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1969 CHARTER ' naN,C« -WOOR€ ' " C! C i 5 ■. V ■ I X, $ a (I O ' - if J • ' y 7 - J A X ' ■ 75 , li Yf V OmER NOGfMESMiGH 6C - 00L LA PUENTE.CAUP. ( Miss Charter ' 69 Joan Elmore was named Miss Charter for her out- standing citizenship and service to Nogales. Joan has been active in many school activities. She has been in Girls ' League, Campus Life, and the illustrious Noble Party. She also was a member of the Drill Team for three years and served as secre- tary in ' 68 and treasurer iii ' 69 and was a Senior Cap- tain. Joan received the DAR Award, PR awards in Span- ish and the Outstanding Teen-Agers .Award. She has been in the PR Program since her Sopho- more year and will graduate in the top five percent of her class. Princess Toni Fenton Princess Celeste Fertal The Princesses Toni Fenton was a JV cheerleader for one year and was in the Pep Club. Toni has been especially active in the Music pro- gram at Nogales. She has been in choir for four years and was sent as the most outstanding girl vocalist to the Young Americans auditions. She has held many offices in choir and has been very faithful to her mu- sical commitments for Nogales. Celeste Fertal was always where the ' action ' was at Nogales. She has been an enthusiastic participant and supporter of numerous Nogales activities. Celeste was last year ' s Girls ' State Representative and is this year ' s Senior Class President. She has been active in both Girls ' League and Pep Club, sei-ving as JV cheerleader for two years. She was a member of the Clmrter Staff for her junior year and worked many hours outside of class to pro- duce a better Charter. Contents Introduction Student Government Activities Organizations Sports President: Uuve Murray Secretary: Gene Puz ASB CABINET— TOP ROW: K. Kurlsaki, W. Hagewood, M. Evans, D. Murray, B. Soto, H. Hale. BOTTOM HOW: M. Brock, L. Sogge, G. Paz, C. Nirman, R. Garcia, S. Jordon, advisor, Mr. Murray. Government Busy LiUIl ' li SI l_ l)l-. 1 I Ml K I .11 1)1.. K: Mark V. NOBLE PARTY, top to bottom: N. DiPeso, B. Soto, D. Huff, D. Dawson, D. Murray, M. Evans, N. Nelson, J. Scarbourgh, K. Kurisaki, G. Grunow, B. Waite, R. Hale, D. Ramynke, J. Elmore, D. Galusha, C. Neuman, L. Cisco, M. Brock, J. Stokes, E. Payette, G. Paz, S. Jordon. ASB The purpose of the Associated Student Body Cabinet is to create and maintain adequate activities, promote a school- wide spirit of harmony and cooperation, contribute to the general welfare, and provide a sound basis for the devel- opment of a better Student Body. Your cabinet this year, or for that matter any year, can only offer opportunities for students to serve and support their school. Without the cooperation and backing of the total student body, any activity or event which the cabinet might plan, no matter how well organized, would only be what the students make it. So when things are not working out and you feel as if there is nothing in our school that is worth being proud of, take a close look at yourself and see if you are doing your part to make Nogales a better school to attend. The fault may be with your school officers, but they can only do so much. Your A. S. B. officers are here to serve you, so whenever you have a suggestion or a complaint submit it in writing to an A. S. B. officer or if at all possible bring your ideas to one of the cabinet meetings . ' ■ «» - ' vA j? SENIOR POLICE--TOP ROW: J. Matray, J. Karnes, B. Soto, E. Harris, D. Murray, A. Gomez, M. Evans, K. Kurisaki, G. Grunow, J. McClure. ROW 2: T. Wheeler, C. Fertal, P. May, D. Hegidish, D. Galusha, J. Stokes, L. Cisco, J. Elmore, C. Chamberlain. ROW 3: L. Kopec, E. Best, E. Payette, N. Rice, B. Logue, N. Baugh, P. Dyer, J. Waymac, B. Garcia. BOTTOM ROW: C. iNeuman. H. Bode, iN. Hines, L. Mendez, E. Mendez, P. Corrigan. HOUSE OF COMMONS Political People Wj .cyvyyK -jt ' i ' V Homecoming ' 68 Princess: Celeste Fertal Princess: Ester Mendez Princess: Vlartha Brock Princess: Linda Sogge w ROSE I J ■ ' vSkj J HOMECOMING ' 68 The winning princess Rose takes the traditional ride around the football field before the crowning. Joe Beatty breaks through on a handoff from Joseph Gomez, for one of the winning touch- downs of the game. I I m Thi RAID . ' ' - ' p ■{, ' .5 , ; - (O- G % «.:%4l " - :m© j , " f V %% J. 1} i - 1, U HIP ' V ' f «.J5J¥« Queen Judy Robins Princesses Senior Pat Carballo Junior Nadene Ctiavez Sophomore Connie Velastegui Freshman Roxanne Garcia Crystal Enchantment 35 36 I Night Must Fall " Night Must Fall ' ' was tlic fall production of tlie school year 1908-1969 for the Camelot Players and Thespian Troupe 2545. The setting for this is a cottage belonging to an old woman, Mrs. Bramson. " Night Must Fall " ran for tlirec nights with a full house every night. This play, directed by Mr. Ellis Jordon, has been added to the long list of Drama Clubs successful productions. I -i ■ ' Ull» ' l Charter Staff The Charter Staff has always put forth continuous-effort-to make each yearbook better in some way than the previous one. With the help of Mr. Littlefield, the yearbook ad- visor, the members of the staff feel that tliis goal has been once more attained. The yearbook has been carefully planned and put together, and deadlines met. The staff has put time, effort, and patience into making what they feel the best book so far. The co-editors, Nancy Capdevielle and Linda Montee, have done a fine job of organization and editing of our yearbook. Co-Editor: Nancy Capdevielle Co- Editor: Linda Montee CHARTER STAFF--TOP ROW: Linda Montee, Fred Price, Laura DeBry, Janice Gilbert, Mike Nash, Sandy Brotea, Charles Loefke. MIDDLE ROW: Nancy Capdevielle, Chris Johnson, Cherrie Conley, Terri Ibarra. FRONT ROW: Linda Miller, Pat Carballo, Judy Robins, Cathie O ' Brien, Leslie Summers. I pipsBai Advisors: Mrs. Miller Mr. Littlefield HLiSV Al V(J1 K: Section Editors Sports: Mike Nash Fred Price Pictures: Charles Loefke Organizations: Chris Johnson Ifrri t ' lasses: Janice Gilbert. I.lsIil- Su Ibarra Laura De Bry Business: Pat Caballo Advertising: Cathy O ' Brien Copy Art: Sandv Brotea Seniors: Judy Robins Chorie Conley Scroll The Scroll, our school paper, has done a fine job in covering school happenings. The advisor, Mr. Mauer, and the entire staff, have put forth great ef- fort to publish the paper as often as possible. But, it is thought that with greater student backing it would be possible to publish the paper more frequently, and edit bigger and better editions. Editor, Gwen Evans SCROLL STAFF--BACK ROW: M. Adderson, C. Federson, P. O ' Riely, J. Weber, K. Lindell, L. Richcreek. MIDDLE ROW: E. Weston, G. Evans, H. Humphrey, N. Evans, C. Camp, N. McDowell. I OW 2: P. Chavez, E. Miranda, M. Kent, D. O ' Riely. ROW 1: S. Webb, M. Isobe, L. Mendez, M. Urbauer. Page Editors TEEN SCENE CORRESPONDENTS: Celeste Fedderson, Pam O ' Riely, Jan Weber, Debi O ' Rielv. I 53 COMPANY A— FRONT, left to right: M. Goens, D. Roldan, M. Bailey, L. Schmidtii, D. Straublcin, D. Olsen, R. Salazar, R. AKrarez, R. Render. BACK: R. Harris, D. Duboise, R. Kapuaala, E. Cavanaugh, C. Hayes, R. Puckett, F. Kirmeir. LEFT TO RIGHT: SFC G. Golliher, Lieut. Martin Cabral (Intelligence officer), Lieut. F. Anderson, Lieut. FW. Hagewood (Battalion Commander), Maj. J. Hudson (Executive Officer), Lieut. F. . ' derson (Administrative Officer), Lieut. G. Callahan (Supply Officer), SFC D. Hagewood (Administrative Inspector), Lieut. Col. D. Porter (Commandant). . V . m m The California Cadet Corps is an organization that is much misunderstood by students and faculty alike. Its basic function is to instill and develop leadership qualities. Mr. Porter, as advisor to the Cadet Corps, has been doing a fine job with these energetic boys. WMii j Cadets Work Hard for Future COLOR GUARD— LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Edwards, E. Rich, R. Harris, C. Urbauer. COMPANY B— ROW 1, left to right: D. Dean, V. Bush, V. Noel, R. Trax, M. Coiiant, L. Zumwalt, J. DuMillcr, C. Urbauer. ROW 2: F. Rich, R. Biegler, B. Parker, P. Chandler, M. Brashers, D. Oliphant, J. Ray, L. Edwards, D. Eastridge. ROW 1: Rose Hernandez, Vickie Galusha, Brenda Logue, Barbara Bayliss, Terri Ibarra, Sue Kuhn, Mary Buck, Debbie Pastor, Patty Ritterhouse. ROW 2: Diona Galusha, Maryan Costillo, Lorena Murillo, Kathy Rich, Connie Valestiqui, Diane Holt, Linda Logue, Janice Gilbert, Cheryl Chamberlain. ROW 3: Bernie Hulse, Pat Flores, Janet Strokes, Debbie Hegedish, Karen Davis, Bobbie Morrison, Joan Elmore, Linda Montee. Drill Team Parade Performance Captain Joan Elmore FRONT ROW: Lorena Murillo, Brenda Logue, Diona Galusha, Sue Kuhn. BACK HOW: Bobbie Morrison, Linda Montee, Patty Ritterhouse, Joan Elmore. The Drill Team, under the guidance of Miss Mclnnis, has won acclaim for Nogales by doing a fine job of precision performance. Through the efforts of the girls, inuch pleasure has been brought to the numerous fans at football half-time. Candy sales, car washes, and parades have rounded out their busy schedule. Performance Captains Captain: Janet Stokes Captain: Cheryl Chamberlain Captain: Diona Galusha Captain: Brenda Logue VARSITY BAND— FRONT ROW: Drum Major C. Morz, S. Good, R. Hildreth, R. Sanchez, S. Hurdle, L. Jiminez, J. Johannes. ROW 2: M. Lobato, L. Venegas, L. Garda, S. Hurdle, J. Cisco, A. Aldrich, S. Good. ROW 3: J. Ray, S. DiBello, M. Hale, M. Czworniak, D.C. Ti ' ilby, D. McGhee, R. Collins. ROW 4: H. Van Olden, R. Addison, M. Cabral, J. Swigart, L. Merz, P. D ' Aui ' ia, M. Bumgartner. " B " BAND— FRONT ROW: E. Carr, P. Chandler, C. KlasinsM, R. Cochran. ROW 2: J. Kulilman, R. Taylor, E. Smith, D. LeBlanc, G. Collins. STANDING: D.C. Trilby, R. Hughes, W. Richards. " C " BAND— FRONT ROW: G. England, D. Karcher, R. Martin, VV. Leonard, J. Brown, D. Guzman. ROW 2: R. Smart, B. Wallis, C. Flowers, J. Nielson, S. Huges, K. Palmer, E. Espinoza, R. Will, V. Taylor. ROW 3: M. Myres, A. Perez, B. Donahue, R. Norman, R. Espino, J. Welch, K. Ferguson, D. Espino, J. Johiison, J. Jones, D. Persing, D. Copeland. ROW 4: D. Flores, B. Meeds, J. Flores, P. Montes, A. Melgoza, A. NuJiez, T. Reddicks, S. Saunders, A. Love, R. Washington, R. Henry. STANDING: J. Nunley, G. Persing, W. Leonard, C. Garcia, B. Reho, T. Gartell, G. Byrd, C. Spencer, C. Hubbart, I. Majorette: Cherie Conley Musically Inclined ORCHESTRA k VOCATIONAL BAND— FRONT ROW: D. Fink, G. Sverlow, J. Nielson, C. Smith, M. Martinez. ROW 2: J. Johannes, H. Van Olden, M. Hale, S. DiBello, J. Stump, D. McGhee. Band Council 9 ' Varsity VARSITY: Marie Edwards, Linda Sogge, Catliie O ' Brien, Martha Brock, Lynn Cisco. J.V. ' s J.V. ' S; Kaihy Wood, Terry Thornstrom, Rhonda Reyes, Nancy Kim, Pam Gregory, Denise Vargas, Kitty Williams. 