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-.wrfyr: . , ■ .-u. WWiSj! i ' ivlSt .? : ;: ; -• f f;:- i r : - :i: ; ?; - f’ ::i;: : ; • } •};! •r i,, " ' Ssai i WT-m •If: 1 lasts -n.i i |ip|i|f . » • i : i ■ 1 .,■ 1 W ' MKtirl •?. |i- ’.»• • : S$| i ■ . :-gf ;g 3i .-, ■;:• | . V-•■ ; ’. r v : ' : §r! {A E.ij I m ,i» k ,1 ; •••-v M.lj , : if ?f ! ;if; ; tlfci .1- ■’ :$;; :: • Published by SENIOR CLASS of NINTH AVENUE HIGH SCHOOL Hendersonville, N. C. Volume V l FOREWORD We, the Senior Class of 1954 herein present our efforts and accomplishments as well as those of the entire school with the hope that you derive as much pleasure through the perusal of these pages as we did in compiling them. We wish to offer our sincere appreciation to Supt. A. D. Kornegav, Principal J. R. Marable and Miss A. M. Miller, Class Advisor for the supervision and leader¬ ship through these trying years of our high school development. To all the teachers and our beloved parents who have struggled, sacrificed and sympa¬ thized with ns in helping us vault the first hurdle of our education, we sincerely thank you. the patrons, School Printing Service of Charlotte, N. C. For their tireless support and generosity, we thank the Loveland Studio of Hendersonville, N. C. and business enterprises both local and at large for help¬ ing us to make publication of this year’s annual possible. Yearbook Staff DEDICATION To one who has deep understanding for our views and our sights; To one whose kindness and generosity never dies; To one who has been with us al! along the way— Through thickness and thin, come whatever may— To a splendid teacher and adviser as well as a kind friend We, the senior class of 1954 Our very best Wishes send! A A MESSAGE TO THE SENIORS Congratulations, Seniors! We are mighty proud of you and of your many fine accomplishments and want to wish for you continued success as you cross the threshold of graduation into a life of adult service. We are also proud of the progress being made in your school as shown so well in the fine yearbook, and we know that you are grateful to your parents for their sacrifices, to the teachers for their guidance and to the citizens of the State, County and City for the financial support making these privileges possible. Privileges carry with them responsibilities. Those who have had op¬ portunities like you have enjoyed should be better able to render service to their fellow-men. No matter what vocational field you enter, please remember that true greatness and success come through service and hellpfulness. We are counting on you to show through good lives that the sacrifice made for you have been justified and worthwhile. Our best wishes go with you as you go out to reflect credit and honor upon your school. —A. D. Kornegay 4 m-nr A MESSAGE TO THE SENIORS I am happy to congratulate you upon your very fine efforts in publishing the Yearbook. The “Tiger’ proves beyond a doubt your perseverance, intellect, and fortitude have ben well rewarded and not in vain I also wish to commend you upon vour scholastic attainments, and trust that your graduation from this institution will be but the beginning of a whole¬ some, full and abundant life in a world needing al l the attributes which you most surely possess. May you add to your usefulness as a future citizen all that you have added to this school from having attended and been a working part of it. Again, congratulations to yon upon your graduation, and may you continue to exemplify to the best of vour abilities all that is worthwhile and in harmony with a richer, fuller and nobler life. John R. Marable, Principal FACULTY MR. L. L. EDWARDS Mathematics, Civics, Health Assistant High School Principal B.S., Shaw University M.S , University of Pennsylvania Graduate Certificate in Mathematics, A. T. College MRS. L. C. DUSENBURY Seventh Grade A.B., Livingstone College MRS. B. Y. FULLER Third Grade A.B., Bennett College M.A., Columbia University MRS. A. R. FOWLER First and Second Grades B.S., Winston-Salem Teachers’ College 6 FACULTY MRS. G. R. GREEN Fourth Grade B.S., Winston Salem Teacher’s College; Further study at Livingstone College. MRS. W. O. JAMES English, Spanish, Economics, Choral Directress A.B., Shaw University; further study at A. T. College. MISS M. A. JONES Third Grade B.S., Winston Salem Teacher’s College MISS H. V. KILPATRICK English, Social Studies, Library Science A.B., St. Augustine’s College M.S., N. C. College at