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lk!! a:,,4'Pk ni in 'N 198 """'N H4551 Q1 Mif- EQ n"""lIu ,.--f "N--.. P SP' r ,W I f , i A Y " "W Ng x . A 'ish " --f Q 'F vt """'- ,..-.., f-5 -H Q f V' I ,K M X Q 'W' ' v . gf!! . V ' , U 4' , - 1 af , iw. i A In W V! Cf X Q ,-f:5,,iZf.Q !g.., ,I x . it i gt M L 4, V iff! AA fffiffm W H wwf .7 ' 1 Y, Iv ' 1 ' vs Vg, ? 3 he- ' i' 2 'C 15 , . , i f ig. urn X 's x Vff ,x N 'HM I o ' 1-'HJ D ' . 10 mf s 1, 6 i M' iz.: -X - f-'A,'x if e' '1f- 'X3lf-W3 f r iii if Q 4- . . we Q A ' . W RQ' I ,ua is W' X X xx fzfljffu XX JK Ev 65,3 K Q M QNML My gg, W ig mf X J g .fix Ng wr N Q Xl, QV 3 23, ff, by 5w' QJi2 ff59Xv 3 E ,ffff5",,?iJ W . f C5 ' ' 0' 5174, gf! W Wi Ogjiifg i?Nijm5 ' was 3 ' 5 5553! iii? 339 M3313 3 W M N igsgi N gp awry Q fm Xe 5 2 7 QPNB 3? 1 As your yearbook staff it is our earnest desire to record For each of you your outstanding memories of the school year 1954-1955. We are featuring our football squad in the 1955 "Chief" because we Feel that they represent the area where N. H. S. has made the most progress this year. Our new football Field, electric scoreboard, and Field house are the concrete evidence of that progress. The intangibles are the record of a fighting squad that advanced from the district cellar in '53 to a rating in the regional top ten this year, and the accompanying upsurge in school spirit. beef WMM? 7fL,eW,Zf,.,,Jf1,Mw 'cv up 5 IMA! 514905 5... BOARD OF EDUCATION Standing: Glenn Molsbee, Bob Bennett, Hinds Clark, James E. Curlin, Kenneth Guinn Seated: Dr. A. D. Major, R. F. Griffith. OFFICERS OF BOARD Dr. A. D. Major ................ President Hinds Clark ................ Vice President Bob Bennett ...... ....... S ecretary Left Dr. Charles A. Lindsey Superintendent of Schools Right R. T. Adams Principal of Nocona High School 4666 ALVA B. COPELAND Speech, English T HELMA DU NAWAY English BENNIE DREW Chemistry, Biology GEORGE DREW Band, Choral HAZEL FITTS Cafeteria Supervisor JACK HARRIS Gen. Math, Boys' P. E. H. H. HOPKINS Algebra, Boys' P. E. GRACE JANEWAY Geometry, Spanish AUBREY MITCHELL Librarian MARIAN PARK English, Am. History MART HA T HOMPSON Homemaki ng R. F. THOMPSON Voc. Agriculture BILLY WILLINGHAM Am. and World History CARLA WI LLINGHAM Gen. Science, P. E. PEGGY WlLLlS T ping, Bookkeeping, Shorthand DOROTHY WITT Secretary FI -QNQY Rf IN THE OFFICE Sue Sewell ,Sara Graham, Carol.Ann Cole- man, Catherine Davis, Shirley Pingenof, Nell Hoover, Mr. Adams. IN THE LIBRARY IN THE AUDITORIUM ONLY IO7 MORE DAYS TO GO! 7 a Dugan H745 www DRESS REHEARSAL FOR GRADUATION The Senior officers, Carol Ann, Marilyn, Sue, Trennis, Earl Price, and Bobby, are looking forward to May 27, 1955. CLASS OFFICERS . . ................ ....... P resident Carol Ann Coleman. . . . Marilyn Spencer ..... Trennis Mark . . . . . . Earl Price Fiffs. . . . . Sue Sewell. ..... Bob Beasley .... .Vice President . . . . . . .Secretory . . . . . . . . .Treasurer ............Reporfer SPONSORS Parl iamentarian Thelma Dunaway, Billy Willingham ROOM MOTHERS Mrs. Earl Noel Mrs. G. G. Embry Mrs. Grant Hoover Mrs. N. L. Sewell emaw GEORGE ADMIRE Science Club l ,45 Travel Club 25 Track 3. If George would quit riding the bus, and instead, run from Mon- tague to Nocona he would be a great distance runner by the time track season opens. LINDA ADMIRE FHA l,35 Athletic Club 45 Student Council 2,3,45 Softball l5 Basketball l,2,3,45TlLShorthand 3. Lin- da is the glamorous halfof our only set of senior twins. BOB BEASLEY Class President 35 Parliamentarian 45 Favorite 35 Stu- dent Council Parliamentarian 45 Lettermen's Club 2, 35 Science Club l5 Football l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2, 3,45 Baseball l,2,3. Bob admires Wisconsin so much that weexpected to see him wearing a McCarthy but- ton. JANE CARMINATI Class Secretary 2,35 FHA l,2,35 Library Club 2, 2nd Vice-President 3, Parliamentarian 45 Arrowhead Asst. Editor 4. Jane not only makes remarkable grades, but sews like a professional seamstress. CAROL ANN COLEMAN Class Vice-President 45 FHA l,2,3,45 Travel Club l5 Choral Club 3,45 Pep Squad 35 Office Aide 4. Last year Carol Ann collected stamps5 this year she col- lects Connecticut Yankees. EDDIE COOPER Class President l,25 Favorite l5 Lettermen's Club 35 Student CouncilVice-President 45 Baseball 35 Basket- ball 3,45 Football 2,45 Track I. Our versatile athlete has other interests, such as bopping and a certain ma- iorette. MELVIN CORLEY Wichita Falls High School l,2,3. We wonder if Mel- vin is a relative of Mr. Wrigley since he has been so generous about sharing gum with his senior friends. 'si 2, RETHA DUNCAN FHA l ,25 Science Club Secretary 25 Library Club Sec- DOYLE COX FFA 2,3,4, Green Hand Reporter I. Doyle has two interests in high school: Chemistryandagriculture . Maybe he isgoing to bea very scientific Future Farm- er. retary 35 Pep Squad 35 Choral Club Reporter 45 Arrow- head 45 TIL Shorthand 35 Basketball l,2, Manager 2. When on earth did Retha find time to read those 300 books? JIM EMBRY Henderson, Kentucky I5 Sports Club 2,35 Arrowhead 3,45 Travel Club 25 Basketball 2,35 Football l,4. Kentucky's loss was Texas' gain. EARL PRICE FITTS Class Treasurer 45 Student Council I5 Band l,2,3,45 TIL Slide Rule 25 Number Sense l,2,35 Football I5 Baseball 35 Golf l,2,35 Tennis I,2,3. Earl Price's mathematical talents have been a great asset to the senior class. SARA GRAHAM Library Club 2, President 35 FHA l,2,3,45 Annual Business Manager 45 Office Aide 3,4. Our friendly, likable Sara changed her name from Sewell to Graham in October. JAMES HAMILTON Science Club l ,25 Travel Club 25 FTA 35 FFA 35 Ten- nis l. Cutter has left his mark in NHS by carving "Kid Cutter" on several desks5 however, we are glad he came back from Washington to graduate with us. LEWIS HILLARD FFA l,2,3,4. The seniors were saying "Is this the dagger I see before me" in November, but Lewis must have seen it in September because he did not take English IV. 6086074 'EIN .ww-vs... X 'Riff F95 I 6036074 JIMMY HOOVER Whitewright High School l ,25 ClassVice-President35 Basketball 3,4. Jim's big enthusiasm this year has been basketball, but he has also found time to help with the senior money-making proiects. " h5 n .mfg NELL HOOVER Class Secretary I5 Favorite 35 Cheerleader l,2,3,45 FHA l ,2,3, President 45 Choral Club 35 Nursing Club 45 Library Club 25 Office Aide 4. Cheerleader four years, Nell has never lacked school spirit. WYMAN LEATON FFA l,2,3,4. Quiet, steady, dependable -- that's Wyman. He is one of our most traveled seniors, rid- ing the bus sixteen miles a day. GLORIA LE BEAU FHA l,3,4, Parliamentarian 25 Science Club Vice- President 25 FTA Reporter 35 Library Club 45 TIL Typ- ing 2. Gloria may not need her three years of typing, since she is wearing a ring on THAT finger. TRENNIS MARK Class President 45 FTAVice-President 35 ScienceClub 25 Basketball 2,3,45 Football 3,45 Track 3. "Mooks" standard remark in bookkeeping is "Chip, Chip! l don't understand this!" VIRGINIA MOLSBEE FHA l,35 Library