Nokomis High School - Old Nokomis Yearbook (Nokomis, IL)

 - Class of 1937

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Nokomis High School - Old Nokomis Yearbook (Nokomis, IL) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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M! RY El iff BHH CUM CR Q RUPFCRT .J 6 . A , V 1 . Qi X 7 - , ,Y Ax i I"'f'1ClH-' L V- Dx 'I TG H12 wr O 720110144 S I937 PUBLISHED BY SENIOR CLASS OF NOKOMIS TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL NQKQMIS ILUNQIS I9 z l I I VOLUME XXI l l Tas sand men excel In no one fhlng alone-so here fhe body mafches paces wl+h fhe wif FOREWORD I Durmg fhe pasi' year many even+s of lmporlance lnferesl' and pleasure have faken place af N TH S numerous dellghlful and unique personaluhes have appeared upon fhe sfage of school life I+ has been +he purpose of 'rhe Old Nokomus Sfaff +o brmg +o you In our publncahon small bds +0 help you remember fhese oulsfandlng happenings and acquamfances H' IS fhe sincere hope of all of us +ha+ our eFFor+s will brmg you lmmedlafe ancl lashng pleasure, and enable you lo always consider your hugh school days as 'rhe happ1es'r In your life . . I a -...I . . .- . ll 'll ' I I 1 I f . . ..l-l.S.-T937 .. III I III N T I I I-I -IVAN C JOHNSON AB Prlncepol Come boclc ond see me Tomorrow CenTrol Wesleyon College SouThern lllunols SToTe Normol UnuversuTy oT Missouri Civics Appreclahon I Four yeors have been seized Trorn our e Lllce poges Torn from o boolc YeT There lsnT o one whos gone Through The sTrlTe oo During Those Tour yeors spenT IU leorn In We were encouroged ond led By guudes who were ever yeornvng To leod us on To The heod ln The prnnclpol ond Teochers wos po Tuence For greoTer Thon we could know They led us They helped They enoour oged WheTher we were TosT or slow Eoch enTerpruse ThoT wos underTolcen MeonT socrnTace on Their porT YeT They were ever reody ond wrllung To enTer ond glve IT Theur heorl To you who hove lobored ond helped Through The Tour shorT yeors we ve been here We gnve our TondesT opprecuohon And vow olleguonce Tor rnony o yeor We wull Toke your enc:ourogernenT wlTh And olwoys be sure oT one Thing We re beTTer Tor hovung lcnown you Your nnTluenoe has mode our lnves sung M E G Sx nf , ' ' ThoT won'T cosT boblc wiTh o hopby I T I lc. ' ' - us Q1 D ' ' - us, S I Facully TOP ROW Scolf Eunlchouser B Ed See7 Algebra, Geomelry. Slella Ycclxle, BS., NLS. "Don'l go off mad." Universlly of lllinais. ish I and . George H. Priddle, B.S. "ls lhis lhe place where you buy your Annual?" Universily of lllinois. Agricullure, Biology. Esfher P. Nanflces. B.S. 'Welll now lef's see. Universify of lllinois. En ish lll and IV. Homer L. Cox. B.Ed. 'Figure if auf for yourself. Illinois Stale Normal Univer- si y. Shorfhand, Typing, Book- keeping. F E L E SECOND ROW rances Prrcher Ph B Thats cufe Ancienl Hisfory, Modern l-li-slory, American Hisfory Girls Physical Ed. dward M. Berlolino, . . Hustle our for praclice. Bradley College. Economici Modern Hisfory, SocialoQY. Boys' Physical . . yers, A.B. "Lef's go, folks. Cenlral Wesleyan College. Physias, General Science, Civics. ucile Thomas, B.Ed. Lels gel' quiel now.' Charlesfon Teachers College. Home Economics, Chorus. . E. Rademacher, AB. 'My side!" Central Wesleyan College. Chernislry, German, Music. THIRD ROW Luella Reinclre AB and so forth Bofany, Zoology, E glish ll La in I, German l. lda Mae l-lulberf "Get out of here." Ru bicam Business College. Secrelary. Vera Zimmerman "l-lere's a good book." Librarian. Emma Schniepp "When kind of salad a make?" Caleferia. Som Kellellxamp "Where'5 Mary.' Custodian. Seven I I I I I N. T. S. 1-lg 3 7 I I I I I , . . I ' , M.A. l ' , .. Charlesfon Teachers College. Universify of Chicago, McKendree College. rl I I I l ' .. B? - Engl ll Ed l L P M I . . I I Q' ir . . sh ll l . .. I r I 1 7. I I I I I I I I . . H. . F-'Al I I I I Old Nokomls Sfaff K f d I The Annual we published as now In your hands ll s flnlshed and nobody can make any demands We ve pul ln all lhal we possibly could You can ludge for yourself whelher I+ s bad or If s good And when lhe Slafl IS as one mlghl' say Gone wnlh 'rhe wund on a summer s day We know you ll look back a+ your book so dear And say Oh lhey worked hard and shed a fear For we wnll be gone To lhal' land so falr Where Slafl members are numerous And Annuals rare Where engravers and publishers grow on Trees And ul' s easy as losmg your hal nn 'the breeze To gel Them +0 publish books free as 'rhe anr And Sfafl members haven 'r a single care We know well be lrsled al 'rhe 'rop of fhe roll When The angels 'rake +he lmmorlal roll And shlnnng ln gold 'rhere name by name Thus Slaff wvll appear In +he Hall ol Fame M F G THEIR INITIALS YOU SHALL KNOW THEM M F G A M arvelous E nergehc G enlal edllor O R An G blngrng R esourceful busmess manager A V An A mbuhous V ersahle lr+erary ednlor A V S An A spurmg V ISIOVIOFY S ahslacfory calendar edlfor K E B A K lassy E ver B usy snapshol edrror F E H A F aufhlul E xpedlenl H elpful 'ryplsl B R A B eamang R usllnng sporfs edllor E gh! I I I I ' ' N T S 9 3 7 ' ' ll ' ll From Ieff To righf- arhryn Basonevfo, Snapshot Edifarg Bruno Rossll Afhleric Edilorg Miss Yackle, Sponsorg Flor- ence Hoffman, Typisg Anita Vercellane, Lllerary E Harp Mr. Funkhauser, Sponsorg Orlo Rupperf, Business Manager: Allce Smalley, Calendar Editorg Mary Gent, Edifor. I , . . , . , . . . . , . , . I . ' rr - - -I I I - I I , I . , . . I , . I ' . 1 I I . .ni - i - . I l . . . ' '-T - I - 0 n ul ' I ' n n a ni" ' 1 ' ' ' 1 - . . .-' ' , ' ' ' . A 1 n ' 1 ' I ' a - -T ' 1 ' . I I I I I OFFICERS Presfclenf BETTE LOU PETERS Vice Presudenf STEVE LAPSHANSKY Secre+ory Treasurer CARL ZEPP SPONSORS MISS YACKLE and MR FUNKHOUSER MOTTO To Srrrve +0 Seek 'ro Fund cmd No? +0 Y1eld COLORS Silver ond Blue FLOWER Teo Rose ll ll I-I -I ll Il l BETTE LGU PETERS Pele HI Trd ass Presrdenf 4 Chorus I 2 4 A I 2 3 4 Carmval Queen 3 The Tun Hero Carnrval I 2 3 4 Song Leade 3 Mys er of The Masked Gurl 4 l STEVE LAPSHANSKY Twrddles Hr oys Class Vrce Presnaenf 4 Carnuval I 2 3 4 Baskef 3 4 Foofba 3 4 Track3 4 Commun urnamenl3 4 Gym Show I 2 B B Mgr CARL ZEPP Speed Well good Class Secrelary Treasurer4 Carnuval I 2 3 4 Bos f 3 2 Foafb T ack 3 Corrvmunlly Tourrvarnenl 4 Gym Show 2 Commerclal Confesf 2 The Tun Hero 3 I WALTER ABROLAT Walt We I guess Chorus2 Orchesfra I 2 3 Carmv I 2 4 rrunrfy Taurnamenf 4 Baskelball I 2 3 I KATHRYN E BOSONETTO Kay B Thals enough oul of you' rl The Tm Hero 3 Carnrval I Gym Show 2 May Fefe I Snapshol Edlfar Old Nokorrus 4 Myslery of lhe Masked Girl 4 Communuly Tournarvenf I Inlramural Coun Secretary 4 I MARY KATHERINE BROCKMAN Oh darn' Chorus I H1 Trl I 3 Fmanclal Secrelary 2 Treas Fefe l Gym Show I 2 Cornmunufy Taurnamenf HENRY BROSTMEYER I"'IOI'1k Sure nough2 Hooker Lafe Consoludafed No 9 Lafe Arkansas I 2 3 FFA 4 Commur1nIyTournamenI4 l RALPH L DIGMAN Dggle Oh Yeah' rmyal 2 3 4 Baskelball I Z 3 Foafbal Track I 2 3 4 Communlly Tournamenf I 2 G m Show I 2 Judgvng Conlesl I 2 FFA 2 3 Reporfer4 RUTH ALEENE ENGELMANN Rudy Hu Pal HI gva 3 Gym Show I Myslery of fhe Mas e If 4 May Fe I ar I ANDY FURIMSKY Furzzy I don? now Foofball 4 FFA I 3 Gym Shawl 2 Commumly Tournamenf3 4 MARY ELIZABETH GENT M E Y ull e McKrnIey Sensor Hugh School Cedar Rapvds Iowa 4 GAA 3 4 Carnival 4 Gym 3 Edlfor Old Nokomrs 4 Commumly Tournomenf Myslery of The Masked C rl 4 I KATHRYN GIPSON K G ls she nu s FI 4 The Tun Hero 3 Corr1munlIyTournamen1l 2 3 4 Song Leader 4 Myslery of Ihe Masked Girl 4 Ten l , I I l . N. T. . S. - 9 3 7 . Cl ' g , , g Hi-Tri I, 2, 3, 41 GA' U I I I : . I ,, . ,. 3: ' , . . . 1 f 1" I Y " A, B bon , ,I II f 7 ', 'g ' ' ny To , 3 , 3 , . . I, 2. I -.. .. - : ' . . , : ke- ball , B.B, Mgr. I, 3 all 3, 43 r ,.4j " ll, ," n 7 , , 5 ' a , 3 Com- Hl-T' I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 41 " ' " cil, I , I I I "M.K." urer 4, I,'2,I3, 4, Carnival 2, 3, 4, May 1, 2, af ' ' I -.. .. t -.. I - .. Ca ' , , g , , g I 3, 45 . . . : , ' . ,3: v . : . : - - - I. I -.. .. '-Tri I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 5 fe Q C - ' I 2, g Q " kd 'l" 4. .. . k D.. I -.. . U.. " o ' Iiv ." I, 2, Hi-Tri 3, g . , -. , g' ' A 1 ' snow 4E " hi " . , " I!" I I 1 HIVT ' I, 2, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 1" ' " I . I . - I I i I II H -I ll Il l CLETUS L I-IAMLIN Knd Oh h FFA I 2 3 Sergeant of Arms 4 Gym S w l JUSTINE I-IAUPTMANN UsIle Oh boy II G Carmval 4 Commumfy Tournamenf 2 l FLORENCE E HOFFMAN Flossle Whafs The mafIer7 orus I Orches+ra 2 3 I-I T 2 3 Presnden ay Fefe I Gym Show2 CarnuvaI 2 3 4 The nn H ro 3 Commercial ConIes'r3 GAA I 2 3 Typnsf Old Nokomus 4 l GEORGE .IACKOVICI-I Jock I don? belreve II Foofball 2 3 4 Gym Show I 2 3 Commun y Tourncmenffi LEO KELLER Where s Margy7 A rac The Tm Hero 3 m Show I 2 Carnival 4 Communnfy Tournamenf 2 4 l BILLIE KESSLER BII Oh Phooey Class SecreIary Treasurer 2 Chorus I GAA 2 3 Secretary 4 Carmva Gym Show 2 May Fefe I Tha? Thing rn ay Fe e G m ow 2 The Tm Hero 3 om munliy Tournamenf I 2 The Mysfery of The Masked r l JULIA KRAMER Jelly ROII Oh Yeah' fl Carnival 2 4 Commercial ConIesf 3 Gym Show I 2 Communffy Tournamenf I 2 3 I ANGELINE KRISMAN Gcnl For Pefes Sake orus I 2 3 4 Fefe I Carruval 2 Gym Show 2 Community Tourna nf I I JAMES ERNEST LANE Bud You re crazy Oconee Hugh Sc:hooI I 2 FFA 3 4 Commun fy Tournamenf3 4 I BRUNOW LEI-IENBAUER Tho? s funny Commercual Comes? 