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X77777 M777JJ M77777 67707777777677 1 JIM?! 7t fwfowa fill 340ng r W, Maya! $27.26???ng WWW Md fad fa MWK W mdym .j. W m yam wa WW 1W - , , iji JWXMyAJ WEN RUM m M1 L- m ; W 7n TABLE OF C 0N TE N TS ADVERTISING STUDENT LIFE CLUBS FACULTY SPORTS pg. 89 UNDERCLASSMEN pg. 68 OPENING pg. 4 SENIORS pg. 35 CATS ARE. .. IN THE SPIRIT. .. m S E m m HEMSELVES. . . A LITTLE BI T Well, I just made it through another day without having the slightest idea what I was doing . . . OF E VERY T HIN G! ! ! A real friend is one who walks in when the rest ofthe world walks out. Walter Winchell We, the Nitrom'an Staffof1980-81, hope I you enjoy your yearbook. We have spent many hours preserving the memories of this special year. M ay you cherish them always. :3 2:? egg WWW eg- w m ' 1' 1'65 :5 The Bulldogs had a loud bark, but not a big enough M bite to stop the Mighty Wildcats from running away with a 7-6 Homecoming Victory Saturday, September 27, 1980. Homecoming festivities began early that morning as Nitro students hurriedly and anxiously put finishing touches on their class and club floats. With the start of the parade on that bright and sunny day, ttHomecomingh 80 was under way. 12 1. Senior Attendant Jennifer Barker. Her escort was Scott Jackson. 2. Senior Attendant Mary Reveal. Her escort was Chris Caines. 3. 1979-80 uMiss Wildcaf' Jackie Gullion. Her escort was Bruce Perkins. 4. Senior Attendant Jayme Stommel. Her escort was Jeff O8Dell. 5. Senior float wins first place in class float competition. 6. Jayne Ann Grover, Sophomore Attendant was escorted by Jack Gilbert. 7. The new 9Miss WildcaW 80-81, Mary Reveal. 8. Junior Attendant Stacy Klingler was escorted by J. R. Page. 9. Harry Adkins, Cheryl Pennington and Gary Marshall are ready to present awards. 10. The Homecoming Court 1980. a. $.E 1t. 13 The Cats will reign in 80 was the theme for the Seniors Winning float. Ken Hawkins leads the way. n4 V Pk x h. 4m Debbi SMILES! The majorcttes are ready to go. Above: The J r. float passes the crowd. Below: Senior Mike Payne wants to SCORE. h .311, I h 3;; h . Coffee, Tea, or US? Science Club float wins club float competition. Gina Stemple works! Art sees his float. '3Fff' 1Q T3 '32 1" Above: "Drench the Dogs" theme ofSophomore Float. I wonder what Monk is thinking? 16 The Winter Formal was held December 20, 1980, at Camp Virgil Tate. Everyone enjoyed themselves and danced to the music of hReunionP The evening was highlighted when Jayme Stommel was crowned hSnow Queen 1980? and Krista Hannas and Monica Raether were named as attendants. Though, Winter Formal 380 came to a close, the memories will be with us always. Monica Raether Attendant Jayme Stommel Snow Queen 1980-81 Krista Hannas Attendant 17 MAJORETTE FESTIVAL. .. 18 It seems that Nitro ncvcr marches away from u mujorcltc festival empty handed, and this year was no exception. This was the first year for the band itself to place. The marching Wildcats received second place playing. NilroTs buy twirlcr. Kcvcn Slover, TTop chl and Lower CenterT performed magnificently 21nd rcccivcd the second place trophy for twirl- ing. TFar Lower Lem Director. Mr. Foster zlcccpls the second runncroup trophy for Grand Champion. Overall the Wildcat Band Ich the 34th Annual Daily Mail Kanawha County Majorette Festival as SECOND RUNNER-UP TO GRAND CHAMPION. TLower CcnterT Marsha Landcrs showed her "Hot Stuff" and took third place as Nilrds girl twirler. At left we see uThose Bcauliful Dolls" smiling away and joyfully performing their originality routine as toys coming 10 life from their loybox. The majorette corps did their corps routine to the music of"King Cotton." 19 2O Above: Ah, togetherness! Lookin' good Kcnnie Bass, Monica Raether, John Hughart, Todd Pauley, Bruce Payne, Susan Hutton, Linda Gibson, Lori Dillion. Krista Hannas, and Lesia Finney e after a hard day of painting the Water Tower. Top Right: Make sure he paints in the lines you guys! Right: Oh, no! We've lost him! He slipped out of hisjacket! ugh W 1'31 'ji'M'CL Left: Krista Ballerina" Hannas shows her graceful style. Below: School looks A LOT better from up here! Alexander to the rescue! Community effort on the tower - the gangs all here! 21 FA VORITES OF 1981 E VEN TS 1. osta- 'eleased TVSHOV 1. w- 3. D fH' d ACTOR 4. Esosso MOVIE 5. White Shadow g. :g'ichard Pryor - I lan Ald. W ; n hichWa You Ca 4. Nine to Five 5. Blue Lagoon CAR ACTRESS 1 Corvette GROUP Mmm 1. Goldie Hawn 4' Camaro 2. Bo Derek 3. Sally Fields , , K . 4. Miss Piggy 1. arl melVCommodores Lynyrd 5. Carol Burnette 2 3. EO -- - - - '10MEagles 4. StyxalmperialeOObie Brother 5. Queen PLA C E PR1 C E S T0 EA T SONG 1. Coke .40-.45 2. Gas $1.30 1. Huss 3. Hamburger .90 .5 Lynyrd Skynyrd 2. Rax - . 4- Fnes m, '75 ebration f K001 SL The Gang 3- 3C0 6 Home 5' Med. P1223 - $500 3. I Just Want to Keep on Loving You W ,jLMW 6 Stamp '15 REO Speedwagon 5- LC Chateau. 7' Lee Jeans $18'00'$20'00 4. Another One Bites the Dust Queen Wendfs 8' Dozen Roses $6000 5. Every Woman in the World 7, Air Supply ;'pEClSlONS, DE economic officials. in Id Bsgan, P: 'alck ..-I 0V 3. as symbols 0. welcome. ma; 1 - .- a low-key worker behind the scenes. mven. Charle- Education B a c: three laps n: . .Ilnmn '79: 3:16: sscl ' IIS' won by Tullman sscl. .- 05 I . I,;' Rm; v.0. Box 202 . 427. As Vice President Gevrge Bush plans . 23 on, the defense had to holdQ 0$ tme'athe fans wouiti su at J ,t 3 8696086 to the occas hen the offensehad the ball a ne " 10 ad score thce 33A e k 7 . , other one by Payne, 5 cord nowaloss would for er stain. ,h e rra- 671it,f es f' Ab. ' " m V 1.3197 And as the clock ticked toea closer. "R 9'7 25 PRINCIPAL Ronald Lyons H.S.: Sherman College: WVU Classes: How to Study Yrs. at NHS: 15 uMost of our students are great. Our students appear to me to be more mature when compared to other high school students." ' Robert L. Ma - A . College: WVU Yrs. at NHS: 11 sThe Creates? VICE-PRINCIPAL 27 Nancy Bonnett H.S.: Nitro Secretary Yrs. at NHS: 6 We have some greaf, students at NHSY Gloria Puckett H.S.: Oak Hill Clerk " -v Yrs. at NHS: 5 Wnusually unusual thafs good." Tom Bailey H.S.: Stonewall College: Marshall Counselor Yrs. at NHS: 2 28 Margaret Ann Hudson H.S.: Nitro College: Marshall Counselor Sponsor: College Club Yrs. at NHS: 21 Mrs. Margaret Wilmoth H.S.: Moundsville College: Alderson Broaddus Counselor Sponsor: College Club Yrs. at NHS: 21 .: . urrlcane liege: WV Tech asses: Health, American Studies, Phys. Ed. and Career aches: Asst. Football and Basketball. 5. at NHS: 7 Ictory High nllege: WVU asses: Foods I and 2 onsor: F.H.A. s. at NHS: 8 elen Davis 8.: Ripley llege: Glenville State 'asses: Library onsor: Library Club rs. at NHS: 9 Mrs. Jo Bricker H.S.: St. Albans College: Randolph Mason Womcnk College Classes: Consumer Math, Essen. Math Yrs. at NHS: 11 Mrs. Charlotte S. Bryson H.S.: Washington Irving College: WVU Teacher: French I-IV, English 11 Sponsor: French Club Yrs. at NHS: 10 '. .: p ia Wheeling College: WVU Classes: Biology Coaches: Baseball Yrs. at NHS: 2 Sarah H. Christenson H.S.: South Charleston College: Marshall Classes: Biology I Drawing-Design Pre. Voc. Sponsor: Prom Yrs. at NHS: 9 29 7 Joycgpjgk ' . v .. v o 1 15 College: Morris Harvey Classes: Typing ll, Shorthand 1, Office Machines, and Pre Vocational Sponsor: FBLA 2 yrs. at NHS College: WV State Classes: Mech. Drawing, Building Maintenance Coaches: Assistant Football. Sponsor: Aud. Vis. Coor. 4 yrs. at NHS. Judy Former H.S.: Marsh Fork College: Concord Classes: PE and First Aid Sponsor: Homecoming Parade Coach: Girls Tennis 12 yrs. at NHS Gerald A. Foster H.S.: Nilro College: Marshall Classes: Band, Music Theory Stage Band Director Band 13 yrs. at NHS H8.. W m - u College: WV Tech Classes: Pre Voc. Shop Sponsor: Industrial Arts Club 2 yrs. at NHS Judith R. Gillian H.S.: St. Albans College: Concord, Marshall Classes: Soph. English 9 yrs. a1 NHS Zelma Hall H.S.: Montgomery Classes: Resource Room College: WV State First year at NHS College: Marshall Classes: Adult Roles and Functions, Foods 1, Clothing 1 and 11, Child Care. Sponsor: FHA First year at NHS Teresa Hardman H.S.: St. Albans College: Morris Harvey Classes: Algebra I and II, Calculus, Math Analysis Sponsor: Mu Alpha Theta, Math Field Day, WV State Math League. 2 yrs. at NHS ura Hayhurst .S.: Gassaway liege: WVU Iasses: American Studies, Sociology onsor: Cheerleaders, Sr. Class, Student Council rs. at N HS orma King .3: Magnolia ollege: Fairmonl State lasses: General Business. Business Math, Pre-Vocalional Business, Math Lab onsor: FBLA yrs. at NHS 1 Iene Kuryla .S.: Ripley ollegc: WVU lasses: Chemistry I and 11, Physics oonsor: Explorer Post 501 yrs. at NHS 31 32 I I I l U Clanah: I - H.S.: Nuro m College: Alderson Broaddus Classes: PE and Speech Coach: Head coach Basketball 7 yrs. at NHS Joan McClanahan H.S.: Nitro College: Marshall Classes: English 12, Typing 1. Sponsor: Jr. Civitan 4 yrs. at N HS Dolores McGucken H.S.: Nilro College: Marshall Classes: Vocal Music, English Sponsor: Concert Choir, All County Chorus. All-State Chorus, Honors Choir 25 yrs. at N HS Miss Almodie E. Leurant H.S.: Charleston College: University of Pennsylvania Classes: Biology 1, Human Physiology, Biology ll, 11 Sponsor: Science Club 28 yrs. at NHS Linda Mann H.S.: St. Albans College: Marshall Classes: Typing 1, Account and 11, Business Manage Business Machines 6 yrs. at NHS Barbara McBrayer H.S.: Herbert Hoover College: Fairmont State Classes: Resource Room 1 year at NHS ry G. McMillian . .: Nitro lege: Louisiana College sses: Psychology, American tudies, Coach, Golf, Cross ountry ; rs. at N HS Meredith . .: Stonewall Jackson llege: WVU sses: Biology, P.E. nsor: lntramurals yrs. at NHS Ida H. Miller .: Welch High llege: WV State .5565: Office Practice, hortland ll, Personal Typing, yping II and Ill. . at NHS: 16 Charles MOses H.S.: Collins High College: Tech WW Classes: World Cultures, Everyday Law. Sponsor: Model UN 4 yrs. at NHS Cynthia A. Norman