Ninth Avenue School - Tiger Yearbook (Hendersonville, NC)

 - Class of 1958

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Ninth Avenue School - Tiger Yearbook (Hendersonville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 48 of the 1958 volume:

mmmk r|f fi|M: , ' • ' n f ■ .■ . CIra»»s r I »l I ' V SECO N D GRADE FIRST GRADE • DEDICATION TABLE OF CONTENTS • ADMINISTRATION • FACULTY • CLASSES •ACTIVITIES •ATHLETICS • MISCELLANEOUS FOREWORD In the 1958 TIGER the students of Ninth Avenue School are seeking to illustrate how through classes, organizations, athletics, recognition of special abilities and talents and school activities - students of Ninth Avenue are learning to be " Builders. " We, the Annual Staff, challenge you, our classmates, to leave footprints worthy of emulation. Page Two DEDICATION To you, Mrs. O. M. Rouse, we dedicate this, the 1958 edition of the TIGER. For your faithful years of teaching, for the exemplary life you live before the students of Ninth Avenue, for the confidence you have in students, for your humble willingness to keep and serve the school, and for the many extra special services you give to students. We thank you with this edition of the TIGER. Page Three ADMINISTRATION HUGH D. RANDALL Superintendent Page Four FACULTY L. L. Edwards 4 9 A. R. Fowler J. Haywood t C. Hostler » 4 G. M. Greene 0 • 9 W. O. James £ 9 FACULTY M. V. Mims E. R. Pilgrim O. M. Rouse M. L. Weaver NOT PICTURED: M. E. Stephens, E. Young. Page Six SENIORS Frederick Sylvester Gossett Robert Cleveland Hall Ruth Elizabeth Jenkins Page Seven SENIORS Nora Lee Ledbetter Joseph Lee McCall Lawrence Ellis Mills Kaye LaVerne Nesbitt Page Eight JUANITA DARITY Typist for Class and Yearbook Senior Class Officers Audrey Davis- President Cornell Cooley- Business Manager Maxine Robinson- Assistant Secretary Leroy Waters-Treasurer Edwina Campbell- Secretary Shirley Walker- Vice-President Page Nine YEAR BOOK STAFF s. r 1 19 m ■ George Greene - Edwina Campbell - Betty Greene - Maxine Robinson - Leroy Waters- James Ward - Cornell Cooley- Audrey Davis - Claude Darity - Madeline Cunningham, Patricia Hunt Juanita Darity, Clifford Outlaw- -Editor-in-Chief -Associate Editor - Secretary - Assistant Secretary -Treasurer -- Business Manager Circulation Manager - Reporter - Art Editor - Literary Editors -Typists Page Ten JUNIORS Mallory Blocker Etauglass Canty iTelen Collins Cozetta Crite Betty Jean Hunt Noma a Hunt Jktrbara Johnson Bobbie Jones Dorothy Logan Preston Logan Frances Lynch Joe Louis Mills Eddie Moss Audrey Norman Michael Owens Barbara Johnson- Betty Jean Hunt - Helen Collins - Cozetta Crite - Bobbie Jones - Joe Louis Mills - Miss M. E. Stephens - President — Vice-President - Secretary Assistant Secretary -Treasurer Business Manager - Advisor SOPHOMORES Cora Lee Thomas, President; Bobby Copeland, Vice-President; William C. Waters, Secretary; Evelyn Cooley, Assistant Secre-j tary; Doris Greene, Treasurer; Curtis Cash, Business Manager; Mrs. W. O. James, Advisor. Everette Adams Alvin Allen Bessie Anderson Barbara Avery Richard Byrd Josephine Ballard LaMural Brooks Curtis Cash Evelyn Cooley Robert Copeland Florence Gash Robert Gossett Doris Yvonne Greene Eddie Graham Tennard Hayden David Hopper Edward