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3: l U Q 1 , H g . 1 ' , I . x , . , ,, Q , . 5 L. 1 ' .".j.' Q1 ,. nl .fu ' .'n Z 4 , ' W A 1 . I 5 I if 1 a :V ' fl- v ' ,I L' ' Q gf - V u 1 1 . 'i ' xx- . !4 ' ' ' wg, . .,, X ,Av 'I .4- iv, f ' 1 DD'84l'l NIIIHHERN HIIHIPEAN AND MHHHRHANEAN CRIIISL Awm-uclunrn 1952 6 . ' ,I -I I ,I 'Q Eff I 4 f A ' w 1 1 1 X 1 ,F v J ,IHI There are some people who save fhear earnangs for a good parf of fheir luves wlfh fhe Idea or dream of a European cruuse in mind. Sfill ofhers fo whom a summer or perhaps longer nn Europe remains merely an infenfuon fhaf fhey never qunfe fulfill For some reason almosf every American af some fame during has life has a sfrong deszre fo fravel abroad perhaps fo some nf means vnslhng fhe famous sfages of hu fory fhe bafflefnelds casfles cnfaes To ofhers uf means seemg famous worlcs of arf fhaf mosf Ameracans merely sfudy or see an reproducflons Some slanf fheur nnferesfs foward music or nahve dances some foward archnfecfure an shorf Europe offers mfrngue charm beaufy and romance We hope fo have capfured a lnffle of fhe beaufy a dash of fhe charm a measure of lnfrngue and a buf of romance We wanf fhls bool: fo be a personal album of each mans crunse fo Europe Through fhe combmed efforfs and collecfnve cameras of many of fhe crew we have been able fo assemble fhus group of represenfafnve pac fures and fn some cases ednforaal commenfs which we hope wall become a much read addnhon fo everyone s lnbrary Clllllllllflllllllllli . .. The Commanding OTTicer oT The USS NOA is Com- mander George Henry ROOD, USN. A graduaTe oT The UniversiTy oT Florida, class oT '39, Commander Rood was commissioned Ensign in I94l and served his TirsT sea duTy aboard The USS DEWEY lDD 3491. He was aboard The DEWEY aT Pearl Harbor on December 7, I94I when The Japs aTTacked. He remained on The DEWEY unTil I943. Then served aboard The USS TWINING lDD 54Ol unTil I945. During his warTime service .on desTroyers, Commander Rood parTicipaTed in I7 major baTTles, and was awarded The Navy-Marine Corps Medal. ConTinuing in "Tin Can" Navy, Commander Rood served aboard The USS SMALL lDD 838l as ExecuTive OT- Ticer unTil I947. During This Time The SMALL was in The European TheaTre wiTh The SIXTH FleeT. ATTer aTTending The General Line School, Commander Rood enTered George WashingTon UniversiTy's Law School and compleTed The course in l95O. ln AugusT I95O, he Took command of The USS RABY lDEC 698l. Having held This command unTil March I952 during which Time he was promoTed To Commander, ll July Commander George Henry Rood, USN The exec. X, O. sorT oT a TloaTing DisTricT ATTorney. L. C. BarTleTT calls Tampa, Florida his home. He ,came To The Navy Trom The UniversiTy oT NorTh Carolina and was CO OT a YP on The wesT coasT in l942. ln '43 he Took command oT an APC lThaT's a l95ll. He Took command oT The NOA in April l952. THE X. ll. Thai' sTern look usually reserved for The "non-conTormisTs" coasTal TransporT . . . noT a pilll. He Took +he' TransporT Through The Solomons campaign working wiTh The MoTor Torpedo BoaT squadrons. From The Solomons he wenT To ASW school in Miami and Then re- porTed aboard The NaTrona lAPA 2I4l as NavigaTor anld navigaTed iT righT inTo The Okinawa operaTion. In I945 he was released To in- acTive duTy and in l948 reTurned wiTh Two and a halT sTripes To BuPers in WashingTon. In I952 he leTT his LMD lLarge Mahogony Deskl in The bureau a.nd aTTended The CO-XO school in Key WesT before reporTing aboard in April . . .The resT you know, ' The X. O. plus piloT. Q, 1-QM 34 74. 3 ww. A . ,gc Q .L OFFICERS xg, B 3"W4Wf3i f Q 4 ,C If 4 Q! ,'l9fYX""'!l'va 1 , Firsl' Row: leff fo rigl1+: Mr. Mellencamp, Mr. Cooper, Mr. Parlrer, Capiain Rood, Mr. Brown, Mr. Beggerly. Second Row: s+anding: Mr. Kingsberg, Mr. Wohlgemufh, Mr, Spry, Mr. Slwepardson, Mr. Bohn, Mr.. Buzby, Mr. Grasberg, Mr. Michael, Mr. Blaclr, Back Row: Mr. Gurney, Mr. Gailher. No+ lHl W IlIlllllllM shown: Mr. Bar+le++, Mr. Sfarlc, Mr, Collins. Messrs. Brown and Parker aboui' +o painf Glbraliar Red . . . or is I+ Plnlz! Vfg ff ,, ' ,ez nf l, ff-J V4 1 , ,n l ,, 45-11 if 42 f,X,yf,' Af af ,A A 4' ,ff X , W , J Q! 21 , ' J f QW The "Gruesome +wosome" has +l1e Quar- Ens. Collins is welcomed aboard and given "flue Bel+" . . . bu+ Sir! ierdeclr well in hand. and ii is wi'I'h a greai' deal of pride Capt Barnes 'I'urns over +he NOA fo Cap+ Rood. Each has read his orders and made his speech. Now, from iefi' +o Vrigh+: "I STAND RELIEVED" and "l RELIEVE YOU. SIR". Cap? Rood addresses +ho quash. officers and mon of +he NOA es Cap+ Barnes looks on 99 5 2 Isf Row I io r: Miclrel, SK3: Abarr, HMC: Mr. Kingsberg: Yonike, CSC: Roulon, SK3: Bloodsworih, SK2: 2nd Row: Gaines, SD2: Jefferson, SDI: Holder, SN: Vance, SN: Krumbein, SN: Duca,p SN: Errico, SN: Bragger SN: 3rd Row: Benry. SN: Bauiisfa SN:,Reynolds, SN: Nicole, SN: Tomlin, SN: Max well, SN, The S Division. The boys responsible for lhe services aboard ship. They pay us, feed us, cul' our hair, wrile our orders, sell us loolh pasfe and ciga- relfes, wash our dishes and wash our cloihes. They lake 'rhe brunl of The "friendly