H.S.: Dupont College: Morris Harvey Classes: English II, Drama Sponsor: Drama Club, Yearbook Yrs. at NHS: 4 B. T. O'Gorman H.S.: Nitro College: Maryland University Classes: Diversified Cooperative Training Sponsor: DECA. Photography 18 yrs. at NHS 33 Mrs. Electra R. Pruett H.S.: Nitro College: Morris Harvey Classes: World Cultures Sponsor: National Honor Society Yrs. at NHS: 26 Ms. Cheryl Ranson H.S.: Stonewall Jackson College: WVU Classes: College Algebra II, Geometry, Business Math, Math Essentials Coaches: Asst. Volleyball and Basketball. Claudette Roberts H.S.: St. Albans College: Marshall Classes: English 12, Spanish I-V Sponsor: Spanish Club, High-Q, Literary Publication Yrs. at NHS: 2 Cathy Sepko H.S.: Pineville College: WV Tech Classes: English and Journalism Sponsor: The Spyglass, Youth for Christ First Year at NHS 34 BANK OF Ni??? w;g N0 Pictures Available Mr. Coffman Gregory W. Cyrus H.S.: St. Albans College: Marshall Classes: Drivers Education Coach: Head Track, Assst Football Yrs. at NHS: 9. Steve Stoffel H.S.: Herbert Hoover College: Glenville State Classes: Drivers Education Coach: Assst Football, Head Wrestling Yrs. at NHS: 2 Pat Vance H.S.: Nitro College: WV State Classes: P.E., Sports Officiating Coach: Head Football, Athletic Director Yrs. at NHS: 12. ES; Humcane College: Marshall Classes: American Studies, W Cultures Sponsor: History Bowl. Yrs. at NHS: 8 Dreama Duncan Watts H.S.: George Washington College: WV State Classes: Art I, II, 111, Arts am Crafts, Fine Arts, Pre-Vocational Sponsor: Art Club Coach: Girls Track Yrs. at NHS: 8 Mrs. White H.S.: St. Albans College: WV State Classes: Geometry, Algebra 1, Business Math First year at NHS 36 M r. and M iss Senior Monica Raether and Harry Adkins Harry Adkins has been selected as Mr. Senior this year. Harry has been involved in Student Council for three years and is currently serving as president. He is also president of the DECA club and was vice presi- dent of FHA his junior and senior years. Other honors include Junior Class President and being a member of the National Honor Society. Harry has shown great leadership and dedication to Nitro High School. Con- gratulations, Harry! Monica Raether has been chosen as Miss Senior 1980-81. Monica has been extremely active in school activities. She is involved in Exploreris Post 501 and Student Council. Monica served as chairman for the winter Formal Committee and was selected as first runner-up to Snow Queen. Monica also has represented Nitro 0n the Varsity Cheerleading squad and is Head Cheerleader this year. Congratulations, Monica! 37 38 ' ..$ at. '!U .j Our senior class has voted to dedicate the 1980-81 yearbook to Mrs. Cynthia Norman. Speaking from experience Mrs. Norman is a great friend. On the first day of school, when we were sophomores, we were .. blessed with her smiling and cheerful face in homeroom. Not many people knew her until they were .-'juniors. Many had her for English class. She sure knows how to make English enjoyable! During our senior year she helped the seniors do their floats and she also was very helpful to Student Council. Throughout all of our stay here at NHS she has sponsored the Drama Club and has been the advisor of the Nitronian. On behalf of the senior class, I would like to show our appreciation for all that she has done for us and the sup- ' port. She has given us much by dedicating this yearbook to her. We thank you and love you, Mrs. 4 Norman! :31' l t'. , h Senior Class History Entering high school was a strange, new and exciting experience, one we shall never forget. Our Sophomore year began by electing Jeff llGooseii Fisher, President, Lori Potts Vice-President, and Jennifer Barker, Secretary-Treasurer as our class officers. For Homecoming '79 we came together and made our first float, liSomewhere Over the Rainbowfi Our attendant to Miss Wildcat was Beth Dodson, escorted by Chip Jarrett. In this year of our llnew beginning we felt intimidated by our upperclassmen but our time was to come. As Juniors our class officers were Harry Adkins, President, Mike Little, Vice-President, and Roddy Burns, Secretary-Treasurer. Jill McClanahan escorted, by Vance Parrish, was our attendant for Homecoming. This was a big year for us. One highlight was ordering our class rings. The other highlight of the year was the Prom. As our final gift to the Senior Class llSouthern Nights" was exquisite. This was when we realized that our next year would be our final year of high school. Our Senior year. We had finally made it to the top. Our class officers were George Freebersyser, President, Jennifer Barker, Vice-President, and Kelly Dotson, Secretary-Treasurer. ilThe Cats will Reign in i80ll was the name of our winn- ing float for Homecoming. The student body selected Mary Beth Reveal for the title of llMiss Wildcat? She was escorted by Chris Caines. Maryis attendants were Jayme Stommel and Jennifer Barker. The Winter Formal was held at Camp Virgil Tate. Jayme Stommel was crowned Snow Queen. Monica Raether and Krista Hannas were her attendants. We selected as our class flower, red rose and babyls breath; our class song, ilFreebird"; and class motto, llFar away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead? a Louisa May Alcott. Our Baccalaureate was held on May 27, and we graduated from Nitro High School on May 28, 1981, at the Charleston Civic Center. New horizons will open for each of us, but they will always be colored by those school days which are now memories A ovAw -. . , -l , 77 . , l w Hi . .Ti '. . II . Kelly Dotson, r. ' Fl: . i a ' 1 ; . - . Secretary- , , 1- n e :1, . ' . Treasurer George F reebersyser. President Jennifer Barker Vice- President . IT r W 1-; "1 IX Senior Class Officers From far left to right: 39 40 Harry L- Adkins Mark A. Adkins DECA 4, Pres. 4; FHA V. Pres. 3. 4; Junior Class Pres. 3; Student Council 2. 3, Pres. 4. FBLA 2; Football Manager 3; Track Manager 2. 3. John H. Alexander Choir 2, 3. 4; Concert Choir 3, - County Choir 4; Explorers Club Junior Achievement 3, 4; Pres. Newspaper 2; Prom Committ Yearbook Staff 2. 3. 4. Jamie Agee Deborah N. Amburgey Drama Club 2, 3, 4; Sec. 4: Comm. 4; Junior Achievement V 4; Prom Comm. 3; Science Club 2 Student Council 4; Who's Who; book 3, 4; Editor 4: America's Distinguished Students 3. David Andruzis DECA 4. Cmdy Asbury Teresa Gail Asbury DECA 4; FBLA 2; 3. 4; J Achievement 3; Science Clu Volleyball 4. Choir 2; 3: Float Comm. 2; 4; Junior Achievement, Treas. 3; Medical Ex- plorers 4'. Science Club 2. 3; Yearbook Stuff 4. Jennifer Kay Barker B-Tcam Chccrlcudcr 3; FBLA 4; Float Comm. 2, 3: Sophomore Glen 3 Baile Class Scc.-Trcas. 2; Senior Class d y Vicc-Pres. 4; Senior Attendant 4. William Kennie Bass Basketball Manager 2; Concert Choir 4; All County Choir 4; Drama 2, 3, 4; Football Manager 2, 3, 4; Head 3, 4; lnterClub Council 4; Spyglass Sports Editor 2, 3, 4. by G. Beckett 2; Explorers 3, 4; Drama Club 3; Committee 4; Nat'l Honor Socie- 4; Treas. 4; Spanish Club 4; Stu- ouncil 3, 4; Who3s Who; Winter al Committee 4. ny Lynn Bias 3, 4. cy Carol Bowen 3; Band 2, 3, 4; Majorette 3. 4; Committee 2, 3. 4; Nam Honor ty 3, 4; Medical Explorers 4; Mu w. Theta; who's who. Larry Bowling Keith Bateman Basketball 2, 3, 4. Jerry Wayne Bell Football 3, 4; Wrestling 2, 3, 4; Co- Captain 3; Captain 4; All KVC 3. Kimberly J 0y Bowen Band 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2; ExploreHs 3; Junior Achievement 3, 4; Science Club 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; Volleyball 4. Richard L. Bowles Football 3. Andrew Carlton Bowyer Concert Choir 2, 3, 4; All County 2, 3, 4; Homeroom Pres. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 4; Nafl Honor Society 3, 4; Student Council 3; W.V. Math League Scmi-Finalist 4. 41 42 Mark D. Boyd Concert Choir 4; All State 4; All County 4; Explorers Club 3, 4; Spyglass 3, 4; Editor 4. Stephen Dale Brabbin Baseball 3, 4; Basketball 3; Student Council4. Robert Brewer Stephanie Elaine Brothers FBLA 3, 4; Sec. 4; Spanish Club 2, 3. Laura Beth Bucy Float Committee 2, 4. J ean Boyea Baseball 2, 3; Drama 2; Explorers Club 3, 4; French Club 2, 3, 4; Gifted Program 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4; Nafl Honor Society 2, 3, 4. Tammy Burdette Thomas C. Brisendine Bobby Bragg Wilbur L. Braunlin Band 2, 3, 4; All County 2, 3, - Area 3; All State 4; Outstandin Member 2; Choir 4; All Coun French Club Pres. 4; Homeroom 4; Who3s Who. French Club 3, 4; Vice-Prcs. 4 Alpha Theta 3, 4. Douglas Burford Sean Burke Burns Mark Burnsworth g Canterbury Tim Carnifix orah Sue Casto 2, 3, 4; All State 3, 4; All County 4; Out. Mem. 2, 3; Field Conduc- Concert Choir 2, 3, 4; All County ; Handball Choir 4; All County . Civitans Vice-Pres. 3, 4; Prom . 3; Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4, ; Stu. Council 3, 4; County Sec. 045 Who; Yearbook Staff 4. Steve Cavender Jim Coiner Baseball 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4. Parrish Childers 43 44 Danny Coon Track 2, 3. Chuck Crawford Laura Katheryn Dabney Basketball 2, 3, 4; Co-Captain 4; KVC Honorable Mention 3; All State Honorable Mention 4; Float Commit- tee 2, 3, 4; French Club 2, 3; Student Council 4; Prom Comm. 3; Volleyball 3, 4; ths Who. Diane Collins 2323 ,3. 4. Chuck Crawford Football 2, 3, 4; Honorable Mcn- tion 2, 3; All Southern 4. Kim Conant Tina Marie Deel Art Club 4; Choir 2, 3; Who's Who. Richard Corey Belinda Cunningham Kathy Lea Dawson Float Committee 2. Lori Jeane Dillion Kll'k Degler Choir 4; Float Committee 3; Prom Track 2; Cross Country 3. Committee 3; B-Team Cheerleader 2; Varsity Cheerleader 3. Elizabeth Dotson ; Band 2, 3; Explorefs Club 4; Committee 2, 3; Inner Club i1 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4; Nat'l Society 3, 4; Sec. 4; Student Michael Gene Douglas Explorefs Club 3; 4-H Club 2, 3, 4; Model UN 3, 4; Vice-Pres. 4; Nafl Honor Society 3, 4, Pres. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4; Science Club 2, 3, 4; il 2, 3, 4; Senior Class Sec. 4. Spanish Club 2, 3. -hele Suzanne Douglas 3; Float Comm. 3, 4; Prom Patrick L. Dudas . 