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Text from Pages 1 - 90 of the 1940 volume:

I , I , . " If g ,,. w w Q R MW if 62,454 Qi '55, ia ' 552113 9' ,Z 'CHQ g iff ! E5 .53 23 15 Fx Ea., ' . EMM I . 529-gcdvhjfljf W Slfelew MMM- M WWJW fjfff ,?,,Af?57 fs 4,J Q1ff!fLZ4fff54-2fZ44"'g j,A M-J iw A . fiom ,W ZWLQQWWZZQMW wyzggfwi KBC , ft, W' SSW J,dfj,?,4fWMM wfffi' Wfrjffqfjjjwwx LO QW . jvlfuvfj 1 I XA J THE 1940 ADOBE PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF NOGALES HIGH SCHOOL NOGALES, ARIZONA 1 EDITOR-DOROTHY ANN HARDY BUS. MGR.- PEGGY PIQUERO . l X 1. lf ' if , carl? f ff T .W . , f' g' .f ' x h W I ' 4 i fl l ,. , ' A ,f gf2 'f' !4::, f A '.' rl! ly J' l ian ,ff E' . fi! ! Q cf A X x I v I AI A 1,1104 ffff' K Q f- 'SIP , -4 f 212 ,Z f fix f A W 2, ADOBE 11 M475 f fff',QfjWM M, mfffmfwfl? 'F' ff Q QQWW ' f X ,IC f ,'f"l . .f ff ORDER OF BOOK SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS ADVERTISEM NTS AND FEATURES 3 The thought in publishing this 1940 Adobe iS to leave a memory so great that it will linger on as have the memories of the great people who lived here.before us. As a reminder of their great task, we, The Adobe Staff, present to you a few sketches of those who have blazed the trail. May you find here a full description of the year now completed that will help cherish a memory of the class of nineteen hundred and forty. FORE ORD .ZW I 6 , 55" . 5. SE, 5? -LE! dx 67 " -9 xo 9 . 5 5995 'ss it X LL' x. 5 ' " 'YWBVV9 Q. ' 9 I 0 N X., xv wg fvx 'ff Q CV N' Q of 'N 'QEQQNQN ' -JI ffl - X I Z bf ff fy 1? Y - Q Ex A' I 3' 19 f9 x9 e ' ' I I A I I III A , :"'IC... L X I I I .,- ,l 'Lib ADMINISTRATION 5 SUPERINTENDENTS MESSAGE Be human! It is your first duty. All of us would get along better if we kept in mind that we are just human. Your teach- ers are nothing but human beings. The people with whom you work and your friends are just a collection of human beings. After all is said and done, all of these have their fears and their hopes just as you do. They make mistakes and regret them, just like you. lhey are sometimes good and sometimes not so good, as is the case with you yourl self. Therefore, do not judgeg do not condemng be human. 7 FAEUQMLY any QW Wilwj , yi5LDAJ1k f2jT0JShperintendent .... 4" 1 gawk V xl F75 A W 7,5-911449Z ,iigkuzc ZZQQIZZLLJL-1 g'z,.,,,.?.a.g12,ff,z'.... Secretary ........ School Nurse ..... Principal ...... Mathematics .... Spanish ........... Athletic Coach .... Science ........... Commercial Q Baske Commercial ........ Music Q Library... Physical Education... Home Economics .... English. ..... ..... English ......... .. Political Science. Manual Training... 7th Grade ......... 7th Grade ...... 7th Grade ..... 7th Grade ..... 8 .....A. J. Mitchell .......Mary Karam .......Myrtle Brown ..F. E. Westerlund .......M. A. Keyte ....Magdalena Espinoza .......Wally Smith oooeosuunuossvs .................James W. Haddock t Ball Coach .... ...Lon M. Bellman .... ........... Gladden C. Elliott Cooper Renshaw ..........Helen Borgquist ....Gladys Walker Cameron .. .......... Charlotte Luz ... ..... ....Bruce Wallace .. .... Harold L. Stiles .......Mary L. Welty ...........J. L. Braun ....Evangeline Peterson ......Pearn G. Prather .... ...... .........Rudy W. .....Henrietta . W W, j MW WQ 6 'T K, Q Ymfzififl- Ek, I W5 6 , L f Sli HS ' J? t, N7 Q wfW, , :I g N, Myf 4, 1 ,," ,K-LA fwk 1 ,iw 'R ,psp QQ 'ZEE' C LASSE S 9 fffaifwf ,ff wfdf' fyyufigilgkfiijjljj VPI1 .idiiiifgi jrlfl A7295 L, A, wH,a,,W SENIURS '1 if OFFIGERS qgggwvt Pres. ------- S. Marcus Vice-Pres.-E. Gourdin Sec. ---------- C. Jury Trea. --------- O. Soto Rep. ------ R. Davison Sponsor---J. Haddock ROLL CALL Maria Luisa Arias, Eleanor Arino, Raul Aguirre, .Be- atrice Arzate, Edward Arzate, Duane Bird, Charlotte Bridges, Stella Carden, Dorothy Carter, Ruth Cum- ming, Robert Davison, Dorothy Diehl, Margaret Edgell Harry Ellis, Emma Gourdin, Dorothy Ann Hardy, Dehlia Holler, Georgina Horrall, Eleanor Joffroy,'Carlos Jury, Mary Dolores Krupp, James Logan, Marriet Logan James Mabante, Irene MacDonald, James Macris, Sammy Marcus, Carmen Partida, Peggy Piquero, Mercedes Pom- pa, Wilda Redditt, Margaret Roark, Grace Roberts, Anita Serino, Drucylla Simpson, Stephen Simpson, Os- car Soto, Alice Stoller,Daniel Uribe, Robert Under- wood, Zita Versus, Mary Wong, Norman Wigutow, Viloet Wong. 11 5' ,1 uoayff 1 I , , , a ikXa5gQQ7 yN,,f' 5? SENIUR5 I Row l: Robert Underwood,,MargareteRoark, Samuel Marcus b Peggy Piquero, and Alvin Sisk. n Row ll: Dorothy Hardy, Raul Aguirre, Elinora Joffroy, Daniel Uribe, and Eleanor Arino. 12 ,Side Panel: Dorothy Diehl and James Macris. J ff fffffwf ,VWQYQ ,afzgzfwf Row l: Georgina Horrall, Dorothy Carter, Zita Versus, Wilda Reddint, and Marriot S. Logan. ll: Grace Poberts, Harry Ellis, Dehlia Holler, Edward Arzate, Violet wong.' Side Panel: DrEg53JiQiQyE32Rfon auo Stephen H. Simpson. SENIUBS 63eOQ1w:-r Mi? hiwwif Mlegwlm AMJQ fowl! MQZMQMLQAJ R l: Ruth Cdmmings, Irene MacDonald N rman Wigutow, arm P tida, Charlotte Bridges. Row ll: Mary Wong, James Mabante, Merc d Pompa, Oscar So Stella Card n. Lawn pair, l N QQ xi ,w'7?gl3ffff we X SENIURS 14 Q9 by . "KNAW Eff f VM .AEM . . QW IU Mary Beatrlz Arzate Mp 1, Robert Davison ow ' , L Anita D. Serino, Leon . Ca ter. II: Alice J. Stoller, James J. Logan, Mary 'Dolores Krupp Carlos A. Jury, 'Emma Gourdin. 15 It was' not that September in the rain, but just a plain old ordinary September in the year l936 A. D. that a joyous group of W Johns and Marys, eighty-five strong, crash- 4 ed the gates of NHS to become the twenty- first freshmen class of that great institu- tion of learning. It was in that same September that this cheery band, under the reins of Mr. Elliott and Mr. Haddock, began to take to the scheme of NHS activities like a chicken to the flower bed. Before many moons they had gained sufficient foothold in the pattern of scholastics, dramatics, athletics, sience, journalism, and music to give them a forceful begin- ning to their high school carrers. As they embarked upon their sophomore year with Ole Lady Ex- perience by the hand, the Class of '40, plus all their former zip and zest, continued to build many magnificent milestones along their path. Once again this class copped HBest Assemblyn honors with their UNite B'fore Th' Opra', featuring an all male cast. Sophomore year spelled encouragement for many of this de- termined and ambitious group. l938 saw James Macris showing the earmarks of a veteran in football, Peggy Piquero displaying in- terest and scholastic ability, Robert Underwood becoming a leader in student affairs, Sammy Marcus rising swiftly in bas- ketball and tennis, and Grace Roberts, Anita Serino, Emma Gour- din, Robert Davison, and Margaret Roark active in their res- pective pursuits. - Juniors! 