Durham. FACULTY MR. E. MARTIN Band Director B.M., M.M., Mer State Teacher’s College; University of Kentucky; Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati Ohio. MRS. A. M. MILLER Fifth tirade B.S , Winston Salem Teacher ' s (College MISS A. M. MILLER Twelfth Grade Home Economics, Choral Director B.S., Bennett College MR. E. K. MIMS Eighth Grade Elementary Clnrral Director Assistant Elementary School Principal 8 FACULTY MRS. R. K. MOORE Instructor of Speciall Education B.S., University of Pittsburgh MRS. O. M. ROUSE First Grade B.S., Winston Salem Teacher’s College MRS. E. B. OWENS Sixth Grade B.S., Winston Salem Teacher’s College MRS. E. R. PILGRIM Second Grade A.B., South Carolina State College Further study at Shaw Univ., A. T. College and J. C. Smith University. 9 FACULTY MISS M. E. STEPHENS Biology, Chemistry, Health anil Physical Education B.S., Sluiw University Further study, North Carolina College MRS. HORT THOMPSON Music Brevard College; W.C.T.C. Further study, George Peabody Uni¬ versity, Nashville, Tennessee MR. E. YOUNG Brick Masonry Berry’s Construction Company Durham, N. C. MISS M. A. HODGES Secretary A. fv T. College MRS. GLADYS G. HINSDALE School Nurse Graduate 1 Rutherford Hospital; further study Ly-Inn Penn. Hospital, Marion Sims Memorial Hospital, University o! Indiana. I’ublie Health Training, Uni- erislv of North Carolina. 10 MRS. S. H. EDWARDS Lunchroom Manager MR. CLARENCE THOMPSON Custodian MRS. IRBY Maid 11 YEARBOOK STAFF Editor . Associate Editor . Secretary . Assistant Secretary Treasurer . Business Manager Circulation Manager Reporters Rutli Peak Robert Cauley Edith Cash Eunice Owens Willie King James Pilgrim Clarence Darity Willie K. Perryman Betty Payne 12 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Grant Norman Vice President Betty Payne Secretary Ruth Peak Assistant Secretary Gwendolyn Summey Treasurer James Pilgrim Advisor Miss A. M. Miller 13 SENIORS EDITH GRACE CASH “Fluffy " “Three can keep a secret if two arc dead.” Library Club, News-Informer Staff, Cheering Squad, Glee Club, N.H.A. Yearbook Staff, Basketball, Patrol, Dramatics Club, Lunch Room Assist¬ ant. ROBERT EDWARD LEE CAULEY “Pot” ' The hardest tumble a man can take is to fall over his own blunders.” Student Council President, Yearbook Staff, Football, Basketball. JOAN COOLEY “Joe” “All roads worth taking lead upward. ' Library Club, Glee Club, N.H.A., Basketball, News-Informer, Dramatics Club, Class Song Writer. CLARENCE DARITY “Poor John” “Laugh and the world laughs with you. " Yearbook, Football, Basketball. JAMES ALVIN GASH “Ghost” “The evil that men do lives after them, the good is often interred with their bones.” Football Captain, Basketball. RALPH HARRIS “Prune Face” “Hope against hope even to the end.” Football Captain, Baseball. 14 MARGARET HUNTER “Little Boy” “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” N.H.A. MARTHA HUNTER “Big Boy” “The truth is the light of the world.” N.H.A. WILLIE OSBORNE KING “Tit” ‘‘Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today.” Football, Basketball, Yearbook Staff. THOMAS MARION MILLS “T ommy” “That which is striking and beautiful is not always good hut that which is good is always beautiful.” Football, Basketball. GRANT NORMAN JR. “Slick” “Your reach should exceed your grasp.” Class President, Library Club Varsity Club, Glee Club, Dramatics Club. EUNICE OWENS “Know thyself before puling others. " Baseball, Cheering Squad, News-In¬ former Staff, Lunch Room Assistant, N.H.A., Yearbook Staff, Dramatics Club. 15 SENIORS BETTYE LOU PAYNE " Gypsy” " Nothing is gained without work.” Yearbook Staff, Class officer, Library Club, N.H.A., News-Iinformer Staff, Glee Club, Patrol-President, Basket¬ ball, Dramatics Club, Class Statistici¬ an. RUTH EVELYN PEAK “Baby Doll” " Let your conversation he your guide and you will never be wrong.” Class officer—Secretary, Yearbook Staff—Editor, Basketball, Library Club, News-Informer Staff, N.H.A. Dramatics Club, Glee Club. WILLIE KATE PERRYMAN " Kate” “Where there is a will there is a way. " Library Club, Glee Club, N.H.A., Basketball, Cheering Squad, Student Council, News-Informer, Yearbook Staff, Dramatics Club, Lunchroom Assistant. JAMES PILGRIM JR. “Stickman " Not merely to exist hut to amount to something. " Yearbook Staff, Football, Basketball, News-Informer Staff, Class Officer. Basketball. r ETHEL MAE JEANETTE RUSSELL " McMe” " Don ' t try to know other people’s business. " Glee Club, Basketball. NINA