Ninth Avenue School - Tiger Yearbook (Hendersonville, NC)

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Ninth Avenue School - Tiger Yearbook (Hendersonville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1961 volume:

A As, SZItG CHGAOS oh 1 l i OrF M A. 5 tf i FfT THE TIGER FOREWORD We, the Seniors of Ninth Avenue have reached the twelfth step on the educa¬ tional ladder. It was only four short years ago that we joined the " Ninth Avenue Family " as eager freshmen with a desire to live and learn together. Year by year, we have climbed upward steadily, meeting our problems but learning to solve them and to live together harmoniously. Our memories are pleasant ones, because our journey has been an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. As we have helpedtomold Ninth Avenue School, so we have been molded into well poised and well prepared individuals who are readyto meet the challenging problems of life. This edition of the Tiger gives a written and pictorial record of the Alma Mater during the school year of 1960-61. It is another link in the chain which leaves to everyone each year a bundle of memories, long to be remembered and always to be cherished. Our sincere appreciation goes to everyone who helped to make this yearbook what it is. We express our deepest thanks to our advisors, Mrs. Carolina and Mrs. Edwards. As you glance into the faces of those whom you see within these pages, we hope that you will share with them some of the joy, love and genuine affection which we have for our school. TABLE OF CONTENTS BOARD OF EDUCATION AND ADVISORY BOARD--5 DEDICATION-6 ADMINISTRATION-7 ADMINISTRATION-8 PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE-9 FACULTY-10 FACULTY-11 YEARBOOK STAFF-12 YEARBOOK REPRESENTATIVES-13 ADVISORS-14 THESE PROGRESSED-16 SENIOR OFFICERS-17 SENIOR CLASS-18 SENIOR CLASS-19 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES-20 SENIOR CLASS WILL-21 JUNIOR CLASS-22 SOPHOMORE CLASS-23 FRESHMEN CLASS-24 FIRST AND SECOND GRADES-.-26 THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES--27 FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES-28 SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES-29 ATHLETICS-30 CHEERLEADERS AND ATHLETIC DIRECTOR-31 GRIDIRONERS AND BASKETBALL-32 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL TEAM AND COACH-33 BOYS ' BASKETBALL TEAM AND COACH- 33 LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL AND TRACK TEAMS--34 MISS HOMECOMING-35 MISS GRIDIRON-36 ORGANIZATIONS-37 STUDENT COUNCIL-38 CROWN AND SCEPTER AND LIBRARY CLUB-39 SCIENCE CLUB AND MATH CLUB-40 COMMERCIAL CLUB AND P.T.A. -41 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA AND NEW HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA-42 CHORAL GROUP AND BAND-—43 SCHOOL PATROL, LUNCHROOM STAFF AND CUSTODIANS-44 BRICK MASONRY AND BUS DRIVERS-45 PROM-46 PATRONS-47 AUTOGRAPHS-48 ADVERTISEMENTS-49 4 BOARD OF EDUCATION BOARD OF EDUCATION FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Roy E. Johnson, Chairman; L. B. Prince, John Gregory. BACK ROW: Hugh D. Randall, Superintendent; George Wing III, C. E. Livingstone. ADVISORY BOARD ADVISORY BOARD FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Johnny Landrum, Secretary; Hugh D. Randall, Superintendent; James J. Pil¬ grim, Chairman. BACK ROW: Cedric H. Jones, Principal; Willie Clay, James Mitchum, Carl Wilson. DEDICATION MRS, A. M. MILLER MRS. E, R. PILGRIM To Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Pilgrim, the 1961 Tiger is dedicated to you who have encouraged, inspired, and wisely counselled us during our sojourn at Ninth Avenue. Your advice has given us power to meet the many perplexities which have confronted us. To you we owe our deepest appreciation. 