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A Great Book ' Of The Wesfern World 'll Krankemann Rhonda L yons , Edifors in Chief 'I 984 The Mfronian Mfrbnian Staff vid Auer Sports, Benje Barkey Academics and Features, Carol Buchanan Features, Delinda Cobb Business, Jenna Dabney ganizafions, Sarah Dalton, Writer, Belinda Duckworfh Senior Class, Cindy Fo wler Junior Class, Steve Gerkin photographer, - ve Godbe y Sports, Rosemary Higginbofhem Sophomore Class, Lisa Ingram Senior and Junior Class, Lisa Knell Faculty, Missy dsey Academics and Features, Priscilla Maxwell Organizafions, Chris Negley Sports, Wayne Slafen Division Pages, Befh ifh Organizations, Beth Tomer Organizations, Robin Wesflund Features, Cindy Whife Photographer and Advertisement, Chris pfry Features and Junior and Sophomore Division Pages, Kelly L ynch Organizations, Cathy Sepko Adviser. Nifro High School The Nifronian is published with the editorial advice of the faculties of Wm High School No part of this work may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means. electronic or mechanical, a including photocopying, recording, or by information storage and refriveal system, without permission from the publisher. THE NITRONIAN TABLE OE CONTENTS PROLOGUE: . TheBackgroundof'rheStory Page CHAPTER ONE: I oftheSotr Page .7 av 5 Graduation - the Resolution Page 498 Eric Douglas. Denis Barkey. Pam Johnson. Alex Whorley. Lynn Scarf, Lance Osborne show off ihe "Mfronian' Jeanette Boalha auto WM 0 friends yem'book. Danny Kcamer and Sidcy Madam discuss the inreresfing 3101195 in fhe'Wlfronian'C T-TUTT. Ti V. wt? l USO sely V'K'A Great "Book of the Western World" Many authors have attempted write a novel that would one day classified as a. great book of the stern world And it was with the we intent that the Nitronian Staff 70h the preparation of the 19621 onlan. V ' The Staff realized that an vrage high school student is" iosed to many great works of ature in his trek toward gradua- . But we wondered, would any 9r book that they possessed ng their high school career mean nuch to them as their copy of high school yearbook. The .ver was a resounding "No.'.' ' .No other book could be more, valued. For what other book could contain all of the memories that a yearbook holds. Other high school mementos soon begin to fade after years of being stored in an attic, but usually a yearbook is stored on a bookshelf where it can be tenderly taken down and looked at year after year, . , Few other books are greeted with such excitement as the year- book receives oh its day of arrival at the high school; Students are constantly asking, 'iWhen is the yearbook coming?" Students also have never been known to line up . to receive their copy of their own literature book or any other great, novel, but yet they will stand in line for long periods of time waiting for their copy of the yearbook, And after receiving this copy, students will spend hours pouring over pictures and then writing auto- graphs in other's books. The Staff also realized that a yearbook contains all the in- gredients of a great novel. The setting is unique: the story would not be poswble without the students who are living through the mental and physical conflicts ihvolved in growing up. So with this in mind, a the Staff declared that the Nitronian was indeed "A Great Book of the Western Worl Bucko O'Leary shows off the 'Witronian" T Tammy Stalnaker cio- ' Nitronian Tammy Faulknler au toaraphs a friends yearbook. 4-3; 1984 W213 Hie year Mar Mcnael Jackson won all of the grammes, and dsborafed our lockers. Miro l-lah cafeteria made many improvements and addifions on fhs menu such as mgrshakes, and berrer breaks. g. The seIIing of any sfory musI :0 consider Ihe Iime eiemenI. why of Ihese works could Occur at y place anyIime buI oern Ihe We began our sIor ,in August '83. As Ihe classes began I0 1779 o Ihe building, Ihey perhaps rcame aware IhaI Ihe ,schooi ar 4983-4984 was Io be a ispeCIal ein Iheir lives. , ,The buliding iIself seemed Io gecfr Ihe Changes IhaI iwere teuring; 'A new chemisIryi lab was Sing insIaIIed; a new ceiling was in 8 yes downsfairs; more compuIers are arriving; Cafeteria im- DvemenIs Were again underway. 's a crucial elem nI of Ihes he DaIe Cf Ihe;8Iory Was 4984 SIudenIs will probably besI remember Though Ihe facf Ihaf Ihis school year was- one IhaI was inferrupfed often Shoufs of glee b a and disrupIions Io learning sUCh as Ihe sewer leaks IhaI plagued our building. II was also a year Ihough when sIudenIs were compelled Io look ouIsid when 4 flag flew at half masI IWiCe, i nae in honor of a senanr who was aboard a Korean jeI liner Ihaf was shoI do wn by Ihe Russians when if driera' over Iheir air space; oIher n Ceable I f Iheir school waiiS Io Ihe. Scan Helper sIIps ukaEn the Ice. Alan Jenkins was one of many Injured In 1984 anoIher Iime iI honored Ihe Amer-A ican Marines in Lebanon Who had while On a p CICe, ion. Again w were of we were I read Orweii's I984. Were we VIng in Ihe fulfillmenf of Ihe adage, "Big " BroIher is WaIchIng "? Computers abounded our Iifesfyle F i ' IhaI our was filled Ihan his 'I NITRO Imm acumm. lero High School is "19 59??an for many memon'es Many studenis spent much of rhalr free time In fhe halls. Many hours were also span! In fhe classroom. Some members of the football ream discuss football siraregy over dawn and milk The Setting of the Story The first pages ofjmost great vels begin with the descriptibn of t setting 'of the story. Some tings are of little Importance; but he case of many no vels, the story Llld not have taken place any- ere else, Such is the case with this ry. Many of the scenes recorded '9 are typical of high school mes across the western world, ' yet Nitro High sohooi is unique. its own special ways. Students are found in many erent places, during their high" wool careers, but the place where st of them are found during the y is the high school itself. Nitro h has seen many a class come and go during the last few decades, but one thing each class has had in common is that a student has spent many hours in the classroom, listen- ing to teachers, taking notes, and reading. Research papers, book reports, and tests are an all too familiar scene. A lot of the student's day is spent sitting down. Sitting at that remarkable invention - the student desk - or around lunch room tables, students find the time to interact with each other, learning about what it means to be growing up. Events outside of the classroom often take place in the halls of Nitro. Was NHS. Students will probably always remember standing at their lockers with those special friends or walking through the halls looking for that "special someone." A lot ot time has also been spent simply grabbing a bite to eat during break or at lunch. Though the halls of Nitro may be old and the surtounding aromas sometimes a little strong, the high school spirit lives on from year to year. Only the people change. And that is what makes each year a unique experience, never to be repeated this way again. Pam Jenklns spent her tlme at the phones Belinda lakes lime to get a between class snacks Roger and Falecla try to earn a quick buck by selling the e school Chapter 'I School Memories Perhaps the year 4983-84 hasn't been the best year for Nitro High School, but the one thing that makes this school stand out is its student body. We, here at Nitro, are a school with a lot of class, a sort of breed apart. We've experienced everything from ball games and dances to pep assemblies and student and faculty presentations. There is always someth- ing for Nitro students to be involved in. It seems that students take a lot of pride in their school and its activities. Nitro High School is proud of its student body and their accomplishments. This yearbook is a type of acknowledgement to this school and its students. The pages enclosed within the boundary of this cover are a dedication to their accomplishments and achievements. From Homecom- ing to Prom there's been a lot of great times that Nitro's student body have shared and helped create over the year 4983-84. Above: The N.H.S. student body prepares for the Homecoming game. Lower left: Mike Burnsworth shows how easy it Is to be a rock 510 Lower right: School dances were a great time for everyone to unwind and have a great time. Ion: N.H.S. llterclly rocked the roof off. Uppot m: Angle Kirk shows the wild side of Nhro's majore'nes. Bottom: The 4983434 school year go? off To a great sfort with Homecoming. v I . I Homecoming jj T l Queen Reigns AT six o'clock, SepTember , - T 23, The NiTro High School T u f w j Homecoming fesTiviTies goT , J ' , ' ' underway wiTh The Home- ; coming parade. The parade j began aT NiTro Junior High T and ended aT Underwood T field. We didn'T IeT The game T spoil The crowning of our queen. During The half, The much awaiTed momenT finally ar- rived. As The band soley played TTTruly," our Home coming Queen candidaTes; class aTTendanTs, and escorTs walked ouT on The field. Along wiTh our handsome Homecoming courT were our principal Paul McClanahan, STudenT Council PresidenT Jenna Dabney, PresidenT of F.B.L.A. Karen Muncy, and F.S.A. PresidenT Kim Hypes. The members of The Homecoming CourT were: Paula DursT escorTed by Jon "Chipper" Finch, Paula Thompson escorTed by Rodger WooTen, and Carol Buchanan escorTed by Casey CasTo. The Junior ATTendanT was STacy MellerT escorTed by SCOTT Summers and Kami BlackhursT was The Soph- omore aTTendanT: she was escorTed by Todd Bailey. Finally, aT The half, The momenT we all had been waiTing for arrived. As The crowd grew quieT, Benje Barkey announced Carol Buchanan as The new Miss WildcaT 4983-1984. Our newly crowned Homecoming queen Carol Buchanonu Carol ls helped from her car by Casey. Our prlnclpal Paul McCIanahan presented the new Mlss WlldcaT Carol Buchanan wlth roses. ildcte lot Mlss Wildhm. Pduln Durst th hnr Candidate tor Mlss Wilrk'nl l'nuln lhnnmmn'wilh hm JUnIO! class oHendent Stacy Molkm wim H0: escort Sophomore classqcnendam Komi Blackhur-s'r 1 Jon "Chipper'v nch. 05mm Ieognr Wanton. v Scott Summer: ' with her escort Todd Dolley. ' . Ihe 1983-84 Homecomlng court. Homecoming queen Carol Buchonon and her escon Casey Costo. The Homecomlng court anxiously awaits me big moments. mm MAM m um; Mu . '. u. u' .' WK a :v '11,?331. ,.. Karen Goods takes a break from cheering 10 watch the game. Some sophomores watch the guys. Junior Varsity cheerleaders parade through lero. Sam Slbloy and Ms. Bogus are our tesldem flows! children. Band members have dlscovered ?he old saying "The more the merrler" holds true In the cold. Dosplte the cold Sharon Young keeps smlllng bu? Glnger Hordwlck doesn'f look quHe as happy. Tuna Dolmen. Jenna Dabney and Mlssy Llnsey mink of summer. '13 Scene changed for Formal The 1983 Winter Formal i Was held January 44, 4984. Yes, a month later than usual but still a great success. This year's format was held at Shawnee Regionai Park in Dunbar, starting at about eight o'clock and by nine-thirty the place was really rookin'. This year t there wasn't a band but a DJ, it proved to be iess expensive, and the D.Js was Joe Kerner. Channel TV 3 also attended the formal, taping it to be aired t the following week. So if 1 you werentt able to go you could see exactly what happened and what you missed. 80 plan to go next years V There was a variation of i people there ranging from Junior high to last year's graduates, and some peo ple brought dates from other area schools. The dress was, of course, formal and everyone looked smashing. Most of the guys wore three piece suits with afew in tuxess but the girls were dressed in an array of gowns. Most people preferred to eat out at one of Charles- ton's finest, such as Fifth Quarter or Windows on the River. There was food provided by the Shawnee Park, but by the time most arrived they were too stuffed to eat anything else. ' As for the dancing and music at the formal, they were both a lot better than last year's. When asked what he thought of Formal, Jeff Dickens said, "It was definitely better" Though the floor was small most didn't mind rubbing eibo wss The last school dance was in October so everyone was up and ready to boogie . This year's Snow Queen was Paula Durst, escorted by Doug Lewis. Paula's court attendants were Paula Thompson! first runner up, Amy Fric and Kim Parker, tied for second. All and all the formal was a success. Pictures were taken by Robert Ashmore. and again, most were im- pressed. The Student Court cil deserves a big hand. 14 Keny and Michelle look un'nxcnmny Who! are you till smiling lortl Shawna Roymes ls rmvm cumum shyl JK "the VJ" pluymi Hun lunar. In! tnnnul 1 Everyone Is anxious to m In tho plct p x x i j i I i . wmvz-rrwgu In Queen; Paula Dufsfond her court P6010 Thompson, Kim Parker. and Amy Frigk; . , m Caught Iri the act, Brett and Becky pause ' for u posn. 8 Use Weaver only has pyos for Todd Chllriurs. ' ; 15' Steve Hawkins holds on to his main squeeze Paula Cline. Sieve Simmons makes a face for the camera. Students partied to the Rocky Top hoe down. Doe: Blaine wan! somefhlng . . . Who! could Sandy be diessed 05? Kim Parker malts In David's arms. '16 n enjoy: his evening. What does Both have on her mind? Pam, Kelvin, and Gina, what's over there? ,H When the Cats Came Marching In Marching, strutting, and shimmying across Laidley Field, the Nitro Wildcats competed for top honors on September 20th during the 1983 Daily Mail's 37th Annual Kanawha County Majorette Festival. The festivities began as the band played for the majorettes to be judged on routine and marching. The majorettes received second place In this competition. Next, the band played as Angle Kirk twr'rled for the Twirling Competition, and she received the second place award and trophy. The band played on and marched around the field as they competed against eleven other schools in the coun ty and were judged first place in Band Playing. Next the majorettes came out dancing to Ole McDon- ald Had a Form for their novalfy routine. The theme was named Down on the Farm and Angie as Ole McDonald herded her little piglets to take them to the market. Then John Lovejoy per- formed his routine for the Boy Twirler Competition. John received the second place award. Combining all the compe- titions, comparing talent, form, and originality, the judges chose an all-around award, the Grand cham- pion. Nitro brought home the first runner-up Grand Cham- pion award and trophy. Jamie Sounders accepts Nltrots Grand Chomplon honor. Anglo twin: and accepts the second place award, mo real J. R. 1: shown when he Is of! stage. Bomb. the lead gulfarm, gets down. Kaml Blackhum Ia anloylna me show. Lead singer, Pole, capluros the crowds arrentlon, Mike Bumsworfh performs on his alr guitar. Soundman as" up his equipment. Brad'pulls a pret1y face. Norman spends hls Nme busy sfudylnq. The hall way by the gym - empty for a change. Scoffy studies Hard In class. Keeping busy In D-hall. Lode. Jamle. and Cathie hanqom In the hallway. Mrs. McClure's homeoom ls wide awake. Waiter so? on the s1eps sfudylnq. WAS n; pu. ,. u. v p' mug looks busy. Angle Is wlde awake. Who? Felecia up to now? No talklna Butchl Scott M9: to figure oui how all this works. Docs Mrs. McBrayar look dizzy from giving blood? Kim and Amy are glad to get our of class. Do you really weIgh 110 pounds? Chris and Christie wait to be released Tom Greer looks Ilka he's no? sure abouf all nus Ah Sarah doesn't look too enthused over the event Robin and Doug were the first people ro greer your donation. Missy and Lisa gladly wait to give you your blood bag. Paula doesn't even feel like she's done anything. Wonder II Jackie knows whar he '5 really been doing? Karen looks on as another vlcflm meefs ms needle, Sandi lust grins because she knows just what has happened today. 25 5 dIffefonI movies Ihrou'gh Ihej year IabouI subje class; about; j concepfion and Ihen offer i Mm birfh how Io care ;f"'r" fufure 9P 099 of yourself buI In cbildca youleam Lb: 903;le sfobs gs I many pGOp have about children. One '3 sooond semesfo U9 Iheir dieI, learning ; ; haw Io prepare and ed j foOds IhaI ore goo: foI III i o everyone Janis watches Intently as a chlld colors. Two students play wIth a chlld and hIs bunny. The class 8": and dlscusses Their ccflvmes. Want to play with my Bunny rabblf? How big a mess can these ?wo, small boys make? The students teach me chlldren how to pop a balloon. Polly Logo helps a little glr1 color. I doubt I! he can stay In the llnes, Janis fhlnks. This bunny Is Too big for me. Tonl Franclsco h'les on some bunny ears. Aher a long day, Donna slfs quietly wlfh a child. Just stomp on If and It will pop. I 111an I'm on film, says a lime Nke. After the party Kelly and Lynn sit patiently. Isn't It Interesting what Ilme children can do? 27 students were 'the hew chhlons of the year. For example Be udo shorfs dre q oin 'hov 5 blso rhode o comebaCk since, y Seventies. ' Mst'foshions are g y: sfude' 'rs represehflhg them y 'for fhe feen board. h of those students is her responsibilities of and Thomas. WIT ofhbr types of fo$hion . shows , S Mdny sfudents keep; up . lero lell always have students who keep up and ahead of fhe fashion world. Joene models at her locker Troy shows of! Scott stops for c pose Jen shows of! hls Panama Jack shin Karen Goods models for Cox's Kerry and Kelly Joke around Julio Shelton model; for Sione and Thomas Nitro dudonn "Op 10 SI'NIG for the COme0 Llsa sport! hor Bermuda sham Banjo models hla ever popular cap and gown Scott showlng on his oxford .29 Chapter 2 Introducing The Main Characters A novel would be a dull, meaning- less set of words without them, just as a school without any people is an empty, worthless structure of bricks and concrete. And, both in a novel and in a school, every character plays some part, however insignificant it may be. So this novel begins with the introduction of the characters. First, we will bring on the minor characters. The sophomores, in the course of the novel, set foot into a new and unfamiliar environment. The typical sophomore is often timid and uneasy at first, and prone to getting lost through the first chapter. Some may tend to withdraw, but as the novel progresses they are seen to be coming in contact with more of the other characters. As this occurs a feeling of belonging begins to settle in and the sophomores become more comfortable. They begin to step forward: by the end of the novel they can be seen as necessary to its completion. Next we will introduce the an- tagonists of our novel. The juniors, well settled into routine and established in many of their relationships, play an active part. With increased confidence and school spirit, they turn their attention more and more to school- related activities. New responsibilities begin to arise for the juniors. Many will get a driver's license and, along with it, increased independence and respon- sibility. More options begin to open up for the juniors. The number of required classes drops, and the juniors begin to look at such organizations and societies as the newspaper staff and National Honor Society- previously closed to them. Another option opened to juniors is the school prom. in addition to being allowed to attend, the juniors are also expected to plan and organize the prom for the seniors. Here in the novel we find a breeding group for many conflicts, the least of which is not the displeasure of the seniors over the work of the juniors tor the lack of i0 and some of their decisions. The juniors respond indignantly, and the battle is on. The juniors are an undeniably important part of the novel; to omit them would be to write an incomplete, dull and sadly written work. There