Killian Gale Mackey Jlimes McMinn John Mooney Albert Summey Cora Lee Thomas William C. Waters Lillian Whiteside Phyllis Margo Young Page Twelve Kathleen Payne Annie Bell Pea Dennis Robinson Charles Russell Jimmey Russell NINTH GRADE OFFICERS Rosella Norman, President; Floyd Benjamin, Vice-President; Patricia Hunt, Secretary; Madeline Cun¬ ningham, Assistant Secretary; Lillie Ann Young, Treasurer; Mr. L. L. Edwards, Advisor. EIGHTH GRADE « m- W, ' mr ™ . T M , M £ $nm A saw i jIh . r jflHjjK l fcv 1 BUm A il OFFICERS Harry Wilson, President; Frank Wilson, Vice-President; Eugene Owens, Secretary; Priscilla Watkins, Assistant Secretary; Nickey Graham, Treasurer; Mr. James Haywood, Instructor. Page Thirteen SEVENTH GRADE Mm ml ' §:• § ¥ • ' ■ w- OFFICERS Katherine Lynch, President; Bruce King, Vice-President; Barbara Russell, Secretary; Albert Mack, Assistant Secretary; Miss Louise Austin, Treasurer; Miss Louise Austin, Instructor. SIXTH GRADE Page Fourteen Iffl I FIFTH GRADE FOURTH GRADE Page Fifteen THIRD GRADE SECOND GRADE Page Sixteen FIRST GRADE ¥ — £ % iM f M rm, J FIRST AND SECOND GRADES Page Seventeen I t FOOTBALL HOMECOMING MISS HOMECOMING Miss Doris Greene, a sophomore, was crowned " Miss Homecoming " of Ninth Avenue October 25, 1957 at half-time ceremonies. She is shown being crowned by Dolphus Robinson, Captain of the " Tigers. " Page Twenty MISS GRIDIRON Doris Ann Staggs was crowned " Miss Gridiron " of Ninth Avenue Elemen¬ tary School at the Homecoming Game, October 25, 1957. She was crowned by Lawrence Mills, Co-Captain of the " Tigers. " Page Twenty-One HOMECOMING HIGHLIGHTS Attendants for " Miss Homecoming " were Misses Helen Collins, Edwina Campbell, and Jeanette Hefner. Minnie Landrum, Mary Elizabeth Johnson, Rebecca Myers, and Marion Davis were attendants for " Miss Gridiron. " Page Twenty-Two SAFETY WR SON COUNTY ' fife i mmr ' . BUS DRIVERS SAFETY PATROL Page Twenty-Three CLASS POEM The lessons abundantly taught us by thee, Ninth Avenue, will remain forever to guide; Our humble efforts in our world to be, Where minds that are low take place of pride. Our hearts are extended to those who have never felt The happiness within thy walls; The serene-like peace that in the heart dwells, And around it the like the evening shadows fall. Here each lesson is learned with gladness, How to bear the defeats of the hour; How to be patient when among us is sadness, To keep ever kind and obliging in power. - Kaye LaVerne Nesbitt I t I OUR CALENDAR Cornell Cooley was Mr. Cooley ' s only SUN. Cornell was extravagant and spent much of his pa ' s MON. So papa kicked, and cut his allowance down to ones and TUES. One day Cornell declared he wanted more Mon. , as he was about to WED. But papa roared and fussed and said in a furious lip, no THUR. Now, this made Cornell boil and FRI. To think how upon him his papa had SAT. ♦ Page Twenty-Four ACTIVITIES LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Audrey Davis Virginia Cash Doris Greene rnell Cooley, George Mills and Freddie lity. Lawrence School in the All he girls belonged ave surely been Page Twenty-Seven k Jy ' ■ .ks JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM EDWINA CAMPBELL Honorable mention in the Na- I I So papa kicked, TUES. One day