complaining" aboul everylhing from laundry lo chow. Le+'s face if . . . we couldn'l live wilhoul' 'em. The Cooks lwifh rough wealher problemsl ,, W ,fs-- -fvwfww, -E Lo+'s Have A Parfy Th The Mo 0 Barbers SS Cook Vlncenl' Declrer Dnoll Bullock Marfemes Nol::le, and Coppms lounge on 'rhe spacious affer promenade JAM jlwm wma maya ' Yes, 'rhere were days when we sailed lhe peaceful blue walers of The Allanlic and Medilerranean 'raking our leisure much as 'rhe lourisl. These happy, carefree clays of laughing companionship and comraderie . . . lhose days of quiel and res'r and . . . wha+'s 'rhe use le'r's faceir There weren"r 'foo many of +hese days and +hey seldom came a lull clay a+ a lime, bul' i+'s nice 'ro dream.. isn'1' if. . . . Ancl This A happy group of officers and men share 'rhe privacy of +he fanlail. The happy faces of Mogan, Carkionneau, Simula and Blalre bear wifness +o +he gaiely prevailing among fhe members of +he happy crew. -fu I f . 7 1 . W I Liberfy, liberfy, liber'ry!!. We have more shore Jrime 'rhan sea 'rime. Seemed as 'rhough mosf of us ius'r came aboard +o eaf a li'r'rle. sleep a liHle and ge+ our uniform pressed. We made liberfy in iusi' abour every couniry in Nor+hern Europe, England and 'rhe Medifer- ranean and 'brough+ back more picfures, perfume. clofhes, hangovers and memories than any ship before us. x k -n f . . . And This . . . Some Wenf In For This . . , , Y, .--f ,fm X..X- MM.--E f Q '-if fl- ww, isle V .Kea , Q2 ,W f i ' , wwe:-.veff eww Z M , 1-,wp , " - Zo y rehp ,,,p1Q ,, ,fe 2 M, ge Srwfv 'KM f 212314 ,wi M S SL aff W owfrfwf-W W W f W wiki?--'WAT 1 if-1p7'?4!GrZ"'Wi ' 54255743-wwi I Q A , X,,f3gw54Qi f, egg, , 59951. . ggygy ? ,-wwf 2. 2 Z K 1 we E' we ifmlfie' mr,, vi, Q E in E 'M , f -Mfr ' A Wh 'I V "A M 4 W -4-X ,f L 'E in . 131 , ' Mfg' "M U Q Q 4 4 ' 54-df: 2 1 I , , A , ,- U -x ii' DV 3 1 J ff X E I iw A J , If fn U Q . , 'fm' if Q E K V ,M , Egwilwww hw A b t..,,,.,..M4g: 'QWW-Qwfvbbf lv g . . An Some Didn 1' Drink A+ All- Qi 5 S i ' ir f r'?,Wm . . . And Even Thit Some Drink Sofier Drinks a Mighfy Rugged Couniryside U. S. Minis+er +o Iceland IIIYKJAIIIK, IIIHA Il Ailer six days of 'rwisling rhroughan angry Norlh Arlanlic gale we finally sighr Iceland. I+'s a cold and barren looking place bur land iusr 'rhe same so we pile ashore +o look around. Have you ever seen so many bIondes,bu'r lhere are olher Ihings Io see,Ihey say. Tours 'rake us around rhe island buf always seem Io end up ar The Borg. This akvavir is some drink! We lake a Irip around lhe norihern parlr of Iceland and across Ihe Arric Circle. Mr. Black lay up 'ro lhe bridge . . . provide. Care For A Shower? A NOA Crossing The Arfic Circle iiZnd" ea. ss? f g'l'A,s QV Schoolcrafl, Rogers, Lopez lsiTTing and Thinkingl and New- man iusT waTching The sea go by. Now The Second Division lay oul' on The clock and . . ." Here we are!! The Hscrappin' second" . . , The grunT and groan boys . . .The sweepers and sweaTers . . . The heave and haul gang , . . The chippers and scrapers . . . The painTers and someTimes even The drinkers. We boasT Newman and Rogers Tor comedy . . . Foley and Emmolo Tor "sporTs" . . , Campbell and Rhoades Tor real hillbilly "noise", We goT Neighbors and Blaisdell doing The yelling and chief BurT is behind iT all. You say you goT Troubles? WanT some work done? Need some drinkin' buddies? The "second" is ready and willing, lsf Row I To r: Guay, Rogers, Campbell, Bryce, Lasher, Mr. Grasberg, Brochu, Druan, Ruclel. Danao. 2nd Row: Ryan, lnfranco, Schoolcraf'r, Newman, Foley, Brock, Hepsoe, Neighbors, Wixfed, Caron, Smifh. 3rd Row: Popofchulr, Carpenhar Rowner, Piccoli, Travers, Moncrief, Emmelo, Wells, ' Gilmore. Perchel, WDr Smugglers Inn D NOA's Irish Home IIINIIIINIIIIIIII, IIIIIAII 1 This is one of our fwo-fime porfs. We make fhis our firsf sfop in Norfhern Europe and whaf a wel- come sighf fhaf famous green counfryside is fo our sform weary eyes. We find ourselves among friends and if's a delighfful Serenade our liffle red faced friends gives us . . . a human luke box-fhaf's whaf he is. One of our firsf venfures is a frip across fhe border info fhe Irish Free Sfafe fo visif Buncrana. Ireland lives up fo all advance billing . . .We have a few lrishmen aboard you know. We liven fhings up af fhe Capifal and Corinfhian, renf all fhe bi- cycles in fown, loosen up our baseball arms, visif fhe "Gianfs Causeway", fry ouf fhe golf courses. and meef lvlr, Bushmill. Our second sfay finds ,mosf of us affending fhe Brifish ASW School for fwo weeks. During com- bined operafions fhe NOA gefs fhe only submarine kill of fhe exercise. We. have fwo ships parfies . . . nuff said. We visif Belfasf and many ofher nearby cifies filling our lockers wifh linen goods. The of- ficers fhrow a cockfail parfy for fhe ASW school When Does Liberfy Begin Where else could This be buf Ireland? and ifs goodbye Mr. Bushmill and Anne, . . Downfown7 Isl' Row l fo r Chief Sfowe Mr Mnchael Mr Parker Mr Wohlgem..l+h Flefcher 2nd Row Phlllups Beclrenbaugh Tyson Wasson BenneH Wolfe Mohler Pembrolxe 3rd Row Blansdell Roberfs Cuollmeffe Hafler Mullaney Sanders Vsriue Lei' Qol Those happy smxlung faces