LUCILLE SMITH " Nenia” " Judge thyself before judging others.” N.H.A. 16 SENIORS JEANETTE LORETTA STEPHENS " Jean” Nothing heats failure hut determina¬ tion.” Basketball, News-Informer Staff, Cheering Squad, Band. GWENDOLYN BELLE SUMMEY " Gwen” " Beauty is as Beauty does.” Glee Club, News-Informer Staff— Editor-in-Chief, Band, Basketball, Class Prophet, Dramatics Club, N.H.A., Cheering Squad. JESSIE MAE SMITH " Jew” " Education is not to the swift nor to the strongest hut to him that is willing to go all the way.” Library Club, Glee Club, Lunchroom Assistant. ROSA LEE WALKER " Rose” “The race is not given to the swiftest hut to the one who endureth to the end.” Glee Club, NILA. ♦ 17 CLASS SONG CLASS POEM TI NE: ' 77 See Yon Afiain " Four short scars ago We came to study with you folk We thought that we were so smart But alas we were mistaken We went right to work To our delight we made the grade Success from hard toils come We have tried and we have won We thank you for what you’ve done for us. The time now has come That we must say farewell dear chums Being with you has been grand But all good things will have to end We ' ve had good times and had So that is lif " so lets he glad. Parting always makes us sad But our future lies ahead The great love we have for you will last. THE DEPARTURE The time of departure is drawing nigh. When we seniors will hid you goodby. We’ve toiled each day from sun to sun But a student’s work is never done. The grounds we ve coVered these past four years. Have brought to us the material so dea r. That enables one to do his best. On the road to great success. With each precious thought of our winning graduation. The hopes of the future are brought to realization. So let us be up and on our feet. To overcome the hardships we shall meet. To mu schoolmates and members of the faculty, We cannot express our gratitude exactly. But in the days that shall go and come. We ' ll always remember you for what you have done. —By Joan Chant Nohman CLASS HISTORY In the year of 1950, the present Senior Class entered high school as fresh¬ men. We were under the guidance of Miss M. 1,. Valentine. Joan Coolev was president of the Freshman class and candidate for “Miss Homecoming. She didn’t become “Miss Homecoming " , but acted as an attendant during the Corona¬ tion exercises. In all the activities of the school we had representatives. Betty Payne won a “Good Citizenship” medal and Jeanette Stephens the award for being the Best English Student. For beginners, it was a successful year. Miss A. M. Miller became our class Adviser our Sophomore year. Betty Payne was elected class president. Willie King, Robert Jeter, Alvin Gash. James Pilgrim, Robert Cauley and Ralph Harris represented our class in football; Eunice Owens, Edith Cash, Joan Cooley, Jeanette Stephens, Willie Kate Perryman, Gwen Sumrney, Jean Hodges, Ethel Russell, Mary L. James and Lillie Ree |ones represented the class in basket¬ ball. The next year, 1952, the class became proud Juniors. Edith Cash was elected class president. Upon entering school that fall we realized that we had a great task remaining before us, the prom, which would call for much labor and time. Our Prom theme was “Hitch Your Wagon to a Star” which was most effectively carried out with a red wagon in the floor center, bearing the motto with silver letters. Extending from the wagon were silver reins that were connect¬ ed to a huge star in a starry sky. As the most athletic girl student, Eunice Owens who was captain of tlje girls’ basketball team won a medal. Betty Lou Payne, an all around student won an Activity medal. In September, 1953, we became the honorable Seniors of Ninth Avenue High School. We are still under the supervision of a very fine teacher, Miss A. M. Miller. During the month of October, the Senior Class was asked to be guests at A. T. College along with many other high schools. The trip was very in¬ spiring. We are indeed proud to have from the Senior Class the Captain of the foot¬ ball team, Alvin Gash and Ralph Harris, Co-captain. The present Senior Class is the most talented and successful class in the his tory of Ninth Avenue High. Added to the other achievements this year’s seniors also had the winning candi¬ date for Miss Homecoming, namely, Rosa Lee Walker. We sincerely thank those teachers who labored so earnestly to teach us. So we take the great responsibility of trying, not to make your labor be in vain. Edith Cash Class