6 7 PRINCIPAL CEDRIC H. JONES SECRETARY MRS. KATIE SIMMONS 8 Principals Message to Class of ’61 Dear Seniors: Today ' s citizens are challenged to make the right de¬ cision in life for intellectual and moral survival. Many voices are calling. If answered and followed, some will lead to happiness, prosperity, and success. On the other hand, some are directed toward sorrow, degredation and failure. The choice of decision influences the course of action of both young and old, rich and poor, teacher and pupil, and all mankind. First, my admonition to the members of the graduating class is to acquire and practice the best habits that you have ever heard about or been taught at home, church and school. Follow also the ideals of those organizations and agencies that are conducting a program to amelio¬ rate the conditions of man in our society. For example, the Scouts and Y programs. Desirable habits can not be legislated into action, but must be practiced in word, thought, and deed to be effective. Secondly, continue your education. Training is essen¬ tial. It is valuable in establishing one ' s efficiency, the first step toward competency and survival in a competi¬ tive economy. Thirdly, choose and be guided by a set of values and standards that are rated superior in the moral fiber of society. Stability for right motives and action is justi¬ fiable. Changing from right to wrong to satisfy does not justify nor better the existing conditions. Finally, acquiring good habits, getting trained for job efficiency and choosing a set of values will help to influ¬ ence decision that matter. You have my best wishes for happiness, prosperity and success. FACULTY R. C. CAROLINA G. M. CUNNINGHAM L. C. DUSENBURY H. L. EDWARDS A. R. FOWLER E. HAMMONDS C. HOSTLER A. M. HUTCHISON L. G. JACKSON C. H. JONES M. A. JONES 10 FACULTY f. McMillan A. M. MILLER M. V. MIMS E. R. PILGRIM W. P. PITT L. A. ROBINSON O. M. ROUSE J. W. SHIPMAN M. L. WEAVER 11 The Senior Class presents YEARBOOK STAFF Madeline Cunningham-Editor-in-Chief Lewis Whiteside-Assistant Editor Luretta Cunningham-Advertising Editor Rosella Norman-Copy Editor Frances Featherstone-Secretary Floyd Benjamin-Business Manager Ruth Johnson-Circulation Manager Betty Greene-Typist Lillie Ann Young, Irene Smith and Georgia Ann Coneley-Reporters James Pea, Claude Darity-Artists 12 YEARBOOK REPRESENTATIVES YEARBOOK REPRESENTATIVES LEFT TO RIGHT: Sandra Hill, Rose Marie Cash, Charles Greene, Larry Copeland, David Cash. THE TIGER 13 ADVISORS YEARBOOK ADVISORS LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. H. L. Edwards, Mrs. R. C. Carolina 14 Climbing toward the Light CLASSES 15 They Progressed in . . NAME SUBJECTS Madeline Cunningham.Family Relation Lewis Whiteside Ruth Johnson.Chemistry Madeline Cunningham Ruth Johnson Lewis Whiteside Floyd Benjamin.Sociology Economics Nelson Glaze Claude Darity Ro sella Norman Rosella Norman Henry Hutchison.Music Floyd Benjamin Lewis Whiteside Typing Rosella Norman Patricia Hunt Lewis Whiteside.English Floyd Benjamin Madeline Cunningham Betty Greene Page-35 Rita Marie Robinson Page-36 Kar en Arnette Bell 16 CLASS OF ' 61 17 Mamie Allen Madeline Cunningham Barbara Baker Claude Darity Floyd Benjamin Garvin Brown Steve Davenport Jaelsieline Davidson Robert Camp SENIORS Frances Featherstone Betty Greene Lottie