belong To lhe men of Jr Isl Dzvnsnon and when I say Isl Fsrsl lo e called on 'rhose long worlclng parhes hrsr lo be an specled al znspechon fnrsl up on deck 'rhose cold wer morrsngs hrs? oul of The rack on Those dark plane guard nnghls flrsl well no+ always fnrsl on lnberly we gol Dan Wllcox who plays a mean pnpe Fle-'rcher who hes a mean lcnol Vzrlue who wnelds a mean chuppung hammer and Ch1efS+owe . Wanl +o ger wllh a hol ou+fn+7 See ya around lhe lo c sle D cl hrne Well clonal cor lenushed 'n re Rep nl' Pam ll ch' I Panfl' ll' Obviously, a Saiurclay morning s 4 M fx T., PIymouTh Shipyard I say, a very charming visiT, indeed . . . Our TirsT sTop in England and we Tind The BriTish more Than Triendly. Bowling on The green, The hoe, Trips To The moors, a spoT of Tea or an "arT and arf", and Those swaying double deck buses . , . LoTs To see and do. Here we Tind The IvIayTlower IvIonumenT, you remember The chaps who seT ouT Trom here in I4 hundred someThing-or-oTher on Their way To Tind a rock To call Their own. We Tin-d we have much in common wiTh The BriTish and grow accusTomed To Their sense oT humor. NOA in Full Dress The Hoe JusT One Big Happy Family PIIMIIIIIH, We sTop here again To Turn our iob over To our reIieT beTore deparTing Tor The MediTerranean. Again we inviTe groups oT BriTish sailors aboard Tor dinner and movies. ITs so much more convenienT To be Tied up insTead oT anchored ouT. IT is wiTh regreT ThaT we leave our-Triends in England Tor They have gone ouT oT Their way To ensure ThaT we have The besT possible Time To be had. ITs back To work Tor The NOA. ,0 xi- --ms.,-... .QW , 7549 rf M, 'sf I I 2 Look PreTTy as has Isl' Row l 'lo r Chief Kiel Bladow Mr Gaifher Meyer Pavlish Chief Duncan. 2nd Row: Jones, Deano Dodge Hao Noble Dah Conslanhne Gaardsmoe 3rd Row: Murray, Hudson, Wilson, The A Gang TA for Anonymousl The elecfricians and The Ti++ers lShipl. This is The R Division. Kilroy may have been Jrhere bu+ "we go+ Gaardsmoe, berfer known lo his many Londonderry admirers as "Ii++le boy yellow". We also have I-lio and Murry for laughs and as our nominee for "Mis'rer Mos? Unusual", we offer lhe incomparable Palmer Per- singer. We Tix anylrhing +ha'r's busled . . . We lake care of IC llniernal Communicarionsl . . . Bend pipes . . . Unplug heads . . .Make sure The refriger- alors are refriging, +he gyros are gyring, Jrhe lighl bulbs are lighling, movies are moving and healers are healing. In general. we're sor'r of a sick bay for machinery . . . elecrric razor nor working? Bring if down +o The elecfricians. Go? any froubles? Take 'em ro The R Division. The "Uncalled-Four" sfrike a happy pose d Bladow . . rf S 5 4' V71 ss Nsxx. A Difficulf Mooring ' Lool: Sharp for fhe Mayor T Unofficial Welcomels If lf's One Thing We Don'f Lilce l+'s Ice Cream EWIIASTH, E Gllllll Whaf a welcome . g . whaf a friendly fown. Hey Joe, fhey have a lady mayor! We roll ouf fhe red carpef wifh Mr. Gaifher and his "chesfy boys"irendering full honors fo our disfinguished visifors . . , or should we say hosfs. We are menfioned in Time magazine and Kafherine Hepburn furns down an invifafion fo fhe NOA because as she says quofe "Sailors are people and I don'f like peopIe". Acfually if is a case of professional iealousy because fhe "NGA Hill- billies" are playing fo far larger crowds from fhe NOA fanfail 'rhan Kafie' is downfown. The capfain, who as fhe saying goes "fakes nofhing from nobody. immediafely pro- ceeds fo give fhe edifors of Time fhe 'rrue facfs of fhe sifu- afion. We have one of our famous kids parfies for fhe orphaned children of Newcasfle. This is a porf in which we really gef around . . . 'rrips fo Scofland, fhe Roman wall. counfry pubs, crickef mafches, and 'rhe Hexam Sfeeplechase where Yonilce fallcs Davis 'ouf of fhe daily double. lfs up anchor and goodbye fo England for awhile. 7 f I , fir? K 7: nfl f ff: I 4' . If x I V, ?,,.,,,W .4 sf ' wc -se-iii - , x " , ,, n Cabin . Chiei Wesson and his Camo Treakle Williams ,3 d K . G ll N N I fo fhe SS American Olller , , . fhmking of fra nsferring Operafions may do 'rhe barking and The sniffing, ' V -- ci , ,, , , . ff? i ihe deck gang does ihe combing and brushing and , ,, l ,,,, irimming, ihe Engineers keep us going inside bui ' i when ii comes +o ihe biie . . . we golf I+! We biie wiih ihe S", 'rhe 4O's, Jrhe "ash cans", lhe hedge- hogs and ihe iorpedoes. We're ihe guys who docior ihe ieeih 'o This here Dog Dog . . . ihe direciors, 'rhe ploifing room, +he mounis, +he racks . . . 'rhaT's us.' Gunnies ihey cali us and gunnies we are. We QO'l'il'1e irishmen oi lhe ouiiii: Sian Go'r-a- mouse-ki, Threw-a-lace-off, Rum-n-ickie, Trickle, Cover-Iaii-ski and oihers. You iake us 'ro where +here's some irouble and we'lI "se++le" if for you. , v One fhai' "came back" ls+ Row I fo r: Wafson, Golimowski, Thoralacious, Miller, Chief Davis, Mr. Parker, Chief Anderson. Treakle, Be:noi+, Novak. 2nd Row I 'lo r: Cunningham, Hoine, Burbank, Carler, Ross, Cash, Powell, Valleeu, Kron, Bennoif, E. M. Beck, Camossi. 3rd Row: Gillespie, Bullla, Boyle, Oller, Lay, Poirer, Peabody, Reposo, Koenig, Romminicki, Risi, Kovalovski, Smi+h. .Mfg , g i ,fl ' e .1 ,1"'Y', g ,lx g ki , , 21 f x ,mx R. E. WAGSTAFF, USN U ..