1938-19391 Wiser by two years participation in high school activities, the Wgreenu. freshmen and sophomores of '37 and '38 became the confident, assuring, razzle-dazzling Juniors of 1939. Under the capable leadership of S. Marcus as class president, the Juniors lost no time in earning their share of glory and success, vieing closely with the Seniors in leader- ship. Football saw James Macris playing true to prediction a long with his Junior Mates, Robert Davison and Daniel Uribe. As if summoning all their dramatic talent and experience, the Juniors presented three outstanding performances of that un- forgetable story of Louisa M. Allcott's HLittle Womenn, to win for themselves, the cast, the class, and the director the high- 16 SENIU I STURY est 0? praise Prom students and townspeople. The players were: Peggy Piquero as HJOU, Richard Taliaferro as HLaurieH, Margaret Roark as NMegU, Dorothy Diehl as HAmyN, Ruth Cumming as UBethH, James Macris as NMr. Marchn, Mary Krupp as nMrs. Marchu, Robert Underwood as NJohn Brooken, Wilda Redditt as UAunt Marchn, and Edward Bayze as HProf. Bhearn with Samuel Marcus as assistant director. The Junior President, Sammy Marcus, led the Apache basketball team to many victories during the season as well as being tennis champion and a member of the Adoba Court. State Oratorical Champion and Vice President of the Student Body, Robert Under- wood, and amiable Junior, Peggy Piquero,.were elected Adobe pop- ularity king and queen to reign over the annual Junior Prom and Senior Ball of l939. Seniors! Halleluja! Almighty Seniors! Viva los Seniors! By a unanimous vote, S. Marcus was again elected to bear the responsibility ot Class President. Grace Roberts was elected ed- itor of the Apache Warcry. Dorothy Ann Hardy not only was editor of the Adobe, but was elected representative of NHS to take the Daughters of the American Revolution test. Climaxing their football careers with a splendid display of athletic ability, J. Macris, the most outstanding football play- er, D. Uribe, and R. Davison, the most improved, put away the pigskin for the last time. Turning lightly from the drama of NLittle Womenn to the less- serious mystery-comedy of ULunatics at Largen, the Seniors made their final stage appearance under the direction of Mrs. Cameron. The cast was composed o? G. Horrall, D. Hardy, M. Krupp, M. Log- an, R. Taliaferro, Z. Versus, R. Underwood, P. Piquero, S. Mar- cus, J. Macris, M. Roark, D. Uribe, A. Padilla, and G. Riggs. The clay was both a financial and a,dramatic success. Again the production staff contributed much to the highly praised perform- ance. As a fitting Finale to their color9ul march through years of remarkable achievement, the twenty-fifth graduating class of NHS signed off from the national hook-up of secondary education with a Ditch Day, a Senior Ball, and a Commencement that will be long remembered as masterful pinishing touches to the one, only and irreplaceable --------------------------------------- CLASS OF l9AO 17 V.,-'if' . L. iwssgm nazi ,,, i,- . X ,1-,xv V , W W A 'i - HLUNATICS AT LARGEH 69M-lbgjiir, W Q . '?'27"'7. mm ll! ------------------------NMr. Hydeu Georgina Horrall ...............,....,..... HPyiCi11aN if 9 ijjsjyl Sam SQW,.+ . Z?4L,J ' Margaret Roark ....................-.,, uLady MaCBethu Mary KTUPP ------------------------------- HDr. Janetn Robert Underwood ........................ upon guttern Peggy Piquero ----------------------- HLuci1le Cuttern Richard Taliaferro ..-..-........... James'Macris .............-......... Dorothy Hardy ...................... Daniel Uribe ...-.-................. Marriet Logan ...-.................. Zita Versus .-...................... Guy Riggs ..-................... A... Alex Padilla ....................... 18 Hlnspector Brittn -----nAmos Burken --NElaine Adairn ---HGreg Stevensn -NClaire Stevensu -----"Mr-S. Adair" -----UJohn Aldenn ------K,--,HWingU aLf,L,LQ,,f,4,fIlifcJ,xf,Q,a,,,4-LfLf7 560 Azfnfffrvvai' Q ' , " ' ,afsff157?1247tL!,L40vv'vfeQ JUNWUR sf F crew? - fefptigl -M4 L . HISTURYMJW. 5 T ...oc Even from their very first year as slightly .V 'ALATCL green "freshies," the Juniors of 191.0 have IAJPJ, excelled in scholastic honors, and extra cur- ricular activities. In their freshmen year under the excellent sponsorship of Miss H. Borgquist and Miss C. Luz, the class won second place in the Home- LCZ54LL4V room Assembly Contest. The class then under WWA! ,iggj the leadership of Blanche Davenport and Peggy T-ss'3g J 1 Titcomb, was noted for its school spirit. XXXXXX M A As sophomores and under the leadership of L. Chatham and M. EdeX4L4AJxv ' ' monson, our now elated juniors, gave a Tacky Dance which proved to be the most hilarious event of the year. The class sponsored many 6L,MVdL'!Q,4A,GffLX,i successful parties, picnics, and sales during the year. B. Daven4 , -,,4.xJ"4' port was elected Secretary of the High School Student Body. The -f sophomores lived up to their reputation by Ucoppingn the Homeroom Season Ticket Sales Banner. The Junior Class is now sponsored by Mrs. G. Cameron and Miss C. LILQ Luz, and is under the leadership of V. Walker, Class President, M. Moreno, Vice President, P. Houle, Treasurer, D. Castro, Secretary... The Junior Class OI l9AO has been very active. Again for the sec- r-4'4!L MQUMWN ond consecutive year the Junior Class has won the Homeroom Season Ticket Sales Banner. The class sponsored a Junior play called pafwefdl "Girl Shy," which was a great success. Those taking part' in th 0-'VV Z play and the production staff are: D. Miller, M. Edmonson, Liga' faL4T Chatham, R. Jones, P. Houle, J. Munguia, J. Bennett, F. Rochlin, H. Bracker, V. Walker, J. Tostado, D. Castro, H. Terrazas, E. Puchi, P. Titcomb, B. Baffert,.A. Coffin, R. Kerson, G. Chernin and M. Barkley. The director was Mrs. G. Cameron. In honor o the Senior Class of l9AO, the Junior Class gave a gala Junior Prom which proved to be a big event of the year. fQ'QP B. Davenport was elected a member of the Adobe Court, L. Chatham , was president of the Science Club during 1940. V. Walker was pre- 1 sident of the Maroon Masque. P. Titcomb was named Junior Class' ZLif Historian. The Junior Class of l94O has had an extraordinary array of ath- letes. Among them have been: .A. Durazo, M. Moreno, E. Pierson, G. Cabrera, D. Miller, B. Baffert, C. Cabrera, V. Rodriguez, M. Gastellum, H. Bracker, F. Reed. Last, but by no means least, are those students who represented the Junior Class in the Junior Honor Society, V. Walker, D. Mil- ler and B. Davenport. . The Junior Class has proved that they are well prepared to take their position next year, as the leaders of the school. 