3 Gym Show I 2 Communnfy Tournament 4 I I-IERMANN C LEI-IENBAUER I-ICL I didn I 5 udy Cioss Vrce Presudenf I Chorus 2 Gym Show 2 Commundy TOurnarr1enY 3 4 Eleven I I I I . . . N. T. . S. . , . , , , 3 ho I, 2. Hi-TV' I, 2, 3, 4, May Fefe I, .A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Ch Q , Q I- ri I, , , ' I 41 M 1 1 ' . . 1 " T' e, " 1 fn 1 - - . . . . 41 . . 1 . . 1 if I F.F. . I, 2, 3, T If 3, " ' ' " Q Gy - -.. 5 .. - Z 1 . . - I. 2, 3, 4, Hi-Tri I, , g g ' I 2, 4, l MARY E. KETTELKAMP-"Liz" Hi-T' I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4g Corniyol I, 2, 33 M . f Ig y Sh 1 " ' " g C - o1l"4. ' ' HI-T" I, 2, 3, 43 May Eefe Ig G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Ch , ,4HiTri I, 2, 3, 41 G.A.A. I, 2,' , gMay me ', 2, 3. ' ' ' ' , 1 . . . , g I I I I I I I I .. I-I I .. l LUCILLE McKENNA L III smack you' ous I AA 3 4 Show I Communnty Tournament I 2 I WALTER MITCHELL Mxlch Oh I dan? know ofball 3 4 ack 2 2 Show l MARGUERITE MIDDLETON Marg Sure dldn I you know Ihal7 HI Carnival 2 4 May Fefe I Gym Show I Commercial Con I I Iesf 3 l RAYMOND MOOS Slreamlnne Yes Indeed ee eiball 3 Tack 2 3 T e In Hero Carnival 2 3 4 Commumfy Tournament 2 Gym Show I l CHARLES NICOL Jnmmue Im lured of English elball 3 Track 2 F FA 3 4 Orchesl Carnival I 2 3 4 Foolboll 3 Commundy Tourna nf I I EDWARD POLIAK Ed Where s Mass PIrcher7 FFA I 2 3 Cornrnunufy TournamenI4 l STEVE POPOVICI-I Doggie Aw gwan Class PresudenI2 Football I 2 3 4 Track Baskef 3 val l RENA PREVEDEL Go? your Botany? ru 3 4 May A l JOE PUDENZ Freak GOI anyfhung Io euI7 abaII3 4 Tack I Ba b II l BRUNO ROSSI Rossn You go? me Class Vuce Presuclenl 2 FFA 3 Foofball 4 Car nuva 4 Gym Show I 2 The Tm Hero 3 C eer Leader 2 3 4 Afhlefuc Edufor Old Nokomns 4 Communlfy Tournamenl 4 ORLO RUPPERT Arl lm brake F FA I 2 Treasurer 3 Presudenf 4 Busnness Manager O Nokamns A Con esfs I 2 3 4 Carnnval I Gym Show I Cornmunlly Tournarnenf 4 I HELEN E SIMS Red or s I 2 CarnIIvaI 4 GAA I 2 3 4 Gym Show2 Com munlfy Tournamenl 3 The MysIery of fhe Masked r Twelve I I I' I I .. N.T. .S.- 937 .. .- -.. U.. Ch r gG. . .V I, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Tri I, 2, , g Gym Fo , 5 Tr g F.F.A. I, 1 Gym I, 2. I '-Trl I, 2, 4, V'ce-Pres'den+ 31 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, .43 Bask 7 r , , 43 " h T' " 33 ' . . : ' . 4: Baskk g g ...l,2, , g Q ra I, me , 2, I3, '4.' I I ' : . . . : 3: - ball , 4, Carni I, 2, 3, 4. HI-T' I, 2, , g Fefe Ig G.A. . I, 2, 3, 4. Fof , 1 r , 21 skel a I, 2, 3, 4. 3 I in I1 I 'Fld' I I "'43" I I. . . I ' "S--a-y." I Ch V , , 3, 4, May Fefe 2, I-Ii-Tri I, 2, 3, 4, . oi I" 4. ' I l ll ll H -I ll Il l ALICE V SMALLEY Gun A rlghf sfop ull Chorus I Calendar Eddar Old Nokomus 4 H T nf 2 esuderui 4 G A A Commercial Confesf 3 The Tun H ro 3 The Mys fer of the Masked G rl 4 Corn val Z 3 4 l IRA STAPLES Pood Keep Quuef ofball 2 3 4 Ba efball 2 F F A 2 Rccr hon Mgr 3 4 Gym Show 2 arnuval 3 4 Com mun Oy Touruamerul 2 4 I LAWRENCE STIVERS Duke lve gal Ia Tack 2 Gym Show I 2 Carnuval 4 l ANDY STRAZAR Shorly Aw shuf up F F A 2 Gym Show 2 Cammunufy Tournamenl 4 l DOMINIC TONELLI Dorn Y u klll e ass Presudenr 3 Football I 2 A 2 C l MARY TOSSI Meg orus I Cornuval 4 ANITA VERCELLONE Nufa So Ihafs wha? you re worryung abou97 Class Secrefary Treasurer 3 Lulerary Edulor Old No rnus 4 H Tru May I'-ele I Cornuval 2 Cornmercual Corufesf 3 The Tn Hero 3 I RUTH V WIENEKE Rflslus lls Wednesday nughfl ass Vuce Presudenf3 Hu Tru I 2 3 G 4 Gym Sh Ma F I Carnuva The Tun Hera Camrnercual Confesf 3 Com 3 munuly Tournamenf I 2 The Myslery of Te Masked Gurl 4 I JAMES VANCIL Jum Ill be? you o Taylorvulle Townshup Hugh School I 2 3 Baskelball 4 Track 4 I Our Moflo To Sfruve, fo Seek, fo Fund, and noi' fo Yueld Four shorl' years we ve been slruvung Toward a goal of work well done Seekung lhe palh of knowledge Hard work mungled wul'h fun Funclung along our palhwcuy Blue skues and clouds of grey Nol yueldung un our endeavor To be lrue lo our Ideals alwa s And now our school lule us en mg And graduahon day draws nugh We hope we have lefl' somelhung of worlhy menfuon On 'uhe records of Nokomus Hugh Thurleen ' ' N T S ' ' I . . . . 1 " II ' , ' ." : ' " 7 a, ff I, 3, Presfde , Vice-Pr' ' I 3 . I. . ll, 2, 3, 43 3 e I f y I " Q I , , . Fo , , 5 sk ,31 . . . Q cof ' , . . : :C ' , : - u u , . r g , 5 ' . .. O - m -u. Cl ' 5 , , 3, 43 Track I, 23 F.F. . , 3, 41 arnlval 2, 3, 4. Ch 4 , 2, I-ll-Tri I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 43 I -.u - u. ko "' g i- 32, 3, 4, Presidenu ug GAA. u, 2, 3, 42 X ll In I I Cl 4 - ' 3 '- ' , , ,47 .A.A. I, 2, 3, 5 H ow 23 y 5 ele 3 ' I 2, . V I I : ,, I h' ..- d lu. . u - I I III I Ill N Tl- I"I S IQ 3 7 I-I I I-I Senior Class HIsTory I In The Toll oT I933 sevenTy Tuve greenII Freshmen sTcurTed To Nolcomus I-Iugh School There were pupuls Trom The grode ond rurol schools Everyone wos omozed GT The suze oT The school ond The number oT pupuls We Took on ocTuve porT un The school IuTe choosung Muss RoncheTTu o our sponsor Mules I-lubbord presuderuT I-Iermonn Lehen bouer vuce presudenT ond lsooc Russ secreTory Treosurer Our socuol ocTuvuTues con susTed oT o I-Iollowe en PorTy ond O wuener roosT wuTh The Sophomores In The Toll oT 1934 our number had decreosed To suxTy sux ThoT yecur we chose Mr STurnm os our sponsor STeve Popcvuch presudenT Bruno Rossu vuce presudenT Bullue Kessler secreTory Treosurer We shored o wuener roosT wuTh The Freshmen In I935 we hod gouned The TuTle OT dugnuTued Junuors Our closs enrollrnenT numbered TorTy Three Domunuc Tonellu wos eIecTed presudenT RuTh Wuenelce vuce presudenT ond AnuTo Vercellone secreTory Treasurer Mrs NonTIces ond Mr Myers were our sponsors Durung Thus school yeor we gove o very successTul ploy enTuTled The 'Tun I-Tero We olso enTerTouned The Senuors QT o bonqueT un reTurn Tor o lovely ChrusTmos PorTy The cherushed Senuor yeor had orruved oT IosT' We chose Muss Yoclcle ond Mr Funlchouser os our closs sponsors ond BeTTe Lou PeTers presudenT STeve Lopshonslcy vuce presIdenT ond Corl Zepp secreTory Treosurer We sTorTed The yeor OTT wuTh o bong by decudung To puT ouT o bugger ond beTTer Annuol ond To conTunue The weelcly conTrubuTuorus To The poper Our ul T Tunoncuol enTerpruse wos The usuol Senuor Bolce Sole whuch we sponsored un OcTober The proceeds goung To The Annuol Tund In December we ployed hosTs ond hosTesses oT our IosT socuol evenT The Senuor Junuor ChrusTmos porTy Februory broughT The MysTery oT The Moslced Gurl presenTed by on oll gurl cosT In The IoTTer porT oT Aprul we ogcuun become Tunoncuolly munded ond puT on our crownung TheoTrucol evenT un The prouecT oT The Senuor Ploy Agoun The proceeds wenT To our Annuol Moy The much longed Tor monTh oT our groduoTuon broughT us The pruvulege oT beung enTerTouned by The Junuors oT o mosT enuoyoble bonqueT Then we ended our coreer OT N T H S wuTh our Tunol commencemenT un The IosT weelc oT Thus monTh Four enuoyoble unsTrucTuve ond memoroble yeors we hove spenT ond we loolc boclc over Them wuTh The TondesT memorues ond lcnow ThoT They wull olwoys rernoun omong The hoppuesT un our luves STudenT on The I-lonor Roll TuTTeen consecuTuve quorTers Mcury GenT WED LAUGH IF ZuTo Cornpognu hod b nde hour Ike Poulu c Mr Johnson gove on eosy TesT Poul WoITmonn wore Benny Sch crm s shoes cellones eryone wos s pposed T ocTuo y Rolph Scheller eT hs ho r gro sToyed n Thc scvenTh ho The Freshman gurls hc1dnT beoTen The Sen o e Sen or Engl sh closs Os q eT To one r hOuV Leoro Schope q eT I5 rn nu e STOTT could hovc o mem nq o T Mrs NoruTIces Tr ed To Teach chem sTry Terru pT ons We gol ouT oT school OT 2 30 by m sToIce RuTh W enelce To goT Iso To g ggle Mr Rodemocher reod all oT The onnou nce Wh Te wou ld s uon rnenTs quOul Mory L z ond Borney TorgoT To s eep some Flecznor Ann Sch ocde worc Cleo Wnlsoru s nughf duesses Cox c Ildn ood houT o us y K Ile 0 eo cenTer on e Icom one had kno o e Moslwe r S uTTy ond B ueclcne qu T The r Teos ng dere' WCS Al ce neve IosT her Temper e looked OT The IosT page oT Thus onnuczl e Sen o s erenT so conce Ted m oseTT T geT hs che ng q Fo Tee I' I I I . 