-.Qu Qin. The Commodore was graduafed from The Naval Academy in I933 and reporTed aboard The old Oklahoma for his TirsT Two year Tour of sea duTy. ln '35 he wenT aboard The Desfroyer Upshur as communicaTions and Torpedo'oTficer. In '38 affer a year aboard an oiler he reporTed aboard The Min- neapolis as senior assisTanT Engineer. From '4l To '43 he was an insTrucTor in NavigaTion aT The Uni- versiTy of Virginia afTer which he Took charge of a new phase of Navy Training . . , ThaT of underway Training for crews of LCl's, a subiecT wiTh which The Navy was sTiII experimenTing, ln I944 he moved up To planning officer for Amphibious uniTs in The 8Th fleeT. l-le planned and acTed as operaTions officer for The So'uThern France landings in I945. He conTinued in Amphibs in '45 and '46 wiTh Phib group I and conducTed The firsT large scale posTwar amphibious operaTion in The Pacific wifh The 2nd lnfanTry Division. ln '47 he Took command of The USS Fechfeler and did The Chinese CoasT Cruise where he ef- fecTed The rescue of 56 persons from a Typhoon- wrecked Chinese ship wiTh no loss of life. Back To college in '48 as execufive officer of The NROTC uniT aT The U. of Texas. From Texas he moved To planning officer for Phib Pac where he parTicipaTed in The Korean "Police AcTion". Now we see him every day and we know he's "DES DIV 62" . . . His wife and Two daughTers live ouT in lnyo CounTy, California on his ciTrus ranch. Dr. GriTTi+h, LT. S. M. Brown ands Dr. Greenlees round The Commodore" . . . A pinT and a smile. ouT lno pun infendedj The sTaf'F of Com. Des, Div. 62. ' bww Y V smn nv run Inspection 7 "fh.. f K x f Vx ? A ff 1' x 1, X ff . A 'V 'gi , ' ., 1' , I L 1 f ii fjnwvf A4 : k X -:I V I If 'lww3!DL- g L. nf , fy ,,,,W,, ,L 2 X AND, of course, we had 'em in whifes. We had 'em in blues . . fhx ih T Y, M at , 7 'v ..-of ' I Cour'rer gefs +he Presidenfial Ciiation. 4 A . NW , V ,4 in , , 1. 4-4, , 33 . .pnl'l"' ff-.,, .. 1 'iff ,ff ff 1. 2 s i 1. 115' .-I Via., 1 5,1 Q , Q A W Iwi f w, fag sz U V , l V Q 2 X MW 'M',e ' 4 Q D , f lik Q , I , ' ' ff J, ,f A-7... ff W, , f Of!!! , f "N my J V n V The Engineers , ' 0 WH The honor guard. QQ Q t + ee , -i 7' '!,,,,a J lv L..- 7, f- .- M ' f ,f 3 , J 4 0 frdefw -'e- L 4? I Y 4 V , . , X ,rtvgwit X , , 5 Q l.: i s 2 x 2 z f W he is n 7' Smorgasbord American sTyle ,il ll IHSKITO A, SWHJE These Triendly Swedes . . . we geT a IiTTle TasTe oT small Town and village life in Sweden. We are The TirsT US warship ever To sTop here and They make iT an occasion we won'T soon TorgeT. A band greeTs us and every civic group in Town holds some evenT in our honor. Swimming, golTing, Tennis, sail- ing .. . iusT name your sporT. Tours are held To The glass TacTory, beer brewery, and poTTery TacTory. e don T Some have 'l som Some sucls Swing your parTner Swedish sTyle Every nighT The men are enTerTained wiTh dinner. beer, and dancing in The park. IT They are as im- pressed loy us as we by Them Then This has been a mosT successful sTop. The sTandard of living here is Tully as high as iT is aT home. Top brass . ..- ,41 r i fs U I JT' " ' l l i 1 i l l a gi l l l l r l i l-1 -, 'Q 1,4 f X4 f, 5,7 fx i , li 43 'ii 5525575 1. 4- Q, -ph, ,i Isl' Row l io r: Turville, Chief Rolh, Mr. Bohn, Mr. Sheparclson, Mr, Collins, Mn Spry, Chief HaclreH', Sweeney. Zncl Row: Biggarf, Mcl.ear, Bachman, McGill, Brown, Gohin, Glazer, Lan+iegne, Sims, Ulofh, Blake. 3rd Row: Gocheneur, Joyce, Seladino, Bowman, Rishlxo, Pren+iss. "C" lllVlSlll play wilh colored flags, sleer The ship, lislen lo lhe dif dah of +he radio gear. ln addilion, some of 'rhem iile, copy, 'V f s The Communicalions Division. These men wave lheir arms al' passing ships, blink lighls in olher peoples laces, wa z compose, rewrile, slack, inlerprel, cur, shuffle and deal 'rhe or iv lons of papers Jrhar pour aboard. They are +he moulh and is y ears ol 'rhe ship, T .- , . . A bunch of ihe boys were whoopin9 ii'up..." , Ulofh, Riggs, Chief Rofh and Cosfa loolring unusually "happy" aboul' somelhing, ..... . Mission accomplished KIH, GERMA Y The fwisfed remains of former submarine pens greef us . . . A grim reminder of former mighf. Throngs of people crowd onfo fhe dock fo give us fhe "once over". Childrens parfies are never more successful and fry fo fop fhe combinafion of ice cream and lvliclcey Mouse. Tours fo fhe Zeiss llcon Camera Facfory . . . soccer . . . The winfer garden . . . auf weidersen . , . fhaf wonderful German beer and food . . . pleasanf memories, buf perhaps fhe mosf pleasanf of all . . . fhaf of being successful salesmen for Uncle Sam. Tall: abouf your living in a fish bowl. Who saicl we're noi' in shape? "B" IIIVISIII lsf Row l fo r: Marfenies, Vincenf, Bar- ringer, Chief Carr, Mr. Cooper, Chief Mai-fi-nef, Ruvio, Doherfy. 2ncl Row: Daulfon, Coppins, Phillips, Sfevenson, Hockenbury, Taylor, Bunney, Gore. 3rcl Row: Hodneff, Runclall, Bullock, Dean, Dingus, Johnson, Jackson, Godwin. 01712 Jim ' B is for "Black Gang" and somefimes we're black. B is also for Beggerly, Boilers, Eilges, Blowers. Burners . . . 