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Shadow OF 1941 . . . gives you the complete reflections of the news and activities ol the stu- dents and faculty of Noblesville Hiqli School for the 1940-ill school year recorded for you by the senior stall headed by Fred Wyant, editor, and Prichard Clarke, business manager. gif? s wi, t JW! X' Q71 . ffQ4fJf-ffff' DEDICATED TO MRS. MYRLE DIETRICH ,..quA.. ,,-Y Mrs. Myrle Dietrich, though far away in California, has been in the thoughts of every student this year, and the Senior Class is proud to remember her in the commemoration of this Annual for l94l. Most of us have enjoyed a class under her in English when she taught here last year, and the two previous years. But she must have had a longing for the Great West, so she took this year to go to school at Los Angeles. We understand she is Hboning up" on all fields of modern thought in literature and social studies. We know she is enioying her work, but how could she be a better teacher or more appreciated by us! Her classes have always been spirited w1th new thought and human interest sidelights, and her aid in dramatic and extra curricular activites has always been kindly and help- fully given. Because of her broad experience she was by many considered almost a Dean of girls. Every senior especially, felt a great loss when she was found absent in September. W'e've missed her, love her, and hope she'll be back. The new N. H. S. otthletic field will be locctted in north Noblesville, between Monurnent cmd lOth Streets. lt was thought that the iield would be reordy this vecrr, but delcrys have mcrde the recrlizotion impossible. ln two yecxrs' time the field will be the rncrqniticent reoliccr of the picture below. ln the future, Miller gridiron victories will be stcrfged here. Grecxter trcrck records will be set on its cinder pcrths. A bicr crttrcrction for those who like to qo dnd root for their tcrvorite tecrrn is the stcrdium-like secztinq or- rcrnqernent. Pernicrnent cement bleachers will be cone structed with cr qrecrter secrtinq ccrpctcity thcrn thot cit- torded in previous yecrrs. D ' s cltsktb th tb 't td P -1 -. bQmliiSfl2qbiSZLiell it G OO S me O 9 M19 A FHLETIC HELD This mcrrvelous field crnd stcrdium should inspire the Millers to qrecrter crccorriplishnrents. I fflzss l l PARKING IPARMNGI I t Q ltllttttttttll ID l W MILE TRACK gl C0ncretfe Walk Mr E B Wetherow Mr G S Rust Mr Mr Mr Mr ADMTNISTRATI MR. WETHEROW Mr. E. B. Wetherow, a well known school man of lndiana, was chosen to fill the vacancy of Mr. Watt, who was given an indefinite leave of absence. We are very honored to have a man such as he for our new superintendent. Mr. Wetherow took over his new duties on lanuary 13. He has proved to be a great help to us. The office remains the same and all school affairs are running smoothly with his able assistance. MR. RUST Mr. Bust is finishing his fourth year in Noblesville as principal of our high school. He has been a person whom the stu- dents trusted and would go to on busi- ness or maybe just a friendly chat. Mr. Bust worked very faithfully and served our school to his utmost ability. He has always placed uppermost the wel- fare of the entire student body. SCHOOL BOARD Our School Board is composed of three business men selected by the city council. The superintendent is elected to be the executive officer of the Board. which meets the first Tuesday of every month. The Board has been very busy for the last few months. They have many tasks to perform for the welfare of the school. Some of their duties are the em- ployment of all teachers, the responsibility of managing the school, and the purchase of new supplies. The officers of the School Board are as follows: President, Archie L. Kinzer: Secretary, Clifton Coca: Treasurer, H. Norris Cottingham, and Clerk, Alice Wild. Speech Class- 111s5 -1311.1 1 Q11 '.'.'1I1'11'lsL 111 '1 11: 'i11'.'11s:1'1,. 1111111 11 1 L1,1:1.11-- V1- -111111,1 '-f" 11 171 111 121, E1 .111111-111' .',' 11111 Librarians- ,1:1 51111 -9f1,113111'1' f, ..s1 , F 111 11111 Eg 11111, 1-'11:e1, Q11-Qs.11f1' W11' S 11, 1" fi, 5-' 1'i111-1, 1-3-Hy P11111 1.I'11.I.l11-11, V117 1111111 1.7111 1.1e'1f:, 11 111 L1-1'11'121'1. 211111-11 1f:Q1111?1' 1.1'1w11111f 1, 1.1125 f'1111g11 'Q, 111'-Q-111 VU '11 Latin Club- 1'1IS' 11131 ,-,' 11.1155 Uf1.1,11,1, 1111e 1f 1'.'.'11111s, E1-fig' Lf-11 111.1'1,1111, If 11111: 1,1111 ".'115f, 219111131 1'1L1I1,1'1i, L11.:j,' 11.11 ,51, Sg:,111:1e 1 111' S1111, 11u1111y H 513- 111111111, 1,1 11'111 11115,-1. SG' 1111i1 Hfw HG1--11 1.1-'11S1111., 1.111j: 111'11 1111' 111511, 11,1119 '111111'11, 11111 1'1,1111f'Q', 1.1I111y A1111 SI11111, Q .111 ' 11' fli,1,11'5, 1- .11 J-x11 '1'1"11111 FL111i11 1'I1'.'J 1-11111-'1 131111111 , 11'1,:1511111'1 H 1111, 1111111111 EL1111--, HQ11-111 ""11z'1, 14.111, 11 1 1:111111'1, hi' .- 1f11f1f1111'111, H1211 L111.11s, 'f'1.1f-11 11111 1-Q1'fe1111 111. F1211 F111-I 13111111 F1111- S1111, E1,11,1e1'11'1 13.vff1y, 1f111,' 1,1-1.111,:111111, P1111 '.JfE1121L11-1, 11111 P11 '21, 1 1'-111 SI1ll11l. French Clcxssf Petty 13111511 175111121 t1.11:1'S 1-1153 11111-'11':: 11111-1 1111111 i11 F11'-111 '11 -1 r N 11,1 5-1 Boris Livres lveril Libri Boni Wvunl V E GLISH anal LA GU GE SPEECH The people who elect to take speech the last semester of the senior year real- ize that the question is not whether they are going to speak or keep silent: but rather HOVJ they are going to speak- well or ill. Such a class is usually com- posed of two typesp those who enjoy speaking and grasp every opportunity for experience, and those who realize their own need for improvement. The course is introduced with a study of voice and a recording is made so that the student can hear his own voice. lt is a general prac- tice to have each student on his feet ev- ery other day. The senior play centers at- tention around drainatics for several weeks, but the last days are spent on kinds of informal speeches a person may need to use at any time. Each student has responded to the common need for better speech and has taken a step forward in a genuine spirit of friendliness. BROWSING What book do you want? May we help you get it? Our librarians are well trained. For one-half credit a semester they are re- quired to take periodic tests and keep a well-ordered library. Their special duties are to mend books and magazines, get them ready for the shelves, catalog them, and check the shelf lists. Miss Mary Campbell is head librarian and advisor to the capable assistants. A new project instituted this year was the St. Patricks Day tea. The public librarian, Miss Lulu Miesse, and a mem- ber of the faculty were guests speakers. Invitations were issued to the faculty and one fellow student of each librarian. It is hoped that this will set a precedent for future events to center social as well as business interests around our library. ROMANI HODIERNI The Latin Club, sponsored by Miss Wood, is an extra curricular activity dev signed to give interesting and valuable information. Material not discussed in class is touched upon in the club meetf ings. A program is planned for each meeting. This year Noblesville l-ligh School was very fortunate in again being repref sented in the County Latin Contest. Kay McLaughlin and Mary Ruth l-larnish placed first and second respectively to advance to the District Latin Contest. The officers of the club this year are: Consuls, Paul Robinson and Martha Kaiser: Scribe, Mary Ruth l-larnishy Quaesf tor, Bill Buck. FRENCH French as Cf part of the curriculum was introduced two years ago. lt is a favorite language in the school. ln the beginning, French stories are read and words studied. Many of the stories demonstrate a new language rule. Others are historical anecdotes of great interest. At the end of each unit the stu- dents study interesting landinarks and great men of France. The distinct twang of the French lan- guage is studied. This peculiarity sets the language off as distinctive and beautiful, As in the English language so in French, parts of speech and tense must be studied, understood and remembered. Conjugation of verbs is extended from the beginning course. ln advanced French a novel was stud- ied, "Without a Family." This project was much enjoyed by the class, and proved a great impetus to the study of the lan- guage. ART This year's classes were devoted to getting a good foundation in art. Points stressed particularly were perspective, rendering, and water color technique. In connection with the latter, moving pic- tures were shown demonstrating the water color styles. Very interesting to all art students was that time devoted to crafts. Any craft that was of particular interest to the indi- vidual could be made. Some of the pro- jects were airplane modeling, ship model- ing, clay modeling, study of interiors, wood work, and the painting of salad bowls. Class projects were water color painting, lettering, poster work, and ad- vertising problems. The climax of the year's art work in all the schools was the art exhibit and tea given under the direction of Miss Sartor, the art teacher. The decorations were carried out in a Greek motif. Greek col- umns were erected and overhead was a canopy of leaves. ln this enchanting set- ting were displays, the works of Nobles- ville's younger artists. IUNIOR BUSINESS ln Iunior Business a student gets a general introduction to business. Problems and lerrns of bookkeeping are stressed. The class decided to take up the study of various occupations and Miss Davis, their teacher, gave them guidance in that particular phase of business that was de- sired most. ln this case transportation and and selling were stressed. This study of types of business gave the students a taste of what they might like in the business world. A person in the business field must know his arithmetic and spelling, so spe- cial drills in these two essentials were giv- en at least once a week. A very worth-while and interesting project instituted by the class this year was the making of work-books on trans- portation. 