19 i u P I ,QMMVQWQVW Row 1: F. olunga, E. Leyva, H. Rouzaud, C. Gonzalez, E. Peirson, O. Andrade Row ll: D. Quen, H. Bracker, G. Chernin, R. Taliaferro, R. Holler, E. Bayze Row lll:E. Acido, B. Martinez, M. Edmonson, . L. Romero, H. F. Terrazas, E. Puchi. IVV: L. , o, J. Goodman, G. Durazo, D.CastI'o. 6 WW Wbgfwfg Q. E T w E , E Q Qi 7. R N 1. A ,Q " G GGL ' :5,4,U,4.6,,,4 ' -.a4.w.f,g,,,4, ?j,Jaz.+,,.e ' , Leila! j l z..awa Aewezzzw ' ' JUNIUHRS A1045 . affcflfvf, I ZLLN W' if J Qigg':fii -Q2 wifi? SUPHUMURE 7465 WWW WM ,Q asfupnumu EM 411.4 HOME ROOM DRESIDENTS SPONSORS Edward Sloan Alex Durazo Gertrude Gardner Don Morales Dana McGaugh Armando Parada Jesus Partida Alex Padilla John Phillips James Provas Mary Provas Mary Puchi Hector Ramirez Charlie Reddoch Guy Riggs Consuelo Rodriguez Francisco Sainz Edward Simpson Edward Sloan Henry Avilez Gloria Diaz Gertrude Gardner Sophie Georgelos Fla 22 Mr. Bellman Mr. Wallace Mr. Smith Rafael Murillo Charles Smith Lydia Thornton Edward Titcomb Mary Kay Titcomb Robert Trias Alonzo Villanueva Don A. Welty David Willis Anita Wingo Herbert Wisdom Dick Wooddell Albert Zenizo Emilio Martan Bima O'hagin Alex Ramirez Ricardo Salgado Manuel Villanueva Tommy Versus Adelina Valenzuel via Lara WWW E. 1 1 LABS 1.--f' av" Alicia Berrellez Norman Acido William Ahumada Gerry Alexander Edjel Allan Ruth Alvarez Corrine Arend Irma Arvizu Georgina Arvizu Margaret Bercich Robert Blea Catherine Bond Raul Cabrera Alfred Camerlin Delia Carrascc Julio Carrasco Mary Carrillo Graciela Castro Betty Chalmers Edith Chalmers Mary Colunga 4-J' ROLL CALL Maria Louisa Joffroy Alfonso Cota Blanche Davison Louis Diehl Florence Elliott Marco Espinoza Alfonso Gastellum Emilia Gotsis Henry Hudgin Mary Huerta David Jaramillo Emma Jaramillo Paul Kane Alice Karam Margaret Karam Georgia Kibbe Pat Langdon Walter LaPlant Victoria Lara Phyllis Lebovit Charlie Miller 23 X a a X Xanax Rikkwwkmkr SLWN QNK ai fi ' f 75:+-.4 a as ma va WM a is sg R PRESHMA John Peterson ------ Anna Marie Bonorand Margo Guerrero Bernice Levy Alma Krupp Joanne Cumming Joan Ashby Kay Cheshire Betty Hoy Elizabeth Smith Delia Salgado Maclovia Suarez Mary Shestko Eva Phillips Manuela Valencia Delia Ramirez Maria Manriquez Consuelo Lopez Louisa Castillo Ruth Gildea Margaret DeLancy Samuel Capin ""- K- OFFICERS WM E Ivil- 'im' -., ---------------------------------President ----------------------------Vice President 24 Leonard Edwards Bruce Powell Homer Chernin Ferriel Allen Earloyde Edmonson Alan Houle Craig Pottinger Karl Rader Robert Boughton Irving Graak Raymond Quen Raul Rouzaud Alvino Majalca Frank Echevarria Francisco Pequeros Kendall Cumming Hudson Harmon Jose Berrellez Waldo McCay Dick Barkley LABS Irma Carrasco-- Mr. Keyte ------ Concha Quintana Sarah Paz Norma Loaiza Helen McKinny Hope Vaughn Gloria Carrasco Edith Brown Gladys Hostetter Josephine Gomez Martha Barnett Virginia O'Hagin Josephine Reed Dora Morlet Herbert Echevarria Arturo Villa Oscar Soto Armando Arias Alex Pierson Irma Carrasco John Peterson OFFICERS 25 ...fs P -'Ari-vw? ' -Secretary-Treasurer --Sponsor Louie Santacruz David Simpson George Uribe Abel Ducasse Marcelo Leyva Demetrio Kerson Silvio Nuti George Logan Henry Valencia Ruben Lopez John McClure James Jelkes Dean Higganbottom Gil Medina John Pearson Louie Lomeli Clarence Jolivette Reynaldo Fimbres Charles Powell Anna Marie Bonorand I W 44 5 iwligw H - iff' :"1.- , IIS .4 gif H ' ::I:::: X NLF M iii l-Glee Club 3-Junior Play cast 5-Sheet metal work 2-Drum and Bugle Corps and production staff 6-Manual arts and Drill Team L,-Mechanical drawing 26 1 IFF fq A S, K QI. W s.- M ' JI I 2 , I I I , . I ,- -. I' , "K --3' , J.. I, il 1 . ,L -J- f A '-'5 , V E 17 - +I 1-'AM ACTIVITIES CSFFICERS President ------------------- Robert Underwood U F E U N T R U L Vice-President ------------------ James Macris Secretary ------------------ Blanche Davenport Treasurer ----------------------- Dana McGaugh Sponsor -------------------------- Mr. Wallace Catherine Bond Harvey Bracker Albert Cabrera Homer Chernin Robert Davison Munro Edmonson Margaret Karam Joe Karam MEMBERS Dora Loera Alvin Sisk George Uribe Billy Titcomb Alfred Taylor Maxine Gonzalez Emma Munoz Rudy Fernandez BOARD ',. 29 fl' s A N J iw ADUBEg AFP 43, 144107 My W d l ,Q I ' ' -- page s - -- e Dorothy Ann Hardy Business Mana er--------- ------- -----Peggy Piquero Assistant iness Manager-- --------------- Peggy Titcomb EQ ,tiff 1 I ' Photograph r -------------- - ------ -- ------- --Alvin Sisk Snap Shot ------- ------------ ------ --Sammy Marcus . Make-Up - ---------- ---Margaret Roark, Dorothy Diehl , Typist --- ------ - ------- ---- ----- - ---- --Anita Serino Grace Roberts My ' I f,rf Mary Wong Dehlia Holler Qtkfj Sports ---- - ----------------- -James Macris, Billy Baffert AM! Of Art ------- ---- -------- -- ----------------- -Oscar Soto Activities -------------------------------- -Wilde Redditt Marriet Logan Georgia Kibbe Stella Carden Senior Editor---- -------------- - ------- Robert Underwood! Junior Editor ------------------------------- Peggy Titcomb Sophomore ----- - ---------------- - --------- -Rith Alvarez Freshman Editor -------------------------------- Alma Krupp Secretary -,,,,- Mary Dolores Krupp Sponsor ---------------- ---------------- HO -----Miss Espinoza, WAR CRY Editor --------------- -Grace Roberts Business Mgr. ------------ Ruth Jones Secretary ------------- Marriet Logan News Editor ------- Alfredo Ronquillo Make-Up Editor ------- Munro Edmonson M T Sports Editor --------- Samuel Marcus 5 Society Editor-------Peggy Titcomb I Circulation Mgr. ------- Dana McGaugh Q Sponsor ----------------- M. A. Keyte Features, Alma Krupp, Catherine Bond, Exchange, Wilda Redditt, Margaret Roark, Irving Graakg Art Dept., Mary Huerta, William Ahumada, Alex Padilla, Reporters, Robert Underwood, Allan Underwood, James Macris, Billy Baffert, Joe Dupuy, Blanche Davenport, Margot Guerrero, Bernice Levy, Typists, Anita Serino fchiefj, Mary Krupp, Alice Stoller, Hector Terrazas, Peggy Piquero, Maria L. Arias, Emma Gourdin, Lillian Chatham, Business Girls, Carmen Gonzales, Emma Larson, Ruth Alvarez, Jacqueline Bennet, Proof Readers, Eleanor Arino, Margaret Karam, E- lizabeth Smith, Newsboys, Allan Cummings, Colin Edmon- son, and Joseph Karam. 