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LEAVES OF GOLD PRESENTED BY THE 1965 TIGER STAFF NINTH AVENUE SCHOOL HENDERSONVILLE. N.C. CONTENTS Introduction Administration and Instruction High School Classes Elementary Classes Cluhs Features Sports Advertising 2 0, Ninth Avenue, we shall love thee As the years go by, Alma Mater, none above thee On us you can rely. As the days shall pass before us, Here our minds shall be. As the blue and gold wave o’er us, Ninth Avenue, we hail thee. Alma Mater, we shall never Fail to do our part Memories of you shall ever Linger in our hearts. Old Ninth Avenue, Old Ninth Avenue, To you we will be true. In our hearts you’ll live forever; You have brought us through. ALMA MATER 3 FOREWORD Leaves of gold! - - how brilliantly they shine upon the sky, and in nature reflect the stages of our lives. First, in the early spring there is the blossoming forth, the coming alive, as the leaves upon the bough present a glow of innocence. Then the glow of summer leaves adds deep color like the test of strength as a challenged youth. With a shorter step comes sweet Autumn, the golden gleam of an enriched life which adds beauty to fulfillment. This is the harbinger of that which is to come when there shall be no leaves on the tree, but when there remains a sweet memory of that which has been, and a glimpse of that which is to be. As the leaves on the tree blossom, come alive, become filled with golden promise, add beauty to fulfillment, and then cause one to look forward to the next bl ossoming, so do our lives here at Ninth Avenue School move through different stages from the blossoming forth to the fulfillment. In these pages that follow, reflect upon our deeds, our hopes, our fears, our friendships for the past year, as we present to you our “Leaves of Gold.” SOCIAL LIVING CITIZENSHIP TRAINING Driving Education students listen intently. 5 ACADEMIC ADVANCEMENT Seniors look for help. PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT Science Club performs experiment. Girls ' Physical Education class exercises, 6 DEDICATION Man, for ages, has thought of gold as a token of inestimable worth, as a sign of per¬ fection, and as a symbol of durability. So the members of the senior class have chosen to dedicate this yearbook to one of our friends who is of inestimable value, - to one who is " worth his weight in gold. " Just as gold ' s enduring qualities place it in esteem, so do we place you, Mr. James J. Pilgrim, Sr. , on a pedestal. Those who wish to succeed can realize from your example that hard work, cooperation, the will to succeed, and the desire to help others will bring triumph to all, as well as success to one. We owe you a debt of gratitude for your foresight, your careful planning, and your un¬ tiring efforts to establish higher standards which make not only our school, but also our community a better place. 7 PARENT - TEACHER ASSOCIATION OFFICERS: Mrs. Emma K. Simmons, Assistant Secretary; Mrs. Viola Payne, Vice-President; William King, Presi¬ dent; Mrs. Bernice Gash, Secretary; Mrs. Lydia Landrum, Treasurer; Mrs. Kathleen Williams, Chairman of Social Committee. The Parent-Teacher Association of Ninth Avenue School is a well organized body with the main objec¬ tive of promoting good will among the parents, teach¬ ers, and students of this school community. The As¬ sociation meets the second Monday of each month for discussion, planning, and programs. In order to create interest and gain membership the following programs were presented during the year: October-Organizational Meeting; November-Symposium " Let ' s Listen to Youth, " December-Fashion Show by Homemaking classes I, II, III; March-Founder ' s Day Program; April P. T. A. Spring Tea; May-Installation of Officers. The major project of the P. T. A. is the awarding of a $150.00 scholarship to a member of the senior class who has to attend college to receive the scholarship. 8 ADMINISTRATION AND INSTRUCTION No bubble is so iridescent or floats longer that blown by the successful teacher. " The gold is thar, most anywhar, And they dig it out w ith an iron bar . . . " HENDERSONVILLE CITY SCHOOL BOARD Hugh D. Randall, Superintendent; L. B. Prince, John Gregory, Robert Livingstone, Keith Arledge. NINTH AVENUE SCHOOL ADVISORY BOARD James J. Pilgrim, Sr. , Chairman; Johnny Landrum, James Mitchum, Willie Clay, CarLWilson. 10 Mrs. A. L. Ellis, Secretary - Shaw University, A. B. Mr. L. H. Anderson, Principal - Morris College, A. B., Columbia University, M. A. , Further Study, Columbia Univ. PRINCIPAL ' S MESSAGE TO THE SENIORS — You are in the early spring of your lives. You are the yet undeveloped resources of the human race. You are the hope of the future in school sweaters and bobby socks, with school books under your arms. In a few short years the world community will look to you for leadership. Will you be able to provide the skills needed- in the complex society of tomorrow ? The answer to this question is up to you. It will depend on how well you prepare yourselves for the diffi¬ cult tasks of tomorrow. In your struggle to overcome the obstacles of the present and future you mustforever remem¬ ber that we are living in a best man world. A world that is built upon the foundation of the man who is best prepared for the job. The challenge is yours, don ' t take it lightly. There are obstacles that you will encounter in your struggle for positions in this world of keen competi¬ tion. However, the wise man uses his obstacles as stepping stones in his struggle. Therefore, you must be wise, patient, considerate and understanding if you want to succeed in life. Seniors, I hope that each of you set your sights on real goals, that will enable you to make significant contributions to society. Remember as you move on from here, you must be cog¬ nizant of the fact that you must always try and give to your vocation the best that you have. If you do this, then, success will be yours. The Principal 11 HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY MRS. G. W. CHAMBERS English, Sophomore Homeroom, Dramatics, Guidance Counselor. Livingstone College, A. B., Fur¬ ther Study: North Carolina A T, University of Missouri, Fort Val¬ ley State College. MRS. L. C. DUSENBURY Library Service, Library Club, Hon¬ or Society. Livingstone College, A. B. , Atlanta University, North Carolina College at Durham, Fur¬ ther Study. MRS. H. L. EDWARDS Business Education, Health and P. E., Social Studies. Freshman Home¬ room, Commercial Club. North Carolina College at Durham, B. S. and Further Study. REVEREND J. D. ELLIS Bible. Shaw University, A. B. , Shaw University Divinity School, Further Study. MRS. EG. JACKSON Mathematics and Sciences, Student Council, Science Club. Shaw Uni¬ versity, B. S., North