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asf' -. . Aasrzifisx.-sLt2.fi1,1 , y'1":svf-,. -.,2,Mx-.ihzfk . 1,1-.g ,I 3 sf A - , , gm ,.A,:. , gs, ,kg ,, 9 ,gf fag. ,I Mg ,WJ y 9 fi im "ij ' Qfiih? gi S. xy eg , K Zi., 5 A , K, - i A ,E t .,:. X W 'f'.v Km .mu I yiiy A 3' . 1 r 4 SV' '30 I 3 I -1. i 5 1 WX 4: 011'-' gl ff, 'bg-, M. -Q... A Q, I MJD A 47? E! ' V ,q L Z. Www MWM WS M'M ' 1 i A. l , 4 i fffi Q THF Uillr V vi? , N ' ,A X0 ' ET 15? 3' C V+--gf jmffiw- A K, I U "milf if "ff I: f 5 U 5 4 Y L- fri V'-fgi'-i' lWqfML'4q'i -"ii EVM' .Y D x ' pf -K 31"-44,1 ,gfualk A V z- 4-as "lx 62 5' u " f f ,, Q It ,, if 'W NUUNX 1 JUN I9 1, 1-ff,-A's jffffvo' g. ' , f X rg -114 - rL1 L!! J I A . ' K!" 5 , pf ily, 7"4.,j,-J 7ffr'7! ' A l I 1 1 1 I L K W . . , ,Z nj Jff,zC,z,1,-45.1 UA ,I :L , I, ,fp Y ,peg , ,fy M V . I I ci X X ,- f , H, X , f - A! .4 ,,, 'I . I. V x ' 1 ' ' jcztgf if bf tiki'-Q! . If 1 fa. , ff, I If A X if f, 4 4 5 ,f'4.JL, -J ,ff f- if f ng A, fffgtlz, ,,,,j,q 4 ,A ffl , fue wi- f f" , ,I 1' 'f ' l a " 64" ' ffyfdifvl' il If ,,,, f 1 , ' If -' ,-. I , , r ,W f '. V ,-4' , -'54 ' ,fr V " ,nv-6,.,f' ff' . :I U fire-pf,f"" ' 4 ' 11,1116 I 7 I V b dj , rf L 1.7 , f Y . Spirit is an ahstract noun, wepave Earnedilp our 1 1, f .' -4,1 1 .- f lf- I ffl.. Afjfqf,-.SJ .fftsyf xr " 16.4 F-,ff ,,7. ,ffn ny It f 7 , H. ,-J f 1 ,Z ff- , Q, A 1EngUsh classes, One cannot photograph school spirit , 'Q K f-,f ff- I- -, . ff, , ff!!!-'i frgf. f,!!,. srl A1114 ff, - . 1, nor can anartist make a design that all would recognize lgls.'."1"4'1 . 4, gg' 421. 1f,f'f,,' ' ' 42' ! J . ,I l ,gy ,. as symbolizing the spirit of Nocona High School. But we I A If .4 Q 5 A 4 ff-" of "ff2"4' HAM ,ffff uf, - ff 'f-f fffv -2" i - . . . , , ' ' , can attempt to record for the future those many activities I A- ,-If 'J -Iliff' ,ff .ft 41,4 , 1 , I In -1,6 , I, I fc' 1.-,747 ' ' n 1 . , I ,, , y, , , , , . .. X-Q . . Q s ., - .f1 ff I J f - , where our schoobspirit was shown: in the classroom, in .401 ,, -V ilild if ,,f- -, , , the casual meetin s in halls and on the cam us in our !! Y , rf, . 4- 9 P 1 . I I -i , s fs ff! 1 ,f . ,Q , f JJ, . -1 . f f 2 f ,rf A . E - I U , , ' f ,.. f ' ' ' vgames and on thefplavlng-'fieldfgf ' f -' , 1' 1 I ' ff ' K' f a.-. ,, , ' aj . ,V ff -. ' ' , , 1- - 'f- f' .4 A . 1 Q l The spirit of Nocona High is as old as the memory of the oldest graduate. It is as new as the functional archi- tecture of our building. It is a good spirit. dministration BOARD OF EDUCATION Dr. David Major..... ....... .............President Bob Bennett ........... .. . .. . .........Secretary I I DR. CHARLES A. LINDSEY Superintendent of Schools Dr. David Maior is host to the BOARD OF EDUCATION and the Superintendent at a dinner welcoming a newly-appointed board member. SEATED, left to right: Hinds Clark, Bob Bennett, Glenn Molsbee, Dr. David Maior, Kenneth Guinn, James E. Curlin, and Frank Griffith. STANDING: Dr. Charles A. Lindsey. .. . I-raver' Bl :lg 522W 95 r""'m Faculty MORRIS BARRON Industrial Arts ZANA CHAPMAN Girls' P. E. ALVA B. COPELAND Englishg Speech GEORGE DREW Band Director BENNIE DREW Chemistryg Biology THE LMA DUNAWAY English L. J. HALTER Boys' P.E.p Mathg Coach GRACE JAN EWAY Geometryp Algebra ll E. C. McMURRAY Voc. Agriculture KAY Mc GAU GH EY Secretary AUBREY MITCHE LL Librarian GROVER PEARSON Social Scienceg Coach VANNI E RANDOLPH Voc . Homemaking RONALD SERVIES Sciencep Coach PEGGY JO WILLIS Commercial an on 09,54 fl N xsgyhicx x -Q ,LE .tb , X f Q 'Z' .6 C ASSE J M.. . FROM SENlORS .... TO FRESHMEN The bookkeeping class learns about special jour- nals. The library is a quiet place to study. Colorful book jackets around the walls invite us to read. A general science class watches an experiment. NOCONA HIGH SCHOOL Built in 1952 , f Ci,0"f"-A ff Seniors 'P Ili The senior class has a full corps of officers. ln the front row, left to right: Chandler, Sewell Lindsey, Janeway. Back row: Roberts, Welch, Williamson. OFFICERS C. W. Chandler, Jr ............. ......... P resident Jack Sewell ......... .... V ice-President Carol Ann Lindsey .... ....... S ecretary Ruth Janeway ...... ....... T reasurer Bill Roberts ........ ..... P crliamentarian Quintin Welch ....... .... S ergeant-at-Arms Sue Ellen Williamson ............ .......... R eporter SPONSORS Alva Copeland, Vannie Randolph ROOM MOTHERS Mrs. C. W.Chandler, Mrs. C. A. Lindsey, Mrs. G. A. Newby, Mrs. Jack Roberts C. W. CHANDLER GRETCHEN BELL Drama Club 15 Travel Club 2,35 lndianettes Historian 45 Band 1,2,35 Basketball 3,4. Gretchen's photo- genic face ought to land her a iob with the adverfiz- ing agencies that furnish models for the shampoo and toothpaste ads. Seniors ,LEN DAVIS LARRY DUNBAR 1 ---P Class President 2,45 F.F.A. 1,2, President 3, Vice- President 45 Student Council 2, Treasurer 3, President 45 Band 1, Vice-President 2, President 35 Declama- tion5 One-Act Play 25 Extempo 35 Debate 4. He might even be president of the U.S. in '83. HORACE COPELAND Student Council 15 F.F.A. 15 Hunting and Fishing Club 25 Le1'l'ermen'5 Club 'l,2,3,4, Sergeant-at-Arms 45 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,35 Baseball 1, 35 Tennis 1,25 Track 3. Our only four-year football letterman married the 1951 football queen. ass Favorite 15 Class Vice- esident 35 Arrowhead 1,2, litor 45 Cheerleader 3, 45 H. A. 1,25 Allied Youth lub 35 Future Teachers 45 A t of the credit for our im- oved school spirit this year :longs to our head cheer- oder, GOI Fightl Let'swinl BILL FARQUHAR Band 1,25 Sports Club 15 Hunting and Fishing Club 35 F.F.A. 3,4. BilI's real interests seem to be social. He worked hard to help make last year's iunior-senior banquet a success. He is also considered a very good dancer. JACK GIST Class President 35 Favorite 35 Student Council 45 Sports Club 15 Hunting and Fishing Club 25 Letter- men's Club 3, President 45 Football 2,35 Co-Captain 45 Basketball 3,45 Golf 1,2,35 Tennis 1,2,3. All this and handsome tool Sports Club 15 Hunting and Fishing Club 25 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Jr. Football 15 Jr. Basketball 15 Baseball 2, 35 Basketball 3,45 Football 2, 3,45 Tennis 2. Some gentle- men may prefer blonds5 but Larry's girl friends always seem to be brunettes. RUTH JAN EWAY Seniors EDDIE HOLLARS Sports Club I5 Arrowhead 25 Travel Club 35 Letter- men's Club 45 Annual Staff 45 Golf l,2,35 Track I5 Tennis 2. A down-town iob, a full scheduleat school, and making pictures for the annual have kept Eddie busy this year . DON HANKINS Class President I5 Student CouncilTreasurer 45 Sports Club I5 Lettermen's Club 2,3, Vice-President 45 Football 2,3, Captain 45 Golf 2,35 Track 1,25 Bas- ketball 3. Don was the lucky captain who crowned our lovely football queen. Class Secretary 3, Treasurer 3,45 Class Favorite 25 Student Council l, Parliamentarian 35 Vice-President 45 Travel Club 1,25 Band Vice-President I, Librarian 2, Secretary 3,45 F.H.A. Pianist 35 Ready Writing l,2,35 TlL Typing 25 Number Sense 2,3. Her pretty CHARLES LASSETER face reflects her sweet personality. GAYLE KECK F.H.A. l,2, Secretary-Treas- urer 35 Library Club 3, Vice- President 45 Pep Squad 4. Gayle, our tiniest senior, is also one of our wittiest, ac- cording to her closest friends . But her quiet humor is cer- tainly not the show-off type. RUBY JO KERR F.H.A. l,2,35 Library Club 3,4. Evidently Ruby Jo has never heard