60 PEP COUNCIL--BACK ROW: Terry Thornstrom, Framiie DeMars, Trudy Martin, Nancy Capdevielle, Kalhy Wood. KRONT HOW: Linda Sogge, Kathie O ' Brien, Martha Brock, Marie Edwards. Peppy People This year, under the guidance of Mrs. Billedeaux, the Pep Club has done an expert job of spirited performances. Their show of enthusiasm at games, and antics at pep rallies and assemblies, have proven that the Pep Club is one of the more outstanding clubs on campus. ' ■ Songleaders SONGLEADERS: Sharon Beck, Nancy Capdevielle, Laura Hulse, F);annie DeMars, Judy Kritzman, Yvonne Payette. . r Flagtwirlers FLAGTWIRLERS: Nadean Rice, Audrey Robles, Brenda Thompson, Mary Mosley, Trudy Martin. M ' " " P ' JH O pi i HV fi 1 a MkJl 1 , f, ■ ' jj l V HI J m B ' j R r ■ ■ ■R B %V- BLOCK N: J. Littletliorp, E. Harris, H. Smitli, S. Grisby, J. Gomez, J. Mcluro, J. Gomez, K. Fergesuson, J. Moreno, D. Carbajal, J. Salais. P ' RONT: L. Bridgemen, J. Marsh, K. Fish, J. Swigart, G. Grunow, B. Frevino, B. Garcia, J. Fujimoto. " Block N " The BLOCK N " club is an organization designed for athletes who have earned their letters. It is a school -minded gi-oup that holds many fund raising campaigns for the letter men of our school. SENIOR P,K. ' s--L;Alk; J. heailjough, N. Rodgers, D. Auria, G. Grunow, D. Murray, D. Dawson, J. Duffy. FRONT: M. Brock, J. Stokes, D. Galuslia, Y. Pyette, C. Newman, L. Cisco, S. Rittlestoff, Marilyn PR ' s P.H. ADV ' fSdU l ' ,(iAlil)--i;ArK: W . I In grwon, 1 , 1). Unwsor., M, Charleston. FRONT: C. Carmacnolc, V. Joseph, B. Brown, Mr. Romero, advisor. JUNIOR p. R. ' s— BACK: li. Waitc, C. Wincore, J. Miirrnni, li. Uavi.s. I ' KN IKK id i : i. Haumaiiii, r. Canip, H. Ifale, S. Martin, B. Brown, S. Jordan. FRONT ROW: N. Shirakc, C. Gregory, G. Paz, S. Kuhn, C. Carmacole, C. Murray, B. Simonds. SOPIIOMORK P. R. ' s— BACK: M. Charleston, T. Moss, L. McGirr, M. Webster, I.. Mer?, D. Slaton. Mn)UI,i:: M. Ward, M. Clinard, B. Wernicke, T. Dillman, J. Dexliiemer, J. Elmore, V. Joseph, V. Venegas, C. Conn, A. AUlrlch, D. Cescana. FRONT: L. Pope, G. Demarais, D. Goethals, M. Thompson, D. Shiraki, A. Gonzales, C. Nelson, .1. Jeans, J. Krftzmnn. m « f ' o r% " " " " i ' X xm ACAPPELl.A cil ' i[i;--| .o v 1: K, Hinkle, C. Campos, B. Gonzales, B. Freeman, R. Chavez, C. Nelson, E. Mendez, P. Corrlgan, E. Gomez, J. Ermer, S. Price, V. Coady. ROW 2: G. Brown, T. Fenton, T. Martin, J. Nielsen, L. Peachee, D. Kennedy, J. Barb, K. Tungate, K. Leslie, V. Robinson, B. Hoppe, C. Suggs. ROW 3: B. IVTcKeehan, J. Grennell, B. Thompson, R. Rosati, A. Miller, R. Rios, I. Bonilla, B. Best, S. Mai-tz, K. Ursa, S. Rotruck, M. Haas, R. Ozuna. ROW 4: T. Vasquez, J. Rhiz, R. Ogaz, R. Finley, St. Bussola, D. Lyons, M. Nickless, St. Ricchio, P. May, K. Knapp, W. Whittenberger, R. Ward, K. Edens. Music MEN ' S GLEE— ROW 1: P. Lopez, B. McKeehan, L. McKeehan, S. Waner. ROW 2: C. Butler, W. Tiefert, R. Ogaz, R. Ozuna, L. Williams. ROW 3: C. Jones, B. Ward, S. Ricchio, S. Olsen. AEOLIAN CIl()rK--KnW 1: M. Bridenbaugh, E. Smith, AI. r.iak, i;. L ' ; ik-, E. f.omcz, S. Wrhli, W C.ilusiia, M. Feliccia. ROW 2: K. Fitzgerald, L. Bedgood, L. Cathey, C. Zumwalt, R. losua, E. Isoua, M. Alexander, J. Medgley, B. Boring, L. Logue. ROW 3: G. Pollereno, M. McDuffy, L. Hasting, N. Moore, D. Kennedy, T. Riss, C. Lehman, K. Hoskison, D. Gunn, M. Van Gundy. ROW 4: C. Milliard, L. Johnson, S. Pogue, T. Ruiz, W. Weetling, K. Lyons, S. Good, K. Wooten, M. Finley, B. Alexander. Music Assembly Santa Glaus at Music Assembly! Girls ' Glee ROWl: M. Farmer, A. Williams, E. Fowler, M. Cruz, C. Mendiola, R. Fox. J. Beatty, G. Cuevas. ROW 2: J. Ortega, D. Marquez, Marquez, M. McDonald, S. Tavender, G. Ochoa, P. Denzler, S. Long, L. Tillitson, P. Howington, Lucy Berdge, J. Martinez. ROWS: L. Twiddy, M. Berroteraji, P. Bryant, S. Sprague, B. Loya, E. Cruz, P. Baldwin, S. Endricks, D. Freeman, E. Gueits. Ensemble ROWl: M. Robles, S. Flock, C. Lynch, Y. Magdaleno, L. Quintanilla, J. Gagliano, M. Butler, S. Gagliano. ROW 2: D. Breitkoph, D. Nunley, S. Soils, A. Williams, S. Montes, C. Franco, M. Ewald, M. Torres, J. Bustamonte, L. Broth. ROW 3: P. Smith, A. Griffs, M. Le Due, V. Lyons, M. Mayfield, P. Hopeus, P. Hinke, L. Howard, B. Guimell, L. Mosqueda, B. Field, J. Tiftie, G. Golliher. ROW 4: C. Leevis, C. Twiddy, S. Jones, C. Neves, C. Edwards, C. Gallager, C. Clenard, B. Rochelle, W. Whittenburger , T. Vasquez, R. Smoyer. JUNIOR-SENIOR LETTERMEN Letter men SOPHOMORE-FRESHMEN LETTERMEN ■w ' ■ 1 fe KEY CLliB--lKU. T HOW: K. Kurisaki, B. Wait.:-, J. Marsh, D. DuMiller, J. Sheriaid, P. Carcia, . . Cohen, T. Bouman, R. Wampler, R. Hale, F. Price. TOP ROW: M. Cole, T. Dillman, R. Davis, L. Bridgeman, R. Ryhart, W. Hagewood, E. Harris, D. Clark, M. Jagd, M. Evans, D. Murray, J. Smith, Advisor, Mr. Murray. This year ' s Key Club assisted in several worthy pro- jects, contributing to the community. Tliey united with the Kiwanas Club in helping with the Glendora Floods. Key Club members are diligent workers. The Chess Club is starting its second year as an authorized club at Nogales. Sponsored by Mr. Packer, Boys Assistant Principal, the Chess Club is in its first year of League Competition. President for the Chess Club is Richard Gillespie, The Club is also in eighth place in the League Competition. CHESS CLUB: J. Simmons, J. Ruiz, D. Rachford, R. Fuller, H. Fithrell, M. Danuiels, V. Bush, R. Gilespie, P. Boker. :..jMmiimmtl : m ' - iimnr r •HW •- ' — ' - " " ' ! t i ST ' i AFS MEMBERS— STANDING: E. Weston, D. Murphy, Advisor, Mr. Chapman, V. Robinson, M. Martinez, A. Williams. SEATED: V. Johnson, C. Fertal, J. Ward, R. Romero, C. Gregory, T. Ibarra, G. Thompson, J. Gagliano. AFS OFFICERS: Sue Jordan Jean Paz, J. Scarbrough, Austin, Davidson. The AFS Club sold candy, mistletoe, and held a record hop to raise money. The Club is in its third year and its purpose is to bring a student from another country here to ours. This year the Club worked hard and in the near future we hope to have an exchange student. F B y m ■ 1 ij mm H m j BIJ H .flHI BV PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB— TOP ROW: J. Repp, L. McElprzsh, P. Vasquez, R. Stahl, R. Thornstrom, I. Martin. ROW 4: M. Charleston, G. Stone, B. Carr. ROWS: advisor, Mr. De Guevara, D. Fellman, L. Kopec, J. Ward. ROW 2: J. Williams, S. Rose, P. Corrigan, P. Christianson. ROW 1 : D. Fenno, M. Mendiola, P. May, D. Gunn, C. Fertal, R. Thompson. CAMELOT PLAYERS— BACK ROW: J. Rouzaud, R. Downey, L. Hamblin, D. Roldan, M. Russel, M. McKemia, C. Winacore, J. Toomey, E. Gallo, L. Barra, B. Boring, S. Bradshaw, J. Grennel, C. Richards, P. Burch, R. Romero, G. Ramos. SEATED: R. LaGate, A. Bellante, B. Nix, K. Brown, M. Snow, D. Cesana, A. Betancourt, C. Mertz, R. Whitten, C. Fay, K. Zalinski, T. Matas. FRONT: Advisors, Mr. Jordan, Mrs. Bryant. Drama A scene from " The Night Must Fall " The DRAMA CLUB formed by combining the Thespians and Camelot Players have been very successful this year. One of the plays they pro- duced was " The Night Must Fall " a dramatic play about a schizophrenic. This play was very good and produced a full house for three nights. The Thespians and Camelot Players also performed at an annual variety show. With the leadership of advisors Mr. Jordan and Mrs. Bryant the club and Thespian troupe have had a very successful year. i Mi Rehearsing for i)lay. THESPIANS: B. Nix, R. Whitten, E. Gallo, D. Roldan, A. Betancourt, D. Cesana, M. McKenna, D. Brown, M. Snow, Advisor, Mr. Jordan. h G.A.A. G. A. A. CABINET: G.A.A.— BOTTOM ROW: K. GuiUen, K. Carson, R. Chavez, K. Boren, M. Chavez, D. Shiraki. ROW 2: D. Boonstra, V. Joseph, C. Lehman, J. Elmore, B. ShuUer, A. Gonzales, R. Simonds. ROW 3: C. Zumwalt, J. Ward, L. Johnson, K. Hoskison, B. Frausto, M. McDonald, D. Escalera. ROW 4: C. Dunton, P. Sandell, D. Harp, T. Gomez, R. Ennis, D. Mann. LAST ROW: J. VanOlden, R. Boker, J. Dexheimer, J. Herrera, L. Gomez Trejo, P. Herrera, M. McDonald. G. A. L. S. --ROW 1: P. Herrera, B. Logue, B. Shuler, N. Shiraki, D. Shiraki, L. Logue. ROW 2: T. Juaraqui, L. Gomeztrejo, C. Dunton, M. Ricigliano, B. Kelsey. TOP ROW: P. Sandell, R. Boker, D. Harp, J. Van Olden, P. Haskinson, J. Dexheimer. G.A.L.S. The Girls ' Athletic Letter Societj- has been an active group in this year ' s acti- vities. Their advisor is Miss Noble. A service the G. A. L. S. performed for the school was to decorate the goal posts before each football game. This club gives sports-minded girls an opportunitj ' to participate in such sports as Softball, track, sjTicronized swimming temiis and various other sports. The G. A. L. S. is similar to the Block N club because it gives girls a chance to earn a sports letter. To earn this letter a girl must particpate in eight or nine sports events. G.A. L. S. OFFICERS: P. Sandell, D. Harp, M. Ricigliano, T. Juaraqui. Dive Club DIVE CLUB, clockwise: Advisor, Mr. Hart, Roy Witherow, Gene Paz, Sue Jordan, Steve Stewart, Bill Medina, Mark Bradley. Art Club ART CLUB: C. Carmacnole, S. Jordan, C. Gregory, K. Kearns, L. Frisha, B. Brown, K. Turner. Calif. Scholarship Fed. J.E.T.S. JOAN ELMORE A d visors MRS. MARCH TOP: MRS. LUCIO BOTTOM: MRS. SIMPSON CHERYL CHAMBERLIN YVONNE PAYETTE LYNN CISCO NOT PICTURED: Celeste Fertal, Pam Jenkins, and Maryann Costillo TERM IBARRA CAROL NEUMAN RITA ROMERO JANET STOKES Nu Gamma Lambda This club is better known on campus as " Girls ' League. " It is a club of hard work- ing girls whose main goal is to make a suc- cess out of the annual Christmas Dance, and have fund raising activities. These girls kept busy all year by holding a big and little sister picnic, their Christmas Formal, put- ting on a " Battle of the Bands " dance, and making easter baskets for handicapped chil- dren. Campus 80 _ ' " »W te i., LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Berteaux, Josu 1-Torus, Yvonne Kinoshita, Anna Villaruel, Deld Alejandra Diaz, Maricela Maya, Francine DeMars, Francisco Villaruel. Muriiliy, Ac I sula Miranda, LEFT TO RIGHT: Maricela Maya-Treasurer, Anna Villaruel- Vice-President, Mr. Berteaux-Sponsor, Acacia Galicia- President, Yvonne Kinoshita-Historian. Spanish Club This jcar has been the first for an organized Spanish Club at Nogales. Under the advisor Mr. Bcrteau-x, and the Pres- ident, .Acacia Galacia, the Club ' s main purpose is to delve more deeply into the true aspects of Span- ish culture. Several students hero at Nogales High, have had an interest in Hispanic Culture and have initialed iliis club to familiarize its members with various Lustoms and traditions. f Football 68 Nobles Season This season ended with two Noble victories. The Nobles were victorious over Baldwin Park and Bassett High. The powerful passing of Joseph Gomez and the great blocking led by linemen, Steve Grigsby, Jerry Moreno, and Ken Fish led the Nobles to their victories. Even though their final record was not tremendously impressive, the Nobles played a lot of fine football this year. Mr. Carter, head coach, deserved much of the crecUt also for the team ' s fine performance. Coaching Staff ARCHIE CARTER DAN DAVIS PAUL lAEGER HERB ROBINSON Varsity Staff The Varsily coaching stall went through many changes last year. We had a change of head coach and then brought one of our J. V. coaches to Varsity backfield coach. We now, as before, have what we feel is a winning combination of good coaches and great players. The coaching line-up is, Coach Carter, head coach, Coach Davis, line coach. Coach laeger, end coach, and Coach Robinson, backfield coach. BOTTOM ROW: B. Christofol, G. Grunow, G. Lau, R. Gonzales, Y. Fujimoto, B. Garcia, K. Fish, P. Garcia, T. Dillman, A. Mesco. ROW 2: R. Gomez, F. Price, D. Pascucci, R. Nielson, L. Bridgeman, A. Grimsley, R. Chavez, J. Salas, J. Moreno, S. Grigsby. ROW 3: L. Laulu, J. Small, I. Martin, A. Gomez, K. Ferguson, S. Baker, J. McClure, J. Gomez, D. Aguayo, S. Wilkinson, J. Croker. Varsity in Action Outstanding Players George Grunow, Joseph Goniez, Anthony Gomez, Gerry Moreno and Jimmy Jackson were named outstand- ing players for the ' 68 football season. Each boy was selected as an outstand- ing player for his contributions to each game. Geroge Grunow and Jerry Moreno were selected " EL SOCKO. " They each had 63 tackles for the season, This is second high- est ever for Nogales. Joseph Gomez was selected " MOST VALU. BLE " and was selected for the Hall of Fame. Anthony Gomez was selected the " OUT- STANDING Lineman " for the year. His repeated fine performance on the line was always a bright spot in both receiving and playing defense. Jimmy Jackson was selected as the " OUT- STANDING BACK " for his great over- all ability to carry the ball. He re- turned punts, kickoffs, and played on both offense and defense and also ac- counted for over 1000 yards in doing these. OUTSTANDING PLAYERS: George Grunow, Joseph Gomez, Gerry Moreno, Anthony Gomez, Jimmv Jackson. Knock em Nobles ! [ML I ROWl: R. Brunner, B. Chambers, B. Miller, M. Montee, R. Letternien, T. Ullberg, D. Flores, K. Goldwine, D. Phillips, T. Shafer, J. Spence. ROW 2: B. DeJohn, E. Martinez, R. Henry, E. Can, D. Dow, J. Urbauer, T. Allen, R. Rivera, R. Rudy, J. Ashmore, K. Henry. ROW 3: R. Abrial, J. La Croix, I. Rodriquez, L. McGuire, Z. Frausto, A. Jacquez, R. Alvarez, M. O ' Shea, B. Huff, M. O ' Hara, B. Alto. Manager: Bill