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gg, -Lf ii?" 'x ,A if Ss .L 0 f 5 4 L, . pf .,' 1 ,W VF 5'f' 4 'A 5 5? ,. U8 i., , r I V Q ' : 'I A li pw. ,Xa qi ' '14 'q" ' ' fag? ' F ,'g411f'5, ik vQ1"il K X? lain .ii Q' 353. In N 1115 . A-4 23:12 ,Q ,, .gf 7, A l 'qi ' 3, fxill-x V' aff ,F i p in Fg,:.'2i.,, 'xc - 113 tr fi-'::'.k12.1-11131, 4 ' bil r" vit' 4' .mg ip 'gb'-vxf. i xii, K Qtix jg. 415. 15955- - W- '-A , -- , ' s fc-ff--' 'Y - .was '-- 'f g at ' 3' Fellow students, we, the Senior Class of Noble High School, would like to take you on a voyage through the classes and different activities of the prosperous school year of 1953-54. We hope you will enjoy it and someday maybe you will again, through the use of this volume, take such a trip. VV Y i -Q.x X dl 95 Xxx WA.-f-' DRHFT1NG HRTMENT gan. ': Q ' ' aoL,S T ' - ' ' ""---:aura-L--H - ---' -1nuaw--n-a-war- . 3 NEINE E fi T r, 5 af I. E 1 3 if X if Q H if 'ic Room O... O 1.3 Ei 0. 'ICD fs, Z 1 U Ez 2 E 1 2? Q23 zi 5 0 Q: by EEZ E 1 If E Q Q Q gi 3 1-GM Px LD "" E "" o U7 0 z Ld ncrme Q Emmy E PR E LJDITORH-IM R A 3 E 3 g E,-2 'QE V' QD 0-15 """cC. Z f E :Q Q0 U01 Y LLE EH ES STQR chfw KN' um-. mu. ,vv.-.v.-.-.-Q-.,...uw-nw mr- vu-v.,..o.w.v4-nxnsff . ? mnnmvvuvnwuxnasm uu- sv' .1-. gona :ai-- xp f -..-u,-Q-s ix.:-Ez?.a. 4 -1.-..-9 umm V7 93.1.8 1' -:stuns 'X A ME 54. inf-.. .Q -., - 2-Q: F., -1-N 5 , , ,,.. .L . ,1,. L-L, ..-ff, . .- . ,f Q- 1""?-"2 asv- r- 31 1 Mmm uHRTER D555 X .,.f,f.,.' ,q.5:,. 5 .4 W U? o 23" Q mum' -me 03 3830401 'its ,v:, qafzmccua - 1 - ...- F . 1' I 1 . ,.'. lb -hh i i i.. .ny Y ,T ii ,S f BOARD OF DIRECTORS MR. JOHN PETERS T ruslee j-1 SCHOOL BOARD Gilbert Wiles Guilford Peebles Gilbert Talmage MR. C. O. DUKER Principal N Seniors, You have asked me for an "office page" for your annual. lt was Wednesday when you asked me and you said you wanted it by Friday. This is the day! Three days should be sufficient time to pen a few observations, a few comments, or a few prophecies. Three days to write something that you might remember for your entire individual lives. A man with such a challenge would be foolish if he did not make the most profuse statement, or the most profound observation, that he is capable of making. A man must live with himself! I did not say, a man must live by himself. When you have learned all the hidden import of that short statement, you have learned what I personally believe to be the secret to happiness. My best of wishes for you, l l 4 l l - "" 'F 1 --4. A-zz. 5 sid! Russel Jones Dick Keafaber Byron Wilson Jesse Shellenbarger BUS DRIVERS Richard Flora Howard Boardman Sam Palmer Homer Sparling Ira 'Wilson Roy Kroft Mark Hansing Ike Anson CHIEF MATE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Y ,nl SPONSORS OLIVER M. GARRISON Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Basketball 1 Boys' Intramural Basketball 1 Boys' Intramural Volleyball 1 Boys' Intramural Football 1 Booster Club 3, 4 Paper Staff 4 Camera Club 3 MARY Lou THOMPSON Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Student Council 1 Annual Staff 4 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Queen 1 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ll J ERE AsA GOODMAN Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Student Council 4 Annual Staff 4 Basketball 4 FFA 4 King 3 Track 3 Booster Club 3, 4 Entered from Logansport 1953 SANDY BENNETT Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Student Council 2, 3 Annual Staff 4 Yell Leader 2, 3, 4 Office Assistant 2, 3 Girls' Intramural Softball 1 2 Girls' Intramural Basketball 1 Girls' Intramural Volleyball 2 Booster Club 1, 2, 3 4 Camera Club 3 PHYLLIS JOAN BAER 4-H Club I Girls' Intramural Softball 2 Girls' Intramural Basketball 2 Girls' Intramural Volleyball 1 Booster Club I, 2, 3, 4- TED BAER Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Student Council 3 Annual Staff 4 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3 Boys' Intramural Softball 1, 2 Boys' Intramural Basketball 1 Boys' Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4- Intramural Football I ANITA LOUISE COLDREN Annual Staff 4 4-H Club I, 2, 3, 4 Office Assistant 4 Girls' Intramural Softball 1, 2 Girls' Intramural Basketball 1, 2 Girls' Intramural Volleyball 2 JAMES W. COLDREN Boys' Intramural Basketball 1 Boys' Intramural Volleyball 1 N. CHARLOTTE BARLOW ,Junior Play 3 Booster Club 3, 4 Camera Club 3 LORETTA BASHORE Office Assistant 4- Girls' Intramural Volleyball I Booster Club I, 2, 3, 4- Camera Club 3 fr. th. 'na ,..s..,A -.xr CHARLOTTE MAR 4-H Club 1, 2 Librarian 3 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, IE FARLEY 4 - :QQ M. r.,.- E Paper Staff 4 Camera Club 3 JOANN HANSING Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Annual Staff 4 4-H 1, 2 Librarian 2, 3 Girls' Intramural So ftball 1, 2 Girls' Intramural Basketball 1, 2 Girls' Intramural Volleyball 1, 2 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4- Drum Major 2, 3, 4 I Aw .. In wmzwmmm: PATRICIA ELSHIRE Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Annual Staff 4 Booster Club 3, 4 Majorctte 4 Entered from Wabash in 53 JEAN EUBANK .Iunior Play 3 4-I-I Club 1 Office Assistant 4 Girls' Intramural Softball 1, 2, 3 Girls, Intramural Basketball 2, 3 Girls' Intramural Volleyball 1, 2 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Camera Club 3 CAROL HENDRY Senior Play 4 Student Council 2 Annual Staff 4 Yell Leader 2, 3, 4 4-H Club 1, 2 Office Assistant 2 Librarian 1, 2 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4 THOMAS HOULIIIAN Basketball 1, 2, 4 FFA 1, 2, 3 Paper Staff 4 MARY KATHRYN HOY ,Iunior Play 3 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Librarian 3 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Camera Club 3 GENE KENDALL Junior Play 3 Student Council 2 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 FFA 2, 3, 4 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4 King 2 Track 2, 3 Boys' Intramural Softball 1, 2 Boys' Intramural Basketball 1 Boys' Intramural Volleyball 1, Intramural Football 1 Paper Staff 4 RICHARD LEROY MILLER Senior Play 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Softball 1, 2, 3, 4 FFA 1, 2, 3 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 2 County Volleyball 2 EDNA ANN MULLETT Booster Club 3, 4 Camera Club 3 2, 3,4 may I.