Featherstone Wade Hayden Bryant Ferguson Robert Hill Nelson Glaze Patricia Hunt Jerry Graham Richard Hutchison 18 Henry Hutchison Hasker Pea Ruth Johnson James Pea Joe Douglas Mendosa Rita Robinson Thomas Moone y Billy Sharp CLASS OF ’61 Ella Smith Robert Whitmire Johnny Whitmire Alexander Watkins Lewis Whiteside Rosella Norman Omega Sitton Barbara Underwood T.illie Ann Young 19 SUPERLATIVES BEST DRESSED Lillie A. Young and Janies Pea MOST DEPENDABLE Omega Sitton and Richard Hutchison MOST INTELLECTUAL Rosella Norman and Nelson Glaze BEST DISPOSITION Barbara Baker and Robert Camp MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Ruth Johnson and Lewis Whiteside MOST TALENTED Ella B. Smith and Henry Hutchison BEST ALL AROUND Betty Greene and Floyd Benjamin MOST COOPERATIVE Lottie L. Featherstone and Thomas Mooney MOST ATHLETIC Betty Greene and Bryant Ferguson QUIETEST Mamie Allen and Garvin Brown MOST STUDIOUS Madeline Cunningham and Claud Darity WITTIEST Jaelsieline Davidson and Joe Mendosa LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT WE THE SENIOR CLASS OF NINTH AVENUE SCHOOL, being of sound mind and body, do hereby in this year of 1961, declare the people hereinafter named to be our true and lawful heirs, and do give and bequeath to them the following named articles and properties. To the Parents, we leave our fondest appreciation for the many sacrifices they have made that we might attain this goal. We shall aspire to fulfill their fondest dreams. To the Superintendent and the Board of Education, we leave our appreciation for the system of Education which we realize will be of great help to us for the rest of our lives. To the Principal and Faculty members, we bequeath our undying appreciation and gratitude for their devotion to education, their patience, and their personal interest in us. To the following people, respectfully we leave the following: LILLIE YOUNG ' S position on the Student Council to Johnny Young. RUTH JOHNSON ' S position in the library to Katherine Lynch. BETTY GREENE and BRYANT FERGUSON ' S athletic ability to Priscilla Wat¬ kins and Charles Gardin. FLOYD BENJAMIN and LEWIS WHITESIDE ' S typing ability to Luretta Cun¬ ningham and Charles Gardin. MADELINE CUNNINGHAM ' S position as Editor of the " TIGER " to Cornelius Hunt. MAMIE ALLEN and GARVIN BROWN ' S quietness to Annie B. Killian and Curtis Johnson. FRANCES FEATHERSTONE ' S statistician position on the girl ' s basketball team to Vivian Moss. OMEGA SITTON ' S dependability and personality to Doris King. LEONARD HILL and WADE HAYDEN ' S brick laying to Samuel Gash. ROSELLA NORMAN, BARBARA BAKER and ELLA SMITH ' S singing abilities to Ethel Wynn, Irene Smith, and Annie B. Killian. JERRY GRAHAM ' S position on the patrol to Eugene Owens. ROBERT CAMP ' S perfect attendance to Joseph Robinson. PATRICIA HUNT ' S ability to receive the French Merit Award to Luretta Cunningham. RITA ROBINSON ' S ability to sew to Vivian Moss. WILLIAM HUTCHISON ' S title of Most Talented to Charles Hemphill. NELSON GLAZE ' S position as President of the Student Council to Frank Wilson. HASKER PEA ' S talent for singing to Frank Dunbar. ROBERT WHITMIRE ' S position on the track team to Johnny Young. THOMAS MOONEY ' S position as Captain of the football team to Charles Gardin. BARBARA UNDERWOOD ' S hair style to Martha Smith. RICHARD HUTCHISON ' S voice to James Sitton. JOSELINE DAVIDSON ' S title as the " Wittiest " to Dorothy Johnson. LOTTIE FEATHERSTONE ' S title as " Most Co-operative " to Faye King. BILLY SHARPE ' S position