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Y W'-A-uw .wa if 'gf 7 T we JIQQMW V i gk Lrg E A . ggi ' A - T , gi -N Q i , . Q if !V:V ' ' A + ' ,, V AA ,i Q em , A+' .qiw .il M ,A 44 if ' i,g 3vJQ f fp"fi"' fi A f ' rf A" 'L F 'V' .MF gy 'jrzswow . bfi' his ?+F 4 ? 6 x + sw I M-Q51 'fx' will ' 4 , ' 4' 4 . Q V Q - QQ W+w M M2 fi' My fi'+ ima ff? 3' , 4 ' 4, an if Sl L 35' A fiiml ' ..++i4 58 fwfif ' itat Q Hard' 'ff- 1 . , , j + dig, fr 1 Hg, ' ' AA 5:1 ' Q Q ffw,-gfw ' f 4 f , 'ul J if - g: 9 Q -l fm ff W I QQ QQ + xir NN Y: A! Q iii ,sw eww Q f: 1'P.'quFf Q Q M " ' ' Vi , W3 f my iw HI I ff3ff'4 f iil91i"!, 'f LQ b wifi lv Or' 4, L .. J l 4 , + HM? Hi 56329 Q 'ff Y H I Ei f5 ff f lg +e 591, Q . AA 5 f , + I E515 f 'I+ W 3 Q rw + : H , M, j 4, xii i t 2 f?t xl ?3f?'f'Q,,3. Pt - , .4,,. 1 Jbimgr , Y A K 'Y 5 , Q QW V, i j 24.1 v .M P113 '-N +A fi f A fm ri Q i f mi ' X Wf f QW V W ix xl CEN T ENNIAL EDITION X. 7' ' 'YQ + A .3 .gi 4 , , rf 4 ' W if Wi "Y" . ," 'V ' 4 Q qf5::'Myw."" '3:xH"g"f im. ' Y AQ, 1 A 1 .,., 3 l L 1-- P V 0 - a 57. ' , 4 Q . Es' M' 6 ' ' ' My wk Q 'Pity rf gf H+ 'Tx Cb' r Q -Fha L 4 Q 5' -42 if E NHQ W 1' 0 Q 5 1 t k t gi 4 gh QP '5 4 Q. Q tr 1 'nf ' in 4' A 4, Fw .,. L nw M445 'IM f + WA V-V V P vii Qi V gf rrY'4M:3k .ah UM' 4' -rv sn' 'figgw wi " ,, W- . 3 4' A Irv -' 3 U- T. P .-my -ings X Q? 4 Q Q MQ 2 ig. A Y -g ici I it ' 4 'fn 'Q Ag, ' Q gi Q 3 Q' -W 4 il?l 1-fsgk ' f wa l ' " A A A 3 ' 1, La ' id R '42 'Z " Q l' wi M i M 9' 1' L 'Q Q ,Q W' if Q J 4? H3411 . 1 iw M r 4 at 0 H V gf qi L i is + L' Q 'E w 5 YU V t ,iq pm? , ff Fr pr f D , A A if 4 A Of f Q , lwiig 5 ,...,., Ai' l t ' .qmfi , t 1 M . E,-1-,,,,JJ3 + fa X A X Q :N gf 5 fig-0 4 W s. D' 41 'J A t ' W' +A -as 4? 4 A 'T HW'-'12 f +' M W 'ff"""'Nf,.ff' Y fi: ' -' F " t W ' 491 ' 6 L' 52, I 'J 'W V' 1' ' 'aim 2 . gg, 4 ' + 2... Nix!! s. Q .w, ,Q 4 Q Q Q Q ' 1 if U 'Q .4 Q Altvg. ff ,af +..L? ,414-QQMA W 5 4 ' "EB , 4 1 'HL QV ' Q 'Wi Akrsahjw , MF M A W Q,U', 'fy In V-, A . . ' ' 7 -I Q- 4 15- lg Q J. 4 A' r :LA Q L Ag: Y 3, 4 I It 3 af . . Ed + M X L! H 4' viii ,WB ' i 2 +2-:MAf'2"'?iW dir? ' ' , :-: ms -fa - Q 6 'r' 6 Zi " Q Q i in 4 4P"f'4l 'J' jg.. A '50 ,-.1-595 115155 5 1 4 Az. , E ' ,GQ it -1:7 j -.. 3 vw 1 lj"23.3?"q,' li if o .ew f ,g Wi 4 , I - -,-. w+,- f P Lv 4 S t 4 'M sq '13 if Ji l ' 4. G 4 ,. Q. . 5 ,TQ A . ,LN I Q wi Q 3 4 htm i 4 rj J' 4 ' Qi r -1 M i fi A W i t Q 4 J .. - Q Q-P 1 QL + ,Q 1 + "Lx i , --V ' f Q, -Q ' -' . " J . ,Mig W f ,. i l Q, g i . , 4 , .' , ,W . 4- W B Qu is f A Y V Q hr Q P , ,EJ , 0 Q.Q H Y A + Q -if 4 ' g' Mah' 'f , 14 ...Q-fi AV'--, 4 ' , 4'- 5- .Q 5 423,- 5 my . ,W V 3 3-2 ,b L ,V gd v '. .5 . Q 4, .' A , L ri-gl ... M dr: S 6 t . 1 L f r f.l L Q ' an-'V ' 5 4 ' If Lug.. 9? .fl ' A A + ' ' y .'Tf,QfH, ..-'ma .-Q ','f',,m.. if " t 3 -13-'Alf' 'ww 'V I .P .W LM. mu 4 w-1 fr- ' " P L f ' I ' W it ? V 'PQ' v'2.'3'l ' ,'?bwiOi,+1." Q .U t 1 A ' ' ' - o M ' M 1 5 1' 4-L -LMC' , 5: ' O Q 'L Q' s. l , cy t 0 o U: LK 'HG' L, in TI-IE CENTENNIAL EDITION S H A D 0 W 1924 The Senior Class Noblesville High School 3f!sEE'Lm.1 Wnt1nfl15 F-lodf l"l,II.5'FIoqt 825 Crossing the K:-34ih5 Ye oleic cowfws 925 A Big 137:15 . . 4, --A, , I' . 'W 4.3 ' " Q H , I 7 rr, I E' 1 2' N. "-' X ' 14x i:A 5 il 1. -Lf-as 1 ' 'P ' 192, - r '-1. q , 'f. ., . 1 ' --K V, 53' Twin? Goins-9 'fo chulvda PM vfqge Lough x, ...4......,..-. --.. ,-,, .,... ,....... , .... , Y ....J.,,. -....,... -M..- . - .... ..,.,, . -.-Vv D E D I C A T I 0 N To our forefathers, whose brafoery arid fore- sight made possible oar schools arid the privileges that eorhe to us through them, we gratefully dedi- cate this, the centennial edition of the '1S'hadofw" Class of Q4 , - 1 4 I ,V 2? 3333333'g 3, it ,A 2 .,33 y S 2 ' 4 si war Miz, 33:-nv ni 1 X VVVV "-- ---' 4 W ""-'-f "------- ' ' , .-1 3' "'-""" ' f w wif iiii -3-3-33- jam, f f ,yn VIJVZ ,.,,A,LQ X Q24 riff X if " ""' 5 2' f ' - VV,, LLEG 5 ,3,- ,,, X A ,,,, +f' 1' zffffrf dwg-H i 11' "' , X . L Y I1 - , I A W ofa f fi HIGH SCHOOL The seat of learning. The same "seats," The same "learning," The "same." We might tell you about a new picture in the assembly, or a new teacher in room number this, that, or the other, but then words fail us.- Anyhow, here it is. Page 6 ,Q i Y , M W ' W ,,,,,,,,,,f XM' ii X Z ,..,,.. ..,,.,,. :.l THE GYMNASIUM Our hopes are fulfilled. The dreams of years are at last realized and are embodied in this new gymnasium. This building is one of the best of its kind and one of which Noblesville may be justly proud. It is a com- modious building and accommodates the Manual Training, Domestic Science, and Commercial Departments as Well as the Physical Education classes. The Superintendent's office and a committee room are also locat- ed here. In connection with the Domestic Science Department there 'is a large community dining hall in the basement. Our many banners and cups won in Athletic and Oratorical contests are placed in the Trophy room which also serves as an entrance hall. Page 7 "QI-.,,..., ""f' we --f W ,,,,,, 4 ,,Y,,V II ,,,,,, 4 ff M eeee ooooo Q ' iM f f ' , -Y -- -2-1 GYM FLOOR The gymnasium seats about one thousand people. The District Basket Ball Tournament was held here this year initiating the gym into what We hope will be a future life of usefullness. You are now gazing at the scene of many a hard fought game. The apparatus and equipment is the best of its kind. We not only play Basket Ball and have Physical Education classes here but also classes for business men and women. Page 8 'f-'fee-:::gi,V - MMM-,.,,,,.,. ff ' , K ,ff Wmg f """' ff ,,,g ...,:111 55' ,M f ,,,,,, Te .......,,,, , .,,4 E . .....,. . .4,,,,.,V 1 ! ef f---f--' 6?'1-5MyW IIV- t ff "-""'. 5 ' '-," . - .... Vyifizi, 7 , mmilyfy 35253 g TROPHY Rooivi A View of the trophy room or entrance hall which contains our ban- ners and cups. The Walls of this room are tinted green While the woodwork is of quarter-sawed oak. The door to the readers left is the main entrance to the gymnasium buildingg the double door on the opposite Wall, and a corresponding door in the near side of the room lead to the gymnasium proper. The door directly opposite the reader leads to the superintend- ent's office. Page 9 4.5 . f """f' I ff ,,,,,.,,, ,,,,,,,,,,. ,, .Mun ,gif --11 , 57 """ 3? "" VVVVV, ' 1:11:13 Z 3 7 -fffff v ffff 2 42222 sease as W Q - - --- - ----' 7 WW iff X, W , ,, ,, , , , c I I X f ' A"" ' 'b " f M f f COMMERCIAL ROOMS ' One of the commercial classes in their new quarters. In the room at the rear is a group of students practising typewriting. These two rooms are connected so that pupils may use the typewriters while the teacher is conducting another class. These rooms are located on the second floor of the new building. Page 10 -fffl fe f-"'- "" 1 , iiii T ffx mt - ..,.,,.. T c W yw f ,-Q. , eiet iii 4iii4 22E . MANUAL TRAINING ROOM A manual training class at Work. This department boasts of three rooms in the new building. The equipment is the best to be had. Page 11 Z fW l THE SCHOOL BOARD With Congratulations and Good Wishes the Board of Education and Superintendent compliments the Class of 1924 for its accomplishments. "He who wears the spurs must win them." Page 12 FACULTY !lf' Miss Symons P1nH1ck'mah mn Haze! M55 Hu55'7 Nh Trent Vhss Post l Mass Osbvn 74 fvln Nartzn Mass Seller-s y J 1 E X . 'X f f' -"A",, , .- ,,,,,,, .. , Z ,,,,, g '. K' ""' " ' 'ff' "'f " V I ,fx ' 4 iw' f f ,WMM fmefefewf if 'ef arte! V fff, V ef 'XVL eewffff ff f ,f"' The Faculty Russell K. Hickman ....................... ..-- --- A. B. History Indiana State University "The dfighlty of history." Garnet Hussey ........................ .- ........ --A. B. French Butler "Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low, ah earcellenlt thing in woman." Carolyn Osbon ---.. ............................... B. M. Music DePauw "If to her share, some female errors fall, look 07l her face anal yo'a'll for- get them all." Mary Symons ........................... A. B. Algebra, History. Oxford College For Women "It is good to lengthen to the last a Slllllly mood." John C. Trent ...........-............. A. B. Principal, Mathematics Indiana State University "Oh happy years, who would not once more be a bog?" Clynt Martin .......,.-..,..,.. Manual Training, Mechanical Drawing Indiana State Normal "Men of few words are the best meh." Edward Hazel --- --.. ...-.......... B. S. Botany, General Science. Purdue University "Answer me in one word." Helen Post --- ........................ --.. Commercial Indiana State Normal Yet love has found the wayf' Lydia Sellers - - .............................. - ...... Art Teacher's College "A clay for toll. a life for sport, but for a flrfiehol lzffe is too short." Page 15 Pdfll' l"lr-. Bolander' mass pew-Py Nnss Ball Ness Q' Miss CHQ lli Mn. Nueller' Mass Mann Nm Bills S. B-Hs f Z f ,4,- . .- ,,,,.,.,,.,,. E jzfg--.., ,,,,.4.,,,,.. H K tlt e V ccir ' The Faculty Roberta P-erry ..---..-.....-........ .......... D omestic Science Bradley Polytechnic Institute "I have done the state some good and they lcnorzo it." Marguerite Sawyer .................................. A. B. Latin Indiana State Normal "The fashimz wears out more appafrrell than the rzeonzen." JOSSphiH9 Craig .....-................ -- --Girl's Physical Director. Indiana State University "God 'l'llZ2'Cl6 all pleasures innocent." Lester M. Bolander ............................ B. S. Ch. Science. Purdue University "I ani a 'man finore sinned against than sinningf' Adolph T. Mueller ...................... .......... A . B. English. Wabash College "He taught the child to read and taught so well, that he himself by teaching learned to spell." Mark Bills .......................... A. B. Boy's Physical Director DePauw "So mach can one man do that does both act and know." Margaret Ball .................................... A. B. English Indiana State University "I built my soul a lordly pleasure-house wherein at ease for aye to dwell." Mary Louise Mann --- ............. A. B. Latin, English, Algebra Butler "Silence in women is like speech in man." Mrs. Mark Bills ...................... A. B. Girl's Physical Director DePauw "The sunshine of a cheerful presence." Page 17 J 47 Prim' 18 'S -46 f W X , ,Z b,.W , ..,,. N ,,.,,,,. A '-.A ... ,....,,.,,,,. x07 X ' ,, , , A 7 'f,I jf A" The Shadow S tczff Prudence Craig - - Esther Reinier Lyman Cloe - Frank Wild - Esther Gentry - - Albert Heinzmann - Orville Eusey - - Ruth Perry - Mary Geiger - Bernice Carter - Russell Fleming - Annamaude McKenzie Harry Baker - - Lee Granger Dellacine Bragg - Mr. Mueller - Mr. Trent - - - - Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor-rzfn-Clzwief - - Marnftger - Adrvertising M andger - - Lzfterdry Editor - Art Editor - Athletic Editor - Society Editor - Music Editor - Alumni Editor - Kodak Editor - Kodak Editor - Joke Editor - Joke Editor - - - - Typist - Fdozdty Advisor - Business Advisor Page 19 VA' C. All an ex vow A ,"" ' , W 13, I' f 'XXV L J fir 5 in 1 5 +L. ,,:,glP' I LM- 'Y 1 M "S" as MIL. v., Pe fa -1 Q R sf , Q- 1 I N , I A , 12 -, A YOBE bctw f l .A if fwo flwovhs ,V ,, , 2 , I-3 x 1-5.x Sml I 1 n' po ST ,aw-+31-. 1' , 'ZATF' if 'eil W , 'XJZL V 'A' 62? I .4 1.17 h 'gf it - - .45 5 , .1 fy-' - " J' ' "L, '.A' 657.7 ffl? , pq I '.'. Q H Q v rx e j If -2,451 V "X pf-j u -wg Ygz . 4 X 'xA 53K VA V . K E j 5 I, 0 s V . f XX H . is E N vs . . N v I ' ' il. X T9 H X A : , . Qi: .- 1.5- R-S lax CsLvJynv..-nl ff'-nwqdr, GQQ lr . Good TLXTNEE- C10'-"W" In k71ll'1C,Hf.-5 4 ls Q Pavyv JU SENIORS 5 9 4 5 I 5 4 1 rters - se s A fL faa.. WZ .A., . . X J I KEITH MILLS 33. "I hate nobody. I am in charity with the world". Ironsides, '21-'24, French Club, '24, Or- chestra, '21-'23, DELLACINE BRAGG 36.8 "These most brisk and giddy-paced times." Lonesome Club, '21-'24, Annual Staff. RUTH BREEDLOVE 34.6 "The hand that hath made you fair, hath made you good." Fishers' High School, '21-'22. Lonesome Club, '22-'24, French Club, '22-'23, Latin Club, '21-'24, Art Club, '23-'24. Casts: "Toy Shop," Minstrel. I CASSIUS CURTIS 38.6 "Are not great men the models of nations?" Ironsides, '21-'24, Vice-President Ironsides '23. Latin Club, '22-'24. President of Latin Club, '23-'24. French Club, '23-'24, President of Class, '24, Basket Ball, '24. Track, '24, Casts: "Old Fashioned Mother." Senior Class PRUDENCE CRAIG 33.5 "There's language in her eye, her cheek, her lip, nay, even her foot speaks." Editor in Chief of Annual. Sec'y-Treas. of Athletic Associationt '23, Lonesome Club, '21- '24. Latin Club, '22-'24. Treas. of Latin Club, l '22. Glee Club, '21-'22, Treas. ot Glee Club. '22, Play director of Lonesome Club. '24. Casts, "Wild Rose", "Not a lVIa.n in the House," "Belis of Beaujolaisf' f'Old Fashioned Mother," "Feast of the Little Lanterns." "Real American Girl." Senior Class play. RUTH PERRY 32.5 "I am the very pink of courtesy." Lonesome Club, '21-'24. Sec'y of Glee Club, '22. Latin Club, '22-'24, French Club, 22924. Sec'y of French Club, '24, Sec'y of Class, 22. l J . Hawaii," "Jeanne D'are." Senior Class play. Page 22 Society editor of Shadow. Casts: "Wild Rose", "Feast of the Little Lanterns," "In India," "ln X I K ,,,.,,N, ,,,, f ,,,,,,,,,l,,.,. .,.,,., . .... ,,, X fffzvlfzf ali! X .,.,, ,arl ,3.,, .,,, 7 .x-A. ADRIEN HORNEY 34.6 "Taste the joy that springs from labor." Glee Club, '22-'23. Chorus. '23. Latin Club. '24, Foot-ball, '24. Casts, "Bells of Beaujolaisf' EVA WODDELL 34.6 "We know what we a1'e, but we know not what V , I .. vxe may Je. Lonesome Club, '21-'24, Chorus, '21, Glee Club, '22-'24, Latin Club, '21-'24, French Club. '22-'24, Casts: "Bells of Beaujolais", "In In- dia", "In Hawaii". Senior Class play. RUSSELL FLEMING 36.4 "A lion among ladies is a dreadful thing." l1'onsides, '21-'24. French Club, '22-'24, Lat- in Club, '21-'23, Glee Club. '23. President of Class, '22, Annual Staff. Senior Class play. IRIS WILES 35.9 "Steady work wins glories to a loom." Lonesome Club, '21-'24, Latin Club, '24, French Club, '23-'24. Chorus, '21-'22, ORVILLE EUSEY 35. "Beware the fury of a patient man." Ironsides, '21-'24. Foot-ball, '21-'23, Track, '22. Basket ball. '21-'22. President Class, President Ironsides, '24, Latin Club, '21-'24 Annual Staff. LYMAN CLOE 36. "Half our knowledge we niust snatch, not take" Ironsides, '21-'24, French Club, '21-'24. Or- chestra, '21-'24, L t' Cl ' ' -' - a in ub, '24. Oiatoucal, '23-'24, President Class, '20, Sec'y of French Club, '20, Business Manager of Annual. Senior Class play. l l Page 23 fl """'-w,,,.,.,,,,,,M,,,.....uuNM -3 ' 1 f-Wx fw Wx 427 W! , , L Z Page 2.4 FRED LEWIS 32. "A mischief-making monkey, from his birth." Ironsides. '21-'24, Glee Club, '22-'24. Foot- ball, '23-'24, Basketball, '22, '23, '24. Track. '22, '23, '24. President of Glee Club, '23, Cap- tain of football team, '24, Capt. Basketball team '22. Vice-President of Sr. Class, '24. Casts: "Bells of Beaujolaisf' "Once In a Blue Moon." Class play. MADGE BROOKS 35.7 "The woman that deliberates is lost." Lonesome Club, '21-'24, Latin Club, '21- '24. Glee Club, '21-'22, Chorus '21, Casts: "Real American Girl," "Feast of the Little Lanterns," "Bells of Beaujolaisf' ANNABELLE JONES 133.5 "A living jewel, dropped unstained from Heaven." Lonesome Club, '21-'24. EARL BARKER 33.6 "His bark is worse than his bite." Ironsides, '21-'2-1. Treas. of Ironsides, '24. Football '24. PAULINE RUSHTON 35.5 "MV man is as true as steel." Lonesome Club. '21"24. atin Club, '21-'22, 1 Cll '22 '23 Chorus, '21-'22. Vice Frenci ui ... -. President of Chorus '22. NELLIE CASEY 33.2 "A true daughter of Ireland." Lonesome Club, '21-'24, Latin Club, '24, Senior Class play. 7 V , X ,,,,,, , 5 f 4X5 X , , , , ,,,, I u , a , LEONARD JOHNSON 32. "The gray mare is the better horse." lronsides, '21-'24, MABEL CRAIG 35.7 "I am resolved to grow fat and look young till forty." Lonesome Club, '21-'22. Glee Club. '21-'2'1. Publicity Manager of Glee Club. Casts: "The American Gir1." "Feast of the Little Lantern" "The Ladies' Aid." Senior Class play. ESTLE HUFF 32.6 "Coura 'e mounteth with occasion " g . . . Ironsides, '224'24. French Club, '20-'24, 0 Football, '22-'2.y. Basketball, '24, BERNICE HINES 38. "The strongest feeling that I have is honor.' Latin Club, '22-'23-'24, Lonesome Club '21-'24. 'Vice-President Lonesome Club, '23 President Lonesome Club, '24. Sec'y-Treas Class '24, Cast, "Real American Girl." Senior Class play. ROBERT' EUBANK 33. "Fain, would I climb but that I fear to fall." Frankfort H. S. '21-'22, Ironsides, '23-'24 Glee Club, '23-'24, Latin Club, '23-'24, French Club, '23-'24. Football Manager. '24, GLADYS GIBBONS 32. "Know when to speak." Latin Club, '22-'24, Lonesome Club. '21 '24 Page 25 "Why does one man's yawning make another 1 7 lyjyl, l , t, W, J f M232 ,nnn ,,..." 6 f- .