Carolina Col¬ lege at Durham, North Carolina A T, Further Study. L.C. JONES Physical Education. Basketball Team, Saint Augustine ' s College, B. A. 12 HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY REVEREND H. L. MARSH Substitute Teacher. Hampton In¬ stitute, Johnson C. Smith Univer¬ sity. Virginia Union University, A. B. and B. D. Further study: Union Theological Seminary. EARLH. MARTIN Band. Murray State Teachers Col¬ lege, B. A., University of Ken¬ tucky, M. A., Cincinnati Conserv¬ atory, Ohio, Further Study. MRS. M.V. MIMS Home Economics. Junior Home¬ room, New Homemakers of Amer¬ ica, North Carolina College at Durham, B. S. and Further Study. MRS. E.D. PETTY English, French and Civics. Sen¬ ior Homeroom, Yearbook, Dra¬ matics. Johnson C. Smith Univer¬ sity, B. A. Further Study: North Carolina College at Durham, Uni¬ versity of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee. MRS. T. S. ROBINSON Music. Social Studies. Choir, Stu¬ dent Council. Bennett College, B. A. EDDIE YOUNG Masonry. North Carolina AST. 13 ELEMENTARY SCHOOL FACULTY MRS. G. MARY LOU CUNNINGHAM Fourth Grade. Winston Salem Teachers College, B. S. MISS CARRIE M WORK Fifth Grade. Winston Salem Teachers College, B. S. MRS. A. R. FOWLER Third Grade. Winston Salem Teachers College, B. S. North Carolina College at Durham, M. S. Further Study: Western Carolina College. MISS D. Y. GREENE Fifth Grad . and Basketball Team. Winston Salem Teachers College, B. S. G. E. GREENE Seventh and Eighth Grades. Coach Basketball Team. Saint Augustine ' s College, B. A. C. HOSTLER Eighth Grade, and Driver ' s Education Fayetteville Teachers College, B. S. 14 ELEMENTARY SCHOOL FACULTY MRS. M.V. MARSH First Grade. Virginia State College, B. S. , M. A. Western Carolina, Further Study. MRS. A. M. MILLER Seventh Grade. Winston Salem Teachers College. B. S., North Carolina A T, Western Carolina College, Further Study. r U ■, 1 MRS. E. R. PILGRIM Second Grade. South Carolina State College, A. B., North Carolina A T; Shaw University, Johnson C. Smith University, Further Study. MISS E. Y ROBERTS Third Grade, and Cheerleaders. Saint Augustine ' s College, B. A. MRS. L. A. ROBINSON Sixth Grade. Livingstone College, B. A., Allen University, Further Study. MRS. O. M. ROUSE First Grade. Winston Salem Teachers College, B. S. North Carolina A T, North Carolina at Durham, Western Carolina College, Further Study. -—r—- 1 ■J J f -rt—r ■rep 15 ELEMENTARY SCHOOL FACULTY MRS. M.A. WHITE Third Grade Livingstone College, B. A. MISS D. T. WIGFALL Special Education. Johnson C. Smith University, B. A.- I ' pank I tr ank blank If ' lank | C»l Weal s oai MRS. G. BYRD Substitute Teacher. Savannah State College, Savannah, Georgia, B. S. , Benedict College, Further Study. MRS. M. K. SIMMONS Substitute Teacher. Morristown College, Morristown, Tennessee. MRS. LOUISE CLEMENTS School Nurse. Melrose Hospital, Melrose, Mass. MISS KATHERINE SHEPHERD Speech Therapist. Asheville Teachers College, B. S. ; Western Carolina College, M. A. 16 HIGH SCHOOL CLASSES SENIORS s r i ■PH KJfl I rrfmrfW SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Johnny Washington, Business Manager; Milton Johnson, Treasurer; Dorothy Ross, Secretary; Albert Davidson, Vice-President; Jessie Jenkins, President. MOTTO: " Tis the set of the soul that decides its goal and not the calm or the strife. " COLORS: Pink and Blue FLOWER: Pink Carnation 18 MERRIMON FRANKLIN ALLEN Mason or Machinist Safety Patrol; Bricklaying Award 3; VFW Award 3; Honor Student 2, 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Bus Patrol 2. JAMES HALL ALSTON Auto Mechanic Science 4; Yearbook 4; Mathematics 2; Drama Club 4. HARRY CAULEY Sociologist or Civil Service Worker Boy Scout 6 years; Teen Age Canteen 2; Science Club 2; Library Club 1; Basketball 3, 4; Explorer 2; Baseball 1; Math Club 1; Yearbook 4. WILLIAM CHARLES DARITY Lawyer or Teacher President Student Council 4; Honor Society 4; Sci¬ ence Club 2, 3; Dramatic Club 4; History Award 3; French Award 3; Bible Award 3; President Junior Class 3; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Football 2, 3; Baseball 2; Business Manager Yearbook 4. ALBERT EDWARD DAVIDSON Auto Mechanic VFW Award 3; Honor Society 2; Yearbook Staff 4; Class Officer 4; President Teen Age Canteen 4; Football 2, 3; Basketball 2, 3, 4. CHARLES GREENE Institutional Administrator Student Council 1, 3; Science Club 1, 2; Math Club 1, 2; Honor Society 3; Football 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Officer 1. CAROLYN MAE HOPPER Interior Decorator Science Club 2; Dramatics Club 3,4; NHA 1, 2, 3,4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; library Club 1. JESSIE ISABELLE JENKINS Home Economics Teacher President of Class 4; Secretary 1, 2, 3; Dramatics Club, Vice-President 4; Secretary 3; Student Coun¬ cil 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Assistant Secretary NHA 1, 2, 3, 4; Math Club 3; Science Club 2, 3; Choir 1; Captain Cheerleaders 4; Captain Patrol 4; Library Club 2; Yearbook 4; DAR Citizenship Award 3; Perfect Attendance 3; Service Award 3; Best All Around Student 3; VFW Essay Contest 3, 4; May Day- Representative 1, 2, 3; Attendant to Miss Ninth Ave¬ nue 4; Economic Opportunity 4; Student Council Workshop 2; Betty Crocker Award 4. 19 r MILTON JOHNSON Barber Science Club 1; Math Club 2; Dramatic Club 3; Class Treasurer 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Commercial Club 4. MARIETTA KELSEY Seamstress Junior Y-Teens 1; Science Club 1; NHA 1, 2, 3, 4; Fencing Club 3; Commercial Club 1, 2; Secretary, Yearbook Staff 4; Library Club 2, 4. WALTER McILWAIN Architectural Engineer Student Council 1; Football 1, 2, 3 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Science Club 1, 2, 4; Math Club 3; French Club 2, 3; Library Club 2, 4; Dramatics Club 2, 4; Choir 4; Business Manager 2. ALBERTO DOUGLAS MENDOZA Mechanical Engineer Football 4; Basketball 4. THELMA L. PAYNE Beautician NHA Club 1, 2, 3; Library Club 1; Science Club 1; Dramatics Club 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Perfect Attendance Award 1, 2, 3, 4. MARY JOYCE PEAKE Nurse Cheering Squad 4; Student Council 1; Dramatics Club 3, 4; Science Club 1, 4; Library Club 4; Safety Patrol 1; NHA 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Class Officer 3, 4; Editor of Yearbook 4; President of Dramatics 4; Member 3; Speech Award 3. DOROTHY JEAN ROSS Registered Nurse President of Class 3; Secretary of Class 1, 2, 4; Dra¬ matics Club 4; Assistant Secretary 4; Science Club 1, 3; Student Council 2, 4; Patrol 3; Teen Age Li¬ brary Association 1, 3. JOHNNY L. WASHINGTON Barber Student Council 2, 3, 4; Football 3; Class Business Manager 4. 