'lhese information-giving books were then sent to the Riley Hospital in In- dianapolis to be enjoyed by the patients there. lt is hoped that such an important project will not be discarded. TYPING A requirement for the stenographer is typing, so the typewriters are always busily clacking away in the typing room. Lessons must be learned, typed, and handed in. Special standards are set up each six weeks for students to meet. The first six weeks the basis for grading is volumes of lines. A certain number of lines are re- quired to pass and all over add that much to the final grade. The second six weeks the grade basis is errors. Here precision and accuracy are developed. No mis- takes per day is B+, one is B, two is B, three is C, and four is a D. The amount of typing paper wasted is only understood by those who have tried for top grades. The third six weeks brings an increase in volume ol lines required. Also used to determine grades are the speed tests given each Tuesday and Thursday. The person with the highest number of lines and with one or no errors receives a medal for that day. The second highest gets a medal, too. The ten people having the highest speed averages be- come part of the "Big Ten." Art- Miss Sartor presents phases of art that ape pecxl to every students tciste. Iunior Business- The young business executives receive good inspiration from Miss Davis. Typing- Mr. Hansen sees that These typists work hard. P COMMERC SL' 1' Hvesuupun ..- 7342 --wr ff' X itll h as SCIE CE an ATHEMATICS CHEMISTRY Chemistry is the study of the nature of common things in one's environment. With this in mind many classroom experiments were carried on by Mr. Harg- er, the chemistry teacher. These experi- ments called the students attention to the numerous and practical applications of chemistry in everyday life. The year's study of chemistry gives all who take it a brief insight into the science of the changes in matter. Many times students like it so well that they carry on their study of it with the hope of being a chemist in one of the many fields in which it is required. Diagrams and the interesting experi- ments themselves give the student a taste of science and a small perspective of the wonders of nature. PHYSICS Physics is a study of heat, light, elec- tricity, mechanics, and sound. ln everyday application physics is in- valuable. ln the field of electricity the practical side is studied. The principles of common electrical appliances forms an interesting study. lt brings the study close to home. Experiments in the effects of electri- city, sound, heat, light, and mechanics are interesting and educational. The principles of light are studied. An interesting study in this line was one of lightning. Mechanics in this case means the ef- fect of forces on bodies. The mechanics of fluids such as pressure density and compressibility are studied. The work- ings of wells, engines, and motors run by water is an educational project. Molecular mechanics and the mechanics of solids are also taken up. Magnetism, static, and current elec- tricity and electric waves are also dealt with. In the field of sound acoustics, sound waves, pitch, its connection with speech, and the ear are studied. BIOLOGY Biology, "the science of living things" is a popular science course, as evidenced by the l35 students who have taken it in ore semester. Whenever we hear of an ant colony, an egg observed in its stages of growth, or see a student carrying a weed bouquet, we know there are experi- ments into this science of the living world, from that which is invisible to the naked eye, to the largest plants and animals. There is a fascinating experience here awaiting every interested student. l-le may enjoy learning Why leaves fall, about plants which eat meat, dissecting frogs, taking bird hikes, or even what a word like Nparadichlorobenzineu means. Here we may discover a true scientist! SOLID GEOMETRY Solid geometry is a study of solids. lt isn't an easy subject, but it is very in- teresting. There is a duality between proposi- tions in plane and solid geometry. If the first fundamentals are learned, the course becomes simplified. Illustrations are used in the text book to give a pupil the visualization of three dimensions. The students of solid geometry soon discover that it is very practical and not useless as they had, at first, supposed. Its practicability is demonstrated in en- gineering and astronomy. These are just two out of many. Geometric figures are studied and in- terpreted. The use of shading gives the idea of a solid. Angles and curves with- in solids are also studied. Solid geometry is studied for a semes- ter of each year. The other semester is given over to triginometry or advanced algebra. Those who like to work with a compass and use a lot of brain power at the same time, find solid geometry to their liking. Chemistry- Betty Arm McMahon assists Douglas Kitter- man in an experiment. Physics- Bob Goodwin, Fred Wyant and Mr. Harqir seem well satisfled with their work, Bioloqy- The biology Class learns all about bees and flowers from Miss Mann, Solid Geometry- Mr. Harqer enjoys watching Bettejane Mo l solve her own problem, While the Class, well- - THEIR ACTI ITIES Music- Mr. Elliott conducts the chorus. The band makes the most of their practice period. The orchestra gets off in the corner and makes lovely music toe qether, MU ICTANS MUSIC HATH CHARM The chorus is very large this year, having sixty members under the compe- tent direction of Mr. Walter Elliott. The chorus has done no public sing- ing this year except caroling at Christmas time, but a quartet composed of four of the chorus members has sung at many public performances. These members are Bose- mary lohnson, Betty lane Mott, Alexander Moore and Bichard Clarke. A very good recording was made of both the quartet and chorus. The chorus members meet three times a week, and at these meetings they have the Joyful satisfaction resulting from sing- ing together. The latter part of the first six weeks of the second semester, the chorus decided to give a prepared program late in the year. They purchased a concertized form of the "Mikado" by Gilbert and Sullivan. Much pleasure was derived from the study of this work which culminated in a pleas- ing performance. OUR BAND How could school spirit lag at football or basketball games when the rousing band "booms out" with a spirited air! The band played at every public parade, and gave two very well attended con- certs this season. Not only did they meet these minimum requirements, but they worked hard this year to make a good showing at the district band contest in Connersville. They placed first in their division here, which entitled them to go to Tell City State Contest in April, where they placed first in third division. Also at Con- nersville there were several solo winners -lean Smith, Bill Carr, Betty Ann Mc- Mahon, and one clarinet trio, Lorena Wiles, Vonda Grimes, and Marilyn Caca. These individuals attended a National Contest at Flint, Michigan, May 14th. The Band Boosters Association has helped the School Board to realize the band's ambition to have new uniforms. The uniforms are black and gold military style. They were initiated at the Nobles- ville-Dunkirk basketball game, and pre- sented a very striking appearance. Every- one was justly proud of them. Gne of the closing events of the year was their appearance in full uniform at the head of the school parade to the city park cele- brating Boys and Girls' week on May lst. SWEET MUSIC The orchestra, under the leadership of Mr. Elliott, has made rapid improvement. Since there must be a limited number playing each instrument, this is a selected group. Unlike the band, they specialize more in the finer points of orchestration and instrumentation. Their choice of semi- classical selections are enjoyed by all. They have appeared publicly several times: at class plays, P. T. A. meetings, Baccalaureate, Commencement, and in concerts. The orchestra gave a benefit concert for the P. T. A. in February of this year. They were also invited to play for the Congress of Parents and Teachers at the Claypool Hotel on April 26, but had to de- cline this invitation because of a conflict with the Noblesville Township Coni- mencement. lulure Farmers . . - ff 1 , . . i..111. l 1.1..11, '11111l 1.111111 , ' . 1111.1-11. 21'1-'.'.'.111.l, 1, .1g Ill 1. l.1 2-111 .7 11 1.11 - ."1:11115 1 1 111' .1 ll .1, l.I...1115 ' 1 1 1., '.l1.1Z ,, 11, P11111- .1 1111 111111lW11111, , f 11.1111 1 1 1, '1.- 1111 '1151111, lllll ' 1.11111 ,'111111l.1-111, 1.,1 :1. 13- 111: .' 1 11.125, l.1-1 1.1551 .1111111. home Economics Club . . . l.'.i I1 C. 1 111 I1 1.l..' L1LlS11, .11 1 , 11 11111-' L1'111l:1, 1 1 .1 1. 1 91.1-1'1 E11-A111 y 1.112 .1 1.1-, l.1lS5 G11111- 'Q 1 1 l1-:11 Q 111, 11-1111 1 1211111 f'1.1111.1111, V11- 1111: .Q 11. 1, I.. 1111111 L11 F1.1'lZ11. 11 1 1' 1. ll111Il1 lf'15sw1.111'-1, 1 '11'.' 111.111.1111 1, l-.lIl' 1.1 1 1..111 :11, 211111111 1.11113 . 1 I.I11g.' '1' 111- A' 1.11"1s ..1.111s, L IS llf3i11y, ll 1 '1 11. , .-lI1Q 2.1111 DJ1111, l1..1:.1 1. 1 L' :'.'1 is 11. ...11 1 l .111 N131 ll1f-151111.11 '1..:11. 1:-.'1f1111s,l 1.f' ill H11- 1 .,,, ,1 111 'II' 111 111115' l-11111- . , 12'11.f11-y, H1-11111-'11 11' 1111, 1l1 1-11 111.,1'.lf21!111111-lol111- .- 11, 11..li1'1, 11. 111 Strwi-115, l .111 115. 11 1' ' XII. f111'.'1.is1j11, Elf-V 1 1113 ' 115 l'1i1'f1s, E1fr1111'f2 ,. 11.1.1 . , P11'-'-111211 E1-li". li 1.1 11,,,, f' ll5 l111l11i-l1l, V1'J- 1111 1: Z1..1 1.1:1Q.' L111.11s--- W11- .2 1, ff 1:-:111 11,111 1,1- I' l 1 G. A. A. Girls . 111.11 1. . '.,' '111 Ill 11, EFI' 111 1' I, ll 113' Il11115, lv Ill 111 l, '1 ll 11111: Y. ll l1l19I1-I, M155 .1 111, fl I 1111 F311 Lis, 15131111.1- 111111. l'1 '1s11, 'l5':.111111l11lj.'11 P11111- 1 l.. .1 l.11.i1111. 11 11 1 111 1.1.2 ll11111f-1 Quill-if-y, .11 '1 1511, ,Alllll l1'1'1'1s, L1 15 1l1 1115, 1'1.1 1.'f 1 IW 11111:--, H1115-.-11 111' 111.111 '1" 1 lf H111111, l.1l111y 1 1. 1 1 'LL E111 1. W.-.111 1115, Dons 1 ' 1f2111ll:--'.', Belly 1 1111... 11 115 P1111.111e-l1.l, lc--111 1 1 11-ly' P'111f, lVl111y 1.1111.r11 1, 11111111 l.1..u D1vi1lson, "N" Club . . its ?1".z': '111-'11'1111s Cl'11'11'1n1111, ll V1w1111l5, l.1i1'l1 lQi1111l-91, H1-1' 1 lf 2.11151 I1-'11 Zwfiiel, E111 111. 17' .111 fl xv. 11111195 lv1f1rQ1ZliIl1, fl Ill 1 .'1:11i11l1.v'111.l, l-f1.1y lVl1'- l. 1 11.,:.11111, Ein f111v1s, D1f11111l:l L11 '111 .'11vi11 1A.11119l1l. F1 1 'li 181 11: 11212 Small, Holi 11 1'1l1,'.'111, lqlf-l '.'1lj.'1111?, H1Jrl15'y 1 '1:111',, 11112 E11111.:1f-1, he P1111, ' l N1-110 lvl. 1'1S1111. F! '. Q. .-- . L 1 .-..,,'.. 1 - 1 ' r F.