that red-headed people are supposed to be high-tempered. She has a sunny disposition and enioys life thoroughly. g F.F.A. l,3,45 Sports Club 2. Bud's chief interest all through high school has been in his He has made "rabbit show" judging his specialized field. CAROL ANN LINDSEY Graham High T5 Albany High 2,35 Class Secretary 45 Student Council Secretary 45 Band Vice-President 45 F. H. A. Reporter 45 Football Queen 4. ln her one year in NHS Carol Ann has become a favorite with the whole student body. HERESA JANE REYNOLDS and 1 2,35 Drama Club 1 Arrowhead 2 3 Annual taff3 F H A 4 Theresa as a genuine talent for de orating and design. She al- ays looks like a picture out F Vogue". MIKE NEWBY A. V. lBuster1 ROLLS, JR. Sports Club 1,25 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Golf 1,2,35 Football 35 Basketball 3. The only people who have more fun than Buster does are the ones who are listen- ing to his wisecracks. Any golf clubs for sale? JACK SEWELL Goldburg Hidm 1,25 Class Vice-President 45 F.F.A. 3, President 4. Jack was the senior nominated for Future Homemaker Beau. We suspect that he is the secret choice of several girls. He has been a very dependable worker on senior proiects. Seniors Class Secretary-Treasurer 15 Reporter 25 Drama Club 15 Lettermen's Club 2, 3, Secretary 45 Arrowhead Sports Writer 1,25 Football 2,3, Tri-Captain 45 Bas- ketball 1,2, 3, 45 Baseball 15 Track 1.2,3,4. He hopes some day to have M.D. after his name. RONALD PRIBBLE Class Vice-President 15 Class Favorite 25 Hunting and Fishing Club 1, Secretary 25 Sports Club 15 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball l, 3, 43 Track l, 2: Baseball 1,2, 35 Tennis 2,3. Mal may get back at his teasing friends when he be- comes a dentlst. Ouchl BARBARA PRIDDY F.H.A. 1,2,35 Library Club Vice-President 3, Re- porter 4. All the senior girls envy Barbara her love- ly olive complexion. She always looks like she has iust returned from a vacation in Florida. BILL ROBERTS of financing the annual Sports Club1,35 Hunting and Fishing Club 25 Annual Bus iness Manager 45 Basketball 15 Golf 1,2,3,4. We don t know where that "Cheap John" title originated5 but everybody felt it was a wise choice when the student body elected him to have charge Seniors PEGGY SMITH Drama Club l,3, F.H.A. Song Leader 4, Arrowhead 'I,2,3, Annual 2,3, Editor 4, Band 2,3,4, TIL Spell- ing l,2,3. We envy Peggy her lovely golden hair and her equally lovely golden voice. IX MARTHA SUE SPENCER Student Council 4, Drama Club I,3, Band I,2,3,4, Arrowhead l,2,3, F.H.A.4, TIL Spelling I,2, One- Act Play 3. After seeing her in the play "Fixin's", we would predict a career in Hollywood for Martha, if she weren't collecting silverware zealously. SUE ANN STOUDER Drama Club I, Arrowhead I, 2, 3, Travel Club 3, F.H.A. 4, Annual Staff 3, Associate Editor 4, TIL Spelling l, 2, 3, TIL Typing 2. Is it her Southern drawl, her curly hair, or her big brown eyes that captivates the Prairie Valley boys? DRIS UNDERWOOD airie Valley High I, F.H. ,2,3, Library Club 3, rrresponding Secretary 4, p Squad 4, Her quiet ef- :iency, plus all that know- :lge she's acquiring in Miss 'llis' classes, will make a lrvelous secretary for some :ky employer. MONTE WALKER ScienceCIub l, Band l,2,3, 4, Golf 2,3, Arrowhead I, 2, Annual Staff Assistant Business Manager 4. Monte's chief interest in life is con- tained in agolfbag. Heplays golf by day and dreams of it at night. Forel QUINTIN WELCH Science Club I, Sports Club 2, Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Band I, Football 2,3,4, Basketball 2,3,4, Track 2,3, Sergeant-at-Arms 4. Quintin cannot get lost in a crowd, for that six feet five inches height towers above all the other students in NHS. Mr. Adams doesn't call him "Shorty". SUE ELLEN JONES WILLIAMSON Class Reporter I,4, Class Favorite 3, Drama Club I, Arrowhead I,2,3, Band I,2,3, F.H.A. 4, Indian- ettes 4, Cheerleader 4, Annual Staff 2, TIL Typing 2, Basketball 2, 3, Co-Captain 4, Versatile Sue is the only Mrs. in the senior class. If Senior Celebrities As selected by a secret ballot of the class of l954 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED C. W. Chandler, Jr. - Ruth Janeway THE BEST LOOKING Jaclc Gist - Carol Ann Lindsey THE WlTTlEST Buster Rolls - Ellen Davis THE MOST ATHLETIC Mike Newby Sue Ellen Williamson Juniors J ,qrgyq 1- ' Li"'4.1',- if lJjQ,2 J in .'vi'.'," A . 7-Q 51.21 l ' X '4 ,. l l I. 3 l 'z . 5 I V3 Ml l' The iunior class officers, Bob, Jimmy, Jane, and Barbara, are iustly proud of the cIass's good record in the magazine sales campaign. OFFICERS BobBeasIey.... ..... ....... . .......President Jimmy Hoover .... ......... .... Vice-President Jane Carminati . . . . . . . . . . . .Secretory Barbara Sappingfon ................ .....Treasurer SPONSORS Thelma Dunaway, E . C. McMurray, Grover Pearson ROOM MOTHERS Mesdomes O. W. Coleman, G. G. Embrey, Paul Mols- bee, H. N. Painter, Atkins Reynolds, Abner Wall. fi X Q nj- .LL - 7,1 - Tgiifib 3 . amy.: A Q4 x ,- l, P f. Y, "fi 16 se . P , 5 6 W-F -I 11 Q. "ii-' kg ' Z' ' , R- f . H 2 xww' ., X' 2".' fiQ- .E , ' - g,.. E: . ,n'.Q.f,gHi-.Q QL 1 Q Af? Ks Q O in ,, M , 5 QRHJ, ,- F . " A A iw W ' Um , .. ,,m4.:r- .57 w..:.-4 A 1. C mr m , ,, . 1- V .. . , :avvw','5wT' wud, '- - -' gggssqssvf -1- ,, 9 ffwf , X "1 fn- W M 4 LW if H . EE -,Ji-m I rf A I my 1 f"t:' 'Q' ' J ,gm -5,3 ,, 5? AQ' ' . 2 ,. 1,5 . A - we 'I .. .- ,'L'lill if .- ' y 1 ff Ag, , Z7 Q, mf , ? . . , Q, 'ey' L 1 1 ,if- Vff- A ' - ' , .f ff, 'iw- , s ' . ,, a-an-. -it 4 "' . . f" "', M',1,g 1 ,., 4x b.-1. .fy -, .,---C , -lg. r.- '-Q Hs, 'fm ,f 7, - .W , , , 'L-Q. . RF' j- E1 ' "" .411- , ,M mi" Y X ww., , if C l, l .u, 19' e' W' 1Kk,I"fI A , W-v.-'K ' iw-J 11:4 f 113, H 7, .,,,5,., A X. ,V --I-VJ: LV' , 4 1 .',. X 7 .-e'- 1" f- ., A ., -+1 ., W ,. Qi' .3 I -5 'uiglifrfiiwii S1 ' , Www, g.. f fkkiii z i ,, P, ' ,ileFwfT'W w f . . 'um ' VA ,,.. fs Q A - uffm, 37. ,J ,5 ,, f.,5,x',L , " Y 5 'Lf x1ii'Y W., 11 iz' . Q 551' ,yagqa x -wig. k 4Q'f7ijh,, g.,Q7':g., V 'iiygfiiii X Af' '5 ' flfafft , Qi"2z'Muw"-fl ,T V A 'Vis V . if ,l Aavmwf " N 'MW 5 r,,'w:i.f-,1 'W sr' ,A -f .. f s-, mf: w' J W Haag ,L ,qc me if '7 vi -x f , f U gil A+". f ,I '5Y,E,'. fx K- 7 1' gig? fynsfh, QQ," f ag. fb ..m.1+s-Q gg 1' -' gn- xv'-,ff H lf. if 1 f .,.w I ggi 1 Juniors Earl fRedJ Noel Lucia Painter Janice Patterson l fl .Jr I ,QMS Allie B. Patton Herman Penaluna Larry Phipps Barbara Lee Reynolds Dolores Richardson Barbara Sappington Shirley Pingenot Virginia Lee Randolph Patricia Reed ll . I 1 Juniors t -04 " 'v Wim l x Sue Scott Saro Sewell Sue Sewell Jimmy Tompkins Johnny Townsend Eddie Ulbig , Wg it :df Hin- W M 1' -ww n 1-'.' A wwf 'bwesf-r1Q'f"' it 5 wi3Qlf?31v "' - ""Qe 15 'K me .gg if i Evo Roe Sloss Marilyn Spencer Donna Sutton iirrfih - - I. ' ,I 15 S ' I 'Y ' Q V 9 A f 'A 'fl v .M i Q-7 -4 :E I Qu. ! S 'wc - if 'x N Q-1 'f 1 4' . F px 1' ,419 ww' Potty Walker Betty Wall DEIva Wall Roscoe Winter r 4 , ., , U A ,Q H, N ,M 'Q . f -.. :'fj"""'9'Wb"'9-' if-1 -If . L' w , x ,L nf, ., mfg : f 1' s . K . x , ,h 1 QE, '.iib.i+1-,m,5,M . , -,Ku H. 4' Pig U ,I!"" f'-74? ' . A Sg,,11.f"' V , Q J M ' , ' ,tc qs? K .,v- 0 :vu ,K h Us K K ,L 'L T' A 23 -s , V 4. Z' , ' 2. + , g . . , ,Q '1 g A +, 2 A .u ,Q 1 ' . NW, F ff' V--4 , -QM. 55.f..1fa Y, ., A ' ' kf'f?:5fi2i? A . ' 'QQ 4 M U ' ,UV fi 3 , Af .fi : 1. . ,I -mAiWh,,K,, L,,., NM, V. iw ,. .af I V , K ,. Kiki? :UV 'Vi . . Zag. , M ,,.