3; Spyglass 3; Yearbook Staff 035 Who. ,, Idy Duff Rick Duff mall 3, 4; Newspaper 3. Basketball Mary Elizabeth Dunlap Choir 2, 3, 4; Concert Choir 4; All County 4; Explorefs 4; Keywanet- Cheryl Eads tes 2; Math Field Day 3; Mu Alpha Theta 4; Prom Hostess 2; WV Math League Semi-Finalist 4. 45 Tammy Patricia F arley Melinda Rae Eades FBLA 4; FHA Sec.-Trcas. 2, 3. 4; FSA SecsTreas. 4; Junior Achieve- ment 3, 4; Trees. 4: Library Club 4; Science Club 4. Art Club 4; Choir 2, 3; Who's Who. Mike F auber Football 3, 4. Lisa Terril F ields Band 2, 3, 4; Explorer's Club 3; Spanish Club 3, 4; Sec.-Treas. 4; ths Who. John Fisher Football 2. 3. 4. Debbie France Mark Francisco 46 Peggy Sue F errell J effrey Douglas F isher Baseball 2. 3, 4; Basketball 2, Captain 4; Sophomore Class Pres Loretta Claire Flahertj Baseball Manager 2; Choir 2, Concert Choir 3. 4; All County 4;, Committee 2, 4; Prom Committee George Benjamin Monty Fraser Freebersyser Basketball J.V. 2' Varsit 3 4' F tb112,3,4. .v y , . 00 a Boys'State 3; Senior Class Pres. 4; Student Council 4. Kathy Sue Gibson Science Club 2; Spanish Club 2, 3. ian Beth Gates a Sue Gibson Donna Carol Gilbert eader 2, 3, 4; Student Council 2, Band 2; FBLA 4; From Committee 3. my Lynn Gillespie Jeffrey Loren Gladwell h Club 2, 3. J ames Goff Kimberly Lynn Gordon 47 48 Darren M. Gullian Art Club 4; Band 2, 3, 4. Gretchen L. Hall Track 2, 3, 4; Youth for Christ 2, 3, 4. David Aldon Hamilton Jr. Cross Country 4; Explorcfs Club 4; Gifted Program 4. Francis A. Guffey III Band 2,3,4; Choir 2,3,4; Concert Choir 2,3,4; All County 2,3,4; S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A. 3 A11 state Choir 4. Anna Jean Graham Choir 2; FHA 2, 3; Float Commit- tee 3, 4; Office Assistant 3, 4. Deilise Hall ' Lisa Hall Basketball 2, 3, 4; Captain 4 Team All KVC 4; Honorable I All State 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Volley Krista Rae Hannas Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Yearbook St Teresa Michelle Hanson Choir 2. 3, 4; Concert 3, 4; All County Choir 2, 3, 4; Clean-Up Comm. 3; Float Comm. 2, 3; FCA 2; Handbell Choir 4; All County 4; Jr. Achievement 3; Jr. Civitans 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Science Club 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 4; Student Council 2, 3. 4; ths Who. Yvonne Hardway George Brian Harris Gale Harmon . Tennis 2, 3. 4. dy Harrison 2; Float Comm. 2. 3; K.C.C. 4; htaineer Olympics 4; Prom . Chairman 3; Student Council 4; Winter Formal Chairman 3; 3,4. Joe Hart Jane Anne Hawkins Art Club 4; Choir 2. 3, 4; Concert Choir 2. 3. 4; All County 2. 4; Float Comm. 2, 3; Football Water Girl 4; Prom Comm.3. ricia Hatcher Ernest William Hedrick Football 4; Wrestling 3, 4. Hawkins Sal! 3. 4; Homeroom Pres. 4; Pres.3. Sandra Elaine Hicks Band 2, 3, 4; Choir 3, 4; Concert Choir 4; All County 4; All State 4; Handball Choir 4; Float Comm. 4; Homeroom Scc.-Treas. 2. 3; Nat'l Honor Society 3. 4; Prom Comm. 3; Science Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 2; Who's Who; Yearbook Staff 4; YFC 2. Angie Higley 49 50 Alan Hill DECA 4. Colleen Kaye Huff Basketball 2, 3, 4; Explorefs 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Volleyball 3. J ohn Hughart Debra Renee Hunter Susan Hutton Basketball 2, 3, 4; All KVC 3; Ten- nis 3; Volleyball 3; All KVC 3. John H. Howard A. Scott J ackson AFS 2; Boys' State 3; Cross Coun- try 2, 3, 4; Explorers 3, 4; President 3; Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4; Inter Club Council 3, Vicc-Prcs. 4; Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4. Troy A. Huffman Tina Lou Hunt Explorefs 3, 4; Float Comm. A Homeroom Sec.-Treas. 2; Vice- ' 4; Prom Comm. 3; Student Co 4; YFC 2, 3. Laura Marie Husson Choir 2, 3, 4; Concert Choir 2, County 2, 4; Na?! Honor Societ Spyglass 2, 3; News Editor 3. Jeffrey Kent Jackson Kari Ann Jarrell French Club 3, 4; Model UN 4. Band 2. nda Kay J arrell Dannie J o Jenkins 2. Ben Franklin 3, 4; VICA 3, 4. berly Gayle J ohnson Barry L. Jones 2, 3, 4. I B' 30rdon Kathy J 0rdon . 4; lerary 4. Karen Alaine Kail A Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 3. 4; Honors Band 3; Explorer's Club 3, 4; Pro ram Comm. 3; Junior SCOtt Kahn Achieveiwnt Vice-Pres. of Ad- ministration and Marketing 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4; Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4; Science Club 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 3; ths Who. 51 Sherri Renee Karnes Choir 2, 3, 4; Concert Choir 2, 3, 4; All County 2, 3, 4; All State 4; Handbell Choir 3; Spyglass 3; YFC 3,4. Jeff Kelly Randy Kelly Sara J ane Kessell Concert Choir 2, 3, 4; All County 2, 3, 4; All State 3, 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4; Sec.-Treas. 4; Nafl Honor Society 3, 4; YFC 2, 3, 4; Sec.-Treas. 3. Elizabeth King Basketball 3. 4. 52 Tina Ann Keathley Choir 2; FBLA 4; YFC 3. 4. Mark Wayne Kelley FBLA 2; French Club 3, 4; Pres tcr Club Council 3, 4; Model UlN Randy Kerns Michael Lyn Kidd Football 3; 4-H Club Pres. Homeroom Pres. 4; Track 2; Wr 2;YFC 2,3. Robin DeAnna King Cheerleader 3, 4; Float Comm. 4; Track 3, 4. Susan King Sharon ng Band 2, 3, 4; Float Comm. 2, 3, 4; Mascot 4; Prom Comm. 3. Malcolm Kirk all 2. 3, 4; Co-Captain 4; Track Football 2, 3, 4; Honorable Mention 3, 4. y Lynn Kiser .m Cheerleader 3; Varsity 4; Dickey Lanham Comm. 3. 4. Lori Lavigne Michael W. Little . Float Comm. 3, 4: Golf 3, 4; Mlke Laymen Homeroom Vicc-Pres. 3, 4; Junior Class Vice-Prcs. 3; Nat'l Honor Society 3. 4; Thi's 3, 4; Who's Who. Dale Litton Betina Ann Long DECA 4; FBLA 4; FSA 4; Track 2. FBLA 4; Float comm" 2; FSA 4; Track 2, 4. Maria Victoria Loren Kimberly Ann Lovejoy Band 2, 3, 4; FBLA 4; Float Com 4; Yearbook 4. ExploreHs Club 3; French Club 3, 4, Treas. 3; Junior Achievement 3; Science Club 3, 4. Charles Lowther Gary Marshall Anita Lynn Martin FBLA 4; FSA 4; Junior Achievement 4; Library Aide 3, 4; Office Aide 4; Honor R0114; Float Comm. 2. June Martin Frank Mazzi Explorers Club 3, 4. Lisa J0 Mathews n McClane ncy Sue Melton - 4; Ben Franklin 4. ice Marie Michaelson etball 2; Football 2, 3, 4; Track 3, . Scott Allan Jlll McClanahan McClanahan Band 2, 3; Junior Class Attendant 3;Ycarbook 44 Baseball 3, 4; Basketball 2; Foot- ball 2, 3, 4. Chris McVey Len Myers Band 2,3; Football 4; Mu Alpha Theta 4; Wrestling 2, 3, 4. Joy Christine Miller Bearin Down Staff 2; Drama Club 2. 3; Sec. 3; Regional Europe Festival 2. 3; Honors Festival 2; lnner-Circle 2; Musical Productions 2, 3, 4; Tutoring Program 3; Yearbook Staff Literary Editor. Phillip W. Moore Judith Lynn Morgan Explorers Club 3; Football 2. 3, 4; Choir 4; Explorers Club 4; Float Homeroom Pres. 4; Wrestling 3, 4. Comm. 2, 4. 55 J oetta Sue Parsons FBLA 3, 4; Vicc-Prcs. 4; FHA 2; 3, ' 4; Pres. 3. 4; FSA Pres. 4; Junior Nlek J' Passero Achievement Pres. 4; Inter Club Golf 2, 3, 4; Inter Club Council 2, 1 Council 3, 4; Library Club Pres, 3; 3. 4; Pres. 4; Thi's 4. Model UN 3, 4; Sec.-Treas. 4; Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4. Bruce Payne Cheryl Lynn Penningtor DECA Vicc-Pres. 4; FBLA 3, 4; P 4; Pres. of Kan. Chapters 4; Pre Western Region of WV 4; FS Wrestling Manager 3, 4. Douglas A. Payne Baseball 2, 3; Football 2; 3, 4. Melori Lynn Pennington Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 3, 4; jorette 3, 4; Head 4; Concert Choi Homeroom Pres. 2; 3, 4; Nat'l H. Society 3, 4; Prom. Comm. 3; Stu- Council 2; 3, 4; Winter Formal Cor 2; 3, 4; Who's Who Yearbook Sta Spyglass. Clara Ann Pennington Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Library Club 3, 4; Vice-Pres. 3; Model UN 3; Mu Alpha Theta 4; Nafl Honor Society 3. 4; Science Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 3. John Mark Perkins Dwayne Edward Porter Band 2, 3. 4; All County 3; Nat'l Explorers Club 3, 4; Vice-Prcs. 4; Honor Society 3; 4; Mu Alpha Mu Alpha Theta 3. 4; Tennis 2, 3, Theta 4; Spyglass 3; Thi3s 4. 4; All KVC 3. 56 ald Nester rey Alan O4Dell Lynn Osborne 4; FHA 4; FSA 4; Junior ement 4; Library Club Sec.- 4; Science Club 4. Kelly Morrison Vance Parrish Arthur Scott Nasby Jerry L. Parsons Patricia Gail Nienke Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 3, 4; Ma- jorctte 3, 4; Student Council 2, 4; Clean Up Comm. 3; Float Comm. 2, 3, 4; Class Officer 4; Pres. 2, 3, Sec.- Treas. 4; Prom Comm. 3; Teacher Aide 4; Winter Formal Comm. 2, 4; Year- book Staff 4; Typist 4. Maureen Elizabeth O4Leary Track 2; YFC 2, 3, 4. Stephen L. Owens Drama 2; Mu Alpha Theta 3. 57 Kimberly Ann Rayburn Band 2,3, 4; Sec. 4;44Miss Senior Band Member" 4; FBLA 4; Float Comm. 2, 4; Yearbook Staff 4. J ody Rene Reynolds Sharon Rene Riffee FBLA 4. Lori Ann Potts AFS 2; Band 2, 3; Explorers Club 3, 4; Scc.-Trcas. 3; Float Comm. 3, 4; Homeroom Vicc-Pres. 2, 3, 4; Nafl Honor Society 3, 4; Prom Comm. 3; Sophomore Class Vice- Pres. 2; Tennis Team 2, 3, 4. Luke Ross Monica Lynn Raether Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Head 4; Ex- plorers Club 4; Student Council 3, 4; Winter Formal Chairman 4. Kimberly Rucker Mary Beth Reveal Band 2, 3, 4; Majorette 3, 4; Comm. 2; 44Miss Wildcat" 4; St Council 2; Teen Board 4; Honor '3 3,4. Edward Earl Richardsq Baseball 3, 4; Football 2, 3, 4 Alpha Theta 3, 4. Debra Lynn Roberts Band 2, 3, 4; Biology 1 Award 2 plorcrs Club 3; Float Comm. 4; Fl Club 4; Inter Club Council 4 Civitan 3, 4; Pres. 4; Miss Teen tcstant 4; Nafl Honor Society; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Scc.-Trc Pres. 4; Float Comm. 2, 3; ths 3 Martha Ann Shamblin Concert Choir 2, 3. 4; All County 2, BOb Santmyer 3, 4; Float Comm. 2, 3; Homeroom Sec.nTreas. 2, 3, 4; Prom Comm. 3; ths Who; YFC 2, 3. 3A id P. Sim son . 112 11 J ackle Slater 3a . 