-vv,... - .--f-' Z X Z ffff f ALBERT HEINZMANN 35.3 yawn?" Ironsides, '21-'24, Vice-President of class. '22, President of class, '21. Annual Staff. JOHN BRATTAIN 33. "The value of a thought cannot be told." Ironsides, '21-'24. Latin Club, '22-'24, FRANK WILD 33.4 "A drum, a drum, Frank doth come." Ironsides, '21-'24, Latin Club, '21-'22. Or- chestra, '23. Annual Staff. Senior Class Play. LEE GRANGER 34.9 "I've seen your stormy seas and stormy women And pity lovers rather more than seamen." Football, '23, EARL CARROLL 33.6 "I will show myself highly fed and lowly taught." Latin Club, '22-'24. French Club, '24, Glee Club, 23. Glee Club Minstrel. ESTHER REINIER 37.2 "Upright Quakers please both man and God." 2 Lonesome Club, '21-'24, French Club, '23- '24, Latin Club, '22-'24, Glee Club. 23-'24. Vict- President Latin Club. 22. President of Glee Club, Sec'y-Treas. of Class, '23. Casts, A "Real American Girl", "Toy Shop". "ln India". "Ruth", "Ladies' Aid". Assistant Editor-in- . chief of Annual. Senior Class play. Page 26 A f ,sv ms 11 nuff, ffl' V Q ! , Ze-. ..,,,..,, .1,. , X ', 1 ,...,.,,.,.,,. ffdfqgwf' fygdjf f , f fffyw , l .,,A ..,,,, , . f W,,f,f , LAWRENCE SMITH 33.4 "The man that blushes is not quite a brute." Ironsides, '21-'24. Glee Club lVIinstrel, '23. Football, MARY CORNELIUS 33.2 "Patience is a, plant that does not grow in all gardens". Lonesome Club, '21-'24, Latin Club, '21,- '23. CLAIRE WHEELER 32. "I'll not budge an inch." President of Athletic Association, '24. Pres' ident Class, '20. President French Club, '24, Ironsides, '21-'24. Basket ball, Football '23-"24. IRENE NICKERSON 36. "For my voice,4I have lost it with the halloing and singing of anthems." Greenfield High School, '21. Lonesome Club, '22-'24. Glee Club, '21-'24. Latin Club. '23- '24. Casts: "In India," "La.dies' Aid." "In Hawaii". Senior Class play. HARRY LUNSFORD 33.1 "Give every man your ear, but few your voice". Ironsides. '21-'24. French Club, '22-'23, Track, '22-'24, JOHN CARROLL 33. "I am not in the roll of common men." Ironsides, '21-'24. Latin Club, '21-'24. Glee Club, '22, Chorus, '20-'22, Casts: "Bells of Beaujolaisf' Drum Corps. Page 27 ,,, ,wwf 1,W,,,,,,Wff,,m,,,,m,f 1 2 5 5 2 ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, fx "A' F -""" ,,,,,,, """""'A' 7 , j f f X X ,,,l .V y 7 Page 28 HARRY BOLANDER 33.3 "I have not slept a wink." Ironsides, '21-'24, Track, '23-'24. Basket ball, '24. BERNICE CARTER 39.5 "I bear a charmed life." Lonesome Club, '21-'24, Latin Club, '21-'24. French Club, '22-'24. Chorus, '22, Pianist of Boys Glee Club, '22-'23. Orchestra, '23-'24. Casts: "Bells of Beaujolaisf' "Fatal Necklace", Senior Class play. Annual Staff. "Once in a Blue Moon." LUTHER WISEHART 32.3 "I smell a rat." Willisburg, Ky., H. S., '21-'22. Fishers, '23, lronsides, '24. Latin Club, '24, Art Club, '24. THELMA CARR 35. "Her wit was more than man, her innocence a child." Lonesome Club, '21-'24, Treas. of Lonesome Club, '24. Latin Club, '21-'22, French Club, '23-'24, Glee Club, '22-'24, President of Glee Club, 24. Casts: "ln India," "Fatal Necklace", "Real American." HARRY BAKER 38. "With just enough of learning to inisquotef' lronsides, '21-'24. French Club, '21-'24, Yell Leader, '21-'24, Casts: "Old Fashioned Mother", Minstrel, '22-'24. Senior Class play. Annual Staff. JOE CARRAWAY 34. "My heart is true as steel." lronsides, '21-'24, French Club. '22-'23. Latin Club, '22-'23, Football, '22-'23, Track, '22-'24, ,:fW's-,.L ,,.. -..E ,faq-.L .V4..,,,,. ,,,, RAYMON MORROW 33.1 "Men of few words are the best men." Ironsides. '21-'24, French Club. '22-'Zi. Latin Club, '23-'24, RUTH HENRY 36.4 "And what's her history?" Greensburg High School, '21. Glee Clllll 21323. Lonesome Club, '22-'24. Casts. "Bells of Beaujolaisu, "In India", "The Fatal Neeli- lace". Senior Class play. ARTHUR MICHAELS 33.2 "Pleasure and action make the hours seem short." Ironsides, '21-'24, Glee Club, '22. Latin Club, '22-'24, Track, '23-'24, ANNAMAUD MCKINZIE 33.9 "Her voice changed like a bird's. There grew more music and less of words". Lonesome Club, '21-'24, Latin Club, '23-'24. French Club, '24, Annual staff. Casts: "Bells of Beaujolaisu, "In India', "Ladies' Aid". Sena ior Class play. DONALD REAGAN 33.6 "That man that hath a tongue is no man if with his tongue he cannot win a woman." Ironsides, '21-'24. Latin Club, '21-'24, French Club, '22-'24, Treas. of Boy's Glee Club, '24. Track, '22-'24. Senior Class play. MARY GEIGER 35.1 "I care for nobody, no not I, if nobody cares for me." Lonesome Club, '21-'24. French Club, '23, '24, Latin Club '21-'24, Pianist of Boy's Glee Club, '22-'24, Animal Staff. Casts: "Ruth", "Louis Fiance", "Bells of Beaujoilaisn. "Feast of the Little Lanterns", "In India". 'Ladies' Aid", "In Hawaii". Senior Class play. Page 2 9 j ,,,.,,,q,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,?E A ,, fm 'f7'Wn"f'?' 7fXffZ'2?Z I' , f' l I ' , .fm-, 7 5 f , ,, X .45 ,, 'X4 fff f ' N Page 30 PAUL DILL 33.1 "Trust no future howe'er pleasant Let the dead past bury it's dead." Ironsides, '21-'24. Football, INEZ MACELVAIN 34.4 "As good be out of the world as out of fashionl' Lawrenceburg High School. '21-'22, Lone- S0lll9 Club, '22-'24, French Club. '23-'24. ARNOLD COTTINGHAM 33.4 "There are daggers in men's smiles." Ironsides, '21-'2-1. Sec'y of Ironsides, '22. Latin Club, '23-'24, Glee Club, '21-'22. Track '21-'24. Track Capt, '23, Football. '22-'2l. President of Class '22. lVIinstrel. 22. Casts: "Bells of Beaujolaisf' "Foremost Four." Senior Class play. ESTHER GENTRY 38.1 "Wl1i1e thou livest, keep a good tongue in thy head." Lonesome Club. '20-'24, Sec'y Lonesome Club, '22. Latin Club. '21-'23, Virgil Club, '21. French Club, '23-'24, Sec'y French Club, 24. Sec'y of Class, '21, Secfy-Treas. A. A. '24. Chorus. '20, President Glee Club. Vice- President Glee Club, 22. Treas. of Glee Club, '23. Annual Staff. Class play. Casts: "An Old Fashioned Mother," "Bells of Beaujolaisf' "Toy Shop," "ln India," "Fatal Necklace." "Ruth," "Feast of Little Lanterns." WILLIAM BRATTAIN 33. "Be calm in arguing." lrousides, '21-'24. Latin Club. '22-'23, VELVA LGWER 36.3 "Of all our parts, our eyes express, the sweet- est kind of basht'ulness.,' Lonesome Club, '21-'24. Chorus. '21. , nn., . W ,,,,.,,, ,, ,,,,,,w,,W,,.fff""2 VMW5' W' X i f 444,44 f 2 QW ,,W, y,, , , ,,,, on f fe , +k , fff' gf,,,wWw,, Q Z 1 Z 1 MW' " f ff M may My kfywy , , ,,f2' V fvf'f f f K! F i ERNEST CARTER 32. "At his sight all the stars hide their heads.' hull. '23-I. Basketball. '21-'24. Track, '21-'24, RACHEL GOODNIGHT 33.8 "They who forgive most are most forgiven. Lonesome Club. '21-'24. Page 31 Ironsides, '21-'24, Latin Club. '21-'23. Foot- -v Pag ff 3 . .22- , ,gp ,lf liz 'f1.qg'1f3:, . H 4 Qgg- , 22' 'xi' 'ga 4, My l IN MEMORY Of John Phillips and Noel Woods Beloved Classmates of the Class of 1924 They were with us only a short time, but in that time they showed the qualities which endear and endure. tr aaaaa as c eaaaa V, f1,.,.,,A.,,,,,, , , A ZQZZ i i Xing ...W,. WW .,.., . ., .,., a fi AA AA'-' ' r -f it " 'V Class History On September 13, 1920, the most wiggly little freshies anyone ever saw started on their career in Noblesville High School. We were greet- ed with the usual giggles, and haughty looks and murmurs about "tender green things" but we expected that. Our class had several honors thrusl upon it among them being the selection of Herman Shaw as mascot for the foot-ball team. Deciding that to be of any importance at all one must have an organized class we elected otlicers. Leon Beam was elected presi- dent, Albert Heinzmann, Vice-president, and Esther Gentry, secretary- treasurer. Leon Beam resigned as president later so Albert Heinzmann became president and Lyman Cloe was elected vice-president. The class colors decided on were red and white. Miss Snyder as our sponser, prov- ed to be a very wise selection. We organized as Sophomores with Arnold Cottingham as president, Russell Fleming, vice-president, and Ruth Perry, secretary-treasurer. We found that we had several good athletes in our class, and ev-en came o1,l1 winners in the inter-class track and field meet. The Freshmen and Soph- omore classes Were not supposed to have class parties, and as Freshmer we had obeyed the rule, but when we became Sophs we grew bolder an-? could refrain no longer from having a party. We all went to Orville Eus- ey's home and had a grand time at our first class party. In Junior year the officers chosen were: president, Orville Eusey, vice-president, Frank Wild, and secretary-treasurer, Esther Reini-er. We elected Miss Symons as our sponser. We still had good athletes in our class. Lyman Cloe decided to try his luck in oratory. He won second in the Primary and got to go to the Central Indiana Oratorical. We worked hard all year to give the Seniors a banquet as nice as the one they gave the preceding year. We think we succeeded. We had two class parties this year, both Weiner roasts, one at the home of Lawrence Smith, and tha other at Henry's farm. In our Senior year we elected, to "guide our ship of state," president. Cassius Curtis, vice-president, Fred Lewis, and secretary-treasurer, Ber- nice Hines. As Seniors we possessed no more dignity than we did as Freshmen-but the underclassmen didn't know it and theres where the difference lies. We elected for our class sponser, Mr. Mueller, head of the English department. During the year we gave a play entitled, "The Gipsy Trail? Lyman Cloe went out for the oratorical and our class was also the proud possessor of many fine athletes. May the members of our class strive ambitiously toward that highest goal, "Success," ever keeping the high ideals with which we were inspired at N. H. S. Page ,u , , I at u .. d du . , d Class Prophecy The following letters were found in an iron safe in the Houston Hote which was owned by Carroll Brothers. The building was heavily insured against iire and since the two proprietors, having received the insurance, have completely disappeared, there are some grounds for the suspicions of the police concerning their actions. It seems that about two years ago the Carroll brothers decided to have a reunion of the Class of Nineteen hundred and twenty-four of Noblesville High School and the following let- ters were received in answer to the invitations they sent out. Evidently the letters were once invaluable to the owners for they were placed in a tin box and securely locked in the iron safe. Noblesville, Indiana R. R. 6 April 26, 1944 Dear Earl: We received your invitation and are eagerly awaiting the day set for the reunion. That was a fine idea of yours and Pauline and I will be at your Hotel at sun-up. Lawrence Smith said to tell you that he and Adrian were going to let the Fish Hatchery take care of itself for one day and come to the reunion. Gladys Gibbons has been teaching school out here at Little Chicago and Adrian is going to stop for her on his way. Gladys got a letter from Rachel Goodnight the other day. She is nursing in the Methodist Hospital at Indianapolis now but says she will be up to the big party. Thanking you for the invitation, we remain Yours very turly, M r. and Mfrs. J. J. Carrafway. P. S. If you would arrange it so that Pauline and I won't have to be near Rev. Leonard Johnson at the Reunion we would appreciate it very m hf .H . . . . uc or we never wi be able to forgive him for getting so mixed up at our weddding. D Thank you, Joe Carraway. Page 34 Z ,,l f W ,flfa , iw, ,4,f,w5, V , Poughkeepsie, N. Y. April 28, 1944. Messrs. Earl and John Carroll. Gentlemen : Have received your letter of April fifteenth inviting me to a reunion of our class at your Hotel. Would enjoy coming very much, yes indeed, but I have a Revival here in Poughkeepsie that will be going on at that time so I find it will be impossible to leave. Itis a hard life, this being an evangelist. My pianist and singer, Misses Geiger and McKinzie respectively. have almost come to blows with me because I won't let them off to come to the Reunion, but I can't get along without them, no indeed. You are right, Earl, when you say that one should not forget his friends of the olden days. To gaze into the faces of my classmates would rejoice my heart but I must put Worldly pleasures aside and attend to my work with increased vigor. My secretary, Miss Ruth Breedlove, joins me in expressing my sor- row in not being able to be present. Yours very truly, Rev. Lee Grainger. C A B L E G R A M 5,f'15f44 Calais, France. Mr. John Carroll, Houston Hotel, Noblesville, Ind. Dear John : Inez and I are on our Way. Saw Wonderful art in Paris. Received your letter just as we were starting to Italy. Decided to come back tc Noblesville. Thanks, Albert H einzmann. Page 35 ff VW ff? Z ffffwf X y M we A , ggi! !f7 M Hollywood, California. May 15, 1944. Dear Boys : My wife and I will be at the reunion. Being a moving picture pro- ducer I'rn going to bring my latest and best pictures with me and show it the night of the reunion. The name of it is "The Assistant Clock-Winder" starring Prudence Craig. Don't arrange anything else for the evening's entertainment. Yours truly, H afrry Bolander. Sitka, Alaska April 27, 1944. Dear Carroll twins: I was so excited when I received your invitation I think some of my customers thought I had gone crazy. I am in the fur-trading business now and have built up a fairly good trade. Your arrangement for the management of the hotel is fine. Earl is boss in the kitchen and John takes care of the rest of it. I know you are a wonderful cook, Earl, and I hope you make some of your best dish- es while I'm there. Don't think that you are going to get rid of me in a day. You're not, I'm going to stay several weeks, and at your hotel too. Irene wants me to come up to Cicero and visit her a while. I'm eager to meet her husband. I hear he's quite a prosperous farmer. And to think that Claire Wheeler is sheriff of Noblesville. I'll wager he makes a good one. Perhaps if we get too gay at the Reunion he won't call out the cops fboth of theml since we're his classmates. Iris Wiles will be nice and close for the big party. She's in the Rich- wine Hats isn't she? But I forgot-since Hank Wild made so much money in the butcher business he bought that building and named it the Will flats, didn't he? Somebody told me that Eva Woddell is Iris' assistant. Is that true? Illl arrive in Noblesville. June third. Yours sincerely, Esther Gentry. Page 36 y ff! Z ,,,, . .,, ,,,,, X ,7' f ' A"' ',,,' " 'A 'ff 1 .,,...,,.,,,.., WW ',..,, M .,.v...,,..., ff f Claire, Indiana, May 30, 1944. Dear Earl: Mike and I got your invitation the other day and were tickled to death. This job of running an eating pavilion is getting monotonous. Maybe before long welll have enough money to establish ourselves as chemists. We have a proposition to make to you and John. In the afternoon on the day of the Reunion why don't you get Earl Barker to have his aeroplane line bring all the bunch up to Claire. Mike and I will furnish the entertainment and eats for the afternoon. There would be more roonf for everybody up here. The secret reason why we want you to come up is, to show off our eating pavilion. I'll be awaiting a reply from you. Yours truly, Harry Lunsford. BRATTAIN Sz BRATTAIN Lawyers Tipton, Indiana. May 22, 1944. Mr. Earl Carroll, Noblesville, Ind. L Dear Earl: My brother John and I have received your invitation and wish to express our thanks and to say that we will be present at the celebration. We are going to bring something unusual with us. It is to be a sur- prise so don't tell any of the rest about it. Estle Huff has a wood-carv- ing shop at Arcadia and is coming down with us. John and I have con- tracted with him for enough miniatures, carved in wood, of Noblesville High School for each member of our class. Yours truly, "Bill" Brattam. Page 37 f"--......,,,. ,,,, .. ...ff-jf? ' f if fy ' ' J X f . 4 ff 71 2 5 , :ma f ' ' ' fQf?f ,Za 13... ,, ga , I I .45 agua. , 1 , 1, f, X Wx, , ,W f , . I, X f X X , ,W X , Aff MU! ary ig 1-fwmwfffwg , ,wwf I View g 5 Wy, I yy :QW .f X ,Q 5-. I I ' ' ffffl CMMS? X ' , f , ' . f ' ?ffg , , g - ,vig aww 'we ,ir y , 'Wal hw , .- ,, ., ,, ., , .4 ,,,.yw5fQwf.fff . 