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Nokomis High School - Old Nokomis Yearbook (Nokomis, IL) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Cover

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II E QEITJ .ilinknmts R6 CI E as ii Q-' Q1 ss A, li- im vi ,sa pm an :aw 1, as ms D1 x 5 my ffffff REETIN S To au w1mo 'mnnj wana Mxis. Q-reefme. We ON1evjf,iHS wnvii 'TXO AYJOYOQH... we ka-we Awe om 13951 and it is with The -Sfrawif 0f..'?NfmiU Lowafa mm Ma Cham., towne! an", Hui, we SJN1 lo qb X 114 1 "OLD NoKoM1s,' -1923 F! zf-7? TI-IE STAFF Ellilul'-ill-Cllicf . . . Asslwizllc lidilul' .. . .. Business Mmlngfgol' .. Sovizll Edihn' Assisfzllli' Iiclilol' .. CGIIOIIGHI' -Al okos Aflllofics .. ... Ari' Ediful' ......... Assistant Ari' Edifm' .. LH'Cl'2U'j' Emlilm' ......... . 4XSSiH1'Rlllt' hIJifc1'z,11',v Edifol' .. Music Emlilvl' .......... . 131'2llll2l1'iC Iidiim- .. Alumni ............ Sulrscriptimn M'2,lIl2lg'Q1' .. OLD NOKOMIS Alvin Hauldlcs V111-I 111-:'llc0lnlmi'I' livers! I' timmy Hildzl Nnnlkvs Cleo Dau-rmlgll Nlillon Hlllllllilll llml-1' Sl'1Il'U0l1C1' . . . , . Fav Lani' lmcy Sllllylllifk ::l'l'HlZl TI2ll'I'iSOIl Flm'u11a'f: Miller .. Millif-vnt Jnylle IHSHIPI' Wllmllxell QRui'h F1'erImfif:lc 'l'l101nnS Brown +31 Ly gf Ii W.f,rM,N f,flfrf'V1" ,fygfkgfivtf 'i 177: if uh., I Q j MX 5 f 1 sfmCaf W 2f f W ' 1f? 2mf fgff fir X52 ,HM vi-A W rg V X ,XTX V 5 5 mg fy rx 'Q' , - ' 1 2 V- 16334 5 A 1' F ffxigx " M q ' A' If K, Xxq Ilfl M ' , JI ' 'iq in gl?" , Y , vf,,, 1- r 631111 !j,fq'XmIhE.1'!f1lR7Lf ,I If A M1 , milf N hx' J, V KL.-,V I 1 iff wtf f,iy?4!,w,1,g I' V X! Hx ,W x-Aj4 I lw' VW!kf6QdwW'iV x PkMmWmkff:ii2ffJii2??5:: !U Ebjbgf Q9yf!feQwT:7 V,4 QNw PWMM4 A J f I f FgQgTjxs,m 'fMt:Q53?kw7ki:Qif?5??J!: i 1 .. . ,V Ll CZABLEV or COINICLTENTJS Y. IJEDICATIUN FACULTY SENIORS JuN1UR5 SUPHUMORES FREHJMEN IJRARLATICS FINIS MUSM: SOCIAL AHSCELLANEOUS ATHLETKE CALENDAR JOKES ALUMNI 1923 Dedicated to Mr. Qlfreh QE. Clllrepin who has tnnrkeh with us wha has plapeh tnitb us who has sculheh 115 who has helieheb in us who has Iuhzh us Qll along the tnap OLD NOKOMIS FACME7 x gli 11923 141 1 ffbgyxiayx A 1 I . QL! f M L A , if ' 'A ' 'A' I i J f' ,l ' 1 ' i L A ' 1 '-Q3 , ,, ,,.,. i ...fb KXJ X '14-34 kill l'ill"ii. M X -NA ' .J-. N x 'X X S, X . ACULTY W. P. THACKER 'il udmire the mnn who is wisest and lwsl, l ndmiri- the man who with judgment is hlest. I nrlmire the man who's us sxuurt ns can be- I nu-un the lllilll who agrees with me." o o o of of 4,4 MRS. CHARLOTTE EEKHOOF "Yes, wr: must I-vm' be frieucli-xg And of all who offer friendship Let me he ever the first, 'Ulm Lruvst, xwurest and dearest." 1:0 ofa 4:4 G. WILLIAMS "Yes, he's the fellow who smiles When life rolls along like si Sllllg. And h0's ulzm the mnn who can smile Whvn everything goes :lend wrong." o 0 0 0.0 0,0 0,0 STELLA YACKLE "LL-t's be guy while we muy, Anil seize love with laughter: l'll he true ns lung as you But not xi moment, after." o 0 o 0,0 0.0 0.0 E. E. RADEMACHER "'l'hr' lnvlios' eyes, around boys- We rm1't refuse, we cm1't refuse, 'l'huir In-ight eyes so nbound, buys l't,'s hurrl to choose, its hurcl to choose." Q o 0 0.0 0.0 0,0 ELSIE BULLINGTON "1 like the sweets that are out of sight And not in our lawful diet. I like r-nch and every dear delight, Including the kiss ou the quiet." OLD NOKOMIS i i i FACULTY MILDRED GREEN "Thu gluclm-ss of her glmlness Anil the sxulm-ss of hm' sncluess Are nut in iL with thc- imulnc-ss uf lu-1' mud xwsr: Whvn sho is mud." 0 0 0 0.0 0.0 0.0 R.. A. RARTH "llnn't mnrry fm' mum-y, Imys, Aml miss ull yum' lmclwlnr fun: lint, livv mul :mul in jm 'Flu-n mnrry In-vnusv you hnvc- wmv. mf. -- .y I. 0 0 0 0.0 0.0 0.0 MARY ABEGAIL IVIANN ' ' 'nvvn is just like- lmlinun, I hop: Ill Or I won't bv vunlvnl, whvn I get tlmru: Yu music' mmlv on gulllvn llurps for mo, Ill lu- sulislin-cl with jusl tho rlruno uf the hm-.' ' 0 0 0 0 '0 0.0 0.0 A. E. CREPIN this hold null spoiling' lwnn, IU run-Ili not fm- mr: "'Hl'llll,lI to WI Wlmsv lwnrt ls w' llllllbllfillllll hy luvv ns yvt, llfl nml fum-y free." 0 0 0 0.0 0.0 0.0 MARGARET HADLEY "Don't. worry nhont tlw future, 'l'l1n prvsun! is ull thou hnst, 'l'ln- ful. urv will scum hu lll'4"Sl'Illi, Anil tho ll1'L'Nl'llll will som: ho 1msI." 0 0 0 0,0 0.0 0.0 l RUTH FREDERICK "You nw my frivruls, fm' you huvv smile-ml with mo, 1 Nly lulp un ll hum- in fnir and slnrmy A wunthurt 1 lilu- von fm' thu joys you whilu with mv, .l luvv you fm' the grii-fs wv'vv wi-pt to- 1.:s-tllmz' ' -OLD 1923 ffl Q' 1 X X it x .X xx ., K- , .53 -Ti if if !f,-- Y V., f' V ' Q fi? I K fy 4 ,Q 'if ,., . N gli niljf l xl lj!! , l 'P I 1 -' l i u -ll-xl lflix i . K lx , lm l X 7 I My If ,, 1 f K, l ll f Qi' ,'ill'T'flI 1, 0 E fl -Y, V X -:LQQI 1 X --2:!',",' , gl .If -Q- .W f-fi NOKOMIS 4 '1923' SENICJR So you ure at Senior? You are il gradinite of '23! Did you ever think how mueli it has eost to make you 1.1 g1'i1dlli.l,l'C of N. T. H. Someone hats tiguretl up the cost in iuoney in reztriug a child. He says to bring at person to legal nge, 11:11-e for hiui und educate hiui costs Zli125,000. This is il lot of money to put in 'flesh and blood. But that isn't all. You have cost your t':1the1' ntuny hztrtl knocks, short flinners, worry 51.1111 gray streaks i11 his liuir. Anil your mother .... Ah! You will never know. You have cost het' :lays and nights ot' auixiety and wrinkles in her dear face and lll'2ll'l3lK'll0N and saielrifiee. It has been expensive to grow up, but if you are worth what you think you ure, you ill'U wo1'tl1 all you eost' unml lllllell, 1nuel1 n1o1-e. lie sure of this: while father does lltlf say much but f'He1lo, S011 or thuiglitei-", wny clown i11 his tough, stnunelt heart he thinks you are the finest everg and as for the little ll'l0'l1llEl', she simply ezmnot' keep her love :uul pride for you out ol' her eyes. Sonietilne you must step in your 'l'ili'llCl"S or 1Il0fl1Gl"S shoes. They woulaln't. like for you to cull them oltl, but just the szuue they :11'eu't' so young us they usetl to be. You see they lmve llCCl1 working lmrd :ill these yezu-s to help you! Anil ulrezuly your Illllllltfl' is beginning to lean on you. Your llililllil' auul inotlier have alone l'11irly well, but you can do better. You nmy not think so, but they tlo. They have given you a better chance than they haul. ln niuny ways you can begin wl1e1-e they left off. They ex- peet' tl great cleul fl'0lll you, :intl that is why they have tried to make un N. 'l'. LI. S. gl'lltllltl,lC of you. . I The world will try you out. It will put to the testi every fiber i11 you. lint: it' you 1111? mutle ot' good stuff, once the loful is fairly strapped 011 your young shoulclers, you will carry it und scarcely feel it, it' only there be the willing and l'll00l'l'1ll mind. 1 -A Revised Contribution eOLD NOKOMIS , I 4 fiN . .' -' wL" 'xx ' . ,. 7' 341 ugh!! -7 ,7 J!! 'M' 1. If fffvly , . .V fn. , .X M x 'H K! f'f'R hm y X ' A X, .3 ,R ff?-. Www IN 'IF Jh V' h' 'NN -' xv I . .w.u.f,s lbklwq hp, In . Hin f Wdnfww HV L: -In A A. K ' . 1... 5. 1923 ,N 'W SENIORS N. Wei . X 1,514-'fxx 1.-N, EDWARD BERTOLINO HI-upsu "t'mnmon sc-use is genius in its working dress." fa 4.0 CLEO DARROUGH N Klee' ' H, f "Happy um 1, from care- l'm fl'l'l', NA ' Why urn' not ull t'0llll'!'ltI?lI like nw!" .X X' Y, .'. of, ofa GEORGE BOLLMAN "Georgie" "'l'hnl lllllll that huih u tolu:u1-. 1 say, is no mam. If witkh his tougnv he cannot win n Wozmmf ' i . 0.0 2 :O I f BERTHA HARRISON Z N I' uBertu .X X., 'x' "She is just the quivt kind whosu nature never varies." K W Q vzo fo 0 .1 , ,. . .. H MILTON BOLLMAN - Q "Boots" " 1 -. "They nru never ulonv that ure accoln- pnniud with noble thuughtsf' . 7 . X ,fyx ,X W, V. fjffh Y OLD NOKOMIS 'Qui0l, lllIlllI'5l nnrl us:-full." 1923 SENIORS fgk ,if-v, f' X 'A' W -HN ,' wx., , fi X "--2iiL0-Q f .X , f , -.,... , 'C-4'-' , -' x VELMA HILL M kv Y .-'Zf': I , "Shorty" ' 'Q' ' -1-b Nvvm' idle- 1 mnmr-ut hut 1,hrif1,y nnrl PXSXEX ff A tlunuirlxlful uf Uf.hl'l'R.'Y -N.Si""X3 f . X xx X 0' Q: ,Q :vw QM CARL BRACKENHOFF V "Brockie" "7 - i Hn is n gum! man wlmsv intimnlv -:VY 4. fric-mls nw' ull growl," 'A 0:0 fy u M ILLICENT JAYNE ..Rusty,. U ,- Nvx! 1.0 virtnv fun in this world is wlmt, wo vnu Im-mel spur:-." , - 1 , o 'Q M k . CARL BROVVN "Broan" 'Fninl hr-url m-vm' wnn u fuir Indy," :Q .0 0:0 A . JOSEPHINE KLANCNIK "Josie" '.,. ,X 4 M' . if f 'N AQ' K MJIVI1.. 11 ',' 7,18 Qwiifffsffwi , 'H xr' 2s"'fff in I, j.l'lmrliFl'J f ' ' :ii jf ., l f ff ' 1------OLD NOKOMIS SENIORS THOMAS BROWN ' ' Sentimental Tommy' ' HP says in vc-rse what nthers s prose. " ' I ADELA KRAVANYA ' 'Baby Doll' ' Shu speaks in El monstrous little vmuf fo :Q oo PETER CIOCHETTI "Cycott" Pluy tlm gzunu, mul play it fair : 05 0:0 FAY LANT "Noisy" "Art, is n pmvc'1'." ofa zo ste EVERETT GRAY "Tho Alchemist" A head full of LfL'lliIlS and n heal! f of L1'uLh.' ' I OLD NOKOMIS SENIORS 1923' . fix . ' ii, ' i ALICE MANSFIELD 19' 4 "The Vamp" , 'j ' Q 2-N ff . f X J.'X'Ev' . '-N V 1, A 1 2 125.03 in xxx F, li V fx xx jx, X x5X 'I hnvu no ntlmr hut u womnn's rvnson. 1 think him sn hr-vnuso I think him sn." ' X X, ix- .xl .g. v. .,. CHARLES KELLEY tiC0bV! ' 'LDIIIIIP Nnturn gnvn him vnmlinvss and hmnll,li." 0:0 0:0 0:0 JANET McGHEE r.. q "Sticky' ' 'Y '- Sho is not the ross-, hui. she has lived ' neun' Ihr- ruse-." ' u Y , 0:0 0:0 0:0 ' JOE KAPILLA "Blackie" Hr' spcnknth xml: mul yet tlmrn lips 4-mivr-rxutiun in his 1-y0s." 0.0 0.0 0.4 4-X MABLE M4-LEAN ' A "Poodle" A kind nml pwiitln hvm't hnth she." OLD Z .QS Q. -- I- +2 , E' 'Wif vi . - L '.1f3i"',,,i-?f-l"Q,w"d NOKOMIS ' , -.L','7' - V . . V,- 3 g AWP' i Ii ' 1 fm 4 ' l l l Lf 5-. Nl'l 4 fl 1 . l 1 f-- l l,' X. 'XFX , l nf l - 4 1923 -M' SENIGRS N l X , , . -X F-, xi " I l H .,l , 1 , 'l 'K X "l,- ll, llllllllllilll lll:2l',f.ltl'W: lfm' KR ,, ALFRED MCCASLIN "Micky" "By lu-nvm-n I do lnvcg null it lmtll taught mu to rhyme nnrl lo bu melncllolyf' l o o . .0 0.0 HILDA NANTKES vu, 5 'Y I "Hildare" l lll "ln gnmlly prunnunts, that hor well lm- ' l ' va X ,X 1-uma. 9 O O F l RU DOLPI-I KRAVANYA l "Congo" "Yun think hv's ull fun." 4 Q ,M 0.0 0,0 4.0 Kg ESTHER 0'DONNELL Q f N , g' .. H Y. K r:lns4-." 0:4 0:0 oz: v. ' , JAMES MORGAN , If H .,', -l hw WV' lr "Kisses" ,. ,ll "Ornnmf'ut of u llIU1'li and quivl, spirit' , l , l , . , . 1 ,' 1' 'l ' l f, ' l W r XX-1 7 Ligggh, ,J l Bs "Ilf'1' lowly looks ax spriglllly mind dis S E N I O R S GENEVIEVE RONCHETTI llGeulY Hvr fnrv, sn lnvvly, yet so arch." 0:0 0:0 sz' ALVIN RANDLES "John D." lla lnussvsst-s n lDl'l'llllIlI' lnlvnt uf pro- rlm-inl: offm-t in WlHlfl'VL'I' hc- sniul HI did." 0 4 0.0 0.0 0.0 MILDRED SAFFORD I-Im' l'll!lll'l is likv nn singinpz bird." ' 'Frenchy' ' HERMAN LUKEN "Sa.ppo' ' 'ln-t mr- hm- un nssistuni fm' u stnfu, but lu-up n fllltlllf' ELIZABETH SIMPKIN "Lizzie' ' ITM' vnicv was nv:-1' soft, gvnllu :mtl low-un uxvvllunt Lhinp: in XVUllllll'l." 0 0 0 0.0 0.0 0.4 WILBURT SCHROEDER "Dutchie" Huw fir-run in iight, with courage un- alocuy'd." OLD 1923 'TX . A -'N 0 gage! w l I 1 f ,A , V., , l 6' h 45 v 2 '-, I- ' YV 5 1 XX N 'I x W w r w ,J 3 , m 1 K ' fy! , , 1 ,-- xf'N w 2 Aff' , 15, 14','-,n 2 i, ,I H, ' -if , V ff??gY.' if JA 134, f A' HH, N 4 'mmf' ,, s,' 1' 1 .Y-'vw yu I W if , Jjjj A f Q?hh, X X ,gf W 'X x xr GW, X w5.'?iJfx f fl 'Wx P 'I " 8521-94 ,J I 39234 5 , ,,1? .?, 1-Ta, ,, ,V ,nf , -, -- vfg' , f fr,,, - jail NOKOMIS g 4 1923 AU REVOIR, ALMA MATER Goodbye. dear old school. The book and the rule, You snatch from our hands unrelenting, You usher us out, You think we are stout Wle go only partly consenting. For trouble and strife VVe meet out in lifeg Vie hesitate, feeling our weaknessg X5Ve fain would rely On you to supply Us strength to o'er come our nieekness Ere birds learn to Hy They try and they try And never loose faith in their trying. Then soon they will rise And soar in the skies And mimic the wind in their flying. Oh, then we must dare Nor yield to despairg Don't shrink from the great undertaking But buckle right down VVith a smile, not a frown, Be master of the thing we are making. So we whisper goodbye With a tear in our eye To go where our life's work is callingg Tho soldiers are brave, Yet each has a grave And each day some soldier is falling. So we must step in Determined to win The unfinished work they are leaving. And take up the task And stick to it fast For the eyes of the world are perceiving And when we at last Have Finished our task And only the tomb lies before us, Let's say with a smile Our 1ife's been worth while. For God watched continually o'er us. -Thomzls ll lnox ! 1923 SENIOR CLASS HISTORY We, the I"l'CSlllllilll Clnss of ltlltl, 11un1l1eri11g sixty-tliree, were as "llUllll'l0HS Ul'Illl5lllS', for tI1e first two or three lll01ll'llS of school. wandering l'l'tllll one huildingg to ainother for our 1'ecit':1tio11s. lYe were sorely tried, and about to give up tl1e struggle when life nssunieil 11. ln-igl1ter aspect and we entered tI1e lI0illll'll'lll, newly erected high school huilding. Here we were lll'lll0ll with due respect t?l, ns all Fl'0Slllll0ll ure, but iQ.fIltPI'lllQ the tzlunts und jihs hurled :lt us we rose in respect und lil'tl1lllll0llCQ. The re- sult ol' our 1-lnss Ul'gillllZillltlll wus i':llll'l',V -lnyne tlzitel' Wilhurt' SClll'UCtlGl'l, Ill'USllll'IllQ Alvin ltnnilles, N'iCC-lJl'QSltlClll'Q Hilda Na.111lces, Secretary treas- urer: 1-lziss colors, hlue :ind white, Zllltl our lllllllll, "We wish, we can, we will. these are tl1e three lftlllll-Ul'l' notes to victory." We ent'erta1i11ed and were t'lllt'I'l'illllt'tl :ind soon our life ns t'2ll'Gl'l'00 Fl'GSllllllfll ended. 'Phe second 'vein' the gi-enter lllllllllltl' ot' ns VG-CIll0l'Ctl as wise Sopho- niores, :ind utter we haul heconie ilCCllSl'tblllCtl to our routine ot' study and il2ll'il work, we helieveml that enjoy111e11t' .lllC'l'U2lSl'tl with the years. Our only dil't'icult,v wus 4-l1oosi11g il president. it being uliuost llCCCSS2ll'j' to introduce the "clark horse" l'illlt'lltlill't' syst'en1. Fiimlly Alfred Mefjaslin was chosen l.'residenl'g tlzirl liI'2lli0Illlt'l'l:l', Vice-presidentg Hilda Nnntkes, S6Cl'Ci'2l.l'j'- l'l'02lNlll'0l'Q :ind Miss Lillnrd, cluss ndvisor. Our half of the usseinhly room wus IIUNV tll't'lIIlll'tl hy the new Fl'0Slllll0ll and we looked ll2'lCli with deep sat- isfzlelion 'tlml' we could not have been as 'tverdainti' as they. " 'l'he Junior your proved to he quite us successful as the two previous years with the exception ol' tl1e death ot' il dear class-nmte, Mildred Gray. 'Uniler the Sllll0l'l'lSltlll ol' our l'tlllIll0lfClll' class advisor. Mr. Crepin, and the lvozird of directors, tlenevieve Ronelietti, President, Everett filfly, Vice- president, :ind Ilertlm Hari-ison. S0t'1'0f?llj'-l'l'CilSl11'9l'. we resolve to lllilliii our iiresence known :ind felt: 2ll'C'tll'tllllQ,'ly, we won second place in the In- lCl'ClilHH 'l1tllll'll5lllll'lll und several oi' our hors scored high i11 the High School Q2llllt'S. lVe were Ttlyillly Glll0l'liilll'lt'tl by the Seniors und 1'Cl'll1'IlQCl ll1e t':1vor ul' the -'lunior-Senior h:u'1quei'. ln tl1is our i'0lll'lll und lust LVli2ll'. our .little hand numbers but thirty- UIIU, tl1e others llilVlllg.f gJfl'ilt'lllilll'Y lel'l' us during.: tl1e first: three years. lVe huve tried ll2ll'll to live up to our title, dignfifical t?l Seniors, and feel that we llill'l' l'0Zlllj' :1ceo111plisl1ed Stllllltllllllg worth wl1ile tll,ll'lllg our four years sojourn here, :uul ihzit our llllfllltllzl' will l'orever renuiin i11 tl1e hulls ot' Fzuue. Our cluss tll'lIIllllZilllUIl resulted i11 'l'ho11111s HVUXVII, Presideutg Everett liI'ilj', V'lt't'-lll'l'SltAll'lllQ Alvin llundles, SCl'l't'l'flI"V2 Milton Bollnmn, Busin- ess dltlllil,2f0I'. :ind Mr. 'l'll2lCliI'l' :ind Mr. Crepiu, class advisors. lVe hnve scored i11 Hi,egh School, behind the t'ootliegl1ts. i11 zlll school zictivities und IIOXY look l'Ul'XV2ll'tl to f'0lllllll'llt'l'lll9'llli :md to the IlllllllC'ill'lflll ot' our annual. H. M. N. OLD NOKOMIS 19234 SENIDR CLASS PROPI-IECY QA11 account from the diary ul' lhe huusier aml si-lmol ieaclmer, Miss Mannj Friday, May 13, 1933. Tmiiglit I am very tired. 