Noblesville High School - Shadow Yearbook (Noblesville, IN)

 - Class of 1941

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Noblesville High School - Shadow Yearbook (Noblesville, IN) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 17 of 52
Page 17 of 52

Noblesville High School - Shadow Yearbook (Noblesville, IN) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 16
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Noblesville High School - Shadow Yearbook (Noblesville, IN) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 18
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Page 17 text:

lulure Farmers . . - ff 1 , . . i..111. l 1.1..11, '11111l 1.111111 , ' . 1111.1-11. 21'1-'.'.'.111.l, 1, .1g Ill 1. l.1 2-111 .7 11 1.11 - ."1:11115 1 1 111' .1 ll .1, l.I...1115 ' 1 1 1., '.l1.1Z ,, 11, P11111- .1 1111 111111lW11111, , f 11.1111 1 1 1, '1.- 1111 '1151111, lllll ' 1.11111 ,'111111l.1-111, 1.,1 :1. 13- 111: .' 1 11.125, l.1-1 1.1551 .1111111. home Economics Club . . . l.'.i I1 C. 1 111 I1 1.l..' L1LlS11, .11 1 , 11 11111-' L1'111l:1, 1 1 .1 1. 1 91.1-1'1 E11-A111 y 1.112 .1 1.1-, l.1lS5 G11111- 'Q 1 1 l1-:11 Q 111, 11-1111 1 1211111 f'1.1111.1111, V11- 1111: .Q 11. 1, I.. 1111111 L11 F1.1'lZ11. 11 1 1' 1. ll111Il1 lf'15sw1.111'-1, 1 '11'.' 111.111.1111 1, l-.lIl' 1.1 1 1..111 :11, 211111111 1.11113 . 1 I.I11g.' '1' 111- A' 1.11"1s ..1.111s, L IS llf3i11y, ll 1 '1 11. , .-lI1Q 2.1111 DJ1111, l1..1:.1 1. 1 L' :'.'1 is 11. ...11 1 l .111 N131 ll1f-151111.11 '1..:11. 1:-.'1f1111s,l 1.f' ill H11- 1 .,,, ,1 111 'II' 111 111115' l-11111- . , 12'11.f11-y, H1-11111-'11 11' 1111, 1l1 1-11 111.,1'.lf21!111111-lol111- .- 11, 11..li1'1, 11. 111 Strwi-115, l .111 115. 11 1' ' XII. f111'.'1.is1j11, Elf-V 1 1113 ' 115 l'1i1'f1s, E1fr1111'f2 ,. 11.1.1 . , P11'-'-111211 E1-li". li 1.1 11,,,, f' ll5 l111l11i-l1l, V1'J- 1111 1: Z1..1 1.1:1Q.' L111.11s--- W11- .2 1, ff 1:-:111 11,111 1,1- I' l 1 G. A. A. Girls . 111.11 1. . '.,' '111 Ill 11, EFI' 111 1' I, ll 113' Il11115, lv Ill 111 l, '1 ll 11111: Y. ll l1l19I1-I, M155 .1 111, fl I 1111 F311 Lis, 15131111.1- 111111. l'1 '1s11, 'l5':.111111l11lj.'11 P11111- 1 l.. .1 l.11.i1111. 11 11 1 111 1.1.2 ll11111f-1 Quill-if-y, .11 '1 1511, ,Alllll l1'1'1'1s, L1 15 1l1 1115, 1'1.1 1.'f 1 IW 11111:--, H1115-.-11 111' 111.111 '1" 1 lf H111111, l.1l111y 1 1. 1 1 'LL E111 1. W.-.111 1115, Dons 1 ' 1f2111ll:--'.', Belly 1 1111... 11 115 P1111.111e-l1.l, lc--111 1 1 11-ly' P'111f, lVl111y 1.1111.r11 1, 11111111 l.1..u D1vi1lson, "N" Club . . its ?1".z': '111-'11'1111s Cl'11'11'1n1111, ll V1w1111l5, l.1i1'l1 lQi1111l-91, H1-1' 1 lf 2.11151 I1-'11 Zwfiiel, E111 111. 17' .111 fl xv. 11111195 lv1f1rQ1ZliIl1, fl Ill 1 .'1:11i11l1.v'111.l, l-f1.1y lVl1'- l. 1 11.,:.11111, Ein f111v1s, D1f11111l:l L11 '111 .'11vi11 1A.11119l1l. F1 1 'li 181 11: 11212 Small, Holi 11 1'1l1,'.'111, lqlf-l '.'1lj.'1111?, H1Jrl15'y 1 '1:111',, 11112 E11111.:1f-1, he P1111, ' l N1-110 lvl. 1'1S1111. F! '. Q. .-- . L 1 .-..,,'.. 1 - 1 ' r F.-. af.:- A-LA 1.

