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1u 4.3452 ,. .,.f".,-w"z'!ff 5: A!! .. '53 ff' iff' y a , - . T .. Ag! ' ' ' ' "'l A I 1 , f D fn - d, ,W fb , f v?,. . I I V4 xg. J? WL A Af ' 'Q . .fe.7... . Y fl gg fi yi i SA u SE El! , , 'f 11 mf 112352 xv 1 5 1 K KN 5 V ' an 1 T Q xi? 1 af U X A ...YJ f ff f. .Mi 515 ' iii' 6 y ' v fs 'G mfr 7? X45 " . ' V- 1' N D ,U f A . I ....- Q 'gf SU! 'J X if . V . ' gi 1 W X H , U nvllk . H U V Kyiv V , W' 'Q' , 5 . 5 ' -- . 4,421 H M J 4 411 f gg iw' JH if if if Z' r' Y fl Ffa, .Mfoiifff J ,M WK, XJ bi H53 HSN5 lm A W K3 -K 'Q-5. R, K xx Xiu: Wxw 353 Q5 X 2 vfixi Q35 K.: 'sm X k by ya. A J V Y! I JI JW' 5 1 My T E if , . ir! ,I .f 5- . H , ' if ' . 3 - , - gg ,Y . ff f1 E A - . . Q 5 , .4 'ks ' Q L ,W 3 ' A ,y gr V , W A 6 . '- I M, .2 I -is Y Q? A 1 2 35, A , . L75 NL h V ,Inf . M2 3' sf' ' 'M Q 15? .fi ff' .1 A W 3' .QA My if .EJ VL' A if lm an J. 1 frf- - 4 I , f 5 - ., 1 , -f-A 1' . 2-' " ,H ' , ,X f 5- KL! , ' X . ' JUL" . 4" ' gf L A , i . . I fvz.-.W I .J V 1 i 4-,.. F Q. jp f if V , 4- mf ' A 4 kv 6 V? A 1 ' - , Sf lr . ff. pw' fr 1 9 f . f W " j.,f'ff . Haj Iffkiv! 1 , ,. . -Y , A 42, jf . ,- A: , 1- v F A gi, ' - ,- , '- a : .5 , L ,. J ' V -V if V ' , w W .gf . . MQ E . ' L -fl ' ' ' . - J K3 . g 1 I ' . 1, X5 ' . Q . 1 . . i . ,- . . Q2 5 H+ . Q, , I S A P E, -' QQ-.., Qtr, -K . 'P A' ' ' Q N M- . , i ,. Q:- 3I'-2:11 f .fgfli - . Tv- . . Q . - Q . 1. . '-'J ' . ' M K ' ' k - Y :, + - ' ' L- 'VA' . F3 k 23 b Y ' 5 VA X K. 95.13 ' A , f--mix. , i . ... ae -N 3 .X ..-L 1 1 .E n A 1 ' A - V . ' , B ' 1 "ww I' fig K .'ff K ' Q3. A A '15 ,-5" V ' T f , . Q. f 5 2 'Nga . nik, fre?-1 J . P. 7' 1 'Q-"IJ l 1 N f .lm CX! F3 ' V15 WP - . Y .I i v L r W 1 ' I :Q , xx fx RX ag. -I N -- . R' I Y L'k 2 I b A . X -x V" , Q 51 F 1 . X5 ' "Q ' J ' 2' ' . Q3 ' ' ' I fi. li Li: ' - ' X -.X ,n VS--Q ,,,,A ,K n ' I j ' X , j, 5.9 gk, X ' V -.J fy -- ,Q X- V . "'? - wir N9 - ' I ' Y 3 ,' f ' , I I J. 1 A 4 Elilir ggii t liji i fv i 7i l zV3.x lw -:ij t 1- , ,,. , .Q .F Zi ,f. !f:! 1-K J V K ' HA, , .4 I Y ' VV , U . ,. s , 11-2. -fi .a,: I -Y.,, A: 3l Q5.gS,- , ,,Y, 4 ,, B Y ' A . '01-4-fu. 7'I'1A,a.7g.-1,fn4,, 4: JJ,-fm.. ' zp1,,1'WmfJ f3u27 7ivbM.-AJ -M 'vf"f'5:,iM""f J-Auf W J07?,,,,Wfzn.3f.M fxWfW7g. CM -M, 9, . 1 . 7 ', 'Lwf WW- ifyuww 7if:,i,?2j:zZz?5 Ma, ,fff'fZ.,Q ,nm Wfgfbecu Mew. w.M.,6' ,EW My 4, my ,Law Q xncwfffa , Bmmwmwgf' ,oJ:3.,.,.A,Dplovn.e.62. gang 9+ WWW HW-'f 5',w.Q,b3s4Jp-f 3"3'7""'f"" 1 1 W x Q , W, :Q . v- z A r 1 . v A u . , , -w . . A m ' 1 ., . . , . 1 , 'l, It . '4 . . Q f V , 5 . K . , , , ,, l f . . 44, l . ., . V V J X 'JV - : - ' , L" . ' 1' ' 4' k 14"', Lu mx' .M-,I M, . .' + N 141. 5 snr- Y 11'+i,,',,V J V .v , ...T , l.f.5, ,....,4- :N ,-L.. ,.,...--5,---, - - ,xi Z. . ' L 5' 'ie rf' H X I I - ,K-N ' Y- N ' 54 ."' I --j,. I K, ' ni, 1. I ll . . n- ,, A-J-L, - ,oi A ,A mg' ,I xl , . H . -, .. ,I , 1 L. E ,V If ,rp-.I. i l fi ,Ii-3..,,1Q',!A' I i1.5:.T,i1: , F. -...uf'3f-Ip, , I gif? l: W.v,h. 'Th' i, A' il ,, ,,1, agp. -i -K X. -.,.' ,i". I 5' , , , if ,, ,in . A- - U, - v xl vt: , - ' :u.,:gJ,5,-,,-.. 1 ' . ff. - Lf - .,.. ' . 5- .5 .- ,,..", The NCJBELITE WWE 5 1950 W ented b C W.-4-Z Noiisnnicifrgfeif DEDICATION 'if The seniors of 1950 dedicate this annual to our shop and bookkeep- ing teacher, Mr. Murvin Brown. He has taught shop here for five years and bookkeeping for the last three. Mr. Brown has done a very fine job in arranging and equipping the new shop. We wish him many more successful years at Noble. l i --A AAAAAA A----A- AAA-A-A---- AAAAAAAAA -A 4- 5' AAA A AA 4 A vvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv HUVHIHISTHHTIUH ANU ULHSSE5 4Q'v'v'vAvAvQ-4v"Nl9Y?vAvAvAvAviAv YfvAv'v'v'v4vAvAvAvAv'vAvAv'vAvA-4vAv'vAv'vQvAvAv'vAv'vAvAvAv?iAvA BOARD OF EDUCATION WEST RICHLAND COMMUNITY UNIT DISTRICT NO. 2 Standing, L. to R.--H. M. Waddle fSuperintendent of West Richland Community Unit Districtj, Warren Lutz, M. A. Edmiston, Lloyd Sager CPrincipal of Noble Grade Schooll. Sitting, L. to R.-John Robards, Frank Dugan lsecretaryl, Howard Craig lpresidentl, Dan Blain, Bernard McDowell. We, the senior class of 1950, want to express our gratitude and appreciation to our school board. They have spent much time and energy to make our school one of the best. Their willingness and interest to let us have as many improvements as possible is greatly appreciated. We also express our appreciation for the selection of such fine teachers, We leave knowing that we have had the best advantages that the school board could offer and we wish greater success for the underclassmen who follow. OFFICE STAFF There is one small but important room in the high school with which most students are familiar, this is the office. The office staff consists of two people -our superintendent and principal, Mr. Waddle, and our secretary, Miss Doro- thy Rudolphi. Dorothy, who was gradu- ated from our school in '48, is serving her first year on this staff. STUDENT TEACHERS We are very fortunate to have two student teachers from Eastern Illinois State College with us each year. This year they were Miss Rachel Baylor and Miss Anna Mary Weiler. They were with us nine weeks observing and teach- ing in the home economics department. - 4 Y N I Yi, U54 wr- , Q X l X.1.fA 1 ' f . 1 - ---ei-fN0r0nLiGl'f,f--l.M MR. WADDLE, Principal 'is' The graduating class of 1950, wishes to thank our principal for the help he has given us these last four years. Mr. Waddle is the superintendent of the West Richland Com- munity Unit Schools and also the principal of the Noble High School. We thank him for helping share in our troubles and for guiding us toward success in so many school activities. He is always willing to co-operate at any time that he is needed. I. S. N. U. Tm 9 i' 'gf ' "iii KELL S. I. U. Carbondale, Illinois B. of Ed. Degree English Play Director JOHNSON Milton College Milton, Wisconsin B. A. Degree Music ROCKABRAND E. I. S. C. Charleston, Illinois B. of Ed. Degree Columbia University New York, New York M. A. Degree Home Economics ALLARD E. I. S. C. Charleston, Illinois B. of Ed. Degree U. of I. Urbana, Illinois M. A. Degree History Annual Sponsor BRADFIELD N4DllblBlblI6lIE1r SiO WADDLE U. of I. Urbana, Illinois B. S. Degree M. S. Degree Superintendent BEITLER CLINTON Ball State Teachers S. I. U. Normal, Illinois B. of Ed.Degree Assoc. Arts, Vincennes, University Vincennes, Indiana Mathematics General Science HUGHES W. K. S. C. Bowling Green, Kentucky B. S. Degree Librarian English BROWN S. I. U. Carbondale, Illinois B. of Ed. Degree U. of I. Urbana, Illinois Shop Bookkeeping College Muncie, Indiana B. S. Degree M. A. Degree Guidance Physical Education English ASKEW E. I. S. C. Charleston, Illinois B. of Ed. Degree U. of I. Urbana, Illinois M. S. Degree Science Assistant Annual Sponsor RUDOLPHI Office Secretary Carbondale, Illinois B. of Ed. Degree U. of I. Urbana, Illinois B. S. Degree Agriculture Farm Shop PROVINES E. I. S. C. Charleston, Illinois B. of Ed. Degree Commerc e School Paper Sponsor TAYLOR E. I. S. C. Charleston, Illinois B. of Ed. Degree Geography Physical Education Coach Y K Q, Jiri Qflyg 512: rllifzii' ,. ,-9 :?!5flf.+' zlfiv :l'2'fIf FACULTY l 41116 5925145 1 41121 Jae my G dfkw Wfff Viyfvzy gfllill Wdizf iff!!! M Wm' Ffwrlln as - W1 J!-YIM! 415154 9712! MMQFMVMM WH mvzadzf Zgyif OFFICE SECRETARY '53 . Dorothy Rudolphi, a very kind and friendly person, is our office secretary this year. She types, takes care of all mail, gives information to bewildered students, and sometimes presides over a class in the absence of a teacher. We are glad to see her again in our school and hope that future classes will appreciate Dorothy's friendly smile and kindness as We, the seniors, have. mas-LT'-1-linpisisisiufr,-aieqe-:ao ANNUAL STAFF 'if Editor ..,.,,,....., ....., ..............................,..... J 1 m Wells Co-Editors .......,,...,,.. ...... B ill Patterson, Norene Lutz Business Manager .,....... ........................... N eil Rutger Advertising Manager .,.,.., ..... D Wight Sechrest Assistant Manager ....,. ............,................... A lbert Phillips Sports ..........,........... ......,.......,...............,... E rnest Dickey Snapshots .......... .... B arbara Sager, June VanBlaricum Humor ............. ...,..,. B ill Travous, Junior Bryant Class Will .......... ,..... ................., lv I arilyn Diel, Lyle Rusk Class Prophecy ...., ,.............,........ A lberta Rapp, Mary Jane Bourne Typists ............,.. .....w ......... ,...,. L o r ene Lutz, Nova Martin, JoAnn Everette Class History ...............................................................,.,....,. Austin Dasch, Fred Totten Special Reports ............ Howard Lewis, Paul Berger, Elinor Nettleton, Freda Schwartz Top Row, L. to R.-Austin Dasch, Paul Berger, Dwight Sechrest, Elinor Nettleton, Freda Schwartz, Alberta Rapp. Second Row, L. to R.-Mr. Allard fsponsorl, Lyle Rusk, Howard Lewis, Junior Bryant, Ernest Dickey, Marilyn Diel, June VanBlaricum, Barbara Sager, Lorene Lutz, Mary Jane Bourne, Mr. Askew fassistant sponsorj. Bottom Row, L. to R.-JoAnn Everette, Neil Rutger, Jim Wells, Bill Patterson, Norene Lutz, Nova Martin. EDITORIAL 'ii As the school year comes to a close, it means that another senior class will be leaving Noble High. I hope this book will accomplish its purpose by keeping alive the memories of our high school days. I am proud to have been a student at this school and I hope others appreciate it as much as I do. I want to thank everyone who helped to make this annualg especially the students and sponsors who spent so much of their time working on it. JIM WELLS, Editor. lL ANNUAL STAFF M7107 Q?1fg infra? - 5017-412 R. Zfzwzz fufz :wif !Fvff74'1' 610- - gg-rag BU.57Aff'5S SENIOR CLASS HISTORY '33 Beginning the year of 1946-1947 seventy-one green freshmen registered at Noble High School. During that year we lost five from our class. Our sponsors were Mr. Bradfield, Mr. Ragland, and Mrs. Rockabrand. Our class officers for the year were Freda Schwartz, presidentg Gene Miller, vice-presidentg Barbara Sager, secretaryg and June Van Blaricum, treasurer. Our representatives on the student council were Paul Berger and Dean Summers. Starting the year of 1947-48 we came back with sixty-two sophomores. During the year we had two new pupils added to our class. Our sponsors were Mr. Bradfield and Mr. Taylor. The officers of this year were Dennis Nettleton, presidentg Bill Patterson, vice-president, Betty Patterson, secretaryg Dean Summers, treasurer. Evelena Runyon and Nova Martin represented our class in the student council. The following year of 1948-49 we had forty-eight to register. This being our junior year we presented a mystery play, "Gangway for Ghosts," under the direction af Miss Kell with Miss Hughes as her assistant. The juniors gave a prom in honor of the seniors. The theme of this prom was "Stardust" We assisted the seniors in sponsoring the junior-senior carnival. The sponsors who helped us with all this were Mr. Brown, Miss Provines and Miss Hughes. The junior class officers were Albert Phillips, presidentg Bill Patterson, vice- presidentg Marilyn Diel, treasurerg and Paul Berger, secretary. Betty Patterson and Jim Wells were the student council members. In September, 1949, forty-five seniors enrolled for the last and by far the most significant term of our high school careers. This is considerably less than the seventy-one we started out with, four years ago. In these four years even though we don't look a great deal smarter we hope we have gained some knowledge. The class officers for this term of 1949-50 were Betty Patterson, presidentg Jim Wells, vice-presidentg and Barbara Sager, secretary and treasurer. June Van Blaricum and Austin Dasch were our representatives on the student council. We assisted the juniors in sponsoring the junior-senior carnival. The biggest undertaking by far that we have this year is the publication of the annual. Jim Wells is the editor with Norene Lutz and Bill Patterson co-editors. With the assistance of many other people we have tried to make this the best annual yet. The class of 1950 in its four years of high school has had a class party each year and three trips to St. Louis. llS3ll'E llNll4DllEnllE5lIl9lllGllFEfl'T15vlD BETTY PATTERSON JIM WELLS BARBARA SAGER F. H. A., 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Vice-President, 4 "Gangway for Ghosts", 3 F. H. A. President, 2 Student Council, 3 Stardusters, 1, 2, 3, 4 F. H. A. Camp Delegate, 2 "Gang'way for Ghosts", 3 Pep Club, 3, 4 F. H. A. Sectional Pep Club, 3, 4 Secretary, 1 Parliamentarian, 2 F. F. A., 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary-Treasurer, 4 Class Secretary, 2 F. F. A. Vice-President, 2 F. H. A., 1, 2, 3, 4 Librarian, 2, 4 F. F. A. Reporter, 3 Band, 1, 2, 3 4 Cheerleader, 2, 3, 4 F. F. A. Delegate to Nat- Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Queen, 2 ional Convention, 4 Wildcat's Meow Staff 4 Student Council, 3 Wildcatfs Meow Staff, 3 Nobelite Staff, 4 ' Pep Club, 3, 4 Nobelite Staff, 4 "Polished Pebbles", 2 PCD Club President, 3 F. F. A. Treasurer, 1 "Oh, Brother", 4 "GangWay for Ghosts", 3 Wildcat's Meow Staff, 3, 4 Shamrock Queen, 3 Class President, 4 D. A. R. Representative, 4 AUSTIN DASCH JUNE VANBLARICUM Pep Club, 3, 4 Class Treasurer, 1 Student Council, 4 Student Council, 4 F. F. A., 1, 2, 3, 4 "Gang'way for Ghosts", 3 "Polished Pebbles", 2 Stardusters, 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club, 3, 4 Pep Club Secretary, 4 F. H. A., 1, 2, 3, 4 Band, 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus, 1, 2 Wildcat's Meow Staff, 4 Nobelite Staff, 4 Attendant to Queen of F. F. A. President, 3 Nobelite Staff, 4 Librarian, 4 "Oh, Brother", 4 Hearts, 4 Cheerleader, 2 Student Council President, 4 BONNIE ALLISON BILL TRAVOUS "Polished Pebbles", 2 F. F. A., 1, 2, 3, 4 G. A. A., 4 F. F. A. Sentinel, 2 Pep Club, 3, 4 Nobelite Staff, 4 F. H. A., 1 ,2, 3, 4 Chorus, 1, 2, 3 Wildcat's Meow Staff, 4 "Oh, Brother", 4 PAUL BERGER Pep Club, 3, 4 Student Council, 1 F. F. A., 4 Nobelite Staff, 4 Librarian, 2 "Oh, Brother", 4 F. F. A. Speech Contest, 4 HELEN SEESENGOOD F. H. A., 1, 2, 3, 4 G. A. A., 4 Chorus, 1, 2 "Polished Pebbles", 2 SENIURS DF' I Q 5 U hw gdfidfif .Giga WIE P!?f5lD5N7' .750 - 777545. Jane :Vid Fezyer' 5ru0f.vr c'awvc'fL .S'fu0tW7' CUMYLVL Zibfffzzif flffffdd F127 Zfmfaaf Mlm 54450491442 ins... Sf Y. M---H ---f- ----- -- -f--f--- -----: CLASS WILL 'ii Dean Ryker wills his quiet manners to Bill Hanna. Cordia Patterson leaves her Clay City boyfriend to Ella Jane Black. Gary Shafer leaves his innocent expression to any freshman who can use it. June VanBlaricum leaves with Jim Wells. Neil Rutger wills his curls to Cletus Boxell. Evelena Runyon wills her red hair to persons who have to attend health class against their wishes. Bill Patterson bequeaths his ability to get along with the teachers to Bill Farleigh. Naomi Poff wills her shyness in class to Nellie Goodman. Walter Hundley wills his shyness to Lloyd Berger. Nova Martin wills her book on how to get boyfriends to Maxine Hazel. Dennis Nettleton wills his athletic ability to Jack Allard. JoAnn Everette leaves her 5 foot 8 inch figure to Rosa Hundley. Howard Lewis leaves his height to Dean Cook. Mary Jane Bourne gives the editorship of the Wildcat's Meow to anyone who is looking for a job. Jim Wells wills his ability as a great lover to Jack Everette. Mary Runyon wills her slender figure and graceful walk to Patsy Rodgers. Ronnie Bloehs bequeaths his bright remarks to Howard Gray. Viola Farquhar leaves her technique on catching a man to Nancy Decker. Albert Phillips wills his bright clothes to Herman Rudolnhi. Beatrice Hundley wills her athletic ability to Evelyn Runyon. Austin Dasch wills his rosy cheeks to Paul Wilhite. Betty Patterson gives her job as cheerleader to Peggy Rusk. Junior Bryant leaves his love for band practice to all band members. Lemora Fulk leaves her ability for telling jokes to Bill Hanna. Dean Summers leaves his manly physique to Bill Bloehs. Carolyn Robards leaves her love for speech to Mary Jane Robinson. Fred Totten wills his ability in physics to anyone who needs it. Kathryn Berger leaves her charming giggles to Vivian McDowell. Dwight Sechrest leaves his laugh to Paul Ramsey. Bonnie Allison leaves her idea "that true love never runs smooth" to all girls who have steady boyfriends. Paul Berger wills his love for shop to Bob Toliver. Evelyn Blain wills her interest in Olney to JoAnn Hough. Bill Travous leaves his love of hunting to Melvin Bursott. Norene Lutz leaves her trombone to Carmen Sechrest so that Sammy Bourne will not be alone in band. Ernest Dickey wills his ability to handle girls to Henry Payne. Alberta Rapp bequeaths her dark hair to Mattie Anderson. Lyle Rusk wills his right to own an automobile to all boys who are not as lucky as he. Lorene Lutz wills her ability to find out things of interest to her to Betty Sue Kindred. Marilyn Diel wills her ability to make straight A's to anyone who needs it. Barbara Sager wills her love for band practice to Imojean Morgan. Ruby Thomann wills her good disposition to Connie Badger. Freda Schwartz bequeaths her ability in typing to Bill Farleigh. Helen Ryker wills her many out-of-town dates to Norma Travous. Elinor Nettleton leaves her chair in English class to anyone who likes to sit under the pencil sharpener. Helen