'feacliing Hislm-y lm' su many years gels so firesoiue. Think l'll go lu sleep aml get up early tn prepare quizz questions. Saturday, May 14. Hail a pleasant' surprise lwalay when I reall l'1'um the lll'2lIllllll!N ui' the Chicago paper something like this: i'lV01'lll'S faslesi writer lhalolpli Kra- vanya wlm highest' rec-orfl at' llll0l'll2llilUllRll 'l'ypewrilii1g3 Cmllesl' ali Swil- ZCl'lilllfl, writing 100 more words per minuie than Heurg'e Hussfielfl wrute in 1923.9 Ili sfuunenl me for a secuml hui' then l 1:el'levle4l. he always was a clever chap. Monday, May 16. Edward Davis informefl CTivic's class io-day 'thai' Ohlmau hafl finally become lllCUl'1J0l'2lll'4l, aml had seal' In Nnlmrnis 'fur Willmri' S1-liroealel' to acl' as firsf Mayor. This is a great 2l1lV2llli'0lllCll1 aml will help him in his ambiiion to become Supreme -Tusiiee oi' ll. S. Tuesday, May 17. lwffilll' lo 'the show al' Holmes Opera Tlrmse in-niglilx Was most' pleas- esl in see Velma Hill in "The Blonde Vampire." She llRlSll,l' 1-hanged one hii. 1 c-an rememher how she usecl fo roll her eyes ai' iihe lmys in assembly. Thursday, May 19. News iielegxraplieml here fo-day lhal the clecisimi ol' the Slain Simrmne Court was renflerecl in the case ul' Fa rl Hl'2llCOl1ll0fli. He was lrim-ll in the lower courts for the olnmxinus hahii nl' Chewing gmn in pahlic- plaves anrl his Case finally reached the supreme hemfll. He was very poliie ai' trial. Hop- ing' in make a 'favoralmle impression he sairl To the -lmlge. "How are you this lll0l'11lllg?7l Judge auswerecl, "Fine, ?ll4250.llll. Friday, May 20. I am Very tired to-nigliij so l'll try in fiml sulave in Rrown's pnelriv. Thomas Brown has bei-mae a womlerful pixel. l l'0lllCllllK'l' how he usefl in rhapsoflize in school. OLD NOKOMIS 1923 Monday, june 1. I .Xli1'11 hl':111sl'i11l1I is l1:11'k i11 Nokoniis 'I'111' 21 visit. I talked to her for a- 11'l1il1- illltl 11sl1111l 1Y1l2l1 sho was 1loi11g'. She 8:1111 she was going to ll1kl1'1'j' -l:111111s M111-111111 111111 11111 1111til 1111 l1z11I 111111111 il I'o1-l111111. Tlmt young Illilll is 1-li111l1i11g 1111 tho 11111111-1' 1111-1-1' 1l:1y, lo 11211111 QIXVIIIIIQS, 111111 it will not Ill? long 1l01'1II'0 his 1'tll'1llIll' is :1111:1ss111l. Wednesday, June 3. Il"s S1'I'ilIl,2't' I 5111111111 I111111- so 111111'l1 ot the class of '21 The other day I was 11111111511-1l hy :1 I2Il'gl' 1'1-1111'1l 1111 tho k'U1'll0I' ol' 1111111 Street. I sl11p11e11 111111 IIl'ill'tI l'11I111- tIio1-I11-Ili 1l11li1'1'1- il 111o1'i11g Slllltltfll, i11 11lea11li11g tones urg- ing 11111 11111111111 I11 81111111 1111 for their rigllts. lilo has s11cceo11e11 lgllgtfllli Y. 110118218 Soviailist I111111l111'. I'1'1t11'2lIWil.VS was il gi-11:11 one t'o1' ilI'QlI1llg in llislory for 11111111le'N 1'ig.fl1ts. X Wednesday, June 10. 1'111111111-111'1-1111111I 1'1Kt'I'l'1NUS to-night. I was literally 111ov111I to 'tems by tho :11l1I1'1-ss gin-11 hy 1"1'11I'1'sso1- 1il'llI'Ql,' Iilllllllilll when ho l'Ql'1lII9f1 So 11'1:111y to111:l1i11g.r i111-i1l1111ts ol' his svhool 1l11ys 111' X. T. H. S. Thursday, june 11. 011 11111 1l'2llll going IIOIIIQ. H1111 il little S111111-ise when the train stopp- 1e1l 2111 01111111111 211111 I'I1lw:11-1'l 11111-t11li11o 11111 1111. He 1-11cog111iz111l 11111 a111I i11l'111f111- 1-11 11111 111211 1111 was 111i1111- 111111111111-1' ol' the Illinois 1'o11l I'111-p111'11ti1111 211111 I1':11'1-ll111l :1 good 1l1-111, 11s111-1-ially 111 l1'1'i11g1g wl1111'1e he visits il loyal girl. llll the 11'illll I 111111-l1:1s1-11 :1 111:1g:1zi1111. 'I'h11 1-ov111' 211' 1111119 iII'I'QS1QC-1 my :1ll1111tio11 51111-1 I saw ll1:1t it was t1l'ZlWll 111' Foy l1:111t. I 1'1-1111111111111 11'I11111 she was 111:11'1'i1-11 INI1' was 111-l111'111i11e1'l lo go 1111 with I1111' work. I11 the SZIIIIG 11111g':1zi1111 I 1'1-1111 Il 1':1ll11-1' I'i111',v 1ll'11t'1l! 1111 "'l'l111 tI1'11z1l111111s ol' Itltlgill' A111111 11,410.77 I was IIU1' llllIl'Il s111'l11'is111l wl11111 I saw the z111tl1111- was .'l:11111t 1IQGl11115, l'o1' I 1-1'-11111111l1111' 111111' S1111 1111111111 ol' 11i111 at S1-hool. Wednesday, Aug. 3. Hot I11'I'1Il:l l4l':1,1'1'is1111 i11 St. l'1o11is to-1I:1.v. S1111 has 1-I1111-1119 of El I11'1111ti- l'11l l1i111l1e1'g:11'11111 111111 is V111-,1' s111'1-ossflil i11 I1111- woi-lc. S1111 i11I'111-111011 1111- that 111111 11f11e1' pupils was 1111111-vi111'11 I1llllf'Ilf'11'1.N lilll1- girl. G1e11evi11v1e was Ill1ll'1'lClI. n 'tow Qv1'111's 2l'1'1'1'I' g1'111l11:11io11 111111 111:1k11s il most 1111111-1111111 little wife. 1it!l'1Il2l tol1l 1111+ tl1:1'l' 1111111 1l2lI'I't1IIjIIl was 1'1'2li'1lIII5f I111ti11 111 111111 ol' the hig: 1'oll11g1fs, 111111 1Csll1111- U'llo11111ell was with il I.,1'1'1111111 as 11lo1'11ti1111ist. OLD NOKOMIS Thursday, August 11. Ani seeing quite a lo 1 9 2 3 ' l' ol! Herllial. She and I wunl' to soc "I'1klllli0li' :un llllilgljlllk our aslonislnnenl' when Alvin Handles 2lIllllQ'2ll'l'li on lhv slage! l hear he has made a gl'l'2'll' silt-cess as a Slizilceslmeziwalix avtoi' and is having a sla l n other uolahles. Saturday, August 13. 1- llliltitf of hinisell' which he plans lo plate in the tjliit-ago l'a1'lc with Wont' shopping to-day and viewed some of the dress models soul' I'1-om Paris hy the great' designer Hilda Nantkes. Some class l'll say! Alniost forgot to lllf-EI ition that I visiled an art museum and saw the W1lIl1iUl'iflli hand 4-arvwl articles hy Everelf Gray. They certainly pnl' lo shanw anytliiiig' hil'he1-to Sunday, August 24. Jusl' got' hack from produced. elim-ull. A distinguished ITl'G2'll'ilQI' was :ulverlisefl to stop over night and gi " ve a SPPIIIUII. .lhink ol' it, lhal' plfeavlnel' was Mil ton Bolhnan! l XVUl1l.lG1'S never wase! l l Tuesday, August 26. Received a letter fi -oni a 'i'l'il?Il1i onl in Oklahoma to-day. She sail lliere was a hig lliSilIl'lI2llll'0 wlmro she was I' 'inf' 1 . IX ,g. .X nian nanwd All'1:e4 Mvlfaslin had svviiiwl a position as p1'inl'or. A lv1'f11r01' 4-anno fo The lown and wanted hills 1ll'llli0li lo aunonnc-0 his subject whif-h was, 'wvfllllilll without her, man would he a. savage." NYQII. if Seems the 1n.'inl'er got his puncl'nal'ion wrong and ll a savage." The women o found thai' the 1ll'llli01' w out of 0l'lil?I'. Thursday, August 28. Read aa iIlfGl'OSTll1Q,' Charles Kelley has made hugs, and uoiseless soup ed appliances. Saturday, August 30. ie hills read, "Woman withoul' her man, would he 'F the place nearly niobhed him. I inquired and as the .Xlfrvd Nlvf'aslin I knew, who always spoke item in "SCif'llC'O and Invention" yesterday a forlmw by his invonlions ol' ninzzlcs for bel spoons. Plc' is now working on ollim' much need XVeut to see the famous toe claixvcr, Millicmii' Jayne, tonigglit. She cel- taiuly can Cul' lhe capers! Wednesday, September 3. Had a call i'1'0Ill Mildred SaI'i'm-d. She is ffoinfl' l 4 l' . ,, D ionic or a. vacalion to O L D N O K O M I S ' 1923 1'1'S1 :11'1111' sp11111li11g five .Y0i11'S 11s 11ll1'S0 i11 11111 disease S1l'1C1iB1l 01111111 zone. S1111 111111 11111 l1111Zl1111'111 Si11111l1i11s wus il 111111-l1111' 111 il C1l111111'y sc11111,1l, 1.11111 111111 511111111 511-11111111 was 2111 11111 11111111 111111 livilig very c1Q1111e111'e111y 11'i111 her 11111 1'111 111111 11111'1'111. ' Saturday, September 13. 11111111 111 w111-11. H1191 111111111111 111111011 111-d11y. He 1111s risen 111111ve most 111' 11is 1-l11ss 11111111s 111111 is way 1111 i11 the w111'l1l, he 112111115 flag poles 11111 Z1 liv- ing. Sunday, September 14. I w11s 11111111111-111g 11111111111 111111111 K1'11v1111y11 so 1 i11q11i1'e11 for 11e1'. They 11111 1ll1' sI111 is still 111' 111111111 with 11111' 11111111111-, she never being 1111111 1111 over- 1-111111- 11111- 1li1S1l1.11111QSS. 1'111'l 111'1l1V1l is 11w11111' 111' I1 g1-11111 gi-11111 ele1'11t111', he 1111vi11g 1111161135611 11111 i111111'11s1s 111' 111ll'llN11l1111' 111111 S1'11111l1?1'. Wednesday, November 3. '1'l1i11l1 111' 11'-Willi11111 1l111111i11gs 111'L1'ilIl was 1'in111l.1' e1e1?1e11 111'esi11e111 of 11111 1f11i1'111l S111111s! 1'11111' 111:1111' W11111 11 sp1e1111i11 l-?Xi11lll11Q of 11111 11111xi111, "lf 111 1'i1-s1 you 1l1111'1' s111-1111111l, 11-y, 11-y 11g11i11." .I11s1111l1i11e 1i1i'll1Cll11i is his pri- V1111' s111-1'111:11-I1' 111111 is 11111s1 111'1'i1'i11111'. Friday, November 5. 1v1I2'1,1' s11l11111li11 1'1l1l1,'IS 111111 111-11111111111 i11 1111s age! A great' tunnel has 11111111 1-1111111l1111111 111111111' 111-Q A1'111ll1'1C 111-111111 111111 now one can walk right into L11111l1111. '1'l1is 1I111l'V1411111S 1.0111 was 111'e11111plis11e11 by Joe Kapilla who final- ly :11-11111111111 1111111111511 1i1'10W1011Qj0 ol' GG11l11Q1'1'y 111 plan 1l1e erection of the tun- 11111. Saturday, November 6. 'l'v11 11111111 '1'1l1l11i111gJ,' 111111' XV0111101'1!111 11111 Glass of '23 11111111211 0111 111 be. Miss 1Y1l'0f5ll was riglil. 1'1lQ11' 1lz1y 111'1111111i11g b1'1111g111 about 1VOI1L181"1.111 things. OLD NOKOMIS 1923 CLASS WILL We, the class ot' 19222, realizing that we can no longer he Seniors and having sul'l'e1-ed the last test and examinatiion, still being in our right mind do hereby make this, our last will and testament, by this instrument revok- ing all previous promises we have made. First, to the Faculty we desire that a tank of red ink be bought, and distributed equally among them. We also leave them visions oif such exalt- ed beings as ourselves. Second, to the Juniors we bequeath our dignity and seats of honor and suggest they adopt our intelligent look and superiority. Third, to the Sophomores we bequeath Emerson, Virgil, and Muzzey. Fourth, to the Freshmen we grant the privilege ot becoming Sopho- mores so they will be less despicable in our eyes. Fifth, to Miss Mann we grant 'absolute charge of the Assembly, and our Civics books together with loud memories of our good behavior. The following make individual bequests: I, Alvin Handles, do bequeath my ability as an aetor to Charles Rhodes I, Rudolph K1-avauya, do bequeath my ability to i'pound" the ,Reining- ton to William Mctiaslin. l, Cleo Dai-rough, do bequeath my Latin translations to nu' rec VV' 'f 'l Tharp. I, Adela Kravanya, do bequeath my bashtulness to Dorothy Smith. I, Alice Mansfield, do bequeath my popularity among the male persau- sion to Forrest Larriek. I, James Morgan, do bequeath my ability to blufl' to any treslnuan who may need it. I, Esther 0iDonnel, do bequeath my green niiddy 'tio the Freshmen girls as a remembrance ot their green days. l, Wilburt Schroeder, do bequeath my winning ways to Donald Paus- ehert. ' I, Velma Hill, do bequeath my ability to lake notes to Viola Johnson on condition she will not break my record. I, Genevieve Rontfhetti, do bequeath to Hannah Staples my perfect' knowledge ol' cosmetics and beautitiers. I, Peter Cioehetti, do bequeath all my pretty things to the Freshmen. 1, Elizabeth Simpkins, do bequeath to Elizabeth tThristian my lady like manners and dignity. Signed this 18th day ot April, A. D. 1923 with Oliver Kiesler appoint- ed executor. -Samoa Class 1923 OLD NOKOMIS 4-u...,-n-1.----.Q U LU NJ Um U2 S216 -,.,,:.....l ill... 0 "Q,-QOQ.-B-Bye 5-5-5-,EN was EM Q . 5 43912 1923 First Row-James Gl'iliiill, Hada Gurella, Rupert Herron, William McCaslin, Alfred Green, Lydia Hunter, Joseph Gourley. Second Row-Viola Johnson, Kenneth Buell, Velma Elvers, Elizabeth Christian, Dorothy Crouch, Jennie Jachino, Ilda Bernardini, Anton Gerigk. Third Row-Lottie Jones, Katherine Jachino, Harold Kettlekamp, Bernice Cook, Velma Hardy, Ora Barnstable. JUNIGR CLASS HISTORY REEL I Selling. Time: Sept. 1920 Place: Nnkoniis 'llownship High School. flllill'3Cl'8l'SI Menlhers ol' the present' Junior class, looking frightened and bewild- ered. Swine I. Entrance info General Asseinbly and Il1lI1'0llllCliiOll lo schedule. Scene II. Class orpgmiizafiml with This result: P1'6SlflCllf, Florence Miller Secfy and Treus, Gemlcl Keating Vice-president, 'Rupert lil'l'l'1'0ll Sponsor, Miss Ynvkle. Scene III. Freshies indulged in il Saint Pai'1'iek's Pai-ty with the result that 110 one went home hungry. Scene IV. School closes. noi' qniie all Freshies heeoine happy Sophs., but major- ity rules. OLD NOKOMIS-L---1 1923 First Row-Warren Pope, Luella Reincke, Ernest Riesner, Leonard Morgan, Charles Rhodes, Ethel Turk, Raymond Whitten. Second Row-Wilson Bl'ieg'cl, Florence Miller, Winifred Tharp, Gertrude Satterlee, l':llJCl't1.l Kettlekzllnp, Anetta Reincke, Freda LeMay, Ivan Rhodes. Third Row-Mildrell Ramsey, May Roberts, Madelynne Ronchetti, Howard Pendle- ton, Mllry Sperry, lflrlna Kravanya, Clarence Staples. RIGICL 11. Sl'l'llllgJ,'. 'lllllll'I Hopi. 1921 l'l:ll-l-: Silllll' :ls ill Reel l. flllilI'ill'l0l'SZ So l-:lllllll Soplls hnli no longer C'Ulll'llSQ4l, now lGCllllllg wilh il desire to lllSll'llC'l alll the "poor" lfll'l'SlllI'S just how one :lots ill High School. Svc-llo l. Soplls l02ll'llI'lll'Y lllNC'llSSlllg elections. YVlly worry over credits uny- how? Scollo ll. ldlovlioll ol' ol'I'ivel-S in flC011lC'l'1'j' room. l'l-l-sillelll, Alallllvs Gril'l'in Yll'I'-l'l'0Sllll'lll', Hall-old lcPl'l'lQli2llllID Sol-'y Zlllll 'l'I'c':lS., lilllel 'lllll'li S'I'l0llN0l', Miss fll'C0ll. S41-Ill' lll. SOIlllS lfllgilglli in S0l"lill :lc-livities with the new F1-eslnnen. Glorious llIlll!S 2ll'0 rcpo1'1'od! Fll'i'll0 'I V. School l-loses 'lor the second lime. Next 2lpp6l'll'ill1CC :ls Juniors. OLD NOKOMIS 1923 REEL III. Setting. Time: Sept. 1922. Place: Same as in Reels I and II. l'il2Il'2lCl'Cl'S : Present Juniors, il llillilly-Q0-lllC'iiy llllIli'll, always ready for lIliSC'lliCl'. A group nnxinus to 'fight the battles ilg2llIlSi the wiles ul' English and the snures ul' Latin. Seene I. Juniors discuss the superior air ni' the new dignified Seniors. liaeh takes nn mith not to copy any ei' their 1IlZlIlll0l'lSlllS. Scene II. lllnss 0l'QilllIZ2ll'iUll with this result: l'resitlent, Harold Kettlekanlp Seth' zunl 'l'reus., Winifreml 'i'hnrp Vit-e-I'resirlent, VHtlXX'2ll'll l'en1llelon Spenser, Miss Yzlckle Scene Ill. Juniors are given n Iel:1llmve'e11 Pan-ly hy the Seniors and in 1-e- turn serve nn elzihm-:ite banquet in lnnmr of their upper f'i2lSSlllGll. Result: class l'I'P2lSlll'3' empty! Sorrowful bunch! Scene IV. St-lnml closes. Juniors hill their frienals good-hye until next Sep- telnher. Une lll0l'Q reel of this will he relensetl in the Future. Passed by the limirtl ul' Censors. JUNICJR CLASS POEM We are in our Junior year, lVe the class ul' i245 NVe've been through some ii-inls clrezuf, Still u'e're rently for some nmre. SOIllGlQllill0S when trials seem se lmrtl 'Flint we our way can lun-dly see. lYe merely think el' our nmtlu, lVhieh tells us, "Un to Victory!" Se when again the sun tlues shine Anal everytluing is 1-leur :lull bright, IVe pick up COIIHIQQ nil nnew Anil then We nll are in mu- llligllli. So after :ill we elaiin to he A jolly lllllltll oi' Jluiim-s: Wie gmtllmte within il year, At least so Says the l'Tllll0l'S. So let us miwzu-cl I':1ilhi'ully, Each and everyone :lt his best, Until we alll shall Slilllfl where He YVil1 give us our great final test. A. G. -.1---OLD NOKOMISl---- 'N ' 'Lili' x 4,7 QVM Lfophoniozfewlu azzakii a, J M' , - f ' , If K .F 5 ,-"K ' ' 8, c'0z1q101f4"af2lf1lva2222:xy , I aL'2.'0a1s Gaasava' 3 - , fwfffsf Xff f P ,ff j ' ff If f -f1v'i?Ef5'6n1fza ex. Q 6, , mllflttxilcli. Q Ki a, I . .M , H TJ ZYQWEQDZJX 311' Amcff .J 1923 First Row-Richard Farmer, Murrell Fischer, Donald Singler, Leonard Busch- senschuetz, Donald Pauschert, Albert Viola, Louis Stepansky, Emil Maxiener. Second Row-Everett Hulbert, Edith Lant, Wilburt Bruechner, Louise Wright, Genevieve Peters, Hannah Staples, Carroll Travis, Margaret Ward, Floyd Ulery. Third Row-Lula Bost, Max Wilson, Geraldine Hovey, George Moeller, Reva Keys, Harold Maxiener, Thelma Hall, George Frederick. SOPHGMORE CLASS l-HSTGRY The ifullllwillg l'0l1V0l'Sili'lll1l lmeiween two new :+npl1mimres is faking place on lhe 'fiffli day of the seliool year heginning in September, 19122. We find Sophia. orz1'l'i11g io Sophns. "XYell Sophns, our adolescent il,LfQ1'GgI2lii0ll ol' Suplunnures, who, Inst' year as Freshinen were 1-liosen lenders hy our superior numbers, most coin- Pl'9lll?IlSlV0 nlenfaliiy, snperlzilive wisdom and pluysirnl pei-l'ee1'ion, seems to he very l1llll'll depleted in llllllllll?l'S nl' this enrolln1enl'." ' "Yeh Sophia, hui' them tlml's ll0SGl'l'l'll is losing: ai big sight' nmr'n us wlmfs left' is losing. most' ol' 'em llillllii got' lhe Zllllllliillll lo keep un, :md thzlfs wliai' gels us all where we end up ni, sure we had SOVlflll,Y-SQYUII hisi' year mid only l'ifi'y-one now, hni wcfve still got the :nnin l'2lllIl'UllS. Vonrse some ol' 'eins gol' good excuses, hut ........ ." "Hui enough of thai, R1-olher Sophns. do you noi' think H4-m'ge Muel- ler made al splendid president' lust' year? And were nut' the other ol'l'i1'ers very eapzilile? I :nn in favoi- ni' re-electing the whole sl'ni'l'." "YYhere you been? we had :I meeting lzisi' liigghi, and done nearly lhaul' same Thing you said, We inside George Moeller president, Clem-ge Freder- icks vice-prsideni, and ll1l'll2l Henkel see1'e1':1i'y-l'i'e:1sllrer. She gui' the only job Vd wmiif' - -1923 First Row-Ida Rochelle, Carol Kettlekainp, John Jencloloskie, John McGhee, Carl ltllemmingg Agnes Mockus. Second Row--Nellie Rhodes, Howard Hegeinzlni, Helen Sleeth, Vern Bost, Jane lilimpkin, Rui' Driskel, Forrest Larrick. Third Row-lNlargai'et McQuiston, William Chismar, Edith Bossonetto, Etna llenklc, Lucille l-laller, Walter Melchert, Lucy Studnick. Fm- suvural Illtllllllfi we arc unahlc to t'ind these two talking about ' "tht-ni gnnd nhl daivsf' hnt t'i11ally, hy t'llRlllC'0 wc sat' behind them in the plzlylnniisi-, during a pivtnrc which is showing a tunthall game. Soplms is spm-alcixig. "'l'hat roininds nn' Sophia oi' uni- football i'Qillll last ytiillt lt isn't' very nl'lvn that a l'wl'l'SllllHlll nialcvs thi- tvani. hut' we had one tn pull gJjllill'Cl'S ln-1-lla, and also uno snh. 