-4'-9 JUNIOR LANE Basketball 1, 2, 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3 Junior Play 3 FFA 1 Track 2 Boys' Intramural Basketball 1 Boys' Intramural Volleyball 1, BEVERLY KAY MCGINNIS Girls' Intramural Softball 2 Girls' Intramural Basketball 2 Girls' Intramural Volleyball 1 Booster Club 3. 4 wmv 'R- 3xmJLu,u.le,ALm'offs-5-.'g,--fNf,mvf-amy H ,MKMYQ-M5 ALLEN PERSLEY Basketball 1, 2, 3 FFA 2 ROBERT HOWARD Booster Club 1, 2 Paper Staff 4- Camera Club 3 POND SHIRLEY ANN NORDMAN Senior Play 41 Annual Staff 4- 4-H Club 1 Booster Club 3, 4 Camera Club 3 PHYLLIS PARSON Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4- SANDRA DEE RAY Booster Club 1, 2, 3 DAVID RISH Entered from Wabash in 53 MARCELLA MAE ROSER Student Council 1 Queen 3 Office Assistant 4 Booster Club 4 MARY ALICE RosER Librarian 1 Booster Club 4 JANET LEE STOUFFER Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Office Assistant 1, 4 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Camera Club 3 Paper Staff 4- HUGH R. WAYMIRE ,Wa-.hghm DELBERT H. STORY Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Basketball 4 Baseball 4 Track 2, 3, 4- Boys' Intramural Softball 1 Booster Club 3 Camera Club 3 Volleyball 2, 3, 4 Paper Staff 4 Entered from Wabash in 51 JUNIORS MR. OTTO BECHTOLD MISS GEORGIA RIFE Sponsors .--1 ,, sm,-A ,M S 4.4. 114 .Q , j9l.Ii+N'f:21v 1? . . . . Sys F. 'sa X'F'f'i1'iliQg.,-I I Qv CLASS OFFICERS Concesslon Top Fxsh Fr Stand Salesman ' c.i.m fm iv' E4 an W. i fl P Q" , Es t f :Qs ,. I .fy . 9 K JUNIORS Harold Atkinson Jim Benedict John Brane Vera Brown Charles Carter Iarolyn Clark Grace Dale Roberta DeArnioncl Grace Futrell Tom Kiefaber Dale Kroft Delores Miller Frances Pearson Beverly Petry Lawerence Porter Donna Bhoades Mary Biclenour Kathrine Bingel Shirley Boser Deloris Shepherd Charles Tyson Clarance West P. L. Wilson Bill Yocum X Q, h 'Q A Beverly Moore Barbara Morphew Jim Mountcastle Janet Mowrer Joyce Mowrer Bonnie Norris Barbara Parson Larry Patton Mary Peebles Kay Persley Patty Persley David Ridenour Marilyn Rife Pat Robinson Bill Seeley SOPHOMORES Raymond Sloan J im Snapp Bernard Summers Terry Tyner Beverly Weisenberger Phyllis Weisenberger Rebecca Thompson nr . I iii' in y is J N' 5 Martha Baker Teresa Birt Susy Coldren James Cole ' VV 'V fel: ' It at Walter Crull 'LV, . ' VVV Joe Daugherty is V V . V' Ronnie Deal Winfred Duncan V " r Q V V ft James Dyson PZ V fl D Vu 'ei.,e X V V as l, Ronnie Eckman V Raymond Gardner A V Larry Garrett D 7 l K.,-aw K ., ,- .wx - - Don Gillespie 1 Lowell Gilley ' Vw , V ' HV Bertie Hansing 'D j 1 5V X-as SOPHOMORES V r Thelma Hansing A -'Q - Rex Hobbs A if ff., W 5 ,l on Hoy -F' 1 W? Betty Huddleston z ' Morjory Hunt Jim Kaufman U 'fi Terry Keafaber M, Y 4,-r V V Ruth Kirby pi - ' , , V, gym, ' - . Hi 'A ' lwi12.m:" 1. . . f ' ., V . P- ,g,a..,,-ilQf, ,ML , W. , ,L 1 fl gin B, 'EW' 9 HJ? . :.E ,.. ,-f Vg- , ' 'GL ,rl 47, Patricia Best Carl Black Bonnie Boardman Helen Burke Jerry Carter Stanley Dyson Julia Eckerley Charles Enyeart Katie Fleck Reggie Cairison Sherlaine Graves Lawrence Hall Mona Hansing Jean Hendry Mike Hipskind Chester Hobbs Lewis Horner James Huddleston Dennis Kramer Patsy Lane Rose Lane Rosita Lightbourne Marilyn Manning Linda McCloud Shirley Ogan Thomas Ogan Carol Parke Nelda Pollard Elinor K. Ridenour Elizabeth Ridenour FRESHMEN Herbert Ringel Carol Roller Brice Shepherd Theeonn Sloan Bette Stouffer Phyllis Thompson Ruth Truss David Wolfrum EIGHTH GRADE fi AXCW ae' hill giee Beit? chef X ,fi f 'Y , 1 We QS. Xglibelleghlfsxklfwon Cai OXYB 361 1065 Janice Oswalt J oe Patton Ernie Peas Charles Porter Be,,,x3Ej5qenv X4 R23 EHR as 00 dw an L1 -gxchagawxei wa' ' S May C03 XQXIAAXCYOW we -x 1 giuetfl Ragga A NOQSNOO vw Curt Purdy J im Ridenour Novadean Ridenour Vada Rogers Bill Schoby Charlene Smith Ronnie Smith John Unger Judy Waymire Ann Webster . Nancy Weisenberger Linda Whitaker Picture not available Elbert King SEVENTH GRADE iw" 4' ii Charles Martin Mildred Martin Linda Miller Sherman Ogan David Overly Ronnie Peebles Penny Persley John Pollard Rex Raber Nancy Rogers Wilma Rohrer Verle Sloan Sandra Smith Evelyn Stoops Louise Teague Sheery Vigar Sandra Weisenb erger Treva Windbigler Bait QW 391 eiw a5y,ox6 gewig wack Xi suwmf Gamba sw' B awk E di My ww 4 ' neili df fra' E3 082100 Code 526 B Gilda 1100 Y QDQPS bane! S 30 Yinkeii Qxjvlgl xxx Cxx eww aflai 3360 Ca, OUP . gall cwwnolixx YXGTX 0095 NMR MW NATHAN BAKER, A.B. Manchester College Government, History, Drivers cation, Mathematics. fd FACULTY , Le .invo Y . Rust' A NV as Wwsx f A tM"ll H - Yi ' wb N 7 ' sf? to-iff' - U K 3. A -Qs: C A , V , xxgcgif 3"'?5' . dna: , GQXQ M 1 Sit: of we-'A 55V SW ' H 'I V wc?-Hi 'll' i 'Le' XIQWF' CL 4' -Q ' -i 691' ' X 7' 'f,qh2'Me1y :ffl c- Q 1 Y, Sa ,, 31 525,631 Cfipxg X , L it . X - - iv- . af-9901 Qu ne' .tis um, 9' 0- A V HOWARD UHRIG, A.B., M.A. Indiana University Manchester College Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry. Science. sin A vt A u Cigvl 063' atffx .Q ex R 5 I H N 593' ,Am . Q15 A P9 H Qbx ,. 'l ? mv ,AJ i or..