20 HALL OF FAME BEST ALL AROUND MOST ATHLETIC Jessie Jenkins - Charles Darity Charles Darity - Albert Davidson MOST DEPENDABLE MOST COLTRTEOUS Dorothy Ross - Johnny Washington Mary Joyce Peake Mernman en 21 HALL OF FAME WITTIEST Albert Davidson - Carolyn Hopper BEST LOOKING Dorothy Ross - Johnny Washington MOST COOPERATIVE MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Thelma Payne - James Alston Charles Darity - Jessie Jenkins 22 teP! OUTSTANDING SENIORS AWARD WINNERS MERRIMON ALLEN V. F. W. Essay Contest Brick Masonry Award ALBERT DAVIDSON V. F. W. Essay Contest CHARLES DARITY History, Bible, Football, Basketball, French JESSIE JENKINS Best All Around Student, Patrol, Perfect Attendance, DAR Citizenship Award, V. F. W. Essay Contest, Betty Crocker Award MARY JOYCE PEAKE Speech SENIOR LETTERMEN Walter Mcllwain, Johnny Washington, Albert Davidson, Charles Darity. SUPER SALESMEN These students sold most advertisements for the yearbook: Jessie Jenkins, Johnny Washington. 23 ■ i ' V % OFFICERS James H. Featherstone, President; William Ervin Payne, Vice-Presi¬ dent; Dottie Russell, Secretary; Bernice Washington, Assistant Secretary; William Thompson, Chairman Program Committee. JUNIORS NOT PICTURED Vicky Darity, Joe Dunbar, Fletcher Freeman, Henry Johnson, Clarence Malone, Nathaniel Miller. John Alston Samuel Benjamin Elfreda Boyd George Boyd Larry Cauley James Featherstone Jacqueline Gash Yvonne Gilliland Samuel Howell Catherine Logan Linda Logan Henry McMinn Ervin Payne Patsy Ross Dottie Russell Drena Russell William Thompson Claude Watkins Bernice Washington George Terry Young 24 Jerome Alston Wanda Clay Zenobia Crosby Alice Darity Carl Darity William Davidson David Dunbar Lula Bell Dunbar James Geter Barbara Goode Evelyn Jenkins Lolette King Marietta Lee Kathleen Mills Chester Payne Kenneth Payne Ellen Robinson Elaine Russell Deloris Sitton Carolyn Suber Dorothy Watkins Joy ce Watkins Tommie Lee Williamson SOPHOMORES OFFICERS William Davidson, Vice-President; Alice Darity, Secretary; Dorothy Watkins, President; Jerome Al¬ ston, Treasurer; Marietta Lee, Business Manager. 25 OFFICERS Michael Alston, President; Charlie Watson, Vice-President; Isaac Smith, Business Manager; Josephine Feather- stone, Secretary; Marjorie Jones, Treasurer; Mary Hazel, Assistant Sec¬ retary. • ; -- 5 a aea m i ;sata®swis mm —gwe a ■- st msa Mr,]! . pijmi aw mmtmmwm »-•••«. FRESHMEN Henry L. Allen Michael Alston Betty Bennett Linda E. Boyd Dianna L. Carson Katherine Campbell Susan Clay Alfonso Darity Josephine Featherstone Mary M. Hazel Rose Ann Hill Patricia Ivey Wiley Jenkins Marjorie Jones Arthur Logan Stephen Mendoza Mary E. Mills Hubert J. Owens Tommy J. Owens Isaac Smith Carletta Summey Charlie Watson Morris Young 26 ELEMENTARY CLASSES " It ' s thinking it is gold that makes it precious, And thinking it is precious makes it gold. " A DAY IN THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL MR. HOSTLER - 8A Tanya Bennett William Brooks Linda Cash Paulette Cauley Tanya Clark Jerry Davis Evelyn Goode Carolyn Hutchinson Andretta Jones Marilyn Ledbetter Leon McClain Yvonne Mims James Smith Jerry Summey Katherine Summey Carl Wilson SPECIAL EDUCATION - MISS WIGFALL Johnnie Mae Anderson Joyce Creasman Thomas Darity Jane Gilliland i. A. y B p Charles Johnson Marie Mills Benjamin Smith Robin Ann W aters s 0 El jpi! w? ■if.. 29 Edith Adell Sylvester Downs Thomas Gray Patricia Harrison Mary Jane Johnson Shirley Johnson Patricia Logan Alvin Owens Richard Pea Melinda Pilgrim George Sitton Eva Jean Smith Rose Mary Timbers Peggy Wright Corine Darity Irene Darity John Terri 1 Gash Kenneth Jones Therian Robinson Michael Wilfong MR. GREENE - 8B - 7B MRS. MILLER - 7A Nickie Clay Anne L. Darity Lisa Darity Ingram Davis Clarence Davidson Jeannette Jenkins Richard Haynes Mamie Holmes Marion Johnson Francina Littlejohn Sandra Lynch Ulysses Mills Diann Rudisell Diann Washington Freddie Williams Vickie Whiteside 30 NOT PICTURED S pecial Education Harvey Hunt Charles Littlejohn Edward Madison Eunice Peake Christopher Sam Franklin Sam Robert Smith 8-A Freddie Albany Dianna Brown Rose Darity Joseph Dawkins Morris Dawkins Robert Dunbar Toney Gray Albert Waddell Eddie Williamson Enez Wilson 8-B Beatrice Gash Pierce Parks Robertson Peake Clyde Rudisill Ronald Sullivan Joseph Waddell 7-A Betty Allen Calvin Avery Alma Campbell Nathaniel Carson Diann Copeland Donald McDaniel Katherine Gilliland Robert Hill Jackie Ivory Cephus Johnson Edward King John Mills Deborah Montgomery Ethel Peake Martha Timbers Carolyn Waters Michael Adams Jenneifer Allman Alice Boyd Judson Boyd Jessie Brewton Raymond Cash Sherian Clay Irene Darity Virginia Davidson Del Marie Johnson Hattie Ledbetter Joseph Payne Yvonne Pea Gwendolyn Simmons Jackie Lee Smith Margaret Smith Walter Smith Michael Stephens Albert Williamson MRS. ROBINSON - 6 7-B Edward Jackson David Lee Parks 6 Maurice Allen Kathy Avery Leonard Collins Mary Ann Dawkins James Ellis Johnny Jenkins Monweller Johnson Ervin King James Means Lillie Mills Patricia Mills Regenia Parks Jimmy Sunimey Shirley Waddell 5-A Barbara Copeland John Darity Nena Gash James Gilliland Theodore Gray Gail Hutchinson Virginia Ivey Alfred Mills Robert Mills Arnita Waters 31 Charles Walker Lewis Waters Joseph Wilfong Harold Albany Sam Coleman Winona Jackson Delores Johnson Clarence Lynch Renee Mims Bonita Pilgrim Joyce Sirmons Odell Suber Otis Suber MISS WORK - 5A MISS GREENE - 5B Judy Albany Gerald Cauley Samuel Darity Douglas Davis Andrew Fletcher Bertrand Graham Wayne King Lillian Mills Larry Robinson Brenda Russell Stanley Smith David Suber Louise Washington Linda Waters Ronald Waters 32 Dennis Braswell Stevie Clay Henry Creswell Dian Darity Andrew Fletcher Windoline Glover Rebecca Graham Patricia Greene Francina Haynes Mellaie Hazel Cheryl Hill Michael Jenkins Romona King Pearlie Maxwell Susan McDaniel Robert Russell Barbara Summey Kay Sams Travis Tate Marion Thompson Brenda Whiteside Betty Young MRS. CUNNINGHAM - 4 MISS ROBERTS - 3A Lonnie Clay Luther Coleman Timothy Davis Josephine Fernandez Curtis Mae Glover Henry Glover Michael Haynes Terry Lee Johnson Marilyn Mills Ronnie Peppers Carmen Rodriquez Janet Russell Marilyn Smith Randy Summey Glenda Waters Gene Young 33 Thomas Allen Ernestine Boyd Corliss Chambers Gwendolyn Collins Carolyn Davis George Davis James Davidson Jane Evans Randolph Fletcher Alberta Gaines Mary Gaines Edwin Gilliland Mildred Graham Nathaniel Jackson Patricia Jenkins Charles Lynch Evelyn Lynch Jerry Miller Larry Mills Dale Mills Janet Payne Janet Pickens Henry Simmons Harry Simmons Ronald Stephens Otis Strickland Starling Underwood Linda Whiteside MRS. M. A. WHITE - 3B MRS. E. R. PILGRIM Paul Byrd Delores Davis Herbert Kinard Tony King Gary Mills Kim Montgomery Vivian Owens Cynthia Payne Ruben Ramirez Christopher Strickland Thomas Summey