Cornell WED. But papa roared THUR. Now, this made FRI. To think how upc SAT. KAYE NESBITT Twice winner of the " Voice of Democracy Contest. " Page Twenty-Four LEROY WATERS Championship Speller CLASS HISTORY I am the Class of ' 58. I was born September 3, 1955, composed of forty members. George Greene was Class President; Cornell Cooley, Vice-President; Ruth Jenkins, Secretary; and James Ward, Treasur¬ er. All of the girls belonged to the Glee Club and a majority of the boys. Audrey Davis was Treasurer of the N. H. A. Club. Edwina Campbell, George Greene, and Cornell Cooley were members of the varsity bas¬ ketball team. There were thirty-two of us our Sophomore year. Clifford Outlaw was selected " Student for the Month. " Juanita Darity and Leroy Waters were our candidates of " King and Queen " of the Homecoming. Officers for this year were: President, George Greene; Secretary, Shirley Walker; and Treasurer, James Ward. Our Junior Class was composed of twenty-eight members. Class offi¬ cers were: President, James Ward; Vice-President, Clifford Outlaw; Secretary, Edwina Campbell. This class sponsored the most success¬ ful Junior and Senior Prom, primarily because of the help that came from our advisors, Miss Kilpatrick and Mrs. A. M. Burney. Kaye Nesbitt won " The Voice of Democracy " contest at school and represen¬ ted us in the local finals. We were highly honored. This was a pros¬ perous and successful year. We began our Senior year with twenty-five members. We regret having lost a member in the person of Ann McDaniel at Christmas. Davis Bal¬ lard and Joe Louis Norman are our bus drivers. Kaye Nesbitt won the " Voice of Democracy " contest again this year. Members of the girls ' basketball team were Edwina Campbell and Helen Russell. Edwina was the captain of the girls ' team. The members of the boys ' basketball team were: Cornell Cooley, George Greene, James Ward, Joe Louis Norman, Lawrence Mills and Freddie Gossett. This class possessed great leadership ability. Lawrence Mills was chosen to represent the Ninth Avenue High School in the All Star Game played in Durham, North Carolina. All the girls belonged to the N. H. A. Club and also the Glee Club. These have surely been four glorious years to remember. Page Twenty-Seven CAN YOU IMAGINE Nora Lee Ledbetter ' s being a chorus girl? Edwina Campbell ' s being disinterested in the opposite sex? Virginia Cash ' s not being bossy? Kaye Nesbitt ' s being boisterous? Juanita Darity ' s cutting class? Maxine Robinson ' s being a cross patch? Ruth Jenkins ' being the Fat Lady in the circus? Audrey Davis ' being a fashion designer? Shirley Walker ' s being a song writer? Helen Russell ' s being a star on Studio 57? Lawrence " Butch " Mills ' being the man on the Flying Trapeze for Barnum and Bailey ? Freddie Gossett ' s being Bishop of the Blue Ridge Conference? Dalphus Robinson ' s getting to class on time ? Everette Camp ' s being director of N. C. ' s Little Symphony? Davis Ballard ' s speaking French and staying awake in class? Daniel Daugherty ' s attending school 180 successive days? Cornell Cooley ' s being Charles Atlas? George Green? Leroy Waters ' being unreliable? Joseph McCall ' s being a barker in a side show? Robert Hall ' s being slouchy? James