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,gi -1 '84 W: -x '52 -' f . ini. 44.5 ' . . T"" W-3-. . I A1 T H E LAI R Published by thc Sludefzls vf ,Nzlfau High Salma! Niwn, Ceres yearbook Stag Although these persons pictured have contri- buted the maior part of the editing of the an- nual there are many others whose work has been essential. To Barbara Chessher goes all credit For the art work of the division pages. Mrs. Kathryn Car- away assisted in much detail work of the ele- mentary school. And again, as always the business men of Nixon have supported the main financial responsibility. To everyone. . .student, parent, Facultymember and Friend. . .we trust that each can find some element in the book which will be pleasing to you. lB1.....' . Staff members Betty Jean Pruett and Patricia Kennedy have thought of something amusing, while Colleen Sewell is still looking in the file for a certain picture. Student Photographers to the lastl Jeffery Reese, Donnie Setliff and Glenn Harold Neuse. l' cop X KSA N' x N? ,237 1 O 'L ,Q J wr- 'W 1 Push Prcsm! and guturc High School Building Far reaching deci- sions must be made concerning location and plans For new buildings. Trustees ii 'Koi sill if A 1 Q ,,, A, t A H3 -if wg as , Nixon, Davis, Wake, Millington, Gibson and T.F. Ho- well discuss matters with Supt. James E. Box. Wi stful Wonde ri ng I Margaret Kennedy takes delight The new Trophy case given by in reading the inscriptions. the Senior Classes of i956,57 and 58 is admired. In the meantime . . .the ordinary tasks of. . .repair- ing screen doors at H. E. Cottage. . .and looking for lost things must go on. Any Nulubfr af Zflfings At football banquet team members check last minutes preparations. George Blanch and a line coach from Texas U. are guests for the affair. An effigy in the hall of N.l'l.S. ? Explain, boysl Leaders and sponsor Weinert 1 9' P., ' find a happy solution during a pep squad session. And the snow camel Two familiar scenes are pictured akove, but we are not out for beauty.. .we are out for fun! And we had somel ,mmm ings- -A 'Mm Nx H -.qgv'Q2i'vv, i T .1 5 --na-35' K .1 A N .,,..M . WM , W, cw- M, ,sf me W MM K A 'gb . X WMA-.5 pfdyfdlili fe, vi Topic for Discussion: "Teen-Agers" Sammy Martin, President of the FFA presided as the eighth grade students queried the panel of adults. Florence Ruth Howell, Gloria Rioias and Linda Trant are seated while standing are Glenn Ross, Lester Haines and Mike Mahan. At the May meeting of the PTA these officers were :lf installed: Mmes. D. Deason, President, Charles Mer- M ritt, Vice President, Sam Hunter, Cor. Secretary, Bill Wagener, Treasurerp Ralph Billings, Parliamen- tarian, and Allen Faulkner, Rec. Secretary. Hand ,Wairs 1 A E A band concert was given E ' ll l in February at which both the A and B groups ap- Q pea red . ' .51 M , -- 7 2 M . 5 , 1 V 9 N. ' E Q Patricia Kennedy and E Colleen Sewell are generous with copies M- ---M -M of the programs. ' Panels of advisors included Mr Trant, Mmes. Nance, Lozo fstand ingl, and Mmes, J.A. Howell, Jr. and Hogg who are seated. IRM J P . lm, 'qs' Loading the instruments for an out-of-town Football game. Director Herd rehearses for that spring concert. ,Maui Ji .S af1d,4g. Activities Homemakers Barrett, Pruett, Trant, Ag. boys waiting tables at FHA din- Crisp, Wake, Glascoand Brzozowslci ner envy Terry Talley as he Finds receive certificates For deg rees time to have a cool drink. earned. Style show models DuMond, Wake, Montgomery, Sewell, L. Hewell and Kennedy and Mahan sport types of Chessher revive the roaring twenties modern dress. styles. M e,.,,,,-.w .V Sweetheart Colleen Sewell receives crown as Bishop W. Davis proclaims her Queen For 1958-59. Waitresses for Father-Son banquet are L. Trant, F. Hewell, Lozo, Bil- lings, Benavides and Neuse. Sminr 671155 Plays Wanda Pullin is M . C . for the evening. Johnnie Brassell presents Mrs. Wheatwith a beau- tiful pot plant from the class. "CURF EW FOR CHARLIE" Three one-act plays were presented at the Nixon Theater on March 27th. This was necessary because the school auditorium had been partitioned and was being used temporarily as class rooms. The seniors adapted themselves quickly, so without curtains or off stage space and an improvised stage with no special lighting effects the plays were given. "It's blackmail," says Gary fGlennJ, as Linda accuses him. This story concerneda teen-age boy whose dad imposed a midnight curfew on him. The ruse to escape the con- sequences worked very well with the help of several classmates. Charlie, played by Ellwood Ernstand Suzi, played by Alice Faulkner were introduced and planned to attend the big Prom. ' Molly and Lanelle pause between classes. Bobby and Wanda have a brief tiff and Sharon tries to console Alice when she gets lost on her first day in "Parker High". Teacher Mc- Kinney delegates a duty to "curfew" Charlie. "ROYAL GORGE" was the second one-act play presented. Pictured are Mr. and Mrs. First played by Jose- phine Mclfinney and Bobby Lozo. "Come on, Wilburl We're first this time. . . The hold-up scene in which Silvestro Med i na demands money and personal effects. Victims Johnny Respondek, Judy St. Clair, Gloria Steu- bing and Leon Riggs are quick to comply. "Pop" Respondek talks matter over with daughter, Judy and her finance, Johnnie George Brassell. The story ends happilywhen the bandit is captured and the large reward sends the honeymooners on their way. "THE COKE SHOP" In this play a high school student has an op- portunity to cheat on an examination which apparently would have given him a scholar- ship. His refusal to do so not only gave him the coveted award but the friendship of his favorite girl. Molly and Jimmy talk mat- ters over with Prof. Lozo. erl leaves the shopafter dis- cussing the matter with pro- prietor Donnie Setliff and tion. Charles Cowey and girl friend Joyce Pierpont re- view the situation with Porp. Setliff. Lanelle Davenport la teach- Jimmy debates the tempta- Z fi A. Mather-Daughter Banque! The members of the local FHA Chapter honored their mothers with a dinner given at the Lions Club. Dr. Onah Jacks of SWTSTC was the speaker for the even- ing. Following the repast the winner of the Miss Future Homemaker Contest was revealed as Carolyn Asher of the Junior Class who was crowned Queen. For entertainment of the courta style show staging the "new look" in contrast to the styles of the roaring ' twenties was indeed aspectacular and engaging show. Mrs, Nancy, FHA Sponsor, and Pictures of these models may be Found elsewhere in Betty Jean Pruett, President, IIS- The Gnnvdl- ten to guest speaker, Dr. Jacks. Nukes L- Colleen Sewell presents FHA Beau, Arthur Lakey, witha gift. Queen Carolyn and King Arthur reign over court for the evening. CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Senior - Escort Charles Cowey Freshman - Escort Justin Caraway Duchess Lanelle Davenport Duchess Carolyn Lozo Sophomore - Escort Chelcie Ross Bishop Betty J. Pruett Duchess Gladyne Hewell Announcer Sharon Trant Z Z A. Haronafim Dr. Buie, SVVTSTC, is the guest speaker. ...--I ...P- Joe Ray Edwards presents Prof- Tram Presldes a corsage to Sweetheart A Colleen Sewell. On the night of March 17th the F.F.A. boys honored their Fathers with a banquet. Following thiswas a corona- tion crowning the Chapter Sweetheart Queen for the year 1958. Donnie Setliff announced the pro- gram and Wilbon Davis served as the bishop. Representatives to the Royal Courtare: King and Queen Sammy Martin and Colleen Sewell, Srs. Respondek and Molly Calley and. . . Johnny JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES Jim Ed Davis Jane Brzozoski Jrs. fnot picturedl, Sophs. - Terry Talley and Betty Pruett, Fresh. - Verne Colwell and Velma Crisp, and 8th Grade - Lester Haines and Sherry Cowe Y Hand Sfzsfiml Paradc The Band Festival sponsored by the Band Boosters Club was held April il, 1958. The gala event was well accepted by all, both spectators and participants, GRAND MAHSHAL Color Guard American Legion Honorary Marshal Future Parade Marshal. 'AQUA Nixon Boy Scouts Cub Scou, Pack Girl Scout Troop ii Nixon Brownies V A535--Q 1 f W V K Official Band Booster Car Band Sweetheart 7 1. s . X .I 9 Q lx l 7, Q , if f al 4' X 1 .14 4. . li.: gay' " 0 1 1 . ' if ,. . if W X f' 7 ' lv , QA rm J Q I 5 Q i ,l ,fx 4,5 z 1 8 U ln . 4 5 X " U . .A "R Y .4 R YV Al ss.. A .4 Mother Goose Folk! .Q ' ln Mrs. Box, 2nd grade ' ' First Place award -..- ..,.Q,,::, z : . Texas Cowhandsl F' Cook. . .6tl1 Freshman. . . 3rd place award Q t 1'-ff: ' E , P 'H'-t-fx W r . I v ss' as I-is ' 1ills'f'tir'm ' . g-mmm. 25 wif Beauty From Holmes' 7th 'A ' gf' W-fl"5fwsf'2ul..s sa , I We E it :Eb A f . AA ,,.,.,. , .,.,. s ,,,,, kA if Beautiful colors. . . Juniors. . .2nd award Wgglli M I 1 V... sw WM- --+41 was M .. Attractive. . .Cl0l'l4'S 675 Seniors. . .4fl'1 Western theme fEigl'1th Grade Honorable Mentionl First Place VVinnerl Mrs. Caruway's fifth Grade "ROCkef Gnd Roll". ..50phs. Blue ribbon award fuuiar-Senior Kauqucf On the night of April 25th the Senior Class was entertained witha Banquetand Prom given by the Juniors. The Lions Club was gayly decorated with the theme of Fairyland Fantasia carried throughout. BEN IU!! UIZUIVI 'W""-'U-1-1 Junior sponsors, Weinertand Nance, Escort Edwards, SENIORMISS Pullin, Senior sponsor, Talley, and Junior Escort T. Davis, JUNIOR MISS Jane and Senior class presidents, Moore Brzozowslci, receive gifts from J.E. and Setlift pose for pictures. Davisas Junior presidentMoore pre- sides. Davis, Neuse, Asher, Montgomery, Lozo, Wicke, Sanders, Ernst, Res- Weinert, Dunn, and June Brzozo- Brassell, Edwards, Reese and... pondek, Steubing, Davenport, Al- wski enioy the banquet. len, Jane Brzozowslci and. . . Kidd Pullin, Blanch, Riggs, Trant, Medlmfl, Sf- Cllllff Bustos, TYTQOI Connolly, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cook, Cowey, Rhoades, Hewell, and... Smith, MCKlnneYf CUHSYI -lf-"Yee and Mrs. Tram Seem delighted. fCoweyl Pierpont and. . . In Q Sgpqqq 4 LN .,, ff: qxdyl 2? PQ' Vx? 47 -F fain? fir s me D' N W E if 63' ' f fn an Q 1 3, AX X8 Ng: :gp N X umm arfinreosre Env N 4 Erophgcris fo the seniir Members. Fairyla nd Our Sponsors, Mrs. Weinert and Mrs. Nance, are presented withgiffs from the Jun- ior Class. 