'IIrs M.M. I I Io I u 'n 1 , . Cibullrds. JImmIe Nlcol mode grodes Iulce Ando Ver- w . I . Ev who , o, II' Tl I I w. u 1 1 r, ' I I rs Th I 5 I w su ' 3d In B, B. . r wos In I Tes. Th I - 'e I I K wuTh I. In- , I , u . u u , 3 I . I I w u , , ,J - Bob I u onsweu que TI s Iulce 0 , I. II I II w IM ' Y IW d Th I r w I I . Y. ou T r s ru , , . . . .IW yu -. y I , M B. B' Ju T uwouuld of I wu gum. I G I p I N0 wru wh Th II d Mu - 'I rnI II ru ' JI u I I . II - I r , W I . I UT fl OFFICERS Presrdemf LESLIE SPERRY Vic PFSSIOSFIL PAULWOLTMANN Secrefory Treasurer YOLANDE TARTER SPONSORS MRS NANTKES and MR PRIDDLE The Door fo Succ ss ws Lobelco Pu H COLORS Blue ond Whlfe FLOWER Wrmu+e Rose MOTTO ll ll H .I ll ll Leslle Sperry Pres Paul Wolfmann V Pres Yolande Tarler Sec Treas Orlueu Adden Loyal Bauman Georg elle Boulard Georglnna Boulard Plwyllns Bowers Wayne Braye Ruth Brockman Ray Brueclcner Eleanor Buclwlwolz Anna Clwrushan Paullne Cubulka Dorolhy Colonlus Huberf Campion Harold Croon Clarence Crow Florence Engelman Mary E Fullerlon Dorolhy Goesman Louus Gollflco Evelyn Gray Lols Grofe Roy Gruen Eflwel Harfsoclc Jack Hlll Velma Howell Mules Hubbard Karl: Isbell Leona Johnson Lyle Josfes Frances Kudy nowslu Joseph Lenz: Jnmmxe Marelh Vern Meier Eunice Meyer Marlorae Muller Slxfeen ' - ' N. T. . S. - 9 3 7 ' . ' V Q, A ' l .l l - -l 1 .- .1 is Louis Andraslraul II -I ll ll Mrs Nan+lres Sponsor Mr Pruddle Sponsor Geno Paesanr Florence Pallas Bertha Pechnrlc Margorle Preper Roberl Pnlgrrrn Agnes Prnfar Dolores Reed Lucille Rhodes Elaune Roberfs Henry Roclc Melvnn Rosclne Margarer Schaefer Leona Schneuder Vrvuan Sclmeuder Gladys Sclwrempp Paulane Schrernpp Lloyd Seals Josephune Snngler Lesfer Srnnfh Evelyn Silvers Anna Sfrazar Wnllnam Swarbruclc Mary Thomas James Tosefh Orville Travns Mildred Vanover Sieve Vansaclc Madeline Varda Jennae Verneffr Bruno Vnglwn Jolwn Wadzrfa Alberfa Wollers Barnard Wolimann Kenne+ln Wrnghr Vrrgnnro Wrrglf Jock wyrd Sevenfeen ' '. N.T.H.s.- 937 ' . ' . l l s v - ' l l 3 - Jumor Class HlsTory I ln SepTember oT T934 one hundred TwenTy one ambihous buT green sTudenTs decided To puT Themselves under The supervision aT Mr Myers and Tour The sTrange lands OT hiaher learning in a land cruiser The cruiser was Tairly packed wiTh eager enThusuasTic would be presidenTs and ladies oT The WhiTe House To help guide us along The rocky roads To higher learning we chose Jock l-lull Mariorie Miller Yolande TarTer Jimmy lvlareTTi and Kirk Isbell as our oTTicers We decided To have The Trailer decoraTed in our TavoriTe colors blue and whiTe and The WhiTe Rose was well represenT d in The inTerior The TirsT lap OT our lourney was over in nine monThs and The sTudenTs now wore a dlgnihed look upon Their inTelligenT Taces perienced We decided ThaT new supervisors would make 1T easier going Tor us so we chose Mr Funkhouser Florence Pallai LesTer SmiTh Ray Brueckner and RuTh Brockman Tor our leaders The Trailer was noT so packed This year because we had only eighTy nine sTudenTs Th1rTy Two less Than The previous year Under The super vision oT These aTTicers The second lap oT our lourney soon passed The Three happy careTree monThs oT vacahonnng passed all Too soon and wiTh a sigh we embarked upon our Third lap OT The cruise We decided To leT someone else have a chance To boss us so we chose Leslie Sperry Paul WolTmann Yolande TarTer Mrs NanTkes and Mr Priddle We sTarTed ouT This Third year wiTh sevenTy Tive sTudenTs More Tun was had on This porTion oT The Tourney Than on The oTher Two puT TogeTher We sTopped The land cruiser several Times Tor wiener roasTs and our Junior play and in May we had a big celebrahon and banqueT Tor The Seniors who had succes Tully Traveled The rocky road beTore us ATTer anoTher period OT resT all are looking Torward To The hardesT yeT The mosT pleasanT parT aT our Iourney Throuah high school. STudenTs an The Honor Roll eleven consecuTive quarTers: Pauline Schrempp and Orlieu Adden. J-uniors are a splendid group oT bays and girls U-niTed all in one To Torm a class' N-OT a quarrel TighT or word l-n all The days OT Their school liTe' Orrder They keep like a group oT SainTs. R-eunion in six vears will be iusT Tine S-o we can Talk aT good old Times. EighTeen .'. . .'. NLT. l-l.S.-19.37 .'. . .'. , The secorfidap OT oU Ourney Took usover rouilherroods Than w6lWOd Yef ex I I I G P OFFICERS Presadenfr ALYSIOUS KELLER Vice Presrdenf MILDRED BAUER Secrewkory Tr osurer ELEANOR ANN SPONSOR MR COX MOTTO We Push ond Wfll Cc nquer COLORS Green ond Whnfe FLOWER Where Rose SCHRCSESER ' I-I I l-I N. H. Ill I I-I Sophomores TOP ROW-From leff To rlghr-F. Schworrn, E. Pleper, S. Rhodes, M. Pinlor, C. Morley, H, McMonn, D. Wllliorns, R. Pefly, L. Ticlus, J. Willie, L. Ropperl, D. Volenfe. THIRD ROW-Mr. Cox lSponsorl, W. Wofne, T. Wunderllch, V. Puclenz. M. Middlefon, L. Wolfe, N. Toellcen, D. Nicol, R. Obregor, C. Nash, E. Murphy. SECOND ROW-D. Sllcox, M. Mollch, L. Schneider. M. Bauer IV. Pres.l, J. Geilz lPres.l, E. A. Schroeder lSec.-Treos.l, J. Silcoro, R. McKinney, M. McLean. C. Sproclclen. FIRST ROW--J. Sflehl, K. Taylor, W. Srnolley, J. Pollolc, O. Prelnor, A. Popovich, M. Meler, J. Prifchell. TOP ROW I-rom leff Torughf W Jones J Hanlcle M Brolcenhoff L Johnson I Johnson F Colveffl R Glpson L Klng G Androslcour F Kmef V Groden J Bel on: THIRD ROW Mr Cox Sponsor E Cnberey V Engelhorl L Conferno S Chrnsfy D Bolrles M K SECOND ROW E Abrolof J Bowes H Lloyd A Grouer L Berns H Bolrles D Holmes E Gray D Howlcuns M Fururnsky FIRST ROW M Kerfellmomp O Jones H Arnold D Huber W Crow A Keller Pres V Jos es O Johnson R Hubbard Tweniy Hugener, L. Oudoifis, M. Grouer, E. Engelhorl, A. Joros, M. Oobor. I I I OFFICERS Preslderd EDWARD PILORIM Vnce Presndenf WILLIAM RICHARDSON Secrefory Treasurer WANDA HINTON SPONSOR MISS PIRCI-IER MOTTO Teamwork Bm ng Success COLORS P nk ond Sslver FLOWER Pmk Rose FRESHMEIN .rr ' aLdcA..,.i4 Ll-O. fffi fi I rl' I I A A KJ I- I I I I . I I 1 Q II +I .. -' ' II IOL, In api I, 'I1'. ,I ff " ' s I . I-I I I-I N. -I-. S. 1 ,I 7 Ill I I-I Freshmen TOP ROW-Frorn Ieff To rIghI-G. Pepas, C. Verricker, I-I. McPherson, K. Reincke, L. Mehochlro K. Marley, A. Taylor, R. Whire, L. Sears, K. SingIer. THIRD ROV!-Miss Pircher ISponsorI, D. Ruppert C. Pasdeck, N. Sharp, M. MIchaIowsIci, M. Prevedel C. Pinl, T. NIcoIoHI, L. Schaper, C. Wrlson, L. Rigani. SECOND ROW-T. Tossi, L, Morgan, L. Norrhcraff, V. Schaefer, Wm. Richardson IV. Pres.I W. Hinfon ISec.-Treas.I, E.PrIgr1m IPres.I, D, Paflen, M. Swarbrick, H. Nussrnan. FIRST ROW-B. Srauder, N. Vansack, J. Pasdeck, D. Weeks, T. Wright B. Schwarm, M, O'MaIIey C. Paesoni, R. ScheIIer. TOP ROW From Ieff Ia rrghf A Hrnes E GronewaId L Dorf L Henson P Hanes J Genf C Berzhold D Oordrsh L, Federman E Kiefer THIRD ROW M Layer M Helronymus M Howell G Ernsr C Chasfarn M Fefsko S Crberey J Conway Z Cornpagnl P Furrmsky M Kerfelkarnp Mrss Pnrcher Sponso SECOND ROW B Dayus D KaesIar D Orrrnes E Franceschr M E Curry H Bkrnas A Hvnzdas M Holmes S J Baxrd A Dasovrch FIRST ROW R Lrvrngsfon J Oohrko F Bowers J Gaffney E Golnlca J Kacuro L Fournrer R Johnson O FuIIerIon T enfy Iwo Vx . ,. , -7, I I I ll ll H ll ll ll Sophomore Class Hlsfory I On Seplemberfi I935 lhe number of Freshmen enrolled was one hundred eleven We all fell slrange and our ol place bul' In a few weelcs we learned our way around wnlh rhe help of rhe upper classmen Our ohfncers were Sponsor Mr Prnddle Presndenr Barney Kerlellcamp Vuce Presndenl Kennerh Taylor Secrelary Treasurer Eleanor Ann Schroeder and song and cheer leaders Dorolhy Nlcols and James Geulz Back lo school Seplember I I936 nor as gr en Freshmen buf as lull fledged Sophomores Our class enrollmenl numbered nunely The officers chosen were Span sor Mr Cox Presxdenls James Gevlz and Alysuous Keller Vnce Presudenr Mildred Bauer Secrelary Treasurer Eleanor Ann Schroeder and song and cheer leaders Lena Conlerso and Oswald Prelnar James Geulz was lnrsl chosen Presudenl buf larer nn The year he reslgned and Alyslous Keller was elecled ln Ocfober we lnvuled lhe Freshmen To a wuener roaslr al whlch lhey made 'lheur soclal debul We, wrsh +o 'rhanlc our sponsors for rhenr help an gundlng us 'fhrough our lnrsr +wo years al N T l-l S and preparlng us 'For Jrhe ones To come Srudenls on l'he Honor Roll seven consecurlve quarlrers Erna Abrolal Lena Conlerso Delberr Huber Arhonasna Jaras Florence Kmel Freshman Class Hlsfory On Sepfember hrs? q rs and boys coming from fhe Norfh Soufh Easl and Wes? numberlnq ecghly four r all enlered lhe doors of N T l-l S fa be greefed by lhe upperclassmen We were called greenles as mos? Freshmen are bu? we d d nal mnnd san Secrefary Treasurer Wanda l-lmfon Cheer Leaders Nadune Sharp and Freddie Bowers Sponsor Mass Pnrcher For rhe hrs? Mme lhe Freshman class was d vlded Info Four groups lcnown as homeroom unlls o der fo sfudy useful sublecfs fo presenl and 'lufure luvung On Ocfober 23 pucrures were ralcen of lhe Freshman class for fhe Annual We pond our dues and were rhe fursl fa pay for our pwclures and had enough leff TH 'rhe Treasury 'lor a masquerade parly Aong came exams Our hs hrgh school exams lrughlened us ul we d prelfy w Il succeedxng n gelfnng seven approxrmalely 25 per cenl of lhe foral an fhe Honor Roll Our class loo parl an exrra currucular achvmes havwng lwo nn rhe chorus and four In The orcheslro eughf nn loafball lwo on lhe varsrry baslcelball squad beswdes a promrsrng Freshman team A monfh o lwa later came lhe Chrrsrrnos holrdays and as soon as lhey were over they popped exams al us agaun ln March exams carne agaln Vacahon ws now drawnng n ar Afrer one more exam we shall leave school rn lhe laffer par? ol Moy la come baclc an fhe fall of I937 as Saphoma es Sludenrs on Honor Roll lhree consecuhve quarlers Shrrley Jane Board Dorns Grnrnes Elswe Gronewald ilu fllllrmnrmm IHEU lfrunvth fillarlvg 1937 illrhruarg EH Tefe I I I I . N. T. . S. - 9 3 7 . I LC. I I ' , Lil ' , , , , ' K ' - P. , . . , . . H I ,H , l I . We elecfed +he following class officers: Presidenl, Edward Pilgrimg Viceelbresiclenl, Bill Richardf ' ' , l ' ' - ' , In I E ' " " ' b di " " e , k . , I l . . . I 1 . F . 4 l I . - I . . " ' ' T ' f , D. K. I I I I I I I I 543 Dcggwa- Rome Dfw NO S'-'v ies. NN. The Gaiam. Soohishcorod. 13. T.,bb,. Half one HGH. I5. S?OLdS'. O Jqwe, PENN, SG..x"'w N7 Thfee Mskefeers. wwf Urn Wdw- ,rf f Q73 n-is r' N2 Inf NF, 'Fi'-D ard Af W'fr+A1 M . ljvmsr Lwws Twe-"v-iom 6 1 9 . TM- B1Jf,kfe'b'1U Sq fzd 20. POM. . Two Fwd f-1. 22. TW- Gsmq, 23. Q. C.. Tvszvis, Brlvmcnm. 24. MHHQ, Cfvomf, Shfxhfy. 25. R U, 26. Neck Ord N oak. t . fr sa A! 3 ' Q A fy f A ."-.91 .r-' .9 V "2 'Lb 'Jn Wyclc a lrrosller RAY BRUECKNER I-I I I-I 7 I-I I III Junior Class Play W Add y BLAME IT ON SANDY Dlrecled by Mrs Nanlkes and Mr Prldclle CAST OF CHARACTERS Jeremy Trenl engaged lo Grace Malor Marlc l-lazellon a nerglwbor Paul Farrlax a l-l S Semor Mellsande Marslw Sandy Grace Fairfax lwer losler slsler Mrs Fairfax Graces mollwer l-lepzlbalw Hlll a nerglwbor Sarah a maid Anna a slranger Jenlcms a buller KIRK ISBELL PAUL WOLTMANN FLORENCE PALLAI MARJORIE MILLER Pl-IYLLIS BOWERS EVELYN STIVERS YOLANDE TARTER ORLIEU ADDEN JACK WYLD From lell lo righffliirk Isbell, Marjorie Miller, Paul allmann, Plwyllls Bowers, Yolande Taller, Jack Wyld, Leslie Sperry, Orlieu en, Florence Pallal, Evelyn Sfivers, Ra Brueckner, , . ..,...........,......,....,., .......,.... , ....,.................,.......... ' . . . ' .,...,.........4...... ,,.,.,...... L ESLIE SPERRY - If 1- , ............................ . . . . . ...,..,..,.,...,. . . . . . , . . . . . .............,......,....,.. ..,... , .................,.. ........ . , ...., , . . , ......................,..,..,.....,. ....., . .,.....,.,.. ....,..,................,...,..... Q I I I I I Twenfy-six l-l I III N. T. H. III I Ill Senior Class Play STANDING L H I M M K I K TED Lw Q s G MOUNTAIN MUMPS Dnrecled by Mlss Yaclcle and Mr Eunlchouser CAST OF CHARACTERS Peg Sollwern Polsy an unknown nndlvldual ALICE SMALLEY Mrs Margorel Holmby Clwlllon o fasclnalnng wldow MARY OENT Florence Clwlllon Ilwe eldesl dauglwler BETTE LOU PETERS Sue Clnlllon llwe younger dauglwler RUTH WIENEKE Calvin Clwullon 'flue only son RAYMOND MOOS Lunlc Eoresler a young lnvenlor DOMINIC TONE' Ll Kerry Regan a good calcln LEO KELLER Mrs Carolyn Bebe Slwolls a socueiy malron KATHRYN OIPSON Llda Slnolls a poclcel' edvllon MARY E KETTELKAMP Dr Mrller a young physrcuan STEVE LAPSHANSKY Homer Rnggs ol 'rlwe slolen car squad HENRY BROSTMEYER THE MYSTERY OF THE MASKED GIRL Dnrecled by Mlss Yaclcle and Mr Funklwouser CAST OF CHARACTERS Mrs Moss wlwo Iels 'flue room RUTH ENOELMANN Moura Moss her dauglwler KATHRYN GIPSON Judlll1Al'lcms who renfs Ilne room RUTH WIENEKE Ann Bradley lwer roommale KATHRYN BOSONETTO Huldo who cares lor llme room HELEN SIMS Rose Lawn who wanl' MARY E KETTELKAMP Kallmryn Trernoyne BETTE LOU PETERS Mass Pruden renl Ilwe ALICE SMALLEY Mass Carney room MARY GENT T fy I ffl' ' I - e o righl-L. Keller, B. Pefers, Mr. Funklwauser and iss Yacl-cle CSponsors, H, Broslnneyer, R. oos, M. ef elkarnp, .Glpson, and E. Lopslwanslcy. SEA e e o ri hl-A. Smalley, D. Tonelll, R. Wlenelce, l. Iaples, and M. enl. . , ..,,....,....... . , l ...,....,,......, ........... n. Timollny Regan, a financier ...,.....,,..,.,.,,., .,,.. ......... l R A STAPLES , ........,..,...... ................... lo .....,.......,....... ..,..,,.... I I I I I I Wen ' .". . .'. N. T. H. S.-1937 .'. . .'. Chorus From leff fo righf-M. Mohch, Miss Thomos fllirecforl, H. Bofffes, L. Henson, M. Midchefon, V. Pudenz, D. Sllcox, G. Sfonley, H. Srms, H, Bilonos, P. Bowers, E. Gray. Orches+ra orn I ff fo rxghf G om Ho mon M L Bow M K Hugen J PMC e E A Schroeder M Johnson W Sworbrxclc R Luvwngsion W Rnchordson Bock Row M E E Rodernocher Durecfor Y Torfer H Arnold G Johnson I H II K Toyl Tweniy erghr Fr e ' - . Poes ', F. hr , . oyer, P. ers. . . er, . ' h H, . . I . , . ' , . I ' , . h . F. . . Q ' . , . , . , .. 1 . . or. l I I H Al I I I I Carmval TOP ROW F Tos H M oss S B H C IZepp ALDS M S ARER ayo IN BEARERS B V gh I The suxlh annual Foolball Carmval held a+ The Nolcomus Townshap Hugh School Friday November I3 wenf over wlfh a bang' Everyone came early and sfayed la+e There were varfous lands of amusemen+s Includnng bungo penny sfands calce wallcs fssh ponds and a nIgh'r club Upon enfernng fhe bulldnng all vusufors were lalcen on a 'rrlp around lhe world sfoppung In Holland Haly Germany and Unwired Slales Followmg 'rhus lhe Mlnsfrel Show fhe Musical Revue and Televnsuon were grven In fhe Assembly The evenl' lhalr we all loolced forward fo was 'rhe crowning of The Carnival Queen Marlorve Muller was crowned ueen and Sieve Popovlch Krng Belly Lou Pefers and Wendell Buescher rehrmg ueen and Kung were escorfed In by fhe heralds Doro+hy Pullen and Muldred Swarbrlclc The heralds nexl lead +he seven alfendanfs and Therr escor'rs and lhen announced +he new Kung and ueen of The Carnival The +raun bearers were Beverly Vaughn and Audrey Hubbard and 'rhe crown bearer was Bully Taylor Twenfy mne ' ' N T S 9 3 7 ' ' I I I . I . . 1' I o X , . . ,, . HY-, - rom lei? fo righf--P. Cibulka, J. e I, . Grauer, B. R i, M. chaefer, R. Digman, A. Smalley, W. ruescher, N. S.arp. SECOND ROWWD. Toneliy L, Schaper, I. Sfaples, B. Kessler, S. Popovich, Uiingl, M, Miller, lOueenJ, B. Pefers, S. Lapshansky, L. Conterio, or . HER - . warbrlck, D, Pullcn. CROWN BE -B. T l r. TRA - . au n, A. Hubbard. I I ' ' I I I I I I - I . . Q . ' . ' . . Q K I I I I I I I FFA ROW F pso Mo s a ey Wo M oh e e V e RD ROW K Sngle L o M Mee S Ve e B oss C FIRST ROW B S h e W B c d M OMclIey F lle o I The FuTure Farmers oT America is a naTional organizaTion The purposes oT This organlzaTion are To promoTe ThrlTT To develop rural leadership To promoTe scholar ship To promoTe vocaTional educaTion in agruculTure and To encourage recreahonal and educaT1onal acTiviTies Tor sTudenTs in vocaTional agriculTure The local chapTer is a member of SecTion Ten which cons1sTs of TwenTy one schools in CenTral Illinois Among These schools is shown some lceen compeTiTion in ludging conTesTs and Tairs. N.T.l'l.S. ChapTer organized The second Thursday in SepTember and held iTs meeTing The TirsT Thursday OT each monTh. Each year The members look Torward To The secTional iudging conTesT in which They Take parT. They are repre- senTed by a poulTry a dairy ci TaT sToclc a grain and a corn judging Team. The Two highesT scoring members oT each Team in The secTional conTesT represenl' The ChapTer in The STaTe Cor1TesT which is held aT The UniversiTy of Illinois in June. The members parTalce in The SecTion Ten livesToclc Tair poulTry and grain show ChrisTian CounTy Fair Illinois STaTe Fair and oTher vocaTional Tairs which are held aT The NaTional SToclc Yards aT EasT ST. Louis. Each year The members enTerTain Their TaThers aT a FaTher-Son banqueT which is held in The spring. There are Tour degrees of F.F.A. membership based on achievemenT which may be obTained: lsT Green Hand or TirsT year as a member' 2nd FuTure Farmer' 3rd STaTe Farmer degree which very Tew receive' 4Th American Farmer degree which is won by abouT sixTy very ouTsTanding boys Trom over IOOOO F.F.A. members Trom The UniTed STaTes and Hawaii. The local chapTer has Tive STaTe Farmers: Wilbur Herzog James STewarT Mal- colm Kroelein Harold Johnson and Orlo Ruppert Thirfy ' ' N T H S l 9 3 7 ' ' I I I I I . . . . 