johnny was one OT The TasTesT men on The Team and Took advanTage oT iT. STimac is a sen- ior, iusT as The oTher Three backs are. Curzio Paesani held down The oTher halfback posiTion very saTisTacTorily. "Coach" noT only was undoubTedly The TasTesT man on The Team, buT also The besT Tackler on iT. Curzio is a senior. John GenT. The nexT largesT man on The Team. sTarTed aT Tullback. John's weighT helped him Through Those holes. He has also seen, or raTher parTicipaTed in, his lasT game here. Among The Tellows who weren'T always seen on The sTarTing eleven wash CleTus Lehman. This being CleTus' TirsT year ouT, he learned TasT and puT all he learned To use. He is a senior and has won his TirsT and lasT HN." The man we mighT pick as The Team's uTiliTy man was Wilbur Lewey. This was Wilbur's TirsT year ouT and in iT he proved his value. Wilbur. being a junior. has anoTher season and in iT will probably appreciaTe This year's experience. The only sophomore on The squad was Lean Ryan. Lean was small, buT de- Termined. He played Tackle This year. He oughT To prove himself in The nexT Two years. Page 33 fY Top row: Mr. Deason lCoachl, Edward Bold, Cyril Wcidzilc, John Jaros, Clifford Kcpilla, Lean Ryan, William Nash, George Sneddon, Wilbur Lewey, Waller Middlefon, Emil Hubeny, George Durosa, Mr. Will Iassisianl coochl. Second row: Srephen Furimsky lmancgerl. Lesrer Livingsron. Floyd Bevill, Bill Richardson, Joseph Posdeclc, Henry Gonef, Bill Jenkins, Jack Gaffney, William Pepos, George Pepas. Clefus Lehman Third row: Dale Browning, Roberf Peel, John Golillco, Curzio Paesani, Roberr Baleson, John Siimac. John Gent Football SCHEDULE Here They We There They We Kincaid . O 6 Gillespie . . I8 0 Benld ... 6 O Shelbyville .I2 I9 MI. Olive 6 I9 S+. Theresa . O I2 Hillsboro I9 O Pano .... .44 0 3I 25 74 3I Page 34 T75 .500 Average The season opened af home wifh Kincaid as opponenfs. The game wenf 'rhree quarfers unfil Pepas slipped a pass 'ro Peel, who sprinfed over for fhe lone marker. The resf of fhe game was played wifh Kincaid in fheir own backyard. The Redskins fhen wenf fo Gillespie fo meef wifh an I8-O defeaf. A couple of No- komis kicks were blocked which confribufed fo 'rhe vicfory. The game was played under fhe lighfs and in good weafher. Sfaying on fheir home field 'rhe Redskins fhen wenf fo work fo be beafen by Benld. The score was 6-O. This game was rafher a hard one fo lose. Livingsfon fracfured a collar bone in fhis game. ln fhe laffer parf of fhe fhird quarfer, affer Nokomis had kicked ouf of a hole, Benld opened up a power drive which ended in fhe lone score. Hungry for vicfory, fhe Redskins made a pafh of war fowards Shelbyville and They didn'+ come home empfy-handed. They broughf back a I9-I2 vicfory. Scoring was done for fhe Redskins by Paesani, Sfimac and Genf. Fresh wifh 'rhe fasfe of vicfory, fhe Redskins sfayed af home only fo be affacked by Mf. Olive. This game proved 'ro be fhe firsf conference vicfory for Nokomis for several years. If was climaxed wifh a long run by Pepas. who fook a punf and un- wound for fhe goal line. The final fally read I9-6 in favor of Nokomis. Sfill enlivenecl by fheir scourge over Mf. Olive, fhe Nokomis eleven fraveled fo Decafur fo meef fhe S+. Theresa feam. The passing combinafion of Browning and Pepas clicked for one fouchdown and again placed fhe ball on fhe six-yard marker. From fhere, Gem' puf if over. The final score, wifh Nokomis on fhe long end, was I2-O. The nexf Friday l-lillsboro came fo Nokomis and faced an encouraged feam. Affer a hard baffle wifh "a lof of" fighf, Nokomis fell in defeaf I9-O. g Aside from fhe loss of fhe game. fhe feam had 'ro give up fhe services of Their compefenl' end, Dale Browning, who received an injury. Wifh mosfly seniors on fhe sfarfing lineups of bofh feams, fhe Nokomis-Pana game sfarfed and finished. Alfhough if was Pana's lasf game. fhe Nokomis feam wasn'+ up fo par and was defeafed 44-O. Page 35 BILL PEPAS Forward BOB PEEL Guard Basketball ig, E 51 mm- VA Ly, , 5 - , L.f, , ,Q , GEORGE PEPAS Guard MR. DEASON Coach Page 36 wr ,tl ' if . , f lk 'S . . , Q , , :My EDWIN JOHNSON Cenfer Q 'Six-V 'J' if nv, is 1:,R xx., Qfxa,hEi5" CLETUS LEHMAN Forward JOHN OENT Cenfer ,-.---, ..- The Tean1 The high scorer for lhe season was Bill Pepas. l'le played lorward all season and proved of greal value lo lhe squad. l-le was probably lhe smallesl firsl slring man in lhe circuil. Bill is a sophomore lhis year and has "a lol" lo do in his nexl lwo seasons. The olher forward posilion was held down by Clelus Lehman. He showed real abilily lo gel up on lhe rebound and lo lake lhe ball off lhe bankboard. This is his second and lasl baskelball leller, because he is a senior. Edwin Johnson played bolh forward and cenler. "Eddie" is long and lanky and gels info lhe air afler lhe ball. This is Johnson's firsl leller in baskelball and he slill has one coming lo him if he gels oul and works as hard nexl year as he did lhis year. John Genl held down lhe cenler. Genl was probably lhe lallesl man on lhe leam. l-le could gel up off lhe floor on all iumps. l-le received a leller lasl year and his lasl, lhis year. Bob Peel played as one of lhe leam's guards and was nol oflen replaced dur- ing lhe season. Bob had a knack of laking lhe ball off lhe bankboard, which made him very valuable. See you nexl year, Bob. George Pepas played lhe olher guard. George was small, bul lasl. l-le pushed more lhan a few shols over lhe defense and lhrough lhe baskel. George proved his abilily in passing and handling lhe ball. This was George's lasl year on lhe leam. The Season The Redskins slarled oul wilh a bang-up viclory over Morrisonville. The five looked good unlil lhey were slopped wilh a viclory by Ramsey. A week laler No- lcomis beal Rosamond, lhe only leam Nokomis defealed