3 Refreshmenfsl Sophomores fairies serve as x A The Grand March is always The main evenf of the Prom with everyone participating. IHHENIAL . ,a 4 '-5 If .f-, - 105.4 ' ,.f . v fff GARDENS 31. N .i xg' Sq ' 4. ' 5 ' 1 . U A '-' "' 5 , fp ' - . ' JY ,..-"' f gk .. I- lil . dll .s,a:':. f 29" 2 ' r WA? y 4. 'v ,, Gx'li35RJime1'5, XL W M. ll.-Senior Banquet .l-i t The annual W.M.U. Banquet honoring the Senior class was held April 15th, in an Oriental Garden setting. The guests For the evening were students from Mary Hardin Baylor. A feature ofthe evening was a comical skit by high school students teaching the importance of education "Seniors can not pass by magic." WMU Pres. Mrs. Pruett, Alumnae Sec. MHB, Mrs. G. Warren, Mrs. Hogg, Pastor R.H. Hogg are pictured with seniors and guests at the banquet tables. wiv' Ming-Talley-Ho Witch-Man ' ig i 1 Mee-King and daughters three S ,X A Se: -., . Z1 .-Senior Garden party A-.sms 1 Each member oF the senior class is formally presented and introduced to those present. On May 15th the 1958 Seniors were entertained by the P.T.A. with the customary gar- den party which was held, due to inclement weather, in the Baptist Church parlors. Glenn Neuse read a history oF the class after which all were entertained with musical numbers. Several two-guitar numbers by Bro. Haines and son Lester, and two vocal duets by Dr. and Mrs. C.J. Merritt, composed the program. ..., Many parents and friends enioy the social hour. Mrs. W.W. Hewell receives gift From Mrs. HowardMont- gomery on behalfof the P.T.A. . ,W lyk M Juniors Montgomery, Sanders a nd Blanch serve punch .... to Mr. Ernst, Bobby Lozo, Ellwood. . . Linda Hewell and Lanelle Davenport. I I flld ' . 5 uatzan far Scumfg MMENCEMENT CO 4, 1958 First Baptis Processional ' Wheat "Land oi Hop ster Haines lnvocation EDCERCISES . May 2 8:00 P. M. t Church Mrs. Florine e and Glory" Rev. Le Ready Fort hes - Box Bro erwce 'O Stu I ' H ff Q Haines. 099, Dr. Nixon an? Mrs. Florine Wheat Mrs. Joyce Nance and stery oi Life" Duet "Ah, Sweet My Rev. Robert H. Hogg Commencement Ad Mrs. Fielding 1 -Bond Solo "A Perfect Daly" by Accompanied by Mrs. Florine W J mes E. Talley, Jr., ' ' al Presentation of Class . Millington Presentation oi Diploma James . Superintendent Announcement I1 dress Breeden Carrie J a.obs heat a Princip s Dr. W. G E Box of Awards Dr. C. J. Merritt The class takes f . he invocation. ain standingl its place qnd awaits Benedictlo Clhe audience will rem Mrs. Florine Wheat Recessional "Auld Lang Syne" USHERS Deanna Montgomery Joyce Moore ilyn Sanders Carolyn Asher l nch ' Mar Colleen Sewell Wicke Sue B a zowslu Darleen Jane Brzo June Brzozowski Otilia Bustos nnie Lee Kidd A Mr. Tone Y Sharon and Lizfrs ro f fi 1 W? my L he fescue of Seng' . Davfsrxg Sixty lrgstlendance are Joe Ed vis, Steve T,-igo and Eggs, aim Ed 'Y eese, BACCALAUREATE SERVKZE Methodist Church E-indq Heweu IS dwg.-ded the valedictory, May 23, 1958 8:00 P. M. Organ Prelude "A Prayer" Processional "Clayton Grand March" Mrs. Willie Colvvell Invocation Rev. Robert H. Hogg Hymn "Are Ye Able" COYKETBEEWOH Announcements Anthem "He" 1 Ch0i1' Baccalaureate Sermon Rev. Lester Haines S010 Mrs. Fielding Breeden "O, Devine Redeemer" by Charlie Gounod Accompanied hy Clarence Hasdorii Alice Faulkne ' salumforian. r us the Benediction Dr. Sam A. Nixon ' Clfhe audience will remain standingl Recessional Clarence Hasdorii "Trumpet Voluntaryw by Purcell USHERS Wesley Connally .lim Ed Davis Terry Davis Joe Ray Edwards Ju - mor Class lovlies a fe' Br-Zo Z0 k- Wicke B ders. , ustos, Monfgom-ery, Sewwj 1, Blanch, Ash? e I, Moore and Sag, Sammy Martin Jeffrey Reese Steve Trigo M - . I Neuse Er l' ' ' ns' Gnd . svung for the Mednnq are iust fuss I m0me e . nt to fum that Scuiar 611155 Zfriv Most of the gang just before take-off timel Friends and relatives of our Senior Class and Sponsor Talley, gathered at the Lions Club on Sunday, May 25th to say goodby and speed us via M. P. on our trip to Canada. Accompanied by Travel Agent Don Peterson, we arrived in St. Louis the next morning where we changed trains to the Wabash and later arrived in Detroit. Passing through a tunnel under the De- troit River we established our American citizenship and residence and were ad- mitted into Canada. 'We checked in at the Prince Edward hotel, Windsor, for a good night's sleep. gh ff F0ll0 W Dfmon Early Tuesday morning we traveled to Welland, Ont. where we were greeted at the station by His Worship the Mayor who told of Welland's many industries and of the vast trade which is carried on between Canada and the U. S. We then iourneyed by bus to Niagra Falls. We were astonished at the vast amount of water which pours over the Falls each second and we all agreed that this was truly the highlight of the trip. Wednesday we spent sightseeing in Windsor, and Detroit, Mich. Among the places visited were: River Rouge Ford Plant, Green- field Village Kwhere we saw reproductions of American history and traditionJ,,Belle Island, Ambassador Bridge and the Ford Rotunda. St. Louis proved to be quite a place of interest. Forrest Park . . . with its 1,379 acres beautifully landscaped, St. Louis Zoo, the Municipal Opera, the Jefferson and Lindberg Museums, Show- boat, the Admiral . . . a pleasure boat which cruises on the Mississippi, the exclusive section of the old city with its private streets and Union Station fsecond largest in the U. SJ . . . the-se are just a few of the many places viewed in St. Louis. Five adventurous days . . . 3,676 miles . . . seven states and Canada . . . twenty-two en- thusiastic Texans . . . all thesetmade the Senior trip of 1958 a most enioyable one, a trip which each senior shall always remember. Donned in raincoats for trip under falls ,rm TARIO When we arrived in Welland we were greeted at the train by his Worship Mayor McRae. Pictured with his Worshipis Bobby Lozo's uncle, who livesinWelland Ont. 1,1 Waiting. . .For the train? All aboard for tour- ing St. Louis. may ' Enioying the modern com- Forts of that WABASH CANNON BALL. Tired. . ,or iust not hungry? Lunch at Clinton Inn. HOTEL wlNDsoR-om. 4-m A day in Detroit. if 5 V Mr. Tailley, what DID - You d09 J ?'Q za' .. 5 Picture taking M if Q -M-Q-if The Ford Rotunda, with its city of tomorrow wc s quite on interesting Place fo UH- The tunnel under the Detroit River and the Ambassador Bridge. MUNICIPAL OPERA In St. Louis we audited the reahearsal of "Sl'1owboat" staring Marion Marlowe and Andy Devine. MARION MARLOWE P., if fh!""'fw-. K ' 'X I NS . i vital' gs. gi- L LN W Viewing the many colorful costumes .Ni Mm We wif w f we Touring the outdoor stage GREE FIELD HE RY FURD ILL GE W' f' A' L 'Atl 4 r kr. We found the outdoor museum a place where American History comes to life. USEUM In the Ford Museum we found many examples of Early American life. We saw antique automobiles, full sized locomotives, historic airplanes, old carri- ages, and much more...all arranged to tell the story of American industrial progress. I SPO J ILLLIS My N r 1 A. I l IX sly V- W. I, ' -V., ' I , 'w..wi Ll ,T , vxeth .,-.-Q ,. N Q34 ff In A The Bobcat's 57 football season began at Stockdale on F -f., K-,f '- jfdgf , 2 September 6 when the Bobcats scratched the Brahmas for a iz W + Final' score of 44-7. Halfback Terry Davis tallied twice, while Freshman Vefne Colwell scored on a recovered fumble. Ellwood Ernst hit paydirt twice For the Cats, but he really showed "heads up" Football when he scooped up the pigskin in the end zone after the last kickoff. Activities awaken when gvatballgames get under way. "Who made that touchdown?" This question definitelytells us thatthe pigskin is king again. Tags, banners, and cheers all combine to show the loyal spiritof the student bodyand town Folk in backing the team. 'Desiqna tes Al l -district team Glenn Neuse Terry Davis Senior Junior Guard Back Bobby Allen 'Steve Trigo 'Nick Bustamante John Smith Senior Junior Sophomore Senior Guard Back Encl End 4. 'Bobby Lozo 'Johnnie Brassell Charles Cowey 'Joe Ray Edwards Senior Senior Senior Junior Center Tackle End Guard imlvfood Ernst L gong Bemvides Ernst-a Four year letterman - who has been EEE' Bggkomore honored twice by the district, has always shown this outstanding running Form. Although favored to win the Bobcats niet a bitter defeat when they lost to the Flatonia Bulldogs I2-7 Nixonwas in fine form, but they could not quite cope with the precision running of the Bulldog bcckfield. Our single score was mode by Tony Benavides with the extra point kicked by Ellwood Ernst. I ..4 I - 7 1 ,Uncmm s ,Night Inthe Runge game Nixon got off to a fast start when they made a touchdown during the opening moments of play. The linemen's night -- And we agree, for they were "really in there playing ball." John Smith threw a key block which enable Ellwood Ernst to make an 80 yard run to score. Nick Bustamante threw another block For a 72 yard scamper by Ernst. Terry Davis sprinted 'I5 yards to tallyg moreover, Ernst accounted for two additional TD's, Ernst also kicked 5 extra points to make the Final score 35-6. Kats Hlank Gardimzls On Sept. 13, The Bobcats routed the Southside Cardinals for a score of 39-0. The first home game of the season showed our team's outstanding promise For games ahead. Our strong often- sive line opened the way For runners - Ernst, Trigo, Benavides, and Colwell - to score. Glenn Neuse successfully kicked two of the extra points. I . -4. ., f W., , is N g -. I D X 5 , ,,n ,Ni t .. ' K M K 'Q '- -f' iffltffglti Hn, " , if T. H , .3 , W '?' D , . ' ' " ' "' ' -. S4 nl: ,Q .g Q . sy ,,,,i 543 N - Q ' ' Z ffl T' .sms ' '. .S J s 'W " wi ' L , gi Q X -Q, - s'-' , 5 g .-1 Q - My sw Q., sl Kiwi SJ'- , , ,g.h,..' 