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A 1-77 , ','. if ,JY .gan , vw, I F F ii li F 'D ALASKA I U.S.S. D.. A a I I I- I fc," ,ff ii - I. "fl" ' ' Y' -1 " li if W pm i V 'yn N W V Y - Y if H ' ,. . nl , , I , y K, it TIINGTA f ...,f -r' I A in I so ls., Rx NXSUYA A , , ' ff '5' I CI-Il NA I 2 X , ,,y..-"' ' , ' - , I , ' J, f ,. - Q 1 !5f1llj. lir,y V I la Q SX y Y 1 1' ff , .'., II X xgx ,,.z' fl wwf . I . I pr i av" , ff is X X N I ff .. .. 1- -rf--f Q'f"'4'1.- . MMIII. O qfzfwzi X ii, Q S 9 9, ....- -JIQPFNIWETUK I ,fy 3.1441 . , , wx I --WAV' ,fs I A I I . X X XX I I f ' , I s ..- s . ., as -S .Faq V4 f' of-f I W I , " 'N If . S ' .A , fa , f ' 'X N I are r I I ' I X x ffl f I QQ!! U1-A61 I ' fi V S I I WAMUWAL arf- I I il - fl A Q H45 C I I cnulsuss OF THE uss NOBLE- r i KEEL LAID July 20, I944 'Kaiser Shipyard, Richmond, California. A SIMULATED COMBAT TRAINING.-Maui' TUH-.lcg ili Ship launched Oclober I8, I944. Ship commissioned a+ San Francisco, Calif. Nov. 27, I944. I OUTFITTINAG AND EQUIPPING-Oakland, Mare Island, I-lunlers Poinl. SHAKEDOWN AND TRAINING-San Pedro--shakedown. San Diego, Oceanside-boal 'rraining and landings. 'I COMBAT LANDING-San Francisco-por'r of deparlurei-lor Tulagi, via norlh of Hawaii Ifirsl generalquarlers suspecled submarine ap- proachesl-slipped belween Ocean and Nauru Islands. INepl'une Parly for Pollywogsl-Ihrough lndespensibIe'S+rai+s, round Florida Island 'lhroughrlron Bollom Baylo anchor olzi Tulagi in Purvis Bay, Florida Island Guadalcanal lraining wilh Squadron I2-embarked unil's of 6 Marine Balialion and Sea Bees. Enroule Okinawa, slopped over al Uliihi-here had firsl General Ouarlers for air raid. Sailed for Okinawa allack pos+ Kerama Rello--air raids-lKamakaze missed and dove info wafer off porl bowl. Easier Sunday April I, i945 landed-blh Marines for inirial landing I-laguchi Beach-Okinawa--sailed for Pearl Harbor wilh slop-over al Saipan. V , I I Jrraining. Formafion maneuvers againsl' dive bomb alif illgfi Iflaresl Kamakaze affacks Imissed shipaby 5-yardsj rpi iusl 'managed lo maneuver clear, nighl' suicide bO6'If.5 J'I searchli,gh'r beams. Back a+ Pearl Harbor+recrealionff?f an of Oahu--Hula show on board. , ' I 'V SPECIAL EXERCISES-FWilh New Kenl' IAPA-2'l7l round Nihoa Island wilh PC boafs and repelling ' 91 alfacks. Fueling and provisioning PC boals unclerwawgfi I COMBAT CONVOY--Relurned from Pearl .I-Iarboyr-iillf ar embarked CUB-I7 sailed for Eniwelok, 'rhence Uliihfi fei Mog ,Mog awailing convoyl Hogushi Bay-Okinawa-a lei Bay--Okinawa-Air raids Iafler VJ dayl. 'E if occuPATloN LANDINGS-lal onnawa. Embarkel li Army Division for landing al Jinsen, Korea. Al Jinsen ha prisoners of war for Manila. A+ Manila loaded ,l,OOO o rs , , ., ' i l S 2 0m -ir 31.-L .-,nm IAATTLE A I ,ff v f I . it ,Q . 4 fs u.s.A. , 0, 54f'0Z,! ii 'CMI PEDRO jfifyf ww . K if Q A ... . -in it I i 2 :B ii - 2s1.'a 1 gjgrftr.-" tl ' THESE! 7' Zia U55 IVODLE - .lv ' ' iAri218D fcomfflandings for amrilayiand nigl1'r rdslqrpedo aliacks mailing repelled by On,1yfaround Island ,Opeinq round and A ng agpd submarine w6Y' ' 9. bor San Francisco lumyirecrearion al wajaud-Buckner a A Corps, 7+h iliajbafiea sured Mooirs and 'lroops for Japan. Rescued eiglwl downed army aviaiors off Formosa. Picked up mek member of Armed Guard crew of SS Paoli for operalion aboard No e. lbl Manus lLos Negros .lslandl-second Neplune Parry. Embarked Marine Air Service Group ONE and Marine Air Group 25 for landing al Tsinglao, China. Sfop over al Samar and Leyfe in The Philippines- via Yellow Sea--gunnery pracrice sinking four mines enroufe-lCrews firsf visil +o Chinal. MAGIC CARPET-lal A+ Tsinglao assigned Magic Carpel derail embarked Navy and Marine separa+ees+sailed for Okinawa picked up capacily load of separarees-for San Francisco-diverfed To Seallle, Everefr, Wash. for dry docking. ibl Seaille for Nagoya. Japan lsiormy weallwerl. Filfli mine sunk oil Japan. Clirislmas in Japan wiih Army separaiees on board. Sailed for San Pedro, Calif.-slop over al Pearl Harbor lHulu show for separ- aleesl. A+ San Pedro, released from Magic Carpel delail-order To duly in Allanfic Flee+4sailinq via Panama Canal for Norfolk, Va. yr ,af I ,v , .4 :ff Y xv' .a ,Y x .1 'f 1.x f . IM, f ,yr 531.5 -f4- w .1 .QF , :ff A iv-,M , , 1 X A Q, r ' Y ,,,,- ' H Q -X' - ,.e , , 321, if-1 gg ' 1, ,ig a.. .a 1 f 4 , . P. xx ,tg x ,, , -I5 f,. - W "' U. S. S. NOBLE 41-RPA 2183 4, s ' x .if , . 1 1 If 1 5 X ..g, f. .. W: 'Hs :ii . 4" , , x an if 3. . M , Q ' . L . 1,- 5 . I. J A ,, . f if jg , if 1 gl ,g ' 'S A if 1 1 ' Xt" Q ' qw," f '-5.1 ii 5 fr' ' i .y ' I- ' Ti i 1- 0' rex. 'K l 1 'Ig-"Ti - 6 if I v 'NQ3' x , , , - . , . f "AA ' l Q X -A 1 'rx ' ' FY. nk -5 ,' ' : x ' 'ff ,? Q' K'--. we .gory ofa gow! U. S. S. NOBLE QAPA 21834 1944-1945 X., X X-ABLE 0F C0 TE T' - f , , if , , of the U.S.S. Noble shgvgioific.-rs . . . Chief? Petty Officers . . Slrifzs Company Commissioning . 'Commissioning Ceremonies . . Short History of U.S.S. Noble Oificers' Battle Stations . Pollywogs ' .... Royal Family and Staff . Okinawa . . . Jinsen, Korea, P.0.W. . Manus, Guadalcanal, Ulithi . Enroute Tsingtao A. .1 Nagoya ..... Orders and Plan of the Day . Shipboard ..... Her Life in the Pacific . Her, Passengers . Her Commendations . . ., . Crew Muster Roll Upon Commissioning Present Roster . . . . . Front End Sheet . . . 8 3 9 10 . 12-13 14' 15 16 . 19-20 . 21-22 23 25 . 27-28 31 . 32-35 . 36-37 38 38 39-40 . 41-42 THIS DDDK IS DEDICATED T0 TIIE DEEICEIIS AND NIEN DE THE U. S. S. NDDLE AN AUXILIARY PEIISDN- NEL ATTACK VESSEL U.S.S. Noble CAPA 218, f I ' 1 B P Q! , A 3.11555 Fl... CAPTAIN SOLOMON SILAS ISQUITH, USN Captain Isquith was appointed to the Naval Academy in 1916 from the 13th Congressional District, New York. While in training he was also crew coxswain and gradu- ated from the Academy June 1919. During the First World War he served as midsllipman on the U.S.S. Michi- gan, the Rhode Island, and the San Diego. In his rise to his present rank Captain lsquith has seen varied duty as follows: Ensign-on the U.S.S. Seattle, the Tattnall, and the New York. Lt. fjgj-on the U.S.S. Henderson, the Bruce, and the Dobbin. Lieutenant-Assistant Laboratory Oilicer, Navy Yard, i New York. On the U.S.S. King and the Arkansas. Legal Officer 3rd Naval District. Commanding Oflicer U.S.S. Partridge. Legal Officer Navy Yard, Ports- mouth, Va. Lieutenant Commander-on the U.S.S. Chaumont and the Utah. ' Commander-Assistant to Salvage Officer, Pearl Har- bor Salvage Operations, in charge of operations on the U.S.S. Arizona, Oklahoma, Utah, Oglala, Cassin, and Downes. While still Commander he put the Noble in commission November 27, 1944, and since that time has been promoted to Captain. Citations and medals won by Captain lsquith number the following: Victory Medal fAtlantic Fleet Clasp, First World War. China Service Medal 1940. American Defense fone starj 1941. Navy Cross fUtah action 7 December 19411. Purple Heart cUt31l action 7 December 19411. Asiatic-Pacific C2 stars, , 7 December 19-Ll, Okinawa 1945. American Area 1945. Second Victory Medal 1941-1945. Commendation letter for Salvage Operations Pearl Harbor. . v N. ,5 , z 15 f I 1 .4 , f f 1 ,Sf Q 4 f 4 1 0 f 5 m 2 , 1 1 , Q f S 3 1 1 Q fe 1 iii? 'x v , ff F3 g53,fvif'fg , 5I,Q3,if5fv qgwfegg 'mm-Lzww 365314215 fm: w msugd 3135232531 Aa'g:vf1:g.f,5 ,wgwi 1, QM? ' ' 23 P V 9 1 fa , 4 f Y A , , 1. Hs, , .X Q f, , fr ff 1 f , , 4 , , , , . I f 1 1 , 'CJ 9 5 F 1 4 - T- .. , " I hx Ill QF"Wtp vu-.F vu.-. .-15: I, I QM rv' x xx Q sl . , xi "--- l A ' F'X- ft. .us-.,. l SHIP' OFFICER CHIEF PETTY OFFICER SHIP'S COMPANY COMMISSIONING Yi- T u v- R 'k g -gs, ' 1Yg"'H-a I I- fin' 4 l vv-5 X 'ap 'X f X? :la VN fgfx. . 'f--af 9 ' IT was 3. 5 T' W Q .. 5 , wr ' ' w 1' 'iq l I- ia-9' ' 4 5 1 ,, XS st. l ' V ', 4 3 ---. . ' I L B xwifw- .fu lea.