-. af.:- A-LA 1. L t VCCATICNAL and HE LTH F. F. A. AND "AG" CLUB To those boys who have qualified by their work, the degrees ot Green Hand and Future Farmer are granted by the lo- cal chapter. A boy qualifies for the degree of Green Hand by being enrolled in Vo- cational Agriculture. The Future Farmer must have one year of Agriculture, have S25 invested in a productive enterprise, and be able to lead a ten minute discus- sion on any phase of agriculture. Green Hands-Brenton DeMoss, Robt. Gatewood, Morris Millikan, Eugene Roudebush, Bill Stehriian, lim Vernon, ana Don Calvert, lr. Future F armers-Max Lednum, Oscar Musselman, Don Lackey, Ernest Roude- bush, lr., Paul Tate, Paul Woodward, lun- ior ireland, Melvin Hair, Floyd Pritchard, Chas. Mallery, Merrill Woodward, Louis Kaiser. Oificers--Pres., Max Lednumg Vice- Pres., Ernest Roudebush, lr.: Sec'y., Oscar Musselmang Treas., Don Lackey Reporter, R. S. Craig. "Ag" Club Members-Eddie Camp- bell, Dwight Dwiggans, Leroy Harger, Harold lnman, George lohnson, Kenneth Miller, lack Sherley, Glenn Carson, Thomas Chapman, Robt. Huglibarrks, Ralph Parker, Horace Roudebush. TASTE AND BASTE CLUB The Club's interests are to serve ban- quets and to have different types ot sales throughout the year for the purpose ot making money. Such banquets are Ki- wanis, Red Cross, Principals' luncheon, Agricultural Department, and many more. Each year the girls look forward to taking a trip with the money they make. The sponsor is Miss Gambell, and the officers are: President, Henrietta Horny Vice President, Maxine Yancey: Secretary, Gertrude lohnsonp Treasurer, loan Olveyg Reporter, Helen Cecily His- torian, Ada Mae Dahlkep Program Chair- man, Helen Cecil. GIRLS AND SPORTS The Girls' Athletic Association is composed oi girls interested in athletics. Membership is open to all girls but to be- come a member, a girl must have made 75 points. lvVhen she has acquired SDJ points, she is awarded a four inch gold nurneralg when she has acquired BUG points, she receives the six inch "NY when she has acquired i500 points, she receives a gold pin. Awards are given at mid- seinester and at the end ot the school year. The officers are: President, Virginia Von Meter, Vice-President, lean Carey: Secretary, lvlary Harrisy Treasurer, Gwen- dolyn Randallg Social Chairman, Betty McMahon: Heporter, Betty Lou Vtfalton. "N" CLUB The boys eligible for membership in the "N" Club are those winning a letter in one of the major sports, which are toot- ball, basketball, and track. To receive a letter they must pass certain award win- ning standards set up by the coach. Those boys who have won a major award in football are: Ben Edwards, Bill Burger, Bill Zinn, Fred lflfyant, Bob lfVoods, Raleigh Hammond, Bob Goodwin, Merrill Woodwctrd, Toni Chapman, Ted Small, Dick Kinder, Bill Carr, lack Zeckel, Don Lackey, Kay McLaughlin, Ben Davis, Her- bert McKinsey, and lohn Foland. Those boys who have won a major award in basketball are: Bob Vlfoods, Bob Goodwin, Murphy Vfhite, Calvin Arnold, loe Parr, Herbert McKinsey, Dick Kinder, joe Ambrose, lake Hoover, and Charles Merideth. Those winning major awards in track in i940 were: lack VVheeler, Bob Good- win, Ben Edwards, Herbert McKinsey Bruce Purdy, Don Lackey, Kay McLaugh- irn, Don lessup, and Charles Merideth. The present officers of the club are: President, Bob Goodwiny Vice-President Merrill Vlfoodward: Secretary-Treasurer Dick Kinder. The sponsor ot the club is Coach Swanson. 1 1 1 . STUDE T PARTICTPATIG THE BOARD OF CONTROL This board is made up of three teach- ers and three students who are chosen by the Student Council. One must be from the Senior Class, one from the lunior Class, and one from the Freshman and Sophomore Classes. The three teachers are also selected by the Student Council with the approval of the high school Prin- cipal. The members of this board for 1940-41 are: Miss Green, Mr. Swanson, Mr. Harger, Business Manager: Clyde Mc- Entire, loan Stevens, and Douglas Kitter- man. This body acts on all matters that per- tain to the finances of the extra-curricular program of the school. Any activity pro- posed by the Student Council or the ad- ministration that involves the spending of money or the raising of funds must be pre- sented to this board for its approval. The Principal is an ex-officiol member and may veto any proposals made by this body. THE STUDENT COUNCIL This body is made up of one repre- sentative chosen by election from each home room. The function of this body is to act as an advisory group. Since the members are representatives of their home rooms, it is their duty to learn the thoughts and wishes of their home room group and present these to the Student Council. After this body has discussed proposals and reached definite conclusions, it presents its proposals to the Board of Control for action. The members of this body for 1940-41 are: lack Hoover, president: loe Wolfe, vice- president, loanna Cornelius, secre- tary: Raleigh Hammond, Horace Roude- bush, Betty Libler, Bill Buck, Charles Mere- dith, and Tom Hollingsworth. ARE YOU LONESOME? The Everybody's Lonesome Club was founded in 1915 by Mrs. Fred Hines, bet- ter known as "Aunt Mattie." The purpose of the club is to sponsor closer relationships among the girls of the high school. Every girl takes part in one of the four parties sponsored by the club. For each squad of girls, there is a captain and lieutenant, who have the responsibility of one of the parties. A party renewed this year was the Dad's Party at which the girls entertained their fathers. Other par- ties are the Halloween Party, Little Broth- er and Sister Christmas Party, Mothers Tea, and the Senior Farewell Tea. The club officers are: President, Esther McMahon: Vice-President, Aman- da Eller: Secretary, Mary Ruth Harnish: Treasurer, lane Libler: Program Director, Frances Neal. A WERE Boosmis This club, organized by Mr. Rust in 1933, has well undertaken its responsi- bility of "boosting" The information bur- eau and a benefit football game were ac- tivities of the club this year. To train its members to be law abid- ing and civic minded citizens: to learn to co-operate with the administrators, the student body, and the faculty: to build up a strong school spirit and loyalty are the purposes of the club. The officers are: President, Bill Bur- ger: Vice-President, Bob Goodwin: Secre- tary, Fred Wyant: Treasurer, Dick Kinder: and Sergeant-at-arms, Douglas Kitterman. Members of the executive committee are: Bill Burger, Fred Wyant, Calvin Arnold, Bob Goodwin, and Charles Mallery. The Honorary members of the club are Mr. Harger and Mr. Kendall. Row One Clyde Mr'- Ezilire, Douqlds lfiiiifrmdii, loan Sie-veiis, Miss Green, Bow Two lvir, Sv-Jririsfrri, Mr. H-girqer. Bcw One Billy Buck, Iocrnnci Cornelius, Mr. Busi, Belly' Lilvler, Horiiie Bonde- Lush Row Two ldlze Hoover, Ioe Wolfe, Clifiries Mere' dith, Toni Holliiiigsworili. john Ne-il. Si:-died lfrne l. i li l e r, Amdndd Eller, Mrs. Hines, Esther MCM-.1lion, Frdriiies Neal. Sldndinq Mrrrili-'r Lon Fickle, Virginid ll-iisivr, Betty Wi-gqiris, Iwiriry Lee Loser, Ioan Qlvey, Gerry Emmons, Vivi-in Benneli, Clidrlolie Horner, lvldrilyn Card, Mfrry Ruth Hczrnisli Bow One Bill Ap-gif, Bill M:Vey, Boll Vxfoo il, Bob Mdllery, Mr. Busi, Ioe Ambrose, Bodne ,' Baldwin, Herlyeri lvlclfin- sey. Row Two' Douglas Hil- termdn, Harold lffinzer, Bill Sims, Charles Bdlzer, Ben Davis, Fred Wyixni, Bill Burger, Ted Small, Row Three-V-Bob Mclfi- iire, Charles Mdllery, Diqlt Kinder, Ioe Pdrr, Cdlvii Arnold, luke Hoover. Row Four Mr. Wm, Hurqer, Harley Carey, Bd' Goodwin, Melvin Hair, Po? Vifolie, Kay Mcbiuqliliii. Junior Class Play- Sllllllll Hlll Crux, liar l--y Carey, F +,'1 ily' Pie'--sr lv Arm Nrll-r l-ldllllfl Clllfll, Iwul flr'-'FIl5, lwfify r.1 x.z.mrrr 1.x 11.415-A1 Slxlllullill Slllll1'YkllA,lll lx'-Ill llrsgtim, Erfily vvll-I :ms l.l1ss lfllllll Miss Sirlllllll P1 'li lllll-.l6'l' Senior Class Play! Frqrnt Flux' Clmrlwifv lirmt r, l'lll.lllC'JS Nfirxl, Batty Furl--r, M155 Cxrrlplwell, iff-if-11 Cram, l-rm Oivrfry, llmyrx Aldvmlrri Sw-gyrrl l-luv Esllxor My Llrxlzrrl, Huw L11 lar, Eettw Dllllxlll, Rorimvy lSwllrlNVlIl. Slrllhlllkl, Lrxsk rww Evsll Fulk-."1rds, lklerrxll X'r'pwrixx'r11xi, llurulrl lillllfif, Lulu llepgx Fill Eur-.wr, Don 'l' :Iv 'lbl Sm 111, lllgu-.rllrs lMllIQlIll rn. lurxior Senior Prom Annual Staff- From Row --Helen Craig. Clmllotte Home-r, Betty Lou Brown, Betty IQ Stern, I-fiss Cgrrupk-ell, Betty Fuse Ferrer, Thym Aldendorf. Buck Row-loan Olvey. l.u:1ll-s V-Jlermfme, Fred lA'j.'qr1t, Esther lxl-ilNlahor1, B111 Burger, Fuclmrd Clarke, xg, ju ion an s Nion Hictnnsnr MR. IUSTICE I IMMY jimmy Calverton is the son of the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney of Hemp- ton County and captain of his High School debate team. He is fully convinced that Arthur Louman, whom his father is trying to convict for embezzling, is innocent, and, while trying to prove his innocence, har- bors him in his own home under the name of Allen Roberts, a counselor from his camp. Complications arise with the con- stant annoyances of his younger sister and the arrest of his father, who tries to shield limmy when the authorities are in- formed that the criminal is hiding in the Calverton home, Iimmy is at last triumphant when the beautiful but dumb member of his debate team produces the evidence which shows that the real crimin- al is none other than Harry Knapp whom his sister, Kit, was planning to marry. All ends well when the true criminal is cap tured and Kit finds refuge in the arms of Allen Roberts. SHIRT SLEEVES At the Diana Theatre on May 13th, the senior class gave evidence of a well cast and well planned production. The audience was ushered to their seats by girls of the class in formal dress. At 8:00 the violin quartet began playing, and the show was on. The old saying that the cycle of shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves is accomplished each third generation was born out in the experiences of the notable Rand family. In the crash of the 30's this family lost their material possessions and false pride, but gained the greater moral strength that their security and smugness had formerly overshadowed. This was a young peoples play, sprightly, interest- ing, and purposeful. lt was a serious undertaking with a cast of sixteen and extras, and could not have been accom- plished without the splendid cooperation of all those interested in its success. IUNIOR-SENIOR PROM