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Ninth Avenue School - Tiger Yearbook (Hendersonville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 48 of the 1956 volume:

• . 4 he Tiger 1956 FOREWORD As the years pass, it is easy to forget the joyous and happy high school days. The excited freshmen; sophomores-- " old hands " now; juniors--upper- classmen preparing and planning for the Junior-Senior Prom, and the hap¬ piest year of all-proud Seniors whom time could easily cast into obliv¬ ion. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we, the seniors of Ninth Ave. High School, present this yearbook. We hope two things will be evident in our publication, youth and a chance for improvement. Youth means there will be a tomorrow and improvement means advancement. When considered jointly, they mean a better tomorrow. The Seniors sincerely hope this publication of the Tiger will find a fav- ored spot in your book collection. T a li 1 1 ! o I I! o n 1 1 ! n I s Page Page The Tiger- 1 Fore word-Table of Contents- 2 Dedication - 3 Administration Principal-Superintendent - 4-5 Faculty -6-10 Classes- 11 Class Officers - 12 Seniors-13-15 Juniors -16-17 Sophomores G Freshmen -18 Eighth Seventh -19 Sixth Fifth -20 Fourth Third -21 Third, First Second -22 First Second-23 Activities -24 The May Queens-25 Homecoming Events - 26-27 Football Team 28 Second Team Football and Boys ' Basketball-29 Girls ' Basketball Doubles -30 N. H A. Club School System -31 Last Will Testament-32-33 Tire Ideal -34 Student Council Glee Club -35 Ads- 36-39 Acknowledcment -40 Page Two hecficatich p ast f0 V acher, och , senior c ' a yearboo easant mev )j0U rn t0 £ ( “dersto " ’ mor to c ‘ or ttlovoi 0 r Mrs■ r for ° nc us o me friend happy harbor c one 1 we, o Lea e many P ■ our s ' dance ic eds , year i JOHN R. MARABLE, Principal e Page Four HUGH D. RANDALL Superintendent Page Five Page Six L. L. Edwards H. V. Kilpatrick M. A. Jones R. Green M. E. Stephens Page Nine Page Six E. K. Mims 0. M. Rouse M. fcj• Stephens Pogo Nine M. L. We a v e r K. Young " The whole art of teaching is only the awakening of the curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying Class Officers Page Twelve The Annual Staff ROSA LEE ARNOLD DORA YVETTE COOLEY MACK T. GARDIN CHARLES ALEX HARRIS MILDRED RUTH HOPPER Page Thirteen JUAMTA M. HUTCHISON BILLIE JEAN MITCHUM G. HARVETTA LEWIS WALTER F. MILLS SHIRLEY M. LOGAN ULYSSES C. MILLS, absent ORANGE MOONEY, JR. FAIR LEE OWENS LENA ELIZABETH OWENS Page Fourteen JAMES E. OUTLAW BONNI QUAY NORRIS RUSSELL MYRNI ROBERT LEE SMITH WILLI E C. RHODES AMY SUE RUSSELL CE E . SMI Til AM A . SMITH DAVID WARD Page Fifteen JUNIOR GUY PAYNE JEANETTE NORMAN Asst. Sec. • V " PEGGY THOMAS V. Pres. MARLENE PEAK Sec. Page Sixteen Johnnie Mae Blocker Mary Bell Darity Alice Felicia Glaze Robert Cleveland Hall James Arthur Hefner Thomas Alfonso Hutchison Elizabeth Hattie Jackson Lemuel Carl Jones Rader Irene Ledbetter Barbara Ann Logan Elizabeth Ann McDaniel Shirley Ann Mooney Barbara Ann Moss Cleo Waters James Glaze Hugh Lindsey Blocker Absent at the time pictures Connie Williams Sarah Bell Young Edward Richard Cash were taken: Page Seventeen Sophomores Page Eighteen Eighth Grade 1 ' 1 | j 1 ■ , v i , 1 » »A ' “ rk ] - ■— Ik , Seventh Grade Pac,e Nineteen Sixth Grade Fifth Grade Page Twenty Fourth li r ail i; Third - Fnurth Grariu Page Twenty-One Third Grade Page Twenty-Two Second Grade First and Second Grade First Grade Page Twenty-Three Page Twenty-Four May Day Page Twenty-Five Amy Sue Russell, a senior, was crowned. Queen of the Homecoming Game Oct. 23, 2955 at half time ceremonies. Amy Sue is the daughter of Mrs. Ethel Russell and lives at 516 Harris St., Hendersonville, N. C. She has been an active student throughout her high school career. She has been active m the N. H. A., Student Patrol, Glee Club, Cheer - - leader, Class Secretary, Library Club, English Club, School Band, and Student Council. Ninth Avenue is proud of having had her enrolled and is expecting great things