-A-my! ,ww f-1 me 10 COMMISSIONING CEREMONIES ,... .. .. ,. , ., u:f,..,,zT.A -.-nf From: Commandant, Twelfth Naval District. To: Commander Solomon S. ISQUITH, U. S. Navy. Subject: ORDERS. 1. Upon commissioning of tlle U.S.S. NOBLE CAPA-2181 at 1400 Monday, November 27, 194414 at Pier 27, San Francisco, California, you are directed to accept tl1e vessel from the representative of the Commandant, Twelfth Naval District, San Francisco, California, giving that officer receipt for the vessel. 2. Immediately upon commissioning and acceptance of the U.S.S. NOBLE CAPA-2185 in full commission, you are further directed to assume command in accordance with your basic orders. Csignedl H. S. HAISLIP Assistant Chief of Staff i Q ' EBXH ' ' f' as 1, rv' s N I . x " ' i ,u '-4' U . wrt .1 J" nl' 'xu,f'.w"'i- n A - 'Q-Jxllgxz I ... HORT HI TORY OF U S S OBLEQ PA 2185 For the members of the U S S NOBLE QAPA 2181 an amphibious ship ln Asiatic and South Pacific waters proved more ll1tel'6Slllg and ex citing than lts engagements before Japan quit on August 14, 1945 U o o o a Q . ' 9 . . attack transport, the ,compact post-war adventures and activities of the 'l nrfiily P nk f Q-if 1 ' ' 4 H V" x ,- .,, tel ifgfx.. 9 A ' 'A is-. 5. 12 Commissioned 27 November 1944 at Kaiser's Richmond, California yards, the NOBLE, sailing alone on her maiden cruise through Jap held islands reached Guadalcanal in February 1945. There she trained with and later embarked members of the 6th Marine Division landing them on Easter morning fApril lst, on the shores of the now famous Okinawa. Although suicide planes did get through to some ships, the NOBLE was lucky enough to escape being hit. Upon completion of her duty at Okinawa she shipped to Saipan and Pearl Harbor. Here the crew had their first liberty, a sight-seeing tour about the island of Oahu, and the ship then sailed east for a short visit to our home port, San Francisco, arriving in June. Here another load-a 66Cub" outfit-took passage to Okinawa with stops at Eniwetok, and Ulithi with its '4Mog-Mog" beer and baseball island of the Caroline group. Finally, on August 14 and 15, the ship was again anchored at Okinawa in Buckner Bay when several Jap Kamakize attacks occurred even while some peace celebrations were going on elsewhere. The planes missed the NOBLE, but hita sister ship APA close by one night and torpedoed another the next night. In September the ship carried the first American occupation troops, contingents of the 7th Army Division, to Jinsen, Korea. It was there, too, that American, British alld Australian prisoners of war who were evacuated from the prison camp of Seoul were taken on board ship for transportation and treatment. They were happily provided with clean linens, hot showers, all the ice cream they could eat, and an uopen ice box" was at their disposal. Admiral Thomas C. Kincaid, Commander of the 7th Fleet who interviewed these emaciated prisoners, was quoted as saying the ,laps who mistreated them would undergo trials. The sea was calm, the weather fine, and the evacuees 6l1jOy6d a very smooth ride to Manila. Special personnel handled the evacuees at Manila where a colored band was on hand to greet them. - From Manila, where sunken ship's hulls stuck up in the Bay and the bombed rubble of the city was clearly in evidence, the ship embarked a load of Military Occupation oflicers for Tokyo along with others for the island of Hokkaido. On the trip back to Okinawa, the NOBLE intercepted a radio report of the loss of a C-47 plane downed off Formosa. After an intensive search during a night and day, our ship found tl1e first raft witl1 2 fliers, and then the other 6 were turned over to our escort. The luck of the NOBLE continued when it was ordered to Ma11us Island in the Admiralty Group. Underway she shied clear of a Wow" of consider- able proportion which later developed into the disastrous typhoon that struck Okinawa in October 1945. At Manus the ship loaded with Marine Aviation units for Tsingtao, China, the 'fl-Riviera" of the Far East. En route, the NOBLE again made a 'frescue at sea," picking up an armed-guard sailor from a merchant tanker and our Senior Medical Officer, Lt. Comdr. Wm. A. Morris, performed the successful emergency appendectomy operation. A stop was made at Samar and Leyte, P.I. prior to sailing through the hazardous Yellow Sea where floating mines, loosened from their moorings, presented a constant menace. The familiar "general quartersn gong sounded numbers of times and the ship shimmied through the minefields, and the gun crews successfully sank four of these mines as evidences from the upaintingsv on the upper bridge. At Tsingtao the embarked Marines were landed just in time to witness the "last,' Japanese surrender to American fand Chinesel Commanders. This ceremony took place on October 26th at the Municipal Race Track, and for this occasion the Captaln of our ship, Commander Solomon S Isqultll, U S Navy, a veteran of almost 27 years commissioned servlce, was officially ll1Vlt6d to attend on behalf of the ship s crew , At TSll1gt30 the Noble was ordered to joln the 66M3glC Carpet ' outfit, a happy duty for those who had obtalnedsufficlent 6P0ll1tS,, for separation from the service Here a group of Bluejackets and MHPIHES were embarked on 28 October 1945, and the ship sailed for Okinawa where she filled up to the gunnels with 'fhlgh pointers bound for San F ranclsco and all POIDIS 66Sl13t6Sld1-39, Enroute home on the northern great clrcle route every known kind of weather was encountered, from sunshine to hall, with drenchlng ralns ln between Halfway across, the Shlp was diverted to Seattle, Wash lngton, where the separatees debarked The Noble went to Everett, Wash lngton, for drydockmg, having been at sea for over a year Upon reloading the Noble left December 5, 1945 for Nagoya, Japan On the trlp over she encountered the severest storms since her commission mg with record breaking rolls of 44 degrees and corresponding pitching movements Except when unavoldable all hands kept off the weather decks, and there were no personnel casualties Chrlstmas lll Japan was made memorable for 2,000 Army officers and men for they were entertained aboard the Noble wlth a hearty old fashloned Navy Christmas dinner, candy, clgarettes, cigars, and even Christmas glfts Homebound again, smoother weather was experlenced with a welcome stop over at Pearl Harbor, where a Hula dance was arranged for the passengers Leaving Pearl Harbor the ship was again dlverted but this time to sunny San Pedro, Cahfornla A short stay there and then orders to the East Coast for duty wlth a welcome stop over and sight seelng trlp through the Panama Canal So after some 60 000 mlles of steaming through the broad Paclfic the Noble leaves for HCIIVG duty lll the Atlantic and perhaps European waters-but wherever ordered the Noble has at all times safely reached the obyectlve g .n w 'M ' ,J I Q Q Q Q Q O I O U O u Q Q Q Q 9 U O I O O , . Q Q 5 Q Q Q Q Q O C O C C 0 Q I O Q Q I I O I O l 0 I O I 7' . - Q 0 Q Q Q Q I Q C Q Q Q Q . Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q O Q Q Q Q Q 0 Q Q Q Q 0 0 0 , Q Q C , Q Q Q I U 1 l I Q I , Q Q Q 1- Q v ' ' 9 o 0 ' L X Qu- K 0' S Q F X Q' .Avi , I ' qv' 'gps n v- i' , Q o S 4 -N VY. by f Z , 1 - ' Nx 'llrws --N.. n A 1 Y -,Q ,. 5 , i-Kal K, 'A' "x"'JL 13 U SS NOBLE IAEA 218i OFFICERS BATTLE STATIONS NAME Comdr S S ISQUITH Lleut E W LAKAS S W LEIGH W SUNKENS Lleut Lleut CONDITION I Conn-Bridge C I C Evaluator Comm Off Bridge Engine Room CONDITION I A Conn Bridge Navigation Brldg Engine Room ' 9 Lieut: J.. DSMARTIN., Jr. O..O.DT-Bridge Navigation Bridge ' . . . . .