'rha+'s why fhey call us 'rhe "B" Division., Someiimes, on long days. we see The lighf maybe 'rhree fimes a clay . . . for chow. The weafher is consfanf where we come from . . . hof and muggy. You mighf say we're chemisfs ofa sorf . . . we Turn oil info sfeam. "lvl" is for Machinery. . .should be "N" for noise. We gof Turbines, generafors, fhroffles, pumps, sfrainers, sepa- rafors and-many ofher "noisemakers". lf you gef fired of your leisurely, quief life up 'rhere on deck drop down fo fhe engine rooms for a liffle acfion, a liffle conversafion and a liffle of fhe besf coffee on 'rhe ship. lf 'rhe "boiler boys" are chemisfs fhen we're magicians . , . we furn sfeam info mofion . . .fop fhafl Q "M" IIIVISI-ll Isf Row I fo r: Hangen, Kane, Chief Hopkins, Mr. Black, Shulfz, Mudcliman, Cihy. 2ncl Row: LaHa,ie, Davis, J. B., Perse-ghin Sfroup, Haclley, Gilliland, Kar- pacs, Messeinier. 3rd Row: Welichko, VanHorn,' Hagen, Mayer, Fern, Goos- man, Lawrence, Richards, Davis, J. .L ff ' P76830 dmd swf' he vs' L , up ane 1-Uli an 2 U Karlskrona! 'dd' X The town of Karlskrona wishes its A ' , merxcan guests heartily welcome ith 1 a warm hope that ygu will have a good tlm e in our naval port. Bleklnge is mostly known by 't I 1 s natural lovellness. Karlskrona is a summer town and the inhabitants are, very see-minded. We have the real 'cruising wa,- ters ju st for sailing. The t own has obout 33 000 hahifn f' . . and another m ed The Mayor took nart In another tour of msoectlon on W ne Escorted by Cant. R. E our abo the destroyer USS N0 be ed oak an W 0 adrmrn nava S d t Dra t We Crew e e Destrviiritxr? clgbllcc :cd IS nog' s v .45 THE Klll UA Al ltlere is fhe frip we've been looking forward 'ro . . . a look af rural Germany from fhe ship , . . a neaf frick. The locks leading fo fhe canal gef crowd- if Enfeflnq fhe canal . . . easy does if. Typical rural scene. ed and we receive a friendly nudge from fhe Benham. The canal grows narrow as we meef large ships going fhe ofher way buf we squeeze by . , . quarfermasfer, answer fhaf dip! , . . Families work- ing in fhe fields sfop fo wave us on pasf more farms, under fhe beaufiful bridges, around bends and finally on fo fhe locks af fhe ofher end of 'rhe canal. !One of many bridges. Leaving fhe canal. Some Gangway Consul General Tumberlalze A few of our hundreds of vnsnlors Inclusrrial Hamburg HAMBIIRB, lilllllll Y This is ill! Probably 'rhe besl liberly porl of lhe cruise. l-lamburg offers an endless variely of enler- Jrainmenr. We find Hamburg almosl complelely re- builr . . . over 70,000 homes . . . a remarkable 'rribule lo +he German people. An enormous crowd greels us and presenls no mean problem in golng +o'and from 'rhe ship 'rhroughoul our stay. One of 'rhe foremosl "Combos" in Hamburg lurns our 'lo be +he HNOA Hillbillies" who nigh+ly play fo hundreds from +he lanlail. Our Srale Deparlmem' adds much +o our slay wilh excellenl arrangemenfs and cooper- alion. You name if . . , Hamburg has il! Visiling Dignifaries Mayor of Newcasile mspecfs you mnghf have lady mayor home wise guyl lwonor guard Many of us scoff a+ +l'1e buf Huey soon force us fo 'rake ll' all b Jrhen some They are slsghlly 'rerrn premiere al' Reylqavlk Iceland and gro lime +l'1ey perform You can imagine lw l-lonor Guard adds +o 'rhe appearance as Jrlwey sland so smarlly al aHen+lon w :ng dngnnlarues arrive aboard We go say Jrhar llwe NOA Honor Guard ns Jrlwe seen on an American Desiroyer an Euro Well done We 'rake grear pride un presenhnc l w c l Honor Guard Isl' Row l fo r: Gillespie, Salfzman, Tice, Mr. Gaiiher, Heine, Rudel. 2nd A Row: Wasson, Vance, Phillips, Caron, Tolman, Venne, Lay. 3rd Row: Carpen- fer, Raposo, Brochu. 5 Qwff BRTMI RHAVl, GERMA l Jusl' e place fo eel and sleep. We find our main Porl ol Embarlealion for Europe here and renew supplies. Sollball enlers The piclure and we make lull use ol excellenl sporls la- cililies. The beer is slill as good as ever and camer- as are lhe big buy. The liner America moors ahead of us , . . how small can you look. This ends our German slay . . . in relrospecl a monlh ol excellenf liberly during which we learn much aboul 'lhe Ger- man people and. 'rhe problems lhey lace. . . . There is no ioy in Mudville . . . An example' of powerful Ger- man sfafuary. Bismarlr Monumenl' Casey af fhe Bef jim . "Shor1'y" fhe pilof . . . Debonneire. . . dgnlvw X , ...Penslve... 9 f Z2 Q M S f f rv. V' f X x f 4 ' ...Jovial... w.f,,.,,,,-I in ,Q MW, 4,,.,,y W.,,.m, f,,,M,,,,. MJ by-y ywf .L,,,w. I, f f j 'M 1 , Am ,ywkwklgz K, y , , f , 9',i.,,a,, M K , , , ,f ,, Q- .WJ , .f ,fixyfzfffw Qfzwizlfglqqy eq ff-f-,.W ,M , ' ' ' f WW ' 5,471 f , ' f .,. qwwff 3 WM If ,,. 'f W , My JW f f - . ,.p,.Q,.f, fa-7g.3,,X.f - JAg,fQ , M9, H' - , , X K M A ,.., ,,Jy,,,1,7, I M,7f,f WU ,.-QWQ Le ey , X 5 57, nf 750-1 9 .'V.