- AUGUSTA LAVENGOOD, A.B. Northwestern University Manchester College Latin, English. KENT KURTZ, B.S. Manchester College English, Speech, Journalism, His tory, Literature. . gn' ': m '1:,iT '34 LOIS M. MANSFIELD, B.S. Manchester Colle e g Shorthand, Office Practice, Typ- ing, Bookkeeping, General Busi- HCSS. BONNIE RICKS, B.S. Indiana University English. History, Library ,.n" GEORGIA RIFE, B. S. OTTO M. BECHTOLD, A. B. Manchester College Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry. Manchester College Ball State Home Economics, Physical Edu cation, Vocational Economics. RUSSELL C. THOMPSON, B. S. Ball State Teachers College Biology, Industrial Arts. Q' 3' ' ' DALE SUTHERLIN, B.S., A.M.S Purdue University Vocational Agriculture. CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES I fx, CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES VERNIS A. HOLLIDAY, B.S. Ball State Teachers College Band, Chorus, Music. .. 4 1' E 2' ., af' - ef f N' Z' aft 41151 'K Fe i is f A A' 1 " ,Jax-4 I ,,. . L-'5 ff " f 'f I vii Q ' r r V fav 42 g low' '1-I I s 5 In .iw 7" Mn 454, l1,.g5 ze t ef 434' 5 in 'RTI f . ..I 6. , xg? I 1-iii, 1 1 K ba 5' . Proudly presenting the Noble Township Band, under the direction of Vernis A. Holliday, who is a graduate of Ball State Teacher's College and teaches music at both Linlawn and Chippewa grade schools in addition to his musical direction at Noble High. ,W..,,......, W. ., m.,t....s..s.Ms..,s......4......., - . 'tk AJORETTE DRUM MAJOR ,loan Hansing MAJORETTES Beverly Moore Pat Elshire Jean Hendry BAD ' ' L' bf . . -' 7 51-sf ilfv-i"5 i'f'f'-1, - ,-Il5'2JFf,- Q 'J"2:'+ 6.x-W'-D Q -1 G' , W ,QW ww - . -' Rbi -. f H4 ft , ,, , t .M .,, ,k:g,i.f ff-.,,Sx,a,, - .dwg ., get-mfs, 1, 2 bi MQ - W .,,. ,,,. 8 ' ' t'fi'f'1QfZ .x -. ' ' 'Y v- A" ' " ' ,A , ' " - A --' 'F v . f " N 2 X: " ' M ' . f rg, it i i ,,., t. A Q . - A , , 1 ,, ' , . ix "'- 4-.qv ' QVW'-an 4m-5.1. wiv' QW, ,fam fi., -4. f w 4 'M?f'iK-"Q .- f nm, ur, Q +1 'H' I . 4, 1' ff Q ff, szkwf- , 1. 1 'S 'W' s few vi .P-vm .- fi, President ,,,A,,,A,. ,......77w...., I oan Hansing Vice President .,ee, Mary Lou Thompson Secretary-Treasurer ,,...,o Delores Miller il We of Noble are proud of our Hmarching 42.', ln the past year they have entered into many activities. ln October the annual band chili supper was held, which, by the Way, was very successful. ln February the solo contest was held with a lot of awards brought home. Then came the band contest with lots of Work and fun. All in all it was a very enjoyable year. if A gl CHGRUS BAND SCHOOL PAPER STAFF Charlotte Farley .lanet Stouffer X . 1 irx f -1-fi J Charlotte Barlow B0b P01111 Oliver Garrison Delbert Story Gene Kendall Tom Houlihan Marcella Roser ATHLETICS Mr. B111 Jones Director of Athletics Lawerence Porter Student Manager Pirates Upset hester, Pirates Advance to Quarter I T I Finals Dropping Roann, 48-34 I t By Martin Duffey on a dazzling olfensive show : By George Thomas Noble Township's Pirates turn- ed back the pages of history Sat- urday afternoon. The Noble Townhip High school, formerly known as Linlawn before con- solidating with Chippewa, has had a knack in tourney play in the past for pulling the big up- set. Coach Bill Jones' 1954 basket- ball crew was no exception in the initial matinee game in the semi- iods with Garrett pitchin The Noble Township Pirates Kaufman 1 and Baer 3- cashed in at the free-throw stripe Chesftiff W-t1Sf1'f Qomplfifelro gain a 48-34 triumph over the gliethlfaslifiurglolxvgxi C3563 Roann Indians Thursday evening . . ' . . at the Honeywell Memorial Cen- rone ignited a third period ter ,,gym,, The win advanced LMS ? HSI? ggglgothag Coach Bill Jones' Buccaneers into 0 e ea O' ' ' a the semi-finals of the Wabash Stagg lggizigfs narmwel county tournament Saturday . afternoon. count to' 47-31 with 3 Opposition for the Bucs will be left in the game, but that . ,the winners of the Chester-Lagro Cl9S1efiflleYLfOf13'ffefL clash Friday Highf- the winners attempted 47 sho from the field hitting only 13 give them a .277 average whi the Indians took 49 shots fro the Held connecting on only 1 to give them a .224 per cent mar In the free throw departmen the Pirates attempted 39 sho from the gratis toss line hittir 22 for a cool .564 average whi the Roann boys attempted 1 shots and connected on 12 for .444 shooting percentage. Obie Cflach MHY HaVe T0 Ea oble Defeats Lagro, 60-52, W0fdS3 BUGS IU1P1'0V0d Club In Foul-Infested Game Here Coach Bill Jones of Noble Township High school may have to eat his words if the Pirate bas- ketball team wins the remaining two games on its regular season schedule an cames up- with a creditable showing in the Wa- bash sectional tournament Feb. 24-27. The former Wabash High school athlete and Defiance col- lege graduate foresaw litltle hopes of a winning season for his hard- wood club when the 195354 cam- gaign opened and the way the ccaneers started out it looked as it the Noble mentor ,were finished in the runnerup spot lo ing out to the LaFontaine sacks, 58-53, after leading most V the game. Noble has a 8-11 record th season and three of those defeat have been to LaFontaine. ' Cossacks won the other two m ings, 77-53, and 5552. Although the pessimistic Jon is singing the blues, oppos coaches feel that the Pirates a dangerous a team in the co ing sectional tourney. The Bu are not tall as height -ter" ego, but most ot the players h....1.m ...A fine umlnhe- fha!- Noble Townships' county tour- ney finalist gained "sweet re- venge" for an early season loss to the Lagro Comets as they downed the Red and Black club, 6052, in a rough and tumble bas- ketball contest at the Wabash High school "gym" Friday night. It ended a two-game Noble los- ing streak, both losses being to the LaFontaine Cossacks by close margins. The Pirates have now won 8 and lost 10 for the season while Lagro has 7 wins and 9 de- feats. Fridav's zame turned outto he' -. 5 charity throws. Teammate Baer had 11. Both clubs had 17 buckets the field, but Coach Bill .lone rates sank 26 at the foul which was 8 more than the ets could muster. In the evening's curtain-r the Noble seconds made it a blue triumph as they whippe- Lagro "B" team, 35-30. The Pirates are idle next is but Lagro has a date wit Township of-Miami C0l1 ' latter's court. Lagro 4527 FG F 'lilltvnnl-la f . 