3ald Slayton Donna Smith F lorence Ellen Snyder Explorers Club 3, 4; Float Comm. 3, 4; y Lea Snodgrass Homeroom Pres. 3, 4; Nat? Honor Society 3, 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4; Prom Comm. 3; Spyglass Staff 3; Track 2, 3, 4; Who's Who. David L. Southall, Jr. Tambrina E. South Choir 3, 4; Concert Choir 3, 4; All Explorers Club 3; Float Comm. 2, County 33 4; Drama CIUb 33 f1; Prgs. 3 4. Mu Alpha Theta3 4'YFC 4' 4. Homeroom Vlce-Pres. 3, Latm ' ' ' ' Club 3; Scncnce Club 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 2. 59 60 Sondra Spidell Concert Choir 4. George Michael Spanos Renee Darlene Starcher FBLA 4; FSA 4. Timothy Miles Stern Band 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 4; Science Club 2, 3. J ayme Ann Stommel FBLA 4; Float Committee 2, 4; FSA 4; uSnow Queen" 4; Homecoming Atten- dant 4. Yvonne Adele Strohl Yvette Ann Stuber AFS 2; Choir 3, 4; Concert Choir 4; Explorefs Club 3, 4, President 4; All County 4; Cross Country 2, 3; FHA 3; Float Committee 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 4; Float Committee 2, 4-H Club 3; lnlchlub Council 4; 3; Homeroom Pres. 3; Inter Club Junior Achievement 3, 4; Jr. Council 4; NaVl Honor Society 3, Civilans 3, 4; Sec. 4; Mu Alpha 4; Student Council 3, 4; Spyglass Theta 3, 4; Nat? Honor Society 3, Staff 2, 3, 4; Editor 3, 4; Track 2; 4; From Committee 3; Student VFC 3, 4. Council 4; Track 3. Eric Lee Steele Basketball Manager 3, 4. Pam Stimpson 'John Richard Stout Band 2, 3, 4; Float Committee 4. Tracy Surface K T h Basketball 2, 3; Homeroom Presi- urt ausc er dent 2; Vice-Pres. 3; Student Coun- Football 2, 3, 4. oil 2. J ohn Thompson ren Ann Tucker . 2; FBLA 2, 3; Office Assistant 2, heduling Team 3; Ski Club 2, 3. Tama Jean Turner FBLA 4. Rebecca Lin Varian DECA 4; FBLA 3, 4; Parliamentarian 4; 4-H Club 3; Junior Achievement 3; Science Club 2; Spanish Club 2. T odd K. Wagner Robin Denise Varney . Concert Chou 3. 61 62 Tammy Wandling Band 2; Choir 2, 4; Student Council 2. Kristi Marie Wheatley Float Committee 2, 3. Gary M. White Track 2. Leslie Whittington Tracy Williamson Choir 2. 3; Concert Choir 3. Veronica Lynn Wenzel Concert Choir 3, 4; All County 4; Float Committee 2. 3; Prom Com- mittee 3: Spyglass Staff 3, 4; Stu- dent Council 3, 4, Sea-Treas. 4. Kenny Witt Sharon Wheeler Kenneth Alan Whitting Football 2, 3, 4; Honorable Me KVC 4. John Williams Lora Kay Witt , Young da Louise Young 2, 3, 4; Choir 2; Explorers Club oat Comm. 3. 4; Nafl Honor ty 3, 4; From Comm. 3. ney Burns Gerard Bell Paula Elizabeth Woods Band 2, 3, 4; Explorers Club 3, 4; Nafl Honor Society 3, 4; Science Club 2; Spanish Club 2,3,4. G. Dale Young Concert Choir 2, 3, 4; All County 2, 4; Football Manager 2; Homeroom Vice- Pres. 4; Student Council 2, 4. Valerie Renee Young Band 2, 3, 4; Choir 2; Explorers Club 3; Float Comm. 3, 4; Nafl Honor Society 3, 4; Prom Comm. 3. Elizabeth Anne Dodson Band 2; Explorers Club 3; Float Comm. 2, 3, 4; Homeroom Pres. 2, 3; Prom Comm. 3; Yearbook Staff4. .iV. - 5. Most Likely to Succeed - Kelly Dotson and Jean Boyea Best Looking Ken Hawkins and Mary Reveal Best Dressed Nancy Bowen and David Southall Most Mannerly Sara Kcsscl and Gary Marshall Most Talkative Krista Hannas and Kcnnie Bass 65 66 An One in a Million W Harry Adkins Witlicsl - Kristy Wheatley and Phil Moore Most Athletic - Jeff Fisher and Lisa Hall Prettiest Smile - Jeff Fisher and Beth Dodson 67 El 1. Junior Class Officers 80-81: Vicc-Prcs. Stacey Kl- ingcr; President Mike Harper; Sec.-Trcus. Lisa Bailey. 2. Miss Stacey Klingcr was elected to represent the Junior class as attendant to Miss Wildcat. Stacey chose as her escort. Mr. J. R. Page. 3. Our class worked exceptionally hard to make the Junior Float for Homecoming a 2nd place winner. 69 70 Anthony Adkins Patti Alderdicc Robby Allison J ulie Amory Lisa Bailey Becky Baldwin Myra Baldwin Junetta Barnetle Edmund Bell Revonda Blackshirc Rick Blake Rod Boggs Tim Bonnet: Chris Booth Robin Bowen Karen Breedcn Scott Brick Teresa Brothers Harley Bryan Janice Buchanan Dreama Burford Eva Burns Donna Busch Lisa Canterbury Beth Carl Joy Castro Leonard Casdorph Wayne Chapman Brien Chase Michele Coffman Mark Colley Harvey Collins Pam Cook J ay Copen J erry Cowles Tom Davies Bill Dempsey Tina Derrick Angela Deweese Shelia Disney Tiauna Dixon Joan Dorsey Brian Duffield Danny Dupay Hey Guys, Who does Todd belong to? Dayton Duvall Karen Eads Lora Estep Kim Fisher Michelle Flanagan Wayne Fleshman Becky Floyd Vickie Forbes 71 Laura Foster Jane Fowler Chris F rank Jamie Gates Kelly Fnck Kirk George Lisa Gibson Tonya Gibson Lon Gibson Cathy Goins Anita Geode Stan Gray u ths on your mind, Debbie? Greg Guinn Kevin Halcrow Brad Hall Teresa Hardin Frank Hanson Matt Harman Sherri Harmon H II H Lisa Harper 0 y arper Mike Harper Leo Harrah Tracy Harris Greg Hart Donald Haynes Rene Harrison Tim Harrison James Hensley Jane Hensley Doug Haynes Kim Hennis C13 2:22J v mm N Ed'LUAf; ll 1 . ; 1Q xxVBruz Hicks Darlena Higgins Andy Hill Danny Holovic Debbie Humphrey Tammy lssacs Kim Howerton Greg Huey Joel Jackson David Jarrett Sheryl Jen David Johnson Tom J ohnston Steve Kennedy Stephanie Johnson Wanda Johnson 73 74 Candidates for a pearl drops commercial?? Jerry Kennion Tom Kerncr Darlena King Kelly King Paula Knell Todd Kolb Kenny Lane Debbie Lanham Ron Lemon Ruth Lemon Yvonne Litton Vanessa Long Beverly Kesscl Rick Kessel Jeff Kirk Stacey Klingler Arun Lakshminarayan Angi Landers Jim Laton Kathy Lawrence David Lewis Doug Lindsey Jeff Martin Mary Martin Bobby Massengill Todd Matheny Kenny Maynard illy Joe McClanahan Chris McGinnis Beckie Means Carol Merritt Mandy Milam Scott Miller Debbie Moore Greg Murdock Scott M urphy Scott Matlox Hilda Maxwell Mike McCown Tim McDaniel Charlie Medford Regina Melton Kim Miller Nolan Miller Debbie Morris Jenny Morris Jeff Murrin Jennifer Nasby 75 Beth Negley Billy Neil Lisa Null Tina Null Deborah Olds Tony O'Leary Karen Osborne J . R. Page Dan Palmer Michele Palmer Richard Palmer Sharon Parker Dale Parsons Patricia Parsons Mike Passcrotli Don Patton Gary Patton Tim Pennington Karen Perkins Janet Phalen Scott Phillips "True Love!?" 76 Move over Farrah, Wierc I come!" Ron Pickrell Fred Plumley Todd Priddy M ike Rader Lori Raynes Amy Reed Laura Reeves Robbie Reveal Scott Reynolds William Reynolds Tim Rhodes Lora Riffec David Riggleman Barbara Robinson Randy Ross Dawn Rowen Marilyn Rowe cy Ruslemeyer Sam Saunders Trina Sayre Joey Scarberry 77 Leigh Shell Sharon Skeens Steve Slator Mary Sloan Cindy Smith Melinda Smith Terry Smith Lori Snyder Tim Stark Pam Steele Gina Stemplc Sharon Summers Rusty Surface David Stonestreet Mark Sturgeon Karin Tausher Ann Taylor Chuck Teel J ames Thomas J im Thorton Rhonda Toler 78 Tracy Trail Stephanie Trout Donna Turlcy Julia Tyson Terri Vodala Wesley Villars Jamie Vance Steve Walker Madelene Vega Steve Warner Vickie Washington Brent Wheatley Kim Wehrle Trina White Vanessa West David Whittaker Inga Wilkinson Todd Worstcll Alan Young Angela Zoria O. 8 Sophomore Class Officers Sophomore Class Officers Todd Stommel - Pres. Kelle Cline - V. Pres. Chris Smith Sec.-Treas. Sophomore Class Float Third Place Sophomore Attendant to Miss Wildcat Jayne Ann Grover Sophomore Attendant 81 82 ; jjjuji Leeann Rusty Alderdicc Mitchell Jeanie Angie Bailes Bailey Baldwin Jeanie Bailey Dale Bowles Bowling Should Jill be in class? Kelli Canfield Roberta Burns Rhonda Casto Deborah Kathy Booth Borash Chris Bukovac Lora Burdctte Lori Michelle Butterfield Cadle Cline Bill Lillian Coiner Coleman Molly Corns Danette Crewdson Betsy Robin Crisp Crittcnden Ray Cunningham Marty Melissa Ferguson Jayne Ann Grover Gary Dailey John Donahoc Stuart Douglas James Duckworth Nancy Edwards Kevin Fields Man Dudas Linda Fisher K'Kv, Jack Gilbert Donna Halcrow Kelle Cline shows her stuff. Vanessa Frost Valerie Grounds Jimmy Granny Stephanie Hall Hull Halslcad Forrest Sandy 83 84 Natalie Hardman David Harless Mikc Harrison Mia Teresa Jividcn Cindy Jacobs Tresha Jividcn Ronnie Harrison Jocl Haughl 1-; . Stephanie Sheila Huffman George Hincman Gail Hopkins Lisa Tim Lisa Hunl lssacs Jackson Johnson Michelle Tina Vic Mary Billy Anita Jarvis Jctl Jones Jones Keslhley April Lawhorn Leeson Karen John Chris Bobby Lindmark 7 Lochbihlcr Lotls Lovcjoy Scott Beverly Danette Steve Lucenti Machir Mallctt Mallett Sharon Parker. Sophomores get some pointers from Junior Jill Donald Tracy Lisa Marlin Mathews Mattox McClanahan ' I Gail Tom Allison Julie Cathy McDaniel McLane McMillian McNair Middleton Miller . I Bobbi Stephanie Michelle Dolly Morris Mullins Murnahan Murrin 85 86 Sandy tickles the Ivorics. Cindy Nesler Karl Newman Mike O Mcara Bi. Cheryl Susan Rayburn Raynes Paul Leanne Rigney Roberts Bernadette Peggy Razon Reed Mark Kclly Roberts Rush .1511 , .2 . 556R ,. any - Richard L. Lennie Gwen Owens Oxycr Page . 8x 4 x, - 1 v 7 " a , s f .A " S .2 4' , 1 y 1 :2 2 v , q '1 , 5 . Amy Eric Lulu Parrish Parsons Parsons David John Reveal Reynolds Terry Paula Sapp Sayrcs Richard E. I wens Ray Parsons Teresa Randolph Bill Rickert Perry Sergcnt Sandy Shaffer Delores Shamblin Todd Stommel Summers Patricia Smith Marilou Stout Summers Steven Thomas Scott Shamblin Julie Simpson Jamie Spencer Kelly Tinsley Shamblin Tim Dennis Smalley Joey Spencer Joe Paul Shelton Shillc Chris Smith Scott Stewart Nicole Steele Stevens . .mm -' I Why do they always sucker me into this? 87 88 Mary Vannattcr Weaver Bronwyn Williams Jane Lisa Penny Williams Williams Winlcr Cheri Keith Kenny Tina Wilhrow Withrow Wilhrow Withrow June Rita Win Will Tom Woodward Player Got to Passe John McLane - 11.: 0 Mackie Kirk 1:0 6 1 Earl Richardson 1 1 2' 10 Mike Payne 1 1 ' 0 Kennv Whittmgton . 'IL. , f iodd Matheney i ;, V43 Jerry Bell 7" . j 3 idoi$gwome iMark Sturgeon t Paul Shiltz :a-ooogo'oobooo-uooot-HNONOAOMH . dii ille -if' South Charleston ? 12 n72 27 Jog Payne kohn McLane Todd M thenEy MikeHar pr Chris 3g . 3 Percent Av 71 c Completibns .1 1 g 0 - 0 5r: 1m TD. 6 .1 f .. , 0 0 John McLa'ne 1 1. o o "M "o '- 0 - ,9. 