Seesengood leaves her laugh to Mary Alice Pryer. moi-Mg immoileieibiofr,-ME- oo RUBY THOMANN ERNEST DICKEY F. H. A., 1, 2, 3, 4 Karnak, Illinois, 1, 2, 3 Wildcat's Meow Staff 4 Pep Club, 4 Librarian, 2 Basketball, 2, 3, 4 LYLE RUSK F. F. A., 1, 2, 3, 4 F. F. A. Secretary, 3 Nobelite Staff, 4 Pep Club, 4 CORDIA PATTERSON Soudenton, Pa., 3 F. H. A., 1, 2, 4 G. A. A., 4 F. F. A., 4 Nobelite Staff, 4 Class President, 3 Softball, 2, 3 Track, 3 LORENE LUTZ FRED TOTTEN ELINOR NETTLETON "Polished Pebbles", 2 Basketball, 3, 4 Band, 1, 2 Stardusters, 4 Nobelite Staff, 4 Chorus, 1 Pep Club, 4 Nobelite Staff, 4 F- H- A-, 1, 2, 3, 4 Librarian, 3 Band, 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus, 1, 2, 3 4 Nobelite Staff, 4 GARY SHAFER NOVA MARTIN DEAN SUMMERS Pep Club, 3 "Gangway for Ghosts", 3 F. F. A., 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4 G. A. A., 4 F. F. A. Reporter, 1 Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4 PCP Club, 3, 4 Class Treasurer, 2 "Oh, Brother", 4 Student Council, 2 Pep Club, 3, 4 F. H. A., 1, 2, 3, 4 "Oh, Brother", 4 Wildcat's Meow Staff, 4 Nobelite Staff, 4 Librarian, 3, 4 School Queen, 1 Class Queen, 1 "Oh, Brother", 4 VIOLA FARQUHAR BILL PATTERSON F. H. A., 1, 2 Stardusters, 1, 2, Chorus, 1 F. F. A., 1, 2, 3, 4 F. F. A. Delegate to National Convention, 4 F. F. A. Secretary, 2 Pep Club, 4 Pep Club President, 4 Class Vice-President, 3 Nobelite Staff, 4 "Gangway for Ghosts", 3 Escort to Shamrock Queen, 3 Basketball, 2, 3, 4 SENIUR5 fuk 454117 :Wm i 4fzz3.f1z Wffllfdf' 224' Zbfkql szfif' t K 27441 hxmff F - H . ln. .V---,Ya 5 -- ,-- TY? ,,,, ,+,-, ,, CLASS PROPHECY '33 While attending the party Mr. Waddle gave in honor of all the people who were sent to the office during 1949-1950, we found that several of them have been leading very interesting lives. The following persons seemed to interest us most: Albert Phillips has climbed to the position of disc jockey for radio station N 0 B L E . Fred Totten is a second Einstein but, being athletically inclined, he still takes his daily exercises. Lorene Lutz is running the Dye and Dry Beauty Parlor which is located on Main Street. Her main customer is Cordia Patterson, a prominent dressmaker in Noble. Paul Berger owns the little grocery store on the corner. His business is rapidly growing because he can always talk his customers into buying the article, even if it is a mouse trap. Betty Patterson is manager of the church activities at Glenwood. Her latest achievement is the removal of slot machines from all the pool halls. Gary Shafer is Noble's hero! He recently won the championship of basketball at the Olympics, which were held in Greenland this year. Marilyn Diel is a successful speech teacher because all her students do in class is talk. They can be heard even in the principal's office. June fVanBlaricumJ and Jim Wells are happily engaged in the business of farming. They live in 9, little vine covered cottage near Noble. Nova Martin is a very efficient bookkeeper for the Push and Pull Oil Company. Alberta Rapp and Norene Lutz have gone to California to see the sights and, maybe, marry movie stars. Dennis Nettleton is farm adviser of Richland county. He likes his job but he still hates to make the speech at the annual Farm Bureau meeting. Bonnie Allison is married and lives south of Noble on a farm. Ronnie Bloehs is a naval officer. He acquired this position by swimming the Great Lakes. Helen Ryker is married and lives near Noble. She now occupies the position of president of Nob1e's Quack and Cackle Club. Lyle Rusk is known about town as "The Greatest Boxer in Fifty Years." He has won the United States championship and is going to try for the world. His present manager is Neil Rutger. 'Barbara Sager has graduated from college but is still seen often on the campus. It is rumored that she is quite interested in one of the professors there. JUNIOR BRYANT North Clay CLouisvi1leJ, 1, 2 Band, 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball, 3, 4 Stardusters, 4 Stardusters President, 4 Chorus, 1, 2 Nobelite Staff, 4 "Oh, Brother", 4 NORENE LUTZ HOWARD LEWIS "GangWay for Ghosts", 3 "Gang'way for Ghosts", Stardusters, 4 Nobelite Staff, 4 Pep Club, 4 F. H. A., 1, 2, 3, 4 F. H. A. Secretary, 3 F. H. A. Vice-President, 4 Band, 1, 2, 3, 4 Band Secretary, 2 Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4 Nobelite Staff, 4 "Polished Pebbles", 2 Glee Club, 1 Girls' Sextet, 1 Speech Contest, 4 EVALYEN BLAIN DEAN RYKER F. H. A., 1, 2, a, 4 F. F. A., 1, 2 Librarian, 4 Chorus, 1 JOANN EVERETTE G. A. A., 4 KATHRYN BERGER Pep Club, 4 F. H. A., 1, 2, 3, 4 NAOMI POFF RONNIE BLOEHS 3 Pep Club, 3, 4 Basketball, 3 F. H. A., 1, 2, 3, 4 Stardusters, 4 C1-101-u , 1, 2 "Polished Pebbles", 2 Band, 1, 2, 4 F. F. A., 1, 2 Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club, 2 Pep Club, 4 EVELENA RUNYON DWIGHT SECHREST "Polished Pebbles", 2 Paris, Illinois, 2 Girls' Sextet, 1 Basketball, 4 Glee Club, 1 Pep Club, 3 Pep Club, 3, 4 Nobelite Staff, 4 Student Council, 2 Baseball, 4 F. H. A., 1, 2, 3, 4 "Oh, Brother", 4 F. H. A. Parliamentarian 4 Chorus, 1, 2 Wildcat's Meow Staff, 2, 4 Librarian, 3, 4 Attendant to Shamrock Queen, 3 DENNIS NETTLETON Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club, 3, 4 Baseball, 3, 4 F. H. A., 1, 2, 3, 4 Class President, 2 Wildcat's Meow Staff, 2, 4 F. F. A., 1, 2, 3 Nobelite Staff, 4 Librarian, 2, 3 F. F. A. President, 2 Junior Aide, 3 zftfffidl' Qi SENIUR5 1955 Wafer: giflgfffl ifafb dm: MX' V WWW! Wagyu Ay!! CLASS PROPHECY 'is' lContinuedl The former Ruby Thomann is using her stenographic ability. She is now chief typist in the Noble Gazette office. Freda Schwartz helps her when time permits. She is the star reporter. Elinor Nettleton is doing quite a lot of traveling these days. Her latest trip was to Hawaii. Howard Lewis is probably the least envied of all residents of Noble. He is now district attorney. His most reliable detectives are Austin Dasch and Ernest Dickey. Bill Travous now runs the Rainbow Night Club. He features tough steaks and crowded dancing. Evelena Runyon has recently married a missionary and is traveling with him. At present she is in China. Helen Seesengood now is running Noble's chief restaurant. Her motto is "If you like food sea oned good, eat at Seesengood's." Kathryn Berger is her best cook. Mary Jane Bourne is now one of the few women who is holding an office in the House of Representatives. Evalyen Blain is a home economics teacher. It is reported that she has her eye on the history teacher in the school where she teaches. Junior Bryant is the new proprietor of the Noble Milling Company. His math comes in handy when he figures out his bills. Jo Ann Everette is a secretary. Her employer is Noble's prominent lawyer, Dwight Sechrest. Mary Runyon is the cashier at the new theatre in Noble. Dean Ryker is a Fuller-brush man. He was awarded a pair of shoes for walking farthest to sell the least amount of brushes. Beatrice Hundley is now head nurse at Nob1e's hospital. She succeeded Viola Farquhar who was recently married. Lemora Fulk now owns the Roly Poly Skating Rink. Her chief feature is skates that roll one way only. Bill Patterson has the largest truck line in the state. It is known to be the fastest and safest line in operation. Walter Hundley lives on his father's farm. His chief pastime is beekeeping. Naomi Poff is now playing with Noble's popular band. Its manager is Dean Summers. Carolyn Robards is flying now. She is the hostess on a plane from New York to Chicago. le.g H--1 FREDA SCHWARTZ ALBERT PHILLIPS Class President, 1 F. H. A., 1, 2, 3, 4 Wildcat's Meow Staff, 4 Nobelite Staff, 4 WALTER HUNDLEY F. F. A., 2, 4 Glee Club, 1 Chorus, 1 MARILYN DIEL "Gangway for Ghosts Pep Club, 3 Class Secretary, 3 F. H. A., 1, 2, 3, 4 F. H. A. President, 4 Wildcat's Meow Staff, 1, 2, 3, 4 Nobelite Staff, 4 Librarian, 3 Class Queen, 3 Junior Aide, 3 Speech Contest, 4 "Oh, Brother", 4 H MARY JANE BOURNE "Gang'way for Ghosts", 3 Pep Club, 3 F. H. A., 1, 2, 3, 4 Delegate to F. H. A. Camp, 4 Delegate to F. H. A. National Convention, 3 President F. H. A., 3 Degree Chairman of F. H. A., 4 NDllEvllE5LHGll'BL1Il-1510 "Gangway for Ghosts "Polished Pebbles", 2 Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4 Stardusters, 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club, 3, 4 Class President, 3 Glee Club, 1 Band, 1, 3, 4 Band President, 3 Chorus, 1, 2, 3 Nobelite Staff, 4 Speech Contest, 4 Delegate to F.H.A. House NEIL RUTGER ALBERTA RAPP of Delegates Meeting, 3 Chorus, 1 F. F. A., 1, 2, 3, 4 F. H. A Wudcatfs Meow Staff, Nobelite Staff, 4 Nobelite Staff 4 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club, 3 Glee Club, 1 Nobelite Staff, 4 Librarian, 3 Sneech Contest, 4 "Oh, Brother", 4 BEATRICE HUNDLEY MARY RUNYON CAROLYN ROBARDS 3 Chorus, 1, 2 Pep Club, 4 Pep Club 4 F. H. A., 2, 3, 4 F. H. A., 1, 2, 4 F. H. A G. A. A., 4 Librarian, 2 "Polished Pebbles", 2 "Oh, Brother", 4 LEMORA FULK HELEN RYKER Pep Club, 4 F. H. A., 1, 2, 3 G. A. A., 4 Chorus, 1 G. A. A. Vice-President, 4 F. H. A., 1, 2, 3, 4 Librarian, 3 fezzzara EENIUIQS 15 5 U in wjyhw dmv: mf 5719 Way Zffgvd ,.