- F Q ' Y +' J E ' ' A ' if , Y -V ALA as f L gm,- .- ' 1 -N 'sf my - 'Www' ,M . gg, t .Q A 218555 1, n 1321 Am: E iw KB N ,1 , i ,, I - y . , Yi' V -RJ 1 Q Z if Q w uw V iw' ' A .12 if X QUE ilwf-' Y. gig-L: W: ag: f' ,g:e'l"f'T'QQe E? M "i"'LR?f A 'W r .. 1' . in my ,mmm -, 4',.,xw,., sh., .ww I M...-v441u.s.,gQQ,' L ' x ' . 5 .H-. ,..,,, , .V -Q ,.,f 1 ,wg Q: . ,, ,, - . vi' JL fv . f12'1.iqz'.j:1 M' X . H21 ..,V ,,,,l,,,,, A . . wal. -:wwf T' 3-.dfujfi 'SVR' IIE:-'7 V J .f-?2gJ we Am -5' fE,?L'1 54637. ,uf:!'.'5, :U ,, 9 .+,,fLre' .!.,,.,,g. 1955235 .....'52!-, 7:21-3 5-5 I r -'r'11."T':" ,FJ is-.Q-2 ' - g,1,'5 ' wif.. H221 1.5 ' " ,. Rx 1 -V 2. 54 I ' "ieLS'. .yu .-ww! .,. , ,f ,M V H .- ,V . -W M ,M s .MV ,zz-. - w ' 1-pw MQ. f, ' X, ,, 5, t , -'--35122. . 5 a -2 my ffwkfyfrk ..w,,.. K -fl L MTM ' N ' ' 5622.1 . M 5 , :5 g 5 ,Wim , Q ' lf 2 ? , N + . 2 2 .if Ii r X X S f ig Q X, , X -- 1. w f , , V Lg. .5 A L' I N5 fi Y 5. Lain -5 2, g v Fi. i 2- Z - 3.14 ,if f - Q ' hw, -wifi' 1: ,.,,,.w7 3 A3 . Af , , J Sophomores Top row, left to right: James Allen, Patricia Bailey, Clifton Baxter, Martha Brooks. Second row: Jo Brown, Jackie Cardwell, W. L. Chambers, Larry Clark. Third row: Doyle Cox, Colleen Dalton, Catherine Davis, Albert Dillard. Bottom row: Janice Dodson, Herman Duck, Ed English, Jimmy Enlow. 4 .-at-ug, ,. . ophomores Top row, left to right: Bennie Fenner, Joan Geiser, Elvin Gentry, Mary Lou Godwin. Second row: Calvin Graham, Charles Griffin, Donald Griffin, Richard Griffith. Third row: Dorothy Haggerton, James Hamilton, Vivian Hoover, Harlan Howard. Bottom row: Max James, Elton Wayne Lasseter, Louie Le Beau, Jerry Lerner. W, ,, ,, V lqft Sophomores Top row, left to right: Lou Ann Milam, Sanford Mitchell, Pat Morgan, Richard Oldham. Second row: David Orrell, Weldon Parr, Rita Gayle Price, Shirlene Priddy. Third row: Jim Pults, Floyedelle Richardson, Melvin Russell, Patsy Ruth Russell. Bottom row: Carolyn Ryan, Charles Ryan, Hardy Lee Seay, Elaine Sell. V ophomores S ei X T .I 'l 7 53? Ji' 'K X l Top row, left to right: Della Sloss, Larry Smith, Dick Stallcup, Frankie Stambaugh. Second row: Jim Storey, Elene Teague, Monroe Thomas, David Tompkins. Third row: Tommy Uselton, Johnny Vaughn, Daon Wall, John Welch. Bottom row: Ramona Wiechman, Mary Wolfe, Clara Wyler, Margaret York. S Y Q f i E, 2? vit 3' Ulbnii' f Q- Ji is fir: if fl' 2 1-u., mi.. 3.,,,,-:..,M.4c. , 4- hus- Freshmen f .1 if ,. The freshman officers, Waldrip, Pettyiohn, Lee, and Salmon, are going to do their part toward adding trophies to this collection. OFFICERS David Waldrip .... .............. ........ P r esident Tommy Pettyiohn .... ........... .... V i ce-President Bill Lee ........ ..... S ecretary Corky Salmon ..... ........... .... T r easurer SPONSORS Grace Janeway, Ronald Servies ROOM MOTHERS Mesdames Ralph Abbott, Charles Burnett, A. A. Hudson, J. D. McElhannon, W. P. Parker, and Jack Roberts Freshmen Wanda Abbot? Winston Addington Clifford Albin Don Allen David Bagley James Ballinger Donald Barker Malcolm Bell Jo Marie Beverage Alvin Bingham Jean Bowerman Roy Brawner Mary Bruce Gayle Burnett John Wesley Butts Eddie Cockburn J 'J Ronald Cox Troy Doyle Harlene Dyer Bain Ellis Freshmen Bill Embry Emerson Fowler Eudeal Green James Green Cleveland Hanks Suzanne Haralson Bonnie Harrington Kenneth Harrington Mary Jane Horner Jimmy Hudgens Audrey Hudson Jerry Don Hudson Tommy Kaler Carroll Keck LH... ..-mf Minnie Kerr Mike Kiser Norma Leaton Bill Lee Patricia Sue Lemons Patsy Lou Lemons Y- A W f. ,, ss. r ' 'Ot if A , 'S A F. l f , ,gf Q , 1 J! K 3 It W, iff' V fill tis X as N A.9v.. , .W-.X :ui 'f 57 ll qu. . if sl ,I ff" 1 N 4 .. j. . !.,,m..1qP', X- ,- , f- . s ' ' me V55 ,f w. f' lsss i l . gf J ff W7 ' ,. . , Q, , . ,.. 'X 's flag b ii ig 'J:'?'2Y .nf -gg A . ll x X ifvp-:B F Y 1 , . . 5 is 2 N: ix.. ji. 'l .. K . ev. ' V' . x as . .Egg 'if -A :X 51254 if , K1 , , ,' . "' rl iw wiv 4 " -' va .C ' L in J 'Nh' ssrr s neess L If 'if' ,Os 1, 1 'Mir X ,-og, r if N 1 gl' b, 'mv E N.. J fvj.-X 'Y F xqif 0 Ef!"- . 1 A wx! 4 l J.. 1 I .. ,,,. -4 ", sly' .4 '3- vi? s fi . -1. 'Qi' , X-7-'Q lx al K s ,wx ,H if ' 1 far - 1 v"'?' fesissls J 171, 'TS iyi 'QI Freshmen Mary Long Tommy Long Harold Marmaduke - Jimmy Martin Janice May Billy McElhannon Bobby McNew David Milam John Murphy Peggy Murray Sherrie Sue Nelson Gay Parker - Nolen Partridge Mary Alice Patterson Tommy Peftyiohn Mqqa Pruiit Joe Pullis Carolyn Reed Billy Reynolds Mary Roberts Freshmen Nancy Roper Jomes Salmon Birt Leona Seay Joyce Ann Sewell Robert Lee Simpson John Barrett Sledge Doris Smith Jo Ann Sloss Donald Taylor Judy Tompkins Charles Ulbig Billy Vicori Sedo Vineyard David Waldrip Norvcn Wall James Weaver Jimmy Welch Jessie Wilcox Jerry Woods Mildred York Verlon lVickyJ Zahn I . 4! , fi 5. , S Q 'H 5 5 9-' 3 F lx in xi W, 1 N ,2 any 1 w -..J.s.., S Q .- -i fzgiwus 'as . S Q- :sv- ' fgfzasgfisifr ffl we I s ,4-:Qt 41' ISN fs. 0.036 4' GYAXQF-li 'NV' ' , ,,, ,,fw.iffl1, 'sz i-51,1 2 ,gr 'Xie' X EW 1.5 1 'Q 15 ew 'Q S fJ"v?1' ' 4mwi?ll YgJfi: Rik Sf: gmim .' ,. 15, , W . at k , ny., l.,.,,, ,. A. . 2 ,W ,ss gf A 'Wk Bain Siaffis 5, 0 at Y I' . 1 '35 ,J 1' if A 4 . ,.k. 'M' i .Q ,.. ,-.J ,yi . i fl'- if 453 'U-Io 1:f-gf T u ' , 2 .AQ , is - 4 - , , f i' 'QF . V aff ' ' i L 6 'X .i is is 1 VJ' , . Y, 4 S 1 Q six new , ma y s.Zh, in ,x . W i li JO 'V' . V it-waits 1... ' A if ' J r v .. X Ewa fl fl i .J VH S4 'eff S if . 5- xx . vim . 1,1 3' x r 't b J ,f s -Q .. , - -In L sv '-s...:r x E I .X -fxx .If Hifi e u . SENIORS Don Hanlcins Ronald Pribble Ellen Davis Martha Spencer JUNIORS Jim Hoover Eddie Cooper Pony Walker DEIva Wall SOPHOMORES Doon Wall Louie Le Beau Hardy Lee Seay Mary Wolfe Lou Ann Milam FRESHMEN Tommy Petfyiohn Corky Salmon Mary Roberts Birt Leana Seay X I - N 7 ,Q Q 1 1. VUHI Mx -1 SX XJ , . NMMA wg Senior Favorites RUTH JANEWAY JACK GIST BO BBY BEAS LEY Junior Favorites NELL HOOVER s, 4,143-1'1f'im ., , L. -vi. SS- ' -1-- - .ii ,HK x ' M i, ..3,,5,5gur i ,-Y . Q r. x r I , . r , QM, WN ' ,V--L--.wk V .K -- A lr- W "wk 1.2 " - . ""1"'V ,. 23. QM. V I fx .--A, - rf., A f ,-1 7 ,5Q:,wL 'bg V "" I' -. 1' ' gig ' JW 1,31 - , f, Q :ff-fi, fahfff -A , f Hg ji, rv ., vs .L:'.f'.,v- , :W'2fi:5f,, m2:g , , J., . -, V .Y . -V . ..., NL . .. .. , .. .. ., ,.,,, .. -,,.. Q -. , 4:2134 " Af giivi, f-ij?f2if"f- K - A Q.. 5. X ,L X . ' "PiXIf'La digg? it .,,Q,,M A 1.-' 55: A -: A- . ,117 A 1 an 2 I' Q,- 'L:+"...g,- '- fiffrggnixg X . mf fi viii'-' 'fm-T.??.v X 3 sv? up-,' ,M "L ggfd a A 51' ff' , "ge, 1,55 4 ,, , -3 .- mfg 4 S., .,.,,.. . ' .ilffllf Q' rx ' . A 1 ' , NW ' ""A3fr, ,, S 3.31 -45 WHQQ1 . WE!-iQ,6QiW. .Wx U 4 Hu 'f WM .n ,.7'fFf "V "Jia ,,,. "rv - UH' ' 1.1 I "- i4 Vfifzl wh. vy .., 7 NR - -"wM"5Q 'w . 1: , .df am ,A f Rn, w. I-1"-'r-'12 M 4 ':" A ffwvsf, ,wr .f',L,m . , 'df-w'C:"1'L. -1-' arfyfi-"'1BH5'. 15 ' 'V "Jw , X 5 :W fiililf? kj JF. M74 4,-muff-., .44l','-,'2'f , -.r , 1 ' . f -' Q.,fg,, 'Q fi1v.l4-1F1k'f': M.,-ggQg'..r'V',x2',z,.L-Q, pw? '- wg ,g ' ' 3- 'H 1 " 'F , u 1 x. V U ., 1 m " 1 - 1, 1 or v - . 1 I , af A I Q. v W I ,l l, ' ,p HI' U x , I iwzgx. 1 r il 1 5 ,,,.I' QQ - I 'Z bxkl if 5 xi' V 1 1 Football Queen CAROL ANN LINDSEY F. F. A. Sweetheart F. H. A. Beau NNEMAKERS 2+- I Q5 Q-O , of 5 ' 2, ' SM LEW 5 ' Ji 64 ' .. .Q 4 xo 4,0 NEW HO DAON WALL . WTUWW .V A in X rmob, W , '-'F-gf! Q ' FZ GLX? , oo , ,ag N ' 1 f 5?"KFXFA F 5, C C F 1' DELVA WALL lflllgi? A -. Q, 4 Y . . D :HF mfif ' .1 , 1. 