Sheppard. Bee Team The Bee ' s had a fine season, and they did a great job. With the help of their coach, Mr. Vasquez, they certainly helped make the repu- tation of our school look good. Coach: Mr. Vasquez LEFT TO RIGHT: Is Henry, Rick Brunner and Ruben Rivera. Five Outstanding Players » ■■ " «. v ' .y i- ROWl: B. Valenzuela, A. McClure, T. Hazelton, L. Galvin, T. Matray, S. Stone, S. Broyles, A. Ojinaga, G. Valenzuela, L. Gilbert, D. Martin, Bill Tieri, S. Knapp, B. Gage, P. Halbito, R. Grigsby, A. Nunez, J. Nix, M. Garrison, D. Flores, J. Ferry, M. Millard, M. Babcock, M. Dominguez, G. Garcia, D. Cook, S. Otte, L. Stahl, D. O ' Hara, R. Tieri, G. Cisco, A. Sosa, W. Scudder, R. Sledge (not pictured). Cee Team in Action The Cee ' s had a pretty good season and now next year they will have enough experience and skill for a C. I. F. team coming up. They partially achieved this goal with the help of their great coaches, Mr. Hart and Mr. Corkrum. LEFT TO RIGHT: Gilbert Valenzuela, Tom Hazelton, Shawn Stone, Bobby Valenzuela, Tom Matray. Five Outstanding Players Varsity J. V. Cross Country The 68-09 Noble Varsity have become the history making cross-country team of Nogales High School. Not only did they have all seven rminers under 10:54, but the time span between the first and seventh man was a mere 37 seconds. In defeating the Charter Oak Lancers, the mighty NOBLES finished tlie dual league season with a 9-1 won and lost record. Unfortunately the loss came in a league contest ajid consequently put the Nobles in second place in leagu e competition. In his first varsity race of his short .k-c career, Joe Duffy was named NOBLE-OF-THE-WEEK, for accomplish- ing a career best of 10:54. The J. V. harriers remained undefeated in league competition and it looks like they should be the Montview league champs barring a complete col- lapse in league finals. Congi-atulations Marcus, Larry, and Mike- what a beautiful 1-2-3 punch. Waiting to Run 1 r! 4 ' ROW 1 : T. Reddick, D. Rachford, R. Marmone, R. Wamplex-, P. Anderson, M. Clenard, K. Quanstrom, S. Martinez, J. DeAngelis, J. Faggard, V. Busch. ROW 2: B. Slayton, R. Robles, J. Suerrard, M. Charleston, M. Kennedy, J. McKay, R. Gonzales, R. Davis, B. Noll, R. Witherow, M. Cole. Water Polo- ' 68 ' M LEFT: Assistant Coach, Brian Stuart. RIGHT: Coach, Boyd L. Mauer. . ' ■ ' J ,5iJ«8 LEFT: Most Valuable, Mike Kennedy. RIGHT: Captain, Mike Charleston. ' ?m: Antliony Gomez Mark Evans i pfl- OS H Mi Eddie Esquibel rrrTFrrr " : Dan Carbajal Dave Junkin James Smith Joseph Gomez ' V Mike Esquibel IT P Robert Hertel Ron Re in hart Jim Marsh % ' Dave Murray Coach And Captains LEFT TO RIGHT: Dan Carbajal, Coach Mr. Murray, Anthony Gomez, Joseph Gomez. Varsity In Action On March 7, 1969, the Nogales Varsity Basketfjall team closed out ita most successful basketball season. They lost to Beverly Hills School in the quarter finals of C. I. F. play. Prior to this action, they beat Antelope Valley 79-H9, and Hancho Alamitos 77-73 in C. I. F. play. The seventh ranked five among C. I. F. Triple-A schools finished the year with a 22-7 record. Rolling to a 10-2 league record, Murray ' s five also added tlie Nogales Christmas Tournament to tlieir coup stick early in the season. The Varsity was led by high-scoring senior guard, Dan Carbajal. Dan, who helped Nogales to its first Mout ' iew League basketlmll title, was named Player of tlie Year by the league coaches. He was also selected Most Valuable Player in the Nogales Christmas Tournament. During the season he became the highest scorer in the school ' s history. Mike Esquibel held down the other guard spot. He was the only junior on tlie starting quintc t. He was selected first team all league. Pairing with Carbajal they were the best guards in the Valley. Mike averaged 20 points per g ' ame in the C. I. F. playoffs. Dave Junkin started at the center position. He has out- standing jumping ability and was a very important clog in the Nogales attack. Junkin was selected Honorable Mention on the all league team. Flanking Junkin at the forward positions were the Gome brotliers. Joseph and Anthony did an outstanding job both offensively and defensively. Joseph broke tlie school record for rebounding. Joseph started for the Varsity for three years. He was selected on the all tournament team at tlie Nogales Christmas Tournament. He was selected Honorable Mention on the all league team. Anthony was selected on the AU- tournament teams at the Corona and Nogales Tournament. As a junior he was the most valuable player on last year ' s var- sity. The starting five was backed up by a sti-ong bunch. Mark Evans and Jim Smith added gi-eat depth in the front line. Both of them conti-ibuted greatly to the team success. Ed Esquibel and Robert Hertel gave tlie team good relief for tlie guards. Dave Murray added strength to the center position. Ron Reinhart and Jim Marsh rounded out the squad. Nogales achieved great success during the year and most of it was obtained by team play and great desire. 1 . Sr Outstanding Players Tournament Champions J. V. Basketball TOP ROW, left to right: S. Wilhelm, S. Rodriquez, R, Zellers, G. Uik.,, J. i_.omez, M. Schlosser, Mr. BerteaiLK. BOTTOM ROW: J. Esquibel, E. Carr, R. Mendoza, J. Uribe, A. Mesco, M. Shoopman. J.V. ' s In Action Bee Champs TOP ROW, left to right: L. Bridgeman, B. Morrison, Keith Jolmsoii, II. Sheckl, McKew, F. Valverde, E. Cochran, M. Ward. A. Smith, B. Nettles. BOTTOM HOW: A. Cranaon, B. After a mediocre start in non-league play (4-4), tlie Bees caught fire and ran through the Montvievv League undefeated. Two additional non-conference wins over Soutli Hills later in the year gaves the Nobles a fine 18-4 record for the season. Their 12-0 league mark allowed them to finish comfortably ahead of the second place team. While not blessed with great size, the Bees had good offensive power and con- sistently managed to score well against all oppostion. Two players provided most of the scoring spark. Louie Bridgeman, selected as captain and the team ' s Most Valuable Player, had an outstanding season. He led the team with 18. 3 points per game average. A bulwark on the boards, Brigeman made it possible for the Nobles to effectively use a fast break. Joining Bridgeman in leading the attack was sopho- more Arnold Crannon. Playing at a guard position, Arnie demoralized more than one team with his pin-point shooting and excellent ball handling. His scoring average was an excellent 14 points per game. These two individuals captured most ol tlie awards for tlie past season. Bridgeman, in addition to the honors already mentioned, was sleeted as the Most Valuable Play- er in the league. Crannon was also selected on the all-league first five and as the team ' s Most Valuable Defensive Pla.ver. Bill Morrison garnered the covet«Hl Most Inspirational Player award for his display of determination and desire. Mr. Ingalls- Coach Louie Bridgeman- Captain Cee Basketball TOP ROW, left to right: M. Brashers- Manager, Pete Montes, M. Babcock, C. Hubbart, B. May, A. Salas, G. Cisco, J. Trujillo, J. Jones- Manager. BOTTOM ROW: S. Day, P. McKendry, E. Cavanaugh, A. Ojinaga, J. Padilla, J. Guzman, M. Dominguez. NOT PICTURED: E. Payne Their win over Azusa and close lost to Soutli Hills by one point was their first loss at that time. Mr. Mcintosh, the Cee Coach, felt that the highlight for him was the Cool-never-give-up attitude of the entire team. The boys did well considering only two had prior basketball e.xperience. Andy Ojinaga was selected the Most Valuable player and Edsel Payne was the most high point man. The team finished second in the League with 10 wins and 2 losses. Mr. Don Mcintosh- Coach Pete Montes- Captain Frosh Basketball TOP ROW: M. O ' Shay, A. Jacquez, S. DeGraff, R. Henry, S. Broyles, S. Stone, Mike Millard, D. Lobato, L. Stovall, M. Pettey, G. Garcia, L. Cisco, S. Otte. TOM ROW: B. Gage, P. In a very close ball game they defeated Baldwin Park in the last quarter after being behind most of the ball game. Baldwin Park had beaten the Frosh badly the first time tliey played them. It was really the Frosh ' s first league victory. Selected for Most Valuable Player was Ralph Henry, the Most Inspirational was Mike O ' Shay, and Brian Gage played the best defensive player. And Mr. Robinson coached the team well and tliey finished si. tli in the league with 3 wins and 9 losses. Mr. Robinson- Coach Mike O ' Shay- Captain 1 iJ L 1 ■ tify r.. [ (4 m M f liiliiniT ■ ■ ■W R All red Nunez- ■js Steve Knapp- luo Jerry Garza- 115 Jr. Laulu- Heavy Weight Jerry Small- 194 Ken Fish- 178 Fred Price- 168 Mike Bailev- 123 Greg Lau- 130 Richard Ileadon- 13G Kirk Gudenau- 148 Joe Beaty- 157 Jay Lillethorup- 148 Robert Gonzales- 141 Captain Jay Lillithorii|j, Couuh Paul Icagur, CapUim Ken Fish VARSITY WRESTLING SCORES Nogales 20 El Monte 36 Nogales 38 Chino 19 Nogales 54 La Puente 5 Nogales 44 Los Altos 11 Nogales 33 Alhambra 23 Nogales 39 Glendora 16 Nogales 43 La Serna 13 Nogales 38 Northview 16 Nogales 32 BaUlwin Park 18 Nogales 44 Azusa 8 Nogales 40 Bassett 9 Nogales 20 Charter Oak 21 Nogales 28 Rowland 19 11 vins 2 loses 106 1 if J- A Montview League Wrestlers 1968-69 was another year of winning wrestling plus indi- vidual honors for Nogales High School. Coach Paul leagers Grapplers won 5 matches while los- ing only 1 to pass their second consecuti e Mont -iew League championship. The Nobles overall record was 11 wins and 2 loses. After losing their opening match to El Monte High School, a San Gabriel Valley powerhouse, Nogales went on to win 10 consecutive matches before losing a 1 point decision to Charter Oak in their second to last match of the season. Ncit to winning the league cliampionship, the most gratify- ing achievement for the Noble wrestlers was their 32-18 win over Baldwin Park, who were previously undefeated and the winner of the 32 team Northview Tournament. This year ' s team produced more individual league pUice winners than any other wrestling team in Nogales history. There were three champions, Jerry Garza 115 lbs. Jay Lillethorup 141 lbs, and Ken Fish 168 lbs; three second place finishers, Richard Headon 136 lbs, Kirk Gudenau 148 lbs, and Joe Beaty 157 lbs; two third place finishers, Greg Lau 130 lbs, and Jerry Small 194 lbs; and two fourth place finishers, Steve Knapp 106 lbs, and Fred Price 177 ll)s. Of these 10 place winners, the champions and second place finishers went to CIF Prelims. . t tlie prelims, Jerry Garza and Ken Fish placed 2nd and 4th respectively and continued on to represent Nogales in tlie CIF Finals. Jerry Garza finished the season by winning 4th place in the CIH Southern Section. Helping to make the outlook bright for next year, Coach leager will lose only two seniors, Mike Bailey and Robert Gonzales, off this year ' s championship team with twelve lettcrmen returning. Varsity Track - ' «F3«|(»jt. Coaches Captains y I Bee Track ROW 1, left to right: J. Clark, T. Kidwell, R. DeLaTorre, J. Jones, B. Resales, D. O ' Hara. ROW 2: R. Alvarez, M. Millard, B. Stump, D. MacKay, R. Rivera, ROW 3: K. Gudenau, B. McKew, D. McGhee, B. Espino, K. Edens. Cee Track l H ' % iC fc ' H ' t V l;J ' , :r»l ' " BOTTOM ROW, left to right: B. Valenzuela, R. Rivera, G. Valenzuela, P. Lobato, A. Nunez. TOP ROW: F. Lobato, B. Huff, T. Hazelton, G. Espino, D. O ' Hara, J. Ortega, C. Lopez. VARSITY TENNIS— TOP ROW: M. Pace, D. Tomkinson, W. Hagewood, D. Clark, D. Huff, M. Cabral. FRONT ROW: J. Marsh, L. Bridgeman, R. Castillo, R. Peraza, R. Robinson. Varsity J. V. Tennis JUNIOR VARSITY TENNIS— TOP ROW: Coach Corkrum, D. C. Trilby, J. Bustamante , L. Merz, G. Cisco. FRONT ROW: P. D ' Auria, S. Graham, J. Hale, S. Trax, J. Cisco, R. Gillespie. SEATED ON THE BOARD, left to right: R. Witlierow, J. McCoy, M. Kemiedy, M. Haas, M. Charleston, R. Davis. STANDING ON THE BOARD: S. Jones, S. Martinez, J. Faggard, B. May, K. Quanstrom, M. Clenard, T. Reddicks, M. Pettey, L. McGirr, J. Sheri ' ard, B. Leonard, R. Kapuaala. STANDING ON LADDER, top to bottom: V. Bush, P. Anderson, B. Noll. STANDING