Historian 18 SUPERLATIVES Best Dressed Gwendolyn Summey James Pilgrim Most Athletic Eunice Owens Alvin Gash Best Disposition Ruth Peak Clarence Darity Most Popular Joan Cooley Robert Cauley Quietest Nina Smith Grant Norman 19 SUPERLATIVES Best Sports Jessie Mae Smith Willie King Best All-Around Willie Kate Perryman Robert Cauley Neatest Gwendolyn Summey Ralph Harris 831 1 iV 4l mm I gm uMM -« @SS ■rrx SSISS8 SS? : ■ 8SAT sSiTV - mm. 1 ' xmm " L t t Hi itif» wtss mm ,, r - ; :- s -x- .f wmm m esm asWfe-i Is fev. ' i u ■■■ - W ! «»U 20 SUPERLATIVES Most Talkative Edith Cash Thomas Mills Best Looking Joan Cooley James Pilgrim Most Studious Betty Payne Grant Norman 21 CLASS WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the senior class of nineteen-hundred fift v four, about to leave this sphere in full possession of a sound mind, memory and understanding do make and publish this our last will and testament, hereby revoking and making void all former wills by us at anytime heretofore made. To our dear teachers we leave our patience, that they may bear with the class to come. To the class which will come after us we leave our old desks with our initials carved upon them, and some good chewing gum parked underneath. We leave them our French Books with the translation written between the lines— incorrectly and our math books with our wrong estimate of the answers jotted down in the margin. We leave them old notebook papers for spitball ammunition, and may they have the privilege of remaining after school just as long as we did, if they use it. Also shoes, two old umbrellas and a sweater that one of us has for¬ gotten that he owns. To the janitor we bequeath a bottle of aspirin tablets for the innumerable headaches we have caused him. To our homeroom teacher we leave a ray of hope for surely the next cllass will be easier to handle than we were. To the Board of Education we offer our sincere gratitude for making this, our high school education, possible. Our individual bequests are as follows: Grant Norman wills his ability to work geometrical problems to Mary Louise Gash and any of the other juniors who don’t know how. Rosa Lee Walker wills her politeness to Alice Sue Gash. Clarence Darity wills his nice disposition and quietness to Harold Summey. Jessie Mae Smith wills her sweet disposition to Gladys Benjamin and her posi¬ tion as store manager to Thelma Norman and Shelby Jean Norman. James Pilgrim wills his ability to play center cn the football team to Scott Ferguson. Willie Kate Perryman leaves her ability to sing to Joan Smith and her shape to Peggy Jean Campbell. Ruth Peak wills her walk to Lula Bell Smith. Eunice Owens wills her legs to Frances Edwards and her basketball Captain¬ ship to Mildred Clay. Ethel Mae Russell wills her first soprano voice to Doris Barnett. Joan Cooley wills her ability to play basketball to Jamesetta Summey and her height and size to Harretta Lewis. Betty Lou Payne wills her ability to do things without being told to Frances Edwards. Margaret Hunter wills her quietness to Gladys Benjamin. Edith Cash leaves her ability as an all-around student to Luna Mooney. Gwendolyn Summey leaves her neatness and ability to read music to Joan Smith. Ralph Harris wills his ability to play football to Harold Summey. Nina Smith wills her seat on the bus and her chapel seat to Virginia Ballard. Martha Hunter wills her height to Marva Robinson. Jeanette Stephens wills her studiousness to Carrie Lee Lynch; her neatness to Alice Sue Gash. Willie King wills his ability to mind his own business and his football and basketball positions to Cary Booker. Alvin Gash bequests his job as Captains of the Football and Basketball teams to William Green with the hopes that it will not go to his head as some other jobs have done. Thomas Mills leaves his ability to get a girlfriend and keep her to Wallace Hallback; his prayers for George Hodges. We give the Sophomore and Freshman classes the following advice: learn to work, know that development comes sooner through bearing failures than success. It isn t fun, but look at nineteen hundred and fifty-four and be encouraged. To our parents we give and bequeath restful nights and peaceful dreams now that a burden has been lifted. Finally to the principal, teachers and friends we leave the memory of the best¬ looking and most intelligent class it has been their privilege to know Duly attested this day of May 1954. Song Titles TIGERIZED 1954 RAGS TO