Club 25 FTA 3. Ginger's ambition to be an airline hostess should be easy for her, since she has combined a full-time iob with her senior stu- dies. EARL NOEL Class Vice-President 25 Hunting and Fishing Club I5 Lettermen's Club I5 Football l,2,3,45 Basketball l, 2,3,45 Track I. Red is such an avid sports fan that he and Cooper even manage to keep a box score on their English grades. He is our walking sports ency- clopedia. JANICE PATTERSON Student Council 45 Annual 45 Arrowhead 3,45 FHA I5 LibraryClub 25 Travel Club 25 Choral Club 35TIL Typ- ing 35 Spelling 2,35 Office Aide 3. Janice is tired ofexplaining that the Girl's State pin she wears repre sents an honor instead of a mental institution. HERMAN PENALUNA FFA l,2,3,4. Herman's motorcycle should get a di- ploma on May 27, because ithas been a faithful work- er on senior proiects. LARRY PH I PPS LUCIA PAINTER Student Council 3, Treasurer 45 Cheerleader 45 FFA District Sweetheart45 Band I5 Arrowhead 2,35 Annual 3, Editor 45 Sports Club I5 Basketball 3,45 Office Aide 2. Lucia May not know all the answers, but she can find them in either the Texas U. annual or her "col lege-gate" dictionary. Winters High School l,25 Arrowhead 35 Band 35 FFA 4. The bookkeeping workbooks are iust the right size to hide Larry's absorbing interest --hot rod magazines. SHIRLEY PINGENOT FHA I5 Library Club 25 Drama Club 25 Arrowhead 3, Editor 45 Athletic Club 35 Basketball 3,45 Football Queen 4. Shirley is another senior with "high-flying" ambitions. She also plans to be an airline hostess. DOLORES RICHARDSON FHA l,2,4, Pianist 35 Library Club Secretary 2, Sec- retary-Treasurer 45 Choral Club 35 TIL Typing 25 Pep Squad 3. Dolores' main extra-curricular interests are music and her work as church secretary. SUE SEWELL Gold-Burg High School I5 Class Reporter 45 Favorite 25 FHA 2,3,45 Library Club 25 Choral Club 3,45 Of- fice Aide 4. Friends who ride with Sue wish her car had dual controls. They wear their feet out stepping on brakes that oren't there. 'go endaw MX Ee.. .nr 606074 MARILYN SPENCER Class Secretary 4 Annual 4 Arrowhead 45 FHA 1,25 Drama Club 2 Choral Club 3, Band I,2,3. Marilyn belongs tothe senior royalty smce she and Nell Hoo- ver were semor nominees for Oil Progress Queen. DONNA SUTTON FHA 1,3,45 Athletic Club 35 Science Club Reporter 45 Nursing Club 45 Library Club 25 Basketball 1,2. Everybody ducks when Donna begins a chemistry ex- periment. She puts stoppers in bubbling test tubes. JIMMY TOMPKINS Anson High School 1,25 Student Council President 45 Band 3, Vice-President 45 Choral Club President 35 FFA 35TlL Debate 35 Annual 3, Asst. Editor 4. Every- body enioys Jimmy's vocal and instrumental solos. EDDIE ULBIG FFA 2, Greenhand Reporter 1, Chapter Reporter 3, Lone Star Farmer 3, Chapter Treasurer 4. We are proud of Eddie's achievements thathave earned for him the coveted Lone Star Farmer degree. BETTY WHITAKER FHA 1,4, Vice-President 2, President 35 Science Club 25 Choral Club 3,45 Office Aide 2,35 TIL Typing 2. Betty finishes her senior work at mid-term, and then she will devote her full time to her new career as a housewife. BARBARA WHITE Lamesa High School 1,2,35 Office Aide 4. The mem- bers of the shorthand class thought Barbara was re- markable, as she got up at six o'clock each morning to get her daily assignments. ROSCOE WINTER Dawson High School 1,25 FFA 3,4. Everyone will re- member how Roscoe brought the house down by loy- ing his guitar and singing "Walking the Dog" dining the FFA assembly. 7?55 Qzaalaatec 1-1? M 'W 1. 5' 4 " - - ai teh E 8-xy 'ix 1 5 4 W -1 7 is w , fa , s tiara 9 ,Q ' 'mr I :zz f of Sr ,. E., 45593 First Row: Admire, Admire, Beasley, Carminati, Coleman, Cooper, Cor Second Row: Cox, Duncan, Embry, Fitts, Graham, Hamilton, Hillarcl. Third Row: Hoover, Hoover, Leaton, Le Beau, Mark, Molsbee, Noel. Fourth Row: Painter, Patterson, Penaluna, Phipps, Pingenot, Richardson, Fifth Row: Spencer, Sutton, Tompkins, Ulbig, Whitaker, White, Winter. A l V . li 0 "' e. Q lu 58' WV NB -. eg? 44,5 F' '52 1, EJ. 'Fi' i if .Wm edt ... ds' 1 ' f Above: The members of the bookkeeping class are working as hard as if they were already drawing a salary. Right: Future secretariesinthe shorthand class. Below, left: Officers of Miss Dunaway's Home Room: Jim Hoover, president, Linda Admire, vice-president Qnot picturedlg Retha Duncan, secretary: Melvin Corley, treasurer, Jane Car minati, reporter. Below, right: Officers of Mr. Willingham's Home Room: Janice Patterson, president: Earl Noel, secretary. wwf Q endow Sceaea , -f 'OM ww Mfya Left: The speech class practices c play, "The Shopping Center." Below: Sue Sewell, mancgerofthe seniorcon- cession stand in the gym, helps Lucia Painter and Marilyn Spencer serve two customers. , :gg 4 ,f 1 .. '. .Stat t 1 U 5 -: 1 ' Eiex. L A 3 iff 9, E , v 34' N W 'I-5 .ig , , ' ,. . ' at NX. X .av :-' uf., .. '15 ,4 H gum 5 9 ...wr . '.: ,un " 2 ' mf?" . , fiwj -, iz .3253 :HI ,.l....:f5S , s c - . aadaw WALL, MILAM, SEAY, DILLARD, and STOREY, the Junior officers laugh at a definition in the Fun Encyclopedia: A small sausage is a " teenie weenie . " Daon Wall .... Albert Dillard . Lou Ann Milam Jim Storey .... Hardy Seay ..... CLASS OFFICERS SPONSORS . . . . . President Vice President . . . . Secretary . . . . .Treasurer . . . . Reporter Peggy Willis, Bennie Drew, Jack Harris ROOM MOTHERS Mrs. Hinds Clark Mrs. Lee Cardwell Mrs. Bailey Orrell Mrs. J. M. Parr Mrs. R. E. Storey Mrs. N. E. Wolfe 'H-Eff? Third Row: Colleen Dalton, Catherine Davis, Albert Dil- lard, Janice Dodson, Jimmy Enlow. +1 1 f A cmdaw First Row: James Allen, Pat Bailey, Clifton Baxter, Jo Brown, Joy Brown. Second Row: Jackie Cardwell, W. L. Chambers, Larry Clark, Travis Cowan. X X 'Q Q, 'Sr fx Nm andorra First Row: Carolyn Ryan, Charles Ryan, Hardy Lee Seay, Elaine Sell, Dick Stallcup. Second Row: Jim Storey, Elene Teague, Monroe Thomas, David Tompkins, Tommy Uselfon. Third Row: Daon Wall, John Welch, Ramona Wiechman Mary Wolfe, Clara Wyler. Above: Guitarists Doon Wall and James Allen amine aww ln Typing I class, everyone is striving for that thirty-three words per minute. provide a real Latin accompaniment for the Spanish class as it sings "Cielito Lindo." Right: Officers of Elvin Lee Gentry, vice -president, Jo Cardwell, reporter. Mrs. Drew's Home Room: Left: Mrs. Drew watches carefully as the junior chemistry students do an experiment. ff president, Clifton Baxter, y, Brown , secreta ry, Jackie Officers of Mr. Harris' Home Room: David Left: Officers of Miss Willis' Home Room: Hardy Seay, president, Jim Storey, vice-presi- dentp Mary Wolfe, secretary, Tommy Uselton, parliamentariang Dick btallcup, reporter. Orrel I, president, Jerry Lerner, vice-president, Lou Ann Milam, secretary-treasurer, Calvin Graham, parliamentarian, Richard Oldham, reporter. Q 5, , 22 K i . sw . ,. ix K I ' t is + 'E awww First Row: Paul Everett, Bennie Fenner, Joan Geiser, El- vin Gentry, Sharon Gibson. Second Row: Mar Lou Godwin, Calvin Graham, Don iv.. Y Griffin, Vivian Hoover. ln mf!! Third Row: Harlan Howard, Max James, Eleanor Larsen, Wayne Lasseter, Louie Le Beau. 