ON DECK: D. Rachford, B, Slay ton. Swim Team ' 69 ' 112 ' Swim Team of 69 ' Varsity Baseball Varsity baseball welcomed a new crop tliis season aiid Coach Gurney had only four returning lettermen from last season. Coming from the 1968 group were D. Carbajal, R. Garcia, J. McClure and A. Rodriguez. The varsitj ' relied heavily on talent from the 1968 Champion Jimior Varsity team. The rebuilding year was stalled during Febi ' uary with severe rain. During the entire month, the varsity did not practice two consecutive days. Rain and wet gi ' ounds kept baseball at a standstill. March brightened for Nogales and the " Big Team " staged a 3-3 tie with Lake- wood and then followed with a 3-0 victory over Bolsa Grande. Coach Gurney relied heavily on Jess McClure for pitching. McClure had a fast start and saw plenty of action in 1969. He also looked to Steve Wilkinson for catching, and otliers who figured in the action were: Juan Uribe, Tom Allen, Jim Jackson, . " rmajido Rodriguez, Chris Brown and Dan Carbajal. The season also featured the third aimual Nogales Easter Invita- tional VarsitT,- Baseball Tournament held during tlie first three days of Easter vacation on the Nogales fields. It was an eight team affair with all teams playing one game each day. The teams competing this season were: Rowland, Walnut, Workman, Baldwin Park, Quartz Hill, Gladstone, Royal Oak and Nogales. A. Rodriguez, J. MClure, B. Garcia, Coach Ron Gurney BOTTOM ROW: Ron Laplante, B. Garcia, B. Wernicke, P. Garcia, T. Allen, J. Jackson, J. Uribie. Sliafer, A. Rodriguez, A. Grimsley, A. Garcia, J. Spence, Coach Dan Gurney. TOP ROW: S. Wilkenson, B. Taylor, T. h H5 Warming up for the big game. Take Me Out To Anotlier ruii toward victory. Up, up and away The Ball Game .. " ♦Si J. . ' S ff W w fP FHUM ' HiJW: K. rliuiiip.suii, 11. G.tgc, J. .L , IJ. ALuti M. Ohera, D. Grant, M. O Shea, S. Broyles. 1,. Stahl, L.. G.ircKi, 1, Freshman Baseball 69 FRESHMAN BASIOHALL Our freshman baseball team has done very well so far in their season. They are the sturdiest freshman team Nogales has ever had. Coached by Archie Carter the freshman team has won many victories and will be a good feeder team for tlie ' arsity and Junior ' arsity teams next year. t Tennis TOP ROW, left to right: Jane Ward, Debbie Harp, Pattj- Saiidell, Joan Van Olden, Lisa Johnson, Natalie Shiraki, Carol Zumwalt, Joyce Elmore, Betty Shuler, Juljiie Herrera. 12) FRONT ROW: Maureen McDonald, Joyce Elmore, Betty Sliuler, Banibi Heymans, Toni Gomcztrijo, Rochel Garcia, Nathalie Shiraki, Diane Shii-aki. ROW 2: Kosette Karbon, Marilee Slaten, Charlene Boker, Carmen Dunton, Barbara Kelsey, Lu Lu Gonieztrijo, Julyne Herrera, Pam Herrera. BACK ROW: Patty Sandell, Redina Boker, Debbie Harp, Jay Gomez, Lisa Johnson, Diana Boonstra, Kathy Hoskison, Jo Dexheimer. G.A.A. Badminton BOTTOM ROW: Maria Chevez, Diane Shiraki, Rachel Garcia, Kelly Guilleu, Vicky Hirff, Pam Herrera, Betty Shuler, Joyce Elmore, Vickj- Joseph, Ruita Isoua, Maureen McDonald. ROW 2: Jay Gomez, Kathy Hoskison, Carmen Dunton, Cheryl Tukman, Merilee Slaten, Lu Lu Gonieztrijo, Jiulyne Herrera, Toni Gomeztrijo, Kosette Karbon, Bambi Heymans, Lillian McGhee, Nathalie Shiraki. TOP ROW: Debbie Harp, Diana Boonstra, Redina Boker, Joan Van Olden, Patty Sandell, Jo Dexheimer, Cindy Gomez, Terry Hudson, Lisa Johnson, Kathy Carson. " - ' " " l . b ■4 ,J ' - %|KiX-.-4i Varsity Volleyball IXJP ROW, leit to right: Mary McDonald (manager), Carol Zumwalt, Patty Sandell, Lisa Johnson. BuTTOM ROW: Rose Clia uz, Nalali Shiraki, Toni Gomeztrejio. J.V. Volleyball TOP ROW, left to right: Jo;m Van Olden, Redina Boker, Jo Dexheimer, Lulu Gomeztrejio. BOTTOM ROW: Joyce Klmore, Betty Shuler. Pam Ilerrera, JuU-ne Herrera. Varsity Softball TOP ROW: -Alary JlcDoiiald (manager), Lisa Jolmson, Joaii an Olden, Kedina Bukei ' , Jo Dexlieinier, Lulu Gemeztrejio. BOTTOM ROW: Betty Shuler, Pam Herrera, Julyne Herrera, Rose Chavez, Cecil Villa. J. V. Softball TOP ROW: Carol Zumwalt, Barbara Murphy, Carmen Dutton, Cindy Gomez. BOTTOM ROW: Cindy Morgaii, Debbie Cuen, Margie Gonzales, Tom Gomeztrejio. 124 Girls ' Track BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Sandy Albright, Julyne Herrera, Pam Herrera, Toni Gomeztrejo, Charlene Boker. TOP ROW: KediJia Boker, Joan Van Olden, Jo Dexheimer, LuLu Gomeztrejo, D iana Boonstra. r i -- -_ Celeste Pertal - Senior Class President Seniors LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Elmore, B. Kelsey, C. Conley, C. Fertal, P. Dyer, E. Mendez, T. Wheller, T. Fenton, J. Scarbough, L. Sogge, M. Evans, J. Waymack, R. Soto, F. DeMars, K. Kiu-isaki. V. President Dave Mc Mullen Treasurer John Scarborough Secretary Pam Jenkins Treastu ' er Kay Bowman 1 The picture to the left, is of the Nogales Senior Council. This group is composed of students elected by tlie senior civics classes. The pur- pose of this organization is to repre- sent their class, and plan activities for the senior class. This group is headed by Celeste Fertal, Senior Class President. i2S i Bank of America SEATED: Nick Di Peso Agriculture David Dawson Social Science Robert Rodgers Lab Science David Murray Liberal Arts FRONT: Louis Bridgeman Mathematics Yoshikazu Fujimoto Trades Indust. Arts Award Winners James Marsh Science Math Etiennette Manowski Fine Arts Kranuine De Mars Foreign Languages Pati-icia Stickney Business Mary All Ferry Joseph Duffy English Cynthia Honda Home Economics Always smiling Bobby Garcia and Toni Fenton with Best Smile. Astle, Paula Bode, Helen Bailey, Michael Balsz, Elizabeth Barrett, Michael Baugh, Nancy Beckner, Linda Bedgood, Laura Berge, Linda Best, Elizabeth Albright, Sandy Alexander, Marilyn Alfaro, Yolanda Sitting pretty ai ' e the Best Looking Seniors Carol Ithoadyj; and Richard Stahl. Betancourt, Nelson Black, Mary Bonilla, Ileana Boren, Kay Bowman, Geneva Bradshaw, Richard Brashear, Gregory Brasher s, Mchael Bridgeman, Louis Brock, Martha 133 Camarena, Hector Cai-bajal, Daniel Carballo, Kathleen Cai ' i-, William Carson, Michael Chamberlain, Cheryl Chavez, Priscllla Chavez, Rosemary Chavez, Rudy I ' lying high are Martha Brock and Larry Richcreek with Best Personality. Costillo, Maryan Cota, Phil Craig, Darrell Grouser, Deborah Crumley, Brenda Cruz, David C_ i)hcr, Charles Davidson, Austin Dawson, David DeMars, Francine DePcso, Nick Dow, David Silence is Golden around I ' lim Jenkins .ind Louie Bridgenuu Most Talkative Seniors. 135 Dube, William Dyei ' , Deborah Eastridge , David Echevarria, Susan Edwai-ds, Marie Ferry , Mary Fertal, Celeste Flasch, Judith Flores, Jose Frausto, Maria Super Snots are the Most Conceited Seniors Dave Cruz and Diona Galusha. «t;; p gg ' ' Frazier, Daniel Freeman, Belinda Fujimoto, Yoshikazu Galusha, Diona Garcia, Robert Grigsby, Steven Grunow, Gworge Gueits, Eileen Gunn, Doris Guzman, Rose Being Friendly Cicorge Grunow anii iiose Guzman Friendliest Seniors. ' 3 Hagbery, Marty Ifarris, Edward Hobert, Alan Hagewood, Floyd Harris, Ric hard Hegedish, Debra Hamilton, Julie Headon, Alice Henry, Louis Herrera, Rachel Hill, Sandra Hiell, Sandra Hines, Nancy Hiett, Steven Holguin, Rosemary Highfill, Irene Honda, Cynthia Higley, Lynette Hudson, Dallas Quietest Seniors. lieU ' lsuorj ;in(l .iosc Esiiueda 136 Huff, David Johnson, Cathie Hyatt, Anne Johnson, Janice Ibarra, David Johnson , Shcrri Infante, Victoria Jolinson, Vicki Jenkins, Pamela Jones, illiam Always on the go are Dave Murr Likely to Succeed. 1(1 ilwfii |-.veii Mu:-I 139 Always helping are Kit Kurisaki and Pat Carballo Out- standing Service Seniors. McDowell, Nancy McElfresh, Larry McGirr, Patricia IVTcGrew, Ronald Mc Mullen, David Lepre, AUeyne hd:7h INNOCENT? Judv Holiins nju; McVay, Jimmy Mackay, Donald Mann, Howard Manowski, Etiennette Mai-ques, Darlen Showing their strength are Joe and Anthony Gomez and Sandy Coleman Most Athletic. :m ' Jtfj. Medeiros, Verna Mendez, Esther Mendez, Lydia Mendiola, Mary Mercell, Betty Mussleman, Nina Nelson, Charlene Newmarui , Carol Neves, Connie Nicl les, Martin ' vwr i T Oh well, there ' s no hurry, NTW ' Nielson, Joyce Nordstrom, Lance O ' Brien, Darrell Olson, Martha O ' Reilly, Pam Pizer, Kathleen Pyper, Brent Ramynke, Donald Reho, Susan Roihnrt, I ' .onalfl Repp, Joseph Rey, Sara Reyes, Raymond Rhoads, Carol Richio, Richard Rice, Dora Rice, Nadine Richcreek, Larry Riebeii, Patricia Ritterhouse, Judy T44 Rochelle, James Roias, Nellie Always full of pep and spirit arc Linda Sogge and John Scarbough Peppiest Seniors. Kose, Ronald Sales, Merrie Rose, Sandra Sales, Maggie Salas, Jerry Sanchez, Rose Salez, Magdalena Sarvis, Bi-enda Salazas, Josephine Scarborough, John Schmidt, Vickie Shelter, Bonnie Schmidth, Patricia Smith, James Schwab, Linda Sogge, Linda Scott, Maureen Sosmoskie, Patricia Severnce, Tim Soto, Robert [ ik ifliflK flHi B i 1 iiH ' }46 H i idH K: vl B ' , i " ' " | Bk % m ■ rii l fl stokes, Janet Taylor, Brian Tiffie Jerry Taylor, William Torre s, Eddie Thompson, Coldie Trejo Carmen Thompson, Michelle Tunga e, Jeff Thompson, Rae Turne r, IVIary f % w r J4 o. J C SENIOR ADVISOR???? Stone, Jeff Sublet, Roger ▲« J mk m Urbauer, Melanie Van Houten, Greg Vasqucs, Paul VanGuiidy, David Van Olden, Hans Villarruel, Aiuia Wampler , Melinda Ward, Jim Waymack, Jeanne Weston, Eva J b . , v Where ' s the Senior t Wliat ' d he do??? 148 1 m Wilson, Randy Yorba, Renee Tk Witherow , Rene Clark, James Whitley, Shai-on White, Lorene Woolsey, Carol Wheeler , Terry Whitten, Richard DOORS TO THE FUTURE. 140 Seniors Are: Happ y Pe opie Pa tient Pe opie Lazy People ■ ' = i:2: j s 150 . . . Active people People who look forward I The closer he gets tlie better he LOOKS! ! SEiMOK SOSII ' S stialy ? ? ? ? ? ? EXCEDRIN HEADACHE G9 Hey, pay attention! I ' m t;ilking to you! Brainiest Seniors Annette Neil sitting and studying. You have your nerve! Senior Scribbles GRADUATION IS OVER. .BUT THE PARTY OF LIFE HAS JUST BEGUN! C ass of 70 The Juniors have placed first in Home- coming Float competition this year for the third consecutive time. With the experi- ence of three years, president Ray Hale has done a fine job. This year it will be the privilege of the Junior Class to host the Seniors at the Junior-Senior Prom. ' 3B i«(M President Ray Hale Vice President Mike Kennedy Secretary Elena Vasquez Adv. Mr. Wolfe Adv. Mr. Eriekson Aguilera, Ramon Aldaco, Ivlauuel Alexander, Barbara Alexander, Mary Alexander, Wylene Allen, Tom Alonzo, Alex Andrade, Marie Aragon, Philiph Arellanez, Rudy Arellano, Albert Arzola, Irene Aud, Mike Barker, Connie Barra, Lynn Barry, John Basoco, Richard Baumann, Tom Beatty, Jess Beatty, Julie Beck, Jeff Beck, Sharon Bellante, Alice Benjamins, Eric Berdin, Claudia Berroteran, Gilbert Berutka, Christina Betancourt, Anita Beyer, Jeff Bitureida, Minerva Boker, Caron Boonstra, Christina Boring, Brenda Borton, Tim Boutwell, Robert Brady, Cecile Breitkopf, Albert Brideneaugh, Maybette Brown, Barbara Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Kim Brown, Mike 159 Brown, Terry Brunner, Rick Buck, Sandra Bumgartner, Mike Bussola, Steve Cabral, Martin Camp, Carol CarmagnoUe, Cheryl Carrari, Joseph Carson, Casey Castillo, Ron Cavanaugh, Eddie Chambers, George Chapman, Karen Chavez, Nadene Cherry, Earl Childress, Lloyd Clark, Elizabeth Clark, Mike Claxton, Wanda Coady, Valli Cochran, Edward Collins, Jim Conner, Harold Cristofol, Bear Cross, Merry Cummings, Jim Cj-pher, Jerry Czworniak, Marguerite Davis, Greg Davis, Jim Davis, Randall Degelia, Deborah DeJohn, William Dibble, Julie Downey, Richard Dronberger, Bill Duarte, Reginald Duffy, John DuMiller, John Dumka, Deborah Duran, Gina Dusch, Scott Dyer, Deborah Eaton, Frances Edwards, Larry Edwards, Linda Elder, James Escalera, Dan Espinoza, Eleanor Esquibel, Eddie Esquibel, Mike Eure, Deborah Evans, Cindy Evans, Judy Evens, Nona Fay, Jane Feliccia, Madeline Field, Steven Fink, Deborah Fink, Sally Finley, Marion Finley, Rick Fish, Ken Flansburg, Roy ©flA f 0 Flores, Ignacio Flores, David Flores, Susan Flores, Victoria Forrest , Randy Frager, John Franco, Clara French, Allen Friscia Leonard Gagliano, Jo Ann Galacia Acacia Gallagh sr, William Gallo, Ernie Gamez, Guadalupe Garcia, Jessica Garcia, Pat Gardea, Cindi Garza, Gerald 161 Garza Pena, Tony Gilbert, Maurice Giles, Greg Gillett, Mike Godfrey, James Goebel, Karen Goldberg, Jan Goldwine, Ken Gomez, Alice Gomez, Jesse Gomez, Robert Gonzales, Ernie Gonzales, Maggie Gotts, Kristine Graham, Garry Graham, Steve Green, Richard Gregory, Cindy Grimsley, Alan Gross, Jack Gudenau, Kirk Guillen, Manuella Hale, Paul Hale, Raymond Hardy, Janet Harp, Debra Harris, Jo Ann Harrison, Roger Hart, Ed Hart, Mike Harvey, Mike Haveman, Mark Hazelton, Susan Headon, Richard Heil, Mary Helgedalen, Walter Heliums, Clyde Henderson, Donna Henderson, Bill Hennan, Kandy Heymans, Bambi Hickman, Katrina Hiett, Toni Hlnkle, Kathy Ilogarty, Bernard Holland, Wanda Howard, Lynn Howes, Debbie Huff, Lora Hughes, Rochelle Hulse, Laura i .A Hutchlngs, Wanda Ibarra, Teri Isobe, May losua, Eraele Jackson, Jimmy Jacobo, Louis Jagd, Mike Jaramillo, .