Niobrara County High School - Tiger Yearbook (Lusk, WY)

 - Class of 1965

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Niobrara County High School - Tiger Yearbook (Lusk, WY) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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5 V is - 9 is 6 . X 2 V + Q if . ya. G in ww bi S Q ip K- - . X: SN J Qig ff - :VA LKz.L ,, . RLLL A .fr .Eli me - ' 'B - A A 31111 SK 533, . -'S , ff 7 A I A A ',,, L -5-ff 1--W-W ., if V ., ,. ,gM.,7,, , , w TWA W Qfmafgsgf, M1 X73 f,WXf ,w 22 W1 www X fs 'fwjzpnl fm . Y Q QM A 5L'j5f,J'1 . .49"f 4-OW! K wwf ' GM! 0560 fx' VJVS .vip Wy jan? 'gvvigww Q 55' 25: E If Ojff' 40 5 IQ QQ? Mdv' MMO -fp 4 U A .,':W - M W Qwxiifwmimggm Q fwfb Kumfkmwwwu 3 . ,f 1 ' 1, fmwff WMS? Cfflwfzzfff U- gpg f' 1? Q K - , ' , 0 0 - ' 1 fLW4fHfWMmwQ , gf 355 gf . xg. Q 6 90 9 '5 1, W 5 E 5 bVL l: Q cT'0ogg?:v7,m Q2 is :gi lj fi - Ea me QC 91? if A Egg? if . x .K if gn Obff NGS f' ,Z 9 3 S7 5 5 f.fs?: Q .'. x Q ' A an ww J' - 1 f , 'J 'fl ,f uf if 5 ' 1 4 1 1, Cx V -f"ff '1 ff ff f fl 541 ff ' 1' 1 X71 C 73407 'WML County flag' lf gS cha Z , , 1 0 K 1 1 ,ff1 1,J3..,N 1 - KNKC c 1 4 C f f J 7 ff 4 I 572, ff f J . f K ' f N .f K LQ ff L ? f 1 f R1 QS 'Wa 7' ' ay Q xx, m , YS! 15044, XX is Y R5 'L - 0, fc:2,f.x .Qi. WXQSMNF 1, f A 2 A ' C, MJ -lc and mf fL,4:'f . EX, E i kxix Fr Q,,,,,L ,f1VL,0 Q 4,014 I XY' X3 KB, Ng S 'CPO 7P'7w1JLL'1 N? W fN yi KX M QNX if J I X xv "YT 3 E X fmm OJ G WLLQLWZ V, I Q Q. gtk lg i , infill 7 fvcw cw, fm sm: -X flilflffiff 7 df: C f' ' 1 1,.fWQf A Luk, iflffg CMJ fx , J WOW Qfm-Af .wfCU,of1f5VL1Lf ' Q alla 5,1 54, A 23 Xffcf ,UL E., 50-1,3126 Effie Lf 45. 3' 1' F25 M 5 cu fc!! H 122 ff" gif L W A ,L M M QWMW 'q Q3fV jf UQ W ,ff Mx, Z,fZA.fz2::,ZM-,gyw P CWA MW 'f Aw' Mffw 5,w Qff10f Mfwwwf Glands? MQW l XUWWA, W WU j'!Q,n05QombI M! I Hwuwm 0w.01zU.zcwmfu L0 v W 'v'!- gg.-' X. ,fy if 4072!-K ia ffdfvv ev my -mfwdfgo ,wit-jfumd ZGQL- RC'-LL vcgwclm .f.Z,1J -' fffdffwf Glam Clf1'LZQ ww 740 tie woalcfa a, alaqeffmg WMO 2lvn2ZaZlMefrwnwadwmwanwwl1f,M1qmf52f77J400 L ' bw 'A iwfiw . . , wig, '27 hw tdmmtaaadtdzwezwwmg ff ww M' 6 CQQQWA an 411 twaeplaqa mwaqpclfda, E swim fbpi, 71051 mf Q65 abjwmfwg C 1 NOXUQJ MAA!! pkvcb . V g,: fVf 4 4 A0MU0 7 kgdagailkegf V 9 Qv67vu2f7m,!L6fcJ QLZZ, 'ZZ61 -jifficj We my ,J fm: fm, 5252 ' TJ Q A , , A 7 V - 4 bXqQN LL? ykfd bo ED 2 M Q f ' MW 2 wx ' 11,026 X122 mm! Qfjf OL' p 'AQVJ 0 W 5 Q64 5 5 , WQ 'v 5 ka lj w17L,2 .,, 1, W V? Wy N Iifffa rgrcg "fwQQvfff70' 5 K or N F7 0: U q VW - yy jebglgb , JJ' fiejkf C Q ebeeeaq, 0'QJL0v151!"1?' W ff eegziraqr .,aeLLffiTZ1 Lawrie ' ' noun ia 4.La'W51 cfm! leo-eilw ,L?L.A,rr fri? I 9, ner new 'QLD sd p VL P 1 274616 of Comm . fkiforeword fgdcfjf fQ'QXw'Mud19 elif 955150 . .4 . ................ O .... 7.0 ct .wgwlw . Ldtrbxcllgpg, Prologue .... ...1 . . .'. '. . . .' .... j . . f , ' Wff"f'f3 Memoriam . . . . ...... N . ..... Lfylff' . . . 8 iqfgfg, Directors . . . . . . . 9 sms . . ......... . .. 13 Understuclies . . .1 X. . . . . . . 23 Bit Players M . . . .- . . . . 28 Stagelrlands .. . . . . . 33 King + I . . ..... ' . JJ .... . 38 Music . . 1491 . . . . . . 40 Intermission . . . . 46 Thespians ., . . . . . . fl . . . . . 48 Senior Play . CM . . . . fi. . X . . . . 50 Behind the Scenes . fn. . . . z . . 51 Emmies . ...... ' ...................... 58 Sports .... . . . . 62 Oscars .... ........ Ci! . . .86 CMA, Rs A 'w7,Z,Mk f ,W . 725 Q1 M403 emrff fffwfff fmlf MMM rfmff any QQ awww ,aa 4020 12111 ,fmeeyu 4'-Oaomfff . M4 mia rfrwffc -ma anim, f 'L WV, 7 J f 3 X Wy - Xl if 'X 'UZL2 'ztjgjfffxe We Stwwdm 712mg Kola me ,, - wwf MJ We changed classes. We carried books. XVS Salig. We dined. 3 N f N I , 1. Q J-e- .X w 1 We piled our lockers We planned for the future. We waited for seconds. We honored the flag. We rode buses. We voted. We cheered. 'x . gf' .Q . 5 V. X. ...wi 5, F' M We mapped We campaigned. af 2 W is a J,-I We cut paper dolls. S X W, We ,gl W ,Q 2 ' 44 vw, 2 W V ff , 1 " 3 5 5 A We listened. We conversed. We forgot. We sawed' We smlled We kissed. g, 1. We visited the lounge 5? f - X - T Z iftflffff --- gf I5 I 1 21, T Parents enrolling for Parent's Day during National The registration line continues. Education Week. The 1905 Tiger is proudly and respectfully dedicated to the parents of the students of Niohrgirti County High School. We appreciate their constant interest in the school and its activities, their will- ingness to .loin in fun and work, and their continuous encouragement and inspiration. Parents attending classes. Coffee-break! If 1399, , QQ Xb Q Jl -5 H 2 9 ri . J F - ,xii T1 'J . x xJ u -1 YT 1 -.u 5 fa Lx Q1 w f A ,, .J ' N1 GMM w?3,W zi1ii4zs L?f7f?AQ Un W V! I, ,,,c..L!g , aww 7' LVQY451-ffllf whim' , , fzfflwcw-62 5' 744-S 24ffQf4M?L7' B VOULUL , f'd,75ff,E'fLf4-ful jg Lo0C3fQlQXfQf1, 7:1-Lgiuzii.. IAM? M I iii-Z ,, mww 7 MMf2: 1fgz W QQ!!-LIZ QUJLJ ff!-i V i ,df 'www i , K A 2 .40 !lf44,,L4'7n ,Muffy 1.fu.i4c+7 'fa4f' 4 Ziggy Kb ff 5 Nb M 5 Ao A I4 fri 7lZe0w'uf of tie law f!?08-H652 1 ' awww Xigifflffg, eff! 3 fi via Q3 5 3 3 ,U if . A ,Wf,Z0,W,f N5 W V 5 Z3 Pi x , QW . ,sf X 'alffwffn If? '99 W jfw T751 " .QiE I 5 EN WWW! Wawamffv 45 Q A ' 104' W5 "7"mf'W 'riff fr 8 ww ' sz 1' WWZQZMIZ f'ff"W!'Mmf?Ca iiatrd-working and deyoted. . .active in extrncurricuiur doings. . .sometimes criticized, sometimes lauded. .,u1st. . .representing the ,vw .-,, authority to the wa1yivtu'cl, the key to the answers for the intuusitive . . .policy makers. . .enforcers of rules. . .counseling the troubled and troublemnkers. . . friends. . .educators . .busy but never too busy to help at student. . .BOARD OF TRUSTEES. ADMINISTRATION, AND FACULTY '65. foam! of Umm .Nm . ,Www arm LEFT TO RIGHT: Dale Ilenton, Clerk: Duvid Poage. Trustee: Louis J. Bowen, Trustee: Joliu Bruce Trustee: Gordon M. Kutui. Cliuirmarng Henry L. Wusserbitrger. ,lr.. Trustee: Clem Mosicr, Trustee: Williuni L. Allen, Trustee: und iiobert Cockreliaui, Treasurer. L. E. JOHNSONBAUGH, Director of Ed. M. A. , Colorado State College Physics SEVERT RIST, Prillcipal M. A. . University of Montana All flwmw Mfw1mW4.s4G1w,z3m I H ' V -Avfrwwtfwwf , ? DELBERT M. SMITH l3.A., Clraclron State College Guidance, dl Mutlremartles ANAL lo-XAN llrrx lguglrsh lO. Se Llterature HAROLD WHITEFOOT 13, A, , University ol' Wyoming Mathematics, Basketball, and Golf Coach. I? DONNA BOCK B.A. , State College of Iowa Girls P. E. ,ww- WILLIAM lf. WELCH B. S. , University of Wyoming Mathematics DORTHY LOHR B. A., Doane College Librarian RUTH L. BONER B.A., Colorado State College English 23, Shorthand I, Office Machines, Bus. Law, cl' Book- keeping. VINCENT ZIMMER B.A. , University of Wyoming American History, World History Boys P. E.. Football, Wrestlinff and Track Coach. KENNETH LORENZ B.A. , Atlantic Union Colle e German I SQ ll, Geography American Problems ,viv- Mem"-v"':"' 1-0 , ' - Ziffem - fr, , . V . - ' ',L ' f RUTH BOEDE KER THOMAS R. DOWNEY B.A. , University of Wyoming B.A. , Colorado State College Typewriting I A Il, Shorthand ll. Industrial Arts GARY D. IENSON B. S., Univ. oi'NebrasRa Gen. Sci., Biology, Chemistry, SHIRLEY THAYER B.A. , University of Wyoming Oral English, Grammer X Comp. English 9, IDY B. A. , Univ. of Wyoming Home- making, 9 -10 -ll - l2, BRAMLET IAY DEE SCHA EVER B.A. of Music, University ol' Wyoming Band, Chorus. RO BERT BRA M LET Vocational Ag. :I-lo-il-l W llirm Shop. M.S. , Univ. oi Wyoming Seniors enjoy picnic at the Denver City Park. DIXIE BLACKMORE--Band-1, 2, 3, 4g Chorus-Vice President-3, 43 Triple Trio-45 Junior Class Playg Senior Class Playg King and Ig Thespians-3, 4g Class Secretary-lg Class Treasurer-3g FHA- l, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club-1, 2, 3, 45 FTA-2, Secretary-3, 4g NHS-2, 3, 45 Drill Team-1, 2, 3, 4g Annual Staff-2. RALPH BRETHAUER- -Footb all- lg Wrestling-1, 25 FFA-1, 2, 3. Sm vi' DUANE CANFIELD--Football -13 FFA-1,2,3. MIKELL CHRISTIAN--Jr. Class Play, Senior Class Playg Pep Club-1,2, 3, President- 4g Drill Team-2,3,4g Ger- man Club-1 , 2, 3, President- 4g GAA-35 Thespians-35 President of the Junior Class. Qin, xl, MYRNA BURDICK--Pep Club-lg GAA -2,4g Chorus-45 King and l-4. STEVEN BURKE--Basketball-lg Foot- ball Manager-lg FFA l,2,3, Vice- President-4. CODY