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wpffPl m S ■ ' ' • - - - wHn mmstm rani 30@K K3|n| wl| wlm After many years of wishing, promising, and planning, the new Ninth Avenue School building was ready for use at the beginning of the 1951-52 school term. The building is a two story edifice consisting of twenty-nine rooms, fourteen of which serve as classrooms. The plant also includes a teach¬ er ' s lounge and first aid room. The community, patrons and pupils cherish this much needed build¬ ing and are indeed grateful to all who made it possible. WM aJJ Randy McMinn 102 Leverett Dr. Hendersonville, NC 28791 M.S : ' THE Tiger Presented by the Senior C (t an of the NINTH AVENUE SCHOOL HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. 5 oreword This being our senior year, we are, therefore, responsible for the 1953 publication of the “Tiger”. To our readers, this may be just another year-book in which another graduating class demonstrates its abilities to arrange pictures in a book, but to us it has an entirely different meaning. It is something we’ve never done before and may never do again, so please do us the honor of searching these pages before you make your decision. We find no need to say that we are proud of this work, for the words that will halfway express our feeling for such an accomplishment excels far beyond that of proudness. We shall neither say that we have done our best. Suppose you de¬ cide these things for us. IjearLoL Staff In order that ample time may be alloted to consider the project of the year¬ book, the significance of it, and the hard work necessary to make it possible; the Senior class, in June 1952, organized the Yearbook Staff. The members of the staff are as follows: editor-in-chief, Vastie Ward; associate editor, Joseph Young; secretary, Delores Norman; assistant secre¬ tary, Annie Marie Hutchinson; treasurer, 3rownie Gash; business manager, Eli Bryson; Circulation manager, Eleanor Warren; reporters. Ora Robinson, Evelyn Edwards, and Selah Brooks. Page Two Through four years of toil in trying to lead and educate us in the path we should follow now and in later life so unreservedly has Mr. Edwards lent him- self to this task. In appreciation of his sincere guidance, interest and understanding of our needs, we find it an honor to dedicate this year’s " Tiger” to our beloved and never forgotten teacher and friend, Mr.L.L.Edwards. Page Three Mr. A.D. Kornegay, the Super¬ intendent of City Schools has served a term of seven and one- half years and has caused many of the greatest aims of the board to be accomplished. Mr. John R. Marable, our prin¬ cipal has served a term of thir¬ teen years in this capacity. He is loved by all members of the student body and faculty for his true leadership. Mr. Bruce Drysdale who is the chairman of the Board of Edu¬ cation has served well. He has done all he could for our school and community. Mr. Drysdale is a native of Henderson County. Page Four Mr. Evans K. Mims has made himself very useful in the school and outside organi¬ zations. For five years he has held the office of Assi¬ stant Principal and is now very active as an advisor on the school s paper. Mrs. Eula B. Owens, facul¬ ty secretary is prominent among the faculty as well as students. She has been the faculty secretary for eleven years. Mrs. Owens is one of our oldest faculty members. Miss Helen V. Kilpatrick, our new librarian has served a successful term during " her stay here. She has done a marvelous job toward the im¬ provement of our literary knowledge. Mr. L.L. Edwards, school treasurer. This is Mr. Ed¬ wards, fourth year at Ninth Avenue High and third year as school treasurer, he has been very efficient in this capacity. Page Five MR. JAMES PILGRIM For the past three years, Mr. James Pilgrim and Mr. James Mitchum have served on the advisory board. 