2,1 ,gn .1 A I I' . Q.. . -, e' . ,. A ominees F . F .A. SWEETHEART Birt Leana Seay, Freshman Gretchen Bell, Senior Lou Ann Milam, Sophomore The junior nominee , DElva Wall, was elected chapter sweetheart. lSee page 37.l F. H. A. BEAU Tommy Pettyiohn, Freshman Jack Sewell, Senior Jim Hoover, Junior The sophomore nominee, Doon Wall, was elected the F. H.. A. Beau. lSee Page 37.2 FOOTBALL QUEEN DElva Wall Lou Ann Milam Ruth Janeway The three girls pictured here, and the football queen, Carol Ann Lindsey, lPage 365, were nominated by the football squad. -5, A Al R X X v X P X Q X iv K X 'ffm qfff f , xx PV Q2 9W 1 " ? V . V1 i w , x 1 X fff 3 1 JAKE HALTER Coach Lf: If VS RONALD SERVI ES Assistant Coach , y 4-' GROVER PEARSON Assistant Coach Foot 1,9 FRONT ROW: Seay, Noel, Waldrip, Wall, Hanlcins, Kiser lmanagerl, Coach Pearson. SECOND ROW: Myers, Smith, Pults, LeBeau, Sal- mon, Storey, Dunbar, Stallcup. BACK ROW: Coach Servies, Graham, Beasley, Welch, Newby, Gist, Copeland, Mark, Coach Halter. The 1953 edition of the Nocona Indians, composed mostly of in- experienced freshmen and sophomores, emerged from the '53 season with a l-l-8 won-tied-lost record. However, the record does not reflect THE SCORE BOARD Nocona 6 Archer City 26 Nocona 14 St. .lo 6 Nocona 7 Handley 34 Nocona O Burkburnett I9 Nocona 6 Brewer 6 Nocona O Diamond Hill l9 Nocona 7 Decatur 26 Nocona I3 Gra ham 27 Nocona 7 Jacksboro 27 Nocona 0 Bowie 7 fact that in the maiority of their games the injury-riddled Indians ained and seemingly outfought their opponents. This performance high hopes for the '54 version of the Indians. Newby was named end on the all-area second team, and Gist, eland, Noel, Wall, and Waldrip received honorable mention for :ll-district team. TRI-CAPTAINS lTopJ DONALD HANKINS - Sr. - 140 - F.B. Moved from guard to fullback, Don was really a valuable boy for his blocking, when he led the plays. lCenterJ JACK GI ST - Sr. - 180 - End A versatile player, Jack was all-district caliber. fBottomi MIKE NEWBY - Sr. - l85 - End An outstanding pass grabber, he played some good defensive ball in the middle of that line, before McCraw trapped him at Bowie. all f' T . -W... 1 lf..." Not "double duty" players, iust a double exposure. BOB BEASLEY - Jr. - 180 - End tile boys on the team. HORACE COPELAND - Sr. - 160 - Center "Horse" has the reputation of being the hardest-hitting player in the district. LARRY DUNBAR - Sr. - 150 - End Larry was another good defensive player. He was known for his "necktie" tackles. Z CALVIN GRAHAM - Soph. - 155 -'Center Mo was our player with the mast desire to accomplish his duty. We'll never forget the way he dashed out of those huddles. LOUIE LE BEAU - Soph. - 165 - Guard A tough customer on defense, he will really be tough when his ears heal up. TRENNIS MARK - Jr. - 155 - Guard This was Mooks' first year to play foot- ball. He did a fine fob. DICKEY MYERS - Jr. - 150 - Back No one enioyed football practice any more than Dickey. EARL NOEL - Jr. - 155 - Halfback We will always remember Red for his famous Indian war cry, "Oskewawal " JIM PULTS - Soph. - 170 - Tackle Another example of Indian versatility, Jim does a fine iob at fullback, guard, or tackle. One of our best down-field blockers. Football Bob proved to be one of the most versa- JAMES SALMON - Freshman - 150 - Center Corky did some good work when he had to come up from B team and fill in forseveral crips during the conference games. HARDY LEE SEAY - Soph. - 150 - Guard Hardy played alot of guard this year, and he has two more years to go. Wowl LARRY SMITH - Soph. - 200 - Tackle The heaviest boy on the squad, Larry was one of Nocona's best all-around ball players. DICK STALLCUP - Soph. - 145 - Guard Dicky took plenty of knocks this year'. Fun, though, wasn't it, Dick? JIM STOREY - Soph. - 170 - Fullback We call Jim the best defensive end in District 2A-12. Our kick-off specialist. DAVID WALDRIP - Freshman - 120 - Q-back We predict that during the next three V ji 7 years David will be considered the most dan- gerous football player in the district. DAON WALL - Soph. - 125 - Halfback Daon co-stars with David as "The biggest little men in N.H.S. football." QUINTIN WELCH - Sr. - 195 - Tackle "Tree" was a standout in the Indian de- fensive forward wall. MIKE KISER - Freshman - Manager The most valuable man on the squadl 1 Q 1. i i Three Indians clip the wings of an Eagle from Diamond Hill. Quit hurdling, Hoss, this is footbaI'l. ,Q H' '- 1 Basketball Standing, left to right: Quintin Welch, Bob Beasley, John Townsend, Jack Gist, Captain, Eddie Cooper, Coach Servies. Kneeling: Mike Kiser, Manager, Clifton Baxter, Earl Noel, Daon Wall, Ronald Pribble, Larry Dunbar. That the i954 Indian basketball team, with a 80.7 percentage of wins Q25-61, was one of the best 2-A teams in the state might not be apparent when one states that Coach Servies' boys were runners-up in District 2-A l2, but they were outclassed in district play only by the four-times state champion, Bowie. Their performance in play outside the district bears out the claim above. In the Weatherford tournament, which they entered only two weeks after the beginning of basketball training, they were defeated in the semi-finals by Springtown, later a district winner. The Indians won consola- tion at Childress, having lost their opening game to Wichita Falls, tournament winner, a team which advanced to the state meet in the 4-A class. They won the Ouanah tournament. Individual honors went to Jack Gist, all-tournament team at Weatherford, all-tournament at Childress, and all-tournament at Quanah. He was named the most valuable player at Childress. Mike Newby was chosen on the all-tournament team at Childress and all-tournament second team at Quanah. Eddie Cooper was all-tournament at Quanah. Pribble, Cooper, Townsend, and Beasley are eager for Cooper wiggles in for another basket. Gist's tip. THE 1953-1954 RECORD Nov . 21 Nocona 61 Forestburg 25 Jan Nocona Bowie 81 Nov ., 24 Nocona 89 Cal lisburg 30 Jan . Nocona Ouanah 39 Nov, 30 Nocona 62 Northside 43 Jan. Nocona Prairie Valley 44 Dec . 4 Nocona 55 Burkburnett 41 Jan Nocona Graham 54 Dec . 5 Nocona 69 Northside 45 Jan Nocona Decatur 57 Dec . 8 Nocona 74 Henrietta 32 Jan Nocona Jacksboro 48 WEATHERFORD TOURNAMENT Jan. Nocona Ouanah 51 Dec . 10 Nocona 63 Weatherford 40 Feb Nocona Bowie 75 Dec . 12 Nocona 44 Springtown 52 Feb Nocona Olney 42 . . . . . . . . . . Feb Nocona Whitesboro 42 Dec . 15 Nocona 48 Burkburnett 33 Feb Nocona Graham 49 CHILDRESS TOURNAMENT Feb Nocona Decatur 52 Dec . 18 Nocona 55 Wichita Falls 65 Feb Nocona Olney 40 Dec . 18 Nocona 47 Vernon 38 Feb Nocona Jacksboro 62 Dec. 19 Nocona 78 Ouanah 58 Feb Nocona Prairie Valley 31 Totals 1,817 1,437 Dec. 22 Nocona 42 Slidell 40 QUANAH TOURNAMENT High-point men for the Indians were Gist with 532, Jan. 8 Nocona 64 Antelope 35 and Cooper with 439 forthe season. Jan . 9 Nocona 64 Petrol ia 47 Jan . 9 Nocona 66 Ouanah 46 Jack spins for another shot. In case Cooper's shot misses, Gist and Jack and Quintin are too much under Welch have their opponents screened the basket for P.V. 148 points for the out for the rebound. two, ,K . ',. li' H: v V? F iw' E?-ffn H-1.