A branch of cherry blossoms was the invitation to all seniors to attend the big- gest social event of the year, as guests of the junior Class. On the long awaited night of May l7, the girls in lovely formal dresses were escorated into a beautiful japanese garden by the handsomely groomed young men. The long fan- shaped tables were decorated with lap- anese pagoclas and lantern place cards. After enjoying a fine three course dinner, all were entertained by the toastmaster, Douglas Kitterman, a few words of wel- come by the junior class president, Betty Rose Forrer, response by loe Klotz, Senior class president, and messages by Su- perintendent Watt and Principal Rust. The banquet was followed with dancing in the gym. Every detail was so well planned that juniors and seniors alike enjoyed a perfect evening together. ANNUAL STAFF 1941 Shadow With the original guidance of Mr. Zeis, the staff conceived the plan for a new kind of Shadow. lnformality was to be the keynote, with students and teach- ers "at home" in the classroom, accord- ing to department organization. They have planned pictures and reading mater- ial that will make a familiar and memor- able record forever. The staff appreciates the good start Mr. Zeis gave before he left in lanuary for Camp Shelby. Fred Wyant, editor, had the plans with which to carry on under the guidance of Miss Campbell. At times it seemed an almost insurmountable task, but the staff believes they have achieved success, and thank all those who contri- buted to it. ' P M1.'lQ'f , I W' F in ' Q f v ' U- '10 ' l lr 'I' '3 4 v vii' I KW' I l l C T The Noblesville School hard-charging .ootball team had a very successful season during l940, being victorious in six games, tying two and losing only two games. This victorious season was made possible by the cooperation of the boys with Coach Dale Swanson's plan of attack. The boys this year seemed to have that "willing- ness to win." After getting off to a slow start, the liioys began clicking and tied Cathedral, lndianapolis champions for l940. Then having the usual let down after oi game like this, they found their stride and were off again. During this time they beat their old rival, Sheridan, in a thrilling bat- tle. A record crowd of 3,000 witnessed this game. Then they met 'Westfield on Westfield.'s own muddy field and beat them to become Hamilton County Champs for l940. There were five Noblesville players on the All-County team. They were Bob Wood, Bill Carr, Bill Burger, Bob Good- win, and Herbert McKinsey. Those receiv- ing honorable mention were Dick Kinder and Baleigh lrlammond. The Millers gained 223i yards to their opponents 2373 yards. Noblesville made a total of 75 first downs while opponents made 89 first fiovv Une llelt tai rigltil lfiflliert Mr:- Efinsey, Ben lldwards, Billy Burger, Toni fjl'tilfltlfII't, Bill Zinn, lvlerrill lNoo'l ward, Fred Vlyarit B" 31 Goodwin T 1 Srnall, Bch Wood. Ft-LAN Two Catch Swfrnson, Dior hindi-r, lessf' firiies, Don Ltickey, lay Ivftglaiuglzlin, lchn Poland, Durwoool 'Noail lvetl Hoover, Fd Hiirger, Mark Covcrt.i4.ile, Bill C irr, lift: Zf-'ke-l, Paul Wooi.lward, Bruce Purdy. Bow Three lake Hoover, lim Kenne- dy, Ben Diivis, Toni Hollingsworth, Ed- die Bobcrts, ljoli Edwards, Fontaine She-ffey, Frcniti lrlill, lim Br-ittain, Harry Scherer. BALL downs. All these figures indicate that on paper the lvliliers should not have Won so many games. The fact is the Millers actually were smart, taking advantage of every break, aggressive, courageous, and had deter- mination to win. They were a dangerous ball club after they reached the opponents 40 yard line. Their success might be summed up in two words, "Blocking and lntelligence." The 1940 eleven had no individual stars. They were small and out-weighed in every game but one. One of the greatest plays ever e.recu.- ed on loseph Field was rnade by the l9-l0 Millers, lt was in the Sheridan game, im- mediately after Sheridan had scored and taken a 7 to 0 lead. Miller fans were dis- couraged and it looked like the old Sheri- dan jinx once again had struck a knock- out blow. Then on the kickoff, the bali was taken on the l0 yard line, and behind an amazing and perfect demonstration of blocking which had every Sheridan play- er off his feet, Herbert McKinsey ran 90 yards for a touchdown. Coach Swanson was called for mili- tary duty and was given an indefinite leave, during which time Elmer Hampton will coach. .Lx SCGRE Noblesville, Gwliirlqlin, 6, tie. Noblesville, 26--Warren Central, U Noblesville, 6-Cathedral, 6, tie. Anderson, 32-Noblesville, 6. Noblesville, l3-Alexandria, U. Noblesville, l8-Sheridan, 7. Crawiordsville, 26--Noblesville, U. Noblesville, 7kElwood, 6. Noblesville, l3-Westfield, U. Noblesville, l2-Broad Ripple, 8. Noblesville, Total Points .... 107 Opponents ................ 91 'Pop How. Ben Edwards, Raleigh Hammond, Fred Wyant. Second Row: Bob Goodwin, Tom Chapman, Ted Small. Third Row: Bob Vwfood, Bill Burger, Merrill Woodward. Fourth Row: Dick Kinder, Bill Carr, Herbert MC- Kinsey. Fifth Row. Iauk Zeclcel, Iohn Poland, Dori Lackey. 'Sixth Row: Ben Davis, Paul Woodward, Fon' toine Sliefiey. Seventh Row: lim Kennedy, Torn Hollingsworth, Bill Zinn. Bottom Row: Coach Swanson, Kay McLaughlin, Iim Gerrard, Mar. 19 pf-X 1 5 'VP' A .-g, i -.5:?f"5 I . 5 4 528-4-:'1.' ' ...axon -J? .3 . 'R NCORES VARSITY Wolnut Grove, 29- Noblesville, Z4 sirowlordsville, 41 lvOl.Jl2S'J1ll9, 34. Snorlridqe, 40- Noblesville, 22. Westfielii, 24- l1ClbliSVlllE', 23 lover! Noblesville, ide Howe, 20. Sheridan, .50--Noblesville, 24. Hclqerslown, 43- Noblesville, 25. Masonic Home, 4.l5fNoble-sville, 22. Alexondrio, 32 -Noblesville, 31 lovertirnel Tipton, 27- -Noblesville, l7. Greeurield, 33-Noblesville, 33. Ben Dovis, 50 Noblesville, Z6. Ljolliedrol, 54 f--Noblesville, Si. loriville, 28'--Noblesville, 27. Pendleton, 46 --Noblesville, 37. Noblesville, 300 YVVYLll'1'Gl'1 Central, 2 Brood Ripple, 26 Noblesville, 24. Dunkirk, 43--Noblesville, ill. Noblesville, 4?- L-iwrence, 24. SECTIONAL Noblesville, SE lleniy.-lon, l5. Siierioon, 3-i Noblesville, 35. Wolnut Grove, C1'CIVJlOl'dSV1llr2, Noblesville, lb Noblesville, 17 Noblesville, 17-H SECOND TEAM l6- Noblesville, 12 .me Noblesville, l5. Sliortridqe, l2.l Wefllielo io Howe, l4. ,-..u-,. Sheridan, 20-- -Noblesville, lo. Hoqerslowrl, 23 Noblesville, 27 Noblesville, 37- Noblesville, l9. lVlQlSOIilC Home, lb Alexerridriu, 20. Noblesville, 25-V ll!DlC!i, 21. Noblesville, 21 Ben Duvis, 24-- Calhedrol, Zo - Noblesville, Zu Noblesville, lb Vxforren Central, Noblesville, 22 -Brood Ripple, 20.0 Noblesville, 23- f Noblesville, 26' Greenlield, 19. Noblesville, 20. Noblesville, l9. Forlville, lil. Pendleton, 13. 29 --Noblesville, '25 Dunkirk, ll. Lawrence, l5. IH Top Row: Bob Wood, Colvin Arnold, leo Pcrrr. Second Row: Cllorles lxlerediih, Eob Goodwin. Third Row: Murphy Vlfhile, lcrke Hoover, Ioe Ambrose. Fourth Row. l-leroerl Mcliinsey. Done Tote. Second Team .... Front Row. Couch Swanson, Glen Emmons, lim Kennedy, Clyde lvlclfniire, Earl Guilkey, Ned Hoover. Bock Row: Bill McVey, Ioe l-lole, Phil Wheeler, Durwoocl Vfood, Poul Uloodword, lim Mor- iin, Mgr. Dick Kinder, Bill MCVey, BASKETBALL The Noblesville High School basket- ball team was moderately successful during the season of l94O-41. Seemingly the boys were not able to find themselves until the end of the season, thus saving us from disaster. The scores indicate that they were a close match for every team. They played three overtime games and lost several games by a close decision. The team was cheered on and loyally upheld in spite of defeats, by the student body of N. H. S. Surely these yells from the sidelines were of great encouragement to the team. Credit must be given Coach Kendall and the boys for their undying spirit throughout the season. They were a different and inspired ball club during the sectional. Most of the young men who played on this year's sectional team will be back next year. Two players ot this year's team made the l.edger's All Sectional. They were Cal- vin Arnold, and loe Parr. Seniors who were on this year's team during the sectional were Bob Wood, Mur- phy White, and Bob Goodwin. The Millers ran wild during their first game in the sectional. They scored fifty- eight points. They lost their second game in the sec- tional to Sheridan. This game ended in a dispute, since Noblesville was ahead ali the way until the last few seconds. Dick Kinder made the last basket which would have put Noblesville ahead, but this goal didn't count. The l94Uf4l team had height, but they were unable to hit the hoop consistently. t 1 ,Q L-1 it L ts' I ,L Front Row--Ioe Ambrose, Cal- vin Arnold, Bob Wood, Bob Goodwin, Dick Kinder, Mur- phy White. Second Bow-Coach Kendall, Don Tate, Herbert McKinsey, Charles Meredith, Bill lVlcVey, Ioe Parr, lake Hoover, Man- ager Ioe Smith. L. E l l r l . L L. x I V. E f I l v.f ii 'YV +3 ml! 1: -S -0 i a i v .i Senior Fred Wyarit . Tom Chapman Helen Craig . Beliy Io. Stern Class Officers President Vice-Presidenl ....- Secretary Treasurer lvlr. Harqer ,,., Home Room 6, Sponsor lvlr. l-lamplon . A Rome Room 7, Sponsor Iunior, Class Officers Bill Carr ,.,,, Marilyn Caca Betty Wiggins Harley Carey President Vice-President Secreiary Treasurer lvliss Sperlinq , . Rome Room 4, Sponsor Miss Mann ..., Home Room 3, Sponsor lvliss Green ,.,. Home Room 5, Sponsor Sophomore Class Officers Eunice Avery .. Pres. Home Room 30 Suzanne laclcson. . Pres. Home Room 18 Peqqy Mills ..... Miss Wood . .v Ivlr. Hansen .A Mr. Kelley ..... . . . Mr. Marquess . .. . . , Pres. Home Room 8 .,,,..... Home Room 8 Home Room 19 Home Room 30 Home Room l8 CLA We realize that your first two years as underclassmen are at times neither ex- citing nor eventful, but you are constantly preparing for the activities of your junior and senior years. Because of this lack of position and activities, don't let these years pass by too lightly, you are slowly laying foundations for your later careers. The sophomores have already made a success of their penny supper. This is an example of what your life as upper classment will be: activities with a pur- pose. You are realizing that it's not too early to start saving for your greatest sen- ior activity-the Washington trip. Keep right on building up that fund: you will later appreciate your own efforts. To you, juniors, we willingly, and with full confidence, give you the oppor- tunity to take our place. Though not al- ways easy, you should enjoy it to the full- est extent. You've made a great success in your first year as a completely organ- ized unit. ludging by this, we know you are capable of carrying on in our place. By now your hopes are probably de- termined: if not, your senior year will bring about your decisions. We hope these are worthwhile and successful. With your ambitions at their highest, you are ready for your next step in N. H. S. Good Luck! l94l Seniors Thyra M. Aldendorl Rodney C. Baldwin Eugene Beals Betty L. Brown Billy B. Burger Iean Campbell Ralph L. Castetter Vivian A. Champe Thomas D. Chapman Norman Z. Cooper Helen L. Craig Bettie A. Darrah Beni. E. Edwards, Ir. Betty R. Forrer Iames G. Gerrard Robert L. Goodwin Melvin D. Hair Mary Hawkins Lois I. Heiny Charlotte L. Homer Harry Horn Henrietta Horn Robert Hughbanks Iuanita G. Iohnson Harold Iohnson Virginia Kaiser Harold Kinzer Douglas Kittexrnan lane A. Libler Alberta L. Mchvoy UMMARIE Thyra Aldendorf, E. L. C., l-2-3-45 Art Club, 2-3, Chorus, 2-35 Latin Club, l-25 Annual Staff, 455 Senior Class Play, 4. Rodney Baldwinf-Secretary Home Room, 25 Boys' Booster Club, 3-45 Librarian, 35 Senior Class Play, 4. Eugene Beals-Art Club, 2-3-4. Betty Lou Brown-Latin Club, l-25 E. L. C., l-2-3-45 lr. Play, 35 Annual Statt, 45 lr.