is one last set of characters to introduce, I believe, and that is the protagonists - the main characters, the seniors. Proud, confident, with a touch or more of arrogance, this class rules the school. Most of the seniors are mature, young people tasting the beginnings of adulthood. New and different responsibilities and opportuni- ties appear before them, and many difficult decisions. Graduation looms before them at the end of the novel, so they are primarily occupied with this event and consequent decisions. Whether or not to continue schooling and if so which college to attend are just a few of the decisions facing the seniors. Then there are other decisions, such as who to take to the prom, and the best way to get the juniors to change their minds about a certain disagreeable aspect of it. Many of the seniors obtain after school and wee- kend jobs, or cut down the number of hours they go to school in order to work. Along with the increased respon- sibility resulting from this are mo re conflicts with schoolwork, causing more pressure and subsequently forcing the seniors to begin to grow up. Thus the seniors make up the single most important part of the novel- the irreplaceable finish to a great book of the western world. - f. 4-" l-i - x i t: y 4 Above: Fashion proves to be one of Nltro's class acts. Middle: Rhonda Lllly spreads cheer are the halls of N.H.S. Lower left: Kathy Lockhart and friends show how hard Nitro students have hit books this year. Lower right: Enthusiasm wasn't one of our greater assets. Classes ,vlwnwvgcym-WwEQ-I-.. , .. Above: The halls are always The place to socialize. Middle: Brlan PmcheT explains the code of a senior. Left: Scott and David preparing to say farewell To N,H.S. e: Cathy Hoptry flashes a smlle at our camera. Below: David Auer and S'reve . e a good example of the old cliche out with the old and In with the new. The Main Choroo Ters Of 7984 NoT Too long ago, iT seemed The Time would never come buT The Time fied by, perhaps Too quickly. The TwelfTh grade, The much owoiTed Senior year, and ending To one volume of a much noTed work, a beginning for The sequel To follow - arrived. WhoT shaped This Senior inTo whoT he is? Who encouraged? Who discouraged? inside The walls of This building, many people - oil differenT kinds of people - filled The classrooms and ciuTTered The corridors. A kaleidoscope of Thoughts, ideas, and emoTions made up each individual. . So many, some Trying To be The some as oThers - following The crowd when iT come To dress, The ioTesT slang, and holding opinions obouT currenT evenTs - Those who valued Their own originaliTy - daring To be differenT, ofTen wiTh bold new ideas, venTuring forward inTo and enjoying The Thrill of conTinuous change - oil uniTed inside The walls. Ali unique human beings, T'One's-self i sing, a simple seboroTe person, yeT uTTer The word DemocroTic, The word En-Mosse," TWolT WhiTmon's "One's-seif i Sing'Q, all one group, The 4984 Senior class. The seTTing is The some for everyone wiTh iTs corridors, lockers, ringing bells, wooden Tobies, much used desks, fluroescenT lighTs, Tiled floors, worn books, muTiloTed noTe books, ever changing groffiTi, leaky ink pens, worn erosers, chewed pencils, and dusTy chalk boards, yeT differenT e yes in TerpreT This familiar seTTing in many differenT ways. Some love if and Thrive wiTh conTinuous invoivemenT in one ocTiviTy or dnoTher. Some hoTe if and deTesT Their presence wiThin The school seTTing ond onyThing conneoTed. Then There are Those numbed by The seTTing; some who jusT do noT core one way or onoTher. Like snowflakes, maybe noT obviously buT oil subTiy differenT, each Senior, "0 simple separoTe person," helps To creoTe The group of main chorocTers. inTeresTs, hobbies and posT-Times include a wide scope of ocTiviTies depending on The Senior and his response To his seTTing. From a disTonce snowflakes look very influenced by se TTing, The final resulT similar buT how The y fall from The sk y beginning as a mere dropieT of oner deTermines The end resuiT. in The some manner a Sophomore is placed in a new seTTing and Three years ioTer he lands, The final producT 0T The end of The firsT book in o Trilogy - childhood To young ddulThood, life ofTer high school, gro wn up and compleTeiy independenT. The Time has arrived To make major decisions, Take The nexT sTep. For some The choice is college; oThers decide To work. These decisions are based upon The Seniors invoivemenT wiTh The seTTing ThoT he has been placed in for Three years. Did he enjoy iT? Wos iT beneficial To hi'rn? WhoT new skills has he gained? WhoT new knowledge does he possess? iT all depends on The Senior, how he odopTed To his surroundings, The role of oTher ohorocTers, The shorT and long Term goals he seT for himself, and his own prioriTies. CounTless hours sTudying, consuming a myriad of pizzas along wiTh gallons of sofT drinks, lively porTies, quieT evenings spenT reading a book, Taking a long walk, cruising around in cars, pondering obouT size of The universe, iisTening To The ioTesT Top forTy hiT, oTTempTing To resolve The paradox of Teenage romance, oddmonTiy avoiding The forever and always molorky, sleeping, onch- ing T. v. - The lisT of posT Times is endless. Some enjo y o fosT paced social life and oThers prefer quieT Time alone, a range from rowdy To exTremeiy quieT, The exTenT probably deTer- mined from The main chorocTers inTerooTion wiTh The seTTing. Some find This seTTing exciTing, oThers dislike iT immensely buT The Ted remains ThoT iT's There and does noT rapidly change. Looking back over a Three year period gradual changes can be seen - The drapes in The cofeTerio wiTh Their bold design, The absence of manual TypewriTers from The Typing room; The halls seem smaller Thon They did on The firsT day; The class periods longer - changes one would noT noTice unless They had been a porT of This - The physical changes wiThin The walls, along wiTh The deveiopmenT of each chorocTer inTo whoT he is now - a Senior in The class of 4984. - A v 8r. officers The Senior , class has a greaf bunch leading fhem This year, wlfh Jim Free- Dersyser, president Amy, :rlck, vlce-presldenf, and Daula Durst secrefory- Treasurer. They were in :harge of gelling our floal l logefher for ' Homecoming 3nd gelling fhe senior cor. Thelr jobs consisfed of frying lo gofher all lhe ideas of lhe Seniors for fhe class moffo, song, and flower. Tholwas o work begins ,for everyone. The Senior Class Of 7984 fask in llself because no one agreed, buf finally a decision was reached. They also helped The Seniors order announcements, caps, and gowns. And lasf of all, lhey were involved in planning every aspecf of graduaflon from our speaker lo enler- falhmenf. The Senior Class officers have worked lo make fhls year a greaf one Trlsh slghs wlth relief. Michelle and Janlce again need help. Amy tells Rlck he hasn't grown much. What's so funny, Kathy and Roger? Use and Fellcla watch the crowd. Is John puzzled? Seniors David Adkins Larry Adkins Lena Adkins Mr. and Miss Sr. Jenna Dabne y and Jim Freebersyser were Chosen Mr, and Miss Senior for ihe 1983-84 school year. Jenna Dabney worked hard as Presidenf of Sfudeni Council. She is an acfive reporfer wifh fhe Spy Glass and the Nifronian. She is employed af Bawincal in Cross Lanes. Jenna plans on sfudying physical therapy ai W. V.U. Jim Freebersyser speni his senior year serving as Presideni of ihe Naiional Honor Sociefy ana' Presl'a'ehf of ihe newly formed Pascal's Rascals compuier Club. Jim led the 1984 seniors fhrough a fuin'liing year as Senior Class Presideni and ac five in Sfudeni Council. He was also a member of ihe Nifro High Schooi baskefbail ream. Hlf was indeed a greai honor, " was Jim's reply when he found he was eleciea' "Mr. Senior". . When asked whaf Jenna fhoughi abouf being chosen Miss Senior, she exclaimed, "iii agree wifh Jim aboui if being an honor, bui if was also a surprise. " ii is ob vious wh y i'hese fwo siudenfs were Chosen "Mr. and Miss Senior. " Boih sfudenfs were acfive in school governmenf and boi'h were heaviiy involved in school acfivifies. Jenna and Jim are boih exceiienf examples ihaf our schooi can be proud of. 34 David Auer Rifchie Bailey Trina Baisden Benje Barkey Jabe Basset Vickie Beane Philip Beckeff Billy Benneff Seniors Cheryl Clark l Danny Clendenin Delenda Cobb Gray Cochran ' Bill Coiner Rose Coole y QWW Mike and Bessie are Sporis ; Al lero High School sports hold an imporianl parf of school aciivilies. Nifro's sporis program had a good slarf in 4984. There were more pep assemblies ihls year to suppori our feams than fhe year before. This year's lwo most aihlefic .sludenis were no surprise. They are Mike Foster and Bessie Moore. . Mike Foster was very acfive in sporfs ihroughouf high school. Mikel played football all fhree years in school and was captain his Seniors iyear. Mike also ran for our irack feam and wrestled for The wresilinge leam. 'As you Can Tell Mike was a good choice for Most Afhleiic. Like Mike, Bessie Moore was- very active in sports. Bessie was an oufsianding baskeiball player for the girls baskefball learn and an : oufsianding volleyball player as well. Bessie also ran for fhe girls' frack learn. And again like Mike, Bessie was a gOod choice for Most Alhlefic. 'NHS was lucky lo have' Mike and Bessie confribuiing in our sports: program. Sarah Dalton Lisa Dawson , . 'Scoff Dean Jeff Dickens Ricky Dixon. a . , ' hiJeff. Dorsey ' . ,Keili Doyle HOME OF THE WILDCATS Jeff; and K aren SpIrIied School spirii is imporfani during the high school years, Unify of ihe school is buiif on ihe afiifudes of ihe siudenfs. Karen Goode and Jeff Dickens are 'fhe fvixo siudenis ihaf 'fhe Senior class feli had made the mosf school spirit Karen is a member of Sfudeni Council, Honor Socieiy, Mu Alpha Thefa; and fhe Spanish Club She is Ifhe Head Cheerleader for fhe Varsify squad which has won man y honors. Karen has done a fanfasfic job leading ihe squad fhis year Karen well deserves f0 be chosen as fhe Sehior wifh ihe mosf school spirif. Jeff Dickens was also chosen as fhe Senior wifh fhe mosi school spirit. Jeff is ofien seen of fooibali and baskeibali games cheering on ihe wiidcafs. Jeff is fhe Vice-Presideni of ihe Spanish Club, he is also I aciive in Concerf Choir, Aii-Couniy Choir, Sfudeni Council and Explorers. Jeff has an. outgoing personaiify and represenfs a good leader. David Dickerson ,Belinda Duckworih Jane Elsender . Falecia Dukes ,. 1 Lisa Esiep 37 w." I. Seniors David Fisher Gory Frazier Jim Freebersyser Am y Frick Calvin Fridle y Sfe ve Gerkin 38 Mary Fauber Craig Finch Jon Finch Tricia Fosfer "Cindy Fo wler Ben and Miss y Clo wn Around When if come f0 counf fhe vofes for Class Clown, a lot of people had a good idea of who was going fo be chosen. To no one 's surprise Missy Lindsey and Benje Borkey were fhe fwo picked from fhe Senior class fo gain fhis big honor. Missy and Benje find lofs of fime for do wning around, maybe foo much time. Missy is ocfive in Concerf Choir, All-Couniy Choir, yearbook and ne wspoper sfaff, Sfudenf Council and Fufure Cumquaf Farmers of America. Her fovorife acfivify nexf fo underwofer baskef weaving is spending time with her fovorife young man Benjamin Borkey. ' Benje is an oufsfonding 'member of Nifro's 12 02. club and he would enjoy Drama if he wosn'f failing o cioss and nof oliowed to be in if. I asked Benjamin how he feli oboui being seiecfed as Class Clown; his reply was, "I'm really excifed; it's a greof honor and i know ifis jusf o sfepping stone for me; firsf Class Clown fhen who knows, maybe President " Good Luck Benje, even Reagan had fosforf somewhere; maybe he was voted Class Clown once foo. Mike Greafhouse Janice Harve y Caihie Hartling s Class Song: "Old Time Rock-n-Roii" K aren Goode Roberf Hail Harve y Honshow Valerie Sfeeie and Jim Freebersyser were an obvious choice for Mosf lnielligenf. They are bofh involved in numerous school aciivifies such as Honor Society, Mu Alpha Them, and Pascai's Rascals, ijusf to name a few. Contrary f0 fhe depicfion in fhe phofo, fhey don'i camp - ouf in fhe library fo gain fheir infeiligence. ii seems f0 come quire naiuraiiy f0 fhem. Jim Claims f0 have been "Liffie Mr. Cow Queen of Puxico, Missouri in 1976," an achievemenf fhai he is very proud of. Jim is also Presidenf of the 1984 Senior Class, 0 member of ihe Varsify Baskefball feam, Presidenf of Pascal's Rascais and a member of ihe Explorer's Club. Valerie is President of ihe Explorer's Club, a member of fhe French Club and fhe Spanish Club, on fhe Hi-Q ieom, and an acfive member of Sfudeni Council. Jim and Valerie can bo fh be found of nearly every schooi acfivify heid, both academic and afhlefic, bui' are nor often found in the library. 39 Seniors Benje and Miss y are Unique "Unique Personaiifies" was a new cafegory fhis year and Missy Lindsey and Benje Barkey were The fwo Seniors desfined To fill if. Why fhe Senior class chose Missy and Benje is beyond me; ihere musf be some reason behind if. Anofher pasiime of iheirs is sfringing up Apple Jacks on denial floss for Chrisfmas decorafions. Missy enjoys reading in her spare fime; her fovorife book is, "How To Fighi ingrown Toenails and 'Win. " Benje, on fhe ofher hand, likes io spend quief evenings af home conversing wiih Emif Pissmyer, his caf. I asked Benje To tell me some more of his hobbies and falenfs, his reply was, "In my spare fime, I like f0 puf lighf bulbs in my monh and fry f0 gef fhem f0 lighf up like Uncle Fesfer." I asked Missy and Benje if they had any closing commenfs, and l was almosf afraid To hear fheir answers. "in The Far Easf ihe y call me fhe Vie wer of Sighfs, " says Benje; Missy jusi saf fhere and smiled, fhen exciaimed, "'Wiil the world ever gef f0 fhe middle of a iooisie pop?" Here you have if folks, "Unique Personalifies", Why? You feil me. ' 40 ' , Michelle Huey Lisa Ingram i Dana Jackson Sandy Hawkins Am y Haynes Lisa Hedrick Kim Jarre ff ' Alan Jenkins Porn Jonnson. F Kathryn Jordon Angie Kirk Bill Krankerhonn ' Dawn Lacy Allen Lowhorn .. g : Poiiy Legg Teresa Judd ' , .F John Jusfice I ; JOhn ono'. Shownno 'gef FlIIiy' Shawnna Roynes Was voted. Biggesf Flirf by fhe Senior class. Shawnno . . fifs fhis descriofion perfecfly She is ocfive on fhe girls' frock feam- ondw Sfudenf Council. Shawnna only joined fhe frock feomabecouse she likes - fo meef yo'ung men of frock meets ondfhere. were also someprospecfs in fhe Sfu'denf Council. When i asked her whai she does in her spare fime she replied "Hangin ouf, fhai 3 if, fhe really good sfuff you can't print. " I guess Shawnna' 5 main hobby is simply flirfing, Which she does quite well. v Shawnna fruly fifs fhe role of Biggest Flirf, and i know fhis is a big honor for her. Congrafulafions Shownno, keep Up the goOd work! ' John Horiess was also chosen as Biggest Fiirf, and he foo fifs fhe role , fo 0 "T". JOhn can offen be found sfonding in fhe, halls surrounded by lovely ladies. John admifs f0 his flirfofious behavior, in foo f; 'i fhink he 's proud , of his new rifle. I asked John if he was ocfive inan y school clubs or, sports and he replied, "No clubs no sporfs, jusf o flirf i guess. " And fhof yOu ore; . John, lbeiieve fhe Senior class hit fhe nail on fhe head when fhey vofed you fhe Biggesf Male Flirf in the Senior class. ' ' . Ronda Liliy-l i k V Poberf Lindmoik Melissa Lindsey F Kelly Lingsch Randy, Lifionr Seniors Mark Lochblhler . K afh y Lockhorf Lisa L ynch Rhonda L yons Donna Marlin Priscilla Max well Lori McNeel y Jeff and Jenna Work Hard Blaine Means Kim Messer Mosf Service fo Class is a cofegory rhaf Takes a lof of work and dedicafion lo be chosen for, and fhal's jusl whaf The Senior Class fell rhal Jeff Dickens and Jenna Dabne y have. Jeff and Jenna spenl many long hours working on fhe Prom. Jeff did much of fhe fedl'ous arfwork 'on fhe murals, and Jenna spenf counfless hours conning sfudenls info buying M 8l M's. We were all very proud of fheProm, and we 7! never forgef all The long hard hours of work if look lo make if such a success. A million monks go lo Jeff and Jenna for playing such a large parf in making fhe Prom a memorable evening. , , , , 42 BGSSle Moore Angelo MOITIS Melissa Morrison Koren Muncy Pafricia Murphy Cathy Noncorrow Gory Parsons s Brian Pafche ff ;Sfeve Paffon Breff Pfos'f Chris Phillips Kim Parker Am y Parsons Class Flo wer: Red Rose Diana Olds Ronnie Page Lee and Carol Cute This years Cufesf Couple is Lee Wifhrow and Carol Buchanon. Carol and Lee have been dafing for abouf fhree and a half years now. Hardly a day passes fhai you don'f see Carol and Lee fogefher. Though somefimes fhey may fight it's always love and each ofheris caring fhai keeps fhem fogefher. Carol is a member of fhe Spyglass ischool newspapers and me Nifronian sfaff where she reporfs sporfs and does some photography. Carol, was also selecfed Miss Wildcaf 1983- 4984 during fhe school's Homecoming. Lee is a member of ihe football and wresfiing feamt , 43 Seniors 7 w Greg Pickrely Mifzi Porfer y LeAnn Pullin : - W.-MH-7 .u 5x Diana Roy Woamtwmmw VJ um m......y 4k. ' Show Us Them Pearly Whifes Paulo Durs;L and Jon Finch are nofed around Nifro High School for their preffy smiles. Paula is a member of fhe bond and a mojoreffe. Jon is a member of fhe Vorsify Boskefbdl team. Mosf people have nice smilesbufyif fakes a really oufsfonding smile before your Senior Class besfows the honor 'preffiesf smile" upon 'you. If Paulo or Jon should happen fo flash you a grin, fhen you will know why rhe N.H.S. '84 Senior class chose fhem. .Shownno Roynes Sondra Reynolds V Debbie Rhodes Scoff Pucker Greg Sadler Troy Sorgenf Jamie Sounders Lynn Scoff , Ricky Shaffer Julie Sheiien . Sam Sibley: W. , I Sieve Simmons s ! I , V 1 v I L I I Gee Your HOIfLOOKS TerrIfIc The seniors wirh fhe preffiesf hair were Rodger Wooien and. Paula Thompson. If is hard f0 walk down The hall wifhoui seeing ihe gleem of fheir golden brown hair. i Pre fry hair is a gift. ' You can Change your hair in man y Ways. Rodger keeps his hair parfed in the middle and winged back while Paula frequenfiy changes her sfyle. In any case, boih have very good exarnples of preffy hair. Lisa Sfork I Traeevy Sfeeie " Valerie Steele Lori Simpson Keyin Sloan . ,Y , Marvih Smalleyf " ' Whai'Preify Peepersi, .