1' I I I I I O I I TOP - rom IeTf To righf-J. Lane, R. Gi ri, E. ore, H, Bro Trneyer, K. M rl , B. ffmonn, . J nson, L. K Il r, D. Tonelli, I. Sfciples, . Meier, Mr. Prlddl lSponsorl. THI - . i r, . SeaTs, R. LivingsT n, E. Murphy, R. Gruen, A. Taylor, L. Josles, B. Vighi, . i r, F. chwarm, C. Trick r, . R i. SECOND ROW-L. Bauman, C. Marley, K. Wrighf lTreas.l, K. Isbell lSec.J, L. Sperry CV. Pres.l, O. Rupperf lPres.l, V. JosTes llleporferl, C. Hamlin, R. Digman, M. Rosche, H. raon. - , c warm, K. Reincke, T. Wrighf, R. WhiT , P. Hines, . Crow, . ST u er, . ' , G. u rT n. I I T T 1 V 1 T I 1 r I T I T I I FOOTBALL EDWARD M BERTOLINO COG H I BASKETBALL EDWARD M BERTOLINO Comm I RACK SCOTT FUNKHOUSER CCL-fb ff -- .. I-I I .. Foo+baII NDING F om I TTT ghT e T e a G J :ko TT yK Ph ST TH RD ROW W Rcho ds P och O Mollcy T s al I936 SCHEDULE Team Pace e hey Team Pace e They Carlyle Here TayIorvuIIe There Hillsboro There Pana There Assumphon There STaunTon There Carllnvllle Here MT Olive There ToTa RESUME OF GAMES In The Carlyle game Nolcomls made Twelve TlrsT downs To Carlyle s sux buT Tough breaks made The game a O O Tue In The Assumphon game Nolcomls had Their second chance Tor vlcTory buT The Assumphon Team ln The lasT quarTer pushed over a Touchdown and an exTra polnT To wan 7 6 AT STaunTon Nokomus had anoTher good chance This was a nlghT game and STaunTon was Ieadlng 7 O aT The halT AT The end OT The Third quarTer They led 7 6 An 80 yard run by STeIgnelr sTopped Nolcomls Trom scornng and STaunTon won Thlrfy Two I I I I . NT. .S.- 937 .. . QW ww'sq,..... :,Y,,,V,Mw ' if pig f 5 U 5 STA - r e o ri -J. G n, J. Wadzifa, C. Z pp, M. Hubbard, S. Popovich, M. PinTar, R. Johnson, J. M reTTi, G.Androskc1uT, L. Tickus, L. King, . a vich. SECOND ROW-YMr. BerToIIno ICoa:hJ, A. Furirnsky, J. Pudenz, S. Lapshansky, B. Rossi, J. GoIiTIco, G. Pepas, J. Ga ne, . Isbell, D. illips, I. aples. I - . I r on, . J ino, M. ' e , J. oeTTi, R. Digman, C. PaesanI, K. Taylor, D. Tonelli, F. veTTi. I W T I W O ' 25 ' ....., ....... O 45 ......... ,...... 6 26 ' .... ....... 6 7 ...... ......, 6 I4 ' ' ..... . ....... O 25 . ' ...,. ...,... O 65 I . ................ I8 207 I F T hen Pdf csTrn J U O V' T-T T TEAM JTNTTVTTE TQSETTI TNT LE LYTVTAN KTNG TNT LT na :T RALPH DTGMAN TNT LG nd a Q d STEVE LAPST-TANSKY TNT C T7 VT V Cl O DOM TONELLI TNT LG ina kn r n JaHN GENT TNT L T rk QT dyn n T s bg Freshman an heuTd go To To n Tor NokomTs IRA STAPLES TNT L E nd and he T ca T os h qh rg nq passes TZZY CALVETTI TNT Q B u nj KENNY TAYLOR TNT H Ts nfg obo T od a ANDY EURIMSKY TNT T-T B STEVE POPOVTCT-T TNT E B O O OST V70 F KTRK ISBELL TNT Q Ts rTarTThegae OGC aT r ,TOT-TN WADZITA TNT LG GEQRGE JACKOVTCT-T L E on 0 n n Tle garn he ro Th S asar' TRACK ue To w nd a d VOID darnTnaTTnrT a aoocT parTTan aT The earTy sprmg days Track aT N T H S 0oT a raTher TaTe sTarT e a nyc C fl The CQTT Tor ThTn cTacTs was gwen and There was a nnarkea' TDC ease n The number aT answers over TosT year The TTrsT annToeTTTTan aTTered as a Ta s rneeT ThaT h Sernars ha T weTT under conTraT QTT The way The aUTsTandT a TndTyTaJaTs were Sarn WadzTTa Tak na Thr e TTrsTs TF The TTeTa and James VancTT wTTnnTng The haTT m Te by Tne margm aT a shower The reguTar rneeTs derma The sea an were as ToTTows TT Prachce r'neeT aT W TT 2 TnyTTaT na rneeT aT TayTorf TTe T3 TnvTTaTTonaT n'TeeT a STaunTan T4 T-rcshrnon meeT aT P a TST DJaT rneeT wTTh WTT T6 Ereshrnan rneeT aT Noka"nT T7 CanTererT e meeT aT T forvTT Nokows Tn n Tads were TanTfTTT A Paaawch Croan C Pae anT BeTzad Meas ompTon V T r rTnn T seTTT WaTn G 'Tn as La shan oraw n adzTTa enz ar T r GSITZ G Andre a L Anarask UT L G a I I 7 I I I I I I I N . . in Q 3 I I I J I' "'- ., T 'T' 1, T n'. 'T ' '1"' 'Q QCGCT 'UMUC' Cfil 1511, 'uirf LVN-Tm 3 ff, 'T Swwhfa' -E ' 3 TJ 'T 'uiker andT r bTCCkf2r. 'LJTQTTTU' ,mms 'T ,T us' fl Tavd Ter T.-fd years a aa TackTe". "STfTVT,," Tw Srfhini 05 Q fund TTUTKTQ: a CT he C Ily h CT The sp f T, HQ wL13TaTTTT1TTT U7 TTTT TTT'TTfT paTT TT TTQ zrrazon. HDVTYTH 'l3UTZ'?x'1S1'T'TTf'T',Tl TTfTTT1Ta:T'Tf,-T T T sT The T CT Ta 'T P TFTCrTa C Ce. Th-To was a 'WHT pa, JVTTTTQT L T CT he S H 'N H ' Tn ' - QKT TTTTQJ years. " V Q .-,gg T3 T3 Q f , was CWDOTJTQ CT fchhg Th e Tx s T x , 'Tyy, '1 60 "F TT- S'TT,Tn',"T"u- nT:,f-4 ,.e.ghT , T6O. wha nag :uTT,:T shnas T T T.-. '-os 'Tqwnm' ,gg Tire"-Ty SmpTTrTTrT"1rgwn-,e' we jhT i . T203 s'n3T, TJTTT 3 Q7 T Ck'-T. Ardsr ,-.C fr-, yfjlffsr Tn The .iihfewrfe b T a dead y Tackle' and ThTs earned hir' The T-T, B. p T T Ta , 'Doqq 1 Sm A-T 'vTrJCTf:Th':y'1rsTTy To " years. T-Te w s T ' O-T1ye,a reaT T::1TTcaTTi-T, und J , -TQ TfCk'f-', Dcfg .Kaz ThorTfT'1'he A -CenTerenc: Tearn This -,ea, TCTTTT wc, :T T: Tnd one wh' h1fT hw 'nT H T rn,. He .-1 s up be lfndn , LJTTT we K TTT wat KTTTIV. harfTf'1Tp. USQTTTT' Tus T sky ,T TnTfTT whf, TTTTTTKT his posTTTQr1 weTT. T-To 'hairy The Team Tn hig SfTpTTf-rr-f 3 yo r aTsf1. Ge "ge wa' nach Tn The TirsT paTT OT Th, seaso b-T Tn The Carh JT Q b ke hTs ankTe a Td was a,T Tw rezT CTT e f: T. D T F . . Q Q , 1 T N. i . V . r T y . ' 2 N ' ' W Q s " TT e V. 1 . 1 An - . - .T .T TT , T L . .T , . , . . . . T ' s : ' T ' T , ' 35 ,: T ' ' I + T ' T T T 4 T T I T T T in 'T T T' T T S' T 'C aTT "e. C Gnd, R. PTTXTFTVYT, E. PTTQ' 0 ', e, af , ey, Bea , D sky, S. P , 'C' V! ' , LT, T, ST ,Tes Gent Zeap, A. Kee, T . sk BT. . T a . aTTTk . I I l I I I III . . I-I I I Baslcelball STANDING F Tecam Lnlchfneld Rosomoncl Pano Fillmore H lllsboro Will Toylorvllle Will Rosomond Place There Here Here Here Here There Here Here There b SE ONDROW M Klllk pC C THIRD ROW P W If I936 37 SCHEDULE G hey COUNTY TOURNEY Teom Pano Gillespie Ben d Toylorvulle Ml Ollve Fnllmore MI Olive Gnllesple P oce There Here There There There There Here There FEBRUARY 4 5 6 6 They A+ Lllchfield Donnellson Nolcomus Formersvulle No omus Hillsboro No omns DISTRICT TOURNEY FEBRUARY 24 A+ Slonlnglon 25 26 27 Ml Auburn Nolcomus SI mnglon No omos Assumplnon Nolcomus REGIONAL TOURNEY Al Tcylorvulle Toflorvllle No omus I I I I I Thlyf I I-I N T S 9 3 7 I 'fri - rom Iefl lo righl'-Mr. Berlolino ICoochI, R. Brueckner, J. Lenzl, J. Jochino, J. Toselli, A. Popovich, R. Hub ord Ilvlcnogerj. C - . e e cm , . row, J. Genl. - . o mcnn, K. Isbell, J. Hill, L. Smith. W T I W ' ' . .,... ....... I 9 30 .......,, ......, I 7 35 . .... . ....... 2I I7 ' A ..,.,. . ....... 23 I6 .,.,...I2 33 I ,......I5 42 ' .,..... . .....,, 23 24 ' ..., , .....,. 23 34 ' ...... . ...,... I8 44 . ' ..,,. ....... 2 3 28 Benld . ,....... Here. ....... 23 43 Hillsboro ...,.. There ....... I3 63 ' ,..... . . ..,... 23 49 ' . ...... .....,. 3 9 5 ' ,,,.. ., ..... ,IS 35 . ' ,.... . ....,,. I5 I4 ' ....,,... . ,.,.,.. I8 27 ' ' .,.... .,..... I 7 20 . .... , . . . . .3I I9 ' ,,,........,.. 24 lc ' .......,......,... 28 ' . ..........,,.... 44 k ' ..,.........,,,.,. 8 . , . .....,., 2I ' ........,........ .34 of . ......... 27 lc ' ........,.,.. .....28 ' .. . , . .....,.. 