3oth have been very informative to our school and also to our community. Since the completion of our new building both members of the board have truly fulfilled the duty for which they were elected. There has been much improvement toward the relationship between our school and community. They certainly have applied most effectively our slogan “Better Schools Fot Better Communities. " Pnge Six MR. L.L. EDWARDS Mathematics, Civics, Health. B.S., Sh aw University; M.S., Un iversity of Pa.; Graduate certificate in mathematics, A. T. College MRS. ANNIE M. FOWLER First and Second Grade B.S. — Winston Salem Teacher ' s Co liege. MRS. BENNIE YOUNG FULLER Fourth Grade Teacher M.A., Columbia University; A.B., Bennett MRS. GUSTAVA ROBINSON GREEN Fifth Grade Teacher 3.S., Winston Salem Teacher ' s College; Further study at Voorhees and Livingstone Colleges. MRS. WYLMA OWENS JAMES English, Spanish Economics, Choral Directress A.B., Shaw University; further study at A. and T. college. MISS MARY JONES Third Grade B. S. Winston — Sal em Teacher’s College. MISS HELEN V. KILPATRICK English, Social Studies, Library Science A.B., St. Auaustine College; M.A., N.C. College, Durham. Page Seven MRS. DOROTHY R. LaMAR Graduate Stillman Institute. Further experience at Tuskegee Institute, Ala. MR. JOHN ROBERT MARABLE French, Football and Basket¬ ball Coach A. B. Shaw University; M.S. University of Penn. MRS. ADDIE ROBINSON MILLER Sixth Grade Teacher 3.S., Winston Salem Teacher’s College MISS ADELE MARIE MILLER Home Economics, Choral Director. B. S. Bennett. MR. E.K. MIMS Eighth Grade Elementary Choral Director B.S. — M.S.: Johnson C.Smith University and New York University. MRS. EULA B. OWENS Seventh Grade Teacher 3.S., Winston Salem Teacher’s College. MRS. EVA ROBINSON PILGRIM Second Grade Teacher A.B. South Carolina State College, Orangeburg, S.C. Further study at Shaw, A. and T., and J.C. Smith. MRS. ODELL M, ROUSE First Grade B.S. — Winston Salem Teacher’s College. MISS MARY ELLEN STEPHENS Science, Biology, Chemistry - Health and Physical Education B.S. Shaw Un i versity. Page Eight acu — special MR. HAROLD 0. MARTIN Sand Director B.M.; M.M.;Mer State Teacher’s College, University of Kentucky; Conservatory of Music, Cinn., Ohio. MRS. GLADYS G. HINSDALE School Nurse Graduate Rutherford Hospital; further Ly —Inn Penn. Hospital, Marion Sims Memorial Hospital; Un. of Indiana; Public Health Training, Un. of N.C. Tacuiu MISS JOSEPHINE OSBORNE Elementary Vocal Instructor B.A., Berea College, Berea, Kentucky. DR.LUTZ School’s Physician MRS. RUTH K. MOORE Instructor of special edu¬ cation. B.S. University of Pittsburgh Page Nine Senior C lt ass Officers Among this group of well-behaved and cooperative students, you may find a number with desirable intellectual abilities. It is noticeable to find that no division or hatred appeared to be among them. Out of the twenty students in this class the following have been elected as class officers: Eli Bryson, President; Ora Robinson, Vice-President; Pearlie Suber, Secretary; Eleanor Warren, Assistant Secretary; Evelyn Edwards, Treasurer. Page Ten £ enior5 IDA LUCILE AVERY “CM” A member of the Glee Club and English Club MOTTO: “Smile and the world smiles with you.” AMBITION: Inter ior decorator. THEODISSIA BARNETT “Thee” Business manager of the News Informer; Patrol System; Football; Basketball; Baseball; English Club. MOTTO: “As we advance in life, we learn the limits of our abilities.” AM3 IT ION: Journalist. SOPHRONIA SHIRLEY ANN BLOCKER “ P hrone” A member of the Glee Club; Library Club and English Club. MOTTO: “Hard work is sure to win”. AMBITION: Optometrist SELAH SAVANNAH BROOKS “Slugo” Reporter on yearbook staff; member of N.H.A.; Treasurer of the Glee