-Vnita Jauregui, Tina Jenkins, Linda Jernigan, David Jimenez, Mary Jimenez, Richard Johannes, Ilonka Johnson, Christine Johnson, Keith Johnson, Robert Johnson, Ross Jones, Pam Jordan, Susan Junker, Frank Kane, Api- l Kasper, John Karban, Kosette Karcher, Dennis Karcher, Mary Kcarns, Kathleen Kennedy, Duane 163 Kim, Nancy Kinoshita, Yvonne Kittrell, Clarence Knapp, Kathleen Kuhn, Susan Kuhlman, Myrna Lamb, Vivian Langston, Winona Lara, Helen Lau, Greg Laulu, Lafoga Lemon, George Leonard, Marleen Leslie, Kathleen Lewis, Claudia Lillethorup, Jay Lobato, Mario Logan, Barbara Logue, Linda Longshore, Jody Lopez, Fra nk Lopez, Hector Lopez, Marcus Loya, Francine Lynch, Melody Lynn, Lori Lyons, Kathleen Mc Coy, CoUen Mc Keehan, Joan Mc Kenna, Mary Mc Lean, Glenda Mc Williams, Sandra Maddox, Donald Magallanez, Dolores Maldonado, Mary Mann, Debra Marques, Henry Martin, Dianne Martin, Shelly Martin, Susan Martinez, Eddie Martinez, Marcla Matas, Tury Matos, Frank Matray, Ruby Maul din, Greg Medina, William Melgoza, Maria Mendiola, Carolyn Mendoza, Roger Merz, Connie Mesco, Ray Millard, Christine Miranda, Eusebio Miranda, Estella Moffett, Robin Molina, George Montee, Linda Moore, Bruce Moore, Christine -Moore, Nancy Moreno, Rose Morrison, Bobbie Mosqueda, Laura Munoz, Virginia Munro, Frances Murphy, Dolores Murillo, Lorena Murray, Colleen Nash, Lin Nash, Steven Nava, Olivia Naylor, Gary Neves, Karen Nielson, Richard Nix, Bruce Noll, Robert O ' Brien, Cathie Olsen, Steve Orchard, Mike Ortez, Charles Ozuna, Richard Padilla, Patricia 6S Page, Thereasa Parcher, Ken Parks, Debra Pascucci, David Paz, Gene Perez, Susie Perez, Yolanda Pershing, Glenn Peterson, Bruce Pogue, Shannon Popper, Gail Quintela, Elva Quintinar, Gilbert Ramirez, Janie Reed, Lynn Reho, William Repp, Margie Reyes, Roxanne Rhine, Karen Rich, Kathleen Richards, Terry Richards, Wayne Ricigiiano, Marilyn Ricotta, Debbie Rios, Rosemary Hiss, Theresa Ristol, Lee Ritterhouse, Pat Rivera, Ruben Roberts, Leslie V A y ,. Roberts, Leslie ' « - Roberts, Lynn Robinson, Valeria Robles, Richard •V Rodriquez, Rosalva Rodriquez, Rosalinda 0 Rodriquez, Sergio ■j Jjf Roldan, Dan w%-» ■ ' »m Romero, Anna » ' S ' Ronquillo, Alice I. Nnf9 - Ronquillo, Cecilia ii ' Resales, Bernie Resales, Carlos Rotruck, Sherry Ruiz, Theresa Rutter, Bill Ryder, Steve Ryles, Dora Sabo, Irene Salais, Santa Sanchez, Eloisa Sandell, Pat Sandoval, Kathy Sanford, Dolores Scarpinato, Mike Schmidth, Barbara Schnarr, Richard Schneider, Sandra Schrack, Marcia Sebeni, Penny Senese, Deborah Serna, Linda Shafer, Tom Shamblin, Phyllis Shedd, Herbert Sherrard, John Shiraki, Nathalie Simonds, Brenda Skinner, Ellen Smith, Corletta Smith, Kevin Smith, Margaret Snyder, Donna Stiner, Denise Stransky, Ron Stringfellow, Carl Summers, Leslie Swigart, Jeffrie Szalonek, Marta Tavarez, Sally Telleson, Christie Thompson, Brenda Thornstrom, Terrv Thornton, Constance M M. Q Thuney, Carol Tibbetts, Linda Tieri, Eileen Tobin, Skipper Toomey, Joyce Torres, Elaine Trevino, Bert Trostle, Robert Ullberg, Tom Uribe, Juan Ursa, Karan Valenzuela, Linda Valverde, Frank Vargas, Denise Varner, Jimmy Vasquez, Elena Vasquez, Antonio Vavala, Toni Verity, Richard Villa, Cecilia Vinsand, Doug Wagner, Barbara Waite, Bill Wampler, Vickie Waner, Steve Ward, Jane Warren, Larry Watson, Kenneth Washington, Walter Weber, Janet Weetling, Deana Wegman, Linda Wetherbee, Richard Whittenberger, Bill Widdle, Jason Widle, Warren Wilhelm, Leonard Wilkinson, Steve Williams, Beverly Williams, Kitty Williams, Randy Willis, Deborah ;:4 Vs.- P P Wilson, Tracy Winocoor, Chuck Winvick, Keith Witherow, Vickie Wood, Kathy Woolsey, Edwin Woolen, Karen Wright, Geary Wyatt, Greg Yarbrough, Bill Zamudio, Ralph Zeltman, Don Granillo, Larry Lamb, Vivian Land, Diannia Ray, Marilyn Rouzand, Jeri Tomczak, Sharon Zink, Lee Zubia, Freddy Autographs ( c ' c i. e k.n T ' - e 0 OU VveX- LAif r- 1Y P Cafp 169 President Terry Dillman Vice President Alice Gonzales Secretary Audrey Robles Sophomores With the leadership of the re-elected class president, Terry Dillman, the Sophomores have been much more organized this year. The class participation has also greatly increased since last year, as the Sophomores have taken more of an inter est and pride in their school. As the largest class this year, it has many accomplish- ments to its credit. The Spirit of ' 71, the Sophomore Class self-published newspaper, has had much success this year. The Homecoming float received the honor of second place in the annual competition of floats. Candy sales and car washes were also a part of the fun- filled projects of the Sophomore Class. •«% _ Adv. Mrs. Shafer Adv. Mr. Monroe i ' f f c: e f f i " ( " a -a IB P i i i.J- ' M ' . ' fht! f_ Abraham, James Abril. Roj- Addleman, Craig Aguayo, Daniel Agullar, Came AlarcoD, Virginia Alcaraz, Joe Aldrich, Ann Alcssl, Steven Allen, Dawn Allen, Barbara Alexander, Dana AloQHO, Eu cblo Alvarez, Diana Alvarez, Evelyn Alvarez. Mike Amaral, Mario Anderegg, Donald Anderson, Kenneth Anspach, Michel e Anzlovar, Anthony Aqua, Joseph Ardaga, Ronnie Artca, Ronald Arzola, Thomas Ash, Sue Ashley, Billy Ashmorc, Lynda Bailey, Carol BaJccr, Steven Baklch, Shirley BalBZ, Bcrnadetle Baldwin, Paula Banks, Mary Barb, Jo Ann Barker, Janet Barton, Julto Bates, Bettic Bauer, Dartd Bauer, Diane Bayliss, Barbara Bcadell, Stella Bean, David Benjamins, Monlque Berdge, Lucille Berroleran, Martha Bleglcr, Raymond Blggerstaff, Katby BilUngs, Tom Bird. Jack Biturelda. Sylvia Black. Mar ' Black, Michael Blalsdcll, Wayne Blackthorn, Marty Blevlns, John Boecker, Patricia Boker. Redina Bonec, Slan Bonilla, Alvaro Bonillit. Margaret Boonstra. Diana Bradley, MayU Brady. Janet Bragcn, Gary Brazil. Terry Breltkofl, DIanna Bristol. Candlcc Brotea. Sand ' B rower, Nancy Bnn n, Darrcll Brown, Gloria Bro«-n, Maureen Brown. Steve Brown. Sarah Broyles, Pauline Bnmer, Fred Brusvco. Sandra Buck. Mary Buentlempo. Eddie Bugaby. Patricia Bull, L rr - Burgc. Margut rltc Campbell. Dalvy Campos, Catallna Cannon, Cicorge Cardonaji, Hamlro Carr, Edward Carver, Carol 171 Carver, Pam Casanova, Pam Cacaoaugb, Steven Celaya, CjTJthia Cesana, Diane Chambers, Bob Chandler, Pamela Chapman, Barry Chapman, William Charleston, Mark Chavez, Ray Cisco, Gary Clemeos. Jack Cleoard, Cathy Cleuard, Michael Clevenger, Rose Cobarrubio, Norma Clemens, Barbara Cobb. Stephen Cohen, Ness Cole, Micheal Collins, Micheal Conley, David Conn, Carolyn Conver, Nancy Cook, Cathy Cook, Donald Cool, Jeff Copeland, David Corbetl, Roy Corrigan, Rose Colhey, Lorelei Cousins, Jackie Craig, Micheal Crocker, Joseph Crouse, Lonnie Crump, Starrla Cunning, Roy Currier, Cynthia Daigneault, Dianne Daniels, Micheal D ' Auria, Phil Davidson, Kathy Davis, Karen Dawson, La Donna Day. Bernice Deane, David De Bry, Laura De Gelia, Mark De Jarnett, Rebecca De La Vega, Robert Delgado, Lydia Demarais, Georgette Devlin, Michelia De Winter. Stephamc- Dexheimer, Jo Diaz, Alejandra Dillard, Pam Dillard, Terry Diebold, Deborah Dominguez, Graciela Dow, Gary Dozier, Sharon - ' . ' S ' K ji Duboise, Donald Dunton, Carmen Durante, Ray Durham, Andy Edens, Kenneth Edwards, Elizabeth Egui! Elias ?. Susai Alexin Ernst, Roberta Escalera, Dorothy Espino, David Esqueda, Miguel Esquibel, Julian Estrella, Arnie Eve Cindv Evens, Raymond Ewald, Marina Faggard, John Faggard, Thomas Fair, Rebecca Farmer. Martha Fernandez. Angie Fernsler. Deborah Kj f " t o Vi 3. A Ferry, James Ficltl, Barbara Flelcher, Kennetb Flores, David Flores, Ouonis Flores. Patricia Floyd, Suzi Foreman, Liaila Forrosl, Rita ForseD, Mike Fox, Johnny Frager, Wayne Frausto, Bertha Frausto, Er.equiel Freeman. Charles FriHcla, Laura Funderburk, Fraiik Fuller. Robert Funk, Keith Gagman, Nancie Oallcia, Dolores Gallagher, Caodace Galusha, Victoria Gal van, Leo Garela, Carlos Garcia, Edward Garcia, Pamela Garcia, Rachel Gardea, Leon George, Christine Garvcy, James GiassuUo. Anthony Gilbert. Janice Gingerlch, Pamela Glenn, Susan Glovcl, Luanna Goethals, Diane Goencs. Michael Golliher, Cynthia Gomez, Estrella Gomez, Henry Gomeztrejo, Maria Gomez, Trejo. Rose Gonzales, Alice Gonzales, Rebecca Gonzales, Rodolfo Goodwin, Katby Gorastlza. Mike Goulart. Debra Goulan, SyKia Graf. Robert Gregory. Pam Grenier, Paul Grcnnell, Kathy GrirOs, AniU Grimes, Vicki Guerrero, Mario Guild, Susan Gustafson, Stanley Guzman, James Haas. Michael Hagbery. Glenn Hagcwood, Dennis Hale, Bruce Hale. Steven HaU, Jack Hall, Ron HambUn, Leona Hammett, Cecil Haney, Gloria Hanson, Thomas Hardin, Sherry Hargrove, Veronica Harvey, Cherryll Hastings, I oui8C Hayes, Charles Henr ' , Kenneth Hernandez, Johnny Hernandez, Rose Herrera, Gloria Herrcra, Julyne Herrera, Pamela Heycs, Sandra Hld lgo, Roslna Hiett. Vickie Hlggs. Janet Hildreth, Rosalind Hogan, Deborah Holmes, Zona •« ' .V1 ' . «i 173 Holt. Diane Honda. Gerald Hoobler, Da 1d Hoppe, Barbara Hornbeck, Walter Hoskisou, Kathryn Hewlett, Deborah Hubbart, Cecil HudgiQS, Janies Huff, William Hughes, Robert Hulse, Bernadette Humphrey, Annette HuDke, Darlene Hurdle, Sylton Hurdle. SyUia Hutcheson. Donna Infante, Maria Isom, Patricia Jacques, Raoul Jeans, Judy Jeuken, Douglas Jiminez, Joseph Jiminez, Jose Johannes. John Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Jackaline Johnson, John Johnson, Robert Johnson, Roger Johnson. William Jones, Brenda Jones, Monica Jones, Rebecca Joseph, Vickie Jaurez, Freddy Junkin, Yvonne Kaffka. Judy Kanzig, Eddie Kennedy, Debr, Kent, Marcia Kerlegon, Tisa King. Catherine King, Dawn Klaskinski, Christophe Knapp, Steven Knight, Peggy Kritzman, Judy Kwasnicke. Ronald La Croix. John Lance, Leaora Lane, Nadine Langston, Lawren Langston, Leona Laulu, Gasologa Laury, Cindy Lawson, Debra Le Blanc. Dan Leduc, Marilee Legate, Richard f o 1% Lehman, Charyl Lemon, Michael Leonard, Wallace Leonard, William Leonardi, Nancy Levy, Colette Lindell, Karen Lindsey, Mary Long, Kimberly Long, Sherri Lopez, Ana Lopez. Cesar Lopez, Polo Lopez, Raul Loya, Rebecca Lyle, David Lyman, Edwin Lynch, Cathy Mc Cullah, Robert Mc CuIIough, Jack Mc Donald, Mary Mc Dufty, Mary Mc Ghee, Daniel Mc Girr, Lawrence Mc Keehan, Bernard Mc Kenna, Jeanctte Mc Kianey, Roger i Mc Mullen, Stephanie Mc Nacara, Colleen Mc PhersoQ, Deborah Maat , Mclinda Mac Kay, Dennis Mac Leod, Uiannc Mandelcom, Ronald .Marmone, Ralph MartcUa. Carolann Martin, Karen Martinez, Jose Martinez, Steven Maroffo, Martha Maya, Marlcela Ma ' field, Monica May. William Marzett, Debbie Mead, Amanda McdclUn. Nanc - Meekhof. Uoda Melgoza. Antonio Melgoza. Guadalupe Mcndez, Mary Mendiola, Dennis Meraz, Gilbert Mcrz, Larry Mesa, Rcgina MesBick, Vickie Miller, Ricky culler, Wiltiam Miranda, Ruben Misqucz, Kathc) ' Molina, Christina Montee, Michael Montcs, Pedro Montoya, Theresa Montgomery, Charles Moore. Cheryl Moore, Gloria Moore. Gregory Mo ran, Pamela Moreno, Unda Morgan, John Morris, Wanda Morrison, Bill Morrison. NicoUna Morrison. Ralph Mosley, Mary Moss, Ted Mouser, Unda Munre, Eva Nash, Gary Nash, Michael Nasb, Ricky Savarrettc, Stc ' en Navarrette, Martha Neavcs. Donna Nclso Carolin