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I ' iff A , E: , i 1 .uq....M THE QUILL ISSUED BY THE STUDENTS OF NODAWAY, IOWA HIGH SCHOOL VOL ME ONE NINETEEN F FTEEN HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING Un nur Qfumui, ine the 211112121115 nf Qiiuhahxzrg tggigh Srlqnul hu rezqaefifullgg hehiwte 1 this 33111111112 iguarh of mtmtnrs Qlumnt jlinhamap ilaigb Qnbnnl F. M. Eastlack Jesse Windom CLASS F 9 N. B. Wilson W. B. Taylor . . 0 I 09 O. W. Starr Wllbert Shipley Bessie Norcutt fMcCoyD CLASS OF l9lO Albert Everett Bessie Means Jfatultp Nellie Kennedy Alma Windom High School . . . ..... Superintendent S. W. Mitchell CLASS OF 191 l Principal .... . . ......... Florence E. McCall Mamie Lacox Edna Norcutt Assistant .......... . . . ....... Floy Morgan Ray Means Maude Frimarl Grammar Department . . . .......... Albert Everett Horace Hathaway Fred Shipley Intermediate Department .............. Clarisa Lincoln ' C n Primary Department ........ Dolly Chaney CMcCrayJ I-'ASS OF l9l3 Ruth Warren Ethel Warren Zola Starr Mary Jarman Winifred Kennedy Emilly Windom Stuffit QH555 Marie Starr Genevieve Wise Fred Wilson Roy Means - CLASS OF I9l4 Ferris Bricker Mamie Pafchef Vivian Vaughn V Olive McCaine fNarrigonQ Ned Easflacli Earl Shifter Jessie Cowles Gladys Hunter Zintrnhuctiun The publication of another annual brings to our mind the fact that another class has finished the work in the No-daway schools, and the members ready to takeup the larger acti- vities of life. The class of 1915 is deserving of especial commendation for the high excellence of the work accomplished. The members have been faithful to every trust andlresponsibility placed upon them. They are a credit to the institution which will soon confer the honor of graduation upon them. We feel that the' class of I9l5 has reasons to feel proud of Nodaway High School. Being on the fully approved list, as it now is, the work is standard and can be favorably compared with any other school. This year work in Ag- riculture and Manual Training has been offered, and next year the required work in Domestic Science will be given. The necessary science equipment has been secured and has been used this year,.which is a great help in the scientific subjects. The library facilities are excellent for reference and research work. The Nodaway schools have for a number of years in the past been recognized as a system doing good work, and We believe the future is bright for continued success. Nodaway people are loyal to their school, and this loyalty is very much appreciated by all the teachers and also the board of education. Long live Nodaway Public Schools. S. W. MITCHELL, Superintendent. Qrmual Staff I From left to right-I. FERRIS BRICKER, Class Poet: 2. M 5slVllE. PARCHER, Class Car toonistg 3, ROY MEANS, Class Joker: 4, EARL SHIFFER, Sporting Editor: 5, FRED WILSON, Class Historian: 6, NED EASTLACK, Editor-in-chief. -W Miki JL G , X59 1: ' f f i 'ii MMMMQQ - f . H ff f ' 'C':::. "' ,fig SUPERINTENDENT S W MITCHELL AND WIFE MISS FLORENCE E. McCALL MISS FLOY MORGAN ' English History NED EASTLACK ' This smiling face belongs to Mamie Parcher. She takes a great deal of interest in Home Economies, and likes to make candy for Sunday evening. But she is good natured and will smile if you mention her favorite whim." Here is "Slack"g it is Ned Eastlack on the class roll. ' Slack is a great collector, having collected as much as EBI. I 3 from Miss McCall this year. He is a good scout, has barrels of nerve, and never stays at home on Sunday nights. .MAMlE PARCHER -A., 1 , , . ,fi . Fred likes debating, apples, and one of the senior girls. Walk- ing to 4 bashful only in the presence of too many girls, or an in uc- tion coil EARL SHIFFER Wilson, -attorney Wilson it will be some day,- Brooks is his favorite recreation. "Sidney ' d The face of Earl Shiffer is hereby presented to a suffer- ing and innocent public. Earl takes great delight in using his nose for the transmission of electricity. He is noted for his bravery in lighting house thieves. I FRED WILSON , You probably already know Ferris Bricker,-"Brick" as she is familiarly called. She likes to chew gum-out side of school-and she will talk to some young men if she ri has them cornered so they can't escape. But "Brick" is alright. ' FERRIS BRICKER The last senior to be mentioned is Roy Means,-th-e man who eats electricity. He is a good student and may be President of the United States some