- ' ' ' ' fre W CW! Lieut. C. W. ROGERS Lieut. C. J. BELL Lt. fjgl J. S. COOPER Lt. Cjgl J. F. BARTELS Lt. fjgl W. H. OUTMAN Lt. qjgy R. T. cL1FToN Lt. W. P. LINTHICUM Lt. fig? J. ECHELES Ensign G. G. LANG Ensign H. M. SHARP A Ensign J. A. ASHBURN Ensign L. L. MEYER Ensign V. J. FREDRICKSON Ensign G. L. KUNEN Ensign H. E. BROADBENT Ensign S. Y. WILHITE Ensign P. H. BRUNER Lt. Cdr. W. A. MORRIS Lt. Cdr. F. A. L'ESPERANCE Lt. fjgl M. L. FORCHT, Jr.. Lt. fjgl R. PADEN Lieut. R. E. HOWELL Ensign F. R. JILLSON Lieut. J. F. ARNOLD Ch. Bosn. O. O. SOETEN Elect. G. E. HILL Mach C E YOUNG Ch Carp P W WYNN Ch Pharm R S MacDONOUGH Pay Clerk P P SMILEY A P C R A STRAUS 2nd Lt K R CHURCH Lleut P F PARKER Lt Ugl T G WRIGHT Lt fjgl W F EICKS Enslgn D K NYGAARD Enslgn C H CORBETT EHSlgl1 E E WOLFF EllSlgl1 J L MERRICK Ensign W C SHRODE Ensign J B SIMPSON Ens1gnM G STEPHENSON Ensign P H TRAUDT Ensign H J VODERBERG Lt fjgl R P EBLEN Lt Cjgl G S BOVA Control Officer Damage Cont., Cent. Repair j.f2 Signal Bridge Fwd. Main Deck Cargo Officer s Damage Cont., Central Boat Deck fDavitsJ Fwd. Batt., Batt. Off. Gun 44-1 Battery Off. 5"f38 Repair :ffll Recog. Flying Bridge Signal Bridge Asst. Control Officer J.0.0.D. Coding Rooln Asst. Control 20mm C.I.C. Engine Room S.G. Transmitter Rm. Repair- 1454 Sick Bay Area Sick Bay Area Fwd. Bat. Dress. Sta. Aux. Dress. Sta. :,.f'f:1 Coding Room Coding Room Sick Bay Area Repair :,.l'f:I Engine Room BOIICFE Room Repair 3 Aux Batt Dress Stat 43:2 Coding Room Batt Off Gun H20 10 Batt Off Gun :,v':f:29 Repair 3 Batt Off Gun :,r':f:22 Batt Off Gun :,2I Debarkation if: I, Fwd. Batt. Dehark. :H9 Sz 10, 5" Batt. Repair 11:4 Debarkation Officer Signal Bridge Debark. .yi 2 Asst. Cont. Off. J .0.0.D. Coding Room Dehk. if 8 20mm Cont. 'C.l.C. Deck Mach. S.G. Transmitter Rm. Repair 41:4 Sick Bay Area Sick Bay Area Casualty Sorting Stat. Casualty Berthing Stat. Debark. 1124, Batt. Off. Gun 27, 28 Debarkation :HIS Sick Bay Area Deharkation LHI3 Engine Room Boller Room D6b3Fk3tl0l1 7 Casualty Sorting Stat D6b3Pk3tl0l1 6 Galley Discharge Cargo Batt Officer Gun 29 Boat Group Comdr Asst Bofut Grp Comdr Asst Boat Grp Comdr Batt Off Gun :HI23 25 Boat Officer Batt Off Gun H27 Boat Officer Batt Off Gun IHI44 Boat Officer Batt Off Gun :H.'24, 26 Boat Officer .I O O D Batt Off Gun :fi 28 Coding Room Batt Off Gun H45 Batt Off Gun :li42 SI q':,r':43 Boat Officer Boat Officer Coding Officer Boat Officer Boat Officer Batt Off Gun ifillllf 45 Asst Beach Master Aft Bat Dress Sta Beach Party Med Off . . p ' - 4 . I I Q . , . - - 1 v at Lieut.. D. G. DIVINE Secondary Control Beach Master l ' qI"E2xg1 . n 412, YQ! t o . . ' ' ' 9 - I Ln, - ' ' ' ' ' ' - . . I4 . ,Q J. ,X UNDEBWAY X W Er A V Q Q s f x f ' . if 1 1 1 r 3 f f 4 fx 4 1 f 23 H! 5, mg SZ! Y 313 6 , lg L P A , w Y ,, 1 L. , Y , W 'u W. W1 W1 'A 'e i. 11 11 H li .. ll 11 I, '1 le 'Q 1, '1 i it 95 , K Qi Q1 'z '1 1,1 ,, V? Hi w WL m K, S. O ,S--TK,!M36,ve ,.,e,7,.f---...W .W ,I . ,V I - ,Qu 4 'J-V X V f h m N L-1 V is I , - A ,V If ,.,' if ,I Il, I, A f ,, V I A , ggwg g ,, I V M . V V, 1 I W V, A ' ,lfirgi ' X' A V, 'J V 'V A f ,, 'Pi fi V ' M ff ,,,, 1 4 H ff--A , 1,55 1, I ! 1' 3 I, .qv Cl V Z , ,,-' ,I 1 if ,,.-VV, hV,:,f,,w,mM ,IIV is . 24.5, ,, K ,L , VL .Q , 1, Q E ,A ,V .- 7 M A-fm 'ff' if Aa ,Q fi Va t , i 'ix ii 'E T ,Li-'Y 'V-1. ' ' gif or if e V V . aft? K VV V, ...Q t , fa V V a 1 1 V M,-4 Vx: ,Leg V f ,Q V f ' , ' - ,M 7 , -. - '-. WZ 'Q 2, A. ff- Q , V - V VV , K V ft V V V ' ' fa- fix J Y A- '. 1. ' r. ' . r, 1- ' affff i , , X ' 'l' 9 f, fl--V '1 ,Z ' ' ,f Q , ,VF f V t 1' - A-4.4 . if . ,, ,, ,t V rg O . My git? ,, ji! .5517 A :ZAMX J 5 N V 551, 3 X 1 , l f- ew? I fi' - M , :fl " V4 X T0 ALL SAILORS V451 Ll' . ,. ., J , X V' .1gfVg,. ff , ' ' 'ZVFQ jj, ,W,W,Q-K 'Q ,- new , gy, V , gi NN! V f, ,l,,, SOLDIERS, MARINES , 7: MV V , ,Q Q K ' gf" WHEREVERYEMAYBE2 I t 5 4 camrrmos: V N rf' 5 K M ., A ,J :mb to all CiiLm,L.i4A... ..,. 1... -...a,N,,, V S7j,,.1L,,.mx2?ZVL.4 h 2 ' f M ilf, 4 Lg , f' f' flftrrnxanhs. UIEl,ha!r5,be.15rrvrnts, t V - V VL Y ,af , ' 3. Q Dorpoms. Svbarks. GEMS, Dolphins. Siftsatrs. ivurkcrs, Crabs, lohsrrrs. muh all otbrr lining Uifnugs of the bra: f EN' ' , :tsl ' ff A iinnm pr, that on this m latxrube 00000 anb longmxbf ther: :wpmreh lmrhm Dux' Rum! Enmgm fb, was V X 5 3 ' V 7 ' bounb Qvnuthmrsfumrh lor fhr 'Cqxmrovy thc fbuutix ima lislmbs, Rrlu Zr.xl.iub sub Rustralmu Darts ' A , . ' 'f , ' ' D :aa rr mwmamasiazzziaa 1 r ff 5 A 3 1 wh Uibat tht saw Urssrl dnb Qffnrrs muh Qlrfm rbrlggjiriii SYXIQXISDFKYID ann uassrh on tw Qurmurs ,mb Bowl bmi: , X ' VV V f 5 News Q -wo V J Q 5? BP SUPP 5'Hll01:?Vv33'l-lrlrirs. laxxbiubiirrs. Suilmrs, ,mb qllpritbrrs who mar' tn' bouourrh kv has Drisrnn. that Dnalrvmvu ' 5 , H V I I ' 'W vw , ,.,, VL!!--Agn, I I A, M V If If if I I 1 ' batting imrrn fnunh Luurthv tn br uumhrrrb as our of our Irnstv iilliflliiiftilsbyljk tilts bruriidbulvi lnitistrb into the f ,, , ,,,. - ,, , , . , , , , V V V T V , S0 UE' THE EAEZCHENT ORDER OE' , , VV . 4 I, ,1 Q , , , 5 21 , Be It Further Understoodx Char bv mrtur of th! poturr mbrstch an me 31 Do hrrrbrr rommanb if ' gg, K f V ' S dll mv Sllillrtw fo SDDUJ UHF honour mm resvcrr tn bum wfyerrmer hr map hr, ,t f ' 5:52532 A Disgbey this Order under Penalty of Royal Displeasure. V V N.-...,,, bmw: unhrr our hanh mm seal this , ' , 5 f H- y '- ' 1 V -- y . , Q l 7 X y p, , p, p , ff-fy Ybyafzmw QZX V 3 Q 1 ' f K 5 h A A Ruler ul tlw Raging Hum , Ji ' If I 4 , I .H . :lui Hlnirslgl I4 Ewrxhr V! gy Bl, g,,,,,,,, ,. , wh , V V V V ci , , , , V , r x x., ' , , W , ,, ,V w -fff K., vw- ggi., V K 1 ,I Vx- j ,fp I ,V -V --,,,f,, --V ASL, ' 4 .wf 1 -V f: V ,I Q , , I d I b 5 V MC. 1 ll Q A V -,Qi 7 f VV, fwffmf s 1 r V, VV A ,, an I 'VL "' ' "V , ' 4 HQ. A -V ' ' .. V72 -, 'V LN 4, fm- " - 'fs' 'uv ff! V 'L ff "fA- V- VV VVV V YV' 5-aw -- .-.aff V , .V , ., ,, mil. E ,.f. L Mn.. . ,, .,, VcV1....,.,yiQ.A .V . ., ,s Th V lf! -,, V, H L1v..',,..g,. ...,.Wd.4.f..4,1-1V-WQVV4, NOBLE'S POLLYWOGS DISCOVER SECRETS OF SHELLBACKS' DOMAIN The boisterous ceremonies of 'ccrossing the line" are of such ancient vintage that their 'precise derivation is lost. It is known that ceremonies took place long ago when the ship crossed the thirteenth parallel and when passing through the Straits of Gibraltar. These early ceremonies were of the roughest sort and were, to a great extent, supposed to try the crew to determine whether or not the new men on their first cruise could endure the hardships of a life at sea. Gradually, this initiation came to be, as it is today, primarily a ship's party, and the Equator became the traditional place for the initiation, or "trial", of the 6'landlubbers,'. At an earlier date, it was apparently the custom of the Vikings, when crossing certain parallels, to make appeasement to Neptune, the mythologi- cal god of the seas. It is possible that part of the ceremony grew out of these earlier traditions, even though sailors had come to doubt the existence of Neptune. Nevertheless, Neptunus Rex -- King Neptune - is today the Hmajestyv who rules the ceremonies. This ancient and spectacular ceremony is dear to the heart of the seamen of all nations, and it is a curious fact of human nature that men will - Q Q Q Q n v v 0 ?-. XT 'Z Q willingly undergo pany ll1lt1atl0ll in order to be permitted to inflict the sam J' on other men. . ' llfg feff i' gill:-W' IH. - ' 'rxgillvg g fp I 5 Davy Jones... R-oyal Queen Prmcess ....... Royal Baby ....... Peg-I eg .... Q .... Royal Dancer ..... Royal Barber ........... Royal Devlls ........... Royal Judge ......... Royal Doctor... Royal Scrlbe ....... Royal Ta1lo1 ........ ROYAL FA ILY A D TAFI? King Neptune ...., ....... M ARSH E L CRM GREGC M B BMIL MYERS L L Ens LONG W J Jl GM1c -SCHWARZ F SC1c BEGANSKY CBM .WIDEMAN C GM2c -SMITH B B CM1c BRYANT E SC3c Prosecutmg Attorney ............................ VAUGHT .I D SSMLZL Defense Attorney..ROCERS C W WILLIAMS T BOCKE J F BROWN R C -SELBY W C -DIVINE D Lieut EM2c EM3c Lleut BM1c Bos n Hugh Sheriff .... .SOETEN O O 1 .SCHNEIDER F C Y WYNN P W Ch Carp Sea Hag ........ MARKOWITZ J H , BM2c Royal Chaplain .... STRAUS R A APC Undertaker .............. .... P IERCE C SMIL Royal Slave .................... LONG M Lklc HUDSON O St3c Royal Bears .... WALTERS R St C CSK LORDELL L J CCM LUQUE M M SM1c WILSON B H CMoMM WILHITE S Y Ens BRITSCHGI C C RM1c Royal Dentist ........ GURNEY R A Cpl1M LINTHICUM W P Lleut Cjgj Royal Pollceman .................................... ' HALTERMAN H G BM1c STUCK R F CM1c RLECHL A smse J MOORE L E ccs HART D T BM1c GILL W R BMIL Royal Jester ............ RUSSELL J F CMM Royal Photographer .................,.......... MacD0N0Uf1H R S Ch Phaxm Royal Executloner ........ Bell C J Lieut Summons and Orders Extraordmary of the ,Royal Court of Neptune Rex Name ........................................................................ Rate ................,............. 1 You are hereby ordered to appear ln the Sh1p's Mess Hall of the good shlp NOBLE dressed as follows Mattress cover for sklrt, a bralssere made by your own hands, wearlng a Hat hat, and a ten ll1CI'l bow tle, wlth whlte gloves 2 Be prepared for a short arm lnspectlon You wlll serve chow to the Royal Trusty, F althful and most Honorable Shellbacks fsf Davy Jones Scribe Orders of the Raging Deep POLLYWOC MENU BOILED PUREE OF POLLYWOG TAIL AU DAVEY JONES ROAST BOSUN BIRD A LA EQUATOR OLD SALT DRESSING OCTOPUS INK SAUCE CHOPPED SEA SERPENT GRAVY SARGASSO SEAWEED WITHCSEAL OIL p MASHED MONKEYFISTS LUCKY BAG SALAD A LA SCUM f . . ' . , Q 9, 0 I Q 9 - 9 1 . , , ,, ' 9 '7 1 1 O I , , ,, , 1 9 9 . - 9 '9 9 ' '9 "9 ' P , . . ., 9 ' '9 C 9 ' '9 J 9 '9 , . ., ' W , . ., W 9 ' 'H , . Bw . , . ., . ' 9 ' '9 . . V . , l I, 0 9 ' '9 , . 9 ' '9 ' . CEM ' ' " ' ' " ' HALLMAN H. H. CBM 9 9 . 7 ' '9 , . J., . 9 ' '9 9 '9 ' a 4 , .G., . 2 ' 'S . . . . . 9 ' EU , , . , , . ., ' , . .,c1. 4 4 ' '. C 9 - '9 9 ' '9 . . 1 9 ' '9 ' ' ' , ..., . ' . '1 c 9 I Q . 9 I 0, I 66 ' 99 I O O I . O O . . . 0 O I O O O O O O O Q ' , 7 . l IRISH PENNANT HARD ROCK 9 .HQLY STQNE gn , SLICE BARS 9 TAR A BILGE WATER AND WHALE MILK 16 Top left: Second Crossing Equator--Jolly Rogert, right: Pollywogsg center: Royal Courtg Skipper being relieved of command by Davy Jones and crewg Royal Babyg Royal Princessg Royal Hagg Royal Dancer. 5 TEEN f 1 'Q' " . ly 9 gi' ,' ,I 'rbi nd' , -mfs 'Nina .,,, ,. by ,I I ' .f .QZRLYJ T Us I7 122 lv, if! 1 , v F '31 S, 5 :Sa F, If ' 5 . i i Q' 2 if r i g at Qin 'S Fi! bfi L is .' gg S, ...wa Lv , X ,.,.. ik ki .' ,-' , l I ' il 'Jax ,1 .I ,mxx xx Q: G . fail. r A - x'Kr,5F-, E.. b-.....Qp5-- 13 Top left: More ceremony: right: Diapering the babyg Royal Surgeon Operatingg Pegley, Davy Jones, Cap't Isquithg Shellback gaunt- letg Shellhackg Cropping the headg Royal Tankg Shellback. f X ,SX ,,.-, W, ,Uv Ukinawa Top left: American Cemetery, Okinawag - 77th Div. Cemeteryg Afterrnath of Invasiong R gglig. W Captain Isquithg Okinawa debarkationg K x xx Operationg Naha. Mixing, ' i"'i' 19 3 1 5. 1 4 1 f xx if? 1 ii CEE Q 5 6, Ilklnawa fP',5"k 11,gfi,a 919541421 Top left Lt S H Lelgll, Commandel S S Isqulth, Lt Comdr Wm A Morris, Lt John D Martln JI , rlght Lt John D Martm, Jr , It Walter Sfxnklns, Lt COIlldl Wm A Molrls, Captam S S Isqulth Okl nawa scenes ' 15 V2 A LQ. . , : . . . ' ' ' ' . r . ' ' , ' : . A lma. W . ' a. J. . . ' . . t ' :K XS a ul 'st u , ' ' X--Q.. als' '- 0 g . 20 ls" A ' . Top left: Adm. Kincaid addressing Allied P.0.W. released from jinsen, Koreag Load- ing P.O.W.,sg Embarking Allied P.0.W.,s Cslretcher casesjg Equipment issued to ex- P.O.W.'sg English P.0.W. zlccordionistg A stretcher case. Jinsen, Korea P.0.W. 1 jrxfww , I. "'A fbi' I 4 21 1 5, W P w , lr ' I Q K. fi? 1. Q W w fi- Q i in M ' , 1? fi Qt 1 if -S i Jinsen, Korea P.0.W. Y n T I 'ix W :img f-'T99 x o ..,.,:,iiqm 2 2 iw Top left: Unloading sick P.O.W.'s at Manilag Lowering the sickg Unloadingg the Highland Flingg American P.0.W.'s entertainingg 'Un- loading the wounded. I I Manus Guadalcanal, Ulithi Top: Chapel at Manus, Admiralty Islands: Officers and boys at Manusg Batter-Upg 5-.A ux gk Four Horsemen-Malnusg Ulithi womeng 3 ,-W! R25 on Guadalcanal. 5 f NN lf--.3 ga, -r . , '--Yggkx-A-Liv !! 23 1 tl' r I' ,H --vw, ff' 05 1 H' . - I, L V' ' . x x S fl H 24 1 st Top left: Mine exploded by Nobleg Desig- nates 5 Mines destroyed by Noble in occu- pation areag Riviera of Chinag Lt. Comdr. E. W. Lokasg Comdr. S. S. Isquithg Tsingtaoz Marines unloaded at Tsingtao. Enroute Tsingtao - s V, QQ F' om EQ. - 4 1' . - X- N, :SKF nfl mil. f -D,.- lu X' 'zzgx "' 25 Magic Carpet JAIWX nv 1' 4: Wifm 7 gf - wx- W ' 'X FX . ' , ,. sh . , -J ' " u f 26 1- , Nagoya ' T-. f7"""m ti Scenes of Nagoya, Japan. 1 nd , x. xy flxlf' :yt f, wgxcg jf' 27 5' ' ,. 1 ,,, VNagoya l Scenes of Nagoya, Fujlama from near Na fl S lf ,W ml my C 44-ln ,, A ll I X I l 1 e F ' E 01 W, sk ' ' U ' ' , 7 ,LT-ag, Goya' Stovall C. J. SSLM 2fc' Kelly E. D t x xx e 7. 9 1 9 1 Vw-ig' - D 4 l 'S 23 Religious Services E wx. Chaplain Arnold. Religious Services on board ship, Protestant, Catholic, Jewish. viii? L , 'KLA-rf ww f' 29 Religious Services I KW! 3 2' E W R' Q 'Wh rw: - W frm-r :sn - -'ein-.1EG9,.,..-, 30 ORDERS AND PLAN or THE DAY Saturday, 31 March 1945 UNIFORM OF THE DAY: ' Officers and Chief Petty Officers-Gray or Khaki without necktie. Crew-Dungarees. 0.0.D.-Gray or Khaki. 0445-Mess cooks and mess men report to mess hall. 0530-Reveille. Morning alert for gun crews, lookouts, and bridge watch. 0600-Breakfast. 0645-Clean sweep down. 0700-Turn to ship's work. 0815-All divisions muster on station. Department Heads make muster report. V 0330-Easter Service and Communion, topside at :HI2 hatch. fCrews Mess Hall in case of foul weatherl 1000-Mess cooks and mess men report to mess hall. 1 1 1 5-Clean sweep down. 1 130-Dinner. 1345-Clean sweep down. 1400 -Turn to ship's work. 1500-"D-Day" Service for all troops and ship's company of all faiths conducted by Chaplains Berman and Arnold, topside at number 2 hatch. 1545-Mess cooks and mess men report to mess hall. 1645-Clean sweep down. 1700-Supper. C A Sunset Darken Ship Evening Alert Eight o'clock reports after eveningalert. NOTE: Beginning Sunday April 1 the laundry will be secured until completion of the present operation. E. W. Lakas Lieutenant QD, USNR Executive Officer l P ' I i" ' I ,1n4'i5s x .-,rziili mli. - 1' "Xxx.iglAM I t" 3I Top left: Presentation of Plaque to ship by Lt. Col. Couldg Ship's Urchestrag Capll Isquith receives plaqueg Strip tease, Happy Hour entertainment, Rheinhvolt, WT3f 5 Kam- ikaze catcher on Signal Bridge. Slliplroard Top right: Captains, Gigg Happy Hourg ji- N Fourth of July Happy Hourg Stretcher case, ' 3 P.0.W. Jensen. 5' 1 33 Shipboard AV I 1 gl v-7 Q jx' i -W W r ' . 5. I ag.-2 ' 5, 'Q' '. , A X x W G G ' a'f"S!,, . i,v""'i'iq- wg,-' 34 Shiplloard ' vi f'fiZLQf v k. ,- 35 +3 ll1',r'9l sk R' If 4 5, Tu. x xx W. . xt-1,255.1-1E,E,,t,. 36 IIER LIFE I 27 November 1944 U.S.S. Noble commissioned at 1400 at pier 27, San Francisco, California, and left immediately for Oakland Supply De- pot to load stores. 1-5 December At I-Iunter's Point, San Francisco, Cali- fornia for fitting out. 7 December Proceeded to Mare Island to load ammu- nition. In "pea soup" fog, soon finds the value of her Radar in avoiding near- collision with another ship. 10 December Sailed for San Pedro for ffshakedownw cruise. 11-28 December Shaking down- new crew in San Pedro waters. 29 December-13 January, 1945 Amphibious training operations at San Diego, Oceanside and adjacent waters. New Year's at San Diego. 