'I'his past svasnn wt: had toni' regulars, three subs and an alta-rnatv. In haslcm-thall, hnth yO:Il's we had a snb, yes, we Sophs are snnn- :itlulc-tx-s. "Wu listi-n to this and wnndvl' what is wrong, hut finally wc- nntivv that vvitli-lilly n six months' c-mn-sv in lingliszli has helped him: il littlv slang' is still tlnrrv, hnt ln- wnnldn't ln- a hwy it' he didn't nse thai. Sophia oviiluntly isn't iiltuwsta-cl, t'4n- we t'ind she answers with an 1-vasimi ot' thv issnv. "And Snphns. do yon not think that last year the Snplnnnni-vs gnw ns a WUlltl0l'l'lll p:1i'ty?" "Simi, hut dun't yon think we Qjavo thoin a hotter one, .... yon know that night tho lig'ht's wont mit? Swvo ...... wt' girlie." "lint lh:it's all past, what is ynni' npinion nl' 'the pai-ty at which We I'lllt'l'l2Illl thc' FI'0Slllll0Il this year?" "Uh, it' would pass in a vrowd: hut I missed the one they gave us. XVhat l did tlngv put np tm' a pai-ty?" 1-1- OLD NOKOMIS -1923 IT was far below The Sopliouiore sl'zu1da.1'd, and, ...... ,you could tell if was Fresluueu 0llf0l'l2llIllIlg.f, how? By lheil' helulvior, liheilf 1'el'1'esl11ueuTs and games." M The iuTe1'1uissio11 is uow over, hui-hzu-k! Sophus appears exeiled. "Did you see Thai' sin-iui' That guy ll' mean That fellowl made? I jusf wonder what we'll have This year for lrac'k." "Can you not forgel' 'That and talk about sou1eThiug iuferesliiupg? I'm getting Tired of your everlastiiiggg aTl1leTir's." And Then all we hear' from Sophus is i'lVell,.. ., such are The ways ol' women." Tlufil The end oi' The IllCl'lll'C we lisleu with almled lrrealh for more of The Sophomore liisfory hui' 1llllSf conclude, Thai' living: as young as They are, Thelv have no lll0l'P, while The youTh'l'ul philosopher and his cullured lady weud Their arrow strewn Cwifh eupids :u'rowsl path lio1'uew:u'd. -Rv Doxixm R. PAusc:uIm'r WAIT lVaiT u111'il Jack Dempsey is eleefed 'Fo sil' iu The T'resideuT's ehair, lVail' Till lVeuouah Pity is appoiuieed 'Phe place for The lll'Xi worldls fair, YYaiT 'Till This greai 1-ouuTry Helieves The lmootleggeifs Tliirsl, lVaiT 'Till Old Trelaud is sef free 'And The devil ceases To curse, XVaiT 'Till The fish iu The sea Die of ai ll01'l'ilDlC ihi1'sT. Wait' ,Till elepllauls roost' iu A woodpeekei-'s nest, YVaiT 'Till The llflll' grows long Ou a meadow lai-k's hill, 'l'heu, T, flarl Fleming. will Graduaie from the N. 'l'. H. S. A SOPHOMORE ROMANCE Below our Geraldiur-'s wiudow, She heard Donald's passionate plea, Ulf rain makes flowers he:iuTil'ul, Send :1 eloud hui-sT down on me." To This fair Geraldine lisfeued. And was Touched hy his sorrowful bawl. So, pausing sweetly Titlered, "You'd need a Niapgara. fall." OLD NOKOMIS' Lx TW, xx nf X, f A " 'Y N Y .r iyibx 5. ,f55'f" SW V -fr- xir - 9-1 1' i .' ,api , iff 1 nf' : L h,,y,.lJ Nx 38 ,,...w y' J , .:ff1?? y'- P I ' W Www lf? fvf , 1923 First Row-Douglas Becke1', Hazel Lee, LeRoy Ramsey, Alvin Ziginan, Mervin Chausse, Cecil Rapp, Lillian Vericker, Lester Meyer, Qnintin Warnsing. Second Row-Arintha Grabbe, Leonard Smiley, Ambrose Kroenlein, Florence Kelley, Alfred Rosche, Cleda Fowler, Oscar Bollmann, Marian Briegel, Edna Contratto, Margery Tammen, Angeline Tosetti. Third Row-Raymond Kettlekamp, Neva Tooley, Norvel Allen, Bertha Kellogg, Leola Barnes, Walter Fricke, Grace Hulbert, Dorothy Smith. Fourth Row-Alfred Simpkin, Cecil O'Donnell, John Kirkland, Frank Klancnik. FRESHMAN CLASS I-IISTGRY YVe entered the N. T. H. S. on September lhird will: sevelilj'-eiglil' members. YVe felt very insignificant and green, especially xrhen the Soph- omores, Juniors and Seniors cast srornfnl glances af ns. Ol' 1-mn-se we made many comical blunders, such as getting into The wrong isles and rooms, which afforded the upper ClilSSlllGll much ZllllllSPlll0lll' I'or llngv had never been Freshmen and never made such blunders l??5 The first monfh was very hard and dull, but the Sophomores relieved The monotony by giving us a Halloween Ql':n-ly. On FQlH'llill"Y lwenly-l'irsl' we humbly tried to reinrn the Cfllllllllllllflll hy enlerl'nining lhem in lhe as- sembly and we hope they had a good lime. Bnl' we Freshies have some good irails after all, .... some ol' our class are l1lQ1l1bC1'S of The Junior l-lI'flIll2lllC Sociellv, one is a sub on lhe Haskel- Ball team and of course we came in for our share of allenlrion from lhe teachers. Above all, we have always been loyal lo the school and are ready to help in any way to make ourselves worlehlv of our Alina Maier. Now at The end of The year we are scvenly-l'wo strong and hope to car ry These Through Three more years of happy High school life. -MA1ui:nnY TAMMEN 1--OLD NOKOMIS----T- 1923' First Row-Helen Wakeland, Wesley Hubbard, Luschnig, John Arkebauer, Grace German, Russell German, Florine Hard, Anna McKenna, Eugene Fahnestock, Angeline Stumlnick. Seconcl Row--Stella Buechsenschetz, Marion Hartel, Lucille Staucler, Mary Keating, Garl Reincke, Margaret Cannon, Helen Sneclclon, Frances Maxeiner, Helen Grimes, Josephine Best. Thircl Row-Ethel Goss, Mary Groser, Anna Gaisheck, Eula Herron, Olin Kettle- kamp, Eclwarrl MCEl1H1'5', Mary Grace Whitten, Dorris Wyatt, Josephine Schaefer, Rosella Priess. Fourth Row-Oliver Kieslar, Victor Governor, Joe Catrain, Fred Schneider. I hope 10 lie in '26 A great big lnzlmlsmne Senior, Rn! the way is tough For Sophs :Ire rmlpgln And often upf lo ulbflilll yer. " oLD NOKOMIS-l-i--- '1923 FRESHMEN OF '22 We'1'e only FFCSIIIIICII Thnl' we are YVe'1'e nolhing more or nothing less. And for the liigllest point' we'll strive Each clay we'l1 do om- host. Each clay begins ai husk tlnills new, lVe all find some new lhrezuls ol' lil lVe'1l take our Tasks :xml glzully go On with the Toil nnil slrife. Uni' cl:-iss begun wilh sevolily-lwo 'Hui' now llCC'l'U2lN0li lo siX'l'y-foul' Our l'1'icnfls lmvc l':1lh-n lay tho Wily. Anfl f.lll'll04l I'1-oln c1lnc'nl'ion's door. lVe'll luke Iho work ihv olhvrs lofi' v Ca Anil sliiiggle ilpwzml illl'llllQll the yoaws The Fl'0NlllllC'll class must' novels ilo well Om' Senior 'vom' is clrziwing nm-air. Look ifo1-wall-al, oh you F11-slnnnii class. Look 'f0l'W2ll'1i lo the lmppy wlnlv NVhen we shall he in llnil' high c-l:1SS YVl101'C olln-rs :irc l'o-llaiy. Oh! Freslnnzin vlnss rojoivo this clay The goals ,von long lmvv sought' are The year is o'vr the crvclils mzulv The lzlslis thai you hugnn :ire clone. S. OLD NOKOMIS XV 0 ll .lun .Inn Jan. .lun Jun. .Inn .Inn 1923 A FRESHNIAN BOY'S DIARY 1. Mother seems lo think lllzll I should make some Xew Year reso- lutions, :md keep them hy writing Rl dinry wherein to record my nohle thoughts :und deeds. Gee. ii' I record ull of them, I would write nanny hooks, hut I guess I'II try anyhow. I Zlillif made no resolulions today, I didn't have time to quit' coasting to spend my time lllillilllg resolutions. I-lui I'II luke 'em 1'o-inorrow, if I don'I Iorgel. ... Mother mnde me go lo Sunday school. Gee, hui I did hate Io. -I. linekwllenl' rzikes :md maple molasses for in-ezikfust. lmd made -D me quill Uililllg. und I only had six, nnd lhziti Wllsllll' al good start. 5. lleeided to write my diary every day just when something im- porizml hnppens. llc-:ms for supper. S. I+'org,5ol whnl I did. Jnn. III. ,l'ut ai lin ran on the rails lnil 'lo see her jump, hui I guess I .lun .lun Alun .I an Jain Jain Jam jumped worse when il'n enme around the corner and hit me with il stick. Il. lhlnple molasses nnd hot hisrnits for supper. Mighty fine. .ISL Today is my hirilidnlr. Hoi n new pnir ol' red socks und 21 llilil' ol' eheekered pzmls. Need 'em loo. H-. Tezlrliei' licked me. llnd more p:mr:1kes'I'or supper but Mn would nol lel me hnre nny, heennse I got Iieked. fI'li:iI's worse 'lilllll il dozen liekens. I Ili. NYenI Io ehnrrh :md went Io sleep. Pal had Io pul' his Immlaml in my moulh Io keep me from snoring. He Tried pinching me. hui Ihnl' would noi' keep me nwnke. Ilnd n good dinner Ihoughg al- wnys do on Snmlny or when we hnve eonipfmy. 20, 'l'onu Sayer sinek me with si pin and I jumped and fore my eherkered paints. Now l enn'1' see my girl ionighi. 22. Ilol' zi dnie wilh 'Ilorolhy Smilh for Sunday nighi. Ain't you jealous ? 28, l':1 rocked on the enifs fnil und if srrnielied his foof. II made him mnd :ind he Ihrew the eat onl' 'the door. I Ianglied and he senl me To hed. 29. Sill. 'Forgot' whall' I did. Jun. 31. Goin' Io qnil' keepin' fl diary. II' didn't help ine keep my reso- lutions. Mush und milk for supper. OLD NOKOMIS 1923 A FRESHIVlAN'S ESSAY ON COLUMBUS "Columbus was a lnan who could uiake an egg stand on end with-out breaking it. The king ol' Spain said to t'olunihus: "Van you discover Aniel-iCa,'i 'Yesf said Colunilius, 'il' you will give ine a ship.' So he had a ship and sailed over the sea in the direction where he 'thought Anieriva ought to be found. The sailors quarreled and said they believed there was no such place. But after niany days the pilot ezune to hini and said: tCol- umbus, l see land! 'Then that is An1eriea,' 'said Columbus. When the ship came near, the land was full of black nien. Columbus said: 'ls this Aniei-iea?' 'Yes, it is,' said they. Then he said, 'I suppose you are the nig- gers?' 'Yes,' they said, 'we aref The ehiel' said: 'l suppose you are lifjllllll' bus! 'You are 1:ight,' said he. Then the chief turned to his nien and said: 'There is no help for it: we are discovered at last."'.. FRESI-IlVlEN'S LAMENT Think, think, think, With a useless brain, i seeg And l would that my pen could write here The thoughts that wonit eonie to ine. Ah, well for the brilliant boy As he writes with his mind at ease! Ah, well for the studious girl, That writes without thoughts ol' "Hs", But the needed thoughts won't eoine To the vaeuuni under lily hair. But,'0h, for a look at a hidden hook! And the sight of a page that is there! Think, think, think, At the end of the hour at three: But the fleeting tinie oi' a period gone Will never come back to nie. 5 3 s "M, r 4. , 'T' ' Q ' 4' E+ J . .gif :iv :fra gg,--,L- .J In 2 .nJ..l.. . r V ff 11.-A ,- lg ,1 .o :.uvMf'SArm E,xmf1n4fff1n,F' ' NN- .,A4. .I ' I' Q' 54,5 V ' f ' fo ' my , P' , 'WM QA 9 fi 5,1- fl'E Yu gilt 1, ffdf mf my L- :P in' ?'1?A:2'?'. 9 WR 'N x vm. , X ' F ,, ,L HI V, 1- N x M r-'fy' Q' I 44 S' 1 'Q .- ,FA ' -pf' f f 1 A 'im Q I ' -' - . C -we u - A kd' ' 1 . 3- ' H , , V A ' 11 ' nf -Q . '-,.f,4Q.g., qxx ' "-. Alf. t Eu 4? 'f ,' ,Rui -1-. -' X : 1, ! U4 -S' t L. M Ag V,"-'--.lifo , 1 -9- ov . .V .1 173, V L U54 ,L Y- AY, Y , N T 1923 1 i1QA1v1 -1-1 Q SENIOR DRAMATIC SOCIETY 'l'h11 S1111i11r 1lrz1111:11'i1' S111'i111'y 1:111111111s1111 111 1111311111018 111' 11111 -11111i111' 211111 S1J11i111' rlusrres 1l21S horn 1111116 111-1'i1'c 1'his y11:11'. The 111111 wus 111'g:111iz1111 111 1110 1111gi1111i11g 111' 11111 10l'1ll 111111 the f111111wi11g 111'1'i1-111-s 11'111'1P 1-1111-11111, 1'1'1-s.. 1'1S1'1l1?1' 11'I11111111111g xv1l'C'IJ1'0S., 1gC1'11l2l I1V21l'1'1SUll5 S1-r., 11'ez1s, 1111111111111 -l11.1'1111. 'l'h11 1'111111wi11g 11111--1101 1l12I.YS have 1111011 111'11Sl'1l11'11 111 111'151'1i'l'l'1l1 111111-s 11111-11111 11111 yvar. TH111 '11'l+I11I1l'ZS UF f1ANTICl111I'111Y The 11111'1111s11 111 11111 111i1LV "'l'h11 111eI111s 111. Ci1lli01'il111'j'., was 111 i111111'11ss 11111111 11111 111111111111 high Nl'1l11111 s1'111112111 11111 1111110 111' 1'11:1111'111-. 1,11 lhis lliily 1,'11:1111'111-'s C'1li'11'214'101'S :'1111111z'11'e11 111 il 17111121111 111 El J11'11i111' gil-1 111111 3511111 1lC1' 111 111111111's1':11111 111211 1hey 11'111'11 11111112111 heinggs 111111 111:11 1111'j' 11111 11111 1111s1-111' 11111 1-1'i1'i1-is111 111 11'hi1-11 111l'.Y 112111 11111111 S'1111.1Ci'1'. The 1-:1s1' 1'1'111sis11011 111. 1-11-V1-11 111111- ior girls, NV1l11 1111131011 111cir 11:11'1's eX1':e111'i1111:111y well. ROMANTIC HOLLY 'l'h11 z111v11111111'es 111' 1'1111111111i1' M1111y 1-mise 1111'1Tlj' :111111Si11g 1f111111'11i1'z11i1'111s. She is 111-111111s1111 111 1111-r 1110 11:11-1111111112 hy 1111 1111k1111w11 1111111 111111 c1111s11111s 111 .il-L-OLD NoKo1v11s 1923 elope with him. She mistakes the pliotoograplier and the bill-collector for her unknown hero, who in reality is her brother-in-law, a practical joker who 'took this means ol' curing Molly of her romantic nature. In the end Molly is glad enough to marry .lohn Brown, her chiltlhood sweetheart. Molly ............. ................ Mrs. Plunimer . .. tirace Smith .lack ...... Mr. Curtis .. Mr. Willis .. John Brown .. ........... .. ri:1seiLL,x's 1:ooM Dorothy Crouch Millicent Jayne .. . . Esther 0iDonnell .. William McCaslin .. lglarold Kettlekainp George Bollnian Milton Bollman Three college students claim 0110 room, and many amusing incidents arise over the question ol' whether the dignified Senior, Mr. Holmes, or the fun-loving Junior, Mr. Willis, or the beautiful Priscilla, should have the room. The dispute is finally settled in favor ol' Priscilla, whose arguments were supplemented by Mrs. O'Leary, the SC1'llb-WUIIIHII, and Ebenezer, the colored janitor. CAST l.'1-iseilla, :1 student' ........... Mr. Holmes, a Senior . . .. Mr. lVillis, a -lunior Mrs. O'Lea.ry, a scruhwoman .. .. rlbenczer, the janitor ......... .... . . . Velma Hill . Alvin Randles Clarence Staples Florence Miller . J anies Griffin ,l'eter, the bell-boy .. . Raymond YVl1itten CGME OUT OF THE KITCHEN U11 F1'itl:1.r, April thirteenth, the Senior lolralnatic Club of 1 71 our high school presented a three act comedy, "t.ome Out of lhe Kitchen" adapted from Alice lbuer Milli-r's romance, "tome Out of ,lhe Kitchen." lt was probably the dramatic success ot' the year for only those of dramatic abil- ity were chosen to portray the characters and credit for their excellent training should be extended 'to Miss tlreen. The play follows the origrinal romance very closely. The scene is laid in the fairly well-to-do llangerfield mansion in Virginia. Through reversed circumstances the ll2lll,Q,'01'l!lCltT family were going to lease their home to a Northcrner and leave, when Olivia, the propeller of the fainily was conceived with an idea for the four children to remain in their home as servants. Tler ingenious power led her to become "Jane El- len". the cook, and to aright matters for all concerned. That sweet, per- suasive voice ol' Bertha llarrison would have caused any family to stand by her and any st'rangg'er to lllllll04Tl5ll'0TLV 'fall in lo O L D N O K O M I S Ve with her. 1923 Paul 1111.l1lg61'1'1B111 served i11 1l1e c111111ci1'y 111' S111i1.l11'ie1d, the l1111'1e1', 10 L'211'l'j' out the 5151101116 of his sister Olivia. Wilhurii S1:111'11e11e1.' 1:o11l11 how 111111 "Yes 11lill1i1lll0, my lady!" with the 215511111011 dignity of 11 si111ili111- Sniilh- field. 1I11'1.lHL11Q1J111'y or C1lill'1QN 1Ja11ge1'1'iel1l, given hy -11111168 G1-i1'1'i11, 1'111'nis11- e1l the Clever coniedy of 1he evening with 11is 11111111 wil 111111 slight 111' 11111111 1l91'f01'111211lC6S i11 his 1111'e111111 111 111'j' dishes. 1 The we11l1'l1y S1'I'ill1gC1' 1'1'11111 the Xorth, B111-11111 1'1'1111e, l1llS1l1l1l1'11 hy wealth but true 111 111-i11ei11les of equality 11111111115 fellow men, as 1112151211 by Alvin Handles with 11is d1'11.111111'i1' 11l1i1i1v, was 1l111S1Cl'y 1111111111511 1'111' 21, Yankee 211111 yllllfllflll 01111111511 111 1'11ll il vic1i111 111 11111 il1lll1'lllg g1'2l.CL'S 111' his 1'1101i. Florence Miller 211ll1Q211'C1,1 i11 21 s11le1111i11 1111'H1'11l'0l2'I.111'l11 ol' Mrs. 1111111111-1'. the L101ll111G01'11lg lady, who wished to have 21 11211111 i11 liYl?1.'.Y111l11j"S 11ie 111111 111 1l1i11'1'j' off her t1Zll1gl11'01' to the hero. E Cleo D21.1'1'11llQ'1l as C111-11, the 11il11g1l101' 111' Mrs. F2111i1lC1', 01111111 shrug 111-11- 511011161813 at 1he PFUIJCI' time when her 1ll0111Ql' s11111'1-11 away i11 11i1',v flights, but had C0111'ilgC enough 111 love where her 1l0211'1, 11111 her. Thonias Lefferts as given hy f112ll'Cl11'0 S11111l1-s, w11s1' 1111111111--11-1'111'1' enough from his s1'111is1'i1-111 1'l'il1Il1l1Qf 111111 1111111 111111111511 111 111-sire 21 1'0llli11ll'0 and 1111111 enough fo desire 111 outdo Mrs. Filllillel' i11 11111111' 111 gain 11er 1111111111- 1'91"S hand. LGUIIEII11 31111111111 well 1'e111'ese111e11 f'l'2l1l0,S Q11101'110y, Solon '1'1ll'1iCl', as 21 veritable "Solon". A southern scene would not he 1-11111111111'e wilhoui Il 111v11l1le c11lo1'e1l 1111111111111 as 1112-IYCC1 by 1+Istl1er 0'iIi1on11ell. The Cast XV01'1iG11 long 311111 11i1igo11t1y 111111 1.011 1111111111 l1,V 1'11ei1' i111111'l1" ciative 2111171191106 111111 Q1lj0yC11 the 1.1111 111111 121l1g1l10l' ol' 1111- 1'1'11ll1lllf'G. -Miss MANN THE JUNIOR DRAMATIC CLUB Tl1e J111l11l1''1W11'i11ll511'1f' f,111111W21S o1'g1111iz1:11 i11 51'111'01ll11P1' 111111 1111s11 lll01l'l1lBl'S11111 111' 11ve111'y-six S11111111111o1'es 111111 F1-es111111-11. The 111'fi1'e1's are: Donald Pil11Sl'1l9l'1', I'1'es.g 'lieola BZIPIIQS, X"1f'C-11l'CN.Q 'R11y11111111l iKC1'1'1Glil11ll1l, Business 11lE1112lg01', 211111 Jane Silllllkill, Sec-1'1'e11s. The plays p1'ese111e1l during the year were, "Fudge 211111 il I5l11'g1i11',!, 21 l1oa1'di11g school affair, "Please Pass the Cl'G2l1I1, Il 1:on1e1ly 111'11"t1-11yi11g 1111: 1'1'11ul11es of 1Il2l1'1'1f'11 life, 111111 "Riley Living' 1?i1'1111'es" E111 evening e111'e1'111i11- 1110111 consisfing of 11111 of l1i1e.v's favorite 111101115 i1l11s11'111e1l hy 1ivi111J,' 1111'- 11lI'GS. M. G. XV. oLD NOKOMIS----- 1 9 2 3 FU111,1lC ANI? A 1il1HGLAR .I3111'g11:11- . . , . 