CLARK- -Basketball-1, 2, Foot- ball-Bg Junior Class Play, FFA-1: L- Club-3. GARY C ROWLEY- - Footba 11-1 g Wres- tling-lg Junior Class Play, Photography Club-2, 3, 4, Newspaper-3. MELODY DAVID--Junior Class Playg Senior Class Playg Thespians-43 Pep Club-3,45 Drill Team-3,45 FHA-3,45 GAA-3,45 Art Club-3,45 Annual Staff -3, Editor-4. ROBERTA DAVIES--GAA-2g Chorus- 1,2,3,4g Band-49 Triple Trio-3,4g Junior Class Playg Senior Class Playg FHA-1,2,3,4g Thespians-3,4. V1 GAIL EBERSPECHER--FTA-45 Thes- pians-4g Band-45 Drill Team-1,2,3, 4g Pep Club-1,2,3,4g FHA-1,2,3, 45 GAA-2, President-4g Annual Staff- 2g Chorus-President-3, 4. DONNA FULLERTON--Band-1,2,3,4g Chorus-1,2,3,4g Piano-1,2,3,4g Thespians-3,49 Senior Class Playg Pep Club-19 German Club-1,2, Vice- President-3,4g FTA-2,3, President-45 FHA-4. NINA DESERSA--King and I-43 FHA-2,3,4. DONNA EDDY--First Place Handicapped Division Uni- versity of Nebraska Extension Division. WE so YQ Je 4, LH , ,s, 5 3 RON GLANDT--Junior Class P1ay5 Senior Class Playg FFA- 1, 25 Thespians-45 Photogra- phy-45 FTA-45 Student Coun- cil-35 Vice President of Stu- dent Council-4. FRANCES HECKMAN--Cho- rus-45 King and I-4. MARGYLOU FERNAU--Annual Staff- 1, 25 Pep Club-15 Treasurer-2,3, 45 Drill Team-1,2,35 Band-1,2,3, Vice President-45 Majorette-2,3,45 GAA-25 FHA-2,3, Vice President-45 Chorus-15 King and I-45 Junior Class Secretaryg NHS-3, President-4. CLARK GERMANN- -Football-1, 2, 35 Chorus-1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Class Playg Senior Class Play5 Student Council- 45 L-Club-1, 2, 3, 45 German Club-45 FTA-45 Thespians-4. E NORMA HAMMOND--GAA-2,3,45 Senior Class P1ay5 Pep Club-1,2, 35 FHA-1', 2, 3, 45 Thespians-Secretary- Treasurer-4. JAN HOBLIT--GGA-25 Junior Class P1ay5 Senior Class Playg Pep Club-1, 2, 3,45 Cheerleader-l,2,3, 45 FHA-2,3, Treasurer-45 FTA-2, Treasurer-3, Secretary-45 Annual Staff-25 Thespians -45 Basketball Queen-4. SUSAN JOHNSONBAUGH--Band-1, 2, President-3, Student Director-3, Student Director-45 Chorus-1, 2, 3, Vice President-45 Junior Playg King and Ig Student Council-15 Pep Club-1. 2, Vice President-3, Council-4, NHS-2, 3, Secretary-45 Annual Staff- 25 Drill Team-1, 2, 3, 45 Triple Trio- 3, 4. KEITH KAAN--Football-1, 2, 35 Wrestling-25 Basketball-45 Junior Class Playg Senior Class Play5 FFA-1, 2, Sec- retary-3, 45 L-Club-2, 3, 45 NHS-2, 3, Vice President-45 Thespians-President- 45 Class Treasurer-15 Student Coun- cil-2. DAVID LEDFORD--Basketball-Man- ager-1, 25 Junior Class Play5 Senior Class Playg Art Club-3, 45 Annual Staff- 3. NOALEEN LARSON--Chorus-1, 25 Ger- man Club-l, 2, 3, 45 Thespians-3, 45 NHS-2, 3, 4. PAT KRATZER--Band-1, 2, 3. 45 Chorus-1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Class Play5 Senior Class Play5 King and I5 Pep Club-1, 2, 3,4 FHA-2, 3, 45 FTA-2, 33 45 Thespians-3, 45 NHS-2, 3, 45 Annual Staff-25 Drill Team-3, LARRY LAMB--Basketball-15 Chorus-15 Student Council-15 FFA-1, 45 Senior Class Play5 Senior Class Presidentg FTA-45 Thespians-4. zz' V f W X 5 V - . V W W a la we rw ,mas We Q M 4 VERDA MARTIN - - Chorus- 2 BRENDA LUND--German Club-1,2,3,4g Pep Club-1: Cheerleader-2, 3,45 GAA-3 Junior Class Playg Senior Class Playg Prom Queen-3. LOIS LEELING--Junior Class Playg Senior Class Playg Class Vice Presi- dent-2g FHA-1, 2,3,4g German Club- 2, Pep Club-2,3,4g National Honor Society-2,3,4g GAA-4g Annual Staff- 4. LOUISE LEELING--Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, FHA-1, 2,3,4g Pep Club-2,3,4g Drill Team-2,3,4g FTA -43 Thespians-4g National Honor Society-2, 3,45 German Club-2, 3,45 GAA-4g FHA-Vice President-3. LINDA MC DANIEL--Pep Club-1,2, 3,45 FHA-1,2. SUSAN MC BIRNEY--Band-1, 2, 3,45 Chorus-1, 3,45 Junior Class Play, FHA -1,2,3,4g Pep Club-1, 2,35 National Honor Society-2, 3. JACK MITCHELL--Wrestling-1, 2, 3, Captain-4, Football-2, 3, 45 Chorus- 4g Junior Class Play, Student Council President-4, L-Club-2, 3, 4. RAY MILLER--Wrestling-1, FFA-1, 2, Treasurer-3, 4. JUDY POAGE--Band-1, 2, Secretary- 3, 4g Chorus-4, GAA-4, NHS-2, 3, 4, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, King and Ig German Club-1,21 Pep Club-1, 2, 3, 43 FHA-2, 3, President-45 Student Council-2, Vice President-3, Drill Team-3, Captain-4. JUDY PATE--Chorus-1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, King and lg Triple Trio-4, President-lg Student Council-3, Vice President-4, FHA- 1, 2, 3, 4, NHs12,3,4, Pep ciub-1, 2, 3, Drill Team-1, 2, 35 Annual staff-2. . ,V TONY OUTHOUSE- - Wrestling Manager-3, NADINE NELSON--Chorus-23 Pep Club-1, 2, 3, Vice Presi- dent-4g Drill Team-2, 3, FHA- 2, 3, Secretary-4, Cheerleader- 1. ,., ,,,-,v,,,q DEAN RUMNEY - -Football-13 Wrestling-1,2,3,4g L-C1ub- 2,3g Jr. Playg Senior Playg Class Treasurer-4. MARSHA SIDES--GAA- Vice President-2, 3, 45 Senior Class Playg Pep Club-1, 2,3g FHA-1, 2, 3, 4g Thespians-4. JAMES POTTER- -Basketball-lg Foot- ball-1 , 2, 3, 45 Wrestling-2, 3. SANDY POTTER--GAA-3,45 Senior Class Playg FHA-1, 2, Executive Coun ci1-3,4g Pep Club-1,2,3g Annual Staff-2. GERALD SHEAMAN--Junior Class Playg Senior Class Playg FFA-1, Chap- lain-2, Reporter-3, President-45 Thes- pians-3,4. JIM SHILLENN- -Basketball-1 , 2 , 3g Track-1,2,3,4g Football-2,3, Captain -4, Wrestling-3, Co-Captain-4g Chorus-45 Junior Class Playg Senior Class Playg L-Club-2, Vice President -3, President-45 Prom King-3. 'm' I I DOUGLAS SMITH--Football-1, 43 Basketball-1, 2, 3g FFA-3, 4. MARGRETTA SMYLIE--Band-1, 2, 3, 4g Chorus-1, 2, 3, Chorus Director-45 ' Triple Trio-3, 45 King and Ig Junior Playg Thespians-3, 43 NHS-2, 3, 43 FTA-3, Treasurer-45 Annual Staff-2g Band Conductor-4. WAYNE THOMAS--Band-1. 2, 3, 4g Chorus-45 Junior Class Playg Senior Class Playg German Club-2g NHS-2, 3, 45 Thespians-4g King and I-4. BOB TAYLOR--Football-1, 2. 4 65 5 ' iff E' CAROL TAYLOR--Band-1, 2, 3, 4g Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4g Dance Band-1, 2, 34 Triple Trio-3, 45 King and I-45 Junior Class Play Senior Class Playg Pep Club-1. 2, 3, 4g German Club-1, 23 Thespians-45 Annual Staff-43 Drill Team-1. HOWARD TAYLOR--A11 con- ference football team-4g Bas- kerball-4. Seam ffm! 25411 faq and 6171! Stawu Seledzd In an all school assembly three boy and girl delegates to the American Legion Auxiliary's Boys and Girls States were named. Girl State delegates were Linda Vogel, Linda Kaye Fernau, and Shirlee Tadewald. Alternates were Jacque Boyd, La Donna Tho- mas, and Phyllis Shorten. Boy State delegates were Jerry Baker, Bob Pfister, and Mark Lohr. Alternates were Bob Norris, Steve Bari beau, and Doyle Davies. Peggy Baar Gerald Baker Vice President Steve Baribeau Mike Bafford Roy Brazelton Jacque Boyd Sunday Belcher Bob Bramlet Treasurer Robert Burdick Merry David Delores DeSersa Doyle Davies f if av 32 f rig? if 26 .iii ef MZ, lv Ralph Dickinson Monika Dunlap Shelia Erlewine Linda Kay Fernau Student Council Janet Hook Alice Hoy Betty Hales Danny Hytrek Ronald Johnson Sherry Jordon Rich Krekeler Wanda Krein ,r-" fja wow flaws an 5004114 ffm sig, , I ir f 5,1 M -, af., Q if S Fmt 7'wge Flon Katherine Kruse Pamela Kuhn Donald Lambert Dianna Lauer David Leimser Wanda Letchworth Mark Lohr Barbara Leno James Meng Raymond Mayhan Dennis Meier Sunny Meredith Robert Miller Bob Norris Bob Pfister Student Council Irvin Moore Kathryn Pearson Vernon Poage Bob Rising Linda Schwab Bernie Schnorenberg Roger Scott Phyllis Shorten Shirlee Tadewald Brothers and The "Smathers" "Do11ie" Davies is K .. . N f 'E SQA xr. Rs . ., X- Q. ' i 2 1 K 1 Nm? 5 H ' . fr in : . ..,,. . f gf X- fishrs ii"-fE5'w : 1 55111:-si" L K... , .. ,R WM N it ' TNR r s tiki is 5 Riggs?" ' ff- 7if'??5 . - 26 is Ss A . ffil. - -fsszsai ' ,:.- . ..,.. se is as-figs: ,M xe- Q-.. ,.,r,, P W i ,. S W f" if ':.::5f r'i H S ..,., r , 11" -' xg Q , -' : ' .'z. f r. Q - . L X B r 35- r B Qi: Q--fs. . A .,,. s s X i v W L j? x we xi X f ks 5 , 5 if uf f' 'E'rf1'E-Tn: :r::r.' I iiiigi Iii' I nr gun 4152! . I1 Ms 'ESE gg H: "1 is 1 mm 7kuuwzq and Waals Made 75mm Sacceaaful Q' ww 4 X Allen Stirodtrnan Donald Stubson LaDonna Thomas Secretary Dennis Tyron n:n hhh ' Xx 1 hnn :mn .1L:Ln nLi: , izm .,-- 1nL P, ..... .. ,,.. nn n o nn " Alfred Ward N . P 0 n.n.,: 1 f Q , w 'X - Gary W1ll1ams 1' l f .AMN R '57 WN Llnda Vogel ' Presldent -gap.. . . . ,L -ew ,. .. .. ni I Q Cynthia Vollmer Sandy Bigelow Marlene Black Secretary Sherry Blackmore David Boyd David Brott Dana Burnham Treasurer I oy Butler Wally Copeland Judy Carpenter Student Council lan Christian Larry Crowley Dick Davenport 3615 wa, 1 Q- . 