'iw' W ky. wtvx, 'YN Third Row: Shirlene Priddy,Jim Pults, Floydelle Richard- son, Melvin Russell, Patsy Russell. LL k J undone First Row: Jerry Lerner, Lou Ann Mi lam, Sandy Mitchell , Pat Morgan, Richard Oldham. Second Row: David Orrell, Weldon Parr, Roy Pollard, Rita Price. S The Sophomore "big wheels", LEE, WALDRIP, ond PETTYJOHN line up at our popular new electric woter cooler. CLASS OFFICERS Bill Lee .......... ........................... P resident David Wcldrip ...... ...... V ice President Tommy Pettyiohn ..... .... S ecretory-Treasurer SPONSORS Mrs. Janeway, R. F. Thompson, H. H. Hopkins ROOM MOTHERS Mrs. Ralph Abbott ........ .............. M rs. H. N. Dzer Mrs. Flold Nelson .... .... M rs. W. P. Por er Mrs. Rut Pettyiohn ..... ..... M rs. Jack Roberts ' 4 -wang, 11' First Row: Wanda Abbott, Bud Addington, Clifford Albin, James Ballinger. Second Row: Malcolm Bell, Alvin Bingham. Third Row: Mary Bruce, Gayle Burnett. Fourth Row: Eddie Cockburn, Ronald Cox. Fifth Row: Troy Doyle, Harlene Dyer, Bain Ellis, Bill Embry. 1 "UBI:-9. First Row: James Green, Jimmie Hudgens, Audrey Hud- son, Jerry Don Hudson. Second Row: Carroll Keck, Minnie Kerr. Third Row: Mike Kiser, Norma Leafon. Fourth Row: Bill Lee, Patsy Lemons Fifth Row: Sue Lemons, Mary Lee Long, Tommy Long, Bobby McNew. L.-VP if N First Row: Harold Marmaduke, Jimmy Martin, Janice May, David Milam. Second Row: John Murphey, Sherrie Sue Nelson Third Row: Gay Parker, Nolen Partridge Fourth Row: Jane Pascholl, Mary Alice Patterson. Fifth Row: Tommy Pettyiohn, Martha Pruitt, Joe Pullis, Carolyn Reed, Billy Reynolds. First Row: Jean Ritchie, Mary Roberts, James Salmon, Birt Leana Seay, Joyce Sewell. Second Row: John Barrett Sledge, Doris Smith. Third Row: Donald Taylor, Charles Ulbig. Q! 'QW Fourth Row: Billy Vicclri, Seda Vineyard. Fifth Row: David Waldrip, James Weaver, Jerry Woods Margaret York, Mildred York. 0 Above: Harold Marmaduke, Malcolm Bell, Jerry Hudson, Patsy Lemons, and Bobby McNew watch Minnie Ada Kerr point out the ports of a crayfish in biology class. Right: Charles Ulbig and Gayle Burnett represent the two sides of the question, "Do Sophomores study?" S me HOME ROOM OFFICERS Left: Officers of Mr. Thompson's Home Room: Birt Seay, president, Billy Reynolds, vice-presi- dent, Corky Salmon, secretary, Donald Taylor treasurer. I Below, left: Officers of Mr.Hopkins' Home Room: Gayle Burnett, president, Eddie Don Cockburn, vi ce -president, Bud Addington , secretary-treasur- er. Below, right: Officers of Mrs. Janeway's Home Room: Jimmy Martin, president, David Milam, vice-president, Janice May, secretary-treasurer. 7 The Freshman officers, JONES, SEEDS, MEYERS, and FORE, gather at a spot on the campus that is a favorite with the freshmen. CLASS OFFICERS DonaldLeeFore........ .... .......... .... . .... President Jerry Meyers . . . . . . Pat Seeds. . ..... . Charles Jones .... Mrs . Mrs . Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs President . .. .Secretary-Treasurer ...... ..... . ......Reporter SPONSORS I. H. Copeland .. .. ............... Mrs. George Park Bill Willingham ................ Mrs. R. F. Thompson ROOM MOTHERS James Allen ....... . ........... Mrs. Peggy Womack J. C. Wise .... ......... Mrs. D. G. Gardner, Jr. Edison Waldrip ......... Mrs. F. E. Hewitt R. W. Jones . .. . .... . . . Mrs. George Pults iw-V V, l ark. :gg Y-3' 4, .Q FP'- ! 'l A5 .,.. fl if c -fi B4 1 --M-'ff Ei: as vw ig 'Km R X .,.g , J Q, A f l First Row: Margie Admire, Jean Allen, Donald Ray Atkins, David Bagley, Verlin Behne. Second Row: Sue Bennett, Andrew Blackwell, Don Boswell, Roy Brawner, Don Brooks. Third Row: Ronnie Brown, Lois Buck, Pat Burleson, Pat Butts, Joyce Chupp. Fourth Row: Anno Ruth Cunningham, Jessie Davis, Zula Davis, Donnie Eldred, Delbert Everett Y ,L I gg.: 5 J X BNJ 'bed' , . K ,, . .I 7 it-' A 1.5 S J Q WIKI' we fm s-. ,f ' f"M" 5'5" .fr vgl QA x ,Wa :we on f I f it .if "li l ff fx 0 Q, . l X 9 5, x 2 ' N Qs-.,x S : SXSW' First Row: Betty Stubblefield, Vivian Swirczynski, Donald Tadlock, George Taylor, Otis Tettleton, Delmer Thomas. Second Row: Royce Tompkins, Doris Tucker, Lavonya Underwood, Leon Carol Vanover, Sue Walker. Third Row: Reba Ann Wall, Jimmy Walls, Faye Weaver, Dale Welch, Jimmy Welch. Fourth Row: Ellis White, Jessie Wilcox, Roena Wilson, Peggy Jo Wise, Patricia Ann Wyler. 4 , T , X . i sw 1 -, X Ns. Nx we 'i f ,gr 5,31 I Mr. Hopkins' Fifth period General Science class. Left: OFFICERS OF MRS. PARK'S HOME ROOM Zula Davis, President, Sue Bennett, Vice Presi dentg Don Boswell, Secretary-Treasurer, Lois Buck, Reporter. eft: OFFICERS OF MRS. COPELAND'S HOME ROOM Jon Robert Flynt, Presidentp Jon L. Jameson, A Vice President, Sondra Henderson, Secretary, Mary Jane Horner, Reporter. ,J-K .,., , Q , QQ W A. ,- , sx J NM M ' :L W t J so If '4 H . -. .. , X 9, x- Wg, b V f . I , .fs A a it x agvgs i . b V, - Q v Q is 5 1 if Si fif ' V ata a J r J it ry, J xy , 1 sw ,Nl 'UK 177' fin. 'O 0, First Row: Jon Robert Flynt, Donald Fore, Annette Geiser, Wanda Haney, Cleveland Hanks. Second Row: Sondra Henderson, Oretha Ann Hewitt, Carl Hodges, Wayne Hodges, Mary Horner. Third Row: James Howard, Ada Lou Jackson, Sherrel James, Jon L. Jameson, David Charles Jones. Fourth Row: Patsy Jean Jones, Alton Langford, Al Lindsey, Sharon Lobbon, Donnie Ray McCool. ng? I its is , , . l S X sy, gg ,vxyw -wi A F D QF: Q lf: A . V ,... lk , igffflsff' I Fifa a fa Q x T., vi fi. ft SQ. First Row: Bill McElhannan, Janice Mark, Gale Marshall, Robert Martin, Jerry Meyers. Second Row: Elaine Nobile, Kenneth Patterson, Eddie Lee Perry, Mary Pults, Loyd Purcell. Third Row: Jerrel Reed, Donnelly Reid, Judy Ross, Myrle Russell, June Rutledge. Fourth Row: Josie Scippington, James Scrogum, Patricia Seeds, Olivia Spencer, Sue Staniforth. f M. all f -- imt' wsu' Q1 QIXVU - G Sdaweq Zkagwaz 740135455 .Queen I, ,Cf,, 1 7Zocana Zdapm .Zum 794mm gm, 7' 7.14. Sweetdecz-uf Dgdgzgcg MARILYN SPENCER TRENNIS MARK senden 74mezw F LOYE DE LLE RIC HARDSON ROY POLLARD Hmm TOMMY PETTYJO HN Sa 0-Wtdfle MARY RO BE RTS PAT SEEDS CARL HODGES 7 cwafzdtec Patterson Tompkins 'mf Coleman l?55 Swine' Wal! of ?ame I MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Janice Patterson Jimmy Tompkins I ' BEST LOOKING Shirley Pingenot Dave Anders BEST PERSONALITIES Carol Ann Coleman Bob Beasley WI TTI EST Donna Sutton Herman Penaluna BEST ATH LETES Linda Admire Eddie Wayne Cooper Pi ngenot Anders Beasley Penaluna Co0Pef Sutton Admire JUNIORS RIGHT: Lou Ann Milam, Tommy Uselton, Louie LeBeau, Jackie Cardwell. FRESHMEN RIGHT: Sue Staniforfh, Donald Fore, Josie Sappingfon, Jerry Meyers. cwafzdtea fanneze-up SENIORS LEFT: Jim Hoover, Eddie Wayne Cooper, Nell Hoover, Carol Ann Coleman, Lucia Painter. SOPHOMORES LEFT: Bill Lee, David Waldrip, Birl' Leona Seay, Gayle Burnett. ' vc.. - ,Ill us- Top Row: Football Queen, Shirley Pingenot, and her escort, Donald Fore, Lucia Painter and her escort, Jim Hoover. Seated: Lou Ann Milam with her escort, David Orrell. The driver of the convertible is R. P. Uockeyj Elkins. 