0 Todd Matheney 1 1'11, o o 0 0 0 0 Totals 84, 1...; 27 388 34.6 14.3 6 1 d! 90 ont Row L to R: John McLanc. Jon Fisher. Randy Duff. Mike Fauber, Kurt Tauscher, Chuck DeBrular, Mike Payne, Ken Whittington. Todd Pauley. Jerry Bell, nic Hedrick, Bob Santmyer. Phil Moore, Mackic Kirk, David Kirby, Doug Payne. Scott Kahn. Row 2: Chris Frank, Mike Harper. Tim Bonnett, Ken Hawkins, ott McClanahan. Todd Mathcney, Rusty Surface. Mark Sturgeon, Mike Rader, Steve Warner, Tony O'Leary. Jimmy Thornton, J. R. Page, Greg Hart, Greg urdock, Randy Ross. Row 3: Gocrgc Bryant. Victor Kcathlcy. Ronnie Harrison. Mark Roberts. Jack Gilbert, Chris Legg, Todd Worstell, Alan Young, Tim Har- hon. Wesley Villers, Lennie Franklin, Todd Stommel, Keith Withrow, Chris McGinnis, Gary Anderson, Chris Smith. Row 4: Monty Fraser, Stuart Douglas, Paul iltz, Derek Lccson. Forrest Halli Mike Asbury. Jack Ellis, Bill Coiner, Jay Painter. Jeff Dotson. John Fertig. Bruce Layne. Paul Rigney. Donald Mathews, Johnny hnson, Phillip Arthur. Row 5: Coach Carney, Coach Stoffel, Coach Cyrus. Jim Brown, Kennie Bass, Earl Richardson, Ronnie Pickrell, Vance Parrish, Coach hancy, Coach Vance. Coach Estepi Row 6: Stevie Stoffell. Coaches Corner The 1981 football season was rewarding in that we started the season with very little experience returning, but continued to improve each week We ended the season by winning three out 01" the last four games,inc1uding 22-15 win over undefeated Poca in the Final game, to finish the season with a 5-5 record. We were very pleased to have good team leadership from our seniors, headed by captains Mike Payne and Dave Kirby. This group ofscniors will be missed tremendously next year. As usual. our defense played very well and was one of the leaders of the K.V.C. Our leading tackle was John McLane. Also, Mike Payne was outstanding on defense and was rewarded by making 2nd team A11-State as a defensive back. Looking forward to next yearis team presents a challenge to our players. We have only Five regulars returning out of twenty-two positions, but our players have good attitudes and are dedicated. With their desire and with the determination and hard work of our coaching staff we are looking forward to next season. Coach Pat Vance Head Football Coach 1980-81 91 92 PAWPOWER .. 5 ON THE FIELD ,-. DJ 89511.4; . The team gets psyched and prepared to win. Ronnie Harrison makes the block so that Mike Payne can go for it. A common sight at Underwood Field; our opponents being picked up off the ground. Mike thtish Payne goes for more yardage as the Bulldogs warily eye him. Super sophomore stand out, Johnny Johnson hFlashesh down the field. Coach Carney explains his strategy to Mark hHenry" Sturgeon. 1980-81 Football Coaching Staff: Steve Stoffel, Pat Vance, Larry Estep, Greg Cyrus, Tom Chaney, and Bernie Carney. e311: h r 93 SENIOR F OOTBALL TEAM M EM BERS Front Row: Manager Kcnnic Bass Kurt Tauschcr John Mcl anc Chuck chrular; Kcn WhIltIngton,'Todd Paulcyz; Scott McClanuhan Mike Payne. Back Row Parrish Bob Sanlmycr Lcn Myers Jon Fishcr Doug Puync David Kirby, Kcn Hawkir'i's. 7f" iii", hi" I I" v v'-' ' J17 .Zw M1 I i i o 4'; $354 g. gas in!- 95 Cross Country Comments The Cross Country Team competed in all scheduled county meets. The team did well, although we did not win a meet. We did have a number of runners qualify for trophies. The group of runners this year was a good group to work with. They tried very hard and were successful in many ways. The team was lead by an outstanding runner, Scott J ackson. Scott was dedicated and did a good job at being team captain. The other runners that competed 96 were David Hamilton, Gretchen Hall, Flo Synder, Robin Taylor, Jeff Fisher, Ivan Parsons, and Jeff Wiegert. IN Coachls Comment: A This years team had a very productive season. We were able to win the first regional game in the short lived history of Nitrols Girls Basketball with a 39-34 S victory of Stonewall Jackson. Ild like to recognize the seniors who played a major part in our success: Laura Dabney, Lisa Hall, Colleen Huff, Libby King, Susan K Hutton, and Tracy Williamson, and to them more suc- cess in the future. I feel the program is improving and that Nitrols Girls Basketball team will gain respect E and attention from other teams and coaches. Coach Shrewsbury Front Row: Genny Smith, Stacey Klingler, Libby King. Back Row: Gill Hensley, Lisa Hall, Cindy Jacoby, Miss Ranson, Laura Dabney, Robin Bowen, Coach Shrewsbury. 97 98 $63HIOR$ F ield Free Goals Throws 89 76 63 56 Tota , yPants kiannySmlth :EindyJacoby Front Row: Kirk George. Rick Duff. Keith Bateman. George Freebersyser, Bruz Hicks, Stan Grey. Back Row: Coach Gordon McCIanahan. Steve Slater. Bobby Musscngill. Jeff Fisher. Joey Shelton. Rusty Surface. Scott Wissuchek. Manager Eric Steele. After being predicted to win only 3 to 5 games dur- ing the winter basketball campaign, the Nitro Wildcats surprised quite a few people by finishing with a lO-IO regular season record. This record wasnit too pleasing for Coach McClanahan, but he did admit that this years team did surprise him. There were a few highlights to the season that ex- cited Wildcat fans. First of all, the Cats were rated in the top 20 in the state of W.V. early in the season for the first time since 1969. We defeated Charleston High for the first time since 1958. We swept both games from rival George Washington. As far as individual achievements were concerned, Jeff Fisher closed out a sparkling career here at NHS. Jeff broke the individual one game scoring record by ripping the nets for 49 points against Poca in a l03-69 rout of the Dotst The previous record was held by Bud Stone, 21 1956 graduate with 43 points. Jeff was also named to the 151 team ALLeKVC basketball team. Coach McClanahan 100 Opponent Herbert Hoover 36 Dupont 45 Charleston 43 S. Charleston 90 Geo. Washington 55 Hurricane 81 St. Albans 59 Stonewall 48 East Bank 77 Herbert Hoover 57 DuPont 63 Poca 40 Charleston 62 S. Charleston 72 Geo. Washington 52 St. Albans 65 Hurricane 89 Stonewall 74 Poca 69 East Bank 71 naments: Stonewall 62 Nitro 46 Won-Loss Record: 10-10 Averages Bruz Hicks Jeff Fisher Keith Bateman Rusty Surface George Frcebersyser Stan Gray Rick Duff Kirk George Scott Wissuchek Steve Slater Bobby Massengill J oey Shelton 19.2 101 102 SENIOR STARS J eff Fisher 179va: L Rick Duff George F reebersyser 103 Front Row: Bob Nienke, Scott Phillips, Donnie Lewis, Davie Stonestreet. Back Row: David Harless, Bill Ricket, Bob Massen Joe Shelton, Coach Chaney, Steve Slater, Mike Rader, John Priddy, Stan Gray. J unior Varsity Statistics 1980-81 Season Scores FG FT TPts. Avg. Nitro 46 Herbert Hvr. Scott Phillips 19 32 106 5.5 Nitro 51 DUPont Joe Shelton 15 18 162 10.8 Nitro 67 Charleston Steve Slater 14 26 128 9.1 Nitro 38 S. Charleston Bob Massengill 15 32 206 13.7 Nitro 56 086- Washington John Priddy 19 35 1.31 6.7 Nitro 70 Hurricane David Stonestrect 11 5 23 2.0 Nitro 47 St. Albans Mike Rader 19 21 79 4.1 Nitro 48 Stonewall Donnie Lewis 19 24 96 5.0 Nitro 83 East Bank Savid Harless 17 18 64 3.7 Nitro 78 Herbert Hvr. Bill Rickert 16 18 54 3.5 Nitro 53 DUPont Rob Nienke 12 5 15 1.2 Nitro 73 Poca Stan Gray 12 22 1 18 913 Nitro 65 Charleston Total 457 256 1 182 Nitro 60 S. Charleston Nitro 57 Gge. Washington Nitro 49 St. Albans Nitro 71 Hurricane Nitro 80 Stonewall Nitro 73 Buffalo Total 1 185 Total 104 M" D: wilt f". u 'r I . " 1E4ki .105 WRESTLING TEAM 80-81 3 , 9 K59 ' L , ,. 5 3 '91 ,i ' 4: F. f; 4 g; l L. Q It. A ng. 7? ii i' I Front: JelT Wood. Jerry Bell, Mike Doug1as, Steve Gates. Kenny Lane. John Lochbihler. Second Row: Greg Hart. Tony O'Lcary, Len Meyers. Ernie Hedric Moore, Steve Warner. Last Row: Coach Stoffc1, Put Dudas. John Fertig. Tim McDaniels, Mark Sturgeon, Marty Douglas. Victor Keathley. Coach Vance. 981bs.F John Lochbiler ........................... 4-17 1381bs F Greg Hart ............................. 11- 1051bs.F Kenny Lane ......................... 22-15-1 1451bs.F Tony 0 Leary ........................... 9- 112 lbs. F Steve Gates ........................... 15-18 1551bs.F Len Meyers ........................... 16- 1191bs.F Mike Douglas .......................... 13-22 1671bs.F Ernie Hedrick ........................... 51 1261bs.F Jerry Bell ............................. 37-3 1851bs.F Phil Moore ............................ 21- 1321bs.F Jeff Wood ............................. 19-14 Un1.1bs.F Steve Warner ......................... 15- The performance of this years team has to be termed a success, because of the number of young wrestlers involved, also with the victory of Jerry Bell as State Champ. The year was full of highlights, but the most important was that of Jerryts win. Hopefully the experience gain by the young wrestlers will provide Nitro with f more victories this coming year. g Congratulations Jerry. 3,1 Senior F Len Meyers F 155 106 SUPER SENIORS 1.3 4 - ' Ernie Hedrick 167 107 UNDERCLASS MA T MEN Sophomore - Steve Gates 1 12 Sophomore John Lochbihler 98 , 1.." Junior - Steve Warner Unlimited 109 110 181 ASLLEBA TEAM . lst Row: Seated: Billy Neil, Rick Kessell, Bobby Lewis, John Johnson, Tracy Trail. 2nd Row: Kneeling: Jim Brown, Steve Brabbin, Todd Matheny, Stan Gray, Ronnie Harrison, Quincy Woodward. 3rd Row: Standing: Coach Bernie Carney, Jim Coiner, Mike Payne, John Priddy, Jeff Fisher, Coach Bob Hutchinson. 1k A pril SEASON GAM E Herbert Hoover 8 A Sissionville 8 H George Washington 8 A Dunbar 8 A Stonewall Jackson 8 H South Charleston 8 H DuPont 8 A St. Albans 8 A East Bank 8 H Charleston 8 H Charleston Catholic 8 A Herbert Hoover 8 H May 27 28 30 1k Sissonville 8 A George Washington 8 H Dunbar 8 H Stonewall Jackson 8 A South Charleston -8 A DuPont 8 H Winfield 8 A St. Albans 8 H East Bank 8 A Charleston 8 A Charleston Catholic 8 H Poca 8 H 8 7:30 SENIOR TEAM MEMBERS 9' '9 9 :5 93:: .. .. ' I Jeff-Fisher I Ea1r'1Richardson Ste-ve Brabgin- Pitcher Catcher Outfielder 2.3". Mike Pay 6 ' Jim Coiner Outfielder Pitcher, lst Base 9 . 