on the football team to Elliott Benjamin. JAMES PEA ' S position as the artist of the Yearbook to Nickey Graham. STEVE DAVENPORT ' S position on the football team to Elliott Benjamin. ALEXANDER WATKIN ' S ability to cut classes to Charles Gardin. JOE MENDOSA ' S hair to Jonas Wynn. SIGNED: The Senior Class WITNESSES: Betty Greene and Lewis Whiteside iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliilTiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii in i imlinillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllliiiliiiiiiiiiiTm iTTTTTl CLASS OF ’62 Samuel Campbell John Earl Copeland Verdell Crite Luretta Cunningham Frank Dunbar Charles Gardin Sam Gash Nicky Graham Charles Hemphill Cornelius Hunt Curtis Johnson Dorothy Johnson Annie B. Killian Doris King Benny Mooney Vivian Moss Eugene Owens Joseph Robinson William Robinson Shirley Russell Irene Smith Martha Smith Sylvia Thomas Betty Underwood Priscilla Watkins Frank Wilson Harry Wilson Ethel Wynn Jonas Wynn Johnny Young 22 CLASS OF ’63 Lance Allen Richard Allen Darothy Alston Betty Anderson Ann Ballard Rudine Benjamin Atlanta Brewton Charles Byrd Helen Camp Tommy Camp Raymond Coleman Thomasine Daugherty Minnie Davenport Thomas Davidson Betty F eatherstone Calvin Fletcher Franklin Freeman James Gardin Carolyn Hayden James Hemphill Nellie Hemphill Sandra Hill Lewis Howell Shirley Jackson Mary Johnson Robert King Katherine Lynch Nathaniel Lynch James Madison Darothy Malone Andy McMinn Randy McMinn Fredrich Murrey Hamilton Murrey Frank Penson Joyce Powell Charles Robinson Mamie Robinson Barbara Russell Shirley Russell James Underwood Olivia Whiteside Ann Williams James Wynn Reper Wynn NOT PICTURED: Leonard Bailey, Elliott Benjamin, Joe Dunbar, John Hopper, Albert Jones, Perry Ware, Jean Wilson, Lindsey Wynn. 23 CLASS OF ’64 Richard Ballard James Benjamin Wade Camp James Campbell David Cash Harry Coleman Ruth Conley Larry Copeland James Darity Robert Darity Willie Darity Eleva Featherstone Terry Featherstone Dwight Gash Samuel Gregory Cheryl Haywood Franco Hazel Margaret Hunt Edith Hutchison Helen Hutchison Joan Ivey Carolyn Jenkins Katherine Jenkins Geraldine Johnson John Johnson Carolyn King Faye King Frances Lloyd Lucille Lynch Betty Norman Martha Norman Rebecca Parks Henry Pea Paul Scruggs David Russell James Sitton Cleola Smith James Smith Betty Summey Lynette Waddell 24 THE GRADES 25 FIRST GRADE SECOND GRADE 26 THIRD GRADE 27 FIFTH GRADE SIXTH GRADE 28 SEVENTH GRADE EIGHTH GRADE 29 V li ' ,- CHEERLEADERS FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Lillie Ann Young, Rudine Benjamin, Helen Camp, Vivian Moss, Ann Ballard. SECOND ROW: Mary Johnson, Mamie Robinson, Frances Featherstone, Omega Sitton, Annie Bell Killian. THIRD ROW: Madeline Cunningham, Betty Greene EUGENE HAMMONDS Head Coach Football Athletic Director 31 " THE GRIDIRONERS " FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Camp, Coleman, Johnson, J. Whitmire, Howell, B. Mooney, Madison, Allen, Campbell, R. Whitmire, Scruggs, Fletcher, Young. BACK ROW: Ferguson, Gardin, Co-Captain, Sitton, Hunt, Davenport, Penson, Hemphill, H. Wilson, Gash, F. Wilson, T. Mooney, Captain, Murrey, Benjamin, Copeland. FOOTBALL " BASKETBALL ACTION SHOT ' GIRLS ' BASKETBALL GIRL ' S COACH W. P. Pitt LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Jackson, P. Watkins, R. Parks, G. Johnson, S. Russell, C. Haywood, B. Greene K. Lynch, B. Greene, L. Cunningham, E. Feather- stone, M. Johnson, B. Featherstone. BOYS’ BASKETBALL BOY ' S COACH J. W. Shipman LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Young, C. Gardin, B. Ferguson, A. McMinn, H. Wilson, F. Benjamin, F. Wilson, S. Gash, F. Murrey, J. Watkins, L. Whiteside. 