'V s ff, ' A Q96 fa -"'f Q ' s i A ,,. , ,T T f' . YC pil -' tw :Zi ZZ, Z ..,.: -V ,gf .. .l 5 g J: in . -. V, ,ANL sg-.T -1 1, X- . r '- ' zfiwffizlclb 'iitissw' lsisiigxfiu ' '- we -- "-" - Sammy Martin Tommy Weber Verne Calwell Junior Sophomore Freshman Back Guard Back . 1-ne. , w-.. 8 Jimmy Rhoades James Brzozowski Howard Smith Monroe Dudley lnnocencio Arce Senior Freshman Freshman Sophomore Sophomore Guard Back Tackle Tackle Guard '-Q-,, Silvestne Medina Johnny Rioias Robert Trigo George Trigo Jim Ed Davis Senior Freshman Freshman Freshman Junior Tackle Guard Tackle Center End Vernon Cowey Terry Talley Bobcats brand a Brahma l ll Freshman Sophomore N Back Back Eats Las: Defeat came to the Bobcats when they challenged the classA Jour- .lanton Indians. T h e B ob c a ts gained 51 yards on the ground while the Indians racked up 93 yards. Displaying a strong de- fense, the Bobcats held the Indians to a 8-O score. Jourdanton later traveled to the class A semi-Finals. Victory! Fine weather prevailedat the Nixon- Pawnee game. The team was in high spirits, and they rounded out the evening with a 37-7 victory. Backs Ernst and Benavides scored twice each, while S. Trigo scored once. One score was recalled because of a penalty. The lone point was kicked by G. Neuse. Every member of the squad took part in this victory. Habcals Downs Indians On a cool Thursday night, Nixon foiled Harlondale's Junior Varsity on our home Field. Emst scored twice, once from the three and again on an end run from the 42. Our third TD was a pass play from Ernst to sophomore end Bustamante. The final score was 20-6 For Nixon. Path-Nzlfan Poth, the Regional Champs for this year, had to Fight For their T9-T3 victory over Nixon. lt was the climax of our season, and we were out to win. Our vision was dimmed by a cloud of weird looking Fog which settled over the gridiron during the 2nd quarter. Though we strained our eyes, we could hardly see S. Trigo as he plunged over from the two to tally. The Pirates held a T2-6 lead at the half, but we came to life in the 3rd quarter, when T. Davis snagged a pass and changed the score to T3-12. Late in the 4th, the Pirates turned to the air where they made their winning TD. The final score was I9-13. Pirates vs. Hats Though this was the First year Nord- heim fielded an eleven man team, they played a fine game against the Bobcats. Despiteiexcellent passing by the Pirates, our team came through with a 20-T3 victory. Antonio Ben- avides tallied for twoon line plunges and Steve Trigo madea six yard dive for our last score. Glenn Neuse kicked the two extra points. I Seated are:A. Posada, N. Bustamante, J. Smith, B. Allen, B. Lozo, J. Edwards, J. Brassell, C. Cowey, and Coach Pattillo. In the second row are: C. Ross, T. Talley, V. Colwell, S. Trigo, T. Davis, E. Ernst, G. Neuse, M. Dudley,andJ. Rhoades. ln the third row are: J. Davis, S. Medina, J. Brzozowski, I. Arce, S. Martin, and H. Smith. Standing are: J. Rioias, T. Weber, and G. Trigo. Not Pictured is Bobby Baker. uf' qv .4 'H X' The co-captains Ernst, Bmssell, and Lozo, who are all Seniors, discuss PlaY5 with the Coach- The hard working managers, C. Ross and A. Posada, are always helpful. A M. W ,,,. ,fa ..g..g.., .Magi sg: 6 fs A ' At the left we seea . f 'l' . D 'l F li.,- zft 5 D11 xii: paririndtizlesiiegientilllg A ts , 5 X ..-Wim M A---32-Q S Y ' it J V S C r ' S E? ' A Q .yi . ., . y , . . H s,s"3.M,-I W - '-- V-: g 0 A challenge is given to conclude skull practice Smiley didn't have a chancel Tony added two points by a iump shot. Good Form Tony. lgaskctball Lavernia dealt us some trouble, for those tall, tall boys had an advan- rage. Competition was keen this basketball season when our opponents were Poth, Lavernia, and Smiley. Our team rated third in the district, for they won two and lost Four. Playing on the team were Nick Bustamante, Ellwood Ernst, Steve Trigo, Tony Benavides, and Terry Talley. There was a fight for the ball. Hope nobody was hurt. Look at that Nick iumpl Smiley seemed to be closing in For the kill, but that was one more basket For Nixon. What's so interesting under that basket boys, who had the ball? Jump Sammyl Our boys did o Fine iob guarding the bas- ket. Our B team rated second in the district when they won Four out of six games. Included on the B team were Dusty Rhoades, Chelcie Ross, Sammy Martin, ' b d Jose Bobby Lozo, John Smith, Thommy We er, an Rioias. Hurry Chelcie, Smiley is right behind youl With the help of Jose and Dusty, he adds two more points. Let's get that ball and make some pointsl Crack l 'ir , ,wi I Y X fri A s Hex.. ,rs s. of " f ' qi gxmxf . J. Brassell ist 126' 21 1f2" l Wyfw S X G, Trigo C. Ross J. Brassell 3rd 7l Nixon hosted the district track meet in Cuero this year. We tied Poth for the district honors. Other meets that we attended this season were the Cuero Gobbler Relays, the Pearsall Traclc Meet, the Border Olympics, and the Somerset Track Meet, At Somerset we won the field events for the third consecutive year enabling us to keep the beautiful trophy permanently. G. Trigo 2nd 38' 3f4" Upper Right C. Ross I S G. Neuse Brassell 1st 12 lb. - 41' 2 1f2" A ss wfsw tix. .- . N. Bustomente 1st T. Benavides 3rd 'lolzll 7l 'W H. . wo' I ,- mi in 5 'sq T. Benavides 2nd T .1 5I2II 4 ' fi' A ,,,.- if , D' S. Trigo S ,,,, B W' 03' W Z ' QP 931, ,Aff v -s.: ? ' . -A .1 - Ax'. ' - - 1 I I -ng: + II i xgg J,g:o,f e NI I gg I, ,3 N' Y' ' - ' ' ' I 4 f Q . ' ' ' S Q Q. I ,I 3 K E 'VIJMQNIIK I. X My TI I W 1, -I I V I I-I V II XV III' I -L vs ll . I gif -NL 3 s fl- I - 1 l., in K 1 G. Neuse - - K 120 High Hurdles S. Martin N. Bustamante 1st 120 High Hurdles 120 High Hurdles 180 Low Hurdles Q 200 Yd. Dash 9 KM Q .V J' 5 W ' 'll 100 Yd. Dash J. Edwards 1st J. Smith C, Cowey 880 Yd. Run wr' NW . . , MZ.. H y .- . . I , . I I ,I. . r,,1:y.5'e I W. I . . . i - W im: ., W . . I ,Q ,-W.. , ..w,.-s:.,:-W , ,, . --2 . Q Q .W M af it Q vt W ' ST , , , su so " if fe 'f www M I Q QW, 4, is 1 M W - ss ' J W . if .. x ' , . .2 EIIIIIWI 4 9 I IW AMI 1 if f 'Sf 'Q fi? Q an Q F if' in if X N, 4 . ,pf 1 Q My BI ,Q -. . , S ,I . I 0 1 af 3, A A ,Iv , ' , - '-NP.: 'fi , , Steve Trigo 2nd Tony Benavides Terry Talley Mile Run 55 T. Weber N. Bustamante 3rd N. Bustamante 1st T. Bensvides 2nd S. Trigo 3rd C. Cowey J . Edwards Below is the 440 Yd. Relay team which won 2nd - Edwards, Cowey, Brassell, L 1 and Smith 'E ' i ,Q S III I I .Q y I I . , ,I sign 5 . A01 W-My 1 1 1' Wg NTT? , 4 3 1 " - - Mfg it 4 1' f 41,255 I ,+,j,',s X W IIZE, , II I , , II I , Mile Relay Team 2nd T, Benavides S. Trigo J. Smith B. Lozo Knot picturedj Respondek Cowey Allen Our boys' team won 2nd in district this year when they defeated Smiley and lost to Poth. They really played hard fastvolleyball, and we were very proud of them. The meet was held in the Poth gym, and the teams competing were Nixon, Smiley, Poth, and La- Vernia. Rhoades Bustamante Zfalleybull Winning 3rd, the girls' team displayed team co-operation and good sportsmanship. They enioyed the day of vigorous exercise and excitement. Mc Kinney Moore Colley Faulkner Brzozowski Trant Baseball Chelcie was one of our pitchers. baseman Baseball season was fair this year, and we won 2nd in district play. Our opponents were Paw- nee, Poth, and LaVernia. Fourteen boys: J. Brassell, J. Edwards, C. Ross, E. Ernst, T. Benavides, N, Bustamante, S. Trigo, G. Trigo, D, Rhoades, T. Talley, J. Davis, C. Cowey, S. Martin, and T, Weber came out For the team. J. Brassell was our first These men are versatile. Bustamante was on 3rd. Dusty was some hitte rl S. Trigo was a fielder. Joe was a catcher l Zcnuis Terry Talley, Sammy Martin, Douglas Koenig, Jane Brzozowslci, and Molley Cal- ley all took partin this season's tennis tourney in Nixon. Jane Brzozowski and Molly Galley won first in girls doubles. Sammy Martin won second in singles as did Terry Talley. J . Brzozowski -U-..,,,w A N' it 5' T. Talley Umck A .st l .. .935 A S. Martin The Junior Track meet was held in Nixon. High point men were James Glasco and Ottis Leasman, each with 16 lf4pointsp Alfred Posada with 6 3f4 and Tommy Lindley with 4 lf4. The events took place in Nixon with entries from Smiley, Poth, Laver- nia, Kosciusko and Polasky. lea J i l I r , I I I I Gilbert Sandoval Alfred Posada gives gets set For the running mates some 7 next event. competition. I 1 James Glasco wins 50 yards dash over several opponents. s Z T We C 'fwfif iw 4 L, if s 'fn Aw yu x 1 i ' 22 i si V V -Q5 ' QV.. , Q 3,7 ri 5.53 5 5-4 .. :vg- , gin.?1'qL:'+-hge. ,wa zu' 1 Jima V V 1 ' :K ' 1 4 if ufq:e.iuff.1,h iv' 'H .' 11. l if Y1.:".""?'rv , A 7552, my , .-I, ng,-n5y,:l1,,.f .3 . 1' .-' '.-"--v .41,L-,L- V., - - L5 ...,.,g1'::-gh-, 43 1 lg, :gin ,4.:f.-.- -. - 1-j.,aE,'ggi45?1Q,' , ,- if Hvlyf45Q,l4,7.-5. 'P'- i .ff ' 1,5121 f.g,1nq.' -9.51- 'li' .315-'elif 123 P D ' Q gtg' 5.!f,ga.s.53-,fl ' J ' . :jg 'g" f :- 1,,.X.. :,, ta x K ' - 2 :gn Afdfw , x f if ' - 7 'al ' I Q :Aff 'ff g- , 'Tv' ' 's li ,Ili f v 'H zz. A V S ik W' Parent- Cracker ,flssacizztiofz Under the leadership of good committees the nominal worlc of the group made excellent progress this year. The immunization proiect was continued and the school nurse aided by local medical personnel made record of exploratory examinations of the eyes and teeth of each school child. From the Halloween Carnival, which was the main source oF Finance, aid wasallocated by the executive com- mittee and approved by the club to many groups within the school. Mrs. R.A. Pullin, President The president and secretary, Mrs. H.L. Parker, Jr. carry on the business of the meet- ing, The Carnival spirit is always present at Halloween time. . . 