1 3 m. '1 1 ....l9.:u-ta-2:v 111 WILDC A TS IN ACTION ? rm; 8 .:.:.,-.m $v Front Row: Joel Jackson, Dickie Lanham, John McLane, Victor Keatley, Lenny Franklin, Tony O,Leary, John Johnson. Standing: Chris Legg, Todd Worstell, George Bryant,Ricky Lanham, Tracy Mattox, Forrest Hall, Phillip Arthur, J ay Painter. ,e, 114 Front Row: Ginny Smith, Tina Derrick, Laura Dabney, Colleen Huff, Flo Snyder, Dreama Duncan Roachx Gretchen Hall. Standing: Julia Tyson, Mia Jackson, Cindy Jacoby, Lisa Bailey. 115 116 :2 Front Row: Seated: Mrs. Sepko, Sponsor, Greg Murdock, Inky Goff, Dwayne Porter, Brian Harris, Kennie Bass. Back Row: James Thomas, Marty Douglas, Mike Douglas, Ivan Parsons, Scott Shamblin. Front Row: Donna Busch, Lori Potts, Kathy Beckett. Back Row: Angela Zorio, Becky Baldwin, Debbie Humphreys, Hilda Maxwell. 117 GOLF T EAM Nitro High Schoofs 1981 Golf team placed 3rd in the Regions thz year. The medalists included: Ste Slater L37, Mike Little 0L and J0' Hart 5; Front Row: Nick Passero, Robby Nienke, and Joe I-Iart. Standing: Mike Little, Steve Slater, Dave Whittaker and Mark Burnsworth. Joe Hart had the lowest score: w 38. 118 .fVu n 3; w - L33: 1:, ,, x 119 f Row, Left to Right ah Olds, Kim Fisher. : Lora Riffce, Kelly Frick, Sheryl Jett. I - o 4 ' 31 3 u U -V "l. w . n ;., ' I 21! . h , , r "'6" ? a ;' " r 7K".'. W". x: n. Back Row: Beth Cart, Mrs. Watts, u: ART CLUB INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB Row, Left to Right: Jeff Arthur, George Hinzman, Greg Murdock, Jamie Bucy. Gary Dailey, Mit- Bailes. 2nd Row: Mr. Foster, Randy Kerns, Kenny Witt, Sam Saunders,David Whittaker, John T, Todd Matheny. 3rd Row: John Matheny, Fred Plumlcy, Lenny Oxycr, Joey Spencer. Back Row: Stout, Robbie Allison, Bobby Lovejoy, Scott Lucemi, Robbie Reveal. Jamie Spencer, Harold Ash, 5 Vance. 121 122 Seniors Kim Bowen Nancy Bowen Wilbur Braunlin Kevin Carnes Debbi Casto Lisa Fields Chip Guffey Sandy Hicks Karen Kail Susan King Marsha Landcrs Kim Lovejoy BAN D Gerald A. Foster, Director Patty Nienke Melori Pennington Kim Rayburn Mary Reveal Debbie Roberts Tim Stern Paula Woods Rhoda Young Valerie Young Juniors Patti Alderice Lisa Bailey Becky Baldwin Chris Booth Eva Burns Joy Casto Lisa Cates Michele Coffman Angie Dolan Dayton Duvall Laura Foster Lisa Gibson Darlena Higgins Andy Hill Debbie Humphrey Tammy Isaacs Kavid Johnson Lisa Kelly Tom Derner Paula Knell Angi Landers Vanessa Long Carol Merritt Scott Murphy Debbie Morris Scott Miller Lisa Null Sharon Parker Amy Reed Tim Rhodes Barbara Robinson Vanissa Simmons Cindy Smith Terry Smith Gina Slemplc Stephanie Trout Steve Walker Trina White Angela Zorio Sophomores Rusty Alderdice Diana Bird Kathy Borash Brian Broemson Beth Bruney Kelli Canfiel Sherry Casto Jo Clendenin Nancy Edwards Kevin Fields Valerie Grounds Natalie Hardman Julia Homer Gail Hopkins Lisa Hunt Tim Isaacs Mia Jackson April Lawhorn Chris Lotts Bobby Lovejoy Jill Myers Ray Parsons Theresa Randolph Susan Raynes Paula Sayres Gary Smith Joey Spencer Kevin Stover Robin Taylor Kelly Tinsley Wayne Tyree David Vaughn Cheri Withrow Kenny Withrow FIELD CONDUCTORS Tim Rhodes and Debbi Casto BAND OFFICERS xx As our year began with summer band practice. the band was made up of Seniors and Juniors. and Sophomores divided because of their ulmu mutcrs. But with hard work we all joined together to form the 1980-81 edition ofthc Wildcat Band. Our hard work paid off because we received many honors at the Majorelte Festival. Our boy and girl twirlers placed second and third respec- tively and for the first time in many years the band won :1 second place playing trophy for its performance. For over-all point total the Wildcat Band was named Second Runncr-up to Grand Champions. The latter half of the year was also profitable for the band. At the All-Statc Music Festival in Morgantown, Nitro was represented with six members in the All-Stute Band, ranking second in the State, Five members of the Wildcat Band participated in the Solo and Ensemble Festival with all receiving honors for their auditions. The County Festival started with ratings on Thursday, April 9. We received one superior rating and one excellent rating. The festival came to an end with Nitro being represented with nine members in the All- County Band followed by a parade on Saturday. The highlight of the year was the selection of Tim Rhodes to represent West Virginia in the John Phillip Sousa National Honors Band. Members were chosen from across the nation. Our year concluded with our Spring Concert on May 14. It proved to be one of the best ever, MR. 81 MISS BAND Chip Guffey and Kim Rayburn .ted L-R: Sharon Parker, Reporter; Tim Stern, President. Standing: Casto, Treasurer; Dayton Duvall, Vice-President; Kim Rayburn, Fretary. 123 ALL-STATE BAND ALL-COUNTY BAND Scaled, L-R: Gina Slcmplc, chbic Cuslo. Carol Merritt. Standing: Kneeling, L-.R: Gina Stemple, Debbi Caslo, Carol Merritt. Scale Wilbur Braunlin,Tim Rhodes,Scoll Murphy. Patti Alderdlce, Laura Foster, Terry Smith. Standing: Tim Rhodc Wilbur Braunlin. Kevin Carnes, Scott Murphy. SEN IOR BAND MEMBERS Front Row, L-R: Rhoda Young. Valerie Young, Kim Rayburn. Kim Lovcjoy. Susan King, Sandy Hicks, Debbie Roberts. Row 2: Kevin Carncs, Paula Woods, Nancy Bowen, Marsha Landcrs, Melori Pennington, Mary Reveal, Patty Nienke, Debbi Caslo. Row 3: Chip Guffey, Karen Kail. Tim Stern, Lisa Fields, Kim Bowen, Wilbur Braunlin. 124 1980-81 MAJORETTE CORPS . , . 14"? H 7'3? Left to Right: Trina White, Nancy Bowen, Lisa Null, Melori Pennington meadk Michele Coffman, Mary Beth Reveal, and Sh Parker. Melori Pennington HEAD Ill Marsha Landers - TWIRLER Kevin Stover TWIRLER 126 SENIOR MAJORETTES Melori Pennington Marsha Landers Left to Right: Nancy Bowen, Melori Pennington, Mary Reveal, Patty Nicnke. M ; . - 'rurgamii - L'B EBALI - 1 Row. L to R: Mrs. Bryson, Debbie Roberts, Mark Kelley. Angela Zorio. Jeff Jackson. 2nd Row: ur Bruunlin. Chris Briscndinc. Jay Copcn. qun Boycu. Back Row: Vicky Lorcn, Darlcnu Higgins. Aldcrdicc. Lisa Bailey. h cw M: m w MHH W H MW w H NW Wu M W M H Ch A - l, lwrlw ling. L to R: Karin Tuuschcr. Mndclinc chu. Carol Merrill. Ms. Roberts, Sculcd. L 10 R: Lori 'r. chbic Roberts, Duwn Rowan. Standing. L 10 R: Terry Smith. Kulhy Bcckcll. Bmd Hull. Lisa . Kim Bowen. Vicky Loren,.KzIrcn Osborne. SPANISH CLUB 129 130 Kneeling, L-R: Hilda Maxwell. Angela Zorio. Monica Raether, Kim Miller. 2nd Row: Mrs. Kuryla. Flo Snyder. Mike Harper. Marty Shamblim Tina Hunt, Mike McKown. Kim Howerton, Yvette Slucber, Laura Foster, Belinda Cunningham, Paula Woods, Amy Reed, Lori Potts, Earl Richardson. 3rd Row: Tim McDaniel, John Alexander, Jean Boyea. Melori Pennington. Karen Kahl, Chris Booth, Jamie Gates. 4th Row: Karen Tausher. Frank Mazzei, Dwayne Porter. Kathy Beckett, Kelly Dotson, Mary Dunlap, David Hamilton, Scott Jackson, Debbie Morris, Terry Smith. Donna Busch. Angie Landers, Dave Kirby. Best Actress Best Actor Sondra Spidell Tim Harrison 131 132 L-R: Myra Baldwin, Sandy chg. Sara Kessell. Front Row, L-R: Stephanie Trout. Laura Husson, Melori Pennington. Sondra Spidell, Laura Dabncy. 2nd Row: Marsha Landers, Debbi Casio, Tanya Gibson, Kim Howcrton. Lori Dillion, Sandy Hicks. 3rd Row: Debbie Lanham. Chris Bukovac, Eva Burns, Kathy Lawrence. Teresa Hanson, Ruthie Lemon. 4th Row: Carol Merritt. Terri Vadala, Cindy Smith, Debbie Pennington, Debbie Larch, Laura Bucy, Michelle Flanagan, Connie While. Lulu Parsons, Trina White. 5th Row: Marty Shamblcn, Mary Jarrell, Karen Lindmark, Linda Steele, Gail Williams, Robin Hill, Teresa Jividcn, Joy Miller, Donna Gilbert, Judy Morgan. 6th Row: Mary Dunlap. Sandy Legg, Kathy Borash, Lisa Null, Tammy Wandling, Laura Reeves, Kim Miller. Lynn Simmons, Robin Miller, Jennifer Nasby, Janet Phalen. Back Row: Sara Kesscll, Mary Kolb Christy Hill, Gail Hopkins, Laura Foster, Jamie Gates. Myra Baldwin, Lisa Gibson, Tina Hunt. Michele Jones, Kim Johnson, Tina Derrick. a g. h A: r m Front Row. L-R: Dayton Duvall, Gary Smith, Dickie Lanham. Chip Guffey, Richard Owens, Scott Shamblen, Gary Marshall, Tim Rhodes. 2nd Row: Andy Bowyey, Scott Murphy, Brett Short, Danny Rainey, Billy Neil, David Johnson, Chris Booth. 3rd Row: Mike Asbury. Wilbur Braunlin, David Soulhall, Wayne Fleshman, James Hensley, Roddy Burns. Back Row: Rod Boggs. William Reynolds, Ron Pickrell. Tim Stark, Gerard Bell, John Alexander, Stuart Douglas, Ray Parsons, Mark Boyd, Kennic Bass. FISHERMANS QUARTER L-R; Chip Guffey' Tim Rhodeg Dayton Duvall' Scott Murphy Front. L-R:Carol McrriIL Tcrcsa Hanson. 2nd Row: Tim Rhodes.Sandy Hicks. Deb- bie Caslo. 3rd Row: Scull Murphy. Chip Guchy. Laura Foster. 133 Front Row L-R: Mary Dunlap, Janet Phalen, MarsEa Landcrs, Lisa Null, Lisa Gibson, Marty Shamblen, Ruthie Lemon, Chris Bukovac, Kim Gowerton, chbi Casto, Cindy Smith. Row 2: Sara Kesscll, Chip Guffey, David Johnson, Mclori Pennington, Andy Bowycr, Laura Foster, David Southall, Myra Baldwin. Row 3: Wayne Fleshman, Sandy Hicks, Carol Merritt. J2me Hawkins. Sherri Karnes, Eva Burns, Linda Steele, Richard Owens, Gary Smith. Row 4: Kcnnic Bass. Jamie Gates, Ron Pickrell, Sondra Spidcll, Sandy Legg. William Reynolds, Dickie Lanhum. Row 5: Scott Shamblen, Gerard Bell, John Alexander, Ray Parsons, Wilbur Braunlin, Scott Murphy. Row 6: Dale Young, Mark Boyd, Chris Booth, Tim Rhodes, Dayton Duvall. Back Row: Tim Stark, Stuart Douglas. Danny Rainey. MZQNMMEWENM ALL-STA TE CHORUS Front Row L-R: Sandy Hicks, Laura Foster, Sara Kessell, Sherri Karnes. Back Row: Dayton Duvall, Mark Boyd, Tim Stark, Chip Guffcy. 134 Front Row L-R: Teresa Hanson, Kim Howerton, Sandy Hicks, Carol Merritt, Myra Baldwin, Lisa Gibson, Ruthie Lemon, Debbi Casio, Chris Bukovac, Linda Steele. Row 2: Jamie Gales, J2me Hawkins. Laura Husson, Sara Kessell, Loretta Flaherty, Mary Dunlap, Laura Foster, Marty Shamblcn, Sandy Legg, Sherri Karnes, Eva Burns. Row 3: Dickie Lanham, Dayton DuvalL Tim Rhodes Dnlc Young, William Teynolds, Chip Guffey, Scott Murphy, Ron PickrclL Wayne Flcshmzm. David Soulhall, Gary Marshall, Wilbur Braunlin, Scott Shamblen, Richard Owens, Gary Smith. Back Row: Andy Bowycr, Chris Booth, Gerard Bell, John Alexander, Tim Stark, David Johnson, Ray Parsons. Mark Boyd, Stuart Douglas, Kennie Bass, Danny Rainey. N$ZQQO hhk KANA WHA COUNTY HONOR CHORUS L-R: Chip Guffcy, Cindy Smith, Linda Steele, Sandy Hicks, Debbi Casio, Carol Merritt, Laura Foster, Tim Stark. Not Pictured: Scott Murphy, William Reynolds. 