31 BUUSTER CLUB W J X 1, Dorothy Diehlq... Grace Roberts .... Marriet Logan .... Margaret Roark... C. Luz ........... Maria Luisa Arias Jacqueline Bennet Stella Carden Lillian Chatham Gertrude Gardner Carmen Gonzalez Emma Gourdin Mary Huerta Elinora Joffroy Maria Luisa Joffroy 32 ROLL CALL Virgie walker WF ,U , . A, g, - ........President ...Vice President ........Secretary .....Treasurer .....Sponsor Ruth Jones Alice Karam Margaret Karam Alma Krupp Mary D. Krupp Emma Larson Josephine Munguia Evelia Puchi Anita Serino Peggy Titcomb JOSH Ashby Mary Espinoza Blanche Davison Bernice Levy Mary Puchi Carlos Cabrera ..... Robert Davison ....... Richard Taliaferro .... Bill Baffert... ...... . Sponsor ........ ROLL CALL Edward Bayze Gus Cabrera Alfred Camerlin Daniel Castro Alex Durazo Munro Edmunson Harry Ellis Henry Rouzaud Alvin Sisk Hector Terrazas Robert Underwood Daniel Uribe Norman Wigatow Robert Yslas Albert Zenizo ......aPresident President ..Vice .......Secretary ......Treasurer ...G. C. Elliott Manuel Gastellum Carlos Jury James Macris Samuel Marcus David Miller Edward Pierson Alfred Ronquillo 33 W if .ww Cf W f?XiER , ' 'ini " -'2ipe'.'-r -ff Vs. .,-92 av 1-.a X . . . if- , itfaffw 317 A ' . Q .'l"4g , fi , Tia' jj-' rg 7 T-A. A E' K - ' ., - -1-'I " fl V . A ' A 1 'fjaiigfi jQ-i air' W ' wfvragsa WW? ki!-f ' Karr., fd-1' 2' - ' ,Q 've ,. . .atyw--' 34 - ,4 V f-Q q5,x':j4,:3.1 J 1 iv , URUMQM1 BUGLE IIURPP Director-- Drum Major DRUM RS Chalmers, Betty Carrillo, Mary Dupuy, Joe Embrick, Pedro Grimm, Vera Huerta, Lawrence Houle, Peter Jelkes, James 1 V Leyva, Esther wh Rudy W. Cooper Sammy Marcus ' f - , N P , M01-let, Arnold Sa '. f 2 'N Mft. - ' . P9 Rlggs, Guy 1 'g, 3 - 'gf qi 5 5 C, 42 i P Simpson, Drucylla ' . ' , . ng V- 1 1 . V- mr - 'Q ,, ,Aj . p P 'f' y ::, ,q,v - 4 .- Tapia, George 'P 'o" 'A MgQ:'gX,j4, "c Alf? ' Terrazas, Hector . - - 5. 'k ai - A I. . . 5,o elsif 1QfU?Si?9EvQi1?aa. Thornton, Lydia Y: t I - m,l.a,.M. .,L' P ff ,.,,- in L- 1,g-gxiwihfb .Aj-w,,-:mi A -,Aa -f3 'Y gQP3i3?5QyfFQ,5EiI Ramirez Hector .city .u,..i- , -. . v 1Sn?g:- I ,I f , T31--Q-: M- V -Qigxlhv.-,t-:LL . at ' ,'f- N .,',fe-sua Y X v. . f, , , aw 1 .,,-- 34 BUGLERS Aviles, Ernest Cota, Julio Goodman, William Hardman, Eddie Kerson, Alfonso Lewis, Mack Powell, Chas. Rader, Karl Sainz, Francisco nta Cruz, Armando Simpson, Stephen Soto, Gilbert Soto, Oscar Uribe, George Baldinegro, Ramon I ,-Y .L xi nl '- if xiii' we-f' lf ' lx As'-'f ' .. 'L , - nn-A., SIZL qzflml rg ,.i X A-' L , 4' I ' Q l1,nf'5 Fairs' SQUAD I Lillian Chatham Mary Krupp Peggy Piquero Margaret Roark SQUAD II Virgie Walker Stella Carden Betty Lytle Mary Huerta SQUAD III Gertrude.Chernin Florence Elliott Corinne Arend Gloria Durazo Director Miss Renshaw MAJORETTES Dahlia Holler Phyllis Jean Westerlund Bernice Levy Adele Bracker COLOR GUARDS Evelia Puchi SQUAD IV Rosa Kerson Maria Louisa Gonzales Peggy Titcomb Marriet-Logan SQUAD V Dorothy Carter Dorothy Diehl Emilia Gotsis Carmen Gonzales Mary Allen Smith Clarice Chernin Margot. Guerrero Georgia Kibbe SQUAD VI Josephina Munguia Mary Kay Titcomb Elinora Joffroy Dora Yslas SQUAD VII Grace Roberts Margaret Bercich Anita Serino Wilde Redditt SQUAD VIII Blanche Davison Irma Carrasco Mary'Puchi Ruth Jones A if ' " ,ffl H- 5,-,I - Elf'-g,..:T,: -', a. A. ' e+'w'0??Y.'ilg245:fxs: in 4i'ea22i? sfo - Lflfffl '71 Tr- ..L1. 4 Mfr -if-T-"'1: " '-fe:-E c yi' . - 'ffl ' ' " u -f--J ' "D EP if E T32-N?- 'L E ,- H if S Q I ' 6 M 1 -' va 'V lf .X 1 1 - QHWMwy4TiQjQ34f2Z?RM3YiQE9fbi f?U4Wipos,' . - 1: ..:a-E:LL:1Q5:g:.'f--rxxlw, 3? ' affg' ' - .-rw ' .. " S ,. U .,.-lrjH..1.4 . , HA--7v1:7:.-fA,::l:'f rf 1.-l f' ',. N V Ae, A , U ,M "ef5Pg,3?L-Ef1.?fW 5 -I '--3-A 1 v , xr-' . . rl... I , , Q fl!-fjgzz-fi ,,l - , ' L ,Q a .tm 0,,?.'?g-,tink I p ' ,, ,- A fa , -5,315.5 sfszl Wz, ' 'T " f I ' ' are M A I 1. ,.-wr" VZ-f-A-Y J 'I A N .I X si gh- l -? ' xi I, -ggn yat. n v -1 . ,I fv' ,f " " " -Q' ' ' ' pgfsvfq-"2"'f'-r A h 4 1 '1' Ei A I -. '. lil' , la x 5' yn Jflf ' - I -', fl- Y it :X .2 ' 'L ' ., . ' .- an -A ff f-iw ' ' - - ' 1, f I -I ' e-ie.H- ...:. . - ff-wx".fH 'YI ' A 1- li?" - 'f 'fl 'K x A r ef! '72 if 1 Q A I I A A K ,VKX -an -1 V - ? I .Xp I . 3 H A ,Y tiQW7:'.' 'N AA' t Y E A A' . 5 v fiirf , N tm., I A VI A A 1. ' 'V -we ,. 'J' ..f wIi34'??1i, , , . ,Lav- vhi.l,m if -vi., 35 YF.-QA, Two. Z-5 SEIENEE CLUB Pres , ------------------- ------ Lillian Chathem Vice Pres. --------------- 1 ----- Margaret Karam Trea. ---------------- -----Maria Luisa Arias Sec, ---------------- - --------- Margaret Roark Snonsor-Mr. Haddock MEM ERS W. Ahumada, R. Alvarez, C. Arend, J. Ashby, A. Berrellez, M. Bercich, A. Bracker, C. Bridges, R. Cabrera, C. Pottin- ger, J. Carrasco, S. Carden, G. Castro, A. Coffin, A. Cum- ming, F. Cumming, B. Davenport, D. Diehl, G. Durazo, M. Edmunson, E. Edmunson, G. Ellis, F-. Elliott, M. Guerrero M. Gonzales, E. Gourdin, A. Karam, P. Saldamando, J. Ka- ram, R. Kerson, A. Krupn, N. Loaiza, M. Logan, C. Lonez, A. Martin B. O'Hagin, S. Paz, E. Dhillips, C. Powell, J. Proves, E. Uuchi, A. Camnillo, C. Quintana, B. Ramsey. K ' is M NK M fi 36 WSW KAW? WWE.- Mo. Wgwj E? 51,5 iii? Qi. Secretary ------- Emma Gourdin ' Treasurer ---------- Mary Wong President ---- Dorothy Hardy Vice-Pres.---Peggy Piquero Sponsor ---------------------------------------------- Mr. Bellman MEMBERS G. Alexander, M. K. Titcomb, M. Krupp, A. Serino, C. Partida, M. L. Arias, C. Gonzalez, M. Puchi, B. Arzate, A. Cota, E. Allan, P. Titcomb, E. Puchi, G. Chernin, C. Villa, J. Tostado, J. Mun- guia, R. Holler, R. Kerson, F. Elliott, G. Durazo, D. Quen, A. Ezrre, V. Walker, V. Lara, B. Ramsey, C. Rodriguez, C. Bond, G. Tapia, M. Sainz, R. Alvarez, A. Wingo, O. Andrade, E. Arvizu, M. Colunga, E. Larson, H. Terrazaa, M. Provas, M. Romero, E. Jara- millo, B. Saldamando, G. Castro, A. Romero, D. Miller, A. Coffin F. Rochlin, A. Berrellez, B. Baffert, A. Camerlin, D. Castro, H.f Ramirez, M. Espinosa, G. Franklin, R. Cabrera, H. Wisdom, M. Gonzales, R. Murillo, R. Aguirre. 