1 JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS JUNIOR HIGH BASKET BALL TEAM JUNIOR VARSITY The FRESHMAN MANAGERS, Assistants, and helpers of Mr. Jones, Jere Goodman and Tom Houlihan. Carol Hendry Senior Lowell Gilley Sophomore CHEERLEADERS Bernard Summers Sophomore Sandy Bennett Senior ,.ff" -I Xi' --.. .iff ..f- 'f 1 it .ff'f. "" in" ,f-""" M" 5 ' ? ' ' iii ii 3 2 r i ' 4 ii 5 5 2 3 1 tl ,,A.. T9 ,,,, Q W 2 if 11 55 X y x t' ii ig ff it R K if if X -viii 5 a I , Preszdent ..,,.,...,, Vice President ,,,.. Secretary .,,.,,, ,..... Sandy Bennett Mary Thompson J im Snapp Treasurer .,...,.......,.........,.,,..,,...,..... Joann Hansing .R NN 9 ff-at 3 yas L',,,,-i',.,,,..-""'f ff!!! f-f"Zw D-stands for the spirit of determination expressed by the 130 members for winning A the games. -is for their ability to back the team, even when the chips are down. G-is our goal for a better cheering section and team in years to come. G-also is our gratitude felt to Mr. Jones for sponsoring our meetings and activities. E R. spirit. -is for the energy and enthusiasm shown by the group. constitutes our reasons for joining the club, to back the team and spread school f S 164. 3 SOFTBALL if N- 5 'ri maui- L NI DI II I bl I I Il PII 7. Labor Day Vacation 8. School really began in earnest. Softball season ushered in. hx' .44 ' . Q 7 + C ' + f X. 1' 4 " llblblblllllbll 22. Christmas Carol 23. Christmas Vacation H W if Q. , ,U . ' g, la 1 IM . ' XXX .-I X Ks wnd 2w. 7. County Music Festival 26. Junior Play N :gf cn. X . V' :iq ii .. 7 - i Q ' QM' "Wil, 'T s if 0 A .cf 3 A Q - . ff 5. Seniors went to Ice Revue at Fort Wayne. 20. Senior Play 22, 23, State Teachers Association nl N rs W' ' 9 5 6 nf? L . . x X ' xN I I-NQUXAN Ili 1. Four Way Tourney 4. School re-opens 9. Debaters attend first confer- ence 14-, 15, 16, County Tourney LQ 1 v. Qfih gi W WZ ' - 51,2-md 9. Carnival 23. Junior and Senior Banquet 29. Senior Trip 'iq Tit if I' 'N 4 'J 1 T , .1 :U I'Y 0 , If g,I 'Y I 'Q," lk. L 555' A ' mum:-llll1:Tl 7. Seniors picked up popcorn 21. Junior Fish Fry 26, 27, Thanksgiving Vacation F' 5 9 EFF! 411 -, tlblll ll!-NIP 6. Solo Contest 12. Last Annual Copy Shipment 25. Sectional Tourney F TN is-in 0' Q I -'T--,-5...-"" 7 "fs 'Ss :Qi MW QlW 5. Baccalaureate 7. Commencement 7. Last Day of School R 3 W X Ex 2 -'Y""7iW 'ru 1 V .N V,gui-15,-x.w.,k..?H,iA1-'Sabi' an .,,, ,. x ,vu .--yy.. , ,gen . ,-m21iiff13f,3?E',fff2154AG3f:mania-iwcgitfcrf-,K . -1,1-,:" ,,.x.j,Q,,. warg' Mya: UAA iiQEU:lk?:q,A 1:aytXiyi,!k.iB5-.janv ?r'.Q?,fi ,. , SEQ? 3 L, f,Qi4i'-g,l,rtQ,zff1ti? . ,... H -, .3 K. T .yi-'--,M vp :A ,:.,-.I Mp . ,Q -N x-1-JL, 1" ,LW4," 'rg R-:V V-- ,ff1S'Q'.3p-'Q' 31215 -il 555 P.37TC9iQ11'l- isviwliflz 5uf1fTM 1-I 5Uu:?fn51-f.rff5,4 if-51 -4 1.41-M-xrffsm ,aaa , . A-Q. CAR IVAL KING A D QUEE Jere Goodman Marcella Roser ATTE DA T Jim Kaufman Pat Persley Reggie Garrison Linda McCloud Tom Kiefaber Shirley Roser Richard Goodman Bernie Cole Q N, -.Jn-z ik. ia- if M A , WK Mrs. Edna Williams Mrs. Thelma Ridenour Mrs. Martha Wolfrum. 3' Boy I'm' hun r l H g y ow about you? n 4 M5655?f'5f0Ef5fg STUDENT CQUNCIL V S: K 4 is Presulent Sandy Bennett Vice President Jere Goodman Secretary Treasurer Iarolyn Clark x, Q1 ff I 'N -7 STU COURZNJ OFFICE ASSISTAN TS J iiiii' '-if 3 LIBRARIANS fl JUNIOR PLAY ,V ,M if W 1 W' 'W mf g . 1 1 - X l ENIQR .-' FUTUR ARMERS O E 1, -1f'FFAf F ,fx F 6.x V-f. k,:,,-9-,,g-ty . -, x ..wW y M. .M ,. l. ,,- A, BOYS' 4-H GIRLS, 4 AL CLUB , f? , Q x nxx jf 1 A A fi -1- g g 1 ,f 111- f' asf' rr--"' ' U-,,,....w--ef "5x""',f,.'I3 'R ,,,,..,I-- 3if ANNETTE LEE ........... .....,....,..........4. V aledicforian SADIE TAYLOR ....... ..,...............,......,....,..... S aluiaforian Danforfh Award SUE WILLIAMS Cifizenship Award GLORIA DAVIS ..,.... ,.,.,. B abe Ru'I'I1 Sporismanship Award LOUIS GASKINS ..4.,. ..,,. ....... B a be RLIII1 Sporismanship Award CHARLES DUFFY .....,4..,.4,....... ,......,...,..,r....,....,...,, D anfor'l'I1 Award Science Award MARY DUNN McCOTTER .....,.. .,........ G irls' SI'a'Ie HELEN KAFER .....A.........,,..,.,,.,. ...... G irIs' SI'a+e JOE PHILLIPS ......4..4,......,...,. ...,4..,.. B oys' SI'a'I'e ROBERT KENNEL ,...., ............. B oys' S'l'a1'e Hisfory Award J. D. OLIVER .,..... .,.... B us Driver Award CHIPPEWA MR. DALE GOON, Principal LOIS SANDERS, Grade 4 if ' if MAXINE NICCUM, Grade 3 'rg BETTY HODSON, Grade 2 MARTHA FLACK, Grade 1 Not pictured MAUDE YOCUM, Grade 5 R ARDATH MINER, Grades 6, 7, 8 GRADE SCHOOL FACULTY LINLAWN MR. VON WILLIAMS, Principal ETHEL DUNLEVY, Art RALPH MILLER, Grade 5 ANNE WEESNER, Grade 4 EUNIGE WILES, Grade 3 MILDRED McDANIEL, Grade 2 A 2 W HAZEL CECIL, Grade I ' , 5 MARGUERITE MeKINLEY, Grade 1 we I I f' 'T If fx f rw THE THREE COOK-E'S MRS. DON ALEXANDER , I MRS. ALTON JENKINS I SLEGLLLR I 'R I A MRS. PAUL MILLER A . T I 5 , 'si e 'ir Q . V , Nh .V 4 V I L.. , FIR T Bonnie ia: C time rc Tlimie Baer tt ' l0anBal3llSck e NLAWN fi. will we L A A yy A' 9 lgiy, Co0Pe' V A :J A it VVV V QA, VV Vdson ' 'A W we .I ' ' . Snavl 1 A AA if 31, ,, 5 A! ' A ,fa ng af Af ' 5 M 'A 15747 . V' Jw fifilkfnfgizm 6 ' Davidfsgzsies a s 7' 4 Vi, X I A ,H gf .fm ' I i MiChaCGreen V V MA? 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V, kLAb i Q Larry Lester A, V VV V VA AAVVV A L Chester Lynn A , Q N V -'di ,lamette Martin Jil H ' V A ... . t V V Kenneth Meredith 3 iiii WV ii P A V A, V A Michael Meredith j . -- - .A A Y A " A 3, 1 i'i A V1 4 Linda Miley 'A A A ' Daniel Miller V A V ...V A A " 5' Larry Miner ,,,A ifjy A V 'Q V fa if ,V mft'a:A1rg+ A e i A tea- 14 5 A 5 L A t .lames Miller A A Betty Shireman I A AVV AV A A Arve1StaggS W AA ' A W A At iff A A e Terry Sutton VVA . A. VVAV 4 VV VV A A A A A AA F A A A V ,A AA V . AA A James Teague ' AA 'ag N t VV VA 1 Vi A Connie Vigar AAVVVAAA Ag V AA V VV A V 'W V VV, A A, Vt ? ?,St:gf,,VVAV5nVgh 3 V ww M VV VAAVV VA, VM WW: . an A A,AfQg:.qf' ' an lgdllph Bidwell Johuelas Bowm Stanil Brown an Ste vc-:f n . . C01-I-eu Delis gown Carol D avenpon Robert Eiijfggnd A IPWISZLQY Darry Herron Marlene Isle arf' Ev Y FIR T CHIPPEW W 3 r ' 4 2 -ui. a Q CIYII Kenda Ann K 'V S ern A ,, Ciigggn Kirk ' A D Linda E' Kllsiak Q Lylel, ang LYI I f -+" m of HWS011 1 . . S 3 V L L . V , , -. A garol Lines ' " . ulu - , f A L enni Mannin n i .