1 C 5 icre 2 if XWEL? .J X . Swan ,L X s 3 R ir. . Q : beau" I 'xiii - -i - -.. Y .- f---1 X .A . X 1. i W . -1 h Terry Foley Claudia Germann Pat llolman Gail Graham Mary Frances Hoy Paul Hubbard Betty Hughes Beth Jervis ' Sa, I 'P-Wf7:'5?E5f5" 1 - 4 V. , , , ,Z ,VV fi ,X -' .,,,wv,,f,4mw H f 1225:-,iowa Wfwmg A af, Q-if sms-a ,M Ji- H, Sr y fx' 3 lags 3 MAS is 275 N f J 1 if M 2 fs. 5 5 1 Q 2 24 f i if 97, f 1 V J 5, H 1 J 255 3 , " ' 1 R J lls., 55,1 1-: Jam fix, '1 Ronnis Johnson George Klier Sandie Kaan Rick Kaan James Kruse Richard Ledford Gary Letchworth Richard Ladwig Melvin Lewis Carolyn McKay Charlene Miller Caroll Mariegard n E H --ws im R '- ll I S ' fiiish'-ii? siieiiiifi X S ts ss: msg X 5 X Eiga S gigs as X ss, E it K 2 K S sg Q Ev A N X sf S X sim . .S S Z-.f ,X . .Ini L,..L is is M E3 is X i N I X N ZW K 5 S is gf 5 ' N x 35 3 Y s 5 N is 2255 X. S ,gi x sa? 2 is X Sm f . L E Q ..,, .. f ' i f .. ., ' 5: fl? .321 a 3 : SH- :Sa 1 - si- Eies,fksr tii isii x 'f if-1 in - . ff-,..Q.:v,:.s1:f::,az-wiaiiiifwrfifssfiiwffiX X - 1,flrv-afLtQQit4s211QsQsfts2Sfsrsaisiigisilsiwifs A is K . ..,,.. S .. :sz.:s:w,.S-.g SESS Sophomores enter float in ssfiisssw fs NNGSR Vx-it 1 gm GQMQ .'LL ii i fax is-2, - " --:if EJ' . "55fQ!f2j4 clss . rsh f :wg Q - l fwiwsgwwss Xxx i XX XX fs xy NQQ x S N 5,53 X -X fifty ,.-smzjg: .sz S X ax. Stix QE Q Q 2 it at ss s Harold Miller Rita Moore Kenneth Neilson Bobbie Mitchell Lanette Owens Diane Rapp Taffy Rankin Dan Scott Flora Mae Rogers Cindy Schnorenberg Evelyn Sheaman Ron Shoults President Vicky Sides Dennis Slagle Tammy Taylor Jim Sullivan the Homecoming Parade. Q'-n. Sophomores experiment with plants. YQQIFX View 1 1 ,' Tis: : , " if .-,T-hw K , ' J X t , X Sophomores flirt too! Oscar Thompson Roxanne Thompson Cheri Tollman Marcus Tsehueher Wrintlii Townsend Vice President Billie Tryon Sue Tyrell Robert Ward Mike Wtisserhiirger Steve Witzenluiirger Nyle Wright Steve Witzenburger with "The Trophies. " BANQUET WAITERS--Terry Foley, David Boyd, and Moose Thomp- SOD. Sopdmwaea flee In biology lab. lntra- mural basketball team. Conferring with an instructor. faq with Sclwol and Adwdm 32 l Stage ffcuzda Fresliinan Dirty'.ces. FRESIIMAN YIPS QQTTOM. Leif to Riglin Janet Kaan, Student Council: Crystal Sides, Secre- tary: Becky Tollinan, Vice Presidcntg TOPg Frank Davis, Student Council: Rodney Sclinorenherg, Treasurer: QS Robert Almazan. President. W-""m--N i In Freshman iloinemaking Class learn tlie art of dressinaking Freshmen going to classes. l 33 Bob Allen Bob Alnrazon Calvin Anderson Bobbie Barr Gene Bartow Bobby Bringluun Barbara. Branney Ed Brort Frank Brom Murray Butler Randy Butler Kennetlr Cunlield Russ Crowley Carven Cooper Van Duvid lfrnnk Davis Torn Dunlap Louis I-Lrlry lens Jensen Monte lidxvnrds Xiffffl' 'Q v'f'M miifi, Fffif' ' ' "i ilffiil ,,Q, -E,,, A :ic 1 1 "' 'K f .v f I 2 ., rr is ,, ,W s w rer' + . . ,M MGM ' - ' errr f 5 J F3 X 1 ,l 1 52- ' ',-' fo r A A I , 2' M. ww? 1 . L Yr ww , .M f F' w A 1 1' . TK Y' 'lg 1 1' ,, , f . , , 3.1451 M U B lil , k,,. In ,yi 1 , Q -mf P2 412 ,V-A sg, ' "" 525, s ig sox K 1 -Q ,Q 19 1' 1 ji 4 gh QZV1 is will ' a , W 7 f 432152242 3 yf , B , 43 .y,W,4a,,:: Q ff? M Q 4 Mr ,Ag fx of Qi 1 4 Y s J , 22 2 Q fi 5: W 6, A iqdzfz .K eff I VVV, ' ,N 1 V ,, . ' pl ,,,,,, K , 9 , 3f'1f5?55fi'u B 1 M 1 ' W , - Q we H f2 zfwlg Mira 2 1 ww, :V,ZV , .2- - ,., , . er f l f., 7514, ,, -, ,m f if ,l 1 , my i , , ' M, ,:, 4 if ,imc sill! Q..-fi' iogQWi i Kfndiim 401- 51 4? Q if 5 1 if ff? V. We padded th C Harry Fitzwater Steve Fraser Sandra Geike Carol Hahn Donald Hahn Wahnita Hales Darwin Hunk Dana Harris Robert Johnson Janet Kean Lauralee Kahn Mike Leno N for homecoming 'u ,, We conferred with Santa. lim Kant Connie King Jan Kinney Darold Krein Larry Krein Sihyl Kuhn Tom Lorenzen Carl Lambert John Lyon Sharon Lyon Reda McLean Linda Parmley We entered a float in the homecoming parade. . ,Ni ?isr M.,,.. is 1531 r ' im, N33 QS' 9 J xx S M K rr X if L 1 E Sr E Q 5 L .ff Kirin :Sf ' 1125: ges fimx ,wig N rfssiiigos - . -.. ,,, L ifiliigifgfif-TA W Q ' 'rss ' . 'f'-if f Q l If A . XR 3 xx ' ,,- , 1 X52 Z . , Bill Percy Anita Rouge Diivid Rouge Rodney Sclinorenberg Judy Potter Clyde Robertson Iacquline Roby Lorraine Schutt Bob Scnutterle Janice Scott Jeff Snillenn Crystal Sides Frances Sniitli Iolin Sniitii Ctirnlin Tadewald Kathy Taylor Wayne Tnylor becky Tollniiin Stiin Townsend .liiditii Tsciinclier Riielena Weaver Brett West Sandy Witzenbnrgcr Bonnie worn' 37 V---.,t,.,,,,-f.. -0 The King and I! Carol Taylor and Mark Lohr An artist at work The Kingandl was a big success due to all the manyhours ofrehearsalsgthe patience of the director lay Dee Schafferg and the excellency of the accom panists, Diana Lauer and Donna Fullerton. There were over at hundred people who participated in the production of The King and l. The vital part of the production were the pianists, Diana Lauer and Donna Fullerton. Teacher explains. Pictured aboveg Anna Leonowens, Carol Taylorg Margretta Smylieg Tuptim, Linda Fernaug Lady Thiang, Susan Iohnsonbaughg Royal Wivesg Margylou Fernau, Jacque Boyd, Judy Pate. 1,2,3, ar1d,.. The King, Mark Lohrg Anna Leonowens, Carol Taylor. Explain yourself! Pictured uboveg The King, Mark Lohr, Tuptini, Linda Fernaug and Tun Tha, Steve Baribeau. A lovers' moment Your HighI16SS1 FIRST CLARIN ETS S. McBirney D. Lauer SECOND CLARINETS L. Thomas R. Krekler B. Tryon B. Len0fNO'I' PICTUREDD THIRD CLARINETS D. Rapp J. Scott C. Anderson OBOE P. Kuhn FIRST FLUTES S. Johnsonbaugh M. Smylie I . Poage S. Tyrrel SECOND FLUTES C. Hahn S. Lyon L. Kaan 7IZu.ucauw The N C H S Bandata Football game FIRST CORNETS M. Lohr C. King B. Allen SECOND CORNETS T. Lorenzen W. Taylor THIRD CORNETS F. Davis B. A1amzo11fNOT PICTUREDJ TROMBONES BASSOON T, Foley S. Erlewine M. Baribeau D, Owgley ALTO CLARINET M, Lyon P. Kratzer Hand at Week Marching Band in uniform. BASS CLARINET W. Thomas TUBAS M. Fernau D. Hahn BARITONES R. Moore J. Tschacher PERCUSSION B. Davies G. Eberspecher D. Meier B. Jervis D. Blackmore DIRECTOR jay Dee Schaefer TOP ROW, Left to Right: B. Bramlet, T. Foley, W. Thomas, J. Shillenn. FOURTH ROW: J. Poage, M. Fer- nau, I. Mitchell, M. Lohr, B. Almazon, S. Witzenburger, S. McBirney. THIRD ROW: P. Kuhn. G. Graham. C. Mariegard, C. Taylor, W. Taylor, R. Thompson, B. Tollman, B. Leno. M. Burdick. SECOND ROW: F. Heckman, J. Boyd, S. Tadewald, G. Eberspecher, D. Canfield, S. Baribeau, P. Hubbard, M. Leno, C. King, L. Vogel, P. Barr, S. Jordan. FIRST ROW: N. DeSersa, B. Jervis, L. Fernau, M. Smylie S. Johnsonbaugh, I. Pate D. Blackmore, P. Kratzer, L. Thomas, R. Davies, D. Lauer. BOTTOM ROW: Director, Mr. Schaeferg Accom- panist, D. Fullerton. The choir worked hard this year. They gave a combined concert with the band, sang several numbers for the district FI-IA convention, and presented the very successful musical "The King and I". The NCHS chorus under the direction of Mr. Schaefer closed a very successful year with every vocalist, ensemble and the choir receiving I's at district festival. . . K ,k.. L:t:::: fi:i:::::f:: i::i1:f rr iiiiiiifiii iiittiiiziitixfz lf.. .:i .:i:itZ:11:tL:1f Ll g.iQL.. Fifi . ,. . 