37 L ...... from . .- IIUMMERCIAL CLUB SQ' uf? 3 fl' live 'Q if 0 E n : W5 AEA' 1 iz g? 'iQ I'QigRSj wma ! G I' E E C I' U B Direct 0r-- R udy Cooper FIRST SOPRANOS: Margaret Bercich, Margaret Edgell, Emma Gour- ' Kibbe Mary Provas, Mary Puchi, Edin, Dehlia Holler, Georgia , Wilde Redditt, Margaret .Roark, Julia Tostado, Virgie Walker, SECOND SOPRANOS: Joanne Cummings, Dorothy Diehl, Ruth Gildea, Georgina Horral, Mary Huerta, Mary L. Joffroy, Peggy Piquero, Mary K. Titcomb, Peggy Titoomb. ALTOS: Corrine Arend, Mary L. Arias, Joan Ashby, Alica Berre- llez, Mary Carrillo, Gloria Carrasco, Grace Castro, Lillian Cha- tham, Gloria Durazo, Eleanor Joffroy, Margaret Karam, Virginia O'Hagen, Evelia Puchi, Consuelo Rodriguez, Anita Serino. TENORS: Armando Arias, Carlos Cabrera, Munro Edmonson, Marco Espinosa, David Jaramillo, James Macris, David Miller, Rafael Murillo Armando Parada, Fred Rocklin, Raul Rouzaud, George Uribe, lrving Graak. d B ze Hudson Harman, Peter Houle, BASS: Bill Baffert, Edwar ay , Henry Rouzaud, Alvin Sisk, Hector Terrazas, Allan Underwood, Albert Zenizo. ' 38 WW JMR NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Robert Underwood ' Peggy Piquero JXUVRAQX Dorothy Ann Hardy Sammy Marcus I Emma Gourdin ' Mary Dolores Krupp Mary Wong Davenport Blanche Munro Edmonson Lillian Chatham JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY Dana McGaugh Virgie Walker , George Tapia James Macris II fl li ll Il Albert Zenizo David Miller Ruth Alvarez Rosa Kerson . ' Margaret Roark Georgina Horrall S U E I E T I E S Concepcion Villa - Zita Versus 39 :Eff W f55?3 , 3-11' ' 1 A: A J E A M D E E D C A R F E J J B "N" BLU B E Coach L. Bellman Sponsors Durazo Macris Bayze Camerlin Gastellum Jaramillo Martan Pierson Uribe Cabrera Zenizo Davison Reed Sloan Pearson Peterson Baffert Marten I AO Members Coach W. Smith A. Villanueva M. Villanueva M. Moreno A. Acido V. Rodriguez J. Goodman G. Cabrera S. Capin S. Marcus H. Bracker C. Reddock L. Lomeli D. Miller C. Smith C. Jury D. McGaugh A. Parada A. Underwood MARUUN MASUUEM President ---------- --- ------------ ---Virgie walker Secretary 8 Treasurer---- ---Peggy Piquero Sponsor ---- ----------- ------- eMrs. Cameron Roll Call Maria Luisa Arias Marriett Logan Joan Ashby Bill Baffert Joanne Cummings Munro Edmunson Harry Ellis Emma Gourdin Dorothy Hardy Margaret Karam Mary Krupp E Samuel Marcus Alex Padilla Peggy Piquero Mary Puchi Margaret Roark lizabeth Smith Richard Taliaferro Ro Virgie Walker bert Underwood Zita Versus ,i 1 1 . 5- n 1., x, xi ss Ea , B gf Xxx ff nw JV Ll QU .Q www ADUBE KING and QUEEN 'L' M WV ADOBE KING AND QUEEN Queen King Peggy Uiquero Dorothy Ann Hardy Georgia Kibbe Blanche Davenport Dehlia Holler , Y' '- ' COURT Dorothy Diehl Robert Underwood James Macris Samuel Marcus Robert Davison Albert Zenizo Richard Taliaferro 'jpfl in L2 We , 5 f f1f ? EZia5! X anus! Q: F l X ' " I 'xx I .y - .f K ' -n ,Z ff!! 1,1 x MAMA! W f "2 ff, , 'A-' K! N fs W' , k ATHLETICS 43 ' QW WWE! my MRM M QMQWMW if M 4 J ff ATHLETICS FOOTBALL Coach Wally Smith's l939 Apaches turned in one of the most' impre- ssive records .in the an- nals of N.H.S. football history with '5 wins, l tie, and 2 losses. For- iw the first'time in historyu .Q the 'Apaches' were unde- feated in conference play, thereby, annexing the Southern Conference Title. 5. ff ' Too much credit cannotrbe given to the boys'termed as Wscrubsn. It was only through their consistancy'in reporting for practice that the' Apaches were able to go through such a successful season. Though these boys were not eligible for first'team awards, the school showed their appreciation by awarding them small felt N's. In spite of the fact that the team is losing sic experienced men, the Apaches are expecting another successful season next year. BASKETBALL Under the tutlege and mentoring of Coach Lon M. Bellman, the No- .gales Apaches, High School Basketball squad, ended the'current seaso with a better than average record, by winning 12 games while losing ll. Starting the season with only four men of last year's squad,Coach Bellman molded a team around Alex Durazo, Sammy' Marcusgand Frankt Reed. This team went to'the'Southern"Conference Tournament taking second place. The Apaches went to the Arizona State Tourament for the third time in the history oF'the school, and'the second succe- ssive time in the last l9 years of the state tourney's existence. Starting his third year as head'basketball 'Coach at the Nogal- es High School, last December,Coach Bellman has, so far been the mo- st successful basketball mentor in the history of the school.Taking over the reins of a much battered basketball squad record,Coach Bellman has built up Nogales into a threat in the last two Southe- rn Conference Tournaments,gaining'runner-ups next to Tucson and two invitations to the State Tournaments. 45 FUUTBALL James Macris Coach Mr. Smith Those who made the All-Confer- ence Team were Alex Durazo, Al bert Zenizo, Manuel Gastellum, James Macris, Edward Martan, and Edward Bayze. Those who lettered were R. Davison, J. Macris, B. Baffert, C. Cabrera, E. Sloan, A. Durazo, E. Bayze, M. Gastellum, E. Martan, D. Uribe, E. Pierson, A. Camerlin, J. Pierson, M. Villanueva, D. Jaramillo, E, Martan, A. Villanueva, and mana- -gers R. Taliaferro, and J. Peterson. Other squad members were E. Martan, L. Edwards, R. Trias, E. Acido, A. Parada, D. Miller, H. Hudgins, J. Phillips, A. Gastellum, T. Bonorand, N. Bonorand, C. Jolivette, F. Peguer- os, R. Salgado, G. Franklin, A. Ezree, J. Dupuy, L. Santacrus G. Median, J. Berrellez, and C. Rader. yi , F 46 FUUTBALL The season opened September 22, with. the Tucson Bad- gers holding the Apaches to a 6 to 6 tie. A I Sept. 29 The Apaches scalped the Ajo Red Raiders by a Oct Oct Oct Nov Nov Nov. 16. 