2I ' ..,.....,,... . . , .28 I ' . . ..,..,,...., 33 If ' ..........,,. . . , I8 I l I I ir - our ll l"'l nl ll THE BASKETBALL SEASON ATTer a slow sTarT NokomIs TIrIally hIT ITS sTrIde laTe In The season rakmg up vIc TOFIGS over GIllespIe and MT Ohve IH The ConTerence and such opponenTs as STon IngTon and Assumohon ouTsIde The Comcerence NokomIs played sensaTIonal ball ID The CounTy Tourney To wan over Donnellson and The hIghly TouTed Farmerswlle crew only To lose To a hard drIvIng Hullsboro IV9 IH The TInals NokomIs also showed remarkable sTrengTh In downIng STonIrIgTon and Assump TIOD To WIN The DIsTrIcT meeT aT STonIngTorI FIVE oT The TIFST sIx boys are back so we lock Tor a brIllIanT season In l937 38 TEAM HILL JACK INI F Jack as one oT The sTand ouTs durIng The laTe season drIve The dImIrIuTIve Torward hung up G ToTal oT 34 poInTs IH DIsTrIcT Tourney play Small buT very TasT and eluslve Jack was an Invaluable aId To The Team WITh plenTy oT endurance Jack can go The Tull 32 mInuTes aT Top spe d vANcIL JAMES INI F JIm came To us aT The semesTer and helped maTerIally In The Team s success dJrIng The laTTer parT of The season He gave us IusT The heIghT ThaT was necessary To make us a wInnIrg combInaTIon JIm s abIlITy and earnesTness Wlll be sadly mIssed nexT year WOLTMANN PAUL INI c Paul developed INTO one aT The besT scorers T The Team T-Te IS a sTudenT oT The game and was always InTeresTed In The Tner POINTS oT The game T-las heIghT coupled wITh hIs spIrIT made hm e spearhead oT The offense ,IAcHIIsIo PETE INI o PeTe sTarTed ouT on The second Team buT IT wasn T long before he had Taken over The dUTI9S aT guard on The sTarTIng Tve PeTe IS one oT The TasTesT bays on The squad and has a de p lo e Tar The game A greaT Tloor man PeTe never aTTempTed To score much buT always conTrIbuTed a Tew poInTs To The Team s ToTal LENZI JOE lNl O Jae was one oT The rleveresT ball handlers n The ConTerence T-land capped a lITTle by sze Joe usually dre The ToughesT guardIng assIgnmenT IH each game Along wITh hs guard ng duTIes Joe al ays managed To drop In a Tew long ones each game KETTELKAMP BARNEY INTF Barney usually prowded The dash and speed ThaT pulled several games ouT o Th T'Ire T-l played a TasT game and has an uncanny eye Tor The baskeT OUR COACHES Mr BerTolIno has coached The N T H S TooTball and baskeTball Teams Tor The pasT Two years In spITe aT an UFTSUCCGSSTUT season ID TooTball boTh The boys and The coach showed greaT perseverance In carrymg on ThraughouT The whole season A IUCFGOSIUQTY successTul baskeTball Team was The producT oT hIs coachmg The Team won second place IH The counTy and TIFST place In The DIsTrIcT Tourney Mr Funkhouser was The coach Tor Track ThIs year and alThough no sTarTlIng evenTs Took place There was an Increase In The number oT parTIcIpanTs and In The cIualITy oT The work More power To boTh our coaches May TheIr Teams develop INTO The besT ID ThIs conTerence In years To come Thurfffve I l l-l N. T. . 3.1 I I I-I . f I . f . . rl ' . . i W T ' T' I . n l . . H I Socual Calendar BIG AND LITTLE SISTER PARTY e Bug and LuTTle SsTer porTy was e epTem er II IQ36 ere were TwenTy Senuor g rs presenT who chose The Freshman g rls as Theur Iufrle susTers Florence I-IoTfman aave The welcome address and Aluce Smalley The husTory aT The I-lu Tru League e gurls Then louned hands and sang The I-lu Tru song ReTreshmenTs aT uce cream and coalrues were served SENIOR JUNIOR WIENER ROAST On The evenung oT SepTember 22 I936 The Senuors held Theur annual wuener roasT aT SchaeT rs Grove To whuch They cordually unvuTed The Junuors and FaculTy members They arruved obouT 6 30 and aTTer eaTung all aT The wueners and marshmallows possuble They louned un group sunqunq led by Mr Rademocher ATTerwards They played many games and new lrnaclc lcnoclcs were unvenTed Every one sTarTed homeward sayung uT was The besT wuener roasT ever M FRESHMAN MASOUERADE PARTY The Freshman masquerade parTy was held November 5 I936 MosT aT Those presenT came cosTumes and :T was greaT Tun guessung who was who Bingo was The mann aTTracTuon aT The evenung unTul reTreshrnenTs were served Judgurug Tram The hularuTy oT The gaTherung The parTy was a success and everyone presenT agreed he had a good Tume HI TRI CEREMONIAL The Senuor gurls gave The l-lu T nuTuaTuoru ceremonual Tor The Freshman gurls and The Sophomore rs ho had naT been unuTuaTed IasT year The Tollowung gurls represenTed The waTchword and The oums of I-lu Tru un The ceremonual LoyalTy CaurTesy Aluce Smalley CharacTer MargueruTe MuddleTan ATTer The ceremonual The gurls louned un sungung Follow The Gleam JUNIOR SENIOR WIENER ROAST On The evenrng oT OcTober I3 The Junuors neld Theur annual weuner roasT Tor The Senuors Early un The evenung a crowd of unuors ond Senuors gaThered aT The MeThodusT BroTherhood grounds and roasTed wueners and marshmallows When everyone had aTen as much as he cared Tor wuTh The excepTuon oT Mr Funlrhouser who aTe unTul The supply ran ouT Mr Myers led us un group sungung whuch un reaIuTy proved To be a solo As all Thungs musT have an endung we reTurned To our cars and sped homeward some Talcung The longesT rouTe whuch us The sweeTesT SOPHOMORE WIENER ROAST The Sophomores gave a wuen roasT on The even ng oT OcTober 20 I936 aT The M E BroTher hood grounds To whuch The Freshmen and The FaculTy were unvuTed When we had eaTen all The marshmallows and wuerers we could we played games and sang songs ATer havung our Tun we became Tured and pul d unTo The cars un whuch we had come and wenT home SENIOR JUNIOR CHRISTMAS PARTY The Junuor Class and FaculTy were enTerTauned aT a ChrusTmos Pa Ty guven by The Senuors on The evenung OT December I7 The Assembly had been TransTormed xnTo a beau Tul unTeruor ChrusTrnas scene ShorT plays readungs and musucal selecTuons were guven Games were also played beTween numbers Followunq The program reTrcshmenTs were served and Then ChrusTmas carols were sung Suddenly SanTa Claus arruved wTh hus lunglung bell and presenTs Each was presenTe wTh a qrT aTTer whuch all deparTed Tor Theur varuous desTunaTuons Thurfy sux I I I I I I I N . T. . S. T Q 3 7 I I I I I I Th ' i h Id S b , . Th ' ul. I u T . I Th ' ' ' T '- ' . I - I ' ' . R. E. , , in ' ' . T D. cs. . , .v ly y . . . . . I gi I , w A l l . Florence I-loTTmang Friendship, AniTa Vercelloneg Success, Mary K. Broclrmang Pleasure, Julia KramAerT . . , . . I Tl. . . A . - 4 I I . . T ,I . . . A ' . ' ' J. H. ' " 'e " ' ' ' . L. G. L ' ET I' I' A s . d I 5' T,- ' I ' ' ' ' . O. A.-A. V. I I-I I . . JUNIOR SENIOR BANQUET n a aenoan Gard n Omld ers o es nIOr ass gave eIr ar e TO nIars SeaT d OT any small Tabl s Boar m mbers Facu PIOVS and JIInIOs enloye O c IecTable m al served by Th SOphO'rIOr Q rs e VOIFAUCIOW Arbo was eTecT d by The s n I Ia coo I ballaa An apmopna e enTerTaInIng rrogram was presenT0d We Th S nars h TO alrc Tln s OppOrT n Ty TO Thanlr Our s nd hOsTesses TOY O rnOsT enroyable TIme I r w n cOmIng year as mcch Os we d d The one h ch you gav us AG CLUB BANQUET n March Il The boys In The Ag Club enTerTaIne Theur TOThers aT a bOnqueT whIch was prepared and served F1 The gym by The g rls OTI The Toods class LeslIe Sperry presrded as TOasT ma Ter and InTrOduced Th va ous sp alce s OT The even ng v ho Included N T T-I S represenTOTIves and everal men Tram The surrOundIng comr-nunITy FOODS CLASS ENTERTAINS n The evonnng OT March 3I Th F od Class gr s n P aIn d The Board members FaculTy an Thelr varIOus rnOTe5 OT a dlnner A delIcIOJs menu was Served Th The Crrc s Theme predOmInaTIrIg Th Oughom BIUQO was The enTerTaInrnenT Tor The evenIng and prIzes were QIVCU TO Those who bIngOed FACULTY PARTIES Early In SepTember Mr Puddle and Mr Funlchouser enTerTOIned The FacuITy OT O luncheon Due To InclemenT weOTher The place OT meehng had TO be changed Tram Lalce HIllsbOrO To The l-hgh had noT prepared IT The bug quesTIon was and sTIll remaIns Wha TIxed ThaT supper7 SIppOse yOJ qdess The enTerTaInmenT Tor The evenma was O surprIse To all presenT Tor They were InvITed TO drrve TO LITchTIeld where They wITnessed The OuTsTOndIng TchIng by Mr Prd le VI a SOTT ball qame FOITunaTely Tor ThaT man s reOuTOTIOn hIs Team won On OcTOber 7 The FaculTy were delIghTTIIIly enTerTaIned OT O chIclcerI drnner pOrTy by MISS PIrcher and Ida Mae I-IuIberT The UNIQUE Sl nT OT The evemng was Mnss PIrche s dramOTIc OcTIOn In mashmj The pOTOToes She shpped and Tell On Them rnash ng Them To O pulp as .yell as The pan Tney were In An evemng OT bunco was enroyed by all pr senT The FaculTy were enTerTOIned On November I8 by M and Mrs JOI nson and Mr and Mrs Ber TolIno Thrs pOrTy was gIven In pragresswe Torm and all who aTTended changed TheIr IdenTITy Tar The evemng and became popdlar 'nOvIe and radIo sTOrs A delIcIOIs meal was enloyed Os The parT progressed Through Tour dITTerenT eOTIng places and OT lOsT rcTurned To The 'gym Or The 'nInT cours OT The meal and several games CONT you IIsT In'IOgIne O r Teachers as Ja lc Benny Ma y PIclrTord and The OTher TavOrITes OT The radIO and screen7 Early n December TOIIOWIFIQ Th marmage OT Mr and Mrs NOnTlr S Tney were en erTOIrIed OT The home OT MIss Schmepp The rn mbers OT The FacuITy were gJesTs and The Theme oT The whole pOrTy was cenTered around The newlyweds A lovely QITT was O esenTed Tc Them Tallofvrng O delccTable and decoraTIve dInrIer B nco was Th heT erITe TaInmenT and everyone had O delIghTTel TIrne A Tue ST PaTrIclrs parTy enTerTOIned The FaculTy On ThaT good SaInTs day Ths TO lr place OT The hOrne OT Mr and Mrs LouIs NanTlres wITh Mrs NarITIres and M ss Yaclrle as The has esses The qmer cOIncIOence IH The pOrTy was ThaT These Two enTerTaIned OT The ame Type OT parTy lasT year ey STOJICT Ta ve real cxo I FT e y now O cv n n ras pen y all everycn passIn T blarn y s One OO na To Te Ts and eaT ng I s ro T T s 1 I I I I I I I I I N . T. . S. TI Q 3 7 I I I I V I I e I I :lusT T grap , The Ju I Cl - Th I T ew ll The Se I . e m e , The d e , ITyI Se -I I I ' I d le e f - e e I I . Th . ' . r 5 e e OT une I us, . I rTI ns. I Ts , I ,J , . I , e e I , wIs T II .I I hOsT O ' , I I . T Is our hope ThaT you wIll enfoy your Ta e ell I The I y I I Iw I ' e . Il ll O II d I , I I " " I . I ' . 