Club; Assistant Secretary of the Library Club; Treasurer of the English Club. MOTTO: “Just mischief enough to tease”. AMBIT!0N:3and Instructor. ELI BRYSON “Biddy” Business manager of yearbook staff; class president; member of English Club; Assistant store manager. MOTTO: “No one knows what he can do until he tries " . AMBIT ION: Doctor. EVELYN JUSTINA EDWARDS 11 rr m even Reporter on the yearbook staff; member of Eng¬ lish Club; N.H.A.; and Library Club. MOTTO: “She who is good is always happy”. AMBITION: Beautician. BROWNIE BUSTER GASH “Brun” Treasurer of yearbook staff; member of the Eng¬ lish Club; Bus driver; MOTTO: “There’s some good in the worst of us and some bad in the best of us”. AMBITION: Mechanic ANNIE MARIE HUTCHINSON i i 11 Ann Assistant secretary of yearbook staff and member of English Club. |t MOTTO: “Politeness is the true sign of culture . AMBITION: Pharmarci st s. eniorS ESTHER ARBEDELLA LOGAN “Fats” Assistant business manager of the yearbook staff; Member of the Glee Club, Library; N.H.A.; and English Clubs. MOTTO: ‘‘All musical people seem to be happy”. AMBITION:Nurse. DOROTHY IRENE McCALL “Dot” Member of English Club. MOTTO: “To strive for the most in life and not the least” AMBITION:Nurse ALFRED MITCHUM “Alf” Member of the baseball team and captain of the basketball team; End on the football team. MOTTO: ‘‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. AMBITION: Basketbal I Coach. DELORES ANN NORMAN " Deby” Member of the N.H.A., English and Library Clubs; Secretary of News Informer and yearbook staff. MOTTO: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and knowledge shall be added unto you”. AMBITION: Vocalist DANIEL EDWARD OWENS " Dan” Member of the English and Glee Clubs; Football and baseball teams. MOTTO: “What should a man do but be merry”. AMBITION: Business Manager. ORA ROBINSON ‘ " Queen” Feature writer on News Informer Staff; reporter on yearbook staff; President of Glee Club; member of Library Club and N.H.A. Club. MOTTO: “She doeth well, who doeth her best”. AMBITION: Stenographer. AUDREY SIMMONS “Sis” Member of English and Glee Clubs. MOTTO: “Little but live”. AMBITION:Typist. JIMMIE SMITH i • i. ii Jim Member of English Club and baseball team; Class artist. MOTTO: “The more you hear the less you say”. AMBITION:Commercial artist. cniors PEARLIE MAE SUBER “Pear!” Assistant Secretary of the N.H.A.; Class Secretary; reporter for yearbook staff; member of Glee Club, N.H.A., English and Library Clubs, Cheering squad and basketball team; Twirler on the band. MOTTO: “To strive, to seek, to find, but not to yield’! AM3ITI0N: Bookkeeper VAST IE WARD “Monk” Editor of News Informer, Vice-President of N.H.A.; Member of English Club and Glee Club; Vice-Presi¬ dent of Library Club; Member of basketball team; Editor of yearbook; School store manager. MOTTO: “Knowledge is Power”. AM3ITI0N:Language Instructor ELEANOR VIRGINIA WARREN “Boots” Associate editor of News Informer; circulation manager and reporter for yearbook; School store mana¬ ger; Vice-President of Glee Club; Secretary of Libra¬ ry Club; Member of English Club and N.H.A. MOTTO: “A good disposition is better than gold”. AMBITION: Elementary teacher. JOSEPH C. YOUNG, JR. 1 1 I t I Joe Associate editor of News Informer and yearbook; Assistant store manager; Member of English Club. MOTTO: “He that walketh with the wise shall AMBITION: Qiemfst Page Thirteen Having used their abilities most wisely and thus having shown greater growth from a social and an academic point of view, Vastie Ward, Eleanor Warren, and Joseph Young have been selected as honor students of the class of ’53. Miss Ward, having received a high average of 97 in her studies, has received awards in Citizenship, Mathematics and English. Her ambition is to become a language