1 . . 111111111111 Staples 111111111 . . . . 11111111 11ICIf8l1l1i1 112ll'11ll1'11 . . . . . . R11se1111 Priess 11:1 1-11111111 ...........,. ......... ....... 1 ' 11111111 13111-nes This was 1110 1'i1-sf play 111' 11113 S4,1C1G1y 211111 W21S 1l1'1?SBU11:'11 S11111eti111e i11 N1,11'1f111l1e11". 1'1,1C.XS1C PASS TI'1'1G UIIICAM 11111- 111' 1111- 11111111 111111111-1i1111s 111 1111- 1111111111- V111-11i1'111 givcii by the A111- l1-1i1- .Xss111'i111i1111 was :1 111111-1111 111ilj' "1'11'2lSl' Pass 1111- 1'1'8211l1.u T110 1'z1s1 111' L'1l2ll'2l1'101'S wus: Mrs. S111i111 ...... .... . .. Mary 1111106 Whifteu M1-. S111i111 .... ................... 1 1111111111 P2'1l1Sl'11Cl'1 Mrs. S111i111. il 1l111'Il1C1' s1'111111I 11'1,l1'1lQl' tried 11,1 teach her 1111511111111 111'ope1- 1l1Zl1lI1l!1'S, 11111 111 1111 avail. H. M. S. '111'11lCY lCN'1'1CRT.X I NM ENT 1111 1111? 1-1'1111i11g 111' M111-1111 111, 111211 11113 .11111if11.' 1111111111110 C1111J 111'ese111- -1-11 21 '11-ilvv Il1'1IQ1'21l11 111 21 large 11111111-1101: i11 11111 N. T. H. S. 111111i101'i11111. The 1-111111'111i111111-111 1-1111sis11+11 111' SOV1?1'211 11111si1':11 l1l1l1111C1'S 111111 the 1'8tlC111.lg of 11211 111' 11111-'1"s 11111-111s i1l11s11-1111-11 111' living 11i1'1'111'es. 1 N1 ff. 1 1 1 1 i Q ' 1 1 -F ' is J -I - vm ' AS- , M-- 1I1'1l1 1, -- Al"-11' 1' '1- 1 1 - f 1 11 .-OLD 1923 i. . V Y ,. -,. , 74 11 . ll- , . I THE HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS The vllurlis of This yezu- cfmlsists ul' l'o1-ty-six im-xlilu--1-s, llll1l0l' lille dir- ection of M1-. E. E. 1:21Lli?lIl?lCllCI'. 'lllllf f'llUl'IlS l'OOli pm-I in The "Kiley Pm- g1'3lll,7 given by the Junior DI'fllIlHl'lP Club. , The chorus is now lll'0Il2ll'lllg.f u inllsif-nl llllllllllil' Wllll'll they will Qllltfl in the illlllllill Field and Tl'2l,Cli Meet' ul' the vmiullv, ln he Iwlfl ut lllllslml-0. The work has been very l'2lV01'3lll'V ili1'e1-lx,-al lay M1-. lhlflc-111:11-I11-1-, and the Music DEIPHl'l'll'lC1ll' feels llmt their time has been S111-111' very p1'ufil':1bly. The man limi' llilfll nu music in himself Nor is Hill' moved by the c-01100111 of sweet? sounds. Is fit for l'l'CHS0llS, Sl1':1fege11'1s, mul spoils. The moiion of his spiril clull as night Anil his 1l.l'fGCll0IlS mlurk as illrelms. Let 110 such man be tI'llSfGlfl. " OLD NOKOMISi l l 1 4 i 1 1 1 1923? SYLVIA ACT I. This Pastorial Uperetta consisting ol' two acts was l'Cl1CiC1'9C-i by the Senior t'lass and i'iltll'llS with great sueeess. l.el us wander bark to Jan. lTth. when the rurtain was raised. to first hear the harmonious introiluetion and the opening chorus of the Hayinak- ers who with their words "XYork with a Vim" showed that with sweat? up- on your Brow you shall Eat Your I-Bread." Sylvia tllillieent Jaynel tireml ol' her betrotheil, wanders into the hay fielfl where she overhears lit-tty lremoaning her tate anll wishing she were eiigagrecl to marry a nohleman, instead ot' honest' William tMilt'on Rollmanl and sings her first song "lf l were not I, Love." liven Polly tCleo liar- roughl. Molly ttlenevieve llonrhettil aml Dolly tlisilier O'Donnelll the farmer ilaughters want to know about their Love and sing their role "0 Tell me have you met my Love?" There is Betty tJaneti McGeel who thinks that "'I'hongh love be blimli' it' would perceive. llere eomes the Farmer lqacls to show their colors and 'firmly assert' by their song that "'l'he Farmer is an Honest' Mann They even say: rleny, alis- pute it il' you van. Sylvia :mil Betty have sc-hemeil to exrhange eaieh otiher's Clothes and with the niaggie flower in their possession. Yes and Petty successfully fools lie Lacey tAIvin Ranillesl anll Sylvia sueresstully fools YVilliam. Then eaeh t'or their eareer. De Lat-ey anfl Betty 't'or the lanes and woods and William ot'l' to weed the potato pafeh with Sylvia to help him. After a harrl, :intl 'toilsome work a well preparefl meal seems niighiey good so ltobin tlilverett Grayl sounds his typieatl flinner horn. The whole appear on the seene and are so happy to know that it' is dinner iiine that they sing with grleetul air "Come out into the Sunshine." Then the euriain rlrops and all are off for chow. ACT II. Finally Sylvia :xml Betty lleelare they will be content' with their own lot and will not envy the other. They retire and change dresses and search t'or the poet' and l'armer. llnt'ort'unaiely their prank is likely to have ser- ions ronsequenees, 't'or the Lady Arabella ix70illl2'l Hilll saw Sylvia earriefl over the brook by the farmer, and the Tlarly Araminta tlililfla. Nanikesl saw cle Tiarey :intl Betty walking' arm in arm. . . Prinee 'l'ohhytum tYN'illmrt Sehroerlerl hears all about ihis, and re- solves to Expose the T.atly Sylvia that? night before The assemblefl Fourt. 'l'he Tlaflies Arabella and Araminta are not' quiie certain that 'rheir re- port' is true anfl 't'herei'ore ask the Prinee not' to meniion what they have tolcl him. Prinee 'l'obbyt'um 'tries to make misehief but' is foiled. All seein to rejoire to see the moon ereeping above the tree tops. and The final chor- ous is sounded. "See the Flarvesi' Moon is Shining." This ends the eveningr, anel all wenfl their way homewarfl. OLD NOKOMIS-i-1-- zz! S 5 an " 1923 THE SENIGR-JUNIOR PARTY "Ai 111s1! The Se11i111's are going: 111 give 11s a 1l111'1j'1" "T1lGj'.1'G going 111 e111e1'1'11i11 IIS 1111 V111e111i11e's l111y!"1S111-11 were the exc11111'1111i.1,111s r1r1111se11 1111111111: 11111 -11111i11rs when 111191 I1e111'11 1his 1111'i11i11g.f 111111111111Ce111e111. A1'11'1' 11111 1111sk111 111111 31111115 we 1111 1'11111e 111 1'11e 21SSGl1l111y where, 111 5111 1111111si11g 11111111-. we 11-sled 11111' 1i111l1V1C11gIC 111' fruits 111111 1'0f.fC1i11119S 11f1e1' w11i1-11 we w1-1-1- 1111 1Il211'1'1211011 111 11111 Qlylll W1101'C we 11121yl'11 "s11'ee1s 111111 1111e5's" 1'111' s11111e 1111111 1111111 1we1'y11111-1 w11s 11111 111' 111'l'2111'1. '111l1'l1 we 11rew 1111 sides 111111 1111111111 1'1111r11111-s. NYI11111 this 1.1111 111121111 111 11ie 1111w11 we were given Q1 112111 111' 21 1111111-1 111111 111111 111 1'i11d 11111' 1li11'1ll1'1'S, which we did with Sfllllti diffi- 1'1111.1'. '1'I111 S1-11i11rs 1-1'i1I1-1111y 11111'i11e11 111 11111110 11S 1111111 11111- 1111111 1111- 1'hey 11121119 ITS 1"X11111l'1t 11111 11111s1 1'lf111U10 11111'1s 111' this 1111111111112 11e1'1,11'e 11i1'e1'1111g 1114 111 1he s11111l11111111s l'1-11sl 1'1111y 111111 1l1'1'I'lll1'l'11. "We 111111 w1111111'-1'1'111 1'i111e!1' 618111711 21 1'i.11e 11111'1'y!" "1Ye 1'h1111k you so 111111-11, 1:0V01'1'l1l1 S1-111111-sf" -BY WVINIFRICIH THARP SOPHGMGRE-FRESHMAN CLASS PARTY '1'111' S11111111111111'11s 11111e1'1'11i11e11 11111 Fl'11S1l11'1C11 wi1'11 il H21111111'6,Gl1 Parfy 1111 11111 1-ve11i11g.g' 111' Nov. 21. 1922. A11'1l1111,Qf11 11 few days after Hi111OH'C'6D ev- e1',v1111e CIl1'01'1'11 111111 1111- S1111-11' 111' 1111: S01Qll1l1 1?j 1101-11si11n. I1 was 21 mas- 11110111110 111111 llltlllj' 1101111111111 1-11s111111es were worn. We were first asked 10 1'Ul'I1l 21 ring 111111 1'e1-111111 ones were e1111se11 111 idenfify each of 11s. A prize was 31,XVil1'l1011 10 the 111st 0116 guessed. A111111 1111s, 1111 11l1111f1S1iQ11. '1'1111 g1'G111'C1' 1'l21l'1' 111' 1'11e evening was spent .111 1-11n1es1's 111' 1111101-e111 kinds. This, 11owever, was 1'111111we11 by QZQITIIGS. 111111 111011 we 1111 I1l2'l1'C111?f1 1111sig11s 111 gI1'1A 11111' 1J2ll'1'1113l'S. 111111 were 111011 111Vi1e11 111 111e f'o11ki11g 1'o11111 XV11f'1'0 we were sei-ve11 111 CQ11'01'C1'111 s11y1e 111 11111111 1311l1QlO1'211'C 1'C'1:l'CS11l1lQ111S- 1-1111sis1i11g 111' S311f1XV11'1lCS, 'W11111111-1' s11111d, 1'11c1111, 11-e e1'e111u, 511111 WE11!G1'S. 11111 1111111 111'11Cee11e11 111 1111- Asse11'1111y w11'i1'11 was very p1'e1'1'i1y 11e1'01'11.ted 111111 110111 we 11111 j11s1'i11e 111 the "e11,1's." A1 1111s 1'i111e Mr. R1111e111111:he1' favor- ed 11s wi111 S1'1'01'1l1 11lS11'1111l01112l1 se1e1'1i1111s. A1'1'e1' F1 few 2212111195 we deparf- e11 1'1-e1i11g 111111 we 111111 1111101111 been 1'0y1111Y e111'e1'111i11e11. -BY MARY G111Ac'1m TVHITTEN OLD NOKOMIS J. 1923 f ,I 'limi W HJXL LII l XX, K. lx A . .ul - , W, r ', I rf' 1 x 'A-xiii, jill!! I g A fda-,x LW Q ke ' 5 lf!! ffl!! Z? ll l SJ A Sl-IAKESPEAREAN ROMANCE Who were the levers? Rumen :md -Tuliel. What WHS lhe C0lll'fNllill like? A Midsummer's Night" , T s I,l'l'2llll. xxdlill was her ZIUSWCI' lu his pl-nlmszll? As You Like Il. . 9 About what lime nl' The Illllllfll were lhev lll2ll'l'll!ll . Twelfth Nigh l. Ol' whom did he lmy lhe 1.-ing? Merc-lizinl' ul' Venice. XYho were the hesl mam :md lllillll ol' limim-? Anlllfmy :uid l'leupz1l1':1. lVhu were lhe ushers? The Two fiUlll'l0lllPll ul X L'l'lIll2l. NVho gave lhe 1-eeeplirm? Blilll-V 'Wives nl' NVinds 1Il'. In what kind ul' plaee did lhey live? Hmnlel. XVhal was her lllSllUSll'lUll like" The lempesl. Xxvlltll' wflff his ehiel' tN'f'llll2Il'lUll zlller llllll'l'l2lQfI'? The Tilllllllg' ol' the Shrew. OLD NOKOMIS 1923 What caused their first quzu-rel? Much Ado about Nothing. What did their mairried lii'e resemble? A. Comedy of Errors. Nvililil did they give ezleh other? Measure I'or Measure. What did their I'riends say? .-XlI's NVelI that ends VVelI. t.I:IlIiiI.I SOIQIOUL TIQ'Al'l-IEII TALKING OVER PHONE DURING LAST ,I.'EllIODj. "Hello, North School? May I talk to ...... , please? "Hello, this you 1' This is me. YVh:it are you going to do tonight? "Well leI's go to the show then. "0h! I d0n't care eilher one. lVe might go to boih. "Yes, I know we saw it lust night. "All right we will- go there first. This will make three nights this week won'1t it? "Four? 'IQet's see. You're right. Uh, well we need some recreation zlfter ai hzird d:1y's work. I should he grading some Senior themes 'i'0lliQ:Ili'. l guess Iill just jot down their average grades :md destroy 'the papers. Tlmt is my simplified method of grading. 'I' find if espeeially convenient when I Zllll busy at night. "Missing elzlss? No, you remember there is unotlier class in my rooni at ihis period. 'Ii suppose you should he tezu-liingx at this time but I didn't know when T eonld will you if I didn't do it now." tFive minutes talk on dress, too deep for writer to graspl. "You eome hy 211' 6:30. I'll be ready by then. Good-bye." tWhnti Mr. Than-ker says about visiting over the 'phone evidently does not apply to the 'I':1enl1'yl. THE SLAM UF LIFE Tell me not, in lengthy numbers, High sc-hool life is but an dream: XVoe unto the lnird that slumhers, Sueh dreams are not what they seem. Rules an-e Cruel! the Board is eau-nest! Lei' their 1'riendsh.ip he your goal: Or 'Dust thou nrt, 'to dust returneth' lViII be said, and hells shall toll! I ' OLD NOKOMIS 1923 WASTE D TIME lVhen my picture lll00l'S your pieiure In The sTaTely halls ol' fame, lVhen our 'forms have made a lnixlul lViTh The eau'-Th, and when our name Now Tho silent seldom spoken, STill like greaf names of The pasf, Leaves behind some Timely token, OH' rellenrsed in 'El'lgilSil Class, Will my portrait greet your porTraiT WiTh a friendly smile and say, "I am glad To see yon, elassmale. Are There others on The way?" "Yes l'il0l'QiS oThers, many others, They are coming, Coininpg Fast Soon The porTraiTs of' our brothers lVill adorn This hall aT lasT. Life is brief and Time is fleeiiing And The grave gaps for Them all. Soon There'll be a Tporiiraitl meefing Of The Seniors in This hall. Over There above That porTal. Is a, portraif, calm, serene, She has made her life imn'1orTa.l. 'Tis The Lilceness of Miss Green. Hush! I seem To hear her mumbling Something To Miss Mann. whols near If That janiTor'd quit siumbling YVe would be more apT To hear." "LiTTle did I Think Those Seniors As They used To wasTe Their Time, CuTTing pranks and misdemeanors, E'er would make Their lives sublime. Some are poeTs, some are wriTers, Some are masTers wiTh The pen. Some have won The name of "FighTe1 Fielding for some WorThy end. Now Their Wa,sTed time 1'0IiC0lTlill,Q', They have lefT an honored name. And The momenTs They spent flreamin YVere foundation for Their fame." OLD NOKOMIS 'e -s 0' Z' 1923 A SENIUR FAREWELL ADDRESS With apologies to Lincoln's Gettysburg Address Four and no score years ago our public schools brought forth within this township a new class conceived in wisdom and dedicated to the pro- position that all students are intended to study early and late. lVe have been engaged in a great trial, testing whether that class or any class so conceived and so dedicated can long survive. Wie have met in the great study hall of that trysting place. YVe have come to dedicate a portion of that hall as a final loafing place to those who come after us. It is altogeth- er 'fitting and proper that we should do this. But in a larger sense we can- not dedicate, we cannot consecrate we cannot hallow this hall. The form- er students who never struggled here have consecrated it far above our power to add or detract. The faculty will little note nor long remember what they said here, but it can never 'forget what we ,, did here. lt is for them the Juniors rather to be here dedicated to the great task which we have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for them to be here dedicated to the small unfinished portion remaining before them, that from we hon- ored Seuiors they take increased devotion to the cause for which we gave our last full measure of devotion, that they here highly resolve that we Seniors shall not have labored in vain, that this institution under Mr. Thacker shall have a new birth of wisdom, and that this school of the men- tally deficient, supplied by the township for the studious, shall not perish 'from the earth. HDUCKSH t'Ducks is a low, heavy-set bird, composed mostly of meat and feathers. His head sets on one end, and he sets on the other. Ducks can't sing much on account of the dampness in the moisture. There ain't no between to his toes, and he carries a toy balloon in his stomach to keep him from sinking. The duck has only two legs and they are set so far back on his running gears that they come pretty near missing his body. Some ducks when they get big is called drakes, and have curls on their tails. Drakes donlt have to set or hatch, but they just loaf around, go swimming and eat. It I was a duck I'd rather he a drake. Ducks don't give milk, they give eggs, but for me give me liberty or give me death." OLD NOKOMIS 1923 HISTORICAL FACTS Millieent says Garfield was shot in the stage. "The Federal Reserve System is a certain district set oft' in each slate, where soldiers lllily he mustered into service and also where money may he collected to run the expenses of the fiUYL'l'llllll?11l',. -A Senior. It just happened that part ol' the Seniors were wrong. "To the victor helonygs the SINlllHv-"XVll0llL'VL'l' the lflnglish arnrv niade 21 victory they destroyed everytliing and took what valuables and l'ood along, they destroyed." -IIm:it.xN Iilwcmx. Gallatin was an English explorer who discovered Lahrador. -II. I.. Cotton can he grown on the entire Louisiana Pureltase areording to lliilhurt SC11l'0CtICl'7S St2lt'Cllll3l1l'. Pitt-A leader in the Allll-'l'It'2lll Arnrv who rode twenty miles on horse- back to arouse the people and save lloslon. -IIl':nA1.xN 'l'a'1ir:N. "Pitt, the Elder" -A governor who gave serviee i11 the Indian eoni- hats. -BIILTON BoI,1,M.xN. Burr was the man who killed -Iet't'erso11 in a duel. -Anvix It.xxm.1-is, Thomas Brown believes that a niiraele liappened in INST. After slee vine' ealmlv in his egrave l'or 212 rears, Alexander Ilanlilton 2-K . 1 . arose 'from the dead and ran tor the ltl"l'SItIl'Ilt'.Y in ts:lT. They niiglit' choose a nian to lieeonie king in a Greek ritlv state it' he had many tiweepensf' -A Fnrzsnna. Pitt was Il twig politiral man about ISZU.'I-1N'l' -l.xYx14:. Pitt was a ffeueral ot the Iilnglisli ai-mv. 1-ICI.IZAl2IC'l'l'T gIlll'IClNS. H - . Pitt was sent to Iinwland to make a se 'rarate ware. -fixtcr, Thaows. 2'v Pitt was an Aineriean, and a striking figure during the Freneh and Indian XVar. Fort Pitt was taken during this war and was named after him. -V1cI.Al.x HILL. Pitt was a Quaker and tried to put iinprovenients into the British army hut tailed. -Alien M.xNsr'1m.o. Pitt was the 'favorite of the Indians. --Tosm-mxi-: Kr,.xNf'N1k. Pitt was a governor of one of the eolonies. -Bluuu, NIf'L1-mx. OLD NOKOMIS ,- i i 1 9 2 3 ' QIiU'l'.X'1'IONS FQIUJM THE FACULTY "l'MilQl'l21.S presa-ui' "-Mr. 