0 . . Winners in each of the several divisions of the parade are pictured above. Johnny Cook, Preschool Lavon Ferguson, Junior High Sherrill Montgomery, Primary Grades Strange and grotesque disguises were apparent in the long parade line. Judging for award winners was a hard taslcl Hand Roasters 61116 The parents of band members co-operated in the effort of the club to supply the needs of the band. The main project was the Spring Festival. That it was a most successful venture was evidenced by the full response made by school classes, civic clubs and com- mercial entries of cars and floats in the parade. Head- ed by the Bobcat Band the long list of colorful entries were viewed by many spectators. Present on picture taking night were Mmes. L. H , Chessher, President, Dee Montgomery, Vice President, Sam Hunter, Treasurer, James E. Tal- ley, Jr., Secretary. Maiorettes seem to have a clever idea for a new stuntl Retiring president Chessher receives gift from Booster member, Mrs. Du- Mond. Band Sweetheart Linda Hewellaccepts floral lyre from Tl'1eS6 OfflCefS W8feiI'lSl'Glled byMI'S. DirectorHerdiust afterthe honorhad been announced. John A. Hewell, Jr. at the last Later at the winter concert she is presented with a spring meeting of the Club. George trophy by the Club. H. Neuse heads the group for T958- 59. Her: 61011165 the Habcaf 841110 Bright blue uniforms, shiny buttons, and high stepping feet clued everyone that the Nixon Bobcat Band wasabout to make their appearance. Throughoutthe years our band attended many parades in the surround- ing vicinity and also thrilled the football Fans with flashy shows. Seated in the First row are A. Faulkner, B. Chessher, M. Sanders, E. Hunter, and T. Dabe, followed by S. Martin, J. Dunn, B. Polan, S. Dezelle, and F. Hewell in the second row. C. Lozo, S. DuMond, D. Montgomery, R. Sanders, J. Pantoia, and S. Blanch compose the third row. l Seated in the first row are D. Pullin, H. Mahan, D. Downs, and J. Caraway, while, T. Talley, G. A. Watkins, T. Weber, and B. Burns are found in the second row. H, Smith, J. Trigo, and J. Cardona complete the picture. Seated in the first row are G. He- well, L. Hewell, and C. Mahan, followed byJ. Brzozowski, Y. Gay- tan, D. Wickie, and K. Billings in the second row. G. Littleton, D. Dugie, M, Davis, E. Almaguer, and M. Kennedy make up the third row. J. Davis and A. Gaytan N. Pullin, O. Garcia, L Pullin, H. Koenig, and O. cond row. L. Davis, J ias, and J. Rioias complete the picture. Standing from left to right are: S. Trant, J. Leal, P. Cardwell, G. Trigo, F. Neuse, L. Trant, R. Trugo, and L. Fergurson. Not Pictured is A. Benavidez. Seated in the first row are' Garza are found in the se- Rioias, L, Yanes, W. Stew- art, J. Brzozowski, J. Rio- High Stcppzrs Barba ro Chessher Linda Hewell Head Maiorette Alice Faulkner K Coylene Mahan Drum Major Deeanna Montgomery These students always led the band ina willing man- ner. P Sandra DuMoncl Sharon Routines, which required many hours of practice, were highlighted by the girls' new uniforms. Trant or mi-wwe, 'sv W ' 4.1 ,milf A wk .Y VV 4 xi' . QA- Q Jeanie Pruett E715 Zlzccrmg Secfzan Although small in number our group has been able to attendall Football games to cheer For our Bobcats. '21 1 ibm Judy St. Clair Head Cheerleader 5. .qi Rem Wake Joyce fCoweyJ Pierpont '53 is J. ca 1 f- 5 59 Q! Q ll Wa' J at J t B fi' f 'i ll il if l J' J is A ,W ,r'gI.j'C'i I I 3 Lyif - , ' - , "l r 'I . . er., J .1"' In their blue and white uniforms standing are: B . S . Piekert, M. Smith, A. Barrett, J. Moore. Kneel- ing are: J. Wenske, A. Benavides, S. Cowey. Forgetting uniforms seems to be a habitl Standing are: P. Kennedy, C. Sewell, L. Kidd, S. Wright, V. Glasco, B. J. McFarland. Kneeling are: O. Bustos, F. Arce, D. Trigo, E. Bustemante, B. Longoria. g 'H A The Nixon Chapter was honored witha District Ill 3rd o ' ' Vice President, and an Area VII 2nd Vice President. Many members attended both District and Area meet- ings. Rena Wake and Virginia Glasco represented the Chapter at the State meeting in San Antonio. F. H. A. OFFICERS: Secretary - Sharon Trant Reporter - Patricia Kennedy 2nd V. President - Lanelle Davenport Treasurer - Linda Hewell Historian - Joyce Moore ,. wadwssfs The F. H.A. Club members consider serious matters Ist V. President - Jane Brzozowski President - Betty Pruett The girls give thought regarding those who would make depend- able officers For the ensuing year. Koster of Members Velma Crisp Betty Fay Thomas Betty Pruett Lupe Portillo Josie Maldonado Yolanda Gaytan Karen Billings Deeanna Montgomery Carolyn Lozo Rena Merle Wake Darleen Dugie Lois Kidd Feliciana Infante Ofelia Arce Sue Blanch Alice Barrett Virginia Glasco Belen Longoria Lanelle Davenport Lucy Cruz Marilyn Sanders Mary Rioias Coylene Mahan Barbara Chessher Linda Hewell Betty Jean McFarland Gladyne Hewell Colleen Sewell Jane Brzozowski Marilyn Sanders Flora Arce Faith Neuse Alcaria Benavides Carolyn Asher Patricia Kennedy Gloria Steubing Sharon Trant The Freshman girls model their First garments For their mothers. Punch and cookies were served. Y 5 his M s P Mrs. Nance poses with the practice teachers, Miss Little, and Miss Kainer. 31 .Q Uh '31 K7.. Those who modeled were: Yolanda Gayton, Ofelia Arce, Faith Neuse, Karen Billings, Alcaria Benavi- del, Elena Cardana, Feliciana Infante, Juanita Valerio, Carolyn Lozo, Josephine Maldonado, Velma Crisp, Lois Kidd, Betty Thomas, and Darlene Dugie. Making use of new equipment. Arranging a center piece. Girls are bus projects. A.: 4 V--- L V I . .,Vx we 5, ' y on class sewing E 9 i 0 . M w, ,, 5 if Serving as F.F.A. officers are: Terry Davis, Reporter, Joe Edwards, Treasurer, Sammy Martin, President, Glenn Neuse, Secretary, Charles Cowey, Sentinel, Johnnie George Brassell, Vice President, Bobby Allen, Parliamentarian. -9- vd x Members of Freshman work on projects in leather craft. It looks like the Ag ll class has beenassigned shop work, ,' Ag, lll demonstrates the practical use of elec- tricity on the farm to members of the Lions Club. Prof. Trant looks on. Local merchants and commission house buyers were pre- The annual FFA commercial calf auction was held on Jan. 7, 1958. Thirteen calves were sold at public auction. They sold on anaaverage of 28 cents per pound. The calves graded an average of high and netted the boys a sizeable profit on their supervised Farming program. 'ww 'I' Although no ratings were given a large group of students, parents and visitors found the show and sale interesting and worth while. IS' Hands Two classes in beginner band were offered. One was open to students in the fourth gnadesand the other which is pictured below to students in the fifth and sixth grades. Both groups made good progress. Janie Ruth Montgomery, Lucy Sandoval, Elton Holman, Michael Derrick, Bobby Faulkner, Wayne O' Neal, Tony Vigil are seated in row one. Jimmy Coleman, Josie Torres, Jimmy Parker, David Pruett, David Haines, Robert Richter, Sharon Mills, Lupe Vigil, Ben Colwell are in row two. Kathleen MOOFG, KUY T0lleY, Jill Martin, Susan Talley, Paulette Wake, D'Anne Parker and Dora West are in row one. Jon Morgan Preston, Bill Pennell, Jess Maldonado, Wayne Stewart, Tommy Hewell, Lester Parker, Susan Dezelle, Herry Hewell are found in the second row. Terry Nance, Tim Millington, Lloyd Perry, Lewis Caraway, Bill Chessher, Tim Pennell, Pat Mikola- iczyk, Judy Burns, Faye Caraway, Mary Smith, Julie Clifton, and Sidney Gaylord are in the third row. Navi li! , A H 4 X... ' if -at f f q U, ,Q 1 J 431, , h A v 6.1 4 5:'i,'Fvf'f J U4 X M O KAh'Wj+ . . 0 -J 4' ji -Jv,j,i .5fy1:f,E:"" .QQ -2 iyij' ,fu Q ' 3 l ' ' f ':,1f:P'. , ' 51' . Q ' Q ' , f h X f -Q ' M- Q i f ff, ,' Wwwqu ' QW., v 'Y an ' v ' 9' , , .x , A ' 13 ' ' ' 7-s L- on Q n 4- '. ' so '- . 4 'sv .r I 9 Q ,I ffl' I IF. U - K ,A ' A I I ' 1 ' ' ' " tv 1 4V'f..." l, .- Q 1 v. - 'ag' 3 + 'A ' X V fx l in 5 x N 'F x K I hr 2 . dw? nk nQ.o . 1 ' 'I' 1 Q th V '1 . fk,,4 ' , , f I fi- :af .1 A gh H V ,J I' LU Y W "Mft 1' Y -f' 1 X sfNXX ' iff' r ' , ,W , -I 4, 'Q w ww. -amy' 'T"'Wv""Yl-nn. arf 1 S w. Q .4 as +1 Q :fum I ., " N .1 , mwfwwwzwmwww Wmfsfawwwfww I4 ' . X 4 u ' ,N f i 1 X f ,.. 4 io 5 .i .QA R - i,... , x w vw Q Nm' X :X lr- l , ' ' . g,,5xf5W"""'E3' ww was A-fx I ' 'B R- ' as: M ENN sg? f . if J V, dm- v A 2 .5 2 by NVQ-wv'S""'l ' ' X X if I -KY aq,-. .L4 "' Ul- 1.-. -s XA . I. F r 4' 'mi :lm 'ffgvgd ' , Y 1: . 4' 1 i .E v -' ' 5, Q ' ay . ,, ' 1 A g u A I -Q ' Q . 'll' ,fx-1 fi X .4-Q ,iv 1 . 3 AI Q 4 , iv A . f . 'J ,If ' ' ,J Q 5 ' i -A l , gif T" ,Q ,. Q Wg. . W xt, S ,fix J. Q 1 P 4. i , ,, M xv,-swwlj I . 31-y ' ,A R' ff v M .1 ,ff-' ' ' Q.: ' 1' x. ,v Q M ,, A -- ,,,..1m.Nw.A A .,:..i.y.i--K, ,gimp ' 2'QYD'4i'X-s If 1 fmt my Lwffal ww 7- P 4 ay... Q . v A X Q Y xx 3 . S , f . s .S I -, - 1 Q nf ' WY 2 3 X 1,4 J,:?ff ff ' f I 4 S ,iv 1 R 3 '39 Q 5 is .A AQ ix Ll ai Q 'X Tai. Q MJ ,vi . 8. gg junior 671155 Ekzwrifcs SAMMY MARTIN DEEANNA MONTGOMERY 5 . 2 is 'X-. ',W.a""' 1 via r , f 1 .111 is 'INA in ' ' , ,. . ,cv KN-.4 I, A M , - 7 gym WM, A.:'s,m x , f,,., ' '1 ,Q f, ,Z Fa- ,MI gzxiyv by L I y .MM W 3 . A 1 M wa wg? lj M Y, A 5, ,Q 4 'Q-.W fi .W M, ,A 1 an ws ., :gi ui,,,w 1 n. fm ,x! Jww , N W f , 'D 2 2? " f Sam-wg " s 44 ,fl nl' Y Ghz 'I " A". ,. ai Y fi ' M' ' vs 3, Q. 1 ,1 , ' xv! 1' ' Q 5: ,ffw '.' ww 8' 'ygnfwf ' ., fm ' '. , 1 1 . W.. rr' 15 .v sg 2-:Q K3 y A , f"'T3' A"""' ?rcsl1ma14 Hass Sfawrifes HAROLD MAHAN KAREN BILLINGS L51 ,QA KW' f ,f .ffzyhflf Grade Cflass gawritcs MIKE MILLINGTON FLORENCE RUTH HEWELL is ,ug 5 b gfffugl , 33 an u Siaculfy lufarmals A th SP ei iff QQ 5 ..-mf' Our faithful secretory, Mrs. Jailey Dunn. Christmo: gift from e Soph. to their onsor Mrs. Wheat. Students chatting with Mrs. Hogg during the noon hour. Interested students receive details from Prof. Trent. A Betty Crocker Homemaker award is given Lanelle Davenport by Mrs. Nance. Mr. Pottille proves his Happy Birthdoylll Mr. Cook dexterity. Mr, Talley and Mrs. Weinert discuss an important matter. wi f L Q,-'bg Qwfff, I9 0 55 la far 5 x 4- x. 0 O. C GJ P 5 .92 T: C 3 x L. 15. U . -5- an :N 'U 3 7 . I- an c .ac :a o LL cv u fi . 4- c 9 I- C o I- o .c LD an I- o 3 o I- 'O- c o in Gl- 512 .C -A- C c 3 o cn 'U C U Q. O u .E U7 C ': 0 O. E 'E E23 Om . IZ Ecu: :Log 3,59 9-IT, 'U 'Scev oUo U:-0 2:0 v6.9 'Ewa 2.9.5 'co .85 c . :Dv - ,S Egg OLE 'Uoc :EC SH: -0120: c:8x4 U7..O: s.:'U.f fewg-5 Z1 IEoc xml.-c w'U,T-L :OC.. 62.55 -54. xmili : 1 o N .c Q15 wg 'UE 556.3 2521 6cz's-E :van 3513 . TJ.S"'E as E"'?: . Eox? . ONQE n.0 - x.