1 L Q 1f . , 1:-g3:1ff'Ers , :J in Q N gr is ,urs , X fl s til E Q N . .r . , -fi-grifi-Q - f.. Qi f Q- . - . - rf, S af3:f.2:.5fE K 1. I' j ,. fir. +-me -- Carol WHS SSICCISCI HS a member Of Diane was selected as the outstanding clarinetist in the all-state chorus composed of 125 the stateg therefore, she played solo clarinet in the members. The chorus was directed all-state orchestra directed by Mr. Perkins. by Dr. Ralph Manzo. For the last two years the NCHS Choraletts have pro- vided entertaiment for the entire com- munity. After receiv- ing a I this year at festival, the Chora- letts built a fine reputation for them- selves throughout Wyoming. LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Lauer, L. Thomas, J. Pate, D. Fullerton, D. Blackmore, S. Johnsonbaugh, R. Davies, G. Eberspetcher, C. Taylor. M. Smylie. The Modern Choir was organized just this year. The group provided entertainment for banquets and special programs. The group received a I at the district festival. LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Lauer. BACK ROW: B. Bramlet, T. Foley, M. Lohr, S. Baribeau. BOTTOM ROW: D. Fullerton, S. Johnsonbaugh, C. Tay- lor, M. Smylie. For the second consecutive year NCHS vocalists received I's at district festival. The NCHS Vocal depart- ment is certainly improving! LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Johnsonbaugh, M. Smylie. R. Davies. G. Eber- spetcher, C. Taylor. DISTRICT SOLOISTS F. Davis, IIg D. Hahn, I D. Lauer, Ig W. Thomas, II+g J. Scott, Ig M. Black Ig S. Iohnsonbaugh, Ig T. Foley, Ig M. Lohr, I. FRONT ROW: J. Tscha- cher, Ig 85 R. Moore, I. ,fuk Gem 70,0 7L,0ll0fMf at Fadda! CLARINET QUINTET II J. Scott, B. Tryon, R. Krekler, W. Thomas, 85 P. Kratzer. TRUMPET QUARTET III T. Lorenzen, F. Davis, W. Taylor, Sn B. Almazon ..5 K V 5 . . F 9 ALL STATE BAND, CHORUS, AND ORCHESTRA MEMBERS S. McBirney, M. Fernau, T. Foley, M. Lohr. FRONT ROW: D. Lauer S. Johnsonbaugh, M. Black, 8C C. Taylor. FLUTE TRIO S. Lyon, C. Hahn, S. Blackmore. BRASS SEXTET I M Lohr F Davls R Moore, M. Fernau, C WOODWIND QUARTET 11+ P. Kuhn, S. Mc Birney, S. Erle- wine, M. Smylie. FRENCH HORN TRIO II C German P Baar, S. Blackmore. BRASS QUINTET II C King, T. Lorenzen D Hahn, J. Tschach er P. Baar. 45 46 Steve Bafukfeaa, lalbomm 74mm Gwamed Steve Baribeau and LaDonna Thomas were crowned king and queen at the Junior-Senior Prom. They stand at the center and were crowned by last year's royalty, Jim Shillenn and Brenda Lund. The crown bearers are Robin Fernau and Tom Baribeau. The fountain was a popular place dur- ing the evening. I N-S rj z:f:rig-1-w.1.sfe2f1sf-11: 74f,0!6 fbaaom Yjime Www of Yfwm and fanqaet An eloquent speech was given at the ban- quet by the guest speaker, Mr. Jim X Barrett. A The triple trio performed several numbers at the banquet. we g Sophomores serve and also were a part of the enter- tainment. Smiling pretty for the camera. mms LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Germann, N, Hammond, W. Thomas, M. Sides, G. Sheaman, S. Tadewald, N. Larson, D. Meier, S. Baribeau, G. Eberspecher, B. Taylor, P. Kratzer, M, Bafford, R. Krekler, K. Kaan, D. Tryron, J. Hoblit, B. Bramlet, D. Blackmore, L. Lamb, M. Smylie, B. Davies, R. Glandt, D. Fullerton, and Miss Shirley Thayer, Sponsor. 7A64fe6llldf Seed Eleven The Thespians were an active group. They sent twenty members to District Speech Festival, eleven to State, Good ex- perience was gained while having fun. There was even more time and energy put in the preparation and practice for festival than accounted for in the classroom. THESPIAN OFFICERS--Keith Kaan, Presi- dentg Larry Lamb, Vice President, and Norma Hammond, Secretary-Treasurer. Y DISTRICT SPEECH FESTIVAL--TOP ROW, Left to Right: C. Taylor, L. Leeling, R. Krekler, D. Ledford, R. Glandt, B. Taylor, W, Thomas, S, Baribeau, D. Meier, I. Poage, and Miss Thayer, Sponsor. SEATED: N. Hammond, M, Smylie, B. Davies, P. Shorten, D. Blackmore, P. Kratzer, J, Pate, G, Eberspecher, L. Vogel, and M. David. Bobbie Davies participated in Oratory. 1051015 . r Mikgd Steve Baribeau scored in dis- cussion. Linda Vogel and Larry Lamb were winners in debate. Judy Poage, Carol Taylor, and Margretta Smylie gave humorous readings. Phyllis Shorten gave a win- ning oration. Gail Eberspecher lightened every- one's mind with her humorous interpretation. Margretta also excelled with her poetry. 49 First there was make-up and hair styling. They met in the park and his interest was "purely physical". And what a party it was! 50 44 5 2 awww lj if ' H We ML, WW You really did train Gene with a dog training man- ual? Sm. Claw YIM if ff Wm Hmmm . ,, .E Q3 ..,k . t 5 A X TOP ROW: DeLores DeSersa, Ronald Glandt, Larry Lamb, Dean Rumney, Rick Kaan, Bob Norris, Mike Bafford, Jack Mitchell, Dennis Meiers. BOTTOM ROW: Louise Leeling, Susan Iohnsonbaugh, Gail Eberspecher, Jan Hoblit, Dixie Blackmore, Donna Fullerton, Margretta Smylie, Pat Kratzer, Claudia Germann, Peggy Barr, Roxie Thompson, and Mrs. Kaan, Sponsor. Pfwwfw Yeacma Explofw tie flu of Ueazdmg - vi i I ?. . -- 5 3-W NX T an f" 'E Vi -- w I s. it -i M cf . X Vkkk ws 1 its kr .. E gp X. if . f 'i . N Senior members of FTA were guests at Niobrara The FTA honors the teachers at a tea during Nation- Education Association dinner meeting. al Education Week. 7Z.6.ff.5. 6 CM y Headed :fy MLM! TOP ROW: D. Davenport. S. Townsend, F. Davis, C. Anderson, B. Allen. SECOND ROW: D. Tryon, M. Bafford, K. Neilson, M. Lohr, B. Schnorenberg, T. Lorenzen. THIRD ROW: C. Germann, R. Krekeler. FOURTH ROW: J. Meng, R. Kaan. FIFTH ROW: S. Baribeau, D. Meier, D. Fullerton, N. Larson, C. Hahn SIXTH ROW: D. Davies, B. Pfister, J. Baker, L. Leeling, K. Ellis. FRONT ROW: Mr. Lorenz, Sponsor: A. Poage, M. Christian, President: B. Lund, S. Kaan, C. Germann, G. Graham, V. Sides, J. Christian, and S. Tadewald. NOT PICTURED: L. Vogel, Secretary-Treasurer. Die Wandervogel is a club for the primary purpose of promoting the study of German literature and culture as well as creating interest in the foreign language program of this high school. Students presently enrolled in a German class or those students who have had two years of German are eligible for club membership. 52 ,.., , . , .i - -i - -, - f f, " BACK ROW, Left to Right: I. Shillenn, E. Decastro, I. Moore, Mr. Bud Rist. SECOND ROW, Seated: D. Hy- trek, D. Ledford, G. Crowley, W. Letchworth, F. Heckman, M. David, J. Lyons, D. Hank, K. Canfield. THIRD ROW: E. Brott, N. Hammond, V. Martin, J. Hock, M. Burdick. FOURTH ROW: N. DeSersa, M. Sides, and J. Poage. flu Club 4 flctwe The Art Club is sponsored by Mr. Rist fto the lefty and is a non-profit organization. This year members helped with the scenery for the King and I, made posters for Art Exhibits and many other pro- jects other than their classroom work. Posters keep your nose to the grindstone. ,I p I f-""J""! A 53 EWWWGWAW """"""P"' ' ' ffiafx Another bright event of the year was the Sweetie Pie Banquet which, this of year, featured a pie eating F d contest. As you may well guess, there were many thrills and SPILLS! TOP ROW: P. Kuhn, K. Kruse, B. Hales, P. Barr, N. Hammond, M. Sides, S. Potter, B. Davies, C. King, I. Roby, B. Tryon, T. Taylor, C. Miller. SECOND ROW: B. Wolff, C. Mariegard, S. Bigelow, D. Burnham, B. Mitchell, S. Blackmore, B. Jervis, J. Carpenter, D. Rapp, M. Hoy, L. Owens, E. Sheaman. THIRD ROW: I. Kinney, N. Desersa, M. David, J. Potter, R. McLean, B. Branney, J. Kaan, L. Kaan, F. Smith, S. Kuhn. L. Parmely. FOURTH ROW: L. Schwab, S. McBirney, L. Leeling, S. Roby, S. Lyon, K. Taylor, B. Tollman, C. McKay, A. Hoy, D. Desersa, J. Pate, P. Kratzer, D. Fullerton, W. Hales, M. David, S. Belcher, T. Rankin, W. Townsend, F. Rogers, L. Vogel, L. Fernau, J. Hook, M. Burdick, G. Eberspecher, D. Blackmore. FIFTH ROW: Mrs. Bramlet, S. Erlewine, S. Tyrrel, M. Black, M. Fernau, J. Poage, N. Nelson, J. Hoblit, J.Boyd, L. Leeling, and P. Shorten. -:-:2:2:2:552:2:!:3:2:2:2:E: :-:-:-:-:-. :-:-:g:-:-' - ,:,. c:.k,.:.,5,.,. Kwwmw Q 6 2 g A ?Zff 99 9 '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. . . . ... .......... ..-..-........o...U.--.---nf.n----Q.nunauonnpoonnnanoooooeonaa . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ........-l. ......-.5...l.3IQ3......J...-.5-J.-'Q' JLl,d!ll!6dlf Mom fall and Queen Mlm SAM W mm mm . .'I'Z'2'I-2'2'Z'Z'I'Z'Z'Z'I'. . .'.'.'.'.'. ................. .....a.a.a, ................. ,,,,, :k3:3:5:3:3 N v ' -.K..:.:.:.:.: ' :gi-?:f:5:2:2: S:?:i:3:3: 5:i:5:5:5:5: '.'x.-.:.-.:. :-:-:-.-:-.- 2S:5:3:5:5: :q::Q:Q:Q:f:Q:Q.:. :'fq.'I'..:.:..:.:. 'H'.'Cq".:.:.:.: xiii:-5+ W. 2222:-:Q:2.g. '3:-"1- a"1Q33:3:5:5 'o'o'q.'o o s o o n o oss. .I .lx-.I--. 'Jo S" . . . . ,- :-:-:2:-:2:!"'2 . x x s" xii: . An FFA'er working HARD! S. Burke, Vice Presidentg Harold Millerg Alfred Wardg Gerald Sheaman Presidentg Roger Scott. Sentinelg Bob Miller. The Future Farmers of America, sponsored by Mr. Robert Bramlet, is organized to promote agricultural leader- ship, and to encourage the development of farm programs, ln class and by participation in co-operative efforts, mem- bers learn modern agricultural procedure and are given the opportunity to use these skills in practical application. F354 'hfemfw Ewelop Ag ' Shih TOP ROW: D. Brott. B. Rising, D. Smith, B. Bramlet, K. Kaan, L. Johnson, K. Canfield, R. Miller,D. Potter, B. Taylor, Bob Bramlet, Sponsor. BOTTOM ROW1 L. Lamb. G. Sheanian, S. Burke, A. Ward. R. Scott, H. Miller, B. Miller. Li' s l w 5 55 . Q 2 i r., WM. Y 55 fr :-':. A 1:3 ri . .