NcitckoveD, Louis Ncnlcs, Herbert Nielfion, Britta Noel, William 0 t f Oga Ron O ' Hara, Donald Ojinaga. Andy O ' Kada, Drt-nda Ottphant. Jennifer Orabona. Glenn Orabona. Mitchell O ' Reilly, Debra Ortega, Judith Orlor, Charlcne O crhol!ier, Robert PadlUa, Theresa Paradin. Diane Pastor. Debbie Pastora, Jose Patton. Pam Paul, Albert Payne, Edvel Pi rhee, Lynn Per DO. Mary Ann Poma. Nancy Peterson, Deonis Phillips, Dedrick Pierson. Carl Plaza, Tyrone Plebaneck, Steve Pokorny, Jody Pope, Laurence Pratt, Celia Price, Shirley Quanstrom, Kevin Rael, Martin Ramirez, Mary Ramirez, Nate Ramos, Dorothy Ramsey, Deborah Randall. Cynthia Ray, Joseph Ray, Larry Rea, Gloria Reece, Danny Reyes, Rhonda Rhoads, Ealdon Rich, Fletcher Richards, Kathleen Richards, Robin Ricigliano, Michael Rippey, Douglas Rimmer, Dennis Robles, Audrey Rochelle, Clarice Rodino, Robin Rodriguez. Javier Rodriguez, Lucy Rodriguez. Manuel Rojas, Luana Ron Rosalii Ronga, Donna Hudd. Katherine Russell. Michael Salaz, Gilbert Salter, Susan Sampson, Tom Santillan, EmiUo Sampsel, Steve Sargent, Bonnie . Hele Haycors, Mike Schlosser, Michael Schneider, Barbara Schrack, Marilyn Schrom, Terry Schnarr, Verlinda Schultz, Pamela Schultz. Thomas Scudder. Russell Selmyer. Danny Sera. Enrique Sera, Margaret Serratt. Sylvia Severence. Gail Seymour. Rodney Shafer, Roberta Shephard, Bill Sheghard, Norma Shiraki. Diane Shoopman, Kerry Showalter, David Shuffield, Becky Shuler, Betty Sigmund. Melba Simon. Tony Simonds, Gwenda Simpson. Ivy Slaten, Drew Slayton, Robert Sluder, Bob Smith, Alan Smith, Diane Smith, Edwin Smith, Ella Smith. Frances Smoyer. Robert Snyder, Donald Solis, Shirley Soo Hoo. Sharon Sosa, Albert v ' Oj? it ©peftPff fip ' fl (f f Spencer, Debra Spivey, Gary Sprague, Sharon Siankey, Kirk Stepheos. Jeit Stern, nooald Stewart, Stephen Stlaer, DonniB stralo, George sirong. Itichard stump, Carolyn Saggs, Carla Sverlow, John Swectlog, Mary Szalar, Janctte Talbcrt, Sonla I ' arango, Liberate Tavarez, Lucille Tavcnder. Shlrloy Taylor, Robert Thompson, Georgia Thompson, Jerry Thompson, Mary Tierl, Wllltam TitliUon, Lesley Torres, Mary Irax, Steven I ' ripp, Nelson Irujtllo, Jessie Tungate. Diana Turner, Cathy Turner, Kathy Twiddy. Unda Twiford, Kathleen UUberg, Nena Ulrich, James trbaner, Charles Valdemarson, Joniui Vanderport. Earl Van Gundy, Metaole Van Olden, Joan Velastecui, Connie Venegas, Lilta Vencgas, Yolanda Villa, Kosemarle Vtllagran. Paul Villagras, Creccncio Walker, George Walle, Robert Wamplcr, Ralph Wancr, Daria Ward, Elizabeth Ward. Mike Ward. Richard Ward. Robert Warrlner, Sharon Washington, Dwlght Walorson, Benny Webster, Michael Welch, James Werner, Rustin Wernicke. William Whcthorbce. Darrell White, Vcrdlna Whitley. Susan Ahltlock, Deborah Whilmer, Marguerite Wicsmore. Mnrjorle Will, Robin Williams, Anita Williams. Anita VVtlllams, Audrey Williams. Barbara Wilson. Ricky Witherow, Roy Wood. Lynne Woodrufl. Steven Wootcn, Deborah Yancz, Constanui Yarbrough, Michael Tjarra, Gregory Vrlarte, Laura Zelinakl, Kimborlle Zlmmcmum, Lara Zuhia, Eva Zubla. UHa Zumwalt. Carol i p Secretary Margaret Gonzales President Roxanne Garcia Advisors Miss Gygax Mr. Hollander Frosh 178 I . f ji f t)f (» (ft f f tfi f tc»»i5 Ibod Abraham, Gary ( lexaoder, James AlleQ, David Alvarez, Jessie Alvarez, Robert Alvarez, Hud - .AndeFHon, Jane AodersoD, Phil Apodaca, Terry Armstrong. William Arx.ola. Hobcrl Ashmorc, ' I ' crrI Azcvcdo, Patrlela Byrd, George naca. Phil Ralley. Donaa Baldwin, Pam nalK7, Lillian Banks, Penny Barry. JoElIa Bates, Patricia Blcglcr, Unda Bird. Vickie Blayloek, Sherry Boker, Charlenc Bolton, Vanessa Bonilla, Tonl Boutwell, Alice Brazil, Sharon Broil, Larry Brown, James Buck, Pamela Bueno, Anna Burnett, Jaquellne Burl, Cheryl Bush, Vencent Bus sola. Tony Butler, Charles Butles, Mike Caico, Davtd Canizales, Alfonso Cardenas, Pedro Carlson, Hazel Carmagnollc, Michael Carson, Kathy Chain. Larry Challoner, Elizabeth Chandler. Davis Chavez. Maria Cherry, Dennis Childress. Brenda Childress, Robert Christall, William Cisco. James Clsneros, Angela Clark. Kathleen Cochran. Ritchie Conant, Michael Conkey, Pegg Conn, Gall Connelly, Wilms Conner, Carol Conner, Janet Corrales, Nancy Couture, SyUia Coy. ColetJn Crlsiofol. Mar Cross. Linda Evelyn Day, Steve Dean. Dennis Degraff. Scott Delarosa, Anita Delalorre, Bobby Dclchant, Arlene Dcnzlcr. Pamela Devlllcz, Guy Dl z Ordoz, Ernest Dobiton, Carl Donilnguez, Anna Domlnguoz, Juan Donnelly. James Duffy. John Dulak, Dumka. Russell Dunn, Brian Dusch, Pamela Eadie, Peggy Edwards, Catoy Eddrioks, Sandra England, Gary Eoois, RobbiQ Ecriquez, Roberto Esptnoza, David EsplDoza, Estella Estrella, Diana Evans, Ricky Fay, Cathy Fealherstone, Sliaron Findiej ' , Debbie Finn. Cheryl Fittro, Hershel Flansburg, Ronald Flint, Mickey Flores, Carlos Flores, David Flowers, Conni Fowler, Evelyn Frederickson, Ralph Freeman, Debbie Freeman, Richard Fox, William Fox, Robyn Gagliano, Stephen Gallego, Olivia Gallegos, Jacqueline Gallegos. Patsy ' Gomez, Martha Gann, Charles Garcia, Alfredo Garcia, Margie Garcia, Roxanne Garcia, Sylvia Gardea, Ramona Garrison, Herbert Gartrell. Terry Gaytte, Marcus Gee, Judy Gibbs, Earl Gillespie, Robert Girard, Debra Godwin, Earl Collins, George Gomez, Cynthia Gomez, Joy Gomez, Toni Gonzales, Manuel Gonzales, Margaret Gonzales, Virginia Goodwin, Denise Graham, Sandra 1 Grennell, Betsy Grimes. Lorrie Granilla, Mary Grover. Charles Guerrero, Edward Guild. Ellen Guillen, Evangelina Hale, Donna Haley, Walter Haling, Roay Hardy, James Harris, Bruce Hart, Diane Hawkins, Maria Henderson, Shirley Hensley, George Hernandez, Arthur Herrick. Mary Hidalgo, Lupe Hopcus, Debbie Horton, Julie Howington, Pamela Hude, Gary ! k A J ilubb:irt, Katie HudKon, Terry Huff. Victoria HughCH. Susan ' :oA ia, Ru;a -iacquez, Albert Johnson. John .Tohnson, Sherry loncH. Clifford Jones, Deborah Jones, Jon Jones, Sandra Jones, Sheldon KanzlR, Chris K.ipuala, ttlchard KocRC. Daniel Keenc. Satvdra K ' _-!ly. Kurl Kc-rkcs. John Knowles. Jcannettc Kittrcll, Uandy Kraft, Jenny Labarr, Susan Lacroix. Susan Lamb, Thomas Lance, Charles I ra, Alfred Lefler, Gloria Lcngcl, Otto Lewis. Steve Ix ng8hore, John Ix pc7., Allan lApez, Laudelina lx pez, Louis I-ove, Annette Ix)ya, Rachel Lucero, John Luna, Carol Lynch, Dann) Macleod, LaiT ' Magallanez. Alfred Mann, Patricia Miller, Marv- Martin. David Martin. Roger Martinez, Loretta Markwordt, Cathy Maruffo. Robert McDonald, Barbara McDonald, Maureen McGhee, UUiao McKecban, Larry McKendry. Patrick t lJ e McMahon, Michael Meeds, WilliaRi Mendiola. Randy Mendtola, Rudy Mendora, Oracle Mcndo7ji. Michael Mernz, Stella Mcrccll, Thomas Mercado, Jerry Mldglcy, Jerri Miranda, Paulino Miranda. Rafncla Mttchell. Llndn Mitchell. Michael Mock, Theresa Molina. Betty Monies, Rosle lontes. Sandra Montlfpiy. Terry Mureno. Joe Moreno. Nctda Moncan. Cynthia MouHn. Phllppe Munden, Eric Munro. Brctnda Murphy. lUrbnra Myem, Dobbtc Najera, Manuel Neumeler. Gary Niccloi, Vickl Nicklas, Ida Nix, Bryan Nix, Gentry Norman, Russell Norwbeck, Peggy Nunley, Dcbra Obernodorfe, Patricia O ' Brien, Linda O ' Brien, Ernest Odom, Patricia Officld, Frank Ohara, Michcal Olmos, Caroline Olsen. Dale Osborn, Mark Osborn. Pamela Oshea, Micheal Olte. Sandon Pain Parker, Benny Parker, Bonnie Payson, Debbera Perez, Ada Perez. Delfin Polston, Russel Premesy. Thomas Preker, Runondo Quintela, Brenda Qurirn, David Quir Randall. Jeff Rea, Rebecca Reading, Linda Reddicks, Timothy Readon, Filbert Rhodes. Terrie Richards, Micheal Richards, Scott Rimmer, Tinya Rippey, Dinnsy Robinson, Gail Robledo, Teresa Rochelle, Betty Rodriquez, Armando Rodriquez, Edward Rodriquez. Issac Rogers, Pamela Roser, Linda Ruiz, Joe Sabo, Nancy Sakais, Martha Salas, Alice Salas, Anthony Salas, Cynthia Salas. Lucy Salazar, Irma|l I " v- n a ft A p fc .. 1 ft Salazar, Robert Sanchez, David Sanchez, Gloria Sanchez, Louie Sanders, Christina Sandoval, Sherry Saunders, Shirlvette Scala, Leonard Scarborough, Debra Schirano, Pamela Schmidth, Lester Schneider, Michael Schussler, Linda Selevidh. G len Sera, Juan Shamblin, Jack Shearhart, Barbara Shelby, Jovita Sibble, Sandra Silva, Mary Silva, Toni Simmons, James Singh, Maria Skrzyoski, Norman Slatin, Merilee Smart, Rocky Smith, Bonnie ©.f :fa ft ilJS SDydcT. SpcDcer, Corey S{ raque, Sandra Stahl, LAiis StaubleiQ, Dcaais St. John, Randy Stone. Shawn Strahs, Deborah Suarez, Larry Sverlow, George Tail, Marty Tavarez. Rachel Tavender. Peggy Taylor, Steve Taylor, Valeric Telrelbau, Richard Thomas, Judy Thomad, Nancy ThompsoD, Debra Thompson, Randy Tibbltts, Debra Torres, Philip Torres, Sally Trax, Richard Trilby. D.C. Tripp, Janet Valdemarsen, Paul Valle, Dora Valenzuela, Gilbert Valenzueta, Robert Valveroe, Teresa Vannotc, Jon Verdugo, Alicia V ' illareal, Elsa Villarrcal. Isabel Vincent, Donald Waite, James Wallis. Brenda Webb, Dawn Wegman, Richard Williams, Cynthia Williams, Joseph Wilson, Richard Wischhoever, Teresa Wucbbeh. Bonnie Zamora, Joe Zamudio, Anthony Zlomke, Bobbie Zumwait. I rry Zupa, Karla 183 Dr. Glen Wilson: Superintendent Robert F. Kelley Assistant Supt. Business Roljert J. Shilling- Assistant Supt. Instruction Dr. Richard A. Falloon Pres. of tlie Board Business William A. Tarr Assistant Supt. Personnel District Administrators Nogales High School is joined with five otlier local high schools iiito a larger educational unit 1-aiown as the La Puente Union High School District. Our district is guided in its attempt to gain its educational goals by a group of people who work out of the district office. They iiiclude both a group of citizens from tlie commimity who serve on tlie Board of Trustees and the professional staff represented by tlie superintendents. These people spend many long hours working together to help provide the finest possible high school education for the students of the various high schools in the district. The board meetings are open to the public. Any concerned citizen can attend the meetings on the first and third Tuesday of the month. Nogales A d minis tra tion Mr. JoUey has been principal of Nogales High School since its beginning seven years ago. He has had the opportunity to observe and to guide our high school into becoming one of the best in the La Puente Union High School Disti ' ict. This lias been Mrs. Atfolter ' s first year in her position. She is in charge of counseling and attendance. This is quite a job. Just consider how it would be to have to keep track of the whereabouts of 1800 students ! Miss Braithwaite is known to most of the students as the one in charge of setting the dress code and girls ' discipline. She has been able to accomplish these goals and still retain the utmost admira- tion and respect of the student body. This is quite a trick but she has nevertheless succeeded in her own charming way. Mr. Packer is known to the male segment of our school popula- tion as the one responsible for their dress code and discipline. He, like Miss Braithwaite, has the knack of accomplishing this goal and still retaining the admiration and respect of the young men in our school. Mr. Murray was the new Director of Student Activities this year. This is a job that requires a lot of time and effort. He is the one who coordinates all of the activities of the school. All of the dances, games, and other activities are placed on the school calendar by him. He also is in charge of ASB, the Student Store, and teaches the Leadership class. Principal- Mr. Jolley Asst. Principal Mr. Packer Asst. Principal Miss Braithwaite Asst. Principal Mrs. Affolter Director of Student Activity Mr. Murray 187 Mr. Schnuelle Mr. Womack Mr. Garner Mr. Romero Counseling People Mr. Nielsen Mr. Silverman Mr. Munro Mr. Mcintosh 188 Faculty Our Nogales Faculty are busy people. They not only promote knowledge, but also promote school spirit which is vital to every school campus. They not only have the job of setting examples and teaching, they inspire students to take an active interest in the bettering of Nogales. You will hardly find a teacher who conducts just