- The blue eyes of Karhy Davisiand; Craig Finch are, hard f0 beatrin'faci impossible r0 bear if you ask ihe Senior classrof Nifro-High. ' Kathy and Craig have some prerfy peepersl and if's no wonder fhe'y were chosen as fhe Seniors wiih ihe prerfiesf ewyes Kq'ihy is acrive in girls frock and Craig sings in fhe Concerf . . Choir, Ail- Couniy Choir and plays fooibail. Paula Thompson Todd Toms Neil Verne y Seniors Jackie Tr'yall Tonya Wendling Muff l oybr Hem fomer Jeff Tyler Sandy Woshingfon Rodney Sfonesfreef Alfred Taylor 8r. '5 are Snapp y Dressers The fwo besf dressed people during fhe 4983-4984 school year were Kelvin Puffin and Angie Kirk. Kelvin and Angie are always sfylish in fheir dress and fhey projecf an oufword appearance fhaf is complemenfory fo themselves. Bofh are active in exfra-curricular acffvifies here of NHS. Angle is Head Mojoreffe and Twirler; she sings in fhe Concerf Choir! All-Counfy Choir, and she plays in fhe bond. Kelvin 1'5 0 member of me boys frock feam, These fwo sfudenfs were chosen as the Besf Dressed Seniors; fhe reason is obvious. Scott Wells Chrisfy Whife Brad Wilkerson l I I Lookin Good in 84 The senior class Chose Rodger Wooten and Carol Buchanan as the best looking seniors. Carol certainly proved worthy of this honor by being chosen as this year's homecoming queen. Rodger spends his spare time frequenting. local parties and taking his lunchtime with compatible friends. When asked what Carol thought about being selected she said, "ltm just surprised, flattered." Unfortunately Rodger couldn't be reached for comment. Rodger and Caroi are always groomed and dressed very well to further improve their appearance. " Glenn Wright Karen Zagayko Class Motto: in my hands I hold today. in my dreams I hold tomorro w. In my faith I hold forever. Russ Williams Jeff Winterfieta' Vince Workman Alex Worie y Talen tea Seniors Real talent is a gift, a gift that few people are biessea with. Lisa Stark and Jamie Saunders are two of these people, and the Senior Class chase them as the Most Tatent- ed Seniors. Theres no question about it; these two students are truly talented in many ways. Lisa is a member of Concert, Ali-County, and All-State Choir. She plays the piano, flute, piccolo, Violin, and handbetls. She was recently awarded the Japan US. Senate Scholarship and was a semitinatist in the Jostents Foundation Scholarship. Jamie, too, is active in Concert and All-County Choir. He also is the piano accompanist for the "Expressibns," Nitro's show choir. Jamie is in the band where he plays the saxophone. - 47 Senior Candids Upper Ielf: Bob is surprised to have hIs picture taken. Upper rlahr: Boy George has some new compsflrlon. Middle lair: Bier! seems to be enjoying the food of Formal. Middle right: Some seniors even associated with underclassmenl Mike Burnsworfh lakes 0 break. Roger and Ronnie goof off In the offlca The Junior juniors are half: way There an'ors 9 now halfway Ident. Sieve Hawkins, vice- Iresidenf, and Paula Cline, eqreforyjireasurer. I IarIICIpafing in more worih th e vases. Homecoming is the firsf hapfer of Their story but shorfly Ifferwardsfhey start 1o work In prom Not an easy 105k Iecau39 deciding on a place 20nd and Theme, is'hard f0 7ccomplish in such an opinion- 1 Th I he ciass , fenior class in To graduate. By his fime all juniors are cInxious Juniors. sIort 10 become In1er- drIve Towards oIhIeIIc goals, dnd some even s1or1 10 IhInk more and more obou1 college. oCcdemicS 1 Is year we have: Tim Null, who was 1he quo'rIer back for the foofbcII team, JImmy RIggIemon who showed 2 signs of Improvemen'r 1o Iedd " NITro' In baseball nexI year; Chris Krieps who come back from an Injury 10 pon on 1he varsity I b II D 'In'g Iuhners fo r cross counIry. and Amy SIempIe Is on her way 10 being VcIedIcIorIon for her Class of i 985 Darin and stove show how'1he classes me.u $1 Mollentpsdownfs 11$ meIso m6: IunIor chm IIoaI Is puIIed through the parade. The Aniagonisi of The siory. Eric McClanohon takes Nme om of lunch to smile at a camera Tum! Bunord wan: to glve a blg hug to cameraman Steve Gerkln. Jeff Abs'ren afhy Archer Sean AIvls Butch Armstrong April Anderson Barbra Anderson Scott Anderson RobIn Asbury Sfephonle Boldwln Scon Barlo Joy Bess Stephanle Bevelry Renee Blbbl Jeff Billlngs Angle Blockshire Mlke Blizzard Steve Bonnet? Jeanette Boothe Sfewort Bowllng Mark Brauner Jeff Brewer Todd Brown Barbara Bruney Alon Burford Tomi Burford Dara Burgess Ed Burke Robbie Burkhorf Donna Byrd Lora Ccrpen'rer Above - Steve Toney frowns cs fhe Seniors beat The Junlors In Mountaineer Olympics. Top - left - Tammy Sayre enjoys last year's Nltronlan. Beslda - Jeff Tlent and friend enjoy walklng fogefher. J.U.N.I.O.R Toni Francisco Larry France Kim Frozler Shelly George Elizabeth Gill Richard Godbey Chris Goff Missy Greathouse Bill Grigsby Sfocey Grounds Doug Grow Chris Guffey Donna Guise Gino Huger Robin Hardmon Ka'rhy Hordwcy Ginger Hordwick Rick Hanson Wayne Harm n Scott Harper Sfeve Hawkins Jamie Hemme Valerie Hill Teresa Holovic Richard Hughs Dianna Hunt Ronda Hunt Tammy Hunt Kim Hypes Ann Igo Kozumi Ishlosoko Jon Isner eve Jacoby Janet Jorrell Anita Jarrett Emma Lilly Dovld Lindberg Clarence Llfton Jeff LockharT Paulo Long Anlfo Mohno Chris Molcnowski Shelly Mo sh Chris Marshall Lisa Mor'rln STephonie Mason Mlke Matthews Chris Moffox Klm Maynard Glno Mazzei Erlc McClanchan Sco'rf McClure Paul McColIough Dennis McNeon Ronnle Meadows Sanlor Klm Parker nestles between Junlors Robln Fisher and Stacy Mailed. Junlom Jamla Hemme, Valerle Hill, Sharon Voung. J ff Bllllngs. Chlp Uang. Mlssy Thomas. Lorl Brokow. Doug Lewis, Tammy Burford have fun a? Mountaineer Olympics. Paulo Payne Kyle Pratt Shelly Prince Sherry Prince Bill Queen Beth Roder Todd Raines Mellssa Ransom Belinda Rozon Cindy Roynes Darlene Roynes Larry Redmon Roger Reed ScoH Reisch Brenda Rhodes Scoffy Rhodes Tino Riffee Tiffany Roberts Tom Roberfson Mike Rogers Kim Ross Roger Salmons Moro Sonfmyer BIII Sounders Greg Sayre Tammy Sayre Kellie Slofer Lisa Shell Kennefh Slmmons Lisa Soufh Hemmuh. Hubemls Koehler and Kazuml enjoy ilme off horn schoo! work. nil . 751:; fl 3-. . 5m... Brlon Spencer Becky Smith Beverly Smith Ricky Smith Scot? Summe 5 Tommy Stainoker Valerie Sfolncker Fred Steele Amy Stemple Joel Stommel Sheila Swisher MOT? Tabor Kevin Toonr Sandy Toonr A gle Terry Lisa Tetoff Jeff Thaxton Blllie Thomas Missy Thomas Bobby Tho nTon Trey Thornton John Tippner Steve Toney Tracy Tury Chip Urllng Billie Vance Melinda Wade Lisa Woldron Jlmmy Warner Susie Warner Mk A Dona Waugh Lisa Weaver Troy Weeks Waverly Wells Robin Wesflund Bob Wholey Cindy White Jeanette Whiffingfon Donald Williams Becky Wills Sabrina Wilson Tim Wilson Kathy Winter Beverly Woody 2 I' 1k 0r v07. Koren Worsfel Tlm Owens and Stacey Melleet have fun for Clyde Young less than fen calorles. Sharon Young Teresa Hunter Is filled wlth excltement at the Mountaineer Olympics Donald Wllllams The Sophomore Casis of he sophomores ore jusf begin- ; their sfory of Nifro i-Iigh 700i. They picked as rheir class cers: Scoff- Arthur, president is Vadaia, vice-presiden f, , and nie BIackhursf, secrefary- :surer. ' ophomores do nof do very ch in fheir firsf year of high Iool. They parficipofe I'n necoming, junior varsify sporfs, unraineer Olympics, and this is year to geiL your drives me. The sophomores begin fo . fogefher fowards rhe middie fhe year when fhey finally :epf fhe blend of fwo differenf- br highs. Their first year here, is 'inly f0 adjusf f0 high school 'life' :ause very liffle responsibilify is, 'ced on fhemv due fo fhe need excel in scholasticsmore fhon . esponsibie jobs. Bur, of coarse Ire are fhe few yer proud who ophomores sfarflng OLIf 'fhis firsf year begin fo show . fheir abiiify such as, fhis year Greg Adkins did play center for .fhe football feam: Melanie Douglas won firsf place in fhe Social Sfudies fair and was chosen for fhe Wm. Randolf Hursf award. John Carney, relay runner, is showing some excep- tional signs for nexf year Lora Hedrick led the girl's baskefball feam wirh me most points. Brian McCoy is an ouisfanding arfisf and is on his way fo a successful career in art. Jill McClanahan promises to be fhe fop sfudeni I academically by her senior year. As the year closes, man y look forward fo meeting fhe many challenges in their junior year buf most of all They look forward f0 ending the first chapfer in their long, yet so , short book. saphomores oooedy decorate their car. 7 Ahnette Hill poses for a Hauoween plcfdre. 'Koml Blackhum smlles for c Homecomlng candid. Todd Bailey and Kamj Blackhurst represent the sophomores. . Todd Bauey Idlmcts a warm for Biology disgustingly. Greg Adkins John Adkins Karen Adkins Shlelo Adkins Mark Alllson Jomle Anderson Chris Arrlng'ron Scott Arthur Heather Ashbrook David Bach Chris Boer Greg Belles Chuck Bolley Danny Bailey Kellle Balley Todd Bailey Randy Baker Sco'r'r Beane Carl Beard Todd Behner David Bess Kamle Blackhursf Rachel Blalr Tom Boggess Steve Bonnet? Kim Bofklns Susan Brohcrd Mlke Brokaw Kelley Brown Sean Bucklnghom Robin Burdefte Shannon Burger Scott Burgess Teresa Burr Lorl Busch . M.n w w W Doug Calhoun Odle Canfley Darren Ccrneflx John Carney Lisa Casio Brlan Covender Brad Chldsey Sandy Clendenin Koren Cliff Kristie Cobb Jone Cole Lorl Coleman Tlm Coleman Karen Cooley Bobbi Copen Chris Cormony Jimmy Creighton Steve Day Vanessa Deon Poul Dolin Melanie Douglas Mark Doyle Kevin Drake Scot? Duffer Steve Edwards Billy Eggleston Louise Elsender Kelly Elswick Richie Erlewine Kim Erskin Erik Eskew David Focemyre Joy Ferguson Stacey Finch Steve Fish Amy Heater Lora Hedrick Rosemary Higglnbofham Leslie Hlldebrand Annette HIII Bobby Hill Lorna HIII Marc Hoefs Dee Dee Holmes Dovld Homer Poul Homer Bryon Honaker Tom Hopkins Lisa Huey Leah Hunlenger Keily Hypes Tom Isaocs Renae Jovins Rick Jeffries Pamela Jenkins Courtenay Johnson Kim Johnson Rob Johnson Dan Jordan Kerry Judd Marie Karnes Robert Kemple David Kennedy Po'rfl King Steve King V w A w w Randella Lanhom Tammy Lorcbee Kelly Larch Julie Lafon Mott Layne Scott Burgess studles hard. I O I I I I I Paul Lee Laura Lemmon Tracy Lemon Ben Left Jeff Long Paul Lee I: left out In the cold. .VI.O.R.E.S . John LoveJoy Lorna Lowther Michelle Mauro Joni Mortln Brent McClanohon Darrell McCIonohan Jill McClanohon Lynn McCormIck Paul McCoy Tommie Means Deon Meredith Brian Miller Patricia M chell Kim Moss Brion Muncy Kelly Mundy Chris Nester Wyatt Null Michelle Ornellos Scott Osker Lisa Page Tina Page John Pointer James Parker Tammy Parker Kelly Perkins Beverly Parrish Bruce Parrish James Parsons James Parsons Tracy Parsons Joe Pouley Sharon Pculey Beth Payne Perry Pence Jeff Perkins Kevin Phillips Leslie Pratt Brian Pringle Kelly Prm Richard Pullin Craig Purvis Teresa Ray Tammy Reese Michelle Rhoods Jim VonnoHer Moff Vanoy Jim Washington Laura Weger'r Mile Weigcnd Debble Westfcll Shannon Whaples Aaron White Melody thie Todd White Ko'rrlna Whlf'ren Joci WhiTTingfon Jerry Whiftlngton Lonnle Whl'mngfon John Wilkerson Norman Williams Scot? Wlnferfeld Darlle Wlthrow Tracle Wood Amy Woodring Chuck Woodrum Catherine Wright Joe Ylngsf Brlan Young S udents At Nitro Are Having Fun What does belng a student here at Nltro ngh School mean to you? nght now, you probably can't think of anything reol great to say, but when It comes tlme to graduate, you will have many fond memories of old N.H.S. You grow frlendly wlth all those around you and you find It hard to leave all your chlldhood friends, and be pushed out Into the world of the unknown. All the Senlors surely have many memorable moments that have oc- curred ln thelr years at Nltro. And that goes for Junlors ond Sophomores as well. Besldes learning at high school, you meet dlfferent people, and do different octlvlties. You probably had your flrst cor date In hlgh school, first romance, and flrst reallzotion that you were growing up and had to let go of all the chlldhood thlngs of Junior high school. It's all Just a preparation for the real world. But If you really thlnk about it, all the students blend together to make the student body. After all, we all cheer for the some team at football games. go to the some dances. Seniors, Junlors, ond Sophomores even have some classes together. Even though the Senlors will be sad to leave and go their separate ways, they need to spread their wings, and go on to blgger and better thlngs owoitlng them In the "real world". Junlors will be extremely pleased to take the Senlors' places at the top of the totem pole. Sophomores should be thrllled to be no longer at the bottom of the barrel. So here's to next yearl Good luck and congratulotlons to all the graduating Senlors. As for the rest Get Junlors ond Sophomoresy keep up the good work and school spirit. mm Vi ChGpTer 3 The ? lVloTivaTion AT N.H.S. NoThing in This world can funcTion compieTeiy wiThouT some form of moTivo- Tion. All of The chorocTers involved in our sTory are moTiched in some way or cnoTher. The foculTy plays The key role of moTichion Ground NiTro High School. The moTivaTion is a necessary ingredienT in developing The ploT as well as The choracTers in o sTory. MoTivoTion Takes place in many differenT ways, wheTher iT's a Teacher screaming QT c sTudenT or The yelling and cries of a coach 0T his oThleTe. All of us have found ourselves IifTed up inTo acTion for a goal or accomplishment WiThouT The moTivaTion of NiTro's foculTy from year To year, This would be a sTory wiThouT an ending. upper right - Mrs. WaTTs Taking on some raTher unusual responsibilities of a Teacher. tar right - Mr. McCianahcn congratulating Karen Zagcyko. right - Melonne PenningTon iusT bubbling with excitement, above - Gene excited aT meeting Dolly PorTon. unforTunuTeiy she was Just a look alike. The FoculTy upper Ian comer - Mr. Wilkes keeps an eye on his students. upper left center - Coach Cyrus dlscusslng s'rrotedgy with ofhlefe David Marks top - What has Gene been up to? above Thls NHro pep assembly deflnonfly needs some moflvatlon. left , N.H.S. kitchen crew. drlotte Brysbn Bernie Carney V 7 The studen s felt that fhls Wou . ,be a proper way to than; Gene, .who has kept hlltro Hg and snack 'er order. 15 also he: terms Upper lo": Mn. Fortnor ls puzziod aboui something. Lower Ion: Ms. Laurent teaches with great enthusiasm. E ' "can be friends, and this Is whd 7 he likes He says that q 000:: relation 74 I. ah exampIe Io hVewon ,I . Fwdnfs; I6 00 Into the IleId of. '- . . ;;educhIon. ThIs Is because sheE g ., Is dedlcated Io WoIkIng wIIh Students as she' Is wIIh otheI Who Is Mrs. DIck Iooklna for? Ms. Booauo Is "hIp" on HlppIe Dav. 75 NHS Gels New Teacher This year, a new teacher can be found at NHS. Her name Is Melanne Penning- ton. She Is a former graduate from Nltro ngh, where she was very actlve In school-related actlvltles. Whlle she was a student here. Melanne was Head Majorette, played oboe In the NHs Wlldcat Band. worked on the Prom com. mlttee, was a member of Natlonal Honor Soclety. and was Vlcepresldent tor Fu- ture Buslness Leaders at Amerlca. She Is now the sponsor of the NHS Major- ette Corps. When asked why she wanted to be a teacher, Melanne sald that she has always wanted to help klds teel good about them- selves. So through teach- lng, she can make students teel good about them- selves and their educatlon at the same tlme. And when she speaks of her students here at Nltro, she ls comple tely enthuslasllc. "They're areal." she says. "and they have more manners and enthuslasm than most other klds that I've taught." Besldes teachlng, Mel- anne enjoys dancing, swlm- mlng, and slnglng. She also llkes wrestllng and Is a ton of the West Vlrglnla Unlversl- ty football team. And when she has tlme. she can be found competlng In local and slatewlde beauty pageants. Melanne says that she especlally enjoys teachlno here at Nltro Hloh. because belng back In her old hlgh school brlngs back many speclal memorles. She also adds that she would llke to see as many people In- volved In school actlvltles as posslble, so they can have as many good memorles as she does. So when you see Ms. Pennlngton In the hall. don't thlnk ot her as "Just another teacher." She Is Indeed, a teacher, but she was also once a student at NHS. so she knows what all of us students at Nltro are 00an through. Upper right: Mrs. Cutllp ls hard at work. Near rloht: Coach Carney doesn't seem to enjoy oraalnc tests. Lower rlcht: Mrs. Gllllan and Mrs. Norman take tlme to talk. Near rloht: Mlss Pennlnqton breathes a sloh ol rellet. 76 Students Select Favorite Teachers Like most students, In most schools, the students at Nttro hlgh have teachers that they consider to be their tavorltes. When asked who thelr tavorlte was. and why. many students gave their honest and often blzarre oplnlons. Here are some of them. "Mlss Roberts. because she's a nlce lady." - Troy Francisco. "Mrs. Gllllan, because she's talr." - Klm Moss. Steve Slmmons, and Stephanie Baldwln. "Mr. McMIIIIan. because he dares to be dltterent." -Btett Ptost. "Mr. Wllkes. because he seems more Ilke a human belng than a teacher." - Jamle Saunders. "Ms. Roberts, because she's easy to get along with." - Matt Layne and Katle Perklns. "Mlss Ranson. because I Ilke the way she teaches." - Ginger Hard- wlck. "Mlss Hayhurst. because her classes aren't borlng." - Davld Auer. "Mr. Wood, for obvious rea- sons." - Tlm chks. "Mrs. Kuryla, because she's un- derstanding." - Chrtsty Whlte and Davld ngglnbotham. "Mrs. Norman, because she's fun, cool, and under- standlng." - Kelly Covert and Sherry Frame. "Mrs. Peters. because she's very protesslonal, and always has a nlce appearance." - Chip Urllng. "Mrs. Gllltan because she glves students a chance to volce thelr oplnlons." - Robln Westlund. "Mlss Hardman because she has a good sense of humor." - thk Hanson. "Mrs. Mcclanahan because she's nlce. and her class ls tun." - Amy Heater. Mara Santmyer, and Kelly Nassar. "Mr. Wood because he's tunny" - Katrina Whltten. These are Just some of the students' oplnlons, but It proves that most students have a tavorlte teacher. even though many won't say. Thlg goes to show that klds do, ganslder teachers to be people too. Upper left: Ms. Roberts adds the tlnal touches. Near rtoht: Mr. Wood enloys his spare time. Lower Iett: Mrs. Peters Is caught deep In thought. Near left: Mr. Mchlllan explalns an assignment to hls students. 77 Top: Coach Vance watches the game lmanlly. Middle: Mrs. Bonnet? taps away a? the typewrlter. Bottom: Mrs. Wllmoth Is a resldent counselor of NHS. 78 Miss ROBDrfs says sh e has fwo blrds one of Whlch Is a qrrotnam'ed Ch; ,gShe says Speaking of birds; . McClanahan's' pets Include Ewe white ducks named Duay Carma Peteris' : j Dreama Watts nencls Too Most students at Nitro High have i oWn little circle of friends. tier 5 that they can share proba- ems. secrets and vicier'ies with. And one would not think that the Students oulcl consider their teachers 08 Hands: also; But many kids at-NHS do. hey see their tegchers as people. ind not just as machines pro- -rammecl tq beat intelligence into our heads. Not only the teachers, but he entire faculty staff is willing to isten to students' problems and opinions. That is, it the students will ome to them. Also. there are many rooms, here students "congregate" at unch, to 'be With, their best friends and tavorlteteachers. By doing this, tudents can talk with teachers outside of 7 class, in an informal nvlronment. For example, some tudents meet in Mrs. Sepko's room, ids even feel comfortable enough lth Mrs. Sepko to call her Cathy. . nether popular meeting place is Mr. ilkes' room. Students go there to eceive help from Mr. Wilkes, on ath or other home work from his or rom other classes. very'day at noon. Many of these - olay games on the computers or Top: Mrs Hudson woncs in the Bottoths.Helstead sharesolaugh. counselors attics. . , with, aimdont. lop: Ms. Watts helps a student In the anroomt Middle: Some teachers relax during the week before school opens. Bottom: Ms, Hordmcn gets ready let her New Year. 79 The Inner ConficTs AIThough The ploT in our sTory is ocTioned packed, There are Times when all of The chorocTers Tend To have Their own inner conflicTs. These conflicTs plague each and every chorocTer from day To day. WiThouT The conflicTs we face we would never be able To moTure and grow To move on To bigger and beTTer horizons. When we Talk obouT inner conflicTs, we of course mean The academics. WiThouT This, The viToI porT of on educoTion, There would be no need for This sTory or iTs ploT. As much as we may dreod These conflicTs, They help To prepare us for The world ouTside The walls of NiTro High School. Upper light - Babette Rofella, John CarpenTer and Cathy Noncorrow show whaT Ideal arT sTudenTs should look llke. Far ugh! - Danny Kemer models hls lmpresslon of The "Thinker". Right - Cathy Lockhan cumming for an upcomlng Test. Above - Blll Krankomann Turned camera shy. ChopTer 4 Academics upper lo" - N.H.S. students between classes. upper right - Priscilla and Karen war a hard day. Len - Tony Colllzzl turning computer wlz. Above - Finally catching a breath between classes. W N IVVV VVV VVVVI VIV VVVVVIVVV V V VVMV VVVVVV VVVVI'VVVVI VV VVVVViIiI VV pf ' I Vapproximcneiy form that give fWo cdnceris .o yea f0 othe'r schools as well as pariimpafe in the Kth' has been 6 ieocher of Niirfo High S6hobl for. Twenty eig . and has don6 6 terrific job in leading 1h :Choir's " . Nliro s phyrIical educofion program is ' " ihree teachers ihqi teach gym, They are. Ju a grade, you;. d6n'i dress and participate 'y6u d6 fbr ihct day. The circuit plays on important role in $h6 gym is r f h i I f t VVV V I VV V IIIII VVVVIVV 'I ail 31m; 7mm. :u,.