14-15 January, 1945 At Bethlehem Steel Co., Yard, San Pedro, California, final fitting out. 24 January Sailed for San Francisco to pick up new LCMS. ' 25-30 January In San Francisco Bay. Loaded two LCM 6s for Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands. 30 January Sailed alone from San Francisco en route Fo Afulagi, Florida Island, Solomon Is- an s. 31 January-1 February Winds of gale velocity and high seas caused first sea sickness and helped an unseasoned' crew to early get their "sea legs". 5 February Sighted MAUNA KEA peak, Island of Hawaii, T.I-I., after playing about with large unidentified target, the first contact at sea. A 12 February Passed within sight of Little Makin Is- land, Gilbert Islands. At 734 crossed the Equator into South Pacific area. During Full Moon slipped silently passed the Jap held Islands of Nauru and Ocean. 13 February About ,fif ty Shellbacks initiated some 450 pollywogs into the Ancient Order of the Deep in an impressive ceremony. 14 February Dropped anchor in Purvis Bay, Florida Island, Solomon Islands. 23 February-11 March Maneuvers, gunnery, loading and landing exercises in "Iron Bottom Bay," around historic Savo Island and adjacent waters. 12-14 March Anchored off' BUNINA POINT, Guadal- canal and embarked 1409 officers and men of the 6th Marine Division. THE PACIE IC 15 March Sailed with Task Group 53.11 en route to Ulithi Island, Caroline Islands. 21-26 March Anchored in Ulithi Lagoon. A 27 March Underway for invasion of Okinawa, Ry- ukyu Islands. 31 March Off' South West coast of Okinawa, com- menced final approach for assault land- ing. Easter Sunday Services held today. 1 April 1945 I CEaster Sundayj V At General Quarters almost continually. Landing effected at H-hour 0830. 5 April Mission completed, sailed from Okinawa to Pearl I-Iarbor with stopover at Saipan, Marianas Islands. 19 April Arrived Pearl Harbor, moored to buoys in East Lock until 6 may 1945. Enjoyed "Hula" show on board, several trips around the Island of Oahu, and liberty in Honolulu and Waikiki. 6-14 May OH' Maui Island, T.H., participating in practice day and night attack and load- ing maneuvers with squadron of Attack Transports. 14-16 May Pearl Harbor again. ' 17-27 May Round and round NII-IOA, T.I-I., in com- pany with U.S.S. New Kent CAPA 217j, simulating convoy movements for sub- marine maneuvers. Underway fueling of our two P.C. escorts. 29 May Sailed from Pearl Harbor en route to San Francisco and first leave! 2-29 June San Francisco Bay. Coveted leave or lib- erty for all hands. Several officers and men detached here. About 40 new men added to the crew. 29 June Sailed alone from San Francisco en route to Okinawa via Eniwetok and Ulithi with 1267 officers and men of Cub 17 aboard. 11-14 July Stopped over at Eniwetok. 18 July-8 August Anchored in Ulithi Lagoon. Despite the doubtful attractions of Mog-Mog Island, the "Pearl of the Pacific", 22 days in the sweltering summer heat. of Ulithi La- goon with 1267 restless passengers aboard is no picnic. ' 8-12 August Last leg of the long trip to Okinawa. Again at Hagushi and again night air ral . 13 August Moved to Buckner Bay, unloaded pas- sengers day following. 14-15 August Air attacks by Japanese. General Quar- ters most of both nights. Two sister APAs close at hand hit and severely dam- aged, and still air raids and alarms 'til 18 August. 5 September Peace having become an accomplished fact, embarked Army troops for occupa- tion duty and departed for Jinsen, Korea. 8-11 September Harbor of Jinsen, Korea. Embarked about 450 Allied prisoners-of-war, among them 120 American officers and men taken at Bataan and Corregidor. These men were visited on board by Admiral Thomas C. Kincaid, Commander of the 7th Fleet. 11-16 September En route Manila, P.I. One mine sunk by escort enroute. 16 September Arrived Manila, and debarked RAMP pas- sengers to the music of an Army Negro band assembled on the dock in official welcome. Brief opportunity to see the ruins of once beautiful Manila. 19 September Departed Manila en route to Okinawa with 500 Navy replacement personnel aboard as passengers. 21 September Ordered to search for and succeeded in finding Army fiiers whose C-47 Skytrain had been forced down at sea off Formosa, and who had been adrift in open rafts for over 30 hours. Two of the men picked up by the NOBLE, the other six by an escorting DE, after a full night and day search over a wide area. 22 September Arrived Buckner Bay, Okinawa. 25 September-2 October En route Manus, Admiralty Islands. Missed typhoon which struck Okinawa with devastating force after our .depar- ture. Another Equator 'initiation on aboard for the few new po-llywogs who joined the ship in June. 2-11 October Enjoyed the ample and no longer crowd- ed facilities of Seadler CGerman for "Sea Eaglewb Harbor and the Navy and Marine Corps Bases on Manus and Los Negros in the Admiralty Islands. 11 October Departed Manus carrying Service Air 1 and Marine Air Group 25 and their equip- ment to Tsingtao, China for occupation duty. 15-17 October Stopped over at Leyte and Samar, Philip- pine Islands, to pick up some of our roaming mail, enroute Tsingtao through mine infested Yellow Sea-sunk four mines. 22-23 October Tsingtao, China. It was here that we had opportunity to witness the formal sur- render of Japanese Forces in the Tsingtao Area to the Commanding General, Sixth Marine Division, and the Deputy Com- mander, Eleventh Chinese War Area. 28 September Departed Tsingtao en route to San Fran- cisco, California via Okinawa, on first 6'Magic Carpetn run. V 31 October Stopped by Okinawa to embark the re- mainder of our 2000 man "Magic Car- pet" load and upon departure was divert- ed to Seattle, Wash. 15 November Arrived Seattle and debarked 2000 happy men. Large group of Ship's Company detached on "points" here, including the Ship's Executive Officer, Lt. Comdr. E. W. Lakas. 19-30 November Dry docked at the Everett-Pacific Ship Yards, Everett, Washington. 3 December After loading stores at Pier 91, departed for Nagoya, Japan via the Great Circle Route on another "Magic Carpet" run. 4-20 December The U.S.S. NOBLE'S FIRST REAL BAT- TLE WITH THE ELEMENTS! Gale weather continually, causing damage to the ship and great discomfort to all on board. Lost 15' life rafts en route. Vis- ualize SS ........ , ........ sliding around the shipis passageways when the Disbursing Officer's safe "got loosew and tore through the office bulkhead! But no personnel losses. Sunk anlother mine off Japan. 23 December Arrived in Nagoya, Japan. 24 December Embarked 2000 Officers and Men .of the Army, homeward bound for discharge. Navy Christmas dinner with all trimmings and Xmas gifts for all our crew and passengers. 26 December Sailed for Seattle by much more southerly route than was followed on trip over with smooth sailing. 3-4 January 1946 Detoured to Pearl Harbor. Enjoyed Hula show on dock alongside the ship, and 'fgot our name in the papers" along with a picture of the show taken by an .official Navy photographer. Destination changed from Seattle to San Pedro, California. 9 January Arrived San Pedro, and debarked pas- sengers early the following morning. 14-26 January At Terminal Island, San Pedro Bay, Cali- fornia. Total mileage to date: 60,242. 26 January or about Sailed for Panam-l Canal and active duty in the Atlantic, cleaving behind in the ia! Pacific many friendsiand a uwell done" I wwf-'-11 from all who have known the NOBLE. f .. l wiggle- gl F '7 'Q I qv ' V5.1 ' ai x xx - -mf QJQFSH. i v l ' ' 2--- S., ..,i-.uEg,.,,. 38 HER PASSE GERS-WHAT THEY HAH T0 AY 1. Major Robert E. McCook U. S. Marine Corps: TV "I, and many other Marines aboard the U.S.S. NOBLE, have served and travelled on many ships of our Navy, but we have yet to find a ship that can compare with the NOBLE for its human interest for the troops aboard." . 