RICHES STRANGER IN PARADISE EBB TIDE RICOCHET ROMANCE CHANGING PARTNERS FOOTBALL SONG ROMEO JULIET O BABY MINE THE WAY I FEEL HEY MAMA TREE TOP TALL I’LL BE TRUE TO YOU C’ EST SI BON DRAGNET . SOMETHING WRONG CRYING IN THE CHAPEL HONEY HUSH MONEY HONEY . PROPOSAL MESS AROUND THAT’S WHEN I MISS YOU AIN’T IT A SHAME GREYHOUND . TO BE ALONE . DO YOU NEED ANY HELP BANANA SPLIT . I HAD A NOTION . DON’T LEAVE ME THIS WAY GET IT . I GOTTA GO Lunchroom Seniors going to college Debutante Ball Couples of ’53 ’54 Junior-Senior Prom ’53 Football Team Senior Couples Diploma Graduation Day Class Adviser Student Council Ninth Avenue School Faculty Juniors Examination Day Report Cards Class Dues Five years after graduation Brick Masonry Class During Holidays School Opening School Bus Couples in the Library Freshman Senior Christmas Party After the Prom Classmates Term Papers Senior Class Class Flower RED CARNATION Class Colors RED — WHITE Motto: " FIND A WAY OR MAKE ONE " STATISTICIANS REPORT I, Betty Lou Payne, being selected statistician for the class of ’54, will strive my best to be worthy of this great honor. After doing a little traveling I find everyone raving about the Senior Class of ’54, saying that it is the most commend¬ able, intelligent and athletic class ever to enter the doors of Ninth Avenue. I am sure our class will be one to go down in history as the class above all classes. This is a little information about us. We are among the youngest Seniors ever to graduate from this school. Speaking of shapes and sizes, it has been said that this class possesses some of all kind, such as pencils—Nina Smith and Willie King; softballs—Ethel Russell and Bobby Russell—it runs in the family—Pepsi Cola—Ruth Peak and Alvin Gash. The reason this class is so healthy, they eat everything from Sugar Corn Pops to Baked Turkey. If you ever see a Senior on Ninth Avenue’s campus, you could be sure that he wouldn’t be alone. They are always paired off. In the future, members of our class will be housewives, teachers, stenographers, doctors, X-ray technicians, dental hygienist, beauticians, librarians, surgeons, jet pilots, home economics teachers, photographers, physical education instructors, nurses, commercial lawyers, pro football players, artists and service men. Three- fourths of our clalss plan to attend college or business school and Ralph Harris plans to attend Eighth Avenue. The schools of our choice are Fisk, New York School of Photography, Howard, San Diego State College, Notre Dame, U.C.L.A., Bennett, Winston-Salem, Barbara Scotia and N. C. State. So far Eunice Owens is the only student of our class who hasn’t missed a day of high school. Perhaps there was no room for her at home in the daytime. All of the Seniors have the distinction of being the best chewing gum poppers in the school but Martha Hunter is the “Queen Gum Fopper.” Revlon lipstick is tops with the girls and boys of our class except Thomas Mills, who says he never touches the stuff. Robert Cauley has been noted as the “class lover boy” and the Senior class girls as “the school lover girls.” JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President . Vice President Secretary . Assistant Secretary Treasurer . Business Manager Calvin Williams Harold Summey Lula Belle Smith Jamesetta Summey Scott Ferguson William Green 24 SOPHOMORES OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Assistant Secretary Treasurer . Program and Social Committee . My mice Smith .Lena Owens . Fair Lee Owens (absent when picture was made) . Josephine Darity . Lionel Proctor (absent when picture was made) Dora Cooley, Amy Russell, Juanita Hutchison 25 FRESHMAN CLASS The Freshman Class is composed of 25 girls pictured at the top and 30 boys pictutred at the bottom. This class of 55 students is the largest in the history of the school. OFFICERS President . . George Brewer Vice President Marlene Peak Secretary Rader Ledbetter Treasurer Bill Cash Adviser Mr. L. L. Edwards 26 EIGHTH GRADE The Eighth Grade is composed of 28 students: 16 girls and 12 hoys. OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Assistant Secretary Adviser George Greene Shirley Walker Juanita Sams Geraldine Wood Mr. E. k. Mims SEVENTH GRADE The Seventh Grade is composed of 41 students; 21 girls and 20 hoys. President Vice President . Secretary . Assistant Secretary T reasurcr Adviser OFFICERS Betty Owens Wilhelmenia Robinson Bobbie Jones Barbara Johnson Ross Joyner Mrs. L. G. Dusenbury 27 FIFTH GRADE Pictured above are the members of the Fifth tirade under the instruction of Mrs. Addie Nl. Miller. This class is comprised of 34 members: 17 boys and li Kiris. ✓ SIXTH GRADE Sixth Grade pictured abuse is composed of 35 students: 22 boys and 13 girls. Mrs. E. B. Owens is the Adviser. 