day, but we doubt it. He has his room adorned with such mottoes as "Nothing like work allowed". Roy has a winning smile and a cute way of combing his hair. I F ROY MEANS Glass iiaistnrp The class which entered the portals of the high school in the fall of l9l l, was one of the largest, and most prom- ising group of students seen at the high school building for some time. ' There were fourteen pupils included in the ranks of this illustrious class, and although their number has been dimin- ished to six, they have not lost any of their energy and spirit. In truth they are just as enthusiastic a bunch as when they entered. After first acquainting themselves with the peculiarities of their new environment, they settled down to work and study with the ease and grace of veterans. The studies were rather difficult at first to be sure, but when once firmly started the class rushed forward with the speed of a cyclone, and the force of an avalanche. During the first few weeks the remark was often heard "O I do hate latinn, but at the end of the second year -the slogan was "O that we might study Cicero!" About the same can be said of every other study. Thus in the end they were masters of the situation, andiwere much delighted to think they had mas- tered the work, instead of compromising with it. The class of I9I5 has had a pleasure conferred upon it which very few classes of Nodaway High School have enjoyed, namely: of receiving very few "lectures" on the subject of "not having their lessons." This was due to the fact that the students took a real interest in their work, and always gave the best that was in them. In this respect they should leave a good example for succeeding classes to follow. Now that the class is ready to leave the. high school, and plunge into the work of the world, if they can only keep the same ambition, energy, and enthusiasm with them, tha-t they possessed in school their motto,-"Onward for Successn- will certainly be anything but a failure. Qlilass ibuem We 'love to sing of N. H. S., Our noble High School, In all the state, she is the best, And none will e'er be greater, The ties that bind us to school days, No power can ever sever, For we'!l be true to the N. H. S., And the Maroon and Gold foreverp Tune every heart to sing for joy, And banish every sorrow, The boys and girls who leave today, Will build her up tomorrow, iWe're all in love with our school days, The pride of our endeavor, For we'll be true to the N. H. S., I And the Maroon and Gold forever. When we have left these dear old halls, Upon our graduation, Another throng shall sing our song, Of loyal adoration, The memory of our school life, Shall never fade, no, never, We'l! all be true to the N. H. S., And the Maroon and Gold forever. Qllass yells Boomalacl Boomalac! Zis, Boom, Bah! Chicalac! Chicalac! Rah, Rah, Rah! Boomalac! Chicalac! Rip slcidei, Class of 'I5, of Nodaway High. Boom! get a ratitrap, Boom! get a cat trap, Boom! get a rat trap bigger than a cat trap, Razzle-dazzle, Hobble-gobble, Zis! Boom Class of 'I5, Rah! Rah! Rah! Ricka, Chicka, Boom! Boom! Boom! Bah! Class of '15, Rah! Rah! Rah! A Qlilass illflnttu "Onward for Success Qlllass Jflnmer "American Beauty Rose" ! Bah! 5 :ov QS. :Er if EN oR I Euniur Qlilass Top row, from left to right-I, CHARLES SHIF F ERg 2. RUTH WlNDOMg 3, INEZ MOSERg 4, HARRY MOORE. Bottom row, from left to right-I., AVANELLE GlDLEYg 2, RALPH CRAMERg 3, IDA DEVERSg 4, WILLIAM GIBSON: JESSIE. NARRIGON. ' Zluniur Espcbulugp WILLIAM GIBSON . . .......... My Girl RALPH CRAMER . . . .... Color of my hair JESSIE NARRIGON . . . . . .My sweet disposition IDA DEVERS ...... ......... M y rosy cheeks HARRY MOORE .... ............... M y wit CHARLES SHIFFER ........... My keen sense of humor AVANELLE. GIDLEY . . . ............. VMy neatness INEZ MOSER .............. My dignity and seclateness RUTH WINDOM ....... ....... M y thoughtfulness 4 "Qs Zlt Qllnmes tn fills" A A 'iln their own opinion". HARRY MOORE RALPH CRAMER WILLIAM GIBSON Mighty smart of my age. A heart crusher. I will be a "good" lawyer some day. AVANELLEI GIDLEY My fashion plate. JESSIE NARRIGON Not much room to improve. RUTH WINDOM Ned will be proud of me some day. INEZ MOSER A deep thinker. ' IDA DEVERS Leader of my class. G "What others think. H Ought to be home with his ma. Surprising how easy it is to fool the girls. Too "good" to he a lawyer. Harmless. Devotes too much time to "Virg'l,'. While there is life, there is