7. 7,1-i". S We 74055413 Zuew cmd Z Josie Sappington Birt Seay Carolyn Ryan I-T ff sf ,V 4 aaffdlf 7954 Sept. Nocona Archer City Sept. Nocona W. F. Rowdies Sept. Nocona Bonham --sw 1 Oct. Nocona Bu urnett N S Oct. Nocona Brewer V ' t Oct. Nocona Quanah 1 5 Oct. Nocona Decatur Nov Nocona Olney Nov Nocona Jacksboro ' Nov . Nocona Bowie Jack Harris Billy Willingham Head Coach Assistant Coach In their first season with the Nocona indians, Coach Jack Harris and his assistant, Billy Willingham, led the tribe in achieving the best over-all record in District ll-AA, a rating in the top ten teams of the area, and a second place title in district play. Sports writers who saw the fine performance of the lndians in all their games named an irrpressive number of the bo s to their mythical teams. The Fort Worth Press placed on the first team for the district Bilyl Lee, Calvin Graham, Eddie Cooper, David Waldrip, and Earl Noel, with Bob Beasley, Jim Storey, and Jim Pults ranked on the second team. The Fort Worth Star Telegram listed Tommy Uselton, Lee, and Cooper on the first team, with Pults, Graham, Noel, and Waldrip named on the second team. The Wichita Falls Record News placed Lee on the all-area first team, with honorable mention for all-area given to Cooper, Waldrip, Wall, and Storey. The coaches of district ll-AA named Uselton, Lee, Cooper, Waldrip, Noel, and Graham on their second team, with honorable mention going to Louie LeBeau Pults, Beasley, Storey, and Wall. Trennis Mark received the annual Lions Club Sportsmanship Award. Only five of the twenty-four members of the squad will be lost by graduation this year: Noel, Beasley, Cooper, Mark, and Embry. The Nocona Touchdown Club led the local fans in enthusiastic support of the team. In their Monday night meetings they showed movies of the game from the previous week. Officers of the club were Bob Bennett, D. G. Gardner, Jr., and Jim Curlin. TRI-CAPTAI NS Eddie Cooper - QB Earl Noel - HB Bob Beasley - E l2 0 6 26 6 34 I3 l3 21 2 ' 5 , Kin 5 . W' 5 .. I I... .1 Q 3 "i,i t i s fi if 'Sgt X ks ,pit fs 4-ff A lxtt J X it Q ,,, QAbovel MANAGERS Donnie Eldred Al Lindsey Jimmy Walls ef ig f fi v-f x '24 Our new electric scoreboard brilliantly reveals the final score C I , G h of the game between the Nocona Indians and the Wichita Falls 0 vm ro om Rowdies. The Brewer Bears stop Cooper on the 40-yard line. The Indians y played a much better game than their 13-6 winning score indi- l cates, making I6 first downs to Brewer's 4, and rolling up 296 yards on the ground while allowing the Bears only 87. Corky Sol mon canada Louie LeBeau Hardy Seay Dick Stallcup Bill Lee In the Jacksboro game, we made 235 yards rushing against 121 for Jacksboro, 61 yards passing against 55, and 17 first downs to 8 for the Tigers. A record crowd watched the Indians climax the 1954 football season by defeating the Bowie Jackrabbits 13-2. In their last 1-,ennis Mark high school football game, Noel and Cooper each chalked up a TD. Lee and Pults were outstanding on defense. Jim Pults David Tompkins Nolen Partridge John Welch Tom Uselton Jim Embry Clifton Baxter Monroe Thomas Zach In our first conference game, Storey scampered through the Decatur defense for 72 yards and the Indians' fourth touchdown. The 52-I3 win over Decatur was Nocona's sixth victory of the SBGSOFI . Donald Fore-LH Daon Wall-RH David Waldrip-LH James Weaver-RH F i ve Brewer Bears stop Waldrip short of pay dirt. Jim Storey-FB 1 l t i Albert Dillard-QB Wall racks up yardage for the Indians with the Bowie Jaclcrabbits hot in pur- suit. 'JZ' Sgacwl Seated: David Bagley, Jon L. Jameson, Jerry Meyers, Bill Embry, Robert Martin, Jon Robert Flynt, Sherrel James, Billy Vicari. Kneeling: Ronald Cox, Verlin Behne, Dale Welch, Jim Welch, Carl Hodges, Otis Tettleton, Ronnie Brown, Donnie Ray McCool, Melvin Russell. Standing: Barrett Sledge, Larry Clark, Charles Jones, Billy McElhannon, Bud Addington Wayne Lasseter, Andrew Blackwell, Charles Ryan, Jerry Woods. The value of the '54 "B" Squad in providing experienceand training for future lndians will be seen for the next three years, for the group included l8 freshmen, 4 sophomores and 4 iuniors. Assistant Coach Bud Hopkins had charge of the "B" players. Sept. Sept Sept Oct . Oct . Oct. Oct. Nov Nocona Nocona Nocona Nocona Nocona Nocona Nocona Nocona 1954 "B" GAMES Sacred Heart lMuensterl Muenster High Gainesville "B" Gainesville "B" Decatur "B" Olney "B" Decatur "B" Bowie "B" cweetfczil gag! "ff " Squad Earl "Red" Noel f5'8"j, Tommy Uselton l5'11"J, Jimmy Hoover C5'11"1, Eddie Cooper f6'2"1, Calvin Mo Graham l6'5"1, Coach H. H. Hopkins l6'6"1, Bobby Beasley l6'4"1, Clifton Baxter f6'1, Trenms Mark Q5'11"1, Albert Dillard l5'11"1, Daon Wall l5'7"J. ea-gem 22645-mfr-,414 Dec Dec . Dec . Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Nocona Henrietta Nocona Northside Nocona Burkburnett Nocona Muenster Northwest Tournament Nocona Riverside Nocona Lewisville Nocona Denton Nocona Slidell Nocona Gainesville Childress Tournament Nocona Childress Nocona Electra Nocona Northside Nocona Slidell Nocona Gainesville Nocona Burlcburnett "A" SCORES 30 Jan 43 48 Jon 35 Jan Jan 44 Jan 43 52 Jan Jan 46 Jan 46 Jan Jan 71 Jan 53 Jan Feb 59 Feb 37 Feb 37 Feb 54 Feb 4 Nocona 48 Krum Decatur Baptist College Tournament 6 Nocona 4-7 Antelope 7 Nocona 44 Springtown 8 Nocona 49 Decatur 8 Nocona 51 Petrolia 14 Nocona 70 'Olney 18 Nocona 66 'Decatur 20 Nocona 71 Henrietta 21 Nocona 63 Krum 25 Nocona 64 'Jacksboro 28 Nocona 56 'Bowie 31 Nocona 55 Muenster 4 Nocona 69 'Olney 8 Nocona 40 'Decatur 1 1 Nocona 54 'Jacksboro 15 Nocona 59 'Bowie 18 Nocona 55 ' Bowie ' Conference Games 3 Q4 5 , g""Flw ,' , In ' . FW . Wx -e1-.1 5 if fi 5 fir H 4 4 I' A 31 3,5 Q 3 , Z Zaye' "'z?"Sgmd December 2 December 3 December 7 December 14 December 16 December 20 December 21 December 28 January 1 January 4 January 20 January 2 1 January 27 January 3 1 February 3 1954-1955 RECORD Nocona 32 Nocona 28 Nocona 38 Nocona 25 Nocona 50 Nocona 31 Nocona 27 Nocona 49 Nocona 51 Nocona 58 Nocona 63 Nocona 49 Nocona 46 Nocona 59 Nocona 42 Henrietta Northside Burkburnett Slidell Gainesville Northside S l idel 1 Gainesville Burkburnett Krum Henrietta Krum Decatur Muenster Decatur Left to right: Royce Tompkins, Bill Embry, Tommy Pettyiohn, James Weaver Joe Pullls Bud Addington, Coach Jack Harris, Roy Pollard, Barrett Sledge, Clifford Albin Jon L Jameson Z "ff" Squad l Left to right: Lucia Painter, Pat Morgan, Linda Admire, Captain, Mary Alice Patterson Annette Gelser Manager, Sondra Henderson, Mrs. Willingham, Coach, Mary Roberts, Shirley Pingenot Jean Ritchie Bennie Fenner, Lou Ann Milam, Pat Bailey Knot picturedl. Nov . Nov Nov . Nov Dec . Dec Dec . Dec . Dec . Jan. Jan . Jan. Jan . Jan . Jan . Jan . Jan . Feb . Feb . Feb . Feb . Feb . "A" GAMES Nocona 24 Byers Nocona 49 Byers Nocona 20 Henrietta Nocona 42 Henrietta Nocona 25 Muenster Nocona 32 Sacred Heart fMuensterj Nocona 25 Muenster Nocona 32 Sacred Heart