-.I'Efa...ul. a ,... ' ' off: Rob. Hickman programs computers. mum pdqu-Marks qefs some printing advice from David Fisher. gym; Jim Fmepersger tries prqgrdm, ' : Top. W W! receive! e84. , to test questiohs, ond'parflcpafed in classmom diScussioas, ' n mgny English cjcsses Mrs p bsfen Tiffbny Robe rts Bnu Rose Cooley, , ' .D 9 Dr. Sean Alvis, Brian Pd'rc ef1,Scoh; Summers, Melanie Do gins. .7 Tc Ouier Confiici The area of sporTs is a prime breeding ground for conflicT - boTh menTal and physical. In llTeroTure Three sources of confiicT are defined: man vs. himself, man vs. man, and man vs. ncTure. In sporTs These some sources of confiicT arise over and over again. Probably The mosi dominanT confiicT in sporTs ls man vs. himself. In any Type of aThleTic compeTlTIon There musT be a wIIIingness To work To achieve, a wilIingness To win. The individual musT seT himself To The Task he has chosen, or in This case, The sporT, aiThough QT Times H is difficuIT To do so. Refusing To give up in This way is called dedicaTion, and H is The mark of a winner. An example of such dedicoTion can be found in The sporTs of cross counTry and Track, where deTerminoTion and griT are a definiTe musT. Man vs. man is also a Chief coanicT in many sporTs, and This can mean boTh menToI and physical conflicT. In sporTs such as fooTbolI 0nd wresTling boTh skill and bruTe physical sTrengTh are applied In oTTempTlng To defeoT one's opponenT. In mosT cases ii is a direcT. one-on-one confronTaTion, ciThough fooTbaIl also relies on Team efforT, Tennis. like wresTIing, is a one-on-one confronToTion, or a Two-on-Two confronTaTion. Tennis requires no physical conTocT, however, jusT skill and endurance and The obiliTy To ouTwIT one's opponenT. Like fooTboII. The sporTs of boskeTboIl, volleyball and baseball require a Team efforT. Skill and ogiliTy come inTo play here, as Teams eagerly piT Themselves agoinsT each oTher To deTermine which is The beTTer combinoTion of skill and cooperoTion. in many oquoor sporTs, man vs. noTure is a defiane confiicT. Many sporTs, like fooTboil, cross counTry and Track. are carried on in spiTe of bad weoTher condiTions, such as rain, slippery mud and icy TorrenTs do noT deTer porTicipanTs In These sporTs, and They baTTIe on. PorTicipoTing in These sporTs, as well as Those of Tennis and baseball, ofTen means long hours in The hoT sun, boTh in procTIce 0nd in games or meeTs. Man vs. naTure is cerToinIy Cl confiicT when H comes To The oquoor upper right - Mike FosTer goes for The pin. for rlght - NITro Takes Their Turn on The field right - Gory Frazier on his way To vicTory. above - Mike FosTer cuTTlng up neld, Chopier 5 upper left corner - David Auer concentrating on hls game. upper comer - Bron Purdy prepares 10 sfeal basal Top - N.H.5. during a "me out 01 the So h Chaneston game. Above - Waller Hoover deep In though? on the sideline. L0" The locum" team gets fired up! Agony of conflict begins Cats overcome mental adds The 1983-84 Wildcat Foot- ball Season secured 6 victories to insure their best record since 4972. The Wildcats were underrated at the beginning at the season. but at the end of the season were recog- nized as a force in the KVC. Included were wins over arch-rlval Poca, a last second win over St. Albans, and a triumph over de tending state champions George Washington which broke the Laldley Field jinx. The jlnx being that Nltro could only not win, but could not even score a point for three whole years on the carpeted disaster known as Laldley Fleld. Captains Mike Foster and Leo Wlthrow got ready tor the coin ran. 94 This season's team was led by junior quarterback Timmy Null whose main objective was to hand the bail to one of his fleet- footed running backs by the names of Mike Foster and Gary Frazier. Foster compiled over 1300 yards which earned him AII-State second team. Other out- standing players were Billy "Boom Boom" Eggleston and Lee Wlthrow. Eggleston led the state with a record 7 field goals and made first team AII-State. What Lee Withrow lacked In size he made up with aggressive ness. Lee terrorized many KVC players all year long and made All KVC. Defense gets set to explode In first game of the season against Hurricane. t.' ca'in Middle loft: Jim Buckalow and Craig Finch anticipate action. Behind the blocking oi Doug Hall. Mike Foster rum toward the end zone. ater allly Eggleston puts another one through me uprights. -uch Vance sends the next play In wlth Brlan Spencer. i g f Gary FrazIOI baffles opponent on his way to daylight. Todd Franclsco loosens up before the big game. Below: Mlke Foster breaks out o! u "urns; o! tacklers tor a long gain. Right Another Wlldcat vlctory Is In "'19 books. COQII: 00...: n no .0: ."OQFO O S 9.... 8-. I HUME 1120191.: VISITOR l2 iuawn ggmcu BALLUNS? Above: Junlor O. B. 11m Null rolls out to pan Upper Ion: Wlldcals get ugalmt 6. w. fired up bolero the Hoover came. 1;! row Randy Litton, Vlnce Workman. Mike Bumswonh, Todd Francisco, Gary Frazler. Mlke Foner, Lee WHhrow. Jlm Buckulew, Walter Hoover. Danny CIendenln. Jen Smith. Craig FInch. Steve Godbey. 2nd row Mgr. Lance Oabome. Barry Southall. Jen Thaxton, Mlke Matthews. Mark Edens, Danny Komor, Brian Spencer. John Palmer. Greg Adkins. John Krleps. Jen Tyler. Jen Harrison. Tlm Halstead. 3rd row Troy Francisco. Aaron White, Dewayne Wuhan. Tom Isaacs. BIII Eggleston. Joey Pauley. Larry Easter, Chm Krlops. Ed Casto. Brian Honaker. Dardle wnhrow. Dana Jackson. 4m row Coach Bernie Carney. Chris Boer. Chuck Woodrum. Chrls Corrnony. Joel Mocks. Ronnlo Meadows. Tlm Null. Jimmy Warner. Steve Jacoby, Mlke Blizzard. Chm Manox. Cam Harmon. Steve Stottel, Patrick Carney. Kelly Carney. 5m row Coach Tom Chaney. Coach Greg Cyrus. Davld Kennedy, Grog Roberts, John Carney, Danny Balley. Alan Jenklns, John Gludwoll. Doug Hall, John Adkins, Coach Steve stonel. Coach Larry mop, Coach Poi Vance. fig; 773$ $.0 ?m 7mm WWI!!! n n ta SW -w Junior Chm Krleps. severely Injured during a pass play during the Charleston game. Is token . local hosplial. Below: Gum Greg Adklns and 93 Mike Foster make the detenslve calls during the Hurricane game. . q, u It . . -uv .p-m - -VOZ SOnlOI' MIKO Foster can not find "'18 hands - - HOOVOI'. Story Doesntt Unfold Wait till next Year The Nltro Wlldcats' glrls basket- ball team never got on track this year as the team posted a 417 record. The Lady Cats In thelr four vlctorles defeated South Charles- ton twlce and Huntlngton and Dupont once a plece. Next year the team should be Improved wlth five of the top slx players returnlng. One of the maln problems wlth thls year's team was scoring. The team averaged only 37.3 polnts a game. 18 polnts less than thelr opponent's average. The top scorer for the Wlldcats was Lora Hedrlck. The so phomore netted a team hloh 108 tleld goals to go along wlth 59 free throws to score 275 polnts, glvlng her a 13.1 average per game. Her 55$ free throw accur- acy rate t59 of 10m also led the team. Another sophomore tln- Ished behlnd Hedrlck for team scorlng honors; Josette Saun- ders. 9.7 per game average was just below the maolc ten polnt a game barrier. She netted 81 tleld goals and converted 42$ m2 out 10m of her charlty attempts. Bessle Moore, the only senior on the startlng flve, contrlbuted 123 polnts. She hlt on 28 out of 56 tree tosses for an even 50 percent. Her average on the year was 5.9. 98 Front TOW. Jane Elsender. Klm Ersklne. BOOK TOW. Coach Larry MOCMIIIGD. L011 Busch. Wlldcat Players for the future took fourth and flfth and slxth place In scorlng honors, the trlo of whom are sophomores. Lorl Busch, a guard, scored 76 polnts. She only converted 8 out of 22 free throws for 36$. Her scorlng average on the year was 3.8 a game. Center. Llsa Costa. and wlng, Klm Erskine, averaged 2.9 and 2.0 ppg respectively. The only other player on the squad thls year was senlor. Jane Elsender. Jane failed to crack the scorlng solumn for fourteen games. However. In the 15th game. against GW, she collect- ed a foul shot. However, that was the only polnt Jane was to score all season. Wlth all the youth the Cats put out on the court, Coach Machl Ian spent a great deal of the tlme just gettlng the Cats to execute and play together as a unlt. The team lost lts tlrst two games of the season. Wlth wlns In two of the next three games things appeared to have turned around. Then the Lady Cats tumbled to slx straight losses. They never recovered Ioslng elght of thelr last ten games. Includlng the last slx. Wlth all the talent returnlng tor the Wlldcats next season. they could be a force In the state. Josene Saunders. Llsa Casto. Bessle Moore, Lora Hedrlck. Sophomore Sharpshooter. Joselte Saunders. skles tor a lump shot as tellow sophomore Lorl Bu observes. . ,j' Lorl Caste attempts to outlump a Dunbar opponent for the opening tlp. Nmo untonunalely lost thls Bessie Moore of the Wlldcms attempts 10 more a rebound In the Dunbar game. Moore was the team's top rebounder. h MacMnllon Instructs the squad during a brie! break In the action. Ccm auampt to stop Dunbar player during game played on school flmo. CC Team Cruises On Finish Third in SToTe The 4983 Cross eCounTry season was indeed a success- ful one. The Team noT only won The Konowho Volley confer- ence crown buT The regionols and The Team even finished Third in The sToTe. Coach Jerry DoTson's charges were led by The senior duo of Dovld Marks and Marvin Smolley. Also copping mony poinTs were senlor Fred Taylor and juniors STeve Hawkins, Bucko O'Leory and Jeff AbsTen. OTher runners include Jun- iors, Donold Williams, Bob ThornTon, ScoTT Borio, ond sophomores Troy Gibosn, and Mark HorTley. Cross-coun'Try is noT as easy as jogging a Three mile Trek in The woods. The prepar- oTion begins in eornesT in early June. They ofTen prepare by jogging Ten or so miles all summer before really prepor- ing for The seOSOn in early SepTember when school re- Turns. ThoT deTerminoTion paid off when The seasoned Teom sTorTs. The Team kicked iT inTo high gear and Trompled The compeTiTion from sTorT To finish. Seniors David Marks and Marvin Smolley conTinued Their red hoT boTTle from a year ago and dueled for The firsT ploce ribbon for The WildcoTs. As sToTed earlier The Team copped Third place in The sToTe meeT . . . however, if you Toke inTo occounT The focT ThoT Marks wos vlolenle ill and finished well under par Then his normal place, iT becomes opporenT ThoT The CoTs had SToTe Championship moTeriol. WiTh only Three seniors TolbelT excepTionol seniorsy on This year's squod The fuTure looks brighT for The WildcoTs. The loan lknbors m Their muscle: bolero stoning another WOO mllo 'I'Ok In "10 WOOdI. Each Mb" has ml! own DHVG'O mm; while runnlnq. e4 Runners wlnd down after another run Through The woods. stove Hawkins Me: To qaln on sonlor runner. Marvln Smalloy during The Nmo sponsored run. .11 e. lo" 10 mm. Coach Jerry Dotson. Donald Williams, Marvin Smalley, Bob Thornton. Jeff Absten, Dada. stove Hawkins, Davld Marks. Troy Glbson. Fred Taylor. Bucko O'Leary. Mark Hanilng. s and Smalloy cool down after the race. 1- ' . i. W; Davld Marks and Steve preface strategy. e. C'n $ 7V". V . Hawklns dlscusslng W femmhw ; g, , 5 Upper Ian, David Marks mentally prepares hlmself for the race. Above. Marks holding off tunnel on hls way on first place In the race. Four runners Ilmber up bslore starting molr race. WildCClTS Kick To .500 Season AT NHS The WildcoTs Took To The field To play a sporT ThoT is growing rapidly across The UniT- ed SToTes. ThoT sporT ls soccer, and This is The second year for The sporT oT NHS, even Though This is The firsT yeor ThoT TT is ocTually a school supporTed Team. The WildcoTs played some greoT games, buT could noT come up wiTh a winning season. They sTorTed The season on The righT fooT by winning Their firsT Two games. buT ofTer The fourTh game The CoTs seemed To lose 0 liTTIe fire by dropping Their nexT Two games. Finally The CoTs goT book on The Track and raised Their record To 5-5 To end The regular season. The CoTs wenT on To play in The Konowho Volley Champion- ship Playoffs. They Took on easy vicTory over ChorlesTon CaTholic by The score of 5-0 in The firsT round. The Team was shuT .4. Top Right: Sam Scott shoot: lor Tho steal against Hurricane. Above: Joe Vlnasi looks on In humanon. 102 down by GW in The second game by 0 score of 2-1 and were ouT of The playoff pic- Ture. The WildcoTs ended The season wiTh o repuToble 6-6 record. They also placed Two players on The All-KVC soccer . Team. The Two senior players were Jacob HoughT and Kevin Sloon who had helped The CoTs ThroughouT The season. The Team also had The priviledge of sporTlng a player from Germany. Hubie Kohler, a junior foreign exchange sTudenT from Germany, played a greoT season as one of The besT goalies in The KVC. This year's Team was com- posed mosle of seniors who have played club soccer for several years. NexT year will be a rebuilding year for The CoTs, buT many promising players will reTurn. Rich? Middle: David Rlchurds shows Rob Johnson hls klcklno abIIIfy. Bonom Right: The Cat's Team looks on as They capture another vlciory. Kneellnu: Rob Johnson. Dan Jordon. Alex Worley. Wayne Slaten. Steve Fish. Greg Collzzl. Standlng: Chris Conner, Man Tabor, Banjo Barkey. Jacob Haught, Chris Marshall, Tony Collzzl, Kevln Sioan. Huble Kohler, Jon lsner. Davld Richards, Sam Scott, Dutch Kuhn. Below: Hubls stands guard agalnst Hurricane. Mlddle Left: As Rob Johnson looks on, Sam Soon Bonom Left: David Richards shows Hublo now shows hls Iancy motwork. to kick the ball. Middle: Rob Johnson warms up bebte the game. Bonom Right: No. H. Alex Wodey. Mes to outrace a Hurrlcane player to the ball. Best Season Ever The NItro High girl's volley- ball team was one that didn't receive as much attention as It deserved. Consisting of sixteen members. three of which were sophomores, these "Lady Cats" had their best season ever In 83'-84'. Not only did they have their first victory over Dupont, but they also defeated Dun- bar twice twhich was a team they had never beateng Sandl Hawkins also made the All-Kanawha Valley 104 Conference team, a first for any girl from Nltro. But even after a fine season, the girls weren't finished, as coach Ranson then led her team to a victory over Barboursville. This was a great honor, as Barboursville was the third seeded team in the regional tournament. All in all the NHS Girls had a great season and they show promise of an even better season next year. top left: Kim gets set for the shot. Above: First team All KVC Sandi Hawkins. Sherry watches on as Stacy makes the shot. 2...! m". i W A Y x' C - - . ., -,-. . ,Kf'f : left to right: Kathy Klm EIsklne, Lorl oody. Pam Mlnner. 'Bessle Moore, JosseHe Saunders, Siacy Finch. Sand! Hawkins. Sherry Dunn, Kim Maynard and Kim Frases left: Sandi gets ready to above: Josehe makes the slum ihe ball. play while Bev prays on. WresTling Rebuilds WresTling is a Tough, grueling and compeTiTive sporT. WiTh oil The hours of pracTice and conTinuous dieTing To work down To a cerToin weighT class, iT Takes a very special oThieTe To sToy wiTh and excel OT wresTling. The 4983-84 WresTiing Team did noT do bad This year considering They only had Three reTurning seniors on This year's squad. WiTh mosT of The Team reTurning nexT year, Coach STeve SToffel should have on excellenT Team To work wiTh in The upcoming season. The Three seniors who led The Team This year were Team copToin and Three year sTcher Lee WiThrow. Along wiTh Lee were Jeff SmiTh and Mike FosTer, top left: Norman tries To our sneak an opponent. middle right: Lee has his man beat. above: Mlko Foster gels so? To 00. lower right: Tom Stuck ls getting The best 0! his man. Tar right: Lee WiThrow geTs a hand, right: Perry gels Into hls stoning position. 106 boTh reTurning IeTTermen. The Team senT Two wres- Tlers To The sToTe TournamenT This year. These Two wresTiers were Jeff SmiTh and Mike FosTer. Jeff compIeTed The season wiTh on even 5-5 record and Mike finished wiTh a good 44-8 record. Mike was also selecTed To firsT Team ail KVC. The resT of The Team was eliminaTed in The final rounds of The regional TournamenTs. WiTh reTumers Mark Hoeffs, Clarence LiTTon, Tom STuck, Norman Williams, Perry Pence and Don Bailey Coach STofeI is expecTing a greoT year and we on The yearbook sporTs sToff wish him The besT of luck! Upper left: Left to right kneeling. Mark Hosts. Clarence Lmon, Tom Stuck and Norman Wllllams. Standlng: Coach Pat Vance, Jen Smlth. Danny Balley, Mlke Foster, Perry Pence and Coach Steve Stonel. Mlddla left: The coaches ponder a move during a match. Lower Ion: Lee throw attempts to break free from an opponent Mlddle: Mike Foster Is abom '0 be declared lho wlnner. Bottom. Tom stuck me: to break tree. Wildcats Fail to Growl Season Ends at 5 - 16 The 1983-84 basketball season was a losing one. The team llnlshed wlth a 5-16 mark. The Junlordomlnated lost to st. Albans, 4945 In the tlrst round of the sectlonal tournament. Flrst-year head man, Tom Chaney's season had a few pleaslng moments. Senlor torward, Chlp Flnch. tolled slxteen polnts a game and was named thlrd team aIl-KVC and honorable mentlon allstate. The team was plcked In late November and proctlced tor four weeks betore the tlrst games. They then hlt the floor for three oruellng months at a two game a week schedule. The team was led by Flnch. lunlors. Glen Farley, Scott McClure and Brlan Spencer. Other members of the team Included senlors, Dovld Marks, Jlm Freebersyser. and Brett Purdy. Other members also Include. Junlors Todd Chllders and Chrls Krleps. Also, junlor Bucko O'Leary and sophomore Paul Lee for hall of the season. The scorlng leader was the ator. ementloned. Flnch. supported by Spencer, Farley and McClure. The top rebounder was Glen Farley pullan over elght rebounds 0 game. Scott McClure also rebounded well. Basketball season ranks as one of the toughest sports to partlclpote tn. Basketball players wllllngly glve up all thelr tree tlme after school. up to three hours and sometlmes Sundays Just to partlclpote tn the sport. Thls does not Include the countless hours of practlce It takes just to secure a posltlon on the team. Wlth these strlngent requlrements It Is hard to lmaglne a player wantlng to be on the team. Some players know that they are going to be the socalled tbenchwarmers' before the season starts but they stlll were out there day after day. practlce alter practlce. That sort of dogged determlnlsm seemed to characterlze the 83-84 Wlldcats. Although not blessed wlth an abundance ol helghth the Cots stlll played Stonewall Jackson tough, the number two team In the state, and rebounded evenly It not better than thelr opponents. However. that lack of helghth came back to haunt the cats when thelr zone would be lobbed over and they would be torced to play mantoman. The83-84 season wlll not be remem- bered tor the record but tor the dedlcatlon and heart they showed on the court. Chns Krleps leap: to get the tip and get the second halt under way. 108 Scott McClure attempts to get the tip from an opponent. A II 5 lllIl-l - W l M u I . ul ll MLH-um Above, Junior Brlan Spence! flips In a toul shot during the St. Albans game. Four Nltro players surround a South Charleston player. Id Mark: Iau- to goln the tip as Scott McClure 0nd Chlp Finch battle tor posttlon below. Todd Chlldera lofts a Jumper. any Pwnm n mxuaun . nurymu. u w4u . Chlp Flnch launches a Jumper from the corner. me wlu'xmL-'mJ-W I mt. Manager Lance Oabome. Brian Spencer. Chip Finch, Jlm Buckolew. Chris Krieps. Glen Farley, David Marks. Scon McClure. Todd Chlldors. Purdv. Jlm Hooborlyser, and Coach Tom Chaney. 