hope. Never can tell what she thinks from what she says. Oh, she will get over it. bnpijnmute Glass From left to right-I, MYRONI TAYLORg 2, VIVIAN CROTHERSg 3, RAY MARSH: 4, MAY MARSH: 5, HAROLD WILSON: 6, LULA RICHARD Q jfresbman lass A E From left to right-I, MARIENNE WlLSONg 2, WILMER RElCHARDTg 3, OPAL STRAIN: 4, FRANCIS EASTLACKQ 5, ALICE LONG: 6, FRANZ COPELANDg 7, ENID COPELANDg 8, CLYDE WILLETT: 9, BLANCHE WAlNDOMg IO, DAVIE DEVERS: Il, GERALDINE SHANE. ' I Q Basket Ball Zllieam m left to right-I, MYRON TAYLORg 2. NED E.ASTLACKg 3, CLYDE WlLLETTg 4. FRANZ COPELAND: 5, FRED WILSON: 6. WILLIAM GIBSON. .I Qtnre uf games H. S. 8 Corning 2nd team 19. December I8 H. S. I4 Rough Necks I I g January 25. H. S. 32 Rough Necks 23g January I. H. S. 33 Second team 30g January 7. H. S. 47 Second team l6g January IZ. H. S. 2 Corning 2nd team 32g January I5. H. S. 32 Corning Second Team 9g January 22 H. Sp 32 Second team 5g February ll. H. S. I6 Corning 2nd team 18g February 26. H. S. 5 A Corning team l5g March 5. Total score home team 221: opponents 178. Games won 6. . Lost 4. Basket 331111 The year just closing has been a very successful one for our basket ball boys, and the record which they leave be- hind is one of which our school has reason to be proud. Not because they have made any large percentage in their games, or that they have won fame as a team, but because they started with almost nothing, and now have a team which with proper training, would excell those representing many larger schools. The team has been seriously handicapped by lack of equipment and practice prior to the games in which they played. This is the lirst team which has ever represented Nodaway l-ligh'School in basket ball. Very few of the players have had any experience before this year, and the wonderful showing which they have made under these con- ditions is marvelous. ' The team will lose two of its players by graduation but with plenty of promising material to draw from, the pros- pects for the coming year are bright. If the teams which will represent Nodaway- High School in the future progress in the same way that the team of l9l 5 has, there is little doubt but that some day a team representing our high school will secure for itself a place among the leading teams of the states t Now kind .reader perhaps these statements may seem absurd to you, but to the people who have followed the progress of the team closely, and who have seen what it can do, there should be no doubt in their minds but that they are true. QEUEYJKBHUP Society The Ever-Ready Literary Society, so called because of the willing attitude of each and every student, was organiz- ed in September, l9l4. The purpose of this organization was to help the high school boys and girls to perfect their speaking vocabulary, and to enable the students to fa- miliarize themselves with the great question of today, and to enable them to discuss these questions intelligently and without embarrassment. Again, the purpose of this literary society was that the high school might be a social center, that the .patrons of the school might have an opportunity to note the progress the boys and girls are making along the line of public speaking. , The Ever-Ready Literary Society gave its first program October 9. As this was our first attempt to display our literary talents, we realized how crude and how unpolished in form each number was, yet it showed the earnest efforts of those who took an active part in the program. Every member of our society seemed to be deeply interested in the work, and by mid-year, the student body seemed to have a working knowledge of the various lines of literary work. On December l l an inter-society debate was scheduled between the Bestagonians and the Ever-Readys. We lost the de- bate and were compelled to sacrifice our pennant for the good of the cause. But only for a short time, for the Bestag's, having the true Xmas spirit, returned our pennant with the "Seasons Greetings" before the holiday vacation began. "Nine rahs for the Bestag's!" 