of her m the future. Ibe ZEimee- gr EA ed Pre nal F with tl to go, n juries titles i d by hospita Bignific | Ran ufferet last S tor cart, which The match between Sayre and Tigers Score 20-6 Win In Homecoming The Ninth Avenue Tigers de feated Sylva 20-6 last night the high school stadium in their annual homecoming game. The Tigers scored the first six- pointer in the first quarter when Charles Harris intercepted a Syl¬ va pass on the Tigers’ 46 and rap the ' distance for the score. Rob- inson’s try for the point was good. In the second quarter, Gardin scored from the ten yard line on an off tackle slant and the try for point made it 1S-0F at half¬ time. The final Tiger score came on a 46 yard run by Smith and again the try for point was good. Sylva’s only ' touchdown came aTTHirectiGUd nr uftcw. Th ost tie ote 4 he c m o itiamp or th Cos hrouj lay ong 1 un bj Tat« | Ninth Avenue Tigers Score Fourth Win The Ninth Avenue igers won their fourth straight game of the the high 16-0 vic- “Thi ,n Chi Sarly i in Wil “Bol can br inemei in kee] Baid Tate jBlack (terback ers an ' t ' wayne The has bee will re vatchi ter a ild s{ r and the . cha i goi s an | ther rowed ;y cat ghly , mam Is an iere ! it un season last night at school Btadium with a tory over Bell Street High School of Clinton, S. C. The Tigers scored in three of four periods. The touchdown came in tl ter on the 25 yard pas terback Charlie Har -r - - Wellford In The second period less but the Tigers p another tally in tbe ( on a ten-yard run b: man. A safety was scori period when Parks ' ton’s halfback in th During the halftj ies, Harris received 1 being- the outstandi. Carver Eagles By 12-6 Score SPORT—TIGERS DEFEAT- The Ninth Avenue Tigers con¬ tinued t heir winning ways last night with a 12-6 victory over CaTver high of Spindale on a rain-soaked field. The Tigers are now undefeated in nine straight games with seven be big carried over from last year. Th Tigers first score came when Gardin intercepted a Spin- dale pass in the opening minutes Tigers Defeat Opening Game « racei for the Tigers orman, Hall, Gar The Ninth Avenue Tigers open¬ ed their 1955 grid season with a 20-0 win over Wellford, S. C.,. - . _ . , last night at the high school stad- hyrd. Money, Cash, ium Jones and Mills. The Tigers pushed across two Tfe® 8 v en — - Homecoming tied 40 yards to goon blocking, i its touchdown in •ter from the four- winning sqore » minutes left in in passed to Smith 40 nd he raced distance for the out thi bein 106 ■ ■ , i L , „ a Homecoming has bit laat week ’ 3 game Sylva | ' whet] game in the high school sodium, realize the importance _ of the | up in last place. KicRuwnrvino ■ Orange Mooney, Lemuel Jones, Lawrence Mills, Joe Lewis Norman, James Outlaw, Connie Williams, Daniel Daugherty, Charles Harris, William Smith, Mack Gardin, Willie Norman. SPLIT SECOND ACTION Poo wenty-Eight 3ootlJ( Dc earn Page Twenty-Nine ' -%r Pace Thirty n M. _A. cu The Patrol System Page Thirty-One mu and JeAtument State of North Carolina County of Henderson lie, the Senior Class of 1956 of Ninth Avenue High School, state of North Carolina, county of Henderson, city of Hendersonville, being of sound mind and body but aware of the brevity of our existence here and having certain real and imaginary effects of which we wish to dispose, do hereby declare this to be our last Will and Testament. Article I. To our parents we leave our sincere gratitude for the many sac¬ rifices they so generously made that we might complete this first journey in our quest for knowledge and for the love, patience, and understanding shown as we journeyed on this four year voyage. Article IT. ' To our Faculty, the mediums of knowledge, we leave our best wishes and our prayers m their guidance of those who follow us, also our hope that they have less worry with next year ' s seniors than they had with us. Article III. To the proud Juniors who will take our places, we will first, the privileges of Seniors, the characteristics and responsibilities of same and may they at all