26 to O score. The Apaches journeyed to Bisbee and came home victorious, the score being 6 to O. The Apaches met the strong Phoenix Indian team and again emerged the victors. The score was 13 to 7. The Apache team went to Douglas and won the game by a score of 6 to O. This game cinched the Conference Title. The Globe Tigers were the fiFth team to be- near the hand of the Apaches. The score was 13 to 7. Superior was the Apaches' Waterloo, For there, Superior defeated them in the last minute of play. The score was l2 to 7. Mesa deafeated the Apaches 25 to 7. L7 BASKETBALL Those who lettered were Alex Durazo, Sammy Marcus,Louie Lomeli, Frank Reed, Al Gamerlin, Charles Reddoch, Armando Parada, Allan Underwood, Sammy' Capin, David Miller, Harvey Bracker, Mgrs. C. Smith, C. Jury, and D. McGaugh. The following boys received second- team awards: M. Bonorand, A. Ezrre, G. Franklin, A. Gastellum, P. Langdon, H. Ramirez, M. Sainz, E. Simpson, E. Sloan, E. Titccmb, J. Berrellez, H. Chernin, C. Jolivette, G. Logan, E. Marten, F. Pegueros, J. Peterson, J. Pierson, B. Powell, O. Soto. L 'BME W5 lymixh Lf WNU6 3EEEiEkRiwEP A8 BASKETBALL Proving their leadership and fine playing, Alex Durazd placed center on All Conference first team and Sammy Mar- cus placed guard on the second team. - The following are the results of the games this season: N-21, Benson-253 N-34, ADS Tucson-145 N-17, wickenburg- 285 N-33, Patagonia-225 N-24, Tucson-285 N-l9, Douglas- BL5 N-35, Bisbee-315 N-38, Mesa-245 N-21, Tempe Frosh-305 N-31,-Phoenix Indians-L65 N-Al, Patagonia-145 N-28, Tuc- son-335 N-2, ADS Tucson-0 fforfeitlg N-34, Douglas-255 N- 28, Tombstone-275 N-37, Bisbee-265 N-26,,Mesa-36, 1N-33, Wilcox-175 N-30, Benson-26, N-24, Tucson-395 N-21, Mor- enci-225 N-37, Phoenix Indians-255 N-33, Tempe-AO. The Papooses, under Second Team Coach Rannell Jones, came' through' the l939-150 season in fine style, winning '7 while losing l2.. The N. H. S. Braves, older brothers of the Papooses, also turned in a good record with 5 wins and 6 losses. In the Home Room Basketball Tournament, -Mr. Wallace's Home' Room Team had, previous to this year, held the championship for the past 3 years, but were defeated this year 'by Mr. Haddock's Seniors, 27-16. Captains -of Mr. Haddock's winning team were James Goodman and Sammy Mar- cus. Mr. Bellman's Sophomores defeated Miss' Cameron's Juniors 14-8 for 3rd place. In the Jr. League, Miss Es- pinoza's freshmen team defeated the Roosevelt school team 23-21 for the championship and Miss Borgquist's 8th grad- ers defeated Miss Welty's 7-graders 19-16 for 3rd place. A9 jf FJJUZJVI Vff'f""'f we-QT? if TENNI TENNIS The Apache net club take to the courts this spring in an attempt to defend their Southern Con- ference Championship Title for class HBH competi- tion. The team, under the direction of Coach Henri- etta Renshaw, promises to be one of the strongest ever to be turned out by Nogales High School. The boy's team will be molded around Sammy Mar cus, three year letterman, Harvey Bracker, Southern Conference class HBH Doubles Champ, and runner-up for the state title, and Sammy Capin, only a Fresh- man, but a good player with an excellent future. Anita Serino and Grace Roberts, runner-ups for the Southern Conference Class HBH Doubles Title last year, will form the nucleus of the girl's team. Kay Cheshire will probably make the third position. TEAM: Anita Serino, Grace Roberts, Kay Che- shire, Mary Huerta, Margaret Karam, Alice Karam, Elizabeth Smith, Virgie walker, Lillian Chatham Sammy Marcus, Sammy Capin, Hector Ter Bracker. 9 razas, Harvey 50 VM? TAR A E K .PNXJVP - ls' N . '-!55,, I The prospects for track are much brighter this year than ever before. Thirty men have been reporting 'or practice and all are fine prospects. Five meets have been scheduled For this season, Tucson March 30, Douglas Invitational April l3, Green- way Meet April 20, Southern Conference, April 27, and State meet May A. The men reporting are: Dashes: M. Moreno, G. Cabrera, E. Sloan, N. Acido.' Hurdles: V. Rodriguez, L. Lomeli, B. Edwards, F. Pequeros. ' Q Distance: S. Simpson, E. Simpson, E. Acido, O. Soto, F. Reed, D. Kerson, J. Dartida, J. Peter- son, M. Sainz, Irving Graak, A. Cota, R. Yslas. , Weight Men: J. Macris, E. Bayze, A. Zenizo, J. Pier- and Jumpers son, E. Martan, D. Wooddel, C. Jolivette C. Cabrera, J. Berrellez, R. Davison, B. Baffert. A "'4 ' Mgrs.: E. Martan, M. Lewis, C. Pottinger: 51 Qggmmgz :': gQfff Elyff gf A ----- - ' A224 -ff? ii an u r' Q? 'g- ,' a 1- EW. :f in V1, 2 l , '15 '. 'iw s q 'L ', K ,aff 9 lata X . . , .' A M x ,S , : : 5 - . , 'X , fi .3 ' 1' I ,J 1 . F 5 i 1 ,n - 5 7 Nr , nww' -'-'-' V. fi ' .F 12 1 ww 1 ' mE K Sw, 1, 'V Q f' 5 Q 5' , Q gy - - -f,'.5-Q5-535: - mnggnmn wma Marcus 5-H. Bracker 8-D. Miller 11-Let's go gang Durazo 6mA. Camerlin 9-D. Woodell 12-Instructions Reed 7-C. Reddock 10-A. Parada 13-Gunga Din Lomeli 14mOver the top 52 Jf9mc,Z,gff2aff' C4464 Ha ADVERTISEMENTS AND FEATURES Upon reading the Following section please give due consideration to our advertisers who, by their advertisements, have helped to make possible this 1940 edition of the Adobe. 53 , . , ,.,,, 4 ..., . ,.- v, . l -fwK"n'mbf - , if '-KJ' L L Y . QL, h., , r . ,., , , ,Aww .1 3 .- A . W , . QL f If 5 If 5 , . : 4- 441: I 1 .,.,. fr "' -. v 1,,-,- :-!::.' 1, ,..y,Y, ., I f ff X ,X x. ng, 1 r l T Q . N X -a 'u 'Ng .-4. ,Af-A -v I Wfbfcuiffl 1-Q xxx 'I I 1 I 1 -33154. . 1 CALENDAR September 5-Dear Calendar, you've gotta stick by me. Here it is the first day of school and I'm already wondering how many days we get off for Christmas! All the old gang back with their same old sour pusses. 6,8-Seems like I've been around this pen ?or six months already. Football team out getting warmed up. Smith hollerin' his head off. And--Oh, almost forgot to tell you,. some of the new girls are O. K. too. ll,l5-Classes elect officers. Some politics! First assembly. Warcry out Friday. Hot dog! Headlines--NOGALES PRIMING FOR TUC- SON! Some journalist that fellow Keyte eh what? l8,2l-Adobe action begins! Hardy edits the mud brick. Big fuss about Marcus and Board of Control. Smithmen all set for HBadger meetn tomorrow night in First grid-iron ?racas of NHS. 22-TUCSON GAME! I didn't bet every cent that Nogales would WIN but I DID bet that Tucson WOULDN'T WIN. Lot's ot pep. The Beat and Blow were out doin' their stuff' too. NOGALES 6--TUCSON 6-- Darn that referee we scored another touch down but the rat would not give it to us. Adobe dance after game. 25,28-Monday. Still hoarse. Learned today Mrs. King resigned. Ah Woe! We sure usta have lotsa dun woo wooing her in study hall Hate to see NHS loose the head of the Beat and Blow. 29-Ajo game. Apaches trample Red Raiders under 26-O. Booster and P 5 S Dance after game. October 2,5-Big excitement around over Manchester wreck. Alva Brower, Nat'l Assembly Program, Monday Cventriloquistj Senior girls all atwitter over the Ncuteu accordianist. Apaches set for trip to Bisbee. ,6-Big pep assembly. Polla's lil sis really put HGod Bless Am- erican on the hit parade! The Apaches attacked Bisbee Pumas with a battering bit of ballplay that sent them back into their dens with a defecit of 6-O. When Macris went out, gosh! I was scared. 