instructor. Miss Warren, too, has achieved an average of 97 and has received an award in Mathematics. She plans to take up elementary education after she finishes school. Mr. Young, too, who has attained an average of 93, plans to attend college. Since chemistry is his favorite subject, he is going to make this his career. Page Fourteen For the first time in Ninth Avenue High School the Senior class of ’53 decided to use mascots in their graduation exer¬ cises. We were indeed fortunate in securing the following per¬ sons for the task: Little Miss Marion Davis (“MeMe”) age five, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Davis, Henderson¬ ville, N.C., and Master William Robinson III, (“Bus Jr.’’) age six, the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Robinson II, of Hen¬ dersonville, North Carol ina. Page Fifteen ■■I On May 16, 1952, The Senior Class and their escorts were guest at the an¬ nual Junior-Senior Prom, sponsored by the Juniors. This group danced to the music of Bob Gash’s Band. “Harbor Lights” was the Juniors most inspiring theme. The planning was unique, and many pleasant compliments were made on the elaborate decoration. The color scheme was blue and white with the class flowers being represented by a white carnation. This was indeed the largest event of the season, and it went down in the school’s history as being one of the best. The program included: Welcome Address-Ora Robinson; Response, (Senior ' ' 52 Arzulia Green; Solo, “Harbor Lights” Shirley Clay. Page Sixteen Sweetest Best Looking Best Dressed i .= - Mm. ■ ■ ■ MtMR • m wm mm mm mm . - - «, ®P | m 1 J 0 K Theodissia Barnett Ida Avery Most Talented s. i« i mmm mm Sophronia Blocker Eli Brysoa enior a Evelyn Edwards Eli B ry son, Jr. aJJ Best All Round W1 tBM ... vT J ' , v ' ' f i g t Most Likely to Succeed • •• ■ 1 , r .. i j? NpL- .. B ' vvtV ' ■ r -r •• jMk ' J ■ . w|l ' «« BP ««• E leanor Warren Joseph Young Quiete st 1 1A° 2 " • Vastie Ward Daniel Owens Most Pooular nc % Annie Marie Hutchinson Jimmie Smith Most Athletic 4 mm I f.; | ?- m R if-- I s ip® m ■ ■ R ■Hi I WfiM Dorothy McCall Jimmie Smith Ora Robinson Brownie Gash Pearlie Mae Subsr Alfred Mitchum junior C lciSS The Junior Class of ’53 has been termed as the most athletic minded class in the building. They tend to be more independent and more of the type that would rather boss than be bossed, but these are true signs of good leadership. There are 23 students in the class and the officers are: Edith Cash, President; Robert Cauley, Vice-President; Betty Lou Payne, Secretary; Alvin Gash, Assi¬ stant Secretary; Jeanette Stephens, Treasurer. Page Eighteen e omorc a ciss There are 31 pupils in the Sophomore Class of Ninth Avenue School. They are perhaps the most nonchalant class, probably thinking there is plenty of time to get serious, but they rate next in athletic abilities. The class officers are: Calvin Williams, President; Gladys Benjamin, Vice-President; Barbara J. Johnson, Secretary; William Green, Treasurer. Page Nineteen re sh re Shm cm CL ass The 9th. Grade has the largest number in class (36), and we suppose this accounts for the vitality of the Freshman plus the fact they are just beginning. They have proven to be the best noise making group there is. The class offi¬ cers are as follows: Walter Mills, President; L.W. Glover, Vice—Pres ident; Shirley Logan, Secretary; Lena Owens, Assistant Secretary; Lionel Procter, Treasurer. Page Twenty ill The group at the top (eighth grade) has been termed as one of the most co¬ operative groups at Ninth Avenue School. The middle group is the seventh grade. They are as initiative as they are musical. The Good Citizenship Club is their most active organization. Another member of the grammar grades is the sixth grade. They are, per¬ haps, the most studious group in the elementary department. Page Twenty-One 3n term cJi a tc At the top is the fifth grode and at the bottom the fourth. Both groups have several characteristics but the most outstanding is that of the ability to apply themselves to perform their tasks successfully. Page Twenty-Two The primary grades, the last group in the elementary department, has shown through the years a sincere Parent—Student relationship. From the top down is the third grade, second grade and the first grade. Page Twenty-Three The Library club was organized for the purpose of giving every student from the 8th. through the 12th. grade the opportunity to familiarize himself with the library and its principles. Each person is taught such things as proper behavior in the library and the fundamentals of learning to read comprehensively. Any one who is interested may become a member of the club. At present there are 26 members of which the following are officers: President, Betty Payne; Vice- President, Vastie Ward; Secretary, Eleanor Warren; Assistant Secretary, Selah Brooks; Treasurer, Barbara Jean Johnson. Miss H.V. Kilpatrick is club advisor. Page Twenty-Four n m. ji. cu The New Homemakers of America, an organization solely for girls, was orga¬ nized for the purpose of preparing them for future homemaking. Any girl who is in high school may become a member. The officers of this organization are as follows: Bettye Payne, President; Vastie Ward, Vice-President; Jeanette Stephens, Secretary; Pearl ie Mae Suber, Assistant Secretary; and Sophronia Blocker, Treasurer; Miss A.M. Miller,Advisor. Page Twenty-Five The Ninth Avenue School band was organized in June 1951 under the supervision of Mr. Earl Martin. The band consist of a baritone player, Jamesetta Summey; saxophone player, Gwendolyn Summey; eight trumpet players, Selah Brook, William Green, Josephine Darity, Amy Sue Russel, Mildred Hooper, Edwina Campbell, George Green and Poinsette Creaseman; Three clarinet players, Peggy Jean Campbell, Katherine King and Joan Smith; Two trombone players, Milderd Clay and Billie Jean Mitchum; bass drum, Cary Booker and four snare drum players, Harold Summey Doris barnette, Calvin Williams and Jeanette Stephens. The Drum Major is Calvin Williams and the four twirlers are Pearlie Mae Suber, Dora Cooley, Marva Robinson and Elizabeth Robinson. Page Twenty-Six J3 For three years the High School Glee Club, combined with a number of Elementary School students, has made considerable progress. Under the su¬ pervision of Mrs. W.O. James and Miss A.M. Miller, the officers for this year were elected as follows: President, Ora Robinson; Vice-President, Eleanor Warren; Secretary, Edith Cash; Assistant Secretary and Reporter, Ida Avery; Treasurer, Selah Brooks. Page Twenty-Seven C liridtmaA ean t The Christmas program which is an annual presenta¬ tion by the Glee Club was en— titled " The Coming of the King” It was arranged in the form of a Tableau this year. The parents and friends who saw this program considered this one of the best programs the school has presented. The characters were as follows: Joseph—Eli Bryson and Will iam Green; Mary—Car¬ rie Lunch and Betty Payne; Wise men—Robert Cauley, Al¬ vin Gash and Grant Norman; Shepherds-James Pilgrim, Tho mas Mills and Willie King; An— gel-Shirley Logan. Page Twenty-Eight T 0T pi ' V4j 1 ♦ i fu “ Page Twenty-Nine f (Christmas f- uraJc During the Christmas season the churches of Henderson County joined as a group in presenting our annual Christmas Parade. The Glee Club of Ninth Avenue High School was on a float sponsored by the various colored churches. Our band was one of the four that rendered Christmas Carol s. The parade was a beautiful array of floats with various nativity scenes being di splayed. Elementary