Page 16 text:

MU ICTANS MUSIC HATH CHARM The chorus is very large this year, having sixty members under the compe- tent direction of Mr. Walter Elliott. The chorus has done no public sing- ing this year except caroling at Christmas time, but a quartet composed of four of the chorus members has sung at many public performances. These members are Bose- mary lohnson, Betty lane Mott, Alexander Moore and Bichard Clarke. A very good recording was made of both the quartet and chorus. The chorus members meet three times a week, and at these meetings they have the Joyful satisfaction resulting from sing- ing together. The latter part of the first six weeks of the second semester, the chorus decided to give a prepared program late in the year. They purchased a concertized form of the "Mikado" by Gilbert and Sullivan. Much pleasure was derived from the study of this work which culminated in a pleas- ing performance. OUR BAND How could school spirit lag at football or basketball games when the rousing band "booms out" with a spirited air! The band played at every public parade, and gave two very well attended con- certs this season. Not only did they meet these minimum requirements, but they worked hard this year to make a good showing at the district band contest in Connersville. They placed first in their division here, which entitled them to go to Tell City State Contest in April, where they placed first in third division. Also at Con- nersville there were several solo winners -lean Smith, Bill Carr, Betty Ann Mc- Mahon, and one clarinet trio, Lorena Wiles, Vonda Grimes, and Marilyn Caca. These individuals attended a National Contest at Flint, Michigan, May 14th. The Band Boosters Association has helped the School Board to realize the band's ambition to have new uniforms. The uniforms are black and gold military style. They were initiated at the Nobles- ville-Dunkirk basketball game, and pre- sented a very striking appearance. Every- one was justly proud of them. Gne of the closing events of the year was their appearance in full uniform at the head of the school parade to the city park cele- brating Boys and Girls' week on May lst. SWEET MUSIC The orchestra, under the leadership of Mr. Elliott, has made rapid improvement. Since there must be a limited number playing each instrument, this is a selected group. Unlike the band, they specialize more in the finer points of orchestration and instrumentation. Their choice of semi- classical selections are enjoyed by all. They have appeared publicly several times: at class plays, P. T. A. meetings, Baccalaureate, Commencement, and in concerts. The orchestra gave a benefit concert for the P. T. A. in February of this year. They were also invited to play for the Congress of Parents and Teachers at the Claypool Hotel on April 26, but had to de- cline this invitation because of a conflict with the Noblesville Township Coni- mencement.

Page 18 text:

L t VCCATICNAL and HE LTH F. F. A. AND "AG" CLUB To those boys who have qualified by their work, the degrees ot Green Hand and Future Farmer are granted by the lo- cal chapter. A boy qualifies for the degree of Green Hand by being enrolled in Vo- cational Agriculture. The Future Farmer must have one year of Agriculture, have S25 invested in a productive enterprise, and be able to lead a ten minute discus- sion on any phase of agriculture. Green Hands-Brenton DeMoss, Robt. Gatewood, Morris Millikan, Eugene Roudebush, Bill Stehriian, lim Vernon, ana Don Calvert, lr. Future F armers-Max Lednum, Oscar Musselman, Don Lackey, Ernest Roude- bush, lr., Paul Tate, Paul Woodward, lun- ior ireland, Melvin Hair, Floyd Pritchard, Chas. Mallery, Merrill Woodward, Louis Kaiser. Oificers--Pres., Max Lednumg Vice- Pres., Ernest Roudebush, lr.: Sec'y., Oscar Musselmang Treas., Don Lackey Reporter, R. S. Craig. "Ag" Club Members-Eddie Camp- bell, Dwight Dwiggans, Leroy Harger, Harold lnman, George lohnson, Kenneth Miller, lack Sherley, Glenn Carson, Thomas Chapman, Robt. Huglibarrks, Ralph Parker, Horace Roudebush. TASTE AND BASTE CLUB The Club's interests are to serve ban- quets and to have different types ot sales throughout the year for the purpose ot making money. Such banquets are Ki- wanis, Red Cross, Principals' luncheon, Agricultural Department, and many more. Each year the girls look forward to taking a trip with the money they make. The sponsor is Miss Gambell, and the officers are: President, Henrietta Horny Vice President, Maxine Yancey: Secretary, Gertrude lohnsonp Treasurer, loan Olveyg Reporter, Helen Cecily His- torian, Ada Mae Dahlkep Program Chair- man, Helen Cecil. GIRLS AND SPORTS The Girls' Athletic Association is composed oi girls interested in athletics. Membership is open to all girls but to be- come a member, a girl must have made 75 points. lvVhen she has acquired SDJ points, she is awarded a four inch gold nurneralg when she has acquired BUG points, she receives the six inch "NY when she has acquired i500 points, she receives a gold pin. Awards are given at mid- seinester and at the end ot the school year. The officers are: President, Virginia Von Meter, Vice-President, lean Carey: Secretary, lvlary Harrisy Treasurer, Gwen- dolyn Randallg Social Chairman, Betty McMahon: Heporter, Betty Lou Vtfalton. "N" CLUB The boys eligible for membership in the "N" Club are those winning a letter in one of the major sports, which are toot- ball, basketball, and track. To receive a letter they must pass certain award win- ning standards set up by the coach. Those boys who have won a major award in football are: Ben Edwards, Bill Burger, Bill Zinn, Fred lflfyant, Bob lfVoods, Raleigh Hammond, Bob Goodwin, Merrill Woodwctrd, Toni Chapman, Ted Small, Dick Kinder, Bill Carr, lack Zeckel, Don Lackey, Kay McLaughlin, Ben Davis, Her- bert McKinsey, and lohn Foland. Those boys who have won a major award in basketball are: Bob Vlfoods, Bob Goodwin, Murphy Vfhite, Calvin Arnold, loe Parr, Herbert McKinsey, Dick Kinder, joe Ambrose, lake Hoover, and Charles Merideth. Those winning major awards in track in i940 were: lack VVheeler, Bob Good- win, Ben Edwards, Herbert McKinsey Bruce Purdy, Don Lackey, Kay McLaugh- irn, Don lessup, and Charles Merideth. The present officers of the club are: President, Bob Goodwiny Vice-President Merrill Vlfoodward: Secretary-Treasurer Dick Kinder. The sponsor ot the club is Coach Swanson. 1 1 1

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