Muenster Tournament Nocona 26 Sanger Burkburnett Tournament Nocona 40 Burkburnett Nocona 45 Electra Nocona 23 Olney Nocona 22 " Olney Nocona 43 'Decatur Nocona 36 Prairie Valley Nocona 28 'Jacksboro Nocona 47 'Bowie Nocona 28 Prairie Valley Nocona 33 'Olney Nocona 38 'Decatur Nocona 40 'Juclcsboro Nocona 34 'Bowie ' Conference Games 27 ai 'Mi gcwketldl , ' ' "e"s,Wf ,Gif l Left to right: Pat Wyler, Jean Allen, Curly Sappington, Lois Buck, Birt Seay, Norma Leaton, Lavonya Underwood, Margie Admire, Pat Seeds, Pat Burleson, Olivia Spencer QCaptain.i Center: Carla Willingham fCoachI. The "B" squad includes nine Freshmen and two sophomores, all of whom were playing their first year of high school basketball. Of the group PatWyler, Curly Sappington, Norma Leaton, and Pat Seeds were forwards. Jean Allen, Lois Buck, Birt Seay, Lavonya Underwood, Margie Admire, Pat Burleson, and Olivia Spencer were guards. Several of the group played with the "A" squad at times, especiallyduring conference games, when the "B" team did not have a game. "B" GAMES Nov. Nocona Henrietta Nov. Nocona Henrietta Dec. Nocona Muenster Dec. Nocona Sacred Heart CMuensterJ Dec. Nocona Muenster Dec. Nocona Sacred Heart fMuensterJ Jan. Nocona Prairie Vailey Feb. Nocona Prairie Valley Zcwelafl DEFENDING CHAMPIONS OF DISTRICT ii-AA Kneeling: Carl Hodges, Charles Ryan, James Weaver, Jim Pults, Nolen Partridge, Royce Tompkins, Otis Tettleton, Bud Addington, James Allen. Standing: IMembers of the 1954 championship teaml Daon Wall, Clifton Baxter, Bob Beasley, Eddie Cooper, Jim Storey, Earl Noel, David Waldrip. Not Pictured: Earl Price Fitts. Nocona High won the baseball championship of District II AA with a ten-man squad in I954. With eight of the ten returning this year, prospects For another outstanding team were good. Apri I 8 Apri I I 2 April 'I 5 Apri I I 9 Apri I 26 A pri I 29 May 3 May 6 I955 SCH EDULE Olney Decatur Jacksboro Bowie Olney Decatur Jacksboro Bowie Nocona Decatur Jacksboro Nocona Olney Nocona Nocona Bowie 7466 KNEELING: Donnie Eldred, Manager, Robert Martin, Earl Noel, Albert Dillard, Bill Lee, David Wald- rip, Sherrel James, Jon Robert Flynt, Jerry Meyers, Sandy Tompkins, Carl Hodges. STANDING: Clif- ford Albin, Bob Beasley, James Weaver, Tom Uselton, Bud Addington, Donald Fore, George Admire, Dick Stallcup, Monroe Thomas, Louie LeBeau, John Welch, Jim Storey, Trennis Mark, Jim Pults, Corky Sal- mon, Doon Wall, Charles Jones, Hardy Seay, Eddie Cooper, Donnie McCool, Barrett Sledge, Bill Mc- Elhannon, Billy Vicari. With about fifty boys reporting for track this season, Nocona High had the greatest interest in this sport for many years. Only four, however, had been out for track before. At the time "The l955 Chief" went to press, eliminations for the district meet had not been held. The picture above shows thirty-three boys who took part in o dual meet with Decatur March 2 at Decatur. Winners of places at the Decatur meet were: Trennis Mark, first in 120 yard high hurdles, David Waldrip, Eddie Cooper, and Daon Wall, first, second, and third in T00 yard dash, Jim Storey, Monroe Thomas, and Carl Hodges, first, second and third in 440 yard dash, Trennis Mark, tied for second, and Jerry Meyers, fourth in 180 yard law hurdles, Daon Wall, David Waldrip, Eddie Cooper, and Earl Noel, first in 440 yard relay, Donnie McCool, Tommy Uselton, and Charles Jones, second, third, and fourth in 880 yard run, Jim Storey, Jim Pults, and Hardy Seay, first, third, and fourth in 220 yard dash, Royce Tompkins, George Admire, and Billy Vicari, second, third, and fourth in mile run, Dick Stallcup, Bar- rett Sledge, Earl Noel, and Donald Fore, first in mile relay, Louie LeBeau, second in shot put, Bill Mc- Elhannon, third in discus, Trennis Mark, third in broad iump, Daon Wall, third in high iump. The track team took part in the annual Possum Kingdom relays at Graham March l2. DOUBLES Standing: Jim Storey, Eddie Cooper, Clifton Baxter. Kneeling: Albert Dillard, ' nol David Milgm. W emzckz Left to right: Audrey Hudson, June Rutledge Sue Staniforth, Olivia Spencer. If SINGLES Standing: Jim Hoover, Earl Price Fitts, Joe Pullis idistrict winner iunior boys' singles, 1953, 1954.1 Kneeling: Carol Keck, Clifford Albin, Don Griffin. Left: George Boyd Taylor Don Griffin Earl Price Fitts Joe Pullis Mike Kiser 1' , , ' fc.-I v ky om EPVM' H 9 QN 3 ef: '?1zONS Gen 3. O ll' I2 3 '90 if 7 7. Z. 77lua6ccma fi--fi BAND CONTESTANTS Woodwind trio ond saxophone quartet: Ada Lou Jock- son, June Rutledge, Mary Wolfe, Jimmy Enlow, Sue Stonifortlw, Janice Moy, Gay Parker. Soloisfs: Jackie Cardwell, Janice Dodson, June Rutledge, Elaine Sell, Janice May, Billy Reynolds, James Howard, David Milam, Troy Doyle, Jimmy Enlaw. READY WRITING Mary Wolfe, Mary Lou Godwin, Pat Morgan, Jackie Cardwell. SHORTHAND Janice Patterson, Gloria LeBeou, Dolores Richardson. TYPING Cloro Wyler, Lou Ann Milam, Elene Teague. fctmazq Zmzfeazfe 'Sf DECLAMATION Olivia Spencer and Delbert Everett. ONE-ACT PLAY Lazy Appelzine fEddie Cooper, looks at his scolding wife, Gren- achika, CLucia Painterl while Molo, the Magistratos, fHerman Penalunaj displays his official medal. From the play "Gren- achika." U DEBATE VV' Al Lindsey, Pat Morgan, Don Boswell, and ' will debate the question, Resolved: "That the Federal Government should initiate a policy of Free trade among nations friendly to the United States." SPELLING Audrey Hudson, Retha Duncan. NUMB ER SENSE Janice Dodson, Elaine Sell, Larry Phipps, Earl Price Fitts. Larry Clark , . . Eddie Ulbig .... Sandy Mitchell . Hardy Seay .... Chambers 'K fimvbi. ,. .:. , - ' u -' . E A T W. L. Chambers .... ..... ...... Tom Uselton ...... , , , R. F. Thompson . .. .Vice President -President Secretary Treasurer . . . . Reporter . . . . Sentinel . Advisor Uselton Clark Ulbig Mitchell Mr. Thompson SEATED, left to right: Charles Ulbig, Ronnie Brown, Jimmy Hudgens, Kenneth Patterson, Donnie McCool, Lewis Hillard, Carl Hodges, Charles Jones. KNEELING: Donald Taylor, Barrett Sledge, Carol Vanover, Otis Tettle- ton, Elvin Gentry, Clifton Baxter, Daon Wall, Paul Everett, James Green. STANDING: Mr. Thompson, Roy Brawner, John Murphey, Doyle Cox, Dale Welch, Nolen Partridge, Herman Penaluna, Max James, Larry Phipps, Eddie Ulbig, Roscoe Winter, Larry Clark, Louie LeBeau, Sandy Mitchell, Calvin Graham, Tom Uselton, James Hamilton, Lucia Painter, Chapter Sweetheart, W. L. Chambers, Alton Langford, Hardy Seay, Don Brooks, Jim Pults, Don Barker, Donnie Eldred, Wyman Leaton, Donnelly Reid, Ronald Cox, Eddie Perry. u X . w Donnie McCool's Hereford calf, which he caught at the Bowie calf scramble in connection with the Montague County Fair. Donnelly Reid's five acres of wheat are the First in this section on which ammonium nitrate was used when sowed, Followed by a top dressing of anhydrous ammonia. Bill McElhannon is feeding out a calf to exhibit at the county show April 23. W. L. Chambers and Charles Ulbig are feeding 500 of the 1,000 chickens the FFA sold this year, clearing more than S200.00. Ag III boys do a lot of welding in making feeders. Here shown: Ronald Cox and Jimmy Hudgens. The FFA boys have fed 30 hogs this year, clearing about S400.00. This week's feeders are Sandy Mitchell and Don Taylor. Tom Uselton has the only sheep proiect in the club. He has 45 Hampshires and Rambouillets this year. Nell Hoover .... . . Jo Brown ....... Vivian Hoover .... Janice Mark ...... June Rutledge . Pat Russell ...... Zula Davis ......... OFFICERS 3 pf 1 .