- rmggfzi Q -Y: magyar' gf X iisilr ... ....,. A SEPTEMBER Gerald Sheaman and Judy Poage ,pw fr DECEMBER Margretta Smylie and Ron Glandt faq and Gul WE 1 Wi 'Y am Fla' OCTOBER Mikell Christian and Keith Kaan NOVEMBER Clark Germann and Susan Iohnsonbaugh APRIL Dean Rumney and Brenda Lund ofdw Wontli JANUARY Jim Shillenn and Judy Pate DMR' ,kwa FEBRUARY Jan Hoblit and Jack Mitchell f ,,',,,., .xiMa.4lwr A, xv ,L 5 ,,,, f ,A,, . W 2-,,: -vnlf "f-f , A Q " ff f 5 Qin 'A,,' ,f,' my - ,W 4,Z A,. ,. MARCH Larry Lamb and Margylou Fernau I j 3 1 X MAY Gail Eberspecher and Howard Taylor 59 Www Home Society NEW MEMBERS--STANDING: Ralph Dickinson, Doyle Davies, Pam Kuhn, Bob Pfister, Bernie Schnorenberg, Mark Lohr, SEATED: Mike Bafford, Steve Baribeau, Kathy Kruse, Betty Hales, and Jacque Boyd. Pictured are the National Honor Society officers who were Keith Kaan, Vice Presidentg Margylou Fernau, Presidentg Susan Iohnsonbaugh, Secretaryg and Larry Lamb, Treasurer. Other members not pictured were: Dixie Blackmore, Pat Kratzer, Judy Poage, Judy Pate, Lois Leeling, Louise Leeling, Wayne Thomas, Mikell Christian, Noaleen Larson, Sandy Potter, and Margretta Smylie. , ,VWQQ W I , QM TW , rf i f yi ,," ,, , ge ,4.E,,gA T B V o T rf, a re 1 ..,, -' V ,L '- r S Congratulations! Initiation Ceremonies The NHS' homecoming float Student Council 7nunwten Student lounge Mr. Smith, Sponsorg Frank Davis, Ron Shoults, Bob Pfister, Jan Kaan, Iudy Carpenter, Clark Germann, Ralph Bredthauer, Vice Presidentg Ron Glandt, Bob Almazan. BOTTOM ROW: Linda Vogel, Jerry Baker, Linda Fernau Secretary-Treasurerg Jack Mitchell, Presidentg Judy Pate, and Melvin Lewis. The Student Council representatives are the presidents and vice presidents of the Junior and Senior classes, the presidents of the Sophomore and Freshman classes and two representatives, a boy and girl elected from each class. The President and Vice President of the Student Council are elected by the student body. Much campaign ing goes into the selection of both offices. Student participation in certain phases of school planning has proven advantageous to the administration, faculty and student body. s The student lounge is being enjoyed by Sandy Potter, Nadine Nelson, Gerald Sheaman, and Ron Glandt. Queen Mikell Christian follows Captain Jim Shillenn with coursa- ges being presented by Co-captains Bob Taylor and Jack Mitchell to Attendants Nadine Nelson and Dixie Blackmore. 62 "The Swim" was popular at the homecoming dance. e .J Footlfall Ho ' was 5. X 1:54 - i - 1 i S www www Aww ,N- ,sx Qu 36 if My-Q- X X Sw? A 38 H64 7006410 ,Queen ' Ilii TOP ROW: Coach Whitefoot, J. Lyon, M. Lohr, T. Lorenzen, C. Anderson, R. Schnorenberg, C. Robertson, B. Allen, Coach Smith, Coach Zimmer. SECOND ROW: B. Barr, M. Edwards, F. Davis, P. Hubbard, J. Jensen, T. Dunlap, G. Letchworth, M. Tschacher, M. Butler, B. West, R. Butler, B. Shutterly. THIRD ROW: B. Alma- zon, B. Miller, L. Crowley, D. Wasserburger, R. Shoults, D. Boyd, D. Davies, J. Shillenn, R. Kaan, D. Meier, S. Witzenburger, R. Johnson, L. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: B. Bramlet, B. Pfister, J. Baker. J. Meng, R. Mayhan, B. Taylor, B. Taylor, J. Shillenn, J. Mitchell, J. Potter, T. Foley, B. Norris. S. Baribeau, M. Bafford. Football remained "King of Sports" at NCHS in 1964-65 as the Tigers posted a 7 and 2 record. The young Tiger team made hustle and desire its calling cards as it won many close games. For the third consecutive year the Bengals were Southeast Conference Champs. The Seniors on the squad could truly rest on the laurels that they themselves had helped to create. During their four years at Lusk, the gridiron crew amassed 31 victories, 3 defeats, and 1 tie. Under the leadership of Head Coach Vince Zimmer, the boys became men and football assumed a new position of importance in each of their lives. lt was more than a game--perhaps it could be likened to a training ground for life. Some early season mistakes cost the Tigers heavily, but undoubtedly the lessons learned helped Lusk to finish the season in the successful manner that it did. Scdadde Tigers 14 Guernsey - Sunrise Newcastle 13 Tigers Tigers 26 Edgemont Gillette 32 Tigers Tigers 25 Douglas Tigers 54 St. Mary's Tigers 21 Douglas fEAFBJ Tigers 41 Sundance Tigers 20 Wheatland sm umm, BACK ROW: Bud Taylor, All Con- ference Teamg Jim Potter. FRONT ROW: Jack Mitchell, Jim Shil- lenn, A11 Conference, All State Teamg and Bob Taylor. Jerry Baker avoids a massacre. Plenty of reinforcements. ,, Who has the ball? ,Nw --swf Bob Norris- -E Jack Mitchell- -C Jim Potter--G Bud Taylor--E F3 Steve Baribeau--WB Raymond Mayhem--T Jerry Baker--QB Mike Bafford--C Bob Bramlet--TB Marcus Tschacher--G Jim Shillenn--FB Bob Pfister--QB Jim Meng--E Terry Foley--T Bob Taylor--WB fx rv,-,, ,. f. fri? MW ew tt Seam f '. We wrapped the goal posts. wx 'tl Hg., Q' . ,:S. . ' Ifrfr 'ifssx X X fx :,: f R 31 s X Q SSW? 5. Q ' fffiii ' X Qs ,N Q if We made our floats. We sang and cheered at our bonfire, 1 It s' 5 xx ' We wrapped the Jw ' -wx S BMW We marked the bleachers. Then we celebrated our Homecoming Victory with 6 a dance. Wfwahkzq Homecoming 'Wt Captain Jack Michell presents flowers to Queen Linda Kaye Fernaug. and Co-captains Steve!Baribeau and Jim Shillenn to Attendants Wanda Letchworth and Bobby Davies. Drill team performs at half-time ceremonies. The homecoming dance was enjoyed by all. JNQ1 M64-65 www .Queen Bwalwl Sadugftze Www Gm 7am D0Y16 Davies Steve Baribeau SIS-I6ChamDi0Y1 State Champion 120 lbs. 145 lbs. A record is only an indicator, and is not always the final authority. ln the case of the Tiger wrestling team, their 5 and 9 standard could in no way be considered an adequate measurement of the team's true worth. It was a team that worked with and for each other. To the individual sport of wrestling was brought a feeling of team spirit that was hard to surpass. Lusk made a mighty effort at Newcastle to win the Class A Tourney, but fell just short with a second place finish. Eight Tigers placed in the event. Jerry Baker Alfred Ward Jim Shillenn Carvin Cooper Dean Rumney 154 lbs, Class A--31-d Class A--3rd 103 lbs. Class A--4th 165 lbs. Hwt. 138 lbs. LEUTY CIOWIGY Russ Crowley Jack Mitchell Class A--3rd Stan Townsend Terry Foley Class A--2nd Class A--2nd 127 lbs. 95 lbs. 180 lbs. 112 lbs. 133 lbs. IQ7 TOP ROW: P. Hubbard, D. Boyd, M. Tschacher. I. Lyon, R. Shoults, J. Sullivan, B. Ward. MIDDLE ROW: D. Rumney, S. Baribeau, J. Baker, A. Ward, T. Foley. I. Shilienn. FRONT ROW: Coach Vince Zimmer, S. Townsend, C. Cooper, R. Crowley, D. Davies, L. Crowley, J. Mitchell. Ylyw Seam Sacceaafal -- Fifuhlu Second an State . X Wxnki Break that hold! A Bottoms up! A "Champ" in action. 71 familial! Ho Captain Donald Stubson presented a coursage to Queen Jan Hoblit, and Co-captains I im Meng and Bob Norris to Attendants LaDonna Thomas and Susan Iohnsonbaugh. Cheers for the Queen and her Attendants. ,,Met.?535S?9Z:hiE5Z:ei'.'E?isii?zE!1ia?5""'w"mfxf"""""'ff, sms Crystal Sides and Bobby Bramlet pause for a moment at the homecoming dance for refreshments. 'Q lx. 