Ward ' s being rude? Max Robinson ' s being Heavy Weight Champion of the World? Joe Louis Norman ' s being serious? Page Twenty-Eight SONG TITLES REVISED Examination Time- Envoy to Italy - N. C. School Bus Riders - Basketball Practice- September 1 - When " You Know Who " Studies D. B. in Class - Report Cards- Books - Making A ' s - Going to School - Record Collector - Graduates - May 29 - 4th of July - Football Team - Mid-Term Exams - A in Science - Homecoming Activities- Junior-Senior Prom - Sophomores- April 15 - Commencement Processional - E. R. - Making the Honor Roll - Retained Students - C. T. - Cheerleaders- Rat to Cat - Freshmen - Student to Teacher - After the Games - Teacher to Student with " F " Student who didn ' t pass - Student ' s Studying - Girls fighting - Students with lunch- Hot-Dog Eater- Principal and Boys with Knives Picnic Time - French Class - - You Can Make It If You Try - Darling, You Send Me - All Shook Up - Short Shorts - Back to School Again - Twelfth of Never -Wake Up Little Susie -Could This Be Magic - Don ' t Let Go -Do What You Did - I ' m Walking - Get A Job I Can ' t Believe You Wanna Leave - Now That It ' s Over - Great Balls of Fire -You Win Again - Maybe - So Rare - At th e j-j 0 p - High School Dance - Sweet Sixteen - Jailhouse Rock -Whole Lot of Shaking Going On - Bony Maronie - Lah Dee Dah - If I Should Lose You -Little Bitty Pretty One - Black Slacks - please, Please, Please - I Don ' t Care - Treat Me Nice - Too Much Monkey Business I Hope You Won ' t Hold It Against Me -I ' ll Come Running Back to You - Been So Long -What About Your Daughter? -Send for Me - I ' m So Lonely - Searching -April Love -Why Don ' t They Understand SCHOOL CUTIES Ninth - Madeline Cunningham Tenth - Josephine Ballard, La Mural Brooks, Cora Lee Thomas Eleventh - Mallary Blocker Twelfth - Juanita Darity, Ruth Jenkins Page Thirty TAKE: IDEALS Edwina Campbell ' s athletic and scholastic ability, Virginia Cash ' s musical ability, Juanita Darity ' s versatility, Audrey Davis ' poise and initiative, Ruth Jenkins ' neatness, Nora Ledbetter ' s eyes, Kaye Nesbitt ' s literary talent, Maxine Robinson ' s disposition, Helen Russell ' s modesty, Shirley Walker ' s smile, and you will have the Ideal Girl. TAKE: Davis Ballard ' s mechanical ability, Everette Camp ' s dependability, Cornell Cooley ' s leadership ability, Daniel Daugherty ' s disposition, Freddie Gossett ' s wit, George Greene ' s sagacity, Robert Hall ' s neatness, Joseph McCall ' s ability for fair play, Lawrence Mills ' athletic ability, Joe Louis Norman ' s imagination, Clifford Outlaw ' s sincerity, Dalphus Robinson ' s physique and smile, Max Robinson ' s artistic talent and penmanship, James Ward ' s sense of humor and height, I V Leroy Water ' s scholastic ability, and you ' ll have the Ideal Boy. CRANSTON PRINT WORKS COMPANY ESTABLISHED 1825 Fletcher, North Carolina NEW YORK OFFICE 261 Madi son Avenue I I I raw Page Thirty-Two PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS HOUSTON ' S PEOPLE ' S HOME FURNISHERS PLUMMER ' S Hendersonville, Norlh Carolina Brevard, N. C. Compliments of MOORE FUNERAL HOME DUKE POWER COMPANY Phone TU 3-1311 Elendersonville, North Carolina Brevard, North Carolina HOLLY-SWOFFORD SHOES CITY