- I' Alwr ijlfd ' ...................President . . . ........... Vice-President 'viajplncer .............. . . . Gay Parker ot pictured, ardwell, Sue Sewell Mrs. Thompson . . . . ........ . . . . . . Secretary ........Treasurer . . . . . . Reporter Parliamentarian . . . . . Historian . . Song Leaders . . . . Sponsor Right: A group sings the Future Homemakers Song. 7.1-Z Wanda Abbott Margie Admire Jean Allen Sue Bennett Jo Brown Jay Brown Mary Bruce 's Buck Pat Bu Pat u eson Gayle Burne ac me Cardwell Patricia Chase Joyce Chupp Carol Ann Coleman N634 ravis Cowan 2',..... Colleen Dalton Jessie Davis Zula Davis Jam ce DodsoQ!,f Q-.tiadenevyif Bennie Fenner Joan Geiser Mary Lou Godwin Sara Graham Sondra Henderson Wanda Haney Oretha Hewitt Nell Hoover Vivian Hoover Mary Jane , n Q11-FS" P Ada Lou Jackso ' S T Minnie Ada Kerr Eleanor Larsen Norma Leaton Gloria LeBeau Patsy Lemons Sue Lemons Sharon Lobban V Mary Long 1 ' 'runny M5 Janice Mark ay Parker H ane Paschall Rita Price Mary Alice Patterson Shirlene Priddy Martha Pruitt Mary Beth Pults Carolyn Reed Floyedelle Richardson Dolores Richardson Jean Ritchie Mary Roberts Judy Ross Myrle Russell Pat Russell June Rutledge Carol n R an osle Sa in to Ca eri ne Scott Birt Seay Pat Seeds Elaine Sell Joyce Sewell Sue Sewell Doris Smith Olivia Spencer Betty Stubblefield Donna Sutton I ' ' ircz s Elene Teague Anna Ruth Tucker Doris Tucker Lavonya Underwood Soda Vineyard Ann Wall Sue Walker fra" WSW? Ramona Wiechman Betty Whitaker Jessie Wilcox Roena Wilson Peggy Wise Clara Wyler Pot Wylef Janice May Sherrie Nelson Elaine Nobile York York Mildred York, Janice Dodson, and Joyce Sewell of Homemaking ll are serving their First luncheon. The Homemaking lll class prepared a Valentine tea for the faculty of the three schools. Jo Brown and Jackie Cardwell are serving a new member of the high school faculty, Don Vernon. .dwatx I J Sedo Vineyard, Mary Roberts, Bennie Fenner, Mary Jane Horner, Gayle Burnett, and Carolyn Reed make Christmas gifts in sewing class. The Homemaking classes staged a style show February 4, displaying garments which they had made. Nar- rator: Janice May. Betty Whitaker, Elene Teague, and Donna Sutton ar- range Christmas decorations in the living room. Style show presented by Gilbert's Department Store for F. H. A. program. Jimmy Tompkins Eddie Cooper Lo J Lucia Painter Bob Beasley President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Parliamentarian The sixteen members of the Student Council include the five general officers elected by the entire student body, and one representative from each of the eleven home rooms. The Council has had charge of all the Friday assembly programs, and has sponsored exchange pro- grams with other schools. Teaching correct parliamentary procedure has been a major project. By posters, speeches, and personal reminders the Council has emphasized the slogan "Let's Keep Our School Clean." Last year four Council members attended the state convention at Laredo. Delegates were sent to the state meeting in Denton this year. Members proudly wear their pins, signifying that the school which they represent also holds membership in the National Association of Student Councils. Left to right: Al Lindsey, Don Boswell, David Woldrip, Donald Fore, Weldon Parr, Jimmy Tompkins, Albert Dillard, Bob Beasley, Eddie Cooper, Bill Lee, Linda Admire, Janice Patterson, Mary Wolfe, Sue Staniforth, Thelma Dunaway, Sponsor, Lucia Painter, and Lou Ann Milam. Not Pictured: Bill Embry. SCHOOL G QQ' 0 thaw 6045 Shirlene Priddy .................. President Elene Teague .............. Vice-President Dolores Richardson ...... Secretary-Treasurer Jane Carminati .... .... P arliamentarian Doris Smith ..... . . . Corr. Secretary Minnie Kerr ..... ....... H istorian Delbert Everett .... . . .Sgt-at-Arms Patsy Lemons .... ..... R eporter Mrs. Mitchell . . . .... Sponsor The Library Club at their Thanksgiving Dinner Since each member assists Mrs. Mitchell in the library at some period every day, the Library Club might be called the service organization of the school. The members not only help with routine tasks, but contribute to the pleasant atmosphere of the school by decorating the library for special occasions. This year everyone enioyed the beautiful Christmas tree and holiday decorations ofthe entrance hall, arranged by the Library Club. The club was represented at the meeting of the Teen Age Library Association in Fort Worth February I8-l9. Other special activities of the club were Thanksgiving dinner, a Christmas party, and presenting an assembly program. ABOVE: Shirlene Priddy, Elene Teague, Dolores Richardson. TOP ROW: Jane Carminati, Doris Smith, Minnie Ada Kerr, Delbert Jo Everett, Sue Lemons, Mrs. Mitchell. SECOND ROW: Gloria Le Beau, Carolyn Reed, James Howard, Lloyd Purcell, Ada Lou Jackson, Clara Wyler. at gy- mr ,1-. if ,z it l li W,-If X -'Q t ill -n X n. at kj 'xx 'Q Q4 in tilt? " l,'X 'K cceace sg,,r sm, OFFICERS H '-'Q ' I President ......... .............. ..... J o e Pullis 5 5 Vice-President ........ . . . Billy Reynolds M- N' 1 Secretary-Treasurer .... ...... J immy Enlow 'sw ,W Program Chairman . . . . . . Betty Stubblefield 8 Social Chairman . . . .... Oretha Hewitt Reporter ........................................... Donna Sutton The Science Club has had programs dealing with topics of scientific in- terest in their regular Thursday meetings. Typical reports given were " Science Into Law", "The Piltdown Man" , and "The Driver Ant." Demon- strations of making hydrogen, and setting up of apparatus For distilling water were representative of the lab techniques featured on the programs. G. P. Barrett of Continental Oil Company as guest speaker discussed modern methods of locating and drilling for oil, in one of the outstand- ing programs of the year. During the spring semester, each member had a proiect that he was par- X ticularly interested in. STANDING: Mrs. Drew, Sponsor, Clifford Albin, Carroll Keck, Richard Oldham, Bobby McNew, Mary Wolfe, George Taylor, Jo Brown, Mike Kiser, Jackie Cardwell, Harold Marmaduke, David Bagley, Jerry Hudson, George Admire. SEATED: Joe Pullis, Billy Reynolds, Jimmy Enlow, Betty Stubblefield, Oretha Hewitt, Donna Sutton. W' Qamlglaf I FIRST ROW: Sue Sewell, Mary Long, Patsy Russell, Wanda Haney, Mary Bruce, Seda Vineyard, Travis Cowan, Margaret York, Janice Dodson, Elaine Sell, Eleanor Larson. SECOND ROW: Sharon Gibson, Jessie Davis, Carol Ann Coleman, Janice Mark, Janice May, Harlene Dyer, Gay Parker, Catherine Davis, Doris Tucker, Patsy Jones, Reba Wall, Vivian Swirczynski, Mary