-J 3 2,25 age. X0 G C2101 3 it o - .c Ugmk. --.E 93211: XQJSQ 04- .- '1mIm ni, N Seniors sc! 11 Huey Parc Tickets? Tags? Ribbons? Decals? Anyone need Christmas cards? These became the familiar saluta- tions of each fellow class memberl Financial success was the ultimate aim of the many proiects which were Senior sponsored. As the Seniors marched off the stage to the music of Auld Lang Syne, their career of four short years had ended. While Vice Pres. C. Cowey is being measured For his cap and gown by Mr. Talley, the Senior officers look on: D. Setliff, Pres., W. Pullin, Treas., S. Trant, Reporter, and L. Hewell, Sec. Charles Cowey Bobby Allen 6 Johnnie George Bnassell Molley Calley Joyce Cowey lanelle Davenport Ellwood Ernst Seniors compliment Mr. Cook. Birthday gifts, maybe? Ancl then there were always those speeches! 31 Alice Faulkner Dolly Hausler Josephine Mc Kinney Silvestre Medina Linda Hewell Glenn Neuse Bobby Lozo Wanda Pullin That time is drawing near. Seniors order graduation invitations. if QR Sponsor Talley receives a gift and a coke From the Seniors. "Bullet" Bob proudly displays his lockerl ,wwfff Johnny Respondek Jimmy Rhoades Leon Riggs Donnie Setliff John Robert Smith Judy St. Clair Gloria Steubing Sharon Trant Parties and Pram Head juular Szfcuts Continuous work and enthusiasm enabled them to entertain the Seniors with a glorious evening -the Junior and Senior Banquet and Prom. After struggling with geometry and bi- ology, theyall enioyed the final highlight oF the year, which was the much anticipated ring Puffy- Seatedaround the table making Prom plans are the Junior class officers: D. Montgomery, V. Pres., J. Brzozowski, Sec., J. Brzozowski, Reporter, C. Sewell, Treas., and J. Moore, Pres. g fs. li uk fi 'l 1' ' 5 lr- Q' N 0 ' 'I ,all , mfllli' ss- ,P "' ' 1 Otilia Bustos Carolyn Asher Sue Blanch Jane Brzozowskr June Brzozowsld Wesley Connally Jam Ed Davis Terry Davis Joe Ray Edwards Q5 , . 3, +1 gi Q X D. Montgomery and S. Martin were duchess and duke representing Nixon at the Coronation of the Lul ing F, F. A, Chapter Sweetheart. Hurryl Hurryl That music theme is due today. , is ,ff C, Asher finds new experiences in Homemaking Ill. Joe Ray, won't you ever remember to bring your books to class? M . 2-f r r . ,, i in vn- Annie Lee Kidd Sammy Martin Deeanna Montgomery Joyce Moore Darleen Wicke Jeffery Reese Marilyn Sanders Colleen Sewell Steve Trigo ,fit last 5'0,ul1amarcs.f The class finally pushed up and over the second rung in the ladder that leads to the achievement of that high sc hool diploma. Though they still have half of their career to go, they face it with a smile ever dreaming of that pot of gold that lies at the end ofthe rainbow. Comparing notes are Sophomore class officers: M. Dudley, V. Pres., A. Gaytan, Sec., l. Arce, Reporter. Looking on are S. Du Mond, Pres. and M. Rioias, Treas. I r M 4 ,y Asa yi, 0 ,', ,'5 Y, Si ' W .5- A uwwf -Q N Q -V M " L PM? . X am Nong.. .437 y ' M 1 W M 1 V l e , Q " ' 3? . at , ik 'C Q pri . 5, . , Q , M I i M team.: u xr i Flora Arce Inosencio Arce Alice Barrett Antonio Benavides Nick Bustamente Barbara Chessher Elmer Collins Jr. Lucy Cruz Vernon Cowey Wilbon Davis ...r its it Did you find a hole in your shoe, George? A , i ,gei Zi' 1:Sf535 f'?Q'F'4" A :i i f f Xi we ' iikifig . wy,fa.M' Qmwwt 7 -1 , 1, .r .ga vu - rx. I umm 1?"I9 ,. W e .3 1, I QWQ A ' p 'Q ,, ' , W A-,V r -'W , rm w 1 WSE? A E35 9 1 M ep. K ,R X s J 9 Z 3.3 BQ: All l xg: ,X xx M Xu rf 1 S . ,115 lip 1 'D if 'Zz Monroe Dudley Glaclyne Hewell G. Hewell and B. Pruett serve at the Baptist W.M.U. Banquet. A. Barrett and V. Glasco proudly polish trophies. .in 'iii ll Sandra Du Mond Abel Gaytun Virginia Glasco Arron Ray Horns Bonifacio lnfante Patricia Kennedy Douglas Koenig Arthur Lnkey T. Talley at track meet. ci Football Sweetheart, C. Mahan, is presented a gift at the Football Banquet. Fw ar", , 5' 'F s -Q, U' Sophomores proudly display the first-place ribbon in Q which they won for their entry in the Bond Festi- W val Parade. X 1237 K V , , it N RA 2- P i i wi Q al AW lgzgi ti xg 3' ",, W' W Y Q-P Belen Longoria Coylene Mahan Betty MacForland Josephine Pantoia Betty Pruett Jose Rioias Mary Rioias Chelcie Ross Margarita Soda Terry Talley Rena Wake Tommy Weber ?rcsl11ucn began saliva! We with hzylz gazzls . With high goals in mind, they found new subiects with new atmospheres. They were Freshmen and at last in high school I Admiring our new trophy case are the Freshman oFFicers: F. Neuse, Treasurer, P. Cardwell, Secretary, K. Billings, Vice President, H. Mahan, President, R. Trigo, Parliamentarian, and G. Trigo, Reporter. M s. wwf ' in Ofelia Arce Bobby Baker Alcaria Benavidez Karen Billings James Brzozowski Justin Caraway Elena Cardona Paul Cardwell Nelson Clutter Verne Calwell I 5 pf- Sf" QS ' if . A- of ,M Freshman F. H. A. members wear emblem fl. W fi il- as ' during iniafion week. 1-4-me 1 ...- ' W A is , ,V I nts X w 7 .vw W' A N 1 T - f as-Ml " , 'I J, K W Q x ,, 'Ds - , 'Y A ' N A l 'wid 5 ,X L .F 4 e l Velma Crisp Darlene Dugie Wayne Johnson Lois Kidd sgfg, X f e fi e ff 1' 'Q ' ,fs -ef-: "'p,a-Q 5" ' i 1 1 . ' xigg-gg? L f- .w J 5' - '57 nl we A M33 42.4 'r',.'tf ,GV Q.ikJsMi,kg,Qf5'- J -.f."1r'ffs-Aw' 6 L. x-jbxylfif J. Brzozowski and P. Cardwell "Birds ofa Feather Flock together." p -1-...r-w' vw, QNX vom , K ,L , f K S . ' ., Q Yolanda Gayfan Marvin Hester George Ivey Arno Krause Jesse Leal Carolyn Lozo Colwell takes a measurement. Mr. Talley seems distressed, while Karen does not seem to have a care in the world. As usual Harold is in a state of indecisionl 'W 2.3, J we iffffff, J , ,, : J T ' gs , . J 2 ,.V,, s e f K L .'..,.m og , .Q J, -M2 E ...,. ,. M Harold Mahon Johnny Rioias Josie Maldonado Faith Neuse Betty Thomas George Trigo JY of f V Q... W 5 , 1 4-3 , 1: its 1' V -'Ni lj.. t ..., . t f " V w e 2 fl A sg? 'B W W ' - mg ,ig Y - ,. :e5-sf .A V' is 3 ' Y , .mfiig ,Z 5 , 4' '- W' f 1:11:51 w Wig? y W ,J if 41 My Walter O' Neal Robert Trigo Vein, Jesse Rioias Howard Smith V4 lficfcly Hlllffll Chas: Elylzih Graders Withan enrollmentof Forty-eightthey were almost too lively for their instructors, but somehow the class and the teachers managed to "live and let live" until the year came to an end. f! Taking advantage of the break between classes are the eighth grade officers: F. Hewell, Sec- retaryg G. Rioias, Presidentg L. Trant, Treas- urerp J. Dunn, Vice Presidentg and M. Mill- ington, Reporter. has "" sn? iv.-war l fs. J V Q if ff 2 Z "7 E Q f sr 1'1 ,.., X f fr" N , . f X ibf' iid? r 3313 if -up X 1 .1 W Q1 y N N ,K V ' n ,.,. b 28 . ., V K m , 4' ,Q A an an in Q ,fb mv- 'H vs.. - .4 ..,,si 'NY y vwwbr u F Q - 'Nh N XM in-au M' , fi , r ss, 1 y y M ssii v ,Q it f f 5, 'F I 9 J V f lrr 4 2: Y 5 7 - A . V rf - A -J It A s .'---. - A ,e .J-4 - fa... 'R az' ii' ii " it 'i"ii ' 'fail C , --- 3 , -fa S W' "L sl. as fs ii A. , s , 4, ii 1 ' is ff. Jim 'f, f Q' Robert Brassell Sherry Cowey Benny Ferguson Eva Almaguer Joyce Cheatham Richard Faulkner Cecilia Aguinaga Joe Bustos Jimmy Lu Dunn Bill Burns Emma Bustamante Mary Crisp Larry Davis Otilia Garcia Oralia Garza i Eighth graders seem busy in one of their rare 'I moments of industriousness. , . N Q 'S 'C ' its f i S U Q 'tw' . ' wwww ,aww , X Nelda Gordon Mike Mahan Lola Ann O' Neel r?""f rg ,QW 1 3 A-QA Winans 1255" f 'Qi geee g M Lester Haines Ezekiel Medina Gavino Palacio fi Ht""i'l4 i 1 :MQ ,. 1. .. ik Mi., , X is fi , 'ik ' fl lik i H A . vxgwgh P Florence Hewell Mike Millington Allen Parks , me 55,1 . iw semi ,. - ff ly, . I' Ottis Leasman Winston Moore Barbara Peikert ' i f'QlnhuQ., Tommy Lindley C. W. O'Neal Alfred Posada --all ll-lungs--n-. Eighth graders busily working to finish that math test. fri ,- Y - K Y? J gaQg wlgfeig. -- LT A t A, Q we S X R i CQ ,N L, 5 , 2, . ls. 3 5 55 !,uw,q ' L I +1 K y , I X I af-' J 'L,A,,...qrf Junior high basketball team competes in basketball rally. -f"-'vw' L 42 I V K may . du. Mtn , ' -5 ,vll -A,-' Q . , ,P it ' X W A I: A I X X . N ' - ' , g. at W wr x y 1, Ss., .5 1 Q' HA. 352 , 45, 'nv , w --,M J ., Mx .M F. Q A Q ' ' "Q-Q... 1 ,W 4--w g.,,gA ' ' . wi f-fi . is 5 .. 'fl' N" I A' , ,lr W. L- A Y 7 -J Q, Vx Ir? 1 .V g K HIV, .Q V :,, A 'T-,4. f ..-i, - . L l J J' v is if Lg, -. ' jg, A H if-,Y it V F of ily . A f we-19, Q, fe 4 wa W ' g 3 f ,A lr FQIF h.. in 1 Norma Lee Pullin John Rentz Gerald Schonefeld Dora Trigo Gloria Rioias Mary Helen Smith Louis Soefie Tommy Tasco John Watts Glenn Ross Feljx Sandoval Lynn Talley Linda Trant Joanna Wenske Sharon Wright 'X if I V! 1 I L - 5 Q f .j 2, ' ., . 1 I 4 I f H I I 5 Q x hy I '.I I .I f 'S .-5 .. V if ' 4 - -4 '-' ' ' 12!::'2'i '- f?1?i?9fS?' ,125 . fm1f3F1?r:2'e:4' ' U Lffwiixgck' X V1 f Sv M- .f..f1li1'5"' 1: 'ya Q1 -Aj f.' -E' i ' .3 . f r gif? All - - b 7345 , H ' , 7 .,,, ' ' ' I: sv- :ax , ?Uf75,.f'li .iw 5. .1'Es2iv'5? -1f'P'F- 1s"Y-- "':' : 1' ' L ' ' 1 my 4-A,:, - Y ,,.'-.1 1 ,: W .i ' I rl 'xl 452 ' ' M5,fk9T2Ej'sg .. E 'N r ig f ' Q V x nw .. U . -". L. l Y 'f P- l - 12zwf2,, 1 s 34:1 H M,.i.a1Q V -5- Q AQ' Qt, iff Afigasv gay ' .f . fy,-' I , 1 .A Hr 4 5 , ' fix ' 5 ' Q: 331 ' - '- iv We X :H X 1 4' Ur, -5? gl NJN- N.,-I f I W D Grad: 5517511 The highlight of the year's work ofthe seventh grade was the trip to the missions in San Antonio. This trip was taken while the children were studying Texas history. Every- one agreed that the vivid and exciting stories which were told to them by Mrs. Holmes shall long be remembered. Johnny Blanch Delbert Boatright Judy Burns Bennie Cano Lewis Caraway llla Ann Caraway 4 ,g K Harvey Cone ' Matthew Crisp J.B. Elder A' 'rr L James Glasco 9 'FF' We sincerely appreciated individual help from Mrs. Holmes. 'D' r V is 2 Q M gn i f Vw 69, 'Q 7 ,QW Y t x 1 f Q s 1 5' A 'f J' V Jn.: . yt' , -' ' . - 5 X 'Q X s . 1 ...N 1 1 Y K' . ,Q is .' .'- 4, 'S' . '1 ' .' E ' f v Q-S . ,, ,, s qi, ,. . , ,,, 1 A ,Q , . f C - f f is W2 s ,sf . - s p X Y New of ff -2 .. fg an .. ' ik" .N S '. 