-he a Jimmy?MiddletEn i Y -1 f Q .V I f -::: . ,. I It ' . I h 4 Q 1 l . L, i D ,,,., 3? Q , ' ada ,pw .r"'g , Janet Nickols John Oswalt Jim Pratt Gerald Richardson Diane Smith Daniel Stout Edward Treska Dennis Wall Dorothy Weisenberger Marie Weiss Susanne Weller Scott Weaver Cheryl Wilson Tqmmy Wilson Sue Woodward No pictures available Sarah King Carl Perkins e nr e K Ig 1, wrwfwf-w-1955 3 " if' f by - f i L Dick Airgood L ' 'A L ? i L o Bryan Brooks Q L i. e ' F Caf01Caf1S011 1 ' 1'-5 f r Helen Correll T' 3,1 ik.: I , ' Steven Denny 'Z ii " x f x Y' 6 -vi, n f all izjlml 5:57 551 A Q ,ft Q 5 S do L L Y' L- 1. e Q '-, A n nnn ?iane Giggg X , so W' ' ommy isner L " -A, :El L , , , I A j , Lester Lawson Q "" Q . 1. il :,. -' Edward Middleton ff 'W .DJ mmn Eddie Moyer o L do a B i . Q R'-'hYPe'1Ce , V Sharon Roser - 'fill . F . .I Rosemary Saulmon ef, r fi do 21' 5' X f fo . ' Judy Smith . , 35.11 at 54 L -f . L Y pf 3 l a i 5 f 1 ' f . CHIPPEWA Dorwin Birt Ronnie Carter Sue Cooper Max Cox Karen Custer Robert Erb Doralie Forbes Bobby Fordyce Bessie Hall Inez Hall Brenda .lackson Nancy Kaufman Kathleen Kieffaber Danny Kendall Patty King Marquetta Kirby Lynn Landis Sandra McGinnis Kathleen Marshall Glenus Martin Michael Mendenhall Susan Miller .limmy Nicely Terry Peas Diana Penn Boyd'Proffitt Stanley Reed Mary Ann Shellhamer Nolan Tyner Karen Waymire Alice Wray SECO D LINLAWN e e iiii L , feenmi osoooo ieee ' L R Q K d r K ef l f for 1 N' -4'1" ff eeffwwf X ' ' - ,f 'if' 1 'f y li .at il 'ir . N A e siss K U I K ':. -: .':l, Qi n ' t I i 5' I ' 1 , f K Legged is kV,- ' . xr. V 1 A' 'xx fr 9 W. ,, GA A ml an F, , , . Y f.:55's- is is 4.45 Ti' gee, e X , Danny Slusser Billy Stouffer Nancy Williams Mary Weaver il. lrky - .-L. H 1' 1 E44 ix R ,L re 1 if 1 ., 4. 5 4 Y pa elfnfli eyye . A X X 'ff'. ,5 i fm? 1f, S' M 55 :V iii. rw' at gt: 1. f, g. as ,w.,A:, V,gw,?,Z,,e.. .w.,,,,., ., V1 ,- ,. . , - Marilyn Bowman 3V JV C J 3 J - VJ ' 'V VY Judy Campbell V V , V V V V L i j t ' j ib? l l,,i S "Li.L T- ' 3 ' 'gg - QV J ,L Stephen Campbell it l' ,,y'N 7 .lll ...S Q ' f J P Nan Dluzak A ,,' ' V , A . gg. ' A Larry Eckerley ii V .,l ' J' ' f jg Eli' E, V- 8.0 ' '. 'f fY'fi ' , , V James Flack Y? - le . M I f t S 'J Q Joyce French A " A A J Ronnie Garrison . -- ' " if , -I A - Lola Lee Hall V VV A fi V ii V if 1. . . 5'f'y'. QV i James HHWEY ": if " P. 'eb 1 ' 'e: ,K Q I Lloyd Hendry tg V5 I V .. ' f it ity 'E is " 5' Qi Steve Hoffman . . ' . . i V ' l J 1e,, J' ' . gig, Elaine Hoover 1 ' . f S' 'ill A . . ' , f 2::': 3 if 'L' W 1' Pat Houlihan C' Q ,T V " 'lzi A J W V ' Q " My ', " ' 1 za ., Steven James i - , J - J V Robert Jones V in VV VV j -- ' Gene Kern ', " :W VV W., We J - V J , . Leon Kirk A , 1 -LVV wg ,Ae Vg: 2 VV ' 2, i' fV Thomas Klare 2 J f f 5 1:" , -u i in E Peggy Lane V ':-,. 'L 1, , 3 M Vt ' f J ' 5 V Laura Lawson ,, V .L .: M3 ix, .,.- :aw ait .V li 2. VVVV . VV Richard Mirante ' 'if Charolette Murphy VV gf. -- ' 7 QVV V , . V VV V Robert Parke ' Q VV ll F 'Q A J . ",,e - ' . - Q Q fe- Ronnie Shepherd , 3' .-'. ' V . 1 M ' T' U , Lennie Stout E -. ' -' "1' - i i J' " 1 iff ' lf? M David Thrush V .il V ,K AV e " VV V - Martha Vetor A VVV V V sir, W- F -I, ,V V glad - W . VV David Wall J V " ' J , jifa , - Fred Weiss J Q iff i- . Susan Weiss f' ' " ft. ' " ' " i - I itt 5 ' ""' 3 ' E Rebecca West ' ' A V no J 'elf-ff ,333 If -1 Carol Whitaker . " My A - ' iiiiiii ' ili' ii ' - P W ' h ' it a t A '15, ,J me Hg t , 3' CHIPPEWA Bonita Allen Stephan Baker Kie Ann Bechdol Karen Bryant Sharon Cavin Barry Curless Patty Dale Larry Fordyce Mary Fordyce Edith Green Martha Hampton Richard Kendall Chester King Joyce Kirby Robert Lynch Dewayne Lynn Ross Martin Truman Martin Jane McCloud Connie Mendenhall Nancy Pressler Samuel Shellhamer Iva Sloan David Sommers THIRD LINLAWN M V 3.1.44 4 -- - i f--f et: are-H ' me N c,,e R l i ' 'J V e,' . VVV V ,,,:: if ' M at A ew ff A i V V e S at QE i i a i i L3 Nancy Sue Stouffer Eugene Teague Gail Tomlinson Joyce Unger Curtis Vigar Ricky Wilkinson Elizabeth Windbegler M . fs, g V 4 ll, l ,ln . l,W,fl.f,W,,. A..,, ., . ,." V Ai" ' 1' ii A U , V -1 . LV ,, Aii, Z. , V V V E VV ii e Steven Bennet ' 1 fp ,S 1 - 1, V Tana Brooks , 5 .-' A -V , ,rx T fe , L:L' if 'A' s 1' VV 1 V A 122 Thelma Burke :-- 5' V 1 V Joseph C01dfffH ,V ,.,.WL .,,, VyA,y VVAV V ,Q .. at . Karen Cooley jf? e ' Am" i ii 1' William Cooley L . V A l, SVIKVVVLC g . .EV Danny Cooper VV V V if V JV 'F Karen Davenport l o .V V Robertlknney z lv V V Da -d N 1 s o V 5 L W V , , et , 'A - .51 V1 e sou Dyson VV V! 5 1V,, f' V ' , H -- lll- Z -V Z A V ' Vg? Gene Eckerley " 1 1 VV llllr l NMCY 1S1CY - v eV 1 '53 V - o'oo C A Ily A Tana Johnson H A V V V kLhL V M David Keaffaber VV V V P V l., Ronnie Keaffaber A , . ' SV Q ,I X -. J 4 A l ' Gene King I , -, it 1-. 1' -. , eff V , V. V, - 1, 31 V , I A MV Lkr V ?V.I x,,V as if S Vi. NHDCY Klfilan VV V t. lfa- " Aja ., 'lo' ' Lawrence Lane P , f 5 - V 4. VV V V . T., V . V SAV V P 2 ' V A Kenneth Marshall ,V A ff Bruce Mattern E . . VV V V,,l 1 5 . - 3: - R0beftMiddle10n o.eo Keith Murphy W -. V VV A DV ee" 5 . C V Ronniw Niccum VV V ff V- Vg Y ' H, A jlfi V 4, Robert Roser A fee eg N T will l " x We A Q gg, V Timothy Ross Q Q f I -,.D ,V V ChC1Yl 53111111011 1 - 1 E' A IV V g , ., , , Wayne Timothy Thrush ff VV'V i't1 l 1 V iff ei ,,,1 A ' ' VV 2 ll V V.' 11149, 1 , V. ew, VV 1 V V NVVSV V - Jerry TYSOII ji-Vf V- ." 3 y V 3 f A K ,C Carole Utter li it 1 to ,. elloel 4 522325 , -, - tanley Weller ,..