'AXS5 555 t Jgry '55 .,,..unY"5 X764-65 TOP ROW, Left to Right: S. Fraser, B. Johnson, R. Butler, B. Almazon, C. Robertson. M. Lohr, R. Dickinson, W. Taylor, Coach Whitefoot. SECOND ROW: L. Fahy, B. Schutterle, T. Dunlap. R. Schnorenberg. D. Poage B. Barr, B. Percy. C. Anderson. T. Lorenzen. F.Davis, D. Harris, and J. Jensen. THIRD ROW: B. Schnor- enberg, P. Holman, R. Brazelton. D. Meier, D. Tryon, V. Poage, B. Miller, G. Klier, K. Kaan, I. Kruse. and R. Ledford. FOURTH ROW: M. Bafford. K. Neilson, R. Kaan, D. Leimser, B. Norris. B. Taylor, J. Meng, B. Bramlet, G. Williams. S. Witzenburger. B. Pfister, D. Stubson. The Tigers suffered a season of frustration in basketball. The majority of the opponents had all-senior teams, and Lusk lacked the necessary experience to come through in some of the close games. With the team having one Senior member, NCHS considers itself to be a candidate for a con- ference championship next season. It is hoped that the flashes of brilliance displayed by this team will be transformed into a constant, glittering dis- play by next year cagers. REGULAR SEASON RECORD Won 4 Lost 13 TOURNAMENT RECORD Won 0 Lost 2 Get that ball Gary! Bob in a scramble. Bob Pfister Gary Williams Bud Taylor Don Stubson Bob Norris Guard Guard and Center Guard Forward Forward Reserve kv-gs Mike Bafford Dave Leimser Forward Center Reserve Ralph Dickinson Manager Jim Melig Rick Kaan Bob Bramlet Kenny Neilson Steve Witzenburger Center Guard Forward Guard Guard TOP ROW, Left to Right: Coach Vince Zimmer, Terry Foley, Bob Almazon, Steve Fraser, Ron Shoults, Marcus Tschacher, Steve Witzenburger, Dave Boyd, Paul Hubbard, Wayne Taylor. BOTTOM: Mike Bafford, Dennis Meier, Dave Leismer, Jerry Baker, Bob Bramlet, Dennis Tryon, and Steve Baribeau. are :nm swat W Sm :fm Mm Five Tigers went to state track meet at Laramie. The tough competition was made even more so by steady fifty mile an hour winds. Bob Bramlet placed third in the high jump. Jerry Baker, the only Lusk contestant going in more than one event, failed to qualify in either the 100 or 220 yd. dashes. Other participants were Ron Shoults in the mile, Dennis Tryon in the 440 yd. dash, and Dave Leimser in the high jump. --"""" Bob Bramlet received the award as outstanding trackman at NCHS for the '65 season. He set a , new school high jump record of five feet eleven K and one half inches. plus placing third in the state in the same event. Bob also set a new decathalon point total record by winning five of the events and placing second in the other five. Track was definitely on the upswing at NCHS in 1965. There were more outstanding individual perform- ances, and the overall team point totals were markedly increased over the previous season. With graduation losses nonexistent, the Tigers are confident of having the greatest season ever in '66. Jerry Baker, Bob Bramlet, Steve Baribeau and Dennis Tryon get into the swing in the medley relay. Dave Leimser jumping the hurdles. ?t.,,? Steve Witzenburger running a mile. Steve Baribeau all set to go Mike Bafford clearing the bar. Jerry Baker getting ready to go. TOP ROW, Left to Right: Coach Harold Whitefoot, Doyle Davies, Frank Davis, Mark Lohr, Kenny Neilson, Ber nie Schnorenberg, Tom Dunlap, Rick Kaan, BOTTOM ROW: Tom Lorenzen, Calvin Anderson, David Poage, Rod Schnorenberg, and Bob Schutterle. Gag Ueam young and iwcfi Golf at NCHS was not of the quality witnessed in years past. However, it was a young team which showed promise. Given another year in which to develop, the team should once again make victory more commonplace. Golfer Doyle Davies was the most valuable player for the team. Golfers Rick Kaan, Rod Schnorenberg, and Kenny Neilson. Bob Schutterle shows great promise. TOP ROW, Left to Right: K. Neilson, H. Miller, B. Miller, L. Johnson, F. Davis, T. Lorenzen, Mr. Harold Whitefoot, Mr. Vince Zimmer, Coaches. SECOND ROW: D. Potter. C. Germann, R. Allen, R. Schnorenberg C. Anderson, M. Butler, R. Butler, B. Almazon, C. Robertson, S. Baribeau. THIRD ROW: R. Shoults, G. Klier, J. Lyons, J. Sullivan, M. Wasserburger, J. Shillenn, T. Dunlap, B. West, B. Barr, B. Schutterle. FOURTH ROW: J. Jensen, D. Boyd. T. Foley, J. Baker, D. Meier, M. Lohr, R. Kaan, B. Ward, R. Ledford, and B. Schnorenberg. FIFTH ROW: S. Witzenburger, G. Letchworth, M. Bafford, R. Johnson, D. Davies, R. Krekler, B. Norris, M. Tschacher, and B. Pfister. SIXTH ROW: D. Leimser, B. Taylor, J. Mitchell, B. Tay- lor, B. Bramlet, K. Kaan, V. Poage, and D. Stubson. SEVENTH ROW: J. Shillenn, G. Williams, J. Meng, D. Tryon, R. Brazelton, D. Rumney, A.Warcl, R. Dickinson, and P. Hubbard. I-Club Wofrwm. Spa Jim Shillenn, elected leader of the L-Club had a fine ath- letic record at NCHS. Jim participated in football, four yearsg basketball, two years. and wrestling, one year. His senior year was particularly outstanding as he became the latest in a long line of football record breakers at Lusk. Jim completely rewrote the local rushing records as he amassed a total of 1136 yards in 183 carries, "Workhorse Shillenn" also printed and kicked off in addition to playing the key position in the rover defense. A football injury delayed Jim's wrestling season, but he came strong in the latter part of the year. When state tourna- ment time arrived, Jim made his season complete with a third place finish. Championship efforts do not go unrewardedg the University of Wyoming has awarded Jim a full football scholarship. TOP ROW: B. Tryon, S. Bigelow, L. Owens, D. Burnham, S. Blackmore, B. Jervis, T. Taylor C Miller J. Christian. SECOND ROW: M. David, C. Tollman, J. Potter, C. Tadewald. C. Sides, B. Branney B Tollman. K. Taylor, C. Schnorenberg, J, Carpenter, T. Rankin, V. Sides. THIRD ROW: C. Vollmer I Kinney, W. I-lales, K. Kruse, S. Tadewald, L. Leeling. I. Roby, I. Scott, S. Jordan, G. Eberspecher FOURTH ROW: I. Poage. N. Hammond, M. Sides, B. llales, S. Witzenherger, M. David, C. McKay M Burdick, P. Kuhn, S. Belcher, J. Letchworth. BOTTOM ROW: B. Mitchell. M. Pernau, R. Thompson Relays were part ol the fun at the geteacquainted parties. The Girls' Athletic Association is organized to promote interest in sports. On Tuesday nights, the memhers meet in the gym. They enloy participating in sports such as basketball. volleyball, ping-pong, tennis, and gymnastics on the trampo- ling. The highlight of the year is an intramural basketball tournament. 80 Gala' 74MZ61fZ6 ro GAA'ets on the warpath? Q Swain:-My I The Pep Club in action! W PEP CLUB OFFICERS: Mikell Christian, Presidentg Nadine Nelson, Vice Presidentg Linda Fernau, Secretaryg Shiela Erlewine, Treasurerg Susan Iohnsonbaugh, Sr. repre- sentativeg LeDonna Thomas, Ir. representa- tiveg Vickie Sides. Sophomore representa- tiveg and Kathy Taylor, Freshman representative. Pep Club honors the Queen with a float. "A" String Cheerleaders are Brenda Lund, head cheerleaderg Sue Tyrrel, Barbara Branny, and Phyllis Shorten. .r,.,...l... sffifsr TOP ROW: J. Potter, G. Graham, I. Kinney, K. Kruse, C. M. Hoy, S. Bigelow, B. Mitchell, S. Tadewald. W. Hales, burger, C. Vollmer, D. Blackmore, J. Poage. THIRD ROW: penter, A. Poage, C. Sides, F. Rogers, P. Barr. B. Hales, D. ROW: B. Wolfe, C. Miller. B. Tryon, C. German, D. Rapp King, L. Parmely, F. Smith. FIFTH ROW: L. McDaniel, S Black, J. Hoblit, R. McLean, S. Lyon, B. Tollman, L. Leel ing, B. Hughes, M. David. SIXTH ROW: M. David, T. Taylor. C. Schnorenburg, B. Jervis, S. Blackmore, L. Leeling, C. Taylor, J. l-lock, C. McKay. SEVENTH ROW: S. Johnsonbaugh, S. Tyrrel, P. Shorten, B. Lund, M. Christi Roby, I. Scott, I. Roby, S. Kuhn. SECOND ROW: C. Tadewald, S. Belcher, C. Hahn, S. Witzen- G. Eberspecher, P. Kratzer, R. Thompson, J. Car- Lauer, P. Kuhn, S. Meredith, M. Fernau. FOURTH , I. Letchworth, I. Kaan. L. Kaan, A. Hoy, C. . Kaan, L. Owens, J. Christain, D. Burnham, M. I. Boyd, B. Branney, L. Vogel, W. Townsend, S. Erlewine, K. Taylor, V. Sides, L. Thomas, an, N. Nelson, L. Fernau, Miss Boedeker, Sponsor. Wy 611115 Suppam tie 27m The Pep Club is the largest club in N. C.1-l.S. and it's primary function is to promote school spirit. lt accomplishes its purpose with the aid of the Drill Team, another part of the Pep Club. The Drill Team presented a drill with flashlights in the dark for a grand homecoming spectacular. "B" STRING CHEERLEADERS--Wanda Letchworth, Ian Hoblit, head cheerleaderg Flora Mae Rodgers, and Carmen Tadewald. DRILL TEAM--LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Kratzer, Dixie Blackmore, Linda Vogel, Mikell Christian, Louise Leeling Sibyl Kuhn, Sandy Witzenburger, Pam Kuhn, Gail Eberspecher, Susan Iohnsonbaugh, Judy Potter, Bobby Mitch- ell, Cindy Vollmer, Melody David, Tammy Taylor, STANDING: Shirley Tadewald, Anita Poage, Sandy Bigelow, Judy Carpenter, and in front is Judy Poage, Captain. V r aw X -- xv fr ,rg S' 'E Slwsifrii I E- , , Q . X L r g 1 if s. es xX M Q X 'ws X 5 ts X , Jr W rt i ijx ,sf XXX, x we X ,S as ..., -.'r- l is A A 5 if MR. AND MISS N.C.H.S. Jack Mitchell K Brenda Lund SZILWL MOST BASHFUL Dean Rumney SL Sandy Potter 1 N, i B 3 V7 1 5 fs ' fl FRIENDLIEST Mikell Christian 42 Bud Taylor BEST DANCERS Ian lloblit 84 Bob Taylor Fazfofcitea BEST FIGURE X PIIYSIQUE Judy Pate Jim Shilleun MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST DRESSERS Susan Johnsoubaugh SL Keith Kaau Judy Poage 8 Irvin Moore BIGGEST FLIRTS Ron Glaudt Al Gail Eberspecher 'v-..