-47:1-1-f q-1 A-,Gr f,,.,.-'-.. . funn--I ,-,, fe eww- f 1 J... -.rn -. f. vs'-vs - I -: -- '--- 1- f -A-- - I -'--- I - SCHOOL CALENDAR 'E' SEPTEMBER 1-School began. 5-No school-Labor Day. 7-Faculty meeting. 8-F. F. A. meeting. 9-Paper staff meeting. 13-F. H. A. meeting. 14-F. F. A. hayride-more fun!! 15-Juniors ordered their class rings. Oh! Boy! 21-Stardusters' meeting. 22-Seniors sponsored McKinney program. 30-Pep Club meeting. OCTOBER 4-Tuberculin tests were taken. 4-Paper staff meeting. 5-G. A. A. meeting. 5-Faculty meeting. 5-Stardusters' meeting. 6-Tuberculin tests were read. 11-Baseball game with Kinmundy. 13-F. H. A. meeting. 14-No school-Teachers Institute at Mt. Carmel. Goody! 19-Stardusters' meeting. 20-F. F. A.-F. H. A. square dance. 27-Cheerleaders were elected. 28--Seniors sponsored Hallowe'en party. NOVEMBER 1--Paper staff meeting. 2-Stardusters' meeting. 2-Faculty meeting. 2-G. A. A. meeting. 4-Report cards-Oh! my! 4-Junior play. 5-Junior play-more fun!! 9-Rev. Dickey spoke to student body. 10-Student council meeting. 11-No school-Armistice Day. 15-Basketball game with Allendale. 15--Pep club meeting. 16-Stardusters' meeting. 17-Basketball game with St. Francisville. 17-F. H. A. meeting. 18-F. H. A. chili supper. 21-All school film. 22-Basketball game with Kinmundy. 24-25-No school-Thanksgiving vacation. 29-Basketball game with Olney. .swf - -,Y-V-f ee.- W JUNIORS 'Yi CLASS OFFICERS Sue Evans ,..... ,,7....,........,............................ P reSident Betty Payne ..,,,,...... ....... V ice-President Bernice Anderson ,,.... ............ S ecretary Trecia Charles .e.,,, ........,,. T reasurer Howard Gray .......... .... S tudent Council Margaret Hudson .A,.... ..,. S tudent Council Top Row, L. to R.-Howard Gray, Natalie Hornback, Bill Farleigh, Sue Evans, Paul Ramsey. Second Row, L. to R.-Freida Long, Virgil Smith, Wonita Anderson, Jim Gibson, Bernice Anderson. Third Row, L. to R.-Richard Wilhite, Trecia Charles, Joe Gibson, Betty Payne, Herman Rudolphi. Fourth Row, L. to R.-Ida Murray, Ella Jane Black, Margaret Hudson, Barbara Denind, Mary Jane Robinson. .JUNIOR CLASS .QI K I , X al, ix q' Y f' W . NJN X W ff I I 'T-1 NOIZQELIGIE--l SCHOOL CALENDAR DECEMBER 2-Basketball game with Bridgeport '93 6-Basketball game with Sumner. 7-Faculty meeting 7-G. A. A. meeting. 8-Basketball game with Wayne City. 8-Student council meeting. 9-Basketball game with Farina. 15-F. H. A. meeting. 16-Basketball game with Allendale. 19--Basketball game with Louisville. 21-Stardu ters' meeting. 23-31-No school-Christmas vacation. JANUARY 4-Stardusters' meeting. 4-G. A. A. meeting. 6-Basketball game with Clay City. 10-Basketball game with Sumner. 12-Student council meeting. 13--Report cards-Well, I made a better grade than that! 13--Basketball game with Olney. 17-Basketball game with Cisne. 18-Faculty meeting. 19-F. H. A. meeting. 20-Basketball game with Louisville. 24-28-Midland Trail Tourney-"Noble, the champs." FEBRUARY 1-Stardusters' meeting. 2-Frosh-soph tourney-"Noble, the champs, again." 3-Basketball game with Farina. 3-Underclassmen had pictures taken. 8--State of Illinois Museumobile was here. 9-Basketball game with Wayne City. 10-Basketball game with Clay City. 11-Wildcat's Prowl-enjoyed by all. 14--Basketball game with Kinmundy. 15-Stardusters' meeting. 16-F. H. A. meeting. 17-Student council meeting. 21-Basketball game with Cisne. 21-Lew Hershey, the clown, was here. How can he do that? 24-Basketball game with Oblong. 27-Presentation of the DAR awards. 11- -sm Nibirgrgrsicrrfl----A SOPHOMORES 'if CLASS OFFICERS Kenny Long ..........,,..........v..........,....,........... President Don F011 .,....,., ,A.... V ice-President Peggy Brant ..... ......,.. S ecretary Janet Shan ......,... ............ T reasurer Carolyn Padgett ...... Y... S tudent Council Jack Everette ....... ..., S tudent Council Top Row, L. to R.--Sam Bourne, Peggy Brant, Don Foll, Nellie Goodman. Second Row, L. to R.-Gene Diesser, Evelyn Runyon, Herby Gillen, Margaret Miller, Ronald Prosser, Marjorie Murray. Third Row, L. to R.-Betty McCo1pin, Robert Hubbell, Freda Bourne, Kenneth Pottorff, Betty Scott, Henry Payne. Fourth Row, L. to R.-Lynden Balding, Patsy Rodgers, Andy Patterson, Lillian Kuhlig, Bert Gibson, Mary Lou Taylor. Fifth Row, L. to R.-Nancy Groves, Harvey Blain, Rosa Hundley, Wayne Lutz, Maxine Hazel, Paul Wilhite. Sixth Row, L. to R.-Bill Bloehs, Mary Alice P1-yer, Jerry Thomann, Naomi Wade, Harlan Dickey. SUPHUMURE CLASS 3 Y,.- 55 ,vx 1'- is ,, 0 7 , 1 7 -L: O K 0 ' -1 . l 'In 'Q X , AAI." 96.5 'Ll 4 ' , vb 1 'fr N I N0l2:ELICl'E---- . SCHOOL CALENDAR ' we MARCH 1-G. A. A. meeting. 9-Student council meeting. 13-Faculty meeting. 16-F. H. A. meeting. 17-All School film. 24--Freshman class party. 24-Report cards-what grades!! 28-F. H. A. meeting. 29-F. F. A. speech contest. APRIL 4-Navy recruiting officer talked to senior boys 5-G. A. A. meeting. 5-Faculty meeting. 6--No school-County Institute at Olney. 'I-No school--Good Friday. 13-Student council meeting. 13-All school film. 14-Spring concert. 19--Stunt program presented by P. E. girls. 20-F. H. A. meeting. 21-Baseball game with Farina. 28-Baseball game with Clay City. MAY 1-May Day parade. 3-G. A. A. meeting. 3--Faculty meeting. 5-Senior play. 6-Senior play-"Oh! Brother!" 9-Baseball game with Louisville. 11-Student council meeting. 12-Mothers' Day tea. 18--F. H. A. meeting. 19-Junior-Senior banquet. 28-Baccalaureate. 30--Commencement-So long! X A 1 . SOPHOMORES Q, Pop Row, L. to R.-Max Netileton, Nancy Hamilton, Robert Toliver, lmojean Morgan, Donald Martin. Second Row, L. to R.-Shirley Badger, Jackie Everette, Carolyn Padgett, Cletus Boxcll, Letha Dugan, Neil Anderson. Third Row, L. to R.-Emery Walker, Betty Sue Kindred, Raymond Real, Norma Travous, Kenny Long, Bonnie Bradfield. Fourth Row, L. to R.-Mattie Anderson, Lloyd Berger, Deloris Ryker, Bill Hanna, Phyllis Schnell, John Osterman. Fifth Row, L. to R.-Melvin Bursott, Connie Badger, Eleanor Allison, Janet Shan, Henry Hundley, Patsy Stanley. Sixth Row, L. to R.--Carmen Sechrest. Wanda Clough, Nancy Decker, Edna Robinson, Anna Mae Grubb. an SUP!-IUMDRE CLASS ' 2. f- I F' v- "" T' -, ,- f X 'k N 1, P 1 Aki Pr,- Jr 4- , vx Q7 ' 3 L , I 9 , A Q Q-s5ig.,if-.-ln-3.3-rs-q fm-4 .W-.-.-H-.H .W--. ,Q -- ,-Y -' 1. --- 4 U Most Most Best Best Best Best Most Most Best Best Most Most Best Best Best Best !:.,,,.,.-. Z- , . NOBELITE Popular Boy ..... Popular Girl ..... Looking Boy ..... Looking Girl ..... Dressed Boy ...... Dressed Girl ....... Polite Boy ...,. Polite Girl ,... Natured Boy ........ MAYBE? ? ? '33 Natured Girl ............ Co-operating Boy ..... Co-operating Girl ....... Boy Athlete ......... Girl Athlete ..... Boy Politician ...... Girl Politician ...... Woman Hater ......... Man Hater ..........------. Boy With Best Line .......,. Girl With Best Line ........ Boy With Prettiest Hair Girl With Prettiest Hair . Neatest Boy ................... Neatest Girl .......,.......... Boy With Best Figure ..... Girl With Best Figure ..... Boy With Best Giggle ...... Girl With Best Giggle ..... Boy With Prettiest Eyes Girl With Prettiest Eyes Boy With Prettiest Legs Girl With Prettiest Legs Most Studious Boy .......... Most Studious Girl ..... Most Quiet Boy .............. Most Quiet Girl ........... 1... Most Likely To Succeed . Most Likely To Succeed Boy Most In Love ....... Girl Most In Love ..... Denny Nettleton Nova Martin Lyle Rusk June Van Blaricum Dwight Sechrest June Van Blaricum Bill Patterson Mary Jane Bourne Lyle Rusk Norene Lutz Austin Dasch Norene Lutz Gary Shafer Beatrice Hundley Albert Phillips Lemora Fulk Fred Totten Naomi Poff Albert Phillips Barbara Sager Ernest Dickey June Van Blaricum Dwight Sechrest Betiy Patterson Gary Shafer June Van Blaricum Ronnie Bloehs .. Kathryn Berger Paul Berger Alberta Rapp Junior Bryant Nova Martin Dennis Nettleton Mary Jane Bourne Walter Hundley Naomi Poff Dennis Nettleton Mary Jane Bourne Jim Wells June Van Blaricum -M----LT-i llNll4DllEnllE5lIl9lllGllfE9 FRESHMEN 'Yi CLASS OFFICERS James Coan ...,...........,....................,....,.......... President Bill Stine .............. ....,.. V ice-President Shirley Pflaum ....... ........... S ecretary Vivian McDowell .....,. ......,.,..... T reasurer Jerry Shan .............. ...... S tudent Council Peggy Rusk .,...... ..... S tudent Council Top Row, L. to R.