Larry Waters 2A 34 Phyllis Allen Dennis Cash Jesse Ferguson James Glover Douglas McDaniels Irvin Nesbitt Sherry Newborn Tereas Newborn Lacy Pickens Gregory Rhodes Rodames Rodrigues Jacqueline Smith Bonita Stephens Sandra Whiteside MRS. FOWLER - 2B MRS. V. H. MARSH - IB Sally Brown Debra Cash Clarence Darity Joseph Darity Audrey Daughtery Audrey Davis Walter Fletcher Carolyn Hazel Alfred King Cheryl Peak Curtis Waddell Robert Waddell Deborah Watkins 35 Ralph Lee Boyd Jesse Cauley Michael D. Clayborn James T. Collins Ricky V. Edwards Jennifer Evans Flavous Thomas Fletcher Kevin D. Ferguson David D. Hayes Brenda J. Hill Renita J. Ivey Alberta Landrum Steven H. Lynch Gabe E. Payne Ruby Ramoriz Michael Rodrequez Reginia A. Smith Merita Waters Stephen Waters Thomas A. Waters MRS. ROUSE - 1A NOT PICTURED: 5th GRADE - 1st GRADE 5-B Carl Waters 2-B Jonnie Boyd Deronda Wright Roy Avery Sandra Carson Ronald Boyd Nellie Gilliland 3-A Bruce Carson Janice Hazel William Collins Dennis L e Darity Inez Lynch Douglas Gilliland Juanita Gilliland Laverne Means Alonzo Hazel Joseph Smith Lydia Sullivan Shirley Madison Retha Waters Alfonso Timbers Gregory McCullough Rita Waters Theodore Timbers Joelyn Means Peggy Ann Lynch Deborah Miller Rhoda Jean McCullough 4 Joseph Moody Larry Means James Avery Veronica Owens Melinda Collins Donnie Parks 1-B Darlene Hutchinson Ronnie Parks Herman Cocks Gus Ledford Terrell Rudisill Brenda Cunningham Larry Ledford James Summey Michael Darity Bessie Lynch Billy Waters Melondy Gilliland Beulah Lynch Franklin Waters James Hunt Judy Mackey Richard Rudisillc Carl McCullough 3-B Wanda Smith James Newborn John Collins Debra Wright Jeanette Newborn Gary Darity Patricia Parks Debra Johnson 1-A Bobby Waters Fannie Gilliland Denise Parks 36 CLUBS " See golden days fruitful of golden With joy and love triumphing " STUDENT COUNCIL SETS STANDARDS AT NINTH AVENUE The Student Council sponsored by Mrs. L. G. Jack- son and Mrs. T. S. Robinson, is composed of seven officers, and two representatives from each class. Yearly projects of the Student Council are gift baskets for needy families at Thanksgiving, a Christmas tree and party for the school, gifts for the kitchen and custodial staff, stationery sales, and a sock-hop spon¬ sored by Radio Station WHKP. The purposes of the Ninth Avenue Student Council are to establish higher and better ideals of conduct; to train students to live usefully in a democracy; to encourage student participation in all school activi¬ ties; and to create and foster a spirit of understand¬ ing between faculty and students. 38 r r ■ tA ; ■ MHI ' ' ? ■ The Patrol Force plays an im¬ portant part in maintaining order in the corridors at the change of classes and in checking to see that school rules are kept. Of¬ fending in either case must ap¬ pear before the student court where the jury composed of stu¬ dent council representatives pass sentence on the case. The Patrol Force headed by Mr. George Greene is composed of two members from classes 7- 12. Patrols from left to right: left row, Martha Timbers, Deloris Sitton, Pauline Lynch, Claude Watkins, Michael Alston, L. Boyd. Right row, M. Johnson, E. Goode, M. Sullivan, Jessie Jenkins, Captain; Johnny Wash¬ ington, Lieutenant; Claude Wat¬ kins, Sergeant. AIDED BY . . . PATROL FORCE Each school day these drivers take the responsibility of transporting the major¬ ity of the county ' s students to and from school. These drivers are carefully taught; the excellent safety precautions they take assure the parents, as well as the school officials, of their outstand¬ ing ability. The efficiency of this group has proved again and again that their work is an important part in the smooth run¬ ning of our school. Our bus drivers for this year: Mr. Freeman, Mr. Allen, Mr. James Smith, Mr. Odell Brew ton. NEW HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The New Homemakers of America is comprised of chartered state associations which in turn are composed of chapters chartered by the state association. Mem¬ bers are those girls in Home Economics I, II, and III. The purposes of this organization are: to promote in¬ dividual growth by developing physical, social, and moral qualities; to promote better home living; to provide wholesome recreational activities; and to act as a unit giving service to the school, community, state and nation. The colors are navy blue and white; the flower is the red rose and the theme is " Better Homes for a Better Nation. 11 The club is sponsored by Mrs. M. V. Mims. LEFT TO RIGHT: Dottie Russell, President; Dorothy Watkins, Vice-President; Barbara Goode, Secretary; Wanda Clay, Song Leader; Linda Logan, Parliamentarian, Josephine Featherstone, Sergeant-at-Arms. Senior members: Thelma Payne, Jessie Jenkins, Mary Peake, Carolyn Hopper. FIRST ROW: Drena Russell, Carolyn Suber, Carletta Summey, Katherine Campbell, Mary Hazel. SECOND ROW: Catherine Logan, ELfreda Boyd, Mary Ellen Robinson, Susan Clay, Alice Darity, Evelyn Jenkins, Joyce Watkins, De- lores Sitton. THIRD ROW: Marjorie Jones, Lolette King, Patsy Ross, Judy Brown, Bernice Washington, Marietta Lee, Lula Belle Dunbar. FOURTH ROW: Diana Carson, Linda Boyd, Betty Bennett, Mary Mills, Rose Ann Hill. DRAMATICS CLUB The purpose of the dramatics club is to instill in the students a true appreciation of dramatic art. The activities include three one- act plays presented before the stu¬ dent body and a-one-act play in the district play festival. The club is composed of stu¬ dent ' s from grades nine to twelve who are interested in dramatics is directed by Mrs. Grace Chambers and Mrs. E. D. Petty. LEFT TO RIGHT: Ellen Robinson, Lolette King, Pauline Lynch, Mary Hazel, Mary Mills, Rose Hill, Marjorie Jones, Patricia Ivey, Bernice Washington, Marietta Lee, Lula Dunbar, Betty Bennett, Barbara Goode, Diana Carson, Thelma Payne, Carolyn Hopper, Josephine Featherstone, Jessie Jenkins, Vice- President; Katherine Campbell, Patsy Ross, Dorothy Ross, Assistant Secretary; Dottie Russell, Joyce Watkins, Alice Darity, Deloris Sitton. CENTER: Elaine Russell, Jerome Alston, Ervin Payne, Dorothy Watkins, Secretary; Walter Me Ilwain, Charles Darity, Mary Peake, President; Tommie Williamson, Alberto Mendoza, Henry McMinn, Susan Clay. DEVILS: W ' anda Clay, Evelyn Jenkins. HONOR SOCIETY The purpose of this organization is to create an en¬ thusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encour¬ age the development of character in students of Ninth Avenue High School. Members may be chosen during their junior or senior year. A scholastic average of 85 is necessary before a candidate is eligible for member¬ ship. The highlight of the chapter ' s activities comes with the induction ceremony for newly chosen members. This is held before an assembly of the entire school. FRONT ROW: Alice Darity, Treasurer; Dottie Russell, Secretary; Bernice Washington, President; Jessie Jenkins, Assistant Secretary; Dorothy Watkins, Vice-President. BACK ROW: Dorothy Ross, William Thompson, Ailliam Ervin Payne, Charles Darity, James Feather stone, Barbara Goode, Evelyn Jenkins. 