-Cf5ffSvf""ffW'fQ, 'WfM,7'fV." ' j L L54 7 'A 3 4' 3.5.2 ', ' , iz x . . ' ,,,Mf"'f?w,ws- " U-:Y A ,ff M . . . Draw Closer . . . And wifh all boilers on ilfe line leave flue "Queen of flue Sees" in our welre. We sighi ihe Uniled Siahs Mayor of Soufhend giving official welcome. Ande close-up . . . no Bluebirds7 Soufhend amusemenl' pier . . . Longesl' in 'Phe world. SlllllHl Il-ll - -SEA Here we are in lhe Coney lsland ol England . . . Soulhend, a summer resorl localed aboul an hours Train ride from London. We pass lhe while cliffs of Dover enroule and anchor oil lhe longesl pier in The world. ll so long one has lo lalce a 'rrain ride lo gel' lo 'rhe lool ol lhe pier. Many of us spenl lhe Fourlh ol July in London and we cheer Maureen Connelly on +o viclory in lhe Wimbledon, Wilh a couple of miles ol amusemenls concessions localed a+ 'rhe fool ol lhe pier 'rhere is no laclc ol 'rhings 'lo do . . . in lacl lor a lhin shilling we can lalce a boal ride around lhe American Deslroyer NOA and whal a booming business lhal' is. Groups of school children are enlerlained and how lhey love il. Hello NOA While Cliffs of Dover Q?meTlnnd Qui when under H1059 Edinburgh casfle overlooking Princess nwinnieu lives here' Jlwuz 6011! 431 H Juan jim ' Sound familiar? We wen+ on more 'fours +han Cook and his boys ever lhoughf of. We 'roured casiles, farms, wineries, periumeries, glass faclories. public buildings, churches, ruins, rocks, miliiary insiallaiions, li++le cilies, big cifies and medium sized cilies. ln addilion 'ro lhe porls we hir we made 'rrips 'ro London, Edinburgh, Buncrana, Dublin, Galway, Malaga, Seville, Nice. Ephesus, Kiffisia, La Linea, Algeciras and many olhers. We came off of 'rhis cruise wifh 'rhe classiiicalion of "exper+ four-is+". sfreef. Tower of London . . . fhurnb screws and "+he rack". Buckingham Palace . . . fhe Queen and all, Changing fhe guard . . . limey sfyle. Wha+'s wifh lhe haf, Mac? .ASME- ,,,,.,..,nwvi+""' lce Cream Here I Come. WW -rg, in-rf Sign Us On Mr. Barileif. cnunnf is The high spoi of our cruise and a mosf heari- warming experience . . . 'rhe children's pariies. We hold ihese in every pori we can and hundreds of children lake advaniage of ihem. Whar a +hrill if is io give The children a small 'rouch of America. The dream ol: American shines brighily in Their eyes and we do noi lei 'rhem down ,,.we all gei in Jrhe ac'r.Who can make a beifer children ambassador 'rhan The boys in blue? ln reiurn 'fhe lilile people send us le-Hers and giiis as well as leaving iheir brighiesl smiles behind. ' QQ Q Q i Q Q C L Q it 2 cg: ECC' : .c .L .. a 4 Q' J g qv, - 3 jvww-"rr" Seasiclr ai' Anchor. We're Really Living, Sis. E r 5 P IH I I S er- if A .ge E ,f+- J!!! 1-sz-4 E Q F I W Q g. b Any Seconds, Please, Mr. Joe. f xi 3 F aww, la " lf 'W -.,. 'Wl f.., M' rr 5 5 W. w L n The Long Trip Home. 1 1 Say Cheese. Easy Does I+. 3 ,E Wasn'+ Donald Duck Funny! .7fLQfl.0 wr www, HM Jusl like in lhe insurance poslers, The Big Rock lhal lhey say lhings are as solid as. Gibrallar was A bolh arrival poinl lor The Med and deparlure poinl from lhe Med. Gibrallar, a lillle bil of England and a lol of Spain. Probably our mosl indelible memory is of lhe shops. The shops allracled us all and we slulled our lockers wilh silk paiamas, ivory carvings, rolls razors . . , dlzdjhmfhayv flmbmdm- .Lima We weni' fo ihe bull fighis as is Jhe Sunday cusfom in Spain. If was iusf like we'd read-almosf! The bull didn'+ get 'Phe word fhaf ihe fighi' was fixed. Thinks. anyway-I'lI sfick 'ro plnochle. wjlwm will Q d,SI7'l.0A.Q!2 Some said if coulcln'+ be done on a desfroyer some said +l'rere wouldn'+ be room . . . buf we had our 'lTrs+ smoker in GIB ' h f ' ' wif our boxing boufs, music, comedy, food and movies. Tice lrighll decisioned Bryce in fha evenings opener. The smoker was a mileslone lor The old NOA boar. ln addilion lo Jrlme boxing bculs we scraped logellwer a lillle Jralenl in llwe form of llie HNOA lvloosnlminersf' who slrumm Welch oui' Mr. Mellencamp! Tyson and Carfer mix if up in one of fha oulsfanding boufs. ed, picked, pumped and blew Jrlweir way lhrouglw some line musical numbers. Mr. "Sam Slade" Buz and Mr. "lv1os+ Decoraledn Gurney provided 'flue comedy and -'rhe cooks and mess cooks provided Hue relreslwmenls. All in all il was a memorable evening and our lirsl smoker was delinilely a success. A-71 ' Panfina and Virfue in fhe corner Pan+ina.goes clown buf nof ouf. He comes back +o Fighi' 'lo a draw. PAlHllVIll, Sllllll ll you can sland +his heal you can sland any- lhing. The "bargaining boys" have a 'lielcl day . . . Guilars, Mandolins, Cigarelle Boxes . . . you speak Joe! The beach offers +he only escape from The heal . . . lhal is unless you dare go around in diapers like Sally Rood. Do we go by car or by horse? The calacombs are a cool place buf do l look like a mummy? . Firsl' Sighl' of Palermo Hollywood in Palermo Local Transporfahon H'sGoooocl Fancy Dan gowzagattlcjfatcbi GQ-Those +wo magic lellers Thai send over 300 il men scurrying around lhe ship lo gun mounls. engine spaces, direcfrors, repair lockers, radio, com- loal and 'rhe bridge. We go lo GQ anylime we have 'ro fire our weapons or defend our ship. ll seems as Jrhough we were always al GQ when we were al sea. We became a really polished group in lhe arf of donning a life-iaclcel. "Ac+ion +o Por+!!" li's A Li'r+le Wei' Back Here -'gre Oneiy- ,f If 45V ' ' ' Z'-wif FITS Ce niel' MW. M., , WWW , ,WMM , - if 'MWAYZW KG rf V 'lfi Wal -, sf, fff -mf-I 4 -wlwiw.. - mf? ' 3 f WM f 'Q' ff . E i J' ras f , ,,, f - M.,,,., x 1 ,,, fr MQ Q, 'fix f gil, ' . , f-1 ,, 4" f k , . i Lmfff., ff,-,mfffm , -,fy-7 3 -- ,f wx r, -mf" 1- ,,,. ., V izfif-2.4 fix.. s - T' i mm - s- r "4 cf fffff ' 'M -"'f,...,. 