times be upon their senioratic dignity and work m unity. Article IV. To our young friends, the Freshmen and Sophomores, the admo¬ nition to study hard and keep up with their work m order to become Seniors m and on time. Article V. h e do m kind remembrance make and bequeath the following per¬ sonal donations: To Ann McDaniel, Rosa Lee Arnold leaves her soprano voice. To Shirley Mooney, Dora Cooley leaves her legs and to Johnnie Mae Blocker, her ability to play Basketball. To Jeanette Norman, Lena Owens Leaves her ability to speak m a low tone of voice. Page Thirty-Two To James Glaze, Ulysses C. Mills leaves his great artistic ability. To Sarah Bell Young, Harvetta Lewis leaves her height. To Rader Ledbetter, Mildred Hopper leaves her size and figure. To Mary Bell Danty, Shirley Logan Leaves her seat on " OLD 43. " To Alice Glaze, Juanita Hutchison leaves her position as president of the Student Council. To Barbara Ann Moss. Fair Lee Owens leaves her dignity and her appetite to Elizabeth Jackson. To Marlene Peak, Billie Mitchum leaves her aggressiveness. To Barbara Logan, Myrnice Smith leaves her " walk. " To Guy Payne , Orange Mooney leaves his shoulders. To George Bruster, James Outlaw leaves his " Gift of Gab. " To Lindsey Blocker, David Ward leaves his natty dressing. To Cleo Waters, Walter Mills leaves his cooperativeness and sincerety. To Robert Hall, Mack Gardm leaves his position as football captain. To Ed Cash, Norris Russell leaves his quietness. To Connie Williams, Charles Harris leaves his No. 4 Jersey. To Marlene Peak, Amy Russell leaves her position as store keeper. To Thomas Hutchison, Robert Smith leaves his seriousness. To ■James Arthur Hefner, William Smith leaves his physique. If there oe any property of ours that we have not bequeathed, we leave it for our executors to use as they see fit. Signed on this twenty-eighth day of May, one thousand nine hundred and fifty six at Ninth Avenue High School, Hendersonville, North Carolina. Witnesses: James E. Outlaw Billie J. Mitchum, Testator Dora E. Cooley Fair L.Owens Page Thirty-Three The Ideal Comb me: Fair Lee Owens ' hair and poise Myrnice Smith ' s eyes and walk Mildred Hopper’s teeth and smile Juanita Hutchison ' s size and sincerety Bonnie Rhodes ' disposition Amy Russell ' s dependability Shirley Logan ' s leadership ability Harvetta Lewis ' sagacity Billie Mitchum ' s musical ability Dora Cooley ' s versatility and neatness Rosa Arnold ' s Voice Lena Owen ' s studiousness and you will have an Ideal Girl Comb me: Ulysses C. Mills ' height and artistic ability David Ward ' s sense of humor and memory Walter Mills ' dependability Orange Mooney ' s smile William Smith’s physique and athletic ability Robert Smith ' s smcerety James Outlaw ' s ability for fair play Norris Russell ' s mathematical ability Charles Harris’ wit Mack Gardm ' s courage and you will have Page Thirty-Four an Ideal Boy Student Council Glee Club Page Thirty-Five COMPLIMENTS OF YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS CAN TELL YOU STATE TRUST COMPANY THIS IS THE PLACE TO SAVE... MANY, MANY FOLKS YOU KNOW ARE SAVING MORE AND EARNING MORE Hendersonville, North Carolina IN SAVINGS ACCOUNTS WITH US. Worley Candy Co. First Federal Savings Wholesale distributors CONFECTIONS-ClGARS and DRUGS Loan Association Brevard Rd., Hendersonville, N. C. 131 5th Avenue West LAWRENCE ORR, INC. HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Radio - Television Sales and Service Belk Simpson Company Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Hats and Ready-to-Wear Hendersonville, N. C. HOME OF BETTER VALUES Page Thirty-Six Hendersonville Building Specialties 126 FOURTH AVENUE EAST BOX 387 - DIAL 6496 HENDERSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA KALMIA DAIRY " home of better DAIRY PRODUCTS 1 ' HENDERSONVILLE. N. C. Francis Wright Inc. Thompson Produce Company FARM SUPPLIES FEED-- SEED FERTIL1ZER-FARM EQUIPMENT DEALERS IN CH1CKENS-EGGS-COUNTRY HAMS COMPLIMENTS OF Skyland Realty Co. Realtors 126 Fourth Ave. West NEXT