41 SCIENCE CLUB The aim of the Science Club is to foster interest in science through the use of scientif¬ ic apparatus and science projects. Open to any student with an interest in science, the club ' s plan is to carry on individual or group projects in any phase of science. SITTING: Harry Cauley, President; Josephine Featherstone, Vice-President; Catherine Log¬ an, Secretary; Catherine Campbell, Trea¬ surer. STANDING: Mary Hazel, Mary Mills, Rose Ann Hill, Albert Owens, Joe Dawkins, Jimmie Mills, Dianne Carson, Dorothy Ross, Marjorie Jones, Tommie Williamson, Marietta Lee, James Alston, Walter Mcllwain, Report¬ er; Henry Allen, Michael Alston, Thelma Payne, Carolyn Hopper, Wanda Clay, Assist¬ ant Secretary; Mary Joyce Peake, James Smith, Richard Pea. COMMERCIAL CLUB The purpose of the Commercial Club is to promote interest in business education and to develop a better understanding of the potentials of a secretarial career. The club consists of first and second year commer¬ cial students. These students learn how to apply for a job, proper office dress, management requirements of the secretary of the future, various career opportun ities, and many other important facts about the busi¬ ness world. The Commercial Club is sponsored by Mrs. H. L. Edwards. FIRb I ROW: Catherine Logan, Jessie Jenkins, Pauline Lynch, Dorothy Watkins, Evelyn Jenkins, bert Davidson, Dorothy Sitton, Alice Darity, Ma ry Joyce Peake, Joyce Watkins. THIRD ROW: Clay, William Thompson, Barbara Goode, William E. Payne. FOURTH ROW: George Johnson Linda Logan, Marietta Lee, Ellen Robinson. SECOND ROW: Al- Harry Cauley, Wanda Samuel Benjamin, 42 THE TIGER STAFF Certainly the high school year would not seem EDITOR-Mary Joyce Peake complete without a yearbook, - a material reminder of days at Ninth Avenue. In an attempt to fill that CO-EDITOR-Johnny Washington order, " The Tiger " is not merely a collection of pic¬ tures and names but a mirror of the life of hundred BUSINESS MANAGER-Charles Darity young people who will not want to forget their expe¬ riences. COPY EDITOR-Dorothy Ross The staff selected the them " Leaves of Gold " LAYOUT EDITOR-Jessie Jenkins which implies that one ' s school life passes through different stages of development. The theme has been SPORTS EDITOR-Milton Johnson carried out on the division pages through the use of quotations. CLASSES EDITOR-James Alston The members of the staff wish to thank the faculty FEATURES EDITOR-Merrimon Allen for their cooperation; the merchants of Henderson County, Biltmore, Asheville, and Tryon for their ad- CLUB EDITOR-Marietta Kelsey vertising; our patrons for their donations; the mem- Curry ' s Studio, Gaffney, S. C. ; Barber ' s Studio and Mr. Campbell for our photography; Keys Printing Business Manager Company for printing; and Mrs. E. D. Petty, our advisor, for her patience and guidance. and class 43 GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Peggy Wright, Beatrice Gash, Marilyn Ledbetter, Dianne Brown, Evelyn Goode, Elfreda Boyd, Betty Allen, Jackie Ivey, Patricia Jenkins, Ann Darity, Ellen Robinson, Alice Darity, Evelyn Jenkins, Ingram Davis, Dianne Copeland, Barbara Goode, Judy Brown. SECOND ROW: Zenobia Crosby, Sandra Lynch, Diane Rudi- sill, Martha Timbers, Vicky Whiteside, Debra Montgomery, Francena Littlejohn, Nathaniel Carson, Carolyn Waters Katherine Gilliland, Diane Washington, Alma Campbell, Mamie Lee Holmes, Lisa Darity, Pauline Lynch, Calvin Jackson. THIRD ROW: Jerry Summey, Nathaniel Jenkins, Richard Haynes, Jerome Alston, Marion Jackson, Syl¬ vester Downs, Shirley Johnson, Joseph Dawkins, Cephus Johnson, Freddie Albany, Donald McDaniel, Kenneth Jones, Grover Payne, Ulysees Mills, Calvin Avery, Michael Alston. FOURTH ROW: Freddie Williams, David Parks, Clarence Davidson, Bobby Hill, Edward King. When you combine good voices and good leadership the re¬ sult is a musical program put on by our high school Glee Club, sponsored by Mrs. Thelma S. Robinson, and composed of stu¬ dents from grades 7 through 12. 44 We do not have a band this year, but we have band students. In our FIRST YEAR class we have: Judson Boyd, Francena Littlejohn, Judy Albany, Renee Mims, Barbara Copeland, Lydia Mills, Gerald Cauley, Jackie Smith, Bonita Pilgrim. BAND STUDENTS SECOND YEAR: James Smith, Yvonne Mims, Zenobia Crosby, Lisa Darity, Melinda Pilgrim. LIBRARY L-ooks for misplaced books I-nterests students in new books B-usily puts books in place R-eads its shelves daily A-rranges displays R-uns errands Y-early presents a radio program S-ponsors library chapel programs T-ries to keep the library running smoothly A-nswers library business letters F-inds answers to questions F-ixes bulletin boards ' . i Li I’iii ifi: t Y V The library club is sponsored by Mrs. Dusenbury, our librarian. Officers and members are: Carolyn Suber, President; Wanda Clay, Vice-Presi¬ dent; Zenobia Crosby, Secretary; Deloris Sitton, Recording Secretary; Jerome Alston, Corresponding Secre¬ tary; Dorothy Watkins, Treasurer; Alvin Owens, Reporter. STANDING, Left to Right: Marietta Lee, Thomas Gray, Jimmy Mills, Freddie Albany, Joseph Dawkins, Larry CauLey, Walter Mcllwain, Lula Belle Dunbar, James Smith, Richard Pea, Ellen Robinson, Joyce Watkins, Elaine Russell, Lol- ette King. HIGH SCHOOL LUNCH HOUR 46 FEATURES " Far better than the minting of a gold crowned king, Is the safe kept memory of a lovely thing. " ATTENDANTS TO MISS NINTH AVENUE SIE JENKINS Go search the world and search the sea Then come you home and sing with me. There ' s no such gold and no such pearl As a bright and beautiful Ninth Avenue girl. JOSEPHINE FEATHERS TONE Freshman MISS NINTH AVENUE ALICE DARITY " A thing of beauty is a joy forever ... " Alice is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Darity, Sr., Fletcher, North Carolina. She is a member of the National Honor Society, Student Council, Dra¬ matics Club, NHA, Basketball Team, Commercial Club, and Choir. 49 MISS JUNIOR Judy Brown MISS SENIOR Dorothy Ross CLASS BEAUTIES MISS SOPHOMORE Lula Bell Dunbar MISS FRESHMAN Katherine Campbell 50 ■tm 1 1 wL ' j|| CHRISTMAS PRINCESS DIAN DARITY . . And purer than the purest gold ... 11 Dian, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Darity, Sr. , Fletcher, North Carolina, is a fourth grader. 