3' Q , , gf r . , 4 git sf We keep a close check on each of our experiments, and compare notes For our Final report. ew 'V Mm pw-nu, 'Nxt 'Ninas FF' 3199 9 E454 ig vii fit ,QI gg W 'milf SSW-if f irm 1 ' tv , ,, 43 I" Zig Z L rlr. I -. HVUN X 45 ' cm We is Win F W M se Lorene Glasco Linda Harris Edith Ivey Leon Ivey Louise Kidd Delia Mendez D'Anne Parker Leroy Parks Ray Parks Katherine Smith Carol Soefie Virginia Stewart Susan Talley Donna Vlblker Irene West Grad: 561701 This year the seventh grade really enjoyed school -- though they sometimes hate to admit it. The students were very proud of their play that was presented in January. They had Fun rehearsing as well as the presenting of it. Then there was theannual trip to San Anton- io. The missions were interesting and beauti- ful. The class gained much more from the visit than two sticks of cotton candy and other sou- venirs. Nevertheless, they are all waiting For high school I Mrs. Rix was always on hand to give us help when we needed it. Antonio Arce A Q.. T L A T V David Bell .ff-V A f 'V' 1 N W in i i - W 1 z W M Y 3, X PU! Q Lupe Benavidez 5 N: f-- 'W lbw- 'L LL' ,ig Q Hugh Blanch W h il Q ,sg g J Q Jesse Cofdom T 'W' it -we sc e Q, T . . , f :rrf 3 W ' s S 1 f Robbie Calwell Q W W L Terry Lynn Dabe I , J ' ,Q Sarah Dezelle W5 ' .F Darrell Downs W I . W' Ginger Littleton ' ":V ,g MW If "br vt K, . vi X lik tl V I Q If 5 f ! L IX., Wilken" SW" Time off From studies finds the seventh grade enjoying a Valentine Party. Our room-mothers arealways on hand with delightful refreshments whenever an occasion arises. , Q Robert Maldonado W Eliceo Mendez fd! MJ We always appreciated being able to study together. Billy Jim McFarland Arthur McKinney Genelle Moore Tom Palacio Clint Parks Daryl Pullin Evelyn Rhoades Angelo Rioias Gloria Rodriquez Gilbert Sandoval Victor Soefie Wayne Stewart G.A. Watkins Elizabeth Wood Lucy Yanes Gradc :lf School in the auditorium was a new experi- ence for the sixth grade. In science they en- ioyed doing experiments. For library reading, they kept reading cards and planned to get reading certificates. Charlotte Ann Allert Rosa Benavidez Mike Bond Mary Bell Caraway Lupe Casas Bill Chessher Julie Mae Clifton Jimmy Coleman Judy Cooksey Charles Cowey Our teacher, Mrs Clark helps us to select new pictures lF'7 s 1 , , .... ,gina Ee ... g gi ,Q '1 lsi if ll a ' I n 4 A-,.,,.r Mrs. Clark explains the new keys in our workbook. E .0 ? :IE ig ,AE ...,. . s 1-f 'SI' f . ,.:' z ? ' igystkwg E -. f 391 x. elf- -- . 5-ai fdii is. 53 x s wil Q-sq... un-2 .5 N -Nr . , M 'Q , ' f 3 'X 'HW l Q s r y ' g E My . A 4 U s I ' ' . 5 4 W s 4.,, w ' A gg , . K A D s game-if c 1 -,r s : M f. 1- W,-1-' ' , . w M f .Ap-v L W wfL. , LW f K ,- Q. ,, rc, sf . ,.. mbaw.,'fp. , -..J V Firma, --jw J, V l K M ummq ,FM E My , -W, A corner room in the west wing of the old school building will always hold a special place in our memory. Rey Diaz Donald Elder Herculano Flores fbi?- Qerf WY! ,ex ws ,,f...-..,..- S uf tw aw I, Q, sf 'bww V1 siwag if' se x sw -' ' A V ' Qsfvg ,535 , " 5, A ,L-we , we Q 'ttnfgrzar . f ' is .. - Fa , Q I f l y , A , ' Esperanza Garcia Mary Gaytan Sally Lopez Lester Parker Bill Pennell Jolfm Morgan Preston Natalia Rioias James Stewart Vincente Vigil Donald Wuest Grad: Sllf Although the sixth grade worked hard, they had fun too when they were entertained with parties in their room at Christmas, Valentine, and at Easter. The students also enioyed their science work and anxiously looked forward to the "Weekly Reader Magazine". Another highlight of their year was the preparation of their float For the Band Festival Parade. Jesse Barron Janey Cooksey T. N. Crisp Marilyn Davis Virginia Ann Dudley Lavon Ferguson Charles Furrer Janie Gaytan Kathy Gordon Iva Jane Gordon Marjorie Gordon Terry Ann Hewell Emily Anne Hunter Time out from studies to pose for our annual picture with Mrs. Cook, our homeroom teacher. We are very proud of our Christmas drawings and pictures. It has been a lot of fun working together in decorating the room and bulletin board. Cokes and cookies top off our 6th grade Valen- tine Party. As busy as they are, our room mothers always have time to prepare refresh- menk. Margaret Kennedy Lowell Koenig James Patterson Beverly Jo Polan Larry Pullin Morris Rhoades ff' in ws. :Wh- Rosa Jane Sanders Richard Sandoval Pete Santos dll' Billy Thomas Janie Trigo SEN Solia Valdez 569' Leno Faye Walker Carol Ray Williamson Janie Lee Wright Grad: Ev: Being in the Fifth grade means studying his- tory for the first time. It did not take the children long to find out that history is one continuous, interesting story. During each holiday season the children worked decorating their room for the nice parties which were given to them by their room mothers. Another activity which all the students enioyed was decorating their Float for the Band Festival Parade. They allagreed thatschool was work, but so much fun. Joe Aquinaga Bobbie Gene Cain Johnnie Faye Caraway John Michael Cardwell Joe Cowey Frances Clifton Frances Clutter Sidney Gaylord Christine Gibson James Lambert CUNY? lr- 3 We look on as our teacher, Mrs. Caraway, explains new things to US. ni mm . :Wf- Q saws . Although we are at times a bit uncertain, we shall don our costumes and ioin the fun. :W ,ggi wx . u . Gloria Mendez Patricia Milcolaiczylc Tim Millington Terry Nance I V Q Kenneth Reese 81 2 fore, .as If Sharon Rhoades Frank Rioias Sandra Sewell Lester Silces Dennes Soefie Antonio Vigil Willie Vigil Dora West Orvell Wicke Nancy Bustos Grad: Zn' The Fifth grade studies were many and var- ied: in geography they studied about places all over the United States, science class was a study of plant and animal life, reading class provided many wonderful stories which were most enjoyable to all. Arithmetic, history, English, and spelling were also included in the year's work. Kathleen Barnard Bessie Brooks Barbara Brzozowski E.W. Caraway Priscilla Crisp Mr. Crunk helps us with our studies in geography. Susan Dezelle Billy Dromgoole Karl Harris Jerry Hewell Tommy Hewell With Valentine comes heart shaped cookies with We can always Find something of soft drinks and remembrance of those we love. interest in our Lone Star Statel Janet lvey 19' .. -Wm, W-:sa V xx s- in V1 ,...7L,m,g.g 1 . ff 'gk ,gun-v ' W ,,, r ., S .W M ml , ,,V, , A . , .. A. S f f 3 ' V - 5 S if 'P A FL if , 'S 3 m ,A:Q:, bl -3 , , " ' " ,. i . t A - , S A an K . ggl yctk T3 f --A , '-' it Y ' all, f' " ,..- --fi A A 'X , iiewwffi ' Q , 'S '.,,. S :"' S Es X s- . Jesse Maldonado Marilyn Mills lim Pennell Lloyd Perry Sofia Posada Gilbert Saldana Billy Sandoval Charles Simmons Rinaldo Sistos Aubrey Soefie Ambrosia Solia Kay Talley Paulette Wake Gregory Wenslce Mary Ann Wuest Grad: 5'aur We enioyed practicing and presenting our Christmas play for our parents and Friends. It was fun learning our parts and helping make the costumes and scenery For the program. Josephine Aguirre C.V. Barron Marie Bartz Tony Black Janey Busfamente Kelly Caraway Sally Cardenas Ben Colwell Gilbert Cortes Donna Davis Oralia De Leon Bobby Faulkner Rudy Gaytan David Haines Pamela Henry Mrs Mahan helps us keep our encyclopednas neat and in or der fn Q Q a Q iq. iilwmn ,f 'Vw' 'Nl-s 'l fl fx '5 I "' -'F A 2 e ii l ,uw Q11 ii""' ""' la if Q 'v x dv JJ, -:A V , Q wp C l ivl In 'W ,M 7 1, i sl ' 1, a-dw, X ww. - ' i iqyuv' Donna Hewell WV 5091 l ,-f--if 5 Q ag, ,qw ,, l Bats, Cats, and Pumpkins all get us into the spirit of Halloween. We are looking forward to the trick or treat night, when we are dressed in our "Spookie" cos- l'UlTleS. l la? l"' giwff M M .:,, qgl.. 5 fi A 5 Q, ,,yi. . A msn . .Orrin sum Q .... ""W'Ybr' 'WE' '.Y' we arm' Sum ww f Q , -ge ' .:5:i ,y- H. 'v 1 X Q .ii z Q ,E 9,5 Q Del , L X EEE: ' t""l' M. 4 X E' ,. 4 . , . . , , 5 5 G .K if . - R .V .inf . C . .,. N, , 1 'fx 'Ng f A 7 ,E v .wg i fa? N' it gif vw' -af ' -.Mrs S41 'K Elton Holman Sandra Lear Frank Mendez Sharon Mills Shirley Moore Wayne O'Neal Mary Louise Palacio Jimmy Parker Bruce Patterson .lane Rhoacles Lorin Stewart Sam Valerio Lupe Vigil Sarah Vigil Raymond Ybarbo Grad: 570111 While studying about the habits of different animals, the fourth grade prepared a table, a W very fascinating center of interest. Notebooks A were also made which included illustrations of 'N animal life. Time out for picture study with our teacher, Mrs. ber. Mary Aguirre Lucy Arce Charles Cheatham Marsha Chessher Norman Coleman 'W-fs. Joe De Lua Michael Derrick Martha Dezelle Marcille Ernst Dorothy Flores 13,5 'fel'-A v 'Sit ,r -: K J 5 s. 1:26 J 55-fs 1 lj' ' Y Esperanza Garcia Charlotte Harvey Shirley lvey .W Gilbert Mendez James Magee 'I -'m.,,, A Robbie We- N Q5 P 'R -Q-Q - ' 'V 9 r , 9' Q ,.r. p i i ' ' . Us . si , 1 .fl f i b 3 1 't . " A " is iw-,fy Y it -Nw ev rssc c 'WN5 -"' A if i W 1- it , -' ,, A iil. 4 C W x in I Nw! i A if, fi " i" ' 'L 5 fi ti 'Q ' V E11 l A Q M' ' QS 4 X . . J . K an ' W 41 f- Q nl 3' N V, i ,,'4 yy iker ,c y ':i'i':i allen ' S L 3 .g, S as ft if F3-SMR .W 24 I -13 -.K T' is X? x KW X .' FA is F. fu R , is K -arf Qs "'., 1 2 Nt m f R I QXGCK - Celebrating February. . . -qqpi' . i kwin' Q we X Janie Ruth Montgomery Helen Parker W R R f ' . K . . it ,..: 5 .Q I 5, y , ig fb? e 5 e Qi! f 'cr , '55 a "X 'QO- an 4' My N x f , Q 'U' ,pawn 'wa ui , w-.. S! ' u 4. ew 'tw -Gita km W 'IX R52 X Q. . . '-x ,ff A If R2 fs - .l IL. '. s 9 N Halloween Finds us entranced in reading books about spooks and witches l ll . 'ws' ,,., :if if ff? I "fe Meg' ',, mwsmr, ,,,- . V44 , -1 S ' I I ,' - 4 ' ' I 1'-" 2 0 'F x 5 , . in '. . . v R av A ' ig J' " sf. . 