28 THIRD GRADE Third Grade is composed of 15 boys and seven girls and teacher, Mrs. B. Y. Fuller. FOURTH GRADE Fourth Grade is composed of 15 boys and 16 girls and teacher, Mrs. G. H. Green. 29 SECOND GRADE Second Grade is under the instruction of Mrs. E. R. Pilgrim. This group of boys and girls have developed a great interest in Music and Art. This interest is shown through¬ out their class rooms on their bulletin boards and posters. THIRD GRADE Third Grade is under the instruction of Miss M. A. Jones. Miss Jones seems to be using a special technique in training these girls and boys to love plant and animal life anct natural resources. 30 f r FIRST GRADE First Grade, under the capable instruction of Mrs. O. M. House. During this school year the group has become acquainted with our school and are developing character¬ istics of ideal students. FIRST and SECOND GRADE Unlike all other classes this class is a combination grade. This was a result of large enrollment. Grade one and two is under the capable instruction of Mrs. A. R, Fowler. 31 STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council wasorganized at the beginning of the 1953 school term. Two persons from each class were appointed to represent their respective classes. Members of the Council are: Robert Cauley, Mayor; Calvin Williams, Secretary. Others are Willie K. Perryman, Jamesetta Summey, Mildred Hopper, James Outlaw, Marlene Peak, Robert Skinner. Advisers: Mrs. G. R. Green, Miss M. E. Stephens. SAFETY PATROLS Walter Mills Captain Betty Payne Lieutenant MEMBERS: Edith Cash Kate Perryman Lena Owens Rader Ledbetter Walter Mills Joe Louis Mills Jamesetta Summey Jimmy Russell Betty Payne James Outlaw Guy Payne Robert Cauley 32 li 1 1 mm .j» f s: % y ' ’ 4m ELEMENTARY GLEE CLUBS The Elementary Glee Club is composed of 50 students ranging from the fourth grade to the eighth grade. This group is under the direction of Mrs. L. C. Dusenbury and E. K. Mims. HIGH SCHOOL GLEE CLUB The High School Glee Club is composed of approximately 20 girls. The seating arrangement is that used in the Christmas Pageant, “The Babe of Bethlehem.” This group is under the direction of Mrs. W. O. James and Miss A. M. Miller. Seated from left to right, first row: Edith Cash, Betty Payne, Dora Cooley and Mildred Hooper. Second row: Gwendolyn Summey, Josephine Darity, Willie K. Perryman, Juanita Hutchison. Third row: Harvetta Lewis, Rosa Arnold, Billie Mitchum, Myrnice Smith. Top row: Marva Robinson, Jeanette Norman, Catherine King, Joan Cooley and Ethel Russell. 33 ELEMENTARY DANCE GROUP The members of the Elementary Dance Group are shown above and below: They are. Left to Right: Gracie Jones, Wilhemenia Robinson, Helen Collins, Evelyn Cooley, Sandra Pilgrim, Sydney Mays, Doris Greene and Patricia Crooms. The dances are directed by Mrs. O. M. Rouse and E. K. Mims. 34 BAND 35 N. H. A. The N.H.A. is composed of girls from the ninth through twelfth grades. Each class has his own club organized separately. A joint meeting is often held to find out what each chapter is doing. This club can really boast of having the largest membership of any other club in the school. ®n W n n LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club has three major objectives: 1. To create greater interest among students in printed material and library service. 2. To stimulate reading interest. •3. To imporve library service of the school. Membership: Any student who wishes to join the club is eligiblle for membership. OFFICERS President Betty Payne Vice President Joan Cooley Secretary Radar Ledbetter Treasurer Dora Cooley Reporter Ann McDaniel 36 NEWS-INFORMER STAFF Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editors Managing Editor Assistant Managing Editor News Editor Circulation Manager Copy Editors Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Society Editor Gossip Feature Writers Gwendolyn Summer Barbara Jean Johnson Fair Lee Owens Willie K. Perrym an Joan Cooley Mary Thomas Jamesetta Summer Jeanette Stephens Edith Cash George Bruster James Ward Betty Payne Marlene Peak Edith Cash Jamesetta Summey Barbara Jean Johnson Fair Lee Owens FOOTBALL BOBBY RUSSELL " Jet " ROBERT