--'ariissif Egg. , .N 1 ' : i .,4., . I -V., . Q . . . , MAE W. QQ Lim f HB ., , 1 "' x . . ,. ,.: .5g , Fw .. .. X, 1 1 q 1 .J ' Q j' 1 - l S- Q QFYQEQX ' ' Q4 LTTX ' . ki W I 3" A gi , i E V AJ' 3 'A Eb 4? 'P xt. f 4 a- '54 ' ' K L fd 'Q V , I A , 'su V it A I 5, 1 , ' 'gi S ' X ' 1" . g-,,.a- ., . ...Q-1. Ma -IQ -1.5. - N . t J , Z-1 .- Q . 1 1, we h5h -f-an-H Q if H-v A as .ni . V . "-" , 25? -Q5 fi r' 1? :IRQ-,'w3.,:1'5 X 'V F 1 " ??":A.'ff, .' '- i 'N , ,, f ' , - as , . Y I HH f 5. - i 2' ,1 U me 14 u is h,qf1S'S'-" I R . 4 , 'Q A t gb Eg i Ja 5 J K Q WILL , L inn- ' 3 ' "".2r' .N A . Basketball "B" Squad Standing: Jake Halter, Coach, Tommy Usleton, Jimmy Hoover, Trennis Mark, Jim Embry., Kneeling: Tommy Pettyiohn, Bill Embry, John Barrett Sledge, James Weaver. The B squad, made up of juniors, sophomores, and freshmen, has changed in personnel during the season, as squad members advanced to the A ranks to replace iniured or ineligible players. The B team won l4 games and lost 7 during the season. Six boys played in B games scored over a hundred points each. They were: Tommy Uselton, l65, Daon Wall, I39, Jim Hoover, 137, Clifton Baxter, 123, Earl Noel and Jim Embry, 105 each GAMES PLAYED Nocona Forestburg Nocona Decatur Nocona Cal l isburg Nocona Jacksboro Nocona Northside Nocona Quanah Nocona Burkburnett Nocona Bowie Nocona Northside Nocona Olney Nocona Henrietta Nocona Whitesboro Nocona Burkburnett Nocona Graham Nocona Slidell Nocona Decatur Nocona Bowie Nocona Olney Nocona Quanah Nocona Ja cksboro Nocona Graham Basketball Kneeling: Bennie Fenner, Lou Ann Milam, Patty Walker, Lucia Painter. Standing: Pat Morgan, Carolyn Ryan, Sue Scott, Barbara Reynolds fCaptainl, Pat Bailey, Carolyn Reed . With graduation and matrimony leaving only one member ofthe I953 regional championship team, the Nocona coach faced the task of building a team from a squad of inexperienced iuniors and sophomores. The girls were coached during the first part of the year by Mrs. Zana Chapman, and after her resignation by Mrs. Kay McGaughy. With their valuable experience gained this season, the girls should develop another superior team next year. THE I953-1954 RECORD Nocona 8 Henrietta 26 Nocona Decatur Nocona 29 Bryson 44 Nocona Olney Nocona 28 Olney 49 Nocona Prairie Valley WEATHERFORD TOURNAMENT Nocona Bowie Nocona 30 Paradise 36 Nocona Burlaburnett Nocona 22 Brewer 33 Nocona Decatur . . . . . . U . . Nocona J0CkSb0l'0 Nocona l8 Prairie Valley 29 Nocona Byers Nocona 39 Saint Jo 26 Nocona Bowie BURKBURNETT TOURNAMENT Nocona Prairie Valley Nocona 24 Holliday 27 Nocona Saint Jo Nocona 28 Byers 4-9 A 'mg ?7 b 'L 4 3 , i, l ?P 'fix fn 'ifw 'Ji f ff vX..' lj M 1253 H S 1. ,H W uf, u K " ' .J -,V p lg -.A , fu WS' ig r . 1" 'I .W -S, Si s . x 9 ' in yy? fJ Basketball "B" Squad Kneeling, left to right: Mary Alice Patterson, Vicki Zahn, Gayle Burnett Gretchen Bell Wanda Abbott, Sedo Vineyard, Manager., Standing: Jean Bowerman, Captain, Clara Wyler, Shirley Pingenot Mary Lou Godwin Mary Roberts . Since more than half of the B squad are freshmen, their creditable showing this season gives promise of Fine teams for the next three years. Nocona Nocona Nocona Nocona Nocona Nocona Nocona Nocona Nocona Nocona Nocona Nocona Nocona GAMES PLAYED Henrietta Bryson Olney Saint Jo Decatur Olney Bowie Burkburnett Decatur Jacksboro Byers Bowie SaintJo Tennis Pending the construction of tennis courts at our new building, NHS netsters play after school hours at the iunior high school, or on privately- owned courts. ln spite of this practice handi- cap, tennis enthusiasts were scheduled to com- pete in the district meet, for which elimina- tions were not complete when this annual was finished. Entrants in the iunior high singles were lUPPeI' flghfl Carroll Keck, Joe Pullis, last year a first-place winner in the district meet, iunior high singles division, and David Milam. Billy Reynolds, Clifford Albin, Bill Embry, and Eddie Don Cockburn were competing in the iunior high doubles. Q15 , l'0'tl.5, A V-sa-N-M pc w fi .MJ ,I-' 8 " ' Audrey Hudson entered junior high girls singles, and Carol Ann Lindsey, senior girls' singles division. Earl Price Fitts, Jim Hoover, Jim Storey, and Eddie Wayne Cooper are con- testants in the senior boys' group. ft. :J if 1.4- " 2 - -Y-fs v- , . , ' 353- f 1 - X' A " 551222-fzfi ...- fiffvfifli 'ii i:7i' ff1Qt, 1 Q..'Ei Wiqzzf ,Q I. 4 -I: , I J ,K :I,-,.z1gi 5 'gl W, . ii V Q .:,-if ' . we , . K t',"""' 5 -Wit... -V Ax mr X s 'lift' , . P QQ A K ll ' . . X The track team at the opening of the season includ- ed two veterans and three newcomers to the cinder path . At the close of track season in i953 Mike Newby, hurdler, held the district record il5.01 in the l2O-yard high hurdles, the district record in the l80-yard low hurdles 120.915 the regional record 05.01 in the I20, and a tie for regional record in the l80 f20.01. He also had the Possum Kingdom Relays record in high hurdles 05.51. At the state meet he placed fourth in high and sixth in low hurdles in Class A. Tommy Miller, a transfer from Alvin, Texas, ranked fourth in his district last year in the mile run. Admire and Miller on their mark for the mile run. Track Left: Front row: George Admire, Tommy Miller, Trennis Mark. Back row: Coach Grover Pearson, Jim Pults, Mike Newby. Below Mike Newby l20-yard high hurdles 180-yard low hurdles ri Q ze Right: Mark Low hurdles 0 5 Quarter Miler. li il u . .....--t. Golf Front row, left to right: Joe Pullis, Mike Kiser, and Don Hankins, Back row: Earl Price Fitts, Monte Walker, Bill Roberts, Buster Rolls, Jack Gist, Eddie Hollars. Three of the group above, Gist, Rolls, and Roberts, won fifth place in the state meet as freshmen in l95l, fourth place in the state meet as sophomores in 1952, with Hollars added to the team, and advanced to the regional meet last year with the same foursome. Eliminations for district play for 1954 were not determined at the time this yearbook went to the publisher. On March 8 eight of the nine pictured above won five out of eight matches against Wichita Falls High School on the Weeks Park course at Wichita Falls. The golfers were scheduled to enter the Southwestern Recreational Meet at Fort Worth March 20, and for the second consecu- tive year, to take part in the A and M Invitational Tournament at College Station. Six of Coach Holter's golfers, Gist, Roberts, Rolls, Hollars, Hankins, and Walker, are seniors this year. ,1 ji .H 'iift' A . iscgl .f if-if I Q. ,,,. Wag,-3 in i A ,Baseball I I 1 , 1-0 ,.l' ,,, ,- uf. lt..N, f 1 , M ll i I C K+ fl Standing: Jim Storey, Larry Dunbar, Bob Beasley, Eddie Cooper, Clifton Baxter, Ronald Pribble. First row: David Waldrip, James Weaver, Earl Noel, Tommy Pettyiohn, Daon Wall. April April April April April May 1954 2A-12 CONFERENCE SCHEDULE Nocona Nocona Nocona Nocona Nocona Nocona Jacksboro Bowie Decatur Ja cksboro Bowie Decatur at Jacksboro Here at Decatur Here at Bowie Here The four teams in the schedule above represent the north half of District 2A-12. championship was determined by a play-off with the winner of the south half. The district 1 GIXNIZA -1f!fff ' E wh iron X1 ' 2 ff H fy ' QP? E if YN y.. Y First row, standing left to right: C. W. Chandler, Ruth Janeway, Carol Ann Lindsey, Don Hanlcins, Patty Walker. Second row: Martha Spencer, Lucia Painter, Linda Admire, Pat Reed, Lou Ann Milam, Wanda Abbott, Miss Dunaway, Sponsor. Third row: Jack Gist, Elvin Gentry, Dicky