2. Captain J. J. Freyman CMCD USNB ' Comdr. A. E. Pagan CMC, USNR: G-411: "Throughout the six weeks on board your ship we were conscious of your constant concern for the health and comfort of your passengers, and are taking this opportunity to express to you our sincere appreciation for your kindness and thoughtful consideration." 3. Major Mark E. Barber 32nd Infantry: "I express the thoughts of my officers and men when I say that this has been the most enjoyable voyage we have made in our 29 months of amphibious operations." 4. All British passengers CEX-P.O.W.sJ deloarking at Ma11ila: "We are so grateful for all you have done for us that it is difficult to express our thanks. What has touched our hearts so profoundly on this voyage of deliverance are the spontaneous interest, the individual kindnesses, and the unvarying generosity of all grades from the Captain down. We shall ever remember you with gratitude? 5. Lt. Col. I. Alexander, USA Lt. Col. C. T. Beecher, USMC: , "For ourselves and on behalf of all evacuated American personnel, we join our British brethren in the sentiment so aptly expressed." HER CONINIENDATIH 1. Commodore H. B. Knowles, USN Commander TransRon 12, U. S. Pacific Fleet: "The following commendatory message has been received by ComTransRon 12: YOU HAVE ADDED TO YOUR LONG LIST OF STRENUOUS OPERATIONS A MOST SUCCESSFUL AND HIGHLY COM- MENDABLE JOB. I EXTEND TO YOU MY CONGRATULA- TIONS AND APPRECIATION . . . From: CTF 53 fCornPhibGro.4j "Receipt of such a message was made possible only because of the highest degree of loyalty, fullest cooperation, prolonged and unceasing endeavor, and a high state of discipline of all units and individuals involved." 2. General Lemuel C. Shepherd, Jr., USMC To ComTransRon 12: "Upon debarkation of the Sixth Marine Division from vessels of your Squadron, I desire to extend my commendation and appreciation for the efficient manner in which you, your staff and shipis Captains have conducted the Naval phase of the amphibious operation. "I also desire to express my appreciation for the many courtesies extended by the officers and crews of your transport squadron during the voyage to the target area. Their efforts to make the troops comfortable have done much to increase their morale during this period." If I CREW MUSTER ROLL UPON COMMISSIONING ABRAMOVITZ, Gabriel Inj, Slc ADAMS, Robert Ellison, GM3c AESCHLEMAN, Raphael Eli, MoMM3cfLCJ ALARDI, Andrew P., Slc ALBERG, Clyde William, GM1c ALEXANDER, Billy James, Bkr3c ALLEN, Wardell Thomas, St2c ALPAUGH, Robert Earl, SF1c ANDERSON, August J., PhM2c ANDERSON, Frank, StM1c ANDERSON, Leonard F., S1cfBkrJ ANDRADE, Fred, Cox QLCJ ANJJRUSKIEWICZ, Raymond A., 'le ARLET, Frederick Melven, B2c ARMSTRONG, Leonard, StM2c ARNOLD, Richard Hinton, Slc ASHCRAFT, Harry Raine, MoMM1cQLCJ AUSTIN, James Tyler, FC3c AYRES, Loren John, S2c BABINSKI, Carl, Flc BALLOTT, Cleveland, StM1c BANKER, Arthur Jerome, RM2cfLCJ BANYON, Dale Clarence, S2c BARCELOW, Paul A., Jr., S1cfSKj BARISCILLO, John Francis, HA11: BARTELLI, Kenneth A., S2c BARTON, Angus Wickham, S2c BASHOOR, John Walter, S2c BATES, John Wesley, HA2c BAXTER, Lowell Johnson, S2c BEDNAR, Francis David, Y3c BEGANSKY, Charles, CBMQTJ BENDER, Thruman Gerold, SM3c BENNETT, Benjamin, CM2c BENTLEY, George, Ylc BERENDES, Glenn Eugene, GM3cfLCJ BERNIUS, George E., Jr., EM3c BESERDETSKY, John Stanley, Slc BIDDISON, Robert Martin, S2c BIGGERSTAFF, Elmer Charles, CoxfLCJ BINDNER, Justen James, S2c BINNIE, Glenn David, MoMM1c BLANTON, Santford Brown, S2c BLECHL, Alvin Joseph, SM3c BLY, Frank Oscar, PhM3c BOCKE, Joseph Fred, CEMQAAJ BOLES, Bridcr Bronzell, S2c BONNER, Bennie, StM2c BRADLEY, William, Jr., StM1c BRAWDY, Robert Raymond, S2c BRESHEARS, Claude V., F1c BRIGGS, Jimlny Jeene, SlM1c BRIGGS, Kenneth Louis, Slc BRITSCHGI, Carl G., EM1c BROCK, Raymond Gerald, Flc BROTON, Dwaine Carter, S2c BROWN, Jesse Milner, RM3c BROWN, Robert Chaney, EM2c BRUNING, Willard F., Y2c BRYANT, Elmon Burnice, SC3c BUCKLEY, Francis Leo, Cox BULIFANT, Herbert Lee, S2c BURNS, John Hugh, S2c1YJ BUSH, James Henry, Ck2c BYRD, Charles Robert, Flc CAREY, Harold Dennis, Slc CARR, James Ishmul, F1c CARR, Joseph Raymond, S2cQRdMJ CASEY, John James, S1cfQMJ CAVASOS, Gerald Dean, F10 CHALLONER, Raymond H., CM3c CHAPMAN, Stephen Glen, CM2c CHILDERS, Jack, Jr., Flc Cl..-KEYS, Cyril M., Flc CLAPPER, Ream M., Jr., S2c CLARK, Luther Leroy, S2c CLARKE, Bruce C., Jr., Slc CLAYBON, Lemuel F., StM1c CLELAND, Jesse LeRoy, Cox CLEMONS, Rupert G., Y3c CLII-"PON, Thelma J., BM2cfLC,l COCHRAN, Howard T., Slc COLBURN, Ernest Wayne, S2c COLEY, Joseph Yvilliam, F10 COLUCCI, Joseph A., BM1c COOL, Charles Lemon, BM2cQLCJ COREATHERS, Dwight, StM1c COURSON, Charles Ray, BM2cQLCJ COUZENS, Joseph Elvan, SF2e COVENTON, William A., S2c CRAIG, Glen Ralph, CM1c CRAWFORD, James T., S2c CRAYNE, Verner Hugo, S2cQRMj CREELMAN, James Allan, S2c - CROCK, Roy William, S2cQLCJ CROUSE, Fred W., Jr., S2c CULP, Lyman Presnell, FlcQMoMMJ QLCJ CULP, William B., COXQLCJ DAGGETT, George Miles, HA2c DAVID, Peter R. L., Flc DAVIS, Robert Clyde, StM1c DAWSON, Charles Robert, S1cQRMJ DE ALBAR, Eugene, S2c DELANEY, John Thomas, S2c DE LEON, Charlie M., Flc DE MARTIN, Charles, Jr., HA2c DERRICK, Robert Earl, S1clLCj DILLON, Author Coleman, W'l'2c DIVEL, William E., PhM2c DIKON, James Allen, S2c DRIVER, Odis Lawrence, Cox DUNCAN, Charles William, EMlc DUNNING, Billie Lee, S2c DURANCEAU, Peter James, MoMM1cQLCj DUTTON, Earl George, PhM2c EDWARDS, Charles Elvin, Y2c EHMKE, William Arnol, S2cfAerMJ ELLIS, George, StM2c ERICKSON, Hans Theodore, S1cQSKJ FARRELLY, John J., Jr., Sic FAUROT, George Arthur, CBMQAJ QTJ FINCH, William Walter, Cox FOWLER, Ernest C., Jr., MoMM2cQLCJ FOX, Dale, RM1c FRANCIS, William Manuel, S2cfSMJ FRANTZ, Elwood Carl, Slc FRAZIER, Norman Paul, S2c FREEMAN, Byron T., Jr., GM2c FRIEDEMAN, Emil Victor, QM2c FRUIN, James Charles, RM3c FUSILIER, Delmar Louis, StM1c GAGEN, Henry Joseph, SF31: GALLIE, Toy Clarence, Slc GENAWESE, John William, Cox GENTRY, Raymond Ralph, MM2c GILI., Walter Rolland, BM1c1LCj GORDON, Owen Edward, S2cfRdMJ GOTHARD, Melton Ralph, Flu: GOYETTE, James Edward, Cox GRAHAM, R. S., StM1c GRANADO, Bennie Trigo, S2cQLCJ GRAY, Owen Leslie, Jr., BM1c GREGG, Max Burton, BMIcQLCj GREINKE, John Herman, BM2c GRESHAM, Terrance Owen, S2cfSMJ GUERRERO, Gonzalo M., S2c GURNEY, Robert Alfred, CphMlAAJ GUTIERREZ, Ignacio G., Jr., F1cfEMJ GUTTINC, John, S2c1SMJ GUYBERSON, John Andrew, Slc HAJDUK, Eugene John, EM3c HALLMAN, Harry Howard, CBM QPAJ QLCJ HALTERMAN, Harold Glen, BM2c HANING, James Robert, CM2c HANSEN, Carl Martin, SF2cQLCJ HARMON, James Rhyne, S2c HARR, Paul Glenn, PhM2c HARRIS, Marion Francis, BMIc HART, Dwain Tholnas, BM1c IIATFIELD, Benjamin Carl, SCIQ- IIELLMAN, Samuel, PliM1c HENDERSON, Kelley I., S2c IIICKERSON, James Dewey, PhM3c HILF, William Edward, RM3c HODGETTS, Frederick J., S10 HOLT, Frank Louis, Slc HOOPER, Norman Lee, S2cfRdMJ HOOVER, Walter Marion, S1eQSFJ HOPKINS, Rex, QM2c HORNING, Chester A., M19 IIOTCHKISS, Harold E., SK2c HOWARD, Earl LeRoy, W'f1c HOWARD, W'illiam Raymond, szcqndmy I-IUBBARD, Franklin F., S2c HUBBARD, Otis C., S2c HUDSON, Oliver, StM3c HURLEY, Hugh Hudson, GM3c HURST, Alfred Hall, S2c HURST, Ralph Quinton, Jr., S2cfLCJ HUTCHERSON, Willis G., S2cQI..CJ HUTTON, John Henry, S2eQLCj JACKSON, Lee Parker, Ck3e JAMES, George William, StM1c JAY, Ralph Bidwell, S2cQRdMj JEFFERS, Fred Elmer, GM3c JENKINS, Sherman, Jr., sun., JOHNSON, Alvin Bert, S2cQLCj JOHNSON, Audie Leon, S2clRdMJ JOHNSON, Clarence R., S2clLCJ JOHNSON, Clyde Harris, S2cQLCJ JOHNSON, Francis A., Jr., S2cfLCJ JOHNSON, James Harold, S2cQLCJ JOHNSON, Mervin Lyle, S2cQLCJ JOHNSON, Robert Nugent F1c1EMj JOHNSON, Thomas F., S1cQLCJ JONES, Charles William, S1c1SMJ QLCJ JONES, Gerald, S2cQLCJ JONES, Glendon Lee, S2c JONES, Mack Harlan, S2cQLCJ JONES, Ollie Fredrick, CoxQLCj JUHN, Albert Richard, RT3c JUSTESEN, Anton Jay, S2cQLCj KAMP, George Francis, S2c1LCj JUSTUS, Kenneth Ralph, S2cQLCj KANTHACK, Earl Albert, S2cfLCJ KEATING, William Henry, MM14: KELLEY, Evertt Leon, EM2c KELLY, Elmer Duane, S2clLCJ KELSO, Wilbur Wayne, CMMQPAJ KEMP, Edward Eugene, S2cQLCJ KENNEDY, Donald Keith, S2cQLCj KENNEY, Beverley Crenshaw, Y2efTj KETTINGER, Kenneth Alden, F2c KIMBLE, Dee, S20 KING, Grady, S2c KIRCHGRABER, Paul J., Jr., S1cfLCj KIRKMAN, George Raymond EM3cq'1'J1LcJ KIRKPATRICK, Robert H., S2clLCj KLEPPER, Stanley Hughes, S2cQLCj KNOX, Clinton Clarence, BM2cQLCj KOPPE, David Fred, S2cQLCj KRAMER, Ralph Otto, PhM3c KREFT, Ernest Theodore, S2cfLCj KROEGER, Verner M. J., F2c LAMBERT, Forrest William, F2c LEE, .Iames Gordon, Cwlc LEE, Robert Earl, StM3c LEE, William, Dewie, S10 LE JEUNE, Robert Bruce, S1cfLCJ LERCH, Henry W., Jr., S1cQLCj LESAR, Melvin Frederick, Slc LE WAN, Alfred Jacob, S1cfSMJ 0 45 LEWIS, Charles Erwin, S1cfLCJ ff fibre LEWIS, Ernest Fred, sr., l ,WM S1cfLCJ 1 P T- ,Fx A 1 If, ,AX tt l l H' , "Exit D L N xx 0 11. . -WEFE, ww'3. 