ICE STORAGE COMPANY " Expertly Fitted " Phone OX 3-3617 448 North Main Street Dial OX 3-3281 Hendersonville, North Carolina Hendersonville, North Carolina Compliments of MOLAND-DRYSDALE CORP. B B JAX-PAX Telephone OX 3-7704 YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD GROCERY 629-31 Fifth Avenue West Phone OX 3-3957 Hendersonville, North Carolina KALINS ' S FURNITURE CO. GENERAL ELECTRIC ZENITH " YOUR FRIENDLY FURNITURE DEALER " LAWRENCE ORR, INC. 117 South Main Street Dial OX 3-5463 FREEZE DRUG CO. RADIO - TELEVISION SALES and SERVICE Phone OX 3-3416 MODERN - RELIABLE - REASONABLE Hendersonville, North Carolina Phone OX 3-4571 625 Fifth Avenue West Hendersonville, North Carolina Compliments of Compliments of PISGAH CANDY CO. HOUSTON FURNITURE COMPANY WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR Brevard, North Carolina 507 North Main Street Hendersonville, North Carolina Phone OX 3-5183 OLIN MATHIESON CHEMICAL CORPORATION Pisgah Forest, North Carolina Makers of ECUSTA FINE PAPERS and OLIN CELLOPHANE and POLYETHYLENE Through community understanding and cooperation Western North Carolina will continue to prosper. BEST WISHES TO THE 1958 CLASS of NINTH AVENUE HIGH SCHOOL GENERAL ELECTRIC OUTDOOR LIGHTING DEPARTMENT Hendersonville, North Carolina " Progress Is Our Most Important Product. " Page Thirty-Four Compliments Of BERKELEY MILLS, INC. Balfour, North Carolina Compliments of METROGAS INC. PROTECT YOUR FAMILY BY BECOMING A MEMBER BOTTLE GAS OF THE " Serving City Beyond The Mains " JAMES PILGRIM MUTUAL BURIAL ASSOCIATION 124 Fourth Avenue East Hendersonville, North Carolina Dial OX 3-6294 Office in Pilgrim ' s Funeral Home Dial OX 3-3611 Hendersonville, N. C. Compliments of SMOKE SHOP " Get your Latest Newspaper and Magazines " 3rd Avenue West Church St. Dial OX 3-9231 Hendersonville, North Carolina Compliments of JUSTICE WRIGHT OIL CO. Hendersonville, North Carolina JACK SHULMAN Hendersonville Supply Coal Company LUMBER BUILDERS ' SUPPLIES PAINT HARDWARE COAL " There Is A Material Difference " Lenox Park Dial OX 3-4286 North Main Street Phone OX 3-6871 Hendersonville, North Carolina State Trust Company MEMBER F.D.I.C. West Side Branch Seventh Avenue Branch Fletcher Branch, Fletcher, North Carolina South Side Branch " AN ACCOUNT IN ONE IS AN ACCOUNT IN ALL " 400 North Main Street Hendersonville, North Carolina Dial OX 3-3451 Compliments of DURHAM ' S ATLANTIC SERVICE Hendersonville, North Carolina Page Thirty-Six CONSOLIDATED CABS DELUXE BLUEBIRD CAB COMPANY G22 North Street Dial OX 3-9896 OX 3-3011 " You ' ve tried the rest, now try the best " KALMIA DAIRY COOPERATIVE " HOME OF BETTER DAIRY PRODUCTS ' Phone OX 3-90G6 Hendersonville, North Carolina 343 North Main Phone OX 3-5033 MILL ENDS STORE and SILK SHOP PIECE GOODS and DRAPERIES PATTERNS - SEWING ACCESSORIES Edith E. Roper Audrey E. Saunders Hendersonville, North Carolina Compliments of ELEANOR SHOP Hendersonville, North Carolina GILBERT CONCRETE PRODUCTS CO. 7th Avenue East Phone OX 3-4463 Hendersonville, North Carolina DEE ' S JEWEL BOX 341 N. Main Street JEWELRY Hendersonville, N. RECORDS WATCH REPAIRS BELK ' S DEPARTMENT STORE 57-59 East Main Phone TU 2-5811 " The South ' s Largest Distributor of Reliable Merchandise " Brevard, North Carolina Compliments of BELK-SIMPSON COMPANY 318 North Main Street Hendersonville, North Carolina Phone OX 3-5303 HENDERSON COUNTY FUEL DISTRIBUTORS ASSOCIATION, INC. T. B. MEADOWS Distributor of Gulf Oil Products Dial OX 3-6377 SERVICE OIL DISTRIBUTORS, INC. Shell Petroleum Products Dial OX 3-4551 CITY ICE STORAGE COMPANY Gulf Fuel Oil Dial OX 3-3617 J. H. REABEN OIL SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. Distributors of Texaco Products Dial OX 3-7321 W. A. BAXTER Supplier of Sinclair Products Dial OX 3-8241 HENDERSON OIL COMPANY Distributors of Esso Products Dial OX 3-5386 RICHARDSON ' S FUEL SUPPLY COMPANY Esso Heating Oils Dial OX 2-2213 YOUNGBLOOD OIL COMPANY, INC. Agent for American Oil Products Dial OX 3-6219 rvrrcr rwi (WN ipawv MANY, MANY FOLKS YOU KNOW BLUE RIDGE CLEANERS ARE SAVING MORE AND EARNING MORE IN SAVINGS ACCOUNTS 503 Seventh Avenue East CASH AND CARRY WITH US. Hendersonville, North Carolina First Federal Savings Loan Association Compliments of AUSTIN ' S STUDIO 131 5th Avenue West Hendersonville, North Carolina RECORDS, PHOTOS GRADUATE PHOTOS Brevard, North Carolina Compliments of FRANCIS WRIGHT, INC. MILLER ' S LAUNDRY CLEANERS FARM SUPPLIES - FEED - SEED 423 North King Street Hendersonville, North Carolina FERTILIZER - FARM EQUIPMENT Phone OX 3-3406 Compliments of Compliments of BOND BREAD PATTERSON ' S Hendersonville, North Carolina Brevard, North Carolina Compliments of JOHN KRONENFELD GLAMOR SHOPS INTERIOR DESIGNER 123 3rd Avenue West 4th and Main Phone OX 3-5260 Hendersonville, North Carolina Hendersonville, North Carolina Phone OX 2-1370 Compliments of Compliments of T. C. WHISNANT AND SON HARRY SELLER ' S SUPER MARKET 135 Fourth Avenue, East Hendersonville, North Carolina Brevard, North Carolina CARSON ICE CREAM CO. HATCH FEED STORE FOREMOST MILK Wholesale Manufacturers Distributors 202 North Main Dial OX 3-6822 Hendersonville, North Carolina FERTILIZER - BABY CHICKS - PURINA CHOWS Dial OX 3-7097 130 South Main Street Hendersonville, North Carolina Compliments of PACE HEATING AND PLUMBING COMPANY ADVERTISEMENTS 131 Fourth Avenue, East Hendersonville, North Carolina Page Thirty-Eight AUTO DEALERS ASSOCIATION PFUNTNER MOTOR COMPANY THOMAS BUICK COMPANY PETE FOLSOM MOTOR COMPANY HUNTER CHEVROLET COMPANY GARRETTS MOTOR COMPANY BLAIR-McLEOD MOTORS BOYD PONTIAC-CADILLAC CO. PATRONS VAN ' S GULF SERVICE FLANAGAN ' S PRINTING CO. OVERTON ' S WHOLESALE WILSON ' S GROCERY BREVARD ' S JEWELERS REMNANT SHOP TEMPO MUSIC SHOP DEAVER ' S CAB MR. J. C. BROWN ENGLISH BROS. SHOE SHOP J. C. PENNY SHOP AND SAVE at PIGGLY-WIGGLY SUPER MARKET Brevard ' s Newest Finest Opposite Brevard College Campus Compliments of HOUSTON ' S FURNITURE CO. Brevard, North Carolina Compliments of KEARNS Brevard, North Carolina THE TIMES NEWS " YOUR DAILY NEWSPAPER " Hendersonville, North Carolina HARKEY ' S TELEVISION SERVICE RADIO TELEVISION SALES - SERVICE 131 Third Avenue West Hendersonville, North Carolina WHITLEY DRUGS FREE PROMPT DELIVERY SERVICE 7th Avenue East Phone OX 3-9700 Hendersonville, North Carolina Page Forty ' y .-w ' S; ; ,1]. .«. y ■ --■ ' .? i ' : ' . tMHffiifa ik h A ■?jPk W i 1 ' ' I s™ ® Jfif ,j3k. tomv9uc •;

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