- ii if an . V - Larry West A "-" , 1 - gli - jg Q - 5195 1 V, .W Bonnie Wilson V' it L ' QV A 1 W ' I ' 155' C7 Dannie Wilson jg, f , 1, ' , ,V,. - ' f,,L 1 LLVV Jimmy Wilson V 1 ff 1 Te 1 1 or - Robefrwfighr F0 RI I 'H 1 Kenneth Alexander 1 A JE VV11 V VV V V H Robert Archer 4. H ','t 'i" 2 A I James Black f V iiiii IV, sl,, F A , l Jon Bright ,.. V V V i - 1 J0h11Ch3m11eSS .- 5 ' Z.. , V Lewis Curless .. "11 5 ' 1' ' W Stephen Custer ,il , VV A l'4l W V ., ' fi , . . Q VVVVV' V A V Nathan Eppley '- 2 ? V . V David Erh C V I-I Bonnie Hall , i'l'. Connie Hall Q 4 V' V , W . V , 't 35 , I Sally Horner 'Xl V VV -- 1 r V Sue Jenkins .2 V 1 V -af .3 . Q . 3 N Jai' Dee 1011115011 i A Vl.. V "L i , ' ' S Dianna Jones ., 4- ii ,ni C ' 'V'l ' f ,,,. V 'if Y V' V A A 1 V, V-V o,.V V, ,XV V.VVls 'V grim-a?2VV sw? ree' me ea, me ' l, ag1fL,laV3fes2ei1 ,-., ffwffiifv l ' ffV-V We 4 .fs Effie?" 1 'v K L' L .lam6S Keffaber " 'C ' V Bonnie Kirby . V V ' V f K A R0he1'1K11bY . Christopher Lutz Vypp i , V f f. , , . 2 51 W Tom Miller f ' , H R I .... ' K J 3 VV a ph Murphy Vgqk , - Sf- V ,V QVVVV -gf 5 ' 11 1, +V . N Charles Pollard VVVV V V, . ' , lx V V ",, lees R Dennis Proffit M VV QQ V V H X . 515-0151, . V51 Phillip Ridefwlll' 1 C S susiekidenour eell K S Ronnie Skelton ' i , .. , Q, ., . Lorin Sloan f - 1 , - 3: V 5 9 5 we .V-,, ,V,eV Darylslusser l so V H Rex Vlgar " iiiiii ' I ,ef I VV,V, V me V , ,C "' ' 4 .e : ' W e ' " ' ' 5 X M el LINLAWN Tommy Behny Larry Campbell Bobby Evenson Steve Flack Karen Frank .sf Frank Gressley Richard Harvey David Hoffman Richard King Iva Lane Loretta Lawson Jay Linkenhelt Bonita Manning Elizabeth Mattern Karen Mattern Ken McKillip Sondra Miller Jay Sullivan Janice Vetor Nancy Jo Weiss John West X, -V piggy, V , . "2 -di N,-I ,,..a4' Lf z a ,s . f e,.,a f i 'ii v - 1' ,'5. 1 g i' 6 N ' ,', S -- is sl s "" H f si FIFTH GRADE CHIPPEWA , Wayne Atkinson V I Liyy . Grover Bemis J ' 4, A " T Katherine Black J f ff ' " , - ' ' , 5 ,J E ' Melanie Custer 'K 'L',i ' ',f' A , -4 Larry Davidson Ag J' Q V ,,, G James Erb i Ja, 1 f J sf. . W - . , g ,':1i Dawn Graves I .., Joe Bill Hoy . V 5: V Stephen Keffaber '.-i, 1 4 , Q V Larry Landis X - .. I John Lynch, Jr. J E Bobby Marks G M , ' Gene Martin Thelma Martin Ruth McGinnis Richard Nicely Julia Ogan Georgia Proffitt Sharon Reed Lois Ridenour Michael Rogers Patty Schoby Richard Skelton Terrel Smith Sandre Sommers Thomas Sullivan Roy Teague iff -as ef- . K, sz. iw Lg, Q CHIPPEWA John Airgood Barbara Behny Howard Bitzel Vickie Boardman V' W 'KA' A 4- H "'f 1'4M Aw f-v',A W-we-ww W- .,t..W-W -1, WM., W VV ,V V V, Q 3, .VVV VV ..-f V FV VV VVV, V in 'M A gl, : ,., 3: K, ., 1- fs. 7' 'A -, 1, ' .121 I A Q P - ' ':,' A WM-4855? , I ' . .A-k I Phyllis Burke S rv . V VV V V A Karen Carr A 8 . i J i V Mike Davenport '5 9, A ' , 1 I , V, ,Q V if We J' if A - -' V V V, Carol Deckard ' , '--' V 'rzu f . --. ' riff ff W Glen Donaldson V, V -15 1, , . ' .- ' V ' A " Larry Evenson , -iygl V VV . J . Joseph cm, J r. ' s Billy James . V V Jimmy Lane V ' f j Vqlll A Vi . Nancy Marshall , V 'VV 'VVVVVV A A M 4, ' 3 , dy " Q Judy Mattern .VV VV A J i . VVV V V QV VV 5. VL hi. Barbara Moore ' . "ff" ' 'i -ll A - , it 'M' i Jimmy Oswah Y iiglf- . Y Riel ' A ::. A . . A ' K H '55 if -rv - ff l BettY Parke All me in V 1 ..."" ' ' ii Chauncey Rhoades V V A V A A Lowell Ringel ' V o 1 A Sandra Roser ' VVV V ...Q V VVV- , , .Q 'R ,an Ross Saulmon . .. . ,. -I V W' T , if ..,-'r- .54 3 ' rffT5i 7 A - Claudine Smith B . i a...-5 --s' T -- Q V' 2 Vw 'L if A "9"'i I Sharon Sullivan , X , Vp X'-15' .kf.. 5: V V . V . VV f . :ai ig .f":' Q '::'1 ' . g, gif' V. 4' VC ff A do - 'fl . ai . at 'V Y. , NWNYM5 Junior Tyson VVVV V - 1 ' f at - Connie Utter s , . ' - 41- .. ,, t i. . ,,, Sharon Vetor I as V . J , A V f a b Douglas King ' V- fl . T0 I KV Carol Weaver ini Q , l ,-v"HJ , V . Q? Q .Qi M IXT H GRADE . ,, .Q fefk' . -' ' -0 - ? Q- : -, V -- . 5: ' :.. . - '.s. , e " :ii . ,. " . ,.., '.' 4' .ff f ,f J . 4 A , 51- 7 A -a::- ' 'V ,ji ,i, ' M A -" if A 1 J at A ' " il , .371 - ws' ' V V V V V - V :iff V VVVVV V V ' 'J - A 'Q V VV T. ,, P- VV - My ,j "'7 - ,Va , J ' a-,, . l 'f.- .f 'f A . ' f A V VV! i ' VVVVVVS .. ' fig:-V, , S W . 1. ,.,, r . . V 'ZEV 1 M 1 f ,L l . . ' '.... ll l ,'af l A . o' J . . s J J 5 l K . L L . o ' .. o . J P tt J J. J 1:-. . 1 ' ' - Q -se' " f s rrssyi isyr J .ssr ' ft :':' A 1 nys ' ss ' , J .. . as ... in J .5 A M.-f ix . . ,. .4 , P ... . .,.. ' K f .ra ,... 'A . LIN LAWN Bobby Alexander Sharon Allen David Archer Dandra Bechdol Harliss Birt David Bright Donald Cole Jane Denney Patricia Duncan Bertha For7.'fyCeT Linda Fordyce Sherry Graves Charles Hall Janice Johnson Jenne Jones Fred Kendall John King Diana Kirby Eric Koons Larry Martin Marjorie McCloud Judy Mendenhall Beth Miller Jimmy Moore Micheal Mullet Lavonne Norwood Sharon Peas Tommy Phillips Jimmy Ridenour David Schuster Steven Shambaugh Robert Slusser Jerry Sommers Linda Stackhouse Buddy Stagg Effie Stagg Bobbie Summers Maureen Tomilison Frankie Unger Cletus Webb K 1 .1 A I 'if A 4' yy, 5:55. 70" ,I Kay Armstrong James Bidwell Bob Boardman Charles Cooley C .2 3 C a , EVE TH if CL? F .w, f .Q -, ., v I 1 Q ur""" K in i 9 ki 3 ,.,,.a-w- 'fi Larry Donaldson Cary Frank ,lo Hendry Sue Keaffaber ,l., Mg- , , I M Jer1yKirtlan I3 "' A - ' A 45: Linda Lawson g. I 1. if ,y Richard Miller 1. . is - . , ,,.,,s v .., N3 L 0, Barbara Poage A f -fx - A V Karalee F ingel , - ,- -- ,M - A H Carolyn Roser "' . -'-f ' il' - F E0 Juanita Summers 5 A .lf 1 P-43 Brian Wall , ' 'A kktl ,V Q. I X C H 1 P P Everett Alford . ,. A Cary Cooper ip ...., ,- E at it il ,lim Craft b Q A-if David Denney V 1. ,:,L 'W V I Richard Eckerley it my-W ' f- I if A ...F If W alt Betty Jo Gift C ,y Q V A ,lorry Herron ' 3. , W" A Mary ,lane Kirby A K ' ' M3 Jane Oswalt f 'M' Y Roselea Shepherd I V --IA ai l '-ml twg : , I ft , W Joyce Snapp Annette Summers .loynette Vetor Beverly Watson Margaret Weber Us Susie West Mable Wildoner ., W - www, . YD J John Wilson 643532 f ,Juv 14" vb , E Nb ...B 11 '. ttf jf ' r if W ,nw V. an V ,5 .44 1 Q 1.35 5 , . 