7f?'f4?4f?7 ww f . .M fi ef I :aff ' f L f x- Q it Washington, D. C. April 30, 1944. Mr. C. E. Carroll, Noblesville, Indiana. Dear Earl: All of us in politics here are coming back home to the Reunion to- gether. Orville Eusey told me the other day that he'd been too busy in Congress to write to you. Russell Fleming spends so much of his time playing pool that he is neglecting his duties as Congressman. Since "Stonyl' Eubanks is manager at Cranes now, Fleming says that when he gets home he is going to have "Stony" hold a tournament. Mabel Craig is giving toe-dancing lessons and is going to have an exhibition of her class- es soon so wonit be able to come with us. Who do you think I saw on thte street the other day 7 No other thar Dellacine Bragg. She is so changed you wouldn't know her. She talked so hard and so fast that I couldnit get a word in edgewise. Not at all like she used to be, eh? Dellacine is going to be at the Reunion. Madge Brooks has controlling intests in a big movie corporation and she feels she won't be able to leave business. I read in a Philadelphia newspaper the other day that a grocer named Mr. Ernest Carter was seriously ill in a hospital there. It seems that for some unknown reason he attempted to swallow a chew of tobacco and choked. "An operation may be necessary but Dr. Cottingham is pretty hopeful about him," the paper said. Do you suppose that can be "Spiv" and "Cottie?" I knew that "Spiv" married Esther Reinier but I never heard that they moved to Philadelphiag and is "Cott" building up a prac- tise there? I sure hope Carter recovers. Much obliged for the invitation. L. H. Cloe. . Key West, Florida, May 29, 1944. Dear John: I'm so busy with my rum-running and dodging the Law that I'm afraid I won't be able to leave my business. I'll be with you in spirit on the day of the Reunion. Yours, 5 Bill Curtis. Page 38 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,, ,,,,,,, , , f f i f ,,.,. L 4Q 9 ' ' Z , ,, , I. ,, Chicago Illinois w , I 1 . April 25, 1944. Dear Earl and John: It's fine of you to remember us all and have a Class Reunion. I'll be there of course. I wouldn't miss it for a million dollars. I think Iill have about one hundred copies of my new book "Tragedy of an Insane Fishing Worm" sent to your hotel so that I can pass them out among the class as a remembrance from me. Don't be surprised when the books come. Fred Lewis comes out to call on me every once in a while. He i: mending umbrellas here in Chicago. We'll probably come down together. Yours sincerely, Bernazfce C arter. Peru, Indiana. April 29, 1944. My dear friend Earl: I received your invitation this morning and am trying to arrange my aiairs so as to be able to attend the Reunion. As you know, I am playing in the band of the Hagenback and Wallace Circus and we are almost ready to start on our summer tour. We are to be in Westfield the three days preceding the Reunion so the Manager has agreed to let me stay over for one day. Thanking you for the invitation I remain your friend. Luther Wisehafrt. PQS. Would you like for me to bring my trombone? L. W. l Quebec, Canada, June 1, 1944. Dear boys: I've been so busy trying to invent an odorless perfume I forgot to an- swer your letter sooner. The perfume is perfected now so I may bring samples of it to the girls. What about some of us stageing a football game at the Reunion? Yours, Paul Dill. Page 39 f-ff 1 ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, N W Z 5 5 Z f 5 f I 1 1 1 Q 1 ,.,A, ..,,., , ,..,. TELEGRAM Brownsburg, Brown County, Ind. June 2, 1944. Dear Earl : My husband has two funerals on for tomorrow and he has to use the hearse so won't be able to bring me. I'll have no other way of getting there-I'm so sorry. Ruth H enry M eyers. TELEGRAM New Orleans, Louisiana. June 2, 1944. Dear John: Ruth Perry and I have decided that our Olive-stuffing Factory car get along successfully without us for a few days so we'll be there. Bernice Hines. CABLEGRAM Porto Rico, April 29, 1944. Dear Kids: As Governor of this island I'1n not allowed to leave only on my year- ly vacation and I took that before I heard about the Reunion. I'rn send- ing a box of oranges so you'll not forget me. Gov. Nellie "Pat" Casey. Page .40 ,.,...,.,,,,...,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,f,, ,,,,,f , ,,,,,,f,, , . Y Sing Sing, New York Sing Sing Prison Cell No May 12, 1944 Dear Boys: I'm sorry to say that my term doesn't expire until next November and that the authorities wonlt let me out any sooner. I tell you it's awful to be cooped up here behind these bars-and to think that I am innocent But I guess the guy who pushed the blame off on me has got what was coming to him. I'm spending my spare time drawing pictures. When I get out I'm going to be an artist for magazines. I hope you all have a fine time and believe me my thoughts will be with the old bunch on the day of the Reunion. ' Yours mournfully, Harry Baker. Cincinnati, Chio. May 11, 1944. Carroll Brothers, Houston Hotel, Noblesville, Indiana. Dear Boys: Since I have been conducting this "Dancing school for Awkward girls" I hardly ever have time for a vacation, but, also since I have such a capable assistant I have promised myself that I will take a week off and visit Noblesville and see all my old friends again. I saw Mary Cornelius the other day-you know she's the chief tick- et puncher at our leading restaurant-and we arranged to come to No- blesville together. We both thank you for your cordial invitation. Yours sincerely, Donald B. Reagan. Page 41 ' 'D""" ,,,,. AAAAAA' ' A. f W ,. . , , ,. ,,f, f Last Will and Testament We, the members of the class of '24, believed by some to be of sound mind, do declare this to be our last will and testament. John and William Brattain give up their likeness to the Johnson twins. Dellacine Bragg leaves her overshoes to Alice Zimmer, who cannot find any golashes to fit her. Proving that his heart is in the right place, "Beanie" Baker gives his spotted pink shirt to the suffering Armenians. Ruth Breedlove leaves her ability to find out every thing to Gertrude Hines. Since Jo and Pauline are leaving to-gether, they will their noon-day chats to Wilma Mosier and Frank Davis, hoping that Wilma and Frank have had enough practice to carry out their newly acguired duty successfully. Madge Brooks gladly leaves her long walks to school, to any one needing exercise. John Carroll wills his oratorical powers, free of charge, to Leroy Heiny. Earl Barker leaves his boots to "Chick" Taylor, believing that "Chick's'9 will not carry him thru' another winter. Prude's laugh and unchallenged privilege of coming and going at random in the assembly are lost forever. We'd like to will them to some- body but there's no one who could handle them so well, and they're too good to spoil. Russell Fleming leaves his wonderful coloring to Martha White and Louise Stewart. Paul Dill wills his romantic nickname and his skillfully achieved art of Sheiking to Jo Scully. Gladys Gibbons leaves her seat in the northwest corner of the assembly room. to any Junior whom the members of the faculty think they can trust. Raymond Morrow gives his ever-present package of Juicy Fruit chew- ing gum to Josephine Sturdevant. Bernice Hines leaves her report cards to be framed and hung on the wall of the assembly near the Freshmen so as to be an inspiration to them. To Dave Finley, Bob Eubanks wills his nickname "Stony." Ruth Henry gives her empty vanity case to the fair members of the fa- culty to be refilled and used by them next year. To any upper classman, desiring to "razz" the Freshmen in a pep meeting, fOrville Eusey leaves his temperj To the weakest little Freshman Esther Gentry leaves her desire for answering questions whether she knows them or not. Page .42 . W ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, . .M-me f KIA , ,f X f f X I W , ,,., 7 V..., ,. 'f .,... X ,,,A AV,,,','f Annabelle Jones wills her high soprano voice to Leroy Heiny. Lee Granger gives his long composition on "Women,9' to Mr. Mueller to use at his leisure. Ab Heinzmann leaves his collection of sweaters to Ben Axline so Ben will not be forced longer to wear his red checkered shirt. Nellie Casey pushes off her happy go lucky ways on any girl who is Irishatoo. Thelma Carr bestows her mannish ways and strides upon George Duck- wall. To some "dear lonely friend," "Spiv" Carter leaves his letters from the Matrimonial Bureau. "Spiv" says the work of the Bureau is marvel- ous and he will gladly give information to any one desiring it. Harry Bolander gives his quiet waysi to Russell Arthur to be used ex- clusively in Latin Class. Lyman Cloe wills his love for Printers, engravers, and photograph- ers to the next business manager of the "Shadow" Bernice Carter leaves her dainty Hgure to Goldia Trittipo to have and to hold during her natural lifetime. Earl Carroll, at last feeling that he has grown up and must part with some of his childish ways, bestows his love for flowers upon Joe Finley. Mary Cornelius pushes off her quiet ways on her little sister Marian. Mabel Craig being quite an expert with chest weights in gym wills her portion of them to Nellie Darrah. We have decided that Floyd Waterman shall be the recipient of Cot- tie's beautiful handwriting and spelling. Cottie also desires to give his haircuts to any one trying to cheat the barber. Mary Geiger leaves her Ford Sedan to any younger girl, who has the same aversion to walking. Bill Curtis gives his art of seeing the funny side of every thing to Joe Mills. Gertrude Taylor should feel royally rewarded because she gets Anna- maud's ability to pencil eyelashes. Estle Huff wills his talkativeness to Carl Southard. Adrian Horney leaves his vast collection of collars and ties to N. H S's collection of antiques. Velva Lower leaves her hair to any blonde who has become tired of her bob. Leonard Johnson wills his horse and buggy to Joe White, in case Joe's Cadillac should lose its popularity with the girls next year. Ruth Perry, wishing to give it to some needy friend, wills her giggle to Mabel Wild. Freddie wills all of his tears which he shed during football season tc the Captain Elect, Bob Williams. To any fellow capable of having dates every night he leaves Carrie Lois. Irene Nickerson leaves her rapid talking machine to Razz Clark. Page 45' ,,,,,,,,,,, , y u S s , s s s b X s ' ""' ,,,, . "" ff X i f To Bob Gaerte, Art Michaels gives all of his old Western magazines Inez MacElvain is willing to will Ab to aniv girl who thinks she car land him. Claire Wheeler leaves his love for studying and taking care of the new girls at N. H. S. to his brother Charles. Lucile Smiley has had Eva Woddell's embarrassed blushes thrust up- on her. To Mr. Hickman, Frank Wild leaves his drum, in order that Mr Hickman might be able to keep order in class. Rachel Goodnight wills her leave of absence to Jean Lusas. Luther Wisehart, believing that people should get that for which they labor, gladly gives his curly hair to Melvin Olvey. Esther Reinier leaves her portion of the front seat of "the Auburn" to Freddie. Don Reagan passes on the addresses of out of town girls to Ed Smith hopfng Ed will have something to take up his time in the assembly. Keith Mills wills his interest in Hortonville, to Charles Gaerte. Iris Wiles leaves to Louise Christian her ability to borrow vanity cases. To Worth Castor, Lawrence Smith wills his unchallenged p:ivilege of getting dates. To the members of the faculty we bequeath sorrow at our departure. "Do You Suppose They Do Not Know They're Standing 'heath the Mistletoe?" I sing a song of Christmas cheer Of love that sets our hearts aglow. But lest you might forget, my dear, Pray don't neglect it while it's here, -The Mistletoe. Of all the joys of Christmas Day, Of all the gifts that we bestow, Now what could sweeter be, I say, Than just a kiss beneath the spray, -With Mistletoe. But shucks, I fear I'm out of date, Behind the times, reserved and slow. For something tells me here of late The girls don't make the fellows Wait For Mistletoe. Page 4.4 1 f eee ! f f5""""-f--..,, ff. ex-,MN-fy 1, 4 'ex ..,.,,,.. .. f UW ' WW A f'-- Qfwfffwfwhm Y , f AQ X wfhff 4 , J X X The Gipsy Trail Mr. Frank Raymond Miss Janet Raymond John Raymond Stiles - - A 1917 ROMANCE By Robert Housuni. CAST OF CHARACTERS Miss Frances Raymond - Edward Andrews - - Michael Rudder - Lyman Cloe Esther Reinier Harry Baker Don Reagan Irene Nickerson Cassius Curtis Russell Fleming Mary - - Nellie Casey Ellen - - Bernice Hines Mrs. Widdimore Esther Gentry Ethel - - Prudence Craig Marguerite Mary Geiger Dolly - - Bernice Carter Jeffrey - - - Frank Wild Bob - ------ - Arnold Cottingham Kenneth ---------- Fred Lewis Mary Geiger at the piano. Page 45 mf' ,..,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,, ..- Z , ,,,,. ,,f,,,,,, t ...S A The Gipsy Trail S l I,.,,, SYNOPSIS OF THE PLAY Ned Andrews is an unromantic and conventional young nnan, more than ordinarily successful in business, mild-tempered. pleasant, polite, completely respectable. He is courting Frances Raymond. and comes to her with the above-mentioned qualifications. which amply meet thc requirements Mr, Frank Raymond and Miss Janet Raymond would set for the man, who hoped to marry Frances. Frances, while she admires and respects Ned deeply, cannot love him. Ned is pathetically unromantic, and it is that. together with the fact that he cannot see that Frances wants him to dominate her. rather than be always acquiescent to her slightest whims. which renders all his pro' posals of marriage useless. Frances wishes Ned would perceive what it is she would have him be and do: and to gain her end she contrives a set ot' circnmstancesf-lt is a balmy June night. Shc sings the romantic "Gipsy Trail," has .lohnny recite his "Young: Lochinvar, From Oni of the VVQ-st," and throws a carefully-aimed, but not too pointed hint. Ned "gets" it. To satisfy Frances' longing for romance, he conceives a wild plan of kidnapping: her, and immediately schemes to carry it out. Michael Rudder, a romantic vagabond. who has been following the Hgipsy trail" for "eight happy years" and who hopes to follow it the rest of his lite, has appeared on the scene, and is coaxed by Ned to assist him in carrying out his plan, lvlichael reluctantly consents. After knowing Michael, Frances is more convinced than ever. that Ned is too un- romantic for her. Michael presents his credentials to lVlr. Raymond, who feels that hc had proved himself worthy of Frances. Ned realizes then that "if you want a thini well done. do it yourself." Page 46 J UNI ORS ,,, , Juniors ,' J-ff H -I -A .-..- E 1- W , gf ,N ,, as , ,val , .Q - AQQQ asf' s lst Row: Mahlon Castor, Fern Harris, Gladys Ervin, William Knight. Lena Schmollinger, Lucile Mallery, Russell Foulke. 2nd Row: Thurl Todd, Gertrude Hines, Frank Rayle, Horace Scott, Sherman Buscher, Raymond Simms, Robert Williams, Wilma Moser, Ger- ald Taylor. 3rd Row: Jean Lucas, Eloise Gibson, Jeanette Gascho, Mary Ruth Atkins, Cathalene Addison, Laura Mae Harr, Vera Stum, Nellie Holmes. Page .48 hmm is 'Wm -f-- K: W, ,,,,,, Ea , 2 :r fffff -ffff ZM4 in 2 mf' 4 151, "" f MM 1 fiwxw--fs 2 W va ,im y gg, 4 "-1--. iwwawm,-., W' fy J 6 ,K yZM,,,, , Lf: ,,,, 4 .,,, 1 Z ,X 1. if X y X' 1..f I 4 ZZ? 45 4 '-44 Wagga Juniors Xl uw i Y: I S - uv" -1 'MJ ' ' lst Row: Eugene Fenner, Carl Southard, Joe Finley, Russell Arthur, Emma Louise Gearhart. 2nd Row: Howard Jessup, Carrie Roush, Violet Gatewood, David Fin- ley, Don Eusey, Alice Mae McPherson, Virginia Sohl, Forest Mosbaugh. 3rd Row: Harrell Lewis, Frank Davis, Samuel Dickson, Ardath Wheatley, Opal Lewis, Inez Kleyla, Roscoe Smith, Paul Withman, Melvin Olvey. 4th Row: Joe White, Carrie Lois Moore, Audrey Woods, Helen Mc- Carthy, Howard Wyant. Page 49 5 'ZZ 'L-il? AM. f A , I .. if 4 x " I Ok Ne 'Q xg 55 1 , H Dx, e 54 V is Mk -Q, 'zu I H-icni f' 5 N' L i Vo . t 9 ,Q 1 ,,,,. ' i M+M ' ,1':-.y V 7-,2f1'1f' iw .. , -'2ilZgE"-f4s11,-:,':2.f':1f2..i2 'ai' an ' " 1: i , ,4,, ,, ,A .Q QM- ' - Ccsfle. Pals Sh'-SKS J, hehe 6 PQI.-:ce ReYrr-,on cgi ' A ,V 1. 1 5 -x. :TY 'G - --MJ. V, L. . f'F?W".w.Nm The Dam Page 50 Too Fve-L1-s QI., Shoofl 0 ,A-2... S OPH OM ORES ,,,,,,, , ,,,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, , I a ssseee se ,,,,, 'f f Z Sophomores 1st Row: Hiidreth Williams, Mary Reppert, Freda Southard, Florence Hopper, Dorothy Wall, Martha White, Dorothy McPherson, Lucile Smiley, Lillie Schneider, Dorothy Waterman. ' 2nd Row: Glenn Bradlield, Charlotte Wheatley, Ruth Newby, Con- stance Bennett, Mildred Wyant, Marian Cornelius, Paul Schmollinger Alice Zimmer. 3rd Row: Bennet Axline, John Eakin, Jaunita Wiggins, Cora Lynn Stoops, George Cornelius, Mildred Armstrong, Jame Gottman, Virgil Bragg, Catherine Snider, Helen Padgett, Ted Michaels, Joe Mills. 4th Row: Ernest Fisher, Dale Duckwall, Charles Gaerte, Orville Neal, Russell Castor, Julius Joseph. Page 52 fWf f f W V Z 2 ' gW"2W,, X Auf, ,Y ,fy ,ww W a e fm ---f' if J f fffflfff W - ,f 4 ZQWW V'A Sophomores 1st Row: Catherine Cheesman, Jaunita Kinzer, Laura McClintock, Dorothy Lehr, Marie Zeigler, Lula Holderrnan. 2nd Row: Herman Knarr, Clara Heiny, Violace Stern, Jean Rensber- ger, Ruth DeBolt, Ada Dickson, Helen Padgett. 