-Sr. Orch. Comm., 35 Art Club, l-2-35 Band, l5 Chorus, 2-35 Alternate tor Algebra Con- test, l5 Alternate tor Geometry Con- test, 2. Bill Burger-Latin Club, l-25 Booster Club, 3-45 Pres., 45 Annual Staff, 45 "N" Club, 3-45 Football, l-2-3-45 Band, 1-2-3-45 Vice- Pres. Home Room, 45 Usher Commence- ment, 35 Senior Play, 4. lean Campbellf-E. L. C., l-2-3-45 Home Ec. Club, l . Ralph Castetterf Tom Chapman-Fortville H. S., l5 Agri- culture Club, 2-3-45 "N" Club, 45 Secre- tary lr. Class, 35 Vice-Pres. Sr. Class, 4. Norman Cooper-Ir.-Sr. Decorating Comm. 3. Helen Craig---Band, l-2-3-45 E. L. C., l-2- 3-45 Captain, 35 Latin Club, 25 Ir.-Sr. Decorating Comm., 35 Annual Staff, 45 Student Council, 35 Secretary Senior Class, 45 Usher for Commencement, 35 Secretary Home Room, 35 Senior Class Play, 4. Bettie DarrahfChorus, 35 Band, l-2-3-45 E. L. C., l-2-3-45 Latin Club, l5 Orches- tra, 3-45 lr. Class Play Prompter, 35 lr.-Sr. Foods Comm., 35 Senior Class Play, 4. Ben Edwards-Basketball, l-25 Football, 2-3-45 Club, 2-3-45 Chorus, 2-35 Pres. Home Room, 25 Senior Play, 4. Betty Rose ForrervLatin Club, l-25 Consul, 25 Ir. Class Play, 35 lr. Class Pres., 35 Annual Staff, 45 Chorus, 2-35 Librarian, 3-45 E. L. C., l-2-3-4: Usher Commence- ment, 35 Home Room Otticer, l-25 Senior Class Play, 4. lim Gerrard- -Booster Club, 2-3-45 Student Manager, 1-2-3-45 Treasurer Sophomore Class, 25 Treas. lr. Class, 35 "N" Club, l-2-3-4. Bob Goodwin--"N" Club, 2-3-45 Pres., 45 Football, l-2-3-45 Basketball, 2-3-45 Boost- er Club, 3-45 Vice-Pres., 45 Usher Com- mencement, 35 Pres. Home Room, 3-4. Melvin HairfBooster Club, 45 F. F. A., l-2-3-4. Mary Hawkinself. L. C., l-2-3-45 Latin Club, 2-35 Latin Contest, 2-35 Geometry Contest, 3. Lois HeinyfE. L. C., l-2-3-45 G. A. A., 2-3- 45 Home Ec. Club, 2-3-45 Band, l-2-3-45 Orchestra, 2-3-45 Chorus, 2-3-4. Charlotte Homer-E. L. C., l-2-3-45 Lieuten- ant, 35 Captain, 45 Latin Club, l-2: Ouaestor, l5 Band, l-25 lr.-Sr. Decorating Comm., 35 Home Room Pres., l5 Vice- Pres. Home Room, 25 Secretary Home Room, 45 Usher Commencement, 35 An- nual Slatf, 45 Senior Class Play, 4. Harry Horn-Manual High School, l-2-35 Booster Club, 4. Henrietta Horn-Manual High School, l-25 E. L. C., 3-45 Home EC. Club, 3-45 Vice- Pres., 35 Pres., 4. Bob Hughbanks-Walnut Grove High School, l-2-3. Gertrude lohnson-elf. L. C., l-2-3-45 Cf. A. A., l-2-3-45 Home Fc. Club, 2-3-45 Sec- retary, 45 Latin Club, l. Harold lohnsonf-Band, l-2-3-45 Orchestra, 2-3-4. Virginia Kaiserilff. L. C., l-2-3-45 Latin Club, l-25 Chorus, 25 Band, 25 Home Ec. Club, 45 Secretary Home Room, 25 lr.-Sr. Foods Comm., 3. Harold Kinzer-Booster Club, 2-3-45 lr.-Sr. Comm, 35 Senior Class Play, 4. Douglas l-fittermanfArt Club, l-35 Latin Club, l-25 Consul, 25 Booster Club, 3-47 Pres. Home Room, 2-45 Student Council, 35 Pres. Board of Control, 3-45 lr. Class Play, 35 Decorating Comm. lr.-Sr.5 Sen- ior Class Play, 4. lane Ann Libler-E. L. C., l-2-3-45 lr. Class Play, 35 Secretary Sophomore Class, 2: Sec. Home Room, 35 Chorus, 25 Latin Club, l-25 Ir.-Sr. Decorating Comm, 35 Senior Class Play, 4. Alberto: McAvoy- -Northern High School. Detroit, Michigan, l-25 E. L. C., 3-45 Home Ec. Club, 3-4. UMMARIE Esther McMahon-ME. L. C., l-2-3-4: Secre- tary, 25 Vice-Pres., 35 Pres., 45 Ir. Class Play, 35 Annual Statt, 45 Librarian, 3-45 Band, l-2-35 Orchestra, l-2-3: Pres. Home Boom, 35 Latin Club, l-25 G. A. A., l-25 Secretary, 15 lr.-Sr. Decorating Comm., 35 Senior Class Play, 4. Alexander Mooree-Lafayette, l5 Logan- sport, 25 Band, 3-45 Orchestra, 3-45 Chor- us, 3-45 Student Council, 35 Booster Club, 3-45 lr. Class Play, 3. Frances Neal-Latin Club, l-25 Scribe, 25 E. L. C., l-2-3-4: Assistant Entertainment Director, 35 Entertainment Director, 45 Band, l-25 Vice-Pres. Home Boom, l-25 Class Play, 35 Student Council, 35 Ir.-Sr. Class Decorating Comm., 35 Senior Play, 4. loan Olvey--E. L. C., l-2-3-45 Lieutenant, 35 Captain, 45 Annual Staif, 45 lr. Class Play, 35 Ir.-Sr. Decorating Comm., 35 Home Ec. Club, 45 Treasurer, 45 Latin Club, l-25 Vice-Pres. Home Boom, 45 Senior Class Play, 45 lr.-Sr. Invitation Comm., 3. Ralph Parkeremfalnut Grove High School l-2-3. Floyd Pritchard-F. F. A., l-2-3-45 lr. Play Stagehand, 3. Horace Boudebush-Student Council, 45 F. F. A, l-45 lr. Class Play, 4. Bill Sims-Booster Club, 3-45 Latin Club, l. Ted Small4"N" Club, 45 Football, l-2-3-45 Latin Club, l: Senior Class Play, 4. Elmer Smith-Latin Club, l5 Band, l-2. Betty Io Stern-Band, l-2-3-45 E. L. C., l-2- 3-45 Latin Club, l-25 Scribe, l5 Vice-Pres. Home Boom, 25 Treasurer Senior Class, 45 Chorus, 2-35 Orchestra Committee for Ir.-Sr., 35 Annual Staff, 45 G. A. A., l5 Al- gebra Contest, l5 Program Comm. for lr. Play, 35 Bus. Chr. tor Sr. Play. Don Tate-Latin Club, l-25 Band, 1-2-3-45 Booster Club, 25 Commercial Club, 35 Pres., 35 Annual Staff, 45 Basketball, 2-3-45 Ir.-Sr. Decorating Comm., 35 Senior Class Play, 4. Lucille Valentine-E. L. C., l-2-3-45 Latin Club, l-25 County Latin Contest, 25 Band l-25 Librarian, 35 Alternate for Algebra Contest, 15 Program Comm. tor Ir. Class Play, 35 Annual Staff, 45 Prompter Sr. Class Play, 4. Virginia Von Meter-E. L. C., l-2-3-45 G. A. A., l-2-3-45 Pres., 45 Secretary, 25 Chorus, 2-3-45 Band, l-2-3-45 Orchestra, 2-35 Ir.-Sr. Decorating Comm., 3. Murphy White-Band, l-2-3-45 Basketball, 2-3-45 Latin Club, l-25 Treasurer Home Room, 3. Lorena Wiles-Band, l-2-3-45 Orchestra, l-2-3-45 Chorus, l-2-3-45 E. L. C., l-2-3-45 Latin Club, 35 Ir.-Sr. Decorating Comm. 3. Bettie Wiseman-E. L. C. l-2-3-45 Latin Club, l5 Band, l-2-3-45 lr. Class Play, 35 Ir.-Sr. Decorating Comm., 35 Home EC. Club, 45 Pres. Home Boom, l. Bob Wood--"N" Club, l-2-3-45 Football, l-2-3-45 Basketball, l-2-3-45 Booster Club, 3-45 Ir. Class Play, 33 Pres. Home Boom, 2-3. Merrill Woodward-Football, 2-3-45 Bas- ketball, 35 "N" Club, 3-45 Senior Class Play, 4. Fred Wyaiit--Shortridge High School, l-25 Booster Club, 3-45 Secretary, 45 Annual Staff, 45 "N" Club, 45 Pres. Senior Class, 45 Football, 4. Bob Young--Latin Club, l5 Ir.-Sr. Decorat- ing Comm., 35 Treasurer Home Boom, 4: Band, l. Charles Baker-Latin Club, l5 Pres. Fresh- man Class, l, Compton Iunior College, Compton, California, 2-35 Yell Leader, 45 Boy's Booster Club, 4. Marianne Dane--Band, l-2-3-45 E. L. C., l-2-3-45 Home Ec. Club, l-25 Chorus, 3-4. Constance Dwigans-E. L. C., 2-3-45 Chor- us, 3-4: Art Club, 2. Betty lane Gatewood--E. L. C., l-2-3-45 Latin Club, l-25 Ir.-Sr. Decorating Comm., 35 Usher Commencement, 35 Ir. Play Comm., 3. Bob Bepp-Band, l-25 Football, l-45 Track, 3-45 Latin Club, l5 Art Club, 35 Senior Play, 45 Ir.-Sr. Decorating Comm., 4. Eloise Goin--Cf. A. A., l-25 Chorus, 15 E. L. C., l-2-45 Akron, Ohio, 3. Charles Mallery-F. F. A., l-2-3-45 Booster Club, 3-45 Band, l-25 "N" Club, 3-45 Ir. Play Comm., 3. Richard Clarkee-Band, l-2-3-45 Orchestra, 2-3-45 Orchestra, 2-3-45 Chorus, 1-2-3-45 Latin Club, l-25 Theory Club, 45 County and District Latin Contest, 25 Music Con- test, 35 Aimual Staff, 45 Ir.-Sr. Invitation Comm., 3. Esther H. McMahon Alexander Moore Frances R. Neal Ioan Olvey Ralph Parker Floyd Pritchard Horace M. Roudebush Bill Sims Ted Small Elmer Smith Betty Io Stern Don Tate Lucille Valentine Virginia Von Meter Charles M. White Lorena M. Wiles Bettie lane Wiseman Bob W. Woods Merrill Woodward Fred E. Wyant. Robert G. Younq Charles Baker Marianne Dane Constance Dwiqans Betty I. Gatewood Robert I.. Repp Anna E. Goins Charles Mallery ' P M1.'lQ'f , I W' F in ' Q f v ' U- '10 ' l lr 'I' '3 4 v vii' I KW' I l l l HIST R ln the past we seniors have been looking forward to the time that we would be through high school. We are real- izing that in the last four years N. H. S. has given us some of our most pleasant experiences. Now that we have to depart from our high school days forever, there is deep regret in our hearts. ln 1937, seventy-nine of us entered the portals of N. H. S. for the first time as students. Although frightened and be- wildered at first, we finally got settled down and earnestly began trying to get an education. ln our freshman year since we had few parties and were in few activities, most of our time was spent in doing routine school work. ln our sophomore year we still spent most of our time doing our lessons and didn't have much time or opportunity for anything else although we did have a few class parties and a sophomore Christmas play, entitled "Pop Beads the Christmas Carol." During our junior year we were al- lowed to do more things and enter more activities. Although we were organized our first two years, our junior year was the first one in which we really had an active part in school affairs. Betty Forrer was elected president and with her lead- ership and with the cooperation of the other officers and of the entire class, we successfully executed our duties. One of the big events of this year was the pur- chase of our class rings. ln December We presented the annual junior class play, "Professor, How Could You." In May, we juniors entertained the seniors at the annual junior-Senior Prom. Our senior year has been one of the most eventful years in our entire school career. The enrollment of our class has decreased the past four years until now there are only fifty-eight members. We were very busy the latter part of this year in putting on the class play, leaving a week to go on the senior trip, and getting an annual finished. We have sponsored several all school parties to raise our part of the money for the senior trip. Through the kindness of the Elks Lodge and the School Board in donating money, it was possible for our whole class to make the trip to Washington, D. C. This year the title of our play was "Shirt Sleeves." ln May we were entertained by the junior class at the lr.