'l'li:1c-leer. i "Luis get Quiet! -Miss Mmm. "'l'o work this 1Il'0lliUlll the easiest waxy, the hesii way, ihe quickest way mul llu- mos! 4-l'i'ic'iv111 waxy is this way" -Miss Tlauilcgv. "l'l-:1kI'ive tpr:u'lic'0l llliliil'N pei'I'1-cle" -M1-. Hu1'1'l1. "xVlll'll l ask for thc couslmciiou plcusc dou't give the Case" -Mrs. lCc'klloI'i'. "I'l:11'1- those 4'l1:1i1-s up to the iuhle when you leave!" -Mr. NVi1liu1ns. "What diil you say? I 4Ii4h1't uudei-stzuul that one word." -Miss , Yau-khr. , "l'u1 sorry" -Miss Green. "lbou'I I'org:gei to luru off the gals" -Mr. Rfuleliizu-lier. "You sue, i'0l' iIINiillll'0.h -Mr. f'repin. "lPon't forge! your uole hooks." -Miss Blliiillgfflll. 'IWIIC KIND 'I'IIA'l' MAKE 'FIIIC I7'-X0I'Ul'Y LAUGH 'Phu 'Roiuamtiv 3iUVUllll'llf iu Ellg.fiiSil Lilm-z1i'l11'e is u senfeuce in which Illilllj' wowls :ure usa-ai in L:11'iu :uni i'0li0XVl1li hy rules. t'ole1'i1igc- was horn in il vvslirige 1'Vif'V2ll'2l20i. iifillllillliit' Movuuwut in Ellf.fiiSil liierul'u1'e is one who ..... t'ole1-idge wus horn on O1-i. 21, 18712. in sc-rage ar Sf. Mary Ai'i'2101'j' in Ilovc-uvillv, Nllfjiilllli 'I ? Z' ? A uiofh-I iilllliiiliii :ulvm-lm shows the ilifiilitifj I:1H'if1uleb oi' fhe speaker. 1'lizu'I1-lilzlglui wus l'l'llWllPli one suunuer evening nhouf 900 A, D, dm'- iugg il 11-vix':1l uu-eiiugg. -Use-nv Hfliilllilll. Ihulolpln ifl'I1X'Zlllj'iI says thai' Cuba is one ol' the Hnhaum Islmlcis off the vousi oi' Floriilzl. Miss Mmm wzmis fo see his g5eog,fl':1plly. --OLD NOKOMIS 1923i l DID YOU EVER HEAR OF: James Griffin-The Human Moeking Bird 'Z "Tip" Morgan-The Human Beau Pole? Howard 1'endleton-The Sheik? Clarence Staples-The Cow Pailer? James Morgan-The Thinker? Warren Pope-Il Penseroso? Rupert Herron-Andrew Gump? Albert Viola-Soda Squirter? Carl Fleming-Fifth Ave. Preacher? 1 'Y Alice Mansfield-Liji Island Missionary ? Madelynne Ronehetti-Mighty Katrinka? Florence Miller- A Second Madam Curie? Donald l'auscl1e1't--"Bo" Melilillin? Leroy Ramsey-The Dougbboy? Douglas Becker-The Prodigal Son? John Arkebauer-The Missing Link in the Darwinian Theory? Elizabeth Christian-'lfhe Man Hater? ? ? I Emil Maxiemer-Liglltning Fire Marshal? Alfred Green-The Muse? Florence Kelly-l'erpetual Motion I'ersonil'ie4l? Millieent Jayne-The Human Fliver? A GlHL'S ESSAY ON .BOYS Boys are men that have not got as big as their papas, and girls are women that will be ladies by and by. lilan was made before woman. When God looked on Adam He said to Himself: "Well, l think I can do better if I try again." And He made Eve. God liked live so much better than Adam that there have been more women than men. Boys are a trouble. They wear out everything but soap. If I had my way half the world would be girls and the rest dolls. My papa is so nice that I think he must have been a little girl when be was a little boy. Man was made, and on the seventh day he rested. Woman was then made, and she has never rested since. OLD NOKOMIS ,. 1923 "THE FRESHIE S" is for Alfred. a country-boy strong, is For "Babe" who loved hini so long. is for Clerla who always is quiet, is 'I'o1' Dorothy who goes tlll 11 clief. is for Euln, n i-eil-lieauled girl, is for Florence whose hair is in curl. as for Grnees of which we have two, is for Helen who never looks blue. for lsahelle with long yellow locks, is for John who lakes Soils and Crops is for Keating af whom we all giggle, is for Lester who never does wiggle. is for Mm-y of which Tllel-e :nie four, is for Nevn who's siraiglii' as ri floor. is for Olin our class president, os for l'1-less whose nose it is bent. is for Quentin so silly we think, is oI'o1' .Rapp whose eyes never blink. is for Stella so c-oy and Seclafe. is for Tznnnien who never was late. is for yon who lzmgli at this poem, is for xv61'lCli0l' who ought' fo go honie. is for Whiliien who wears funny belfs, is for X and nobody else. is For Young whim-h :ill of ns are, is for Zigninn who lives very far. With Apologies, Doi' OLD NOKOMIS 1 9 2 3 HIMQLWTTKAMFTEIAfisiitfieveLETTE ' UliAI'TEli I The young man who sat in the window of the eighteenth story of the Colossus building balanced himself neatly on the window ledge and sur- veyed the eddying noon-day throng beneath him. There was an air of elegance a11d self poise about him that bespoke the man ot leisure and re- tinement. Suddenly he heard the niad clang ot' a bell down the street, and with a Sudden motion turned to see a tire engine rushing up the crowded thor- oughtare. A second later a cry of horror arose from the street. In his eagerness the young man had lost his balance and was :falling with lightning speed to the street below. CHAPTER II. The faces of the thousand who saw the frightful leap were pale with terror as the young n1an's body, striking a projecting sign in his flight, bounded far out toward the street. Women wept, and strong men turned their blanched faces aside. lVith a horrible thud the falling figure reached the granite pave mid- way in the street. CHAPTER III But the thousands who rushed forward to see if a spark of life re- mained in the prostrate figure were suddenly held back. The fire engine with maddened steeds and heavy rumbling wheels, was close at hand. In vain the frightened driver tried to check the pert-ipitous motion of his machine. ,w As well might he have stopped the ball at a C2lIlll01l,S mouth. Almost before the crowd could know what had occurred the flying en- gine had reached the prostrate l:01'llIl and passed directly over it. CHAPTER. IV Save for the low sobs ol' some anguished woman and the mul'l'led ex- claniations of horror from the men the crowd was completely hushed. Two of the bravest men in the awed assemblage sprung forward, to- gether with a stout policeman, and stood above the form ot' the young man. The policeman turned away with a sad face and started 'l'or the patrol box. Q But ere he had taken two steps the figure on the pavement straigliteu- ed out, and the young man rose. dusted his clothes oft' lightly with his handkerchief and started to walk away. :'H0ld on," said the Officer, f'you're injured." "I guess not,'i replied the young man as he airily lighted a cigarette. "T played a tackle on the N. T. H. S. football team against the Pana eleven ot 323. -CHICAGO RECORD OLD NOKOMIS 1923 PLA YIASG THE GAME XMI l'2lIlf1f :ull play an NVil11lillQ ganna- SUIIICUIIC is Sure fo luseg Mit we 4'2'l,ll play, so Hml' our name Nu uno may dare :lc-4-uso. :Lf wlwn the Maxim' H1-l'01'Q0 W Svoros zlgzlinsl our llillllll, ll wmfi 110 NYIIUHIUI' w0'v4,- won ur lost Hui' how we'vv lil2l'YC'fl the game. -J. B. Dowxm O L D N O K O M I S 1923 ' FQOTBALL IN N. T. 1-1. S., 1922 During the second week ol' school iu Septe111l1e1' the call to ill'1IlS was sounded 1111'U1lg1l the halls ol' N. T. 111. S. 4X1101l1' t1Y01l1'.V loyal followers of the pigskiu 2.1SS011l111GC1 011 the grid-ir011 for the first football practice. It was very evident 111211, our Foolhall 1821111 of '22 would uoi' he :1 rec- ord breaker. Firsf, The weight oi' the 1'0211ll was The higgexl' 111-opos11'io11. SC1l1'0QL161'W11'1l 11i5ll1s. ol' beef was the heaviest 1111111 ou The 1'ea111 211111 some of the teams fo he 111e1i averaged more 1111111 that ro each Illilll. Second, it was ouly the second year of fooihall at N. T. 11. S. aud 21i'C1l1'1111lQ: to Coach Stagg of U111C2lg2,'U11A takes 1!f1111' years To 1112114021 good 1'oo1'l1all player. So i11 spife of the fact that we were laekiug ill 110111 weight' and ex- perieuee we did have grit t'o "Figl11i". Coach Crepiu worked very diligently wiih the team during the 1101 1111111111 of SQIl101ll116I'. 1111 S011101ll11G1' 30 Coae11 Crepiu sent' his ligl1lweigh1 eleven agaiusi :1SSU11l1l1Z1U1l 011 The N. T. 151. S. grid-irou. I1 was obvious 110111 the start that ASSU1111J1'101l would be victorious for they had 51 four year 111011 111111 3 three year 1110113 also they averaged 165 lbs. But N. '1'. 1'1..S.11CVl'1'g?.1Y0 up hut fought to the lasf. hul' io no avail as the score was against 1110111 4-1- 0. T11e following Satui-clay Coach Crepiu 1llf1tC11Gf1 his 1021111 Z1g31l1S1' Tower Hill. Nokomis had GVC1'y11l1llg i11 her .favor except ihe breaks of the gzuue. They were strictly against' her, for she losii 28-11. Time afiier time NU1C011'l1S would have the ball in s1'riki11g disiaiiee of ihe goal only 'to lose it iu 21 costi- ly 10111111116 Theu came 'the game that to the iearu 1110211117 the big gzuue ol the season and The one day they must XV11l. The Life111'1e1d High 1111110 dowu with the idea that they would repeat the S9-0 defeat ol' last year. The Nokomis eleven said ihey would not and 1'11e llggI'QSS1.VC1l0SS of The Koko- OLD NOKOMIS 1923 mis team t.ililll0llSil''l5ti it. In the first half Schroeder with perfect inter- ference went around end t'or a touchdown and he also kicked goal. The score stood T-tl at the end of the first half. ln the second half Schroeder made a lucky touchdown on a l'umble and added an additional point by a fake. .-Xltho the game was a good one filled with joy for N. T. H. it was also very sad, for in the last quarter "Syeamore". or Clarence Staples, one of the best men on the squad, wrenched his knee and was forced to lze out the re- mainder of the season. Also we lost the services of our star center, Brown. lle accepted a position which forced him to drop football. The loss of these two men greatly crippled the team, for both were stars at their particular positions. The next game which was to be played at Assump- tion was ea,neelle4'l on are-ount of a heavy rain which made it impossible for the teams to play. Un November -1- we journeyed to Sehi-oeder's childhood home, Tilt. Olive. This team enjoyed unusual success for it had defeated seven teams and was beaten by only two. llowever Nokomis was equal to the occasion and fought like demons against' the superior weight and knowledge of the Mt. Olive aggregation. In the first' halt Nokomis came within a yard of the goal only to have the whistle for the half blow and rob them of their touchdown. Then in the fourth quarter Nokomis opened np her aerial at- taek which brought them to Mt. 0live's 'five yard line. Here we tried one ol' our short passes only to have an end break thru and knock it down. The final score was ISU-tl. In the next game we met the strongest' teain in our football schedule. We knew l'ana would defeat us for they averaged lTtl lbs. to a man. During the first' quarter we hehl them to a ti-T score, Schroeder scoring a touchdown on an intercepted pass. Also in this quarter, quarterbaek Handles made a brilliant run of -ltl yds. but the field was so rough he fell to the ground on their 'five yard line. Also when he fell he in- jured his knee and had to be taken from the game. By this time the superior weight began to take its toll on our men for they were bumped around so much that they were exhausted. Then l"ana entered a t'resl1 team and walked away with Nokomis tit!-ti. Our last game was played at llivernon on Armistice llay. It had rained all day and the field and ball were so slick that it was hard to play a good fast game. Nokomis played some very bad football in this game. Subsequently they were defeated 40-tl. This was our last game of the season because we had so many H1611 injured and out of the game we decided to quit and start Basketball. The Football season of N22 from the financial and material stand- point was a failure, but from the moral standpoint it was a success. All the boys played the game hard and clean. A feeling of better fellowship was established among all the boys which will develop into a lasting friend- ship. It seems fitting to mention t'oaeh Crepin at this time. He did all he could to help N. T. 1'I. S. have a good football team and the degree of success it aceoinplished was due to his untiring efforts. He is a man with very high standards of morality. always urging the boys to form clean habits and morals. A coach like Mr. Crepin is hard to find and il think N. T. ll. S. is indeed fortlmate to have him as a coach and instructor. OLD NOKOMIS 41 LH. 1923 BASKET BALL COACH ClilDP.l.N "Cl.llC.l"' This is the second year Coach Vrepin has been with ns. Without his valuable Basket-hall knowledge the leain conld lievm- have am-oiiiplislied the degree of success it did. The .fellows not only liked him as a eoacli hut also as a pal. He seemed one ol' lhem and all The fellows mmfideul in hi1n. He always insisted that the team be sporlsmen and always play the game Clean. He always C-llSC0lll'flgE?ll rough facfl' Ile is to N. T. ll. S. one coacli aniong' a thousand. CAPTAIN CICCHETTI HCICCTTE, PETE". STANDING GUARD This was "Peie's" fourth year on the squad and he made it a l"CC01'Cl one. Many a forward found Pete a brick wall when li-ying to get past? him for the desired goal. Many limes he broke np an enlire play withoni any assistance. He always played han-d and was a stellar man nl' his position. The position left vacant by his g1'adnal'ion willxhe Inn-d to fill. WILBURT SCHROEDER "WlB". FOR-WARD ' "Wih" was The main point' winner on the Team lhis year. llc- played in every game and was the same dependable "Will" ill all the games. This is i'Wib's'f last year and it is to be Pegretled lhat he will not again appear workiug for N. T. H. S. on the basket hall floor. CARL BROWN UBROONH CENTER Brown, oiu- lengthy and heavy front man, played his last' year of High School haskel' hall fhis year. Allho handicapped by weak arches he proved a Very valuable man lo the leani 'rlirnoul' The year. Ai' The opening of The OLD NOKOMIS 1923 season he played guard hut' his I-Basket eye was too Valuable so he was plac- ed at center. Without him our short pass system lacked the customary snap t'or he never lost the hall. Ile will he missed on the team next year. FlQlCBl'lNtl "IIIt'K" FUHWARTI . Altho this was Fleming's first' year on the squad he played like an old timer at the game. Ile was always l'ull ol' pep and lightiing. .Xltho he was not heavy he was very sturdy huilt and used it to good advantage in going thru with the hall lor m the eounty tournament. any a goal. His work was exceptionally good in BUIGL "SPONI'bITLlX" GUARIJ "Fighting gnard"g such is a fitting name for our little nervy guard. lle never stopped lighting until 'the last whistle hlew. He was always de- pendahle and always used his head. Many a forward twice his size was held seoreless hv his exeellent' 0'uardine'. Several times at initial moments . P1 P in the game he would slip up and loop one in. He should he a stellar guard next year. IIIQIIHUN "llI',l'lfI, lt'll.XI'lUI.J" Slll-S FUQIQVWARD .Xltho elassed as a suh forward in many ol' our games he was placed in l"leming's position. Ile is noted l'or his hasket shooting eye. He was al- ways dependahle and a wonderful drihhler. Ile handled the hall exeelleni- ly hut was handieapped hy his light' weight. Ile should he a big man in the si-ore-hook next' year. JIUIIHAX "'l'll'l'Y" SVR ClCN'l'lCII- 'l'ippy played eenter the l'irst part ol' the year hut was shil't'ed to suh renter when Hi-own was placed as pivot' position. Of course il eould not he I' expeeted that he out play Brown For Ili-own is an old head. l'hen Tip's weight also handicapped him. IIe played a very good game ol' hall and many times made eounters. Ile ought 'to play a good game next' year. S'l'.Xl'l,l'lS "S'l'.Xl'l'IS. SYt'lA3l0l!l'I" SVIS tll'AIllJ l Syeamore makes use ol' his ahility at guard. 'lfe is good at the de- fense and onee in a while gets a hasket on the offense. I-Ie was handirap- . I ped this year lay a wrenehed knee whieh he received in foothall. 