0 L- : Vy. L .la A C C ir n l 6, .. N ,,.lasQ,f',a,,-,,, 'V Hg-.. AM ? few J TN A GD . ts jg vs 11 CLASS WILL 'L Ll - Q --x Phyllis Baer, do hereby will and bequeath to De- lores Sheppard, my seat in the study hall the second period so that she too can pester Mrs. Ricks by making noises such as I did. Ted Baer, do hereby will and bequeath to John Brane, my gutted muffler for his car so his girl can tell when he goes by. Sandy Bennett, do hereby will and bequeath to Grace Dale, my senior cord skirt so that she can make the lfigurels move as well as I did. Charlotte Barlow, do hereby will and bequeath to Vera Brown, my ability to get moved in the second period study hall not more than two times in one periodi Loretta Bashore, do hereby will and bequeath to Katherine Ringel, my wittiness and also my posi- tion as office girl the fifth period so she can write excuses for her friends to get into classes. Anita Coldren, do hereby will and bequeath to Grace Futrell, all of the demerits I received just because I have a "gift of gab." .lim Coldren, do hereby will and bequeath to lim Benedict, my front seat in Civics so that he may get along better with Mr. Baker, and my bad brakes so that he can scare people like I do. Pat Elshire, do hereby will and bequeath to ferry Clark, my position as Co-Editor of the "Treasure Chestf, so she too may have the pleasure of get- ting out of study hall and working till midnight the night before the annual shipments are due. fean Eubank, do hereby will and bequeath to Shirley Roser, my second period study hall and my quietness so she may not be getting in trouble with Mrs. Ricks. Charlotte Farley, do hereby will and bequeath to Donna Rhoades, my ability to get out of study hall to type on the school paper. Oliver Garrison, do hereby will and bequeath to Charles Carter, my ability to get an excuse to get out of class and study hall whether I have a good excuse or not. Isn't this right, Mr. Baker? Iere Goodman, do hereby will and bequeath to P. L. Wilson, my superb ability to keep from getting demerits for talking out in class. Joann Hansing, do hereby will and bequeath to Grace Futfell, my love for Latin as tempus fugit. Carol Hendry, do hereby will and bequeath to Vera Brown, my ability to wear the Coach's ten- nis shoes. Tom Houlihan, do hereby will and bequeath to Bill Yocurn, my ability to run the mimeograph machine for the school paper. Mary Hoy, do hereby will and bequeath to Tom Kiefaber, my ability as a locker keeper so that he may enjoy picking up his books off of the hall floor as I did. Gene Kendall, do hereby will and bequeath to Bill Yocum, my ability to get along with Mr. Sutherlin as well as I did, and a good '4Chev" car to drive to school-when it runs! ,funior Lane, do hereby will and bequeath to Charles Tyson, my ability to get along with the teachers and to play basketball harder in tourneys than in practice. I, Kay McGinnis, do hereby will and bequeath to Grace Dale, my seat in speech class so that she may be the first one out the door when the bell rings. ,Richard Miller, do hereby will and bequeath to Dale Kraft, my ability to get in early some nights and yet not be questioned about it. ,Edna Mullett, do hereby will and bequeath to Donna Rhoades, my natural curly blond hair so she can save money on Tonis. , Shirley Nordman, do hereby will and bequeath to Roberta DeArmond, the heater of my taxi to keep her warm each morning on her way to school. ,Phyllis Parson, do hereby will and bequeath to Beverly Petry, my ability of pretending to read without staring a hole through the same page and then falling asleep. ,Allen Persley, do hereby will and bequeath to Lawrence "Bones" Porter, my ability to take the Big Four viaduct corner at fifty M.P.I'I. and still have three wheels on the pavement-PS. ,lust skid around! Bob Pond, do hereby will and bequeath to Chuck Carter, my ability to quit Mr. Bechtoldls trig class without him getting too mad. , Sandra Ray, do hereby will and bequeath to Vera Brown, my seat on the school bus, so she can sleep on the way to school after one of her "ter- rificv late dates with Joe. David Rish, do hereby will and bequeath to Clarence West, my ability to get along with the girls. , Marcella Roser, do hereby will and bequeath to Shirley Roser, all of the gum she can find under the desks in study hall. ,Mary A. Roser, do hereby will and bequeath to Deloris Miller, my ability to eat candy bars the second period without being caught. ,Delbert Story, do hereby will and bequeath to Harold Atkinson. my ability to do everything to please "Wild Billa' Jones and still get bawled out for not doing enough. ,fanet Stouffer, do hereby will and bequeath to F rannie Pearson, my "special diet" in the hopes that she will remain as skinny UD as I. ,Mary Lou Thompson, do hereby will and be- queath to Beverly Petry, my ability to write so that she may write twice as bad as she does now. Hugh Wayrnire, do hereby will and bequeath to Jim Benedict, my euchre deck so he can play two handed euchre in government class. QWNMN9 SENIOR HISTORY V f , Y Il ff, f ANZ Z , AJ Q x 4YgxX This year we were pretty green freshmen, nobody paid much attention to us, I guess we were just in the way. During the year Gene Kendall came from Lalrontaine, Sandy Bennett from Wabash, Delbert Story from Chicago, and Phyllis Parson from Ur- bana. Class officers elected for the year were Noble Patton, President, Mary Thompson, Vice President, and Oliver Garrison, Secretary and Treasurer. We got a chance to show off our talent when we gave a variety show on February 13, as a result Ted and Sandy started their novelty show. Our candi- dates for the carnival were Mary Thompson and Bud