12,51 X N, , .dew in f .3 R " 1 l s iw .4 .A Q R , ix fc - X Xl :Z M . G 1 kltk' Ai' 'mu - l jfw W' tx " 1 new ' X " 'l', was David Pruett Trinidad Raso Robert Richter Pete Rioias Robert Rioias Richard Rivera Lucy Sandoval Ramona Sandoval Otto Soefie Sandra Soefie Judy Trant Manuel Trigo Rosa Trigo Robert Wenske Ernest West Grade Urrzc Most of all the children ofthe third grade enjoyed their arithmetic and spelling contests. Sides were chosen and each one tried his best to win for his team. Also they derived pleasure from the parties that were given to them. After assignments were Finished the children spent their free time at the reading table. Oscar Arce Lucy Bricker Stanley Burris Gail Caraway Betty Ruth Cheatham Aida Cisneros Linda Clqtter Ofelia De Leon Linda Garcia Sam Gibson We read aloud to our teacher Mrs, Anglin. Qs V912 Like our decorations? ? ? Resting after a long days work I l I Johnny Harrell Welll I think we did a good 'ob UD Cathy Hewell Gloria Hewell Jimmy Kennedy Fai -'ui W E'-in 1. . V31 Shih 3 . A7 V x Q.,. V1 4 .v,- rg' J J-is gentle s e e eg , h f ew ,ef --2- . , AX ZVVPAA CV . gm Ann Martin Fay McCa nn Oralia Mendez Tommy Polan Allen Pullin Johnny Rioias Janie Saldana Manuel Solis Presiliana Tamez Richard Villasana Alvin West Odell Wicke Grad: Zflfrcc The most outstanding activity in the third graders year was their "make believe" trip which they planned during their study of trans- portation. They kept a scrapbook, in which was shown the estimated cost oF their trip and pic- tures of the places they visited. Mrs. Moore, our teacher, is shown with our display on transportation. Billy Baker Horace Bell Ellen Marie Cardwell Frank Cisneros Jackie Cochran Linda Sue Dabe Vincente Garcia Vera Ann Gordon Patsy Lea Howell Dora Infante Jimmy Johnston Kenny Lear Solia Liguez Shelby Maravitis Charlotte Montgomery The Goblins will get you if you don't watch out. . . I We love to hear this story. We are proud of our de- corated Christmas tree and Wise Men. We are thankful for our Sherril Montgomery . Mar Ann Neuse food and good blessings at Y Thanksgiving I l Marcos Ramirez Thomas Salmon Eviristo Sandoval Darrell Scott Delfino Sistos Ervin Townsend Delton West lnella West Willye Ruth Wuest Aaron Vigil Grad: Cum Joe Aguirre Nancy Aguirre Frank Arce Wilburn Boatright Frank Bustamante Amelia Cardona Felipe Cisneros Dorothy Davenport Margaret Dees Patricia De Lua Mary Franco Robert Ivey Jobie Jessup Jerell Leasman Berry Littleton Look at my Funny pumpkin Face. . . John Mercier Aren't our Thanksgiving turkeys pretty? I 5 Wswig '-ul 1 1. 'ns Mrs-5 I qty, if if ,zz sms ,ksf . J .4 1?-I Santa is on his way. . .l Pamela Merritt Sandra Mills David O'Neal Robert Parker Olga Pasaclo Amelia Rameriz Vickie Rhoades Consuela Rivera Sue Soda Judy Setliff Manuel Sistos Annabel Thomas Cecilia Torres Sragoza Trigo Frank Ybarbo Grad: Zum Here are some things we like to do: Write letters, sing, learn things, and learn how to play new games. Best of all we like to make things, We liked the time we made wagons and put valentines in them. By Nicky Gaylord For the second grade Cecilia Arce Barry Bishop Fred Bustos Vernell Cain Dorren Clutter V W 2 'mega Tommy Coleman Dudley Crisp Juan Garza Nickey Gaylord Lamar Gaytan 1, N All of us appreciate the help we receive from our teacher, Mrs. Dezelle. We love to writel 49 mfs Q 382 'QW -:- J :i,.Q "r,' I M nga-nn shank' .. s"N"'rXu ' F iw X 3 1 fi I si Q1 its , ,EN 3 a S Xi fs X N A' ' yik -:.,Qf ' ,, ,.., Yee ' X I QA X X A 0 -MJ- ig mx se., -Vps Such a funny story I I I I Kathleen Gibson Who made this one???? Qin.. eff T . . I mix I' -O V ,. lbl X, 5- 7' I' I me we I' ' "" Xwit If cf -I if f' I- f I , It ,M V N., all 'gi "ff" Q I VS' I s V we ,. ' I I A "" I . f I .. a i. I A ., , Q yy ' Qc in .-I 3 s x flgg Kill., X , .-,-, "'iWfi15.ii'1I ns. .. ,,.' ..,.e f .... 5 +0 fv- I is ig. ...I I' Q53 Q I, , I fy 3 ,s - I ' -1 I K 1 ff ' Iwo. ',.' -t 1 ' V 1 :riff I -M X iz sw, ,ms ,. - H21 fi o PQ R ff, was I 1 vw---3, if ir nr: Juan Gomez Ike Haines Beatrice Hernandez Johnny McCann Gracie Moravits Artie Portillo Judy Preston Leno Reina Severo Rioias Oralia Sandoval Taribio Santos David Soefje Jennifer Talley John Malcolm Talley Elidia Valeria Esteban Valeria Cecilia Wenske Wayne Wuest Ernest Yanes Irene Ybarbo Grad: 011: When asked what they liked best about school, the first grade children unanimously answered "reading", which includes the story hour. They were always thrilled whena new reader was given to them, for they enioyed the picture along with the stories as told in words. Timmy Lewis Nathan Magee 4' if T -h -iz Our teacher, Mrs. Crunk listens as we read. 9 Ronnie Mangum , A gg, 2 f Q Q, Mary Frances Ma nford . ' in :.., Janice Moore , -,Qi ,,:,, ' "" to I -if -Q9 if P Brenda O' Neal Linda Patteson Carol Ann Pruett Johnnie Lee Rhoades John Salmon Frank Thomas David West Stanley West Susie West Ben Wiatiek lQ"'l 'QP' ww - fs, yew' . so N 9? . ,V ' ii 54 . B. 3 ,,a:, , QV N 'W ix W . is We are glad to make a Valentine for Mother. We spend a lot of time learning , Q X Q A if 'dsl 5 s sw . '- .A' . ,X . .H-2 ,-. ,f, .Q at?'q .14 .Q XW,"'4 . , , . H 'Y ' ,,--f,:.'.0 Nivf',l, llll Clp'l Q G ll I if ' ' .A ' 'iq .....M..,,..,g2 , num 'a 4-mn, 9 4. ,, 2 I N maia- 3,5 -s.....4f' M , X .V X K 14 N' i -was 'vtgfrx ww A? ,eggs 4,-Q 4 w.! I3 6-.wma f . sO.Qi42vY.9' ' ' If .1 f"-. - N if 1 . ' , . , ' 'r 4,i..:Ajf4',g 3-wins., Z fgyf f, ,-5- Q. ,. - 4 iq, v 1 lr 1 if PA- vi ,H 4 " , an A s M, may 4 7 in K ' -I ,V 5. i . , , , , sS,,,,,- Q '-f was if F'-ef-ff - ' s - B , , ""12 ' N f .w---ww W ' - 3 Q "" Q We B .B 4 :iv Q " . 94 W 1 'X i MIR 1 A WW VP " Q 'gn' I ,Q .5 ji, X . .1 V,:5 s f A - ' B "t A wif, B if . BX . " .N V nf',,,,.l Wy A 'ref ' 'f v .fy , BHG!! K 5 JA X -ygffk i 4 g ,fi .l , . K ze 1 hr Wt mg 413 nu- vm f l . .. ,ik Nm. f W xx ,z ,X w V . +0-'vin Q 2, . . hena , iw wif S. B iv. my 5' .3 K,.. If ,e., . .. ,,,, v :,,i vzg lz . i ' B iff -:-' new words . ,Way g A.. .1 , if. S, 9 2 3 vi. Q 41 we 32.2 .. M., , ,., .M ' 'A 41. :p:.:i:,. nf-:w5z'131 1 'QM .1 ., Nm., X K. 'N Q . is if G f , HF! , lx f if H xi I' f lg Q4 layig if F.. A. ,seam J-5 xg. mi. ....., .. 1. fn .Q . V M- : if,yQ,,u I nl' in .,zs.g KglK ' B ig ' li . 1 ,N . ll sr 5 ,gift QQ A Billy Baker Suanne Billings Donnie Black Kathie Bricker Charles Byrd Donnie Chessher Melissa Chessher Linda Sue Cook Vivian Cowey Russey Deason Sue Dromgoole Elaine Dugie Gary Faulkner Carolyn Gordon Queita Griffin Bobby Harvey Johnny Hewell Jerry Holliday Kathy lvey Chet Lambert Grad: 011: 6' One of the highlights in the class IB year's work was the unit on birds. This unit was taken upin the earlyspring soas to interest the child- ren in observing the characteristics of spring. ln connection with the unit on "birds" the children colored pictures, read stories, sang songs, and took walks. Janie Aguilar Manuela Aguilar Ruben Aguilar Stephen Aguirre l -dwg, Beatrice Arce Ramon Benovidez Juan Bustos Larry Cano Tony De Leon Jim Flores Carlos Fonseca Gloria Fonseca S K. Lilly Garcia Ruben Gaytan Jose Infante X m 7 ,. . N, 5 x 'WW dz , f. 3 'asm-A a Time out from the three R's to have 0Uf picture taken. 'Gif' g g Margarita Martinez ' V Susie lnfante 5 , sk . S ,s I K 9 in x fig! 'I Msg. ss, Art work at Easter time is always colorful. These posters help to brighten our room. lt is a hard task to choose the best poster be- cause we like them all. Virginia Martinez fm of 'K Desidro Pena Jr. ' Janie Rasco ' Susie Reina lrene Rioias Emma Salazar QW sw. fix X at gf 5-me Bessie Sandoval Tomasita Sandoval Ricardo Tamez A"""'-A haw-... 'QMS Rafeal Trigo Virginia Tristan Audelia Viasana Apolonia Vigil Nancy Yanes iss -f ,ff Daniel Medina Jr. Grad: 011: ,4 "Easter Unit" is a meaningful and colorful affair for class IA. First, the real Easter story was told and relaxful music was played for nap time. Secondly, the humorous side of the Eas- ter story was offered in supervised periods of creative art, hectographed songs, and an Eas- ter playlet. Frank Arce Jr. Lyndia Arce Margarita Arce Lidia Barron Jesus Bustamente WSW? An ever ready help is our teacher, Mrs. Mahon. Sy? Elodia Cardenas Ofelia Cardenas Amelia Cardona Paula Cisneros Irene Cortez A .. , 9, -, Q .Q g wr r 1, xl Mal "il Qt if it Q ?,gi?1 Ki 5 Q I D 'ff All lr I 3 ef if 'it 1 5 Q y 12 y 3 x 2 H- ' , 6' gf' x R 5 W . Q ,gba lr ,W 6 , filly jx ir J " me A ad . V M' W E , h JH.. ., ,Wg We L 'A f ,fy f-ny' ,Vim , -' A e , 4 X, J . ,,,,, ' 1 .ff W x At last it's picture time I ll A 4 L .,:.l , A Y V Q Q N3 N "' , , t D- E . AN , ' 5 . L iff i'aMgf?ira V If W ,f lllifisfk fl Q' 5 4-w9vpf"" A h , we Q mx .we wi 5 ' ,, T ' m,,,.,,..f I ' .1 X X Lupe Franco Erminia Garcia awww, ,faq 'f , . z r is 4, S if 3 ' E f ms ft eg - 5 , Ht, ,. .,,, X I , t ',,f..Q,,,s it . it g Si. we ,L 4 23 x. ::,'E:Q 1 f I Q. E get an Rik ip I 'iv Ru '54 he A X ,H To carry the flag of our country is an honor. 'tw sf ww 'QQ Gloria Jean Garcia Robert Gaytan Gregoria Hernandez Antonia Lopez Ruben Molina Severio Reina Lupia Rioias Consuela Sandoval Dora Sandoval Beatrice Sarate Inez Torres Anita Trigo Benito Vela Leandro Vigil Olga Yanes Grad: 011: 6 The BeginnerClass of IC entered into a new world when they started to school. They were taught the English language by the use of pic- ture cards, song s, music, rhythm, obiects, rhymes, and numberous other aids. They were an interesting and appreciative group - happy in learning to become good American citizens. Tomasita Aguilar Carolina Aguirre Erminia Arce W Reuben Arce Steve Bermea Lupe Bustos Dora Linda Cano Alcaria Cardona Juan Luis Casas Juan Cisneros Alberto De Leon Elias Fonseca Ray Fonseca Raul Gaytan Emelina Martinez With the help of our teacher Mrs. Sadie Weber, we string beads and learn to count colored sticks. xref Q. 1.3, Although we spend much time learning the three R's we take time out For par- ties. Our teachers serve candy at our Valentine Party. Ernesto Mendez Regino Molina Janie Ortez Juan Ramirez Juanita Ramirez Manuel Ramirez Edwardo Rendon Juan Rioias Carmen Santas Hope Torres ""1'1n Edward Trigo Juanita Trigo Mary Tristan Juanita Vigil Juan Ybarbo ZZ E1 A. Pragrzzms 'T i'n'5'w"ffhE ii T s' 'tj' Scenes from the Christmas play The third and Fourth grade singers tell the story in ':' , , ' song while characters of the nativity scene are shown gp , in the background. At right worshiPPers from afal' P0Yhomu9e to the Christ - 'iili" X Child. Marcilie Ernst portrays the mother May. M- SN hands Fourth graders present: The Bob Cratchetts ge Scrooge and. . . . V The Seventh grade cast is pictured after their presentation ofa comedy skit. This entertainment was directed by Mrs. Rix. Slyus of Spring ul? W' if 'va-' Q-. , X is ix i,- . s 3, A y s W -.f'Milff'1 'l ' ,N 1 1 I -I 5.54 .1 hw J ' A The read'n table is always Mrs. Crunk and her First graders the center gf iferesf. are off on an Easter hunt. L-J 'VY' fxf-5 A brightly painted mural, a gaily hued Easter egg tree, and an attractive drawing help to remind us all of a Familiar spring holiday. Clever faces are painted on Fourth graders give attention to last minute displays. 