'He ought' to make the guard position on the team next year. l'l+INlDl.lC'l'0N "-lllallltl, I'ilINT'f SVR 'FOIIWAHIJ .lumho was the smallest' man on the leamg nevertheless his hasket shoot- ing and complete mastery ofnthe sphere won him a place on the first' len. lle is 'fast as a streak and with a little weight he ought' to make good. Ml-ICNARY "MAC, Ll'1FTY" Altho this was Mae's first year on the team he nevertheless made good. The l'aet' that he is lel't' handed makes .ghim a hard 1nan to guard. YVitl1 -- .ears lielore him he is hound 'to make good. l lllltl mon yn OLD NOKOMIS 1923 MOELLER HGEORGEU Although sickness kept him from the first squad this year he never-t'he- less went out with the first ten at various times. His playing was of a cali- bre to make mention of him on the first team. lf he does not have any bad luck .in the tiwo reinaining years he will be one of N. T. lgl. coming bask- eteers. THE BASKET BALL SEASGN GF 'ZZ-'23 At the close of football season the coach and men were given a, week's rest. Then candidates for Basket'-ball position were ordered. to report for practice. Twenty two candidates reported for practice and within a week Basket-ball was in full swing ati N. T. H. After three weeks of hard pi-attire the first game was played against Coffeeng altho N. T. 1-l. S. won. the game was very slow. Seven men were used during the game. The score for this game was 12-S. The next game we played against Morrisonville on their court and altiho the referee was against ns N. T. H. S. won 223-17. Fleming made a. total of thirteen points in this game. ln the next game we proved why we should have won the county tournament, for on Der. 20 we beat Fillmore to the tune of 19-15 and N. T. H. S. played poor ball at that. This was our last game before the holidays. During the holidays the boys broke training to some extent, but not enough so that they could not obtain revenge for that football de- feat. N. T. H. S. beat Assumption on Jan. by the score of 20-12. The next game we plaYed the widely heralded Wiitt team. People said lVitt would double the score. But before a crowd of seven hundred and fifty YVitt had a hard time beating N. T. H. S. by a score of 19-1.11-. This game deinonstrated the fact that YVitt's team was not any better than the basketeers of N. T. H. S. The gate receipts for this game were one hund- red and fifty seven dollars, the largest gate receipts of any single game held ill N. T. H. S. gymnasium. The 13th of January proved Mt. 0live's undoing for N. T. H. S. beat them on that date by a sf-orc of 19-12. Tn this game Schroeder hit a lucky stride and made 16 of the 10 points. On Jan. 10, Morrisonville came back for revenge but were foiled. N. T. H. S. beating theln 15-fl. The game was rough and tumble throughout but N. T. H. S. played clean and fast, thereby winning the game. llenld came to Nokomis on Jan. 20 and altho N. T. H. S. ran np a eonifortahle score in the first half Benld staged a sensational 1-omeback in the last half while N. T. H. S. was sleeping a.nd came within one point of winning the game from the Red and Black. The final seore was 20-21 in N. T. H. S. favor. On January 26 we journeyed to Gillespie. The gymnasium and referee were both against ns. The neutral f?l referee did not display the white flag but instead the orange and black of Gillespie High. Then, the gym. had two large beams extending across the playing floor, directly in front OLD NOKOMIS------ 1923 ' ot' the basket, so therefore N. T. lil. Sfs long shots were not effective. Gilles- pie heat us 25-IZ. Our next game was played against Lewiston High. This team is eoaehed by llarold Osborne, t'ormer Illinois 'University track star and 'present holder ot' the Inter-collegiate high jump record. Between halves he gave an exhibition ol' his high jumping clearing the remarkable height' ot six teet two inehes. The Lewiston fellows were all Clean Cut and played a very elean game. N. T. IT. S. was away off form that night and consequently were defeated by the exeellent basket shooting ol' Lwis- ton. The final sc-ore was Ill-I2 in Lewiston's favor. Ailt'0l' this we played our return game with Wilt. This time lVitt was positive ot beating us for I'-lrown was siek and they had the advantage ot' their home floor. The score with Will' was 215-15 in their favor. Here it must? be said that Witt gave us a very square deal this year and very good treatment. lil-own had not suf- tieiently recovered to play the next' two games with us. Consequently with hard lurk thrown in we were defeated at Tayloi-ville. However, noth- ing eould be gathered from the strength ot our team tor the game was slow and very poorly played. The Nt. Olive game at Mt. Olive was a rough house t'rom beffinnine' to end' oniv two fouls were Called durine' the whole game. P1 P! 7 1 35 ta lVe were the only team who had beaten Mt. Olive so they wanted revenge and thought they rereived it. Hut during the halt' our eoaeh instructed us to let them run up as big a sc-ore as they liked, but look out so NVGitllflll,t get hurt. lVe did aeeordingly. The last halt' the teams stood around watching Mt. Olive men trying to hold a wrestling tournament in a Basket ball game. Tile final seore was ,ttl-tl, but the sf-ore ot' this game did not mean a thing tor Nokomis haul beaten them fairly and squarely and Mt. Olive did not. The next week the eounty toln-namenti was held at Hillsboro. An ae- eount of these games will be tound under a separate heading. Our first game atter the tournament was with Taylorville. Buel, our 'fighting little guard was missing out ot' the line-up so Schroeder was shifted from forward bark to running guard. The game was a. fast one and Taylorville was given a real t'ight but 'ltupert llerron, our forward, was not used to playing the whole eon test and after playing a brilliant game fOll' three quar- ters ot' the game we were toreed to use another man. The seore when the l'inal whistle blew was 29-Qtl, in favor ot Taylorville. The last game of the season and the last one ot' high sehool lit'e for Sehroeder. Brown and tfio- ehetti was played against Ramsey. It was a hotly contested game through- out although Nokomis was still minus lluel. Then in the t'ourth quarter Srhroeder was put' out on four personal touls. Til0l'P'i'Ol'O with only three regulars to 'finish the game and the score tied when Schroeder was put' out, Nokomis lost hy the small margin ot' three points, 21.-19. llamsey later plaeed second in 'their llistriet being defeated hy tlreenville who placed t'ourth in the state. OLD NOKOMIS --1923 The XO1i1,11ll1S Basket 111111 T1111111 this yliill' wus up 11,1 111e s1111111111'11 of N111111111is. 11ilS1'j'C21l'11'C111116041 se1-111111 111 1'11e L'011ll1.j' 1'U111'Ilil1l1U1l1. This year we pl11ce1l 1:e1-111111, 1111111 times 1-11111111e1'111g what 800111011 111 he insur- 1l1U11l11'i11l10 11i1"1'ie11111es. With 111e 11l111'C1'1lIl 1111 11111111 11111 Nlllillllllii llaslce- 1eers next year 5111111111 keep up 1l1e 1'e1-111'1l sel' hy 111e 1011.111 this year. N1Q11il1- ing 11111 1113 11111re 111111111 11ere 1.111111 11 11111211 w11r11 1'1'11111 lhe 1111,1's going 11111. The w111'1ls 111! 111e g1111li111111's have 11 1'e1-ny 13111111 2l1111111f1111U11 here, "We 111111111 1.11 leave, 51111116 ,Y111l77. THE COUNTY TOURNAMENT T11e 511l1l1gUl11C1'j' C11111115' TO1l1'1121l1lQ1l1' was 1111111 111 111e 1lil1s11111'11 1111111- 1111111i1y High School Feb. 8-U. As 11s11111, X11k111111s 111-ew the 1121111 141-11e11111e, 11111' 1hey 111111 111 1V1l1 1iO111' gzunes 111 Wlll the t1,1111'1111111e111 111111 1111 1l1e rest 111111 l'111V1ll1J11t three. 01ll'f1l'S11 Qilllllf was 111211611 2123111151 Fil1'1ll1,?1'SV111l?. We knew this game 111111111 11111' he 21 1111111 ilW21,j' by Zllly 111021118 1111' Wilt 111111 only C1B1fQ21fQC1 11112111 by 111111' 111111115 111111 XV111 111111 111'1!0i11'L'11 us 111'i1'1-. The game 5111111911 wi1'l1 il rush 111111 1lL51'1'l31l F111'1llC1'SV1110 seve1'11l 1121b'1iU1S while N. T. 11. S. 1'Cl1li11llC11 s1'11r1-less 11111 111 11111 1111111 1111' N. T. II. S. 1'lQQl11'l'11 11111' 111ei1' 111'- feuse 111111 1:l'0lll 111e11 1111 1111111111-1-s1'1111e was lJ1lW0l'1l'FN 11g11i11s1 X1l1i111111S' w11111le1-ful S1101'1' pass. N. T. H. S. was v1e111r 115' il 1'111111'111-1'11111e 111111-gill. Our IICX1 game was 21gi11l1S1' l111y111111111. I1 was 1411111 111111' 1111,1'11111111l1s players 11'ere11111 sp111'1's111e11. N. T. H. S. 14111111 111111111 this 111111 111111 111111 111 11'i11'1-11 11112111 very 1-losely 11111 N. T. H. S. 11111 11111' Villj' 1'1'11111 1111111' 1-1111111 111211- iug 111111 111 1he 111.s1 112111. 111! 11111 111111111 p111y1+1l so 1'11s1 111111' 1111y111111111 11111 11111 have Very 111111'l1 e1111111'e 111 1l'Ui11 11111111 11ir1y. 111111 11e1'1-1111111 11111111 QT-15. 1 0111' next 351111111 111' 11111 111111-11131' was 11g11i11s1 11111' 11111 rivals, Wi11. Wi11 111111 N11k111111s were pi1'11e11 I'111- f'1l2llll1111111S1l1l1 111' 11111 1f1111111,v 11111' 11s 11s1l111 1111111 10211118 111e1' 111 11111 semi 1'i11111s 11'1-11r111g' 11111111 1111111 11111111 1111' 11116 I'111111s. 11111 N111111111is w1111l1l r11111e1- l121V1' 111-1111111 1V1t1' 1111111 111111 11111 1'0111'1l0j'. Wi1'1' 111111 1102111111 11S 11111-e :11111 1111111 was 21 1-111111011 111 UV011 1111 ll12111l'l'S. The 111111111 see- s1111'e1l 11:11:11 111111 f1ll'1'11, 1'1rs1 N1111111111s llllillllllg, 1111-11 XY111 lllilfllllg, 1111111 te11111s playing ex1'11111-111 l111s11e1 111111. 111 11111 111i1'1l 1111211'l'l?1' NV111 1'1l21l'1'11 the '1'Z1.1' 11211111111 T111-1-11 1111 11111 1111111-. The 1Vi1'1 1'11tl11'l'S 1V01l1A 1vi11l: N11lC111l11N 111115' 1411111011 '1111' T111-1'11 1-11111111111111l 21 1111'111111'111 110111, the 11111111111 1111 S11-111:-1111 1111 1111' 1'l1111r. The s1'111-11 was 111111 17-17 Wl11?l1 '1li11'1'1'1 1111110 111. S1111-11011111 111111111 1119 1511111 111111 N. T. H. S. 1111j11,v1,-11 21 11111- 11111111 le111l. '11l11'11 N111111111is s111g:1-11 El 1101111111111 1'11111e11111-11 w1111'11 111-111111 111l'0C 11f1s11e1's. 1Vi1'1 1111111 U'11'11 111 s1'11g:g11 1111e 111 11111 l11S1 five l1l111l110H 111. play 111l1f N1111111'111s' 1le1'e11s11 w1111111 11111 yield, C111lSG1111Q1l11j' N11k11111is w1111 21-IT. This 11111001-1 us 111 11111 111112118 11g3q11i11s1' F111lI11'l1'l3. The 1'l111111pi1111s11ip 111111111 was 21 H5111 S1g'l11'. Fill1111'11'e 11111'VU1'S '151'0S1l 11111111 .2111 1'11'1'e1-11111111 re-S1. N111111111is players 2111Sl'l1111'G1y 1112111112: 1111 1l1e1r nerve, urging 1111111 11ver1ire1l 11111l1es 1111 111111 11111l1i11g 11111 I11111111' 111 1'11NVf1l'11 1i11e11' e'1"1'0r1S. -B111 1'l1P11' 1111111113 were 11ver111X111l. 11111111111 01l1111l'fl111'1' was 111 11s 01111. The S1101'1' pass Sj'S1'9l11 11111 11111 have any snap, 1111- five 1111111 1le1'e11Se 1923 was weak. Nokonnis lost to Fillmore 17-9. This is the second consecutive year Nokoinis won second plaee in the county and missed 'first only by a narrow margin. lt' this record can only be kept up, I think it will show that the N0kUllllS Township High always measures up to championship calibre. THE DISTRICT TOURNAMENT ln the District T01ll'1lillll0Ill' March 2. 13, 4, at Shelbyville, X. T. H. S. again drew a heavy schedule. They played Effingham the first game and were det'eated by a score of 38-35. Everybody at the tournament said it was the best game in the whole tonrnainent. N. T. H. S. short pass worked wonderfully and it' our old tournament jinx had not been on us we would have probably gone to the finals. As it was, lflffingliain went to the 'finals and lost to Altamont' by only one point and played with only four regulars while N. T. H. H. 'taeed their regular tive. The 'Effingham started out with lGt't'in1flla1n leadin 1' until the first' quarter, when the seore stood l5-5 in 1- L fa ' mt' 'l'It't'i1w'l1 nn Then Y T ll S bee'an to fret into torni, clilnbinff ui 25 .voif, ,.,a. i. . ,,, ,., until at the half the score was 'lti-lit. In the third quarter the game was in fnll swing, Nokoniis using their short pass to wonderful advantage, lifting- hain playing the eorners with excellent basket shooting. The score at the quarter stood 25-22 in 'favor ol' N. T. 'HQ S. Then Nokoniis kept on seoring till five minutes before the game ended. She had a five point lead only to be robbed of it by an lCt't'inglnnn center getting a streak of lnek, followed hy two freak baskets by the forwards. This game however, was not disap- pointing: to N. T. H. S. enthusiasts for they held that N. T. H. S. came within tive points ot' winning the distriet tourney. However, Nokonlis team this year was as fast' as any iealn in the distriet, but were short on good basket shooters. Fleming, Schroeder and Brown were fair, but it would have meant many more vietories if they would have looped thein in a little better. lirown reeeived honorable mention at the District. Cioehetti made first all star eounty tealn. and Sc-liroeder nlade second all star eounty. The first all star County this year was picked by the referees while the newspapers pieked the second. 5 40 S dwg' with? 1.32, - . gefgfgi, -::-15? 'mf wr ? 4 ,Q : OLD NOKOMIS Y S0111-uefler Flemming Bi-own Uioclielti Buell Morgan HQI,'1'tJH 1"C-211111611311 BICJIIIIHIQ' Staples Moeller Total N. T N. T N. T. T N. T N. T N. T N. T. N. T. N T N. T. N. T. N. T. N. T N. T. Total N. T N. T. N. T N. T N.T 1 9 2 3 ' RECORD UF lND1QVl,DU.XL PLAYIGRS FG Field Goals l'e1'sunul ,lfouls Scored Points "fi -il li. 143 ,, 23 3 18 11 7 5 1 14 3' 3 13 11 14 5 T 1. RECORD OF BASKlC'l'BALL GAMES 12 Coffeen 23 Moifrisoliville 18 Fillmore 20 Assumption l--l Wfitt 19 Ml. Olive 15 11fIOI'1'1SOIlV.l11Q 21 Benld 12 Gillespie 13 -LCW1S1'0XYll 15 XVitt ll 'Paiyloirville fl Ml. Olive 19 'l'nyloifvill0 17 Ramsey 236 TOURNAMENT GAMES 26 Falrmersville 243 Ra,yi1'10nfl 22 XVilili 7 Fillmore DISTRICT il'OlUliNAMlCNT llCll'i,ngl1:1m Sli -l-El 'H' 0-I 0 A li Oli 24 236 0 D S 1,7 15 12 19 13 ss 20 25 :ai 271' .ro an 20 0 T 09 IT Ili 20 17 fl .S 1923 ' .lr-fi-" I ,495 - 1 f c, V 4-'dll' if 4' '-f, fill?" I RR an 15256 iiellll HQ i M' IH , ji AT- mf-l4.',T.-9-1 A , ' 1 -- ' ' 'E if b mug - g, 7 l if 4741wFsQ4WQ2 ", A ' 7 A- l if W-f I H 'Wf .. .ima - Q. -17 ,--...c'1.-1-.:x.LF-7'uL -rs--fN"X-A ' A - H' THE TRACK Il' has heon Sll,2'QfOSl0fl hy numeroiis pei-sons owing To lhe fuel ihaif The lralvlc lI'l0Ql' Connex too lnle lo he ellilefl in lhe aumual, Thai the Il1'0C6fll1laEQ years mer-in he placed in The zlnnuul. The smnnmries of the 1922 year meef are: Grrmgain plan-ell liersl' in the low lim-allesg IC0l'lll?lG'IlllD placed firsi' in the Disens, lllllfllllljjx' ii' over lllll l'1'. and fm' tl'lll'fllSf2TllCiHg his nearest Com- pelilorg O,Bl'l0ll plzwerl lhirfl in The Mile Run. Schroeder placed first' in the lnrozul jump :xml Pole Vault. Secoml in the Shofput nurl jzlvelin. 'In 'rhe Polo Vault he broke lhe eounly reeorfl of 10 lil. -L l-2 in. Setiillg fl new rnslrlc ol' '10 l'I'. 6 in. The prospects 'lhis LV02'll' are not so good. Schroeller is going l':1il'ly well :incl M'elC11:i1'y Ill'0IlllSf'S lo he Fl worllny' Second To him in The Pole Youll :mil Rlhillllllllllll. l3i'nkenlxoff,' Sinples, Kapilla, X-Vllll'lPl'l. HeCaSi'lin :mal Viola will also make goorl this 3'e:l,r. 'I'he f-l0lllll"V Meal' will he held at Hillsboro, May '12, OLD NoKo,M1s--lid f' 1923 Hun. 3 Qfagr uf X - S NG . f ' X -sc QJ X f Z' STS . f ff-dd-K ,N s p 4: ff f - -mfs. f l ' '-src , f Fw .ff 1 'f e 4,mVd if - . f ""'5im, s f S s X ' ,. V Quiz-' ' Sept. 5 Mr. Thaeker's unintentional joke resulted in a laugh by those pre- sent in Assembly. "Is anybody taking Clieinistry that isn't in this room?" T Al Sept. fi Seating arrangeinent. Sept. T Many of the boys have become expert throwersg they are now able to knock clown fifteen apples with one apple. Sept. S The Freslnnan boys appear graylieatleil in Assembly today due to the effects ol? soap in their hair. Sept. 11 The sutlllen eliangre ol' temperature eauserl many to come to school wearing coats aml sweaters. Sept. 12 Miss Green lays the tonntlation for book publishers in her Eng- lish Classes. The Freshmen elect ol't'ieers. Sept. lf-2 lYe are ilisniissecl at 2:-15 for the benefit of those who wish to at- lienil the Business Men's Ball flame. Sept. 14 The Freshies make an attempt to attentl the Junior 4-lass meet- ing. Sept. 15. The first meeting of the Athletic' .Xssoeiation was heltl. IQ Sept. - Dorothy flroneh borroweal Xla1leline's powtler puff. Sept. 19 The llietionary appears to he an asset to the Freshies. Sept. 20 Prof. gives a beauty let-lure for lailies today. Sept. 21 Some more ol' the girls appear at sehool loflay with hobberl hair. The Senior llramatie t'lnb organized. Sept. A number of the Ag. stuclents and Mr. are attenfling the State Fair. Sept. 25 Blue Monday. N0h, Knowleilge where art thou?" Sept. 26 .All the "Freshies" :intl 'iSophs" who elo not know the multiplica- tion table are permittefl to speak. Sept. QT Miss 'Nlann gave a surprise in honor ol' her History 'IV Classy ex- amination paper and a shoe string quiz tas she eallefl itl were served for refreslnnents. Sept. 29 The 'faculty appointed the ll'lGll'lll0l'S ol' the Annual Staff. OLD N0KOMIS ---1 1923 Sept. Il!! Pep meeting to prepare I'o1' our I'irst Foot Bull game of ihe season Url. Oct. Oet. Oct. whit-h is to he playa-il with Assiiniplion tomorrow. 2 Miss Munn shows her uhililly lo nialke lest questions for the Seniors. Ii Some Sophoniores :ire ohligeml to heconie Freshmen again. Alfred Metluslin is the only one who knows the Som-zilic method of teaching. -1- l'roi'. :ite an aipple during the thirty niinnle pei-ioil. 5 The -lnnior 'ill'illll2lfll' Soeiely oi-gzniized toalziy. Hel. li Mr. Tlmeker zieeonipzinies his Coniiiiereiul A1-ithnietic Class to a Hui. Het. Oct. movie show in the Seienee ltooni. Sl The teachers assign long, long lessons. 10-Q14 fl'ezieliers' 'lnstilule :ii Hillsboro. Ili During the rzieaiiioii, the stinlenls forget' how to entg they left most ol' lheir dinner on lhe ilesks :incl in the "gym," Oct. l7 Millieent' .lsiyne wants to know whether zi foreign wonmn who Hel. llel. fllfil. llllll'1'.l0S :in Aineriezin citizen-tlnis heconiing :ni American citizen her- sell'-lives wiih hini in this eoliiilry for ai short time, :ind then gets al, clivoree, is still nn Ainerieun eiiizen or not. IS-lil The ggrenlesli numher ol' the N. T. H. S. siiiileiits are attending the Flll'lllCl'S' liisLil'ul'e all' llillshoro. 