-Joanne Rapp, Neil Jorgenson, Peggy Rusk, Jim Wright. Ethel Hudson. Second Row, L. to R.-Dick Taylor, Phyllis Dickerson, Ivan Lewis, Telletha Grounds, James Coan, Mary Alice Rule. Third Row, L. to R.-Alberta Maddson, Jackie Allard, Norma McColpin, Jim Mitchell. Vivian McDowell, Donald Denind. Fourth Row, L. to R.-John Mitchell, Joann Hough, J. D. Adams, Letty Toliver, Ray Henry, Kathlene Mitchell. Fifth Row, L. to R.--Shirley Pflaum, Raymond Huchel, Betty Toliver, Dean Cook, Marcaline Cummins, Bill Stine. Sixth Row, L. to R.-Robert Hesler, Lueva Felkamp, Robert Sager, Tom Fore, Jerry Shan, Neva Phillips. PRESHMAN CLASS f ' 1 1 e fv- - Ki ,. lx wx fi 3' af FQ.. , sf .al 'v x 1 as A :f W , vs. 'T' 1. xv , . ,J ,X U X TJ r. - w Q I, I ka A Ff1 'J5f?2 1 S., 1 ,g, --A----AAAA----A--A ANU MT 'v1 AvAvAv?2AvAv'vAvAv4fvAAAi FEM- Noisr,1l',Mr,+ee e:Tm BASKETBALL '25 FIRST TEAM Standing, L. to R.-Bill Farleigh fmanagerj, Bill Hanna, Dwight Sechrest, Herby Gillen, Cletus Boxell, Maurice Taylor Ccoachj. Seated, L, to R.-Bill Patterson, Fred Totten, Dennis Nettleton, Gary Shafer, Junior Bryant, Ernest Dickey. Free Free Throws Throws Player Points Fouls Made Shot Shafer -'---4 '318 '79 '64 '128 Nettleton ..... .. 225 53 42 - 98 Totten ....-- .. 184 45 62 107 Patterson ..... 122 54 42 88 Bryant ...,.. 72 36 13 25 Hanna .-...- 58 46 14 31 Dickey ...... 40 70 1 6 35 Gillen ---- 30 43 10 26 Boxell 18 27 11 18 Sechrest .... 11 20 7 19 Toliver ......,,,,.. .,,....,, 8 5 1 O86 478 28 1 575 'High for team SECOND TEAM Standing, L. to R.-Tom Fore, Dick Taylor, Jackie Allard, Ronald Prosser, Bob Sager, Lloyd Berger, Bill Farleigh fmanagerl, Maurice Taylor Qcoachl. Seated, L. to R.-Jack Everette, Robert Hesler, Cletus Boxell, Bill Hanna, Herby Gillen, Bob Toliver, Bill Stine. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1949-1950 Noble Opp 43 52 '33 NOVEMBER '15-Allendale, There .......... ----- '17-St. Francisville, Here .......- ----- 5 4 22--Kinmundy, Here ,,........ ---.- 4 8 '29--Olney, Here ............... ----- 3 3 DECEMBER " 2-Bridgeport, There ..... ..... 1 8 6--Sumner, There .........,. ....- 2 9 " 8-Wayne City, There ..... ..... 3 1 9-Farina, Here ....,....... .---. 4 8 "'16--Allendale, Here ......... ..... 4 2 19-Louisville, There ............. ..... 4 7 '27-Windsor, Brownstown ......... ..... 4 1 '29-Brownstown, Brownstown ...... ..... 3 3 '30-Beecher City, Brownsfown ....... ..... 3 6 JANUARY 6-Clay City, Here ...... ----- 3 5 10-Sumner, Here ....... ..... 5 2 '13-Olney, There ....,.. ..... 4 2 17-Cisne, Here .............. ----- 5 3 20-Louisville, Here ......... ..... 2 6 24-Farina, Louisville ..v.... ..... 4 5 26--Cisne, Louisville .......... ..... 4 3 28-Clay City, Louisville .... ..... 3 5 FEBRUARY 3-Farina, There ...,...... ..... 4 1 " 9-Wayne City, Here ..... ..... 4 7 10--Clay City, There ...... ..... 2 9 14-Kinmundy. There ....... ..... 3 0 21-Cisne, There ............ ..... 3 6 '28-Effingham, Flora ....... ..... 5 4 Total ................................. ....... 1 076 'Non-conference games. MIDLAND TRAIL CONFERENCE STANDINGS Won Louisville ...... .... 1 1 Clay City ...... . 9 Sumner ----- - 6 Noble ............ , 5 Kinmundy ..-- .. 5 Cisne ......... . 5 Farina .... . 1 41 47 38 65 43 56 36 43 53 38 36 58 45 42 71 47 53 43 42 33 25 35 51 59 53 64 1269 Lost 1 3 6 7 7 7 11 ILAQ Nlolsrgisrcirrgigaaalzle SENIOR BASKETBALL PLAYERS Ka GARY SHAFER A good shot and ball handler with plenty of drive and speed. His special shot was a long one-hander, which he hit often. Gary was captain this year. BILL PATTERSON A very good forward. His special shot was driving around his guard and shooting a jump two-handed shot. DENNIS NETTLETON A very good guard with speed enough to last all the game. His favorite shot was a long two-handed set shot. FRED TOTTEN Fred was a very good guard and his height also came in handy for rebounding. He had the best free-throw percentage. JUNIOR BRYANT A very good forward who had a shot that was hard to stop. Junior played a good floor game. DW lGHT SECHREST This was Dwight's first year out. He had a very good shot from the corner. ERNEST DICKEY This was Ernie's first year at Noble. He was a small boy but had plenty of speed. Ernie played guard and was a very good ball handler. MANAGER BILL FARLEIGH A very good manager who was always willing to help you when you needed him. He always had plenty of encouragement for the squad. Bill was a Junior this year. COACH MAURICE TAYLOR A very nice fellow to get acquainted with. He had a lot of patience. This was Mr. Taylor's fourth year coaching at Noble. DENIYI5 NE TTLE TUN FRED TUTTEN GHRY SHHF E R C'HPrAIIv 1 JUNIOR BRYANT MR. THYLOR BILL Pnrrenson COACH DWIFHT 5EL'IIREsr BILL FnnLsI5II ERNEST DICKEY MHNA66R TOURNAMENTS Q? Brownstown Holiday Invitational Tournament at Brownltown, Dec. 27, 28, 29, 30 The Wildcats journeyed to Brownstown to play Windsor in the opening game of the tournament. The Wildcats came through with a victory of 41 to 38 over Windsor. On Dec. 29, the Wildcats returned to Brownstown to play the host team in the semi-finals of the tournament and were defeated by the score of 36 to 33. The tired Wildcats, on Dec. 30, again returned to Brownstown to play Beecher City for third place and were defer-ted again by the score of 58 to 36. Midland Trail Tournament at Louisville January 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 The Wildcats took a trip to Louisville to play Farina in the opening game of the Midland Trail Tournament. The Farina Bobcats gave the Wildcats a terrific battle and the game ended in a three minute over-time period with the Wildcats having a 2 point lead, 45 to 43. On Jan. 26. the Wildcats returned to Louisville to play the Cisne Lions in the semi-finals and were given another real battle, but the Wildcats won with a slim margin of 43 to 42. . On the 28th of January the Wildcats returned to play the Clay City Wolves ln the final meet of the tournament and won another victory of 35 to 33 in a close game to bring home the first place trophy for the third year in succession. The Regional Tournament at Flora February 28 - March I, 2, 3 The Wildcats. journeyed to Flora to play the Effingham Hearts in the second game of the regional tournament on Feb. 28. The Wildcats were defeated by a score of 64 to 54. The freshman-sophomore basket-ball team won a first place trophy this year in the first annual freshman-sophomore tournament held at Clay City. BASEBALL TEAM 'is' Top Row, L. to R.-Lloyd Berger, Dennis Nettleton, Sam Bourne, Don Foll. Second Row, L. to R.-Dick Taylor, Bill Bloehs, Bill Stine, Bob Toliver, Bob Sager, Jack Everette, Coach Taylor. Third Row, L. to R.-Cletus Boxell, Garv Shafer, Dwight Sechrest, Bill Hanna, Junior Bryant, Albert Phillips, Herby Gillen. PEP CLUB Y President .......... ...... ....... B i ll Patterson Vice-President ...... .......... C arolyn Padgett Secretary ....,.,..... ...... J une Van Blaricum Treasurer ..... ......,.... P eggy Brant The Pep Club was organized in the fall of 1948 and now in its second year boasts a membership of sixty-five. Most of the members learned the yells and tried to attend all games. This was a great help to the cheerleaders. During the fall of this year the Pep Club members selected black and gold beanies. Top Row, L. to R.-Phyllis Dickerson, Lueva Felkamp, Norma McColpin, Lorene Lutz, Peggy Brant, John Osterman, Bob Hubbell, Sam Bourne, Austin Dasch, Bill Patterson, Albert Phillips, Kenny Long. Second Row, L. to R.-Lemora Fulk, Kathryn Berger, Joann Hough, Ella Jane Black, Betty Kindred, Naomi Wade, Imojean Morgan, Jack Everette, Freda Bourne, Don Foll, Lyle Rusk. Third Row, L. to R.-Connie Badger, Neva Phillips, Betty Toliver, Eleanor Allison, Letha Dugan, Bonnie Allison, Evelena Runyon, Jim Wells, June Van Blaricum, Mattie Anderson, Kenny Pottorff. Fourth Row, L. to R.-Mary Rule, Ethel Hudson, Marcaline Cummins. Letty Toliver, Margaret Hudson, Mary Jane Robinson, Wonita Anderson, Ernest Dickey, Bill Bloehs, Paul Berger. Fifth Row, L. to R.-Nancy Groves, Bonnie Bradfield, Maxine Hazel, Betty McColpin, Mary Runyon, Carolyn Robards, Norene Lutz, Naomi Poff, Peggy Rusk, Vivian McDowell, Shirley Pflaum. Sixth Row, L. to R.-JoAnn Everette, Nova Martin, Freida Long, Barbara Sager, Betty Argne Payne, Carmen Sechrest, Bernice Anderson, Dorothy Fern Provines sponsor . Bottom Row, L. to R.-Sue Evans, Carolyn Padgett, Betty Patterson. ,N , , 'Yfrzurin . v QP Y , I ' F 'ellis " W' iIlQ5 YY U", ll! -A' 'Y' .T '.' g Q . x 5: --I ...Q ,- , Q A, ll-- - ,.,.l... S' 1? 