-Sr. Reception. We capably fulfilled our duties this year under the competent guidance of our President, Fred Wyant, our Vice-President, Tom Chapman, our Treasurer, Betty Io Stern, and our Secretary, Helen Craig. Our sponsors, Miss Campbell, Mr. Hamp- ton, and Mr. Harger have greatly helped us in solving our problems and carrying on the business of the class. Now that our time is drawing to a close at old N. H. S., we realize what en- joyable times we have had here. We hope that the present underclassmen and the ones to follow them will profit and gain as much from their school days as we have. We realize the mistakes we have made and now wish we had been better students and tried harder to im- prove our school. We want to thank all the teachers in school for their kindness and patience in helping us in every way they could. We want to wish the senior class of i942 lots of luck in carrying on the class duties we will leave them. We hope that our successors will have as much fun performing the senior class ac- tivities as we have had. When we were underclassmen, we anxiously awaited our senior year, and especially our grad- uation from high school, but now that the time has come, we are very sorry to leave our good times at old N. H. S. Our high school days will never be forgotten. We have tried tc uphold our school's high standards and hope the rest of the stu- dents will continue to do so. The l94l senior class now says farewell to its school, its teachers, and underclassmen. Bow One-V-loe Ambrose, lohn Arnrnernian, Bill Apgar, Calvin Arnold, Ruth Baker, Vivian Bennett, lesse Briles. Bow Two-Mary lane Brooks, Marilyn Caca, Elinor Calvert, Hailey Carey, lean Carey, Bill Carr, Cora Cass. Row Three-Helen Cecil, Georgianna Chance, Bill Clam, Annalselle Clayton, Ioanna Cor- nelius, Richard Coss, Stanley Craig. Bow Four-Alice Dalillze, Mary Dasliiell, Emma Lou Davidson, john Dill, Eline Dortman, Ruth Dwiggans, Aingnda Eller. Bow five Betty Bller, Gerry Emmons, Virginia Euliianks, lifldflllil Lou Pickle, Alton Flower, Wilma Forslia, Dan Forsythe. Bow Six-Bernice Godlay, Eugene Goins, Georgi- anna Golclsniitn, Vonaa Grimes, Virgil Grit- lin, Bath Guillzey, Mary Alice Gunn. Row Seven- llleanor Haggan, lpawarcl Halsey, lviaiy Harris, Leslie Harrison, Llorotha Hart- man, lflariorie l'lil1Wl-11115, Betty Henry, Bow Bightfi-'ryllis Hersllluerger, lake Hoover, Hel en johnson, Rosemary johnson, Louis llaiser, Wallace Keller, Dicl-1 liinder. Row Nine-Bill Kitterrnan, Marcella Lalshaw, Io Ann Lennen, luanlta Lloyd, Mary L Loser, Lola lYlGlL1E'Ii, Bob Mallery. Bow Ten- Boll MuBntire, Dorotha Mcliirn, Herbert McKinsey, Betty McMahon, Bill Meara, Bill Miller, Bolo lvlooie. Row Eleven-Bill Moran, Bettetane Mott, Ioanne Noble, loe Parr, Ruth Passwater, Gwendolyn Randall, Peggy Reese . Row Twelve- sMax Roberts, Eugenia Boudeloush, Paul Roudebush, Georgianna Rouse, Ellen She-rley, Charles Sinuns, Io Anne Stanford. Bow Thirteen--Jacqueline Startzman, Minnie Mae Stehman, loan Stevens, Betty Thacker, Bolo Thacker, Bettylou Walton, Marilyn Whetsel, Row Fourteen--Phyllis Xflfliitcomb, Io Ann White, Georgia Whisler, Betty Wiggins, Chester Wiles, Chester Wilson, Ben Wire. Row Fifteen-Ioe Wolfe, Lorrane Wuerffel, Mary Yancey, Maxine Yancey, Marcella Young. lack Zeckel, Bill McVey. T -wt wr- V V ty A ' it 1 T. il ' - .-- - i - . .l . . V . .. , 1 . 'FF' wt ff. 1 2. l 'ff E '14 g ' X Q f ' ' , Us , - ., : 5' " 1 - 5 " - - V 1 ie 0 X .. v 1, g -.L EW. ,.Ll.p:::f Wi? I ' E. ' ffl. . A ,Q 'I . ' ff? it A . L V Vi 5 "'i ll - Q-i -2-'Q 'WQ-' "" V. i , 5: V - ' ye-' , , gi 7 21 t Q . . t Qt, 5, A , V ... .VV :V -. T....r- g ff -fix. ' 'Ax- ef if fit! ' "" y X l Q. l tl l img. :B Q l B ' 2' :T . ' l ' - .w V .B T 5 . l A .. he K V-ii , . . . .L 5 . xt. E - I, 1 A ,, ' 'ff 2+ fl ."l1 res. A- , .-7, -':'- f : if lg-li. B ll vi r t V 5, V F..- . . A ..-mil. , i , lg.. .., V D. F..- . .....-E,. ,.. U... , .... .. , . . , l., 1 - A 3 . , ,, I 4 g-T t 21 6 lb A F ' , G10 1. 1 V to Q- - Q -1- ' 1 I ' ' lf ' 5 t 'A , A X' " T Q , 1 ,.,- - ,egg I -m-' ,, as-' ala' gf. L'- le X " '- if 5- . 5 "' E V V V V - ,f .W Q V , . 14- 'X , , . - Fi . l ,QQ f 91 5 , K 6. f-1-,JET 7. - . ff l r A- M: V A .vets r si. "" 1 Vs .. ' V L V : 1.3 ., f r Q Vg. -.- I V ei lilly . f Q1 Qi -' T -t- R I-. - ,fix-' fi- 1 r V " - V K gr' g . Y? V I n Vt -4 gs-1 X - 1-A 1 e ws., :Ez -, -A ew 4, ef .... , at fr jgty ' - . 1 325 i. - 15 2 se, fi- gf ' . .V V T, . . sw V . iL .' . -lf , Ji., A-. le W Qtigig, ,,,, A ml 5, -- - ru" --" """. ' ' rf--w u-:pans . -' ' ' v ' Y V . , , x, 5. :I1 1-rf it "" 1: V 4 4 v-A bv- S in - - " f- K ' fi ' 5-Q3 '- A f -f 1. -A . X. . . 1, - ,. . rf' K6 , V y A ,QV 3 . Ez' -L ,gy V CJ? 1? 7 . iv gs, Y Q 5. l 'l 'f . : 0 kr l E il- 1' f- - . " 2 - X, 1. ' H 4: ' L A 1'f.glM . KKQK Ll... .LSL-, l' V V A is 1- . ...m JVNQ S1 ,f G 'aa .2 - vs , Q ,er Ve , - , ...Lev QT., YVB, ,WJEL . .3 .W W ii.. - I ' , -"'e ' :tips , 1 .-:E t ' - .ii V 1 'f e.Qg.QL. G . ' 9 F- '. P! S. 'Qi '. .-. -,iT...p 3 1 '-f .... .. .. ..... J V -A.-.1 . --f M f-A H Q -V - xrjayg 3--z K1-A U . CH . rp A Q N 1' ., in H rl 1.4 . Q 6 U: Q v ' i. Q, C3155 ' ' 'I . 6- I k. i A V N, 'iffli 'g .. .-55 A .lr il Elf' . g, X - ' uf ' ,s 'S - -'C XS ws'i SCPH0 E- - S 'Glides N - E . , 1: ' l .1 I i .. . it Q, A' 1 4 3.34 .kt 4 ff' V .:. -3, ,V '51 'gk ,. -if M 9 3 Q N' ' .. , - , - 5 A , 2 -- In ' l V 9 W ,ky J , A -1 G: e U! -J -LL -. :Z My Q Y JF- 7 Y 9 ..-.i .J - 1 fi- QV U i 1: .-gi' ' , ,Q , ' 'Qg . 'I '53 ' in V.. ' s. 7" fm .15 fi Y ay- 'tl A 'Fifi Q it . . - J ' '. ., ' eg - .ii .....1.. gif-R - i - , 'ity ,Tr ' -rrfzfhl E 1 f,k1 N i " . wi , ' EG-' 3 3, j. ij-- .- F -. V- 2 5 . .Q -gi .- V. 'Li ' P U A T . -1-1 ' Vm"""' " ' '-ff". Et "M W . 1 i,-:k-f" ' ' 1 - . '::."'T - . E - 1 4 A I' ' - 5 5' 5 -3, . t n v -wg, -. gf x "F t' t 52 4- f f. 'Q . 9:5 - .V S' 5 Q l 1 , 9 .2 " -jj. ' , L, ' ' - - f -Q "i""LE' A A eg - -5 ,' 21 ' ' V - ' :-' 1, will I ng t -Q F, . A 5 - - 'ee 3 . , ' - " e- -Z if' ' 2 . , x. M ? ki: , 5 V -V .bla E ..t.'i.E..- ,gn A . .. -L t :Y M Q' an L 1 gi 'R -a-- 4 - -. Q- 1 . to . ,.. R131 1 t . --.Ls .. .1 I-i 3 'H ' 'ft " ,V t 't t . 'I T . f' ' - - ' F l , . 1: 'l I - ' P' ' Y dx ll 1 A ' - ,H fi, YV - Q- T , t X 1, ' if v 7 ' ., ' W .5 Q . ii, ' 'Q . T " E P Y Q. 'iii ' ' f ' .1?E215r5 'I' -- N if gas L x fi ' ,Jil Yew? a 11 ' ' -4 X 44 'ii J T- t l , . V-3 V - , i 311, - . E - . . i ' -lx I - Q. ,. fri' , . . ,,,,, .- 7 'Q x t , A, 1 l ' sf F, ' If x . ..,,.S""Y1f::g,t, l N ' tl, 'Q ,Q ., lf, ' F . fm- ' P .1 5' ef- S- H .tie A Fiidl- E fig- J.. L. V E. . ae. .3 '11 -- - f 'ifjil ' .rsgl '11 .:f:.. , ' F A :'v: is X e H , " fs ey ,, en , Qvgw V, 3 JY .Eff . 'fl jf, V I1 gl V ' . Q x ,, I ' H It " F "" ' 1 6' l 5' . ' 1 . 'Z 3 2, t ' 4, air. L. ' r 1 t 1 ki. -VA- n. H . EJ . -. l ' 1 , ' 5--f we f - -ff A-1 Qvritg I E ' 'ii G, ' .. - 12 . Ig ' 4 A 2,-' :, ' '. E ., ' 0. , in ' 'l , ri -.-+ :S lit IN- .' . . A H - W . .,,. ' : ,P ibliw -Q 5 rl . Y , ,- 'I ' K. ,Y 9 :Z - it ' ' ' - IX L4 1 ' 1 -xv - i s is 1- ,g 4 ,. "QL 'Q M RE First Row-Eugene Avery, Lola Ann Ballard, lack Barton, Barbara Bodle, Doris Bradtield, Ioan Brarium. Second Row--Virginia Branum, Betty Lee Brate tain, Bill Buck, Bob Campbell, Mary Castor, Ben Davis. Third Row--Doris lean Davis, Beverly Ehman, Bill Elder, 'William Epp, Iohn Poland, Richard Gehring, Fourth Row-jo Anna Ge-tha, Bettie Gipe, Betty Guilkey, Earl Guilkey, Margaret Godby, Ioe Hale. Fifth Row--Mary Rose Hanna, Charles Harmon, Mary Ruth l-iarriish, lane Hawkins, Frederick Heiss, jacqueline Howard. Sixth Row----Betty Hughbanks, Mary Hummer, Eleanor Hurlock, Suzanne laclcson, George Iohnsoii, Kenneth johnson. Seventh Row-Martha Kaiser, Rosemarie Kaiser, Barbara Kinzer, lack Kirby, Betty Kitterman, Chenault Kitterinan, Eighth RowiBetty Libler, Don Lackey, Max Led- num, Helen Marshall, lim Martin, Georgianna Meara. Ninth Row- Charles Meredith, Kenneth Miller, Peggy Mills, Esther Moon, Ioanne Mosbauqh, Oscar Musselman. Tenth Rowe-Francis Myers, Margaret McAvoy, Tom McEntire, Marjorie McGuire, Howard Kay McLaughlin, Betty McNally. Eleventh Row-Gay Nelle Parr, Maribel Perdue, Roseanna Pickrell, loann Purkey, George Redd, Carol lean Roberts. Twelfth Row'-Paul Robinson, Ernest Roudebush, Eugene Roudebush, Harry Scherer, Fontaine Shetfey, Bob Sigman. Thirteenth Row-Bill Stehman, Bill Small, Ioe Smith, Allen Snead, Helen Stern, Mary Ann Stern. Fourteenth Row-Frances Stubbs, Wilma Swank, Paul Tate, Ianet Thomas, Iune Vernon, Con- rad W'alis. Fifteenth Row-lean Alice Wann, Martha lane West. Phil Wheeler, Bob Williams, Paul Woodward. 3121-E HMB Row l--Virginia Arsup, Robert Armstrong, Betty lane Arthur, Betty Asher, Eunice Avery, Nancy Barber, Edith Barr. Row 2--lim Berq, lim Brattain, luana Briles, Bob Brown, Patricia Brown, Virginia Brown, Eddie Campbe-lr, Eileen Carey. Row 3 lirnrny Carey, Norma lean Carr, Norma Cecil, Lucille Chaudion, Ann Clark, Suzanne Clover, lohn Cook, Mark Coverdale. Row 4 -Phyllis Crask, 'Warren Crays, Ada Mae Dahlke, Anna Davis, Ethel Davis, Malcolm Davis, Brenton Delvloss, Betty Duqanich. Row 5-Don Du-ganich, Dwiaht Dwiqqans, Bob Edwards, Glen Emmons, Bob Eskew, Bob Petty, Frans-es lane Gaddis, Arthur Gatewooa. Row S--Robert Gatewood, Iulia Gibbs, Harriet Guilkey, Paul Guilkey, Peqqy Haqqan, Dick Hardqrove, Edgar Harqer, Leroy Harqer. Row 7-Anna Harrison, lean Hartman, Anna Lois Heiny, Frank Hill, Annetta Hoffman, Tom Hollingsworth, Ned Hoover, Robert Horney. Row 8- Martha Horney, Neil Huffman, Vivien Hulfman, George Huntzinqer, Harold Inman, loan ivory. lviary Ann lohns, Robert Keevil. Row 9 Marlin Keller, Iimmy Kennedy, Wanda Kepner, Glen Kina, Lilly Kinq, Ruth Kitter- man, Carr Lowery, Keith Landis. Row lO -Richard Landis, Graden Maines, Harold Maker, lean Mallery, Ima Iene Martindale, Morris Millikan, Leia Montgomery, Lorraine Wynn. Row ll-Gladys Morris, Martha Morris, Raymond Morris, Bob Murdock, Merril K. Musselman, Bob Myers, Helen ivlcAvoy, Ned McCormick. Row 12-Clyde McEntire, lohn Neal, Bob Nevitt, Beatrice O Neil, Patricia Palmer, lo Ann Pass' water, Beverly Pfaff, Robert Pickett. Row 13a-Faye Rice, Iulia Riley, Eddie Roberts, Pauline Rogers, lane Whitaker, Frank Roude- bush, Peggy Roudebush, Wilma Roudebush, Harriette Russell. Row 14---lack Sherley, Berty Smith, Helen Smith, Wlallace Smith, Wanda Smith, Mary Stern, Helen Stephenson, Mildred Stites, Donna Storer. Row 15--Tom Swank, Sharon Swaynie, Ioe Syl- vester, loan Todd, Sarah Ulman, lim Vernon, Vertina Vtfallace, Helen Ward, Rosemary VVeaver. Row 16-Richard 'White, Ioe Vlfhitmore, Ioe Wil- son, Iohn Wilson, Mary Wilson, Bonnie Wire, Durwood Wood. n.