-4 1 HU ,A TIMEQ. wg? 1' '- F if f , , . 4 , q ' f. , 7 r ta l. 2 I I or -1 L Wwwenann Es' "' 1 E ata Q,f'fsgi .. :sv W xx 5K1 - it , AA, 1 .. .. WN fi. MARGYLOU FERNAU IS VALEDICTORIAN , ' r Wh A 2 A ? .WA 5 ., 9421 ,. Mafia Z 2 4 W 42 at gif? E Edit 2 5 Y 5 1 53:55, ,, 2 wi W2 f ' ei f' 2 gif , we 2 , , 4 i 55? . s W Q 2 5 , 2 Q f A .Q gg . .sag fgf . . .. A , 6 2, if fm E? E L 552,552 E 1 ,AM at 5 2653? 9 i 2 9239 ,2 M2 5 L rl' fi? , . ? i Ze 5 ""3M. 'JB I 'ffl Marge, in addition to keeping her good grades, was 'W '-M-f,.., " i4'iii ii' " also one ofthe most active members of the class. In her senior year, she served as president of National Honor Society, president of Girl's Athletic Assn., Vice-president of the Future Homemakers of America, and head major- ette. In addition. Marge received the coveted John Philip Sousa Award. l E 2 5 , ii .5175 SUSAN IOHNSONBAUGH. SALUTATORIAN Susie is an outgoing member of the senior class as well as a good stu- dent. During her senior year she was student director of the band, Vice- president of Chorus, member of the Pep Club Council, Secretary of Nation- al Honor Society, a member of Drill Team, and the Triple Trio. Among the many awards presented her she was also presented the John Philip Sousa Award. Susan also played in the All Northwest Band her senior year. 2 we " W 3 Xia 3525. S .. ,235 5 4 S lt., pe..-Q Sk E 70p flwafzda Weaealzd at C0 Margylou Fernau fValedictorianJ: University of Wyoming honor scholarship: D. A.R. good citizen award: Readers Digest subscription. Susan Johnsonbaugh fSalutatorianj: University of Denver music grant: alternate, University of Wyoming honor scholarship: alternate, Lusk Chamber of Commerce teaching scholarship. Keith Kaan: Highest ranking boy, University of Wyoming honor scholarship. Judy Poage: Danforth "I Dare You" award booklet: outstanding senior in FHA, Niobrara County Farm Bureau, Elks Youth Leadership award and state FHA scholarship. Clark Germann: Wyoming State Department of Education legislative scholarship: alternate, Lusk Lions Club teaching scholarship. Louise Leeling: Chadron State College scholar- ship: Lusk Lions Club teaching scholarship. Wayne Thomas: alternate, University of Wyoming honor scholarship: Stockmans National Bank business scholarship. Jim Shillenn: University of Wyoming full ath- letic scholarship. l,7l ' PZVW ,- E '3 3 Carol Taylor: Walt Elkin memorial scholarship Lois Leeling: Lusk State Bank business schol- arship. Howard Taylor: Ralph Gene Roll memorial award for sportsmanship. Dixie Blackmore: Lusk Chamber of Commerce teaching scholarship. Larry Lamb: Danforth "I Dare You" award booklet. Judy Pate: Lusk State Bank business scholar- ship. Gerald Sheaman: Outstanding senior in FFA, Niobrara County Farm Bureau. Sandi Potter: alternate, Stockmans National Bank b usiness scholarship. Marsha Sides: alternate Lusk State Bank busi ness scholarship. award Noaleen Larson: Republican Womans Club ,. L , , I " iiaa T ,-,. W , A21 Mm Eowdom Woplwq - Claw of '65-H80 Larry Lamb engineered the first trans-continental race track and Steve Burke has just finished first in the first trans-continental tractor marathon. Lois Leeling has her own International Mouseketeer program which comes on at 1500 hours ZULU times-Channel 13. Guy Mosier is still trying to graduate from Penn. State--State Penn? Clark Germann just took over the country as Big Brother and has printed his own posters saying, "Big Brother is Watching You! " Gary Crowley is still getting drunk--on cigarettes? Ron Glandt still hates girls--but how many kids does this make, Ron? Donna Fullerton keeps looking for all those boys they told her were at Cottey--what happened to Don Stubson? Bobby Davies is still fixing radios. Keith Kaan invented a transistor radio that gets stuck on the kissing tone. Nina and Fran are still showing off engagement rings Verda Martin is still admiring them. Bud Taylor is the new Smokey the Bear at Yellow- stone. Margretta Smylie is still kennel boy at the local vet clinic--who's the vet now, Maggie? Jim Shillenn couldn't forget football--now he has his own girls team--with Roxanne Thompson the star fullback? Gail Eberspecher is Wife 1352 of a prominent Morman businessman--just why did you go to Utah, Gail? Jan Hoblit, are you still chasing boys? Really, at your age? Ed DeCastro is graduating from another school with- out going. How many diplomas is this Ed? Donna Eddy is the new Phys. Ed instructor at N. C.H. S. this year--Wow--can she do those exer- cises. Dixie Blackmore is married and has five red-headed sons--Uh-oh!! Pat Kratzer still throws temper tantrums because her Paris original was copied at Senior Prom. Melody David is now and always was an only child. Margylou Fernau hasn't quite gotten over the fact that she was replaced on the girls basketball team by Sandy Witzenburger. Gerald Sheaman made it through school and now has his own vet clinic. Doug Smith is the new guidance counselor. Jim Potter finally bought a decal for his car so that "The White Devil" wouldn't be misspelled. Dave Potter has a paint and glass store--he specializes in broken windows. Tony Outhouse still crys when he hears the song of the '60's'--"That Little Brown Shack Out Back. " Jack Mitchell and Judy Pate have added to their JSL J Club--their new members are--John, Jill, Jim. Joan, Junior, Jane, and George. Myrna Burdick's most treasured possession is still her hare--H-A-R-E. Cody Clark is picking daisies and keeps naming the petals - -Flora Mae- -Charlene- -Flora Mae- - Charlene ----- . 89 wwf Bob "Pacer" Taylor has his own bird watching group-- he gives tours on top of N.C.H. S. Auditorium. Louise Leeling is still a fruititorian--I mean vegetarian. Nadine Nelson is now a million dollar baby in a five and ten cent store--did she ever get rich quick! Marsha Sides is still trying to sneak out with the boys without Jerry finding out. Judy Poage recently married the Jolly Green Giant. Lusk now has a new stop light--Dean Rumney was hired to stand on the library corner. Ralph Bredthauer doesn't have a bakery but he does have his own "Baker"-- explain that Ralph! Duane Canfield is still trying to start motorcycles-- he can be visited in the General Hospital. Russ Kilmer is still paying for his first mistake. Dave Ledford has his own Safeway with Norma Ham- mond as the carry out boy. Suzie Johnsonbaugh is playing flute with the Salva- tion Army in New York City--Away, away with the rum by gum. Susie McBirney is doing commercials for Metrecal-- you only weight 85 pounds Susie! 1 ! Brenda Lund is going with Chubby now--she's bound and determined to get a Pfister. Linda McDaniels is running a finishing school for girls. Mike Christian is serving time for ignoring the draft. Sandie Potter is still dragging main--but now on our super highway. Don't you go home, Sandie? 