6 5 5 T? I I, I fax ' Q: H 11 5 Q ' G "n , S -Q X. ,wwf A. ' 135 'far F Y4 v-5 A X. H' Q54 'qui F. F. A. '93 The Noble Chapter of Future Farmers of America has fifty active members. The officers for the term of 1949-1950, who were elected in the spring of 1949 are: Kenny Lgng ,,,-,-,,,,,,.,,,,,.,..4.,..,.,...,..,... .,...................................... P I'eSideIlt Cletus Boxell ,,,,,,, ..... V ice-President Lynden Balding .... --------- S eC1'et9-TY Donald Foll .,.......... -.---- T TESSUTBT Harvey Blain ......... ----- R2 P0f'tel' Herman Rudolphi ........,,.........,.......,...........,....---...--.---. .------------'--- S ellflllel Our Chapter sent three delegates to the National Convention at Kansas City this year, The three boys who went were Kenny Long, Bill Patterson, and Jim Wells. On October 6 our adviser, Mr. Clinton, and ten of our members attended the Section 23 Officers Training School at West Salem, Illinois. This year the Future Farmers have sponsored a hayride, a square dance, a skating party, and a game conservation meeting and have had joint meetings with Olney and Clay City. F. H. A. '33 There were eighty-one members in the Noble Chapter of F. H. A. this year. The regular meetings were held one Thursday of each month in the Home Economics room during the fourth period. The officers for this year were as follows: Marilyn Diel ........................................... ............. P resident Norene Lutz ......... .... V ice-President Phyllis Schnell ...... ......................... T reasurer Imojean Morgan ....... ............................ S ecretary Naomi Wade ........... ...... P ublicity Book Chairman Peggy Brant ....... .......................,....., R eporter Evelena Runyon .... ............... P arliamentarian Freda Bourne ......... .......... P rogram Chairman Letha Dugan .............. ...... R ecreation Chairman Carolyn Padgett .......... ,,..,.,,,,,,,,,, C 0.Chai1-man Mary Jane Bourne ---------------------- -----. ............ D e gree Chairman Mrs. Russell Patterson ......,...............,.,..,,,,..,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,, , Chapter Mother Those attending the House of Delegates were Betty Patterson, Norene Lutz, Freda Bourne, Marilyn Diel, Mrs. Rockabrand, and Mrs. Russell Patterson. In November we sponsored a chili supper and cleared S86.38. Some of the activities of F. H. A. this year were: 1. Chili supper. 2. Christmas party. 3. 'A., F. F. A., and G. A. A. square dance. 4. Initiation ceremony and initiation day. 5. Concessions at two ballgames. 6. One radio program. 7. Courtesy week. 8. Meeting with Miss De Hass as guest speaker. iaffe-ffmoisieiaiatrgiam..-:W-Tino F. F. A. 'B Top Row, L. to R.-Harvey Blain, Lyle Rusk, Neil Rutger, Bill Bloehs, Paul Ramsey, Dean Summers, Wayne Lutz, J. D. Adams, Raymond Huchel, Ivan Lewis, Robert Hesler, Bill Patterson, Jack Allard, Richard Wilhite, Gene Diesser, Dick Taylor. Second Row, L. to R.-Andy Patterson, Lloyd Berger, Bob Toliver, Emery Walker, Herman Rudolphi, Kenneth Pottorff, Bob Sager, Bill Travous, Jim Coan, Jim Wright, Jerry Shan, Walter Hundley, Neil Jorgensen, Dean Cook, Paul Wilhite. Third Row, L. to R.--Jim Wells, Paul Berger, Bob Hubbell, Neil Anderson, John Osterman, Ray Henry, Bill Stine, Thomas Fore, Cletus Boxell, Ernest Dickey, Jimmy Clinton fsponsorj, Seated, L. to R.-Ronald Prosser, Sam Bourne, Henry Payne, Austin Dasch, Lynden Balding, Donald Foll, Kenneth Long, Jerry Thomann, Howard Gray. F. H. A. '23 Top Row, L. to R.-Barbara Sager, Freida Long, Beatrice Hundley, Bonnie Allison, Janet Shan, Sue Evans, Norma McColpin, Joann Hough, Mattie Anderson, Eleanor Allison, Carolyn Robards, Mary Runyon, Lillian Kuhlig, Patsy Rodgers, Evelyn Runyon, Marjorie Murray, Nancy Decker, Mary Lou Taylor, Letty Toliver, Ruby Thomann, Freda Schwartz, Naomi Poff, Joanne Rapp, Kathlene Mitchell, Lueva Felkamp. Second Row, L. 10 R.-Betty Anne Payne, Marcaline Cummins, Neva Phillips, Betty Toliver, Shirley Badger, Norma Travous, Connie Badger, Betty Scott, Nancy Hamilton, Phyllis Dickerson, Shirley Pflaum, Alberta Maddson, Nova Martin, JoAnn Everette, Kathryn Berger, Lemora Fulk, Helen Ryker, Alberta Rapp, Betty Sue Kindred, Helen Sessengood, Telletha Grounds. Third Row, L. to R.-Mary Alice Rule, Betty Patterson, June VanBl:-zricum, Betty Ann McColpin, Maxine Hazel, Ethel Hudson, Bonnie Bradfield, Nellie Goodman, Peggy Rusk, Vivian McDowell, Wonita Anderson, Margaret Hudson, Edna Robin- son, Evelyen Blain, Mary Jane Robinson, Barbara Denind, Lorene Lutz, Bernice Anderson, Carmen Sechrest, Mrs. Carolyn Rockabrand fsponsorb. Seated, L. to R.7Evelena Runyon, Peggy Brant, Naomi Wade, Freda Bourne, Phyllis Schnell, Imogean Morgan, Carolyn Padgett, Norene Lutz, Mary Jane Bourne, Letha Dugan, Marilyn Diel. CLASS PLAYS 'is' Oh, Brother ! Jane wanted a marshmallow sundae, and Paul just didn't have the money. That's what started it all. In trying to get the money, he decides his camera is the likeliest way. So he charges an expensive enlarger to his father's account and means to return it well before the monthly bill arrives, only using it a little-and very carefully. Jane lends Paul her father's expensive camera with a S300 lens to help him out. Well, after ruining the lens with Junior's kitchen cleaner this own inventionb, letting Jane's father sit in a tray of developer, and getting taken to jail for poisoning chickens, Paul feels pretty low. But you know Paul. When the play ends everyone is happy and Paul is the hero. Don't Darken My Door! When a girl reads too many romances what chance has a mere man to win her? Rosemary wanted a lover like the one in "Hearts Aflame" and she had no time for Tom. Her admiring maid, Poppy, felt the same way fin fact, she read the same romancesj, and poor Alec, the gardener, was in despair over Poppy's sudden coldness. Then the author of the romantic books appears. She's a maiden lady with a kind heart and she sets about repairing the damage her books have done. Under her direction, Tom and Alec are soon sprouting romantic speeches and making a hit with the girls. Two fluttery spinsters from the neighborhood keep a thrilled eye on -the romantic goings-on, and even Rosemary's bachelor uncle begins to notice the good qualities of the author he is entertaining Enawarilead The finale comes with an elopement in which everybody as a an . N o SENIOR CLASS PLAY '32 Oh, Brother! Paul Jones, who has troubles ............,......... ............ J unior Bryant Mrs. Jones, his mother .............. ...... M ary Jane Bourne Mr. Jones, his father ........................... ..... D Wight Sechresfi Junior, the kid brother ........................ ..... A 11S'Cin Dasch Mary, his sister ,...........,................ ............ ....... M a rilyn Diel Jack Willoughby, Mary's boy friend ..... .... G ary Shafer Jane Willoughby, Paul's girl friend ....... ....... N ova Martin Mr. Willoughby, Jack's father ............ ,......... P aul Berger Mrs. Willoughby, Jack's mother ....... ....... B onnie Allison Mildred, the maid ............................ ....... B arbara Sager Lilah, Junior's little helner .......... ...... B eatrice Hundley Man, the law ........................................ .......,..,............ D ean Summers Standing, L. to R.-Miss Hughes fassistant directorl, Austin Dasch, Gary Shafer, Dean Summers, Dwight Sechrest, Paul Berger, Junior Bryant, Miss Kell Cdirectorb. Sitting, L. to R.-Beatrice Hundley, Marilyn Diel, Mary Jane Bourne, Barbara Sager, Bonnie Allison, Nova Martin. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY 'Yi Don't Darken My Door! Roger Kent, a bachelor .......,..,,....,.......... .........,.,..........- H erby Gillefl Tom Garrick, Rosemary's suitor ...........,A....,... .......,... B ill Farleigh Alec Stubbins, ignorant young gardener ...... ............. H oward Gray Rosemary Kent, romantic young lady ........ ,.... . Bernice Anderson Poppy Foster, maid of all work .............. ............ F reida Long Jane Perkins, writer of romances ...... ..........,... S ue Evans Louisa Featherstone, a maiden lady ,...... ......,.,..... B etty Payne Susie Feathersone, a maiden lady .............,.............. Wonita Anderson Standing, L. to R.-Miss Kell fdirectorj, Herbie Gillen, Bill Farleigh, Howard Gray, Miss Hughes fassistant directorj. Sitting, L. to R.