Lou Godwin, Rita Price. THIRD ROW: Vivian Hoover, Joan Geiser, Annette Geiser, Floyedelle Richardson, Colleen Dalton, Nell Hoover, Ramona Wiechman, David Milam, Troy Doyle, Eddie Don Cockburn, Betty Whitaker, Audrey Hudson, Retha Duncan, Birt Seay, Mary Horner, Martha Pruitt. NOT PICTURED: Wanda Abbott. Everybody likes the Choral Club. The members really love to sing, the student body likes to hear them singl The club has given programs for the P.T.A. and for assembly. The repertoire includes popular music, current semi-classic program material for choral organizations, and religious nunbers. Gay Parker and Birt Seay have been soloists with the ensemble. Mr. Drew is director and accompanist. Floyedelle Richardson Gay Parker Eddie Don Cockburn Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Activity Chairman George Drew Catherine Scott Director President 651643-46 ' fix Q05 FIRST ROW: Shirley Pingenot, Linda Admire, Gayle Burnett, Lou Ann Milam, Mary Alice Patterson, Olivia Spencer, Lucia Painter. SECOND ROW: Pat Morgan, Jean Ritchie, Jean Allen, Lavonia Under- wood, Margie Admire. THIRD ROW: Mary Roberts, Bennie Fenner, Lois Buck, Pat Butts. FOURTH ROW: Pat Seeds, Pat Wyler, Sondra Henderson, Mrs. Willingham, Sponsor, Pat Bailey, Pat Burleson, Josie Sappington. OFFICERS The Girls' Athletic Club has promoted school Shirley Pingenot ..................... President spirit and interest in sports through selling of boost- Linda Admire ..... ....... V ice-President er ribbons, making posters to advertise games, Gayle Burnett .... .... S ecretary-Treasurer and helping the cheerleaders welcome visitors. LuciaPainter.... Lou Ann Milam .... Mrs. Willingham .... I :I 1 SEATED: Peggy Wise, Mary Beth Pults, Jessie Wilcox. STANDING: Myrle Russell,JOy Brown, Faye Weaver, Miss Willis. Historian The club is compiling an all-sport scrapbook. . . . .Reporter All of the members of the club are active parti- . Sponsor cipants in girls' athletics. OFFICERS Peggy Wise .......................... President Mary Beth Pults . . . . . .Vice-President Jessie Wilcox . . . ...... Secretary Miss Willis ........................... Sponsor The girls ofthe Future Teachers Club are explor- ing the teaching profession. The year-long club proiect is making a scrapbook of all newspaper publicity aboutihe school. 7az!me Www OFFICERS Donna Sutton . . . . . . . . .President Nell Hoover ..... . . . . . . . Secretary The NHS chapter of the Future Nurses Club was one of the first to be organized in this area. At the meetings graduate nurses from Wichita Falls or from the Major Clinic Hos- pital here talk to the girls or show films. Seniors and iuniors in the club spent a day observing in a hos- pital during the year. Bud Addington David Bagley James Ballinger Zaye ' z4z'6Zez'6c Miss Clara Harvey, R.N., NHS graduate of 1948, "pins" the girls who have qualified to receive their Future Nurses pins. FRONT ROW:, left to right Sharon Gibson, Mary Long, Bennie Fenner, Martha Pruitt, Donna Sutton, Miss Harvey. BACK ROW: Janice May, Patsy Russell, Rita Price, Nell Hoover. Bill McElhannon Jerry Meyers Earl Noel Clifton BGXl'el' Nolen Partridge Bob Beasley Kenneth Patterson Alvin Bingham ' Perry Af'dl'9W Blackwell ...W is Roy Pollard Ronnie Brown i y gf K A E is Jim Pults Eddle C-00Pe" ,zzz it Charles Ryan Ronald C954 , s fi ' Melvin Russell Albert Dillard fit fi, ,,,, N James Salmon Donnie Eldred 2 y , .,,, V , ig as Hardy Seay Bill Embry fxfp J iil, ff Q l X Barrett Sledge -llm Embft' - K ,e'b f' ,F Dick Stallcup Earl Price Fitts ' f ' Jim Storey gf,1fff,bjQLf'Y"' Calvin Graham James Salmon Hardy Seay 3ior?etIrl:lor Colvin Graham President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Mgsrog TEOZLS Cleveland Hanks Carl Hodges Sherrel James Jon L. Jameson Charles Jones Wayne Lasseter Louie LeBeau Bill Lee Al Lindsey Trennis Mark Robert Martin Donnie McCool The Boys' Athletic Club is not an organization of lettermen, but includes all boys who are interested in learning more about sports. To accomplish this, at the meetings members either hear a lecture byCoach Harris or see a film on sporting events. David Tompkins Royce Tompkins Tom Uselton Carol Vanover Billy Vicari David Waldrip Daon Wall James Weaver Dale Welch Jimmy Welch John Welch Ellis White s E AH! K A , - AA ,. , FRONT ROW: Clarinets - Jackie Cardwell, Jimmy Enlow, June Rutledge, Flutes - Mary Wolfe, Ada Lou Jack- son, Joyce Chupp, Oboe - Audrey Hudson. SECOND ROW: Clarinets - Richard Oldham, Vivian Swirczynski, Bass Clarinet - Harlene Dyer, Trumpets - Jimmy Tompkins, James Howard, Troy Doyle, Saxophones - Gay Parker, Janice May, Sue Staniforth. THIRD ROW: Clarinets - Jo Brown, Judy Ross, French Horns - Elaine Sell, Janice Dodson, Wanda Haney, Baritone - David Milam, Trombones - ClifFordAlbin, Earl Price Fitts, Basses - Gale Mar- shall, John Murphey. FOURT ROW: Tympani - Catherine Davis, Snare Drums - Don Boswell, Carroll Keck, Bass Drum - Billy Reynolds, Cym ls - Mary Bruce. Ny N W, if ' W J xl ,J 'T J w W Olfljlpf W W ,LVM bw fy ,ffl VW "' ,ff l mild SQ!! , cf W WT-ff We . as .J sysfse Riffs fix. .K gms-we M s v X and Clifford Albin Don Boswell Mary Bruce 'E Joyce Chupp Troy Doyle Harlene Dyer Jimmy Enlow Earl Price Fiffs Wanda Haney James Howard Catherine Davis Janice Dodson yhfzetled I Above and right: Jackie Cardwell, Drum Major, Mary Wolfe Sue Staniforfh, and Jo Brown. FIRST ROW: Audrey Hudson, Ada Lou Jackson, Carroll Keck, Gale Marshall, JaniceMay. SECOND ROW: David Milam, John Murphey, Richard Oldham, Gay Parker, Billy Reynolds. THIRD ROW: Judy Ross, June Rutledge, Elaine Sell, Vivian Swirczynski, Jimmy Tomp- kins. K? Lucia Painter Senior Above: Wanda, Lucia, Nell, Paf, and Lou Ann. t Nell Hoover Head Cheerleader Wanda Abbott Lou Ann Mila Sophomore Junior l Pat Buffs F reshman 14 al Vvx . Seated: Shirley Pingenot, Editor, First Semester, Jane Craminati, Editor, Second Semester. Standing: Pat Bailey, Marilyn Spencer, Retha Duncan, Sharon Gibson, Pat Morgan, Janice Patterson . 6 Ne' 2, 9 'O Aisivgxeg 00 6 60 '50 ,gb Svc' 99119 at Qs Q, KF 85' V9 5. 15 vstavov Y5Xf'0Q'15'SooNs5xzccogxee- s " 9 9 Q' xt 1- .ve K9 Q 94' xt 4 0 x -do 0 to 904' 6 Qwest ee,-page ,Q 'fsiairilei-gf 3 -'69 'Q x S3 'D Q1 0 e 'eo 0 630 so we Annual Staff Goes To TCU Seven members of the annual staff and their sponsor attended the Monday sessions of a two-day clinic for yearbook staffs at TCU this week. Discussions of good public relations, layouts, art Work, advertising, and themes highlight- ed the program. Those making the trip were Lucia Painter, Sara Sewell Graham, Marilyn Spencer, Janice Patterson, Jimmy Tomp- lil ns, Don Griffin, Jerry Lerner, and Mrs Janeway. Arrowhead Organizes. Monday the members of the Arrowhead staff elected Shirley Pingenot, editor, and Jane Car- minati, assistant editor. Other staff members are Retha Duncan, Sharon Gibson, Pat Bailey, Pat Morgan, Marilyn Spencer, and Jim Embry. Mrs. Janeway is the sponsor. locona Pastors Greet Students All of the ministers of Nocona, with the exception of one who was away in ai revival meeting, were present for Wednesday morning assembly last week. Friday Program Stresses Sportsmanship "Sportsmanship" was the gen- eral theme of the assembly pro- gram Friday, presented by four speakers chosen by the Student Council. J 44,83 . .UD Qfu ea' 10,001 be 'lgihp fl 4 .s p IZ,-S bo. 6 0,6 090, 16 0,1 011 ofa fo . 