9,10-Cooper, taking the HRe-Cooper-atedn Beat and Blow to the All Santa Cruz County Fair! l2-Father Hughes spoke For Columbus Day. l3-Friday, the thirteenth! Golly, and the team went to Phoenix to play the Indians this afternoon! Woe is me! Can't tell yuh what the score was but I just know we lost. l6,l8-Boys return Nall shotn. Dan Uribe, they say, galloped up and down Indian warpath in Phoenix. l9-Bugle out today! Sisk passing out cigars. Camerlin busts his nose in scrimmage. ' 20-The boys have a tough battle to beat the Douglas Bulldogs 6-O. 55 21,22-Took inteligence test. CI didn't know I was so dumb.D The Maroon Mask presents NThe Diamond Necklacen. Warcry shoveled a lota dirt out in the Papoose. 31-Halloween Dance by Seniors! Yay, Seniors! Tough luck Camer- lin broke his collar bone. what next? November 3-Globe players were in our pep assemble this morning. Tonight we stung them with a 13-6 football depeat. YIPEE! ll-Armistice Day. Team in Superior--am keeping everything crossed in hope. 12-CSundayQ Superior wins! fXXi,g! 12-7. Superior got an un- believable break. Terrible blow. 13-Adobe meeting today. CThis was the first time they told me I had to write this Calendar, so all that you read before this is a big FAKE.D 16-Mesa Jackrabbits out run Apaches 25-7. Well, anyway, we get tomorrow, Friday off 'cause of the Teacher's Convention. 20,24-School gets new bus. O Boy! Franksgiving. Mr. Wheeler spoke for Don Hayes of Tucson Police Dept. Had his eye on Hardman during speech about juvenile delinquency. 27,30-Chemistry worries. Tests right and left. Report cards out. Lottsa long faces. Thanksgiving 30th. December l-Booster and P Q S Clubs give annual Homecoming Dance. Old Hgradsn of '39 were all there looking over us High School Hkiddiesn HUMPH! A-Dr. Gable of Nat'l Assemblies talked about cosmic rays. lO,l3-Seniors finally select HLunatics at Largen for annual class play. Haddock's seniors win Basketball tournament. lA-Rehearsal for big supercolossal BUGLE ASSEMBLY! Big excite- ment. 15-BUGLE ASSEMBLY! started off like a house apire and ended like a wet dishrag. Well, it was better'n sittin' in class, anyway or was it? l6,22eBasketball getting along under way. Team plays Florence and Deaf and Dumb School. Zenizo forgot his lines in Christmas program. Hot Dog! CHRISTMAS VACATION. January 3-New Year! l9AO! Turned over a new leaf. From now on I'm only going to ditch two classes a week. Westerlund and Bellman sure got some HOT sport coats for Christmas. Westy hasts use dark glasses to wear it. 4,5-Team plays Tucson at Tucson. Loses at Tucson. Doesn't make shots in Tucson. Heck with Tucson! 8,12-Senior play practice. Mr. Keyte decided to come back today. 56 D. Holler drops American Problems at last. Commentators Corner gives play cast heck. l5,l7eSecond semester begins. Am now taking new course in a new subject, SOCIOOLOGY. Eduardo doesn't give homework either. Apaches go to Douglas and Bisbee. Scores Nogales-35, Bisbee-31, Douglas-34 Nogales-19. All American Redheads played here. Only one redhead and take at that! .We wuz :cbbed! 18, 19-Team leaves on brrnstorming Salt River Ball trip to play Mesa, Temne, and Phoenix Indians. Whew! I never knew there were so many Mexican nickels in all Mexico! I'll bet the slot machine owners didn't either. A ' 21, 26-Boosters to give Leap Year Dance. Forestry Service gave assembly this manana. Seniors vote for Daughter of American Re- volution. Jan. 25 Birch the magician show sponsored by Adobe to raise money to print THIS. February 3-Douglas played here. We sure Skunked them. Went to Commercial Club dance to celebrate. 7-10-Picture show today on HFight For Peacen. Mr. Conner of Wood- burys College spoke in our study hall. Told story about three bears. Feb. 9 Bisbee game here. Feb. lO Mesa game. Freshie Dance and lotisa Hfirst timersn there. 12-Lincoln's Birthday. Audrey Sheller of Nat'l Assemblies played her marimba. Some smile! 13,14-Underwood goes to Student Body President Convention in Pres- cott. Bye, bye, general fund! Team prepares to leave for South- ern Tournament in Douglas. Valentine's Day, no valentines. 15,17-Cin Douglasl Southern Conf. Tournament. l5th-Tombstone 27- 28, l6th-Benson 26-30, l'7th-Tucson 39-24, Wilcox-l'7,33. Nogales takes 2nd place! Yeah Apaches! Got swell cup for our collection. 19-Phew! Whatta stink! All over the building! Everyplace!! Rotten eggs everywhere! Chemistry students call H2S. Mr. Haddock cross-examined chemistry class for the culprit but he is stillat large. Dress rehearsal for Senior Play. 20-Senkors present NLunatics at Largen! UHotH Marcus was fero- cious, HGreekN got killed, Peggy fainted, HFiendU caught her, HChupeteN said, HSay, sorry to intrude this way,H and HCarrotsH got shot, while UTolliverN scrapped with the dummy and Roark and Horrall said, nOut! Damn spot!H when Zita yelled, NStick 'em upn Somebody backstage was whistling all during the performance. 26,29-Team at State Tournament in Tucson. Loses heartbreaking game to Morenci! l point. Also lost to Tempe. . ' March ' 1,5-The jinx gets Camerlin again! Today a javelin went thru his leg. First his nose, then his collarbone, then this! What next? 6,10-well o? all things! The Class of 1939 Finally got their Pic- 57 tures up in the hall. Keyte passing cigars. Diehl and Under- wood elected king and queen. It's getting to be a habit with that guy. ll-l2eBaffert' shows up with--Oh gosh! what a shiner! Juniors crabbing about the class play. Those Juniors! Mason'S Monkey Cir- cus here. They almost locked up Waldo McKay by mistake.' l3-15-Oratorical Contest. Yeah! 16-2l-Music' Festival in Tucson. Cooper's Glee Club goes-comes back. Sonora teachers visit us. Good Friday tomorrow. Good. 25-29-Taking Adobe pictures right and left. Sisk fell into his camera twice and we had to get Mr. Stiles to pull him out. Dopey, Editor faded out in class. Don Cutter to the rescue! Track team going to Tucson tomorrow. Adobe staff working on this Adobe like mad. 30-Coed Dance! Boy, O'boy, it sure is keen to have a firl worry to death about ygg once in a while. More Coed Dances! More leap years! .April I '1-Mr. Westerlund shot and killed Miss Espinoza today! April Fool Razz Edition of Warcry out. Softball tournament.' ' 2-5-Seniors beginning to think of graduating. Juniors begining to think of being Seniors. Still no Junior play. Well. 8-l2sEverybody'has spring fever. Track team to Douglas Invitat- ional Meet. Burn 'em up, Apaches. l5-19-Campaigning for student body offices. what mudslinging! 