-Wonita Anderson, Betty Anne Payne, Freida Long, Sue Evans, Bernice Anderson. HUMOR '33 Bill Farleigh: "Say, Mr. Brown, I've got a wonderful scheme for making money fast!" Mr. Brown: "Going to let me in on it?" Bill Farleigh: "Absolutely, All you've got to do is to glue it to the floor." - It 8 8 Q If Theg say a Scotchman opened his pocketbook recently and three moths ew out. X 4 if 8 8 Austin Dasch: "Mother, what's a buzzum fly?" Mother: "Why, what do you mean Austin Dasch: "Oh, I know what a butterfly is, and a horse fly, but in Sunday Sghool we sing, 'Jesus lover of my soul, let me to l thy buzzum fly. qu 4 8 S 4 4 Mr. Taylor: "Can you name five animals that inhabit the land around the North Pole?" Herb: "Yes, four polar bears and a seal." 8 if 1 8 i Nothing spreads so fast as new slang in a little town. ll if fl if I Mrs. Bloehsz "Ronnie, run and tell that Mrs. Smith at the door that Pm out." Ronnie: "Hello, Mrs. Smith. Mom's out." Mrs. Smith: "Oh, that's too bad. I just came over to borrow some sugar." Ronnie fshouting up the stairsj: "M0m! Did you mean that you were out of sugar?" BAND 'is' Top Row, L. to R.-Mr. Joe Johnson fdirectorl, Norene Lutz, Sam Bourne, Junior Bryant, Nancy Grove, Barbara Sager, Bernice Anderson, Nancy Hamilton. Second Row, L. to R.-Ella Jane Black, Betty Sue Kindred, Vivian McDowell, 'Carolyn Padgett, Lorene Lutz, Neva Phillips, Max Nettleton, Betty Anne Payne, Norma McColpin, Naomi Poff. Third Row, L. to R.-Eleanor Allison, Peggy Brant, Naomi Wade, Freda Bourne, Bob Hubbell, Joann Hough, Imojean Morgan, Albert Phillips, Sue Evans, June Van Blaricum, Wonita Anderson. The Noble High School Band, under the direction of Mr. Joe Johnson, is composed of twenty-seven members. The band made many public appearances during the year. They played at ten of the home basketball games and marched in the May Day parade. Four of the members of the band played in the Midland Trail Conference Band at Louisville on the night of the finals of the conference tournament. The band and chorus presented their spring concert in April. The program included many numbers and varied from classic to swing. We, the members of the band, have enjoyed working under the direction of Mr. Johnson and wish to extend to him our sincerest thanks for his patience and efficiency. CHORUS 'ii Top Row, L. to R.-Cletus Boxell, Bill Farleigh, Bill Hanna, Sam Bourne. Don Foll, Herby Gillen, Junior Bryant, Albert Phillips, Joe Johnson fdirectorl. Second Row, L. to R.-Betty Sue Kindred, Joann Hough, Norma McColpin, Ethel Hudson, Betty Anne Payne, Carolyn Padgett, Barbara Sager, Freida Long, Mattie Anderson, Peggy Brant, Woniia Anderson, Ella Jane Black. Third Row, L. to R.-Nellie Goodman, Bonnie Bradfield, Neva Phillips, Betty Ann Mc'Colpin, Vivian McDowell, Shirley Pilaum, Mary Jane Robinson, Margaret Hudson, Lorene Lutz, Nancy Hamilton, Norene Lutz. Fourth Row, L. to R.-Eleanor Allison, Peggy Rusk, Phyllis Dickerson, Marcaline Cummins, Imojean Morgan, Bernice Anderson, Rosa Hundley, Betty Scott, Letha Dugan. The chorus this year was directed by Mr. Joe Johnson whose assistant was Mrs. LaVange Shuler. This was Mr. Johnson's second year and Mrs. Shuler's first with. our chorus. Besides assisting with the vocal teaching, Mrs. Shuler was also pianis . The chorus presented a Christmas radio program consisting of carols and special numbers. They also took part in a spring concert this April. . --unwff- -...,.,-.Q--A 7. ,....,- .- --ipj.nuzvz-fn-r :fs-f-1'--f-ed ...-pq ,V-v-1---.,-.-ff.-. ,.,,, , v-A---1'-.-W - 19 NQ15BLI0IE 5D GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 'if The G. A. A. was organized in September, 1949. The officers were as follows: President, Eleanor Allison, Vice-President, Lemora Fulk, Secretary-Treasurer, Nellie Goodman. The purpose of this organization is to stimulate interest and participation in girls' athletics, recreation, and leisure time activites. The organization has adopted the rules and regulations set up by the Illinois League of High School Girls' Athletic Associations. The awards are purchased from the dues of 50c per year and proceeds from concessions at ball games. Awards are as follows: first local award, felt emblem 1600 pointsl: second local award, chenille N 11200 pointslg first state award, navy blue chenille block I 11600 pointsjg second state award, navy blue chenille Illinois map emblem 12000 pointsl. Points are earned by unorganized and organized activities at the noon hour and after school. Regular business meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month. Girls from the Noble G. A. A. attended two play days: the fall meeting at Olney and the spring meeting at Wayne City. Members who attended play days were Norma Travous, Evelyn Runyon, Patsy Rodgers, Lillian Kuhlig, Imojean Morgan, Cordia Patterson, Joann Hough, Lemora Fulk, Sue Evans, Letha Dugan, and Eleanor Allison. They participated in the G. A. A. telegraphic basket shooting contest on March 20, 1950. The G. A. A. sponsored two parties in its initial yearg one all-school skating party and a St. Patrick's Day party. CHEERLEADERS 'if Noble's cheerleaders this year have been a great help to the basketball teams. These girls attended all our ballgames and led the Noble fans in their cheering for the Wi dcats. All our cheerleaders have held their positions for at least two years and we hope to see the junior and sophomore members again next year. STARDUSTERS 'ii Top Row, L. to R.-Bob Hubbell, Max Nettleton, Sam Bourne, Bill Farleigh, Donald Foll, Albert Phillips, Junior Bryant, Cletus Boxell. Second Row, L. to R.-Lorene Lutz, Norene Lutz, Vivian McDowell, Peggy Rusk, Shirley Pflaum, Phyllis Dickerson, Freda Bourne, Naomi Wade, Imojean Morgan, June VanBlaricum, Nancy Grove. Third Row, L. to R.-Betty Kindred, Norma McColpin, Joann Hough, Mattie Ander- son, Carolyn Padgett, Eleanor Allison, Bonnie Bradfield, Mary Jane Robinson, Margaret Hudson, Letha Dugan, Ella Jane Black, Betty McColpin, Joe Johnson fsponsorj. Fourth Row, L. to R.-Neva Phillips, Nellie Goodman, Freida Long, Barbara Sager, Wonita Anderson, Betty Anne Pavne, Sue Evans, Bernice Anderson, Carmen Sechrest, Nancy Hamilton, Peggy Brant. The Stardusters is a club made up of students who are interested in msuic. This club had regular meetings which were held on the first and third Wednesday nights of each month. Officers for this club are: P1'eSidEY1t ............................................ ..... J unior Bryant Vice-President ....,........,,,..,, ,,,,. R gymie Bloehs Secretary and Treasurer ...... ..,..,., B ill Farleigh SPOHSOI' ----,-----------.---........... ..... M r. Joe Johnson CHEERLEADERS '35 Left to Right-Betty Patterson, Carolyn Padgett, Sue Evans. G.A.A. 'is' Top Row, L. to R.-Lueva Felkamp, Marjorie Murray, Patsy Rodgers, Evelyn Runyon, Lillian Kuhlig, Carmen Sechrest, Phyllis Dickerson, Nancy Hamilton, Mary E. Beitler fdirectorl. Second Row, L. to R.- Beatrice Hundley, Helen Seesengood, Joann Hough, Norma McColpin, Norma Travous, Nova Martin, Naomi Wade, Freda Bourne. Third.Row, L. to. R.-Wonita Anderson, Maxine Hazel, Betty Ann McColpin, Mary Alice Rule, Vivian McDowell, Peggy Rusk, Letha Dugan, Betty Kindred, Imojean Morgan. Seated, L. to R.-Bonnie Allison, Eleanor Allison, JoAnn Everette, Lemora Fulk, Nellie Goodman, Sue Evans. LIBRARIANS 'is' First Row, L. to R.-Margaret Hughes fteacher librarianj, Nellie Goodman, Austin Dasch, Ray Henry. Second Row, L. to R.-Evelena Runyon, Janet Shan, Norene Lutz, Wonita Anderson, Nova Martin, Evalyen Blain, Harvey Blain, Mattie Anderson, Nancy Decker, Betty Patterson, Shirley Pflaum. The student librarians feel very fortunate in being selected by Miss Hughes, our teacher librarian, to serve as librarian one period each day. Each semester new librarians are chosen so all that wish to may proudly help care for our large, ample library. We wish to thank Miss Hughes for her patient assistance. STUDENT COUNCIL Gi? Standing, L. to R.-Jerry Shan, Howard Gray, Carolyn Padgett, Jack Everette. Sitting, L. to R.-Austin Dasch, June Van Blaricum, Margaret Hudson, Mr. Waddle lsponsorl. The student council is an organization of the Noble High School which helps to govern the student body. It is made up of two representatives from each of the four classes. This year the student council has sponsored several different things. Some of these had educational value while others, like the all-school movies, were for the students' enjoyment. The student council held meetings on the second Thursday of each month. WILDCATS' ME OW STAFF '23 Standing, L. to R.--Evelena Runyon, Bonnie Allison, Ruby Thomann, Miss Provines fsponsorl, Harvey Blain, Betty Payne, Vivian McDowell, Peggy Brant, June Van Blaricum, Sue Evans, Barbara Sager, Janet Shan, Mary Jane Bourne, Mary Jane Robinson, Barbara Denind. Sitting, L. to R.--Betty Patterson, Freda Schwartz, Marilyn Diel, JoAnn Everette, Nova Martin. 