51 Ninth Avenue Queen Selection Set Wednesday Ninth Avenue High School will present the “Miss Ninth Avenue Coronation Ceremony” in the school gymnasium Wed Tuesday at 8 p. m. The participants on this pro gram are students selected by the faculty on a criteria of per¬ sonality, charm, character, scholastic achievement and co- opertaive school effort. The following are contestants for the crown: Miss Jessie Jen¬ kins, senior, Miss Bernice Wash¬ ington, junior, Miss Alice Dar- ity, sophomore, and Miss Jose¬ phine Featherstone, freshman. The winner will be selected by popular student vote. Walter McDwain will serve as master of ceremonies for the oronation program. Following j the announcement of the win¬ ner, Principal Leon H. Ander¬ son will present the newly-elect¬ ed “Miss Ninth Avenue” to the gathering. James J. Pilgrim, chairman of the advisory board of Ninth Avenue, will crown the queen. The program will continue with a dance number and music by students from the various grades. Immediately following the coronation, a ball will be pre sented in the school cafeteria. The Tams will contribute music for this entertainment. Mrs. Thelma Robinson, Mrs. M. V. Mims and Mrs. Grace Chambers are serving on the program committee. N. C. Little Symphony Sets Three Concerts Ninth Avenue Chorus Plans Sunday Program On Sunday afternoon, Decem¬ ber 20, at 3:30 o’clock, the Ninth Avenue School 37-voice mixed chorus will present “Song of the Holy Night,” a cantata by Roger C. Wilson. This cantata based on the old and familiar carol, “Silent Night, Holy Night,” reflects the events that were prophesied and fulfilled many years ago. There are seven sections to the cantata including the women’s choir, a trio, a soprano and alto duet, a soprano solo and an alto solo. Soloists are Wanda Clay, Ellen Robinson, Evelyn Jenkins, Barbara Goode and Alice Darity. Portraying the Biblical char¬ acters are the following ninth grade students: Josephine Featherstone, Arthur Logan, Katherine Campbell, Marjorie Jones, Susan Clay, Mary Mills, Rose Hill, Hubert Owens, Tom¬ mie Owens, Isaac Smith and Michael Alston. The narrator for the program is Mary Joyce Peake; Yvonne and Ren ee’ Mims will give the musicaTprelude; the Rev. J. D. Effis ' wffl pronounce the bene¬ diction. Zenobia Crosby, a soph- more, is accompanist, and Mrs. Thelma S. Robinson directs the chorus. The North Carolina Little Symphony, under the direction of Dr. Benjamin Swalin, will present three concerts in Hen¬ dersonville as part of its 20th annual tour. Two of them will be for school children; Fri¬ day, February 12, at 1:30 p.m. and on Monday, February 15, at. 10:30 a.m. in the Henderson¬ ville High School auditorium. For 20 consecutive years the state symphony, under Dr. Swalin’s leadership, has travel¬ ed the length and breadth of North Carolina taking music di¬ rectly to the people. Ninth Avenue List Reported The Ninth Avenue School honor roll for the first semes¬ ter was submitted by Leon H. Anderson, prinicpal. The list covered students averaging “B” on all subjects in grades seven through twelve. Honor students were Dottie Russell, Bernice Washinffton . siillbajn. Thompsog, and Janies Ffiatheistone, all of the eleventh grade; William Davidson. Bar¬ bara Goode. Alice Darity and ffeno bia Crosby . all " of the tenth grades; Marjorie Jones and Michae) Alston , both of the ninth grade; yvonne Mims of the eighth grade; ad Bettv Ann Allen. Vickie Jeanette White - sidfij Edward L e ndsav King and Nathaniel Carson, all of the sev ¬ enth grade. Teen Council Sets Plans For Rest Of Year The Teen Council of the Hen¬ derson County Te°n-age Center at 818 Ash Street has announced its daily schedule of adflVitfes lor the remainder of the year 1954. Listed are the events and their dates in chronological order: Taking p’ace will be thdsAuttimn Pa’l on November 21 FUn For All on November 23, Hootefaanny on November 25, Shim Party on November 27, Choose Yoilr Partner on November 30, Ladies Choice on December 2, Roaring Twenties Party on December 5, Teen Council Meeting on December 7, Fun For All on December 9, Hootenanny on December 11, Beatnik Night on December 14, Contest on De¬ cember 16, Choose Your Partner on December 18, Hobo’s Con¬ vention on December 21, Prepa¬ ration for Pre-Christmas Party on December 23, Annual Pre- Christmas Party on December 24, Fashion Show on December 28 and Good-bye 1964 Social on December 30. Y Current officers serving on he Teen Council are Albert Davidson, president; Jessie Jenkins, vice-president; Wanda Clay, secretary; Johnny Wash¬ ington, treasurer; and Yvonne Mims, parliamentarian. 52 DO YOU REMEMBER? The Shock of His Life Senior Contest Oratorical 54 SPORTS " But when the blasts of war blows in our ears, Then imitate the action of the Tiger Stiffne the sinews, summon up the blood. BOYS’ BASKETBALL MR. LEMUEL JONES Coach William Davidson Guard Michael Alston Guard Isaac Smith Guard Larry Cauley Guard Tommy Lee Williams Forward William Charles Darity Center Albert Davidson Guard Walter Mcllwain Forward Harry Cauley Guard Charles Greene (Not Pictured) Forward GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Alice Darity Josephine Featherstone Drena Russell Elf red a Boyd Betty Bennett Guard Guard Roving Guard Forward Guard Katherine Campbell Catherine Logan Dorothy Watkins Joyce Watkins Roving Guard Forward Forward Forward MR. GEORGE GREENE Coach SCOREBOARD GIRLS We They Lawndale 9 37 Lawndale 16 14 Tryon 29 13 Marion 35 20 Tryon 24 9 Marion 26 28 Cherryville 29 30 Canton 36 16 Cherryville 10 16 Camp 33 27 Canton 25 19 Green Bethel 28 21 Green Bethel 28 85 Spindale 21 30 Camp 33 35 Stephens Lee 20 24 Stephens Lee 25 17 Tournament - First Round Hickory 19 17 BOYS We They Lawndale 43 41 Lawndale 48 44 Tryon 68 54 Marion 56 30 Tryon 50 69 Marion 36 28 Cherryville 62 25 Canton 29 57 Cherryville 71 35 Camp 70 56 Canton 38 51 Green Bethel 85 47 Green Bethel 74 52 Spindale 74 78 Camp 40 43 Stephens Lee 43 53 Stephens Lee 68 49 58 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Jessie Jenkins, Mary Joyce Peake, Lonnie Clay, Sylvester Downs, Evelyn Goode, Pauline Lynch. STANDING: Evelyn Jenkins, Wanda Clay, Barbara Goode. CHEERLEADERS The Ninth Avenue cheerleaders take an active part in the sports program. They help to build school morale by working on various projects to help towards the financial support of athletic activities, and by cheering our teams at football and basketball games. MISS ROBERTS Sponsor 59 SENIOR PLAYERS HARRY CAULEY, JR. ALBERT DAVIDSON WALTER McILWAIN CHARLES DARITY ALBERTO MENDOZA ADVERTISING " My wants are many, and, if told, Would muster many a score; And were each wish a mint of gold, I still should long for more. " BUT " A good heart ' s worth gold " PATRON LIST Mr. and Mrs. Cresswell Allen Mrs. Queen Alston ANDY OXY COMPANY BOB ' S ESSO SERVICE BROWN ' S AMOCO STATION Mr. Willie Lee Brown Mr. Noah Brown, Jr. Reverend Mrs. Lory M. Burchette