109 Girls Have A GreaT Year The 4983-84 Girls Track Season was noT a super year buT was noT a poor efforT eiTher. The Team sTarTed ouT wiTh many eager girls ready for The upcoming meeTs. However, The number dwin- dled and GT The end of The season They were less Than Ten girls on The Team. The girls who held ouT all season were Sarah DaITon, Kim Erskin, Lena Taylor, Sheila Adkins, KaThy Davis. Bessie Moore and Sherry Dunn. The Team ran in several meeTs as a Team inciuding The NiTro inviTaTion: The GazeTTe Relays and The Regionais. Some of The Team even quaiified for The sTaTes. Bessie Moore was a sensaTlon In The 400 meTer and The 800 meTer. She won The regionals in boTh races and easily qualified for The 4'10 sTaTe meeT. She was also a member of The relay Team which enTered The sTaTe-meeT. The coach of This years Team was Greg Cyrus. He also coaches The boys' Team and did' a fine job wiTh The girls. The girls, This year, had one of The finesT years They ever had, wiTh The number of members They had, iT really was a good year. KaThy Davis and Sarah DalTon were also Three year runners. DaITon ran The 1600 meTer and Davis was known for her skills on The hurdles and relay Teams. In The sTaTe meeT The girls scored M poinTs and Tied for MTh. Bessie Moore finished Third in The 800. The 4X400 finished 4Th. Bessie has had a gem season In girls Track. The Relay Team also ran well This season. Sherry and Bessie Take Time To clown around before a meet Kim prepares To begln her race. Bock: Sarah Dalton m Ersklnl Lena Taylor, Shlela Adklns. Fro Kathy Davis, Bessle Moore, Sherry Dunn. Kim looks Ilka she's ready to go, ?he team enjoys the "sweet smell of VleOI'M" Leno and Sarah don't seem very pleased about their meef. The team beglns their dolly run. Sarah waits for time to leave for Regionols. Wildcats Take KVC Crown The Wlldcat Baseball Team repeat- ed agaln thls year as the regular season KVC champs even though the team had suffered the loss of many valuable players because of gradua- tlon. These places were tllled by ten new people, Includlng st Sophomores. The season got off to a great start for the Wlldcats and contlnued In that tashlon throughout the season. They played many hard notched teams, but came through In the end to complete the regular season wlth a 144 record. Two of the more echtIng games ot the regular season came agalnst Herbert Hoover and South Charleston. They captured the regualr season crown by knocklng ott hard tlghtlng South Charleston. The vlctory came when Nltro took a 74 lead to end the game. South Charleston revenged the Senlor Chip FInch MOO! wlth the Umplre's Cull. Catvln Fttdloy mum: to new IleId otter maklng a bio PRIV- Coach Camoy and Jo" Harmon took on to vIctory. Senlor Stove Gendn say: we get It new guy; Shomop Jlrnmv tholoman II ready to play. Coach Carney talks to the team alter the game. 112 test the next day deteatlng the Cats by a score at 02. The Cats had help wlth thelr vlctorles from the hIttIno and pltchlng departments. Thelr hlttlng gave the Cats at least nlne of their fourteen vlctorles havlng to come from behlnd In all of those games. The pltchlng tor the team thIs year was on par with Senlor Brett Purdy leadlng the pltch- lno staff In many departments. Another tlame thrower tor the Cats was Senlor Steve Gerktn who has a two year comblned record at 8-0. Two other Senlors. Chlpper Flnch at thlrd base and Fred Taylor In center tleld, have also contrlbuted to the Cat's tleIdIng. Chlpper has also greatly helped the team by battIng at .500 average. LAN- vt, . S K, i . t. I Doug Lewis brags about his hli. Breri Purdy does his famous beIIy-fiop slide into firs? base To avoid being tagged. Greg Adklns ls ready for the next play a? first Brett fakes a breather at first after a bun? single. Coach Hmchlnson eyes c: perspective pioyi Steve gets set to ihrow his famous flui'rerboll. Calvin readies himseil for octlon In the ouffleidi From Row: Doug Lewis. Colvln Frldley. Fred Taylor. Jeff Bllllngs, Jeff Harrlson, Goren Evans. Second Row; Chipper Flnch. Perry Pence, Ron Meadows, Rlck Slater. Mark Allison Jlm nggleman. Third Row: Coach Hufchlnson. Bren? McClonchon, Steve Gerklns, Greg Adklns. BreH Purdy. Coach Carney Above - Junlor catcher Doug Lewis gets set to make fhe tog. Middle - Nltro High School baseball team getting set for action. BoHom left - Senlor Brett Purdy lays down The perfect sacrlflce bunt Bottom rlahi . Junlor Ronnie Meadows ls set to knock In an Important run. 1'14 e Nltro HIgh Wildcat ball team ended the regular on wIth a 143 record. In the tonal tournament, the Cats had -et by tough competitors St. ons and South Charleston e. The Cats defeated St. -ns In the first game by a score 7-1. In the double-elimlnation nament. Nltro had to beat h Charleston thce to gain the n. In the flrst game versus h Charleston. the Cats pulled a 3-2 vlctory. In the second and lslve game. It was not as close. game had a tlnaI score of 94. thIs vlctory, the Cats won the Ion 2 SectIon 4 title for an recedented thlrd consecutlve In Nltro Wildcat hlstory. the regional tourney, the Cats 9 to face a tough Charleston club. It was the second tlme In many years that Nltro faced rleston In the flrst game of the Ional 2 tournament. The Cats oe tast work of the Mountain s, beatlng them 7-2 at Watt t twwzwzr .7 ts End In Regionals Powell Park. The tlnaI game put Nltro Into the top 8 In the state. The Cats played Huntlngton East. a baseball dynasty In the state. The game was In Hunttngton. and It was a long trIp. The Cats lost 54 In the Reglon 2 fInaIs. The Cats 184 record gave them an 821; wlnnlng percentage. the best In WIIdcat baseball hlstory. It was the 14th wlnnIng season In a row for Nltro Baseball. They also had a reord 13 consecutlve wlns in the mlddle of the season. The Cats also had a good season on the three All- Conference teams. On the third team was sophomore pltcher Jeff Harrlson m, SenIor CaIvIn Frldley son and junlor Doug LewIs sq were on the second team. The Cats placed four players on the flrst team. They were: SenIor Jon "Chlp" Finch Gm, senlor Brett Purdy m, Senior Steve Gerkln m, and Junior Jim ngglemen $8; Top mlddle - Senior Steve Gerkln returns to flrst after Iaclng a sIngIe. Top right - Sophomore Jeff Harrison gets the stgn from Coach Carney. MIddIe left - Coach Carney mulling over the game plan. Above - After a stolen base attempt and foul, Doug LewIs trots detectedly back to flrst MIddte rloht 4 Sophomore Greg Adklns Is ready for action at flrst base. Bottom left - The Cats are set for action In a sectional game at Blackwell Fletd, 115 Track Team Wins Regional The NHS Track Team had a good season this year finishing in the top ten of every meet except for the Capital City Ciassic where they finished tweith. David Marks was undefeated in the 1600 throughout the year. He flnished tst In the State Meet breaking the school record and the state record with a time of 4:18.43. The old record was 4:19.50. David also broke the school record in the 800 with a time of 4:565. He finished a respect- able fourth in this event in the state meet with a time of 4:57.24. in the Regionals he finished first in both of these events as well as capturing a third place In the 400. David was also a member of the two mlle relay time that broke the school record with a time of 8:07. Other members of this team were Jeff Absten, Bucko top nght: High Jumper Todd Francisco adds spring to his shoes. above: Mlke Foster streaks towards the finish Ilne. middle right: Marvln and David set the pace. bottom left: Marvin gets ready to make a move. bottom right: Mlke Foster Jumps out to a quick start. O'Leary, and Mark Lochbihler. Another member of the team who contributed in the 3200 was Marvin Smalley. He won the race in the Regionais and finished 6th in the State Meet with a time of 10.00.59. The winner of the Most Improved Award went to Jeff Absten, a junior. Jeff's times improved throughout the year. He stayed on Mark's heels through many of the races and should return even stronger next year. Other strong performances were turned in by Dana Jackson in the pole vault and the hurdles. Todd Francisco in the high jump, -and Bob Whaley in the short distances. Every meet saw winners from the Relay teams. The team all placed in the Regionals helping to defeat St. Albans for the first time in 19 years. A L K W r WI x l- K W A Y "x m: noon: :; xm awn Flrst Row: Bucko O'Leary. Alon Jenklns, Doug Hall, Fred McClonahcn, Todd Francisco. Second Row: Mark Horfllng, Bobby Woyley. Scott Borlo. Dona Jackson. Thlrd Row: John Carney. Troy Gibson. Norman Wllliams. Fourth Row: Mike Foster, Coach Greg Cyrus. Mark Lochbller. not pictured: David Marks, Donald Wlllloms. Gory Frazier. Marvin Smalley, Jen Absfen. middle ls": Todd prepares for take off. middle rlght: Gary looks relieved that practice Is over. bottom rlaht: Bobby and Norman pkxy It cool In from of "19 library. bottom left: Marvin and Mark get set for the start. Mark Hamlno and Marvln Smalley get ready for The 3200. Marvin on the move. Hartllnq approaches the flnlsh Ilne. Nltro's own verslon of on Oreo Cookie: Bob Wholev, Todd Fronclsco. and Norman Wlllloms. Jen Absten and Davld Marks fake a breather. David Marks accepts the first place medal for the 1600 at me State meet Gary Frculer runs ms leg of the AXAOO relay. Mike Foster Is on his way to the stoning line, 418 The 4x400 relay team at the Gozzetfe Relays Jo" Abstan shows his Improvement In the 4600 a? me State Meet David crosses the finish Ilne first again. Momce - Todd Franclsco waits to go To me 149 Coach Jerry Dofson and David have come a long Regionols. way slnce Junlor high Cats See Changes The Nltro ngh School Boy's Tennis Team went through a lot of changes this year. One of those changes was a new coach. Mrs. Sepko had to quit coaching so Charlie Moses finally agreed to take over the team. Though the team did not have a good season com- pared to some of the past ones, Mr. Moses did a fine job of keeping the team together splrlt wlse and physically. The team also went through some player changes. Last year's number one moved to another sport and two of the players had to quit because of grades. Some brlght spots in the 63 WA LKWA t l' above right: Hublo shows all hls backhand. above: Tom coolly awalts the ball. mlddle right: Hublo Koohler, Scott Homan. Mike Bumsworm, Tony CollzzJ. Torn Hopklns, sec. row: Shannon Whapplos. Scott Summers. Davld Auor. Greg Collzzl. thlrd row: Jacob Haught. Doug Grow. Sandl Taylor. top: Coach Charlle Moses. lar right: Grog shows hls spec tacular serve. naht: Scott and Greg take a break. 120 season were number five and six singles, Scott Summers and Greg Colizzi. Scott went 8-1 and Greg went 41. Tony Colizzi, Greg Colizzi, and Scott Summers were all reglonal runner ups and qualified for the state tour naments at West Liberty. Although they didn't go too far. they should be proud of V' ' ' themselves for representing Nitro. Mr. Moses will have four returners next year and wlll most likely have a pretty strong team. Those returners are Greg Colizzi, Tom Hop- kins, Scott Summers and Doug Grow. Ihr-! u MH.,,.,,, -4 4 ' v+ . f f I g '1 , KM F? r 1' :1 ,I , Kb JLJ A ..... ; .-" rm Hm? top left: exchange student Huble Koehler? top rlom: senlor refurners Tony Collzzl and Davld Auer. bottom Ian: Tony awalfs the servlce. Ion: Davld Auer watches 1he ball Intently. above: Scott plays It cool In the hot sun. w'.' v a 124 Girls Have Rough Season The 1983-84 Girls' Tennis there in the first round. team had a rough time this Ms. Bogcsse, the girls' year considering they had coach will be havinga pretty three returning Seniors, Lori good returning team next Simpson, Sandi Hawkins. and year with starters Jill McCian- Lisa Dawson. Part of the girls' ohan, Stacy Finch, and Lori problem was that bad weather Busch. All three girls played hampered cgreat deal of their singles this year and did a practice time and kept them finejob. They should do even from playing at their peak. better next year and hopeful- Sandl Hawkins helped the ly they will be joined by a team out by being the runner talented group oi new- up in the regional tournament comers. This year's team and making It to the state finished 46. tournament although she lost iii .. Doubles team. Sandi Hawkins and Lisa Dawson make a good pair for girls tennis team. Stacey Finch and Jill McClanahon, sophomores, pair up for tennis doubles. Girls Wildcat Tennis Team 1983-84 season: Top - Lori Busch, Stacey Finch. Jlli McClanohan. Bottom - Lori Simpson. Paula Thompson, Lisa Dawson, Sandi Hawkins. Senior Members 0. to ID - Lori Simpson, Paula Thompson, Lisa Dawson. Sandi Howklns. Sandl Hawklns. reqlonal runner-up represented mm In the state Tennis match, Stacevs In "Love" with fennls Wildcat Tennis Team lnslde and out. John Nesfer flashes hls famous smlle Sonlor Mark Lochblhlor Calvin Frldley appears calm In 'rhls shot 9 .m m c d w 0 o m N m W a 0 n w m m m m m W m Sargent smtlos for the lens Sophomore Mark Attlson Rick Slater Golf Team Holes Out The NHS golf team had a decent team this year. The team played II and placed nlcely In all of their events. The Golf Squad consists of five regulars who are seeded naturally one to tlve. The other members have to defeat the t'top five" ey want to appear In any matches. This year most of the second um could not beat any of the top five and therefore a major portion he team falled to gott In any of the sanctioned meets. although y dld get plenty of free golf at the practice sessions. The top five. In no partloular order, were all seniors. Troy Sargent, n Nester. Mark Lochblhler, Bill MIIIer, and Calvin Frldtey. Sophomore Long also alternated somewhat at the fifth position. The rest of team consisted of thky Slater, Mark Allison, Todd Bailey, Jeff nos, Chrls Vadela, and Shannon Whaples. The team played their matches this year at area clubs such as epy Hollow, Meadow Brook, and Scarlet Oaks. These courses are oh and requlred expert oolfmanship tor the high school golfer. John Nester was Medalist three times. Mark Lochbihler twice. and Miller received the honor one tlme. This years team was senior dominated. The top five players all lng upperclassmen. The team. at the tough Sandy Brae course for the regionals shed a good thlrd. John Nester shot the low score for the moment thIe Bill Miller and Mark Lochbihler also shot well. wever, the team barely finished out of a spot where they could a played tn the state tournament. Todd Bailey I Mtddte left. Lott to right: Front row Troy Sargent, John Nester, Rick Slater. a Four-Wood, Mark Lochblhler, Calvin Frldtey. Blll Mlller. Back Row, Mark Allison, Chrls Vodela, Shannon Whaples. Jeff Long. Jeff Bltttngs and Todd Baltey Lift Chrls Vadella 425 V4 h NiTro The acTion in every novel is on imporTonT parT in making The pIoT of The sTory more inTeresTing. As for This sTory in porTicuicr The acTion is made up of HS clubs and oTher organizaTions. WiTh clubs and groups ranging from Pascal's Rascals To The Explorers, NiTro is filled wiTh exTro curricular acTiviTies To add ocTion To This ' school. All of These organionions keep our sTory 0T 0 fosT moving pace wiTh exciTemenT and odvenTure. All of The chcrccTers involved in This ocTion ore consTonTiy on The move ThroughouT The sTory. WiThouT The ocTion There would be obsoiuTely no enjoymenT in The pIoT. Uppef rich! . Mr. McClonchon rewarding honor sTudenT Jim Freebarsyser. Above: Our cheerleaders prepare for The game. Len: STudenTs share responsibilities as Honor SocieTy members. ChGpTer 6 V Ogronizdrions '!!3.'; w 2: ll -. 5fjh. ' d: .H Uppar Ian comer - Dovld nggenbotham and Dch Patten prepare to "plg out" of honor socle1y dinner. upper rloht corner. Tlm chks helps set up. top - N.H.S. Malorehes lead The bond at Homecoming. above Mlssy Thomas practlclng wlth the N.H.S. Mojoreffes. left - Our marchlng bond durlng action Making melody for us all I 3:- ' V ' ' fl I Aletate Chorus - Murphy4 Scott Stimson. Felecia Dukes, Jamie Saunders! Dorln Dofson, and Lisa Stork - slng at the Spdr Concert L Jolt sing! a solo a? a concert. The choir mung: fhelr concert by slnglng Friends by Mlchoel W. Smith The Niko High AIl-County Chorus members pose for a picture. Falecla Dukes directs a number. The NiTro High School hoir is made up of 0 very rge group of people who ork hard To please The dience wiTh Their singing. eir performances begin in pTember and conTinue unTiI hool is ouT. In November, 9 show choir performed 0T ing Sing in CharlesTon. Many members received any honors This year. ForTy- 0 members were chosen r All-CounTy Chorus. Six embers - PoTricc Murphy, oTT STimson, Felecia Dukes, nmie Saunders, and Lisa ark, 0nd Darin DoTson - ere chosen for AII-SToTe horus. NHS Choir Sings WiTh GUSTO The show choir, oTherwise known as Expressions, per- formed 0T churches, schools, and many oTher evenTs. They gave a ChrisTmos concerT for The sTudenTs GT NiTro High School. A spring concerT was given for The communiTy. The choir, unlike mosT clubs, is always working, pracTicing, rehearsing, and always preparing To perform flawlessly. All The hard work pays off, Though, when The choir sees The smiles from The audience char 0 concerT and hears The praises from Mrs. McGucken, The direcTor. The nexT morning 0T school. abcla. SCOTT, Walter. and Trish sing sotos. with much feeling. Trish Murphy slngs a solo. Mary Fauber sings We Shall Behold Him. The choir sings with The help of Mrs. McGucken and some Instruments. Mrs. McGucken falls The cholr how long To hold The note. 429 Tho Expressions concen- trate on doing their best for the audience. Expressions give all their looks to the audience. Lori Mllior and Rick Hanson give It their oil, Giving It Their m Row: Mike Bumwonh, A" Bobby Myron. Walter Hoover; 2nd Row: Steve Simmons. Jamie Saunders. Stephanie Baldwin. Anglo Kirk, Kathy Jordon. Patricia Murphy. Amy Flick. Pam Johnson, Lori Simpson. Sandy Taylor: 3rd Row: Stove Tonoy. Scott stimpson 4th Row: John Lovoloy. Usa Shell. Jon Lockhart. Amy Stompio. Lori Mlllor, Rick Hanson, Paula Thompson. Felecia Dukes, Lora Ho drtck. Gina Maxi. 11m chkn. Gina Monti: 5th Row: Jame: Hommy. Elizabeth Johnson, Tummy Budord, Darin Dot- son. Craig Finch. Jon Finch, Shelly Marsh. Doug Grow, Uta stark. Sherry Prince; 5th Row: Valorlo I-illl. Eric McCianahan. John Justice, Sean Alvin, Eric Douglas, Jeff chkom. Stove Edwards. Clayton Blankomhip, Kelly Parkim. WIS! VIRGINIA SHBW min HSIWM IBM Expressions Perform for NHS Nitro High School has a very special show choir known as the Expressions. This choir is made up of members of all of the choir classes. To be a member though requires more than member- ship in the regular choir. Students must audition at the beginning of each school year. Then Mrs. Delores McGucken, the director of both choirs, selects those students with enough talent to be considered as c: member of 0 show choir that will later compete in state- wide competition. Once the choir is selected, costumes are chosen and students wait anxiously for the seamstress to finish theirs. This year's costumes were very colorful. The girls were attired in block skirts with red ruffles, red comburbuns, white blouses, and red bow ties. The guys wore black tux pants and vests with red bow ties. While waiting for those costumes, the choir begins rehearsing, not only in choir class, but also at many afterschool and Sunday of- ternoon rehearsals. It takes several rehearsals to learn the music as well as those in- tricate dance steps. The choir coreographs their steps with the different selections of music. Throughout the year, the choir performs at Swing Sing. assemblies, choir concerts, and state concerts. Ralse your hand If you're sure! Everyone alvol tho oudlence all thelr smlles. Expresslons have a good tlme performlng. especially Jeff chkens. Everyone performs nawlew Iy. Llsa stark and Dunn Dotson slng fo one another. Walter Hoovot. Mike Bums- worrh, and Angle Klrk go for a brief skofe around the 31099. Stephanlo and Durln seem content bm Amy seems a "ma bored. Providing A VorieTy Of InTeresTs Cheerleaders Tiffany Roberta. Valerie Sfalnaker, and Karen Geode are all In the Spanish club. Above: A Typlcal foreign language class. Spanish one, uses The headseis for a lesson. Above norm Spanlsh club. first row - mfony Roberts, Lynn SCOTT. Valerie STaele, Jeff Dickens, Amy Frlck. Second row - Robin Fisher, Kelly Miller. Laura WeoerT. James Cole. Ms. Roberts, sponsor. Thlrd Tow - Valerie stalnaker, Glnger Hardwick, Bobby Myers. Koren Geode. Karen Zoaayko, Melodie Means. Scot? SNmson. Right French club. TirsT row - Volene Steele. LIneTTe Manln. Second row - Sponsor. Ms. Bryson4 Use Snell. Tam my Sayre. Missy Thomas. SCOTT Summers. Kerry Judd. Dana Jackson, Usa Stark. Thlrd row - Doug Lewis, Jeff Billings, Kevin Pnllllps. Klm Erskln. Sandy How- klns, Shannon Bwqer. Far daht: Sonlor Valerie STeeIe ls cctlve In boTh French and Spanlsh clubs. 