1 Jfxf ,, . M, if H lim ff .. , ,L . ' L. 'W' f X ,, i?'i'?14.p1,4,fffi1-,LT as s 1 25 , ., , 1, ., ,f .V Hg MW ,Q M 5, ft, bfw, f sb L ,Wi mf. , X 'wa " ,, - - 'f.-W-wfsh 's'Ms"' ,wwfjff ,gg , ,,,.. ,, , Sub Surfacing To Porf Aw-Give Him A Hand! He Can'+ Gel' S+ar+ed W ' Jim Jwzllhq niail The ul+ima+e in Teamwork, perTecTion in Timing, polish in rouTine . . . you've goT To have These when youve goT l9,5OO Tons OT me+aI and machinery churning Through The waTer aT I5 knoTs a scanT 75 TeeT aparT. One degree course error and you've goT a collision . . ga line snags and you have a Two Ton hose lashing aT everyThing in reach . . . or a 4 Ton cargo neT smashing down on The deck , , , a man Talls on The slippery deck and slides To The liTeline , . . Yessir, This is Tricky business and serious business . . . no place Tor amaTeurs or kids. You've goT To be a Team, a working Team To Tuel aT sea! We're NexTl The Approach Fugl . - . PumPiH9 E Break Away . A hme- A . nd ln YBCOI' ven rePlemshed Gi sea' a We 6 - "well done" from C D D 62 of +l'1e sonar gear, walch for brighl spols on 'l'l'lG Navy's answer +o TV-Radar, fix Jrlwe eleclronics gear when i'r's busfed. In sl'ror'r Jrlwey operale 'rlwe nerves. eyes and unclerwaler ears of Jrhe ship. ' lsf Row I fo r Muller Waddull Mr Mellencamp, Mr. Buzby, 'Ones+o, Geary, Porcelon. 2ncl ROW! Conger Werf Hugar Velfla Thompson Kensmoe, Rose, Raihburn, Osborne. 3rd Row: Megan. KY iw Wir A mos+ unusual shof! The Med abou+ 80 miles from Gibralhr Tender Work Abouf To Begin IARA ill, Ill-lll We make our lirsl liberly willi +l'ie enlire Sixlli Fleer al This llalian Naval Base . . , we're spoiled for sure bul soon will be on our own again. We gel' some badly needed lender aloailaloilily and renew supplies again. We leave +l'ie ship emply--handed buf relurn willn Borselino l'laTs, Bara Gloves and Cameos. On every liberly we encounler 'fliflle helpers" , . , wlwere is my gun . . , more llwan ready lo guide us lo all llne wonders of llwe oily. We spend 'evenings leisurely parlaking of 'rlwe resulls of llalian culinary skills, learning lo be a connoisseur ol wine, drinking beer in lhe sidewalk Taverns, or . . , you name il. Liberfy Bound Yankee Tourist Gaardsmoe and Harris plus local - following A Liflle Loc'al Color CW. k X 7-4, 4 , .. 4.04. ,X Kfywwx . .R - . , 547444-K fx 445,24 gj 'f57477,,f'4 f4,'f'X',4f-'Zia 1 ,,,,, . ., 4. ., ., , f, 4 4, 4 , 4 , 4 , ,, ., 4,.,.44.,,.,,.,4.,, 4., 4.,,, W. 4 H - 4W2iy7.4?.My7.W:f, f4f'W24f44:-40 rffl, 'f-44-'f' ff: 2 4,f4'c,f7.-'44, 4. QJMWW,-ZfWf7Z5g4W., , 4.-44.-4f 0.4 44..4'..f 7,2 0.-ff 4,4-ww, f HX4.-gf:-,M-44-4w'M4off54f ,Mwwfrlpyf 4 fm! 4 ,L K, ,M , K, , . 74 f744.,,,f ,,7 W., , , 4 ,, X, ,W.Q,,,,4,y,, , , .n!yj47,,,4 ,,.,,f,jgl4Z7.!,m4,?yAy LL ' 4V'L4fi'2ff-1,'2-04".ff2f.2,fW4ff45 4, ,, ,Qi Lriffwf-ffl-1f'fff'54-Vf 4 f ,, sf 4 11,4 zffff' -i:"4ff 'W ,4 ,X 4 .,f.y, V, V . Q g ', ,, fl 17,5 . 4r X,, 4s, - . 4 , , ff4X,4 4, 4 4 Q4 44 4 14,3441 5 ,,5:f4, 4. "J , , ', 4 , ', ' ffW:hfyW7f75Wf2EZ?f?'j sf , I N. , I , A 4 4 ,X f , K ,fn f I K 4,-44 , I f X jf' ,,.f.W7f,f,4,Wg4..7s4 k gf 5 k , .4 - .,f , 4 4 4 .f,-wwfyf Mavw r , , f 'js , - 4 4 ff W--4 4 4 4 4. 4 ,44fX4 4-4 . 'M -V " X ,.Xf,..4,X4N.4.- 41N 'f ' ' 4 ,fy 4 4 vffisf aw-S'fsf4p+7 f . 4 . N -' .if .,, , 4, , , 4-,,cf4-4 . " X -1 . 4 1 -' J" we' , . f4ff.f-WMM k 1 X k ZA ,. g I ff, ju k,1,"4 . 45 , , 4 ,4 -7 942.45 S, 4 i Q W-4 f" ft , ,f 'v-ff' x f ' .4 4 44 4 K f 4 W4 44 ' X M 4 4 ' My 1 f 4 4 4 1 1 25 L -' I 4u-.m-44mfM:'i'ii i L I 1 , 'I 1 ,C 1' - . 'N , -X X :V .,,,...,,.. ,N.X,,,.X.4 .A ug, , , X .4 A 4 fa.. 44, . 7.44.1 ,, 3 V wg ix, 'Q ' ,V 4, 41240343 ' 7 L X Qi . xiii' "fi'53g'L' 1' ' 4 QL 'ii A L 4' J f 4 - 4 If NVQXL f fi H 4 :ki-L WA X ...X 4. ' ' , . A jf , - , , 'f PX V'-""7'M'fH--5if1T'jji ,TQ f' 4' Q 4, W .A , 5 1, 5 , I Q K AT X ml ,H 3 . .1 i X4 4 .+ ,X .,: s. H Ag, gs, .sa ys Q, , . 4 4 . u ,f M ' , ., ' ,: 5 'VY'-' f 5 Q .44 M 1" 4 fy- ,il V. X X A ,X ...M ffggasw f fa-s r 1 . Wa . u 1 A .W , - i,, ,X 1 1 , X .ef-44. 4 4 , X . -' .1 2 - -XMX4, 4- s ,wi ,L , .,, X44 , 7 J , ff-'.k..,l " W, '.,- 4, 4 4 , s a ' . r , ' 4 ,, W ,I 1 'ff ' ' . ,. ' I , ,X ,ff-4 .+,Qs X 1, "iff Q -ig 1 f 4 -, ' 2: .Pla-. ,5'g'A'f'3'z,f "4" 4 .4. 4 z e, :. , J 1 ' 4 4 ff ,, - ' ,ni V , 5 'V Ziyirlgf .s ,. . .. , X, . X, X,, .. ., . ff . ..,.., .fy , ,, .,, 4 , ,, , , , M, ,,,4 , ., ., , 4 ,, ,, ,,,4 .yi . . i . WX ss-. N Ns, s 4... . 44 . .f ., , ,, 4. ,ja f , am., . 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The highlighr of rhis slop is our 'rrip io a well lcnown winery loca+ed a few miles our oi Parras. We wonder if Jrhey are slill giving our freesamples. We +ry a new wrinlcle in showing movies +o 'rhe children loy using rhe por+ side of 'rhe NOA for a screen. Will you ever liorgel lhe "Worlds Worsl Bandi' on rhe head of +he pier or ihe sighl of rhe ciry square filling wilh people immediaiely eller sunsel. Euriclc and Doherfy . . Q 2 Do Your Own Laundry-We're Busy ,, wswaiii 9 Xggs , ., 4 4 - - A f s ., 1' Xs , .'g'.,X 'V PX . ' 5, ' , 'L - X X j X4 1. r X 1 Ag '24 ., -sg A X,X'sAX 4s - .6 XKQSS . - , Xi , 2 me A w 1 4 5 A E 1 E E v 1 . 