Mr. and Mrs. Bogan Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Harry Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cauley, Sr. Mrs. Grace Chambers Mrs. Mary Copeland and Family Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Darity Mr. and Mrs. William Henry Darity Mrs. Bertha Mae Davidson DEAVER ' S CAB COMPANY Mrs. Helen Dula Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Dusenbury Mr. and Mrs. James L. Edwards ENGLISH BROTHERS SHOE SHOP Mrs. Jesse Ferguson, Sr. FLANAGAN PRINTING COMPANY Mr. Allen Freeman Mr. and Mrs. George Gash and Son Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gilliam Mrs. Callie M. Greene Miss Doris Greene Mr. George E. Greene Mrs. Willie Mae Guesley Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Hannon HENDERSONVILLE MONUMENT COMPANY Mrs. Eugenia Hester Mr. and Mrs. Closs Hopper Mrs. Bessie Horne Mr. and Mrs. Claude Hostler Miss Annie Lee Ivey Mrs. Della H. Jackson Miss Mae Carolyn Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jackson 63 PATRON LIST Miss Shirley Jac kson JACKSON ' S FLOWERS Miss Wessie Lee Johnson Mr. L. C. Jones Mrs. Obelia Kelsey LADINA GUEST HOUSE LANDRUM ' S BEAUTY SHOP Miss Shirley Levinson Mrs. Elsie McDaniel Reverend and Mrs. H. L. Marsh Mr. and Mrs. Fred Means Mrs. Lee Eunice Mendoza Mr. Laddie McMillan Mr. and Mrs. Randy McMinn and Daughter Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Mims Reverend and Mrs. Q. E. Owens PAULINE GRICE ' S BEAUTY SHOP Mr. and Mrs. William Payne Miss Mary Joyce Peake Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Petty Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Pilgrim Mr. and Mrs. James J. Pilgrim, Sr. REYNOLDS SHOE STORE Mr. and Mrs. William Robinson, II Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Rouse Mr. Curtis Sherman Mrs. Dorothy R. Sheppard SHERMAN ' S SPORTING GOODS STUKEY ' S Mr. and Mrs. James Summey THE CEDARS VILLAGE CRAFT SHOP Mrs. Nettie Ward WARD ' S SHELL SERVICE STATION Mr. and Mrs. Matthew White Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Whitesides WHITTAKER ' S SHOE SHOP Miss Doris T. Wigfall Miss Carrie Work Mr. and Mrs. John Young Mr. Eddie Young Mrs. Alice Washington 64 DU PONT’S BREVARD PLANT DU PONT in Transylvania County, manufactures quality X-Ray Films in the World’s Newest and most modern film manufacturing plant. R EG.U.S PAT Off E. I. duPont de Nemours Company PHOTO PRODUCTS DEPARTMENT BREVARD PLANT BETTER THINGS FOR BETTER LIVING ...THROUGH CHEMISTRY Brevard, North Carolina MIDWAY LUMBER SUPPLY COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF SAVINGS LOAN ASSN. Fifth at Church Fletcher, North Carolina Hendersonville, North Carolina BEST WISHES Branch Office - Fletcher, North Carolina THE LEADER 10-12 Patton Avenue Asheville, North Carolina LOVELAND ' S STUDIO MARSHALL ' S TAILOR SHOP !W 413 Wal 1 Street Dial OX 3-7297 Hendersonville, North Carolin a Hendersonvi lie COMPLIMENTS OF TALLENT FOURTH AVENUE SHOE FIXERY TEMPO MUSIC SHOP (across from Post Office) 416 North Main Street Telephone OXford 2-1346 SHOES DYED - LUGGAGE REPAIRED Hendersonville, North Carolina Hendersonvi lie r OT AT TMI V (£sso) SKYLAND BATTERY IGNITION CO. SPENCER ESSO SERVICENTER SPECIALIZING IN Motor Tune Up — Carburetor — Speedometor Washing - Polishing • Lubrication Tires - Tubes - Accessories Gas - Oil - Diesel Fuel Battery — Startor — Generator ARTHUR J. FREEMAN, Owner Manager Phone 684-9130 Fletcher, North Carolina Dial 693-6537 432 Kanuga Street — Hendersonville, N. C. VISIT COMPLIMENTS OF DANIEL ' S WALKER HARDWARE CO., INC. E. M. WALKER, Manager for your furniture needs First Avenue and King Street Hendersonvi lie One Block from Court House HARDWARE, PAINTS, AND AUTO STORES Hendersonville, North Carolina State Street, Chicago - with G. E. Outdoor Lighting Systems Derives Many Benefits as “World’s Brightest Street” at Night The world’s brightest street at night is Chicago’s State Street ... lighted with fluores¬ cent luminaries designed and produced at the “Outdoor Lighting Center of the World,’’ General Electric’s headquarters for its outdoor lighting business located at Henderson¬ ville, North Carol ina. The illustration above shows the shopping district of State Street. Here, close to 399 top-quality General Electric Form 606 luminaries, mounted on specially designed “tree like’’poles provide 14 footcandles of i 11 umination!, a truly outstanding installation. Cities throughout America, including small and larger communities in Western North Carolina, are today “lighting up.” This offers many benefits to all citizens. Lighting is credited with lowering crime and highway deaths of all sorts ... with improving safety, and even business. GENERAL ELECTRIC is looking for people who are truly prepared for the wide variety of assignments avail¬ able in the electrical industry. If you would like to explore the possi¬ bility of a career with General Electric, contact J. W. Waters, OX 2-1431. Good lighting is an attribute of progressive communities. You, as tomorrow’s citizens, will want to make sure that good lighting makes your streets and highways — your ballparks and stadiums useful at night ... safe and enjoyable for all. Progress Is Our Most Important Product GENERAL ELECTRIC Outdoor Lighting Department Hendersonville, N. C. The amazing new MOORE FARM EQUIPMENT, INC. MASSEY-FERGUSON - NEW IDEA - FOX SALES AND SERVICE Sixth Ave. Maple St. Hendersonville, N. C. Phone OX. 3-4968 Guided fingers FOR PLAYING PIANO AND ORGAN Write for details to Educational Division DAMPP-CHASER, INC. Hendersonville, N. C. MEMBER ' NORTH CAROLINA HEAT COUNCIL J ADDS VALUE SAFE - CLEAN - ECONOMICAL - CONVENIENT Follow the Example of Experts - Insist on OIL HEAT ... an overwhelming majority of the building experts in HENDERSON COUNTY heat their own homes with OIL HEAT. Henderson County Members: North Carolina Oil Heat Council BLUE RIDGE RECAPPING SERVICE, INC. SAVE-MORE OIL COMPANY “Just As Close As Your Phone ” We Specialize in Full GAS FOR LESS Capping Truck Tires Hendersonvi 1 le Highway 25 at Brickton Phone OX 3-5642 Chimney Rock Highway SHOP AT LISENBEE JEWELERS “Even if it’s a snail, we can make it run. ” Clock Repairing AND SAVE Ashevi 1 le, N. C. K. B. Lisenbee, Watchmaker 9 Bi Itmore Plaza Biltmore, North Carolina COMPLIMENTS OF SUPERIOR LAUNDRY CLEANERS BONAIRE MOTEL “The Cleaner Who Cares” Greenville Highway Hendersonville, North Carolina Hendersonvi 1 le SMITH ' S SUPER MARKET Columbus, North Carolina BEST WISHES, SENIORS FRANCIS WRIGHT, INC. FARM SUPPLIES FEED, SEED, FERTILIZER FARM EQUIPMENT Compliments of MILL SPRING SUPER MARKET HENDERSONVILLE - BREVARD Mill Spring, North Carolina COMPLIMENTS OF BLYTHE RADIO TELEVISION, INC. FIRST UNION NATIONAL BANK 435 Church Street Hendersonville, North Carolina