432 Language Clubs Avoilobl: The foreign language clubs here of NiTro are The Spanish club and The French club. These are Two popular clubs for sTudenTs who wonT To become more involved wiTh foreign languages. For The French club you musT be or have been previously enrolled in French. The purpose of The French club is To exTend and expand The use and knowledge of French. The club is called "Le Cercle Francois which means "The French Circle". The French club has French dinners and has had a bake sale To raise money for Their club. In po years, They have he porTies for grade scho kids, visiTed nursi homes, and song Fren ChrisTmos carols. To be in The Sponi club, you musT be . have been enrolled Spanish class. The Spa ish club had made plo To Take a Trip To Ne Mexico and visiT o orphanage during T summer, buT were u oble To do so. BoTh of These are ve nice clubs, and if you' inTeresTed in foreign lo guoges, you mighT co sider joining one. T Science Club VisiTs HospiTol A popular club here oT NiTro is The Science Club. RighT now, They are Trying To re-orgonize for The coming year. They are Trying To make The Science club more inTo science, roTher Than social, club. ChrisTmos Time is when The Science club is mosT involved. They like To visiT The children's wards in hospiTois and sing ChrisTmos carols To The chil- dren, To cheer Them up. Ms. LeuronT, The sponsor of The science club, says They Try To have a guesT speaker 01 The meeTings, and They 0150 Try To make GT leosT one plcmT or hospiToI Tour a year. Any one is allowed To join The Science club. Even if you're noT scienTific, you mighT wonT To check ouT The Science Club, because some of iT could rub off on you and you could learn a IoT more cbouT science and science reloTed ocTiviTies. PresenTIy, The Science club has ThirTy five To forTy members. If you're really inTeresTed in science and are considering a career in science or any reioTed oc- cupoTions, you mighT like To join. Or if you wonT To learn more obouT science, and have fun doing so, The science club is ideal for you. The science club is plan- ning for a big year in eighTy-five, wiTh IoTs 0nd IoTs of fun ocTiviTies pionned. Looking back on posT years, The Science club has been very involved wiTh ail Those ocTiviTies, who can geT bored? Check iT ouT! Above Ia": Senior Kelly Llngch Is a member of The Science club. Far Ion: Science club, firsi row - Koran Zagayko, Mitzi PorTer, Ms. LeuronT, sponsor. Second row - Kelly Johnson. Lisa Knell, Dawn Coleman. Barbara Stimson. Beiindo Roizon. John Loveioy. Jen- nifer Guise. Ginger Hcrdwick. Robin Fisher. Third row - Lisa Waidron. Debbie Kerns, Bobby Myras, Missy Lindsey. Jenna Dabney, Kelly Llngch. Julie Shelion, David Higgin- boThom. ScoTT Weilsi Stefan- Ie Beverly. Lon: Junior Lisa Kneii. a Science club member, has more Interesis Than Just ioumailsm. For is" below: Science club members. Jenna Dobney and Missy Lindsey goof off. Below Len: Senior Julia Shei- Ton looks surprised when a photographer snaps her pic- Ture. :9 I Planning - For the Future . ' 1., f 'Qk A h :5 - Secretary, Fred Taylor. clowns around as "Clark Kent" President. Jlm Freebersyser. Is also Senior Class President Front: Jlm Freebarsvser. Bob Llndmark. Fred Taylor. Doug Grow. Middle: Mr. Wllkes mdvlsoo. Valerie Steele, Christy Whlfe, Klm Parker. Rick Hanson. Doug Lewls. Paula Thompson, Lynn Scott, Paula Durst. Top: Paul McCullough, Jeff Dorsey. Davld Marks. Mark Lochbnher. Chlp Flnch. Dennls McNeaIy. Gray Cochran, Rl- chord Caste. Mr. Wllkes, adviser. explains somethlng at a meeflng. Dennis MCNoon Is on his way to a noon meeting. '134 scal's Rascals Learn Pascal's Rascals, is one of The lesser wn clubs OT NHS. BUT This does noT sTop embers from coming To meeTings or g ocTive in club ocTiviTies. As a moTTer fccT, H has some of The mosT usiasTic members To be found in 0 here 0T NiTro. Perhaps This is because ol's Rascals was formed for Them, so They could learn more obouT The puTer. According To Mr. Wilkes, Their advisor, sTudenT can become 0 "Rascal" as as he or she is inTeresTed in puTers and is learning obouT The puTer. He feels Tth if c sTudenT does have a compuTer class, The sTudenT uid be, 0T IeosT, familiar wiTh how 0 npuTer works and how H can be used. cai's Rascals enable These sTudenTs To geT ThaT experience ouTside of class. This year's Rascals basically held meeTings To discuss nexT year's plans. These meeTings were held 0T lunch and presided over by The club presidenT, Jim Freebersyser, vice-presidenT, Bob Lind- mork, secreTary, Fred Taylor, and Treo- surer, Doug Grow. These officers were elecTed by The club members Themselves. NexT year's officers have noT yeT been elecTed. Even Though This year's club has sold bioryThms and discussed fuTure plans, Mr. Wilkes says ThaT nexT year's club plons To sponsor compuTer compeTiTions beTween sTudenTs. The main goal of Pascal's Rascals is To bring kids in and To Teach Them To use The compuTer as a source of learning, fun and To enrich Their lives. Paula Durst Is not only a maioreTTe for NHS, buT u Rascal as well. ,4 . Fan :1 Members of Pascal's Rascals help Their friends of The computer. A group 0! siudenTs awolT The beginning of a Rascals meetings Troy waits for osslsfance from Mr. Wilkes. Jlm presldes over a meeTIng. 135 On Top: Valerl Stalnaker Second row: foany Roberts and Sharon Voung Third row: Ginger Hardw Klm Parker. and Lynn Scott Botfom row Karen Goods and Stacy Meller'r. aux. Senlor Lynn Scot? shows Junior Stacy Mailer? how ?0 7 pose for ?he camera. 7 i I is 3? .1; :7 7- : 'x I k :P N: The choodeadors pose In front of the state --l '.., . g 3 . , x 1 A N ' f i X 'E , 3. 3$ J v f A 37' . 39.2 k A a: 7-: ,5; ' :3r 3 , 7 g. "a'- . 3va HM .31 r l 7 ', Lynn prove: her strength at an assembly. . ' ..- f The cheerleaders pamclpale In the ' 3 homecoman parade. 'k . 3 v 7 l I . . .- Cllmblng a:- Higher ' Every Day " 3 A . A'; 136 arker elves The crowd The nervous look. : Tho cheerleaders pose for The camera. NlTvo cheerleaders give The sTaTe caplTol a llTTle class. AlThough cheering is a IoT of fun, iT requires rs and hours of pracTice. The workouTs oin rlghT afTer TryouTs in May and conTinue uugh The summer. BuT iT all paid off. The 3-84 cheerleaders have kepT up an ressive repuTaTion. The squad consisTs of eighT girls. The reTurning varsiTy girls are senior and -d Karen Goode, senior Lynn SCOTT, and lor Kim Parker. The girls ThaT were junior siTy lasT year and now varsiTy are junior leri STalnaker, junior Tiffany RoberTs, junior ron Young, junior Ginger Hardwick, and or STacy MellerT. Aside from cheering aT fooTball and keTbalI games and compeTing in The sTaTe peTiTlon, They aTTend a summer work- p. The cheerleaders puT on 0 Terrific ormance aT This summer camp held aT lo UniversiTy. here were abouT ThirTy varsiTy squads in arsiTy Reaches For The Top Their compeTlTlon. The squads were separaTed lnTo groups and The compeTiTion was done by eliminaTlon. A blue ribbon was given for The winning Team ouT of each group and Then a gold ribbon was given for winning The nexT eliminaTion. A Trophy was given only To one squad in each caTegory. Our girls received noThing less Than blue ribbons. All TogeTher The NHS cheerleaders won seven blue ribbons, four gold ribbons and a Trophy for Their pom pom rouTine. NoT only was There compeTlTion among The differenT squads - There was also some compeTiTion among The girls individually. Karen Goode was The only girl, ouT of 500 To be chosen To Try ouT To be a U.C.A. insTrucTor for The following summer camp. ThaT was quiTe an honor. These girls have done an excellenT job and will be a hard acT To follow. The cheerleaders perfected The on or pyramid bulldlng. Klm gets The crowd fired up. 137 0! The J. V. Chunoadora pertorm at a pep rally. a J. V.'s Cheer After all the years of wishing, after all the years of dreaming, after all the years of practice, it finally happened. Kerry Judd, Kelly Miller, Kelly Seacrist, Robin Fisher. Hamlno ll up In front of the camera. " Michele Kiser, and Karen Cliff smlllng finally became high school cheer- leaders. The made the Junior C" the Varsity!!! y But the wishing, dreaming, and practicing didn't stop there. There were practices after school, practices during school, practices before the game, weekend prac- tices, etc. Then came the first football game. All the nervous flutters, the The J.V. cshoonoadm: lst rgw: Keallg Mlller:K2nd "Where's my eyeshadow?", The r : I to R nlshr:rrow:e L , . 1 " " " ngdrzgptfahighelxlsgg and Sarah Cliff. W t t ' L ' I DSOTOIILlodOk 5:011:18 ' TQEGGWPr'Ierech cmm a' m 90" always going over that cheer njust one more time." way Kelly Miller. looklna llke she Just saw a ghost. walks to her spot to cheek 438 Toward Win Somewhere, through all t hysteria, everything came alright. And the team even wo Under the direction of Kerry Ju as captain, the girls helped t Varsity Cheerleaders by cheeri the team on to a 6-4 season. The main priority of the Jun Varsity Cheerleaders was to ke up the spirits of the Junior Vars Basketball team. They also cheer to the band at the football gam And cheer they did. Through t rain, through the snow, or whate there was, the cheerleaders w there to support the team. We salute the Junior Vars Cheerleaders of 4983-1984. Gre jobIl Kerry Judd and Kelly Seccrlst walk To their spot to cheer. Everyone II ready for me homecomlng parade. Sticklno out your tongue helps you cheen Tho choenoodou put thelr oil Into me pep rally Robin. KolIy M., and Karen look content. bu? Kelly 3., Kerry, and Michele look upset The J. V. Chunoadora relax In the hall before the game. Right Beth and Rosemary fake a break 10 pose for the camera. Bohom: Bellnda and Bill proofread the storles. Fur boHom: Clnd Whlfe shows 5 lrlf on hl Is Right: Prlscllla I: "hard" at work. day. y p pp Reporting The News . . . 140 The Spy Glass Staff: Carol Buchanan, Bill Krcnkemann. Robin Westlund, Rhonda Lyonsl Beth Tomer. Benje Barkey. Missy Lindsey, Wayne Slofen, David Auer, Dellnda Cobb. Prise Maxwell. Belinda Duckworfh. Lisa Knell, Lisa Ingram, Sfeve Gerkln. Cindy White. Chris Negley, Clndy Fowler. Steve Godbey. Rosemary nggonbofhom. Beih Smith. Jenna Dabney. a Mrs. Cathy Sepko as sponsor. he Spygloss Covers School The Spy Glass is your dly school newspaper lhol gs you all The "lolesl" informa- 1 around Nifro High School. The hard working sloff spends of of lheir Time and efforl lo duce a inleresling and read- 9 newspaper To fulfill Mr. lonohon's wishes. Uho'r's one gh jobD The Journalism room, 209 iurns . 0 mod house as The news- er deodline draws near. The -r-pofieni sponsor, Colhy ko siis calmly of her desk with head in her hand as chaos ioks oui around her. :Belindo Duckworlh, The Spy lSS editor, ossisionl To Mrs. Jko Tries To keep her cool as she 3 her fingers Through her hair, lime and lime ogoin. Every deadline lheres olwoys hundreds of "li'rile problems" To deal with. Such as bumping headlines, missing ads and no pictures. If you are considering Taking newspaper, be sure ihof you are 0 sfoble person and in good condilion. This class is nol recom- mended for people wiih heart problems, chronic illnesses, or a nervous condiiion. The newspaper sioff guoron- lees Thai some of Their slories will make you laugh, some will make you cry, and some even mod . . . bui never boring! hAnd They will nol refund your 25c for any reosonD Wayne Slaion - the creator of ilLooks ot Flicks." Beth Tomer talks excitedly oboui her story. Lisa Ingram stops working long enough to smile. Lisa Knoll and Robin Wesflund look pleased wlih their stories. Editor. Belinda Duckworth. counts her headline. '14'1 Laying ouT page after page Edltor. Blll Krankamann. glves Belinda 'odvlce" on her copy. Um Ingram works hard ?0 produce a great Senlor section for the 4984 yearbook. Top Right: Benlo and Missy fake a break from working on the Academic secfion fo pose for the plcfure. BoNom Right: David Auer works hard on the Spons sec'rlon Hm M91 142 NiTronicin SToff CopTures '84 The NiTronian SToff has 0 double funcTion This year. The same TwenTy people during The same Journalism class serve as The creoTors of noT only The yearbook buT also The school newspaper. This siTuoTion seems somewth unbelievable, especially on deod- llne days when a member of The class is responsible noT only for his yearbook pages, buT also for his Typed newspaper sTories. AT The beginning of The year, iT seems as if Those dreaded deadline days will never come, buT suddenly iT's second semesTer and deadlines of 50 and 60 pages sTorT being due. CreoTing TTA GreoT Book of The WesTern World" becomes a reoliTy. FirsT, picTures musT be Taken, reToken, and developed. Then members of The class sTorT requesT- ing Those precious commodiTies, The prinTed picTuresl Many hours are spenT in The darkroom, hoping for, buT noT always geTTing The exocT picTure ThoT is needed To creoTe The perfecT page. Class picTures also musT be separaTed, idenTified, and alphabe- Tized. Many hours are spenT geTTing almosT 800 picTures placed in The correcT class, in The correcT order, and on The correcT pages. This process is repeoTed over and over as oTher secTions begin To Take shape. SporTs, feoTures, sTudenT life, eTc., will forever be immemorioiized. For Top Len: Chris HopTry looks for help. , I fir:- .e Above Top For Left: FronT Row: Jenna Dobney, Cindy White. Priscilla Maxwell, Belinda DuckworTh. Lisa Kneli, Beth SmlTh. Second Row: Missy Lindsey, Cindy Fowler. Robin WesTiund, Rosemary ngglnbothem. BeTh Tomer. Carol Buchanan. Rhonda Lyons, Dellnda Cobb, Lisa Ingram Back Row: CcThy Sepko, Benje Borkey, Blll Krankemunn. Wayne SlaTen, David Auer. Chris Negley. Steve Gerkin. Steve Godbey. Stave Godbey and Chris Negiy work hard and quickly To meet Their deadline. Lisa Kneil and Robin WesTlund prepare for The TlTle of Editor next year. Priscilla Maxwell studies "hard" on copy flTTIng. Working hard for good grades Spanner Mn. Nonna King gives the tabies a touch Mr. Mccnnahcm Inducn the new members. of class. 18! Row: Fred Taylor, .Hm Freebersyzer, Scott Wells. and Valerie Steele; 2nd Row: Jeff Dickens. Jon Flnch. Chrls Phillips, Gray Cochran. Davld Potion, Dcvld Kaon Muncy light: the Character candle. Marks. and Mrs. Norma King. sponsor; 3rd Row: Amy Frlck4 Karen Muncy. Priscilla Maxwell, Llsa Ingram. Ca1hy Hopfm Ml1zl Poner. Tim chks, and Davld ngglnbotham; 4th Row: Karen Goods, Usa S1ark, Linens Martin. Sarah Dalton, Koren Zogayko, Klm Parker, Paulo Durst. and Trina Balsden. Honor SocieTy Works Hard The NiTro High chopTer of The NoTlonol Honor SocieTy is one of r 20,000 chopTers in The UniTed SToTes Today. The SocieTy was ed To honor excepTionol sTudenTs. Being a NoTionoI Honor ieTy member is c: greoT honor and privilege. To be considered for membership, you noT only have To make d grades To 3.5 overogey buT you musT also have The four ired chorocTerisTics - scholarship, leadership, chorocTer, and ice. You musT hove occumuloTed 42 club poinTs in high school - receive a high roTing from Teachers for leadership and rocTer. The club worked hard for The dinner To inducT The new members. dinner was held on May 48 in The cofeTerio. AfTer 0 delicious er, members of The choir song TFriends" by Michael W. SmiTh. new members were Then inducTed. The dinner was 0 greoT ess. Many Thanks should go To The cofeTerio workers, Mrs. omen, and all The oThers who helped make The dinner such a ess. Members also gave up lunch periods TuToring. Members TuTored w sTudenTs in any subjecT ThoT They needed help in. The TuToring k place in The counselor's office everyday. IT was a very busy, prosperous, and successful year. Much of success was due To The leadership of Mrs. Norma King, sponsor, . Jim Freebersyzer, president mWolaphsThenbbononWynchbney. rnbon o! The cholr sing "FrTends." by Mlchoel W. Smith. Amy Fuck pin: The ribbon on Dennis McNeeTy. Preslden! Jlm Froebersyzer speaks To everyone. Addmg lo HonO$ Tlffcny and Kim enjoy cheerlng as well as mafh. Amy Frlck Is a busy Mu Alpha Theta member. Amy Slemple ls glad that she has flnlshed her csslgnment. Huble Koehler Is also a member of the boyls tennis team. Tlffany and frlends from Mu Alpha Theta are hard 01 work. Mu Alpha Theta members enjoy all 'me sclences. Davld takes a break from hls sfudles. 146 oTheHoTic STudenTs Honored u Alpha TheTo is an honorary club oT NiTro High School. IT consisTs of T 42 members seiecTed from The sTudenTs here oT NHS. This club is honorary one so iT performs no TIon excepT To give recogniTion To : sTudenTs which deserve H in The . of moThernoTics. u Alpha TheTo is o noTionol club is noT excluslve To This school. IT rs sTudenTs all over The UniTed s as well as here oT NHS. The -ose of This noTionoi club is To honor : sTudenTs who have shown opTi- : ond dedicoTion for The sTudy of opplicoTion. This grade poinT overoge musT be kepT up in order for a person To conTinue being a member in The club. Mu Alpha TheTo does noT por- TicipoTe in compeTiTion as a group buT some of HS members have porTioipoTed in differenT moTh compeTiTions and been very successful in Those compeTiTions. This includes one Team as well as a few seiecT individuals. The officers for This year's Mu Alpha TheTo were Fred Taylor as PresidenT, Amy Frick os SecreTory-Treosurer, and Karen Zogoyko as Vice-PresidenT. The club's sponsor is Mrs. Hordmon who . organized sign-ups, meeTings, and As a resuIT of This club being sTrichy inducTion of new members. rory IT has some very sTricT require- AlThough being ocTive in oTher Ts. AppliconTs To The club musT be lied In College Algebra and Trigon- Try, MoTh Analysis, Calculus, and have oT leosT o 3.2 grade poinT age in oil moThemoTics classes ospecTs of The school is noT a re- quTremenT for membership in Mu Alpha TheTo The sTudenTs in This club monoge To keep up a high moThemoTicol grade polnT average as well as lead very busy Speecries. n from Algebra I unTil Time of lives. Front: Amy Prick. Fred Taylor, Karen Zogayko Middle: Mrs. Hardmon. Sarah DOTTon. Koren Goods, Paula Durst Gray Cochran. Pam Johnson, Chris Phllllps, Dona Jackson, Dovld Hardman, Valerie Hlli. Becky SmiTh. Tammy Sayre. Missy Thomas. Tiffany Rubens, Chris Malanowskl, Lisa STork, Amy STempIe. Lori Miller Back: ScoTT Wells, David Higglnbofham. David PatTon. Jim Freebersyser, Doug Lewis. Gino Moz- zel, Shelly Marsh, MiTzl PorTer. Gary Frcuzer, Chlp Finch, Mark Lochblhier, Valerie Steele, Dione Roy. Kim Parker. and Lynette Manln Chris doesn'i seem To be hungry. Fred and Doug practice Their Table manners. STOCBy Is having fun a? a Mu Alpha Theta meeTingv 147 II: LAUGNLW .