lwice. Anolher week wenl by lo give Nokomis lhe power lo pull lhe only Conference game away from Slaunlon in a fasl loughl ballle. During lhe season lhe Nokomis quinlel losl nine conference games while lhey won one. Their conference compelilion included Taylorville, firsl Slale Tourney leamg Hillsboro, a slrong conlender in lhe Springfield Seclional: Car- linville, one of lhe slrongesl conference leams: Pana, anolher slrong leam: and Slaunlon, which improved wilh age. The Redskins splil wilh lwo non-conference leams-Will and Fillmore. Bolh of lhese leams beal Nokomis on lhe Nokomis floor and were bealen on lheir own cage. ln lhe Counly Tourney lhe Redskins mel defeal by Lilchfield, bul only afler a fasl and hard foughl ballle. ln lhe Regional ballle, Nokomis was again knocked oul by defeal. This lime by lhe hands of Shelby- ville. Afler a very close firsl half, Shelby finally pulled away. To sum il all up, we won six and losl fifleen games including lhe lwo lourna- menl games. There were lhree senior lellermen on lhis year's leam, lwo juniors and one sophomore. The laller lhree should give Mr. Deason somelhing wilh which lo work nexl year. Page 37 Back row: Bruce Wieneke, Wayne Koffwifz, Gercld Mehochko, Dole Browning, Ben Downs, Emil Hubeny, Jesse Johnson. Second row: Huber? Crabbe lassislanl rnanagerl, Julio Pellegrini lassislanf rnanagerl, Jack DeVare, Myron Schaefer, John Polialc, Lesfer Caullc, Floyd Bevill, Clayfori Zepp, Ferriand Guyol, Louie Zandonai, Ralph Slirnac, Charles Zueclc. Frorir row: Mr. Deason lCoachl, Clifford Kapilla, Merle Kolfwifz, Bill Pepcis, Lean Ryan, Wilbur Lewey, Robert Feel, George Pepas, John Genl, Edwin Johnson, Clefus Lehman, Sieve Furirnsky frnariagerl, Basketball '39-'40 SCH EDU LE Dale Opparienl Place They We Dec. Morrisonyille There Dec Ramsey Here Dec Fillmore Here Dec Rosamond Here Dec Taylorville There Dec Sraunlon Here Dec Pana There Dec Will There Dec Hillsboro There Jan. Ramsey There Jan. Carlinville Here Jan Rosamond There Jan Will Here Jon. Carlinyille There Feb Porno Here Feb Fillmore There Feb. Hillsboro l-lere Feb Sfaunlon There Feb Taylorville Here COUNTY TOURNAMENT Feb Lilchfield There 39 23 REGIONAL TOU RNAM ENT Feb Shelbyville Taylorville 43 32 Page 38 V ffpgwnnyk.-, Intramurals This year showed The TirsT inTramural program in a Tew years. The program, devised by Coach Deason, was divided inTo Three divisions, namely, Tall, winTer and spring. The Tall and spring programs were carried on ouT oT doors, when weaTher permiTTed. During The Tall program, soTTball was The dominaTing sporT. The winning Team was The AThenians, which won Tour and losT none. The spring program in- cluded horse shoes, Tennis and Track, all oT which are usually ouT-oT-door sporTs. The winTer schedule, due To The weaTher, was carried on in The gymnasium. This program included basl4eTball, boxing, wresTling and volley ball. The volley ball play-oTT was a Tie beTween The Trojans and SparTans, each Team having won Three and losT one. The Trojans encouraged and played The greaTesT number oT players, Thereby receiving, The ToTal poinTs Tor TirsT place. The AThenians and Trojans were The baslceTball champs, having won six and IosT Two games apiece. Again The greaTesT number oT poinTs wenT To The AThenians. The boxing champs were as Tollows: lO5 pounds and under, KaTes, Trojan: IOS-I IS. Zandonai, Persian: ll5-I25, Bevil, Persian: l25-I35, Keller, ATheniang I35-I45, Polialc, Trojan: l45-l55, STolTz, Babylonian: l65 and over, Richardson, SparTan. The wresTling champs were by classes: IIO pounds and under, KaTes, Trojan: IOO-I IO, Furimslcy, Persians: IIO-l20, ValenTe, Persiansq 120-l3O, Keller, ATheniang I3O-I45, LivingsTon, Persians: l45-l6O, De WerTT, SparTan: I75 and over, Hubeny, Persian. Some oT These Tinais were run OTT in The Gym Show. The parTicipaTion aT The greaTesT number oT players was The poinT mosT en- couraged in This program. For each player who played in Two-Thirds aT The TirsT- place Teams games, ThaT Team received TiTTy poinTs. ln addiTion To ThaT, The Team received IOO poinTs Tor Taking TirsT place. The scale aT poinTs was graduoTed Trorn There Tor The oTher places. The Teams also received poinTs Tor each boxer, wresTler and parTicipanTs who placed in The oTher individual sporTs. The program has conTribuTed much To The parTicipaTion in aThleTics in The pasT year. lT has puT compeTiTion inTo physical educaTion and made iT more enjoyable Tor The boys. Baseball also was a renewed acTiviTy aT N. T. H. S. Coach Deason and Mr. Will sTarTed The boys ouT on The "swaT" game. They had a hard-played Twelve-game schedule To carry ouT. Some oT The Teams were Taylorville, lvlorrisonville, Irving and Kincaid. Traclc was again made a major sporT here aT The high school. The season was laTe in sTarTing, because oT spring TooTball and The weaTher. The TirsT meeT oT The season was won Trom Rosamond. The score was 68-26. OTher meeTs were had in- cluding The DisTricT and Conference meeTs. Page 39 Orchestra Sfancling: Larry Smifh, Charles Ruperf, Virginia Schroeder, Mildred Waffios, Clifford Vericlcer, Edwin Johnson, Wilbur Lewey, Myra Sfiehl, Henry Wexsfferi, Tony Masilonus, Vanda Cornpagni, Roberf Wafne, Oral Mae Wolfmann, John Jaros, Mr. Cosfa linsfruclorl. Seafed: Roberf Peel, Mildred Swarbriclr, Shirley Jane Baird, Myron Schaefer, Phyllis Schaefer, Harry Smifh, Lillian Abrolaf, Margaref Layer, Edward Bald, Louis Reinclco. Glee Club Top row: John Jaros, Clifford Vericlcer, George Fullerfon, Roberf Whife, Bruce Woodhouse, Charles Ruperf, Edward Bald, Marion O'Malley, Thomas Keller, l-lenry Boyd, Second row: Mary Geiss, Carol Brandi, Rena Turchi, Valerie Yarush, Leora Schaper, Beffy Pyle, l-larold Baffles, Marvin Sfauder, Donald Baffles, Rex Gallup, Mr. Cosfa linsfrucforl. Third row: Aimee