2 5 IIHIIIIES, 1 5 2, J 1 QQ f T V ' in X., 'E ll J 11.17, N, O 11.54 fo E 5444 - in Ira' x K' - E Q4 Lb Q Some Oranges! IQ ig 1 Q K: H if? L .5 54 M LA P1 5 , 1 H I ' r 1 s if 1 f X N: ,f f Q NN One For The Road Jus+ Taking H' Easy N iw Musclemen Tender T Parr of California Crew The famous resor+ isle of The Easlern Medifer- ranean . . . il more Than lives up 'ro all 'rhe rravel ad claims. An -added a'r+rac+ion is 'rhe yach+ Cali- fornia lying up alongside. This is 'rhe yachl Thai has been on an aroundJrhe4world cruise for 'rhe lasf four years and is crewed by five young, aufhors . , . four men and a woman . . . all so inleresling 'ro 'ralk +o. Beach parries are +he order of lhe day and we have a daily swimming call aboard ship. Many ven- 'rure inland on 'fours +o 'rhe Bullerfly Valley and fhe ancienl' ci'ry of Lindos. We find friends from home on +he Coasl Guard Ship Courier which is in lhe harbor beaming our +he Voice of America broad- cas+s. We all have a fine lime and now boasf Med- ilerranean sunlans, Ui Siar of S+ars California llllillllllli THAT NOAs chain Gang . . . loolung for fhe missing linlr? . . . Lei' Go Affer Fells . . . 42 Look, Ma! "Red" Salmon Smar+, chic and comfy lounging clo+hes for leisure momenfs during our happy cruise as modelled by Decker, Venne and Consianiine. E fs , SEA PAY One of ihe ones ihai' came back. was All hands fo baiflesiaiions . . . Le+'s go! Johnson, Jackson and Seiferi' come up for a look af daylight v v v - nxm.-van Q-Ad-A-up-, ........ ...A ,. Slreel' Scene IZMIR, TURKEY ln'l'erna'rional Fair Izmir is Jrhe mosl imporlanr seaporr on rhe Aegan Sea, lhird largesl ci+y in Turkey, and now +he mosr imporlanl NATO base in rhis parl of lhe world. The ciry fans our like a huge amphirhealre wirh brown parched hills in 'rhe background and beyond ., . Jrhe Iron Curlain. Tours lake us io Ephesus, l-lome of Mary, lhe Refurning Korean Velerans Siesia Time lvlolher of Jesus. The famous inlernalional fair is in progress and whar a variery of color, culiure and characrers. l-lave you picked up your puzzle rings and meershaum pipes yel? We see Turkish soldiers receive a heroes welcome upon relurn from Korea. The number of new American cars on Jrhe road is complerely amazing. Whar a ci+y of con+ras+s! Turkish Mosque W. AThens, ancienT ciTy oT The beginnings oT hisTory. AThens, The cradle oT wesTern civilizaTion. The Acropolis, probably The worlds mosT Tamous "hill." For The camera TanaTic and lover oT archiTecTure This was The spoT. The liTTle sail boaTs darTing across The bay and The Tishing TleeT bobbing in The choppy waTers exempliTied The easy liTe of AThens. The "Tavernas" wiTh Their singing cusTomers A , , . The sTreeTs, where every nighT seemed like a chinese new year celebraTion. There musT have been l00,000 people iusT walking The sTreeTs Trom dusk unTil way pasT midnighT. The language, prob- ably The mosT diTTiculT we encounTered , . . iT was all Greek To me.. . really! I The ThirTeen columns of The Temple of JupiTer. AnoTher view of one of The many Temples on The T A Acropolis. ' The TheaTre of Dionysus The Greek Palace Guard 'gag 9' if 'T ,ff kg j A A A in . T T ii A ' A g I, ' SV f 'Q 1 lsii f ' f A A rr A AThens as viewed from The Acropolis. NoTe The Temple of AT The FooT of The Acr0P9ll5' Jupifer in The cenTer. Beach Scene aT Cannes Perfume Capifal of The World J ExTending Trom Cannes To MenTon, a region synonymous wiTh gaieTy and romance. This sTreTch ol shoreline includes such vacaTion wonderlands as Golle Juan, AnTibes, Nice, Juan Les Pins, Ville- Tranche and MonTe Carlo. lvlonTe Carlo wiTh iTs casinos where TorTunes blaze or spuTTer aT The Turn oT a card or TwisT of a wheel. Nice shelTers a crowd oT baThers who lie on iTs rocky beaches or swim in iTs azure waTer in The Bay oi Angels. The promenade swarms wiTh TourisTs who sTroll along in uniTorm, more specific- ally shirTs, shorTs and cameras. Golfe Juan, AnTibes and Juan Les Pins are dil- TerenT . . . more vivid. l-lere young beauTies scanTily aTTired in Bikini baThing suiTs gaTher on The beaches, dip in The warm waTer and reTurn To The sandy beach To dry. Cannes is somelhing else again. Anojrher lvlonTe Carlo buT more airy, humming wiTh sailboaTs, moTor- boaTs and celebriTies of all naTions. WhaT a TesTival in color, This Riviera wiTh The brick red rocks oT The mounTains, The dark ever- greens, The maiesTic palms, mulTi-colored villas and sTaTely hoTels and The shimmering, clear waTer wiTh The crescenT-shaped beaches crowded wiTh baThers. Everyone swings inTo The spiriT in shorT order en- joying The wonderTul beaches, Parisian nighT clubs and FiTTh Avenue shops. Numerous Tours are made oT The area, moToring inTo The surrounding mounTain counTry. Grasse, The perTume cenTer, is one oT The sTops oT inTeresT and everyone comes back heavily laden wiTh The scenT. Ari' al' MonTe Carlo S+ree+ Scene el' Cannes Mounhin CounTry

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