CAULEY " Pot " MACK GARDIN " Mole " ALVIN GASH " Ghost " WILLIE KING " Tit " THOMAS MILLS " Scotbock " J. R. MARABLE, Coach " Prof " WILLIAM SMITH " Smitty " JAMES PILGRIM " Stiekmon " CHARLES HARRIS " Charlie " CHARLES GLAZE " Crip " RALPH HARRIS " Prune Face " ORANGE MOONEY " Cheater " 38 FOOTBALL JOE L. NORMAN " Mule " WILLIE ROBINSON " Julius " JIMMIE SUMMEY " Cut " HARRY J. MOORE " Sport " ROSS JOYNER " Junior " MALFORD JETER " Catfish " J. R. MARABLE " Prof " MACK GARDIN " Mole " LAWRENCE MILLS " Cook " CARY BOOKER " Moto " S. BRYSON " Nap " C. HAYNES " Goose " C. NESBITT " Ace " CONNIE WILLIAMS " Fig " 39 40 CHEERING SQUAD Left to right: Joan Cooley, Frances Edwards, Lula B. Smith, Johnnie M. Blocker, Harvetta Lewis, Eunice Owens, Willie K. Perryman, Edith Cash. 41 MISS HOMECOMING MISS HOMECOMING QUEEN Rosa Lee Walker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Filmore Walker of Glade Creek Community in Transylvania County, was recently crowned Miss Home¬ coming Queen at half time ceremonies. Rosa is a member of the Senior Class. 42 GIRLS ' BASKETBALL Front How—Left to Right: Gwendolyn Summey, Marlene Peak, Jeanette Stephens, Dora Cooley, Ruth Peak, llarvetta Lewis, Willie K. Perryman, Joan Cooley, Bettye Payne, Frances Edwards, Eunice Owens, and Edwina Campbell. Back Row—Left to Right: Johnnie M. Blocker, Josephine DarJty, Catherine King, Mildred Hopper, Ethel Russell, Amy Russell, Ernestine Peak, Billie J. Mitelmm, Peggy Campbell, Lena Owens, Louise Edwards, Ann McDaniel, Carrie L. Lynch and Jamesetta Summey. First Team. Left to Right: Eunice Owens, Captain; Ruth Peak, Dora Cooley, Willie K. Perryman, Harvetta Lewis, Marlene Peak, Jeanette Stephens, Joan Cooley, Frances Edwards. 44 BOYS ' BASKETBALL Front Row—Left to Right: William Green, Alvin Gash, Calvin Williams, Bobby Russell, Fleetwood Cash, and Spurgeon Bryson. Back Row—Left to Right: Willie King, George Hodges, James Pilgrim, Cary Booker, Charles Haynes, Cleveland Nesbitt, and Thomas Mills. Alvin Gash Captain i ! ft i feSi. v T; |1 m 45 . » GIRLS’ BASKETBALL SCORES FOR THE SEASON Nome Home Score Opponent Sylva, N. C. .24 . 16 Liberty, S. C. . 32 . . 30 Spartanburg, S. C. .32 . .21 Inman, S. C. Murphy, N. C. 41 .21 41 11 Marion, N. C. .35 . 31 Spindale, N. C. . 26 24 Spartanburg, S. C. 31 . 49 Inman, S. C. . 32 . .20 Spindale, N. C. .25 . .31 Marion, N. C. 18. 30 46 BOYS BASKETBALL SCORES FOR THE SEASON Name Home Score Sylva, N. C. Liberty, S. C. Spartanburg, S. C. Inman. S. C. Kings Mountain, N. C. Murphy, N. C. Marion, N. C. Spindale, N. C. Spartanburg, S. C. Inman, S. C. Spindale, N. C. Marion, N. C. 31 32 41 39 41 28 32 34 23 21 26 28 Opponent 49 30 21 .29 32 . 22 20 40 30 . . 33 51 40 47 JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM—1953 “MITCH YOUR WAGON TO A STAR” Members of the Junior Class as they presented the program during intermission which was as follows: The Weather Prophet Stars of the Summer Night Of Wagons and Stars Wait for the Wagon Star Gazing Beware of Meteors Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes Robert Cauley Junior Class Edith Cash Juniors Jeanette Stephens Eli Bryson Junior Quartette 48 JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM—1953 49 PATRON ' S LIST Aikens, Mr. Cj Mrs. Allie Hemphill, Mr. Cj Mrs. C. S. Norman, Mr. Cj Mrs. Grant Allman, Mrs. Louise Hemphill, Mr. Cj Mrs. G. M. Owens, Mrs. Annie M. Bakers ' Jewelry Hills Texaco Service Owens, Rev. Cj Mrs Quincy Brooks, Miss Selah Jackson, Mrs. Mary Patton ' s Grocery Store Camp, Everette Lee James, Mr. Cj Mrs. C. U. Payne, Miss Betty Campbell, Miss Edwina Jetferson, Mr Benjamin Payne, Mr. Cj Mrs. Frank Campbell, Mr Cj Mrs Mills Jenkins, Miss Ruth Pilgrim, Mr. Cj Mrs. James Cash, Miss Edith Grace Johnson, Mr. Cj Mrs. Floyd Quinn, Mrs. R. B. Cash, Miss Margaret L. Johnson, Mr Cj Mrs. Henry Robinson, Miss Marva Central News Joyner, Mr. Cj Mrs. Ross Rosenberg Men ' s Wear Chapman, Mr Cj Mrs William Kalin ' s Furniture Store Rouse, Mr. Mrs. Calvin Charlie French Jewelry Kilgore, Mr. Cj Mrs Frank Sellers, Mr. Harry Cooley, Mr. Cj Mrs. C. T. Kilpatrick, Miss H V Sheriff ' s Department—Hendersonville,N.C. Cooley, Miss Joan King, Mr. Cj Mrs. W. H, Cherman ' s Grocery Colepand, Mrs. Aggie Landrum, Mr. Cj Mrs. Hollis Short, Mr. W. F. Copeland, Mrs. Annie Landrum, Mr Cj Mrs. Johnny Skyland Motor Inn Crest 5-10-25c Store, Brevard, N C Leonna ' s Dress Shop Smith, Miss Jessie Mae Croom, Mr. Cj Mrs Marvin Lloyd, Rev. Cj