McNeil, l-lorfense Ganef, Pauline Furimslcy, Mary Rifa Beelcr, l-lelen Graar, Wilma Smalley, Virginia Bernamonfi, Merwyn Pieper, Eilene Johnson, Page 40 MUSIC CLUB Top row: Clifford Vericker, Leonard Mehochko, Roberf Warne, Tony Masilonus, Roberf Whife, Thomas Keller, George Fullerlon, Mary Geiss, Henry Boyd, Aimee McNeil, Marion O'Malley, Lillian Abrolol. Second row: Larry Smifh, Donald Baffles, Harold Baffles, Wilbur Lewey, Bruce Woodhouse, Robert Peel, Shirley Jane Baird, Valerie Yarush, Horfense Gonef, Charles Rupert, Vanda Compagni, Mary Rifa Beeler, Oral Mae Wolfrnann, Mildred Waffles, Phyllis Schaefer, Claralena Oppermonn, Rufh Hoff, Rex Gallup, Virginia Schroeder. Third row: Harry Smifh, June Ruffing, John Jaros, Henry Wexsflen, Leora Shaper, Darlene Vericker, Edward Bald, Myron Schaefer, Wilma Smalley, Helen Greor, Merwyn Pieper, Carol Brandi, Marvin Sfauder, Mr. Cosfo lsponsorl. Fourlh row: Myra Sfiehl lvice-presidenll, Edwin Johnson lpresidenfl, Pauline Furimsky lsecrefary-lreosurerl. Music Department This year lhe music deparfmenf, under lhe direcfion of Mr. Cosfa, has been en- larged exfensively. Classes in music appreciafion, band, and mixed chorus have been organized. Individual lessons have also been offered fo sfudenfs desiring fo play an insfrumenf. The bond has been very acfive lhis year, playing af many foofball and baslcefball games, arousing lhe pep and enfhusiasm of lhe speclafors. The mixed chorus has also made a few public appearances. A Music Club was organized for fhose inferesfed in music. The following officers were elecfedz Edwin Johnson llpresidenflg Myra Sfiehl lVice-Presidenllq Pauline Furimslcy lSecre+ary-Treasurerlg Mr. Cosfa lSponsorl. A dance, The Flunlcers' Frolic, was spon- sored by fhis club on fhe 24fh of January. This growing inferesf in music is fo be encouraged, as music is a very worfhwhile sfudy. M.S.-S.J.B. Page 4l uuCr-O Om mZOI Home Economics Club Top row: Frances Kellelkarnp, Lyla Herzog, Vivian Buchholz, Mildred Snell, Moriene Rhodes, Clara Ann Lenich, Mildred Felsko, Evo Arkebauer. Second row: Thelma Guyol, Anna Burcar, Mary Rilo Beeler. Third row: Berry Woodhouse, Mary Ellen Hanisko, Darlene Pieper. Fourlh row: Morilou Colonius, Lucia Marley, Mary Geiss. Fiflh row: Hazel Mae Kiefer, Evelyn Ernsl, Pauline Kirkpalrick, Vida Davis, Helen Blasko, Valerie Yarush. Sixlh row: Marie Prevedel, Pol Conway, Wilma Smalley, Josephine Kalyailis, Helen Grear, Cleo Wilson. Sevenlh row: Irene Gabor, Lorraine Engelharl, Shirley Miller, Norma Croon. Eighfh row: Theresa Tossi lvice-presidenll, Harlense Gone? lsecrefary-freasurerl, Alice Hines lpresidcnll, Miss Conover linslruclorl. G. A. A. Top row: Frances Sfimac, Ruth Hoff, Edna Lehenbauer, Marie Prevedel, Mary Geiss, Mildred Swarbrick, Alice Hines, Anno Forgacs, Virginia Schaefer, Lavoda Krulski, Lillian Ryan lsecrelary-lreasurerl, Eileen Kessler, Rosella Blazic, Bernice Digman, Josephine Kalvaifis, Shirley Jane Baird, Florence Rhodes. Second row: Miss Conover lsponsorj, Jean Conway, Dorofhy Gordish, Zila Compagni, Aimee McNeil, Jean Schaefer, Mildred Fefsko, Eilene Johnson, Alana Dasovich, Wanda Cook, Dorolhy Pullen, Jennie Jachino, Mary Rigoni, Anna Buchko, Pauline Furirnsky lpresidenfl, Theresa Nicololli, Theresa Tossi, Elsie Gronewald, Hazel Mae Kiefer, Marian Kellelkornp, Mcrriorie Hieronyrnus. Page 42 i l "N" Club Top raw: Mr. Deason lSponsorj, John Genl, Bob Bafeson lVice-Presidenfl, Clefus Lehman Second raw: Bob Peel, Wilbur Lewey, John Slirnac, Dale Browning lSecrefary-Trcasurerj, Dominic Valenfe, Third row: Lean Ryan, John Gaffney, George Pepas, Curzia Paesani lPresidenll, Bill Richardson, Pep Club Top row: Larry Srnifh, Edwin Johnson, Clifford Belzold, William Sfauder, Edward Pilgrim, Bill Richardson, Harry Smifh, Clifford Vericlcer. Second row: Myra Sfiehl, Shirley Jane Baird, Mariorie Hieronymus, Margarel Layer, Jane Lee Carr, Rulh Hoff, Dorofhy Gordish, Margaref Michalowski. Third row: John Jaros, Leora Schaper, Oral Mae Wolfmann, Dorofhy Pullen, Mildred Swarbriclc, Josephine Kalvaifis, Bernice Digrnan, Jean Engelman, Jean Davidson, Carolyn Besf. Fourfh row: Darlene Vericlcer, June Ruffing, Theresa Nicoloffi, Mary Geiss, Valerie Yarush, Zifa Carripagni lSecreloryJ, Margaref Pick, Calherine Pini, Sue Ciberey, Marjorie Befzold, Mr. Priddle lSponsorl. Fiffh row: Cheer and Song Leaders: Ralph Scheller lPr.-asidenfl, Pauline Furimsky lVice-Presidenfj, Jean Conway lTreosurerl, Bill Hulberf. Page 43 SDUN Sound Your Horn JUNIOR CLASS PLAY Slonding: Virginia Sclwroeder, Cnorles Rupperl, Mr. Will ldireclorl, lvlrs. Gen? ldireclorl, Ccirolyn Besl, Wilbur Lewey, Sfeve Furimsky, Bernice Digrnon. Sillingz Mory Ellen Kelley, Edwin Jolinson, Roweno Clirisly, Blonclfie Hugener. Faith, Hope, and Flarity SENIOR CLASS PLAY Slonding: Helen Nussmcin, Jolnn Genl. George Fullerfon, Morgcirel Loyer, Roloerl While, Marion O'Molley, Miss Yoclcle lsponsorl, Mr. Priddle lsponsorl. Silringz Bill Ricliordson, Pauline Furirnslcy, Dorclliy Gordisli, Sliirley Jone Baird, Alice l-lines, Clifford Belzold, George Pepos. Poge 44 JUNIOR PLAY "Sound Your Horn" Casl' Drusilla, a girl abou? fown .... ..A,.. . .. Phyllis, Drusilla's chum ..... ... Ella Lamb, a waifress ................A. .,.... . . Mr. Angus, Aiiorney for Van Dyke Eslale ...,......, Homer Bird, conlacl man for Empire Bo++ling Works ...,. Chrisline Elioi, owner of relreshmenl sland ,.......,.. Mrs. Van Dyke, a self-made millionairess. . . . Diane Websler, Mrs. Van Dyke's niece ....... ..,. Theodore Websfer, Diane's brorher ....,..... , . . Mr. Beasley, careiaker 'lor lhe Van Dyke Eslale .,..,... PLACE: The inferior ol Chrisline Eliol's reireshrnenl sland TIME: The Preseni. SENIOR PLAY .Rowena Chrisfy .Blanche Hugener . .Bernice Digman ....Wilbur Lewey , . .Sieve Eurimsky .Virginia Schroeder . . . . .Carolyn Besl Mary Ellen Kelley . . .Charles Ruperl .. .Edwin Johnson on lhe Slale Road. it il "Faith, Hope, and Flar Y Casl Sally Parsons, lhe maid ..... .,....... Henry Blodgell, lhe buller ....... Mrs. Olivia Orkney, lhe housekeeper. . Marnie McCorkle, +he cook ,............,. Loggi Cgrglglai gTwin daughlers ol Ouadland Manly Von Twiller, Eailh's boy friend ..... . , Reggie Van Twiller, Hope's boy friend .... Quadlander Crabbe, a refired business rnan .... Terence Elarily, a young man--evidenlly Irish ..... . , Jack Quinlan, Terry's pal ..... .........,. .,.. Ivy Lane, an aclress ....,,.....,. ..... Pafrick Flariiy lPall, Terry's faiher., . PLACE: A suburb of a midwesiern ciiy. TIME: A brighl. sunshiny allernoon in June. Page 45 Helen Nussman George Eullerlon Alice Hines Margarel Layer S Pauline Eurimsky er Cfobbei Dorolhy Gordish . .Clifford Belzold . . .George Pepas ....Rober+ While ...Bill Richardson ......John Geni' Shirley Jane Baird Marion O'MoIIey l. Lamar and his Spoiled Polands. 2. Mr. Anderson and Super- visor Cannon wilh 'l'aylor's Prize Angus. 3. Bruce and his choice Spoi- led Poland Gill. 4, Ernesl and an Oxford Lamb, 5. Chas. lBu1chl and his An- gus Calf. 6. Clifford and 2 of his Ox- ford Lambs. 7. Marion and an Oxford Ewe. 8. Eddie and a Greal Angus for nexl year. 9. The Poultry Judges, Lamar and Clifford. . Paul and his lilfer of Duracs. Firsl' Row: Henry Gonel, Leonard Mehochko, Clefus Lehman, James Carroll, Clefus Marley, Paul DeWerff, Bill Richardson, Alvin Taylor, George Fullerlon, Second Row: Clifford Belzald, Louis Reinclre, Kennelh Reinclce, Loren Niehaus, Kenneth Singler, Marion Meier, Harry Hoff, Wm. Sfauder. 'lhird Row: Cecil Carroll, Harold Ballles, Leon Campion, Leland Smalley, Lesler Lehnen, Roberl Fosler, Paul D. Johnson, Wm. Nash, Frank Berns, Paul Bauman, Edgar Bowman. Fourth Row: Ernesl O'Malley, Bruce Wienelre, Edward Rolh, Lamar Colonius, Wayne Fosler, Earl Kales, Ivan Miller, Donald Balllcs, Marvin Slauder, Mike Kosko, Mr, Priddle-sponsor. Filth Row: Bill Schaefer lafhlelic reparlerj, Paul Hines lsec.-lreas.l, Marion O'Malley lpresidenll, Thomas Keller lvice-pres.l, Vernon E. Johnson lreporlerl. Page 46 JR.-SR. B A N O U E T I939 N-Q53 1,4 Q Carnival Top row: Roberl Walne, Lean Ryan, Bill Richardson, Dale Browning, Roberl Peel, John Genl, John Slirnac, Lesler Livingslon, John Golillco, George Pepas, Jock Gaffney, Wilbur Lewey, Clelus Lehman, Bob Bofeson, John Jaros. Second row: Inez Johnson, l-lorlense Gonef, Wanda l-linlon, Eilene Johnson, Curzio Paesoni lCarnival Kingl, Sue Ciberey lCarnival Queenl, Bill Benvenufo, Shirley Miller, Mary Rigoni, Alice Toschalc. Virginia Schroeder. Third row: Mary Divine Kelley, Koren Anderson, Billy Taylor, Page 47 Lefl io rlghf: Hazel Hinfon, Mr. Berfolino, Lorene Gibson, Mr. Riggs, Mr. Anderson, Mass Conover, Mrs. G Miss Yaclcle, Mr. Will, Mr. Myers, Miss Pircher and Mr. P This Night, Beware FACULTY PLAY Ccisl Tod Miller, lime proprielor ol Block Crow Inn .... Marllwy Hawlc, Irie wilclu woman ......,...., Velma Bayne, who gives a glwosl parfy ,... Francis Mallory, her escorl and guesi' ..... Madam Zora, a spirilualislic medium .,.. Sulcey Simmons, Velma's clarlcy cook. . . Lazarus Jones, Velma's darlcy gardener. .. Velma's Guesls: Nan Carlerer ..,. .... Hugh Slanron ..., Harrier Holclwlciss ,,., Tommy Meadows ...........,......,,............. riddle. ...Mr. Myers ....Mrs. Geni Hazel Hinlon .Mr. Berlolino ,Miss Conover ,.Miss Pirclwer .. .Mr. Priddle Lorene Gibson ,...Mr. Riggs . .Miss Yaclcle . . . .Mr. Will The Glwosi ol Allan Blair, who Iiaunrs llwe Black Crow Inn .,.. Mr. Anderson TIME: A slormy Oclober niglnl. PLACE: A summer resorl in flue Curnloerlands. Page 48 ngguuu -u-I Social Dictionary During The school year, parTies. dances and oTher social gaTherings were held for The amuse- menT and enTerTainmenT of The sTudenTs. These hours of various diversions creaTed much enjoymenT for The sTudenTs and faculTy, and gave The sTudenTs someThing ThaT brighTened and "pepped" Them up. The following are The social evenTs ThaT were held during ThaT Time: WIENER ROASTS For The opening social evenT of The year The freshman class held a wiener roasT in Schaefer's grove. lT was given as a sorT of geT-TogeTher affair. Since The freshmen were jusT beginning Their high' school course and didn'T know quiTe all The oTher "freshies," iT gave Them a good chance To become acquainTed. This was soon followed by an all-school wiener roasT sponsored by The seniors To celebrafe Their hoTly-conTesTed class elecTion. SENIOR-JUNIOR CHRISTMAS PARTY The senior class has a cusTom of giving The junior class a ChrisTmas ParTy in The N. T. H. S. "gym." The grouping This year was arranged according To The monTh of The year in which each one presenT was born. Each group puT on a sTunT represenTing some imporTanT evenT of ThaT parTicular monTh. DiTferenT games were played, a program of music, plays, and readings was pre- senTed and refreshmenTs were served. LaTer in The evening, SanTa Claus came in a zeppelin and disTribuTed The presenTs. Each one was given a package. ln These packages were confeTTi, noise makers, small caps and horns. all of which were used for fun-making. AfTer The refreshmenTs were served. The resT of The evening was spenT in dancing. FACULTY PARTIES Since our faculTy is jusT a group of grown-up "kiddies," They have To play and have Their fun The same as we do. They held The following parTies and social gaTherings during The year: FaculTy Recepfion-ln SepTember, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson held a 'recepTion for The members of The faculTy. The purpose of This evenT was To have The new members of The faculTy become ac- quainfed wiTh The ofher Teachers. Roof ParTy-Where? Why, on The roof of The furnace