40 LEWTON, Leonard Glen, F2cfEMJ I LIGUS, Peter, CoxfLGJ LILES, Granville T., COXQLCJ LINK, George, Slc LIPINSKI, Henry, COXQLCJ LITTLE, John Glenn, CoxfLCj LITTLE, Kenneth Irwin, SK1c LITTLEFIELD, John C., PhM3c LOBDELL, Lyle James, CCMQPAJ LOGAN, Philliph, COXQLCJ LONG, Maham, Cklc LONG, William J., Jr., GM21: LONGCOR, Walter Morris, CoxfLCJ LOOMIS, Walter Owen, COXQLCJ LOWICANCE, Willialn Selby, PhM3c LUCAS, Ernest Emick, Slc LUCAS, Steve, Jr., Cox1TjQLCj LUCIANO, Michael Anthony, t51YI2cQ'1'J QLCJ LULHAM, Benny Merle, GM3c LUX, Urman Maydar, S2c1SMJ MACKEY, Leonard, StMlc MADISON, Morris Lloyd, BM2cQ'fj QLCJ MALONE, Gaylord Philip, CoxQLCj MAMONE, Frank, Slc MAPLES, James L., Jr., Slc MARCUM, Walter, Cox MARKUWITZ, Joe Harry, CoxQLCj MARRUN, Bernard Francis, FlcfMoMMj1LCj MARSH, Edward Louis, CBMQPAJ MARTIN, Carrol Johnson, RM31: MARX, Frederick, CoxQLCj LHATHIAS, Robert William, Cox1LCJ MAYBERRY, Jewel Lee, CoxQLCj McKAY, Donald Bruce, SK2c McKINLEY, William R., HA2c X McMAHAN, Edward Joseph, GM3c McNAIR, Kenneth David, F1cQMoMMJ QLCJ McNAUGHT, James, F2c McNUTT, Everett Lee, F1cfMoMMJ QLCJ MEEK, John William, GM3c MILES, Melvin George, BM2cfLCJ MILLER, Everett Lee, Jr., RM3c MISTERKA, John Frank, FCO3c MOBLEY, Charles Young, S2cfLCJ MOLSON, Raymond Alfred, MoMM3cfTJ QLCJ . MONTALBO, Paul Eugene, S2cfLCJ MONTGOMERY, Roy Edgar, S1cfSKJ MOORE, Elvious, CCSQPAI MOORE, Jesse, Jr., S2cQLCJ MOORE, Robert Chilton, S2cQLCj MOREA.U, Wilfred Joseph, S2cfLCJ MORGAN, Bobby Joe, RM2c MORROW, Charles Emerson, RM3c MORROW, William B., Jr. S2cfLCJ MOTHERSHED, Ernest J., S2cfLCj MOUTON, John Ollie, StM1c MUNS, Duane Henry, MM3c MURPHY, Wilfred Henry, S2cfLCJ MURRAY, Guy Rupert, MM2c MYERS, Louis G., Jr., S2cfLCJ NELSON, Charles Richard, CF3c NELSON, Francis A., Jr., RM3c NELSON, George William, CQMQAAJ NELSON, Sofus LeRoy, MME3c NELSON, Milton, Slc NERI, Victor, CstfAAJ NESBIT, Joseph, StM1c NIMON, Wade I-laden, F1cfMoMMJ QLCJ NOAH, Floyd Edward, S2cfLCJ NORDMAN, Vincent C., SC2c NORRIS, Frederick E., S2cfLCJ NOVAK, Herman Henry, SM3c OAKEY, William James, S2cfLCJ O'DONNELL, Richard E., S2efLCJ OLSEN, Jerry Orris, S2cfLCJ O'NEAL, Richard H., S2cfLCJ ORTEGA, Tim Jim, S2cfLCJ O'I'I'O, Michael, S2cfLCJ OWEN, Woodward, S2c PADGETT, John William, S2c PAGANO, Peter Eugene, S2cfLCj PAGE, Arthur Winfred, S2c PALACIO, Eduardo Del, S2cfLCJ PALEY. Lester, S2c PANELLA, Francis Joseph, S2c PANTIER, Norman Lyle, F1cfEMJ PANZARELLA, Gandolfo C., S2c PARADIS, Normand Joseph, S2c PARKER, Roy Arthur, S2c PARLIN, Herbert John, S2c PARMUTH, Robert Donald, S2cfLCJ PARRISH, Harry Benford, S2c PARRONE, Joseph, S2c PARSONS, Robert Cromwell, S2cfLCJ PARTAIN, Charles Richard, S2cfLCJ PARTCH, James Junior, S2cfLCJ PATE, John Floyd, S2cfLCJ PAgI'TERSON, Charles H., Jr., 2c PATTERSON, Edward, S2c PATTERSON, James Ray, S2c PAUL, John Henry, S2c PAVILL, Vincent Paul, S2c PAYNE, Titus Randolph, S2c PECK, John Harvey, S2c PEDERSON, John Maxell, SM31: PEKARSKY, Jerome, S2c PELGER, Edward Carl, S2c PELOQUIN, Jean Normand PENDER, William Howard, S2c PENDRO, Robert, S2c PENROD, Billy, S2c PEREIRA, Anthony, S2c PERONI, Paul John, S2c PETERSON, Earl Leonard, S2c S2c PETERSON, Raymond Francis, Pfeiffer, Melvin Merle, EM3c PIERCE, Clarence Eugene, SM1c POLICASTRO, Gerald John, S1cfSMJ QLCJ POWELL, Deon David, Slc POWELL, William Hoyt, Slc PROKOPOVITZ, Victor, F1cfMoMMJ QLCJ QUILLEN, William J., Jr., S1cfFCJ REED, Fred Allen, F2cfWTj RAY, Lawrence, F2c REINHOLD, Frederick A., Jr., F2cfWTJ ROBINSON, Asberry Celeste, StM1c ROBSON, William Albert, S2cfSKJ RODGERS, WiIxnariDale, F2cfWTJ ROSENBLUM, Joseph, IIA1c ROYALTY, Harold Eugene, S2cfSMJ RUCKER, Lafayette Charles, StM1c RUDOLPH, Philip Charles, 4 F2cfWTJ RUMMEL, Josiah Francis, PhM2c RUSSEL, James Franklin, CMMQAAJ ITJ RUSSELL, Roscoe Earl, F1cfMoMMJ fLCJ RYAN, Clayton Alexander, F2c RYAN, Frederick Charles, F1cfMoMMj QLCJ SABATH, Theodore Anton, Slc SALTIBAN, Pedro Apilado, Ck3c SAMBATARO, Joseph, Cox SAUNDERS, George Thomas, F1cfMoMMJ QLCJ SAWYER, Lindsey Paul, S2c SCHEPERS, Donald Charles, F1cfMoMMJ fLCJ SCHIRTZ, Charles W., F1cfMoMMj QLCJ SCHMIDT, Virgil William, F1cfMoMMJ QLCJ SCHNEIDER, Fred George, CYfPAJ SCHODOWSKI, Chester W., WT3c SCHRAMM, James Gilbert, F1cfMOMMJ CLCJ SCHROPP, William John, F1cfMoMMJ QLCJ SCHULDT, Harry Henry, S1cfRMJ QLCJ SCHULL, James Kirby, S1cfSCJ SCHWARTZ, Herbert S., F1cfMOMMJ QLCJ SCIIWARZ, Frank Paul, SC1c SCLOCCHINI, Albert A., FlcfMoMMJ QLCJ SEDER, Floyd Henry, FlcfMOMMJ QLCJ SELBY, Wilmer Gardner, F2c SHEEI-IAN, James H., Jr., WT2c SHELTON, Thomas Edward, F1cfMoMMJ QLCJ SHIPP, Eugene Howard, 1-'1cqM0MMp QLCJ SHNIDER, Jack Carl, FC03c SHOULDERS, Dabney G., CWTIAAJ SHRAIBERG, Jack Edward, FlclMoMMj QLCJ SIDRONY, George T. F1cfMoMMJ QLCJ SIGHTS, Jack Early, F1cfMoMMJ QLCJ SJOBERG, Harry Francis, WT3c SKOCZYLAS, Edward Frank, F1cfMoMMj ILCJ SMALL, Richard, StM2c SMITH, Bernard Butler, GM1c SMITH, Philip Pliney, StM1c SMOLLER, Robert James, S1cfRMJ . SMOTHERS, Ronald, F1cfEMJ SNELLINGS, Conroy H., MoMM1c SODOSKY, Edward, S2cfRMJ STANLEY, Harold W., GM3cfLCJ STOKES, Frank Sontag, Flc STONE, Stanley, S1cfSKJ STOVALL, Carl Jessie, S2c STRONG, Lloyd Clifford, RM2c STUCK, Russell Emmett, GM1c STULTS, Hubert James, S2c SU.MMERS, John Daniel, S2cfSCJ TAMMIO, Ailo Athon, CSFKAAJ TEN BRINK, Eugene T. R., MM1c THOMPSON, Sylvester E., S2cfSMJ TIBBETTS, Raymond A., S1cfYJ TOMLIN, Charles Edward, SM2c TOOMEY, Matthew Peter, S2c TRACEY, William Edward, S2c TOONE, Bill, RM2c TRUAX, Richard Armond, MM2e VAN DERMARK, Robert H., F2c VAN PELT, Sidney, HA2c VASQUEZ, Seferino D., S2c VAUGHT, James David, BM2c VERDEROSA, Arthur Harry. MMS2c VOYLES, J. T., Slc WAGNER, Claude Joseph, S2c WAGNER, George Elmer, S2c WALKER, G. W., S2c WALKER, Lowen A., S2c WALTERS, Richard St. C., CSKQAAJ WARR, Frank, S2c WA'I'1"S, Willie, S2c WEAGLY, Fred Warren, MM1c WEBB, Willie Felton, Slc WEBSTER, Edwin Walter, S1cfGMJ QLCJ WEDEMEIER, Herbert H., MoMM3cfLCJ WEEKS, Allen Mitchell, S2c WEEKS, James Clinton, Slc WEEKS, Paul Eugene, Slc WEIL, Robert August, HA1c XVESTENBERGER, August, BM2c WIDEMAN, Cameron Leland, GM2c WILLIAMS, Thomas Eugene, BM1c WILSON, Byron Herschel, WOLFE, Robert Herman, MM1c CMOMMIAAJ QLCJ WOOD, Charles Thomas, BM2cfLCJ XANDER, Bill Owen, Bkrlc YOUNG, Julious F., SM2c- PRESENT ROSTER PRIMARY DUTY Captain S0l0l110n S. ISQUITH, U.S.N ..,.,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Commanding Officer Li. Comdr. James.M. CLARIQ, Jr., CCDD, 'USNR ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, Executive Officer Lielli. C-Ollltlr. Walter SUNKENS, CEMD, USNR ,,,,,,,,.,,,,, Engineering Officer Lieut. Jesse S. COOPER, U.S.N ...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, Lt. William F. EICKS, CDD, USNR ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, Lt. Robert H. EBLEN, CDD, USNR ....... Lt. CjgD Jacob N. PIERCE, CDD, USNR .,....,,,,,, Lt. CjgD Joseph A. ASHBURN, CDD USNR ...... --------First Lieutenant ....