5 I e Tl e I' I , 1 I , . . . I O ' I e o s I I I 5 -rT I e I , , d I I I I , I I I I' 3 , wI I J I School. The menu was especially palaTable, In TacT sa much so, TTIOT IT was cerTaIrI ThaT The Two men . I . . Y 1 . I ., . ..,- I L , I ' , po . I d I 5 . I . X 6 . . FI . . . . X . I , I , I I I'. . II . . - VI I I I I . M I II li . . I ' II I I u I . ' I I I I , I e I . , e , I T ' I I . e ' , , I I , . Q e c II f. , I ' ' ,I I I I. I I I II I I . I O N J ' I xl . I . 1 , A I C I f . Th I I. IO + ere c b . An erIIOy ble 1 e I g If sy - T bs I, . e I Q he e ' ,, yI x r . , To The-Ir heart 4 n enf. I I I I I I I I I hw, 4 Ld... Taking Oli, J 'sf Posing. Ready To Erifer. How Abogr o Ride? Affer The Fire. Wondering. Toiking lr Qver. Lu, K. G. I5 Mildred, Agnes, Moria, Lnierio. if, Dick. .7 A Poir. A Pods. M: Mr. Cox. io Profending, 20 Thiriybeighi xkii 2 The Srieiks. Huge-ner, Sprocklen. On fne Campus. Queen isobeiio ond Her Four Senior Gols. Jpsf Before The Come. Court A 511.0 N Pwrff' 'rd P-1e'A'ge'i. 9 M- Gr'- P 1 F' xgr " H f 1 N C MH A- 4 H 5 3, '-"f- V: F'- 'Y Q. Fr f Sff- . F, yur, ,-,,. , , , , . f., A , 1, J ,-1,71 ., -4 , U,,, ,r ,V 'fK'.,. Q,-.fv.. ff-vf f-4 I H Tl I I Gurls AcTuvuTues HI TRI FRANCES PIRCT-TER Sponsor I A e N T H S gurls oT I936 37 were organuzed unTo sux groups wuTh Theur oTTucers as Tollows Senuors F l'loTTman A Smalley B Kessler lvl K Brockman Junuors SecTuonI L Johnson E l'larTsock F Kudynowsku A WoITers SecTuon ll P Cubulka P Schrempp F Buchholz F Engelman Sophomores C Spracklen E A vchroeder L ConTeruo l-l Lloyd Freshmen SecTuonl C Punu A l-lunes T NucoloTTu E Franceschu SecTuon ll J Conway F Gronewald V SchaeTer D Gordush Every group was enTerTauned by onoTher sechon durung The Tall quarTer and agoun un The sprung quarTer Much oT The duscussuon work was Taken over by gym class secTuons whuch spenT ThurTy munuTes each week un duscussuon aT problems aT courTesy characTer saTeTy ursT pleasure success good healTh dueT eTc Every Senuor Bug SusTer had Two Freshman LuTTle SusTers whom They unuTuaTed wuTh appropruaTe ceremonues un SepTember The Bug SusTers were enTerTauned un The Sprung The Senuor I-lu Tru OTTucers presenTed The l-lu Tru ceremonual Tor Freshman and Soph omore SecTuons un December AT The TursT NorTh SecTuon l-lu Tru MeeTung aT Normal l-lugh School Nokomus pledged The receupTs Trom sale oT candy aT ball games as one halT oT The expenses oT eughT Fresh: u and Sophomore gurls aT The STaTe l-lu Tru Camp To be held un June aT Camp Seymour DecaTur The gurls Themselves are To pay The remounder oT The-ur expenses Muss Vera Zummermann l-l S Lubraruan wull be un charge aT The Nokomus cabun durung camp week The gurls presenTed a pageanT un The Assembly Tor Columbus Day one play un The Thanksguvurg program She Baked a Pumpkun Pue un February The LosT ValenTune and laTer The Doll ThaT Saved The Army ATHLETICS I TwenTy Freshman and Sophomore gurls organuzed an aThleTuc assocuaTuon whuch meT one nughT a week durung The wunTer quarTer BaskeTball shuTTle board and Table Tennus were played Members E A Schroeder A and M Grauer M BrakenhoTT F AbrolaT L ConTeruo C Nash J Bowes S ChrusTy M Bauer S J Baurd D Kueslar J Conway A Dasovuch Z Compaguuu D Gordush L Schaper V Schaefer D Pullen and I-I Nussman EughT baskeTball Teams played un The communuTy TournamenT and Took parT un The noon hour programs Trom OcTober TO March Regular physucal educaTuon work oT The Tall ouuarTer uncluded baseball crogueT Tennus and games second quarTer baskeTball shuTTle board Table Tennus Thurd quarTer volleyball soTTball baskeTball darTball sprung quarTer ouTdoor games Fly .'. . .'. N. T. .S.- 93 7 .'. . ' o I o no llTh .. ..' - ' ' ' ' ' ' I l I l 7 l l I I l I I I I Z ff I V' I NCD C13 NNJ I I I I I I xl A L.: rv NO'D N T H S Daily JoH'lngs 3 d 50 5 5 'rw f ox Q for on Of? m f 'w M r-3 cw! r D19 C1 cg Wm W Som co J xgnfr nf p o fr G frm 5 U cov f f me I YQ777 Lobo Coy Nc obo Q 0 3 nr THD d ,f F1 P A c' r nr vs Fovmg ssc 5 Qmo Q css Y9QClHy Q mg S Ergxsfw O N Cofeftem mb 0 o drsmussgd of wocn fc Dwmxs Had of minor' HQ r' AML: rv SEPTEMBER I936 A u fin orocfwwz d + H x0 f ww PY77 U QXPC O Cf: S Cl OV' V O W I OT IA w YUVYV' mw fLSVTQOVT O 95 wx V1 :LV f HFS Nokorms Of' 380 M rf W W rid sgn Ido Mcf U Ja fi 1 5 r on f C 'VV-CT rg If d es? M o Q f . H T J V 'W OCTOBER H W cro PV J J 'If UP U UC O S Cord 'fo WD No P1 vw on Wx rv foo Q ffworo fy 0 w+ wncrc- d m Jr npr Roos? 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Vu" fp C, Nm ":'Q'lV":'u G we S. 5' V2 Q, Jr: L-ri 'ra E-fr" 2?-flimis' i Si vie L-3:2 E32 1 I-3 Nuff' A". .2-S: W e'e' r-'lil Li", M 3: Tfffis jzfo. 14-NM' 'I "QTY", QOH-'v'v'--:3"'1,'ff1 'ii " FJW: I I I I I I I 51115: - H -I l I NOVEMBER Blue rouny Monday buT wuTh The anhcrpa Tron aT eIecTron Tomorrow I guess people who are TwenTy one or over oren T The only ones who can voTe We had an eIecT1on all our own Everyone rs eITher collechng or payrng debTs STaunTon Took us around on Therr ne d Teachers wenT To Champalgn and gave us anoTher vacahon My gracuousl Leora un Trouble again Freshman Masquerade ParTy Peace Peace IeT us have Peacel Armlshce and we have no school Junior Play CosT InTroduced before As sembly I-Iave any bad luck Todoy7 Junuor Class Play Blame IT on Sandy Buy your Annual now' Junlors are very rmch aTTer counTlng over Theur money DECEM Who goT The dollar on The Prlddle I-IulberT beT7 ChemrsTry sTudenTs please wash your hands To geT The sulphur oTT Pep meeTung BoskeTboII game Rosamond I-In Tru Ceremonial WuTh whom are you goung To The Sr Jr Xmas ParTy7 Pep meehng Pano aT Nokomus M Johnson vnsuTs chemrsTry class WhoT were Bump and RuTh Tughhng abouT n The hoII7 Calendar EduTor obsenT CanT say whaT happened Everyone Is busy geTTung ready To The car UIVG Who spnlled The vlnegor ID The hoII7 Eac uITy ParTy Who saw sTars7 ImporTanT STaTT MeeTung Carnlval WenT over brg Maryorle Muller ueen Doggie Popovrch Kung Whoopeel The week sTarTed wrTh o bong Only Three days To The week Our EdnTor was called To The aTTlce Now whaTs she been donng7 Annual STaT'T hos a waTTle supper Mr Eunkhouser sklps Two comnnHee meehngs Why are The Annual STaTT all so sleepy eyed7 Thanksguvrng program In The Assembly Are we ThankTuI77 Oh gee' ThaT Turkey' We are noT here Turkey kepT us home CommuTTee meeTnngs Tor Sensor Junuor Xmas ParTy Our congraTuIaTIons To Mr and Mrs NanTkes Zoology class has To Take a TesT over Mrs NanTkes heap brg TeeT We were IeT ouT This oTTernoon To go see SanTa Claus and hrs ChrnsTmas Parade Be nrce boys and glrls comnng To Town Buy your Annual now Golng kenny Taylor eIecTed cheer leader nn The place oT Joe Lenz: SenIorJunror Xmas ParTy More people klledl More Tun' The mornlng aTTer The nughT beTore NoTh1ng ImporTanT ChrnsTmas over7 No ThaT s lusT The Semors Teorrng down decorahons JANUARY STaTe DepT oT I-Iughways enTerTaIned wrTh a mohon mcTure on SaTe Drnvrng Game w1Th Rosamond We wonll Pana beaT us TD baskeTbaII on Thelr Tloor A mogrcnan was here To enTerTann us wuTh hus magrc Yea' We won our T'nrsT ConTerence game by beaTnng G Ilesple 23 I6 AnoTher Senlor added To our class Jam Vancul Trom Taylorvrlle Examsll More worrued Toces around school New SemesTer sTarTs Sensors grve play nn Assembly ThrrTy Yea s er T The sole oT Old Nokomls Benld won B B game B 81 P W announce Essay ConTesT aT a meeTrng Play pracTuce sTorTed on The MysTery oT The Masked Girl Tay orvnlle beaT us an B B Some people are snoopy noT rnenTuonrng The names of The Junrors oT coursel ReporT cards mauled ouT Some Tears some smnles and The general quesTron WhaT drd you geT rn deporTmenT'7 Benld beaT us Fodyfwo l l l l l l l l . - Q 3 7 l I l , ' I I ' - 17- ' ' f - ' ' . ' I. . l8- ' ' ' . - ' - . I9- A . . . . . 20+ , M , A . , . I I , Q -,, . ., . V , I T' I . 23- y ' 1 ' . 24- A . , . . . ' ' 25- 1 E - . - 26- . . . - f' ' 27- . . I .E ww- . . I , v . BER - ' - II- . . 19: Nokomgsllgll We Wong! ' I I5-Miss YockIe's room looks like Soma is C. - V I . . ' . ' ' .