room. Mrs. GenT, Miss Pircher, and Miss Yackle enTerTained The faculTy ond Their families aT a hamburger Try ouT There in The- moon- lighT. All enjoyed an evening of childish games. Hallowe'en ParTy-Clever inviTaTions, signed by Miss Conover, Miss Schniepp. Miss Gibson, and Miss HinTon, again assembled The faculTy-This Time in weird and mysTerious cosTumes. AfTer much guessing abouT who was who, masks were removed and idenTiTies revealed. PaTrioTic ParTy-A deep, far-away voice, announcing iTself as Black Hawk, called The faculTy and Their families To The Home "EC" room aT lO:30 p, m.. February 22. afTer "This NighT, Beware." Here Mrs. Myers, Mrs. Deason, Mrs. BerTolino, and Mrs. Will served a delecfable luncheon afTer which everyone had a good Time. DANCES ln OcTober, The juniors held Their second annual harvesT dance aT which Time Norma Croon was crowned queen by The refiring queen, Sue Ciberey. The Sophomores enTerTained The freshmen and faculTy aT a dance. During The inTermission a movie was shown. The Third dance of The year, Flunlcers' Frolic, was sponsored by The Music Club in January jusT afTer The semesTer exams. On All Fools' Day The seniors broke forTh wiTh a dance and box supper. Affer more Than an hour of dancing, The unidenTified boxes were sold aT aucTion, lunch was enjoyed, and Then followed more dancing. All deparfed declaring The new-old box supper a unique enTerTainmenT and one worTh repeafing. THE JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET The junior class honored The seniors for The lasT Time on Thursday. May 2, wiTh The annual ban- queT and dance. The gymnasium was colorful and gay wiTh The colors of The rainbow which was The moTif chosen for The decorafions of The evening. ln behalf of The class. The presidenT of The juniors, RoberT Peel, welcomed The seniors in a mosT gracious manner, expressing Their pleasure from The associaTions of The pasT Three years and Their besT wishes for success in The fuTure. The senior presidenT, George Pepas, responded appropriaTely on behalf of his class, Thanking The juniors for The hospiTaliTy exTended Them and bidding Them farewell and success. AfTer a delecTable banqueT, served by sophomore boys and girls, all enjoyed an evening's dancing To The lively music of The orchesTra. Page 49 "Ye Daily Blah" SEPTEMBER Labor Day-No school. Half-day-Teachers' meeTing. RecepTion Tor Teachers aT Mr. Anderson's home. Full day-Change in schedules. Jimmie Nicol and Kirk Isbell visiT-CaTeTeria opens-School dismissed aT I:30 because of heaT. Seniors hold caucus, elecT sponsors lMiss Yackle, Mr, Priddlel, nominaTe candidaTes Tar oTTices. Dismissed aT l:30-hoT. Cool--Full day-New pupils-Jack PriTcheTT vis- iTs-lce cream sold. 3ll enrolled. Senior peTiTions ouT--Dismissed aT I:3O-hoT. Senior meeTing- NominaTion speeches-Cam- paign sTarTs-Dismissed aT noon. Senior elecTion-Pepas, pres.,fl-linTon, v.-pres., Kieslar, sec., WhiTe. Treas.-Pep Club organized- Scheller, pres.-Dismissed aT noon. Magazine Soles Talk--PoTTawaTomies and Kicka- poos-Half-day session. WeaTher Man wenT back on us. Had Tull-day session-Susan our only saleslady. Full day-Juniors organize-Mrs. GenT and Mr. Will sponsors. Pep meeTing-Cheer and song leaders Try ouT- Pauline and Jean. Ralph and Billie are chosen. More magazines To sell-Few more sales-FooT ball boys on sTage. FirsT game of season-We win!-Peel elecTed Junior PresidenT and makes a Touchdown-AIL school wiener roasT. STaTT meeTing-Soph. meeTing - Mr. BerTolino and Mr. CasTo sponsors. STaTT puTs iTs nose To The grindsTone and begins iTs work by geTTing ready The TirsT news column. Who broke The lock on The hen-house door? I mean The sTring on The bass fiddle? Magazine campaign closes. Pep meeTing This aTTernoon-Many heads high wiTh predicTions of a vicT'ory over Gillespie To- nighT. The heavens shed Tears irainl aT our lopsided deTeaT by Gillespie. OCTOBER STaTT meeTs and ponders over which conTracT To sign-Baird backing up The young and hand- some Mr, Loewer. Our TirsT Tire drill! HoT dogs! We cleared The school in noThing Tlaf, almosT, almosT. FirsT game. oT The world seriesg whole school as- sembled To lisTen To The game. Mr. Anderson pulls a "Corrigan." FourTh hour class sTarTs aT The Tirsf hour and The TirsT hour Pag e5O sTarTs aT The TourTh hour and The-The-ich, shucks. iT's goT me mixed up. Too. N. T. H. S, TooTball Team shows beTTer Torm To- day buT loses a close baTTle To Benld-6-0. Whole school sees TirsT picTure of The year in The assembly-"The River." Five of The eleven TooTball players are oTT, sick. or iniured. Tough ouTlook Tor our game Friday. Freshies give Their nominaTion speeches amidsT much uproar and many red faces. Mr. Rademacher Took his chemisTry classes To The waTer soTTener--Boy do They have iT saTT! iPunl. FirsT hour physics class have a TumulTuous, up- roarish holiday-Reason--Mr. "L. P." is home sick. Nokomis beoTs Shelbyville-I94l2. Bong! Crash! Boom! Don'T geT exciTed! lT's noT an air aTTack! lT's iusT The opening of The An- nual campaign. T-lallowe'eners puT Tackling dummy on The Tire escape. "Furzy" reprimanded Tor leaving iT ouT in The yard. Teachers go To Hillsboro To geT Their baT- Teries recharged so we geT a Two-day vacaTion, The l9Th and 2OTh. HarvesT Dance-beaT MT. Olive I9-6. Mr. "L. P." sick again. Come on Mr. "L. P.", eaT your spinach! Miss Schniepp TreoTs The sTaTT To a TasTy snack. Prizes awarded Tor magazine campaign-Sue and Ralph geT "swell" waTches, Mrs. GenT pops The TirsT exam of The year. Pep meeTing. a sad lack of enThusiasm. N. T. H. S. wins again-ST. Theresa, Og Nokomis I3. Senior Food Sale. "N" Club hold TirsT meeTing and finally geT or- ganized. Jr. and Sr, classes nominaTe candidaTes Tor car- nival queen. NOVEMBER Oh. Gee! Hillsboro beoTs us again, l9-O- Browning breaks his collar bone. 8: 3. AnoTher vacaTion-Hurrah! Eddie Bald is Tinally shown his score and is lacked up in The music room like a monkey in a cage. Program by The Legionnaires-very inTeresTing. EducaTional healTh picTure shown To whole school-Speech by Dr. Ball Tram STaTe DeparT- menT aT Springfield. Junior Play-huge success. Pano 45-Nokomis 0. Enough said. PicTure on Mexico-Talk by Mr. Kinsell. Speech on world Travel by Mrs. Harwood. Mrs. Genl gave a lillle lesl-5 pages Iangl An hour piclure in chemislry. Carnival-Sue Ciberey, Queen-Curzia Paesani, King. Mr. Cosla ill wilh pneumonia-Mr. Rademacher and Mr. Anderson go lo Sl. Louis lo see lhe opera "Sieglried." Much cramming-Why2?