33 LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL TEAM " THE CUBS " FRONT ROW, Left to Right: M. Coleman, W. Davidson, K. Payne, F. Staggs, A. Mendosa. SECOND ROW: N. Washington, C. Watkins, S. Walker, C. Johnson, F. Darity. THIRD ROW: H. McMinn, J. Alston, H. Johnson, W. Robinson, Coach. TRACK TEAM 34 FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Copeland, Whitside, Young, J. Whitemire, J. Whitmire, R. Whitmire. BACK ROW: Scruggs, Gardin, Hunt, Gash, Murrey, ftorman, Hill. Miss Homecoming Rita Marie Robinson 35 Miss Gridiron Karen Arnette Bell 36 ORGANIZATIONS Student Council Crown and Scepter Library Club Science Club Math Club Commercial Club P. T. A. Future Teachers of America New Homemakers of America Choral Group Band Patrols 37 N. Glaze President Rosella Norman Lillie Ann Young First Vice-President Second Vice-President Harry Wilson Corresponding Secretary Betty Featherstone Recording Secretary Frank Wilson Treasurer STUDENT COUNCIL C. Hunt L. Whiteside F. Benj amin P. Hunt Thomas Mooney Parliamentarian E. Hutchison J. Madison R. Benj amin H. Murrey M. Davenport J. Sitton L. Copeland C. Greene B. Williams R. Hayden R. Campbell 38 CROWN AND SCEPTER In mm ■M FIRST ROW, Left to Right: L. Cunningham, E. Owens, M. Cunningham. SECOND ROW: F. Benjamin, C. Hunt, F. Wilson, H. Wilson, L. Whiteside (Not Pictured). LIBRARY CLUB SITTING: Ruth Johnson. LEFT TO RIGHT: K. Lynch, F. Benjamin, A. Williams, B. Russell, S. Hill, R. Wynn, O. Whiteside, S. Russell, F. Wilson. 39 SCIENCE CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Whiteside, F. Wilson, L. Cunningham, H. Wilson, M. Cunningham, R. Robinson. MATH CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Norman, L. Young, L. Whiteside, M. Cunningham, L. Cunningham, B. Greene, R. Johnson. 40 COMMERCIAL CLUB 41 Future Teachers of America SITTING: L. Cunningham, P. Hunt, B. Baker, R. Rob¬ inson. STANDING: B. Featherstone, F. Wilson, F. Benjamin, H. Wilson, S. Hill. New Homemakers of America 42 CHORAL GROUP BAND LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Haywood, J. Johnson, C. King, R. Parks, B. Williams, M. Weaver, L. Copeland, R. Campbell. 43 SCHOOL PATROL PATROLMAN LUNCHROOM STAFF CUSTODIAN 44 BRICK MASONRY BUS DRIVERS 45 MOONLIGHT AND ROSES 46 PATRONS Mr. Mrs. Harold Bass Mr. Mrs. Johnny Fandrum Mr. Mrs. Jefferson Bennett Mr. Authur Fogan Brevard Jewelers Mr. Hicks Fogan Mrs. Frank Bridges Mr. Mose Macfie Camp Carolina Mr. Mrs. Schofield Miller Mr. Mrs. Chappelle Carolina Miss Gladys Pierce Mrs. Madeline Cunningham Mr. Mrs. Willie Rawlinson Mrs. Mrs. J. A. Dusenbury Mr. Mrs. Calvin Rouse Mr. Mrs. James Edwards Mr. J. W. Shipman Freeman ' s Cab Mr. Claude Smith Mrs. A. R. Fowler Mr. Mrs. Walter Smith Mr. Mrs. William Greene Mr. Mrs. Richard Stephens Miss A. M. Hutchison Stuckey ' s Pecan Shop Mr. Mrs. C. H. Jones Mr. J. S. Walker Miss Ruth Johnson Mrs. Pauline Williams AUTOGRAPHS ADVERTISEMENTS State Street, Chicago -- with G. E. Outdoor Lighting Systems Derives Many Benefits as " World ' s Brightest Street " at Night The world ' s brightest street at night is Chicago ' s State Street. . . lighted with fluorescent luminaires designed and produced at the " Outdoor Lighting Center of the World, " General Electric ' s headquarters for its outdoor light¬ ing business located at Hendersonville, North Carolina. The illustration above shows the shopping