School Glee Club in a recital at Star of Bethel Church. patrol System The Patrol System was organized in the school in 1951 under the super¬ vision of the Principal, a committee of teachers, and a few students. The duties of the patrols include keeping order in the various halls, keeping traffic to the right at all times, and enforcing other rules and regulations which are provided for in the system. A patrol is usually left in charge of a class in the absence of the teacher. Cary Booker is Captain; Scott Ferguson and Alvin Gash, Lieutenants; Mary Elizabeth Jeter, Secretary. The other members are as follows: Grant Norman, Willie Robinson, James W. Glover, Eugene Waters, Bill Cash, George Hodges, Walter Mills and Theodissia Barnett. Page Thirty-One r The “News Informer” was first printed in 1951. It is a paper dedicated to the betterment of home, school, and community relationship. All worthwhile acti- vities of the school are published in this paper. With the continued aid of a com¬ petent staff and advisors this paper is likely to keep on serving the school and community well. Page Thirty-Two 3ootU( 3c earn The “Tigers” won a great victory over their opponents last football season losing only one game out of five. Mr. J.R. Marable served as coach, Alvin Gash, captain, and Henry Glover co-captain. Page Thirty-Three 3ootUi Oc earn in -fiction Poge Thirty-Four For the sixth time in the history of Ninth Avenue High School, a cheering squad was organized. Miss A.M. Miller and Miss M.E. Stephens chose the follo¬ wing as cheerleadersrEsther Logan, Evelyn Edwards, Joan Cooley, Dora Cooley, Ora Robinson, Marva Robinson, Joan Smith, Lena Owens, Edith Cash, Francis Edwards, Pearlie Suber, Sophronia Blocker, Harvetta Lewis, Calvin Williams, and Will iam Green. Poge Thirty-Five Jl omecomin 9 Q ueen Miss Ora Robinson was crowned queen of the school at our annual homecoming game. She is a senior with a good personali¬ ty and is liked well by all. Her classmates consider her the most popular girl in the school. The seniors seemed very happy when the news reached them that Ora was elected queen. Miss Robinson is a resident of Brevard, N.C. The homecoming this year was a great success. The high—light of the events was a parade down Main Street from Barnwell to Eighth Avenue. Several beauti — ful floats and decorated cars were seen in this parade. Both Stephens Lee High School band and Ninth Avenue School band participated in this affair. We feel that a great deal of work was done in this effort but the results were well worth it. Page Thirty-Seven During the past years our basketball girls have been progressing well con¬ sidering the loss of many of our best players. Among the players as forwards are: Joan Cooley, Edith Cash, Frances Edwards, Vastie Ward, Pearlie Suber, Harvetta Lewis and Doris Barnett. Among the guards: Eunice Owens, Willie Kate Perryman, Jeanette Stephens, Dora Cooley, Josephine Darity and Gwendolyn Summey. Miss Stephens is coach with Eunice Owens as co—captain. Page Thirly-Eight JJoifS (BasLctlcitt The boys basketball team has nearly 22 members; the majority of them playing forward. Mr. J.R. Marable is the coach and Alfred Mitchum is Captain. Alvin Gash, a forward, is Co-Captain. The members of the team shown above are standing from left to right: Theo- dissia Barnett, Charles Haynes, Cary Booker, Thomas Mills, James Pilgrim,Jr. Those kneeling are from left to right: Robert Cauley, Calvin Williams, Captain Mitchum, Co—Captain Gash, and George Hodges. Page Forty Page Forty-One CUSTODIAN AND LUNCH ROOM MANAGER Poge Forty-Two Since 1949, the high school students of Brevard and in that vicinity have been consolidated with the students of Ninth Avenue School. This situation has made it necessary to increase the number of bus