Stallcup, Mike Kiser, John Bar- rett Sledge. Ruth Janeway VICE-PRESIDENT -me bi, C. W. Chandler PRESIDENT Student Council The Student Council includes five general officers elected by the entire student body, and one representative from each home room. The N.H.S. Council is a member of the National Association Councils and the Texas Association of Student Councils. Carol Ann Lindsey Donald Hankins SECRETARY TREASURER of Student Patty Walker PARLIAMENTARIAN N3 ve "DQR: '55 iw., . ,' 3, . ' CHEERLEADERS, left to right, are as follows: Nell Hoover, Sue Ellen William- son, Ellen Davis, Head Cheerleader, Mary Jane Horner, and Carolyn Ryan. Front row, left to right: Nell Hoover, Sue Williamson, Ellen Davis, Mary Jane Horner, Carolyn Ryan. Second row: Vivian Hoover, Jessie Wilcox, Colleen Dalton, Mary Long, Margaret York, Mary Bruce, Mildred York, Della Sloss, Audrey Hudson. Third row: Floyedelle Richardson, Doris Underwood, Joyce Sewell, Gayle Keck, Martha Pruitt, Judy Tompkins, Doris Smith, Shirley Laird, Retha Duncan, Pat Reed, Mary Laird. Back row: Allie Patton, Sue Sewell, Dolores Richardson, Gloria LeBeau, Carol Ann Coleman, Tommy Long, Sherrie Sue Nelson, Rita Gayle Price, Peggy Murray, Joanne Sloss, Nancy Roper. L A N l Z Effm get Leagu SPELLING Of the four spellers pictured here, Sue Ann Stouder, Gretchen Bell, Janice Patterson, and Elaine Sell, two represented N.H.S. at the district meet at Bowie, April 9. ONE-ACT-PLAY "Pink and Patches", the story of a mountain girl who longs for a pink dress, included in its cast Bud Addington, Peggy Smith, Gret- chen Bell, and Martha Spencer. TYPING Two typists were selected from the three shown here. They are: Janice Patterson, David Tompkins, and Eddie Hollars. BAND SOLOISTS Janice May, Suzanne Haralson, Elaine Sell, David Milam, and fback rowi Richard Griffith, Jackie Cardwell, Jimmy Tompkins, Janice Dodson, and Joe Pullis Knot picturedi. READY WRITING Ruth Janeway and Jackie Cardwell. OI1tBStS EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING C. W. Chandler, Carol Ann Lindsey, and Lucia Painter. NUMBER SENSE Front row: Ruth Janeway, Tommy Miller, and Janice Dodson. Back row: Earl Price Fifts, C. W. Chandler, Jack Gist, and Mike Newby. DEBATE C. W. Chandler and Jimmy Tompkins will debate the question, Resolved: That the president of the United States should be elected by direct vote of the people. SHORTHAND Barbara Priddy. Linda Admire, Retha Duncan DECLAMATION Pat Reed MW 'sf I .nM!P"H' Front row: Jack Sewell, C. W. Chandler, W. L. Chambers, Elvin Gentry, Eddie Ulbig, Louie LeBeau, Hardy Lee Seay, Tommy Uselton, Clifton Baxter. Second row: Charles Ulbig, Jimmy Hudgens, Roy Brawner, Donald Taylor, Albert Dillard, Daon Wall, Sandy Mitchell, Bill Lee, Lewis Hillard, Jimmy Welch, Paul Everitt, Jimmy Tompkins, E. C. McMurray, Advisor. Third row: Larry Clark, James Ballinger, Max James, Jimmy Martin, Roscoe Winter, Herman Duck, Jim Pults, Calvin Graham, Charles Lasseter, James Hamilton, Herman Penaluna, Bill Farquhar, Malcolm Bell, Robert Simpson, Ronald Cox. Jack Sewell. ..... .... C. W. Chandler .......... ........President .............. ....Vice-President W. L. Chambers .... ....... S ecretary Elvin Gentry . . . . . . ..... Treasurer Eddie Ulbig .... Louie LeBeau . . Hardy Lee Seay Tommy Usleton . .. .......Historian Clifton Baxter . . . . . . .......Reporter ..........Sentinel Parl iamentarian ...... .... .........SongLeader The V.A. I class loading a calf into the stock trailer furnished the Nocona F.F.A. chapter by the Peoples National Bank . Daon Wall and Sandy Mitchell of V.A. ll loading lunchroom scraps for the chapter-owned hogs into the half-ton pickup provided by the Nocona school board and the Nocona Truck and Tractor Company. F. F. . Max James and one of the two registered Duroc gilts sponsored by the Nocona Lions Club. V.A. l class learning the use ofthe farm level. Larry Clark with one of his registered Angus hei- fers. V.A. I class members prune fruit trees. Eddie and Charles Ulbig with their broiler produc- tion proiect. Malcolm BeIl's project is rabbit production. Jimmy Hudgens and his prize pure-bread Angus heifer. Donald Taylor and his pure-bread Hereford heifer. Study of grass identification in V.A., ll. 'VF Future omemakers of America Wanda Abbott Linda Admire Pat Bailey Jo Marie Beverage Jean Bowerman Jo Brown Mary Bruce' Gayle Burnett Jackie Cardwell Jane Carminati Carol Ann Coleman Colleen Dalton Janice Dodson Maxine Estes Bennie Fenner Joan Geiser Mary Lou Godwin Dorothy Haggerton Nell Hoover Vivion Hoover Mary Jane Horner Minnie Kerr ' Norma Leaton Gloria Le Beau Patsy Lemons Sue Lemons Carol Ann Lindsey Mary Long Tommy Long Lou Ann Milam C LU B MEMBERS Virginia Molsbee Pat Morgan Peggy Murray Sherrie Sue Nelson Allie B. Patton Mary Alice Patterson Gay Parker Rita Price Shirlene Priddy Martha Pruitt Virginia Randolph Carolyn Reed Barbara Reynolds Theresa Reynolds Dolores Richardson Floydelle Richardson Mary Roberts Pat Russell Carolyn Ryan Barbara Sappington Sue Scott Birt Leona Seay Elaine Sell Joyce Sewell Sara Sewell Sue Sewell Doris Smith Peggy Smith Martha Spencer Frankie Stambaugh ' I , R . OFFICERS Standing: Betty Wall, President Carol Coleman, Vice-President DElva Wall, Program Chairman Carol Ann Lindsey, Reporter Tommy Long, Treasurer Donna Sutton, Historian Peggy Smith, Virginia Randolph, Mary Lou Godwin, Gay Parker, Song Leaders Seated: Lou Ann Milam, Secretary Dolores Richardson, Pianist. Sue Ann Stouder Donna Sutton Elene Teague Judy Tompkins Sedo Vineyard Betty Wall DElva Wall Ramona Wiechman Sue Ellen Williamson Mary Wolfe Clara Wyler Margaret York Mildred York Vicki Zahn Mrs. Randolph, Sponsor 4. M l - . 'l Club mothers Mrs. Jack Roberts and Mrs. W.. Pn Parker help Theresa Reynolds and Virginia Molsbee make punch. Peggy Smith, DElvc Wall, Lou Ann Milam and Dolores Richardson are hunting under the Christmas tree, while Gay Parker, Mary Lou Godwin, Virginia Randolph, and Betty Wall register approval of the packages they have already received. Their expressions suggest that Mary Long, Virginia Randolph, DElva Wall, Donna Sutton, Sara Sewell, Tommy Long, Betty Wall, Rita Price and Norma'Leaton are in line going to- wards that punch bowl, not away from it. Breakfast time for Mary Alice Patterson, Sue Lemons, Jean Bowerman, and Vicki Zahn. Sherrie Sue Nelson, Jessie Wilcox, Sue Ann Stouder, Mary Jane Horner, Joyce Sewell, and Wanda Abbott have prepared the luncheon which they are enioying. Homemaking is not all parties and eating. Work such as Birt Seay, Minnie Kerr, Joyce Sewell, Wanda Abbott, and Gay Parker are doing, had to precede the style show that the Homemaking girls staged. Tommy Long serves Dorothy Haggerton, with Sedo Vineyard, Mary Bruce, Gayle Burnett, and Mary Roberts next in line. --MN r H f I , if 'WI , I Future Teachers of America OFFICERS James Hamilton ................. ........ P resident David Waldrip . . . ........ .... V ice-President Mary Wolfe .... ....... S ecretary Carl Grant ..... . . . Parliamentarian Corky Salmon . ............................. Treasurer The FTA movement is carried on as a cooperative proiect by the National Education Association and its affiliated state and local associations. The FTA works in both high schools and colleges. FTA groups in high schools are prevocation- al and exploratory clubs, which seek to train young people through practice for professional and civic leadership. Gloria LeBeau, Mary Wolfe, Trennis Mark, and Miss Willis, sponsor, attended thestate FTA convention at Denton February 20. X ' Q, fi ' ,I -News x. , mi 0, , , ',s5?'A , ,M ws. . '- rt 1, ,R -me x v. -iw. M Front row, left to right: Gloria LeBeau, Virginia Molsbee, Margaret York, Pat Russell, Frankie Stambaugh, Floydelle Richardson, Jackie Cardwell. Second row: Ed English, Don Barker, Bain Ellis, Corky Salmon, Cutter Hamilton, David Waldrip Trennis Mark, Tommy Pettyiohn, Carl Wayne Jones. Back row: Rita Price, Peggy Murray, Maxine Estes, Ellen Davis, Vivian Hoover, Jo Brown, Mary Wolfe, Louie LeBeau, Robert Simpson, Miss Willis, Sponsor. Library Club SEATED, left to right: Sara Sewell, Paula Green. STANDING: Joan Geiser, Doris Underwood, Jane Carminati, Gayle Keck, Allie B. Patton, Retha Duncan, Mrs. Mitchell, Sponsor, Shirley Laird, Barbara Priddy, Ruby Kerr, Mary Laird. OFFICERS Sara Sewell . . . ................. ........ P resident Gayle Keck ...... ........... V ice-President Jane Carminati . . . .... Second Vice-President Retha Duncan ..... .............. S ecretary Doris Underwood .... ..... C or. Secretary Shirley Laird ..... ........ T reasurer Barbara Priddy .... . .......... Reporter The members of the Library Club render la constant service to the student body, for' they assist their sponsor, Mrs. Mitchell, in the library. They learn to read shelves, check books in and out, file, and make catalogue cards. They also help keep the library an attractive place by caring for the ivy, bringing cut flowers, and, as at Christmas time, decorating for special occasions. For Homecoming Game each year the club members sell mums, and with the profits from this enterprise, buy books for the library and have social affairs. AChristmas party and a dinner honor- ing the seniors in the club were outstanding events on the club calendar. The club presented Mrs. Loyd Burchfield of St. Jo in a review of PAPA WAS A PREACHER in assembly January 29, 1954. Lettermen's Club ft is rss its FIRST ROW, left to right: Jack Gist, Don Hankins, Mike Newby, Horace Copeland, Red Noel, Eddie Cooper. MIDDLE ROW: Jake Halter, Sponsor, Albert Dillard, Hardy Lee Seay, Sandy Mitchell, Jim Embry, Daon Wall, Ronald Pribble. TOP ROW: Bobby Beasley, Calvin Graham, Earl Fitts, Buster Rolls, John Townsend, Jim Storey, Jim Pults, Quintin Welch. NOT PICTURED: Larry Dunbar. 4 OFFICERS Jack Gist ..... ............. ........ P r esident Don Hankins ........................... . . .Vice-President Mike Newby' ............................ ...... S ecretary Horace Copeland, Earl Noel, Eddie Cooper ....... Sgt-at-Arms Four-letter members of the Lettermen's Club are three seniors: Gist ffootball, basketball, golf, tennislg Honkins Ifootball, golf, tennis, trackj, Newby Ifootball, basketball, baseball, trackl. Three-letter members are Copeland ffootball, baseball, tracklg Noel ffootball, basketball, baseballl, Cooper Ibasketball, baseball, tennisl, Rolls Ifootball, golf, tennisl, Beasley ffootball, basketball, baseballl. Two-letter members are Pribble Ibasketball, baseballl, Townsend Ifootball, basketballl, Storey Ifootball, baseballl, Welch Ifootball, basketballl, Fitts Igolf, tennisjg Dunbar Qfootball, base- balll. Seay, Mitchell, Wall, Graham, and Pults, all sophomores, have lettered in football. Indianettes Club OFFICERS Lou Ann Milam ..... .............. ....... P r esident Sue Scott ........ .......... . . .Vice-President Bennie Fenner ................. .... S ecretary Barbara Reynolds ................. . . . Treasurer Gretchen Bell, Mary Lou Godwin, Donna Sutton .................. ........... H istorians Martha Brooks ....... .... S ergeant-at-Arms Carolyn Ryan .... ........... R eporter A new club in N.H.S., the Indianettes are girls who are interested in participating in organized sports. Three of the girls lettered in basketball during the i953 season, and others earned their letters this year. The club has made a scrap book of press reports about their activities this year. TOP ROW, left to right: Carolyn Reed, Shirley Pingenot, Pat Bailey, Pat Morgan, Clara Wyler. MIDDLE ROW: Mary Godwin, Martha Brooks, Sue Ellen Williamson, Gretchen Bell, Donna Sutton. BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Chapman, Sponsor, Sue Scott, Barbara Sappington, Bennie Fenner, Barbara Reynolds, Carolyn Ryan. Choral Club Providing the opportunity to become acquainted with choral music of all types, the Choral Club attracted to its membership students who truly love to sing. Under the direction of Mr. Drew, who is also accompanist, the club members have enjoyed sacred, secular, and popular music. The club gave a well-received Christmas concert for the student body and many visitors, and an Easter program also. Soloists who have represented the group in school and community music are Virginia Randolph, Judy Tompkins, Gay Parker, Jimmy Tompkins, and Don Griffin. FRONT ROW, left to right: Mary Horner, Judy Tompkins, Nell Hoover, Marilyn Spencer, Janice Patterson, Catherine Davis. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Haggerton, Doris Smith, Mary Bruce, Mary Long, Martha Pruitt, Virginia Randolph, Gay Parker. THIRD ROW: Audrey Hudson, Birt Seay, Don Griffin, Eddie Cockburn, Bill Embry, Suzanne Haralson, Janice May, Ramona Wiechman, Elaine Sell, Elene Teague. BACK ROW: Janice Dodson, Dolores Richardson, Tommy Miller, Richard Griffith, Jimmy Tompkins, David Milam, Jimmy Enlow, Betty Wall, Sue Sewell, Harlene Dyer. OFFICERS Jimmy Tompkins . . . ............. .......... P resident Audrey Hudson ...... ........ V ice-President Carol Ann Coleman . . . .... Secretary-Treasurer Don Griffin ....... ... Activities Chairman George Drew .... ............. S ponsor Science Club FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS President ................... Nolen Partridge President ........................ Joe Pullis Vice-President . . . ..... John Welch Vice-President . . . . . John Welch Secretary ...... ............ C Iifford Albin Secretary ....... . .James Weaver Program Chairman ...... . . . . Social Chairman .... W Charles Griffin Monroe Thomas Treasurer................... Reporters ......... Don Allen, . .. . . . Joe Pullis . . .James Allen Treasurer ....... Reporter ........ Program Chairman Social Chairman . - 1 ---. fi I Charles Griffin Richard Oldham . . . James Allen Nolan Partridge Q14 FIRST ROW, seated left to right: Nolan Partridge, John Welch, Sonny Albin, Charles Griffin Don Allen, Joe Pullis, James Allen. MIDDLE ROW: Troy Doyle, James Green, Richard Oldham Bobby McNew, Harlan Howard, Carroll Keck, Jerry Don Hudson, David Bagley, Billy Reynolds John Murphy, Kenneth Harrington. TOP ROW: Melvin Russell, Butch Butts, Monroe Thomas James Weaver, Narvan Wall, Eudeal Green, Gerald Glass, Harold Marmaduxe, Jimmy Welch Mrs . Drew , Sponsor. Science is a masculin field, if we iudge from the membership of the Science Club. The programs are presented weekly by two members. They may be in the form of an experiment ooas reports on current events in the scientific world. ' The club broke over and invited girls to their Christmas party and spring hayride. ?:'-5 vw-vvar Q aaa: N .gg 'lb lm . WU , H di . :ina ' ,,,.,.,. f .57 r A '.nY!q5f1Q2'.g , 5 -an-, I 4 ag Q ,S Q4 'T' 'ww ' - .. . . ,1, 'u , . 1 :'- iw w A , Q me! 951 A .v VR myfggk 'vm g -:O t' ,I if-3 W, - i... 0 ff S. Sw 'af ,S - A Na x 1 , Q R w W R 1-A ANZ as M W -Q-.. 