135 HISTORY BOWL Scaled, L to R: Gary Marshall. Mark Kelley, Genny Smith. Standing, L to R: Valerie Grounds, Smith. Jeff Jackson. Tim Stark. SHRH HIGH scum MADEMIB 1E; UNWEh Scaled. L10 R: Grcg Huey. Myra Baldwin. Standing L10 R: Terry Smith. Ms. Roberts. Laura Foster, dy Hill. Tim Stark. 136 LIBRARY HELPERS 'n . R to L: Angie Higlcy, Belinda Cunningham. Jennifer Nasby, Joy Miller, Jamie Agee, Karen .Standing, L to R: Mrs. Davis, Barbara Robinson, Jocua Parsons, Mark Colley, Joe Scarberry, Inga son. Debbie Moore. OFFICE HELPERS ' ow, R to L: June Hawkins, Melori Pennington. Laura Husson. Michele Douglas, Monica Ramhcr, cn O'Leary, Jayme Stommcl. 2nd Row: Mike Kidd, Gerard Bell, Phil Moore, Dave Kirby. Yvette r. 3rd Row: Chris Radar, Anna Graham. Kcn Hawkins. Krista Hannas, Anita Martin. 137 138 s: I I- w, W 7 g.g-"m-W 4., Front Row L-R: Mrs. Hardman, Deborah Olds, Sara Kessell, Kelly Dotson, Tammy South, Beth Negley, Angi Landers, Terry Smith, Kim Howerton. Myra Baldwin, Laura Foster, Carol Merritt, Mary Dunlap, Flo Snyder, Yvette Stueber, Clara Pennington, Karen Kail. Back Row: Arun Lakshmenarayan, Kirk George, Dwayne Porter, Earl Richardson, Scott Phillips, Wesley Villers, Brian Chase, Greg Huey, Jay Copen, Mike McKeown, Mike Douglas, Chip Guffey, Tim Stark, Jean Boyea, Scott Jackson, Chris Briscndine, John Perkins, Len Meyers, Andy Bowyer, Mike Little. MU ALPHA THETA Front Row L-R: Paula Woods, Clara Pennington, Sara Kessell, Melori Pennington, Karen Kail, Laura Husson, Debbi Casto, Mike Douglas, John Perkins, Dave Kirby, Scott Jackson, Mrs. Pruett. Back Row: Teresa Hanson, Debbie Roberts, Rhoda Young, Lori Potts, Valerie Young, Nancy Bowen, Flo Snyder, Yvette Stueber, Joetta Parsons, Sandy Hicks, Gary Marshall, Jean Boyea, Andy Bowyer, Mike Little. HONOR SOCIETY 139 NHS CHEERLEADERS H REGIONAL CHAMP 3-9 , , HHSr C.H EAERLL EIHADJ.ER,SI -u L L ;.. J'JH L to R: Head H Monica Raether, Linda Gibson, Beth Negley, Revonda Blackshire, Anita Goode, Jenny Ki Krista Hannas, Robin King. Not Pictured H Mascot: Susan King. 140 141 ?Uk wwNmzm: 142 Front Row L-R: Marilou Stout, Kim Howerton, Angie Baldwin, Julie Collins, Gwen Page. Top: Tina Withrow, Mitzi Weaver. MWEDAMNWMNEG 143 Seated, Left to Right: Teresa Hanson, Debbie Roberts, Yvette Stucber. Standing, Left to Right: Hicks, Valerie Young, Miss McClanahan, Debbi Casto. Left to Right: Gary Marshall, Mark Kelley, Joctta Parsons, Mike Douglas. JeffJackson. 144 Row. Left to Right: chcc Starcher, Anita Martin. 2nd Row: Joctta Parsons, Karen Osborne, Kelli ne, Tammy Farley. 3rd Row: Mrs. Miller, Jayme Stommel, Wanda Johnson, Betina Long. Dale Lit- heryl Pennington. YOUTH FOR CHRIST Row. Left to Right: Sandy Harrison, Tammy South, Scott Shamblen, Richard Owens, Sherri .. 2nd Row: Robin Taylor. Maureen O'Leary. Karen Perkins. Dickie Lanham, Lisa Jackson. 3rd Dayton Duvall. Gretchen HalL Kcnnie Bass, Vic Keathlcy, Gary Marshall. 4th Row: Laura Dabney. csscl, Mary Kolb, Brian Chase. Back Row: Don Patton. Stuart Douglas. 145 Kneeling, L to R: Becky Varian, Wanda Johnson, Stephanie Brothers, Joetta Parsons, Cheryl Pennington. 2nd Row: Donna Gilbert, Darlena King, Sharon Riffee, Angela Deweese, Kim Lovejoy, Tina Keathley, Kim Rayburn, Tonya Gibson, Anita Martin, Renee Starcher. 3rd Row: Mrs. King, Jennifer Barker, Joy Casto, Karen Osborne, Tammy Farley, Jayme Stommel, Kelli Osborne, Teresa Asbury, Beth Negley, Mrs. Dick. 4th Row: Angi Landers, Tama Turner, Betina Long, Dale Litton, Cathy Goins, Tammy Issacs. State President Cheryl Pennington L-R: Becky Varian, Stephanie Brothers, Joetta Parsons, Wanda Johnson, Cheryl Pennington. 146 F Front Row L-R: Sandy Hicks, Nick Passero, Superfrog, Teresa Hanson, Mike Douglas, Carol Merritt. Row 2: Scott Murphy, Lisa Jackson, Linda Steele, Karin Tauscher, Darlena Higgins, Mia Jackson, Jill Myers, Natalie Hardman, Miss Leurant. Row 3: Gary Marshall, David Southall, Marty Douglas, Kelli Osborne, Karen Kail, Deborah Olds, Chris Bukovac, Karen Osborne, Tim McDaniels, Vicky Loren, Kim Bowen, Tammy Farley, Barbara Robinson. Not Pictured: Debbie Amburgey. Science Club Homecoming Float 147 Kneeling L-R: Chris Smith, Richard Owens, Phillip Arthur, Jill Martin, chbic Pennington. Yvette Stucbcr, Valerie Grounds, Steve Brabbin, Kelli Canficld, Kelly Dotson, Anita Goodc. Row 2: Gary Marshall, Art VanBuren, Tony Oleary, Melori Pennington, Tina Hunt. Kthy Beckett, Laura Dabney, Wayne Fleshman, Karen Perkins. Tim Stark, Kim Howcrlon, Laura Foster, Debbi Casto, George Freebersyser, Linda Steele, Ms. Hayhurst. Row 3: Veronica chzcl, Lisa Bailey. Mike Harper, Joy Casto, Tim lsaacs,Ju1ia Homer, Margie Warner, Pally Nicnkc, Trina Whita Karin Tuuscher, Kathy Lawrence, Sandy Harrison, Teresa Hanson, Stacy Klinglcr. Not Pictured: Hurry Adkins. chbic Amburgey. Ms. Huyhursl, Sponsor 148 149 150 Front Row L-R: Mark Boyd, Brian Harris, Angie Dolan, Laura Dabncy, Shirl Halstead. Row 2: Tony OsLeary, Brian Duffield, Cindy Jucoby. Row 3: Yvonne Strohl, Kathy Lawrence, Kennie Bass, Tim Harrison, Chuck Tcel, Veronica Wenzel, Mrs. Sepko. the Spy Glass 0fficial Publication Since 1 93 7 Spy Glass Official Publication of Nitro High School 541 Wildcat Way 1 Nitro, WV 25143 Editor-in-Chief; Yvonne Strohl Editor: Mark Boyd Sports Editor: Kennie Bass, Tony OsLeary Sports Department: Brian Duffield, Tim Harrison, AL Young Feature Editor: Veronica Wenzel Feature Department: Laura Dabney, Cindy Jacoby, Shirl Halstead, Angie Dolan Business Manager: Brain Harris News Editor: Kathy Lawrence Photos by: John Alexander Artist: Chuck Teel Advisor: Cathy Sepko Front Row L-R: Cindy Asbury, Jill McClanahan, Jamie Gates, David Hamilton, Lisa Null, Melori Pennington, Zora Berry, Mrs. Norman, Don Patton. Back Row: Kim Rayburn, Kim Hennis, Debbi Casto, Patty Nienke, Kim Lovejoy, Michele Douglas, Sandy Hicks. Not Pictured: Debi Amburgey, John Alexander. Debi Amburgey Editor-in-Chicf John Alexander Business Manager 151 w, W: w W W m WNW M w: N3: , . WWW; muu'qw, BLOODMOBILE .. The National Red Cross hBloodmobileh visited Nitro High School Monday, March 30th. Seventy-four members of the student body and administration participated and sixty-eight pints were given. The Student Council sponsors this event annually in order to donate hhbloodh - which is the most rewarding gift a person can give. 156 1. Terry takes it easy. 2. Almost Finished. 3. Pm only here for the munchies. 4. Fm next? 5. Tina looks like she ate too many doughnuts. 6. Belinda shakes the blood. 7. LOOK EVERYBODY, I RECOVERED! 157 SPECIA MAYI2 Above: Our faithful leader h Mike Joseph The Special Olympics is a program designed to benefit the volunteers as - well as the participants. It consists of various events in which everyone can hTMA WINNER. h 158 LYMPICS 81 159 161 ED 0 9 O 0 3' . W 9' 33;: am 1981 MOUNTAINEER OLYMPICS I ' k ,l . .' 4' ; '"5 ' 3: .u. 165 66 1 The 1981 Mountaineer Olympics were held on April 17, I981. Everyone showed their Mountaineer Enthusiasm by wearing Mountaineer attire to school for the big event. The Seniors won this yearly event and George Freebersyser, President of the Senior Class, accepted the Gold Medal with pride. The Sophomores showed their Mountaineer spirit by running a close second behind the Seniors and coming out with a Silver Medal. The Juniors came in third and received the Bronze Medal. 167 168 NITRO HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATING CLASS OF 1981 CLASS OFFICERS George Freebersyser .................................................................. Presi Jennifer Barker .................................................................. Vice Presi Kelly Dotson ........................................................................ Secret CLASS MOTTO thar Away there in the sunshine, are my brightest aspirations. I may not reach them, but 1 can look up and see their beauty, believe in them and try to follow where they lead." i Louisa May Alcott CLASS COLORS CLASS FLOWER Red and Black Red Rose and Babyhs Bre CLASS SONG Free Bird CLASS SPONSORS Cynthia Norman Gordon McClanah Steve Stoffel Judy Fort: Charles Moses Larry McMilli Carma Smith Barbara McBraj Sarah Christenson Cheryl Rans Arlene Kuryla Laura Hayhu 691 170 bbFREEBIRD,I If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me. Cause I must be traveling on now, Therebs too many places I Ive got to see. Cause ifI stay here with you girl things just wouldnt be the same. Cause Fm asfree as a bird now, and this bird you cannot change now, and this bird you cannot change now, Lord knows I cant change. Bye, Bye baby, ifs been a sweet love, yea, yea, and you know thereis this feeling I can't change. But please donit take it so badly, Cause the Lord knows I hm to blame, and I hm free as a bird now, and this bird you cannot change, and this bird you cannot change, Lord knows I earft change. 