3rd Row: Harry Young, Jayhue West, Elmer Reveal, Pauline Herron, Richard Warren, Verner Mount, Dorothy Roudebush, Worth Castor, Johr Linton, Neal Paskins, Ruell Moore. Page 53 Sophomores , i n I A Y 1 1 i l Q K i i 4 lst Row: John Jackson, Harry Cornelius, Harold Everett, Benton Kuhn. 2nd Row: Esther Hamble, Marv Emma Illyes, Catherine Castetter, Russell Moore, Portia Christian, Maxine Leonard, Genevieve Gerrard Marcellus Paskins, Margaret Barker, Mary Baker, Ethel Baker. 3rd Row: Bernard Hopper, Junius Black, Wilma Brown, Charlene Fo- land, Josephine Sturdevant, Ruth Brooks, Lena Catherine Barker, Dessie Mae Partlow, Sidney Scott, Russell Conant. Page 54 F RESHMEN evil ,,,,h ,,, A J it ,, ' J, Z Z! Vw , V E f W3 Freshmen lst Row: Floyd Cornelius, Elvin Caste, Oliver Sumner, Arnold Howe, Charles Sears, Russell Baker, Chester Southard. 2nd Row: Stanford Berg, Augustus Smith, Mildred Mills, Mary Alice Tescher, Josephine Pryor, Buelah Rayle, Mary Zimmerman, Evelyn Vance, Gwynne Wagner, Mary Esther Heinzmann, Mark Gearhart. 3rd Row: Louise Haworth, John Casey, Eva Fox. 4th Row: Ruth Breece, Wilbur Heiny, Aritta Searcy, Joe Scully. Harold Weaver, Helen Hartley, Elizabeth Carmean, William Caylor, Os- car Lee Guilkey, Louise Christian, George Michaels, Frances Hale. 5th Row: Jesse Pickett, Howard Roush, Francis Elmrick, Harold Gipe. Page 56 M. if . , ' ' ' X Z X ' 4, , X f X , ,, 4,71 ,WK fi , . ' V fwm ffff u wa. 5 Z W ,,,,,,,,,,,, .... 660 W l m".5f,M"'fQj424ff4f22?W W ff2??fff?n"Q11ZfWrW , 9lM 1st Row: Myrl Beaver, Ralph Whitesell, Louise Stewart, Margaret Reichenback, Lucile Smith, Lyndon Beals, Mahlon Baker, Reid Hudler, Ernest Kirkman, George Lehr, Rosalyn Hays, Margaret Inman, Clarence Galloway, George Duckwall. 2nd Row: John Martz, Edward Smith, George Zimmer, Grace Mc- Carthy, Minnie Ridgway, Cecile Hale, Martha Williams, Ada Hopper, Mal- coln Bundy, Edward Hays. 3rd Row: Herron Holman, Floyd Lowe, Harry Taylor, Gertrude Tay- lor, Lula Nevitt, Eva Small, Donald Woods, Loraine Males, Irene Holliday, Crystal Barker, Grace Roudebush, John Woddell, Russell Roudebush, Charles Sooville. Page 57 .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, ...,,,..f""" SW ff 6 X 'r "'A- '4""' f ,,,,,, ,,,,f"""' ,ilk f K Freshmen , QQ fx , , QL ' fl i f ' im ' 1st Row: Russell Fox, Magdalena Comella, Hollace Stern, Irene Vir- gin, Orville Evans, Martha Baker, Raymond Wisehart. 2nd Row: George Whitesell, Nelle Darrah, Julia Christian, Eloise Hays, Bertha Baldwin, Beryl Tate, Mazie Meloy, Newell Stern. 3rd Row: Charles Wheeler, Richard Baker, Goldia Trittipo, Mary Catherine Hosmer, Russell Hudson, Mary Ruth White, Ruth Alden, Her- bert Tishner, Joe Michols. 4th Row: Argas Young, Clarence Lowe, Chester Fritzler, Thelma Carey, Jeanette Dickover, Roger Brooks, Edward Tucker, Russell Hall. Page 58 OR GANIZA T I ONS mf ,m,,,wl"" !,,.w,wlW'qn ,MVB E 5' f E W!! MQ? .....A,,..A ,, ...,. 7 Girls' Glee Club 1st Row: Eloise Gibson, Inez Kleyla. 2nd Row: Thelma Carr, Thelma Carey, Catherine Castetter, Mary Geiger, Wilma Brown, Miss Osbon, Eva Fox, Wilma Moser. 3rd Row: Jean Rensberger, Mary Esther Heinzmann, Cora Lynn Stoops, Louise Haworth, Eugene Fenner, Alice Mae McPherson, Esther Reinier, Mabel Craig, Annamaude McKenzie, Irene Nickerson, Ethef Baker, Opal Flemming, Violet Gatewood, Laura Mae Harr. President, Thelma Carr Vice-President, Violet Gatewood Secretary-Treasurer, Alice Mae McPherson Business Manager, Magdalena Comella Page 60 .,,..,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,f"Xg o W Boys' Glee Club lst Row: Chester Southard, Wallace Caylor, Mary Geiger, Horace Scott, Fred Lewis, Donald Reagan, Miss Osbon, Frank Davis, Jayhue West. 2nd Row: Bennett Axline, Russell Arthur, Sidney Scott, Frank Rayle Joe White, Carl Southard, Richard Warren, Floyd Waterman, David Find- ley, Worth Castor, Robert Ewbanks. President, Thurl Todd Vice-President, Leroy Heiny Secretary-Treasurer, Donald Reagan Business Manager, Ralph Pearce Page 61 ' f ,Q e ee W X f I t Drum Corps 1""""' lst Row: Dale Duekwall, Harry Baker, Ernest Heiny. 2nd Row: Russell Fleming, John Carrol1,'Cassius Curtis. 3rd Row: Joe White, Frank Wild, Lyman Cloe, Bennett Axline. Page 62 ,l,,,,,,,W,,,.Wf"N, WW-... .,,. x Www-, ,,.,.,. WW f WW rrr rrr af Z a a aaa aa a t f 1 I Eff, if 5,1 if Z4f'f ZW! Orchestra lst Row: Albert Ballentine, Lindley Beales, Jayhue West, Cora Lynne Stoops. 2nd Row: Bernice Carter, Lyman Cloe, Miss Osloon, Frank Wild Dorothy Wall, Gwynne Wagner, Mary Alice Tescher. 3rd Row: Ruell Moore, Lucile Smith, Marcellus Paskins, Irene Vir gin, Dale Duckwall. Page 6 74 WM, VW I X , 7 17' ,mi A,.. -ff' ffaff x 7 f Caesar Club ff! M M uai-A 1st Row: Jaunita Wiggins, Ada Dickson, Gladys Gibbons, Nellie Casey, Jean Rensberger, Lena Catherine Barker, Mary Barker, Marie Zeigler, Ruth Brooks, Cora Lynn Stoops. 2nd Row: Adrien Horney, Eugene Fenner, Don Reagan, Miss Saw- yer, Lindley Beals, Laura McClintock, Richard Warren, Helen McCarthy, Lymon Cloe. 3rd Row: Julius Joseph, Prudence Craig, Claire Wheeler, Jane Gott- man, Worth Castor, Ruth Perry, Mary Emma Illyes, Marcellus Perkins, Portia Christian, Floyd Waterman. 4th Row: Dorothy Wall, Irene Nickerson, Rachel Goodnight, Carrie Lois Moore, Ethel Baker. Jean Rensberger-President. Marcellus Paskins-Vice-President. Ethel Baker-Secretary-Treasurer. Page 64 M ZW f C, , , , . , ,, Qfffw.- ,.,,. . X-wg, Virgil Club 1st Row: Russell Arthur, Inez Kleyla, Eloise Gibson, Ernest Carter, Jeanette Gascho, Virginia Sohl, Lee Granger. 2nd Row: Earl Carroll, Arthur Michaels, Forest Mosbaugh, Russell Fleming, Earl Barker, Raymon Morrow, John Carroll. 3rd Row: Cassius Curtis, Gertrude Hines, Audrey Woods, Madge Brooks, Esther Reinier, Annamaud McKinZie, Eva Woddell, Gladys Ervin, Bernice Carter, Mary Geiger, Iris Wiles, Robert Euhank. 4th Row: Don Eusey, David Finley, Esther Gentry, Samuel Dick- son, Russell Foulke, Alice Mae McPherson, Violet Gatewood, Miss Sawyer, Bernice Hines, Wilma Moser, Carl Southard, Frank Rayle, Prudence Craig, Arnold Cottingham, Joe White. Cassius Curtis-President. Orville Eusey-Vice-President. Alice Mae McPherson-Secretary-Treasurer. Page 65 g,v.t,.M, ,,,,, ,,,.,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, , y Z, , ,. l i f Art Club riwiuwnuupals 1st Row: Jayhue West, Mary Alice Tescher, Ruth Brooks, Arnold Howe. 2nd Row: Reid Hudler, Ralph Pierce, Ruth Breedlove, Jane Gott- man, Virginia Sohl, Dorothy Waterman, Adrien Horney, Harry Cornelius. 3rd Row: Harry Baker, Gwynne Wagner, Louise Christian, Sidney Scott, Beulah Rayle, Miss Sellers, Luther Wisehart. Page 66 1 f ,,,, , ,,,, ,,, ,,,,,,,,.. Wa -E VV 'ZW-..-,. W., - .,,,.,.,V W QW f WW W Z Z f Z, AI' iV ' ,,,,, ,,,, ,l' VdV'A' If W f Q French Club 1st Row: Geraldine Basset, Inez MacElvain, Russell Moore, Raymond Morrow, Robert Eubank, Paul Schmollinger, John Jackson, Mary Geiger, Fern Harris, Bernice Carter. 2nd Row: Mahlon Castor, Cassius Curtis, Gertrude Hines, Esther Gentry, Annamaud McKinzie, Mabel Craig, Ruth Perry, Keith Mills, Ernest Heiny. 3rd Row: Esther Reinier, Iris Wiles, Eugene Fenner, Eva Woddell, Madge Brooks, Estle Huff, Don Reagan, Earl Carroll, Claire Wheeler. glharles Gaerte, Rachel Goodnight, Ruth Breedlove, Thelma Carr, Miss ussey. 4th Row: Gerald Taylor, Robert Gaerte, Joe Mills, Frank Rayle, Ruell Moore, Russell Fleming, Eloise Gibson, Laura Mae Harr, Hildreth Williams, Em-ma Louise Gearhart, Wilma Moser, Mildred Wyant, Vera Stum, Melvin Olvey, Horace Scott, Gerald Setters, Lyman Cloe, Howard Jessup. President, Joe Mills. Secretary, Esther Gentry. Treasurer, Ruell Moore. Page 67 f ,.,,,,,,,, ,E f ,fyffff ,W K ..., , MX . ,, , ,, f , ,,,,, , Z M M, M , f f ,, , ,, ,,,, , l ,, it ,, ,, ,f Lonesome Club OFFICERS Every year the Everybodv's Lonesome Club has given a play to raise it's scholarship. The Club helps educate a Filipino girl by sending fifty dollars a year for her scholarship in a school, training to be a deaconess. This year members of the Lonesome Club gave a Minstrel Show at the Opera House under the coaching of Miss Josephine Craig. It was a clever, original stunt and burlesque on the Roger Bean family. Last year the Lonesome Club started to furnish a. room in the County Hospital. It' any student was taken to the hospital he could occupy the Lonesome Club loom. It is the intention ot' the club to add a new piece of furniture each year, until the room is complete. Last year a bed was purchased. This year the Lonesome Club girls have added curtains, which were made by the girls, and a name plate over the door. This year two 1'ooms were given to the Lonesome Club for their rest rooms. They were 'formerly the Superintendent's otiice and are on the first floor of the High School Building. The Club, very prettily. with the assistance ot Mrs. Hines furnished the rooms with a day-bed, chairs. screens, rugs and several beautiful pictures. The school-board donated new blinds. The girls' mothers we1'e invited to the dedication ot' the new rooms. There was a short program after which refreshments were served. The girls have looked forward several years to a new room and are very happy over these. Page US WW WW . yj Z ' The Ironsides Club Tuesday evening, February 12, one hundred and twenty-five Elks were fathers to one hundred and fifty members of the Ironsides of the High School at the Elks' home. It was the annual frolic and fun festival for boys and grown-ups and the entire evening was enjoyed by everyone. E. E. Cloe presided at the banquet and Rev. Moore offered prayer. Mr. Wheeler made a brief address to the boys which was responded to by Orville Eusey, president of the Ironsides. Rev. W. J. Malcem, of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, formerly pastor of the Presbyterian church of this city, and who organized the Ironsides several years ago, Was unable to attend. He sent a letter of regret which was read at the meeting. With the letter was a beautiful present to the High School boys, i nthe form of a shield, with the motto of lhe lronsides, "Fight for Right" and the answer, "I Will" inscribed on the shield. The banquet was served cafeteria style in the dining room of the Elks' home. The tables Were decorated with ferns, leaves and potted plants. Music was furnished by an orchestra during the banquet. The address of the evening was made by Rev. Moore. It being the birthday anniversary of Lincoln, he spoke largely on the lessons learned from Lincoln. After the close of the program, the boys spent the remainder of the evening socially. Page 69 Q .4 , L Z .x K ,,,, .ex 'v +32 QS 4JV Pfns em M0 AJ-qpf e"f ?f.M. X ,!, 'Rx j g h ,- , ff -'LJ I 'I ' ,fiwf Am2gafQgy' if ," iv 4 Q x . 2' ,' X Wi , 1 X, , f Q V 2 ff - ,AA. f .,,, Q 'Z' ' 1 Q '. , '4 .f X91 7, x fn, ,Q ,, Bee Page 70 Llanxix u Fa calf-H hum left eff, 351 in A Hqv-21, Egg-By, Luandyd jlllslfnq AN ve ' ,ff I 2 f 3 "' f 4' 43" SQ P Lt + 4' Q, or' 'Q -5- " W' YO 1 , ,--WP. 225, , A wop v Q Nice nam. up-.js Jean-kcavr ' ' ATHLETICS ti 0 x W"--Q.. W ! Z f Page 72 Coach Mark Bills N. H. S. was most fortunate this year in se- curing a competent coach. Mr. Bills is a graduate of DePauw University. He is a three letter man. He had four years Work in basket ball and three years in football and baseball. This is his first year coaching and he has worked Wonders at N. H. S.. He has been a hard, conscientious Worker and has rounded out the different teams in fine form. Noblesville has had a very successful Ath- letic year in all branches of Athletics. His Work at Noblesville is beyond criticism and his loss will be keenly felt in N. H. S. Mr. Bills is Well liked in Noblesville and has Won a place in the heart of every student of N. H. S. So We hate to say So-Long, Mark! as he leaves old N. H. S. On the right is 'Stony' Eubanks, mana- ger of the football team. 1 K af gf f ,f Z 6 W ,,,,, .,... - .,,,,... Z , , .,,...,,.A , 7 7 V.'VV Football OOTBALL season in N. H. S. opened with a rush. About forty men turned out and much material was bought to equip them. After the first rush, real practice began. For two weeks Coach Bills drilled the men in football tactics and then came the first game of the season, with Logansport. There was much speculation and wondering as to the outcome of this game. The team journeyed north September 20, and defeated Logansport 7 to 0. Many yards were lost by both teams because of penalties for off side plays. What the N. H. S. team lacked in football tactics they made up in fight and determination. After this victory excitement ran high in N. H. S.g so by September 26, when Greenfield came to Noblesville there was much pep and enthusi- asm. Coach Bills had the football machinery running smoothly and Green- field bowed to the Old-Gold and Black to the tune of a 30-0 score. The next Saturday the Noblesville warriors went to Sheridang but lost a hard fought game before a large- crowd of followers by the score ol 7-0. Wilkinson High also succeeded in winning from Noblesville, by taking advantage of several errors, made by the local team. The score was 13-6. The team won four other games played. They won from Anderson by a score of 13-6, from Knightstown by a score of 13-7, from Portland by a score of 13-0, and from Kirkland by a score of 13-6. On a Whole the team made a very good showing. Eight games were played and only tvwo were lost. This record gives Noblesville a place among the best teams in the state and paves the way for greater success in football. This marked success is attributed to the effecient coaching of Mark Bills and to the splendid work of the team. Seven of the boys have played their last game for Noblesville High, as they will be graduated in the spring. These areg Fred Lewis, Ernest Carter, Orville Eusey, Patil Dill, Clare Wheeler, Lee Granger, and Adrien Horney. Two of these, Orville Eusey and Paul Dill were honorably mentioned in the All State selection made by the Indianapolis News. The loss of these men weakens the team somewhat, but there is much undeveloped material coming on in N. H. S. and there is every hope for another winning team next fall. On the following two pages are the pictures of the men who receiv- gi ivegters as a reward for their merit and the honor they broughi Page 73 Ott fork, Ltc ,gui " 'W l Z Mlllen C-'ite' r A Jo L-lmte Z 5 ,W , I ap Page 74 A1 vc VC. leww 2' 2 A' 'viii . . eww My ,, fl fl: Z. A My . , Ji ' 3 ts' A . li 1 " S.: gp N 22 433, 5 2 ' l i . 11. 'mf ,J of X ,I In Cd t EHL x ' f V . Qi .2 'fi 'SJ 'sas' il:-Z5 '-fi" ' L I,:.+- 1"-.-Yfik-"'f,.if",'.wz' , fade.,-5' new V ,-,aff ' Aw 5' 'V V5-'YW' " '2-us..1,.:Aw- lDoc'Vl41.t'r mam Page 75 ,, af' Z "f f , 5, , 1, Z if W if A f ff Wwff f f ' f f f ? Aff ff' gzcwff iwffyy f f f Football Team lst Row: Howard Jessup, Ralph Pearce, Horace Scott, Thurl Todd Paul Schmollinger, Lee Granger, Bennett Axline. 2nd Row: Earl Barker, Mahlon Castor, John Carroll, Arnold Cotting ham, Capt. Fred Lewis, Coach Bills, Estle Huff, Paul Dill, Orville Eusey, Robert Williams. 3rd Row: Mr. Hazel, Don Eusey, Claire Wheeler, Sidney Scott, Joe White, Robert Eubank, Paul Withman, Charles Wheeler, Arthur Mich- aeils, Ernest Carter. 4th Row: Gerald Taylor, Floyd Lowe, Floyd Waterman, John Wea- ver, Adrien Horney, Lyman Cloe, Gerald Setters. Page 76 T811 54.1463 .. ,.M.,,M. 1 xgt Teqm 2nd Tearn 'HU 6 -x 1 532435 2 'I' '53 ""' - ' ., 3, V, .mliy fig, A I ww ,. . - Q V : -:f w. - ff ,, Q Q . 'Q- 'FR -va. 'z I , gf - 1 2 ua, er ' ' 2 ::r:-K.-.v.+:zg' 4-1 fszvmhagf-5222:-:-2.' 'I' - -, I' 'A 5 C j 4, ci c 'W Y ENH5 Q, CAM. i I x Page 77 ,,,, W ff , f f , IN g W 1 ff W ff, ,mc 57: , i f7,5j,,ff'?,f?iffff"2ff!1,r,Q..5.a, ., ,. -. W, ,fjfjia fpiyiffyf f ffff MMWW af f W fw fa M 4 WA ZwffQff1a Basket Ball In the new H. S. Gym, under the guidance of Coach Bills the most successful basket ball team Noblesville has had for several years, was de- veloped. Much interest was given to basket ball and the team made a re- makably good showing. Although the final score sometimes declared the opposing team winner, the Noblesville team showed splendid floor work and team work both in offensive and defensive play. Basket shooting was Noblesville's weakness, and that is an art that cannot be learned in one season, but comes only after much handling of the ball. The basket ball team loses four men because of graduation. These are Fred Lewis, Ernest Carter, Cassius Curtis and Estle Huff, but there are basket ball men among the underclassmen. N. H. S. won four games out of twelve this year, which is the best the school has ever done for many years and there is every hope for a good team next fall. On the opposite page are the letter men. Page 78 I , .QM V ,gr , 'il "A 53: Z. is' 4 V2 3? -1: ' A Q ' 5? B,,l5'X1JQHiarn3 R-ishlb Pecnrce - ' 4 g V , LE .A.. x 5:-A , ,., 1 f 4 1 i ,sei 5 1 59 55 . - . 5 Cuvfx f rw T fhlgl: Igylrvf' ' 3 S ,sl ' ' f-4- 1, , ag V 1 Y 'SP' vf C-a iwggv Freclaltg L-eww . Page 79 0 A,,-. 