9 ,ja '91 6 606 001-Cod Y 1- s 6 c,. 00,405 11101 so" 11,6060 006 pod by' Aff, 6 'il S . OO, bz9,1Ua0c-.601 .Taffy fbp Iv Jah Q Op Q61 560 66 as 61- 10,- 'CP '91, fo 00,7 '90c,'.'90' ' ' 160 ,lp 6' dill' qi ,ogy Qbbb AGJQQII 03' ' Of 6 IQZI1 'We I 0 0 hilisfode 4-3, 'vs hziyshabe W 0,4 Stray Arrows Harlan Howard, James Allen, Roscoe Winter, and Dale Welch went to Wichita Falls to Grand Ol' Opry Friday night. Patsy and Sue Lemons continue their identical twin costumes to the extent of appearing in glasses the same day. The seniors are broadcasting that they are going to sponsor the Bill Mack show here November 29. Sara Graham - Business Manager 74a 7755 Hkcef The first Nocona High School yearbook appeared in 1919. "The 1955 Chief" is not number 37 of an unbroken series, however, for the student body has not had an annual each year. "The Chief" has been published every year since 1943. The 1955 staff members hope that this edition of "The Chief" is not only the largest, but "the greatest yet. " Mrs. Janeway Sponsor Jerry Lerner - Associate Business Manager Jimmy Tompkins Assistant Editor Seated: Wanda Abbott, Lucia Painter, Pat Bailey, Jerry Lerner. Standing: JanicePatterson, Marilyn Spencer, Jimmy Tompkins, Don Griffin Photographer Sara Graham. A ri! XAK. I. "Freight Train" Fitts is willing to help when the band bus breaks down at Burkbur- Neff. 2. The football boys enjoyed their trips in the chartered buses. 3. Only our photographer, Don Griffin, can make grass grow on the gym floor. 4. We play volleyball during the noon rec- reational period. 5. On January 27-28 every student in high school endured Four hours of achievement tests. Our expressions hint what the papers revealed: We don't know much. 6. A strong yell from the cheering section brings School Spirit Uimmy Martinlout of his box. i. Diego Eduardo Allen is ready to take a swing at the Christmas pinata in Spanish. 2. James Howard, Al Lindsey, Don Brooks, Ellis White, Wayne Lasseter,George Admire, Mike Kiser, and Roscoe Winter are shuffle- board fans at noon. 3. Sue Walker, Mary Pults, Sue Lemons, Travis Cowan, Sharon Lobban, Oretha He- witt, and Minnie Kerr play volleyball in P. E. 4. Just before Christmas the chemistry class- es studied crystallization by making candy. Trennis has the vanilla! 5. Hero Clifton Baxter wrestles with the villain, Soapy Gentry, in "And the Lamp Went Out", staged by Mrs. Drew's home room. Janice Dodson is the mother of the heroine. 6. Some of the girls are still pinning on the leather Footballs which they wore the last week of the season. 7. The editors of the annual, Lucia Painter and Jimmy Tompkins, point to that last dead- line when all copy must be in the hands of the printer: March 8. 8. Our efficient building custodian, H. H. Wyler. I 1 Ill! I 'S-..,., --Q. ,v mm... 76a Wwiicme mte- Everybody is happy at the annual football banquet: we had a good season in football, the girls are glamor- ous, the boys are handsome, and the food is wonderful . Lucia Painter singing "Most Of All l'm Proud He's A Him." Dr. B. B. Stephens presents the annual Lions Club award to Trennis Nlark. At the head table: Mrs. Willingham, Mrs. Harris, Coach Harris, Mrs. Eck Curtis, Eclc Curtis, Assistan Coach, University of Texas, Mrs. Hoover, fstandingj, Mr. Drew, Grant Hoover, Master of Ceremonies. The "A" squad and their dates, the "B" squad and their dates, band members, cheerleaders, the coaches and their wives, and school officals are guests of the P.T.A. Coaches Willingham, Hopkins, and Harris receive gifts from the football squad, presented by Co-Captain Bob Beasley. 3 n It, J b 11' " " uf' . gf Y . w r f' , iff il A A Q 1:6 '-, W ' .-f"'r " ir? sURAlNS l cRAl CLEANS 'EM QLEANER' PHONE use Al.wAvs FOR THE INDIANS ELLIS WILLIFORD BEST WISHES STUDENTS WALL FURNITURE 8: APPLIANCE PHON E 800 201 CLAY ABNER KARNESE GIST S DRUG STORE WHERE FRIENDS MEET PHONE non NocoNA TEXAS COMPLIMENTS POPULAR DRY GOODS MR, a. MRS. J, o, MCELHANNQN NOCONAg TEXAS coMPLlMEN1-s or CITY GAS COMPANY NOCONAg 1'ExAs sox 209 PHONE 3 BUSTER'S JEWELRY DIAMONDS AND WATCHES GUARANTEED WATCHES AND JEWELRY REPAIR OUR DRUG STORE A, BILLINGS. PROPRIETOR THE REXALL STORE PHONES 9l AND 630 NOCONA. TEXAS ' . f M 1 ', ,,.. A 9 - ' fh A Jw ,, Us J . . A I AVI! Q l my ,F p . J' J 1 : E kg if , v ll ll I B W PAINTER S FOOD STORE THE STUDENT s FRIEND PHONE 40: NOCONA TEXAS X , SALES AND SERVICE PHONE 446 II7 CLAY STREET -I---v--L.. 'VVI 1 TIN Q111 fl MATHESON CHEVROLET COMPANY TELEPHONE 444 NOCONA TEXAS CONIPLIMENTS NOCONA BOOT COMPANY ENID JUSTIN PRESIDENT WALTER LANG MOTORS -roun FRIENDLY Foam DEALER PHONE 5ll P O BOX 307 NOCONA TEXAS HOTEL COFFEE SHOP Mn a. Mas H E BROWN Pnopmsrons ws RE BEHIND -ms INDIANS I MOLSBEE S FOOD MARKET NOCONAn TEXAS PHONE 498 GLEN MOLSBEE O, T, MOLSBEE COMPLIMENTS OF NOCONA BAKERY AND CAFE , , I ,X W v N' X x A N Y X X 1 , N tg , -Q 2' N 2 EQ 'L N ' Sr X x NI l "' N 1 x v B A gN - A 0 '1: g ' I W Q was 0 - Lv UA 1 X X Y N Q s, . X I N s S A ,,.' "2 I A EA mnmnsl LETIS eo: WHITE AUTO STORE EVERYTHING Fon THE HOME A S GILBERT DEPARTMENT J' Ano AUTOMOBILE STORE TELEPHONE 405 IN THE HEART or NOCONA aox ssl YOUR SELF SERVE VARIETY STORE vouksh sw as 'Tix WELDON COWAN MGR PHONE as: PHONE 64 COMPLIMENTS REDDY'S MEN AND BOYS WEAR NOCONA LEATHER GOODS COMPANY ATHLETIC GOODS MANUFACTURERS NOCONA TEXAS COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS HINDS CLARK coMPANY OF WESTINGHOUSE AND NIAYTAG APPLIANCES PHONE " NOCONA sAm-r Jo NOCONA. TEXAS I I 1 X! IN F 1 I X , 'ro A 9 BEN FRANKLIN I- 1 i R -ldv-mn, u or U , OF f ADKINS SHOE SHOP ALEXANDER 'S STOAR AUTO SPRING AND SUPPLY CITY BARBER SHOP CURLIN INSURANCE AGENCY FRANK 'S MOTOR SALES GAMMON MOTOR COMPANY HOWARD 'S STUDIO WE BOOST N. H. S. NOCONA BEAUTY SHOP NOCONA FLORAL NOCONA NEWS NOCONA TRUCK AND TRACTOR SERVICE BARBER SHOP STOUT'S FURNITURE-APPLIANCES WALKER MAGNETO AND IGNITION WESTERN AUTO STORE P - v..- - ... --.,,.- - f-v--vg-w-.,,,.,,,,-.f.- ,--,rm - ., , W h A , V --- -.7113-..-,v . PTT, -.,-X591---.-y,,-,qv P-,-.---W-,.w . V-.-.-,.4,,?. L- " -V ' ' I ' ' .I-W -:,F'.IfL .h g H Y .psi-F511-1-1-yx"f.-Q , , r .1..v ,-,maxi Y WW W ' Gf4."..gM,fy,z+1.,, 5 ' fi. - 'd-U , 0-'-f-M4-1.' gf' C, 1 - Bw' af av , X as iPf3,mg '?'5'QiflW 9:3 R221 jIffjQ53J'jpLW'MZjWMg g' 23255 X-X if5WflQ?l?fi T52E My Q? 'SW XJ Q ' ' 'W wp QW W J, if QSM wWW 3fcpJf,?f ypfwkqxfkigiagg Qfxf gil KAW' ff EQ! .4- 1495 1 SEAS 5 - llihl ti! l.w!:lfmnzm 61 ig H it K i i , ,Q - .xx qa L15 -f' 3 A wx 2 'M -Q: ' ' 74f: ns - 4 , N kk H.. cf X 4 4 4 , ' s .,, i s aff' A 'fv',f,,,!U :' X ' 'X :J lr :Q . ' x . . 1 , 1' I 'wg fi 'Q ' . I lima 40,4 M " e',igfQl n wx Qais

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