0h, wonbt youfly high, Free bird yeah. bbNHS ALMA MATERI9 Nitro H igh School, Alma M ater! We salute the black and red. E very son and daughter, 011 whose life thy light is shed. Chorus Radiant in thy shining splendor, Growing in thy guiding light. Nitro High School Alma Mater, Reign and guide our steps aright! Memories webll cherish always F riendships dear which never die! Joys that liveforever with us Alma Mater, Nitro High. Words and Music by the Class ofI956 , SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER Mike Payne Harry Adkins Jean Boyea SENIORS DECEMBER JANUARY Jeff Fisher Jerry Bell FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL George Freebersyser Robin King Brian Harris 171 172 SPECIA MELORI PENNINGTON Kanawha Countys Junior Miss Ea , 7 $0 , .1. I MIKE PAYNE All-Area and All-County Football Team DEBBI CASTO Kanawha County Outstanding cian of the Year Award J EFF F ISHER All-County Basketball Team . f; ROBIN KING All-State Cheerleading Squad CHERYL PENNINGTO FBLA Western Region Presiden , ONORS JERYY BELL 126 - State Wrestling Champion MELORI PENNINGTON and MARY BETH REVEAL Teen Board Members in Charleston JEAN BOYEA -onal Merit Scholarship and I'dential Scholar Finalist DEBBI CASTO Discussion Leader State Student Council Convention and Kanawha County SC. Secretary MARY DUNLAP and KELLY DOTSON Girls State GEORGE F REEBERSYSER and SCOTT JACKSON Boys State TIM RHODES Philip Sousa National Honor 173 174 BACCALAUREATE SERVICE N ITRO HIGH SCHOOL May 27, 1981 7:30 P .M PRELUDE Myra Baldwin INVOCATION Gary M arshall NITRO HIGH SCHOOL HANDBELL AND CHOIR "Canon ofPraisw SCRIPTURE Psalms 121:1, 2 and Philippians 3:13,14 HYMN PRAYER NHS CONCERT CHOIR AND SR . CLASS MEMBERS REFLECTIONS SOLO "One V0ice2 2Mam'low 2 arr. Metisj SERMON "Mountains Ahead 2 Drive Mivd Carefully2 SOLO 11How Can You Live Without Jesus?" BENEDICTION POSTLUDE Laura Dabney "God OfOur Fatherf Dickie Lanham 11Amazing Grace" Senior Class Officers Chip Guffey Rev. Wade Austin S herri K arnes Sandy Harrison M yra Baldwin Prelude .' ....................................................... " ..... Special Milsic Ensemble from Nitro High School Band Gerald Foster, Director Processional ......................... +; . . . . . . . . . .' ........ . . , Nitro High School Band , Director, Gerald Foster ' Posting of Colors ............................ .. . . . . . atesiMairinekCorps National Anthem ....... , . ..... 1 ..................... P. . . fj T ' h School Band Invocation ....... r. Horriibi'ook W, 41 V 5mg .2 w:?w i .iirvhew .. ......... Laura Hayhfurstg, 3 itro High School V ........... 1 .............. Stu1 t aduate, Nitro Attorney :1 ................ 1 ...... Nifro High ' 1 ..................... Nitro High i .................... Reverend J ame AT LAST! GRADUATION NIGHT IS HERE! Mr. Foster and the NHS band began our Processional. We all began to quiet down as the realization of Graduation night struck. 176 Behind the big blue curtain the Civic Center, I looked 0ve1 my nervous but excit classmates; especially the b from my homeroom. Tl managed to make it on timeL the sound of Freebird we k1 our final night had begun . . . 5 hie walked in, a strange feel- ;ame upon us. Why are all of : people standing up for us? we that special? We were to find out just how special :ally were. Although few of us were smiling, we were greeted and escorted in- to the room by the smiling stu- dent council and Jr. Class officers. 177 178 After we were seated, the NHS Concert Choir sang two songs e both of which added an air of seriousness to the program. The Valedictorians hAll six of themD soon followed. Their speeches renected feelings of all. . Boyea was given the honor of in- ucing our guest speaker Senator ert C. Byrd. Mr. Byrdhs speech d us to strive to accomplish our ls. The conclusion of his speech ked the final stages of graduation eceiving our diplomas and turning tassles and rings. It was then time ay our last goodbyes, through 5, hugs and laughter, to our fellow nuates, for we would never meet in as one e NHS Class of ,81! e Debi Amburgey 179 343333,, 390533 am 'I'm 33,39,sz may to haw; such a wandwm3 HgYKL'Hd gm 3M buomd, , '3qu Omar Q3133; Dumb, 3704ij g chm $604??? 37 mg d033, 33mm 1: w 6333 b3 .94 33338 330 baud soxmaonCL as HICcL 3 chmt 35 aObH but 3N mum? Know :33 mag gxad W, ham; DCLCWCL So doscL emd 35,3732: um can 3683K 8349061" 6353133 T2: 3m 33033,th 1331-333, 1: 32mjm: DO 83 010 mg $q069fair$qjgz$mszg35t n; ' hf; iVYL 3 m '1 3 3 "3:3 3 8, wag, 31; 85mm howKL, I 30M madlj .m ichL. wdlch 30px but I: dtdth 363 60 $me b4C036KL : Kwua I was Abst dmaij ammqa Wbcm '1: was chngsch? Q63 mm b3? ' JZQ 5053 025$ , mftsm . 5 m3 00 J sungad 30 thug aoui'qa Km numbm- 1:113 Mum 32:333t mat a 3: wcmchld aouKJ$ bum and MI 3:1an 300d 335mg; mm had and at? 62m ems wpm 90,773 to Adda; 1: mp4; CJJOU 362C what 90M maifft out 0-? Wa3 I 3372sz somada v "g? Md L Rnx f. t bdfi 35 z GOSCIX 1 n 154$ 7Cutum 1 that is, 3-3333 93133, I Can 3623313390,- Eslmd C'FESEO, am! 93:ch EJWHWSS- I CCLEHUE hbpd, WQ can .x "'3 spacid 5's mama" 53,043 g: hcfm has 'thd bacousd, gum dasavua 1E- godfa c3 HLEH amen "m! NITRO J MKQ ECU aquowHasa Lettering 00.! See Us for Your am; mag gng aOUIH fNCLUsz Lb f7 5. 81M: 490 ma and I mafu CAuscL 1: law Congratulations to the L000, 83,, Classof1981 NITRO 946K; Lettering Needs . From 3W3.x 9 Owners: Qndu 0:;6 Clint and LuAnn Steele NWO DRUGS 5'3 s - Wm Z3 , , 22nd Street , X Mtro, West Virginia -x. 25143 QJU L345 6 QAa- 808 MainAvenue 15936. 0+ m3 96mm: i.5hof"t but 5wq;q' Q29. Nitro, West Virggn1i: 4f yea 755-9 3: Load. 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BUICK 405 1st Avenue Nitro, West Virginia 25143 Telephone cam 727-2986 182 SPECIALIST IN ' , ATHLEISURE FOOTWEAR x r ' ST. ALBANS MALL 722-3221 Monday-Friday 10 am. Til 9 pm. Sunday 1:00 pm. Til 6:00 pm. ATIONAL EARNING PODUCTIONS,INC. Sixth Avenue Post Office Box 246 St. Albans, West Virginia 25177 Producers and Marketers of Supplementary Educational Programs for High School Seniors. Presented as a Public Service by: Bank of Nitro for 2Banking is . . Calwell McCormick and Peyton, L.C. for "Law is. . 183 233121? SERVICE BANK $43K BANK OF CROSS LANES 308 Goff Mountain Rd. PO. Box 8277 Nitro, WV 25143 Phone 3041776-4111 Congratulations Graduates!! Best Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous Future Each depooilor insured to .100,000. FEDEIAL DE'OSIY INSURANCE CORPOIAYION CLASS PORTRAITS . . . NEWBROUGH PHOTOGRAPHY 112 Kanawha Terrace, St. Albans - 722-2986 184 Congratulations Seniors 1981 From J Monsanto N1 PATRONS HUSKEY'S DAIRY BAR 2422 7th Avenue - Charleston ROBERT TORIANO 414 7th Ave. - St. Albans BOGGS BARBER SHOP 601 Main Ave. - Nitro DUNLAP1S EXXON 804 Main Ave. - Nitro PARK TIRE 708 Watts St.; PO. Box 2922 Mr. and Mrs. Ellseworth Villers gang; xme The Hub of Industry Member 2 FDIC PO. BOX 517 Nitro, WV 25143 Accounts Guaranteed to $100,000 by FDIC 185 186 APPLACHIAN TIRE PRODUCTS, INC. aoonijEAn 201 McCorkle Ave. Ph. 722-3321 St. Albans Ph. 722-3271 Lumber and Building Supplies Mouldings, Sewer Pipes, Bathroom Fixtures, Cul Pipe. SOUTHERN SUPPL CO., INC. Lower Viscob Nitro, WV 21 GATENS FUNERAL HOME Poca, WV 755-1361 11Congratulations to the Class of 81" "Congratulations to the Class of 1981" From CHILDERS CHEVROLET 4125 First Ave. Nitro, WV 25143 Phone - 755-8165 A. W. COX DEPARTMENT STORE of Nitro and St. Albans Mews, Ladies and Childrens Wear Also Shoes and Home Furnishings 1A Friendly Place to Show Cox's of Nitro - 755-1431 Cox,s of St. Albans - 722-3306 1y Eads Jne 5-3266 Get the Redken Experience at the Advanced Hair Cutting Center in Cross Lanes MY SHOPPE BEAUTY SALON Carolyn Wolford Men's Styling Night - First Monday of Each Month 126 Goff Mountain Road Cross Lanes, WV 25313 187 188 KANAWHA VALLEY FURNITURE and APPLIANCE CO. 115 Bank Street Phone - 755-4521 Frigidaire - Magic Chef Motorola - Temco Fine Furniture Selection W. W. Alexander - Owner CASTO HARDWARE COMPANY 2213 First Avenue Nitro, WV Phone Nitro - 755-2431 Cross Lanes - 776-2391 Compliments of: TOWNE ,N COUNTRY LANES 409 1st Ave. SE. Nitro, West Virginia Phone - 727-2259 Congratulations Class of ,81 WALTER L. SNYDER ASSOCIATES 776-2324 HPREFERRED PROPERTIES,, We Market Homes in Everybody's Neighborhood c a o MOTORS, INC. Chevrolet and Oldsmobile Your One-Stop Center for New Chevmlet 2; wn-Ww Chevrolet - Chevy II - Corvette - New Cars - 727-2921 - New Trucks - 727-4396 Used Cars and Trucks 300 MacCorkle Ave. in St. Albans, W. Va. THE PERFECT LINK 1W 189 190 VALLEY LEADER NEWSPAPER 302-0 1st Avenue South Nitro, WV 25143 Phone - 722-4644 West Virginia's Most Complete Weekly Newspaper VAN BUREN,S 2209 First Avenue Nitro, W. Va. 25143 First in Feminine Fashion THE H. T. HALL KING,S CROWN c O M PA N Y, Hairstyles, Fashion Cuts, and Styles I N c . Cross Lanes Mini Mall Jean Parsons, Brenda Crisp and Barry Crisp 3622 MacCorkle Ave. SE For an Appointment Charleston, WV 25304 Call: 776-5186 Phone 925-1117 TO SUIT YOUR TASTE GINO1S PIZZA and Spaghetti House 41 16 1st Ave. Nitro 755-4347 191 192 TR 0P1 CAL PARADISE The senior prom, held at the Charleston Civic Center Coliseum on May 2, was a great success. The Junior class did a wonderful job of creating a TTtropical paradise? There were palm trees, flowers, and seashells abounding. The music was provided by tTTop Flitef who proved to hold more at- tention than Kenny Rogers in the next room. A wonder- ful time was had by all. .5 ttFreebirdT finds its place in TTTropical Paradise." 5:? Wdre going to dance the night away! 'TDarling, save the last dance for me? ' :34 2 , - a . V 1464; . A, ' 3 : ' F f . 1:3: L Jr'Jax+.xJ " . x '9", b - 6: Cute girls! But where are your dates?! Right: John? lnfrom of a era? Below: A break in the action brings relief. 193 l. Wanda and Mansford dance 10 the sound 01 Top Flue? 2. Dave finally takes a step to the beat of the music. 3. Earl is definitely a ladies man! . I 7'71 194 l AIBM Mdhio Mr. Lyons awaits the stroke of midnight. 195 7 9 1 Is this ALAN YOUNG? 200 These have been our years to treasure e These have been our years. The times have been ofjoy and love, for sorrow and for tears. We cannot stand here forever. as much as we may desire, for we must move on in another direction to the great things we are to acquire. We can choose our destiny like the free bird that flies above. We can spread our wings to any height, for God has given us the space to grow, to achieve, and to love. The beauty of the divine red rose can only begin to symbolize the memories that have blossomed from these things - so loving, strong, and wise. We must believe in this, and believe in ourselves forever, for we have made it this far. . . and we have made it together. jamie beth gates lt22t81 XME .l E . EEEEEWEEWEEE .EEEaa . . . x. EEE EE: E E E, E E . EEEE E EEEEE , E E E E xEE EEEEE EE EEEE E EE E E EE EE EE E . E EEE E E E Em EE E. .EEEE E E :2 E EMEEMEEE EEEE EEEEEE EE . E E3 .

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