90 Carol Taylor has joined a rock 'n roll group with Fats Domino and Chubby Checker. Noaleen Larson just won the National Sheep Shear- ing Contest--she even beat brother Terry's record. Wayne Thomas is still keeping hours for his parents- he takes in washing for his spending money. Ray Miller and "the Fugitive" are still using shoe black on their hair. Semmdkuahlid Ralph Bredthauer wills Bob Pfister his ability to get an older woman. Steve Burke wills his ability to sleep in American Problems to Doyle Davies and Shirlee Tadewald. Dixie Blackmore wills her love for wrestling to Gary Williams. Myrna Burdick wills her ability to sleep through "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" to Monika Katti- burtle Dunlap. Mike Christian gives her understanding of physics to Mike Bafford. Duane Canfield wills all his broken bones to Steve Baribeau--now, you'll have a valid excuse for losing those wrestling matches, Steve. Cody Clark wills Flora Mae's engagement ring to Charlene Miller. Melody David wills her artistic ability to Ed Brott and Kenny Canfield. Bobby Davies wills her flirtatious ways to Diana Lauer. Nina DeSersa and Fran Heckman will their ability to catch a man and keep him to Sunday Belcher and Merry David. Sefumdhuhftd Gail Eberspecher wills her bottle of bleach to Linda Vogel--long hair takes more doesn't it Linda? Gary Crowley wills his ability to acquire bowling balls from Torrington to Bernie Schnorenberg. Ed DeCastro wills his ability to get along with teachers so well to just anybody. Ron Glandt wills his Pink Passion Pit to anyone who can get it started. Margylou Fernau wills her athletic ability to Allen Strodtman. Noaleen Larson wills another package of Jello to Rick Kaan--somebody else next time, okay Rick? Lois Leeling wills her sense of humor to anybody who needs it--that's what we said--who needs it? Irvin Moore wills his unconceited ways to Bob Bramlet who definitely needs them. Dean Rumney wills his red face to Betty I-lales--now we'll have two bright lights around. Louise Leeling wills her bottles of "Somewhere" to Robert Burdick, Larry Crowley, and Alfred Ward. Brenda Lund wills her ability to get tipsy on Dr. Pepper during the Senior Play to Kathy Pearson. Verda Martin gives her hair or what she has of it to Bill Welch--think it will match, Bill? Susie McBirney gives part of her weight to Jacque Boyd and the rest to Pam Kuhn. Gerald Sheaman wills his ability to milk cows to anyone who wants a good grip or gripe whichever it is. Linda McDaniel wills her intelligent answers in any given class to Phyllis Shorten. Nadine Nelson wills Tony back to Schelia Erlewine- thanks for loaning him on sneak, Shelia. Judy Pate wills her engagement ring to Becky Tollman. Jim Shillenn wills his figure to Roxanne Thompson. Since Judy Poage was willed Bob Olafson's nose last year she gives it next to Jerry Baker. and she wills Mrs. B. to Marlene Black--good luck with the next FHA convention. Marsha Sides wills her ability to play "Oh Hell", on sneak to Kathy Kruse. and Ron Johnson. Wayne Thomas wills his figure to Don Lambert. Sandi Potter wills her natural red hair to Dave Leimser. Keith Kaan wills his slide rule to Jan Hock, Wanda Krein, Sherry Jordon, Delores DeSersa--watch those calculations, Girls. Russ Kilmer wills his ability to get into trouble just once to anyone in the Junior Class who wants to try it. Larry Lamb wills the Sneak time-schedule to the Senior Class next year--Best of Luck Kids, you'll need it! Donna Fullerton gives her acceptance to Cottey to Don Stubson. Norma Hammond and Marsha Side will their ability to stick together through twelve years of school to Vernon Poage and LaDonna Thomas--only one year to go kids. Norma also wills Dean Rumney's tie to Betty Hales--maybe you'll get it back someday Dean! Dave Ledford wills his ability to give presents to girls that are already going steady to Dennis Tryon. Seam Gm Wd! Gm. Ray Miller gives his church key to brother Bob so they can keep it in the family. Jack Mitchell wills his ability to have his first stimu- lants on sneak to Mark Lohr--Was that a Rum Parfait at the Snack Bar, too, Jack?" Jan Hoblit wills her height to Jim Meng so he can stuff that basketball next year. Susie Johnsonbaugh wills her ability to chase a Junior for two months without him knowing it to Barbara Leno. Guy Mosier wills 6 blowers, a box of tools, and a motor to anyone in the Junior Class who wants to quit while they are ahead. Tony Outhouse wills his bottle collection to Bob Norris and Rich Krekeler--that way you won't have to collect your own, Guys. Dave Potter wills his bat swinging ability to Mr. Z.immer's Junior Legion baseball team so they can be State Champions this summer. Pat Kratzer wills her ability to keep a job to Alice Hoy, and Rick Kaan she wills to Taffy or anyone who will take him. Jim Potter wills his ability to do the Mexican Hat Dance to Cynthia Vollmer. Carol Taylor wills her ability to waltz to Tup Tim-- really swing out, Linda Kay. Margretta Smylie wills her ballet costume from the King and I and Volkswagen anchor to Ralph Dickin- song and her freckles to Ray Mayhan and Roy Brazleton. Bud Taylor wills his love for athletics to Roger Scott and Bob Rising. Doug Smith wills his ability to get along with the guidance counselor to Jerry Baker. 92 Bob Taylor wills his never-used church key, blue jacket, long hair, and ability to stay out of trouble to Dennis Meier. 70th yddldlf We Wdl.. Mrs. Bramlet--we will her own substitute teacher so she can go on Sneak next year. Mrs. Boner--now that she's found a gander we will her some little geese. Mr. Welch--we will a complete set of carpenter tools including the hammer he gave Mr. Zimmer last football season. Mr. Johnsonbaugh--we will a whole set of physics experiments that work. Mr. Jensen--we will a Freshman beanie so he can start all over again. Mr. Bramlet--we will a girls' Ag class--we know you get tired of boys Mr. B. Mrs. Kaan--we will several sets of booties so she can start her own little lit. class. Mr. Zimmer--we will a 007 car. Chief Whitefoot--we will a blowtorch instead of matches to fire up his next basketball team. Mr. Lorenz--we will an integrated class of Demo- crats. Miss Bock--we will another Sophomore Class so she can improve on her crime detection. Miss Boedeker--we will another male student teacher. only a little taller. Mr. Smith--we will a butter and egg truck. Mr. Downey--we will a black leather jacket. a motorcycle, and a shovel to bury his jokes. 5 - A M. who - or K ' Nw N 'Q lj i Mrs. Betty Fernau, School District Secretary. "Our gm Friday", Mrs, jo Templeton Secretary to Principal, Mr. Bud Rist. Little praise is given to the "man behind the scenes", but yet without them we could not function. We wish to thank each one for all that have done throughout the school year. Mr. Tom Mclnhale, Custodian Ex' 'VVV A, 5 ' XX 7r't i ,ky 9 it ?? A 4 it 'A V G ' , 5 I 1 J' ' m ay f , ' E 7' ' -1 i wwf- Ww:f?m+ 'rr ,V , W ',,, - 1' ' V V ' 'v" rwmfaw , , an ,-f ,. fn ,Q .- I , t , 1 ' " f f ,: .zLQ1:,iHw,w W 3 Mrs. Betty Reed and Mrs. Alice Griffith, school cooks in - -,,,,..,....-.A-0+ .ff - , , W- k fl, I S It helps! Make lf wlth wool. PIN BALL KING Yes, it does help. 1-""h Twms or tr1p1ets'P Calculators. Where did it go? 94 Heil! l , This should go together. .- , -ii ' -k-- : '.'A'- "1 4 Q, - -.". .,:-- : 1 xr-W1 -..'k. , - -m h sssss s h - Kg-rs f -.figs - . N KX ij of i 5 lhk- ' N G+' -V sf. fi, i i ,gif Lf! I A is f K ' CQ. - .A , . WA f 'MMR s..,....s,,w1" x -f Q i 1. i 5 5 iii K A , sg if.: k Q uw ,i ' gn Q --..1 s " ' H has vm.. ' . - LJ - gi , a Q A snai1's View of the watusi. 'k 'X-M. X Seniors win third in homecoming parade. WWW Scalpel. There are the "good guys" and the "bad guys" DIXIELAND BAND 4' 5' fi 'hd' A tense moment. Your dessert is delicious! ff. LN. .. Take a letter Miss-- Oops ,,.,f . .9 Are you ill, Mrs. B.? 96 Chinese gardeners. Please, not in my shorts. Is that your best Side? BAK, ,a.zwff-Jw-H-4, Ll-A. .f7'M'f'7 fi' E? 2?0 N5Qf',,JWM Mff 23231535 fx 25? EP 44 if M Ll -A I0-aflfe - in wwQZAf,xfj '4Y"1Aff14'w7 S510 is K 'M 'fm fwwmw B053 WEE? 2 A, jkkmm 'wdf Q7-3? 5 f4fL'i.e,fqrfff1f9LL4,5,w ,ifggWfM Wag, wwwwgqbrafgmye gf1'lfj54Q,j3y0.f4"y'Q,JKfwL 79051 We-42Qg,f2f,MQffJ'WfQywig'Q,4' , fjjE'W' my to anim! I fy ,gay X55 ?ff21.,3446:l4j7fZ U?" W , Wow , "wQ,ff H ?'iljf'Y5mEZ? if M7 WQiJ'iif f 9 bm ffmef f fpoyxs ff ' - ibfznf :Jr J1eqJ,wv1'i9fCfj OQ.,Qj0 fy, Jw rap, A! J WSW V W fM' QQMp53 AQ ff-4, fyw M MM ggffmms if Vjwfgfi' Q4 ze fs 5555555921 fnlgojgifazfs Lum C905Sl'?-'bg Q Q ASQ S LJMm?wM'fwWj g lf5gfvggWS, QW' 'QL3ii2,E5f'Ll Vx Q Q Pg ff gf 'E , W, . .,, X 50251 'ka ' 5 gl, lg-PQ 295 if f 5 sg F MW S F 5? nmi , , RQQQ ?P'mg' "LL SNES X E sg,q-A IFF , xx, X X3 INIf1QfClTfEfAffnfff5S N Q W A QvQXT g Y b k - c X K' X' ' ear oo I overs Xxx C2 gb A X - uotlo nouncements N-, f L , L USA YN ' 59 , V- QQ " I X i NQ5 il -Ns B' , Q- xt EB

Suggestions in the Niobrara County High School - Tiger Yearbook (Lusk, WY) collection:

Niobrara County High School - Tiger Yearbook (Lusk, WY) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Niobrara County High School - Tiger Yearbook (Lusk, WY) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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1965, pg 94

Niobrara County High School - Tiger Yearbook (Lusk, WY) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 20

1965, pg 20

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