Hendersonville, North Carolina MILL ENDS OSHKOSH SPORTSWEAR Slacks - Dudes - Jeans - Bronks Jackets - Flip Jacks Winter Wear • Work Wear DRAPERY AND DRESS GOODS FACTORY OUTLET LOUIS WILLIAMS SONS, INC. ANNEX Fletcher, North Carolina 701 -7th Avenue East Dial 692-8216 COLLINS FLORIST COMPLIMENTS OF “Flowers for all Occasions ” 435 North Church Street GORDON ' S CREDIT JEWELRY Phone OXford 3-7570 Hendersonville, North Carolina Hendersonville, North Carolina McFARLAN BAKE SHOP Congratulations Seniors Fine Pastries Since 1932 The Staff at Wedding and Party Cakes Our Specialty JAMES PILGRIM FUNERAL HOME Hendersonville, North Carolina Hendersonville, North Carolina MANUFACTURERS OUTLET, INC. A FRIEND ' HOSIERY FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY " Box 476 East Flat Rock PRINTING LETTERPRESS ■ OFFSET FACTORY OUTLET FLANAGAN PRINTING CO. FLETCHER, N. C. 127 3rd Ave. W 0X 3-7380 “We Never Disappoint " COMPLIMENTS OF MILL END STORE AND SILK SHOP FLETCHER PHARMACY Hendersonvi lie Fletcher, North Carolina HENDERSONVILLE AUTO DEALERS ASSOCIATION Shop and save at BOYD PONTIAC-CADILLAC-BUICK BLAIR-McLEOD MOTORS BIG GIANT SUPER MARKET FOLSOM MOTOR CO. In the Fletcher Plaza Shopping Center GARRETT MOTOR CO. Highway 25 HENDERSONVILLE MOTORS Fletcher, North Carolina T. LEE OSBORNE, JR. Brands you know and trust HUNTER CHEVROLET CO. at prices you like to pay GROSE’S CORNER WACO USED CAR LOT Hendersonville, North Carolina COMPLIMENTS OF CONCRETE SUPPLY COMPLIMENTS OF AND MATERIALS CO., INC. MIDWAY LUMBER AND SUPPLY CO. Fletcher, North Carolina Naples, North Carolina HOUSE OF TOWELS 711 Greenville Highway Featuring Towels By The Pound CANNON PRODUCTS Compliments of KALIN’S FURNITURE CO. Hendersonville, North Carolina NATIONAL SHIRT SHOPS Compliments of KALMIA DAIRY Home of all Jersey Milk HENDERSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA America’s Leading Men’s Furnishers Haywood and College Streets THE STYLE STORE OF ASHEVILLE CROCKER ' S DISCOUNT BARN 901 =7th Avenue East Compliments of CRANSTON PRINT WORKS COMPANY Hendersonville, North Carolina FACTORY PRICES DIRECT TO YOU “If we have it, it is a bargain.” |Robotyper| Robotyper HENDERSONVILLE. N. C. GAS SERVICE ANYWHERE HENDERSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA General Electric - Zenith Magnav ox - R.C.A. LAWRENCE ORR, INC. Radio Television Sales and Service P.O. Box 331 - Telephone OX 3-4571 625 Fifth Avenue West MILLER’S LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS, INC. King Street HENDERSONVILLE - BREVARD “ALMOST EVERYBODY READS ” THE TIMES-NEWS Henderson County’s Daily Newspaper $6:00 a year by mail 30 £ a week by carrier COMPLIMENTS OF HENDERSON COUNTY H0LLEY-SW0FF0RD SHOES PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION Dedicated to “Expertly Fitted” “Building Better Health Hendersonville, North Carol ina Through Pharmacy” Hendersonville, North Carol ina BERKELEY MILLS Balfour, North Carolina A Division of Kimberly-Clark Corporation “Just about everyone uses a product of Kimberly-Clark every day.” BARRIERE ' S SECRETARIAL SERVICE Typing Themes Term Papers Florence F. Barriere Office 692-2646 Home 692-1 047 413 Wall Street Hendersonville, North Carolina COMPLIMENTS OF EARL F. PENNY MUTUAL INS. AGENCY, INC. Room 300 Hendersonville, North Carolina 693-5313 - Phones - 693-3433 OATES PAINT BODY SHOP Auto Painting - Wreck Repairing Auto Glass Installed Hendersonville, North Carolina SHEPHERD ' S FUNERAL HOME ' Service Since 1903 125 SOUTH CHURCH STREET HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. COMPLIMENTS OF BELK-SIMPSON Hendersonville, North Carolina onnout lA AVQ Fin«T Ol IAI I TV ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY HENDERSONVILLE WHITESIDE HOBBY SHOPPE “Fun for all the family ' ;ndersonvi lie ALLEN E. BROWN INSURANCE AGENCY 126 Fourth Ave. - 693-5637 GUARDIAN INS. REALTY CO. 125 7th Ave. - 692-3597 STATON INSURANCE REALTY CO. 131 Fourth Ave. - 693-1168 EWBANK EVYBANK REAL ESTATE INS. CO. 108 N. Main - 693-1876 MORROW INSURANCE AGENCY Northwestern Bank Bldg. - 693-5396 BROWN ' S AUCTION GALLERY Hendersonville, North Carolina r BUY AT m „ €sso SIGN COMPLIMENTS OF PORTER ' S ESSO STATION Seventh Main Hendersonville, North Carolina COMPLIMENTS OF CHIPMAN LA CROSSE HOSIERY MILLS CO. East Flat Rock, North Carolina SINCLAIR OFFICE SUPPLY McCALL ' S PLUMBING HEATING COMPANY Hendersonville, North Carolina HENDERSONVILLE LIL COLONEL 1 Compliments of Sixth Avenue West Hendersonville, North Carolina RELIABLE FURNITURE CO. For All Your Grocery Needs Compliments of HOUSTON’S FURNITURE STORE « i Hendersonville, North Carolina Custom Built - Furniture Furniture - Upholstering For those who want the very best f » Hendersonville, North Carolina VALHALLA HANDWEAVERS Tin ON. NORTH CAROLIN J. F. STOKES SON Established 1922 CU STOM M DE DR PERILS - SI IP CO ERS Dial 3642 129-35 Third venue East Hendersonville, North Carolina COMPLIMENTS OF WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES SPORTING GOODS TOYS Fletcher, North Carolina BUILD BETTER WITH ETOWAH BRICK For Permanent Beauty Low First Cost Low Up Keep Highest Durability Easier Financing Higher Resale Value COMPLIMENTS OF FLETCHER CLEANERS COME CLEAN WITH US THE MOLAND-DRYSDALE CORPORATION Fletcher, North Carolina 1635-41 Asheville Hwy. Hendersonville, North Carolina Phone 693-6561 SOUTHLAND DRIVE-IN ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA MARSHALL ROBERTS, INC. FLETCHER, NORTH CAROLINA Hendersonville, North Carolina Phones 693-9759 692-1 107 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND ■■ 7 ME Ppm jf Hendersonville, North Carolina MEANS GOOD WEAR CITY TIRE SERVICE WESTERN CAROLINA HOSIERY MILL MAC ' S MENS AND YOUNG MENS WEAR 412 North Main Street BLUE RIDGE CLEANERS Hendersonville, North Carolina GENUINE PARTS COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF JACK SHULMAN Compliments of COUNTRY CLUB PRO SHOP Hendersonville, North Carolina Hendersonville, North Carolina ELGIN ' S ESSO SERVICENTER 402 South Church Street Hendersonville, North Carolina Hendersonville, N. C. - 693 4117 TELEVISION MART Arden, N. C. - 684-6749 CONCRETE SUPPLY MATERIALS, INC. 146 Third Ave. W. MOTOROLA - ADMIRAL Color - Stereo - Sales and Service. J. R. Harkey, Manager READY MIXED CONCRETE l . S. Highway 25 - Naples, North Carolina ' Shepherd Street - Hendersonville, N. C. THE BOOK MART FREE ESTIMATES J. Q. Justice - Geo. M. Jarvis B1LTMORE PLAZA BILTMORE, NORTH CAROLINA Complimerits of GREGG BROTHERS HARDWARE Hendersonville, North Carolina COMPLIMENTS OF BILTMORE MANUFACTURING CO. Hendersonville, North Carolina Compl iments of FEDERAL PAPER BOARD COMPANY, INC. Cartoon Division Hendersonville, North Carolina :

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