20-Saturday. Greenway meet. NHS's track-stars+to-come show lots of Glenn Cunninghams.' 22-26-Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, all thinking about flunking or passing. UBlackjackU Mabante shaking hands over serving his Ntimen at last. , May l-Ditch Day! It was really worth waiting twelve years for. And how! We sure fooled those little high school kids! Left them flat, and I mean FLAT! A-State Track Meet. 6-9-Student body elections. Candidates with big thirty peso smiles, handshaking, cigars, etc. Some politics! Wallace demands recount. Juniors finally give THE play. l-lO+Junior Prom! We had a swell time! I guess those Juniors are not so bad after all. les, I kissed her goodnight. 13-Last week of reading', writing'. and 'rithmetic for us! Yay Rah! rah! rah! Seniors! Hooray! Wait a minute! what am I hol- lering for? Maybe I ain't so happy at that. I forgot. It's the last! Yes, the last, a glorious ending of all that I've been waiting for, but it's also the end of all those good old days of NHS. Aw, it's a great life! sa n 14-Taking exams, exams, tests, and exams. The last exams-of our-- -----aw, whatls the use. V 15-This Adobe arrived today. Gee, this Calendar looks nifty in print, doesn't it. Lots of signing and bull-slinging. 16,17-Don't know how to say it, I'm happier'n the devil, yet I'm sorrier'n heck. Calendar, I shoulda studied harder. 19-Sunday. Baccalaureate. I think there were a few tears. 20,22-Last school for the rest of the gang, minus the Seniors. Yu'see how it is for you guys to be without us to lead you around? 23-Commencement. why does it make you feel like that?? At last, I got my goatskin. I know there were tears. 24-Honor Assembly. Last time together in that old, that swell old Nogales High School. So long, NHS! 24-SENIOR BALL Can't hardly write ----- wonderful ----- she said she- ----so did I-----never forget Senior Ball of 1940. And, say, Calendar, if you ever see any of the gang at NHS, tell 'em ----- tell 'em, for the Glass of '40, that ----- that we'll always remember what a swell old bunch of guys and gals they were to the --------------------- CLASS or moz l-Via Market St. 3-Studying in hall?? A-Chemistry fiend. 2-Girls with Gov. 5LJofo 59 . Do your shopping at BRACKER'S DEPT. STORE nNogales Finestn OWL DRUG STORE HBest Wishes to the Good Luck Q Success Class of 19400 To The Class of 'AO J. D. HALSTEAD Best wished to the nAl1 the luck in the world Graduates to the MR. 5 MRS. DAVE LEVY Class of 'AON - CHESHIRE MOTOR CO. Compliments of the Congratulations Q Success RAMIREZ MONEY EXCHANGE Southern Pacific Building Always Phone 125 -. BOWMAN AHOTEL Luck and Happiness OWL FOUNTAIN to the A Class of 'LO A Nogales High School MISSION DRUG STORE Boosters v 61 4 A NCompliments Q Success to the Class of NADH LA VILLE DE PARIS Nogales' Largest Dept. Store aCompliments of ' C. F. HOLLER Q CO. the A CUSTOMS BROKERS NOGALES CREAMFRY CO. I Congratulations R Congratulations, Graduates Success EL PASO STORE NOGALES THEATRE Quality Merchandise TOM TURNER'S Congratulations G Success PARK SERVICE STATION Front of the Nogales Theatre- ' Compliments of BORDER FEED Q CROCERY CO. 249 Grand Ave. Phone 145 PACIFIC BROKERAGE CO. Congratulations to the Class of 1940 S. H. KRESS R'CO. 1 1 62 'Y' L 'L , 'R' fl ' ,.. Q, 1, ' 1-The Thinker 4,-Prof. Bill 7-Bashful Peg 2-Girls and horses 5-nMaggieH 8-Farmerboy 3-Lovers! 6-Glamourgirl 9-More Fun!! 63 , W5 I .,, W B me -Peek-a-boo -Toughies Bull session Spring feverl LW Www tw, 1? I big! Q 4-V . H, -Q -w , '-5 sl? ws- N QQ' f, W 3 B -f :4f'QQQlfg 1-iff' ,.,,.g..-. JF I Hm1,9. MTFNQH l. Yell Leaders 3. Gowgirls 5. Always together 2. Mercedes A. Glamour boy 6. Cows on parade WJAU' ,QU ff!! was gl-'75 162201, fill VM? Wg,Zf,My4f AaT,,,,C,a44fVt'f!f-10. ,5LZf ,4yuL44PL JAC ' if 'iWfm'QjZ' sofa, 740W 75.40 07,52 C ,M J. cf ' N jo A "All the Luck in the worldv Compliments of to the . ' C1853 of 'AO KAANTA?RADER cl! COMPLETE AUTO PARTS RADIO 5 FURNITURE STORE 109 nw! E. L. JUILLERAT HCongratulations and DRUG CO., INC. Success" 2 I , ' Walgreen System ECONOMY HARDWARE CO. ' , Compliments of ESCALADA BROS. M the Nogales Largest' ' A and Oldest A I H 5 4 , MONTEZUMA HOTEL g Mercantile House WWJZAA .,ia,a4-74404 ,N A664 " send Your caps and Gowns SAFEWAY STORES to be Cleaned at the Groceries, Meat, and RAINBOW CLEANERS Vegetables Nogales Arizona Luck Class of 'AO n Congratulations and HHappiness and Luck to Success Always WHITE FRONT GARAGE Class of 'LOU ARIZONA FURNITURE CO. g 65 4' Compliments of' I EASONS AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY Auto Parts-paints-bicycles NAT THE SIGN OF THE LIONU 120 Grand Ave. Phone Q5 Congratulations we carry a complete line and of staple and fancy Success Always CITIZENS AUTO STAGE groceries. Also fresh and cured meats WWONG WING SEEN ALWAYS Boosters for N,H.S. PROGRESSIVE GROCER G. Puchi Q Sons -i Compliments of THOMAS L. HALL Trustee Compliments of Don Dan's Texaco SERVICE STATION The best of luck to The Class of UAOU BIG SIX SERVICE STATION Johnson 8 Holler FORD ZEPHYR CHARLES G. BOICE Uwatch the Fords go byn I N4 4 'U,r 31: 'A 3- 5 , IK ' ' E, 9 f' lm., I 1 -Q! , lg.: 4,,v , 66 123: m uf, X . f ' 11 fi' . J In m y - ,U f. , In . ' 'i 1 ...-,.,,Mu,V+ri W Wrklqi- g?2F -I ,V ig 'A "'f:q4lD , '-,Y T r, FAH r 5,1 ' '-fiffwzfiiv: W ' ' . l , , .-. 4 M l 1 2- ,-.'-y-gwj - , ' - sul! I Q - .Q .-v-niuE,- .' ll. .- , ..1n'i.RsxM Nvsujf. 1-Carlos Cabrera A-Timeout for a snap '7-On your toes 2-Albert Zenizo 5-Stone wall 8-HHorsing aroundn 3-Edward Sloan 6-Huddle 9-Action! 67 l X W WMM! M QQZMWMW ' QfQ35JyXQ'Ejm"iF gf QQ WP GQ Qf'EiJQ'3rwfE DKK QSM M M w H , , , 1 1 ' r 4 1 ' ' ' 1 3.

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