1 Boi: ,4,?5::?2Q. . mm +JeH - V V .. ., Q '23 1-. : ,.,,,,Mq'g,2:z,':si-1,.2f1,W r f f ' ... --,fe ": V 'ff-.,:?Ahea?2-f-Mfzlif 4: X .'.,,,."-U.-,am-5',,:Qgf:Llfz-'pr'-g,f-.,ewe-:21Q,-Lair?' V , - -1:23. , -2 ,. . - .,.. ,.L.,,, -f . '- " ' " V ', ' g,'-'-5:1-:gzi ' 'vqqrcqzifs - "pi . A , .,-..-,-. li ,. , . ,x,. 25345553 Fvc-JJl'lA 2nd Team Resins ,X- BIN noun fy + Huff Page 80 Mark Shiv f X ...,,..5 ,- ,.,,.., . :V Z . , .. 2 T rack and Field Cne look at the trophy case in the N. H. S. Gymnasium will assure you that Noblesville has for many years had winning Track and Field 1. . The .13 'learn has not been an exception to this rule. Practice began in the Gymnasium long before the weather permitted work on the track. Coach Bills spent much time developing new material to fill the place of those men who graduated last year. April 11, the N. H. S. team met Technical H. S., of Indianapolis, on the local field. After leading until the last few events N. H. S. lost the meet by the score of 55 to 44. The loss of Mills, Heinzmann, Smith and McI'hennv was noticed in this meet. The County meet was held April 13, at Noblesville. By this time the te: m was go ng good. N. H. S. won the meet by a large margin. The score was as follows: Noblesville 57 1-3 Carmel 22 1-3 Sheridan 11 1-3 Westfield 6 Fishers 2 No records were broken in this meet. Although Carraway heaved the shot 47-3 and Lewis was close behind with a put better than 46 ft., Carraway's put was only 9 inches short of the County Record. Page 81 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, X ,.A..,,.. .,...,. Z , g , I 4 . Vg, I fV,,f .gf z,!f4Z7Z4,! V , f Noblesville won the Mile relay and lost the half mile relay in a close- ly contested race, to Carmel. Wade, of Carmel, was High point winner with 16 points. Cottingham and Pierce tied for 2nd high point with 10 points each. April 25 the Noblesville squad met Manual, at Willard Park, and easily defeated them. The score being 58-32. Manual won first in only one event. The 220 Yd. low hurdles, the broad jump, and relays were called off because of rain. The C. I. H. S. was held at Noblesville, Saturday May 3. Nobles- ville, Frankfort, Lebanon, Crawfordsville were represented. Noblesville won the meet. The scores were as follows: Noblesville 39 Lebanon 21 Frankfort 14 Crawfordsville 14 Three records were broken. Cottingham running against a strong wind clipped one-fifth of a second off the mile record, making it 450 4-5 Lewis heaved the shot 46 ft. and 8 inches breaking the old record fheld by himj by 4 feet, 9 1-4 inches. The feature of the meet was the high jump. Lunsford, of Noblesville breaking the record 5 feet, 7 inches, held by Carter, of Noblesville, by 6 inches. He cleared the bar at 6 feet, 1 inch. Three men- tied for high point winner. Cottingham, of Noblesville, Kincade, of Lebanon. and Good, of Frankfort. Noblesville broke the mile relay record 13.467 Cheld by Mills, Smith, Cottingham, and Eusey, of Noblesville! by 11 seconds. It is very uncertain whether this will stand because some oflicials said to disqualify Noblesville for interfering. It has not been decided yet. In this case Frankfort would be winner of both relays. ' The sectional meet will be held at Elwood Saturday May 10. Nobles- ville expects to win this meet and qualify the majority of the team for the State meet. State meet will be held at Teck Field May 23. We feel confident that Noblesville has as good a chance to win this meet as any school in the state. Herein is our hope Cottie, Lunsford, Lewis and Carraway, and Gaerte. And remember there are other men on our team that may surprise you. Yea State meet! Let's go Noblesville. Page 82 'fm CQH f fir! A V .. A X- x 9 WS' ff' , M - 3 imf k "' 5 f 3 1 ,lr 5 e +,gp,j,:f.,1'f' , wpr, -mwfzff-Y' ,V fam:-,W ui wi ' -, 59211 X-'ei fig w- ' "'QWW'w , wt' A ' 9, h ,aw ' " f Q ,,,w,5., 9. 55 '- , wa? :wax ' "1-1:4 ' Q.:' . 'w w wi.-J ' ' L-f -' I -- , -- ' f--as-221iff5,3.aA::1Lg:,g ,:.-'J5:L""' ff , a f ' - 1 '- -.., '16-1 ,. .,f. L, T- 4 -- . +,:zf1-::,:if.f' 1M'as,1:"'P'--ff 3 V x Jw f Q " ' . sv V39 W. . , , , fy ..Q,sfff"' V- ., ,U 'us ,. ,.. , HAYYNJQ 15' BX Ihr Mxfc, QQ, P . , ' el w . Y-X dr " xi V , Q , , 5 ff. K .-- 'C , M, 5557. Q 1 "" X , 'S ' , 'T C? C,YiYt'S JO x Q NS 'il SPN 7'?f N . ,Af a V - 2a..,f,g ' V 1 , Nd '-'51 H w rn 1 -I' aft 34,7 95255 1551?-. 2'aHW '-T Z'372Al3t"X' Y" 2531: 'pf " ' 1 " can r f f za 1, ." wh:- f1iE112?2:,.f5e" 'Hx ,Qi we-v mQ.4P'fg4- ff" H ,. . STd,5 6 fuf'-' YC 'BW Vldj H, N jx- . 1 5 F w " . Q "LJ 61? O U Q W fu-eg-feb, 1: 'x if 1 4. af M wa ,EQ- Yer 44- Wi '-Y 15 -KE. 4: PPM Q 1 3 via '- v x AA K 1 f 1 gm, M W YL. V' WWW, v x M my M' xv ' WX 7 1 1' Aw. .-anna X. 'Lg :Qi EW M., TLV fu -.X -41355 , af- ,A.?. v 1 , , X 'H - , Vgaf fw ,N A V ff kr gsjwb .-T,:.5.:g - m a nv uv J ,,vw-Wj'- , ., ' .5-' U- 'A' '91 1. .H'nvf3D5 , kv' QM, Ve .1 v.,'M"MiWvxN' Z' , U-'av:f:'A. 4 f . ug-'f ' A 9f.i."4vw.i3f1!ff Q , . "gig V14 ng! i f +V. 'rw-Q ,I - Jw - .-.2521 1 M. ,sw-r 'mf L-. 'fhf ' ga ' ' " mv. ,wg-,aff-, X-vw Q, .. 4 -3 .A f '- -1 mv fi , .., , f . Dao I-lufsf Page 83 Page 81, g ,Q ' gf? j Q? m, vw, ' .FT , Spur HC3l"t,C,Y' ,fs ' gyj Fr-eddm' Lewis ?X H Luns Ford 1"?"2'i if J., Q :f -L f ,H . - , '-Russ 'N Hrthur Sth Huff 'I :Hr Cm-'LI5 Joe Caraway 5.15 , A-v , ,...,,,, A ,f vmififfi fl. ' , fy , J ' ' if 'tfhvcku T1a7Ivr R PIQPCE, , N . ., llvl -. 1. - :Z . - in H aww Bo Iendvv- F? "fifth Pllchafes 'N Y 2 E .. , 'K 142, ff ,--, "Carve" Coscmgham Page 85 NM, 5: 5 R23 f ' , if fs : ,g f ga 1 I Tw' -Q C Q" M2 Q 3 ., N . ,J ifigf-245 ' H ' R V ig, A' 4412- f ?zf 'f+ A'12-f f if ' I A ' ' wr.: 'j,f f'- .fk4QL, V Ahu- me L4-A k rl ff- ,V . H ,A.,, uw k ,q5,f"f wwg- '1 WT' " 'H' ' H , A ,, 'I 'X mwvmiz f- - - V. . ,,A, -.,,...... . A -mf it T ,P HL' Grammaw- School Hflen Y. V Y-'VY v Q, a X TF If 'Ap r 4 5 5 :nl N I q-nga' V VN. ' ' f , If 'H-52 1 -"V L , .L,If,, - 'f Fiv-si' Wdfd Y I E:t'hv.Y, NnLkY 4' Jo i Thu-cl W4 i +A 1 , ,,., .4 K K., , M-:vk f,"512' ' V, I ' - . . I ' 'Q ...W ,. ' , ' A vs. 3 ' -A ,V 1-:V V-. -4 f .7 - ' W . ,- 1" Q VV V -1- B 3,7-V-,. - Xe! VV. I f' lf!" Q , ' ' .V . 1, . Si A if 1 ,V ,E . ' V V. rf ' , ,IV -A 1 -. 1, r. 5 :Zi '-'-'-j"" " A John E afh c wr -y Three Dec-3,0 Page 86 LITERAR Y 5 'r EELTI ,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.04'-"gi ff rs rss rr N b'Q , W ,, May So many young chaps came calling on May, So many fine fellows proposed every day, That, like the old woman who lived in a shoe, She never knew quite what to say or to do. So well did they love and so hard did they press her And tease her and squeeze her and make her say, "Yes Sir." Now if this were a story instead of a rhyme She'd marry some fellow who hadn't a dime. He'd study at night and he'd work with a will, And in less than a year he'd be boss of the mill. She'd make her own dresses and save all their dough For that ten-acre farm and the green bungalow. If this were a movie no doubt she'd elope With a tank full of gas and a soul full of hope. In a big speedy car with a young millionaire Whose mother would weep and whose father would swear, But soon theyyd forgive him for being so rash And the picture would end with a beautiful splash. If this were a drama she'd marry a guy With a terrible past and a cold sneaky eye. Her papa would scold, but in spite of his curse She'd take the poor blighter for better or worse. He'd stray for a while and he'd act mighty mean But she'd work his reform in the very last scene. But this isn't a story, it isn't a show, It isn't a movie production you know. , No wedding bells ring and no cupid bows bend And there isn't a moral tacked on at the end: For dear little May's just a sweet baby doll, And to-night is the night when I pay her a call. Page 88 Z ff ,.,., Football, as cz Fond Mother Sees it cg ES, I always go to the football games. I understand the game pretty well. I don't know yet though what they are intending to do when they yell those numbers-yes, Jim's my son. There he is out there-yoo hoo! Jim! Here I am-he wonlt look at me though. Jim's the one out there with the football suit on. Oh, of course, they all have them on. I never see anyone but him. He told me he played sway-back, but that doesn't sound quite right to me. His father laughed when Jim told me that. Look! theyire ready to commence. Be careful, Jim! Now donpt get hurt! I wouldnlt have let Jim play football because it is so dangerous but his father told him he could. Why do they pile up like that? I hope Jim isn't underneath. There he is. Yoo hoo, Jim! You know Jim told me not to yell at him but I just can't help it. Why on earth do thoie men keep running along here in front of us with that line stretched between two sticks? Oh, yes! to measure it. Um hum, I see. Is that little box-like affair with the numbers on it to tel how many minutes we have left?-Downs!-What on earth? Yes, of course, when they all pile down on top of each other. It seems so brutal to me. Look how much larger those boys are than ours! I don't think we should play them. Why look, they're men! I've a big notion to go in there and get Jim out. He wouldn!t like it though. You know, I believe when they say "hike" they want someone to take the ball and hike down to the end of the field with it. Penalizing them for off-sides ?-Why it can't be! Theyyre all right out there in the middle of the field and none of them near the edge. I don!t think we ought to let our boys play when they have a referee as ignorant as that. Hurrah! hurrah! Yea Noblesville!-What are we yelling for?- Hurrah! hurrah!-I don't know what weire yelling for but it must be something for us. Oh, yes. A touchdown-of course. Penalizing the other team. Oh, it must be for a forward pass. Ifvf heard Jim speak of those. Look at those people crowding out on the field down there. I don't think that should be allowed. Why Jim or any of the boys might run into them and get hurt. I"m going to call a policeman and put a stop to that right now. i Somebody's hurt! Who is it? Jim, my darling boy! My son! Jim! Jim! Let out. Ilm going right over to him. Thank goodness hens up now. I won't need to go. What-is the game over already? We won didnft we? Hurrah! hur- rah! Yea team! Yea boys! -Esther Gentry Page 89 ' "'f ff H ff ,, ef f 'ff f f N 7 ,,,ff,h f V- ' X0 , .iiffif f , . , Z f . eff., f .. , f :Z.'Z'fiW.yf.fef, Wi , 9 f ff-'f,,w wwe. ' , ez ' ff, f ,f,.'Qy1g,,f7"f 0 'swag I Z0 fyeff f ff ff fff f f ' ff f ffff f fi The Beautiful Dress was put together by a beautiful lady. When I was finished my lady did not like me, so she gave me to a relative. My new mistress' name was Mrs. Nolan. I wanted to go to parties and dances, but what did she do but fold me up and store me in a trunk with a lot of other dresses. None were so beautiful as I, however. My, but it was dark and dreary in that old trunk. I felt like shrieking aloud, having been put in so dismal a place, but alas! I could not utter a sound. I wondered if my life was over, and still wondering, I fell asleep. One day I was awakened by voices in the same room where I was. Then I heard the voice of Mrs. Nolan saying, "Oh, Lucy, there is a beauti- ful dress in this trunk, that will be just the thing for a party dress. It will not need so very much altering either." With these words, she open- ed my prison door and brought me forth from my cell. A beautiful girl picked me up, and with her eyes beaming with happiness said, "Oh! Moth- er, this is wonderful. I shall be the best dressed girl at the partyf' So I Went to the party and had the best time of my life. I danced and flirted with all the handsome dress suits. I had never dreamed of such a delightful time. After that brief night of gayety I was worn many times. It was not long, however, until I was back in my prison again. I had aged consider- ably during my short life time and was not nearly so beautiful as I once was. Many years have passed. The other day an old lady unlocked my pris- on and I was taken out once again. She folded me and took me to town with her. Then I was taken to a dry goods store and put in the show win- dow. My, there were lots of people that looked at me for the next two daysg and of all the humiliation I passed through in that time! The peo- ple were dressed so funny. They laughed and jeered as they pointed at me How dare they make fun of a beautiful dress like myself! I hope I am never in another centennial exhibition in Noblesville or anywhere else! -Berrnzfce E. C carter Page 90 X Z X ,,,,, M, ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ff""""sE 1 Ml f QM- .,,,.,,,,A ...,.. . ,.,... f , ' ' " ,, ,' , 1A' "' "Theres Many cz Grin Twiart the nose cmd the china." Oh gosh I'm so happyg Oh gee, I'm so glad I haven't got time to be gloomy and sad. From the first peep ol day till the sun goeth down I'm busy just laughing at people who frown, For Fate is a Jester and Life is a joke And We'd better laugh now for to-morrow We croak. My shoes are not mates and my gloves are a mess This hat came across in the Mayflower, I guess. You can't see my shirt, there's a good reason Why, I ain't got none on, hence the broad-flowing tie. And this coat that I'm wearing is quite out of style, But just take a look at my open-face smile! My underwear's thin and there's many a hole, There ain't any gas and We're all out of coal, But, says I to my friends, if we stick close together We're bound to keep Warm in the coldest of weather. So Why should I worry and fuss and grow thin If my face freezes stiff, it will freeze in a grin. Page 91 ,,,,,1, ,X ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, W ff 5 2 4 V W .MY V..4 - ---A Z 'Ti - ,,,V,A 1 ivjwfb ffffff 4 ,MT ff-iff' j ff LYMAN CLOE VIOLET GATEWGOD LUTHER WISEHART Omtorzcal In the interest of the National Constitutional Oratorical contest, Noblesville held a primary contest. There were two contestants, Donald Reagan and Luther Wisehart. Luther Wisehart winning first became a representative in the county in which he took second place, David Day, of Westfield, Winning first. Luther's oration was, "The Constitution." In the regular primary Oratorical there were five contestants, Violet Gatewood won first place and became our representative in the county Oratorical and Central Indiana. Her oration was "Joan of Arc? Lyman Cloe Won second and became our representative in the Central Indiana. His oration Was "The Unknown Speaker." In the County Contest Westfield again carried off honors with Phil Clark as representative. Violet took second. In the Boys' Central Indiana Contest Lyman Cloe took third place and Violet Gatewood did not place in the contest among the girls. Page 92 SOCIETY 'AA' " ' 'A"' ,,,,,,,, ' "" f !' A if lfiff ,I , , C ' Lf ' 4 ,,.,,, , 1 ,,,,4,,,f ., -3, I . ., , ,, ,,4,, , ,, f,i,,, f , Junior-Senior Banquet On May 27, the annual Junior and Senior banquet was held in the Gym. The room was wonderfully decorated, carrying out the effect of a garden in the pastel shades. A four course banquet was prepared and served by the mothers of the Juniors, pink and white being carried out in the courses. The welcome toast was given by Don Eusey to which Cassius Curtis responded. There were many other toasts during the evening and selections by the orchestra. After the banquet all were invited to the dance, where a very happy evening was spent, the chaperons being the parents of the Juniors. Kiwanians Entertain Foot Ball Squad The entire membership of the foot-ball squad of the Noblesville High School were guests of the Kiwanis Club at a dinner served in the dining room of the Friends Church. The boys have won a very warm place in the hearts off the Kiwanians this year and it is the idea of the member- ship to entertain the boys and help encourage them. The president of the club delivered a very appropriate address to the young men, speaking along the lines of careful training and clean living. French Club The first meeting of the French Club was held Monday evening, Octo- ber 22, in the home of Miss Esther Gentry. The program of the evening consisted of the initiation of the new members into the club and singing songs and playing games. In keeping with the Hallowelen season. light refreshments, consisting of doughnuts and cider were served. The remain- der of the evening was spent having a general good time. The last meeting of the French Club was held in May. The members eiicygd a Weiner ioict in the country. The special guests weie the hon- orary members and faculty. A large crowd attended, and it was the most successful party of the year. After the roast, everyone enjoyed playing games. Page 94 ' I X fx?