-....----.-.Navigator ...----Asst. First Lieut. First Lieut. Li. Victor J. FREDRICKSON, CDD, USNR .............. Jr. 2nd Div. Officer LI. Duane K. NYGAARD, CDD, USNR .................... First Division Officer Ensign Clarence H. CORBETT, CDD, USNR-.. Ensign Eugene L. WOLFF, CDD, USNR ............ Ensign Willard C. SHRODE, CDD, USNR ........ Ensign James B. SIMPSON, CDD, USNR ........ Ensign Peter H. TRAUDT, CDD, USNR ........... ..----.----..-..Radio Officer ---....-Boat Group Comdr. ...-...-.----Asst. Navigator .-----..-..Gunnery Officer .....------..Second Div. Officer Ensign Henry J. VODERBERG, CDD, USNR ................ Jr. First Division Off. Ensign Harry E. BROADBENT, Jr., USNR ........ Asst. Engineering Off. Ensign Ensign Paul H. BRUNER, CED, USNR .......,..... Sam Y. WILHITE, U.S.N ................................. Radar and CIC Officer ---Asst. Engineering Off. Ensign Bolling G. BRAWLEY, CDDL, USNR ................ Asst. Engineering Off. Ensign John D. HOWARD, Jr., CDDL, USNR ........... Ensign William G. HUGHES, CDDL, USNR .......... .- Comdr. Marshall COHEN, CMCD, USN .................... .Jr. First Division Officer -....--..Asst. Radio Officer .-....-..Q..-Medical Officer Lt. Martin L. FORCHT, Jr., CMCD, USNR ............ Asst. Medical Officer Lleut. Randolph PADEN, CDD, USNR ........,........... ................ D ental Officer Lt. CjgD Frank R. JILLSON, CSCD, USNR ........ Lieut. John F. ARNOLD, ChC, USNR ......... Ch. Bosn. Osmond O. SOETEN, USN ....... Ch. Elect. Gerald E. HILL, USN ......... Ch. Elect. Gerald E. HILL, USN ........ Machinist Charles E. Young, USN ........ Ship's Clerk Fred G. Schneider, USN ........ Chief Pay Clerk Richard A. Straus ...... OFFICERS DETACHED .Supply Sr Disb. Officer -.-..----.--.---..-----Chaplain -..----Ship's Boatswain - - - -- -Electrical Engineer .-..-..--.-Electrical Officer ...-..-Asst. Engineering Off. --....--Asst. to Executive Off. .-.Asst. to Supply Officer PRIMARY DUTY Lieutenant Comdr, Edmund W. Lakas, CDD, USNR .....,...... Executive Officer Lieutenant John D. Marlin, .lr-, CDD, USNR -------- 5 ---------.----------------- N3Vig3t01' Lieutenant Comdr. Shepard W. Leigh, CCRD, USNR .... Communications Off. Lieutenant Carl W. Rogers, CDD, USNR ................................ Gunnery Officer Lieutenant Charles J. Bell, um, USNR .F.......................... First Lieuwuam Lieutenant Robert T. Clifton, CDDL, USNR ........ Third Division Officer X- -......,, at agifibf xfliffi' N 15- ,AN C nu ' qvfignm U Ali' fxel x x, v"'?U Six 6 ' xq,.u' 195--. I I "-ha,-,gg 1 K. 4l F ml? . A N' W'!.T?x'1 I 415 , ls: A ff I Ml. l ,in - -mfg., A .,,qnE,3,,,,, 42 Lieutenant John F. Bartels, CDJL, USNR ..... ..-.-..Asst. Third Div. Off. Lieutenant William H. Ollilllall, QDJ, USNR .......,........ FiI'Sl Division Officer Lieutenant Julius ECl16l6S,I ,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,, IiOC0gl1lti0n Officer Lieutenant Q William P. Linthicum, CEMQ, USNR--Asst. Engineering Off. Ensign George G. Lang, CDCLJ, USNR .................................. Signal Ufliccl' Ensign Harry M. Sharp, USN ...................................... Asst. Gllllllery 0fHCC1' Ensign Louis L. Meyer, USN ................................................ Ship,S SCCl'Ci2lI'y Lieut, Comdr. William A. Morris, QMCDS, USNR ...... ....... M edical 0fl'lCC1' Lieutenant Commander Robert E. Howell, KSCJ ......r............. Supply Officer Chief Pharmacist Robert S. MacDonough, USN ..... .Admin. Asst. to Med. Off. Carpenter Paul YV. Wynn, USN .......................... ,.,..........Ship's Carpenter Pay Clerk Paul P. Smiley, USNR ................................ ASSt. to Supply Oflicel' Lieutenant Bernard A. Rause KDD, USNR ........ Lieutenant Robert P. Larkin, CDMD, USNR ....... Lieutenant Augusta R. ,Iones,'USN .......... .. ..--.---.--...-----......N3V1g3tOF ..-.,.--.-.----First Lieutenant -.--.Ass,t. Engineering Off. Lieutenant Frederick W. Rosen, KD, USNR ........................ Gunnery Officer Lieutenant Percy F. Parker, CDJL, USNR ........... .Boat Group Commander Lieutenant Tennyson G. Wright, CDI, USNR ........ Ass't. Boat Group Comdr. Lieutenant Donald G. Divine, CDD, USNR ....... -. Ensign George'L. Kunen, CDDR, USNR .......... Ensign Marion G. Stephenson, CCH, USNR ...... -. Ensign John L. Merrick, QDD, USNR .........,,,,. Lieutenant Edward M. Turich, QMCJ, USNR ....... ..,---.-Platoon Commander Officer ----.--Ass't. Comm. Oflicer ..-.-...----Boat Eng. Oiiicer .----Beach Party Med. Off. Lieutenant Cjgl George S. Bova, CMCJ, USNR .,.,,,,,,,,, Ass"t, Medical Officer Lieutenant Q Joseph P. Catania, CMCI, USNR ........ Ass't. Medical Oiiicer Machinist Wilbur W. Kelso,-USN ...,.....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,.,,,,--,,..--,,---, Second Lieutenant Kenneth R. Church, USMCRQ ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,. Transport M, OFFICERS COMING ON BOARD SINCE Lieutenant-Commander James M. Clark, Jr. Lieutenant fjgl Jacob N. Pierce S Ensign Bolling G. Brawley ' Ensign John D. Howard, Jr. Ensign William G. Hughes Commander Marshall Cohen Ship's Clerk Fred G. Schneider Lieutenant Augusta R. Jones Lieutenant Ber11ard A. Rause Lieutenant Robert P. Larkin Lieutenant Frederick W. Rosen -Lieutenant Edward M. Turich Lieutenant fjgl Joseph P. Catania Machinist Wilbur W. Kelso Lieutenant-Commander Francis A. L'Esperance J. qw ,u fp J, fp Promoted to warrant rank from shi 's com an COMMISSIONING P P y since commissioning. a - , f-.--- --f --nf -- --N ---Y --v.. , ,- n w w i , I ' W ' Y, ,4 V 15 - A 1 , 1 in 541 fi - my -, 1 , . . V43 ' 1 l ' v :, Wi." V Uv V, Q L11 , r' P x if fgg-A 1 ffl 2 4 52 iw l i li , E 1 if . 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A 'r11 - 1 I-1 1 1 .Q ' ' 1 X M.. f- ':1'1 " V 1, V ,.. 1 fl .112 ' '4 1 1, . 1' , 1. 1 1 1 X .- . X 1 1 1 -,' 5 ll' . W 1 ' 111 1 Y .,1. 1, , '1 1 . ,. '. 1 1: 1 .L I 3, V . 1 , 1 . V 'A 1 - . 1 1 , 1 1 ' '. ffifi 1 ' 11 1 , 13,5 1 1' - - 1' . 11 1,I- ' . 'k I F 1 1 1 ,VI ,H ,11 1V- If .' 1 1 I gt,-, .A V. '1. . 1 51 .1 - 1' N ' 1 , .t :mga-11,-1 . . 1 'qi . . CV -.1.VL, 1 , ,"' 54' V. V X ., X 1 -.-13,111 y gf 1 J X , 1 I . .L g.. , . ., V 1 . , 4 1 v . V f , .V , ' U V K 431-r':,.y'f R , f ' .. 11 .1 ' . . V111-1. ll ' 1'. , - iff: H ' ,1 A 1 -.1 ' I .,11, 1 1 :jf ' l ,g ' V - V 1., ,-, WI - X 121, ' . 1 1 7- ft , 4 -411' -jj ' .. ' , Y " Q: 1 R ' -1 . 11 VI. N . .1 - ' , 1 . Vw, I t .' x 1 ' -.17 1.1 ' ' ' ' ' 1 1 1 , '13 1 1 l': ' T', 1 , ' 11 .' 1 1 1 1, 1 , ' ' .V ' f . ,, 1 Q 1 , 1 1 1 1 V ,'1 1 1 . 1 1' 1 , ,1 ' P1 1 ,V A 1 , , 1 1 k,,V ,. 1 . 1 51 . 1 . ' 1x ' ,-11' 1 -1 1 1 . 1 A .9 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 . , 11, ..., ,, , 1 1.- I 11.2, 11 I . 'V 1 1 1:- .,-il , . 1 1 N XJ 1 1- , .- 4 -f. ' . I ' I I 1 1 "' ll U 1 - 4 .' ex . 1, 1 1.11, '. 7 1 1 1 - . - ., 1 ' , Y1 1 ' -1-- V . , V X' 1 1. .ll -I Q Fl' X. i K s , . 1 1 A 'W QP., .-41. V , D, , k . ,1. 1 1,k 7? A .I , 1 , hi , V A . , V 1- L, A -- 1 ,, 31 gi, .ALJgyL1miii.I 11, g -. -XMN, fi. I. - , 1. A. . 1. 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Suggestions in the Noble (APA 218) - Naval Cruise Book collection:

Noble (APA 218) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Noble (APA 218) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 8

1946, pg 8

Noble (APA 218) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 26

1946, pg 26

Noble (APA 218) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 20

1946, pg 20

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1946, pg 45

Noble (APA 218) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 16

1946, pg 16

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