'Tis true the Bestag's beat us by four points in the sum totals of the inter-society debate, but still we are not afraid of them in any phase of student activities. We are "Ever- Readyu to try them again. We beat them by a score of 45 to I2 in the inter-society basket ball game, and we fear for their welfare when we cross bats with them on the base- ball diamond this spring. Miss MCCALL. Jgestagunian buttery "Who are, who are, who are we, We are, we are, we are the Best-a-gonians, can't you see? if Are we right, well, we should smile! We've been that way for a mighty long while." Best-a-goin! Well has that name suited our society since the first days when Harry Moore suggested it to our name committee. The slight twist which changed it into Besta- gonian was just enough to puzzle our Every-Ready brethren. Now the name stands before you in good, old, every-day English-Best-a-goin' in everything we've entered. In the programs presented we have lived up to our motto! True it is, in our first effort, our knees did shake a little, in that silly little debate regarding the dog and cat, but we did our best before a bewildering array of company. Many programs followed. The program committee imperiously requested this one to recite, that one to sing, another to read a paper, and we meekly submitted. We meekly submitted also to stings from the High School Stinger, edited by sharp- tongued Vivian, we submitted secretely, flattered that our names had appeared in p-rint. We listened, meekly again, to debate after debate, until we wondered if our teams had not setiled everything on earth, and were not beginning over again. But we enjoyed all these varied demands on us, although we wer-e a little shocked by the sensational divorce suit by Mrs. A. Mutt against Mr. A. Mutt for inhuman cruelty, desertion, and non-support. We gazed sadly at Vivian's black eye, listened eagerly to the suffragette Enid, attorney for the plaintiff. 0n the other hand, the glibness of the reprobate husband caused us a great shock, and we grieved that the stormy eloquence of "Buncombe" Bill should not be employed in a better cause. In the big debate, too, our flag came out uppermost. We won because we had good debat-ers, and, best of all, a game fighting spirit. That is what we stand for first, last, and always. Best-a-goin', win or lose! M iss F 1.oY MORGAN, Leader. I 1 AA ob ' f'7 :fi , .M JOKES WN- ! fs? I S f I J I "f ,,, M Il ll XS If sf Y I 4 , V I X 5- S ,-- P-'-v -ff X JW , I ff 'jx L ' V . Nr l ,P E' - -.:.. -.---, - if 'Q T-'ET 'F WARNING Dear friends, if you chance to be noticed by Puck, Be sure you may think yourself highly in luck: For you there's a niche in the tower of fame, At last you have won an imperishing name. In luck did I say? Yes, in luck to be sure, That Puck hasn't roasted and joshed you still moreg And those that got left, may know 1t's all right, That your mishaps and follies are hidden from sight. So whether you're roasted, or whether you're not, Just sit on your temper, and DON'T GET HOT, Don't get out your hammer, or grumble or curse, Just laugh with the rest and be glad it's no worse. JOKES Sup't M.-Un Business Law, I-Iow muchiland does man own? Earl S.-F rom the earth's surface, upward to the dome of heaven and downward to the region of --. ' Miss Morgan-flu I-Iistory, Who was George Wash- ington? Mamie P.-He was the man that discovered America in l492. Sup't M.-Un Physics, Why is IOO degrees C. taken as the boiling point? William G.-Because it doesn't boil until it gets there. Miss McCall-Now Ned another move like that and you will go out of this room. Ned E.-Why, Miss McCall, I don't understand the nature of the outbreak. U Miss McCall-Well do it again and you will. AN HONEST F RESI-IMAN McCall-Un English, That is a very good formal in- vitation you have written Cpal, did you copy it from a grammar? i I Opal S.-No ma'am, I couldn't find a grammar. ' QUITE TRUE I . A Jessie N.-I don't know just what you are asking me for, professor. Mitchell--"Huh", I don't know what I am asking you for eitherg sit down. Miss Morgan-Un History,- Give us the next topic in history, Ferris. Ferris B.-Why, I recited yesterday Miss Morgan. McCall-Un Geometry, Do you think that proof will Geraldine S.-Don't you think I ought to take vocal hold, May? May M.-It held until I got through with it. McCall-I think most of you just looked over your lesson. Harold P.-I overlooked mine. Morgan-Is that verb passive or impassive? Morgan-Whiat is the principal verb? Franz C.-In-bet. McCall-fBefore the Assembly, "We'll have no more -I mean businessn. . , Morgan-What honor was shown Benedict Arnold at his death? . Roy M.-He was buried in his old union suit.. Fred W.-Wouldn,t you like to have a pet monkey? Mamie P.-Oh, Freddie, this is so sudden. Alice L.-What punctuati-on mark would you put after, "The 'wind blew a ten-dollar bill around the corner of the house? Marienne W.