999 Shells' r,1 Jllllvccllafzy -Q Bunnies, baskets, lillies, and a beautiful cross are symbols of a happy season. 0 J Our temporary office on the stage At last it is recess timel Preparing For our Band Festival isn't so bad afteralllll Floatlll Q34 Valentines everywhere! On the cork board, table, and in the box, Such a happy season. About I rf Grades l i Y , l Twenty-seven certificatesweregiven Thirteen sixth graders win reading to members of the Fourth and Fifth diplomos...which are shown in the grades. background. i'N""S-M... Jill Martin, Pat Mikolaiczyk and Terry Nance Lester Sikes and Tim Millington explain homework seem amused. assignments. ff" i First graders are busy. Refreshments at party An interesting story about Thanksgiving Slcmcntary School Entries Hand ksfival Parade ' I. Football Sweetheart 4. Chessher's Chicks 2. Third and Fourth Graders 5. Mrs. Dezelle's Second Grade 3. Mrs. Rix's Seventh Grade 6. Mrs. M. Mahan's First Grade l ..-,.. 7. Mrs. V. Crunk's First Grade WJ. X154 K,V luu- 2 l A commercial entry. Our Fire Department. Parade is over. Z1 rw. filfc ff CZW.-, "Tri f.. 9 Ag Nzlfau lndepcndcnf Salma! Distric! Mrs. Jailey D. Dunn James E. Box, Superintendent Secretary Heard of ""' Crusfces iii X R.E. Harvey, Jr. C.V. Henry Felton G. Wake President Vice President Secretory T.J. C00lCSey T.F. Hewell Dr. W.G. Millington Dr. Sam Nixon ffzyh Sflzwl Qaculty James E. Talley Jr. High School Principal Janie Hogg Florine Wheat Leonora Weinert Joyce Nance English Speech English Homemalcing J.H. Cook Travis Herd W.l. Trant R.W. Pottillo Mathematics Band Agriculture Coach - History Xlcfucntary Salma! Zzculty Walter Dezelle Jr. Elementary School Principal M- ' X Saw Mrs. Susie V. Anglin Mrs. Lou Helen Box Mrs. Kathryn Caraway Mrs, Voda C. Clark Third Grade Second Grade Fifth Grade Sixth Grade Mrs. Aline J. Cook Mrs. Betty Couch Robert J. Crunk Mrs. Vida P. Crunk Sixth Grade First Grade Fifth Grade First Grade To record infomation pertinent to incidents of the year which definitely affected most of these we beg your indulgence of this space. action of the trustees on Feb. 3rd the west wing of elementary school building was abandoned for use. The auditorium was partitioned to four classes and the nurse's quarters was by a Fifth grade section until the end of the school year. were unanimously passed on April 19th which provide For a new elementary school, a junior V unit and a gymnasium. gif 3 A familiar sight - Rooms which re- mained in use were made safe by being braced with heavy timbers. All action was prompted by advice fromarchitectsanda State Engineer. Mrs. Allie S. Dezelle Mrs. Vivian C. Holmes Mrs. lris G. Mahan Mrs. Melva Mahan Second Grade Seventh Grade Fourth Grade First Grade Mrs. Nonna B. Moore Mrs. Eileen Rix Mrs. Robbie H. Weber ' Mrs. Sadie F, Weber Third Grade Seventh Grade Fourth Grade First Grade Auzihary Mrs. Willie Mae Pennel, R.N. Jfcgucrs W-x Mrs. Alton Gaylord, Dietitian Always a busy office rmfrf-1 4 wwf Picture9are Billings who .1 .Mak 'eg fx Mmes. Pullin, Baker and always prepared such de- licious Food. SYS '-4--,.a Mr. Canion labovel Mr. Lakey friglntl Mr. Dezelle fbelowl All aboardl Assistant drivers: Mr. B lanch, Mr. Herd and Mr. Bob Pattillo. N . ef Alice boards Mr. O. Pattillo's bus on its last runl ,""""'H-Q... -. .. 4.,A,M'! M Mr. Talley makes readyl ,sk F ,, f W , V, 'S A f ., r 5 X V U4 fu , x ' , 1' ' Q r A '!'?F .ii?ii4f1' rr21w A: ' 3fg gg,ir ?n,,,g 'A ii-fiig ggf 5 ? -T " Y? 135-.. : ff f I 4 ' ' ' ' , Pgiifixg - A jf: , :pm ' , I I 4 , l.' ,,k,5ff 'N,- , 1 .-YM ? ' gif ' f f--I, D f 'V , - q6Q gf::-'- ' "" Fai 1 2 - f- if' , X ' . x k igayigg, f l s Q wb A ' p F 4 X 'AF ,f fix -.1 , ' ,I ' Q S 152' ff U CENTRAL PUWEIR ANf1ILiGLgr CUMPANY SERVING SOUTH TEXAS WITH ELECTRICITY AND ICE W in Nixon, TEXAS Nixon State Bank f N ixo n,'I'exas 1 , Quality Hatchery Sc Feed Nixon,Texos +4-+++++++++++++++++++++++ HEWELL DRUG STURE We Specialize in Filling Prescriptions. Phone 2131 NIXUN, TEXAS NIXON STEAM LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS NIXON, TEXAS PHONE 3912 DON DAVIS OWNER +++++'Y+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-I-+4 L.H. CHESSHERJC CO. POST OFFICE BOX 757 - NIXON, TEXAS - TELEPHONE 44II Mrs. Joe Nunicz Mrs. Richard Hiller llr. Felton Wake 1 SPENCER - SAUER LUMBER CO. fuuyfging fo Buifd a Glfonzs PHONE 4011 F. E. IALDWIN, MANAGER Nixon, Texas ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++4 COUCH-MAHAN MOTORS DODGE PLYMOUTH OLDS NlXON,TEXAS ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++4-++++++++++++-L44-+++++++++++++++++++++++.g The Rexall Store NIXON, TEXAS L Q 1' Y Y Y V X ,O , r . 4 W ..-1 WW v, f , I A X I :- I , + X I wg p O A ' TALLEY EQUIPMENT COMPANY International Harvester Products Nixon, Texas +++F??++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ JACK AND SlD'S SINCLAIR STATION Nixon, Texas ++++-I-0-++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++4-++++++ EAT - MOR CAFE Nixon, Texas I ++f++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ TO THE SENIORS OF 1958 MAY GOD BE WITH YOU ALWAYS FROM THE NEUSES KERLICK'S Red and White Food Store NIXON, TEXAS ++++Q+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++4++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++4 WESTERN AUTO NIXON, TEXAS ++++f?++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ QUALITY MERCHANDISE WITH SERVICE Purina Chows-Farm Ranch Supplies Sanitations - Poultry - Eggs C. D. COOK CO. NIXON, TEXAS SINCLAIR OIL AND REFINING COMPANY Verne Preston, Agent Nixon, Texas +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++4'++4-+++-0-+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++- g n 5'f 0 X ... o DEALERS IN CHICKENS, R Y E R PIONEER DRESSERS AND SHIPPERS - - -A A- TEXAS TURKEYS AND BROILERS GRADE A PHONE 4311 Nixon, Texas +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++'l'++++++++++++++++++++-P+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++' HASDORFPS Hardware-Plumbing-Sheet Metal -++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++- GLOVER FEED STORE NlxoN, TEXAS HOLMES FURNITURE CCMPANY Home Furnishers - Hotpoint Electrical Appliances Nixon, Texas ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++4 C. l'l. Brown 81 Son Men's and Boys' Wear NIXON, TEXAS +++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++'l e' prs f st News l "Vik 'diiiuw E, MARTIN , TEXACO STATION NIXON, TEXAS ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++4 L. W. DUNN ff DRY C0005 N IXON, TEXAS . I Q 'pf cdmsnnsnga igunilal GyOhMi W fam fat: Kgunual Szmvics P dvixon, Uzxaa ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ v,v...f2-fm-...M A NIXON MOTORS, Inc. Telophono 4911 P. O. Box 787 NIXON, TEXAS ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ MARTIN'S BARBER A D BEAUTY SHOP I-+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++- TRADE AT HEWELL FOOD STORE "A HABIT THAT PAYS" hwfz 2"l'REiZfSZ""G ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++4 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++4 IGA FOOD STORE . Nixon, Texas +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++4 M FEED CO. NIXON, TEXAS 'gf ' ' Linke Grocery NlxoN,rExAs P+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++i P MARGEYS STYLE SHOP NIXON, TEXAS +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++H ROWE L L HATC HERY Nixon, Texas ++41W++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++A BILLING'S OF NIXON EVERYTHING FOR EVERYBODY , - 4d-pn 4 A CAMPBELL INSURANCE AGENCY 28 Yean Superior Insurance Service Nixon State Bank Building Nixon, Texas ++++++++++++++++++++-r-1--r+++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ A A3 wnileqglgyggwwm ff-Qs., ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ MARROU BROS. Gonzales, Texas Maytag Buick ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++'l' guaolafupe Uafdzy gdcfric goolaerafiue, .gnu ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-l'++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-l' DUDLEY HOSKINS MENS WEAR Since i897-On the square in Gonzales Dependable goods at reasonable prices GUY C. HOLDER General Contracting and Planing Leesville, Texas ++++-.A+++-r+-1--r-1-+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-H-+++++++++-Hf++++++++++++++++ Guadalupe Gas Company Bufone Propane Day or Night Service NIXON, TEXAS , H'l'+++++++++++++++++-r++++++'r++++++++++++++++++'l-i'+++++++++++++++++++++-i-+++++++++++-r+++++++++-r+++ Lime Doors Cement "Everything To Build Anything" Windows Hardware Gakmhed mm Phone No. 3171 Nazis Routing Wall Board In , To the officers and members of the Nixon Parent Teacher Association for the year 1957-58: On behalf of each student in the entire school system the yearbook staff wishes to take this method to express our thanks for your generous help and support of the annual this year. Thank you so very much for remembering us in the allocation of your funds. Sincerely Yours, The Yearbook Staff +4++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ yy, - v -- - - - - v - v qv.----u vuvuu-nn vnvvnv 1407 NOITII INDUSTIIAI. ILVD., DALLAS U PHONE ll1-IIOI SOUTHWESVS LARGEST...YHERE S A REASON! DALLAS . HOUSTON GONZALES CENTER , WACO , HENDERSON , TEMPLE , AUSTIN CORSICANA , TEXARKANA JASPER LUFKIN , SAN ANGELO DANVILLE ARKANSAS . RUSTON. LOUISIANA ..,-, U -B' -i 'J -

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