- . . .1 by : . azz- N 4' 45. 'Q ' b I 5 ETA , . i " E j -? 'Qll l f A' gf ' lf ' -.fs r. . X 9 i"' . H 5 ' . : iii -A rr: -K 'T ,,,, 3, X - it 3 ' , -Q: M ,V 9.1 , -, F, ' 5 .5 ,. , . I fwvfz. in - . 9 U 5 ,rs if ' , - e is 'lr X i-1' fsmukfgx ' V 'f je-:-: -'ivy ms . A' - N Eb if -. 1. i, g F1 - -' -wr tt T ,,., - flier-1 -Zi E' 'L ' 4 5 .eg w e ' ' -- 9 V K' 5 -- . -ff. r ti", A R ' ET a -if TI we it is i y C: A -' i 5 ? fri- ' S ': . ,-,-f A , r, ,,wg.W..., ' y- . . f - 1-2 ' a A - Q, Q ' 7 J. vi B X, me.. ' ,X we gl" A :V V A 1 AP 'l az? KX, ,T I ., , 4, .5 I is ,E .N as ...V I FL r 5 t . f. L -ep--My ..- .jr "fag-95. my 'S'5'Ll:, P K"- I., V . ,N , 5 .33 'f',,':-1 ri' 1' 1 ' 1 " s ir. YQ B..- 23- A If , -i ,,,, 5.4-1.4 :Yr -Lx., S as X -I-Tim .S-, gig: F l . -' : . fu? 'Y 1- E. Fr- Q .fx w. A N4 rs L X 44 Hg gf,-5 f"' f ' - 3 ,I i la Q l 1 ' a y .-fl i f 2 e ' 3 ' 533' Q ,. G36 a- ,WN If af, 5 'jg ,: f 1 It of at is , t ,. "" - " X . A L jf.. 1 5 .Q '- 51 . ,,,. ,,,.,, - -, is :Q - f M3 -no ' 4- 0,5 + i Q, 1'- :A V 3.4 K .- . -,,g11i5-if Q ,Q -A ' if st - ,ff . ' me x A, L... , L " 1 'Sl ' ' -N2 Ti i 93- is M M ff ,le A s L .1 f. M -A as B , ,,,,, ,,. . . , . . ,,i.k! i., 3 R 3,-e ,A G A 0, . F, 5 .7 K.: W' 5 RQ iz... li -' 1 T, L- ' tk, 'N ei-- nib 7. . 'F " 1,3157 1 , ,Lg 7 - L? r 'S A-3 . tis.: 4' ' S' . E f P 7 ' v l - . . in t X Lt, . H- -A H - W - "A"- r gr! - I it is ., 1 . Q C. r f- r TMS" Gaw- -V A l' ..,. is ,Q as .3 - 5 t .N " , l fri' gl' Til ' ' '25 . 'tg HSI' . W, - 5. , . , '- , . ., l ' Rs' - es ' 3X t t . ' .ii , t ,merit I . Mc.: K -.t V .5 l, , - , yd , ly 1 S fill 6, ' 5 ' 'i ' . , . , 'gi 2 6 , , L .... ., r. . , ee., - , . , is 5. - 5, q r 'L5 . xy f di N Q- , , S ' 3 lei., Q9 ra Q X ga 3 1 5, .:- L ri t CALE DA SEPTEMBER "Hi kids! l guess it's back to the old rou- tine. How do things look this year?" We tie our first football game with Kirklin, 6 to G. Victorious at home, Warren Central, 26 to U. Battle of the year. Cathedral vs. Nobles- ville, 6 to 5. Boo Hoo, Anderson nails us down to one touchdown, 32 to 6. OCTOBER At Alexandnria, we win, l3 to O. Farm boys participate in the art of corn husking at local event. "Hey, lanie, look at the bonfire at Ioseph Field! " Our boys burn up the grass around Sheridan, l8 to 7. We celebrate with a big snake dance and a day's vacation from school Monday. Two contestants at district corn husking in Tipton. A game in the rain at Crawfordsville where we lose, 26 to O. Our parents are entertained by Deputy Sheriff Newby at P. T. A. Report cards: a lot of happy faces? Teachers lnstitute! What a time for us! All out to practice for the main attraction of the Indiana winter, sport season. Freshie girls can you take it? The E. L. C. members initiate you properly this year. NOVEMBER Victory over Westfield, l3 to O. Introduc- ing Hamilton County Champs! Girls take some lessons from the boys on their ideas of what girls "ought to be," at E. L. C. meeting. Roosevelt is with us again for term No. 3. Closed up the football season in downing Broad Ripple. This is Education Week, "Education for Common Defense." "Say, Tom, did you hear that speaker at the Armory today? He was a good speaker for Armistice Day." First basketball game, Walnut Grove beat us by a mere five points, 29 to 34. "Sorry girls, the boys will have to start training now." "lame, did you hear Rev. Goris talk be- fore the E. L. C. girls?" Thanksgiving, too much turkey. Mothers honor the football boys with a banquet. Two of our teachers give class demon- strations for our parents at P. T. A. Lose to Crawfordsville, 44 to 34. Afternoon game at Shortridge, 40 to 22. DECEMBER Girls are entertained by the first President of E. L. C., Mrs. Hedy. An overtime match with Westfield, which goes in their favor, 28 to 27. "Kids, don't give up hope yet. Our time will come." Agriculture boys start basketball out right. beating Sheridan, lO to 27. Fresh- men entertain themselves at their party. Noblesville Vocational Agriculture boys won Elmmer-Wheeler Trophy for group exhibit of corn and grain show. Mr. Hadley goes to California to the American Vocational Association meeting. Lets celebrate our victory over Howe, 23 to 20. Agriculture boys are hosts to County Ag- riculture teams. What a dinner our "Little Brothers and Sisters" got, "Girls, can we cook?" Our parents are honored to be addressed by Iudge Gentry at P. T. A. We go to Sheridan to take defeat, 38 to 24. Faculty party. Missionary here from Africa to talk before assembly. "Did anybody every hear of Hagers- town?" Well, Noblesville is shown around their basketball floor C43 to 255. "Did everybody hang up their stocking? JANUARY "Say, loe, l'n1 glad to see you looking so fine after vacation. "Did everybody eat cabbage for Good Luck?" What a game! But still we lose, to Ma- sonic Home, 26 to 22. Rev. Fisher talks before E. L. C. Whewl another overtime, and Alexandria comes out on top, 33 to 32. We have a new Superintendent, introducing Mr. Wetherow, as fine a substitute for Mr. Watt as we could get. Tipton Bluedevils' luck still holds good and Millers taste defeat again, 27 to 17. What a trip to Greenfield, ice, snow, and all, and still they beat us, 38 to 33. George lohnson wins first with his corn at State 4-H Corn Show. Teachers give a farewell tea for Mr. Watt and Mr. Zeis. Ag. boys bring in rat tails, pigeon heads and such. The County Pest Contest is on. Lieutenant-Colonel Watt and Captain Don Zeis leave for Camp Shelby, Mississippi. "Did you hear the Band Concert?" They ought to get first in contest this year. "Could you answer all your test ques- tions?" Better luck next time! Grade cards, here's a toast to A.-I-'s. CALE DAR FEBRUARY "Say, jane, did you hear about Lincoln in Chapel today? Rev. Moore sure knows his stuff, doesn't he?" Pendleton takes us for a spin. Slippery! Who said it was slippery? Well, ask the ones who went to Warren Central. But we slipped to a three point victory. Sorry to lose our Home Economics teacher, but we hope she will be happy in her new position. Broad Ripple finishes one basket ahead. Orchestra concert. What! no strings breaking? "Boys, who's that new teacher around?" l guess our parents know how to give us a good party. No game tonight! We passed Plainfield on the road there, when they were coming here. Vocational Agriculture boys are County Champs in basketball after winning the Carmel game, l4 to 13. "Girls, it is our time now. This Mr. Mar- quess, did you see him?" "Dad's, can the girls give good parties?" We hope you enjoyed our E. L. C. toast to you." Good game with Dunkirk, even though We lost. American Government and Economics classes visit the State Legislature. Yippie! We win our lost game with Lawrence, 47 to 24. Kay McLaughlin and Mary Ruth Harnish won first and second in second year Latin County Contest. Did you hear joe say he was going to take Home Economics? Would it be be- cause of Miss Gambell? A big crowd brings their pennies to supper to help the Sophomore class on to Wash- ington when they are Seniors. Sectional tourney begins here. Did you see all your friends? We eliminated Kempton and were elimin- ated by Sheridan. MARCH Tipton goes to Regional. Kiwanis Club feeds the basketball boys. Did you see a bald headed man around? lt was George Campbell, l bet. He was here to entertain us. Mr. Wetherow speaks before E. L. C. Interclass ball games start. Vocational Agriculture grain judging teams again win the 4-H County grain judging contest. Say, kids, did you see the seniors win, and did you stay for the party after- wards? lf you didn't, you missed some- thing. Report cards, a coke for the best grades! Library tea with Miss Miesse and Mr. Hadley guest speakers. Spring football starting. Senior all-school party to raise money for Washington trip. P. T. A. Vocational departments in charge. juniors present: "Mr. justice jimmy." Say, who said Noblesville didn't have tal- ent? Did you see all the blue ribbons on the winning musicians? All School Party by G. A. A. Mr. Swanson is called by National Guard. APRIL Stenotype Exhibit in Room 19. Band goes to Connersville. Good Luck! Art students display their talents at an exhibit. 4-H Live Stock judging Contest. Out for Easter vacation. Oid you wear your new bonnet?? Underclassmen take over. Seniors all go to Washington, D. C. Vacation over. 4-H Dairy Contest. Seniors all home. And did you ever hear so much talk? County Track Meet. lnterclass track meet at joseph Field. Band goes to Tell City and places first in third division at State Band Contest. MAY District Grain contest. Senior Class Play. Proof that those ener- getic seniors have been in their "Shirt Sleeves" the last four weeks. Individual State Band winners go to Flint, Michigan. Home Economics girls feed their mothers. They are good cooks. Seniors "swing and eat" at the juniors' expense. Whooee! Did anybody look at his watch when they got in? The seniors make their will. Did you get something? Memorial Day. IUNE To Church we go to Baccalaureate Serv- ices. Did everybody study? I hope so. Final examinations will tell. Commencement. "See you at Beanies next September, kids!" H CLL Y A chart: listing students by classes and indicating by "X" the semester when honor rank was attained. Freshmen . . . First Year Second Year Third Year t Fourth Year Patricia Ann Brown --- X Torn Hollingsworth --- X lean Mallery ......Y.... X Merrill Kay Musselrnan A... X lohn Neal .............. X Mary Stern ....v...... X Sophomores . . . Barbara Bodle --- X X X Billy Buck o,......... X X Ada Mae Dahlke .... X X Beverly Bhrnan ....... X Mary Ruth Harnish .,.. X X X lacaueline Howard .... X X Martha Kaiser ..... X Betty Kitterrnan .... X Max Lednurn .... X Torn McEntyre --- X Kay McLaughlin --- X X X loanne Mosbaugh H- X X X Paul Robinson ..... X X loe Smith ........... X Martha lane 'Nest --- X X X Richard White .... X X Paul Woodward --- X X Iuniors . . . Marilyn Caca --- X X X X X Bill Carr r,.o.... X X X Helen Cecil ....... X Annabelle Clayton --- X Stanley Craig ....... X X X X X Alice Louise Dahlke --- X X W lohn Dill ..........