-M-..,..,.W,,,l,mwwwv ' f, ,lj 'A 5 , , " rf af ffdfaffff ,WWW V V f ' f W wfrffwww 7 If W Q gyzxirffgq ff ffm QW f, im'2'fWf"vi ' f?l!q,5"" 7, 21 ,,,Lfa, W' w,g",1?fff ,,, 542 ya? ' " 2 ",' I WW 4" ' ff . M472 ,f Q ' , ,, fQ,,.w,'ffm:',f!w , 'fr L ff y'x.,.,,,,.W , ' , , ,, . , af aff Virgil Club In November, the Virgil Club held a very delightful party at the High School. During the, evening members of the Club and several mem- bers of the faculty enjoyed a take off of Didols banquet given for the Trojans. There were several games and readings. After the program the j"llG'WtS we e invited to the lsasement, where a lunch consisting of hot chocolate, sandwiches and pickles was served. Cassius Curtis entertained the members of the Virgil Club at his home in February. The party was well attended by the faculty and the club members. The program consisted of the portraying of several Latin characters by the Virgil class, while the others guessed who they were. During the evening, Latin games and contests were played which proved to be very interesting, there were also some musical numbers. Light re- freshments were served at the close of the party. Near the close of school, the Virgil Club gave a very pretty lawn party at the home of Inez Kleyla. The evening was spent playing outdoor games and contests. At the close of the meeting a very appropriate lunch Was served. Lonesome Club One of the most delightful meetings in the history of the Everybodyls Lcne ome Club of the High School occurred at 3 130 o'cloclc, Tuesday, Oc- tober 23, when sixty-five new girls were pledged to the Club in the cere- mony under the direction of Mrs. F. E. Hines, supervisor of the girls' activities of the school. The ceremony used for the pledging of the girls was similar to the one used by the Y. W. C. A. in pledging college girls, being of a more simplified order. The pledging ceremony was opened with the singing of a song written for the Lonesome Club by Mrs. Bills. The scene was most beautiful, as the Club's badge and a blue ribbon were pinned on each new member and to each was given a lighted candle, aw the old members gave them the hand of fellowship. The meeting closegl with the regular club benediction. The Everybody's-Lonesome Club entertained with a most delightful masquerade party, Thursday evening, October 25, at the high school. Much excitement was created when the guests formed a circle to identify those who were masked. The guests were then invited to the assembly where a minstrel, "The Bean Family" was given. The minstrel and songs were written by Prudence Craig. All the songs were parodies and were veiy Page 95 If-.,.MMW ,,,,.,,,W1fwf, 7 ,.... ..... ,,,.,, I X good. The Gold Dust Twins were the footlights of the play and were Miss Osbon and Mrs. Bills. As is the custom each year the Freshman girls were init'ated into the Club with a very ridiculous ceremony. Later, refresh- ments of apples, cider and doughnuts were served in the Domestic Sci-ence room, which was decorated with colors appropriate to the Hallowe'en S63.SOI'1. A very pretty banquet was given in the gymnasium by the Every- body's-Lonesome Club, March 20. It was a farewell party for the Senior girls and Miss Post. The dining room was very beautifully decorated in red and white, the Senior class colors. The lunch was served cafeteria style from gayly decorated booths. On each of the long tables were blue t ' sta' holde s and the Lonesome Club colors of blue and white were carried out in the table appointments. The Seniors and Miss Post as guests of honor, were seated at one llong table. In the center of which rested a large angel food cake with twenty-four small blue candles and it was surrounded by ferns and flowers. Bernice Hines acting as toast mistress gave a toast to the Seniors. The Seniors? response was given by Prudence Craig, "Farewell to Thee," Junior toast, Jeanette Gascho. "After Your Gone." Senior response, Annamaud McKenzie, "I'm Sorry. Dear." Sophomore toast, Jean Rensberger, "I Hate to Lose You." Senior response, Irene Nickerson, "If You'll Remember Mefy Freshman toast. Irene Virgin, "There's a Long, Long Trail a Winding," Senior response. Esther Centry, "Goodbye, Forever." During the evening the guests en- joyed "Tryouts for the Movies" and "The Kid's Candy Kitchen." There was a large attendance to enjoy the delightful party. A most delightful Christmas party was given at the new High School Gymnasium when the members of the Lonesome Club were the hostesses of thirty-five "little brothers and sisters" members of the faculty and friends. An elegant dinner was served in the dining room of the gym- nasium to the little folks. The tables were decorated with small Christ- mas trees and red burning candles and a large Christmas tree occupied a corner in the room. A cafeteria supper was served to the other guests. A much enjoyed program was given following the dinner, which closed when Thelma Carr, acting as Santa Claus, invited the little guests to the Christmas tree where candy, nuts, oranges and apples were given. It was the second year for the Lonesome Club to entertain the little folks and it was a very pleasant feature long to be remembered by the little ones. Page 96 WW . ,,,.,. , , , ,,.,,,l,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, - ,,,, 1 ,Z .,- ,,,...,,,,,.,, QWWW ? ,....,,,.,,,..,,,,,. W if '1'A' f1' Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. The Calendar Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, all crawled out at 8:30 A. M. The Freshies were given the morning to sleep so they would be wide awake to report at 1 : P. M. Out for football! More suits. Hard on athletic association. All seated today. Officers of Athletic Association elected. First real work begins. First "PEP" meeting. Football game at Logansport. We won. Score 6-0. All in best of spirits for coming football season. Toddie and the monkey were the only ones much worse off after the trip. Coach Bills addresses the assembly. Senior Class otlicers and Staff elected. Played Greenfield here. Victory for Noblesville. Score 30-O. Sheridan Game. Good game but we lost. Score 7-6. Art Michaels comes out in a new sweater. "Spiv" Carter receives a letter from the matrimonial Agen- cy. Played Anderson. Score 32-6. Favor of N. H. S. Played Wilkinson. Score 15-6 in favor of Wilkinson. Beginning of Second Six Weeks. Everyone inspired anew. Get our book reports. Work ahead of us! Juniors take up the blind man's trade ...... selling pencils. Shoe-strings next perhaps. Played Knightstown. Score 12-7 in favor of Noblesville. "Freddie' brings the whole assembly to tears. Played Portland. Score 13-0 in our favor. We're promised a celebration. Yea Noblesville! Kirklin played here. Score 13-6. Celebrated our football season. Best N. H. S. has ever had. Page 97 "mm, ,.,, .nf-Wff r 7 f f 5' Q j, Zfjw., U, 1 KW r I' Myefiia QQ? Mm if.. X! , Nov. 15 High School went in a body to Methodist Church. Basket Ball Practice Begins Yea! Gym! Nov. 20 We all had our pictures taken. Seniors on dress parade. Good vacation! Nov. 22 Mr. Hazel and Miss Ball arrive late. Scandal. Nov. 24 Six weeks test. Dec. 7. First Basket Ball Game. Score- Walnut Grove 34-- Nobles- ville 10. Dec. 17 Annual Morning. Some speeches! Dedication of Gym. Yea! Gym! . Dec. 19. Game with Cicero. Score Noblesville 24, Cicero 2. Dec. 21 Ball game. Sheridan 29. Noblesville 18. Dec. 28. Greenwood 13, Noblseville 20. Jan. 2. 1924. A Happy New Year. Jan. 4. Sharpsville 20, N. H. S. -13. Jan. 11. Greenwood 30, N. H. S. -25. Jan. 21. Second Semester. Toddie and Harold Beeler welcomed back again. Jan. 22. Girls Glee Club Operetta "Ladies Aid," and "The Fatal Neck- lace." Feb. 11. Physics recitation is interupted. Dave Findley snores so loudly that Mr. Bolander is unable to be heard. Feb. 13. Pep session. Ball Game. Fishers-14, Noblesville-24. Feb. 20. Joe Findley and Mr. Hickman engage in a duel. Feb. 31. DePauw Glee Club Entertainment at Gymnasium. . Apr 2. War extra. Joe Carraway and "Chick" Taylor visit the jail. quite exciting. Apr. 9. Deportment list published. Four dignilied Senior fellows head the list. Apr. 11. First Track Meet. Tech. 55-44. Apr. 18. Hamilton County Track Meet and Oratorical. Track Meet Noblesville first,58, Carmel 22, Sheridan, 11. Oratorical, lst. Westfield, 2nd, Noblesville, 3rd. Arcadia. Page 98 ALUMNI ofa! x ff N fff3'2Li Q! W f Rm W Lf- wgf: fy2f?ja'.,, 17X ., f ' A4 f ,,,,L ,,,, g , . QMZV f MWZ The Alumni This class of '24 respects the memory of the Alumni of N. H. S. and this department is devoted to those who can never forget "them days that are gone foreverf' Many of the Alumni are now attending colleges, others are in busi- ness, and some are married. The Class of '24 wishes them the greatest success in their work, whatever it may be. The following are a few facts concerning the Class of '23: Marion Ajdred, home. Edna Baldwin, married Wallace Bauer, June 30, 1923. Charles Comella, home. Georgia Cammack, Central Business College, Indianapolis, Indiana. Bernice Bassett. married Ralph Avery, December 19, 1923. Arthur Avery, barber. Thelma Dickover, home. Oakley Bundy, home. Ruth Canatsey, married Clayburn Wheatley, November 29, 1923, and is now living in Dayton, Ohio. Darrell Dupler, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. Marrion Eller, Art School, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Anthony Kelly, Lake Forest College, Illinois. Rosalind Hadley, stenographer in the Citizen's State Bank. Haldon Kraft, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. Flossie Guilkey, Central Business College, Indianapolis, Indiana. Roger Lehr, home. Mark Mount, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. Esther Fox, stenographer. Clarence Pritchard, home. Thelma Harr, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. Opal Leavitt, DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana. Leland Roudebush, cashier in the American National Bank. Annis Heiny, home. John Schneider, home. Robert Morris, DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana. Edna McGinley, nurse's training, St. Vincent Hospital, Indianapolis, Ind. Alton Tally, home. Thelma Hanna, home. Josephine Montague, nurses training, St. Vincent Hospital, Indianapolis. Gordon Vernard, Butler College, Indianapolis, Indiana. Elizabeth Vance, DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana. George White, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. Mary Quear, home Earl Gibson, home. Page 100 f Q fyfff I ,fnfmg 5 Z .,.,.,,,.,.,,,,.fwwmmuf'V 3 . s .,,. . s . ZZ 5473 " ,,,,,, , f f f f Ml if Wfefff M wfwwe WWQ f 7 1 r X .,,,,, VIIV W Pauline Wann, Dr. Harrell's office. Lloyd Smith, home-DePauw University lst semester. Anna Tucker, home. Ralph Stoops, home. Hazel Weaver, home. Rusiell Huntsinger, home. Elizabeth Tucker, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. Joseph Mcllhenny, California. Rachel Miesse, married Clifford Sorrell, June in Tipton, Indiana. Frances Heylmann, National Park Seminary, Helen Booth, home. Ernest Mills,Indiana University, Bloomington, Mary Alice Hays, Ohio State University, Ohio. Noblesville High School is well represented in the several colleges. The following Alumni, other than the Class of '23 are now attending col lege : Indiana University University of Pe'nfn.sylrva11.ia Clarence Heiny Carolyn I-leylmann Maxwell Trent Paul Sherman Paul Hill Harold Setters Marcus Wyant Kenneth Smithburn Mathias Mount Roy Stage DePauw John Heinzmann Lawrence Cloe Harry Malott Walter Heinzmann Floyd Heiss Glenn Smith Doris Leavitt Louise Wyant John Atkins Bill Farish George Wheeler 10, 1923, and is now living Washington, D. C. Indiana. Maurice Harrell Georgetown, Marylafml Raymond Dokes Ohio State Otis Forsythe M etfropolitarn, Alice Wheeler Nortliwesterli Clara Axline Raymond Bond Central BllSl'J'l6S-S' Julia Farish Esther Heinzmann Western, Louise Gentry F'VCl7ZlCl'l'I'l, Gerald Quick Miss Blalferls Marguerite Eck Don Zeis Velma Meadors Yale Wittenbarg College Runnels Harrell Neal Davis Evansville Butler Irvin Whitmoyer Lucile Sperry Page 101 af' H55 F' """"z ff A , I ,Q ,'::.,fff-'1,:fj :..'ff:v: 1-.Q vw .... M, 'Z '--"" 2.-,.,q, '-f Ki Q N V' .. .'v,.:iu, arm. A V, Q gf,-J, . mn?- ' "" W .3-2 sy ' ,gi .L , Qs' ,V V ' b N, , ' A g V QE" vfilg fl " - ,Q f iq 1:34 . X A f"- A A5 ff . 2 -' JJ-KWH-+ A ' . Q, Uk i1, ,Qy 'C .Ml .f 'fi - 1 . 'AY , fix F Q .if L 0- fl 4 ,11 , . 1 ,MI i . I A Ai .Ric ,Wx .f , . , -, E? , :.f5g3:gg:,',gi4v,. 11, . f , 1 1 any Ou ? L ' , -A . 'qs , VX , ' xx " xvovoj , 5"f'z. I aqua Page 102 fbi In 1" f f . , MJ- .04 0, Hua 41721 Jr Cuff JOKES ,.,wfM,uwAwuWuMuw-ww,,,,f1ff X W! ffwx ff! V, . f ,. y W, ..,,. ,H ..,,...f ,,,,, 0 , ,,,, . JOKES OFTEN GETTING BURNT Bill Hazel: "To be college-bred means a four- great deal of dough, as Well as plently of crust." Teacher: "Johnny, spell needle." Johnny: "N-e-i-d-1-e." Teacher: "No Johnny, there is no "i" in needle. year loaf, requiring a !! Johnny: "Well, if there's no eye in needle, it ain't no good." Lyman C: "It must take a lot of money to follow the radio craze. I hear you have a new outfit. What kind of receivers are you going to have ?" Albert H: "I don't know. The court hasn't appointed them yet." June Black :-What makes the value of stocks and bonds go up and down? Miss Post :-"What makes potatoes go up and down?', June Black :-GRAVITY. Friend: "So you and Joe don't speak. Why, what's the trouble ?" Pauline: "We had a dreadful quarrel about which loved the other most." Cot: "Worth has named his car Imagination." Q79 Blakie: "How come. Cot: "The darn thing runs away with him." As Beany came running out of a certain house all worked up to the point, because he had just received an answer and it was "yes," something brought him to a stand still. There she was before him. He looked at her for a moment. Her little hood was perched jauntly on one side tantalizing- lv. ' "Your different-not like the others," he murmured and sighed as if he was free now to take her, which he was. "They are too noisy, but you are so quiet and refined and theirs is the pace that kills," he hestitated a bit, "and you are so gentle and easy, they are emotional-they break down-not so with you: I love your coolness." And all the time she stood here waiting, just as Beany has described her, she didn't stir or speak but stood motionless for she had been expect- ing it. Then over-flowed with joy Beany cried, "And to think you will soon be mine," as he cranked her up, jumped in and drove off to the party. 0:4 Z , ,, , , 0z0ri010loi1ni0101l1i4rioiuri4 rio? rinihinioic wif vin? lil vim-1111 ri: nl vi: air 0:0 2 ECoNoMY HARDWARE oo. E U i i 954-960 LOGAN STREET Q TELEPHONE 239 U ! Q The Place Where a Dollar Does Its Duty 0:0 -iniuinioiuin 11011111 via rin :init fini: rioir 1101031 nic 11011 mir rin rin rink: 31010 Freshman: "How can I cure a sleep-walking habit?" Senior: "Sprinkle tacks on the floor." "Did you hear about Fred swallowing some nitrate fertilizer? "Yes, he's complaining of growing painsf' She: "It's only 6 o'clock and I told you to come after supper." "B" B: "That's what I came after." 9 0013113014rim:ixndhuimnioiuiudbn-54121121fini: ini eb 121-5 vi 034:11 april 302:11 0:0 9 Q ! g Compliments of Q 2 Union Sanitary Works E of the N. 0. Nelson Mfg. Co. I I 1019011 10102 111 3 ini: 3011311111 1 10201 xii ini ini 3434313 lineto it ulgss 5 Butqlovr Ml-hclcxogg ,n ' ., VW! fr 4 Mavvaw Toujgk Q IHE Lake 511 M ask Page 106 Od.-ini' 12 nan :E neva ncaa unch 1-sms 1-arm' rms r-mv vin- r4:x nc 3: 14---' we rms me--1 ,sf-ew yu- vui- W W 5i3m""""'H""""A""""m2 2 fff, 1 , I 'f X f f f f f awww' ,f 5 ff ff-f, ff fr A f ' wwf , wmay nf: 4 , - , ,, ,,,,,.,,, ' " ,, ,, . ,,., . , ,, ,f Q, ,J ,,., ,,,, e ,,,, 1,f,a,M ,,,, mah, MJ., f ,,., ,,,f,,,., f .,.,, ,,,. W , ,,,,,,, fy O:0l l! Ul4 QI Q QI QC QllaU l l Q ll l C21 ll i,U l l'4Z21v l ll 4 ll if Gif if TZ.-' Q0 9 9 5 S I ' h Fl Q 9 ay t Wzt owers E 5 5 A L VV A R E R Q 6 . 9 9 , B Q Q Q Phone 551 16 6 Logan 3 ' ,l 9:0 3, ,E ,qgqgvacw nc.: ur, :cv msn- 1: as :co nc: nz rem 1:9 fc: ri sz 11 'E xcnwrgz mga was was :L so-abofiwzo She: "It's very nice of you to ask me to dance." He: "Don't mention it-it's a charity ball." Senior fto Freshiel : "Always love your teachers." Freshie: "I tried that, once, but she got mad." Many of thte fellow semm to "Keep That School Girl Complexion" on their coat collars. .:QYlf7ilIii'il l ill Uil'll'il 23154 ZS! ll ll ZZDPZI El It il will QZDI T121 G +I "P-.74 Z5 ii ..5l'ig:g v U I 5 U 9 . . G 0 An Apprecmtzon Q S Too much can not be said in favor of our adver- Q tisers. If they had not liberally supported us, this book C could not have been published. We wish to thank them Q E for their assistance in this work. We would also like G to request that the student body of Noblesville show par- U tiality toward our advertisers. They support the stu- G dent enterprises and deserve your patronage. They fl make possible the various campus publications. If you ll desire to make a purchase these pages will direct you ll to the best places. Theyd eserve your consideration. U U G The Shadow Staff - 9 U 0 E .U 0 5 0.0 W W 0:9111114:11111111111vianiuiuinrinioim131ini:'initriivinioiuioioicvif12412111 gtg Q Shop 151 Phone Res. 212-03 FRED L. MICHAELS Sheet Metals . Furnaces Metal Ceilings ! ! N. H. s. 1900 i 3 - 0.1 311431111 169111413 131 QD4111 ui: 1111031riuiuinilriuiuin ininiuiniuinvin13:03 Freddy and Carrie Lois were attending the picture show. When Carrie Lois saw the word asbestos on the curtain, she said: "Fred, what does that mean ?" "Keep still, Carrie Lois, and don't show your ignorance. Thatis their way of saying welcome." Yank: "I say, old fellow, how do you spell "horse 7" Tommy: "'Orse? Why certainly. Hit honly takes a haitch, a ho, a har, a hess and a he to spell 'orse." 0:01211311111211:11:1io1u4lDui11Zu3 111 0:01211:01:91vEuivi:1c9n13n111i1 :N 1113 . 