class- room study, most have an extra-curricular activity such as: Class advisor, coach or advisor to an organization. Many come and support our team at games and chaperone at dances. So you see our Nogales faculty is hardly an inactive one. Charles Adams Janet Alkema Gail Austin Judy Balyeat David Berteaux Joe Borchert Dolores Bryant Mary Ellen Butler Andy Carroll v Archie Carter Ulysses I hapnian Don Collins Charles Cook Ho ' oert Corkrum Hiehard Crisi Cathy Davis Dan Davis lx)uis DeGucvara Laura DcLadurantcv Norman Dlckoff Wendell Erikso Don Ferguson Peggy Flanery Carl Garner William Gerard Ronald Gurney Mary Gygax Dolar Levesque Caii Liiulix-rg Tom LincUey Dan Littletield Mary Ann Lucio Mary Mayne Beverlee March Boyd Mailer Norman MeClellan Judy Mclnnis Don Mcintosh Phillis Ment Anita Nickels Adrian Parker Don Peterson Dixon Porter Elsa Shafer Ulrick Prusla Gabriel Silvermen Herb Robinson Brian Stuart I ' omas Romero Manuel Vasquez Nathaniel Ross Roberta Vcrsluis Don Hobbcn Clifford Wolfe School Help Secretaries Custodians Aeolk I Police Snai ateria i, Mo- Btiigeni H Mi- mmwEi Alvarez, Patricia Tennis Club Future Homemaker of America 1, 2 Anderson, Frank C. C. C. 1, 2, 3, 4, P. R. Award for Algebra 3 Angel, Reynold P. E. Award 3 Anspach, Cherie Junior Float Comm. Senior Float Comm. Modern Dance 3 Baca, Debbie Bailey, Mike Baseball 1, Wrest- ling 1, 2, 3, 4, J. V. 3, Varsity 4, Noble of the Week 4 Balsz, Elizabeth GAA 1, Scroll Staff 3 Barnett, John Baseball 1, 2, J. V. 2, Varsity Band 2, 3, Baugh, Nancy Journalism 1, 2, 3 Senior Police 4 Bedgood, Laura Aeolian Choir Beckner, Linda Art 1, 2, 3, 4 Best, Elizabeth GAA 1, 2, Variety Show 3, 4, ACappella Choir 3, 4 Billings, Fred Bomiilla, Ileana Girls ' Glee 1, Aeolian Choir 2, ACappella 3,4 Beren, Kay GAA 1, 2, 3, Senior Police 4 Boucher, Richard P. R. 2, C Football 2 Bowman, Kaye Banner Carrier 3 Delegate 3, Co -treasurer 4, French Club 4 Bradshaw, Scott Camelot Player 4, National Thespian 4 Bridgeraan , Louie C Football 1, 2, B Football 3, V. Football 4, D Basketball 1, C Basketball 2, B. Basketball 3, 4, JV Tennis 1, V. Tennis 2, 3, 4 Most Valuable JV 1, Most Valuable (V. Tennis) 3, Outstanding Teenager of Ameri- ca 4 Brock, Martha GAA 1, Girls ' League 1, 2, 3, Modern Dance 2, 3, Drama Club 1, P. R. 2, 3, 4, Delegate 2, 3, Drill Team 2, JETS 2, P. R, English Award 2, V. Cheerleader 3, 4, Pep Council 4, Pres. of Pep Club 4, P. R. Advisory Board 3, P. R. Civics Award 4, Noble Party 3, AFS 4, ASB Cabinet 4, Honor Roll 4 Homecoming Princess 4, Senior Police 4, Senior with Best Personality Brown, Greg Mens ' Glee 1, ACappella 1, 2, Bryant, Patricia GAA 1, Girls ' Glee 1, ACappella 2, 3, 4, Director ' s Award 3, Flying Club 3, Vaudeville Club 2, Chamber Swingers 4, Variety Show 4 Burstein, Janis Calderon, Luis Track 1, 2, 3, Cross Country 1, 2 Callahan, Gary CCC 1, 2, 3, 4, V. Track Manager, 2, Camelot Player 4, International Thespian Society 4, V. Pres. of AFS 4, Senior Police 4 Camarena, Hector C Football 2, B Football 3 Capdevielle, Nancy Drill Team 2, 3, Second Lt. 3, Drill Team Council 3, House of Commons 2, 3, Asst. Editor, Charter 3, Co-editor Charter 4, Girls ' League 2, 3, 4, Delegate 3, Campus Life 4, Head Songleader 4, Pep Council 4, Miss Poise 3 Carballo, Pat Girls ' League 3, Float Comm. 3, Prom Comm. 3, Senior Princess 4, ASB 4 Cardenas, Isidoro Gymnastics Carr, William C Football 1, JV Tennis 1, 2, Flying Club 3, Cross Country Capt. 4, Lettermen ' s Club 3, 4, Photography Club 4 Chamberlain, Cheryl GAA 2, House of Commons 2, Drill Team 3, 4, Historian of Drill 3 SR Captain 4, Delegate 3, Girls ' League 3, 4, Chavez, Priscilla Scroll 3, 4, Sec. of Student Dem. Party 3 Christianson, Pam Art Club 3, Photography 4 Clark, Danny Camelot Player 1 V. Temiis Manager 1, FFA 2, 3, 4, House of Commons 2, Delegate 2, V. Tennis 4, Key Club 4, Honor Roll 4, Clark, Joel Cross Country 1, 2, 3 Track 1, 2, 4, Senior Police 4 Coleman, Sandy GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, GALS 2, 3, 4, GALS Historian 3 GALS Pres. 4 Conley, Cherie Girls ' League 1, 2, 3, 4, Drill Team 2, 3, House of Commons 3, 4, Solo Majorette 4, Senior Coimcil 4, Most Fun Senior 4 Campus Life 4, Costillo, Maryan GAA 1, House of Commons 2, 3, Drill Team 2, 3, 4, Delegate 3, Drill Sr. Capt. 4 Cota, Phil Baseball 1, 2, 3, Wrestling 1, Delegate 3, House of Commons 4 Craig, Darrell C, C, C. 1, 2, 3, B. Tennis 1, 2 Cravey, Rosemary GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, GALS 2, 3, 4, ACappella Choir 2, 4 Crumley, Brenda Girls ' League 2 ACapella 3 Grouser, Debrah House of Commons 3, Girls ' Track Team Cruz, David C. Football 1, B. Football 2, 3, C Track 2, 3, B Track 3, A Track 3, 4 Noble of the Week 3, Most Conceited 4 Cuen, Victor C Football 1, V. Football 2, 3, Block N 3 House of Commons 4 Davidson, Austin AFS 3, 4 Dawson, David P. R. 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama Club 1,2, C.S. F. 1, 2, 3, 4, Thespian Society 1 Noble Party 2, 3, Bank of America - Social Science Pres. of C. S. F. 4 DeMars, Franclne Girls ' League 1, 2, 3, Spanish Award 2, 3, Geometry Award 2, Pep Club Sec-Treasurer, Songleader 4 Senior Council, Bank of America Award, Spanish Club 4 Dewald, Jim Wrestling 2 DiPeso, Nick Delegate 1, P. R. 2, 3, 4, FFA 2, 3, 4 Tennis 2, 3, 4, Noble Party 2, 3, Honor Roll 2, 3, Principal Honor Roll 4, Bank of Ameri- ca award winner 4 Dow, David P. E. Award 2, B Football 3, 4, Dyer, Peggy House of Commons 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, Modern Dance 2, 3, Senior Police 4, Senior Coiuicil Eastridge, David CCC 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball Manager 1, JV Football 1, FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Photography Club 4 Edwards, Marie GAA 1, Girls ' Leagiie 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, JV Cheerleader 2, Delegate 2, 3, V. Cheerleader 3, 4, Head Cheerleader 4, Charter Staff 4, House of Commons 4 Elmore, Joan CSF 2, 3, Spanish Award 1, PR 2, 3, 4, Drill Team 2, 3, 4, (Sec. 3, Treas. 4, Senior Capt 4, ) Delegate 3, Noble Party 3, Senior Coimcil 4, DAR Good Citizen Avv-ard 4, Outstanding Teen-ager Award of America, Girls ' League 3, 4, Homecoming Comm. Principal Honor Roll 4, Miss Charter 4 Ensminger, Bill Equre, Maria Soph. Princess Xmas Dance 2, Senior Counsel Evans, Mark B Football 1, B Basketball 1, Basel all 1, 2, JV Basketball 2, V. Basket- ball 3, 4, Block N 3, 4, House of Commons 1, 2, 3, Key Club 4, Student Court Judge 4 Evens, Gwen GAA 1, 2, CSF 1, 2, 3, Journalism 2, 3, 4, Best Editor Award, Chamber of Commerce Business Award, Scroll Editor in Chief 4, Girl Most likely to Succeed 4 Fellman, Debbie VoUuiteen 2, 3, Art Club 1, 2, 3, Girls ' Leagiie 2, 3, Delegate 2, 3, Modern Dance 3, Skimiiest Senior Girl 4, Photography Club Pres. 4 Ferguson, Ken Manager B Football C Football 2, C Track 2, B Football 3, B Track 3, PR 2, 3, V. Band 2, 3, V Football 4, (Honorable Mention All Valley) Block N Club 4, Variety Show 4 Ferrera, David Gynmastics 1, 2, Baseball 2 Ferrera, Mike Gynmastics 1 Fenno, Debbie Girls ' Glee 1, 2 Fenton, Toni Girls ' Glee 1, GAA 1, ACappella 2, 3, 4 Outstanding Soph. JV Cheer- leader 3, Honor Roll 4, Senior Council 4, Senior Spotliglit Senior Best Smile, Charter Princess 4 Ferry, Mary Lou GAA 1, 2, Bank of America Art Award Fink, Diaimia Fink, Patricia Flores, Steve B Football 2, Gynmastic 2 Frazier, Dan V. Swim Team 4, C. C. C. 1,2,3,4 Freeman, Belmda Girls ' Glee 1, Aeolian Choir 2, ACappella Choir 3, 4, Frunk, Mark Gymnastic Team 1, 2 Galusha, Diona Camelot Player I, House of Commons 1, 2, P. R. 2, 3, 4, Drill Team 2, 3, 4, 1st Lt. , Sr. Captain 4, Girls ' League 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Editor Delegate 1, Journalism 1, 1st Award 2, Betty Crocker home- making Award 4, English 4 Award Honor Roll 4, Senior Police 4, Representative to Sacramento 4, Campus Life Garcia, Albert B Foottoll 2, 3, Basketball D 1, C 2, JV Baseball 3, V. Baseball 4. Garcia, Robert B Football 1, V. Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball Captain 1, JV Baseball 2, V. Baseball 3, 4, Noble of the Week, Delegate 1, 2, 3, Block N 2, 3, 4, Key Club 2, 3, 4, Best Smile 4 Garvida, Nenita GAA 1, Girls ' Glee 1, ACappella 2, 3, 4 Gerald, Margaret Girls ' Glee 1 Gilbert, Dave B Football 2, 3 V. Football 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 4, Wittiest Senior 4 Glemi, Danny Honor Roll 2, 4, Youth Corps 2, 3, FFA 2, 3, 4, JV Temiis 3, V. Tennis 4 Golliher, George Camelot Player 1, 2, 3, JV Wrestling 3, Manager V Track 3, 4, Managers Club 4, Senior Police Gomez, Anthony B Football 1, V. Football 2, 3, 4, JV Basketball 1, V. Basketball 2, 3, 4, B Track 1, V. Track 3, 4, Block N 2, 3, 4, P. E. Award 3, Senior Police 3, 4 Delegate 3, Honor Roll 4, Best Lineman 4, Basketball Most Valuable Player 3, Honorable Mention 3, 4 Gomez, Joseph B Football 1, JV Basketball 1, B Track 1, Block N 2, 3, 4, V. Football 2, 3, 4, V. Basketball 2, 3, 4, Most Valuable Player in Football 3, Honorable Mention All Valley 3, 4, Delegate 2, 3, Block N President 4 Good, Sharon B Band 1,3, C Band 2, V. Band 4, Aeolian Choir 4, Senior Police 4 Grennell, Jim Acappella Choir 4, Drama Club 4, Thespian Society 4, Men ' s Glee 4 Grunow, George B Football 1, 2, B Basketball 2, (All Leagiie) p. R. 2, 3, 4, Delegate 2, 3, JV Basketball 3, Noble Party 2, 3, 4, V. Football 3, 4, House of Commons 4, Most Friendliest Senior, Noble of tlie Week Award in Industrial Arts. Gimn, Doris Girls ' Glee 3, Aeolian Clioir 4, Photography Club 4 Guzman, Rose Scroll Staff 3, Modern Dance 3, Homecoming- Queen 4, Friendliest Senior Girl 4, Gjaiegy, Sue Hagbery, Marty Ilagewood, Wayne C. C. C. 1, 2, 3, 4, JV Tennis 1, 2, V. Temiis 3, 4, ASB Treasurer, Honor Roll 4 Harris, Ed B Basketball 1, JV Basketball 2, 3, JV Teimis 2, Block N 3, 4, Charter 3, Senior Police 4, Key Club 3, 4 Headon, Alice GAA 1, Girls ' Glee 2, Aeolian 3, Delegate 3, Acappella Choir 4 Hegedish, Debbie Drill Team 3, 4, Sr. Drill Team Capt. 4, Honor Roll 4 Henry, Louis B Football 3 Herbert, Alan Herrera, Rachel Girls ' Glee 2, 3, GAA 2 Herrera, Willie Higlifeld, Irene GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Delegate 3 Hill, Sandy Girls ' Glee 1, Aeolian 2, ACappella 3, Delegate Hines, Nancy GAA 1, House of Commons 1, Drill Team 3, Variety Show 3, Business Education Medallion Award Holguin, Rose Girls ' League 4 Honda, Cynthia GAA 1, Typing Award 3, P.R. 4, Honor Roll 4 Bank of America Award for Homemaking Huff, David Drama Club 1, P.R. 2, 3, 4, JV Tennis 2, 3, Noble Party 2, 3, 4 P. R. Award in Ptiysics 4, Scrolll 2, 3,4 Hyatt, Anne Girls ' League 3, Honor Roll 4, English Achievement Award 3 Ibarra, David C Football 1, Senior Police 4, House of Commons 4, Baseball 1 Jenkins, Pam GAA 1, Girls ' League 1, 2, 3, 4, Spirit Club 1, Drill Team 2, 3, House of Commons 3, Speech Award 2nd place AFS 3, 4, Senior Police Sr. Class Secretary, Honor Roll 4, Most Talkative Senior Girl Jolmson, Jan Jolmson, Sherri GAA 1, Camelot Players 1, 2, Noble Party 3, Business, Shorthand, Typing, Awards, P. R. 4, Honor Roll 4 Kocsis, Charles Kopec, Lynette Girls ' Glee 1, Womans ' Glee 2, ACappella Choir 3, Homecoming Float Comm. 3, 4, Delegate 3, Photography Club 4, Senior Police 4, Campus Life 4 Kurisaki, Kit C Football 1, Baseball 1, B Football 2, Ke - Club 2, 3, 4, House of Commons 2, 3, Noble Part ' 2, 3, ASB V. Pres. 4, Campus Life Club 4, Outstanding Service Award 4, Inter -club Council 4, Senior Spotlight President of House of Commons 4, Senior Police 4 Senior Standout 4. Lepre, Allejnie Lindsey, Richard Loya, Francine P.R. Program McClure, Jess C Football 1, B Foot- ball 2, V. Football 3, !, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, B Basketball 2, Basket- ball JV 3, V Baseball 4, House of Commons 2, Student Police 3, 4, Block N 3, 4, Most Considerate Senior Boy, Principal Honor Roll 4, McDaniel, Irvin FFA 2, 3, 4, JV Tennis 3, V Tennis 4, Honor Roll 4 McDowell, Nancy Girls ' Glee J., Charter Staff 2, Girls ' League 3, Scroll