-um-.p - Studying all The Time . WW1 - tin? J: .56. Gray Cochran took tlrne out from hls band actlvltles to be an attemafe for the Hl-Q 190m The Hl-Q feom - Gray Cochran. Valerie Sreelel Sarah Dalton. Ms. Roberts. sponsor, Pom Johnson, Scott stlmson. and Chris Phllnps. -u Chris thlps sfudles hard for the next Hl-Q momh. The team prepares to play a tough match ugalnst Wheelersburg. e Hi-Q Teom Wins MoTches he Hi-Q Team is one of The ny clubs here oT NiTro High ool. IT consisTs of some of smorTesT members of NiTro School's sTudenTs. This r's Team consisTed of Pom nson, Chris Phillips, Volerie ele, and SCOTT STimson. re were Two olTernoTes. se were Soroh DolTon and y Cochran. ery club needs a sponsor. eone who will give iT oonce when iT is needed. eone who will be There To : The voice of experience. eone To lend a hand. For Hi-Q Team, This person is CloudeTTe RoberTs. Along her many ocTiviTies 05 Advance English 42 and Spon- ish Teacher, Ms. RoberTs also found Time To be The HieQ sponsor, as well as The Spanish club sponsor. Ms. RoberTs was always There To be everyThing o sponsor should be. The Hi-Q Team was always procTicing for The moTchesl Mony days ouT of The week were spenT in Ms. RoberTs' room oT lunch procTicing ond quizzing each oTher. Every- Thing was sTudied, every sub- jecT. Because The quesTions in The moTches were on every subjecT, liTeroTure, chemisTry, biology, eTC.; everyThing hod To be sTudied. Allemale Sarah Dalton wonders if she will as? To play in Thls match. mo prepares lor The upcomlng mulch. Porn studies current evenls in case a quesTion about Them mlghT come up in a march. Chris and Pam dazzle eve eryone wlTh Thelr smlles. Chris takes a break from sTudylng To smile for The camera. 449 Traveling In West Virginia Bottom Row: Mrs. Kurylo. Shelly Prince, Koren Zogayko, Volerle Steele, Llso Stark. Sherry Prince. Second Row: Greg Collzzl. Crlsfy White, Greg Sadler. David Homer, David Potion, Scot? Wells, David ngglnbothum, Tommy Burford. Bobby Myers, Llnette Manln. Poul McCo. Third Row: David Auer. Steven Shaver, Scott Wlnterfleld. Amy Frlck, Ginger Hordwlck, Kelley Miller, Martha Muck. Sharon Young. Jlm Freebersyser. Llso Lynch, Rodger Wooten Fourth Row: Jeff Dickens. Tammy Sayre, Doug Grow, Valerie HIII. Chris Vodella. Shelly Marsh. Laura Wegert. Bessle Moore, Craig Perrls, Paul Keller, Julle Shanon, Amy Parsons. Flffh row: Lorl Simpson, John Jusflce. Katie Perklns, Chris Phillips, Beverly Smith, Angle Terry. Lorl Bush. Joseffe Sanders. Paula Tompson, Craig Finch. Chrls Cormony. Sixth Row: Alex Worley, Tom Collzzl, Steve Gerkln. Pam Johnson. Sandy Taylor, Llsa Casfo. Kami Blackhurst, Mark Lochbller, Gary Frazler, Louls Manuel, Sherry Frame. Sevenih Row: Lynn Scott. Wayne Slaten, Mlke Burnswodh. Lorl Miller, Amy Sfemple, Belinda Razon, Llsc: Manln. Teresa Holovlc. Lena Taylor, Kelly Coven, Stefonle Beverly. Pom takes a rest. The Explorers In action. xplorer's PosT AcTive : NiTro High School Explorer PosT '1 is on organionion in which denTs experience mony differ- T Types of prolecTs. In This pasT year The group has own To obouT sevenTy members. ThroughouT The year, The oiorer posT was involved in The ndysTriping projecT as well as a ing Trip To Conoon Valley for o -ekend. The sTudenTs involved in The ndysTriping projecT, found iT To : a very fulfilling experience. Their Ties included serving The pa- -nTs, delivering flowers To Them, d answering The phone CT The sk. Probably The mosT exciTing of Explorer ocTiviTies was The ekend Trip To Conoon Volley ski resorT. This year a whiTe oner rofTing Trip is going To be held on The New River. Mony sTudenTs will find This Trip To be one of The Thrills and chills of The year, while oThers would roTher seTTle for jusT onching. WhiTe oner rofTing can be very dangerous oT Times because of The rocks and The river's sTrong currenTs, so hopefully The Explorers will be up To The challenge and geT Through H In one piece. This posT year has been a memorable one for The members of The Explorer's PosT 501. BuT iT is for from over for The many sTudenTs ThoT belong To The club. Hopefully They all will find This year To be full of exciTemenT. odvenTure, and many laughs. Karen uses The walkie- Talkie. ls Richard going The wrong way? Val stops to smile for The camera Vol rafts with last years club. Jeff Takes a pose. Greg Takes a spill. 151 experiences above: Rodney poses wlth the mask that Insplred hls nrst piece alr brush painting. Above left: The Art club takes a break on the Town Center. Left: The Art Club poses for the camera. '152 Cathy and Babette pose for the camera Some thing iArtis tic ot NH. ' The Nitro High School art club is led by Mrs. Dremo Watts. She leads a fine group of growing students who look to be aspiring artists when they graduate from Nitro High. Art is a very difficult occupa- tion to pursue but to those who can do it and do it well, it is on ever gro wing challenge. Se veroi students have received grants and scholarships because of their artistic talents. Wayne Slaten is one of those students. He has shown his drawings in several exhibits and has won many awards for his fine artistic ability. Mrs. Watts takes the students best drawings and shows them at different exhibits in the area. The students por- ticipated in the annual art show held in Charleston and they all did rather well. For those who are toien enough to be as artistic as th. studen ts, it is a great pieosur say they come from Nitro School. Many of these students will go on to coil and become worthwhiie ass to our community so peol need to encourage the par of talent. So many fine obili ore wasted because they . not backed by encouragem and that is the true shame. early times artists were 0 sidered the poor, incopo misfits who choose an unre wa ing occupation but in true th is the most beneficial to mankind. You don't necessa need exceptional talent but need a keen eye and a se of internal feelings. 1-H, The New Experience. e Nifro High School 4-H club jusf sfarfed lhls year. If hos exisfed in the school before if seems lo have provided e good essenflals for a porf he 4983-84 school year. The up was led by Mrs. Tereoso dman, who sfarfed fhe group -way fhrough rhe firsf semes- -H offers some good op- unifies fo learn and grow as learn obouf new Things and rself. 4-H feaches you how To w wifh yourself and learn re abouf whaf's inside you. : y do several ocfivifles during year such as horseback g and picnics. They meal a differenf times during fhe nfh and discuss fheir projecfs, 'ch fhe y pick fhemselves and of club ocfivlfies or venfures - y con parh'CIpafe in. 4-H can prove lo be an excifing experience and worlh- while for anyone's lime. Mosf people have fhe idea fhof if is mosfly raising and showing of farm animals but if is far more fhon fhaf. In 4-H you can learn anything from cooking, sewing, and Then raising animals. Your projecfs also come from a wide voriefy of choices. 4-H is always a changing and improving club and fhere are never any dull momenfs. Anyone who would join 4-H is promised lf nof fhe besl of Times buf a learning experience fhof mosf would or could nof encounfer in a life- lime. lf fhe club plans lo confinue nexf year and fhe preceding year's of Wm High School if Will prove fo be on enlighfening experience for all. L Above: Scott Snmpson. Steve Simmons. 2nd row: Ms. Ramon. Robin Womund, Tammy Bunord, Shelly Prlnce. Jeff BIlllngs. Scott Summers. Mrs. Hardman. 3rd row: Donna Gulse. Becky Smlth. Robln Fisher. Glnaer Hardwlcks, Missy Thomas, Tammy Sayre. Sherry Prince. 4th row: Chrlsty While, Valeria Hlll, Bobby Myers, Glna Maul, Doug Louis. Shelly Marsh. Top rlaht: Robin works hard. Far bottom: Scott Summers poses for the camera wlm fnends. 453 Governing in The WesTern World Ginger Hardwlck and Chris Mulanowske llsfen affenflvely of a Sfudem Council meeting. Student Council member. Amy Frlck. watches a Studenf Council acflvlfy. student Councll President. Jenna Dobney, makes an announcement during a pep assembly. Jonl Martin and Tammy Sayre ctfend a meeflng of lunch time. Group Picture: Jenna Dobney Gresldenb. Scndl Hawklns che-Presldenn, Klm Botklns, Shannon Burger, Llso Lynch. Dlana Roy, Fellclo Dukes, Valerle HIII, Kevin Phillips. Becky Sml'rh. Llsc Waldron, Jennifer Gulse. Jlm Freebersyser. Lorl Simpson, Amy Frlck, Jeff Dickens, Shawna Raynes, Bessle Moore. Kaml Blackhursf, Chris Vadalla, Donna Gulse, Barbara McBroyer $ponsoo, Mlke Former, Missy Lindsey. Valerie Steele, Karen Zagoyko. Llso S'mrk. Amy Sfemple, Belinda Razon. Sherry Prlnce. Tlffony Roberts, Valerie Sfalnoker. Llsa Shell. Tammy Sayre. Shelly Marsh, lezl Porter. Stacy Grounds. Chrls Molanowskl. Llso Knell, Tommy Burford. Missy Thomas. Kelley Miller. Ginger Hardwick, Doug Lewls, Sean Alvls, Gray Cochran, David Hardmon, Robin Slmrnons, Gina Mczzel. Paul McCullough, Robin Flsher, Jeff Bllllngs, Lisa Weaver, Todd Chllders. Sco1'r Summers. BIII Krankemann, Taml Faulkner, and Jonl Momn. tudent Council Meets The Student Council at Nltro High is the chosen by the portion of the student body cision making body that represents the that chose to exercise its right to choose lire student body. The Student Council Its leaders. Student Council Is sponsored by ns most students octlvlties like dances. Borboro McBroyer, who spends more time ols, concesslon stands, Bloodmobiles, than anyone else working wlth Student untalneer Olymplcs, and special dinners Council. She is present at all meetings and people outslde the school. activities, which she does most of the work The Student Council is mode up of coordinating. dents chosen by thelr home rooms as This year Student Council sponsored resentctlves and by those students who the Winter Formal, Senior Citizens Dinner. interested enough In how the school is Bloodmobile, Student Council Dinner, the resented to attend three meetings of other dances, pep assemblies, and all but Councll. The Student Council meetings five concession stands. The money that held once 0 week, they alternate, was made from the concession stands and ry other one, at lunch tlme and during dances was used to pay for the new lass perlod. You must be present at the milkshake machine in the lunch room. It was vlous lunch time meetlng to attend 0 also used for Winter Formal, point for the 55 period meeting. cafeteria and to show community spirlt The officers of the 4983-4984 school with a donation to the city of Nitro to help r were Jenna Dabney, Presldent, Sandi pay the electric bill for the festive Christmas wklns, Vlce-Presldent, and Trlno Bolsden, lights. retory-Treosurer. These officers were Jenna Dabnoy guards the door to the gym on Blood Moblle day. Jenna Dabnov pamelpatos In Mountalnv ear Olymplcs. Mrs. McBrayor. Student Councll sponsor. keeps score at Mountalneer Olymplcs. student Councll member. Bessle Moore. pcrtlclpates In Mountolneer Olymplcs. Shelly Marsh got: ready to leave school after partlclpatlon In Mountolneer Olym- plcs. 155 student Councll members met In Mrs. McBroyer's room at lunch Tlma. Sandy and her Speclal Olympics pal. Tlflany and Jeff Take a break from The games. SCOTT and Doug dlscuss The evenTs. Charlle Cooper takes a bteok of a school dance. Mrs. McBruyer sports her Mountaineer oTTlra. Planning Our Many AcTiviTies 156 STudenT Council SToys Bus , STudenT Council is ocTive ThroughouT The school year in a wide vorieTy of ocTiviTies. These include: a Senior CiTizen BonqueT which was held in The fall, sponsoring various monThly school dances and The annual WinTer Formol, sponsoring 0 Red Cross Bloodmobile, help- ing ouT CT The Special Olym- pics, and sponsoring NiTro High's MounToineer Olympics, jusT To home 0 few of The major ocTiviTies. From The beginning of The school year unTil iTs comple- Tion, The STudenT Council sToys very busy, Thinking of new ideas, collecTing moTeriols To work wiTh, raising funds, and carrying ouT various projecTs. When FooTboII season rolls around, The STudenT Counu Concession STond hod To b prepared. WiTh This Task co ' pleTed, The sTond is ready f Those who volunTeer To we and along wiTh The FooTb games comes pop corn, sodo hoT chocoloTe, corn dogs, on pizza. ArrongemenTs have To b mode for The Bloodmobile on oppoinTmenTs mode for Thos sTudenTs who give blood. From chocoIoTe pudding T hoysTocks and needles, oll Th moTeriols for MounToineer Oly pics musT be goThered. Als porTiciponTs musT be found. There's never 0 dull mome and always plenTy To do whe porTicipoTing in STudenT Counc b; Jenna suporvlses Mountaineer Olympics. Tammy helps wlm Homecom- Ina. Group lrom Nltro hlgh dlspioy thelr medals. Clowns, blg and small. pose for a picturel Jenna and Mrs. Barkey wlfh Speclal Olympic panlclpants. 157 Preparing for The Future Amy Haynes speaks of Honor Society Dlnner. Jlm rides In Homecoming Parade. Deco members: Melodle Means, Jenna Dabney. Rick Hanson, Karen Evans. Kelvin Ruffln, Carolyn Dye. Cindy Fowler, Randy Larcbee. Ronnie Fosfer, Lorl McNeely. Sponsor: Mr. O'Gormon. Rick Hanson Is on his way to class. Jenna, Klm and Amy are In The spotlight at Homecoming. .35....- " warn. 158 S GeTs Down To Business siness clubs oT NiTro High ore nionions for The career- ed sTudenT. These organiza- . include Deco, FBLA ond FSA. co is 0 club ThoT conToins bers of The co-op classes. a sTonds for DlsTribuTive oTion Clubs of America, h is The IorgesT youTh orgon- on in America. Ture Business Leaders of rice GBLAT is on organionion mad for business sTudenTs. e 0 year, members who are d in differenT areas of business 9 TogeTher for compeTiTion oThers who are skilled in The 6 areas. Winners of The one! Conference 0T WesT inia SToTe College were: do Rozon placing 2nd in g l, and Jim Freebersyzer placing 2nd in Business-CompuTer ApplicoTions. FuTure SecreTories of America, sFSAs is o noTionol orgonionion of girls who are inTeresTed in The business world and are presenTIy Taking business courses. Each year The porenT chopTer, Professional SecreTories InTerno- Tionoi G30, gives a $500 scholar- ship To an eligible girl who wonTs a career as o secreTory, and This year's winner was NiTro's own, Poiiy Legg. Jone Elsender is The PresidenT of The CounTy FSA. Membership in These organiza- Tlons has proved very beneficial To many sTudenTs. They have given Them on insighT inTo whoT 0 job in business world would be like, and Tips on The righT preporoTion for a career in The business world. Gwen and Kelly Take Time To fool around wiTh Walter Hoover. FBLA members: Polly Legg. Amy Haynes. Klm Hypes. Koren Munsey, Jim Freebersyzer, Borboro Bruney, Beih Nes- Ter, Jone Elsender, Mszl Porter, Kathy Archer. Lisa Woldron, Belinda Razon. Sponsers: Mrs. Dick and Mrs. King. FSA members: Anita Mona Klm Maynard. Barbara Bruney, Kathy Archer. Kelly Doyle. Polly Legg, Amy Haynes, Koren Munsey. Jone Eisender. Gwen BrlTTon, BeTh NesTer. CoThy Nancoro. Sponser: Mrs. chk. FBLA officer ridlng high of Homecoming, Mrs. stays busy. 159 4st row: Angle Kirk, Paulo Durst, Missy Thomas, Klm Maynard, Shelly Marsh, Uso Weaver, Chrlsiy Whlfe. Tlno lefae. S1ephonle Baldwin. 2nd row: Llso Knell, John Lovejoy. Jamie Saunders. Darlene Rayn 3rd row: Tommy Burford, Mr. FosTer. Brenda Rhodes, Sherry Frame, Kelly Covert, Clndy Fowler, Kim Jarret, Katrina Wthen, Bev Woody. Lena Taylor, Treasa Hollvlc, Kofle Perkins, Gray Cochran. Rob Simmons. Amy Sfemple. Sherry Prince. Blulne Means, Shelly George. 41h row: Shelly Prince. Gina Mazzel, Kevln Phillips. Stacey Finch, Stephanle Beverly. Chris Mclonalsky, Beverly Parrlsh. Tommy Say! Jeff Lockharf, Klm Moss. Jlll McClanahon, Jewel Gordon, Lee Ann Mlllen Shelia Adkins. Melissa Morrison, Sfeve Simmons. Jennifer Young, 5th row: Moro Sanfmyre, Davhd Hardmen. not plcfurod: U Sfark, Lisa Marfln. Llsa Shell, Laura Welgort. Melanie Douglas. Chris Phllllps. Steve Toney, Beth Bruney, Scott Bean, David nggbothum. Kelly Nasser. Kelly Johnson. Gina Moms. Slndy Whl'le. 1 i 1 1 g a w . km .: .3 V . $ I h ' . I 5 . ' ' .' ' ' , 9', f. - F x . L a , , ' .1 - ; v . I ,0 . , , I ,; ., . . n pl -i-'- 'v '- 51:: . 1A.. u .4. 44 . t: a: . - -' I . . ; : J A ' . 3' 7 p214. Playing With Gusto V . . ' n m. . .. '4 235' . b 1n ma, m .. m: year's dl county band consisted of many fine players. Jamlo, Scott. and Darin are this year's all stme 1012 members. 160 vln Taylor sound: out the Nltro anrhem. Thebandsldke: upatunedurlngapeprally. NHS Band Takes The Field The 4983-84 school year began for some In AugusT wITh The beglnning of band prachce. This glorlous Time sTorTed on The firsT day of AugusT, wiTh The sun and sweet beoTTng Their brows, so ThaT The choreTTes, flog core, and band members could ready Themselves for Their firsT performance of NlTro's firsT fooTball game. When The band procTiced for fooTboIl games They sTarTed Their rouTlnes for The Kcnowho CounTy MoJoreTTe FesTlval. NiTro's hard work did noT go unnoTIced because They come home wiTh 3rd place boy Twirier, 2nd place girl Twirier, The mojoreTTes recelved 2nd for core marching and rouTlne. Overall The bond come home wlTh 2nd place Grand Champions, TsT piece band rouTlne. Durlng The school year The bond has many oTher ocTiviTles. They have a ChrlsTmas and spring concerT, which oTTracTs aim of ouTsTde aTTenTlon. There are several parades in which The bond porTicipaTes such as The: Armis- Tlce Day. ChrisTmos, RaTings, and Memorial Day parade. RaTings were held This year on April 42 and 43 wiTh The final parade on Sofurday The mm. The bond come ouT wiTh a one mlnus and a Two plus from The judges who rated Them on Their sTrong and weak polnTs making Tapes of The bonds Two selecTIons. The bonds losT performance wlll come OT GroducTion where They will play several selecTions To end The senlors lasT day. 0 - m2,e lovi .. 0 John Loveloy was rhls year's boy fwlrler. The band both cheeks and plays to show their school 5pm. Anglo Klm Wad nor way Into hearfs as feafure fwlner. Tlm Hicks and Gray Cochran were The all sfafa members this year. t; Far Hum: Angle creafes enthuslam for the Wlldccma. Far right corner: Angle shun her s'ruff. nght: Mluy sways to the Deaf. 80mm: can to rlgh'o Chrlsfy White, Llsa Weaver. Shelly Marsh. Klm Maynard. Mlssy Thomas4 Omeellnm Angle Kirk. Head and Twlrler. Paulo Durst, Tina le99. and Sfephonle Baldwin. Putting Twirl in The ' f w ,3 Western i ' T ; World " " A ' 1 z ,w '162 ' - :. Len: Paula and Mlssy glve festlval goers a big smlle. Below; Llne-up of smiles for The lero WlldcaTs. Robln. Mlssy and Paula spend a rainy evenlng cl The fooTball game. Len: John Lovejoy showlng hls TolenTs QT Laldly Fleld. The NiTro High School Major- Tes, under The direcTion of Mr. ereld FosTer, had quiTe o ccessful season in The year '83-84. They procTiced hard all mmer, geTTlng ready for The nnuol Konowho CounTy Bond nd MojoreTTe FesTivol. They TTended o mojoreTTe camp of owks NesT for six days in The mmer, where They learned rouTines, enTronce. 