'I' 'I' 3 ' 2 Q - '9 i ! l fe 'We E 5 9 i 'fIBSOLUTE Nc, ' g C- W- Q ebb C 494 1A G' 9 Q AUCTION Q SQPHERS 1 1 MEI,L10D 2 1 1 a C ' i B i 1 3 QRESTAURANT Q Auctioneering Q "The'XVliiteHeat of StilQS11li-lllSlllD" Q g 1.1ffJ271-52251i11iuIf1,.Tfff5Ziflt 11?i1if.i'.3fi E prznctisecl hy A 8 A : - - 9 5 9 SOUTH SHORT 9 6 The R. C1 Foland SIDE ORDERS g Auction Co. E E 111111116 245 N0lDl9SVlllP, 11111. Q ' Q o 111114 3111113113 119113112 11 E 21111020 'Jimi li ini ui vi ini 11 a-nniuiwzo X V23 W ff, f WW 3 ,f ,,fff,,,, ff fff"'.'1i 1 fWf'W-. effefwf wwf fe ff 'ffl ,,,, I I, ,'f I I, , , , I ozowimvaxuxuexrfuss:-Linearmes:-claws:-Euan:-anvil-zpmsouezbwcaruiozoazwezw-Iuzatmsncmoezm czmvznzuo? I - I 5 Keep A Permanent Diary Q I K i 2 odak As You Go : I I I Kodaks 36 up I I I ' W' ld 9 D S ' I e y s rug tore I E E. Side Square Noblesville I Customer Un meat marketl : "Have you Come from butchering yet '?" M. Worth: "I Wouldn't be here if I hadn't." Customer: "Have you any brains ?" M. Worth: "The next fellow that asks me that I'm going to knoek him down." First Boxer: "I'll smack you." Second Boxer: "You do and they will be talking to you on a Ouija Board." 0-30:21:11 1 1 1:3 11111: 1 in-iw? govioi ai 101112 4101121 2 341146, I I I I I I I Home I I all Bros. Co. I I i I i i I E - i i G i i Furniture Rugs i Q 1' Q C Q fy i I Home Eureka I ! ,, . ,, I I I I If you care for quality eats Q Q Vacuum Sweepers Q Q trade here. Q I I I I I Thor Electric Washef We give free delivery service g Cheney and we also credit. - Machines I I I g g You Need Us - g I Gennett Records I I I g i 5 - We Need You i ' Ph 285 I 9 I ! 0116 1 ! Phone 83 ! ! I I I O.QlQlDi'lQOQllQlIQlliUQIll0QllQ4 Qllllfy 5:0 i Q lQUQUQUiUi0Q !QOQ0i4li0Q1QiQ I5 'Z' abou: ,an mzw-z.l1.ias-iizfvx..Engng-ig 2 iq: rim 1 1: 411: 31311 101,113-111010 2 a , wif If , , 'A-' -V V 'fix fix f f 'vg X ' 3271. ,QQ W Que 35 ' pygmy' gf gf ,ff f f f yffx 1' 4 , ffyf gf, ghillil i il it i lil 1 i ll iii! l IQ it llrilvilvl 1 ll!hlliltlillillillllrillil.Ig E Are you in earnest? Q Seize this very minute what you can do, or dream you i can, begin it, U Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Q 2 Only engage and then the mind grows heated. i Begin and then the Work will be completed. 5 Q Goethe g s - e! g To the Class of '24 g Earnest boys and girls have gone from this school and g have climbed the mountain of success because they 5 Were in Earnest i Q Q g CARLYLE SAYS: Nine-tenths of the miseries and vices Q of mankind proceed from idlenes. Therefore members of i 0 .. , the class of '24, lf you would succeed you must be in earnest. 3 g if you would be happy, you must be busy. 9 i Q S- . 1 a ' 1nce1 e y, i GBLESVILLE 3 MILLI G COMPA Y Q ! 3 3 E n f ,V f f I , ,, We Z f ...,4...,'-q , w1-.W . .v..V..,A V H ,,,,,, , ,,,y ' V V 9 Ofnioiuirniuiniuiuii3031131111 30134vizxininiuicvioqpnin uqzniodbnin 34.503 ,', l 9 Q AN IDEAL PLACE TO TRADE ' , The S. C. Harrison Pharmacy "A Trial will Convinceu 398 s. sth sn. Phone 105 Noblesville, Ind. 0 'g' nic P10102 114 130111301011 rin miniwiflui':if1101011lioiflioioilriuicrioiwzt The football hero hit ther line with a fierce and mighty thud. He was a large hairy man endowed with rich red blood. And when they dug him from the ground his ears were full of mud. A score of men had walked on him with hard and heavy heel, and yet he did not heed the hurts that other men would feelg his bones were tough as hickory, his muscles hard as steel. He was a Wicked sight to see beneath his football suit. There was a shanty on his eye, a gash upon his snootg and all the maidens smiled on him and whispered: "Ain't he cute!" 0:0111 11030301014l1ni0i1li0i4vi0i1p:Q 0:01341i4li01ui4r1oi0i0i4121 it ninicfg v - 9 7 Quality Coal Q 0 Q gHonest Weights Q g Service and Exclusive Rights on the Q Genuine Blue Star, Yellow Safety Q Jacket and Borderland Q A place Where you can Q Coals. l g practice thrift. 3 Try It! Phone N0. 4 3 . ! . ! Q Indiana Loan ! ! n g . . g g W. H. MEARA 9 Q Association Q g Eg., SON g I B B 9 Q 54NiZfgQV?2ESt' Q Q Corner 8th and Vine sie. 5 l U l Fair Prices Service 0 - Phone SS - 1 ,. - 5 , nz! E-ii li ni 20102112 ni: 1- 3 simile!! 94' 1019030505021 3: 3 xi vioiniuiltzo 2 5 5 1 'umm , , W QW., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..1,.uf..4w,a-137 if My W, W f, I 2 E 6145 7 if W X" W , tif? XWNWA-D .,,. Aff vr., K V --1, 1,51 ,ff ,fi fl af If , 1 lllffxyfff E -, iffg If '74 I 1 X I I f,, , ,,ff ifff we Wnaf,,f,ff,,f Z! If I X if , Tfcygiriu., ,,,r2 , f f lyiriii A,, , , Q islilll iU2UllIlUl'll4YlIIEDlV1 iiU lIQlIllI3Ull'l4 ' iU l'E3l GTI ll ll i4P l'? ,Ig I I ' HAINES D-RUG STORE I I l i i E I For fine toilet articles, perfumes and stationery. g Drink at our sanitary soda fountain and get the best. Q I i s int t. one . ' 34 S ' ' I I ' I Chick Taylor: "Say Gertrude, you didn't know that I was an electri-- cian? I missed my calling." Gertrude Taylor: "How's that?" Chick:Q"Why, last night, over at Jean's the electric light fuse burnt out. Guess who fixed it. Me-I--myself." G t d T l "Y 7 t 1 t ' f l " er ru e ay or: ou re no an e ec rician, you re a oo . Miss Post :-"Oh, Mahlon! Don't chew your gum so wide." o'm1o1oio1n1o: iuicvininioioiyz, ogovioiuinioioil11010111 1011153 I I I I g Our new spring apparel for I i Misses and Women will soon 0 . : be arriving and we will shovv i very attractive garments at a T I most reasonable price. CO- ! ! ! ! Q I "Home For Saviugst' I I I I I I I I I 1 CRAYCRAFT 5 1 NOBLESVILLE, INDIANA 5 l i Q . Q i ' Capital Sz Surplus S113,500. i g Abstracts Sz Farm Loans. - I - I I CO. 415 interest compounded I semi annually on savings. I I I I I 0 0.0 - a uivioiwzo 0.013 vin ini ini 2 ini4lin10i0i10:O e f illitlillilli W ,,,,,.,,, ff ff ,,f,,,f ff ,f.vrw1f"""W,'5x , ,ff f ' eeeeeee 5 f '-" '-'f-'v' ,. -- -Q-- - . f . , ,... ,, ,M ' "'0 ofa, Q A 4 4,1 1 1 wwf ,f 1 fe. f, f uczulxverminannul-nammiuiuiuil:wil in11:54:31rinas4:3m,1uCDn1rmil,z, .Bloks Stationery Kodaks E W. E. AXLINE g North Side Drug Store Q fWallPape1' Candy Fountain Pens ! ,messesmss,m,mm-,,m,m,,M,,,,,g A POEM "Good, better, best! Let us never rest Till our good is better And our better's best." gd Michaels: fln Latin Classb "I have everything but a monkey." iss Mann: "You're the monkey." 11'taint-'rurwzf-111:-1:01-v--xozwio 050:-vznxnxf-juuv-ljm-.1:1-xo..--an-l-mi. A nevv 1nval1d car Wlth all U the comforts of Pulman sleep- g CANDY SHGP ef- i Q E g Chapel ana' Q The Hema of Display Rooms H ome M ade 5 5 i i All the best eqziipnzent Candy f - : Q ! ! i sTANFoRDe 5 Traction Station Bldg. E i H AYES 'PHONE 710 E ! Phone 96 E 311303010303 O ug-41101010111 14020 0.01011 1 1 11130101411 111 1 11:11:02 Mg," . ' Z. . 0'Q-ca:f-4-:Dof.1u:rwm- ear fmbiic:mv,uD..4lDf-at-'aifvcpl'Er'isbn'linearwioemivzu-mwuibn-ini :in L if 1 Z iii, i e 5 A Real Sporting' Goods Store 3 Buy your Sweaters and Athletic Equipment Q 5 at your School Price by sending the order 5 through your School Price by sending the order E 2 Smith-Hassler-Sturm Co. i 219-221 Mass. Ave. nc E. ohio st. INDIANAPOLIS i 'ZNQ-iqapozpwxogsiaqz,napuif 3--:oi-'11Iiiiiiviimint:-miami-.ii-an-I131-as:-ravine:-if--Eivaiuiie 0 o Earl Carroll: "Have you an opening for a bright, energetic hign school graduate?" Hard Boiled: "Yes, and don't slam it on your way out.'l He: "Seeing is believing." She: "Not always, I see you quite often, but I seldom believe you." Russ F: "What kind of a girl is C-?" Beanie B: "Oh, she's one of those who are glad long skirts are back." 02034nioininnicxininvioiuimrqbuiui 0:0 ! Q Q l g COOR WILD OPERA Q . , 3 I C - H S HOUSE i Q With 5 Q a Q Gas Presenting Masterpieces 2 Q : of g Motion Photography i i Road shows-Musical Q Comedies and good clean Q Q Q Vaudeville. Q Q Nothing but the Best at all Q i . i E Times. G Iiqlilnac Kenworthy Bros. 2 as 1 t 0, . : Lessee Q Q g Q Horace D. Eubank, Q i Manager. , Q 6 0.0 inning- 1 'Qui ni I: vioxx: 141:94 0,4111 10111: 1 ri: 1: 14,3031-1-liugigzg 0 0.01: fini: nic vim rin vii :in 'ic lin -1011 vi 92. 3 . 0.4 ff X X Qffaagr gf, f , ' , ' ' " , , , ' Qzorgnuiuininqlboif-in'14-fusuzl-emnfxmyqsnoioszpwamrnmml-c-smianrocnflanmm -nm: aspirin uxnocam cal xzafvcm one 5 t S 2 A LQNG TIME INVESTMENT 2 gDodge Bros. Motor Cars g i Q LUDLUM S95 MARK, Noblesville,Ind. Q 0:0fiugnqxrog-vc:-rczmrzaoa-:gm-veal-51fan-smog:-qp-sup-wa:'ani1301-if-leader:leap-naoqsoocmocm-Iifolc Prof. Bolander: "What is the best conductor of electricity '?" Don Eusey: "Why-er-" Prof. Bolander: "Right, and what is the standard for measuring elec- tricit ?" Y Don fagainb : "The what, sir?" Prof. Bolander: "A very good recitation." Some men hold a good hand at Bridge, and some-are successful in the moonlight. 0:0124riuilnioiwlioiniuinviniuini OXO Qzolivicniocznoiucpnilviuioiuzuiwdb o:Q 1 Q Q Q g Cac-a g gE. T. CONANTg i , . , ililevator Co. 5 Se SON g 5 Q Q i g Retailers Of Clarified and Q Hi-LO Block Pasteurized g Ebony Semi-Anthracite Whvle Milk Q i Ayeshires Indiana i i i Jewell Pocahontas Coals i i i i i i Try a pound of our Fresh i A High Grade Coal for i Q Butter. You Will like it. Q every purpose. : ! ! l . ! 9 Q Q Phone 48 9 5 Phone 82 Q 3 . ings:ui:rmsniuioinilvioinifliniwzo 0.4 q-pain inliuiuioioinliirinic 303109 W ffffxf I ? , Zan! ,X ff Q .IQPQHQUQUQI al QUQUQ QHQUQUQ Still QI Q itll! 2 IlUQUQUllYQlll!IQIDQUQ 8 -OJ 5 MEARA BROS. GARAGE Q Exide Batteries, Kelly Springfield Tires, Tops, Curtains and Q Cushions. General Repairs. Q West Conner St. Phone 313 9 'Ising:cur-,mining-mgoioii ini-1191 1 mio: xii ini: 11121 1 111 nioinioiuiui Worth Castor: "I picked up a horse shoe to-day." Beanie Baker: "That means good luck." Worth C: "It did-for the tire dealer." Little beams of moonlight, Little hugs and kisses, Makes the little girlies, Change their names to Mrs. 9 Oyiuililit1lili1liUilfiu21'lui'O:O Q 0.0 i i B Hudson Q and Essex Cars -i B i McKone Tires-Texaco Oil l g C Q Q . . Q ! ! G. G. Rlchwine ! ! ! Q ! g E6 Sons g . Q . g NoBLEsv1LLE, INDIANA a - - Kathleen Mary Quinlan and Franco-American Toilet Re- quisities. Mari gold Beauty Shop Richwine Building. NOBLESVILLE, INDIANA 0,0102 3 li 3 his 1 xiuiuiuiui-uirozo 0:0 :ini mini his 1 in 3 livin it inim -14 9,411 111 111343:-limi:viuiuiui 0:0111Qiuiuioiuiuif130341104-melg-ua: ,:. 0:01311101011nioioioingoinQxniugr 0:0 - 1' f ' X , g'f'rff- f-'u,,,,,,,,, M, ,,,, ,,,,,,mmfm111""'S if JWZ'--.- ....,.,,.,, W., ,,,.,,, f Q Q Q Q f f e eQQ QQQQ rree Ozoriuim1101111014111Q14udnuiuiniaxiuitrioqzrcmin 11112011 Qluiuiz -101021 Q31-Quaid, ,Q 5 oURsLERs BIG 4 SHGE sToRE 3 B i Q "Shoes and Oxfords for the entire family." Always the best at whatever price. North Side Square Noblesville, Indiana 3 The world is old, yet likes to laugh, New jokes are hard to iindg And e7en a whole Annual Staff Can't tickle every mind. So if you meet some ancient joke, Decked out in modern guise, Don't frown and call the things a fake, Just laugh, don't be too wise. EP.P.PASKIN'S MQRRI 5 Q RESTAURANT Q Q 5 and ioc sm-Q A Good Place With Variety 2 to Eat ! ! i i Department Q Q Q Q ! i ! i I I ' 5 173 N. Ninth g 5 Q 2 - 3 l Q 5 'Phone 435 9 S 9 9 . ! , ! East Side Square Q 3 B noni 11rinqpuioiuioixrilxil11134010 Oprxvnic14miozuicniuzoioioioiniaozo -11011111ui-QioiuxuiniuiiQ14 1 11 ics 1113111105 o v Q24 9 'J 51123 8 Q Q , 0 iz'ui:131114121mirlilr1uiu1uliuiniui10.Q 'Q' 101411113 111101: 1 ioiuiuioiwf I , I .ff - , o obofczbr.ioczocnm-G::o4io-:.1f-Q31'cn--,asv amnz-rem.51iemr.m3or:..c7oqg-rczpucznfiioc:Jr.4L:4.g:z--23:11-Q 5116234510 0 Q i CGALT RIN 669 EVANS CG. 5 South Side Square Ambulance Service E Funeral Directors g ! 2 Noblesville, Ind. Phone 205 .,E.,4:-pr .-sb.1121143-14.79-ncaapoaivzufzoal lilin-ni-reno-ycsmezmui-rcs-niuiucsuiauqszuozocar11.9, o Love-Two equals nothing. Kiss-Nothing divided by two. Marriage-One plus one equals one. Divorce-One from one leaves two. Kiss-Take any given number from one, which leaves any other given number. Spiv C: "And now you expect me to make an effort to kiss you." Esther R: "If you think it will be an effort please don't bother." 9 0 401191121134-inieviuiuiuiucbu'abc-ini 0 4 0.031:inxiucbnzrioinin1bu3ui41111920 9 H ! ! . i E Crull EG? Farmers The Amerlcan Batteries S6Cl1I'1ty 8 - I E All makes, Rechalgedr Q Q R. P. CARPENTER, i Q Repaired and Rebuilt. U. Q Q Manager Q 6 S. L. Batteries for all cars. Q Q Free testing service. Q . ' Q RAD1AToRs ! Capltal Stock ! 9 Repaired, Rebuilt, Re- i Q 9 cored. Radiators and 6 i ' Q g cores carried in stock. i Second Moytgagas and 5 TOP WORK Q Discounting Paper i Q New Tops, New Cur- j A Specialty i Q tains. Repair work of all Q i kinds. l Q N Elifliwiliil Bldg. -Phoie 9 846 Maple Ave. Phone 150 g O GSW 9 "' mlana 74 M' ww ff i'f'Zf22iz, f ' f 1 ,ww ,, i ,y d, H W ff , , ,A ff. 0, ,A f, 4 , f ff 1,414 ' 6 ,A ,191 V ,, ,,,f mu, ,,,,,,, , ., , mf, emitranxsioaboia-ioamsrvsnvdnwriuesaniwluqlsv-az wi' ! 5 g lf It Comes From ,www ,J ff ' ,fe IQUCDUQ fi 1 zboczmiclbrvdr-ni -is :Luis THE HOUSE UE CRA ! East Side Square oxen :poi uiuic will ui: 11:11 11 ni: bio lt's a Good Cigar Noblesville, lnd. 3:vdbuqruiuiuiz1311101011111aioisxiucxmnawwi "Can you tell me where shingles were first used, Russel 'ZF' asked the fair little teacher. Russel: "Yes 'um, but I'd rather not." Mother: "Come, dear, and kiss Aunt Janet." Johnny: "Aw, ma! I ain't done nuthin'll' Mr. Hickman: "Where is the capitol of the United States ?" Bill Brattain: "Most of it's loaned to Europe." 02014 rio? vim ni4ui01o1n11v1niau414w5 Compliments of the lo. E. PHILLIPS Q Vdfquuincbui 3 31:31 cur 111691 DRY CLEANING COMPANY 35 South Ninth St. i via O api-rioznis-11,411 1:-311103: 1 'ini A Variety of Your Everyday Needs Dinnerware, Glassware, Kitchen Utensils, in Alum- inum, Enamel and Tin, Hosiery, Underwear, No- tions, Candies, Stationery and Toys. HDollar for Dollar Value" Dickinson's Variety Store Successor to Theo. Becker South Side Sq. Noblesville 0 o 0.0 'af ns- li:liniui-lilliui4li1li1lZ1vi4 'qui 307, Q .04 9 El 9 5 E E E 5 9 e 9 0 4 Q.. 'fo v ooo 1 f f --'-, ---Q. A 'ff ,teh fffffff y We ,453 ,, X g., fV,, ,,' , ,V,, ., f,,,, , , . , A'f , , sssss 31, ZZ qw:-iz nqzm epuqzpuannoaznuqgngoazoxHanoi: 1nga-qnoeaoenw-ggwezrl-Q91lnsuaf:-anuznqnnic-epniu9? . g for every occaszon Q . . Shoeflo. Q ' '6Bette1' S hoes" 9 OEYQKQUQI QUQK f IHIIQUQ4iQUQ0QllQUQUQUQllQKUDUQ-PQ H I QI YQ IQ l0Ql.i. "What do we mean by par value, Martha T' No Answer. Miss Post :-"fHaving just given a long speech on Can it be that I have sovvetl my seed on poor ground TH B. H. :-"Use some fertilizer? She :-"What is the matter with Sid Scott's arm ?" Stoeks and Bonds, He :-"Oh! I think he broke it trying to pat himself on the back." 9 30114 1--11 1 10101.,....1.,1.,g.,1.,.,..,,..,1.,1.,.,.,.,.,1.,g..1.,,-, 9 Q g G. M. MlLLS ev soN g Q E 9 . . ! : Dzstrzbutors g s 2 . . U g Hupmob1le,MaXWell, Cole Aero Eight Q i g United States Tires and Tubes i Q 9 ! g East Conner St. Noblesville, Ind. Phone 7 Q o.,,-,.,,-,,-,-.-,-,,-,-s-,-,,,-, 1 5 5 g Interest Paid On Deposit. W , , Q f fm fwzf ff X fffffyw fl fl f f ffify f f ff WNW ,f,f,f ,, , y, , I, Q 0.02:riuasuixmiutsuiuiuir110311303111mifrioinxugnzumirazznczsnczoczsfx arf GQNEQ U Q To the Class of '24 i i Here's our Very best wishes. 