Brown. This event fairly well closed the activ- ities for the year. We eagerly started our Sophomore year full of hope and ambition. Class elections were again held with the following results: Sandy Bennett, Presi- dent, Mary Thompson, Vice President, Sharon Boardman, Secretary-Treasurer, and Gene Kendall, Student Council Representative. Our class was slightly decreased this year as we lost eight mem- bers. On October 9, the boys went to the Interna- tional Dairy Exposition at Indianapolis. We lost Sharon and Bud to the wedding bells. As the Junior year opened, that old love bug bit again and we lost three more to the wedding bells. To make up this loss, we received Pat Elshire K and Edna Mullett from Wabash, and Jere Goodman from Logansport, thigh school, that isj. We also consolidated with Chippewa, which added eight more to our total. We got a taste of a real work when we tackled the magazine sales, the fish fry, and the class play which were all a success. We had our fun though, when we had the class skating party at Chippewa. The two big events of the year came, however, when ,lere and Marcella were crowned king and queen at the carnival, and the junior banquet at Honeywells. Our graduating year of "54l' came at last. David Rish came over from Wabash which made us a total of 33. Jere Goodman was elected President to lead us through this difficult year, with the able assistance of Oliver Garrison, Vice President, Mary Thompson, Secretary-Treasurer, and Sandy Ben- nett, Student Council. The year saw some very busy seniors, working on the annual, school paper, and class play.,We took time off, however, to go to Fort Wayne to the ice revue. Some of our money making ventures this year were: picking up pop corn, simonizing cars, serving at a business lunch- eon. We were entertained by the .Iuniors at the reception. Then came baccalaureate and then com- mencement. What comes next? nh 1 is Phzia. Pitt.. Ng! is if AMW X F I N QQQXNN ' I R . . J 1 ' Q ,J Ae- -. . . I Q ' 7 . s . . 13 ' . . I 5? ', -- ', ,F . fwkgpl L ' N . Q h h , 1- xanga. ml -I . X ' , 7 I' in ff-I I 'vili . V L 1 ANNUAL STAFF There were times we thought But we finally got it done, It took a lot of effort, But we had a lot of fun. we wouldrft. Here it is . . . we hope you like it! ll THE STAFF The students at the left all helped to publish and com- plete your Treasure Chest plus the various issues of Noble News. ADVERTISERS Army Surplus Sfore Dorias Chevrolef, lnc. Abernafhy Soulh Side Markef Dr. Carl Elward, M.D. A 8: P Emrick's Music House Baer Lumber Co. Eppley's Markei Russell Baker lns. Epps Drive-ln Beachamp and Son lns. Fasnach+'s Jewelry Siore Bei+man and Wolf Firesfone Appliances Bickles Shoe Repair Firsl Nafional Bank Brewer's Dairy Bar Fishback Au+o Eleciric Service Brewer's Milk Co. Franklin Securiiy Co. Brunswick Club Frank's A 8: W Drive-In Bu+che's Men's Sfore French 8: PaH'on Car'l'er Sales and Service Friermood Bros. D-X Service Sfafion Huberl' Car'I'er Vauli' Co. . Dr. Fulfs, D.D.S. Cavin's Drive-ln Gambles Ci+y Meal' Markei' General Elec+ric Club Royal Geyer Mofor Sales Clupper's Pure Sealed Milk Glaziers' Furnilure Sfore Coburn's Texaco Service S1'a+ion Goff's Floor Covering Coburn's Varie+y Shop Green Hai' Coldren Trucking Co. lRichvalleyl Dr. H. L. Grossnickle lOpfome1'ris1'l Confainer Corp. of America H. 8: M. Au+o Sales Cradle 8: To? Shop Henderson's Farm Sfore Cris+on's HeH'mansberger Bros. Cross Sales and Service He1'zner's Jewelry Culligan Soil' Wafer Service Hoffman Nursery Frank Daugherfy Hoosier Poinf Denney Moior Sales ' Hoover-Miner Funeral Home Dickover-Myers Roofing Co. Hubscher's Jewelry Dick's Men's Wear Hul'chen's Laundry 8: Cleaners Diehl Machine Co. Indiana Grill ADVERTISERS Indiana Hoiel Jones Funeral Home Jones Garage Kendall General Sfore lRichvalleyl King-Hipskind Hardware Kramer 1'he Kleaner LeVay 8: Seaman lnc. Lu'rz's Furnifure Co Marlin. Prinfing Office Mendenhall Service Slafion Meril' Shoe Sfore Milliner Prinfing Co. Dr J. F. Mills Minear Oil Co. MiHings Greenhouse Myers 8: Son Jewelry Dr. Donald Myers Ogan's Used Car Sales Ohmarf Jewelry Sfore P. K. Depar+men+ S+ore PaHison Mofors Dr. Pearson, D.D.S. Dr. Wm. Pearson, MD. Claude L. Pegg J. C. Penney Company PraH Sfudio Pressler Aul'o Service PrickeH' Shell Service Public Service Co. of Ind. lnc. Purdy's Real Gas Renbal-ger's Marlcei' Jim Reynolds S+andard Oil James W. Rhodes lns. Agency John Richards Tire Co. Richvalley Eleva+or Richvalley Sfandard Oil RobineH' Buick Rouches Record Bar Sands Beaufy Shop ScoH"s 5 8: I0 Sfore Sears, Roebuck and Co. Homer T. Showalfer Sonda's Greenhouse Spencer Cardinal Sfephens-Beck Coal Corp. Sfephens Elecfric Sfouffer Sfudio Susan's lnfanfs 8: Children's Wear Talberl' Brofhers Thompson's Disfincfive Apparel Thompson's Zero Locker Tremonl' Barber Shop Dr. N. A. Turner Twenfiefh Cen'l'ury Recrea+ion Wabash Wabash Wabash Wabash Wabash Wabash Clinic Co. Farm Bureau Mefal Producfs Plain Dealer Shoe Parlor Swee+ Shop Wall-A-Way Corpora+ion Wassman's Ladies Wearing Wesiern Aufo Sfore Willcinson Lumber Co. Wire Funeral Home Yarnelle Lumber Co. Dr. L. W. Yoder Apparel TI RE 6743-9 GENERAL TIRE The Wabash Division of THE GENERAL TIRE and RUBBER COMPANY Wig-9 GENERAL PENOUIN POINT DRIVE-IN A Chicken and Shrimp on Wheels 'A' Malfs 'A' Shakes 'A' French-'Fried Onions i' Hoi' Ham AIR-CONDITIONED BY NATURE V SUMMERLAND and SON OLIVER TRACTORS and IMPLEMENTS V ENJOY DINING AT THE Wabash Cafeferia Sales and Service Ir,- 5 ,,g If-,M XM X Q, wg CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF l954 I is x 2 x Rfm SSI LOCAL DEALER P. H. ROSER RR No. I Wabash, Indiana Phone: 30F23 Enjoy a movie aI' I3-24 DRIVE-IN Blue Sfar MoI'eI NEW-MODERN-RADIANT HEAT coLoNlAL E on U. S. 24 -L 2 Miles Wesi of Wabash - A+ Ihe Junc'Iion of I3 and 24 Wabash, Indiana Phone I492M I 741,411 'I'u I mm YI-'fxlu

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