-Well, Mr. "Rode" is going lo les? lhe chemislry class on lhe valence lables. Varsily baskelball squad hold lheir lirsl scrim- mage. 81 24. Vacalionll Il's E. D. R.'s Turkey Day and we need lhe week lo recuperale. Mrs. Genl and Miss Yackle go lo Sl. Louis lo see "HamIel." Mr, Cosla back in school aller a week in lhe hospilal. Visilors from Morrisonville invile us lo lheir dance aller lhe game Friday nighl. "Aggies" and Home "Ecu hold open house. Inleresling speech by Mr. Long, Presidenl ol Greenville College. Lasl day ol lhe Annual sale campaign belween lhe senior boys and girls-girls winI Oh, well, we boys were iusl being gallant, weren'l we, lel- lows? DECEMBER N. T, H. S. plays Morrisonvilleg a viclary lor Isl game al year. Quorlel from Carlhage. Inlernolional Day dedicalion by Mr. Berlolino. Represenlalion of dillerenl nalions by sludenls. Mr. Avinere Toigo lrom Slale Deparlrnenl gave a speech. Juniors receive invilalions lo lhe Sr.-Jr. Xmas parly. Seniors gel lheir piclures laken lor lhe Annual. Boy! Are lhey a "swell" looking lribel N. T. I-I. S. plays Fillmore: we lose. N. T. H. S. wins lrom Rosamond Home "Ec" slarls making Xmas presenls. Nokomis baskeleers iourney lo Taylorville and Iose by a score al 46-2I. Gallup-Berlolino langle-Gallon Gallups away unhormed. Bang! John Jaros hils lhe lloor lor lhe lillielh lime lhis year. "Broadway Babies," wrillen and direcled by Mariorie Belzold. Presenlalion ol loolball Iel- lers-N. T. H. 5, beals Slaunlan, 2I-I7. Slrong Man losses Bald and Ballles oul. Mr. Juvinall sels a record-2222222 Sr.-Jr. Xmas parly-Sanla Claus came in a zep- pelin. Slink Bombs? Na, chemislry class experimenls wilh sulphur. Soph.-Fr. Xmas Parly-Will 26, Nokomis, 27e- Music classes and lhe Cammunily Chorus hold open house and give a splendid program. Merry Chrislmasl 2. 3. 4. 5. 8. 9. IO. II. I2. I5. I6. I7. I8. I9. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 29. 30. 3I. 2. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. I2. I3. I4. I5. I6. I9. JANUARY Everyone back bul a lillle bil laller and much sleepier. Communily Tournamenl slarls - we have a glimpse ol our lormer and lulure slars in aclion. Second day ol lhe Tournamenl-lhe Facully in aclion-Boy! Whal a peach lor Iemonl ol a game-Facully won. Tournamenl linals-N. T. H. S. 20: Ramsey 3I. "Aggies" beal Morrisonville: Morrisonville walked all lhe lloor al end ol lhird quarler. Cur honorable librarian, Hazel Hinlon, has her birlhday-now she can vale-she's 2II-N. T. H. S., log Hillsboro, 34. Seniors gel lheir caps and gowns. Ed Johnson sleals Jaros' prize lrick in physics by falling lrom his chair. N. T. H. S. loses lo lCaIendor Edilor can'l seem lo remember lo whom we Iosll 3I I7-Pepas brolhers absenl-Lehman hurl. Beginning ol review lor semesler exams. Seniors selecl announcemenls. Crammingl Exams! OhIIII OhIIII Rosamond Dance-a "lIoperoo". Beginning ol a new semeslerg schedules changed and everyone mixed up, bemuddled. and conlused. Nokornis plays Will lor second lime-lhis game was on our own caurl-we lasl-escore, I9'23. Flunkers' Frolic. Judge Bale speaks lo assembly an liquor and ils bad ellecls-reporl cards. N. T. I-I. S. played Carlinville-we Iosl by a score ol 34-22. "Aggies" beal Tower Hill-22-24. Baird goes lo Sl. Louis lhe day lo gel in our news, leaving lhe slall holding lhe bag. Redskins have lasl praclice belore Counly Tournamenl lo sharpen lheir eyes. FEBRUARY Piclure on soil. Hour long. Paesani and Hall slarl drilling oparl. N. T. I-I, S. plays Pano-come oul second. Piclure on collee, enacled by puppels-very ine leresling. Hall-day vacalion lo allend Mr, Eekoll's lu- neral. Classes reversed. Prol. Anderson again uses his Corrigan lheory. Magician shows us how dumb we are. LincoIn's birlhday-parl ol mosl ol lhe class pe- riods laken in discussion al "Old Honesl Abe." Hillsboro again lakes us-40-23. Assembly programeChiel Evergreen Tree, a Pueblo Indian, shows us some Indian lore. "Gebo" slarls courlin' "Tools." Baird lakes a lainling spell-whal an edilorl Swarbrick gels lo school on lime!-Richardson Page 5I "cussed" and discussed by Pini because he didn'T hand in his calendar on Time. The "BaskeTeersl' showed Taylorville a good game, playing superior ball, buf were Too heavy wifh Their fouls, Three fellows fouling ouf. Faculfy puT on o sharf skiT of Their coming playq very enferfaining. "Buck Chambers rides again," bu+ was Thrown from his horse lchairl by a slippery floor. Face ulfy Play-"This Nighf, Beware!"