20 The Sophs :ire liziving al eluss ineeiiing, must he il l13llOWG'Ell party in sight. 23 Evercrone has been em-oiiraigeil hy the Footlmll victory of Sat. Ori. 24 A Fresliniain has ID0l'i'Ul'lllUll :I l'e:1,t whieh was tliouglit to he ini- flei. Oet. Oel. Nov possible heforeg he left 'lhe room nl' 2:11 P. M. :incl returned :it 2:4 P. M. 25 Vleo and Genevieve :ire deeply :rl"Fee'l'eil this morning by "Eben's wenlmessv, l2luhhering. 26 We have :iriisis in sm-hool :unong the girls, some paint each otherg others have the zihilily to paint themselves, nlremly. Ill Genevieve :mil 'linlh were so friglitened on their way to school this lll0l'lllllQ when they inet ai l':n-mer ilriring ii herd of cattle. that they look reI'u,Qge in Mr. xV1'2lY0l'.S orelmrd, in which there were only Holstein valves. 1 The "Cheer Up" clii-eetor arrives. Nov. 2 .l,'r:iel'iee for the play is hegnn today. Nov Nov Nov Nm' 'S Nlnny have lean-neil the 2lI'l ol' llilllffillg from one praieiiee. li Uleo heeainie pzinie strieken in 'History IV :incl Tllli' money in her slipper. . S Furl Fleming was ilislurheal 'from his pezieeful slnnlher. fl-10 Nothing hui' "l':X2llilSu. The first Lyeeinn ninnber tonight. Nov. lil The "Cheer Up" heeunie fl. "C'hee1' Down" mul some of the grades 5 on exznninziiion papers showed HCheer Down! OLD NOKOMIS l ,I Nov Nov Nov Nov. 1923' 14 Rain! I l I 15 Many ot' the teachers will have to retire when the Seniors get their teachel-'s certificate. 17 The Junior Dramatic Club gave a play. 22 The Athletic Association gave an indoor Carnival. . Nov 23 Another vacation for the rest ot' the week-'l'ea.cliers' Conference at Urbana, Illinois. Nov 24 Everyone enthused with Stanley Nelson lJancey's entertainments Nov. 250 Somebody is thanktul because Thanksgiving is here. Dec. 4 Somebody took the cake. Dec. ti Seniors' Box Social. Dec. T The Evangelist and singer ot' the Methodist church entertained us. Dec. 8 A pep meeting. We played a good game with tfotten opening the year's record page with these words, "In our l'avor." Dec. 11 Gil-l's Basket Ball practiceg Miss Hadley is the coach. Dec. 12 Ethel Goss was elected captain t'or the girls' Freslunen li. li. team Dec. 12,5 Six of the Senior boys were so kind as to drive two otf Mr. Handles' cows into the pasture. Dec. 11 Notice: Paper towels, one treeg two for a, penny. Dec. 15 Our boys defeated Morrisonville on their l'loor. Dec. 1S Some of the Alumni are arriving to spend the holidays. Dee. 19 Do not know but believe that the Freshman Class are sending their letters to Santa Clause today. Dec. 20 Another victory 'trom the Fillmore l'ive. Dec. 21 Several ltlinois Watch Factory reels were presented before dis- inissal. llec. 22 Merry Christmas and A 1gIapp'vgNew Year! The curtain falls tor Jan. the last scene ot' Act '22, G The curtain rises for the first scene ot' Act. '21 The French fX1'lllSt'l'Oll"' Trio presented the third number of the 2'1 Lyceum Course to a small audience. False alarm at 1:15 P. M. Jan. 1 "Batten gave us some very pleasing musical selections. Onehatl' ot the Freshman Class are responsible tor a broken camera at Pauscliei-tts studio. Jan. 5 The camera has been repaired, but in vain, tor the rest ot' the Fresh men are responsible for the necessitvv ot' purchasing a new camera. Jan. S We are again rejoicing over the victory ot' Friday night. Jan. fl It you wish to learn the art ol' professional gambling attend the Jan. Jan. Jan. J an. game with 1Yitt tomorrow night. 10 The boys unfortunately lost the game with Witt' by a close margin. 15 The team came back on the winnine' list Saturday night' in the game with Mt. Olive. 113 Miss Manu's "ire" was aroused in History IV. 6 - 1-1 17 The play "Sylvia" presented at Holmes' Opera House. OLD NOKOMIS Jan -lan .lan ,lan -lan ,I an .l an Fell Fell Fell Fell l"eli Fell Fell. Fell Fell Felt Fell Fel: Feh Fell Mai Blat Mar Mar Mar Alai 1923 IN Seniors have the gaps l.0Llil'Y. Wonder why? Sylvia was caught sleeping in .XSSUIlllll.l'. Mary Grace hums "Kisses you can buy, if you'll only try." g IS! Another vietorlr from' Morrisonville. 122 lt. was a close game lmt, we came out on top. 25-Zti l'IXillllllli1llU1lS. t 251 We lost the hat-on again on Saturtlay night, but we will never for- get the jump that the Lewistown coach made. Zltl lt is reportetl that Anna tlaisheelc divorced N. T. Ll. S. in ortler to get married. Ill lt seems as though we cannot win liaelc that old lracou. I Freslnnan Class meeting. 2 The Hell ltinging Male Quartette gave a splendid progrznn. The th-ountl llog tailed to see his shadow. ti t'ontinuetI session ol' the Annual Staffg important things tliseussetl. T The female li. ll. team tailetl to make their appearance on the floor this evening lleeanse there was not enough light on the subject. tl-ltl Ilaslcet Ilall Tournament at llillslnoro. I2 The lioys' team eertainllv showetl splentlitl work during the tour- nament, anal well tleservetl to gain another notch. Lineollrs bil-tllday. "Lest we t'orget'! Iiest we t'orget'!" Yum! Yum! the 1'aeul1'y give the 12. B. team a banquet tonight. IJ- The Seniors entertainetl the -laniors with a Valentine partlv. Ili Imlepentlenti Tournaxnent. lil As usual-another Freshman Ulass meeting. 21 The "l"reshies" gave the "Sophs" a party. 22 Fit praise is rentleretl in honor ol' the "l'1ZliQl101' ot' our t'onnt'ry." IIT The last number ot' the LXUCIIIII Course was presentetl. ZH A l+'reshman re-union at S150 A. M. in the rear ol' the Assembly. 29 lleware ot' the mnsket' on "Fat 'I'h1-ough Ave." 1 Alvin still insists on getting his marriage license from the Justice ot' Peace. 2 The Seniors reeeivetl their elass rings. 5 Angeline Tosetti restetl thirty seeontls. ti Spring is coming! Dorothy and Arintha are playing -iilt'li'St01lCS. Sl Little ,Dorothy came to school on her roller-skates this Ill0l'Hlllg5 Oliver is going to rifle his trieyele next weekg antl some ot' nexl year's Freshies will prolnahl'v eome in hahy Cill'1'lilQfCS. 113 lt was l'irst, proposed to have the Sl:-15 set-tion ot' Typewriting on the stage this morning, lint the equipment having been removed to the typewriting room het'ore 9:45 arrivetl, it' was eouelucletl To have the elass meet in its tli'CllSi'0llll?t1 place ol' recitation. - OLD NOKOMIS 1923 Mar. 125 The lnterclass Tournament began last night with a Senior vic- tory from the Freshmen. Miss Hoyt is teaching in the ,Domestic Sei- ence Department to fill the vacancy during Miss liullingtonls absence. Mar. 14 The Superinteudents are visiting school today. Mar. 15 Mr. Thacker gave the 'faculty and student body a "boquet" which he received yesterday. . Mar. 16 Teachers' examination again. Mar. 10 The Seniors organized their Annual Campaign. Mar. 20 ltudolph Kravanya says the Probate Courts look after diseased land. Mar. 22 Genevieves team won the contest. Mar. 23 Tennis is becoming popular. Mar. 26 Profls Commercial Arithmetic pupils are all wearing a smile as they return from class. Mar. 27 Senior Class meeting at 2:15. Mar. 28 Caesar was in town. Ma1'.2!J-Zltl lixaminations I l l I A April 2 Some ol' the Seniors who were fortunate enough to have tour per- iods for their English examination made passing grades. April 3 Several Senior girls almost came to blows over the question of caps and gowns. April 4 School is dismissed fifteen minutes earlv on acount ol' the Yr mf- Peoples Conference at the M. E. Church. H, f ll April ti Miss Mann devoted much of her time to photography. YVe received our report cards. April 9 The twelve pound shot put has disappeared. tSugges'tionj Maybe 1 Oliver took it home to play marbles with. April 10 Prof's eye has been gazing upon the evening strolls and rides taken by some of the male students i11 the company of non high school girls. Lottie Jones and "Rup" Herron had a narrow escape from receiving a fractured skull this afternoon. April 11 Miss Green will be surprised when she returns to N. T. H. S. to learn that she will have to give all ot' the Seniors another examination at the end of this quarter. April 12 The record ol' attendance is above normal today. April 13. The Senior Dramatic Club is presenting the play "Porno Uut of the Kitchen" at Holmes Opera House this evening. April. 17 Prof. received a reluctant excuse from the student body to visit Hillsboro High School tomorrow. April 18 P1-ot. is visiting at Hillsboro High School today. April 10 The t'Uke'l is becoming very popular. Free musical selections are furnished every day from 12:00 o'clock until 12 140 p. 111. oLD NOKOMIS1l--l+ . VL' .-, ,J ,fi frf .V ,... 4 ,: !4 fr ' 1' " f 7 vf galuuf 1 if I r f .Q Am. ' ,y . -- ,, , 1 K LJ' 'Q 4'-I far ,1,,?E' vim' . . 43'-Ymrr N .,,,,,. ?' "'r-1 is U i , ' k ,.- -.. 1. ,, M 8 2 1 as 1 l n X H A' .5'5f1'Z!' 5 'ma ww 5 om TE T. ' i is - Qxxx 'X rw A MO' ff Y lphff-if 'nw ' 1 1923 - x I . M' -,Tv 'fywffmgm 'Z I .0 E' -10 1 ' l wr, 1 - ' l 1? Zvi if 5 Z 1 -:..1 ,,QIk"' uit, Z Q '- 1 Wiyifyl Wlwmzlfff' M50 f Miss Blillllll T1lOlll2lS llillllli unc ul' the uffillls ul tha bl I ' e 'alla lmgislalliure. .Plmllmsz Slll'g'l30ll all zlrms. lSUl"f'li2lllf :lt ill'll1S' . ,, H l at st 'Z AN EMBA RILXSSI NG POSI T10 N Miss Mzum: hY,llbll1'l', put your pl:nyl'l1ing2gs away. Why do you allwuxs porsisl in playing lllllillgjf class lime? Willnu-I' S.: Well, 'my IIIOHIUI' allways plays with me at hmnvl A .8 :tl Mi Sc Te ss Mzum: lin Civivsl Who has lhu cmllrol ul' the milk supply, the Sli 01' naliou? uior: Why, rho cows ol' c:m11'se. .55 ,HC JG acher: lin Pllysiologyl NYhn 1-2 1 - - ' - - - ' l m ull llll thc IIN! ol lhl Nllllllllllj . l 4 ' . Froslmlzmz lualgwlyl The Hsu of lhv stmnm-ll is in huh .' ' l up lhu lilfl'l'll"l'lilL O L D N O K O M I S 1923 .UCPIIIIUII ,Uow can you tell the difference between ethyl and methyl alcho- hol? 1 ' Mr. lftl,tlt?llliLlflll3l'Z You could tell it at a glance by the odor. Lb? 759 A l"reshie: And you know the water tower ovei-flew last night. Fresh ie: ,lieu l ly! .53 .93 ,gt Freshie: Miss Hadley. wl1ich is correct, six and seven is eleven or six and seven are eleven? Miss lladley: Why, inosii certainly, six and seven are eleven. .5 .Al but Mr. U1-epin in explaining to his General Science Class how a coyote hunt is carried on speaks as follows: i'When grouse, rabbits and other birds get within the circle they are shot al: by the Illtfll participating in the hunt." 5 .bl .H Miss ,l1loyt1: tto the Uoolcing tllass which was preparing dinner for the school oI'l'icialsj ltfs almost' twelve o'clock and the potatoes haveuft boiled! Mary Keating: twith folded hands and head skywardj. Oh! Lord, make the potatoes boil, and while you're ul? it Ill3Sll them too! Q2 .59 .3 Miss Mann: Nvllill were the "Alabama, t'lain1s", Esther? listher: lVhy, they were territories ol? land in Alabalna, which the United States claimed. I - .bl .bl ,il lilizalieth tfhristian lielieves that gout is indigestion. Query, Do people have indiejestion in their feet? 5 -.99 5 Freslnnan: 'l'ea.cher, can anyone be punished t'or soinething they didu't do? 'l'ea.cher: Why, no, ol' course not. Freshman: Well, l haven'ti done my algebra. 3 -.3 -.59 tldred Snyder, whispering in History IJ Miss Manu: "Fred I" . . Fred: "Fred what ?" ,S H59 Q2 tLeonard Morgan upon eniei-ing 'Davis' reslaurantj Tippy: Do you 'feed g.f0lll'l0lllQll here? Waitress: Yes Sir, lint' we don't' fill silos. ,S 3 ,st Rade: Let us sing "The Invitation of the llellsul f'l'he signal bell rings just as he has finished saying Those wordsl Rade: tlee! Ii wish I could knock that bell ol'l' the wall. Moral: Never invite anything you don't want. OLD NOKOMIS - 1923 f:1llll11'0SC If1'OCIl1Q1ll in Algebra lj ' Say, Miss Hadley, is it really furry-,l'ive 1-151 minutes troin 11:15 to 12:00 cfeloelc ? Q3 3 .3 thi Virgil Classfj Virgil ........ And she gave her tresses tu the winds. Toni Brown: Su she lmhhed her hair? Q25 JC ist Miss Mann: NYhat do we eelelmrate un Het. l2tl1? Rudolph lfl'ilYilllj'2lZ llottmnly Day. J ,Bl ,HC A Senior reported that' Jehu Quiney Adams wrote up a dairy daily. el 293 J! Question fi-mn a ln-ight Senior tellnw in illll'l'Clll' liventsz ls Angora the home ul' the Angora eat' or the Angora goat? .3 .59 .5 Miss Mann: Where is Lake Champlain? Esther: It is one ot' the Great Lakes. 195 QS 93 A Junior girl reported on a written lessen in t'nrrent Events: The Sultan has excavated his tlirmle. QU .52 U34 Identitfv or explain the tiulluwing: Harvey. Answer 't'i-uni a Junior: Harvey was a learned prufessni' who translated the Bible into the English language. VB! .3 V59 Several Freshmen believe that t"hrist' was lmrn in Jerusalem. Q53 755 .33 A cause for the YVar ot' 1812, Amerie-an sailors were iinpressioned into the English service. Alfred McCasliu. .35 U59 .53 Edward M'eAnary: . .soirl. . . . . . Teacher : What Z' Edward : Swirl. Teaeher: YVhat? Edward : Ground. Q0 M .gt Ill1'0lll the maps handed in hy many History ll people, they have the idea that ihe lmundaries nt' 'lfliirnpe ot' 1922 were established at the death of Louis XIV. sz .el ,sz Olin Kettlelcainp is very glad that the Greek custom of having a "re- iueniliei-ei-" was not carried over to the present' time, for tear he would have to hold that positimi for the Freslinizul Class. OLD NOKOMIS i x 1923 Miss Mann: Alvin, what was the I'ana,ma Congress of 1325? Alvin: lllil or missl It was a congress that' mel' io decide about the Pan- ama Canal. .3 QF .bl Une ol' lhe Senior girls is accustomed to measuring a yard ol' cloth by holding ii' to her nose and then holding ii ont ai' il1'lll.S length. Une day 2,1 Freshie rame to her with a piere of goods and said, "Here smell this and see how long il' is." Q93 .bl .Al 'I'hel'e's a meier in music, 'l'here's a meter in fone, Hut the hesi' ol' all meiers ls lo meei' her alone. .3 V55 .99 Kelly: llon'I need any speedometer on my Ford. l ran easily tell my speed. 'l'ippy: Ilow do yon do il? Kelley: Well, when I go ten miles an honr my lamps 1'al'l'le. ali fifteen my fenders rattle, and ai lweniy, my bones 1'Zl.i'i'lC. 3 Q3 .3 llow did the ligypiian hnry their dead ? Answer llfreshiel 'Phey hnried their dead in rivers and Tied a piece of roek to his l'oo1 and pnt food with his hody and then say a, 4'praiere" and they said will he very fat' when he reaehed the olher world." tllottie -lones in Commerc'ia.l Arilhineiir Classl Mr. Thacker, do they ever weigh horses hy the iroy weigllt? J J .bl Miss Mann: Thomas. will you fell ns alront the raid your Uncle John 'Brown made al: llarper's FQl'.l'QV? Thomas: l was too young and my 'folks would not lei me go io see if. 1Sam, raising his handj Miss Mann. Miss Mann: Sain? Sam: YVasn't -Tolm Til'0Wll il negro? Q99 V9 ,bl Were 'the .lnniors given inslornelions in their English ihai' Chaucer paved l'he way for the French Revolution, Thai' he brought out The Condi- tions of the lVorld and aided the peasants? Harold Keiflekamp fried To pass sneh a lhinpg in Tlisfory ll Exams. V!! .95 5 Reeifaiion in 'English TV. Emerson's Essay on HiNfll'lllJGUSFl,il0ll.N Miss Green: Genevieve, do yon believe Thai' for everything we miss we gain V sonioihing: else? Genevieve: How do yon mean? Miss Green: lVell, suppose SOIllGfilll'lQ should oeenr That you would have io miss the haskei' hall game This eveningr: whai would yon gain in- siead? Y Genevieve: fearnesllyi A quarter. OLD NOKOMIS - 1 9 2 3 ' Mr. Crepin tin 1'Inysivs Classj: What is enerpgy? Elizabeth Christian: .l'l1lCl'gy is the l'CNlSl'il11t'C ol'l'ered hy il body to doing wo r k . ,st es! ,st Wih: Miss. Green, I don't lll1tlQl'Si'811ll how it is thati I received a U on my report this month. Miss Green: Well Wilhurt, I just did it for a little joke. 3 Z4 .al tMr. TllElC'li0I' in Asselnhlyip Will one or two ol' you hoys go out and drive those cows into the pasture? tSiX ot' the Senior hoys rise.. and walk outj Mr. Thacker: I didnit mean l'or you to carry them in. V52 L99 V55 Miss Green: We'll take Ellllfl'SOl'l'S life tomorrow. 5 .3 .Al XVhere eau a man buy :1 Cap for his knee Or a key to the lock ot' his hair? Can his eyes he called an 2l,f'2lllClllLV Because there are pupils there? lu the Crown ot' his head. What gems are found? NVho travels the bridge oi' his nose? Can he use, when building.: the root' of his month, The nails on the end of his toes? Can the crook of his elbow he sent' to jail? li' so, what did he do? How does he sharpen his shoulder blades? Pll he hanged if T know, do you? Can he sit in the shade ol' the palms oi' his hands Or heat on the drum of his ear? Tloes the Call' ot' his leg eat' the eorn on his toes? lf so, why not grow Corn on his ear? fwpyriglnt -Personal TCl'f'ieiency .3 H J! Laugh and the Faculty laughs with you, As long as you l2l.ll,Qfll at the si'udent's alone, But' when you get a laugh on the teachers. You soon lic-ar a laugh with a dit"t'erent tone. V53 .32 759 Prof: And what is A S 2 O 6? 