drivers. At present, there are three buses in operation from Henderson County and one from Transylvania. The drivers are very careful and efficient and deserve much commendation for their many successful years of service to the school. Page Forty-Three ADVERTISEMENTS Page Forty-Five Hendersonville Henderson Cnunty MILLS END STORE KALIN ' S FURNITURE STORE REMNANT SHOP LEVINSON ' S ECONOMY DRUG STORE CENTRAL NEWS STAND DEWEY PARKER CITY CAB BLUE BIRD TAXI ROSENBERG STORE SAMPLE STORE TOWN OFFICE SUPPLY LOUIS WILLIAMS SONS DON ' S FLOWER SHOP MAYOR A. V. EDWARDS Transylvania County PARSON JEWELER PATTERSON ' S Compliments of Compliments of J. A. ADDY CLEANERS FRIENDLY TAVERN Compliments of Be a Booster! MOTHER GOOSE SHOP ECUSTA PAPER CORPORATION Pisgah Forest, North Carolina SUBSIDIARY OF OLIN INDUSTRIES, INC. " Makers of the World ' s finest cigarette paper and Olin cellophane " Compliments Of James Pilgrim’s Funeral Home Corner Whitted St. 3rd. Ave. Hendersonville - N. C. DIAL 3611 Thanks for your cooperation. The Staff s KEYS PRINTING COMPANY Annuals of Distinction GREENVILLE, S. C. " From A Friend " DURHAM ' S GULF SERVICE Asheville Highway and Oakland St. DIAL 9105 HENDERSONVILLE - N. 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Ave. and King St. - Dial 7189 DuPONT PAINT HENDERSONVILLE - N. C. Compliments Of KALIN ' S DEPT. STORE DIAL 6249 HENDERSONVILLE - N. C. C HOLLY-SWOFFORD SHOES “EXPERTLY FITTED” 448 N. Main St. - Dial 3281 HENDERSONVILLE - N. C. Compliments Of COLLINS DEPT. STORE 342 N. Main Street HENDERSONVILLE - N. C. Compliments Of J. C. PENNEY CO., Inc. HENDERSONVILLE - N. C. Compliments Of EFIRD ' S DEPT. STORE 350 N. Main St. - Dial 5260 HENDERSONVILLE - N. C. Page Forty-Nine Compliments Of COLLINS ' LAUNDRY CLEANERS HENDERSONVILLE - N. C. Compliments Of MARTIN HEATING METAL CO. 211 N. Main St. HENDERSONVILLE - N. C. CARSON ICE CREAM CO. Wholesale Manufacturers And Distributors 202 N. Main - Dial 6822 HENDERSONVILLE - N. C. Compliments Of FOX THEATRE DIAL 7522 HENDERSONVILLE - N. C. CUT RATE ROSE PHARMACY W. L. Harper, Prop. Prescriptions - Druggists - Dial 6461 HENDERSONVILLE - N. C. Compliments Of SKYLAND HOTEL AND DINING ROOM HENDERSONVILLE - N. C. Carolina Central Gas Co. and Metrogas Inc. Complete gas service in the City and beyond the gas mains” HENDERSONVILLE - N. C. Compliments Of Beck Brothers Pharmacy 231 Main St. - Dial 6948 HENDERSONVILLE - N. C. Compliments Of DUKE POWER COMPANY HENDERSONVILLE - N. C. Compliments Of JACK SCHULMAN ' S “Quality clothing for the entire family” 527 N. Main St. - Dial 6877 HENDERSONVILLE - N. C. Compliments Of FLANAGAN PRINTING CO. COMMERCIAL PRINTING “We never disappoint” 127 3rd. Ave. W., _ Dial 7380 HENDERSONVILLE - N. C. Compliments Of LOVELAND STUDIO Portraits and Commerical Photo Finishing 605 Kanuga Rd. - Dial 6359 HENDERSONVILLE - N. C. Compliments Of SMOKE SHOP “Get your latest newspaper and magazines” 3rd. Ave. W. and Church St. - Dial 9231 HENDERSONVILLE - N. C. LANCASTER MOTOR CO. New Kaiser - Henry J. - Used 655 7th. Ave. E., - Dial 7588 HENDERSONVILLE - N. C. THOMPSON PRODUCE CO. “Dealers in chickens - Eggs and Country Cured Hams” 7th Ave. E. - Dial 5092 HENDERSONVILLE - N. C. M. S. HATCH FEED STORE SEEDS - HOGS and DAIRY FEED FLOUR and FEED DIAL 7097 HENDERSONVILLE - N. C. Page Fifty 3 Page Fifty-One Page Fifty-Two tocjranh Page Fifty-Three Page Fifty-Four Page Fifty-Five f MzM « V ' ' . m • ’ •; ' S$H$(W SfiwSliitl S ' 3 ui ' , sfessiwte ■V ' ,: •• - ' ff ir, S|fe Si|f ; : fpi f ; iMilfflf • fix WM kf : !teiif| gHH i ■ .jUvj : ! . ' .?■. (ti ni « fi; .- m iiiifi® ft 5, V- ’C‘ ' :®ii nM i »; • tli , MfSr5i ®:gg«;4

Suggestions in the Ninth Avenue School - Tiger Yearbook (Hendersonville, NC) collection:

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