-very good. Nokomis plays STaunTon on Hillsboro "gym" iusT for pracTice game. Mr. Anderson gone, buT, alas, school keeps righf on going. BaskeTball feam pracTices in WiTT gym. Nakomis loses firsf game in regional Tourney To Shelbyville, 32-43. -- Leap year day! All boys are hiding! MARCH Vacafionl Teachers go To Lifchfield. Jusf anoTher day-fnafhing specTacular. T. E. Musselman gives inferesfing Talk on wild life and conservafian. Seniors decide on having Commencemenf and Baccalaureafe Togefher. Social Science Classes hold open house. Primary boufs in inframural boxing and wresfling. Mr. Myers gives definiTion of evaporafion as, "WaTer gone crazy wiTh The heaT." Spring Train- ing begins. "Aggies" sTarT recruifing ball players for Their soffball Team. Clifford Vericker quifs school. IST 3rd quarTer exams for The "Frosh." Snake exhibif and lecfure in assembly. Physics class wenf To Hillsboro To four The re- frigerafion planf. Sfudenfs a liffle bif angry abouf naf geTTing To lisTen To STaTe Tourney. Coach Deason aTTends Tournamenf session. Seniors go To Pano for Vocafional Guidance Con- ference. "Screwball" Baird goes home again, leaving The Sfaff "holding The bag." High school aThleTes enTerTained aT Rofary dinner. Um-Yum. Mr. "L. P." decides To clean up his 4fh hour gen- eral science class so he kicks four boys ouf. Quarfer exams-Oh, gosh!-Mr. Anderson an nounced There would be a separafe Baccalau- reafe service. Good Friday-No school. New "Aggies" iniTiaTed. Music Quiz by Prof. Cosfa. Senior play parfs given. "Gym" Show. Physics classes go To Champaign. APRIL Seniors hold box supper. A rip-roaring Time "was had" by all. "Coach" Deason sick in bed-yes, sir, ThaT's what he gefs for eafing Two boxes insfead of only one. Page 52 Miss Conover Takes her "li++Ie chickens" auf To scrafch on The ground. "Coach" sick again-oh dear, anofher banquefl Coach Decson, undaunfed by a weak stomach and rainy weaTher, refurns To school. "Aggies" geT Tagefher on Their coming Fafher and Son Banquef. Mr. Myers bounces Bevill-Bevill bounces back. "Aggies" hold FaTher and Son Banquef. Dark day-"Rode" conducfs class by carbide lamp. Teachers' lnsTiTuTe-Thank heavens! Commercial sTudenTs journey To Taylarville To The DisTricT ConTesT and come home wiTh eighf cer- fificafes. Baseball Team loses To Kincaid-I9-I. Our sponsor. Miss Yackle, has a birfhday-Cow grafulafions, Miss Yackle! Track meef-N. T. H. S., 683 Rosamond, 26. Nokomis To play Taylorville-cancelled on ac- caunT of rain. "Frosh" enTerfain "Sophs" and Sfaff wifh a rip- roaring parTy. Yowee! Senior play pracfice cancelled Till evening. Why?? Three members of The casT were ouT of Town. Baseball game called off because of rain. Eng. IV sTudenTs give sharf speeches. Senior play casf holds dress rehearsal. Seniors sfage Their lasT public Tuncfion: Thai' col- Iassal epic, "FaiTh, Hope and FlariTy". Margery Befzold puTs on her play "Anyfhing Can Happen"-iT wenf over wiTh a "bang", Commercial Sfudenfs again go To secfional con- Tesf aT Decafur and come home wilh one cer- TificaTe. Tennis courfs ready for acfion. Band sTarTs pracfice for The marching drill in Springfield. Mr. Berglund gives lecTure and dem- onsTraTion on dry ice. MAY Preparafions for The gala evenf. Junior-Senior BanqueTfRainbow fheme. Everyone sleepy and grouchy. Band aTTends Band Fesfival aT Springfield To- gefher wifh 3l ofher bands from cenfral Illinois. "Ag" SecTional iudging conTesT aT Moweaqua. "N" Club feafures a box supper. Morrisonvillc Glee Club and Band perform in The Assembly. Physics class goes To Keokuk. Mr. C. U. Taye, of U. of l. Library School, gives illusTraTed lecTure on "Making ofa Book". Ah! Ah! How lovely! Why The exclamafions? "Old Nokomis" is auf! Senior girls enferfained by B. 81 P. W. A war film was shown To The sTudenTs. Class Day. Seniors realize They are really Through. Baccalaurcafe service. -28. Final examinafionsll Commencemenf. sunri- CLASS HISTORIES IConfinued from Page ZBI On Ocfober 20, I938, we gave fhe Harvesf Dance. Girls were chosen from each class as candidafes for Harvesf Oueen. Affer an excifing evening, Norma Croon was crowned. On November IU, I939, we gave our successful Junior play, "Sound Your Horn." If was our firsf sfage producfion before fhe public and was a big success. On December 20. I939, fhe seniors enferfained us af fheir lasf parfy-dance. If was given in fhe Chrisfmas spirif and Sanfa found his way fo pa a visif fo everyone. In fhe spring of I94O we gave a bake sale fo help providie funds for fhe big affair, fhe Junior-Senior Banquef in May. During 'rhese fhree years we have confribufed many good players fo fhe foofball feam and fhe baskefball feam. We have also been well represenfed in fhe orchesfra and band. This background leaves us looking forward fo fhe harclesf of our four years, buf we hope if will be fhe mosf pleasanf of all. Moffo: "EVER ONWARD Colors: YELLOW AND VIOLET Flower: YELLOW TULIP On fhe Honor Roll for eleven consecufive quarfers: Lillian Ryan. H.M.K.-R.M.C. SOPHOMORE On Sepfember fhe firsf, I938, a group of one hundred four sfudenfs enrolled as freshmen af N. T. H. S. We organized info a class and chose as our sponsor, Mr. Myers: presidenf, Larry Smifhi vice-presidenf, Bill Pepas: and secrefary-freasurer, Mildred Waffies. The sophomores gave us a Chrisfmas dance where we became well acquainfed. School was soon ouf and we were back again in fhe N. T. H, S. halls classed as sophomores. We chose Mr. Berfolino and Mr. Cosfa for our sponsors: Bill Pepas, presidenf: Joe Seeburger, vice-presidenf: and Vanda Compagni, secrefary-freasurer. We gave fhe freshmen a Chrisfmas dance. Bofh years we confribufed members fo fhe foofball squad, baskefball feam and fo fhe band and orchesfra. Lean Ryan was fhe only sophomore foofball lefferrnan and Arno Lehenbauer fhe only sophomore on fhe Honor Roll seven consecufive quarfers. We are looking forward fo coming back nexf year classed as juniors. Moffo: "THE ELEVATOR TO SUCCESS IS NOT RUNNING: TAKE THE STAIRS" Flower: ORCHID Colors: PURPLE AND GOLD On fhe Honor Roll seven consecufive quarfers: Arno Lehenbauer. P.K.