'Our paper is distributed once a month. A staff of seventeen people have pro- duced the paper this year. This staff consisted of an editor, co-editor, typists, and various reporters. We have exchanged papers with a number of surrounding schools. JUNIOR-SENIOR CARNIVAL OF 1950 'is' The third annual Junior-Senior Carnival was held February 11. A Valentine's Day theme was carried out in the decorations and novelties. After several weeks of planning and preparation the carnival proved successful as each class cleared a profit of S190.56. Some of the different events were: queen coronation, boxing, novelty show, raffle, amateur show, movie and Sweetheart's Cafe. QUEEN OF HEARTS AND ATTENDANTS June Van Blaricum Sue Evans Freida Long Jim Wells Bill Farleigh Herby Gillen THE QUEEN OF HEARTS AND ESCORT Peggy Brant Johnnie Osterman Betty Patterson Sue Van Blaricum Peggy Rusk Bill Patterson Dennie Dugan Bill Stine ff I NDllbBLlGlIB'l-A--M-9-,150 CLASSROOM VIEWS HOME ECONOMICS Mrs. Carolyn Rockabrand This is a picture of one section of the sophomore homemaking class. These girls do a great deal of sewing and most of them belong to the Future Homemakers' Club. RADIO PROGRAM This is a picture of one group of students presenting a radio program. These programs fv presented in the English room and broadcast from WVLN by remote control. It is spon- sored by the speech class under the direction of the speech and English teacher, Miss Alice Kell. ALGEBRA Mr. Merle Allard These are the students hwo have to think before they write. The students at the blackboard are working examples for their classmates. BOOKKEEPING Mr. Murvin Brown This is a picture of the students who have many problems to solve. Most of these students plan to use this subject in their futufe careers. AGRI-CULTURE Mr. James Clinton These boys are the future farmers. The door you see on the left hand side takes you to the agriculture shop in which the boys enjoy working. METAL LATHE Bill Travous is working with this apparatus without which the shop boys would be lost. It is used in turning down metal. Each shop student is re- quired to take a course on this lathe. SHORTHAND I Miss Dorothy Fern Provines These girls are preparing themselves for their future careers. They plan to be clerks, stenographers, and secre- taries. GENERAL SCIENCE Mr. Charles Bradfield These students study the materials and forces of nature and learn how our lives are affected by them. IHIEH QW 1 9 N013,f,1,1GI13g 50 THE INDUSTRIAL ARTS AND VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURAL BUILDING 'W This building is separate from the main building. It houses the industrial arts and vocational agriculture departments. This building which was constructed mainly from material secured from War Surplus Administration is sixty-eight feet by one hundred forty-eight feet. The shop and the farm shop, each has one large entrance twelve feet by twelve feet. Their floors are concrete and their walls are covered with wall board. The east part of the building is the industrial arts section. This part has a large shop room thirty-three feet by sixty-seven feet, a class room, a finishing room, a storage room, and a planning room. Mr. Murvin Brown is the teacher of this section. The shop I boys painted the large room with surplus paint. The shop also has a new sander this year which was built by the boys for S10 but which is worth 5250. This year for the first time the shop has offered a night class for the adults of the surrounding community. The shop in our estimation is very well furnished. Much of the equipment was made by the boys. The west part of the shop building is the farm shop section. The large shop room in this part is thirty-seven feet by sixty-four feet. Besides this room there is also a storage room, laboratory, tool room, and class room in which agriculture and veteran classes meet. Mr. James 'Clinton is teacher and supervisor of this section. The farm shop was used for the first time this year and all new tools were bought for the agriculture section. The tools installed in this shop are arc and acetylene welders, power drill, and various small hand tools. Most of the shop work and the work of building storage cabinets for the shop tools and work benches is being done by the agriculture IV boys. This whole building is heated by a fuel oil furnace. Besides these two shops there are two offices and a very well equipped projection room housed in this new building. JANITOR We seniors appreciate the help and understanding our janitor, Fred, has given to us. Fred is always offering his help to anybody who needs it. He has been with the senior class all through high school. We would hardly know how to put on a play or a carnival if it weren't for Fred's helping with the lights, sound effects and a dozen other things. Our school is one of the best in Southern Illinois. It has been up to Fred to keep it in "tip-top" condition. Fred not only looks after the school but also helps the cooks in the kitchen and lunch line. LUNCHROOM The lunchroom is the room that most students rush for at the end of the third period. The three familiar faces that we see behind the counter each day are those of Mrs. Waddle, Mrs. Clark, and Mrs. Stephenson. We wish to express our most sincere thanks to these persons who have made our lunch hour more enjoyable and also permitted us to use the lunchroom when we had the concessions at basketball games. I! 'ff rv r.. N-r 3 I lx JM' zz ' Y 410 H a!0wi,'! p . - Ozlaia ' ' ' 1 - X L ' , - I 5 'Lcd ' : A ii off'-Lkfytgf If of-fynaz 1- Q - , be-Q 2, , :fue dfQ:1,, 'kfw by 7 lvfvld' 50. X 4 . Dj,-azauvk 1 I 7 K 'I Aff I h K Ya x 'K I ,727f1?f X777 , Q " 'Q' : - 1 : - ,J 411-- :,.. ,. ' f ' I- ., '. r p. - ,, 1 F:ll . It - v V 04220111 fvzoft. ne! L4 Y T jg! if Ad f- !J47b .a.eA'v' 19? od! - I 454 n,Q I Jozfy ,4w.'25g QL,A'L5rIA by I., O77.1f'i , Hy. -,lI 4' 041- .' 1 Hb 1 5-.zap .McA,er49 , , --If-14:4-hw 'lk 1-.fa .l . HB3-4, -, 5 ' ' ..-.- .f . ',.1:Jfi ,,f?,-JJ ' . - " ' ' -- ' '. 1 riff X- .,' - -'J-gf. 1-if Af' 1 .. -f ' - -. Y . - 141, -,, ..- J -1--1 3 . ,w.',- . 1-'rs -1-:".-..-1:-4,:..,-:NLE .2 H ' 1. -' . ' ' - ,- . ,-.- L. ,,g,,- ,' ,L 1- J -, - , 4. 1, , 1.:,1:-s-,,'- -, .---14 .,4 V N,..,-- -np,,- Z.,-..,. ... .M A-.5-,Q-,. 1-, ,ug -,,, s. .,,,1A i-1:15-r-.Hass-f-463'1-'f-tbfvaf,-f,.:ff 1- f+-A'-A--' - .f - 1' 11-hr' fr- '-"-+"' ' 'L' -". --.- . - A 1 -' .. , --:"".-J--'-."-'ff .-g'f"a .5 .aa .',,'.1ir', . Q 71' sf - , -" ' --1 ' ' r ' ' ' GEORGE EMIL KENNETH TED PHONE I45 Duane rf2,4fv5,0afQr,47f0m NOBLE! nLL1Non6 TED CLARK INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS Dependable, Serviceable, and Appreciative EVERETT TAYLOR, Agent Noble Building and Loan Office ' Phone 125 FROST'S GROCERY Home-Killed Meat and Mike's lce Cream BOB and EDNA Phone 102 NOBLE, ILLINOIS ' fi lINlT4DllEulEolll91lIGllUE5 J OE'S BARBER SHOP Hair Cuts, Shaves, Massages, Tonics We sell Tonics, Creams and Hair Dressing Your patronage will be deeply appreciated JOE SMITH, Prop. NOBLE, I COZY CAFE Fountain Service Meals and Sandwiches LLINOIS Phone 113 Compliments of BATES POOL ROOM Soft Drinks, lce Cream, Candy and Lots of Fun Your patronage will be deeply appreciated Emil and Wilbert Bates, Prop. THE SISTERS CAFE Lunches and Sandwiches OPE and FLOS East of Noble on U. S. 50 If-l-Nomnblwnge if-Q: Compliments of NOBLE FUNERAL HOME NOBLE, ILLINOIS FRANK RING SERVICE Goodyear and Shell Products Philco Refrigerators and Radios Home Freezers Skelgas Sales and Service Phone 34 or 30 NOBLE, ILLINOIS f1nw011PO11E5m3M01lff,fi-1 f i Photographs by SPIE TH STUDIO OLNEY, ILLINOIS i MURVIN BROTHERS General Store "A good place to trade" Phone 77 NOBLE, ILLINOIS RELIABLE SALES COMPANY BOWER'S DRUG STORE Dealers In Electrical and Gas Equipment Walgreen Agency Plumbing and Heating Walter H. Forney, R. Ph., Pm. vc. Supplies Phone 130 "We Service What We Sell" OLNEY, ILLINOIS Phone 975 OLNEY, ILLINOIS I9 RICHLAND LOCKER NOBLE DINER We doze but never close CO-OPERATIVE Complete Locker Service Chicken Dinners - Steaks Sandwiches Phone 83 Phone 158 NOBLE, ILLINOIS NOBLE, ILLINOIS Compliments of HUGH TAY!-0R'S SCHMALHAUSEN'S DRUG STORE DRUG STORE Phone 6 The Rexall Store Phone 38 NOBLE, ILLINOIS OLNEY, ILLINOIS Compliments of JOE VANBLARICUM Texaco Station SIMD , JM WM MM, 5464? fwfwmwfiibbglfwwwv ' 70 W ' x Q- .4 MMG Sm Magi , 2 'L' Ll Z Wi if Md -4?-f Liffs-fr-l ,, K. P LWL4 -If JAM M ' jlczlanh 'K " fu my ZQVWA :gl GZ X ' jar i, M 7L1L9'PN-C pw' fn... G ff 2 3 ' '?"4-4-v S AL 44.2-...ka 717-w4'Q.AMATUw7a'-'od ,..,. Mem WW M fi , NpfU7Mjd'GR J CMAQ- ffnwvww W W MM'j'4""J J W A f ff- 'Qfgf ,fm Q 04' Q M ,si 'Y' W5 M 51,2 M W ' A . ' ,Mqf 4, 1:1 fi 'f "' U L qrzv :.'4'm-li-4'-w 70 f"A":l?wM ,A-1f"'7"fs ff K I FZ 7,,ZulJ67. U-,J WA W A b J V Q : O fra pf 'M W ' ,n 'K-JN f' W-'fi i LMU 5 VV V . .ff ,QA-Ev' 'W ' VJ- f : 5 H12 ll ,. if W4 if QQ! Jpfjlfd 5 JQW '7,L4ffJ -944v'1nw 3,4-Ami 1?-'4a,,4a-4.1.7 Az-W fi

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