-. X X X Dan Forsythe ...... X Richard Kinder ...,.. X X X X Bob Mallery .,L....... X X X X X Betty Ann McMahon .... X X X X X Betteiane Mott ,....... X X X X Georgia 'Whisler ..... X Phyllis lflfhitcornb ..... X Betty lane Wiggins .... X loe Wolfe L-......,-, X X X X X Marcella Young --- X Seniors . . . Betty Lou Brown --, X X X X X X X Bill Burger ....... X Richard Clarke .... X X X X X X X Betty Rose Forrer .... X X X X Mary Hawkins ..... X X X X X Virginia Kaiser ...... X X Douglas Kitterrnan -- X X X X Alberta McAvoy --- X X X X Alexander Moore .... X X Frances Neal .,.,.. X X X loan Olvey ....., X Betty lo Stern --- X X X X X Lucille Valentine --- X X X X X X X Lorena Wiles ...... X X X Merrill Woodward --- X 1 Z 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1U 11 12 13 .4 15 16, 1 'X 18 19 QU Z1 22 23 E, L. C. qir1s entertain their Dads. Fmnnie N-e111 is reciting :r 1itit of French, 'W-.:11ii-'-e Smith is dbeut te tt:t:1-:le h is rnur., The ever-popu1ur Lridqe between the 1.ui1-iin-gs. CO'.1f11 PfendfJ11 1.111411 Prin-fi3iic1 Rust 1icive irrtporttunt business. Lilwrtrritirn Chester VJi1s1n on er- rqrid duty, P1iy11is 1Nh1tCcni13f 1'1tf1S1iS in spring sunshine. Etinei Iflir-ester Elliott is prouc1 :if the phqne the rand wt--n -1:1 Cin nnrsvi11e. Georq-I Icnnson tg1isp1'iys his first prize "'Cf"l. lim Vernon in the iifiq pen his t prize Chester White 1iot.3s .i. the 1Il4Q1lJ11iJ Stcrte Fair, 3210 on 1:1 1ove1y sytrinq -.1 .ry B1evI:inq that mln! The i1rin'.1t.11 Ixfliy sunnintit. Reverend Homer rviines to teach the 1311319 t:1f1ss. LLQ1-is 1115- Dirk mt.i1zes the free throw. Get the tip, keys. Miss Miesse talks to the 1i1itrt1ricns f:in.1 invited quests. P1ii1 Whee1er sees ci mouse. Tam Holiincjswtitrth crnd G1-en Em- mons show the g:ti:tiires. The titterbuqs get to-:gc-trier fit ci Senior Vfnientine dtxn-fe. Noon or 3:30 any day in front of the Candy booth. The E. L. C. girls welcome their fathers to ke their quests for the evening. The P. T, A. qives C1 party und dance for C111 students. rv. Q . . me . X Q - x" 'TX 1 , ...qt .E , 1 TUDE BALLCT B The " . . . est" list and other "Honorary Titles" as selected by popular ballot. l. Handsomest freshman boy --- 2. Prettiest freshman girl ...... 3. 1-landsornest sophomore boy .... 4. Prettiest sophomore girl ...... 5. 1-landsomest junior boy .... 6. Prettiest junior girl ...... 7. 1-landsomest senior boy .... 8. Prettiest senior girl ...... 9. Most cheerful boys --- 10. Sweetest girl in school --- ll. Most industrious boy --- 12. Tallest boy ........ 13. Cleverest boy ................ 14. Most appropriately dressed boy 15. Most appropriately dressed girl 16. All-American Future Farmer Y-- 17. Best all-around athlete ..... 18. Most reckless .driver .... 19. Romeo ........... 20. luliet .............. 21. Most popular teacher --- 22. Cutest Couple ..... 23. litterburg ...... 24. litterbug ................ 25. Most popular senior boy --- 26. Most popular senior girl .... 27. Wittiest boy ................. 28. The Clark Gable of N. 1-1. S. --- 29. Boy with best posture ...... 30. Girl with best posture -... - - - - - - lack Sherley - -- - Annetta Hoffman --------- Bill Buck - - - - Suzanne lackson - - - - - loe Ambrose - - - - Ioan Stevens -------- Bob Wood -----..--------- Betty Bose Forrer Eddie Campbell - Charles Baker -----------,-- Suzanne Jackson - - - Richard Clarke --- Calvin Arnold - - - Fred Wyant ------ Bill Buck ------ - lo Ann White - - - - Merrill Woodward --------- Bob Wood - - - - lohn Wilson - - - Iohn Wilson ---- lo Ann White ------------------ Elmer Hampton Peggy Boudebush - Calvin Arnold ------------------- Ben Edwards - - - - Emma Lou Davidson ---------- Fred Wyant - - Charlotte Homer - - - - Bill Moran - - - - loe Arnborse - - - Richard Clarke -- - PefJQIY Mills - 4 muan1limiiauWW m iilUimJunm W ., H -- .rig--1 IH i- 3 1833 01215 9221 1 L.. U V7 Q Q A Y.. , 1 3 W W ' 1 V1 , . 2 0 gf wi Q 1 ,f 'I-. P51 ' I u .f,3l1' ' . - A E fx.,--N ,bi-is QV A " . 1 ' f rf K K , Y V V 4 g Q. R O ' n f ' 3 K 2 l 5, QM 7 ,ld - - p Ai M F fi 1 Qs 3 -QQ, , .I x I 1 I k. 1. . ,F f- -rf . ' V 1 T f 3531582241-' Q", - ,. .sgrzx-,:,,. . - 1 1- - 'ef H: -'15 I Y 'x 0 'a fu' , - I pf wi 1 . ' FH 1 Q" fi-JI' U 4 i ' J - 1- 1" -A., ' 5 f-- 'T'f"Q' 1 ' ' i N-. .:D f . M5 V , 1 4 J' 1 f .J - 1 ' 1 ! f 2 .. Q l V1 I - L 5 l L,---4 I . A 1 x A 'g 1 ' X ii , I 'I XX - ' A' Q W ' ,111 W I Nix 1 E ' ' , X irq 1 w wg L. ug, I x , f 'xx 1 1' W. X-13-1 .5 Wi kt . ' we + ya :A A 5 4 ' L h' 11 F, .-fri 1 . V . ,-, ' -r , J ,, ' "APE 4 ' '.'f:'f1hf'i I .. t -rv f 'fi 5. ,NJ 'NN "".l-f:5'- f ' TT 1135 '31 ,:i5'fw I - 1 1, 1 H-fi ' ' ' M. 1.151 . - 9 wg.. 4 ' . .J:'9ff35ffq,3 , , .,,. . ,.,5,, .,., 1 U A-W - +,.y., K -l V X, 1 TA AM" if A - --4 Si - V5--""-1,-' -xx. . gtv., A V . ,, 1 .:, Ni ww' 'M , 1, V mx., , X -X 3 -ffzrv' 4' A 5 . - ' ,PF '. -- ' 1 i U,-". ' , xx 077.202 f,g,.v , f . ' . , N, X, 7 M Q n X, N66NHS f ' ' A X A N -.X'X 'l941 ' Q?.:14x'j2 In xnxx 1 , ,af ' . 5: All - ., nf-A ,mn ,l , A I 1 ' ' . 1 t --H1-'L--..-J .,,. ,, A N 'V ' - 'ln ' - V ' I 'z H Y' ' v "' F "' , . 1 L' J li, , V fa' . A f, , jug, 5 , :+A wi N, f X 42 1:7 Ag E-' ' "li dw' N i "u2Q'F'lZ " Q ' 'Sup' 1,15-:5 .1: f' M A 1-M, ML, K -4 wi Q M1 ' ' r-.1 L' H I WA -.-- " I "MT .. f S A r. "fl- 'HL--A .- -M -W .,.,., ,- ,4:, t 1 3 511557732--wiR 'WH' 44 -- Vik? 1' 1 if 'EAU-'si'-fi ' 1 H ' 1 L3 2, - N ., , ., .M Q 1,1 1 fl ' Q P 3 9' 1 W, X, f f '111 :A F s 'G+ ei .- T V. Q 5 gikigggt L E 1,1 GCN L " 4 Q, fw - - f R Nzbif ' f ', . I Q '1 1 ,Ag 5- ' I - ':'H"""-'x"zE"':"- i5?'x?': Y , 5' E-, , . - S535 1 f i Y f 4:1 ' ' I Y ' " , : v'. - .x 1 -, . ,J yy - 1' ,.'- - M., :,,::,vi, : EIN I ,gn q , LY.-1:53,-5 ' ,A.- l Q, LW -:. L .lj ff.:-gr, L W 3-I may A , 'W ' V Xfgy ' A-'.-,:'j' iff ,-:gy -X l nr. -,lx J 3 H If i '. ', x ' rw ' , . '. , 1 - I- , ' 4- , . 5,5 v, K gui., V - l:F::L,X 0 Q Al .R , '. , T4 ix.. "- , '-lu: N . , ,.. f 13'-ix-V ,. xr f --,1 X -- Y'-'-fl A ' '- ee ff .: 439' -1.1 - 2 .f"i:' if '-i. :-. , Q, - xiii . ,. w s v -'iii -' -f '-' A" ., x1 Y f gs , . -- X. -1 .Q f 5.-fe, , ' K E f 1 -If . V R 1 2 ' A ' 1-'H X 1' E L S L 1 ff? "lf I, Q! I l g.f - .1.. gi ,f I fx Q e , A ..1i:.:i3J..,g- 1'4" Q 4,9-A , 73, E . Y .Q 11- -'-12' N. X ll t f V xl . - gxmn 4 K ia? Epi EQ , f?,M- V Hi 'N- 'V --2 N 2- W' -1, , T' ' ' ' . . ,,.: N"-E-U '-AT' I ' Q- 1 "" , j- - 'slfqg , ' ' iMh:TTg"LA1"'1 1 b V A . 11351-'H 'Q - ' 4-2 "'v:'-.f ,,......' --L - QE. Alf- -253.224 fn" - , . . ' 'O UNI ' ' :F Ji.. A ' NPL ' ., x- -Lgfiff,1E',ig.L Q. .: . -x - - 1 ,............... , i 'vig-i 0 h . -..1 'z . 'ia TW -E " 6 , ,, . ,g N ' 11 I - , n .Liz A . 1.2. . -' 4, f . - 4 " -- -e--:--M X 14 n 2.--z., X- -' ' . w 'f-, . "'--.. -1- 1: j.-' "'- X WL:-X. . f.pK.-f:,w-Qfh-gf. -- L N ,, I, ,,. . H .-..-..,,. P H Jim vekf-ff , ... lv- in i M -Mig-Y.V:k,,,:4 ..-,, J -' , -1' ' - . "Q-ig . vgg . , . , - - sf- ,M X ' ifiizlsehziip, M -, .Mfr ' -1- - 4- -A -.-tw W ' ' ill-3325.3 "3-f".I.f"7'x'?'+Q-fi? - "N ' . - ' 3, -fegliwfnv .1 V I . V. ,. . . - A ' A . , , 1 Q gv- ,- 1 -A Q .jf We-Q .. ip b - -A , 33.-,-sf, Z H w-,, . M, N 1 ' . ' V w 9 . . I 'u 4. ,f Q, .Q x 4,, V t , . H v-' :Tv W .J, . yi: , 'X 'f ' L,.,v'., A 1: B- "am . , A , b ' P M1.'lQ'f , I W' F in ' Q f v ' U- '10 ' l lr 'I' '3 4 v vii' I KW' I l l ' -51-Lal f 5352... IP:--M, ' --'l5N1,2ffh"4!-'-- . "'-2--E-1:51-'. -.1-1-..,, 'uf'fifsg-Eai1Ei'g:af--.... ' '1ff5.515f:E'4.-'F"--5 . ---sg-fgef. 5--'33-,,E.:n ' -.5:-..--'E-2:-:thaw-.,.. . -..:i,.:5,i,.:E..--,fmh - -1,-.ff--:.---,-.. 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V I . . ,:,. . '-Q .N - .. sf I 4. J-'V ', J 'Q .I ' A' ,Q -. -NX ' M. as xx . H , F' ' 'f+f',N. . .-:, ., .N .Xl 9, X Sz- ' 5 HJ 'W IN MEMORY OF SALMON O. LEVINSON, DONOR OF THE LEVINSON SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS IN NOBLESVILLE CITY SCI-IOOLS. IUNE 3, 1941 Edwin Pentecost Levinson Award IWIHHGIS HIGH SCHOOL JUNIOR I-HGH 1906- Emmet Fertig No Junior High. Pearl Hutchens 1907- Norman Behr No Junior High. Irene Neal 1908- Robert Clark No Junior High. Inez Hollenbeck 1909- Harvey Shoemaker No Junior High. Mary Craig 1910- Harold McMahon No Junior High. Maude Gwinn 1911- George Bowen No Junior High. Daisy Bartholomew 1912- Orus Malott No Junior High. Margaret Hull 1913- Harry Harma Franka Berg Irene Fitzpatrick 1914- Elmer Brown Max Flanders Marie Hankley Halcyon Hanna 1915- Norris Cottingham Harlan Zimmer Trent Alexander Beatrice Whitlock Melvin Mallery Mary Lacy Enoch McPherson Esther Hiatt Roy Estle Ima L. Bray 1916- Gray Truitt George Dewey Bradley John Stevenson Gaynell Catterson Kathleen Thayer 1917- Randolph Randall Carlton Sanders Mary Lacy Athleen Catterson Edith Hiatt Byron Burger Hazel Olvey HIGH SCHOOL 1918- Roy Estle Floy Rayle Enoch McPherson Esther Hiatt Ruby Buscher Mae Miller 11919- Elvin Burger John Heinzmann Harold Nevitt Kate McMahon Gladys Dimmick Fannie Stewart 1920- Lawrence Cloe Neal Davis Ross Stewart Ardath Goodman Josina Kelley Edna Morgan 1921- Byron Burger Irvin Whitmoyer Paul Hill Virginia White Hazel Olvey Esther Ruth Mills 1922- Kenneth Smithrburn John Atkins William Harger Louise Gentry Opal McCoun Doris Levitt 1923- Mark Mount Robert Morris Anthony Kelley Opal Leavitt Ruth Canatsey Annis I-Ieiny 1924- Cassius Curtis Albert Heinzmann Orville Eusey Bernice Hines Esther Gentry Bernice Carter JUNIOR HIGH John Atkins Louise Gentry Charles Comella Phoebe Heath Cassius Curtis Bernice Hines Joe White Alice May McPherson Julius Joseph Mary Baker George Duclcwall Richard Baker Lyndon Beals Nellie Darrah Evelyn Vance Lucille Smith Charles Sohl Mahlon Schagller Charles Lyon Josephine Gentry Virginia Gifford Mary L. Frazer

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