-J.E. FRESHMAN On fhe fiffh day of Sepfember, eighfy-one freshmen enfered fhe doors of fhe Nokomis Township High School. We were cordially welcomed and we are now sfriv- ing fo do our parf fo help carry on in fhe school. Foofballz Charles Zueck, Cyril Wadzifa, and Emil Hubeny, Baskefballz Charles Zueck, Louis Zandonai, William Bowers, Myron Schaefer, Jesse Johnson, John Poliak, Lesfer Caulk, Cyril Wadzifa, Gerald Mehochko, Pefe Cafzenova, Ralph Sfimac, Jack DeVore, Harry Hoff, Bruce Wieneke. Emil Hubeny, Wayne Koffwifz, Edgar Bowman. Orchesfra: Lillian Abrolaf, Oral Mae Wolfmann, Myron Schaefer. Freshman-Sophomore Wiener Roasf-November I5, I939. Sophomore-Freshman Dance-December 22, I939. IConfinued on Page 54I Page 53 CLASS WILL lCon'Iinued from Page 29l I, Margarel' McCluslcy, leave Frances Krisman. I, Aimee McNeil, leave my voice Io Marrin Lenich. I, Leonard Mehochlco, leave my sludious ways I'o Claylon Zepp. I, Helen Nussman, leave my limid voice lo Dorolhy Crow. I, Marion O'MaIley, leave Ihe "Ag" cage Ieam Io gel' along 'rhe besl' il can wirhour me. I, Curzio Paesani, leave school lo be a "pro" loolball player. I, Joe Pasdeclc, leave my year-round Ian Io Bob Warne. I, George Pepas, leave my brolher Io lurlher prolong Ihe name ol: Pepas in all sporls. I, Edward Pilgrim, leave school wilh a guilly conscience. I, Calherine Pini, leave school 'lo become some business execu'live's privale secrelary. l, Marie Prevedel, leave my inconspicuous nalure Io Henry Wexsllen. I, Dororhy Pullen, leave my abilily Io malce friends wilh anyone Io Jean Ann Josles. I, Kennelh Reinclce, leave nolhing 'ro any one. I, William Richardson, leave Mr. Anderson Io lalce care of lhe acliviries of Ihe school wi+hou+ my guiding presence. I, Virginia Schaefer, leave my abilily 'ro say nolhing al' The righl lime lo Vir- ginia Schroeder. I, Leora Schaper, leave my record ol high school boy-friends 'ro Norma Croon. I, Ralph Scheller, leave my iob as cheer leader lo Charles Rupperl. I, Kennelh Singler, leave school wilh no sadness in my hearI'. I, William Slauder, leave my beaurilul wavy hair 'ro Henry Gonel. I, John Slimac, leave my brofher, Ralph, lo Ialce my place in sporis. I, Mildred Swarbriclc, leave my secrelarial abilily 'ro Hazel Kiefer. I, Alvin Taylor, leave Rose Dezelalc lo no one. I, Arlhur Tindle. leave my inconspicuousness Io Bob Hunler. I, Theresa Tossi, leave school Io slarl rounding up a husband. I Niclc Vansack, leave my wallc To school 'ro Joe Pehanich. I Dwighl Weeks, leave my musical abilily 'lo Eddie Rolh. I Roberr While, leave all of 'rhe senior money Io 'rhe nexl lreasurer. I, Cleo Wilson, leave school 'ro be wilh him. I I , Bruce Woodhouse, leave Ihe school Io anybody. , Theresa Nicololli, leave my cuslomary smile Io Jennie Jachino. I, Harold Srorm, leave my classilicalion as a good Senior Io Gene Srolz. Signed, sealed and allesled on lhis 2Is'r day of March, l94O. Signed, SENIOR CLASS, B. Baleson. Wilnesses: Miss Yaclcle, Mr. Priddle. FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY ICon'linued from Page 53l CLASS OFFICERS Presidenl ....,..............., LEONARD CHABALA Vice-Presidenr ............, ORAL MAE WOLTMANN Secrelary ....,. .,......, S HIRLEY ANN KAPILLA Treasurer ....,.......,........, ADELINE JOHNSON Sponsors .,......... MR. MYERS, MR. RADEMACHER Marlo: "GREEN BUT GROWING" Flower: WHITE CARNATION Colors: GREEN AND WHITE On Ihe Honor Roll Ihree conseculive quarlersr Leonard Chabala Harry Hoff Melba Schneider Vida Davis Gerald Mehochko Oral MGS WOllmOHH M.S.-A.T. Page 54 Youth "Whaf is you+h?" aslced ihe old man as he lcnelf before The oracle The answer long in coming, finally bubbled auf wi+h ihe exciiemenl and iubilance of youfh iiself "You+h is reslless, upward-reaching Onward groping, needing leaching- You+h is plas+ic, can be molded Youih is 'Facing life. siill folded. "You+h is living, loving, hafing: Youih is following and creaiingg Youfh is building buf desiroyingg Youih is pleasing, yei annoying. "Youih is growing, feeling, learning, Youih is iubilanily yearning. And 'rhe world iomorrow nearing, Youih is facing, never fearing." Thus ihe oracle fold rhe siory, buf ihe old man pondered, Thal is so much io say of youlh. Whal can l fell my people?" Then sirangely, as ihough in a new voice rhe one of rich and full undersranding of age, rhe oracle, said "You+h is whai you were, and youih will be wha? you are And as fhe old man wenl away he lcnew 'rhai now he undersfood lhus sirange and radiani mysfery. MARY GENT N. T. H Page 55 SO LONG- Engravings by Indianapolis Engraving Co., Indianapolis, Ind. Prinfing and Binding by Williamson Prinfing 8: Publishing Co., Springfield, III Plwofogroplny by A. P. Pausclwerl Sludio. Nolcomis, III, . .wmv-,. 0 5 My M. 'il' nz E . . . ' . , Fai 'F .-4. f 'I 4: -.: :4::.,x,.,. ' ' Jv c - ?Ef35'i:' " 2, ' I . Q ul 2 2 5 WW , ,.,, H . ifeiqx 'gg 1 -' Q x wi ' K. - .. .: ..-'-ew : ' F K 8 ji. . ,- in , W d K Q ,, ' ,.,.-f- ,:. A , V . WWW, -, V .mm mi., Q up ,kgfggj ,W " v- , " :,- 1 R .V Q 'Z 'Q . ' "" :-v-I ':- f 5' f " , A " Q fi' 5 Vi ff' f , Wm. 5 3 1 ' f ' 1 ...wi 31 z 3 is 55' Q, Y 4, is Q .1 K5 5 , x , , -. 3 1 8, ' mf ll .' I 133 uf 4 ' 4- 5' Q ir my ' -1 9 ,A ,W E., ::9::Q,-, Mqf X. ,. .f N,.Ji-,. X . Mw'0SeAi-Hffpfigfi ' 'Wx f 1 1 9 K E W. 2 V551 ,U , r 'lfgqifk .7 ,zwmi ' 7 4 3 'f' -,. .M I W nn... -W

Suggestions in the Nokomis High School - Old Nokomis Yearbook (Nokomis, IL) collection:

Nokomis High School - Old Nokomis Yearbook (Nokomis, IL) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


Nokomis High School - Old Nokomis Yearbook (Nokomis, IL) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


Nokomis High School - Old Nokomis Yearbook (Nokomis, IL) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Nokomis High School - Old Nokomis Yearbook (Nokomis, IL) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Nokomis High School - Old Nokomis Yearbook (Nokomis, IL) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Nokomis High School - Old Nokomis Yearbook (Nokomis, IL) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


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