district of State Street. Here, close to 399 top-quality General Electric Form 606 luminaires, mounted on specially designed " tree like " poles provide 14 footcandles of illumination!, a truly outstanding installation. Cities throughout America, including small and larger communities in Western North Carolina, are today " lighting up. " This offers many benefits to all citizens. Lighting is credited with lowering crime and highway deaths of all sorts. . . with improving safety, and even business. GENERAL ELECTRIC is looking for people who are truly prepared for the wide variety of assignments available in the electrical industry. --I f you would like to explore the possi¬ bility of a career with General Electric, contact R. K. Bullock, OX 2-1431. Goodlighting is an attribute of progressive communi¬ ties. You, as tomorrow ' s citizens, will want to make sure that good lighting makes your streets and highways -- your ballparks and stadiums useful at night. . . safe and enjoyable for all. O -I sU O sl« O si si T ' I ' " I m T T m Y «T» T rogress Is Our Most Important Product Outdoor Lighting Department Hendersonville, N. C. Compliments of BERKELEY MILLS, INC. Balfour, North Carolina Compliments of Compliments of PARSON’S JEWELERS AYER’S STORE Brevard, North Carolina Brevard, North Carolina Compliments of Compliments of £ . 19£ SANDWICHES SHAKES Free Service Tire Appliance Co. Hendersonville, N. C. Compliments of Compliments of SMOKE SHOP L. H. APPLIANCE CO. Hendersonville, North Carolina Brevard, North Carolina Compliments of Lyda-McCrary Motors, Inc. Compliments of Hyder’s Shoe Store Repair Shop SALES SERVICE T ELEPHONE 3-4511 BREVARD, N.C. FINE QUALITY NEW SHOES FOR ALL THE FAMILY - OVER 10,000 PAIRS HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. COMPLIMENTS __ SnwnaH of Compliments of Hatch Feed Seed Store The Northwestern Bank HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. Hendersonville, North Carolina Compliments of Compliments of FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN HENDERSONVILLE MOTORS, INC. Hendersonville, North Carolina Plymouth - Valiant Compliments of Compliments of Quality Fabric Shop MILL END STORE Brevard, N. C. Hendersonville, N. C. COMPLIMENTS Compliments of OF BELK-SIMPSON Hendersonville, N. C. FRANCIS WRIGHT, INC. Compliments of Hendersonville, N.C. THOMPSON PRODUCE CO. Hendersonville, N.C. Compliments of COMPLIMENTS " Your Neighborhood Grocery " SIX AVENUE GROCERY OF Hendersonville, N.C. SPEARMAN’S WHOLESALE MEATS MOLAND-DRYSDALE, CORP. Hickory Packing Company Distributor Phone OX 2-1682 Hendersonville, N.C. HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. Compliments of HENDERSON COUNTY FUEL DISTRIBUTORS ASSOCIATION, INC. YOUNGBLOOD OIL CO., INC. Agent for AMERICAN OIL PRODUCTS Dial OX 3-6219 T. B. MEADOWS, Distributor GULF OIL PRODUCTS Dial OX 3-6377 3-8360 RICHARDSON ' S FUEL SUPPLY CO. ESSO HEATING OILS Dial OX 2-2213 JUSTICE WRIGHT OIL CO., INC. Jobber PHILLIPS 66 PRODUCTS Dial OX 3-8661 3-4551 W. A. MOFFITT, DISTRIBUTOR PURE OIL PRODUCTS Dial OX 3-6861 J. W. DUFF OIL CO. ATLANTIC REFINING PRODUCTS HENDERSON OIL CO. Distributors of ESSO PRODUCTS Dial OX 3-5386 358 7th Avenue East Dial OX 2-3863 J. H. REABEN OIL SUPPLY CO., INC. W. A. BAXTER Supplier of SINCLAIR PRODUCTS Dial OX 3-8241 Distributors of TEXACO PRODUCTS Dial OX 3-7321 SKYLAND FUEL OIL CO. SHELL OIL PRODUCTS Dial OX 3-4496 CITY ICE STORAGE CO. GULF FUEL OIL Dial OX 3-3617 Compliments of BLUE BIRD DELUXE CAB CO. 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