2 Student: I ...... T ...... er ...... it's on the end ot' my tongue. Prof: texeitedl Spit' it' out quick, for heavens sake, itls arsenic. ,fi L9 A! Dear Teaeher: Ples exkuse Mary from skule today, she get A. M. and had a. chil in the P. M. -l--1-1-OLD NOKOMIS 9 wet in the 1923 'l'wo N. T. Il. S. stntlvnts were tlririno' tlown il wootleil lane in n Ford and 17' she snitl .......... "tlon't yon love ai night like this?" ...."Not' nnltess I stop, I might hit at 11-ee." .8 .3 .al .'Xl'tur ninn, vannu wonmn, illltl she has been after him ever sincu at 135 .3 Miss Munn: listlnrr, what :irc the Cl2'lSSll!lC2lfiUIlS for hills? Iistln-I-: lmportatnt annl llIllIllIJ01'l'i1lll. x .al .59 .X Bliss Munn: Jzinws, tlitl yon lican' what I snitl l'UQf1ll'tlI11g Doctor SIIIILYEIT' Hon? .lannvsz Yt-s, what was it? I Q3 .bl .95 All-s.l'Iolcl1ol'I': Wvll, hits play at ganna ol' rnrtls today. 'l'onnny: Aw my nmw ilon't' allow nic to play crircls. W-z .3 W-z Miss lllatnnz tri-t'o1-riiig' to IIitQ1':1r,v 'lligostl Now study these questions with your nnignzincs open. 5 tbl .29 Miss Mann: Uhint-so t':n-niurs selling' Q2'll'Il0I1 proclncls before ritivs ninsl Intro their c-nos cnt off. MilIicfont': I'll lu-I' tl1v1'0's il lot' ol' preserved ences in China. .bl Q9 Q5 Nlr. liSlIll'lll2lI'lI0l'2 tin iYllll!IIllSl'l'-Yl lll0li2llllll'g.V is the winning 'thc lllCii2llR. U59 .55 Q9 Bliss hllillllll Worn ,ron lisloningr to what Milton snitl, James? -lzmu-sz He quit holorc 'I stm-toil. V99 .SU .23 Mrs. ilCc-kIuol'l' tin Virgil Ulzlssl Now, TlI0lll2lS, isn't' ihnt word to lhe i'f'llIl'ln cflnnsc? 'l'hom:1s: Yes .... Isnt wh:lt"s the :Ilii1'n.ct'io11? M al .58 "No num f-:in snhstitntv wishhone for lmclflnoiie it' he wants to .Al .4 JU Mrs. 'lilvlclloflz 'What 'lfliiglisli word tlmivotl froin ego? Ilnssoll iit'l'IlI2lIIZ ICg1gg'. 118 ,st ,Sl Ill" 'PO I3A'l'E TIA'I'lN 'lloyihns lzillcns in SlllI1j'l'0UllNPl'1llll, I-Ioyibns i':1.llzihns, tnlka soniornnl, llnkihns lnonrilms loncln spclzilcornni, Kivlqihns hoyihns onln ll5.lCkfl00l'lllIl, Royihns cfoniihns hnclm nonmrnin. OLD NOKOMIS entering the ol' ores from fl tlrnvtefl in- snccec-fl." 4 1923 "IIaile": Explain Men1lel's Law. Esfhcr O'IJonnelI: lt's something about the cIia1'acte1'islics ol' corn cross polliualiion. "Rafle": How docs he do it? ihlslher: I 4lou't know il' look l1i1n eight years to find oulig how can you ex- pect me lo know in one clay. .552 .52 V52 "You can allways count on nie," saiil lille milling inachine. V52 V52 V58 Albert' V.: I have a good job al' lhc Gr0ek's. Froshios: IVl1al1 clo you do? Albert: Mill: cliocolarcs. lb! V59 Q52 Mr. NVillia1ns: Murrell what is novessary for :i dairy 'f:u'in? Murrcll: Cows. V59 JC V55 Sho lI'larl'ullvl : Lol nic cflww Your lvuni? . 1 5 - Z5 H0 Ulorc playl'ull,rI: lllliic,-I1 one, upper or lower? 759 V55 V52 Absence nmlccs The lioarl' grow fonxler, So llnzy always say. 'l'ha'l's why wo love our i'C2lI'IIl'l'N lmsl, The days 'flu-QV slay away. at wg Q59 Miss Mann: Sinn, whal is nnlanl by llie Ilonicslic Sc-ioncu ol' Fiuliicc? Sain: A cook. I3 .59 V59 Ono zulVn11l'ag'o ol' Hn- N. T. ll. S. ilruss sllvlcs is fhal' no girl ran laugh up hor slcfi-ro al' you. V53 Q52 Q53 Ho l'l'o l'QiZllI'll0ll privalvl: Wi-ll, Sain, I soo you'ro lmclc I'ro1n tho fronl? Silllli ls that so, hoss? I knowvcl I was gc-llin' lhin, hul I 4liiln'l' know il was lhal had. , .53 ,et Toau-In-r: lVlial' is lilac inc-nningr ol' a False iloctl-ine? Senior: Tlial"s when ilu- eloc-lor girvs ilu- wrong sl'ul'l' lo sick people. 259 .99 .95 "He who can lnofllc up his ti-inper is a vorki-r." J! 252 "Tho elislanco lrelwci-n some pooplcs Cars is one lrlorlcf' 5 ,SU Q59 Miss Green: lin l'CnH'lisli IV! l'll sue il' I Uilllui' 'l'in1l sonu- solltoiiccs io illus- 3 1'ral'o Tho use ol' is and zu-0. U30 sm-onfls lalurl "Oh yvs In-ro is soinof' Anil she woiulorcil why some slnilerl. 1923 Miss Munn: fin Civicsl I--Iililzi what is 11 fl0nb1'I'ul slzlfe? I-lilflzi N.: lhmlmlfnl stale.. nl' mind? Tl'lm1"s what we are all in riggllt now. .23 .23 .Si Miss Green: 'l'l1e1'e will he ai hunk siwulyiing The short S1'fn'y on my desk. .SI -,DU .3 Il' li':inl Revere should rifle fcnmiglif To sprezlfl lhe news ns lung ago Vin sure hc-'ml find eau-h man awake Anil listening Nei' the raulio. 1,53 739 23 XVANT ADS LOST: My l'UllIIl0l'. smnewliere heiween The ilzlfe ol' my bil-l'l1 and my 211'- rivzll :il N. 'l'. ll. S. Finclei- please return To Miss M. A. Mann and Pe- eeive 1-ewalrcl. .33 .23 5 FUITNIJ: f':u'l Flemine' sleeminff' in Asseinhlv. Owner mav have same bv P' Pb 1 4 .1 lllflllll'lllQf :ii my nI'l'im'e, :incl lll'1lYlllQI Ill'0llG1'l'j'. VV. P. Tlizleker. W.NN'l'l'Il1: Smnc-nine fop:i,in1'sidewalks. Experience lninecessnry. In- quire ul' Uliais. Kelley. .22 .fe-2 .al FOR SALE: Kisses. Price, each 750. If interested write or phone Mary Grace W hi lften. .22 .22 V22 li.. L 1 ,E V OLD NOKOMIS i - if. 1 9 2 3 - H4 ,gal 2 1 f i?-Fiiliiilli QQYW ' m,,,,, N 11 1-fy H ' 'I 'Af 'f .9 ' Q Q A L U Nl N I The followin g 1882 Jesse Easterclay Cicero Sperry Mary Seys Frank Hanclschy Alma Hanks Horace Taylor Ainancla Manning 1887 Millie Haller Mae Van Hooser Hugh Archibald Nellie Griffin 1888 Maud Manning Maggie Strain Minnie Van Horn John Strain 1889 llarllia U ps lone Mark V an Horn Celia Reeler Anna Carstens XVIII. Rice Mae Osborne Joanna. YVilso11 W. C. Hovey John 0. Seys 1891 Wm. Mcliowan YVni. Archibald Kate Tmzanler Kate Belnap 1893 Susan Dulin L e Alumnae ol' the olil Nokoniis High Schein Harry R. Hain-ock Kailierine Kinney Katherine Lyons Ella McCauley 1894- Leona Gelley Mary TIilIlflSCllj' lola Hubbard Geo. Kerr Vliarles Law 1894 Dora Law Henry Scliwarlz Alla Siokes Lesier YVhi1'ien 1895 Augusta Hand Elnora Kerr Ollie Pnllen Milion Halle YVm. Young Eliallil S2Ti.'ir0l'll 1896 Mercy Rirller Nevada Garrisine Magfgie Gaskill Edna Hancock Nlarfha Hanilscliy Effie 'Morgan Dun lVeaver George YV9liSl'l?l.' 1897 Ennna Baiscli Isaac Hnbbarsl 0. M. Tieivellyn OLD NOKOMIS Ll. U. Usborne Geo. Russell ll. I-'. Scliniccler 'l'hos. Siolihs Cliai-les lVaples Roy Wfelisiei' 1898 'Ilia Uaiscli lflil 'l'IlllllNll'll Louise Farm-r Leonard Lease Genevieve flri i'i'in fl. P. Hamlin Nellie Hieli' llerilia Melfown W, ll. llflcflaslin 'Inez fielley A. A. llanclles C. D. Russell lflihel Sides i Maggiie Salter W. R. Collier 1899 Bess Kaiie l'lcklioi'l' 'Edna Green Grii'i'in Hnliliaril Lulu Fred Alice Essie Sipell May Sperry Martha Travis He iiie YVea.ver 1901 lVali'cr 'Harlon Rosa Granla il Mury lllvliraleken 1,5102 Kallllleen 1YiliI'ol'd illill'2l lill,l'lUIl Ulive Llzlndselny linnil,-0 llnrlon llellal L1lllel'ielq'I Kellie .U.lllllI2ll'll Jesse llollerlson Yioln -lones 11:11-Vey Sellers 151021 Slelln Collier llnllie Qnielc lidnu 1'nllen 1004 llesme 1Villil'o1'd lilllel Osborn lidilll Kelley x12ll'g2ll'l'1 Mui-play 1005 'l'el'l':l ll1':u'kenl1ol'l l"1'ed Bl'OCli1ll2lll Slelln Yzlvkle Anna, L:1.ln:1.n Ulivizl lVild Medal l'eln1epzu-koi Cl:1renc'e flveen lidwin l'nnwill' I':1n1 l,JeNVi1il' l"I'ell flolollills lleoi-ge Kelllekaunp 1007 lGl'I'ie 112111168 lCdnz1 I-l1'nkenl1ol'l' flllU1'lllil l'il'2llil?llll01'i' .lolln l,lLl1'lA0l1 llillie .li12ll'll0l' Mangy Tnekeif Jesse Wolllnnml 1008 lily llndnzill I-I I hcl -'lnyne lilsie PCIIIIl.!l'H1CliCl. lhlniel SCll111GilC1' lonzl Wild 1009 lllssle Best 'l'illie Kelllekznnp lidwin 'liroelmizm Hoy Sllzwlu-I . l'll:n'les .Xrvllllnllal Slellzl 314-Leann lloevn llannlles 1923 Florence l,i1'l!ll1lC1' Lloi-:lc-e llllslnj: 15110 1,lli'lI'2l Burton Hlllll C2lSSClllC1'l'y Virginia 411-il'l'in Medal -lnyne liclwzlml Ml'1IlZQl.' llowau-d 1'ennepneker- ldssie Webster linnn Weinstein Alan Willifoi-d Viola Ynelcle Ilen Zinnnel-nnln 1011 Jesse Ford Neva Jzlyne Louis 1Villil'o1'd Louis xvlllllllilllll Fannie Winter 1012 l'll:'11-les llesl' ,l-len ,Bl'llClil1'l2lll T1-oy 11eWill' llnlih, Uiell' Winifred Kelly llnldzx Kelllelcannlr 1012 lleslel- Mzirslnill Milo Meinzei- lelnxel l'e1111ep:lelcer Fred Selinper 'llll0lllilS Tnnnnen Gwen lVilson Waller lVilson llelen Mellllee 10111 Virgie illnrnzu-al Wm. Bole Hex Caine .lolnn Hoelln lleni-y lloeppnei' Andrew Iq9l'1'lCli11llll'l Allan Miller Newell Sclmper Mary lVlJ01S1'01l 1111-ll .lennetle Arnold Wayne l':2lSll'l'llZl'l' Agnes Evans Fay llndnnll Ulelus -lzlyne Nose Kel'lilek:1.nlp Hazel Lynch Mary Mellllee Florence .l.,llllW1f1 Emil Wells Ivy lvililflllfllii Inez Wilson 1015 Lilarzl. llaaleinzxeller Cllerslei- Anderson Maurice 131-own llnberl' Bryce Bly Cheney Llljliillllil, Middleton John Ol12lll12l1lS ,ll,a1'1-y Pyle Freda, Schaefer Myrtle Wlllillock 142111111 Willis Unrl lvlllllllilllll 1010 Henry Best' fiCl'111'1lllG Bl'Q1l1l2ll1 A gnes CilSS6lllU1'1'y 13Cl'l1C1fl'2l Davis linnnet Gl'2lllCll 1916 Agnes Miller fi0l't1'lll16 llandalll Lntllei' Slloeinzlker H.ll,l'1'.Y Todd th-:lee Walton Leone Tillllllllill lrene Nicholson Rl,2ll'lUll, Plnnnnei- Mziriann Hoyt Qlfllsie Bolle 1017 Virginia Case Leigh 1Cv:xns Mildred i,il'QCH l lord on Kel logg Leona Line Boyd Swuney Edna NYilson Myrtle Wise fQ1l:u'enc-e Gleiell 1919 Imogene Bess Gladys Rest Lellm 'Ili-,vue Floyd Collins Ulmnle Duwoligll .Tall-ob Hzdlei' D0lll1l11CllS Hovey Sanvilla, Hulberi OLD NOKOMISl--l-- 'T1923 Mildred Schutt Lyle Unipleby Leah Kieslar Leo Smith Ura, Weber Vinita Miller Frieda Tzunnien Leoln. Whitmore Lulu Pope The following are the ailuninue of the Nokoniis Township High School Class of 15319. William Best, Teacher, Qlllllllilll, lllinois. Frances Urites, Teacher, Nokoinis, l.ll. Fred Crunibaiugli, Owner Music store, Nokoniis. Frances Evans, Mrs. David Baird, Nokoniis, Ill. Eliza Fai-mer, Teacher, Nokoniis, Ill. Irene Gzllyen, Mrs. Lester .1111-nsl, Nokomis. lll. liydin lloeplnier. lfiiirersitiy ol' Cliirugo, Vliiezlgo, Ill. 'Uairstens -Iiiyiie, Mail carrier, Xokoniis, lll. Lillie Kellogg, Mrs. .Xdzun lletzold, Nokoniis, 111. l+Ilf1'i,ilz1 1ql'2l,Yill1yil, Mrs, A. ll. Nicholson, Cliic-algo, lll. Carl Kruui, Clerk in ,lhiilrozid yzu-ds, Xvylllllillg. Hazel Lzinlz, Violin iezlelier, Nokomis, lll, Alina Meyer, Clerk ,in I,l:l1.'4lwzu'e slore, Nokoniis, lll. IDHICIZY Meier, Hein City Business Uollegige, Quincy, Ill. Beatrice Myers Helen Hzindull, Sparks llusiness College, Shelbyville, Ill. Helen Suiter-ere, At home. Nokoniis, Ill. Anna Tzunnlen, Stenogr:1plier, Springfield, lll. 'Joe lVelsc-li, At lionie, Nokoniis, Ill. Lois lvllifffill, Mrs. Sybl Adauns, Norinnn, Uklalionm. Ahlr81,'C'V YVillis, Teacher, Nokoniis, lll. Consuelo Wilson, teacher, Iudifinzipolis, lndizuia. Class of 1920 A Howard. Case, Frirming, Nokoinis, Ill. Alma DeWitt, Sienograplier. St. Louis, Missouri. Nona Grzilvlie, Clerk in Drug Store, Nokolnis, Ill. Miriam Hertzler. Florence Herzog, Tezirlxer, Nokoniis, Ill. Lloyd Hulbert, Fillilllllglj, Nokoniis, Ill. Freda Kirkland, Work, Indianapolis, lndiaina. flirieh 1i1'RlV2llly2l, Post Ol'l'ice, Uliieugo, Ill. George Mciilure. Student, Kentucky. Lula Pope, Mrs., Nokomis, Ill. Beillllilll llfamdles, 'Work, lleiiroiig Mirliignn. Lydia. lleineke, Mrs. E. IiiI1'l1Sl'HblC, Nokoniis, Ill. oLD NOKOMIS-l--- 1923 Mabel Spui-ry, Mrs. Wert Bauer, Nokomis, Ill. l'l1:u-lvs 'l'ul-zzllc, Sfuclout, Art school, fiilllilgll, Ill. Ilerinaulyuo Yusl, Sli-llogi-upllc-1-, Shelbyville, Ill. 4'lu:1rl1-s Wolsi-li, Studi-ul', Si. Louis, Missouri. lililu ZlllllIl0l'Illllll, 'l'czlcl1or, Uililllilll, lll. Clusx of 1921 Bernice liwllllilll, Mrs. Uau-l 1JcWerl'I', Nokomis, Illinois. l'Iv:1 livaunuu, 'l'calclwl:, Mol-1-isollville, lll. lrvuc l-Sec-lwlg Sl'L2llUgl'2l1lll0l', ili0l'2liflll', Ill. llolvu liriclgc, llulwws School ol' Nursing, S11 Louis, Mo. Muric fiilllllllll, 'iil'2lClll'l'. Nolcolnis, lll. .lolm l,iiliSlll2,ll', Miner, Nokomis, .lll. Auulvo li2l,l'l'0llgil, l'riva11'u nurse, St. Louis, Mo. liloyml llzlvis, lmvis liCSi2lll1'illll,,NUkUllllS, lll. lluulalln In-Wilt, Mrs. lC1'1u-si' Pope, Nokoiuis, lll. Lillie Easton, 'l'o:1,cller, Spartan, lll. 1'l2ll'0IlK'0 ,l':SSlIl2lll, Clerk in 111-ug sforv, Nolcoluis, Ill. lsulwl illvivli, 'i'0ilCilL'l', Nolcomis, lll. lic-launl lglaumnol, Work, Kansas Viliy, .K:ulsus. Mvlviu, Ilielroilxti-oi1', Mine, Nokomis, Ill. l'Iu11o Henkel, FRll'lll0l"S Nzlliouall llzmk, Xolcomis, lll. ll-ulll lluusullell, 'l'0zu-llur, Nokomis, Ill. Men-ion Kinney. f,,iiill'2l. hiilxlfllllllj 'fulepllouu operator, Nokoiuis, lll. Gillluri llluxcilwl-, Work, Xokomis, lll. l'l:u'um-0 B1il'il0illl2lll, lV1+slyuu I.illlV0l'Sli'.V, Bi00ll'1i1Jgf011, Ill Joe l'cu4llcl'ou, Clerk in fLi1'Ulfl'l'.Y slow, NUii0llliS, Ill. l,J:11'c'11s Pliillips, Tenclier, Nokomis, ,lll. llzlyulolul Pillllllll!l', Mine, N0iC0llliS, lll. ldrnvsf Pope. xV0lSl'il,S lie-stalilwiiit, Nokomis, lll. tlruvv Pope, Mrs., Nokomis. lll. ' LL-oral Szlllorcl, 'l'0ll.0ll0l', Nokomis, Ill. lCsl'lwr Sn'll:wl'vr, 'l'1-au-lw1', fillilflwll, Ill. llvrlllal Sil'2liCl', 'l'P:lr'ller, Nolconnis, lll. Lillie Malo Sullivan, Slvliogggl-alpll01', Villflillllilljillii, Ind. .Xrt'lmr 'l'oss4-Hi, linivvrsily of Illinois, fllmlllpuigu, Ill. llulry Wvlrulg fl'euc'l1e1', Nokomis, lll. 'Pllercsal lVulsc'l1, Al' llouw, Nolcomis, lll. Urlicu lVilsou, S1'euogr:1pli01', l'llili2lll2lINJiiS, lud. l":U'v lVi1n:uum, Mrs. C'liI'l'orul Wyuil, Nokouuis, lll. 'Hclen Young, Ai' home, Nokomis, lll. OLD NOKOMIS-l-'l-' 1923 Class of 1922. Dorothy Iieusley, Teacher, Witt, lll. Kenneth ,lrh-ukeulioff, Work, Huutingiou, W. Vai. Viola, B1-iegel, Sl'Gl1OgI'ilIDllC1', St. Louis, Mo. Loriua I-luel, At ll01llC, Xokoiuis, lll. Mzirgzliel' Daly, Tezlclxer, lVitl', lll. llurolcl Evans, Clerk in f'0llfCCll0llQl'j', Nokomis, lll. Charles Frederick, lVork, Sli. Louis, Mo. Ruth Frellericlz, SeC1'ei':u'y, N. 'l'. H. S., Nokomis, lll. Geri'rude Greeu, Secretary, Witt H. S., Witt, lll. Worcester Green, Teacher, Witt, lll. George Gl'2lllllQS, fillilllllg, Nokomis, Ill. Johu f,il'0Ugilll, lVork, lll. Sli. Louis. lll. H4lXS'ill'Kl Hulbert, Yxvflfk, H'nrl'l'o1'd, Ill. Grace Jones, Teacher, Nokomis, Ill. Gil'lJer1' 1qCfl'lGkillllIJ, Teziclier, Nolcomis, lll. Gladys L2l1'1'iCk, Teacher, Nokouiis, Ill. Doi-ollnezi Nobbe, At IIUITIC, Nolmmis, lll. Jesse 0'Brien, 'l'ezu-lner, Nokomis, Ill. Hilyllltbllll f,'Rl'lG11, Tezlrher, NYorlc, Sf. Louis, Mo. Amos I,lllkE?l'l'0ll, xYlH'f'lliJlll'j2,' flollegv, Springrfielrl, Ohio. Rrnullzlm Powers, UIISYUIIIS Clerk, Xvilbllllllgfllll, D. C. Evelyil -R2lSll2lNV, Business College. Muskogee, Okln. Ki'll'lll'lllC Shoeinaker, lll. Tllinois Normal TYlliVl:!'Sil'j', Clmrleston Reylmrn Smiiln, Work. Cliicago, Ill. Iliutli Sleveiison, 'l'em'lle1', Nokolnirz, lll. Siunley YVillis, Ali lmlne, Nokomis, lll. Lillian XVOHAIIIHIIII, AT home, Nolcomis, Ill. 5 III . fx L if 1 J gn nm. 5 it gl ' -v Elltnnis allege jacksonville, Illinois Q53 -25 vg One of the Oldest and Best Colleges in the Middle West Maintains strong faculty and highest educational stand- ards. A line athletic tielcl, a well equipped gymnasium, with a lirst class athletic coach make the college attractive to all who enjoy athletic sports. Famous literary societies, strong Chris- tian associations, active musical clubs, a band and a dramatic club liclp to make life at "Old Illinois" very pleasant. 555 DEPARTMENTS The College, Conservatory of Music, Expression For catalogue and hook of beautiful views, write Pres. C. H. Rammelkanip. A STUDENT WHO IS WISE 4 will continue his education beyond High School. That means college, for college is but another name for advanced oppor- tunity. When choosing, investigate EUREKA COLLEGE Catalogues cheerfully sent S. G. HARROD, Registrar. EUREKA, ILL. S I g 'ua ,'-Nl' . r gi ' Q Q55 HIGH 5 Q. EQANNUAI. ENGRAVERS .' .0 l Zl1'lC'QiCl'll1'LQSf 5 e X 1 . i coppei'-halftones V i dILC1-dll-WOULD ,.. E CA1D1ToLENGPAvlNG Co. M52 '21 PQ2T15?5f5-EEQSZSURT - an . Q " e q oogeg IVV? 2 5 fe . ,, 54. . .- W ,es fx if A .Q .N X524 J 0 ,GN i-S ,IWW QIIFQQDN-,'h-., Q . Av W rf f W 'YY'-L 1 l 2 1 l ll gll ' 21 Yr' wlilor gels all The -f f- I A Q, I Y 1 ,V 1 rlW11 I ll ,fl ""f.fA 5,61 1 nf l ll V. ,fit ll' if g ll l1lZ,1'lll7ff' I 1 11, Hqeszjl 1 1 4 W ll ffl MI 1 I . JI ,' 1 1 ll l, Cl5l2G Cam W l I '1 ' fl. -lr ,fag ,7 '- ' x- N11 'f'-1 1 ,R LI ' ku W ll 1. K2 , ll lg, ln ,- 1, WH K A - 11 ,flu tl 1: ' 1 ll "'t 111111 1 lr YI :l1ll1, wh 1. I1 U 11' 1 fl I . -J jifff' W 'IV' nv I :lin ' 1 ll f 111 3 Q1 All .QF VA4 ff' If 151:51 Q1 2, I " l"' V- 5 l 'Ill "W -lI-.-u11.,,Lr.- .- ff, is Yr- 1-flilur 1'11ll1-11-is yu IIQWS l'h11l's llyjllg' 1'1111111l ye high Sclmol Xml with wc- stuff ol' nlnlrf 1111311 1A'lllN out ,vu slleel' "Old Nolm111is." Yu mlilul' Nils up :lf night l'11 fill lhc Allllll21llS 1'-0l1111m riglmf Ilf- gots yo dupe 111111 gots il' Sl'l'2llfIl Ye 1-1-:ulc1's kivk il' he is late, M1 1-1-1111-S Sl'l'lll'IlllZP yu "cols" l'lwy 11-:Nl yv v1lit'111'i:1ls. l'h0y think lllll ul' the View ho 111111: :Ill haste lu 1-all .Ve ed .... fl 1-rmml lllSll'2lKl ol' rising up 111 l1Ull10 l1l:11110. Inns lt, EE E Printed by THE BENTON REVIEW SHOP School and College Printers Fowler :: Indiana if A 1 ,.l !

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