Mrs. C. C. Smith, Miss Nina Lucille Durant, Mrs. Lucille Logan, Mr. Cj Mrs. Arthur Sullivan, Miss Esther Dusenbury, Mr. Cj Mrs. J A. Logan, Miss Hannah Summey, Mr. Cj Mrs. James Edwards, Mayor A V. Lynch, Mr. Cj Mrs. Artie Thompson, Mr. Cj Mrs. Clarence Edwards, Mr. Cj Mrs. L L Lynch, Mr. Cj Mrs. Marcus Union Grove Baptist Church p iggms, Mr Mrs. Clyde Mackey, Mrs. Eliza Walker, Miss Shirley Fowler, Mr. Cj Mrs. Lloyd Marable, Mr. Cj Mrs. John R. Walker, Miss Rose Lee Gash, Mr. Cj Mrs. Moses McCoy ' s Amoco Service Ward, Mr. James Gash, Mr. Cj Mrs. Pritchard Mill End Store Weaver, Rev. Cj Mrs. G E. Gosh, Mr Cj Mrs Richard Miller, Miss Adele M Wilkes, Mr. George E Glaze, Mr. Cj Mrs. William Miller, Mr Cj Mrs. Scofield Williams, Mrs. Etta G. Green, Mrs. G. M. Miller, Mr. Cj Mrs. West Wiliiams, Mr. Mrs Henry Harris, Mr, Ralph Mims, Mr. Cj Mrs. Ernest Williams, Mr Cj Mrs. Joe Haywood, Rev. Cj Mrs. Samuel Mims, Mr. Cj Mrs E. K Mooney, Mr Orange Williams, Mr. Cj Mrs. Grady CHURCH STREET SERVICE OWENSBY ' S JEWELERS Road Service Rings Watches Quick Battery Chorging Tire Service Cars called for and Delivered Watch and Jewelry Repairs Directly Behind the Post Office 300 N Church Street Dial 9102 341 North Main Street HENDERSONVILLE, N C. HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. OAKES MOTOR COMPANY DeSoto Plymouth Phones 2347 - 2348 SALISBURY, N. C. SMOKE SHOP " Get Your Latest Third Avenue Newspaper and Magazines " West and Church Street HENDERSONVILLE, N. C Dial 9231 50 HOLLEY-SWOFFORD SHOES 448 North Main Street Compliments 1 of 1 1 Hendersonville Auto Dealers 1 Blair McLeod Motors 1 1 Boyd-Pontiac-Cadillac Co. • Hunter Chevrolet Company Lampley Motors Pete Folsom Motor Company Hendersonville, N. C. DIAL 3281 Pfunter Vaughn Motor Co. Rankin Motors MEN and WOMEN ' S SHOES For All Occasions Thomas Buick Company STATE TRUST COMPANY Member F.D. I C. WEST BRANCH Fourth Avenue W. and M. SEVENTH AVENUE BRANCH FLETCHER BRANCH Fletcher, N. C. " An account in one is an account in all " 400 North Main Street Hendersonville, N. C. DIAL 3451 O From a Friend 51 JACK SHULMAN ' S Beck Brothers Pharmacy 231 Main Street “Quality clothing for the entire family’’ 527 North Main Street Hendersonville, N. C. DIAL 6877 Hendersonville, N. C. FLANNIGAN PRESS COMMERCIAL PRINTING Compliments of LOVELAND STUDIO “We Never Disappoint” Portraits and Commercial 127 Third Avenue West Photo Finishing Hendersonville, N. C. 605 Kanuga Road DIAL 7830 DIAL 6359 McFARLAN FOODSHOP BAKERY RELIABLE FURNITURE CO. COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS “More Value For Your Money” 306 N. Main Street Hendersonville, N. C. 314 North Main Street DIAL 5370 DANIELS FURNITURE English Brothers Shoeshop FINE FURNITURE ALL TYPES SHOES—DYEING DANIEL ' S HOME APPLIANCES DR. SCHOLL ARCH SUPPORTS Main Street at Third Avenue 240 North Main Street Hendersonville, N. C. DIAL 9262 52 CAROLINA ART GALLERY Hendersonville Art Gallery 532 North Main Street 512 North Main Street ( 8 Hendersonville, N. C. Hendersonville, N C Pace Heating Cr Plumbing Co. authorized dealer for METROGAS INC. GENERAL ELECTRIC AUTOMATIC BOTTLE GAS HEATING Serving city beyond the mains 124 Fourth Avenue East Hendersonville, N. C. ♦ Finley Pace, Manager 131 Fourth Ave., East Hendersonville DIAL 6294 JOHNSON ' S PRODUCE CO. FRANCIS WRIGHT INC. FEED, SEEDS, FERTILIZER —Wholesale— FRUITS — VEGETABLES Dealer for John Deere Farm Implements Telephone 4083 — P. 0. Box 440 Seventh Avenue East Hendersonville, N. C. PRONE 3406 Compliments of Compliments of J. C. PENNY COMPANY BELK-SIMPSON COMPANY 422 North Main Street Hendersonville, N. C. 318 North Main Street Hendersonville, N. C. DIAL 6124 DIAL 5303 53 Compliments of THE REMNANT SHOP DON ' S FLOWER SHOP We specialize in COTTON - RAYON - DRAPERY AND 1 1 7 Fourth Avenue West UPHOLSTERY MATERIALS Hendersonville, N. C. LINENS and HOSIERY South Main St. Phone 6212 G. H. Beams, Prop. Hendersonville, N. C. HORSESHOE GROCERY Compliments of SUPER MARKET GAS and OIL Royal Crown Bottling Company Feeds and Fertilizer Horseshoe, North Carolina PHONE 61 14 Asheville, North Carolina B b J JAX PAX TOWN OFFICE SUPPLY 629 Fifth Avenue West 595 North Main Street Hendersonville, N. C. Hendersonville, N. C. DIAL 491 1 ASHEVILLE SHOWCASE and FIXTURE COMPANY R. E. SAMS COMPANY Wholesale Distributors —LAY ' S TASTY FOODS— 507 Haywood Road Dial 2-0489 Asheville, North Carolina 54 SNAPSHOTS

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