DOOR TO POST OFFICE COMPLIMENTS OF Hardware Paint And Auto Stores HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Gilbert Concrete Products Co. MANUFACTURERS OF Blue Ridge Cleaners 503 Seventh Avenue East QUALITY BUILDING SUPPLIES CASH AND CARRY HENDERSONVILLE. N. C. Richarison’s Fuel Supply Co. SERVING HENDERSONVILLE SUPERIOR LAUNDRY CLEANERS MAIN OFFICE AND PLANT 915 MAPLE STREET - Dial 4288 SINCE 1917 NO. 1 BRANCH OFFICE: SKYLAND HOTEL BLDG. - DIAL 3368 Loveland Studio COMPLIMENTS OF Miller’s Laundry £ Cleaners PORTRAIT AND COMMERCIAL 423 NORTH KING STREET PHOTOGRAPHY PHONE 6359 HENDERSONV1LLE. N. C. COMPLIMENTS OF Pace Heating And Plumbing Company 131 FOURTH AVENUE EAST HENDERSONVILLE. N. C. COMPL1MENTS OF Mill End Store 343 NORTH MAIN STREET HENDERSONVILLE. N. C. COMPLIMENTS OF Reliable Furniture Co. COMPLIMENTS OF T. C. Whisnant And Son 314 N. MAIN ST. HENDERSONVILLE. N. C. 135 FOURTH AVENUE EAST HENDERSONVILLE. N. C. Page Thirty-Seven Patrons QUALITY PRESS COMPLIMENTS OF Kalin’s Department Store A FRIEND LEV 1 NGSON ' S 425 NORTH MAIN ST. A FR 1 END HENDERSONV1 LL E. N. C. MR. CHARLIE MOSES WYNN KLUGH DO-NUT SHOP BLUE R1DGE BUS LINE COMPLIMENTS OF GOSSETT FURNITURE CO. ROSENBURG ' S MEN SHOP DAITCH FURNITURE CO. Hendersonville Supply KALIN ' S FURNITURE STORE Coal Company MR. GENE MCCLURE OWENBY ' S JEWELRY CO. SHERMAN ' S SPORT STORE DRS. TODD AND TODD 415 S. WHITTED ST. MRS. MARCIA HAWKINS PHONE 4286 MR. BOYCE WHITMIRE x i — - X W 4 Page Thirty-Eight COMPLIMENTS OF JAMES PILGRIM MUTUAL BURIAL ASSOCIATION PROTECT YOUR FAMILY BY BECOMING A MEMBER Office in Pilgrim’s Funeral Home DIAL 3611 - HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Metrogas Inc. BOTTLE GAS Serving City Beyond the Mains 124 Fourth Avenue East DIAL 6294 HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Hatch Feed Store FERTILIZER - BABY CHICKS DIAL 7097 - 130 SO. MAIN ST. HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. COMPLIMENTS OF J. C. Penney Company DIAL 6124 422 NORTH MAIN STREET HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Hartnett Electric Service Co. Electric Work of All Kinds Telephone 3916 -- 125 Fifth Ave. West HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. COMPLIMENTS OF Robotyper Corporation HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Coca-Cola Bottling Company HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. JACK SHULMAN S 527 North Main Street -- Dial 6877 " Quality Clothing For The Entire Family HENDERSONVILLE. N. C. The Times News " YOUR DAILY NEWSPAPER " HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. HOUSTON’S PEOPLE’S HOME FURNISHERS COMPLIMENTS OF Royal Crown Bottling Company COMPLIMENTS OF DUKE POWER COMPANY HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Page Thirty-Nine ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The Senior Class and Adviser are sincerely grateful to all who have assisted the yearbook Staff in helping us to meet the dead-line, etc. Orchids are in order for Miss E. Stephens who helped us so unselfishly and tirelessly. Without her we simply could not have made it. Posies are due Walter Mills, David Ward, Robert Smith, William Smith, Rosa Arnold, Bonnie Rhodes and Billie Mitchum for their strenuous work of securing Ads--which was not seat work, but feet work and it wasn’t easy. James Outlaw is responsible for all the typ¬ ing and we thank him, also Ulysses Mills for his art. We are doubly grateful to the merchants of the city and patrons of the school who gave so generously in assisting us with the financial side of yearbook production. To the faculty, student body, and student organizations, we are most appreciative of their invaluable spirit of cooperation. For those who supported us in ways not mentioned by name or otherwise, we are nonetheless appreciative. In short, we take this time to thank everyone for every possible aid and everything. Page Forty .;.. ■ •. .-., ,. .. . ' .; • v;v - ., • ■. V.;; ■ ' .; pSwMWftSsSfeW

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