Staff 3, 4, Homecoming Float Comm. 3, 4 McGrew, Ron Wrestling 1 McMuUen, David Delegate 2, 3, Sr. V. President 4 MacKay, Don B Track 2, JV Cross Country 3, V. Track 3, 4 Manowski, Annette GAA 1, CSF 1, 2, 3, 4, ASB Award Homec 1, Modei-n Dance 2, 3, Pep Club Council 3, Song- leader 3, Art Club 2, Inter-club Coimcil Secretary, Senior Police 4, Bank of America Liberal Arts 4, Principal Honor Roll 4, House of Commons 4 Marsh, James D Basketball 1 , 2, JV Tennis 1, V Tennis 2, 3, 4 CSF 1, 2, 3, 4 ASB English Award 2, V. Band 2, 3, Block N 3, 4, Key Club 3, 4, Boys ' State Representative 3, Bank of Ainerica Plaque Winner 4, Prmcipal Honor Roll 4, Martin, Ira Manager of B Football 2, B Football 3, V. Football 4 Martin, Kathy Girls ' Glee Club 1, Varietj- Show 1, Aeolian Choir 2, Acappella 3, 4, Delegate 2, V. Flagtwirler 3, Miss Bewitching 3, Martin, Trudy Aeolian Choir 1, 2, 3, GAA 1, Drill Team 2, 3, Delegate 2, Honor Roll 3, Pep Club Council 4, Head Flagtwirler 4 Martinez, Juanita Girls ' Glee 2, 3, 4 Martinez, Margaret Martz, Sharon Girls ' Glee 1, 2, 3 ACapella Choir 4 Matray, Jac C Track 1, C Basketball 1, B Basketball 2, B Track 2, 3, V. Band 2, 3, JV Basketball 3, V Track 4 May, Janet Campus Life 4, Senior Police 4, Honor Roll 4 May, Patricia ACappella Choir 4, Pliotography Club 4, Honor Roll 4 Mendez, Lydia Girls ' Glee 1, 2, GAA 1, Modern Dixnce 1, 2, 3, House of Commons 3, Journalism 1, 3, 4, Senior Police 4, Senior Council Mendez, Esther GAA 1, Girls ' Glee 1, House of Commons 1, Modern Dance 1, 2, 3, Delegate 1, Home= coming Committee 1, 2, 3, 4, Aeolian Choir 2, 3, ACappella Choir 4, Variety Show 3, 4, Senior Council Homecoming Princess 4, Senior Police 4, Honor Roll 4 Mendiola, Mary Spirit Club 1, DNX 2, Girls ' Glee 2, Photography 4 Mercell, Bettj ' GAA 1, 2, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 Mercer, John B Football 3, Campus Life 4. Men ' s Glee 4 Miller, Linda Girls ' League 2, 3, Drill Team 2, Delegate 3, Head Banner Carrier 3, Charter Staff 3, 4, Honor Roll 4 Miranda, Juan Track 1, 2, 3, Cross country 1, C. Track 1, B Track 1, B Track 2, V Track 3, V. Cross - coimtry 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, C Band 1, B Band 2, V. Band 3, Mireles, Irma Moreno, Jerry Baseball 1, B Foot- ball 2, JV Wrestling 2, Most Im- proved JV Baseball 2, V. Wrestling 3, Block N 3, 4, V Football 4, Captain of Football team 4, El Socko 4, All Valley 4, Senior Counsel, Noble of the Week 4 Mosgueda, Tony Men ' s Glee 2,3,4 MuUer, John B Basketball Manager 1, 2, Delegate 3 Murray, David Baseball 1, JV Baseball 2, 3, B Basketball 2, PR 2, 3, 4, Key Club 2, 3, 4, Delegate 2, VP 3, Noble Party 3, 4, House of Commons 3, Most Likely to Succeed 4, Senior Police 4, ASB President 4, Out- standing Teen-ager of America 4, Bank of America Trophy Wimier 4, Campus Life 4, V. Basketball 4, ASB President 4, Nelson, Neil Brainiest Senior 4, Neumann, Carol Girls ' Leagiie 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, PR 1, 2, 3, Modern Dance 1, 2, Drill Team 2, JV Cheerleader 3, Delegate 3, Noble Party 3, 4, Princess of Jr. Sr. Prom 3, Sec. of Alumni 4, Most Considerate Senior 4, Campus Life 4, Honor Roll 4, Senior Spotlight 4, Senior Police 4 Neilson, Joyce Aeolian Choir 2, C B Band 3, 4, ACappella Choir 3, 4, Chamber of Commerce Award Home Economics 3, Award in Music 3, Honor Roll 4, Vocational Band 4 O Brien, Darrell B Football 1, B Basketball 1, 2, JV Baseball 1 Osborn, Miclmel V Band 1, 2, 3, Chess Club 1, Rifle Pistol Club 3 Pacheco, Charlie Paige, Mike C Football 1, B Foot- ball 2, C Basketball 1, Baseball 1, 2, 3 , Captain of Baseball team 3, House of Commons 2, 3, 4, V Water Polo 3, Block N 3, Sec. of Athletics 4 Parks, Bruce JV Baseball 2, B Foot ball 2 Patten, Sandy Penalver, Rita Girls ' Glee 1, 2, Dele- gate 3, Senior Police 4, Mixed Choir 4 Perez, Yvomie Per sing, Dannie Pizer, Kathleen GAA 1 Plaza, Dave Cross-country 1, 2, B Track 1, 2, JV Waterpolo 3, V Swimming 4, B Football 3, V Football 4 Polloreno, Gail Girls ' Glee 2, 3, Aoelian Choir 4, Quintela, Josie Girls ' Glee 2 Reho, Susan Camelot Player 2, JETS Club 3, Drama 3 Reinhart, Ron Key Club 4 V Basketball 4 Repp, Joseph Delegate 1, V. Gymnastics 2, 3, Photo Club 4 Retelsdorf, Sharon Girls ' Glee 1, PR 2, 3, 4, Geometry Award 2, JETS 3, Algebra 2, 3, Chemistry Award 4 Reyes, Ray Delegate 2 Rhoads, Carol Scroll Staff 4 Rice, Dora Girls ' Glee 1, 2, 3, Delegate 2, Drill Team 2, Honor Roll 4 Rice, Nadean GAA 2, Bamier Carrier 3 Modern Dance 3, Delet ate 2, 3, Pep Club 4, Flag Twirler 4, Senior Police 4 Ricchio, Steve V Band 1, 2, 3, C Foot- ball 1, FFA 2, 3, 4, ACappella Choir 4, Variety Show 4, Key Club 4, House of Commons 4 Ritterhouse, Judy Robins, Judy Princess of Xmas Dance 1, Girls ' League 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, Modern Dance 1, 2, 3, JV Cheerleader 2, 3, Delgate 2, 3, V. Pres. of Pep Club 3, Pep Counsel, Queen of Xmas Dance 4, Most Imiocent Senior Girl 4, Charter Staff 4, Honor Roll 4, Robinson, Robbie Drama 1, JV Temiis 1, 2, V Tennis 3, 4, CaptaiJi of V Temiis 4, Newspaper Staff 3 Rochelle, James Art II 1, JV Football 3 Rodgers, Neil Thespian Society 1, 2, Drama Club 1, 2, PR 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 2, 3, 4, Geometry Award 2, Chemistry Award 3, Bank of America Award Laboratory Science 4 Rodrig iez, Armando B Football 1, V Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Block N 3, 4, Roe, Michael ACappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, B Football 1, Robles, Francisco Romero, Teresa Girls ' Glee 1, 2, 3 Rosati, Rosette Girls ' Glee 1, Aeolian Choir 2, ACapella Choir 3, 4, Rose, Saiidra GAA 1, Art Club 2, Photography Club 4 Rose, Roimie Cliamber of Commerce Award of Agriculture 3 Ruiz, John ACappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Salazar, Josie Girls ' Glee 1 Salas, Jerry B Football 1, 2, V Football 3, 4, B Basketball 1, House of Commons 1, 300 Club 3, 4 Sanchez, Mike Baseball 1, (captain) V Baseball 2, 3 Sanchez, Rose Marie V Band 2, 3, 4, Santangelo, May Delegate 2, Modern Dance 3 Scarborough, John FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres of FFA 3, 4, JV Baseball 1, House of Commons 1, Agriculture Award 2, CSF 2, 3, 4, AFS 3, 4, Noble Party 3, 4, Award in Agri. 3, Campus Life 4, Co-Treasurer of Sr. Class 4, Bank of America Trophy 4, Principal Honor Roll 4, PR 4, Peppiest Senior Boy 4, Sr. Council 4 Shelter, Bomiie DNX Party 2 Sogge, Linda Freshman Class Sec 1, Modern Dance 1, 2, 3, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Delegate 1, 3, House of Commons 1, DNX 2, JV Cheerleader 3, JR. PE Award 3, GALS 3, 4, Jr. Princess Xmas Formal 3, Sec. of Pep 3 Homecoming Princess 4, V. Cheer- leader 4, V Pres of Pep 4, Outstand- ing Pepster Award 4 Sec. of Correspondence 4, Campus Life 4, Swim Team 4, Honor Roll 4, Peppiest Senior Girl 4 Soto, Robert House of Commons 2, 3, Delegate 2, 3, Scroll 2, 3, Jr. Council 3, Wrestling 3, ASB Sec. of Publicity 4, Senior Spotlight 4 Spears, Pat GAA 1 Spence, Jerry J V Baseball 2, 3, B Football 4 Spencer, Chet Manager of Frosh Base- Ball 1, Manager of V Football 2, 3, 4, Manager of Gymnastic team 2 Senior Police 4 Stickney, Pat Girls ' League 1, 2, GAA 1, Drill Team 2, Variety Show 2, Scroll Staff 3, Bank of America Award for Business 4 Stokes, Janet CSF 1, GAA 1, PR 1, 2, 3, 4, Drill Team 2, 3, 4 (Pres) 3 Sr. Captain 4, AFS 2, CSF 2, Delegate 3, House of Commons 3, Girls ' League 3, 4, Noble Party 3 Senior Police 4, Campus Life 4, Honor RoU 4, Girls ' State Alter- nate Stone, Jeff Men ' s Glee 1, Basic Science Award 2, English Award 3, Honor Roll 4, Delgate 3, Semi -finalist CAL State Scholar- ship Stiuig, Jim Track Team 4 Sublet, Roger Cross Country 2 Taylor, Bill B Basketball 1, Base- ball 1, 2, 3, V Baseball 4, JV Basketball 2, 3, Delegate 2, 3, Honor Roll 4 Taylor, Brian PR 2, 3, English II Award 2 Teifert, Walt Men ' s Glee 1, 2, 3, 4, Variety Show 1, 2, 3, 4 ACappella Choir 3, 4 Thompson, Terry Track 1, 2, 3, C Football 1, ACappella 2, 3, 4, Delegate 3, 4, Cross Country 4 Thompson, Jerry C Football 1, V. Track 2, 3, V. Cross Country 2, 3, 4, Captain of Cross Country 4, Hall of Fame 4 Thornstrom, Rob C Baseball 1, B Basketball 2, Charter Staff 2, Delegate 3, House of Commons 4, Honor Roll 4, Photography Club 4 Tiffie, Jerry B Football 2, ACappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Men ' s Glee 3 Torres, Eddie B Football 1 Tungate, Jeff Turner, Mary Lou Van Gurdy, Dave JETS 4 Van Houten, Greg C FootlxiU 1, 2, JV Wrestling 1, 2, 3, Delegate 2, 3, Freshman President 1, Sophomore Class President 2, B Football 3 Most Innocent Senior Boy 4 Van Olden, Hans B Band, V Band 4 Villarrual, Anna Spanish Club 4, (President 4, ) Honor Roll 4 Varney, Bob Walker, Mike Ward, Jim Photography Club 4 Wam|)ler, Melinda Waymack, Jeanne Senior Police 4, Senior Council 4, Photography Club 4 Weston, Eva AFS 4 White, Lorene Girls ' Glee 1 Whiling, Jeanne Wilson, Barbara Charter Staff 2, Delegate 2 Wheeler, Terry Drill Team 2, Majorette 3, House of Commons 1, 3, Senior Spotlight 4, Sec. of Activities 4, Delegate 2, Modern Dance 2, 3, Senior Police 4 Winkels, Terry JV i lanager of Foot- ball 2, Witherow, Rene V. Water Polo B Swimming 3, Wyatt, Doug Bank of America Achieve- ment Award 4 Yorba, Renee Delegate 3 I Big ' D Hardware 18347 E. VALLEY BLVD. INDUSTRY 964-9032 ,V. £iii . 11 VALLEY T.V. AND STEREO 17353 Yz VALLEY BLVD. r 964-5910 1 Miiilfm AMAR FLORIST 15879 E. AMAR RD. 336-7011, 330-5680 200 " Congratulations " TO CLASS OF ' 69 ' FROM PEGGY AND MELVIN LESLIE ARROW MEATS YORBA INSURANCE 18247 E. VALLEY BLVD. YO 4-2215 ! BOB ' S DONUTS 2.1Z EAST VALLEY BLVD. (AT NOGALES) WEST COVINA, CALIFORNIA THRIFTIMART SHOPPING CENTER DELICIOUS DONUTS — BAKED FRESH TWICE DAILY1 ALSO SANDWICHES, COFFEE, AND SOFT DRINKS OPEN 24 HOURS corrcE SHOP PUENTE PLAZA 17239 E. VALLEY BLVD. at azusa ave. FOOD TO GO 964-9026 201 all A A Q ■I H ii Hi . 1969 Swim Team AFTER ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL YEAR OF DRAMA AT NOGALES THE Camelot Players National Thespian Troupe 2545 OFFER THEIR HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS. 5 ' c- . 1963-69 Pep C ub wish the Seniors: FOLLOW THE MONTVIEW ' S FINEST IN 1970. yfit: ' H, V3 ' ' Good Luck ' ' M H B B 1 5 1 1 ; 1 I fl l yiflHj J V . i .0 BL oncji ow that you have your diploma you can start a job almost anywhere ut you can start a career at General Telephone. Apply now, 1 60 East Badillo Street, Covinal General Telephone is a company providing equal opportunity. 205 mt !!!! k " KEEP ACTIVE - JOIN G.A.A. Buffing ton Meats WHOLESALE SAVINGS 17259 E. VALLEY BLVD. Buy Fair Barbers 15872 E, AMAR ROAD 336-9086 Thank-You Miss Noble — 1968-1969 GALS. OO O 207 ; Charter Staff Wishes To Thank The Following Sponsors BARBARA AFFOLTER JANET ALKEMA GAIL AUSTIN JUDY BALYEAT DAVID BERTEAUX MRS. ' B ' MR, BORCHERT HAZEL BRAITHWAITE D, BRYANT M. E, BUTLER ANDY CARROLL ARCHIE CARTER ULYSIS CHAPMAN DON COLLINS ROBERT CORKRUM CATHERINE CONTRERAS LAURA DeLADURANTREY L, R. DeGUEVARA J. DICKOFF DON FERGUSON PEGGY FLANERY CARL GARNER RON GURNEY MARY GYGAX RICHARD HALL LARRY HART PAUL lAEGAR D. INGALLS JACK ISETT JACK JOLLEY ELLIS JORDAN PEGGY JORDAN DAVID KALL DON KRAUSE CARL LINDBERG TOM LINDLEY DAN LITTLEFIELD LITTLE ' H ' MARY ANN LUCIO BEVERLEE MARCH BOYD MAUER MRS. MAYNE NORMAN McCLELLAN J. MENTZER JACK MONROE BILL MURRAY NOGALES LIBRARY L. NIELSON NANCY NOBLE WES NUNN JERRY O ' CONNOR BOB PACKER ADRIAN PARKER ED PEREZ DIXON PORTER ULRIC PRESTA H. ROBINSON TOMAS ROMERO E. L. SCHNUELLE MRS. SHAFER MANUEL VASQUEZ R. VERSLUIS MR. AND MRS. JOE WOMACK BETTY PATTON ROBERTA O ' NEIL M. McCLURE ALLEN AND VERLAN STENE CHRISTINE STONEKING KATHLEEN TODD PHYLLIS VAN ZANT MARGUERITE VOLNER RUBY WILSON BETTY DYER ERLINDA SCHNEIDER ( " Vi- o t 3 Cr b ( ' ( o r:: ) V n -1l f, 11 ■v) l r;; V - t: -. ' V c. s= -r_- ' . - _ - r :. S-. ' VN . ; " fe " ' ' -, % ,» 5 ' ' v ' t ' - } -. ' ' , .•v.i»i!«iA ' i» - ' - ' ;- ' - ' ;

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