-You'd make a dash after it. lessons? . Inez M.-No, carbolic acid. Harry W.-Ida, are you going to the band concert? Ida D.-I am if I can get a chance. TOASTS TO HIGH SCI-IDOL STUDENTS Here is to ENID, who gets her lessons well, Constructions hard in latin, she never fails to tell. This is to CHARLES, so sleepy is he, That we all wonder, how one so sleepy can be. This is to AVANELLE, who's expected to tell, More than she knows, in words she can't spell. Here is to BLANC!-IE, who receives such good marks, That, you know, we consider her, one of our sharks. Here is to UMUSI-I", 'who is always so good, That we think he deserves to be fed angel-food. Here is to CRAMER, whose lessons are punk, That we're really beginning to think he will flunk. Here is to WILLARD, such a humbug shark is he, That if he really Hunked, would be no catastrophe. This is to CLYDE, from his latin we guess, That soon he will need a "pony express". Here's to VIVIAN, her heart goes plunk, plunk, She can't get her latin, she fears she will Hunk. This is to LULA, who in algebra's so fine, - That she's really disappointed, if she just gets 99, Here's to CHOCOLATE., who ought to have a-muzzle, For how to keep him still, is indeed a Chinese puzzle. Here's to RUTI-IIE, ou-r debater line, i We know her name in glory, some day will surely shine. This is to FRANCIS, who is always in for fun, But he's so slick about it, he never has to run. This is to MYRON, port-rayer of girls, He makes th-em all pretty, with dimples and' curls. Here is to WILMER, namesake of actors great, For Barrett and Booth, he will soon be a mate. This is to "BILL", so stately and high, Who gets all his studi-es, with never a sigh. Now friends, do not act as if you're mad at what we do, For we know that in your hearts, you're only glad we thought of you. A WANT ADS Wanted-A new can of talcum powder.-Avanelle G. Wanted-A girl, most any kind will do.-Harold W. Wanted-Some latin ponies.-Freshman Class. Wanted-A piece of candy.-Sup't M. , Wanted-A copy of the annual for EMORY.-Ferris B. Wanted-A tall, red-headed, freckle-face, pigeon-toed girl about 26 years of age.-William G. Wanted-A Junior that doesn't flunk.-Faculty. Wanted-Som-e one to teach Willard Devers how to pound sand in a rat hole.+lVliss McCall. COMPLIMENT TO ADVERTISERS We are very much indebted to the merchants or Nodaway who have helped to make this book a success, and we ask every kind reader to scan the following pages with care. N. B. WILSQN c Groceries, Fresh and Cured Meats Groceries and Provisions In fact we have anything you Want in the Grocery line and prices right WILL BUY YOUR BUTTER AND EGGS W.D.jAR1VlAN N 0 DAWAY, IOWA LUMBER ANDSILQS Prices and Cllality Right U GURE YOUR ESTIMAT We buy for your good as Well as our own, Live Stock of all kinds, at all times. We also buy Grain and Hay or sell you the same when you are in need of it. In addition to this Mr. Strain keeps a line of the best Percherons moneycan buy. 1 ORCUTT 6: STRAIN Nodaway, Iowa i Stray Bits of Advice to Young Folks The boy or girl who does not strive to obtain an education will most surely never have one, as this is one thing that cannot be thrust upon them. It must be gained by ones own efforts, and happy indeed is that young man or young woman who is endowed with sufficient common sense to recognize this fact before they have arrived at the age of manhood or womanhood, after which the opportunity to get an educatian is largely gone. H The deduction should not be limited to book knowledge alone, but should include the habit of saving, saving of time as well as of money, to the end that it may be put to some useful purpose. The person who trifles away his time will also trifle away his money and the person who trilies away his money will likewise trifle away his time. Ob- serve and see if this is not true. ' Adams County Bank, odaway, lowa M. G. SIMPSGNS SGNS Q General Merchandise We thank You for Your interest in us and Your patronage. We want You to take a personal interest in this store. Con- sider its advantages are for Your benefit and convenience. Gulf employees, stock and equipment are at Your service, and everything You buy here is sold with the understanding that It's Right in Quantity, Quality and Price, and if lt's not right W We are here to make it Right. M.c.s11v1PsoN's sows LENOX and NODAWAY, IOWA. . Where it Pays to Trade This Book Engravings in Printed by J this Book L made