0nd orp Tony oTher necessary Things To nprove Their performance. AT The FesTivol, The girls laced second in Corp Marching nd second in Corp rouTine. ngle Kirk The girl Twirler, who is lso Head, placed second girl HS MojoreTTes Show SpiriT Twirler for her rouTine To "Chom- pionship". John Lovejoy placed Third for his boy Twirler perfor- mance To "BeoT IT". The FesTivol lsn'T The only place These girls have shown Their TolenT ond splriT. They performed oT fooTboll games, boskeTboIl games, marched in many parades and raised school spirlT by dancing and Twirling oT pep ossemblys. Someone who's ofTen for- goTTen and overlooked is The boyTwirIer. John Lovejoy also has To procTice hard and someTimes harder Than The mojoreTTes. The mojoreTTes conTribuTed To communiTy funcTions, repre- senTing NiTro oT many parades and conTesTs ThroughouT The counTy. They also conTribuTed To holf-Time performances, display- ing coordinoTion and skill by dancing and Twirling To raise school spiriT. They did new and original rouTines, which added more enThusiosm To each game. The mojoreTTes join in making sporTs evenTs enjoyable, and inspiring sTudenT supporT for The Team. Being o mojoreTTe meons hard work, dedicoTion, being able To Take orders, shoring, learning, experience, long hours, sore muscles, broken bones, and always wearing a smile . . . even when you drop The boTon on your head. 163 Flying high of every game. Tho captaln. Una Knoll. shows how It's done. The Flag Corp poses for the picture. W725?! . : " 5 ' 7 ,':j , 7V . i t r t if x5 The Flag Corp marches on the field. . g: i The Band Festival Is the hlghllghf of the v V " "' year. The Flag Corp salutes Nltro. ,w '1 A35 1.- mag: , V 164 " 7 ' " 1 X ' s '1 . , "xi 1", The Flag corp for The year ?83-84 consisTed of Lisa ell, hcopToiny Tammy Bur- rd, Moro SonTmyer, Sandy ylor, Jennifer Young, Shelly orge, EIizobeTh Johnson, Th Radar, and Darlene ines. These girls endured many urs of pracTice, sore mus- s, bumps, and bruises To rform 0T fooTbalI games, rodes and many oTher TiviTies such as The Kane- 0 CounTy Bond and ilags Up For N. H. S. MojoreTTe FesTivol, which was held early in The fall of 83'. The flag corp, only in Their second year of exisTence, was depended on To make all The becuTiful formoTions around The bond ThaT make all The game and parade- goers siT up and Take noTice. They sTorTed prccTicing in AugusT wiTh The bond and didn'T sTop unTiI Their duTies were done. Id 3k ,,, 155-... ,xT-T h h f 0 .1 . ' WHX '7 foa e Mara have lun at The game. Haas held high for NlTro, Sandy. Marc and Shelly perform wITh enthusiasm. The 198384 Flaocorp. The gin: are marching proud after a good performance. 165 ChopTer 7 The HighlighTs ThroughouT The ups and downs of our sTory There have always proved To be a loT of "ups". These "ups", as They are called, are known beTTer as our sTory's highlighTs. The highlighTs ore whoT make The sTory inTer- esTing and exciTing. They also prove To be The life giving source To The whole ploT. These highlighTs hove includ- ed The Trip To King's Island, The MounTaineer Olympics, WinTer Formal and of course The prom as well as counTless oTher ocTiviTies around N.H.S. This year. In shorT, wiThouT These highlighTs The year would be boring and quiTe dull. Our memories, for The mosT parT, of N.H.S. will always be of Those special Times, The Times known simply as our highlighTs. Top - Lunch Time Is always The hlghllghT of everyone's doyl , Above - A not so camera shy group pose for a plcTure at The MounTalneer Dlnner TheaTer, Right - l8 fhls hlp or what? Far naht - Davld Auer poses wlTh The SToTue of Davld durlng The school's Trlp To Europe Top left - Chris Hopfry strikes a pose during the Klng's Island trip. Top middle - Thlngs are lookan pretty weird 0? me Mountclneer Olympics. Top right - Students leading back on to their bus afrer an unexpected flat tire on melr way to King's Island. Above - Scott Wells and Kaml Blockhursf take a breath of the Prom. Left - Mounfalneer Olymplcs can prove 10 be pretty messy at tlmes. Senior Priviledges The Seniors again made their annual trip to the Mountaineer Dinner Theatre on May 17, in Winfield. The production put on was "The Fantasticks. " It was a rather enjoyable musical with a few hysterical moments. Many seniors enjoyed getting out of school and participating in one of the few privileges during their senior year. Another privilege seniors had was their trip to Kings Island. Seniors left on Friday May 18, at two o'clock that afternoon, to spend the evening with ten to fifty thousand other seniors. After stopping for a short break, we were off again, and our next stop was Kings Island. The lines were very long for the popular rides, but they proved to be worth the wait. The two most popular were the King Cobra, and the Beast. E veryone seemed to stuff themselves full of all kinds of food, but not many were sick. The weather had threatened rain all day, but it turned out to be a wonderful evening. The Seniors stayed at the park until two o'clock Saturday morning, then it was time to leave. El 5 g i V ., . ' Lett- The twins havlnalunch together. f, V ' - , h Bottom right - Lorl trying to get some sleep. Top loft - Craig and Paula. Smllol Above right - Rose and Walter looking forward to King: Island. Bottom L9" - Bus 4E1, having a flat fire on their way ro Kings Island Hoffom right - Anything to get ouf of school, just to have lunch with your friends. Top left - Lynn and Vicki Wapping" on fhe way to Kings Island rop middle - Together agalnl Far right - David and John all fired oui from riding the Beast 169 Most likely all the irips were tiresome but prolzaabiy very enjoyable and a change of scene was educational as well as enjoyable; W...- Em 1i: -3: 172 Where are your dates guys? Mike and Paul stop for a pose after sipping their 'bunc 8.J., find, and Chlfs discover a new dance they can all do. Darin, Jeannette doesn't really want a kiss. e 'I 984 Prom had E verything The 1984 Junior-Senior Prom started out with its usual preday action. tors began preparing for the prom, months in advance and finally the . day came to decorate the gym. This year they again got a parachute . draped it over the gym floor. The gym was very nicely done in Iloons and streamers. This year's theme was, "A Heavenly Evening." Music was provided the Production Company. The prom lasted from eight to eleven and ryone seemed to have a fantastic time. Most people went out in ups to dinner at some of Charleston's finest restaurants and then came to the prom. When the initial prom was over, the next stop was to onge and on to the midnight movies. That was the place to be on this ssed evening because everyone was there. i All and all, the 4984 prom was a grand success. Those who went had onderful time and will look forward to other such events. But those 0 missed It will have to make a point to attend next year because r prom Is one thing you can not miss without missing a lot of exciting mories. Mrs. McBrayer, Amy. and Lori take a few moments to pose Amy Stemple really gets down to boogie. The gym looks quite empty an hour before but soon It wlll fill up, V "' 22. 'JA, 5 - 176 rap Iorr. Josarlo and Norman slurp their hearts out. Top middle. Mat! Grover delles gravity and equilibrium by balancing a cracker. Top right. Mrs. Mcarayer gets the last laugh. Above. Jeff and 89m eat a! Iho trough. Mark Lochblhler dldn'! need a lunch ticket for this meal. Mounralneer Olympics can be run. Mountaineer Olympics Held The mountaineer olympics is one of Nitro's favorite traditions. Students dress in hillbilly attire, pack into the gym, sit in class sections, and prepare for the upcoming events. With spirits high the class members join to compete against each other. Anything goes during the Olympics. A game can make a fool of you or show your ability to compete. The events were tug of war where eight boys and eight girls compete. The three legged race where one boy and one girl have one leg tied together then must run across gym and back. Balloons where four boys and four girls have balloons tied to their ankles. The participants try to burst the other classes' balloon. Egg toss, tossing the egg at continuously farther distances until egg is dropped. Bottle fill where the girl stands and holds a glass filling bottle at boyis waist. Pie eating where, without hands, contestants must eat a whole pie. Pudding feeding where the boy and girl face each other are blindfolded and feed each other pudding. Orange and lifesaver pass with five bo ys and five girls must pass the object without dropping and withOut hands. Gathering the herd where the students are blindfolded and herded by noise to one part of the gym. Spoons where a spoon ls run up and down the body, under the clothes, with a string trailing. Needle in ahaystack, wheelbarrow, walnutpush, cracker carry and jello suck. . When the events were over the scored totaled, the senior class of "84" was the clear victor. Juniors were second and sophomores came in a close third. By the end of the day the events are over but the memories of mountaineer olympics will live forever. w 's the watering hole? bottom. The three legged race starts out. its. Sherry Dunn concentrates on the top right. Lost sheep flock together. bottom left. Alan "Jami' Jenkins and Amy Frlck spoon read each other. p apt Altho ah the Mountainee Glymp ids ChGpTer N.H.S.'s Sponsors Perhaps The mosT imporTonT parT in The producTion of The NiTronian, The GreaT Book of The WesTern world, is iT's sponsors. WiThouT These sponsors conTribu- Tions This book would never have reached your hands. We, as sTudenTs, have always sponsored producTs and name brands wheTher we've realized H or noT. In The pasT year we've spon- sored many producTs or insTiTuTions in several ways. iT shows in our cloThes, posTers, or jusT The producTs we purchase in general, we are Touched by The odverTising indusTry. 4983-84 sow Pepsi lavish a big campaign wiTh The help of Michael Jackson and even more designer jeans and cloThes indus- Tries. The main charocTers, ploT, and over oil sTory line make up The NiTronian, buT wiThouT iTs sponsors This yearbook would noT be published. We Thank our sponsors This year. Top nohi - What coqu This group be up To? Above - Mitzi Porter shows her TasTe. For right - Benie Barkey sure could use a "break Today". nghT - Lee WlThrow, Gary Frazier, and Mike FosTer show a Touch of Class. Acknowled ti , gemenTs Top Ian- JIII HIII dressed for the Job of librarian old. Top middle - What an awful large corsage. Top rlghf - Lorl Miller gets Into the prom scene. Above - Floyd Little sponsors Nl'rro In 1he Scariet Oaks Golf Tournament. Far left - Jane Elsender woltlng for someone to reach out and Touch her. Lef1 - Arnie shows a ?ouch of class. 481 Without chemicals, life itself would be impossible. AAA Furniture 243T. Nifro NiTro WV Monsanto Monsanto Company Nitro Plant Nitro, W. Va. 25143 the Earth Stove? Wee 7mm 61 because it's space age ' enQineering doesn't show 6"!5W!"FI 9W- 3 f: D AWARDS FOR ALL OCCASIONS "" ' .1": getting back to 126 MAIN AVE' 732903 dosn'! have mm W 25143 to be a sacrifice! - Automatic draft 0 Secondary drans - Pre-heatlng manifold 0 Burns 14 hrs. - Converts to open ' Conserves fuel l304l 7557971 fire . Fire brick lined Heat N Wheo'r 408 Wesf Main Sheet St. Albans W. V. 25477 182 Congratulations Class of '84 BOB'S CAR CARE AU0O ' , V0 9 .. 0 s W L;-,::1'g N, 1 R0 STATEINSPECTION ALIGNMENTS TUNE-UPS STEAM CLEANING BRAKES a EXHAUST OILCHANGES. ETC. DRUGS AlR-CONDITIONING SERVICE 66 OLDE MAIN PLAZA ST. ALBANS. WV 25177 1304! 722-5070 5236 BIG TYLER RD, CROSS LANES.WV 25313 - WEDDING CAKES 2208 22nd St ' BIRTHDAY AND SPECIALTY CAKES - DONUTS. PASTRIES. COOKIES Nitro, WV 25143 - BREADS. ROLLS BOB PITMAN-OWNER - PEPPERONI ROLLS 304-776-4893 Have A Great l983-84 School Year From Your One Valley Square 0 R0. Box 1793 0 Charleston, WV 25326 0 Phone 6040 348-7000 - Organized 1867 - Member FDIC An Affiliate of One Valley Bancorp of West Virginia. Inc. Congratulations Class of 084 BUILDING DEALERS ' EXCAVATION ' YOUNG BUILDERS CONSTRUCTION INC. 29TH STREET 6: 1ST AVE. NITRO. WV 25143 t3041755-0041 GENERAL CONTRACTORS ' EQUIPMENT RENTALS Donna Costa '5 Beauty Salon .5120 Way Cross Road Cross Lanes WV 25313 7 7 6-2820 Congratulations Seniors of "64" Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Compliments of M B k f CL Cfgssianes Located at the Cross Lanes Exit of l-64 Each deposnor Insuved to $100,000 Phone 776-41 1 1 FDIC Nitro-B THE BANK OF CROSS LANES CROSS LANES WEST VIRGINIA BANKING HOURS DRIVE-IN 8 M To 7 PM 8 M To 6 PM 8 M To 3 PM 8 M TO 6 PM 8 M TO 7 PM 8 M TO '12 NOON 24 Hour Depository 8 Letter Drop Ph. 776-4144 MEMBER FDIC COAL RIVER W W "716 74ng of SW" 83 OLDE MAIN PLAZA 727-4335 SAINT ALBANS, WV APPALACHIAN TIRE PRODUCTS, INC. ST. ALBANS, W. VA. 25177 201 McCorkIe Ave. Phone 722-3321 F 3112in Hair Salon 385 Main St. Nitm DOT'S RESALE SHOP OPEN WED.. '1 HUR.. FRI.. SAT. 10 A.M. - 6 P.M. DOROTHY WOODS 755-2398 CONSIGNMENT RESELLING OF LADIES' QUALITY APPAREL 4105 FIRST AVE. NITRO. WV 25143 ColOpbon Nifro High School's Ni'rronicn was Iifhogrophed by Wolsworfh Publishing Company in Morceline, Missouri. Melinda Bird was The company represenfofive; Cost: $25.00 per copy. Press run: 425 copies of 200 pages each. Cover: Four color - Reproduction of a four color pic'rure on whi're 400 lb. cloTh Millbonk. Four color picture reproduced by laser scanner with a PlasTi-Glo application. Back cover: Bloch Ink applied with copy done in gold with 2 pt. white Tooling line ou'rlining letters. Paper: 80 lb. sTipple. End sheets: Blue Gronofe stock wiTh Smyfhe signo'rure sewn rounded, and backed. Body Type: AvonT Gorde with boldface headings for copfions. Block and white reproducfions were produced in The school dark room by school photographers. Underclass. faculty senior and Team pictures were Token and processed by Cardinal Phofogrophics. Special Thanks go To many people who contributed such as The Charleston GozeTTe and Daily Mail Mefro WesT for The use of several sports photographs, odverfisers, patrons, foculfy, sfoff and coaches. Pafrons Jeanie McClain Kid - Signmenf Dr. R. Veazey Bill Currey's Bicycle Sfore Of Nifro Clinfon Craig and Famin 185 186 Iarryiiigifiivgms MARRS JEWELRY 1:03 FAIRLAND DRIVE NITRO. wv 25143 11The most beautiful diamonds on earth come from MarrsP First Ave. and 20h St. Nitro, WV 25143 Phone 755-1631 PHONE 776-1181 G000 FURNITURE . . an investment in your futurcI Cofonia! jnferiord, qqnc. FLORAL SHOP 11Flowers By Brooksw 21st Street Nitro, West Virginia Phone 755-4301 C alwell, McCormick f: Peyton, L. C . Lawyers 2602 First Avenue P. O. Box 715 Nirro, West Virginia 25143 Telephone 6300 755-8161 University of Charleston Kanawha City UniversiTy of Chorlesfon University of Charleston Kanawha City Kanawha Ci'ry WV 187 wk ' ,ga. NEWBBOUGH PHOTOGRAPHY ST. ALBANS - 1112 KANAWHA TERRACE NITRO BIBLE BOOK STORE 2702 Firs? Avenue NiTro, WV 25443 Phone: 755-2585 $PHE3HT Eamd TIREDTEJ Chwngtnealm 35m $ amd ngkz $h5g55 a 533mm m JE$U$ 5MM$T UNLUMUTEID mmwamummm ENVIRONMENTAL 555305613 59 19984 $550395 L5we9s5 Wm: WED . r -$5 'n'n; ESE 'ququ F 5 ' Ill 1 n l: ,. .....a..,';':l,l,, 'IZ'IC', 5;; '55:, 5 31?. "H :3$' TEMPERATURE CONTROL. INC 511 Central Ave. P O BOX'E. Charleston. WV 25302 13041 344-8096 Q .,x t agarry's of Cross ,ganes HAIR STYLING 103 FAIRLAND DRIVE NITRO. WV 25143 PHONE 776-1131 188 GATENS FUNERALHOME Poca, WV 755- 1361 "Congratulations to the Class of 84" Ni'rro Dairy Queen CONGRATULATIONS! CLASS OF '84 Jesus said, 9e- "I am the way, the truth and the life; no man cometh unto the St Albans Father but by me." John 14:6 Floral Old Main Plaza, St. Albans FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH NITRO, WEST VIRGINIA 25143 WWW? Parity $hep 330KB3 38th etmeefhg ilgik Aweme Nutmeg Wegik ngnmne Egg. thea 755:ng 189 Congratulations Class of 84 Kanawha COOK 8: Dauley Cablevision funeral Home Olde Main Plaza St. Albans, W. V. 25I77 2002 20th St. Nitro Dhone 756-3334 Turnpike Chevrolet Nitro WV Nitro, 1 Lillys' Offer These Conveniences IJLLYS' CHARGE - LILLYS' LAYAWAY MASTERCARD - VISA -AMERICAN EXPRESS gLQQ999 Comer Place 776-3522 V Crown Jew Formerly Graziano's of Cross Lanes elers C 8; L Shopping Plaza Cross Lanes. WV "For Gifts You'll Give With Pride" Valley Department of West Virginia Inc. 5833 MacCorkle Ave 768-9426 19'1 492 ORCHID FLORAL 5475 Big Tyler Rood Cross Lanes, WV Free Delivery Flowers for all Occasions Wire Service Rufus Dingess, Jr. 304-776-8295 HAIR DESIGN OF CROSS LANES 640472 CROSS LANES DRIVE CROSS LANES, WV COMPLETE HAIR STYLING FOR MEN 8c WOMEN PENNY MORGAN - OWNER-OPERATOR 776-6769 CHILDERS AUTO SALES, INC. 448T 87 4ST AVE. NlTRO, W. 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BOX 7023 6 9 806 Cross Lanes Drive 84 Cross Lanes WV 25343 In CFDSS Lanes Hunting and Fishing pHONE 776-5329 License Store 304-755-8693 Complete Masonry Material Dealer KANAWHA Brick 84 Block Co. 9 W W AVE" N'TRO TEE FORMATION SHOP 8 - 5100 Mon. - Fri. 8 - 42 SCIT. 4443 MCCORKLE AVE., ST. ALBANS, W. VA Ph. 722-4604 25477 0 Brick 0 Block 0 Slate Concrete 8L Mortar Mixes ST. ALBANS MALL o Marble 0 Masonry Tools Stone-Sills, Hearfh, Mantel PHONE 722-4409 Fireplace Materials Masonry Poinf - WhiTe Sand JIM HAWLEY - OWNER PCIin 3 Splash Block 722-4409 o Air Conditioning Pads 0 Bumper Block Decorafive Block o Plastic Pipe 0 Windows 0 Doors o'Wire Mesh . Durowal . STeel Rod 193 mamas ECEEUIEB WE'UIEIBUEUCUIBW IIUEBIWULUIL 512415 SEW? WEEIIWCUUEU BEQB IEEEBB ECHEUIEB WW E53113 WEDGE 9269135611 IBEWBIBCWIEILCWUEEHB BEQBE El? 843 Nitro Moose Lodge lst Ave Nitro WV 25143 0111; The w :ww-mA mm . T The resoTuTion of any sTory occurs when The elemenTs of The ploT ore unraveled, solving l. s The quesTions and resolving The I 'conflicTs ThQT have arisen dur- wing The course of The acTion. Any high school senior's re- squTion, of course, Then occursg when The end of The school year rolls around. Final exams are compleTed, BaccalaureoTe is held, and Then The big momenT in o sTudenT."s life e ' - groduoTion - finally occurs. The Class of 4984 reached iTs goal on June 9, 4984, GT 2:00 in The ChorlesTon Civic CenTer. , The class voTed To have Their cldssmoTes as The groduoTion speakers. Valerie STeele, David 498 Sam and Bren are ready To go The olrls and guys are waITlng. The Saga Reaches lTs End PoTTon, and Jim Freebersyser served as The honor groduoTes of The class. AfTer The ,speeches and musical numbers by Craig Finch and The choir, The class began To receive Their diplomas from Mr. McClonohon. A special momenT of silence was given. To The memory of Porn Wheeler. AfTer each had received Their diplomas, The Senior members of The choir closed wiTh The selecTion, "Friends," reminding us ThoT Friends will remain forever in our memories, long ofTer we deporT from one cnoTher. The Clvlc Centere Mr. Moses "Tlxes" The falling curTalns, Davld Auer looks nervous Jeff and Tiffany lead Them In. An Lynn helps Trlna wlfh her fdssel. Brett and Lori owalf their dlplomos. Steve Godbey proudly holds his diploma. Trlsh and BIII are on their way. Mike. Randy. and Freddie - Clayton Blankenshlp escons Priscsx- Jlm Dlxon on his way up. the Three stooges made If, lo Maxwell. Todd and Kathy anr Their furn. -; OK Guys - one. two. Three. Karen and Chrlsfy pose oufslde. chk. Teresa sheds rears wifh Cathy Lynn says, "We made lfi" Ii Leeks Like We Made ii And so our siory ends. if fruiy looks like we made ii. We have mer fhe challenge. We have accomplished fhe fask ai . , , , hand. We have prepared a barf of our fufure, We, as cenirol Grea'woud'v displays his dwioma- characfers of fhis greaf book of our weslern world, now sfond mm and Lisa share m9 moment. on ihe fhreshold of a new story wiih a new seriing and characiers, bur we know ihaf ihe barf fhe Nilro High School Angle and Eddie and a great yeah 1 . . . has played in our lives will never be forgoffen. We will be Mike Is as czozy as usual l 200 ' , l ' . - t ' forever shaped by the memenfs we spenf ioge'iher. , - - Jim and Amy spend a moment logeiherl l I the yearbeok trio wraps it up WALSWONTH PUBLISHING COMPANY; MARCELINE, Mlssovm cuss WALSWORTH PUBLISHING COMPANY MARKWZLINE MIHHUUHI U E! A

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