5 W 'L K 56 fy lf., Xl 9 :R k.., QM f hrs! is A QI 5253 Flat gfffwu '53,--f-' ' Y "1 'Q' gs? J 3 3 'J as I: --ff 1' W f 'fe , ,N 1 Q9 S 5 ,H x. 'ik " , .1 X . ff V . ' ' 5'gif5f??1'Mf:j" K Tj Q, 1 .fgii.L.,jL Q A i f f 5 1 ,H 4, M Lf wgf if S W S bf - Y , , M . , af X L mL.,k W 'f' - x ' " 7'TVi.v K W A Afigkui 1 I in x E , S f. ' K E Q , 5 X 5- Y x ,X , -Nw-..9! f -Q . W , X SAA? . , Z b9"?g71?u ,fwaiicug at 379445 ,Q P r-,,,,, .g.f:'f:'A:.1.A.,.:sewa-ww ,QF f " N ' ' -' ff'..,gU7' 5 li! is Ji' Hi'- W, A 'iffi w M5 A J Q W. C F Q : M, g V. U 1 Y 'Y' A, Ti ' I hz . 5 A m'Sf4.'4f Q... .1 J , ..,., Q N ' "if7'WjQf f' a X . ' . ' V ' ' 2.35 35 . 1 ,rf'flnw.w M ,vs vw l . 5 ,. -, .H 4 u 'f3T ,lq5.1, . George Jackie Cardwell DRUM MAJOR ocona Hig FRONT ROW: Mary Wolfe, Gay Parker, Suzanne Haralson, Carol An Lindsey, flutes. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Enlow, Richard Oldham, Pegg' Smith, Birt Seay, clarinets, Elaine Sell, Janice Dodson, alto horns Janice May, Martha Spencer, Virginia Randolph, alfo saxophones THIRD ROW: Richard Griffith, Monte Walker, Jimmy Tompkins, Mari lyn Spencer, trumpets, David Milam, baritone, Carl Wayne Jones Earl Price Fitts, Clifford Albin, Trombanes. FOURTH ROW: Dorothj Haggerton, Jo Brown, Frankie Stambaugh, twirlers, Jackie Cardwell drum maiorg Carroll Keck, Billy Reynolds, Joe Pullis, snare drums Carl Wayne Jones Carol Ann Lindsey Ruth Janeway Richard Griffith PRESIDENT VlCE'PRESlDENT SECRETARY ACTIVITIES CHAIRMAN 4.1 chool Band arry Phipps, bass drum, Catherine Davis, cymbals, Don Griffin, ddie Don Cockburn, bass horns, Ruth Janeway, Harlene Dyer, bell yres, George Drew, director. he instrumentation of the band as given above is that of marching sea- Jn. In concert work Jo Brown, Frankie Stambaugh, and Jackie Carcl- 'ell plays clarinets, Dorothy Haggerton, alto horn, Ruth Janeway, boe, Gay Parker tenor saxophone, Catherine Davis, tympani . ,. Y ,7 ,.15. 'L A ' Joe Pullis First chair snare drummer in Texas All-State Band '52,'53,'54. Fifth place in National Ruclimental Drummer Competition at St. Louis, 1953 U4-2l year classl. Twenty- first division rating in Texas, Okla - homo and Arkansas. Jo Brown Frankie Stambaugh Dorothy Haggerton Mary Wolfe MAJORETTE MAJORETTE MAJORETTE ALTERNATE MAJORETTE .yyyj .1 Clifford Albin Eddie Cockburn Catherine Davis Janice Dodson Harlene Dyer Jimmy Enlow Earl Price Eitts Don Griffin Billy Reynolds Birf Seay Elaine Sell Peggy Smith Marilyn Spencer Martha Spencer Jimmy Tompkins Monte Walker Annual Football Banquet lg Wm ibfdq X LEFT: Master of Ceremonies Bob Bennett introduces Principal and Mrs. R. T. Adams. RlGHT: Mr. Servies lilces the robe the football boys gave him. Mr. Pearson likes his robe - and his coffee. X 1 ? a 1 ABOVE, LEFT: The football boys and their dates, the coaches and their wives, the band, the pep squad, board members, and interested fans fill the cafeteria. ABOVE, RIGHT: State Representative Tony Fenoglio presents the annual Lions' Club Sportsman- ship Award to Quintin Welch. BE LOW, LEFT: Carl Wayne Jones' trombone and Lou Ann Milam's piano say "Oh!" BELOW, RIGHT: Are they thinking of the banquet as Helen Wilson, Lucia Painter, Sue William- son, Martha Spencer, Delva Wall and Ruth Janeway sing "Once in A While?" Z l l 1 45 ,yi In Assembly We Remember ABOVE: DElva Wall, Sue Scott, Judy Tompkins, Elene Teague, Doris Smith, Sue Williamson, Martha Spencer, Peggy Smith, Janice Dod- son, Carolyn Reed, Pat Russell, Mary Godwin, and Bennie Fenner model outfits which they made. l. Vivian Hoover holds up a jack- rabbit, as the maiorettes do an Indian war dance. 2. Capt. .lack Gist presents a bas- ketball tournament trophy to the Student Council president, C. W. Chandler. 3. Reserves Dick Stallcup, James Weaver, Sandy Mitchell, Tommy Uselton, and Corky Salmon receive their sweaters from Coach Halter. 4. Virginia Lee Randolph, soloist, with Dolores Richardson at the piano. BE LOW: Newby, Pults, Mark, Noel, LeBeau, Seay, Beasley, Wall, Dun- bar, Welch, Gist, Hankins, Storey, Waldrip, Kiser, and Copeland re- gister approvalof their new football iackets. 4 -Sn Here and There in . H. . Somehungry freshmen head the cafeteria line: Jimmy Mar- tin, Waldo Abbott, Birt Seay, Gayle Burnett, Jean Bower- man, David Waldrip, and Walter Weatherly. W. J. Chambers, our cheerful and energetic building cus- todian. Jean Bowerman and Mary Roberts, that day it sleeted so much that we did not have school. Shirley Laird is "postman" forthe LibraryClub's Valentine box. Sara Sewell knows she is going to get a valentine, and Doris Underwood, Barbara Priddy, Gayle Keck, Ruby Kerr, Joan Geiser, Jane Carminati, Mary Laird, Allie B. Patton, and Retha Duncan are still hoping. Nell Hoover, Carolyn Ryan, Ellen Davis, and Mary Jane Horner lead the student body in a rousing yell. fNote that arrow-pierced iaclcrabbit in the foreground.i Drum MaiorJacl4ie Cardwell, and maiorettes Frankie Stam- baugh, Jo Brown, and Dorothy Haagertori in a characteris- tic pose. Would-be chemists Bill Roberts, Jacl: Gist, Don Hanlcins, and Mike Newby confess that the subject is as dark to them as this picture. , I YEA, INDIANSI, LE1:'S GO! ' CRAINIS ' 'ro P ' "GRAIN CLEANS 'EM CLEANER A. S. GILBERT DE ARTQNIENT S. STORE V PHONE Isa A IN 1:HE HEART OF NOCONA ' ,JI4 ny' Q ,. f I H 4 I. ' f R Rs -VJ FJ ' NJ I If' P l . . 1 z IJ RNLWAYB rOR THE INDIANS , I P NOCONAg TEXAS L I Box 204 ELLIS '- WILLIFORD PHDNE 3 Q HOTEL COFFEE SHOP GlST'S DRUG STORE f MR, at MRS, H, E, BROWN "WHERE FRIENDS MEET" ' PROPRIETORS PHONE IOI NQCONA. TEXAS WE'RE BEHIND THE INDIANS! MOLSBEEIS Foon MARKET OUR DRUG STORE ' A, BILLINGS. PROPRIETOR NOCONA' TEXAS THE RExAI..L STORE PHONE 498 PHONES 9I AND sac GLEN MoI..ssEE o, T, MoI.sEEE NOCONA' TEXAS .J 1 M '-'N 1. fl' ' , ' 1 f 1 , J PAINTER'S FOOD STORE THE STUDENTS' FRIEND PHONE 40I NOCONAg TEXAS COMPLI MENTS POPULAR DR GOODS NOCONA TEXAS REDDY'S MEN AND aovs WEAR NOCONA0 TEXAS BEST WISHES, STUDENTS WALL FURNITURE 8: APPLIANCE PHONE Boo Zbz Q.1.Ay ABNER KARNESE THE DAIRY HUT PAUL WHITECOTTON OWNER WHITE AUTO STORE EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME AND AUTOMOBILE TELEPHONE 405 Box 56I coMPI.I M ENT5 OF SCOTT BROTH ERS NOCONA SAINT JO BMQKWJQ coMPLIMENTs or NOCONA BOOT COMPANY ENID JUSTIN. PRESIDENT vg I "rf .1 ' .- A X , f ' Jn. L I . 4 I4 A 11 3 li A - I T , , ,, - A A I .4 . - I . ' , s I 3 . I I h' I f' :H L ,- -1 I 1 A a . . I , N ,A f S gl L L, ' 1 on ' q . Q.. v 1' . S x , N sg ,- ' Q L- r ff v 5 l 3- ' ,. xg X " I 1 II II . C r I - A 1 5, f - -v L P T I fy I -. 1' -. If L'- I , , I " I WE BOOST THE I DIA S ALEXANDER ' s STORE AUTO SPRING AND SUPPLY BUSTER ' s JEWELRY CHANDLER'S DRUG STORE DAUGHERTY FUNERAL HOME FRANK'S MOTOR SALES HINDS CLARK COMPANY HOWARD ' s STUDIO J AND w SERVICE STATION JUSTIN LEATHER Gooos LEE VAUGHAN BUICK COMPANY NELSON SERVICE STATION NOCONA BAKERY AND OAFE NOCONA BEAUTY SHOP T NOCONA TELEPHONE COMPANY ' NOCONA TRUCK AND TRACTOR COMPANY PAUL's SHOE SHOP R, E, sTOuT ELECTRIC COMPANY B THE BLUEBONNET SHOP THE NocONA NEws WALKER MAGNETO AND IGNITION WESTERN AUTO STORE w1LLlAMsoN's JEWELRY COMI G GOI G M-Ji. J. iw 1 E ff Ev OJ K 5 - Q-5 fag , 'ff ' 42pWjW AQ X M5 ' fi st: . 4- .4 in w , ,N I Eiriu Q, ,QM ., ii -mv.-M I1 iiilqjjiir nu. 1 mdk' 41

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