by' Economy i Adveftising u igllfeau of Company EUQYHVHIS Iowa City, Iowa s Minneapolis, Minn. Noomxmr 1-11cH scHooL Qffers splendid opportunities to pupils desiring prac- tical and thorough work. Ill The past year has been one of progress. The school is now fully approved e 'by the State Department of Education. Ill You can get Work here that will loe' just what you Want. FOR FURTHER PARTICULARS WRITE TO MISS FLORENCE E. lVlcCALL Superintendent Elect Well l'll just he dog'onecl, U We've gotta boost this town along, l'll buy your Eggs and Cream as well, And poultry that you have to sell. l'll he at my door when you come . in sight, To give you Weights and prices right, y , So when in town give me a call, You'll ne'er regret it, come one, come all. E. W. Nl 0 Q R E. Cash for Poultry, Eggs and Cream THE CABIN HOTEL The 'place that hungry men seek. Comfortable lodgings and meals that just suit your taste. Clive us a trial and we are sure you will be pleased, and Wonder Why you have never tried us he- fore. COPELAND BRGTHERS . MANAG E RS J, Kreutter gl QQ. Palace Barl:JerShop H. M. WATTS. Proprietor D l ' ea ers m GGOD BARBERS CLEAN TOWELS Dry Goods, Shoes, Groceries, K E E N RAZORS Hats Caps All work in our line done in the best possible , manner. We strive to please. Agents for Chlnaware and Flour Iowa Steam Laundry Cttumwa, Iowa O , , . 0 Basket goes each alternate Tuesday. Laciles and Gents Furmshmgs Keep this in mind- We Sell Butterick Patterns G I V E U S A C A L L Koclaks Attend the Paints Movies at Jewelfy T1-113 MAJESTIC Wall Paper y T E R E Confectionery f i Ev ry Wednesday Statlonery anti: Saturday Night Admission 5 and IOC Worley Drug Co. Do Not Miss Our Ice Cream Parlor M E A N S, Manager The Roads Are Never Bad enough to keep us from telling you that we are going on making White Plum Flour and that brand is going on "making good". The out- look for the sale of this food product continues to im- prove and is very encouraging indeed. We thank all old buyers, and hope to add many new ones. You will be' pleased. HAVE ON HAND ALFALF A MEAL A line feed for live stock of all kinds. Give it a trial. OIL MEAL ON HAND AT ALL TIMES Get our prices before buying. BRAN, SHORTS AND CHOPPED FEED on hand at all times Demand the Best-We Do the Rest Nodaway Milling Company A. J. BRICKER STUDEBAKER WAGONS The standard for sixty years. The quality of material that goes into a Studebaker wagon is unquestionably the best that can be obtained, all material being thoroughly inspected and tested before it is accepted. The Roderick Lean All-Steel Harrow is constructed entirely of steel, made expressly for the purposeg contains no castings or malleables. The New Century is not only the simplest in construction, but the easiest to handle and the easiest on the horses. Easiest to handle because all the operator has to do is to drive.. Easiest on the horses because there is ab- solutely no neckweightg no flying up of the pole, and the lightest draft cultivator built. No levers to bother with, no springs, no pivot gangs, masts, horse lifts, -or other complicated devices. Your weight do-es the work and the gangs can be lifted or shifted at all times with the greatest ease and accuracy. ' Cole's Hot Blast Range for any Fuel Whren you stop to consider that fully one-half the family living expense passes through the kitchen range in the form of food and fuel, you will realize the ad- vantage of buying a range which is built to last a life- time, which saves fuel everyday and one having -every special feature that experience, skill and ingenuity can devise to lighten the kitchen work and give economy, convenience and perfect results in cooking and baking. CONWAY BROTHERS, Nodaway, Iowa I will pay the highest Come! Get in line, follow prices for your the crowd, we are going to the Poultry, Eggs, Cream, Hides Taylor See me before you sell. Restaurant gig Tlie place of quality, everything ' A the best in the Yours for a deal Roy W. lVlcClellancl i Short-Order and Noclaway, lowa t COI1l:CCtiOI1CI'y Line lt's clone right if done by L- C- WHITNEY O W.G.IVlORGAN,IVI.D. NODAWAY, IOWA General Blacksmithing, Practical Horseshoeing, Wagon and Carriage Wood Work. , ALL KINDS OF PLOW WORK ' ', See me for new Plow Legs and Cultivator Shovels Harness and Shoe Repair Work LQc.WH1TNEY CHRIS KGI-ILE Nodaway, Iowa . '4 .4

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1915, pg 44

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