3 g CLARKE- BROCK sv Co. Q i "Where Quality is lzzigher tlncm price." Q O:0nzu1u3uguq:ui4again-14xzzrtuioiuiuingsm Mueller: "Where is the Alhambra ?" xnioioioini 1:5115 11111111 I Student: "A picture show on Washington street in Indianapolis." Little Eve: "What makes the grass so green, Uncle Tom ?" Uncle Tom: "The Freshmenis shadows, Little Eve." Carrie Lois: CTO Freddie! "You donit smoke, do you, Freddie ?" Freddie: "No, Carrie, but I kin give you a chew if you want it." Oxoxinioioiuie i1xi4ri4rgnzn-1031103 9:9 I The First National g Bank E Q ! Q g Solicits your business ! i : NOBLESVILLE, INDIANA g Q Q 10101 ri ri nioioioioioi-o11ni40:O o:0rcDuinio14rioi1vi01o14ui1viar1ux11 MONUMENT S One of the most complete stocks in the State to select from. Always a pleasure to show our stock. WALTER A. BGRDNER NOBLESVILLE, INDIANA Phones- Office 14501 Res. 61804 10301 nioioi 1 101031 is ini ish 3 o , N ,,,,,,, I Q X f e +b"f ,,, ,,,f ,,, f X ' T114,if-an--asm110:--11-11-:nam-court-11-11-:n:-1cn--1--cs--x--1-was-:cs-'creamwcwcmlawz-aio Q We Appreclate Your Patronage 5 ! Q 5 at":i:,5ff::,:::,:":,':W::: 2 : "Quality Shoes and E ., lWL ' " i , Hoslew , g HEGE SHGE sToRE g 0:0 in 1-in 11 nic nitbiuiblllllbllllt10101011rilrltbilbllbixbilvil rioioi' xi fini iisozo Teacher: "What is a pedestrian ?" George Z: "A pedestrian is raw material for an accident." Mr. Stockinger: "I think the young lady I have engaged is of the right type." Mr. Trent: "That may be, but the question is, can she typewrite?" 0:0r1uiuiuiui4xilniuiuiuiuioiz11 9:9 0:0111 P1011 vii riieicxivrilvinixini 'xo ! A Good Place to i t Q j Q Yes We , Q D0 B1lSiI19SS ouu-med the we Om- every CTOIIVQIUQIICG fm- Noblesville High School ugfliiiltsjswion of your banking Foot Ball Team i Prompt and courteous Servce to al-l. 2 ! 1 , ! ! The -oldest bank in 'Hamiiiton l county. Estahlisliecl in 1871. l - We will apprec-irite your business. CO. 2 D - - E E , i i T h e C 1 t 1 Z e H S U 209-211 NV. Washington St. State Bank INDIANTAPOLIS 1-z INDIANA Q 4 ftjppositp the 'State Housel NUBLESVIIJLE, INDIANA s E 1 ! 3 8 l 5 fo 0.0 9 inximian'Quai'rinnininioiuloinifozo 502.1 3 il 2 3 1:1111 vi ioiuozo vinioabuioiauioiu 11011 sink: rio iui1riuioioi014 101014 livin ' f , fukin 12 ,, ee., 1 .,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,m,fffflf"' XE , , 4 XWQQ-..- ,,,,. ., 1 .... ,,,, . , X y, ff! f f f ffuy f , ,fri X f' - I X Zfffwwfffzfwafh A M i J . ,,f, , .f WfWfMffMAMf X X fi X XXX!! f .. . .n .r l FRED L. BAKER Insurance Citizens State Bank Bldg.-Phone 495 3031131 124111 li: 11011 liuiuil :ini 01031101 Joe White: "I picked up a bargain yesterday." .. Chick Taylor: "Didn't they say anything to you ?" Carl B: "I wouldn't throw you a rope if you were drowning." Howard -: "I wouldn't touch it if you did." Mr. Hickman: "In Turkey a woman doesn't know her husband until after she has married him." Ruth H.: "Why mention Turkey especially ?" Bring Your Auto to Us for the Following: Storage Battery Repair- ed and Re-charged, Start- er, Generator, Ignition or Magneto repaired, general overhauling .of Engine or complete car, greasing and Free Crank Case Ser- vice. We also carry a com- plete stock of Willard Bat- teries and a full line of Auto Accessories. Forsythe Electric 66? Battery Shop Phone 36 lslt Drive East Standard Station 1024:inxiuiniuiuix1020306561: ipzg 0: iuinioinim1101010141101 11 American National Bank NOBLESVILLE, INDIANA Member Federal Reserve System Resources 3650, 000. oo We Want Your Business S tart a Servings Account ri4r10io10i4ni0i4r101:0:0 'z' L14 11.2. anus: asoiuzuepugrwiugucn 1 cm 14010 ff fffff' ' f 2 E , 392g ' 7' f X ' 7 .-, . .... '.. f i f,,07 0 ,,f,,f f ,V', Q ,., l I Q . ,, , f. , , golfrEu4:5mucb4xiwiuinqznl-hisfinapninabc-inQiuclroicfcbuiuloxm:iuines9n1:Dni1v2uqD49:0 9 8 3 We Call For and Delzcver Phone 66 g ' E 9 S h i n i n R ' ' ' , epazrzng 5 9 . 3 I New Locatzon g ! I C D E Q pposite Traction Station 5 U - i 3 00.12 5:13:12 ni rmsuiuzn1202014xinininirxinindblu Cbuiniu Cbuirricliuioczuioiio 3 ,Q 37 Mother: "Didn't I see you sitting on that young man's lap last night? Freshie: "But, mother, you told me that if he tried to get sentimen- tal, I must sit on him." Seniors were born for great things, Sophomores were born for small, But it never has been recorded Why the Freshmen were born at all. 9 -1 - - ---1--ff--Q-H-U--Q-U-1.5. -i-Q-Q---'--'- - -- -- - - - -- - ! ' i i Q Q LEWIS Q Q Aaron Pursel Q Jeweler and Optician Macy 2 2 Q i Q Q Q ' ! Q g Smoke Home 920 E. Logan St. i Q Q oblesville i ! Q Q ! Q Q C 1 g 21 r S Q Q Q g ! !First National Bank ! i AND Tobacco Cerner Q i i i Q 0 - - 9,411-3 will 1 2 1:1 1 1 1:31140 ' vii it in 3 ui: 30113 214510 OXO 101021114 1111112213 i 1 3 2 ri 311113 S 311 3 31111131 11111110 W! j X yffafs.- ..,,.,,,,,,,.h,: .A.A A., .. ., .. , Zi! W ,,,,,,, agwar--UQ.-0-rm--Q----U-0-.U--V-.--.--Ur----4,--.-1-e---e--,-f----,m-,-----f-----Y--Y----.g. 2 i ! i ! i : PHYSICIANS Q 2 U Q V. G. Black A. L. Myer-S Q 2 8 3 J. E. Hanna O. B. Pettijohn Q e i g J. D. Sturdevant L. R. Lingeman Q 2 E 9 .....,....... a 2 E l OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS Q E. B. Porter 5 . Q ! a --me--Q I 3 DENTISTS 3 - S l 2 E. Brooks C. A. Cooper 1 E g C. C. Curtis E. C. Ray 5 9 Q .,,,,,. 3 - e ! LAWYERS 2 5 9 Christian KL Waltz Gentry, Cloe SL Campbell R. R. Foland Meade Vestal Thfos. E. Kane J. F. Sz N. C. Neal Oi .0 3 0.4 ! uf' 0' ,r fx A I f ,W, -e e WA' , ,,,, H 7 WWWQCI 'rf W fl? fff,f f fn 7 f' 'ff ffweyfwff y ' f , f 'f fav tw' 'f f wp M ftmfyf' ,: f f X f f W fif ff Za! A f f Mei 1 fa .:.lQ4lQOQlIQl l Q l U ll2l Pl4 ll! l bQ1lQl iQilQlllllQllllYil Dill! ifllil bQllQi!UQl i KENToN 62LoTHEs g Q Munsing Underwear g as N. Ninth st. 0:0 :ini fixhis:Quinriu3oiuioi1xioio1:r14 i Wilson Bros. Soxs and Underwfar 5 - Manhattan Shirts , Stetson Hats Noblesville 110103111011 v1o10i1rio3o30i1uin140:0 A SENIOR'S PRAYER Oh, Ouiga, Ouiga, tell me my fate, Will I flunk or graduate? Bible Class on a snap quiz. Mr. Mueller :-"Everyone look at his own paper." Frank Davis :-"It won't hurt if I look on lrene's will it? There isn't anything on it either." O:0v1oiui4v1oi1vifrioi1r3ui 1 ii 1 .xg i THOM'S i i LUGGAGE i fr 5 Thrifty Luggers Q THoM's I i LEATHER Q 2 SHOP Q vin?r1oiu11rini1xiuZu1 1 3021020 o'o 1 0,4 11 Headquarters for Sporting Goods Q Fishing Tackle and Hardware 5 ! 2 w. C. GRIFFIN 5 Phone 94 vzo 4 141101011 '14 si: if 11014 minimis ,zg mi inviifioioioioioioioiavgwzv Z We M MMXXZ Wx! g Chevrolet 9 Cars ! Q "The first cost is practically i the last." g W. Hare S 5653011 g NOBLESVILLE, INDIANA 'CN .34 5 'Zvi 110: '11 cvuzuc-'zeroes-,Z, fb " im ' : X 3 5 5 2 o G Q W i W' 2 , L r-4 E ,Q .l. E 95 Q i 5 'D i Z i if Q i 5 5 u U 5 3 1 X .Ie gg g Q m 3 U3 six " i PU sn i Q N 5: l P1 5+ 9-1 ! Q, l 5+ Eg ! F sg f: Q Q 5 i gy 53' Q lllll.l, A N m E4 Nl,l,.,.. .. i 'D i Q cn 3 X X f XNXN g :s - X is peg Qui '11vin:niuxuz-:ing-ix-0:4 riinixiiri 51011 fini .,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Mvfn1fnur,f,fffM,,,t"'5,a Q E Music We carry the latest popular song hits. Anything you may Want, either old or new pub- i ications which we do not have i in stock we will gladly order i for you. William's lOc 5 Store Caylor Bldg. 0 0.071 3 0.0 0 0.0 060 0 iii DIG DI! P1014 - aaay - --"- Q W 14 Lug: v gzgliuilninicalrimlqroqbllqiboioioinioillioifwaboqboiusoinrixlioaoioiogn 1 no a Heed the Call of Business 1 Q Business, in all its lllkllly branches and activities. presents a Constant and press- ' 6 ing call for more young lnen and young women to enter its ranks. The new re- 3 c-ruits needed ill Business every year run into thousands upon thousands This 2 l means that many others are moving on to better and higher positions. When , E l your general education 's completed, and if commercial career is your choice, take : the sure way by attending a good business college. For budget of information 2 l write lf. VV. Case, Prlntflpal, Q 1 Central Business College f . One floor north Y. M. C. A. INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA 0:4 iuilnzfrdiwsuczlrillillillcn:SaudiaElini'vzlniocsv-minima?ri-ri1rzlv21r4:9ni4ne:o5 ' Teacher: "You bad boy. I wish I was your mother for about twenty- four hours." Bad Boy: "All right, teacher, I'll speak to dad and maybe I can fix it." "So it's all over, it Mary ?" "Yes, Earl, it's all over." "Well, Mary, it's a blessing you made up your mind on the right side of Christmas." Qzoxioiuioczpozpoqullillzrmcmnllpflir-Erica'1451904291-4:21li'-an'spoil anti-in 10414 G31 ix-exwznexz 9:4 5 Keep Informed 9 . E Q B B 8 E THERE IS AN ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE FOR EVERY ' a E 5 NEED 5 I I i AsK Us ! Q Q 2 Northern Indiana Power Co. i i g 207 N. 9th sn. -N Noblesville, Ind. Phone-35 0:01 ioalblui- in 31213: 1 1:11 ini 1 ini 1 P111 1 11111 1 101 1303021030 N ,, , , ,A,, ,,,,,,,,.,, , , ,,,, ,,,l fe c ,,, ,,,f,,, 4 u . o. E. TALBERT ep soN Q Lumber and Builders Supplies Q Q Mule Hide Roonng and Shingles Not a kick in a million feet. l Noblessville and Westfield i 0:hi01010ioi1 1141103014 viii 120102024 niniuizriuif 1103014 rioiuiuioiuilbzt The teacher was trying to impress upon her pupils the importance of doing right at all times, and to bring out the answer she inquired: "What is it we find so easy to get into and so hard to get out of?" Silence.- "Bed" shouts one little fellow. Irate Papa: "What do you mean by coming at 4 a. m.? Bernice Carter: "For heaven's sake, pop, I have to patronize the old roost some time, don't I?" v 0 O.0rilr10i0i0i01uilrilliuinimaiuinilnioitr1n11rioiol1uinini4 114 in 20301150 FROSTKIST E The io E C Ri-:AM g Supreme 3 - S Hoosier Dairy Products Co. g Distributor Q 2 i g Pastuerized Milk and Cream Q 654 Conner St. Phone 275 Noblesville, Ind. Ozmioicriollvimrixviuioi r11n1oiui4x1o10i4r1o11 2 ri4v1mrisrZar14v11ri4vi4rilri4O:0 Q ,,,,,,,,,,,, rrn aaaale aaat g Service Quality g soPH ER e oo. g H. Nickelson, Owner j Q A Good Place to Eat Q N Ninth Street Phone 281 I Q Quality ' Service 0:0 up Bernard Hopper asked :-'If I made S1000 a year would I have to pay income tax? Reply :-"Yes, if you were not married." B. H.:-"Well, it would be cheaper in the long run to remain single, so guess I will be Wise and be a bachelor." "Ernest, do you know what ipiej is ?" Ernest :-"Yes, what kind ?" 05,2114 fini111niuioiininininiuigx. Q PHONES Compliments of Q oFF1oE 54 RES. 350-04 g i Our host of satisfied patrons OSbO1'1 is your garantee of a first Q class job. Ask your neighbor Dry Goods CO. about- Q NOBLESVILLE, INDIANA Q J. H. FRITZLER 2 : 2 Hoover Swee ers Edison f ! l ! p ' n E59 Phonographs, Van Raalte Q Tinners af1'zd.Metal 'Workers HOSWTY, Carters Underwear, Q We SP9'C1'21l1Z9 111 1HSt21ll1Ug McCall Patterns, Peter Pan Q and Repairing Furnaces. Q Ginghams, Skinnefs Silks, Q Repazir IfVm'!.' G'?l.d7'CL?'iIl"f'l1. Kevselvq Gloves ! Q C ' ' ' i Q W9Sf Side Square Modart, Madam Grace and Q NOBLESVILLE, INDIANA Kabo Corsets. 5 ' 0:0 1:ni-ninioioifni-111121114uininiuoza 0,0 ini vi:ri:ri'vioiui-114niuioioiwze 0.031limi:rioixriuioininini '11 230, 0 W KYW? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , N N Nm VS N - . N X .. XX X f ff ?Z'f'wf'f ef WH' fff 1' n 'W 9:011111034xiniuiniuqnuii301412011mcsuininincbn-ilmiuiutrnimmilrioavfeni 1011 fy 2 R. E. WASHINGTON HARDWARE Q Paints, Oils, Wall Paper Q g Headquarters for Sporting Goods. S. Side Sq. Phone 149 Q NOBLESVILLE, IND. I U i 0:0.goin1:1:gu1o3oiu1-1101111030101024 nzwxirifvifuinxisrzirin xiu1o1o:o1u34o'Q 4 "That's the guy I'm laying for" cackled the hen as the farmer passed the coop. Hicky :-"Where was the Declaration signed ?'l Student :-"At the bottom." "Why can't an Indian shimmy?" "Because he has his quiver in the wrong place." ozonioiuioiuioim nioic fiuioioini 5:0 0:0134 1014 1011-1: vim 101414 rinioiffq 4 I Q 5 l g Save for Christmas-Save 6? for Vacation Trip-Save for Q College. ! ! ! ! U u t t d d C X ensive an ers o o ! ! E t ' h dl f b th Q Q 494 m eres l Confpoun e foreign and domestic fruits. Q twice a year on savings. ! V D Q 9 i ' Baffwmas a Specialty. g The Noblesville 5 : Q Trust CO. i 1148 s. 10th st. Phone se Q "The Home 0fThTiftH Noblesville, Ind. " O Ozmiuiuxoi ri 1 in: 1 ri 1 31,2010 Ogviuioi-11111u1u1uio1nioio11r1co'o 4 ,,,,,,,,. ,.,,,,.,, ' . .-'-' fe ..A... f,, f, Z e , I fyf, i JQHN SPERRY 2 9 . . . ,, E g 6'Noblesv1lle's Leading Clothier E i Q The Home of KUPPENHEIMER Good Clothes D!! nluinl 1411:1-fini:xiuioi1r1u1oiuiuxi1130341103:10101034riniuiuiuithzt usay, pay! "Well, my son?" "I took a walk through the cemetery to-day, and I read the inscrip- tions on the tombstonesf' "Well, what about it?" "Where are all the wicked people buried ?' Father: "I never told lies when I was a boy." Son: "When did you begin, dad ?" 0 0.014 30103014 via li Mini: vilvioiuioioinil vioiuif 30101011 S014 ini lui' 9 1 ceo g UALITY PRINTING Q i I l . A i This annual-The Shadow--was printed in one of the most 2 i modernly equipped printing offices in Indiana. Everything that i entered into the typographical and press work was done in our shop. i 4 Noblesville Morning Times g 3 Our Hwfrough equipmelzt makes your pr1'11tz'1zg cheaper 35-39 North 8th Street. E Nobles ville Ipgdlidjllill 0:01.11 2 ini- it if 1 'Quint' 1111 3 ni 1-11:11 2 1u:o1o:o1oio142uin11o'e o ,,,,,, ,.,,,,.,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,, 0 ,.A, :Q ,,,:,: ,,, , , I f, , Oxolinillif11411011rim:oil114miuiuioinioilxilrif101014minilrioimnilrimnioil gzg ! ! 2 MALE'S SEED AND FEED STORE 3 Q E For all Kinds Seed and Feed i 2 Northeast Corner Square i i 0:0 10101111 :Quinlining:fini-ii:1101:ax-11014lin:-pi-niuioi -11 1 1 iii 34114010 Freshie: "Have I shown any first team stuff yet?" Coach: Your hair looks promising. Inez: "What does Ab mean when he says I slide a slippery heel?" Ruth H: "That's1just his slang: he means you shake a wicked hoof." Student Crushing into the doetor's shoplz "Give me something for my head, quick Doc, give me something for my head." Busy Doc: "I wouldn't take it as a gift." 9 o v 0.0:-iioxoioii1014114mo3u1-:xoxo use 0.01:nxoioiuininxuxxuiuiuiuioi 0:0 QHAMILTONQ g MERICANg ' CANDY co. H f THEATRE' 8 E HAMILTON CO'UNTY'S OVVN Noblesville, Ind. : U ! , u - 6. I ,, 3 g Home of Greater Photo- Q Q WE SATISFY Q i plays Q Q Pres lt' ig at all times the great- ' , G d Q er p l ctiions Uliat have proven 2 H h 2 : them 1 es the best the a ket af- 2 g e forcls o ly tl bette Tl eatres Ch 1 - all of e the 011 F st Q OCO ates Q i Th sa R 1 ppl Q r dried E i alttra t s i vExclu e Qlowings t Para- - 2 A miount, United Artists and First - Made in Noblesville Q Nlatilonfgvl Pictmes ' Q ! : i Bargain Matinees 9 -'BY ! Wed. and Sat l Q NOBLESVILLE PEOPLE Always 100-256 O 2113041501011101-r1u3ngu1uio34o:o 0,0 101 301111411413021riniuioiniwzo W ff f XIV., , ,JWH5 Wy, X ,4V.- -H ,, Kyiv gf f X my QM! ZX if ,, X WWW 7 Wf75f:ff ,WU , ,, , A L, f ,,,,, . W e 354 v O30 011111 311112 mi uxuznix Q i' 02011 'n iniui 8 9 9 9 5 6 .L ifviniwirim-3019:viniuiniuiuioiv CHHHDCLGTHES MCUPHMES J. G. HEINZMANN EG? CQ. Hickey: "What is the chief export of Virginia? Student: "Live stock." Hickey: "Live stock, what kind of live stock T' Student: "Camels" RED STAR OIL STOVES RED , Emea Defroit f Hapor UMLETUME Hot as gas and cheaper No wicks and no sustitutes The 1924 model is a winner See demonstration at our store any day NOBLESVILLE FUEL 6? SUPPLY CO ug-xiii:-vguiiiiuqp-wx 'ri:134114124iiwimliniuiari mini:131101014riuiwiuiw: 0 iq in aiu? :io inioiniu ffii If fe-'f...,, ,,,1fff"S a 8-,W ,,,,,, , ,,.,.,,,,W,W,,,,,,f 2 , fe 4 f eei e HX, X , , f f , ,, ,,,, , 2069 "For Those Who Care nqbniuinviuiniruioioiuizring: 1305111243 1.134-am ivxuxoclvnqzz ,:, Q THE o. K. BARBER S1-1oP C. S. Meloy, Prop. South Side Square i4v1uin1rx2au1niui1mioicninluiuinviw riuluinini-ricli Wiggy Holman fwatching a football gamej : "I knew that we would make a gain that time." Standerby: "How did you know ?" Wiggy: "Why didn't he call 7-1 1." Jean Rensberger:-"Someone told me your hair was curly." Jean Lucus:-"'Tis false." Jean Rensberger:-"I tho't so." ini: MEET ME AT lioioioininin ini:ninibuiuianiniuifrini 1 mio uioiuiuioioinrivozo The Old Corner Drug Store ! 9 The Home of Puretest Drugs 5 At our Fountain We specialize in l Quality, Service and Cleanliness 9 3011171riuiiuiniuilriuilriuiuiu i niniwiuioinri oqnuiniuioi vi 111010 34 1 -Loi ,rg 0:0 ini: 301211 ,101 ini i 1 ri ini 11:31 2 10301 i 11 i fini ioinixfo A,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,V.,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, ,I Z f ' f' ,,f,,, few 0 Ofriuioinicrioimrinioiulvial'Mic:initrinMID:-it1211651103011rzuczniuifvini 6' For Wholesome Food g Come to- The Blue Front Restaurant g South Side Square i Emma France CProp.J Phone 250 i ,zgsixxifniffzfvi-ri1010103024vii,Leifninioiozc-3nxiar:1x1o1oioq9o14n11v14iiwzo Hickman: "In what battle did Gen. Wolfe, when hearing of victory cry, "I die happy?" B. 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W ' 6 v 1 AA, ' 1 fd Q " ' V-is is f Q Q F ? P Q T, ba-4+ Q t W ,4 jr W. TH' .3 1. ya- 4 4 +R 4- Q + Q lf F fr 0 fr : 1 + .P + +- 5 K if + Q + 1 4- S 4+ 4. ,zf A sr A lvfiwt i 'QQ' I aw? , 2 1 ' . 'M 3 A .Q A 7 A f ' ,fl 3, 2, ' t kv ix-'W-M, , , f i V . Q W 'lg-Q l tif-211' . 1.-' an NW? RYA' Mm-Wi' + wa -M z.- 1.1-:zips w I i I i 1 1 t H I

Suggestions in the Noblesville High School - Shadow Yearbook (Noblesville, IN) collection:

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