- . me-"' " I ' . '. I7- ' - ' . ' '- -- - - ' T na- A ' . - 2I- I ' . . - , 22- ,I y I V , . . - . ' ' us 22- ' ' ' ," ' I ' ' ' " ' ' ATT or " ' j , ' " . U QS-. y . . y ' I' I 26- I ' ' . , ' - . . I 27- I' ' ' I - . - U T I E Q T ' . ' A I 4 - . 29- . I l l l I I I I"I II l l FEBRUARY InsTead oT rnussc gosng round and round our edsTor wenT up and down aTTer school Screw loose somewhere usTe a Tew oT The Alumns vsssTsng ou guessed sT exams aT U of III Groundhog saw hss shadow d rn IT' Sophomore Class meehng Nokomss beaT Donnellson sn The TsrsT game of CounTy TournamenT Hurrah' Ag Program sn Assembly We beaT Farmersvslle sn CounTy TournamenT We won second place SaTurday nsghT sn CounTy TournamenT Lsqusd Asr LecTure We beaT Farmersvslle on Thesr Tloor Lsncoln program sn The Assembly Yea We beaT MT Olsve by one posnT Who broke The lock on The hen house door7 Pardon I mean EasT School door MARCH Emergency chemssTry lab Dry sce carne Sensor Class meeTsng WhaT now7 WhaT'7 A ssT down sTrske aTTer school' The ssxTh hour assembly had heard aT so many oTher ssT down sTrskes Thof They ThoughT They would Try sT No school Teachers wenT To school WhaT dsd you do7 Where dsd Hubbard geT has black eye7 Cover Tor Old Nokomss chosen GreaTer parT oT book has gone To press o un JusT anoTher Monday Foods gsrls have a luncheon ure an S PaTrsc s Day All goo Irsshmen are dressed srs green Men s quar TeTTe Trom Greenvslle College enTerTasned APRIL rsl Fool nsors sTarT pracTsce MounTasn Mumps Program sn The Assembly Blue Monday Rasn everywhere Sure hope Tese Aprsl showers brsng a IoT oT May flowers 6-Track meeT aT WsTT InTer class Track meeT No school Teachers InsTsTuTe Sensor roTsng posTed 28 MAY Sensor gsrls aTTend Tea aT Blackbu n Col ege Freshman gsrls have farewell Tor Thesr Bg SssTers Cher'nssTry class Took a day oTT and wenT To DecaTur Junsor Sensor BanqueT Theme Valencsan Garden Home Ec c Are al T e cow The Masked Murderer showed her colors aT IasT Hope everyone was saTssTsed Play proved To be a success No program Tor Mr WashsngTon Alumns are around Wsshy Keller won TIsrsT prsz a cuITsvaTor aT Johnson s Good Tor you Wssh ' Grace Phelan a conTesTanT sn The InTer naTsonaI Typsng ConTesT enTerTasned us She Typed I38 words a msnuTe whsle besng dssTracTed Some people are good' Pep me Tung aT noon Ysppse' We beaT MT Auburn sn T'srsT game aT DssTrscT ChemssTry class was havsng an expersmenT an The school Thoughf sT was a Tsre so bang' bong' and The ChemssTry class had To leave sn The msddle oT an expersmenT WashsngTon Program sn The Assembly We won The second game oT The DssTrscT Tour namenT WE WON THE DISTRICT CHAMPION SHIP XT P W awarded Essay Prszes Englssh classes have plays Tor beTTer gram mar Msss Yackle and Mrs NanTkes enTer Tasn The TacuITy aT a ST PaTrscks ParTy Sensors are busy choossng cards and order sng snvsTaTsons Have you been measured Tor your cap and gown7 Mr Johnson gone To STaTe TournamenT aT Champosgn Exams Today More Tun" No wonder :Ts cold Today Mr Cox came Ten msnuTes early and Mr Funkhouser was Good Frsday no school go To church 7 Was The EasTer bunny good To you7 Sensors aTTend The VocaTsonaI Gurdance Conference ID Pana Foods gsrls are hos Tesses To Board members and FacuITy aT a 6 O0 o clock dsnner Sensor gsrls recesve an snvsTaTson rom Blackburn College To aTTend a Tea on May I InvsTaTsonaI Comme csal ConTesT aT Sparks Colege Shelbvvslle III 24-DssTrscT Cornrnercsal ConTesT aT Taylorvslle II snoss Dress rehearsal Tor MounTasn Mumps Class play MounTasn Mumps Do your saws Tee' Iorge7 Old Nokornss dsTrsbuTed PreTTy good book eh7 B 81 P W enTerTasn Sensor gsrls RegssTraTson Tor Three upper classes BaccaIaureaTe Servsces Fsrsal exams Teachers grade papers Sc oo' ss really auT Tor us ass day C rds oT o Ia Tsme year ouT of The barn Mr PrsddIe7 Freshman regssTraTson Sensor Sksp Day ComrnencemenT ForTy Three I I I I . . . N. T. . S. - 9 3 7 . . .- I- I I IB- ZHQ , , . I . Q Y 22- . ' . ' . - .. 1 ., ' 23-" ' " ' Ie, ' - a . I ,, . rs 3- I . 24- , I ' - 4- ' ' ' I I .V l I - 5-II II I ' I D, ' . . I 8- ' ' 25- ' ' I ' . d I I , I2- . , A - 26- I ' P U . - I7- " " 27.. I . 2- I I' I . us. B. . . I . 3- I I . . I ' - 4- . I - I . . I . - . V U , , I , I - A 5- -I - I . . 8- ' I A . 24- . .. I so- " ' " . 25- I ' ' - . II-IIAgII banqueT. Hope DoroThyI had IIa IOI' here before The bell. I TI' T . 26- I - - I. IS- . 29- . I6- I . 3I- I I I I7-S I 'Tis T. I k' . d , I . I - I-Ap I -Se I I on I3- ' I I I ' T 2- ' I . . 5- . I . I7- I I r I h I I I , I , . St i U Q ., . .s. 9- . I I . 29- , II I .II I2- I I . I . I- r - I7-II I II ' I . I , ..,.. I I . 4- I I I 2I- I I . I . 23- I . 5- I 24- I I' .II . 25- . h I s- I - ' . - ' . . 26-CI . a u T r sT I This I3-IIAgII- II II Froli , I h s . . . ' .I 27- ' ' . I4- I I . 28- . I I I I I I I I H 4l 800 820 JusT AnoTher Day aT N T H S Mr Johnson orrrves To sTorT The early sessions The losT sTroggler rs admnTTed To The sevenTh hour meehng nn The mornung ss Yackle arrives To l T oT crowd rnTo her room 8 29' 2 Mr Funkhouser arrives 3 FrrsT call To clos 835 Mr Johnson checks The h lls Tor sT 8 39M 8 4Olf4 845 855 859 930 942 943 947 949 950 954 IO42 IO47 IO 50 g ers Bully Swarbrlck comes To chemrsTry Mary GenT comes lnTo closs wnTh The ready excuse ThaT she hos been work :ng IH Mrss Yackle s room All quneT or a mrnuTe or wo The TrrsT sound oT clapplng Trom e Freshman home room some kuds are lccky To geT enTerTounmenT A loud norse resounds Through e school Paul rusT blew up hrs experrm nT Keller wrrTes Morgue a noTe The home room programs have ceased ond we realrze ThoT Mr BerTollno s vo ce QCOVTOTUICS l-lurroh Tor The belll AnoTher hour over Mr Radernacher leTs The Chen'nsTry closs go oTTer keeping Them overTlme To make The ossugnmenT AnoTher lnour oT drudgery beglns Morgue reads Kellers noTe A preTTy qureT hour rn The Assembly Mr Johnson IS nn charge The Freshmen sTorT To Muss Yockle s room To rnoke book reporTs AnoTher welcome bell Class sTarTs agorn Mrs NonTkes Tells The Sensors ThoT The glocrers rn ATruca are very cold BuT we know gloclers donT grow nn ATruca Leora Schoper sTarTs doncrng rn The TTIUSIC FOOTTW Mr Johnsons crvncs closs Tlnd ThoT The losT TesT was lusT Too hard Everyone upsforrs beglns To geT TreTTul Tor The Trme as comrng To leove Tor coTe Te no To The coTeTerro chrlr ond all The grond rush Toad Tood and more ood T2 40 I2 50 227 245 OO 27 53 s The crowd ln Mlss Yockles room beglns g Ther ogorn as here lS Sl hope oT oeTTrng To see some oT The An nuol moTerral Snkoro and Company Take Thelr sTond In The lower lnall A good BoskeTboll game ID acTron rn e QYVYT The assembly Tloor quokes under The abuse OT Pocl s TeeT RnoTher bel hurryrng To classes Srlence Tor o momenT Mo gre re reads Kellers noTe ln The Chapel rn The MoonlughT comes Trom The orchesTra Mxss Prrchers dorllngs are Trckled over o new loke Morgle answers Kellers noTe Sophomores seek old Tor Their work nn geomeTry Al ouT rn The halls again Dom walks To closs wnTh Mary Curry Mr Cox sends Jlm ToseTTn on hrs dolly Trnp To The wasTe boskeT wlTh gum The Typmg 2 clos goes oTT rnTo peols oT loughTer Fl ouser g v s geb o TesT German rs heard oll over The school Mrs NonTkes hands ouT one oT her mous mrle long ossngnmenTs 5 AnoTher hour gone Mass Rexncke lnTorrns The LaTln class ThaT They musT hand rn Theur papers Crow Trnolly geTs hrs Typlng paper per ecT Someone To nTs as The skeleTon TS broughT Tram Mr Myers closeT 5 School ouT excepT Mr Prrddles ossem y whrch remains I5 mrnuTes SevenTh hour ell un er woy Mass Thomas unowore oT The many oTe come wno are rusT washng Tume else w ere so They wonT have To sTay so ang 5evenTh hour over Tnlollelulohl BoskeTball boys leave nn o hurry and TD one car Muss Yockle ond Mary leove and o brT oT The Annuol s done lS lusT aboeT any day an N T l'-l S FarTy Tour I I I I l l I . -' 9 3 7 l l I l l 2 - . 4 ' ll:50- ' 4 ' I ' , To o Q T ' o l'ghT 8:l5- Q 4 Q 4 I T '- ' g -MT ' 9 oll The '2:O5'lf4 4' 4 f I2:I0- ' ' ' Th 8101, ses. 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T. . S. 1' Q 3 7 I I I A , or . . . . 5 f l rc ' o , .' ' lu ' l s ' ' ' i " r " o ' ' e M, .- . M ' I W l- ' wsu A Hush. We- d 1 h + Wl w Y u 'SO' V' W, r Q lg Mm - "T d di S . . T L . Y N K Y d , ' , " d' ," X ' ' r I - As l f.rre sluall l' gof, ' , -VB. l P I N.T.H.s.-1937 ,', AUTOGRAPHS ,', OWL WHS PrEn+ed and Bound by Engraved by WILLIAMSON PRINTING X1 PUBLISHING CO. INDIANAPOLIS ENORAVING CO Springfield, IIIInois. IncIioncpoIis, Indiana.

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